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File 150448315298.png - (249.44KB , 500x600 , coxdis3.png )
115190 No. 115190 ID: 8e802d

Given the length and general chaos of the previous thread, I want to start fresh with a place where people can voice their concerns directly to me. A lot of readers have been unhappy with the quest as of late, and I feel the need to address these in order to make it more enjoyable. I do this entirely for fun, so I want people to have fun participating in it.

I accept responsibility for the current problems in the storytelling, and want to hear from the readers so that I can at least try to put out the fires before the quest is over. Being the author of it, I feel I have the most power to affect the direction of the quest in a positive way!

Memes and porn are still welcome, obviously.
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No. 118882 ID: 9d448e

Also, I'm not trying to "read" the author. I asked her a question - that's pretty much the exact opposite of what you're accusing me of.
No. 118883 ID: ee43ea

That's fair, but even not counting the whole penpal thing, there are a lot of suggestions both to going to see Naz and Selma to keep the party going, and to checking on Julia to make sure she's not getting to trouble. The latter has a few naysayers, the former none.

I think you'll do fine. Sorry if I seem like an asshole sometimes. Hang in there.
No. 118884 ID: ee43ea

You're one to talk - if anyone here is guilty of what you say, naileD, it's you. You've been consistently called out of doing precisely this, and there's never been any evidence of you being even remotely right.
No. 118885 ID: d4516a
File 151336993727.jpg - (23.60KB , 335x352 , fgsfds.jpg )

>" A lot of suggesters here seem to have a very twisted perception of characters"
>"...unable to perceive facts presented in the quest in an objective manner
>"...they will make whatever illogical excuse they can think of so that things correctly fit in the boxes they have in their minds"
>naileD says all this

Holy shit, man, do you even get the irony? NO ONE in entire Tgchan does this shit more than you.
No. 118886 ID: 4557ad

Chuck "no longer being an asshole" is "confirmed" by your perception, regardless of how objective you think it is. You are not the author, you do not have access to the "background simulation". Even if it's "confirmed", Chuck being able to change does imply he is also able to relapse.

>when all evidence points to
This isn't a pure question. Additional, adding a question mark at the end doesn't automatically make a comment a question.
>How can RML still think
Because RML is the author. The author does whatever the fuck they want. Their character, judgment, skill, and work will be judged by the court of public opinion as is natural and inevitable. This will also undoubtedly affect the author's choices in a myriad potential ways. But the author still retains absolute dictatorial authorship.
If the author says up is down and black is white, then that is true in their work. This may render the work an abject piece of shit, but you do not decide what the author does.

You may know better than the author about the principles of writing, storytelling, and so on, but you never know better than the author about what the author dictates is happening in the story. If RML has decided this is all a dream and Chuck is actually a school anime in China, then that is so, regardless of your opinion, and it is RML's decision when to reveal this information. It would be a rather objectively bad decision, but your perception or preferences do not dictate the author's choices.
No. 118887 ID: e39578

And what do we have here? In a fit of histrionics, the almighty RML absolves themselves of all guilt for this colossal waste of almost two years, shifting the blame conveniently onto the very people who made their quest a success. Fuck you, too, RML. Spoilering it and posting it in the quest thread doesn't make it any less of a middle finger to your loyal fans.

So you agree RML's a fucking abysmal writer who lacks even a basic understanding of how character development works. Thanks mate!
No. 118888 ID: 9d448e

All I'm saying is, if it turns out that Chuck is still an unrepentant, incorrigible asshole, then it'd be some pretty terrible and poorly conveyed storytelling.

Up until RML actually does show up to confirm or deny this, though, we won't know one way or the other - so it's kind of a pointless tangent to go on about in every way.
No. 118889 ID: 4324ce

Not them, but actually, I don't even think she does. I think she's actually a very skilled writer, if Trash Knight is anything to go by.

I think the actual problem here is that she has a set characterization and story path that she wants to write and follow, and the players just plain don't want to follow that, which is what's causing all this tension. Trash Knight, as far as I can see, is very well written and engaging.

Lately, though, Coxwette has just felt like a tug of war between RML and the players.
No. 118890 ID: 3ce125

RML, when you can't see a consensus from freeform suggestions an easy solution is to present a multiple-choice update with choices taken from the most popular suggestions. You have done this before and I dunno why you didn't do it this time. Like has been discussed earlier in this thread, mutually exclusive options are best.

