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File 161590246829.jpg - (618.14KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_tittle.jpg )
991586 No. 991586 ID: 164e20

(So begins the final chapter of these lyluks journey, you have successfully helped them escape the extermination camp, now it is time to watch them enjoy their freedom)
(For as long as it lasts)
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No. 991591 ID: 164e20
File 161590433847.jpg - (303.60KB , 1200x901 , lhomars_house.jpg )

:shittylhomar: "What do you mean girls? It's the same chef as always!"
:pillukicon: "No, you definitely changed something..."
"Isn't your hat puffier than it was when we left?"
:shittylhomar: "Noooooooo, well maybe but anyways this here is my house. You can come and go as you please just don't break anything. What do you girls want to do now that you're all out of that awful camp?"
No. 991592 ID: 094652

"It rhymes with feeding."
No. 991597 ID: 46a721

Beach partying!
No. 991598 ID: f54221

:pillukicon: "Probably sleep if i'm being honest. I don't know about you girls, but escaping certain doom sure tires ME out."
No. 991599 ID: 164e20

:pillukwowicon: "I want to break into a DRUGSTORE!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk wants to be a FAMOUS ARTIST)
:fishluk: "I want to finally return to the SEA"
:beaconluk: "mlem" (I wanna go to the CANDY SHOP)
:migeluk: "I want to finish my STORY! You bastards interrupted me and are now going to do something else! RUDE!"
:nexluk: "I want to go to a BOG"
:dddluk: "I'm gonna catch the first ship back to my HOMELAND"
:voyluk: "I want to be a CAMWHORE"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I wish to find gainful employment and change the perception of lyluks through HARD WORK and DETERMINATION)

(Whose personal quest do you pursue first?)
No. 991600 ID: 164e20

(You can vote on these too or add more if you can think of any)
No. 991601 ID: f54221

Oh no, your shittification aura has extended even to the chef now. I suppose that's the hazard of being exposed to shitty lyluks for too long.
No. 991602 ID: 46a721

Let us finish that crazy story and the persue the bettering of these folks image through hard work and all that.
No. 991605 ID: 19da02

return to the sea
No. 991610 ID: 164e20
File 161591741857.jpg - (257.97KB , 1200x901 , migeluk.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "too-" (I'm glad you agree on-)
:pillukicon: "Feel better yet?"
:migeluk_crie: "You girls are the worst. No one even liked my story..."
:dddluk: "You're not the best story teller ever."
:pillukicon: "What? Thats not how that works, we have to combine our auras like last time. We didn't shitify the chef."
:fishluk: "Please, we're right on the shore, just put me in the water and let me go back home."
No. 991611 ID: 46a721

Toss the fish as far as you can into the water and cry while saying farewell.
No. 991617 ID: 164e20
File 161591943691.gif - (362.95KB , 1200x901 , beach_fishluk_farewell.gif )

:bitlukcry: (Bitluk goes down to the BEACH and throws fishluk towards the rolling waves. Since lyluks have 0 STRENGTH she doesn't reach the water)
:fishluk: "Oof, thanks for throwing me on the sand, well I guess this gives me time to say my goodbyes."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk apologizes for calling her gross and that over her journey she's come to appreciate fishluk as a friend)
:fishluk: "Oh don't worry about that, I'm just happy you got me out of that stinky sewer, thanks for saving me bitluk"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk feels something twist inside her as a wave picks up fishluk and carries her out to SEA)
:alltogehter: "Goodbye fishluk! We'll miss you!"
:fishluk: "ᵂᵉ'ˡˡ ᵐᵉᵉᵗ ᵃᵍᵃᵃᵃᵃᶦᶦᶦⁿ..."
Bitluk has gained 50 sadness!
No. 991620 ID: 19da02

OK BITLUK ARTISTS need a lot of sadness to do a good job, so channel that fifty sadness you just gained into your next work, which should be a graffito on a nearby building. Draw fishluk and how you feel about fishluk
No. 991624 ID: 164e20
File 161592041721.gif - (268.65KB , 1200x901 , beach_yungluk.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (With that out of the way let us figure out what avenues of employment are open to us. We must change the perception of our race if we do not want a terrible fate to befall us)
:voyluk: "Well I know what job I can do but if you girls want to waste your time on this stupid idea then I'll hang around to tell you I told you so."
:dddluk: "I'm not the type for honest work, y'know?"
:pillukicon: "We all have 0 strength, what work can we do?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk will channel her sadness into a career as a GRAFFITI ARTIST)
(What kind of jobs should the other lyluks try to get?)
No. 991627 ID: 19da02

You can still do data entry or call center shit with 0 strength, although it can be awful and soul crushing.

Voyluk can be a camwhore if she wants to. She's got the hottest legs so I think she can make a mint by flashing those gams.

Nexluk should probably just go live in a bog.

Also any of you could be like, a personal assitant or a basic-ass-bitch office worker or whatever. You don't need to read, you just need to be able to suck up to your boss and evade taxes.
No. 991629 ID: f65f71

consider doing crimes
No. 991631 ID: f54221

Voyluk obviously gotta start up an onlyfans account and start streaming while wearing skimpy clothing, she'll be a natural and will be raking in the cash from simps world over for the chance she'll say their name.
She'll be able to fund the entire campaign on the scraps from the wealth she'll accrue.

DDDluk could obviously steal an office for your use, or run as a politician as that's kinda like stealing at this point.
She could also cheat your taxes.
No. 991641 ID: b1b4f3

Telemarketing! Janitor work! Food service prep!
No. 991650 ID: 164e20
File 161592870802.jpg - (285.22KB , 1200x901 , beach_yungluk_oration.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "toot toot" (The theme of these ideas is clear to me, lyluks are known to be of various deficiencies and this greatly limits our opportunities but with modern technology we can compensate for these disabilities and become useful members of society. Camwhores, telemarketers, office assistants, tax dodging? What do all these things need? Why a computer of course! If we can acquire a computer then all our dreams will come true!)
:pillukwowicon: "Wow! Thats a great idea yungluk! You're so smart!"
:nexluk: "Yeah! We'll be rich in no time!"
:voyluk: "But where are we going to get a computer?"
No. 991651 ID: 12b116

Go look in the dumpsters of office buildings. They throw all kinds of things away.
No. 991652 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty good idea.
Could also just look in a junkyard.
No. 991656 ID: 92f8ea

The peach washes ashore
No. 991658 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, does Chef have a computer?
No. 991659 ID: f54221

The chef might have a computer you could borrow, as in use while at his home, not take it with you.
alternatively, use a public computer at the library.
just don't do anything lewd on it.
No. 992141 ID: 164e20
File 161625150548.gif - (2.07MB , 1200x901 , beach_peach.gif )

No. 992144 ID: 164e20
File 161625351005.jpg - (275.04KB , 1200x901 , lhomars_living_room_migeluk.jpg )

:migeluk: "Hey chef! Do you have a computer we can use?"
:shittylhomar: "Nope, what does a chef need a computer for? Creating delicious food requires you to be in top shape, not only physically but mentally. I have no need for the compensating mental power of a computer."
:migeluk_crie: "Okay well you could've just said no instead of rubbing it in."
:shittylhomar: "Uh... Sorry?"
No. 992145 ID: e51896

Quick! to the LIBARBY! that place should have computers!
No. 992150 ID: 164e20
File 161625580379.jpg - (324.09KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Here we begin our search, it seems humans throw away computers as if they are nothing, they do not value such things but their waste is our gain, let us begin our raise with this trash can)
:dddluk: "Guys isn't anywhere close to an... oh whatever knock yourselves out."
No. 992152 ID: 164e20
File 161625628275.jpg - (326.34KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house_trash.jpg )

:migeluk: "Okay, so we knocked it over, now does anyone know what a computer looks like?"
:voyluk: "Nope, I lived in a barrel my whole life."
:pillukicon: "I think we saw one in the camp, it's kinda like a TV but with buttons on it."
:nexluk: "But Tv's normally have buttons on them?"
:pillukicon: "No, like, seperate from the TV, I'll point it out if I see one."
(Do the lyluks find anything useful in the trash? If so what?)
No. 992154 ID: f54221

They find a shitty tablet, the swallowing kind.
They also find a shitty tablet, the pc kind.

luckily there's a [version before newest] mobile phone in the trash, with a working camera! Such wasteful consumerism. They didn't even bother unplugging the charging cable before throwing it out.

boy, these guys must be rich, there's even a laptop in here! ...although missing it's batteries.
and the screen....
No wait, there they are. They'd just fallen off.

Certainly now your adventure will continue unimpeded and fully on it's way towards- OH MY GOD IS THAT A HAMBURGER??! JACKPOT!
No. 992165 ID: e51896

They find a racoon. new pet!
No. 992174 ID: 164e20
File 161626360009.jpg - (340.55KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house_racoon.jpg )

:pillukwowicon: "Holy shit is that even more LYLUK PILLS! Ah it really is like back to the old days of getting into the garbage and passing out in peoples yards."
:voyluk: "I've seen how these PHONES work, you can video yourself with them, but I don't know how to turn it on."
:nexluk: "I can't figure out what this blank TABLET is and the COMPUTER is busted. Maybe we can get it fixed somewhere?"
:migeluk: "Oh look, a BURGER!"
:pillukicon: "We should give that to bitluk, she hasn't stopped crying since fishluk left."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is ecstatic at this scrumptious gift, she has temporarily lost 20 sadness!)
:dddluk: "And look at this, we're not the only one going through this treasure trove, C'here little guy, psst psst."
:racoon: (The raccoon seems to feel an affinity with the dddluk and approaches like a dog)
:dddluk: "See, he's friendly! What should we name him guys?"
No. 992175 ID: e51896

Mr. Foams

on account of all the shaving cream around its snout!
No. 992176 ID: e51896

also stick it in your inventory
No. 992180 ID: 0d6409

Rocket. Or hey maybe Rosarch, like rorschach but shitty
No. 992183 ID: 12b116

name him re-starch
No. 992188 ID: f54221

A raccon thief-friend! There's only one name that can befit such a rascally companion: Slyluk Racooner!

...Names are hard, ok
No. 992189 ID: f54221

>Owners of the house: Investigate all the commotion and angrily chase away the pests, and the raccoon, going through your garbage upon discovering them
No. 992192 ID: 164e20
File 161626810201.png - (465.00KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_annoyed.png )

:dddluk: "Mr. Foams rocket re-starch Slyluk racooner! Thanks pervert spirits! Now to stuff this guy safely in my inventory where..."
:alphonse: "Hey! What are you doing in my garbage! Get out of here! Before I call the exterminators on you!"
:pillukicon: "Oh no! What do we do?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk feels bad about knocking over an innocent persons garbage and also being threatened with death. Her sadness has increased by 30!)
No. 992196 ID: e51896

Well he is giving us the chance to leave at least. Lets get on outta there.
No. 992201 ID: 12b116

Wait why did the raccoon get hella thicc all of a sudden? Throw it at the man!
No. 992202 ID: 46a721

Let us explain our motivations!

If we tell the guy we are looking for a computer to spread good publicity about us, he might even simpatize.

Also, compliment his clear romantic prowess.
No. 992225 ID: 164e20
File 161627491062.gif - (397.92KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_broom.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Too-" (Well you see good sir we are simp-)
:alphonse: "Ewww, Don't fart in my face you filthy animal! Get out of here! Git!"
:nexluk: "What he's trying to say is we're just looking for-"
:alphonse: "What do I care what you're looking for? Do it by messing up someone elses trash. Leave!"
(He gets the broom)
:pillukicon: "Oh no, it's not working!"
:voyluk: "Time for my secret weapon... Ahem! Hey handsome~ Why don't we get to know each other better, maybe somewhere more private~"
:alphonse: "I never want to heard you ask me that ever again."
(Diplomacy has failed)
No. 992227 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, you should leave now.
No. 992240 ID: f54221

>nexluk: attempt to run away swiftly, only to slip in place until you generate enough motion and paradoxically catapult yourself in the opposite direction in a compromising position right at the poor man's face
>nexluk's legs: you don't know what's happening only that there was no ground and now there's something between you to clamp onto so instinctively leg-lock that bitch and never let go
>Alphonses face: be very perturbed
>nexluk: be very embarrassed about all of this but without knowing how to make it stop
No. 992243 ID: c893c0

I think bitluk's sadness would be reaching pretty high levels by now
I think she may start powerfully crying from all this
No. 992246 ID: e51896

Bitluk: use your tears to water his plants as an apology
No. 993315 ID: 164e20
File 161685428563.gif - (711.65KB , 1200x901 , party_retreat.gif )

:pillukicon: "RUN AWAY!!!!!!"
:mysterynigga: "TOOT" (Retreat!)
:alphonse: "Yeah, thats right, never- wait why are you staying?"
:nexluk: "Ewwww, you know I can hear what you're saying right, I'm not your perverse puppet!"
:voyluk: "Says the one who likes getting her butt licked."
:nexluk: "Shut up, don't encourage them."
No. 993317 ID: 164e20
File 161685479762.gif - (561.71KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_gardener.gif )

:bitlukcry: (Bitluks sadness is now so high that her tears production can sustain a healthy garden!)
(Unfortunately this man doesn't seem to have one so bitluk instead waters his lawn in the hopes this act of charity will lead to forgiveness)
:alphonse: "What are you doing? Uh... Look I didn't mean to panic you or anything, I wasn't actually going to call the exterminator on you, I just wanted you to get away from my garbage. So just go on back to your friends and don't cause any trouble."
No. 993319 ID: 164e20
File 161685796229.gif - (259.05KB , 1200x901 , party_gathering.gif )

:pillukicon: "So what- Oh there you are bitluk. Anyways what are we going to do with this junk?"
:dddluk: "Shut up, Mr.Foams isn't junk!"
:pillukicon: "Gosh, who would've thought the assassin would be so sensitive. Pervert spirits! You can read and stuff, help us out with modern technology, how fix computer?"
No. 993320 ID: c32d98

>"Ewwww, you know I can hear what you're saying right, I'm not your perverse puppet!"

Hey we're pervert spirits, remember. Not our fault we died horny, never to be fulfilled
Also, that's big talk from someone so sexy they literally defy physics with their slippery smoothness :smirkyfaacethatyoureimaginingrightnow:
No. 993322 ID: c32d98

hol on, let me try our magic-shmagic spirit powers

>Computer: Work
>also Computer: Be filled with terabytes upon terabytes porn with all of the content featuring smug, married, and in lingerie lizards, minotaurs, and bunny wives neatly categorized in their own folders with one particularly large folder being dedicated entirely to sexy lyluks making seductive honks, which are also smug, married, and in lingerie like the rest
No. 993332 ID: 12b116

You're going to need at least one (1) electricity so you can plug the computer in to see what's wrong/if it works. So you need a place to go with electrical outlets.
No. 993351 ID: 164e20
File 161686765354.gif - (336.88KB , 1200x901 , party_computer.gif )

:nexluk: "Ugh, pilluk why did you have to introduce me to these guys?"
:pillukicon: "Beggars can't be choosers."
:migeluk: "Okay, I'm pressing buttons and nothings happening! WHY IS NOTHING HAPPENING? WHERES THE MAGIC GUYS??????"
No. 993353 ID: 164e20
File 161686777802.gif - (370.58KB , 1200x901 , party_computer_boot.gif )

:migeluk: "Oh, there we go, thanks nexluk."
"Hmmmm, Damn I wish I could read, or understood how to work a computer, anyone here have any experience with these things?"
No. 993356 ID: b1b4f3

I need to get a closer look at the screen though.
Or you can just read to me what it says?
No. 993357 ID: af57da

Looking in trash helped us before finding a computer. Maybe it may help us again! Click the icon that looks like a trash bin.
No. 993360 ID: 164e20
File 161686832897.jpg - (168.78KB , 1200x901 , computer_screen.jpg )

:migeluk: "Okay, does this work? I don't really understand how changing your view works but just let me know if you can see it."
:voyluk: "There ain't no trash can I see in there. Just all dark and words."
No. 993364 ID: 12b116

so, jesus christ this plan is not going to work. I do not think a computer this old can even connect to the internet. I doubt you're going to find a DOS boot disk anywhere either.
No. 993365 ID: c32d98

It's asking for a boot disk. DDDluk might have something like that stashed away.
No. 993367 ID: af57da

Put cookie in disk slot
No. 993371 ID: 164e20
File 161687133924.gif - (471.94KB , 1200x901 , party_computer_loading_os.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Come now friends, don't lose hope on us yet, we are close to achieving our goal!)
:migeluk: "Hey dddluk, you got... one of those things they said?"
:dddluk: "Well the only thing I got that'll fit into the slot is one of those cookies."
:voyluk: "Well what are you waiting for? Hand it over! I can't wait to finally start my dream job."
:dddluk: "Okay okay, here, I hope this works."
:migeluk: "Alright, so theres a cookie in the box, what do we do next?"
No. 993374 ID: b1b4f3

how did that work

Ok wait for it to finish loading, then... does this thing have a mouse? If it's keyboard only you can hit tab to select icons.
No. 993377 ID: c32d98

Hold something lewd in your trunk and we can guide on on which buttons to press. This is how it works, really. Would a pervert spirit lie to you?
Creep on? Perhaps. But *lie?* Please, there's nothing more honest than a pervert.

>pervet spirits: type HELP on computer through the lewdness held in the lyluk's trunk (or just the lyluks trunk, they ARE pretty lewd after all, what with the shape, and how it moves and all...)
No. 993382 ID: 164e20
File 161687361415.jpg - (174.68KB , 1200x901 , computer__disclaimer_screen.jpg )

:migeluk: "Even if I knew where the tab key was, theres only this thing on screen, what does it mean? How do mice control this thing? Is there mice running it like in cartoons?"
:nexluk: "Pervert spirits, we don't own anything lewd."
:migeluk: "But that idea about using the lewdest of us to physically manifest their will in the world, could that really work? Who would even have enough lewd power to do such a thing?"
No. 993384 ID: c32d98

wait, hold on a moment.... my luk-lore might be a bit rusty, but... that's... that's not beaconluk's *trunk* at all, is it?

