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File 151791432675.png - (478.46KB , 582x772 , corebook neomah portrait.png )
120347 No. 120347 ID: d36af7

To make relevant subjects easier to find instead of being buried under the minutia of Pdn[T]tO.

https://tgchan.org/wiki/Fluorine_Quest which was actually about playing as a calcified raksha, but dang did I do a bad job making that clear. Not that most people would know what it was even if I did, since it's derived from an obscure section of the errata to what's arguably the whole Ex2e line's most editorially mangled and ungameable volume. The errata which replaced almost entire chapters, and which is so massive I can't even post it all here as a PDF, 'cause it's above the max file size.

Maybe I like this stuff so much because my reach exceeds my grasp so much out of character?

Anyway, the new one, where you can finally play as actual exalts: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/865044.html
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No. 126091 ID: afdebc

Ah found it. p130 in the core book, Strenuous Activity. (Stamina + Resistance) is how many hours you can do some demanding thing before starting to accumulate penalties.

Bridget can do continuous hard labor without penalties for for 8 hours, would slowly get worse from then on, and finally pass out at 16 hours.

We showed around noon and it's about sunset now, so I'm guessing you might still be within those first 8 hours. So... you're probably fine to chase after bandits for a while longer.
No. 126093 ID: fddec6

Huh, I wonder what the definition of strenuous activity is then. Seems like a farmer would typically work long days during the harvest/planting seasons, every day pretty much. Can mortals just not work long days in creation or?
No. 126094 ID: 40ae85

I'd imagine the rules aren't really made for farmers. Besides that, a farmer's work probably isn't strenuous in quite the same way as rule is talking about. Even during the longest days, they would take breaks and switch what particular types of tasks they're doing.

If it bothered you, you could say most farmers would have a resistance specialty for farm work.
No. 126102 ID: 2007b6

It's not that it's really that much easier to damage in general, just that when it IS damaged, it stops being perfect.

As for fatigue, you can get away with a lot so long as you take time off to rest before actual penalties start to accumulate.
No. 126125 ID: 2007b6

I'm approving this Hegra charmset for use by infernal exalts in games I run
but only with the following modifications:
>The range of Hegra Mythos Exultant is Stunt Rating x 10 yards, and it costs a flat 1 wp or 3m to resist. A target who cannot pay must alter the emotional context of one of their intimacies, which then becomes inviolable for the rest of the scene. On a two-die stunt, the infernal may specify the new emotional context. A three-die stunt allows the infernal to specify which intimacy is affected (among those intimacies they're aware of), instead of the new emotional context.
Rising Tsunami Conviction also applies to MDV modifiers from Virtues. With a second purchase at Essence 3, purchases of Storm Soul Emanation can instead be allocated to temporarily increasing Virtues, so that, for example, a hard-hearted miser could be more easily affected by an appeal to Compassion. This increase only applies for the purpose of MDV modifiers, and ends when the social attack is resolved, unless the beneficiary chooses to permanently increase the affected virtue as a Training effect.
>Precipitated Passion Accumulation recovers one mote for each point of willpower or loyalty anyone, anywhere in prayer range, spends to resist mental influence the Infernal inflicted; ignore the other recharge conditions. If wide-ranging influences force large numbers of people to frequently spend WP in order to e.g. reconcile deeply contradictory compulsions or resist attacks on their Motivation, the maximum benefit is motes per hour equal to the affected population's Magnitude. If the infernal can see essence flows and/or hear prayers (via some other charm or artifact), they may be able to notice the details of any specific incident of resistance as it occurs, but this is never automatic; treat the attempt as a reflexive Read Motivation action, at an additional -3 external penalty.
Sanity in Madness's prerequisite should be Storm Soul Emanation. It can produce negative mental mutations of any severity at any Essence, subject only to the desecration keyword's usual limits on temporary mutations.
>Singing in the Rain acts as a tutor for thaumaturgy with a Degree no higher than (Essence-1), always available wherever the sky is visible or weather can otherwise reach, but only provides procedures appropriate to Hegra's themes. The only Arts for which it can provide full Degrees are Demon Summoning and Weather Working.
When using Passion-Fixing Alchemy to affect large groups of people, pay for a number of doses equal to the Magnitude of the targeted population.
>Heart-Poisoning Miasma Psychogenesis cannot reduce the primary virtue of someone affected by the Great Curse.
Soul-Crucible Diabolism has no additional cost, cannot be turned off, and the infernal cannot control which mutations it grants. Anyone affected by Abundant Euphoria Apothecary can choose to gain temporary mutations (in accordance with the desecration keyword) instead of taking an equivalent number of intoxication penalties; the victim chooses their own mutations, subject to GM veto. Changes should reflect a 'true inner self' in some abstract, allegorical sense. If this would result in more total temporary mutations than the victim's Willpower + Essence, some of those mutations become permanent, starting with Creature of Darkness and proceeding through the lowest-valued mutations sufficient to bring them back under the limit. If this would put the victim into XP debt, and they're not an exalt, they can instead choose transformation into any first-circle demon with which the infernal is familiar. Like all demon-creating charms, learning it adds one new first circle species to the library for free, and more can be purchased for 1xp each. The chrysalis provides armored soak of 30 and Hardness 15, but renders them Inactive, and they count as an extra until the five days are up. With a repurchase at Essence 5, if someone partway through metamorphosis would be killed by any attack that does not permanently destroy spirits, their shell cracks open to reveal the original subject with all undesired injuries, derangements, mutations, sickness, and crippling effects cured, as if awakening from a very strange dream. Then, any excess levels of damage beyond what 'killed' them are re-applied, as an unexpected unsoakable perfect attack.
>Frenzied Tempest Shintai, in addition to the benefits of being immaterial and roughly a mile above the ground, reduces all incoming attacks to minimum damage unless they have no physical component or are specifically effective against landscape-scale targets.
Mesmerizing Rainbow Spark works exactly like the solar charm Hypnotic Tongue Technique, apart from reduced cost, having the Sorcerous keyword instead of Touch, and costing the victim only 2wp to realize what's going on. The realization doesn't count as resisting UMI for purposes of limit gain, but does contribute to Precipitated Passion Accumulation. Repurchase at Essence 4 adds the effects of Lurking Malice Insinuation/Minds Yield to Glory.
>Repurchase of Mad-Eyed Ragamuffin Allure does not remove the cap for MDV modifiers for relative appearance.
Delirious Rapture of Virtue does not increase the infernal's capacity to stock virtue channels. Instead, on their next action after channeling the affected virtue (at the same time as stunt awards) they regain a number of channels equal to the number of specialties which applied to that roll - virtue specialties, the regular ability-based kind, or some mix of both. If the maximum of three specialties applied, that means a net gain of 2 channels for the affected virtue.
>The second purchase of Effortless Wind-Borne Burst, at Essence 3, lets the infernal make Thrown-based attacks empty-handed for 1m per shot with base damage 0B, range one mile, and other traits based on any of their natural weapons. Third and final purchase at essence 4 reduces the cost of all applications of the charm by 1m, and removes the Obvious keyword unless it's being paid for with offensive motes.
When Breath of the Hurricane is used to supplement a disarm attempt, the roll to resist takes a -(Essence) external penalty. The infernal can then pay 1m to retrieve a disarmed item as if they originally threw it, or an unattended, inanimate item subject to knockback if they would be able to lift it with one hand.
>Standing in the Storm's Eye also works against undodgeable attacks.
The Infernal Imperfection of the Typhoon of Nightmares is not based on virtues; Hegra is not the Ebon Dragon. Instead, a charm with that Imperfection only works while able to percieve the sky. Anywhere with no solid ceiling directly overhead, even at the bottom of a well, the sense of touch or smell is sufficient. If indoors, vision through a suitably-angled window, audible thunder, or the sound or taste of rain that recently fell at least a mile (even if then filtered by a leaky roof), can hold the necessary distraction from dull, stagnant reality. Fog, snow, or normal darkness are no obstacle, since weather and night are as much a part of the sky as anything else, but unnaturally opaque shadows produced by magic may be. If in doubt, make a reflexive perception+awarness roll every action, subject to any relevant modifiers.
>Spindrift Dervish Diversion and Ripping Out the Mountain's Roots have the Counterattack keyword and are subject to the normal rules for counterattacks.
Bonus from Ecstatic Passion Kaleidoscope does count as dice added by charms, and cannot be used to enhance an action that would otherwise have zero dice.
>Sky-Crisis Strike's base damage is the infernals permanent Essence + current temporary Willpower. It's minimum damage is (stunt rating)x2 or the rating of any virtue channeled to enhance the attack, whichever would be better.
Firmament-Shaking Cataclysm's Lightning Scourge option counts as a scene of eroding one of the target's intimacies, chosen at random, rather than having any effect on soak.
>The Essence 4 upgrade of World-Drowning Cloudburst cannot target extras for free, or any single target more than once. Instead, it can affect every member of a large disorganized group within range as if they were only a number of individuals equal to their magnitude. When attacking a mass combat unit, rather than the usual horrors of war, the infernal may choose to have lost rank-and-file be killed outright, maimed either physically (crippled limbs) or spiritually (derangements), or be relieved of all their equipment and rendered unconscious by fatigue/bashing damage but left otherwise unscathed.
No. 126137 ID: 2007b6

