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File 149981116902.png - (268.01KB , 800x800 , SpookQuestDiscuss.png )
113431 No. 113431 ID: 241143

> For talkin' about characters, giving me ideas, and takin' a look at scrapped art I had developed.
Expand all images
No. 113432 ID: 241143
File 149981119912.png - (132.62KB , 800x800 , Ballroom.png )

>Firstly, Some art I made for some scrapped areas.
No. 113433 ID: 241143
File 149981121098.png - (78.50KB , 800x800 , Bedroom2.png )

No. 113434 ID: 241143
File 149981122264.png - (112.59KB , 800x800 , Kitchen.png )

No. 113435 ID: 241143
File 149981123398.png - (106.32KB , 800x800 , Bathroom.png )

No. 113444 ID: 241143
File 149982404394.png - (118.91KB , 800x800 , ForestEmpty.png )

> I was considering using a 'The Woods is Empty' panel in case you guys decided to head back to the woods after talking to the Wendigo, But I wasn't sure if anyone was actually going to, so I scrapped the idea. I did make some art for it though, as shown here
No. 113536 ID: 241143
File 150017576330.png - (188.12KB , 800x800 , Matilda.png )

> Some Matilda art I scrapped, in favor of a more scarecrow-esq design. She was originally designed as something that consumed people and trapped their souls inside her, like a big mason jar of ghosts, only more plush.

> Also, I haven't designed any of the Secret Area monsters yet. I suppose I'll ask whether any of you want any particular types of monsters in there? Anything goes.
No. 113544 ID: b27cac

I'm open. I'm loving how creative they've been so far.
No. 113547 ID: be0718

Something like the Gashadokuro, perhaps! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gashadokuro
Basically an enormous monster that still evades detection, because nobody bothers to look up!

Did you just have all these wonderful designs lying around already, ready to put into a haunted house?
No. 113548 ID: 241143

>Most of these designs were ideas based on 'what would happen if you took a bunch of stereotypical monsters and shoved them into a house? It then expanded to themes more along the lines of a monster representing an entire genre of horror movies, Like Daisy representing Silent Hill-esq themes, or 8bit going for Internet Creepypastas or so forth.

> Something very large that no one pays attention to is a good idea!
No. 113550 ID: 241143

>Also, let it be known I am infinitely amused by everyone just leaving Naut. I may redesign his art if you guys decide to visit the idiot again.
No. 113560 ID: 3ce125

I like that moon.

It seemed the appropriate thing to do at the time.
No. 113584 ID: dd4df2


I'm mostly lurking, but this is a super interesting quest. You've got a good update speed going, too. Eager to see where it's headed.

As for monster suggestions... you could probably pull more inspiration out of the outright lovecraftian for a monster design. The mansion's also lacking something monstrously snake-like.

Either way, another METADATA-snooking monster might be interesting, to provide a third point of view counter to Toblerone and the mysterious wendigo.
No. 113590 ID: 241143
File 150026002240.png - (80.71KB , 800x800 , Spookquest21.png )

> VOTING FOR EVOLUTIONS will take place over the next 2 hours as of this post. If you would like an extension on this time, please let me know in discussions. Additionally, if you have any suggested evolution (Yes, you can evolve again if you've already evolved once), Please put 'em here
No. 113592 ID: e121d3


Does Rancho control her drones by only issuing instructions and leaving them to carry those out by themselves as best they can, or does she have a sort of telepathic puppet control where she can share their senses and think for them? Does she produce the drones solely by herself, without any "input" by anyone else? Would having that input allow her to make something more than a drone?

Also, the way her webbing's "inability to become sticky" makes me wonder what exactly the current form's web abilities are. Is it only able to make sticky web? Able to choose what sort of web it makes? Would it be swapping one thing for another or just taking away some of the options we already have?
No. 113593 ID: 241143


The Rancho can produce regular silk of Soft Silk. You trade your ability to create sticky webbing for the ability to create silk similar to that of a Silkworm; The reason for this is that the tactics of a usual taranchula is that of an abush predator, I.E. she uses soft silk to make herself comfortable. Soft silk can still stick to surfaces en mass, it's just not useful for actually tangling people up.

She controls her drones through simple commands! They're essentially kids; her kids, only they don't live too long and are completely loyal. They can do anything current Lavender can do, only must be instructed to do so. the Rancho Evolution is essentially turning from a worker bee to a queen bee.

Lavender will produce eggs unconsciously; Quite a bit. They'll only develop into drones if she wants them to, however. She can tailor to a specific egg to try to get it to hatch into something more than a drone, but the egg must be fertilized first, and will inherently be influenced by the parent's genes beforehand.
No. 113597 ID: e121d3


Interesting! I wonder, if the Rancho is supposed to become more like the sort of spider who sits in her home waiting for things, would she (or does she already?) have the ability to sense vibrations in her webs when she's touching them? For example, could she lay out a carpet and some fine threads through the house leading back to herself, and use them to sense what's going on?

It's a shame for the kids to have short lives, but if they're happy enough lives it's better than not existing at all. I assume "essentially kids" will probably stand for their intelligence as well? We'll just have to come up with some standard instructions to give them all by default when they're born, about dealing with the rest of the household and so on.

I think I might be attracted to this option after all.
No. 113598 ID: 3abd97

>but the egg must be fertilized first
Are there restrictions on who and what can fertilize our monster spider eggs? The high end of our dateability pool seems to be female biased.
No. 113599 ID: 241143

There are no restrictions on who can fertilize an egg! Evolution actually changes dateability too. Monsters have preferences too after all.

And yes, She already has that ability as a drider. The ability to sense through webbing is something she can easily do.
No. 113600 ID: d79f26

i say we stay drider and get all the cheevos so we can unlock the ultra evo that has better stats then all the others.
No. 113601 ID: 241143


There isn't one of these! Sorry. You can stay unevolved your whole way through the house, but there isn't some secret evolution that's better than all the others. I will say that that the evolutions that you guys haven't seen yet specialize in WEBBING and JUMPING. If you didn't notice, it's essentially just upgrades of the traits you selected at the start!
No. 113605 ID: d79f26

even if we get Pride and max out Taboo?
No. 113608 ID: 241143


Well you did choose to be a drider from the start rather than a spider. And you certainly haven't fought any dragons yet!
No. 113609 ID: 241143


Also, Notably? Shit like this does not fly well with me. I provided both a heavierset and a lighterset model with which to work, offered pros and cons to each choice, and gave reasons why you might choose them. Also, notably, you have not encountered any combat yet, and this quest is going to be very combat light, so part of picking was aesthetic choice. By tally alone, more people chose the heavier set character than both the average and lighter set characters.

So I'm not going to make the character a lighter weight. Most of the characters in this quest are a little bit on the heavier side, if you haven't noticed. If you don't like it, find a different quest.
No. 113614 ID: be0718

That's disappointing. Will there be more evolutions in Lavender's future?
(drider was only 1 vote away from a tie, not counting the cutoff mentioned only after the tally.)
No. 113617 ID: 241143


There will be more evolution in the future! You have, however, selected the tarantula line. They're going to lean towards being heavyset.
No. 113621 ID: 3ce125

I'll admit part of why I picked Rancho was to fill out that Egg stat.
No. 113623 ID: a307f1

at first the lower the dateability score the more I wanted to go after them, but now I more or less agree with the dateability scores... teleste and 8bit for spouses all the way (can lavender date more than one person at a time? maybe something to bring up to future dates, see how they feel about it)

I also just want to say I like & appreciate the heavyset characters. its not something you get to see very much outside of meanspirited joke characters or fetish art, which I do see tones of here but so far its not as... uh, upsetting? like not to hate on anyone's whole zone but at least the bigger characters Have Character and arent just overinflated sex props, if that makes sense. I also appreciate that you didnt humor the rude suggestion(s) about it. its just cool to see someone not accept that type of thing.