(ew) regardless, that might work as a receptacle of the pervert spirits power
No. 993385 ID: ca2950

Play Cookie Clicker to make the computer a perpetual motion machine
No. 993386 ID: 12b116

Voyluk is clearly the lewdest, and on top of that, she has some idea of what a camwhore is, so her internet knowledge might be sufficient to manifest her will in the world in a manner that's actually, I don't want to say 'useful,' but furthering your goals.
No. 993388 ID: b1b4f3

Just poke the screen.
No. 993390 ID: 164e20
File 161687690638.jpg - (204.85KB , 1200x901 , computer_screen_desktop.jpg )

:voyluk: "Hear that? I'm the chosen to work this anc-"
:beaconluk: "mlem"
:voyluk: "What? No, didn't you hear them? I am the chosen one, not you, shove off!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem? Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem."
:voyluk: "No, stop touching it! It's for me! ME!"
(Beaconluk and voyluk fight over the keyboard until the screen changes)
:voyluk: "Oh no! Look what you did now, you broke it!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem?"
:migeluk: "Uh, could you tell us how to play cookie clicker, I've only ever played hop scotch."
No. 993391 ID: c32d98

oh no! i meant yungluk, i'm sorry beaconluk!
*guilt-ridden sob-prelude*
curse my tiny dead lyluk brain, there's too many lyluk names to keep track of now for me like this!
abloobloobloobloo.......................................................................................................................................................................................*quiet sob*
No. 993392 ID: b1b4f3

push buttons one by one until something changes.
No. 993394 ID: c32d98

Gals! there's a lyluk! there's a lyluk trapped in there! You gotta get her out!!
No. 993395 ID: 12b116

No. 994155 ID: 164e20
File 161728987057.gif - (5.09MB , 1200x901 , BOOM.gif )

:migeluk: "I'll just start hitting buttons and see what happens"
:pillukicon: "Wow! You certainly did something. I wonder whats going to happen when-"
(The lyluks are dead. Thank you for playing shitty lyluk quest)
No. 994160 ID: 19da02


(still my favorite quest)
No. 994167 ID: 164e20
File 161729306417.gif - (4.38MB , 1200x901 , revert.gif )

:burningluk: "Dammit, well thats one of these gone."
:pillukicon: "-the letters stop appearing. Oh it just restarted the computer, that was anti-climatic."
:nexluk: "I feel as though we narrowly avoided disaster right there, we should leave all this dangerous technology up to the spirits, they know what they are doing."
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I agree with nexluk, it turned out fine this time but who knows what could happen if we fiddle willy nilly with such advanced unknowable artifacts)
:voyluk: "You're right, you're exactly right, pervert spirits! Guide my trunk!"
No. 994168 ID: 12b116

No. 994171 ID: 164e20
File Game.webm - (4.10MB )

:voyluk: "Okay, so to save pixeluk we have to complete this game right? I've never played a game before so you're gonna have to explain how to do it."
:pillukicon: "Doesn't seem like theres much you can do, you just move pixeluk on a background. How do you win pervert spirits?"
No. 994176 ID: b1b4f3

Try hitting the big flat button, called the spacebar, when the characters appear.
No. 994177 ID: 19da02

try to find the button that lets you kick Shyni in the head.
No. 994190 ID: 3a728b

The key is probably that strange sign you can see near the second character. I'm sure there is a way to grab it...
No. 994214 ID: 164e20
File 161730135139.jpg - (325.94KB , 1200x901 , lhomar_snacks.jpg )

:shittylhomar: "Hey, did you girls hear an explosion? Everyone alright?"
:pillukicon: "An explosion? Nope, didn't hear anything like that, must've been in your head."
:nexluk: "Oooooh, what you got there chef?"
:shittylhomar: "I thought you girls would be hungry after nearly being killed in an extermination camp, so I made you some irish nachos!"
:alltogether: "Thanks chef!"
:shittylhomar: "Hey, no problem, it's what I do, having fun on your computer?"
:voyluk: "Yes chef, we're playing a game."
:shittylhomar: "Okay, well I'm always around if you need anything, don't be a stranger."
No. 994215 ID: 164e20
File 161730148328.gif - (1.27MB , 1200x901 , Game.gif )

:voyluk: "Oh hey, it worked!"
:pillukicon: "Then why do I feel like we just did something wrong?"
(Bitluks sadness increased by 5!)
No. 994217 ID: b1b4f3

It's ok bitluk it's just a game! But if you like we can try uh... cookie browser?
No. 994218 ID: 19da02

This is the most right think you've ever done, Bitluk. (tbh Shyni isn't actually bad but, you know.)
No. 994225 ID: e51896

hold shift, might make him run faster
No. 994229 ID: 164e20
File 161730466610.gif - (843.28KB , 1200x901 , game_crash.gif )

:voyluk: "Okay, that did something..."
:pillukicon: "Look at all the lyluks on screen! This was definitely the right call, I think we successfully freed pixeluk!"
:alltogether: "Hooray!"
:migeluk: "... Okay but what now?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is unsure about playing cookie clicker now that it's a lyluk game, she doesn't want more lyluks to be trapped in the computer!)
:bitlukcry: (Pervert spirit praise improves her mood slightly, bitluk lost 5 sadness!)
No. 994230 ID: 19da02

try lyluk/cookie browser to see if we can set up an onlyfans or do nigerian email scams or something.
No. 994240 ID: e51896

pixeluk went into the recycle bin. Follow her by opening the recycle bin, and then push ESC, that might help her escape the computer!
No. 994262 ID: bda675

Why, i'm quite out of ideas
Maybe click on each of the icons and see what they are?
No. 994284 ID: 164e20
File 161730895384.gif - (171.27KB , 1200x901 , cookie_browser.gif )

:voyluk: "You must guide my trunk to that, cause I can't read... Oh it worked! It changed! It must have so much info on this screen!"
:nexluk: "It's a good thing we have these nachos or else I'd be really jealous of those pixeluks eating the cookies."
:voyluk: "So, what now? Pick the path before us..."
No. 994285 ID: 19da02

Click the fourth thing down on the left side of the screen. With the little lock picture next to it.
No. 994295 ID: 164e20
File 161731126696.jpg - (178.80KB , 1200x901 , acess_denied.jpg )

:voyluk: "Gee, I sure wish I could read, maybe then all this would make sense."
:beaconluk: "Mlem"
:voyluk: "Don't lick me."
:nexluk: "Sooooooo... I forgot how this thing was supposed to help us, can someone please explain?"
No. 994296 ID: 19da02

Try second down from the top.

It'll help by posting pictures of voyluk's gams from what I understand.
No. 994297 ID: b1b4f3

Well, without being able to read it's going to be real hard to use the thing. Maybe you should try learning. For instance, the choices on the left are:

The notification says "ACCESS DENIED. For archival purposes only. Must be in place as a world leader or permission from such to view." And the button says "ok"
No. 994298 ID: bda675

Hmm, well let's see.
On the left from top to bottom we have:

then on the right, from top to bottom we have:

(some kinda map)
And finally in the middle we have:

For archival purpouses only. Must be in place as a world leader or permission from such to view.
And that's all the text on screen here.
No. 995179 ID: 164e20
File 161781046250.gif - (179.23KB , 1200x901 , cookie_history.gif )

:pillukicon: "Boy that sure is a lot of text we can't read, do you guys actually know what you're doing? Cause I don't see how this leads to voyluk posting her gams."
:voyluk: "Yeah, I wanna be making money already! Figure out how to make that happen! NOW!"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Please calm down, they are trying their best)
:pillukicon: "Hey you two, transcribe this too will you? I want to learn about cookie history."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is very excited to be learning the history of delicious cookies!)
(Sadness decreased by 5)
No. 995181 ID: 19da02

I'll give you the abridged version:

Since 1935 a cartel of cookie bakers secretly rule the world from the shadows.

I don't think there's a webcam on this, so I'm not sure how to get the gams onto the machine, personally.
No. 995191 ID: 44b878

*Reads the text out loud.*

Ooh! We could join the cookie cartel to rule the world through cookies!
No. 995200 ID: b1b4f3

"The history of cookies dates back far into ancient history, shortly after the invention of sugar cookies became the go-to snack for traveling merchants. Those who controlled cookie production controlled the merchant, those who controlled the merchants controlled trade, those who controlled trade controlled the world. Thus our forebears egged on kings to start wars for the cookie bakers benefit, to squash competition and lock up new markets. This disunity among cookie bakers continued until the industrial revolution, where mechanization allowed more cookies to be produced faster and cheaper than ever before, allowing a small group of well connected bakers to dominate the world market. A dream was then hatched, to realize the true potential of cookie control. In 1935 the cookie cartel was formlized, putting all cookies into one basket. Now if world leaders wanted their cookies they'd need to answer to the cartel. After a few apointments and bloodless coups world cookie domination was achieved in 1972 and the cookie bakers sublime guidance has persisted ever since."

I'm not sure what to make of this. Is this just backstory for the cookie clicker game, not the browser? Did you click on the top left icon or the one closer to the middle of the screen?
No. 995322 ID: 164e20
File 161789624982.jpg - (260.38KB , 1200x901 , decisions_decisions.jpg )

:voyluk: "What!? So this thing won't even do the one thing we got it for? You spirits are useless!"
:migeluk: "I think it's just missing a part, we'll have to go find it."
:voyluk: "Well then what are we waiting for? Lets go get it!"
:dddluk: "The cookie cartel eh? Sounds absolutely devious. Stealing from the entire world without having to lift a finger? Give me a piece of that cookie!"
:bitlukcry: (The prospect of all the cookies in the world has gotten bitluk very excited. She loses 30 sadness)
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk appreciates you going through the trouble of typing all that out. Bitluk loses 5 sadness)

:dddluk: "Guys, we have to get into this cartel thing, it's our ticket to the high life we deserve!"
:voyluk: "What? No, we need my webcam, all this has been leading up to my debut, we can't just change course like this."
:dddluk: "Oh please, why camwhore when you're a part of the ruling elite? Then you'll be paying the camwhores, not being one!"
:voyluk: "But I want to BE one!"
(Should the lyluks try to find a webcam or try to join the cookie cartel?)
No. 995325 ID: 89ae78

Why not both?
Being part of the cookie cartel is probably very lucrative, which would let you buy the BEST webcams, microphones, computers, accessories, etc, etc, for your webcam career!
You could even buy your own home with a whole room specifically designated for webcam whoring and *nothing else*!

You'll be raking in the cash and fans AND living the high-life in secret all at once, i see no way for this to fail.
No. 995326 ID: 862219

buy maid costume.
No. 995332 ID: 19da02

This seems perfectly reasonable tbh.

Also definitely also buy a maid outfit.
No. 995333 ID: 164e20
File 161790329391.jpg - (159.56KB , 1200x901 , computer_map.jpg )

:voyluk: "But I want to achieve my dreams now! I don't wanna join an evil cabal before I can do what I am destined for!"
:dddluk: "You heard what the spirits said, we'll get rich and powerful first then we can do whatever we want."
:pillukicon: "Yeah, c'mon voyluk, we'll do your thing right after this."
:voyluk: "Ugh, but this'll take forever!"
:nexluk: "How about this, we'll get a maid costume while we're out? You'll look attractive in that, you'll get fans before you know it."
:voyluk: "... Alright fine but I'm not happy about this!"
:pillukicon: "Now, where exactly would we have to go if we wanted to join the cookie cartel? Maybe theres clues on this compu- oops my trunk accidently pressed something, I hope I didn't mess anything up."
No. 995335 ID: 19da02

No that was a correct trunk press. You are where the blue upside down cry is, and you have to go where the red upside down cry is. That is where you should go to join the cookie cabal

Also Voyluk I'll be your first fan. I admire all of your feminine charms and beauty.
No. 995337 ID: 7608e0

You should try to steal a car to get there fast
No. 995341 ID: 164e20
File 161790914808.gif - (685.75KB , 1200x901 , lhomar_van_drive.gif )

:voyluk: "Sorry, but its just not the same if you're incorporeal."
:dddluk: "Alright you heard the spirits girls, load yourselves on in, world conquest ain't gonna wait."
:nexluk: "Hey, we can't just steal the chefs truck!"
:dddluk: "Is that so? Well just watch me from the side of the road then!"
:nexluk: "No I mean like morally, he helped us in our time of need."
:pillukicon: "Oh don't worry nexluk, he won't mind if we take it down the road a little bit."
:dddluk: "Yeah, he won't even notice it's gone."
:nexluk: "... I don't like this."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is very guilty about doing the chef like this. She has gained 30 sadness!)
:dddluk: "Well, hop on in girls and enjoy the ride"
:migeluk: "Can you even drive this thing?"
:dddluk: "Of course don't worry, It's all in my lyluk instincts"
No. 995342 ID: b1b4f3

You could have asked him...
No. 995343 ID: 7608e0

Make sure to park away from the cookie shop, who knows if they are hostile!
No. 995345 ID: 164e20
File 161791209057.gif - (6.71MB , 1200x825 , mall_crash.gif )

:dddluk: "I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure I heard 'steal' and not 'ask the chef kindly'"
:dddluk: "Okay park away from the cookies, yes this looks like a fine parking spot."
No. 995346 ID: 7608e0

Oh that's a lot of witnesses, and they got you on camera, you must act quickly or they might call the military on you
No. 995347 ID: b1b4f3


It's been nice knowing you.
No. 995348 ID: 3a728b

Now load up the truck, set fire to the facility and quickly drive off before they give *the call*
No. 995349 ID: 12b116

Just abandon the truck and immediately run away.
No. 995350 ID: 164e20
File 161791408515.jpg - (198.79KB , 1200x901 , party_mall.jpg )

:dddluk: "Oh calm down you babies, we'll be fine. I've done this sort of thing loads of times before."
:dddluk: "Alright you heard the ghost, start loading her up! Bitluk you're on w-"
:pillukicon: "Hey! Woah woah woah WOAH! We're here to join the cookie cabal, not rob the place!"
:bitlukcry: "Bitluk is very scared of the consequences of what just happened. Bitluk gains 50 more sadness!)
:voyluk: "How am I gonna get my webcam now!"
:dddluk: "Girls! Calm down! Just follow my lead and we'll all make it out of this richer than when we came in! Trust me on this, we'll have our cookies and eat them too!"
(Do you follow dddluks lead or do you try to salvage the situation?)
No. 995351 ID: 12b116

We need to salvage the situation. Making enemies out of the cookie cabal is literally the exact opposite of what we want to accomplish!
No. 995352 ID: 3a728b

On one hand, you can make easy cash by outright stealing everything and bolting out while burning the evidence.
On the other, you can stay and still get caught by the cookie cartel because you barged into their headquarters uninvited and destroyed valuable cookies. And who knows what kind of helmets the Cookie Cartel henchmen are wearing?
I think the right choice is pretty clear.
No. 995354 ID: 7608e0

I sure hope that truck has enough gasoline to take you out of here later
No. 995374 ID: b1b4f3

I'm having trouble coming up with any useful advice. You just completely wrecked the building, and there are definitely security cameras so you're not going to get away with it.
This is really depressing. All that effort to get you out of prison and try to get you on a path to self-sufficiency and you've ruined it on your first day of freedom. You're not just an annoyance, DDDLuk, you're a menace. On top of that, Lhomar's going to get pulled into it, because you used his truck.

For those of you who don't want to dive headfirst into a life of crime without any of the skills necessary for it, I suggest offering yourselves up into indentured servitude to the cookie cabal or whoever runs this place, doing jobs nobody else wants to do.
No. 995385 ID: 6ddec4

Yell "Salutations! We are here to bring the greatness of the cookie empire to the lyluk demographic! With lyluks under the sway of cookies, you will be unstopable!
Also, give me some vanilla chips, I have some cash here."
No. 995408 ID: 89ae78

wait hold on, dddkluk, you did this exact thing 3 years go and got thrown into lyluk-jail for it! I saw it, i was one of the people you ran over!

That's it, now that i remember i'll have my revenge! Take this! *uses forbidden pervert-spirit powers to make you lewd*
No. 995414 ID: 89ae78

Some of these pervert spirits seems to be dumber than lyluks, or they ARE lyluks...
I mean stealing a car and crashing into a store? these things are too overt, a secret cookie cabal is gonna want to be SECRET, announcing your presence and intention straight out is just gonna get you silenced.
You gotta do this discreetly, not crash-into-a-mall-tly.
No. 996174 ID: 164e20
File 161841587336.gif - (336.98KB , 1200x901 , dddluk_painful_transformation.gif )

:dddluklatex: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH NO! What have you done to me?"
No. 996177 ID: 164e20
File 161841671515.jpg - (438.83KB , 1200x901 , party_surprise.jpg )

:pillukicon: "By 3dluk! You've gotten all shiny dddluk!"
:migeluk: "And she's carrying a weapon too!"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is afraid of dddluks new spikes)
:dddluklatex: "No! How am I gonna be able to sneak around dressed like this? Pervert spirits! I demand you change me back right this instant! How am I to steal anything when I'm this shiny!"
:nexluk: "Serves you right for getting us into this mess!"
:pillukicon: "Yeah! You really fucked us over dddluk"
:voyluk: "We were supposed to just get my outfit but now we're gonna go straight back to prison!"
:migeluk: "Hey hey hey now girls, dddluk has shown before she knows whats she's doing, I think we should trust her on this one."
:dddluklatex: "Migeluk knows what she's talking about, please just follow my lead on this one and we'll get out just fine."
:pillukicon: "Hell no! We're gonna go over to the cookie cartel headquarters and hope they don't blame us for what you did!"
:nexluk: "This is really not a good look for us dddluk"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is scared of the thought of confronting the cookie cartel after this)
:dddluklatex: "Fine! But me and migeluk are getting all the profits when we wheel on out of here!"
(Do you want to side with dddluk and migeluk or the rest of the party?)
No. 996181 ID: 89ae78

At last, vengeance is served... but at terrible cost. Hornyness cannot be created nor destroyed, merely transferred, by turning you lewd my own hornyness is gone. I can no longer feel any lewd thoughts at all, and as such must leave you now, my pervert brethren.

F A⠀ R⠀ E ⠀W⠀⠀ E⠀⠀ L⠀⠀⠀ L ⠀⠀⠀.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.
No. 996182 ID: 89ae78

Welp, with dddluk this lewd she'll do nothing but think of holes, phallic objects and weird lewd interactions between them...
Hornyness is difficult to control, and with her being newly-lewd she'll need to learn to control her newfound hornyness or she'll now spend the whole adventure touching herself inappropriately too much to be of any help.
No. 996183 ID: 7608e0

3dluk knows what she is doing, just follow her lead (and squeaky noises too)
No. 996186 ID: 89ae78

Well i don't know gals, this seems a bit too high stakes choice for me to know what to do with.

So fuggit! pop a bunch of lyluk-pills and do whatever the great luk-spirit thing tells ya!
Free will is for chumps, great spirit-luks in ambiguous voids all the way!
No. 996196 ID: 164e20
File 161842330567.gif - (240.87KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_taking_pills.gif )

:dddluklatex: "And good riddance! Never come back!"
:dddluklatex: "Shut up! I don't want to hear about what you've done to me!"
:dddluklatex: "Finally! One of you start talking some sense! Listen to this one girls and we'll be out of here before you know it."
:pillukicon: "STOP! This one is right, why make decisions for ourselves when we can just outsource it to a higher power? I'm gonna consult my drug hallucinations and get back to you on what she says."
:nexluk: "Wait no! Beaconluk actually died last tim-"
(But Pilluk was already eating all the pills)
(Voting is still open, Make your voices heard about whether you want to follow dddluk or pilluks crew)
No. 996198 ID: b1b4f3

Please do not become career criminals.
No. 996199 ID: 7608e0

3dluk use that stick you got to knock her out before she eats too many pills!
No. 996200 ID: 164e20
File 161842430780.jpg - (242.26KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_dead.jpg )

:nexluk: "OH my gosh! Really?! Could this possibly get any worse?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is scared pilluk won't get back up. She gains 50 sadness!)
:beaconluk: "Mlem" (Don't worry guys, pilluk got high tolerance, she can handle it)
:migeluk: "So what? We just gotta carry her around now? This is bad."
:dddluklatex: "I'd just like to point out I had nothing to do with it."
No. 996202 ID: 7608e0

you could just leave Pilluk at the back of the truck while you do the important stuff, 3dluk is your leader now
No. 996207 ID: ffc88f

Let us now go and negotiate a treaty with the cookie cartel!
No. 996213 ID: 89ae78

Don't worry gals, this is normal for pilluk by now.

>pilluk: learn how to become the new masters (or at least successfully join) the secret cookie cabal
>or learn some useful cosmic secrets or destiny bullshit whatever

>DDDluk: Try and fail at not thinking lewd thoughts

>it can't get any worse, charge into the cookie cabal's hideout using pilluk as a battering ram, let none stand in your way!
No. 996215 ID: 164e20
File 161842768317.gif - (1.21MB , 1200x901 , pillluk_trip_start.gif )

:migeluk: "So we're jUst gonna stuff WARM TASTY BODY in this coLd lonEly trunK??????"
:nexluk: "This Isn't Happening"
:mysterynigga: "tootle ooo pilluk, see you on the other side"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk disintegrates into tears)
:highluk: "I'm Flying..."
:planticon: *Chomp*
No. 996216 ID: 164e20
File 161842913996.gif - (162.28KB , 1200x901 , greatluk.gif )

:eyebig: "Hello! It's been a while since I've seen you. You've done very well so far but your quest is not anywhere close to complete."
:highluk: "butt i fweee"
:eyebig: "Not for long if you don't head my warning! But before that, any questions you or your spirit friends want to ask? Any mysteries you want elaborated upon?"
No. 996217 ID: 89ae78

Aside from what's the next step?

