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File 156351622808.png - (44.51KB , 883x638 , sisirri HD.png )
130146 No. 130146 ID: 2df440

Post your amazing fanarts for your favorite quests here! The old thread has become filled with too much art, so it's time to start again. Commissions of quest characters you bought are cool to post. Authors can also post extra images of their quest characters here (you can be a fan of your own quest!) Cool kids label their fanart with character and quest names.

First post is Sisirri from Salikai in super HD!

Previous threads: >>100245
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No. 137306 ID: e51896
File 164822784511.png - (72.83KB , 500x500 , a34.png )

Mia from Crows and Milquetoaster's quest Unbalanced by Tippler
No. 137307 ID: e51896
File 164822789221.png - (30.32KB , 500x500 , sketch_036.png )

The Sweaty Kitty from my quest 30 Updates or Less by EDMANGO
No. 137337 ID: e51896
File 164904913398.png - (429.46KB , 1000x1000 , emma.png )

Emma from Ceekay's and Tippler's quest "All Aboard The Sea Sharp Express!" by me
No. 137338 ID: 2aa5f0

What the fuck are you planning on amputating?
No. 137342 ID: 9b127b
File 164918122240.png - (192.00KB , 550x732 , EUFjessica.png )

Jessica from Lacy Lane Mystery Girls club
No. 137343 ID: 9b127b
File 164919323618.png - (282.02KB , 512x512 , NudeLandi.png )

Landi from Lazy fairy
No. 137347 ID: 9b127b
File 164929429592.png - (189.90KB , 550x732 , EUFmelody.png )

Melody from Lacy Lane Mystery Girls club
No. 137371 ID: eedbeb
File 165016405039.png - (115.79KB , 500x500 , a6.png )

dungeneer lady i do not know her
No. 137372 ID: eedbeb
File 165016407641.png - (78.29KB , 500x500 , a7.png )

i cannot spell dungeneer this is hat's problem now
No. 137373 ID: eedbeb
File 165016411276.png - (143.91KB , 500x500 , a8.png )

momo from unbalanced. we live in a society
No. 137379 ID: f2320a
File 165047131801.png - (92.20KB , 700x504 , 164972140302.png )

putting faces on dicks because its just there heads but smaller
No. 137387 ID: 629f2e
File 165074227121.png - (40.39KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 1.png )

Back with more Fan Art + Story, this time for Polt and his amazing quest 30 UPDATES OR LESS. Every update is a joy, hope you like this!


Sweaty Kitty: ...And one! And two! And one! And two!
Sweaty Kitty: Annnnnnd done!

She hunches over in relief, panting for air.

Sweaty Kitty: *pant pant* Jeez... *pant pant* Mr. Armstrong’s 15-minute exercises are intense.
Sweaty Kitty: But *pant pant* they’re also really energizing!
Sweaty Kitty: I don’t know why Rowland never wants to join. He already reads while he’s working, why read during his break too?

She sighs in disappointment. Trying to get her secretary to exercise with her was a losing battle that she really needed to quit fighting. She only ever managed to draw him out one time. It was only because he ended up finishing his book early, and didn’t have anything else to read during his break. Even then, he quit halfway through the routine.

Maybe 200 jumping jacks was a bit much for a beginner like him, but he would have felt so much better if he stuck it out with her!

Nowadays, whenever she asks about it, he just says “If I sweat like you, I’d ruin the paperwork I’m filing.”

Oh well. Working out by herself was lonely, but Mr. Armstrong’s daily exercises on the highway had been unfortunately postponed. Something about him needing to “improve his body so that he can be the teacher we all deserve.” SK suspects that this is really about his loss in that silly tongue twister fight the other day. Thankfully, being the cool instructor he is, he has plenty of workout routines up on his channel. There were even videos of Rocio screaming at you to go along with them, it was like you were really there!

Sweaty Kitty: PHEW! Okay, that’s enough of that.
Sweaty Kitty: My break’s just about up. I’d better get back to work before any clients show up.

No. 137390 ID: 629f2e
File 165074244690.png - (58.74KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 2.png )

With one final stretch, she puts her phone away in her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION and makes for the back door to her office. As she reaches for the handle though, she catches a glimpse of herself in the window.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh my gosh!
Sweaty Kitty: This top is totally see-thru right now!

She throws her hands around her chest defensively, despite nobody being around at the moment. That could change at any time however, as her office shares their employee parking lot with every other business working out of the building.

Sweaty Kitty: I can’t go in there like this! My office is on the third floor, and I would pass by soooo many people!
Sweaty Kitty: Even if I cover my chest the whole way, it’d just be too embarrassing.
Sweaty Kitty: Okay, we’re not going in then. What else?
Sweaty Kitty: Oh! I don’t live too far from here. Maybe I could run home really quick and... No, wait! My car keys are still in my office!
Sweaty Kitty: Uggghhhhhh, what am I gonna do?




Sweaty Kitty: I could call Rowland and ask him to bring out my car keys. Then I wouldn’t have to walk inside.
Sweaty Kitty: ...But I’d either have to explain my situation to him over the line. And I’d have to wait out here, where employees could be leaving or returning to/from their own lunch breaks at any time.
Sweaty Kitty: Even then, I’d have to drive home, and potentially be seen by any other driver who peeks over...

Sweaty Kitty: I could try to bribe the first person I see to loan me a shirt. But that’s risky.
Sweaty Kitty: ...Maybe I could stick some ₵A$H over my nipples to make the walk to my office less embarrassing?

Sweaty Kitty: ...It’ll quench my thirst?

Sweaty Kitty: Does not work
Sweaty Kitty: But it does keep me from smelling bad after a workout

>- Sprint to your office and hope nobody sees you

>- Dry your shirt somehow

No. 137391 ID: 629f2e
File 165074248603.png - (52.08KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 3.png )

As she considers all of her options, it’s suddenly clear what she needs to do.

