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File 154671744857.gif - (5.97KB , 512x512 , 0.gif )
916309 No. 916309 ID: 481e44

WIKI: https://tgchan.org/wiki/EthQuest

THREAD 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/915048.html
QUESTDIS: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013.html

NEW MUSIC: https://youtu.be/jqAqltB7o_M
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No. 924078 ID: 080aaf

Don't trust the Reno with a bad case of dandruff. Tell her to stay back.
No. 924079 ID: bb78f2

Shout to real Reno to keep a hold of Dana's hand or carry her the entire time we're in this tomb, or switch with Thorne. These spirits can mimic us.

Shout for Tom to be a super bro and help out here. OH glorious THOMAS the Eleventh and the most BRO-ETH, PLEASE HELP US EXORCISE THESE DECEIVING SPIRITS!

Sorry, but you need to cut mimic Reno right now, a light cut. If they bleed, we're fucked down here. If they just go a bit misty around the cut, we have a method to proving who's real. Little cuts of blood here and there.
No. 924083 ID: e51896

slice em' up
No. 924084 ID: adb07a

...So...You two were involved before...
No. 924085 ID: 3e8537
File 155163552905.gif - (17.06KB , 512x512 , 105.gif )

You shout at Reno to keep holding Dana close. Thorne says she's almost done!

But Dana's still in bed! Come on, Eth, you're not yourself! You're just dreaming! Please... Don't do this, don't be silly...

You close your eyes, and stab at her arm.
No. 924086 ID: 3e8537
File 155163558309.gif - (27.39KB , 512x512 , 106.gif )

She... it? Yelps in pain, and staggers backwards, starting to cry.

No. 924087 ID: bcc41d

Yeah, of course you l... like her.

And you're 100 % certain she's right behind you, so if this silly dumbass spirit doesn't get that the illusion it's trying to fool you with is right there with you, then it deserves precisely what it's going to get.

Smile wickedly.

"Wrong move, haunt."

Lay into 'em, make sure nothing gets past you. Yell for Dana to keep a watch for anything - or anyone - coming from the other direction, friend or foe. That way you can get a headsup if you're being flanked or distracted.
No. 924088 ID: 080aaf

Begone, thot haunt!
No. 924092 ID: b1b4f3

I reiterate: use nonlethal force to keep them at a distance.
No. 924095 ID: 513dff

well fuck.
ask real reno to say something.
only attack if they approach, but do attack if they advance on you. nonlethal if possible, but the real reno is behind you, if you need to protect her do not hold back.
No. 924096 ID: adb07a

Damn it, this is not the time to pussyfoot around. If you don't get a grip right now your BELOVED RENO is going to be in royal danger. Harden yourself and strike down this fleeting mockery before they prey on the real one. It's what you have to do, and if you can't do that, perhaps you're not as reliable to her a royal bodyguard as you thought.

And I'll let you know: the more you let them get away with their tricks, the more they'll manipulate your mind. Destroy them before it is too late.
No. 924110 ID: 3e8537
File 155163876060.gif - (6.70KB , 512x512 , 107.gif )

You don't want to risk anything fucky, and shove the apparition!

It stumbles backwards. Reno- the real one, whose warmth you can feel right behind you- gasps.
No. 924112 ID: 3e8537
File 155163882604.gif - (11.39KB , 512x512 , 108.gif )

She looks up at you, crying.
Eth... W-what... I l-l...
No. 924117 ID: 132a50

Reno say something, right the fuck now
No. 924119 ID: bcc41d

"Stay back."

Stomp it if it approaches.

There were two more of these. Where are they at?
No. 924124 ID: b1b4f3

Tell the apparitions you're sorry. Just stay back. Also stop focusing on just the one, see if the other ones are doing anything.
No. 924127 ID: adb07a

You're not sorry

And you're not siple-minded enough that you believe this is Reno
No. 924128 ID: 3e8537
File 155164100334.gif - (5.83KB , 512x512 , 109.gif )

You're about to ask Reno to say something, when your own voice starts talking to you. You whip around.

"Get away from the Princess, you vile fucking apparition!"
No. 924130 ID: 132a50

ok, wtf?

is she where reno is supposed to be? where's reno? DID WE FUCKING ACTUALLY STAB RENO?

don't forget to watch your back, there were other spirits where the first one was.
No. 924131 ID: c1212a

OI! Watch your mouth in front of Dana!

Reno, go. Now.
No. 924132 ID: 57f319

Reno please say something. We need to hear your voice. It's getting hard to keep sane.
No. 924133 ID: 3e8537
File 155164180504.gif - (7.63KB , 512x512 , 110.gif )

You're about to say something, but you interrupt you.