For future reference, I'm counting Lute's use of the literal light of the setting sun to craft something for the purpose of conveying knowledge to a twilight-caste solar (the caste which is specifically associated with the setting sun, and with crafting, and with the acquisition of knowledge), by a sidereal (associated with the provision of knowledge and guidance) chosen of Serenity (associated with crafting) akuma of Kimbery (associated with art and navigation), as a three-die stunt. At the very least, it's a two-die upgraded by resonance with her Urge.
No. 126144 ID: d9acdc

> With a repurchase at Essence 5, if someone partway through metamorphosis would be killed by any attack that does not permanently destroy spirits, their shell cracks open to reveal the original subject with all undesired injuries, derangements, mutations, sickness, and crippling effects cured, as if awakening from a very strange dream. Then, any excess levels of damage beyond what 'killed' them are re-applied, as an unexpected unsoakable perfect attack.

So, the original purchase allows for the creation of demons, and a second purchase at a higher essence level makes creating a demon easier, right? The bit about not being damaged, and then being damaged after the fact- could you clarify what that means, perhaps via an example?
No. 126149 ID: 2007b6

Might need to rework that some more, anyway, spread out the keyword healing among several charm purchases the way Solar Medicine and the Pyrian tree starting from Ego-Infused Pattern Primacy do.

Idea was, when you crack the chrysalis open, they're fully healed - but if you hit any harder than the minimum necessary to do that, the excess might make them go splat anyway. With hardness 15, it's not going to be easy to pull your punches and still have any effect at all.
No. 126150 ID: 2007b6

Part of my intention with putting mutations under the control of the recipients is the idea that Hegra isn't really all that interested in lasting power over others, not even to the extent that Adorjan is, as evidenced (in part) by the bolded section in the following excerpt from Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas p. 48:

In addition to the great laws of dominance and submission, all Yozis issue a few commandments that serve only to assert their privileged position by making life difficult for lesser demons. For instance:

• None but Cecelyne’s priests may witness the sacred azure. Orabilis has the right to destroy any serf who does not cover her eyes upon seeing it. A citizen who fails to do so must make a great sacrifice at the Skyless Cathedral within a year and a day. The unquestionable may see the color, but wearing or creating it is a clear provocation to the Endless Desert.

Naturally, all the official documents of the priests are edged with this exact shade of blue. The Azure Decretals take their name from this hue. Therefore, demons cannot legally read their own laws, look their priests in the face or indeed look at the temples they are obliged to visit. Most Yozis ordain at least three of these perverse taboos (except Hegra, who ordains nothing). As a result, every demon has broken at least one law and can be condemned and punished for it if someone sufficiently influential desires that this be done. All demons can destroy those of lower circles virtually at will, but Cecelyne gives a veneer of legality to such brutal exercises of power.

Naturally, demons of greater rank and power get away with a lot more than serfs do. For instance, Cecelyne forbids demons to own any sort of clock. Nevertheless, a mighty lord such as Octavian could own a roomful of the finest Varangian chronometers and say he kept them only as art objects. Conversely, a serf could be destroyed on grounds that a drip of vitriol-rain inside her hovel constituted a water-clock.

