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File 163026254434.png - (43.75KB , 467x313 , DiscussionThread.png )
136140 No. 136140 ID: 8483cf

Discussion thread to keep track of meta stuff like stats, combat and for people to ask questions about the characters. Also for me to post doodles when I feel like it.

Wiki page: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
No. 136142 ID: 8483cf

What Stats Mean
-Strength: Accuracy and damage with melee weapons not relying on finesse. Also affects carrying capacity, grappling, and dominating/overpowering foes. Very high strength gives you a chance to simply deny attacks by opponents via overwhelming force and aggression.
-Dexterity: Affects dodging attacks, ranged attack accuracy (only of limited benefit to targeted ranged spells; mostly for projectiles), damage for finesse-based weapons such as rapiers and armor-piercing weapons, pickpocketing, stealth checks. Ranged attack damage is mostly based on enhancements to the weapons, or strength if thrown. Also affects counter-grappling checks, but not to as high a degree as strength.
-Toughness: Higher toughness means higher chance to ignore damage, and can imbibe more potions at once. Cannot be a stat for creatures with less fortitude than humans.
-Magical Resilience: Odds of resisting magical attacks. This stat represents innate ability to resist, and can only be added to a stat sheet via special means. Once a character has it, it can be leveled up as normal.
- Mana Efficiency: Only applies to creatures that use their mana or dust pools to cast spells. Characters that use distillations or prepared spells do not have this stat.

-Leadership: Charisma to embolden allies and strike fear in battle, and use diplomacy and reputation outside of battle. Can also barter with merchants, influence decisionmakers, and also acts as a general “charisma” stat for situations where reputation matters.
-Alchemical Replication: This stat reflects Serah’s ability to analyze magical and divine effects and create potions, mutagens and distillations. Higher levels allow more powerful spells to be replicated, including supernatural effects.

-Contracting: Leveling up this stat allows Landi to better word the terms of her summon spells and contracts, allowing her to “enlist” the help of more powerful entities with less risk. Leveling this stat also grants Landi and Serah additional abilities through adding clauses to their adventuring contract.
-Oaths: Oaths are solemn vows sworn between a summoner and a being of great power. As long as Landi keeps to the Oath she swears, she can access the level of power that the being chooses to grant her. Broken Oaths require penance depending on the being, ranging from none (easy forgiveness, as long as Oath is renewed) to difficult (Landi will be punished for breaking the Oath). Landi’s maximum number of Oaths are limited by many factors and are difficult to quantify.

-Spiritual Magic, a.k.a. Is A Fox: This stat indicates Dotti’s level of foxy power. The lowest level allows Dotti to shape the yin and yang of her aura to influence the unseen, such as attract or repel spiritually sensitive entities. Higher levels allow Dotti to steal life force, possess the bodies of others, and grants her authority over the spirits of the dead, and all sorts of magical foxy things. The soft cap of this stat is the number of Dotti’s tails minus one.
-Compassion: This stat cannot be leveled up traditionally, and is soft capped at each level.

-Blindsight: Low levels grant Rae perfect vision, even in lightless areas. Higher levels allow Rae to see through objects.
-Seersight: Super-stat: each point requires 2 TP. With enough practice, Rae can spot weak points in enemy armor at level 1, see magical energies to interrupt spellcasters mid-cast to cause spell backlash if timed well at level 2, gain limited precognition in combat at level 3, upgradable to improved precognition at level 4.
No. 136146 ID: 8483cf

Stats as of https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1003639.html#1008702

HP: 3
Strength: 6/7 (Jotund’s Might Lv.2 increases strength and soft cap)
Toughness: 3/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 3/4
Alchemical Replication: 1/3

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 3/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 3/3
Oaths: 1/???

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 6/8 (Feline’s Grace increases dex and soft cap)
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 3/5
Blindsight: 3/3; Seersight 1/4 (Seersight requires 2 TP each level)

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 4/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 3/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3
No. 136147 ID: 8483cf

Notes on Stats

Stats are not just a number representing “this does this much damage”; the stats also show how creative and skilled our heroes are at using the stat.

For example, even with a Fire Magic stat of 3, Dotti is extremely powerful when angry, and can outright kill most non-shielded, non-magical creatures with focused effort. However, the collateral damage is high, and without raising her stats, her finesse is lacking. Raising her stats allows her to create non-spreading fire spells, create walls of fire, and even focus her firepower into tiny, superheated novas that have a much higher potential of penetrating defenses.

Oaths are unique in that the number of oaths is less important than the strength of each individual Oath. Oaths can be empowered, lessened and even lost based on Landi’s relationship with the sworn being.

Landi’s Current Oaths as of https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1003639.html#1008702
Salt: Ruthless, Ambitious Earth Djinn of Entropy. Landi can channel her power dissolve earth to create quicksand. Strengthen relationship with Salt to enable Landi to turn her enemies to dust. Can also solidify quicksand and loose earth around her victims- entropy works both ways. Salt likes interfering with the natural rate of change, both accelerating and decelerating.

Oath Wording: I will force your will upon the spinning wheel of eternity! I will banish death and decay! I will corrode the incorruptible! In your name, I will change the nature of nature itself! This I swear!
No. 136148 ID: 2f6ee3

I hope Landi doesn't try to corrode the dragon's gold...
No. 136149 ID: 8483cf

I can't think of a better way to max out her oath to Salt in one go lol. Corrode an entire hoard of unreactive metal and piss off a dragon so much it gets her off her ass and back into the world? She'd love that.
No. 136176 ID: ca0259

Was it always the intent to turn this into a classic Fighter(Sarah)/Rogue(Raelynn)/cleric(Jek)/Mage(Dotti) party?
No. 136177 ID: 8483cf

No, it just kind of happened that way, lol.

Serah was intended to be flexible and fill any role with enough prep time. Landi was always intended as a buff bot, with summons as her heavy hitters. Dotti was always going to be a glass cannon.

Rae and Jek were added via suggestions, so they kind of grew organically.
No. 136179 ID: 31348d

Serah is really strong actually she's like a combination fighter and mage.
No. 136181 ID: 201162

That and with maxed toughness and Landi's portals and Inventory magic, it's possible to go for a Gate of Babylon style build too.

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