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File 159306285322.jpg - (141.79KB , 800x605 , BAN DISCUSS.jpg )
133236 No. 133236 ID: 7ae189

Just realized that I should probably make one of these. Discuss away
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No. 133237 ID: 9876c4

I appreciate that the First Precinct is bound by red tape and procedure, and can't just cowboy it's way out of trouble.

...although a demon in the 80's doing Miami Vice antics might be fun too.
No. 133246 ID: 8fab7a

Hah, yeah. Good sign you're the good guys when TRY NOT TO FUCK UP DUE PROCESS becomes a part of your set of goals.
No. 133247 ID: b1b4f3

You're pretty good at this quest thing, have you run one before?
No. 133248 ID: 7ae189
File 159323161095.jpg - (531.19KB , 800x1073 , BAN DISC1.jpg )

Cheers mates, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. The life of a law-abiding detective is a hard but rewarding one. Enjoy some proto-BANs.

Many many moons ago I lurked tgchan and tried a few quests, it was a long time ago and I was pretty bad at it then though. I guess the secret to improvement was just doing nothing quest-related for the better part of a decade
No. 133251 ID: 9876c4

I'm always really impressed when people with a different default language make storytime happen in English here.

Maybe Ban will get to play with his trusty shotgun in due time...
No. 133263 ID: eb1fcc

Gotta say, I quite like this quest so far. I thought from the thumbnail it was gonna be a modstaff shitpost quest but this is just interesting well-written cop drama.

Keep up the good work, I'm engaged with this strange mystery.

I get the feeling STEVE isn't as much of an asshole as he lets on, either.
No. 133357 ID: 7ae189
File 159388033385.jpg - (342.65KB , 800x891 , BAN DISC2.jpg )

Sorry for the slight delay mates, the 4th of July has been turning into a bit of a bender. There should be at least one update this weekend, then we'll be back to business as usual.
No. 133372 ID: eb1fcc

yo, any chance we can get some color notes on Ban and the crew?
No. 133378 ID: 7ae189
File 159417209074.jpg - (660.15KB , 1000x788 , BAN DISC4.jpg )

Here's most of the prominent folks so far, if you want any others as we go I've got you.
No. 133402 ID: 7ae189
File 159465095986.jpg - (85.67KB , 921x542 , BAN DISC5.jpg )

A bit of a heads-up, from here until mid-August I'll be in the process of moving out of my current apartment and into a new one a few states away. I think updates will stay pretty consistent throughout, but there might be a bit of a gap in August when things get especially hectic.
No. 133408 ID: eb1fcc

wow, so Ban himself is just stark white?
No. 133412 ID: dba489
File 159485485688.jpg - (171.20KB , 510x848 , BAN DISC6.jpg )

Indeed, it's one of the more salient features of people like himself.
No. 133414 ID: 83bd82

Is having totally white skin a characteristic only demons have? Because I notice STEVE and the guy on the far right both have totally white skin.
No. 133415 ID: dba489
File 159487615510.jpg - (282.66KB , 700x921 , BAN DISC7.jpg )

STEVE is in fact a demon. As the son of Joe Durst and ALICIA, you could say that John takes after his mother... Speaking of STEVE, I found this early draft where I planned on actually making him a human, and even angrier.
No. 133428 ID: 9876c4

This is not a criticism, but STEVE seemed to have one of the more human faces so far.
No. 133445 ID: eb1fcc

yeah without this color ref I never woulda guessed steven to be a demon, lol
No. 133453 ID: 8fab7a

I suspected. There was a pretty good hint in the naming convention!
No. 133455 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, all demons have allcaps names?
No. 133477 ID: 7ae189
File 159528835546.jpg - (353.38KB , 700x1295 , BAN DISC8.jpg )

Another proto-BAN, I believe this is the oldest one in my sketchbooks. If I remember right, the original idea was Ace Attorney but in hell.

