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File 149453535197.jpg - (671.24KB , 1288x1324 , Talking to this douchebag 1.jpg )
111523 No. 111523 ID: 4a6bb7

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No. 118230 ID: c66305

Hey, mind if I talk with you while you wait? Something just occurred to me. You know what I don’t understand?

Why us? Why are we the only other selves to really come forward to help Ana? I remember when we first started there were more, we each had some modicum of identity to help Ana, but we are all that remains. Why?

Then I started to think. What if that’s why Essence hates us? It’s clear she is one of us, another self, another Ana, just twisted and perverted somehow. What she WAS with is in the beginning? What did we do that silenced her? Fuck what if there are a thousand other’s like her all angry because we somehow, by some means we don’t understand, came out on top.
No. 118240 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: she said that she went through different instances of this universe... if she is, it probably isn't in this instance.
No. 118257 ID: 3583d1

True... But you know what I still don’t get? How did she do that? And if we are other selves of Ana drawn forth by the Ash tree or fate or god or whatever, then did she have otherselves as well? Did we have them on our journey?

And I have one last theory as to how we are the only ones left. What if we remain, because we are literally the best of the best. I know that sounds stupid, an amnesiac and a failed hero, but think about it. If we got our powers back, assuming you had powers, we might be even more powerful then Essence ever was. If she is the one who took it the others, maybe there is something about us that makes it impossible to do to us what she did to the others.

Look at Root, he is like Ana, he had otherselves as well, but Andrew killed them all off or silenced them somehow. Now he is all that remains. What if Essence was trying to do the same thing?
No. 118281 ID: a1c783
File 151197744140.jpg - (1.40MB , 1844x2276 , Talking to this douchebag 125.jpg )

No. 118285 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Scarred, you can hear me right?

thoughts: Tell Triumphant that we are actually undercover and speaking with Essence right now, and we've learned quiet a few things, though she seems to be losing her sanity right now.

thoughts: also, Essence, as sick and twisted as she is, does seem to have a tiny bit of feelings. I've seen her cry in sadness over watching a timeline get destroyed, and I've heard her mentioned that she is in love with someone named "Happy" though she is planning to have Ana and Happy rule over and destroy the universe. She may have cursed/trying to curse Ana and Happy to fall in love, and make/made it so that if Ana dies, Happy dies, or if Happy dies, Ana would die.

thoughts: Also, off topic, tell Triumphant that Dervan gave Ana his business card and offered her and 9 other people a way for her to escape this universe. I am considering it so she can be away from everyone trying to use her, but from what we've learned about Dervan's history, and has talked with Andrew a few times, we're worried we would just send Ana into trouble. Ask Triumphant if Dervan can be trusted, ask him for as much info about Dervan.
No. 118287 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: if getting rid of Essence means getting rid of us, then so be it. My only request is that we save Ana first
No. 118288 ID: b0f04f

Actually guys, I'm undercover right now. She think's im a voice in her own head. Insane as she is, she just slashed her own wrist. So she may be dying soon but I'm not holding out for anything honestly. There's not much she can do to surprise or impress me at this point.

What i've discovered is her ultimate goal is to get Ana to fall in love with someone called "The Happy Tragedy Phantom." No clue who he is supposed to be though. But basically she wants to wipe the timelines completely. Think of it like making everyone's suffering go away by destroying everything. I think she may have cursed Ana so that their fate's are intertwined, if HTP dies then Ana dies, and vice versa, this is just a working theory though. We'll see.

Also Triumphant, are you familiar with a guy named Daro? Daro has let it be known that he is a less than savory guy, and willingly associates himself with someone in our world who is also not a great guy named Andrew Goodwill, and this guy openly calls himself a demon.

Now... You know what has me worried? I'm sorry if this sounds selfish, but what does that mean for me and Fortune? Did we even exist? If the only reason we are here was because of Essence's soul in a tree, then what does that mean for us? I don't want to believe that my life, the memories that I cherish are nothing but a falsehood. It's funny I'm okay with me dying to save Ana and destroying Essence, but I don't want to die knowing that who I am is just shadow of Essence. Is that wrong of me?
No. 118309 ID: a1c783
File 151200297641.jpg - (1.48MB , 1748x2489 , Talking to this douchebag 126.jpg )

No. 118314 ID: 52bd63

Maybe that’s something to find out, what would happen if one of us takes possession of her soul, maybe we could stop her somehow.
No. 118315 ID: 52bd63

*materializes behind Triumphant in Silver Tails form, readjusts coat*
I think I can answer those questions about Dervan, don’t know why you didn’t ask me about him sooner Triumphant. good to see you Absurdity, I’ve been working with Triumphant here for a while now. In fact this is the only other astral projection I have going. I’ve been trying to consolidate carefully.

