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File 153470020140.png - (292.65KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
124957 No. 124957 ID: c1eaac

To discuss demons, hell politics, and dating! And maybe even worldbuilding questions.
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No. 124960 ID: 51d5a1

How purgatory/limbo works considering everything?
No. 124962 ID: 31eb45

Is Glas's hand also a hoof, or am I seeing things that aren't there?
No. 124968 ID: 70df1e


i think its a glove?
No. 124969 ID: 70df1e
File 153472708955.jpg - (15.52KB , 300x300 , s-l300.jpg )


No. 124970 ID: c1eaac

He's got fingers! He's just wearin' those weird half-hand gloves.

If there is one, demons don't know jack about it!
No. 125016 ID: 9876c4

Will there be cute eligible bespectacled demon lasses too, or is our lad too uh, fancy for them?

Is our evil an informed attribute, or are we expected to actually embody sin and lies?

Tangentially interested so far, but certain answers would change that.
No. 125017 ID: c1eaac


Ornias and Foxglove would both answer to the descriptor of lasses/ladies/etc but they both happen to use gender neutral pronouns! Demons be like that sometimes. Foxglove is sort of the femme fatale archetype, but Glas hasn't met them yet so I won't spoil anything else.

Also not all demons have to embody sin and lies! Most high society demons are polite, at least to each others' faces. Hell's social scene is very stuck in the Regency Era as far as manners and shit go.
No. 125080 ID: 70df1e
File 153532343986.jpg - (30.55KB , 400x300 , aaaaaaa.jpg )

im so glad that we as a people are so dedicated to hitting on camio

>give us more pictures of camio
No. 125088 ID: c1eaac
File 153534280794.png - (61.70KB , 284x399 , tumblr_oypfj9Zqdz1qzuc0lo2_400.png )

i heard someone wanted pictures of camio
No. 125094 ID: 270774

No. 125097 ID: 51d5a1

Finally, some good fucking demons.
No. 125126 ID: ee1478

Is that how he looks now, or in his younger years? Also, I think the eye on his patch used to belong to somebody.....
No. 125128 ID: 291d11

probably closer to a younger camio, yeah! demons don't visibly age very much though

also, the eye on his patch is a big ol' gemstone carved to look like an eye and set into some white embroidery! probably a gift from ornias, honestly (they pick out a lot of camio's wardrobe because he's so noncommittal and hates going to social events anyway)
No. 125152 ID: 501440
File 153556053942.jpg - (1.43MB , 2182x2813 , image.jpg )

Murmur may or may not show up in person in Hearts Goetia, but I have been drawing him a lot lately...
No. 125161 ID: 270774

guys we have to gun for hearts goetia 100% completion run. that's just my opinion. maybe not jasper, but on the other hand, maybe jasper strictly on principle. maybe jasper just to prove that we can
No. 125163 ID: c1eaac


i mean you CAN but at what COST
No. 125166 ID: d3602f

Is there a special high ranking demon for each of the seven deadly sins? Because that could possibly net us the lust position.
No. 125168 ID: c1eaac


there are not, but incubi and succubi do exist! murmur is an incubus, and glas has an aunt who is a succubus.
No. 125170 ID: 70df1e

im absolutely 100% with you lets do it comrade
No. 125172 ID: c1eaac
File 153560834591.png - (157.04KB , 526x506 , sibs.png )

a little scribble of some of glas's siblings!
No. 125229 ID: c1eaac
File 153577391345.jpg - (46.23KB , 839x603 , family tree.jpg )

a slightly outdated version of the bathinson family line! the only thing that's really wrong with it is that eligos didn't canonically have a brother yet when i made it, haha.
No. 125305 ID: c1eaac
File 153611785888.png - (185.68KB , 700x600 , coloredglas.png )

i...realized i'd never colored a picture of glas so i colored one of the panels from this update for shits and giggles
No. 125308 ID: 70df1e

glas CUTE
No. 125360 ID: c1eaac

i heard that posting pinterest boards is the Thing To Do these days

general hell aesthetic - https://pin.it/cb43dtn4pdri5b
general heaven aesthetic - https://pin.it/kadevcmr6m6pfn
ornias - https://pin.it/zkqyo7rfqaxbd6
camio - https://pin.it/h2c5jnwdfsw3qt
eligos - https://pin.it/ksc4hwl65p7kew
foxglove - https://pin.it/lzkrt6auywhvpj
arty - https://pin.it/potabvrm73kqin
murmur - https://pin.it/usgb622kcv2x5i

jasper and the others don't have boards because uhhhhh i made most of these a while ago and got too lazy to do all the demons in this 'verse. but enjoy these!
No. 125415 ID: dbf422

I had honestly believed he had cute claws until just now.