No. 126154 ID: afdebc

Every exotic craft has prerequisites in mundane gaian crafts or other abilities, right? Would you mind listing those? (We've covered some here and there, but it would be handy to have all at once in one place).
No. 126163 ID: 2007b6

Craft (Lightning) aka Magitech requires 2 dots in (Air) and (Fire) and can't be higher than your Lore.

Craft (Steam) aka Genesis aka Biotech requires 2 dots in (Water) and (Wood) and can't be higher than your Medicine.

Craft (Oil) aka Necrotech requires 2 dots in (Fire) and Medicine, and can't be higher than your Occult.

Craft (Metal) requires 2 dots in (Earth) and (Water) but has no intrinsic capping skill. It's not good for much on it's own, though, at any mortal-comprehensible scale. https://xkcd.com/2061/ Useful for manipulating the magical materials without needing to attune to them, which is important if you're trying to build an artifact incorporating foreign MMs without outside assistance. Main thing mortals learn it for is carving jade into smaller denominations.

Craft (Crystal) aka Fate aka Gossamer aka Narrative aka Pandemonium doesn't have well-defined mundane prerequisites at this time; main obstacle to learning it is getting access to the raw materials, and tools suitable to work them.

Craft (Smoke), the art of designing new types of spirits, is a lost art; learning a full dot in it without being a titan gets you touched by Orabilis and launched into the Malfean sky as a dying star. Forging ghosts into soulsteel or performing reconstructive surgery on them is mostly accomplished by temporarily emulating the skill via Whispers of the Neverborn, or learning a specialty without any general-purpose dots.

Craft (Vitriol) is effectively a mundane craft native to the demon realm.
No. 126213 ID: 2007b6

Mundane pets can be a side benefit of even a single dot in Resources. An actual Familiar at the one dot level is an expensive animal such as a bloodhound, hawk, or horse (or equivalent) which knows a few tricks as if from excellent mundane training, or a rat, cat, or crow (or equivalent) which can understand language, planning, and tool use on a rudimentary level. Such creatures are unbreakably loyal, and will gladly cross mountains or deserts to find you if separated, but are not actually capable of supernatural tracking... except during Calibration, or when the Maiden of Journeys is feeling generous.
Two dots buys a wolf, hawk, or horse which can share it's senses with you while within a mile, and whose natural weapons can be "weilded" with your Manipulation + Ride actions (including charms) within that range, or a more impressive beast such as a claw strider or simhata with excellent mundane training, or a small creature with Appearance 4 and either intelligence comparable to a child of 8 or 9 years, or rudimentary planning and tool use plus some moderately deadly poison.
Three dots buys outright supernatural power: an eight-tailed mole hound with excellent mundane training, or a claw strider that can share it's senses with you, unlatch doors, and rip through steel armor like cloth (adding the Overwhelming tag to your Manipulation + Ride attacks), or a cat that can store small items Elsewhere and whose tongue can sterilize and bandage a bleeding wound as well as any doctor, or a dire wolf that can scheme as well as a savage adult human and whose jaws can catch ghosts, or a crow that reads and writes in all known languages and whose talons and wings are strong enough to bear two armored men aloft, or a goat that can be butchered for your evening meal and grow back to pull a chariot the next morning. While within ten yards, the familiar also adds 5 motes to your personal essence capacity. After 25 hours of separation these motes are lost and must be refilled after reuniting.
Four dots buys truly extraordinary creatures: unicorns, Mice of the Sun, elemental riding dragons (per the sidereal charm), birds big enough to be fitted with howdahs, wyld-spawn that could not otherwise survive within Creation. They can share their senses with you while within 25 miles, but in most cases cannot be "weilded." Personal essence pool boost is 10 motes and can linger through two weeks apart, during which time attempts to reunite count as supernatural tracking.
Five dots links your mind, blood, and destiny to that of an ancient and terrible behemoth. Exact details may be negotiated with the storyteller, but be advised that grasping for too much power by proxy may call into question which being is truly the other's faithful pet. Physical distance is irrelevant, even across different realms of existence. This is the same depth of connection as the Neverborn have to the Deathlords, or Infernal Exalted to the yozi which defines their Urge.

A Familiar cannot truly die while it's master lives and wishes to support it. Damage which would otherwise kill removes the familiar from the current scene, leaving it incapacitated. A lethal attack which would permanently destroy spirits either sends overflow through the arcane link as aggravated damage, or frays the link and reduces the background rating by a dot, at the master's option. The familiar then begins to heal naturally as if resting, as fast as the master would if remains are recovered and treated respecfully, or at mortal rates otherwise, and reappears when fully healed. This only applies to ordinary animal familiars. Demonic familiars can regenerate as if they had a sanctum, using overflow from their master's mote and willpower pools, but are affected normally by attacks that permanently destroy spirits. Autocthonian and ghostly familiars respawn according to their respective rules. It's possible to have more than one type of familiar, but the total number among all types cannot exceed the character's Essence, and 4-dot types count as two, while 5-dots count as three.

Followers provides a unit of extras with that magnitude, unless paired with a supporting background (Backing, Cult, or Resources). 'Supported' dots provide 2 magnitude each. Command always provides 2 magnitude of professional soldiers per dot, but 'unsupported' dots are loyal to some higher authority, while support requires Resources AND two among Cult, Destiny, Influence, Retainers (support staff), or Whispers.
No. 126267 ID: f3e670

In the past, you’ve house ruled background purchases of up to 6 dots for certain background/exalt combos, right? Would anyone be eligible for a 6 dot background in familiars or the other mentioned backgrounds? Additionally, would it be possible to split points and get multiple lower dot familiars? Or does it have to be one familiar at the listed level?
No. 126268 ID: afdebc

You can buy into backgrounds more than once. Like Lute had Artifact 4 (Infinite Resplendence Amulet), Artifact 4 (Multifocal Lens Arm) and Artifact 1 (Starmetal Hearthstone Amulet). You should be able to do the same kind of thing buying multiple familiars.

Some character types get more out of the same background than others, too. Like if you look at Edgar here, >>125921 a single purchase of the Artifact 2 background nets him one two-dot artifact and two one-dot artifacts. (Embri would be a good example of this too).
No. 126284 ID: 2007b6

No such thing as 6-dot familiars, short of building a Primordial-style hierarchy of souls. Question about how many you can have is already addressed in the text.

