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File 157207713592.png - (1.16MB , 2388x1668 , F65AEF9A-84F9-434F-87DA-454315092E98.png )
947852 No. 947852 ID: fb2a85

“Good morning, Alphonse.”
“Good morning, Victoria. And this must be Emils.”
The elderly Avaros locks his eyes on the smaller Rabbold, in a hospital private room. He had invited us in during his granddaughters scheduled checkup, in regards to some matters discussed between Alice and Emils.
“To what do we owe the honor of you inviting us today?”
“My granddaughter has told me your ward has some kind of ability to help her.” He addresses Victoria.
“I am not sure what nonsense your ward has put into my girls head, but she was insistent on discussing some matter between us. She refused to provide any details, so I am here to determine just what is going on.”

>Be Emils - Explain matters while keeping abilities low key
>Be Victoria - Pry details out of Emils
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No. 947854 ID: 977456

Bee Vickee. It is Emils time anyways, but I want to see some of what Victoria thinks of the weirdo.
No. 947855 ID: 0efe8e

Be Victoria, this is a great opportunity for her to learn more about Emils.
No. 947856 ID: 094652

Emils: "I'm a magical girl and I have a magical replacement arm."
No. 947857 ID: b1b4f3

Be Victoria.
No. 947858 ID: f2320a

Emils: its magic girl Time!
No. 947859 ID: e7c7d3

Be Victoria
I want to see how she reacts to things
No. 947860 ID: 015bf2

Emils gotta do this one, I think.

Start with explaining. Something like "I have realized I may be able to repair Alice's magic. I asked her if she would like me to make an attempt. She wished for me to consult with you before she made the decision. If I want to help her I must convince you this is not nonsense. Correct?"

Study the old man's behaviour and reaction. Consider what options might be optimal to achieve the goal of repairing Alice. Direct proof of your ability would probably be the most definite. You are in a hospital. Perhaps there are other cripples nearby who'd be willing to offer themselves up for a first trial run?

Alternatively, ask if you can touch him, sense his mana and make a slight adjustment that does not harm him, but allows him to notice what you've done. It would probably seems better if the change is positive. Optimize something, just a little, perhaps?

If you do anything, you should make it seem as if it takes more effort than it really does.
No. 947863 ID: 0a7f21

We'll have to be Emils for this.

And of course Emils will have to dryly explain exactly what his modification was and how it works and how it can be used to extend her life.

Without any explanation for how Emils knows how to do this of course.
No. 947864 ID: 015bf2

Quick note that Alice is the Avaros teen who'd lost their arm to a magical mishap (/sabotage?) while Bea is the Rabbold teen with the superpower ability that was slowly killing her (which we fixed, kinda).

We haven't done anything with Alice yet.
No. 947866 ID: fe8ee5

I'd like to be Victoria for this.
No. 947867 ID: c9c450

Victoria. It'd probably be better to choose Emils but it's more interesting to see Victoria do some interrogation.
No. 947872 ID: a9af05

Be Emils.

Do this.
No. 947885 ID: 8d4593

Let Emils get into some trouble without us.
No. 947891 ID: de20f7

Let’s go with Emils; maybe we can learn more about her slime-ness
No. 947896 ID: 18e3d4

"I'm helping Silvia. It's a birthday present and a friend present at the same time."
No. 947899 ID: feecd8

No. 947902 ID: 0fae41

Be Victoria. Interrogate birdman instead.
No. 947912 ID: 4cf79d

Be Victoria. Emils should explain nothing.
No. 947913 ID: e7703b

Honestly, I'm kind of impressed that it's currently at 9:9 votes on both sides. Next vote decides it.
No. 947916 ID: ca2950

No. 947918 ID: e7703b
File 157218551944.png - (747.57KB , 2388x1668 , 30D122D7-E4A0-4926-AB10-9FDA7D4F0778.png )

“My apologies, but I’m just in the dark about this as you are.” I answer.
Turning to Emils, I ask, “Emils, could you please explain to us what this is about?”

Emils looks at us calmly as always. “A few days ago, Alice had taught me some magic.”
Alphonse frowns at this, but keeps silent.
“I had noticed that she was damaged, and offered her repairs.”
“Damaged?” Alphonse glares at Emils.
“Yes, besides the obvious missing appendage, a lot of her mana veins had been in a state of disrepair. As a result, her mana efficiency was very low. I asked permission to provide some repairs to her body, but she insisted on asking you first.”
She then looks at me, “I had not expected things to escalate this far.”
I frowned, “Emils, I am your guardian, anything that about you, I need to know. I won’t pry, but things like this... using magic to affect the bodies of others, that’s dangerous.”
“I can see you two are upset about this. I shall take this in consideration next time.”
“Next time? Emils, I would hope you would discuss things with me about this before hand.”

“You two can settle this later.” Alphonse interrupts us, “you clearly do not know about what this girl can do.”
I asks Emils, “You’ve mentioned... repairing Alice. What does this mean?”

“I’ve taken a look at her body, and as I’ve explained, her body is in a state of disrepair. As she uses her magic, it will leak into her body. Her use in heat related magic has caused her body to overheat.” Emils looks at Alphonse. He slowly nods, as if to agree with Emils. “I can close these leaks. Her magic will be more refined, and she won’t be as affected by her magic as before.”
“... how confident are you at this?” Alphonse ask.
“I have done this before. I am confident that I can do it again.”
I raise my brow, “What? You’ve done this before? To whom?!”
“I do not believe it is my place to provide the private details in regards to the matter of strangers.”
“Emils, messing with peoples bodies is very dangerous. You don’t know what kind of long term effects this can do!” I recalled the effects written in the magic textbooks of my past.

>Try to get who else Emils has affected.
>Focus back to Alices “treatment”.
No. 947919 ID: 3ce8ff

Focus back to Alices “treatment”.
No. 947920 ID: 0fae41

It looks like you need to give Emils "the talk."
No. 947921 ID: 015bf2

You can badger Emils about who they've affected all day later, but right now you're in front of Alphonse and the topic of discussion is his granddaughter. (But by all means narrow your eyes at Emils and indicate that there will definitely be words on this later on.)

As for Alice's treatment, as Emils guardian and the person responsible for any mishaps you'd very much rather they NOT go ahead with this - at least as things stand. That said, you're here and Emils have said as much, so... what precisely does this 'fix' entail? What are the risks involved and the odds of success? Why is Emils so confident they can succeed where so many others have failed in the past?

Can they conclusively prove, somehow, that they do have good odds of success?
No. 947922 ID: 015bf2

Oh, and quizz Emils on whether their solution will account for the long-term effects that you recall.
No. 947924 ID: e7c7d3


Yeah, as her guardian, you need to educate her on the potential dangers.

Focus on the treatment.
No. 947934 ID: 91ee5f

>Emils, I am your guardian, anything that about you, I need to know.
Don’t be too harsh on Emils. Remember what Chancellor Strix told you? He suspected that Emils’ amnesia is caused by her refusing to remember a past trauma. A mental barrier to stop herself from facing what happened to her...or her family. This new skill you’re all talking about is probably something Emils just recently remembered she could do. She just forgot to tell you about it until now.

Although, this recent development just proves how much you don’t know about her. Talking with mana beasts, meeting a giant slime under the city, and now this. Kinda makes you wonder what she’s gonna do next, doesn’t it?

>What do?
Focus back to Alice’s “treatment”.
No. 947940 ID: 977456

Explain how this can go wrong. It wouldn't be the first time a kid hadn't considered failure.
No. 947955 ID: 18e3d4

No. 947956 ID: c9c450

Treatment. We can discuss the other thing at home.
No. 947981 ID: a9af05

Focus back to Alice's “treatment”.

>Emils has done this before
>She won't say who she's done this to
Victoria, what if the other person Emils is talking about is herself? Could it be possible that she's messed with her own body?
No. 948027 ID: e7848c

One problem at a time Alice
No. 948035 ID: 7fb87a

focus on the details of what she's actually done to Alice, and how.
No. 948057 ID: 8d4593

Focus on the treatment. Prying into who now will just lead into unending tangent.
No. 948077 ID: feecd8

Stay on task! Focus back on the treatment!

>Amnesia caused by past trauma
>Did Emils mess with her own body?
These could be related. Vicky mentioned side effects, so perhaps Emils got lucky and she only lost her memory instead of something much worse?
No. 948096 ID: 6c9030

Emils doesn't want to talk about the other person, and it's not actually this guys business.
You can pry her for information later. For now, keep the focus on Alice and ask about the treatment.
No. 948126 ID: e7703b

"I am not aware of any current of future risks in-"
"Emils." I look at her, "Magic has adverse effects on the body. It's not safe, nor is it okay to change someone's body."
"I made sure to ask permission."
"What? That's besides the point!"
"Anything I've done is completely reversible."
"Emils, no. Unless you're a proper healer, it's not safe to use magic on people."
"Actually," Alphonse speaks up, "You've mentioned you can fix mana veins."
"That is corret sir."
"Alphonse?" I ask.

"It so happens, I have a subordinate that was recently involved in... an accident. As a result, she had strained her body and is at risk of going blind. With your permission, I could have a team of people observe Emils as she tries to heal her. I am willing to give a pass on the obvious illegal surgery she has admitted to, attempted or otherwise."

"Wait, no, you have no proof-"
"Victoria, she has openly admitted to performing magical surgery on people, without a licence, possibly on multiple people. This is a dangerous admission, true or otherwise, and needs to be investigated."
"But she's just a child!"
"Precisely. She doesn't know of the risks, and if she does have an ability to do magical surgery, it's best she gets to learn how to do so in a safe environment."

No. 948127 ID: cdabe3

He’s... kind of blackmailing us at this point. I think we should just accept.
No. 948128 ID: 3ce8ff

yea worst comes to worst we can almost certainly escape, though doing so would probably be problematic long term
No. 948129 ID: 0580fb

Consider. Make it clear you need to think for a second and that - for one - if there is to be done any 'unsactioned, illegal surgery' right now, you'll first have to have some manner of guarantee that this won't come back to bite Emils should it all go terribly wrong. Not to mention, said ward should have a choice in the matter. Does Emils even want to go through with another, different, operation all of a sudden, now that she knows what you've told her? And if she's lied, now's the time to recant her explanation and let an investigation determine the truth of things.

You can probably presume Alphonse's response means he has gotten an eye open for Emils as a possible talent - and she sure is talented at getting in trouble! - so he may be trying to get his talons wrapped around her. That said, finding a more influential sponsor for Emils may be in her best interest. And if she does have that gift, it should certainly be encouraged properly.

Furthermore, once you leave for your trip Emils will be left alone and exposed to whomever comes investigating the story of an albino rabbold child. Just as herself she may stand no chance. Under the wing of a local elite? That's a different story.

However, is Alphonse and his family a good choice of potential sponsor? Is this a relationship worthy of pursuing?
No. 948130 ID: 7fb87a

Accept. A natural talent for magical healing should be fostered. And closely supervised.
No. 948137 ID: 33056f

Reject. Now you're just encouraging the poor dear to do dangerous things with mana.
No. 948140 ID: 7517c3

How could it be illegal to help someone? Rules should exist to help others, right?

Accept on the condition that he'll allow us to heal Alice if she so desires. If he needs to see us operate on the assistant first, that's fine, but we aren't going to leave a friend hanging.
No. 948144 ID: 6c9030

That puts any consequences of Emils' mana surgery on HIM instead of HER.
No. 948145 ID: 0efe8e

He's backed us into a corner, and Emils doesn't seem to have any complaints about it so, we may as well accept his offer.
No. 948148 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, doesn't feel like he's give us much choice. Accept.

(Plus, this is a good chance for Emils to get more skills. Not that Victoria would consider that.)
No. 948149 ID: b1b4f3

No. 948158 ID: e29ced

Get some guarantees first.
No. 948161 ID: 0fae41

Refuse. Emils has always been... different. What she's saying to us, she thinks it means something else entirely, and is ignorant of all the dangerous connotations we attach. Her admission should be investigated by a psychologist, not an inquisition.
No. 948164 ID: 977456

Primary reject with a hint of consider. It isn't that we disagree that Emils' statement is worrying, but we aren't going to negotiate with blackmail. So long as he is bandying around ultimatums and making offers in terms of what he will refrain from doing... it is basically the "negotiate with terrorists" problem. He also said nothing about getting the injured subordinate's permission, who cannot currently know of the option and is being presented as a sure thing.

All he has is the word of a child that anything illegal has happened.
All we have is his word that he condones that same illegal activity being conducted on unwilling targets.
His position is worse than ours.
No. 948174 ID: 015bf2

He's someone with standing and influence and that does come with certain perks in a society. It might be a bluff or we might be able to fight off accusations and investigations, but it's not as if his offer doesn't come with a carrot as well.
No. 948176 ID: 18e3d4

No. 948182 ID: 0a7f21

He's basically threatened to make life difficult for Emils if you don't agree. To be fair, Emails has demonstrated some amazing abilities and it's entirely possible she can do exactly what she's suggesting. On the other hand, this kind of attention is bad. You don't know what her deal is but Avaros aristocracy will find some way to own her if there's anything special she can do for them.

