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File 156351622808.png - (44.51KB , 883x638 , sisirri HD.png )
130146 No. 130146 ID: 2df440

Post your amazing fanarts for your favorite quests here! The old thread has become filled with too much art, so it's time to start again. Commissions of quest characters you bought are cool to post. Authors can also post extra images of their quest characters here (you can be a fan of your own quest!) Cool kids label their fanart with character and quest names.

First post is Sisirri from Salikai in super HD!

Previous threads: >>100245
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No. 137166 ID: 629f2e
File 164654680047.png - (258.35KB , 900x900 , Tippler - Albert.png )

Albert by Tippler
No. 137167 ID: 629f2e
File 164654685555.png - (18.40KB , 500x500 , Edmango - Monstrous Confusion.png )

Cob (PLUSHQUEST) meets Franklin, and gets a bit confused over what he is, drawn by Edmango
No. 137168 ID: 629f2e
File 164654689778.png - (13.00KB , 500x500 , Edmango - Hero Smooches.png )

Lillian gets kissed by her hero, Nipha. Drawn by Edmango
No. 137169 ID: 629f2e
File 164654693302.png - (6.34KB , 500x500 , Edmango - Franklin Face.png )

Franklin close-up, by Edmango
No. 137170 ID: 629f2e
File 164654694812.png - (13.55KB , 500x500 , Edmango - Temmie Face.png )

Temmie close-up, by Edmango
No. 137173 ID: c92a02
File 164658335679.png - (697.83KB , 1124x1419 , mary k los brasil - ironwood.png )

Mary Kil in some festive attire, by Ironwood.
No. 137174 ID: c92a02
File 164658336512.png - (85.94KB , 385x914 , Rae_Steve.png )

Rae in the obligatory dress.
No. 137175 ID: c92a02
File 164658337153.png - (17.23KB , 500x500 , mspaint - tipplerlazy fairy.png )

Landi, by Tippler.
No. 137176 ID: c92a02
File 164658337858.png - (276.51KB , 900x900 , landi-tippler.png )

Also Landi, by also Tippler
No. 137177 ID: c92a02
File 164658338602.png - (212.94KB , 611x1006 , landi - roaway.png )

And landi by Roaway, for good measure!
No. 137178 ID: e51896
File 164658794045.png - (13.76KB , 500x500 , 1yearQD.png )

Nipha kissing Tippler by EDMANGO
No. 137179 ID: e51896
File 164658797001.png - (13.01KB , 500x500 , 1yearQD_001.png )

Nipha kissing Landi from Lazy Fairy by EDMANGO
No. 137180 ID: e51896
File 164658799728.png - (14.16KB , 500x500 , 1yearQD_002.png )

Nipha kissing Pam from 30 Updates or Less by EDMANGO
No. 137181 ID: e51896
File 164658803331.png - (14.08KB , 500x500 , 1yearQD_004.png )

Nipha licking Rockit from SEXCOM by EDMANGO
No. 137182 ID: e51896
File 164658809738.png - (9.43KB , 500x500 , sketch_024.png )

Gerbera close-up from 30 updates or less, by Edmango
No. 137183 ID: e51896
File 164658812559.png - (12.09KB , 500x500 , sketch_025.png )

Jerry close-up from 30 updates or less, by Edmango
No. 137184 ID: e51896
File 164658818790.png - (8.66KB , 500x500 , sketch_030.png )

Kaia close-up from Sojourn, by Edmango
No. 137185 ID: e51896
File 164658823391.png - (7.43KB , 500x500 , sketch_031.png )

Vinegar close-up from NOISE, by Edmango
No. 137186 ID: e51896
File 164658852168.png - (11.03KB , 500x500 , sketch_032.png )

Nae close-up from Edge of Abyss, by Edmango
No. 137190 ID: c92a02
File 164670001589.png - (279.54KB , 900x900 , saiorse - tippler.png )

Almost done with this backlog. See this Saiorse sketch by Tippler.
No. 137191 ID: c92a02
File 164670002670.png - (158.28KB , 1000x1300 , pumpkinmono - tippler.png )

A neumono and a pumpkin, probably not from Pumpkin Quest, by Tippler.
No. 137192 ID: c92a02
File 164670003346.png - (9.97KB , 500x500 , nokizanya - tippler.png )

Nokizanya from The Creator, by Tippler.
No. 137193 ID: c92a02
File 164670004367.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , marlene - tippler.png )

Calliope's Marlene, by Tippler.
No. 137196 ID: c92a02
File 164678537726.jpg - (251.20KB , 1300x900 , chamo_hon_hon.jpg )

Chamomile gets drawn like one of her French girls, from I Hate Mondays. By Gnuk.
No. 137197 ID: c92a02
File 164678539135.jpg - (687.34KB , 2213x2613 , cymdee - huck.jpg )

Preliminary fish bait from SEXCOM, by ClockworkSeal.
No. 137198 ID: c92a02
File 164678540906.jpg - (1.22MB , 3000x3000 , Polyphema - radio.jpg )

Finally, Polyphema from Enemy Quest, drawn by RADIO.

I did it? ...I did it! All that backlog's finished at last! For now...
No. 137203 ID: 629f2e
File 164679897677.png - (236.69KB , 1000x1000 , Ginerva's Visit 1.png )

Fan art + Story for Tippler and Donut, because I loved Censor Shipping and can't wait for us to eventually get more Clothing Repair. Y'all make good shit!


My original plan had been to get up early and take care of the cleaning I’d been putting off. I can definitely call this a partial success! I certainly had gotten up early. It was the cleaning part that I may have slightly totally botched...

I didn’t even have a good excuse. I just got lost in thought toying with this little lens I’d found at the bottom of a river some days back. It’s such a nifty little gizmo, I can’t help but wonder. What was it doing in a place like that? Where did it come from? What did its original owner use it for? And most important of all, how the heck do I charge this thing when its battery dies!?

I was only raising the urgency of that last point, toying with its buttons and dials, but I can’t help it! People watching is infinitely more entertaining when peeking through this thing. Checking out their magic, reading their names, and OCCASIONALLY peeking under their clothes just doesn’t lose its luster.

Fun as it is, I really should be doing something more productive. The shop opened a few minutes ago, but I still have time to clean since there haven’t been any customers-


(I’ll definitely get to it later. I am a PRO FES SHUN AL after all.)

A rather large (if short) badger steps through the doorway. Her attire makes it no secret that she’s a Censor. The black and white robes carry few adornments, save for two blood red hand prints embroidered over her breasts. It’s very striking, but I know better than to stare right at her chest.

More eye-catching than the style of her robes however, is the very fact that I can see them. I still have the X-Ray function of my lens active (a hunky looking fighter had passed by, and I was a little... curious), and yet her robes haven’t faded even slightly. The only differences between what I can see with and without the lens is a slight red glow to the hands on her chest. A protective charm against divination maybe? It would make sense for Censor robes to bear such an enchantment, given the Church’s rather prudish beliefs.

...Oh. Oh! The Church!!! What am I doing, I can’t be wearing a magic pervert monocle in front of a Censor!

I shut off and pop off the lens, letting it hang like a necklace. Her eyes follow the glass, sending shivers down my spine. I try to ignore her interest in it and greet her normally.

“Welcome to A Stitch in Time! What can I do for you?”

Without answering she takes a long appraising look at me. I look her over in return, trying to gauge why she’s here. Her clothing all seemed in order, so this clearly wasn’t an emergency stop. Was she looking for extra support for her massive honkers?

“Are you the owner?” she finally asks, skipping past any form of greeting. I confirm that I am. “I’m Ginerva D’Agostino. A Wayfinder initiate I was traveling with had some very kind things to say about this establishment, so I thought it worth paying a visit.”

She looks around the room with an unimpressed frown. I’m kicking myself for not cleaning up like I’d meant to. How was I supposed to know a Censor would be visiting!?

Guessing the initiate she’s talking about is rather easy, I’ve only ever had one visit the shop so far. “Are you talking about Elaine? She was here just a little over a week ago and mentioned an upcoming mission. So how did it go?”

“We achieved our objective,” she answers impassively.

“Glad to hear it! How about Elaine, did she make it alright? No disastrous wardrobe damage?” I’m mostly wondering if I should expect her company again in the future. (While I wouldn’t wish misfortune on her, it would be nice to see her again.) Surprisingly, this innocuous question draws a glare out of the badger. I shrink back nervously, unsure what I said wrong. She lets out a quiet sigh.

“She may be visiting a tailor in the future.” Ah, so it did not go perfectly well. I wonder how bad the damage is? I’d bet a fortune that shoddy loincloth is gone next time we meet, that was a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe I should have tried to talk her into trading up, but it was tough enough getting her to ditch the chest bindings.

“I hope she comes back here, she was pretty nice to talk to. Sorry to hear you ran into trouble though, I hope it wasn’t anything too bad.” I pause, before adding, “Though I feel a little conflicted. If she tore the robes that I reinforced on something small, then that doesn’t really look good for me as her tailor. Mixed feelings, y’know?”

I chuckle at my own comment, but Ginerva remains totally stone faced. If anything, her expression hardens. I’m sweating buckets under her gaze, what did I say!?

“No, it wouldn’t. On the topic of your work, I believe that I had a very good look at it. The corset was your design I’m assuming?”

“Oh, you saw that?” Yeesh, poor Elaine. Is that why Ginerva’s here? “I did make it. Were you interested in getting one for yourself?”

Her gaze goes ice cold, silently announcing she had no such intentions. “I thought so. How very generous of you to offer such a garment to an initiate. I assume it was a gift, seeing as she had taken a vow of poverty?”

“Y-Yes?” What is her problem with me? The way she had asked that seemed so harsh. Did I do something wrong?

She speaks firmly. “Allow me to make something perfectly clear: Bribery will not earn you any leniency from the Church. I would advise against trying such with other members of the faith. Anyone with more experiences would be able to see through such blatant enticement.”

“Bribery? Wh- Hold on a minute, that isn’t what happened!” Shoot! She completely misread my intentions. I didn’t mean for it to be a bribe, I just wanted to give Elaine what she needed! “The corset wasn’t anything other than a donation, no hidden intentions at all. Her previous bra situation was completely unacceptable, so I insisted she let me make her a replacement, and the corset best suited her desires.”

The Censor levels you a look of skepticism, so you keep going. “She was my first customer, even if she couldn’t really buy anything. All I asked in return was some good word of mouth, no hidden agendas.”

“If you say so,” she says, still not seeming convinced. Geez, this is where generosity gets you? Where’s karma when you need it!?
No. 137204 ID: 629f2e
File 164679905317.png - (276.57KB , 1000x1000 , Ginerva's Visit 2.png )


“What is that?” Ginerva asks, taking an interest in my lens. I silently curse my invitation of karma.

“What, my lens?” I ask, holding it up while trying my best to seem nonchalant. There was no way she recognized the design and knew what it could do, right? She wasn’t snatching it out of my hands or arresting me for suspected lewdery yet, so that was a good sign.

“You seem a bit young for your eyesight to go.” She steps towards me to examine more closely. I subtly pull it away from her.

“Yeah, my eyesight’s just fine, 20/20 vision. This is just... It helps me with my work. It’s enchanted, see?” I turn it slightly to show off the buttons and dials. As long as I only describe its other functions, she won’t have any reason to be suspicious. “I can change the hues I see on specific objects while looking through it, so it’s a good way to test out different colors on clients.” To demonstrate, I hold it up and try shifting the hues on Ginerva’s robe. Emphasis on ‘try’.

“Huh? It’s not working.”

“I’m a bishop. Our robes are warded against divination magic.” Ah, so it’s what I’d thought after all. Still, is the hue change function really divination? Maybe because it’s able to target specific items and change their colors...

“That’s probably it.” I glance down to the red hands on her robe again, pursing my lips in thought. “Even if I can’t check, I have a feeling something in cardinal red would look great on-”

“I have no intention of making a purchase today,” she answers flatly.

“Ah... Well, if you ever are...” She really isn’t giving me much to work with here.

“...Is that the only function of that lens?” she asks. “There were many buttons you didn’t touch.”

“Well, it does have a few other features, but that’s the most important one to me. I can also zoom in and out, like a telescope, but it doesn’t really come up much when making clothes.”

“I see. That’s a rather useful tool for you I imagine. May I ask where you procured it?”

“Well, to be honest I-” Don’t say you found it in the lake! You cannot expose the swimming spot to a Censor! “-found it on the ground while coming to this city. There was no owner in sight, and since nobody else made a claim I decided to hold onto it.”

“Ah, I see,” she says, nodding. “What a very lucky find. Who would expect an enchanted lens, whose main function is best suited for a tailor, to be discovered by a tailor?”

“W-Well, its main function may have been one of the features I don’t use as much actually. I just-”

“Yes, of course. I’m sure it has quite a number of features that would all be very useful to different professions. I would certainly love to hear about all of its other functions. Perhaps that may make it more obvious just what type of person it originally belonged to.”

“I... Well, there’s- I’m not sure about all of them yet. I still need to experiment more, and some of them aren’t obvious what they do...” Thank goodness my dress doesn’t have sleeves, because I would be developing some very unflattering pit stains with the storm I’m sweating.

Ginerva lets me continue to stutter excuses for a bit longer, until I finally stop. She doesn’t fill the silence, letting the air between us grow unpleasant. After a few agonizing seconds, she responds. “...Are you aware that voyeurism by use of magic is punishable under the same laws the Church wields against scoundrels caught peeping through windows or holes drilled into walls.”


“Very good. I just wanted to make sure you were aware. I would hate to receive a report that you were unknowingly breaking such laws. Of course, to do so knowingly would be far worse of a crime.”

“Of course, of course...”

