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File 146309940588.png - (46.86KB , 1000x1462 , influence_map.png )
27781 No. 27781 ID: 163674

This is a grid that you can populate with what you consider to be your greatest creative influences in up to 3x3 tiles. Larger tiles are more significant, obviously. Tiles can consist of absolutely anything that you consider formative to your present sense of creativity and body of work. Television shows, movies, novels, comics, cartoons, plays, quests, or even music.

Use this thread to post and discuss your greatest creative inspirations.
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No. 27791 ID: 163674
File 146361998603.png - (1.51MB , 1000x1462 , influencemap.png )

I guess I should post mine. It was difficult to choose these, and I might even shift some things if I re-did it.
No. 27795 ID: 9f90dc
File 146363135393.png - (1.28MB , 1000x1462 , tox thing.png )

I did the thing
No. 27796 ID: b1960b
File 146363164791.png - (895.00KB , 1000x1462 , infli.png )

You're the meaning in my life; you're the inspiration
No. 27797 ID: 5cbb80
File 146363562205.png - (1.92MB , 1000x1462 , arhra_influence_map.png )

1. Studio Ghibli: These movies are all so very pretty.
2. Transformers: Things turning into other things is the best. Also robutts are pretty great.
3. Cucumber Quest: This is what convinced me a lineless style could really work out well for me.
4. Terry Pratchett: I devoured many fantasy novels as a child and teen. Discworld was always one of my favourites. RIP Sir Terry Pratchett.
5. Keychain of Creation: This is what set me on the path of trying vector art after seeing a simple style could still be very cinematic.
6. Andrew Loomis: When I was first learning to draw, the Loomis books were a great help.
7. Tsutomu Nihei: Huge architecture, creepy biotechnology and robutts. What else do you need?
8. Evangelion: Non-standard alien invaders versus robots! Unnecessary religious symbolism! Gateway anime! This might explain why I like protagonists with brain problems.
9. Magic the Gathering: I got back into Magic about the Mirrodin, Kamigawa and Ravnica era. The art and the setting design back then was really neat. Also goofy combos.
10. Madoka: A recent influence. I loved just how weird the witches and their barriers were.
11. Lovecraft: Anything can be improved by inserting tentacles.
12. China Mieville: Weird fiction! I love it.
13. Steven Universe: I want to eat the brains of their colour palette guys and absorb their knowledge.
No. 27803 ID: a788b7
File 146415505137.png - (1.57MB , 1000x1462 , influencemap.png )

im a participant.

fuck the suggested proportions tho
No. 27804 ID: 3009b4
File 146415867525.jpg - (1.05MB , 1000x1462 , SmikInfluenceMap.jpg )

I'm not entirely sure anyone really needs to see this but what the hell.
No. 27810 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146437251323.png - (74.04KB , 1000x1462 , My Influence grows.png )

I did a thing
No. 27811 ID: 33e360
File 146439051412.png - (1.03MB , 1000x1462 , inlfuence.png )

1. Warrior cats - I-it made me a furry and started my drawing
2. Weaver/Ruby Quest - The first quest I read and I fell in love with weavers work
3. Roald Dahl - My childhood book collection had a lot of his works and I loved how great a simple illustation can be
4. Apples - Draws some A+ dicks
also has a nice cartoony style
I guess
5. Orion - I just love her cute n sweet style
6. The Phantom Tollbooth - Same with Roald Dahl
7. Inuyasha - First anime I drew fanart of
8. Mrbuzzkill - Gave me a lot of crit, helped a lot
9. Homestuck - Again, showed me that a simple style can go a long way
10. Bone - Favorite comic
11. Guoh - Taught me a lot about structure of form
12. Gotie - Oh god that style
13. Cuoqet- Oh god that style
14. KokuaTheVocaloidTard - A girl from DA I made friends with
15. Disney - The aristocats was my #1 movie as a kid and I still love it
No. 27816 ID: bfb318
File 146453672831.png - (870.59KB , 1000x1462 , InfluenceMapDog.png )

I followed this map and I ended up dead, watch out. My creative influences are basically TGChan and JoJo.
1/4. I've followed Boxdog since the original threads like a decade ago, Weaver makes The Good Shit.
2/3. Baod & Story Time are literally the reason I started drawing. RIP bluewine
5. Lagotrope is like my third biggest influence.
6. Silhouette Dreamer does cool things and draws animals that eat butter.
7. Pour out a 40 for the lost homie, Underscore.
8. I really like Cisqur "Frills" Cisqur's style and have gobbled up sick tech from it, especially from how he drew F&G.
10. Never seen a 1:13.
11. mr toby
12. Bite makes cool worlds and knows about punching things to identify them.
No. 28018 ID: 5a21cb
File 147487481229.png - (1.41MB , 1000x1462 , Inspiration.png )

This took way too long.
No. 28022 ID: 398fe1

Who are you though?
No. 28473 ID: 81c4c9
File 149226897810.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1487 , 146309940588.png )

No. 28480 ID: eda54c
File 149268733931.png - (1.23MB , 1000x1462 , 146309940588.png )

No. 28484 ID: eda54c
File 149272328822.jpg - (128.43KB , 960x540 , Captain Beefheart.jpg )

gotta give this man a post all to himself, easily one of the biggest influences on the works I bestow upon this website to willingly ingest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zdLfPN6F-o <-- one of the most important and best written rock albums ever recorded

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpHgG4jILa0 <-- great live performance
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