Sweaty Kitty: On a sunny day like this, it should only take a minute or two for my shirt to dry, once I take it off my wet body.
Sweaty Kitty: Then it won’t be see-through, and I can go back inside without anyone ever seeing my breasts!
Sweaty Kitty: ...But that does mean I’m gonna have to take it off.”

She looks around again. The parking lot remains empty, save for her and a few parked cars. No witnesses in sight.

Sweaty Kitty: ...Well, if it’s just for a minute or two.
Sweaty Kitty: And I can always jump under a car if anyone comes out!

With her self-assurances uttered, she grabs the hem of her shirt and pulls it over her head, freeing her nipples. The rush of cool air on her chest is very nice. She definitely wasn’t an exhibitionist, but anyone with fur knows the temptation to ditch their clothes and let their bodies breathe on days like this. Heck, she even knows some people who give into that temptation. A couple of her friends have highly recommended visiting, if not moving into, the Free Fur section of New Crust City, where public decency laws don’t apply.

It isn’t for her, but right now she doesn’t have much of a choice.

As she pulls the soaked fabric over her arms, she starts looking around for a place to let it dry.

Sweaty Kitty: Let’s see... It’ll need direct sunlight, and preferably it’ll be hanging, so that the sweat won’t just puddle up under it...
Sweaty Kitty: Oh! There!

No. 137392 ID: 629f2e
File 165074251625.png - (31.75KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 4.png )

She spots a signpost in the lot that fits her needs perfectly. With a ginger toss, the shirt drapes over it.

Sweaty Kitty: And in just a few minutes, that situation should be entirely resolved. I just have to wait.
Sweaty Kitty: ...
Sweaty Kitty: ...

No. 137393 ID: 629f2e
File 165074253594.png - (43.05KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 5.png )

Sweaty Kitty: OH COME ON!
No. 137394 ID: 629f2e
File 165074259780.png - (57.04KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 6.png )

Sweaty Kitty: HEY! Get back here you stupid bird!

The raven completely ignores her demand, flying high with the stolen apparel in its beak. It looks back at SK with a smug grin, as it soars off into the horizon.

Sweaty Kitty: I said come back- oh, who am I kidding. He’s totally gone already...
Sweaty Kitty: Now what!? I am DEFINITELY not walking through that door topless.
Sweaty Kitty: ...Am I really gonna have to call Rowland to get me out of this?

As she’s about to begin debating the least mortifying way to ask for help, she’s interrupted by a voice in the distance. An approaching voice!

Sweaty Kitty: Someone’s coming!

She quickly dives under a car, and only peeks out enough that she can check for when the coast is clear. It’s only as the voice gets nearer does she recognize it. It sounds like...

Rowland! What is he doing out here, was he looking for her?

Rowland: Not here either? But her car’s still... Ugh, never mind, I’ll just have to call.

She hears a few beeps as he quickly dials a number.

Rowland: ...And, no response. Did she leave her phone in her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION again? She really needs to stop that.
Rowland: Whatever, voicemail it is.
Rowland: ...Hey boss, I had to step out early. My sister’s kids got let out of school early, and she and her wife are working too far from home today to pick them up.
Rowland: I’ll turn in an unscheduled leave form tomorrow morning. I hope you’re able to manage without me today. Apologies for the inconvenience.”
Rowland: I’ll see you tomorrow.

As he climbs into the car she’s hiding beneath, SK considers stopping him. She didn’t have any other ideas on how to handle her current PROBLEM, and she wouldn’t have another chance to get his help once he leaves. It was really now or never!
No. 137395 ID: 629f2e
File 165074263831.png - (66.67KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 7.png )

...And she firmly chose never!

Hesitation would be her downfall. She waited too long, too embarrassed to step out and approach him. The door shuts over her, and the car’s engine starts. He was leaving.

She crawls backwards, hoping to get out from under the car before it starts moving. As she feels the sun’s rays hit the base of her tail though, she feels something bump her hips. The tailpipe? Whatever it was, she should leave before-
No. 137396 ID: 629f2e
File 165074267070.png - (58.90KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 8.png )


As the vehicle pulls backwards, her sweatpants get hooked on the tailpipe. They tear like paper, ripping the fabric clean off her legs. By the time she’d realized it, she was watching the car pull out of the lot, with her torn off trousers dragging loosely behind it.

Tentatively, with a quiet prayer, she reaches back in the hopes that she’ll feel a nice cottony texture. The pants were gone, but perhaps she at least had-
No. 137397 ID: 629f2e
File 165074272648.png - (53.68KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 9.png )

Nope, no underwear. She went commando today.

She’d upgraded from Topless to Nude.

SWEATY KITTY has failed to get out of the SITUATION and it has turned into a PROBLEM

Sweaty Kitty: How does this keep getting worse!? I JUST wanted to exercise!
Sweaty Kitty: ...I can’t just stay here. And I’m not running for my office, too many people I see regularly. So that just leaves...

She looks out towards the sidewalk, imagining the route in her head.

Sweaty Kitty: ...I REALLY don’t live far. I mean, I used to walk over all the time before I started attending Mr. Armstrong’s highway classes during my break.
Sweaty Kitty: It’d only take me... what, 15 UPDATES? Hmm, wait, but I can't take my usual route.
Sweaty Kitty: If I avoid all of the busy streets, and cut through a few backyards...
Sweaty Kitty: It’ll be longer for sure, but it’ll be worth it if nobody sees me. I bet I could make it there in 30 UPDATES! Maybe even less.
Sweaty Kitty: I guess lying here on the asphalt won’t get any pants on this pussy. Might as well TRY to solve this PROBLEM.

No. 137398 ID: 629f2e
File 165074276004.png - (104.22KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 10.png )

And so... she tries!

And after many thrilling UPDATES worth of near misses, clever stealth, and lucky breaks...

