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File 160581271970.png - (731.44KB , 927x1115 , DiscHeading.png )
134350 No. 134350 ID: 6f7a5a

Chinzebeth VII will be a NSFW clothing damage quest featuring YCH cameos as both controlable characters and enemies

Suggestors will aid Chinzebeth and her royal guards and fend off invaders

this thread is for discussion and sign ups
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No. 134659 ID: 11f77a
File 160961989835.png - (638.31KB , 911x784 , noovin_shopping.png )

I feel it's more appropriate to submit a fun doodle of Noovin here!
No. 134694 ID: 4a0f99

Suggestion for the invaders: Ignore Rhonda and Snowpea, they cannot allow Chinzebeth to escape!
No. 134696 ID: 0fae41

My advice to the raiders: Finish off the weakened guard detachment while allowing Lung the glory of pursuing Chinzebeth. Join him after you have secured your flank.
No. 134698 ID: e2dc7c

Peppering the royal guards in Lung's way is a good idea, wearing them down a little so that by the time Lung gets to them he hits them like a wrecking ball. It also provides the fastest route up to Chinzebeth and victory.
No. 134749 ID: 6f7a5a
File 161154334729.png - (505.44KB , 927x1115 , Kit2.png )

Read above for more details

here are currently 4 slots up for grabs, 3 royal guard slots and 1 invader slot.
these slots will cost 20USD, (future slots may be more expensive)
-You are guaranteed at least three(3) black and white sketch images of your characters

New Rules
Weapon option, you can now choose between a dedicated melee weapons, a standard range weapon and a volatile ranged weapon.
pre-existing characters can swap weapons as desired

If you'd like to reserve a slot please comment bellow, stating which slot(s) you would like.
first comments will be favored if slots run out
we will discuss payment and details in PM on discord, or through one of my galleries

if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
No. 134750 ID: e9dd13

I'd like a guard slot
No. 134752 ID: 4fd0a3
File 161157456204.png - (4.01MB , 3508x2480 , 1 - MSwXLyY (1).png )

I'll take a guard spot with my mouse character.
No. 134757 ID: 4fd0a3

I'll have Brother Raschid for an invader slot.
No. 134793 ID: e51896
File 161216465166.png - (806.04KB , 1543x956 , Gerbera.png )

Okay, I think I'll fill up the last royal guard slot if it hasn't been taken yet. its name is Gerbera. Gender is null.
No. 134799 ID: e51896

I have a question, sorry if it has been answered before: for characters who had some of their clothing destroyed but still managed to keep enough clothing to fight in the next battle, will their clothing be mended for the next battle, or will they be remained damaged at the start of the next fight?
No. 134800 ID: 163037

Mechanically they will return to full health, but visually clothing loss will remain
No. 134802 ID: 163037

One extra invader slot just op

20USD just like previous slots
No. 134803 ID: afe7de

OOh I want the invader slot, just making a ref sheet real fast.
No. 134804 ID: 094652

I would like to reserve whatever slot opens if the forum votes for an additional attendant.
No. 134805 ID: afe7de
File 161274031475.png - (84.47KB , 984x655 , 0010.png )

Here's the ref for my character!
No. 134806 ID: 163037

Attendants are not purchasable slots, they are also almost exclusively human

I suppose if people wanted to submit a design I might use it, but I make no promises or guarantees.

these minions are mostly just to add some extra bodies for the purchase characters to take down.

Invaders will automatically use all their points to buy minions.
No. 134808 ID: 0fae41

I'm curious how many points the invaders got for all those guard takedowns, but don't tell us - we'll know soon enough!
No. 134981 ID: 1d109c


A curiosity poll regarding seeing queen Chinzebeth Naked
No. 134991 ID: 629f2e


Your quests are one of the rare times I'll say to myself, "Yes, I do so hope I get to see that elderly woman in the nude, sagging tits and all." You can take that as either a compliment to how good your art is or how invested I am in the story that I'd be willing to embrace such a sight because it would be narratively significant (the queen isn't truly defeated until we've seen her without a shred of cloth on her body).
No. 135001 ID: 1d109c

