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File 149981116902.png - (268.01KB , 800x800 , SpookQuestDiscuss.png )
113431 No. 113431 ID: 241143

> For talkin' about characters, giving me ideas, and takin' a look at scrapped art I had developed.
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No. 114546 ID: be0718

Eesh. No Gothic love, anyone?
No. 114669 ID: a307f1

Thoughts for the get together:

- We should find something to trade Xerxes for the singing stone first, so we Daisy will be able to communicate during it. Maybe ask around about ocarinas.

- I think it would be really nice to go out and pick stuff from the garden for it. Food & Flowers. That can wait until the day of, though.

- Might be nice to get Oddrie that fruit he wanted from the forest too. The Fruit Of Eden.
No. 114670 ID: a307f1


OH also, Lavender can knit clothes! What if we had her make herself something to wear?
No. 114674 ID: 91ee5f

>Might be nice to get Oddrie that fruit he wanted from the forest too. The Fruit Of Eden.
If we do that, then maybe Oddrie will end up evolving into a form that'll let him walk?

But that might mean trading the Wendigo the Sliver of Humanity it wanted and I don't want to do that! Even Toblerone didn't like talking about that guy!
No. 114675 ID: be0718

Xerxes' patients might be shedding Slivers of Humanity as they transform.
No. 114683 ID: 3ce125

We should ask Xerxes if it's a good idea to trade a sliver to the wendigo.

I'd also like some insurance when we go meet him again. I was thinking we could bring a drone along but they won't hatch until a human shows up- wait we can hatch one via the Void! Just lay an egg in the secret area and come back in 3 hours to pick up the drone to serve as a bodyguard.
No. 114684 ID: a307f1

maybe! it would be helpful if oddrie could physically get to the party!

hey maybe so.... we should go see maybe?But like >>114683 said we should ask about it. And do it anyway because of burning curiosity, probably.
No. 114688 ID: ba56e6

We could have the party as a picnic out in Oddrie's garden.
No. 114689 ID: 91ee5f

What about Toblerone? He's stuck in a painting on the wall!

Unless he'd be ok with getting carried around? I'm not sure if he'd like that.
No. 114690 ID: be0718

He can move between paintings and extend himself out of him, if we moved the party outside we could just set one up on an easel.
No. 114691 ID: ba56e6

Yeah, an eisle should work. Surely somebody around here is an artsy type and has one.
No. 114693 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, there's someone else that's stuck outside! Amelie in the FOUNTAIN!

Although, she can move between different water sources, I don't think she'd be comfortable coming out of someone's glass of water! And I'm not sure if Toblerone would like someone making a puddle on the floor for Amelie to come into the house!

And then there's Crackle. I'm not sure if he can come out of the tv and I'm not sure if we can get the tv outside or if we have an extension cord long enough to reach out there!
No. 114700 ID: a307f1

good points.... we should ask these folks about these things.

Theres a few monsters we havent spoken to many times! The party is good for getting to know them more but we should definitely talk to them a bit beforehand.
No. 114783 ID: 6329e2

Hey there! Just wanted to et you know; my old computer is entirely borked, which means I've lost a lot of art. There's some references I can use, and I can most likely just download the character art, but much of the backgrounds were entirely lost. It may take a while til next update while I recover from losses.
No. 114802 ID: a307f1

Aw man, that sucks so bad, I'm sorry that happened!
No. 114803 ID: 91ee5f

Nooooo! Not the backgrounds! D-':>
No. 114804 ID: 3ce125

Can't you recover the backgrounds you've already used via the images posted in the quest?
No. 114875 ID: 22b85b


I Can recover the characters, but not the backgrounds. Reason being that the pictures in the quest usually have a character superimposed over the background itself, So I can move them around easily or edit them without having to redraw the scene from scratch every time (Because I'm Lazy). Downloading those scenes would essentially mean I would be redrawing part of it anyway, so it would be better to just go the extra mile and redraw the whole scene.
No. 114877 ID: 3ce125

Well, if you say so!
No. 115401 ID: 22b85b

Bad news everyone: Due to the difference in Operating systems (I was foolish and bought a chromebook) I am actually unable to make art in the same style as I was previously able to. As a result I'm putting Spookquest on Hiatus until I get down exactly how the new art program works.

