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File 161369851421.png - (31.97KB , 800x600 , 1 Title.png )
988462 No. 988462 ID: f18774

This is a story about the living weapons, tossed into an uncaring world, and left to seek their own answers. Will they survive?
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No. 999577 ID: b8b2c2

Probably Semtex.
Also Thermate-TH3, though if that's too tough, there's always the simpler-but-weaker Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al.
No. 999742 ID: f18774
File 162073727361.png - (64.32KB , 800x600 , 50 Page Chapter 3.png )

"Just some Semtex, Thermate-TH3 or Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al, and some medicine." Toal says. "I don't think the nanobots would work for me, since Tozol bodies tend to reject foreign materials."
"The repair nanobots are designed to bridge the gap in your recovery time. Evading immune responses is part of their design." We should try some on Toal at some point though, just to see if they are rejected.
"Oh yeah, take these." Toal shoves a bunch of vials into my hands, the stuff the replicators were making. I put them with the other vials I have. I thank Toal.
"I'll go and get those compounds started." Toal follows me into the synthesis lab.

I'm getting the machines to produce what Toal was going to make, but if there's a better material to make, I can make that instead of what Toal was going to make. I also don't know what kind of medicine Toal was planning on making, so I could make anything I want in that category.

What should we do after I get the replicators set up anyway?
No. 999743 ID: f18774

Sorry for the lower quality, my arm isn't too good right now.
No. 999745 ID: e07f67

Just go for what she wanted, it's a good sign of trust. For the medicine, ask her what you should type in.
No. 999760 ID: c48caa

Toal has the right idea. Stick with her plan. After that, wash up in the nearest shower. You got got robo blood on you. You can get back to exploring casually after that.
No. 999770 ID: a9af05

Now that you've got a chance, check on your metabolic healing. Let's see how far along your Sensory, Muscular, Respiratory and circulatory, and Nervous systems have healed.

Once we see how far along everything is, we can decide on which system you should focus on healing next.
No. 999832 ID: 62e901

>Few types of explosives
Well, it's limited because the replicators just do chemicals.

Frags? Damage is mostly from shards from a specially built case.
Shaped charges/EFPs? Specially built case.
RPGs/HEAT? Specially built case plus specially built delivery device (though we'd have to be outdoors to use those safely).

Also, most explosive chemicals are volatile, too volatile for combat.
The types Toal gave just require a fuse. Maybe with a simple powder blast cap for the semtex (maybe add a bit of black powder to the replicator list for that purpose). Detcord would be ideal as a fuse for the semtex, but I doubt the replicators are up to the task of "explosives wrapped by plastic".

The obvious choice is to explore. You've got more places to go, past what's left of the bot.
No. 999853 ID: 36784c

>check on your metabolic healing.
>decide on which system you should focus on healing next.
Do this.

Ask Toal if her body is doing something similar to what your body is doing. Then ask if there’s something that can be made to help both of you speed up the healing process.

I’ve got a feeling that both of you will need your bodys to be healed more than they are now in order to prepare for future battles.
No. 999981 ID: f18774
File 162091220588.png - (116.61KB , 800x600 , 51 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Most explosives rely on the casing to be effective. You'll need a fuse to use them too.

I could make the casings if I learn how. I just have to find a source. I could make a fuse too, but I'll have to find something to experiment with before I can be sure.

>Get those explosives going. A bit of black powder could be made into a fuse for Toal's chemicals.

I get the replicators set up. They're now making:
-Semtex (6 hours)
-Thermate-TH3 (7 hours)
-Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al (5 hours)
-Black powder (4 hours)
-1 minor repair nanobots (3 hours)
-general purpose nanobots (9 hours)

>Check on your metabolic healing.

I take a few moments to focus on myself. My nanobot sub-cortex informs me that my sensory systems have been repaired, and are ready to be activated.
>Sensory traits now available: General sensory improvement, low sensitivity sonar, low sensitivity thermal scope, low sensitivity gamma scope

I can do this kind of stuff? I wonder what else I can do...

