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File 151677560018.png - (98.18KB , 499x600 , mootpoin dist.png )
119900 No. 119900 ID: a30024


Kind of backwards way of doing this, but now that the first episode is done, what do people think?
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No. 121112 ID: ed67d9

I understand where you're coming from.


Understand that the suggestions other people were leaving were putting off several individuals, myself and the author included.
No. 121121 ID: 09587a

Then be polite about it, that's the gist of what I'm saying.
No. 121145 ID: 6f0f83

ironically in your quest to white Knight for the sake of people's discomfort you wound up making others uncomfortable

maybe you should let people fight their own battles, if they're uncomfortable they need to suggest against them themselves. preferably politely but this is a chan board and violent infighting is pretty much always guaranteed here
No. 121170 ID: a30024

I understand that you guys want to be able to disagree politely, and I'm all on board with that, but I think dredging up a week old post to do a callout is a pretty impolite way to go about it.

I thought Raptie was being fairly polite about it at the time, and wasn't calling out anyone in particular. The discussion moved to the disthread and I think that people got better overall about keeping the suggestions lighter and more chill. While I'd like to keep arguing to a minimum, I understand that there's going to be disagreements between readers and I think you guys have kept things pretty civil so far.

That said, please don't use my threads to do callouts or start fights. This isnt the Coxwette disthread.
No. 122509 ID: 07a312

Aw man I don't do this often but the suggestions I've been getting for this chapter have been fantastic! Thank you guys for keeping things creative and fun! Sorry if Sunfish fans are stuck waiting for updates, its just been really great working on this chapter
No. 122514 ID: eeb7d9

Well thank YOU for making this thread, I am loving it.
No. 123221 ID: e5c658

The doom was obviously a 3000-year-old loli dragon necromancer.
No. 123362 ID: eeb7d9

I have heard of this before.
No. 123987 ID: ff0134

Pretty soon this quest is going to devolve into The protagonists constantly trying to outdo eachother by sleeping with increasingly mythical/fantastical/divine creatures.
“Oh so you banged a lich? Well i banged a god!”
I’m scared of where this will go next.
No. 123988 ID: 5fa661


expect Gurren-Lagann-level escalation
No. 123991 ID: 05ff2f

Next stop: The Fates! All three of 'em at once!
No. 125160 ID: 094652

Hm. I could have done that rap better. If anyone wants to improve it just post.
No. 126684 ID: 4c304f


Why dont you just recycle your other characters from your not current quests? You seem to being doing your best with moot point so I feel like itd be nice to see some cameos now and then from wasps and such
No. 126765 ID: 2007b6

I notice that the five threads of Moot Point so far seem to be lining up with the five levels described here: https://prokopetz.tumblr.com/post/180645572357/
No. 126766 ID: 91ee5f

Oh shit, you’re right! XD
No. 126783 ID: 2007b6

It's not really a perfect one-to-one mapping, but there's definitely an overall trend along the scale being measured. For archival purposes, in the all-too-likely event Tumblr implodes:

Level 1: Porn with plot

Level 2: Porn with social commentary

Level 3: Porn with troubling philosophical implications

Level 4: Porn with maddening revelations of humanity’s place in the cosmos

Level 5: Porn with math
No. 127188 ID: 06fdc0

hmm, how do i put this

toxo, you managed to make a boney look bone-able
the zombie is zoinkable
we are not opposed to getting down with the dead dude we want to make the ol' skin and bones rattle like a maraca
we want to fuck a zombie???
No. 127409 ID: 864e49

No. 127410 ID: 91ee5f

Apparently, he does it very easily, since it happens so often.
No. 127415 ID: 7816e7

I mean... while fucking ghosts and the undead are kind of the point of the story... I think some people's interpretation of fuckable is a bit different from mine
No. 127422 ID: 06fdc0

but they're all such wonderful characters! and your art style makes them all look cute and handsome. they may be dead in body, but they're so alive in spirit!
No. 127801 ID: 864e49

Hey Tox I don't wanna be "That Guy"
CoW and The Sunfish?
No. 127808 ID: ba56e6

It's the way you draw faces.
No. 128363 ID: cfbbea


I admit, I was really dissapointed we didn't get a sex scene with Opinel. Is there any possibility we will get one in the future?
No. 128365 ID: 7816e7

Its something I'll have to think about. Opinel is one of those guys who seems to find combat more romantic than fucking. In a sense... it was good for him...?