Though personally I would've just had Chuck go to Rita with the decision already made to not try to push a threesome. That's what most of the naysayers were against, not just talking to Rita.
No. 118891 ID: 2124f4

To solve some quest difficulties, I suggest not taking suggestions that are to not do something, if they suggest to do something then put a vote in for that. I'll be honest though I appreciate your hard work I do think the quest is being railroaded.
No. 118892 ID: fb6306

I remember there being a reason for it, but I have forgotten the reason I stopped doing multiple choice updates. Since I've forgotten the reason, maybe it wasn't that pressing!

Thank you for the tip - I think at least for now I will reinstate some multiple choice updates for the next few, at least to get the ball rolling. At the very least, this will make it easier to determine the consensus in a given update.
No. 118893 ID: fb6306

I guess while I am here, I might as well put this to bed. Whether or not it has been successful, I have deliberately portrayed character development in Chuck. While he isn't a golden-hearted paladin now by any means, he has shown vulnerabilities and emotional attachment that he would not have been comfortable with before being exposed to people he cared about (and who cared about him).

In short, yes, Chuck has changed since the beginning. He has not done a complete about face and become a niceboy, but he's not a dirtbag anymore. Yes, part of why I introduced old friends of Chuck into Coxwette was to contrast them with who he is now, but they are also emblematic of the quest's encroaching end.

My goal was to be subtle in the ways he has changed, but I may have been too subtle.
No. 118894 ID: 9d448e

Personally I think you've portrayed him fine enough, though in hindsight, going by how some people still insist otherwise, maybe some kind of a niceness stat would've been good.
No. 118895 ID: 33c74a

And on the opposite end of that, I think I have to agree with your self-assessment that you may have been too subtle. I don't say this out of any malice, but seeing as how there seems to be several people who seem to have not gotten the message even this late into the game, possibly myself included, then yeah I think the problem was that you are so subtle that no one noticed. Or at the very least, some of what you considered to be nice, they/we considered to be simply practical or the only logical thing to do, and not necessarily done out of the burgeoning flecks of goodness in his heart, which to them meant that there was still a lot of room for personal self-improvement. Not saying that it was entirely miscible, but that you probably didn't get it across quite as well as you'd hoped. Sometimes, things need to be a little bit more obvious to get the message.
No. 118898 ID: 5f2b81

I think there's nothing wrong with railroading. You're the storyteller, take control of the story. The interesting part of interactive storytelling is where the player's choices interact with the story being told, so it's a dialogue between teller and listener. If the players don't have anything to suggest, or even if their suggestions are clear but just aren't that interesting, I say the quality of the story comes before all else. I'm certain we'll all keep reading--Coxwette is fantastic. Ultimately, we're here because we love your vision and your world, not because we want to see someone else do the work in telling our stories for us. At least, I hope I'm speaking for most people when I say that.
No. 118900 ID: 3ce125

Well I know *I* caught on that Chuck was nicer.
No. 118901 ID: ee43ea

Look, if we're really going for Julia, let's at least not fuck her.

She's literally the only character in the entire quest that's completely unappealing. I'd rather we fuck Davey.
No. 118902 ID: 33c74a

I honestly can't say you're speaking for me. I like quests due to the interactive nature, and whenever that interactivity is mitigated or reduced, that takes away from the fun for me. If I wanted to just read a story with a cool world and not have my input reflected in the story, I would just read a regular story or a webcomic. I'm interested in her vision, but only in as far as how we could modify it to something that ALSO interests the players.
No. 118903 ID: d03dd2

If authors want to horn their egos into a story, they can make a webcomic or write a book. I don't give two shits about the author's "vision". I expect my suggestions to make a difference.

I don't know why this author in particular struggles with this, as if they are somehow special and entitled to railroad to their heart's content. That isn't what quests are about and it never has been.
No. 118904 ID: 0c324b

What webcomics have you been working on RML? I'd be interested in giving them a look. (and I promise I personally will not cause/be a part of/bring any arguments with me when I look. There's too much arguing on the internet as is.)
No. 118905 ID: ee43ea

If there's something other than Trash Knight, I'd like to know too.
No. 118906 ID: fb6306

I APOLOGIZE FOR SHILLING, but it is just Trash Knight and Coxwette at the moment. I am eager to reach the conclusion of Coxwette, as I have another quest called V-town lined up to start once it is over.
No. 118907 ID: 3cc68c

There's no need to apologise - we asked.