I still have a lot of general improvement I can make. I can also use the general purpose nanobots to increase the rate I can rebuild these systems.
>My current systems are:
-Sensory: Tier 2
-Nervous: Tier 2
-Respiratory/Circulatory: Tier 1
-Muscular: Tier 1

What should I restore next?
No. 999982 ID: 16c77b

Respiratory and circulatory. They're important!
No. 999985 ID: 9aaeef

No. 999987 ID: 3a67fd

I do like being able to See things we shouldn't be able to, but we should take care not to specialize too hard into something that can only, at the end of the day, give us information. Let's focus on the circulatory system next. We've got a lot of walking to do, if nothing else.
No. 999989 ID: c9ec6c

Respiratory circulatory
No. 1000020 ID: 51e016

Er, the powder was actually for the blast cap.
But hey, early fuses were just paper filled with loose powder, so it works out. Just avoid water, it messes up the powder. Or coat the fuse with wax, either works.

As per upgrades, it's a tough choice, but I'd say...
Because those last upgrades should let you detect possible threats early. If it comes to a fight, extra brute force makes it easier to deal with those threats.
No. 1000025 ID: b7a344

Can you lower the quantify of black powder since it's not intended to be the main explosive but rather a small component? Speed up the batch that way?

Also, Respiratory/Circulatory. For the senses, you want thermal. Heat management and heat awareness is CRAZY useful in space: it's why all possible stealth systems for starships and stations need Clarketech level stuff (reactionless thrusters, dumping waste heat into other planes of existence, cold fusion, things that break thermodynamics, basically magic) to work. Since EVERYTHING interesting on a space item that is expected to have people or robots or AI or anything produces heat... yea, thermal scopes. Even if only for looking out the window.
No. 1000030 ID: c48caa

Respiratory/circulatory get more use out of the oxygen taken
No. 1000306 ID: 5f1f8d
File 162109219138.png - (37.40KB , 800x600 , 52 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What do I improve?
-Respiratory/Circulatory: 5
-Muscular: 2
Looks like I'll focus my efforts on my cardiopulmonary system. When I get a chance, I'll use the general purpose nanobots to help with my musculoskeletal system. I can't have Toal do all the heavy lifting.

I wonder if Toal is going though something similar?
"Hey, Toal?" She looks up to me.
"How are you recovering?"
"From the fight with Argos?"
"No, from being in the stasis pod." She looks pensive for a moment.
"I'm alright. I only feel malnourished, but any toxins or nanomachines they were pumping into me aren't in my system anymore." Either she purged them quick, or she never had any to begin with.
"I've been trying to recover from something similar myself."
"I've been directing my recovery to my physical abilities. All I need to speed it up is food and rest."
"That's good, since my efforts have been sensory."

We discuss a few more things. Apparently I've been asleep for 3 hours and nothing else has really happened. Toal's been reading some of the notes and says that Geigers and Tozol seem to have been engineered to have very similar capabilities. At full strength, the two of us working together would be a terrifying force.

Now that we're caught up with each other, we can leave the lab, but I think it would be a good idea to let Toal get some rest too. We could also take some time to read up on stuff or make things out of the supplies we have on hand. We have no idea what's outside the lab, so we should prepare for anything.
No. 1000307 ID: c48caa

Let's do another sweep for any supplies and hunker down so you can watch over Toal while she gets some rest. You can casually gather up the weapons in the meantime.
No. 1000311 ID: 3a67fd

More supplies are always good, but rest is more important, aye. The two of you haven't been awake for TOO long, but after something like that fight... better safe than sorry.
No. 1000315 ID: a9af05

Let Toal rest and wait for the replicators to finish making whatever is in them. Do not make anything else, since that would only extend your stay here.

Once everyone is rested and the replicators are finished, we move on to the new area.
No. 1000364 ID: 841ff7

Ask her if she wants to rest before going to the new area.
No. 1000624 ID: 5f1f8d
File 162127725313.png - (34.04KB , 800x600 , 53 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Check in with Toal and ask if she wants to rest.
>She should rest while you wait for the replicators to finish. You can look for any remaining supplies or read while you wait.

"You should get some rest too, Toal."
"I'm not that tired, but that's a good idea." She starts to walk back the break room, and I follow with her.