Anyway, no you can’t trust him. Anyone who openly admits to being a serial killer and enjoying killing their victims slowly isn’t someone you want to be around. And yes, he told me he did that in so many words. To make a long story short Triumphant, he got a hold of a knife of mine.
*eyes Robbit*
But because he didn’t know how to activate it properly it was just a dull piece of metal to him, but he still used that to kill. Luckily Scarred Ana has the ability to summon weapons and summoned the knife away from him. So he no longer has it. He’s taunted me on numerous occasions and I would not be surprised if he is playing both fields working with Andrew and Essence.
No. 118317 ID: b0f04f

By the way Daro, it seems my human descent has done another art piece of you. Here, I made a copy.
No. 118323 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Absurdity was the one who gave Ana the white totems. I need to know, does it records and plays out ONLY my voice, or my does it record my voice, AND my thoughts as well, like as I am thinking right now? I'm assuming it is only my voice and not my thoughts.

thoughts: My favor to Triumphant is to do some research on Dervan so we can get a better idea on him, though he doesn't really need to. It might make Dervan suspicious. Plus, Triumphant is already busy.

Thoughts: I'm worried about Esael. I know Triumphant isn't worried, but I am. The worst things possible seems to keep happening lately, and I am preparing for the worst.

thoughts: I wonder how Robbit's meeting with the Curtains Phantom went? if Curtains Phantom can save Ana instead of Dervan, great... But I've also been wondering for a while why Robbit had Black Tomato send Ana to Cera when he knew we wanted nothing to do with Root's cult?

Thoughts:... I should apologize to Robbit and Dreamwalker. it looks like future Falafaf is being used by Essence as a zombie. She wants to use her as a "bargaining chip". I don't think she can be saved. I take full responsibility for that one as I chose to sacrifice her to save the universe from a spirit parasite.

Thoughts: Essence is also using Flint's body as another zombie, some kind of television headed monster, and Scarred Ana's arm as another ally. I think she is right now trying to find a corpse to use as my copy.

thoughts: right now, Essence thinks I'm out of commission, still asleep. That is why I am laying low and watching Scarred's conversation with Essence from a distance in case she fails. I prefer to have Essence think I am gone for as long as possible. That is why I am not using my voice.
No. 118490 ID: bccf1a

I- I don't know if I can keep doing this... Dreamwalker, I- i'm so sorry... I- just can't. There's something you need to know... But... I- I just fucking can't do it...
No. 118491 ID: bccf1a

What? What do I need to know??? What is happening?!
No. 118507 ID: 042dc0
File 151249546390.jpg - (1.27MB , 1748x2624 , Talking to this douchebag 127.jpg )

No. 118508 ID: 3583d1

Fortune... you've been watching me right? please, just tell what been happening... I just fucking can't do it...
No. 118512 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: so it does only record my voice, not my thoughts. That is a relief. Until I can find out that my white totem is in safe hands, or destroyed, I will still keep telepathically communicating to you all through my thoughts.

*picks up Moon Card from pocket and shuffles it around with her fingers* thoughts: Dreamwalker, in order for us to get information out of our target, Scarred Ana needed to roleplay as one of her imaginary friends. While we were able to get juicy information out of her, However, her imaginary friend that Scarred Ana is roleplaying turns out to be a sick freak who gets off from seeing other people tortured, and our target is torturing our friend badly as our friend is wishing for death. Scarred had to play along with the torture because if she is found out not to be who she claims she is, that would mean our target will kill our friend on the spot

thoughts:...Scarred Ana, I can roleplay as our target's other imaginary friend, but I need you to know the following

thoughts: first, Scarred, I want you to find out what the other imaginary friend is like in personality. I need to know as to play that role of the other imaginary friend properly. Perhaps start the conversation asking if she has seen them somewhere. Not now though as right now would not be a good time. Just when the opportunity arises to change the subject properly, ask our target.
Second, Dreamwalker, if Triumphant will allow it, I want Dreamwalker to temporarily leave the astral projection he is using here as to not overexert himself when he creates a new one and searches for my white totem. Currently, I can only think of two spots it might be: with Anthony as I keep having a hunch he might have it, or Cera as she might have it somehow. If Anthony has it, great. whisper to him to hide it somewhere soundproof so Scarlet does not hear it so we can give it to Triumphant later, or tell him to destroy it to render it useless. Keep in mind that I can probably just communicate with our target through my thoughts like I'm doing now, but I have a feeling she will at some point want me to speak with my voice at some point during my undercover

thoughts: Triumphant, speaking of totems, you should know that Robbit has given The Incubus Melkior our black totems after Essence switched our white totems when we came back from the past. I don't know how that helps out on things unless Robbit wants to tell us, but maybe that can help you in some way.