Looking forward to those things too.
No. 118908 ID: b4f880

That stnce only makes sense up to a point, if all you cared about was making puppets under your control dance, you'd write your own story or run your own quest.
But that isn't the case, you're trying to make a specific character in a specific setting do specific things.
That comes with other conditions, biggest of which is the understanding that you as an individual aren't making the decisions on where the story goes, other suggestors will propose other actions and the author finalises the actions in a way that integrates with the quest. Not everyone is going to be happy all the time.
No. 118909 ID: e5fd8b

You should turn Trash Knight into a storyboard and try to sell it to Netflicks
No. 118910 ID: daa216

I do thank you for your continued work on Coxwette even after its lost your interest.
No. 118911 ID: fb6306

I assure you, it has not lost my interest. I don't spend as much time on it as I used to because it does not make money like my other projects, and it is kind of riddled with drama as of late that has made it difficult for me to maintain morale. I am excited to progress the quest and ultimately finish it, though.
No. 118921 ID: e5fd8b

When you make the storyboard though, make the knight a panda to imply he's Chinese, and make the kobolds into kitsune to imply they're oppressed Japanese, and make the other knights golden retrievers and bulldogs and heavily imply they're American and British.

Then you could try to sell it to Amazon so they'd have a China-friendly product.
No. 118928 ID: 5b0d9e

Isn't that what the comic is already? It reads like a clumsy allegory.
No. 118932 ID: 17c2ee

I thought it was just alternative historical fiction, personally.
No. 118933 ID: ee43ea

Pretty sure it's a fantasy story, one with your usual dose of fantasy racism without any particular focus on it, and you're thinking too deep into this.
No. 118934 ID: 17c2ee

RML clearly put significant effort into staying true to medieval Slavic areas, I don't think your ignorance means I'm thinking too deep about it having historical elements.
No. 118935 ID: ee43ea

Nobody's saying she didn't do research or that it doesn't have a lot of real-world historical elements and aesthetics. But that doesn't make it "alternative historical fiction".
No. 118940 ID: 33cbe7

That is exactly what makes it alternative historical fiction. That, and the dragons/kobolds.
No. 118941 ID: ee43ea

All right. I'll bite.

Skyrim takes a lot of aesthetical cues from the Norse, the vikings, and in case of other nearby nations, stuff like the Roman Empire or the French or the Jews. Does this make Skyrim alternative historical fiction? Think carefully before you answer.
No. 118962 ID: f0e552

No. 118963 ID: 3ce125

No. 118965 ID: bb1b87

How come?

How is Skyrim not alternate historical fiction? There's just dragons and shit, but other than that it makes a good case. And hey, Trash Knight's got kobolds too.
No. 118966 ID: 33d4be


I have some doubts you're serious but I'm going to try make the case anyway.

From wikipedia: "Alternate history or alternative history (Commonwealth English), sometimes abbreviated as AH, is a genre of fiction consisting of stories in which one or more historical events occur differently. These stories usually contain "what if" scenarios at crucial points in history and present outcomes other than those in the historical record. The stories are conjectural, but are sometimes based on fact. Alternate history can be seen as a subgenre of literary fiction, science fiction, or historical fiction; alternate history works may use tropes from any or all of these genres."

In short, alternate history fiction involves different events but under the same conditions as actual reality: that is, that the "rules" are the same. It is similar to the original understanding of science fiction, in that the idea is that the events depicted by works in the genre could really happen (or could have happened) under the same rules that we understand the real world to be running by. Obviously, the nature of a genre shifts over time, and the science fiction genre especially has loosened the reins on the idea of "rules of reality" since ideas that were once plausible have, with the development of our understanding of science, become implausible but remain in the genre due to their establishment in earlier works. The idea of psychic powers, for example, was considered credible at one point, science fiction works were based on it, and modern science fiction retains the idea of psychics as a heritage from those works even though the possibility of psychic powers has been almost entirely discredited in real life. Alternate history fiction is held to much tighter reigns, because our view of the past and what was true is much clearer than our view of the future and what might be true.

Something like Skyrim is not alternative history fiction because 1) It doesn't take place on earth at all, instead taking place on a world that's not a planet, has two moons, and whose stars and sun are holes poked in reality, so what time period/line of historical events is it supposed to be alternative to, 2) The world it takes place in has VERY different rules of reality from earth, 3) The cultures which have some resemblance to real-world historical cultures only really have a very superficial resemblance to them and 4) there is absolutely no claim made anywhere by the creators nor any evidence or implication in-game that the work is intended to be any kind of alternate history.

Trash Knight has magic (translation collar) and dragons (large solitary predators are extremely unlikely to evolve the capacity for intelligence and speech) and therefore falls under the "different rules of reality" category, which firmly displaces it outside alternate history fiction and into the fantasy genre.
No. 118992 ID: e5fd8b

What does historical (in)accuracy have to do with making changes to the story for the sake of marketing and opening up the Chinese audience by pandering to their ridiculous sense of national pride?
No. 118993 ID: 33cbe7

Meeting our drama quota for the fiscal year.
No. 119077 ID: fb6306
File 151400965133.png - (27.42KB , 400x400 , puke.png )

No. 119078 ID: e5fd8b

It looks like the smiley is eating the vomit instead of making it.
No. 119086 ID: 9876c4

I get that it's a shitpost, but shouldn't it be in regards to something?