Indeed, it's the most consistent way to discern them from other critters.
No. 133480 ID: eb1fcc

oh, haha I assumed STEVE was capitalized because they always just mentally inflect his name at this point


"Ugh, STEVE. I can't believe STEVE is doing STEVE things again!"
"I know! Ugh, STEVE."
No. 133498 ID: 7ae189
File 159548546597.jpg - (546.94KB , 900x905 , BAN DISC9.jpg )

There is definitely some extra venom whenever his name is pronounced by our 1P companions, haha.
No. 133506 ID: 8fab7a

Wait, those are actual pig snouts? I thought they just had really big noses/nostrils.
No. 133507 ID: 5b93d3

Loving the quest (always a sucker for police procedurals), and loving the Patlabor/Headgear-esque art style!
No. 133522 ID: dba489
File 159598644368.jpg - (145.94KB , 1175x492 , BAN DISC11.jpg )

They are bonafide snouts! There are a few critters in between humans and demons that also inhabit our city. Pigmen are one of the more common ones.
No. 133612 ID: 19da02

None of the demons have mouths, right?

BTW Love the quest so far! I think you have an absolutely perfect blend of holy shit stuff happening and also time for players to breathe and plan.
No. 133639 ID: e30795
File 159762838674.jpg - (343.89KB , 717x1340 , BAN DISC3.jpg )

The big move's done, should be business as usual for now. I'm now right in the center of what could be considered this city's Wartown, so we'll see how I fare, haha.

Glad you're digging it, mate. Indeed, none of them have mouths. They still do mouth things, but nobody really knows or questions how...
No. 133653 ID: eb1fcc

wild theories with no proof at all time:
-food either phase through where the mouth would be


-mouths are invisible, but external
No. 133655 ID: df76b1

A skin flap like a kangeroo, which lies flat mostly, but food gets passed inside. Also explains demon speech.
No. 133663 ID: 7e098c

Just found this quest, loving it so far keep up the good work!
No. 133668 ID: 5412a8

Is there a name for the art style you use? Made me think 'french' while I was reading through the quest proper, so I guess I was right on that front.
No. 133697 ID: e30795
File 159814419842.jpg - (351.48KB , 1725x1369 , BAN DISC13.jpg )

>a kangaroo skin flap
I had to google what the inside of a pouch looked like, nature is beautiful but a little spooky...

Welcome aboard mate, enjoy

I don't think there's a name for it. I do pine after a lot of French cartoonists, so if there's some tangible French-ness in it to you then I'm flattered.
No. 133729 ID: eb1fcc


did a couple favicons so your quest has a unique lil' tab icon. Enjoy!
No. 133750 ID: e30795
File 159939928517.jpg - (293.00KB , 2130x1379 , BAN DISC14.jpg )

Things are getting pretty crazy around here! My job's ramping up and the city's started breaking things. Weekend updates should stay consistent for the forseeable future, though.

Bless you, these are fire.
No. 133764 ID: eb1fcc
File 159950649249.png - (43.04KB , 258x734 , voxelban.png )


BAN no what are you doing in that video game, get out of there or Dane's gonna kill you

WIP obviously but I'm probably not gonna texture this for a bit lol

Also, for some reason it wouldn't let me upload the gif or link an imgur upload of it, so I had to link it and just take a screenshot, boo

No. 133771 ID: eb1fcc
File 159954803298.gif - (3.49MB , 869x780 , big ban.gif )

No. 133775 ID: eb1fcc


I reccomend fullviewing this because for some reason the thumbnail cuts blank a quarter of the way into the turn lmao

he's fully poseable though, when I have some time to refine the texture I'll upload the blockbench file for you to play with
No. 133777 ID: df76b1

Pretty cool, but not sure I'm feelin' the green pants.
No. 133778 ID: 7af2f5

yeah that's one if the things I'm fixing before I upload, was aiming for more of a beige slacks color but I'm colorblind amd rely on maths to fix this stuff.
No. 133780 ID: eb1fcc
File 159971618280.gif - (292.57KB , 869x492 , bansplaining.gif )

since I doubt I can upload this directly to tgchan, have a dropbox link.


should be fully rigged for animation in blockbench, I highly reccomend doing so after downloading the geckolib plugin as it adds a bunch of neato tweening settings that make smoother animation way easier than wtf ever I was doing making this thing one lol
No. 133789 ID: e30795
File 159992611639.jpg - (693.77KB , 2070x1263 , BAN DISC15.jpg )

I've started screwing with watercolors recently so enjoy some alt colors for BAN and Dane, inspired by Riotmode's green-pants BAN.

