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File 154583742579.png - (8.14KB , 512x512 , AAA.png )
127013 No. 127013 ID: fc3e27

Quest: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/915048.html

Disthread for my first ever Quest! I'm very new to this and probably really awful, so I'd love feedback and suggestions. Actually, the quest will probably die without them. Especially if I keep railroading this badly. Haha.
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No. 128241 ID: b1b4f3

Isn't a thing anymore? I thought it meant the same thing as transgender. Is that what you mean, it's an obsolete term?
No. 128242 ID: 7f132b

It's considered anything from mildly offensive to simply scientifically inaccurate. The correct term is transgender, and has been for about twenty years now.
No. 128243 ID: 57f319

Yeah this >>128242 .
No. 128266 ID: 8c46c9
File 155191455543.png - (93.62KB , 580x356 , 155159270221.png )

I'm proud of you guys. This flashback has gone on for several days now, and not ONCE has the word "milf" been used.
No. 128267 ID: eeb7d9

You are going to jinx it, you fool!
No. 128268 ID: 57f319

Oh... You should have waited...

Besides she should be with someone nice and exists in the frozen North near her. And the acronym for that sucks.
No. 128270 ID: 91ee5f

You jinxed it, you fool!

Someone has just used the word “milf” in the quest!
No. 128277 ID: eeb7d9

It's ok! As long as the anons don't remember "that thing", it will be fine...
No. 128282 ID: 4294c6

I'm not a necrophiliac.
No. 128288 ID: eeb7d9

No- what? NO! I wasn't referring about THAT! But the point is not to say it, so i won't.
No. 128334 ID: bcc41d

Thorne and Eth kissing: Achieved.

High fives all 'round, people.
No. 128337 ID: c72efa

Well thorne kinda wasnt conscious
No. 128342 ID: 214cda

yeah i dont think it counts if one or more parties is unconscious and/or dying when it happens.
No. 128343 ID: 214cda

unless its the "mortally wounded on the battle field and now as i lay her dying kiss me because i've always loved you" kind of thing. That totally counts.
No. 128345 ID: bcc41d

Bah, you philistines! It was a practical life-saving suggestion! Now Eth can safely cross off that particular box on her bucket list without ever getting mauled by Thorne in the process! Unless there's another checkbox further down called "Tease Thorne about that time I kissed her"...

Really though, Eth trying to give Thorne air to keep her from dying was, I feel, illustrated in a cool and badass way. Me getting to deploy 'the kiss of breath' in a sentence is just a sweet bonus (to my incorrigible punny bone) and I'm happy the Deervine didn't feel obliged to insert inappropriate lewds (given the situation) into Eth's head because of it.
No. 128356 ID: f04438

So far, EthQuest has functioned on a weird scheduled, where I hop online whenever I can, and draw a few updates.

I've gotten a... mixed response to this. Some people love it, some people hate it.

Now I don't want to be working on this quest for several years, so I don't intend to slow down. But should I work out a schedule for when a session starts, so more people who are interested have the opportunity to join in? Say, every week on saturday at 2 PM CET, and extra dates whenever I announce them. Or is the current method fine for you folks?
No. 128357 ID: b1b4f3

Don't worry about it.
No. 128358 ID: 132a50

eh, i'm fine with whatever, as long as you give us like 5-10 minutes between updates to write a suggestion before starting work on the next one.
No. 128359 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, i agree with this, is all right with me as long as i have time to write suggestions.
No. 128360 ID: bcc41d

Count me among those that like the rapid update style despite sometimes missing the chance to make input. Scheduling a good usual time will always be relative to you, and some people may start missing out on a chance to participate during sessions due to it being in the middle of their sleep/work/whatnot. I'd rather you varied it some, like you have been doing, rather than limiting to certain times of the day/week.

I'm not gonna diss on the method completely, mind. You can always announce when you plan to do a spree and just see what comes of it.
No. 128378 ID: 270774

as one of the people who struggles to keep up: don’t worry about it. the people who have the flexibility to consistently participate are having fun, and the people who don’t can still backread and leave suggestions in the lull between update sessions, and i think that evens out to being fine for everyone. plus, the most important thing is that it’s the update method that works for you. i think that trying to make things more rigid and schedule stuff is just going to put unnecessary strain on you.

i do agree with >>128360 that there’s no harm in throwing a quick “hey, i might be updating tonight” in the disthread sometimes especially if you think you’ll get a lot of updates done, so that people can try to be around, but i guess that might get cumbersome/cluttered depending on how often it happens. at the end of the day i think you should just stick to whatever’s easiest for you.
No. 128529 ID: 2a1bc8

Just realized I never actually posted that comment I thought I had three weeks ago. Now I feel rather the dullard.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you how cool I think this quest is. So far, the story has really been quite good. But I must say, the art is my favorite part. You basically use my favorite style; grayscale with deep color accents. So maybe I'm just biased, but I certainly love the art.