No. 137400 ID: 629f2e
File 165074284788.png - (59.79KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 11.png )

Sweaty Kitty: ...Y’know, I actually made it pretty darn far without anyone noticing me!
Sweaty Kitty: But, yeah, P.I. Zzander busted me when I had to hide out in the woods. Probably for the best though. If he just walked past, I was going to have to try cutting through the parade, and I really didn’t have a good option to do that without being seen.
Sweaty Kitty: And that’s basically how I ended up here.

Jerry has to rub some of the sweat off his own forehead. He wasn’t sure if the cat in his neighboring cell realized how hot the story she told was or not, but damn. If he wasn’t on the clock or in a holding cell, he’d definitely spend a few minutes clearing his head. Too bad he’s gotta get this pizza to the customer in just 12 UPDATES, or else it’ll be free. Still, he at least has some time to chat.

Jerry mentions that the Sweaty Kitty sounds pretty chipper for someone who clearly failed to solve their PROBLEM.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh? I failed? Is that what you think?

...Jerry nods.

Sweaty Kitty: Then what do you call this!?

She tugs on the orange jumpsuit she’s wearing. The standard criminal garb. It was a bit early for her to be wearing it, she’s supposed to get a hearing first, but they probably gave it to her since she didn’t have much else.

Sweaty Kitty: I wanted to avoid being seen and get dressed. Admittedly Zzander did see more than I would have liked, but I still ended up dressed, didn’t I?
Sweaty Kitty: Plus, he was more embarrassed about it than I was, so I’m not gonna count him.
Sweaty Kitty: See? Happy ending, I got clothes!

Yes, Jerry agrees with her. But he also quickly adds that those clothes cost her having a criminal record. She just grins at that.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh, I dunno about that. I didn’t have any ID on me when they dragged me in, and I refused to answer any questions.
Sweaty Kitty: All I gotta do is get out of here, and it’ll be like it never happened!
Sweaty Kitty: Preferably soon. They may have mentioned that Purr Feckt was coming down, and I have a feeling she’d recognize me from our last encounter.

Jerry mockingly suggests that Purr Feckt would have a perfect memory. She can do just about everything except admit she’s wrong. The Sweaty Kitty laughs at that.

He asks if she has any plan on escaping the holding cells.

Sweaty Kitty: Well... To be honest, I was still working on that.
Sweaty Kitty: Do you have any ideas? If you help me out, I could try to help you finish your delivery.

Jerry sighs, before a small smirk comes to his face. He mentions that he might just have a couple ideas to break them free.


...But with some ingenuity and teamwork, it definitely won’t turn into a PROBLEM :)

No. 137411 ID: 5fc3a0
File 165106618884.png - (276.30KB , 1584x998 , GiveGallsbyaLick Final1584.png )

Gallsby is unsafe for work (from Frillsby & Gallsby)
No. 137413 ID: 15a025
File 165132723833.png - (7.31KB , 800x800 , Allison star gazingb.png )

Some fanart of Allison from Unnatural Selection to celebrate 10 years of the quest!
No. 137414 ID: 15a025
File 165132726931.png - (2.16KB , 200x200 , Allison star gazing.png )

1:1 scale.
No. 137415 ID: 67cdb5

Nice! And ten years, wow. How time flies.
No. 137425 ID: e51896
File 165198485828.png - (176.38KB , 500x500 , a4.png )

Sarah Hanchett from Anon44's quest June quest drawn by Tippler
No. 137426 ID: eedbeb
File 165203154777.png - (128.54KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

carrot from king of pentacles
No. 137427 ID: eedbeb
File 165203158733.png - (233.18KB , 600x600 , a2.png )

unchosen pig from crystal spire
No. 137428 ID: eedbeb
File 165203161121.png - (192.65KB , 500x500 , a5.png )

the famous rokoa from asteroid quest
No. 137429 ID: eedbeb
File 165203165913.png - (156.23KB , 500x500 , a3.png )

archivist lady from audit quest
No. 137431 ID: eedbeb
File 165215467962.png - (113.52KB , 500x500 , a9.png )

stargazer from dungeoneer
No. 137457 ID: 9b127b
File 165308286973.png - (207.33KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler1.png )

Exhibition Expedition

The three of them had gathered in front of the abandoned stone labyrinth, Prim had been waiting for a while, having set up this experiment on behalf of the guild, Maddie and Princess had been called in as participants

“Hello!” Prim chirped as she walked up to the other two “Guild of Internal Affairs welcomes you both to this exhibition competition!”

Princess raises an eyebrow “Exhibition? This a strip show or something” she felt a slight bit of embarrassment at the thought, she wasn’t good at dancing or anything.
“What? No!” Prim starts flipping through some pages “it’s an exhibition in the sense of showing off your adventuring skills. In a safe controlled environment” Prim began reciting a long list of rules and regulations most of them very specific or confusing

Maddie had begun to doze off. She'd had a sleepless night, the thought of entering another dungeon, even an abandoned one had filled her with bad memories, however the shabby state of the building had done wonders to set her at ease.

Princess was getting impatient “Are we supposed to remember all this?”

Prim laughs “ha hah! Oh no this is mostly for legal reasons! The guild doesn’t want to be held accountable”. Maddie awoke with a start when Prim closed the rule book with a * clap *

“and Remember” prim finished “this is just supposed to be a friendly competition.”

Maddie would have laughed but really wasn’t feeling it instead she gave a large yawn. friendly competitions were for people afraid to lose it honestly this felt like the sort of thing Ahpin would enjoy. Maddie could pull her punches but if Prim actually expected her to make friends and be nice it wasn’t going to happen, she had learned it was better to stay detached that way you couldn’t get hurt when things went wrong.

Prim squints behind her glasses “Miss Madison don’t give me that sour look. this is all for your benefit you know. I would hope that you could take things seriously.”
Maddie rolled her eyes “I thought I was here to humiliate you two honestly, but if this is for my own good or whatever then I better get serious” a sardonic grin etched on her face.

