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File 148799896478.png - (316.38KB , 600x600 , AnxietyDiscuss.png )
109181 No. 109181 ID: cc08c7

In which we talk about a bird dealing with inordinate amounts of stress and mind warping horrors.

Critique and tips appreciated.
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No. 109182 ID: cc08c7

Sorry in advance if this quest is kind of a mess, I've been planning it forever but my attempts to start it have been kinda rocky so far.

I'm going to try to update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, maybe earlier if I can.

This is my first real attempt at this kinda thing and I'm super nervous.
No. 109183 ID: 3373e2

Hey, so far so good.
No. 109185 ID: 7b7ab3

Tiny birb a cute.
No. 109191 ID: 1226ae

This quest is rad as hell! I look forward to it continuing.
No. 109321 ID: cc08c7

Very minor update. I've gotten a really bad cold recently so I won't be doing a proper update on the Quest tonight like I wanted. I'll try to update for real tomorrow when I feel less like burning sick garbage. I'm really really sorry and I'm super grateful for the people following this Quest.
No. 109378 ID: 15a025
File 148839047231.png - (353B , 32x32 , anxiety birb.png )

This is a very cute lil quest! Hope you get well soon though, being sick is no fun!
No. 109379 ID: fceae5

Get well soon, mate.
No. 109393 ID: cc08c7

Oh wow that's adorable dude thank you!

Slowly getting better. Doing small updates right now to at least do something instead of letting it stagnate already.
No. 109401 ID: cc08c7
File 148842693605.png - (48.00KB , 600x600 , Fanservice.png )

Bonus Content
No. 109402 ID: 143250

Hey, maybe we can use that as a template on what we can suggest her what to wear, that is if you are interested in us doing that for this quest

So we cannot have her take notice of anything weird and suspicious in the real world. I think simply telling her not to look at something make her curiosity get the better of her and look at said thing anyway. I think it is best for us to distract Charlotte with other things when something like that happens again.
No. 109403 ID: 8cb228

Well I feel like a moron for my part in those updates...
No. 109404 ID: 143250

Hey, we didn't know. None of us knew. If anything, we learned from our mistakes. Don't sweat it.
No. 109406 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, it runs counter to normal expectations. In most quests, if you notice a hidden thing in an update, you point it out, so we can act on it instead the character missing something or getting ambushed, etc. It was a genre expectations switch-up.
No. 109407 ID: 143250

In a way, that is pretty clever.
No. 109422 ID: bec5e8

No two ways about it! It's very clever. tgchan is absurdly genre savvy and subverting that makes a quest that much more unique.
No. 109461 ID: cc08c7

Moving tonight's update to tomorrow. Still not feeling 100% so I'm taking it easy tonight. Glad you guys are enjoying the quest so far and sorry for moving updates all over the place like this.
No. 109465 ID: 3abd97

Don't fret it. Most quests here don't even stick to formal update sessions.
No. 109488 ID: 25e2cb

Stay cool, duder.
No. 109492 ID: cc08c7

I'll try to do a small update tonight, still not feeling too good but I don't wanna make missing updates a habit.

In regards to this, Charlotte's clothes will be the same through most of the Quest. If you wanna use the pic to put your own stuff on her I won't stop you though!
No. 109560 ID: 79a07e

...I'm starting to think that these issues of hers are not exactly natural.

Particularly when WE can see them but she is nowhere nearby.
No. 109903 ID: cc08c7

Quick Rundown for Combat.

Talk is exactly what it sounds like. Most Bosses can actually be talked to and asked questions during combat. Whether or not this does anything depends on the boss being fought.

Attack: Charlotte attacks the boss. If a specific part of the boss is suggested she'll strike there.

Defend: Charlotte will try to defend herself against an attack. Suggesting a specific way to block or something specific to use as cover is also allowed.

Item: Charlotte can check her inventory and use items she's found. This won't work for every boss and Anti-X cannot be taken during Boss Encounters.

Hopefully I cleared a tiny bit up, I'm really sorry this has been a giant mess from the start.
No. 109909 ID: 143250

I have a terrible feeling about attacking. I worry that all the actions she does in this world, she is unconsciously doing the same in the real world at the same time. If we were to attack this monster, we may actually be attacking the doctor for example, making it turn out that the monster was a hallucination or something.
No. 109910 ID: 79a07e

I'm worried about that, too.

