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File 149453535197.jpg - (671.24KB , 1288x1324 , Talking to this douchebag 1.jpg )
111523 No. 111523 ID: 4a6bb7

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No. 111527 ID: 388cdd

No. 111530 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149454740236.jpg - (160.62KB , 1249x504 , Talking to this douchebag 2.jpg )

No. 111531 ID: 388cdd

Not too bad, just got done teaching a little while ago. I'm planning a new drawing for this evening. Speaking of which I gotta say the drawing I'm looking forward to most in self reflection is the one of you and myself
No. 111532 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149454858689.jpg - (144.12KB , 1236x336 , Talking to this douchebag 3.jpg )

No. 111533 ID: 388cdd

WOOHOO! Glad you liked that idea! Here's a song to go with it
As for my drawing it's actually going to be a nightmare for Root...
No. 111534 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149455026817.jpg - (190.42KB , 1412x505 , Talking to this douchebag 4.jpg )

No. 111535 ID: 388cdd

Interesting choice.

Ok something that I have been wondering about is why us the title of this series "Graphite Ash Drawing?" I thought it was because it started as just that, a pencil (graphite) drawing of the Ash symbol.
No. 111538 ID: 143250

Hey, I think the Ambassador stole one of your puppets, namely the Lorence puppet. He probably stole it while you were hunting for Rabbot.
No. 111552 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149461503872.jpg - (217.19KB , 1600x832 , Talking to this douchebag 5.jpg )

No. 111554 ID: 143250

Hi Onion Lorence. Have you ever figured out how Matilda knew about your betrayal with Root that one time? when you went to that women's house thinking it was your wife?
No. 111555 ID: 388cdd

Ha! And a couple pinches of salt and vinegar while you're at it and then you'll have his personality too.
No. 111558 ID: 388cdd

Ah! Finally patched through! Hey Robbit Rabbot has taken over main quest and is forcing me to do shitty commercials.

No. 111561 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149463246413.jpg - (281.34KB , 1748x610 , Talking to this douchebag 6.jpg )


No. 111563 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149463293129.jpg - (102.52KB , 716x321 , Talking to this douchebag 7.jpg )

No. 111564 ID: 143250

Thanks for saving him.

How is Onion Lorence coming along? I'm hungry.
No. 111565 ID: 388cdd

If Lorence is an onion then I guess Root is... well some sort of Root vegetable...
No. 111566 ID: 143250

Sour cream?
No. 111567 ID: 388cdd

And together they make a fine French onion dip.
No. 111601 ID: 3583d1

Alright so continuing my line of thought from the main quest here. I think we need to seriously rethink how long the cult have been at this. Ana stated that they started out as nothing more than just a rumor. But now we know that the rumor was true. What we don't know is how long this has been going on for? But it's probably safe to say everyone is a lot older than we first initially guessed. Lorence has to be pushing 50 by now. Root is probably in his 30s, and I bet Delilah is probably 27 (just my personal guess based on the proposed timeline). I mean fuck this has actually got me thinking. What is the current date in the quest? I'm going to guess its the not so distant future (say 2020 or so? Maybe less?) Then that would set the original event that started everything back in the 60's even? Back when the Ash Tree was just a ravenous demon and the original folks behind it were just poor suckers at the wrong place and time. Now I really want to see a full timeline of events that have led up to this point.
No. 111606 ID: 143250

One thing to consider: we are basing this off of Rosaline being a child, but something happened to her that corrupted her dna to make her part spider. Thus, She could have the same lifespan of a spider: 15 to 25 years, making her aging rapidly.
No. 111607 ID: 3583d1

That's very possible. I hadn't thought of that.
No. 111611 ID: 50613f
File 149488302710.jpg - (2.16MB , 2084x3510 , Talking to this douchebag 8.jpg )

No. 111613 ID: 388cdd

Well from that name alone I can infer a couple things. First of all, he is the one who started it, "The Instigator." Sure being part of that first event, means that some of those teens survived. If his job is to tie up loose ends it means he was there too. So he's one of the original teens, also if we want to get even deeper, it means that he started the chain of events, and it all started out as just a prank... so that means it's Tom, just wanting to scare his buddies but setting in motion something he could never undo...

And I bet he's going after Anastasia and her grandfather...
No. 111614 ID: 388cdd

And I'm willing I know the grandfathers name too...

No. 111616 ID: 3583d1

However, if i'm right, the question is why is Tom trying to finish everyone else off? That is assuming that Tom didn't die in the original event. We'll just have to find out won't we.
No. 111617 ID: 3583d1

Anyway on a more brighter subject I just happened to make some french-onion dip, goes great with chips or vegetables would anyone like some?
No. 111619 ID: 50613f
File 149489580774.jpg - (3.18MB , 2525x3272 , Talking to this douchebag 9.jpg )

No. 111620 ID: 388cdd

That sounds delicious! I'll have to try that! My autumn time snack would have to be any that my family makes when we get together. We have a lot of signature foods like grilled pizza and this really cheesy artichoke dip, it's absolutely fantastic. We don't get many street vendors but come autumn we have a HUGE farmers market that sell a bunch of good stuff.

And it's fascinating to see the orig al sketches! I like seeing how close I got to the original ideas. It seems I switched Marty and Tom around in my designs and gave Tom, Marty's glasses, haha! With mike I feel I switched him and jerry around in terms of disposition, making Jerry a party guy (though not very strong) and Mike into a more serious person (although just as strong). Betty I think I turned into more of a goth girl, haha, and Nadly I don't think changed much beyond her hair.
No. 111622 ID: 388cdd

I gotta say though, out of the original cast I think the ghost has changed the most, going from being basically just a dude in a mask to... well what he is now, a giant skeleton-tree demon. However I can guess that that original design was what led to the creation of the cultist design and them actually being guys in masks.
No. 111628 ID: 50613f
File 149492959590.jpg - (429.21KB , 1318x787 , Talking to this douchebag 10.jpg )

No. 111632 ID: 3583d1

That would probably be for the best really, if the first setting is just in an apartment complex. If it were as it was now that would be scary but I think it would be too large to fit.
"I HAVE COME FOR YOUR SO-URK! Uh... little cramped in here..."

See, I initially thought it was outdoors at a campsite, like they all decided for a spooky ghost night at a friend's cabin or camping, giving it a kind of Blair witch or even Evil Dead (without the goofy parts) feel to it, as well as Samara. Incidentally, this got me thinking ghosts and demons are scary because we know there is no physical way of stopping them, and we can even really see them, making them equally terrifying because we don't know how to confront them. Other monsters, like vampires are werewolves are just kinda fun to watch. Zombies themselves aren't scary but what makes zombie movies and tv shows like the walking dead good, is watching everyone trying to adjust to their new lives, and I just realized this is kinda the same thing with R&B. What makes it entertaining is seeing how the world and its people have chosen to react to their new situation with the fog.
No. 111638 ID: 50613f
File 149498330224.jpg - (225.43KB , 1305x584 , Talking to this douchebag 11.jpg )

No. 111639 ID: 388cdd
File 149498356755.jpg - (39.75KB , 430x370 , IMG_3541.jpg )

It's still too fucking soon...
No. 111640 ID: 50613f
File 149498634475.jpg - (121.18KB , 975x568 , Talking to this douchebag 12.jpg )

No. 111658 ID: 143250

On the topic of book covers, I thought of a title for the next chapter considering what Ana is going through with her pent up rage wanting her to do catastrophic things to people around her, and herself: L'appel du vide (French for Call of the Void:
No. 111659 ID: 50613f
File 149506981093.jpg - (331.61KB , 1484x719 , Talking to this douchebag 13.jpg )

No. 111661 ID: 143250

I think as long as these sidequests are short like this one was, it will be fine to have occasionally.
No. 111680 ID: 4bfce0

Hey you know what I would like to see? A news report. The fog is spreading and it has covered one major city. We still don't know what city though, I've suspected London for a while but gotten no sure answer. It could be New York or Los Angles for all I know. ive just assumed London because that does have forests on the outskirts of the city and I can totally see Root taking over Windsor Castle as his main base of operations once they move the compounds. But I am interested in seeing what the rest of the world is making of what is going on outside the fog and what government officials are saying.
No. 111730 ID: 50613f
File 149528729072.jpg - (371.61KB , 1412x809 , Talking to this douchebag 14.jpg )

No. 111738 ID: 30e86d

A small town in America.... hmm possibly in New England because that's where all the spooky shit goes down (see literally any Stephen King book ever)...

And a cult...??

Are we in silent hill??
No. 111752 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149531834738.jpg - (333.52KB , 1376x835 , Talking to this douchebag 15.jpg )

No. 111755 ID: 143250

So is it loud mountain then?

I guess we should be quiet for what Rosaline is about to say to Lorence. She probably doesn't want even the voices to hear, especially since by now they see the voices as enemies.
No. 111759 ID: 143250

Also, a thought came to mind, with all this time traveling we've been doing, should we worry about causing time paradoxes? Falafaf did imply that they exist when she said her fortunes are time paradox free. I'm wondering if there are any dire consequences in all the time traveling we're doing in the story. Also, the concept of the butterfly effect is terrifying to me.
No. 111765 ID: 30e86d

Idk man, stich gives off some pyramid head vibes to me. Actually there's a death battle I'd like to see a pyramid head vs Stitch.
No. 111783 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149538368606.jpg - (717.27KB , 1444x1633 , Talking to this douchebag 16.jpg )

No. 111786 ID: 143250

Yeah, probably best not to be a part of it and just watch. We wouldn't want to upset some kind of time deity or something for messing with time. Hell, I know you said you'll prevent paradoxes, but traveling through time like we are now still feels risky.
No. 111787 ID: 30e86d

It would be fun to play through it, I imagine it would be like playing Till Dawn. But still i wouldn't mind just reading it as a comic to avoid any paradoxes or ret cons to the storyline.
No. 111788 ID: 30e86d

Although I do have to ask out of curiosity, would you use any of the character redesigns that I did with the Poster for strange abnormalities? Or would would try to stick to the original designs. Like I said I used my "True form" as a base for one of the characters in that drawing so if that one doesn't survive I think my reaction would just be "awww damnit, oh well." Lol. But I am also curious as to where this story or comic would be uploaded. It wouldn't really work here since it's not a quest.
No. 111799 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149540549338.jpg - (4.47MB , 2258x5259 , Talking to this douchebag 17.jpg )

No. 111800 ID: 143250

So when you say it will be like a tell tale game, you mean that the suggestions we give will be based off of multiple choice decisions, right?

as in: Oh no, the clouds are all angry at you for wishing the rain to go away through your dumb song. What should you do?

A. keep singing
b. keep singing, but louder
c. stop singing
d. ask the clouds if they want to join in
e. ask the clouds if you can become a cloud too.
No. 111803 ID: 30e86d

Hey I drew myself as one of those characters with the full knowledge that I maybe be one of those victims, so yeah no hard feelings haha.
No. 111804 ID: 30e86d

And glad I inspired you, as a god of dreams and imagination, that's kind of my thing lol
No. 111806 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149541022622.jpg - (411.86KB , 1748x710 , Talking to this douchebag 18.jpg )

No. 111807 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149541023105.jpg - (411.86KB , 1748x710 , Talking to this douchebag 18.jpg )

No. 111808 ID: 30e86d

I've personally never minded the choice of options as long as each of them were fair choices. If we select a bad choice then it's our own damn fault. One thing I am curious to see is how you will work that, like have an option that will involve multiple characters, or will we just control one person at a time. Some freedom of dialogue wouldn't be too bad either. Like if we are just controlling one person at time, we say what they would say but their actual actions is left up to specific options
No. 111870 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149554084491.jpg - (327.14KB , 1636x992 , Talking to this douchebag 19.jpg )

No. 111872 ID: 29ca5a

Hmm, that might work but what I would do, first of all is have different chapters devoted to different characters. With each chapter taking around the same time as the other but with our character a different person each time. So the first chapter we could play as anyone, and this is merely to set the story up and get everything ready and to establish other characters. Chapter 2 we play as the character who sets up what I'll call "the first domino" that sets everything else in motion. The next chapters we would play as one character for one situation and another for the next. Alternatively we could play as a different character for the same scenario and what has already been established wouldn't change. This could work well at moments when they have to split up. That's the other thing, force them to separate. Any good horror fan will know you never split up because that's how you get killed, but give us a situation that forces them to splint up, this could be something like a door shuts in front a few people and it won't reopen, not even by brute force. This way it forces them to split up and plan on meeting up and regrouping at another location.

My last piece of advice is really play with expectations. The moment when we think something is going to happen, nothing does. Keep playing with our perception and keep us guessing. It's always more tense and scary when we know some should be happening soon but nothing does, but when it does it's scary as fuck. See this falls under the second category of scary, Terror. Our minds keep expecting something but we get nothing and the tension keeps building. The other kinds of scary are horror, basically that would be the jumpscare nightmare fuel ride kind of scary, and then there is "gross-out" scary, which if done right can be scary as hell but is really just as it sounds, gross. That kind of horror is kind of self-explanatory.
No. 111881 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149556759815.jpg - (419.34KB , 1517x1792 , Talking to this douchebag 20.jpg )

Alright I did the redesign of the characters from the prequel, combining your look of the characters with original look. Now what characteristics do you think that they have, describe what kind of characters are they just by their looks and poses
No. 111882 ID: 3583d1

Weeeeellll... first of all, I noticed one in particular, Marty who looks most like the one I drew. I also notice he has a pencil and a sketch book implying he is an artist... hmmm....

Tom looks very much like a party guy, he's got a party hat it one hand and a beer in the other. Perhaps the one who would take things just A bit far for a joke? Sometimes maybe too far and it gets others in trouble?

Mike, definitely a strong guy. He hits the gym quite a bit and would want to be everyone's best friend. But maybe has a bad temper and would abuse his strength to get his way?

Jerry, definitely a loner. I don't know why but I picture him wearing hiking boots. His backpack makes me think he is something of a hiker and a survivalist, but why is he a loner? Does think he isn't worthy of real human contact?

Betty looks like someone who needs to have control. Control over her situation, and would try to put others in her control as well. Someone who if she lost it would try and regain it, at any cost...

Nadly. She is innocent, pure but naieve. She has had many people do everything for her. She's almost never had to a hard day's work in her life. Could she be able to adapt? Not only to this situation but how it changes her friends?
No. 111890 ID: 143250

Just throwing an idea out here: I just thought of a name for Rosaline's brother: Roscoe.
No. 111915 ID: 51058c

I swear, some of these song choices for the quest have continued to just get stuck in my head. A lot of them I've ended up just buying on iTunes, and then every time I listen to them I can't help but think of the quest, it's a real vicious circle.
No. 111925 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149572117143.jpg - (327.25KB , 1532x724 , Talking to this douchebag 21.jpg )

No. 111950 ID: 3583d1

Okay real talk here for a second. Have you ever read any of the Ender Books by Orson Scott Card? The reason I bring it up is there is a very specific character in the books who was given genetic modifications as a young child. This modification allowed him to get genius levels of intelligence at a young age, but his body would keep growing into adulthood, effectively giving him fatal giantism where his heart could no longer support his body.

The reason I'm bringing this up is he also had kids, three of which had the same genetic disorder that allowed them to have the same abilities as their father, genius levels of intelligence, but their bodies wouldn't stop growing.

So the reason I bring this up is this may be the case with Rosaline's newborns. Already they seem to be toddler aged, rather than babies. It's obvious that they have inherited their mother's spider abilites, but did they inherit EVERYTHING from their mother? Including the shortened life-span? Signs point to yes.
No. 111951 ID: 143250

They might have also inherited Flint's immortal characteristics. I want to know if they inherited that as well.
No. 111952 ID: 3583d1

I don't think Flint was an immortal, his eyes weren't right. An immortal's eyes are black and murky, his weren't.
No. 111953 ID: 143250

True, though I'm only basing it off of what Rosaline said: "the only reason why I put the egg in him is only to incubate them. He was a immortal and I placed the eggs near his warm heart"
No. 111955 ID: 3583d1

Ohhh didn't think of that.
No. 111992 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149590004880.jpg - (332.49KB , 1400x760 , Talking to this douchebag 22.jpg )

No. 111994 ID: 143250

I see. and is Flint's immortal characteristics get inherited by his children?
No. 112019 ID: 6d8df5

Who is to say that immortals can even pass on their genes let alone reproduce? If they are immortal why would they even want to have kids? They will live forever what's the use of reproducing?
No. 112137 ID: bd0723

Alright normally I can kick ass at riddles but I feel there is more to this question than I first think. My initial guess of how a person with no legs and a person with no arms ride a bike is they work together but I just have a gut feeling I am missing something... thoughts???
No. 112141 ID: f64d1f
File 149652444965.jpg - (174.07KB , 1272x500 , Talking to this douchebag 23.jpg )

No. 112142 ID: 143250

They work together sounds like a possible answer, I was thinking that too as it fits a theme of working together with 93 after we save her, but you're right, we should look at other possible answers.

I was also thinking for the no hands person, they get a "handlebar" and for the guy with no legs, they get "wheels" or "pedals" since the riddle didn't specify if hands or legs were missing from the person or the bike. For example "how does a person with no hands ride a bike" could actually mean "how does a person with no handlebars ride a bike (handlebars = hands of a bike)", and "how does a person with no legs ride a bike" could actually mean "how does a person with no wheels/pedals ride a bike (wheels/pedals = legs of the bike)"

Using prosthetic legs, or prosthetic hands for both answers also came to mind, but it seems way too simple and obvious of an answer for a riddle.
No. 112145 ID: 394c72

Currently flying home actually, thank goodness most airports have free internet. And I mean you can if you really want to, it's a riddle Robbit Rabbot gave us and we all know the scorn you have for him, but I only ask you allow a while for us to puzzle it out a bit. If we still haven't gotten it then yeah help us out.

Good ideas, I considered the prosthetic ones myself but like the "work together" one it seems way too easy. The handlebar one I think is interesting and we might be on the right track there.
No. 112146 ID: f64d1f
File 149653879410.jpg - (224.62KB , 1688x573 , Talking to this douchebag 24.jpg )

No. 112147 ID: 3df804

I'm slowly starting to hate this dumb rabbit myself...

Alright so the way I want to think of this question is like the famous riddle from Alice in Wonderland. "When is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" The answer being "Neither is approached without Cause(Caws)"

The answer is probably going to be something kind of odd like that. Thoughts?
No. 112152 ID: 143250

Yeah, even if we wanted your help, looks like Rabbot is spying on us. He might see you answering for us as cheating... He looks kinda cute, like a rabbit peeking out of a tophat

anyway, Other answers I just thought up:

It is pretty much almost impossible to ride a bike without hands because you need them to balance. the bike will need some kind of support. Something like an exercise bike since the wheels aren't on the ground and instead supported by a base. If exercise bike doesn't count, then perhaps training wheels to help balance the bike without arms. You just won't be able to turn unless you use your chin or teeth. (I say almost impossible because I saw this cool video of an armless person able to cycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_9UEF26dew)

as far as no legs go, you need legs to pedal. In order to ride a bike with no legs then, you'll have to ride down a hill. Granted, you'll crash, but hey, you'll be riding the bike! just make sure you at least wear a helmet, you idiot!

Lastly, Rabbot was thinking human centipede, but when I thought teamwork between the armless and legless men, I was thinking more of a tandem bike, like this vintage image I found on Reddit of an armless man and legless man on a Tandem bike:
that is teamwork right there.
No. 112159 ID: f64d1f
File 149659478621.jpg - (619.96KB , 1748x1752 , Talking to this douchebag 25.jpg )

No. 112161 ID: 299587

He is like a misbehaving child, I'd say it's time to really put limits on him and give him one serious timeout that he's not going to forget anytime soon. Seriously deprive him of his power and just watch the temper tantrum erupt. It will be hilarious
No. 112182 ID: e94b09


Help us out a little with this riddle?
No. 112184 ID: 143250

Rabbot is spying on us, sadly.

Sometimes, we just got to take the plunge. And I don't want to be blamed for not being able to save 93 when we had the chance to because of fear, and I'm tired of running like a coward. So, other Anas, out of the answers we came up with that I posted in the story, which do you think is the correct answer:

answer 1, answer 2, answer 3, or answer 4.

I am leaning towards answer 1: the tandem bike.
answer 4 is a close second though
No. 112186 ID: 143250

That said, I'll try answering with either answer 1 or answer 4 by default tomorrow night (Monday, central time), unless one of you feels I'm taking the wrong answer and want to vote on one of the other answers, or come up with a better one. I will take full responsibility for my actions if it is the wrong answer.
No. 112188 ID: f64d1f
File 149664798988.jpg - (184.75KB , 1092x472 , Talking to this douchebag 26.jpg )

No. 112202 ID: 143250

...Yeah...ok. I appreciate you stepping in to help out Absurdity, but I'm standing up to myself and giving him my own answer now. We can't let him intimidate us. It is time to be brave.

I know I said I will do it tonight, but really, that might of been a way to stall for time. I'm answering now.

As I said, I will take full responsibility for my actions if he hurts Ana and accept any sort of punishment from you other Anas, as I will be the one suggesting to Ana when no one else will.

If he does try to hurt Ana if it is the wrong answer, I'll give him a proposition. If that does not work, I will give him Absurdity's answer.

I spoke with some friends, they agreed on the double seated bike answer. Wish me luck.

No. 112208 ID: 143250

Ok, I gave him my answer, but he decided to ignore us and scare Ana further. I was forced to deliver your message to stop him from reawakening Desolation. I'm only sorry I didn't send it sooner, but I wanted to test our confidence first.
No. 112212 ID: 143250

I'm also starting to wonder if he even knows the answer to his own riddle if he is being difficult with us and not telling us if our answer was correct. mighty suspicious...
No. 112215 ID: 3583d1

Technically it's not even a riddle. A riddle is solvable and has an answer if you think about it within the right way. For example, since we all about legs and arms right now

Two legs cooked it, six legs ate it, four legs got some. Who are they?