I will continue this belief.
No. 125427 ID: c1eaac


i honestly wish i had given him hooves so i could make a 'those are his hooves, you bitch' joke whenever someone pointed it out. but you live, you learn
No. 125428 ID: f14764

we need to romance camio AND ornias so, so sweetly
No. 125575 ID: c1eaac

i got a cccccouple hg related questions over on my curiouscat (which is https://curiouscat.me/hellpolitics thematically enough) so i figured i should crosspost 'em here!

>does camio like having his hair played with

camio is like a fussy cat and you can only play with his hair if he is relaxed enough to trust you to get that close

>How do your demon ocs feel about popular video game Doom?

pretty bold of you to assume that demons know what a video game is

>does Satan know about doom


>What does God look like in Hearts?

It Is A Mystery

>I know that a lot of your other works have Jewish characters and inspirations, but was Hearts at all influenced by your religious beliefs, especially considering how it deals with angels and demons and the afterlife and stuff?

nah not really!! the goetic demons have been one of my special interests since high school so i tend to do a lot of work involving them just cause i think they're neat. some of them (albeit different versions) pop up in other projects of mine too! most of my afterlife-set stuff tends to be more sandboxy and not adhering to any particular religion (hell in hg is a monarchy and is very regency era/french revolution, heaven in hearts is...well you'll see)

>Glas better fookin kiss Arty or I will make a second Stonewall riot

i don't know who sent this but i love and support you

>When WILL Glas KISS a wheels-within-wheels kind of Angel

i knew as soon as i drew one that someone was gonna ask this and i was not disappointed

>Does Kevin Smith's Dogma exist in the Hearts-verse and if so why is it Arty's favorite movie

it absolutely does and it is arty's favorite movie in every canon
No. 125816 ID: 7e9c89

i just started reading hearts goetia and it is so cute! can i ask if you have a twitter or anywhere that you crosspost updates?
No. 125821 ID: c1eaac


my twitter is @badscaryplace!!!
No. 126018 ID: c1eaac

oh yeah i made a nsfw curiouscat because an anon was asking me about camio's ass on main. most of the stuff on there is hearts goetia stuff actually

No. 126474 ID: c1eaac
File 154216644714.jpg - (152.21KB , 956x1200 , Dr3VWOfX4AEaXL6.jpg )

i drew some Boys with their hair down during my monday night tabletop game sesh
No. 126475 ID: c1eaac
File 154216647253.jpg - (163.28KB , 859x1200 , Dr3nT30X0AAHafj.jpg )

i haven't traditionally inked anything in like a year
No. 126652 ID: c1eaac
File 154389726845.png - (132.86KB , 476x374 , archangels.png )

update soon i promise but for now have some archangels. michael (left, she/her) is satan's twin and gabriel (right, they/them) is the stressed ceo of heaven.
No. 126656 ID: e0ca8d

Yay, I love Micheal! And Gabriel's designation as CEO.
No. 127300 ID: c1eaac
File 154750600455.png - (141.89KB , 700x600 , 55.png )

i made some edits last night that i'm only slightly sorry about
No. 127353 ID: a56751

No. 127913 ID: c1eaac
File 155073402119.jpg - (176.90KB , 914x1200 , DzX883QX4AE47Lm.jpg )

i drew a camio for valentine's day and forgot to upload it here. forgive me
No. 127956 ID: c1eaac

Hey! My gf is doing a quest set in the same universe as Hearts Goetia, about Glas's infamous cat-brother! You should read it. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/923174.html
No. 127957 ID: 158da5

Oh! I missed that they were connected. That's cool!
No. 128106 ID: c1eaac

apparently it's been a while since i dumped curiouscat answers on here, so have some of those!

> what riddles do we have to solve to find out who was in that fourth picture?

no riddles, you just might need to do some clever googling

> if camio had a cat what would he name the cat


> give us some glas fun facts

- has a huge sweet tooth
- loves to read, especially corny romance novels
- thinks history is boring, but he's an information sponge, so he retained most of his lessons anyway
- skilled in fencing and archery
- his handwriting is the worst

> murmur fun facts....