6-dot Cult would be the level of worship received by the Incarnae: worldwide veneration as one of the main pillars of existence, 8 motes and 1 wp per hour.

Other 6-dot or "legendary" backgrounds are discussed in Dreams of the First Age. They're not usually available to starting characters, and are unusual even among mighty elder exalts.
No. 126287 ID: 9646f1

Since I last counted motes in the thread, I’ve made 6 posts I think- 4 which I would assume are stunt worthy, 1 that certainly isn’t, and one that’s building off in game stuff but is really only a single sentence, so it feels silly to count it. So, that would be 16 notes recovered. I think I remember JamesLeng mentioning having combat stunts go towards WP, so I’m kind of assuming Bridget regained 2 WP when she kicked Morse around, then regained 4 because of the limit break compassion thing, putting her at 13. Does all that sound about right, or do I need to take away some of my motes? I haven’t been doing a great job of keeping up with stunt rewards since it feels presumptuous to give them to myself, but I think taking the initiative here helps me keep things rolling smoothly while I’m away from discord. I want to do more things with Bridget, but I figure since Embri was in that scene I should let her do something about the whole cluster of events that just went down. Feels little dirty for purposefully making extra posts though instead of keeping things condensed, I don’t want to exploit the system for XP and drag things out in the process.

Unrelated, but I think that’s 15 successes to craft a metal straight jacket for Morse, I feel like that’s gotta be imposing to look at. 9 dice naturally, 9 dice from charms, +2 for stunting right? I’m burning through my motes these past couple scenes, if the monks come after me I’m probably in trouble.
No. 126289 ID: 2007b6

You've got a hearthstone providing you with 2 motes per hour regardless of activity. Once the four-hour limit break is over, I figured you'd spend three hours on crafting (the time until Morse wakes up) during which you'd be naturally respiring 4 motes per hour, in addition to the stone. So, overall, 26 motes recovered over the course of those seven hours, entirely separate from stunts. If you had a 2-dot Cult, or that was a 2-dot hearthstone, it would've been 40.
No. 126325 ID: 2007b6

The Conventicle Malfeasant's precise location within the demon realm, and exterior appearance (if any), are a secret known only to those yozis who have formally joined the Reclamation conspiracy. Any others who learn of it are subject to the attentions of Orabilis. From the inside, it is an impervious sphere sixteen miles in diameter, enclosing a ten-mile-thick slice of one of Malfeas's layers. Dozens of Gates of Inauspicious Passage (similar in function to ummuhan, but two-way - though a third, presumably unpleasant, destination awaits the unauthorized) connect to 4- and 5-dot manses in many significant or obscure sites all across the demon realm.

There are two domes, twelve and a half miles wide and three miles high, into which Ligier's light shines, though the sphere is opaque to all else. The Dome of Pleasure contains townhouses for the Green Sun Princes, and every tool of industry or luxury that the demon realm can reasonably provides; the Dome of Business is a proving ground for pivotal weapons and strategies too sensitive to be revealed anywhere else. Anyone calling an official meeting to order or rolling Join Battle in the Dome of Pleasure is whisked away to the corresponding location in the Dome of Business by an effect similar to the Inverted City Intaglio; any number of other willing participants can come along. Returning to the Dome of Pleasure by the same method requires only that discussions or battles be concluded by the abject submission, incapacitation, or mutual agreement of all involved, but often involves lateral displacement by up to a hundred yards in order to preserve some area's privacy.

The section between the domes consists of catacombs: occasional secret meeting rooms, chapels, workshops, or laboratories hidden among almost two thousand cubic miles of armor plating, cryptic machinery, and layer after layer of wards and vicious traps. Lillun is at the exact center. She is Essence 8; Cecelyne's laws define her as one of the Unquestionable, but the only Azure Decretals she is listed as having ordained were those which establish the Conventicle Malfeasant, define it's current form, and prohibit the Demon-Wracking Shout from being uttered within; she has a physical body, but to look directly upon it is a privilege none of the infernal exalted have yet earned; her father was a celestial exalt, and left no ghost; she has at least one other parent who still lives, and who loves her. Some claim to have spoken to Lillun in dreams, while the Ebon Dragon has shared nauseating (and often self-contradictory) descriptions of her 'beauty,' but nothing more is truly known.
No. 126393 ID: 216042

Are people similarly whisked away from the dome of business if they try to engage in matters more suitable to the pleasure dome?
No. 126397 ID: f3e797

I don’t know if Gilly checks the dis thread, so if someone can make sure they see my query it’d be appreciated:

So, Gilly, as a player I don’t really want to take away your cool items. In my head it seems OOC for Bridget to seal the evil away fully armed and equipped, but I wont let that bother me if you wanna keep your signature items, maybe as part of that whole plot armor concept for artifacts or however it’s phrased. If I’m honest I don’t even know what they do but I imagine they’d be valuable enough for Bridget to get a use of even if she doesn’t want to use them- could be that she pawns them off to mortals in exchange for services rendered, making them easier to retrieve if Morse wants them back? Kinda wanna get a feel for your thoughts on the subject before I make a move.
No. 126398 ID: 2007b6

Smart people in Creation give proper respectful funerals even to their bitter enemies, because the alternative is turning that enemy's po soul into a rampaging hungry ghost. The generally-accepted appeasement strategy involves burying them along with whatever stuff they cared about. Given that Bridget is treating Morse as a very scary corpse, leaving the mask on her face and the Drowned Shamisen (which Morse clearly liked) intact and secure somewhere conveniently nearby - maybe underneath a big rock - would be consistent with widespread, well-justified, moderately efficacious superstitious behavior.
No. 126399 ID: 0640da

Had a quick chat with Magey and found a pretty good compromise that hits the spirit of your request: give Lute all three of Morse's artifacts. I did not stutter. Mortals should probably not be given these clearly magical weapons, but Lute/Bridget probably have a use for them. Also, I don't want to side track Morse joining the party any longer than we have-- OOCly I want her in the party, by hook or by crook. This is also technically safe for her artifacts, since some wahoo doesn't have it-- one of the player characters does. Bridget can choose to hang on to any of the three artifacts:

- Compass that tracks specific artifacts.
- The Drowned Shamisen
- Mirror Flag

Morse WILL want these back, but this is leverage on her-- which is probably the only way to trust an abyssal.
No. 126401 ID: afdebc

To clarify, I'm fine rolling with that if that's what Bridget ends up doing, but don't feel like I cut a deal with Gilly where that's the outcome I expect either.