That's all strategic thinking though. Fact is, Emils should be able to make this decision.
No. 948192 ID: fd2d31

Better tell him that he better retract that vague threat faster and more intense than a politician does with their promises, unless he wants to end up in a unmarked & unknown grave early.
No. 948194 ID: 8d4593

Oh geeze.
Like. That's blackmail. But it's also clear he's concerned for his subordinates welfare.
If Emils is really confident about this, I'd say accept. It could be an opportunity for her.
Just make sure she understands the gravity of the situation first. This isn't a game. If she goes through with this and fails, the consequences could be severe.
No. 948237 ID: 0a7f21

Actually, I think the point of this new person who's injured getting treatment is that there's pretty much no consequences for failure.
No. 948241 ID: 8d4593

Well from a meta standpoint, yeah.
No. 948246 ID: c9c450

Unless this guy is a vindictive asshole which he could be.
No. 948327 ID: 977456

Less from a meta standpoint and more from his. The person is going blind, they will be largely useless to him shortly regardless. If it works, his experts analysed Emils and her secret techniques, has recovered the damaged worker(with significant gratitude after he spins it as his initiative to help them), has a better idea if he wants it for Alice, has actual documentation of Emils practising unlicensed magic for further blackmail(and implicated Victoria in that blackmail instead of just Emils), and can still call off the Alice thing with no loss.
If it fails, then he has lost a worker who was already useless.
Granted, that is making assumptions. It could be his beloved illegitimate daughter hiding as a worker and he is desperate to help her and will pledge eternal gratitude for saving her, but I see no actual conflicts in my assessment from what he said. It *looks* to me that he is being very aggressive and trying to place us in a subservient position under his control for the foreseeable future, and I would like to err towards caution about such things.
No. 948354 ID: 6c9030

He can't blackmail either of them if Emils helps the blind person, because the stated purpose of that is so Emils talent can be officially reviewed. Further, he's aware that Emils has offered her aid to Alice without any demands or requests for payment, meaning that he is well aware that he doesn't need to blackmail her to get her to help - if he tells Emils about a person who needs help she's very likely to simply decide to fix them up on her own.
Further, blackmail is extremely counterproductive. She's an expert with a unique ability, and threatening her runs a significant risk of spoiling her usefulness.

Really, the only viable form of monsterism would be to capture her and sell her on the black market, and that'd be thoroughly problematic.

The worst that would be a viable plan would be to extort payment for the testing and licensing. Annoying, but not important.

This is safe enough.
Besides, Victoria, if he were to decide to do something malicious to your ward? Well, you're more than capable of killing him and disposing of the body quietly.
No. 948379 ID: 977456

>>948354 He just calls them "a team of people". No mention if they are official or would provide a licence. He is being *Extremely* light on the details.
No. 948460 ID: 0a7f21

I think we can agree that we can trust the aristocrats, but at the same time you don't say no to them until you have a reason to. He's likely to betray us... down the road, but I don't think he's about to sell Emils into slavery. I don't think he's really a threat to Emils at all, but I don't think Vitoria knows that.
No. 948464 ID: 6c9030

If he doesn't have enough pull to get Emils certified and licensed then he doesn't have enough pull to be a threat.

It's not a matter of if we can or can not trust him, it's simple practicality.
This is a chance for Victoria to learn more about Emils, and understand what sort of person her ward is.
Compared to his potential threat profile, and how agreeing would affect said threat profile, going along with the test is unquestionably the correct choice.

(The meta answer? I really want to see how they react when Emils goes in and nails the problem in moments, while also finding and correcting other problems they hadn't even realized were there.)
No. 948480 ID: 91ee5f


>(The meta answer? I really want to see how they react when Emils goes in and nails the problem in moments, while also finding and correcting other problems they hadn't even realized were there.)
I don’t think Emils can completely fix anyone. Unless Bea is a special case where she’s the only person we can’t completely fix.

The real meta reason why this would be good for Emils is because, just like what she did with Bea, she can copy a skill from whoever she’s operating on.
No. 948481 ID: c9c450

Considering Emils isn't just eating everyone she sees we need skills from somewhere. That just adds to this being the right choice.
No. 948490 ID: 8d4593

I mean, she also gets normal practice so using her ability becomes slightly more effective.
And supposedly there is a "Right" way to do Magical surgery. A way which while almost certainly less effective, might provide useful insight into better using her abilities. If deing this gets Emils' foot in the door to learning that particular ability, then this is most certainly worthwhile.

So like, meta reasons abound.
No. 948575 ID: e7703b
File 157269172644.png - (1.32MB , 2388x1668 , 3A2CF2A9-F4F9-47B8-99A7-819552898CCA.png )

Alphonse is loyal to the kingdom, but he cares more about his family and subordinates. He is general in charge of the city’s army, and won’t be as accepting to kidnapping and slavery. Most of those nobles were removed at the purge.

“It’s not easy for me to say so, but if Emils agrees to this, then she will have my support in this.” I look at Emils, “are you willing to agree to help out Alphonses friend?”
“It would depend on the type of damage your subordinate have, but I am willing to take a look.”
“I see.”
Alphonse looks at the clock, “I still have an hour before Alice is done, would you like to take a look now?”
“That is fine.” Emils answers.

We exit the room, and walk towards the private ward rooms. The small number of nurses and doctors walk by as I hold Emils hand and follow behind Alphonse.
We stop at a small room, and Alphonse knocks on the door.

A female voice invites us in, and Alphonse enters.
“Resida, how are you feeling?”
“Ah, boss, is that you?”
A female rabbold sits up on her bed, most of her body under a thin blanket, and her eyes and hands wrapped in bandages.
“I have some guests with me, this is Victoria, and her ward, Emils.
“Hello.” I awkwardly greet the lady.
“What happened to your eyes?” Emils asks.
“Emils, that’s rude.” I whisper.
“That’s, fine.” Resida responds, “I just overexerted my eyes.”
“It’s more serious than just overexertion.” Alphonse retorts.
He looks at Emils, “What do you think?”
“What’s going on?” Resida asks.

I look at Emils as she walks up to the bed and puts her hand against Residas head.
“Oh, hello, are you Emils?”
“Hello.” Emils greets, “May I take a look at your condition?”
“Boss, what’s going on?”
“Emils here might be able to help your eyes. Please let her take a look.”
“Okay.” Resida nods, keeping still.

We look at Emils as she begins humming.
“W-wait, what’s happening?” Resida nervously asks.
Emils is still humming as she talks, “Her organs are fine, but as far as I can tell, her eyes are receiving constant signals. Her hands will be okay, but her legs are too damaged.”
Resida flinches at the assessment. “Boss...?”
He sighs. “Yes, thats lines up with the doctors assessment. Do you think you can help her?”
“I can help with her eyes right now, but I do not know about the rest of her.”
“That’s, okay.” Alphonse turns to look at me, “Victoria, I could get my team ready in a few hours, or would you like to do this some other time?”
No. 948579 ID: 015bf2

ASAP will do. Ask Emils if there are any preparations she needs to do during the wait and if not sit down somewhere private to talk to her about such things as WHAT WAS THAT HUMMING and WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME YOU COULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS and, no really, WHO HAVE YOU ‘FIXED’?!

Emils: Before you’re dragged away for enhanced interrogation, tell Resida she needn’t be worried she’ll never walk again. You recently met someone here in town who is very dedicatedly working on prosthetics. Perhaps they can help, someday.
No. 948580 ID: 094652

With damage this extensive, she should operate ASAP; the longer it takes, the more likely the leg damage will be permanent.

Ask Emils how she's doing this. She's processing what takes weeks of study at the speed of thought.
No. 948585 ID: e4abe1

No. 948588 ID: 91ee5f

Give permission for him to get his team together.

>You recently met someone here in town who is very dedicatedly working on prosthetics. Perhaps they can help, someday.
Emils should not say that! Silvia told Emils to not tell anyone about that, so it would be wrong to start telling people.
No. 948590 ID: e29ced

She definitely should keep a lid on this, but either way we're not controlling Emils at the time. Still, Emils knows the value of cultivating trust.
No. 948591 ID: 0fae41

He's giving you an out, take it. Some "other" time.
No. 948596 ID: e7c7d3

I think now is the time for Victoria to have a little chat with Emils. Preferable out of the patients hearing. Go over the risks of healing magic, just how much does Emils know what she is doing, and if she is fine with all this.

Victoria is her guardian, she needs to encourage Emils to grow up responsibly and to encourage any of her skills.

(The fact that Emils is only pretending to be a child is besides the point.)
No. 948598 ID: 015bf2

Fair and fair, suggestion withdrawn. What I was thinking of probably works better in reverse anyhow, so Emils can talk to Silvia later about the possibility of providing prosthetics to Resida.
No. 948603 ID: b1b4f3

Ohh, I know who this is.

Yeah in a few hours is fine with us.
Ask Emils what's with the humming.
No. 948607 ID: 6c9030

"Lets get this over with."
No. 948608 ID: a9af05

Hey, I know her. She's that Captain we played as one time. She shot ice out of her legs to prevent a slime from dragging her away.

Of course, Victoria and Emils don't know this, but still, it's good to see that she's going to get treatment of some kind.

>What do?
Ask how she got injured? Knowing more might help Emils. Then ask Emils to tell you what she thinks she can do.

Also try to not accidentally say something that sounds like you're giving Emils permission to do anything right now by herself without Alphonse's team.
No. 948612 ID: a9af05

And because Emils is a child, she's going to ask why she needs to wait for Alphonse's team instead of being allowed to help Resida right now. Emils might even say that it's dumb that Resida has to wait a few hours to be helped instead of getting help right now.

So when Emils says anything like that, you're going to have to explain to her why she needs to wait before she can help Resida.
No. 948618 ID: 2ba9d1

Now is fine. While they're preparing, let's go somewhere private and try to get some answers.
No. 948620 ID: 91ee5f

I’m surprised that Resida isn’t saying anything about how Alphonse said that Emils, who sounds like a child, might be able to help her, even though none of the actual doctors have been able to do anything.
No. 948658 ID: e7703b

"Emils, are you sure you want to do this?" I ask.
"Yes. I do not mind." Emils returns to my side.
"Excellent. Please wait at the lobby outside while I talk to Resida for a while."

I bring Emils out of the room, and take a seat, Emils sitting next to me.
A brief moment of silence before I look at Emils, sitting upright on her seat.

"Emils, could you please tell me about yourself?"
She looks up at me, "My name is Emils. I am your ward. I am-"
"No, not that, I mean about you yourself, not things I've told you about."

Emils is silent for a while before she answers, swinging her legs slowly. "I do not know much about myself, or where I come from.
All I know is that I woke up in a cave, and eventually found myself here. I do not know much about what I can do or how I do it, other than that I can do things."
"And what about the people you've done magic on?"
"I think I've mentioned before that they would like to keep their identity private."
"That's fine, I won't force that out of you, but be careful with all this. Magic affects the body negatively."
I try to recall what little I can remember, "Despite how much magic is part of our lives, we hold a delicate balance with it inside our bodies. Too little mana, and we break down, and too much mana, and our body mutates.
Healing magic is one of the few magic that allows you to change how much magic is in a person. You understand what this means right?" I look at Emils, and she nods.
"It means that it's easy to upset the balance."
"Yes. I hope you understand, it's very easy to kill someone, even if they seem fine. It could be an hour, or even years later."
Emils doesn't seem worried about this, which is worrisome... does she have the concept of morality?

I am interrupted by Alphonse stepping out of the room, "I've spoken with Resida, she has agreed to the procedure. Do you need anything for the surgery?"
"No sir."
"Are you sure...?"
"Yes sir. I can start at any time."
"Alright." Alphonse turns to me, "Anything you need before I get my team?"

>What do I need?
>Questions to ask Emils in the meanwhile.
No. 948659 ID: e7c7d3

She may be amoral, but that doesn't make her immoral. She seems content with helping people, even if she doesn't care about their ultimate fate. Worrying, sure, but not hopeless.

I don't think there's anything we need, or need to ask until after the procedure.
No. 948660 ID: 0efe8e

Ask Emils how she was humming and speaking simultaneously.
No. 948661 ID: b1b4f3

Tell Emils that you're proud of her for wanting to help people, but the risks aren't just to her patients. If someone dies and she gets blamed for it, she could be in serious trouble. Still, with the proper training and backing from a powerful group to keep her safe and possibly anonymous, she could turn this into a highly lucrative career.
Would she like that? What does she want to do with her life? What purpose does she seek?
No. 948670 ID: 015bf2

>Anything needed?
Some refreshments would be nice, since you'll be here for longer than anticipated. A promise that this won't all come crashing down on Emils if something goes wrong would be nice. Additionally, you'd prefer her gift be kept relatively lowkey for now. There are, you are sure, unscrupulous people out there who'd see Emils as someone to use, rather than as a child. You'd rather it not come to that.

(Which is probably, recalling Chris' words on the surviving noble families' need for a unifying dragonblooded rabbold to prop up their influence, the understatement of the year.)

Indeed. What does Emil want from life? You know she's interested in magic - and clearly has a far greater gift for it than you realized.

How does her talent work? The humming seemed to come from her... core? Body? Is this something anyone could learn to do? Could, for example, you?

>Previously treated people
Has she considered that it may be important to arrange for regular check-ups of those she has affected, lest ill effects develop unknowingly over time? She carries some responsibility for what happens onwards - is she prepared to deal with that?

>Emils' past
>Recall stories of rabbold dragonblooded being sacrificed to a mana beast.
She woke up in a cave? Does she... remember anything at all about a giant mana beast? Other than the one she claims to have met in the sewers, that is.

>Recall her strange language proficiency.
Does she know why she can speak other languages? Is the knowledge just there when she needs it, or can she recall how she knows them?

>Recall the story of Emperor Kali, his monsterification from drinking Dragon's Blood and following unsurpassed control over mana.
(... is Emils unlocking powers similar to that? Should you tell her about it?)
No. 948676 ID: 977456

A notebook and an N.D.A..
No. 948684 ID: 91ee5f

>I look at Emils, sitting upright on her seat.
It’s surprising that Emils is even sitting in a chair. You’d think she would’ve developed a fear of chairs after how they keep breaking after she sits on them!

>does she have the concept of morality?
That might be one of the things that she forgot.
No. 948688 ID: 8d4593

>Emils doesn't seem worried about this, which is worrisome... does she have the concept of morality?

Maybe it's not a moral issue. Emils just diagnosed someone by touching them and humming for a moment, and now supposedly she can perform complicated surgery without need of any tools.
What kind of insane magic is this?
Maybe there's just nothing for her to be worried about.
Does she see something you cannot?
No. 948691 ID: 18e3d4

Ask her if this has to do with the magical girl books she's been reading.
No. 948698 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hey, if she doesn't have a good concept of morality you could spend the next couple hours teaching her.
No. 948700 ID: 0fae41

A vow of silence.
Ask Emils if she knows what she just agreed to.
No. 948701 ID: 094652

"Yes. A bear."
> You mean a beer.
No. 948705 ID: 6c9030

Trust Emils here. She's not worried, even when you explained the dangers. Since this is happening either way, show her you trust her understanding of her own capabilities and limits.
After you get home, ask Emils to trust you.

