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File 160216318073.png - (15.42KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch7.png )
978129 No. 978129 ID: 4c58a6


Hin and I have reached the town just as dusk is falling. We ended up making good time traveling from my dungeon but we need to hurry or we'll be locked out.
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No. 980043 ID: 8fab7a


No. 980046 ID: bcda15

No. 980047 ID: 9caba2

Churn churn churn the Earth
Wildly now goes Deem
No. 980048 ID: 9f0903

Do you think you can intimidate us? Are you threatening us with a good time? We'll be fine no matter what. You, on the other hand... will you just take this standing?
No. 980052 ID: b1b4f3

I mourn for your loss, Deem, but you still have family. Us. Your denizens. Your monsters. If you seek revenge, so be it, but there is something else you should consider. What if you're not unique? There may yet be other dungeons in the world. We still have not reached out to the dungeon association. Your brothers and sisters might still be alive. Sleeping, or not.
No. 980061 ID: 08e322

No. 980062 ID: 0fae41

Delve! Another opportunity to expand your domain. And Deem, get those eggs out of your golem. Lay egg is true?
No. 980063 ID: 735fa3

Of course we are going to churn the earth. Deem is angry, it has to happen.
No. 980065 ID: a9af05

Churn the Earth
No. 980069 ID: 735fa3

Ah, a slip of the tongue, another secrets shakes loose.

If your siblings are lost, maybe your motherly nature can be of benefit. You might be a humble delving right now but once you are a might labyrinth, full of treasure and secret, who knows if you could maybe make more of your kind, and nurture them back from the edge of extinction.

But just so you know, we are going to continue to tease you mercilessly no matter how many times you get angry and snap at us.
No. 980070 ID: 094652


Most multi-cellular life forms host parasitic eggs of some type or another, or various strains of bacteria that reproduce and mutate while leaving the host alone. None of these are considered the host's children.

Welp, churn time it is. We needed an exp challenge anyway.
No. 980107 ID: 46f7e4

Going to have to agree with Angry Deem and churning.
No. 980117 ID: 5950e9

Churn the earth!
You refuse to lie still, your cthonic heart yet beats and life both within and without you, even your splintered offshoot, recognises that, responding in kind
No. 980118 ID: 132a57

We're not taunting you! We love you!
No. 980127 ID: eb4a6c

Hmm. Could Delve be used to "dig" a "room" which is just two giant sculptures of hands giving the sky the finger, on top of the mountain peak?
No. 980131 ID: 9f0903

Hey, speak for yourself. I am totally taunting her.
No. 980157 ID: 933c00

I definitely support this plan.
No. 980176 ID: 9f443d

Well either way it's mostly loving taunts, give or take a few.
No. 980178 ID: 9faf9c
File 160422464914.png - (35.79KB , 800x600 , paint_the_mountain_orange.png )

>Of course we are going to churn the earth. Deem is angry, it has to happen.
You tempt me not to, purely out of spite but no my mood demands this.

I feel my stockpiled mana moving to use great magic. The hectic pace makes the ragged edges of my Heart sting coldly where my mana bleeds away.

I need mana and gold! I need to make use of my dungeon's environment and I need more and stronger monsters. The only real opposition is the frogs now the devil bear's gone. I pour away my precious, stockpiled mana to set the land thrumming, slowly intensifying. The earth will give up its treasures to those ready to claim them!

>We're not taunting you! We love you!
Then you are fools!
No. 980179 ID: 9faf9c
File 160422470402.png - (19.84KB , 800x600 , you_cant_see_it_but_they_all_have_silly_faces.png )

>I mourn for your loss, Deem, but you still have fam-
What's gone is gone.

I sway. I'm lost in mazy thoughts for a moment and then I know because I know that I cannot know that I know. I feel hollow. I'm still angry, there's things I need to do.