But I think I can safely say that this affliction of hers is no mere mental imbalance.
No. 109917 ID: 8aa605

That's why I said the bit about "if anyone in the real world can hear me..."

Just in case!
No. 110324 ID: cc08c7

Gonna try to update again tomorrow and figure out some kind of proper schedule for this thing. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been kinda all over the place lately.
No. 110358 ID: cc08c7
File 149127051210.png - (18.43KB , 600x600 , ItsCharlotte.png )

Gonna add a note on combat here, basically the one in the latest update:

1. During fights Charlotte will do EVERY command given to her in order of highest voted to least voted so in the update it went Talk, Attack, Defend, Item.

2. Each move will take up a turn.

3. However, just asking her to do all of them will more than likely kill her during later fights since not all boss patterns are going to be the same and some bosses will hit harder than others. It's fine right now since it's the first fight and I'm still figuring out combat, but keep that in mind for future fights.

Just wanted to try to clarify a bit more. Have some Charlotte art I did for a meme thing in return for dealing with my messy updates.
No. 110359 ID: e01e87


That's a really bad idea. For example, say three people suggest Fight, and then you post a reply where she fights and it's getting stronger from being fought. Now everyone's screaming for her to defend, but you have her fight, fight, and then in the fourth turn she dies. Your thingy violates her corpse, mocking her for never defending. Your quest is over, everyone's pissed at you, and whatever point you were making is lost. if you want an interactive comic, you have to give us a chance to interact.

At the very least, you should only consider commands given after the latest panel was posted. Typically, you'd tally how many said to do what action and go with the highest one.
No. 110361 ID: cc08c7

If three people say fight after a turn she'll fight once, which is what I just said she'd do. I literally tallied all of the votes and then did them in order from most votes (which was Talk) to least (Which was Item). She won't attack three turns in a row unless people keep voting for nothing but attack once a turn is over. The way combat works now is so I can react to as many replies as I get as possible and keep the fight moving.
No. 110363 ID: cc08c7

I also did what I did tonight to showcase what each option did since someone voted for each, and try to get an update out after 10 days of inactivity. This is also still the first attempt at combat and I'm trying to work all the bugs out, so I want to at least give it a chance before outright removing it.
No. 110365 ID: 79a07e


I think the concern here is simple. Say a slight majority of people vote for option A for one reason, and another group vote option B for an entirely different reason. Option B is second, but the people who voted option A point out that Option B has a higher chance of backfiring than option A, and in a worse way- high risk high reward, basically. Option B voters feel it's worth it, Option A voters don't.

*IF* I'm understanding this correctly, then basically Options A's concerns are entirely dismissed under this voting system, since there's a high chance that regardless we'd have to deal with the risks present in Option B, which Option A voters wanted to avoid. This is (NOT INTENTIONALLY) discarding players' concerns in an unfair manner- I could see such a system being gamed so that even if a good option is in the lead, an unknown or likely negative option could gain groundswell and nullify the good option's results.

That's how I figure it, anyway.
No. 110369 ID: 9876c4

I ad a serious giggle m8, when I found out Charlotte's melee default is a CROWbar.

This is all.
No. 110371 ID: cc08c7


If an option chosen is the seriously wrong one then I'm not going to outright kill people over it, at least not yet. Eventually though there will be punishments for messing up, in AND out of battles.

I don't want to handhold people through this or look like I'm outright ignoring people, hence the voting system right now. Like I said I mostly did it this way tonight because I needed to at least show what each thing did and I figured that explaining how it worked while it was happening would make it easier to plan ahead.

In regards to people voting for wrong choices I can't really fix that, it happens in other Quests all the time and if I think people are either rigging, choosing the obviously wrong answer to goof around or whatever then I'll intervene, but right now I'm trusting you guys to play nice. That's the interactive part right now. It's possible to screw up so you guys will need to play smart, and this thread is more than appropriate to use for discussing how not to get killed. That's what this is for, aside from like, just talking about the Quest in general.

I'll try to figure out how to fix the combat system as things go on, but right now I'm stuck between the problem of railroading by only choosing the right decisions or risking a potential loss scenario with the current system. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve it while avoiding both of these problems please tell me so I can try to fix it. I'm more than open to suggestions to improve.

