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File 156020965206.png - (219.23KB , 800x600 , title.png )
935377 No. 935377 ID: 395c02

The events of this episode take place between Dragon Romance threads 8 and 9.

This quest is NSFW.
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No. 967433 ID: 6bf131

Always science D
No. 967434 ID: c9b4e8

D, C.
No. 967435 ID: 4854ef

C, D!
No. 967436 ID: be1deb

No. 967437 ID: e05ad0

No. 967454 ID: cdabe3

No. 967455 ID: e980d6

No. 967459 ID: 736b7e

D, B
No. 967461 ID: 3fd119

A, c, you've gotta learn sometime! How do you do it with yourself? Just try it on her!
No. 967462 ID: f09c0f

No. 967469 ID: ee7136

A! Eeehehehe
No. 967470 ID: 821e1c

B, c
No. 967479 ID: 864e49

G Switch to Outissa.
No. 967661 ID: b34040

A (what's kissing like?)
No. 967662 ID: 094652

>php code room
Nice one

>death threat
knowing you, they'll get grossly mistranslated. Try it out
No. 967826 ID: e7a33c
File 159043072650.png - (21.01KB , 800x600 , 195.png )

There's only one answer for handling the unexpected: Science!

But no scientist would dare use their vast creations for anything so carnal. Not unless they had no other choice.

...Which means...

"So what do you think of my examination table? Pretty impressive, right?"


"Why did I stop what we were doing to show you this? Because science sleeps for nobody! Now, you need to be very careful not to press this button here. Pressing it causes the table to seek out test subjects and there's still some kinks to work out and :dr_buttonpressed: WHOOPS!"
No. 967827 ID: e7a33c
File 159043073049.png - (22.47KB , 800x600 , 196.png )

The EXAMINATION TABLE enters ACQUISITION MODE and preps me for experimentation!

"Oh no! How could I have been so careless!? For me to have made such a mistake and end up so completely helpless! No, of course... this was a trap! Outissa you fiend! You won't get the laser plans from me!"

Outissa stares at me blankly for a moment, then seems to realize what I'm implying-- er, she realizes things are going exactly as she planned!
No. 967828 ID: e7a33c
File 159043073259.png - (23.59KB , 800x600 , 197.png )

She begins running her hands across my body, each newly explored crevice only heightening my-- her excitement.

Before long I feel a warm wetness as I realize Outissa is making use of her tongue! So barbaric! So undignified, to lick a scientist like some kind of savage!

And here I lie, unable to do anything to stop her! Woe is me! Woe is-- "Little lower. Yes... perfect..."

Woe is MeeEEEEE~!

"I-I won't talk! Even if you lick me! There's no place you can touch that will make me give in! Not even..."
No. 967829 ID: e7a33c
File 159043073521.png - (10.32KB , 800x600 , 198.png )


"Ah...~! I won't t-tell you anythiiIIiinng...!"

"*Demanding chirp!*"

Outissa brings her tongue threateningly close to a very unscientific place!

"You wouldn't dare!"

A mighty grin forms across her face as she pulls back-- wait no don't actually listen to me!!!

"Oh, so you think I'll crack under pressure, is that it!?"


"W-well I won't! No matter what you do! You fiend!"

She brings her head down and-- Ahhh~! She shows no mercy!

Her tongue...! It's... it's...!
No. 967830 ID: e7a33c
File 159043073796.png - (22.46KB , 800x600 , 199.png )



This can't be...! How could I have been bested by...

Wait, I lost hold of-- I mean one of my bindings have somehow come free! That's right-- the velcro bindings are stuck to my fibers, but I can control them to free myself! Then I can gain the upper hand on my captor!

And then...!