I pause to collect myself, I ache with spent mana. Hin steadies me. Right, we're walking around the docks.
No. 980180 ID: 9faf9c
File 160422485179.png - (32.30KB , 800x599 , dungeoneer_is_now_in_HD.png )

"You doing alright, Deem?" Hin says.

I blink. "I'm fine." I say. I should drink more for the pitiful sliver of mana my golem body will give me from it, if nothing else. "I was lost in thinking." I raise my cup. "Can you top it up?"

"OK, but if it's getting too much just tell me, OK?"

"Yeah gimme a refill too." Kallia says. "And one for Centaur to hold and me to maybe drink."

"Centaur?" I ask.

"Well she's half horse."

"Are ponies horses?" Hin says.
No. 980181 ID: 9faf9c
File 160422490487.png - (37.16KB , 650x750 , this_is_fine_kallia_says.png )

"I haven't done enough!" I suddenly announce to Hin and Kallia, and her golem too. "We haven't done enough."


The restless earth-pulse spurs me on. "This is a night out. We need to drink more at a bar, and dance, and talk, and get in fights, and rob that bank!"

"I'm down with most of that." Kallia says.

>And if we're being overdramatic about symbolism, you'd best tear the manacles off of that clay doll of yours. We've got a sky to tear down, and chains will only get in our way.
Do you think I didn't know that I knew? But I need a change! "And I should take off these rocks!"

Hin puts a hand to my shoulder. "Deem, no! No more undressing."
No. 980182 ID: 9faf9c
File 160422493847.png - (68.91KB , 800x600 , healthy_seal.png )

My Heart is aching. I have been still too long. I haven't done enough! I need to do more!

The earth-pulse runs wild!

Delve: Labyrinthine ways. Instantly digs a large dungeon room or up to three smaller ones. Alternatively, can be used to reorder and rearrange rooms in the dungeon.

Empower Catalyst: Treasure to entice. It enhance useful qualities out of raw materials to be used in magic item creation or training of the dungeon's minions. It also can be used to upgrade an existing catalyst or transmute small amounts of copper, silver, gold or platinum into orichalcum, mithril, chrysadamant or adamantium.

Churn the Earth: Stoke the raging earth. Until a month passes, monsters are more aggressive and rarer types will be spawned. Monster growth is accelerated. Gold is much more likely to be found by digging rooms, exploring the area and defeating monsters.

Bestow Investiture: A gift of power! Instill strength, insight and mutations into a willing recipient with raw dungeon magic.

Terra Shift: Geomantic undertakings. Exaggerate or modify the surrounding terrain towards a different type. It can be made more or less suitable for different monster and resource types.

Verdant Chamber: Dungeon overgrowth. Upgrade an existing dungeon room to empower its functions and gain additional utility from it.
No. 980183 ID: 9c1ef3

>Verdant Chamber: Dungeon overgrowth. Upgrade an existing dungeon room to empower its functions and gain additional utility from it.

Better baths and beyond!
No. 980184 ID: 094652

Deem, you need to stop. We can see your core's brain-matrix bleeding from here. Any further and you might, I dunno, risk permanent brain damage as your core cracks from literal pressure?!

You sure? Fine. Bestow Investiture on Moriko, see if you can give her a Split Person ability so half of her can go wild with demonic zeal while the other half can concentrate on not being a demon.
No. 980185 ID: cd8fb7

Verdant Chamber
Empower the forge!
No. 980186 ID: fa2754

Now this is what you need
No. 980187 ID: 36784c

Verdant Chamber

Upgrade the room with the potion baths! That way instead of getting weak permanent effects, your denizens will get strong permanent effects!
No. 980188 ID: 9caba2

Bestow Investiture!

Kallia's been real good to you during your visit, and she's even grown some horns to mimic you. You should give her a big old power boost.
No. 980191 ID: fbdb1d

Verdant chamber the meditation room!

Because I think it’s time to take a mental chill pill, and improving a room for centering oneself might be of assistance.