On the flipside I may create a new thread to help me get the hang of it.
No. 115402 ID: 91ee5f

>Bad news
>I'm putting Spookquest on Hiatus


>On the flipside I may create a new thread to help me get the hang of it.
No. 115434 ID: a307f1

Aw man, I'm sad. But I relate to your problem, rip. I do really, really hope you get back to spookquest, even if you have to alter the art style, because it's my fav quest on tgchan currently! I've had a lot of fun with it and with updating the wiki page for it. I've always been so excited to see updates and I love all the characters to bits. I have some fanart I might post sometime if I can get around to coloring them.

I am very excited at the possibility of another thread though, I love your quests!
No. 116946 ID: 22b85b
File 150871105655.png - (26.05KB , 173x200 , exasperated.png )

>Jesus H. Christ it was so goddamn hard to get used to the new computer which is technically a tablet! I'm a fool and a sham overall. Spookquest will be updating soon, but first, I ask you this:

Should I continue the old thread?


Should I make a new thread because of the new artstyle?
No. 116948 ID: 19dd52

Hell yes updates!!!!

I'm fine with either I'm just excited for more spookquest!!
No. 116950 ID: 22b85b

>It's also important to note that another reason things have taken so long is because due to the way the tablet is set up, I've remade both characters AND backgrounds. A lot more work, trust me.
No. 116952 ID: be0718

Hell yes continue the old one! Welcome back!
No. 116953 ID: 91ee5f

>Quest is returning.
Seems appropriate that it's making a return in October close to Halloween!

That looks like Marx from Kirby.

>Old Thread or New Thread?
The old thread isn't all that long, so I think it would be ok to pull that outta the Graveyard and use it.

>Remade everything.
My condolences for your drawing hand. It must've died horribly from having to do that!
No. 116954 ID: 3ce125

Continue the old thread. It's better for readability.
No. 116955 ID: 22b85b

> After some review, it appears that the 'old thread or new thread' question is sort of a moot point here-- Due to the way that the system works, I won't be having Lavender as the 'controlled' character anymore, but rather a dateable character. This is simply due to how my current art program prevents me from effectively adding in new pictures without automatically resizing them and-- thusly- Me losing pixel compression. Therefore I'll be starting a new thread (unfortunately) With a new 'date machine'- A Human. This will allow me to show how the monster's powers work as well as add the new Sanity aspect to go with the Romance aspect. Keep your wits about you!
No. 116956 ID: 91ee5f


Well, what about Lavender's side quests we were doing? And her relationships with 8-bit, who we enjoyed flirting with because he's easily flustered, and Teleste, who we shared a kiss with?

And most importantly, what about the party?!
No. 116957 ID: be0718

Aw, I'm gonna miss her.
No. 116958 ID: 3abd97

But why would we want a human to date LAVENDER when she has TELESTE and/or MATILDA?

I guess we could feed ourselves to the spider babies or something.
No. 116959 ID: 22b85b


> Timewise, We'll be picking up where we left off in the timeline. It's essentially a perspective switch; You can choose to try and date the monsters or help them hook up, and you can also try to help the party happen.
No. 116960 ID: 91ee5f

Heh, this'll be fun! We get to do what we do best and play matchmaker with nonhuman characters!

But what about the "voices" in Lavender's head? Will everyone that could hear them notice that Lavernder's head voices have disappeared?
No. 116963 ID: 22b85b


That's something you'll have to find out ;)
No. 116976 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, you tease!~
No. 117002 ID: 19dd52

Teleste/Lavender OTP those lil goobers better smooch with or without our help dangit
No. 117006 ID: 91ee5f

They already did.
No. 117009 ID: 19dd52

*continue to smooch

More meant be in a relationship but you right, you right
No. 117013 ID: 22b85b
File 150880103972.png - (214.20KB , 800x800 , Lavender.png )

As a side note; Just because your hunter isn't chosen doesn't mean they won't show up in the quest! Hunters with a good enough backstory or reason to be present will be added in as informants or fellow monster hunters!
No. 117030 ID: f92f26

I'm... gonna be honest here, I realized I rolled a 1d2 rather than a 1d22 on the thread and then rolled an online diceroller and got... The same result. So! Congrats to Garak on being the main character! Ignatias and Dolores both had good enough art/ backstory to net a position as monster hunters Garak can 'call' (assuming he ever gets a phone) and Egon Angesicht and Drake Irving were both interesting enough concepts they'll also be side characters! Congrats to everyone that got a place in!
No. 117031 ID: be0718

...But, er, I'm not really sure how we're going to go from gun toting to monster dating. Knowing what we know, the wisest course of action for our character would be to run now and nuke the site from orbit. Maybe we have to collect evidence of monsters first before they'll believe us?
No. 117032 ID: f92f26


Do you really think Toblerone is going to let a monster hunter LEAVE?
No. 117033 ID: be0718

As far as I know, for the first three hours.
No. 117034 ID: be0718

Also, oh the irony that Peabody attracts a monster hunter for the second time because of interaction with humans. We really aren't helping "our" case.
No. 117036 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm...gonna be honest here, I realized I rolled a 1d2 rather than a 1d22 on the thread and then rolled an online diceroller and got...the same result.

