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File 154671744857.gif - (5.97KB , 512x512 , 0.gif )
916309 No. 916309 ID: 481e44

WIKI: https://tgchan.org/wiki/EthQuest

THREAD 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/915048.html
QUESTDIS: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013.html

NEW MUSIC: https://youtu.be/jqAqltB7o_M
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No. 916311 ID: 481e44
File 154671817713.gif - (7.96KB , 512x512 , 1.gif )

"Eth. Stop fighting it. I need to concentrate."

It's dark down here. Your arm stings horribly; It feels like a thousand ants are crawling inside it and along your veins. Magic sucks.

You can barely see anything. The air is dry. You're huddled on the ground with Reno; Thorne is telling Dana one of her favourite stories a few feet away. The poor girl's barely reacting.

The spell should be done soon.
No. 916312 ID: 080aaf

Did you teleport or just find a tunnel?
No. 916313 ID: 481e44
File 154671880496.gif - (5.20KB , 512x512 , 2.gif )


Climbed down an ancient, archaic stairway for about half an hour. The SECRET PASSAGE sealed up behind you again, though. Now you've been sat in the first room you entered, with Reno patching up your wound.

Yogh is probably dead by now.

You wonder if you should lighten the mood somehow.
No. 916314 ID: d711e9

I am glad that we're getting healed

So what is the plan once we escape?

Was the king of your kingdom allied with any other nearby Kingdoms? If so, Maybe you Thorne, Dana and the princess can take refuge in their kingdom and alert them what happened?
No. 916315 ID: 080aaf

Okay, here's a joke: How many lizards does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: What's a lightbulb?
No. 916317 ID: 91ee5f

>You wonder if you should lighten the mood somehow.
You did a good job of lighting the mood when you were flirting with Reno earlier. Maybe more flirting would help?
No. 916318 ID: e51896

Perhaps listen to Thorne's story. She seems to be lightening the mood, even if it isn't really working.

we should probably think about training Dana to be a warrior. With the kingdom taken by the lizards, dark uncertain times are ahead of us, and she may need to defend herself. I mean, you were trained when you were three, and she can't be much older than that.
No. 916319 ID: b1b4f3

Talk about what you're going to do once you're out of here. The future is surely brighter than the present.
No. 916320 ID: c4c64c

Add sound effects to whatever story Thorne is telling.
No. 916321 ID: 481e44
File 154671999110.gif - (7.02KB , 512x512 , 3.gif )


This is the only kingdom you'd consider worthwhile. If it is still a kingdom with no active regent.

To the north are more or less neutral lands where the Crown has less influence; mostly wolves. You and Thorne were born there, originally. Further north is an arctic wasteland of giant fluffy monster people you don't want to go near.

To the south is warm sunny grassland, before it dips into full-on desert territory. There are also giant centipedes, isopods, ticks, and worst of all, reptiles.

There's continents to the east and west, but... Fuck that. Birds? No thanks.

Anyway, first order of business is getting out of the catacombs. They're supposed to be large and labyrinthine. You can only hope Reno knows them to some degree.

The moment's passed.
No. 916322 ID: c7f906

Maybe you should thank thorne for catching you?

Where's the nearest trustworthy ally of the crown, like a loyal duke? Should we lay low, let the traitor who opened the gates for the lizards reveal themselves through collaboration? Or let everyone know the royal line is not dead and there's still hope ASAP?
No. 916323 ID: 080aaf

Best get moving again once you're healed. This musty air is no good for resting.
No. 916324 ID: e51896

I like this, even if it is ridiculous. But it might make Dana happy at least.
No. 916325 ID: b1b4f3

Tell knock-knock jokes?
No. 916327 ID: 094652

... Well, like you said, no active regent. The kingdom has fallen, it's up to you to shape its rebirth or fight for conquest:

The plan is simple: petition the northern territories to help you re-conquer the kingdom. Their reward is getting to STAY in the kingdom, replacing the former nobility and obtaining more overall political power. This is their opportunity for your homeland to take the reins, and if they don't, the lizard faction will continue their reptile supremacy movement until the new regulations are a living hell for mammal factions, even for those isolating themselves in the north.

A desperate move with cataclysmic consequences, but your capital is invaded and your king is dead. Anything you do at this point is just playing chess after you've lost.
No. 916328 ID: 481e44
File 154672211030.gif - (8.99KB , 512x512 , 4.gif )


T: "After this the magpie took some twigs and twined them round the outside. 'The very thing!' said the sparrow, and off he ´fluttered-"

You blow a raspberry and make a flapping motion with your free hand.
No. 916329 ID: 481e44
File 154672225230.gif - (4.28KB , 512x512 , 5.gif )

Dana smiles a litte.

You know swords. You know shields. You know dodging classes and growling and wrestling. You know bowmanship and survival. You do NOT know politics. You'll leave that to Reno, who knows nothing EXCEPT politics. And courtship, in your personal experience.
No. 916331 ID: eeb7d9

>Dana smiles a litte.
There is still hope! Horray!

>And courtship, in your personal experience.
Is this "epirience" recent, or has it been going for a while? You little devil you!

Do you know how to train people? Or only do the training? In the future we'll need some more people if we want to take out those reptiles.
No. 916332 ID: e51896

It's a good sign that she is smiling despite the traumatic event she went through, even if it is just a small one. Shows she has a strong spirit. I'm sure she'll be a strong woman in the future.

Also, don't let your guard down for a second. While you are being healed be attentive to your surroundings.

Basically, what is in the area you are in right now?
No. 916333 ID: c4c64c

First things first, we need to get out of the tunnel. We should see who we can count on in our own country first before rushing to the North. Just because the leadership was killed doesn't mean that everyone in the kingdom will suddenly follow the lizards. They're up to something, this is an incredibly bold and risky thing they attempted. We need to get Reno and Dana to safety and figure out what their plans actually were.
No. 916334 ID: 91ee5f

>worst of all, reptiles.
I doubt all of them are evil. Some of them might be really nice.

But you wouldn’t know that, since you’re always running into the guys that want to kill you.

>What do?
Do you have any allies that can help? Oh, wait, you can’t go to them, since Yogh told you not to trust anyone. Because any of the people you think are your, allies could be the traitors that let the lizards in.

Which means it’s time to look for some new allies!

Reno smiling!

>And courtship, in your personal experience.
So you guys have been having sex with each other for a while, huh?
No. 916335 ID: 481e44
File 154672366190.gif - (3.73KB , 512x512 , 6.gif )

You've had... encounters.
You feel a little warmer thinking about them.

It's a large room, as far as you can tell, with a low ceiling. It appears to have been carved out of the rock and then smoothed and tiled. The air smells stale and feels dry, but it's perfectly breathable. It's eerily silent.
No. 916336 ID: c4c64c

Reassure Reno that you're going to make sure those responsible for this are brought to justice. When she is finished healing your arm, make sure to thank her. With hugs. Good hugs.
No. 916337 ID: c7f906

Looks like for now all you can do is be a good patient for Reno and allow Thorne to finish her story before you get moving.
No. 916338 ID: 094652

Go now or wait until the air is nearly carbon dioxide. The assassins are still searching so you need to either beat the search patrols to the exits, or wait until they lower their alert level and start making mistakes.
No. 916340 ID: 481e44
File 154672570894.gif - (7.23KB , 512x512 , 7.gif )

Looks like the spell is almost finished. Do you want to leave now, or is there anything else you want to think about, reflect on, or discuss with the others?
No. 916341 ID: eeb7d9

Keep making sound effects for the story. After you are done, Start moving. Can you see ok down here? Any possible dangers that Reno knows about in this place?
No. 916342 ID: c7f906

Thank Thorne for not letting you fall off the balcony, maybe? Iunno if you want to bring that up in front of the others, it might spook them.
No. 916344 ID: e51896

Well other than remember why you hate birbs, I think we should get moving soon. If those lizards try to enter the armory while it is barred, and find a way inside, they might think there is a secret exit if they see no one inside and try to find it, which could cause trouble if they are after you.

Sure it may open for only royalty, but you can never be too careful.
No. 916345 ID: c4c64c

Pose the question on where the closet safehouse location (and allies) might be.
No. 916346 ID: 91ee5f

>It's a large room, as far as you can tell, with a low ceiling.
Does Thorne need to crouch so she doesn’t hit her head on the ceiling?

>It's eerily silent.
Did Thorne stop telling her story?

>Do you want to leave now, or is there anything else you want to think about, reflect on, or discuss with the others?
Ask if anyone has any idea on when we should go?

Yogh said not to trust anyone, so any allies you’re thinking about going to, you need to be careful, since they could be the traitor.

Other than that, you guys should probably look for some new allies.
No. 916347 ID: 080aaf

Leave. I think you'll want to head north, if there's no one you can trust but yourself.
No. 916348 ID: c7f906

Keep in mind our orders are to trust no one, but Reno's job is to look after the kingdom and it's important we don't interfere with that.
No. 916349 ID: e51896

Trust no one... Not even Thorne?
No. 916351 ID: edfbdc

Some heartfelt, if reluctant, thanks should go around, to everyone. People work together better when they know you appreciate them.

Nah. Yogh said to trust her, so she deserves that much credit at least. Plus she saved Eth's life.
No. 916353 ID: 481e44
File 154672898275.gif - (7.03KB , 512x512 , 8.gif )

Þ: "...And that is why different birds build their nests differently."

Thorne has finished her story.
You tell her thanks for saving her. She says it's no problem, and she trusts you would've done the same.

R: "There, all better, my Dame. Can you move your arm al-"

You lunge forward and hug the Crown Princess. She makes an adorable "Eek-" sound, and...
No. 916354 ID: 481e44
File 154672907423.gif - (5.47KB , 512x512 , 9.gif )


...Pushes you away, scowling. Suddenly she seems very cold and regal.

R: "Do not forget yourself, Wolf."
No. 916355 ID: e51896

Ouch. Friendzoned... not even friendzoned... more like... businesszoned. Ah well, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Just apologize and just continue the escape.
No. 916356 ID: c7f906


...Thank you anyway, princess.
No. 916357 ID: d887c0

Lady, you all just went through Hell, and there's no guarantee that you'll ever reclaim your throne or that you'll even live to see tomorrow. Lose the attitude, get with the program, and accept some honest gratitude and affection. It may be the last you ever receive.
No. 916358 ID: e51896

Best not to argue with the princess.
No. 916359 ID: edfbdc

You haven't forgotten anything. Except maybe the rules for fraternization, which you might want to recall. Still, this hardly seems like the Reno you grew up with.

Is that the queen she wants to be? If yes, I guess just treat her like she wishes.
No. 916360 ID: b1b4f3

She's right, you need to observe proper decorum even in this situation. Apologize for your improper behavior.
No. 916361 ID: edfbdc

Eh. Until they're safe, there's more leeway than normal. Might not end in a pretty position later, but there is no better time for a little insubordination.
No. 916362 ID: 6ee5db

Apologize for now, but don't lose hope as it's likely that Reno is just putting up a face.
No. 916364 ID: 481e44
File 154673089175.gif - (4.41KB , 512x512 , 10.gif )

You struggle for a response- while you do, Reno gets up and smooths her skirts, wordlessly ending the conversation.

"Let us go. I have only been down here a few times, but I do not know where we must head. Eth, I know your SENSE OF DIRECTION is particularly well-honed. You can lead the way."

The CATACOMBS are dark and there is no light. You can rely on your predatory instincts to paint a rough picture of your surroundings, and on your SENSE OF DIRECTION to keep a map in mind. It will slowly expand as you explore.

What will you do?
No. 916365 ID: e51896

No. 916366 ID: d887c0

No. 916367 ID: c7f906

No. 916369 ID: 481e44
File 154673205895.gif - (7.01KB , 512x512 , 11.gif )

You head south and very slightly west.

It's the opposite wall, and what looks like a giant variant of those statues from earlier.

Reno translates the runes as "Proceed not, ye of bent back and sourer blood".
No. 916371 ID: b1b4f3

Bent back and sourer blood? ...is that referring to servants? Is there a passage behind the statue? Maybe only the royal family can go there.

Anyway, let's head west along the wall to see if there's an exit that way. I'd like to scan the walls around the entire room in case we need to retreat here, but maybe that's not how this segment of the quest is gonna go.
No. 916372 ID: e51896

I imagine it must mean lizards. I think they are always hunched.
No. 916373 ID: 481e44
File 154673292882.gif - (6.09KB , 512x512 , 12.gif )


You head west, and pass two pillars. A giant stone door blocks your way. The royal sigil is carved into the slabs of granite.

The walls of the room appear to be irregular slabs and bricks, set against and into the natural stone. You suppose it's possible some creatures could creep through cracks in the stone, but none seem large enough for actual people.
No. 916374 ID: c7f906

Can you open the doors?

in completely unrelated field of inquiry how did the princess' finger taste
No. 916375 ID: 481e44
File 154673340097.gif - (7.25KB , 512x512 , 13.gif )


Like really really good you cant stop thinking aBOUT IT

But... No. This door isn't opening. You and Thorne try, but it seems to be at least a foot thick.
No. 916376 ID: e51896

And what is eastward?
No. 916377 ID: edfbdc

Try the door and when that fails, try the north passage.
No. 916378 ID: b1b4f3

I imagine the north passage is where we came from. Check the eastern side of the room.
No. 916379 ID: edfbdc

The south side of the room has a closed door that I figured was our entrance into the secret area.
No. 916380 ID: 481e44
File 154673417032.gif - (9.38KB , 512x512 , 14.gif )

The north passage leads to the armoury, yes.

You try east. The ceiling rises somewhat. A long corridor awaits you. The inscription reads:

"Loyal Hounds and proof of ancient contract honoured. Here they rest, their oaths fulfilled."

It's statues guarding the urns of former Spireblades. The thought that you might one day stand here proudly alongside your forebears fills you with pride.

There's a very dim light coming from the end of the corridor, though it may be your senses deceiving you.
No. 916381 ID: c7f906

Tell the others to hang back here while you investigate the light.
No. 916382 ID: edfbdc

No. 916384 ID: b1b4f3

Advance quietly towards the glimmer. I see no reason not to move as a group.
No. 916387 ID: e51896

stick together. If those lizards show up while you are gone, that would be bad.
No. 916393 ID: eeb7d9

>"Loyal Hounds and proof of ancient contract honoured. Here they rest, their oaths fulfilled."