You're looking out for her, and while it's fine she has secrets it does make it difficult for you to give her the help and advice she needs.

Honestly, Victoria? You seem to be a bit behind the curve here. You've been putting your focus on trying to keep Emils out of dangerous situations, but she's clearly outside the scope of anything that would normally be considered dangerous.
The problems she's going to wind up struggling with are societal and political. She doesn't understand how things work, and has a very... direct approach to solving problems.
She doesn't need a guardian that protects her from things that would hurt her, she needs a parent to teach her how the world works and what is and is not ok. Find out what she wants, and be her guide on the path towards her goals.
No. 948706 ID: 4cf79d

When talking about herself I expected Emils to mention being uncertain if she possesses emotions and her desire to have feelings like the people she interact with.

Request that, in the future, if she discover any new things about herself that she talk to you about it before attempting to make use of her abilities on others. Explain that your role as guardian is to guide her in decisions she might be to inexperience to make, so if she thing there might be risks in taking certain actions you are the person she should be disusing what to to do. Tell her that it's your duty to guaranty her well being, so you would like her to think of you as trustworthy enough to share personal problems.
No. 948737 ID: 3ce8ff

No. 949652 ID: e7703b

"Perhaps some refreshments would be nice. Maybe something to document all this." I shrugged, "Can I get a promise of secrecy? I don't really want Emils to be bogged down by all this in the end."
Alphonse nods, "Alright, that at least I can do. I promise that I'll handle this matter will be kept between those who are involved. Now, if you excuse me." Alphonse leaves.

"Emils, what can you tell me about this healing ability you have?"
"It starts with me injecting trace mana into my target. That way, I can trace where mana goes in the target. I can then use my mana to manipulate whats around it, letting me change how mana flows or what it does."
"What about the humming?"
"I don't know. From what I understand, it's what the mana sounds like. As if I'm resonating with it. I don't really understand music, so I can't tell if it's any good."
"It is nice."

An awkward silence descends upon us, as I'm not sure how to continue the conversation.

"So... could you tell me what you want for your future?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, your dreams. Aspirations, desires, what you'd like to be."

>Answer for Emils
No. 949657 ID: 0fae41

The goal has never changed... and Emils hasn't learned the importance of lying.
To become a magical slimegirl!
No. 949664 ID: b1b4f3

Well there's the usual answer of "magical girl" but that's just the symbol of a desire. What about magical girls does Emils like? Is it the heroism? The strength? The glamour and respect, while under the cloak of anonymity that the transformation/disguise grants?
I think all those things would appeal to Emils. Yes even the heroism, because that's fighting with a strong purpose-- she doesn't care very much what the purpose IS (or at least not yet), so long as there is one. Fighting in a way that affects the lives of numerous others without those others responding with a desire to kill her. In fact, it makes sense for Emils to want to curry good favor since it would make people want to protect her, or whatever identity she's using at the time anyway. Emils should know she is not unstoppable. If she becomes a villain, she will be killed eventually.
Other ambitions:
Treating more people. She "learns a lot" during the process of treatment.
Becoming a bounty hunter, for the rewards. (mana stone rewards)
Learning about mana, Dragons, and working towards keeping the planet habitable. This is just an overall high priority and investment for the future... because Emils can live a long time.
No. 949668 ID: 9e04c9

Tell her that you can't go into details until you learn more about the world around you.

But that you like hugs!
No. 949672 ID: 8d4593

I'm hungry for experience, I want to learn and do. Mastering magic seems like the most important thing right now. It gives me options. Let's me do more.
It's let me help several people already.
I don't know why I keep doing this to be honest.
Is this what a Magical Girl would do?
MAybe I enjoy it. What's enjoyment like?
No. 949675 ID: e7c7d3

To become a dragon!
No. 949678 ID: a9af05

Emils may not know the importance of lying, but she does know the importance of not calling herself a slime!

No. 949679 ID: 18e3d4

I want to be a magical girl.
No. 949687 ID: 528d9b

Beside the silly answer our long term plans are all related to the imminent disaster and how to prevent it. This isn't the place to talk such matter, but how about this:

"Victoria, there is something I need to talk to you in private. About what I am, where I came from and what should I do in the future.
For now I will say that I'm younger than I look and will live much longer than you expect."

Lust feared the possibility of forget someone important from her past. If Emils learn how to fix the natives she may never have to worry about losing friends in the first place. Those mana manipulation practices are important.
No. 949688 ID: de4640

I want to always have something to strive for and when i achieve it, I want to find another even better thing to strive for.
I want to have almost every spell at my beck and call but still be able to grow.
I want to be the second best magical girl no matter how many times i surpass the best.
I want to never stop being ambitious.
I want just short of everything.
No. 949689 ID: 2ba9d1

Start with being a magical girl and then explain the details that really support it besides "it's cool". If people love and need you they don't want to kill you for your secrets.
No. 949698 ID: a9af05

I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to tell Victoria any of that.
No. 949703 ID: 0a7f21

"Well, I'd like to know more about how the world works and how magic works, and I should probably do what Lust asked me to and bring the people back to the stars, but I'm not sure how to do that yet."
No. 949714 ID: 015bf2

>Revealing slime nature.
Just no.

Gonna point out that Emils knows the importance of lying and misleading. They got a +3 CHA bonus title - Poker Face - back in IAm 2 from getting Bea to think we were a foreign noble relative of 'Sir Victor'. They've also always been circumspect about revealing details involving their true primordial slime-hood.

And it's time to straddle that edge of truth and lies again.

>Treating more people. She "learns a lot" during the process of treatment.
>Becoming a bounty hunter, for the rewards. (mana stone rewards)
>Learning about mana, Dragons, and working towards keeping the planet habitable.
Much of this seems on point as well. Although Emils may not know this definition of a 'magical girl', so let's layer in some context.

Tell Victoria that as she knows, you don't know much of anything due to your lack of memory (entirely true; you're very young). You want to learn how to fit in as a girl, although you kind of enjoy being somewhat independent and able to do as you like, and you get the impressions some girls are not as free to do so). You also want to study mana and learn more about how magic functions.

In short, you want to become a magical girl. So far, you're left with many questions.

As a point of reference - what do girls your age typically want? Since the distinction exists, what makes true and recycled mana different? What motivated Bea's parents to restrict her from becoming an adventurer? What happened to the Dragons? Why and how does adding mana to food make it taste better? Kissing - how does it work and why is it done? What is the difference between a fireball and an explosion spell?

As Victor can see, you have many magic and girl-related things to sort through.
No. 949716 ID: b1b4f3

I'm fairly sure that Emils learned about magical girls by reading some books. Victoria commented as much.
No. 949717 ID: 80b722

"To consume this world, and all that those within it hold dear."

"...that was a 'joke.' Was it funny?"
No. 949728 ID: 1b9107

"Do what I can, improve so I can do more."
No. 949731 ID: 6c9030

"The World is broken. Dying. A lot of the people are, too. Generally people who don't deserve that.
The World would be a better place to live if somebody started repairs.
I can't fix everything, but I can fix what I can. I want to make the World better.
Also, I want to be a Magical Girl. That is important."
No. 949733 ID: 34cb4e

Magical girl.
But like, seriously.
Emils can help people with little difficulty.
Magical girls are cool.
Helping people provides Emils with enormous benefits, both socially and (hopefully one day) economically.
Magical girls are cool.
Emils seeks self improvement and the pursuit of knowledge (the first is achieved by helping, the second will more easily be given by those who are helps)
Magical girls are cool.
No. 950241 ID: e7703b

"There are many things I don't know." Emils says calmly, "I'm learning how be be... 'normal'. It's different from what I used to be. I don't know how to act like a girl, really."
I wince, realizing I'm not really a good role model for 'normal girl'.
"All I understand about this place, I've read from books or heard from others. There's plenty of conflicting information, and I'm just sorting out what is true, and about this world in general."

"I'm sorry about that... I guess I've not been a proper guardian, and that's not all that fair for either of us. It's just... I've not really had much childhood experiences to impart upon you."
"But you are a girl are you not?"
"... Yes I am. I guess. It's been some time since I've considered myself as a girl."
"Then that really all that matters then. Tell me your experiences and opinions as a girl, and I can learn from that. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, I just need a larger sample size."
"That works I guess. I'll try to do more stuff together, or try to bring you out more."

She looks at me, "Meanwhile, for short term goals, perhaps I would like to learn more about magic. What it is, how it works, why does it do what it does, and how does it relate to the end of this world."
"That's something in the works, there's someone I've invited over to help assess and teach you magic, and they should come over soon... I'm sorry, what was that last part?"

"The usage of mana seems to be unsustainable. I do not have accurate information that leads up to this conclusion, but it comes from a reliable source."
I raise a brow, "And what is this source?"
"The mana beast that used to live under the city."
"Used to?"
"Yes. It is dead now, I think. I am not sure how the classification of alive and dead works on mana beasts, but it's not anymore."
This sounds all too much like a joke. "Then I guess the only place to get to the bottom of the issue now is at Fuller. It's largest place of magic studies and research around. The guy I've invited over is from Fuller. If you really want to study magic, I could pull some strings to get you in, but I wouldn't be able to follow you."
"I see." Emils seems to be thinking.
"You don't have to decide now, most kids tend to magic when they're 5 to 15. Not everyone is capable of admission, but I'm sure you can if you try."

"What about becoming a magical girl? How does one officially become one?"
"Oh. Uh. That's not a real... vocation."
"It's not?" Emils asks, confused.
"No, it's a fictional thing. Something to encourage kids to learn magic, by promoting friendship and training." I think, trying to remember my old books, "Most of them of the time, they're written with problem of the day issues, like fables and such, teaching some sort of lesson."
Emils looks down, quiet.
"That is... I mean, Just because it isn't real doesn't mean you can't try to be one. I'm sure someone out there has tried to be a magical girl too. Just because you haven't heard of something existing, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You could even be the first, if you set your heart into it." I try to cheer up Emils, but it's hard to tell with her.
"I understand." Emils looks up and at the end of the corridor where Alphonse walks in with a group of people rolling some equipment.

"Ah, girls, you're still here." He nods to one of the nurses who hands me a paper contract, a notebook, on a tray with some water.
"Refreshments, as asked. And a contract of secrecy. Everyone here has their name and signature on that copy. This one is yours."
I take the notebook and file the contract inside it, "Emils, how long will this take?"
"I don't know. Maybe a few minuites?"

The group erupts into whispers, much of it jargon I don't understand, but a general atmosphere of noninterference is present.

"Would you like to wait outside, or join us inside?"

>Watch the process
>Stay outside (Swaps to Emils)
No. 950242 ID: 3ce8ff

i vote stay outside (swap to Emils)
No. 950244 ID: e7c7d3

Victoria should be there. Can't just say that you want to be a better and more involved guardian and then leave your charge alone to an experiment with strangers.
No. 950245 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah Victoria should be there.
I kindof want to swap to Emils anyway...
No. 950247 ID: 0efe8e

Victoria should see this, both to serve as a guardian, as well as out of curiosity.
No. 950250 ID: 0fae41

Swap to Emils. You're here to pioneer the profession of magical slimegirl, Emils. You are uniquely suited to the task.
No. 950251 ID: 91ee5f

>This sounds all too much like a joke.
Victoria, don’t you remember what Emils told you about her adventure into the sewer? She told you that she had to “shut down” a giant slime. That giant slime is the mana beast she’s talking about.

>"Would you like to wait outside, or join us inside?"
You can’t tell Emils that you’ll do more stuff together with her and then immediately not do it.

Go in there and watch the process.

>I kind of want to swap to Emils anyway...
Me too.
No. 950258 ID: 977456

Definitely watch the process, but I don't care about swapping.
No. 950262 ID: 8d4593

Oh fuck yes you wanna watch.
No. 950268 ID: 83bf07

Watch this.
No. 950273 ID: 55ff9b

Let's watch - why not!
No. 950282 ID: 9e04c9

Oh, they'd let you watch? Is it normal that non-medical personnel are allowed to watch surgical procedures? If they're offering, then why not.

Emils should ask Victoria what a "contract" is. And what sort of binding power that piece of paper has.
No. 950283 ID: 0a7f21

Victoria should watch even though she's unlikely to understand what's going on.

Hell, why would any of them be able to tell what happens here, they don't have Emils ability to see an manipulate mana directly.
No. 950299 ID: feecd8

Go watch your adoptive daughter perform surgery and be there to support her.
No. 950304 ID: 34cb4e

I would like for her to watch, but also to switch to Emils.
No. 950338 ID: 18e3d4

Go with her.
No. 950339 ID: 29b9c8

keep an eye on her, if only to make sure she also doesn't get hurt or overwhelmed
No. 950358 ID: a9af05

No. 950638 ID: e7703b
File 157519349682.png - (395.71KB , 2388x1668 , 953E4F76-3808-4946-9565-887E2182EB35.png )

Victoria follows me into the room, as the observers stand aside, quietly discussing with each other.
They’re all standing aside, giving the room space around the bed.
An older man comes up to me, holding a tube.
“Hello Emils, my name is doctor Simon. I’ll be using this tool to record what you do today, so we can check and review what happens today.”
“Okay.” I respond, walking up to the lady on the bed.
“If it is okay with you, we can begin.”
“Oh... okay.” She answers pensively.

I rest my hand on her chest, near her mana stone, and begin infusing mana into her body.
Someone in the group is narrating what I’m doing, as I assess what I can fix.