How to join the secret world domineering cookie cartel perhaps?
Or maybe how to access this hidden state without any lyluk pills would be useful.
No. 996219 ID: b1b4f3

Does the One True Lyluk exist?
Do boyluks exist? How do lyluks reproduce if not?

Also I guess you could tell us how many lyluk wishes we have any chance of fulfilling.
No. 996220 ID: 7608e0

How deep does a lyluk hole go?
No. 996222 ID: 19da02

Just want to say I love your neck wrinkles.
No. 996223 ID: 3a728b

What would happen if Bitluk were to laugh?
No. 996234 ID: fd1757

Oh, great spirit, I beseech thee: why no boyluks?
No. 997160 ID: 164e20
File 161902214034.jpg - (139.06KB , 1200x901 , greatluk.jpg )

>Aside from what's the next step?
:eyebig: "Yeah, about that..."
>How to join the secret world domineering cookie cartel perhaps?
:eyebig: "As cool as that would be, it's not going to happen, you must be able to bake cookies to join and as we all know lyluks can't cook anything."
:highluk: "Awwwwwww"
>Or maybe how to access this hidden state without any lyluk pills would be useful.
:eyebig: "Sorry, spoilers, don't worry, you'll figure it out at some point."
>Does the One True Lyluk exist?
:eyebig: "She did once upon a time."
>Do boyluks exist?
:eyebig: "Why there is a boyluk in your very party!"
:highluk: "Whhhaaaaaaaaaaa!? OH NO! Wat dew?"
>How do lyluks reproduce if not?
:eyebig: "You've already seen how to do it, or least migeluk did."
>Also I guess you could tell us how many lyluk wishes we have any chance of fulfilling.
:eyebig: "Exactly one!"
:highluk: "Yay! Wishes!"
>How deep does a lyluk hole go?
:eyebig: "Extremely shallow, barely counts as a hole."
>Just want to say I love your neck wrinkles.
:eyebigblush: "Thank you..."
>What would happen if Bitluk were to laugh?
:eyebig: "No one would be able to hear it since bitluk only speaks the INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUKS."
>Oh, great spirit, I beseech thee: why no boyluks?
:eyebig: "But there are! You know one!"
:highluk: "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

:eyebig: "Now anything else before I tell you what you came here for and I send you back?"
No. 997161 ID: 19da02

wait which one is the boyluk?
No. 997162 ID: a70109

Who is the boyluk?
(it's voyluk, isn't it? damn i knew femboys were irresistible, but i never expected femboyluks to be that captivating...!)

Which of the wishes do we have any chance of fulfilling?

Could the chef teach a lyluk how to bake cookies?

And i got nothing else, thank you for all you've done for the luks so far, giant beautiful spirit-luk!
No. 997166 ID: b1b4f3

>only one wish
What? That's weird, shouldn't it be fairly simple to both break into a drug store and visit a candy store? And going to a BOG sounds easy too.

Did you think I meant something else? I was referring to the "personal quests" of our lyluks.
No. 997177 ID: 164e20
File 161903502471.gif - (4.12MB , 1200x901 , bigluk_talk.gif )

:eyebig: "I'd answer that but I know you ask it with malice, it's up to you to figure it out."
:eyebig: "But no, it's not voyluk, you can't just achieve insight into a person by rhyming their name."
>Which of the wishes do we have any chance of fulfilling?
:eyebig: "It's the big wish of course, for lyluk to be free once more and finally be beloved as she should be."
>Could the chef teach a lyluk how to bake cookies?
:eyebig: "No, No one can."
>thank you for all you've done for the luks so far, giant beautiful spirit-luk!
:eyebigblush: "No problem... Even if you are a pervert spirit."
:eyebig: "I know what you meant and you won't achieve any of them, you of all people should know that lyluks are very bad at achieving their goals, really they're often counter-productive."
:eyebig: "Now, onto the important thing, so basically you're not out of the weeds yet. If you don't play your cards right you're all going to die today."
:highluk: "Wha???? Y????"
:eyebig: "And it's not because you broke a bunch of laws and burned the bridge with your only ally, though that didn't help, no, it's because your adversary has followed you here and is poised to strike! You must find a more permanent way to deal with him, for he is nearly upon you now!"
:highluk: "Weit! how do?"
:eyebig: "Thats for you to figure out little pilluk, now go! Your friends are in danger!"
No. 997179 ID: 19da02

Isn't the world our adversary?
No. 997180 ID: a70109

Oh no, the weird creep in the greasy sweater followed you! He's here!
No. 997181 ID: a70109

>"But no, it's not voyluk, you can't just achieve insight into a person by rhyming their name."
It was more so due to their cam-whoring and wanting to wear high kneesocks really.

...Wait, you mean they *aren't* a cute femboyluk? o _ o
oh gods. I-I need to delete some folders.
No. 997182 ID: fd1757

I think bitluk is the boyluk, the herald of a new age....of there being boyluks around.

Oh, and I think we should find a way to defend ourselves from the creepy hacker from the prison.
No. 997183 ID: 164e20
File 161903701005.gif - (319.80KB , 1200x901 , Pilluk_woke_up.gif )

:pillukicon: "Gasp! Oh no! This is really really really BAD! LIKE SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLY BAD! GIRLS! THERES A BOYLUK AMONG US!!!!"
"Wait? Where is everyone? Girls?"
:pillukicon: "Yeah but I'm used to it, thats how it's always been. I don't even know what I'd do in a world that actually liked me."
:pillukicon: "Oh yeah right. Him too! GIRLS! Oh wait... Damn you don't think he already got them do you? Why did he leave me behind?"
:pillukicon: "Gross, you may be all I have again but can you keep the perversion to a minimum?"

:pillukicon: "Damn, what do I do now? I hope everyone is alright."
No. 997184 ID: 19da02

Is nobody around? You should probably leave the scene of the crime. And look for any clues.
No. 997185 ID: 943070

Try to look around. Be wary of any evidence of the presence of pesky romans.
No. 997187 ID: a70109

Do you have some luk-aura senses you could tap into to locate them?
Failing that, follow the tracks, with DDDluk being so lewd now there's bound to be traces of... something around here. Probably lube tbh.
No. 997188 ID: 943070

Or a trail of bitluk tears
No. 997192 ID: 164e20
File 161903930630.gif - (298.40KB , 1200x901 , mall_voyluk_maid.gif )

:pillukicon: "No! No way bitluk is the boyluk! She's cute and precious and not masculine at all!"
:pillukicon: "Nope, absolutely n-HEY! VOYLUK OVER HERE!"
:voylukmaid: "Yooo, pilluk, you're awake, where'd everyone else go?"
:pillukicon: "I dunno, they were gone when I woke up, where were you?"
:voylukmaid: "Where do you think? Left to get the thing we came here for."
:pillukicon: "What did you see while you were away voyluk?"
:voylukmaid: "Rows and rows of junk. No cookies anywhere, I think that map was wrong about the cookie cartel being here."
:pillukicon: "Man, if only I could feel lyluk auras then this would be easy."
:voylukmaid: "Who needs that when you can just follow bitluks constant trail of tears?"
:pillukicon: "Oh yeah right. Let follow that and see where it goes."
No. 997193 ID: 19da02

Voyluk lookin nice.

Didn't beaconluk eat out somebody's pussy at some point? Is that boyluk evidence?

And yeah follow tears.
No. 997198 ID: a70109

Heya Voyluk, looking snazzy and ready for camwhoring.
..We should probably also tell them about the whole "needing to be able to bake cookies to join the cookie cartel" thing.
No. 997199 ID: 164e20
File 161904229555.jpg - (189.15KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_castle.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Hmm, beaconluk does have a constant air of... depravity around her. She also seduced nexluk without any effort."
:voylukmaid: "Pardon my french but that is very sus."
:pillukicon: "I guess beaconluk is a possibility."
:voyluk: "Aww thanks guys. But you need to pay up if you want private time~"
:pillukicon: "Also, voyluk we need to learn to bake cookies if we want to join the cookie cartel. But we can't learn how to bake cookies..."
:voylukmaid: "Oh well, I wasn't into the whole idea anyway."

:pillukicon: "Bitluk! We found you!"
:voylukmaid: "Bitluk! What happened? Where did everyone go?"
:pillukicon: "Bitluk?..... She's not answering."
:voylukmaid: "Maybe the spirits could to talk to her?"
(Be bitluk?)
No. 997200 ID: 943070

Oh no, she's wearing a helmet. Nothing good happens when helmets are involved.
No. 997201 ID: 7608e0

Bitluk time it is
No. 997202 ID: a70109

>Bitluk: Recount the horrors you've witnessed
No. 997203 ID: 12b116

Bitluk, protect your mighty castle. Speak your truth to these other luks.
No. 998089 ID: 164e20
File 161962341643.jpg - (378.37KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_zoom.jpg )

(You are now bitluk! Unfortunately bitluk has gone MAD with SADNESS!)
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk refuses to recount what has transpired until her castle is safe from these invaders! She tells them politely to leave)
:pillukicon: "Bitluk, we have no time to play pretend, we're in serious danger here!"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is preparing to man the battlements)
(What do you say to bitluk?)
No. 998090 ID: d155ff

Oh no! Bitluk has gone MAD with SADNESS and thinks you're invaders trying to take her castle!

What did you girls DO to her???
No. 998095 ID: 19da02

Bitluk, these might not be invaders. They might be merchants or traveling musicians or something else. You should ask them what their purpose is in visiting your castle.
No. 998099 ID: ee5ebe

Dont trust them Bitluk! you are better off without them, attack!
No. 998102 ID: 164e20
File 161962796834.gif - (281.91KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_hide.gif )

:pillukicon: "What do you mean WE? I was passed out in the back of a truck!"
:voylukmaid: "I wasn't anywhere near bitluk when she went crazy either!"
:bitlukcry: (After dealing with the MALL MERCHANTS bitluk doesn't trust anyone trying to sell her stuff!)
:pillukicon: "Excuse me? Mall merchants?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk slams the portcullis closed and proclaims that they'll never take this castle so long as she lives!)
No. 998104 ID: d155ff

Bitluk's state is serious, you've gotta lower her SADNESS levels if you'll want to have any chance of talking sense into her.

Try drawing happy things with the crayons on the floor and offer her some crayons to draw with herself.
Having a drawing-pile with her friends might cheer her up!
No. 998126 ID: 1bccd0

Make funny puns in the inaudible lyluk language! Those are the best!
No. 998147 ID: 164e20
File 161963356995.jpg - (275.43KB , 1200x901 , drawpile.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Good idea! I'll draw us passing out from a massive drug overdose! I would love to do that with friends."
:voylukmaid: "I'm gonna draw you guys taking pictures of my naughty bits."
:pillukicon: "..... I uh...... Okay I know we were going to do that but did you have to say it out loud?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk would love to draw but she has to defend her castle! The castle being more colorful does raise her spirits a little)
(Bitluk lost 15 sadness)
:pillukicon: (Pilluk makes a pun about bitluk being higher in the INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUKS)
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk giggles inaudibly)
(Bitluk loses 20 sadness!)
:voylukmaid: "I think we're getting to her guys, any other ideas?"
No. 998150 ID: d155ff

Well obviously you gotta finish it by being all sappy.
Tell her that even if things go bad it'll be ok, cuz at least you'll always have each other. And together you can get anything done, after all you managed to escape the ext- uhhh Extreme-*Sadness* camp when you all worked together!

Also hugs! bitluk needs to come out of the castle, otherwise she won't be able to join you in group-hugs or reuniting with the other gals!
No. 998159 ID: ee5ebe

You should draw a massive fishluk, that should make her happy
No. 998162 ID: 19da02

Let out the titty raccoon! I bet Bitluk would like playing with it.
No. 998163 ID: d155ff

Don't be lewd, bit luk has no interest in titty.

Wait, is that a cookie in the inventory?
Why give it to her! A cookie could be just what you need to max out bitluk's HAPPINESS!
No. 998167 ID: 164e20
File 161964126374.jpg - (296.96KB , 1200x901 , drawpile_continues.jpg )

:voylukmaid: "Yeah, she misses fishluk, seeing her again will definitely cheer her up!"
:pillukicon: "Are you sure about that?"
:voylukmaid: "Oh yes, see just add a little sex appeal and BAM! Even better than the real thing."
:bitlukcry: (The drawing reminds bitluk of all those friends dearly departed, lost and forgotten. Those that left her behind.)
(Bitluk gains 20 sadness (but the good kind))
:pillukicon: "Release Mr.Foams? Whats she supposed to do?"
:voylukmaid: "And by cookie do you mean this MYSTERIOUS EGG? Cause we ate all the cookies in the box."
:pillukicon: "I don't think we should feed bitluk the MYSTERIOUS EGG."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk doesn't respond to Mr.Foams but the egg reminds her of the new life sure to bloom one day)
(Bitluk loses 10 sadness)
:pillukicon: "Yeah! You hear that bitluk? We're friends and we're going to save you no matter what! And even if you run away we'll find you!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is unconvinced by empty platitudes)
:voylukmaid: "So come on down and give us a hug already! You can't join our group hug if you don't come down."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is very tempted to come down and join the group hug)
:voylukmaid: "Guys I think we almost got her, just a little bit more and she'll come down. Any ideas on how to finish her off?"
No. 998168 ID: ee5ebe

Draw some clown makeup on yourselves like how Bitluk did that one time
No. 998169 ID: d155ff

Ass some color! A Green field, bright blue sky and a big yellow sun!
And everyone's playing and being happy in the fields!
No. 998170 ID: d155ff

Singing! Singing cheers people up! Even sad luks!
No. 998174 ID: 164e20
File 161964613389.jpg - (296.33KB , 1200x901 , hugs.jpg )

:voylukmaid: "You do this one pilluk, I'm not messing up my makeup."
:pillukicon: "Fine, but when you're streaming I'll be doing you makeup. Hey, look at this bitluk, it's me. Funny clown lyluk haha."
:bitlukcry: (Seeing a happy clown lifts her mood)
(Bitluk gains 10 happiness)
:pillukicon: "Okay, this one might work, see bitluk? This could be your future if you come down."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk wants that to be her future. She gets down from the castle walls)
(Bitluk is no longer sad!)
:pillukwowicon: (Even though bitluk isn't sad anymore pilluk sings her a song in the INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUKS)
:voylukmaid: "Awww, I didn't know you had such a beautiful voice pilluk."
(Bitluk rejoins the party)
No. 998176 ID: d155ff

It's a shame it is INAUDIBLE, otherwise you could probably get a nice career as a singer.
with today's tech you could easily get popular over the web by doing anything form our own original songs to covers of other songs.

Also, YAY, Bitluk's no longer sad, and is reunited!

Time to find the rest of the girls. ONWARDS!
No. 998177 ID: d155ff

*from your own
spelling is hard without any hands... The life of a spirit is harsh.
But hey, we get to tag along plucky adventurers like yourself, so it's not all bad.
No. 998178 ID: 164e20
File 161964760682.jpg - (305.34KB , 1200x901 , mister_foams_follow.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Thats right pervert spirits, we have to find the other girls! But where could they be?"
:voylukmaid: "Look, mister foams is telling us to come with her. She must smell dddluk, they were good friends. Lets follow and find where she leads us."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk was going to explain what happened while you were gone but finding the others is more important right now.)
No. 999125 ID: 164e20
File 162031962381.jpg - (370.39KB , 1200x901 , mall_laundry.jpg )

:dddluklatex: *Gasp* "Mister foams! You're back! I'm sorry I forgot abo- Oh, it's you girls too..."
:pillukicon: "Dddluk! Phew, finding you was a lot easier than bitluk. C'mon, hurry up, we need to get out of here now!"
:dddluklatex: "Can't, stealin stuff."
:pillukicon: "No time for that! Romans are coming back, need to leave quickly."
:dddluklatex: "Well thats too bad, I'm gonna continue doing what I always do and you girls can abandon me like before."
:pillukicon: "What do you mean?"
:voylukmaid: "While I did run off to get this sexy maid outfit, calling it abandonment seems a bit extreme."
:dddluklatex: "Well, whatever, you go on and save the rest, I'll be fine here with mister foams."
:pillukicon: "Uh... Hey spirits! Convince dddluk to come with us, please?"
No. 999126 ID: d155ff

>DDDluk: stop taking things one by one and just steal the whole washroom at once.
Also bad news, to join the cookie cartel you must be able to bake cookies...
Oh right! we gotta find the rest of the girls before the greasy weirdo from the ext- "extreme unhappiness camp" catches them! He's here after all of you!
No. 999127 ID: ee5ebe

Will have to do something about that ridiculous outfit first, is there a way to give her the old one back?
No. 999128 ID: d155ff

If you stay here you might never get rid of your lewdness cast upon you by the (now regular) spirit.

Alternatively, you're bound to find more neater shit to steal if you follow along~
No. 999129 ID: d155ff

Hmm, lewdness cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred, so we'd have to find someone willing to take on the burden of being eternally lewd.

We could try transferring it to bitluk, since as everyone knows, bitluks are too pure to be lewd. So it might just cancel the lewdness out.
...then again the lewdness might combine with bitluk's incorruptible purity and turn her into some kind of god due to the paradoxical extremes of her pureness coming into contact with pure lewdness...

...Might be safer to transfer it to voyluk, they're already pretty lewd.
I mean what's the worst that can happen? It's not like it'd grant her superpowers if she became twice as lewd.
No. 999131 ID: 164e20
File 162032272863.jpg - (369.81KB , 1200x901 , DDDluk_decisions.jpg )

:dddluklatex: "C'mon, you should know by now that lyluks can't fit anything into their LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION bigger than themselves. I would if I could."
:dddluklatex: "What? No way, you're seriously suggesting one of you take on the burden of being so lewd? No way any of you can handle it."
:voylukmaid: "Honey, I've been lewder than that my entire, I can handle it, hell I want it!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk solemnly steps forward to take on her friends burden)
:racoon: (Mister foams reaches out her hand as if wanting something)
:dddluklatex: "Not you too mister foams! I can't put this burden on you of all people! But the logic of either bitluk or voyluk is impeccable... Fine pervert spirits! You take the wheel and decide who will receive my LEWDNESS!"
:pillukicon: "I swear to 3dluk if you choose bitluk..."
(Choose either bitluk, voyluk or mister foams)
No. 999132 ID: d155ff

oh no! what an impossible choice!

...well not really that impossible, voyluk would probably handle the excruciatingly intense hornyness fine, and if all else fails she could just transfer it over to bitluk, which would probably nullify it.
No. 999133 ID: d155ff

then again, would the group really be able to handle the insufferable hornyness of a twice-lewd voyluk?
she might start to literally vibrate with pent up unreleased sexual tension if it doubled.
No. 999134 ID: ee5ebe

Voyluk should not get any lewder, and Bitluk is out of the question, mister foams has to take one for the team
No. 999135 ID: b1b4f3

No. 999136 ID: d155ff

you fool, we have no idea what could happen if mister foams took on a person's worth of lewdness! Don't you know the smaller something is the lewder it becomes when imparted with lewdness?