I still remember what's in those other rooms, so between checking those out and doing some research, what should I do?
No. 1000625 ID: 5f1f8d

Here's a list of what we found in those rooms.
>In staff room in lab 4S
-Wearable Geiger Counter (contains battery)
-anti-radiation pills
-"Forbidden Romance! The Love of Weapons Against their Masters Wills! Can a Romance Between a Geiger and a Tozol Last?!"
-Second raunchy novel
-Canister of Buckminsterfullerene Carbon solution

>Left in Dr. Wu's office
-digital storage unit
-Chocolate nougat bar

>Replicators (Lab 4S)
-Semtex (6 hours)
-Thermate-TH3 (7 hours)
-Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al (5 hours)
-Black powder (4 hours)
-1 minor repair nanobots (3 hours)
-general purpose nanobots (9 hours)

>Loot from the lockers in Lab 4S Security Room
-1 pair of protecive gloves
-1 riot helmet (I think it can be modified to fit our heads, but it would leave Toal's ears exposed, or my horns.)
-5 billy clubs (An opened box contains five. Looks like they have stun contacts built into them too.)
-Straps, holsters, and carrying bags (I should upgrade my gear, this coat can't hold a lot.)
-4 variable power dart rifles (can be loaded with solutions like the injection gun, but it requires empty darts to be loaded into the gun.)
-3 boxes of 30 empty darts (for the dart rifles)
-A collection of pills and drugs (Why aren't these labeled?)
-9 wearable flashlights (no batteries, of course.)
-1 Geiger counter (no battery, same as the one in my room.)
-Protective boots (which neither Toal nor I can wear)

>In staff lounge in Lab 4S
-Junk food, and lots of it!
-Raw ingredients for cooking
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Binder with biology references for exotic and dangerous organisms
-Binder with nanotechnology references for interactions with unique chemicals and forces
-Binder of chemistry references for several organisms (Seems to be for the creatures in the lab)
-A book titled "The Ethics of Bioweapons in Regards to Neurology"
-A binder of biological observations on the physiology of Tozol and Geigers
No. 1000635 ID: e7848c

Just casually start emptying the rooms. Pooling resources into where you're staying at now. Might be good to keep some supplies left in the kitchen area.
No. 1000696 ID: 96c896

We can't dally much longer. Spending too much time looting is why the guard robot was able to block you in.
Take some bare essentials and move as soon as you're ready.
No. 1000702 ID: 031458

If say move all loot to your main room. Best have be everything in one place. Plus if you do another search of the place later, it'll be easier to find things you missed.
No. 1000941 ID: 5f1f8d
File 162142903468.png - (38.70KB , 800x600 , 54 Page Chapter 3.png )

Toal and I return to the break room. She makes herself comfortable while I take stock of the situation.

>Consolidate as much as you can in your main room.

I let Toal know that I'll be gathering up some stuff here. She gives me an 'OK' and I leave to do just that. It's a bit of a struggle to carry some of the stuff, but after two hours, I've gathered everything I can move to the break room.

>Decide what your essentials are and take them with you when you leave. Don't waste too much time.

It's easier to go though stuff now, but I still need to decide what we're going to bring with us. Toal is asleep now too, so I need to decide what to do while I wait for her to wake up. Any suggestions on either count?
No. 1000942 ID: 16c77b

Our tozol friend can carry more than you, so keep that in mind. I said bring most of the chemical stuff we've manufactured, if not all of it. Weapons are helpful, but we have no idea what the environment outside is like so survival gear probably takes slight priority.
No. 1000975 ID: c48caa

Take 15 minutes to lay on your back. Elevate your legs and drain any lactic acid. Afterwards, see if you can make something in the kitchen. Any ramen packs around?

As for what to take with you whenever you leave, I wouldn't take much more than your combat gear and ID badges.
No. 1000991 ID: a9af05

Wait for the replicators to finish up.
No. 1000996 ID: 3a67fd

You mentioned that the kitchen is fully stocked, and I don't think either of you ate after the fight with the argos. Some fresher food is probably going to taste better / be better for you than junk out of a vending machine. Try for some steak and eggs?
No. 1001223 ID: f18774
File 162160869534.png - (22.18KB , 800x600 , 55 Page Chapter 3.png )

I'm sitting in the staff break room. I have everything of note here, and Toal is sleeping soundly.

>Toal can carry more than you.

She was also resting! I didn't want to wake her!

I have everything we made and collected here, except the stuff still in the replicators.

>Take your combat gear and ID cards.

The combat gear is a given. The other stuff is still up for debate. I'm taking the medical nanobots, but there's still all the other stuff we found and made. What do we take?

>The kitchen is fully stocked. Cook something, maybe steak and eggs?

