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File 158803088250.jpg - (877.96KB , 2756x1102 , MerchantRaces.jpg )
132605 No. 132605 ID: 12b116

Somebody asked for one in the last thread. Feel free to use it to keep track of important information, or discuss things.
Expand all images
No. 132606 ID: b24bc3

I support that your female elves have the bigger bulge.
No. 132607 ID: e7c7d3

These are some super fun designs
No. 132608 ID: 12b116
File 158803188320.jpg - (80.56KB , 539x960 , 42e.jpg )

No. 132609 ID: 2aa5f0

damn our encounter roll must have been a nat 1
No. 132611 ID: d63ea8

The racial designs are really cool, hopefully we live long enough to see them all.
No. 132613 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like elf sexual dimorphism is all in the tail. Males have two claws, females have one barb and a thicker tail in general. Also females have a thinner waist, though that's more subtle.
No. 132618 ID: e7c7d3

So I guess the question is, what sort of creatures are we dealing with in the camp? Are they orcs? Gnolls? Two gnomes in a fursuit?
No. 132619 ID: 12b116

You've already seen everything but the fairies!
No. 132620 ID: 5877dc

I wish I could've asked this earlier, but better late than never.

Do you have some sort of rules or guidelines for your quest's suggesters? Like, is there any content that you find offensive and as such it's something that the suggesters should never mention, nor joke about? I mean, I like being diverse, to say the least, in my suggestion attempts, so depending on how the stars are aligned I can do anything from total shitposts to entirely serious and well-considered planning, so it would be good to know what to avoid in advance.

And a similar question in regards to NSFW content. Is this quest SFW and suggesters should avoid posting any and all NSFW suggestion, is it "maybe NSFW" where the suggesters have the ability to steer it in that direction, or is it full-on NSFW and NSFW suggestions are encouraged?

Thanks. And thanks for running the quest. So far the setting looks very interesting (a simple quest only about selling and buying goods, cool story bro), and I like the recent developments, even though they're something I'd maybe expect on our second or third merchant trip (to make it feel more realistic). Why do I get the feeling that trading is going to be the last thing on our minds during this quest?
No. 132621 ID: 12b116

I'd like suggestions to be reasonable for the character. I'm not offended by anything, but expect realistic results from player actions.

Likewise, please be aware that nothing is off the table.

I don't really care what people joke about, and I will try to interpret suggestions to the perspective character's benefit (The reverse fey rule.)

Expect violence and nudity. Don't expect a lot of romance. I feel like NSFW-romance-sex tends to derail a quest and make people make NSFW-oriented suggestions when it's extremely inappropriate to do so. That being said, romantic suggestions will not be ignored or intentionally shat upon if it makes sense in the situation.

As far as the other stuff goes, it was definitely possible to get a few trades before anything crazy happened.

Some results are determined through random selection mechanics, so it's not purely based on CYOA. Some things have a guaranteed outcome, and any randomness is weighted based on good suggestions. A guaranteed outcome is also generally based on the specifics of what the players do. For instance, the dwarves had the highest chance of successfully repelling the ambush. They refuse to travel with the elf, though, so you miss out on his information. You still end up embroiled with the situation, because the dwarves really want to know wtf is going on here and who the assailants are. None of the no-information choices have guaranteed bad or good outcomes (choosing who to hire is essentially a no-information choice if you pick Willow as your first destination, because nobody knows about these guys.)

Every suggestion is taken into consideration, even if the effect is not apparent and may only make a difference in that an invisible probability that the players aren't aware of is altered. Choosing to talk to the guards a lot makes them less likely to run, for instance. Whether it's better to have more of them captured than escaping isn't necessarily good or bad though, and both fighting or running have a chance to make them end up dead. The more of them that stay and fight, the better your chances of successfully running away are, unless absolutely everybody runs, in which case you have an OKish chance to get away.

I will also end the quest if the perspective character is killed, but it should be fairly obvious if something is just an absolutely awful idea that would get you killed, and most things have a high chance of maiming or crippling the perspective character and a low chance of killing them.