thoughts: Robbit, tell me how did the meeting with the Curtains Phantom went?
No. 118515 ID: 3583d1


Fortune I need you to stand by and be ready to jump in as Inspector Crowkawske! I'm trying to stall for time to save Falafaf!
No. 118516 ID: 3583d1

No. 118533 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Hm, Essence is asking if she is a good person. I would say she isn't, but I wonder if she could be rescued from her psychotic state if she is questioning her morals now...

thoughts: Absurdity, what if we were to rescue Essence's spirit in the first cycle from being fused and trapped in the Ash Tree instead of killing her? would she lose her powers and become a normal spirit with human traits? I know it we would probably lose connection with this universe just the same if we would kill her but... I want to know our options. Can she be saved from her prison, or is she so far gone that she needs to be killed?
No. 118563 ID: 042dc0
File 151267247508.jpg - (452.09KB , 1298x1285 , Talking to this douchebag 128.jpg )

No. 118571 ID: 3583d1

I nearly fucked us due to overconfidence and me just being plain stupid for a second, and to be honest it looks like for my mistake i'm going to have to pull some cruel prank on TVhead/Flint, I don't really want to do that because I want stay in the good favor of his kids, so you can see we are in quite the conundrum. Any advice will be heard and listened to.
No. 118572 ID: 3583d1

No. 118628 ID: 042dc0
File 151287078340.jpg - (545.37KB , 1676x1821 , Talking to this douchebag 129.jpg )

No. 118631 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: I don't think it was a matter of competence, Robbit, I think it is basically how Absurdity was supposed to act at his job as Janitor to this universe at the time.

thoughts: Umm... that said, I don't know if we should hear the advice as much as I'd want to. From what I understand, Absurdity's job is, or rather was as this universe's janitor was to be more of an observer of this universe, not take sides, and not grow attached to anyone living in that universe, or give advice. To be kind of like a game master in a D&D game for comparison

thoughts: Though I am interested in knowing this instead. Absurdity you started out being pretty neutral between what both sides were fighting for and preferring not to give help at first. What made you change your mind?
No. 118641 ID: 042dc0
File 151289454166.jpg - (1.05MB , 1676x1905 , Talking to this douchebag 130.jpg )

No. 118642 ID: 3583d1

Are you telling me... it is THAT Falafaf that made she has... Gods of light and darkness preserve me.

As for me being a "God" I am what I am, and what I am is just another being who has people he cares about and wants to see the best for them. And that's why I'm in my form of how I would look in your world right now anyway. If they saw my real form of a giant eye-ball the size of the Chrysler building that would send the wrong impression.
No. 118646 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: hey Robbit? which world would you say is worse? the one you originated from, the one you created, or the universe that Ana lives in?

Thoughts: And Absurdity, sorry if I've been sounding cold and distant recently, but really, I'm trying hard not to play the victim and not ask for pity anymore. Indeed I know the world treated unfairly to Ana, our Allies, and ourselves... but are we really the only ones that were hurt unfairly by that world? I mean, to be honest, I don't think I've seen much people that were actually truly happy and treated fairly. A lot of people I've seen are suffering in this world, not just us. Some suffering even more than we are. Just to name a few of many I can think of, that person that fell off that building after being burnt, Clara being beaten within an inch of her life, Matilda being falsely accused even though she did nothing at the time, Anthony and the people he unintentional hurt with his artwork, and having trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality... (OH! sorry Dreamwalker for being the one to tell you that)

thoughts: and... *looks at moon card* an entire timeline, along with "The Bringer of Nightmares" literally being destroyed. I can think of more, but we'd be here all night.

thoughts: Now I kindly ask, Absurdity. Not that I don't appreciate the help, but out of curiosity: out of so many suffering people because of how the universe is treating them currently, why choose to help us instead of so many others?