Your former seniors, i guess, from a long time ago. I say we stick together, Eth on the front and Thorne in the back, the princesses in the middle. Quiet and steady.
No. 916396 ID: eeb7d9

Also, i didn't have the chance to scold you, but you should be more careful around Reno, Eth. Specially from now on. Your relationship won't be able to be the same, you know?
No. 916422 ID: edfbdc

Anything is possible.
No. 916435 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, Reno probably just said some harsh words to make sure Eth stays focused on her job. Because Reno knows there’s a time and a place for that kind of stuff and this is neither the time nor the place for that kind of behavior.

Maybe later when we’re in a safe place, but not now.
No. 916456 ID: 080aaf

Are there any legendary weapons laid to rest down here with their wielders? You wouldn't want them falling into enemy lizard hands.
No. 916463 ID: 094652

Etch an "Eth was here" on your personal hero, along with an "Insert Yogh Statue Here" on the floor of one of the open acloves.
No. 916467 ID: 0c3c2c

Alright, Eth shall search the Tomb while Thorne guards Reno.
No. 916513 ID: 2202fb

Kinda late, but wow, if i were you, i would be just about dying from the mortification that came from your hugging the princess. Speculate that the entirety of any nice interactions you ever had with her may have just been political moves on her part to possibly use you or keep you happy (and thus loyal). Seems like a good idea to try to get the royals through that statue since it is probably where they are meant to go.
No. 916522 ID: bb78f2

Yogh will be buried here, right?
And I guess all of the barracks.
And that captain that got ate by the bug.

Yeah okay, there's going to be traffic here soon.
No. 916526 ID: 91ee5f

No there won’t be. The only people in the castle are the lizards and they’re not gonna bury the corpses of their enemies.
No. 916529 ID: bb78f2

I didn't mean like right now, more like when the chaos is over.
Maybe it's over. The lizard's were just partying, they may have skedaddled by now so all the regular citizens and castle staff are cleaning up house and burying the dead, or prepping for it.

Honestly, the lizards only gave a shit about the king, not his daughter's at all from their words, they were only checking for his body. What are their plans now? I dunno. They kill the king, party in his castle, and then whatever, fuck off probably. If they stick around for too long, they're gonna get sieged by all the forces outside the castle if they want to try and keep it.
No. 916530 ID: eeb7d9

I was thinking that we should be the ones to bury him, but i really doubt that we'll be able to get back his body. Who knows what those lizards will to him.
No. 916563 ID: 2202fb

This was a hostile takeover. You dont just kill the king and be done with it. At the very least you put in a puppet leader as an interim.
No. 916564 ID: 2202fb

Most likely mass grave or bonfire. Something efficient.
No. 916579 ID: df5c09

Enough time has passed that the lizards may have gotten through securing the castle proper and have moved on to searching adjacent structures, such as the labyrinth. So the light might be lizards with torches. ...But the royal burial chambers are the deepest in, so would they have had enough time to get here? And there are traps and wards all along the way they'd have to cross, right? Doesn't make sense the lizards would be here already. ...Unless they're looking to desecrate the royal graves ASAP for some reason. There any reason you can think of for them rushing that?

Anyway, whisper to the group you see a very dim light at the end of the corridor and ask if they see it to. Then whisper you're going to investigate it, alone. If it's lizards, you can keep quiet moving much better than the whole group. You just need to get close enough to determine the light source, then return. You won't be engaging.
No. 916592 ID: 6fb3de
File 154684798125.gif - (807.11KB , 512x512 , 15.gif )

You tell the others to stay back, and head out by yourself. Cold marble faces stare down at you, eerily hazy in the gloom. You recognize some from history lessons; others have been lost to the annals, footnotes or lesser still.

The captain is just a regular guy. He'll be cremated in the Soldier's Chantry in the cathedral. Or he would be, if there was anyone around to do that.

The light seems to drain as you draw closer to where you thought you saw it. There's just more darkness.
No. 916593 ID: 6fb3de
File 154684803180.gif - (6.10KB , 512x512 , 16.gif )

There's something on the floor. It looks like a bag, and smells rank.
No. 916601 ID: 080aaf

What is it? A dead bird?
No. 916603 ID: 6fb3de
File 154685104718.gif - (6.85KB , 512x512 , 17.gif )


It's a bag, caked with dry blood. There are several heavy objects inside. You're not sure whether to touch it.
No. 916604 ID: 080aaf

Do the objects stir when poked? If not, probably best to screen this now.
No. 916606 ID: 90f3c0

Poke it with your sword.
No. 916607 ID: 6fb3de
File 154685353067.gif - (11.07KB , 512x512 , 18.gif )

You poke it; solid metal.

You retrieve a LANTERN and CLADDAGH KEY. The former is made of black iron, and set with black glass; there's no obvious way to open it. The decoration is crude and messy, like it was shaped naturally. The latter is a dark, shiny metal, with gems or clear glass set into it. Both are quite heavy. Both are very clean.

What do you want to take?
No. 916609 ID: edfbdc

Okay, I'm super confused now. Did someone leave this for us? When, just now or does the blood mean it was a while ago?

Take both, but the advice to not trust anyone feels applicable.
No. 916610 ID: 90f3c0

Might as well take both. You can always dump the lantern later if you have too much junk to carry.
No. 916611 ID: 6fb3de
File 154685452699.gif - (9.39KB , 512x512 , 19.gif )

You add the LANTERN and CLADDAGH KEY to your inventory.

When you pick up the LANTERN, the glass turns milky! An extremely dim light, not quite bright enough to be useful for navigation, shines from within.
No. 916612 ID: 080aaf

Take the key to the door.
No. 916615 ID: edfbdc

Yeah. Maybe the lantern will come in useful later.
No. 916618 ID: 6fb3de
File 154686199073.gif - (5.81KB , 512x512 , 20.gif )

You head back down the corridor to tell the others what you found.


R:"May I see that lantern?"
No. 916619 ID: 080aaf


Of course she can she's your boss.
No. 916620 ID: 094652

Actually, you're not sure how princess blood will react because it's a magical item. Let Dana or Throne use it.
No. 916623 ID: 6fb3de
File 154686414509.gif - (4.46KB , 512x512 , 22.gif )


"Perhaps we should let Thorne hold it first, your grace, We do not know if it could be harmful."

Reno begrudgingly accepts.

The lamp fades out.
No. 916624 ID: 6fb3de
File 154686418701.gif - (8.95KB , 512x512 , 21.gif )


R: "Now. Give it to me, Thorne."

Thorne, being a good deal better at her job than you, hands it over. [Animated]
No. 916625 ID: 080aaf

Well, that's interesting. And attention getting. Mind turning it down a bit and handing it to Dana?
No. 916626 ID: 6fb3de
File 154686741965.gif - (5.98KB , 512x512 , 24.gif )

It stays bright.
No. 916627 ID: 080aaf

Putting aside thoughts of glowyness now, test the key on the door.
No. 916628 ID: 864e49

Hey does this mean you a little royal blood in you?

I was gonna try make some joke about having some or getting some more royal "in you" but I can't think of anything.
No. 916629 ID: 91ee5f

At least show them the key. Reno may recognize it and know where it goes.
No. 916631 ID: eeb7d9

If i was you, i would feel slightly offended by the magic lamp. Or maybe is just that is made for royalty, maybe you are just not worthy enough. Worthy of what i don't know, but it i guess it doesn't matter.
Anyway, i guess the key is for the locked door. Let's go, we have little time to spare.
No. 916632 ID: eeb7d9

>Thorne, being a good deal better at her job than you, hands it over.
Geez Eth, stop being a bummer for a minute, nobody is perfect.
No. 916633 ID: edfbdc

Honestly, just saying that you have a little royal in you in a deadpan voice is probably the best way to handle it. Plausible deniability for lewdness, considering the mood.

Door time yay
No. 916634 ID: e51896

A thought just came to mind, if that light was glowing and was dimming as you approached it, and that lanturn is only activated when someone of royalty touches it, it could mean that someone else of royal blood came through here somewhat recently, but was injured and kidnapped or something if the body was not found. We might have enemies down here. Be prepared.

That key, does it work on that door?
No. 916635 ID: edfbdc

Specifically, it would probably mean someone who's as royal as Eth appears to be, i.e. not a lot. Given the dimness of it.

Also, it could have been our traitor, thinking about it.
No. 916648 ID: c7f906

Ask if anyone has an explanation as to why these things would be in a bag on the floor.
No. 916650 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's continue in the direction the Royal Lantern was in.
No. 916657 ID: 094652

If royal blood activates the lantern maybe it activates the key also.
No. 916707 ID: bb78f2

Well shit, now your romance with Reno is implied to be a little bit incestuous there. A little bit.

How do you feel about that?
No. 916715 ID: 41b88a

Who gives a @#$% arranged royal marriages are worse than puppy mills
No. 916721 ID: eeb7d9


How tho... I mean, she is a cat thing? Eth is a wolf...? I mean, it's not impossible, but still...This thing with the lantern uncovers so many questions...
No. 916726 ID: edfbdc

Yeah, fair, we could easily be jumping to conclusions about the lantern. Maybe it just responds to magical ability, and Eth has a tiny bit. Who knows?
No. 916763 ID: 6fb3de
File 154693749838.gif - (8.50KB , 512x512 , 25.gif )

You'd rather not make wild guesses about this thing, especially since you know nothing about it.

You head to the door.
There's no lock.
No. 916777 ID: 0c3c2c

Push it open then.
No. 916778 ID: 094652

Let the princesses poke it with the key, then.
No. 916779 ID: 91ee5f

The last few times you tried pushing something, nothing happened. Maybe this time it’ll work?

If not, then clearly you went the wrong way.
No. 916781 ID: e51896

have we considered... pulling it?
No. 916783 ID: 080aaf

Well, the lock could be somewhere else, probably at the end of a long hallway filled with draugr.
Read the key's inscription first.
No. 916784 ID: eeb7d9

Try opening it again. If not, see if Reno can do something about it. This place seems designed for royalty.
No. 916808 ID: 2202fb

doubt we are far north enough for draugr (mummified by cold). We could find zombies (not mummified; rotting) though.
No. 916809 ID: b1b4f3

Well the statue implied only those of royal blood can proceed. Maybe if you two guards stand back your charges can open the door?
No. 916812 ID: c7f906

I think we should keep searching for clues at the other end of the catacombs.
No. 916887 ID: 96d998

any sound from behind it?
No. 917071 ID: 986fd4
File 154715245756.gif - (7.55KB , 512x512 , 26.gif )

It's completely and utterly silent, except for the sound your group is making, and the dull thrumming coming from the lantern.


You and Thorne agree to stand back. Reno tries to poke the door with the key, but it doesn't react, even a little. Dana says the light's hurting her eyes.
No. 917072 ID: 986fd4
File 154715267384.gif - (7.88KB , 512x512 , 27.gif )

You study the CLADDAGH KEY. No member of your party can decipher the ANCIENT TIMBERWOLF RUNES.

Reno playfully scolds you for not knowing your own cultural heritage.

Thorne says that she's never seen metalwork like this or the lamp before, and that it unnerves her a little.
No. 917074 ID: 080aaf

Craft some sort of hood for the lantern (just throw a sheet over it). Leave Thorne and Dana here, and take Reno and the lantern to continue down the hallway with you.
No. 917075 ID: c7f906

Maybe you should carry the lantern, it is pretty bright and unnerving. Maybe there's more clues in the east crypt- maybe some of the runes on the key are written on the tombs, and you can infer what some words mean?
No. 917076 ID: 986fd4
File 154715520045.gif - (5.64KB , 512x512 , 28.gif )

You throw your LIZARD CLOAK over the lantern. It goes out, instantly.

It's relaxing, like a sound you didn't really notice was annoying you has suddenly stopped.

You suggest splitting up and leaving Dana here; she begins crying instantly, and clings to Reno's dress. Thorne scowls at you.
No. 917079 ID: 080aaf

Fine then, but somebody should stay here to watch the door(s) while we look down the hall.
No. 917081 ID: b1b4f3

Why do we need to watch the door? Just go down the hall.
No. 917084 ID: c7f906

Don't split the group and don't scare the children.
No. 917085 ID: 8f1520

Apologize but ask why Dana doesn't want to stay next to big sister Thorne.

... You know, you probably should have burned the king's body. It might take a while but the assassins might figure out how to use the king's corpse to open the secret passage before all the blood coagulates.

Right, whole party goes east now.
No. 917086 ID: eeb7d9

Seriously, that was a horrible idea. We can't make the traumatized child far from the only family she has left.

Let's go back to the hall. If this door is for something we will out later.
No. 917091 ID: 080aaf

the point of splitting the group was to not scare the child with whatever, or whoever, was down there.
No. 917097 ID: c4c64c

Cut a small hole in the cloak to limit the light of the lantern to a single direction. Proceed with everyone, now is not the time to split up.
No. 917109 ID: a9af05

Who the fuck is the dumbass that suggested leaving Dana by herself?!

Nobody splits up! Everyone stays together!
No. 917110 ID: 158da5

Yeah, geez. There's a difference between scouting ahead and leaving a scared child behind.
No. 917122 ID: 91ee5f

Time to quickly come up with an excuse for making such a stupid suggestion! Seriously, who suggested to leave a child all alone in the dark?! That was fucking stupid!

“Ugh, sorry, I think I’m still a little lightheaded from all of the blood I lost earlier. I meant to say that we should all [b]stay together[b/]. And Dana, you hold on tightly to Reno’s hand so that you don’t get separated from her.”
No. 917154 ID: 2202fb

If we do split, lets just have Eth scout ahead solo.
No. 917155 ID: 158da5

I mean, if we want to cover, Eth could "clarify" that she meant that she stays with Thorne to follow Eth's group at a small distance so she's safer as we all move forward.
No. 917181 ID: 94f173
File 154721576503.gif - (7.49KB , 512x512 , 29.gif )


You apologize, and tell Reno you were only trying to make sure Dana's safe. She says she understands.

R: "Hey, sis. Come here. It's okay. We'll be alright soon, okay?"

Dana is comforted after a short while, and calms down.

You cut a hole in the LIZARD CLOAK, and give the lantern back to Reno. It casts a thin beam, and the Crown Princess looks back at you, smiling.
No. 917182 ID: 94f173
File 154721583784.gif - (10.18KB , 512x512 , 30.gif )

It takes a while to get back to the long hall. The bag is gone.

At the end is a door with no locks or knobs.
No. 917183 ID: 94f173
File 154721630258.gif - (6.19KB , 512x512 , 31.gif )

Here is an ARCANE DOOR. It makes you uncomfortable. A giant eye stares at the ceiling from the top half, embossed in the heavy black metal. It appears to have been wrapped in old ropes and charms, which you recognize as traditional lupine designs. There is a giant rune carved into the door. There is text carved into the door.