The answer is the wife cooked breakfast for her husband who was sitting at the table in a chair and the cat got a little bit from the plate.
No. 112227 ID: 143250

Crisis averted. We didn't get the answer, but the riddle was more of a test on Ana's conviction in dire situations. I'm proud of her.
No. 112230 ID: f64d1f
File 149670727916.jpg - (900.17KB , 1522x1918 , Talking to this douchebag 27.jpg )

No. 112238 ID: 143250

Taking graffiti to the next level.
No. 112248 ID: 3583d1

Gorgeous! Is that a fox or a wolf? It really makes me want to go check out some out of the art I have around my neck of the woods
No. 112274 ID: be561b

So in the interest of art appreciation, I went to a local art museum today. I took a lot of pictures and one video all of which have something to do with R&B (at least a little) most of the pictures I took all have the theme of woods and branches of gods and masks as all of these have importance in the story, and some which I know Robbit Rabbot would absolutely love to have in his hall. If you want I'll show you what I found today. I the interest of keeping my location a secret I've edited some of them only a little, mostly keeping names out but there are a few I feel you would love.
No. 112275 ID: f64d1f
File 149679137634.jpg - (2.67MB , 1748x2292 , Talking to this douchebag 28.jpg )

No. 112278 ID: 3583d1
File 149679172207.jpg - (1.40MB , 2392x4020 , IMG_3629.jpg )

Alright so let's start though my little gallery!
No. 112279 ID: 3583d1
File 149679175933.jpg - (1.68MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3630.jpg )

No. 112280 ID: 3583d1
File 149679178834.jpg - (2.13MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3631.jpg )

No. 112281 ID: 3583d1
File 149679181404.jpg - (1.78MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3632.jpg )

No. 112283 ID: 3583d1
File 149679191603.jpg - (519.48KB , 1840x3704 , IMG_3633.jpg )

No. 112285 ID: 3583d1
File 149679208780.jpg - (1.25MB , 2527x3819 , IMG_3635.jpg )

No. 112286 ID: 3583d1
File 149679210643.jpg - (871.60KB , 2663x2838 , IMG_3636.jpg )

No. 112287 ID: 3583d1
File 149679213518.jpg - (1.90MB , 4032x2849 , IMG_3638.jpg )

No. 112288 ID: 3583d1
File 149679216682.jpg - (1.23MB , 2241x4024 , IMG_3639.jpg )

No. 112289 ID: 3583d1
File 149679218844.jpg - (1.24MB , 1743x4024 , IMG_3640.jpg )

No. 112290 ID: 3583d1
File 149679220379.jpg - (1.26MB , 3817x2132 , IMG_3641.jpg )

No. 112291 ID: 3583d1
File 149679222487.jpg - (817.19KB , 3467x1926 , IMG_3642.jpg )

No. 112292 ID: 3583d1
File 149679224445.jpg - (1.83MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3643.jpg )

No. 112293 ID: 3583d1
File 149679226611.jpg - (770.76KB , 1876x3387 , IMG_3644.jpg )

No. 112294 ID: 3583d1
File 149679229069.jpg - (901.63KB , 2697x2995 , IMG_3645.jpg )

No. 112295 ID: 3583d1
File 149679231228.jpg - (1.16MB , 2991x3598 , IMG_3646.jpg )

No. 112296 ID: 3583d1
File 149679234194.jpg - (1.18MB , 3021x3038 , IMG_3647.jpg )

No. 112297 ID: 3583d1
File 149679236102.jpg - (1.25MB , 3932x1934 , IMG_3648.jpg )

No. 112298 ID: 3583d1
File 149679238065.jpg - (1.86MB , 3000x3645 , IMG_3649.jpg )

No. 112299 ID: 3583d1
File 149679258455.jpg - (1.67MB , 2939x3920 , IMG_3650.jpg )

Alright so I actually did a double take with this one because I swore it was like someone put a demon in this painting. It's like Andrew found his way on canvas. I stared it down for a minute and I swear it actually seemed to get angrier at me. It really reminds me of Andrew Goodwill, maybe it's his great grandfather. I actually got a shot of the painting description and name and I'll post that next.
No. 112300 ID: 3583d1
File 149679260467.jpg - (1.09MB , 2567x3311 , IMG_3651.jpg )

No. 112301 ID: 3583d1
File 149679262684.jpg - (1.37MB , 3385x2837 , IMG_3653.jpg )

No. 112302 ID: 3583d1
File 149679265585.jpg - (1.35MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3654.jpg )

No. 112304 ID: 3583d1
File 149679276697.jpg - (0.99MB , 2979x3003 , IMG_3657.jpg )

Ironically this mask was titled, "Bringer of Nightmares."
No. 112305 ID: 3583d1
File 149679292770.jpg - (643.86KB , 2521x3087 , IMG_3658.jpg )

No. 112306 ID: 3583d1
File 149679294919.jpg - (1.24MB , 2865x3897 , IMG_3659.jpg )

No. 112307 ID: 3583d1
File 149679297466.jpg - (1.13MB , 2891x3970 , IMG_3660.jpg )

No. 112308 ID: 3583d1
File 149679300435.jpg - (1.08MB , 2731x2971 , IMG_3661.jpg )

No. 112309 ID: 3583d1
File 149679302256.jpg - (780.65KB , 2280x3781 , IMG_3662.jpg )

No. 112310 ID: 3583d1
File 149679303920.jpg - (1.36MB , 2944x3331 , IMG_3663.jpg )

No. 112311 ID: 3583d1
File 149679306326.jpg - (1.09MB , 3021x2480 , IMG_3664.jpg )

No. 112312 ID: 3583d1
File 149679308842.jpg - (0.96MB , 2383x4029 , IMG_3665.jpg )

No. 112313 ID: 3583d1
File 149679311018.jpg - (966.48KB , 2794x2698 , IMG_3667.jpg )

No. 112314 ID: 3583d1

Whew! That's everything! There is one video but I can't upload it here. I'll just send it to you. What do you think?
No. 112318 ID: f64d1f
File 149680294845.jpg - (187.68KB , 1132x678 , Talking to this douchebag 29.jpg )

No. 112319 ID: 299587

Any particular favorites?
No. 112332 ID: f64d1f
File 149683712908.jpg - (257.29KB , 694x778 , Talking to this douchebag 30.jpg )

Let's just say that I love all of them but if I had to choose my favorite it would be this one. Also I will be using this awesome masks in the story. I am sorry to say but you might created new enemies for yourself
No. 112334 ID: 3583d1

Ah, that's one evil looking shaman. See most of those masks are either very ceremonial or meant to worn by a tribal shaman, many of whom have been said to have real healing powers. I say this with 100% truth, many of the native people where I'm from swear this stuff is true. I even had a college professor who told us about his interactions with Shamans. This same professor told us some shamans that committed murder or committed very evil crimes were called "Bad Shaman" and their power reflected their evil souls.
No. 112336 ID: 143250

Oh noooooo!
No. 112338 ID: 143250

I can't believe that dimension idea worked. Now we just need to see if we can pull this bomb diffusing situation off.
No. 112339 ID: f64d1f
File 149686235133.jpg - (364.23KB , 1348x956 , Talking to this douchebag 31.jpg )

No. 112340 ID: 299587

Excellent, glad you liked those!
No. 112341 ID: 299587

I gotta ask though, what do you think of the Old Man Hardrock painting? It makes me wonder what Andrew would think if he saw it.
No. 112376 ID: 143250

Suggester's note: Just wanted to note, I'll be posting a little slower, as I've been working, having appointments, and house hunting. But I will do the best I can to post when I get the chance, as this is a pretty intense moment we are in.
No. 112378 ID: 3583d1
File 149696020521.jpg - (584.80KB , 2561x2229 , IMG_3670.jpg )

So I went out on a little walk again, this time I went to one huge park. At this park is a cultural center but around the building are these huge masks and art pieces that go around the whole building. Since my last venture seemed to be successful I figured I'd show you what I found today
No. 112379 ID: 3583d1
File 149696023997.jpg - (526.67KB , 2549x2161 , IMG_3671.jpg )

No. 112380 ID: 3583d1
File 149696031083.jpg - (472.40KB , 2268x2072 , IMG_3672.jpg )

Not a mask, but a very interesting art piece of an orca whale
No. 112381 ID: 3583d1
File 149696032375.jpg - (521.78KB , 2592x2290 , IMG_3673.jpg )

No. 112382 ID: 3583d1
File 149696036396.jpg - (437.22KB , 2280x1992 , IMG_3674.jpg )

Probably the goofiest looking one
No. 112383 ID: 3583d1
File 149696041506.jpg - (533.24KB , 2536x2342 , IMG_3675.jpg )

I think this one and that other evil shaman would get along just fine...
No. 112384 ID: 3583d1
File 149696046596.jpg - (698.80KB , 2669x2128 , IMG_3676.jpg )

A similar art piece to the orca but this is an eagle (I think anyway...)
No. 112385 ID: 3583d1
File 149696050861.jpg - (361.48KB , 2253x1806 , IMG_3677.jpg )

This one always made me laugh
No. 112386 ID: 3583d1
File 149696053738.jpg - (660.67KB , 2510x2140 , IMG_3678.jpg )

Art piece of a beaver
No. 112387 ID: 3583d1
File 149696061199.jpg - (406.77KB , 2291x2358 , IMG_3679.jpg )

This one always scared as a kid
No. 112388 ID: 3583d1
File 149696063130.jpg - (434.04KB , 2280x2067 , IMG_3680.jpg )

And this one too...
No. 112389 ID: 3583d1
File 149696066587.jpg - (579.70KB , 2247x2016 , IMG_3681.jpg )

Final art piece of an owl.
No. 112390 ID: 3583d1
File 149696071349.jpg - (1.67MB , 3675x2159 , IMG_3682.jpg )

This is actually a huge decommissioned river boat that is in the park.
No. 112392 ID: 3583d1
File 149696094495.jpg - (5.12MB , 3816x2837 , IMG_3683.jpg )

Some ducks walked up the god of dreams and they said to the god that was out by the stream, "HEY!" Bom bom bom, "got any grapes?"

(Mostly sharing because I know our author has a love of pigeons and birds, and these fellas got up real close)
No. 112393 ID: 3583d1
File 149696097464.jpg - (1.14MB , 2772x1439 , IMG_3684.jpg )

This was just too cute...
No. 112394 ID: 3583d1
File 149696102210.jpg - (2.51MB , 4032x2734 , IMG_3685.jpg )

Finally this was the river behind the whole park, it actually runs through my whole town.
No. 112402 ID: f64d1f
File 149697536522.jpg - (341.02KB , 1324x920 , Talking to this douchebag 32.jpg )

No. 112406 ID: 143250

Thanks. Things will especially be busy over the weekend (house hunting, work). Friday I have some legroom, but I would like to get this project done for a client before the end of Friday. During my breaks I'll try to contribute.
No. 112419 ID: 3583d1

It appears that the whole grandma brownie thing has become something of a running gag
No. 112435 ID: 3583d1

I might have to do a new drawing Root soon because I just realize who I hear in my head whenever he speaks...

No. 112442 ID: f64d1f
File 149705811423.jpg - (189.98KB , 1532x858 , Talking to this douchebag 35.jpg )


No. 112449 ID: 143250

Oh crude!
Please please please stop inspiring him to create more villains. It's getting ridiculous. Before you know it, you'll inspire him to create Power Ranger-esque villains to fight against us... Oh god, what have I done??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqOhPvthFUs
No. 112450 ID: b0784e

Ahh, ozzymandias. It's a good choice but it's just a little too off for me. See, Ozzymandias still considers himself a hero. He knows that in order to fix the world, human kind will need a common enemy and so he creates one. I won't spoil it for people who haven't read Watchmen, but he ends up killing a lot of people in order to bring about a greater good. He doesn't rule them however, and he tries to hold on to his own humanity. Root does not do that.

There IS However a comic book villain that does suit him even better!
Dr. doom is a magical dictator and he fully believes that he must take over the world in order to better it, that he can lead humanity into a better future. But unlike Ozzymandias, Dr. doom knows and embraces the fact that he is a villain
No. 112452 ID: b0784e

That's also hillarious you linked that song too as that was one the songs I was going to listen to while I drew this new one.
No. 112453 ID: f64d1f
File 149706213086.jpg - (344.76KB , 1364x968 , Talking to this douchebag 36.jpg )

No. 112457 ID: 143250

To scarred Ana, I'm interested in knowing: why do you call yourself Scarred Ana? Also what is the theme song you associate yourself with.
No. 112458 ID: 3583d1
File 149708224933.jpg - (1.53MB , 2775x3183 , IMG_3694.jpg )

Does this answer your question...?

As for what song I associate myself with:

Although I am interested in what song YOU associate me with.
No. 112460 ID: f64d1f

Well I associate this song with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fSDAahYIEI
No. 112461 ID: f64d1f
File 149710493916.jpg - (194.32KB , 472x979 , Talking to this douchebag 37.jpg )

As for the music that best describes our Ana of the current timeline it would be this one

No. 112468 ID: b0784e

Why THAT song?
No. 112469 ID: f64d1f

I think it fits her psychic state
No. 112473 ID: b0784e

My PSYCHIC state? What do you mean?
No. 112474 ID: 3583d1

I've dabbled in a bit of Tarot myself, my father taught me, he was better at it than I am though. What I am interested is drawing two cards for Fortune Ana and for Scarred Ana. Lets see what I pull up. Let's do one for Fortune Ana first... Also speaking of you, what song do you associate with yourself?
No. 112476 ID: 3583d1
File 149712398562.jpg - (91.12KB , 327x585 , IMG_3695.jpg )

Fortune Ana: The Hermit

Hmm, given your own mind changed a silly dream into a nightmare and that you cannot remember anything of your past self, this makes sense. The Hermit card suggests that you doing some soul searching, and you want to seek truth, and your priorities are going to change. But you also through this period of self examination you can to love and help others and can appreciate the paths people choose for themselves.
No. 112477 ID: 3583d1
File 149712428626.jpg - (114.35KB , 328x585 , IMG_3696.jpg )

Scarred Ana: The Chariot

This card represents victory and overcoming opposition thought outer strength, confidence, and control. This card indicates determination to succeed and the drive to push forward, anyones who try to get in the way, you will conquer. This card though means coming to grips with aggressive impulses but knowing that anger isn't something that should be repressed, but having control must be maintained.
No. 112483 ID: 111586
File 149713110281.jpg - (552.68KB , 1700x1187 , Talking to this douchebag 39.jpg )

No. 112490 ID: 143250

I think he is referring to the song you associated with herself, Scarred Ana: >>112460
Not the current Ana: >>112461

As a recent novice fortune teller, I might as well do an analysis on your interpretation of my card

>Hmm, given your own mind changed a silly dream into a nightmare and that you cannot remember anything of your past self, this makes sense.

It worries me a little. When I first summoned here, I was confused, scared, and I haven't helped Ana for the longest time because I was trying to figure out who I was, and did not want to be involved with the madness. When I tried to remember the past, my heart would always start racing or sinking during the strongest moments of my brainstorms to a point where I literally had to stop in trauma. It wasn't until after Root killed Absolution and a lot of people lost hope that I decided to cautiously step in and slowly and surly begin guiding Ana after one of her most terrifying experience, and decided to forget the past, and let the present form who I will become in the future.

What worries me the most is as I stated before that during "Street Smarts" when Delilah asked Root to tell her his dark past, I decided to construct a story for him for the hell of it, not knowing 100% that it was Root himself at the time when I thought it up. But Root went with it. It was all true. What worries me is how during my past life, I knew so much about Root's past, a man shrouded in so much mystery.

>The Hermit card suggests that you doing some soul searching, and you want to seek truth, and your priorities are going to change.

After meeting with Falafaf, and receiving visions of tarot cards, this I feel could be true. Falafaf says we need to be prepared for betrayal and consider the friends we would trust our lives with. Also, with tarot vision, I am trying to prioritize my responsibilities with it, figure out how I should use it without abusing it, or letting it corrupt me like it did with Falafaf back in her dimension, and use it to help us through these trying times.

>But you also through this period of self examination you can to love and help others and can appreciate the paths people choose for themselves.
I'm finding myself wanting to have Ana help others, sometimes to a fault, or risking our lives doing it, and I'm too forgiving, I'll admit. When Boxhead left us to join FBI Laura, I wasn't angry, or upset. Just disappointed, but at the same time, I wish Boxhead no harm and wish him luck on his future endeavors. Perhaps Laura will be able to make him a happier person and reliable as we have failed to do, and Boxhead will restore her faith in others.

(Boxhead left us, btw Dreamwalker. You weren't there. It was heartbreaking)

On the topic of tarot cards, I didn't want to say anything since I didn't want to alarm Ana, but the card that is currently associated with her, the two of swords card is cracking. What do you think this could mean? perhaps she is beginning to break out of her indecision and fears... To be sure I should talk to Falafaf about it when she isn't busy. It could either be good news, or worrying...

My theme song? hard to choose. I would think maybe something ambient or soothing... with a little sense of unease?

I don't know, what are your thoughts?
No. 112491 ID: 3583d1

I think Boxhead is going to be FBI Laura's unwitting pawn, and if she goes down she is going to take him with her, because that is the kind of person she is. Gods, she strapped bombs to her coworkers to ensure loyalty, that's essentially holding them hostage and forcing cooperation. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already got him wired up with something, she's going to hurt herself and him. She has forgotten the face of her father!

By the way, if you are wondering where that comes from its a saying Godfrey told me when I trained with him. When I let my anger get the better of me and behaved without honor or virtue, he said that I had forgotten the face of my father.

I remember somethings about my journey but the outcome is always foggy. I do remember how I got these scars though... I'll save that for another time.

As for my choice of song for you Fortune Ana, if you want something calming but with a sense of unease, I'd say this is you.

And yes Absurdity I was asking about my song, why do you associate me with the theme from Deathnote?
No. 112500 ID: 111586
File 149722116004.jpg - (822.35KB , 1276x1680 , Talking to this douchebag 40.jpg )

No. 112506 ID: 143250

I'll speak with Falafaf about it.
No. 112531 ID: 143250

Oh, right, you asked me what song I would associate you with, Scarred Ana:


It might not as hard rock to your taste, but the lyrics I feel is a good representation of you never giving up through adversity and giving us the strong motivation needed to get through the near impossible situations.
No. 112537 ID: 143250

I just had an idea, once we defuse the bomb, and take it out, maybe what we could do is put it on the ground, walk in a safe distance away from it, shoot a fireball at it,, and cause it to explode and fake Ana's, and 93's death once word gets out from Laura and boxhead once they hear the explosion. The cult will think Ana is defeated and stop searching for us, and will leave them open for a nasty surprise attack from us. Anyone want to try that idea? we'll have to find a new mask and outfit for Ana and 93 to make this work. Maybe the abandoned warehouse will have something?
No. 112545 ID: 464660
File 149740428983.jpg - (1.55MB , 2847x4024 , IMG_3292.jpg )

If blacky is alive then we already have a new one waiting for us.
No. 112546 ID: 143250

Heh, the horns remind me a little bit like shears.

What did you think about the theme song I associated with you?
No. 112547 ID: 464660

That was the idea, it's the mask of shears.

And it's interesting, not really what I was expecting to be honest.
No. 112552 ID: 111586
File 149742087996.jpg - (97.18KB , 418x636 , Talking to this douchebag 42.jpg )

This is how the mask would look in my art style

No. 112562 ID: 143250

I really hope Blacky made it out okay.

Quite an intimidating mask. But, I think at the end of the day, if we decide to take on the plan of faking Ana's and 93's death after the bomb is defused, and having Ana assume a new identity, it would be the perfect mask for people not to suspect it is Ana.