This made my day when I saw it, VERY well-done mate
No. 133790 ID: e30795
File 159992622647.jpg - (693.77KB , 1060x647 , BAN DISC15.jpg )

Woops, here's a slightly more tame resolution of it
No. 133791 ID: 16d082

why is a Dane significantly less angry than she usually is?
No. 133792 ID: df76b1

Hug enforcement
No. 133795 ID: eb1fcc

glad you like it man, whole reason I do anything lol
No. 133796 ID: e30795
File 160000225761.jpg - (453.22KB , 800x630 , BAN DISC16.jpg )

Perhaps the real source of her anger is wearing blue all the time.
No. 133799 ID: 5b93d3

Dane is clearly the Red Oni to BAN's Blue Oni.
No. 133831 ID: 8e78c1
File 160039935040.jpg - (38.38KB , 500x375 , MV5BMTU4Nzg4NjUyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDM1MTU1MjE@__.jpg )

So she has secretly always wanted to be a meter maid?
No. 133853 ID: e30795
File 160122150070.jpg - (1.46MB , 1600x1050 , BAN DISC17.jpg )

Even she isn't metal enough for a gig like that, haha.
No. 133895 ID: 3ed3c3

I love their little hats.
No. 133912 ID: e30795
File 160226052263.jpg - (529.79KB , 980x765 , BAN DISC18.jpg )

In the middle of a pandemic, I manage to go and catch a common cold... There'll probably be a couple extra updates this weekend, since I'm not doing as much extra work IRL.
No. 133913 ID: e7c7d3

A refined taste in musical instruments
No. 134124 ID: fddb1c

Was that cat dude originally going to be his partner instead of the lovely Sgt Dane?
No. 134160 ID: 88966b
File 160355493315.jpg - (495.89KB , 1139x1230 , BAN DISC19.jpg )

Digging through my sketchbooks, Dane predates him by a bit, but I was kicking the idea around for a second. As time went on, he sort of evolved into KYLE.
No. 134203 ID: 40a125

It's definitely very frenchy. I'm reminded of a lot of those more cartoony Metal Hurlant strips, and other stuff from the 60s-70s.
No. 134252 ID: 88966b
File 160427788607.jpg - (381.44KB , 1000x710 , BAN DISC20.jpg )

Happy belated Halloween gentlemen, I hope yours had a little more candy and a little less beer than mine, haha.
No. 134513 ID: 88966b
File 160797133338.jpg - (433.46KB , 900x816 , BAN DISC21.jpg )

Sorry about the tardy update mates, I was finishing up the rest of my work before the big holiday break. I've got a lot less on my plate now, so I'll try to increase my output! For the holidays I'll post with (slightly) more frequency, and return to weekend updates in late January/February.
No. 134514 ID: 19da02

awesome to hear! I'm always excited for the next update.
No. 134515 ID: df76b1

Your updates are always big and filled with new twists, so I'm excited to see them whenever they happen.

You're doing great!
No. 134525 ID: bf9fd7

No. 134563 ID: dba489
File 160877743314.jpg - (167.17KB , 1200x630 , BAN DISC22.jpg )

I appreciate your zeal for her, haha. Almost there!!

I've recently gotten a pack of brush pens, I'm pretty excited to start lightly experimenting with them on posts. The greyscale ones will probably see the most use, they'll definitely be helpful for shading certain things and extras. Not looking forward to when they inevitably dry up, though...
No. 134635 ID: 66e77d

I look forward to seeing your use with greyscale in your art style.