I... don't know how to cook. The only implanted knowledge I have seems to be related to weapons, general knowledge, and combat stuff. I could get an MRE ready, but I'd need instructions for cooking.

>Elevate your legs to prevent soreness.

I don't need to do that. I'm not sore or tired. I just don't know how a regular person can work in a warehouse.

>Wait for the replicators to finish.

We're already doing that!
No. 1001224 ID: 3a67fd

Okay, steak isn't too bad actually. You're going to want a large, flat pan and a stovetop. Look around, see if we have any oil or butter or anything. Get some of either of those in the pan and turn the heat on to something reasonably, say... 80% or so of it's max power. While that's heating up, rub some salt and pepper into each side of the steaks. Once that's done, put them in the pan and leave them for about four minutes or so, before turning it over to let the other side cook for the same amount of time.

Should get some decently cooked meat out of that, and you can use the leftover oil / seasoning to cook the eggs! They're ever simpler, just make sure they're cooked enough to be firm and not burnt and you're golden.
No. 1001229 ID: c48caa

I think we should surprise Toal with breakfast in bed. Head over to the kitchen and start listening off some ingredients. See how fresh things are. Time to do a crash course on cooking.
No. 1001465 ID: 15a025

We can probably teach you how to cook. Can't be too hard, can it?
No. 1001508 ID: f18774
File 162177867442.png - (256.00KB , 800x600 , 56 Page Chapter 3.png )

I dig around in the food storage units and find some cuts of meat and things that I can guess are eggs. The labels claim that's what they are.

... I've never actually seen real food, now that I think about it.

>Here's how you cook steak...

The cooking tools are easy enough to find. I use a clear oil lubricant and pour it in the pan, turning on the heating element. Seasoning isn't too hard, I just coat the flanks evenly in the spices. Cooking doesn't seem to be too hard either, but the oil spits and bubbles a lot.

I'm not sure if I cooked the steaks properly, but they aren't burning, so that's good. I toss the eggs in the pan too. They crack and shatter, but after a bit they firm up.

... I think I did an okay job.
No. 1001516 ID: 031458

Too much oil, but that's fine... And your supposed to cook the inside of the egg and discard the shell...
Or in your case eat shell separately?

Plant or animal based oils were what we meant by the way, not lubricant. Hopefully the mineral oil doesn't overpower the spices.

Knowing you, you'd probably enjoy it.
Toal probably will too.
Just play the shells off as Texture.
No. 1001534 ID: 841ff7

You were supposed to break the egg and put the content in in the pan. I don’t think you should eat this.
No. 1001535 ID: c48caa

Well, go for a taste test before presenting it to Toal
No. 1001545 ID: 96c896

I think you might want to avoid cooking again until you find a cookbook.
No. 1001758 ID: f18774
File 162199047890.png - (27.74KB , 800x600 , 57 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't understand what you guys don't like. I followed your instructions, so it should be good. I've even tried it myself, and it tastes fine!

But since you want me to move on, what should I do until Toal wakes up? I'm going to go over some of the reference guides if you don't have any suggestions.
No. 1001759 ID: 3a67fd



Are you eating the bone? WHY
No. 1001760 ID: 36784c

Because he can, that's why.

Besides, if he can eat the wrapper of a candy bar and suffer no ill effects, then eating bones won't be any different for him.
No. 1001765 ID: 96c896

I guess you have a different diet than normal and thus different taste buds. Well, whatever, we'll see if Toal likes it.
No. 1001798 ID: c48caa

What does the kitchen have in terms of drinks? Also kind of curious what the lactate ringers taste like
No. 1001800 ID: 86aaf2

Look, what's going on is we kind of are optimized to expect diets that are similar to *omnivores that use chemical processes that did not evolve on a deathworld*, not *genegineered super-soldiers where the researchers took dietary tricks from thousands of species from as many different worlds*.

Even our conception of 'what a genegineered super-soldier should eat' is more 'yea, the same sort of diet as an evolved omnivore, except maybe five-times as many calories, and a specially prepared shake with specific nutrients and substances that aren't generally found in nature for their extra durability tweaks, with a bit more capability to eat marginal organic substances, but not greatly beyond what shows up in nature.'

It's an expectation issue, see? To a creature that isn't running a nuclear furnace for most of their energy needs, burning meat to a crisp reduces most of the energy and calorie benefit of the complex proteins within the meat.
No. 1001804 ID: 777990

Since we obviously weren't designed around Tozol or Geiger tastes we aren't likely going to know what you like. Humanoids tend to like their stake mildly charred on the outside, still red and juicy on the inside. And they don't like the shells of eggs.