Prim “Well yes you should take this seriously, but do you remember what we discussed?”
Maddie “I think so, you want me to limit my power right?”
No. 137458 ID: 9b127b
File 165308296825.png - (158.17KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler2.png )

Prim adjusts her glasses “exactly! If you use any more power than a regular adventurer would have you lose”

Maddie gives another yawn in response “As long as I get that silver you promised”
“Why am I here?” Princess asks with a scowl

“oh um” Prim flips through some notes “You’re the control group.” Prim rummages through a box and pulls out what appears to be some sort of wand. She winched in anticipation has she lifted the starting sparkler and ignited it in a sizzling pop

Princess looked over to Maddie sizing the dog up, she gave a growl and ran headlong into the maze ducking around the first corner and out of sight

Maddie strolled in after but having a plan she quickly ducked into a hiding place the moment she was out of sight. And watched to see what Prim would do. Maddie smiled to herself the shrimp had a strong salty sea smell and would be easy to track

Prim, having believed the two others were both making good progress, followed the subjects into the empty dungeon; she had a map of special routes that would make it easy to catch up. And outlined hazards and traps.

Princess had never been a cautious adventurer in her youth, but years of experiences and motherhood had taught her at least a small measure of patience. Though most of the traps on this level seemed old, rusted or broken there was always a chance that danger still lurked in some forgotten shadow.

Maddie had an easy time sneaking behind Prim for the entirety of the first level. She gathered that this must have been an easy enough dungeon even when inhabited, if the guild expected this empty husk to truly test her abilities they were sorely mistaken.

As Prim descended down the stairs to the second level she was frustrated with how exhausted she was. She referenced her notes for the second level in theory always following the left hand wall was a foolproof plan, and she was certain it should always work... or at least she had read somewhere that does, however the downside seemed to be that it would take a very long time and her feet were getting very tired.

Princess was proud of herself, years of experience had paid off, hoping down a pit she’d taken an easy shortcut to the second level. The Coyote laughed to herself that young pup was probably still wandering around on the first level looking for the stairs

Prim was taking a breather on a nearby bench when she heard it, or thought she heard it. Prim desperately hoping this dungeon was as empty as the guild promised quickly looked back. Nothing. She sighed tiredly, exhaustion was clearly causing her mind to run wild.
No. 137459 ID: 9b127b
File 165308305043.png - (172.32KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler3.png )

A sigh was also breathed by Maddie who had just barely ducked around the corner in time to avoid being seen.

Princess was frustrated the second level was proving much more complicated than the first, she was definitely lost and that made her angry this had never happened back with her old group with a ranger and druid by her side losing direction was an impossibility. In an earlier bought of anger she had learned that the walls were frustratingly solid, she had tried harder and only hurt her hands having to actually solve this maze was going to be a hassle

Maddie had been following Prim, and judging from the growls and banging princess was never getting off this level. But her brainy crab guide was certainly getting close. And when she did Maddie intended to make her move. She stifled a laugh, and ducked around a corner as Prim quickly turned around, just narrowly avoiding being seen.

Prim was certain she was being followed now she narrowed her eyes and re-adjusted her glasses. It was probably Maddie though either would take her down. She had considered this possibility and prepared just the special trick for the two, she pulled a hidden switch activating the stairs to the third level and instead of going down it, made a mad dash towards the sound of angry banging.

Princess had been going back and forth between the same two dead ends without realising it. Her frustration had been steadily growing and she started smashing into the walls trying to break through them. Not for the first time either, the result this time was only different in that while hammering into the wall she noticed the tell tale signs of previous efforts, finally realising her mistake she bellowed in fury

Maddie didn’t like the sound of that, she was confused by Prim’s change of tactic. Did this egg head really know where she was going? Maddie was this the way to the third level? Or was this some sort of trap? She had made no effort to get the lay of the land and was completely lost if not for her following of the shrimp.

The hammering stopped and Prim was worried, however she could hear the footsteps of her pursuer and only hastened her steps as a result, she kept glancing behind her but do to the twisting turns she never got a clear view of her pursuer, spending so much time looking back proved to be a critical error and she ran headlong into a heavy body.

Princess smiled for the first time that day as she looked down at the small busty shrimp woman. “Mamma was just looking for a way to let off some steam.” Prim turned to run but was much too slow and she found herself scooped up by the back of her dress. Prim flailed and squealed in protest “no stop ,The exit is this way!” in response Princess started bouncing her up and down like a yo yo.
No. 137460 ID: 9b127b
File 165308312613.png - (213.86KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler4.png )

Not having anything better to do she followed the shrimp’s direction

Maddie had only made it halfway down the stairs to the third level when she heard the telltale squeals of Prim behind her. She turned to see a smirking princess holding the squirming shrimp.

“Hey deadbeat” Maddie says as she turns to face this challenger “you got enough fight left in you to fight someone a little bigger?”The dog keeps her scaled arm subdued at her side and reminds herself to keep it cool.

Prim slips out of her dress suddenly, a slight flush reddening her face at the sudden exposure. and scurries out of harm's way as the two former adventurers size each other up, she rummages through her purse and pulls out a notepad. She hadn’t told Maddie but the guild had been expecting failure on the dogs part, more interested in a show of power.

Princess pulls off her cardigan and charges Maddie, the coyote’s left fist goes in for a sharp right hook, but gets stopped by a mass of silver metal. Princess curses she’s no match for this power. A counter attack doesn’t come, the dog seems to be trying to control herself. Princess’s fist is released and a moment passes Maddie smiles and flexes her massive metal limb “you’re no match for me”, the moment then immediately ends as Princess sweeps the leg and Maddie tumbles back down the stairs, “I still got a few tricks left!” Princess hollers as she runs in the other direction.

