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File 154559385718.png - (269.11KB , 1039x709 , Episode 5 Titlecard.png )
914863 No. 914863 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 914864 ID: a451fc
File 154559433714.png - (181.84KB , 1039x709 , Wake Up.png )

You wake up from your sleep, you still feel tired. It smells like it rained last night, but nothings wet. Your name is Troy Porter and you're starving, you don't think you ate anything before going to sleep last night. You rummage around your belongings for a can of beans or some fruit or something...oh goddammit you're out of food. Not a single morsel to eat, looks like you might have to drive to Dawnsprings and buy something...but what's that smell?...Oh Roland or Vol must be cooking something in the house. It smells good, it couldn't hurt to ask about it? No, you already feel bad enough for getting random people involved with your crap. You don't like to ask for help if the problems something you've caused yourself, up til now you've been staying outside as not to be too much of a burden but god damn are you hungry. Well which ones going to win? Your pride? Or your stomach?
No. 914865 ID: 6d3074

There’s no shame in wanting some food, besides he might have coffee to take care of that hangover.
No. 914866 ID: bddb0f

Pride got you this far and you owe it to the man to prove you're more than a near-freeloading bum. And it honestly can't hurt to stock up. Off to Dawnspring for supplies!

Also, you have no idea what Roland is cooking. There's a sad amount of 'anything demon' in his meals of late. Demon gizzards, demon spleens, demon toenails - the smell might be good, but the contents? Who knows!
No. 914868 ID: 91ee5f

>Well which ones going to win? Your pride? Or your stomach?
Your stomach.

Go knock on the door and ask if you can have some food, since you ran out of your own food.
No. 914878 ID: b1b4f3

If you want food you gotta start paying rent.
No. 914884 ID: a9af05

Swallow your pride, which unfortunately doesn't help with your hunger, and go beg ask if you can have some food.
No. 914886 ID: 9150c4

Rub a dub dub where is my grub
No. 914889 ID: 575ec0

Yall fought and bled together. You can ask for some damn food. Just ask if there's anything you can pick up for him at Dawn Springs, your gonna need to go shopping anyway.

Honestly, though, it looks like he has space. You gonna rent an actual room or what?

Roland seems to like you well enough, all you gotta do is Convince Vol to let you stay in the house. You're never gonna get a good nights rest sleeping in your truck.
No. 914894 ID: eeb7d9

Why don't you this: Ask for some breakfast, and in return, you take him out for lunch or dinner later. There is no better way to bond with people than with sharing food.
No. 914898 ID: a9af05

>You take him out for lunch or dinner
Don't phrase it like that. That makes it sound like Troy is asking Roland out on a date.
No. 914909 ID: eeb7d9

That so? Eh, ok, invite him to lunch/ eat dinner. Totally not GAY.
Is that better?
No. 914911 ID: d3602f

Please do phrase it this way. Talk about eating under the stars and watching the beauty of the desert, and tell him how while you were in the gang you saw the place as a barren wasteland, but now that you're out and with him it feels a bit less bleak. No homo, you're just really good friends.

I'm siding with pride though. Vol seems to be giving Roland a hard enough time, no need to cause more problems for him.
No. 914914 ID: a9af05

Hey, Troy, I know you said you wanted a demon dragon, but if that's not possible, then what kind of demon would you want as a pet? Unless it's an intelligent demon that can speak, then it would be your partner, not your pet.

Also, why do you want a demon pet/partner? And how pissed off is your angel at you for hanging around Roland and his demon friend, Vol?
No. 914918 ID: a451fc
File 154562854056.png - (248.97KB , 1039x709 , HungeroverPride.png )

As a man who likes to take care of his own problems on his own part of you wants to go for your own food without bothering the young man whose been so kind as to allow you to use his home for shelter, But as a man who also enjoys to not fucking starve you're hungry now and don't want to drive. You'll find a away to pay Roland back later.

Paying him back by buying him food seems the most appropriate, although you have no romantic interest in Roland. You like your men a bit beefier and Roland sort of looks like a young lady from multiple angles, He's pretty androgynous even though you don't think you've ever seen his face.

You knock on Rolands front door, you hear him yell for you to coming to check who it is. Weird, but you enter anyway. In the back of the house Roland is cooking on a stove in the kitchen. Smells like bacon?

ROLAND: Hey Troy! Finally decided to come inside huh?
YOU: Yeah I uhh...I'm a little embarrassed to ask but-
ROLAND: You want some breakfast?
YOU: Uh Y-yeah how'd y-?
ROLAND: I kinda figured you could smell the food from outside, did you run out or something?
No. 914919 ID: a9af05

>did you run out or something?
"Yes. I can pay you back by buying you lunch or dinner later."

"And before you ask, no, not like a date!"
No. 914921 ID: 91ee5f

>Roland sort of looks like a young lady from multiple angles
Are you saying Roland has “feminine curves”? Also, how long have you been staring at him for you to realize that he looks kinda like a woman?

>did you run out or something?

Ask what he’s cooking?