"Tho granted us by them and theirs,
This chamber is not for the lions
And tho born of the lesser and sourer,
it is not for those of bent back.

Show me proof of your stature,
And I will grant thou entry."

Þ:"Great. More damn riddles."
No. 917188 ID: 158da5

Looks like Thorne is up. Try pushing it open.
No. 917189 ID: eeb7d9

If i understand correctly this was made for knights, more precisely, for those who protect the crown.
So either Eth or Thorne should be able to do something with this one.
No. 917190 ID: 080aaf

Try standing on Thorne's shoulders to see eye to eye with the door.
No. 917192 ID: e51896

Is that Thorne's symbol on the door?
No. 917194 ID: 158da5

Not sure if anyone in canon knows it, but yeah that's the symbol for thorne.
No. 917198 ID: c4c64c

Have Thorne stand tall in front of the door, place her hand on it, and announce her full name and title.
No. 917199 ID: c7f906

Do you get any emblems or identifying marks/ talismans showing that you're a blade?
No. 917208 ID: 2202fb

Hmm, could there be lost technology here? It almost seems like a circuit or something engraved into the door (the big symbol. My theory is based on starbound precursor ruins).


What is the eye looking at on the ceiling?
No. 917215 ID: eeb7d9

We definitely need to learn all this rune stuff. Seems important and kinda related to bout Eth and Thorne.
No. 917216 ID: 6b2719
File 154724438928.gif - (7.12KB , 512x512 , 32.gif )

The rune on the door is Thorne, yes; but it's a symbol that means direwolves in general. Just like Eth means grey wolves, Yogh means flared wolves, and Eszett means southern jackals.

Thorne and Eth are commonly used to represent all wolves, though. That's probably what its use on this door represents.

>>917199 Spireblades get the armour, a badge, the legendary sword of office, an amulet, and a wardrobe of dress robes... But both of you are only trainees. You got some fancy swords, but nothing more than that.

The eye is staring at nothing.
No. 917217 ID: 6b2719
File 154724483814.gif - (4.79KB , 512x512 , 33.gif )

Thorne stands up against the door, placing her paw on the heavy metal.

Þ: "Thorne. Of Frostforst River. Spireblade in training to Lady Moreno Ellaine of the Royal Blood, second of her name, Princess Regent."

Her voice rings loud and clear in the silence.

The eye appears to have shifted. Nothing else happens.
No. 917218 ID: 080aaf

Open, says me!
No. 917220 ID: c7f906

Maybe show it your arming sword, or the remains of the captain's pike.
No. 917223 ID: c4c64c

Well, Eth was able to make the lantern sort of glow, have her try the same thing next? Maybe we need to declare our purpose? Unclear how ancient magical spells may function.
No. 917227 ID: 6b2719
File 154724920058.gif - (4.78KB , 512x512 , 34.gif )

You take your own turn.

"I am Eth, of Hohentaun village: Spireblade in training to Lady Moreno Ellaine of the Royal Blood, second of her name, Princess Regent. Open. Says I."

The eye stares down at you. You show it your sword; it doesn't react.
No. 917229 ID: 094652

You can't stand tall or blow to your master. I don't like it, but if you lay flat on the floor and worship the door... it might work.
The stature of the wolf is the pack, or the statues of their fami...ly...
Try kissing Thorne.
No. 917230 ID: 158da5

Okay, I really don't think that "stature" is talking about physical size, so this is probably about the badge or the amulet. So unless we want to rob a grave, I hope someone can come up with something.
No. 917233 ID: 6b2719
File 154725055834.gif - (7.98KB , 512x512 , 35.gif )


Dana says she doesn't go for wolflets. Also that you're a slut.

Reno snorts.

With nobody touching the door, it's staring at the ceiling again.
No. 917234 ID: 158da5

Agreed, now let's try touching the door together, and then try to find something for the door to look at. Maybe the key?
No. 917235 ID: 080aaf

Hold the key like a wishbone with Thorne.
Tell the lions to turn around and don't look.
Climb on the ropes.
Don't be afraid to get silly, you have the rest of your lives to figure out how this door works.
No. 917236 ID: bb78f2

I am a proud slut thank you very much
now lets stop talking dirty words in front of a youth

Lets spar instead, it's looking down, it wants a show.
No. 917237 ID: 6b2719
File 154725187237.gif - (6.53KB , 512x512 , 36.gif )

Both of you touch the door. The eye looks straight down. Something like the opposite of a shadows moves down over the metal surface, dropping like a tear from the eye. [Animated]
No. 917239 ID: 080aaf

...Push harder?
No. 917241 ID: c7f906

More magical tears, that means it's activated by blood again. I'd not use anything soaked in lizard blood to prick yourself if I was you.
No. 917242 ID: 158da5

The mouth worked last time, it'll work again.
No. 917244 ID: 6b2719
File 154725348965.gif - (6.65KB , 512x512 , 37.gif )

You explain your theory.
Thorne says you're welcome to stick your tiny, fragile paw in her mouth anytime.
No. 917245 ID: 094652

Everyone at once! Then nobody in the room is standing or bending - they're pushing together!
No. 917246 ID: bb78f2

I still think we should just spar, a little.
Clack some swords together, use the moves that have been passed down to you.

If your get a little cut here and there it should be fine for the blood supply, just make sure they're tiny cuts.
No. 917249 ID: 080aaf

Tell Thorne you appreciate the offer but you're saving that hand for marriage.
You can just prick yourself with your own claws.
No. 917250 ID: a70323


do this but wink at renno
No. 917251 ID: b1b4f3

This... makes sense?
No. 917256 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god let's not joke about marrying the princess/queen. The resulting shutdown will echo throughout eternity.
No. 917257 ID: c7f906

Boop her nose, say you'll have to take her up on that offer sometime, use sword instead.
No. 917264 ID: 158da5

Yeah, romance seems right out, even if sexuality might not be.
No. 917330 ID: 864e49

Well you heard her.
Move two fingers down from her nose to her mouth but only put one finger in.

For now.
No. 917381 ID: eeb7d9

Let's try to stay away from that one, at least for a while.

>Tiny and fragile.
Now that was rude and uncalled for. Also a lie.

Let's just try with giving the door some of your blood, it seem to work last time with Reno and the "royal" door.
No. 917385 ID: 2202fb

Do none of you carry a dagger or utility knife or a fucking brooch or something with a point? ffs
No. 917448 ID: 6059bb
File 154734511362.gif - (8.65KB , 512x512 , 38.gif )

Between the four of you, you have access to about eighty claws, 84 wolf fangs and 54 cat fangs (You're pretty sure Dana still has baby teeth, though).

Use some of your blood on the door?
No. 917450 ID: eeb7d9

>Use some of your blood on the door?
It won't hurt to try, right?
No. 917451 ID: bb78f2

If we're not gonna spar, yeah, fine
but using blood again so soon seems iffy. Like the architect of this place being one-note.

Then again, if this was made by a direwolf student architect of a lion architect that designed the original royal blood puzzle, I could easily see it as being derivative as a form of respect for the lions.

To me, what's most important to royals would be their blood. What's most important to your caste is your ability. The eye signifies an audience, or a teacher, waiting to see your technique for themselves.

If there's an important, traditional move taught to you by your master, I'd use that instead.
No. 917453 ID: c7f906

No. 917454 ID: 080aaf

Use Thorne's blood. Yours has some mixed heritage, apparently.
No. 917455 ID: 6059bb
File 154734630368.gif - (6.65KB , 512x512 , 39.gif )

You and Thorne both prick your fingers separately, and smear blood on the door. It watches, and more tears drip down, but nothing else happens.

You're starting to consider sparring with Thorne, to show off your abilities. Ask her?
No. 917457 ID: 080aaf

Fine, let's give this door a show.
No. 917460 ID: c7f906

Try the Key first. Are the people buried outside the door, or are there only statues? if so, are they buried with any of their effects you could show to the eye?
No. 917461 ID: 12b116

Touch the dooor, and howl
No. 917462 ID: c7f906

Alternatively you could poke the eye with your claws.
No. 917463 ID: 094652

All four of you howl while pushing ;)
No. 917464 ID: e51896

ooh, a spar. Winner is the #1 main guard for Reno
No. 917466 ID: 6059bb
File 154734789523.gif - (7.72KB , 512x512 , 40.gif )

You do consider yourself an expert at making Reno howl.

For now, you settle on sparring. Thorne agrees to beat the shit out of you.
No. 917467 ID: 6059bb
File 154734800344.gif - (9.27KB , 512x512 , 41.gif )

Your arm still aches a little, but you get into the swing of things soon enough. You've fought Thorne hundreds of times, and know her style as well as she knows your own. She's usually very defensive, and it's no different now; when she does lunge, she goes for impressive, complicated swings, not necessarily the most useful ones. Her strength is enormous.
No. 917468 ID: 6059bb
File 154734811607.gif - (7.18KB , 512x512 , 42.gif )

You dodge blow after blow, dancing around her gracefully. All worry seeps from your mind. This is who you are. This is where you're at ease. Your surcoat swishes and flutters around you. You meet a blow here, twirl away there, land a barely parried slice here. The two of you bark jeers and insults, but you can sense Thorne's enjoying this, too.
No. 917470 ID: 6059bb
File 154734822205.gif - (8.32KB , 512x512 , 43.gif )

Finally, you knock the direwolf over. You are ever so slightly better than her, and you both knew it before starting. She looks up at you, almost smiling.

No. 917471 ID: 6059bb
File 154734826165.gif - (30.78KB , 512x512 , 44.gif )

The door opens.

No. 917472 ID: c7f906

Offer Thorne a hand before you escort the royals through. They can go in the place not meant for Lions, I've no doubt they'll return the favor.
No. 917473 ID: b1b4f3

Nice! I dunno what "sour blood" has to do with this but we got through the door. Let's see what's past it.
No. 917474 ID: e51896

Well then, give her a hand to pull her up and keep going.

Also, stay on guard, if that bag from earlier >>917182 is gone, someone else is here.
No. 917475 ID: 6059bb
File 154734905255.gif - (5.62KB , 512x512 , 45.gif )

You help Thorne up. She grunts.
Reno beams at you.

R:"Excellent work, Dame! I... apologize for snapping, earlier. I think we are all short of temper."

Your bond with Thorne has deepened. Your heart has grown a little kinder.
No. 917476 ID: 080aaf

Make sure all the statues really are just that. There was no sign of a scuffle so it wasn't this door they went through.
No. 917478 ID: 094652

Try listening for noises in the next area. If you hear none, uncover the lantern and take a quick look at everything.
No. 917480 ID: c7f906

I think it's reference to common blood as opposed to royal bloodlines.

Unless you want to tell Reno what you think of her playing hard to get, just say to think nothing of it. Clear the next area before they enter.
No. 917481 ID: a9af05

>Bonded with Thorne
Keep doing that and nothing will be able to stand against you guys!
No. 917483 ID: d887c0

If all this group is suffering from at this point is some short tempers, then that's a damn miracle.

Press on. The sooner this depressing crypt is just a memory, the better.
No. 917484 ID: 6059bb
File 154735179147.gif - (4.19KB , 512x512 , 46.gif )

You enter the next room, carefully. There's no noise at all, but you feel a wave of discomfort wash over you. The room is open and dark, almost oppressively so. The walls and floor are something different to the stone from the corridor; almost organic, like chitin. Reno shines her lamp into the room.

Something shuffles.
No. 917485 ID: 080aaf

Look up.
No. 917486 ID: c7f906

Ready your sword.
Reno, pull the cloak.
No. 917487 ID: 96d998

No. 917489 ID: 6059bb
File 154735338653.gif - (9.18KB , 512x512 , 47.gif )

Painful light floods the room.

There's no sign of life.
No. 917491 ID: d887c0

To borrow a quote: "There's something alive in here."
No. 917497 ID: 91ee5f

Look at the design on the floor. Maybe it has another cryptic hint on it that’ll tell you which way to go?
No. 917498 ID: 080aaf

Look in the hallway ahead and to the right.
No. 917522 ID: 158da5

Oh fun, something sneaky. I mean, nothing to do about it except making sure everyone is notified, for now. Maybe try to follow where the snout is pointing?
No. 917545 ID: eeb7d9

So we are no longer alone. We have to be extremely villilant from this point on. Keep your nose clean.
What is that on the floor?
No. 917546 ID: 094652

Shimmy your way to each doorway. Be ready to run if necessary, this is a great place for an ambush and you're 5,118 warriors short of the numbers to endure it.
No. 917565 ID: 06fdc0

draw your sword as you explore, and keep an eye out; something was skittering around
No. 917600 ID: e51896

You and thorne are wolves. Can your sensitive noses smell out where the intruder went?
No. 917620 ID: 2202fb

If its a golem of some kind it would just smell like more rock.
No. 917633 ID: 96d998

No. 917648 ID: 2202fb

Good idea
No. 917651 ID: eeb7d9

Ah, this is actually smart. No one would expect to look up.
No. 917753 ID: 1adab9
File 154751238429.gif - (8.88KB , 512x512 , 48.gif )

The design on the floor is just the settlers' tale, of how the kingdom was founded. You've seen it around the palace and the spire dozens of times, and know it off by heart. If you want to, you can probably take a few moments to go through it in your head.

It smells of dry tombs. Nothing much to it. Stale.

...Reno smells nice.

You look up. [Animated]
No. 917755 ID: 1adab9
File 154751261623.gif - (9.34KB , 512x512 , 49.gif )

Reno says that this place seems eerily familiar. The shape, size, and weird organic material kinda match up with the Spire. Maybe it extends underground?

She also asks you why you're staring at the ceiling. There isn't much to see.
No. 917757 ID: 080aaf

You should definitely go through the settler's tale in your head to calm your nerves.
Then point the bullseye lantern at the ceiling because something ain't right here.
No. 917759 ID: c4c64c

Nudge Thorne, have her ready her weapon. Turn the lamp back into a directed beam with the cloak, and shine it towards what you just saw on the ceiling. Whatever is up there, cannot be good.

"Reno, stay close."
No. 917760 ID: eeb7d9

Look a Thorne, see if she saw the same thing. Don't answer, just ask her to use the robe in the larten again and point the sealing.
No. 917761 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you see a moving shadow. Any large wildlife down here? Giant spiders perhaps?
You should probably have your sword out at this point.
No. 917767 ID: 91ee5f

I wouldn’t bother covering the lantern again. That just gives whatever that is more shadows to hide in and it’ll it’ll be moving too fast for us to catch it in the tiny beam of light created by the cloak.
No. 917770 ID: 158da5

I agree
No. 917771 ID: 0c3c2c

Hmmmm. Any numerology that would help with the number of passages?
No. 917792 ID: 864e49

Try and see if this tale is any different from the one you know.