Bitluks purity might shield her, but mister foams is a racoon, they would be entirely unprotected against the wild, sensual energies that's released!

It might create something truly terrible....
No. 999138 ID: 626656

What about one of the spirits taking the lewd.
No. 999144 ID: 164e20
File 162033263072.gif - (450.30KB , 1200x901 , dddluk_voyluk_painful_transformation.gif )

(Voyluk has won by a single vote, transferring LEWDNESS now)
:dddluklatex: "Get read voyluk, being LEWDIFIED is incredibly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
:dddluk: "... Phew, it only lasts a second. And I'm already back to normal! Thank you voyluk! Now I can rob in peace."
:voyluklewd: "No problem dddluk.... Oooooh boy I am really feeling this right now, but it should help in my career right?"
:pillukicon: "Yes yes, very HORNY, anyways we've cured you now dddluk."
:voyluklewd: "What do you mean we!?"
:pillukicon: "So you gonna come with us or not?"
:dddluk: "Eh, I'm still loading up stuff, you girls go on ahead, I'll catch up with you soon."
:pillukicon: "UGH! Fine, can you at least tell us what happened to the others?"
:dddluk: "Well, migeluk allowed herself to be arrested to try to explain what happened to them, then they tried to arrest nexluk but she slipped violently from their grasp, don't know what happened to her after that."
:pillukicon: "Who tried to arrest us?"
:dddluk: "Who do you think? Those people you were trying to join, the cookie cartel!"
:alltogether: *Gasp*
(Who do you try to save first?)
No. 999145 ID: ee5ebe

Migeluk seems to be in a lot more trouble than nexluk right now, you need to save her!
No. 999146 ID: cac40c

Yes, let us save her from the cookie mafia.
No. 999147 ID: d155ff

Us pervert spirits are already lewd. Being incorporeal, if we took on any more lewdness it would literally be too much for our being and we'd dissolve into a musky cloud of pure lewdness as our entire being ruptures from the inside and spills out, coating everything in the area in a sticky white ectoplasm.

Also does anyone know if they're done transferring yet?
I don't see any difference yet, it's all lewd to me.
No. 999148 ID: d155ff

But nexluk might slip right into the hands of the lyluk haters! You know how accident prone she can be.
No. 1000961 ID: 164e20
File 162144135751.jpg - (446.34KB , 1200x901 , cookie_shop.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Alright, so here we are at the cookie shop, as we originally planned but now in much more trouble than before."
:voyluklewd: "You girls think that cookie cartel members have huge f-"
:pillukicon: "OKAY STOP THAT NOW! Instead of that, lets think of how to save migeluk. Theres no one manning the shop... Lets raid the cookie stocks, having a full belly will help us think."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk tries to pull the security door open, it is locked firmly. She can hear voices from behind the door)
(What do the lyluks do now?)
No. 1000962 ID: 7d95dc

look behind the counter, there might be some kinda security release (be careful to not press the alarm button they have in case of robberies)

Meanwhile someone else can go up to the door and check out what's happening in there.

And dddluk? Keep stealing. This is quality stash material, not to mention you gotta get back at the cookie cartel for fudging you all over like this.
No. 1000963 ID: 19da02

Eavesdrop and see if you can hear any juicy tidbits
No. 1000968 ID: 8bb303

Raid the cash register, get money
No. 1000976 ID: 7d95dc

Scratch that, cut out the middle-luk, just steal the whole register. You can open it later.
No. 1000979 ID: 164e20
File 162144889851.jpg - (384.42KB , 1200x901 , behind_the_counter.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Hmmm, nope, doesn't look like theres any door button on here, not that I can read the left one of course but judging by the fact the others are cookies I can guess what it does. I don't know how to open the cash register and it seems stuck to the counter."
:voyluklewd: "Y'know, I really want stick som-"
:pillukicon: "Shut!"
No. 1000982 ID: 164e20
File 162144933355.jpg - (192.60KB , 1200x901 , security_room_peek.jpg )

(After giving bitluk a boost she can see inside)
:bitlukcry: (Oh no! The cookie cartel guards have got migeluk strapped down! The voices are too muffled to hear anything besides noms but bitluk can tell migeluk is in great danger!)
(Will you continue messing around at the counter? Or will you actually try to save migeluk? Or perhaps be migeluk?)
No. 1000983 ID: 19da02

be midgeluk. We will save our own damn selves
No. 1000984 ID: 7d95dc

>roman legion: Bust down the doors on this cookie cartel for trying to exterminate lyluks in your place
like hell you're gonna let these cookie-munching cosplaying weirdos take your jobs
Boobah Vult!
No. 1000985 ID: 8bb303

Damn i didn't know Migeluk was into this sorta stuff
No. 1000986 ID: ee5ebe

inciting a conflict between the Romans and the cookie cartel seems like a viable option
No. 1000993 ID: 164e20
File 162145582752.gif - (961.03KB , 1200x900 , mall5.gif )

:pillukicon: "Okay, Okay, sure that sounds like it could work, but how exactly do we-"
>be midgeluk
:midgeluk: (You are now a tiny midgeluk flying around a dimly lit torture chamber. You are looking for some succ and pay the voices no mind.)
No. 1000994 ID: 19da02

Those hoods look nice and comfy. Fly into one and see if there's anything good to bite.
No. 1000997 ID: 8bb303

it seems ones of the other pervert spirits has cursed us to be midgeluk

Welp, go find some plant particles to eat
No. 1001004 ID: 96c896

Bite the guy with the shotgun. Maybe that will cause some accidental friendly fire and take out the other guard.

More likely the midgeluk will just get squished and we can help Migeluk instead.
No. 1001034 ID: 1f53e8

I will now use my spirit powers to condense all of voyluk lewdness into a lewd cookie to toss in the cell and distract the guards.

Lewd cookie is a very popular flavour.
No. 1001097 ID: 7d95dc

You say that like voyluk will be willing to part with her newfound lewdness. She seems to be enjoying herself. ...in more ways than one.
Besides, lewdness can not be taken, only transferred by it's holder.
No. 1001098 ID: 1b96b5

While the flying monstrosity is distracting the guards, Migeluk could start SLITHERING (menacingly) very fast and slip right out of the RESTRAINTS
No. 1001537 ID: 0b2eb1

o>~~ midgeluk: Fly around buzzing LOUDLY and ANNOYINGLY in you quest for some succ
No. 1002427 ID: 164e20
File 162264836055.gif - (2.24MB , 1200x900 , midgeluk_succ.gif )

:midgeluk: (Midgeluk listens to the ghostly voices when they suggest getting some SUCC)
(Midgeluk SUCCs the shotgun guard)
:cc_guy: "AHHHHHH, that huge fly got me right on the neck, the helmet did nothing!"
:cc_guy: "What? Oh god that thing is huge! Kill it before it gets away!"
No. 1002429 ID: 164e20
File 162264875289.gif - (1.66MB , 1200x900 , shooting-midgeluk.gif )

:cc_guy: "I'll get you for stealing my blood you little gnat! EAT LEAD!"
:migeluk: "Huh? You guys found me? I'm not sure what you did but I can't slither out, they lined the insides of the restraints with SANDPAPER! You need to find a way to unlock them."
"Also it's a good thing your voices are inside my head cause I am definitely deaf right now."
No. 1002430 ID: f1af1e

>bullets: ricochet off the walls and ceiling and hit the release mechanism
No. 1002431 ID: 22c7a7

Quick migeluk, grab the tip of the shotgun so she can bite the other guard!
No. 1002433 ID: d1a832

Midgeluk you're in danger! You need to perform a BARREL ROLL MANEUVER skillfully to evade the gunfire!
No. 1002444 ID: f1af1e

Hey.... Does anyone else feel that distant rumbling?

O>~~ MigeLumps: have survived the destruction of the extermination camp and followed the scent of migeluk to reunite with your (mother?father?) Luk-ian parent
O>~~ MigeLumps: Inadvertently rescue migeluk as you swarm the establishment in great swathes
No. 1002450 ID: 164e20
File 162267013437.gif - (0.99MB , 1200x900 , midgeluk_accident.gif )

(Unfortunately you are disembodied spirits and have no control over inanimate objects)
:migeluk: "Ahhhhhh, I can't, it's too scary!"
:midgeluk: (Midgeluk does one better and preforms a DIVING BARREL ROLL right onto the guns barrel! Her liquid bulk causing it to lower)
:cc_guy: "AHHHHHHHH NO! Dude talk to me! Oh god oh jeez, I'm a murderer! I can't let anyone know about this or I'm done for!"
:eyebig: "Hey! NO! Not until the romans come back! Thats your get out of jail free card for that! Not here!"
No. 1002451 ID: 96c896

Migeluk: agree not to tell anyone if the guard lets you go.
No. 1002503 ID: f1af1e

better yet, Migeluk: say nothing, he'll have forgotten you're there and due to lyluks being so overlooked by anyone naturally they're practically part of the background he'll be too distracted to remember you're there and kill you off so you can't gab to anyone of what you saw
No. 1002508 ID: f1af1e

Mr. Murderer Guard: You can't stay here, they'll put you in jail or worse! There's cameras everywhere, they'll know it was you!! The only way to escape now is to flee to another country...
Well what are you waiting for? RUN!!! Quickly, quickly! before they can get you!!
No. 1002509 ID: 094652

"*Sigh* Listen. As long as I'm alive, you can blame me for your mistake with 'Lyluk hypnotism'. The thing is, if I'm dead then they can't get the satisfaction of blaming a dead girl so they'll think you're bluffing (which you are), and if I'm imprisoned then not only will they blame the guy with everything else in control, but they'll vivisect me and realize I can't hypnotize jack-dookey.
So your best bet is to calm down, stare at the wall for five seconds, and then release my bonds. And keep staring at the wall until someone arrives."
No. 1002514 ID: 19da02

Tell the guard he should probably just kill himself before he gets caught and is tortured to death, because that's what they do to traitors and team killers. At least this way he can go out on his own terms.
No. 1002515 ID: fa5b2f

I agree with the spirit above me, but make sure to take the other guy's helmet too
No. 1002518 ID: 164e20
File 162273041007.gif - (478.71KB , 1200x900 , guard_thinking.gif )

:migeluk: "Hey! Don't worry about it! If you let me go then I won't tell anyone."
:migeluk: "ˢᵒ ᵐᵘᶜʰ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵃᵗ..."
:cc_guy: "No! That won't work! The cookie cartel controls all international travel, they'll know where I've gone! Oh no, I'm even arguing with the voices in my head..."
:migeluk: (says all that shit)
:cc_guy: "Oh nononono. I need your help, you can't just slither away, you're gonna help me hide the body. Yeah, become an accomplish so if I get caught you'll go down with me!"
:migeluk: "Fuck"
:cc_guy: "Nonononono Shutupshutupshutup! I'm not killing myself! I got to much to live for! Who'll look after my cookie wife and cookie kids? No, I'm not gonna die here, nonono..."
:migeluk: "ᴼᵏᵃʸ, ᴵ'ˡˡ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ʰᶦˢ ʰᵉˡᵐᵉᵗ ʷʰᵉⁿ ᴵ'ᵐ ᵒᵘᵗ."
No. 1002519 ID: f1af1e

Since you're already neck deep in the shit now, You wanna drop everything and come along on a fantastical lyluk-party adventure?
You might even become friends, it'll be fun!
No. 1002523 ID: fa5b2f

It's either joining this party or you're gonna be lying on the floor after Tony Cookietino fills you with holes for manslaughter. We should probably hook up with the weird green human as well. Cant let him get hurt by the cookie cartel.
No. 1002532 ID: 9d29cf

It's okay, guard. It was an accident. It's okay to cry.

It's okay to cry.
No. 1002537 ID: 164e20
File 162274306344.gif - (471.99KB , 1200x900 , ccguy_cry.gif )

:migeluk: "Thanks for letting me out."
:cc_guy: "Oh god, is this what I'm reduced to? Allying with a talking cyclops snake thing to hide a dead body?"
:cc_guy: "Oh no, I've ruined everything! I can't get away from this! To think of what his family will say now... Abloobloobloo"
:migeluk: "Sooooooo... How we getting rid of this thing?"
No. 1002540 ID: f1af1e

We can't just "get rid of" them.
Look at them! They're broken, despairing. Like a bitluk without her happiness...
They're as miserable as you girls are now, it makes you kin, in spirit at least. (it's not like you goils haven't killed guards in the past, so that's even more in common!)
We gotta take care of them, and find bitluk so she can give them a comforting hug and a cathartic cry.
No. 1002541 ID: f1af1e

Open the door, mr. (former)guardsman, dddluk will be able to hide the body, she's got tons of them (i know i peeked in her stash!), she won't mind another.
No. 1002542 ID: 943070

Just dump his body in the cookie dough processor.
With a bit of luck you'll discover a new recipe and Mr. Trigger Discipline over there will be forgiven by the cartel.
No. 1002543 ID: 164e20
File 162274827255.gif - (754.47KB , 1200x900 , dealing_with_consequences.gif )

:migeluk: "I meant the dead body but I get your point. I guess he's one of us now."
:cc_guy: "Wait, you can hear the voices too?"
:cc_guy: "Ah dammit! I don't got time for questioning my sanity, we need to dump him somewhere quick, go out and make sure the coast is clear!
:migeluk: "Okay... Yeah the coast is clear."
:cc_guy: "Thank goodness, maybe this part will- What the fuck!? You said it was clear!"
:migeluk: "Yeah it is clear, these are just my friends, they'll help us do this."
:pillukicon: "Migeluk! You managed to free yourself with the help of the spirits we sent you! Now voyluk, what was that about planning the romans undies on the cookie cartel?"
:migeluk: "Girls! We got no time, we need your help to hide this dead body! We're either gonna turn it into cookie dough or see if dddluk can do something, which one do you think is better?"
No. 1002544 ID: 6b691e

Is the guard's neck doing okay? It looked like Midgeluk took a lot of his blood
No. 1002545 ID: 943070

He died doing what he loved. Being turned into cookies would probably be his wish, it's the only moral choice.
No. 1002546 ID: f1af1e

:dddluk: Alright, i'm done stealing everyone's underwear, what have i miss-
:dddluk: ...Is that a dead body?
:dddluk: Daym girls, Attago! Alright, let me just lump it in with the others. I was gonna go through their stuff later anyways so why not! One more in the pile won't hurt.
No. 1002553 ID: f1af1e

Might also wanna ditch the mask, guardsman. They can't know it was you if you don't look the same as the cameras saw.
By the by, we never got your name, if i may inquire? Introductions, everyone.
No. 1002555 ID: fa5b2f

Hey dddluk, see anything behind the counter?
No. 1002565 ID: 6b691e

Make Midgeluk suck the whole corpse up, this is undoubtedly the best course of action.
No. 1002567 ID: 9d29cf

Bury the corpse in the landfill of discarded cookies, the noblest cookie guardsman burial ground.
No. 1002613 ID: 19da02

make him into dough
No. 1003059 ID: 164e20
File 162334330591.gif - (348.54KB , 1200x881 , midgeluk_big_succ.gif )

:midgeluk: (Midgeluk succs as much as she can through the bullet hole. She stops before she explodes)
:pillukicon: "Oh no! Midgeluk can't fly like that! Here, get in my LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION"
:cc_guy: "Your what? Also I really don't appreciate you helping the accomplice to my friends murder."
:pillukicon: "Shut up, who was the other one again?"
No. 1003060 ID: 164e20
File 162334346323.gif - (692.52KB , 1200x901 , dough_machine_prep.gif )

:voyluklewd: "Shush you, if you wanted to help you should've come with us the first time! You're not even here."
:dddluk: "Doh!"
:migeluk: "Okay, so this is the dough machine?"
:cc_guy: "Yeah, this better work or else you're gonna go in there next. Sorry about this buddy, you'll be missed."
:cc_guy: "Nope, not taking off the helmet, you vermin can call me CC for now."
No. 1003061 ID: 164e20
File 162334360892.gif - (394.47KB , 1200x901 , make_it_dough.gif )

:cc_guy: "Oh for fucks sake! That noise! Their gonna hear and to see what the racket is!"
:pillukicon: "But look! It's working! He's being converted to cookie dough!
No. 1003062 ID: 164e20
File 162334395231.gif - (354.31KB , 1200x901 , making_cookies.gif )

:cc_guy: "Well I'll be dipped. It really worked. We made him into cookies."
:migeluk: "Great! Now we just need to get rid of the cookies and there'll be no evidence remaining!"
:cc_guy: "Get rid of? You're not suggesting...?"
:voyluklewd: "Look, if you're gonna be a baby about cannibalism or whatever, then leave it up to us!"
:pillukicon: "Yeah, you'll owe us one for all the effort we put into hiding your tracks!"
:cc_guy: "Ugh..."
:pillukicon: "You know, I feel like we're forgetting something. Hey pervert spirits, We haven't forgotten anything important right?"
No. 1003063 ID: 7a01fc

>*Distant 'Deus Vult' Ominously Approaching*
No. 1003065 ID: 6b691e

nah its probably nothing, make sure to put some of those meat cookies in the inventory though
No. 1003066 ID: 19da02

don't forget to plant the undies to implicate the romans! Also is midgeluk in your inventory? I don't see her.
No. 1003077 ID: 164e20
File 162334893973.jpg - (301.80KB , 1200x901 , laundry.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Oops! I did forget midgeluk, thanks guys!"
:cc_guy: "You know I have every right to smash that thing?"
:pillukicon: "Shut! Unless you want to be the one eating these cookies."
:cc_guy: "Urp..."
:migeluk: "These cookies are kinda soggy..."
:pillukicon: "Dddluk!"
:dddluk: "Oh, back already? and whos's this?"
:pillukicon: "No time, we need your undie collection as planted evidence!"
:dddluk: "Oh, is that so, wow you girls are finally starting to learn from me!"
:migeluk: "Also, please stop breaking the 4th wall dddluk."
:dddluk: "Sorry..."
:voyluklewd: "So, we still need to find nexluk right? She's the last one? Where could she be?"
(Where will the party search for nexluk once they planted the evidence?)
No. 1003079 ID: 19da02

used tire store
No. 1003080 ID: 6b691e

Check in the pet store, even if Nexluk is not there you might find some new friends
No. 1003090 ID: 7a01fc

Easy. Just follow the sound of slipping, and stuff breaking as said slipping subject bounces into stuff and knocks it over.