>Fix eyes
>Fix mana around eyes
>Also Fix legs
No. 950639 ID: 0efe8e

Start by fixing the mana around her eyes, that is what we were asked to do, ask for permission before doing anything else.
No. 950640 ID: 9e04c9

Fix eyes.
Also fix legs. No need to ask for permission. If she says something, just say it's side effects.
Also enhance fix knockers. Because science.

Also remove mana from the recording device.
No. 950641 ID: 210821

Fix the mana around her eyes, as advertised.

About the legs, you seem to have said they were beyond saving, so if they're actually not you need a good explanation.
No. 950643 ID: 56076d

You are being recorded, so only fix the mana around her eyes, which is probably the source of the constant signals, and keep your own mana and body under tight 'normal' control. Are her eyes themselves damaged as well if this is an option?

Fixing her eyes and legs directly would probably cause Resida pain, so she should probably be unconscious for that. Something for a separate operation later, or something to ask for if you decide to go through with it now. Wouldn't do to have her thrash around.

Your ability to fleshcraft is probably not something you should advertise today.
No. 950646 ID: c023bb

Stick to the original plan,fix mana around eyes.
No. 950649 ID: 094652

Fix eyes, then go into a bull^&*( lengthy bio-engineering explanation for her legs. Claim that whatever maimed her developed a set of geometrically-patterned hollow pathways through her bones. Obviously, this prevents her from walking, but with the right application of recursive healing, it should practically heal itself.
No. 950657 ID: 0fae41

Fix only eyes. Scan for abilities to copy.
No. 950658 ID: 8d4593

Fix mana around eyes first, then fix eyes.
That's why you are here after all.

Ask before attempting the leg repair.
Don't poke around more than you have too. They are watching.
No. 950664 ID: e7c7d3

Fix the mana around the eyes.
Don't attempt to fix the legs. Victoria mentioned that healing can be dangerous to the individual in the long term, which rather defeats the purpose of trying to heal them.
No. 950670 ID: 18e3d4

Is the damage to the eyes caused by the damage to the mana circuits around the eyes? If so, repairing that may be the easiest way.
No. 950672 ID: d63ea8

No. 950674 ID: 0a7f21

Fix the eyes and the mana around the eyes, and then casually mention that you could fix her legs too without actually doing it.
No. 950675 ID: 83bf07

Fix mana around eyes. Legs can come later if they let you.
No. 950677 ID: b1b4f3

Fix mana around eyes.
Also state that you can attempt to repair other damage to her eyes, as well as her legs.
Remember, you stated that her legs will not "be okay". That implies they won't heal on their own. You didn't say they could not be healed via outside intervention.
No. 950680 ID: 91ee5f

Stick to your original plan of fixing the mana around her eyes. You already said that you could help with her eyes right now, so it’s best that you don’t try to fix her legs.

And remember what Victoria told you about how dangerous it is to use magic on people. If you try to completely fix her, that might only make things worse.
No. 950682 ID: a9af05

Just fix the mana around her eyes.

Should we attempt that while we're being watched?

>If you try to completely fix her, that might only make things worse.
Good point. Trying to heal too much at once may not be a good idea, so we'd better stick to what we said we were going to do.
No. 950685 ID: 977456

Ehh, fix everything, and let them record. This will give them the most reassurance of your capabilities and thus maximise your ability to heal Alice.
No. 950688 ID: 2202fb

No. 950705 ID: 6c9030

Fix mana around eyes, then fix eyes.

State that you can attempt a repair of her legs, but that it is uncertain due to the difficulty of such a task, and that it would be best to let her stabilize after this before deciding if an attempt should be made.
No. 950706 ID: 6c9030

To be fair, they don't have much understanding of biology. It's little better than the days when people would go to barbers and dentists for their internal surgical needs - even minor surgery has a mortality rate of more than 10%, largely because they don't even know to clean their blades.

Keep in mind that Emils is here because this patient has been ruled a lost cause. They're hoping for success, but are expecting failure.
No. 950708 ID: feecd8

>Trying to heal too much at once may not be a good idea
I agree with this.

Let's just focus on the mana around the eyes for now.
No. 950714 ID: 7ad9ca

Do all you can do, everyone already agreed not to disclose anything that happens here. Try to be as gentle as possible while healing her.
No. 950749 ID: 0a7f21

Keep in mind they are probably expecting fixing the mana problem to fix the eyes themselves, hence we should fix both and ask about the legs.
No. 950750 ID: 34cb4e

fix eyes and surrounding mana
ask if legs should also be fixed
>recording device
remind them of their promise, and to be very careful in the storage and presentation of that device.
do this in a nonthreatening way, but honestly a tiny, extremely vague threat would become effective once they see what you can do, so slip it in if you want
No. 951194 ID: e7703b

>Fixing legs
I could attempt to fix her legs, it’s mostly damage to her meat and skin from the knees down.

>Fix mana and eyes
Mana rushes into the lady on the bed, as I begin to fix the damage around her eyes.
She winces and tries to get up, but I keep her under my arm.

[Mana Manipulation] has triggered.
Permission to read subject core.


Ice bolt
Frost shield
Ice coffin

“It seems the patient is suffering from stress and pain from the treatment.”
“How much do you see?”
“Not much, there’s too much interference for a proper detection.”
The people behind me discusses, “Where is the interference coming from?”
“Not sure.” The one holding the recorded states, “It’s all just high level mana interference.”

> Pick a skill or spell to copy.
No. 951196 ID: 094652

Copy the Kick skill. She won't need it.
No. 951197 ID: 6c583c

Copy the detection spell.
No. 951198 ID: 9e04c9

I think the skills listed are too common to waste this opportunity on. Instead, I'd choose one of the spells. We already have plenty of ways to detect stuff with Mana Manipulation and Solid Material Perception, so I think Detection wouldn't add anything to that. On the other hand, we don't have any cold spells yet despite having an ability to use them. So this is definitely a perfect opportunity to get a cold spell.

Of the cold spells, I think the most useful one would be...
Frost Shield
Because we don't yet have any good long-range protection.
No. 951199 ID: 9e04c9

As far as fixing stuff goes, see if you can make Resida's knockers eyes work even better than they originally could. Or make it so that they would be more compatible with her Detection spell. What was that about her receiving a constant signal? Could you tune her eyes to this signal, or the signal to her eyes?

And yeah, try fixing the legs and restoring the mana flow in them.
No. 951200 ID: 528d9b

Copy the spell ice coffin. If we face mana beasts in the future a spell that immobilize the target would be useful.
No. 951201 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that we snag Detection, and that we should only go for 1 or 2 spells as the copying might have an adverse effect on the procedure.

What's the extent of the damage on the mana around the eyes and the eyes themselves?
No. 951202 ID: 00e23d

You are being watched and it would be bad to convince these people that we are reckless with what they consider a dangerous power. Not to mention that with the eyes causing them a lot of pain, messing with her leggs might be too much for her right now and get them to call it off half way. So just focus on the eyes as agreed on. We can always fix the leggs later, once these people are convinced of our skills.

As for skills, frost shield to add some defense seems most useful.
No. 951203 ID: ba56e6

Learn one of the ice spells. We can probably figure out the other ice spells based off of it later.
No. 951205 ID: 8d4593

Wait, you can heal serious structural damage without using slime?
Hell yeah, fix the legs after the eyes are done then.

If what Alphonse said earlier was true then the doctors might not be able to restore full functionality themselves.

Though the patient's struggling is unlikely to deter you, it may inspire someone in the rom to interfere, possibly screwing everything up.

Tell the patient that you know it hurts, that pain is normal, and that she'll only have to bear it a little while longer.

Copy Frost Shield, but only after the operation is complete. Let's not overwhelm her.
It is immediately useful and potentially mutable.
No. 951208 ID: 0fae41

No. 951214 ID: 91ee5f

Copy Frost shield

I agree with all of this.

Don’t mess with the legs, let’s only focus on healing the eyes for now.
No. 951216 ID: b1b4f3

Frost Shield.
Also, I still think you should finish your work on her eyes and then after that suggest you try to fix her legs.
No. 951218 ID: 7b8393

Leave legs alone for now >>951202 yeah we don't want her getting overwhelmed by pain or anything going weird.
No. 951219 ID: 8d651f

Frost shield

Do this.
No. 951221 ID: 5b0071

Copy that *Magic* skill
No. 951225 ID: 577383

Get Frost Shield and don't mess with the legs.
No. 951226 ID: 9e04c9

The doctors used the word "suffering", which is negative. From this, Emils should assume that pain is something that's important to avoid during such operations. Ask them if Resida's pain can be reduced in any way.
No. 951227 ID: 977456

Sentry is my pick. It is explicitly opposed to random people walking up to you and using mana shenanigans. We can pretty much only get it by overpowering or coercing people. The spells can all be acquired through research, once we get a source, although detection might help with that.
Also, an awareness of how to stay alert is an awareness of how people fail to be alert. This is actually very informative of psychology. People are largely defined by their failings afterall.

Fix the underlying structural errors of the legs. They should self-repair once properly aligned. The lack of complete reconnection should discourage too much demand for your services in restoration.
No. 951231 ID: 0a7f21

I'll agree with grabbing sentry, Emils can ptobably achieve better results learning magic the way her special senses teaches her, as these people seem to have an imperfect concept of it, so picking up an array of practical skills in these situations seems like a good idea.
No. 951234 ID: 0efe8e

Copy sentry, but don't fuck with her legs yet, we want to fix her eyes first, then ask permission to fix her legs as well.
No. 951252 ID: ba56e6

Eh, sure, I'll change vote to this.
No. 951273 ID: b1b4f3

Sentry didn't keep her from being ambushed by the other slime...
No. 951276 ID: 2ba9d1

Get Sentry, leave the legs for later, and continue healing eyes.

Try feeling around for the affected nerve endings that might be causing the pain and seeing if you can't temporarily stop them from being set off.
No. 951283 ID: a9af05

Copy Sentry.

Don't do anything to her legs, only focus on healing her eyes.
No. 951284 ID: 9e04c9


No. 951400 ID: 93a350

Do as much as you can and try to be gentle.
No. 951436 ID: 6c9030

Fix the eyes, leave the legs for later.
No. 951447 ID: b1b4f3

It occurs to me that if Emils gives her two separate treatments, she can copy two skills. Then we won't have to argue about Ice vs Sentry, just get both.
No. 951448 ID: a9af05

This is an excellent idea!
No. 951472 ID: b60627

This sounds like trying to metagame, which never ends well.
No. 951505 ID: 5b0071

it could be that her legs are in a recoverable condition, and they were going to have a more traditional, experienced healer treat them once this eye experiment was over.

Provided they survive.
No. 951668 ID: e7703b

>Frost shield
>Ability upgraded
Thermoregulation - You gain control over temperature within your influence.

>Learned Spell
Frost shield - Conjure a wall of ice. (Chant not learned)

“Wh-Argh!” The lady grabs my arm, trying to pull me off, but I just need contact with her body now.

“Should we administer pain medication?”
“...no, we don’t know how it would affect the treatment, hows the recording?”
“Worthless, we’ll have to resort to non magical recording.”
“More paperwork then.”

“I am done.” I say while pulling my hand back, letting the lady on the recover.
She’s heavily sweating, and emitting some frost from her body.

One of the doctors walks up to the bed, “Captain, how are you feeling?”
“Like shit.”
The doctors begins a physical checkup of the lady as I step back to Red eyes.

“How did things go?” Red eyes asks.
“Okay. She resisted, but I did fix her vision and the mana veins around her eyes.”
“Would that cause any issues?”
“Maybe? I’ve not done this on anyone who resisted this much. She has more control over her mana than others.”
The big man intrudes into our conversation, “That would be because Resida is a two circle cryomancer. She should have more control over her mana than the average person.”
“What does two circle mean?” I ask.

“Oh. A circle is what mages call a simple spell.” Red eyes explains, “Some spells have circles added to them to make them stronger, but putting a circle in a circle makes it exponentially stronger. A two circle mage means they have the mana and ability to put a circle within a circle. Three circles is a circle within a circle within a circle, and so on.”
“It cost to casts the spells grows exponentially too.” Alphonse adds, “and she barely can afford the cost.” He frowns. “Thank you for your help, Emils. It would take some time for things to settle, so I’ll inform you two about the results later. Alice should be done by now, would you like to join me or do you have other plans?”

> Join Alphonse and Alice
> Leave (pick other character or location)
No. 951669 ID: 528d9b

> Join Alphonse and Alice
No. 951670 ID: 094652

Apologize for accidentally hurting her, but explain that you were trying to be as efficient in healing as possible without taking risks. Also request that you'd like to take a look at her legs in the future, but you'll stay away if she wants you to.
No. 951672 ID: ba56e6


Then go see Alice.
No. 951673 ID: d63ea8

No. 951674 ID: 91ee5f

No. 951675 ID: 9e04c9

I'd be less apologistic about it. Also, I wouldn't make it sound like we want to do it, but that we could if she made the request.
No. 951678 ID: b1b4f3

I think she noticed the skill theft.

>Join Alphonse and Alice
No. 951680 ID: 6e6f32

This works.
No. 951682 ID: 977456

Ask to work on her legs.
No. 951714 ID: 6c9030

Join them.
"I believe I would be able to fix her legs, if you do not have a better method available. However, she seems to have suffered significantly more pain due to her resistance, and I do believe she would rather avoid another round of treatment if possible."
No. 951715 ID: 892d8f

This sounds good, in addition to the apology for the pain of the current operation.
No. 951746 ID: f133dc

I don't think Emils understands pain or should try to apologize about it.

But certainly, time to go with Alphonse.
No. 951757 ID: bddb0f

Let's meet with Alice.

Emils understands pain, at least in the sense they know enough to attempt to emulate it. Apologizing for causing pain seems normal.
No. 952019 ID: e7703b
File 157702651315.png - (2.67MB , 2388x1668 , E6ECE368-9EC2-4412-A188-A2F6143F50B1.png )

The lady is being tended to by the doctors for me to talk to her.