I'm perfectly fine with Bridget sealing Morse's stuff under a rock too.
No. 126404 ID: 2007b6

Bridget might be able to catch up to Light and help deal with the cavalry kidnappers. It would require two (possibly three) more mountain-crossing leaps, as well as information on where they actually are. Bridget can also carry normal human-sized people while jumping, though any more than two or maybe three would get awkward.
No. 126412 ID: 2007b6

The Abyssal Investigation charm Heart-Rending Cruelty Technique can break someone's will and impose Unacceptable Orders, such as suicide, or betrayal of an otherwise inviolable charm-backed intimacy (e.g. Righteous Lion Defense, corebook p 199; every exalt type has their own variant).

The Sidereal Performance charm Perfection In Life can impose mental influence which, once accepted, cannot be shaken off by any amount of willpower expenditure (at least not during the same scene). Using it to supplement a social attack along the lines of "Don't give up, do your best!" would make despair-inducing mental influence an Impossible Order, a completely separate category of invalidity which Heart-Rending Cruelty Technique cannot overcome.
No. 126416 ID: a02a86

Anything else give impossible orders?
No. 126421 ID: 2007b6

There's no way to compel someone to follow an impossible order. By definition, it's something they can't do, can't even meaningfully attempt.
No. 126479 ID: 2007b6

Prey's Skin Disguise covers pretty much anything sapient and made of meat, not just humans. With Essential Mirror Form you could learn Mountain Folk Patterns, or Dragon King Paths, or even (in principle) lost powers of the pureblood Lintha.

Twin-Faced Hero is rolled into Changing Plumage Mastery, because as far as Luna is concerned, gender IS a minor cosmetic detail.

Internal Form Mastery is rolled in to Hybrid Body Rearrangement. If you buy it at Essence 2, it just uncaps Dexterity (by subtly optimizing joints and nerves), then at Essence 3 it allows partial shifting obvious enough for 'mutations.'

Hearth-And-Flame Shell, Laurels-And-Ivy Technique, and Somnolent Statuary Method are merged, and reduced to Essence 3.

Flickering Star Infusion requires this new combined plant/elemental/landscape knack as one of it's prerequisites. The other can be either Intimate Training Recollection or Taste Of Luna's Champions.

Honing the Stolen Form is a side benefit of Flickering Star Infusion, and costs no XP, just training time.

Compassionate Mirror Nature requires Life of the Hummingbird, NOT Prey's Skin Disguise.

Mountainous Spirit Expression provides the full enlargement-related benefits of Tyrant Mouse Dominion (from Glories: Luna) including option to not enlarge the spirit shape.

Tyrant Mouse Dominion does NOT require Mountainous Spirit Expression as a prerequisite. Illimitable Beast Declaration requires both, AND Heart-Theft of the Behemoth.

Emperor Ox Expansion is applicable to any form in the library by default, rather than needing to be upgraded with Titan Menagerie Method. Hungry All-Consuming Cloud and Moon-And-Earth Song are what happens when it's applied to their prerequisites, rather than separate knacks.

Becoming The Swarm adds a DV bonus equal to the Lunar's Essence rather than half their Dexterity. Rather than being immune to narrower attacks, a swarm enlarged to mass combat scale gains a full health track for each level of Magnitude, just like an actual mass combat unit. However, shifting to a non-swarm form before healing back to full magnitude is treated like deactivating Unstoppable Juggernaut Incarnation. The flip-side of that is, a Hungry All-Consuming Cloud can be used to heal from up to (Essence) mortal wounds delayed by Unstoppable Juggernaut Incarnation without ever being reduced to incapacitation, much less dying health levels. Downside is, each Magnitude level recovered requires a period of intensive feeding and breeding which likely devastates a stretch of countryside.

Ant And Starfish Trick requires Prey's Skin Disguise, Taste Of Luna's Champions, and either Becoming The Swarm, or Green Sun Child (and the addition of at least one second or third circle demon to your form library) as prerequisites. There is no range limit, even across realms of existence, and no precedence given to an 'original,' but if any are slain by an attack that would permanently destroy spirits, those Essence dots are converted to XP, along with any traits they served as prerequisite for, other than Ant And Starfish Trick itself. Lesser sorts of lethal violence allow lost Essence to be recovered at a rate of one dot per surviving splinter per season, or by any magic that heals both spiritual Shaping effects and amputations.
No. 126502 ID: 2007b6

Oh! One more note, there's a fifth purchase of Delirious Rapture of Virtue, which lets you spend (lowest virtue rating) aggravated health levels in place of a point of XP when swapping out specialties, changing your Motivation before completing it, or otherwise burning XP without a net gain in traits (e.g. the Wrapped Diamond paradox-reduction ritual, for a sidereal akuma).
No. 126523 ID: 23b7bd

There's a lot of changes here- do Luna's Hidden Face, Hungry Dream Cloak, and Shifting Wyld Tides all still work the same?
No. 126558 ID: 2007b6

Probably, yeah. It's a work in progress. Open to suggestions for further consolidation of weak-but-necessary effects or other potential improvements.
No. 126575 ID: 2d86b4

Character sheet:

Reference Sheet:

Just to have them here as well.
No. 126579 ID: afdebc

Transcribing Matar's initial build to a text block for reference, since the character sheet will update over time, and filling in a few blanks from discord.

Arberus Vahl
Green Sun Prince (Isidoros Favored)

Motivation: The murder of Hierarchy. To murder public officials in increasing higher positions, culminating with the murder of the Scarlet Empress herself.
Urge (Adorjani): To convince other to mob together in violence against figures of authority.

"Incite the Serpents Which Walk Like Men to liberate An-Teng from the Realm." (I could have sworn this was supposed to have been his urge, JL?)

