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File 155017901321.png - (174.21KB , 800x800 , 128.png )
921083 No. 921083 ID: 5fc3a0

Wiki/Previous thread list: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Haze_Town

It sure has been a month since I got 99.9% of the city's raw combat power, and I sure haven't done much.

Pillet should've respawned by now, in the last hour or two. But, respawns could happen anywhere in this city.
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No. 921858 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, something occurs to me... people eat to power up, but you can also steal someone's energy by killing them. Does the overall power level of the city ever go down? Will the top tier fighters just keep getting stronger forever, until any battle between them levels the city just from how much energy is thrown around?
No. 921867 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155044293233.png - (114.75KB , 800x800 , 204.png )

"She's a voyeur, then! Probably touching herself over there."
>"She says 'no', except very loudly. Please don't shout so loud Phantom, you're right in my ear." says Soletta.
"Was she the one with the drone, then?"
>"... nope. That was someone else. She says she's willing to come by, but she says, absolutely no funny business."
"No jokes?"
>"I think she means any lewding."

>Does the overall power level of the city go down?
Yeah, when someone dies without being killed, their lost power goes back into the fog. So, it goes down bigtime if a top tier fighter dies, but since that doesn't happen often, it usually goes up for a long time. Maybe if creeps up for too long, a battle would level the whole town.

Pillet snrks.

>"I knew Phantom was a prude."
>"Oh, uh, she's yelling that she's not a prude, she just isn't a slut, either, and doesn't have sex with anyone she just met - wait, Phantom, are you calling me a slut? No, no, it wasn't because it was my job, I actually wanted it... okay, I understand, you don't need to apologize, I like you too! Okay, Delli is it fine if she meets us here, or do you want to meet in a different spot?"
No. 921870 ID: 465a14

"Wow, she's asking us out already? Sure, let her pick the restaurant."
No. 921871 ID: 86eb65

We already got this place and its got all the nice stuff so why not here. Unless Phantom has some fancy lair she likes to hang out in.
No. 921872 ID: 10c408

"Sorry Phantom, but this is an hour long segment of the pool party and chill show on lewd central."

We'll get back to you when that's over with."
No. 921879 ID: 8d23f0

too lewd for phantom tell her until she ready to go down on chocolate town this meeting is on hold.
No. 921881 ID: 834378

>I like you
So Phantom's into girls huh? Ask her when she said "no lewding", did she also mean no girl-on-girl action? We're fine with just watching, if she's into that.

As far as the place goes, does this town have a ferris wheel? Or a theme park?
No. 921882 ID: afdebc

>>"I think she means any lewding."
I promise not to lewd anyone against their will. I make no promises that Pillet won't.

>Okay, Delli is it fine if she meets us here, or do you want to meet in a different spot?
Yeah, she can come by the pool. She doesn't even need to bring a bikini, even though we all did.
No. 921885 ID: 2202fb

Agree to no lewding and have phantom come to you. Tell her to remember her mask.

While you are doing that, motion to Soletta and Pillet that this no lewding thing is complete bs and just to get phantom to show up.

When she shows up, grab her, strip her, and tie her down to a table and then just leave her there and keep enjoying yourselves. You guys aren't rapists yet.
No. 921886 ID: b1b4f3

How about we go visit the underground garden with Phantom?
No. 921895 ID: 91ee5f

>okay, I understand, you don't need to apologize, I like you too!
So does that mean that Soletta and Phantom are dating or are they just “friends with benefits”?

>Okay, Delli is it fine if she meets us here, or do you want to meet in a different spot?
Tell her that she can come over, but she has to bring a swimsuit! Otherwise she can’t enjoy the hot tub!
No. 921899 ID: c1212a

Phantom we just got in the pool. Bring a suit and leave your phone. I promise I will not lewd you *wink at Pillet*.
No. 921902 ID: bcc41d

Feel a little disappointed that the truth is Sol's an agent of the gangs, but grin and bear it. Leave the mind games to more devious people and just enjoy a good thing for what it is.

>Where to meet?
Tell her she can come to the pool party or she can meet you at Soletta's farm after you're done, since you kinda want to go visit the place now.

>funny business
Suggest that if she thinks all this 'funny business' is awkward - and yeah no shit - it's her own dang fault. She could have contacted you to continue that conversation from a month ago, but instead she sent a sexy spy to flirt you up. She pretty much set the tone herself.