Hope this helps.
No. 132622 ID: 2aa5f0

so was that run in with the bandits going to happen no mater which town we picked or was it exclusive to willow? Because if it was exclusive then damn guess we should have started off with some of the safer route towns. Guess that will show us to take bandit threats lightly if we live through this.
No. 132623 ID: 12b116

That encounter is in Willow, but there were other unpredictable events that happen everywhere other than the road to Croyd because of things that may be going on in the world on a larger scale.

None of them are better or worse choices. They all just start the game off differently. Honestly I think picking Willow first is the most advantageous long-term choice depending on what you decide to do.
No. 132635 ID: 5877dc

I like that you added colors to the last update.

I also remain skeptical that the lumps on Anle's abdomen are nipples.
No. 132643 ID: 12b116

They're definitely nipples.

Only top nipples are lewd. Belly nipples can freely be displayed without being lewd.
No. 132644 ID: 21b3ff

If you are so sus maybe you should get our guy to thoroughly inspect them.
No. 132652 ID: 5877dc

You say that, and my mind agrees, but my body is telling me otherwise.

Look, for all we know touching an orc female's nipples could cause her to fall in love with us. And that's not good because if she'd join our party we'd have to feed her with meat.
No. 132653 ID: d88d26

I have an observation that wasn't relevant enough to distract the protagonist with: The cannibalism (if we can call it that) may not be the best explanation for the orcs interest in calling dibs on the prisoners.
Maybe it's not related, but why would Tante not want a human because of their weakness if they were talking about snacks?
The declaration that Kelepee was interested in Caoiran and Renza choosing the protagonist both came up right after Anle declare that they wouldn't be harmed. So either Kelepee is sabotaging Anle manipulation attempt or they are not talking about something lethal.

I can't really tell what they are talking about, but the absence of Orcs from the race comparison image and the fact that we only saw females lead me to speculate that they are monogenic and this may be an amazonian situation. I'm hoping this is the case...
No. 132663 ID: b1b4f3

The other Orc in the update picture is male.
No. 132665 ID: 3ed3c3

Are we meant to find the orcs utterly reprehensible? Because I hate them.
No. 132666 ID: 12b116

Is it the casual murder or the slavery that turns you off?

Or do you just mean the designs are gross?
No. 132667 ID: 3ed3c3

The casual murder and slavery.
No. 132670 ID: 5877dc

>"Who'se it gonna be?"
With this choice... are we choosing our character class?
No. 132672 ID: 12b116

You should probably be thinking a bit more short-term than that.
No. 132673 ID: 5877dc

Then we're not getting any unexpected 3-year long time skips? Good :P

Vote count (as far as I can tell):
Kelepee +++++++ (015bf2, f56a2b, 5877dc, 3ed3c3, 6c9030, b34040, dbd72b)
Miranni +++++ (ce39da(2nd), e7c7d3, b1b4f3, 6c9030(2nd), 9c48ac)
Grann ++++ (ce39da, d63ea8, 5877dc(2nd), b34040)
(2nd = second choice)
No. 132674 ID: 015bf2

Pretty neutral myself. This exact sort of attack-and-enslave-for-convenience's-sake hasn't been too uncommon up throughout history and makes sense to exist in a fantasy medieval setting.

We have evidence they're not of one mind about it too, and are not opposed to letting their slaves go so it's more like people they capture become bonded servants as a matter of cultural course.

Their society also appears both ritualistic and individualistic and it is probably up to the owner what happens to their 'take-share' unless a leader figure has reason to intervene. Hence why Anle has been saying it's possible... but of course it would actually depend on who the person's owner is.