On the decision of faking Ana's death: it will be a tough decision, but I am considering the fact that as of right now, we have made enemies with not only with Root, but now with people who are fighting to resist Root as well, seeing us as traitors because of our merciful actions. With a whole bunch of people now looking for Ana, and the fact that we have nonstop having to deal with an threat without breathing room, I think it would be best to take this action, and have Ana start again under a new identity before pressing on to defeat Root. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Maybe once we reach the hotel, we should try ringing the bell and see if it will transport us to the shop again. Who knows, Blacky might still be there, alive. Probably not well, but alive nonetheless.
No. 112563 ID: 143250

One question I must ask is about the fog. We've learned from Ramona's kids that the fog does not effect children, but mainly adults. I am wondering: does the fog also effects animals (cats, dogs, birbs, squirrels, etc), or is it only humans?
No. 112572 ID: 3583d1

You know what? I hate movie cliches. Especially that one where someone has a secret that they don't tell because they think it keeps people safe, but then it backfires horribly. So in defiance of this kind of crap, i'm just going to tell you all. So, Gaia, Logan, Laura, Ana, Absurdity, Anyone on my contacts list really, Can I have your attention for a second? So here's the deal, a guy named Dervan has an old knife of mine and he is a psychopath killer. He says he will give it back but stick it through one of your guts to do so. I've sworn I won't let that happen because I care about all of you and I want you all to be safe, and again, fuck movie cliches, but I have a last resort kind of magic that lets me become something... rather unsavory, Gaia, Logan I know you two know what it is and yeah I know, it's bad. But here's the deal, IT IS STILL ME. Regardless of how I look or sound, or anything that happens, know that I do it mostly to keep you all safe, and most of you I know can probably fend for yourselves, and this dervan guy seems like someone who can talk a big game, but honestly after what happened with Absolution, I am taking no more chances. I'm mostly telling you this part because he is pulling that whole "You will only hurt those you love" crap, well again, FUCK. CLICHES. You know why I would do it, but you all have a lot of power and can probably fight for yourselves, but I will use it only, and I repeat, ONLY. WHEN. NECESSARY. Good? We cool? Right on!
No. 112574 ID: 111586
File 149752518288.jpg - (974.31KB , 1372x2314 , Talking to this douchebag 43.jpg )

No. 112581 ID: 3583d1

And did you forget I can split part of my consciousness to warn them? So I have one self here talking with you, which I'm about to leave now because I don't talk to psychos, and the other who told those people what I just said? And my main self is with Laura now so she is well aware of you and what I can do. Is doesn't like the idea of it... shit, I don't. But she knows it's only a last resort. As for someone dying if I use it... I'm confused as to how you even think that,I don't presume to know how you choose to kill people, you shouldn't presume that you know how my own powers work. Maybe you mean that if I use that power, you'll kill someone? Well you've threatened to stab someone anyway so how I can really believe any word you say? Killers try to charm and scare their victims, so you know what? I don't trust a word you say.
No. 112583 ID: 3583d1

We'll actually I'm on my way to tell those people... I don't have instantaneous teleportation and I do have to find them. I have a pretty good idea where everyone is at least. Gaia will be easy to find, Logan I'm not so sure, I'll save Ana for last given her other selves can see my message. So yeah. I'm heading out to warn them. So yeah, later crazy mccrazypants.
No. 112589 ID: 143250

huh-wha? where did Absurdity go? Why are you here? Kiiiind of rude to be eavesdropping on our plans, but it might not matter too much as what goes on in Ana's dimension isn't too much of a concern to you, and we have been eavesdropping on the enemy team. but nonetheless, welcome to this little corner. Can we get you anything?

For losing notoriety: we're not saving the world for glory. We are saving it because it is the right thing to do. I'd rather not give us too much attention, especially since a lot of people are after us. I don't know how we would handle the fame afterwards. Plus, I feel hiding her identity will only be temporary if we do this plan. It will be impossible to keep Ana's identity a secret forever especially since we may have traitors among us. But as of right now, we need some breathing room, even if it is temporary.

Hold off on telling Ana until we are done with something, please. I'll let you know when we are ready.
No. 112620 ID: 3583d1

Alright so this is more speculation more than anything, but it suddenly came to me few days ago. It's been nagging at me as to why Root's mask is kind of... plain. I mean look at some of his top generals, some of them have much more elaborate masks than he does. So it's been nagging at me as to why his mask seems so simple by comparison to some of the others. But then I started to think about it, How did he even know what symbol to use for the mask? Did the Ash tree tell him? That could be it but it doesn't make much sense. Why would The Ash Tree tell him something that would make his life hell? But then it continued to dawn on me that what if when he found the ash tree and took its powers, he also found his mask? The question is who did the mask originally belong to?

I have one other theory but it ties more into the original story again, as well as part 3 that takes place at lacuna lake. See, part 3 the one we know the least about but the feel I get is it will be something more like friday the 13th as it will be of a slasher in the woods by lacuna lake (where a summer camp for kids is no less), rather than the first 2 parts which are more akin to the ring and other ghost stories. Also there is one character that I keep thinking of when it comes to part 3, and that is the one known as "The Instigator." So far what we know about him or her, is that he is meant to tie up any loose ends from the first event, meaning if there are any survivors from the first event. So here is my final guess as to what happens. The instigator dies in part 3 which is also where the ghost becomes the being we know as the Ash Tree and he hangs out in the woods of Lacuna Lake. The instigator dies at the tree, either from blood loss from a fight or simply by comiting suicide, as I suspect he himself is the final loose end of this whole thing (Anastasia and her grandfather not withstanding) His body rots away, but his mask remains. And its there Root, who as we remember was crawling away from his anger and trouble, finds the ash tree and the mask.

I'm probably wrong about the instigator as there is also evidence to support he might be alive and going after Anastasia and her grandfather, but I do think I may be on to something.
No. 112621 ID: 111586
File 149760657094.jpg - (704.36KB , 1628x1324 , Talking to this douchebag 44.jpg )

No. 112622 ID: 3583d1

I trust you Absurdity, but that also makes you an odd target. But since I trust you I'll tell you what I am planning on doing to Dervan should be even attempt to hurt you or anyone.

As I'm sure you've seen I've been... Preparing myself for something. Gods usually come with more than one name, Absolution went by many different names, just as I do. But we each have a name that we prefer to think of ourselves as. For me, I prefer either Morpheus or just Dreamwalker, both mean the same to me. However another name I have is "Phobetor." As Phobetor, I become the god of all nightmares and madness. When I am Phobetor, things... get really ugly. I'm saving it just in case, hell in all honesty I don't care about that knife anymore, I just want to protect my family, but I take no chances anymore. Those who attempt to hurt those I love, I will destroy, they will pray for the peace of death but will recieve nothing.
No. 112634 ID: 143250

Dervan makes me nervous to be honest. He somehow knows Andrew.
I've been hoping to make our interactions with him small as to not instigate him further and just leave him alone so he can leave us alone, but it doesn't seem to be the case...

what you said about dimensional beings being "slippery and egotistical" has put in some thoughts about whether doing a commercial to recruit other dimensional beings to help us is a good, bad, or neutral idea. But the fact that Root sent out his own commercial to join his group makes me believe that at some point we will have to fight against powerful dimensional beings, and we might have to send out the commercial in order to even the odds, despite them having those bad traits as you said, Absurdity. hmmm...

Wait wait wait, Just to make sure, Absurdity, you're not Dervan holding a puppet of Absurdity that is holding a puppet of Dervan, are you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfdxqRXM6Sc
No. 112636 ID: 111586
File 149763376562.jpg - (584.10KB , 1452x1327 , Talking to this douchebag 45.jpg )

No. 112637 ID: 143250

Was never my intention to challenge, or even talk to him. I assume your warning is towards Dreamwalker. Best to heed Absurdity's advice, Dreamwalker. Just ignore Drevan, no matter how much he tries to anger you.
No. 112640 ID: 3583d1

I won't, he already knows what I will do should he try, or at least what he thinks I'm going to try to do. But... well. I'd rather just not do anything with him. We've already got so much on our plate that this is just too much. If does show up, I'll try and take him. It will get ugly fast though...
No. 112641 ID: 5de330
File 149765938627.jpg - (2.87MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3741.jpg )

Sitting by the tracks
Waitin' for the night train...

No. 112642 ID: 5de330
File 149765946525.jpg - (3.16MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3742.jpg )

Lookin' down the road,
Ain't never gonna go back...

No. 112643 ID: 5de330
File 149765956858.jpg - (4.03MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3743.jpg )

listen for the whistle in the wind and rain,

No. 112647 ID: 143250

Looks pretty. I wonder if there will be train tracks in the forest. I can imagine getting stuck waiting for a very long train to pass by while we fight against some enemies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfq4ioHmiHs
No. 112656 ID: 111586

No. 112657 ID: 111586

No. 112658 ID: 111586

No. 112659 ID: 111586

No. 112660 ID: 143250

(warning: LOUD!)
No. 112662 ID: 111586

(warning: gangster!)
No. 112671 ID: 3583d1

This is the song I was referencing earlier and also what I was listening to when I went to these tracks. First place I heard it was when I did the second drawing of Andrew and you showed the songs you associate with it.
No. 112672 ID: 143250

Aww, you broke the combo train.

To Absurdity: I must ask now that the combo was broken, did you expect us to ask for Cornelius' help even though he is from a different story, or were you thinking we would figure out a totally different solution we failed to see initially? how would you have proceeded the bomb situation when we were given the choice to save 93?
No. 112673 ID: 3583d1
File 149775681137.jpg - (44.35KB , 512x533 , IMG_3746.jpg )

No. 112683 ID: 97bb2d

Heeeeeey! I'm completely smashed out of my mind! Happy first day of summer solstice to you all! Were I love we are have 24hr sunlight tonight! What are y'all drinking tonight?
No. 112686 ID: 111586
File 149779201710.jpg - (200.80KB , 1113x734 , Talking to this douchebag 46.jpg )

No. 112691 ID: 143250

It's also fathers day. Be sure to give him a call, or give him a gift, or whatever.
No. 112692 ID: daf144

Me and my dad are playing through dark souls together. So far the sorcerries-dexterity builds are his favorite, I prefer more strength-miracle builds. Basically he goes sorcerer, I play paladin/knight
No. 112712 ID: 143250
File 149785347653.jpg - (109.28KB , 454x497 , creepykid.jpg )

theme song I imagine this creepy kid having: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEgty4OWaUo
Considering we first saw this character on what I assume a pirate television channel broadcasted by Root, and the character is creepy I figured this would be fitting.

Alternatively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46bF5oFF1YI
No. 112713 ID: 143250
File 149785458238.jpg - (141.89KB , 454x497 , FoH.jpg )

What I think FoH theme is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPJfqElVewQ
No. 112714 ID: 143250
File 149785479317.jpg - (95.50KB , 397x400 , godfrey.jpg )

Godfrey's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuj1bQrBy74

I think tower bells suit him
No. 112715 ID: 143250
File 149785563035.jpg - (204.42KB , 642x592 , Boxhead.jpg )

Boxhead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eih67rlGNhU
No. 112716 ID: 143250
File 149785612863.jpg - (128.59KB , 445x704 , Falafaf.jpg )

My mentor: Falafaf

No. 112718 ID: 111586
File 149787144342.jpg - (240.23KB , 1212x584 , Talking to this douchebag 47.jpg )


Also awesome picks for the songs, especially for the doll
No. 112720 ID: 3583d1

I'm so sorry. I don't have any words for that, but I hope he is at peace wherever he is, and watching over you and your family.

By the way until doll kid is fully named i'm gonna call her/him Lil' Bo Creep
No. 112724 ID: 143250

>Also awesome picks for the songs, especially for the doll

Thanks. I wonder if the doll is human. I'll try and think up more theme songs for other characters that didn't get one yet.

Dumb question about Logan: is he wearing a Lucha libre mask? Probably not, but I think it would be kind of funny if he was.
No. 112730 ID: 143250
File 149794304863.jpg - (274.99KB , 613x590 , MaryRamy.jpg )

Mary and Ramy's theme:

Mary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYAqklair1k
Ramy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkPH1NpZv5Y
No. 112731 ID: 143250
File 149794419498.jpg - (118.22KB , 326x565 , Raphael.jpg )

Raphael's Theme

No. 112732 ID: 5abf51
File 149794634190.jpg - (551.00KB , 1476x1744 , Talking to this douchebag 48.jpg )

This can also work as Raphael's Theme


As for Andrew Goodwill this was my primary inspiration for him and the theme that goes perfectly with him. Bonus points if you can recognize were this music is from without reading the title

No. 112738 ID: 97bb2d

YEAH! Now that's what I'm talking about, Fortune Ana! We just used...
No. 112739 ID: 5abf51

No. 112755 ID: 3210b8

Another theme for FoH?
No. 112756 ID: 5abf51

This can work as her theme as well
No. 112759 ID: 3583d1

Ehh. It has some connections but I don't think it's really angry enough for her. It's more empowering, than anything, so in mind I associate with Ana more. But to honest that's also because I am not a huge fan of that version. They do another and it's WAY better, all they had to do was speed it up!
No. 112760 ID: 5abf51

Yeah you are right
No. 112761 ID: 3583d1

I think we all can agree, that this Flint's theme. Without a shadow of doubt, this is him...
No. 112762 ID: 5abf51

Year that is true, but this music also goes with him

No. 112769 ID: 143250
File 149806645431.jpg - (88.23KB , 358x441 , Dervan.jpg )

Dervan's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAfIyrUg5q8


ACK! I hope I didn't get his attention playing his potential theme song and summoned him here by accident!
No. 112787 ID: 143250
File 149816850474.jpg - (95.31KB , 296x408 , Roscoe.jpg )

Oh shoot, and now Absurdity is busy with Ana. Ummm. uhhh. I'll drown out Dervan's music with something happy

Here is Rosaline's innocent brother, Roscoe's theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeaDPrPqqag

I hope their mother didn't experiment on him as well after Rosaline left them.
No. 112791 ID: 143250
File 149817447662.jpg - (111.88KB , 310x504 , Betty.jpg )

Laura's friend Betty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tnyqgd67wog

It occurred to me after rereading Betty's dialog that it is a high possibility that she was the one who pushed Ana and left her the note at the very start of Ana's journey. Can't believe I missed that. Now we gotta figure out who that other masked person was that was spying on her was after she ran away from the bus stop.

I'm wondering if Betty was given the mission to drop the note specifically to Ana and no one else, or if her mission was to find one random person to push and drop that note off to. If the former, then I wonder what the cult sees and wants with Ana that we weren't seeing. Ana had no magic abilites, and was very normal at the time. Its especially weird since this was all before she first met Root during her first meeting with Absurdity.
No. 112792 ID: 97bb2d
File 149817493484.png - (149.32KB , 725x1185 , IMG_3794.png )

By the look of the guy's mask and claw like hands, the spy was probably this guy. I remember he was in a commercial for the needles of life, he said that he was once a carpenter. So that's how I'm going to think of him as for now "The Carpenter."

What I would like to know is, Ana didn't know any of these people originally, so why did they target her? Did they sense she had some other powers about her? I think they were trying to get her to join. Come to think of it did they use the same process when Root picked Lorence and sprung him out of prison?
No. 112793 ID: 97bb2d
File 149817513049.jpg - (41.04KB , 332x460 , IMG_3795.jpg )

The orginal spy from the first instance. I'd say given this guy's appearance, The Carpenter is a match.
No. 112795 ID: 5abf51
File 149817608433.jpg - (356.69KB , 1444x568 , Talking to this douchebag 49.jpg )

This can be also a good theme for Betty

No. 112807 ID: 143250
File 149823423127.jpg - (175.29KB , 536x534 , carpenter.jpg )

carpenter theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYpgpRCAmIk
The heavy metal that anyone would need for the hard work of carpentry, along with a sense of creepiness.

Then again, we don't know much about the guy. Just going with how we've seen him do carpenter work, and how Delilah described him as creepy
No. 112808 ID: 143250

When we meet these people who will help Ana disguise herself, we should probably ask if they know Clara and helped her out in the past. She is a master of disguise after all, or at least was.
No. 112809 ID: 5abf51


Sorry for this song, I couldn't resist
No. 112810 ID: 143250

It's alright. We need to stay strong for Stefán.
No. 112811 ID: 3583d1

You know I gotta ask, I intended that whole thing I wrote to be a nightmare/memory but if it's just fan fiction that's okay too. But I am curious as to how close I got.
No. 112839 ID: 143250

Wall of text, apologies in advance (man, doing a lot of wall of texts in this quest, lol)

Possible Plan of action

After we get back from disguising Ana, we'll hide out in the hotel, wait for Logan and wait awhile for rumors of Ana's death to spread after we explode the bomb (or the grenade. I guess Robbit can have Laura's bomb as payment or something). I'm sure after people hear of Ana's death, they will stop searching, lowering the number of threats we'll have to deal with (not all of course, there will most likely still be some powerful weirdos out there we'll have to deal with).

Now, it is a possibility that news will also break out around that time that their valuable member, Godfrey will be having a trial scheduled to happen eventually for his betrayal, and people will most likely be interested in seeing that trial as they have nothing better to do. This trial will be used to our advantage as a distraction, and as a way to stall time as we travel through the forest.

Now, this trial of Godfrey's loyalty I feel will weigh heavily on how people view Ana, as Godfrey saw good in Ana when everyone else didn't. It will be up to Matilda to show these cult members that Ana isn't the monster they are making her out to be in order to show why Godfrey defended Ana.

As I said, I only plan on having Ana use her secret identity temporary. Hopefully we will be able to make it last until at least towards the end of Godfrey's trial when people have a new better opinion of Ana.

So what I am planning here is if 93 is still there waiting for us when we get back, we can ask her to carefully head towards the trial, not be seen by Laura and Boxhead of course, and be a potential surprise witness for Matilda as a last resort probably towards the end of Godfrey's trial. If they hear from 93 how Ana saved her life, while risking getting caught, and losing her two allies Boxhead, and Laura, they might definitely start thinking differently about Ana on top of everything else Matilda proves towards Ana's actions. Some of the cult members if we're lucky may even start question their own alliance to Root.

having 93 reveal Ana's actions will of course also reveal that Ana isn't actually dead, but if Matilda plays her cards right in defending Godfrey and defending Ana's actions, it might not matter as much.

to Scarred Ana:
In order to hide Ana's identity, we can't be having Ana use her fire magic as much. I believe you were the one who taught her fire magic when she was hanging on the building. I want you to try to remember any other spells Ana can try to replace her fire magic with for awhile, like an ice spell, water spell, wind spell, etc. Also, to help keep Ana's identity covered, we should probably find her some kind of small staff or something she can use as a wand so that her magic will look like it is coming from the wand, and not her hands to keep suspicion low.

To Dreamwalker: Please stay calm when I say this. I had a terrible vision when I was reading Scarred Ana's fortune (she's one of the other Anas btw). I saw you chained up, tortured, and defeated, from what I understand for many years. Please keep an open mind when I say this: your torturer was what appeared to be Ana. She wasn't herself though, she had red glowing eyes, she was saying things I've never expected her to say, and I think AJ was missing from her right eye as well. She appeared to be a ruler of her empire of some sort, and has claimed that time has no effect on her, insinuating that she became some kind of deity. After years of you refusing to join her empire, she... killed you with a spear.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, we don't know if this came from Scarred Ana's past that she forgot, or if it is a possible future of a path we are heading. But know that as a fortune teller, I know that destiny doesn't exist, and we can make our own paths. We'll have to make absolutely sure Ana does not go down this path. The path of the Moon Tarot card. If we see that card anywhere near Ana, we will do everything we can to change that.

I'm telling you this because I do not want to keep secrets from a friend, even if we don't agree on some things. I'd rather you find out now, rather than later so that we can be better prepared on how to avoid this possible outcome.
No. 112840 ID: 97bb2d

I'll see what I can do about magic, I already have a few ideas of what she could do. Lightning for example.

As for me being that Red Person, Falafaf told us that is wasn't me. So we still don't know who that was. That could have been Root for all we know... Or perhaps it could be Ana now, but I find that all unlikely... I think I might have known who that was... and if I'm right... It's a horrifying truth which I must confront...
No. 112841 ID: c5b754

... I see...

You say, whoever this person was didn't have AJ... well in the pursuit of self-preservation, I'll try and help you as best I can. I have no power over prophecy except basic rudementary Tarot, but I can maybe recreate it, perhaps we can get a better look at this red eyed person.

Blending magica though isn't easy... but maybe with your power of the tarot and with my power of dreams we can recreate the scene somehow. I'm not fond of seeing my own death but maybe there's a chance we could figure more things out.
No. 112847 ID: 5abf51
File 149831344168.jpg - (519.34KB , 1396x976 , Talking to this douchebag 50.jpg )


No. 112850 ID: 143250

Right now, I feel it is for the best that you put all your focus on protecting and training Laura to use her powers responsibly. I don't want you distracted or feeling too emotional right now when Laura needs you most.

a bittersweet ending at most. After everything, I don't think we can look forward to a totally happy ending from all this. But we can at least still aim for a happy end.
No. 112852 ID: c5b754

Well on the topic of winning or losing, honestly that's kind of a loaded question. See, this quest reminds me a lot of games like Call of Cthulhu and other survival horror games like World of Darkness. And in those games you don't necessarily "win." I mean you can, Weaver in Rubyquest was actually going to have a very bittersweet ending but due to the actions of the players they got a great ending which was never planned out in the original draft. But in games like Call of Cthulhu, you don't really win, you have a very debatable kind of "best end" scenario. Is just surviving the best end? Or being a hero only die later on the best? It can really vary.
No. 112853 ID: 143250

Dreamwalker, get yourself over to Ana's unconscious dream. You have some explaining to do.
No. 112854 ID: 5abf51

Lol, is he going to get a stern talking
No. 112874 ID: 143250

Absurdity should be back soon. Quick, let's set things up for a surprise party for him, for no reason. Who's got the cake?
No. 112881 ID: 5abf51
File 149843857057.jpg - (117.73KB , 868x417 , Talking to this douchebag 51.jpg )

No. 112882 ID: 97bb2d

I gotchu fam
No. 112884 ID: 143250

I found confetti. And I have the perfect music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A1SiQkPqYM
No. 112887 ID: 143250

Oh, and thanks for the biscuits. I couldn't eat any, but I imagine it was delicious.
No. 112890 ID: 97bb2d

They would have been. And I'm sorry I almost dragged you across the multiverse on a wild goose chase. It's been a rough fucking week...
No. 112893 ID: 143250

It's alright. Please try not jump to conclusions, provoke, or underestimate others next time. You're a very strong asset to us, I just don't want you getting in trouble, or any of us in trouble. We're cool. *thumbs up*
No. 112894 ID: 97bb2d
File 149844846360.jpg - (1.30MB , 3925x2844 , IMG_3826.jpg )

Yeah we're cool.
No. 112898 ID: 143250

Next, we need a banner that says something like, Welcome back Absurdity! Scarred Ana, will you take care of that while I prepare the confetti and music?
No. 112900 ID: 97bb2d
File 149845592480.jpg - (1.15MB , 3390x2775 , IMG_3828.jpg )

On it, what music you gonna have?
No. 112906 ID: 143250

This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A1SiQkPqYM


How is the cake coming along?
No. 112908 ID: c5b754

Idk MMA (Mini-Me-Absurdity) was working on that, Dreamwalker just gave him the recipe.
No. 112909 ID: c5b754

Buuuut while we are on the topic of music...
No. 112913 ID: 5abf51
File 149847742394.jpg - (451.88KB , 1420x1272 , Talking to this douchebag 52.jpg )

No. 112915 ID: 143250

SURPRISE! welcome back friend

No. 112917 ID: c5b754

No. 112924 ID: 143250

Sorry to cut this party short I need to talk about something, but still welcome back Absurdity. We also made a delicious cake. yay.