A: Let's see whose tongue is really the strongest!
B: It's said a long, tapering arm has many uses...
Not that I'd know anything about that.
C: ACQUISITION MODE: TARGET OUTISSA. It could trap us together... where I want her...
D: No bindings can hold a scientist of my calibur! Break free and tackle Outissa, getting my revenge!
No. 967831 ID: ee7136

A so so much, especially if it leads to a very... "nice" number
No. 967832 ID: 3edd0d

No. 967833 ID: 6bf131

No. 967835 ID: fa2754

A, d
Apply self to Outissa
Be it her face or.. someplace else~~
No. 967837 ID: c9b4e8

No. 967842 ID: 8b270f

No. 967843 ID: be1deb

No. 967848 ID: d48ad1

No. 967849 ID: e980d6

No. 967850 ID: f09c0f

D, C
No. 967869 ID: b1b4f3

No. 967889 ID: 736b7e

B, C
No. 967905 ID: b299a5

D, B
No. 967911 ID: 08e322

No. 967939 ID: cdabe3

No. 967997 ID: 821e1c

B, a
No. 968007 ID: b34040

C, a
No. 968045 ID: 3fd119

C, d: You can't let someone else defeat you!
No. 968265 ID: 7fafab

No. 968367 ID: e7a33c
File 159078097214.png - (26.12KB , 800x600 , 200.png )

Outissa's satisfaction will be her undoing! Her guard is down, and I've outwitted my extremely secure and not at all easily escaped bindings! Now is the time to strike!

She chirps in surprise as I acquire my target! There's always a weak spot (it's scientific protocol to install one in every invention), and I know just where hers is! Her tongue is powerful, but she's about to experience the full might of my salazzarine romancing prowess!!!
No. 968368 ID: e7a33c
File 159078097576.png - (19.90KB , 800x600 , 201.png )

So awed by my might is she, that she doesn't move to protest! I take advantage of the situation, and-- wow her tilde must be off the chart.

Hmph! I shall drink of her and display the scientifically proven method to reach absolute pleasure! She squirms as I go to work, but she cannot escape me as I escaped her! We're stuck here!
No. 968369 ID: e7a33c
File 159078097869.png - (20.69KB , 800x600 , 202.png )


Okay, focus. Gently free myself, and then get to work... there.
No. 968370 ID: e7a33c
File 159078098208.png - (20.66KB , 800x600 , 203.png )

I press my tongue inside and find the perfect spot to massage. My actions elicit louder and more intense moans from her. She is completely and utterly under my power... my control...

I move in deeper, drunk with scientific might. I go slow, tenderly... then I increase speed and pressure as she squirms and grabs onto me, seemingly struggling to keep from passing out as I overwhelm her with a pleasure she has surely never felt before.

Time to bring my captor fully into my thrall. I find the right spot, then lick intensely! Her breathing grows heavy, and it takes all my strength to keep her from getting away from me.

Before long, the explosive climax this was all building towards!


But her tilde hasn't fallen one bit! No matter, I need only milk her of every ounce!
No. 968371 ID: e7a33c
File 159078098518.png - (19.90KB , 800x600 , 204.png )

She climaxes again, and again. I'm starting to feel a bit jealous. I soon discover she... no, perhaps I should let Ceri find out for herself.

Before long, we find ourselves tired and panting. I try to stand, intending to wash myself clean and regain some much-needed energy via intense scientific napping, but I fall back to the floor.

I guess I have no choice. I drag down the mattress from the EXAMINATION TABLE (which is actually a bed due to a miscommunication between the writer and the artist who are in no way the same person) and place Outissa on it. Mammals prefer sleeping on soft surfaces, after all. Me, I'll be just fine napping on the floor--

I feel a tug!
No. 968372 ID: e7a33c
File 159078098817.png - (16.69KB , 800x600 , 205.png )

Hey! This is not what...


Fine. Just this once.
No. 968373 ID: e7a33c
File 159078099280.png - (44.37KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

Just this once.
No. 968374 ID: e7a33c
File 159078099454.png - (1.46KB , 800x600 , 207.png )

No. 968375 ID: e7a33c
File 159078099846.png - (75.07KB , 800x600 , 208.png )

Whatever everyone got up to, you hope they all enjoyed themselves. The last... gods it's only been like four days?

The last little while has been very hectic and emotional. Now that things feel a little more settled, you look forward to enjoying some calm days filled with FRIENDSHIP and ROMANCE.

dragon romance

Days where you don't have to worry about seals, slavery rituals, overprotective mothers. Days that are just you and your family. Days where your biggest worry is what outfit to wear.

Eventually you must prepare for Dragon's Day, but for just a little while you want to live in a world without dragons, without worry.

But is such a thing possible? Who knows.
No. 968376 ID: e7a33c
File 159078100195.png - (70.88KB , 800x600 , 209.png )

Either way, tomorrow is a new day.
No. 968458 ID: 094652

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