Pull back before you blow a gasket. Your entrance and main boss room is already a bit of a mess. Think of your denizens. They must be confused as to what’s going on.

Also, sorry for prodding and teasing. Didn’t want to ruin your fun night out. Go do those things you said you wanted to. Uh, with the possible exception of the last.
No. 980192 ID: ea027f

Verdant chamber the golem matrix! MAKE THEM MORE THAN THEY ARE!
No. 980193 ID: ea027f

The brain matrix is not a friend.
And uh, deem, your medallion is on fire.
No. 980194 ID: ea027f

Actually no, cool things are cool but you're gonna feel that in the morning way too much. Calm down and go rob that bank. You can spend mana later.
No. 980195 ID: 0fae41

Bestow Investiture! if Alkaline's awake, great! If not, whoever answers the call to be bigger. Has to be willing, remember!
No. 980196 ID: 12b116

Overgrowth the FORGE, Hin will be so surprised when we get back!
No. 980198 ID: 465a14

Upgrade Hin's forge as a gift to her and for the sake of having cool things.
No. 980199 ID: bcda15

Verdant chamber the forge
No. 980200 ID: 701302

Verdant Chamber.

Also deem, how dare Hin tell you what to do. You're the boss. She and you and Kallia all need to strip. And if she defies you, you need to kiss her and plant yer eggs in her. Show her who's boss.
No. 980201 ID: 9f443d

This seems cool
No. 980204 ID: 9f0903

Verdant Chamber for the Forge sounds right, but also, >>980200 is right: Those shackles are coming off whether Hin likes it or not.
No. 980210 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, what? Is it safe to do two of these in rapid succession? Your eyes are showing dark pits again, and your pendant is glowing. Something is wrong, Deem.

>Then you are fools!
Why? You're not evil.
No. 980211 ID: 735fa3

We'd better verdant chamber the thaumatorium. It's the nicest place we have and it'll just make sense.
No. 980218 ID: 9c48ac

Yeah but are those cranks and bleeding from the seal, or from Deem behind it?

Anyway, if you're sure you feel up to it then Verdant Chamber whichever room has the potion bath in it, I wanna see that work faster.
No. 980219 ID: ae602a

>Then you are fools!
We must be, we're still helping you even when you treat us like garbage.
Now get those manacles off you while you're still pumped, and ignore anyone's protests against it.
No. 980221 ID: 2aa5f0


We are going to have the worse hangover in the morning.
No. 980224 ID: 6e6f32

Pimped out potion bath would be cool.
Get a good'ole fointain of youth goin and what not.
Verdant Chamber
No. 980231 ID: 46f7e4

Churn The Earth! Hangovers get lonely if they don't have any regrets to keep them company.
No. 980252 ID: c708ca

No. 980253 ID: a9af05

Verdant Chamber on the potion baths.

Deem, doing two of these upgrades in a row can't be good for you or your denizens. You might end up fracturing your heart even more or you might end up injuring your denizens when the dungeon rearranges its layout.

After this one, you should stop and rest for a bit before you try doing another upgrade.
No. 980254 ID: 377cb4

Guys the cracking and bleeding is representation of the heavenly seal holding Deem back breaking, not Deem getting hurt
No. 980267 ID: 4dc8c9

Precisely! This is probably a good thing!
No. 980268 ID: 9f0903

And even if it were, you can't find your limits if you don't push them.
No. 980285 ID: 735fa3

I changed my mind. A verdant room would be nice, particularly the baths.

But it wouldn't spit in the eye of the sky.

Churn the earth again. Lets shake the very foundations. Lets wake dragons and fill rooms with treasure. Lets flip off the goddamn sky with both hands.
No. 980313 ID: 10c408

empower catalyst.