>Drake Irving was an interesting enough concept to be a side character!
Oh, wow. You really thought that was interesting? I'm flattered.....and kinda shocked that you'd think that.

To be honest, after posting that, I was really scared that everyone would think it was stupid and I almost deleted it. But I'm glad I didn't delete it after all!
No. 117037 ID: f92f26

If anyone is curious as to what the monsters are saying/ Can't read, you can always ask in here for an explanation.
No. 117038 ID: 91ee5f

It's actually because our hunter said that he couldn't understand the monster that made us ask for Toblerone to speak English.
No. 117040 ID: 22b85b

On a side note for some reason it's taking forever and a half to upload images at the moment; So if a character seems to do something contrary and it was a recent post, it's because I tried to post before that post happened.
No. 117042 ID: 3ce125

Did anyone suggest to attack?
No. 117043 ID: 22b85b


Garak in his scared state chose to interpret 'take all his bullets' as 'unload his entire gun'. You'll have far less control of the monster hunters, instead having to 'guide' them. On the plus side, this means they have a personality, and it also means that if Garak 'dies' rather than the quest ending you simply start with a new hunter looking for Garak.
No. 117044 ID: 22b85b

And DO expect to die; If you reach 0 SP or 0 HP, you'll Go insane/Die. SP recovers after rest, HP recovers from taking time to heal. VISCERAL type monsters do HP damage, MENTAL type monsters do SP damage, and HORROR types can do either, but tend to do less overall.
No. 117046 ID: 3ce125

It feels like he's only going to take suggestions that involve fighting the monsters or preparing to fight them.
No. 117047 ID: 22b85b


Initially; Yes! That's exactly what was going to happen. Due to his backstory and skillset, Battle and Battle prep was what the character was oriented around. Now that he knows he's in over his head, ALSO due to his backstory he's going to do reconnaissance. Depending on how you want this to GO, you can either try to lead him towards a path that will circumvent his bias OR you can try to get him killed. Or try to get the monsters in the house killed, up to you.
No. 117050 ID: 824316

Well, I'd prefer to try and "circumvent his bias."
I prefer a happy ending.
No. 117051 ID: 91ee5f

>Or try to get the monsters in the house killed, up to you.
After helping them for so long, you're gonna have one hell of a time convincing any of us to want any of the monsters dead!
No. 117052 ID: 3ce125

Leaning towards getting him killed, but that just means we'll wind up with a stronger hunter arriving afterwards. Heck even if we don't get him killed the other hunters are going to show up aren't they?
No. 117054 ID: 41c9bc

No. 117080 ID: be0718

RIP Garak, shoulda been a tailor instead.
No. 117081 ID: be0718

When you mentioned previous characters can be re-submitted, what about characters that were already chosen for side characters? Are respawns where they'll come in or should we wait to let them appear on their own?
No. 117083 ID: 22b85b


If they're NOT chosen for the respawn they'll show up later. if they ARE chosen for the respawn now is when they'd show up. In other words you CAN choose a side character as the new Hunter, but if you don't they still continue to exist as a side character.
No. 117086 ID: 22b85b

And for reference:

If you'll recall, the lounge is in the basement.
No. 117090 ID: 3ce125

This is starting to look like a quest where we're repeatedly pushed towards either hurting our friends or getting killed. Do you like, want us to kill all the monsters or something
No. 117092 ID: 22b85b
File 150891367092.png - (29.68KB , 200x195 , !normal.png )


Certainly not! ...admittedly though I did want to see if you lot would get killed with the first character show I could show that there are consequences to actions. It is partially why I implemented the 'don't leave the foyer' rule in the first place; a rule which won't be happening this time around. It's also important to note that the death does allow me to figure out which things work and which don't based on people's reactions: At the current moment there is the very delicate problem of allowing too MUCH control over a character (As happened with lavender previously) VS too LITTLE control over a character (as with Garak). The implimentation of swaystones should allow for a healthy medium in this regard: You'll have direct influence of something in the world, and the main character can regard or disregard this advice without it affecting them negatively directly. If you have any advice I would genuinely like to hear it; Thus far 'I don't like this' or 'give me more control' doesn't really do anything.
No. 117096 ID: 91ee5f

Just curious, when Garak was killed and you let us add abilities to the other Hunter suggestions, is there a limit to the number of abilities that can be given to a Hunter?