The saddest part is I can't remember if I chose that for the pun or not.
No. 110373 ID: b4a23c

>I'm trusting you guys to play nice.
>you guys will need to play smart,

I'm not even beibg memetastic when I say that your faith may be somewhat misplaced.
No. 110386 ID: 398fe1

My problem with this is that even if a hundred people vote Fight, and three other people vote talk, item, defend each... you just have her fight on the first turn, then defend, talk, item. Wasting half her turns, most likely. I mean, in this battle, Fight and Defend appear to be the only useful commands. If this is meant to be a tutorial, we can reasonably expect that to be the case for all battles.

Assigning turn priority based on percentage of voting only makes sense if she has to use all four commands in a sequence of four turns. Since turn order matters, it's also incredibly difficult to set up the fight properly. You'd need 10 votes just to have a 4-3-2-1 split, and everyone would have to vote exactly correctly. The turn order would be easily sabotaged by a mere two suggesters, and let me tell you, there are definitely more than two people on tgchan who like to sabotage quests. Heck, it just takes one traitor to cause a tie, and you didn't mention how ties are resolved.

I suggest you take the vote in a different way: ask suggesters to submit a sequence of commands. Then pick the most popular sequence.
No. 110388 ID: 398fe1

Oh I guess it could be 6 votes with a 3-2-1-0 split. Still more than a lot of quests get.
No. 110620 ID: cc08c7

Alright, gonna try to update next week if I can. Something came up (that something being Persona 5) and I've been busy (playing Persona 5). Sorry for the serious delay.
No. 110651 ID: e01e87


That's... better, but I still think it's not such a good idea to have her fight, then ignore all responses to that until you've spent another three turns drawing her choosing defend, talk, and item in that order. Just have her fight, and discard the other three commands. Then after you posted the results of her fighting, take another vote from responses that follow.

Otherwise there's always gonna be that one guy who votes for the least popular action every time, just to force you to waste a turn on it.
No. 111649 ID: cc08c7

Shit uh, it's been a while. I'm not gonna make any excuses, I dropped the ball hard and haven't updated in forever and I know I really should have. I'll try really hard to update this week and at least get through the rest of the first part. I'm really really sorry.
No. 111653 ID: 143250

No sweat. Life happens.
No. 111656 ID: 3ce125

Updating regularly is a skill you can learn. Keep trying!
No. 113155 ID: cc08c7

Holy shit. We're back folks.
No. 113158 ID: ca0e20

Alright! More cute birds! =D
No. 113160 ID: cc08c7

Hopefully I can continue the cute birbing more often after the current fight is finally done. I think in the future I'll handle battles differently depending on what kind of boss she fights.
No. 113168 ID: 7b95d9

...I still think part of this is outside influence. Some things just don't add up.
No. 114295 ID: ca0e20

Do you have another spot where you post your art? =3
No. 114296 ID: 36de2e


I've been trying to post more stuff to my Tumblr lately. I kinda consider the drawthread my "main" spot for Art but Tumblr's gotten more recently.

No. 114298 ID: ca0e20

Oh dang, I didn't realize that you had the drawthread with that one title card with the rabbit, lol. I might follow that since it seems more centered around your art. =P
No. 114854 ID: 36de2e

Going to attempt updating again tomorrow, we're basically done the Prologue and we'll be heading into the first chapter soon. I just don't know if I should make a new thread for it now or after the first chapter is completed.
No. 114984 ID: 36de2e

Okay so, life update and a kinda explanation.
I went to an eye doctor yesterday and found out my eyes are damaged by my Type-1 Diabetes, so I need to see a specialist to try to fix the damage and possibly reverse it. I also have to start taking better care of myself and my blood sugars.

I don't know if this will really effect the slow Quest updates but I'm going to be going through some life changes and thought it was fair to warn you guys in advance. The Quest isn't on hiatus or anything, I'm just figuring out my shit and trying to get my life together before things get worse.