This chapter evolved a lot more than most as I was writing it. initially Opinel was a kind of imposing, silent, black knight and I'm really happy with how he came out. But I hadn't planned for any kind of zombie/ghoul fucking in the chapter.

As fun as the lewd stuff is to write, it has to feel like its in character and works with the story. Fuckin Opinel is something Im not going to rule out, but I don't want this to feel like Coxwette where people get angry or disappointed because X character got fucked instead of Y. As the cast gets bigger, I'm not sure who is going to have sex scenes and who wont, but no matter who it is, I want people to feel included in the fun.
No. 128367 ID: 06fdc0

how surprised were you when suggestors wanted to lewd the zombies?

i love the quest btw, lewd and lewdless both
No. 128372 ID: cfbbea


I understand, its just he turned out to be so ridiculously cute I was sure we were going to have a scene with him.
No. 128380 ID: 7816e7

Opinel wasn't too surprising, its more that his character changed at the last minute and I wasn't really expecting to do anything lewd with him. (though as he's clearly been bisected at some point in his past, I have some worrying questions about the mechanics of lewd times)

As for Norman, yeah that caught me pretty off guard. of all the NPCs, hes the one people wanted to shag? huh...
No. 128385 ID: cfbbea


I think people mostly mentioned Norman to be funny, or possibly to see how you'd pull it off.
No. 128828 ID: 8eaf98

How does fay magic work? if it requires a deal I'm sure we could come up with something. We have mostly had Nixxy help with her mind, this seems like a chance to have her flex some more magical muscles unless this is all highly dependent on the fay in question.
No. 128844 ID: bc3a02

As for the complicated and expensive thing, my thought is that as the average citizen probably doesn't know extensive seelee law, they can use tricky wording and uknown rules to fuck people over with their deals.
No. 128845 ID: bc3a02

For nixxy herself though, they might just not think much of her in that sense cause her demeanor is coming off more like an excited tourist.
No. 128897 ID: 7816e7


These actually both kind of tie together.

The Feywilds are essentially a place where the Age of Wild Magic never ended. Mana is much more readily available there and magic is much more common. Fae society is designed around the idea that many of its citizens are capable of things like: shapechanging, invisibility, and some forms of teleportation. To maintain the rigid hierarchy, they rely on rules that seem arcane and weird to the mortal world.

Some of that ties into the rules of trade between the worlds. Fey don't have a whole lot of interest in things like money, so when buying from them you might end up bartering away... memories, a performance or whatever is in your pocket. The most reliable thing to trade with them is handcrafted goods, since the time and skill involved are recognized as a form of value. There's a fair amount of small household charms that owe their existence to trade between the mortal and fey realms, such as ice charms and magelights.
No. 128915 ID: f46e5e

so we need to ask Nixxy what, if any, kind of magic she has, got it.
No. 129123 ID: b7e907

I brainstormed some general possibilities on the newest charater, Clio's apparent resemblance with Augustine Moot, founder of Moot Point. My understanding is that all the comments/speculations/analyses/casual conversations should be posted here, while the quest-threads are for plot-driven suggestions only. So here they are.

Possibility 1: Clio is biologically related to Moot.

Possibility 2: Clio is reincarnation of Moot.

Possibility 3: Clio is Moot.

Possibility 4: Clio received some of Moot's power.

Possibility 5: Clio was exposed to a power source which Moot was also in contact with.

Possibility 6: Clio received her power through an attempt to replicate Moot's power.

Personally I think them being relatives is most likely; it's an intuitively straghtforward connection. She doesn't have to be a direct descendent; could also be a distant relative from a family line that stayed when Moot gated away. Though her lack of training / knowledge of the senders still have to be explained. Perhaps she was seperated from her family from youth? Or the power was lost in her family line until emerged again on her? Could the chapter title "The Wild Hunt" be an indication that some fays are involved?

Regardless, I'm enjoying this quest as always, and look forward to see how things go.