Move the princesses just into the door you came through and ask Throne if she saw anything.
No. 917793 ID: 094652

"Reno, if I told you that we were being ambushed right now, what would be your first instinct?"
Wait a few seconds and then say
"And that's why we're looking at what is simultaneously the best place to attack from and the last place we'd concentrate on."
No. 917795 ID: bb78f2

There's something up there, it may not be dangerous, or it could be a lizard rogue, or perhaps a different kind of creature.

Whatever it is, if it's hostile, I don't want it to corner us or flank us.

Yell to it. Tell it you know it's there, and that if you try to flank us it's too fucking late.

Whisper to Thorne that it's fast, so if we go down one of these hallways, you take the front, I'll cover our flank.
No. 917796 ID: 96d998

No. 917869 ID: 1618ba
File 154758143370.gif - (74.15KB , 512x512 , 50.gif )

You tell Reno to cover the lantern again, and she does. You guide the light up at the ceiling, ignoring the vague romantic feelings you experience when you touch her hand.

The strange organic material of the walls shimmers. It's hard making details out, but you don't think you see anything. [Animated]
No. 917871 ID: eeb7d9

Unless it got between the cracks, it must have fled already. Anyway, i think we should keep moving... somewhere. Tell Thorne to stay alert, you are not alone anymore.

>romantic feelings
Get it together, wolf, now is not the time for that. Sharpen up!
No. 917872 ID: 1618ba
File 154758264629.gif - (9.27KB , 512x512 , 51.gif )

The door is open.

Reno says she can't really see how you'd get ambushed down here. Thorne says she feels uneasy; better to be safe than sorry.

You relay some simple tactics to Thorne. She agrees with you, and gets into position guarding the Princess and her sister's back. You yell.

There's no response, save for a faint echo.
No. 917873 ID: c4c64c

Sitting here isn't going to make things better. Move around the room and check each hallway, see if you can feel some kind of breeze or other sign that it's an exit. Also see if anyone can read the inscription on the floor.
No. 917874 ID: eeb7d9

>There's no response, save for a faint echo.
Echo you say? Maybe that is where you need to go. Can you use it to get yourself out of here? Like an echolocation?
No. 917875 ID: 1618ba
File 154758318311.gif - (22.17KB , 850x850 , 52.gif )

You review your MAP SCREEN.

You can read the mural on the floor! It's a 60 verse poem from hundreds of years ago, though, so it may take a while. You know the story already, anyway.

You can choose to check down one of the corridors, or reflect on the Settler's Tale for a moment.
No. 917876 ID: c4c64c

Quickly go over the Settler's Tale, and see if it makes any references to direction or a crossroads. Everything else down here seems to have a very deliberate purpose.
No. 917877 ID: 080aaf

Reflect upon the settling tail.
No. 917878 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, we can use this too, way practical than my idea too. Besides, every part of this catacum has had some sort of puzzle or rule you have to follow in order to proceed. This place should be no diferent.
No. 917880 ID: a9af05

>Escort the royal family to sagety
Don't you mean saftey?
No. 917882 ID: 1618ba
File 154758904896.gif - (21.12KB , 512x512 , 53.gif )

Uuuuh okay. It's been a while. You try to recollect it.

Basically, like... These two brothers crossed the ocean with their families and soldiers, because they were driven from their home by another family. They landed on this continent, which was then ruled by Direwolves, and went to war, conquering as many lands as they could. The war went on for almost forty years, and the lions were slowly gaining control of the entire continent. One of the brothers, Ta, the Mage, erected a giant tower, from which he could see everything in the world; that's what you're supposedly in right now. And he saw where the wolves were hiding out. The other brother, Aaret the Warrior, went to like meet them. And... Yeah they basically fought a bit, and the wolves won. They kidnapped the brother, and in the end the two groups settled on making peace.
No. 917883 ID: 1618ba
File 154758931469.gif - (11.87KB , 512x512 , 54.gif )

And in the end there was this big thing where the Lions would be the new kings of the land, but as a sign of trust, each king would be guarded first and foremost by the most talented wolf in the realm. The spireblade. Also the spire became the seat of power, you assume because it looks really cool and impressive. The mage brother vanished, and the warrior brother became king, and he's probably buried somewhere down here.

That's all you can really remember right now. There's some doubt as to how much of this is myth and how much is history, but you always liked the story well enough. Especially the cool warrior queen the grey wolves had back then! Fuck yeah.
No. 917885 ID: 080aaf

So the cats get to laze about while the dogs do the real fighting. Sounds like a win-win for both parties.
Take the tunnel immediately to your right, see how that mental map lines up with the royal door.
No. 917899 ID: eeb7d9

Well, might as well start exploring. We don't know where the exite is, so we will have to start making blind guesses at first.
No. 917905 ID: c7f906

Does the poem attach directions to any of those happenings, such as which cardinal direction the two brothers landed on the continent on, where the wolves were hiding out, anything?
No. 917960 ID: e51896

turn the lantern back on. there is a shadowy creature in here after all.
No. 918106 ID: 522b9d
File 154776811540.png - (15.00KB , 987x250 , UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.png )

ok, quick question.
No. 918107 ID: 080aaf

If it can go invisible, why is it bothering to stay out of the light?
Honor your ancestors by spending a minute barking at the ceiling for no apparent reason.
No. 918150 ID: 0c3c2c

There's some kind of invisible critter in here. Uncloak the lantern and move ahead as a unit.
No. 918179 ID: 23b797
File 154782464389.jpg - (64.40KB , 1024x1024 , hmmmm.jpg )

No. 918185 ID: 4c49c3

Here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013.html Please keep theories like that to the disthread in future!
No. 918191 ID: eeb7d9

WHATEVER that thing is, is still in the catacombs with us, so we have to be really careful.
No. 918369 ID: 15a025

Seems like something might be hiding in the dark.

Cover up the lantern completely for a moment then uncover it again. It seems like it could take a few moments for it to disappear again.

If it was nothing, head down one of the corridors.
No. 918373 ID: b1b4f3

Whatever it is, it's acting like a scared animal. Let's not aggravate it further, and proceed down one of the hallways. Let's start with the first one from the left and proceed clockwise.
No. 919387 ID: 30fdd2

Either a scared animal, or a cleaver predator.

Think about it. it wouldn't just attack head on, it would wait until the party turned its back, then pick you off one by one in the darkness.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but Eth, watch your ass down here. Complacency is the mother of all over-confidence. You drop your guard or get sloppy, you die. Simply as that.
No. 919957 ID: 6fb3de
File 154928809173.gif - (19.56KB , 512x512 , 55.gif )

PERCEPTIVE MODE. You will move much slower, but will notice any threat or ambush more easily.

Reno says the light is giving her a headache. She puts out the lantern.

You can ask her to shine it, but don't overdo it!
No. 919958 ID: 6fb3de
File 154928826468.gif - (10.82KB , 512x512 , 56.gif )

You lead into the first hallway. Thorne guards your charges' backs. The organic material recedes, and the walls are bare rock once more. No statues here; the walls only have plaques. You assume this is for less notable Spireblades, or perhaps from before the statue tradition began. The air smells of nostalgia and moss.

It's very dark. Creeping through the gloom feels like an eternity of tension.
No. 919959 ID: 6fb3de
File 154928838373.gif - (6.08KB , 512x512 , 57.gif )

You reach a solid wall. When your group approaches, an eerie luminescence flickers across the surface of the rock, making you a little queasy. Thorne says she feels like something's watching her back.
No. 919966 ID: 080aaf

Eight lights, #4 missing, #7 red.
...it's a map of the catacombs. We're in the blank light. Go down the left hall (second hall on the left from where we entered the hub) and see what's going on there.
No. 919968 ID: 13ad2d

i agree it's a map of the catacombs, but i'm not sure we're in the missing light.
No. 919982 ID: 158da5

No I think >>919966 is correct. We went down the hallway to the right of the entrance, so we should be where the blank is. Following where the red is seems right.

Also, if this doesn't end in the most secure location ever, Reno's ancestors are the fucking worst. As it stands, they're already way too extra.
No. 919985 ID: b1b4f3

What's that angular red thing on the wall?
No. 919987 ID: 91ee5f

You mean the thing in the top left of the picture? That’s Eth’s mental map that she’s making in her head as they travel.
No. 920017 ID: eeb7d9

Well, this doesn't look like a door, so it be an indicator.
Let's do as >>919966 says.
No. 920699 ID: 5037fb
File 154992315379.gif - (69.67KB , 512x512 , 58.gif )

When you head down the corridor again, you feel something shifting, a subtle change in the air pressure.

The central hall feels a lot colder. Your hackles raise.
No. 920701 ID: 080aaf

So the blank light was really the door we used closing. That's fine. We didn't want to go back yet anyway.
Uhh, hole. That's new. Tiptoe around it and go see what's got that eye all red and inflamed. You see them too, right?
No. 920702 ID: b1b4f3

I uh, don't remember there being a hole here before. hmm, I wonder if the correct action is actually to go down all the blue corridors before the red one? The red eye looks a bit foreboding.
No. 920703 ID: eeb7d9

Does anyone else can see the glowing eyes or is o that just you? You think the exit is the red one?
I don't what is up with that hole, but be careful with it. I don't know its purpose so leave it alone.
No. 920704 ID: a2cac9

the flashing red thing does not match with what's in >>919959.
i don't even know anymore, this place is making me uncomfortable.
No. 920709 ID: 080aaf

Sure it does, the long corridor is just a different long corridor than we thought.
No. 920710 ID: b1b4f3

Yes it does? Black was where we were just now. Then it rotates clockwise and hits two blues, then the red.
No. 920720 ID: 158da5

Warn everyone of the hole. Then go to it and feel the inside edge of it. Is it recently dug or solid like a mechanism activated?
No. 920747 ID: fff462
File 154996250225.gif - (6.76KB , 512x512 , 59.gif )

You tell the others to stay back. Reno, who has slightly better darksight than you, confirms the hole's presence, and tells you to be careful.

You kneel down at the rim and touch the walls. They're soft and spongy, almost fleshy, and glistening wet. The feeling reminds you of R-
You don't finish that thought.

The hole has no bottom that you can see pr sense. The air feels colder near it, though.
No. 920748 ID: 080aaf

Keep Thorne between the pit and the princesses from now on. That doesn't seem like an escape route.
No. 920753 ID: a2cac9

hmm, drop something and listen for how long it takes it to hit bottom (if ever. inb4 bottomless pit.)
No. 920755 ID: 2202fb

So what you're saying is the floor now has an immense version of Reno's vagina?
No. 920757 ID: 080aaf

...Does she feel anything when you poke it?
Hey man, I'm not about to question the enchantments of the ancients.
No. 920759 ID: eeb7d9

You... really can't get your head outta the gutter, huh?
Anyway, this is no normal hole. I wouldn't be surprised if a monster tentacle or something like that appears from that. Let's avoid it as much as we can and go through the red eye path already.
No. 920761 ID: ef43dd
File 154998185889.gif - (11.23KB , 512x512 , 60.gif )

You rub the fleshy wall and ask Reno how she feels.

"Worse than I did a moment ago, Dame, because I can guess you're thinking... uncouthly."
She says, but her tone is warmer than her words. You get up.
No. 920763 ID: ef43dd
File 154998237418.gif - (6.59KB , 512x512 , 61.gif )

You gather into a group.
You tell Thorne she's to stay between the royals and the pit, just in case. She agrees.

ᚦ: "You're actually not that awful when you turn on your brain, wolflet."

Head to the pink door?
No. 920764 ID: 080aaf

Ooh, a confirmation prompt. Better back out and go to the door to the left of the entrance first. That was one long hall.
No. 920765 ID: eeb7d9

"Thank you, i think i am getting the hang of it."

I would like to go to the red one first. But i guess exploring a little more now is ok, since we now know were we are going. We can't take too much time now though, remember, we are not alone and this place seems to change when you interact with it. The least time we spend here, the better.
No. 920766 ID: 158da5

I think the pink is the red door, just a deep shade of pink. I could be wrong, but either way I agree with what to do.
No. 920769 ID: a215f2

Pink door.

This isn't a scripted RPG, the world doesn't slow down and hold the monsters back just so you can do side quests at your leisure. Assassins on your tail, beasts hunting for food, get to safety and do your job.
No. 920771 ID: ef43dd
File 154999256853.gif - (32.74KB , 512x512 , 62.gif )

You make your way over to the pink gate, slowly. [ANIMATED]
No. 920772 ID: c4c64c

Light. Now.
No. 920773 ID: 080aaf

Grab one and toss them in.
No. 920776 ID: a2cac9

this is probably a distraction, be careful of being flanked from behind, they might climb out of the hole.
No. 920778 ID: 3f46f9

Gotta agree with fenrir, you should uncover the lantern! DO IT QUICK, THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!
No. 920779 ID: a2cac9

that's one way to find out how deep the hole is.
No. 920782 ID: 2202fb

You are about to get pushed into the Reno pit. Two hostiles to your left on the wall, one slightly in front of you, the other behind you.

Idk if that is a good idea. If this is connected to Reno somehow, having hostile bodies inside of the pit is probably not a good idea.


What did the pit smell like? I mean, you are a wolf(let), you should have a pretty good nose. Did it smell like Reno's unmentionables or was it more death, decay, flesh-hell type thing?
No. 920783 ID: 91ee5f

Enemies on the wall to your left! One is slightly above you and the other is behind you!
No. 920784 ID: 91ee5f

>Idk if that is a good idea. If this is connected to Reno somehow, having hostile bodies inside of the pit is probably not a good idea.
I’m pretty sure it’s just some weird fleshy pit and it has nothing to do with Reno.

If it was connected to her (which it’s not), then since these things have been down here way longer than we’ve been here, they would’ve already been affecting her, before the lizards ever came to the castle.
No. 920786 ID: f4c9f3

Enemies to your left!
No. 920787 ID: a2cac9

it's probably not connected to her, but i'm still going to call it the Reno pit.
No. 920789 ID: ef43dd
File 154999750064.gif - (90.05KB , 512x512 , 63.gif )

The pit smelled like nothing. It was a hole in the ground. Its walls smelled vaguely of stone. You are almost 100% sure it isn't connected in any way to Reno's vagina.

You decide to think of it as the Reno Pit anyway, for the fun of it.

Your train of thought is interrupted by stirring shadows!