Then ask him what you can do to pay him back? Because he could’ve easily ditched you and left you to deal with Shackle and his gang, but he instead risked his life and almost got killed to help you out. You pretty much owe him your life at this point and you want to help him anyway you can!
No. 914925 ID: ae9bd9

Know what, lets clear the air. Just ask him straight up: Roland, you are a guy, right? Biologically speaking, of course. You can be into whatever you want, and if you feel trapped in your own skin, well, i will be supportive regardless of your choice (i mean, you are my landlord).
No. 914933 ID: a451fc
File 154564009476.png - (186.91KB , 1039x709 , HungeroverPride 2.png )

You sit down at the table as Roland sets a plate down in front of you.

YOU: I swear I'll pay you back in someway.
ROLAND: I mean you kinda already are gonna? Demon studies remember? Still I won't turn down a free meal.
YOU: I didn't say nothin' 'bout a free meal.
ROLAND: Yeah, but it'd make the most sense wouldn't it? Anyway there is something else I need now that I think about it. I've been doing some reading and I learned about something called Seraphim, and I wanted to get my hands on it for closer study. It's angel related right? Do you have any idea where I could get some?
No. 914934 ID: 91ee5f

If you’ve got food in your mouth, now is the time for you to choke on it out of surprise when he mentions that!

>Do you have any idea where I could get some?
Now, Troy, I know you said you’d do anything to pay him back, but are you going to draw the line at this?

Because at this point, after he risked his life for you, I think it would be completely ridiculous to withhold the fact that you have some Seraphim with you! Hell, you might as well tell Roland that’s the reason why your former gang is so pissed at you, you stole some of that stuff from the boss!

But why is Roland interested in it? Isn’t he supposed to be studying demonic things and not angelic things?
No. 914935 ID: d3602f

Where did you read about something like that? And why exactly would you need the stuff for your studies? You trying to turn Vol into a demon/angel hybrid or something?

Before we give him the vial, I want to know exactly what he's going to use it for. Also, call me paranoid, but I'm feeling like Channing might have access to some bad mindtricks.
No. 914937 ID: a451fc
File 154564224262.png - (195.62KB , 1039x709 , HungeroverPride 3.png )

You're instantly unsure about telling Roland anything about the Seraphim you have. That stuff is dangerous and angelic things do not seem to line up with the study of demons.

YOU: Where'd you hear about that stuff?
ROLAND: Y'know in a book at the Library, I didn't get around to taking it with me...but I remember seeing it. Now do you know anything about it?
YOU: What would you even want to use it for?
ROLAND: Just to get a closer look at! You keep acting like I'm going to do something stupid with it. The stuff only works for saints and I don't use magic, now where do you keep it?
No. 914939 ID: d3602f

... I might know. I may have put it in your basement when you weren't looking (Roland has a basement, right?).

Lock them inside after they go in.
No. 914941 ID: 575ec0

Bruh. It's powder.
You got a microscope or like, a chemistry set, even?

Playing with Seraphim is like playing with fire. You find a trustworthy expert to help you out with it and maybe I'll consider getting you some to look at.
No. 914947 ID: a451fc
File 154566104106.gif - (2.80MB , 726x495 , Chatteringgrindinghissing.gif )

YOU: Uhh...I think...I left it in you basement. Yeah...C-c'mon I'll go show you where.
ROLAND: But you haven't set foot in my house before? How would it be hidden in my basement if you haven't been down there? How would you even know if I have a basement?

You hear Roland's teeth chatter, grind, and hiss all at the same time. The noise is slow and grating at first but slowly begins to rise in pitch and volume until it hurts your ears.

ROLAND: ThiTHISs is ImporIMPORTANT for mMY stuSTUDIES TROY. I feFEELll like it can be useUSEFUL if I knKNOW! WhWHEREere is it TROY?
No. 914948 ID: 575ec0

Oh. when the last time you used this stuff?
Because I feel like you're withdrawing.

Maybe. Sit the fuck down.
No. 914951 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not Roland. Roland can’t suddenly grow 3 mouths on his face.

I think you’re still asleep and this is someone invading your dreams.

Also, 2 important fact showed up here: >>914937 , Roland started asking you where you put the Seraphim here when you clearly never told him you actually do have it and he claimed that he doesn’t use magic, when you’ve clearly seen him use magic multiple times!

This isn’t Roland, this is someone trying to trick you into giving them the Seraphim!
No. 914954 ID: b1b4f3

Pinch yourself.
No. 914955 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, this "thing" is full of bulshit. The thing is what do we do about it. Is this even real, or just a nightmare? Or maybe a some saint's ability?
No. 914956 ID: a9af05

>Dream invasion
>Not Roland
Or Troy is wide awake and that's the real Roland, but something is causing him to hear Roland say something he's not actually saying to try and get Troy to attack Roland.
No. 914957 ID: 10c408

Go outside. Pinch yourself. But don't attack Roland! You are being fucked with.
No. 914970 ID: d3602f

Where's Vol, anyway? I was expecting him to be in here with you.
No. 914980 ID: a451fc
File 154569300097.gif - (765.97KB , 1039x709 , Shaking.gif )

You pinch yourself and your skin and flesh pull off of your arm like cotton candy. Meanwhile the terrible high pitched grinding and chattering sounds from Rolands(?) teeth begin to give you a headache. You try to stand and leave but your movements feel slowed, no matter how hard you try you can't get your legs to move any faster than the slow pace they're going.

