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File 161369851421.png - (31.97KB , 800x600 , 1 Title.png )
988462 No. 988462 ID: f18774

This is a story about the living weapons, tossed into an uncaring world, and left to seek their own answers. Will they survive?
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No. 988463 ID: f18774
File 161369913192.png - (51.37KB , 800x600 , 2 Page.png )

"Hey, look." Two people are walking near me. My mind is foggy, and my body doesn't respond.

"It's looking at me." It sounds distorted. Am I in some kind of trap?

"Don't mind it. Until they're activated, they won't be able to form memories."

"Are you sure?"

"All of the A series here are reserve forces. They remain inert until they're activated."

>I try to keep listening, to figure out what's happening, but the fog closes in.

>When I awaken again, I can't see much of anything, but when I look down, I see a sliver of light. I can move around now, but there's not much space. What Should I do?
No. 988464 ID: f18774

This is my first time both posting and making a quest. I'm going to try my best to make it a good quest. I really hope you all like it.
No. 988465 ID: 094652

Make etches on the side of the pod: "Don't trust them"
No. 988466 ID: 2aa5f0

see if that sliver of light will let you open up the thing you're stuck in.
No. 988467 ID: 3a67fd

Calm down and take stock of what you can. Do you remember anything? That conversation from earlier, where you are, why you're here?
No. 988468 ID: b61047

Look at yourself. What are you?
No. 988469 ID: b1b4f3

Feel around, especially near the light.
No. 988470 ID: 8a51ec

We should try our best to peek out of the sliver of light first, for the sake of caution
No. 988471 ID: 8386cd

Knock the glass.
No. 988472 ID: 3a8fed

What does the form of your body seem to be? Is there anything besides a lack of space constricting your movement, like a mask or tubes?
No. 988473 ID: 0fbdcd

Try to push the light with your foot. I expect it's too tight to really worm your body around and use your hands.
No. 988474 ID: c82cd0

Follow the light.
No. 988475 ID: fa2754

Wiggle your toes. Just a little bit of movement. Keep trying to move things.
No. 988476 ID: cdabe3

draw a penis on the glass and snicker
No. 988477 ID: 4846e9

This, clearly, but also
figure out this first.
No. 988491 ID: 410305

Try to poke the light with whatever part of your body can.
No. 988495 ID: 3a7feb

Wiggle until you are not in a box.
No. 988498 ID: 777990

You don't have sensory tails, do you?
No. 988500 ID: f18774
File 161374463912.png - (32.23KB , 800x600 , 3 Page.png )

>Gather your bearings and figure out what you are and your situation.

I can barely see anything, but I can feel parts of my body. I have two hands, two legs, a tail, and a snout. My tail can feel plenty of things, is that what you mean by sensory? I can move it like an arm or a leg, so I can use it to hold stuff if I need to.

As for my situation, I feel like I'm suspended in some sort of fluid. There are some tubes that feel like they're stuck to my back and my wrists, but no mask. They seem to extend when I pull, and retract when I relent.

>Do you remember anything?

I remember those people talking, and then this. Does that count?

>Investigate the light.

I lean forward to get closer, but I hit my head on side of the... capsule I'm in. I could probably reorient myself to get a better look, but I'd likely get tangled up in the tubes stuck to me. It would take me a bit to untangle myself if I did.

>Poke the light.

I try to tap the light with my foot, and it makes a sound similar to tapping on an aquarium. It doesn't react otherwise.

>Etch "Don't trust them" on the pod.

I don't know who "they" are. For all I know, I'm now in a medical bay, recovering from severe injuries.

... What would be the point of making etching on the inside anyway? If you're stuck in here against your will, you probably don't trust "them" anyway.

>Draw a penis on the glass.

... Why? With what?
No. 988501 ID: 689dc6

Can you scream?
Why aren't you screaming?
No. 988502 ID: 8a51ec

If you can move your legs enough, kick as hard as you can in the direction of the light
No. 988503 ID: 410305

Do you have claws ? You could make good use of them, sharp teeth works too.

This liquid has to be cycled in some way or another, the light might be where it come or exit, so there might be another, try lo look up if possible.

Also try to focus on your "insides", a special ability or bionics could be useful to know in this situation. Or worse if whatever put you in there had some form of build-in countermesure.
No. 988508 ID: d1f472

Start yanking tubes. It will either lead to your escape or, if you're in a medbay, alert a doctor who can explain the situation.
No. 988510 ID: 031458

Lean back, brace shoulders against back of pod, tuck legs up toward chest, place feet against front of pod, then PUSH with your entire body.
No. 988511 ID: c82cd0

You are some sort of reptile? Try to punch the glass.
No. 988513 ID: c8f07c

This pod has to open from somewhere. Feel around for what could possibly move. Maybe you could pry it open with the right leverage.
No. 988514 ID: 2aa5f0

push on glass, see if you can't open whatever you're in
No. 988528 ID: b1b4f3

Try banging on the glass. Maybe you can break the pod open.
No. 988529 ID: 3a67fd

It's not a perfect recollection but it'll have to do. First things first, let's get out of this... cylinder? Somehow. Tug on tubes, brace yourself against the back and push out... feel for a lever or something? Emergency release?
No. 988538 ID: 8386cd

Yeah you are too calm given these circumstances. Then again we don't have context for this circumstances yet... So keep calm? are there any buttons inside that place? Maybe you are not supposed to get out yet.
No. 988547 ID: f18774
File 161378817335.png - (44.64KB , 800x600 , 4 Page.png )

>Can you scream?

I don't think that would help, but I try calling for help. The fluid in the capsule seems to already fill my lungs. I guess one of these tubes is feeding me oxygen so I don't need to breathe. I'd better make sure I clear my lungs before I pull them all out though.

>Why aren't you screaming?

See above. Also, what would it do for me? If I'm in a med bay, doing this stuff would alert someone. If not, then screaming would only get me in more trouble.

>See what's in the pod, or if you can find where it opens.

I feel around the pod with my hands and tail, searching from top to bottom. It seems that the material at the back of the tube is more metallic than that of the front, which is some kind of silicate. The only seam that I find is at the side, where the silicate meets the metal. It's water-tight though, so I doubt I can get a purchace on it to pry it open.

>Hit/push/attack the glass or use your claws/teeth, if you have them.

I'm pretty sure that I have teeth, and it feels like I have claws. Scratching at the glass probably won't do much, so I start hitting the glass to get an idea of what it's made of and structural weak points.

>*Thump thump thump thumpCRACK*

Uh... I think I hit it too hard. The glass shattered, and fluid is leaking out. I hear a beep, followed by a mechanical whirring. It starts clicking, but a louder crack is followed by silence. For some reason, I feel like that was the sound of a motor breaking, but I'm not sure.

>Brace yourself on the back of the pod and push with your legs.

Well, since nothing else seems to be working, I do exactly that. It takes me a bit to orient myself, but I get my feet on the spot that shattered. I push hard, but it seems that nothing happens, until the glass starts to flex.

I could keep pushing, since it seems that the object obstructing the light isn't too hard to push off, but should I take a moment to do anything else? There isn't much, but I could wait and see if someone comes, or let some of the fluid drain. Either way, I'm going to try and get myself out of here.

>You are too calm.

Is that a bad thing?
No. 988548 ID: f18774

I really suck at drawing arms at that angle. How does everyone else make it work?
No. 988549 ID: 2aa5f0

whelp you've already goon this far, keep pushing.
No. 988551 ID: 031458

Start thinking of potential names better than "A10".

No. 988552 ID: 8a51ec

Close your eyes before you bust out, the pressure probably wouldn't pop your eyeballs anyway but better safe than sorry
No. 988553 ID: 8386cd

>Is that a bad thing?
In this scenario yes, that makes me question your psychological integrity.
No. 988554 ID: f8fa51

And definitely don't name yourself "Penji".
No. 988556 ID: b1b4f3

Let some of the fluid drain. Opening it while the tank is full may drag you out, and the edges of the glass could cut you.
No. 988559 ID: 776bb2

id push a bit harder aginst the glass
No. 988567 ID: e7848c

Widen your foot placement. You don't want your foot to punch through and get cut up.
No. 988571 ID: 3a67fd

As the other voices in your head have suggested, push around instead of focusing on the break! See if you can pop the silicate cover off in one go instead of shattering it. Might be quieter, and you're less likely to hurt yourself.
No. 988574 ID: cdabe3

name yourself Venji!

wait shit

Kenji! Name yourself Kenji!

also make sure the tubes aren't injecting you with poison or something while you break out
No. 988583 ID: 094652

Your name is Nanji
You will crush the will of your oppressors under your foot
and this glass panel is your first victim
No. 988584 ID: b1b4f3

It's a bit early to pick a name. We don't know what our gender is.

Quick, check gender.
No. 988593 ID: f18774
File 161383780655.png - (107.44KB , 800x600 , 5 Page.png )

>Try to push the whole pane out.

That's a good idea. I adjust how my feet are placed against the silicate and try to push more slowly. Just waiting for the fluid to leak from the cracks will take a long time, so I'll help it along.


Seeing as how I have all of you inside my head, I'd consider that to be a better indicator of insanity.


I hear a metallic groan, like what you hear on a ship. There's a small gap between the metal and the pane, but it's still sturdy. Some liquid is draining out of the open seam, so it should be faster now.

>Think of names better than "A10"

Is that your way of saying to call myself A10?

>Definitely don't name yourself "Penji".
>Name yourself "Venji"! Wait, "Kenji"!
>Your name is "Nanji".

Uh... can you guys make up your mind? Why not "Penji" or "Venji"? What's wrong with those names?

>Quick, check gender.

I don't know! What do you think I am?!


What the-
No. 988594 ID: f18774
File 161383781232.png - (129.54KB , 800x600 , 6 Page.png )

Oh. Uh oh.

No. 988595 ID: f18774
File 161383782083.png - (74.97KB , 800x600 , 7 Page.png )



... Uh... I'm out?
No. 988597 ID: e51896

I guess you are out.
Also, did you get any cuts on yourself? you did just break glass with you bare feet, that had to have caused some injuries. Check self for injuries.
No. 988598 ID: 410305

So your name isn't Penji, for obvious reasons. But at least you realize that you hear us. As of now we might be some voice inside your head but who knows, we always had a lot of origin.

But that's irrelevant for you as of now, I'll suggest being just "Grey", that's a good humanoid-reptile name ! And just to go against the collective I bet you're male.

Second priority though is to check everything around while cutting off these tubes, you need to assess your immediate situation before anything.
No. 988599 ID: a59774

Tadaa! Vomit all the water you have in you.

>Why not "Penji" or "Venji"?
Those bring bad luck.

What ever you want to be, mate.

Get rid of those tubes check where you are. Put some damn clothes.
No. 988600 ID: 2aa5f0

>... Uh... I'm out?
just proves how great you are... may want to get those tubes and wires off of you next though.
No. 988601 ID: 86aaf2

Be super careful in taking the tubes and wires out; they may be connected in un-obvious ways and require specific, precise motions to remove.
No. 988602 ID: c82cd0

Check if you have any injuries.
No. 988604 ID: fa2754

Check self.
Clear lungs. Find a way to stand without suddenly ripping out those tubes. You don't want those things coming out quickly.
No. 988606 ID: 777990

Hmm... Tozol/Space shark mix?
No. 988616 ID: 7fc9eb

For a name, how about Donner or Blitz? (referencing the A-10 Thunderbolt II)

Personally, I like Blitz.
No. 988624 ID: c82cd0

I think you are a male too.
No. 988637 ID: 3a67fd

We can worry about what's between our legs and how we want to be called once we're somewhere that's Not Here. First things first, get those tubes out of you, then get your lungs clear. Probably easier to do that on your hands and knees than it would be on your back, as you are. But hey, the fact we broke that... tank? Of fluid and no alarms have gone off is either a good thing or a really, really bad thing. Take a look around, too, make sure we didn't hop out of the frying pan and right into the fire.

And since we need a name, what about... Avro? Short and snappy.
No. 988639 ID: f8fa51

In case you genuinely aren't aware, the name suggestions are referencing the superficial similarity between this quest so far and the opening of "Tozol Quest," of which the protagonist was named Penji, and a parody, of which the protagonist was named Venji.
No. 988640 ID: 956823

good job and ohmygosh you have godzilla colours!

anyhoo check you are/aren't alone and get yourself disentangled
No. 988641 ID: 8a51ec

Names can wait, including crotch-checking but you may end up indirectly doing that anyway, right now we need to know if you're injured or a tube was pulled out of you during the breach.
No. 988642 ID: 031458

Your male, of course.
Seconding Blitz
Also, best start choking to clear your lungs.
If you still got fluid in them when you disconnect those tubes it'll be rather painful and disorienting.
No. 988644 ID: b1b4f3

Alright start detaching yourself from the machine, and look around.
>what gender?
Well you look masculine. No breasts, for one. You could check yourself out too see if you can confirm, though internal male genitalia could give the wrong impression. It's also possible you have nothing there at all, since you're likely an artificial life form.

Why don't we just go for a gender neutral name. Like uh, Veritas.
No. 988657 ID: f18774
File 161386943430.png - (59.77KB , 800x600 , 8 Page.png )

>Get the fluid out of your lungs.

Good idea.

>Look around and figure out where you are.

I do that as soon as I can catch my breath. The air is stale, but not toxic. The room itself is dim, and is filled with grey metal machines and objects. Across from me is a console of some type, and a set of lockers, I think. To the right of that, against the wall, is a bunch of canisters connected to pipes in the wall. The left wall doesn't have much, but the right has some tall, rectangular machines with blinking lights. The capsule behind me has a machine to the left of it when I look at it, and it has green lights. It hums softly.

>Check yourself for injuries.

After looking over the room, I pat myself down, checking for cuts and scrapes. Seems that nothing really hurt me when I fell out.

>Try to remove the tubing.

I start with the tubes on my wrists, or try to, at least. The things around my arms seem to be a clamp of sorts. The ones in my back hurt to remove, but they come out. Those needles are... pretty big. Still, I don't feel any immediate effects when I remove them.


Why don't you guys try to get a consensus on which name you like? Blitz has two votes, which is one more than the others.


Everything seems internal, if I have any parts. If you say I'm a male, then I'll go with that.

After I orient myself, I try to stand. My legs are a bit shaky, but I can stand.
>Clothe yourself.
Give me something to wear! I don't see anything here!

I'm aware of those quests, but this fellow isn't aware of them. Thanks for your concern though!
Also, sorry if the quality is a little lower. I'm not doing too well at the moment.
No. 988661 ID: c82cd0

Observe the room, see if there is anything useful.
No. 988663 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, you could bite the tubes off without removing the clamps.
Are there other containers in the room that could house more like you?

Check in the lockers.
No. 988665 ID: 8a51ec

Is that a generator to your right?
No. 988666 ID: b61047

Male is more fun for a lizard, I vote male.

Aside from that, look around some more, get the gloop outta your eyes, stretch that tail, breathe some fire

The important stuff, y'know?
No. 988667 ID: 031458

Check the green light machine for controls.
Rip off wrist tubing if you can't disengage the clamps.
No. 988668 ID: 094652

Check the nearby machines before you cut the wires. For all you know they might be connected to your nervous system.
No. 988670 ID: e7848c

Orient yourself. Find your balance. Look around, can you read anything? Stretch if you need to.
No. 988671 ID: e7848c

Also Veritas is a cool name. Second that.
No. 988672 ID: 3a67fd

Well, we've gotten some of this... stuff out of us. Caution is good. We seem to be alone and no alarms are audibly going off, so let's see if we can make out what's ON the machines before we start yanking stuff out. Assuming we can reach the lockers, let's look through them as well, see if we can't make ourselves decent. Priority one is getting free of the machinery though.
No. 988673 ID: 3a67fd

What about a strawpoll, for names? Give it until tomorrow sometime and put all the names to a vote.
No. 988696 ID: 410305

While you're at it, try to check for any recent presence.

Is there any exit you can spot by the way ? That might be useful in a very near future, and cameras as well.

But first priority is indeed to take these tubes off yourself, if they won't come out peacefully than remove them forcefully.

I also stand by my choice of name.
No. 988698 ID: 95c8e2

Not a fan of veritas. It's the kind of name that needs to be justified by some sort of context to our existence. It's a powerful name that carries the brand of truth.
Seems out of place for a cleans slate such as ourselves.
No. 988703 ID: 777990

We don't need to start naming people right away, they might already have a name.

Start getting those wires out... carefully. Time to look around this little lab you are in too, see what's in it and what the exits are.
No. 988705 ID: 59b6dd

Check surroundings
No. 988707 ID: f18774
File 161392196686.png - (27.71KB , 800x600 , 9 Page.png )

>Steady yourself.

I get the rest of that liquid out and off of my body. I don't feel really stiff, but I flex my limbs and stretch to make sure that I can. I can't detect anything that's wrong with my motor skills.

>Check for any recent presence.

Looks like the room has been empty for a while, judging from the layer of dust on most surfaces. Or there's just a lot of dust here and it needs to be cleaned more often.

>Observe the room.

Yeah, that's a good idea. I look around and make a mental map of the room. I'll mark my position with the green arrow, so I can keep track of where in the room I am.
It looks like the machine to the left of the pod is a generator of some kind. The screen on it displays the intricacies of its function, and the three lights, from top to bottom, are "Generator", "Fuel" and "Power". Smaller writing next to those lables say that the top indicates that the generator is active, the middle shows that the fuel supply is good, and the bottom shows external power input. The lever on the left of the machine is pushed up to "ON", so it looks like some kind of generator. Maybe for emergencies. I look and see that the generator is connected to more wires, the largest is connected to the pod I was in, but others snake around the room. If I turn it off, it will probably deactivate the lights.
There's a machine that looks like some type of computer console opposite of the pod. It has three displays, and some input devices below them. I'll look closer if you want me to.
The devices that look like servers use the lights to show the status of various things. It seems that it was being used to monitor my status while I was in the pod. I can take a closer look at the labels if you'd like.
The canisters also seem to be connected to my pod. A warning lable says that these capsules can replicate their contents, and that rupturing the canister can cause an explosion. I shouldn't break them while I'm stuck in this room, since I don't know how big the blast will be.
The lockers... well, you can take a look. One is locked, two are unlocked, one has a keypad, and I'm not sure if it's active. Should I look though them?
There are no cameras here, and the door fits snug in the wall.

Should I look more closely for stuff on the walls too, or should I investigae one of these objects more closely?

>Make sure the tubes aren't connected to your nervous syetem before you try to remove them.

The machines don't tell me anything at first glance, but shifting the clamps on my wrists doesn't cause any real discomfort.


Well you all seem to agree that I'm male, but you're still pretty split on names. Do any of you like the other names that were suggested too? I don't really need a name right now, but it would be good to call myself something if the need arises.
No. 988708 ID: f7de5c

I don't think there's any need to mess with the generator for now. Open the lockers, take a look at the servers, then the console seems like a good course of action.

While we're at it, do you feel hungry, thirsty, or any physical need really.
No. 988710 ID: 031458

Looking back at your earliest memories...

They referred to you as "It", suggesting they saw you as a thing or tool, not a person.

"A series are reserve forces" suggest that those in the A series are soldiers.
You were in tank A10, so you were supposed to be a soldier.

"Remain inert until they're activated" implies an artificiality and newness to you. Together with your lack of memories, it's probably safe to say you are a clone.

Remembering that earlier event despite 'not being able to form memories', having voices in your head that you instinctively label "insanity", and waking up alone with neither prompt nor directive all suggest you have some sort of mental anomaly.

So to recap, you appear to be a Clone Soldier who has self awakened due to abnormal brain development.
Congratulations. You are accidently a person.

I suppose we could put names on the backburner for now. Either someone will accidentally name you, or you'll develop an identity later that warrants a name.

Hmm... If you are indeed a clone soldier a wouldn't be surprised if you were engineered to be sexless. Perhaps it would be best not to cling to closely to a gender label until an identity is formed.

Anyway, just listen for people saying Clone, Soldier, A-series, or something of the like. They may be referring to you.

As for right now, definitely rifle through those lockers.
No. 988711 ID: fa2754

Might as well take a look through those lockers. I suppose a name can wait as well. I wonder if there's a way we can test our strength without harming ourselves. Are those lockers attached to the wall or freestanding? Maybe you could lift it?
No. 988712 ID: 2aa5f0

check the lockers for loot and then the computer to see if you can't find out what's going on around here.
No. 988718 ID: 8a51ec

We really should hold off on names until we have a clear idea of who or what you are, checking those lockers will probably be a better use of your time anyway.
No. 988719 ID: a59774

>Should I look though them?
Might as well, i mean, i doubt is boobytrapped, and you might find clothes in there, so yeah, go for it.

What about Ace, short and sweet. And starts with an A!
Can you reead what it says in the console?
No. 988721 ID: c82cd0

You can think of a name later, investigate the lockers.
No. 988725 ID: 777990

Your name is now Slick Jimmy.
No. 988736 ID: b1b4f3

Search the lockers. Try forcing the locked ones open, should give you an indication of how strong you are relative to the metal they used for construction.
No. 988753 ID: 23bf8a

Alex is your name!
No. 988814 ID: b61047

If we're going with names for something that is apparently a living weapon, hows about we go with radioactive elements? They're weaponized against their will, no? And SubCritical really does make me think...

So hows about a small list?
Thori - Thorium
Fermi - Fermium
Promethi - Promethium
Curi - Curium
Hassi - Hasium
Just to name a few that feel like good names, plus it seems our quest maker has already chosen Triti. Hmm!

Aside from that, I also agree with raiding the lockers and attempting to force open the closed one. If we're a weapon we might as well see how good of one we are.
No. 988821 ID: 8a51ec

I would suggest "Prometheus" but that one has a distinct bit of foreshadowing attached to it, the kind our resident flesh-puppet doesn't really deserve.
No. 988824 ID: 3a67fd

As an alternate name, why not Siev?

For things to do, though, let's poke through those open lockers first. Take stock of what's in here, see if we can make sense of where we are instead of it just being... a place.
No. 988839 ID: f18774
File 161400337405.png - (86.47KB , 800x600 , 10 Page.png )


>Search the lockers, and try to pry the open the locked ones.

I check the lock on the far left locker first. It's locked, as expected. They appear to be built into the wall, so lifting them is out of the question, unless I want to try and destroy them. I twist and pull at the lock, to get an idea of how sturdy it is, and if I can break it. I guess I'm stronger than I thought, since the lock snapped off with a click.
I check the far right locker, the one with the keypad. Also locked, and tapping on the door reveals that it is likely made out of more durable material than the others. I'm not sure if I can break it open, and if I damage it too much, the keypad won't work either. The keypad has the numbers 0-9 on it, with an enter key and a backspace key. It appears to need a 4 digit number to open. I try 1111 to see if that works.
The display flashes red and clears the number, the door still firmly locked. I don't appear to have a limit on the number of attempts I can make on this lock, so if I have an idea, I can punch in the code.

>Now actually search the lockers.

Okay, I'll make a list of what I find in them.

>LOCKERS 2 AND 3 (Open)
-Unopened bottle of anti-radiation pills
-Wearable Geiger Counter, battery powered (no batteries)
-Wearable flashlight attached to a belt (no batteries)
-Unused writing pad on a clipboard
-3 pens, red, blue and black
-A bottle of whiteout
-User's manual for the Geiger Counter
-Lab coat
-Radiation shield belt, battery powered (no batteries)
-Lab safety guide for hazardous bioforms

>LOCKER 1 (Unlocked)
-Stained lab coat
-Notebook (Used)
-1 unopened P.E.S. energy cell
-1 digital storage unit
-2 vials labeled "R-NEU AC"
-A sticky note that reads "Don't let anyone in with a rating below 'Blue 9'"

Does any of that look interesting or useful?

>Check the computer.

The monitors are backlit, but aren't displaying anything. I press one of the keys and they flicker to life. The screens display the same errors, with one obstructing the rest of the messages.
Well at least the pod isn't set to kill me on its own. I only have to worry if I press something while these tubes are hooked up to my arms. It looks like I can close out the error windows to do some stuff, if I want to. Any ideas here?


I don't feel abnormal, but that would make sense. I doubt that having more than one voice in my head is normal. Based on what you say, my designation would probably be A10. Not the best name, but I can use it if I can't think of a better one. If I find a database, I should look up those terms.

>On the subject of names...

I don't really need a name, but some of these ideas are really interesting.

Your logic is interesting, but sound. I can't help but feel a kinship for those elements.
No. 988840 ID: f18774

I apparently need to pace myself so I don't injure myself. Apologies if the quality is poor.

You've made some very good observations!

I'm going to try and keep up with updates, but my classes are on again, so I may be a bit slower.

Thanks again for reading!
No. 988841 ID: 8a51ec

I doubt a console for these pods would have much general information on it, but anything you can learn about the people who presumably made you is worth looking for.
No. 988842 ID: 3743c7

Some of that might be useful later. More immediately, though, we have:
-Notebook (Used)
-1 digital storage unit
Maybe they'll give you some idea as to what to do, or about yourself/this lab.
Use digital storage w/ computer.
Maybe see if the computer has a web browser.
No. 988847 ID: 9aaeef

Take everything anti radiation and read the manual, wear the lab coat, could be useful later, specially if it has pockets.
No. 988850 ID: 2aa5f0

I say give the lab safety guide a quick look as it might help you figure out what was going on around here and see what is written in the used notebook.

and I guess throw on a lab coat for now if for no other reason then to look snazzy.
No. 988853 ID: b61047

Well if the labcoat is still stained and everything is so dusty this place is proooobably disused. Maybe you're supposed to be regularly mindwiped or ground down into meat to be remade so this doesn't happen?

Either way! Labcoat acquired. Put it on and give us a cool pose!

Then read through the notebook and the guide, look for A10 or other mentions of whatever you might be or what this place actually is. Then fill the pockets with as much of that useful looking stuff as possible. Maybe combine the antiradiation pills into one bottle to save space, though I doubt those are for us, specifically, probably for workers working with us with all this safety gear in their lockers?
No. 988857 ID: 162eff

Interesting, a lot of radiation detection and defense methods for whoever was working here, maybe you have more in common with godzilla than I realized.

Oh, as for fiddling with the computer while you are still connected can you do some kind of diagnostic on yourself or is that also locked out?

After fiddling with that I'd suggest reading the safety guide then the used notebook, might give some clues as to what is/was going on here.

Also from the radioactive name list I think Hassi is cool.
No. 988858 ID: 3a67fd

First things first, let's do what we can to get ourselves free of the pod proper. No sense in getting dressed (and never you mind how hard that would be, with all these tubes coming out of us) if we're still maybe in danger. After that, though, read that lab guide a bit, see what's what. Is there anything in there about us, specifically? Clues as to what we are if nothing else would be good.
No. 988859 ID: b1b4f3

Try using the geiger counter on yourself.
Read the used notebook.
No. 988871 ID: 0fbdcd

Equip the fresh labcoat, and all the wearable tech. Stuff everything in your pockets. If space is a concern, prioritize
one pen, the pills, the vials, the battery, and the digital storage.
Read first about bioforms, and then the notebook.
No. 988872 ID: f18774
File 161404640789.png - (91.87KB , 800x600 , 11 Page.png )

>Put on the lab coat.
>Get the tubes out first.

I consider putting on the lab coat, but the tubing in my wrists would make that awkward. I'll get these cuffs off and tubes out before I put it on.

I decide to leave the rest of the gear in the lockers for now. I can grab what I need from the lockers as long as I'm here, but I'll also work on deciding what to take with me too.

>Use the Geiger counter on yourself.

I take a look at the Geiger counter. The P.E.S. cell in the other locker fits in it. I unpackage it and insert it in the Geiger counter, then turn it on. The device has multiple settings; an ambient detector, a directional detector, and an absorbance detector. I activate the directional detector and point it at myself. Not much of a response, but when I sweep it over the room, the counter spikes when I point it at the pod I was in. The reading is similar as I follow the IV lines that are connected to my wrists. I guess that radioactive material is being pumped into me.

I figure I should make note of this, but the P.E.S. is an energy system. It stands for Perpetual Energy Source. These batteries can produce a constant source of power when active, but degrade over time.

>Read the notebook.

I pick up the notebook and look through it. There's no name on the front, and the whole book seems to be an observation log. None of them really stand out, except one.

Subject A10 shows more potential, but as usual, the director says to leave it inactive. Carrying a Geiger on the ship puts us at a huge risk if anyone finds out. Keeping it a secret like this would create a huge problem if the ship is found in the wrong territories. That's not even getting into the risk it poses to us if it gets released without completing the programming. Again, the director refuses to let me finish the job, and A10 remains a blank slate. I've programmed basic information so that it can perform basic functions, but it wouldn't be any use in a fight. I'm going to suggest that we either complete the project, or terminate it. Leaving it in limbo is a waste of time and resources.

...I guess that means I was a defective copy. I'm not sure what they mean by 'Programming', but it's likely how I know language and basic facts and skills.

>Take a look at the console.

One look tells me that the console is not having a good time. The display is faded, and shows innumerable errors behind the first. I can still interact and close the error messages, and I notice one important message.


Below that, it shows a few options; Terminate, activate and disengage, disengage.

Should I try one of those options, and what do you think of what the notebook said?
No. 988873 ID: f18774

I was really tired while I did this update. I hope it still makes sense.
No. 988876 ID: 2aa5f0

so is there a number on the pod you woke up from that says A10 on it or no. Just want to make sure is all. As for the computer, Disengage I guess. Hopefully it will get the cuffs off you.
No. 988877 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you already seem to be activated in some way since you can form memories. Just disengage would work fine, but you could do activate and disengage to see if your activation was incomplete somehow.
No. 988878 ID: 23bf8a

No. 988879 ID: 23bf8a

No. 988882 ID: 3a67fd

That's... worrying. But congratulations are in order, you're a clandestine genetic experiment left in stasis that got themselves out!

To be the paranoid sort, though, it sounds like you being out and about and not directly under their thumb... whoever they are, is something that they don't want. And considering that they made you and can, in some way, contain you probably means that we should avoid meeting them upfront where we can. Better safe than sorry.

Disengaging is the safest option for sure. Activating... could be helpful? And termination is obviously a horrible idea.

Weird that, despite radioactive material being pumped into us, we're not noticing any ill effects, or even showing it on the geiger counter.
No. 988883 ID: b61047

Huh. Maybe we can find out what element is being pumped into us and name ourselves after that? That'd be fitting.
Personally from my list I like Hassi, same as >>988857

I feel like disengage is the best option. Activate sounds like it might turn on whatever programming and I doubt we want to be a mindless soldier. If those shackles and tubes come off you better put on the labcoat and give us your snazziest smile plus a cool pose.. And then see if the door is unlocked.
No. 988891 ID: f8fa51

You're being pumped full of radioactive isotopes (as a regular thing) and the type of thing that you are is apparently called a Geiger? Radical. Definitely name yourself after a radioactive element then, though which one?

"Activate" is a risk, but so is everything right now, the question is if it's worth it. Activate could perhaps give you a bit of that combat programming you're apparently missing, though I doubt that (if it was that easy, I think they'd have done that already). On the flip side, if it is going to program you, that could be a bad thing. I say take the risk, as you may not be able to get out of here without combat training of some sort.
No. 988897 ID: 031458

Activate will grant you combat skills, but will also surely include loyalty routines. Also this thing looks worse for wear, so maybe not a great idea. Disengage for now.
Put on the radiation suit before leaving though. I'm sure any organics you encounter will appreciate not being irradiated.
No. 988899 ID: 13845a

>The display is faded, and shows innumerable errors behind the first.
Well. That makes it seem like this place is derelict.
So, does that lab safety guide say what these choices actually do?
No. 988907 ID: 410305

This is not the time to take unecessary risk about unknown procedure that we can barely grasp, let's not do anything rash and just disengage.

As for what's written in there... Yeah I'm not exactly surprised, we already dealt with that kind of situation before, so far it doesn't seems like something very dire happened, but there's no telling this early.
It does mean however that for most of the personel, and maybe the world at large, you're perceived as a threat that recquires immediate termination. Especially when whoever put this whole operation up decides to enact some "damage control".
Yup, not the most pleasant situation to be in I'll admit.

Anyhow after that I suggest pocketing the pills, the flashlght, a pen, the digital storage unit and to wear the labcoat if possible.
While we're at it, take a look a the safety guide, can't hurt to get some more info on you, even indirectly.
No. 988917 ID: a59774

I am worried about the "activation" part. What are we exactly "activating"? You are already "active", so what gives?
Fuck it, just go for the "disangage" option.

I would suggest taking all the tools that need a battery, we are bound to find more batteries for those later. Especially the torch. And the pills, radiation is no joke.

Put the lab coat on, we can find more clothes later.
No. 988918 ID: f18774
File 161409397782.png - (11.82KB , 800x600 , 12 Page.png )

>To disengage or activate first?

I look over the tubes that were in my back. It is possible that part of the activation signal is administered though those ones too, so I decide to disengage. A partial activation could be hazardous, and I can always reconnect the drip later if I learn otherwise. I highlight the disengage option and click it. As soon as I do, I feel something pull from both of my wrists, and the manacles pop open. I lay my left arm down and open the manacle, taking a look at the internal mechanism. It seems to be some kind of heavy-duty spike. It seems a bit overkill, but I guess it would work well for torture, or for something with armoured skin.


Yeah, if you look at the top of the pod, it says "A10", so I guess that means I'm the A10 that was mentioned.


Yeah, this makes sense too. I am forming memories, so I'm not sure if activation would have removed those.


Judging from the state of this room, I can guess that this room hasn't been touched in some time. Not sure if that would be the same for the other side of the door though.