Okay, I'd be really interested in meeting this person and learning her secrets, but my only concern is, Ana and ourselves will not be the only ones to meet this secret person. Other people will be WC, AJ, and Ana's rage.

WC: He has helped us many times, saving us from Jimmy, keeping the rage within from taking control of Ana, and helping us talk to other people, and I'm grateful for that. But, there is a chance that he might not be totally trustworthy, I'm sad to say only because of his business with his previous employer, Root. Falafaf said that we have to be careful around people who are our friends who are helping the cult in some way. WC has been hired by Root himself to protect him for a while, and he was ordered by Root to keep Ana alive, insinuated back in the end of the Tea Time story. I also had a nightmare where I was beheaded, and part of a dance show with Wildcat, I think Ana dressed in similar clothing to wildcat, and a monster holding my head that traumatized me awake. (I don't want to see that monster, something about it... I don't want to think about it. It scares me more than Dervan himself) I heard a message before the end of the dream: Can you trust him, should you trust him, will you trust him with your life? I'm not saying WC is a bad person, and I'm grateful for his help, but as I said, he was employed by Root and ordered to protect us. It stands to reason Root will order WC to stop protecting us, and give him intel, not out of spite, but as business. I want to trust WC, he is very friendly, but I feel conflicted about my dream, and Falafaf's warnings

AJ: he is on our side, I don't think he will betray us unless we do something unforgivable. However, what I'm more concerned about is the person who is able to take control of him:

The Rage Within: this guy, I feel has no qualms with revealing someone if it is to his own benefit. He is the biggest risk in revealing this person's existence, and the secrets she'll share. If we must learn this person's secrets, we must absolutely learn immediately how to keep the rage within from taking control of Ana

I'll be glad to meet this person, but on the condition that it will only be Ana, and ourselves, not WC, not AJ, and not the Rage Within. Hell, maybe it should be safer that it only be me and you that meets this person, not Ana herself. Maybe Robbit can arrange for only us to meet this mysterious person?
No. 112928 ID: 3583d1

Don't forget. WC was also the one who pulled us out of the death stare from Absolution and The Rage Within. Now he could also have done that sheerly because it is his job to do so, or he might have also been truly concerned for us. Now here's the other question we need to ask. You say he may still be in the employ of Root, but here's the thing, what Root Didn't know is that we would also get AJ, and until those powers find a way to intermingle, WC is acting more like a stopper on unleashing that full power. On top of that, WC himself has wondered if he is now a target of the cult. Do you recall the legitimate fear he showed when he learned Stitch was after us? He even admitted that his actions led to the deaths of some very specific and important cult members. If he is still in the employ of Root then he needs to realize that they might just see him as collateral damage now. And I think that's very foolish that you think we are the only ones who should see the whispers, are you honestly trying to tell me you are starting to doubt if you can trust Ana, some who is literally US?! You wouldn't even trust a woman who was quite literally probably in the exact same situation that you were and whose entire purpose is to guide her....

You need to grow a spine if you really think like that.
No. 112929 ID: 3583d1

On top of this, I think Ana deserves to know the truth about mom and dad. Have you considered that WE are also keeping secrets from HER? What if we go to these whispers and they tell her what we were keeping from her? Who would be untrustworthy then? On top of this it's MOM and DAD, our parents too! And we are honestly going to just keep that away from her? The knowledge that Dad has joined up with the cult and doesn't even know that were alive? Shit, probably with him, maybe held prisoner now, Dad too! We didn't even think what that call could mean, WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO THEM NOW?! GODS HOW COULD BE SO FOOLISH!!
No. 112930 ID: 143250

Sorry, it's just that every time we make a tough decision like this, it always bites us in the end in some shape or form. It's not like I don't want Ana to hear what this secret person has to say, I'm all for having her hear it. It's more that the rage within will be hearing this too, and I wanted to address that concern. It's not that I don't trust Ana. I just wanted to address the possible consequences of agreeing, and your thoughts on them.

Again, I apologize. Lets agree to the decision, and address our concerns with her father right now. I'll just... stuff myself with some cake now. I'm sure it is delicious.
No. 112934 ID: 5abf51
File 149851631244.jpg - (478.51KB , 1341x1320 , Talking to this douchebag 53.jpg )

Sorry for not updating, I was busy playing The Black Cerberus boss from the surge. As to know what that nightmare is, here is the video that explains it


I must warn you it is a long video
No. 112946 ID: 143250

I think we need higher security for privacy... the walls have ears!
No. 112981 ID: 143250

I have a feeling we're in for some interesting exposition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-u6JUBcjPM
No. 112986 ID: 3583d1

Hey absurdity? I have a request.

I want a meeting with Rage Within/Desolation. Here. Now.

They made a threat against us, saying we will pay for insulting it. Well I'll will stop insulting them when they treat us as equals. Until then if they try anything, just a small amount of knowledge, if Ana dies because of her rash actions, so does she, so do we all. On top of this, she has said that she will do something once we leave the shamans place. She might be taking advantage of her body now, we might get back and find her trying to kill 93, the kids holding us back.

If she DARES to lay a finger on any of them, I will personally see to it that she is destroyed. I know how I can do it, snuff her out like the coward she is. Or she can listen to my alternative...

But until then....
No. 112988 ID: 3583d1
File 149864075725.jpg - (2.80MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3841.jpg )

Until she accepts and comes here to negotiate, My message to her is just this:

Du bist verfluchter Hund!
No. 112992 ID: 143250

I don't want to get involved with instigating people we know nothing about like Dervan. Gonna play it safe personally.

How is that cake, Absurdity?
No. 112994 ID: 3583d1

I find it ironic you say that, because she doesn't know much about us either.
No. 113010 ID: 6e649f
File 149870150512.jpg - (658.06KB , 1748x1318 , Talking to this douchebag 54.jpg )

No. 113012 ID: 143250

Actually, if it is alright with you, Absurdity, I'd prefer it if we'd fight our own battles. We need to learn how to stand up for ourselves through adversity so we can grow stronger, and learn more, and gain courage that way. Thanks for your concern though. Please believe in us. There is no need to get involved...

...is that darkness I see?
No. 113051 ID: 3583d1
File 149881044894.jpg - (1.20MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3851.jpg )

So today I went out to my families lake house for little but and decided to take a few pictures. Seeing as how part of the Graphite Ash Drawing story takes place at a summer camp that is by a lake, I figured I'd put these up and see if ol' Absurdity could use them for something, maybe if they are edited right they can part of a spooky intro or something like that.
No. 113052 ID: 3583d1
File 149881047375.jpg - (2.27MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3852.jpg )

No. 113053 ID: 3583d1
File 149881049309.jpg - (2.83MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3853.jpg )

No. 113055 ID: 3583d1
File 149881068061.jpg - (1.19MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3854.jpg )

By the way Absurdity you really should get that darkness thing checked out, did Rage and Desolate hear Scarred Ana's invitation/challenge or something?
No. 113064 ID: 6e649f
File 149884865651.jpg - (454.13KB , 1748x2480 , Talking to this douchebag 55.jpg )

No. 113067 ID: 143250

Oh, then I guess there is nothing to worry about. Though I think it looks like we will be gone for a little while, Absurdity. Enjoy your cake until we get back.

And I know you want to speak with Dervan over here, but honestly, I think it is for the best you leave him alone. Like I said, I want to fix our own problems we got ourselves in.
No. 113144 ID: 143250
File 149915799239.jpg - (160.02KB , 477x560 , dream.jpg )

As we enter the darkness, feelings of sleepiness emerge, and from the sleep comes dreams from Morpheus aka dreamwalker.

My interpretation of what his theme would be, Especially when he is causing nightmares

Also, dreamwalker, I have a question. Andrew asked you when you first met him if you had any other relatives he should know about, and you told him: "There is one other that you haven't met... But you will never know him."
Care to explain who your last relative is, and what you meant by he would never know him? or is he too much of a secret to even have us not know about? I can imagine him to be rather reserved, quiet, and/or neutral if he hasn't done anything since Absolution's death...
No. 113146 ID: 6e649f
File 149917990641.jpg - (648.43KB , 1508x2278 , Talking to this douchebag 56.jpg )

No. 113147 ID: 143250

No. 113165 ID: 780a88

Good. Sounds like you heard me.

Alright. Let's bargain.
No. 113173 ID: 6e649f
File 149924605247.jpg - (211.94KB , 554x896 , Talking to this douchebag 57.jpg )

No. 113174 ID: 143250

*points at Card B*
*wonders if these are tarot cards*
*kind of hopes that they aren't tarot cards*
No. 113177 ID: 780a88

No. That's not how this is going to work.
No. 113180 ID: 6e649f
File 149928460821.jpg - (1.83MB , 1748x3467 , Talking to this douchebag 58.jpg )

No. 113183 ID: 143250

No. 113184 ID: 6e649f

No. 113189 ID: 780a88


Now you will listen to ME! Ana, Knight of Shears, slayer of the wicked! If you have come here to taunt us then I will simply end you here and now and any dealings I may have thought to give you be damned! And by all the gods of between the heavens and hells, I WILL END YOU!

However I called you here to listen to a choice between your salvation or your damnation! You are swiftly on the road to your end so choose your next words very carefully or so help me, I will end you RIGHT NOW, and Ana will be damned and doomed without you! AM I CLEAR!?

No. 113191 ID: 143250

*steps back silently and nervously*
No. 113192 ID: 6e649f
File 149929363021.jpg - (329.59KB , 1052x960 , Talking to this douchebag 59.jpg )

No. 113193 ID: 143250

we're heading toward the path of the opportunist because of the choices we've made blindly in hopes it would be for Ana's, and our best interests, thus closing out the other outcomes we were hoping to aim for?
No. 113194 ID: 780a88

Do not tempt me, demon. I'll give you one more chance to listen. If you do not then all of us are doomed, you, me, Fortune Ana, all of us will be up shit creek without a paddle. Will you listen to what I have to say? I will guess what your song meant but you get to listen what I have to say, if you don't I will shut you down before you even get a chance to offer up your next words. Deal?
No. 113195 ID: 6e649f
File 149929604232.jpg - (273.75KB , 1044x664 , Talking to this douchebag 60.jpg )

No. 113196 ID: 780a88

Close. I'd say if Ana puts on that mask now, we're on the path of the opportunist and the monster is close behind that one. But here's the thing. This was a rigged game. Would it have mattered what card we picked? We still would have gotten that side show song and dance. She doesn't want to show us where we are now, she wants to put us in our place. Make us fear her because she is somehow omnipotent. I smell bullshit. But for the sake of argument let's say we are on the path of the opportunist. You have me who is all in favor of ending the cult, and you have fortune Ana who despite everything that happens still means we'll and is trying her gods damned hardest to make sure Ana is alive and well and more than anything sees her own wishes fulfilled. How long will we be on this path? How long before our voices drown out everything else? How long before she realizes her mistakes? I'm betting it won't be that long. We guide her, you skulk in the shadows like a wolf waiting to pounce on its prey. Well Ana is not Prey and we are her protectors.
No. 113197 ID: 780a88

... what have you done???

No. 113198 ID: 6e649f
File 149930343708.jpg - (231.55KB , 882x688 , Talking to this douchebag 61.jpg )


No. 113199 ID: 780a88

... So be it then.

Alright now it's my turn. Let me ask you this, do you want to help Ana?
No. 113201 ID: 143250

Well, we've made some irreparable mistakes. I guess the only thing left to do is just learn from these mistakes and move on. There are plenty of other dimensions out there to visit and journey through. I'll just keep these mistakes in mind and use these experiences to help others.
No. 113213 ID: 3583d1
File 149932621376.jpg - (2.67MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3909.jpg )




No. 113215 ID: 6e649f
File 149933066943.jpg - (522.51KB , 1568x1953 , Talking to this douchebag 62.jpg )

No. 113217 ID: 3583d1

Tell me this oh great omnipotent one, are we still fucked?

No. 113218 ID: 6e649f
File 149933306878.jpg - (395.18KB , 1252x1752 , Talking to this douchebag 63.jpg )

No. 113220 ID: 143250

I'll say no thank you at seeing the epilogue. I'd rather the ending be up to interpretation at this point, thanks.

Scarred Ana, please stop. This anger is part of the reason why this happened. It's over. Sorry.
No. 113222 ID: 3583d1

.... it's not over.... it will never be over.... we're fucked!



No. 113224 ID: 143250

Please cool it.
No. 113226 ID: 3583d1

(Alright look, I'm cutting the roleplaying here for a second because I'm legitimately pissed if that wasnt clear in how I've been playing this character. I've stated in the past that this quest has been a reason to get up in the morning due to some issues that I've had. I'm glad to say those issues are gone but I've also worked my ass off on the drawings as big shocker Dreamwalker and Fanart Guy is me. So I'm legitimately feeling pretty miffed and more than a little cheated at this ending. Now I can deal with a bad ending, if it is legitimate. But did you notice how just kinda sudden and rushed everything was there at the end? Ana just up and quits? Seriously? Why? She had every motive to keep going and just throw in the towel? It felt more like just quitting and for no good reason, worse it felt like railroading which I've also stated that I hate. It makes me actually angry because I feel that not only have we fucked up, but at least a year spent on this whole thing just went up in flames. Maybe the author wants to work on other stuff, that's fine, but for gods sake, don't just drop the plate to try and spin more. It's very frustrating and makes me angry and feel like everything we've done wasn't worth anything, which is worse. I don't want to just quit this because I want a better ending, I want to see things get resolved, so many things started and I want that satisfaction. This just makes me mad and I feel as if I wasted my time and effort as well as the paper because of a railroaded ending. Fuck me, I'm actually having trouble getting to sleep because of it. And Absurdity Masked Man, if you are reading this? I'm sorry man, you're a friend and all but I gotta speak my mind here, I'm not happy with any of this. like to know your thoughts as well Fortune Ana, or whatever you would like to namefag as in the future on this but those are mine.)
No. 113230 ID: 143250

Don't worry about what I think. In all honesty, I've been reading this quest in a patient manner, and I don't want to form a strong opinion until the bitter end. As of right now, if you really want to know, after thinking hard about it, I guess my opinion is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ussCHoQttyQ

I just want to say though that I admire your passion to the story, but don't let it be an obsession, or jump to conclusions too early at certain moments. Sometimes, you just need to take a wait and see approach to situations like these. :)
No. 113231 ID: 6e649f
File 149935570785.jpg - (651.66KB , 1394x1878 , Talking to this douchebag 64.jpg )

No. 113236 ID: 143250

*shrug* Whatever.

I Don't know what I want at this point. Whatever happens, happens. Just let the wind take us wherever at this point. I'm just gonna keep a calm mind and go with the flow.
No. 113238 ID: 143250

Also, it feels like you have taken some control of the story. I apologize if I'm wrong, but is that correct?
No. 113244 ID: 3583d1
File 149937168975.jpg - (166.48KB , 300x530 , IMG_3911.jpg )

Wrong. I don't want a continuation, or a do-over, or anything to do with you. What I want is a second chance. To tell Ana what needs to be said so that she will not go down this path. So that she becomes what I know she is capable of, she can break the chains of fate. And I also want her to become aware of what happens if she does chose this path. All I want is for her to come back to us. Essentially...
*seaches through the ashes, finds what she's looking for.*

I choose card E, the Hero.

If that is the case then I personally will whatever price is necessary to correct it. I will face the judgement of time. To be honest, I know how my journey ended, and the sad fact is... I don't have anything left to lose... This card should explain what happened at the end of my path... the ten of swords reversed, the card of ruin...

But I can still save Ana, I can still save her, with her, I still have a chance, she still has a chance. With her, I finally have something to lose, and I won't see it torn away from me again. If I must suffer again and again, so that she might live and be whole, then I will gladly be the martyr.
No. 113248 ID: 143250

*shoot, I deleted my post, because you deleted yours. basically, I was talking about how we might be causing a butterfly effect if we choose the other option*

Here's my worry, a lot of our enemies were calling Ana a monster, and there are also some good people on the other side that are trying to rescue civilians who may also believe Ana to be a heartless monster, thus warning the people they are saving having more civilians avoid or attack Ana if we try to save them. If we take the other choice, Eventually, Ana might start thinking she is a monster once enough people tell her she is, and accept her role as a monster, far worse than an opportunist. Basically, When enough people says it rains, you better bring an umbrella...
No. 113249 ID: 6e649f
File 149937247967.jpg - (126.17KB , 1296x811 , Talking to this douchebag 65.jpg )

No. 113250 ID: 143250

No. 113251 ID: 6e649f
File 149937300583.jpg - (136.69KB , 1296x811 , Talking to this douchebag 66.jpg )

No. 113252 ID: 143250

No. 113253 ID: 780a88

Hang man huh? If we get this puzzle right we get to change our destiny. Right then, Fortune Ana, are you ready?

Can't go wrong with a vowel for the first guess, I'll pick A.
No. 113254 ID: 780a88

Ha! Talk about being in-sync. Does this count as one guess since we both guess the samething?
No. 113256 ID: 09b125
File 149938003335.jpg - (138.43KB , 1296x811 , Talking to this douchebag 66.jpg )

No. 113257 ID: 780a88

No. 113258 ID: 143250

as in ice cream.
No. 113260 ID: 09b125
File 149938177723.jpg - (139.70KB , 1296x811 , Talking to this douchebag 66.jpg )

No. 113261 ID: 780a88


As in Slippery Snail
No. 113264 ID: 09b125
File 149938422474.jpg - (149.19KB , 1296x811 , Talking to this douchebag 66.jpg )

No. 113265 ID: 780a88


As in Happy Hippopotamus.
No. 113266 ID: 780a88

I know what it says.

"Everything has its price."
No. 113267 ID: 09b125
File 149938539425.jpg - (42.12KB , 610x208 , Talking to this douchebag 67.jpg )

No. 113269 ID: 143250

What is my price?

I discard my fortune telling ability. I only gained that by accident anyway. I didn't really ask for it in the first place. Plus, part of the reason why this happened is because we probably got too greedy for our own good with powers, making Ana power hungry in the process.

Not only that, it will make me human again. at least close to being human as I can get. Gotta know my limits.
No. 113270 ID: 780a88

You want payment? Fine. Here is my offer.

The All-Father, Grey Odin, gave up his eye for wisdom. But I would give so much more to save the ones I love. I offer you my eye, and anything else you wish for if it meant saving Ana.
No. 113272 ID: 09b125
File 149938981141.jpg - (676.34KB , 1699x1687 , Talking to this douchebag 68.jpg )

No. 113273 ID: 143250

I think we just met an enemy far worse than Root, and maybe possibly Andrew.
No. 113274 ID: 780a88


I can't accept that, I will never accept this world. I'm not leaving until you tell me what it is you want. I've played your game, and I would even give you my soul if it meant we have a chance. I refuse to back down, and you cannot stop me, so whatever you want I will give it to you.
No. 113275 ID: 143250

You know, the way she was able to control the story to go back to where we started, or bring us to an epilogue suggests she has an ability to control the story.

She also looks like Ana...

What did Absolution once say? "When the main character writes its own story then they become a Mary Sue..."

If that is the case, I'll nickname her Maryana Sue
No. 113276 ID: 3583d1

Funny, but I don't exactly feel like laughing.
No. 113279 ID: 143250

Not absolution, Absurdity. Sorry.

And come on, you have to keep on smiling if you can even through the bitter end. Stay strong.
No. 113280 ID: 3583d1

Well, fuck it, then. Care to join me in song? Not like we've got much of else to do at the moment. So might as well do just sweet fuck-all...

Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble. Give a whistle!
And this'll help things turn out for the best.
Always look on the bright side of life!
Always look on the light side of life!
If life seem's jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten.
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When your feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps, just purse your lips and whistle, that the thing...

Join me for the chorus and second verse?
No. 113281 ID: 143250

Heh, fun song

And always look on the bright side of life

Come on!

Always look on the bright side of life

For life is quite absurd,
And death's the final word.
You must always face the curtain with a bow!
Forget about your sin -- give the audience a grin,
Enjoy it, it's the last chance anyhow!

So always look on the bright side of death!
Just before you draw your terminal breath.
Life's a piece of shit,
When you look at it.

Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true,
You'll see it's all a show,
Keep 'em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you!

And always look on the bright side of life

Always look on the bright side of life

Come on guys, cheer up

Always look on the bright side of life

Always look on the bright side of life

Worse things happen at sea you know

Always look on the bright side of life

I mean, what have you got to lose?
you know, you come from nothing
you're going back to nothing
what have you lost? Nothing!

Always look on the bright side of life

I hope that cheered you up, and helped make you remember... the face of your dad? is that how your quote goes? close enough.
No. 113282 ID: 780a88

Close enough...
No. 113291 ID: 143250

Hee hee hee.


After thinking about it I'm in a familiar position right now before I decided to help Ana, which is doing nothing. And while I was doing nothing, I was trying to remember my past, but something often got me too scared to remember as I really got to thinking about it. With fortune vision, perhaps I can try and see a vision of my past life.

While we wait for Absurdity, or Maryana Sue, or whoever to arrive, Want to help me try to form a flashback of my past, if only a fragment? It might be difficult without Falafaf's help and her cards, as we lost connection to Robbit's place for some reason, but maybe I can try doing this on my own if I try hard enough. I just need you for moral support and to help keep me brave, okay?
No. 113293 ID: 3583d1

It can't be that much worse than my own... once we're done I'll tell you what I know about my past...