Having a digestive system that allows you to eat harder things probably means you have different preferences for things like taste.
No. 1001919 ID: f18774
File 162214018410.png - (65.08KB , 800x600 , 58 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Are you eating the bone?!

Why not? It's a useful organic hydroxyapatite. Oh, and the steak isn't burned. I put an even coating of salt and pepper on the exterior as instructed. I made sure it was perfectly even, so there were no gaps in the coating. The eggshells are good too.

>We're not Geigers.

You're not? You're just voices in my head, as far as I know. If you actually have bodies could you come and lend me a hand in getting out of here?

That still does leave the question of what I should do while I wait for Toal to rest up. Any suggestions?
No. 1001920 ID: 16c77b

Did we give those binders (especially the one about organisms in the lab) a good read? Or that ethics book?
No. 1001924 ID: 94b806

Think you're ready to think about your gender, yet?
No. 1001990 ID: 2c3010

Ignore naysayers. Everyone eats what they can digest. You can digest more things than humans can? Then your cooking doesn't have to follow human recipes. At least, until you somehow recruit some human allies.
No. 1001999 ID: 9aaeef

You can read some books, maybe the romance novel?
I think is already established that Geiger is a male.
No. 1002009 ID: 777990

I didn't say we have bodies, I just said we aren't geigers. As far as you're concerned were just data. Also, I'd assume whoever was sitting behind the ops desk for you before doesn't really have your best interests at heart these days considering the presence of that bot, so don't assume anyone who would've helped you out before is going to be doing it now.

What you wanna do is up to you. There's not a ton to be gained from reading the chemical and biological makeup of you or Toal right now, you know the basics and that's good enough for your needs, but if you had the same thing for the hybrid that might be useful, might reveal some weakness it has.

Or, you could just relax and try to enjoy yourself for a few minutes. You haven't expressed any real technical skills outside chemistry so I can't expect we'd get anywhere trying to tinker up some useful gear, particularly with our tools being maintenance bots. Maybe you could rig up a bandolier of combat knives for easy access and then practice throwing?

Or you could just sit on a couch somewhere and read the erotic magazine. I'm not really clear on your sexual characteristics and it's not really an appropriate situation, but for a lot of adrenaline pumping humanoids it's good to relieve your stress once in a while.
No. 1002090 ID: f18774
File 162231844749.png - (25.87KB , 800x600 , 59 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Ready to think about your gender?

Didn't you guys say I was male? Or am I supposed to be otherwise?

>Did we read anything thoroughly?

Nope. There are reference notes and writings for biology, nanotechnology and chemistry. Mostly for exotic organisms (so the notes say). If I read them more thoroughly, I can learn how to apply the knowledge from them.

I can learn about the weaknesses and weak points if I read the biology reference.
I can learn how to combine and use chemicals from the chemistry reference.
The nanotechnology reference can teach me how nanomachines work and how to better use them. Since a lot of devices interface with them, this would be more useful than it sounds.
The erotic novel... I'm not sure what I'd get from that. I don't feel stressed or anything, and I'm not sure how it'd help me feel better?

>I didn't say we had bodies.
>The person behind the ops desk doesn't have your best interests at heart, considering that robot.

I guess an artificial intelligence could account for that.
Argos was a security robot. It's standard Arcanos procedure to deploy those to secure indoor areas. At this point, it's hard to say if it was put here to stop us, or it's an automated system. Still, it's a bad first impression.

>You could relax and enjoy yourself.

... I don't know how to do that.
No. 1002091 ID: 031458

Read about nano tech.
Toal has chem experience, enough for now at least, and we are currently decently outfitted to deal with organics.
We can read the others later. Nano machines for now
No. 1002092 ID: f4c748

Get to reading some biology. Anatomy and species compatibility. How did they make a hybrid?
No. 1002095 ID: fce0e1

I say read about biology first, because learning about strength and weaknesses is pretty important. Then, if we have time, learn about nanotech
No. 1002096 ID: 36784c

You could try to think of a name for yourself.

>What do?
You should look at nanotechnology. You might find something that’ll help you speed up the process that your body is repairing itself.
No. 1002097 ID: bb47d1

>standard Arcanos procedure
You seem to be aware of quite a bit about them. What's procedure for a breach of a biotube?