"Damage Control" does not inspire hope or confidence in me. I'm not sure I've ever dealt with this kind of situation though.

>Being filled with radiation doesn't seem to have any negative effects on you.
>The counter doesn't show any coming from you, only the IV.

I point the counter at my bleeding wrist to check. The counter spikes again. I put my hand over the directional sensor, and it reads nothing, not even atmospheric radiation. Am I some kind of creature made to absorb radiation? I guess that would explain the radiation safety gear.

>Use the radiation safety gear to avoid irradiating people.

I'm not sure if these shield belts stop radiation from both directions, but I could always give it to someone if it doesn't keep the radiation in. Still, the counter seems to say that none escapes though my skin...


I poke at my skin with a claw, and it makes a soft tap. I guess I don't really have skin, so much as I have fine scales.

>Put on the lab coat!

I'll do that in a bit. I want the bleeding on my wrists to stop. If it's still radioactive, I don't want to get it on any clothes I wear, since that would mean even if my scales block radiation, there would still be a source on the clothing.

>Do you know what was in the IV?

I couldn't tell you without some kind of analysis. It's a solution of some sort, and may contain multiple isotopes.

>Read the lab manual.

... Now that I think about it, I probably should have read this first. Still, it would be good to see what it has to say. When I open it, some loose sheets fall out.

When working with a Geiger unit, follow these instructions in place of the standard instructions in the indicated location.

Those pages go on to describe proper handling and safety protocols if one breaches containment. Apparently they are incredibly dangerous and have a lot of control over radiation. It also mentions that Geigers are outfitted with multiple varieties of nanobots, and how to mix them into the nutrient solution. I don't feel completely comfortable with these nanobots in my body, but I should learn what they do before I try to purge them in some way. One of the observations in the notebook from before said that a special nanobot helps with fighting off disease, so some of them may be beneficial.
The rest of the manual is fairly standard. Though someone scribbled notes in the "Neutralization of Breached Subjects" section.. It says to use the pneumatic spike from a distance.

This is interesting, and learning this makes me feel more confident in myself. I'm not sure why, but I feel some kind of pride in the fear I can instil in people.

What do you think?
No. 988919 ID: 8a51ec

I think you should be slightly concerned that there's a procedure for killing you, but more importantly the labcoats would be of more use as makeshift bandages for all your open wounds than as clothes. Why use pockets when you can ball everything up in one of the labcoats like a tarp?
No. 988921 ID: 9aaeef

So they had safety measures against you, you should be careful. Is this place abandoned?
No. 988922 ID: 031458

Hmm... The radiation control thing is troubling. If you don't already know how to do it then you might end up irradiating someone by accident.

Look over the materials and see if you can find a section detailing your physiology and/or care. Find out what body part is responsible for your radiation control and spend some time attempting to extend your awareness over it.

While your at it, might as well read up on what it is exactly that you eat. Your dietary requirements could be unique.
No. 988923 ID: fa2754

I would look into a way to possibly disengage those nanobots. You want as few knives against your throat as possible.
No. 988930 ID: a59774

You seem to be quite sturdy, which is good, but they might have countermeasures to that. So you be to be careful. Avoid unnecessary interactions.
No. 988933 ID: b1b4f3

Radiation isn't exactly a good weapon for killing people since the effects are delayed. More of a weapon you'd use to render an area uninhabitable, or to make a lot of people sick at once, to cripple a military installation so that further attacks are successful. Well, I guess thermal radiation is a type of radiation. If you can output that at high enough levels it'd be viable for direct combat.
Ugh, your blood is radioactive? Well, unless there's a shower somewhere, you can't make yourself truly safe. You could tear up one of the lab coats and bind your wrists with the scraps if your bleeding doesn't stop quickly.

The fact that they advise attacking you with a weapon to take you down means they can't use the nanobots as a remote kill switch. I would guess they are entirely beneficial. Makes sense, as you generally do not want your weapons to have a backdoor that could be hacked by the enemy.

Try flipping through the unused writing pad to see if one of the pages has the locker code. Or the back of the sticky note.
No. 989015 ID: 3a67fd

...Pneumatic spike? That's worrying. Though if it's anything like a silver lining, if they can just... MAKE you, AND put functional nanobots in you, then they could use those to kill you. Maybe... maybe you can actually take the spike without dying? You just might be hardy enough to survive being impaled like that, assuming this train of thought is accurate.

If we're waiting for the bleeding to stop, make sure to hold your hands up over your head, Make sure blood has a hard time reaching those holes. Once that's done, though, let's get ourselves dressed and consider leaving. Is there any way out other than that big door?
No. 989032 ID: f18774
File 161417160322.png - (33.56KB , 800x600 , 13 Page.png )

>Is this place abandoned?

It seems that this room is, at least. Or whoever is supposed to work here is going to be in a lot of trouble soon.

>Read up on what you eat.

Neither the manual nor the observation log mention anything about diet. I took another look at the nutrient drip, and it's radioactive. That means I likely require radioactive substances in some quantity.

>Any mention about your physiology/care?

The materials have nothing of note when it comes to my physiology. The observations only mention chemical balances in ratios and percents, which doesn't help me, and the loose pages in the manual say to reference the Geiger handling guide.
I should probably keep an eye out for one of those if I can. It would give me a better idea of what they expect me to do, both when I'm cooperative, and when I'm not.

>Can you disengage the nanobots?

I'm not really sure how I would do that on my own. If I could control my internal mechanisms, I could probably figure out how, but right now I don't even know if I can do that. There is likely a serum for disengaging the nanobots though. I'd just have to find it.

>It may not be possible to use the nanobots as a kill switch.

That is possible, but it's also possible that they are used as a chronic kill switch. To weaken me until they can handle me. I need to learn more about the nanobots in my body before I make a final decision on them, or find a safe way to manage them, at least.
I wonder why they would use a pneumatic spike though. Are my scales that durable that bullets aren't very effective?

>Radiation isn't a good weapon for killing.

That depends on how strong the radiation is. High enough doses can take minutes to make people feel the effects, and that can be more than enough in combat, if you can captialise on it.
I don't like the idea of being used to render an area uninhabitable though. If my scales don't show any radiation on the Geiger Counter, then they'll have to open me up somehow.
I don't know if I can change the frequency of the radiation. If I can, that would give me more options, but I don't even know if I can manipulate it yet. For all I know, I'm just a nuclear sponge.


I take a look at the wounds where the IV was. I appear to heal remarkably quickly, as no new blood is seeping out of the wound.
I take the stained lab coat and wipe off the blood on a clean spot. I notice something in the pocket though.

I found an ID card! The face and writing is too faded to read though, so I don't know what the ID is. These ID cards have an RFID built in, so if I find an RFID reader, I can use that to figure out what kind of clearence this card gives me. I can at least assume that it has a rating of 'Blue 9', and would have the clearence of a technician.

>Flip though the unused writing pads and check for any notes.

Nope, completely blank. That's pretty dissapointing.

>Check the back of the sticky note.

The sticky note doesn't have anything on the back either, but I check the pockets of the fresh lab coats and find a scrap of paper. It reads...

"Remember the isotope with the most radiation."

I'm not sure how that would be helpful, but it might provide some information that can help if I knew what that isotope was.

>Put on the coat already.

I don't really have anything to cover up, but sure. I slip on one of the fresh coats and button it up. It fits better than I thought.

So now that I have a coat on, should I try to figure out how to open the remaining locker? I can also search other places in the room for anything of interest. The console has some panels that I can take off, and I haven't spent much time investigating the canisters or the servers. Not sure if I'd find much there, though.
No. 989034 ID: fa2754

Suits you, boss
How active are the server lights? They look pretty lively or like they've just been idling for a while?
No. 989035 ID: b61047

Nice pose! Very snazzy!

Aside from that, hm.. Most radioactive element? 118 is of course the top one, but its half-life is basically instant so its probably not referring to that. Lawrencium and Nobelium are also up there as the most radioactive synthetic chemicals, but their half life is still too short for how long this place seems to be abandoned.

Which leaves Polonium, the most radioactive naturally occuring element. Are we Polli? Maybe.

Either way I'd check to see if the actual door is unlocked before we touch possibly explosive cannisters or mess with a locker or console that might be alarmed somehow.
No. 989036 ID: 8a51ec

Making sure you're not locked in here is a high priority, but finding something to club heads with could be life-saving if any guards with pneumatic spikes are en route to splatter you like I think.
No. 989037 ID: 410305

Look at you, all science ready !

Let's pray that they haven't discovered even more radioactive polonium isotope in the future and punch 210 in the locker's pad.

And yes, raiding the console before departing seems like a good idea.
No. 989038 ID: 2aa5f0

well since you disengaged your cuffs does that mean the consul can be used now? Give that a look. and if so look for the highest radioactive isotope as if it's in number form it might actually be the password into the locker.
No. 989043 ID: ce39da

Try 0118 or 1180 on the number pad locker.
No. 989120 ID: 8ca67d

Maybe the colors and numbers are related to the keypad on the locker? Blue 9 indicates it might be the second number on the combination
No. 989122 ID: f18774
File 161428489956.png - (15.86KB , 800x600 , 14 Page.png )

>How active are the server lights?

Not very. Some of them blink, but most of the lights just stay as they are.

>Look at the console now that your cuffs are off.

Good call. I activate the console again, but it seems that it's also password protected. I can still access basic functions and look at the data collected by the pod, but I can't modifiy it. I can tell it to dispense fluids too, but the labels are vague, and don't let me glean much information. If I had a password, I could probably unlock the lower functions.
Taking a closer look, I can see that I was stable most of the time I was in the capsule. I figure I can see how long I was in it too, if I make an estimate between the most recent results and the earliest ones.
I think this pod is broken. Doing the math, I'd have been in the pod for over 620000 years, and that's stupid. Nobody lives that long, and who would keep a stasis pod that long anyway?

>Are you locked in here?

If I am, I can probably find a way to break out. Since this room is in disrepair, it would be safe to assume that it isn't as durable as it looks.
It wouldn't be hard to pull something off the wall or the console to use as a weapon, so if I don't find anything, I can do that.

>Try "118" on the locker.

I punch in '118' on the lock. The display puts a '0' at the front by default, but I hear a beep, followed by a click. The locker opens without trouble.

>The contents of locker 4 are...
-A package of P.E.S. batteries
-An injection gun, calibrated for fast administration and armoured carapaces
-An instruction manual for the injection gun
-A long rod with prongs at the top, like a plug
-2 vials of disposable medical nanobots (detox and minor repair)
-A 6 pack of energy bars

From the looks of this stuff, it's for subduing a target. I think the prongs on that rod may be for conducting electricity, to shock a target.
I also take a closer look at the rod, and it appears to have a battery slot. It's empty, so if I want to see if it's electrified, I'll have to put a power cell in.
>Raid the console.

I open the panels and look though the console's innards. Not much of note; it's dusty and full of wires and cables. The panel right under the displays has a sealed box of electrical parts, a screwdriver, pliers, and wire cutters.

Seems to be an interesting haul, but what do I do with it?
No. 989123 ID: f18774

Sorry about the loss of quality. I've been having problems with my hands, and it's been hard to make a good image for the update. I hope this is temporary.
No. 989125 ID: 8ca67d

Eat one of the energy bars. they're probably still alright considering how many preservatives are in them.
No. 989126 ID: ce39da

Take the weapons and batteries - the latter seems to be a multi-use resource, so we'll want lots of them. Read the injection gun manual.
No. 989127 ID: b1b4f3

Read the manual for the injection gun.
What are PES batteries?

All the batteries
The shock prod
The vials
The energy bars
The digital storage unit (gonna have to find a way to read the contents later)
The radiation shield belt (not for you, for anyone else you find that's friendly)
Wear the belt sans-battery so you don't have to use pocket space for it.

...actually, can we stick the digital storage onto the console to take a look at it?
No. 989129 ID: 3a67fd

>620,000 years
You know, that might be why we woke up without anyone being present? The computer's timer malfunctioned and we hit some sort of... automatic release or something. But anyway!

We've gotten a good amount of batteries, an injection gun and presumably a few vials for it, and... not a whole lot of information. Let's give that book a once over, to be sure we understand it, and be on our way. Grab a pipe or... something, if we end up needing to clonk something over the head, and see more of this drab, metallic world.
No. 989130 ID: 8a51ec

Or the computer's timer malfunctioned because of an integer overflow, and anything else in stasis for that same time or longer is currently awake. No way that injection gun is being left in this room.
No. 989131 ID: 86aaf2

There's no way the substances you've already interacted with would be stable over that period of time, so there has to be some sort of glitch. Is there an obvious means of dating how long things have been laying here? There has to be various things with a shelf life where, if left alone long enough, it would LOOK damaged or wrong in a specific way, right? Allowing you to get some sort of estimate for how long you've sat here? Maybe the batteries?
No. 989132 ID: b1b4f3

The huge number of years can't possibly be correct, because no kind of power supply can last that long without maintenance. Though, I guess if they had an automated/intelligent fleet of robots maintaining the power plant it'd work?
It occurs to me that radiation is very effective against robots. You can fry their circuits.
No. 989133 ID: 031458

620,000 Years is possible in space. Oh god what if your awoke on an ancient derelict. They did mention you were on a ship.

...You need to get to another console and verify this. If it's true, then at least you don't have to worry about the politics surrounding your creation.

Make a mental note to figure out how to repair and access the console. The "Programming" feature could come in very handy for you, assuming you are able to choose what is programmed.

In addition to the wires and junk in the console there are probably electronic boards of some sort. Can you tell if anything is obviously broken or burnt?
If so, does the electronics parts box have an identical replacement?
If not, we can still could repair the console later should we find another elsewhere to study/cannibalize.

If nothing else, at least take the tools. A screwdriver is always handy.
No. 989135 ID: b1b4f3

In space? I'd say that's MORE difficult. An isolated spaceship would be stranded from support structures and would run out of fuel within 100 years. Even solar panels lose efficiency over time, and would be almost useless after around 10 thousand years I think. Solar boiler requires a turbine which has moving parts and thus would require maintenance.
Nuclear power lasts a while but not 620 thousand years. Also there is absolutely no way a living creature can survive in a pod for that long. It's a very, VERY long time.
Though, maybe with sufficiently advanced technology some sort of local time dilaton in the pod could work to solve the stasis problem?
I'd also question exactly how the radioactive materials in the tubes survived for 620 thousand years. Radioactive decay eventually renders materials inert, even the longest lasting ones.

If the ship is orbiting a planet that has a significant amount of supporting infrastructure on it, that would work. Some kind of nuclear power plant that's producing radioactive waste that's being used for the tubes? And the planet is rich in uranium ore or whatever, which is being enriched to fuel the power plant? Then you'd just need additional mining rigs, metallurgy facilities, and chemical factories to produce materials needed for maintenance. It would help if the planet was low-gravity, but I guess if the technology is advanced enough, moving materials to/from orbit wouldn't be a huge deal. Alternatively, the spaceship we're on is on the surface, but a lot can happen to a planet's surface in 620k years... maybe there's no volcanic/tectonic activity or intense weather though.

But in the end this is all hard science and I get the feeling this isn't a hard scifi setting.
No. 989138 ID: 86aaf2

In most closed systems -- bunkers, many types of space stations, etc. -- there wouldn't be any dust on anything. Dust is mostly caused by organic life -- skin flaking off, blowing dirt, hairs, animal dander, insect parts, that sort of thing. The sorts of things you wouldn't expect in a completely closed-off system!
No. 989148 ID: 2aa5f0

>Doing the math, I'd have been in the pod for over 620000 years
yeah that sounds like a decimal get misplaced somewhere. Nothing last that long and still works. but yeah, might as well read the injection gun manual. Might give you a better idea on what those nanobots in you actually do.
No. 989176 ID: 031458

He was attached to a canister of self replicating radioactive stuff.
I don't know how in the thermodynamics it works, but it makes such a situation at least plausible.
No. 989186 ID: 410305

Chomp a bar, nab the batteries, grab the rod,pick up the gun and take a look at the manual.

Also we never now where we'll need them, but they sure will be handy to have at some point. I just know it.

And after that, time to take a look at that door, with a little luck it's already open, but I wouldn't bet on it.

As for spending this long time in stasis, I'd say keep in mind the number, but we know very little about... well everything, and there is a decent chance that we might be proven wrong by whatever explanation is out there.
No. 989203 ID: 30a711

Note: The diary entry doesn't sound like you're a defective project, but merely one that was abandoned due to external causes.
No. 989220 ID: f18774
File 161436138683.png - (67.96KB , 800x600 , 15 Page.png )

>Eat one of the energy bars.

I take a look at the bar to see if it's still good. There's no expiry date on the package, so I try one, and it tastes... about as bad as I'd expect. It has a metallic taste, but nothing about it seems unsuitable for eating.

>Read the injection gun manual.

I flip though the manual, taking note of how to use it. In summary, any of the vials I've found can be filled into the gun. Each vial is one does, and the gun can hold four doses in separate tanks. The doses are fired in the order they are loaded, so if I load the gun with multiple different vials, I have to keep track of what I loaded and in what order. I can also empty doses into vials, if I have an empty one.
It looks like I can calibrate it for different kinds of skin too, so I should keep that in mind, or I might break the syringe.

I also place what I want to take with me on the console. I'll have to figure out a way to carry everything if it doesn't fit in my pockets.

>Take the weapons and batteries.

I place the rod and the injection gun on the console, and place the power cell with them. I still have one cell in the Geiger Counter, but I can take that out if I don't need the counter anymore.

>What are P.E.S. batteries?

P.E.S. stands for Perpetual Energy Source. The best way to describe them is that they are batteries that never run down. If they get damaged, that can reduce the power they output.

I also add the energy bars and the vials to the pile on the console.

>Can you put the digital storage on the console to take a look at it?

I place the storage unit on the console and stare at it. That's definitely a storage unit.


In all seriousness, the console doesn't have any ports, so I can't plug in the storage unit to see what's on it. I'll take that with me too, in case I find something to read it with.
I also put the belt on. No batteries, but this way it doesn't fill my pockets.

>That's a long time.

Yeah, it is. 620000 years is way too long, but there are entries for most days, and they have similar sizes. The computer probably wrote duplicate data.

>Stuff wouldn't be stable unless everything else is in stasis too.

That's also true, but that means this whole place could be locked in some kind of stasis.

>Make a note of how to repair and access the console.

I look in the wiring under the console. Nothing is visibly damaged in any way, so the console is physically fine. All I need to do is find a login to get access to the deeper functions.
I also add the tools in the drawer to the pile.

>It would be harder for a ship to survive that long in space without maintenance or support.

Yeah, that's why I don't believe it... though it is possible that I was loaded on the vessel recently, and they just took the data from the last computer that was monitoring me.
This ship also has those self-replicating capsules, so it's possible that it has some maintenance system on a micro or nano level. Perhaps it's replicating a nanobot fleet for repairs and maintaince?
If this was some kind of story, it could be a soft sci-fi setting. It would explain a lot of stuff, but why would magic be so restricted if they're this advanced?
I'll have to get to someplace with a window if I want to take a guess at where this ship is though. It's possible that this isn't even a ship anymore.

>There would be no dust in a closed system.

That's true. This place may have been an open system at one point though. Perhaps it was built in parts?

>Is the door open?

I try the handle. The door responds, and shifts. I don't open it, but it's good to know that I can leave whenever I'm ready.

>The log doesn't say you're defective, but abandoned because of external causes.

That does make sense. If I was made, then I wasn't needed, they probably wouldn't waste the resources required to activate me.

I take a bit to sort stuff into my pockets. If there's nothing else of note here, I can leave, or I can give the place a second look for anything I missed.
If I do want to leave, I need to decide how I'm going to breach the door as well. It's not locked, but I have no idea what's on the other side.
No. 989221 ID: 8a51ec

Open it slightly and wait a moment before you peek out. I doubt there's anything more complex than a tripwire to consider, but you're also a walking Elephant's Foot, so not a lot is out of the realm of possibility.
No. 989227 ID: 8ca67d

Try to listen to the other side of the door before opening it. If there's something dangerous in there, you should be able to hear it!
No. 989240 ID: b1b4f3

>Perpetual Energy Source
Well. Alright then, that would explain how this place is still powered regardless of how long it's been. Do you happen to know how the batteries work? Do they get energy from an alternate dimension or something?

Let's take a closer look at the servers.

Also, put a battery in the shock prod and test it to see how it's activated. Is there a trigger? Or is it contact-activated?
No. 989245 ID: 3a67fd

You could still totally get dust, though, unless whoever lives here doesn't shed any skin / hair or what have you. Still! I'm not sure what's left to do in here. We've looked at the generator, we've looked in the lockers, we've looked at the computer... about the only thing to do, maybe, is to try to set the injector to get into your skin and put the minor repair vial in, if we can figure that out.
No. 989248 ID: 242921

This or get out, slowly, quietly. Let's see were you are.
No. 989311 ID: fa2754

Just so we can cover our bases, I say we go ahead and hit ourselves with a detox vial.
No. 989355 ID: f18774
File 161446838956.png - (132.57KB , 800x600 , 16 Page.png )

>Use a detox on yourself.

I take a look at the vial, and see if the label can tell me anything. It's useful for general toxins, but no special ones. I think it's for use on anything I attack, since 'heavy metals' and 'radiation' are mentioned as additions to the usual detox effect.

>Use the repair vial on yourself.

You guys really want me to use this stuff. Fine. I load the detox and repair solutions into the injection gun and set it for myself, and then use it. It hurts. A lot. The nanobots must be doing something though, since the puncture wounds from the injection gun close up in seconds. I guess I have to wait to see if they do anything else.

>Take a closer look at the servers.

These seem to be the system that runs the stuff in the room. Most of it indicates the status of various systems in this room, and its connections to the ones outside. Seems like there are a lot of rooms nearby, and each one communicates with each other.

>Put a battery in the shock prod. Figure out how it works.

I take the battery out of the Geiger counter and place it in the prod. The prod doesn't change much when I put the battery in, but when I touch it to the broken pod door, it pops and sizzles. I put it down to see if it's a contact mechanism, and use one of the wires to test it. No response. Looks like it only functions when held, so the handle has some sensor in it.

>Listen though the door for movement on the other side.

I try, but it doesn't take me long to realize that either the door is soundproof, or there is nothing making any sound on the other side.

>Open the door slowly and check before stepping though.

I press down on the handle, opening the door as quietly as possible. Light streams in and blinds me for a moment, but then I see where I am.

No. 989356 ID: f18774
File 161446845738.png - (33.32KB , 800x600 , 1 Page.png )

After awakening, a Geiger finds himself in a strange lab. After gathering his bearings, he sets out to learn where he is, and what happened to him.
No. 989357 ID: f18774
File 161446846835.png - (28.62KB , 800x600 , 2 Page.png )

Once my eyes adjust, I can see where I am. Or at least, where this room is. All I see is sterile white walls and floors. No visible traps, and nothing I sense.

The hall stretches to both sides. The one to the right splits two ways, and the one to the left turns right.

Which way should I go now? Or should I do something else?

I should also keep track of my inventory now too. Did I forget anything? I can go back and grab it now, but I may not be able to later.

-Shock Prod - using one power cell
-Injection gun - empty, calibrated for my scales
-5 energy bars
-Digital storage unit
-Radiation shield belt - no battery
-P.E.S. battery
No. 989358 ID: e7848c

Don't forget your Geiger counter. Load a battery in it if it doesn't already have one. Might as well consolidate your items. If it does have one, put it in the radiation belt.
No. 989359 ID: 3a67fd

If a life of time well spent entertaining myself has taught me anything, it's that you should go left once you're through that door. There's always something tucked away there...
No. 989360 ID: b1b4f3

Get the anti-radiation pills and a notepad/clipboard and pen so you can write things down.
No. 989362 ID: 777990

You should make a mental map of what you know so far.
No. 989363 ID: 8a51ec

Call out for if anyone is there. Maybe not the greatest idea, but it'll at least determine if you're alone.
No. 989370 ID: bb2e60

try going right
No. 989371 ID: 410305

That's... very white, and unstained as far as we can see.

I'd say let's go on the way that has no splitting for now.
No. 989385 ID: 2aa5f0

uh... left. Go left I guess. if you have no idea where you're going anywhere is just as good as anywhere else. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a "you are here" map somewhere.
No. 989470 ID: f18774
File 161453632905.png - (39.89KB , 800x600 , 3 Page.png )

>Get the anti-radiation pills and the notepad/clipboard with a pen.
>Get the Geiger counter too.
>Don't forget the torch.

I head back in and grab the pills, writing materials, flashlight, and Geiger counter. I don't think my pockets will hold anymore without tearing though.

>Call out and see if you're alone.

I'll keep quiet for now. This hall looks untouched, outside of a bit of dust. If I call out, I may attract unwanted attention to myself. I might try calling if I can find recent evidence of people being here though.

>Go right.
>No wait, go left!
>And make a mental map of where you are!

I check the hall to make sure nobody is hiding around a corner before I travel down the hall to my left. There a many doors on the wall that look identical to mine. The only difference is in the bars on the top of the door. Some kind of bar code. I look around the corner, and it's the same. A stark white hall with doors. Should I try opening any of them, or explore the hallway first?
No. 989472 ID: 410305

Fancy interface !

For now let's just continue though, we don't want to get tied down in room we have no idea of.
No. 989474 ID: ce39da

The first rule of exploration; keep the turning directions consistent if you can.

Second rule; in a closed interior environment, avoid stepping through doorways until the entire space you're currently in is mapped.
No. 989477 ID: b1b4f3

Let's map out the corridors for now.
No. 989479 ID: e7848c

It's worth at least trying the handles to see if they're unlocked as well. Keep going down the hall anyways.
No. 989566 ID: f18774
File 161460634613.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , 4 Page.png )

>Map out the corridors before entering a room.
>Check the handles too, see what's open.

I do just that. I get a general layout of the hall, and figure out which doors are open. There's one hall on the top right that's blocked by a gate. I can see though the glass, and it appears to have a large door on the far side. Most of the rooms seem to be unlocked though. Which door should I try in this case?

Let me know if the colours need to be changed! I feel like some of them are hard to see, and I can use different colours or icons if you have a hard time seeing what the map says.
No. 989567 ID: 8a51ec

You could try exploring the rooms adjacent to the one you left, but be braced to whip out that shock prod if you have any unfriendly neighbors.
No. 989570 ID: ce39da

Let's try the doors whose contents we feel most certain about; the clumped-together rows of doors on either side of the loop. They're probably more containment rooms like the one you were in. Check each one quickly, taking note of any that have something that sets them apart from the rest - we don't know if we can afford to comb every cell.
No. 989590 ID: fa2754

It can be safely assumed the other rooms all grouped together are also containment cells. Though I somewhat doubt they'll be much variance in each rooms' lockers. Might as well come through each room to see if you have any "siblings" or neighbors who are also waking up.
No. 989602 ID: f8fa51

Locked doors are too similar in colour to corridor.
No. 989603 ID: f8fa51

Sorry, that's open doors. The key isn't very clear either.
No. 989604 ID: b1b4f3

The corridor color is a little close to the open door color. The key is a little hard to read at first(I think I'm used to the icons being on the left of the description instead of the right), you could consider putting them in 4 columns instead of one row. Each column would have two things in it.

Let's go through the door immediately to your right, that opens into the large central area.
No. 989634 ID: 3a7feb

Are you strong enough to just force open any of these locked doors?
No. 989692 ID: 16fd81

Search the rooms in order from closest to the one you came from to furthest.
No. 989700 ID: f18774
File 161471015468.png - (17.78KB , 800x600 , 5 Page.png )

>The colours and legend are hard to read.

So I take a moment to change how I think about those. I think that looks a bit better. I change the icons too, so I can mark things better.

>Check the rooms in the block with you.

They all have identical layouts. The same as my room. All of them are empty though, so I'm not sure if I was intentionally left behind. The open lockers are either empty or have nothing useful, like more coats or devices. I find two more batteries and put those in the other devices I have to store them. I have one spare battery now.
No. 989701 ID: f18774
File 161471016029.png - (25.88KB , 800x600 , 6 Page.png )

>Check the large central area.

I open the door and step in, this room being pretty different compared to the others. It looks like an office of some kind. No computers are visible, but the desks have drawers, so I could check those.
This room also has three doors to the left of where I entered. Looking at the sign, they're probably washrooms. Well, two of them. The third one is unmarked. There's also a sitting area in the nook on the far side of the room.
What should I check this room more thoroughly, or should I go to another room instead?
No. 989704 ID: fa2754

Staff lounge. Check the unmarked door. Otherwise, there shouldn't be much of interest in here. Move on.
No. 989706 ID: 8a51ec

You should briefly check the washrooms and what is most likely a broom closet, both have a propensity for containing keycards. Speaking of rooms, you might want to start marking ones you've been to on the map with a magenta tint.
No. 989708 ID: ce39da

I think having the rooms not even be present on the map unless we’ve been to them is sufficient.

But yeah, open those doors if you can, at least. Maybe check around the corner to make sure you didn’t miss anything big.

Then check the door on the south side of the loop.
No. 989709 ID: b1b4f3

Check the desks, maybe you'll find notes.
No. 989710 ID: f8fa51

Definitely check the drawers quickly. You could honestly do with a pen and a small piece of paper to take notes with, and they might have more of those energy cells, too.
No. 989713 ID: 8a51ec

I meant to say rooms that were fully explored, but I agree with visiting the south door next.
No. 989785 ID: 410305

Take a quick look at the drawers' content, and a rapid check at the three doors. If they're closed don't insist and move on.
No. 989794 ID: f18774
File 161479485988.png - (88.00KB , 800x600 , 7 Page.png )

>Check the desks.
>Check the drawers.
>Check the rooms.

Guess it's time to scrounge.
First I check the surfaces of the desks. They don't open up, but based on the wear and the holes, these were used for portable terminals. I guess if something broke out, they didn't want it to get a computer.
I check the drawers next. Most of the stuff there is typical of an office. Blank paper, writing utensils, erasers, paper clips, rulers, some tape, staples, and sticky notes.
I also find some more storage units, but I have no way to tell if they have anything on them. There are a few snack bars in the desks too. Different from my energy bars, and I'm not sure if they're edible.
The sitting room has some black couches. They feel like leather, which I would expect to have degraded by now. Maybe someone is still here?
The washrooms both have a sink, toilet, hand towel and drying unit, with a mirror on the wall above the sink. I turn the handle on one of the sinks and water comes out of the faucet, so if I need water, I can find it here. It looks clear, and has the smell of chlorine, flouride, iron, sulphates and other minerals, so I know the water is treated.
The unmarked room is a broom closet, as predicted. I find a broom, a mop, some buckets, and sponges. The shelves are sparsely filled; one bottle of cleaning solution, one of disinfectant, two bottles of hand soap, a half full bottle of screen cleaning fluid, and some empty bottles.
Before I step out of the broom closet, I notice a key ring hanging next to the door, with a bunch of keys linked to it. I take them and hang them on my belt.

I'll make a list of my inventory and equipment before I leave the room. It's close enough that I can return and grab stuff if you think it's important.

>My equipment:
Right Hand: Shock Prod (contains battery)
Body: Lab coat (three pockets)
Neck: Wearable Geiger Counter (contains battery)
Waist: Radiation Shield belt (contains battery), keys (5, attached to belt)

Breast pocket: 2 energy bars, pen, faded ID card (found in my room)
Left pocket [FULL]: 3 energy bars, digital storage unit, anti-radiation pills
Right pocket: Injection gun (empty, calibrated for self), torch (contains battery)
Holding a clipboard with a notepad.

>Check the southern room.

I head back out into the hallway and to the southern room. I can't get over how white everything is here. It's clean, but the featureless corridors are unsettling.
Once I'm at the door, I turn the handle and push it open. The door creaks as it slides open, light streaming into the dark room. The light from the hall illuminates some kind of medical bed against the wall. I can see some cupboards on the East wall, and part of a counter on the North wall to my right. Not much else though. I still have that torch in my pocket, but do I want to spend time looking around this room?
No. 989795 ID: f18774
File 161479494466.png - (18.60KB , 800x600 , 7 Page Map.png )

Here is the current map!
No. 989797 ID: fa2754

No harm and taking a quick scan through the room.
No. 989799 ID: 3a67fd

As was said, no harm at all in taking a quick look through, especially if it's something akin to a medical bay. Never know what goodies you'll find!

After that, though, assuming it's not too fruitful, I feel like we should poke our heads through the other... storage rooms? For our kind.
No. 989800 ID: ce39da

Do a quick sweep to make sure nothing's hiding (including checking the larger cabinets/containers/under beds), then move on to... let's try the west-facing door in the east vertical hall. (We can always come back to this room if we think we might need something.)
No. 989820 ID: b1b4f3

Just do a quick look to see what's in the room, and open the cupboards to see what kind of medial supplies are here. If there's more nano shots you should stock up.
No. 989917 ID: f18774
File 161488185552.png - (117.88KB , 800x600 , 8 Page.png )

>Take a look though the dark room.

I place the clipboard and notepad on the ground by the door to free up my hand to carry the torch. I turn it on and the bright light illuminates the large room.

The room is divided into two segments, the one with the door seems to be a type of operating room for medical purposes. The implements on the tray next to the bed look like they would be used by a coroner, but the bed also has an ECG unit near by, so I can't really draw many conclusions from that.
The cupboards on the East wall are also fairly empty. Gauze, untouched syringes, some suture needles, and disinfectant is all I find in the upper cabniets.
The lower ones contain various types of glassware for lab tests, and some spare tools similar to the ones on the tray.

In the middle of this long room is a divider. On the operating room side there are several devices used for monitoring the patient on the divider. These are all attached to the wall, so I can't bring them with me, but if I can power this room, I could use them.