...look I know that was a very dry sentence but it's true I'm looking forward to it.
No. 134718 ID: 88966b
File 161046713352.jpg - (465.09KB , 800x653 , BAN DISC23.jpg )

After a few days' worth of packing and travel, I'm back in the city! I think I'll have another week or two of increased output before work catches up to me, and then we'll be back into our weekend groove.
No. 134740 ID: e30795
File 161110236308.jpg - (499.61KB , 800x724 , BAN DISC24.jpg )

My job's started curbstomping me a little faster than I anticipated... In the interest of self-preservation, I'll go ahead and make the switch back to mainly weekend posts. I feel a little blue-balled, hopefully I'll have a chance to post more frequently for longer over the summer.

Speaking of, BAN BAN's not that far from turning a year old, haha. I feel like I should thank everyone who's been sticking with it so far, it's always fun to see familiar "faces" among the post IDs.
No. 134744 ID: df76b1

Happy BANiversary.
This quest has been a pleasant surprise, and has been way better and more exciting than I thought it was going to be.

I made the first post, but you kept me making more.
No. 134745 ID: 9a95a7

Nom d'un chien! Sorry about work getting tougher. Not surprising, though, considering the last couple months.

Thank you so much for a year worth of adventure. You put a lot of effort and it shows!
[/spoiler]Also, it's always nice to see a quest that doesn't devolve into smut.[spoiler]
No. 134844 ID: 88966b
File 161337445049.jpg - (457.41KB , 800x1241 , BAN DISC25.jpg )

Happy Valentine's Day, mates!! If you don't have a significant other, take a page out of BAN's playbook and just use the holiday as an excuse to score some brownie points in the workplace...
No. 134849 ID: df76b1

Awww. Tsundere + Space Cadet is a winning recipe (for trouble)
No. 135097 ID: 88966b
File 161603160244.jpg - (709.54KB , 1222x850 , BAN DISC26.jpg )

Happy St. Patrick's Day, gents! I had a bottle of whiskey sitting around, so out of principle it hast o be killed. Not the best part of the week for getting drunk, but you've gotta respect the holiday...
No. 135099 ID: 12b116

Exactly correct. I concur.
No. 135141 ID: e30795
File 161629355364.jpg - (249.29KB , 1045x700 , BAN DISC27.jpg )

To the cultured fellows who noticed our little friend in the back of last week's update, you made me smile, haha. He's just another ex-soldier, but this guy often gets told that he has a very famous face.
No. 135362 ID: e30795
File 161870464828.jpg - (288.75KB , 1582x1651 , BAN DISC28.jpg )

Things are getting a little insane in my life, I hate to say it but I think my best option is to skip this weekend and aim to update next weekend... If I manage to stop folding fast enough then I'll try to do an extra post during the week, as well.
No. 135365 ID: eb1fcc

life comes before quest man, you burn out we don't get more good content.

Focus on the health, come back when you got the time to do it and not murder yourself in the process
No. 135373 ID: df76b1

I agree.
No. 135551 ID: 88966b
File 162110401536.jpg - (139.30KB , 646x544 , BAN DISC29.jpg )

It took a little longer than I'd hoped but my IRL shitshow's successfully concluded, haha. We should be back on track for the coming weekends. Enjoy a few proto-2P cops for your patience
No. 135582 ID: eb1fcc

glad to have you back homie
No. 135658 ID: e30795
File 162249168348.jpg - (769.40KB , 1219x900 , BAN DISC30.jpg )

A day late, but we've reached the conclusion of the first thread!! Thanks to everyone who's been posting with me for a little over a year. Feel free to do any post-quest debriefing in here.