“I would like to meet Alice,” I look at red eyes, “if that is okay.”
“Yeah, it’s fine.” She looks back at Alphonse, “I would like a word with Resida.”
“That’s fine. Alice should be in the lobby by now, if you would like to go ahead.”
“Thank you,” I respond before leaving the room.

I spot Alice waiting in the chairs of the lobby, and she spots me. She’s wearing the pendant which looks like something Slivia had on one of his papers.
“Emils? Why are you here?”
“I was invited by your grandfather, Alphonse.”
She winces, “Ah... I did say that I had to ask grandpa, what did you talk about?”
“I had to talk about what I could do, and give a demonstration.”

She seems slightly uncomfortable with what to talk about.
> Attempt to start a conversation
No. 952024 ID: 9e04c9

Tell her that you haven't seen her wear that pendant before. Ask if her fiancé made it.

Also tell her the demonstration went well and that you believe that, as soon as Resida's condition is confirmed, that you'll be able to help her. And then she'll be able to cast spells better. Ask if she's changed her mind on this matter.

>Ah... I did say that I had to ask grandpa
Ask her if... she actually talked with her grandpa about you at all. If she says that she didn't, it would mean that Alphonse lied haha

I don't think we should tell her about what happened between us and Silvia.
No. 952027 ID: ba56e6

She is wincing. Ask if she is in any pain.
No. 952030 ID: e7c7d3

Talk about boys, obviously. And girls. Like would you be able to rise to power faster if you were a boy?
No. 952039 ID: 83bf07

Compliment her clothes and pendant
No. 952040 ID: 32ef34

Tell her it worked well, though it seemed to hurt some. But now the lady can see.
No. 952042 ID: 528d9b

How was your encounter with Silvia? Did he said something that bothered you?
No. 952044 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her they seemed impressed, and should agree to the procedure.
Also tell her you met her fiance. He blames himself.
No. 952046 ID: 8fab7a

No. 952053 ID: 91ee5f

>But now the lady can see.
We don’t know that yet. We haven’t been told if we succeeded or not.

Emils is the one that visited Silvia, not Alice. They still haven’t gotten together yet.

Do this.
No. 952054 ID: 528d9b

So he mailed the pendant?
No. 952068 ID: a9af05

I agree with this.

Actually, Alice has always had the pendant with her. You can see it around her neck when we first met her back in Thread 2 of this quest.

When Emils said, "She’s wearing the pendant which looks like something Slivia had on one of his papers." she was referring to Slivia's blueprints from when he first created the pendant and gave it to Alice back when she still had both of her arms.
No. 952076 ID: f133dc

I agree, in Emils usual stoic manner "I fixed someones damage to prove I could do it. Also, I met your fiance. He blames himself. While I was there I made you an arm."

And just watch her get super exasperated at the onrush of implications.
No. 952078 ID: 91ee5f

>While I was there I made you an arm.
Didn’t we promise Slivia that we wouldn’t tell anyone about what he was working on in his workshop? I’m pretty sure that also includes not telling Alice about anything in Slivia’s workshop.
No. 952101 ID: f133dc

Ok, if you want to that pedantic, instead of "While I was there I made you an arm", go with "Also, I made you an arm."
No. 952102 ID: b1b4f3

...hmm, maybe Emils should examine the pendant.
No. 952108 ID: ba56e6

Don't spoil her gift.
No. 952111 ID: feecd8

Tell her that Slivia Blane's himself for what happened.

Better idea: Let's not mention the arm at all.

We've gotta make sure the arm functions correctly before we can let her use it.
No. 952145 ID: 6e6f32

Don't Mention the Arm
I fixed someones eyes and all they did was cry and flail.

How's your day been so far?
Anything interesting going on?
No. 952160 ID: 93a350

Your grandfather wanted me to heal someone, which I did successfully, but apparently the process was extremely painful to her.
No. 952172 ID: 6c9030

"She was blinded in an attack. Your grandfather wanted me to demonstrate my abilities. He seemed impressed, and she should be able to see soon.

I met your fiancee. He blames himself for everything."
No. 952769 ID: e7703b
File 157820476439.png - (2.34MB , 2388x1668 , A9DCD59A-3BEF-411E-89EC-5B8490C2D87B.png )

She had always been wearing the pendant.
“There was a lady named Resida who had some injuries I had to heal. She’s mostly okay now. It was not something serious. You do not have to concern yourself with this matter.”
Alice invites me to sit at a nearby couch, “You don’t have to worry about grandpa, he’s just concerned. Ever since my accident, he’s been trying to spend more time with me, but I wish he’d take care of himself more.”
“I also visited Silvia the other day.”
Alice panics a bit, but tries to hide it. “Really?”
“He says he feels guilty.”
“... oh.” Alice says looking down.
“I am not sure how much to tell you considering he wishes to talk to you in person, but I think still thinks about you.”

Alice sighs, sinking into her chair, looking at the ceiling.
“I don’t know what to do. I should go talk to him, but I just feel nervous... scared... my stomach feels terrible... have you ever been in love Emils?”
“No. I have never experienced love.”
“Oh... right... sorry.” Alice looks away, “A-anyway, what about you, what have you been up to?”
“I’ve been exploring the city, learning new things, and applied to be an adventurer. I’ve been put into probation for now, and waiting for the results of the first test.”
“That’s quite the productive week. All I’m allowed to do is just study, train, and recuperate...”
“Bettering oneself does sound as productive.”
“I mean, sure, but it’s boring. With my family’s position, everything I do will have to be in accordance to some dumb nobility thing. It gets kinda stifling after a while, especially when it feels like people look at me like I’m not even a person.”
“Is that a serious issue?”
“I guess not.” Alice sighs, “Sometimes I feel like I should have accepted the invitation to Fuller. At least there I’m not a heiress, or some kind of girl that needs pity.”
“So what’s stopping you? If you’ve decide to accept my offer, it would reduce the time for you to recuperate. You’ve already experienced what it could do to your magic abilities, so that would probably help at a magic school.”
Alice looks at me, “Say, Emils... if I went to Fuller, could you go with me? Someone with your abilities and my recommendation, you would definitely be accepted.”
No. 952770 ID: b1b4f3

Sure, if you're not otherwise occupied. There's something you might have to do soon(the mission to find Mother) and you're not sure how long it'll take.
No. 952771 ID: 3bf416

"Would I be able to bring Bea with me?"
No. 952773 ID: d5cdef

Oh man how many obligations can we take on
No. 952781 ID: 977456

"Could I have a full account of the required resources? The prospect sounds agreeable but I am uncertain how much time I will require to restore this planet's ability to support life."
No. 952787 ID: e860a4

As enticing as it sounds it seems like it would also come with considerable risk. A lot of capable mages in one place, but also a lot of magic equipment, probably capable of seeing through our disguise in moments.

“The offer is tempting and if you are serious, I would like to think on it however as I would like to see what other options reveal themselves to me before I make any significant time investments. Thank you for the offer however”
No. 952789 ID: 015bf2

Emils does want to learn more about magic, though, and Fuller must be a high class school if Alice got the offer to join.

"I appreciate the offer. Victor is looking into magic schooling for me also, so I'll ask them about it. If Fuller is high on their list, your recommendation would be a boon.

What can you tell me about it, though?

And is it possible to school as an adventurer and a magician at the same time? I want to learn both practical and theoretical magic, in order to attain full magical girlhood for my inevitable world-saving tour."

Smile, so they think it's a joke.

"Besides, I suspect I'll pick up on some things quickly and I'd rather have something to do with any leftover spare time from homework and classes. And Bea... well, she wants to go adventuring too."

Lean in and whisper conspiratorially.

"(that said, I can probably still help you with homework if you want)"
No. 952790 ID: 26a3ca

Answer that this is highly tempting, but you're not sure you can afford the time expenditure at the moment, having other commitments.
No. 952792 ID: 9e04c9

Tell her that you'd like to postpone such a decision
No. 952793 ID: 6e6f32

This is a great idea.

Ask her when you would have to leave if you accepted. You still have some things here to take care of after all.

Also ask what the requirements to get in are, for another friend.
Need to know what to teach, imbue into, or help cheat for Bea.
No. 952795 ID: a9af05

"I should probably ask Victoria before I make a decision about that."

>I am uncertain how much time I will require to restore this planet's ability to support life.
I'm pretty sure we don't need to tell Alice any of this. There's really no benefit from telling her, so we might as well not say anything.

I'm also concerned about that.
No. 952798 ID: 094652

"Maybe, if it aligns with my long-term objectives. Like saving the world as a magical girl."
No. 952810 ID: 6c9030

"I believe that would delay my work to prevent the end of the world.
Well, at least the end of all life on the world. And most of its major functions. The dirt and rock would likely not be affected."
No. 952898 ID: f133dc

Respond with "tell me about Fuller" rather than answering the question at all.
No. 953255 ID: e7703b
File 157883745327.png - (3.26MB , 2388x1668 , AABF8FFC-3354-4B89-AC9F-CFD89B3A5B87.png )

“As kind as the offer is, I do not know too much about Fuller.”
“Well, everything I know of Fuller is from others, but I heard it’s a city based on magical technology, run by a council of high level mages, and all that matters is how good your magical abilities are. No nonsense about bloodlines or nobility, a place where people can freely interact, and cultures from all around Avaros.”

“It sounds like a nice place.” I guess. “But I have not had any opportunities to have myself tested, so I do not know what level I am compared to you.”
“That’s... I guess that’s possible. We typically test kids at 5 years old here. How do they judge what level you are where you’re from?”
“I don’t know, you would have to ask Victor. I did not have the same past as they do.”
“Oh? Did something happen?” Alice looks at me with interest, “Tell me about where you come from, please. I’d like to know more about other places.”
No. 953263 ID: 404f0f

I guess give her the same story that you gave the other kids in the class. Tell her that you weren't born in any sort of civilization and that you don't really know where you come from.
No. 953265 ID: e7c7d3

Be unhelpful in your description. There were rocks, grasses, and some lizards.
No. 953267 ID: 3bf416

I lived in caves until I came here. Magical beasts are sort of like family to me.
No. 953273 ID: 528d9b

Deep underground, somewhere I couldn't see, there was a corpse or a fossil. Near it I found my sibling sleeping. Never saw them awake.
I followed the water until I reached a place with grass and lizards I could eat. From there I found my way to this city.

People think I'm lying about where I came from. This is all I know from before getting here and the more believable stories I told were lies to satisfy questions I couldn't answer.
No. 953275 ID: 6e6f32

There's not a whole lot to say I suppose.
I don't remember a lot about my past.
Life was all kill or be killed back then.
Mana and the flow of it was life. To seek and consume it survival.
Mana was the first thing I saw. The first thing I understood.
Everything else. All this... Came later.
I've come to find that this makes my understanding of magic... different.
I don't know how it would be judged.
No. 953278 ID: 094652

Your only family were your little sister and a nest of giant lizards that took you two in for some reason. But your sister never woke up from her lifelong coma, and you don't know where the lizards are.

Then time blurred until you got caught in some skirmish between knights. You fought back in self defense, and somehow all the knights had fallen by your hand or killed each other. You took what interested you and learned what you could from their magic gear.

Then some weird guy in a frilly dress took you to Victoria.
No. 953295 ID: b1b4f3

Give her the same story you gave others. The web of half-truth must be consistent.
Ask where you can get tested, maybe you can do that soon.
No. 953299 ID: e860a4

I lived in caves eating grass and lizards, there were a lot of lizards.
No. 953304 ID: f133dc


This, just a straight up description of your early life, leaving out the specifics of not being a rabbold at that point and time and maybe leaving out the eating a bunch of people.
No. 955593 ID: 9bd59e

This. If our lie starts to diverge too much from what we originally said, it’s going to bite us later. If (When) our true form gets discovered, at the very least they’ll believe the real truth or our form of the truth.
No. 955620 ID: 0fae41

You don't have the same past they do because you don't have a past. Nothing to speak of, really.
No. 955793 ID: e7703b
File 158116838696.jpg - (1.57MB , 2000x3000 , 5B33734B-7EA6-4177-9E68-FDD1DE7A48A5.jpg )

“I don’t have much to tell you,” I tell Alice.
“That’s fine, anything is fine, I’d just like to get to know you better.”
“It... as far as I could remember, ...”
I remember mother.
We were meant to be her successor.
“There was someone who could be considered a mother...”
We were many.
Each one an individual.
Each one a part of mother.
“There were others, I think they were like me. Maybe family...”
We fought each other.
We befriended each other.
We killed each other.
“We were the only ones around.”
We took from others.
We consumed them.
They became a part of us, and we became stronger.
Those that could not fight did not survive.
“Resources was scarce. We had to take from others. Kill friends and family just to live.”
I... I was taken away from there...
“My... someone took took me away from there.
No. 955794 ID: e7703b
File 158116854642.jpg - (959.47KB , 1668x2388 , E2A25CF7-A169-432B-A6C0-44B22FDC434A.jpg )

I’m crying?
“Emils?... are you okay? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have...” Alice is talking but I don’t think I can concentrate on what she’s saying.
No. 955803 ID: 3ce8ff

We have achieved an emotion! Unfortunately it is sad, but still!
No. 955804 ID: f2320a

hold this feeling close and focus remember it because, is this how it is to be alive?
No. 955805 ID: 015bf2

Take it easy. The emotion might be real, but those memories... are they really yours?

Lust said her slime children inherited memories from her. This might be the equivalent for you - a memory belonging to your parent. Because you know for a fact when you came to be, and that was far more recently.

Wipe your tears. Apologize to Alice, if you can. Say that... perhaps it was just a bad dream, of sorts. Your memories of things long past are not very clear.
No. 955807 ID: 6e6f32

I don't usually think about this...
Ask me again another time.
I'll answer your questions then.
No. 955809 ID: d88d26

How does this fight for survival lead to your humble beginning alongside eggs that we assumed at the time were your siblings? Were they unrelated to you? Did you all assumed the egg form after being active in that fight for survival?
What were the motives of the person who took you? Could that corpse be them?