...Did i just hear the sound of very expensive, VERY fragile glass shattering over in that direction?
No. 1003195 ID: 50874f

We're forgetting about the crashed cook's van, are we? Anyways, better head out into the most anywhere slippery, that's the trace of a nexluk.
No. 1003505 ID: 164e20
File 162394952578.gif - (253.53KB , 1200x901 , petshop_meanluk.gif )

:pillukicon: "Nope, nothing there, not even gonna dignify this one with allowing you guys to see it."
:voyluklewd: "Y-yeah, I think the sound came from the pet shop, I hope it's nexluk and not a big, mean-OMIGOSH! Whats a meanluk doing here?"
:migeluk: "I don't know but she appears to be bullying that baby EGGLUK in the cage really hard!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk knows that meanluks run REALLY FAST since she has personal experience with their bullying)
:pillukicon: "I didn't think these things would make it here so quick, how are we gonna save that innocent eggluk?"
:cc_guy: "Oh come on you pansies, it's only one of them, we can take it."
(How will they save the eggluk?)
No. 1003506 ID: d2e90e

scare the meanluk away! cookieman! you are big and you have arms!
No. 1003507 ID: 19da02

make the cookie guard go kick it.
No. 1003509 ID: 7a6d41

He was born to be destined to this moment.
No. 1003510 ID: 6b691e

Grab one of those dogs and throw it at the Meanluk
No. 1003512 ID: 96c896

Somebody block the exits so it can't just run off. Cookie guard is the strongest one of the party so he can smash it with some ineffectual help from other lyluks.
No. 1003514 ID: 7a01fc

just use your guard training and bash it over the head. If it keeps harassing you, grab it by the neck and throw it away or in a cage.
No. 1003515 ID: 164e20
File 162395463852.gif - (533.10KB , 1200x901 , petshop_meanluk_capture.gif )

:cc_guy: "Yeah sure, this'll be easy... Hup and neutralized!"
:pillukicon: "I think you're choking her to death..."
:cc_guy: "Yeah? And so what if I am? You wanted me to get rid of her right?"
:migeluk: "Yeah but you don't have to kill her..."
:cc_guy: "Well then how else are we going to deal with it?"
(What do you do with the meanluk?)
No. 1003516 ID: 96c896

Just put it in an empty pet cage. Preferably one that's not near occupied ones.
No. 1003517 ID: d2e90e

put it in a comically large sock
No. 1003518 ID: f0633a

let the eggluk decide
No. 1003520 ID: 6b691e

I agree, Eggluk should get a say in this
No. 1003521 ID: 953c4c

Grab anything you can to subdue her, maybe we can get through her hissing language and tell us where nexluk is hiding. Kill her after, she may retreat to their kind and sent them to take us out.
Also are you sure those are dogs behind the glass cages? They don't look very, living, you know.
No. 1003522 ID: 7a01fc

probably best not to kill it, meanluks are notoriously communal, if there's one there's bound to be many more nearby. It'd be like punching a wasp nest, they'd all know if you'd killed it and begin swarming.
putting it in a cage or something is probably the safest bet.
No. 1003523 ID: 164e20
File 162395652935.gif - (270.81KB , 1200x901 , petshop_eggluk_saved.gif )

:eggluk: *Points at the cage she was in*
:dddluk: "Whats that eggluk? You want her to go in your cage? Why I think thats a fitting punishment for someone so mean."
:migeluk: "Yeah! CC, put her in the cage!"
:cc_guy: "Of course 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘮𝘢𝘫𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘺."
:pillukicon: "Yay! We saved eggluk!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk feels great joy in saving her. Bitluk loses 20 sadness)
:pillukicon: "I still feel like we're forgetting something..."
(What, if anything, is the party forgetting?)
:voyluklewd: "Imagine what we can do with an eggluk~"
(What can the party do with an eggluk?)
No. 1003524 ID: d2e90e

we still need to find nexluk!
No. 1003525 ID: d2e90e

Voyluk im an ardent admirer of yours! I look foward to your lewd streams~
No. 1003526 ID: 6b691e

Ask Eggluk to start bouncing, she seems bouncy
No. 1003527 ID: 7a01fc

uhh, lets see...
THere's nexluk, the romans, the now-definitely-confirmed-meanluk-hive in the mall or whatever this place is, the ever-present threat of the cookie cartel catching up with you...
*sniff-sniff* Does anyone else smell bunnies?
No. 1003528 ID: 19da02

Voyluk you have great gams just wanna say that.
No. 1003530 ID: 96c896

The meanluk broke through the glass cage, won't it do that again and break out?
No. 1003541 ID: 164e20
File 162396217975.jpg - (301.30KB , 1200x901 , petshop_smell.jpg )

:pillukicon: "No, I remembered that, I just can't shake the feeling I'm forgetting something really important, like REALLY important..."
:voyluklewd: "Thanks~ I can't wait to get them started. I'm gonna make a lot of people very happy! Everyone will want a piece of me!"
:pillukicon: "While all that stuff should definitely be kept in mind, theres just something that tells me we're forgetting much more than that, like shouldn't there be more-URP!"
:cc_guy: "What? What happened? Are you okay?"
:cc_guy: "Woah! Whats the matter with cute little bunnies? HEY! WAIT UP!"
(In the meantime, where should the party next look for nexluk?)
No. 1003544 ID: d2e90e

I feel she is inside a shower somewhere
No. 1003546 ID: 19da02

toilet ... store?
No. 1003548 ID: 6b691e

what if she is in the slime shop? seems like a reasonable place to be for her
No. 1003558 ID: 96c896

Hey uh where are all the people?
No. 1003566 ID: 953c4c

Well we are sure she went somewhere that would have a lot of slippery and clean products, maybe the janitor's closet?
No. 1003587 ID: 7a01fc

oh gods you jsut left that poor meanluk to be stinked to death ;_;

follow the sound on something slipping comically, you'll find her then.
No. 1004558 ID: 164e20
File 162506709580.gif - (265.91KB , 1200x901 , janitor_closet.gif )

:pillukicon: "Hmmmm, yes I do hear slipping and sliding coming this JANITORS CLOSET which is located in this TOILETRY STORE. I hope she is in here cause this is getting annoying."
:nexluk: "Girls? Is that you? Please help me! I'm stuck and very tired!"
:voyluklewd: Mmmmmm~ Sounds like someones been putting her through her paces, lets join and- Oh she's just running place."
:nexluk: "Girls! Help please! *pant* This is really hard!"
:migeluk: "Oh no! Nexluk is slipping on some knocked over cleaning supplies and now the increased slipperiness has left her unable to walk! How will we get her out of this one?"
:pillukicon: "Yeah, thats a good point, where is everyone?"
:cc_guy: "This is a sunday"
:migeluk: "Malls close on sundays?"
:cc_guy: "Yeah"
:pillukicon: "Huh... Well that makes things easier for us I guess."
No. 1004559 ID: 9989b1

Some of the lyluks think Nexluk is dancing. They dance too.
No. 1004560 ID: 19da02

No. 1004563 ID: 65c081

Guardsman: Just gently lift her up and put her somewhere els- *whoops!*
No. 1004564 ID: 27edeb

Use the broom to knock her out of the slip.

Also, steal that raunchy calendar. It'll serve as inspiration for the lewd photos we want to post on the computer. Maybe it's even inspiration for a way to do it without a computer!
No. 1004570 ID: 164e20
File 162507526895.gif - (315.48KB , 1200x901 , lyluk_dance.gif )

:pillukicon: "Yes, we will preform the world famous lyluk jive as nexluk is inadvertently doing, if we can synchronize our movements we will create a resonance that will free nexluk!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk needs no such excuse to dance)
:cc_guy: "Hell no, me touching her is what got us into this mess. Come up with something else."
No. 1004571 ID: 164e20
File 162507563788.gif - (921.52KB , 1200x901 , nexluk_rescue.gif )

:dddluk: "Well that was pointless." *Zoink*
:migeluk: "I'll try the broom idea, now this might be a bit bristly and dusty nexluk."
:nexluk: "Just do it already!"
:pillukicon: "Oh no! Now she's ricocheting everywhere!"
:dddluk: "Girls, calm down, now that she's out of the slime she'll lose momentum eventually. Now we just need to figure out a way to give nexluk back some friction when she stops. How will we do that?"
No. 1004572 ID: 19da02

Look for floor dry or cat litter or sand or something grainy you can throw everywhere and totally not make an enormous mess of.
No. 1004573 ID: d2e90e

Rub her on the human's clothes! so she will get dry
No. 1004574 ID: 6b691e

dry her with that book you have in the inventory
No. 1004575 ID: b9aac9

>lose momentum
You are aware nexluks are practically friction-less, right?
She's not gonna stop until something stops her.
No. 1004576 ID: 164e20
File 162508065360.gif - (626.74KB , 1200x901 , paper_boots.gif )

:dddluk: "Hmmm, seems theres nothing in here like that. Who would've thought the janitor wouldn't have anything in his closet to make a mess, only to clean them."
:cc_guy: "Stop trying to make me touch her, it's not gonna work."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk starts tearing put pages to make nexluk some paper shoes but she has trouble with only her stumps and trunk)
:migeluk: "Here, let me hand you a sniffer."
:pillukicon: "Yeah, she's not really slowing down guys. Is there anything around that could get her to stop going?"
No. 1004577 ID: 19da02

Try and grab her with your trunk literally anybody other than Bitluk. For obvious reasons.
No. 1004578 ID: 19da02

Ooh! Wait! Fire extinguish her! I don't know how that will help but it's right there.
No. 1004579 ID: 96c896

Towels! Apply towels to her to soak up the slippery stuff.
Also, since everyone is together, maybe it's time you found out who the boyluk is.
No. 1004580 ID: 6b691e

Cookie man, grab that fire extinguisher and just knock her out, you know you want to
No. 1004581 ID: ac3198

Maybe if we put some paper mache on the floor in front of her, it drag her down and slow down to a crawl. But don't use bitluk's creations because that would be rude.
No. 1004582 ID: d2e90e

why dont you like touching lyluks, human? they are so soft and squishy!
No. 1004584 ID: b9aac9

if anything, now that she's free from the puddle i think she might be speeding up...

Ok, someone's gotta catch her before she zooms out of control and punches a hole through a wall or something.
No. 1004586 ID: 164e20
File 162508390253.jpg - (286.25KB , 1200x901 , nexluk_frozen.jpg )

:pillukicon: "It's impossible! She's too fast and slippery!"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk does not want to rip up her nicely made PAPER BOOTS right after she made them!)
:cc_guy: "Alright everyone! Stand back and let me handle this!"
:cc_guy: "There, she's stopped. Problem solved."
:migeluk: "You froze her!"
:cc_guy: "Yeah, well I didn't see you doing anything useful."
:dddluk: "What are we going to do now with a frozen nexluk?"
:cc_guy: "It's not lyluks in general, it's just that one in particular, she slippery and I don't like that."
No. 1004587 ID: ac3198

Off to the lyluk pocket dimension it goes!
No. 1004588 ID: 6b691e

So where is Yungluk anyways?
No. 1004589 ID: 96c896

Put her in storage until she thaws.
Anyway, we've collected everyone, time to run the fuck away before pest control gets here. Or sneak out the back if they're already here.

You know what let's just assume they're already here and sneak out the back.
No. 1004593 ID: 13da16

No. 1004649 ID: 19da02

somebody lick nexluk so their tongue gets stuck to her
No. 1005770 ID: 164e20
File 162653857780.jpg - (276.03KB , 1200x901 , Voyluk_lick.jpg )

:voyluklewd: "Mmmmmmmm, that sounds like a good idea~ I'll warm her upth... Oh nosss! Mah tong ith thuck!"
:pillukicon: "Gee voyluk, you can't be doing that, you know nexluk prefers being licked by beaconluk... OH MY GOSH! BEACONLUK! We totally forgot about her...
:pillukicon: "And Yungluk too! Where could they be?! Voyluk were did... oh yeah right. Dddluk? Bitluk? Migeluk?"
:migeluk: "I left before they did so I didn't see."
:dddluk: "They were still sticking around the truck when I left too."
:pillukicon: "Uh oh, then where did they go? We searched pretty much everywhere! Pervert spirits, do you know where they could be?"
:voyluklewd: "pleath helth"
No. 1005777 ID: 21686e

Security man, did you guys catch any other lyluks than migeluk?
No. 1005778 ID: 21686e

You gotta run warm(not too hot) water over your tongue/ice to get free, voyluk.
No. 1005779 ID: 7a6d41

Give the guard the third item from the left in the Lyluk inventory, he'll be able to use it to help our frozenluk
No. 1005780 ID: 21686e

hmmm, maybe if we get voyluk hot and bothered enough she'll melt the ice all on her own!

ummm.... Poledancing begraluk? Asdfluk getting stuck in places and have to be "helped" out. Validluk dildo. Yungluks big, throbbing trunk. *Dyrooluk trunk-holding.*
No. 1005781 ID: 164e20
File 162654203634.gif - (1.40MB , 1200x900 , rumble.gif )

:cc_guy: "Nope, only got the snake."
:voyluklewd: "Thwere ahm I goona geth hoth wather?"
:pillukicon: "Thats just an empty spot you dingus!"
:migeluk: "Unfortunately a lyluk must be lewd for that and voyluk has all the lewdness..."

:pillukicon: "Hey guys, you feel a bone shaking rumbling all of a sudden?"
:cc_guy: "Yeah as a matter of fact I do, what is that?"
:migeluk: "It's coming from outside! Lets go see what it is."
No. 1005784 ID: 164e20
File 162654217214.gif - (14.89MB , 1600x1200 , parking_lot.gif )

:migeluk: "Oh my gods! It's so loud! Who would bring such a huge machine to the mall?"
No. 1005785 ID: 164e20
File 162654265770.gif - (13.03MB , 1200x901 , great_threat.gif )

:pillukicon: "UH OH!"
:migeluk: "UH OH!!!!!!!"
:voyluklewd: "UHTH OHHHHHHHHH!"
:shittycc: "Uh oh? Whats Uh oh? That looks pretty sick if you ask me."
:pillukicon: "I thought the meanluks got rid of him... what are we gonna do now?"
No. 1005786 ID: 7a6d41

Quickly, draw something to distract them!
A lyluk, a cookie, a cow, ANYTHING!
No. 1005787 ID: 27edeb

Well if you're in urgent need of hot water you can get someone to pee. Do Lyluks even do that? Don't spend too long thinking about it, things are getting serious quickly.

I think the fifth item in your inventory is a lighter. Is it? If it is, you can also use the flame to melt some of the ice. Though I don't think that'd be safe with all this bone shaking rumbling, and it might take too long to do.
No. 1005795 ID: 6b691e

Cookie man, throw Midgeluk at that guy in the tank, she might explode and cover him in blood, also you get your revenge, win-win
No. 1005796 ID: 092182

DDDluk, quick! Steal all the tank gasoline!
No. 1005797 ID: 7b4f21

We need cookieman to throw something at the tank's barrel now! Maybe that big bullet thing you have in your pocket can help. We also need to rush to the van we crashed inside with!
No. 1005798 ID: 092182

What if the cookieman pretends he own all the lyluks in the room? Or hide them in a comically large bag?
No. 1005799 ID: 21686e

> "Unfortunately a lyluk must be lewd for that and voyluk has all the lewdness..."
No! I meant it as Voyluk: think of all those things to get yourself all hot and bothered
No. 1005800 ID: 21686e

Meanluks: Your sworn enemy has resurfaced, and so close to your new nest. This outrage can not be tolerated!
Rise! Rise from the depths and swarm them, this time they will not escape!
For the ones you lost! for the hive!! For the dark onE!!!
*honking WAAAGHH*
No. 1005801 ID: 164e20
File 162655030330.jpg - (325.18KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_draws.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk quickly draws a cow on the wall, she feels good about it despite having drawn it in record time)
:pillukicon: "Hopefully that slows them down, you know how much those romans love their cows."
No. 1005803 ID: 164e20
File 162655111174.jpg - (343.01KB , 1600x1201 , CC_treason.jpg )

:dddluk: "Even I'm not stealthy enough to steal something in front of so many vigilant people."
:voyluklewd: "Oh, well sorry but the guard ripped my tongue off nexluk off screen while running to the entrance, it hurt a lot, glad you guys didn't see that."
:meanluk: (In the distance you hear a faint hissing and the crashing of glass)
:voyluklewd: "Ewww, even I'm not lewd enough for that!"
:pillukicon: "What was that thing about the fifth inventory slot? Oh yeah! One of those fire things lyluks can't use! Guard friend! Can you use this to save us?"
:shittycc: "Hell no! I'm not helping you anymore! You never told me you have the roman freaking empire with tanks after you! Besides I already got what I wanted out of you, now that the murder of my fellow guard, which I will point out is your fault, has been covered up, I have no reason to continue associating with you foul creatures."
:migeluk: "Crap! Betrayal!? How are we gonna get away now? We still haven't even found yungluk or beaconluk!"
No. 1005804 ID: 96c896

Can you just stuff Nexluk in inventory for now and run away?
No. 1005805 ID: e51896

Lets make the guard look like an idiot. Quickly draw some of yourselves on the wall near the cow, and hide. That way, those Romans think the guard thinks the pictures is what he is referring to, wasting their time making them think the guard is an idiot and gives you all a chance to escape.

The reason why you should only draw some of yourselves and not all of you is because we don't have time.
No. 1005806 ID: 21686e

You've fooled yourself, security-man. You've been around the luks so long it's visible on you now! They can see you've begun changing from their shitification aura! They'll believe you're in the process of *painful Lukification!*! At best they'll put you out of your misery before your 'transformation' is complete.
No. 1005807 ID: 21686e

Eggluk: can you feel it? the man with the plan in the tank, how he inspires horni in his soldiers; the horni for coweh and boobah.
No. 1005809 ID: dbd6f2

Yeah, yeah! Making him look like an idiot and getting him in trouble will also help ruin relations between the cabal and those romans too. When we run for it, we should see if we can use Nexluk as a slide to go faster.
No. 1005813 ID: 164e20
File 162655376740.gif - (1.26MB , 1200x901 , the_price_of_betrayal.gif )

:dddluk: "Way ahead of you."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk quickly draws a self portrait, she in impressed with it's quality and wonders if she works best under pressure)
:shittycc: "Huh? What do you mean marked? Hey! Don't point the cannon at mEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" *BOOOOOOM*
:pillukicon: "Hah! Serves him right!"
:eggluk: (Eggluk is perturbed by the control this man has over his subordinates)
:dddluk: "Unfortunately they got this mall surrounded, we will need to come up with something more clever to get out of this one. Girls! Lets retreat into the maze of the mall for now and try to come up with a new plan!"
No. 1005817 ID: 164e20
File 162655441549.jpg - (271.56KB , 1200x901 , party_run.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, any ideas you guys might have on our way back would be much appreciated!"
No. 1005819 ID: 6b691e

Draw a Time Machine and use it to go back before the Cookie betrayed you, then convince him to not do it since he is already shitty and will be killed on sight. Totally reliable plan
No. 1005820 ID: dbd6f2

We'll need to see if those smelly bunnies are still around, if we draw them into the pet store they will have to deal with meanluks and odorful rabbits. Do you think bitluk's castle has any escape exits for sieges?
No. 1005821 ID: 49582f

Cookie cabal: Two of your men dead and now this roman incursion, clearly there's a connection. They must be after your secret cookie recipe!!
They must not be allowed to succeed!

Yungluk: have found and taken control of the mall-intercom control room and start broadcasting lyluk propaganda for your just cause. Lyluks must be free!

Beaconluk: be busy licking all the ice-cream you can in the desert section of the mall, the one treat even you can eat. yum-yum-brrr
No. 1005823 ID: 092182

There surely must be a secret passage somewhere in the mall, after you find the missing girls you should look for one in a cookie shop!
No. 1005825 ID: 164e20
File 162655889602.gif - (260.91KB , 1200x901 , van_time_machine.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a time machine module onto the van, although bitluk knows nothing about time machines or even how to write so she has no idea what this actually does or how to control it. It does seem to do something though)
:migeluk: "Ewww no, we're not going anywhere back to those stinky smelly foul bunnies! But I wonder if the castle does have a secret escape route? Bitluk?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk does the infamous lyluk shrug)
:pillukicon: "Well, if we run out of options we'll look there or make a last stand."
:dddluk: "That would sure be nice if any of those people where around to hear you say that."
:pillukicon: "Yeah! There'll definitely be a way out in the cookie shop! We should check there, Once we found the other 2 girls... Where could they be?"
No. 1005826 ID: 6b691e

Is there a restaurant in this place? I bet Beaconluk is there licking some leftovers
No. 1005827 ID: 7a6d41

Ask that furry creature. It has to know things.
No. 1005895 ID: 49582f

>"That would sure be nice if any of those people where around to hear you say that."
Pervert spirit voices are unbound by distance, time, and space. Mysterious horni powers ensure they always reach their intended recipient.
Additional note, being horni makes you more vulnerable to direct manipulation by pervert spirits due to becoming more horni than matter. It's basic science, like magnets.