The fake Roland begins to shake violently as his laughs echo on the inside of your skull. You can feel bit's of him fling off of his body and splatter against you like paint.

FAKE: I can Do this aS lonG aS I NeEd To tRoY! eVeN iF yOu dOn'T teLL mE iT'S oVER For YoU!

Soon you begin to feel the room spin faster and faster until you feel it drop down like a spinning elevator that's gone out of control...
No. 914981 ID: a451fc
File 154569301392.png - (181.52KB , 1039x709 , Matzen1.png )

Until it all just...stops. The weird melting Roland fake across the table from you has stopped moving all together like a wax statue. The rooms gone back to normal and your movements seem to have returned to a normal speed. You hear somebody clear their throat next to you.

MATZEN: Jeez are all of your dreams like this? Seriously, this has "therapy" written all over it.
No. 914984 ID: eeb7d9

Ehhhh, well, i wouldn't call this a dream, but a nightmare, but yeah, i think i have some serious issues. What are you doing here?
No. 914986 ID: d3602f

Kind of hard to get therapy while on the run. So, how are things going with you?
No. 914987 ID: 8dce5e

I think your alpha layer might have snuck in there.
No. 914988 ID: a9af05

Isn't this the guy with the ability to enter your dreams if he knows where you are? You know, the guy that said that he wouldn't tell Channing where you are right now?

Why is he helping you? Why is he here? And why the fuck were you dreaming of Roland turning into some kinda monster?

Also,this means that you're still going to be hungry and you're going to have to eat something when you wake up.
No. 914990 ID: 91ee5f

If that was a dream made by your own subconscious and it wasn’t influenced by Matzen at all, then I’ve gotta say that it’s not a good sign when you’re trying to tell yourself that Roland is going to betray you, even after he saved your life and you’ve got no reason to distrust him.
No. 914993 ID: fe4f01

yeah, this is why I usually drink before going to bed, people don't really dream when they're drunk... or at least remember them.
No. 914996 ID: a451fc
File 154570888495.png - (183.59KB , 1039x709 , Matzen2.png )

YOU: Matzen? What's goin' on? I-is this all just a dream? It feels so fuckin' weird though, and why-
MATZEN: Troy shut up for a minute let me explain okay? First thing's first I'm dead, I've been dead for...let's say about 8 hours now. Channing figured out I knew shit about you and had me killed after trying to beat the information out of me, and no I didn't crack. I never crack.
YOU: Well then how-
MATZEN: Am I here? After I died my angel used it's ability to pull my soul into the Plane of Dreams so I could somewhat survive. That's where we are right now.
YOU: B-but why am I here?
MATZEN: Well you're being attacked by another one of Channing's agents. Looks like it's someone with a Dream Angel like mine, only stronger. Unfortunate. Luckily! I was able to jump into this dream and save you from...well getting spooked too hard I guess? Also I'm here to tell you how your enemies ability works. His name is Cenred and he's basically trapped you here and has some control over your dreams, that's what all this was, but now that I'm here it should stop or at least not be as bad anymore. Your welcome.
YOU: So I ain't in danger anymore?
MATZEN: No there's still a lot for you to be worried about. Y'see Cenred's ability isn't just to tamper with your dreams: First, he's also trapped you here in the Plane of Dreams and you can't wake up no matter how hard someone on the outside tries to shake you awake; second, if you're asleep for too long, he'll physically pull you into the Dream Plane and then spit you out in whatever area he's in and I'm pretty sure he's sittin' right next to Channing right now. So stay trapped here for too long and you'll be screwed

Matzen snaps his fingers. You're no longer in Roland's house, instead you're in a cubic purple room.

MATZEN: Now I can help you, but being killed really fucking takes the wind out of ya y'know? When I materialized into the Dream Plane I was missing a lot of my body parts.
YOU: Body parts?
MATZEN: Yeah, my stomach, my liver, and one of my lungs are all missing, and I'm not at my full strength without them. That sounds weird, but the laws of the Dream Plane make it so, so that's how it is. Any more questions before we play dream operation?
No. 914997 ID: d3602f

Your angel kept you sort of alive? Damn, mine is just a jerk. But seriously, thanks, you're a great friend.

So, where are these pieces and how do I get to them?
No. 914998 ID: 10c408

"...Do I have to return your missing organs after I get out of here?"
No. 914999 ID: b1b4f3

Alright what about lucid dreaming? Can you control the dream yourself without having a dream angel?
If you die in the dream will you die in real life?
No. 915001 ID: 91ee5f

Can I still use my ability? How do I escape? Do I need to find Cenred and kill him? Do I need to remove his organs to weaken him? Where do I even start looking for your body parts?
No. 915002 ID: b1b4f3

Oh yeah ask if he remembers anything interesting from his time at Channing's base.
No. 915013 ID: eeb7d9

... I am sorry that you got into this mess, Matzen. Who killed you? The least i can do is avenge you, if i survive.