...I think I’m going to chill out with the lens for a while. Or at the very least stay far away from its X-Ray function.
No. 137206 ID: 629f2e
File 164679921806.png - (275.11KB , 1000x1000 , Ginerva's Visit 3.png )


After two separate accusations (only one of which being a little bit true), I’m starting to feel pretty miffed with Ginerva. (Bishop? More like BITCH-op!) She hasn’t even made a purchase, what gives her the right to bust into my shop and start implying all sorts of nasty things about me!? Being the PRO FESH SHUN AL that I am, I will keep up an image of civility. But if she’s going to waste my time and spoil my day, I’ll at least make an attempt to sell her something.

Taking a deep breath, I start my pitch. “So... You were on a trip recently, and you mentioned that there was some trouble. Were you able to stay out of it, or do you need-”

“I already informed you that I don’t plan on buying anything. Now if we’re done here-” I cut her off, showing a bit of my pushy side.

“Just hear me out, please? I’m the only professional tailor in town, so if there’s anything you want made quickly, I think I’m your best bet.”

Despite your reasoning, she clicks her tongue in disagreement. “I don’t have any need for your work. I’ll be leaving on a mission for Olivelas tonight, and I have a tailor there who I’ve patronized many times in the past. Their work is always reliable.”

Oh ho ho! So she was going to visit a tailor then? Then she did need something, don’t let up! “I imagine that the Church provides your robes. Perhaps you need new lingerie then?” Her face twitches, telling me I’m right.

“...I am not in desperate need of new undergarments,” she retorts.

“But you do have enough of a need that you plan to visit a tailor?” I point out. “Wouldn’t it be better to buy your underwear here, so that you can be prepared in the event of the worst while out on your next quest?”

Her expression sours, so I cut in before she can reject me again. “You said that you saw my work for yourself. So even if you haven’t shopped here before, you have seen good examples of it. And I’d really appreciate the chance to make something for you, as I’m still rather new here.”

She takes a short time to consider. Eventually, she sighs, finally relenting. “Fine. I’ll place an order and send someone to pick it up tonight.”


I pull out my notepad and begin taking notes, as she explains what she wants. Immediately, I notice something off about her request. Ginerva’s preference was a chemise, but it becomes abundantly clear after a few questions that she has no idea what the strengths of such an undergarment actually are. She was obviously correct about the coverage it provides, but very wrong about its sturdiness and how well it conceals the breasts.

A chemise is easy to put on and take off, and will cover your top and bottom thanks to its length. It’s a convenient garment. They aren’t designed with integrity in mind though (which explains where her previous one went), and they do next to nothing to minimize the wearer’s breasts as she claims they do. (Clearly she hadn’t looked in enough mirrors while wearing her last one.) There’s really nothing you can do about the sturdiness. Chemises have to be rather light by design, unless you want to be sweating buckets while wearing it. Great to wear at home as a lazy morning gown, but I can’t imagine a worse garb for someone who might find themselves in combat.

Whoever this ‘reliable tailor’ she mentioned is, they haven’t done a very good job of educating her on what she’s actually getting. My professionalism won’t allow this to stand.

“Excuse me,” I cut in, interrupting before she can share her sizes. “This would be an easy garment to make for you, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for.”

Predictably, she assumes the worst. “Don’t try to upsell me, child. If you want my business at all-”

“This isn’t about price, you can take this advice back to your preferred tailor if you don’t trust me. I don’t think a chemise is what you actually want, given the benefits you attributed to them.”

I quickly break down her misconceptions about the pros and cons of chemises. This ends up requiring further clarification, as she brings up questions and even more misconceptions about other styles of undergarments as I bring them up. It’s obvious that she doesn’t fully trust me, but in the end I’m able to win her over thanks to my extensive knowledge and authority on the subject of clothing. At the very least, it’s enough to get her to listen to her other options.

One particular item seems to catch her attention from the moment I name it...

“...A corset would be the sturdiest by far, and if you want to cover your nethers like your chemise, I could extend the bottom with fabric to make it a bit of a corset/chemise hybrid. Though that will make it a bit more difficult to put on and take off.”

Her eyes had widened with visible interest. “I was unaware that they made such garments for women of my girth.”

“What, corsets? Well, they’re mostly worn by people who want to reduce their waists, so they’re often associated with skinnier folk. But they can absolutely be made in your size.”

She tries to hide it, but the [DESIRE] in her eyes was clear. By the time I’ve laid out all of her options, it’s no surprise what she chooses. (It’s the corset.) This does unfortunately lead to a new problem when she presents me with a note of her measurements.

They aren’t right. They didn’t seem far off, but I could tell at a glance that they didn’t add up.

“Right... Just to be safe, why don’t we take these again?” I suggest.

“There’s no need. I had these taken this morning, they’re up to date.”

“You did them yourself?”

“I had an acolyte assist me. I’m certain she made no errors.”

I put a finger to my chin, trying to find an explanation for why they didn’t seem right. Looking at her garments, one answer does float to the top of my mind.

“...Did you take these measurements over your robes?”

“Yes. Why?”

Let the record show that I manage to keep a straight face, and that anything that may have been perceived as laughter on my part here was actually just a sneeze.

“That’s... not good.” You would expect someone, whose Church preaches day and night about modesty and staying clothed, to know a little bit more about clothing! “We’re going to need to retake these.”

“Must we? I doubt they’ll be significantly different,” she asks, weariness starting to show on her face. “I have much to do, so if this will take some time then I’d be better off-”

“It won’t take long, I promise! But a corset is a lot more snug than a chemise, so it’s more important to get the size right. If it’s too big, your breasts will fall right out of it. Too small, and it can be physically painful to wear, assuming you can get in it at all. Accurate measurements are a necessity.”

It’s obvious that she wants to complain, but she can’t find anything to grasp onto. With a groan, she concedes. “Fine. Give me a tape measure, and I’ll retake them in your fitting room.”

I grab one off my desk and hand it over. “I can help you if-”

“No thank you.” And with that, she marches towards the changing stall and quickly shuts the curtain behind her. It’s not like she has anything you haven’t seen before, there’s really no reason to be so modest. You’re both women here. Still, what can you expect from somebody who reached the rank of bishop within the church?
No. 137208 ID: 629f2e
File 164679930425.gif - (402.13KB , 1000x1807 , Ginerva's Visit 4.gif )


...Hmm. She wouldn’t just pretend to undress and re-measure and then walk out with the same measurements, just knocked down a centimeter or two, would she? The only reason I can come up with for her to do such a thing would be if she didn’t trust me not to peek.


I pull up my lens and flip on the X-Ray feature. Through the curtain, I see her pulling her robe off. Good, she wasn’t pretending to- Oh, whoops! I twisted the dial a bit too far, and with her robe removed I ended up seeing exactly what she was trying to hide. I flip it back quickly, not wanting to anger the Goddess by ogling her servant.

After hanging her robe up, she grabs the measuring tape and- Hey!

“Please remember to undress fully before taking your measurements. That includes undergarments.”

She pokes her head out quickly to look at me, but by the time she does my lens is fully removed and I’m pretending to clean up while I wait for her. She grumbles something before heading back in. Not tempting fate again, if she doesn’t take them properly, it’s her fault if the final product doesn’t fit right.

A few minutes later, she emerges from the room fully dressed again, and with far more sensible numbers. She’s out the door the second I give her the price, promising to send an acolyte with the requisite fee when the garment is ready to be picked up. Preferably she’d pay in advance, but it’s hard to imagine I can’t take a bishop at her word when she says I’ll get my payment.

It was a lengthy, difficult, and rather unpleasant interaction overall, but hopefully I managed to chip away at some of the animosity she came in with. Despite how grumpy she seemed though, I can’t help but think she’ll be happy with the finished product. And with all the basic misconceptions I helped clear up for her, she may choose to visit me next time she needs something instead of that reliable tailor she brought up earlier. Making the sale and netting a returning customer has got to be a win, no matter how you look at it. I’ll have to put my all in to make sure this is the best corset I’ve ever made!

...But first I’m going to clean up a bit. If I don’t, I’m worried that the Goddess herself is going to walk in next!
No. 137209 ID: 8483cf

This story is canon!
No. 137213 ID: 6dd64f

Sorry, Roaway.
It looks like the only way to not have lewds made of your characters is to have nobody love them to begin with.
No. 137214 ID: 9b127b
File 164695383590.png - (667.61KB , 990x659 , WaterMissionV3.png )

The water mission team from Sexcom!
No. 137216 ID: eedbeb
File 164696075982.png - (11.81KB , 500x500 , a15.png )

"Eeyful, did this human just appear next to our royal carriage on our very secret mission to investigate the undead on the kingdom’s borders?" Kalez asks nastily. She signals to the driver to bring the molebeast to a halt, to better ogle the woman who manifested on the side of the road from some kind of portal mere seconds ago.

The young acolyte leans with the carriage as it grinds to a halt. The kobold senses the rhetorical trap from her mistress, but can't see a way to evade. It's been a long morning with nothing to focus the Duchess's neurotic energy on except herself, and the cost benefit analysis of dodging another barb when a hundred more are expected comes up short. "Yes mistress, it appears so."

"But you in your incompetence did not detect any magic heralding her arrival." Kalez continues.
"Either this is a highly skilled sorcerer the likes of which we have never seen or some kind of illusion based undead."

Eeyful squints at the pale old woman, garbed in rich red and purple and covered with strange metal contraptions, who’s checking to make sure everything is still attached. "My apologies mistress. She could be undead, judging by the general air of decrepitness."

Chinzebeth has had quite enough of these insolent creatures commenting on her stylish interdimensional arrival into their world. She's a queen for goodness sake, and one armed to the teeth with the most cutting edge protection equipment her royal scientists can offer so that even without her guards she'll be totally secure on her vacation.

She points her bejeweled scepter at the heavily robed beast with glowing red eyes. "I am royalty from an advanced technological world that has mastered dimensional travel. Seeking some light entertainment I've come here to survey lesser lands and it would do you well to respect my authority!"

Eeyful flinches at the impudent words, but relaxes when she hears Kalez's clicking chelicera, a tell that her mistress is deep in thought. That habit makes Kalez terrible at bluffing in cards but Eeyful always lets her win anyway. Being an apprentice acolyte includes an unfortunate amount of sacrifices for the greater good.

Eeyful holds her tongue and waits for Kalez to come to a conclusion.

"Prove you are what you say you are." the scorpion orders.

Chinzebeth raises her hand imperiously and ruins the moment by struggling to activate her laser ring. This continues for some time.

"Aha!" Chinzebeth finally gets the mechanism to work and shoots a bright red beam across the dirt in front of the carriage, leaving a scorched black line in its wake.

Kalez hurries closer to Chinzebeth to admire the futuristic weapons adorning the tall queen. "Marvelous! Such powerful magic, how does it work?"

Eeyful is surprised when Kalez welcomes the strange queen into the carriage, obnoxiously sycophantic in a way that any reasonable person would see through. Chinzebeth, however, basks in the attention and the two women are soon chatting like old friends. Her seat taken, Eeyful crouches awkwardly near the window and tries to keep watch. For someone who claimed to be here to survey the lands, Chinzebeth seems happy to stick to the comforts of the carriage interior, with a tasting box of chocolates at her elbow and a captive audience.

This close to the borders of the kingdom, the road is slightly overgrown and there's an ominous darkness at the edges of the woods. The cold aura of the undead is growing stronger and Eeyful clutches her arm where she had been seized by an Arthros on a tax collection trip some weeks earlier.

Should she say something? Her mistress is busy and Eeyful is grateful for any respite from biting words and finding her seat suddenly polished to a frictionless sheen so she slips and tumbles to the floor, which seems to happen whenever Kalez is mildly bored. Surely they won't be attacked, and the carriage is sturdy enough that their foes won't be able to break through.

The kobold allows herself a moment to close her eyes. The chatter about a fantastical world where buildings are made of glass and marble and ships can travel through the air passes from one ear out the other. It sounds like an impossible dream. The people there must be very happy.

With the women distracted, the small horde of undead that's been following the royal expedition creeps closer. There are four skeletons, dressed in decayed rags with glowing eye sockets. Hunger has driven them long past the point of madness, but they've retained enough intelligence to plan their attack. The leader croaks to the others and points ahead to a dead tree at risk of falling into the road.

They shamble over to the shriveled pine and begin to shove the trunk in sync, push-rebound-push-rebound. The brittle roots strain, then pull free of the moist black soil, shaking dirt and needles to the ground with every heave.

“Faster!” the skeletal bird rasps. The carriage is approaching and the undead need to topple the tree before it passes!

They redouble their efforts and with a tired groan the pine breaks free from its old roots and falls directly in front of the molebeast. The simple minded creature yelps with alarm and flounders to a stop, rear colliding with the carriage to bring it to a rough halt.

“Eeyful, why have we stopped?” Kalez hisses instinctively. Chinzebeth admires the effortless way the duchess blames an underling for minor inconvenience. That, if anything, is the mark of a true ruler.

The kobold peers out of the window and spots the undead shambling onto the road. “We’re under attack mistress! Prepare yourself.”

Kalez curses and shoves Eeyful out of the way to get her own evidence. The sight of the vicious undead coming to loot her carriage makes fear curl in her gut, though she would never admit it out loud. There are some food supplies that can be thrown to distract the creatures, but they’ll inevitably desire fresh meat.

Chinzebeth swallows, and her long chin wobbles with the motion. She stands suddenly, which crushes her tall hair against the ceiling of the carriage.

“Do not be afraid, my new allies. With my weapons we will surely defeat the enemy. Come, let us to battle!”

This assertiveness gives Chinzebeth an adrenaline rush so potent she feels the need to lie down, but instead she rushes onto the road to confront the pale beasts chattering to each other. With a slightly shaky hand, she readies her laser.

The red beam slices forward, heating the ring on Chinzebeth’s finger as she struggles to aim at her targets. The undead scatter so Chinzebeth focuses on the biggest and slowest target, a tortoise with uncanny glowing eyes. Behind her she hears best buddy Kalez and that little furry creature dismounting to join her side.