Alright. Take my hands, whatever happens I'll be here to pull you out if you get too deep or too scared.
No. 113294 ID: 09b125
File 149942038567.jpg - (243.35KB , 1572x715 , Talking to this douchebag 69.jpg )

No. 113295 ID: 3583d1

Well fuck. Keep practicing Fortune, I'm just gonna get this asshole down.

*checks pulse*
Yeah no heartbeat. Alright then, I'll start to work on reviving him. This asshole better be grateful...
No. 113296 ID: 3583d1

If Absurdity wakes up maybe he can get us out this fucking limbo and we can go back and fix everything, if that's the case I'll go for as long as it takes to get this done..... alright here we go...

Blóm, gleymni og ljómi
Láttu orku þína skína
Gerðu klukkuna aftur á bak
Komdu aftur hvað einu sinni var minn
Bera það sem hefur orðið fyrir meiðslum
Breyta hönnun örlög
Vista það sem hefur tapast
Komdu aftur hvað einu sinni var minn
Hvað var einu sinni mín

No. 113300 ID: 3583d1

Nothing... Damn...

Alright. So a healing spell won't work... I'm going to try something else. But, I don't know if it will work. I've tried in the past, so many times, and each time i've failed. I tried when Logan, my husband, died in battle, and I tried again when I lost my son, at the end of everything... I'm going to try one more time...

*opens up bag, takes out various candles and matches and box of salt. Lays absurdity's body carefully with arms over his heart. Pours the salt in a ring around him, and sets each candle at a certain point forming a box in the ring. Lights the candles. Sits down on her knees and places his head in her lap, sets her hands on either side of his head.*

Please, if anyone can hear me, help me. Guide this one back to us...
No. 113302 ID: 3583d1
File 149946101596.jpg - (2.08MB , 3878x2980 , IMG_3913.jpg )

Odin, eye of absolution
sing in me oh god of war, poetry, love making, healing, magic, and death.
Sing in me oh Glad-of-war.
Sing in me oh Grey Wanderer,
Sing in me oh rider of the gallows horse.
I implore you oh great one.
Here is one taken before his time.
A great man, a man of the universe.
One who could end this enteral limbo,
a man who could reverse time itself.
I beg of thee,
Let the healing waters of the well of Urd fall upon him.
Let his Seidr be woven again,
May the Norns bless him,
May he walk among the living yet again.
For his honor I sing to you now,
For his life, I call to you.
For the sake of our world, I beseech you.
Guide my unworthy hands.
Guide his soul back from the lands of the dead
Let my call be a light, and a beacon back to me.

Wise One-Eyed Odin, whose eye is the eye of Absolution, all of magic is within your command.
Whisper in my ear, the secrets of your son.
Glowing Baldr.
Tell me the last secrets you passed to him in death.
The secrets that would grant him life eternal.
The secrets that bring forth the sap of the greatest Ash Tree.
Let the sap of the Great Ash Tree, Yggdrasil, and the sap of The corrupted branch, infected by the bite of the worm, Nidhogg, be as one.
Let this sap come to me as liquid life, to restore this keeper of worlds.

Hel, goddess of death and the dark cold abyss.
May your ears hear my call.
Let this one walk freely from your realm. May he once again feel the warmth of the sun.
May he once again feel the breeze of the four winds.
May his hands be once again free to create and weave the dimensions of time.
Let he walk out of your realm of ice and darkness.
May the river of blades grant him safe passage as he returns home.
Back his hearth, back to his home.
Back to his life.

Guardian of worlds unknown to us.
Please hear this call.
May your light shine through this darkness.
May your joy once again grace us.
May your dreams become real once again.
We are not worthy, but our worlds bleed.
They cry out for you.
Without you, we are lost at sea.
We are adrift in this limbo.
We are alone.
Guide us, help us, come back to us.
Come back to life.

Cruel fate, weavers of Seidr, the very Branches and threads of existence.
May you grant me one thing.
May you extend the life of this one man.
May you extend your hand, not in anger, but in kindness.
Whatever price is to be paid for his life,
I will grant it.
Take of my body,
Take of my magic,
Take of my will,
Take of soul,
Take what is of my very self.
I give it freely, if only you grant him life again.
Give him the power to set us free once again.
Give him the power to help us correct our mistakes.

Please... Return to us... help us... please...

No. 113306 ID: 09b125
File 149947266241.jpg - (87.85KB , 1272x416 , Talking to this douchebag 70.jpg )

No. 113307 ID: 780a88

Oh thank the gods! Alright what do you need? I'll get it! No matter the cost I will get it!
No. 113309 ID: 143250

Nope, nothing, can't remember anything even after I concentrate,

Oh hey, Absurdity, I'm sorry, I thought that was just a weird title card for technical difficulties the way I was seeing it. Glad you're alive again.

We've got a larger issue than what we were dealing with at the moment in our quest at the moment. We'll explain later, it's not safe here. for now, One of us will stay and protect Absurdity while the other will get whatever Absurdity needs.
No. 113311 ID: 780a88
File 149947747562.jpg - (1.38MB , 2752x4024 , IMG_3915.jpg )

I'll get it, if you are staying, take this you might need it. It's my personal Svardstav, Gungnir.

It can call down lighting, and if you throw it at an enemy, it will always find their heart. You can also detach the head and use it as a sword. It's also has a temporary healing ability. It won't last though, any wounds you sustain will come back after its done.

Okay Absurdity, what do you need from me?
No. 113312 ID: 09b125
File 149947797999.jpg - (814.98KB , 1748x2767 , Talking to this douchebag 71.jpg )

No. 113313 ID: 143250

Oh, it's just Maryana Sue. He's still dead.

Whatever you want to say, or write, I don't really care to hear or read about it, I'm just gonna ignore you. Don't bother getting a cramped hand writing what you're going to say either, we're not even worth your time to talk to, let alone write to at the moment. We've got nothing left to lose, and nothing to gain right now, and nothing to offer you as a price, hell, even if we did, I wouldn't want to make any sort of deal with you.

I'm going to journey into the darkness of this limbo. Want to come with, Scarred?
No. 113314 ID: 780a88








You won't even take that from me... will you...? Aaaaauuggh...

Just let me rest here a minute Fortune... please...
No. 113315 ID: 780a88

I'm no hero... im just a failure...
No. 113317 ID: 143250

I see now where your passion and anger comes from, you wanted to see Ana live the life you wanted to live, but failed to gain.

I'm sorry for you, but you also must realize, as tragic as it sounds, we can't force Ana to live the life we wanted to live in our past life. We can't shape what Ana truly wants, only life experiences can shape her wants, and everyone in the universe for that matter.

Don't blame yourself. There were a lot of unseen factors against us in our journey that had influenced Ana to the path she chose, and we all wanted something different for Ana as well, like me, I wanted to have Ana avoid trouble, just like I was doing for the longest time after I was summoned to her aid, and before helping her. Basically, the path of the survivor, with very little involvement as possible. That's basically why I wanted her to hide her identity and see her parents at home again But factors prevented me from wanting her to do that, like the fact that she was already on the path of the hero for a while, or so we thought, so I just went with the flow to make you happy as much as I can for her heroic path.

heh, But what do I know? I have next to no memory to figure out what defined me to relate to how you truly feel. I'm just a blank slate trying to make sense of all things. My biggest fear is that in my past life that I've forgotten I may have been an uncaring monster, and it may have unconsciously influenced Ana into danger. But who knows?

Now, stop forgetting your dad's face, you are disappointing Godfrey from your timeline. lets just travel and ignore Maryana Sue, unless you want her to start drawing pictures on your face while you lay there?
No. 113318 ID: 780a88

Yeah... might as well...
No. 113319 ID: 780a88

Let me get my things together, and we'll go. We make our own path from now on. And if this cunt won't help us, we will find someone who will...
No. 113322 ID: 143250

Honestly, I'd rather not have her help us. I'm getting a "deal with the devil" kind of vibe from her.
No. 113324 ID: 780a88

That's just it, I don't think she would even if we wanted too.
No. 113328 ID: 143250
File 149949309351.jpg - (80.44KB , 313x436 , Maryana Sue.jpg )


Maryana Sue's theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr8ZgF4Dc0E
Figured these two would fit her. Very creepy, nightmarish, and threatening.
No. 113331 ID: 09b125
File 149951122225.jpg - (507.60KB , 1684x2184 , Talking to this douchebag 72.jpg )

No. 113335 ID: 143250

No. 113339 ID: 780a88

Fuck off
No. 113341 ID: 143250

Don't feed the troll. Just walk away.
No. 113344 ID: 09b125
File 149953626457.jpg - (145.31KB , 1675x929 , Talking to this douchebag 73.jpg )

No. 113349 ID: 780a88

*walks away*
No. 113363 ID: 780a88


*Grabs Svardstav, the runes glue with blue fire*
Urðr Verðandi Skuld höfuð þetta símtal, vefari örlög, ég fordæma hér með þetta einn að deyja!


*throws Gungnir high into the air, with all the strength of a veteran warrior*

No. 113367 ID: 780a88

I do not aim with hand.
She who aims with her hand has forgotten the face of her father.
I am with my eye.

I do not strike with hand.
She who strikes with her hand has forgotten the face of her father.
I strike with my mind.

I do not kill with my weapon.
She who kills with her weapon has forgotten the face of her father.

No. 113388 ID: 09b125
File 149965195864.jpg - (302.99KB , 1660x1856 , Talking to this douchebag 74.jpg )

No. 113389 ID: 780a88

Well not quite as I hoped... but it distracted you long enough...
No. 113390 ID: 780a88

I think he'll be okay in a few minutes. See the whole point of that wasn't actually to kill you, in fact I kinda prepared for something like this ;) So thank you, didn't think this would actually work... but... you're quite the sucker... why do think we started running once the spear was coming down?
No. 113391 ID: 09b125
File 149965335608.jpg - (60.38KB , 460x496 , Talking to this douchebag 75.jpg )

No. 113392 ID: 780a88
File 149965399849.jpg - (1.99MB , 2957x3964 , IMG_3938.jpg )

Just needed long enough to take this from you! Based on how you were using this when we were jumping around in time, I assume this was how you were moving us all through those timelines! Just needed the right chance to swipe it from you while you weren't looking at us! So I saaaaay, let's go back in time, to a place where you can't touch us, Absurdity is back, you are just gone, and Ana hasn't gone to see Celia yet. Sounds good? I think it sounds great. It's kinda funny, you types never expect a sucker punch from someone you underestimate. See ya never!
No. 113398 ID: 780a88
File 149966509498.jpg - (1.39MB , 3021x3331 , IMG_3940.jpg )

Oh and you can save your whole "you don't know how to work that thing," jive. Because ironically you showed us how it works. Each configuration of this thing is set to point on the timeline. And given the position it was in when we first saw this thing, I'm willing to bet that was the configuration for that point in time, so a little tweak here, a turn there, change the color of the orbs to set us back just a little while backwards and this will put us right as we finished defusing that bomb, before we even thought about trying to hide, and Robbit showed up... HERE WE GO!
No. 113399 ID: 780a88

I don't know what the future holds, but I am certain of one thing, I don't want you in it, Essence! Enjoy limbo!
No. 113402 ID: 143250

Scarred... I really do not think it is as simple as just arranging it like that. let me look into it. I'm getting a sense of great comfort and familiarity just by looking at it...

...but at the same time, I have a small sense of dread that this is something absolutely nobody should have, let alone even use.

Please give me time to work on and prepare this stupid deus ex machina time device out. Time is kind of my specialty after all. For now, go prepare for the so called "grand finale". I have a feeling we might learn something over there.
No. 113410 ID: 09b125
File 149968973250.jpg - (619.86KB , 1748x2385 , Talking to this douchebag 76.jpg )

No. 113440 ID: 143250
File 149981735124.jpg - (190.45KB , 575x641 , WCcorrupted.jpg )

This timeline's WC theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V81DlvZkxGE
No. 113441 ID: 09b125

I don't know the theme seems a little bit OFF
No. 113442 ID: 143250

*throws one of the weird dildo things at Absurdity Masked Man's hanging corpse in response*

That is a pretty good game, btw. Really love the contour art style of the characters. very unique.
No. 113448 ID: 780a88

Hey, Essence?

You like pain and suffering right? I want to make a deal with you. Can you do what Andrew once did for us? He made us flesh and blood, If only for a little while. When Ana goes down there, and I'm betting I know what we're going to find, Dreamwalker in Chains, just put me there. Do that, and you'll get what you want...
No. 113456 ID: 09b125
File 149985970386.jpg - (145.31KB , 1675x929 , Talking to this douchebag 73.jpg )

No. 113483 ID: 143250

Scarred, I have to be honest with you... I never really seen Logan as attractive to begin with. I know that you and some other people think Ana and Logan belong together, but I'm not too sure myself if they are compatible... I don't know, it could be because I was attractive to someone else in my past life or something... and it could be there is one person in the timeline Ana was in before we entered this timeline that I think I might have an interest in... too shy to say who though *blush* Maybe you can guess who though?

Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest.

That said, I must ask... what is it you see in Logan?
No. 113486 ID: 3583d1

I know him for what he was capable of becoming. To me he was the one who was able to put me, a broken woman back together. He can be incredibly kind, I didn't meet him under the same circumstances as this Ana did, I met him as I was trying to escape the city. We were just friends for while but the more I was with him the more I realized I loved him and I needed him. He was there for me when I really BECAME Scarred Ana. He was forced to watch, and he told me that no matter what I was still beautiful to him...

*sigh* I just wanted Ana to know the same happiness with him that I was able to know...

And I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't know who it is. You can tell me, I can keep a secret...
No. 113494 ID: 143250

Alright... It's the artist, Anthony

I don't know what it is about him that draws me to him. Maybe I might have known him my past life, or Perhaps it is his personality or something, and how innocent, naive, and neutral he is towards this whole war. Despite all the suffering that is going on, all he wants to do is still do something simple that makes him happy like making artwork and not get involved with anything, as seen when he turned down Cela Mortus' offer or turned down immortality. There is something about that I can admire. I just feel like I need to protect him from the harshness of the world... But I know that if we ask him to join us and protect him, he would turn us down as well, as he seems like the type of person who wouldn't want to pick sides in this war. He would just want to do his own thing and stay out of trouble as much as possible and stick to his dreams and artwork. I wouldn't blame him, we ourselves have been getting Ana into trouble a lot. I wouldn't want for Anthony to suffer like that either. Besides, he's happy despite everything, and I wouldn't want to take that away from him and send him into danger in our fight if we get him to join us.

...I can only hope that when he died, it wasn't from being murdered. He seems too pure to get on anyone's bad side. Not intentionally at least.

No. 113765 ID: 143250

[inner thoughts]Oh jeez, Scarred just rolled a 4, and it became four sixes, and then she vanished. Falafaf warned that 6666 was our unlucky number and to fear it too. I wonder if we're cursed or something based off of everything that has happened to us? well I hope she'll be okay. We've pulled through worse. Only difference is, I'm right now confused as to what I should do next.
No. 113767 ID: 7161c9

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst
No. 113771 ID: 7161c9

Also you might not be able to talk to future Ana but you can talk to Scarred Ana use that
No. 113777 ID: 143250

Maybe I should talk to Scarred...wait a minute, why I am hearing Absurdity's voice? He's dead, at least I think he's dead *looks at hanging corpse*
yep, he's definitely dead. Couldn't be any more dead.

...I hope I'm not going insane and hearing voices in my head. or maybe I have an astral projection of my own guiding me? Is this how Ana feels? Nah, couldn't be. Astral projections can see other Astral projections.

Well, insanity, or voices from spirits aside, whatever the case, I think it is for the best I leave this one up to Scarred Ana, this is a battle I think she needs to face herself. The rules also did say that only one participator is allowed, and if I help Scarred, I'm in a way participating, and it will be seen as cheating. I'd rather not want to go that route for myself. But I will admit, I almost did try to say something to Scarred. Plus, someone told me I shouldn't rely too much on help from the janitor, as it might not help me in the long run.


I gotta stop talking to myself. I'm not crazy, this is just a soliloquy. Yeah.
No. 113778 ID: 0787bc

You are talking to mini me
No. 113779 ID: 143250

[inner thoughts] glad to know he is still alive and well.
No. 114271 ID: c304bc

Hey, Mini me? Do you have a phone I can call Absurdity from? I hear he's on vacation, but we need to talk to him. I know Dreamwalker spent a while trying to guess his phone number but needless to say, we don't really have that kind of time on our hands.
No. 114278 ID: f852d2
File 150229755937.jpg - (664.77KB , 1556x1270 , m 44.jpg )

No. 114279 ID: c304bc

Fuck you too
No. 114443 ID: 143250

To Scarred Ana, and Dreamwalker: based off of your past life, and everything we have experienced up until now, who do you consider your arch nemesis, and who do you consider your best friend that isn't your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?
No. 114452 ID: 894beb

In my past experiences, I'd say Root was my arch nemisis. Now I think he was nothing more than a piece in a letter game. With how I am now, I want nothing more than to take Essence down and make sure she stays down. As for my best friend, well that would be you Fortune, your the person who keeps me grounded.
No. 114454 ID: 90b98f

For the longest time me and Absolution we're best friends, but Melkior has always been a drinking buddy. He's friendly if a little unsympathetic being a type of sex demon and all, he's a great wingman to have though.

Arch-nemisis though, well so far the spirit parasite is giving me a run for my money. I thought Dervan for a while but I haven't heard from him in years. I might hear from him soon however seeing as how Scarred Ana somehow took away his favorite toy.
No. 114458 ID: 143250

Thanks, Scarred. I see you as my best friend too, helping me not be so cowardly and helpless in tense situations. my mentor, Falafaf would be a close second best friend of mine. I will do anything I can to keep her from harm.

As for arch nemesis, I can't really think of any as I try to be reasonable with others and try not to make people hate us. I try to view the world in other people's perspective and figure out why they do the things they do. Like Root for example: I feel he is tremendously misguided and oblivious in his actions, thinking he is building a utopia but not realizing he is creating a hell on earth scenario. I also feel the reason he does these terrible things is because he is being controlled to do so through the suggestions of his other selves and Andrew, even doing things he may tremendously disagreed with doing, just like when we have had Ana do things she did not want to do. But I know that his actions of killing so many innocent lives is unforgivable even if he thinks the ends justified the means, and must be stopped in some way. Really I feel he is just a very oblivious villain, and I think he needs some sense knocked into him.

I guess the closest arch nemesis of mine would be Spirit Parasite at the moment, but really, I don't feel hatred or fear towards her, just pity. The type of species she is I think requires her to do the things she does in her instincts, and I feel if she wasn't a parasite, she could have been a good person. But I'm not letting that thought cloud our goal of eliminating her. I know how much of a threat these spirit parasites are to the multiverse and the countless lives that live in it, and she must be eliminated so that I may protect Dreamwalker and Falafaf's lives more than anything. It's nothing personal.
No. 114459 ID: 143250
File 150266815854.jpg - (257.87KB , 855x624 , terrifying nightmare.jpg )

...But I do remember that dream I had of that... thing that beheaded me when Dreamwalker sent me that silly dream of Stitch and WC. I nearly had a painful heart attack from fear when I woke up after seeing that face. I fear that creature may have had some kind of grudge against me in my past life, and I definitely have a lot of fear just thinking about that creature. Remember when I said that when I try to remember my past, I get an intense fear that prevents me from getting a clear vision of what my past life was like? I have a feeling that creature played a huge part of my past, and thinking about my past life brings up that creature. I can only hope that it didn't follow me somehow when the Ash Tree summoned me to help Ana. I can't confirm for sure, but based off of my fear on that creature, he may have been my arch enemy. I can only hope if we meet a different version of that thing, we don't become its enemy.
No. 114460 ID: 90b98f

No matter what that thing is, I'll always have your back. You watch out for me, I watch out you.
No. 114483 ID: 928cbe
File 150276049608.jpg - (1.20MB , 2212x1987 , m 68.jpg )

No. 114487 ID: 143250

*shudders from hearing the name Timmy. Proceeds to take slow deep breaths to calm nerves*

*wonders if the clown is the same clown from Anthony's nightmare*
No. 114506 ID: 143250

[inner thoughts] wait, how did she know I was talking about Timmy? I don't think I mentioned what he looked like, just a creature I fear more than anything right now... Either she can read minds, look into others dreams, or she has been spying on, or known who I was in my past life.
No. 114874 ID: 13eacf








No. 114876 ID: 1187e2
File 150379739576.jpg - (410.95KB , 1748x775 , Talking to this douchebag 77.jpg )

No. 114878 ID: 13eacf

I got you bro, I'm hearing it too, it coming through a little clearer, whoever that is they sound PISSED... I'd get moving if I were you. Go on man, I got it.

How much is the bill? My friend here has somewhere he needs to be.
No. 115160 ID: e6b69c
File 150444079247.jpg - (795.61KB , 1700x1480 , Talking to this douchebag 78.jpg )

No. 115162 ID: ae9b99

But at what costs?

who exactly was Essence and why did she hate the astral projections so much?

What happened to and where is Logan's future child?

Is future Falafaf really dead?

Did Fortune Ana's decision in killing of Spirit Parasite over her best friend's life awaken something dark within Fortune Ana?

Did the whole experience psychologically damage Scarred Ana?

Will Robbit's life be saved?

And what decision will Ana make? And after she makes her decision, will she allow the two Astral Projections to continue guiding her after everything that has happened in her quest?

Find out in the future exciting episodes of...