I'm really glad to hear that! I'm happy my art and story have created so much vestment!
No. 135383 ID: 0fae41

The bandits’ minions should focus on disabling that throne, with weapons that won’t reflect off it. Maybe Falune too.
No. 135412 ID: 0fae41

The dark voice is pleased at the timing of these events... Strike her while the clothes iron is hot, Yethen!
No. 135422 ID: 777990

Is it odd I'm vaguely looking forward to seeing Chinzebeth naked? Bring on the wrinkly old bitch titties, I say!
No. 135423 ID: 1d109c

given the poll results, apparently it isn't odd at all . . .
No. 135426 ID: 0fae41

Okay nevermind, it looks like Raschid is in the best position to follow up on her own attack. A one-two magic hand punch?
No. 135442 ID: 0fae41

Skalda should put that chain to good use and hook herself across the gap to chase Chinzebeth.
No. 135541 ID: 629f2e

It's funny just how different the experiences Chinzebeth is having in her own quest and the strip poker invitationals are.

In one she's having a jolly old time petting dogs and indulging in alchoholic beverages. In the other she's being assaulted, having her wig blown up and dignity robbed, and is cursing the uselessness of her soldiers. Near-polar opposite experiences.
No. 135542 ID: e51896

She is in a less stressful situation in strip poker.
No. 135743 ID: 0fae41

Now's your chance, Falune! Dive bomb the queen!
No. 135771 ID: 2d25f1

HA! The invaders have almost won! Now all Raschid needs to do is stand on the bridge between where Chinzebeth, and the royal guards are to block the royal guards from coming over to his side of the building while Skal and Fallune dogpiles on her, and this game is as good as ours!

Oh yeah, he should attack the queen after he moves on the bridge to block the way.
No. 135774 ID: 0fae41

For being a worthy conduit of the dark ones' will, Raschid, the next blow is yours.
(Also, I'm just glad Falune was able to get some small revenge instead of being curbstomped.)
No. 135775 ID: 96c896

When is Grimothy showing up?
No. 135778 ID: 9b127b

next battle
No. 135898 ID: 0fae41

I really wonder if the queen will be in any condition for another battle!
If Skalda can hijack the hover throne, that would be an amusing capture for this turn. Of course if she can’t, she can always just steal another piece of the queen’s clothing. Keep it up, champions of Lung!
No. 135912 ID: 10c07d

The queen is exposed! Are we going to get to see Chinzebeth’s royal bits in all their glory?
No. 135913 ID: 9b127b

No. 135920 ID: 326491

Raschid, remind them all who wields the dark powers of clothing destruction and fry Chinz’s remaining defenses.
No. 136453 ID: c92a02

Falune, descend screaming upon Chinzebeth in a blaze of glory! Your revenge is almost in reach...
No. 136890 ID: c92a02

Don't forget to give Chinz one more for the road, Raschid.
No. 136897 ID: c92a02

Skalda, where does Chinzebeth think she's going? Get over here!
No. 136900 ID: 50ae15

Agreed, although the queen might be too far away. Unless maybe we can get Skalda to move towards the queen and then throw her melee weapon at the queen like a projectile as hard as she can?
No. 136902 ID: 629f2e


Might as well take a wild shot. The most valued target is on their last hit and is about to get away. It honestly wouldn't be a bad move even if she needed to roll a 20 to hit. The potential gain is just that viable.
No. 136917 ID: b6aa8a

Does fallune have projectiles? Shoot at the queen if so!
No. 136919 ID: 9b127b

Falune only has melee attacks
No. 137245 ID: c92a02

Going all in. Skalda, get the queen!
No. 137280 ID: 287710

Raschid: I think Gerbera is the one closest to be defeated. Finish her off!
No. 137281 ID: c92a02

Falune, take Pawkaf down with you. Or, assuming Falune goes down first, Raschid should fire on her while tactically advancing to the rear to keep her distance.
No. 137405 ID: c92a02

Discretion is the better part of valor, Skalda. Continue the hunt for the queen elsewhere.
No. 137407 ID: 96c896

Why do you keep posting suggestions in here?
No. 137410 ID: c92a02

Because this is where we suggest courses of action for the raiders.
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