No hard feeling to Soletta, though. A+ chocolate-feeding game, got you hook line and sinker. Would get a little infatuated and have sex in Phantom's ears again.

While you wait for Phantom, ask Pillet how she knows Phantom that well. Also, ask Soletta a couple of questions to get to know her better. Like, about how she got into the spy bizz or what she ACTUALLY thinks about dispersing the fog. Also, she seems like pretty tough customer, given that most other people run away from you on sight!
No. 921911 ID: e7848c

Well that was adorably awkward.
No. 921914 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155044890370.png - (106.21KB , 800x800 , 205.png )

"Fine, fine. I promise I won't lewd her up if she doesn't want that. I won't promise I won't get up to funny business with others though. She's the one who sent a sexy spy after me! I thought I had a legitimate fangirl! And she's got to bring a swimsuit, because unless she wants it to be elsewhere, we haven't been here for long!"
>"Here's fine. And don't hope for much from my garden when we do visit. It's really just a little plot with a sunlamp."
"I'll be the judge of that. So uh Phantom said she liked you?"
>"Yes. We don't speak as often as we'd like, but we're friends."


>"Platonic friends."
"Oh. I thought she might've liked other girls."
>"I really don't know about that! Oh, Phantom says she can still hear us. She's going to bring an escort, there's a power struggle and she's still a big target."
"That's fine."
>"Oh, and Delli? You do have a fangirl. The meeting wasn't legitimate, but I wasn't acting at all after that. I really did have fun, so I'm a fangirl now."
"Oh. Uh, good! I guess you are kind of tough for approaching me anyway."
>"Nah. I'm glad I did, but Phantom gives us death insurance."
"What do you think about dispersing the fog anyway?"
>"I honestly don't know. I hope we can learn more about it before we do anything irreversable, so please talk well with Phantom."
>"Speaking of which, Pillet, how do you know Phantom so well?"
>"You know what they say about knowing your enemy, and we've been enemies for a long time."
No. 921915 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155044891194.png - (123.12KB , 800x800 , 206.png )

Pillet goes out in advance to warn her rebels about the escort, while I ask Soletta about how she got in the spy business. She tells me that the gangs made her pay protection, and she was able to trick them into thinking their own gang owned the store. Eventually she was found out and the place was destroyed and a bounty was put on her head, but she got away with a lot of money. Phantom then hunted her down and offered her entry into her own gang, since that was a pretty ballsy move.

Pillet comes back, then Phantom arrives.
No. 921916 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155044891809.png - (126.25KB , 800x800 , 207.png )

She looks like she's being cautious as she takes off her coat and steps in the spa.

No. 921918 ID: afdebc

>She's going to bring an escort
I mean escorts don't mean much to Deli if a fight happens, he still has all the firepower. Go ahead.

Nod. "Sup."

She's probably got something to say, just chill until she works up the nerve to say it.
No. 921920 ID: c1212a

Don't worry, we don't bite. Even if you're in to that I promised I wouldn't. Beer? Chocolate?
No. 921923 ID: 91ee5f


And if she still looks tense after a few moments, tell her, “Wow, Pillet was right, you do have the least chill of all. Just chill out already.”
No. 921924 ID: e7848c

Sorry about the last meeting. Hopefully these are better circumstances? If a little unorthodox for you.
No. 921925 ID: ac10e5

Maybe you should just sidelong things right away. Like, "Look, you've probably got a lot to say and talk about, but could we just relax instead of this high stakes diplomacy fight for a while first"

She is way too comfortable with the high stakes discussion manipulation wars. Knock her off balance by forcing some low-stakes (mostly non-lewd) hangouts instead. Also Soletta's got a good opinion about this, honestly. More information before the fog stuff.
No. 921926 ID: 2735ca

"Hey. So, how've things been going with you? Since you know all about me by now."
No. 921927 ID: 017879

I feel more kinship with her than the other two. She's short and awkward and seems kind of like a wimp, kind of like you. Only difference is she's smart and driven and presumably charismatic in her element.