You yell "LANTERN!", and Reno whips it out without hesitation! Bright light fills the room. Pain spikes through your eyes, and Dana yelps. There are no enemies here.
No. 920790 ID: a2cac9

remember they can control their visibility.
either the lantern ran them off, they're invisible/intangible, or you're going insane.
No. 920791 ID: 080aaf

Perhaps regular application of lantern is enough to keep them at bay. ...You really don't want to be near this pit anymore. Go down the red hall.
No. 920792 ID: b1b4f3

What? Get into the hall and douse the lantern again.
No. 920793 ID: ef43dd
File 154999877738.gif - (89.59KB , 512x512 , 64.gif )

You try to move but the pain is so bad. You can't see anymore, the light is so bright. A spear is piercing your forehead. A drum is beating twenty different colours into your skull, in sync with your heartbeat. You feel nauseous. Closing your eyes doesn't help.
No. 920794 ID: 080aaf

No Eth, you are the demons!
Just try to sit still and not fall into the hole.
We can give commands to Thorne directly, right? Just throw Eth over a shoulder and book it. This place isn't good for her sanity.
No. 920796 ID: b1b4f3

I think the lantern was left by the traitor. It's proving to be less than useful.
Try to ask for the light to be extinguished.
No. 920797 ID: ef43dd
File 154999960723.gif - (77.66KB , 512x512 , 65.gif )

Before you can think to even open your mouth, the light goes out. Your companions stare at you.

Reno asks if you're okay.
No. 920798 ID: a2cac9

yeah ok time to make a torch.
No. 920799 ID: 080aaf

Not really, no. I guess using ancient artifacts as light sources isn't such a bright idea after all.
Time to see what's behind door number red.
No. 920800 ID: ef43dd
File 155000053950.gif - (4.83KB , 512x512 , 66.gif )

It takes you a moment to recover, then you get going again, wordlessly.

The group follows, cautiously.

The pink light is very cool. The intense light has left an afterimage on your vision, but your other senses are intact, and you can't smell or hear anything but your party in the room. The hallway looms.
No. 920801 ID: a2cac9

i wasn't kidding, find something stick-like, wrap it in cloth and light it up.
where's that pink light coming from? the ceiling?

and don't forget to keep looking around you. you're either still surrounded or going insane.
No. 920803 ID: b1b4f3

Okay we're still not sure if those things in the dark are real I guess.
Reno has better darksight than you, ask if she noticed anything in the darkness right before you asked for the lantern light.
No. 920804 ID: ef43dd
File 155000152814.gif - (5.96KB , 512x512 , 67.gif )

The light is coming from the giant glowing eye you're standing on.
No. 920806 ID: ef43dd
File 155000158878.gif - (14.19KB , 512x512 , 68.gif )

You don't have a stick or fabric!

Reno says she didn't notice anything in the dark, no.
No. 920808 ID: e9d41b

is that someone standing on the eye?
No. 920809 ID: a9af05

It literally says that it's the giant glowing eye that Eth is standing on.
No. 920810 ID: a2cac9

>You don't have a stick or fabric
for fabric just rip some fabric off your clothes, like one Reno's sleeves or Thorne's cape thingy or something.
as for stick, maybe one of the swords from the statues from a while back?
No. 920811 ID: ef43dd
File 155000217912.png - (9.37KB , 656x74 , 1.png )

No. 920812 ID: eeb7d9

That would be Eth, yes.

What is the deal with this place? Are you just hallucinating stuff? This sucks, you are starting to look like a lunatic. We need to get out of here.
No. 920813 ID: 0e2ebe

You're being stalked by invisible monsters or you're losing your mind or you're being tricked by illusions. You should probably admit these possibilities to the group. You need them to at least know that you could use help verifying what's real. Because if the problem is with you, there's no way for you to know.
No. 920814 ID: ef43dd
File 155000272647.gif - (5.84KB , 512x512 , 69.gif )

You step forwards, asking the rest of the group if they see the glowing spots on the floor.

Þ: "No. Your resplendent leadership has left me dazzled and blind. Get on with it, wolflet."

R: "Don't listen to her. You'r doing grand, Dame, we're all jumpy. Are you sure you don't want to rest?"

You ask Reno if she wants to take off her clothes. Shed titters, nervously.

R: "Maybe later."
No. 920815 ID: b1b4f3

Hehe. Well, I guess you're only hallucinating the monsters then. Can't even see any weird shit in here, might as well get moving.
No. 920816 ID: eeb7d9

Ok. Let's do this then. If you are seeing things that are not there, then you should then try to double check with your smell or your hearing. At least you can trust those senses.
No. 920817 ID: 0e2ebe

Well that's fun. Caution's just wasting time if it's all in your head. Hopefully you'll leave these visions down here when you leave. Nothing to it, but to move on.
No. 920818 ID: bcc41d


That's Eth, innit?

Weird ghost shapes no-one else can see, horrid head-stabbing reactions to over-use of the lantern... tell your charges not to worry too much about what you'll say next. You'll be fine... but that you've been seeing things at the edge of your vision now and then since you entered. Apparently it's just you who can?

This last encounter, you saw two faceless - like fully smooth heads - humanoid shapes, with spikes along their backs and through their hands. And, at the very end before the lantern was uncovered, you glimpsed a third figure, a wolf-head with weird scars across their face, spikes hand as well - possibly on the back too.

They seem to be floating or hovering, or sticking to walls with no apparent difficulty.

You don't think you're crazy.

... so you hazard it's something unnatural - if they've ever heard legends or lore about spiked-through spirits, feel free to pipe up - but whether the lantern defends against them you don't know for sure. All you do know is that you apparently can't keep relying on it to scare whatever it is away - if that's even all that effective. With Dana's reaction and now yours, use of the lantern should be minimized.

Wait for responses.
No. 920819 ID: ef43dd
File 155000432189.gif - (11.14KB , 512x512 , 70.gif )

You tell the others what you saw. Thorne seems about to say something very witty and sharp, then thinks better of it.

R: "Well, I was watching the pit... You say they were near the walls? I did catch movement, I though I was merely being silly and skittish..."

She laughs, nervously. There's a moment of uncomfortable silence.
No. 920820 ID: ef43dd
File 155000434885.gif - (5.01KB , 512x512 , 71.gif )

D:"...I saw them, too."
No. 920821 ID: a2cac9

No. 920822 ID: 080aaf

Did you think they looked like an enemy?
No. 920823 ID: ef43dd
File 155000488324.gif - (11.35KB , 512x512 , 72.gif )

D: "...they looked like you..."
No. 920824 ID: a2cac9

ok, so Dana doesn't like you. that's good to know.
wait, how exactly does that resemble you? ask her if she can see weird spikes on your back like they do.
No. 920825 ID: ef43dd
File 155000525812.gif - (14.46KB , 512x512 , 73.gif )

You ask her to clarify. She says they had your face, but the body was weird and thin. She says you look a bit fatter.

Reno asks if she can still see them, and Dana says they went away. She says she's hungry and wants to go home now.
No. 920826 ID: bcc41d


Hm. That's stupid shape to take - you'd never hurt Dana.

Nevertheless, if she can see them, she can report on them. Please help us keep lookout from now on, cub scout Dana!
No. 920827 ID: c4c64c

The sooner we can get out of here, the better. Keep pressing forward.
No. 920828 ID: b1b4f3

Interesting. So they exist but they seem to look like... whatever the person's scared of, maybe? Or something the person dislikes? Ask if she's scared of you, or doesn't like you. It's okay if she does, you could see her disliking you because of your... infatuation with Reno.
It's also possible they originate from Eth somehow, like some kind of psychic phenomenon. That'd be why the lantern hurts so much for Eth specifically, because it disrupts her magic.
No. 920829 ID: a2cac9

>She says you look a bit fatter

>She says she's hungry and wants to go home now
now is probably not the best time to tell her she's never going home ever again. that should probably wait for when it's safe for her to break down crying for a few hours. just tell her 'i know, working on it' or something to that effect.
No. 920830 ID: bcc41d



Ow, from the mouths of babes. Arright, fine, let's stop interrogating the poor kid. Tell her you're trying as best you can to get her somewhere safe. If anyone has any snacks or foodscraps, suggest giving it to her - if not... well, time to waste less time.

Boldly step down the red-eye corridor.
No. 920831 ID: 080aaf

Getting out of here is the first step. See what awaits you in the red room.
No. 920832 ID: ef43dd
File 155000600039.gif - (4.56KB , 512x512 , 74.gif )

Hey hey hey back up. You wouldn't be okay with that. Dana's like a sister to you.

Anyway, you're pretty sure you saw Yogh, who you definitely aren't scared of. And you definitely do like. Or did you see the king? It feels like trying to remember a dream, you only saw the creatures for a split second.

You ask. Nobody has food with them. You feel a twinge of guilt, and tell her you'll all get to safety soon.

Is there anything left to discuss, or do you want to go on?
No. 920833 ID: 0e2ebe

I mean it's mostly muscle and

Uh anyway, maybe it's an ancestor or just a similar looking person. This could be spirits.
No. 920834 ID: a2cac9

nah, i'm done.
i still want a torch though.
No. 920835 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, maybe it's the reverse then. You see someone you respect. It's like a defense mechanism for the things, makes them harder to attack?

Let's go.
No. 920836 ID: bcc41d


Huh. I guess that could've been Yogh you saw briefly. Maybe these spectral pests gradually take on a form that's familiar to you?

If so, time spent here may be a factor for their influence to grow. Let's move.
No. 920837 ID: 0e2ebe

Anyway, yeah, go on. Could be spirits could be illusion, but you can't just stay down here and die of starvation.
No. 920838 ID: ef43dd
File 155000674323.gif - (8.82KB , 512x512 , 75.gif )

You ask if anyone has the materials to make a torch.

R:"Not unless you brought a spare pot of pitch and a branch."

You decide to move on.
No. 920839 ID: ef43dd
File 155000756390.gif - (10.23KB , 512x512 , 76.gif )

This corridor has busts on pillars in place of statues. You can read all these.

Ethäel, Ranger of the North- Spireblade to King Harthorn the Ninth

Ashe, the Snakebane- Spireblade to Queen Moreno the First

Yogh, the One-Eyed - Spireblade to King Thomas the Twenty-Ninth

That one must be empty.
You catch enough of a glimpse of the next one to tell it's just a blank plinth. You avoid looking at it.
No. 920841 ID: ef43dd
File 155000764725.gif - (4.85KB , 512x512 , 77.gif )

Once again, you hit a wall. This time, the eye is carved; several discs of stone are set into it. There is a tablet with some writing above the eye. You could be forgiven for feeling like it's watching you.
No. 920842 ID: 094652

So what the heck does that plaque say?
No. 920843 ID: bcc41d


Thomas the Twenty-Ninth?

Ye kyngdom's faire olde, Eth.

Read plaque - but be wary. Something about that tear-shaped carving in the door makes me nervous. In a 'trap' kind of way. Don't mess with the eye disc carvings - or be very careful of no-one standing in front of the door and its path when you do.
No. 920845 ID: ef43dd
File 155000901590.gif - (9.77KB , 512x512 , 78.gif )

You read the inscription aloud.

There are five discs in concentric circles; each has the same runic alphabet on it. Each is set to ᚨ, or "A". There are 26 on each.
No. 920847 ID: b1b4f3

Who was the first king? Aaret? ROT7 of that is Hhyla.
No. 920852 ID: bcc41d

Sounds legit. If we want to safe it, or if it doesn't work, the king is probably buried down here somewhere, presumably with his name written out on the tomb like all the others, so we can always explore to figure out how it was actually spelled back then.

... linguistic drift is probably a genuine risk, really. Especially if it's been more than eight hundred years since they ruled. Does Reno know anything?
No. 920853 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, if there is a way to certify your answer, we should check if his tomb is around here.
No. 920854 ID: b1b4f3

Reno might know the history better than Eth.
No. 920855 ID: bb78f2

Minor question that may supplant a theory I have. Are there ANY feline spireblade statues in here? I know traditionally the Direwolves are supposed to be Spireblades, but something tells me there's loopholes to that tradition.

How well do you think... Dana could swing a sword in the future? You and Thorne might need to train her out of necessity soon, when we're safe of course.

So this can be the seventh king maybe? Otherwise there's no puzzle here, it'd just be a repeat of the first king's name and you don't have to do any research. This feels like a trick question.
No. 920857 ID: bcc41d

>So this can be the seventh king maybe? Otherwise there's no puzzle here, it'd just be a repeat of the first king's name and you don't have to do any research. This feels like a trick question.

So we'd have pretty good odds if we just tried 'Thomas', eh?
No. 920858 ID: b1b4f3

No, because there are five letters.
No. 920859 ID: bcc41d


Depends, doesn't it? Dipthongs can be one letter. Specific meanings or sounds can be one letter. Pretty sure we had one letter stand in for an 'of the' expression in the last chapter of the quest, and that's the same runic alphabet, no?

No. 920860 ID: ef43dd
File 155001415860.gif - (31.38KB , 512x512 , 79.gif )

How many times will you turn each disc?
No. 920861 ID: eeb7d9

Sooo, we translate the runes now?
No. 920862 ID: b1b4f3

Uh shit, these are the ancient timberwolf runes from before that nobody knows. The only other ones we've seen are on the key.
No. 920863 ID: 2202fb

Nah, seems like they line up with a standard 26 char alphabet and while styled after real runic alphabets, many of the characters dont seem to actually exist.
No. 920864 ID: 0e2ebe

Real shame that training didn't cover ancient runes.
No. 920865 ID: bcc41d

Hrm. Checking, it doesn't seem like the script from the map last chapter matches this alphabet fully. It really must be another alphabet. This may force us to go find the king's tomb or risk a lot of trial and error.


Either way, let's verify with Reno that the first king's name was 'Aaret' and then, presuming an alphabet running from a to z in OUR format, try turning the discs like so:

Outer disc - Counter-clockwise 7 moves
Second-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 7 moves
Third-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 24 moves
Fourth-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 11 moves
Inner-most disc - Counter-Clockwise 26 moves (or just let it stay in place...)

I believe that should give us 'Hhyla'. If that fails, we can also try spelling it from the inner disc to the outer disc. If that fails, we may have to consider paying our respects to an ancestor just to figure this out.

Be wary of signs of traps activating while testing the above. Maybe keep your shield between you and the tear-shaped carving in the door.
No. 920866 ID: 2202fb

Does the name Hhyla have any significance?
No. 920867 ID: ef43dd
File 155001646089.gif - (10.26KB , 512x512 , 80.gif )

You raise your shield, and turn the dials. Nothing happens, and once you turn the last one, a clicking noise returns them all to their original position. It makes your hackles raise; more vile sorcery.