There could also be variations in orc bands or tribes' approach based on the current leadership. I'm wondering if the current leader isn't a leader at least partially because they have a war-wizard take-share. This could explain why they've deviated from their main mission to try to find help for their ill wizard - it could be a matter of prestige and social position.
No. 132676 ID: 3ed3c3

>This exact sort of attack-and-enslave-for-convenience's-sake hasn't been too uncommon up throughout history and makes sense to exist in a fantasy medieval setting.
That doesn't make it okay or the orcs any less despicable for their practice of it.
If it weren't for the circumstances, the orcs would not be behaving so restrainedly. They need the group to be cooperative due to their "job," and so they put on this song and dance to keep the group agreeable.
These are not friends to be made or some misunderstood culture to be studied. It's a pack of murdering, enslaving monsters.
In another quest, we wouldn't even be talking to the orcs. We'd just be counting the XP they coughed up and picking over their bodies for loot.
No. 132678 ID: e7c7d3

I'm not so sure. QuestDen has a long history of trying to seduce and befriend everything. Even the actually monstrous things.
No. 132679 ID: 3ed3c3

And it rarely ends as well as they hope it will.
No. 132680 ID: 5877dc

I mean, you're free to hate them, no one's telling you not to. As long as you're aware that this is a fantasy race in a fantasy story on the internet. Also, remember that you're a suggester, not the character themselves. Your personal moral worldview isn't that of the protagonist, and you should keep this in mind when you write your suggestions.

In other words, you should look at the current situation from an objective standpoint. Is the idea of our protagonist expressing their hate towards an individual or their race a good one?
Are we going to get rewarded for using sharp words? No. Is it going to give us any exp or other perks? No. Is it going to make us look virtuous? No. Well, maybe to you personally?
I understand that it's natural to feel hatred towards someone that took all that we have, sure, but at the same time I also understand that in this situation our survival instinct reigns supreme. This is realistic.

If we angered our captors, we'd risk them slicing our head off (especially after they have no more use of us). So acting offensive towards them would be unnatural because it would go against our survival instinct, which in this case is telling us to try to befriend them. What's ok and what's not is entirely irrelevant.

Lastly, I don't think anyone would be happy with the protagonist dying, which, I would assume, includes you.
No. 132683 ID: 12b116

Their behavior is pretty repugnant to the perspective character too.

So while you're not wrong in that backtalking them isn't very productive, it's also not unreasonable to want to figure out a way to make them not-alive at some point.

Not saying that's a good or bad thing, just that it's a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do.
No. 132685 ID: 5877dc

I agree. There's nothing wrong with wanting to backstab them, it's just a question of whether it would be beneficial to us when/if the opportunity arises. Of course, to be able to backstab them would also require us to gain their trust first.
No. 132686 ID: 015bf2

>Pack of murdering, enslaving monsters.
A point of view there's cause for, but consider the situation and whether expressing that sentiment in a vendetta-like manner is wise for the protagonist!

>Counting xp
Speaking of, in many of yon average fantasy RPG setting the PCs would be going around murder-looting and/or coercing NPCs at least as gleefully as these orcs have to our protagonist with about as much cause. I've definitely had goodly players in my campaigns do stuff about as heinous as what these orcs got up to with far more flimsy excuses than the possible loss of a great and terrifying war asset.

My point is that morality can be relative and that in such an artfully bespoke setting there's more to the orc band's story (and character) than we've seen so far which makes them worth engaging with. Two of the orcs also have - for different reasons - shown that they consider the ambush to be a bit of a mistake and that we have reason to be unhappy, hence why they treat us nicer than they probably otherwise would. That's something any canny captive should happily make use of.

Grasping what the orcs are up to while keeping our protagonist safe and trying to slip the bondage through service or guile is definitely *my* priority 1 as a suggestor, with secondary goals of angling to make up for financial losses and trying to rescue or arrange the release of the other captives (who, in theory, we don't even owe that much for having failed us so spectacularly during the ambush, but I like encouraging kindness tendencies).
No. 132688 ID: e75e37

>trying to seduce and befriend everything
I can confirm this, I am already looking for opportunities to seduce or at least befriend them.

>rarely ends as well as they hope
An animal will hit a button endlessly if one out of a thousand times provides a reward.
No. 132696 ID: 12b116

I know at least some of you probably think some of the orcs are cute. Instead of trying to steer the quest toward romance when that is a very very very very unlikely outcome, I have an alternate proposal.