The laser hits home, burning through the rags on the tortoise’s back and making him roar. Chinzebeth waves her hand wildly and lops through whatever forces was holding the undead’s bones in place, and the beast collapses in a pile of limbs.

Unfortunately, while the queen was distracted the other undead flanked her and are diving forward to attack. The leader seizes the back of her robe only to be slashed with a blade of water summoned to Kalez’s hand. He’s thrown back, leg hewn apart, but the blade also cuts the garments from Chinzebeth’s backside free.

Chinzebeth feels a cool breeze on her unmentionables and feels behind her with her left hand to find bare skin.

The queen shrieks with alarm and embarrassment. Kalez quickly dispels the water sword as Chinzebeth turns to her.

“Oh no no no, quick, is there spare cloth in the carriage?” Chinzebeth asks, cheeks bright pink with humiliation.

“We have extra garments, yes, but we must destroy the remaining undead first.” Kalez hisses.

“B-but the indignity…the shame…” Chinzebeth struggles to pull the loose end of her dress over her white, saggy buttocks.

“I agree, yes, it is very humiliating, but you’re our strongest fighter with your weapons and we need you to continue! Allies battles together, yes?” Kalez conveniently fails to mention she knows mending magic. The scorpion enjoys seeing other powerful beings brought low, it makes her feel very mighty indeed.

Eeyful, who has been holding back the other two undead while this enlightening conversation takes place, loses her focus with a yelp. The beetle and rat charge her and tug her hood over her face. Blinded, the kobold can’t keep her balance as she’s shoved to the ground.

“Fear not, small servant creature.” Chinzebeth, battle spirit restored, levels her scepter at the zombies and presses the red button on the hilt. A blue energy sphere forms at the head of the staff, crackling with electricity. Chinzebeth releases the button and it flies into the beetle, knocking her akimbo.

The shockwave from the attack has the unfortunate side effect of tearing Eeyful’s tunic at the beltline, revealing toned brown hips and a neat mound. Kalez and Chinzebeth openly stare as the kobold shakily gets to her feet.

“Please don’t look mistress!” Eeyful squeaks.

“We’re all women here.” Chinzebeth says reassuringly, still staring. “You’re absolutely darling, don’t be ashamed.”

“Ma’am, er, your highness, you were aware of your own lack of modesty very recently.” Eeyful grits out.

Speaking of, the rat has changed targets to Chinzebeth after witnessing the damage caused by the scepter. Poor Chinzebeth, still unused to the breakneck pace of the battlefield, takes a blow to the shoulder that makes her drop the scepter and also has the unfortunate effect of ripping the seams in her bodice, revealing one loose breast which flops sadly in the air.

The beetle manages to flip herself upright and gets a few steps before a bright green whip of acid wraps around her many limbs with a sizzle of chitin. Kalez drags the insect into her ally the rat, and the undead crumple together in a tangle.

“Please…so hungry…” the creatures gasp, before falling silent. Their eye sockets still glow with cursed energy, and Kalez gives a solid kick to all of the fallen undead before getting bored and returning to her comrades.

“What a waste of time.” the scorpion hisses. “With this tree in the way, I suppose there’s nothing to do but turn around. I had to expend quite a lot of energy to deal with your incompetence.” she remarks to Eeyful.

The kobold just sighs and trudges to the carriage to fetch some plain clothes to cover herself. Chinzebeth is startled that the battle ended as quickly as it began, and looks down to survey the damage.

Her royal garments (worth more than Noonin’ makes in a year) are totally ruined. Parts of her unremarkable body poke out, chilled by the forest air. Fragile, mundane flesh.

She shakes her head and marches proudly to the carriage to snatch the sheet Eeyful was about to wrap around her own waist. The body of a queen is never ordinary! And how wonderful it was to fight back against the enemy instead of sitting vulnerable in her throne, she must keep these weapons with her when she returns to her own dimension.

Speaking of, her feet are already sore and her mouth is dry. Chinzebeth finds the return signal on her bracelet and doesn’t have to wait long before the portal appears and she steps back into her palace.

“That strange woman seems to have left, mistress.”

Kalez looks around and, unable to prove Eeyful wrong, grunts in agreement. “Show some respect, acolyte. That is a queen you’re referring to.”

The kobold, still bare having had her sheet torn from her grasp, crosses her legs as she sits in the carriage. “With the undead so bold, do you think Z’Theno is—“

“That is of no interest to naked kobolds.” Kalez insists.

Eeyful can tell her mistress is upset by the way she clicked her mouthparts, but wisely refrains from saying anything more.
No. 137238 ID: a70a13
File 164721085004.png - (2.41MB , 1000x1500 , VOID Fanart.png )

Very relevant and timely fanart of Voidsy from Tiny Cat People.

God I love them.
No. 137248 ID: 89649e
File 164737076819.png - (1.48MB , 1254x1511 , BawdyBuune.png )

Uh oh, some 'what if' buune smut that never was. I forgot to put this up here, so it's a little belated.
No. 137249 ID: afe7de
File 164739168340.png - (21.70KB , 500x500 , Joseph_001.png )

You awoke one night in cold sweats, looking over your body. You move each digit with purpose, teasing and testing them. Your heart beats with an incredible furiosity and it takes you a moment to come to terms with the one very large and prominent fact. You don't remember how you got to this room.

The word GRADUATION lingers at the back of your mind, like a festering and pus filled scab. It haunts you to the very essence of your being as you feel flashes of another life invade your mindscape. You've read stories like this in the local library before, you've just been REINCARNATED.

Your old name has been tossed aside, and your new identity, JOSEPH, comes to the fore. You take to this new world with ease, it's more advanced than your old one and, after a few years, you AWAKEN to greater power.

You feel a pulsing energy flow through your veins, this, this is RAW POWER and it sculpts to fit your being. You were always an... avid fan of the SUPERNATURAL, so it only fits that you were given some power straight out of a movie about ALIENS.

Your POWER is called [TRACTOR BEAM]
You can draw things towards you by making a UFO-LIKE cone from your hand.

You point out in front of you and feel an attractive force emanate from your fingertips, the motions are second nature to you after a moment and the energy use intuitive. This, you would say, is what it feels like to be alive.
No. 137258 ID: afe7de
File 164739194233.png - (8.81KB , 500x500 , Joseph_002.png )

Years pass and you graduate from high school, with no strange ceremonies or deaths.

Roger: So Unrealistic
Jhonen: YEAH! I’d be picking at those “pus filled scabs”
Jhonen: Investigating everything in that school
Lillian: Causing a general ruckus
Jhonen: And I can’t believe you gave me an alien power!
Phillip: SHHHH
Phillip (as GM): I’m the [GM] and I have to sculpt your backstory in a way that works!
Jhonen: Fine I guess…
Phillip (as GM): As I was saying…

This part of your life was normal. However, after getting out into the wider world you thought differently and applied yourself to solving the uh SUPERNATURAL. You wandered the forest one day, in search of the fabled BIG-FOOTMOTH-WOMAN…

Phillip (as GM): PFFF AHHAHAH
Lillian: You seriously wrote that as your backstory?!?!?
Roger: Grumble grumble

And you found them, only it turned out to be a minor imp attempting to create a smaller dungeon. You detained them with ease and for your troubles were rewarded with an ARTIFACT OF POWER.

- It has 6 chambers and fires quickly
- It can use 10 different kinds of bullets but requires an action to reload
- You know how to make the special bullets now
- Each of the bullets acts as a different CANTRIP
- There’s piercing/blunt/fire/shock/blank/water/oil/gas/sleep/gust
- Go read your character sheet for more info

No. 137259 ID: afe7de
File 164739195409.png - (18.96KB , 500x500 , Joseph_003.png )

It's here, on the precipice, as you're making a name for yourself, that you come to the town of CATTENOM in the country of SUMMO TERNO, a DUNGEON has appeared recently, and you finally feel strong enough to dive in. You peruse the BOUNTY BOARD, a source of information publicly available on the dungeon and you hear the deep and husky voice with a slight whistle come from behind you.

Lillian (Brutus the Strong): Ahhhh, so yer looking for a PARTY I see?
Albert (Alfred the Wise): Hmmm, he seems astutely qualified, what say you?
Roger (OOC): Her mouth doesn't move, but you hear her voice anyway
Roger (Dotticus the Flame): Hmmmm yessss, a densssse source of mana
Phillip (AS GM): That's your cue to start talking
Jhonen: HAH HAH! *Ahem*
Jhonen (Joseph): The answer is so obvious if you thought about it for a moment!
Jhonen (Joseph): Of course I am!
Jhonen (Joseph): After all, I'm a famed paranormal investigator!

You turn around and see the large Orc barbarian, Brutus the Strong, their tusks are massive and add a slight whistling to their already rather husky voice. On his back is a greataxe.

Standing by a rather lithe looking elf with large glasses, Alfred the Wise. He seems frail, like he would break at a single touch, but there’s deep emanations of power flowing from his body.

To their side is a short Fox-Kin woman, Dotticus the Flame, she has long eyelashes and is fiddling with a lute, humming a tune as they speak. They begin to weave their tale, inviting you into their motley crew.
No. 137260 ID: afe7de
File 164739197063.png - (8.38KB , 500x500 , Joseph_004.png )

Jhonen (Joseph): Heh, I'll crack this dungeon wide open!
Jhonen (Joseph): And then... EXPERIMENT on these creatures

You go with the party through brief adventures and meet the party’s NPC ARTIFICER named RUDY, and Lilian’s favorite recurring NPC NIPHA. You cackle maniacally and enjoy the fun as the scene fades to black, a vivid memory, there, but not forgotten.
No. 137261 ID: afe7de
File 164739198182.png - (9.35KB , 500x500 , Joseph_005.png )

The dawn threatens to break you from your meditative reverie. It’s the morning, and you cringe slightly at the light. You sigh and sit up at your desk, having fallen asleep amongst your numerous documents. You were researching the town of LYST, thinking of settling down and prying into its secrets for a time. There was that job offer too after all, two birds and one stone.

You open your wallet and look longingly at the photo entombed there. Well, it's more a drawing than a photo, you had it commissioned. You see Robert, Albert, Lillian, Phillip, and Franklin there. Your last life's friends. You get a strong feeling of nostalgia and almost start to think more about that time, but hold yourself off from it.

Joseph: Sigh
Joseph: I wonder what you’d think if you saw me now

You scratch your head and pick up the last of your accessories, donning your shirt and hoodie before heading out. You've got some investigating to do, time to go to LYST.

EDMANGO’S NOTE: You like making stories of my characters, well now it’s time for me to flip the script. Happy EARLY birthday Himitsu!
No. 137275 ID: bf679a
File 164749026441.png - (6.64MB , 3250x4000 , Shards_EdCom.png )

Commissioned piece of Anabor and Chi Sava from SHARDS.
No. 137277 ID: e51896
File 164753268062.png - (1.83MB , 2228x2560 , Gecko_Vs_Canknee.png )

Fanart for EDMANGO's quest CATALYST and Donut's quest Lazy Fairy. Battle of the hotheads. Who will win, Tanwen, or Cannie?

No. 137292 ID: eedbeb
File 164789448231.png - (14.69KB , 500x500 , bonus1.png )

“I have a bit of a hangover, why did you bring us here this early.” Cat groans. He’s still wearing his bowtie from the party and there are hickies strewn over his chest and shoulders. The gym has the remnants of the party, with tables strewn around and the sound equipment set up by the dance floor. It’s noon. There’s a cockroach nesting in Cat’s hair. If this is the savior of the world, they’re fucked.

Sunshine flutters in front of Cat’s fancy demon favored face like a berserk Christmas ornament. “I don’t care that you can’t hold your liquor because you’re a weak little bitch boy, apart from your slutty bunny pal you guys need combat training to be able to take on my dungeon or you’ll get smoked on the first floor. I go through all this trouble to draw up a contract with bacon bits over there and you’re going to throw it all away because you’re the “leader” and you’d rather lead your friends to their deaths than put in any actual effort!”

Cat clamps his mouth shut at this one, a hurt look on his round features. Sunshine sneers and turns to Landi, who’s rubbing her face, no doubt much more hungover than Cat, but also more experienced with binge drinking than the pathetic overpowered limp dick human.

“You got your people ready?” he asks gruffly.

“Yeah dude, holy fuck that’s bright.” Landi’s orb flickers as the fairy comes to the horrifying realization that the blinding light that surrounds her most of the time is not helping with her headache. Worldview destroyed, Landi shrugs and flits to an open space where she can work her magic.

While Landi readies her portal to summon her party members from their campsite in the mountains, Sunshine flutters nervously between the assembled humans and kin in various stages of undress. Sure he was talking tough to Cat, but he personally wants to make a good impression for Landi’s crew or else the female fairy will think he has a small metaphorical dick game. He showed her the literal dick game some hours ago but fairies are gossipy bitches by nature and a few words about how Mr. Ex Dungeon Master is losing his grip will ruin his already frayed reputation.

The cat lady with the green earring, Nipha, is experimentally sitting on the floor and lifting her leg. After her awakening early yesterday, Sunshine has high hopes for the so-called royalty.

“Can you give yourself head?” Sunshine asks before he can help himself.

“Mleh—naw I’m not flexible enough.” Nipha sighs. “You need something pipsqueak?”

“I just want to make sure you take this fight seriously and not turn it into an orgy or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with orgies, I’m just trying to make a good impression here.”

“Dude, it’s fine. Serah and Landi are already pals with Cat, they’re not gonna judge. Also I got my powers literally less than 24 hours ago and I’m not an expert.”

“Just please, I’m literally begging you to try to win.”

She yawns and makes another valiant effort to reach her head between her legs. “Yeah, yeah. I left my stuff at home when you got us out of bed at the crack of fucking dawn, get me a sword and I can make it work.”