Thoughts: That said, you can give us a hint if you want, but I guess part of me wants to try to get you back into the position you were before, Absurdity.


thoughts: speaking of The Bringer of Nightmares, I am suddenly wondering if she will come back in some way? I mean, if Scarred Ana and I came from our timelines, wouldn't "The Bringer of Nightmares" been summoned here too in some way by the Ash Tree as an astral projection like us after she died? Or maybe... perhaps... ummm...
No. 118659 ID: 042dc0
File 151293062358.jpg - (1.31MB , 1748x2684 , Talking to this douchebag 131.jpg )

No. 118664 ID: ae9b99

thouhgts: Well that was rude, Robbit. You calling Absurdity annoying. He might not want to give a hint after that...my apologies. It has been a Long day for all of us.

thoughts: Well, to be honest Absurdity, you were summoned here by Triumphant, and he is questioning you for advice, clues, and hints. If you want to give us hints, it might as well be towards Triumphant. He does want justice in our dimension after all. Go ahead.

thoughts: And I'm actually a little surprised to hear that Robbit's old dimension is far worse than Ana's, considering he's been tortured from ours after Essence made him suffer as her slave for so long during many years. And you saying your universe you created was your favorite, I thought you said when we first spoke to you that your favorite universe was the universe of Bazilio, Lulu and with.

thoughts: *Looks at moon card again* The Bringer of Nightmares version of Ana... I wonder if she really is a confused silent voice...
No. 118671 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295449213.jpg - (782.38KB , 1748x2346 , Talking to this douchebag 132.jpg )

No. 118672 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295453485.jpg - (626.94KB , 1748x1785 , Talking to this douchebag 133.jpg )

No. 118673 ID: 39a6ad
File 151295455978.jpg - (886.33KB , 1748x2508 , Talking to this douchebag 134.jpg )

No. 118679 ID: ae9b99

*looks up from moon card after song is finished and after staring at the card for so long*

thoughts:...hm? OH! thanks for that Absurdity

*pockets card*

thoughts:Also, I'm still wondering about the question I asked Robbit

thoughts: and Triumphant, what questions do you have for us?
No. 118701 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: Oh... right. Whoops. Scarred, people we are following and guiding can hear our thoughts. Thats how Jerry heard you. Thats how Absurdity, Robbit and Triumphant can hear my thoughts currently as well. If you want to speak privately, do it here next time. ok? That was partly my fault for not reminding you.


thoughts: oh shit, I just realized that means when you've been from time to time speaking through your thoughts while you were undercover speaking to Essence, it wasn't private and she probably knew this whole time meat monster was you because of that and was only playing along with it.

thoughts: umm... good thing you've left Essence at least when you did. If I'm lucky, she probably won't suspect me as her crow inspector. But she probably does.
No. 118708 ID: 39a6ad
File 151304436993.jpg - (781.93KB , 1796x1648 , Talking to this douchebag 135.jpg )

No. 118710 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: well lets just hope Essence wasn't able to here Scarred Ana's thoughts. But I'm not holding my breath. I mean, you guys can hear me through my mind after all.
No. 118713 ID: ae9b99

Well, the only way to test: I said the line Essence wanted to hear with my thoughts. If she hears it, she has heard Scarred's thoughts this entire time. If she doesn't. I'll have to start speaking starting with the line.
No. 118721 ID: 63e641

*Silent crying, slumped down*
No. 118732 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Someone get her some water, please.

thoughts: Alright, she has shown that she couldn't hear my thoughts, which means she couldn't hear Scarred's thoughts. She also couldn't hear us when we speak in void speak like this.

thoughts: I assume she can't hear our thoughts because we are not directly guiding her, but are actually guiding her through her imaginary friends.

thoughts: which means if I have to use my voice to speak to her, I have to be careful what I say. I'm taking a wait and see approach at the moment
No. 118828 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Triumphant, may you please contact Esael? I'm worried about her safety. If she answers, please use your visualization technique while she talks so we can see her location just in case.
No. 118842 ID: 39a6ad
File 151329628628.jpg - (848.13KB , 1748x1905 , Talking to this douchebag 136.jpg )

No. 118930 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: well, I can't think of anything else to say. Have any questions for us?
No. 118948 ID: ad879d

Dreamwalker, heads up I think Essence is about to launch some kind of Dream attack on Laura! Be ready!
No. 118949 ID: ad879d

What!? Thanks for the warning, I’ll start laying out some wards, she’s not getting past me! Keep an eye open for Falafaf as well.