What do you need me to do right now in order to help you. So you can help me.
No. 915015 ID: fe4f01

so the plan is that i need to find your missing organs and then you'll be strong enough to pull me out of here? Or do I need to take out this agent to get out and finding your missing organs would just be a nice bonus for the both of us? Also any idea who's after me now and how to deal with them?
No. 915018 ID: a451fc
File 154572767722.png - (76.78KB , 1039x709 , Matzen3.png )

>Where are these pieces and how do I get to them?
MATZEN: The Dream Plane is a vast place and normally it would take years to find anything lost. Luckily, since they are my body parts I have a general sense for where they are. We'll be using sheep to get to where we need to go first.

As Matzen says that a sheep wanders into the room

TROY: Like...ride it?
MATZEN: We'll be using it to get to the first place we need to go first. It's like a portal for us.

>Can you control the dream yourself without having a dream angel?
MATZEN: Under normal circumstances anybody in a dream has some control over it, and lucid dreamers have much more control. These aren't normal circumstances however, since Cenred's trapped you in your sleep with his angel's ability you are very much a prisoner with little to no control over anything. Fortunately for you I'm here and even in my weakened state I can help you a bit.

>If you die in the dream will you die in real life?
MATZEN: No, with how loosely life and death work in a dream you won't die unless someones ability specifically kills you in the Dream Plane

>Do I need to find Cenred and kill him?
MATZEN: We don't have to. If I manage to get you out I'll use the power from getting my organs back to make sure this doesn't happen again. I'll effectively make you invincible from the dreaming world side so Cenred can't pull you back.

>Can I still use my ability?
MATZEN: You should be able to? Your angel inhabits more than just your physical body so even in your sleep it should work just fine. Now if you're done we should get going, the sheep's getting impatient
TROY: ...Matzen I'm really sorry this happened to you.
MATZEN: Don't be man. I helped you instead of turning you in so it's mostly my fault, you can worry about it when we get you out of here. Then you can kill the fucker who shot me.
No. 915020 ID: fe4f01

>Then you can kill the fucker who shot me.
deal, lead the way.
No. 915025 ID: 91ee5f

“One last question: How many more Saints with Dream Angels does Channing have? Because I’m really hoping that you and Cenred are the only ones.”

After that, let’s get going and start looking for Matzen‘s first body part.
No. 915027 ID: eeb7d9

What about weapon? Do i have something to defend myself? Limited ammunition or something, do i still have my gun?
No. 915031 ID: 129a38

Hey Matzen, thinking about it, where's your sexy, sexy angel? They're ok?
No. 915104 ID: a9af05

How'd they find out you were hiding where I was? Who killed you? What did he/she look like?
No. 915116 ID: 91ee5f

Also, since Cenred's trapped me here does that mean he can easily find me once I go back out there? How can I avoid being detected by him?
No. 915338 ID: a451fc
File 154604514276.gif - (402.75KB , 1039x709 , SheepGlow.gif )

>How many more Saints with Dream Angels does Channing have? Because I’m really hoping that you and Cenred are the only ones.
MATZEN: I'm pretty sure me and Cenred are the only ones.

MATZEN: I...I'm actually not sure? Kyumulas hasn't said a thing to me since I died. He did say something just before I died though. He told as his final wish he wanted me not to betray my friend, I mean I would've without him saying that but I think what he said implies he's gone gone. I know your angel's a prick but you should try talking to it sometime, it could be helpful.

>Who killed you?
MATZEN: Channing's brother call's himself Naos, that's not his real name though. Were's a shitty mask and has fucked up scars on his face.

MATZEN: Cenred just needs a name, face, and general location of where you are. All of which they have already.

You left your gun in your car, or at least the dream version of your gun? anyway right now you've got nothing but your fists.

The sheep begins to emanate a strange energy, and the room is filled with a blinding light.
No. 915339 ID: a451fc
File 154604515871.png - (111.38KB , 1039x709 , SheepNexus.png )

Once the light subsides you find yourself in an empty void surrounded by more sheep each glowing a different color.

YOU: Where are we now?
MATZEN: A nexus, it's a a point where a large amount of dreams collide. Sheep love to loiter around nexuses so we've got a few we can go through, whichever one we use will lead us to one of my body parts.

Matzen disappears in a flash of purple light, but you can still hear his voice.

MATZEN: I'm gonna piggy back off of your body for now 'kay? It's hard keeping my form like this. Now pick a sheep.