Uh. Not to start things off on the wrong foot or anything, but it was kind of callous how she expected Soletta to put out "for her job" while dumping on casual sex. As a leader, I mean. Pillet wouldn't ask her subordinates to do anything she wouldn't be willing to, you know?
No. 921933 ID: 86eb65

Offer her some chocolates and a drink.
No. 921934 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045257407.png - (77.80KB , 800x800 , 208.png )


She looks like she's got something to say.

I'll wait.

Could cut the tension with a knife, here.

Pillet was right. No chill at all.

She kind of looks like me. I mean, not a goat, not a guy, but kind of small, and got a lot of power at least at one point.

>Only difference is she's smart and driven and charismatic
Now I'm just beating myself up.

"So uh, were you going to say anything?"
>"You brought me here. Don't you have something to say?"
"Did you just expect Soletta to put out for her job?"
>"Of course not! I appreciate when my workers go above on beyond, but I told her she didn't have to do that!"
>"I wanted it, Delli." Soletta adds.

>Only difference is she's smart and driven and charismatic
It turns out I beat myself up with the truth.

>"Go ahead and try to convince me to help lift the fog."
>"Why else did you bring me here?"
"To chill out. Clearly we could all use the practice. Except Soletta. She's a fuckin' master at it."
>"You seriously think I believe you brought me out here, just to... 'chill'?"
No. 921935 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045259649.png - (93.51KB , 800x800 , 209.png )

"I mean"


"Want a beer?"
>"... please."
No. 921936 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045262455.png - (103.11KB , 800x800 , 210.png )

I've never seen anyone eat chocolate in such an unchill manner before.

No. 921938 ID: afdebc

>"Go ahead and try to convince me to help lift the fog."
I kind of figured you'd try and convince me not to. Since you guys need to convince me more than I need to convince you, what with the unfair power imbalance.
No. 921939 ID: 017879

Honestly we're just trying to relax while Pillet still has patience to not bully us into doing scary important things. Or still thinks things are funny enough. Trying not to think about the fog cause, uh, nobody wants to think about the fog. The fog kind of sucks, even if you like it, since other people don't and you can't just take that for granted, right?
No. 921940 ID: b1b4f3

I think right now the unbalance is manpower. Raw power won't help find the key, not very much anyway. They just need to find it first and hold onto it, keeping its location secret. They want to draw this out as long as possible, and are in a position to do exactly that.
Not unless Delli starts killing literally everyone he can find to reduce the numbers of the opposition. Then he'll have to wait a month before using the keys, naturally. Can't imagine lifting the fog will bring back everyone currently in it.
No. 921941 ID: 58ccd4

close your eyes and chuckle.
"see how easy it is?"
"just close your eyes and lay back with a beer"
(also what day is it? like Monday?)
No. 921945 ID: 891b91

saging because this is my third attempt at posting this without grammatical errors lmao

"Okay, so while we're trying to chill, why don't we figure out exactly where we stand on this issue. Seems to me that we just have different priorities: you don't want anyone to die unwillingly right? And I don't want anyone to be trapped here against their will. Well, let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that we manage to find a way to lift the fog without killing anyone in the process. Or maybe a way to let some people leave this city, even if it kills them permanently, so that nobody is trapped here against their will. Would you be on board with that? Never mind if it's possible or not."
No. 921947 ID: c1212a


Maintain your dedication to chill; instead of asking about whos' court the ball is in with the key business, ask her about her own hobbies.
No. 921949 ID: bcc41d

"I'm curious now... how would you usually relax?"
No. 921950 ID: 2202fb

Have Pillet or Soletta lewd her. Alternatively, just strip and act casual. Something needs to lower this tension and the best way to do that is to add more.
No. 921952 ID: 91ee5f

Ask why she’s spending Valentines Day spying on you instead of hanging with someone she loves? Unless that someone is Soletta. Then the question becomes why’d you take so long to hang out with her?
No. 921953 ID: 0da36c

So like, is “phantom” your real name?
Seriously tho, the main reason we brought you here was to chill and hang out and you are doing a godawful job of it. What’s got you so tense? Besides the walking nuke and bitter rival you’re sharing a hot tub with.
No. 921955 ID: 10c408

It's not exactly manpower. It's influence. Phantom and the other gang leaders probably still have a lot of sway over things that are happening even though they've been depowered, and Delli just doesn't.