DDDluk(while pilluk was last unconscious on lyluk pills): *vibrate with hornyness like a hl2-prop bugging out*
No. 1005909 ID: 164e20
File 162663007575.gif - (204.93KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_ice_cream_shop.gif )

:dddluk: "Yes! Mr.Foams, lead us towards our missing friends!"
:racoon: *Scurries away*
:migeluk: "Girls! He got their scent! After him!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem..."
:pillukicon: "Hey! We actually got one! That wasn't too hard, now come on beaconluk, we need to find yungluk and get out of here quickly!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem..."
:migeluk: "Oh for lyluks sake, you can eat all the ice cream you want later, we need to leave now!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem..."
:dddluk: "I fear we will not be able to remove beaconluk from this ice cream without bloodshed..."
:dddluk: "Okay, no, your powers definitely do not work retroactively! I swear if we go back in time and I actually start bugging out we're ditching you pervert spirits!"
(How will you remove beaconluk from the ice cream?)
No. 1005910 ID: 49582f

Too late, DDDluk, it already happened. ಠᴗಠ
Or do you perhaps not remember being so horny you briefly spazzed out? did you perhaps suppress the memory of your horni time?
No. 1005911 ID: 49582f

Just take teh ice cream with you, beaconluk will follow.
Also, place nexluk in front of them, see if they'll lick all the ice of her so she's unfrozen.
No. 1005912 ID: 96c896

Circumvent the problem. Take the ice cream with us.
No. 1005916 ID: 092182

Threaten her with the need of DIET!
No. 1005922 ID: 164e20
File 162663417313.jpg - (240.73KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_cry_ice_cream_shop.jpg )

:dddluk: "Nuh uh, we don't have time for this, I'm putting away this ice cream, you can have it for later."
:beaconhurt: *Sheds a single tear*
:pillukicon: "If you keep eating this stuff then we'll have to put you on a DIET! Do you want that beaconluk?"
:beaconhurt: "Mlem..."
:pillukicon: "Thats what I thought."
:voyluklewd: "Don't worry beaconluk, you can lick me as much as you want~"
:dddluk: "I have purged that section of memory from my mind, it's gone forever and theres nothing you can do about it!"

:migeluk: "So, wheres yungluk then? Is there any place left to search?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk hopes yungluk is okay)
No. 1005923 ID: 092182

Given her nature, I feel like she is in somewhere with books

Can I metaphysically lick voyluk too?
No. 1005924 ID: 49582f

search the computer stores, either that or the place with the intercoms.
No. 1005926 ID: dbd6f2

Yungluk must be at the mall gym, working those arms out. After that we better get her help to get the van working and going again. It's not the first time we had to drive a vehicle while under roman attack and it probably won't be the last!
No. 1005928 ID: 164e20
File 162663953892.gif - (280.60KB , 1200x901 , electronics_store.gif )

:dddluk: "Uh oh, look girls, the romans are starting to spread out, we need to be careful from now on or else we'll be caught!"
:pillukicon: "Crap, this is bad, if the guards are here then they might've already got yungluk, should we just leave and try to save him once we have a plan?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is very worried about yungluk now)
No. 1005929 ID: 96c896

Maybe DDDLuk can sneak around on her own to find yungluk?
No. 1005930 ID: 6b691e

It's way too dangerous to stay here, consider Yungluk lost for now
No. 1005932 ID: 092182

Imagine the horrors she'll suffer if she gets captured! We cant just leave her behind after everything she did for us!
No. 1005935 ID: 164e20
File 162664168162.jpg - (288.72KB , 1200x901 , party_retreat.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, lets regroup and come up with a new plan, we need to do something different now that the place is crawling with guards."
(A few moments later)
:dddluk: "So, I heard something about me using my stealthy abilities to search for yungluk?"
:migeluk: "I dunno, I don't like the idea of one of us going off on their own, it's dangerous."
:pillukicon: "If only there was some place to go where we could see the entire mall all at once..."
(How are you going to find yungluk?)
No. 1005936 ID: 092182

Maybe there's a room full of cameras? You guys could sneak into the guards room and knock them out!
No. 1005937 ID: 6b691e

Well this place should have a security camera room right?, maybe you are lucky and no one is guarding it
No. 1005939 ID: 96c896

This is just the prison break all over again isn't it.
No. 1005945 ID: dbd6f2

Right, so we need to go to security room. Back into the cookie cabal guard room again.
No. 1005968 ID: 49582f

Girls, i have the perfect solution to both keeping you safe and finding out what happened to yungluk.

=o>~~ Be yungluk.
No. 1005975 ID: 96c896

Oh good idea we can just switch perspective to... him?
No. 1006138 ID: 164e20
File 162697066524.jpg - (456.45KB , 1200x901 , party_think.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Yeah, of course! We could just go to the security room again and look at the cameras! Why didn't we think of that before?"
:migeluk: "I hope the guards haven't had the same idea yet or else we might already be in trouble!"
:pillukicon: "Yeah, now that you mention it, this does seem kinda familiar..."
:dddluk: "It's like the prison camp but hyper condensed into a bite sized chunk. At least we have the experience to know what to do in this situation."
No. 1006140 ID: 164e20
File 162697084124.jpg - (410.27KB , 1200x901 , lhomars_house_yungluk.jpg )

:yungluklewd: "Wait, you can do that?"
:pillukicon: "Hold it! Did you just call yungluk a-"

(You are now yungluk)
:mysterynigga: "toot?" (Is someone there all of a sudden?)
No. 1006146 ID: 6b691e

Now what are you doing all the way back here? your friends are in danger!
No. 1006147 ID: 49582f

oh, there you are, yungluk. The mall's been overrun by romans from that extermination camp currently. It's good to see you're not in danger though, the girls were worried.
No. 1006150 ID: 7a6d41

No. 1006152 ID: 164e20
File 162697722925.gif - (2.67MB , 1200x900 , yungluk_shock.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot toooot" (I came here because we are in danger, the chef is our only ally and dddluk has put us into quite the pickle. Since the chef is the only one amogus with human rights it seemed prudent to solicit his aid once more.)
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Oh, that sounds bad, what lured the romans to our location? I also apologize for worry the others but I told beaconluk where I was going and even offered her to tag along. Sadly she wanted to stay and lick all the new things while no one was around.)
:mysterynigga: "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOT?!" (What? I don't understand what you're saying? Romanluks? Conspiracy? It makes no sense... But if what you are saying is true than not only are we in great danger but the entire world is as well! What should I do? Should I tell the chef what has transpired or start the long trek back to the mall to save my friends?)
No. 1006153 ID: a8c254

Hmmm, they do HAVE a car.... but they probably wont be able to drive it well and... wait, its chef's car aint it? Has he noticed his car is gone?
No. 1006154 ID: 49582f

Alright, i have a bizarre suggestion, but bear with me.
we can still see the lyluk inventory, and it's filled with the same stuff the other group had, so place yourself into the inventory then we switch to the other gals again and retrieve you out of it over there.

It's just absurd enough it could work.
No. 1006155 ID: 54d98f

Your buddies are looking for you at a mall, it is currently overrun by romans and their hairy, funny-accented overlord. We need to tell them you're not in the mall, and you must help your trapped friends escape the place fast. Tell Lhomar if he can help us, we still have time left.
No. 1006156 ID: 7a6d41

The Chef, yung Luk. You need to warn him. You're our only hope.
No. 1006167 ID: 49582f

yungluk, will the chef even be able to understand your tooting? I assumed the other luks only understood because of the lyluk-speech
No. 1006168 ID: 164e20
File 162698232971.gif - (787.90KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_lhomars_living_room.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (It's more of a truck than a car but I will inform him of what happened.)
:shittylhomar: "Welcome back yungluk, let me guess, you crashed my truck and all your friends died?"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Yes to the former, no to the latter.)
:shittylhomar: "Well thats good I suppose, I knew things were going to go bad when I saw you guys drive away. Where'd you even get the keys?"
:mysterynigga: "Toot?" (Keys?)
:shittylhomar: "Nevermind, is the truck still at least drivable?"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I wouldn't know, I don't know how to drive)
:shittylhomar: "Uuuughhhh"
:mysterynigga: "Toooooot" (Why yes, how interesting, I can't see why that wouldn't work given what you said is- Oh, well it looks like the LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION took a minute to realize that I should not have access to the inventory of the others. Well, I should not rely upon such temporary physiolegal mixups for our plans in any case)
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I apologize friend for asking you for yet more help, especially after what we've done to your van but I fear my friends will really die if we don't do something.)
:shittylhomar: "Ehhhh, fine, I gotta go over there anyway to check out how bad the damage is on the truck, I'll try to distract them for you or something while I'm over there."
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Thank you chef, you are truly pure of heart. Now pervert spirits! Return to mall and inform the other that I am safe!)
No. 1006169 ID: 164e20
File 162698263932.jpg - (415.27KB , 1200x901 , security_room.jpg )

(You are now the other lyluks)
:provicon: "Hey guys! They're over here, they locked themselves in the security room!"
:pillukicon: "Real smooth dddluk, weren't you supposed to be a master ninja or something?"
:dddluk: "Sadly I'm not good enough for my skills to rub off on you guys and your big mouths."
:migeluk: "What are we gonna do now? We're trapped in here!"
No. 1006170 ID: 6b691e

what is that thing in the corner? it looks kinda... sus
No. 1006171 ID: 49582f

...what did you gals do to the racoon?
No. 1006172 ID: 49582f

Paint over the window so they can't see what you're doing.
remember to draw lots of milk, cows, and boobah. they won't be ale to smash the glass that way, at least not without tremendous moral/psychological damage.
No. 1006173 ID: 19da02

Mr. Foams seems to have absorbed some lewd and become the inventory version. Romulus and Remus suckled from a wolf, so maybe Romans are horny for furries or something.
No. 1006174 ID: 96c896

Good news, yungluk had already left the mall and went to get help from Homar, who agreed to help. So all we need to do is escape.
Beaconluk knew that yungluk had left, why didn't she say something?

Is there another way out of the room? Looks to me like you're cornered and will have to wait for Homar to do something.
No. 1006175 ID: 164e20
File 162698545862.jpg - (425.73KB , 1200x901 , security_room_cows.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Oh hey! You're back! We didn't do anything to her, Mr.Foams just picked up some new clothes while we were sneaking around the place."
:voyluklewd: "I might've encouraged her to pick out something good~"
:voyluklewd: "Hup you go bitluk! You're such a heavy girl~"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws cows as if her life depends on it, which is appropriate because in this situation it really does)
:provicon: "Cowii"
:nexluk: "I don't know what any of that means but do you think Mr.Foams could distract the guards if they manage to break through?"
No. 1006176 ID: 164e20
File 162698579645.jpg - (427.79KB , 1200x901 , security_room_trash.jpg )

:migeluk: "You're right, that does look very sus, but as you can see it turned out to be nothing more than a trash can."
(Is there anything useful in the trash?)
:pillukicon: "Beaconluk knew?!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem" (Well, you stole my ice cream...)
:migeluk: "Oh my goodness! The only reason we're in this situation is because you didn't tell us! We're cornered! What can we do to get out now? You doomed yourself and us!"
:pillukicon: "Also, who's Homar?"
No. 1006177 ID: 49582f

can you guys change the perspective? we can only "see" one half of the room.
Or rather check the other walls for vents or anything. Hell look for a secret entrance of some kind, maybe one that leads to a secret cookie cabal lair.
No. 1006178 ID: 6b691e

Force Beaconluk to lick the trash for putting you in this situation
No. 1006181 ID: 96c896

Excuse me I meant Lhomar.
No. 1006183 ID: 12b116

There's probably a half eated hamburger in the trash, which could be useful for a variety of reasons. And a piece of extension cord used for autoerotic asphyxiation.
No. 1006184 ID: a8c254

welp, is there a ventilation shaft conveniently open enough for you guys to get into?
No. 1006203 ID: e51896

Before we take any secret exits, go destroy those computers so that nobody can use the cameras to look for us.
No. 1006644 ID: 164e20
File 162757453947.gif - (578.24KB , 1200x901 , its_him.gif )

:pillukicon: "I assure you there is nothing but a blank wall over there, except for the calendar but we already got one of those."
:voyluklewd: "Aw yeah, lick that trash you dirty girl~"
:beaconhurt: "Mlem..."
:alltogether: "Who?"
:migeluk: "We will eat the burger, thanks for pointing it out to us!"
:bitlukicon: (Yum)
:pillukicon: "How are we gonna destroy the computers? We're only lyluks."

:mysterynigga: "H-heeelow?"
:alltogether: "Who's that?"
:mdicon: "H-h-h-heelow? Are you in dere? I'm gonna open de door and come in now..."
:migelukscur: "Oh no! What are we gonna do now? He's immune to the cows!"
No. 1006645 ID: 5d79d9

Quickly! Focus your shittluk aura onto the coomputers and escape into the internet!
No. 1006646 ID: c3ee2f

No. 1006647 ID: dd40ce

This is a great idea.

Also shove bloody cookies under the door. maybe they'll scare him off.
No. 1006649 ID: 164e20
File 162757748366.jpg - (278.81KB , 1200x901 , something_something.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, we shitified the computer, so how exactly do we use this to travel again?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws the arcane symbol upon the glass before the creepy anime antagonist child rapist can get in)
:mdicon: "Ooooh, where did you learn dis? Fucking garbage."
:migeluk: "The cookies are too thick and chunky to fit under the door!"
:mdicon: "Fine, dese ones have been nothing but trouble since we got dem. I'll just burn dis down with you inside! How dat for an oooven?

:pillukicon: "Oh no, we got delay him or else we're gonna be crispy lyluks!
No. 1006650 ID: 5d79d9

No. 1006651 ID: dd40ce

Voyluk, smash your lylussy against the window to make him lustful of your body.
No. 1006653 ID: c3ee2f

Well Gentleluks, the situation seems desperate.
Do we still have Lyluk pills?
No. 1006654 ID: a8c254

What will he burn down? the ENTIRE place?! What a maniac!
No. 1006655 ID: 34f496

We don't have time to wait for rescue, we need to jump into those shitty screens and see what we do from there. Brace yourselves!
No. 1006660 ID: 164e20
File 162758438404.gif - (864.58KB , 1200x901 , escape_into_internet.gif )

:voyluklewd: "I'm not tall enough sadly :("
:pillukicon: "Oh yes, we got lots left, why? You think I should consult the giant lyluk again?
:migeluk: "Yeah! You're crazy old man!"
:mdicon: "Wat? Calling me crazy afder all you've done? You're a menace!"
:pillukicon: "I'M GOING IN! (Smack) OOOOOOF"
:migeluk: "Uh oh, looks like only some of use are small enough to fit through the screen. Me, bitluk and eggluk will go through to try to find help, you girls stay safe here for as long as you can."
:eggluk: (Hop)
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk feels sad about leaving her friends to die just as soon as she met back up with them)
:migeluk: "Don't worry girls, not matter what happens we'll save you!" (Slithers in)
(Do you follow the digital party of stay with this one?)
No. 1006661 ID: 6b691e

The digital party is clearly the best one! let's see what they can do
No. 1006662 ID: eca41c

We cannot have bitluk do things on her own offscreen, it's too dangerous for her. Digiparty!
No. 1006663 ID: a8c254

stay with this one, we must help them!
No. 1006664 ID: 5d79d9

Don't worry, DDDluk can simply stash you all in her inventory dimension and hide in the shadows (if anyone comes in she can effortlessly hop into their shadow undetected and sneak out, That's how most dddluks get into hyper-secure places.)
No. 1006668 ID: dd40ce

Digiparty. No telling what eggluk will do unsupervised
No. 1006672 ID: 164e20
File 162758820273.gif - (270.02KB , 1200x901 , no_hope.gif )

:mdicon: "Der, now you won't be stopping this any loonger."
:Pillukicon: "I hope you guys know your way around the internet! Quick, before everything shuts off! GO!"
No. 1006673 ID: 164e20
File 162758841531.gif - (11.36MB , 1200x901 , hello_digital_world.gif )

(Bitluk, migeluk and eggluk enter the DIGITAL WORLD)
(Also you took the entire inventory with you)
:migeluk: "So this is what the internet looks like..."
:bitlukicon: (No time to diddle daddle! Butluks friends are in trouble!)
:migeluk: "But, how do we know where we're going down here? Pervert spirits? Help?"
No. 1006674 ID: 5d79d9

There's only one way to navigate in this place. Call out for...
No. 1006675 ID: a8c254

can you like, swim there? does moving your head makes you change direction?
No. 1006677 ID: 34f496

Can you use your inventory in there? We could use your bitluk drawing powers here to create a way to navigate the internet. Can you draw a boat?
Also, if you see cookies in there. Go straight for 'em, it could be the laptop in the cook's house!
No. 1006680 ID: 96c896

Just use google.
No. 1006681 ID: dd40ce

take out migital midgeluk to increase party size
No. 1006686 ID: 164e20
File 162759263358.gif - (2.08MB , 1200x901 , boat.gif )

:migeluk: "Hmm, we can but it's very slow, it's like we're underwater but swimming at the surface the same time..."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk uses all her cultivated artistic skill to create the best digital boat ever)
:migeluk: "Wow! This is amazing bitluk! We can go so much faster now... But we still need directions on where to go."
No. 1006688 ID: 5d79d9

bitluks art has the power in this realm it seems
my god...
Bitluk is the princess of the digital realm! Of course she can draw things into being in here!
No. 1006689 ID: 5d79d9

She might be able to draw friends who can help you too. Try it out! (i wonder if the things she draws in her can be manifested with you in the real world when you exit...)

Perhaps you should try to draw a lyluk-interface-tablet to help you out too.
No. 1006716 ID: 16d082

Draw a compass and go north
No. 1006861 ID: e51896

Maybe... you can draw a surfboard and surf the net on it?
No. 1007498 ID: 164e20
File 162852047907.gif - (2.19MB , 1200x901 , exploring_the_digiworld.gif )

:midgeluk: (Midgeluk is finally released from her inventory prison. It has been long enough that she has digested all the blood!)
:migeluk: "Do you know the way to this 'google'?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk doesn't like the sound of this google)
:bitlukicon: (With this revelation, bitluk feels impowered to do anything she's ever wanted, she can create anything with a stoke of her crayon. Here is in this artificial plane she is a true goddess, beautiful and terrible, what should she do with this newfound godhood?)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk doesn't know how to surf and is comfortable with the boat)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a compass tablet thing. It points towards wherever she wants to go and also you can play untitled lyluk game on it too)
:migeluk: "Cookies! Pixelluks! We must be getting close to our computer! But these errant cookies are getting dangerous, we might be hit by some, how are we gonna protect ourselves from getting hit?"
No. 1007501 ID: a8c254

what about a big, transparent and strong umbrella?
No. 1007511 ID: 164e20
File 162852837485.gif - (3.44MB , 1200x901 , well_protected_boat.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk uses her divine drawing skills to create a powerful UMBRELLA. It offers exemplary protection against all digital collisions. Bitluk leads the boat with her compass until the party reaches a multitudinous crossroads)
:migeluk: "Uh oh, whats that? It looks bad, I don't think we should let that thing see us, I get the feeling it doesn't like lyluks."
(How do you avoid the eye of google?)
No. 1007512 ID: 785b8d

Bitluk, we need your powers. Draw a giant shitty lyluk eye to counteract the gaze of Google! We should be free to reach the computer after we pass it.
No. 1007513 ID: 6b691e

once you get past this just make sure to stay AWAY from anything with the number 34 in it
No. 1007515 ID: d5a349

Oh yes, that's the *L e w d* number.
Full of degeneracy and digital pervert spirits still longing for the carnality of the mortal realms.
No. 1007516 ID: c3ee2f

Did you know that the first Lyluk quest almost crashed the cookie economy?
For more information, google "Lyluk inflation".
No. 1007517 ID: d5a349

You know what blinds eyes?
The sun.