Going forward, I think I'm going to take a weekend off, then start running something short for fun--either a shitpost or an actual interlude for BAN BAN, I'm not sure which yet. Once that concludes, we'll be into the actual second thread. Thanks again for playing so far!!!
No. 135659 ID: 9a2966

Was no casualties for 1P a best-case scenario considering the choices we made?
No. 135660 ID: 0b9353

5 second precint casualties? Will oye injured not survive the night?
No. 135665 ID: fa3fbc

The concept of casualties include injured - it’s not necessarily that they’re dead, it’s that they’re out of the fight.
No. 135668 ID: df76b1

BAN's been one of the better protagonists in recent memory, and I'm excited to see what else he's got in him!
No. 135669 ID: eb1fcc

for real, his spacey personality makes a really good balancing measure against overly-complex plotting from suggestors, and I'm liking the hints that picking combat options too often wouldn't be a good idea with his PTSD.
No. 135676 ID: e30795
File 162272058250.jpg - (99.15KB , 334x499 , BAN DISC31.jpg )

I've been digging through my sketchbooks for more old BAN BAN-related material, enjoy a very early form of The Major.

It was a very solid outcome, to be sure.

>>135665 has the right idea, I was counting injuries alongside the dead for the casualty stats. Outside of KEN and Chase, most of the raid team that hit the traphouse should get through this.

Bless you both, I'm glad you've all been enjoying him so far. I've had a lot of fun writing for BAN, and for the other leads. On some level, I think my own personal enjoyment of the cast has been part of what's kept me (relatively) consistent so far, haha.
No. 135678 ID: eb1fcc

Huh, so is this thread implying Dane was trans, or is this a different Dane?

Don't answer that here because I want to see that answered in quest, I just wanna put the idea into the thread here
No. 135698 ID: 5a788d

Or father/daughter. Or just coincidence: there may be many people with the surname Dane.
No. 135729 ID: e30795
File 162399139520.jpg - (208.82KB , 999x719 , BAN DISC32.jpg )

Now that it's actually been mentioned in the quest I can confirm that this is a different Dane, haha. The resemblance is uncanny, though...
No. 135793 ID: e30795
File 162541627487.jpg - (578.44KB , 1300x755 , BAN DISC33.jpg )

Happy 4th of July, gentlemen! I hope everyone's got something fun planned. I'll be celebrating in the most American way I can, with smuggled fireworks, meat, country music and beer.
No. 135794 ID: a2493c

A happy America day to you, and a VERY joyous Fuck the Brits Month to the rest of the world!
No. 135795 ID: df76b1

A few hours late, but know I support every word of that!
No. 135796 ID: a2493c

shit, of course they were flashbangs, what cop shop's gonna have frags? shit!
No. 135975 ID: df76b1

My reference to 'tubes' is intended to mean LAWs, MAWS, ATGMs recoilless rifles etc. I don't know exactly what's available, and the details don't matter, but this is the kind of mission we want it for.
No. 136078 ID: e30795
File 162940663722.jpg - (311.38KB , 1000x711 , BAN DISC34.jpg )

Looks like summer's more or less over for me already, damn!! I was hoping to be a little more frequent with my posts, but I'm still happy with our forward progress. Even while shit's hitting the fan I should be able to keep up an update per week schedule again, and once winter rolls around maybe I can get a little more productive.

I follow, haha. Each of BAN's squads grabbed a couple launchers in last week's post, I guess you could compare them to M72s.
No. 136295 ID: 88966b
File 163330458470.jpg - (185.94KB , 988x750 , BAN DISC35.jpg )

Things are getting crazy again! This coming week will be particularly absurd for me. Ideally I'll have my life relatively sorted again by next Sunday, but if I end up missing that update I'll try to get an extra one or two in the following week.
No. 136493 ID: 88966b
File 163691878893.jpg - (616.16KB , 926x850 , BAN DISC36.jpg )

Sorry for the wait, gentlemen!! I've really been in the trenches IRL, but my situation's finally starting to improve again. With a little luck, my schedule should be back to normal within the next week or two.
No. 136494 ID: df76b1

Great to have you back, I wish all the best for ya!
No. 136495 ID: 3328c7

Ban survived an angel trying to kill him only for the goverment to send a banana and a tomato to try and finish the job.