The alphabet is just standard canis. Derived from the ancient language on the key, but a lot simpler. You can definitely read it. The tablet is actually written out in it.

You look at the instructions again.
No. 920868 ID: b1b4f3

Well that makes this a lot easier. I'll start working on this...
No. 920871 ID: bcc41d


It's a guess at the 'seven-fold shift' of the name 'Aaret', i.e. each letter is moved 7 steps up the alphabet.


Welp, either I bungled it, or hopping seven letters forward isn't the right answer.
No. 920872 ID: b1b4f3

The alphabet doesn't run a to z on the discs exactly. It's close though.

Okay so this is partially phonetic. We've got two "th" letters, one sharp called Eth and one soft called Thorn. W and V are the same rune, but it's not phonetic there. There's a symbol for "Sh". There are some unknown symbols still, but that's to be expected since there was no J Y or Z in the sample translated text we got. The one that looks like 3 is Yogh but I don't know how it's used.
Starting from the top and going clockwise, these are the known symbols so far:
Note that K is used for a hard C, and S is used for a soft C.

I was gonna try translating the key but it's using a different set of runes???
No. 920873 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I just realized what Eth is saying. She can read the dials just fine. Not sure why we're having so much trouble.
Also I forgot to note that the symbol for W is used for V as well.

Anyway, "Aaret" should in fact be pretty much one-to-one with the runes if we were to replace every rune with a-z, since none of the letters used are different. I'm not sure why that solution didn't work. Hhyla isn't what we get by the rotation though, we actually get Hhshla. Personally I don't think it makes sense to think of the y in the ROT7 result as a letter we need to find a rune for (it's probably the I rune in that case). Seven-fold shift should mean rotating the dials, not looking for an english alphabet rotation representation.
One thing of note is that it would be spelled with 4 runes in both cases since double letters are represented with a single rune with a bar on top. Maybe that's the wrong name?

Ask Reno about the first king, do you have his name right? She should know the royal lineage a bit better than you.
No. 920874 ID: bcc41d


Helpful! If you're right about the Yogh rune, let's try the 'Aaret' 7 letters forward conversion again. Only real difference appearing to be where the Y starts, ergo, where the 7-step solution ends.

Outer disc - Counter-clockwise 7 moves (a - h)
Second-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 7 moves (a - h)
Third-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 24 moves (r - sh)
Fourth-layer disc - Counter-clockwise (y - Eth)
Inner-most disc - Counter-Clockwise 26 moves (or just let it stay in place...) (t - a)

Giving us 'Hhshetha'!

If that fails and just for lulz, let's do 'Thomas'.

Outer disc - Counter-clockwise 16 moves (th)
Second-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 14 moves (o)
Third-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 12 moves (m)
Fourth-layer disc - Stays put (a)
Inner-most disc - Counter-Clockwise 9 moves (s)

Again, remember the shield.
No. 920877 ID: bcc41d

>Fourth-layer disc - Counter-clockwise (y - Eth)

Fourth-layer disc - Counter-clockwise 2 moves (or 28, pick your poison) (y - Eth)
No. 920878 ID: dd1c4a

>Six characters and a locator that suspiciously looks like a dial
Wait a minute - what if we're looking at this wrong? Try moving all the dials at once clockwise to A, followed by the five innermost dials to a, and so on, and then fiddle with the center,see if it "unlocks" like a key. Or do something twitchy.
No. 920884 ID: bcc41d

Eh. Outright ignore the second 'Aaret' attempt. Just noticed some critically flawed thinking due to being a dum-dum up way too late.
No. 920890 ID: ef43dd
File 155002183291.gif - (9.01KB , 512x512 , 81.gif )

You try every combination you think of; nothing seems to work.

You're beginning to get frustrated, when you pick up the rustle of Reno's dress. She hugs your arm, and rests her head on your shoulder. She's very warm.

After a few minutes, she speaks.
R: "Maybe it doesn't mean kings from my lineage. Maybe it means wolves? But you didn't keep records of specific royals' names until the war started... Hm. Wolf doesn't fit... Is there a pre-feline word for wolf?"
No. 920893 ID: eeb7d9

I am having some KOTOR flashbacks here and i don't like it.
No. 920895 ID: e51896

Whoa, Eth, are you okay? I don't think you are feeling well if you are seeing the princess like that...
No. 920896 ID: eeb7d9

I can't find the W. I think i have the rest, but i can't find the W.
No. 920897 ID: 2202fb

Can we get a "quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog?"
No. 920898 ID: 2202fb

Hold on, is it "CANIS?"
No. 920899 ID: c1212a

Maybe 'canis'?
No. 920900 ID: b1b4f3

If we're doing CANIS remember we need to use the hard C. So that's more like KANIS.
No. 920901 ID: eeb7d9

Ok now i think i have it. But i dount it.
First 23 turns.
Second 15 turns.
Third 12 turns.
Fourth 6 turns.

Am i getting wrong?
No. 920902 ID: b1b4f3

For the dials, we'd want 7 past that, so (counterclockwise rotation)
No. 920903 ID: b1b4f3

No. 920904 ID: eeb7d9

If it is CANIS then nevermind mine, i was thinking of "wolf".
No. 920906 ID: eeb7d9

FUCK i forgot the last one, that is just 4 letters. Man i suck at puzzles.
No. 920907 ID: 158da5

Hey, this might be it.

Reno is very pretty in the above picture.
No. 920908 ID: ad51b8

isn't lupin another name for wolf? or lupinus. I'm not that good at Latin sorry.
No. 920909 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe it's Lupus.
No. 920910 ID: b1b4f3

Aaand if we actually need to shift the letters the other direction it's (turning the dials counterclockwise, again)

Strange how neither shift makes another word. KANIJ->RHUPThorn/DTGBEth (huh, Eth and Thorn are opposite eachother!)
No. 920911 ID: 2202fb

I think that is the disease.
No. 920912 ID: b1b4f3

That's the joke.
No. 920932 ID: 094652

>First King BEFORE the Lion Legion took over
Could it be? Are they worshiping the Tyrannosaurus Rex or whatever was king before Aaret conquered the country? Worth a shot...
No. 920948 ID: caf1de

it's lupus
No. 920952 ID: ec6d20
File 155004517385.png - (44.56KB , 1851x564 , blaidd.png )

>Is there a pre-feline word for wolf?
this could be it, if dd is one letter
No. 920963 ID: 864e49

The ghosts of ancient wolf warriors?
And possibly the not so ancient?

What the hell is up with that picture?

Canis for wolfs.
Canis Lupus for Grey wolf specifically.
And Canis Dirus for Dire Wolf.

By the way Eth do you have a family name?
No. 921374 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, SEVEN is also five letters long. Shifting KANIJ(10,0,13,8,9) with JEWEN(9,4,22,4,13) results in TEJMW(19,4,9,12,22) which is almost a word.
The reverse shift is BWREW(1,22,17,4,22), still not a word.

Numbers are counterclockwise rotations.
No. 921892 ID: b52c39
File 155044597818.gif - (72.56KB , 512x512 , 81.gif )

You decide to try CANIS.

You set the first dial to K, and then to R.
You set the second dial to A, and then to H.
You set the third dial to N, and then to U.
You set the fourth dial to I, and then to P.
You set the final dial to ß, and then to Þ.

The letters turn blue. Somewhere distant, something rumbles. You have grown MORE INTELLIGENT.
No. 921893 ID: b52c39
File 155044614790.gif - (11.83KB , 850x850 , 82.gif )

Which area would you like to inspect?

1) The hallway of busts
2) Reno's Fleshy Hole
3) The Eye Sigil on the Wall
4) The hallway of Statues
5) The sealed stairway to the Armoury
6) The Statue of the Monarch
7) The Sealed Door
8 - 12) The other hallways
No. 921897 ID: b1b4f3

Distant? Could be 7. I kindof want to try another hallway though, just to see if they're all the same, and if we find another eye sigil we can see if it wants us to do another puzzle.

No. 921905 ID: 080aaf

That probably wasn't the only thing we needed, but it did have something to do with kings. Investigate the sealed door, if that doorway has opened back up.
No. 921906 ID: eeb7d9

I am torn between 7 and 8... Fuck it, let's go for 7, we can check the rest later.
You really called 2 "Reno's Fleshy Hole"? Are you that pent up? You are still on heat?
No. 921908 ID: 094652

Check the other hallways and keep doing puzzles until everything opens.
No. 921919 ID: bcc41d

Hmm... Let's try Corridor 10.
No. 921951 ID: 2202fb

Ya know, Snake, she could just be a pervert; no heat or sexual tension required.
No. 921960 ID: eeb7d9

A pervert?
Well, ARE you a pervert, Eth?

Or is it because WE are the perverts?
No. 921973 ID: 2202fb

You say it like being a pervert is a bad thing
No. 921980 ID: 158da5

6 or 7

It certainly can be! Don't think Eth is nearly horny enough to be that bad, though.
No. 921982 ID: eeb7d9

In excess, yes, yes it is. But in moderation is all good and healthy.
No. 922043 ID: bb78f2

I'm not gonna consider Eth a pervert until we know her worse fetish
Probably just balloon popping, the devil. Or petplay, pretty vanilla there, Eth, if that's the case, even if you've taken it to the extreme a collar with Reno's name on it or she has one with yours.

8 please
No. 922045 ID: eeb7d9

No. 922073 ID: c1212a

Not writing off the possibility she's a pervert, but IIRC she mentioned heat in the previous thread, so that's probably a provocating circumstance at least.

No. 922114 ID: df5c09

...Y'know, thinking on it, the way you've taken doesn't make sense as a escape route for the royals. Someone designing such a route you'd think would make it as short and easy for any royals to get out by, even if they lost their bodyguards, but nigh impossible to get in by. Kinda makes you feel that you took a wrong turn right at the start.

Go investigate 7. The Sealed Door. Perhaps there is a way for those of royal blood to open it that you did not try.
No. 922189 ID: eeb7d9

Because this is both an escape route AND a catacomb. So it would make sense To have many corridors and traps, in order to keep the the tubbs and the retreating nobles safe. As long as they stay safe, it doesn't really matter how much they take to get out. At least, that is how i see it.
No. 922210 ID: 2202fb

but how do we explain the existence of Reno's hole?
No. 922256 ID: eeb7d9

Two posible explinations:
1: Reno's Magic Fleshy Hole is magical and connected to her actual vagina, somehow and for some reason. Maybe Eth and Reno's ancestors are even more perverted than the two of them.
2: It has nothing to do with Renos vagina and the whole place is alive, somehow, probably with magic. For all i know this place is made out of flesh and stone, and solving the puzzles make it react, opening doors and... fleshy holes. Seriously, that hole might be the mouth of some inexplicable ancient horror.
No. 922259 ID: b1b4f3

It's probably just some vile sorcery bullshit.
No. 922261 ID: 91ee5f

It’s already been explained that it has nothing to do with Reno and the walls have always been covered in a fleshy substance.
No. 922295 ID: 6fb3de
File 155056427731.gif - (9.21KB , 512x512 , 83.gif )

Yes. You are in heat. It isn't your fault!

Now isn't the best time to think of The Collar Incident, you decide.

Speaking of. The hole in the ground has changed. The surface has hardened into the same, chitinous substance that makes up the inside of this hall and the surface of the Spire. It blends seamlessly with the floor. The lights have vanished.

Continue heading to the sealed door?
No. 922296 ID: e51896

Wherever we go, we'll have to go quick. Don't want to spend too much time in here so that no other weird things happens to us.
No. 922297 ID: 158da5

Yes continue on.

And whenever we get around to crowning Reno queen I would like to suggest that the new capital is somewhere else so we can burn this tower to as deep down as it goes. Towers shouldn't be able to get lesions and I hate that this one does.
No. 922299 ID: 6fb3de
File 155057115485.gif - (5.85KB , 512x512 , 84.gif )

Its a magic tower, and it symbolizes like... thousands of years of rule. You'd prefer taking it back to burning it down, and Reno would probably agree.

You reach the Sealed Door without anything really happening. The symbol has vanished from it.
No. 922302 ID: 90f3c0

It's probably not sealed any more, then. Try opening the door.
No. 922307 ID: b1255a

No. 922314 ID: 91ee5f

Try opening the door.
No. 922316 ID: a9af05

See if it'll open now.
No. 922317 ID: 6fb3de
File 155058837291.gif - (10.91KB , 512x512 , 85.gif )

You push against the door; a faint message appears.

Something scuttles in the dark, and Dana yelps.
No. 922320 ID: bcc41d


Looks like it could translate to Blood Too Sour. The rune for 'l' was turned the wrong way compared to the previous puzzle, though, and the 'F'-like rune we haven't seen before, but context-wise it being 'oo' makes sense.

Try having Reno shove the door... after you've checked with Dana. Did she see something, or was she just skittish at whatever made that noise?
No. 922321 ID: eeb7d9

Dana SAW those things in the dark, just like you did. Reno can deal with the door, you need to confirm what Dana heard.
No. 922323 ID: c82a2d

It would be wise to uncover the lantern again, it cant really do anything to you other than hurt your eyes a little, which is still a much better option than possibly having someone get mangled by that thing.
Hell you could keep it uncovered, having a little bit of a sore eye is nothing compared to finding out what the menacing thing does to uninvited visitors.
No. 922324 ID: a9af05

Check on Dana! Hopefully something didn't just jump out and grab her!
No. 922343 ID: 0e2ebe

It's a terrible idea to uncover the lantern. Being blind isn't going to help see anything, when she can see with darkvision.

Check on Dana, have Reno try the door.
No. 922348 ID: b1b4f3

The F symbol there is the symbol for OO. Double letters have a bar on top.

Defend the party while the royals try the door.
No. 922537 ID: c1212a

Terribly uncouth of me, but I'm afraid I can't open the door for you Reno. Ladies first.
No. 922538 ID: 094652

How about a mix of sour and sweet?
No. 922933 ID: 15a025

Turn around and see what's going on. Protect the others if something's attacking.

If everyone's alright, try having Reno open the door.
No. 923008 ID: d43602
File 155102536289.gif - (19.63KB , 512x512 , 86.gif )

You check on Dana, but it's okay; she just got startled by the noise. Thorne apologizes and says it was probably her.

Reno steps forward and puts her hand on the door. With a gentle hiss, it slides open. Darkness lies beyond.
No. 923009 ID: 080aaf

Great! Follow them in and get booted back out because your blood's still too sour
No. 923010 ID: d43602
File 155102594649.gif - (7.73KB , 512x512 , 87.gif )

The air smells bad. Breathable, but damp and stale.