Strength 5 Dexterity 1 Stamina 5
Charisma 1 Manipulation 1 Appearance 5
Perception 5 Intelligence 1 Wits 3

Essence 3, Willpower 10

Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 1, Valor 3

Caste: Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown, War
Favored: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Resistance, Lore

Abilities / Skills:
*Archery 1
*Athletics 5
*Awareness 3
*Dodge 4 (Frontal Assault +1)
Linguistics 0 (Native: Rivertongue)
*Lore 1
*Martial Arts 5 (Frontal Assault +2)
*Melee 0
*Resistance 3
Socialize 1
*Thrown 1
*War 1 (Frontal Assault +1)

Intolerable Burning Truths (Hate Springs Eternal)
Bitter Heart Unbleeding x2
Sprawling Marsh Indulgence
Flowering the Fairer Face
Innocent Petal Assumption
Scentless Skinless Serpent Shintai
Palate Without Limit
Hunger Without Satisfaction
Digestion Without Distinction

Beacon of Power
Great Curse 3

Artifact 5, Sapience 4 (Three Hundred And Thirty Thirsty Fangs, see below)
Artifact 3,Sapience 3 (Cup of Flowing Blood w/ the added effects of a Erymanthus Demon Ink Tattoo)
Backing 1 (Malfeas)
Cult 1
Influence 1 (Malfeas)
Manse 4 (Uncapped 5 dot "Meat-moss" wood aspected demesne. Plant life becomes disturbing meat-constructs, mutates mortals to be abnormally delicious, attunement bonus comparable to Song of Life Stone, except meatier. Essence harvest not yet defined)

Arberus' Three Hundred And Thirty Thirsty Fangs has the following additional traits as a sapient hellforged wonder:

Urge: Carve out a pleasure-dome among the veins of the earth.
Mutations: Gargantuan (switchable) - +4 Strength and Stamina, 4x height, 64x weight
Spirit Charms:
Affinity (Earth) Control - 4 barrels, allocated between damage, resistance, and construction or demolition of stone walls
Bread of Weak Spirit - all-encompassing
Hurry Home - to Arberus
Landscape Travel - walk across any surface at double normal speed, transmuting it to a basalt roadway as you go. While enlarged, 10x speed instead.
Material Tribulation Divestment - while relaxing at a party
Stoke the Flame - stir up heterodoxy and rebellion
First Excellency for Integrity, Larceny, and Stealth

The Act of Murder in public
Granting children the ability to harm others.
Protect those that dedicate themselves to culinary arts.
To have his name known throughout all of Creation.
To consume every type of sentient being.
No. 126595 ID: afdebc

Confirmed, Urge is "Incite the Serpents Which Walk Like Men to liberate An-Teng from the Realm."
No. 126621 ID: 2007b6

The possibilities for celebratory cataclysms are as yet unsettled.
No. 126745 ID: 2007b6

I'm going to make it compatible with boosts from e.g. Epic Zeal of (Valor), but weaken the effects a bit so each success on the roll only recovers one bashing level or downgrades a lethal level to bashing, and add a clause where if you actually spend a channel of the appropriate virtue, roll double the dice. However, using it to downgrade aggravated damage to lethal requires a repurchase at Resistance 5, Essence 4.
No. 126800 ID: 2007b6

One willpower is usually the equivalent of three to five motes. That's not an exact number, but it's the opportunity cost: for a standard two-die stunt, the choice is between four motes or one WP, so there has to be some approximate equivalency for that to be a meaningful choice. The Abyssal charm Virtue-Devouring Hunger, it's solar mirror, and various Fair Folk charmtech make me inclined to say a virtue channel is also roughly equivalent to a willpower point. Various charms such as Crane Form, Phoenix Renewal Tactic, and (Isidoros) or (Theion) Mythos Exultant make it possible to recover a virtue channel instead of a willpower point. However, other Mythos Exultant charms (specifically, Cecelyne and SWLiHN) double the effective stunt award, so I'm inclined to houserule those effects to be "in addition to" rather than "instead," and incidentally tweak the Pyrian Mythos Exultant so it awards a number of WP equal to the stunt rating, when you choose WP, rather than a flat two for 2+. However, no charm will EVER double the actual MOTE award for stunting, or otherwise allow faster intrinsic mote recovery than by three-die stunt awards every action.

Exalted 2.5's combat engine is built around the idea that any essence user who's taking the fight seriously - and who, in turn, ought to be taken seriously by their opponents - will be getting a two or three die stunt award every action in combat, and furthermore than this is the only reliable way to recover REAL motes mid-battle. Attunement motes, offensive motes, the special single-use motes from Ghost-Eating Technique, 'compassion' motes from Softening Cruel Tidings, key thing they all have in common is that they can't be used to power combative Excellencies, nor perfect defenses.

The apparent exceptions - Lightning Boxes, Charter-Stripping Condemnation, Earth Reclaims Her Bounty, Unchain the Dragon's Heart, (Virtue) Essence Replenishment, the innate power of Abyssals to feed on blood, various other necromantic horrors - all depend on resources which are themselves nonrenewable in combat time, whether that's manses, weather, lives, or just a per-day cap. Attunement, Offensive, or otherwise limited/nonstandard motes can be converted to regular motes, but only immediately when the fight's over (wait too long, they dissipate), and even then it requires some method of voluntary transfer such as Essence-Lending Method, Lease The Flame, the emerald circle spell Eye of Alliance in combination with appropriate artifacts, or certain thaumaturgical procedures, mostly in the Art of Geomancy. The Adorjani charm Beauteous Carnage Incentive is unusual in that it transfers those motes automatically, efficiently, and to yourself, but it still only activates when the scene ends.

When someone heroic, even a non-essence-using heroic mortal, spends less than 4m xor 1wp per action, that means they either haven't got their head in the game (OOC, can't come up with an adequate 2-die stunt) or they're deliberately holding back, taking it easy, waiting for the right moment before fully comitting. Even if they're being very aggressive in other ways, their heart's not really in it. Spending more than equilibrium, they've either spotted a critical opportunity and are now moving in for the finishing blow, or else are desperately outmatched (or just dangerously undisciplined) and will soon exhaust themselves.

Channeling a virtue means you've spent one willpower AND one virtue channel - arguably the equivalent of at least eight motes - to add, typically, only three to five more dice to a roll. Anyone with an appropriate excellency could get a much better rate of return. Virtue channeling is inefficient. It mostly only makes sense in situations where you can't afford to be efficient: when you don't have enough time or XP to take a day off to learn the relevant Excellency (or a few weeks to grab the prerequisite, if you're completely ignorant of the subject in question and not lucky enough to be a Lunar), or when you already hit your dice cap or ran out of motes but for whatever reason need a burst of even more power... or when you're not an exalt at all, and don't even have access to relevant excellencies.