The red sheep is oddly cold, you expected a warmer temperature from a warm color

You hear car's honking and people talking coming from the sheep's wool

There's a familiar feeling to this sheep, one you don't like.
No. 915340 ID: dc6aad

Look for the secret green sheep.
No. 915341 ID: d3602f

Kind of curious about the car honking.
No. 915343 ID: a9af05

Let's go purple.
No. 915347 ID: b1b4f3

Before you do anything try talking to your angel.
No. 915348 ID: 475080

No. 915349 ID: d3602f

As much as we should talk with him later, we're kind of in a hurry here. We can talk with him once we aren't in imminent danger.
No. 915352 ID: eeb7d9

Purple sounds important.
No. 915353 ID: 094652

No. 915367 ID: 575ec0

No. 915377 ID: d3602f

If we want to deal with demons, red might be the place.
No. 915388 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm pretty sure me and Cenred are the only ones.
Good! Don’t have to worry about this happening again!

>I know your angel's a prick but you should try talking to it sometime, it could be helpful.
That’s actually a good idea. Troy, you should try talking to your angel more often once you get back to the real world.

>Cenred just needs a name, face, and general location of where you are. All of which they have already.
No, when I said “back out there” I didn’t mean the real world, I meant back into the dream world, outside of the safe zone we were talking in.

Since Cenred has control of this entire place, won’t he always know where we are? Because I’m kinda hoping for a way to at least move around the dream world without immediately being spotted and attacked by Cenred.

>Which sheep?
No. 915419 ID: 575ec0

figurative demons.
No. 915520 ID: 9423c9

Who doesn't love car honking?
No. 915612 ID: ae9bd9

green sheep
No. 915810 ID: a451fc
File 154631784629.png - (173.26KB , 1039x709 , Purple City1.png )

You push your hands into the pillowy soft wool of the purple sheep and slowly climb into it the fluff.

When you emerge from the cotton confines of the sheep you find yourself in a very purple cityscape. The moon hangs low in the inky starless sky, what you think is the only light though you doubt a dream follows any form of logic. Below you can hear cars honking and the sounds of crowds chattering and walking about though when you look over the edge of a building all you see is darkness. You look down at your hands, you are inexplicably incandescent.

The tops of the buildings are connected by rope bridges that lead from rooftop to rooftop. There is a ladder closest to you across the rope bridge in front of you, and another insanely tall one leading into the sky far back across the ropes.

YOU: Yo Matty? You know exactly which way I should be going?
MATZEN: I can't get an exact read on where it is, only that it is here. If we stay here a bit longer I might get a clue, but don't count on just waiting for me to find it. Just pick a direction and get goin'.
No. 915811 ID: fe4f01

go forward I guess. From what I can see you can either take the latter after the rope bridge down or head to that huge latter in the background and go up... I say go down because that up one to me looks like how you get out.
No. 915818 ID: b1b4f3

What about the door behind you?
No. 915820 ID: eeb7d9

I looks like there is a path to follow. Unless it is to deceive you, which i doubt, i say you follow those bridges and claim that ladder.
No. 915822 ID: 91ee5f

Cross the bridge.
No. 915824 ID: 575ec0

There. That braken ladder that leads to nothing.
Climb it. Don't worry about where it does or doesn't lead. Just get on, start climbing, and don't look down.
No. 915834 ID: d3602f

Let's check the house behind us first, it might be quick. Assuming there isn't another dimension in there.
No. 915982 ID: a9af05

>Don't count on just waiting for me to find it.
"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Speaking of which, I'm going to cross that bridge in front of me."
No. 915988 ID: 4294c6

It's probably up that really tall ladder.
No. 916735 ID: a451fc
File 154692011761.png - (62.62KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown.png )

>Door behind you
You're pretty sure that's how you entered here, you put your hand to the knob and try to turn it, but it's squishy and refuses to turn...gross.

>Cross the bridge, go up the ladder
You carefully walk over the rope bridges connecting the buildings and head to the tall ladder. You begin to climb, the ladder seems to stretch into the blackness of the sky but soon enough land fades into view. You awkwardly dismount the ladder as best you can onto upside down pavement. The sounds of cars and chattering crowds now sounds oddly reversed. You're a little dizzy. To your left...right? No that's not how being upside down works, to one side you see a building you think is a hotel, and to the other side you see a funny looking dream denizen.

YOU: You're really rocking that handstand aren't ya?
DENIZEN: It's the only way I can keep my head on straight!

Past the denizen there's more city you can explore.
No. 916737 ID: d3602f

Hey, by any chance have you seen a stomach, liver or lung?

If he has no idea where we could find one, just continue into the city.
No. 916744 ID: eeb7d9

Have you seen any organs around here?
No. 916752 ID: 8848bd

So is this someone's dream Matzen? Or does this place just exist separate from any people dreaming?
No. 916754 ID: 91ee5f

Is that a spotlight in the lower right corner of the picture? We should avoid it, just in case that gets Cenred‘s attention for him to attack us!

>Go where?
Let’s head past this guy.
No. 916788 ID: a9af05

No. 916914 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think we should ask about the organs.