Sunshine squints out the windows to confirm that it is in fact, fucking noon, but doesn’t comment. There’s an excess of swords in Sunshine’s inventory and he hands her a short, well-polished blade. Nipha takes it and stands to perform a few fancy hilt trips to test the balance and to also show off.

“Oh that’s good. Do that when they actually arrive.” Sunshine advises.

“You got it.”

There’s a surge of magic that tickles his wings and a cold fresh breeze that smells of pine trees and old snow blows through the gym. Laughter, excited chatter, and a bosom the size of a single family fairy home enters the gym followed by a dolled up anthropomorphic fox and a stern elf.

“Everyone’s here!” Landi says, voice wavering from the exertion of casting such an impressive spell.

“Alright, listen up!” Sunshine tears his gaze away from the three newcomers, who stay a short separated from the kin, and pulls a matching pair of amulets from his inventory. “These are the Friendly Fire Toggle Off Amulets, FFTOA for short, and—“

“Kind of a mouthful.” someone mutters.

“Shut up. Who said that? Shut up! I’m explaining the extremely important training procedure and I don’t need backtalk.” Sunshine clears his throat aggressively and shakes the amulets at the assembled groups. “Even though one on one fights are rare in a real adventuring scenario, I want to establish a baseline so I know what my team needs to work on.”

The red gems set in the amulets wink in the fluorescent gym lights. Sunshine smiles with satisfaction at the way everyone’s eyes are drawn to the artifacts. He’s the center of attention, maybe he’ll get more respect after this for his great leadership skills.

“Two people can wear these amulets and then ‘turn off’ friendly fire between them. That means they won’t be able to hurt each other, or themselves for that matter, there’s a force field that prevents contact from weapons and limbs and magic and stuff. Don’t ask me exactly how it works, these are fairly serious magic items and there’s some AI in there that knows what attacks are coming from who.”
No. 137293 ID: eedbeb
File 164789451608.png - (13.56KB , 500x500 , bonus2.png )

Cat meekly raises his hand to ask a question and Sunshine feels a surge of vicious pleasure from deliberately ignoring him. Sadly, this doesn’t last very long.

“Cat has a question.” Willamina says pointedly.

“Oh I’m sorry, didn’t see you there. Ask away.”

Cat lowers his hand. “I’m just wondering how the fight can be decided if neither participant will take damage.”

“That’s a good question.” Sunshine grudgingly admits. “It’s true that it’s an unrealistic way to fight, usually people will get injured over the course of a battle, which hampers their abilities, but this is more of a training exercise. People will still run out of mana, at least. Also, the amulets sound an alarm when they block an attack that would cause severe damage, so that’ll be our indication if someone’s won. There’s an upper energy limit, but I don’t think any of us will go over it.”

Privately, Sunshine mulls over his two ulterior motives for his methods. The first is that he wants the Cat crew to realize how outclassed they are without actually losing. Landi’s party looks like they’ve spent weeks traveling and are all toned lean muscle from a diet of whole grains and meat, even if they smell like they haven’t seen a bar of soap in a while. Cardio and endurance are very important for the adventurer. It’s a marathon not a sprint yada yada yada.

The second reason is that this is an oh so subtle nudge towards encouraging kill moves. Sunshine knows the type of guy like Cat, never even murdered someone or something before, probably would hesitate and try to talk it out first if the monster had a pair of tits or pretended to be nice. Landi told him last night how her party wiped out a group of harpies and goblins with ease and zero hesitation on the matter of dispatching sentient creatures. That’s the kind of attitude Cat could use. Us vs. them, kill or be killed.

If the human wants to survive, he needs to be ruthless. Luckily, friendly competition is the perfect unsuspicious motivator for Sunshine’s schemes.

“Any more questions? Okay, we’ll want to split into fighting pairs, though people can go more than once if they feel like it. Team with the most wins at the end gets the satisfaction of being objectively better.” the fairy concludes.

Willamina and Cat immediately approach the blonde woman who looks part giantess while the elf and the malformed fox spirit linger in the back. The fox girl seems a little overwhelmed by all the new sights and smells and the unhealthy processed snacks on a nearby table have most of her attention.

“Do those work for fairies?” Landi asks while Sunshine hovers in the air waiting for everyone to get their shit together.

“Uh, I think so. Were you planning to fight? You must be low on dust from that big portal.” he answers in surprise.

Landi puffs out her chest. “Of course! I have some Djinn pals now that aid me and I’m not just a pretty party girl. Never let a sister do anything dumb alone.”

Sunshine takes a moment to admire said puffed out chest. “Good for you, what kind of Djinns?”

“Wellll…I should probably just use Genice, N-A-C-L could get excited by the challenge and go over the power limit on those amulets. You should fight too! It’d be fun.”

Sunshine hesitates. “I’m the very important referee so I won’t get in the ring except as a manipulation tactic to advance my party’s survival odds.”

Landi socks him in the side. “Oh sure sure, I gotchu. Gotta play hard to get.”

A furtive movement catches his flighty attention. Mint, the other cat woman (somebody has a type) inches closer to the fox girl like she’s sneaking up on an elusive prey. Taranis the stormcrow doesn’t react to seeing Mint with all the professionalism of a true no strings attached fling. Damn, that bird is good.

“Do you want to fight?” Mint says politely to Dotti, who lets go of a packet of chips like she was burned.

“I wasn’t stealing.” the fox says instantly.

Mint gives a tinkling laugh. “They’re free snacks cutie. How about it? I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Hey Mint, go easy on the flirting, Dotti’s a kid, kind of.” Cat interjects.

Mint squints at the fox, who’s fur fluffs up a bit in alarm at the inspection. “She is?”

“It’s one of those super old but with a childlike mind things.” Landi explains. “A very dumb, idiotic, childlike mind belonging to a spirit who spent most of her life in a hole in the dirt.”

Mint frowns. “If she’s old enough to consent—“

“No. That’s an order, Mint.” Cat says gruffly.

“Fine prude, whatever, let's fight kid.”
No. 137294 ID: eedbeb
File 164789454927.png - (10.64KB , 500x500 , bonus3.png )

Dotti, who took advantage of the awkward conversation to stuff as many chips into her mouth as possible, nods. Satisfied to have his first volunteers, Sunshine lights the way to the dance floor so that there’s some space to run around. As a second thought, he asks Serah to drag some of the tables over to form makeshift cover.

“No need to announce your weapons and abilities beforehand, we need to learn to expect the unexpected.” he says. He swoops down to give an amulet to each kin, with a brief lesson on how to activate them.

“You got this Dotti!” Serah cheers.

“Show us what you practiced.” Raelynn adds.

Mint tosses her hair and takes a spell casting stance. The amulets are glowing red to show they’re active. As far as Sunshine knows, Mint isn’t really a fighter but he’s still tentatively optimistic about her chances against a figurative child.

“So I can’t hurt her if I use my magic.” Dotti says slowly. “Like I won’t accidentally, er, erase her memory or burn all her fur.”

Sunshine nods. “That’s right, give it all you’ve got.”

At the fairy’s words, the fox visibly relaxes and raises a paw. The non-combatants take up spectator positions several meters away, hooting and yelling for their representatives.

“Ready ladies? You may start in three…two…one…”

Dotti makes a quick hand motion and the next thing Sunshine knows there’s a blinding pillar of fire where Mint was standing and a shrill ‘beep beep beep’ as the cat lady’s amulet signals serious damage.


The fox flinches and struggles for a moment to control her magic before turning it off. Mint reappears, stunned but completely uncooked.

“You did well Dotti, you won your match and the cat lady wasn’t harmed.” Serah calls.

“Yeah, yeah you did, it’s fine, just wait a second.” Sunshine needs to compose himself after that explosive display. Where does Landi find these people? Mint looks surprised as well, and a little disturbed, while Willamina grabbed Cat’s hand in a tight grip. Oh right, burnt bacon over there probably has some trauma related to magic flames, whoops.

“That counts as a point for your team, but how about we give it another try without the fire? Mint didn’t even get to do anything.” the fairy suggests.

“I don’t have anything else that can do big damage though.” Dotti says.

“You have perfectly good, er, sharp fox teeth and you probably have some artifacts you can use, I hope.”

Dotti brightens and scampers over to Serah to get a selection of alchemical explosives before returning to her spot across from Mint.

“Okay, three…two…one…”

This time nobody is instantly incinerated, which makes for a much better spectator experience and an opportunity for Sunshine to actually critique.

He notices that Mint gets increasingly frustrated as her basic spells have zero effect due to the amulet. Gonna have to think bigger than a tiny fireball kitty cat—Dotti on the other hand seems to be playing more than fighting. The fox chases the cat around the tables and throws a flashbang that blinds everyone except Sunshine and Landi. He spots the fox as she tackles Mint to the ground and tries to close her jaws around the cat’s throat, prompting another round of beeps.

“You can’t just break bottles on the ground, some of us are barefoot in here!” Nipha shrieks, eyes closed and clutching her paw where a jagged shard of glass is embedded in her pad. Oooh that’s nasty, Sunshine swoops down to get a closer look as beads of blood leak out of the wound. Nipha must have left her hover boots at home after a long night of boning her pal Rudy. Since the broken flask was from the bomb in Dotti and Mint’s fight, the amulet won’t register it as a problem when it’s Nipha’s turn. Fuck, he forgot to do a Job Hazard Analysis, dungeon OSHA is going to fine him for this.

“I’m sorry! We’re not usually inside while we’re fighting, I didn’t think about that.” Serah says. The large woman fusses around her pack for a different potion while blinking the glare out of her eyes. “Have a sip of this and you should be fine.”

Nipha accepts the healing potion, but Serah’s generosity doesn’t change the fact that the whole floor is covered in almost invisible razor shards, which gives Team Shoes an unfair advantage. He needs to take charge.

“Time out!” Sunshine calls. “Cat, go get a broom and sweep this up.”

“Why do I have to—okay fine.” the human grumbles. Everyone mills around aimlessly while Cat finds a large dust mop. His sweeping form is abysmal, and Sunshine makes sure to point out all the spots he’s missed, until finally the designated fight area is clean.

Since the last round went to Dotti again, the current score is 2-0. It’s been long enough that everyone else has paired up, and two more ladies step forward.
No. 137295 ID: eedbeb
File 164789458686.png - (13.05KB , 500x500 , bonus4.png )

Raelynn strings her bow while Nipha does some sick sword tricks for intimidation. The elf’s strategy makes sense, except that it’s a fairly close quarters fight and a ranged weapon like a bow probably won’t work. The glass incident has put Sunshine on edge and he realizes that if Nipha’s in front of the spectators when she dodges an arrow, someone will end up kebabed and die.

“Wait a second! Hold on.” Sunshine flies between Rae and Nipha. “Sorry, no bows, don’t want to risk fatal injury or property damage.”

“What? But that’s my main weapon. How is this a fair demonstration of my skills if I can’t even use a bow?” Rae complains.

The proud elf is right of course, but this is a great opportunity to keep things competitive. It wouldn’t do to have team Landi with an early insurmountable lead.

“Sorry, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. This is supposed to be a practice bout! How about we have two rounds like we did before to make up for it? One with melee weapons and one hand to hand, you’re a strong warrior elf so you’re bound to win.”

Rae hesitates, but the flattery and peer pressure is enough to earn Sunshine a stiff nod. Landi hands her a sword to match Nipha’s and the pair assume dueling position.

They leap into action at Sunshine’s signal, an instant cacophony of clashing blades moving almost too fast to follow by mortal eyes. Both quickly grasp that glancing cuts do nothing thanks to the amulets, and start going for more damaging slashes in lieu of guarding.

Sunshine’s no expert on swordplay, but he thinks Nipha might have a slight edge purely on skill. They’re both talented enough that he surreptitiously yawns and checks his watch as the fight drags on for several minutes.

The atmosphere shifts when Nipha sucks in a deep breath and holds it, the starting condition for her main and most busted power. Her blows slowly speed up until Raelynn is struggling to match them.

Finally Nipha throws her weight behind a stab that bounces off the amulet forcefield with a red flash. The familiar beeping prompts hollering from Nipha’s friends, and the cat takes a few deep breaths before basking in the applause.

There’s a flash of rage in Rae’s eye that makes Sunshine nervous, but that was honestly a fair loss. Tough luck for the elf who’s never met her match or whatever.

“Good job Nipha, do you feel recovered enough for the next round?”

“Yup, doing great.”

Sunshine turns to Rae. “Anything you’d like to add before we do a melee fight?”

“I do have a request. For this next bout, since we won’t have weapons, why not take the amulets off? That way we’ll have a more realistic fight but no one will be at risk of fatal injury.”

It’s an innocent enough ask which means someone is absolutely going to get hurt. There’s a lot of entertainment value in comedic minor injury when there’s healing potions on hand, so Sunshine accepts the suggestion. “As long as your partner is willing to do the same and nobody has unholy fire magic they haven’t told me about.”

“I’m game.” Nipha gives a sly, sensual smile. “Can’t wait to get your hands on all this, eh?” The cat turns and waggles her hips.

Rae’s one visible eye narrows. “Yes. Right. I cannot resist your powerful and sexy aura.”

The elf fibs as well as a pile of bricks, but Nipha seems to fall for it. Cultural differences maybe? There haven’t been any sexy happenings yet and Sunshine assumes Nipha thinks this is part of the fun.

The pair shed their amulets and put down their swords. Raelynn rolls her shoulders while Nipha strikes various provocative poses that show off her tits and ass. Again, he’s not a furry, but something like lust stirs in his hindbrain at the show.

“We’ll go until someone taps out, or says ‘I give’ or similar.” he announces.

Nipha sucks in a deep breath. At least she’s still taking things seriously.


Raelynn stays where she is as Nipha dashes forward, unnaturally quick. The short space between them narrows in an instant and Sunshine trains his eyes on the collision point. The way Nipha’s getting faster seems more exponential than linear, which makes it difficult to predict.