Do you want to go back there? Maybe Jogert will know who your mother is from what you remember, or at least indicate someone who might know. But you were taken from there by someone, perhaps rescued... Is it worth to go back?
No. 955812 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, so are we the successor, or were we taken away from the selection process?

Tell Alice you don't want to talk about this anymore.
No. 955813 ID: b1b4f3

This is important, Slime. You are remembering who you really are. Emotion is a part of that, apparently. Do not shy away from it.
No. 955818 ID: 977456

Do not resort to stress eating. Comfort food does not solve all problems.
No. 955820 ID: 0fae41

You're homesick, but you don't know anything else about home. Maybe you should ask the slimes in the sewer if anything you remembered sounds familiar. Let's go do that.
No. 955837 ID: 60d648

“Why am i leaking? Did i break my eyes somehow?”
No. 955908 ID: 9b97e0

Hug Alice.
No. 955929 ID: 3bf416

"I've never cried before. I apologize for upsetting you."
No. 955930 ID: 094652

These aren't your memories, but having emotions opens up many doors.

Gauge your feels when hugging Alice. DO NOT EAT.
No. 955934 ID: e96198

Easy there champ. This is something new. It may not feel great but don’t try to push it away.

Tell Alice that you don’t wish to talk about it for now. Hug her maybe? Don’t eat.
No. 955938 ID: 0cb682

Quick, plug the leak!
No. 955977 ID: 977456

Politely inform Alice that you are experiencing a system error and require some time for diagnostics.
No. 955997 ID: f133dc

Hold onto that feeling Emils. That's what it is to be alive. The bad times let us appreciate the good ones.
No. 956132 ID: a9af05

I'm tempted to use these new memories to make it seem like Emils was abused and she ran away. The trauma of the event caused her memory loss.
No. 956159 ID: 91ee5f

Huh. That might work. Not entirely sure if we should though.
No. 956233 ID: 3bf416

I do not see the use of adding another lie on top of another.
No. 956449 ID: e7703b
File 158187150738.png - (2.92MB , 2388x1668 , EF2C0897-6C94-4D03-8C4C-5AB842C3B68D.png )

I do not recognize these memories.
It could be mine, but I don’t know. My memories started when I woke in the cave.
Other than a sense of sharing mana, I do not have any compulsion to consume my supposed sibling core.
I do not even know how to get back. A lot of my progression towards here involved crossing a few underground streams.

I try to wipe off the tears, but it’s uncontrollable. I do not like this.
I try to stand, but my legs wobble, causing me to adjust myself.

“Emils, are you okay?” Alice asked with concern.
“I don’t know,” I say, I can’t seem to get proper control over my body.
“I think I’ll be fine in a while. I’m sorry but I would like to be alone for a while.”
“Oh. Are you sure?”

I leave Alice behind, and make my way around a quiet corner.
After confirming that no one else is around, reform my entire body.
From the brain around my core, reverting meat and fat into slime, and back into organic matter, I quickly reshape the form of Emils from memory.
The naturally brown fur quickly dyes white when it confirms its shape.
It costed a lot of mana, but it seems to have stopped whatever happened.
I am not fond of such... emotions. I don’t think I will try to feel that again.

I tested my body’s control before continuing on my way back to Victoria.
I meet her half way.

“Emils, are you done? We’re heading back if you are.”
“I am. What did you discuss with the lady?”
“Oh. Nothing. Just needed some info.”
We turn to head to the lobby. Alice isn’t here.

“Emils, I’m going to have to ask you to be careful when you leave home.” Victoria tells me when we leave the hospital.
“There has been a rise in slimes found around the city, and while they shouldn’t be much of an issue, there has been reports of them attacking people.”
“I could-“
“I know you could probably talk to them, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want you getting hurt over this. Slimes are not all safe to be around.”

No. 956451 ID: 2e758a

Strongly disagree. Suggest that you might be able to stop them from attacking altogeteher.
No. 956453 ID: e7c7d3

Agree. Didn't the core slime die? These could be aimless left-overs acting irrationally.

Also yes, slimes are not safe to be around. Look Victoria right in the eyes when you agree with this statement.
No. 956454 ID: 6e6f32


I haven't met a slime yet that I couldn't make friends with. I know how they think.
No. 956458 ID: 015bf2

Agree. Slimes can be dangerous.

Which is why you should talk to them.
No. 956460 ID: ba56e6

Agree. Just like people, there are slimes that are good and that are bad.
Tell her not to worry. You'll make sure to chase away the bad ones.
No. 956461 ID: 0fae41

Agree. Slip away anyway.
No. 956463 ID: feecd8

No. 956468 ID: 801ba1

Agree. We've been notified that there's a dangerous slimy thing running around.
Still, be ready to rush if you hear a scream for help or something the like.
No. 956469 ID: a16195

...not all, no
No. 956471 ID: 9b97e0

Other: Middle ground

Agree that if you encounter a slime, your initial reaction would be evasive. However, during the evasion you would try to determine whether the slime is aggressive or not. In case where you conclude that it's not aggressive, you would consider communicating with it.
No. 956490 ID: f133dc

Now Emils, if you are going to be caretaker to these creatures, you are going to need to experience some of those emotions. Resetting your chemical balance isn't going to keep those feelings away, and you shouldn't anyway. You've asked to have emotions, now that you have them rebooting your physical form is like trying not to.
No. 956561 ID: 864e49

Ask her what her thoughts and opinions on slims are.
Bring up mimic slimes and what she thinks of those.
No. 956572 ID: c6c7c1

Agreed, but not all people are either. That doesn't mean you avoid them just to stay safe.
No. 956575 ID: f901b7

I’ll go with that.

Also this >>956561
Might as well get our foot in the door and ask about slimes and Victoria’s opinion of them as well as see if there’s stories about ones that can mimic others (just in case we’re not the first slime to have mimicked an actual person)
No. 956601 ID: b1b4f3

Remind her that their mother is dead. All the slimes are acting independently now. They are disagreeing on what to do... this means they need a new central authority. You are the only one who could be that leader.
No. 957142 ID: e7703b
File 158246724954.png - (3.46MB , 2388x1668 , 579A0E3E-9B29-4FAF-AEDB-ADEBB403D447.png )

Emotions are unpleasant. Loss of control of my body is not advisable.

“Very well, I won’t actively look for slimes.”
She looks at me, her eyes squints and she crosses her arms.
“Okay. But I mean it. There’s something going on, and it might not be as safe here.”
“How about you? What are your thoughts about slimes?”
She shrugs, “I haven’t interacted with them too much. It was too cold for most of them back home, but there was stories of giant ice slimes, almost invisible under a camouflage of ice and snow, that would silently take out unexpecting wanderers.”
A pause as she thinks, “Other than that, I’ve only heard stories of them being mostly safe when small, but deadly when larger.”

We continue on our way and I notice increased patrols of soldiers.
Some of them notice us but continue on their way.
Red eyes peeks at me, “Most of them know of me from the civil war a years ago.”
“A civil war?”
“Yeah. The last king was a real despot. He had stolen control from the queen with support from various nobility from around the kingdom. One of the queen’s daughters had escaped and contacted the neighboring kingdom for help.
The end result was a revolt. The people, joined the princess in retaking the throne and purging the kingdom. Even the king of Marmor, King Einard, an A class adventurer in his day, joined in the fight. But by the time the princess’s army reached the palace, the king was assassinated. Strix had killed the king.”
“What role did you play in the war?”
“I was in Marmor at the time, and I crossed paths with the princess as she escaped. I was her escort since then, up til recently. I’m politically neutral in both kingdoms so the matter was dumped on my lap.”
“How was it?”
“Boring. I left home so I wouldn’t have to be a princess, only to be escorting one about. And the constant flirting with Enrod was unbearable.”
“Who’s Enrod?”
“He’s the prince of Marmor. He and Princess Harenae hit it off instantly. Once the political scene is stable, they’ll be king and queen. For now, King Einard is keeping the peace and preventing other kingdoms from taking advantage of the situation here.”

We’ve reached our home, somewhat uneventfully.
“So, what do you have planned today?” She asks.
No. 957144 ID: 015bf2

Play with other kids. Maybe continue your food experimentation.

(For example, two youngsters who have picked up a slime friend.)

Ask about Fuller. Tell about Alice’s offer to recommend it.
No. 957146 ID: d88d26

That was a lot of drama.
Before all this interaction with the natives, did we had any unfinished plan? If not we should go hunt.
Either take some quests from the guild or look for the trail of that criminal organization. For the first we will pŕobable be underestimated and given a banal task, for the second the patrols can cause problems but it also means our prey will be less active.

Will there be a test for this civil war lesson? I don't think I will remember half of it.
No. 957153 ID: b07f1c

Tell her you were planning on visiting the theater to ask if there are any plays scheduled.
No. 957161 ID: feecd8

I think we've been focusing too much on magic. We've got weapon skills that need to be increased, so I say we should ask Victoria to give us some weapon training!
No. 957165 ID: 621ed6

Agreed, a proper magical girl is also a weapon specialist.
No. 957169 ID: b1b4f3

Not all emotions are that intense. Also, you can learn to control yourself better, or control your emotions better. It is merely a challenge, and you are inexperienced, that's all. Rise to the challenge.
Food for thought: sadness is what people experience when people close to them die. This means you're causing sadness when you eat people. Now you understand them better, and understand the consequences of your actions. Experiencing more emotions will allow you to further expand your understanding, allowing you to blend in better, which is one of your main priorities is it not?

Hmm, what CAN we do right now? What do you need to do next to get your hunting license?
Oh, ask Red Eyes how she deals with intense emotions. Does she know any special techniques?
No. 957187 ID: 91ee5f

This. We need more weapon training.
No. 957190 ID: a9af05


We can't rely on magic for everything.
No. 957240 ID: 67b9f9

Yeah this. We need to be able to defend ourselves with weapons when magic won’t. Our slime powers should be a last resort, a last surprise for threats we have yet to see.

Also Emils, try not to push those emotions away. Attempt to experience them and understand them. Others experience them to so understanding how it feels and why they feel it will help you develop empathy.
No. 957269 ID: f133dc

Yes, emotions certainly cause loss of control, for a variety of reasons, and despite that you should STILL not burn mana to avoid feeling the physiological effects of having them. Like anything managing them is a skill, one you are woefully inadequate at.

We should start a new project today. We've learned a lot of different things, song, how to craft semi-electronic matter that we can make limbs out of, just a general improvement in capacity to do everything.

Lets go out into the woods, and make some cool things. Maybe we can use the arm template to make a super powered magic exoskeleton. This might take some practice, but with their advanced ability to manipulate materials, Emils could probably make some quality salable goods to get some easy money. We can use that money to buy mana stones. Or hire people to help us cast bigass magic spells by drawing on their mana.

Or we can hang out with some of our other friends. How's Beatrice's new life as a normie?
No. 957270 ID: 298857

Sadness doesn't feel very good. But there are also positive emotions. You will understand once you experience them.
No. 957338 ID: 0cb682

Go for a walk. Alucard-style.
No. 957706 ID: f2320a

One needs contrast the good and the bad or it has no meaning
No. 958526 ID: e7703b
File 158368460456.png - (3.55MB , 2388x1668 , BEE26338-1F42-44F0-8138-AA967FEA48A3.png )

“I was hoping for some more experience with different types of weapons, as well as going to the guild. Will all that be important?”
“Not really. In any case, we can go together. I just need to grab some stuff from home before we go.”
We continue on our way back.

“So, what did you talk with Alice about?” She asks.
“We talked about relationships.”
Red eyes takes a misstep but quickly recovers, “oh? What about?”
“Mostly about her and Silvia.
Why do people get into relationships? From what I’ve seen, it has been very painful for everyone involved.”
“Oh. Uh...” She scratches her head, “Relationships are a mixed bag. There are some that are good, and some that are bad. It’s not all good or all bad all the time though.
It’s not always something you can control,” she looks far off, “it’s just... when you find someone you genuinely enjoy being around, you feel like you’d like to spend your life with them. You want to be involved in their lives to some degree, and then you find out everything you know about them is a lie and they are part of your life out of dut-“
Red eye pauses, frowning before sighing.
“Forget that last part, I’m not really a good role model for a proper relationship. It’s not something easily explained, and each person will find their own relationship on their own way. Just keep in mind, just because you like someone, doesn’t mean they will feel the same way. It’s a very emotional thing, so it doesn’t always makes sense.”
“I see.” I think... “How would one control their emotions?”
“Eh, there’s different ways. The most common way is to meditate. Clearing your mind and calm your heart, and all that shit. Rosh can teach you about that. Others use training to focus themselves. However it’s mostly something you get better at with time and experience. There’s no shortcuts on controlling your body, like emotions and physical fitness.”
I guess that doesn’t apply to me.

We reached home, and I wait outside as Red eyes goes in and grabs a bag before we continue on our way to the guild.

“We also talked about Fuller. Do you know about it?”
“Oh yeah. It’s a very prestigious school of magic. My sister spent a few years there, and I would have gone too... are you interested in going?”
“Maybe? I am unsure at the moment.”
“Well, there’ll be a mage from Fuller coming over soon. He’s be the one who will evaluate your magic. If things go well, he’ll also mentor you while he has some free time. If you want to go, you could join him him back to Fuller. Either way, I’ll be leaving this city in a few months.”
“Where will you be going?”
“Wherever. I haven’t really given much thought when I left home, and I just feel like going as far away as possible.”
“Especially now.” She mumbles, as she picks up and looks at her gem necklace.

We’re approaching the guild, “So, any thought on what kind of training you’d like? I can help out getting some proper trainers for you while I fill out some paperwork.”
No. 958529 ID: 0fae41

Magic trainers. Let's expand our magic vocabulary - though outwardly we should only express proficiency in one or two fields, which seems to be the norm for an individual.
No. 958530 ID: e7c7d3

How about some archery. Learning accuracy would help with a variety of other skills.
No. 958536 ID: 91ee5f

We did say we wanted weapon training, so we should stick with that.

Currently, we have the Sword Handling and Spear Handling skills. Victoria gave us a little sword training, so we’ve got Rank D with swords, while we’ve only got Rank F for spears.