Anyway, people should vote for Shadowban. Especially the Rachel-mancers.
No. 119088 ID: ae9b99

unpopular opinion(???): Honestly, I like it best when we are given multiple choices in this quest like we are now. I don't know, it's just how I feel.
No. 119091 ID: 6cc25a

Are those 3 prank options the only ones? Or could we think of a better one ourselves?
No. 119093 ID: ee43ea

Let's not pretend that you could come up with anything good anyway.
No. 119111 ID: ded881

The quest is back to railroading. Why?
No. 119112 ID: 9876c4

Please inform us of all the great, game-changing ideas you have submitted recently.

Oh, do tell?

That's why.
No. 119113 ID: ee43ea

Easier to figure out what the consensus is.

If you have some actually legitimately suggestion to make within the quest itself, rather than complaining without actually offering any way to fix things, we're all ears.
No. 119119 ID: 10c408

Because the alternative is voterstuffing for porn of everyone except John, harold, davey and Geoff (who'd probably get murdered for no real reason) and nothing o consequence would get done *ever*
No. 119120 ID: 10c408

Because the alternative is voterstuffing for porn of everyone except John, harold, davey and Geoff (who'd probably get murdered for no real reason) and nothing o consequence would get done *ever*
No. 119125 ID: e5fd8b

...eat the vomit
No. 119140 ID: 96d056

It DOES feel like we kinda just have to work around Julia...exhausting stuff.
No. 119143 ID: ee43ea

She's not just an unpleasant person, but downright toxic. That's how it goes.

I still think we should just let Jimmy handle it.
No. 119207 ID: faae4e

Whats the over/under on getting the priests, or at least one of them, involved in a lewd act?
No. 119211 ID: faae4e

Or, better yet, finding evidence of lewdness they committed in life?
No. 119283 ID: d3bf3c

Just wanted to say, I love Chuck's Melodic NOOO here- https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/151442503522.png Gave me a chuckle! XD
No. 119292 ID: 9876c4

Even when I'm being talked down, or denied, it's usually in an entertaining fashion.

Little features like that keep me smiling.
No. 119293 ID: 50d32d


> seduce the reverends

I like how you think.
No. 120050 ID: faf392
File 151712116712.png - (229.22KB , 2048x833 , chadwette.png )

No. 120056 ID: d4516a

I'm not sure whether anyone remembers that at the beginning this meme made fun of both of these.
No. 120059 ID: c2051e

If you think either side is entirely desirable and unironic, I recommend getting help.
No. 120063 ID: faf392

I am clearly roasting both sides with this, but go ahead and keep being chad
No. 120066 ID: 3adb50

>virginposters wanting to fuck naz
>not wanting to lovingly impregnate Marcie and settle down together
get your facts straight bucko
No. 120107 ID: f32700

Chuck should've bought that store across the street from Marcie's, "Harold's Feed and Seed".
No. 120112 ID: 9876c4

>Short, pithy suggestions
>Constantly outvoted but continues to post
Shots fired. Oh, the Tsunderity.

I wanted to do both. I'm so pure I should get my own Unicorn.
No. 120113 ID: 2fe26a

Chad did nothing wrong.
No. 120789 ID: 69d4b9

Dropping a hot link to establish the magnitude of some ignorant dude's wrongitude: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/07/18/537257884/that-drug-expiration-date-may-be-more-myth-than-fact
No. 120932 ID: faae4e

So, I don't know if this has been a point of discussion or not, and it's from a while back, but... how come such a big deal was made about coming in the dog, but practically nobody noticed when he came in the squirrel?
No. 120986 ID: 792ea9

yeah i think we dropped the ball on the whole doggy creampie. Hopefully it comes up again because I like the drama and pregnacy fetish

thats if they can procreate

also update whennnnnnnn?
No. 120993 ID: b1b4f3

Because we were distracted by Geoff and honestly getting a condom on has been a consistent pain in the ass even when specifically requested so you'll have to forgive us if the majority of suggesters are starting to get a bit tired of fighting for it.
No. 121005 ID: daa216

I was sort of disappointed at how little we got to see of the squirrel boning myself. Cie la vie.
No. 121933 ID: faae4e

So, uh, i have a feeling at this point that kicking the rabbit out of the room might cause her to leave the house and get killed.
No. 121941 ID: f6b57a