I also love the humble rancho, I'm glad we went rancho route
No. 113625 ID: be0718

Rude? Feedback was requested, and it was given.
No. 113630 ID: b27cac

Playing around with little spiderlings everywhere will be fun. Web specialisation might have been fun too but I'm pretty happy with this.

I wasn't quite as interested in its abilities but I just want to say the Widow's design was really nice too.
No. 113632 ID: 241143


Admittedly, I did learn to draw heavierset characters from such sources. (It's easier for me to find references that way). I will admit, I was a little bit excited when you guys actually went with the rancho route, because it'll give me the opportunity to try to shy away from making a character appear either meanspirited or fetishy while still displaying the character as heavierset. This is true for all of the characters you've met, In some way. I want to display these characters with some level of likability and personality, While still getting fairly unique with the designs. Other monsters can evolve too, depending on how you interact with them, so their designs will also update through the quest! Just like with Lavender, I'll give you guys choices on how you want them to appear.
No. 113647 ID: 241143
File 150034981438.png - (405.06KB , 800x800 , 8BITisnot smart.png )

No. 113650 ID: b0c09e

Oh 8bit. You adorable doofus.
No. 113651 ID: 91ee5f

Oh dear, I certainly hope that isn't him wanting to kill Lavender! Because you don't try to "delete" crushes!
No. 113652 ID: 3ce125

Maybe he'll ask for help from his "sister".
No. 113724 ID: 91ee5f

Now that Matilda has evolved and we can't see it anymore, could we please see what her 3rd even bigger form looked like? I'm quite curious to see what you had in mind for what that form looks like ever since she said, "I'm quite a bit bigger, and much more patchwork."!
No. 113733 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, and an obvious secret area monster suggestion from me, would be the classic dragon!

But, since that's such an overused cliché, I'm not sure if you should actually do a dragon! Sorry if that's unhelpful!
No. 113737 ID: b27cac

Thinking about secret room monsters, aliens haven't really been represented as a type of spooky monster yet. There's a lot of ways to go with it too - could push the abduction angle for example.
No. 113743 ID: ba56e6
File 150058425670.gif - (494.91KB , 400x301 , tumblr_meomgzaTVF1qakav0o1_400.gif )

I think I figured out who 8Bit is under that cloak.
No. 113745 ID: 8fa57f
File 150058750338.gif - (4.23MB , 480x270 , 2ed.gif )

No. 113752 ID: 241143
File 150060783133.png - (257.16KB , 800x800 , Naut.png )

> For the person that asked who Naut is!

> Naut is. Twofold. They are a character, the main character, of my first ever story on here, Nautquest. It was pretty fun to do! Once I finished the first and second chapter, my brother decided to try and help me develop lore for it. We got a lot done! He's working on a game for it now. ...At the same time, though, it became incredibly hard to write for further Nautquest iterations. after all, if the main storyline is still in place, then there is very little suggestions can do to sway things. So I stopped putting out Nautquest storylines.

> I started working on other series, namely the MADE and the WHITE series, both of which took place canonically within the 'opposite world' that Naut belonged to. He was originally supposed to appear in both! But never did. I tried to wrap everything up with the HOUSEQUEST series, which was fun as well, and followed the rabbit, Sapphire, a pun on Rubyquest, which was initially brought my attention to the boards. Naut appeared in that one as well, and the plan to bring in the characters from MADE was underway.

> then, something drastic happened.

> I moved. Halfway across the entire country, from colorado to washington. I cut all contact with my old family (I still would love to chat to my brother but I'm a bit skittish at this point) And set up an entire new life. Naturally, poor Housequest was left in limbo.

> I'm finally in a position comfortable enough where I can actually start doing and working on these quests again! I started by trying Roomquest (I do appreciate the Phymosa fanart btw) and Abstractquest, but very quickly found out I am not the sort to do serious quests. At all.

> So I started Spookquest. Naut was planned to be in Spookquest from the beginning, get back to his roots, his actual roots. A goofy fella from a horror based, but still goofy setting. What better place to be? He became both my signature and a character itself. He showed up very briefly, before a sudden influx of 'just leave' came in. Naturally, I was both amused and disappointed. Did no one want to see Naut anymore? So I pulled him out, and moved him to the secret area. If I got the same reaction there, I'd pull him out completely, and start anew.

> So, to sum things up; Naut is a cameo character from a different quest that can read metadata. In spookquest, he's essentially 'read' his own quests but actually hasn't DONE any of them. Sapphire is just someone he chats with online, she hasn't gone through what happened in the quests either. He's Naut, plain and simple. A goofy fella that just wants to be liked.
No. 113753 ID: 241143

> Oh and spoilers, that's his current art
No. 113754 ID: ba56e6

Sounds interesting. I couldn't find it on the wiki, so I'll locate them in the archives and give them a read.
No. 113756 ID: 3abd97

>I couldn't find it on the wiki

Honestly, I flat noped at Naut when he showed in this quest because he had a bunch of confusing baggage across three(?) different quests and I didn't want any of that in this cute quest that's currently doing it's own thing loaded down with that. Or for the frigging Warden to show up.
No. 113757 ID: 241143


He does! He really does have a lot of baggage. I did too; Naut has a lot of things going on. My hopes with throwing him into this quest was to essentially just. Get rid of that baggage. Give naut a chance to... Be. He's become riddled down with a bunch of storylines and that's. Not who he was intended to be. Naut is similar to Lavender; they were both created to be the main character of a silly, not serious quest. I tried to make it serious with Nautverse, make things more dire, put long plots and goals down. I don't... want to do that with Spookquest. I want it to be fun, and silly, and have people feel for the CHARACTERS, not the plot. Because the plot is a bunch of people in a house. I wanted Naut to have a chance at that. I still do, before it's too late. If you guys are okay with it, I'm gonna keep him in the quest. In the 'secret' area of course, I feel he's better suited there to be honest, but. I want to give him a chance to be a new person. The same chance I gave myself.
No. 113758 ID: ba56e6

Being a little over halfway through the first Nautquest thread, I'm somewhat disappointed nobody engaged spider hugs and fulfilled his dream.
This will need to be corrected.

You'd think that would show up when searching Naut, but I guess Naut.

...Kill me now.
No. 113759 ID: 91ee5f

It was funny when we just up and left him, but don't worry, we'll give him another chance the next time we meet him!

It's ok, we'll let you have that one.

I guess it was pretty hard to Naut make that joke and- DAMNIT, NOW YOU'VE GOT ME DOING IT!!! DX

But seriously, let's apologize to Naut the next time we see him.
No. 113782 ID: f36501

Naut is great! I found the leaving really funny, personally. I'm guessing Lavender's datability with Naut was already pretty low and only got lower after that. We can apologize when we see him in the secret zone.

But if you ever get back in the mood to do serious quests know that you're one of my favorite authors here and I love your writing, silly or serious!

