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File 156538586485.png - (53.87KB , 1024x768 , ELCCTitle.png )
941955 No. 941955 ID: e7c7d3

It's true they do!
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No. 946399 ID: 0fae41

Bipedal spider is just fine.
No. 946405 ID: 3d6b62

Sexapedal spiderfolk please, gotta get some good ol arachnid goodness.
No. 946407 ID: 4f51b2

Reptilian Kobold
No. 946409 ID: c3c153

No. 946411 ID: 9876c4

Let's just be Willem Dafoe
No. 946412 ID: 0efe8e

The spider is growing on me, gotta vote for the sexapedal.
No. 946437 ID: 9aaeef

The Reptilian Kobold
No. 946438 ID: 422cea

Spider, because I swear to gog if I see another kobold...
No. 946441 ID: 8d4593

Spider, Sexapedal.

We got enough Kobolds and Cutebolds.
No. 946454 ID: a9af05

Sexapedal Spiderfolk
No. 946480 ID: 7dca0e

Kobold 4 ever.
No. 946484 ID: 2b3343

Sexapedal Spiderfolk
No. 946506 ID: 12ef8b

No. 946534 ID: 4f51b2

The rep kobold
No. 946544 ID: 422cea

Sexapedal spooder.
No. 946571 ID: c3c153

I like spiders and kobolds but I like kobolds more. Kobold.
No. 946573 ID: e7c7d3
File 157030901745.png - (270.53KB , 1024x768 , elcc29.png )

>Bipedal Spidergolk: I
>Reptilian Kobold: IIII II
>Sexapedal Spiderfolk: IIII III

Man, I am still very


Very split on what to become. I think I just need to stop thinking on things and make a decision. Just flip a coin in my head. Just jump right into it. One two three decide!

..But what about...

No! Decision time!

"Alright Terry, I think I'll go with that leggy spider you whipped up." I say, on a spontaneous whim.
"Sounds good!" Terry responds. "Just need to hit this button here and the printer will do the rest!"
A whirring and a low humming starts up in the back room, as the 3D printer starts building up my new model. Besides the machine, a silence falls upon the two of us.



"Say, Terry," I break the silence.
"Hmm?" He answers.
"Something just occurred to me." I continue. " You pointed out that we wouldn't be choosing tech level here, just what creature I'd be."
"That's right." He says. "I hope that's not causing confusing."
"Not really," I remark. "But then where do I decide what sort of world I'll go to? there are no other shops?"

Terry just looks at me for a pause.

"Oh hey!" He exclaims. "I think your model is done!"
Terry then shuffles into the back room, quite obviously avoiding my question.
"Here we go!" Terry says as he presents the small, grey model to me. "The molding needs to be cleaned up some more and it's clearly not painted, but I can do all of the hobby for you. Haha!"
I accept the model. It is pretty spiffy. Still, I look at Terry expectantly.
"Ah, hmm," Terry then moves towards the door and holds it open for me. "Any further questions you have should probably directed at Mort. He's in charge here."
No. 946574 ID: e7c7d3
File 157030905002.png - (316.12KB , 1024x768 , elcc30.png )

I take the hint and exit the hobby shop. The plaza is noticeably darker than it was before.

Oh hey though, Mort is standing outside the accounting office. It's lights turned off and he appears to be holding a manila envelope.
No. 946578 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I missed the vote. I would've voted for sexpedal too.

Tell him you're all done with the shops. What's he got there?
No. 946580 ID: dbfc9b

Well now, looks like we're coming to the end of our time here. Let's look and see what this all is coming too.
Head over and see Mort.
No. 946584 ID: 9876c4

Missing: 1 vote for Willem Dafoe or a reasonable facsimile.
No. 946606 ID: a9af05

Looks like he's finished going through all of your past lives and has probably determined where to send you. That might be what's in the envelope.

Let's go over to him to find out.
No. 946669 ID: 76349d

Hooray for a weird species choice!
No. 946875 ID: e7c7d3
File 157073769920.png - (247.71KB , 1024x768 , elcc31.png )

>Head over and see Mort

I start moving towards Mort, as it seems like the obvious choice.