"Reno. Step away from that... thing. I can't risk it hurting you!"
No. 924137 ID: 132a50

ignore that thing talking shit, even if it's talking over you.
tell reno to say something.
make sure nothing is sneaking by and is threatening the cats.

and wtf is keeping thorne!?
No. 924139 ID: 3e8537
File 155164223657.gif - (9.22KB , 512x512 , 111.gif )

You begin to finally ask Reno to say something, when you're distracted by Thorne cutting you in half in front of you.
No. 924140 ID: 3e8537
File 155164227001.gif - (5.72KB , 512x512 , 112.gif )

Þ: "GO!"
No. 924141 ID: 57f319

Thanks! We will! Grab Reno's arm and get into the coffin.
No. 924142 ID: 132a50

keep the cats between you and thorne, make sure thorne is backing up towards the exit, you need her to keep their backs safe.
No. 924144 ID: 3e8537
File 155164276545.gif - (6.48KB , 512x512 , 113.gif )

There are no stairs, not even really a ladder; only grooves hewn into the rock. It goes down into deep, deep darkness. How will you descend?
No. 924145 ID: c4c64c

Eth first, then Reno, then Dana, and finally Thorne.
No. 924146 ID: 132a50

make sure thorne has the cat's backs.
if she does, go first to make sure the bottom is safe before them, if not let them go first and jump when near the bottom if there's trouble to deal with it.
No. 924149 ID: c1212a

Dana holds onto Reno or yourself piggyback, you go down first to clear the way and catch anyone who falls.

DO NOT look up her dress.
No. 924150 ID: b1b4f3

Same formation as usual should be fine. You first, then the royalty, then Thorne. If Dana gets tired she can ride on Thorne.
No. 924153 ID: bcc41d

Keep an eye out for ghost #3. Did it slip down the hole ahead of you?

Seems alright - with the option of Dana piggybacking Eth or Reno. If necessary, one hand can be used to steady her.

Also, worth considering, the hole must be long, but not particularly broad. If you slip or start falling, you can probably brace yourself on the sides.
No. 924154 ID: 91ee5f

You could easily tell that one is a fake, since your shield doesn’t have an eye that moves on it!

You first, then Reno and Dana, then Thorne!
No. 924155 ID: adb07a

Thorne is more reliable than you.
No. 924159 ID: 094652


Grab Dana and quickly drop down, Thorne will escort Reno.
No. 924162 ID: 3e8537
File 155164553561.gif - (668.26KB , 512x512 , 114.gif )

You go first, keeping Dana steady on your shoulders with one hand. You go the whole trip without looking up Reno's dress, somehow, but she follows. There's a scraping sound as Thorne seals the tomb again from the inside.

The climb is long and arduous. Your fingers are freezing; all of you are grunting and panting by the time you reach the bottom. Dana is shivering against you, but her presence is comforting.
No. 924163 ID: 3e8537
File 155164556730.gif - (5.65KB , 512x512 , 115.gif )

It is extremely dark.
No. 924165 ID: c4c64c

Huddle close for warmth, resist urges to grope, and try and take stock of surroundings as best as you can. Give everyone time to calm themselves.
No. 924166 ID: 132a50

ok, can we talk about sorta killing reno up there for a sec? because we sorta killed a reno up there.
No. 924167 ID: 3e8537
File 155164619149.gif - (5.90KB , 512x512 , 116.gif )

You appear to be in a giant pit of some kind. You can't tell how large it is, or how high up it goes. Every rustle of fabric echoes.
No. 924168 ID: c4c64c

Make sure Dana knows just how brave she's being with everything going on. Once everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, have Thorne test out the thin walkway connecting to what looks like another passage. If she can make it across safely (being the heaviest of the group), it should be safe for the rest of you.
No. 924169 ID: 094652

That was terrifying; were those just cunning monsters, or were they refracted versions of yourselves from alternate dimensions and you just committed dimensional regicide?

There's also the chance that not all four of you are from the same dimension anymore and your actual companions may have died just now. Not going to worry about that.

Keep going for now. When this bloody revolution is over, you're going reveal this place to the public so you can tear "Imagination Space" a new real asshole.
No. 924170 ID: 3e8537
File 155164670320.gif - (5.11KB , 512x512 , 117.gif )

You tell Dana she's been very brave. She looks at you.

You ask Reno how she's feeling; she doesn't answer. You've never seen her look so non-regal. She looks completely haggard. The paint she likes to wear on her eyelashes has started running down her cheeks a little, dissolved by tears. She smells tired.