“ow,ow,ow,ow” Maddie exclaims as she hits every step on the way down. Finally reaching the bottom with a splash she gathers her bruised body, though getting tricked by that dirty fighting bitch hurt her pride a lot more than her body. Getting to her feet and looking around the watery cave, she ducked behind some rocks, planning for an ambush.

Prim had made an effort to follow Princess but it was no use. She was just too slow. She panted in exhaustion.

Reaching the final room on the third level Princess laughed to herself as she saw it, the end gate. victory was hers. She strode triumphantly towards the finish line when she heard a crash behind her. The coyote felt a strange fear as she slowly turned around. A nearby wall had been demolished, a cloud of dust rising in the air. A shadow stood within the dust and slowly walked closer. Princess was frozen in place.
No. 137461 ID: 9b127b
File 165308319504.png - (152.10KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler5.png )

The shadow solidified into Maddie a silver arm moulded as a massive weapon at her side. Shockingly Maddie has no aggression she feels no anger “congratz on reaching the end” her compliment genuine she indicated to Princess to look down the Coyote had backed up several steps and had already passed the finish line.

Tiny hands could be heard as Prim clapped an applause yes congratulations! congratulations! She said still huffing

There was a brief ceremony and where Princess received a certificate and both received payment, Maddie seemed particularly excited about the large pile of Silver. A few attendants then came out and offered refreshments.

Princess had downed many glasses and as much food as she could manage, Maddie wasn’t hungry it seemed, which didn’t bother her. However she was taken aback when the purple pooch approached with sultry eyes, “how about we make this celebration a little more interesting”

“Oh my!” Prim exclaims dropping the cupcake she was eating.

Princess had a mouthful and mumbled something incoherent.

Now feeling a little awkward Maddie backed off “oh sorry, this was the first good experience I had in a dungeon since ...” she trailed off “forget I said anything”

Princess swallowed and just as Maddie turned away she pounced

P.S. what happened after this point was never recorded. It seems whoever was taking notes was somehow distracted.

The End
No. 137473 ID: 15a025
File 165380482804.png - (4.87KB , 400x400 , Mau Sketchb.png )

Sketch of Mau from NOISE. Good quest, go check it out.
No. 137483 ID: 5fc3a0
File 165392114716.png - (525.94KB , 1680x1170 , SaucyVabrelius Final1680 24bit.png )

Vabrelius from Frillsby & Gallsby
No. 137521 ID: e51896
File 165501719479.png - (59.25KB , 1280x720 , 001.png )

It’s a scorchin’ summer afternoon in NEW CRUST CITY as The Sweaty Kitty leans back in her swivel chair staring vacantly at her office ceiling. She is drenched in sweat from an exercise she took during her break a little while ago.

Sweaty Kitty: *Sigh* Guess my budget is going to be pretty tight this week… I’m going to have to eat lightly for awhile, I guess…

The Sweaty Kitty works as a freelance NEGOTIATOR and MEDIATOR, settling any small petty arguments or negotiations that are too small for lawyers and therapists to take. But despite her services being cheap at 10 ₵A$H per appointment or call, Business still has been pretty slow lately as not many people have been making appointments…
Well, there is that one Pizza Guy who calls now and then, and while that pizzeria he is from has been calling a lot for her negotiating and mediating skills per delivery (which makes up 25% of her income each day), most of his phone calls have been mostly for laughs. She guesses that the pizza guy is just lonely or stressed and needs a friend to talk to, even if he messages her a bit too much.

Sweaty Kitty: it’s probably time to get with Rowland tomorrow and see what our options are for advertising, I guess.
Sweaty Kitty: Maybe I should consider looking into bankcard payments instead of sending Rowland to collect the money from the clients after each phone call instead?
Sweaty Kitty: He was always complaining about losing time from reading over paperwork just to fly to the client only to collect their money anyways.
Sweaty Kitty:…
Sweaty Kitty: Naaaaah, how else am I supposed to get him off his chair to exercise those wings of his?
Sweaty Kitty: Besides, I know that when he says he’s reading over paperwork, he’s actually secretly lazily reading those little novels of his…
Sweaty Kitty: So, he’s actually got nothing better to do

The Sweaty Kitty looks over at the clock. 1:00 pm.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh well, at least I can spend this extra free time doing some yoga or aerobics.
Sweaty Kitty: But… ugh… it’s so hot…
Sweaty Kitty: I can’t use the air-conditioning… too much electricity used, and the GREEDY owner of this building won’t allow it.
Sweaty Kitty: Or else I'll have to pay extra to use this office, which I can't afford...
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: But… hmmm… it is a slow day…
Sweaty Kitty: What if I were to… strip to cool off during my extra yoga session?
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: No! What am I thinking?! I don’t want a repeat of what happened the last time I stripped around here which may or may not have been canon!
Sweaty Kitty: And my office door doesn’t have a lock, what if someone walks in?
Sweaty Kitty:… but…

She glances at the temperature on her phone, it’s close to 110 degrees out!

Sweaty Kitty: It’s so hot! *pant pant*
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: Hmmm… well…
Sweaty Kitty: It IS a slow day and we haven’t had clients all day…
Sweaty Kitty: And if anyone DOES come for my services, Rowland will just tell them to wait and will give me a call through my intercom.
Sweaty Kitty: The only person to really worry about coming in the room would be Rowland himself
Sweaty Kitty: But he’s doing secretary stuff… like reading his novels…
Sweaty Kitty: And he never really comes in here.
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: Alright, just 1 UPDATE of naked yoga, and that’s it!
Sweaty Kitty: Just enough to scratch that exercise itch I have to pass the time and cool off just a little bit…

The Sweaty Kitty gets up from her chair and moves to a spot around the middle of her office, but keeping an eye on the door window to ensure she is at a blind spot where her secretary might potentially see her if he decides to walk towards the door.