Difficult but not impossible. Rae ducks out of the way just in time and Nipha exhales, skidding to a stop. The heir turns around right as Rae unleashes a cross punch with her full strength behind it. There’s an audible crack when her fist lands directly on Nipha’s snout and the combatants fall away from each other.

“Brog my fuggin’ nose!” Nipha snarls. She has a paw over her face and blood is gushing down her chin.

There’s a small grin on Rae’s face and the elf stands tall, shaking her hand where the knuckles are bruised from the powerful blow. “Do you yield?”

The wound is already swelling and Sunshine thinks he can even see visible deformation in the cartilage. Ohohoho, nasty.

When Nipha doesn’t reply, Rae kicks her in the diaphragm and the cat goes down.

“Alright, alright, break it up. Rae wins.” Sunshine says.

The haughty elf strides over to Dotti while Nipha struggles to regain her breath before slowly getting to her feet.

“Canb I hab more of thab healing potion?” she asks Serah, who quickly hands over the bottle.

After Nipha is finished drinking, Serah coughs. “I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention that healing potions are not, in fact, an infinite resource and maybe we should put Sir Sunshine’s amulets back on.”

Cat looks like he wants to agree, but Nipha walks back into the ring.

“One more round. Hand to hand.” Nipha insists, glaring at Sunshine, who’s more than happy to comply.

“If both parties agree, I think we can have a best of three tie breaker.” he says. To Sunshine’s surprise, Rae shakes her head and Nipha growls something that sounds suspiciously like ‘coward’. The elf doesn’t take the bait, sticking next to Dotti, back tall, and he’s left to flounder to ease the tension. 3-1, Landi’s favor.

“Do we have any more volunteers?” he asks.
No. 137296 ID: eedbeb
File 164789461256.png - (14.07KB , 500x500 , bonus5.png )

Serah and Willamina step forward. At this point the rules seem to have solidified themselves, and the women agree to two rounds with all of their equipment and the amulets active. Serah has a bag full of nasty potions and a warhammer while Willamina has her powers and water launcher bracelet. If Sunshine was a betting fairy, which he was under contractual obligation not to be as a conflict of interest, he’d bet on Serah.

To his surprise, the fight starts and big blondie is surprisingly conservative with her concoctions. Maybe they’re hard to make and she doesn’t want to waste them? Or she doesn’t want to get more glass everywhere. Either way she seems to be sticking to her hammer only to be hampered by the steadily growing ice.

“Go Bacon! Knock her dead!” Sunshine cheers. He heats himself with a quick spell as the temperature drops and the fight drags on longer than even Rae and Nipha’s, neither woman able to land a killing blow.

That endurance shit he was thinking about earlier starts to come into play. Willamina is panting hard while Serah is also breathing heavily. Serah finally tackles Willamina to the ground in perfect strangling position, but hesitates out of some misplaced moral obligation to a poker buddy.

This gives Willamina enough time to shove a spear of ice at the exposed pale throat, and Serah’s amulet finally rings with alarm.

After a long break where Serah tries some of those exotic fried vegetables Dotti is raving about and Willamina goes to the bathroom, they return for their second round.

Willamina is tired before they even start, sending out less ice and barely dodging the heavy hammer swings. Sunshine considers loaning her some of his mana, but that would send the wrong message. The message he’s trying to teach about getting some cardio and Cat being woefully unprepared for monster fighting. Instead he grits his teeth and stays floating above the battlefield.

It’s still painful to watch as Willamina is slowly worn down and finished via what would have been a skull cracking to the cheers of Team Landi. Cat, the damn simp, immediately lifts Willamina to her feet with assurances that she did great and that he cares about her and oh my Goddess Sunshine is going to vomit because he is a bitter broken jealous fairy.

With a score of 4-2, a tie is still possible. Landi taps him on the shoulder and grins in his face. “I’m next! Me and kiddy Cat are gonna brawl.”

“Kick his ass.” Sunshine says instantly, tie forgotten.

“Aw, c’mon, you’re on his side. Show some team spirit!”

“You don’t want me to root for you? A super hot, smart fairy who’s great with magic to boot?” Sunshine teases.

“Oh stop it.” Landi laughs with a full on blue blush. “Cat is stronger than you think, I’m playing to win but I won’t be surprised if I lose. You’re just a grump sometimes.”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

She reaches around his wings and rocks him by the shoulders playfully and he chases her around in the air for a bit until he’s dizzy with something like happiness.

“Let me shrink one amulet with illusion magic so you can wear it.” He puffs. It takes more effort than he expected to overcome the artifact’s innate aura, but soon it’s the perfect size to nestle in Landi’s limited cleavage.
No. 137297 ID: eedbeb
File 164789462951.png - (14.28KB , 500x500 , bonus6.png )

Cat walks forward holding what looks like a little lap dragon with a double barreled mouth. The amulet winks at Sunshine from where it dangles around Cat’s soft neck. Red is a terrible color on him.

Everyone moves to one side of the makeshift arena so that Cat is pointing away. The human gives a test shot of flames, which almost reach the tall ceiling.

“Watch where you’re pointing that.” Sunshine snaps.

“Yeah, I’ll be careful. We ready to start?”

Landi zooms into place slightly higher than the top of Cat’s head.

“On your mark, get set, go!”

“Ka-chok.” Cat says, and the dragon belches lightning at the glowing orb above him.

Cheeky. Okay, maybe Cat does have some fighting experience because he’s not hesitating to apply constant pressure to the fairy. Sunshine doesn’t like the way acid is getting everywhere on the nice wood flooring, but at least the shotgun’s range won’t put the spectators in danger.

“Genice, Genice, Djinn of–gah!” Landi dodges a blast of freezing vapor that would have frozen her wings solid, only to be buffeted by a gust of compressed air. Cat is cackling in a very evil overlord kind of way, and honestly, good for him.

Eventually the human gets lucky with his scattershot approach and lands a direct hit that has the miniature amulet ringing in distress.

“Not fair! I couldn’t even summon Genice because I was getting shot at the whole time.” Landi complains.

“Fine, for round two you can bring Genice here beforehand.” Sunshine says.

The fairy buzzes with new vigor. “Genice, Genice, Djinn of Ice, help me give this fight some spice!”

An unfamiliar blue spirit swirls into being, created by Landi’s dust. “Uh, where the hell are we?” she asks.

“It helps if you don’t think too hard about that. The important thing is that I need your help proving fairies are better than humans.”

“Aren’t they?”

“They totally are.” Landi agrees. “Once this stud here says go, I want you to make an ice vortex around that guy with a dragon gun.”

“No problem.”

Cat’s brow is furrowed in thought. Usually one’s enemies won’t be discussing their moves loudly in earshot, but it’s in character for Landi to be a blabbermouth.

“Get into position everyone.” Sunshine orders.

This time Cat immediately ducks for cover behind the tables and covers himself with a ring of flames that stops the worst effects of the cold. Steam from the interaction of the two conflicting elements starts to rise and obscure the area.

Sunshine can still see Landi’s glow through the fog as she argues with Genice.

“One spell girl! That’s what you asked for and that’s what you get. Maybe he’s frozen and we just can’t see him.” the Djinn says hopefully.

Sunshine notices a cute little dragon face poking over the edge of the table and taking aim.

“Naw, he used fire to counteract your sick ice skills, I need to find another spell. I’m so worn out already, ugh, I usually have my friends to help actually kill things.” Landi complains.

Arcs of lightning leap for the pair and Genice dodges just in time. Landi isn’t nearly as lucky, and one of the sparks hits her full on.

The shrill beep of the amulet sounds and Cat emerges to run into Nipha’s arms so the cat can lift him onto her shoulders.

“Final score is 4-4, I guess neither group is better than the other.” Sunshine says.

“Wait, it’s not over, you can still fight.” Landi protests. Genice has left and the fairy buzzes over to the kitsune girl. “Dotti, come get us some more points!”

“Yeah Sunshine! Go for it Sunshine!” Willamina cheers.

The fairy’s wavers, but he shakes his head. “It’s a tie, there’s nothing wrong with that and if I fight no one will have any fun.”

Cat dismounts from Nipha and cocks his head. “What? Why not?”

“With one target that I’ve been in the same room with for hours, I can easily cast a heat spell on an important internal organ and set off the amulet right away. It’ll leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.” He swoops towards Cat to collect the other artifact and tucks the glorified necklaces back into his inventory. “Training’s done for the day team, go have brunch or more sex or whatever you kin do instead of work.”

Sunshine turns to address Landi. “You did great.”

“Don’t try to butter me up when I lost twice.” Landi grumbles. She swats him playfully so at least she’s not too upset.

“But you would have won if you used your full Djinn capabilities and could fly out of range of that shotgun.” Sunshine leans in close but Landi drifts away. “Well, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to come here, maybe we could do this again soon? Do a team exercise like capture the flag so Serah can flex her leadership skills.”

“Yeah. Maybe. All I want right now is a nap.” With a groan, Landi opens the portal again and her crew prepares to leave.

“Bye Cat, bye Willamina!” Serah says. Nipha is already long gone and Mint seems to have slipped away as well without him noticing. The humans wave to each other while Rae and Dotti hurry back to their home dimension. Finally, he’s left in the gym with Cat and Willamina.

Sunshine’s tired too after talking so much. He drifts onto a crispy shoulder and leans into a soft curtain of hair.

“You don’t have to be so hard on Cat.” Willamina murmurs under her breath.

“Someone has to be.”

“People are hard on him all the time. He’s hard on himself. This apocalypse thing is a lot of pressure, you know.”

Sunshine closes his eyes. “That’s what you get for being the main character.”
No. 137305 ID: e51896
File 164822769759.png - (92.53KB , 500x500 , a33.png )

Clive from Himitsu's quest Perpetuity by Tippler
No. 137306 ID: e51896
File 164822784511.png - (72.83KB , 500x500 , a34.png )

Mia from Crows and Milquetoaster's quest Unbalanced by Tippler
No. 137307 ID: e51896
File 164822789221.png - (30.32KB , 500x500 , sketch_036.png )

The Sweaty Kitty from my quest 30 Updates or Less by EDMANGO
No. 137337 ID: e51896
File 164904913398.png - (429.46KB , 1000x1000 , emma.png )

Emma from Ceekay's and Tippler's quest "All Aboard The Sea Sharp Express!" by me
No. 137338 ID: 2aa5f0

What the fuck are you planning on amputating?
No. 137342 ID: 9b127b
File 164918122240.png - (192.00KB , 550x732 , EUFjessica.png )

Jessica from Lacy Lane Mystery Girls club
No. 137343 ID: 9b127b
File 164919323618.png - (282.02KB , 512x512 , NudeLandi.png )

Landi from Lazy fairy
No. 137347 ID: 9b127b
File 164929429592.png - (189.90KB , 550x732 , EUFmelody.png )

Melody from Lacy Lane Mystery Girls club
No. 137371 ID: eedbeb
File 165016405039.png - (115.79KB , 500x500 , a6.png )

dungeneer lady i do not know her
No. 137372 ID: eedbeb
File 165016407641.png - (78.29KB , 500x500 , a7.png )

i cannot spell dungeneer this is hat's problem now
No. 137373 ID: eedbeb
File 165016411276.png - (143.91KB , 500x500 , a8.png )

momo from unbalanced. we live in a society
No. 137379 ID: f2320a
File 165047131801.png - (92.20KB , 700x504 , 164972140302.png )

putting faces on dicks because its just there heads but smaller
No. 137387 ID: 629f2e
File 165074227121.png - (40.39KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 1.png )

Back with more Fan Art + Story, this time for Polt and his amazing quest 30 UPDATES OR LESS. Every update is a joy, hope you like this!


Sweaty Kitty: ...And one! And two! And one! And two!
Sweaty Kitty: Annnnnnd done!

She hunches over in relief, panting for air.

Sweaty Kitty: *pant pant* Jeez... *pant pant* Mr. Armstrong’s 15-minute exercises are intense.
Sweaty Kitty: But *pant pant* they’re also really energizing!
Sweaty Kitty: I don’t know why Rowland never wants to join. He already reads while he’s working, why read during his break too?

She sighs in disappointment. Trying to get her secretary to exercise with her was a losing battle that she really needed to quit fighting. She only ever managed to draw him out one time. It was only because he ended up finishing his book early, and didn’t have anything else to read during his break. Even then, he quit halfway through the routine.

Maybe 200 jumping jacks was a bit much for a beginner like him, but he would have felt so much better if he stuck it out with her!

Nowadays, whenever she asks about it, he just says “If I sweat like you, I’d ruin the paperwork I’m filing.”

Oh well. Working out by herself was lonely, but Mr. Armstrong’s daily exercises on the highway had been unfortunately postponed. Something about him needing to “improve his body so that he can be the teacher we all deserve.” SK suspects that this is really about his loss in that silly tongue twister fight the other day. Thankfully, being the cool instructor he is, he has plenty of workout routines up on his channel. There were even videos of Rocio screaming at you to go along with them, it was like you were really there!

Sweaty Kitty: PHEW! Okay, that’s enough of that.
Sweaty Kitty: My break’s just about up. I’d better get back to work before any clients show up.

No. 137390 ID: 629f2e
File 165074244690.png - (58.74KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 2.png )

With one final stretch, she puts her phone away in her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION and makes for the back door to her office. As she reaches for the handle though, she catches a glimpse of herself in the window.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh my gosh!
Sweaty Kitty: This top is totally see-thru right now!

She throws her hands around her chest defensively, despite nobody being around at the moment. That could change at any time however, as her office shares their employee parking lot with every other business working out of the building.

Sweaty Kitty: I can’t go in there like this! My office is on the third floor, and I would pass by soooo many people!
Sweaty Kitty: Even if I cover my chest the whole way, it’d just be too embarrassing.
Sweaty Kitty: Okay, we’re not going in then. What else?
Sweaty Kitty: Oh! I don’t live too far from here. Maybe I could run home really quick and... No, wait! My car keys are still in my office!
Sweaty Kitty: Uggghhhhhh, what am I gonna do?