You suggest that Thorne should cross first, since she's heaviest.

Thorne coughs.
Þ: "What if it breaks, and you lot are stuck on this platform?"
No. 924171 ID: 132a50

oi. we still need to hear reno say something. literally anything.
also, hug cat.
No. 924172 ID: a64e88

Before going any further, here's a thought: Take inventory of our people, you know make sure we got the REAL people here and no apparations.

Also, if Thorne goes last there's a chance that the platform might break and she'll be left behind. Verify that she's good with that, then we go first, followed by Reno and Dana, followed by Thorne.
No. 924173 ID: c1212a

Maybe don't touch her while she's scared, she might not be so receptive with frayed nerves. Tell her you'll all be out of here safe before you know it.

Go first and tread carefully.
No. 924174 ID: 3e8537
File 155164765574.gif - (6.02KB , 512x512 , 118.gif )

You hug the cat. She starts crying into your shoulder.
No. 924175 ID: bcc41d

If Dana starts shivering, bundle her up in a tabard. You've got more body mass than her.

Tell Thorne, jokingly, that she can always undress to weigh less. Then go test the walkway yourself to escape her wrath.
No. 924176 ID: bcc41d

Er, after Reno has had a good cry, that is.

Backpats. Many backpats.
No. 924177 ID: e51896

Tell Reno to be strong, as she is still royalty after all... or at least stay strong for Dana's sake.
No. 924179 ID: a64e88

>>924176 I feel like making sexual jokes about Thorne is going to ruin the moment.

And also it's going to ruin what points we've gotten with Reno.
No. 924180 ID: 57f319

Things will get better. We keep moving and eventually our hearts move with us.

Would it be a bad idea to turn on the covered "flashlight" lantern and spend a little time adjusting? It's darker than our darkvision is really good at dealing with.
No. 924183 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, that place SUCKED. First thing we do after regaining control of the kingdom, is burning that place.

Stop to compose yourselves. Check on Dana and Thorne too. When we are done with that, use the lantern with the reptile tunics so you don't blind yourself again.
No. 924189 ID: c1212a

-Say nothing since there's not much you can say here, wait for her to catch her breath
-Quietly whisper that she has her entire life ahead of her to freak out about this and you'll be there for her whenever she needs, but please, stay brave in front of Dana, for her sake.

Take as much of Thorne's heavy gear across with you when you cross.
No. 924193 ID: 20b05f
File 155165541530.gif - (6.98KB , 512x512 , 119.gif )

You console her, whispering into her ear.
"Reno. Breathe deep. I'm here for you. You can break down and cry as much as you need to for as long as you need to later, but now, stay strong. For Dana, ok? Let's get out of here."

She shudders silently, then sniffs.

R: "...ok."
No. 924194 ID: 20b05f
File 155165546096.gif - (6.65KB , 512x512 , 120.gif )

You make a mental list of things to do, and check on Da-

No. 924195 ID: c4c64c

Let's just... move Dana away from the creepy mirror image of her.
No. 924196 ID: 20b05f
File 155165605403.gif - (8.32KB , 512x512 , 121.gif )

You remove child.

Thorne says she's ready, and gets back up. Something in her back crackles, and she grunts.
No. 924198 ID: c4c64c

The sooner we get out of here the better. Keep an eye on the mirror image to ensure it isn't hostile, and let's move out. Chances are it won't be able to follow once you get out of this place. Have Reno hold Dana for now, and test the walkway to the passage. Move carefully and test that it's still sturdy and won't send you tumbling into the abyss below.
No. 924200 ID: eeb7d9

Should... should we kick it?
Hey Thorne, are you ok? How is your back?

I think holding Dana might me the best, at least until Reno calms down. Besides, Dana is cute, i want to hold her for a while.
No. 924201 ID: 20b05f
File 155165715074.gif - (16.48KB , 512x512 , 122.gif )

You make sure everything's okay, and start crossing the bridge. Seems pretty sturdy!
No. 924203 ID: e51896

Keep on truckin
No. 924204 ID: bb78f2

Ok, they aren't actually hostile, so lets just leave 'em all alone and ignore them.
No. 924205 ID: 57f319

Oh I hate that. I just

Nn. Keep moving, forget the arms. Be glad it didn't attack.
No. 924206 ID: 20b05f
File 155165763761.gif - (4.72KB , 512x512 , 123.gif )

What's a "trucking?" Sounds dirty.