We don’t know where Cenred is, so he could be anywhere nearby. If he hears us mention what we’re looking for, then he’ll set traps by the organs or he’ll go find and destroy them!
No. 916919 ID: d3602f

Matzen already mentioned the organs, and we're on a time limit. The only other option we have is wondering aimlessly around a dreamscape, and dreamscapes are notorious for not being the easiest to navigate.
No. 917409 ID: a451fc
File 154733616322.png - (94.56KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown 2.png )

>Is that a spotlight in the lower right corner of the picture?
That's the moon

>Ask about organs
YOU: You seen any organs 'round here?
DENIZEN: Nope! dream people usually pick up after themselves or just don't have any! but if someone does lose their organs then maybe the doctor'll have 'em. She's kinda like the lost an' found of organs.

The denizen points past himself and you walk in that direction. Down the street from the Hotel is a small booth in front of which a large spider creature is smoking a cigarette that wriggles and writhes in her claws. It's weird seeing smoke go down instead of up. You talk to the spider

YOU: Uh...hello? I'm lookin' for the doctor?
DOCTOR: You're looking at her, what do you need? You look like you've got all of your parts attached.
YOU: I was wonderin' if ya had any organs? My friends missin' a few.
DOCTOR: Nah, ain't found no organs 'round here in a while, business has been real slow lately. Dream creatures normally just eat whatever organ they find on the ground or the body parts just get up and walk away.

Matzen's voice echoes in your head

MATZEN: Great, now I gotta worry about my organs walking around or being eaten, being in a dream sucks.
DOCTOR: Yeah, it sure does...Anyway there's plenty a' other places to look I'm sure.
No. 917421 ID: a9af05

>There are other places to look
Would she mind telling you where those places are?
No. 917452 ID: eeb7d9

Any good place to look at, some common place people tend to find organs, where organs tend to go?
No. 917701 ID: a451fc
File 154749690752.png - (101.77KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown 3.png )

>Where to look?
DOCTOR: Umm...The hotel? The sewers? Really anywhere you haven't looked yet.

The doctor flicks the cigarette from her claws, the thing grows wings and flies off.
No. 917707 ID: 91ee5f

Thanks for the help.

Let’s head for the hotel.
No. 917720 ID: ad51b8

thanks doc

might as well head to the hotel since we saw where that one was.
No. 917745 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty then, to the hotel we go.
No. 917752 ID: 575ec0

Hotel. I bet a body part is staying in a room.
No. 917826 ID: a9af05

Let's head for the hotel.
No. 918586 ID: a451fc
File 154813844988.png - (220.90KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown Hotel .png )

You turn to walk back to the 3rd Hotel, but the second you turn around your met with the front door to the hotel without walking to it. Without questioning it much you enter the Hotel.

Inside the hotel the odd smell of rot hits your nose and makes your eyes water. You look around, the wallpaper is peeling and odd ooze drips from the ceiling. As you walk inside more you notice that the same acrid gunk is in puddles on the floor and sticks to your boots as you move. This place is absolutely disgusting...but not the worst mess you've seen. At the front desk a large creature made of the same ooze that covers the interior sits. It looks down at you. It speaks in an odd gibbering sort of accent

MANAGER: HeLlO! wElCoMe To tHe 3rD hOtEl! NoT aS gOoD aS tHe SeCoNd bUt BeTtEr ThAn ThE fOuRtH. uNfOrTuNaTeLy We OnLy HaVe OnE rOoM aNd iT iS oCcUpIeD. hOw ElsE mAy I HeLp YoU????????????
YOU: I was wonderin' if there we're any organs lyin' around here. Have you seen any that you need cleaned up?
MANAGER: Oh YoU'rE hErE tO cLeAn MiSpLaCeD oRgAnS? wElL i'M pRoUd To SaY i KeEp A vErY tIdY bUsInEsS aNd HaVe No NeEd FoR aSsIsTaNcE iN cLeAnInG!

The manager coughs and hacks violently spiting up a glob of gunk onto the wall as he says this...

MANAGER: AcTuAlLy...On SeCoNd ThOuGhT...tHe GuEsT iN tHe OcCuPiEd RoOm MaKeS iT...hArD tO lOoK fOr AnY mEsS, fOr AlL i KnOw ThErE cOuLd Be OrGaNs Up To ThE cEiLiNg In ThErE bUt I cAn'T tElL! mAyBe YoU'lL hAvE sOmE lUcK wItH tHeM??????????????

A long strand of gunk lowers from the ceiling, attached to it is the key to Room D3
No. 918590 ID: 91ee5f

Would dream powers be capable of making it hard for dream denizens to look at the person with the powers?

Because if it’s one of Matzen’s organs, then that might be why the Manager can’t really look at the guy in the room.

>room key
Let’s go take a look. It’s not like we’ve got any other leads to follow.
No. 918605 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah alright let's go have a chat with the resident.
No. 918613 ID: 575ec0

>key to Room D3
Careful, there might be Heretics in there.
No. 918622 ID: d3602f

Let's go inside.

But I like Heretic!
No. 918630 ID: a9af05

Take the key and go look in the room.
No. 918648 ID: eeb7d9

I am calling it now, there is a imp with big horns in that room.
No. 918649 ID: a451fc
File 154821831673.png - (337.75KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown Hotel 2.png )

>Check room
You walk down the hall over more gunk puddles on the floor and use the key to enter the room.