Let's not churn the earth again. I think once was enough. Twice will likely make the route to our home very dangerous for an entire month and

It also seems like provoking Deem has not only caused the mental sky seal to crack and bleed, but also agitated the mountain enough for an earthquake to occur.
No. 980324 ID: 08e322

Churn the Titties
No. 980341 ID: f57349

Delve, turn the previous churning into bonus gold and long-term structural gains.
No. 980367 ID: ce39da

Verdant Chamber, centered on the Meditation Room. You're slipping into the ugly side of being drunk. You're better than that. If you must use the earth-pulse you have, let it be in this way.
No. 980420 ID: eb4a6c

Can Terra Shift be used to sculpt two giant hands giving the sky the bird, on the mountain peak?
No. 980621 ID: 66d80e

Verdant Chamber to make the potion baths better!
No. 980757 ID: 09f511

Verdant Chamber the golem room, I would think. Improving that improves our golems further, after all.
No. 980911 ID: 3bdb3f

I agree with Verdant Chamber in golem totem. We are going to need better foot soldiers to fend off the monsters from Churn The Earth, either if we are in a position to go out and hunt them letting the dungeon less protected or not.

We could have summoned another angry demon bear, so better be prepared.
No. 980912 ID: afa6f6

Verdant Chamber on the Golem totem!
No. 980927 ID: c57fb0
File 160530985577.png - (30.70KB , 800x600 , normal_forge.png )

>Upgrade Hin's forge as a gift to her and for the sake of having cool things.
>Overgrowth the FORGE, Hin will be so surprised when we get back!
Imagine her! Imagine her FACE!

She has been steadfast but neglected, I owe it to her. We need tools and treasures to bait the Labyrinth Game. Things to be desired. Things to be sacrificed and to make sacrifices for to obtain from the mazes beneath the earth.

The withered and ancient power I have demands no less. I must grow, my dungeon must become more. I summon my meager mana to the task, plummeting past when I would normally limit myself as the earth-pulse pounds around me and pouring it into the shape of a spell. I don't care! I need it now!

Verdant Forge - Curio Bud: Whenever a magic item is created, there's a high chance a weaker item with some related attributes will be created.

>Deem, you need to stop. We can see your core's brain-matrix bleeding from here. Any further and you might, I dunno, risk permanent brain damage as your core cracks from literal pressure?!
I don't have a brain.

What was I doing? I was so angry. I feel weak and weary and broken from the power that has passed out of me. My little hoard comforts me but my mana is disastrously depleted. It isn't enough, I need to do, do something.
No. 980928 ID: c57fb0
File 160530989083.png - (7.81KB , 650x750 , things_that_are_taller_than_hin.png )

"Woah you OK there Deem?" Hin says.

Why am I on the floor?

I marshal my wits. "Why am I on the floor?"

"You tripped. You're a bit of a klutz at the best of times, you shouldn't go racing off when you're unsteady on your feet." Hin says.

"Excuse me?" Hin's betrayed me! I shouldn't have done something nice for her! "I was doing important dungeon things!"

Hin squints at me appraisingly. "You really shouldn't do that while you're drunk, Deem." she says.
No. 980929 ID: c57fb0
File 160530991786.png - (21.46KB , 799x600 , deems_a_good_photographer.png )

"Oh did you make an egg fountain or something?" Kallia says.

"I can do anything." I sniff. "Except that." I cross my arms. "It's a surprise!"

Kallia presses on. "Did you make beer slimes? Turn your pet cauldron into a real boy? Make statues of yourself?"


"That doesn't sound like a no."
No. 980930 ID: c57fb0
File 160530994797.png - (23.83KB , 800x600 , the_content_you_want_to_see.png )

>Churn the Titties
"I did this but with a mountain." I say to Kallia.

"Gods damnit Deem." She says. "You're a menace."

"I blame your bad influence." I say.

>And uh, Deem, your medallion is on fire.
>Actually no, cool things are cool but you're gonna feel that in the morning way too much. Calm down and go rob that bank. You can spend mana later.
The focus medallion is burning hot against my golem body's clay skin. It's attempts to restrict and stabilise the mana channels in my golem body are clearly failing. I feel ragged. Maybe you are right, I've overdrawn on my mana. Falling unconscious in the streets of this town once was embarrassing enough.
No. 980931 ID: c57fb0
File 160530997647.png - (22.21KB , 800x600 , me_dem.png )

There's raw mana seeping from my Heart fragment.