If I a certain threshold for creative suggestions is reached at the end of the episode (if you notice, this is e2 currently. They'll probably be about every 14 images or so) I'll post a strawpoll in the dis thread and draw pinups for whichever character wins.

I've been getting some great suggestions so far, and I really appreciate the time you all take to interact with the quest. You're all pretty great.
No. 132697 ID: cdabe3

oh that's a good idea
No. 132698 ID: 12b116

You definitely met the quota for e1, so here's the poll!

No. 132700 ID: 5877dc

>romance is very unlikely
If you think that will stop me from suggesting to play with their fluff, you are sadly mistaken.
No. 132701 ID: 3ed3c3

Stop being horny for the murderous, slave-driving freaks of nature.
No. 132702 ID: 47be2d

No. 132703 ID: 5877dc

To be clear, after the great idea from BiteQuest, I have no further romantic agenda, or as you would call it, being horny. However, touching fluff is a separate matter.
No. 132704 ID: a609f9

Damn, had to vote for [one of the winning choices] to carry the brand, and in the next episode some orc will probably win (not that I am against that) which leaves poor Caoiran with no pin ups, Sure she's just regular old human, but I like her design and personality and she stayed to protect us too.
No. 132706 ID: 12b116

Unless she dies, she'll keep showing up!
No. 132714 ID: 12b116
File 158851359909.jpg - (249.99KB , 1326x1086 , e1poll.jpg )

Poll's Closed
No. 132716 ID: 12b116
File 158851846027.jpg - (237.72KB , 1132x744 , pinup1.jpg )

Horse and Buttermilk
No. 132717 ID: a609f9

Okay, now we have to kill that War Wolf, for murdering the most sexy part of the cast
No. 132718 ID: 5877dc

I'm glad we didn't hire the War Witch. Because if we did, Buttermilk would've died.
No. 132719 ID: 2aa5f0

oh hey didn't notice this updating. Wonder what's been going on in here since the last time I ...>>132716

what the fuck happened while I was away?
No. 132720 ID: 5ea742
File 158853048914.png - (397.11KB , 854x724 , hores.png )

Horse pussy happened.
No. 132733 ID: b1b4f3

Horse was a joke option in the poll. Of course it got votes, we love joke options here.
No. 132750 ID: 12b116

hexadecimalToday at 8:02 AM
You did say "romance" was very unlikely, which is pretty particular and would leave us with all the nonromantic options.
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:04 AM
Romance just requires the players to initiate and carry through anything leading up to it without any strong direction from the POV character
And it will probably take awhile
CrossTheLineToday at 8:04 AM
Merchant gets involved in a very unfortunate brothel deal.
Technically, that isn't romance
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:05 AM
In other words it's never going to be presented as one of the highlighted options to select
CrossTheLineToday at 8:05 AM
"Just like real life, where the flirt button mostly results in failure!"
hexadecimalToday at 8:09 AM
I was more pointing out how sex/fluff-touching isn't romance.
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:09 AM
Sex without romance is even less likely to happen
hexadecimalToday at 8:10 AM
And therefore may not be as difficult or "unlikely".
But I guess not then.
THICC ICEToday at 8:11 AM
If you want to fuck the hotty, you gotta wine and dine first
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:12 AM
So yeah you have to figure out who you want to romance, figure out what that character actually likes, and most importantly write a convincing suggestion about it that convinces other people to go along with it. Every character is technically romanceable.
Yeah like seal said if you want to get into someone's pants you're going to have to figure out how to do it on your own. But it is doable.
hexadecimalToday at 8:15 AM
It's sounding much easier to just to follow the tread's lust and fuck the bread.
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:16 AM
hexadecimalToday at 8:17 AM
In before bread is the hardest romance option.
Swifty GarbanzoToday at 8:17 AM
On a purely physical level in actually is
No. 132752 ID: 5877dc