Also speaking of the secret area, I'm not sure what its gonna be like there but as for monster suggestions: any type of were-creature, a will o' the wisp, a mummy, or a leshen/leshy!
No. 113785 ID: ba56e6

I like the will o' wisp idea.
The dragon and alien ideas from before, too. Maybe a classic cliche Gray alien.
No. 113786 ID: f36501

Also, I'm gathering things up into a kinda fast and loose questlog. So heres what I have:
[REQUIRES: 1x Memory strand, 1x Parapadsca Bean, 3x Human Eyes, 1x Banana, 1x Foul Ichor] [MADE AT: Potion Brewery]

[REQUIRES: Visit to Crackle, Visit to Jerry, Return to Teleste (OPTIONAL: Make a New Bat)]

[REQUIRES: Silk, Dye, Knowledge of FASHION]

[REQUIRES: Ask around for help communicating]


[Requires: 1x Entrails, 1x Unknown Flesh, 1x Pie Crust, 2x Unusual Spice]

[REQUIRES: Sliver of Humanity]

[REQUIRES: Note from Peabody (OPTIONAL: Item to Trade from Reginald)]

[REQUIRES: Enter Secret Area, Visit Naut]

I'm also going to nominate that we try and find a way to avoid killing like Jerry. Ranchos are the dogs of spiders, after all.
No. 113792 ID: 91ee5f

This'll help keep track of what we're doing!

>Knowledge of FASHION
Oh? I thought Victoria was going to provide that, since she was the one that was going to make the clothing.

>Ask around for help communicating
I think you should add on there about how we've been told by Matilda, that someone in the SECRET AREA might know how to help talk with Daisy.
No. 113924 ID: ba56e6

I like the idea of making it feel royal. Maybe something like a queen's bedchambers, with a little alcove like this for maximum comfy; she doesn't really have the body shape to sit on a throne, but a lounging on a bed would do. Just give it some cobwebs and silken tapestries.
No. 113925 ID: ba56e6
File 150098954776.jpg - (82.31KB , 1024x678 , 18733104590d7f1fba08b17915dfb4dd2c21d688_hq.jpg )

And then I forgot to post the picture.
No. 113935 ID: a307f1

I also like the thought of lavender's room being royal..... we just need an actual spot to set it up at.
No. 113965 ID: a307f1

Can we get a description of the abilities for the rancho evolution? Soft body, Drones, and Mothermind?

I Think its like this

> Soft Body - Lavender is a big ol soft rancho, and is now weak to sharp/puncturing attacks rather than blunt attacks.

> Drones - Lavender can make drones with her unfertilized eggs, which hatch within 3 hours of being laid, live for 1 day, and can be controlled to do her bidding.

> Mothermind - Lavender can influence how a fertilized egg will hatch, but theres also some influence from the genes of the fertilizing parent.

Is that right?

Also - I know she lost her sticky silk and deadly neurotoxin poison, and gained hypnotizing poison. Does she still have Aphrodisiac and Paralyzing poison?

And can she still Leap a great distance in a single bound with her heavy rancho body?

Sorry for all the questions at once!
No. 113967 ID: af2fba


Abilities don't matter TOO much to be honest, they're just general ideas of what Lavender can do.

Mothermind is wordplay for Hivemind, she can control the drones she can create. She has access to Hypnotic, Aphrodisiac, and Paralytic Poison, and she has the ability to create drones and their body is now considered soft instead of hard to the touch.

To be honest I was considering using them as very specific skills repeatedly at the beginning, which is why they were bolded in the first place, but that desire has waned.
No. 113968 ID: a307f1

thank you for the info!
No. 113984 ID: b68199

Am I the only one desperately trying to think of ways to get our monster friends out of their awful situation?
No. 113986 ID: be0718

It's rather presumptuous to call it an awful situation. Lots of them are quite content with feeding on human fear. Am I the only one capable of acknowledging that except for Jerry, they are not human?
No. 113987 ID: b68199

They don't seem content in the least!
Teleste is obviously troubled, 8BIT wishes they could go out and actually have a life, Toblerone wants a better life for his "family," and it's safe to say the others have their own issues.
It's presumptuous of YOU to assume that just because they're monsters that's all they are and all there is to them!
No. 113988 ID: be0718

And it's presumptuous of you to think that monsters = subhuman. Monsters simply equal non-human, that's all.
No. 113989 ID: b68199

What exactly are you advocating?
It's obvious that you don't like people talking about trying to improve the character's situation, but that only explains what you're against.
What are you for? What would be a positive move in the story to you?
No. 113990 ID: b68199

Also, I never once thought that "monsters = subhuman."
From what I've read in the quest, it would seem to me that the monsters are unhappy with their situation.
Teleste and Jerry are the outstanding examples, but even 8BIT seems dissatisfied with their life.
No. 113993 ID: be0718

>It's obvious that you don't like people talking about trying to improve the character's situation
Three presumptions in a row! Yer out!
What I'm advocating is that people should stop looking at the monsters' diet as a problem to be fixed. You can't remove the need to feed on human psyche any more than you can make a carnivore vegan. What you can do is maximize efficiency. Jerry's method is too unreliable and resource-intensive too apply broadly. Any method that disseminates fear collection among the masses greatly increases monster exposure, and that carries great risk to all monsters. We should work with what we've got before seeking alternatives.
No. 113994 ID: b68199

People are trying to find an alternative because what's been done so far is clearly not sustainable in the long-term and is a source of stress and unhappiness for at least some of the characters.
No. 113995 ID: be0718

> I am... Well, one of the earliest members of this particular household, over 500 years or so ago when the place was built.
How long-term are you talking here? 'Til the sun burns out?
No. 113996 ID: b68199

Don't try to distract from the issue.
The situation leaves some of the characters in a bad way.
For that alone, steps should be taken to resolve it.
No. 113999 ID: ba56e6

I think what would yield the best solution is to figure out the science behind how and why humans transform into monsters after encountering them. Once we know the underlying cause and effect, it becomes possible to innovate and problem solve.

Unfortunately, the only way to do that is with incredibly inhumane experiments, in which we induce a transformation in a controlled testing environment.
Alternatively, we can simply start throwing things like amnesia venom at the wall and see what sticks.

Either way, it would place risk on the household and likely make the very individuals we intend to help dislike us. The question is not one of morality and ethics, as both courses of action inevitably require doing harm for the sake of our side's gain. It is simply a question of ambition.

Are we content to exist in a status quo? To accomplish nothing meaningful, and have Lavender settle into her fated place? Or do we want to try and change the world, to risk everything for a potentially golden ending, or a potentially catastrophic one?

It is fairly obvious I am biased towards the latter. A success would feel more like it was earned, rather than simply playing by the rules the world presents to us. And a failure would have more impact, because I would feel more invested in the goals.
No. 114000 ID: 29346b

110% T H I S
It's better to burn out than to fade away! I'd rather try and fail than just roll over and take it.
No. 114002 ID: 7b7ab3

Double trips confirm! We are go for maximum effort!
One thing that's been niggling at me is the wendigo. They said that if we bring them a "Sliver of Humanity" they'd tell us another truth.
I think we should look into that.
No. 114003 ID: ba56e6

One more thing to ask Matilda about.
No. 114004 ID: a307f1

I had the thought that jerry might be the key to that. But I really think we should treat jerry nicely and not antagonize him, so if we try to see if he's the source of the sliver of humanity, we do it as kindly as possible. Without upsetting him. Like, a friendly way. That wont make him cry.
No. 114005 ID: a307f1

although, a lot of stuff required for the recipes we have seems to come from humans.Memory strand and 3 human eyes for the Memory of Insanity potion, entrails and flesh for Matilda's Meat Pie.

But it seems like the consensus may be to find a more humane way to feed of humans, rather than yank out their strands and slivers.
No. 114010 ID: 3ce125

I don't understand how conversations work. Practically every time we talk to someone they go "wow so many questions" when there's like 3 or 4 actual questions asked. 8bit's last response mentioned "lewd questions" before the big one at the end but there's only the winkyface question asking about gadgets, as far as I can tell.