The instant you enter nothing makes sense anymore, you can't seem to grasp any thing that's happening inside of the room aside from the fact that you are upside down, which makes this whole ordeal very jarring. The only thing you can see are a series of odd runes that pulse and glow in all around you swirling and jittering. You attempt to call for someone but you can't form words, you try to walk forward but you feel like your going nowhere, you attempt to feel the ground around you but cannot feel anything. You turn and try to feel for the door, luckily it's still there. The desk manager wasn't lying you don't think you can find anything like this...
No. 918650 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Matzen if he’s got any idea what the fuck just happened?
No. 918651 ID: 4294c6

That symbol on the left was on a sign by the doctor.
No. 918652 ID: d3602f

You're right. I think the second symbol also resembles the guy doing a handstand. Second to last symbol may look a bit like the guy running the counter too. This seems like a map with landmarks we need to follow in a specific order. Do we have anything we could right these down on to show others to help with directions?

Either way, we might want to go back to the hospital.
No. 918654 ID: 24ebf1

Ask Matzen if there's any way to make sense of all this dream stuff, youre just kind of stumbling around blind right now.
No. 918683 ID: a451fc
File 154827709290.png - (116.12KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown 4.png )

MATZEN: Uhh...some dream denizen fucking with the already fragile state of dream reality? seems involuntary, but you can't do anything about unless you get some semblance of understanding there.

MATZEN: I feel like you're doing fine so far, though that doctor lady said that we should also check the sewers if we need somewhere to look.

>That symbol on the left was on a sign by the doctor.
You do recognize it from the doctor's stall, you go back to the doctor and ask about her sign.

DOCTOR: What that? it's a cloudy-talk character. Dream denizens speak so many languages that it got confusing, so either a long time ago or very recently we all agreed on a common language. So now we use cloudy-talk to communicate with each other.
YOU: So what does that symbol mean?
DOCTOR: This is a doctor's booth, it means DOCTOR
No. 918688 ID: 91ee5f

>I feel like you're doing fine so far
Says the guy who said that I’ve got a time limit to find your organs so you can get me outta here before Cenred pulls me back into the real world directly next to Channing!

So excuse me if I feel like I’m actually not doing fine so far!

>This is a doctor's booth, it means DOCTOR
Does it mean something else if it’s upside down?

Also it sucks that we can’t show her the other symbols to ask if she knew what they meant.
No. 918702 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him there's someone who might be asking for a doctor.
No. 918756 ID: d3602f

Do you know what a circle with a dot in the center over a spike means?

If we can't get anything, I suppose we outta check the sewers.
No. 918856 ID: 575ec0

Turns around so your back is facing the doc.
Try to remember the symbols.
Visualise them. Then imagine them floating in front of you.
With any luck we can try and recreate them here and have the doc read them for us.
No. 919066 ID: a451fc
File 154849924191.png - (250.57KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown Hotel 3.png )

You inform the doctor that somebody in the hotel needs a doctor and she heads over with you. When you reach the hotel the doctor heads into the room and you wait for her to be finished. After about a literal second, She returns from the room.

DOCTOR: Poor guy bit his own head off on accident, couldn't get much help the way he was distorting the dream state either. Thanks buddy! If you didn't tell me 'bout this it probably would've ended badly for him.
YOU:...H-he "accidentally" bit his own head off?
DOCTOR: Yeah, happens sometimes. Anyway he said he was going to return a weird object left in his rooms that wasn't his, and on the way out he did it.
No. 919067 ID: a451fc
File 154849924635.png - (188.71KB , 1039x709 , Purple City Upsidedown Hotel 3 Key Part.png )

The doctor holds up the object to the desk manager

MANAGER: DoEsN't LoOk LiKe HoTeL pRoPeRtY...i DoN't KnOw WhAt ThIs ThInG iS.
DOCTOR: Huh...well I don't want it...uh here! It's like...payment or somethin' I don't know, I gotta get back to the booth. Oh and don't bother the hotel guest, he needs to rest after what happened.

The doctor tosses the object to you, looks like half of something else.

YOU:...Matzen you ever accidentally bitten your head off before?
MATZEN: Bit off a little bit of my tongue once, maybe it's like the same thing?
No. 919078 ID: b1b4f3

Guess it's a collectathon. Let's head to the sewers next.
No. 919081 ID: 91ee5f

>strange object that looks like half of something else.
Could this be half of one of Matzen’s organs? Because if it is, then this is going to take longer than we thought.

>...Matzen you ever accidentally bitten your head off before?
>Bit off a little bit of my tongue once, maybe it's like the same thing?
It’s Dream World logic. Don’t question it too much, since it’s not supposed to be possible in the Real World.

>What do?
We checked the Hotel, so if the Doctor is right, then I gues we should try looking in the Sewers next.