With some hesitation, and pausing over some sounds of thumping in the next room where Rowland is, she strips off each article of clothing off of her fur. Heart pounding a little faster after each article of clothing drops to the floor, but at the same time, feeling a bit more refreshed after having more of her body exposed to the air inside the building. She lets out a deep breath as she stands completely naked in her office as she tries to lower her heart rate, while at the same time letting the air cool her off a bit. She suddenly snaps back to reality after feeling the gravity of the potential SITUATION she could get in

Sweaty Kitty: What am I doing?! This is crazy!
Sweaty Kitty: *sigh* In any case, I’ve already gone this far, and I do feel much cooler, so I might as well start my quick yoga session…
Sweaty Kitty: …Before I start getting used to this.
Sweaty Kitty: This is only to cool off after all!

The Sweaty Kitty begins her naked yoga session doing a variety of DEFINITELY NOT lewd poses… The Bird of Paradise, The Wheel, Upright Seated Angle Pose. It gets to the point where she gets into THE ZONE where her focus is entirely on her yoga, losing track of time, and doing more poses than she initially planned on doing, and forgetting her state of dress and the consequences. It wasn’t until she was in the middle of the Compass pose when the sound of her intercom went off.
No. 137522 ID: e51896
File 165501720867.png - (78.08KB , 1280x720 , 002.png )

Rowland: Hey boss, you got some incoming clients heading to your office. Some very indecent feline and a meek looking human.

The Sweaty Kitty quickly shuffles to her feet and races to the intercom.

Sweaty Kitty: Uh, eh, um! Tell them I’ll be ready after ONE UPDATE!
Rowland: Can’t, informed them to wait, but…
Rowland: The rebellious woman just laughed and noted her cat senses correctly sensed that nobody else was here.
Rowland: And literally dragged her partner towards your location…
Rowland: …Cat senses are a thing?
Sweaty Kitty: NO! She's lying! Stop her!
Rowland: Too late… But she has a good point, shouldn’t you be ready? We’ve been slow all day…
Rowland: … Didn't you just say cat senses aren't rea-?
Sweat Kitty: K THX BYE!!!

Aw shit! She’s in trouble now! She’s gotta get dressed before her clients show up! She quickly grabs the clothes off the floor and rushes behind her desk, putting on her bra, shirt, and…
WHERE IN THE SAM HILL IS HER PAAAAAANTS! She looks around and realizes she dropped it in her rush, along with her panties! She was about to grab them when…
No. 137523 ID: e51896
File 165501722969.gif - (235.14KB , 1280x720 , 003.gif )

The Sweaty Kitty is now in a SITUATION

A blond-haired cat with thick brown fur kicks the door open, dragging a nerdy looking human in glasses behind her… literally! The surprise arrival was enough to knock the Sweaty Kitty onto her chair, leaving her steps away from her pants laying on the floor across the desk. Thankfully, the desk obscures their view of her being bottomless, but that may soon change as the blond-haired cat throws the man on the couch and walks over to the Sweaty Kitty. The Sweaty Kitty scrambles closer to the desk to hide the bottom half of her body, and sits nervously with her arms on the desk, trying to act natural.

The blond-haired cat puts her hands on the desk and leans over towards the Sweaty Kitty, making the Sweaty Kitty sink closer under the desk to make sure she doesn’t notice her state of undress.
No. 137524 ID: e51896
File 165501724886.png - (99.82KB , 1280x720 , 004.png )

???: Yo! You in charge of solving arguments?!
Sweaty Kitty: um… *Gulp* yes I am, but now isn’t a good ti-
???: Great, Names’ Nipha!
Sweaty Kitty: And my name i-
Nipha: And that dorky nerd over there is my amazing boyfriend Rudy!

The Sweaty Kitty looks over at the man trying to orient himself on the couch he was thrown on as she is trying to process the SITUATION while everything is happening so fast.

Rudy: Waifu… What are you doing? I don’t think we need to go this far for this kind of petty argument…
Nipha: Nuh-uh. We certainly do! Our wonderful relationship is at stake here!
Nipha: We just gotta fix it, man! We just gotta!
Rudy: Uhhh… Don’t you think you’re… over exaggerating?

Sweaty Kitty turns her eyes back towards Nipha’s eyes as Nipha ignores Rudy.

Nipha: Listen, my boyfriend got me… get this: PANTS for my birthday…
Nipha: Like, what the hell!?

Finally! A senseless petty argument! The Sweaty Kitty can work on making some ₵A$H and keep her mind off her own lack of pants. The Sweaty Kitty gathers her thoughts and begins her session.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh, umm… that’s too bad, but… what’s wrong with the pants? Was it Too itchy? The wrong size? Not NOISE brand apparel?
Sweaty Kitty: And I’m sure your Boyfriend Rudy must have put a lot of thought towards that gift for you.
Nipha: HA! AS IF!
Nipha: It’s more like he doesn’t appreciate my lifestyle choice.
Nipha: After all these years of dating, he should have already known by now that I HATE wearing PANTS with a burning passion, for really good reasons too!
Nipha: I avoid those constricting bindings like the plague to keep myself FREE!
Sweaty Kitty:... uhhhm… excusie, wuuuuut?
Nipha: Check it!

No. 137525 ID: e51896
File 165501726454.png - (82.74KB , 1280x720 , 005.png )

As Nipha steps back and presents the lower half of her body, the Sweaty Kitty is shocked to find out that she is wearing ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY A BIG OL’ PAIR OF… nothing down there! Not even panties, shoes or socks! How did the Sweaty Kitty not notice before?! She assumes that maybe at first, she thought Nipha was wearing some pants that matched the color of her fur, but no, that was actually her THICK FUR! Thick enough to cover her pussy. But as Nipha spins around… ACK! Nope! It does nothing to cover her rear. It’s making the Sweaty Kitty really flustered.