The others will follow you. Lead the way?
No. 923011 ID: 5fd038

same as before, yes
No. 923013 ID: 094652

Make sure you're in the correct party formation. Even a cheap ambush can cause everyone in a narrow corridor to forcefully move themselves from front-to-back for some unexplained reason.
No. 923014 ID: d43602
File 155102822831.gif - (3.41MB , 512x512 , 88.gif )

Thorne is in back, Reno is carrying Dana in the middle, You are in front.

You descend.
No. 923015 ID: d43602
File 155102836588.gif - (9.37KB , 512x512 , 89.gif )


You can tell how enormous the hall is, despite barely seeing anything. The air is heavy and dusty. Every sound echoes enormously. All around you are coffins, each carefully inscribed with runes, many gilded or decorated. All full of dead royalty.

Your party grows more solemn.
No. 923016 ID: fbff5c

we need to check if there's another exit to this hall.
and i say stick to the walls. open spaces are advantageous to your theoretical stalkers.
No. 923017 ID: d43602
File 155102985267.gif - (5.84KB , 512x512 , 90.gif )

You start heading to the east.

R: "Eth, I've been down here before. The way out is on the far side of this chamber, under a grave labelled For when All Hope Hath Failed."

Her voice is low, and soothes you a little.
No. 923018 ID: 1fb2e2

>For when All Hope Hath Failed
sounds about right. let's go find it.
No. 923020 ID: d43602
File 155103206758.gif - (6.11KB , 512x512 , 91.gif )

You continue, until...

There's something in the dark.
No. 923021 ID: 1fb2e2

could be a statue, but probably isn't.
doesn't look threatening yet. alert Thorne and approach cautiously.
No. 923022 ID: d43602
File 155103383536.gif - (7.73KB , 512x512 , 92.gif )

Ð: "Thorne, theres-"

It turns.
No. 923023 ID: c4c64c

Ready yourself, but try not to take any aggressive action unless it does first. Remember that you're in the tombs of your own people. If these are spirits or ghosts intended to keep intruders out, there is always the chance they are on your side. Throughout all the creepy shit we've seen so far, nothing has actually attacked you yet, except the light of that lantern.
No. 923024 ID: ae8ec4

Supporting. If it seems susceptible to communication, tell it we are escorting the royal family to safety
No. 923026 ID: d43602
File 155103589411.gif - (6.19KB , 512x512 , 93.gif )

You stand in silence for a moment. It doesn't move.

You tell it you're here to escort the royal family to safety.
No. 923028 ID: d43602
File 155103591630.gif - (8.46KB , 512x512 , 94.gif )

THOMAS XI points into the darkness.
No. 923030 ID: c4c64c

Welp, you heard the man. Nod in thanks and continue on in the direction he indicated.
No. 923033 ID: 2202fb

Nice, you guys employ zombies?
No. 923045 ID: bfa316

Make note of the family resemblance to Reno.
No. 923067 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if he might stand aside so you can pass? Your group is large and needs room.
No. 923068 ID: 094652

Ask if he needs something done. With rebels in the castle, the undead royalty will be their second-priority obsession, are the crypt defenses up to date?
No. 923099 ID: 158da5

Bow slightly? And pass him, with you closest to him as you stay between him and your charges. If you keep your shield up, it should be fine.
No. 923118 ID: bb78f2

Oh hey Tom
Reno, when you said you've been down here before, you don't mean through the route we took, right? Otherwise you could have solved the puzzles for us.
No. 923126 ID: eeb7d9

Welp, nothing but to keep moving forward. Bow with respect and keep going. But keep your distance, he might not be hostile, but he is still unnerving.
No. 923128 ID: c1212a

Thank him with the most traditional and honorific way you know.
No. 923231 ID: 080aaf

Reno, do you remember signing a waiver damning you to walk the halls of your grave for eternity after your death, or did this family member do something to deserve it?
No. 923237 ID: 158da5

He doesn't look particularly damned. He seems pretty happy!
No. 923337 ID: a64e88

Thank the apparition ceremoniously, possibly with a bow. And follow where it points.

Also do not look away from it, do not put your sword away and stay between it and the princesses. Since you’re keeping an eye on this thing it might be wise for Thorne to keep an eye on everything else.
No. 923889 ID: c7e694
File 155148409421.gif - (9.71KB , 512x512 , 95.gif )

You bow, and thank the dead king. When you start in the direction it's pointing, it vanishes.

Your party's very quiet.
No. 923890 ID: c7e694
File 155148415182.gif - (5.50KB , 512x512 , 96.gif )

As you start into the hall, every hair on your body stands up. You get nervous; death hangs in the air. This is not a safe place. [Animated]
No. 923891 ID: c7e694
File 155148419279.gif - (11.17KB , 512x512 , 97.gif )

Something in the dark catches your attention.
No. 923893 ID: eeb7d9

I am having the distinctive feeling that you are the only one seen this things, and that is not good.

What does that thing says?
No. 923896 ID: fc5514

Nah, Dana can see them too.

Let's check that out.
No. 923898 ID: a64e88

Well, honestly, we could always just ask them if they're seeing that red text on the floor too.

But yeah, curiosity never killed anybody, and even if it did, we don't have any cats with us so let's check out that coffin.
No. 923899 ID: b1b4f3

"This one".
Ask Dana if that's the right coffin. I don't see the label.

This isn't animated though? There's only one frame.
No. 923901 ID: 094652

Have Dana piggyback on Thorne and they'll both open it.
No. 923962 ID: 132a50

ask thorne if she feels that too
No. 923963 ID: fc5514

Half the party is cats!
No. 924017 ID: 15a025

Point at the coffin and ask if it's the right one?
No. 924022 ID: 3e8537
File 155158299366.gif - (74.61KB , 512x512 , 98.gif )

You go to investigate the marking. The coffin shimmers, suddenly, the plain grey surface covered by dim light. It reminds you of the tears on the statues.

You ask Reno if this is the one.

R:"I think so...? I hope so. E-eth... I don't think I can stand much more of this place..."

Thorne turns a little, concerned.
No. 924024 ID: b1b4f3

>reminds you of the tears
Well, see if Reno can open it. Either alone, or with your help. We really do need to get out of here.
No. 924025 ID: 57f319

Well, Reno, hopefully we're almost done here. Let's just try to get this open. And Thorne, is there trouble? Keep us posted.
No. 924027 ID: 094652

"Reno, your ancestor just pointed us in this direction. I'm sure he knows about the sign telling us to loot this sarcophagus for family heirlooms that will help you survive. We can return them with interest later."
No. 924031 ID: 3e8537
File 155158655581.gif - (9.97KB , 512x512 , 99.gif )

Þ: "Nothing I can see. I agree with Her Majesty, though. Hurry up."

You touch the stone lid, and manage to shift it a tiny bit. It isn't magically sealed, then. Too heavy for you alone.
No. 924032 ID: b1b4f3

Swap places with Thorne. It's her time to shine!
No. 924033 ID: 57f319

Then get over here, Thorne, it's too heavy alone. Well, maybe you could do it alone.
No. 924034 ID: b1b4f3

...aw dangit the shadow creatures are back. Time to see if we can fight them without using the lantern.
No. 924035 ID: e51896

Yeah, it is a good thing there is no scary creatures lurking in the darkness about to pounce at us right about now.

Nope... none at all ;)
No. 924037 ID: 3e8537
File 155158720791.gif - (11.36KB , 512x512 , 100.gif )

You and Thorne swap places. You're a little distracted, knowing her BULGING DIREWOLF MUSCLES are being put on display.

She makes slow progress, and grunts a lot. Dana has started snuffling.
No. 924039 ID: b1b4f3

One of the shadowy things is crawling towards the royalty! Defend them! Run over and kick the thing away, or at least try to. If your kick makes contact then you know for sure they're real and can start stabbing/slicing them.
No. 924040 ID: e51896

actually, dumb thought... what if these creatures are not a threat? the zombie you spoke to seemed to have helped us out.
No. 924041 ID: 57f319

Focus up! Get between the figure and the princesses. Regardless of if it's real, make it go through you before it gets to them. And if it's just a shadow of the past, you can just give some reassurance to Dana.
No. 924042 ID: 57f319

Always a possibility. But not worth taking a risk on. We don't need to attack it, but keeping it away from our charges is probably a good idea.
No. 924043 ID: 3e8537
File 155158834864.png - (2.22MB , 3200x3200 , spoiler.png )

Putting this here as well: There's a poll going on for a future Eth design in the disthread! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013+50.html#128019 pls vote uwu
No. 924045 ID: ce8842

You do a very good quest. Great art, accurate worldbuilding and very good taste in tone. It is what I wish I were playing as a kid.
No. 924046 ID: 3e8537
File 155158881996.gif - (6.86KB , 512x512 , 101.gif )

You apply your boot to the shadowy being with utmost urgency. Something screeches, and purple droplets explode in the air! Reno screams. The sound echoes through the hall.
No. 924047 ID: 3e8537
File 155158885254.gif - (4.61KB , 512x512 , 102.gif )

Thorne trusts you enough not to drop the coffin's lid. She almost has it off.
No. 924048 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god I wish we could help Thorne to get this done faster, let's just trust her to do it!
Keep watch, peer carefully into the dark, keep in mind you need to guard Thorne too.

Also, uh, there were two of them. Are the puple specks behind Thorne because there was some that splattered on the other shadow thing?
No. 924049 ID: 3e8537
File 155158971645.gif - (129.80KB , 512x512 , 103.gif )

You stare into the dark. Your stomach turns, violently.
No. 924050 ID: 57f319

Oh. They aren't spirits. They're using your friends' appearances against you.

Tell Reno to hold Dana tight and to keep talking. You cannot allow them to confuse you. If you can keep Dana and Thorne in one place, and have Reno identify herself through speech, you can keep them safe and still attack.
No. 924051 ID: 044d54

Don't you have a lantern? Use it.
No. 924052 ID: 57f319

It'd blind us for a while. Even the directed lantern with the hole in the cloth might be too bright.
No. 924053 ID: 044d54

Order them to go back to their rest, or else you'll make them.
No. 924055 ID: b1b4f3

I'd say just keep kicking them or bashing them with your shield. They seem very fragile considering a kick obliterated one, so if you don't attack with your sword, friendly fire won't be the end of the world.

Also, just try to fend them off. You don't need to get rid of them all, just keep them away from your group. If they have any manner of intelligence they'll keep their distance.
No. 924056 ID: eeb7d9

Oh no, so this is what Dana was referring too. This is BAD. How is Thorn doing, because you need that coffin open YESTERDAY.
Tell the princesses to stay close to you right behind you. You can dissipate the apparitions with mere kicks and punches.
No. 924059 ID: 094652

Screw it, I vote for the lantern! Use light to ground your perception of reality!
No. 924067 ID: c1212a

Don't use the lantern. If you go blind there's no telling where one of those things will show up. Thorne is almost done, just make sure you don't get surrounded or cut off in that time.
No. 924071 ID: 132a50

those fuckers, how dare they.
time to get your gameface on, we're entering combat. make sure the cats stay behind you, don't let the spirits anywhere near them.
go bust some ghosts.
No. 924072 ID: a64e88

I say keep the lantern as plan B. For now just fend the things off with your claws and feet
No. 924076 ID: 080aaf

Tell everyone to stay back, kick anything that ignores this. Retreat thusly.
No. 924077 ID: 3e8537
File 155163147679.gif - (13.82KB , 512x512 , 104.gif )

You decide not to call for the lantern for now; the risk is too great. You keep your charges behind you, and draw your sword; it hisses gently against the fur lining its scabbard. You're about to swing, when...

"E-Eth? What are you doing? Don't you love me anymore? W-what's with the sword... Please, I'm so cold..."

You feel sick. It sounds just like her.
No. 924078 ID: 080aaf

Don't trust the Reno with a bad case of dandruff. Tell her to stay back.
No. 924079 ID: bb78f2

Shout to real Reno to keep a hold of Dana's hand or carry her the entire time we're in this tomb, or switch with Thorne. These spirits can mimic us.

Shout for Tom to be a super bro and help out here. OH glorious THOMAS the Eleventh and the most BRO-ETH, PLEASE HELP US EXORCISE THESE DECEIVING SPIRITS!

Sorry, but you need to cut mimic Reno right now, a light cut. If they bleed, we're fucked down here. If they just go a bit misty around the cut, we have a method to proving who's real. Little cuts of blood here and there.
No. 924083 ID: e51896

slice em' up
No. 924084 ID: adb07a

...So...You two were involved before...
No. 924085 ID: 3e8537
File 155163552905.gif - (17.06KB , 512x512 , 105.gif )

You shout at Reno to keep holding Dana close. Thorne says she's almost done!

But Dana's still in bed! Come on, Eth, you're not yourself! You're just dreaming! Please... Don't do this, don't be silly...

You close your eyes, and stab at her arm.
No. 924086 ID: 3e8537
File 155163558309.gif - (27.39KB , 512x512 , 106.gif )

She... it? Yelps in pain, and staggers backwards, starting to cry.

No. 924087 ID: bcc41d

Yeah, of course you l... like her.

And you're 100 % certain she's right behind you, so if this silly dumbass spirit doesn't get that the illusion it's trying to fool you with is right there with you, then it deserves precisely what it's going to get.

Smile wickedly.

"Wrong move, haunt."

Lay into 'em, make sure nothing gets past you. Yell for Dana to keep a watch for anything - or anyone - coming from the other direction, friend or foe. That way you can get a headsup if you're being flanked or distracted.
No. 924088 ID: 080aaf

Begone, thot haunt!
No. 924092 ID: b1b4f3

I reiterate: use nonlethal force to keep them at a distance.
No. 924095 ID: 513dff

well fuck.
ask real reno to say something.
only attack if they approach, but do attack if they advance on you. nonlethal if possible, but the real reno is behind you, if you need to protect her do not hold back.
No. 924096 ID: adb07a

Damn it, this is not the time to pussyfoot around. If you don't get a grip right now your BELOVED RENO is going to be in royal danger. Harden yourself and strike down this fleeting mockery before they prey on the real one. It's what you have to do, and if you can't do that, perhaps you're not as reliable to her a royal bodyguard as you thought.

And I'll let you know: the more you let them get away with their tricks, the more they'll manipulate your mind. Destroy them before it is too late.
No. 924110 ID: 3e8537
File 155163876060.gif - (6.70KB , 512x512 , 107.gif )

You don't want to risk anything fucky, and shove the apparition!