This adventure really is full of surprises.
No. 136514 ID: e30795
File 163787313317.jpg - (458.81KB , 1204x600 , BAN DISC37.jpg )

Happy Turkey Day, gents! I wrote today's update in between some very intense cooking sessions. Next up, the annual food coma/binge eating regret party.

Today also marks the end of this interlude thread!! We'll be back into the investigation proper either this weekend or whenever the universe decides to stop railing me next.

I can't unsee that now that you've pointed it out, haha. Sometimes I don't realize what kind of goofy shillouettes I've given some of the demon characters until you guys open my eyes, like BAN's secret existence as a capybara.
No. 136793 ID: b7456f
File 164054309809.jpg - (207.01KB , 950x636 , BAN DISC38.jpg )

A day late but still Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. etc.!! I hope everyone got something nice, either from other people or for themselves, haha. I've been really sending it with traveling this holiday season, but I should be back in the city and on some semblance of a normal schedule by the time we get into the new year.
No. 136895 ID: b6a6be
File 164266238925.jpg - (235.00KB , 1486x1475 , BAN DISC39.jpg )

I remember back in the day there being that legend of the 'curse' for quest authors... I've spent the past couple weeks getting bitchslapped by COVID and my job back to back. Hopefully that's the full extent of my curse haha, that was a pretty miserable ordeal.

For your patience, regarde some Danes that I found in an old sketchbook during my quarantine/recovery period.
No. 136898 ID: e51896

Glad your feeling better!
No. 137224 ID: 88966b
File 164711924236.jpg - (617.88KB , 1747x1564 , BAN DISC40.jpg )

VERY long story short, I was in no way done with my curse, ahaha. One car crash and a *lot* of work IRL later, I think I'm finally safe to get back into our usual groove. My city's decided that today's when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, so I guess I'm celebrating my return to this site with more whiskey!

Also, a bit of an interest poll--one of my main jobs IRL is as a musician, and recently I've started gigging on keyboards in addition to my main instrument. The new side hustle made me start thinking about putting together some kind of OST for BAN BAN, haha. If I recorded a few Phoenix Wright-esque tracks in my free time would that be something you lot would want to listen to?
No. 137225 ID: df76b1

Oh hell yeah, plus It might lead you to something grand.
No. 137231 ID: 9a2966

Not enough Quests try to weave in music, tbh. Though 's not like that's necessarily easy, either!
No. 137288 ID: 8b82ee

I am a huge fan of a sort of music and would be interested to hear what you could create in a different media. I am certain that it would be a feast for the ears.
No. 137369 ID: f03203

I only got into reading quests on this site pretty recently, but BAN BAN is probably my favourite overall. I had a feeling when I was reading through that it had a very French style and character, so I can't help but find it a bit funny looking at this to confirm you are indeed very fucking French. Love your work, can't wait for the next update
No. 137409 ID: 798908

it definitely seems like one that could be adapted after it wraps up into a successful graphic novel
No. 137435 ID: e30795
File 165223449789.jpg - (290.09KB , 2160x1096 , BAN DISC41.jpg )

The past month or so has been a shitshow, ahaha. But now I'm the proud owner of *3* pieces of paper with my name on them, so I guess it's all worth it! Now that I'm done with school for the rest of my life, let's see if my luck improves at all.

Welcome aboard mate. Sorry for making you wait so long for the next update, haha.
No. 137613 ID: e30795
File 165688762906.jpg - (251.41KB , 2160x1059 , BAN DISC42.jpg )

Much love for you lot being eternally patient as life continues to get weird, haha. I've written a couple songs for this little OST idea, but I'm in the middle of a huge move across the country, so recording them has had to wait a bit longer. I've jinxed myself a few times already but I'm going to knock on wood, update as I'm able and hopefully get back into some sort of stride in August or September.
No. 137617 ID: 98e22d

This quest has been a wonderful lot of fun and I hope you get over your author curse soon.
The music composing sounds really exciting! Will be great for the animated series.
No. 137656 ID: df6307
File 165794946311.jpg - (1.18MB , 943x850 , BAN DISC44.jpg )

Greetings from my new place!! Very exciting, but also incredibly stressful, ahaha. Job searching is not something that I missed...