Basically I've been under a lot of stress lately and the Quest stuff has kinda been put to the side. I will try to update as soon as I feel the urge again and I'm really really sorry.
No. 114993 ID: 3ce125

That really sucks, and a harsh lesson on the dangers of diabetes. I hope it's reversible.
No. 114994 ID: ca0e20

Ah, sure hope things works out for the best!
No. 115182 ID: 36de2e

OKAY SO GOOD NEWS I GUESS? Went to a specialist on Friday and apparently my eyes might not be as bad as the first doctor said. We're still going through with the plan to get healthier though, but I thought it'd be fair to update you guys on it. They also took photos of the inside of my eyes that the doctor will be looking at on the 18th. I'll try to update sometime this week hopefully, and I want to thank you guys again for being patient with me.
No. 115375 ID: 9be73b

>She can now combat the creatures of the other world
>'other world'
>not 'her mind'

I actually don't want the qm to confirm or deny this just yet. I want to feel clever for just a little bit longer. Just wanted to point it out.
No. 115387 ID: 36de2e


By the next chapter what's "going on" will be explained more.
No. 115388 ID: 91ee5f

I like the fact that under that sweater, Charlotte is an EXTRA THICC birb! XD
No. 115389 ID: 36de2e

So, with the next chapter I'm wondering if I should stick to the original style of the Quest (The little cut and paste characters on simple backgrounds) or if I should try doing full anthro pictures like I've been doing with Beach Day/Chest Day stuff. Critique/advice is more than welcome.
No. 115390 ID: 9be73b

Id say keep the cut and paste for normal questing, full anthro for EPIC BOSS FIGHTS. Or general AWESOME actions.
No. 115391 ID: ba506f

you could do both, with the cut out style used for fight scenes to kinda give it an RPG feel, or you could use the more cutesy cut out style for less intense or "cute" moments and have the full pictures for more serious or action pack moments... Or if you don't mind me throwing one more idea in your face you could use one style when we're in the "real" world and the other while in the "dream" world to help with the surreal feel.
No. 115392 ID: 91ee5f

>Or if you don't mind me throwing one more idea in your face you could use one style when we're in the "real" world and the other while in the "dream" world to help with the surreal feel.
That sounds good!

I think full anthro characters would fit in best in the "real world", while in the "other world" the cut and paste characters would fit in there!
No. 115393 ID: 91ee5f

Kinda like how the in "real world" Charlotte normally sees herself as full anthro, while in the "other world" she sees herself all tiny and afraid, since the cut and paste has all been tiny characters.
No. 115397 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, since it's similar to how I do it, I was gonna suggest doing anthros for "important scenes", which can range from the scene being important for the story/character or even if it's cuter/funnier that way. Keeping the copy paste for faster updates.

But the already suggested realworld/dreamworld is a neat concept.

I guess I'd add that you can do both. Have a copy paste anthro and copy paste small cute for the world difference, but also draw out important scenes. You can still draw out important scenes with the smaller Charlotte when she's in the dreamworld.

Also I should draw Charlotte proper one of these days. Not just the side of her head. =P
No. 115398 ID: 4854ef

While that does seem like a good idea, it'd make it noticeable to us if something suddenly jars to the dream world or anthro world given the amount of mind-screw that's been going on.
No. 115399 ID: ca0e20

Doesn't have to be a hard rule. It can just be an unwritten rule that can be exploited and broken later.
No. 115400 ID: 3ae33e

Doesn't have to be a hard rule, could just have it be what realm she thinks she's in. For example if she's in the dream world but still think she's awake it will stay in the real world style until she figures out she's dreaming and could also have it if she sees something weird or to many weird things she'll start to think she's dream causing an art shift even though she's still in the waking world
No. 115473 ID: 36de2e
File 150493614464.jpg - (189.50KB , 1539x2267 , YourGovernmentAtWork2.jpg )

Posting some "concept art" I guess for an upcoming character.
No. 115863 ID: 36de2e

Health Update: Went back to eye doctor and got some laser work done to help stop the bleeding in my eyes (Which hurt like fucking hell and left me sore into today) and there's going to be more treatments to help deal with my problems. Not sure when I'm going to start the next part of the Quest but just wanted to update on what was going on.
No. 115880 ID: ae9b99

Don't push yourself. Take all the time you need.
No. 115886 ID: 91ee5f

I agree!