You keep moving, and reach the other side.
Call for Reno and Dana to cross?
No. 924207 ID: e51896

>What's a "trucking?" Sounds dirty.

Well, you were making a specific pose >>924201
, and I thought I would make a dumb reference to... never mind, you wouldn't understand.

yeah just call Reno and Dana across
No. 924208 ID: a64e88

Sure yeah, call for them to cross. Question is should they bring the creepy mirror image?
No. 924209 ID: 57f319

I think "trucking" has to do with barter. Seems unrelated.

I suppose you should call them over. Hopefully Dana the Second (shade) stays away.
No. 924210 ID: 20b05f
File 155165820438.gif - (4.72KB , 512x512 , 124.gif )

The shade seems to have vanished. Maybe you imagined it.

That's... worrying.

You call Reno across. She picks up Dana and starts walking, shakily.
No. 924211 ID: 20b05f
File 155165826343.gif - (4.05KB , 512x512 , 125.gif )

Call for Thorne to cross?
No. 924214 ID: e9d41b

call Thorne across
No. 924215 ID: 20b05f
File 155165839098.gif - (4.74KB , 512x512 , 126.gif )

look youre trying to be dramatic,
No. 924216 ID: e51896

call thorne across
No. 924218 ID: c1212a

If you're worried that's not-thorne ,you can check and see once she's near. If you're worried something will reach from the darkness and attack her, I feel bad for whatever dares to try.
No. 924219 ID: 20b05f
File 155165872969.gif - (5.68KB , 512x512 , 127.gif )

Thorne starts to cross. There's a crackling sound.
No. 924220 ID: e9d41b

hurry Thorne, hurry!
No. 924221 ID: c4c64c

How close is she to the other side? Can she jump and make it safely?
No. 924222 ID: 57f319

You have to get closer, Eth! If Thorne has to jump you need to be close enough to catch her.

Tell her to get up and sprint.
No. 924223 ID: c1212a

Get ready to try and catch her or help pull her up!
No. 924224 ID: 20b05f
File 155165961264.gif - (6.80KB , 512x512 , 128.gif )

You yell at Thorne to sprint! The bridge rumbles, and crashes down into the void below!
No. 924225 ID: 20b05f
File 155165967851.gif - (94.44KB , 512x512 , 129.gif )

She leaps, and latches on to the ledge. You have seconds at most.

What do you do?
No. 924227 ID: e9d41b

Help up Thorne!
No. 924228 ID: c4c64c

She saved our lives multiple times, some fucking bridge is not going to take her, not when we're this close. Everyone, to the edge, grab and pull.
No. 924230 ID: eeb7d9

No. 924231 ID: 055cbc

You grab her arm and help her keep hold. Reno help her get her other hand up here.
No. 924232 ID: a64e88

Grab her arm and pull? I don't see what else we can do.
No. 924234 ID: c4c64c

If we can't pull her up, have her start shedding armor pieces to lighten herself.
No. 924235 ID: c1212a

Get down low so she can't pull you off balance, grab her other arm.
No. 924236 ID: 57f319

Grab her arm and have Reno help you. Tell Thorne to unstrap anything she can reach with her dangling hand.
No. 924237 ID: ac0432

It's a longshot, but also call the fake dana for help
No. 924239 ID: bb78f2

Why is this even a question! Save her!

Just tell Reno to stay close and keep a hold on Dana. Tell Thorne to find a foothold if she can, you don't think you'll be able to get her all the way up by yourself but Reno needs to make sure Dana's safe in this darkness. Honestly, if you have some rope or something in your inv. that may help out in this situation, nows the time to use it!

Maybe Thorne can even use you're rapier to jab into the rock for bteer grip or that foothold.
No. 924248 ID: 57f319

There's no foothold, the bridge wasn't thick enough and Thorne is too far from the next platform.
No. 924249 ID: 20b05f
File 155166221950.gif - (115.89KB , 512x512 , 130.gif )

You dash and grab your friend-

It happens so quickly
No. 924254 ID: ae8ec4

"Fucking fat asssssssssssssss" *splash*
No. 924257 ID: a64e88

It is times like these I like to share a quote from a wise man who lived long ago:

No. 924259 ID: 20b05f
File 155166299613.png - (4.38KB , 501x501 , End.png )

Thank you for reading! Chapter 3 will start soon, in a new thread.

Until then, I'd love to hear feedback in the disthread!
No. 924269 ID: eeb7d9

That better be water making that noise!
No. 924270 ID: e51896

I laughed harder than I should have. Can it be canon that Eth said that?
No. 924665 ID: 7f132b

no but ill allow headcanon
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