I’m thinking that we should ask for someone that can give us some spear training.
No. 958560 ID: b07f1c

Defensive skills. Shielding, evading, etc.
No. 958577 ID: b1b4f3

Archery(to see if you can learn it despite not having absorbed the skill), swordsmanship and spear use. If you can find a private location to practice, you could try using swords with multiple limbs.
Hmm, actually... since you can produce liquids at will, it would be useful to gain the knowledge of a lethal or incapacitating toxin(one not dangerous to slimes) that you could apply to things like throwing daggers, darts, and arrowheads. You'll want to learn how to use one or two of those. Can you learn to use throwing spears?
An incapacitating drug would be more generally useful as you could use that to get people out of the way during a stealth mission without making people suspect there's a monster on the loose. Optimally you'd want to be able to put people to sleep at range without making much noise, but it would also be acceptable to be able to use it on a target after sneaking up on them.
No. 958592 ID: f133dc

Did something happen to Victoria recently? Or a long time ago? She's acting strange. I wonder what's wrong...

If you didn't notice she has trouble controlling her emotions too, and makes mistakes because of it.
No. 958599 ID: 298857

No. 958608 ID: 6e6f32

Martial Arts, Sword Handling, Parkour.
Combined with slime powers to hide and extend weapons from anywhere and we could be whirling death.
No. 958612 ID: d63ea8

Just because I'm curious to see where this goes:
"Do we have a good relationship?"

Also Archery.
No. 958624 ID: b8bf3b

Do archery
No. 958625 ID: 977456

Knives and scouting.

>"Do we have a good relationship?"
Now this is a band that I can wag on!
No. 958642 ID: 621ed6

Sword training. Always enhance your strengths before shoring up weaknesses.

And another vote for asking about the relationship.
No. 958723 ID: f133dc

Lets forget mundane training sessions and get emotional training from Victoria (yes I know how ridiculous that is, just roll with it).
No. 958753 ID: e96198

Archery, we can train up our swordslimeship later. We're already a monster at close range, why not stretch to long range so no one can escape?

I'm also going with this. Quite direct, I like it.
No. 958860 ID: 2870a3

i say yet more seord training, yes we are quite good in close range our persona wouldnt be able to go all monstery on people without blowing our cover fully
No. 958879 ID: a9af05

If Victoria is leaving, then does that mean that she's not going to be coming back? Because she never said that she would come back.

Then ask Victoria if this means you'll never see her again.
No. 958895 ID: 094652

Give her a hug and say "stay safe, Red Eyes."
No. 958983 ID: 0cb682

Magic, we have CQC covered from our ability to glomp people and become flesh meltingly hot.
No. 958994 ID: e7703b
File 158422483565.png - (3.73MB , 2388x1668 , 4AB17977-DE7A-46F4-995F-4AFC6291F0CE.png )

“Archery and more swordsmanship. I would like to improve my ranged options in general, as well as some maneuvering training if possible.”
“That’s easy enough, there’s an area under the guild for training. There ought to be a few people around that can help you.”
“So what about us?”
“Our relationship. What kind of relationship are we in? You seem to be uncomfortable when discussing about it earlier.”
“... I... I am not sure.” Red eye answers, “I have no idea about who you are, where you come from, or what kind of person you will be. You’re much too closed off to get a proper read on, and I’m not sure on when or who you’ll open up to.
I have no idea on how to treat you, or what to do with you. I don’t want to keep you locked up like I was, and I want you to be in control of your own future.”
She rubs her pendant, “I guess I’m not really a good role model, and in no way a proper guardian, but I’ll try to take care of you while you’re under my care.”
“I see. I think you’re doing an okay job.” Not that I have much experience.
She pats my head, “Thanks. Go ahead and head to the back of the building, the entrance to the underground training area is at the back. I’ll send someone over to help you.”

I walk though the building, past some people and the noisy bar area.
The entrance was a roofed stair case down to a large spacious arena, with an area split for a range, a place for physical training, a place for rest and a few rooms. I don’t see anyone training magic or maneuvering.
I also spot Hoor, Eliot, Mark, and Lily.

I head to the range and pick up a spare bow. Looking at some of the other archers, I copy their pose and take aim... and miss. I don’t think this bow is sized right for me.
Shortly after, the same Avaros who gave me my test showed up.

“Oh hey. Emils right? It’s me, Terra. I was asked to help you on some training, so what would you like to do today?”

>Focus on:

Proficiency depends on order of training or specific weapons.
No. 958995 ID: 1774cd

Archery. No use in half-assing it if you're gonna start.
No. 958997 ID: e4abe1

No. 958999 ID: b07f1c

>so what would you like to do today?
No. 959000 ID: d88d26


Since every move you make is a precise and conscious puppeteer of your body your aim should become perfect after a few attempts. You only need to discover the sequence of movements that lead you to a hit and repeat them for every consecutive shot. Experience would still be necessary for the initial aim, to correct variables like differences between projectiles and the wind.
I prefer throwing lessons because darts and daggers are easier to conceal than a bow and arrows.
No. 959001 ID: 6e6f32


They'll teach you the proper technique and positions for the basics. Once they do though, see if track the arrow as it flys. It might cost you a few pairs of eyes, or require some modifications... but if you can get a feel for how it wobbles mid air, you'll get very good very fast.
No. 959003 ID: a9af05

The bow and arrow will help with long range.

Having throwing knives can also help. They can be used in close range stabbing and long range throwing.
No. 959005 ID: 0fae41

Seems rather trivial when you can conjure spears of earth under an opponent or just absorb them entirely. Practice throwing, something you can use in your true form. Also train on spears as an extension of your body.
No. 959009 ID: 015bf2


No. 959018 ID: 094652

Ultimately, your slime body is capable of throwing multiple projectiles simultaneously. You need to practice trajectory and reload to get the most out of your ability.
No. 959019 ID: 9a284f

Emils, get a higher grip. You want to get a little crook between the limb and your thumb to rest the shaft of the arrow in. Find a good spot on your cheek-bone that you can consistently get your thumb against when you draw, and for goodness sake rotate your elbow. You want it pointed outwards, not downwards. You'll keep slapping your wrist and affecting accuracy with that.

Uh, in other words, focus on archery.
No. 959030 ID: e96198

Archery/throwing. Now that I think about it, it'd be hilarious if we got our throwing proficiency so high we end up killing if not seriously harming attackers with just rocks or pebbles.

Anyways getting our ranged proficiency to be passable if not good will make it easier to take down opponents who eventually get close. If we landed some hits, they'll be weakened enough to where we won't have to bring out our slime stats. Besides, if we become amazing at range, it won't raise as many eyebrows. It's easier to get away with the assumption that we're good at archery. It's much harder to explain within reason why Emils is unusually heavy and strong.
No. 959031 ID: c84ff4

No. 959035 ID: 977456

It seems clear that Red Eyes is attempting to assist us, but lacks sufficient information to do so. Additionally, Red Eyes has considerable interest in avoiding scrutiny, which furthers our ability to impose upon her to prevent the dissemination of information. I feel that we should disclose all relevant information to her.

I want to learn more of anatomy, so a precision weapon would be ideal. Slashing seems like the least of these.
No. 959039 ID: 91ee5f

No. 959095 ID: 298857

Focus on throwing. It's more likely to help with aiming magical attacks, and with your strength you've got a hell of an arm.
No. 959266 ID: 2590db

We're gonna need to eat all archers to gain proficiency.
No. 959267 ID: 015bf2

People going missing is noticed, we know that much. Clearly the optimal strategy is to procure and eat a bow to learn its structure and functionality.
No. 959453 ID: e7703b
File 158486313854.png - (3.82MB , 2388x1668 , E21DF123-E8F5-4A1E-84FD-4867C4BDC27E.png )

I do not understand.
I emulate her posture.
I follow her techniques.
I can feel the weapons leave my hands perfectly.
No. 959455 ID: e7703b
File 158486320150.png - (4.02MB , 2388x1668 , 289B265F-F75A-4590-A906-81BFA75720FF.png )

“Okay, maybe ranged weapons aren’t for you.” Terra looks at the knife embedded into the back wall, “At the very least, you could just throw things really hard. That’s probably just as effective.”
“Please do not patronize me. Let’s move on to other things.”

With access to a variety of weapons, [Swords D] is now [Blades D]. I’m now more familiar with how to handle different types of swords, daggers, and how to use the hilt to block and parry. Terra opts to teach techniques rather than actual practice. It’s slow, but it allows me to see how differently she moves compared to Red eyes.

Using a spear is cumbersome. They do not have an appropriate tool my size, so very often the wooden staff wobbles after every move. It does upgrade to [Spear E], so there is some benefits to learning to use a spear against a person. Useful for keeping people out of arms reach, I don’t see how useful this might be if I intend to use a sword as a main.

As an overall result, being more familiar with moving with this form has risen its stats slightly to [Dex D].
Otherwise, apart from failing archery and throwing, it does not seem too bad.


“So there IS something you’re not good at.” Lily pipes up as she walks up to us, looking at the mess I had left at the range, looking slightly proud for some reason.
No. 959456 ID: b1b4f3

I guess that means we can't learn a new skill so easily, only develop the ones we gain from reading cores. I wonder if there's something in your core design that's outright blocking you from learning new things? Well, that's okay for now.
What is that face? Are you feeling another emotion?
Honestly swords are probably the best fit for you at the moment, as heavy swords are more useful than heavy spears, and you're good at using heavy equipment.

Hmm, Lily was the overconfident haste-magic user we met at the exam, right? Ask her if she passed.
No. 959457 ID: b07f1c

Emotions are unnecessary. Calm yourself... and fail, and furiously leave the place.

Alternatively, tell Lily that hiding one's weaknesses is a basic combat strategy. Also, that anything that she's good at, you can easily get better than her at.
No. 959458 ID: 6e6f32

Aaah. Your dexterity needs improvement. Fine control of you body's motion.

When you are using your body itself as a weapon, it's easy for you to rely on your massive weight and strength to get the job done. Tiny inaccuracies don't matter much. When wielding weapons however, those tiny inaccuracies in your motion are magnified. The effect is most obvious with ranged weapons. You'll need to come back to those some time.

Also, swords aren't appropriate for all situations. Polearms are generally a more bread and butter solution, and the spear is the most basic of them.
No. 959459 ID: 2590db

If you can't fight an enemy from distance, maybe try the parkour for mobility training to get close instead if they have one?
No. 959460 ID: a9af05

>“So there IS something you’re not good at.” Lily pipes up as she walks up to us, looking at the mess I had left at the range, looking slightly proud for some reason.
"Of course there's something I'm not good at. Nobody is perfect."
No. 959461 ID: 094652

A simple solution would be to artificially decrease the force in your throw, so that it matches the force used by Terra and fits the trajectory equation. See if weakening your arm with lower density will make your throws slightly more accurate.

Then practice on your own with multiple arms at once.
No. 959497 ID: fa2754

So it may seem. Oh well. Just something to master later.
No. 959498 ID: 015bf2

Frustration. Annoyance. Maybe a dash of jealousy towards your betters. Emotions that feed into recklessness, causing a probability of reduced accuracy and logical thinking, perhaps even leading you to expose weaknesses or clues to your real form. Identifying these emotions is a necessary step to calming them down through reason, without having to hard reset your body's brain.

Your failures may be more logical than you think. You're not used to coordinating these body parts in a minutely accurate ways. There may be a limit to what eye-level observation alone can teach. Unlike with spells which you can essentially see/hear and more or less outright copy, physical training seems to require developing muscle memory through regular practice.

You have the option of eating cores or copying skills, but those carry disadvantages (such as the skill copy limit of one). Therefore you should consider a different shortcut, through holding on to someone and looking at their mana paths as they try to perform physical tasks. This may give you greater insight into minute movements, since your senses here are keener. You could try it out with someone you've already trusted with knowledge of your mana sensing and may have to check up on again anyway, like Bea or that officer you healed.

>something you're not good at
"Yet. Hello Lily. What are you doing here?"

She may be smug she's better than you at something. Or perhaps she's just done something she's proud of?
No. 959500 ID: 977456

Perhaps you should stop trying to recreate the motions of the master, and instead try to understand the mechanics of the action. Just get a ball and throw it gently back-and-forth between you and Lily, while training your conversation and multitasking skills, in order to build up a predictive algorithm to determine where thrown objects will travel.
No. 959504 ID: d88d26

Did you embedded the hilt of that knife into the back wall? Did you perhaps increase force in proportion to your frustration?

>“So there IS something you’re not good at.”

"This statement is correct."

Good idea.

"I never throw anything before. Please help me practice." Pick up rubber ball.
No. 959511 ID: 92fc1d

Pick her up and hold her over your head for her insolence.
No. 959583 ID: 298857

"I bet I can bench press your mom."
No. 959642 ID: e96198

Another challenge to overcome. I think we should prioritize swords and throwing as primary skills.

You're looking a little frustrated, normal to feel. It's a feeling that either pushes people to do better or it pushes people away from their goals as well as other things.

Yeah, lets start small.
No. 959903 ID: 0fae41

Practice makes perfect. Go somewhere private and repeat these exercises in your natural, slimey form.
No. 959912 ID: e7703b
File 158540993730.png - (3.03MB , 2388x1668 , 4BEC1B03-49E0-412A-B9CE-46D7ED743117.png )

“Not everyone is good at everything.” I respond, while looking Lily in the eyes.
She breaks eye contact first, frowning. “Hello Lily, Mark.” I greet the two as they come closer.
“Uh, Emily right?”
“Right. I’m sorry about Lily. She’s just upset about the last test. She’s a lot friendly otherwise.”
I set the spear aside, “It’s fine, besides, there is nothing wrong with finding out what I can and can’t do. While I am better at the sword, it’s a short range tool. I just need something with a longer reach instead.”
“Ha, nothing beats magic in terms of distance,
Frustration. Another emotion. Easier to remove, but quick to come back.
Annoying. Frustration begets frustration.