Spar for exercise, as well as to test your close combat skill?
Computer games for tactical skill?
Strip Poker for ability to gauge truth?

Say, if you hook up that AI core to a computer, could you talk? Ask about stuff?
No. 1002104 ID: 86aaf2


Relaxing... Hmmm, you could try meditating. You could try listening to music, there has to be some around here somewhere. You could try a video game that is intended to *not* be an accurate form of tactical training, so you can viscerally feel the extent to which the stakes are lower. You could read something that is not training, especially fiction or something which has a plot or tells a story. What did the researchers around here do for fun? Any clues?
No. 1002213 ID: f18774
File 162247009157.png - (26.44KB , 800x600 , 60 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Majority says to read the biological reference and the nanotech reference.

The reference is pretty dry, but it provides details on the anatomy and biology of the other creatures that were being stored here. There's nothing on their 'hybrid' though. The section on Geigers could tell me more about what I am...

The nanotech reference is equally dry, but it does help me learn how the nanomachines work. I think I'd be able to use them to 'hack' other nanotech interfaces and spoof my identity. I also pick up a few tricks on how to better manipulate my nanomachines.

Reading a bit of both of those took an hour each. I can keep reading to get more info, or move onto something else. Toal is still sleeping.

>Suggestions for relaxing...

It's just me still, so I don't know if I'd be able to spar or 'poker'. I'd have to check Dr. Wu's office to see if I can play anything other than Tetris on that computer. Music would likely be on it too.
I've never meditated before, so I'd need someone to walk me though it.
I could hook up Argos to a computer, but I don't know if the core is functional. If it is, I should probably use an isolated terminal so it doesn't send a security alert to the rest of the complex.
I think most of the researchers watched stuff on that holo screen or talked to each other.

>You know a lot about Arcanos protocol. What's the protocol for a stasis breech?

It depends on the creature. For dangerous ones the standard procedure is to neutralize it. Non-fatally if possible, but the safety of the staff is considered more important.
No. 1002216 ID: 777990

If you have some latent knowledge of security protocols, do you have any ideas why the entire division would be abandoned and on automated lockdown? Do you now maybe where the staff here would go in such a situation?
No. 1002217 ID: 86aaf2

Watched stuff on the holo screen? Can you get that working? What programs do they have? Entertainment vs educational and all that? I don't think you've delved into that very much, can you go into some detail?
No. 1002344 ID: e7848c

Well there's no apparent staff to be rescued or protected, so the only thing on their objective list is you and Toal. At least you know how they're going to react to you. Until your next encounter, consider exercising. Do some push-ups, or dexterity exercises with your tail.
No. 1002432 ID: f18774
File 162265137702.png - (80.98KB , 800x600 , 61 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Can you get the holoscreen working?

I can, but there's no signal or network connection, so I can only watch records. Most of it seems to be episodes of various stories. Nothing useful or educational, but I could pass the time with it.

>Do you know why the sector is abandoned or on automated lockdown?

I don't know for sure. If this is a mobile facility, then it's possible the whole thing was abandoned because of an emergency. It could have also been abandoned for scrap, and the part we're in was missed.

... Or someone is trying to hide something, but that would be outside of official protocol.

>Consider exercising.

Wouldn't do much for me right now. My body is still repairing itself, and exercise would only expend energy while I'm trying to rebuild. I could benefit from exercise after that's done.

I decide to continue reading though the two reference books while playing a random recording on the holoscreen...
No. 1002434 ID: aaff03

Watch tue cooking show!
No. 1002436 ID: b22ed3

That second one is Pooooooorn
No. 1002438 ID: ba475e

First one.
Rescue tech is good, porn is so "not now", and cooking is of little interest cross-species.
No. 1002442 ID: c48caa

Expand on your cooking skills. Have the cooking show on in the background while starting on the nanotech binder.
No. 1002481 ID: 4734c9

I'm fairly sure you're male.

If we gotta pick one, Deep Trouble. Maybe it'll help give us some context to the outside world, if it's non-fictional.

Of relaxation activities, video games, particularly tactical shooters and combat strategy, are probably what we'll find most engaging, given we're a combat unit, but that may be a reason to avoid shooters/other violent games, if feeling you're "designed" for such things makes you uncomfortable.