Draw a BIG Happy sun to brighten up this dreary place! (don't forget to draw yourselves sunglasses first so you're protected, and cool. B) )
No. 1007518 ID: 164e20
File 162853722320.gif - (3.39MB , 1200x901 , something_something_big_eye.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a giant floating lyluk eye in the air above their boat. The eye of google immediately locks eyes with it and sees the party on their boat)
:google_eye: "Illegal content detected. Proceeding with deletion"
:migelukscur: "Uh oh, that doesn't sound good! I hope you guys know what you're doing!"
:migeluk: "Uhhhhhhh, Google search lyluk inflation!"
:google_eye: "Illegal search terms. Informing the FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, DOD, CID, DHS..."
:migeluk: "I think that bought us some time but we really need your help now that it's seen us! What do we do?"
No. 1007519 ID: d5a349

Blind them with the power of a thousand suns!! (maybe not literally a thousand suns, sheeshus poor bitluk's drawing trunk)
No. 1007520 ID: 6b691e

no time to think, just go to the nearest portal or portal looking thing you can find and get in, hopefully you will end in a better place
No. 1007521 ID: c3ee2f

Quickly, look up Luklukgo and head there as fast as you can!
No. 1007522 ID: 785b8d

Launch the lyluk eye at him to distract him more. We need you all to rush fast into safety now. If we get caught, your last itch effort is using the lyluk pills.
No. 1007523 ID: a8c254

hmmm what if you draw a big blue and red shield and pretend you're an anti-virus?
No. 1007524 ID: 164e20
File 162854152590.gif - (3.71MB , 1200x901 , r34_trip.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk quickly adds some god rays to the giant floating eye and draws some action lines to have it zoom towards the evil eye. She doesn't really understand how this realm is able to understand the difference between god rays and actions lines but she is thankful none the less)
:migeluk: "That was a good one bitluk! Now lets wheel on out of here before it regains it's vision! Theres no time to be choosy with where we end up! Also I can't read so I hope we choose one thats better than here!"
No. 1007525 ID: d5a349

*o h n o*
They're heaidng into the...
Pervert realm ono
No. 1007526 ID: c3ee2f

Oh no. Whatever you do, DO NOT think of anything you hold dear in there. Seek an exit, fast!
No. 1007527 ID: 96c896

I'm sure it's fine. Look for some bakery-related things, that should get you closer to the chef's house.
No. 1007528 ID: 785b8d

Hey bitluk, can you draw a blindfold around your eye? Don't ask why, when you grow up you will understand in time.
No. 1007529 ID: a8c254

No. 1007545 ID: 2d57a3

Wait I've got it! Think hard the following words: "Hello, I am Pedo McHackerman, provisional leader of the anti-lyluk legion, and I would like to see pictures of naked children, pls kthnx."

That should make the police immedeatedly go to the hacker to beat him up and send him to jail.
No. 1007748 ID: 164e20
File 162878138675.gif - (5.87MB , 1200x901 , escape_34.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk quickly makes blindfolds for her and eggluk, she wonders why you don't want to give one to migeluk but you probably have your reasons)
:migeluk: "Don't worry girls, I'll steer us out of this place! The pervert spirits are probably just trying to scare us, it can't be that bad right?"
(A few minutes later)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk heard many squishy sounds in this place, she almost removes her blindfold out of curiosity but she trusts your judgement)
:migelukscar: "..."
:eggluk: (Even Eggluk thinks this idea is stupid. If she thinks it then that'll make the cops chase her)
:bitlukicon: (Once the squishy sounds stop bitluk removes her blindfold and looks around for anything bakery related. She doesn't see anything. Uh oh! Looks like you're lost! How are you going to find your way to the computer now?)
No. 1007749 ID: e3e29b

uhh, migeluk, you ok? (or will be, rather?)
No. 1007750 ID: e3e29b

Well if you're lost there's only one thing to do...

>Onwards to adventure!!!
Look for a duck that go-go-s, it's very friendly unlike google and will help you find what you need.
also, draw TOR, god of thunder, he will protect you from unwanted eyes with his electric lightning powers and mighty hammer, Mjölnir.
No. 1007758 ID: 164e20
File 162878958576.gif - (10.60MB , 1200x901 , darknet_portal.gif )

:migelukscar: "...I might be okay once we get out of this place once and for all. Lets hurry up get this over with."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk crys out for the friendly helpful duck and sure enough it shows up. Bitluk feels a deep kinship with this creature)
:migeluk: "Finally, someone who can help us, now can this show us the way out?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk doesn't know what TOR is so she asks the friendly duck to show her. The duck opens are portal into deep darkness)
:migeluk: "Is that the way out!? I'm going in!"
:bitlukicon: (Migeluk drives the rest of the party into the portal before anyone can object.)
(The lyluks go deep into the dark web, what have you done pervert spirits?)
No. 1007759 ID: c3ee2f

Okay, stay calm, everyone stay calm, there is NO reason to panic.
Look around for something the Chef would like and head that way.
No. 1007760 ID: 575cea

Hmmm what about some cooking recipes?
No. 1007761 ID: e3e29b

Don't worry, the name "dark net" is mostly misleading. It's like a non-connected realm where you can only connect to another place if you know where it is/it's address.

Once you're there just focus on the chef's computer, focus your thoughts and energies into a portal to it, and you should get out unseen by google.

You could theoretically do this for anywhere if you know where it is.
No. 1007765 ID: 164e20
File 162880029918.gif - (6.41MB , 1200x901 , forbidden_knowledge.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk uses all two of her braincells to focus on what she knows about the chef, like his delicious cooking. Suddenly a book manifests before the party)
:migeluk: "Oh great, one of these things, lyluks can't use these. But wait, don't you pervert spirits know how to read? Is there any useful knowledge contained in this book for us?"
No. 1007766 ID: 6b691e

I do believe this book is kinda based
No. 1007769 ID: c3ee2f

It's indeed a cooking book with recipes inside.
I don't think Lyluks are familiar with political concepts, so yeah, go for it.
No. 1007772 ID: a8c254

Ignore what those two are saying, that book wont help us at all!

Maybe looking for him online will help?
No. 1007774 ID: a8c254

Think about the cook that worked with the Romans, or what happened to the other ones!

I think asking a question will make the answer appear
No. 1007778 ID: 164e20
File 162880421014.gif - (6.60MB , 1200x901 , another_cook_book.gif )

:migeluk: "You're giving us mixed signals, should we take the book or not?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk thinks really hard about the cook that worked for the romans, another book appears)
:migeluk: "Is this going to be the one that gets us back to reality? Aw geez, I really wish I could read..."
(Do you take the book? What about after you decide?)
No. 1007780 ID: 6c6478

Hey lyluks, have you seen a cookie browser anywhere? It's what the cookie computer used, that should be our exit. If we keep staying here in the dark web chances are we get attacked by adware or something like that.
No. 1007781 ID: 6c6478

And of course, take the books, the baker can read and we'll be able to use culinary skills for something if we get in trouble with the cookie cabal again.
No. 1007782 ID: c3ee2f

The new book is written in a weird language, we can't really say what's in it.
The other says cookbook, so take the first one?
No. 1007783 ID: 96c896

The first one is a book filled with instructions for making dangerous an illegal things like bombs and drugs.
The second one is an actual roman cookbook, and might lead us to Lhomar the Chef.

Up to you!
No. 1007786 ID: e70793

Which you wanna take? The Anarchist Cookbook about making bombs and other country-breaking things?
Or the actual Roman cookbook written by a famous Roman gourmand?

Maybe with the Roman cookbook and Bitluk's cow drawings we can convince the legionaires to turn Pedocles Hackerman!
No. 1007787 ID: e70793

*turn against
No. 1026412 ID: 164e20
File 164746940590.gif - (6.57MB , 1200x901 , cookbook_fusion.gif )

:migeluk: "Nope, I haven't seen any cookies down here whatsoever. What about you bitluk?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk imagines a cookie but the resulting manifestation is too abstract for a lyluk to understand)
:migeluk: "You guys are giving mixed signals here. You know what? Lets do what pilluk would do and take both. 'I got high tolerance' As she'd say. Hyah."
(The books combine and open a path to the real world. But who would be searching something like that on the DARKNET?)
No. 1026413 ID: 164e20
File 164746993150.gif - (9.90MB , 1200x901 , tank.gif )

:provicon: "Heh heh heh, and MD said that modern tanks suck, can't do this in a panzer I'll tell him that."
"Ah yeah, show me that beef girl, you want this don'-"
:provicon: "What? OH NO!? Aw dammit! I knew I should've only looked for the vanilla stuff!"
No. 1026418 ID: 49c3f8

Oh no, you girls are inside a roman tank now!!
And they know you're there!!
And There's NAUGHTY COW STUFF there too!!!
No. 1026421 ID: 317596

Let's go conquer the romans.
No. 1026422 ID: 96c896

Seize control of the means of destruction. Ride against our enemies!
No. 1028747 ID: 164e20
File 164960726997.gif - (1.62MB , 1200x901 , digibreak.gif )

(Sound of portal to the digital world opening)
:migeluk: "Hey! We're finally out of there! Where are we though? This doesn't look like lhomars house..."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk thinks this is just the parking lot of the supermarket!)
:migeluk: "Luckily our entrance into the real world destroyed this tank and whoever was inside. But what now? What can we do with a ruined tank and a digital boat?"
:midgeluk: "Bzzzzt"
:migeluk: "Shut up midgeluk! God, we would never do that!"
(Where do the lyluks go from here?)
No. 1028750 ID: 8fe551

Boy, cross-dimensional travel sure is... something. You've traversed the internet for only a short while, yet it feels like months have passed! (i hope there aren't any health issues associated with it, such as, say, memory loss or forgetfulness.)

Right! Back onto finding a way to rescue your fellow luks. Last we saw they were (presumably) in danger from the greasy weirdo back in the surveillance room.
shame you can't just shittify the tanks and use them to take him down (or at least driving over to the chef's), but going by how easily he dealt with the glass i'm not sure you'd stand a chance, even in a shittified tank.
Oh well, i'm sure the meanluks have him handled.
No. 1028751 ID: 8fe551

wait... oh no! you're still bit-ified!!
No. 1028756 ID: 5eee8b

You're still bitified... Maybe we can use this to our advantage? What new powers do you all have?

Regardless, our friends are still stuck with that accented tyrant and his guards. They are our top-most priority, we need to find a way back in!
No. 1028758 ID: b79612

Careful with those tanks back there! Don't make much noise!
No. 1028759 ID: 164e20
File 164961883934.gif - (406.02KB , 1200x901 , pixel_honkers.gif )

:migeluk: "Months? I don't know what you're talking about. Does time work differently in the spirit realm or something? Thanks for the recap and shame about the tank, it would've been useful to have it with all these other tanks about. Also thanks for reminding us how screwed we are."
:migeluk: "I thought the plan was to get help from the chef? Oh well, maybe this digitalization will come in handy! Bitluk! Draw us something in the air!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk attempts to draw on the air but the crayon doesn't stick like in the digital realm)
:migeluk: "Damn! That would've been very useful if it had worked. Oh well..."
:migeluk: "Thanks for the tip, lukily I slither silently, getting this boat around might be a challenge tho, any ideas on how we'll do that?"
No. 1028760 ID: 322624

maybe you can still get some use out of that tank, remove its treads and put them in the boat! surely you can do that
No. 1028763 ID: 8fe551

There's no way you'll be able to abscond with the boat in tow, best leave it.

..uhhh, is it alright for all those 2d-bitluks to enter the 'real'-world?
No. 1028764 ID: b79612

yeah I say we leave the boat
No. 1028767 ID: 164e20
File 164962242058.gif - (574.23KB , 1200x901 , pixeluk_trunkshake.gif )

:migeluk: "Okay, what exactly are we going to do with... Oh, looks like someones followed us through... Hiiiii girls."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk leaves the safety of the boat in order to give the new lyluks a STRONG and FRIENDLY trunkshake!)
:migeluk: "Well good to know they're friendly, soooooooooooooo, can you help us save our friends?"
:pixeluk: "41 73 20 6D 6F 72 65 20 6F 66 20 75 73 20 63 6F 6D 65 2C 20 77 65 20 77 69 6C 6C 20 6F 76 65 72 77 68 65 6C 6D 20 74 68 65 20 6B 69 6C 6C 65 72 73"
:migeluk: "Oh great. Her accent is completely incomprehensible! Well maybe we can use these as a distraction while we sneak away?"
No. 1028779 ID: 5eee8b

We can use the pixeluks as a swarm to distract the tanks, we can make a move then. Shitty lyluks can't drive anyways, no?
No. 1028780 ID: 96c896

I can translate that.
"As more of us come, we will overwhelm the killers"

They're offering to fight. Take them up on their offer.
No. 1029413 ID: 83499b

Ask them if they know where the Chef live
No. 1029416 ID: 8fe551

shame dddluk isn't with you, she was the one who drove here after all. she'd know the way back.
I mean, unless she somehow escaped against all odds and mysteriously reappears.
btw, did anyone of you watch where you were traveling when you drove to the market?
No. 1029431 ID: 164e20
File 165012603295.jpg - (314.39KB , 1200x901 , pixeluk_horde.jpg )

:migeluk: "Lyluks from the digital world! Do you know where the chef is?"
:pixeluk: "57 68 6f 3f"
:migeluk: "Argh! Waiting for the pervert spirits translation is such a pain!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk saw nothing in the back of the truck but if anyone can escape that situation then it would be dddluk!)
:migeluk: "Finally! Someone to help us against these stinking romans! So uh... what can you pixeluks do exactly?"
:pixeluk: (More pixeluks come out of the ruined tank)
:migeluk: "Oh wow, there is a lot of you. Well they say quantity is a quality all it's own! So what exactly is our plan of action here? Just you girls run in and distract while we try to save the others?"
:bitluk: (Bitluk is forming a multi-pronged assault on the mall where she leads the pixeluks into victory)
:midgeluk: "Bzzzzzt" (I hunger for more latin blood)
:eggluk: *vibrates*
:migeluk: "Seriously girls, we need a concrete plan, also we still need to defrost nexluk. How are we gonna do this?"
No. 1029433 ID: 83499b

Cover Nexluk in pixeluks and ask them to vibrate. All pixeluks can do that. Probably.

Then once enough pixeluks are here, lead a full frontal assault against the romans!
No. 1029434 ID: 8fe551

...Look, we're *pervert* spirits, not tactician spirits. Alright?

Although in my experience when someone suffers frost injuries the best thing is applying body heat through direct skin-contact, so try huddling together with nexluk and see if you can't thaw her that way. If you're lucky your combined body-heat will be enough to melt the ice. Maybe the bitluks can help too.
No. 1029435 ID: 8fe551

Sorry, *pixeluks*. Getting terminology messed up.
No. 1029438 ID: 344f1d

assemble pixeluks into MEGAPIXELUK and start smashing
No. 1029448 ID: 164e20
File 165013156007.jpg - (315.01KB , 1200x901 , pixeluk_heat.jpg )

:migeluk: "Worth a shot! Hey pixeluks! Our friend nexluk is frozen! Is there anything you can do to help us defrost her faster?"
:pixeluk: "57 65 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 61 63 74 69 76 61 74 65 20 6f 75 72 20 6c 75 6b 63 6f 69 6e e2 84 a2 20 6d 69 6e 65 72 73 20 74 6f 20 6f 76 65 72 68 65 61 74 2c 20 73 68 65 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 62 65 20 66 72 65 65 20 69 6e 20 73 65 63 6f 6e 64 73 2e"
:migeluk: "Well, hope that was a yes, here she is. Do your thing."
:pixeluk: *Begins overheating*
:migeluk: "I can feel the heat from over here. I think it's working! I think..."
:nexluk: "AHHHHHHHHhhh oh, I stopped. Where am I? Weren't we in a closet? Where'd the human go? What are these things holding me so closely?"
:migeluk: "Nexluk! You're alive! You were frozen by the human and we had to stuff you in the inventory dimension."
:nexluk: "Thats okay I guess but where is everyone else?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk says they've been stuck inside the MALL and that they're trying to rescue them, the pixeluks said they would help)
:nexluk: "Oh no! Glad the pixeluks came to help but what exactly..."
:pixeluk: "54 72 61 6e 73 66 65 72 72 69 6e 67 20 61 64 6d 69 6e 20 70 72 69 76 69 6c 65 67 65 27 73 20 74 6f 20 6e 65 78 6c 75 6b"
No. 1029449 ID: 164e20
File 165013179563.jpg - (319.71KB , 1200x901 , megapixeluk.jpg )

:nexluk: "Woah! I can control it like it's a part of me! This is awesome!"
:migeluk: "Uh, I don't like the fact that that giant lyluk is covered in eyes."
:midgeluk: "Bzzzt" (Lyluks should only have 1 eye)
:nexluk: "Thats good! It'll strike fear into the hearts of our enemies! Now, whats the plan? Just barge in and start crushing dudes?"
No. 1029450 ID: 8fe551

Wow! Nexluk became the control eye of the pixeluktron! Amazing.

>pixeluktron: continue to accumulate pixeluks and growing in size and power the longer you are on earth
No. 1029452 ID: b79612

ok guys I just discovered what language pixeluk is saying but im too lazy to explain, she gave you admin privilege
No. 1029486 ID: 96c896

Ok I'll give a summary of the translation.
They don't know who Chef is.
They heated up via... lukcoin mining? I wonder if lukcoin has any value(maybe negative value)... And now Nexluk has admin privileges.

Can you throw a tank?
No. 1029504 ID: 8fe551

(P.S. 'Admin Privileges' basically means she's like their boss, for the most part.)
No. 1030126 ID: 164e20
File 165074625177.jpg - (486.67KB , 1200x901 , provs_alerted.jpg )

:pixeluk: "53 6f 20 6c 6f 6e 67 20 61 73 20 74 68 65 20 70 6f 72 74 61 6c 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 64 69 67 69 74 61 6c 20 77 6f 72 6c 64 20 72 65 6d 61 69 6e 73 20 6f 70 65 6e 2c 20 6d 6f 72 65 20 75 6e 69 74 73 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 63 6f 6e 67 6c 6f 6d 65 72 61 74 65 20"
:migeluk: "Boy, this is getting annoying, hey nexluk! Can you like, take mouth control and talk for them?'
:nexluk: "Uhhh, Maybe? I'm still figuring out how to control this thing. Give me a little bit to try to get used to it."
:pixeluk: "41 64 6d 69 6e 20 69 6e 74 65 72 66 61 63 69 6e 67 20 61 74 20 36 25"
:pixeluk: "49 6e 73 75 66 66 69 63 69 65 6e 74 20 70 69 78 65 6c 75 6b 73 20 0d 0a 41 63 71 75 69 72 65 20 61 64 64 69 74 69 6f 6e 61 6c 20 70 69 78 65 6c 75 6b 73 20"
:nexluk: "Sorry, not strong or solid enough to lift the tank."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk thinks the lukcoins sound like a smart investment, maybe if she could...)
:provicon: "Oh no, not again, we just got done in by vermin streaming from a hole."
:provicon: "Don't worry proventus, we've learned our lesson and won't let the infestation fester. Go get proventus, I'll hold them off here."
:provicon: "Your right proventus, I'll go get proventus to sound the alarm and proventus will come deal with this."
:provicon: "Thanks proventus. Be quick now! I can't do this without proventus!"
:nexluk: Uh oh, looks like we're gonna have trouble! We need to stop the guards from closing the portal! It's our only hope!"
(You will have to defend the portal to the digital world using a combination of the main lyluks skills, the horde of pixeluks and your own quick wits! Good luck pervert spirits)
No. 1030132 ID: 83499b

Quick, tell them that proventus already came to inspect the hole with proventus and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. No alert should be triggered and business shall be carried as usual, direct orders from proventus.
No. 1030135 ID: b44716

Tell Proventus that Proventus has already been taken down, and that Proventus and Proventus will not be able to help from here.