- picky eater. only eats extremely fancy prepared meats (mostly human meat) or greasy earth fast food, nothing in between
- has paintings of himself all over his mansion
- not great at shapeshifting
- has a human bf who he met by kidnapping and intending to eat


- has a sweet tooth, but has Opinions on pastries/sweets
- also has Opinions about tea
- their true demon form is a big-ass snake person
- probably has the most human/ex-human connections out of all the demons yall have met so far in hg
- will do anything for the drama

> can a human be turned into a demon? how?

you have to either sign a contract with a demon who then kills you in order to sort of 'sire' you, or you can drink demon blood. the latter is excruciatingly painful and pretty much like intentionally poisoning yourself, only you come out the other end as a cool demon

or you can also just be a really shitty person in life and then die normally

> Why did Satan defect in Hearts, if it's not spoiler?

popular knowledge in hell dictates that satan was not particularly impressed with heaven's leadership at the time, saw hell (under lilith's rule), and was like 'it's free real estate'

then he talked a bunch of other angels into leaving heaven with him and bumping lilith off the throne

> Is the Bible roughly accurate as to like Goetia's history or is it wrong about things? And how do angels, demons, Satan, etc. feel about it? (This is, to iterate, purely within the confines of Hearts Goetia, because I don't want to start Christianity Discourse)

satan is actually friends (kinda) with a priest and LOVES to discuss theology and get into arguments about it. most demons tend to kind of ignore the bible/religion, angels think it's sweet and sometimes attend religious services just to chill out among humans. i would say in regards to the fallen angel stuff that Paradise Lost is maybe more accurate to what happened, though in HG there were two wars between heaven and hell (one when satan defected from heaven, another over some angels trying to kill satan) and then they drew up a treaty so they can't do wars anymore

> Can you like... steal an angel halo? Or is it like attached to them?

it is technically part of their anatomy and extremely painful to them to have it removed. some demons took angel halos and wings as trophies during the two wars with heaven and display them in their estates

> What does Angel meat taste like

"like duck. fatty" - alyssa, who i read this question out loud to
she followed this up with 'because they're birds'

> oh? i would've imagined angel meat tasted like emmental cheese

nah dude it's meat. you can eat an angel meat steak

> what kinda food have they got in hell and what're the HG characters' fav foods?

hell has a TON of different cuisines bc demons will occasionally go to earth, find some human food they like, and steal it and have their chefs reverse engineer it...they canonically do not have ice cream though (heaven does). eating human meat is a widely accepted thing bc humans are considered a lower species, and some demon nobles (murmur) have dinner parties with human as the main course.

as far as favorite foods go here's a list:

glas - literally any kind of trifle
arty - burger with bacon and fried egg
ornias - chocolate covered cherries
camio - lamb stew
eligos - coq au vin
murmur - chicken nuggets though he will CLAIM it's human
jasper - angel meat in a nice white wine sauce
satan - french fries

> Arty likes the Star Wars Prequels confirmed

arty would uncomfortably identify a lot with anakin skywalker, i think

> I think I've asked this before but not in re: hearts goetia and 'tis about to be the season so. Girl Scout cookies. Who walks away avoiding eye contact. Who buys exactly one box. Who can't physically restrain themselves from the samoas. Everything hypothetically GS cookie season related GO

girl scout cookies canonically don't exist in hell (neither does ice cream) and demons either don't know what they are (most of the cast) or make specific trips to earth to force humans they know to buy them (murmur)
arty loves them though

> any camio random fun facts?

- he has a human gf (one of alyssa's characters) who is a firefighter
- he didn't lose his eye in the war
- his leg injury is from the war tho

> What would you describe Hearts Goetia heaven like? Also, I wanna know more about Michael

heaven is slightly more high-tech than hell because angels don't fight all the time and are interested in knowledge and adapting things from human inventions! also they aren't concerned with wealth because they believe that all of god's creations have value and so their economy mostly works on the barter system. they have more of a governmental system in place than hell's monarchy, where the archangels sort of run most things, and gabriel is the boss everyone answers to because they're one of the four who can actually speak to god, and two of those four (uriel and raphael) have been missing for a while...

michael is the head of heaven's military, but they haven't had a war in a while, so she's just chillin now. her and satan have tea on a monthly basis because she still begrudgingly loves her brother, and they bitch about their jobs and the other angels. she hangs out in hell a lot because she likes that demons aren't as reverent of her as angels are, and she thinks it's funny that she's become kind of a sex symbol in hell. also her and satan are twins!


athletics! he swims in or's pool and has a human gf who he's teaching to sword fight. besides that uh...he probably likes to read? or taught him to read high common script when they were younger so camio probably sneaks into eligos's library and steals historical fiction books about the war

> hearts goetia favorite animals?

glas - sheep
ornias - snakes
camio - horses
eligos - stags
murmur - cat
arty - dogs
satan - humans

> what are art's hobbies. the public needs to know (i need to know)

arty's hobbies are making mixtapes, playing guitar/ukulele, reading horror novels, teaching himself to cook, illicit gambling, fight clubs, and eating bad junk food