"So. Since you won't chill out I'm just gonna say it. If you intend to do everything you can so that everyone in this obnoxious bubble prison stays locked up, forever, then I'm going to have to oppose you in whatever non-physical means I think up."
No. 921957 ID: 91ee5f

Also, tell her that you just invited her over to relax and chill. Any convincing to get rid of the fog is going to be coming from your girlfriend, Pillet.
No. 921959 ID: e7848c

Offer her a box to pick at, at her leisure. She really doesn't need to be so tense right now. You're just talking.
No. 921961 ID: 2735ca

You aren't really the kind of person who pays much attention to the city at large, but she clearly is. So, how's the city been doing? You'd like think things have been more peaceful with a doof like you having all the power instead of someone more strongly motivated, but you wouldn't bet on it. You'd feel nice if people felt more relaxed than they did with a tense balance of powers thing going on, though?

Anyway if you're going to talk about the key/fog topic (you should just chill for a while, instead, tell her there's no hard feelings over the spy thing? Well, there probably are some hard feelings, but like, you want to get over them and that's why you called her to chill), bring up the idea in >>921839
No. 921962 ID: 86eb65

Is eternal life worth living if you don't live it a little?
No. 921965 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045979633.png - (151.00KB , 800x800 , 211.png )

>Also what day is it?

I take another beer.

"I thought you'd try to convince me to not drop the fog."
>"If 'please don't kill everyone' doesn't convince you, I don't know what will."
"What if there was a way to just temporarily lift the fog to let people who want to leave, leave?"
>"Then I'd have no problems."
"So we need to find that, then?"
>"Then I'd help. But you two just wanted to go right to breaking the fog, and we don't know how to do that temporarily."
>"I'll spend a thousand years if I have to. We need the keys to investigate the chamber anyway."
>"I don't want Pillet to have access to the keys. And I don't trust you, Delli."
"Why not?"
>"Pillet has you wrapped around her finger. Why do you let her bully you?"
"She's never kept me around her against my own will, and now she couldn't even if she wanted to."
>"Hrmm... whatever. We'll talk about how to investigate when we have the keys."
>"You want to get it first so you have a bargaining chip, huh?" asks Pillet.
>"... Yes."

Pillet hands her a beer.
No. 921966 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045980391.png - (106.03KB , 800x800 , 212.png )

>"I said I didn't want one."
>"Because you're afraid of saying something stupid. I know you like beer." Pillet says.
>"So what if I don't want to say anything stupid?"
>"Stupid is relative. You can't say anything stupid when Delli's around to open his mouth."
>"I'm right and you know it."

Phantom takes the beer.

"... so if that's all we're going to talk about for now, then relax, damn!"
>"Don't shout at me to relax!"
"Uh, right. How do you normally relax?"
>"At the right time and place. I don't care if this is Splice's place, but I haven't even come back for a day, and my gang's been hard at work keeping the pieces together. Now they're hard at work digging for a key. And I'm just... sipping beer with a walking bomb and my rival."
>"And me." says Soletta.
>"You're a boon to my mood, you don't count."
No. 921967 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155045982373.png - (105.06KB , 800x800 , 213.png )

I put a box of chocolate by Phantom for her to pick at.

"Hey Pillet, want to lewd phantom?"
>"I'm leaving." Phantom says.
"Waitwaitwaitwait I'm joking!"
>"I don't like Pillet, Delli. Not one bit."
"Fine, fine! Okay, let me ask something else. Is Phantom your real name?"
>"It is now. It didn't used to be. I think it was Lisa or Lucy or something like that. Phantom is what my enemies called me. They're no longer relevant, but their name stuck."
"So how's the city been doing?"
>"I've not been alive for a day in the last month. The fact that you're asking me..."
"Everyone runs or acts weird when I'm around."
>".... People are more on edge, now. Most can't imagine dying. Actual, permanent dying, I mean. Maybe Pillet will get what she wants just by threatening to remove the fog."
>"That'll work for like a week." says Pillet. "Then they'll get used to the threat, and go back to stagnate lifestyles that barely count as life."
>"So what if it's barely life? Even if it's a little, if it's eternal... a small number multiplied by infinite is still infinite."
"Whoa whoa whoa. I want to stop the heavy talk, actually. Phantom, you'd rather be working with your gang? On Valentine's Day?"
>"Yes. I don't have anyone special like that."
No. 921970 ID: 58ccd4

>"Yes. I don't have anyone special like that."
well today is her lucky day! Give her something that will be appropriate on valentines day.
No. 921975 ID: afdebc

>Why do you let her bully you?
Cause you like her, obviously. She bullies you less than the gangs, anyways.