Nipha: As you can see, PANTS SUCK!
Nipha: They're uncomfy and difficult to wear!
Nipha: Not to mention on scorching days like today, it makes things REALLY hot for me, it’s already uncomfortably hot enough with this thick fur without the pants!

Rudy raises his arm to say his piece.

Rudy: I uh… in my defense, I’m a tinker, and I made those pants to specifically solve those issues…
Rudy: I just thought maybe you might appreciate some pants I invented explicitly made to fit comfortably over thick fur…
Rudy: While making it thin enough to feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.
Rudy: I even tried installing portable AC units in the pants to cool you off…

Nipha turns over to Rudy, giving the Sweaty Kitty another FACE FULL OF ASS. Sweaty Kitty tries to look away, but there is something so hypnotic about how Nipha is swaying it as she speaks to Rudy that is preventing Sweaty Kitty from looking away.

Nipha: Rudy… It’s not just about comfortability.
Nipha: It goes much deeper than that.
Nipha: And I thought you already knew that… I hoped that after the years we’ve been together you would understand that about me.

Nipha points over at the Sweaty Kitty as she slowly turns her direction towards her as she continues her conversation with Rudy.

Nipha: And she is why we’re here! She is going to get this manner straightened out before more mistakes are made and our relationship is in shambles!
Nipha: Hey, you alright there, kitty?

The Sweaty Kitty was still in shock over Nipha’s lack of pants, with mouth agape as she caught herself staring at the ASS OF TRANCE for too long. She snaps out of it and continues her questioning.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh! S-sorry!
Sweaty Kitty: H-h-how are you not ashamed of this?!
Sweaty Kitty: Aren’t you worried about what other people might think and feel about this?!
Sweaty Kitty: And what if you’re arrested?!
Nipha: Eh, whateves. My fur is so thick, it’s covering up anything that is too lewd, just enough to prevent me from being arrested.
Nipha: Despite that P.I. Zzander jerk having issues with it

The Sweaty Kitty is dumbfounded. Is decency no longer a priority anymore? Though she must agree with Nipha that at least P.I. Zzander takes his sense of JUSTICE too far sometimes… Well, all times actually.

Nipha: And besides, if anyone has an issue with my lack of pants, that’s THEIR problem. They’re either just jealous, or too uptight really.
Sweaty Kitty: It’s… umm… how do I put this… It’s not covering your rear all that well. Sweaty Kitty: Despite how thick the fur is…
Nipha: SO?! You see bare asses from time to time on television. What’s the big deal?
Nipha: If anything, people deserve to see a nice ass like mine to distract themselves from their long stressful day!
Rudy: Uh, I on the contrary am stressed by those leering eyes staring at you whenever we take walks together…
Nipha: Pffffft… Who cares what anyone thinks? If they put me in a SITUATION because of how I’m dressed, I can fend for myself.

The Sweaty Kitty gets an idea, if Nipha doesn't want to wear pants, there are alternatives that can help give her legs a bit of freedom.

Sweaty Kitty: But what if you put on a skirt? Or at least even a miniskirt?
Sweaty Kitty: Surely with something with that much breathing room, and a lot of open space to show off the fur on your legs, you’d feel comfortable enough while covering up your most private parts…
Nipha: But then I’d still prevent the world from seeing all my lovely fur in the most important places!
Nipha: My fur is so pretty, everyone deserves to see as much of it as they can
Nipha: ESPECIALLY the fur in the crotch area.
Nipha: wouldn’t you agree, Rudy Tootie?
Rudy: No… I mean yes! I mean… YOUR FUR IS VERY PRETTY!
Rudy: But that’s not the point!
Rudy: It’s just well… I’m just worried about you, Nipha, I just wanted to give you something to wear for areas with stricter decency laws…

Nipha walks over and sits on the couch next to Rudy, putting a hand on his shoulder. Sweaty Kitty wishes she had a towel to lay on the couch for Nipha’s exposed rear. She reminds herself not to sit on the couch for awhile until she cleans it.

Nipha: Rudy, I’m really happy that you’re thinking of me to do that, I really do…
Nipha: But it’s the principle of it all, I can’t just conform to those laws if it tortures me or doesn’t allow me to express my freedom!
Nipha: I gotta do it in PROTEST to spit in the face of THE MAYOR for making us feel uncomfortable and for not allowing us to show off our beautiful fur just because it’d make other uptight people feel uncomfortable.
Nipha: I just want you to have more support in me of my own beliefs and confidence.[/b]

Nipha starts flexing her right arm as she continues

Nipha: And you’ve seen how strong I am, I can handle myself very well against any creeps!
Nipha: Especially with that TELESCOPING SWORD you made for me years back.
Nipha: Remember that? Seriously, best bday gift EVER! I can’t thank you enough for that!
Rudy: Awww… Thanks!

Rudy blushes and rubs the back of his neck in response to the compliment

From what the Sweaty Kitty understands, it looks like she is dealing with an EXHIBITIONIST. One which has a boyfriend who must be very concerned about her getting shamed by the public, or even hurt due to her nudist lifestyle.

She then thought of something, she remembers a couple of her friends mentioning a place in the city that might just fit Nipha’s lifestyle.

Sweaty Kitty: What if I told you that there is a section of NEW CRUST CITY where public nudity laws are pretty lax?
Sweaty Kitty: The FREE FUR section of NEW CRUST CITY houses plenty of species that have fur, or feathers, and sometimes even body types that don’t mesh well with clothing…
Sweaty Kitty: Perhaps if you both visited or even moved there, Nipha would be with a lot of like-minded individuals while Rudy wouldn’t have to worry so much about people shaming Nipha for her lifestyle choice or getting arrested?

This provokes a very scary glare from Nipha

[b]Nipha: You did not just say that! TELL ME YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!
Nipha: What you implied there was SEGREGATION!
Nipha: I shouldn’t HAVE to be forced to move somewhere just because I decide to not ever wear pants!
Rudy: I’ll have to agree with Nipha on that…
Rudy: I don’t really want people to see me… you know…NAKED
Rudy: Even if it’s the norm in the FREE FUR section.