Your health is more important than our entertainment!
No. 115887 ID: 9876c4

If our entertainment concerns you, please know that I am entertained by, and fully support you not bleeding from your eyes.
No. 116162 ID: 36de2e

Update: Still dealing with health stuff. If things calm down over the next week I'll try to update again. Thanks for all the support and understanding while I try to get my shit together.
No. 116262 ID: fd7d8f

Don't let your anxiety get to you, get well soon!
No. 119083 ID: 36de2e

Quick update thing, I'm not dead or anything, just been busy and trying to find the drive to do this again. I'm hoping to start a new thread sometime right after Christmas.
No. 119085 ID: 91ee5f

No. 119089 ID: 4324ce

No. 119485 ID: 36de2e

Quick update, I'll try to get the new thread started tomorrow. It's my birthday today and I decided it was a good time to get motivated again.
No. 119486 ID: 3abd97

Cool, welcome back!
No. 119488 ID: 91ee5f

>Quick update, I'll try to get the new thread started tomorrow.

>It's my birthday today and I decided it was a good time to get motivated again.
And happy birthday!
No. 119531 ID: 3cb691

Guessing something came up?
No. 119668 ID: 36de2e

Unfortunately yes. I got a really nasty flu and today is the first real day I've felt well enough to post the update on here because I was genuinely frustrated and ashamed in myself for disappointing everyone again. The past 7 days have been the sickest I've ever had in my life and I can only hope for your continued patience. I know it sounds completely ridiculous but I'm being 100% honest here.
No. 119669 ID: 3ce125

Flu is serious business.
No. 119684 ID: 91ee5f

Getting rid of that flu is way more important than updating your quest to entertain us. So don’t worry about it.
No. 124070 ID: 7281b0

I feel like I need to seriously explain myself, as well as my super long absence and the current state of my Quest so here goes.

After the flu fiasco right before I was going to continue, a couple things happened that made it personally difficult for me to continue.

1. I was embarrassed that I failed my readers because of something completely out of my control, and made myself look like I was just bullshitting you guys when I promised the updates.

2. After it happened I felt like I seriously fucked up and needed to re-evaluate how I was going to do the quest, and hard.

In real life I actually do suffer from an anxiety disorder, nothing like it's portrayed in the quest (obviously) but it's there and it fucks with my life in more subtle ways that I've been struggling to cope with since high school. Combined with crippling low self-esteem it makes doing a quest like this a little stressful, especially if I feel like I'm doing something wrong or not conveying things properly, or my art isn't up to a proper standard.

I've basically been really anxious about continuing. I really do want to, but my own personal issues have been seriously holding me back and I feel like if anything I should explain myself to you guys properly.

Eventually I will continue, I still want to do this, but it's gonna be a bit tough until I can push through this personal shit.

Thanks for understanding, hopefully I'll be able to pull myself together asap for you guys.
No. 124076 ID: 40197f

Whatever you have to deal with, it's understandable. I just wish the best for you. Like anyone, everyone deserves peace in their mind.

I myself will patiently wait for the return of the cute corvid. But take the time you need. =3
No. 124077 ID: 896ddf

I wish you wish you the best of luck and most importantly...

No. 124078 ID: b1b4f3

Don't feel too bad about being late. Happens all the time.
No. 124082 ID: 622939

Yeah, dont worry too much. It happens.
No. 124083 ID: ae2184

I feel like an authority on never updating so let me give you a couple pieces of unsolicited advice:

1. You may feel that the longer time you spend without updating the bigger your next update should be. This is a trap. Ignore the time passed between updates. Consider someone reading the quest in the future as though it were a finished document.

2. Sometimes you can be very pleasantly surprised how willing and patient your audience can be. Taking long breaks out of nowhere is just a fact of life for this thing most of us do as a hobby. (I have little to no experience of the professional Patreon driven quest world so my advice here may not hold as strongly there.)

3. don't believe in you, believe in me who believes in you ah fuck it just believe in your own ability, you do cool stuff.

4. There is no art quality threshold for questing. Your art is clear and communicative and charming and I love it. If there was a threshold you'd have already exceeded it. But there isn't and readers will excuse off panels, off days, off weeks, off months. I just finally realised this myself, at time of posting I updated one of my quests with effectively no art at all due to circumstances. Dedicated fans will be okay with this and here's the secret protip: they're better for suggestions anyway!

5. there's more important things in life to worry about than questing just do like whatever
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