Sorry Triumphant, this needs my attention. I’ll be back.
*Phases out*
No. 119610 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: You didn't answer my question, Robbit. I believe this is my third time asking? How did your meeting with the Curtains Phantom. Seeing as you didn't answer, it looks to me it failed miserably.
No. 119613 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: And to Triumphant, do you know of any dimensions where I may get some Tactician training that you can send me to? I'm expecting a no, but it never hurts to ask.
No. 119618 ID: 87a124
File 151611770363.jpg - (969.54KB , 1748x2055 , Talking to this douchebag 137.jpg )

No. 119621 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: why do you think Ana traveling to another dimension is a bad idea, Triumphant?
No. 119921 ID: ae9b99
File 151682734001.png - (39.09KB , 432x466 , doll.png )

thoughts: psst. Absurdity. have you ever given Falafaf a pull string doll of yourself endorsing Falafaf's fortune telling services? here is a visual I'll project in your mind. Just asking you quietly so Robbit doesn't hear. I hate to admit it, but after doing some very long thinking, there are some things that seems off...
No. 119926 ID: 879724
File 151684922890.jpg - (290.36KB , 1553x1816 , Talking to this douchebag 138.jpg )

No. 119931 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Um, Absurdity... hold that thought of what I was going to ask you, I just heard something interesting that I think needs to be straightened out.

thoughts: Robbit. Please straighten out this contradiction: earlier you were protesting Absurdity's competence explaining "What Essence did in a way can be seen as an attack and destruction of the worlds and reality itself. Him (Absurdity) not doing anything while the world is getting destroyed is a real problem. I don't care if he is the janitor, game master in a D&D or even the god of this woorld, he should have done something"

thoughts: and yet just now, when Absurdity decides to help us, you angrily remarked his actions saying "That is not your (Absurdity's) code of conduct, you are supposed to be neutral in all of this"

Thoughts: First you want him to break his neutrality to stop Essence, and now, you are crying foul when he does help out. Please explain yourself.
No. 119952 ID: 879724
File 151690525896.jpg - (144.57KB , 1611x520 , Talking to this douchebag 139.jpg )

No. 119968 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Ok. I'm sure Triumphant and Dervan will have a long talk with him about that or something.

thoughts: speaking of Dervan, Absurdity I just remembered you actually wanted to speak to Dervan earlier, attempting to lure him with your puppet, and here he is. *whisper* But first, I wanted to ask if you sent a pullstring doll to Falafaf approving her fortune telling services
No. 120082 ID: b0f04f

Hey Robbit, do you go by Mr Slick sometimes?
No. 120083 ID: 879724
File 151725670214.jpg - (621.48KB , 2750x1486 , Talking to this douchebag 140.jpg )

No. 120084 ID: b0f04f

Nah it’s cool, I was more curious because Essence is asking a question about creatures that created Robbit and asking who has a history with them. I know he’s gone by a bunch of different names so figured that could have been one of them. So far you are the next best answer, I’m also surprised the Ambassador wasn’t on that list of choices either he showed off the picture of himself to them... at least I think he did.
No. 120085 ID: b0f04f
File 151725758496.jpg - (1.17MB , 2732x1466 , D387597E-768D-46F3-AD76-C2746D6398EE.jpg )

Aha! They were shown that drawing along with a bunch of other people. So it can be assumed that everyone here knows each other or is aware of each other. Absurdity you are not here, but Andrew is! He might be the right answer!
No. 120089 ID: 879724
File 151726530550.jpg - (442.94KB , 1527x929 , Talking to this douchebag 141.jpg )

No. 120172 ID: 3583d1

Excuse me Absurdity? I do believe Essence is cheating.
No. 120174 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: are you sure we should be asking Absurdity for help?
No. 120176 ID: 3583d1

He changed the questions around, he helped keep things in balance. He wouldn’t let us win the game, but he did give us the chance to win. He can choose to help us now or even just give us a hint on how to stop Essence. But even you have stated you knew she wouldn’t want to give us that chance to win. Sometimes we need a more level playing field.
No. 120184 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: I'm just concerned that Absurdity might get in further trouble for influencing things again, since he's done it before when changing the questions around. My stance is not ask Absurdity for help. If she wants to cheat and have the tenth question actually be four more questions, or have it be her turn forever until Laura dies, so be it, but I'm not stooping to her level to purposely cheat right back like having Absurdity influence things again. I have a little more respect to this "story" than to do something like that. I want to figure something else out.

thoughts: If Absurdity chooses to do something about her actions, it will be his own decision, not mine. I want nothing to do with that.

thoughts: Besides, if Devoid is preventing us from asking certain questions to prevent cheating and making things a fair fight, then surely he'll do something to stop Essence from cheating and making this fair.
No. 120185 ID: 3583d1

When did you become so cold? Dreamwalker and Laura could die and you want to do nothing or try to find some other way? Fortune, think this one through.