On the West side of the divider is a bunch of lab equipment. Large devices for analyzing samples, likely taken from the East side of the divider. There's a computer terminal here, but I still need to power this room to use it. The other machines don't provide any hints to their function, based on their appearance.

If I can find a way to restore power to this room, I would be able to search more thoroughly for things that I missed, and possibly make use of the machines. I really want to see what I can do with these machines, so I should go and look for a utility room for this area. Which rooms should I check, and in what order?
No. 989920 ID: fa2754

Not much can be gained here now. Let's head out and check the rooms in the other hallway
No. 989922 ID: 410305

No point rotting here, the few medical supplies are not even useful to you, seeing how fast you heal. Let's keep an eye out for some kind generator/reactor though.

In the meantime, might as well check all the remaining unexplored rooms, starting with the southernmost corridor, then the mystery rooms in the West corridor
No. 989931 ID: 3a67fd

Judging by the layout, the room we want is either to the southeast or the western end of the northern horizontal hallway. Check those, closest to furthest?
No. 989939 ID: b1b4f3

Check the topmost room in the southern corridor first.
No. 989940 ID: 8a51ec

The gauze might be useful if you come across someone else who's bleeding out, but that implies you might ever come across someone. Time to explore those three rooms in the other hallway.
No. 990002 ID: f18774
File 161496779999.png - (142.99KB , 800x600 , 9 Page.png )

>The gauze might be useful if you find someone else.

It could also be useful if I'm bleeding out. Even if I can regenerate, I would assume that bleeding out would impede that. Still, I'll make a mental note of the gauze for later, if I need it.

>Check the Western room in the Eastern corridor.
>The layout suggests that room to be the power room.

Seems like a good spot to start looking. It's close to the stasis tank rooms, and seems to be in the center of this area.

I leave the dark room and put away my torch for now. I pick up the notepad and clipboard and head to the Western room of the Eastern corridor. Upon arrival, I set down the clipboard again and open the door. Again, it's pitch black, but I use my torch to see.

The room is filled with large machines and what I assume to be breaker boxes. Large machines in the center of the room are blocked off with walls of glass and steel, with doors on one face. I think I can safely assume these have something to do with the power. Along the walls are more machines, both on the ground and on the wall. I eventually find one that looks like the generator in my room, but the switch is at the lower position.

So I lift the lever and activate the generator.

It hums to life, dim lights flickering to life around the room as other devices power on along with it.


On cue, a hatch near the ceiling opens up. A floating machine about 30 centimeters in diameter emerges from the hatch. The lense on the front glows with white light as the drone immeadately heads to one of the machines in the center. Small arms with tools unfold from the carapace of the drone as it begins to work on repairing the large machine.

It doesn't seem to be aggressive to me, at all. I watch the drone for a bit as it works, moving from machine to machine.

It turns to me and I brace myself, getting ready to attack with my prod.

"Please stand aside." It speaks in a robotic, masculine, voice. "You are at risk of harm if you do not."

I stare at it, watching for any unusual or suspicious movement, but the drone remains still. I step back from the generator without breaking my line of sight, but the drone simply thanks me for cooperating and begins to repair the generator. I can assume that these repair drones won't attack me directly. Based on their size, they wouldn't pose much threat alone. Their visual array could be connected to a security network, but they would also be able to help me reactivate machines. Perhaps they could be helpful with other things as well.

Since the drones are repairing parts of the facility, I could go back to the dark room and see if it's bright now, but I can also stay here and look for anything that could be helpful. I really want to see if I can use that computer, but being prepared is always good too.
No. 990003 ID: 59b6dd

I doubt they would appreciate being shuffled around while they work, so try to give them at least a novel amount of breathing room.

See if they respond to verbal commands, or even acknowledge you outside of being in the way.

They seem to have a way of recognizing you, although i don't know whether thats actual recognition or if they say move as a preemptive statement before they start”obstruction removal.

Maybe watch one for a moment to see if you might pick up any repair tricks for the facility machinery.
No. 990007 ID: 01c429

No. 990008 ID: b1b4f3

ITEM marker in the first room
...what did we leave back there?

Alright let's investigate computer.
No. 990009 ID: 777990

How good is that implanted technical knowledge? Could you find proper tools to access their memory and rewrite drone operating code?
No. 990010 ID: 3a7feb

Don't stress about the repair drones for now. Bringing this place online will draw attention from the outside world regardless as the power draw increases and it activates life support umbilicals.

Go check the dark room for useful equipment or intel.
No. 990035 ID: 410305

Take a quick look around, and if you see anything useful try to check if you're authorized to pick it up, who knows with maintenance bots after all. We don't want to get on their bad side by breaching any rule or protocols.

Anyhow, the dark room seems a safe bet, let's try not to get jumpscared or make any gruesome discovery though.
No. 990039 ID: f18774
File 161505878512.png - (177.36KB , 800x600 , 10 Page.png )

>What did we leave in the first room?

That was the rest of the stuff that I didn't take with me. I decided to mark it on my map in the event that we needed something from that room. That way, even if I don't remember what was in the room, I still know that it has things I can check.

>How's your implanted technical knowledge? Could you rewrite their code?

I lack much in the way of detail for specific knowledge when I try to recall anything. The stuff that I know comes to mind when I experience something that triggers the memories, so I wouldn't know if I can reprogram the drone until I'm looking at it's code or hardware.

Now that I think about it, that's probably why I don't recall any names. Nothing triggers a recollection, so I guess I get to pick my own name.

>Give the drone space to work.
>Does it respond to commands?
>Does it recognize you or is that just a protocol?
>Watch and see if you can pick up any tricks for repairing stuff.

That drone really has your attention. I can try some stuff, but I'll make sure I give it some space.

"Are you a repair drone?" I ask the drone.

"Yes. I am an Arcanos repair unit, standard issue in all structures medium size and greater." Its robotic voice rings out. "I am designed to repair and maintain moderate damage in structures."

I ask the drone more questions, but all it does is explain what it is (a repair drone), and tell me to keep clear of its workspace. Watching the drone doesn't tell me much either, as its tools seem to be lasers of some sort. I'm not really clear on the technology, but it seems to use hardlight technology as well. I don't have anything like that, so it's not much use for me to continue observing it. It does seem to recognize the difference between people and objects, since it moves the objects around without any queries.

>Take a quick look around and see if you can take anything without angering the drone.

I decide to ask the drone to see if it has a response to my request to take things.

"I am a repair drone. My authority is not necessary to claim any objects you find." Well I guess that clears that up.

I look around the room for anything of note. Not much outside of some loose electrical equipment.

>Bringing this place online will draw attention from other areas as it draws power and activates life support systems.

I have no idea what could be around to be drawn here, but being prudent would be wise. I leave the power room.

>Go back to the computer.
>Go check the dark room for useful stuff.
>Dark room seems like a safe bet, but try not to get scared or shaken.

Looks like I'm going back to the lab room then. On my way back, I notice displays on the doors have lit up, hovering over the bar codes at the top. The displays say in plain English what the bar code means. My room has '07' over the code.
I reach the dark room and open the door again.
That doesn't look good. I can now see that the operation bed is stained with what I can assume is various bodily fluids, mostly blood. The implements on the tray are similar, with dried pieces of what I can only assume is flesh.

I don't think this room was for medical procedures.

It's all dry, so I don't think this room is dangerous, but with the lights on, I can search better. Should I go over this room again, or just use the machines in the next room?
No. 990040 ID: 9d3143

Move on. There's only death here. Go to the next room and learn something
No. 990043 ID: b1b4f3

Whatever the procedure is, not cleaning the tools afterwards is sloppy. I wonder if the last person to use the table didn't know what they were doing? Or they had to leave in a hurry?

Go check the computer first, then you can come back and search around a bit better.
No. 990045 ID: 3a7feb

See if you can find records about what, or who, they've been autopsying in here.
No. 990046 ID: 031458

Torture, autopsy, or desperate surgery?
who knows. Search the room more thoroughly.
No. 990102 ID: 15a025

Might be an autopsy room. Do any of the computers/monitors in the room say anything different now?
No. 990106 ID: 3a67fd

...What color is the blood, the... organic matter? Close to yours? Take a quick look at that and leave, give whatever happened here a measure of respect.
No. 990169 ID: f18774
File 161514059313.png - (63.66KB , 800x600 , 11 Page.png )

>What colour is the organic matter?

Most of it is varying shades of red and blue. There's yellowish parts and grey parts. Doesn't look too pretty.

>Torture, autopsy, or desperate surgery?
>Whatever the procedure is, not cleaning the tools is sloppy. Was the last person in a hurry, or just incompetent?

I can't really say for sure. The tools match both what I'd expect of a coroner and a surgeon. It is possible that this was a room for vivisection as well.
I guess it would make sense if the last person to use this place was rushed or incompetent. This mess is awful. I consider myself lucky that it doesn't smell much unless I get really close to it.

>Search the room more thoroughly.

I go though the cupboards again. The gauze is still there, but I also find a large variety of chemicals, most of them likely used to sedate subjects. I also find some splints, pain killers, and medical clamps.
The lab tables here have some... interesting objects. One machine has a window on it, and inside is some kind of black mass. I don't look closer. I find images of various organs, likely from different operations, judging by how different they are. Otherwise, there's some rubbing alcohol and other surgical tools.
I also find another vial of minor repair nanobots. I put that in my pocket with the injection gun.

>There's nothing here, go to the next room.
>Maybe the computers will say something different now.

I assume that having power would display different text when compared to a blank screen, but it would be better than staying here. I head to the next room and look at the devices.
There are a couple of large machines in this room, along with the computer. The computer terminal has a panel that you use to interface with the machine, and the rest have some buttons. Should I use the computer first, or check one of the other machines?
No. 990197 ID: e7848c

Check the computer first. If you're lucky, you'll find a file called infodump.txt
No. 990215 ID: b1b4f3

No. 990226 ID: ce39da

Check the computer files.

> Anesthetics, Splints, and Painkillers
> Live Organ Monitoring
Welp. That answers the question of whether there were live procedures in this room. At least it seems like it was for work rather than pleasure.
No. 990321 ID: f18774
File 161521018264.png - (58.17KB , 800x600 , 12 Page.png )

>Check the computer first.
>Check the computer files.

Well I guess I really didn't need to ask, but it's good to know that we're on the same page.

The interface panel can read your intent from contact, so all you need to do is rest your hand on it. It can't make images, but it can produce text and interface with programs without needing a mouse.
So I place my claw on the panel and the computer stirs to life. It pauses on the first screen though, asking for a login.

Before I can think of some login to try, the screen changes to a welcome screen.

>"Welcome, Doctor G. Fact."

I realise that the faded ID card I have belongs to one of the people that worked here. Was Dr. Fact one of the people that worked on me? Well the RFID card he left me will be useful.

I look through the files on the system. Most of them are raw data, just numbers in a file. Some of them are more useful though. Let me see...

The first file that looks helpful is a list of subjects.
03. CORVIUS S.77.F54
04. GOLEM U.34.C94
05. KETZA S.02.P03
06. CUTEBOLD S.10.M21
07. GEIGER U.06.A10
08. NEUMONO S.78.H02
09. LAZUREK S.52.M48
10. TOZOL C.42.C23
11. HYBRID X.12.X66

Looks like a lot of races were being kept here for some reason. There were empty tanks in those rooms, but also a bunch that were closed. I should check to see if I can open them. Maybe some of these specimens are still alive and in stasis.

The second file that looks useful is a record of specimens being moved. Let me look at the most recent changes.
"Subjects 1-6, 8 and 9 are being moved to secure research sector 2. These are lower risk subjects and do not need to be in secure sector 8. Subjects 7, 10 and 11 will be kept here due to threat level."

Oh, hey! There's some other useful notes here. Let me read them...
>Subject notes
"11 shows hybrid species will function well. It exemplifies the benefits of 7 and 10. In theory, 7 could be used to control a unit of 10, and create a dangerous strike force. 11 can apply benefits of 7 at lower metabolic cost, putting 11 closer to 10 in economy, but still ineffective in extended tests. 12 remains a mystery."
"Subject 12 is missing. Command put in an order to capture or terminate on sight."
"Subject 11 exhibits much more demanding metabolic requirements to maintain optimal functionality. 7 and 10 are now proving to be more effective, making 11 a failure in the eyes of command. 11 will be released, pending clearance from command."
"11 is gone now. 12 is still missing. All that remains here is 7 and 10. No new subjects have been sent. I hope that this is not an ill omen."

There are no more notes in this folder. I keep browsing though the files...
>Update user firmware?
I can update this? Looks like there are more files too, but most of them are corrupted. Should I comb though them more, look for a specific term, or do something else?
No. 990323 ID: 8a51ec

Looks like "Geiger" will be your temporary nickname until something more substantial can be found. Also looks like 10 and 12 might still be somewhere in this facility, and the latter you should probably run the fuck away from immediately.
Comb through the files a bit more before updating the firmware, for all we know it could end up deleting half of the data on this computer.
No. 990327 ID: 410305

CUTEBOLDS ? I knew they were to be weaponized one day ! Most of the list is not that bad to be fair, but they did managed to get their hand on a neumono, and worse even a fricking Tozol.

12 is a mystery, that's bad, the mysterious Hyrid is "gone", that's bad too but they might just have been terminated, transferred or released. 7 is... not that bad ? I mean a Tozol at large is usually dangerous news, but if they used to pair them with another of you maybe they're not as much as a danger for you.

I'd say we have a greater priority now, try to locate any other Geiger, or Tozol, in this facility. Another of your brethren shouldn't hard to convince, and with a little luck you might get a tozol on your side, which would, to be frank, an incredible ally.

So, go back to the little rows of rooms you came out from at first, check any unopened pod of stasis.
No. 990332 ID: 2aa5f0

well I guess see if any of those locked doors you passed by earlier are open with power or not. Only thing I can think of doing right now is just searching the rest of the building and see what else has been left behind. I mean this place still has running water and everything looks like it mostly works so either this place was only recently abandoned or everyone just went home for the night... though I doubt that last one as they're probably would have been a guard or janitor you would have bumped into by now.

Also sure, update the system while you search. Who knows maybe it might recover some of those corrupted files or something if you need to ran back to the computer for whatever reason.
No. 990336 ID: ce39da

Let's check the other unlocked rooms before we try anything.

> GEIGER U.06.A10
Hey, "A10." That's you! Considering how the files refer to singular subjects, then assuming a total lack of staff members, it's you, the Tozol, and Mystery Monster #12 alone in this sector. Look at the two of those you can access.

... Come to think of it, the fact that the 12th beasty's file was "REMOVED" is... foreboding. That implies a deep cover-up. Unknown whether it was agents of the company or the creature itself that did it.
No. 990337 ID: e9a73e

Updating the system might also lock you out, so I'd rather wait until everything we could read without updating has been read.
No. 990343 ID: 183603

Find the room the other clone is in.
No. 990347 ID: fa2754

If there's nothing else to gain through the computer, go ahead and update. Besides, we just got confirmation we're not alone in here. Let's go make a friend in subject 10. I wonder how the heck they hybridized one of your kind with a tozol. Au naturel? Nice. Somewhere down the line, we might and find subject 12.
No. 990365 ID: 777990

Why are you so eager to meet a Tozol face to face? I'd shit myself being in the same zip code. I mean, they aren't stupid at least so maybe you could get it on your side, but just as likely it spears you with a hunk of metal or guns your down with a rifle it pulled out of one of it's six assholes.
No. 990436 ID: ecd116

look at all the species they got under the subject list, they even got ketza and lazurke to name a few, do any of the subject races on the list sound familiar to you and if not are you able to find more info about their kind? enough to find out how they will react to someone like you? why you are at it, can you even find info about yourself as well?
No. 990510 ID: 3a67fd

Let's see what information we can find out about ourselves first, neh? Also, nice tail
No. 990539 ID: f18774
File 161538325710.png - (83.71KB , 800x600 , 13 Page.png )

>Subject 7 doesn't seem that bad.

I believe that I am subject 7, so I would hope that I'm not that bad.

>11 is gone now. That's too bad.

Who knows if that's good or bad. For all I know, the reason it was expensive to upkeep was because it needed a constant drip of anti-psychotic medication. I'll worry about the fate of my fellow pod mates once I can escape myself.

>Do any of those species sound familiar to you?

All of them seem vaguely familiar. They bring to mind a general form and shape, so I think I could recognise them if I saw them. Tozol sounds like an oddly comforting name and presence. That makes no sense, considering...

>Why are you not scared of meeting a Tozol face to face.

That. I don't know why, but these Tozol give me a sense of kinship based on what you are describing. I know I shouldn't feel comfort in such a presence, but it feels like they would be a reliable ally if I could find them and speak to them.

>Read everything you can before updating the software.

That sounds good. I check though the file system for things that aren't numbers or corrupted. I find some partially corrupt files, so I try to glean some last bit of information from them.

"Command has requested that we work on implementing <TEXT MISSING> as field commanders for <TEXT MISSING>. This doesn't seem unreasonable in writing, but this is insanely dangerous in practice, especially if either <TEXT MISSING> reject it. Putting in a request to try <TEXT MISSING> first."

Well that was helpful. I can take a few guesses on what they're referring to.

Before I can read the other file, text appears on the screen.

"Beginning auto update"

Before I even have a chance to react, a bolt of electricity travels up my arm. I watch it course though my body in slow motion, feeling the power surge though me. I try to remove my hand, but my body doesn't respond, and my vision is already fading...

No. 990540 ID: f18774
File 161538348370.png - (26.14KB , 800x600 , 1 Page Chapter 3.png )

Our hero restores power to this section of the facility, but has now fallen unconscious. Will he survive, and will he still be himself?
No. 990541 ID: f18774
File 161538348646.png - (56.43KB , 800x600 , 2 Page Chapter 3.png )

Initialization of sub-cortex framework complete.
Checking vital systems...
Circulatory... OK
Respiratory... OK
Nutrient Cycling... OK
Skeletal... OK
Nervous... OK
Nano fabrication... OK
Vital systems performing at sub-optimal levels due to lack of nutrients and power. Optimizing for available resources to maximize efficiency.
... Optimization complete.

Checking for available modules and subsystems...
1 subsystem(s) found.
Immune nanomachine matrix online.

Immune nanomachine matrix running at 2% efficiency. Unable to optimize.

Checking for downloaded data.
Unable to download data, memory communication module not found.
Existing definitions updated.
Attempting to create back up of cortex...
Backup complete. In the event of fatal errors or damage, the sub-cortex framework will preserve a cortex framework to rebuild.

Primary system booting...

Allow manual override?
No. 990542 ID: f18774
File 161538349208.png - (29.72KB , 800x600 , 3 Page Chapter 3.png )

>System update complete. New functions are now available.


I wake up on the floor, in pain, but not dead. I feel like I have more people in my head now, but...
>Definitions updated. Relaying information to cortex.
I realize a power within me. I can now acutely feel more parts of my body, and I have a greater sense of my natural abilities. I can feel that so much of my body is underdeveloped, but I also feel like I can direct my growth now.

I feel two additional minds within my own, but they are also parts of my own mind.
The first one I feel is my secondary medulla, an additional brain within my spine that allows for greater control of my organ systems, faster reflexes, and functions as a backup to my cortex if I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI).
The second is my nanomachine sub-cortex. A system made out of nanobots designed to allow me conscious control of metabolic systems and how to allocate my energy and cellular activity. It's also modular, so I can use nanobots to install more modules and give myself more features.
My body seems to produce nanomachines for its own use as well, but I'm not sure if foreign nanomachines will interact well.

Right now I think I can direct my metabolic healing towards several areas.
-Sensory: I can enhance and expand my sensory capabilities.
-Muscular: I can grow my body to increase my strength and speed.
-Respiratory and circulatory: I can improve my cardiovascular health to increase my stamina and overall performance.
-Nervous: I can improve both my mental capabilities and my reaction time here.

Or I can just let all of it grow at the same rate. I think that as I grow, I'll be able to identify more specific functions of my body, but I need to cover my basics first.

So while I think that over, I decide to check the terminal again. No new information, but it responds faster now.

>Find the room the other clone is in.

There's a clone here? Of who?

>Go check the other stasis rooms.
>See if any of them have opened.

Good suggestions, but that means I need to decide which rooms I want to check first. Stasis room 10 would have the Tozol, if it's still there. Room 12 would be empty, but a more through search might reveal something I don't know.
Should I check to see if the Tozol is still in stasis first, or look for information in room 12?
If the Tozol is in stasis, what should I do? Should I release it right away, prepare some kind of safety measures, or just leave it there? I could also activate the kill protocol, but I feel like I shouldn't.

>Nice tail.

Uh... thanks?
No. 990543 ID: b09a10

First step to deal with a possible threat?
Realize it's there.
Detect it before it detects you, so that you deal with it as *you* see fit. Fail to do so, it sets the terms.
>Sensory: I can enhance and expand my sensory capabilities.
No. 990545 ID: 8a51ec

Sounds like the best immediate use of your new metabolic abilities, 12 could be invisible and stalking you this whole time. Otherwise chronology says you should investigate the Tozol's room first.
No. 990546 ID: 59b6dd

Go visit the tozol.
I think it would be worth the time to at least peek.

I feel like i would make a pretty poor choice as to which subsystems to grow, so i guess, all? Im sure that might take longer but it seems more utilitarian.
No. 990550 ID: ce39da

Sensory and Nervous both seem like upgrades we want in tandem.

I say Nervous for now. It's good to have more information, but we need to make sure we'd be making the right conclusions with it first.

And I say we should at least check on the tozol to make sure we aren't missing anything involving them now that the power's back on.
No. 990559 ID: 4fa058

If we can recruit the Tozol, we can possibly rely on them for wide-array sensory input, in which case Nervous should be the next priority.
No. 990563 ID: 2aa5f0

well the tozol is likely to still be here seeing how you are still here and if nothing else room 10 might have some more information on what happened to this place... So yeah go to room 10... and I guess find something to eat.

Also for now I think you should just let your healing increase everything at the same rate because as of right now their's nothing really demand you to specialize anything in particular so might as well cover all your bases. After all generalist tend to live longer than specialist.
No. 990566 ID: 031458

Hmm. You appear to be in a state of near starvation
Makes sense. Looks like you need to eat and... power up?
Any idea how to do that?
No. 990567 ID: abddbb

Depends on how fast the 'same rate' increase is, getting multiple upgrades at once is usually better so you have an idea what the improvements are leading towards.

Stronger, tougher, quicker and such are pretty general but all desirable.
No. 990589 ID: b1b4f3

Go for tozol.
Focus on nervous systems for now. You kindof need to solve your nutrition problems before you can focus on more physical traits.
No. 990597 ID: fa2754

If there's any way to improve the quality of sleep you get, go for that. Naps are great. Anyways, let's go and greet our fellow captive. I would leave the shock prod outside though.
No. 990598 ID: 410305

So, bad news, you got electrified. Good news though, you're a super advanced cyborg ! Seems like you were designed with a lot of functionality, not a sloppy job I may add! Although I guess they could review the update process a bit, not the most pleasant it seems.

Anyway, can't lie there forever, you've got a tozol to free, befriend, and ally. If you get a good feeling from Tozol (Not exactly a common sentiment I may add), then let's follow your gut, a Tozol ally would be amazing.
No. 990607 ID: 0d245d

Chances are, this place uses some sort of chemical cocktail to keep the tozol's abilities suppressed. When the time comes, see if you can remove these from the equation while waking them up.
No. 990709 ID: f18774
File 161548644205.png - (29.35KB , 800x600 , 4 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What should I focus on developing first?
So based on what you say, I should focus on improving my nervous system first. It doesn't take much effort, the nanomachine cortex handles it as soon as I will it.

>How fast is the same rate?

I think it's fairly evenly divided between them all, with some tissues repairing faster than others. I believe that having proper nutrition can help speed it up, but I don't think that gobbling up every scrap of food will help.

>Stronger, tougher, quicker and such are all pretty general.

I feel like if I develop myself towards specific traits, I'll be able to increase my focus on what makes them work. Right now, I can only really sense my traits in a general way.

>So this means you're a cyborg!

I don't think so. It seems more like I'm designed to have modular nanomachine based systems, but I can function just fine without them, as you saw before I got zapped.

>The update process seems unpleasant.

I don't think it was supposed to work like that. Just a hunch.

>You can eat for nutrients, but how do you get more power?

I'm not sure. For most creatures, sugars are used as a power source, but if I'm some kind of nuclear organism, I may be able to get energy by eating radioactive material. It would explain why the IV drip in my room was radioactive.

>You seem to be in a state of near starvation.

That doesn't make much sense to me. Wouldn't the IV be giving me enough energy?
But now that you mention it, it could be intentional. If I can break out of the pod while being starved, I'd be much more terrifying if I had been well nourished.

>You should go check room 10.
>The Tozol might be there.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I pick myself up and check myself for injuries. Some scorching from the shock, but I don't think I'm much worse than before. My coat looks damaged, but the black marks come off easily. None of my equipment seems too damaged, which is good. I head off to room 10.

>They're probably suppressing the Tozol with some kind of chemical cocktail.

It wouldn't surprise me. They'd likely be keeping it half starved too, just so that it can't do much to fight back if it escapes.

I stop outside the door and listen though it to see if anyone is moving around. I don't hear anything after a while, so I open the door carefully and peer inside. Nothing different compared to last time. The pod is still sealed, but the generator hums softly. I walk over to the control panel and press a few buttons to activate it. A couple of options come up.

>Open Protective Plating
>Change Nutrient Drip
>Inject Chemical
>Activate Subject
>Activate and Release Subject
>Emergency Release
>Terminate Subject

Well I think I know what I want to do, but should I do anything before I open up the stasis pod?
No. 990714 ID: 2453fd

Interesting, what sub-options are there for changing nutrients and injecting chemicals?

Maybe we can give (what we hope is gonna be our future ally) a bit of a boost before releasing them?

And I might be overthinkng but probably take off the labcoat before opening it in any capacity, if they aren't here willingly they might mistake you for a scientist and be hostile.
No. 990715 ID: caebf5

Open plating first. Get a good look at them. Make sure they're not wounded or anything.
No. 990727 ID: 3a67fd

In order for all of that:

Crack open the pod so we can make sure it's not, say, in there because it's been hurt somehow.

Take that labcoat off and leave the prod somewhere close. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst...

Finally, ACTIVATE our new friend (hopefully) and
open the pod door. If we could break out easy enough, they almost certainly can, so keeping the door shut is more of a formality than anything.
No. 990736 ID: b1b4f3

Open plating, inject chemical to make it stronger, see what "change nutrient drip" can get you.
No. 990738 ID: 413f88

Open that plating
No. 990793 ID: f18774
File 161555676509.png - (19.00KB , 800x600 , 5 Page Chapter 3.png )

Okay, you all had a good bunch of ideas, but I should start by...

>Remove the lab coat and put the prod down, but nearby.

This sounds like a good idea. I take off my lab coat and place the prod nearby. If it's awake, I don't want it to think I'm an enemy. Even if we can't work together, I'd like to not be the target of its ire.

>Open the plating.
>Check to see if it's hurt before you open it.

I look over the controls and select the option to open the plating. I hear a motor click and hum as the plate separates from the seam near the bottom, then slides to the side. I see a grey-ish creature within the pod, tubes extending from its body. The name 'Tozol' comes to mind.

>Make sure they're not wounded.

No open injuries are visible, and they don't appear to be sick.

>What sub-options are there for injecting chemicals?

There's a lot of chemical names here. Mostly macromolecules and compounds of various types, likely for nutrition. I look though the list and increase the volume of nutrition to help with recovery. The computer flashes up a warning, telling me that this will make the subject more difficult to handle if it stays at this level for some time. That's not as fast as I'd like, but it's still good news for me.
I decide that I should give the IV drip a bit of time so that the Tozol can get some of the nutrition from it. I turn my attention to the console to get myself more familiar with the controls.

>That plating won't keep it in.

It's also possible that it was made to shield the contents from harm as well. It'd explain why I was able to get out of mine without too much trouble.

I look over the chemicals that I can inject. A lot of nanomachine cocktails are here. I can't tell what the nanomachines will do since the names are just numbers and letters. I don't recognize the chemical names either.

While I wait, I take a look in the lockers. Coats, a couple of energy bars, another P.E.S. battery, a detox vial and paper.

You'd think they'd have more weapons here in the event of a breach, but I only found the prod in my room. The digital locker is still sealed, requiring a 4 digit number to open. I guess if there's a weapon in this room, it would be there.

I notice the Tozol move a little. Seems like it's time...

>Release the Tozol!

I look over the activate command. The only option that I see that would be useful is the 'Wake' option. This one will wake the Tozol without any modifications to their mind. So I use it.

The Tozol stirs. I use the release commands to drain the pod so that I can free it.

As the fluid drains, the Tozol starts to wake. It opens its eyes and looks at me from the other side of the glass. I walk over to the pod, and try to give an assuring nod.

The Tozol tries to stand on its own as the fluid drains, leaning against the wall of the pod. Once the fluid drains, the glass slides open. The Tozol coughs up a lot of that fluid, then speaks.

"Who are you?"

... I don't know. Who am I?
No. 990794 ID: e51896

"Whats in a name?"
No. 990795 ID: 34bcd1

"You're something called a 'tozol' ...does that word mean anything to you?"
No. 990801 ID: 36784c

The tozol is asking us who we are, not the other way around.

Did we ever decide on a name?
No. 990802 ID: e51896

We never did. Whenever we suggested names, he would get annoyed at us for not coming to an agreement on what his name would be, and stated many times he didn't need a name currently.

I like the idea of him remaining nameless, who needs labels?
No. 990803 ID: 8a51ec

Coming up with a name on the spot after earlier attempts is dumb. Just tell the Tozol you don't know your name, if you even have one.
No. 990805 ID: 86aaf2

"I haven't picked a name yet. I have a few ideas bouncing around my head, but nothing stands out. I expect I'm as lost as you are. How about you?"
No. 990806 ID: 548c11

Its me, I'm back. I knew the name discussion was a good use of time. Either way, the locker in our room was just Element 118 which doesn't really make a good name... The other choices were there though.

Polli, for the most radioactive naturally occurring element
Hassi, for a highly radioactive element created via cold fusion!
Thori, for one of the oldest radioactive elements. Generally also very useful
Fermi, for the element discovered after the first hydrogen bomb test. Also Fermi Paradox? Geddit?
Lots of options, really. I like Hassi the most though. What does everyone else think?

Aside from whatever we decide is our name, we could ask if its hungry, if its hurt? look between its legs, see what gender it is. Many things we could do.
No. 990808 ID: 59b6dd

You might tell them your working on that part.
Its not an unreasonable reply considering your current position.
No. 990815 ID: fa2754

Not too sure, but someone who was in the same spot you were in. Just woke up earlier. How are you feeling? You okay?
No. 990821 ID: 3f20cd

My identifyer is A10, I haven't decided on a name yet. What is yours?
No. 990834 ID: a25dab

Polli is genuinely cute but why not just be honest?
No. 990837 ID: b1b4f3

Related to a radioactive element, but also a deep space object that has fallen from grace.
No. 990844 ID: 3a67fd

Oh, they're friendly! Good, good. Seeing as we're between names right now, A10 should suffice. Ask them what, if anything, they remember, then explain what little you consciously know as best you can. Establish some rapport - you've found a potential ally, after all.
No. 990854 ID: ecb66f

still working on it, how about you?
No. 990855 ID: 777990

Just tell the truth.

I don't know, they call me a geiger, but I don't know my name.
No. 990859 ID: 535b4a

"Don't really know. Not sure what i am either. If you need a name for me, you could call me Pluto. What about you?"
No. 990881 ID: 031458

No one's given me a name yet. I was alone when I awoke. In fact, you are the first person I've ever met.

For some reason it feels inappropriate to name myself.
Maybe you could think of one for me? It doesn't need to be right now.

Who are you?
No. 991032 ID: f18774
File 161565507117.png - (25.32KB , 800x600 , 6 Page Chapter 3.png )

"Uh... I don't really have a name." I say. "I'm designated 'A10', but I don't think that makes a good name. I've been trying to think of one, like 'Pluto', 'Hassi' or 'Polli', but I'm a bit split on what I want to use."

The Tozol stares at me, a look of mild bewilderment on its face. "You... don't have a name?" The Tozol coughs again, stumbling. I catch them before they fall to the ground, and kneel down with them.

"What do you recall? Do you know who you are?" I ask.

The Tozol makes a pained expression as it tries to recall. "Lots of experiments. My body being poked and prodded by people in suits. 'Things' injected into my body." They say 'things' with disgust. "I feel violated."

Words catch in my throat. I can't even remember being experimented on. Was I robbed of my pain too? "Do you have a name?"

"Toal." They seem to be out of breath too. "Toal Ren."

"Will you be okay?"

"Yeah... I just need some time to recover..."

I take a look over the Tozol. Their muscles must have atrophied from being in stasis for so long, so they'll be weak for a bit.

"Do you want me to take you out of here, Toal?" I ask.

The Tozol nods. I tell him to wait a moment, and get some gauze and disinfectant from the 'medical' room. I carefully remove the IV lines and the tubes in it's back, and apply the gauze to the wounds. I take one of the spare lab coats and help Toal put it on.

"I'm going to take you to a more comfortable room." They nod. "I'm not sure if this place is safe, but it would be safer than here."

I place one of its arms around my shoulders and walk them to the office room, where I place them on one of the couches.

"Thanks." It says. "This means that you want my help, don't you?"

"It would be good to have, but you should make sure you're in better shape first." I reply. "Wouldn't be much help if either of us died."