Let's check Wu's office to see if there's any others on his computer.
No. 1002605 ID: 3a7feb

Channel surf and catalogue all the new creatures you see. Maybe you can even find a quasi-recent news report!

If that gets too distracting, just watch the cooking show. Humans love it when you give them tasty food.
No. 1002612 ID: f18774
File 162280931491.png - (367.97KB , 800x600 , 62 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Watch while you read.
>Watch the cooking show!

I tune the holoscreen to "The Galaxy's Greatest Cooks" and resume reading the nanotechnology reference.

>Channel surf?

The holoscreen isn't picking up any channels, so I can only view the recorded content.

>The second recording is porn!

Oh, like that graphic novel Toal kept? Maybe I should tell her about it...

>Check Dr. Wu's computer for games.

I would, but I also want to stay here and keep Toal safe. I can go for a bit, but I don't want to stay gone for too long.
No. 1002620 ID: c48caa

As a tozol, She will probably be fine. It's good to see you care for her, safety though.
No. 1002624 ID: 841ff7

I don't think you should tell her about the porn movie, let's see the cooking show.
No. 1002653 ID: 4734c9

Let's not tell her about the porn. She seems to want to avoid that subject.

Anyway, if we're not gonna check the computer for more video games, I suppose we'll be staying here watching TV.
No. 1002726 ID: 15a025

Guess it's cooking time again. What're they making today?
No. 1002760 ID: f18774
File 162300603771.png - (293.18KB , 800x600 , 63 Page Chapter 3.png )

I continue to read though the references while listening to the program on screen.

>Don't tell Toal about the movie. She seemed to want to avoid that subject.

Really? I thought that she'd like me being thoughtful.

>What's playing on the holoscreen?

That cooking show is playing right now. Apparently the usual host isn't available, so some kind of lizard man is being interviewed for one of the segments. Their eyes seem to be bugging out of their head, but they seem okay. They talk about how some foreign foods aren't the same when you import them, so sometimes it's best to go traveling to try new foods. They say they've been all over the place, so they've been able to try a lot of different kinds of food.
Soon after that, the next segment begins explaining how to prepare one of the "Grugru Va Talu" dishes. That fish is only found and prepared on Melanat III, so I guess I won't really be using this recipe much. It does explain some cooking terminology, so now I see why you guys did not like what I made.
It tastes fine though, so you guys really shouldn't be so quick to judge.
No. 1002793 ID: 841ff7

Yeah, I think I recognize this guy from somewhere else...
No. 1002797 ID: c48caa

Friendly looking lizard.

No judgement here. Carbs are carbs. You both need them. How are your systems doing? Can you focus on upgrading anything yet?
No. 1002875 ID: 4734c9

Hey, being able to eat what most would consider to be badly-prepared food is a blessing.
No. 1002877 ID: ecd116

looking at the program, do you recognize or at least know the name the species of the one being interview plus location of the area they are at including how faraway it might be from where you are? also what date was the program recorded/film then put on air/online ? if it was done more recently. there hope that a civilization or at least intelligent life is surviving or thriving out there, meaning the two of you are not alone well not counting the others that are here probably still alive at this place you are at right now, and there a chance slim as it may be to get rescue from here if you put out a S O S signal , that is if you can find a way to do so without a signal jammer or interference of sorts stopping you.
No. 1002881 ID: f18774
File 162315748436.png - (127.77KB , 800x600 , 64 Page Chapter 3.png )

I've been watching and reading for about an hour now. I notice Toal's ears twitching. I think she's gonna wake up soon. Maybe in another hour or so?

>Can you focus on upgrading anything?

I actually have a spare vial of nanomachines I can use, so I inject them into myself. This will let me focus on repairing my musculoskeletal at the same time as my cardiopulmonary system. My cardiopulmonary system will be finished initial repairs around the same time Toal wakes up. I should probably consider what I'll improve next.

>When was the program aired, can you get any information from it to help you escape?

It was recorded approximately 5 years ago, but I can't get any other information from it. I can gather that the Arcanos Organization spans multiple star systems, so I don't know how close any of these places or people are.

>Being able to eat badly prepared food is a blessing.