Yes I understand why Absudity might not want to do it, but would DeVoid really step in to do anything? He’s already shown he can see this and speak to us. If he wants to step in he’d better do it soon.

And that’s just the thing though, if she is attempting to play unfairly, then I’ll beat her unfairly. We never cheated once that whole game, the only help we had was Absurdity stepping in of his own volition. And I don’t know about you but I am tired of taking her crap and I just want her to leave us alone. And out of respect for this “story” I say the power to influence should remain in the hands of those who deserve it, not me, not you, and certainly not HER.

If you have some other ideas other than our only current options besides dodge like we’ve never dodged before I’m all ears, but that’s not undertale is played, so if you’ve got and idea, let’s hear it, otherwise we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sometimes we just have to be realistic.
No. 120186 ID: 3583d1

Let me ask you something Fortune, what is it that you want? What do you want out of all of this? I’ve held the reins a long time now, and to be honest, this new you... it scares me.

You don’t smile as much as you used to, you’re just... cold. What kind of epiphany did you have to make you like this. Because once upon a time you would talk me down from my rage and keep me line, now it seems I’m trying to do the same but remind you of your humanity.

So what is that you want?
No. 120189 ID: 879724
File 151748321859.jpg - (156.11KB , 986x480 , Talking to this douchebag 142.jpg )

No. 120388 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Now I would like to ask some questions regarding the Mad World Painting. I also want Triumphant to help with the visualization.

thoughts: Rabbot, if I remember, there was supposed to be a protective layer to prevent Mad World from eating people or prevent him from hitchhiking on people.
First, I want to know mainly what this protective layer looks like, how big is it, is it immediately noticeable when it is put on the painting? I assume it must be something pretty strong prevent Mad World from doing devious things.
Second, I want to know when this protective layer was put on the painting.

thoughts: Triumphant, if you can based off his description, please show what the painting would look like with, and without the protective layer.
No. 120396 ID: 879724
File 151802068547.jpg - (0.97MB , 1538x1739 , Talking to this douchebag 143.jpg )

No. 120406 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: hmmm... that is odd... something doesn't seem right with something I remembered about that painting. I'll ask about what I am trying to remember, But first, Scarred, I want to ask if you know what I think is odd?
No. 120408 ID: b0f04f
File 151805139357.png - (541.42KB , 1093x819 , 04CBE14E-0650-4E36-89DB-6AE73E8DEBB4.png )

The frames are different...

The one on the left is the one Ana saw, and the one on the right is the one Robbit is showing us.

The one Ana saw does have that symbol on the frame.

Someone knew she would be showing up and set Mad World up either knowing, or hoping he would try to kill Ana. The only questions are, who did it, and does Mad World know who switched them?
No. 120410 ID: 879724
File 151805582768.jpg - (299.92KB , 1430x774 , Talking to this douchebag 144.jpg )


Also I have updated the other stories, with Essence and Betty. So you can answer that when you are able to
No. 120412 ID: ae9b99
File 151806113424.png - (1.43MB , 1670x1231 , picture.png )

thouhgts:...Well yeah, Scarred. Robbit already told us about those symbols. What he explained makes sense and isn't odd at all... but that isn't what I found odd.

thoughts: But what I am thinking is odd is the very first time I saw Mad World, Scarred. and no, the first time I saw him was not when Ana was going to get eaten by him when I watched her in my dreams... believe it or not, I've seen him before with dreamwalker. Best if I showed you. Scarred, please explain this contradiction to me. What do you see?
No. 120420 ID: 1e0d53

I see him...

I vaguely remember Dreamwalker being there but I don’t recall entirely. Perhaps we should just ask him?
No. 120421 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: Don't ask Dreamwalker now, Scarred. Don't want Essence hearing this.

thoughts: Also, have you noticed the frame around Mad World from when we first met him is completely different, Scarred? Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed.
No. 120425 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: specifically, the frame around mad world when I first saw him with Dreamwalker is a lot more standard and minimalist than the detailed protective frame Ana saw before she was about to get murdered by it, and the one Robbit showed us just now. Your thoughts on this Scarred?
No. 120435 ID: 3583d1

I think we need to get a list of suspects of who could have done it. We should start by figuring out who was there that could have done it.
I know we can cross Dreamwalker and Robbit off the list. Dreamwalker has already shown that he is in our camp, and besides he’s already shown that he wants AJ to live and grow and he can’t do that if Ana is dead.
Robbit, while he definitely had the means, I don’t think he had motive.