It stumbles backwards. Reno- the real one, whose warmth you can feel right behind you- gasps.
No. 924112 ID: 3e8537
File 155163882604.gif - (11.39KB , 512x512 , 108.gif )

She looks up at you, crying.
Eth... W-what... I l-l...
No. 924117 ID: 132a50

Reno say something, right the fuck now
No. 924119 ID: bcc41d

"Stay back."

Stomp it if it approaches.

There were two more of these. Where are they at?
No. 924124 ID: b1b4f3

Tell the apparitions you're sorry. Just stay back. Also stop focusing on just the one, see if the other ones are doing anything.
No. 924127 ID: adb07a

You're not sorry

And you're not siple-minded enough that you believe this is Reno
No. 924128 ID: 3e8537
File 155164100334.gif - (5.83KB , 512x512 , 109.gif )

You're about to ask Reno to say something, when your own voice starts talking to you. You whip around.

"Get away from the Princess, you vile fucking apparition!"
No. 924130 ID: 132a50

ok, wtf?

is she where reno is supposed to be? where's reno? DID WE FUCKING ACTUALLY STAB RENO?

don't forget to watch your back, there were other spirits where the first one was.
No. 924131 ID: c1212a

OI! Watch your mouth in front of Dana!

Reno, go. Now.
No. 924132 ID: 57f319

Reno please say something. We need to hear your voice. It's getting hard to keep sane.
No. 924133 ID: 3e8537
File 155164180504.gif - (7.63KB , 512x512 , 110.gif )

You're about to say something, but you interrupt you.

"Reno. Step away from that... thing. I can't risk it hurting you!"
No. 924137 ID: 132a50

ignore that thing talking shit, even if it's talking over you.
tell reno to say something.
make sure nothing is sneaking by and is threatening the cats.

and wtf is keeping thorne!?
No. 924139 ID: 3e8537
File 155164223657.gif - (9.22KB , 512x512 , 111.gif )

You begin to finally ask Reno to say something, when you're distracted by Thorne cutting you in half in front of you.
No. 924140 ID: 3e8537
File 155164227001.gif - (5.72KB , 512x512 , 112.gif )

Þ: "GO!"
No. 924141 ID: 57f319

Thanks! We will! Grab Reno's arm and get into the coffin.
No. 924142 ID: 132a50

keep the cats between you and thorne, make sure thorne is backing up towards the exit, you need her to keep their backs safe.
No. 924144 ID: 3e8537
File 155164276545.gif - (6.48KB , 512x512 , 113.gif )

There are no stairs, not even really a ladder; only grooves hewn into the rock. It goes down into deep, deep darkness. How will you descend?
No. 924145 ID: c4c64c

Eth first, then Reno, then Dana, and finally Thorne.
No. 924146 ID: 132a50

make sure thorne has the cat's backs.
if she does, go first to make sure the bottom is safe before them, if not let them go first and jump when near the bottom if there's trouble to deal with it.
No. 924149 ID: c1212a

Dana holds onto Reno or yourself piggyback, you go down first to clear the way and catch anyone who falls.

DO NOT look up her dress.
No. 924150 ID: b1b4f3

Same formation as usual should be fine. You first, then the royalty, then Thorne. If Dana gets tired she can ride on Thorne.
No. 924153 ID: bcc41d

Keep an eye out for ghost #3. Did it slip down the hole ahead of you?

Seems alright - with the option of Dana piggybacking Eth or Reno. If necessary, one hand can be used to steady her.

Also, worth considering, the hole must be long, but not particularly broad. If you slip or start falling, you can probably brace yourself on the sides.
No. 924154 ID: 91ee5f

You could easily tell that one is a fake, since your shield doesn’t have an eye that moves on it!

You first, then Reno and Dana, then Thorne!
No. 924155 ID: adb07a

Thorne is more reliable than you.
No. 924159 ID: 094652


Grab Dana and quickly drop down, Thorne will escort Reno.
No. 924162 ID: 3e8537
File 155164553561.gif - (668.26KB , 512x512 , 114.gif )

You go first, keeping Dana steady on your shoulders with one hand. You go the whole trip without looking up Reno's dress, somehow, but she follows. There's a scraping sound as Thorne seals the tomb again from the inside.

The climb is long and arduous. Your fingers are freezing; all of you are grunting and panting by the time you reach the bottom. Dana is shivering against you, but her presence is comforting.
No. 924163 ID: 3e8537
File 155164556730.gif - (5.65KB , 512x512 , 115.gif )

It is extremely dark.
No. 924165 ID: c4c64c

Huddle close for warmth, resist urges to grope, and try and take stock of surroundings as best as you can. Give everyone time to calm themselves.
No. 924166 ID: 132a50

ok, can we talk about sorta killing reno up there for a sec? because we sorta killed a reno up there.
No. 924167 ID: 3e8537
File 155164619149.gif - (5.90KB , 512x512 , 116.gif )

You appear to be in a giant pit of some kind. You can't tell how large it is, or how high up it goes. Every rustle of fabric echoes.
No. 924168 ID: c4c64c

Make sure Dana knows just how brave she's being with everything going on. Once everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, have Thorne test out the thin walkway connecting to what looks like another passage. If she can make it across safely (being the heaviest of the group), it should be safe for the rest of you.
No. 924169 ID: 094652

That was terrifying; were those just cunning monsters, or were they refracted versions of yourselves from alternate dimensions and you just committed dimensional regicide?

There's also the chance that not all four of you are from the same dimension anymore and your actual companions may have died just now. Not going to worry about that.

Keep going for now. When this bloody revolution is over, you're going reveal this place to the public so you can tear "Imagination Space" a new real asshole.
No. 924170 ID: 3e8537
File 155164670320.gif - (5.11KB , 512x512 , 117.gif )

You tell Dana she's been very brave. She looks at you.

You ask Reno how she's feeling; she doesn't answer. You've never seen her look so non-regal. She looks completely haggard. The paint she likes to wear on her eyelashes has started running down her cheeks a little, dissolved by tears. She smells tired.

You suggest that Thorne should cross first, since she's heaviest.

Thorne coughs.
Þ: "What if it breaks, and you lot are stuck on this platform?"
No. 924171 ID: 132a50

oi. we still need to hear reno say something. literally anything.
also, hug cat.
No. 924172 ID: a64e88

Before going any further, here's a thought: Take inventory of our people, you know make sure we got the REAL people here and no apparations.

Also, if Thorne goes last there's a chance that the platform might break and she'll be left behind. Verify that she's good with that, then we go first, followed by Reno and Dana, followed by Thorne.
No. 924173 ID: c1212a

Maybe don't touch her while she's scared, she might not be so receptive with frayed nerves. Tell her you'll all be out of here safe before you know it.

Go first and tread carefully.
No. 924174 ID: 3e8537
File 155164765574.gif - (6.02KB , 512x512 , 118.gif )

You hug the cat. She starts crying into your shoulder.
No. 924175 ID: bcc41d

If Dana starts shivering, bundle her up in a tabard. You've got more body mass than her.

Tell Thorne, jokingly, that she can always undress to weigh less. Then go test the walkway yourself to escape her wrath.
No. 924176 ID: bcc41d

Er, after Reno has had a good cry, that is.

Backpats. Many backpats.
No. 924177 ID: e51896

Tell Reno to be strong, as she is still royalty after all... or at least stay strong for Dana's sake.
No. 924179 ID: a64e88

>>924176 I feel like making sexual jokes about Thorne is going to ruin the moment.

And also it's going to ruin what points we've gotten with Reno.
No. 924180 ID: 57f319

Things will get better. We keep moving and eventually our hearts move with us.

Would it be a bad idea to turn on the covered "flashlight" lantern and spend a little time adjusting? It's darker than our darkvision is really good at dealing with.
No. 924183 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, that place SUCKED. First thing we do after regaining control of the kingdom, is burning that place.

Stop to compose yourselves. Check on Dana and Thorne too. When we are done with that, use the lantern with the reptile tunics so you don't blind yourself again.
No. 924189 ID: c1212a

-Say nothing since there's not much you can say here, wait for her to catch her breath
-Quietly whisper that she has her entire life ahead of her to freak out about this and you'll be there for her whenever she needs, but please, stay brave in front of Dana, for her sake.

Take as much of Thorne's heavy gear across with you when you cross.
No. 924193 ID: 20b05f
File 155165541530.gif - (6.98KB , 512x512 , 119.gif )

You console her, whispering into her ear.
"Reno. Breathe deep. I'm here for you. You can break down and cry as much as you need to for as long as you need to later, but now, stay strong. For Dana, ok? Let's get out of here."

She shudders silently, then sniffs.

R: "...ok."
No. 924194 ID: 20b05f
File 155165546096.gif - (6.65KB , 512x512 , 120.gif )

You make a mental list of things to do, and check on Da-

No. 924195 ID: c4c64c

Let's just... move Dana away from the creepy mirror image of her.
No. 924196 ID: 20b05f
File 155165605403.gif - (8.32KB , 512x512 , 121.gif )

You remove child.

Thorne says she's ready, and gets back up. Something in her back crackles, and she grunts.
No. 924198 ID: c4c64c

The sooner we get out of here the better. Keep an eye on the mirror image to ensure it isn't hostile, and let's move out. Chances are it won't be able to follow once you get out of this place. Have Reno hold Dana for now, and test the walkway to the passage. Move carefully and test that it's still sturdy and won't send you tumbling into the abyss below.
No. 924200 ID: eeb7d9

Should... should we kick it?
Hey Thorne, are you ok? How is your back?

I think holding Dana might me the best, at least until Reno calms down. Besides, Dana is cute, i want to hold her for a while.
No. 924201 ID: 20b05f
File 155165715074.gif - (16.48KB , 512x512 , 122.gif )

You make sure everything's okay, and start crossing the bridge. Seems pretty sturdy!
No. 924203 ID: e51896

Keep on truckin
No. 924204 ID: bb78f2

Ok, they aren't actually hostile, so lets just leave 'em all alone and ignore them.
No. 924205 ID: 57f319

Oh I hate that. I just

Nn. Keep moving, forget the arms. Be glad it didn't attack.
No. 924206 ID: 20b05f
File 155165763761.gif - (4.72KB , 512x512 , 123.gif )

What's a "trucking?" Sounds dirty.

You keep moving, and reach the other side.
Call for Reno and Dana to cross?
No. 924207 ID: e51896

>What's a "trucking?" Sounds dirty.

Well, you were making a specific pose >>924201
, and I thought I would make a dumb reference to... never mind, you wouldn't understand.

yeah just call Reno and Dana across
No. 924208 ID: a64e88

Sure yeah, call for them to cross. Question is should they bring the creepy mirror image?
No. 924209 ID: 57f319

I think "trucking" has to do with barter. Seems unrelated.

I suppose you should call them over. Hopefully Dana the Second (shade) stays away.
No. 924210 ID: 20b05f
File 155165820438.gif - (4.72KB , 512x512 , 124.gif )

The shade seems to have vanished. Maybe you imagined it.

That's... worrying.

You call Reno across. She picks up Dana and starts walking, shakily.
No. 924211 ID: 20b05f
File 155165826343.gif - (4.05KB , 512x512 , 125.gif )

Call for Thorne to cross?
No. 924214 ID: e9d41b

call Thorne across
No. 924215 ID: 20b05f
File 155165839098.gif - (4.74KB , 512x512 , 126.gif )

look youre trying to be dramatic,
No. 924216 ID: e51896

call thorne across
No. 924218 ID: c1212a

If you're worried that's not-thorne ,you can check and see once she's near. If you're worried something will reach from the darkness and attack her, I feel bad for whatever dares to try.
No. 924219 ID: 20b05f
File 155165872969.gif - (5.68KB , 512x512 , 127.gif )

Thorne starts to cross. There's a crackling sound.
No. 924220 ID: e9d41b

hurry Thorne, hurry!
No. 924221 ID: c4c64c

How close is she to the other side? Can she jump and make it safely?
No. 924222 ID: 57f319

You have to get closer, Eth! If Thorne has to jump you need to be close enough to catch her.

Tell her to get up and sprint.
No. 924223 ID: c1212a

Get ready to try and catch her or help pull her up!
No. 924224 ID: 20b05f
File 155165961264.gif - (6.80KB , 512x512 , 128.gif )

You yell at Thorne to sprint! The bridge rumbles, and crashes down into the void below!
No. 924225 ID: 20b05f
File 155165967851.gif - (94.44KB , 512x512 , 129.gif )

She leaps, and latches on to the ledge. You have seconds at most.

What do you do?
No. 924227 ID: e9d41b

Help up Thorne!
No. 924228 ID: c4c64c

She saved our lives multiple times, some fucking bridge is not going to take her, not when we're this close. Everyone, to the edge, grab and pull.
No. 924230 ID: eeb7d9

No. 924231 ID: 055cbc

You grab her arm and help her keep hold. Reno help her get her other hand up here.
No. 924232 ID: a64e88

Grab her arm and pull? I don't see what else we can do.
No. 924234 ID: c4c64c

If we can't pull her up, have her start shedding armor pieces to lighten herself.
No. 924235 ID: c1212a

Get down low so she can't pull you off balance, grab her other arm.
No. 924236 ID: 57f319

Grab her arm and have Reno help you. Tell Thorne to unstrap anything she can reach with her dangling hand.
No. 924237 ID: ac0432

It's a longshot, but also call the fake dana for help
No. 924239 ID: bb78f2

Why is this even a question! Save her!

Just tell Reno to stay close and keep a hold on Dana. Tell Thorne to find a foothold if she can, you don't think you'll be able to get her all the way up by yourself but Reno needs to make sure Dana's safe in this darkness. Honestly, if you have some rope or something in your inv. that may help out in this situation, nows the time to use it!

Maybe Thorne can even use you're rapier to jab into the rock for bteer grip or that foothold.
No. 924248 ID: 57f319

There's no foothold, the bridge wasn't thick enough and Thorne is too far from the next platform.
No. 924249 ID: 20b05f
File 155166221950.gif - (115.89KB , 512x512 , 130.gif )

You dash and grab your friend-

It happens so quickly
No. 924254 ID: ae8ec4

"Fucking fat asssssssssssssss" *splash*
No. 924257 ID: a64e88

It is times like these I like to share a quote from a wise man who lived long ago:

No. 924259 ID: 20b05f
File 155166299613.png - (4.38KB , 501x501 , End.png )

Thank you for reading! Chapter 3 will start soon, in a new thread.

Until then, I'd love to hear feedback in the disthread!
No. 924269 ID: eeb7d9

That better be water making that noise!
No. 924270 ID: e51896

I laughed harder than I should have. Can it be canon that Eth said that?
No. 924665 ID: 7f132b

no but ill allow headcanon
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