That'd be a net positive for a large number of voters.
No. 122326 ID: dc91a0

Still technically rape. Sure Chuck was OK with it after the fact but that doesn't change what it was.
If Julia were to pull the same shit (even after a blatant no), it would be unfair to judge her differently for the same act carried out by both Ramona and Sally. That is unless you want to reassess your opinions of them as well.
No. 122333 ID: 6543d4

Probably. What about it?
No. 122335 ID: ee43ea

So long as she stays under the bed and shuts the fuck up, I've got no complaints.
No. 122977 ID: 9c3230
File 152624767093.png - (83.19KB , 604x988 , puppesses.png )

Mother's Day puppesses!!!!
No. 122999 ID: daa216

Man I want to say that image is adorable, but all I can think when I see it is "We've have chuck sleep with both of them."
No. 123005 ID: 8df643

> >>/quest/884232 >"It was never supposed to be this difficult."
She's right. Getting snanal wasn't supposed to be this difficult.
No. 123984 ID: c1c173

‘Sit dead?
No. 124152 ID: f9ef04

Probably not. RML has been doing a lot of Trash Knight recently, as well as starting V-Town (which has been on hold for a while too). Hopefully they will get back to the snanal sometime soon but they might just be busy at the moment.
No. 125485 ID: 864e49

Holy shit you're back this is incredible!
Why? You where finally free.
I'm so happy :D
No. 125507 ID: 9c3230

On the contrary, I have wanted to resume Coxwette for a long time!

This is pretty much right. I have been busy with other things that have made it difficult to keep the update schedule I had before.

Another more minor reason was that I was becoming stressed out with the increasing pressure and controversy surrounding Coxwette updates. This time around, I might be less strictly democratic about how I pick suggestions because I really want to conclude the quest. I hope this is not too frustrating, but the volume of votes and the degree of disagreement with each major update was becoming a serious burden.

I do not want to give the impression that I hate the quest or am tired of it. Quite the opposite! Running this has been one of the highlights of my life and I am excited to give it an end.
No. 126755 ID: 06fdc0

hello rml, i noticed you disabled your fa account from public viewing, are you doing okay?
No. 126863 ID: f5b702

H-Hello? Anyone home? Shit it's dusty in here.

Is Coxwette gonna continue? Sometime? No rush, I can only imagine the pressure this close to what might be the ending. I just would hate to have it left hanging.
No. 126898 ID: 9876c4

I'm glad we still have the emotional support animals, though.

Everyone knows squirrels collect nuts.
No. 126951 ID: e20f94

Hey RML! I'm kinda new to this place, only read Weaver's stuff and some smaller quests. After binging Coxwette and now the disthreads, I gotta say, you are an incredibly inspiring and talented artist. I'm gonna start a quest myself now, thanks to you, even though I NEVER had the confidence to do so before. I hope you continue CW soon, and I hope you realize your own worth even sooner! Thank you so much!
No. 127118 ID: 06fdc0

Yay, you're back! I hope you've been doing alright!

I don't know if this is a good place to ask, and if it's not then let me know, but why have shut down you're FA account? You had a lot of great art on there, and it's a shame for all of it to just disappear, especially with Tumblr banning all porn. Are you planning on posting elsewhere?

Also, all the posts in the thread have cat pictures now?
No. 127200 ID: b1b4f3

RML do you not have any art galleries anymore?
No. 127203 ID: 465a14

Cat pictures are old, they were implemented when people were having huge-ass bitchfights. I'm still not sure whether they were supposed to actually solve anything or a mod just felt sarcastic. As for RML's art galleries, you know how artists sometimes get ashamed of their old art and feel the urge to purge? She follows through.
No. 127206 ID: 06fdc0

aw shit. when did she say she was purging her accounts?
No. 127207 ID: b1b4f3

She never gives advance warning.
No. 127212 ID: 06fdc0

>>She never gives advance warning.

has she deleted accounts before?
No. 127213 ID: b1b4f3

No, but she's deleted old art before.
No. 129269 ID: f56951

I've been binge reading Coxwette all over again recently.
Discovered you via Trash Knight but Coxwette is what made me a fan.
Might seem brown nosing but I mean it.
Hope you solve your current problems and resume.
Don't listen to the bitchings, what you're doing is awesome.
No. 129270 ID: 891b91

RML made a new discussion thread, actually, so you may want to repost your message there, in case that's the only one she's watching: >>/questdis/128997
No. 129272 ID: f56951

thank you man, sorry for the mistake!
No. 129274 ID: 891b91

No problem!
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