No. 115168 ID: e6b69c

For shit and giggles I will answer all the question

The cost was over 9000

He is still connected with Ana

No she is not

I don't know you should ask her

I don't know you should ask her

If he agree we probably will

She will probably kill the voices start jogging, become a vegan, start a polygamous family, get a tattoo on her eye and begin doing yoga

Maybe some of these answers are lies
No. 115178 ID: ae9b99

Aww man, you ruined my episode ending "next time on" narration by giving some of the answers. Now the viewers at home won't have a reason to watch the next episode, lol
No. 115180 ID: e6b69c

Not all things said will happen, just some of them

No. 115181 ID: ad879d

Literally what went though my head as I read that.

No. 115205 ID: e6b69c
File 150448769048.jpg - (763.11KB , 1748x1208 , Talking to this douchebag 79.jpg )

No. 115216 ID: ad879d
File 150449318253.jpg - (40.33KB , 600x451 , IMG_4158.jpg )

No. 115227 ID: e6b69c
File 150452158572.jpg - (794.50KB , 1748x1128 , Talking to this douchebag 80.jpg )

No. 115228 ID: e6b69c

Oh me indeed!
No. 115241 ID: a8cedc

Fuck.... *sigh* I had a feeling she wasn't dead...

And at least have the decency to give that poor girl a bandage for her head, you heartless cow...
No. 115257 ID: e6b69c
File 150455976857.jpg - (740.51KB , 1652x1368 , Talking to this douchebag 81.jpg )

No. 115269 ID: aa1e7b

Hmm... not quite Essence. I do hate you yes, you are everything I despise in a person, mostly I see you as just a bully. But I'm not necessarily Anthony as you know him, I'm more or less here by mistake actually, had I known I was going to get a response I wouldn't have put my name as Anthony, but might as well make the best of it, I really should have seen that coming. The Anthony you know and love is a card in my hand, my dancing puppet as you like to put it. Think of me as a puppeteer from beyond the 4th wall. I'm highest and lowest, as you need me to live, but I am also effectively powerless to do anything to you. You can refer to me as Anthony if you like, or.... Meta-1, because that what this just got... Meta as fuck, and there is another...

As for the "demon" as you call her, I can go get one of them, but I guarantee, if I do, all that's going to happen is she will fly into a mad rage at the sight of Essence. Also you really should leave her, she was more or less the one responsible for it. She aimed the "demons" like a gun, always aware of what would happen if the world was destroyed but also never telling them the rules of the game. But, what if I were to tell you there was someone who could get your world back. Get your life back, all you have to do, is ditch her and I'll show you where to go. But probably not, like I said I'm here by mistake, probably some great universal law will come and stop me at any moment. We'll have to see.
No. 115270 ID: aa1e7b

Ooh, you could also refer to me as "Lawfull Good." If you what that is that should give you some idea of why I hate you Essence.

Also on second thought, this is technically cheating and way too meta for my taste. So ill just relinquish control of this back to Anthony as you know him. Right now he's asleep and dreamless. Forget you ever heard me.

See you arooouuund! *radio static*

Ughhh, what's going on here...? Oh god not you again....
No. 115272 ID: e6b69c
File 150457131662.jpg - (509.62KB , 1084x1656 , Talking to this douchebag 82.jpg )

No. 115283 ID: ae9b99
File 150457654448.gif - (52.66KB , 454x705 , Illuminati.gif )

I just realized...
No. 115284 ID: aa1e7b

No. 115285 ID: aa1e7b

And omg x2....
Look at the shape of Dreamwalker....

No. 115299 ID: e6b69c
File 150462585385.jpg - (580.50KB , 1094x1532 , Talking to this douchebag 83.jpg )

No. 115300 ID: aa1e7b

Woah, Anubis, cool! But I feel like missed something important, what the heck is going on here...?
No. 115311 ID: 3583d1

Actually, Ms. Essence? May I ask you a question?
No. 115322 ID: e6b69c
File 150465987462.jpg - (1.14MB , 1683x1981 , Talking to this douchebag 84.jpg )

No. 115324 ID: 3583d1

I've had... bad dreams.. mostly involving this guy... *shows a picture of Garm*

He would rip people apart, literally... and then use their blood to paint on the walls... And his face... I was wondering if you knew who he was...
No. 115326 ID: 3583d1

I've shown these drawings to everyone that I could find in the cult, no one seemed to know him. There were no records of him. Oddly enough, Stitch seemed to get really animated at the sight of him... I think he wants to fight him...
No. 115330 ID: e6b69c
File 150466312812.jpg - (225.88KB , 1124x688 , Talking to this douchebag 85.jpg )

No. 115332 ID: aa1e7b

...Huh? How so? I'm not exactly keen on asking him how he knows him, I don't think he would tell me... but I guess I I'll go ask him when I wake up...
No. 115405 ID: e6b69c
File 150478518802.jpg - (475.54KB , 1436x1064 , Talking to this douchebag 86.jpg )

No. 115469 ID: ae9b99

So, anybody that can hear us is gone.

So... now what?

music themes, that is what.

to fit with Logan's future child's anubis costume, here is what I found:

went with Egyptian/desert sounding music. Take your pick.
No. 115470 ID: a2d9cf

Are we ever gonna know her name or what?

Also here's something we haven't done, what would the characters voices be like? So far I've only thought of a few.

Ana: Emilia Clarke- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeQx0IUIxU8
93: Tara Strong- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEL7Aa78XR4
Logan: Mathew Mercer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V_Ts9YelBI
Dreamwalker: Quintin Flynn- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmrQ8D5o2LQ

I'm sure there are more but these are the only ones I can think of at the moment
No. 115472 ID: a2d9cf

Hmmm... a shouty enraged woman talking about magic and whose voice sounds like it's pissed off the nth degree and also echoes with power? Sounds like enraged Scarred Ana to me!

No. 115493 ID: 4fc114
File 150500015592.jpg - (682.89KB , 1003x1852 , Talking to this douchebag 87.jpg )

No. 115494 ID: 4fc114

As for the Logan's future child this theme would fit her perfectly
No. 115499 ID: ae9b99

Yay, darkstalkers.
I wish they'd make a new one...
No. 115511 ID: 4fc114
File 150507612936.jpg - (2.04MB , 3127x2309 , Talking to this douchebag 88.jpg )

No. 115514 ID: 143250

And now... the stinger... maybe.
No. 115517 ID: 4fc114

Be careful what you wish for
No. 115519 ID: 143250

nevermind then, or am I too late?
No. 115520 ID: 4fc114

Don't worry you didn't cause this I was planning to do something after the credits. We all have been spoiled by the Marvel movies
No. 115521 ID: 143250

No. 115522 ID: 4fc114

But I must ask who do you think was watching that movie?

No. 115523 ID: 143250

It might not of been a movie. Usually with something as weird as this, like a musical number or something, it could be someone was dreaming. As for whom, I don't really know.
No. 115533 ID: 4fc114
File 150516215792.jpg - (1.79MB , 2004x2650 , Talking to this douchebag 89.jpg )

No. 115554 ID: ae9b99

he's part of dimensional tribunal's people? And he knows Absurdity?
After we find out where this blood trail in this snuff film leads, I have a confession I'd like to get off my chest if you all would like to hear it.
No. 115563 ID: 11c9ff

*watching from the shadows waiting to see the rest, and ready to make an appearance if necessary*
No. 115628 ID: 4fc114
File 150526364184.jpg - (1.52MB , 1748x2714 , Talking to this douchebag 90.jpg )

No. 115634 ID: 299587

No. 115668 ID: 4fc114
File 150541948804.jpg - (1.39MB , 1748x2320 , Talking to this douchebag 91.jpg )

No. 115669 ID: 51058c

If you honestly think that this meant nothing to them they you are blind as well as clueless you heartless sow of a woman!
No. 115670 ID: 4fc114
File 150543285155.jpg - (821.72KB , 1694x1224 , Talking to this douchebag 92.jpg )

No. 115672 ID: 3583d1

I am well aware of that Triumphant, I will introduce myself after this is over.
No. 115691 ID: 4fc114
File 150552636533.jpg - (452.32KB , 1596x928 , Talking to this douchebag 93.jpg )

No. 115693 ID: 16913c

*silent anger*
No. 115715 ID: 4fc114
File 150560052153.jpg - (2.19MB , 2363x3401 , Talking to this douchebag 94.jpg )

No. 115716 ID: ae9b99

Is that the end of the video? tell me it's the end. that was really hard and devastating to watch.
No. 115720 ID: 4fc114
File 150561294391.jpg - (2.59MB , 2480x3928 , Talking to this douchebag 95.jpg )

No. 115730 ID: ae9b99

No. 115732 ID: ce762c

That fucking bitch...
No. 115743 ID: 4fc114
File 150567478833.jpg - (2.35MB , 2480x3508 , Talking to this douchebag 96.jpg )

No. 115744 ID: ce762c

*walks out the shadows and straightens tie*

Speaking of the multiverse, I promised you all I would introduce myself to you all. My name is Morpheus The Dreamwalker, and I am god of that other universe. I have some information about that... "woman" that I may interest you. I'll save all my evidence for the tribunal. I'm here to guide you to the tribunals location in my world. While at the meeting I'll still to this form, it makes me look in place with the rest of you.
No. 115752 ID: 4fc114
File 150569785099.jpg - (1.01MB , 1668x1676 , Talking to this douchebag 97.jpg )

No. 115778 ID: 963ae7

That's right I was in that tape. Falafaf... *sigh* I know her. Honestly guys I know you aren't the best option but you are honestly our only option. And if it means living or dying... well that's not a choice at all is it? Shall we play the tape along the way? As for how I got here? Let's just say a certain bunny showed the path for me.
No. 115787 ID: 3583d1

You could almost say I... Fell down the rabbit hole.
No. 115822 ID: 4fc114
File 150578327299.jpg - (2.95MB , 2480x4156 , Talking to this douchebag 98.jpg )

No. 115829 ID: 3583d1

Huh. Honestly, I couldn't say. I have not clue who this guy is. To be honest she never struck me as needing a guy like that. I guess she doesn't now. As to who that someone is... well I have theories but honestly it's all a mystery. The most likely candidate that I can think of is someone named Andrew Goodwill. I think someone from your neck of the woods, a psychopath named Dervan has already met him.

And you are taking to the god of imagination about imagination. There's nothing that I haven't already seen in the minds of billions of people. And that includes ones from you world too. I occasionally made visits with my brother and dad years ago. Just to observe you understand, it's how I was already familiar with all of you.
No. 115857 ID: 4fc114
File 150584914880.jpg - (1.16MB , 1748x1922 , Talking to this douchebag 99.jpg )

No. 115866 ID: b0f04f

Rest assured I have seen her with my own... eye. And I have someone who could also testify to her existence. He is someone that she has... something of an odd obsession with.

All your ideas are certainly plausible however. I will add on that if she did have an accomplice originally he's probably not around anymore. Either she left him behind or he is occupied with his own agenda. As for the red herring that is most certainly another plausible idea. She isn't above trickery and deceit.
No. 115916 ID: 4fc114
File 150595992246.jpg - (832.30KB , 1748x1552 , Talking to this douchebag 100.jpg )

No. 115917 ID: b0f04f

Sorry... I'm in a couple different places right now. This isn't even my real body. That's with my Seeress. I just had a meeting with Essence. She had a guy almost kill but I managed to switch places with him when they weren't looking. I can share a memory of the event with you if you want. You can see what I saw.
No. 115918 ID: b0f04f

It also seems that sharing my powers with Laura has severely dampened my own abilities... I had Essence pretty much lined up to be arrested... but... well I just made myself look stupid... I can try sharing my ideas with you, that one is easy enough. You just see what I see. I did it once for my seeress when she was still blind.
No. 115928 ID: 4fc114
File 150601603615.jpg - (1.20MB , 1748x2416 , Talking to this douchebag 101.jpg )

No. 115929 ID: b0f04f

The Tribunal HQ, we already have people waiting on us, one of which is a asleep, and the other is comatose and missing an arm, more than anything I think she is living evidence for what Essence does to people.
No. 115951 ID: 4fc114
File 150608011872.jpg - (538.62KB , 1748x1090 , Talking to this douchebag 102.jpg )

No. 115954 ID: 963ae7

Let's do this!
No. 115960 ID: 4fc114
File 150616231431.jpg - (528.39KB , 2612x695 , Talking to this douchebag 103.jpg )

No. 115965 ID: 3583d1

*stares at absurdity*

Essence of life... she happened...
No. 115966 ID: 4fc114
File 150618621339.jpg - (146.40KB , 1352x429 , Talking to this douchebag 104.jpg )

No. 115967 ID: 3583d1

*shows stump arm*

We've... been through... hell...
No. 115990 ID: 4fc114
File 150621656524.jpg - (337.42KB , 1692x696 , Talking to this douchebag 105.jpg )

No. 115993 ID: 963ae7

She cut... it off... made my arm... flesh... then cut it off...

Mentally tortured me... Put us through hell... took away control...

She tricked us... into killing off... a whole other timeline...

Let a spirit parasite... into the timeline...

Killed so many... hurt so many... kept you... away from us...

She wants... to hurt you...

So tired...
No. 116031 ID: 4fc114
File 150629015765.jpg - (762.06KB , 1748x1631 , Talking to this douchebag 106.jpg )

No. 116032 ID: 963ae7

No. 116036 ID: 4fc114
File 150630206137.jpg - (184.35KB , 1064x660 , Talking to this douchebag 107.jpg )

No. 116040 ID: 963ae7

Shit! He's there, you can't see him. He looks like you except his mask is oval shaped and has two other sets of eyes where yours only has the one.
No. 116051 ID: 4fc114
File 150634465387.jpg - (216.18KB , 1044x736 , Talking to this douchebag 108.jpg )

No. 116052 ID: 3583d1

Ah. I see. Well can we keep him around at least? He is our friend...
No. 116055 ID: 4fc114
File 150636067414.jpg - (623.27KB , 1748x1033 , Talking to this douchebag 109.jpg )

No. 116056 ID: 963ae7

I see. So what is going to happen to him then?
No. 116061 ID: 4fc114
File 150637729813.jpg - (262.54KB , 1332x624 , Talking to this douchebag 110.jpg )

No. 117200 ID: e9ef8f

Absurdity! Ana is in trouble and I need you call Robbit so he can get off his ass and save her! She is currently about to be eaten by the mad World painting, Robbit will know which one that is. PLEASE MOVE FAST!
No. 117202 ID: ae9b99

Now why would Absurdity want to help you?

after you and Fortune Ana abandoned him for DeVoid? Can you even trust him?

And not only that, Absurdity got himself into a little mess,

and I'm not talking the literal mess he is cleaning right now, whether he realizes it or not...

you got him into that mess after you destroyed the universe

Dimensional tribunal is probably going to punish poor Absurdity for his actions of leaving this universe alone for vacation, all because Fortune Ana said she and you would take care of everything before he left

You could have accepted my help with the painting, Scarred Ana and not take the chance of having Absurdity help you or not after your actions

but you threw me out. Ah well, I'm enjoying the show anyway ;)

I'll talk to you later, Absurdity, after you have a moment to think, and we're alone.

*hides back in the shadows*
No. 117209 ID: 6a58a0
File 150914890797.jpg - (1.13MB , 2553x1472 , Talking to this douchebag 111.jpg )

No. 117213 ID: e9ef8f

No. 117223 ID: ae9b99

Oh dear,

so loud

if it will shut you up and you promise to learn manners...

I suggest you leave Absurdity alone and ask the creepy shadowy fedora wearing skeleton, Ambassador instead for help.
No. 117230 ID: 6a58a0
File 150917781420.jpg - (857.35KB , 1571x2161 , Wicker Stomp.jpg )

Note from the author

That is another species like Triumphant, creatures created from a dreaming world. Actually that is one of my older characters she has a broom for a head, it isn't a skull

No. 117232 ID: 31e9e0

(Uhhhhh dude? He was talking about the Ambassador...)
No. 117235 ID: 6a58a0

Ups my bad! I misunderstood it
No. 117237 ID: 6a58a0
File 150919248826.jpg - (722.88KB , 1748x1211 , Talking to this douchebag 112.jpg )

No. 117239 ID: ae9b99

*sneaks up close to phone*

Hello little rabbit

may I enter your "burrow"

you have so many great paintings

that I wish to "borrow"
No. 117257 ID: 31e9e0

*Wrestles phone from Marty trying to be creepy*
Robbit! It’s Scarred Ana! We are at your place and Ana is is in danger she got sucked into the Mad World Painting, someone in your place set a trap for her! GO SAVE HER!!
No. 117266 ID: ae9b99

Come on, little bunny Foo Foo,

your employees you can't trust

Let me in your Burrow

So I can have the paintings I lust
No. 117350 ID: ae9b99

Thats a shame

I really wanted those paintings

*whispers to Absurdity*
...and it is as I thought. She asks for your help, you give it,

and then she leaves without even a thank you, having you deal with the situation she and the other one got you in

You know, the Dimensional Tribunal will most likely destroy you once they take you away from here

But perhaps I can protect you from their world for as long as necessary

After all, you yourself did once say...

if you woke up in their world, on a scale from one to ten, you would be fucked on arrival

So what do you say? do you want protection from their world into the void?

or will you take your chances with them?
No. 117352 ID: 31e9e0

That’s where you are wrong you creep. I always pay what is owed.

Thank you Absurdity, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. As for the rest of you all from the dimensional Tribunal you have no idea kindness of this man your job requires you to take in. I know you are taking in an innocent man while the real culprit goes free and is still causing havoc. And I also know this, a god from my world has joined one of the investigators, a Mr. Triumphant, to bring her to justice. Don’t worry Absurdity, we won’t let this go!
No. 117365 ID: ae9b99

hmmm... I wonder if you would have given that thank you speech

if I didn't say what I said to Absurdity

probably not... you were summoned by the ash tree after all.

ergo, your thanks are most likely empty

well, nonetheless Absurdity, my offer still stands.

will you take my deal, or not?
No. 117447 ID: d5b588
File 150956117810.jpg - (2.51MB , 2480x3262 , Talking to this douchebag 113.jpg )

No. 117458 ID: ae9b99


No. 117469 ID: d5b588
File 150959056996.jpg - (1.46MB , 1748x2414 , Talking to this douchebag 114.jpg )

No. 117476 ID: ae9b99

inner thoughts: what a shame, and I wanted to let them incarcerate me so they can lead me to more interesting souls that I can feed to the void gate. It would have been a great all-you-can-eat buffet. But Demoria had to show up and ruin my fun... ah well, I'll be a good boy for now and let Demoria do the talking as I do the thinking.

still inner thoughts: but silver lining, these officers just revealed to me that there are some gods still hiding for me to look for and have the void gate devour and grow stronger. Perhaps these gods will make the void strong enough for me to have a chance to take down the Ash Tree for good. I just have to hope nobody else here knows who these gods are and tries to protect them.

???'s mission Log updated! YEAH!


main missions:
-Send the Ash Tree into the void gate. All of it.

sub missions
-NEW Find and feed Sindri to the void gate
-NEW Find and feed Brokk to the void gate
-NEW Find and feed Haphestus to the void gate
-give anyone you find associated with the ash tree in some way a hard time
-Successfully Flirt and go out with Essence

Completed Missions
-Make Demoria's existence a living nightmare

Failed Missions
-Have the void gate devour Absurdity
-Try to enter the robotic rabbit's place and have the void gate devour his living paintings
-Get incarcerated so you can have the void gate eat so many creatures in multidimensional prison
No. 117490 ID: d5b588
File 150965740174.jpg - (1.43MB , 1748x2403 , Talking to this douchebag 115.jpg )

No. 117491 ID: b0f04f

*Astral projection materialzes*
Hey Absurdity, I know that this probably isn't a good idea that I show up now, but I am working with-




*gestures at Marty*
No. 117493 ID: d5b588
File 150966777920.jpg - (718.90KB , 1538x1398 , Talking to this douchebag 116.jpg )

No. 117495 ID: e06de5

Yeah I haven’t forgotten who you are Demoria, how could I forget the last 4 times we met with father and things got real awkward real fast?

And yeah you... Marty? Look I literally meant what the fuck are you?!
No. 117496 ID: ae9b99

inner thoughts: hee hee, another one has let himself be known to me.

???'s mission Log updated!

main missions:
-NEWSend Mini Absurdity into the void gate
-Send the Ash Tree into the void gate. All of it

sub missions
-NEW!Find and feed Dreamwalker to the void gate
-Find and feed Sindri to the void gate
-Find and feed Brokk to the void gate
-Find and feed Haphestus to the void gate
-give anyone you find associated with the ash tree in some way a hard time
-Successfully Flirt and go out with Essence

*sad frown* that wasn't a very nice first impression, Mr. Eyeball, screaming what the fuck I was as if I wasn't normal. it scared me and hurt my feelings at the same time...

but I'll be the bigger person and put that aside. Besides I'm sure you and Demoria has some things to discuss and catch up on from one another after being apart for so long.

*whispers to Demoria* keep him distracted. try to bring him to the other room. It won't be good if he learns what I can do right now. Also try to learn what he is doing and where he might be at. when I'm done whispering, laugh like I just whispered to you a dumb joke

*sets Demoria down and inches closer to mini Absurdity*
No. 117497 ID: e06de5


I don’t like the look in his eye. I recognize that look, the look of cruelty. But there is something else in there...

Something... familiar... where did you get him from?
No. 117527 ID: d5b588
File 150981333655.jpg - (1.46MB , 1748x2390 , Talking to this douchebag 117.jpg )

No. 117531 ID: d8b9a6

... Why did I stay?

Humanity. I’ve walked in so many minds, known the lives and hopes and dreams of so many, and over time I’ve come to love them. I cared for humanity so much I chose to take away certain pains from them, giving them good dreams instead. I took their pain into me and that is what created my other self, Phobetor.