Sorcery, and sidereal martial arts (without Sutra discounts), are outrageously expensive in this context. Most of the time, that means it's like bringing motorized anti-aircraft artillery to a knife fight: don't even try it unless you're pretty sure one quick barrage could wrap up the entire conflict, and even then, you'll need a few guards to keep you from being stabbed while you're preparing that big shot. Smart sorcerers do their casting before the fight begins (wards and landscaping to prepare the field, summoning, personal buffs like Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, etc.), or stick to quick-cast stuff: Countermagic, Banishment, or Flight of Separation.
No. 126946 ID: 2007b6

Another little houserule for countermagic: at any given circle, the more expensive version reaches out and swats down an ongoing spell, but the cheaper version, rather than being self-only and lasting a single action, can be delivered by touch to any creature, object, or point in space, and persists indefinitely. Next time a spell which it would be capable of countering (including thaumaturgy) is cast on the target or an area encompassing it, the latent countermagic resolves and is expended. One spell can trigger many counters this way, expending all of them - only benefit of redundancy is that the fragments from a same-circle spell may then be countered individually, reducing collateral damage.

Latent countermagic can't break previously cast spells, so it can work as an ablative sheathe over some other enchantment. If countermagic of multiple circles is layered together, only the highest is expended. When latent countermagic stops a lower-circle spell, it might not be used up entirely: roll a number of dice equal to the difference, for example, adamant countermagic vs. thaumaturgy would roll three dice. On a botch, the latent countermagic not only burns itself out, but disrupts whatever it was meant to be protecting as well (to whatever extent it could normally affect the underlying magic).
No. 127130 ID: 2007b6

Palate Without Limit is overpowered. Compared to Hateful Wretched Noise, it provides more of a bonus with no corresponding penalty apart from a 4m commitment. So, I'm adding a downside, in two parts: first, it inflicts a -(Essence) internal penalty on any nonreflexive action to examine details - everything from medical diagnosis to Read Motivation to crime scenes to patting somebody down for concealed weapons - unless you lick the thing being examined, which may involve health risks and/or be considered socially inappropriate. If examination concludes that you could gain any material benefit by ingesting the subject, regardless of other costs or risks, you then have to spend 1 wp to resist a Compulsion to immediately eat at least enough to inflict one level of lethal damage on it. For fragile or small targets, such as an alchemical potion or paper contract, that might be the whole thing.
No. 127160 ID: d9acdc

Not knowing how hard the other penalty hits you, that sounds like a charm that I personally would never really be inclinded to pick up. Seems more like a curse than a boon.
No. 127161 ID: afdebc

With no downside though, you Palate Without Limit gets you the function of Keen Taste Technique, Keen Scent Technique, and Unsurpassed Taste Discipline (three different solar charm purchases!) in a single buy.

As for the curse vs boon, at least you have a choice to turn it on or off, and superpowers with downsides that make you inhuman or alien or weird does seem to fit the yozi aesthetic.
No. 127167 ID: 2007b6

One and a half, actually, Keen Smell & Taste is just one solar charm.

You can avoid the penalty by simply not activating the charm. When it IS active, trading a -2 or -3 internal penalty for two bonus successes and the ability to notice things that wouldn't otherwise be possible still leaves you at a net advantage even when it comes to scent, unless your dice pool was so low you'd have no chance normally. If you use Metagoyin charmtech to be Sherlock Holmes, a certain amount of non-figurative chewing the scenery is almost inevitable, and you probably shouldn't be trusted ID'ing fine wines or found potions.

With Flesh-Weaving Tendrils, major surgery doesn't need to involve any damage at all, so one lethal health level might still leave the patient better off than they would have been going to a mundane doctor - and if they go to get a second opinion anyway, Canker-Concealing Trunk Confusion could be used to make sure the bite marks aren't visible.
No. 127269 ID: 2007b6

Another little houserule, to make some neglected traits more relevant: when you're trying to find an expert for hire, once per month roll your Appearance + Backing (if you're doing so through official channels) or Appearance + Contacts (for personal stuff). Of those who show up, the best among them will have as many dots in relevant skills as the successes from that roll, up to the limit of what's plausibly available in the area where your message has reached and from which replies could have returned.

Attracting the interest of a true necromancer, sorcerer, or outcaste terrestrial exalt always requires at least five or six successes on such a roll. Martial Arts take another success per charm, so an outcaste terrestrial who'd fully mastered a CMA style might take 20+ successes to find - and probably wouldn't work cheap. Hiring a celestial exalt or other unique being usually involves going on a whole adventure just to track them down, not just posting a want-ad.

Figuring out which applicants are actually the most qualified is a task for the Bureaucracy skill, and coming up with a payment plan they'll accept probably requires Resources, though Influence and social skills also tend to help.
No. 129436 ID: f57349

Required Ability Mundane Exotic Repair Rating Difficulty Successes Minimums* Resources Materials Difficulty 1 3 10 3 $16,000 1 2 2 4 30 3 $125,000 2 3 3 5 60 3 $1,000,000 3 4 4 6 100 6 $8,000,000 4 5 5 7 250 7 $65,000,000 5 6 6 8 500 8 $500,000,000 6 7 7 9 1000 9 $4,000,000,000 7 8 8 10 2500 10 $33,000,000,000 8 9 9 11 5000 11 $250,000,000,000 9 10 10 Establishing new wonders comparable in themselves to the sum total of Creation is beyond the scope of these rules.
No. 129618 ID: f57349

I'd like to thank Kawaiiwolf for becoming my patron at the $5 level.
No. 129705 ID: f57349