Sweaty Kitty: I could call Rowland and ask him to bring out my car keys. Then I wouldn’t have to walk inside.
Sweaty Kitty: ...But I’d either have to explain my situation to him over the line. And I’d have to wait out here, where employees could be leaving or returning to/from their own lunch breaks at any time.
Sweaty Kitty: Even then, I’d have to drive home, and potentially be seen by any other driver who peeks over...

Sweaty Kitty: I could try to bribe the first person I see to loan me a shirt. But that’s risky.
Sweaty Kitty: ...Maybe I could stick some ₵A$H over my nipples to make the walk to my office less embarrassing?

Sweaty Kitty: ...It’ll quench my thirst?

Sweaty Kitty: Does not work
Sweaty Kitty: But it does keep me from smelling bad after a workout

>- Sprint to your office and hope nobody sees you

>- Dry your shirt somehow

No. 137391 ID: 629f2e
File 165074248603.png - (52.08KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 3.png )

As she considers all of her options, it’s suddenly clear what she needs to do.

Sweaty Kitty: On a sunny day like this, it should only take a minute or two for my shirt to dry, once I take it off my wet body.
Sweaty Kitty: Then it won’t be see-through, and I can go back inside without anyone ever seeing my breasts!
Sweaty Kitty: ...But that does mean I’m gonna have to take it off.”

She looks around again. The parking lot remains empty, save for her and a few parked cars. No witnesses in sight.

Sweaty Kitty: ...Well, if it’s just for a minute or two.
Sweaty Kitty: And I can always jump under a car if anyone comes out!

With her self-assurances uttered, she grabs the hem of her shirt and pulls it over her head, freeing her nipples. The rush of cool air on her chest is very nice. She definitely wasn’t an exhibitionist, but anyone with fur knows the temptation to ditch their clothes and let their bodies breathe on days like this. Heck, she even knows some people who give into that temptation. A couple of her friends have highly recommended visiting, if not moving into, the Free Fur section of New Crust City, where public decency laws don’t apply.

It isn’t for her, but right now she doesn’t have much of a choice.

As she pulls the soaked fabric over her arms, she starts looking around for a place to let it dry.

Sweaty Kitty: Let’s see... It’ll need direct sunlight, and preferably it’ll be hanging, so that the sweat won’t just puddle up under it...
Sweaty Kitty: Oh! There!

No. 137392 ID: 629f2e
File 165074251625.png - (31.75KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 4.png )

She spots a signpost in the lot that fits her needs perfectly. With a ginger toss, the shirt drapes over it.

Sweaty Kitty: And in just a few minutes, that situation should be entirely resolved. I just have to wait.
Sweaty Kitty: ...
Sweaty Kitty: ...

No. 137393 ID: 629f2e
File 165074253594.png - (43.05KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 5.png )

Sweaty Kitty: OH COME ON!
No. 137394 ID: 629f2e
File 165074259780.png - (57.04KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 6.png )

Sweaty Kitty: HEY! Get back here you stupid bird!

The raven completely ignores her demand, flying high with the stolen apparel in its beak. It looks back at SK with a smug grin, as it soars off into the horizon.

Sweaty Kitty: I said come back- oh, who am I kidding. He’s totally gone already...
Sweaty Kitty: Now what!? I am DEFINITELY not walking through that door topless.
Sweaty Kitty: ...Am I really gonna have to call Rowland to get me out of this?

As she’s about to begin debating the least mortifying way to ask for help, she’s interrupted by a voice in the distance. An approaching voice!

Sweaty Kitty: Someone’s coming!

She quickly dives under a car, and only peeks out enough that she can check for when the coast is clear. It’s only as the voice gets nearer does she recognize it. It sounds like...

Rowland! What is he doing out here, was he looking for her?

Rowland: Not here either? But her car’s still... Ugh, never mind, I’ll just have to call.

She hears a few beeps as he quickly dials a number.

Rowland: ...And, no response. Did she leave her phone in her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION again? She really needs to stop that.
Rowland: Whatever, voicemail it is.
Rowland: ...Hey boss, I had to step out early. My sister’s kids got let out of school early, and she and her wife are working too far from home today to pick them up.
Rowland: I’ll turn in an unscheduled leave form tomorrow morning. I hope you’re able to manage without me today. Apologies for the inconvenience.”
Rowland: I’ll see you tomorrow.

As he climbs into the car she’s hiding beneath, SK considers stopping him. She didn’t have any other ideas on how to handle her current PROBLEM, and she wouldn’t have another chance to get his help once he leaves. It was really now or never!
No. 137395 ID: 629f2e
File 165074263831.png - (66.67KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 7.png )

...And she firmly chose never!

Hesitation would be her downfall. She waited too long, too embarrassed to step out and approach him. The door shuts over her, and the car’s engine starts. He was leaving.

She crawls backwards, hoping to get out from under the car before it starts moving. As she feels the sun’s rays hit the base of her tail though, she feels something bump her hips. The tailpipe? Whatever it was, she should leave before-
No. 137396 ID: 629f2e
File 165074267070.png - (58.90KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 8.png )


As the vehicle pulls backwards, her sweatpants get hooked on the tailpipe. They tear like paper, ripping the fabric clean off her legs. By the time she’d realized it, she was watching the car pull out of the lot, with her torn off trousers dragging loosely behind it.

Tentatively, with a quiet prayer, she reaches back in the hopes that she’ll feel a nice cottony texture. The pants were gone, but perhaps she at least had-
No. 137397 ID: 629f2e
File 165074272648.png - (53.68KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 9.png )

Nope, no underwear. She went commando today.

She’d upgraded from Topless to Nude.

SWEATY KITTY has failed to get out of the SITUATION and it has turned into a PROBLEM

Sweaty Kitty: How does this keep getting worse!? I JUST wanted to exercise!
Sweaty Kitty: ...I can’t just stay here. And I’m not running for my office, too many people I see regularly. So that just leaves...

She looks out towards the sidewalk, imagining the route in her head.

Sweaty Kitty: ...I REALLY don’t live far. I mean, I used to walk over all the time before I started attending Mr. Armstrong’s highway classes during my break.
Sweaty Kitty: It’d only take me... what, 15 UPDATES? Hmm, wait, but I can't take my usual route.
Sweaty Kitty: If I avoid all of the busy streets, and cut through a few backyards...
Sweaty Kitty: It’ll be longer for sure, but it’ll be worth it if nobody sees me. I bet I could make it there in 30 UPDATES! Maybe even less.
Sweaty Kitty: I guess lying here on the asphalt won’t get any pants on this pussy. Might as well TRY to solve this PROBLEM.

No. 137398 ID: 629f2e
File 165074276004.png - (104.22KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 10.png )

And so... she tries!

And after many thrilling UPDATES worth of near misses, clever stealth, and lucky breaks...

No. 137400 ID: 629f2e
File 165074284788.png - (59.79KB , 1280x720 , SK Situation 11.png )

Sweaty Kitty: ...Y’know, I actually made it pretty darn far without anyone noticing me!
Sweaty Kitty: But, yeah, P.I. Zzander busted me when I had to hide out in the woods. Probably for the best though. If he just walked past, I was going to have to try cutting through the parade, and I really didn’t have a good option to do that without being seen.
Sweaty Kitty: And that’s basically how I ended up here.

Jerry has to rub some of the sweat off his own forehead. He wasn’t sure if the cat in his neighboring cell realized how hot the story she told was or not, but damn. If he wasn’t on the clock or in a holding cell, he’d definitely spend a few minutes clearing his head. Too bad he’s gotta get this pizza to the customer in just 12 UPDATES, or else it’ll be free. Still, he at least has some time to chat.

Jerry mentions that the Sweaty Kitty sounds pretty chipper for someone who clearly failed to solve their PROBLEM.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh? I failed? Is that what you think?

...Jerry nods.

Sweaty Kitty: Then what do you call this!?

She tugs on the orange jumpsuit she’s wearing. The standard criminal garb. It was a bit early for her to be wearing it, she’s supposed to get a hearing first, but they probably gave it to her since she didn’t have much else.

Sweaty Kitty: I wanted to avoid being seen and get dressed. Admittedly Zzander did see more than I would have liked, but I still ended up dressed, didn’t I?
Sweaty Kitty: Plus, he was more embarrassed about it than I was, so I’m not gonna count him.
Sweaty Kitty: See? Happy ending, I got clothes!

Yes, Jerry agrees with her. But he also quickly adds that those clothes cost her having a criminal record. She just grins at that.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh, I dunno about that. I didn’t have any ID on me when they dragged me in, and I refused to answer any questions.
Sweaty Kitty: All I gotta do is get out of here, and it’ll be like it never happened!
Sweaty Kitty: Preferably soon. They may have mentioned that Purr Feckt was coming down, and I have a feeling she’d recognize me from our last encounter.

Jerry mockingly suggests that Purr Feckt would have a perfect memory. She can do just about everything except admit she’s wrong. The Sweaty Kitty laughs at that.

He asks if she has any plan on escaping the holding cells.

Sweaty Kitty: Well... To be honest, I was still working on that.
Sweaty Kitty: Do you have any ideas? If you help me out, I could try to help you finish your delivery.

Jerry sighs, before a small smirk comes to his face. He mentions that he might just have a couple ideas to break them free.


...But with some ingenuity and teamwork, it definitely won’t turn into a PROBLEM :)

No. 137411 ID: 5fc3a0
File 165106618884.png - (276.30KB , 1584x998 , GiveGallsbyaLick Final1584.png )

Gallsby is unsafe for work (from Frillsby & Gallsby)
No. 137413 ID: 15a025
File 165132723833.png - (7.31KB , 800x800 , Allison star gazingb.png )

Some fanart of Allison from Unnatural Selection to celebrate 10 years of the quest!
No. 137414 ID: 15a025
File 165132726931.png - (2.16KB , 200x200 , Allison star gazing.png )

1:1 scale.
No. 137415 ID: 67cdb5

Nice! And ten years, wow. How time flies.
No. 137425 ID: e51896
File 165198485828.png - (176.38KB , 500x500 , a4.png )

Sarah Hanchett from Anon44's quest June quest drawn by Tippler
No. 137426 ID: eedbeb
File 165203154777.png - (128.54KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

carrot from king of pentacles
No. 137427 ID: eedbeb
File 165203158733.png - (233.18KB , 600x600 , a2.png )

unchosen pig from crystal spire
No. 137428 ID: eedbeb
File 165203161121.png - (192.65KB , 500x500 , a5.png )

the famous rokoa from asteroid quest
No. 137429 ID: eedbeb
File 165203165913.png - (156.23KB , 500x500 , a3.png )

archivist lady from audit quest
No. 137431 ID: eedbeb
File 165215467962.png - (113.52KB , 500x500 , a9.png )

stargazer from dungeoneer
No. 137457 ID: 9b127b
File 165308286973.png - (207.33KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler1.png )

Exhibition Expedition

The three of them had gathered in front of the abandoned stone labyrinth, Prim had been waiting for a while, having set up this experiment on behalf of the guild, Maddie and Princess had been called in as participants

“Hello!” Prim chirped as she walked up to the other two “Guild of Internal Affairs welcomes you both to this exhibition competition!”

Princess raises an eyebrow “Exhibition? This a strip show or something” she felt a slight bit of embarrassment at the thought, she wasn’t good at dancing or anything.
“What? No!” Prim starts flipping through some pages “it’s an exhibition in the sense of showing off your adventuring skills. In a safe controlled environment” Prim began reciting a long list of rules and regulations most of them very specific or confusing

Maddie had begun to doze off. She'd had a sleepless night, the thought of entering another dungeon, even an abandoned one had filled her with bad memories, however the shabby state of the building had done wonders to set her at ease.

Princess was getting impatient “Are we supposed to remember all this?”

Prim laughs “ha hah! Oh no this is mostly for legal reasons! The guild doesn’t want to be held accountable”. Maddie awoke with a start when Prim closed the rule book with a * clap *

“and Remember” prim finished “this is just supposed to be a friendly competition.”

Maddie would have laughed but really wasn’t feeling it instead she gave a large yawn. friendly competitions were for people afraid to lose it honestly this felt like the sort of thing Ahpin would enjoy. Maddie could pull her punches but if Prim actually expected her to make friends and be nice it wasn’t going to happen, she had learned it was better to stay detached that way you couldn’t get hurt when things went wrong.

Prim squints behind her glasses “Miss Madison don’t give me that sour look. this is all for your benefit you know. I would hope that you could take things seriously.”
Maddie rolled her eyes “I thought I was here to humiliate you two honestly, but if this is for my own good or whatever then I better get serious” a sardonic grin etched on her face.

Prim “Well yes you should take this seriously, but do you remember what we discussed?”
Maddie “I think so, you want me to limit my power right?”
No. 137458 ID: 9b127b
File 165308296825.png - (158.17KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler2.png )

Prim adjusts her glasses “exactly! If you use any more power than a regular adventurer would have you lose”

Maddie gives another yawn in response “As long as I get that silver you promised”
“Why am I here?” Princess asks with a scowl

“oh um” Prim flips through some notes “You’re the control group.” Prim rummages through a box and pulls out what appears to be some sort of wand. She winched in anticipation has she lifted the starting sparkler and ignited it in a sizzling pop

Princess looked over to Maddie sizing the dog up, she gave a growl and ran headlong into the maze ducking around the first corner and out of sight

Maddie strolled in after but having a plan she quickly ducked into a hiding place the moment she was out of sight. And watched to see what Prim would do. Maddie smiled to herself the shrimp had a strong salty sea smell and would be easy to track

Prim, having believed the two others were both making good progress, followed the subjects into the empty dungeon; she had a map of special routes that would make it easy to catch up. And outlined hazards and traps.