Toal's maw cracks into a sardonic grin as it lets out a chuckle. "No, it wouldn't."

>Ask if "Tozol" means anything to them.

"Oh, do you know what a Tozol is?" I ask.

"Yeah, I do. But..." Toal has another coughing fit. "I think I should rest before I finish that thought..."

"Yeah, I'll go look around this area some more. I'll bring you anything that can help if I find it."

Now what should I do? Should I look in the other rooms I haven't checked, check the computer in the 'medical' room again, or look for any supplies I may have missed in rooms I've already been in?

>Check the Tozol's gender.

No, you tell me what gender Toal is.
No. 991033 ID: e7faf2

Looks male
No. 991035 ID: fa2754

Let's get them some proper nourishment. Find a container hold some water and offer them one of your nutrient bars.

Genders are complicated. It's better to not assume them.
No. 991049 ID: 3a7feb

Shit, do we even have a clear sense what genders are? I don't think we can even tell what sex they are without rummaging around between their legs and I suspect we shouldn't try it.
No. 991052 ID: 8a51ec

Could always find out later on by building a very intimate relationship with Toal, but that's up to forces beyond our control.
No. 991054 ID: 86aaf2

"I have the sense that things like 'accountability' and 'ethics' and 'standards' weren't high on this black research facility's priority list. Though I think at least someone there had a conscience, because I have way more skills and memories relevant to being a civilized, well-adjusted person than any bespoke prototype lifeform made by an evil mad science lab probably ought to. Maybe they were trying several approaches at once, from modifying existing people to creating new sorts of people in vitro?"
No. 991055 ID: 777990

Looks like a guy. Tozol women have mammal style breasts that I'm not seeing on it.

You should offer them some of the energy bars, I'm pretty sure Tozols can eat that sort of thing.
No. 991061 ID: 031458

True, but this is a place that is clearly equipped to modify biological organisms. It is also clear that both we and Toal are meant to be weapons.
The standard humanoid female phenotype is not structurally optimized for combat. The male phenotype is. It would make sense that all subjects were grown or modified to reflect male bone and muscle structure.
Therefor they could be either, neither, or both for all we know.

I for one say she's female.
No. 991075 ID: 86aaf2


That's only true for species of humanoids where the females nurse and pregnant-looking breasts were selected as fertility indicators due to sexual selection, making them eventually appear as if they are nursing all the time, where ALSO the females ended up smaller and less muscled than the males due to other types of evolutionary pressures. There's plenty of humanoid species where, as with most creatures, the male is the smaller, less fearsome example of the species.
No. 991076 ID: 36784c

>I for one say she's female.
I agree with this.
No. 991086 ID: 2aa5f0

looks like a chick to me
No. 991090 ID: 548c11

I suppose she's a girl. Or at least, we think she is.

Aside from that I guess we should explore some more. I forget - Are there any locked doors we could try. Or any hallway or room vending machines we could raid for some snacks?
No. 991108 ID: 651ae0

Guy? Seems like a guy to me.
No. 991112 ID: 1ee17c

Hve you considered asking the Tozol if it's male or female?

I do admit this one doesn't have the knockers their seem to have for some reason.
No. 991173 ID: 15a025

Toal seems kind of ambiguous, gender wise. Maybe just ask them what they identify as?

As for the situation, do know much about Tozols and what their diet might be like? They're probably still hungry after all of this.
No. 991253 ID: f18774
File 161574858831.png - (26.27KB , 800x600 , 7 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What is Toal's gender?
Male: 3
Female: 5
Yeah, that makes sense. Her voice sounded more feminine than masculine, but I'll have to ask later.

>Get Toal something to eat.

I'll see what else I can find, but I leave two of the energy bars for her, if she feels hungry. I tell her that she can eat those if she wants, but she's already asleep. I'll just let her rest for now.
I guess she either trusts me already, or logic told her that she could sleep here in moderate safety. I didn't think Tozol would sleep so easily in a hostile environment.

>Do you know what genders are?

Yes, basic definitions of words are one of the things I have. I'm not familiar with Tozol endocrines, so I can't tell if she has the hormone levels that match Tozol females.

>Have you considered asking the Tozol what its gender is?

The thought didn't occur to me while she was awake. I'll confirm my assumptions with her when she wakes up.

>You could always start an intimate relationship with Toal to find out.

I don't think that course of action would be wise or helpful at this time. We barely know each other.

>Any locked doors? Maybe vending machines in the hallway?

There are some open doors that I haven't been though yet. There are some locked doors too, so I can try opening those. Activating the power and the repair drones may have unlocked some of them.
I didn't see any snack machines though. Might be in one of the other rooms I haven't been in yet.

>Accountability, ethics and standards didn't seem to be high priorities for this place.

Experimentation on live subjects is frowned upon in most cultures, but this may be one where the ends justify the means. It's one thing if they know what they're doing is wrong, but if they actually believe this is okay, any resistance we encounter will likely be much more dangerous.
That, and they abandoned us here, so that rustles my jimmies.

>Someone had to care, since you have more civil skills compared to most organic weapons.

That's possible too. Though I think that giving me higher intelligence and rationality would also reduce the time it takes to prepare me for the battle field. I wouldn't need to spend time learning basic skills, so they could cut that cost out.
It could also be a method for control too. If I was a mindless beast, violence would be the only way to control me.

>This one doesn't have the knockers they normally have.

What. Toal was malnourished in that stasis pod. Tissue like that is the first to be consumed if the body needs it, so she wouldn't have much excess body mass to have breasts like that.

>Do you know what a Tozol eats?

As far as I know, they have similar diets to most humanoid races, but require some extra metals for other functions. Superconductors, in most cases. Not sure what elements here would be superconductors though.
No. 991255 ID: f18774
File 161574859656.png - (21.45KB , 800x600 , 7 point 5 Page Chapter 3 I wish I could use period.png )

In her current state, Toal won't be able to help much, so I decide I should let her rest for now. I'll come back later, so right now, I should focus on exploration and scrounging up resources.

This is the map so far. Toal is the blue arrow on the map. I'm the white one.

I've circled the rooms that I haven't checked since I activated the power. The locked doors may be open now, and who knows what's behind the open ones. Which door (or doors) should I check first?
No. 991257 ID: 8a51ec

The layout implies the two doors opposite to the power room lead into one very large room, so that warrants some investigation.
No. 991261 ID: 574833

Map all you can. Closest unexplored area first, then push out to the next.
No. 991262 ID: 574833

Oh uh, your health is going down. Status check, you good?
No. 991268 ID: 777990

There's got to be some lead somewhere in here, that'd be fill their superconducting needs. They need water too.

But if it's asleep you should get back to exploring. If there's a dozen containment rooms with lockers, lets go look through a dozen sets of lockers to see what we find. Maybe we'll find a better access card or a weapon or someone's lead hand weights or something.

Or a clue or two about yourself. The note made you sound like you and the Tozol meshed well and you felt the same thing, like they were your ally. Maybe there's some other random observations to dig up, give a little context to your situation.
No. 991290 ID: b1b4f3

I think the status bar momentarily switched to display Toal's.

Head through the door nearest the intersection.
No. 991315 ID: 3a8fed

Check one of the two doors on that east side first
No. 991330 ID: 3f20cd

Eat a nutrient bar, something is wrong. Are you tired?
No. 991414 ID: f18774
File 161581304648.png - (46.71KB , 800x600 , 8 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Eat a nutrient bar, something is wrong. Are you tired?
>Your health is going down, check your status.

I would but...

>I think the status bar switched to display Toal's status.

This is what happened. I'll just change the way I visualize that so it's more clear. I'm still recovering from that shock earlier, but I don't think the nutrient bar will help.

>Head through the door nearest to the intersection.
>Map all you can, closest unexplored area first, then push though to the next.
>Check one of the two doors on the East side first.
>The layout suggests that the two doors opposite to the power room lead into one very large room, so investigate that.

Looks like you all agreed on this being the next spot to look at. I approach the Northern door facing the East hallway, and place my hand on it. I notice the clipboard I put down next to the power room is still there. Not sure if I should grab that again. Still have my prod though.

I notice the display reads the room name over the bar code from before. This room is the 'synthesis' room, apparently. I turn the lever and open the door.
The room I enter is full of machines similar to the canisters from the stasis rooms. If I were to make a guess, this is where they replicated material for use in experiments. There are several computer displays, likely hooked up to the replication machines.

I can look around this room more thoroughly, or try and use the consoles. I can also go to another room, if this one doesn't look interesting. I'll go over my stuff too, just to make sure I have everything.

>My equipment:
Right Hand: Shock Prod (contains battery)
Body: Lab coat (three pockets)
Neck: Wearable Geiger Counter (contains battery)
Waist: Radiation Shield belt (contains battery), keys (5, attached to belt)

Breast pocket: Pen, faded ID card (found in room 07, where I woke up)
Left pocket [FULL]: 3 energy bars, digital storage unit, anti-radiation pills
Right pocket: Injection gun (empty, calibrated for self), torch (contains battery), vial of repair nanobots (minor)
No. 991415 ID: 8a51ec

Replication, eh? Maybe you can synthesize something for nutrition. Check the consoles, at least you'll probably figure out what's inside of those tanks.
No. 991436 ID: fa2754

Go through the consoles. See if there's anything you can learn. A thought for later would be seeing if Toal agrees to get a repair nanobot shot.
No. 991437 ID: 777990

You can probably get some raw, easy to consume superconductor materials from the fabricator, depending on how advanced it is anyway. Assuming you know what kinds they need, somehow doubt they can consume superconducting ceramics for instance.
No. 991471 ID: b1b4f3

Check the consoles to find out what's in the tanks. If it's not immediately obvious how to use the consoles, find a manual.
No. 991548 ID: 3a67fd

Let's find out what's up before we do too much poking around in here. Head for the consoles and see whatcha see.
No. 991604 ID: 9aaeef

Check the console to see what we can replicate.
No. 991607 ID: f18774
File 161591510930.png - (223.33KB , 800x600 , 9 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Check out the consoles first.

I approach the console on the North wall of the room, next to the replicator tanks. I tap a button on the keyboard, and the screen lights up with new text.

>"RFID Confirmed. Welcome, Doctor Fact."

The same name appeared in the other computer room. I guess that the RFID components of the card still work, even if the image is too faded to read. Who is this Doctor Fact person though? Were they the one monitoring me?

The monitor takes a few seconds to boot up, then loads to a fairly minimal GUI. I look though the interface and find a help function, so I run it to see what it can tell me.

>Arcanos Replicator Operation Guide (Basic)
>The Arcanos Replicator is capable of replicating any material, based on the attached hardware.
I run a check to identify the hardware that this replicator is connected to.
>The Elemental Solution Tank attachment can replicate a variety of elements in stable solution.
>These solutions will be chemical compounds that maintain liquid state at STAP for a minimum of 24 hours.
>These compounds will be optimized for maximum purity.
>You must designate the element to be produced first, followed by the solution (if necessary) that will contain the element. This must also contain the ratio of element to solution.
>The resulting solution will be dispensed in a screw-top canister for use, when ready.
I look to the right of the console, noting the handle on the machine. It looks like that is where the solution will be dispensed when it's ready.
>The size of the element and the complexity of the solution will determine the length of time that is required to produce the solution. However, the Arcanos Replicator guarantees that the process will take no more than 6 hours for one (1) liter of solution.

Well that seems to make sense. I can make any pure element and suspend it in solution with this. I have to know the chemical formula for the solution, and the ratio of the solution to the element in question too. If I know what elements are superconductors, I can produce a solution containing them for Toal.

>What's inside of those tanks?

I check the console for that too. Looks like the lights indicate how volatile the replicated material can be. All three have no element right now, just pure water.

>Can you make some superconductors with the replicator?

If you know a pure element that functions as one, or a solution that can be mixed with an element to produce one, I should be able to make it with the replicator.

I decide to check the other consoles too. The one on the Eastern wall welcomes me as I approach, thanks to Dr. Fact's ID card.

>Mechanoid Repair Nanobot Replicator
Looks like this one replicates nanobots for the purpose of repairing machines. That's likely how this place has been able to maintain itself for however long I've been here. These repair nanobots are incompatible with organic systems, but the nanopaste can be used to fix some damage in machines, if you spread it on the damaged area. Some other kinds can be used to form objects, but you need some way to control them directly. I can always use some of these if I need to repair a broken machine or some kind of inorganic object and don't have the tools or materials to do so.
These also take some time to make. A dose of nanopaste is 3 centimeters in diameter, and takes 8 hours to produce from scratch.
This replicator is already producing nanopaste for use by the repair drones, but it can divert one tank to make nanopaste for me, if I tell it to do so.

The West wall has the third console.
>Medical Nanobot Replicator
This replicator makes repair nanobots for biological use. Medical repair nanobots are single use, moving to damaged areas and repairing them. These nanobots mimic damaged tissue in the local area, following the guidance of local cells to accelerate the healing process. As the patient's cells replicate, the nanobots remove themselves and become inert, being disposed of by the body. Since they're for repairing tissue, the nanobots expend most of their resources reconstructing damaged cells and forming a temporary barrier to prevent the injury from getting worse. This leaves the nanobots unable to replicate themselves, which is why they're disposable.
Looks like I can get this replicator to make other types of medical nanobots, such as immune system reinforcement, temporary organ enhancement, or just general purpose nanobots, that remain inert until needed or activated by another nanobot system.
Nanobot synthesis take a bit of time. 3 hours for a single dose doesn't sound too bad, but that's for disposable nanobots only. Any long lasting nanobot can take from 3 hours to 9 hours.
On the other hand, I can tweak those long lasting nanobots to be more effective in different ways, but that will likely make the replication time trend closer to 9 hours.

I get the feeling that I could use the general purpose nanobots to boost my own nanobot systems, but that can take a while, depending on how I want to tweak those nanobots.

I can also make more repair nanobots, for a quick fix if Toal or I take any small injuries.

The center of the room has a lab bench, so if I want to mix stuff without the machines, I can do it there. The glassware under the bench is in good condition, for the most part.

Looks like I can make a fair amount of good stuff in this room, if I really want to. It's a time investment, so if I want to make something, I need to do it soon, or I may not have it when I need it.

Of course, I can always go to a different room if making anything here isn't useful. Though, where should I go when I'm done here?
No. 991615 ID: fa2754

I would nab a dose of medical bots for a quick fix on your injection gun. Get the process started for a small dose of machine repair bots. I don't know the solution for lactated ringers, but maybe that would help Toal recover? Getting some water from the lab table is something that can be done right now though.
No. 991634 ID: fa2754

Oh and lactated ringers are a solution of sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride in water.
No. 991635 ID: 86aaf2

I don't know of any single element, stable, room temperature superconductors.

Though crazy things like that (or things with EXTREMELY useful physical properties!) tend to be given ironic names by scientists and engineers. Try "unobtanium", see if it parses that as meaning something!
No. 991640 ID: b1b4f3

Start cooking some general purpose nanobots.
Can you mix up some radioactive elements, for your own consumption?
Once Toal wakes up you can ask her for a superconductor recipe. There's a good chance she knows how they're made, considering all the genetic knowledge Tozols have.

Once you've started the machines going, do a full search of the room.
No. 991642 ID: 86aaf2

If you take some radioactive element, pick one that is only mildly radioactive, with a relatively short low half-life, that emits a type of radiation that doesn't penetrate through many things! It's important to be conscientious to those around you.
No. 991648 ID: 9aaeef

Investigate what elements are the superconductors to make the solution, try to replicate some disposable nanobots too.
No. 991682 ID: 031458

Have the replicator produce Carbon in the Buckminsterfullerene form (C₆₀) in a solution of Carbon Disulfide (CS₂) at a ratio of 1/20th of a gram per cubic deciliter.
No. 991739 ID: f18774
File 161598642994.png - (104.78KB , 800x600 , 10 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Make lactated ringers.

Lactated ringers are used as a source of electrolytes and calories, so it would basically be an energy drink for Toal and I. I try to enter various things in the replicator until it lets me enter NaCl, CH3CH(OH)COONa, KCl, and CaCl2 2H2O in a proper from. Because of the complexity, the replicator will take 5 hours to make it.

I notice that this replicator lets me make multiple solutions at once, so I try making some more.

>Replicate Carbon in the Buckminsterfullerene form (C₆₀) in a solution of Carbon Disulfide (CS₂) at a ratio of 1/20th of a gram per cubic deciliter.

Buckminsterfullerene forms of Carbon are used in the medical field for a bunch of things. From treating viral infections to delivering medicine. I'm not sure if I have any use for it without medicine, but I prepare the replicator to make it too. This will take 3 hours and 20 minutes.

>Can you make something mildly radioactive?

I can't recall the elements to use off the top of my head. I think I could check the replicators in my stasis room though. Those were producing some mildly radioactive elements.

>Make Li(2)MgH(16).

This is some type of room temperature superconductor, but it requires high pressure...
I try to enter this, but the machine doesn't like it. I continue to try variations until a strange option appears.
>Stabilize for STAP automatically?
Huh. Would've been useful to know this before. I enter the command and the machine determines that this will take 8 hours to complete, due to the stabilization process. I have no idea how it's doing that, but as long as it works...

>Make some general purpose nanobots.
>Make some disposable nanobots.

I move to the console attached to the medical nanobot replicator, and start the process for 1 vial of minor repair nanobots, and 1 vial of general purpose nanobots. 3 hours for the minor repair nanobots, and 7 hours for general purpose nanobots.

The repair nanopaste would be useful, but I leave the console alone for now.

>Try some ironic elemental name?

I don't think that would work, but I go though the element replicator data bank to see if I can find anything unusual.
Looks like there are some unusual elements here. Voltanium, Theonium, Magitite, and Echonium. I'm not sure what these elements are, but they have numbers that don't follow the pattern of the other elements.

>Once the machines are going, check the rest of the room.

With all of the replicators running, I look though the room more thoroughly.

The glassware under the lab bench is well used. Most of it is stained in various colours, and some of it is warped. Looks like it's all clean though.
The water supply for the lab bench still works too, and I can't detect any impurities that would make it dangerous.
I find some goggles in some of the cupboards. I'm not sure if they will fit on Toal or I though. They're pretty scratched up too.
I also find some lab electronics. Hot plates, scales, and a bunch of other devices for working with chemicals.
There's a switch that makes a fume hood extend from the center of the bench. That would explain why I didn't see one in the room. Looks like I can use this if I need to work with dangerous fumes.
There's also a first aid kit on the South East wall, along with an eye wash station and an emergency shower. Points for safety, I guess? The fire extinguisher is next to the shower, if I need that.

There's a bunch of useful stations here, but nothing that seems worth taking.

I can go to another room now, or I can go back and check on Toal. I could check my stasis room to see what the replicators are making too. I could also just wait here until the replicators are done, but that would also waste a lot of time.
No. 991741 ID: 8a51ec

Go check what the replicators were making in your stasis room, and return here to punch that into the replicator you've been using. Leaves plenty of time to spend with Toal, and social interaction is important to survival too.
No. 991744 ID: fa2754

Take a(n emergency) shower. Feeling clean can boost morale. After you wash up, check up on your friend.
No. 991765 ID: 9aaeef

Go to the stasis room.
No. 991766 ID: 777990

Nah, keep exploring and looting. We haven't been gone that long, let it sleep and recover. It'll be a long time before any of these are finished anyway, and it'll be food and complex materials for Toal.

Meanwhile there's a LOT more unchecked spot for us to look in right now. I say pick a door and take a look.
No. 991767 ID: 777990

Nah, keep exploring and looting. We haven't been gone that long, let it sleep and recover. It'll be a long time before any of these are finished anyway, and it'll be food and complex materials for Toal.

Meanwhile there's a LOT more unchecked spot for us to look in right now. I say pick a door and take a look.
No. 991771 ID: b1b4f3

Go to the next room in the hallway. The replicator's busy for now, you can check the stasis room later.
No. 991804 ID: 86aaf2

Do NOT use the eye wash or emergency shower. Those things are nasty as fuck when people actually keep up on the maintenance and flushing them out regularly! Who knows what horrible stinky water is in those pipes!
No. 991809 ID: 86aaf2

Looks like those goggles are designed for creatures without an extended muzzle or snout. Rejoice! Not only is your snout aesthetically pleasing, you also have useful, expressive lips (unlike most animals with an extended snout), AND you get to have the benefits of a superior sense of smell due to an extended nasal cavity! YOU get the best of both worlds, unlike whatever flat-faced (probably both evolved and mostly un-tweaked) species those goggles were designed for.

Though, honestly, try to be thankful for the cleverly designed aspects of your anatomy without being arrogant or overbearing about it. Look for silver linings in your situation and all that!
No. 991920 ID: f18774
File 161609743554.png - (34.32KB , 800x600 , 11 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Use the shower!
>Don't use the shower, those are nasty when they're maintained!

That... does seem like a good point. If I see a maintenance drone, I'll ask about that and see if they can flush the pipes first. I don't have anything to dry myself with either, and I'd likely slip on the tiles, since I don't have good grip with my scales.

>Looks like those goggles are designed for creatures without an extended muzzle or snout. Rejoice! Not only is your snout aesthetically pleasing, you also have useful, expressive lips (unlike most animals with an extended snout), AND you get to have the benefits of a superior sense of smell due to an extended nasal cavity! YOU get the best of both worlds, unlike whatever flat-faced (probably both evolved and mostly un-tweaked) species those goggles were designed for.

... Are you mocking me?

>Though, honestly, try to be thankful for the cleverly designed aspects of your anatomy without being arrogant or overbearing about it. Look for silver linings in your situation and all that!

I'm not really upset, just dismayed that I don't have eye protection. I can regenerate, but that doesn't mean the injuries don't hurt.
... Have I been arrogant or overbearing about my body?
(Triti: This is mostly a joke from my own personal experience working in labs. The goggles work, but they are tight and the best part about wearing them is taking them off.)

>These machines will take a while, so we have time to explore.

Yeah, as long as we remember to come back and check, it won't be a problem.

>Go check on Toal.
>We haven't been gone that long though, so let her sleep and recover.

I can't really tell how long I've been gone, but I estimate that it's been about 30 minutes since I left her in the office.

>Go check the Replicators in your room.

Sounds like a good idea. I can check those first to see what they're making there, and maybe get some if possible. I quickly check in on Toal too, and maybe drop off some of my stuff so that I can carry more.
As I return, I notice the doors in the hall are open. I see a maintenance drone zip past me and duck into my room. I have a hunch that they may be repairing the stasis pod I escaped. I approach and peek in, and see a cluster of drones cleaning the floor and trying to reattach the metal hatch to the pod.
I highly doubt that they are hostile, so I step into the room and begin investigating the replication units. They're unmarked, so I can't tell what's in them, but I think I can check the console for that information.
As I approach the console, a repair drone turns to me and speaks.

"The stasis pod console if offline for repairs."
Well there goes that idea.
"If you require functions of the console, you may make requests of a repair drone in the area, and one will assist if possible."
That works out pretty well then.

"Is it possible to access the materials in those replicators? I need some, and the replicators in the synthesis room are all busy."

"The replicators in this room can be configured to dispense directly."

"How can I do that then?"

"You require the console. I will prepare the replicator so that it may dispense directly. This will take a few minutes, so please wait."

The maintenance drone drifts over to the replicators and extends some kind of wire from below its eye. The wire connects with some part of the top of the replicator, emitting a burst of light before the drone goes still. I think it's working on configuring the replicator.

I remember that I nearly forgot to ask something.

"How often do the emergency stations in the synthesis room get flushed?"

"The emergency stations will be flushed daily. The priority of that task is lower than the current tasks, so please be patient and the repair drone will address the issue."

Okay, that should be taken care of soon. I decide to go back and check up on Toal.

Toal is still sleeping, but she's curled up now, kind of like a cat. Her ears twitch as I walk in, but she remains asleep.

I place the wearable Geiger Counter, anti-radiation pills, and pen on the table by Toal, then leave.

There are three open rooms in the Northern hallway. Should I open the West, center, or East door first?
No. 991922 ID: 9f4fe4

check the west first.
No. 991924 ID: b1b4f3

Ok, west.
No. 991925 ID: 777990

Order one of the drones to land and shut down instead of returning to their pods when the job is complete. So we can mess around with it and maybe reprogram it to follow us and repair things or maybe even defend us in the case that's necessary.

And... if they refuse or can't, wait till there's only one around and disable it.
No. 991928 ID: b1b4f3

Gotta recommend not making any aggressive actions against the drones until we're sure we need to.
You could try asking a drone if you can just, have a drone follow you around.
No. 991933 ID: e46921

Return to Toal.
Return to exploring. Go west.
No. 991938 ID: 36784c

Do not pet her! You'll end up startling her and she'll lash out and attack you!
No. 991940 ID: 86aaf2

Nah you haven't been arrogant and I wasn't trying to make fun of you. I was just trying to introduce a little bit of levity and some benign absurdity to the situation?
No. 991945 ID: e5def9

Wait for toal to be awake for that. Touching a sleeping Tozol goes in the Bad Ideas folder.
No. 991946 ID: 031458

Oh! Right quick, ask a repair drone to enable and bring up the Profile Editor (And manual) for the subject data input for the pods once they are done repairing the console. Programming the right skills into yourself could save your life down the line, but it's important that you know what's getting shoved into your brain first.
No. 992046 ID: f18774
File 161618575334.png - (24.20KB , 800x600 , 12 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Nah you haven't been arrogant and I wasn't trying to make fun of you. I was just trying to introduce a little bit of levity and some benign absurdity to the situation?

That's fine, I think. I don't have a lot of experience with people yet, so I think my social skills are lacking.

>Go back and pet Toal.
>Do not pet a sleeping Tozol!
>Petting a sleeping Tozol goes in the 'Bad Ideas' folder.

I don't know how soundly Toal sleeps, so I don't want to disturb her. She may also have some pretty nasty reflexes if I trigger them, so best to wait until she's awake.

>Ask one of the repair drones in room 7 if you can bring up a Profile Editor (and manual) for the subject data in the pods after they're done repairing the console. You could use it to program skills into yourself, but you should know what you're doing first.

That's a good idea. It also gives me a chance to check on the replicators, since I asked a drone to configure them. I head on over there.
Once I arrive, a drone approaches me.

"Configuration of the replicator units is complete. For your convenience, I have sent a copy of the substances being replicated to the synthesis room so that you may use that device if necessary."
Good timing, and now the synthesis room can replicate these materials without me needing to memorize the chemicals.
"Could you bring up a Profile Editor for the organisms in the stasis pods?" I ask.
"That function does not exist for these consoles." Aww, that would have been helpful to have.
"You can, however use a nanomachine matrix to modify the traits of the organisms in the capsules."
That... is surprisingly useful for me. Considering that my nanomachine cortex allows me to actively direct my own nanomachines, I can use doses of nanomachines to expand my abilities and skills, as long as they're not disposable.
"Does that work for all races?"
"Some races reject the nanomachines, so custom nanomachines are used for those ones."
So if I want to use nanomachines on something that rejects them, I need nanomachines tuned for that race.

>Shut down one of the drones or disable it so you can mess with it and reprogram it.
>Don't do that. They're not aggressive, so we shouldn't attack unless necessary. Try asking one to follow you around.

I don't know how to reprogram a drone, so unless I can develop the knowledge to do so, disabling one wouldn't accomplish anything. I don't even know if these are drones that can be modified like that. It's pretty common for smaller, cheaper robots to be controlled by a central AI unit. This is used to save on the cost of producing the drones, make coordination of drones more efficient, and to make them resistant to reprogramming. I'm not sure if these drones are independent AI or if they run from a server. If I found their server or had an AI core to install (and the knowledge to do so), I would consider it, but...
"Could I get a drone to accompany me?"
"Unless there is an issue that requires attention, a drone cannot accompany you. If you require support, find a drone hatch and press the call button on the door."
Guess that's a no. Tricking one into following me would be a bad idea, since that would likely leave me without help when I need it, depending on how the AI works. I don't want to risk it right now.

>Go to the West room in the North hallway.

I make my way up to the Western door in the Northern hallway. The door is still unlocked, so I open the door.
This room appears to be an office of some sort. The nameplate on the desk reads "Dr. Perry Wu", so I think that if I look though this room, I may find something useful.

A 'U' shaped desk is up against the back wall, opening towards the West. On the desk is a monitor, likely connected to a computer somewhere. The West wall has a bookshelf filled with books and a white board. Above the desk on the East wall is a set of cupboards. Against the wall to the West of the door are two chairs, and a trash can. Just to the East behind the door is a coat rack, affixed to the wall.
I may not find any useful tools, but I may be able to learn stuff here. If the computer is connected to a local network, I may be able to send a request to open locked doors, or I could possibly look for keys to open them.

What should I do now?
No. 992048 ID: b1b4f3

See what books are in the shelves. It'd be good to know what sciences we can study, for the future.
I wonder if the books are made out of special materials?
No. 992059 ID: 777990

We've got basic resources under control and aren't being immediately threatened. Information is the thing we want most right now. We should search this room thoroughly, see if we can access the computer, and in general try to get some context for what was being done here and the results.
No. 992061 ID: ce39da

Let's keep this analog/social hacking ball rolling. (Why waste hundreds of dollars and/or manhours on brute-force algorithms and remote back-doors when you can instead trick/threaten an IT guy into handing you the admin password or, in your case, exploit a facility's automated systems by physically yoinking a high-ranking ID card, both of which can be done in like five minutes.)

I don't think trying to access the computer straight-up is going to work; you're supposed to be Dr. Fact right now, not Dr. Wu. (Oh, hey, his name is like that song!)

Searching his desk drawers seems prudent. Alternatively, check the other unlocked doors to see if Dr. Fact also has an office on this floor.
No. 992076 ID: 23bf8a

Look for, and remove all cameras.
No. 992079 ID: 031458

If the Brain Profiler isn't on the console then it's a safe bet that it can be accessed from a computer. Question now is can any computer get to it from the network with the right credentials, or is it an isolated workstation?
Either way, were gonna want to check out this computer to see what were dealing with, and search every drawer, locker, and peice of clothing for more credentials.
No. 992157 ID: fa2754

I kind of doubt the computer here would work without a proper password or the ID. It's worth a shot though.
No. 992158 ID: 86aaf2


Let's not be hasty. Just because the cameras can track us doesn't mean that's a bad thing. They can track other things too. Also the repair bots would want to put them back. If they aren't being monitored by anyone (or the people monitoring them won't get the information till we're long gone), they can stay. Also if we can figure out a way to admin rights, they'll be useful for us if they are in place!
No. 992229 ID: f18774
File 161627524226.png - (27.63KB , 800x600 , 13 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Look for, and remove all cameras.
>The cameras tracking us may not be a bad thing, they can track other things too. The maintenance drones will just put them back anyway. If nobody is monitoring the feed, or won't get the info until after, it shouldn't be a problem.

Removing the cameras would help if I'm worried about being caught, but if I can see their feed, I could use it to my advantage too.
Doesn't matter though. There aren't any visible cameras here. If there are cameras, they're very well hidden, or I can't even access them. Remind me to sweep new rooms for cameras though, I may see them after we get out of here.

>If the profiles aren't on the console, maybe they're on a staff computer!

I don't think that's the case. The drone said that modifications were performed with nanomachine infusions. I think it's more likely that the nanomachines were programed and then injected. My nanomachine cortex also gives me a degree of control over the nanomachines in my body, so I may not need an external system to modify them.
... It may also be the case that a portable device can be used to issue orders to the nanomachines in my body. I'll have to be wary of unusual changes in my body state until I can confirm this.
I'll also have to make sure that I can do something about the nanomachines in Toal, and possibly other people, if I meet any.

>You have basic resources under control, and you're not in danger. Information is what you want most right now. Search thoroughly and try to get some context for what's going on.

I think that's a good idea. It would take some time, but since I'm waiting for both the replicators and Toal, it's not a big deal.
Uh... you guys can remind me to check on those, right? The replicators. Toal will find me if I don't find her.

>I doubt the computer will work without an ID or password. You could try though.
>Then why not check the desk for anything that would help?
>You can also check the bookshelf. You could learn some useful stuff that'll help in the future.
>Maybe you can find an ID card that will give you Dr. Wu's security clearance. Maybe Dr. Fact also has an office on this floor?

First order of business; search the desks. I could possibly find a security pass or an ID, possibly some note with useful information.
>The desk contains...
-Lab 4S security key
-Large candy bar (nougat and nuts?)
-Blank paper
-Pens and pencils
-A P.E.S. cell
-A folded sheet of paper, maybe a memo?
-Various digital storage media

That security key may let me open the locked doors in this hallway. I can take it with me, but I can also leave it here if I need have space for other things, provided you remind me to grab it.
The P.E.S. cell can be handy, but if I have nothing to use it in, it would just be dead weight.
... An idea occurs to me. If I can learn a bit more about chemicals and electronics, I could possibly rig these batteries into really dangerous bombs.

With that idea in mind, I look at the shelf and scan the books.
>Reading material in Dr. Wu's office
-Binder with biology references for exotic and dangerous organisms
-Binder with nanotechnology references for interactions with unique chemicals and forces
-Binder of chemistry references for several organisms (Seems to be for the creatures in the lab)
-A book titled "The Ethics of Bioweapons in Regards to Neurology"
-A binder of biological observations on the physiology of Tozol and Geigers
-A small notebook filled with complaints from various staff

Huh, I could leaf though those references to learn some more stuff. I don't know if the nanomachines can improve my ability to gain information from reading though.
... While I was going though the physiology notes, a small book fell out. It looks like a graphic novel of some sort. It's a different language from what's used commonly here, but I can read it.
>"Forbidden Romance! The Love of Weapons Against their Masters Wills! Can a Romance Between a Geiger and a Tozol Last?!"
... I'm not one to judge, but who reads this trash? I flip though the pages, hoping to find some hidden notes, but all I see are increasingly raunchy and graphic images of behavior of the characters.
Either this was someone's joke, or Dr. Wu was not very professional.