Also, can we go over our inventory again? Something may come in handy right now
No. 1030145 ID: 96c896

"So long as the portal to the digital world remains open, more units will conglomerate "
"Admin interfacing at 6%"
"Insufficient pixeluks
Acquire additional pixeluks "

So basically, so long as the portal stays open we'll get more of them, and more is better. Also Bitluk will slowly get better at piloting.

Midgeluk, go suck the soldier attempting to get help.
No. 1030146 ID: 8fe551

No. 1030396 ID: e51896

No. 1033086 ID: 164e20
File 165314599735.gif - (409.64KB , 1200x901 , scared_roman.gif )

:provicon: "Don't try to fool me! I would never trust a word any of you pests say! Besides, I don't even take orders from proventus! MD is our commander."
:provicon: "W-what?! No way thats impossible! We already captured the ones who were inside! You're just bluffing!"
:nexluk: "Those ones you captured? Sleeper agents like those giant meanluks. Why by now they've probably already dealt with everyone inside..."
:provicon: "Oh nonononono not again, I can't lose proventus again! Not after I lost proventus! Proventus is all I have left!"
(He looks like he's about to piss his... skirt)
:bitlukicon: (While the adults are talking bitluk and eggluk take a look at the inventory)
You have a box of crayons, several tubs of now melted ice cream, an unlabeled bottle of lyluk pills, a lighter which no lyluk can use, red soggy cookies, a pillow, an unhatched egg, unexploded tank shell, cell phone and tablet.
:bitlukicon: (Sadly with bitluks empty head she is unable to figure out a plan with this junk, maybe you can help her?)
No. 1033089 ID: 164e20
File 165314759572.gif - (480.60KB , 1200x901 , midgeluk_chase.gif )

:midgeluk: "Bzzzzzzt" (On my way to intercept, he won't know what hit him)
:pixeluk: "4f 72 64 65 72 20 72 65 63 65 69 76 65 64 2c 20 63 68 61 72 67 69 6e 67 20 75 6e 64 65 72 77 61 79 2c 20 61 70 70 72 6f 78 69 6d 61 74 65 6c 79 20 35 20 74 75 72 6e 73 20 74 69 6c 6c 20 66 75 6c 6c 20 63 68 61 72 67 65 20 69 73 20 72 65 61 63 68 65 64 2c 20 70 6c 65 61 73 65 20 73 74 61 6e 64 62 79"
:nexluk: "I feel like something big is gonna happen soon!"
(So, heres how this section will work. This will be a top down laneless tower defense style minigame, you have to use anything at your disposal to prevent provs from getting to the portal. If they manage to get there then nexluk will stop them but this will cost pixeluks and slow down the amalgamation. If a prov gets there while you're at 0% you lose. You win once nexluk reaches 100%)
(It'll be a good idea to set up some defenses right now)
No. 1033090 ID: 1f34bb

oh shit oh shit oh shit uhhhh ok maybe the ice cream can be used to make a slippery road, and uhh, save the tank shell for the boss wave, and uhm, use the crayons to draw ultra-realistic hole(s) that they'll avoid and and and... Feed the guard lyluk pills! he'll become a lyluk that way and can help you, i'm sure of it!!
No. 1033096 ID: 83499b

Give the tablet to pixelluks, maybe they can find some kind of use for it?
Use our single pillow to build a pillow fort (It's still a pillow fort if it's made out of only one pillow, right?)
No. 1033103 ID: 1f34bb

The pixel-luks said: "Order received, charging underway, approximately 5 turns till full charge is reached, please standby"
No. 1038297 ID: 164e20
File 165798274294.gif - (861.53KB , 1200x902 , mall_game_start.gif )

(Ice cream slick and holes will be deployed next round as it has been a while since the last update and people might have different ideas now that you can see the battlefield)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk realizes that on closer inspection, the pillow is in fact not a pillow but merely a pillow case stuffed with bricks and thus useless for pillow fort construction. She does however raise her crayon in preparation for proper hole drawing)
:pixeluk: "54 68 65 20 62 61 74 74 65 72 79 20 73 65 65 6d 73 20 74 6f 20 62 65 20 64 65 61 64"
:migeluk: "Alright girls, with all of us together dealing with this one guard should be easy! He's right in front of us! Uh... but what exactly do we do?"
(As of right now the only power you have is the pixeluk beam that can destroy one guard but as stated before this drains power and makes the battle take longer. Any other abilities must be discovered through experimentation)
No. 1038298 ID: 8fda22

No. 1038299 ID: 8fda22

The pixelluks said the battery of the tablet is dead ;n;

Ok, Firstly, Have pixl-bot kick the useless pillow at the guard since it's so useless. Maybe some of the uselessness will rub off on the guard and turn him useless too.
Secondly, turn the boat on it's side so it can act as a barricade between the guards and the portal.
Thirdly, Check if any of those tanks over there can be piloted and try to hijack them. Actually on second thought, do that secondly or at the same time as the boat flip.
Fourthly, try to concentrate your shittyness aura on the giant mall-monster statue, maybe you can bring it to life to be on your side.
How's that?
No. 1038306 ID: b8070e

Have eggluk call on the peach meteor.
No. 1038309 ID: 4fa6fc

Quick! Can you use the speedboat while in the real world? If so, you could start it up and let it run into the guard.
No. 1038313 ID: dfffdc

Get the nicest Luk to ask that gentle creature on the top right if they want to join the party, or help with those pesky romans in any way.
No. 1038314 ID: 164e20
File 165799824031.gif - (2.11MB , 1200x901 , mall_game_turn_1.gif )

:migeluk: "Oh him? He's a statue of the cookie cartels mascot, Cookiezilla, he's been there the entire time. Have you pervert spirits only noticed now?"
>bitluk quickly rushes forward and draws a hole around the guard, learning her lesson from that one time she accidently drew a manhole cover, the guard falls into darkness
>migeluk quickly spreads an ice cream slick before the hole
:pixeluk: "57 68 61 74 20 67 75 61 72 64 3f"
:migeluk: "Good idea pervert spirit! Pixeluk! Handle that while I'll go do the third thing!"
(Third- Uh fourth? No thirdly)
:migeluk: "Damn! Theres no way a lyluk can pilot one of these in it's current condition! It's way too good! It needs to be shitified!"
(Fourthly now)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk tries to gather shitty energy to shitify the statue but the pixeluks provide no power! The shitty aura isn't concentrated enough to shitify anything!)
:eggluk: (Eggluk uses her power of roundness to call down the peachomet! Nothing happens... yet.)
:migeluk: "We're already using it for defenses! Might be a good desperation move tho..."

(2 more guards arrive!)
:provicon: "By rommel, they really are spilling like maggots out of the digital realm!"
:provicon: "I told you so! Hurry prov! Time is of the essence! Close that portal!"
:provicon: "Understood prov!"

(Luktron charge at 60%, 4 turns remaining till full charge)
No. 1038315 ID: dfffdc

Quickly, draw a cow on the tank, we know they're distracted by them!
No. 1038316 ID: 8fda22

Those guards, pixl-tron! Launch that useless pillow! (maybe the one to your rightmost so hte other one is on a path to the hole)

Shit, could you manage to disable the tanks at least so that the guards can't use em against us? Or at least get the fuel from them so we can light it on fire as a defensive wall- wait... luks can't use the lighter, nvm.

nexluk, wink seductively at the guards so that they're too distracted to notice the slippery trail into the hole

Feed a pixluk some lyluk pills, observe effect.
No. 1038317 ID: 4fa6fc

You lyluks ought to draw a decoy luk on the ice cream, even if it doesn't fully trick the guards into falling into the hole, it'll buy us time.
No. 1047317 ID: 164e20
File 166655243904.gif - (935.64KB , 1200x901 , mall_game_scene_3_v2.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk rushes to recreate her masterpiece on the nearest tank)
:provicon: "Oh NO, my two favorite things together, I can't... AHHHHHHHHHHHH"
(The guard proceeds to humiliate himself in front of a bunch of innocent lyluks, how sad.)
:nexluk: "Pixeluks, throw the pillow at one of them!"
(Pixeltron chucks the pillow at the nearest guard, braining him against the concrete)
:provicon: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOooo, Proventus! You monsters!"
:nexluk: *wink*
:provicon: *vomit*
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a decoy right in front of the pit hoping it might cause someone to run into it. No one does this turn)

Turn report
1 guard is dead
2 were distracted and do nothing this turn
You used pixeltron so you do not gain any energy this turn
3 more guards arrive
There are 5 guards present
Decoy has a 1 in 9 chance of tricking a guard

:nexluk: "Uh, girls? Are we getting overwhelmed already? This is looking kinda bad!"
No. 1047319 ID: 278a09

Hmm, we'll need something to raise the chance of guards falling into the hole, taunting them could help. Bitluk, can you shitify the decoy further? And someone please shield that eggluk from harm! She seems to be charging up some kind of power!
No. 1047320 ID: 4c75c4

Bitluk! You must draw a cow with the HYUGEST Bazongas; Udderly ridiculously large boobies; positively HEAVING bahajamas; The grandest of Bazongas; (a cow with very big tits).
This is the most important thing you can do, we already see they can't resist it with the tank, now do your grim duty, my brave luk-warrior, and paint some huge cow-tits to distract the romans.

(also draw a sign ponting down into the hole with the text 'bit tittied cow wifes down here' when you can. Don't worry, we'll help guide your writing with ~psychic-from-beyond-the-grave-ghost-powers OOooOOOoOOoo~ it's like a ouija, board it'll definitively work. Or just draw a big titted cow, and also tanks, with an arrow pointing down into the hole.)

Nexluk, keep propositioning them, it's at least distracting them, if it stops working, try going lewder, or yet (faking) flirting with them. shake your tail at them if you must. (if they cover their eyes it means they can't see and are more easily tricked into traps.)

Coordinate your efforts so you don't affect the same guards

Migeluk, how goes the tank duty? If you can't do anything with it alone then surprise attack the distracted guards and take them out. (but stay safe, don't risk your life.)

Eggluk, stare at the guards *menacingly*. Let your fury BURN in your gaze.

Pixel-luks, form a barricade as you march to the pixltron, let none reach the portal.

Pixltron, keep charging up!

Ok, i think that's everyone.
Boy this fight is so tense it makes the seconds feel like weeks! :sweaty: Don't give up though, luks! You can do this!! *motivational buff added*
No. 1047331 ID: 45c083

What happens if you try to plug/throw that weird thing on the rightmost Luk inventory into the pixelluks? Feels like it's worth a try!
No. 1049151 ID: 164e20
File 166836361151.gif - (748.07KB , 1200x901 , mall_game_scene_4.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk quickly trys to draw an even shittier lyluk but with all the lyluk drawing she's been doing the lyluk is actually better than the previous!)
(It has no affect on the likelihood of the guards falling into the hole)
:pixeluk: (Pixeluk plugs the ipad into herself) "4f 76 65 72 63 68 61 72 67 65 20 64 65 74 65 63 74 65 64 2c 20 45 78 70 6c 6f 73 69 6f 6e 20 69 6d 6d 69 6e 65 6e 74 20 6e 65 78 74 20 74 75 72 6e 20"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk does her best to draw a cow with some huge udders, and she succeeds! The guards are sweating and looking in this direction. Chance to fall into the hole is doubled per turn)
:nexluk: "Hey boys! Look over here!" *Twerks*
:provicon: "Oh god no... Proventus! Avert your eyes! Quic- erp!"
(Two more guards have been disabled this turn, but it's unlikely using this trick will work again.)
:migeluk: "I don't think I can do this on my own over here guys! This tank is just too complicated for one luk to shittify!"
:pixeluk: "41 20 6c 61 73 20 62 61 72 72 69 63 61 64 61 73 21" (The pixeluks form a barricade, this turn pixeltron is protected from energy draining)

Turn report
Rolling dice, one or two means a guard falls down the pit
You rolled a seven so no guards take the bait
3 guards are distracted and do nothing this turn
2 guards attack
1 is blocked by the barricade but with get through it by next turn
1 charges and kicks over bitluk
:nexluk: "Bitluk! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You monsters!"
Bitluk is disabled for one turn
4 more guards arrive
There are now 9 guards, 8 active
No. 1049152 ID: 45c083

Quick Pixeluk, throw that tablet at the guards!
No. 1049156 ID: 4c75c4

Midgeluk start succing those attacking guards dry, when you're done head over and help shittifying the tank,
nexluk head over the help shittyfing the tank, utilizing your eXtreme slipperyness to slam into those guards on the way

Eggluk, those attacking guards are thinking lewd thoughts

then head over to the tank too and help shittify it.

Eggluk, nexluk, midgeluk, assist migeluk with the tank; blow those guards to smithereens (also help bitluk up on the way over)

(also, look, it's a tiny emote-luk: 'jh7 <You can do it!)' Did you hear gals? She is cheering you on! Emote-luk believes in you)
No. 1049166 ID: 473bf4

We already tried enough with the distraction route, we can't accept any big casualties so someone should heal bitluk with a bloody cookie. One of the pixeluks could use the vomit left by the guard, try splashing them with it!
No. 1049193 ID: fab065

Quick! Demand to know why they killed that cookie uy who was asking for help with the tank before! Demand it! Do not go away without an explanation!

Also, tell Proventus that Proventus said Proventus thinks building roads and columns is not poggers.
No. 1049620 ID: 7c8622
File 166887982202.gif - (1.87MB , 1200x901 , mall_game_scene_5.gif )

:pixeluk: "43 61 6e 6e 6f 74 20 64 69 73 63 6f 6e 6e 65 63 74 20 61 6e 64 20 6d 61 69 6e 74 61 69 6e 20 6f 76 65 72 63 68 61 72 67 65 2e 20 49 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 73 61 63 72 69 66 69 63 65 20 6d 79 73 65 6c 66 20 66 6f 72 20 79 6f 75 2e 20 52 65 6d 65 6d 62 65 72 20 6d 65 2e"
(Pixel charges the guards and explodes *BOOM*)
:provicon: "Noooooooo! They got proventus, proventus and proventus! We'll get revenge on you!"
:nexluk: "I don't even understand what just happened."
(A cookie is given to bitluk. She is fully healed!)
(However, the vengeful spirit of the cookie guard these cookies where made out of have infected bitluk! She has gone berserk and will no longer follow orders, doing whatever she wants. Luckily she takes greatly reduce damage in this state.)
(Migeluk notices the statue move when you give bitluk the cookie)
:bitlukberserk: "Ebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr)
(Bitluk charges the nearest guard and hits just hard enough to tumble him into the hole)
:provicon: "Ahhhhhhhhₕₕₕₕₕₕ..."
:eggluk: (Eggluk requires concentration or else it might miss. Soon.)
:nexluk: "I might be slippery but I can't get out! It's uh... deeply connected to me."
:migeluk: "Dammit! We can't get even a single luk to come over and help? We really need a savior right now, Midgeluk! You're our only hope!"
No. 1049621 ID: 7c8622
File 166888067379.jpg - (217.55KB , 1200x947 , Midgeluk_feast.jpg )

:midgelukdrunk: *Brrrrrrrrrrrrzt* (I have succeeded in intercepting the guard, although it seems it was in vain)
*bzzzzzzzzzzrt* (However, i have gained their power and am returning much stronger than I was before)
(Midgeluk returns next turn!)

Turn report
Rolling dice, one or two means a guard falls down the pit.
You rolled a one so you succesfully trick a guard into running straight into it!
5 guards are killed this turn.
3 guards attack.
1 tries to wrench the other from the tank and succeeds! +1 guard next turn.
1 charges and kicks over bitluk! Bitluk takes greatly reduced damage and gets back up.
1 charges through the now weakened barrier and reaches pixeltron. Pixeltron is forced to spend it's turn squishing the guard and doesn't charge this turn.
5 more guards arrive.
There are now 9 guards, 9 active.
No. 1049622 ID: 4c75c4

nooo, pixeluk!!!
>"C a n n o t d i s c o n n e c t a n d m a i n t a i n o v e r c h a r g e . I w i l l s a c r i f i c e m y s e l f f o r y o u . R e m e m b e r m e ."

Midgeluk, head over to migeluk and help her shittify the tank, hopefully with your newfound strength you'll be more than enough. Feel free to knock over some guards on the way if it won't slow you down.

Eggluk, keep concentrating, aim for the highest concentration of guards if you can.

Bitluk, You're doing great! Attagirl!

Extremely-Welldrawn luk, Help us turn the tide of the battle, trip up some soldiers! Defend the motherbot!

And someone throw a cookie at the guards, see what the statue does.

Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, and Proventus, There are cow wives down that hole. with huge titties,, VERY huge, and very much milk-filled. They need a big, strong man, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, and Proventus, to come down there and give them strong and mighty children. Can't you hear them, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, Proventus, and Proventus? Calling out for their Hero?
No. 1049637 ID: 15c72a

Give cookies to statue in exchange for its help.
No. 1049657 ID: 8f8464

Show the statue an alluring cookie then throwit at the legionaires.

And rain down the blood that midgeluk drank on top of the remaining ones. Proventus was much loved and it will make them sad.
No. 1052563 ID: 7c8622
File 167199020320.png - (1.19MB , 2000x1502 , lyluks.png )

:mdicon: "S-stop fighting everyone. It's christmas! Yay."
:pillukicon: "It's true! He even freed us! It's a christmas miracle!"
:provicon: "God dammit MD! Really? We gotta have christmas here with these things? After-"
:mdicon: "Come now prov, thats saturnalia to you. Isn't upending the social part of it?"
:provicon: "Ehhhhhh whatever, sure as hell beats dying I guess."
And so in the middle of battle between the romans and the lyluks there was a christmas/saturnalia truce called. Lyluk served roman and roman served lyluk. Many a friend came to join the festivities. There was scubluk out of the service, there was fatluk who had a large surface. There was elfluk who was giving out gifts, working for wintersluk who made the lists. There was luktron who was dispensing borgers, on top of turgluk, a proper punishement for turgers. And on the left there was some wonderful art from silly zealot! Depicting some provs (who are secretly helots). Brainluk is there, sipping on her pepsi, as well as ermiluk (who if you couldn't tell is very sexy). True bitluk opens her present while fake bitluk is merely content. Last but not least, far off in the back, there is a sweetie making lyluk grafitti!
To all who bared with with over the years this quest has been running, I wish you all a merry christmas/saturnalia and a happy new year!
No. 1056993 ID: 7c8622
File peach_strike.webm - (3.70MB )

:mdicon: "I-it's so great to get together with friends like this..."
:pilluk: "Yeah! On a day like this even enemies like us can still get together and enjoy the holiday cheer!"
:mdicon: "So sad it has to end so soon, it's already getting dark..."
:provicon: "Wait, it's not supposed to get dark yet, why is OH MY ZEUS OR WHATEVER! WHAT IS THAT?"
:eggluk: (Eggluk remembers she called down the peach to smite her enemies but now they are all right underneath it!)
Thus ends shittiest lyluk quest.
No. 1057008 ID: 7c8622

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