> what are the hearts goetia demons favorite muppets?

ornias - miss piggy
camio - sam the eagle
eligos - kermit
murmur - idk maybe also kermit
glas - fozzie bear
satan - also miss piggy
arty - more of a fraggle rock man but he likes gonzo
jasper - has no joy in his heart

> whats the official rank in order for all the demons and angels in hearts goetia? including our mystery friend, if possible? and satan, of course!

satan's the king so of course he's at the top
glas's mom is a princess by virtue of being one of the oldest demons around
glas is technically a prince but he's one of those princes who's like 60th in line for the throne (so are some of his sibs like vetis) but he has a Lot of social power by virtue of being one of the hethsons who was actually raised to be nobility
ornias, eligos, and murmur are all dukes/duchesses from rich families who are in good standing with the nobility, some of glas's other siblings are around here too
foxglove is a duchess by marriage who inherited their title/wealth and is looked down upon by the nobility
jasper is a lord and considered nouveau-riche because he isn't from an old demon family
camio is a servant-turned-lord, it was fairly scandalous when it happened but now people just accept it because he's part of the bathinsons' social circle
arty and mystery friend have no formal rank they're just middle class angels
bonus: marax is a social pariah

> who's the best kisser in hearts goetia

in order from best to worst:

> could i bounce a quarter off camio’s asscheek

i think you have unrealistic asspectations. he's too muscular to have, like, a bubble butt
No. 128107 ID: 57f319

I mean, if I know my Dresden Files as well as I think I do, that's probably Uriel, right? I'll Google too but if I'm wrong here, I'm wrong here.
No. 128109 ID: c1eaac
File 155167229778.png - (142.16KB , 591x600 , foxy.png )

also while i'm here and while chapter 1 is wrapping up, i'm gonna dump a bunch of art i haven't posted outside of twitter. have a foxglove
No. 128110 ID: c1eaac
File 155167239866.png - (126.03KB , 476x600 , hornias.png )

i draw pinups once every like 6 months and it's usually or
No. 128112 ID: c1eaac
File 155167251498.png - (239.77KB , 700x600 , scoretosettle.png )

a mystery friend
No. 128113 ID: c1eaac
File 155167260895.png - (122.58KB , 557x481 , youngadultz.png )

camio and or, pre-camio going to war
No. 128114 ID: c1eaac
File 155167264149.png - (158.39KB , 700x600 , bonuslesbians.png )

and the lesbians from the end of the chapter, who i have henceforth named rima and fen
No. 128115 ID: c1eaac
File 155167270887.png - (91.19KB , 900x459 , D0xCLFZX0AE3Y6f.png )

also, this.
No. 128732 ID: 7bc8ec
File 155363936730.png - (520.98KB , 930x1700 , camio.png )

i know this being, like, a dating sim means theres a zero chance of seeing camio fight, BUT
No. 129416 ID: c1eaac

Hey yall, update coming soon, but in the interest of doing Something quest-related this weekend, I fully updated Hearts's wiki page! It now has a comprehensive list of all main and minor characters with descriptions and known facts/relationships (including some stuff you might have forgotten). Check it out!


No. 130536 ID: c1eaac
File 156445755843.png - (418.84KB , 720x1200 , EAq9xw0X4AAJ6co.png )

yall like shipping memes???? i do
No. 130626 ID: b5bc34

I do!!!

Nothing more important than good penmanship. (though given the importance of letters, i suppose it really is)
No. 130758 ID: c1eaac
File 156627554953.png - (192.46KB , 594x728 , e682b13c17da89ca2cb4b4dd246a4c43.png )

on god i am going to go back to updating hearts more than once a month soon...my wrist has been hurting way more than usual this summer so i reduced my drawing time a Lot to compensate and started wearing a brace when i can and it's finally almost back to normal! anyway remember to do your wrist stretches and have an ornias from earlier this week
No. 132946 ID: c1eaac
File 159030600322.png - (162.68KB , 718x388 , moms.png )

i just remembered this thread exists so have some fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moms
No. 133581 ID: 5b93d3
File 159683927996.jpg - (80.66KB , 700x600 , camio.jpg )

>How are you?
No. 133587 ID: b488b1

Well I mean they're not vampires, they don't need an invitation.
No. 133604 ID: c1eaac

i cannot express how much i love this
No. 139270 ID: f581d4
File 167877152357.png - (194.22KB , 700x600 , well.png )

yeah this is good enough to revive the disthread with
No. 139275 ID: f69af6

To be fair, we never met someone quite as horny before.
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