I move on to the computer, pulling out the keyboard from under the desk and pressing the space key. The screen flickers to life, showing the desktop. I guess Dr. Wu didn't put any security on their computer?

I notice that there are ports on the side of the monitor, so I can read the information from the data unit I found in my room, if I want to.

There's not much here that seems interesting. Just reports on the status of the subjects or experiment proposals. Looking though it, I don't really see much that could be useful to me...

There's one option though, a panic function? What's the deal with that?

What do you lot think I should do? I can take some time to read a bit of the books, or I can go an explore elsewhere. There's also the computer, which I can use to read what's on the data storage unit. I can also do something else.
No. 992237 ID: f18774

I got burns on my hand, so sorry about the poor quality.
No. 992268 ID: e7848c

Seems someone had some ideas for you and Toal. They should know something like that can't be rushed. Anyways, time to go through that info you found in your room. Plug in that data module
No. 992282 ID: 031458

Hmm... So with enough nano machines you can direct your own growth, then?
I suppose they must have a machine dedicated to programming nanites around somewhere. Whether it's stationary or portable is indeed a good question.

Now that you have a non damaged computer in front of you, cross reference the dates of logs and what not with the system time and date. See if it really has been 65000 years.
Also, might as well check to see if anything interesting is on this storage media.
No. 992297 ID: 777990

Heh, someone had some lewd fantasies surrounding you and Toal.

The computer it the obvious first thing to look at, checking your storage and whatever is already on the terminal.

Next up you should definitely spend at least a couple of minutes skimming the biological reference and chemical reference for the creatures in the lab, specifically at the notes regarding yourself and Toal. We can find out if made usable superconductor for her, and maybe some just general information on what and who you are.

We should probably gather everything of use too, and bring it back to the room Toal is sleeping in, which is now "home base". That would include the books in this case. Uh... keep the naughty book in your back pocket if it fits. You can read it later in case it has any... uh... coded messages.
No. 992319 ID: 3a67fd

It's a little... odd, that there's written romance about you two, considering your circumstances. well known enough to have stories written about you, but you were apparently abandoned? Weird...

Anyway! I think it's time for a loredump of some sort? Let's take a look at the book on our physiology and see what we're carting around on these storage units, is my vote.
No. 992332 ID: 86aaf2

Definitely read that memo. Maybe it'll have someone's password, or at least a clue to said password!
No. 992358 ID: 86aaf2

I bet they had a basic nonsentient AI generate that story and the art for the graphic novel. Surely that's within the capability of the more rudimentary sorts of specialized AI? Generating stories, coming up with appropriate images, adjusting existing images, etc. etc.?

Wasn't the tech for that stuff invented LONG before an AI could actually hold a conversation without it sounding super weird?
No. 992362 ID: b1b4f3

Read data unit.
Read biological data on Geigers and Tozols.
No. 992371 ID: 36784c

>Either this was someone's joke, or Dr. Wu was not very professional.
Do you think it’s possible that someone read this and got the stupid idea to try and breed you and Toal together? Or at the very least try and make a hybrid of some kind?
No. 992386 ID: 041c52

Read the data storage unit but before that... read a little of the romance book, it could give some context like why is it forbidden?
No. 992410 ID: ce39da

Skimming basic biology and physiology seems prudent. Survival info comes before lore clues.

Is there a way you can tell the time, at least in this room? It would be best to know when exactly the elements are done. (Maybe the computer's clock?)

Don't even touch panic mode.

Considering how these scientists seemingly discovered the relationship between your kinds here, it does seem a little strange that there were already hentai comics about it by the time they had to leave. From this, we can infer that this facility was still in operation for some time after that project was declassified. Of course, that's assuming it was ever a secret, to begin with.
No. 992510 ID: f18774
File 161637208729.png - (27.51KB , 800x600 , 14 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Someone had ideas for you and Toal.

Based on us being in a lab, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of ideas.

>Someone had lewd fantasies about you two. You should keep the naughty book in case is has any... coded messages.

... Like what? What kind of coded message would this contain? Do you just want to see something dirty?

>It's a little odd that someone wrote a romance about you two. Well enough known to have stories written about you two, but you were still abandoned? Weird.

From the looks of it, the Geiger and Tozol are different people. The Geiger is a female, and the Tozol is a male. The Geiger's horns and scales are a different colour, and the Tozol is darker. I guess Tozol and Geigers are not unknown outside of this facility.

>I bet they had an AI generate the story and art for that novel. That tech is more rudimentary than the drones.

Some of the knowledge I gained though the nanomachines sheds some light on that. Apparently some AIs are incredibly advanced, to the point that they're basically the same as people. I think one could easily make a comic like this.

>Do you think that's how they got the idea to cross breed you and Toal?

I think someone saw Tozols and Geigers and said that they wanted a two-in-one package.

>Read a bit of the romance book, it could give you context on why that relationship is forbidden.

Just from the cover and based on what I know, it's because we are weapons. Forming romantic relationships can significantly reduce our obedience and combat effectiveness.

>Read the memo, it may have something helpful on it.

I unfold the paper. It has formal writing on it.
>It has come to our attention that Dr. G. Fact's ID has been stolen. In order to track down the thief, the card will not be deactivated, but used to track the thief and their actions. Please keep records of inventory and console access made under Dr. Fact's name, and submit records daily to security for review.
>Thank you for your cooperation.
It looks like the faded ID I have was stolen from Dr. Fact. I'm not sure if I should stop using the ID then. I have the security pass for lab 4S, but I don't know if I'll use that outside of this lab. Still, the security pass may let me open the locked doors here...

>Is there a nanomachine programming tool near here?
>See if you can determine how much time has actually passed with the computer.
>Use the computer to read the storage unit you found in your room.

I decide to check though the computer before I connect any data storage. I don't want to risk damaging the computer yet.

The computer defines the current year as A.E. 451, year 784 512. I don't think this computer is that old, but people have been tracking time for almost 800 000 years. Still, I don't think I could be... that old... right?

Looking though the files on the computer reveal more logs about the experiments, but nothing really interesting the text files. There's a folder of saved emails, which may contain useful stuff.

Oh hey, Tetris is here too. A modified version of the classic game with an eternal mode, or so I see. The high score is... 1.5 million?

I do want to read those books, but should I go though the files here before that, or mess with something else?
No. 992512 ID: b1b4f3

>Do you just want to see something dirty?
Is that so wrong? But yeah don't spend time reading that thing. We might be on a time limit.

Go through the emails on the computer first. Check their dates.
No. 992514 ID: 777990

You sure know how to suck the fun out of mocking your lack of social awareness.

We are actively trying to waste time.. I think, I'm not sure of that. Anyway, best bet right now is for you to keep claiming new rooms. Stash all the books and notes in the room with Toal and pick another unlocked door.
No. 992515 ID: e7848c

Skim through the emails before going through that storage device. The books can always be read in here later or brought over to where you left Toal and read casually.
No. 992526 ID: 86aaf2

We want to see something dirty that we are sure is benign. Hence the silly magazine. Also, we specifically want to see *your* reaction to it, as a relevant data point.

Also that bit about relationships reducing combat effectiveness is utter bullshit. Forming relationships and a sense of empathy to others is only detrimental to engineered weapons that are designed to operate alone, without support.

There is not, never was, nor will there ever be, a situation where the optimal military unit will be completely singular. All functioning military units work best in teams, even the 'individualistic' ones, from snipers, to fighter jets, to artillery spotters to even deep cover spies (who have support teams).

Further, various civilizations have encouraged romantic or sexual interaction within military units of equal rank as a way of encouraging rapport and camaraderie; if one is designing psychology and memories using 'normally evolved social sapient' as the baseline, that might be a useful capability to add in to a weapon that wasn't designed to be 100% expendable, akin to a missile or bomb, and as such was designed to function in groups.
No. 992528 ID: abddbb

tinfoil theory time: the clocks are all showing crazy time because you're in some kind of ship or station that has entered a temporal anomaly
No. 992530 ID: 031458

Check a random file's properties to see when it was last created and/or modified.
No. 992545 ID: 86aaf2


Maybe try for recent documents, or a folder that looks like they stored most of their stuff in, sort by last edited? Or check the dates of the emails? It shouldn't be completely random.
No. 992563 ID: 23bf8a

I hope no one ripped a hole in time and space. But if so, open your mind to the fact that everything is possible. It will increase your odds of survival. For we are you, and you are us! So let’s be the best us we can be:)
No. 992595 ID: b448f0

Read some emails
Note the dates sent and received
No. 992599 ID: f18774
File 161641778032.png - (27.79KB , 800x600 , 15 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Is it wrong to want to see something dirty?

There's nothing wrong with it, but I don't think this is the time?

>You sure know how to suck the fun out of mocking your lack of social awareness.

I lack social awareness?

>That bit about relationships is nonsense. Relationships are only detrimental to engineered weapons designed to operate alone, without support.

I guess you're right? I would think that it could cause issues with forces that were outside the relationship. I don't think the friendships were discouraged though.
... I think the plot of that novel says that they were from two different groups, so maybe that's why it was forbidden?

>We want to see your reaction to it, as a data point.

Oh, I get it. You want to see how Toal and I react under that situation so you can help us react if an enemy uses that against us. That's smart... I think?

I decide to pile the binders up so that I can carry them back to the room Toal is in. I may want to look around these rooms first, in case I find a better one to hole up in.

>Go though the emails first, note the dates sent and received.
>Go though the emails on the computer first. Check their dates.
>Check the recent documents on the computer, and sort by date last edited? It shouldn't be completely random.

Seems like a good way to determine how long ago this place was abandoned. I sort by date, with the most recent at the top, and start going though them.
Looks like the most recent changes were made 5 years ago. That may not be the last time someone had been here, but that's the last time someone edited something on this computer.

Most of the emails are saved copies of agreements and orders, often with some objection raised in regards to time restrictions or liability. I guess Dr. Wu was making sure they had a paper trail so that they wouldn't get burned.

>General concerns raised by Dr. Wu in their saved emails
-Violations of ethics
-Violations of inter faction treaties
-Violation of worker's rights
-Health and safety violation
-Too little time given to produce results
-Danger posed by test subjects is too high
-Visitors need safety training before entering the lab

Looks like Dr. Wu had their hands full dealing with bureaucracy. There's a few with mentions of a Dr. Yez, who seemed to be Dr. Wu's girlfriend at the time. I don't know if that's the case now.

>Notable things in other files
-Geiger genomes are capable of deconstructing themselves and changing their basic makeup as needed
-Tozol genomes are unusual, but not impossible to decrypt, but this is difficult and time consuming
-Geiger genomes have an unusual reaction with Tozol genomes, but underlying mechanisms or exact interactions are difficult to identify.
-Dr. A. Fact and Dr. G. Fact are supremely unhelpful with explaining the relationship between Tozol and Geigers

Not the most helpful, but I guess that helps teach me some stuff. I think the written notes may be more helpful, but it will take longer to read.

>Is there a temporal anomaly distorting time?

That's possible too, but I'm not sure how likely that is.

Should I look into the data storage, read the notes, or do something else?
No. 992601 ID: dd9b4e

Take five minutes to just do nothing, just chill.
No. 992603 ID: 86aaf2


Lack social awareness? Objectively? Yes. Relatively, for someone just decanted, that doesn't have a *particular person's* collective life memories? You're doing golden. Don't worry about it overly much -- just consider it a skill you'll get over time. Just try to actively work on improving your theory of mind as you go along.
No. 992604 ID: 86aaf2

Hey, what exactly is your method of powering yourself via radiation? Are you a traditional nuclear reactor using differences in heat to power yourself? Radiothermal, again using heat differences? Are you using some sort of nucleovoltaic process to convert radioactive decay to electricity directly somehow? Does it matter what elements you consume? I presume you don't have anything emitting gamma particles in you, just alpha and beta, since you aren't actively emitting radiation if your skin isn't pierced. Why don't you ask the machine that could get elements for you for some elements in the Thorium Series, that only has alpha and beta decay, and is probably what you 'eat'. Maybe Thorium-228? Some of that would feed you for about 2 years if you 'eat' the radioactive decay of it and the rest of the things in the series.
No. 992606 ID: ce39da

Look into the data; that's the last thing we might not be able to do outside this room.
No. 992607 ID: fa2754

I don't want to alarm you, but it might be possible the hybrid could be your own offspring. Seeing as they already have information on the genomes for both you and Toal. Plus it's already stated how cross-compatible you two are.
No. 992616 ID: 3a67fd

I don't know if anyone else caught it, but congratulations on getting to an acceptable level of physical health! I imagine Toal will probably be done napping soon, but it'd be best to give them a little bit longer. How about we look into the data, spend a little more time being productive before we go back to check up on our tozol friend?
No. 992632 ID: b1b4f3

Data storage.

Also we might want to check on the replicators.
No. 992642 ID: 041c52

Yeah, the hybrid could have been made with your and her genes. Check the data storage.
No. 992763 ID: f18774
File 161651653353.png - (31.93KB , 800x600 , 16 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Take 5 minutes to do nothing, just chill.

...What. I've spent more than 5 years in cold storage, at the minimum. I think I've chilled to a sufficient degree.

>You do lack social awareness, but considering your situation, you're doing really well. You'll get better as you improve your theory of mind.

That is true. I can't imagine how hard it would be if I didn't know basic language skills or had no social knowledge whatsoever.

>How exactly do you get energy from radiation? You're not emitting gamma radiation, so maybe you only have alpha and beta emitting elements in you?

If I knew, I'd tell you. The Geiger counter can distinguish between different types of radiation though, so I'll see if it logged any gamma radiation from me when I used it.
Do you think I'd get that much energy from a chunk of rock though?

>Congratulations on getting to an acceptable level of physical health!

Thank you? I felt fine before...

>That hybrid mentioned before might be your offspring. They mentioned how cross-compatible you are.

It's possible, but they also could've made it with tissue samples instead of traditional methods.

>Check the data storage unit you have.

I pull the data storage unit from my pocket and insert it into a slot on the side of the monitor. The file browser shows the drive now. I'm lucky that the drive is unencrypted, or I wouldn't be able to see what's on it.

>"New Text File"
>I've collected a few bits of research from the scientists here. Most of them don't want to spend time with the Geiger or the Tozol, so that works to my advantage. I'm hiding this drive in the Geiger's room, along with the ID I stole from Fact. I doubt any of them will want to spend time searching the specimen room anyway.
Looks like I found the thief. Wonder what their goal was though.

>Stolen research from Dr. Yez
>This research details a method of wirelessly reprogramming nanomachines in the context of medical treatment. While this does pose some ethical concerns, no research has officially been performed on its use for torture or as a weapon. There is a section discussing the potential it has for controlling animals, and possibly other creatures...
That worries me. My nanomachines appear to be deeply integrated into my system. If someone were able to control them against my will, that could spell disaster for me.

>Genetics notes from Dr. Grand
>Some notes on Geiger genetics. Most of the notes say that the genome repairs itself easily. Apparently if it's combined with Tozol genomes, both disassemble and reassemble in very strange ways. A key point is that there's no way to tell if this does result in any possible offspring.
If that's the case, what's the hybrid then?

>Dr. Wu's notes on bioweapons
>These notes all speak of how effective Geigers and Tozol are as living weapons. Both species have been engineered to an extreme degree, but still have room to further improve.
Nothing too surprising.

>Unnamed notes
>I think these belong to Dr. Yez. They detail potential countermeasures to wireless reprogramming of nanomachines in soldiers. It does mention that bioweapons should not be made aware of these countermeasures, in the event of individuals trying to turn on Arcanos.
So there are methods to protect myself from being hacked, but these all are administered though other nanomachines. Temporary shielding is apparently stored in security rooms, if someone needs it. Maybe I can find some of that and hold onto it in case I need it.

>A collection of observations on Dr. Fact. Apparently he's extremely dangerous. This only mentions potential weaknesses, but nothing really makes sense.
I guess within Arcanos, there's tension between Dr. Fact and other groups. Or maybe this thief is a plant?

The rest of the files are similar; bits of research and notes from various people. Maybe this thief was planning on selling it?

I know I can come back to this computer, so I could leave now. I can check on the replicators and Toal, or I could check a different room. I can also stay here if there's something else I should check. What would you suggest?
No. 992769 ID: 86aaf2


Well the entire point of using radioactive elements as a source of energy is to get years and years worth of energy from a tiny rock; if you DIDN'T want to do that, you'd stick with chemical energy which is orders of magnitude less energy dense. Granted, nuclear energy isn't that great at ramping up power in a useful way that isn't explosive, but it IS great at 'small amount of material produces reliable amounts of energy for ludicrously long amounts of time without needing to be refilled as it very slowly uses itself up'.

And the simple fact that sealing up your skin STOPPED the counter ticking implies that you only have alpha and maybe beta particles. They're ludicrously hard to stop without using extremely large amounts of mass, regardless of what you put in front of them!

And it does seem to be that they were doing the, 'Let's take the best two living weapon species we can find and combine them! Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan!' thing. How do you feel about that?

Ugh, I wish civilizations like these would take all this genetic stuff and use it to improve quality of life and health for their actual populations, and leave the super-warrior stuff to artificial robotic drones that aren't limited to biological processes that are expendable and not actually people, that are then under the control of people (be they organic or mechanical). Seems a lot more effective, cheap, and ethical than, "LET'S MAKE PEOPLE INTO BIOLOGICAL SUPER-WEAPONS!"
No. 992779 ID: fa2754

We're done in here. Gather up your stuff and something for some light reading. Check up on your friend then go check the replicators. After that, on to the next unexplored room.
No. 992783 ID: b1b4f3

Check on replicators and Toal.
No. 992784 ID: 86aaf2

(Sorry skipped some words. It should say 'Gamma particles are ludicrously' rather than 'They're ludicrously')
No. 992799 ID: 9aaeef

Check the Toal.
No. 992803 ID: 777990

I mean, we weren't exactly thorough. While it's unlikely, make sure the desk doesn't have any missing space, IE hidden compartments, check the cupboards, I'm assuming you would've mentioned it if something was hanging on the coat rack, but if its a standing kind that can be used as a blunt weapon see if it's heavy and feasible to carry it as a crude weapon.

If the shelf isn't floor to ceiling, check on top of it. Same with the cupboards. Pretend there's hidden treasure in here we are looking for.
No. 992806 ID: 86aaf2

Hey, got any special senses that let you observe the world around you more than the basics? Anything you might be able to activate, or focus on with a thought?
No. 992807 ID: 031458

There's prolly some time left on the replicators. Do a final sweep of the room for anything you might have missed. If that's all, let's explore a new room.
No. 992903 ID: f18774
File 161658384912.png - (20.26KB , 800x600 , 17 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Radioactive material will provide a lot of energy, so it would last you a long time.

Yeah, that's true. If I use it slowly, it should last me a long time. In that case, all I would need is material to keep repairing my body.

>The fact that closing your wounds made the counter stop proves that it's only alpha and beta particles.

That's sound logic. I don't know if a method exists that can stop gamma rays with thin, flexible materials though. If they can make a creature like me, who's to say what they can do?

>It does seem like they were combining living weapons together to make better ones.

I don't have much experience with that kind of stuff, but it seems that civilizations like making those. I don't understand why, but they do.

>I wish they would use this technology to improve lives instead of making weapons.

I would agree with you, but I also don't know if they actually did that or not. For all I know, they could have done exactly that with this research.

>Got any special senses that let you observe more than the basics? Anything you can activate or focus on?

Something like that. I've got what you would equate to static on a screen as other senses right now.

Though now that you mention it, I think my nanomachines have finished improving my nervous system. My mind feels more clear, and I feel more aware of my body and senses now. I check my nanomachine cortex to be sure, and I see that I can assign them to other areas for now, or keep them where they are.

>My options for improvement are:
-Sensory: Tier 1
-Nervous: Tier 2
-Respiratory/Circulatory: Tier 1
-Muscular: Tier 1

Improving my sensory systems will let me use these other senses I seem to have, so I could focus my nanomachines on that.
My respiratory and circulatory systems will let me have more endurance and recover faster if I improve it.
Improvements to my muscular system will make me stronger and faster, and further improvements will let me work on more specific traits.
With my nervous system being improved, my reflexes are better, and so is my clarity of mind. More improvements would let me process more information and react faster, but I'll need to build more of my physical traits to make full use of this.

>Do a final sweep of the room for anything you may have missed.
>Can you check the top of the book case? If it isn't floor to ceiling, there may be something up there.

Doing a second sweep of the room, I don't find much. I find another lewd graphic novel on top of the book case, but not much more of note.

>Gather up your stuff and go check on Toal.
>Check the replicators after that.

I gather up the books and get ready to return to Toal. I have a bit of trouble holding all of the books, but I manage. As I leave the room, I notice the door to my left (the door on the West end of the North hallway) seems to have unlocked in response to my security pass. In that case, once I check on Toal and the replicators, what room should I check out next? If the replicators are done, I should also decide what to run on those. I think it's been around four hours since I started them, so one of them will be done, I think.
No. 992905 ID: fa2754

Good use of tail. Definitely focus on your senses next. Drop off books and get a cup of water for Toal. Leave it nearby for her. Check replicators.
No. 992906 ID: 7ccd0c

Hmm... Seems we were distracted by those raunchy books.
Take the biology, nano tech, and chemical binders and take them to the replicators room. Make space if you must. One of them likely has formulations for nutriment for you two
No. 992908 ID: f8fa51

Sensory, then Muscular
No. 992940 ID: 86aaf2

Nervous and sensory have synergy; gain more, better informstion more quickly, and be positioned to act on it optimally. Go sensory next.
No. 992942 ID: 36784c

>With my nervous system being improved, my reflexes are better, and so is my clarity of mind. More improvements would let me process more information and react faster, but I'll need to build more of my physical traits to make full use of this.
Sounds like we should improve Muscular before we improve Nervous again.

I say we do that, Improve Muscular.
No. 992947 ID: b1b4f3

Sensory, muscular.
Check on the room next to the one you just searched. Higher security rooms are more likely to be protected or something, we're trying to keep a low profile.
No. 992965 ID: 777990

I'd say cardio. Good respiration is important, you are better at everything when you aren't exhausted.
No. 992966 ID: 86aaf2

Any idea exactly at what point the more focused/specialized options open up in each category?
No. 992967 ID: 86aaf2

What is the combination of the four options that gets you the 'frame-jacking' / 'super-speed thought when you want it' power most quickly? IE the ability to at will, dial your perception speeds up to say, a million times faster than normal (it'd be variable, and you wouldn't do this all the time) to have time to think or react or do various mental tasks, as a sort of 'super bullet-time' to use the popular culture variant, since the signals in your brain are no longer constrained to 'significantly lower than the speed of sound'?
No. 992972 ID: 173e6b

Sensory is probably redundant with Toal, so I'd rather go Muscular or Circulatory.

I'd start with the latter.
No. 992973 ID: 86aaf2

Ultimately, you'd want to get ALL of them to the point that they each unlock 'weird specialized stuff' and then go for options especially conceptually synergistic amongst those.
No. 992993 ID: 031458

That's primarily a Respiratory/Circulatory thing. No matter how sharp we make the brain, if we want it to operate faster it NEEDS more oxygen.

If we can find a way to enhance or somewhat control our Endocrine system, that might also grant a similar edge.
No. 993063 ID: 86aaf2


See, I am EXTREMELY skeptical that this would require significant respiratory/circulatory tweaks, or even necessarily that much sensory I think it might be only unlocked when you get nervous high enough. After all, we already have a neural lace/mesh/link (or similar) that handles the HUD. This would JUST be tweaking the neurons or whatever we have to operate using a different, significantly faster mechanism, which might also be MORE efficient with regards to heat and energy usage and thus require LESS circulatory optimization, and integrating the control over that into our existing augments. Remember, every first person, single-player action video-game EVER that has the protagonist be some sort of super-soldier, has some sort of super-weak bullet-time that only goes up to (say) 1.3x-2.0x 'internal speedup'/'world slow-down', and we're talking about the potential of a dial that goes up to a million, which is essentially 'pause reality for however long you want'. Personally, if I were designing a super-soldier that can self-improve, I'd want to put this capability as low in the upgrade tree as possible!
No. 993068 ID: 031458

I'm more of the mind that a little sensory + a ton of nervous would increase focal bandwith, but not have the time slowing effect.
From a meta perspective the effect is the same, but from a practical standpoint what can we do with the extra processing time?
While I can think of plenty of other benefits to boosting neuro, for this particular purpose we would need massively boosted muscles to actually utilize the "Slow Time" outside of our own headspace, and we'd need a heavily boosted Cardio to support those.

IMO the Neuro boost route is more suited for a tool use build of some sort. Perhaps if we got our hands on some handguns or a wireless neural uplink of some sort.
No. 993075 ID: f18774
File 161668376962.png - (27.37KB , 800x600 , 18 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What should I improve?
>Sensory: 4
>Muscular: 2 (+2 to improve after Sensory)
>Nervous: 0
>Cardio: 2

Looks like I should work on my sensory system next. As soon as I think of it, my nanomachine cortex gets to work, redirecting the nanomachines to begin repairing my sensory abilities. This sub-cortex is really useful, so I would like to have a means of protecting it from hacking.
The other systems in my body are growing and repairing themselves too, but without the direction of nanomachines, it's much slower. I think if I am well fed, I can speed up my natural recovery too. I'm not exactly hungry, but it would be nice to find a snack or something for when I do get hungry.

>What combination of improvements gets you 'frame-jacking'/'bullet-time' abilities?

I'm not sure? I would have to say a combination of nervous, sensory and cardiovascular enhancement would allow that. I think enhancing my senses and nervous system would make me aware of it, if I have it.
In order to be more aware of my body's systems, I'll need to improve on a specific area relating to it, and my nervous system, so that I can be aware of it and have the means to control it. On top of that, I'll need to have better cardio health not just to repair and grow my body, but also to support higher energy and heat requirements of these abilities.

>Sensory may be redundant with Toal around.

My senses and Toal's senses aren't connected, and I may have different sensory skills when compared to Toal. Still, I can more safely put my sensory repairs on the back burner when I have her around me. I still want to be able to take care of myself too, because if she gets hurt, I don't want to be blind and in a worse situation. Hmm...

>Is there a way to control your endocrine system?

That likely would be connected to my nervous and cardiovascular systems. I think improving both of those may grant me awareness and control over it.

>You'll eventually want to get all of them, right?

Of course, but I can choose what order I restore my systems. In this case, I haven't had much need for a robust muscular system, so I can focus my energy on my nervous system. If I think I'll need to bulk up, then I can switch over to enhancing my muscular system over my nervous system.

>Go back to Toal with your books.

I manage to wobble my way back, using my tail to keep the books from falling over. I hear a drone zip past as I near my room, so the drones are likely still hard at work. I reach the staff room in the center and open the door.

"Who..." Looks like a (surprisingly) groggy Tozol is awake. Toal walks over and takes a few of the books off the top of the stack, and we put them down on the table.

"It's me again." I say. "Are you feeling any better now?"

"Yeah, I am." Toal stifles a yawn and stretches. "What's with the books?"

"A collection of notes and references." I reply. "I want to go over them. I think I can both learn a lot of useful information about what is going on here, and some helpful concepts that I can use to make stuff."

"Huh." Toal looks over the binders, flipping though a few of the pages. It doesn't take long for her to find the erotic novel.

"Is this part of your research too?" Toal points at the 'Forbidden Love' novel, a brow raised.

"I want to make sure that in such a situation where an enemy is attempting to use any and every method to make an opening in our defenses, that this isn't one method that will work."

Toal continues to look skeptical. "Right."

I shrug. "I'll have plenty of time for romance and such when I get out of here. Right now, I just want to get out." I reach into my pocket and pull out another energy bar. "Here, you should eat a bit more."

Toal tilts her head, but accepts the energy bar. "These things taste awful." I notice the two I left here are gone, with wrapping in the trash. "If you're trying to hit on me, this isn't how."

"I would rather you be my buddy than my enemy." I say. "If you need water, the faucets in the washrooms provide potable water."

"Thanks." Toal speaks inbetween bites of the energy bar. "So what's the plan?" She looks at me, expecting an answer.

"I've got some replicators to check first, but after that there's a couple of rooms I want to check. There's a blast shield blocking a hallway, but I may be able to lift that soon."

Toal nods. "Are we reading this stuff first, or are we leaving this for later?"

That's... a good question. Should we go explore first and read after, check the replicators then return to read, or just read? If I check the replicators, I should also decide what to make as well. I think the medical nanobot station would have finished making the repair nanobots, so that opens at least one slot in that machine.
No. 993076 ID: f18774

Aw dang it, some good posts got made after I finished typing/drawing the update. TwT
No. 993085 ID: 86aaf2

How do all those video games use slow time? For aiming or dodging or aiming while dodging enambling impossibly precise and correct martial arts moves or jumps and freerunning moves or grabs or utterly precise piloting or driving that would be unviable otherwise or dramatically improving tactical awareness or enabling styles of shooting that can't otherwise be done outside of a sports competition where multiple attempts are allowed or on and on. YES, improving the muscles would he helpful, but not specifically required!
No. 993086 ID: 86aaf2

(oh heck i just saw the update)
No. 993088 ID: 86aaf2

"I think, given the lack of apparent urgent time crunch, that the best thing for us to do is take some time to get to know one another and our capabilities and ways of thinking and build some rapport, especially if we might be in a life or death situation as soon as we awaken whatever horrible trap may be left elsewhere in this facility. Maybe we can read and talk both?"
No. 993093 ID: 777990

Bring Toal along with her so you can get to know her while you check the replicators, and then start checking new rooms. You've still got several rooms to go before you start considering busting through the security checkpoint (well, I'm assuming it's a security checkpoint, we really don't know).
No. 993095 ID: fa2754

You can split up. Toal stays here and gets the last of her grogginess out. Skim through the books and such. You go check the replicators.
No. 993098 ID: 86aaf2

NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY*. Squads stick together wherever possible!

*Note, there are situations where it is appropriate to split the adventuring party and/or the squad. It should, however, never be the default action or done without specific cause in a potentially hostile scenario.
No. 993101 ID: b1b4f3

Hehe, you actually brought the porno mag along with you. I don't think that's going to be useful, bro. You'd be better off reading a biology text for finding potential weaknesses. Especially since the porno mag is likely exaggerated or outright fictional.

Make sure the replicators are still working on things. Ask Toal if she has any requests for what to make.
No. 993111 ID: 86aaf2


Since the porno mag was apparently designed to send a message to you two in particular, or reference you two in particular, reading it together (out loud maybe?) MIGHT unlock a personal message hidden in your artificial parts from the doctor that presumably commissioned it.
No. 993117 ID: 031458

The replicators I found need chemical formulas to function correctly.
At least one of these binders should contain the needed formulas to replicate what we need for our unique dietary needs. Some help going through them would be nice.

While I was exploring the area, by the way, I've discovered that this place-or at least this wing of this place, has been more or less abandoned for 5 years. The logs stopped shortly after there was a containment breach with some sort of hybrid.
I've yet to see anything living besides you, but there was a stale corpse in one of the rooms. Not exactly fresh, but seemed more recent than 5 years.
No. 993131 ID: 86aaf2

Maybe when things are at least somewhat less awkward, but not TOO far in the future, ask this question or one like it:

"Say, um, before we explore TOO much, I think we need to plan out, ahead of time, what to do if we come across a tozol/geiger hybrid that might possibly be our mutual genetic offspring. I've seen some weird notes and there's a reasonable chance that's one of the things they were doing here."
No. 993180 ID: 3a67fd

The plan? Now that we've got ourselves a party member, let's do some walking around, see what we see! Check out any rooms we haven't hit yet, and don't be afraid to answer any questions she has. Friends just might be hard to come by, given who we are...
No. 993210 ID: 777990

There's not that much left to explore. Who knows, maybe you two did have a relationship and had your memories wiped. Then again, the way you sensed her being an ally, you'd probably sense it if you two were romantically inclined. Harder to wipe things from the cerebellum.

Not remotely a priority though, see if your 'energy drinks' are ready, and then lets finish exploring the facility.
No. 993211 ID: b1b4f3

Ok I'm gonna be straight with you, Geiger, some of us are playing a prank on you in regards to the porno mag. They want you to embarrass yourself in front of Toal. Or they think it's somehow gonna result in something lewd happening.
No. 993230 ID: 86aaf2


That doesn't mean that you pranksters haven't accidentally stumbled upon something. It's kind of a 'even a stopped clock is right twice a day' sort of thing (referencing analog clocks of course). If one of the doctors that thinks highly of you as individuals (even in a weird way) commissioned such a thing and kept it hidden, that's the sort of person you'd expect to send you a secret message somehow.
No. 993231 ID: a9af05

Pick up the porno mag and shake it to see if anything falls out. If nothing come out, then get rid of it.
No. 993307 ID: 777990

Don't get rid of it, that's silly. Eventually, our boy here is going to have nothing to do for an hour or two while they wait for something to cook or something to happen. When that time comes, a little leisure time reading material will come in handy.
No. 993350 ID: f18774
File 161686664219.png - (32.07KB , 800x600 , 19 Page Chapter 3.png )

>You actually brought the dirty novel with you? That won't help you at all.

I brought it with me because you guys told me to!

>Never split the party!
>Unless it is appropriate to do so.

Uh... okay? We weren't going to split up, but I'll keep that in mind.