>"So how's the city been doing?"
>"I've not been alive for a day in the last month.
Maybe you should ask Soletta, since she probably hasn't been dead all month.

>Phantom, you'd rather be working with your gang? On Valentine's Day?"
>>"Yes. I don't have anyone special like that."
This seems endemic of the whole "life under the haze ain't very great" problem.
No. 921976 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Hmmmm... I wonder if Delli can use his threat of blowing shit up to get people to actually do things. Like, implement city-wide holidays or... I don't know. The point is can't we just FORCE people to live more eventful lives? Even if it's not dying, people don't like getting put into the fog for a month.

Also offer to help Phantom find someone.
No. 921977 ID: 017879

Special is relative. Valentine's can be about finding someone special to spend the day with! Even for just the day. Soletta was a total surprise, but she's been fun to hang with, even without the lewd stuff.

So. Since Phantom basically sent us a Valentine, what if we return the favor and be Phantom's valentine for the day? We can relax how she wants to and she can have a key so she can actually relax oh god Pillet please don't hurt us
No. 921981 ID: 91ee5f

>a small number multiplied by infinite is still infinite.
In case you haven’t noticed, food supplies aren’t infinite. Even if I never got this power, eventually we’d be running out of food to feed everyone and then things would be even worse then they are now.

That doesn’t sound like a good thing if you ask me.

>I don't have anyone special like that.
Alone on Valentines? That doesn’t sound right. You should try to be more open and maybe you’ll find someone special.

>she can have a key so she can actually relax
No giving away keys already in our possession!
No. 921985 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155046381667.png - (130.89KB , 1000x800 , 214.png )

"Want to find someone?"
>"What am I going to do, go to some club and just find some guy?" Phantom asks.
"Why not?"
>"I don't like clubs."
"There's other places!"
>"I don't like going to 'places' just to meet someone."
>"Hey, you came here to meet Delli." says Pillet.
>"Not for that!"
"It could be for that if you wanted. Just, you know, chill with someone else for a day. Pretty sure being someone's valentine isn't like wedding vows. Is it? Not anymore it's not, that's my first decree."
>"Are you..." Phantom blinks at me. "Are you asking me out?"
"I'm uh... I'm... not not asking you out?"
>"You've destroyed so much of mine."
"I'm not trying to make you suffer over it!"
>"That's an obvious side effect. Besides, you're with Pillet!"

Pillet faces me.

>"Hey Delli."
>"I'm breaking up with you."
>"Let's go out again starting tomorrow."

... so she was my girlfriend!

>"Come on Soletta, let's leave these two alone!"
No. 921987 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155046382848.png - (114.85KB , 1200x800 , 215.png )

They rush out of the room still dripping, leaving Phantom and me just... here.
No. 921988 ID: 86eb65

So whats your favorite book?
No. 921989 ID: afdebc

No. 921990 ID: 10c408

Successful tyranny takes effort, personality and manpower. We severely lack all three and getting them means we'd be absolutely no better than the gang leaders we trashed last month.
No. 921992 ID: b1b4f3

Well. You're both reasonable people so set aside your ideological differences for a while. Ask if she's got any hobbies.
No. 921993 ID: c1212a

'scuse me i'm just feeling a little heartbroken
No. 921994 ID: 465a14

touch fluffy ear
No. 921995 ID: e7848c

Take a deep breath and tell her to process situation. One day out of eternity is not going to be an issue, right?. So why not just have some fun. For one day.
No. 921996 ID: 58ccd4

"well since we got a whole day to ourselves... what do u want to do?"
No. 921997 ID: cf20c5

What does she like to do for fun on her spare bathtime?
No. 921998 ID: bad12e


Could like, just be friends.
No. 921999 ID: 8d23f0

your ears are pretty great.
No. 922000 ID: 017879

Uh. So no pressure, but will she be our valentine? She's cute and seems like a good person. Which... that's not low standards is it? Not that it takes low standards to like Phantom! Uh. Yeah.
No. 922001 ID: 58ccd4

i like this one
No. 922003 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155046545598.png - (100.83KB , 800x800 , 216.png )

"What's your favorite book?"
>"Dynastic Towers, by Van Quela."
"I've heard about that one."
>"Have you read it?"