Are you trying to get people to just straight up suggest less?
No. 114012 ID: be0718

There's got to be more than conversing than just asking question after question. Couldn't tell you what it is, though. Tgchan might just be bad at small talk.
No. 114013 ID: af2fba


I wasn't aware it was coming off as this! That is not my intention. The characters are not implying the questions are a bad thing, but keep in mind that in terms of time frame, these conversations are happening very quickly for the characters. Lavender is essentially spouting out a string of questions whenever you guys ask anything! I'm trying to give a sense of things happening as though it were an actual conversation, not a suggestion board.


This conversation line has been interesting to me. The monster diets has been my attempt to get everyone comfortable with the idea that monsters can and often do kill humans, but also that they do so out of necessity. If you're curious about what causes the transformation from a monster into a human, some characters have been doing research into it, and other characters have witness quite a few first hand, so experimentation may not even be needed! Just a bit of problem solving ;)
No. 114014 ID: 7b7ab3

>the consensus may be to find a more humane way to feed of humans, rather than yank out their strands and slivers
Not only for the sake of being kind and merciful, but also for self-preservation.
There have been monster hunts before and the house's survival has been jeopardized. How long until something finally gives and luck runs out?
Solving the issues of feeding and turning would make life much easier for everyone, human and monster alike.
No. 114015 ID: 7b7ab3

1) I've had no problem with how conversations have been handled. It flows nicely and I enjoy the pacing.

2) AH-HA! Thank you! Now we have a star to steer by!
No. 114017 ID: be0718

2): Yeah, seems a lot of people are still having a lot of trouble getting used to that. It's my hope that they don't go smashing the current status quo without having anything to replace it with, simply because they can't stand to see it continue. 'Become the best monster you can' is a valid win condition too!
No. 114019 ID: a307f1

I think "try to find a better way to survive that isnt harmful to humans" and "screw it, lets just go hog wild on em" are actually both interesting paths to take. I'd be satisfied either way.

I think its admirable that folks want to take a less murderous or harmful route, but teleste Did mention most of the humans that enter the house are assholes. We might change our minds whenever we happen to encounter them and see what they're like.

but most importantly... we gotta flirt up teleste and 8bit. maybe some others.
No. 114020 ID: 7b7ab3

Are you actively trying to infuriate other posters?

It's oddly refreshing having a neutral party.
No. 114021 ID: be0718

This, exactly! Lay down your eight arms, people, and date ALL the monsters!
No. 114022 ID: 91ee5f

>but most importantly...we gotta flirt up teleste and 8bit.
Definitely need to do this!

>Are you actively trying to infuriate other posters?
You seem to be the only one that's being infuriated.
No. 114027 ID: ba56e6

>some characters have been doing research into it
Excellent. That will make things a little easier in terms of information gathering.
No. 114029 ID: 91ee5f

I just now realized that when you described Lavender being about the size of a small dog compared to Matilda, simply due to Matilda's Sheer Size, that meant that Matilda is huge!

How big was Matilda's previous Compact and Overstuffed forms compared to her new Slenderwoman form?!
No. 114030 ID: 4cef42

Well, if those corpses she grows from are the size of average humans...
No. 114036 ID: ba56e6

You know, I had a though.
Monster Hunters exist.
Is it a suicide mission? Kill the monster, then kill self? Or do they have a way to counteract the effects of seeing a monster?
No. 114038 ID: 7b7ab3

So if we use a sliver of humanity on ourselves we'll see things the way humans see them?
I'm torn on this.
On the one hand, we could get some important experience. See the world through our unfortunate victims' eyes. Truly understand what we are and what we're trying to overcome.
On the other hand, I really really REALLY don't want to. I hate the idea of being afraid of ourself and our friends. I don't want to turn into a drug abusing tool.
On the other other hand, we could use them for research, bargaining, and perhaps even helping our friends (namely Jerry).
No. 114043 ID: af2fba


Not all humans are affected by a monster's curse! Those of particularly strong wills are able to resist, and very few people are professional monster hunters as a result. This is why Toblerone isn't worried about them; Monster Hunters are so rare they can only hunt monsters they have confirmation on, and don't go chasing rumors like haunted houses.

Some Monster Hunters have been rumored to have developed an antidote that, if administered quickly enough, can counteract the effects of seeing or interacting with a monster...
No. 114044 ID: 7b7ab3

>Some Monster Hunters have been rumored to have developed an antidote that, if administered quickly enough, can counteract the effects of seeing or interacting with a monster...
Probably too dangerous to go actively researching, though.
On the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained. No pain, no gain.
Choices. Argh.
No. 114051 ID: ba56e6

An interesting hook, dangling there in front of me.
No. 114055 ID: 7b7ab3

So Peabody's a little bastard.
Honestly didn't see that coming.
Suppose the whole plague doctor thing should have been a hint.
No. 114056 ID: af2fba

A friendly reminder that unless you have a spoiler on a specific post that LAVENDER WILL SAY IT. This includes the heinous string of insults that was just issued forth. Peabody DID have backstory to delve into revolving around why they viewed humans as such, but it became very clear to me you guys did not want to see any of it. He has, as a result, been removed from the household. This both opens up a spot for a new character to move in AND has repercussions.
No. 114057 ID: 7b7ab3

Only myself and one other guy got mad at Peabody. 91ee5f actually wrote something very understanding about the situation, but it got posted too late.
No. 114058 ID: af2fba


Don't worry about it! I'm not actually too bent up about this, but I did want to reinforce that there are repercussions for treating a character negatively without getting to know them first. It's fine to dislike a character, but disliking a character without knowing their nuances means that you'll never want to get to KNOW their nuances, which leaves a character undeveloped. And in this particular setting where character interaction is key, that's not a good thing. I do need suggestions on who should fill the spot Peabody left behind, however!
No. 114059 ID: 7b7ab3

This all got sprung on us extremely quickly!
I didn't know that uncensored suggestions would get said! Was that ever covered?
I feel like shit. I'm partly responsible for Peabody leaving and a mission failing and I don't know what else.
I can't fix it, I can't undo it, and I can't make it better.
I'm just so sorry.
No. 114060 ID: af2fba


Take a breather if you need to. Repercussions doesn't inherently imply positive or negative, and the folks at the monster house are (for the most part) pretty understanding. It was peabody's choice to leave after all, not anyone elses. If you're worried about that stuff, it's not the end of the quest. Just because you failed the 'mission' doesn't mean you can't still try to do something nice for everyone. The world isn't black and white, which is what ironically Peabody couldn't see. You don't have to 100% everything. Just relax.
No. 114061 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I did try to help, but I posted too late.

Even though I wasn't the one that caused Peabody to leave, I still feel like it's my fault because I take for-fucking-ever to type out the simplest things! I'm so fucking slow and I hate myself for it! DX

>I do need suggestions on who should fill the spot Peabody left behind, however!
How about a Cerberus? And all of the heads share 1 personality or all the heads have different personalities, making it multiple characters in 1 body?
No. 114062 ID: 8a947d

If you need a suggestion for a monster, how bout a goblin ?

replace the previous shorty with another shorty
No. 114063 ID: 91ee5f

True, it was his choice to leave. But will the other monsters blame Lavender for making him leave by being mean to him? That's what I'm worried about.
No. 114064 ID: a307f1

Bye peabs... now we know to be more considerate.