>You should spend some time getting to know Toal.

This sounds good, but first...

>Go check on the replicators.

"I need to go check-" I start to say.

"Then go." Toal's reply is flat.

I nod and go to check on the replicators. I add a vial of minor repair nanobots to my inventory, and set the replicator to make another.
Like the drone said, the records here can now replicate the solution that was being fed to me via IV. Looks like a variety of organic materials, combined with a ton of metals, both radioactive and not. It's all in small quantities, but I could probably drink it for some nutrition. I set the replicator to make a unit of that as well.
While I'm here, I check the progress of the other replicators. The Li(2)MgH(16) solution has 4 hours remaining, and the general purpose nanobots has 3 hours remaining. The Geiger IV solution I started has 7 hours remaining. The lactated ringers solution is here too, one hour left on that timer.
Oh, I almost forgot, but the Buckminsterfullerene Carbon solution is here too. It's done, but I don't know what to do with it, so I take the canister with me, just in case.

I return to the staff room, and I catch Toal quickly moving something as I step in. She seems completely fine though, so I guess it's nothing?

"I'm back." I walk over and place the canister on the table. Toal asks what the Buckminsterfullerene Carbon is and I explain it. I don't need to label the canister since the machine put one on it already.

"So the replicators can just... make stuff?" Toal stares at the canister now in her hand. "How does that even work?"

I shrug. "If you make technology advanced enough, it starts to look like magic." I say. "Looking at all the notes, it seems like you'd need to have several degrees to understand the whole thing by yourself."

She nods again, placing the canister down.

"Since I can replicate anything as long as I have the chemical formula, is there anything you would like to make?"

"A rifle." Toal is deadpan.

"I would like one of those too." I sigh. "Those replicators can make substances, so maybe it could make a nutrient compound for you?"

Toal nods and begins explaining some of the stuff she needs to eat. I follow along, agreeing on most of these substances. It seems that outside of my increased need for radioactive material, we have pretty similar diets.

"Are you sure you're not some kind of Precursor weapon too?" Toal asks. "I've only known Tozol to have diets like that."

"You know as much about me as I do." I reply. "Or at least, you know as much about my past as I do."

Toal sighs, shaking her head. A moment passes before I speak up again. "What about you? Do you remember anything from your past?"

"Not much." Toal seems dejected. She slumps a bit and sighs. "Brief flashes of combat and faces, but nothing concrete."

>So about those erotic novels...

I notice one of them is missing.

"Wait, weren't there two of those erotic novels here?"

Toal raises a brow and gives me a strange look. "Planning on doing some 'research'?"

"I brought both because I thought they would be important. Did you move one?"

"It's not important, is it?" She asks.

"Well something might have been hidden in it." I say. "The security passes and IDs are small enough to be hidden there, and there was a thief here, so it's not impossible that it was hidden in one."

Toal seems to believe me. "I moved the books around, so I may have..." She trails off and ducks below the table, coming back up with the 'Forbidden Love' novel. "Here it is!"

"Oh, good." I say. "It seemed really out of place compared to the other books, so I'm not sure if it has some kind of coded message."

"I think that's a bit of a stretch, don't you?" It seems to be a bit of a stretch. It's possible it has a message, but more likely that it's just for 'entertainment'.

"That's fair." I say. "How about we figure out our next move?"

I take the pen and a sheet of paper, and draw out a map of what I know about the facility.

"There are these three doors in the Northern coridor. Two facing South, and one facing West. The West door was locked, but it was open when I left Dr. Wu's office. I think the security pass I found opens the door."

"That room may have weapons in it." Toal seems to get excited at the idea of finding weapons. "I think we should go there first."

"It may, but it could also have things that will hurt us." Toal rolls her eyes as I say that. "We can check the rooms facing South to make sure that nothing is waiting to ambush us when we open that door."

"Yeah, that seems like a good idea."

"Of course, we could also just stay here and read a bit. These notes could help us gain a better understanding of our situation and what's going on here."

"Even if we sit here and read for a week, we'll still have to go somewhere."

That's true. Even if we read, we'll have to move on at some point. So what should we do? Do we read, or not, and what do we read if we do? Which door should we check first? Or is there another thing I should do?

>Some of us are playing a prank on you with the porno mag.

How could you?!

>Those pranksters may have stumbled on something though.

No. 993352 ID: b1b4f3

Well Toal was taking a peek at the porn while you were gone so don't worry about it.

Hmm... yeah go into the higher security area. Even without real weapons you're both in good health so you should be able to handle whatever's in there. Oh, does Toal know you're a radiation hazard? The radiation shielding is for her, unless Tozols have natural shielding.
No. 993354 ID: 3a67fd

She might be a gun nut, but she does have a bit of a point. Arming yourself with something more than the stick of thor would be a decent idea; after all, containment procedures for you weren't NEARLY so kind.
No. 993368 ID: 041c52

I wonder if there is a detailed map of the ship somewhere... Let's go we have had enough reading for now.
No. 993372 ID: fa2754

You should give her the shock prod as an act of good faith. As for reading, take just a basic skim over the title and premise of each book. If there's nothing of real interest in that, the book can be tossed. Anything that actually does pick interest, can be skimmed through more thoroughly. Don't spend more than an hour going through these.
No. 993373 ID: 777990

Geeze, don't worry about the porn. It's not important, it's very, very weird, but not important. The doctor probably liked how well you two worked together and started to fantasize about it, and had some AI print them some graphic novels playing out their fantasy.

For now, lets prepare for a fight and go raid the security room... well, carefully and tactically, of course, but raid it nonetheless in hopes there's some guns or at least a tazer or security console or something.
No. 993393 ID: 8a51ec

>I brought it with me because you guys told me to!
How are we supposed to make better judgements than you? We're figments of your imagination. Regardless, you should hold off on reading and check the West door now that it's finally unlocked.
No. 993415 ID: 86aaf2


>How could you?!


Because it reminds you to try and think about the motives and why the people saying the things to you are saying those things. At worst, this subjects you to a very very mild amount of social embarrassment. This sort of thing is part of growing; if any of the individual voices say anything beyond the pale, others of us definitely will get on their case and 'yell' at them. You are familiar with concepts like 'the loyal opposition', 'designated opposing force', 'the Socratic method', and 'tough love', correct? Where being oppositional is constructive? I'm not saying this is always going to be the case, but take this as a learning opportunity!
No. 993456 ID: 777990

Really, they are just hoping you two will have it happen and seeing evidence it can happen means they are going to try to make it happen.
No. 993458 ID: 86aaf2


SOME of them are trying to watch out for your romantic and erotic prospects, maybe, but that's not why the rest of us don't object!
No. 993471 ID: 86aaf2

The buckminsterfullerene carbon is a sort of all-purpose super-material. If you add it to (say) a more mundane epoxy, it'll be a lot stronger.

Let her know that at your best guess, your species is also an engineered weapon. Show her the digital file talking about the species contained here. Now might be the time to have an uncomfortable conversation about Hybrid 11 and the potential implications.
No. 993539 ID: f18774
File 161694863788.png - (25.53KB , 800x600 , 20 Page Chapter 3.png )

>How are we supposed to make better judgements than you?

Because you're in MY head! If you get me killed, you're all dead too, like it or not!

>Because it reminds you to try and think about the motives of people saying things.

You're the voices in my head! I have no way of discerning any of your motives or ideas outside of what you tell me!

>Really, they're hoping that you two seeing evidence of it happening may lead to it happening.
>Some of them are trying to watch out for your romantic and erotic prospects.

Nice of you to think of us like that, but our first priority is to get out of here. Romance can wait!
Triti: This is also not marked as a NSFW quest, but if you have something explicit you want to share, you can post it in the discussion thread.

>Don't worry about the porn. It's weird, but not important.
>I think Toal was taking a peek at it while you were gone.

I guess I'll leave it alone, but if Toal wants it, I'll let her have it. I guess even Tozol have urges sometimes?

>Give Toal the shock prod as an act of good faith.

"Hey, Toal." I say. She looks up from the map I drew, giving me her attention. "Do you want to use this?" I hold out the shock prod to her.

"I think the one taking point should hold it." She says. "Is this your way of asking me to be your meat shield?"

"No, I just thought it would be a show of good faith." She rolls her eyes again. "You were caring for me for a bit. I think that shows enough good faith." She makes a good point. Even if I'm just using her, caring for her without knowing if I can even get out of here is probably a good show of trust.

>The radiation shield belt is for Toal.

"Hey, you should wear this belt." I take the belt and offer it to Toal. "It protects you from radiation."

"Tozol are naturally resistant to radiation." She replies. "It probably won't help me much. What about you?"

"I apparently emit radiation. The belt is mostly for people working with me, so you may get more out of it than I would." She shrugs and takes the belt.

"Hey, what are these keys for?" She points at the keys on the belt. There's still five of them, and I haven't used them for anything. "I don't know yet. The only locks I've found were the lockers in the rooms where we were held. I can break the locks though, so I'm not sure if these are worth holding on to."

"I think it's unlikely that they will be useful outside of this area, so if we don't find a use for them, lets leave them here." That sounds like a good idea. Unmarked keys are unlikely to be useful outside of the sector they're found in, so I'll leave them in that area.

>The buckminsterfullerene carbon is a sort of all-purpose super-material. If you add it to (say) a more mundane epoxy, it'll be a lot stronger.

That's good to know. If I don't find a use for it here, I'll have to remember to grab it before I leave. You guys can remember that, right?

>Let Toal know that your species is an engineered weapon too.

"I think I might be an engineered weapon." I say. Toal doesn't react. "Thoughts?"

"Welcome to the club." She says. That's about the reaction I figured I'd get.

"Just wanted to let you know." She nods.

>Go into the higher security area. Even without weapons, you two are both in good health and should be more than enough for any enemies there.
>She might be a gun nut, but she does have a bit of a point. Arming yourselves would help you survive much longer.
>Prepare for a fight and go raid the secure room.

"This room was locked until I found a security pass." I point to the West facing door in the North hallway. "It is possible that we will find something there that will attack us."

"So why go to that room?"

"My best guess is that stronger weapons were stored in that room." Toal's eyes light up as I say that. "I don't know if any are there still, but it's likely to have more stuff than the unlocked rooms." Toal nods in agreement.

>Ask Toal if she's okay with the repair nanobots being used on her.

While we're walking to the secured room, we speak a little. "I've been finding nanobots used for quickly repairing injuries. Would you be okay with taking those?"

"I don't like the idea of nanobots being in my body." She says.

"These ones are only used for medical purposes. They lack the means to do anything outside of repairing tissue. I don't think they'll stick around in your body too long."

"I would rather you not use them on me." There is a moment of silence before she speaks up again. "If you think it will save my life, you can use them, but not in any other situation."

"Understood." I guess that solves that.

We arrive at the door. It beeps and the red light turns green. I test the handle and it turns. Before I open it, Toal speaks up.

"How are we going to breach the door?" She asks. "Even if nothing is there, we should have a plan for breaching doors."

She makes a good point. How should we breach the door? Even though it was locked, we don't know if there's some kind of defense mechanism in place. So how should we prepare to breach the door?
No. 993543 ID: 777990

Well, you take point, open the door, peek around for obvious threats, and if nothing bad happens or you don't see any obvious threats, head inside.

If something is inside, be ready to give it a shock, and further to use that significant strength to just plain destroy it. Context tells us any defense should be automatic, so it'd either likely be a drone or some kind of automated turret. How effective either would be against you is entirely down to how well they are designed. Small VTOL drones would probably be easy for you to destroy. A reinforced steel encased turret, not so much.

Keep in mind, it's just a security office, there's probably a bunch of monitors and an empty gun locker in there and not much else.
No. 993546 ID: fa2754

Open the door just far enough that you can kick it open with ease. Toal immediately rushes in to clear the left side, You rush in to clear the right. You are unarmed, but that doesn't mean you can't subdue.
No. 993548 ID: b1b4f3

So, the medical nanobots are mainly for your use, which means you'll be easier to heal. You take point.
Door breaching in this situation would involve opening the door, standing clear, peeking in, then sweeping the room. Deal with threats as they become visible.
No. 993564 ID: 86aaf2

I think some of us are actual subconscious or half-remembered or semi-randomly-generated models of other people, and are somewhat disassociated with things happening directly to you, for better or worse.
No. 993581 ID: 59b6dd

Good old fashion way.
Breach and clear.
One takes left, one takes right.

Prepare yourself(s) at the door, order doesn’t particularly matter. Open door, faces against the wall, gradually look into the place, and each person take their respective sides.

Failing that, just be smart and take it slow.
Dont drag ass, but don't rush unless you know where you need to be.
No. 993640 ID: 36784c

Since you've got armored scales that require a special kind of ammo to pierce, it makes sense for you to go in first.
No. 993658 ID: 86aaf2

Be advised; the things here are complete unknowns; do not attack blindly if they are not actually threatening you or attacking or rearing to attack or similar.
No. 993671 ID: f18774
File 161702436568.png - (46.87KB , 800x600 , 21 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Since you've got armoured scales, you should take point.
>The medical nanobots are for you, not Toal, so you should go first.

That makes sense. I'm less likely to be hurt, and I'll be able to treat my injuries faster. "I'll take point." I say to Toal, who nods.

>This is a breach and clear. Open the door and stand clear. Peek inside, then sweep the room.
>Open the door quickly and you clear the right side, and Toal clears the left.
>Move quickly, but carefully.

"I'll check the room first." I say. "If it looks like I can open it, I'll take the right side, and you take the left." Toal nods again, and presses up against the wall.

I carefully turn the handle and open the door just enough to see in. Lockers, a table and monitors. Nothing stands out, so I signal that I'm going to open the door.

I take a breath and open the door quickly, rushing in with Toal following behind. I do a visual sweep of the room, followed by checking the corners, then lockers. I continue checking the spaces until I'm sure that my side of the room is clear. As I turn, I see Toal has just finished her side as well.

"Find anything?" I ask.

"All clear." Looks like we're safe, for now.

I take a better look at the room now. Lockers are on both the left and right side of the room. Five on each side. In the center, a waist height table covered in skuff marks and scratches. Opposite of the door is a monitor station with screens showing camera feeds from the repair drones. One of the monitors displays text and an interface, meaning I can probably use it for something.

The sounds of metal on metal make me turn away from the monitors. Toal is trying the keys on a locker. I take a look at the lockers on the other side of the room. They're all locked.

"Any luck?" It looks like Toal managed to get a locker open, and she's going though her finds.

"Looks like there's some good stuff here." Her voice is muffled by the locker. "Let's search the room and we'll pool our finds after."

Alright, so what should I look at first? I can try to break open the lockers, or I can look around more thoroughly for any information or objects I may have missed. I can also check out the monitors. What should I do?

>I think some of us are actual subconscious or half-remembered or semi-randomly-generated models of other people, and are somewhat disassociated with things happening directly to you, for better or worse.

I should look for a psychology textbook.
No. 993710 ID: 3a67fd

Smash and grab with Toal?

Smash and grab. If it ain't nailed down, it's YOURS now
No. 993711 ID: b1b4f3

Look at all the cameras, to see if you spot anyone else moving around the facility. See if you can bring up any extra cameras not currently displayed. Look at the security logs for the stolen card.
No. 993714 ID: 777990

You also should have been questioning why you have voices in your head from the moment you woke up, it didn't occur to you it was odd. Which means we are probably some kind of side affect or even fully designed guide that comes with the information implantation you learned was done to you.

We could be the AI component of your nanomachine core functioning, but we'd probably be a lot less coherent if that was the case, so I'm guessing we are an intentionally implanted CAI, since that style of AI would be ideal for giving you quick advice in tactical and combat situations.

I mean, that's basically all we've been doing, using meta-knowledge and tactical knowhow to eke you out an advantage over whatever unknown threat has left you here alone.

Speaking of which, you've been completely emotionless the entire time. You found porn and coldly analyzed it's contents, you showed no fear when waking up in a fluid filled tube, and you've been clinical about literally everything you've done so far.

Either you are one drab motherfucker or something's been done to your brain, in fact, considering what they are doing here, we should be able to find the data from the monitoring they've done to your brain, the edits they've made, etc. It should be a top priority to learn about and repair the obvious brain damage they've done.
No. 993808 ID: fa2754

Loot lockers, lookup lore later. Let's lead.

Does being tactical together with Toal tickle your thoughts? Seems like you two paired well like two gears.
No. 993817 ID: f18774
File 161711771090.png - (34.29KB , 800x600 , 22 Page Chapter 3.png )

>You should also question why there are voices in your head.

I'm messed up, and I know it. You're keeping me from feeling lonely.

>We are likely intentionally implanted CAL, since that would be ideal for giving you quick advice.

Why could I hear you before the nanomachine sub-cortex booted up then? You're not recognized as a separate system, so you'd have to be a product of my organic parts.

>Speaking of which, you've been completely emotionless the entire time. You found porn and coldly analyzed it's contents, you showed no fear when waking up in a fluid filled tube, and you've been clinical about literally everything you've done so far.

In this situation, isn't that a good thing? I have no idea if I'm safe, and no idea if I'll even find enough food and water to keep living. The only fles and blood person I've found is Toal, and I'm certain she doesn't trust me yet. I'm too worried to be interested in porn, letting fear inhibit my decision making is bad, and being clinical about what I see is the best way to get a handle on the situation so I don't mess up. I don't know of any safety nets, if I even have them. I WANT to LIVE! I don't want to die in this place!

>Either you are one drab person, or something has been done to your brain.

Would you be surprised? You saw the remains of what happened on that table. If I was under that knife before, I don't want to be again! I want to get out of here and LIVE!

"Uh... are you okay there?" Apparently I was making noise. Toal walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. "You're making some strange noises."

"Y-yeah. Sorry. Just a bit stressed. That's all." Toal stares at me for a moment while I try to maintain my composure. She nods and returns to looting.

I walk over to the table in the center of the room and lean on it, taking some deep breaths. I will escape. I will live. I will be more than a weapon.

>Does being tactical with Toal tickle your thoughts? Seems like you two paired well, like two gears.

I like the idea. It makes me feel both safer and stronger. We need to get to know each other a bit better, but I really have no history to talk about, so I can't talk about hobbies, experience or anything. I think Toal's memories have been messed with too, so we don't have much past to talk about, only the future.

>Smash and grab with Toal! If it's not nailed down, it's YOURS now!
>Loot lockers, look up lore later.

I love getting new things. Time to check out the locks on the lockers. Toal and I test the keys on them to see which ones open. We manage to get five open. The one Toal opened earlier didn't fit any keys, so Toal just broke the door. We split the remaining lockers between us, working open the doors with as little damage to the locker as we can manage. Once we open all the lockers, we take the loot and pool it.

>Loot from the lockers in Lab 4S Security Room
-3 pairs of protecive gloves
-1 riot helmet (I think it can be modified to fit our heads, but it would leave Toal's ears exposed, or my horns.)
-1 riot shield (It's clear, so you can see though it.)
-1 Arcanos machine pistol (9mm Parabellum, 20 shot mag) (Unloaded)
-10 combat knives (Looks like spares.)
-6 billy clubs (An unopened box contains six. Looks like they have stun contacts built into them too.)
-Straps, holsters, and carrying bags (I should upgrade my gear, this coat can't hold a lot.)
-1 riot vest (Looks like it would fit either of us)
-16 concussion grenades (Another unopened box. These use force to stun targets, so they're effective on blind and deaf targets, but not on heavy ones.)
-4 variable power dart rifles (can be loaded with solutions like the injection gun, but it requires empty darts to be loaded into the gun.)
-7 boxes of 30 empty darts (for the dart rifles)
-1 P.E.S. magazine (I think this is for the machine pistol?)
-1 crowbar
-A collection of pills and drugs (Why aren't these labeled?)
-10 wearable flashlights (no batteries, of course.)
-1 Geiger counter (no battery, same as the one in my room.)
-Protective boots (which neither Toal nor I can wear)

Before I can say anything, Toal is already examining the pistol. She looks incredibly excited as she turns it over in her hands.

"There's more here than I thought we'd find." I honestly thought this place wouldn't have anything. Why would a security room be so well stocked?
"Mhm." Toal is engrossed with that pistol.
"I think that's an Arcanos machine pistol. The P.E.S. mag should be compatible with it." I take the P.E.S. magazine from the table and hand it to Toal. She grabs it and loads the pistol in a flash. "If it's like the batteries, it should be a functionally unlimited supply of ammo, but..."
"But what?" Toal finally looks up at me. I don't know why I know this stuff about the pistol.
"P.E.S. magazines have two cells, effectively behaving as two clips. While in use, the cell doesn't recharge. It cycles them so that you can always have a bullet ready."
"What's the catch?" Toal can see it a mile away.
"The cell takes time to charge, and it can't charge while in use. If you use your ammunition too quickly, both cells will be charging at the same time."
"How long?"
"It depends on the size, material and type of the projectile and the size of the magazine. A 20 shot magazine with that kind of bullet would take around 40 seconds to recharge, but the quality of the P.E.S. magazine can alter that too."
"40 seconds is the upper range?" Toal is staring at me with intense eyes.
"If it is a low quality magazine producing top quality 9mm parabellum rounds, yes." Toal looks back at the pistol.
"It's what we have, so it will have to do." She twirls the pistol around her finger before putting it on the table.

"So what should we take, which of us should take it, and what's the plan after?" Toal puts both of her hands on the table and leans over it, looking at me.

Who should take what, if anything, and what should we do after that? The security console is still here, so we can take a look at that, but there's also the other rooms to investigate.
No. 993828 ID: 9aaeef

She should have her, will help to gain her trust. Check the rooms then the console and after all that we decide what to carry.
No. 993831 ID: fa2754

Of course, let her have the gun. While you're upgrading your storage capacity, let her have free reign of how she wants to equip herself. You can make do with whatever's left.
No. 993833 ID: 777990

You should first strap yourself up with bags and tac gear. The helmet will take time to modify so that'll wait for more downtime. Toal is in love with guns and we know Tozols are very combat capable (I'm sure you are too but we don't have direct data on that), so I'm going to suggest you give her the vest and the gun, and then make a snide, funny remark about her being the meat shield for real now.

Definitely take the box of darts and the gun, I'm sure we can fabricate various useful substances, and will suggest to start, tranquilizers (which is probably the intent), but also more invasive paralytics, in case we need to drop someone fast or take down a bio-weapon like yourself. It'll take time to fill them, but that's ok.

After you've squared away your immediate gear upgrades, make a quick once over of the terminal seeing what you have access too, and we can make a decision if we want to move to exploring or keep digging into the computer.

Once it's all said and done, you'll want to bring most of this stuff back to the room you are using as home base. Even the boots, I'm betting the material can be extracted from them for other use with a knife and some time. It could make a small splash shield, or if they are actually bulletproof vitals only coverage. Or you can stuff the toe and heel and have Toal wear them, maybe.
No. 993835 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, I think I know what we are. You have implanted memories about technology. I bet we're a side effect from that, or some kind of glitch in the system. Or maybe we were created on purpose to serve as an additional layer of information processing and retrieval. We know things you don't, after all.

Toal wants the pistol, and presumably that can be used with the riot shield while the dart rifles can't. Therefore she should have the riot shield and helmet, you can wear the riot vest. Take a dart rifle for yourself, set it to highest penetration for now. Even empty syringes can do damage. At some point we'll want to make some heavy duty tranquilizers to go in them, or perhaps something nasty like a strong poison. Both of you can have gloves and flashlights.
She should have a nonlethal option, so I guess a club. You can continue using the shock prod, which presumably is more effective?
If either of you are good at throwing knives then take some of them. Unless they're badly balanced for throwing purposes, in which case just one each for general knife purposes.
Whichever one of you is stronger gets the crowbar. Split the grenades. Carry the pills, try and find some way of identifying them later. Maybe there's some notes in the room about what they do?

Then check the cameras and mess with the computer.
No. 993837 ID: 031458

The gun calls to Toal. It is hers.
Give Toal all the Riot Gear. We're already tough And will only get tougher
Give her 2 dart guns, take 2 more yourself. Split up the ammo.
So many Fun things we could fill these with.
Ethanol, Chloroform, chlorine, nitroglycerine, Silicon Tetrachloride.
Buuut you should both have a spare with like non lethals in it, and there should be at least one dedicated for meds.

Take a club and 5 knives each. No such thing as too many knives.

Take all the grenades, split them.

You grab the pills, the crowbar, and a few flashlights.

And of course, both of you Strap up. Won't be able to carry much of this without it.
No. 993888 ID: 86aaf2


Here's the way I see it. Regarding the emotion thing? You probably have a delayed response; after all, it's useful for a soldier to not freak out during a mission and have a calm clarity, and have the freakout AFTER the mission is over. So something like that tendency was probably designed into you. So, utilize all your inhrent advantages for your and your squad's survival, and then worry about transcending them once you are safe and exfiltrated. Remember, what was designed into you informs who you are, but does NOT define you! But save all the existential questioning for later, yea?

Also, everyone's suggesting various loadouts, but I want to suggest one overriding thing: Don't wear so much that it slows you or toal down. You can always rig something up to drag equipment behind you, later. See how you can move with various ways of rigging up equipment, and DON'T carry too much! Even if you are super-strong, bulkiness and ease of movement is important to manage!
No. 993896 ID: 1ac550

Welcome to Schizophrenia kid!
It's fairly benign on it's own, but don't go and get traumatized! It gets very bad, very quick when mixed with other issues.

Ok I jest of course. Think of us more as a fancy retrieval system for all that random programmed knowledge you have. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have the pathways to access it easily. We'll probably disappear over time of you stop actively using us.
No. 994006 ID: f18774
File 161720748004.png - (31.15KB , 800x600 , 23 Page Chapter 3.png )


I pick up the auto pistol, but I notice a flicker of disappointment on Toal's face as I hold it.

"There's only one pistol."
"So how do we decide who gets to use it?" Toal is trying to hide her disappointment.
"Easy." I say. "You do." I hold the pistol out to her. She looks surprised for a moment before she takes it. I swear I can see relief and joy wash over her face when she grips it.
"Why me?" I can tell she's a bit wary. "I still remember how to fight with my hands and melee weapons."
"You said you wanted one, so I thought you would be a better shot than I am. I can't recall having learned how to use a gun properly." I really can't. The closest thing is the injection gun, and you press that against skin to use it.
"Well... thanks." She hesitates to say it, but I can feel the gratitude. I think she doesn't like being indebted to anyone.


Toal and I put on leg straps and utility belts. The radiation shield belt actually merges with the utility belt, so Toal isn't wearing more than she needs. The bags fit on the belts with ease, and help make our load lighter.

>Give Toal the riot shield.

"Would this work with the auto pistol?" I lift up the riot shield. It's clear, but the material is sturdy.
"I don't see a slot for a gun to rest."
"That's true, but you should be able to use the auto pistol with one hand, right?"
"Yeah, I can." Toal nods. "I'd like to feel a bit more safe while firing, but this is what we get."

>Give Toal the riot vest.

Before I can say anything, Toal pushes the riot vest into my arms.

"Since I have the shield, you wear the vest." She says. "Can't have you hiding behind me the whole time."
"Heh... that wouldn't be fair, would it?" Guess she won't be the meat shield. Still, I think some protection would be useful for me. I don't want to be completely exposed if Toal is incapacitated.

With the riot vest on, we add some bandoliers to our outfits.

>Take the dart gun and dart ammo.

Toal already has one hanging off her bandolier, so I follow suit. We open the boxes of empty darts and put them in our bandoliers.

>Take the knives!

We take a scabbard each, affixing the knives to our thighs. Toal puts hers on the holster for her auto pistol.

"Should we take some to throw?" I ask.
"You can throw knives?" Toal seems surprised.
"Depends on your definition of throw." I don't think I have the coordination and finesse to throw them yet.
"Oh, then don't bother." Well, I guess we're only carrying one knife each.

>Split the grenades, take what you can.

I take the items from my lab coat and place them in the pouches I'm wearing. The injection gun is in my holster, my torch clipped to my belt behind that, and the stuff in my pockets is now in my back left pouch.
Our bandoliers have space for 3 grenades each, so we stock up on them.

>Toal should grab a billy club. You should too, if it's stronger than the prod.

The club is shorter, and doesn't have any contact on the tip, so you have to hit with the contact band. The shock prod needs to connect both prongs for full power, and it's a bit sharp too.

"I'll take this..." Toal picks up a billy club and adds it to her belt. "I think you should keep the spear though." Looks like Toal made the choice for me.

>The stronger of you should take the crowbar.

That would help, if we knew who was stronger. Still...

"I'll take the crowbar." I pick it up and affix it to my back. "Never know when one of these will be handy."

>The boots can be used for material, so take them back to the room you're using as a base.
>The helmet will take time to modify.

I don't really have any way to strip the boots of useful materials, and the helmet would likely require some kind of equipment to modify. I'll leave them here for now.

>Are there notes on what the pills do?

"Toal, were there any notes on what the pills do?"
"The containers are all unmarked." Well that's not helpful. "I say it would be better to leave them here until we have a means of identifying them."

>Check the cameras.

I take a seat on the stool and look though the camera feeds. Looks like the only cameras are the ones on the drones. I watch them for a few minutes, but all I see is the room I woke up in getting repaired by busy drones.

>Then look though it.

The center bottom monitor displays what appears to be the layout of the sector. The two remaining South facing doors on the West side of the North corridor connect into one large room, and the locked door on the East side extends farther out to the East, but not past the corridor. The corridor seems to open into a new sector, so I think we're almost out of here, all we need to do is get past the security door.

I add the information from the map to what I've mapped out.

I continue to probe the terminal. Looking though the options, I find some commands. The most notable is that I can unlock and open all doors and hatches in the sector. I open only the locked door to the East and the security door. Now we should be able to escape... but I need to make sure I have everything I need before I try to leave. I don't know is waiting for us behind the security door, and I don't know if I'll be able to disengage if something tries to stop us from leaving.

What should we do? We can check the rooms we didn't enter, maybe something might be there? Is there any unfinished stuff we need to handle first? Or should we try to leave right away? Is there anything I missed?

>Your mental state is likely intentional.
>It may be a result of the programmed knowledge you have.

I'll have to take advantage of that then. Make sure you direct me when you think I need it! I can recall some things when you ask, so you should ask stuff too!
No. 994037 ID: 031458

Check all unexplored rooms first, then do a once over of everywhere you've been, as Toal hasn't been there yet and a fresh pair of eyes might spot something. Visit the replicators last to pick up the stuff that hasn't finished.
We'll need to decide then with Toal whether or not we'll just be setting stuff to cook in case we come back, or if we want to wait a day to stock up on nutriment and weaponized dart gun filler.
No. 994042 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's check some of the rooms we didn't go into.
Your knowledge is triggered by questions? Alright, let's try some stuff.
Do you know any advanced mathematics? Engineering? Physics? Chemistry? Any idea how you're supposed to use your radiation beam? How much do you know about guns?
No. 994057 ID: 23bf8a

Hmm, what to fill the time waiting for the stuff to finish cooking. . . Look through the other rooms that once held weapons like you? Perhaps someone left something behind?
No. 994126 ID: fa2754

Check unexplored rooms, then push forward. We can't map this whole place, but we can make sure to be through on your "home turf"

Do plan on coming back to get your replicator solutions.
No. 994437 ID: f18774
File 161737953542.png - (28.68KB , 800x600 , 24 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Check all unexplored rooms first.
>Don't forget to check the replicators.

There's only two rooms that haven't been properly explored. The one that was open has two doors, and the locked one is near the security door. It shouldn't take long to explore them, so I think I'll have a bit of time before all the replicator stuff is done.

>Do the other rooms have weapons like you?

I think it would be a good idea to double check some of them. The computer in the vivisection room said most of them were moved, but it's possible that there may be something in the pods. Maybe that thief hid something in one of them?

"Hey, Toal." Toal looks up to me. She's been familiarizing herself with the auto pistol. I also notice the knives are missing. Did she put them away?
"Find something on that computer?"
"I unlocked all the rooms and the security door." Her brow lifts into an expression of interest. "I want to finish up in this area first though. If we can't come back, I don't want to have any unfinished business."
"Fair point." Toal nods in agreement. "Let's check the closest room then." She's referring to the room with two doors that we haven't explored yet.

We shuffle out of the room. I put a couple more grenades in my back left pouch before we go. Toal insists on taking point now that she has the shield. I guess Tozol prefer to be the protectors instead of being protected. Regardless, seems like things are quiet for now. The security door has a green light on it, but the window on the door is blocked now. I didn't think it had a shutter in it, but I guess it makes sense if you're trying to ambush an escaping specimen.

I guide Toal into the middle South facing door. She peeks inside and motions for me to follow. We breach inside and again, nothing jumps out at us. That's good, since it looks like we found a staff break room.

"This is a lot more cozy than I expected." My remarks earn me a look of some sort from Toal.
"What were you expecting from a staff room?"
"I'm not sure." Toal rolls her eyes at my reply. "That machine displaying what appears to be food items is one of them. Would that not fit better outside?"
"This is a staff room." Toal speaks with mild exasperation. " It fits perfectly well."

I scan the room to see what is in it before I say something to make Toal reprimand me. There's two doors on the West side of the room. The signs on them indicate that they are washrooms. Against the South wall is a small kitchen. It has a fridge along with that snack machine. There's some couches against the North side of the room, between the doors, facing another set of couches sitting in the middle of the room. A low table between them. A couple of hooks on the East wall appear to be for holding clothes.

Toal steps into the room and starts looking around. As she nears the low table, a projection of a screen appears. She doesn't jump, but I see her ears twitch as she notices it. The projection seems to be some kind of monitor, and responds to touch.