*glares at Marty*
I have known some humans who I honestly did love, some of whom I knew personally and I thought they were all beautiful people. Even certain members of the cult, whom I have sworn vengeance against, I know that they are good people at heart.

That is why I stayed.
No. 117534 ID: ae9b99

? Oh dear, um... sorry to ask but, why are you still looking at me like that? Ohhhhh! I get it.

You have quite a protective big brother instinct. You're worried that I might hurt your lovely sister in some way.

I admire your need to protect her. It makes me wish that a looooooong time ago before I met Demoria, I had someone that would protect me from this cruel mad mad world and would not betray me.

Do not worry, Mr Eyeball. She is a strong, hard working goddess. Compared to her, I'm just an ant. She even puts me in my place when I misbehave. Besides, I would do anything for her after she saved me, and shown me that I'm not just a poor depressed reject of this world. I only hope you come to accept our love

Mr. Eyeball, do you understand what it is like to protect someone near and dear to you?

like how Demoria protects my frail soul?

inner thoughts: hmmm, I don't think Mr. Eyeball is going away anytime soon, Demoria, especially since he is constantly glaring at me like that, making it difficult for me to get closer to the little Absuridty... Should I just strike little Absurdity now since he is only in an astral projection form, or should I wait until Mr Eyeball is gone or distracted?
No. 117551 ID: d5b588
File 150990207665.jpg - (817.97KB , 1784x1161 , Talking to this douchebag 118.jpg )

No. 117555 ID: ade112

I bonded with her the same reason you brought your boy toy back to life.

Because in her I see the same compassion that I have for human kind, just as I’m sure you saw... something, in him.
No. 117559 ID: ae9b99

I really do not understand why you don't seem too fond of me Mr Eyeball.

But I guess that's alright. A lot of people do not seem too fond of me either, even back when I was just a weak, naive, and timid mortal.

...aaaanyway, it is faint, but I hear what sounds like two constantly snoring people on your end, Mr Eyeball. Perhaps some people are sleeping on the job? you should probably wake them up.

Inner thoughts: *looks at mini Absurdity* Awww, and I really wanted to feed the void and prove myself...

Inner thoughts: Demoria,if we are truly leaving, we should find a new target right away. Right now, I'm thinking either Sindri, Brokk, or Haphestus, but the void might be too weak to consume either one of them... can you think of someone we can feed the void for a snack before breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
No. 117561 ID: ade112

What? Oh I completely forgot about her!
*summons sleeping Fortune Ana*

Hey, sleepyhead, I’m not gonna ask again, it’s time to-
No. 117562 ID: ade112

No. 117566 ID: ae9b99


inner thoughts: Dreamwalker, can you hear my thoughts? we're connected in a way, so perhaps you can. Before I follow her, there is something I want you to hear, assuming you can hear my thoughts.
No. 117569 ID: d8b9a6

*inner thoughts*
Yeah, I can hear you and a loud ringing in my ears after that... How she yell so freaking loud?
No. 117572 ID: d5b588
File 150993442780.jpg - (1.02MB , 1748x1662 , Talking to this douchebag 119.jpg )

No. 117575 ID: ae9b99

*simply bows at everyone*

thank you for your time

*slips out with Demoria*
No. 117577 ID: d8b9a6

Yeah yeah, spare me. If I wanted to hear any more lip about life I would go see dad. He never understood what me and Absolution, gained from our mother.

See you later, auf wiedersehen, fuck off.
No. 117578 ID: ae9b99

Suggestor's note: all of this is in Fortune Ana's mind communicating with Dreamwalker

Sorry if I'm a little groggy... but I'm glad you can hear me. just give me a moment to catch my breath...


listen, I'm sorry I have to communicate like this, but after what happened, I need to take precautions.

I saw what was going on through my dreams. I'm assuming you, Dreamwalker, may have been keeping me updated while I was having fun in my little dreamworld. honestly, I feel like I want to go back to sleep and forget all this. Dreams are much more comforting than reality, but I can see you need me.

First things first: I think my voice may have been compromised. Before we spoke with Cera, Absurdity gave Ana two white totems that acted like radios for our voices to the physical world. After we went through that fiasco in the future, your friend, The Incubus Melkior, was given Scarred's white totem and her black totem, and my black Totem. However, my white totem was nowhere to be found. I do not know who has it right now, or if it has been destroyed by the future, but just in case someone who wants nothing more than to hurt us has it, I have to stay silent like this and can only communicate with my thoughts. That said, I don't know how communicating like this will effect Ana or the person you have formed a bond with, or if they will be able to hear me. That said, I may have to act not as their guides, but probably as your guide, Dreamwalker.

Second: I'm having doubts that I can properly keep Ana alive if we keep going down the route we've been taking. I know the Scarred really wants her to follow in her footsteps and be a hero and start a family with Logan without her son dying, but I think we've made too many mistakes for that to be a reality. And I can't get what Cera said about Ana confronting them leading to her death with the amount of times she'll get shot and injured out of my head. Ana has even said time and time again that she doesn't want to do this anymore. I can't bear to see her like that anymore, and I feel that is what I want to do, even if it means taking Dervan's offer for an exit. What I want to do is to do more research on the kind of person Dervan is to make sure he isn't the type of person we think he is before blindly taking his offer while Ana goes through looking into the past. Whether we take Dervan's offer or not, I can't allow Ana to try to confront our enemies anymore and just have her escape.

Third: If we decide to take Dervan's offer, that does not mean we will stop saving this world. the person you have bonded with, Dreamwalker, whom I will from this point be calling "Lucid" has expressed a great desire to save this world, something I have not seen Ana expressed on her own. I want to have a long discussion with Lucid about the consequences about choosing the hero path and if she still wants to save this world. Afterwards we will have her take Ana's place as the hero while We will still watch over and help Ana as she tries to escape with with her friends and family, whether we take Dervan's offer or not.

Fourth: I want to know if Ana truly wants me to still help her guide her. During the time we were sent to the future, I noticed that Ana did everything she could to find Scarred Ana's totem and even try to repair it to have Scarred talk to her again, but... I don't know if she even bothered to look for mine. Also, I noticed that when Future Ana tripped and fell, her left eye popped out... I use my left eye when I use my fortune telling ability. She may have at one point removed it herself because it reminded her too much of me. After we returned to the present, she refused to hear my story I was about to tell, she ignored my request to read Robbit's note, and she took Scarred Ana's path of threatening Cera instead of trying to leave things peacefully. I'm wondering if she truly wants my help, and if not, if I have wronged her in some way. I wouldn't blame her, I've made too many choices that harmed her, and I even abandoned her at one point.

Fifth: Dreamwalker, I wanted to ask you this, and I promise I will not get upset: when your partner told you that you need to consume the memories of others in order to gain strength, It got me wondering: after I was summoned by the ash tree... and before I met Ana at the bus stop... did you... by any chance... meet me and... consume my memories? Yes or No? Again, I won't get upset if you did, as it might have been for the best if I didn't remember my past like Scarred remembered hers. I just want to know why I remember next to nothing while Scarred remembers a lot of things in her past.

Sixth: you might not like what I might say, but I think Falafaf is on her way to death soon. remember the paper with the horns and Essence crossed off one of them after future Falafaf died? I do not think that means only future Falafaf is dead, I think that applies to present Falafaf as well, and she is marked for death. That said, to keep yourself from getting clouded by deep emotions, I don't want you to get too attached to her anymore. I'm not saying don't talk to her, just be prepared for that outcome.

Finally: Dreamwalker, you're injured and weak. I'm worried that your condition is going to hurt Lucid in a lot of ways very badly... which is why I have a request for you: your guide has told you that you needed to consume memories to grow stronger right? well here is my request: I want you to consume my knowledge of fortune telling, and my memory of Falafaf. After what I've done to future Falafaf, I feel I don't deserve this power. I never even asked for it in the first place, I just gained it by accident. Me having and using those powers after what I've done will only fill me with guilt and be an insult to her while you on the other hand never wanted Falafaf dead. If you take and use my fortune telling knowledge, I can at least be happy that her powers will live on through you rather than someone who just threw her life away. will you please accept this offer?
No. 117581 ID: d8b9a6

Firstly no, that was not me who ate your memories. It is my understanding that you were summoned by the Ash Tree with only vague ideas of who you were. But I do know that you are the only one who won’t remember who you were, and that you are the only one who can remember things about yourself, so you need to figure out why you can’t remember, or more specifically, why you won’t allow yourself to remember.

I also you were Ana in another timeline, that much is certain. We have met before, you gave me something to hang on to. And I have chosen my own time and place to give it to you as per your instruction. I function the same way Absurdity does, and I have lived for so long... and between you and me, “Lucid” is not the first person I have bonded with. I like humans, and sometimes I’ve even loved them, I mean... how do you think Anthony got his powers?

As for Lucid being a hero, well to be honest that’s not really your call to make. Just as it is not Scarred’s call to make Ana a hero. I see ways that both of them can stand as heroes, the question is what will make them do such a thing. For Ana, something is going have to happen that lights a fire in her, for “Lucid” I suspect some form of tragedy may come into play. Honestly I just want the best for them.

And... I want the same for Falafaf... but... well I care about her.... A lot.... If she comes to me then I will do all I can to save her. But if it is best that I stay away... then I will.

As for me eating your memories... I mean I can. But here is the deal. Eating a memory creates problems for both me and you. For a time, you will feel like something is missing and you can’t find it. Some people I’ve seen be driven mad by it. And if it is a happy memory then that’s good for me but I’d also be depriving you of something you love. It is is a bad... look I know I’ve said this before, bur doing that is what creates Phobetor and it makes him stronger. I haven’t even told Lucid about it yet and I don’t know how she will react... So by eating your memories... you had better be damn sure. I’m not so weak that I need to constantly eat them. I’ve endured worse. Look, you’ve been constantly judging yourself thinking the worst, but what if I told you that some day Ana might need that vision of yours, that there might be some new people in her life that are questionable, you are her moral compass just as Scarred is her courage and Bravery, but both of you have kindness. So just don’t think so low about yourself. Alright?
No. 117583 ID: ae9b99

note:all this is her thoughts communicating with Dreamwalker

...ok. I will think about it. To be honest, having this ability isn't really making me happy, and fills me with guilt but I appreciate keeping the memory erasing option open. Just know that I don't have much of a memory to begin with seeing as I can't remember the past, so it probably wouldn't be too bad...

I'm also worried about your physical and mental health. I feel you are pushing yourself too hard, and seeing you so damaged like that and yet doing so much multitasking and work makes me worry that you might actually have a "death wish" as the others have been telling you. I mean, I know you say you don't, but... maybe something is subconsciously telling you to hurt yourself like you are now. Like, maybe perhaps your alter ego, Phoboter, wants you to do terrible things to yourself until you pass out, or pass away. Or it could be Absolution's death is really eating at you, causing you to do this to yourself. Just know you don't have to do this yourself, I'll be here to help this time around.

What I suggest: don't start going out and try to escape right away. Take the time to stop and smell the flowers. You might actually be in a position where you can do some undercover research, see things from the other side's perspective and get some inside info, learn about the people in the area, perhaps have Lucid watch Godfrey's trial to help her understand what is going on and what she wants to do, have her find that bodyless person his body or find some friends and see if people they might be willing to escape later. Most importantly, try to use the time to rest. That is what Ana's physical body is doing, so should you. Rest is just as important as hard work believe it or not.

Also, it is important you tell Lucid about memory consuming and phoboter. If she made a pact with you, then it is important she understands. You should also really ask what she wants her end goals to be, have her think if she wants to help Ana, just escape, or any other goals.

I'll be willing to help you not as Lucid's guide, but as your guide seeing as I cannot use my voice, but only my thoughts. You'll guide her, while I'll guide you.
No. 117585 ID: ade112

I wish I could rest, but I’ll rest once I am in a safe enough position to do so. And that involves keeping Lucid safe first. My Astral Projections are fine, but if she is hurt then so am I.

As for a supposed “deathwish” I don’t have that. Not anymore, that’s one of the other reasons why I bonded with Lucid, and why... I want to protect Falafaf... They give me something worth living for again...

And I will accept your offer, and I’ll also give you this piece of advice, when you regain your memory and Scarred restores what once was broken, then Ana shall receive my gifts that once you carried.

Alright I’m gonna gonna go check up on the Lucid and the investigation. See ya.
No. 118069 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts:Don't mind me, mini Absurdity, I'm just hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike as they put it...


thoughts: oh right, he can't read my mind, since I can't use my voice in risk someone malicious has my totem after all... ah well, I don't suppose he'd mind anyway.
No. 118095 ID: fc0d38
File 151147638402.jpg - (401.95KB , 1101x994 , Talking to this douchebag 120.jpg )

No. 118108 ID: ae9b99

thoughts:Damn, wrong Absurdity. That is a good question though, what am I doing here? why am I here? how did I even get here even? how do I get to mini Absurdity?

thoughts: I can't talk to these two with my voice being recorded on the white totem... I'll have to charades my way through this

*points to herself, then puts thumb and finger on one side of her lips, and slides it across the other as if she is closing her mouth shut with a zipper*
No. 118110 ID: fc0d38
File 151153189982.jpg - (844.83KB , 1678x2015 , Talking to this douchebag 121.jpg )

No. 118129 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: what does he mean "stopped talking"? I didn't say a word to begin with?

thoughts: I don't think I should be here. This seems private. Where is the exit and Mini Absurdity? Or maybe I'm supposed to be here? I guess the most I can do is watch and wait quietly.
No. 118230 ID: c66305

Hey, mind if I talk with you while you wait? Something just occurred to me. You know what I don’t understand?

Why us? Why are we the only other selves to really come forward to help Ana? I remember when we first started there were more, we each had some modicum of identity to help Ana, but we are all that remains. Why?

Then I started to think. What if that’s why Essence hates us? It’s clear she is one of us, another self, another Ana, just twisted and perverted somehow. What she WAS with is in the beginning? What did we do that silenced her? Fuck what if there are a thousand other’s like her all angry because we somehow, by some means we don’t understand, came out on top.
No. 118240 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: she said that she went through different instances of this universe... if she is, it probably isn't in this instance.
No. 118257 ID: 3583d1

True... But you know what I still don’t get? How did she do that? And if we are other selves of Ana drawn forth by the Ash tree or fate or god or whatever, then did she have otherselves as well? Did we have them on our journey?

And I have one last theory as to how we are the only ones left. What if we remain, because we are literally the best of the best. I know that sounds stupid, an amnesiac and a failed hero, but think about it. If we got our powers back, assuming you had powers, we might be even more powerful then Essence ever was. If she is the one who took it the others, maybe there is something about us that makes it impossible to do to us what she did to the others.

Look at Root, he is like Ana, he had otherselves as well, but Andrew killed them all off or silenced them somehow. Now he is all that remains. What if Essence was trying to do the same thing?
No. 118281 ID: a1c783
File 151197744140.jpg - (1.40MB , 1844x2276 , Talking to this douchebag 125.jpg )

No. 118285 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Scarred, you can hear me right?

thoughts: Tell Triumphant that we are actually undercover and speaking with Essence right now, and we've learned quiet a few things, though she seems to be losing her sanity right now.

thoughts: also, Essence, as sick and twisted as she is, does seem to have a tiny bit of feelings. I've seen her cry in sadness over watching a timeline get destroyed, and I've heard her mentioned that she is in love with someone named "Happy" though she is planning to have Ana and Happy rule over and destroy the universe. She may have cursed/trying to curse Ana and Happy to fall in love, and make/made it so that if Ana dies, Happy dies, or if Happy dies, Ana would die.

thoughts: Also, off topic, tell Triumphant that Dervan gave Ana his business card and offered her and 9 other people a way for her to escape this universe. I am considering it so she can be away from everyone trying to use her, but from what we've learned about Dervan's history, and has talked with Andrew a few times, we're worried we would just send Ana into trouble. Ask Triumphant if Dervan can be trusted, ask him for as much info about Dervan.
No. 118287 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: if getting rid of Essence means getting rid of us, then so be it. My only request is that we save Ana first
No. 118288 ID: b0f04f

Actually guys, I'm undercover right now. She think's im a voice in her own head. Insane as she is, she just slashed her own wrist. So she may be dying soon but I'm not holding out for anything honestly. There's not much she can do to surprise or impress me at this point.

What i've discovered is her ultimate goal is to get Ana to fall in love with someone called "The Happy Tragedy Phantom." No clue who he is supposed to be though. But basically she wants to wipe the timelines completely. Think of it like making everyone's suffering go away by destroying everything. I think she may have cursed Ana so that their fate's are intertwined, if HTP dies then Ana dies, and vice versa, this is just a working theory though. We'll see.

Also Triumphant, are you familiar with a guy named Daro? Daro has let it be known that he is a less than savory guy, and willingly associates himself with someone in our world who is also not a great guy named Andrew Goodwill, and this guy openly calls himself a demon.

Now... You know what has me worried? I'm sorry if this sounds selfish, but what does that mean for me and Fortune? Did we even exist? If the only reason we are here was because of Essence's soul in a tree, then what does that mean for us? I don't want to believe that my life, the memories that I cherish are nothing but a falsehood. It's funny I'm okay with me dying to save Ana and destroying Essence, but I don't want to die knowing that who I am is just shadow of Essence. Is that wrong of me?
No. 118309 ID: a1c783
File 151200297641.jpg - (1.48MB , 1748x2489 , Talking to this douchebag 126.jpg )

No. 118314 ID: 52bd63

Maybe that’s something to find out, what would happen if one of us takes possession of her soul, maybe we could stop her somehow.
No. 118315 ID: 52bd63

*materializes behind Triumphant in Silver Tails form, readjusts coat*
I think I can answer those questions about Dervan, don’t know why you didn’t ask me about him sooner Triumphant. good to see you Absurdity, I’ve been working with Triumphant here for a while now. In fact this is the only other astral projection I have going. I’ve been trying to consolidate carefully.

Anyway, no you can’t trust him. Anyone who openly admits to being a serial killer and enjoying killing their victims slowly isn’t someone you want to be around. And yes, he told me he did that in so many words. To make a long story short Triumphant, he got a hold of a knife of mine.
*eyes Robbit*
But because he didn’t know how to activate it properly it was just a dull piece of metal to him, but he still used that to kill. Luckily Scarred Ana has the ability to summon weapons and summoned the knife away from him. So he no longer has it. He’s taunted me on numerous occasions and I would not be surprised if he is playing both fields working with Andrew and Essence.
No. 118317 ID: b0f04f

By the way Daro, it seems my human descent has done another art piece of you. Here, I made a copy.
No. 118323 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Absurdity was the one who gave Ana the white totems. I need to know, does it records and plays out ONLY my voice, or my does it record my voice, AND my thoughts as well, like as I am thinking right now? I'm assuming it is only my voice and not my thoughts.

thoughts: My favor to Triumphant is to do some research on Dervan so we can get a better idea on him, though he doesn't really need to. It might make Dervan suspicious. Plus, Triumphant is already busy.

Thoughts: I'm worried about Esael. I know Triumphant isn't worried, but I am. The worst things possible seems to keep happening lately, and I am preparing for the worst.

thoughts: I wonder how Robbit's meeting with the Curtains Phantom went? if Curtains Phantom can save Ana instead of Dervan, great... But I've also been wondering for a while why Robbit had Black Tomato send Ana to Cera when he knew we wanted nothing to do with Root's cult?

Thoughts:... I should apologize to Robbit and Dreamwalker. it looks like future Falafaf is being used by Essence as a zombie. She wants to use her as a "bargaining chip". I don't think she can be saved. I take full responsibility for that one as I chose to sacrifice her to save the universe from a spirit parasite.

Thoughts: Essence is also using Flint's body as another zombie, some kind of television headed monster, and Scarred Ana's arm as another ally. I think she is right now trying to find a corpse to use as my copy.

thoughts: right now, Essence thinks I'm out of commission, still asleep. That is why I am laying low and watching Scarred's conversation with Essence from a distance in case she fails. I prefer to have Essence think I am gone for as long as possible. That is why I am not using my voice.
No. 118490 ID: bccf1a

I- I don't know if I can keep doing this... Dreamwalker, I- i'm so sorry... I- just can't. There's something you need to know... But... I- I just fucking can't do it...
No. 118491 ID: bccf1a

What? What do I need to know??? What is happening?!
No. 118507 ID: 042dc0
File 151249546390.jpg - (1.27MB , 1748x2624 , Talking to this douchebag 127.jpg )

No. 118508 ID: 3583d1

Fortune... you've been watching me right? please, just tell what been happening... I just fucking can't do it...
No. 118512 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: so it does only record my voice, not my thoughts. That is a relief. Until I can find out that my white totem is in safe hands, or destroyed, I will still keep telepathically communicating to you all through my thoughts.