If you want my opinion I think it might have been that mini Robbit. He was watching up until I saw him and at that point he got scared and ran away. However, I don’t think he knew what was happening. I think he was told to do it by someone who knew what would happen....
No. 120436 ID: ae9b99

Thoughts: hm, well Triumphant, if it is alright with you, when you are ready to investigate that dimension, would it be alright if I followed you? *whispers* Last I checked, Lorence is there, and he prevented me from looking for clues, using a curator to kick me out. Embarrassing, I know.

thoughts: And Robbit, I'm ready to ask you now, I'm interested in knowing: when we first entered your dimension, and you showed us the Vesnig Deeviat family members portrait, why was Mad World in a totally different frame instead of the frame which you can activate or deactivate to prevent Mad World from eating people?
No. 120446 ID: 879724
File 151811333924.jpg - (373.93KB , 1341x1090 , Talking to this douchebag 145.jpg )

No. 120449 ID: ae9b99

inner thouhgts: wow, Robbit has good hearing to hear me whisper to Triumphant. Should keep that in mind

thoughts: Well first, before we start pointing fingers, I should say I believe Lorence is not the one who deactivated Mad World painting. When Ana was getting eaten, Lorence was talking to the Ambassador in his mansion. He has an alibi.

thoughts: Anyway, Robbit, Falafaf didn't tell you? I assumed you knew. Falafaf invited Lorence for a date.

thoughts: but that now raises some questions: why didn't she tell you? and why would she risk having him over for a date... unless she knew through her predictions that you, Robbit, were going to get kidnapped by Essence, and taken in here by Dervan, eliminating that risk... That would probably mean her date is more important than warning you about what was going to happen to you, Rabbot...

thoughts: though, these are just theories. She was, for a little bit, thinking about canceling the date to help us.
No. 120453 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: but now I must ask, you said that Mad World is only able to move to different paintings when the protective layer is not placed in front of it. when Dreamwalker and I first entered your endless hallway of your paintings, why wasn't the protective layer placed in front of it? you said you guys put on the layer when new people show up, and Dreamwalker and I were new to the hallway at the time. Mad World should not have been able to do that at the time
No. 120533 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: And Triumphant, if you are going to investigate, we should do it soon, Essence is distracted and in the final round. Afterwards, she'll be active again and try to steal clues from us.

thoughts: But I still want to know these final two questions before we head out soon:

thoughts: Absurdity, did you ever give Falafaf a doll of yourself endorsing her fortune telling?

thoughts: Rabbot, why wasn't the protective layer on the painting when Dreamwalker and I first entered your dimension? I can understand if it wasn't required if the painting didn't effect me, but it could have harmed Dreamwalker as I don't think he was an astral projection at the time. Need to know so I have an idea of when the protective layer is put on the painting, and when someone might have removed it.
No. 120554 ID: b473ab
File 151839043102.jpg - (543.73KB , 1808x1174 , Talking to this douchebag 146.jpg )

No. 120566 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: I see... Thanks for your cooperation both of you. There are some things that are troubling, like the doll you never given... this wasn't the first time she lied to me... also, you both given me a lot to think about, and confirmed some of my suspicions.

thoughts: For the record, Dreamwalker entered the hall first, and than I entered second. It wasn't just us voices. but you were watching Mad World at the time, so that makes sense. Makes me wonder if Mad World fed any of our enemies information from spying on us at the time... he is in the attic, right? might want to make sure nobody goes in there when Triumphant starts his investigation there...

thouhgts: My last question for you regarding Mad World was when exactly did you activate the protection for Ana's arrival? just to give us an idea of when it could have been deactivated.

thoughts: Triumphant, is there anything else you'd like to ask before you start the investigation? As I said, we should probably head out soon, not to sound annoying and to rush things.
No. 120584 ID: b473ab
File 151847143415.jpg - (952.41KB , 1683x1537 , Talking to this douchebag 147.jpg )

No. 120593 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: She is looking for revenge against us voices from what it feels like, even though we don't remember ever meeting her,

thoughts: And she seems to hate the entire universe. We heard her say she wants to help someone named Happy the tragedy phantom to achieve a goal. She wants to rule that world with Happy, and then kill it for whatever reason.

thoughts: She also said her end goal is to ship Ana with Happy, and is willing to sacrifice herself with a blood pact to do it because she believes we will eventually catch and imprison her.

thoughts: I wonder, Triumphant, can you get in touch with Melkior? I remember that Robbit left some stuff with him to hold on to, including some totems that could be used as evidence or clues.
No. 120601 ID: b473ab
File 151849526592.jpg - (610.92KB , 1686x832 , Talking to this douchebag 148.jpg )