I note that the machine with snacks is against the East wall, in the corner and touching the kitchen counter. Closer investigation reveals that the machine is actually two, one of them displaying drinks of various types.

"This looks like a much more comfortable spot to hole up in." Toal muses to herself. I agree it looks much more comfortable, but I'm not sure if we should move our stuff here. Is there a good reason to leave our stuff deeper in the sector?

>Your knowledge is triggered by questions?

Not general questions, but specific things. I think I need someone to point out something that's close to a specific memory to trigger it. Just asking if I know something in general didn't seem to trigger anything. But when you ask something like 'What's a P.E.S. cell', it seems to trigger the definition in my mind. I also won't be able to recall anything I never learned in the first place, so if I can figure out a pattern to the implanted knowledge I have, I may be able to recover and use more of it.

What should we do in this room though? Looks like it's an actual staff room, so I think we'll find less tools and more amenities than anything. I'd also like your thoughts on the subject of moving our foxhole. Is there a good reason to leave it in the work room to the South, or would moving to this room be a better idea for us? We can also just leave this room too, if you guys think there's nothing of value here, but where do we go after?
No. 994439 ID: ce39da

Then what is the breakroom to the south? Is it supposed to be ours? Weird.

Maybe ask Toal's opinion on what qualities make for a better or worse safe-room, assuming we're to make frequent trips outside. Do we want more or less visibility from outside? A larger space or more constrained? More doors and maneuverability in the surrounding hallways or less?

IMO, these points make the staff lounge better overall, but we should get a second opinion on that.

Meanwhile, while we have some downtime, we should probably tell Toal about how we actually have just the one pre-wakeup memory.
No. 994441 ID: fa2754

I kind of doubt any of the food here has preserved since last use. It's worth taking a look over though. Maybe they have some sort of replicator that makes consumable food? Kind of doubt it though.

Unless this place can readily provide food, beds, defensible positions and water, I wouldn't even bother moving here.
No. 994450 ID: b1b4f3

This is definitely a better place for your living space. It's designed for it.
Does the snack machine require money? I dunno if either of you are hungry though.

I can't imagine anything particularly useful is in here but you could do a quick look around for notes.
No. 994459 ID: 3a7feb

Can we review our current objectives and assets a bit? Go over the situation at a high level?
No. 994461 ID: d6408c

Let's check that last room first, then we can move everything over.
No. 994463 ID: 3a67fd

Well, hey, those energy bars were edible, right?


...Well, anyway, if those were alright, then maybe these will be? The comestibles in the snack machines, at least. Look for an expiry date and judge 'em for yourself, as well.
No. 994472 ID: a9af05

Make sure you guys check the washrooms. Then if either of you need to use the washrooms, now is your time to do it.
No. 994476 ID: 777990

Well you aren't just going to leave without taking advantage. Check the fridge, any kitchen cabinets, hell, the trash. You don't have any money so unless those snacks are free you'll probably have to break into the machines. It's might trigger some kind of alarm, or security response, but most likely it'll cause a maintenance bot to show up to repair whatever damage you cause.

Still, food. Shitty, calorie rich junk food. Just the desperation fuel hungry bioweapons need.

Check the bathrooms just to be safe, probably nothing there but it can't hurt to look. Not the kind of place that would have a shower in the bathroom, but you never know, sometimes government contractors do strange things.
No. 994507 ID: 59b6dd

I dont think theres any immediate reason to move everything over.
Your hq in the workshop seams convenient and defensible where its at.

That being said, the staff room is comfy as shit, as it should be in a place with black site funding.
They have the nice chairs, with all the extra adjustable nobs for that exact position, and a kitchen; its the small things that matter.

Is it a full kitchen, oven dishwasher and all? Or is it just a kitchenette? Like a coffee pot, bitch sink, and a plugin range?
You might be able to transport stuff from here easier than transporting things rom the workshop.
No. 994674 ID: f18774
File 161749348284.png - (27.27KB , 800x600 , 25 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What is the break room to the South?

If I had to guess, I think it's a shared office with a sitting area. Employees likely used portable terminals to operate the stasis capsules and to monitor us. That means this room would be an actual lounge.

>Which room is better to use as a base then?
>What does Toal think?

"Hey, Toal." Toal turns to me. She was investigating the countertop. "Do you think we should move our base of operations to this room?"
"It really depends on what's on the other side of the security door. The room we're using is easier to defend, but this one has more luxuries."
"I guess there's not much of a point right now if we're almost out of this place."
"We can always use both rooms though." She says. "We can go and between the rooms and grab what we need as we need it."
"That sounds good to me." Looks like we'll use both rooms then. Unless some information comes up that makes one better or worse.

>What are those washrooms like?

Looks like they both have shower units in addition to the other bathroom utilities. The water works, and it appears that there's a drying setting on the shower unit. I test it out, and it seems like it's designed for races with fur on their bodies. Looks like Toal can shower without worrying about drying off.

>Does the staff room have a full kitchen?
>What about the snack machines?
>Is any of this food still good?

It has a stove, microwave, oven, sink and dishwasher. Seems to be fully equipped. The snack machine is full too, but when I press a button, I hear something pop in the machine. I look through the glass to see if something broke, but then...

"Waugh!" I yelp as the glass pane falls on me. The low din of the pane rumbles though my skull, but I feel the glass get moved away.
"Are you okay?" Toal moves the glass to the side, leaning it against a wall. "What did you do?"
"I pressed a button to see if something would come out." I say.
"Did something come out?"
"Yeah, it fell on me." Toal stifles a laugh and smirks. "Looks like we don't have to worry about the machine though."
"Yeah." I think Toal finds the incident to be amusing.

I look at the other machine and press a button, but this time I brace myself. The machine makes a click, followed by a whirring sound, and then nothing. I brace myself for the glass to fall out, and it does. I catch it this time, and Toal moves in to help me get it out of the way. She's actually laughing now.

"How lucky are you?"
"Either I'm very lucky, or I have awful luck."

I reach into the drink machine and grab a drink to see when it expired. Looks like... huh. It won't expire for another century? I look over some of the other packages and most of them seem to last a similar amount of time.

"I guess we're not worried about expiry here." I hold up a packet of brightly coloured chocolates as I remark.
"Would we worry in the first place?" Toal is right. We'd have likely eaten even if it was bad. Beggars can't be choosers.
"Oh, I got an idea, I'll be a few minutes!" Toal doesn't say anything as I run back to the other room. When I return, I have a bunch of the books from the shared office.
"Why'd you bring those here?" Toal asks.
"If we're going to eat, we can read at the same time. This will help us optimize the time we have!"

I set down the books on the low table and Toal brings over an armfull of junk food.
"There's a lot of ingredients in the cupboards too. I didn't think that so much of it would still be good." Toal bites into a chocolate bar without even opening it. "Stuff in the fridge is good too."
"Really?" I put a package of candies in my mouth and crunch though the package. This doesn't seem like junk food. It's got plenty of energy in it, and even the package is healthy. "Maybe the maintenance drones include stocking the cupboards and fridges as part of the job."

I didn't feel hungry when I ate those energy bars. The packaging wasn't even edible. But this stuff... I don't know why I feel so compelled to eat it. I know Toal was likely starved in stasis, so I expected her to eat, but I didn't realize that I was so hungry too. I notice the projected screen is playing too. I'm not really sure what it is, and I don't really care. I do remember the books though.

Should we focus on eating, or should we try to multitask? We could read the books, and get some information from them, or we can talk to each other. I think Toal will be more talkitive after getting some food in her stomach. There's also the matter of what to do after. I think checking out that last room is a good idea, but we could also check the other rooms again, if you think that's a good idea. Right now though, Toal and I definitely want to eat!
No. 994679 ID: e7848c

Stuff your faces!
Do some light reading
Sure anything of interest
Don't forget to drink something
Do some stretching and then push out to the last room.
No. 994682 ID: 86aaf2

Try taking the bar out of the package. If your weird biology compels you to eat the packaging, you should do that as a separate meal than the actually designated as food item!
No. 994694 ID: 031458

Stuff Face.
Talk. Enjoy company.
Attempt to read. Inevitably fail. Get back to it when eat talk time over.
No. 994698 ID: 34bcd1

Eat and read, then talk with our new comrade. Can't talk and eat at the same time. Not very well, anyhow.
No. 994791 ID: f18774
File 161754771958.png - (29.37KB , 800x600 , 26 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Take the bar out of the package. If you're compelled to eat it, do it as a separate meal!

You're joking, right? The sugary pieces are soft, mixing well with the polymers of the package. Getting rid of the package is like taking the bread off of a sandwich!

>Stuff your faces!
>Eat and read.
>Talk. Enjoy company.
>Talking is hard when eating.
>But so is reading.

Toal and I continue to chomp though the pile of junk food. The beverage cans are eaten after the contents are drank. I open the reference for nanotechnology, and we both skim though it as we eat. Once we slow down, I decide to try and strike up a conversation with Toal.

"Do you have any plans for what you'll do after we get out of here?" I ask. She takes another bite of a chocolate bar (she seems to have a preference for the ones with nuts in them) as she thinks a moment.
"I think I'll try to join up with any Tozol groups that are still around."
"You can do that?"
Toal remains silent for a moment. "I'm not sure if things have changed." She says. "If they're the same, I should be able to rejoin fairly easily, and get all of the things they did to me fixed."
"Can I come with you?"
"I don't have anywhere to go." I don't. Toal is the only person I know, and I don't want to be wandering alone. "I'd like to go with you, at least until I have somewhere to go."
"I can't make any promises right now." She looks away from me. I think she's trying to avoid saying no.
"How about we stick together until then?"
Toal looks back to me. "Yeah, we can do that." This answer is much more genuine. I don't really know anything about Tozol culture right now, but they probably don't trust outsiders. If Toal trusts me more, maybe she'd be willing to vouch for me as a Tozol ally.

We continue to eat while reading the notes. I'm only skimming them right now, but I'm picking up some more information on how nanotechnology works.
Some synthetic organisms can create their own nanomachines using organic factories in their bodies. If they get enough nutrients of a specific type, they don't need to have injections to gain high grade nanomachines.
It's also possible for nanomachine systems to add abilities. One that catches my eye is the ability to share nanomachines though a 'venomous' bite. Nanomachines carried in my body can be injected though my fangs if I get this system, but I'd also have to be able to generate the nanomachines and stockpile them. It may not be helpful now, but I could use that in a pinch.

"That almost makes me wish I could use those." The nanotechnology seems to have Toal's interest. "Almost."
"Looks like there's a whole section on nanobots that allow for support of allies." These things are amazing, but kind of scary. "I could use the nanobots on myself, so that I can support you better."
"There are sections on offense, defense, regeneration and more." Toal flips though some of the pages.

I think we've had enough to eat. Toal has slowed down for sure, and I don't feel very hungry myself. I think an hour has passed, so we can go and do something else, or we can stay here. Any suggestions on what we should do?
No. 994801 ID: f9464a

Ask Toal for her opinion on what she thinks about the times you found.

The computers must be broken if they all claim that both of you have been here for hundreds of thousands of years!
No. 994806 ID: b1b4f3

Explore the next room.
No. 994810 ID: f48672

How much time is left on the replicators?
We can take take a quick rest to digest.
No. 994901 ID: 16c77b

You should probably get back to exploring soon. Also, how much time left is on the synthesizers?
No. 994948 ID: f18774
File 161765632603.png - (29.44KB , 800x600 , 27 Page Chapter 3.png )

>How much time is left on the replicators?

I'm sure some of them are done. I'll check them when I leave this room.

>Ask Toal if she thinks the dates are off.

"Some of the dates I found in the lab suggest that I was in stasis for 650000 years..." Toal looks at me with a raised brow.
"Those are probably wrong."
"You think that's too long, huh?"
"Why would anyone keep something around that long? You would be the result of a multi-era project. At that point, you would outlive the reason you were created before you even woke up."
"Unless the thing that created me has a lifespan so long that 650 000 years is nothing to them."
"That's possible, but do you think anyone would live that long?"
"If we nix that idea, then the other alternative is that all the computers here experienced the same glitch, or some sort of temporal anomaly is present."
"We'll just have to find out."

>You should explore that last room.

Toal and I finish up with our snacks and recollect our equipment. We leave the lounge and walk down the hall to the security door and the last unexplored room. Before we enter the room, Toal stops and looks though the blocked window of the security door.

"I don't think that's a security shutter behind that door." Toal speaks in a grave tone. "How long was this window blocked?"
"It was blocked when I unlocked the door." I get the feeling that the shutter isn't part of the door. "Do you think someone or something is blocking it?"
Toal's tails writhe around in the air. "Something. It may be some kind of machine."
"We'll have to be ready then." This bodes ill.

Toal and I breach into the last room, and we find what looks to be some kind of observation room. I think it's for watching the people who enter though the secured hall. There are windows on the North facing wall, but they're shuttered. I can open them from this side though. Otherwise, I just see a bunch of terminals with seats. I think if I open the window, I can see what's in the hallway, but if something is there, we may have to fight it once it notices us. There are controls for opening the security door as well, so we may have to open it here.

I can investigate this room more thoroughly, check another room first, or do something you suggest. I think we have to prepare for a fight though...
No. 994951 ID: 9fdfd3

>the other alternative is that all the computers here experienced the same glitch
That could easily be the case, in fact: All it takes is all computers in the network syncing their clocks to the same NTP server, and that server glitching...
No. 994953 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, alright let's test your knowledge. What are those unlabeled pills?

Also I wonder if we could set a trap for whatever the thing is on the other side of that door. Use multiple grenades on it.

Go check on the replicators, then come back and thoroughly investigate this room. There might be some controls to deal with unwelcome guests in the security hallway.
No. 995031 ID: 6c50d6

Look at the terminals.
No. 995034 ID: 9aaeef

Get ready to fight, grab a granade in from your pocket but don’t remove the ring obviously.
No. 995040 ID: 031458

65000 years stuff seems unlikely. We found evidence of this place being used 5 years ago.

Set your injector gun to max and ready your stun baton.
No. 995065 ID: f18774
File 161773988581.png - (32.14KB , 800x600 , 28 Page Chapter 3.png )

I have a bad feeling so Toal and I go and check the replicators before doing anything. We set the replicators to make the same thing again, and add 1 minor repair nanomachine dose and a serving of lactated ringers to our inventory. We return to the room with all the terminals.

>Look at the terminals.

The terminals have a couple of options. The mechanism that opens the doors in the hallway North of this room can be controlled from here. There's an option for various types of decontamination, and several buttons for calling different types of assistance (security, medical, engineers, and so on).

"Find anything interesting there?" Toal looks over my shoulder.
"I think this room is a security checkpoint." I think it makes sense, based on the options from the terminal. "It controls the doors on the other side." I motion to the shuttered windows. Toal nods.
"That's a lot of terminals for a few options." She looks back at the room. There are three terminals against the wall, facing the windows.
"I don't think you'd need three, even if you had two working security at the same time." I walk to the center terminal and look at it.

The left and right terminals are the same. They have door control, a call function, decontamination control, and control over the window shutters. The center terminal is a bit different. It has an option to override the locks with a security key, and can activate automated security features in the secure hallway.
I look at those a bit closer to see what options it gives me. Two automated turrets can be activated, the floor can be electrified, and toxic gas can be pumped into the hall. A little digging, and I find that I can manually assign a target for the turrets, but the camera feed to the security hall is broken. The only way to detect the target is to deploy the turrets, which will alert anything in the hall.
I'm not sure if the electrified floor or the toxic gas will be helpful. If the toxin is deadly to Toal or I, then we're stuck in here until it disperses. The electrified floor is a similar case, where Toal and I won't be able to step on the electrified segments (without being harmed) until it's deactivated. This is also making the assumption that it neutralizes the things in the hallway. If it's a machine, the electrified floor won't do anything if it's insulated or floats (like those maintenance drones). The toxic gas won't bother a mechanical enemy either, unless it damages electronics in some way, and I doubt that it would.

"The doors can be manually opened if the power is cut." I look up and see Toal standing in the North-East corner of the room. She's looking at a red panel. "A lot of force is required to open the door without power, but it's possible. Must be some kind of fail-safe." I walk over to Toal and look at the panel she found. She picks up a sticky note near it and reads it to me. "Rated for Tozol/Geiger safety." She flips the note over. "Fail safe will keep one in long enough for security to arrive."
"Only one?"
"Probably for if one of us broke out. I don't think we would have the time to get help if the employees were still here."

>Set your dart gun for maximum force.
>Ready your batons.

Toal and I set the dart guns to maximum power. It displays a warning that the force of the dart could be fatal in most cases. Right now, that's good. The dart guns are loaded too; 15 rounds ready to be fired. My shock prod and Toal's stun baton are ready too.

>Ready a grenade.

Not yet. I'll get it prepared when we're ready to open the security door.

>Can you set a trap?

If I read some of that chemistry reference, I could mix some kind of bomb for that purpose. The more I learn, the more I'll be able to make or take apart on my own. Right now, you'll have to give me instructions on how to make a trap.
There's also the issue of not being able to open the security door outside of this room. I could likely set up a delay, or one of us could stay in the room. A trap would be in the same spot this room exits out to, so we would have to leave some way for Toal and I to get out.

>Let's test your knowledge. What are those unlabeled pills?

Small. White. Smooth, mostly. I could probably use one of the labs here to test it so I can make a better guess. Neither Toal nor I are interested in swallowing unidentified pills.

>If all the computers sync to the same server, only one would need to mess up for the time glitch.

That's true. Though if they've learned how to make replicators, who knows what kind of time-frame they can work with. I don't think I'd be able to live that long though.

>This facility was in use 5 years ago.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean it hasn't changed hands either. Multiple generations can use the same house, so why not a lab?

Right now, the enemy in the hall can't detect us properly. Once I open the security door, it will be able to enter the rest of the lab. Since we know that the door can be opened without power, whatever is in the hall may be able to force it open once it knows we're here. Once we open the windows or deploy the turrets, we'll have a limited amount of time before it forces its way though the barrier, unless we open it and let it pass.

I have some ideas.
My first idea is to open the security door and let the target in the hall pass, then strike it from behind once it passes the door.
The second is to deploy the turrets to attack it. That will give us a chance to see what's in the hall without opening the window shutters, but it will also confirm that we're hostile and dangerous.
Third, one of us can open stay in here to open the door, and the other waits somewhere outside, down the hall. When it passes, we can strike from both sides. This does mean that one of us will be trapped behind the target, and we won't be able to support each other if one of us needs direct help.
The fourth idea is that we can try and sneak past, but if the door at the end of the hall is locked, or if more enemies are behind this one, then we're in a really bad spot.
I'm not sure if I missed anything, but if you have a different way to approach this, I'm all ears. If that's a hostile on the other side of the door, we won't be able to do anything else until the fight ends.
So what do we do, and how do we do it? Remember, the thing behind the door seems to have some kind of large, flat surface placed up against the door, so it may have a big shield. Keep that in mind when you think of tactics!
No. 995066 ID: b1b4f3

You could open the shutters here to get a look at it, determine if it needs to die, then activate the turrets if so, and use the time it takes to bash down the door to ready some grenades to toss through the first hole it makes.
I'm presuming the glass here is hardened and will be difficult to break, but you can safely assume the grenades will blow in the windows which will let you fire upon the target from behind and the side.
No. 995068 ID: 777990

Do you have a good reason to believe there's something ready to attack you on the other side of that shutter?
No. 995075 ID: ac3918

Open the shutter of the window farthest from the door.
Then, peek inside. Preferably using some reflective surface if possible.
No. 995169 ID: 9aaeef

Weird, the drones are supposed to repair the camera, maybe there are not drones in that section and they can’t open that door neither. You should open the shutters to see what’s in there and if it looks hostile kill it with the turrets.
No. 995175 ID: f18774
File 161780857207.png - (30.10KB , 800x600 , 29 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Do you have a reason to believe that the thing on the other side of the door is hostile?

Would you hold a shield up against a window if you wanted to talk? I would write something on the shield at least, just to show that I was trying to talk. Even if you can't understand the language, it's a display of diplomacy. This is just a shield pressed against a window. I think that this suggests that whatever is there is treating us as a potential threat.

>The drones should have repaired the camera. Maybe the drones can't enter that area either.

It's also possible that they haven't got to that area yet. Based on their behaviour, I think they consider the breach in the stasis pod more important. Which makes sense, considering how dangerous Toal and I are supposed to be.

>Open the shutters to determine if it's something that should be fought.
>Try using a mirror to look into the room.

If we're opening the shutter to see what's in the hall, we should be ready.

"Toal." Toal was sitting at the East console, studying it. She looks up and at me.
"I want to see what's in the hall. I'm going to open the shutter so that we can see."
"If you want to stay hidden, I can use my tails to see what's there." It sounds like a good idea, but I don't know if Toal will be able to describe it well enough for me to recognise what's in the hall.
"I need to see it so I can make a decision on what we're doing with it."
"We don't have any mirrors or anything, so you'll have to look though the window yourself if you want to see."

Troubling, but I think the only way I can identify what's on the other side is if I look though the window myself or if I activate the turrets. If this thing considers us a threat, then...

"I'm going to activate the turrets."
"Won't they shoot at us too?"
"From this terminal I can override the targets." I sit at the center terminal and begin the process. "I can make the turrets target only the thing in the hall, and nothing else." I change the turret behaviour, setting it to only fire at the manually assigned target.
"So that means we're fighting the thing in the hall." Toal walks to the door, her right hand resting on the grip of her auto pistol.
"We might. The turrets have a targeting camera that I can use to see the stuff in the hallway. If it looks like an enemy, I can set it to fire on it."
"What looks like an enemy?" Uh... well I'm not sure how to answer that.
"In this case, I would say machines would probably fit the bill. Security robots are more likely to attack us before they reason with us, and with no staff around to make them stand down, we won't be able to negotiate with them. Based on the way the repair drones behave, an officer will need to dismiss them, and since there aren't any here we'll have to fight or hope we can comply long enough to outlast their energy reserves."
"I take it that we can't keep our hands up longer than it can hold a charge."
"No, it's doubtful."
"So we're assuming we're going to engage a security robot."
"Yes, it's the most likely target."
"So you'll open fire with the turrets, but then what?"
"You mean what if it survives the turrets?"
"Do we let it though, or keep it sealed in with the turrets? Do we stay in here or meet it outside? Are we sticking together or fighting it from more than one side?"

Well, what do we do? Assuming this is a machine, it will likely have enough armour to survive the turrets, either by shooting them out or by breaking down the door before they can finish it off. We can toss some grenades at it, but we need to figure out how we want to start the fight so we aren't caught off guard. If you lot can't come up with anything, I think we'll let the turrets fire at them and use the time to go and fortify in the staff lounge, so we can use the doors to get around it.

The ball is in your court now! I'll add a map for you to use to show us what you think we should do, so you can draw up your plans too!
No. 995176 ID: f18774

Sorry for the lack of art in this one, I'm busy with class stuff and need to get it done. Please post your maps if it helps with your suggestions!
No. 995183 ID: 59b6dd

Just remember that you cant undo filling them with lead.
Just take the extra seconds to try and identify them while you have the advantage of secrecy; try to look for/at them inside the gun-cam’s periphery, just incase they notice the camera suddenly looking around.

I honestly don’t know how to approach this diplomatically without them misconstruing our intentions.
No. 995204 ID: 777990

Geeze dude, use the camera to get a visual and tell us what it is before you start asking for battle plans. Even if it's a robot we need way more data on it. If you can get a fix on it's cameras, if it's the kind that's slow moving or fast, bipedal humanoid or tank tread based or other wheel based.

IF it's a heavily armored tank style security bot, then open the entries and drop cooked grenades on it. More than one to be safe, heavily armored robots could shrug of a single grenade, even at close range, but several would likely be enough. If the grenades aren't enough, then comes the desperation move. That pistol won't do shit, but Tozols (and likely you) have potentially metal rending strength, so getting into any blind spots or area free of projectile weaponry and looking for a seam to gouge and pull on is the second tactic. Getting a fist sized hole and pulling electronics out will take it apart pretty quickly.

If it's humanoid, similar to your or toal or the hybrid you read about, diplomacy should be your first option. Very cautious diplomacy with you staying isolated from them while you talk, if possible. If not, again, what it looks like is needed to plan action, but bioweapon, hit it with a grenade followed by a barrage of needles to keep it down and then the stun prod. If it's a human, just... I dunno, grab it and disarm it. Not like tear it's arms off, just so there's no misunderstandings.
No. 995419 ID: f18774
File 161796839237.png - (24.20KB , 800x600 , 30 Page Chapter 3.png )

>We need to see it first before we make a decision.

O-oh. Sorry. I don't know why, but I'm feeling... scared? I think? You can't make a good decision without information.

"Hey, Toal, can you hold on a second?"
"What for?"
"I'm going to deploy the turrets to get a visual. If it's hostile, at least we'll know what we're up against." Toal nods, relaxing her stance a bit.
"We won't have the luxury of time though." She's pretty grim about this. Maybe she has the same sense of dread that I'm feeling.
"We never really did." I try to say it in a more lighthearted tone, but you can't really say something like that in that way. I turn to the center console, and activate the turrets. A couple seconds pass and the turrets descend from the ceiling.

The feeds come to life, displaying the vision of the turrets. One turret doesn't see much, it's facing the door at the East end of the hall. The other...

"Oh no..." The words slip out of my mouth as I see what's in the hall. A memory sparks, telling me what it is, and I don't like it.
"What?" Toal is suddenly over my shoulder, looking at the monitor. "What is that?"

A large, boxy robot on treads is in the hall. It has two arms fixed to what appears to be the object blocking the security door, likely a shield of some type. Some kind of antenna is on the side of its second level, and the top has the mechanoid's eye.

Which is looking directly at the camera.

"That is a Phalanx Argos. An automated security robot designed for securing hallways and pressing an advance."
"It's hostile?"

As if it heard Toal, the 'antenna' extends and unfolds, revealing a barrel. I quickly input the command for the turrets to target the Phalanx, moments before the Phalanx opens fire.

"Argos models are for restricted space. The shield they use has two high pressure spears that can penetrate tank armour."
"I assume that we're not safe if we can avoid the spears, huh?"
"Argos operates best when the hall it's stationed in is a bit more wide than it is. It has rocket launchers on both sides, firing two missiles from each side. The racks can be used to crush as well as block, so slipping past it is risky."
"And the gun?"
"A force gun. It doesn't fire physical ammo, but a focused kinetic blast. It can switch to a laser mode, but it's for suppression fire in most cases."
"What else can it do?"
"The Argos can rotate the shield over itself to advance at targets hiding behind it. The pressurized spears have the launch mechanism in the shield, so it loses no attack ability. The missile racks can fire in both directions as well. The Argos AI also has a habit of ramming and crushing targets."
"It's got treads too."
"It's not easy to knock over, and in halls, it can't be attacked from its sides, where it's most vulnerable. The AI isn't stupid either. It will try to avoid passing intersections and doors if it recognizes an ambush."
"So if we try that..."
"It will only work once, unless we force it to move into position. Arcanos AI is dangerous."

Well that sucks. We have a Phalanx Argos on our hands. The upside is that it lacks the ability to effectively engage us at range (some Phalanx models have powerful guns), but the downside is that we don't have anything to deal with it's shield effectively. We'll need a plan, and a good one, if we want to survive it. We can't risk trying the door it's blocking; if it's locked, the Argos can easily crush us into a paint job for the door, and I don't think Toal is anymore keen on that than I am. The Argos does lack strong turning abilities, but it can still navigate intersections and twists in the hall, so we have to be careful if we want to take advantage of that. The map from before is still good, so use that if you need to in order to help us understand what to do.

And please... don't let us die.
No. 995424 ID: 223405

We don't intend to let you die. Though our current kit might not cut it for this guy. Kind of wish we could find a way to sneak past it. Like a convenient air duct vent or something. Wonder if there's a way you can let it advance and throw some grenades in on its sides.
No. 995435 ID: 9aaeef

Yeah, with our current weapons this is probably suicidal, maybe we should investigate the other rooms, see if there is a secret door, or better weapons or a way to deactivate that thing. Ask Toal what she thinks about our chances.
No. 995436 ID: 36784c

Do you know if that thing is insulated? If it isn’t, then turning on the electrified floor could fry its circuits and cause it to malfunction, which would allow the turrets to shoot it for a bit.
No. 995444 ID: 031458

Can you disable any safety features on the security door? Or perhaps got the repair droids to disable them mechanically?

Then you could let it in partially and then crush it with the door.
The best engagement is no engagement!
No. 995451 ID: 777990

So if I understand this, the thing is sealing you in her by holding it's shield against the door.

Which means you could likely do enough damage to take it offline or at least lower it's threat level significantly with a shaped charged. Toal should know how to use shaped charges.

Now to get the explosives... hmm... we could make them, but that means waiting. Is there any way you could rig your grenades into a shaped charge?

The good thing about this situation is that you seem to be a leisure to handle this at your own pace, since it's not aware of you yet, granted the fact it took that camera out like that is a bit disturbing. It show's a little more intelligence that it should for a robot that's been tasked with holding this place closed.
No. 995453 ID: b1b4f3

We're in a good position, tactically. It can't advance, and you can break a window to be able to fire at it. Or just bypass it by jumping through the window. Do you think you can keep it from chasing you if you do that? Like, would you be able to lock the door on the other side of the corridor once you're through?

Hmm maybe if you broke a window then cut out a piece of the shutter to use as a shield, or blocked the corridor with it.

You could try breaking its turret with grenades before attempting to bypass it. Then you wouldn't take any damage at all.
No. 995456 ID: 3a67fd

Well, let's try to take a little stock, first. We've got a tozol on our side, no small amount of weaponry, we've got the replicators and enough food for... a short while, so it won't be able to starve us out before we come up with something, if we're relatively quick.

All this against a machine with... a decent amount of firepower in turn, though I think the shield is a bigger concern. Definitely not something we want to take on in a fair fight.

As an idea for dealing with this thing, you mentioned earlier that the stun grenades we have release a wave of concussive force. What're the odds that we can rig up a trap and flip this thing over?
No. 995458 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, let me ask a question: what other forces can we expect to arrive if we just let the robot sit there?
No. 995467 ID: efeb50

...Is, is that eye all it has to detect the area?

Take out the eye. It'd be hard pressed to kill you (or act at all, really) without some way to detect you.
No. 995468 ID: efeb50

How does it receive orders? Wireless? Voice?

Could we spoof orders to it? Try the default password? Maybe the access cards we acquired have some level of authority to give it orders?
No. 995526 ID: 7f1230

Use the replicators to create substances that damage it, possibly subtly.
You know what it is, what the Argos is immune to. EMP effects? Fires overheating it? Airborne corrosive chemicals? Radiation damaging electronics? Electrified hazards? Flammable gas that would cause a rocket to backfire?

If nothing else, have replicators make as much explosive chemicals as possible (ammonium nitrate maybe?) and the replicators at your pod was noted to be explosive, other power sources may be explosive. Either put as much explosives near the Argos or lure it near them, maybe while still in the replicators if needed. If the Argos is taken out, then you can dig through any rubble in the way with much less danger. Possibly use gun to shoot and cause a spark or heat up something to detonate from a distance.

Do you think it knows there is two of you? The Geiger broke out, but the Tozol was released with no alarms. Toal could sneak around, but then you would have to engage it solo first.

I don't think your firepower is sufficient to do any damage to this huge tank, except maybe to the eye. Even then I doubt the obvious sensor wouldn't be bullet proof, possibly covering it with something from your lab coat to some opaque substance (or napalm) would be more likely to work.
No. 995565 ID: 3a7feb

If Toal's relatively healed up, she should be pretty good at throwing accurately.

Does A10 think hitting the camera with a big ol javelin would work? How about hitting it with some kinda improvised paint bomb?

((Simply throw a blanket over it and it'll assume it's night time and fall asleep!))
No. 995594 ID: 15a025

The only thing I can think of myself here, is taking it down wireless somehow. I'd say hijacking its wireless signal, if it has one. That only works if we've got the tools and resources to accomplish that, let alone the knowledge as well.
More practical thing to do would probably be setting up some kind of EMP bomb to hopefully take it offline for some time.
No. 995633 ID: f18774
File 161815163016.png - (25.07KB , 800x600 , 31 Page Chapter 3.png )

Well... that got more responses out of you than I expected. Maybe you all are some kind of combat AI...

>With our current gear, this is suicidal. Maybe we should look for a secret door in the other rooms, or look for some better weapons.
I don't think we have the luxury of time now. The moment the turrets deployed, the Argos became aggressive.

>Do you think it knows there is two of you? You broke out, but you let Toal out without destroying anything.
That... is actually a good point. The Argos will only have been alerted to one hostile. I don't know if it will leave Toal alone if it spots her, but Argos will only hunt me down as long as it only detects me.

>How does it receive orders? Maybe we could spoof some orders to it?
Without an interface to use, I don't think I can do much. I don't think any of the stuff we found has wireless radios, and I don't have the knowledge to reprogram it. The AI may respond to one of the IDs I have, but it could also identify the cards as stolen, which would be bad. If I'm going to try and trick it, I'll have to stack the deck in my favour.

>It would be nice if there was some way to sneak past it.
It would, but this is a secure lab. The only way out be though the door... but the ducts that the maintenance drones use could also lead somewhere, but they're so narrow that we wouldn't really be able to take anything with us. We would lose access to this sector, and the Argos would be trying to hunt one of us down. This plan would work, but it could hinder us in the future.

>Can you crush it with the door? You could get the drones to disable the security features.
The emergency lock down function will drop the door, so I don't need to worry about disabling safety features. It has to be manually activated though, and with the armour it has, dropping the door on it is unlikely to destroy it. It should inflict significant damage though.