I dab it away. "You might have a point." I say to Hin.

"I had a lot of points." Hin says.

"One point!" I tell her. "I'm going to let you have one point. I've pushed my magic too hard, dungeons and drinkings are not a good mix. I need a moment."

>We are going to have the worse hangover in the morning.
Nonsense, I am an expert at drinking. I just need to drink some water, eat adequately and bite a dog I think.

Hin sits next to me. "Alright, want some water or anything?"

"I want a plan." I say. "What else should we do tonight?"
No. 980932 ID: 9c1ef3

oh hey, your horns grew new bits!

But, uh, you're passing in and out, falling all over the place, and just being angry and silly. For a human, the usual course of action would be to - aw man there's no way we can talk to merud is there
No. 980933 ID: 9f0903

break your shackles off, doesn't matter if Hin don't like it, do it while you still can
No. 980934 ID: b1b4f3

>Hin's betrayed me!
Disrespect is not betrayal. You can ask her to apologize for calling you a klutz when she sees the cool forge upgrade you made for her.

Accost the bank about their shoddy layout? You might not have the mana to directly fix their problems but you can point out the flaws so that their own wizard can fix it.

You could also go shopping, if you haven't spent all your spending money on booze.
No. 980935 ID: 0fae41

First, eat one of those fruits off your branches. Second, hug Hin and make up. Finally, let's see the sights. Go to Hin's old smithy. Does she still own that? Did something replace it?
No. 980936 ID: 0fcb2a

It is traditional for mortals to get a tattoo at this point. You're not mortal, but you can get intricate markings made to your golem body. And look! A golemeter right next to you! Fancy that.
No. 980937 ID: afa6f6

Oh, Deem, I think youre bearing FRUIT now.
No. 980939 ID: ce39da

Eat that fruit. Get a tattoo. Drink some water. Head back to Kallia's place. Not necessarily in that order.
No. 980941 ID: c57fb0

I should probably clarify the last panel is just Deem run through a simplifying filter to make her look sillier. It turned the leaves into blobs.
No. 980942 ID: bcda15

Consider the sensual nature of the serpent; so slender, so sinfully smooth, stupendously sneaky. They would go splendidly with your selected, Stargazer, Slimes, golemS, sorcerers.
No. 980945 ID: 0fae41

Too late, Deem's beans canon now
Well then, dip one in hot water and make golem tea!
No. 980946 ID: 6e6f32

Why not to see a movie! play!
No. 980957 ID: 5b3857

Deface the church. Inscribe it with a clear and concise explanation of the flaws in Sky worship. "Erf Rools" and "Ski iz meen" should summarise the salient points. Remember that alcohol enhances eloquence, and that you are the best at spelling now, the others are allowed to offer advice, but you can do better on your own.

And vomit in their fountain.
No. 980991 ID: 08e322

make a skateboard and then grind on the sky fountain
No. 980992 ID: ea027f

You used mana so you need more mana and you know who has mana? The bank has mana. Also gold.
No. 980994 ID: 8fab7a

Snakey tatt? Snakey tatt.
No. 981041 ID: f57349

Tell your available minions here in town to go fetch you some fried cheese and a stray dog and meet back up at the docks. Don't pay gold for water, just drink part of the ocean.
No. 981128 ID: eb4a6c

Plan: acquire water via skinny dipping.
No. 981137 ID: 71fcb1

We need to go BIGGER with Hin. And get rid of these eggs. And actually make it up to Kallia. And sate Centaur’s lust for cannibalism. Think you can do all that?
No. 981138 ID: a9af05

>get rid of these eggs.
Or we could keep them. It's a resource we can easily make more of, so we can use them in different crafting projects.
No. 981155 ID: b1b4f3

You should see if you can get a piggyback ride on Hin. Experience the tallness.
No. 981164 ID: 36784c

Yeah, I agree with this.