Ain't anyone got time fo' that
No. 132753 ID: e8cafe

Yes, forget romance, fuck bread.
No. 132761 ID: 12b116

Pick your favorite!
No. 132762 ID: 12b116

Mirrin = Miranni. I must hate her or something jesus chirst
No. 132763 ID: 015bf2

too late she's Mirrin now
No. 132768 ID: 5877dc

Oh boy, look at all those proxied votes for the horse.
No. 132773 ID: 6f7a5a

yeah there's some obvious tampering
No. 132829 ID: 5877dc

Is everything okay there? If you feel that these pinups are too time-consuming to draw, then I'd prefer you simply continued the story without them.
No. 132831 ID: dc9bc2

He’s probably just making sure the naked, decapitated horse is of the highest quality.
No. 132867 ID: 12b116

I need sufficient days to ensure I can do the next episode once I start it with at least one update a day. So when I have a lot of court and stuff, I don't want to start the next bit. It'll maybe be next week when the next episode starts.

There's a big recap, just like at the end of the last one.
No. 132868 ID: 12b116

There was a similar break between the first and second episodes.
No. 132947 ID: 12b116
File 159034736167.jpg - (237.48KB , 743x1049 , AnlePinup.jpg )

E2 pinup. Due to the failure of the poll, I selected an orc at random.
No. 132949 ID: 5877dc

Thanks for deciding to do these. It came out well. In fact, it came out too well! You're making me second-guess my choices haha
No. 132973 ID: 5877dc

>You do not remember the evening when you wake up
So guys, got any guesses as to what happened during this evening?
No. 132976 ID: b1b4f3

Foot rubs, then sleep.
No. 132978 ID: 4286b4

That seems to be the most likely thing, yeah.

Hopefully this evening doesn't come biting us in 9 months huehue. But let me try my luck in ITQ.

>Rhaina Willowhearth Must Be In Love With ME!
I wanted to mention that I feel like this part is very important, but no one really gave any thought to it. What Perferlain told us here indicates that Rhaina is biased. This means that when Rhaina told us that nothing beneficial would happen if the orcs obtained fairy's heart, it's possible he was lying to persuade us in preventing her death, due to the fact that he didn't want to lose his love... which is weird because he already has a wife in Willow heh.
But still, what's important to know is that, it's possible that fairies in this world are wicked beings, and that we're making a big mistake to be helping one. It's possible that when Anle said that the orc mission involves both human and orc-kind from getting hurt, that she was speaking the truth so the failure of their mission here carries some grand-scale negative consequences.

This is why I actually wanted to vote to betray the fairy by telling all of the orcs of the incoming attack once we woke up. However, since Vengeance plan was decided on, I had to respect the votes of the fellow suggesters and work within this framework instead.
No. 132983 ID: b1b4f3

If you have insights like that, you need to share them in the quest thread BEFORE the next update.
No. 132991 ID: d88d26


I expected the fairy would be morally dubious or evil the moment I read the race name. It's kind of their thing: silly but cruel.

Maybe fairies are more demon like in this setting, but no one other than the orcs told us anything that would suggest this to be the case.
They didn't even told us what they were after, it was a secret. Saying what they intended to do would be beneficial could mean they were destroying an evil being, but since they were after the heart it's more likely that the benefit would come from the magic they wanted to do with it. That is assuming the "benefit for humans" wasn't just a small lie to make the protagonist think more positively of them.

As far as I'm concern the orcs didn't give us any reason to side with them. They just forced the protagonist to work under threat of death if he got caught doing something against them.
They show themselves to be existential threats in a way the fairy didn't.

I would prefer to let the orcs face the fairy on their own, but I lost to chance to recommend inaction when it was relevant and the majority seem to want to save the wifus anyway...
No. 133000 ID: 9f0851

I like to think that this https://youtu.be/mSe7jTmwWP0?t=7 was playing on the background the whole time we were talking with the fairy.
No. 133011 ID: 12b116

Seems appropriate, although there should be some bells or waterfalls in there somewhere probably.
No. 133012 ID: e24163

Good stuff with chapter 1! I guess my preliminary question is a classic one - what's the least expected thing the players ended up doing this time around?
No. 133013 ID: b1b4f3

What was the most beneficial long-term thing we could've done?
No. 133014 ID: f56a2b

Just what kind of things would have happened if we had gone with the war wizard, or with the WW and mercs, or with the dwarves? What if we chose a different town to travel to? Would it have been the same orcs, but no elf involved?
No. 133016 ID: 12b116

I was mostly surprised that everybody was so intimidated by the fairy and immediately capitulated. My most expected outcome was that they'd get the heart, tbh.