My first thought was maybe Lavender could move into that room. But a new person showing up would also be really cool. Should we post detailed suggestions or just ideas?

Also, I think we should go tell Toblerone about this. I mean, I'm sure he knows. but still. I dunno if we'll get scolded but Well.

And I think we should still try to throw a feast for everyone remaining.
No. 114065 ID: 7b7ab3

Hopefully not.
She's just a kid with voices in her head trying to tackle extremely complex and heavy subject matter.
She's going to make mistakes and cause problems. That's just what kids do, no matter the species.
No point in getting mad or holding a grudge.
No. 114066 ID: 7b7ab3

>I think we should go tell Toblerone about this. I mean, I'm sure he knows. but still. I dunno if we'll get scolded but Well.
Seconded. We should take responsibility for our messes. We'll need to face Matilda, too.
>I think we should still try to throw a feast for everyone remaining.
Also seconded. Both to try and boost morale and to apologize for our colossal failure.
No. 114067 ID: be0718

Why not trade one mad scientist for another? This one focusing more on biology than chemistry. While Jerry makes dead things look alive again, she *makes* them alive again! Sort of.
No. 114071 ID: 3ce125

>she's just a kid
Judging by the responses at a time, she's not the only one that's a kid. Whoever a158bc is needs to fucking grow up and learn how to talk to someone who has a different opinion than them.

Like, that's exactly the kind of hateful mindset that he was complaining about! Just instead of throwing bile at another human, it was directed at a monster.
No. 114072 ID: ba56e6

Like a Frankenstein trying to make others like itself?
No. 114073 ID: 8a947d

Do I put the fanart in this thread or somewhere else ?
No. 114074 ID: d79f26

fanart thread is over here
No. 114075 ID: 91ee5f

You can either put it in the fanart thread or you can put it here. You just need the quest author's permission to post it here.
No. 114081 ID: 3ce125

Wait, how are monster hunters even possible? If a human so much as looks at a monster they're going to turn into one too.
No. 114083 ID: be0718

No. 114107 ID: 25f1b2

This quest is already going to be a very difficult one to handle, I can tell. Interesting, but difficult.
No. 114108 ID: be0718

It wouldn't be so difficult if people would just accept certain base rules of the setting instead of getting mad.
No. 114109 ID: 25f1b2

That's why I said it's gonna be difficult.
No. 114110 ID: ba56e6

It has little to do with rules, and much to do with people throwing tantrums whenever a suggester/character doesn't mesh with their worldview.
No. 114119 ID: b3813e

> Some heads up! I've moved (again) and I don't have proper internet access until the 4th of this month. Spookquest will update sparingly, if at all! Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 114121 ID: be0718

That was a spooky boo, not a dismay boo.
No. 114122 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, no problem. We're willing to wait for you to-


Don't do that, you scared me! DX
No. 114126 ID: a307f1

no problem! thanks for letting us know.
good luck with the new place!
No. 114361 ID: 22b85b

> GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The internet router finally showed up, so we will be resuming shortly! Not... today. Most likely, Sunday the 12th, the next day I have free time.
No. 114364 ID: 91ee5f

There's no hurry. We've waited this long, we can wait a little longer.

Also, according to my calendar Sunday is actually the 13th not the 12th. Or did you actually mean Saturday and not Sunday?
No. 114447 ID: 22b85b

> We return to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for your patience!
No. 114448 ID: 7b7ab3

You're welcome. Beautiful update.
No. 114451 ID: 91ee5f

Yay! ^_^
No. 114455 ID: a307f1

No. 114476 ID: 22b85b


> Considering how slow the thread seems to be getting, I'm considering ending this thread and starting a new one with entering the chapter, so I do need to ask:

>Should I have Lavender enter the painting and end the thread at an as of yet undetermined later point, or should I end the thread now and have her enter the painting as the intro to the new thread?
No. 114478 ID: 91ee5f

Hmmm, I think it would be best if she enters the painting and you end the thread there, without showing us what the Secret Area looks like. Then at the beginning of the next thread, we can start with Lavender in the Secret Area and go from there.
No. 114479 ID: 4b1927

The world looks nice. Completely bizarre, but nice.
No. 114488 ID: 22b85b
File 150277529184.png - (315.82KB , 1000x800 , NewVanilla.png )

> Vanilla is unique in that unlike a lot of my other monster designs, I actually went through quite a few iterations of her before I was satisfied, ranging from huge sluglike monster to Cattauric to simply a human witch. I finally settled on her being a shapeshifter, but here's a few designs I had made before settling on the current one.
No. 114489 ID: 22b85b
File 150277536963.png - (224.48KB , 971x1246 , Okui Tao.png )

> A second design from before I had the name decided on, a much earlier one
No. 114490 ID: 22b85b
File 150277542474.jpg - (300.97KB , 1920x2496 , DeVanilla_1.jpg )

> And a slightly later design where I was more focused on her being a sweet based devil, or 'Sugarfiend' if you will
No. 114491 ID: be0718

That form looks really nice! Luckily as a shapeshifter, she can still assume it whenever the mood calls for it. Which I assume isn't often. But still.
No. 114494 ID: 91ee5f

Those are all neat designs!

The hats on >>114488 and >>114490 remind me of the hats these ladies: https://www.mariowiki.com/Shadow_Sirens , are wearing. Especially Vivian's hat (she's the one with the pink hair and the red and white striped hat).
No. 114495 ID: ba56e6

I was wondering why they felt so familiar.
No. 114496 ID: ba56e6
File 150278111451.jpg - (61.27KB , 400x400 , nito.jpg )

No. 114499 ID: be0718

Turning the entire world into monsters sounds like the opposite of solving world hunger.
No. 114500 ID: 2cae31

Which is why we need to solve the hunger for fear problem first!
No. 114501 ID: 8a947d

reminds me of that one movie Daybreakers where vampires take over the world and kill all the humans and then are shocked when not 10 years later they start running out of their one food soure.

I doubt we're going to be able to find anything else to eat, I'm pretty sure all of the food in the house is from monster hunters and assholes anyway so it shouldn't be too big a deal
No. 114502 ID: ba56e6

So my guesses for the Evolutions and Achievements:
Trapdoor/Hidden Hunter - Probably requires dealing with a human encounter through stealth and cunning rather than brute force. Evolution likely to enhance stealth. Ability to hide inside of objects?
Rosy/Sweetheart - Possibly related to successfully going on a date with someone. Probably enhances our Charm Venom in some way.
Redknee/Blood Festival - Oh geeze. Finishing the family dinner/feast quest? Finishing the vampire's quest? Bathing in the blood of our enemies? Drinking human blood? There are a lot of things this could mean. Looked up the Redknee, it's a tarantula with tactics similar to the trapdoor spider. Not sure what to expect here honestly.
Goliath/Full to Burst - This one is pretty straight forward. Get fat, get swole, get huge. Possibly advances our drone ability, or just straight up brute strength? Both?

I think it would be ideal to unlock as many of these as possible before we make any decisions about what to take. Understand the tactical value of each one and how we would use it.
No. 114536 ID: e08248

Luna is cute!
No. 114537 ID: be0718

Yes, so please don't scare her away with big pompous speeches about man's inhumanity to man!
No. 114538 ID: 91ee5f

After talking to Luna, I think I realized that we never even thought about a certain possibility that she mentioned.