>"You should."
"Isn't that a textbook?"
>"No. It's a retelling of town history."
"Cool. So what're your hobbies?"
>"I like to sing.

"I used to spar vending machines. I need a new hobby."
>"You look like someone who would enjoy fishing."
"Aren't the only good fishing spots owned by - oh, haha, nevermind. Hey this is gonna come off as weird, but..."
>"Not as weird as this entire time has been."
"Can I touch your ear."
>"I stand corrected. I don't know. This is weird."
"You don't have to. But hey, then you can say you had a good Valentine's Day, uh, maybe? Could just be friends, I dunno."
>"Am I supposed to act like we're not rivals? That you weren't complicit in turning over all the work I've done across the years?"
No. 922004 ID: 465a14

"If you agree to be my valentine we have an excuse to eat lots of chocolate."
No. 922005 ID: b1b4f3

People didn't like being bossed around by gangs anyway. If she wants to be in charge of things again she can get voted into office. It's a democracy now.
No. 922006 ID: 58ccd4

"who said we had to hate each other? we could just me frenemies."
Also try the swishing eye thing to see her reaction.
No. 922009 ID: afdebc

>"Am I supposed to act like we're not rivals? That you weren't complicit in turning over all the work I've done across the years?"
Hey, it's not like that's one way. I'm acting like you didn't try your hardest to kill me, and I didn't have to put up with all the gang stuff over me.
No. 922010 ID: 8d23f0

rival doesn't mean enemy just someone you compete with, like yeah we are working towards opposite goals right now doesn't mean we can't eat chocolate and get drunk and do stupid stuff.
No. 922011 ID: 86eb65

I was a innocent bystander who got hit with a big ball of energy. Then everyone panicked and sent hitman after me and then killed my girlfriend.

I just fought back and managed to win.

So no we are not rivals. I was not fighting with you before I got this power and I don't plan on doing it unless you want to start the fight again.

Just cause I like Pillet does not mean we are joined at the hip. I want to give people a choice and would like to see if that option even exists. That locked room could have nothing to do with the haze and the only thing keeping us from it is our fear of each other.
No. 922013 ID: 017879

"Look, I had like... an hour to think about ever making a difference while everyone tried to kill me, so I'm pretty meh on the rival stuff."
No. 922014 ID: e7848c

You can disagree with someone and still like them as a person.
No. 922015 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah we are not Rivals. All that mess happened over a single crazy day and I am still trying to figure how it all worked out.

I got the power and then waited around for a month so everyone could come back to life and here we are. I don't want to be rivals with anyone and am perfectly willing to listen to any thoughts you have.

But its valentines and I am not going to talk about work until tomorrow. So how did you manage to become the leader of a big gang? That is way more work than I would be willing to put up with.
No. 922016 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155046757033.png - (54.68KB , 800x800 , 217.png )

"Am I even I rival? All I did was fight back, then my girlfriend got killed and I kept fighting back."
>"You don't have to intentionally become a rival to be one."
"And a rival doesn't mean I have to be an enemy! I'm looking past how all the gangs tried to kill me, so..."

I dip my head to see if she notices my eyes go horizontal, then I remember she's buddies with 90 degree flipping goat, so this is probably way less impressive.

She dips her head forward back at me.

>"Okay. Touch it."
>"You're right, we did try to kill you before talking. It backfired. Besides, you could touch it if you really wanted to. The fact you're asking... it makes me more okay with it."
No. 922017 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155046757721.png - (129.41KB , 1000x800 , 218.png )

I touch fluffy ear. I don't even know if there's an ear under this, it's like one hundred percent condensed fluff.

"Frenemies, maybe?"
>"We don't need to label our relationship. We barely know each other. If we're going to even try to be diplomatic with each other in the future, then today... will it be enough to just spend today just getting to know each other better?"
No. 922018 ID: 86eb65

Sounds like a plan.