I'm not sure if I should feel complimented or insulted.
No. 1002884 ID: 16c77b

Let's put those nanos to work, repairing your body.
No. 1002892 ID: 96c896

The steak wasn't badly prepared, the eggs were definitely weird for human standards since humans don't eat the shells.
It's going to be cold by the time she wakes up though, that's not great.
No. 1002893 ID: e7848c

Touch the tozol
Do it now
No. 1003028 ID: 841ff7

What can we improve with the nano machines?
No. 1003050 ID: f18774
File 162332785431.png - (88.00KB , 800x600 , 65 Page Chapter 3.png )

The nanomachines don't take long to start repairing my musculoskeletal system. I swear I can feel my body grow stronger as a result.

>What can we improve with the nanomachines?

As mentioned before I can improve my sensory, nervous, cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems. Once I improve those enough, I can start improving more specific traits. Right now I have nanomachines working on my musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems, and the cardiopulmonary system will be done soon. When it's done, I can set the free nanomachines to work on something else, or have them work on my musculoskeletal system to repair it faster.

>That food is going to be cold when she wakes up.

More heat will fix that!

Time passes as the Geiger continues to study both the texts and the video. It seems Toal will wake soon. What should the Geiger improve, and what should the pair do once Toal awakens?
No. 1003051 ID: c48caa

Show stat screen.
Speed up your repairs when the other manos are free.
When Toal wakes, it'll be your turn to rest
No. 1003055 ID: 4734c9

Once they're done, finish musculoskeletal; might as well get everything repaired to the same level before you start with more complex/in-depth/situational improvements.

After Toal awakens, and after she tries your wonderfully-prepared food, you gear up and move out. Onwards, unto the breach.
No. 1003056 ID: 36784c

When Toal wakes up, go check the replicators. Once the replicators are finished, it’ll be time to leave this area.
No. 1003075 ID: a9af05

This. You don't want to leave behind whatever you were making in the replicators.

Also do not make anything else with the replicators! That would just be another 9 hours of waiting that you would have to do!
No. 1003087 ID: 96c896

Ah, you're making a mistake. If you reheat the steaks this way, they will start cooking again, and dry out. Unless you can set the grill to an unusually low temperature?
Also when stacked like that the bottom one will get all the heat, the top ones won't be warmed up much.

There are some tools made just for this purpose. Heating lamps, warming plates.
No. 1003230 ID: f18774
File 162351287407.png - (54.38KB , 800x600 , 66 Page Chapter 3.png )

"Hey." Looks like Toal is awake now.
"I made some food for you, but I think it's cold now-" I don't have a chance to finish. She gets up and devours the meal I've made.
"Not bad." I guess she liked it?

>Set your nanobots to work on your musculoskeletal system once they're done with your cardiopulmonary system.

Sounds like a plan. My subcortex queues up the order, so I don't have to think too hard on it. I'll have to see if there's a visual I can make to show my stats.

>Check the replicators.

"Once you're ready, let's go check the replicators."
Toal gets her equipment together and we go to the synthesis lab. The minor repair nanobots and black powder are both done. I put those away, but the rest of the stuff still has some time to go.

>Replicators (Lab 4S)
-Semtex (2 hours)
-Thermate-TH3 (3 hours)
-Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al (1 hours)
-general purpose nanobots (5 hours)

I don't think it would be a big deal if we left it here. Both Toal and I are fully rested, so I think we should just move on. Do you guys think we should leave this stuff here and move on?
No. 1003234 ID: 96c896

Yes, let's get on with it.
No. 1003236 ID: 4734c9

Yes, let's move on and scout ahead - nothing's stopping us from returning for it later.
No. 1003253 ID: e7848c

Let's push out
No. 1003257 ID: 841ff7

Let’s go.
No. 1003332 ID: f18774
File 162368589226.png - (29.66KB , 800x600 , 67 Page Chapter 3.png )

"I don't think there's anything left to do here." I say this to myself, but Toal can hear me clearly.
"Then we know what we're doing now."

>Let's push on.

It doesn't take long. Toal and I now stand in front of the door to the next sector.

"Are you ready?"
"Of course I am." Toal nods and turns to me. "Are you?"
"Yeah." I feel a bit nervous. "Let's go."

Toal and I step forward, opening the hatch...

No. 1003395 ID: ca0259

You two make an adorable pair.
No. 1003422 ID: f18774

This is the end of thread 1. If you want to keep reading, go check out the second thread at https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1003418.html#1003418

Thank you for reading, and a special thanks to those who participated!
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