The Sweaty kitty is sweating even more than usual from Nipha’s outburst, not from the heat, but from nervousness.

Nipha: Alright, sorry for snapping, all I’m saying is that I should be allowed to go bottomless if my fur is thick enough to cover anything inappropriate enough.
Nipha: And I should be treated equal to those that WANT to wear pants, not separated and labeled into a group of people.
Nipha: If anybody has an issue with the way I dress, that’s THEIR problem, not MINE! Especially if my comfort is at stake!
Nipha: After all, I wouldn’t want to get drenched in icky SWEAT, right?

Oh no, she did NOT just say that. The Sweaty Kitty knows the value of sweating, and it is something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly, especially not to be hazed by someone naïve on the subject like her! The Sweaty Kitty angrily and quickly stands up from her desk and begins to tell them what for as Nipha and Rudy’s eyes widen.
No. 137526 ID: e51896
File 165501728754.png - (98.42KB , 1280x720 , 006.png )

Sweaty Kitty: NOW LISTEN HERE!
Sweaty Kitty: SWEATING is a VALUED FUNCTION of the body that shouldn’t be scoffed at!
Sweaty Kitty: It helps you LOSE WEIGHT! It helps you DETOX
Sweaty Kitty: and most importantly…
Sweaty Kitty: In fact, I bet that if you allowed yourself to sweat on your clothing, you’d feel much cooler!
Sweaty Kitty: ESPECIALLY in the pants!

There is a long pause as Nipha and Rudy silently stare at the Sweaty Kitty. Did her argument get through to them?

Nipha: …
Rudy: …
Rudy: S…sorry, I’ll look away mam.

What are they talking about? The Sweaty Kitty notices that the two’s eyes aren’t looking at her own eyes, but downward. The Sweaty Kitty looks down and…

Sweaty Kitty: AHHHHHH!
Nipha: See! I told you pants didn’t matter! HAHAHA!

It seems like the Sweaty Kitty was in THE ZONE again, and was so focused on solving Nipha, and Rudy’s argument that she had forgotten to keep her bottom half hidden. Sweaty Kitty quickly ducks under the desk while peeking out from underneath.
No. 137527 ID: e51896
File 165501730509.png - (58.30KB , 1280x720 , 007.png )

Nipha: Haaaaah, man this is great. Well, you certainly solved our argument.
Nipha: And the conclusion is: PANTS SUCK! Obviously.
Rudy: uhhhh… Not really?
Nipha: Anyways, here’s the 10 ₵A$H for fixing our issue! Plus an extra 10 ₵A$H tip for going above and beyond!

Nipha digs through Rudy’s pocket for his WALLET, and pulls out the 20 ₵A$H from it, tossing it towards the Sweaty Kitty.

Rudy: Waifu… that was miiiine…
Rudy: Nevermind, it’s your birthday, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.
Nipha: Seriously, Kitty, you made my birthday one of the best for helping us put this argument to rest once and for all.
Sweaty Kitty: Uuuhhh, thanks? Don’t mention it. Seriously, please don’t mention it To anyone!
Nipha: Nooo worries. This’ll be our secret.

Satisfied with Sweaty Kitty’s services, Rudy and Nipha rises from the couch

Nipha: Heh, but seriously, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, your fur is super cute, you should show it off when you get the chance.
Sweaty Kitty: but my fur isn’t thick enough…
Nipha: in any case, we’ll be back if we have any other issues
Rudy: Heh… Probably real soon…

As Nipha and Rudy take their leave, Nipha summons a pair of pants from her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION, and “accidentally” drops it on the floor. She gives the Sweaty Kitty a wink as she playfully responds with a “whoops” before dragging Rudy out the door (at least, Sweaty Kitty thinks she was winking, hard to see Nipha’s right eye with her hair in the way). The Sweaty Kitty assumes that the pair of pants is the gift Rudy got Nipha, and she’s leaving it to the Sweaty Kitty to keep. Nice! Now exercising might be a lot easier if she can cool off with some AC installed pants! She’s about to stand back up to pick up her Sweaty pants, and new pair of AC pants when she gets another message from the intercom.
No. 137528 ID: e51896
File 165501732234.png - (66.06KB , 1280x720 , 008.png )

Rowland: Good news, so it looks like 5, no 6, no wait, 10 people have come in for a walk-in appointment.
Rowland: Looks like things are looking pretty hopeful for our budget after all.
Rowland: I already quickly sent the first client on their way over to you so we can get all the clients done by closing.
Rowland: Should be there very soon.

Oh nooooooooo! with no time to collect any of her pants, the Sweaty Kitty quickly scrambles to sink beneath the desk to try to hide her waist under the desk again. With the amount of clients she has, it looks like she’s going to have to spend the rest of the workday hiding her waist under the desk… bottomless. Hopefully she won’t get too into THE ZONE again.

The Sweaty Kitty has failed to get out of the SITUATION which has become a PROBLEM

Message From PEA: Happy Birthday, EDMANGO. Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous 30 UPDATES side-story featuring your character Nipha. Also thanks Himitsu for helping in editing the story and critiquing it.
No. 137556 ID: f0bf00
File 165598716712.gif - (1.26MB , 306x306 , ketzag.gif )

figured i might as well post some of the models ive made of questden related things actually on questden for once, so i'll start with a ketza gif
No. 137561 ID: f0bf00
File 165607586461.jpg - (3.59MB , 4032x3024 , 20220425_160341.jpg )

3d printed ketza model, he now real boy
No. 137562 ID: f0bf00
File 165607660044.jpg - (255.52KB , 2720x1536 , background.jpg )

something ive made for my background, featuring ketza, amtsvane, and a blurry yinglet falling. all 3 are on https://sketchfab.com/lizarrd if anyone is interested
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