Honestly, you made fairly optimal long-term choices leading up to the capture. You spent time with Caoiran early on, which means she wasn't a problem during captivity, and you spent time with the elf so you got elf deets and he trusted you.

The other fairly useful choice is spending lots of time reading the medicine book. Spending time with Kevwar gives you access to the kitchen, which makes poisoning the whole camp easier. Spending time with the goblins leads to a different escape option, and they don't run off and loot the corpse pit during any escape option that doesn't directly involve them.

The only really suboptimal choice was not giving Rhaina back his sword. That's how come he got injured and died. And of course, taking Kelepee isn't an optimal choice, but it's not an awful idea. Saving her gives you negative orc faction, but taking her with you gives you positive orc faction.

So, if you go with just the WW, you get a lot more WW info. The outcome of the ambush is semi random, but the most likely scenario is her wolf dies, she escapes, and you get captured. Then there's a thing where you have to try and find components for her to make a new War Wolf so she can spring you. You only get fairy info or a chance to contact her if you took the elf and spent time talking with him.

If you take the dwarves, they successfully repel the orc ambush. You don't get out scott free though. Your horse dies and the dwarves don't want to let a band of murderous orcs run around waylaying strangers, so you essentially have to go with them to investigate.

If you hire both the WW and the Mercs, the results are very random. It's possible but unlikely that they'll repel the attack, and a lot of the outcomes depend on who you spend time with.

The orc adventure only happens on the road to Willow.

There's a completely different adventure for the other roads.

Those will get used in future adventures, with alterations based on what happens each chapter.

For instance, if you hadn't gone to Willow this time, then next chapter, it would be a choice, but the adventure is fairly different. In chapter 3, the orcs are gone, having successfully completed their mission if you didn't go to Willow in Chapter 1 or 2.
No. 133017 ID: 12b116

Also e3 pinup, just post your vote in this very dis thread.

No. 133018 ID: f56a2b

No. 133019 ID: 0fae41

Ah, another meme option, that means it's time to vote for
[X] BRhaina
No. 133020 ID: e7c7d3

We are not worthy of a bread pinup, I vote Mirrani
No. 133021 ID: b1b4f3

No. 133023 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 133024 ID: e24163

We'll have more chances to hang out with Kelepee, which means she'll be around for the future votes. Voting Miranni!
No. 133025 ID: f16953

No. 133026 ID: 6f7a5a

No. 133029 ID: 9f0851

No. 133030 ID: 0055dc

miranni, ez
No. 133031 ID: e4e6e7

It can only be bread.
No. 133032 ID: 5877dc

In order of my preference:
The Rabbit (>>/quest/967670)
No. 133033 ID: 864e49

Pretty much this.
No. 133034 ID: d88d26

Not that I want to dispute a positive outcome, but I'm a bit confuse about some points:

No one though it was suspicious that the fairy own us a favor?

The orcs hated Kelepee so much that saving her was negative for them? I though we would be doing them a favor, even if she is weird she is useful for the group.

During our last conversation with Rhaina he said he could be rescued. Was that a lie? Did we take too long?

Do all paths lead to high stakes adventures? At the beginning I though this would be about negotiation of bread and pelts, the orc camp put me in a survivalist mentality, but the outcome was so different from what I expected that I may have misread the quest since the beginning. What is this quest really about?
No. 133036 ID: 12b116

Whoever is suspicious probably isn't saying anything. After all, if they think you're allies with the fairy, it probably isn't a good idea to act against you immediately anyway.

Miranni doesn't think you're involved because you spent a lot of time with her so she trusts you. She's pretty much the de facto leader at this point. I'm sure some of them are somewhat suspicious.