Princess had never been a cautious adventurer in her youth, but years of experiences and motherhood had taught her at least a small measure of patience. Though most of the traps on this level seemed old, rusted or broken there was always a chance that danger still lurked in some forgotten shadow.

Maddie had an easy time sneaking behind Prim for the entirety of the first level. She gathered that this must have been an easy enough dungeon even when inhabited, if the guild expected this empty husk to truly test her abilities they were sorely mistaken.

As Prim descended down the stairs to the second level she was frustrated with how exhausted she was. She referenced her notes for the second level in theory always following the left hand wall was a foolproof plan, and she was certain it should always work... or at least she had read somewhere that does, however the downside seemed to be that it would take a very long time and her feet were getting very tired.

Princess was proud of herself, years of experience had paid off, hoping down a pit she’d taken an easy shortcut to the second level. The Coyote laughed to herself that young pup was probably still wandering around on the first level looking for the stairs

Prim was taking a breather on a nearby bench when she heard it, or thought she heard it. Prim desperately hoping this dungeon was as empty as the guild promised quickly looked back. Nothing. She sighed tiredly, exhaustion was clearly causing her mind to run wild.
No. 137459 ID: 9b127b
File 165308305043.png - (172.32KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler3.png )

A sigh was also breathed by Maddie who had just barely ducked around the corner in time to avoid being seen.

Princess was frustrated the second level was proving much more complicated than the first, she was definitely lost and that made her angry this had never happened back with her old group with a ranger and druid by her side losing direction was an impossibility. In an earlier bought of anger she had learned that the walls were frustratingly solid, she had tried harder and only hurt her hands having to actually solve this maze was going to be a hassle

Maddie had been following Prim, and judging from the growls and banging princess was never getting off this level. But her brainy crab guide was certainly getting close. And when she did Maddie intended to make her move. She stifled a laugh, and ducked around a corner as Prim quickly turned around, just narrowly avoiding being seen.

Prim was certain she was being followed now she narrowed her eyes and re-adjusted her glasses. It was probably Maddie though either would take her down. She had considered this possibility and prepared just the special trick for the two, she pulled a hidden switch activating the stairs to the third level and instead of going down it, made a mad dash towards the sound of angry banging.

Princess had been going back and forth between the same two dead ends without realising it. Her frustration had been steadily growing and she started smashing into the walls trying to break through them. Not for the first time either, the result this time was only different in that while hammering into the wall she noticed the tell tale signs of previous efforts, finally realising her mistake she bellowed in fury

Maddie didn’t like the sound of that, she was confused by Prim’s change of tactic. Did this egg head really know where she was going? Maddie was this the way to the third level? Or was this some sort of trap? She had made no effort to get the lay of the land and was completely lost if not for her following of the shrimp.

The hammering stopped and Prim was worried, however she could hear the footsteps of her pursuer and only hastened her steps as a result, she kept glancing behind her but do to the twisting turns she never got a clear view of her pursuer, spending so much time looking back proved to be a critical error and she ran headlong into a heavy body.

Princess smiled for the first time that day as she looked down at the small busty shrimp woman. “Mamma was just looking for a way to let off some steam.” Prim turned to run but was much too slow and she found herself scooped up by the back of her dress. Prim flailed and squealed in protest “no stop ,The exit is this way!” in response Princess started bouncing her up and down like a yo yo.
No. 137460 ID: 9b127b
File 165308312613.png - (213.86KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler4.png )

Not having anything better to do she followed the shrimp’s direction

Maddie had only made it halfway down the stairs to the third level when she heard the telltale squeals of Prim behind her. She turned to see a smirking princess holding the squirming shrimp.

“Hey deadbeat” Maddie says as she turns to face this challenger “you got enough fight left in you to fight someone a little bigger?”The dog keeps her scaled arm subdued at her side and reminds herself to keep it cool.

Prim slips out of her dress suddenly, a slight flush reddening her face at the sudden exposure. and scurries out of harm's way as the two former adventurers size each other up, she rummages through her purse and pulls out a notepad. She hadn’t told Maddie but the guild had been expecting failure on the dogs part, more interested in a show of power.

Princess pulls off her cardigan and charges Maddie, the coyote’s left fist goes in for a sharp right hook, but gets stopped by a mass of silver metal. Princess curses she’s no match for this power. A counter attack doesn’t come, the dog seems to be trying to control herself. Princess’s fist is released and a moment passes Maddie smiles and flexes her massive metal limb “you’re no match for me”, the moment then immediately ends as Princess sweeps the leg and Maddie tumbles back down the stairs, “I still got a few tricks left!” Princess hollers as she runs in the other direction.

“ow,ow,ow,ow” Maddie exclaims as she hits every step on the way down. Finally reaching the bottom with a splash she gathers her bruised body, though getting tricked by that dirty fighting bitch hurt her pride a lot more than her body. Getting to her feet and looking around the watery cave, she ducked behind some rocks, planning for an ambush.

Prim had made an effort to follow Princess but it was no use. She was just too slow. She panted in exhaustion.

Reaching the final room on the third level Princess laughed to herself as she saw it, the end gate. victory was hers. She strode triumphantly towards the finish line when she heard a crash behind her. The coyote felt a strange fear as she slowly turned around. A nearby wall had been demolished, a cloud of dust rising in the air. A shadow stood within the dust and slowly walked closer. Princess was frozen in place.
No. 137461 ID: 9b127b
File 165308319504.png - (152.10KB , 816x900 , FanartTippler5.png )

The shadow solidified into Maddie a silver arm moulded as a massive weapon at her side. Shockingly Maddie has no aggression she feels no anger “congratz on reaching the end” her compliment genuine she indicated to Princess to look down the Coyote had backed up several steps and had already passed the finish line.

Tiny hands could be heard as Prim clapped an applause yes congratulations! congratulations! She said still huffing

There was a brief ceremony and where Princess received a certificate and both received payment, Maddie seemed particularly excited about the large pile of Silver. A few attendants then came out and offered refreshments.

Princess had downed many glasses and as much food as she could manage, Maddie wasn’t hungry it seemed, which didn’t bother her. However she was taken aback when the purple pooch approached with sultry eyes, “how about we make this celebration a little more interesting”

“Oh my!” Prim exclaims dropping the cupcake she was eating.

Princess had a mouthful and mumbled something incoherent.

Now feeling a little awkward Maddie backed off “oh sorry, this was the first good experience I had in a dungeon since ...” she trailed off “forget I said anything”

Princess swallowed and just as Maddie turned away she pounced

P.S. what happened after this point was never recorded. It seems whoever was taking notes was somehow distracted.

The End
No. 137473 ID: 15a025
File 165380482804.png - (4.87KB , 400x400 , Mau Sketchb.png )

Sketch of Mau from NOISE. Good quest, go check it out.
No. 137483 ID: 5fc3a0
File 165392114716.png - (525.94KB , 1680x1170 , SaucyVabrelius Final1680 24bit.png )

Vabrelius from Frillsby & Gallsby
No. 137521 ID: e51896
File 165501719479.png - (59.25KB , 1280x720 , 001.png )

It’s a scorchin’ summer afternoon in NEW CRUST CITY as The Sweaty Kitty leans back in her swivel chair staring vacantly at her office ceiling. She is drenched in sweat from an exercise she took during her break a little while ago.

Sweaty Kitty: *Sigh* Guess my budget is going to be pretty tight this week… I’m going to have to eat lightly for awhile, I guess…

The Sweaty Kitty works as a freelance NEGOTIATOR and MEDIATOR, settling any small petty arguments or negotiations that are too small for lawyers and therapists to take. But despite her services being cheap at 10 ₵A$H per appointment or call, Business still has been pretty slow lately as not many people have been making appointments…
Well, there is that one Pizza Guy who calls now and then, and while that pizzeria he is from has been calling a lot for her negotiating and mediating skills per delivery (which makes up 25% of her income each day), most of his phone calls have been mostly for laughs. She guesses that the pizza guy is just lonely or stressed and needs a friend to talk to, even if he messages her a bit too much.

Sweaty Kitty: it’s probably time to get with Rowland tomorrow and see what our options are for advertising, I guess.
Sweaty Kitty: Maybe I should consider looking into bankcard payments instead of sending Rowland to collect the money from the clients after each phone call instead?
Sweaty Kitty: He was always complaining about losing time from reading over paperwork just to fly to the client only to collect their money anyways.
Sweaty Kitty:…
Sweaty Kitty: Naaaaah, how else am I supposed to get him off his chair to exercise those wings of his?
Sweaty Kitty: Besides, I know that when he says he’s reading over paperwork, he’s actually secretly lazily reading those little novels of his…
Sweaty Kitty: So, he’s actually got nothing better to do

The Sweaty Kitty looks over at the clock. 1:00 pm.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh well, at least I can spend this extra free time doing some yoga or aerobics.
Sweaty Kitty: But… ugh… it’s so hot…
Sweaty Kitty: I can’t use the air-conditioning… too much electricity used, and the GREEDY owner of this building won’t allow it.
Sweaty Kitty: Or else I'll have to pay extra to use this office, which I can't afford...
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: But… hmmm… it is a slow day…
Sweaty Kitty: What if I were to… strip to cool off during my extra yoga session?
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: No! What am I thinking?! I don’t want a repeat of what happened the last time I stripped around here which may or may not have been canon!
Sweaty Kitty: And my office door doesn’t have a lock, what if someone walks in?
Sweaty Kitty:… but…

She glances at the temperature on her phone, it’s close to 110 degrees out!

Sweaty Kitty: It’s so hot! *pant pant*
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: Hmmm… well…
Sweaty Kitty: It IS a slow day and we haven’t had clients all day…
Sweaty Kitty: And if anyone DOES come for my services, Rowland will just tell them to wait and will give me a call through my intercom.
Sweaty Kitty: The only person to really worry about coming in the room would be Rowland himself
Sweaty Kitty: But he’s doing secretary stuff… like reading his novels…
Sweaty Kitty: And he never really comes in here.
Sweaty Kitty: …
Sweaty Kitty: Alright, just 1 UPDATE of naked yoga, and that’s it!
Sweaty Kitty: Just enough to scratch that exercise itch I have to pass the time and cool off just a little bit…

The Sweaty Kitty gets up from her chair and moves to a spot around the middle of her office, but keeping an eye on the door window to ensure she is at a blind spot where her secretary might potentially see her if he decides to walk towards the door.

With some hesitation, and pausing over some sounds of thumping in the next room where Rowland is, she strips off each article of clothing off of her fur. Heart pounding a little faster after each article of clothing drops to the floor, but at the same time, feeling a bit more refreshed after having more of her body exposed to the air inside the building. She lets out a deep breath as she stands completely naked in her office as she tries to lower her heart rate, while at the same time letting the air cool her off a bit. She suddenly snaps back to reality after feeling the gravity of the potential SITUATION she could get in

Sweaty Kitty: What am I doing?! This is crazy!
Sweaty Kitty: *sigh* In any case, I’ve already gone this far, and I do feel much cooler, so I might as well start my quick yoga session…
Sweaty Kitty: …Before I start getting used to this.
Sweaty Kitty: This is only to cool off after all!

The Sweaty Kitty begins her naked yoga session doing a variety of DEFINITELY NOT lewd poses… The Bird of Paradise, The Wheel, Upright Seated Angle Pose. It gets to the point where she gets into THE ZONE where her focus is entirely on her yoga, losing track of time, and doing more poses than she initially planned on doing, and forgetting her state of dress and the consequences. It wasn’t until she was in the middle of the Compass pose when the sound of her intercom went off.
No. 137522 ID: e51896
File 165501720867.png - (78.08KB , 1280x720 , 002.png )

Rowland: Hey boss, you got some incoming clients heading to your office. Some very indecent feline and a meek looking human.

The Sweaty Kitty quickly shuffles to her feet and races to the intercom.

Sweaty Kitty: Uh, eh, um! Tell them I’ll be ready after ONE UPDATE!
Rowland: Can’t, informed them to wait, but…
Rowland: The rebellious woman just laughed and noted her cat senses correctly sensed that nobody else was here.
Rowland: And literally dragged her partner towards your location…
Rowland: …Cat senses are a thing?
Sweaty Kitty: NO! She's lying! Stop her!
Rowland: Too late… But she has a good point, shouldn’t you be ready? We’ve been slow all day…
Rowland: … Didn't you just say cat senses aren't rea-?
Sweat Kitty: K THX BYE!!!

Aw shit! She’s in trouble now! She’s gotta get dressed before her clients show up! She quickly grabs the clothes off the floor and rushes behind her desk, putting on her bra, shirt, and…
WHERE IN THE SAM HILL IS HER PAAAAAANTS! She looks around and realizes she dropped it in her rush, along with her panties! She was about to grab them when…
No. 137523 ID: e51896
File 165501722969.gif - (235.14KB , 1280x720 , 003.gif )

The Sweaty Kitty is now in a SITUATION

A blond-haired cat with thick brown fur kicks the door open, dragging a nerdy looking human in glasses behind her… literally! The surprise arrival was enough to knock the Sweaty Kitty onto her chair, leaving her steps away from her pants laying on the floor across the desk. Thankfully, the desk obscures their view of her being bottomless, but that may soon change as the blond-haired cat throws the man on the couch and walks over to the Sweaty Kitty. The Sweaty Kitty scrambles closer to the desk to hide the bottom half of her body, and sits nervously with her arms on the desk, trying to act natural.

The blond-haired cat puts her hands on the desk and leans over towards the Sweaty Kitty, making the Sweaty Kitty sink closer under the desk to make sure she doesn’t notice her state of undress.
No. 137524 ID: e51896
File 165501724886.png - (99.82KB , 1280x720 , 004.png )

???: Yo! You in charge of solving arguments?!
Sweaty Kitty: um… *Gulp* yes I am, but now isn’t a good ti-
???: Great, Names’ Nipha!
Sweaty Kitty: And my name i-
Nipha: And that dorky nerd over there is my amazing boyfriend Rudy!