>Can you break the window to fire at it?
I doubt it. Arcanos wouldn't build this place, deploy a Phalanx and then make it incredibly vulnerable in the first choke point in the sector. If it could break the glass, then the Argos would likely fire back at us, and move out of the way. If it breaks the glass itself, then I think it's fair game.

>Is it's eye the only thing it has to observe the area?
>It's probably armoured though, so it won't be easy to shoot out.
Its eye isn't the only thing it has to sense things. It has a sonar system that it uses to see around its shield, but the range is fairly short, and it provides a fuzzy image. I'm glad it's not a more advanced model. You are right about the eye, it is protected, but concentrated fire could break it. We could possibly use the security door to smash it too, but we'll only have one real shot with that.
It would still be able to fight and navigate without the eye, but it would be a lot slower.

>An improvised paint bomb might work to blind the eye.
That's a good idea. We would have to find some thick fluid that can be used to blind it, but it would effectively disable the eye without needing to waste our first shot with the door. Then we could try to get the door to crush something else.

>Do we have any explosives?
>We could try the concussion grenades.
>Can we make a mine out it?

The concussion grenades are designed to stun. They're not very effective on machines, but I could rig up a bunch of them to go off at the same time, and that would make a more forceful blast, likely enough to damage it. I'm not sure if I have the stuff to make a mine, since I don't recall how to make one.

>Is that thing insulated?
I think the treads are rubber, so I don't think the shock floor would help much. A good shock might damage it though.

>You could try breaking the turret on it with a grenade.
I think it's actually weak enough to be damaged with a good shot from a pistol. It's a small target though, so it will be hard to hit. The grenades will have to be well timed to get it, since it will try to shoot it down or shake it off.

>Can you weaken the Argos using something?
The Argos is pretty well protected. It's designed for combat in narrow hallways, so most of its defense is on the front and back. EMPs would stun it for a few seconds. Corrosion is only an issue if it has strong effects, but it can damage the eye. Radiation will likely be ineffective since they know they have a Geiger here. Electricity will be effective if it can get past the exterior. The rockets could be set off by a strong electric charge or a hot enough flame, but we will have to time an attack for when the launchers deploy, and we won't have a big window to hit it the launchers. If we can stop the launchers from retracting, it can't reload the launcher, and it will have a hole in its armour.

>Shaped charges would work well on its shield.
They would, but we don't have any, and I think that Arcanos may have predicted that. I don't know if the AI will let us do that easily.

>It shows more intelligence than one would expect from a robot tasked with holding this place closed.
Arcanos AI design is very advanced and capable of learning. This Argos is aggressive now, and will likely shoot first and ask questions never.

>What kind of support will arrive if you leave it alone?
I don't think normal staff will arrive if we leave it, but more automated defenses could show up. I don't want to have to deal with two, or one with help.

>What does Toal think?

I mention some of the ideas to Toal. I can see the turrets still firing at the Argos, but it's raised the shield above itself to block one turret, and is firing at the other.
"I can throw." She sounds confident. That's good. "If you think it won't be searching for me, then what should I do?"

Okay, so I think Toal will be good to throw accurately. Then we need to figure out what we're doing to take this on. What should we do first?
No. 995660 ID: b1b4f3

OH, I have another plan. First, break the glass enough that you could fit through. Then open the door, let it through, close the door behind it, open the shutters, escape through the window. It can't climb through the window. All you'd have to do is prevent it from coming back through the security corridor to chase you. Would you be able to break the door mechanism or something once you're out? Or maybe you can just block the corridor with something? Wouldn't take too much, the robot can't climb.
If you can lock the door to the room you're in that would keep it from entering and shooting at you, if it'd even be fast enough to do that.

If you think you can't prevent the robot from coming back through the corridor, then I guess we have to break it somehow. Smashing it with the door is a good start. A pincer attack is also a good plan, because if you just attack from one direction it can block everything with the shield.
I feel like attacking it through the window is the safest plan though. The window is wide so you can change your position and firing angle, you can duck down behind the console for cover, and it prevents the robot from getting into close range to use its spikes. If you can do that AND smash it with the door, that'd be optimal. You obviously want to destroy its gun first and foremost. After it loses its ranged capability you can just plink away at it or aim carefully at soft spots.
No. 995681 ID: 031458

>Maybe you all are some kind of combat AI...
Our Neural Net was primarily trained on Combat, Subterfuge, Romance, Sex, and Human Suffering.
I don't know why they put that last one in there.

A lab like this would become a death trap if an uncontrolled fire broke out. There MUST be a fire suppression system. It's also very possible it's water based, (Too enclosed for foam, too clean for powder.) but it would be nice if we could verify that first.

Here's the plan. You will be here in the control room. Start by crushing the thing with door. The goal is to crack or puncture its chassis. Then activate the fire suppression system to soak it inside and out. Once it's free of the door, activate the electric floor. The water should allow the current to not only bypass the rubber treads, but provide a direct pathway to the robot's delicate innards. Toal will be waiting behind the break-room wall with a concussion grenade bundle, ready to throw them into this thing in case this plan fails.

Before that though...
Have Toal bind together all the grenades, and figure out a method of detonating them all at once. Without a close up detail of one we can't help with that part. The more the better. All of them, if possible.

You talk to the repair droids. Verify whether or not the Fire Suppression System utilizes water, find out how to activate it, if you can activate it in a local area, and if not, ask if they can disable it in the break room and the control room your in. If they refuse, ask them what hypothetically would cause the system to fail. Then do that. You do NOT want to be standing in water when that floor electrifies!
No. 995684 ID: e7848c

Turn your lab coats into bolos. Tie each end of the sleeve into knots and load a concussion grenade in each. Throw that into its camera and the combined blast of both will stun it long enough for you two to gun down its turrets. Do all this before opening the gate for it. Like you said, we can use the gate drop trick on something else.
No. 995758 ID: 34bcd1

I like the idea of crushing it under the door, but you will need to lure it there. How do you feel about being bait?

How confident do you feel about shooting out the camera?

Toal using the concussion grenades would be a nice surprise attack. We will need to rig them so they all go off at once.
No. 995792 ID: f18774
File 161822931632.png - (244.81KB , 800x600 , 32 Page Chapter 3.png )

The sound of gunfire echo though the hall. Toal doesn't flinch. She seems to be able to hear me over the noise, even though I don't talk very loud. I explain my thinking...

>I have another plan. First, break the glass-
The glass is armored, and ridiculously thick. Stray bullets from the turrets only scuff it.

>The robot can't climb.
I am not risking that. Arcanos AI is feared for a reason.

>Our Neural Net was primarily trained on Combat, Subterfuge, Romance, Sex, and Human Suffering.
If I ever meet the person who put you in my head, I'll probably punch them.

>A lab like this MUST have a Fire Suppression System!
It makes sense. I saw grating on the floors of the hallway, possibly for drainage.

>Here's the plan. You will be here in the control room. Start by crushing the thing with door. The goal is to crack or puncture its chassis. Then activate the fire suppression system to soak it inside and out. Once it's free of the door, activate the electric floor. The water should allow the current to not only bypass the rubber treads, but provide a direct pathway to the robot's delicate innards. Toal will be waiting behind the break-room wall with a concussion grenade bundle, ready to throw them into this thing in case this plan fails.
That's a pretty good plan. We can try that.

>Find a way to detonate multiple grenades at once.
I could rig the mechanism with some of that electric parts I found. Not too hard.

>Make a bola with the grenades and the lab coat.
It won't take long to make, but a proper bag would fly better. Toal suggests one of the spare bags.

From your suggestions, I'm developing a plan. We can crack the Argos' armour with the door, activate the fire system to soak its internals, then zap the water with the stun prod. If that doesn't work, Toal should have a cluster of grenades rigged together so that it can damage the Argos.

However, we don't know how to activate the fire system, and we don't have a lot of time before Argos starts trying to destroy the security door. Someone also has to stay in this room to open the door against it.

Toal is the stronger fighter. I'm faster at rigging things together, and I have some experience talking to the maintenance drones. The drones are in stasis room 7, about 15 seconds away by foot. I don't know how long it will take to get the information out of the maintenance drones.

I think I can make a cluster grenade with parts from the stasis room, while I'm there. Ten grenades should only take me a minute to rig. I think.

I estimate that Argos will destroy the turrets in... 7 minutes. 5, if we're unlucky, 10 if we are lucky.

We need to work out the details, but should I go with this plan?
No. 995797 ID: 34bcd1

I think this is a pretty good plan, but my only concern is this thing will be hardened against exposure to water. But hey, only one way to find out.
No. 995800 ID: bcde53

Should be good if the door immobilizes the bot.
Still, it pays to be ready for the worst.
Probably a good idea to have some sticky foam for the eye should it somehow get free.
Maybe get some simple thermite for the chassis holes too, if the water fails. It should be easy to replicate.
Just make sure both are tossable. It'd be suicide to get close, except maybe by its side after it loses visuals.
No. 995802 ID: 86aaf2

Ya that glass is probably diamond or mostly diamond mixed with something to prevent it from shattering or some exotic plastic or some other super tough transparent material. Pity 'glass' no longer has to he actual glass any more.
No. 995814 ID: c48caa

Whenever you talk to those maintenance spots, make sure you really sell that the fire suppression system need to be activated. Whether they detect a fire or not, it needs to be triggered.
No. 995842 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like Toal should be in the security room, and you do the ambush with the grenades. The robot may be looking for you specifically but it doesn't know where you are.
I wonder if you could figure out your radiation breath and use it against the robot? Radiation fries circuits pretty good.
No. 996321 ID: f18774
File 161849531231.png - (28.92KB , 800x600 , 33 Page Chapter 3.png )

A few more shots are fired in the hall. The camera on the turret is still intact, but there's not much action, all things considered. Argos' turret fires at the turret, and it fires back. For all the tension I feel, it's really not that exciting to describe.

>If the door immobilizes the Argos you should be good, but having something to blind the eye and put holes in its armour. The only concern is if it's hardened against water exposure.
It is hardened against water exposure. Dropping the door on it is likely to put fissures in its armour. We don't have any equipment on hand that could put holes in its armour, I think. No foam either, but the bola idea will work well if Argos' turret is still intact.

I explain the door plan to Toal. She seems to think it's a good idea. Her blindsight will let her know when to drop the gate without getting exposed. She does point out that the Argos may block the entrance to this room. I start to raise an objection but she stops me and assures me that she'll be fine. I don't feel good about it, but I go at her urging.

15 seconds pass as I run to stasis room 7...

Some of the maintenance drones are still here. I get the attention of one while I go and fill one of my bags with the electric scrap.

"How do I activate the Fire Suppression System?"
"The Fire Suppression System will automatically activate in the local area upon detection of flame."
"I need to activate it preemptively."
The drone pauses for agonizing seconds. "Credentials acknowledged. Activating manual Fire Suppression System interface." I notice a bright red switch deploy from the wall, next to the door. I hope this works in the hall.

1 minute and 30 seconds have passed. Another 25 pass as I run to the security room. I dump the box of grenades into one of the empty bags and grab a few more. I run back to the checkpoint room. 2 minutes and 20 seconds have passed...

"Looks like you got the FSS ready." Toal is under the desk her tails looking around it.
"Yeah, gonna make some bombs to disable the Argos." I open the bag with the grenades and find 6 in there. If we pool all the grenades together, there's 12 in total.
"We can break the treads with these too." Toal says.

I can make cluster grenades with up to 10 grenades. The cluster is stronger and larger for each grenade in it, but it takes me 1 minute to make a cluster grenade, regardless of how many grenades are in it. 4 should be enough to damage the treads or shatter the Argos' camera. 7 should be enough to severely damage the treads, if Toal gets a good shot. How many should I make, and how many grenades should I use in each one?

After that, should we wait for the Argos to destroy the turrets, or open the door and lure it into place?
No. 996331 ID: 3e1b28

>We don't have any equipment on hand that could put holes in its armour, I think.
Sorry, the thermite was supposed to be for *after* the security door made holes, to literally fry its circuits. Should have made that more clear. Probably too late to replicate some, though.

>break the treads with these too.
Though if you immobilize it, you've got all the time you require.

>shatter the Argos' camera
How badly? If it's just cracked, it'd be a waste.
No. 996366 ID: 3a67fd

Let's go for a pair of clusters, 7 and 4. Unless you botch the cluster up somehow, it shouldn't be difficult to get any unused grenades back if we end up not needing them. I would suggest leading the machine somewhere unimportant before going for the treads with the 7 pack, somewhere that you can leave it for a while and slip through the door it was guarding.
No. 996403 ID: f8fa51

Agreed on prepping a 4-cluster and a 7-cluster. We should not assume that the Argos is the only hostile we will encounter here, and concussion grenades could be useful, so we shouldn't be wasteful. Nonetheless, if it's a choice between getting shot and using all the grenades, we use the grenades.

My vote on usage is to throw the 4-cluster first to disable the cameras, blinding it. From there, we should have the tactical advantage, but if it proves to still be dangerous, we can throw the 7-cluster to break the treads.
No. 996469 ID: a0fad4

Look at you two cuties all bottomless and working hard. Gosh.

Aside from that, I agree with the consensus. Do the thing, pop the camera, break the treads if you gotta.
No. 996524 ID: c48caa

You don't want to wait for your one defensive option on the door to be destroyed. Get your bolas and 4-cluster grenades ready and get into position.
No. 996591 ID: f18774
File 161866522167.png - (46.36KB , 800x600 , 34 Page Chapter 3.png )

2 minutes and 20 seconds have passed. The center console displays a variety of warnings about the condition of the turret. If we're ready to do this before it's broken, it could help us a bit. The other turret is blocked right now.

>Make a pair of cluster grenades; one with 7, and one with 4.

I start working on wiring the grenades into a cluster bomb. I start with the 4 grenade cluster. While I work Toal asks me questions.
"Will the cluster grenades do enough damage?"
"The 4 grenade bomb will shatter the lens on the top. Even if the glass isn't destroyed, that much force at that range will heavily damage the sensors."
"So it'll be functionally blind."
"That's right." I continue to work on the bomb, and when I finish the first one, I get to work on the second.
"7 is enough to destroy the treads?"
"It can blow out one of the treads if you get it ont he inner face."
"That won't immobilize it?"
"It'll be crippled." I finish the second bomb, and start getting the bags rigged up to work as bolas.
"Oh, I get it." Toal realizes what I mean. "I'll use the walls to steer if it works."
"Yeah. It won't be able to pursue or ram us, so we'll be able to use cover more effectively." I finish the bombs. Two cluster grenades in bolas. I hand them to Toal and explain how to use them. I also explain how to operate the door, the emergency lock down, and the shutters.
"Alright, I'm ready." Toal is resolute.

4 minutes, 40 seconds have passed. It's now or never, but do any of you have any last second thoughts or observations?
No. 996605 ID: 3a67fd

>(...)any of you have any last seconds thoughts or observations?
...I would be remarkably surprised if the explosive ordinance that thing bears would be put to use unless things were particularly busy. Considering where you are, there's almost certainly a good amount of sensitive electronics equipment in most rooms, especially the containment pods you and Toal were in. Push comes to shove, hiding near an full pod might work?
No. 996608 ID: c48caa

Take Toal's hand, give it a squeeze and say a vote of confidence. Let's get in our element.
No. 996663 ID: 841ff7

I think we should act now.
No. 996720 ID: f18774
File 161875885399.png - (214.83KB , 800x600 , 35 Page Chapter 3.png )

My heart is pounding in my chest. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little scared, but at the same time I feel an excitement like I've never felt before.

I turn to Toal. She looks back to me. "We can do this, Toal."
"Right." She nods. "I'll open the gate when you're in position."

She keeps herself low, ready to operate the console when I give the signal.

I take a deep breath and step out of the room, leaving the door open. The Argos is still looking at the turret. I hear a loud, metallic noise and the security gate starts to lift. I step back into the intersection, still facing the Argos. As the gate lifts the eye swivels around to stare at me. As the gate retracts completely into the roof, the gaze of the Argos turns red.

"TARGET IDENTIFIED." The robotic voice is booming and menacing. I don't budge.
"It's now or never!" I yell. The Argos begins to approach me.

I won't lose, we will escape this lab alive!
No. 996785 ID: 841ff7

Of course we will, capitalize on that exitment and procede with the plan. You got Toal's back and she your's.
No. 996793 ID: b1b4f3

Stick with the plan. Smash it with the door once it's moved enough, then hit with the fire suppression and electricity. Then... bomb it?
No. 996794 ID: 8fb188

No. 996802 ID: 031458

Ok, have fun Honey! Call us if you need anything!
No. 996926 ID: f18774
File 161885512287.png - (104.61KB , 800x600 , 36 Page Chapter 3.png )

The Argos brings its shield down, blocking me from attacking it directly. Its engine roars as it begins to approach, ignoring the turrets firing at it from behind. I keep my eyes on it, but more importantly, the security gate. I back away slowly, trying to keep it moving at a steady, slow pace.

Agonizing seconds pass marked only by the sound of gunfire, but it finally moves into position, Argos' eye now under the gate.

"NOW!" I shout. The Argos' eye swivels around. I think it realized that I may not be alone, but it was too late. The gate descends quickly, crushing the Argos' eye into its body as it drops. I hear a small explosion and the twisting of metal as its turret snaps and its eye ruptures.

But the gate stops. Either the Argos can override the gate's protocols, or the gate is set to stop closing if it's obstructed with enough force. Either way, the gate begins to retract into the ceiling again.

"THREAT LEVEL UPDATED." Argos' voice is slightly distorted now, but just as imposing as before. "COLLATERAL DAMAGE NOW ACCEPTABLE."

I think that means it's going to use its missiles indiscriminately now. The eye and the turret are down though! Toal should be coming soon to use the cluster bombs now, but should I try to distract Argos further, or let her do her part without butting in?
No. 996927 ID: 16c77b

Keep distracting it. Surprise is out best tool at the moment.
No. 996930 ID: b1b4f3

Don't butt in.
No. 996932 ID: c48caa

Move only to make yourself a hard target but get ready to reengage as soon as Toal throws the ordinance.
No. 996955 ID: f88a6c

Close the door.
Repeat 'til it moves away from the door.
May as well maximize the damage.
No. 997158 ID: f18774
File 161902055422.png - (113.52KB , 800x600 , 37 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't have much to distract it, but I want it to consider Toal a minimal threat. I take my dart gun from my back and aim it at Argos.

The Argos begins to approach me. I'm sure it's going to try and ram me or use its spears. If it moves too much, it won't be under the gate anymore, but I don't have a means to keep it in place.
No. 997159 ID: f18774
File 161902056435.png - (177.10KB , 800x600 , 38 Page Chapter 3.png )

As Argos rocks into motion, a loud blast knocks me down. It takes me a second to get my bearings.

I scramble to my feet, but I notice that Argos is pressed against the North wall. Twisted shrapnel and bits of metal are scattered around, the remains of the Argos' left tread.

Toal came though! I just hope she's okay.

Argos' plates are intact, but also bent and warped. Its right treads scrape on the ground, the tank inching forward.

What should I do here? Try to get Toal to drop the gate again? Should I try to delay the Argos?
No. 997167 ID: b1b4f3

Time to begin the second phase of our assault. Go around the side where it's damaged, plink away at anything that looks weak.
...actually come to think of it, at this point it can't really fight back can it? Its turret is broken and it's blind and crippled.

Just get in there and start ripping it apart. Call Toal to help.
No. 997172 ID: 9aaeef

No. 997175 ID: 3a67fd

It's all but blind and immobile, right? Unless it starts firing those rockets indiscriminately, it's not going to be much of a threat to us anymore. The only thing maybe worth doing is seeing if the repair drones will attempt to fix it.
No. 997176 ID: 86aaf2

You want to specifically get in there and stop it from firing the rockets indiscriminately or setting off explosives or self-detonating in general! So go in there and prevent it from blowing the whole room up with you inside it!
No. 997248 ID: 270452

Did you guys forget?
>Its eye isn't the only thing it has to sense things. It has a sonar system that it uses to see around its shield, but the range is fairly short

Stay away. That system may detect stuff off to the side a bit.

>Try to get Toal to drop the gate again?
May as well.

Did you drop your firearm? Get it if you did.

After that, well, it's probably very slow. You've got time to replicate stuff for Toal to throw at it.
No. 997253 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, if the sonar can still work, which will result in it trying to use rockets... I guess what we need to do next is disable the rockets.
Bashing it a couple times with the door might make it raise its shield to guard, which means we could fire at its rocket launchers, and try to disable them. Or take them out with the second grenade bomb?

Well, we should at least try the electrocution, if it's not time to rip it apart yet.
No. 997275 ID: c48caa

You are still a target for missiles. Don't you dare make it easy for it. Retreat behind the corner of the hallway. Keep its attention on you with as few shots as possible.
No. 997283 ID: f18774
File 161910930697.png - (310.87KB , 800x600 , 39 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Remember that it can still use its sonar to 'see' you.

Good call. Even if Argos doesn't fire at me when I get close, it could still try to 'punch' me. The information I have on it could be outdated too, so it may be able to aim to its sides as well.

>Grab your gun, and try to get Toal to drop the door again.

I see my dart gun further down the hall. I back away, trying to get to it, but Argos decides to launch missiles at me. The turrets in the hall pepper the launcher as they deploy, to no avail. I dive out of the way, the missiles exploding and filling the West end of the hall with flames.

"Hit it again, Toal!" I shout. I'm not sure if she's able to hear me, or if she's okay. I hope she is.
No. 997284 ID: f18774
File 161910931673.png - (182.04KB , 800x600 , 40 Page Chapter 3.png )

Argos scrapes along the floor as it tries to approach me. It pushes itself away from the wall with its right launchers so it can move a bit faster.

Another loud crunch marks the second strike from the security gate. Argos' right side warping and shearing with the second strike. Since it's not flat, the door did more damage.

The door lifts again and Argos tries to move from under it. It's not fast, but I think it will be able to move out of the way before it's destroyed.

What's my plan here? Argos is down, but not out. We can't get reckless now.
No. 997290 ID: b1b4f3

Well it can barely move and Toal can just stay in the security room to avoid being targeted anyway. I say let it burn, or use the manual switch for the fire suppression then electrocute it.
No. 997291 ID: c48caa

Retreat to get one of those drones to manly start the fire suppression system. You don't want those fumes from the fire choking out the hall. Tell Toal to stay put and what you're going to do.
No. 997345 ID: 841ff7

You are out of granades, right? Electrocute it!
No. 997523 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161926880901.png - (160.01KB , 800x600 , 41 Page Chapter 3.png )

>You're out of grenades, right?

We still have the cluster bomb with 4 grenades, assuming Toal stuck to the plan.

>Let it burn since you can't move much with it active.
>Get a drone to activate the fire suppression system.

I can't be sure that the fire will destroy Argos, but I can't really move right now either. The turrets continue to fire at Argos, doing little to harm it.

I have an idea though. If I can get the launcher to stay open, it'll be a point that we can attack from. It won't deploy if I'm too close, but I could either get Toal to try and jam it open, or throw something in to block it. I get the feeling that Toal is okay, so what should I do here?
No. 997548 ID: c48caa

If you back up, you could bait it into deploying, and then have Toal toss the second concussion cluster into the missile bay.
No. 997554 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like even a single grenade would work if we got it in there.
No. 997638 ID: 15a025

This is a risky plan, but I don't think we really have any better options here. Let's go with this.
No. 997656 ID: 841ff7

Yes, maybe if you get closer it's sensors will detect you and open it's launcher. We must make sure Toal knows we are going to do this so she can throw the granades.
No. 997809 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161946348988.png - (341.87KB , 800x600 , 42 Page Chapter 3.png )

Argos' broken treads spin down as it redirects its energy. It continues to inch along the floor, leaving deep gouges in the panels.

>Toal could throw a grenade in the missile bay.

I call out to Toal. "Toal! When it's open, throw one in!" I really hope she heard me.
"Got it!" I hear her over the sound of Argos and the turrets. Thank god she's okay. I just hope that she knows what I mean.

I can bait the launcher into firing by getting in range of its missiles. Argos will also deploy the launcher to "punch" if I'm in the space the launcher will deploy to. Getting away would give Toal a better chance, so I ready myself.

I look around for my dart gun, finding it not too far behind me. I think Argos noticed too, because it opened fire as soon as I turned to get it. I manage to stay down and avoid getting hit.

I turn back to the Argos in time to see its side blow out, the missile bay spilling out. Looks like Toal got a grenade in!
No. 997813 ID: c48caa

Now would be a good time to get to one of those drones and turn on the water. Before this hallway becomes choked with smoke.
No. 997831 ID: 031458

Great. Now both of you book it out of there! Without it's missiles you are free to let it burn without you.
No. 997834 ID: b1b4f3

The launcher on one side is wrecked, why don't you attack in melee from that side now? I don't think there are any weapons left it can use.
No. 998151 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161963538255.png - (289.51KB , 800x600 , 43 Page Chapter 3.png )

We could let it burn, but the smoke would suffocate the hall. I don't know if Toal can get out with Argos burning in front of the door either.

I remember the crowbar I have, and pull it out.

It's time to end this.
No. 998153 ID: 16c77b

Smash and bash until it's done!
No. 998154 ID: b1b4f3

Summon Toal to help rip and tear.
With the prybar you can start pulling off paneling, and Toal can rip apart the insides once they're exposed.
No. 998155 ID: 9aaeef

Rip and tear.
No. 998156 ID: c48caa

Spike that into its sensitive parts. If you don't hear components breaking on the inside, hit it harder.
No. 998157 ID: 3a67fd

A dragon after my heart, with that crowbar!

But you already know what to do. Asking for input is a formality, at best.
No. 998181 ID: 777990

Well, start the destructive dismantling of this drone. I dunno, shoot for prying piece of it and destroying joints over poking holes in it with the thing, not that I likely need to tell you simple things like that.
No. 998189 ID: 031458

Oh. Oh you beautiful bastard.
Remember, for does basically nothing to you, if you can hold your breath that is.

It's time to dig into some robot!
No. 998387 ID: 59b6dd

Rip and tear. Leverage is your friend.

Aim for the soul.
No. 998502 ID: f18774
File 161981327667.png - (215.06KB , 800x600 , 44 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't know what comes over me. My body moves on its own,and I run up to Argos, not giving it a moment to react, and drive my crowbar into the hole in its armour, destroying anything I can, and pulling out every part I can get purchase on.

But I enjoy it.
No. 998508 ID: c48caa

Pry those panels open. Relive it of it's innards.

Pry and break until it is finished.
No. 998517 ID: 031458

There should be an AI core somewhere in there. RIP IT FREE FROM IT'S CONFINES
It shall be a WORTHY TROPHY
No. 998519 ID: 58bf0e

Nice! hey it can't self-destruct or anything right?
If not work on wrecking it's power source if you can get to it.
No. 998526 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, if you can disconnect the battery that'll shut the whole thing down. Though, breaking the CPU core is just as good, and you'd have to worry less about electrical shock doing that I expect.
No. 998536 ID: 3a7feb

Heck yeah.

Got any explosives left? Toss a grenade or something deep in there.
No. 998598 ID: 2e177b

Nah, if we have any explosives left better save up on them.
No. 998626 ID: f18774
File 161988925889.png - (251.14KB , 800x600 , 45 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't know how much time has passed. Argos has been gutted, Toal and I are sitting against the opposite wall, watching as the flames die out in the wake of our assault. The Fire Suppression System kicked in at some point too, so we're also watching the water rain down on the wreck. The turrets have retracted, having decided that Argos is no longer a threat.

I look to my right and pick up a small, round, device. The ruined AI core from Argos. "I guess we win."
Toal looks to me. "I guess so." She seems to be a bit out of breath from tearing up Argos. "Now what?"
No. 998628 ID: a9af05

Move the wreckage out from under the door, close the door, lock the door, go back to the break room, and rest.
No. 998629 ID: b1b4f3

Prep for exit. That means taking what's ready from the dispensers, and grabbing any easily available superconductors from the wreck.
Leave the AI Core intact, or at least as intact as it is now. Have mercy on the fallen.

Once you're ready, open the door and breach.
No. 998631 ID: c48caa

This seems like a solid idea if you want to catch your breath. If both of you are eager to keep going, get to walking.
No. 998632 ID: 031458

Hold on to that. When you get a place of your own, that's going on the goddamn wall.

You know... You'd think that thing would have backup, but no one's showed.
I guess it's time to take a look outside.

Set a new access code for the door, and lock it behind you when you leave.
No. 998634 ID: 36784c

Other than taking a break and resting, you could go check on whatever you've got in the replicators. Don't want to leave any of that behind before you move on.
No. 998684 ID: 15a025

We press onward. Unless you think you can afford a moment to rest after that ordeal, let's grab our stuff and get ready to continue on.
No. 998693 ID: 777990

Treat yourself to one of your 'energy drinks', set some explosives cooking in the fabricator, and arm up to explore some more.

Give your partner a knowing smile too.
No. 998731 ID: 2e177b

Maybe rest in shifts? You don't want to be taken by surprise if they make a move on the entrance.
No. 998790 ID: f18774
File 162004081251.png - (25.95KB , 800x600 , 46 Page Chapter 3.png )

The FSS deactivates, so the 'rain' stops.

>Check what's in the replicators. Set them to fabricate more if they're done.
>Clear Argos' remains so you can get to the door.
>Have some of your 'energy drinks' and rest up before continuing on.

"Let's finish up here before we leave." Toal nods. "I'll make a list."
1. Make sure that Argos won't get back up.
2. Check the replicators. Collect what's done, and set some more to fabricate.
3. Get something to replenish spent energy.
4. Clear and/or salvage the remains of Argos.
5. Get some rest and get ready to forge ahead.
"We'll rest in shifts, that'll be safer."
"Alright." I slump down. The adrenaline (Do I even have that?) wearing off. "That took more out of me than I expected."
Toal places a hand on my back. "We can rest a bit now." I nod, leaning on her shoulder. She hesitates for a moment, then curls her arm around me.
No. 998792 ID: 86aaf2

Y'all are too early in your all's relationship for romance. AND you don't know how combat stress affects your all's psychology after the fact. Spend some time doing the platonic affection and comfort thing, and talk about how you two feel about what happened.
No. 998793 ID: fce0e1

You both did well! But yeah, post-combat stress crash is not surprising. Take a bit to rest, eat something, and then work on salvaging things.
No. 998803 ID: c48caa

Enjoy this brief moment of peace. Catch your breath. Pause. Take a hold of her hand. Eventually, you can get up and clear that list with your friend.
No. 998804 ID: 841ff7

Rest a little before salvaging the remains of Argos.
No. 998845 ID: 777990

Aww, you two are adorable together.
No. 998969 ID: f18774
File 162021970977.png - (20.49KB , 800x600 , 47 Page Chapter 3.png )

... What?

When I open my eyes, I find myself in the staff room, lying on the couch. I likely fell asleep, and it seems that Toal brought me here.

I look around to gather my bearings, finding my gear piled neatly under the table. On the table are some snacks and drinks. Seems Toal is returning the favour from earlier.

Now that I'm up, what should I do? Toal isn't here, but should I wait for her, or do something?
No. 998970 ID: ddcffc

Get your gear back on and look for her. Even if all is fine, she'll probably need you to take over guard so she can get some rest.
No. 998974 ID: c48caa

Stretch, wake up, eat something. Casually gear back up and wander.
No. 998999 ID: 9aaeef

Eat the snack and look for her.
No. 999248 ID: f18774
File 162039699797.png - (25.13KB , 800x600 , 48 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Get your gear back on. She could use a chance to rest.
>Eat something, then look for her.

I grab one of the snacks and pop it in my mouth. While I'm eating, I go though my stuff to make sure that everything is there. All of it looks to be in order, so I put everything back on and finish eating.

I can wander randomly, or I can look in specific spots first. Do you have any suggestions?
No. 999249 ID: f18774

If it would be helpful, I can post inventory at request as well.
No. 999252 ID: 9aaeef

Go check the replicators.
No. 999276 ID: c48caa

Toal likely took the last grenades with her. Let's just casually wander over to the replicators. Just to check up on it. Let's just peek into the doors along the way.
No. 999302 ID: 09633c

Shoulder tattoo flipped, which way is it supposed to be?

Say, that bot's mark is the same as your shoulder/hip tattoos. Got some idea what those are?
No. 999506 ID: f18774
File 162056360124.png - (21.51KB , 800x600 , 49 Page Chapter 3.png )

The symbols on A10 and Argos are supposed to be the same, but I keep forgetting how it's oriented/to draw it. It's supposed to be the first one, but I'll probably change it to the second.

>The symbols on your body are the same as the ones on Argos.

Are they? I can't see them all too well. Maybe it's the logo of the group that made us, or the one that owns this place.

>Go check the replicators, and check the other rooms on the way there.

I put on my gear and leave the break room. When I step out, I see that the maintenance drones are at work repairing the damage caused by Argos' missiles. The floor is still wet from the FSS, so I haven't been asleep long enough for the floors to dry.
I check the security room first, then go to check the replicators. I see Toal walk out of the door before I get to the room.

"Glad to see you're up." Toal walks up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?"
"I think so." Nothing feels broken, but I should probably check myself for any injuries. "What were you doing?"
"I was checking the replicators. Couldn't activate them though."
"You need an ID card to activate most of the equipment here." She nods. I guess I never told her that part. "What were you going to make with the replicators?"

>What was Toal going to make? All of the replicators would be finished by now, so we have:
-Lactated ringers
-Geiger IV solution
-1 vial of minor repair nanobots
-1 vial of general purpose nanobots