“Oh, it’s you kids.” Terra notices, “Since most of you guys are here, I guess I can tell you ahead of time. Your next exam will be a written one, before you get your F ranks.”
Lily instantly latches onto Terras words, “oh, any hint on what it’ll be?”
“Eh. Just standard identification of stuff, strategy making, and guild rules. You’ll find about most of it in the library, but I can’t tell you where. Everyone goes though it, so don’t worry about it.”
“Oh.” Mark looks a bit worried, “I’m not all that good at remembering stuff.”
“Don’t worry to hard, it’s not scored. We just wanna look at how well everyone does at different situations. You won’t believe at how many people start off without knowing how to read. Test should be tomorrow afternoon, come in whenever, you don’t need to be together when it happens. Helps deter cheating.”

Terra gives us a few pointers before leaving.
It’s going to be late afternoon.

> There seems to be a misunderstanding. I gain more from consuming a living core. I can only copy something from scanning someone.
I had gained most of my abilities from consuming the cores of others.

> Adjusting my body density is a concept I have not considered.
Reducing the mass in my arm, I grab a nearby throwing knife to throw at the range, but it misses. It might just be that I am not good at this.

“Your technique seems fine,” Mark notes, “maybe try some other tools. Sand and stones for example. Doesn’t have to be knives.” He picks one up and throws it perfectly into the bulls eye.
“Or magic.” Lily adds, quickly flicking her wrist at the range while muttering a quick chant. Something about a wind needle. The air flutters and an invisible impact hits the paper target.
“With your aim, maybe throw a bunch of stuff instead. Some of them is bound to hit.” Lily comments.
“We’re planning to head up to the library to look up what to study. Would you like to join us?” Mark asks.
No. 959920 ID: e4abe1

actaully turning a bunch of rock into shotgun bullets seems pretty effective to me, that would be devastating
No. 959921 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm yeah throwing a bunch of slingshot bullets at something would work.
Go study with these two. If anything, it'll be good to practice handling annoyance.
No. 959923 ID: d63ea8

No. 959926 ID: f133dc

Just not being good at something doesn't exist, with a few thousand hours of practice you should be able to this the bullseye every time.
No. 959939 ID: b07f1c

Yes, go to the library. Maybe they have some interesting novels there.
No. 959949 ID: 0fae41

Nah. Go practice your throwing more, in private.
No. 959950 ID: ba56e6

We have studied being a magical girl extensively. I'm sure it will be fine.

We should go investigate the criminals who were bothering that Rabbold boy. If we leave to go to a fancy magic school, we should deal with them first.
No. 960005 ID: fa2754

Private time. Let's go find a core to munch.
No. 960031 ID: dce46f

I like this scattershot idea Lily is suggesting
No. 960047 ID: 2590db

Ask her to teach you that spell she just did, it seems really usefull.
No. 960052 ID: 91ee5f

Do this.

I’m pretty sure she’s going to refuse because she doesn’t like us.
No. 960055 ID: 20d53d

Throwing a bunch of stones or even bits of metal might actually be a good idea with your strength overcoming the bluntness of them. Something to practice, it could be even better than a single knife if you get good at it.

For now, studying is probably smart, since passing that test isn't going to need a ranged attack.
No. 960105 ID: 2590db

Learn to fire bone darts out of your hands. When you're on your own, of course.
Join them in the library.
No. 960716 ID: e7703b
File 158601818605.png - (3.31MB , 2388x1668 , 2CD02AE0-BDCD-4039-8868-B1ECFB72E7EF.png )

“I agree. But first, could you tell me about your spell?” I ask Lily.
“Oh. It’s something my grandmother taught me. She had me training visualizing for days before she let me cast it proper.” She sighs.
Lily raises a hand as she begins casting, “{Contain:atmosphere:[shape]; velocity:[direction]; scale:[1%]; initiate;}”
With another flick of her hand, an invisible force pulses out of her hand and at the target. Another thud, at the center this time.
“It takes a lot of practice for me to shoot out one of these at the right direction.” Lily comments, “grandma could fire a bunch of these at a time, without having to flick her arm.”
“The looks of people who are suddenly hit by one of those is great.” Mark adds. “Not so fun to be on the receiving one of those, but they’re good for distraction.”
I repeat the action, following the cast and flick my wrist. Nothing happens.

Lily looks at me amused, “Just because you know how to cast a spell doesn’t mean you can cast one. There’s a bunch stuff to take note of, like if you’re compatible with the spell, if you have the right mana veins to cast it, and a bunch of training just-“
I think for a moment before swapping out part of the spell.
“{Contain:fireball:[shape]; velocity:[direction]; scale:[1%]; initiate;}”
A needle sized compressed fireball erupts from my chest and shoots towards the target.
The wall off target erupts in a small explosion that chars the wall.

Lily is quiet.
“Hm.” Frustration is an annoying emotion.
“Huh. Took to that spell faster than you did,” Mark comments to Lily. “You should probably clean up. We’ll head up first.”


Lily calls me to a table while Mark is somewhere grabbing some books.
“So, we didn’t get a good chance to talk last time. I’d like to ask about how life is here in the city? Is everyone as good as you at magic? How did you even manage to change a spell like that? I could recognize the spell as mine, but you changed something!”

> Honest
> Misdirect
> Evade
> Consume
No. 960718 ID: c84ff4

start with trying to go for the Misdirect (ideally without outright lying) and if that is clearly not working go Honest
No. 960720 ID: d88d26

> Consume ?

Are you in a secure secluded location? Did you saw people on your way to this place? Was Terra aware of you hanging out with those two?
Hold on to this option for now.

> Honest

"I don't know, I'm not from around here and lack an appropriate reference to make a comparison. I don't know, I'm not from around here and lack an appropriate reference to make a comparison. You heard what I said different already, do you want me to repeat the chanting?"
No. 960723 ID: 6c227a

I don't think most people are as good at magic as me, because people look at me weird when I figure things out like that. I want to be able to fight WITHOUT magic if I have to, but apparently I am very bad at that.

If pressed, admit:
Spells are almost like a language, you know? I am figuring out what some of the different bits mean, so sometimes I can tweak something a little bit to make it work like something I already know. You are better at wind magic than me, but I can do fire.
No. 960724 ID: 015bf2


>My spell, changed something
"You are correct. I had a thought. What if I swapped a part of the spell out for one I knew I was more compatible with? It worked without blowing me up, which is good. Thank you for showing me your spell, by the way. I still have a lot to learn about the way magic and mana works."

Look off to the side and add a cryptic

"We all do, I think."

>How life is here in the city?
"Life here is interesting. I seem to be making something called 'friends', where you spend time with others and talk about various things or do activities together. Like cooking, training... studying."

Smile faintly at Lily.

>Is everyone as good as you at magic?
"'Everyone' who? People in the city? I have been told I am a 'prodigy', so I suppose not. Then again, I am not from here. It's hard to judge how magical people can be, I just know I am a very magical girl."

>Counter Questions
"Is your grandmother a very skilled magician? Is she who made you want to be an adventurer? It's apparently not a job all parents approve of."
No. 960725 ID: b1b4f3

No. 960726 ID: d63ea8

Misdirect, we'll be open when she is.
No. 960728 ID: 0fae41

Consume, failing that, misdirect.
No. 960729 ID: f133dc

Be brutally, directly clear about how you can do that.

I can understand languages, including magic language, and was able to swap out the [atmosphere] element for one I know, [Fireball].

Didn't we just learn Ice element?

Throw an ice element one at the charred target.
No. 960733 ID: b07f1c

"Have you and Mark kissed before?"
No. 960745 ID: 91ee5f

>A needle sized compressed fireball erupts from my chest and shoots towards the target.
Did that come from your core? You might need to work on getting that to come out of your hand instead of your chest.

>What do?

>Throw an ice element one at the charred target.
We can’t do that since we’re at the library and not the training area right now.
No. 960755 ID: ba56e6

"I have a talent for fire magic. I simply used the form of your spell to change the shape of my fire magic."
No. 960787 ID: 2590db

Honest, she was nice enough to show us her magic in the first place, let us be nice in return.
No. 960805 ID: 0cb682

You changed it. You removed atmosphere and added fireball.
No. 960809 ID: 2590db

"Unlike archery, magic is something I'm kind of good at. I lack experience of other places, so I can't really compare life or the people here to other cities, though my classmates seem to possess some interesting magical properties"
No. 960955 ID: a9af05

Be honest, but not so honest that you reveal your slimey secrets.
No. 960975 ID: affa90

This. Keep it vague.
No. 961048 ID: 6c9030

"I am apparently not proficient with air spells, but I can use fire ok so I swapped the air word for a fire word.
I am still learning magic, so I don't know many words. How many words do you have to know in magic to go to magic school?"
No. 961272 ID: e7703b
File 158646400011.png - (3.70MB , 2388x1668 , AAAF8555-A91A-44AE-A306-58523F2A245F.png )

“Magic comes easy to me.” I reply.
“I can understand chants and have been slowly learning what they do, but I am limited with what I can learn here.
I can’t seem to control the air, so what I did was replace your pressure with my fireball, and I managed to replicate your chant and spell.”

Lily looks at me wide eyed, wanting to say something, but doesn’t.
I grab a book and sit down to read.

“That... shouldn’t be possible,” Lily mumbles out after a while, “spells are supposed to be intricate and delicate. A misspoken chant, or an unstable circuit can easily cause a spell to fail.”
Lily looks at me, “It shouldn’t be that easy just to... mix and match spells like that!” She yells quietly.
I chant, snap my finger, and conjure a shard of [frost], which soon evaporates into vapors.
It seems it works with spells I’ve heard before. I probably just am incapable of casting spells I don’t have the attributes of.

Mark peeks out from a shelf, “Is something wrong?”
“Yes there’s something wrong, Emils here says she can understand chants!”
“That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve heard, if it was so easy just to change a spell like that, that would make you the most dangerous mage to ever exist!”

Mark walks up to the table, setting a pile of books down.
“Lily, what’s gotten you so worked up about this?”
“To be able to understand chants would mean you’d know what a mage will cast, and can bring up something to counter the spell! Emils is the perfect anti-mage!”
“So that means she could beat you in a fair fight.”
“Ye-“ Lily’s face grows red, “fine. yeah.”
Mark pats Lily’s head.
“See? Not so bad to admit there’s someone better than you, is it.”
Lily pouts, and grabs a book to hide her face.
“I don’t really get magic much, but I do know messing up a spell is dangerous.” Mark looks at me, “but part of fighting mages is always to find a way to get them to mess up their spells, and they’re the weakest when casting. Do be careful with what you’re doing.”
I nod, “Thank you for the advice.”
No. 961276 ID: d88d26

"It's correct to say I'm dangerous, but you see potential in my abilities that I haven't reached. Let's make a deal: you show me how to counter and disrupt spells and in return I will help you develop alternative variations of your own spells."
No. 961277 ID: 6c227a

Complain that you don't know any spells like hers that you could use to fight someone or something you want to keep intact. You could blow it up or cut it to shreds, but if you want to be non-lethal right now you kind of just have to miss.

This is a rare situation and barely a weakness, but admitting a weakness while she is annoyed at how great you are may temper her annoyance.
No. 961279 ID: d63ea8

Good chapter.
No. 961286 ID: 977456

As 961276. This could be very useful. Request a collaboration in which you assist her with vocabulary and attempts at constructing new spells, and she assists you with tactics and lets you nibble off a tiny corner of her soul that she didn't need, because fresh delicious affinity is good for the stomach.
No. 961292 ID: 0fae41

You're lucky neither of them really grasps what you mean. Don't go spilling your secrets just to win an ego contest.
No. 961303 ID: 6e6f32

Ah yes, nothing cuts through frustration better than a solid flex.
No. 961325 ID: 91ee5f

>I probably just am incapable of casting spells I don’t have the attributes of.
Your stats say you’re proficient in Temperature Magic, so it makes sense that you’re good with Fire Magic and Ice Magic.

All we need to do is copy her magic, the same way we copied from Bea and Resida. “Nibbling” on her would actually hurt her, which we don’t want to do.
No. 961337 ID: d88d26


I don't know, those two look like optimal prey to me. Two foreigners without ties to the locals that are low rank adventurers full of confidence in their abilities and they aren't as distinct as the shark guy. If we can learn about their missions eventually they might go to a secluded location where we can eat their cores without anyone noticing.

Their competitiveness is potentially very helpful for development of combat techniques and strategies, that is if we can get their cooperation. If they oppose such agreement their usefulness alive will be lesser than as lunch.
No. 961343 ID: ba56e6

They have done nothing to warrant being eliminated. I'm sure there are criminals and other enemies we can eat that will give us the same benefits.
No. 961344 ID: 38fa72

Yeah, I'm against eating non-hostiles and so should Emils be.
No. 961351 ID: 2590db

I think you are exaggerating the effect of my skill somewhat. While it helps greatly with learning or creating new magic effects I'm sure you can still pelt me with spells like nobodies business. I got more mileage out of mana reading in that regard, to be honest.
No. 962639 ID: e96198

Yeah lets downplay our abilities a bit. Best for potential enemies who hear about us through the grapevine think we're confused and have no idea about our abilities.
No. 962694 ID: 6c9030

There IS an alternative.
Rather than downplaying it, pretend it's education you can't remember. That'll start rumors of a secret sect of powerful mages.

Do you know how to diagram a sentence?
Diagram a spell.
It won't make any sense to them, but they'll understand that somebody, somewhere, has figured out magic.
When they ask questions tell them you don't know how you know this, that you don't remember what you don't remember, and eventually claim that trying to remember is causing you a serious headache and you can't think about it anymore.
Sure, they'll take the chart and show it to a mage, and the mage will learn something of the nature of magic and advance the knowledge of the craft by centuries, but when they come around asking questions you've got ready answers.
No. 963531 ID: 0cb682

Ask if counterspelling is casting magic to counteract what they do, or kicking them in the dick in the middle of them casting a spell.
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