Lazy Fairy/Log

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Statistics for characters in Lazy Fairy.

- Mana Efficiency:


Strength: Damage with melee weapons not relying on finesse. Increases carrying capacity.
Toughness: Higher toughness means higher chance to ignore damage, and can imbibe more potions at once.
Dexterity: Increases odds to dodge attacks, and affects accuracy of ranged weapons.
Magical Resilience: Odds of resisting magical attacks. This stat represents innate ability to resist, and can only be added to a stat sheet via special means. Once a character has it, it can be leveled up as normal.
Mana Efficiency: Only applies to creatures that use their mana or dust pools to cast spells. Characters that use distillations or prepared spells do not have this stat.

Stats are shown as Current Level / Soft Cap for that particular individual. Soft caps can be increased via special methods.


HP: 3
Strength: 6/7
Toughness: 3/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 3/4
Alchemical Replication: 1/3



Jotund’s Might Lv.2 increases Strength and soft cap.

Chemical Concoctions

0x Glue
0x “Sticky” Earth Shrapnel bomb that sticks to target
0x Solvent
1x Fire
1x Flashbang
1x Smoke
2x Healing
1x Mage Armor
2x Strength
1x Invisibility (Failed)
2x Healing
0x Mage Armor
1x Strength
1x Coating of Flame

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 3/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 3/3
Oaths: 1/???


Fairy Godmoocher

Spells and Stuff

Dragon's Might, Level 2: Can ignite her own fairy dust to boost spell potency, dexterity and flight speed, and magical resistance by draining dust fast.
Level 2's benefits are: The power-boost fire is no longer painful and drains less dust. Improves boost to Landi's spell potency, dexterity, and magical resistance granted by the power-boost fire.
Inventory: Can hold up to 87 lb./ 39.4 kg.
Calamitous Cacophony: A blinding display of glowyness. Can also deafen for extra dust cost.
Portal: Tunnel through space-time to a location within 50 feet. Visibility or reasonable assumption of distance required; accuracy reduced if not able to see target. Currently limited to nonmagical, inanimate objects. Alchemical products are considered nonmagical. Portal entrances and exits cannot terminate within objects or creatures, but can open and close in midair.
Godmother’s Blessing: Increases defense of armor based on amount of dust used.
Godmother’s Makeover: Transforms outfit of one willing target into something more stylish. Duration depends on dust used.
Genice: Summon Genice to either make an area slick and icy, launch icicles at people, or summon a small icy vortex the size of a person, or superchill a tiny target.
Salt's Favor: Change earth to quicksand once per day.
0x “Sticky” Earth Shrapnel
0x Glue
0x Smoke
1x Healing
1x Healing

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 6/8
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 3/5
Blindsight: 3/3
Seersight: 1/4


Wood Elf Ranger

Feline’s Grace increases Dex and soft cap.

Stuff and Skills

Mutagen: Feline's Grace, Level 1: Perfect Balance, ½ damage from AoE, and deals increased melee damage
Elven Shortbow, nonmagical
Camouflage Spell
Elven Rope, magical
Quick-Draw Quiver, nonmagical
Samhain (heirloom; magical; long dagger; half of paired set)
Antidote and First Aid Kit (Stabilization only; works at 0 HP)
Provisions and Water Cleansing Pellets
Animal Treats (Wrapped in scent-proof liner)
Uncanny ability to mimic animal noises
Seersight Lv.1: identifies weak points, allowing extra damage to armored targets and instant kill chances on unarmored targets.

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 4/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 3/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2


Fox Spirit

Spells and Skills

Fire Magic: Large AoE with moderate damage, or single-target for high damage
Mind Magic: Charm on eye contact, stun on break.
Illusion Magic: Odds of seeing through illusions increase as target gets closer.
Novice pickpocket (only works on the overly trusting; bonus to stealing jerky treats)
Can throw bombs with no chance of dropping them at her feet
Is literate
Can function in basic society as long as she's not around trash cans

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3


Lizardfolk Paladin

Holy Magic

Healing Spells: restore 2 HP per cast on others; 3 HP on self
Can pray for divine intervention in times of need. Effects increase with target’s and caster’s faith. Effects can range from increasing stats, to granting armor, to stabilization at brink of death, and healing diseases or neutralizing potions.
Can throw enchanted spear at distant targets and call spear back, dragging them to him if hit successfully.
Shield can blind attackers with reflected light.