If there are other monsters that used to be human in the house, they might've come here to purposefully become monsters like Luna did because they hated their human lifestyle! .....well, other former humans besides Jerry, that is.
No. 114542 ID: be0718
File 150291741696.jpg - (104.47KB , 482x663 , cc292wewkkgrhqiokje0zvgio7wbnmkisdkq0_3.jpg )

A quick image search for visual references brings this neat design for Victoria to bear. If I formatted this right, anyway.
No. 114545 ID: 22b85b
File 150292916120.png - (65.50KB , 800x800 , Spookquest55.png )

> I'll be holding Evolution Votes for Victoria for the next 2 hours only. You may vote FOR (+1) or AGAINST (-1) any particular choice, but not both. The current votes are:

> Keyhole - Batty (1)
> Chinese Dress - Hopping (2)
> Victorian Dress - Nosferatu (0)
> Virgin Killer - Modern (1)
No. 114546 ID: be0718

Eesh. No Gothic love, anyone?
No. 114669 ID: a307f1

Thoughts for the get together:

- We should find something to trade Xerxes for the singing stone first, so we Daisy will be able to communicate during it. Maybe ask around about ocarinas.

- I think it would be really nice to go out and pick stuff from the garden for it. Food & Flowers. That can wait until the day of, though.

- Might be nice to get Oddrie that fruit he wanted from the forest too. The Fruit Of Eden.
No. 114670 ID: a307f1


OH also, Lavender can knit clothes! What if we had her make herself something to wear?
No. 114674 ID: 91ee5f

>Might be nice to get Oddrie that fruit he wanted from the forest too. The Fruit Of Eden.
If we do that, then maybe Oddrie will end up evolving into a form that'll let him walk?

But that might mean trading the Wendigo the Sliver of Humanity it wanted and I don't want to do that! Even Toblerone didn't like talking about that guy!
No. 114675 ID: be0718

Xerxes' patients might be shedding Slivers of Humanity as they transform.
No. 114683 ID: 3ce125

We should ask Xerxes if it's a good idea to trade a sliver to the wendigo.

I'd also like some insurance when we go meet him again. I was thinking we could bring a drone along but they won't hatch until a human shows up- wait we can hatch one via the Void! Just lay an egg in the secret area and come back in 3 hours to pick up the drone to serve as a bodyguard.
No. 114684 ID: a307f1

maybe! it would be helpful if oddrie could physically get to the party!

hey maybe so.... we should go see maybe?But like >>114683 said we should ask about it. And do it anyway because of burning curiosity, probably.
No. 114688 ID: ba56e6

We could have the party as a picnic out in Oddrie's garden.
No. 114689 ID: 91ee5f

What about Toblerone? He's stuck in a painting on the wall!

Unless he'd be ok with getting carried around? I'm not sure if he'd like that.
No. 114690 ID: be0718

He can move between paintings and extend himself out of him, if we moved the party outside we could just set one up on an easel.
No. 114691 ID: ba56e6

Yeah, an eisle should work. Surely somebody around here is an artsy type and has one.
No. 114693 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, there's someone else that's stuck outside! Amelie in the FOUNTAIN!

Although, she can move between different water sources, I don't think she'd be comfortable coming out of someone's glass of water! And I'm not sure if Toblerone would like someone making a puddle on the floor for Amelie to come into the house!

And then there's Crackle. I'm not sure if he can come out of the tv and I'm not sure if we can get the tv outside or if we have an extension cord long enough to reach out there!
No. 114700 ID: a307f1

good points.... we should ask these folks about these things.

Theres a few monsters we havent spoken to many times! The party is good for getting to know them more but we should definitely talk to them a bit beforehand.
No. 114783 ID: 6329e2

Hey there! Just wanted to et you know; my old computer is entirely borked, which means I've lost a lot of art. There's some references I can use, and I can most likely just download the character art, but much of the backgrounds were entirely lost. It may take a while til next update while I recover from losses.
No. 114802 ID: a307f1

Aw man, that sucks so bad, I'm sorry that happened!
No. 114803 ID: 91ee5f

Nooooo! Not the backgrounds! D-':>
No. 114804 ID: 3ce125

Can't you recover the backgrounds you've already used via the images posted in the quest?
No. 114875 ID: 22b85b


I Can recover the characters, but not the backgrounds. Reason being that the pictures in the quest usually have a character superimposed over the background itself, So I can move them around easily or edit them without having to redraw the scene from scratch every time (Because I'm Lazy). Downloading those scenes would essentially mean I would be redrawing part of it anyway, so it would be better to just go the extra mile and redraw the whole scene.
No. 114877 ID: 3ce125

Well, if you say so!
No. 115401 ID: 22b85b

Bad news everyone: Due to the difference in Operating systems (I was foolish and bought a chromebook) I am actually unable to make art in the same style as I was previously able to. As a result I'm putting Spookquest on Hiatus until I get down exactly how the new art program works.

On the flipside I may create a new thread to help me get the hang of it.
No. 115402 ID: 91ee5f

>Bad news
>I'm putting Spookquest on Hiatus


>On the flipside I may create a new thread to help me get the hang of it.
No. 115434 ID: a307f1

Aw man, I'm sad. But I relate to your problem, rip. I do really, really hope you get back to spookquest, even if you have to alter the art style, because it's my fav quest on tgchan currently! I've had a lot of fun with it and with updating the wiki page for it. I've always been so excited to see updates and I love all the characters to bits. I have some fanart I might post sometime if I can get around to coloring them.

I am very excited at the possibility of another thread though, I love your quests!
No. 116946 ID: 22b85b
File 150871105655.png - (26.05KB , 173x200 , exasperated.png )

>Jesus H. Christ it was so goddamn hard to get used to the new computer which is technically a tablet! I'm a fool and a sham overall. Spookquest will be updating soon, but first, I ask you this:

Should I continue the old thread?


Should I make a new thread because of the new artstyle?
No. 116948 ID: 19dd52

Hell yes updates!!!!

I'm fine with either I'm just excited for more spookquest!!
No. 116950 ID: 22b85b

>It's also important to note that another reason things have taken so long is because due to the way the tablet is set up, I've remade both characters AND backgrounds. A lot more work, trust me.
No. 116952 ID: be0718

Hell yes continue the old one! Welcome back!
No. 116953 ID: 91ee5f

>Quest is returning.
Seems appropriate that it's making a return in October close to Halloween!

That looks like Marx from Kirby.

>Old Thread or New Thread?
The old thread isn't all that long, so I think it would be ok to pull that outta the Graveyard and use it.

>Remade everything.
My condolences for your drawing hand. It must've died horribly from having to do that!
No. 116954 ID: 3ce125

Continue the old thread. It's better for readability.
No. 116955 ID: 22b85b

> After some review, it appears that the 'old thread or new thread' question is sort of a moot point here-- Due to the way that the system works, I won't be having Lavender as the 'controlled' character anymore, but rather a dateable character. This is simply due to how my current art program prevents me from effectively adding in new pictures without automatically resizing them and-- thusly- Me losing pixel compression. Therefore I'll be starting a new thread (unfortunately) With a new 'date machine'- A Human. This will allow me to show how the monster's powers work as well as add the new Sanity aspect to go with the Romance aspect. Keep your wits about you!
No. 116956 ID: 91ee5f


Well, what about Lavender's side quests we were doing? And her relationships with 8-bit, who we enjoyed flirting with because he's easily flustered, and Teleste, who we shared a kiss with?

And most importantly, what about the party?!
No. 116957 ID: be0718

Aw, I'm gonna miss her.
No. 116958 ID: 3abd97

But why would we want a human to date LAVENDER when she has TELESTE and/or MATILDA?