I know this will sound humiliating, but who is Melkior? Can you show me a picture of him, I am really bad with remembering names. I think that I might have brain damage
No. 120609 ID: 3583d1
File 151851258757.jpg - (462.41KB , 1027x1280 , 08CB2450-75E5-429F-8553-A55D6BCB1318.jpg )

I gotchu fam,

Melkior was the incubus who was kinda like the dimensional tribunals door man. I first drew him having a beer with Dreamwalker and it’s been stated that the two of them are friends who go back a long time. He later tried hitting on Essence and got hit in the eye with a nail for his shenanigans.

No. 120622 ID: ae9b99

suggestor's note: Trying something new. Sometimes my dialog can be a bit long. When that happens, I'll bold some important points of interest

thoughts: Yeah, I've been trying to stay away from her myself, and focus on other things while she is distracted.

thoughts: If it helps, I do know she is working with Andrew. She asked for his help when her "thoughts" failed to say a certain line to shoot tv head.

thoughts: But I will say, it is hard to get things done when she from time to time constantly takes us away from people we try to help, steal things right in front of our faces, silence people we talk to when we try to get answers, and get constantly spied on by her 24/7. The fact she is distracted right now and not bothering me is kind of peaceful honestly, but we really need to do something while she is preoccupied.

thoughts: But as I said, maybe we can look into some of the things Robbit gave to Melkior for some kind of hint. Robbit said the black totems he has were supposed to help clear Robbit's name, but I fail to see how exactly.

thoughts: OH! and we should talk to Melkior's bearded friend as well! I remember Essence took a piece of evidence that she didn't want us to see, but with your ability to visualize things, Triumphant, we can ask him for details, and you can show us what exactly she stole.
No. 120650 ID: ae9b99

inner thoughts: jeez... is she really going to reveal herself to Lorence like that? Seriously??? *sighs* first Essence, now this. I really really need to teach her how to do stealth missions... ridiculous. Guess my plans are ruined before I can even start them

thoughts: Sorry guys, don't mind how I look please. Just stressed out over mistakes we keep making on accident.

thoughts: but yeah, I'd like to hear your response to my requests, Triumphant. >>120622
No. 120651 ID: 3583d1

Did... did you miss the part where I said I was a shade? They couldn’t see me? Just like you did earlier? And I didn’t even say anything to them. You heard my thoughts and saw me through our mental link... I’m not stupid Fortune, christ have a little more faith in me.
No. 120652 ID: ae9b99

suggestor's note: my apologizes. just read that you meant to italicize those words. ignore what Fortune Ana said.
No. 120662 ID: b473ab
File 151863754573.jpg - (1.48MB , 2095x2433 , Talking to this douchebag 149.jpg )

I know I know inappropriate music for this scene
No. 120666 ID: ae9b99

thoughts: jeez, Robbit. you should probably let him see Amanda soon. You promised him.

thoughts: the crazy bitch Melkior is referring to is Essence.

thoughts: anyway, tell Melkior that along with his bearded friend to bring the things he got from Robbit for inspection. They could be important evidence.
No. 125289 ID: 1127ed


*phone ringing*

Hey Triumphant! It’s Dreamwalker! I’m in a spot of trouble and wondering if you could help me out. I’ve got a wanted fugitive, Essence of Life, in front of me and she just summoned a void amalgamation out of the souls of a dead timeline. Wondering if you’ve got anyone who would be willing to lend a hand?
No. 125294 ID: 2dfbd9
File 153605990993.jpg - (1.81MB , 2052x2615 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 392.jpg )

No. 125310 ID: f14948

I’ve messaged my co-player on discord about this, just waiting on his thoughts.
No. 125311 ID: f14948

Yeah, it’s kind a of a long story but the bottom line is that she had trapped my seeress and I in a death match... I’m not doing too well I’ve already had to resurrect her twice. We’ve got two friends here but this is looking to be more than we can chew. Soooo... Triumphant, you and Daro care to lend us a hand? Don’t worry, we can bring you to us.
No. 125314 ID: 2dfbd9
File 153618742792.jpg - (0.96MB , 1590x1796 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 393.jpg )

No. 125318 ID: 7861a3

We’ve both picked Triumphant. The only reason I mention Daro with him is it seems like we can’t get one without the other as they are bonded.
No. 125328 ID: 2dfbd9
File 153623114979.jpg - (270.38KB , 1496x717 , dis 19.jpg )

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