The Sweaty Kitty looks over at the man trying to orient himself on the couch he was thrown on as she is trying to process the SITUATION while everything is happening so fast.

Rudy: Waifu… What are you doing? I don’t think we need to go this far for this kind of petty argument…
Nipha: Nuh-uh. We certainly do! Our wonderful relationship is at stake here!
Nipha: We just gotta fix it, man! We just gotta!
Rudy: Uhhh… Don’t you think you’re… over exaggerating?

Sweaty Kitty turns her eyes back towards Nipha’s eyes as Nipha ignores Rudy.

Nipha: Listen, my boyfriend got me… get this: PANTS for my birthday…
Nipha: Like, what the hell!?

Finally! A senseless petty argument! The Sweaty Kitty can work on making some ₵A$H and keep her mind off her own lack of pants. The Sweaty Kitty gathers her thoughts and begins her session.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh, umm… that’s too bad, but… what’s wrong with the pants? Was it Too itchy? The wrong size? Not NOISE brand apparel?
Sweaty Kitty: And I’m sure your Boyfriend Rudy must have put a lot of thought towards that gift for you.
Nipha: HA! AS IF!
Nipha: It’s more like he doesn’t appreciate my lifestyle choice.
Nipha: After all these years of dating, he should have already known by now that I HATE wearing PANTS with a burning passion, for really good reasons too!
Nipha: I avoid those constricting bindings like the plague to keep myself FREE!
Sweaty Kitty:... uhhhm… excusie, wuuuuut?
Nipha: Check it!

No. 137525 ID: e51896
File 165501726454.png - (82.74KB , 1280x720 , 005.png )

As Nipha steps back and presents the lower half of her body, the Sweaty Kitty is shocked to find out that she is wearing ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY A BIG OL’ PAIR OF… nothing down there! Not even panties, shoes or socks! How did the Sweaty Kitty not notice before?! She assumes that maybe at first, she thought Nipha was wearing some pants that matched the color of her fur, but no, that was actually her THICK FUR! Thick enough to cover her pussy. But as Nipha spins around… ACK! Nope! It does nothing to cover her rear. It’s making the Sweaty Kitty really flustered.

Nipha: As you can see, PANTS SUCK!
Nipha: They're uncomfy and difficult to wear!
Nipha: Not to mention on scorching days like today, it makes things REALLY hot for me, it’s already uncomfortably hot enough with this thick fur without the pants!

Rudy raises his arm to say his piece.

Rudy: I uh… in my defense, I’m a tinker, and I made those pants to specifically solve those issues…
Rudy: I just thought maybe you might appreciate some pants I invented explicitly made to fit comfortably over thick fur…
Rudy: While making it thin enough to feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.
Rudy: I even tried installing portable AC units in the pants to cool you off…

Nipha turns over to Rudy, giving the Sweaty Kitty another FACE FULL OF ASS. Sweaty Kitty tries to look away, but there is something so hypnotic about how Nipha is swaying it as she speaks to Rudy that is preventing Sweaty Kitty from looking away.

Nipha: Rudy… It’s not just about comfortability.
Nipha: It goes much deeper than that.
Nipha: And I thought you already knew that… I hoped that after the years we’ve been together you would understand that about me.

Nipha points over at the Sweaty Kitty as she slowly turns her direction towards her as she continues her conversation with Rudy.

Nipha: And she is why we’re here! She is going to get this manner straightened out before more mistakes are made and our relationship is in shambles!
Nipha: Hey, you alright there, kitty?

The Sweaty Kitty was still in shock over Nipha’s lack of pants, with mouth agape as she caught herself staring at the ASS OF TRANCE for too long. She snaps out of it and continues her questioning.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh! S-sorry!
Sweaty Kitty: H-h-how are you not ashamed of this?!
Sweaty Kitty: Aren’t you worried about what other people might think and feel about this?!
Sweaty Kitty: And what if you’re arrested?!
Nipha: Eh, whateves. My fur is so thick, it’s covering up anything that is too lewd, just enough to prevent me from being arrested.
Nipha: Despite that P.I. Zzander jerk having issues with it

The Sweaty Kitty is dumbfounded. Is decency no longer a priority anymore? Though she must agree with Nipha that at least P.I. Zzander takes his sense of JUSTICE too far sometimes… Well, all times actually.

Nipha: And besides, if anyone has an issue with my lack of pants, that’s THEIR problem. They’re either just jealous, or too uptight really.
Sweaty Kitty: It’s… umm… how do I put this… It’s not covering your rear all that well. Sweaty Kitty: Despite how thick the fur is…
Nipha: SO?! You see bare asses from time to time on television. What’s the big deal?
Nipha: If anything, people deserve to see a nice ass like mine to distract themselves from their long stressful day!
Rudy: Uh, I on the contrary am stressed by those leering eyes staring at you whenever we take walks together…
Nipha: Pffffft… Who cares what anyone thinks? If they put me in a SITUATION because of how I’m dressed, I can fend for myself.

The Sweaty Kitty gets an idea, if Nipha doesn't want to wear pants, there are alternatives that can help give her legs a bit of freedom.

Sweaty Kitty: But what if you put on a skirt? Or at least even a miniskirt?
Sweaty Kitty: Surely with something with that much breathing room, and a lot of open space to show off the fur on your legs, you’d feel comfortable enough while covering up your most private parts…
Nipha: But then I’d still prevent the world from seeing all my lovely fur in the most important places!
Nipha: My fur is so pretty, everyone deserves to see as much of it as they can
Nipha: ESPECIALLY the fur in the crotch area.
Nipha: wouldn’t you agree, Rudy Tootie?
Rudy: No… I mean yes! I mean… YOUR FUR IS VERY PRETTY!
Rudy: But that’s not the point!
Rudy: It’s just well… I’m just worried about you, Nipha, I just wanted to give you something to wear for areas with stricter decency laws…

Nipha walks over and sits on the couch next to Rudy, putting a hand on his shoulder. Sweaty Kitty wishes she had a towel to lay on the couch for Nipha’s exposed rear. She reminds herself not to sit on the couch for awhile until she cleans it.

Nipha: Rudy, I’m really happy that you’re thinking of me to do that, I really do…
Nipha: But it’s the principle of it all, I can’t just conform to those laws if it tortures me or doesn’t allow me to express my freedom!
Nipha: I gotta do it in PROTEST to spit in the face of THE MAYOR for making us feel uncomfortable and for not allowing us to show off our beautiful fur just because it’d make other uptight people feel uncomfortable.
Nipha: I just want you to have more support in me of my own beliefs and confidence.[/b]

Nipha starts flexing her right arm as she continues

Nipha: And you’ve seen how strong I am, I can handle myself very well against any creeps!
Nipha: Especially with that TELESCOPING SWORD you made for me years back.
Nipha: Remember that? Seriously, best bday gift EVER! I can’t thank you enough for that!
Rudy: Awww… Thanks!

Rudy blushes and rubs the back of his neck in response to the compliment

From what the Sweaty Kitty understands, it looks like she is dealing with an EXHIBITIONIST. One which has a boyfriend who must be very concerned about her getting shamed by the public, or even hurt due to her nudist lifestyle.

She then thought of something, she remembers a couple of her friends mentioning a place in the city that might just fit Nipha’s lifestyle.

Sweaty Kitty: What if I told you that there is a section of NEW CRUST CITY where public nudity laws are pretty lax?
Sweaty Kitty: The FREE FUR section of NEW CRUST CITY houses plenty of species that have fur, or feathers, and sometimes even body types that don’t mesh well with clothing…
Sweaty Kitty: Perhaps if you both visited or even moved there, Nipha would be with a lot of like-minded individuals while Rudy wouldn’t have to worry so much about people shaming Nipha for her lifestyle choice or getting arrested?

This provokes a very scary glare from Nipha

[b]Nipha: You did not just say that! TELL ME YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!
Nipha: What you implied there was SEGREGATION!
Nipha: I shouldn’t HAVE to be forced to move somewhere just because I decide to not ever wear pants!
Rudy: I’ll have to agree with Nipha on that…
Rudy: I don’t really want people to see me… you know…NAKED
Rudy: Even if it’s the norm in the FREE FUR section.

The Sweaty kitty is sweating even more than usual from Nipha’s outburst, not from the heat, but from nervousness.

Nipha: Alright, sorry for snapping, all I’m saying is that I should be allowed to go bottomless if my fur is thick enough to cover anything inappropriate enough.
Nipha: And I should be treated equal to those that WANT to wear pants, not separated and labeled into a group of people.
Nipha: If anybody has an issue with the way I dress, that’s THEIR problem, not MINE! Especially if my comfort is at stake!
Nipha: After all, I wouldn’t want to get drenched in icky SWEAT, right?

Oh no, she did NOT just say that. The Sweaty Kitty knows the value of sweating, and it is something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly, especially not to be hazed by someone naïve on the subject like her! The Sweaty Kitty angrily and quickly stands up from her desk and begins to tell them what for as Nipha and Rudy’s eyes widen.
No. 137526 ID: e51896
File 165501728754.png - (98.42KB , 1280x720 , 006.png )

Sweaty Kitty: NOW LISTEN HERE!
Sweaty Kitty: SWEATING is a VALUED FUNCTION of the body that shouldn’t be scoffed at!
Sweaty Kitty: It helps you LOSE WEIGHT! It helps you DETOX
Sweaty Kitty: and most importantly…
Sweaty Kitty: In fact, I bet that if you allowed yourself to sweat on your clothing, you’d feel much cooler!
Sweaty Kitty: ESPECIALLY in the pants!

There is a long pause as Nipha and Rudy silently stare at the Sweaty Kitty. Did her argument get through to them?

Nipha: …
Rudy: …
Rudy: S…sorry, I’ll look away mam.

What are they talking about? The Sweaty Kitty notices that the two’s eyes aren’t looking at her own eyes, but downward. The Sweaty Kitty looks down and…

Sweaty Kitty: AHHHHHH!
Nipha: See! I told you pants didn’t matter! HAHAHA!

It seems like the Sweaty Kitty was in THE ZONE again, and was so focused on solving Nipha, and Rudy’s argument that she had forgotten to keep her bottom half hidden. Sweaty Kitty quickly ducks under the desk while peeking out from underneath.
No. 137527 ID: e51896
File 165501730509.png - (58.30KB , 1280x720 , 007.png )

Nipha: Haaaaah, man this is great. Well, you certainly solved our argument.
Nipha: And the conclusion is: PANTS SUCK! Obviously.
Rudy: uhhhh… Not really?
Nipha: Anyways, here’s the 10 ₵A$H for fixing our issue! Plus an extra 10 ₵A$H tip for going above and beyond!

Nipha digs through Rudy’s pocket for his WALLET, and pulls out the 20 ₵A$H from it, tossing it towards the Sweaty Kitty.

Rudy: Waifu… that was miiiine…
Rudy: Nevermind, it’s your birthday, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.
Nipha: Seriously, Kitty, you made my birthday one of the best for helping us put this argument to rest once and for all.
Sweaty Kitty: Uuuhhh, thanks? Don’t mention it. Seriously, please don’t mention it To anyone!
Nipha: Nooo worries. This’ll be our secret.

Satisfied with Sweaty Kitty’s services, Rudy and Nipha rises from the couch

Nipha: Heh, but seriously, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, your fur is super cute, you should show it off when you get the chance.
Sweaty Kitty: but my fur isn’t thick enough…
Nipha: in any case, we’ll be back if we have any other issues
Rudy: Heh… Probably real soon…

As Nipha and Rudy take their leave, Nipha summons a pair of pants from her HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION, and “accidentally” drops it on the floor. She gives the Sweaty Kitty a wink as she playfully responds with a “whoops” before dragging Rudy out the door (at least, Sweaty Kitty thinks she was winking, hard to see Nipha’s right eye with her hair in the way). The Sweaty Kitty assumes that the pair of pants is the gift Rudy got Nipha, and she’s leaving it to the Sweaty Kitty to keep. Nice! Now exercising might be a lot easier if she can cool off with some AC installed pants! She’s about to stand back up to pick up her Sweaty pants, and new pair of AC pants when she gets another message from the intercom.
No. 137528 ID: e51896
File 165501732234.png - (66.06KB , 1280x720 , 008.png )

Rowland: Good news, so it looks like 5, no 6, no wait, 10 people have come in for a walk-in appointment.
Rowland: Looks like things are looking pretty hopeful for our budget after all.
Rowland: I already quickly sent the first client on their way over to you so we can get all the clients done by closing.
Rowland: Should be there very soon.

Oh nooooooooo! with no time to collect any of her pants, the Sweaty Kitty quickly scrambles to sink beneath the desk to try to hide her waist under the desk again. With the amount of clients she has, it looks like she’s going to have to spend the rest of the workday hiding her waist under the desk… bottomless. Hopefully she won’t get too into THE ZONE again.

The Sweaty Kitty has failed to get out of the SITUATION which has become a PROBLEM

Message From PEA: Happy Birthday, EDMANGO. Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous 30 UPDATES side-story featuring your character Nipha. Also thanks Himitsu for helping in editing the story and critiquing it.
No. 137556 ID: f0bf00
File 165598716712.gif - (1.26MB , 306x306 , ketzag.gif )

figured i might as well post some of the models ive made of questden related things actually on questden for once, so i'll start with a ketza gif
No. 137561 ID: f0bf00
File 165607586461.jpg - (3.59MB , 4032x3024 , 20220425_160341.jpg )

3d printed ketza model, he now real boy
No. 137562 ID: f0bf00
File 165607660044.jpg - (255.52KB , 2720x1536 , background.jpg )

something ive made for my background, featuring ketza, amtsvane, and a blurry yinglet falling. all 3 are on https://sketchfab.com/lizarrd if anyone is interested
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