I guess we could feed ourselves to the spider babies or something.
No. 116959 ID: 22b85b


> Timewise, We'll be picking up where we left off in the timeline. It's essentially a perspective switch; You can choose to try and date the monsters or help them hook up, and you can also try to help the party happen.
No. 116960 ID: 91ee5f

Heh, this'll be fun! We get to do what we do best and play matchmaker with nonhuman characters!

But what about the "voices" in Lavender's head? Will everyone that could hear them notice that Lavernder's head voices have disappeared?
No. 116963 ID: 22b85b


That's something you'll have to find out ;)
No. 116976 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, you tease!~
No. 117002 ID: 19dd52

Teleste/Lavender OTP those lil goobers better smooch with or without our help dangit
No. 117006 ID: 91ee5f

They already did.
No. 117009 ID: 19dd52

*continue to smooch

More meant be in a relationship but you right, you right
No. 117013 ID: 22b85b
File 150880103972.png - (214.20KB , 800x800 , Lavender.png )

As a side note; Just because your hunter isn't chosen doesn't mean they won't show up in the quest! Hunters with a good enough backstory or reason to be present will be added in as informants or fellow monster hunters!
No. 117030 ID: f92f26

I'm... gonna be honest here, I realized I rolled a 1d2 rather than a 1d22 on the thread and then rolled an online diceroller and got... The same result. So! Congrats to Garak on being the main character! Ignatias and Dolores both had good enough art/ backstory to net a position as monster hunters Garak can 'call' (assuming he ever gets a phone) and Egon Angesicht and Drake Irving were both interesting enough concepts they'll also be side characters! Congrats to everyone that got a place in!
No. 117031 ID: be0718

...But, er, I'm not really sure how we're going to go from gun toting to monster dating. Knowing what we know, the wisest course of action for our character would be to run now and nuke the site from orbit. Maybe we have to collect evidence of monsters first before they'll believe us?
No. 117032 ID: f92f26


Do you really think Toblerone is going to let a monster hunter LEAVE?
No. 117033 ID: be0718

As far as I know, for the first three hours.
No. 117034 ID: be0718

Also, oh the irony that Peabody attracts a monster hunter for the second time because of interaction with humans. We really aren't helping "our" case.
No. 117036 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm...gonna be honest here, I realized I rolled a 1d2 rather than a 1d22 on the thread and then rolled an online diceroller and got...the same result.

>Drake Irving was an interesting enough concept to be a side character!
Oh, wow. You really thought that was interesting? I'm flattered.....and kinda shocked that you'd think that.

To be honest, after posting that, I was really scared that everyone would think it was stupid and I almost deleted it. But I'm glad I didn't delete it after all!
No. 117037 ID: f92f26

If anyone is curious as to what the monsters are saying/ Can't read, you can always ask in here for an explanation.
No. 117038 ID: 91ee5f

It's actually because our hunter said that he couldn't understand the monster that made us ask for Toblerone to speak English.
No. 117040 ID: 22b85b

On a side note for some reason it's taking forever and a half to upload images at the moment; So if a character seems to do something contrary and it was a recent post, it's because I tried to post before that post happened.
No. 117042 ID: 3ce125

Did anyone suggest to attack?
No. 117043 ID: 22b85b


Garak in his scared state chose to interpret 'take all his bullets' as 'unload his entire gun'. You'll have far less control of the monster hunters, instead having to 'guide' them. On the plus side, this means they have a personality, and it also means that if Garak 'dies' rather than the quest ending you simply start with a new hunter looking for Garak.
No. 117044 ID: 22b85b

And DO expect to die; If you reach 0 SP or 0 HP, you'll Go insane/Die. SP recovers after rest, HP recovers from taking time to heal. VISCERAL type monsters do HP damage, MENTAL type monsters do SP damage, and HORROR types can do either, but tend to do less overall.
No. 117046 ID: 3ce125

It feels like he's only going to take suggestions that involve fighting the monsters or preparing to fight them.
No. 117047 ID: 22b85b


Initially; Yes! That's exactly what was going to happen. Due to his backstory and skillset, Battle and Battle prep was what the character was oriented around. Now that he knows he's in over his head, ALSO due to his backstory he's going to do reconnaissance. Depending on how you want this to GO, you can either try to lead him towards a path that will circumvent his bias OR you can try to get him killed. Or try to get the monsters in the house killed, up to you.
No. 117050 ID: 824316

Well, I'd prefer to try and "circumvent his bias."
I prefer a happy ending.
No. 117051 ID: 91ee5f

>Or try to get the monsters in the house killed, up to you.
After helping them for so long, you're gonna have one hell of a time convincing any of us to want any of the monsters dead!
No. 117052 ID: 3ce125

Leaning towards getting him killed, but that just means we'll wind up with a stronger hunter arriving afterwards. Heck even if we don't get him killed the other hunters are going to show up aren't they?
No. 117054 ID: 41c9bc

No. 117080 ID: be0718

RIP Garak, shoulda been a tailor instead.
No. 117081 ID: be0718

When you mentioned previous characters can be re-submitted, what about characters that were already chosen for side characters? Are respawns where they'll come in or should we wait to let them appear on their own?
No. 117083 ID: 22b85b


If they're NOT chosen for the respawn they'll show up later. if they ARE chosen for the respawn now is when they'd show up. In other words you CAN choose a side character as the new Hunter, but if you don't they still continue to exist as a side character.
No. 117086 ID: 22b85b

And for reference:

If you'll recall, the lounge is in the basement.
No. 117090 ID: 3ce125

This is starting to look like a quest where we're repeatedly pushed towards either hurting our friends or getting killed. Do you like, want us to kill all the monsters or something
No. 117092 ID: 22b85b
File 150891367092.png - (29.68KB , 200x195 , !normal.png )


Certainly not! ...admittedly though I did want to see if you lot would get killed with the first character show I could show that there are consequences to actions. It is partially why I implemented the 'don't leave the foyer' rule in the first place; a rule which won't be happening this time around. It's also important to note that the death does allow me to figure out which things work and which don't based on people's reactions: At the current moment there is the very delicate problem of allowing too MUCH control over a character (As happened with lavender previously) VS too LITTLE control over a character (as with Garak). The implimentation of swaystones should allow for a healthy medium in this regard: You'll have direct influence of something in the world, and the main character can regard or disregard this advice without it affecting them negatively directly. If you have any advice I would genuinely like to hear it; Thus far 'I don't like this' or 'give me more control' doesn't really do anything.
No. 117096 ID: 91ee5f

Just curious, when Garak was killed and you let us add abilities to the other Hunter suggestions, is there a limit to the number of abilities that can be given to a Hunter?

Mostly because it wouldn't be fair if we made the next Hunter impossible to be killed by the monsters, but we also don't want to make the Hunter too easy to be killed by monsters either.
No. 117097 ID: 91ee5f

Also are you going to be deciding the next Hunter's starting HP/SP or is that something we should do?
No. 117098 ID: 22b85b


Hunters can accumulate skills easily; But having too many starting skills means they'll start to accumulate curses; negative traits that aren't easily removed. Lavender's [PHYSICAL WEAKNESS] is considered a curse.

Monster Hunters start with 20 HP and 20 SP. As they explore and get hidden achievements these scores will increase. The increase carries over to new hunters.
No. 117116 ID: be0718

In a world where monsters have existed this long and no progress has been made in treatment, someone's got to be suppressing the information. If Dolores reports back to her superiors with her findings, I think she's going to find out what happened to those other whistleblowers.
No. 117511 ID: be0718

I'm just imagining how Teleste's encounter would have gone with the blind monster hunter.
No. 117538 ID: 576c10


Y'all know how this goes; same as the monster hunter, only it's a monster this time! The Wendigo has gained some allies; from who knows where! Now's your chance to design a monster to (Fight/Date/Become)!