So how did you get started as a gang leader anyway? Or at least how did you keep going if you don't remember that far back.
No. 922019 ID: 8d23f0

thats cool. Your ear is amazing by the way
No. 922020 ID: 017879

The way she phrased that still sounds like you're forcing her. Makes me feel kinda guilty.

Also, I'm not sure Phantom really gets what's going on with Pillet. Like, Pillet kept saying "keep your enemies close" right? She definitely likes Delli, but that doesn't mean he's not a potential enemy. Pillet is a true believer, and let's face it Delli kinda isn't. Phantom either missed that or she's acting like she did really well.

Also also, Delli how's your speedo situation? You were messing around with Pillet, then putting your hands all over Soletta, and now you're touching fluffy ears.
No. 922021 ID: 58ccd4

"sounds fine by me. Now should we continue our talk in the tub? or go somewhere?"
No. 922028 ID: c1212a

Touch her cheek, see if it's pure fluff like the rest of her.
No. 922030 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155047044316.png - (64.42KB , 800x800 , 219.png )

>How's speedo?
It's there and intact and snug. The mood's not great and the jets don't let me see anything below the water, so I'm thinking it's going to stay that way..

"That's a plan to me. Your ear's great by the way."
>"Thank you."
"Uh... I asked, but is it really okay? I just realized it sounds like I might be forcing it. I mean if a gang lord a month ago asked to rub someone's ear, the person's gonna say yes whether they want ear rubs or not. 'Cause of what'll happen if they say no."
>"This isn't like that, and I don't think you're like that. This is fine. Keep going."
"Can you tell me how you became a gang leader? Or how you stayed that way?"
>"It's a very long story, because it took me a very long time."
"I have all day."
No. 922031 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155047046284.png - (45.15KB , 800x800 , 220.png )

It really is a long story, but it's pretty interesting. Then she pries about my own life.

Pretty soon we're comparing lives spent basically at polar opposites, from the bottom of the barrel to the top, versus how it was years ago.

I can think of a lot worse days than this one. Come to think of it, I don't recall any better days.

"So is the rest of you as fluffy as your ear? Like your cheek?"
>"No, I don't think it is. If things get better between us, maybe you can tell me if it is. It's getting late. I'd better go home."
No. 922032 ID: 86eb65

Do you want a escort for safety?

I had a good time tonight. Want to do this again sometime?
No. 922033 ID: 91ee5f

>It's getting late. I'd better go home.
Want me to fly you home? Your escort will have to follow us on the ground, since I don’t think I can carry all of them.
No. 922034 ID: 91ee5f

Also let her take a box of chocolates home with her.
No. 922035 ID: 017879

Does she want to get, like, flown? It's probably a bummer to not be able to do things like fly after so long.
No. 922036 ID: 8d23f0

alright see you later then. I should go hunt down my Ex before Shelott gets thrown off a building in a chocolate heist
No. 922037 ID: 58ccd4

"ill take you home if you like...mp hard feelings if not though"
No. 922038 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155047127107.png - (78.35KB , 800x800 , 221.png )

"Want a box of chocolates and for me to fly you home?"
>"Please and please, that would be safest. My escort can get back on their own."
"Want to do this again, sometime?"
>"Next time should be business. After that, if we can repeat something like tonight, then I'd like to. Happy Valentine's day, Delli."
"Happy Valentine's day."
No. 922039 ID: 58ccd4

No. 922041 ID: 891b91

Wow, what a sweet, heartwarming ending. Well done.
No. 922042 ID: 891b91

(Not sarcasm, by the way -- I really like how you wrapped it up.)
No. 922044 ID: 91ee5f

Good, we managed to go a whole day without killing anyone. I’d call that a win! And I’m glad Phantom is at least willing to be open for future meetings.

Now all that’s left is for Delli to get back together with Pillet tomorrow so he can be her boyfriend again! But that’s an adventure for a different thread.
No. 922066 ID: fd2d31

Like what? a romantic dinner followed by a comfy dinner at a swanky restaurant, with a hot dicking as the cherry on top?
No. 922076 ID: 10c408

You forgot to include a movie as part of the package deal.
No. 922081 ID: fd2d31

The first dinner was supposed to be the movie, but typing fart happened.
No. 922422 ID: 389146

Bravo. A good ending to a genuinely enjoyable thread.
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