An approximate hierarchy of mental influence resistance, from easiest to hardest:
-impossible orders (autoresist for free, cannot be bypassed)
-unacceptable orders (autoresist for free, can only be bypassed by powerful magic under narrow circumstances)
-opposed to Motivation/Urge (+3 MDV, must spend WP to resist if attack succeeds unless will already broken)
-opposed to Motivation/Urge but supported by intimacy (net +2 MDV, must spend WP to resist if attack succeeds unless will already broken)
-opposed to Virtue rated 3+ (+2 MDV, need to choose between spending WP to resist or suppressing virtue if attack succeeds)
-opposed to Motivation/Urge but supported by Virtue rated 3+ (net +1 MDV, must spend WP to resist if attack succeeds unless will already broken)
-opposed to Virtue rated 3+ but supported by intimacy (net +1 MDV, need to choose between spending WP to resist or suppressing virtue if attack succeeds)
-opposed to Intimacy (+1 MDV, going along with it may count as eroding the intimacy)
-opposed to Virtue rated 3+ but supported by another virtue also rated 3+ (net +0 MDV, will probably need to suppress at least one virtue no matter what happens)
-opposed to Intimacy but supported by another Intimacy (net +0 MDV, will probably end up eroding an intimacy no matter what happens)
-no opinion (+0 MDV)
-supported by Intimacy (-1 MDV)
-supported by Virtue rated 3+ but opposed by Intimacy (net -1 MDV, may need to suppress Virtue or go along with it anyway even if attack fails)
-supported by Motivation but opposed by Virtue rated 3+ (net -1 MDV, need to choose between spending WP to resist or suppressing virtue if attack succeeds)
-supported by Motivation but opposed by Intimacy (net -2 MDV, going along with it may count as eroding the intimacy)
-supported by Virtue rated 3+ (-2 MDV, may need to suppress Virtue or go along with it anyway even if attack fails)
-supported by Motivation (-3 MDV)
-virtue compulsions triggered by own direct observations (can roll and hope for no successes, or spend 1 wp, unless wp is empty)
-unblockable/undodgeable/unexpected social attacks (MDV zero)
-mental influence already in place which compels maximum resistance against it's own removal
-akuma urges & automaton hardwired programming
No. 130903 ID: afdebc

Now that it's much later and I actually understand how chargen works, here's Lute's ronin akuma sidereal chargen actually mathed out in detail.

Original post

4 + 5 = 9 free dots

Compassion 6 Conviction 3 Temperance 4 Valor 2

15 - 9 = 6 from BP
Net BP = -6 BP

9 + 8 + 6 + 4 = 27 free dots

Strength 1 Dexterity 6 Stamina 6
Charisma 0 Manipulation 6 Appearance 6
Perception 6 Intelligence 6 Wits 6

43 - 27 = 16 from BP
Net BP = -16*4 = -64 BP

25 free dots, 10 of which must be spent on caste/favored
4 free specialities

Place 10 dots in caste/favored, then convert to 10 BP
Place 15 dots in unfavored, then convert to 30 BP
Place 4 specialities in unfavored, then convert to 4 BP

Buy with BP:
[7]*Craft (Air) 6 (Restoring Symmetry +2)
[8]Investigation 4
[6]*Lore 6
[1]*Martial Arts 1
[6]*Occult 6
[6]*Performance 6
[2]*Thrown 2

Net BP = +44 -36 = +8 BP

8 Free Charms

Place 8 Charms in unfavored abilities, convert to BP, 8*7 = 56 BP

Buy with BP:
[5]Destiny-Knitting Entanglement
[7]Efficient Secretary Technique
[5]Perfection In Life
[5]Defense of Shining Joy
[5]Essence Thorn Practice

Net BP = +56 -27 = 29 BP

7 Free backgrounds, convert to 7 BP

Buy with BP:
[1]Ally 1 (The Sandpoint Devil)
[5]Artifact 4 (Vitriol Tainted Moonsilver-Starmetal Infinite Resplendence Amulet)
[5]Artifact 4 (Multifocal Lens Arm)
[1]Artifact 1 (Vitriol Tainted Starmetal Hearthstone Amulet)
[3]Manse 3

Net BP = +7 -15 = -8 BP

BP Totals
+18 (Free)
+30 BP (Demonic Inheritance 5)
+8 (Magical Plague Carrier)
-6 (Virtues)
-5 (Willpower 10)
-64 (Attributes)
+8 (Abilities)
+29 (Charms)
-8 (Backgrounds)

Net BP = 9 BP

I have unspent BP? Huh, if there was an error, I was expecting to be the other way. (I suppose this makes sense if Lute were slightly less mixmaxed, and some of her starting charms were caste/favored, so were cached in for 5BP instead of 7BP).
No. 130906 ID: afdebc


Let's see if this link will work.
No. 131051 ID: f57349

Henceforth, but NOT retroactively, any post in the exalted game(s) I'm running here with more word count or scroll height devoted to unfocused in-character dialogue and "fluff" description than to concrete details of mechanically-resolvable action, will not be counted for experience point purposes.

A map or diagram illustrating the action counts as one thousand (10^3) good words, and as much scroll height as contains useful information. To count, such an image MUST include:
>at least one previously-established landmark or reference point
>at least one arrow or other indication of motion
>something to give an unambiguous sense of scale
These should not be difficult criteria to meet, just a bare foundation. Good images will include lots more, but specifics are too contextual to lay hard rules about. Stick figures or other extremely simplified representations are fine, provided the meaning is clear. If there is no movement to be shown, you're either not taking a substantial enough action, or you're trying to represent it from the wrong perspective. If there's a significant vertical element, try showing a cut-away side view rather than just top-down. If the action is political or psychological rather than overtly physical, a map of the chain of command, relationship web, predicate logic flowchart, or something along those lines might be the more appropriate sort of diagram for unpacking what could otherwise be lost in subtext. Crafting can be represented as a chemical reaction, with inputs, catalysts, and outputs... or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, a map sprinkled with symbols from Living Systems Theory.

Editing or otherwise reusing images from other players is not only permissible, but strongly encouraged, both to build on what has come before and to point out apparent errors. Images more than about 1200 pixels wide will be looked on unfavorably, all else being equal, but this can be outweighed if the space is well-used, by which I mean dense with useful detail that couldn't have been compressed or rearranged without losing something, as opposed to merely being packed with clutter.

Word count and scroll height have a degree of objectivity, but the threshold is sorta blurry, and that's intentional. The real point is I want players to focus more on quality over quantity. Ideally every detail should convey information which is, or could plausibly become, tactically significant, and do so clearly and concisely.
No. 131070 ID: d9acdc

This is the last post judged by the old xp standard, which I am recording here for my own XP counting purposes. This post, and all others before it, shall be counted for XP using the old ruling, and new posts going forward shall be evaluated for useful detail vs unnecessary fluff, rather than a cut and dry "did this progress the game." check.
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