"Hey Mort!" I holler at him. He gives a lazy wave back. "Finished go through all my past lives?"
"Indeed I have." He answers. "You definitely have a history of being a trouble maker, so those shades seem appropriate."
"Oh yeah..." I say subdued. "The whole free-will and patterns thing. I guess I didn't buck the trend then, eh?"
Mort quirks an eyebrow at me. "Not going to ask who told you that, I think I know who it was, but I wouldn't take their words to heart. Yes, you have a pattern, a history, a tendency, but do you remember any of that? No. What you choice right now was dictated by you and you alone. No pattern or history affected your decisions, that's why we don't give you your memories."
"Huh," I respond. "Yeah, the other person made it sound like these were all false choices."
"If they were false choices then we wouldn't even bother with all this theatre." He says.
No. 946876 ID: e7c7d3
File 157073772764.png - (250.07KB , 1024x768 , elcc32.png )

"Now, speaking of choices and history, it's time we moved on." He continues. "Or rather, time for you to move on. Here's your file. Just take it to the Gate-Keeper and they'll take you to were you need to be."
Mort points behind me, And I see the card playing man move into position beside a large, iron gate.
"That doesn't seem to be a very effective gate." I mutter to myself.
"It's symbolic," Mort retorts.

With no real response to that, I move on towards the gate and the card playing man.
No. 946877 ID: e7c7d3
File 157073777865.png - (278.40KB , 1024x768 , elcc33.png )

I approach the supposed Gate-Keeper.

"I thought you said your job was to do nothing." I accuse him.
"It was to do nothing." He says. "Until you and Mort were done doing your respective tasks. Now, I keep this gate and send people to their appropriate world. May I?" He holds out his hand for the file. I dutifully hand it to him. I mean, what else was I going to do with it?
"Now let's see here..." He start mumbling to himself. "In accordance to the power as granted by yadda yadda yadda... As per the conduct and in respect to blah blah blah! Here's something:

subject has decided the following:



-STR = 10
-CON = 10
-DEX = 12
-INT = 14
-WIS = 9
-CHA = 10

Every thing seems to be in order, now to find the thing that actually matters to me. 'Instructions for employees.'

Hmm hmm hmm...

Ah! There we go! We're sending you to reality 37Delta-Delta. That's good, relatively simple to get to from here if a bit long. Now to just get past the gate."

"I'm guessing it's not as simple as just going around it." I say, after waiting patiently for him to go over my life in paper form.
"Indeed not." He states. "That'll only get you lost in the void. So it's either through the gate or literally nothing. Of course, the gate is locked."
"You don't have a key?" I ask. "I'd have figured the Gate-Keeper would have a key to the gate that they're minding."
"Nah, you see it's a fancy, magical lock. Speak the right words and it'll unlock itself. Problem is, I don't know the word to unlock it."
"You don't?" I look at him quizzically. "Do we have to ask Mort?" I turn around to get Mort's attention, but he and his office are already gone.
"Nope, because he doesn't know it either." The Gate-Keeper continues. "However, you do."

Wait, what?

"Wait, what?" I stutter at him.
"You see, it's not so much a magical word that opens this lock, but a name." he explains. "Specifically, your name. So now I have to ask:
No. 946878 ID: e7c7d3
File 157073779989.png - (201.93KB , 1024x768 , elcc34.png )

"What is your name?"
No. 946881 ID: b1b4f3

>second drink was pronouns
In hindsight that's fairly obvious. It works similarly in the end, since your choice in clothing/makeup is based on the gender you identify with.

No. 946882 ID: 094652

Jon'ne Ja'kk'b Jn'gl Heimer-Schmidt
No. 946883 ID: 11f77a

Darth Kras Corsyx, Darth is just a popular first name for your kind.
No. 946886 ID: 0fae41

Angela Webb.
No. 946889 ID: a9af05

Raise your hand to stroke your chin in thought, then suddenly notice that you're already in your new body. That was quick, wasn't it?

This is a good name.
No. 946891 ID: 422cea

Aktarus Rathym
No. 946895 ID: 91ee5f

I’m voting for this name: >>946881 .

Also, ask how this is supposed to work? Since this is your new life, are you going to start as a baby and grow up from there? Or are you just going to suddenly poof into existence as an adult somewhere in the reality you’re being sent to?