I also think it'd be amusing if by the end of chapter, Gabe ends up learning Claíomh Solais after spending time with Clio...
No. 129545 ID: b1b4f3

I really have to wonder why there are so many people who apparently never read any other suggestions. That's especially important when a riddle or puzzle is involved.

This one was solved in the first two suggestions, then we got a ton of suggestions who are either trying to cheat, or don't understand the rules.
No. 129546 ID: 53cdab

That's because the first two suggestions contained the classic answer, the one that's sure to work when the puzzle is explained by a third party. It goes out the window when the alleged knight and knave are the ones explaining (an example of this I can remember off-hand was Yu-Gi-Oh).
No. 129547 ID: 53cdab

Thinking back of it, it can be made to work when the knight and knave explain, but there's a trick to it. When I showed this riddle to my BC players, I had both location-bound pink horrors say the same words while pointing at different doors: "This door leads to doom, and this door leads forward, I always tell the truth, and (point to each other) he lies!"
They were both lying anyway to cover up the hidden third door.
No. 129548 ID: 91ee5f

>(an example of this I can remember off-hand was Yu-Gi-Oh).
I know that one.

Here, this will explain how Yugi solved that riddle. https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Paradox_Brothers%27_dungeon
No. 129598 ID: 91ee5f

Anyone else notice how there’s fewer suggestions every time there’s sex and afterwards, the number suggestions start increasing again? What’s up with that?
No. 129601 ID: 7816e7

Im not really sure why, but its something that I feel like has been there since the beginning. I kind of roll with it, but it can make it tricky to figure out a direction sometimes.
No. 129610 ID: bb78f2

My guess is that everyone is busy waiting for the porn to be over before they can problem solve again (or put work in for more porn rewards later).

They got what they want in that moment and all they can really suggest in that period is what positions to take. The reality is that a lot of people simply agree that sandwiching is what they wanted, and don't want to keep responding with "THIS, SANDWICH TIME" except for a few people.

Then a little bit after, a majority are probably confused on what to do exactly because there isn't a goal list after the porn scene, so people need time or new updates/panels to reorganize their thoughts and in-quest goals. People aren't actually sure what to do next. Then once we're rolling the suggestions and ideas come through in order to meet those goals.
No. 129611 ID: 8eaf98

so basically we create and solve problems actively, not look for things to solve and without problems we do little
No. 129632 ID: bb78f2

I've noticed how the group has sex all the time with other people, but apparently not enough with each other that when they do bone they say they should do it more often.

There's implications there, man. Not negative ones, it's just a weird one. At worst it means they're almost neglecting each other over other relationships. Porn's happening all the time, but I guess they don't do it enough themselves off screen. At least they're still happy with each other and it seems healthy.
No. 129928 ID: b1b4f3

Fennel is not for lewds >:(
No. 130688 ID: f57349

"Friends with benefits, where the 'benefits' include things like flight and super strength and pocket dimensions" might be a good overall summary of the quest.
No. 131122 ID: ce39da

Popping in to say I've caught up with Moot Point, and I'm loving it. The sex is great, and I love the not-sex even more. Actually, there's literally only one sex scene I skipped/skimmed, and it was the one after the riddle in (I think) Episode 9. And that was only because I couldn't get over how avoidable the "fumble" that led to it was; either the two guardians forgot/didn't understand how and why their own dang riddle worked, or they were outright dishonest to try and coerce a sexual favor from us: The whole point of the "correct question" is to make him give the same answer, regardless of whether he was the liar or not. They literally didn't need to remember who the liar was for this to work; it should only cause things to break down if the test-takers don't ask the right question.

Okay, rant over. I suggest we playfully call them out on it next time we meet them. Be all "you know you could have just asked" on them. :3c
No. 131358 ID: 0195ba

This quest is much harder to read in November. The Nut is strong.
No. 131637 ID: a0dfd2

So the latest update (the festivities with the 'bolds, and Gabe's apology) got me thinking about Kol's words:

Is it possible for a medium to assume another body, just as other spirits have? And if so, what is the Circle's stance on this (at least I think that's what Kol said his order is called)?
No. 131654 ID: a0dfd2

Three Horns and company go to Moot Point and start a band called Kobold Sex Party.

Nobody realizes that the name is literal.

(Please enjoy this thought from 5 AM)
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