Monster must have either a VISCERAL/HORROR/MENTAL type

Monster must have at least 3 MENTAL ATTRIBUTES
Monster must have at least 1 PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTE

That's it! Good luck!
No. 117539 ID: 8a947d

Can you explain the monster types again ? specifically the difference between Horror and Mental ?
No. 117540 ID: 576c10
File 150983866018.png - (398.90KB , 853x1280 , Pierre.png )

As always; Monsters with an attached picture will gain preference!

Monsters with NSFW versions MUST have a SFW version associated.

Monster Contest winners will be decided by voting; You can design a monster, which counts as a vote for that monster, AND vote for one secondary monster that's not your own. alternatively, you can not design a monster and distribute a vote to two different monsters! A monster with a picture will be counted as having an extra vote!

Good Luck!
No. 117541 ID: 3ce125

I just realized that Luna should have been the first stop. She can predict negative events so she would've been able to warn Dolores to change her outfit before talking to Jeremy.
No. 117542 ID: 576c10


Visceral type monsters are physical attack based; they damage HP through things like claws, knives, weapons, etc.

Mental type monsters attack the psyche selectively, they utilize illusions, grotesque imagery, and assaults on the mind to inflict insanity before creeping up on their prey

Horror type monsters are a mix; They use both mental assaults on the mind and visceral attacks to inflict damage; things like diseases, venoms, or purposeful damage without killing are how they inflict damage.

There's a rock-paper-scissors in how the three interact; Visceral are strong against Horror, Horror are strong against Mental, and Mental are strong against Visceral
No. 117543 ID: 8a947d
File 150984273713.png - (167.88KB , 1005x769 , Monster.png )

HORROR type monster

A monster that does his best to stay hidden from sight, the most you really see of him is flashes out of the corners of your vision. Loves to play tricks on others, these tricks range from harmless to mentally scarring. Likes to think up puzzles or brainteasers sometimes, he may or may not use them in his pranks.
No. 117544 ID: be0718

Gizmo - HORROR - A little gremlin that crawls inside your head and hijacks your body! This tiny terror can go out and see the world, provided she gets inside her victim without them ever seeing her! Her only other natural abilities are ventriloquism and a high jump - useful for getting someone to look the wrong way for a second while you catapult yourself from a nearby shelf. Or getting away if that fails. She enjoys being carried and devising mechanical mobility aids for when she's roughing it on foot.
(Her current host has been around long enough that he's been monsterfied - he is objectionable to Dolores in some way, either from the ill-fitting youth's baseball uniform he wears or the unmistakeable signs of a monster hunter.)
No. 117545 ID: be0718

Probably a C-rank if there ever was one.
No. 117554 ID: 41c9bc
File 150990516966.png - (30.81KB , 1242x627 , Tidus.png )

[Tidus the Tank Engine]
HORROR type monster
No. 117558 ID: 22b85b



This is hands down the most horrifying thing I've ever seen

Even if it doesn't win it's gonna go in because the mental picture of that thing rushing someone down in an alleyway is too good
No. 117560 ID: 19dd52
File 150992096858.png - (138.93KB , 451x540 , ICANTDRAWIMSOSORRY.png )

MENTAL type monster

A satyr type monster who's preferred method of hunting is influencing her victims into revelry and picking them off one by one. She's been known to use her illusions to party with her prey before revealing herself.

(I can't draw for shit but I wanted to continue the tradition of thicc and fluffy monster gal suggestions)
No. 117564 ID: 41c9bc

>Be inna woods
>Be hunting monsters
>See something bright through the underbrush
>Push through
>See a face on the other side
>Mouth lopsided
>Left eye drooping
>You stare at each other for seconds that feel like an eternity
>In these eyes you see nothing
>In these eyes you see the abyss
>It screams
>You run
>Behind you, you hear it
>The music starts playing
>Coal is a'burning
>Engines are a'churning
>Wheels are a'turning
>Is the screaming getting louder,
>Or is it getting closer?
>You know you can't outrun it
>You can't turn off the path
>The trees have closed in
>No way out
>Only forward
>The screaming stops
>The engines don't
>On the back of your neck, you feel hot breath
>The ground shifts
>It's like someone pulled out a rug from under you
>You're sucked under
>The last sound you hear is the crunching of bone
>The music stops
No. 117609 ID: 466617

>You've been hit by!
>You've been struck by!
>A Smooth Criminal!
No. 117644 ID: d887c0
File 151011301051.png - (218.23KB , 800x800 , 151011237666.png )

Pardon me.
Just keeping this straight.
It seems we may want to either leave the Hallway or try the glowing, green door.
No. 117650 ID: 3ce125

Luna is a lower ranking than Lavender! Poor bug.
No. 117839 ID: 22b85b

Thanks for being patient, everybody! Two things

First; Sincerely sorry about the delay; I had a power outage here that spanned over 3 days.

Second; The contest is STILL GOING! Get those submissions in!
No. 117841 ID: d887c0

>a power outage here that spanned over 3 days
That is such a terrible coincidence.
I have a scheduled power outage here that's going to last all day (8 am-6 pm).
No. 117984 ID: 22b85b

> As you might have guessed, I've been a bit busy. Specifically, I've been busy trying to stay alive; I'm down to 0 dollars in my bank account and I've taken to getting food as cheaply as possible. It's making things hard, but I'll try to keep up.
No. 117993 ID: 3dcb98

I know that feeling.
Hold strong, friend.
No. 118124 ID: c49598
File 151158830440.jpg - (585.38KB , 2608x1535 , 09318364-0CE0-4922-B7A6-1E20A9F717F5.jpg )

Submitting monster
Name: [Thought scraper/Pavlov]
MENTAL type monster
A chimeric creature whose preferred prey is old or wise looking individuals for their wealth of knowledge, preferring to remain unseen throughout the duration of his hunt, he sets up a trap where the human is unable to see him, using his calming voice and mannerisms, He manipulates his target into excepting a deal always using just the right words , knowledge, stories, and personal history in exchange for freedom, Though he is quickly out of sight by the time they escape
No. 118216 ID: 9b80a5

very xenomourph like :P
No. 118239 ID: c88e6d

Really cool drawing!
No. 118241 ID: c49598

No. 118480 ID: 22b85b


I was however cut off from internet for... a little. Still struggling to make ends meet. I should be a lot better and good to go around this friday however! I'll try to keep the story going!
No. 118482 ID: 51f3f8

We love you, Spooky. Always remember that.
No. 118485 ID: abe41d

I forgot I was supposed to vote for another monster...
I vote for Benny.
No. 124749 ID: 075290

It’s back!!!
No. 124750 ID: 290936
File 153395534129.png - (48.44KB , 780x960 , Lucy.png )

VISCERAL type monster

A Kaiju type monster that prefers staying in her room with her HORRIBLE quantity of cats and sunken ships and let her tentacles do all her SOCIAL trips . Someone once told her that she looks GEZORA and she felt bad about her own body.

SHIPS aren't her kink, it was just a PHASE when she was YOUNG, people should totally stop assuming that.
No. 124751 ID: 290936

The contest is probally dead considering it was made in 2017, but hey! I vote for Benny!
No. 124755 ID: d887c0

She should be considered armed and dangerous.
No. 124756 ID: 290936

Yeah, but usually she have a hard time seeing people because that's pretty much her hand. Punch her to give a high-five.
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