In other news, I'm testing out what BAN BAN would look like in MS Paint-tier color--I'm not a great digital painter but it could save me some real paint, and maybe give you lot a bit more to look at. Let me know if you like it more or less than our usual greyscale business.
No. 137669 ID: 398700

if you can find a good watercolor type brush and go for a slightly more painterly look with how you color it might work without any extra effort really, but the flat colors don't help it much and it might take some of that comic bookish charm your art's currently rocking
No. 137670 ID: 398700

that said, skin color does help the white color "stick out" more and makes 'em look a bit more obviously alien
No. 137672 ID: df76b1

Congrats on the new place! More color art is always a plus.
No. 137673 ID: df6307
File 165807796280.jpg - (0.98MB , 2160x905 , BAN DISC45.jpg )

Hmmm, I have the same thought about it. In between existential dread/job searching I'm experimenting with different tools in Krita, what do you think of this? This brush pack feels a little better in my hand than the default one, I'll get some more practice in with it and post some (marginally) better examples later when I get a chance.
No. 137674 ID: df6307
File 165809077703.jpg - (2.56MB , 686x1000 , BAN DISC46.jpg )

Dumping a few things from my sketchbook that I scanned and tried these new brushes on, let me know what you lads think. I think the texture fits a lot better than the flat tones, I might mess around with this for a bit if you lot are interested.
No. 137675 ID: df6307
File 165809083354.jpg - (2.02MB , 874x950 , BAN DISC47.jpg )

No. 137676 ID: df6307
File 165809090018.jpg - (2.54MB , 836x950 , BAN DISC48.jpg )

No. 137677 ID: 398700

this one here has pretty much the perfect mix I think. Very simple colors, but enough texture and intentional flaws to them to maintain that hand-drawn feeling that makes your art work so well. I especially like how the coloring doesn't quite reach the lines in places, both as a highlight for the shading and as a way to make the art look more deliberately roughshod.

Very in-line with the themes of the quest, given Ban's department is kinda meant to be struggling and a bit imperfect.
No. 137678 ID: 398700

This one's also nice, the bleeding colors really highlight how uncomfortable they are.
No. 137894 ID: df6307
File 166046047323.jpg - (942.42KB , 826x950 , BAN DISC49.jpg )

Job searching and general gigging continues, I'm really on the grind now...! My life will be pretty in flux for the next couple months, so thanks as always for your patience. Have an unemployed Dane for your troubles.

I appreciate the thoughts mate, I'll keep experimenting further with these brushes in my free time.
No. 137896 ID: dec69d

There is something so adorably wholesome about Dane trying to apply for a kindergarden.

As an aside, does the mayor dye her hair, or does it grow purple? I..... don't know all the ruless of BAN BAN world.

We wish you the best of luck with your job hunting! We really apreciate you taking the time to keep us in the know!
No. 137962 ID: df6307
File 166148531569.jpg - (1.79MB , 703x980 , BAN DISC50.jpg )

I'm still a couple days away from being able to properly update again, but in the interim I do want to throw some of these little tracks that I've been making at you lot!!! On this link are several tracks that I made for different moments in the first thread and the interlude. I'll add to both of these lists whenever my free time results in more tracks. They're very rough but I'm having fun making them, haha. I plan to re-record/mix them all once I have a larger number of them put out.


The Major claims to be all-natural when it comes to her hair. Nobody questions it, at least not to her face...!
No. 137963 ID: cd5c4f

The only thing that comes to my mind when I see that pink shirt is what Vegeta was wearing at one point in the show.
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