Eth is also pretty sexy, which, I mean, is kinda important. And also Reno.
And also Thorne.
No. 128531 ID: 32fd0c

Come on let's face it, Thorne's just fat (well she's probably all muscle but come on, one has to have a very specific taste to call that sexy, she's cool and big and dope, but not sexy, not that there's anything wrong with that)

p.s. - no offense to anyone who claims otherwise
No. 128536 ID: c8452a

...You knew people would disagree and yet you tried to make it an objective statement anyway, huh.
No. 128537 ID: b1b4f3

This is a bad post, fat or not.
No. 128545 ID: 7e6ec5
File 155306200491.jpg - (65.15KB , 450x340 , image.jpg )

>Thorne is just fat.
No. 128555 ID: 6fb3de

Thorne used to be my fursona so via like four layers you just called me fat wow ok
No. 128574 ID: a9af05

>Thorne's just fat
>not sexy
What you said is kinda rude.

Even if she is fat, she can still be sexy if she wants to be sexy.
No. 128585 ID: c8d230

Criticism is like spoiled meat.

It smells bad, tastes bad, sometimes just looking at it makes you sick.

But if it's properly prepared (constructive criticism) than eating it not only provides nutrition, but also builds immunity to the harmful effects.

Then there's unprepared, spoiled meat (haters). Eating that shit is just gonna tear you up from the inside.

That was a complicated metaphor who's basic massage was; don't take hate, because hate tastes like spoiled meat.
No. 128590 ID: 3ef4d3

Would an analogy of trying to swallow a whole, live pufferfish verses eating properly prepared fugu work better?
No. 128595 ID: c81ec8

Yeah probably. My analogy was spoiled meat cause I was eating discount steak at the time of writing.
No. 128601 ID: 449ffe

i'm thinking most analogies would have worked better.
(sorry, someone had to criticize the post about criticism)
No. 128604 ID: 94796c
File 155321214661.png - (710.78KB , 4000x1653 , bg.png )

Hey all! I have a discord server now, at https://discord.gg/DVhDSj3! Come hang out!
No. 128632 ID: a938aa

No. 129180 ID: 975dce
File 155571409379.png - (314.51KB , 1600x1600 , _Dis.png )

This is now also a Kindling disthread! At least until it gets big enough to need a proper one.

No. 129197 ID: ea5947

The art style of this quest is quite abstract and much different from Eth. Not that I mind, I find it quite interesting. As long as it's not used to censor certain things too much heh. What I'd like to ask is, what made you decide on this art style and will it remain the same through the whole quest?
No. 129199 ID: 4bfa7c

Gotta see how well it works, it'll probably develop quite a bit.

It was inspired partly by middle american art- mayan and aztec especially- and modern day pop art, with some dunmer thrown in.
No. 129405 ID: d767bd

Apologies for the hiatus!

Real life has been very stressful. I'll return to regular updates in a week!
No. 129408 ID: a27a13

that's fine, deer. hope things get better soon.
No. 129410 ID: eeb7d9

You do you stuff, mate, we aren't going anywhere!
No. 129559 ID: 5791fe

So, updating has been kinda difficult lately, because people haven't been... suggesting much. This is probably my fault, since I'm the one running the quest, but bear with me, I'm still an amateur.

Should I switch to a lettered system, like Coxwette? Always keeping a blank option for people who have their own suggestions? It might help keep up the pace a little, and encourage more people to join in.
No. 129562 ID: bb78f2

It may also be because we're in a difficult, slow, puzzley situation, so some suggesters are waiting for the hard part to be over, preferring a more active and smarter people to solve the situation for them.

I'm speaking for me, mostly. Don't know how many other's feel the same, but there's a good chance. Even with the lettered system, people might just be waiting for updates to pile up to binge through and better get their bearings on the environment. The Castle attack and escape was very active, so it was react and GOOOOOO! Don't think, DO!

Knowing that though, I'll suggest more. I'm not that confident in my answers so the letters will help a lot.
No. 129563 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, i agree with this, i am more of the "spark of moment" than the "calmly finish the puzzle". I don't dislike it, i just have a really hard time with puzzles, and because English is my second language too.

I am loving the quest so far!
No. 129564 ID: a08df5

Thanks for the great answers guys!
No. 130129 ID: 56f59c

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus, regular updates will resume shortly.
No. 130544 ID: 2976ba
File 156451615837.jpg - (59.10KB , 781x743 , WithThisFish.jpg )

>Spots moans in culinary ecstasy.

This calls for a classic.
No. 130547 ID: eeb7d9

Noooo i had got rid of that mental image!
No. 133751 ID: ff3732

SOOOO... we using this again or Deer makes a new one?
No. 133752 ID: a8ec2e

This one is a dumpster fire. I'll make a new one
No. 133754 ID: a8ec2e

Please direct discussion of the EthQuest Reboot here: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/133753.html
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