*picks up Moon Card from pocket and shuffles it around with her fingers* thoughts: Dreamwalker, in order for us to get information out of our target, Scarred Ana needed to roleplay as one of her imaginary friends. While we were able to get juicy information out of her, However, her imaginary friend that Scarred Ana is roleplaying turns out to be a sick freak who gets off from seeing other people tortured, and our target is torturing our friend badly as our friend is wishing for death. Scarred had to play along with the torture because if she is found out not to be who she claims she is, that would mean our target will kill our friend on the spot

thoughts:...Scarred Ana, I can roleplay as our target's other imaginary friend, but I need you to know the following

thoughts: first, Scarred, I want you to find out what the other imaginary friend is like in personality. I need to know as to play that role of the other imaginary friend properly. Perhaps start the conversation asking if she has seen them somewhere. Not now though as right now would not be a good time. Just when the opportunity arises to change the subject properly, ask our target.
Second, Dreamwalker, if Triumphant will allow it, I want Dreamwalker to temporarily leave the astral projection he is using here as to not overexert himself when he creates a new one and searches for my white totem. Currently, I can only think of two spots it might be: with Anthony as I keep having a hunch he might have it, or Cera as she might have it somehow. If Anthony has it, great. whisper to him to hide it somewhere soundproof so Scarlet does not hear it so we can give it to Triumphant later, or tell him to destroy it to render it useless. Keep in mind that I can probably just communicate with our target through my thoughts like I'm doing now, but I have a feeling she will at some point want me to speak with my voice at some point during my undercover

thoughts: Triumphant, speaking of totems, you should know that Robbit has given The Incubus Melkior our black totems after Essence switched our white totems when we came back from the past. I don't know how that helps out on things unless Robbit wants to tell us, but maybe that can help you in some way.

thoughts: Robbit, tell me how did the meeting with the Curtains Phantom went?
No. 118515 ID: 3583d1


Fortune I need you to stand by and be ready to jump in as Inspector Crowkawske! I'm trying to stall for time to save Falafaf!
No. 118516 ID: 3583d1

No. 118533 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Hm, Essence is asking if she is a good person. I would say she isn't, but I wonder if she could be rescued from her psychotic state if she is questioning her morals now...

thoughts: Absurdity, what if we were to rescue Essence's spirit in the first cycle from being fused and trapped in the Ash Tree instead of killing her? would she lose her powers and become a normal spirit with human traits? I know it we would probably lose connection with this universe just the same if we would kill her but... I want to know our options. Can she be saved from her prison, or is she so far gone that she needs to be killed?
No. 118563 ID: 042dc0
File 151267247508.jpg - (452.09KB , 1298x1285 , Talking to this douchebag 128.jpg )

No. 118571 ID: 3583d1

I nearly fucked us due to overconfidence and me just being plain stupid for a second, and to be honest it looks like for my mistake i'm going to have to pull some cruel prank on TVhead/Flint, I don't really want to do that because I want stay in the good favor of his kids, so you can see we are in quite the conundrum. Any advice will be heard and listened to.
No. 118572 ID: 3583d1

No. 118628 ID: 042dc0
File 151287078340.jpg - (545.37KB , 1676x1821 , Talking to this douchebag 129.jpg )

No. 118631 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: I don't think it was a matter of competence, Robbit, I think it is basically how Absurdity was supposed to act at his job as Janitor to this universe at the time.

thoughts: Umm... that said, I don't know if we should hear the advice as much as I'd want to. From what I understand, Absurdity's job is, or rather was as this universe's janitor was to be more of an observer of this universe, not take sides, and not grow attached to anyone living in that universe, or give advice. To be kind of like a game master in a D&D game for comparison

thoughts: Though I am interested in knowing this instead. Absurdity you started out being pretty neutral between what both sides were fighting for and preferring not to give help at first. What made you change your mind?
No. 118641 ID: 042dc0
File 151289454166.jpg - (1.05MB , 1676x1905 , Talking to this douchebag 130.jpg )

No. 118642 ID: 3583d1

Are you telling me... it is THAT Falafaf that made she has... Gods of light and darkness preserve me.

As for me being a "God" I am what I am, and what I am is just another being who has people he cares about and wants to see the best for them. And that's why I'm in my form of how I would look in your world right now anyway. If they saw my real form of a giant eye-ball the size of the Chrysler building that would send the wrong impression.
No. 118646 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: hey Robbit? which world would you say is worse? the one you originated from, the one you created, or the universe that Ana lives in?

Thoughts: And Absurdity, sorry if I've been sounding cold and distant recently, but really, I'm trying hard not to play the victim and not ask for pity anymore. Indeed I know the world treated unfairly to Ana, our Allies, and ourselves... but are we really the only ones that were hurt unfairly by that world? I mean, to be honest, I don't think I've seen much people that were actually truly happy and treated fairly. A lot of people I've seen are suffering in this world, not just us. Some suffering even more than we are. Just to name a few of many I can think of, that person that fell off that building after being burnt, Clara being beaten within an inch of her life, Matilda being falsely accused even though she did nothing at the time, Anthony and the people he unintentional hurt with his artwork, and having trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality... (OH! sorry Dreamwalker for being the one to tell you that)

thoughts: and... *looks at moon card* an entire timeline, along with "The Bringer of Nightmares" literally being destroyed. I can think of more, but we'd be here all night.

thoughts: Now I kindly ask, Absurdity. Not that I don't appreciate the help, but out of curiosity: out of so many suffering people because of how the universe is treating them currently, why choose to help us instead of so many others?

Thoughts: That said, you can give us a hint if you want, but I guess part of me wants to try to get you back into the position you were before, Absurdity.


thoughts: speaking of The Bringer of Nightmares, I am suddenly wondering if she will come back in some way? I mean, if Scarred Ana and I came from our timelines, wouldn't "The Bringer of Nightmares" been summoned here too in some way by the Ash Tree as an astral projection like us after she died? Or maybe... perhaps... ummm...
No. 118659 ID: 042dc0
File 151293062358.jpg - (1.31MB , 1748x2684 , Talking to this douchebag 131.jpg )

No. 118664 ID: ae9b99

thouhgts: Well that was rude, Robbit. You calling Absurdity annoying. He might not want to give a hint after that...my apologies. It has been a Long day for all of us.

thoughts: Well, to be honest Absurdity, you were summoned here by Triumphant, and he is questioning you for advice, clues, and hints. If you want to give us hints, it might as well be towards Triumphant. He does want justice in our dimension after all. Go ahead.

thoughts: And I'm actually a little surprised to hear that Robbit's old dimension is far worse than Ana's, considering he's been tortured from ours after Essence made him suffer as her slave for so long during many years. And you saying your universe you created was your favorite, I thought you said when we first spoke to you that your favorite universe was the universe of Bazilio, Lulu and with.

thoughts: *Looks at moon card again* The Bringer of Nightmares version of Ana... I wonder if she really is a confused silent voice...
No. 118671 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295449213.jpg - (782.38KB , 1748x2346 , Talking to this douchebag 132.jpg )

No. 118672 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295453485.jpg - (626.94KB , 1748x1785 , Talking to this douchebag 133.jpg )

No. 118673 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295455978.jpg - (886.33KB , 1748x2508 , Talking to this douchebag 134.jpg )

No. 118679 ID: ae9b99

*looks up from moon card after song is finished and after staring at the card for so long*

thoughts:...hm? OH! thanks for that Absurdity

*pockets card*

thoughts:Also, I'm still wondering about the question I asked Robbit

thoughts: and Triumphant, what questions do you have for us?
No. 118701 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: Oh... right. Whoops. Scarred, people we are following and guiding can hear our thoughts. Thats how Jerry heard you. Thats how Absurdity, Robbit and Triumphant can hear my thoughts currently as well. If you want to speak privately, do it here next time. ok? That was partly my fault for not reminding you.


thoughts: oh shit, I just realized that means when you've been from time to time speaking through your thoughts while you were undercover speaking to Essence, it wasn't private and she probably knew this whole time meat monster was you because of that and was only playing along with it.

thoughts: umm... good thing you've left Essence at least when you did. If I'm lucky, she probably won't suspect me as her crow inspector. But she probably does.
No. 118708 ID: 39a6ad
File 151304436993.jpg - (781.93KB , 1796x1648 , Talking to this douchebag 135.jpg )

No. 118710 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: well lets just hope Essence wasn't able to here Scarred Ana's thoughts. But I'm not holding my breath. I mean, you guys can hear me through my mind after all.
No. 118713 ID: ae9b99

Well, the only way to test: I said the line Essence wanted to hear with my thoughts. If she hears it, she has heard Scarred's thoughts this entire time. If she doesn't. I'll have to start speaking starting with the line.
No. 118721 ID: 63e641

*Silent crying, slumped down*
No. 118732 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Someone get her some water, please.

thoughts: Alright, she has shown that she couldn't hear my thoughts, which means she couldn't hear Scarred's thoughts. She also couldn't hear us when we speak in void speak like this.

thoughts: I assume she can't hear our thoughts because we are not directly guiding her, but are actually guiding her through her imaginary friends.

thoughts: which means if I have to use my voice to speak to her, I have to be careful what I say. I'm taking a wait and see approach at the moment
No. 118828 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Triumphant, may you please contact Esael? I'm worried about her safety. If she answers, please use your visualization technique while she talks so we can see her location just in case.
No. 118842 ID: 39a6ad
File 151329628628.jpg - (848.13KB , 1748x1905 , Talking to this douchebag 136.jpg )

No. 118930 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: well, I can't think of anything else to say. Have any questions for us?
No. 118948 ID: ad879d

Dreamwalker, heads up I think Essence is about to launch some kind of Dream attack on Laura! Be ready!
No. 118949 ID: ad879d

What!? Thanks for the warning, I’ll start laying out some wards, she’s not getting past me! Keep an eye open for Falafaf as well.

Sorry Triumphant, this needs my attention. I’ll be back.
*Phases out*
No. 119610 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: You didn't answer my question, Robbit. I believe this is my third time asking? How did your meeting with the Curtains Phantom. Seeing as you didn't answer, it looks to me it failed miserably.
No. 119613 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: And to Triumphant, do you know of any dimensions where I may get some Tactician training that you can send me to? I'm expecting a no, but it never hurts to ask.
No. 119618 ID: 87a124
File 151611770363.jpg - (969.54KB , 1748x2055 , Talking to this douchebag 137.jpg )

No. 119621 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: why do you think Ana traveling to another dimension is a bad idea, Triumphant?
No. 119921 ID: ae9b99
File 151682734001.png - (39.09KB , 432x466 , doll.png )

thoughts: psst. Absurdity. have you ever given Falafaf a pull string doll of yourself endorsing Falafaf's fortune telling services? here is a visual I'll project in your mind. Just asking you quietly so Robbit doesn't hear. I hate to admit it, but after doing some very long thinking, there are some things that seems off...
No. 119926 ID: 879724
File 151684922890.jpg - (290.36KB , 1553x1816 , Talking to this douchebag 138.jpg )

No. 119931 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Um, Absurdity... hold that thought of what I was going to ask you, I just heard something interesting that I think needs to be straightened out.

thoughts: Robbit. Please straighten out this contradiction: earlier you were protesting Absurdity's competence explaining "What Essence did in a way can be seen as an attack and destruction of the worlds and reality itself. Him (Absurdity) not doing anything while the world is getting destroyed is a real problem. I don't care if he is the janitor, game master in a D&D or even the god of this woorld, he should have done something"

thoughts: and yet just now, when Absurdity decides to help us, you angrily remarked his actions saying "That is not your (Absurdity's) code of conduct, you are supposed to be neutral in all of this"

Thoughts: First you want him to break his neutrality to stop Essence, and now, you are crying foul when he does help out. Please explain yourself.
No. 119952 ID: 879724
File 151690525896.jpg - (144.57KB , 1611x520 , Talking to this douchebag 139.jpg )

No. 119968 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Ok. I'm sure Triumphant and Dervan will have a long talk with him about that or something.

thoughts: speaking of Dervan, Absurdity I just remembered you actually wanted to speak to Dervan earlier, attempting to lure him with your puppet, and here he is. *whisper* But first, I wanted to ask if you sent a pullstring doll to Falafaf approving her fortune telling services
No. 120082 ID: b0f04f

Hey Robbit, do you go by Mr Slick sometimes?
No. 120083 ID: 879724
File 151725670214.jpg - (621.48KB , 2750x1486 , Talking to this douchebag 140.jpg )

No. 120084 ID: b0f04f

Nah it’s cool, I was more curious because Essence is asking a question about creatures that created Robbit and asking who has a history with them. I know he’s gone by a bunch of different names so figured that could have been one of them. So far you are the next best answer, I’m also surprised the Ambassador wasn’t on that list of choices either he showed off the picture of himself to them... at least I think he did.
No. 120085 ID: b0f04f
File 151725758496.jpg - (1.17MB , 2732x1466 , D387597E-768D-46F3-AD76-C2746D6398EE.jpg )

Aha! They were shown that drawing along with a bunch of other people. So it can be assumed that everyone here knows each other or is aware of each other. Absurdity you are not here, but Andrew is! He might be the right answer!
No. 120089 ID: 879724
File 151726530550.jpg - (442.94KB , 1527x929 , Talking to this douchebag 141.jpg )

No. 120172 ID: 3583d1

Excuse me Absurdity? I do believe Essence is cheating.
No. 120174 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: are you sure we should be asking Absurdity for help?
No. 120176 ID: 3583d1

He changed the questions around, he helped keep things in balance. He wouldn’t let us win the game, but he did give us the chance to win. He can choose to help us now or even just give us a hint on how to stop Essence. But even you have stated you knew she wouldn’t want to give us that chance to win. Sometimes we need a more level playing field.
No. 120184 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: I'm just concerned that Absurdity might get in further trouble for influencing things again, since he's done it before when changing the questions around. My stance is not ask Absurdity for help. If she wants to cheat and have the tenth question actually be four more questions, or have it be her turn forever until Laura dies, so be it, but I'm not stooping to her level to purposely cheat right back like having Absurdity influence things again. I have a little more respect to this "story" than to do something like that. I want to figure something else out.

thoughts: If Absurdity chooses to do something about her actions, it will be his own decision, not mine. I want nothing to do with that.

thoughts: Besides, if Devoid is preventing us from asking certain questions to prevent cheating and making things a fair fight, then surely he'll do something to stop Essence from cheating and making this fair.
No. 120185 ID: 3583d1

When did you become so cold? Dreamwalker and Laura could die and you want to do nothing or try to find some other way? Fortune, think this one through.

Yes I understand why Absudity might not want to do it, but would DeVoid really step in to do anything? He’s already shown he can see this and speak to us. If he wants to step in he’d better do it soon.

And that’s just the thing though, if she is attempting to play unfairly, then I’ll beat her unfairly. We never cheated once that whole game, the only help we had was Absurdity stepping in of his own volition. And I don’t know about you but I am tired of taking her crap and I just want her to leave us alone. And out of respect for this “story” I say the power to influence should remain in the hands of those who deserve it, not me, not you, and certainly not HER.

If you have some other ideas other than our only current options besides dodge like we’ve never dodged before I’m all ears, but that’s not undertale is played, so if you’ve got and idea, let’s hear it, otherwise we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sometimes we just have to be realistic.
No. 120186 ID: 3583d1

Let me ask you something Fortune, what is it that you want? What do you want out of all of this? I’ve held the reins a long time now, and to be honest, this new you... it scares me.

You don’t smile as much as you used to, you’re just... cold. What kind of epiphany did you have to make you like this. Because once upon a time you would talk me down from my rage and keep me line, now it seems I’m trying to do the same but remind you of your humanity.

So what is that you want?
No. 120189 ID: 879724
File 151748321859.jpg - (156.11KB , 986x480 , Talking to this douchebag 142.jpg )

No. 120388 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Now I would like to ask some questions regarding the Mad World Painting. I also want Triumphant to help with the visualization.

thoughts: Rabbot, if I remember, there was supposed to be a protective layer to prevent Mad World from eating people or prevent him from hitchhiking on people.
First, I want to know mainly what this protective layer looks like, how big is it, is it immediately noticeable when it is put on the painting? I assume it must be something pretty strong prevent Mad World from doing devious things.
Second, I want to know when this protective layer was put on the painting.

thoughts: Triumphant, if you can based off his description, please show what the painting would look like with, and without the protective layer.
No. 120396 ID: 879724
File 151802068547.jpg - (0.97MB , 1538x1739 , Talking to this douchebag 143.jpg )

No. 120406 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: hmmm... that is odd... something doesn't seem right with something I remembered about that painting. I'll ask about what I am trying to remember, But first, Scarred, I want to ask if you know what I think is odd?
No. 120408 ID: b0f04f
File 151805139357.png - (541.42KB , 1093x819 , 04CBE14E-0650-4E36-89DB-6AE73E8DEBB4.png )

The frames are different...

The one on the left is the one Ana saw, and the one on the right is the one Robbit is showing us.

The one Ana saw does have that symbol on the frame.

Someone knew she would be showing up and set Mad World up either knowing, or hoping he would try to kill Ana. The only questions are, who did it, and does Mad World know who switched them?
No. 120410 ID: 879724
File 151805582768.jpg - (299.92KB , 1430x774 , Talking to this douchebag 144.jpg )


Also I have updated the other stories, with Essence and Betty. So you can answer that when you are able to
No. 120412 ID: ae9b99
File 151806113424.png - (1.43MB , 1670x1231 , picture.png )

thouhgts:...Well yeah, Scarred. Robbit already told us about those symbols. What he explained makes sense and isn't odd at all... but that isn't what I found odd.

thoughts: But what I am thinking is odd is the very first time I saw Mad World, Scarred. and no, the first time I saw him was not when Ana was going to get eaten by him when I watched her in my dreams... believe it or not, I've seen him before with dreamwalker. Best if I showed you. Scarred, please explain this contradiction to me. What do you see?
No. 120420 ID: 1e0d53

I see him...

I vaguely remember Dreamwalker being there but I don’t recall entirely. Perhaps we should just ask him?
No. 120421 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Don't ask Dreamwalker now, Scarred. Don't want Essence hearing this.

thoughts: Also, have you noticed the frame around Mad World from when we first met him is completely different, Scarred? Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed.
No. 120425 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: specifically, the frame around mad world when I first saw him with Dreamwalker is a lot more standard and minimalist than the detailed protective frame Ana saw before she was about to get murdered by it, and the one Robbit showed us just now. Your thoughts on this Scarred?
No. 120435 ID: 3583d1

I think we need to get a list of suspects of who could have done it. We should start by figuring out who was there that could have done it.
I know we can cross Dreamwalker and Robbit off the list. Dreamwalker has already shown that he is in our camp, and besides he’s already shown that he wants AJ to live and grow and he can’t do that if Ana is dead.
Robbit, while he definitely had the means, I don’t think he had motive.

If you want my opinion I think it might have been that mini Robbit. He was watching up until I saw him and at that point he got scared and ran away. However, I don’t think he knew what was happening. I think he was told to do it by someone who knew what would happen....
No. 120436 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: hm, well Triumphant, if it is alright with you, when you are ready to investigate that dimension, would it be alright if I followed you? *whispers* Last I checked, Lorence is there, and he prevented me from looking for clues, using a curator to kick me out. Embarrassing, I know.

thoughts: And Robbit, I'm ready to ask you now, I'm interested in knowing: when we first entered your dimension, and you showed us the Vesnig Deeviat family members portrait, why was Mad World in a totally different frame instead of the frame which you can activate or deactivate to prevent Mad World from eating people?
No. 120446 ID: 879724
File 151811333924.jpg - (373.93KB , 1341x1090 , Talking to this douchebag 145.jpg )

No. 120449 ID: ae9b99

inner thouhgts: wow, Robbit has good hearing to hear me whisper to Triumphant. Should keep that in mind

thoughts: Well first, before we start pointing fingers, I should say I believe Lorence is not the one who deactivated Mad World painting. When Ana was getting eaten, Lorence was talking to the Ambassador in his mansion. He has an alibi.

thoughts: Anyway, Robbit, Falafaf didn't tell you? I assumed you knew. Falafaf invited Lorence for a date.

thoughts: but that now raises some questions: why didn't she tell you? and why would she risk having him over for a date... unless she knew through her predictions that you, Robbit, were going to get kidnapped by Essence, and taken in here by Dervan, eliminating that risk... That would probably mean her date is more important than warning you about what was going to happen to you, Rabbot...

thoughts: though, these are just theories. She was, for a little bit, thinking about canceling the date to help us.
No. 120453 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: but now I must ask, you said that Mad World is only able to move to different paintings when the protective layer is not placed in front of it. when Dreamwalker and I first entered your endless hallway of your paintings, why wasn't the protective layer placed in front of it? you said you guys put on the layer when new people show up, and Dreamwalker and I were new to the hallway at the time. Mad World should not have been able to do that at the time
No. 120533 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: And Triumphant, if you are going to investigate, we should do it soon, Essence is distracted and in the final round. Afterwards, she'll be active again and try to steal clues from us.

thoughts: But I still want to know these final two questions before we head out soon:

thoughts: Absurdity, did you ever give Falafaf a doll of yourself endorsing her fortune telling?

thoughts: Rabbot, why wasn't the protective layer on the painting when Dreamwalker and I first entered your dimension? I can understand if it wasn't required if the painting didn't effect me, but it could have harmed Dreamwalker as I don't think he was an astral projection at the time. Need to know so I have an idea of when the protective layer is put on the painting, and when someone might have removed it.
No. 120554 ID: b473ab
File 151839043102.jpg - (543.73KB , 1808x1174 , Talking to this douchebag 146.jpg )

No. 120566 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: I see... Thanks for your cooperation both of you. There are some things that are troubling, like the doll you never given... this wasn't the first time she lied to me... also, you both given me a lot to think about, and confirmed some of my suspicions.

thoughts: For the record, Dreamwalker entered the hall first, and than I entered second. It wasn't just us voices. but you were watching Mad World at the time, so that makes sense. Makes me wonder if Mad World fed any of our enemies information from spying on us at the time... he is in the attic, right? might want to make sure nobody goes in there when Triumphant starts his investigation there...

thouhgts: My last question for you regarding Mad World was when exactly did you activate the protection for Ana's arrival? just to give us an idea of when it could have been deactivated.

thoughts: Triumphant, is there anything else you'd like to ask before you start the investigation? As I said, we should probably head out soon, not to sound annoying and to rush things.
No. 120584 ID: b473ab
File 151847143415.jpg - (952.41KB , 1683x1537 , Talking to this douchebag 147.jpg )