Mostly because it wouldn't be fair if we made the next Hunter impossible to be killed by the monsters, but we also don't want to make the Hunter too easy to be killed by monsters either.
No. 117097 ID: 91ee5f

Also are you going to be deciding the next Hunter's starting HP/SP or is that something we should do?
No. 117098 ID: 22b85b


Hunters can accumulate skills easily; But having too many starting skills means they'll start to accumulate curses; negative traits that aren't easily removed. Lavender's [PHYSICAL WEAKNESS] is considered a curse.

Monster Hunters start with 20 HP and 20 SP. As they explore and get hidden achievements these scores will increase. The increase carries over to new hunters.
No. 117116 ID: be0718

In a world where monsters have existed this long and no progress has been made in treatment, someone's got to be suppressing the information. If Dolores reports back to her superiors with her findings, I think she's going to find out what happened to those other whistleblowers.
No. 117511 ID: be0718

I'm just imagining how Teleste's encounter would have gone with the blind monster hunter.
No. 117538 ID: 576c10


Y'all know how this goes; same as the monster hunter, only it's a monster this time! The Wendigo has gained some allies; from who knows where! Now's your chance to design a monster to (Fight/Date/Become)!


Monster must have either a VISCERAL/HORROR/MENTAL type

Monster must have at least 3 MENTAL ATTRIBUTES
Monster must have at least 1 PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTE

That's it! Good luck!
No. 117539 ID: 8a947d

Can you explain the monster types again ? specifically the difference between Horror and Mental ?
No. 117540 ID: 576c10
File 150983866018.png - (398.90KB , 853x1280 , Pierre.png )

As always; Monsters with an attached picture will gain preference!

Monsters with NSFW versions MUST have a SFW version associated.

Monster Contest winners will be decided by voting; You can design a monster, which counts as a vote for that monster, AND vote for one secondary monster that's not your own. alternatively, you can not design a monster and distribute a vote to two different monsters! A monster with a picture will be counted as having an extra vote!

Good Luck!
No. 117541 ID: 3ce125

I just realized that Luna should have been the first stop. She can predict negative events so she would've been able to warn Dolores to change her outfit before talking to Jeremy.
No. 117542 ID: 576c10


Visceral type monsters are physical attack based; they damage HP through things like claws, knives, weapons, etc.

Mental type monsters attack the psyche selectively, they utilize illusions, grotesque imagery, and assaults on the mind to inflict insanity before creeping up on their prey

Horror type monsters are a mix; They use both mental assaults on the mind and visceral attacks to inflict damage; things like diseases, venoms, or purposeful damage without killing are how they inflict damage.

There's a rock-paper-scissors in how the three interact; Visceral are strong against Horror, Horror are strong against Mental, and Mental are strong against Visceral
No. 117543 ID: 8a947d
File 150984273713.png - (167.88KB , 1005x769 , Monster.png )

HORROR type monster

A monster that does his best to stay hidden from sight, the most you really see of him is flashes out of the corners of your vision. Loves to play tricks on others, these tricks range from harmless to mentally scarring. Likes to think up puzzles or brainteasers sometimes, he may or may not use them in his pranks.
No. 117544 ID: be0718

Gizmo - HORROR - A little gremlin that crawls inside your head and hijacks your body! This tiny terror can go out and see the world, provided she gets inside her victim without them ever seeing her! Her only other natural abilities are ventriloquism and a high jump - useful for getting someone to look the wrong way for a second while you catapult yourself from a nearby shelf. Or getting away if that fails. She enjoys being carried and devising mechanical mobility aids for when she's roughing it on foot.
(Her current host has been around long enough that he's been monsterfied - he is objectionable to Dolores in some way, either from the ill-fitting youth's baseball uniform he wears or the unmistakeable signs of a monster hunter.)
No. 117545 ID: be0718

Probably a C-rank if there ever was one.
No. 117554 ID: 41c9bc
File 150990516966.png - (30.81KB , 1242x627 , Tidus.png )

[Tidus the Tank Engine]
HORROR type monster
No. 117558 ID: 22b85b



This is hands down the most horrifying thing I've ever seen

Even if it doesn't win it's gonna go in because the mental picture of that thing rushing someone down in an alleyway is too good
No. 117560 ID: 19dd52
File 150992096858.png - (138.93KB , 451x540 , ICANTDRAWIMSOSORRY.png )

MENTAL type monster

A satyr type monster who's preferred method of hunting is influencing her victims into revelry and picking them off one by one. She's been known to use her illusions to party with her prey before revealing herself.