And I’m assuming you’re also going to lose your memories of this place once you leave, right?
No. 946900 ID: a8c63e

Big Smoke
No. 946907 ID: ce39da

"Before I answer... What's 37-Delta-Delta like?"
"My name is Aktarus Kaia Rathym, and I'd appreciate some clothes now that I'm suddenly not a skelebones anymore."
No. 946990 ID: a9af05

No offense or anything, bit didn't Terry say he would color our body for us? So why don't we have any colors?
No. 947003 ID: ce39da

We have colors, just not very bright ones.
No. 947044 ID: 76349d

Aktarus feels too rough to me. What about just Akarus?
No. 947049 ID: a9af05

I see it now. I thought we were still fresh off the 3d printer with no color.
No. 947569 ID: a16fb3

Aktarus. no last or middle name.
No. 947620 ID: e7c7d3
File 157178182778.png - (189.66KB , 1024x768 , elcc35.png )

I take a moment to think. Do I know my name?

Really, I didn't know anything about myself, but I guess I figured it out eventually. Even when I didn't really know what was going on, I had always went with what I felt was right.

The pirate costume? No idea what that was about at the time. I was just having fun. Ended up with some glasses that became my style. Something that made me, well... me.

At the bar, I had an idea what was going on. Made decisions based on what I thought the results would get me. Still, they were choices that would get me to what I wanted to be.

The card game was a bit weird. Got too involved in the game, making choices to win the game and not to define me. And yet... That in its self defines who I am.

I think the hobby shop was most telling. Took a lot of deliberation. That was when I was really thinking about who I was and that made for a tough choice. But I do think I ended up with what I want to be.

So who am I? What's my name? I think I know.
No. 947621 ID: e7c7d3
File 157178186626.png - (290.97KB , 1024x768 , elcc36.png )

I approach the lock. It's a solid looking thing. Like a rock with fancy carvings on it. The sort of thing that you might find at a ren fair, made by someone who doesn't know how to run a business so it's over-priced but also still kind of cool.

And I simply tell it my name.


With pops and fizzles, glowing cracks form on the lock, growing in number and intensity. With a held breath, they stop, and the lock unceremoniously falls off and dissolves into the floor of the void.

I guess I chose the right name then, huh?
No. 947622 ID: e7c7d3
File 157178189436.png - (255.83KB , 1024x768 , elcc37.png )

The gate-keeper moves forward and opens the gate. He holds it open while motioning me forward.

"Well, shall we be off? Don't want to be late to your life now." He says.
"Is it actually possible to be late?" I ask while moving onto the lit path.
"Nah," He responds. "I just think it's a fun thing to say."
"Fair enough," I answer. "By the way what's 37Delta-Delta like?"
"Oh man," He says. "I don't know which part you'll end up in, but there's these two barrel galaxies that just started colliding together and they are just make some beautiful patterns with their star trails."
"Hopefully I get to see it." I respond. "Do I get a choice about where I end up?"
"Hmm, sort of." he answer vaguely, as we continue on our way.
"-- -- ---- ---- - --- ---- --"
"--- -- ---?"

No. 947623 ID: e7c7d3
File 157178192532.png - (194.73KB , 1024x768 , elcc38.png )

The We march ever forward, as our conversation dissipates into the nothing around us. Onward to my new life.

Here's to me, I guess. Thanks for helping!

The End


A Beginning

No. 947635 ID: 91ee5f

Well, that didn’t answer any of my questions, but I guess we’ll find out whenever Aktarus shows up in his own quest.

>Thanks for helping!
No problem! Looking forward to seeing your adventures!
No. 947678 ID: 76349d

this was a very cool concept for a quest
No. 947684 ID: 9876c4

I liked it until our bipedal skeleton-dude fell victim to the xenomorphists in the comments.

It was a good concept, though.
No. 947686 ID: 7ebbf9

Live it up a little, Aktarus!
No. 947812 ID: e7c7d3


Thanks! Involved and obtuse character creation is something that I love in my RPGs and this quest was an homage to them.


Yeah... I purposely didn't answer your questions primarily because I don't know myself. It's also for the same reason I tried to avoid anything about the character's potential setting. It's going to be a bit of a challenge for myself to come up with a story for little Aktarus, and I didn't want to challenge myself further by limiting what setting he should appear in.


I kind of agree with you. While I'm a xenophile myself, I had a whoooole lot of trouble coming up with a spider design that I liked. The design that was on the model box was like my 6th attempt at making a decent looking spider, making the winning design my 7th try. Spider designs are just out of my skill range for now.


Hopefully not too far into the future!
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