Also, fairies are known for doing random shit. She didn't say she owed you a favor or that you made a deal with her.

But yeah, you certainly didn't max out orc faction rating or anything.

The Merchant is also very good at lying, and there were good suggestions about acting surprised and trying to minimize any obvious connection between you and the Fairy.

Literally every single orc you talked to about Kelepee said she was a dangerous psychopath that they could barely keep in check.

Rhaina had a chance to die every day. He failed the very first one, so it was just bad luck, really. He wasn't exactly lying, but he also minimized his condition.

>>High Stakes Adventure
Some of the paths were less "high stakes adventure" than others, but all of them other than Croyd lead to extremely unexpected encounters.

I basically just put various groups/factions doing various things on the full map. You only have as much knowledge about wold affairs as the POV character does.

Hope those are useful answers!
No. 133037 ID: 5877dc
File 159093450595.png - (466.97KB , 880x440 , DistractedMerchant.png )

I think this chapter went really good and I see no major issues with how it went. If you were to ask me for critique, I feel that things went a bit too well in fact. Our plans never encountered any snags and we didn't get punished for any mistakes we might've made. Anle and Miranni agreeing to leave the camp with us seemed a tiny bit unrealistic considering they could've asked any other orc to do it - I believe a couple of orcs had "provision" jobs. And the part where orcs did not find anything odd with what Perferlain told us. I mean, Perferlain said "I can smell your scent on this creature". Which implied that she already knew our scent before we even showed up.

But in general, it was a very enjoyable chapter to read and suggest in. Thanks for running it!

Anyway, there's one other thing I've been wondering about. Well, theorizing. When Perferlain said:
> >>/quest/968476 >It would be cruel of me to return to her a cost she freely paid.
what did she mean with this?
We know that Kelepee wanted to become a shaman and failed. But if she failed and paid a price for it, why would it be cruel to undo that transaction? Also, Perferlain said she paid the cost "freely". If she had failed, I don't think this payment would be voluntary. So it makes me wonder if she actually failed, that is, if she really got nothing from her attempt at shamanhood.

(image unrelated)
No. 133040 ID: b1b4f3

I suspect that Kelepee did her Shaman trial and got offered a second deal by the spirits or whatever: tremendous combat skill in exchange for bloodlust.
No. 133045 ID: e85a08

No. 133047 ID: 4f5082

Bloody Kelepee
No. 133051 ID: ba86d7

You pay the cost to make the attempt, not to get the powers.
No. 133056 ID: b1b4f3

A bit foolish of her to pay her sanity in order to get shaman powers.
I wonder what the lead shaman gave? We never even saw them in the quest.
No. 133063 ID: dd40ce

You don't actually get to choose what's going to happen. It's more like, "Hey, drink this magic ghost water. There's a 1:10 chance that you'll get magic powers, and something shitty up to and including death will happen to you, completely independently of whether or not you get the magic powers."

Most of the time, people who get the powers just have a temporary psychotic episode that they recover from unless they injure themselves during it like Miranni did.

And some people who don't get powers also have a temporary psychotic episode that they recover from, but some never recover, and some die. And some have like, permanent nerve damage and shit.
No. 133067 ID: b1b4f3

Doesn't really sound like a price freely given then.
No. 133070 ID: 4286b4

Maybe Perferlain was simply being sarcastic when she said that.
No. 134767 ID: 07ed53
File 161175995929.jpg - (187.11KB , 1000x750 , gobling.jpg )

Nude colored goblin
No. 134768 ID: dcf013

I never thought I'd find myself saying now that's one sexy goblin.
No. 134839 ID: c09f5e

Now this, this is how to run a Neutral character that has to deal in murder.

Evil characters don't have to give any f'ks, or look like they do.

Good characters should feel at least uncomfortable with it, but would often weigh it along the lines of a greater Good.

Neutral characters have no such comfort, so would deal with it like an average person would. Props to the QM for showing that.
No. 134840 ID: 12b116

I appreciate that the players have been cognizant of it too.

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