Definitely do this!
No. 981165 ID: 9f0903

leave an egg as a calling card when you rob the bank
also: dammit, Deem, break your shackles already
No. 981181 ID: 8fab7a

>Arha wants more suggestions
Centaur should carry Kallia around (while surreptitiously trying to absorb her golem clothes), like a proper workhorse golem.

Hin should hit up a snack stand and reach new heights of, uh, heightery. At one point she will grab some shrubbery and pretend to be a tree giant, since everyone else is doing it and she at least has the height advantage to do so.

Deem ends up in a drink-off with the shopkeep, who's out on town and surprisingly good at holding her liquor or at least faking drinking it. Deem descends into sad drunk semi-catatonia from her apparent loss (and also mana deficiency).

Kallia wants to impress (?) her acquaintances / drinking buddies about town, so takes the gang barhopping to show off her new looks and also Centaur which she totally made herself with only a liiiittle bit of dungeon magic (fingers crossed for a free round or two from all the silly stuff she's had to deal with - and hey, it's at least a little bit of advertisement for the Dungeon). She later wakes up in her bed, squished between Centaur and Deem, apparently the only thing preventing their renewed fusion.

Hin wakes up in a stable, because no way was she fitting back in through the door and into a bed anywhere sensible.
No. 981508 ID: ea7277

How likely is it that the Churn the Earth has caused an even bigger monster to appear than the Devil Bear, basically setting everyone back and halting the improvements to the entrance?
No. 981600 ID: 735fa3

Make a drunken pass at Kallia. Always have to end the drunken binge with something you'll regret that you won't remember.
No. 981747 ID: 8b1d98

You have used too much mana, maybe you could do something less taxing.

It could be a great idea to ask Hin to write a letter for you to your companions and send centaur to send it to your dungeon. You can inform them of all the nice things that are happening today:
- Turns out that you are an expert drinker
- You get out with Kallia and Hin and kissed Kallia
- You churned the earth (maybe they should prepare)
- You are in war against the wretched sky now
- The bank is easy to steal so you may try a heist
- You miss them very much and you all have to get out sometime.
- You can end the letter with a drawing of you and your minions to show that you have them in consideration.

Centaur have now the power of two golems so it shouldn't have any problem to go to the dungeon and back in half the time. And for all I heard sending letters drunk is a good idea (I think).
No. 981820 ID: f2320a

like it seems pretty darn useful its like a growing source of a possibly useful jelly
No. 981845 ID: fba229

With the help of a giant artisan and a skilled golemeter, it should be possible to rig up some pillars as arms and legs and sculpt a bit of a face and torso, onto the Sky Temple. It doesn't need to be a useful golem that can actually walk and such, it just needs enough anatomy for the magic to stick and make it technically a golem, so that Centaur can eat it.
Hopefully that will given Centaur enough material that it willingly release Pony. Unless Pony is happy as a gestalt and wants to stay like that, in which case you can guilt them into making a golem child for you to adopt. Or just watch the giant clay-absorbing abomination automaton go on a rampage...

Go to Hin's old forge and reminisce about her past there, and maybe, if she is drunk enough, her past before that, and maybe your own past too.
No. 982318 ID: ecaf9f
File 160656544467.png - (29.06KB , 800x600 , dem_good.png )

Yes! So many important things to do and see this night. I am an expert at drinking now, but there's more to master. That's good. This will be very good.

Good night everyone!


No. 982321 ID: 735fa3

Goodnight Deem, we love you, keep smiling.
No. 982322 ID: ad130d

We love you Deem!
No. 982339 ID: 08e322

No. 982367 ID: fba229

Good night Deem. May the hangover be less bad than being possessed by a vengeful spirit was!
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