(I can't draw for shit but I wanted to continue the tradition of thicc and fluffy monster gal suggestions)
No. 117564 ID: 41c9bc

>Be inna woods
>Be hunting monsters
>See something bright through the underbrush
>Push through
>See a face on the other side
>Mouth lopsided
>Left eye drooping
>You stare at each other for seconds that feel like an eternity
>In these eyes you see nothing
>In these eyes you see the abyss
>It screams
>You run
>Behind you, you hear it
>The music starts playing
>Coal is a'burning
>Engines are a'churning
>Wheels are a'turning
>Is the screaming getting louder,
>Or is it getting closer?
>You know you can't outrun it
>You can't turn off the path
>The trees have closed in
>No way out
>Only forward
>The screaming stops
>The engines don't
>On the back of your neck, you feel hot breath
>The ground shifts
>It's like someone pulled out a rug from under you
>You're sucked under
>The last sound you hear is the crunching of bone
>The music stops
No. 117609 ID: 466617

>You've been hit by!
>You've been struck by!
>A Smooth Criminal!
No. 117644 ID: d887c0
File 151011301051.png - (218.23KB , 800x800 , 151011237666.png )

Pardon me.
Just keeping this straight.
It seems we may want to either leave the Hallway or try the glowing, green door.
No. 117650 ID: 3ce125

Luna is a lower ranking than Lavender! Poor bug.
No. 117839 ID: 22b85b

Thanks for being patient, everybody! Two things

First; Sincerely sorry about the delay; I had a power outage here that spanned over 3 days.

Second; The contest is STILL GOING! Get those submissions in!
No. 117841 ID: d887c0

>a power outage here that spanned over 3 days
That is such a terrible coincidence.
I have a scheduled power outage here that's going to last all day (8 am-6 pm).
No. 117984 ID: 22b85b

> As you might have guessed, I've been a bit busy. Specifically, I've been busy trying to stay alive; I'm down to 0 dollars in my bank account and I've taken to getting food as cheaply as possible. It's making things hard, but I'll try to keep up.
No. 117993 ID: 3dcb98

I know that feeling.
Hold strong, friend.
No. 118124 ID: c49598
File 151158830440.jpg - (585.38KB , 2608x1535 , 09318364-0CE0-4922-B7A6-1E20A9F717F5.jpg )

Submitting monster
Name: [Thought scraper/Pavlov]
MENTAL type monster
A chimeric creature whose preferred prey is old or wise looking individuals for their wealth of knowledge, preferring to remain unseen throughout the duration of his hunt, he sets up a trap where the human is unable to see him, using his calming voice and mannerisms, He manipulates his target into excepting a deal always using just the right words , knowledge, stories, and personal history in exchange for freedom, Though he is quickly out of sight by the time they escape
No. 118216 ID: 9b80a5

very xenomourph like :P
No. 118239 ID: c88e6d

Really cool drawing!
No. 118241 ID: c49598

No. 118480 ID: 22b85b


I was however cut off from internet for... a little. Still struggling to make ends meet. I should be a lot better and good to go around this friday however! I'll try to keep the story going!
No. 118482 ID: 51f3f8

We love you, Spooky. Always remember that.
No. 118485 ID: abe41d

I forgot I was supposed to vote for another monster...
I vote for Benny.
No. 124749 ID: 075290

It’s back!!!
No. 124750 ID: 290936
File 153395534129.png - (48.44KB , 780x960 , Lucy.png )

VISCERAL type monster

A Kaiju type monster that prefers staying in her room with her HORRIBLE quantity of cats and sunken ships and let her tentacles do all her SOCIAL trips . Someone once told her that she looks GEZORA and she felt bad about her own body.

SHIPS aren't her kink, it was just a PHASE when she was YOUNG, people should totally stop assuming that.
No. 124751 ID: 290936

The contest is probally dead considering it was made in 2017, but hey! I vote for Benny!
No. 124755 ID: d887c0

She should be considered armed and dangerous.
No. 124756 ID: 290936

Yeah, but usually she have a hard time seeing people because that's pretty much her hand. Punch her to give a high-five.
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