Ask for directions on how to get there. And make sure you return the room key to the Manager before you leave!
No. 919086 ID: a451fc
File 154853741892.png - (198.40KB , 1039x1417 , Sewers 1-1.png )

>Could this be half of one of Matzen’s organs?
MATZEN: No. my organs look like...y'know organs. This is something else

You're body de-materializes out of the hotel and reappears at the rooftops, it gives you a headache. You climb down the ladder until you reach the sewers, you completely skipped the city street without noticing it somehow. You look around there's a man holding a fishing rod.

YOU: What's goin' on?
FISHER: I'm air fishin'!
YOU: Oh...you catch anythin'?
FISHER: Hell no! Air fishin' sucks! But I can't water fish cuz' all the waters gone!

Further past the Fisherman there's a path leading to a door, over the railing there's a ladder leading down, and a key tied to the railing next to it.
No. 919090 ID: eeb7d9

I suddenly have a feeling of playing a LucasArts all of the sudden.
No. 919092 ID: 91ee5f

Take the key, I guess?

Then head past the fisherman.
No. 919094 ID: a9af05

No. 919096 ID: a451fc
File 154854030545.png - (58.72KB , 1039x709 , Sewers 2.png )

>Take the key
The key is chained to the platform, you can't take it.

>Go past the fisherman
You walk past the fisherman and continue down the hall. At the end there's a door connected to a series of pipes with a triangular indent in the front of it. It's locked.
No. 919098 ID: a9af05

Hold up the half object you got to see if it matches half of the hole.
No. 919100 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah this looks like where you put the fully formed key.
Ask the fisherman if he's seen any organs. Then head down the ladder.
No. 919101 ID: d3602f

>Take ye flask

But seriously, try to see if that thing we got might fit. I don't think it will, but it won't hurt to try.

After that, go down the ladder.
No. 919107 ID: a451fc
File 154854442783.png - (183.52KB , 921x1417 , Sewers 4.png )

Yup the first half fits pretty well, but it won't stay in without the second half.

>Ask the fisherman if he's seen any organs
FISHER: Organs? Nah, I didn't find anythin' today...but I did smell somethin' behind that door over there, can't open it though, so I can't see what it is.

>Down the ladder
You climb down the ladder, there's a chest on the ground next to the ladder, you can move it a little but it's too heavy to lift up the latter. In front of you there's a fish looking guy.
FISH: Halt stranger! You stand before the DOOR GUARD OF THE UNDERDEEP. Speak your business!
YOU: uh, I'm looking for some organs my buddy lost...are you gonna stop me from goin' through here?
FISH: Well...no, I can't really. I'm only here to make sure no sewer roaches get in...it's a boring job. Through this door is water tower maintenance panel, something went wrong and now all the water won't flow so we're waiting for the engineer to do something about it.
YOU: How long have ya been waitin'?
FISH: Either two days or 30 years, times a bit hard to tell sometimes...
No. 919111 ID: a9af05

>Heavy chest
Can you open it?

What about the pipes and valves behind you?

>Door guard
>Not going to stop you
>Waiting on engineer for either 2 days or 30 years
Ask if you can take a look? You might be able to do something.
No. 919114 ID: b1b4f3

Writing on the wall..
No. 919116 ID: d3602f

Huh? I don't quite understand, how did you get that information out of the graffiti?
No. 919117 ID: d3602f

Oh! Say it out loud, that's how you did it! Makes sense, looks like a color puzzle is coming up.
No. 919119 ID: a451fc
File 154855555851.png - (396.99KB , 1039x1417 , Sewers 5.png )

>Can you open it?
The chest is locked

>What about the pipes and valves behind you?
Just pipes and valves, too rusted to turn or run

>Ask if you can take a look?
You walk past him into the room, pipes and machinery meant for regulating steam and water. In front of you is a control panel with a grid of colored buttons.

You feel like the code is obvious, you enter the colors into the panel and the room begins to shake. Steam escapes the pipes surrounding the room and the platform you stand on begins to rise.
No. 919120 ID: a451fc
File 154855556088.png - (228.40KB , 1039x709 , WaterTower.png )

The water tower bursts from the sewers underground and you emerge back up to the rooftops from before. You can hear the pipes in the tower churning out water into the sewers now. A rope bridge extends from the water tower back to the other rooftops
No. 919123 ID: b1b4f3

...I hope we can still access that chest. On the other hand, it's not like you'd be able to keep whatever's inside. If we find some bolt cutters we can get the key and try to open the chest later.

Anything interesting on the water tower?
Maybe try talking to the fisherman again, see if he's caught something useful now.
No. 919128 ID: a9af05

I think we'd have to climb all the way back down to the sewers to talk to him.

But I agree that we should look around up here before leaving, just in case something is up here.
No. 919142 ID: 575ec0

Back to the fisherman. see if he can fish the chest. the hanging key should fit it.
No. 919145 ID: 91ee5f

Back to the sewers in the hopes of the other half of that key has shown up somewhere.
No. 919147 ID: a451fc
File 154856920151.png - (183.78KB , 1039x1417 , Sewers 6.png )

>Back to the sewers
You return back down to the sewers.

FISH: What did I say about this?
FISHER: ...No more fishin-
FISH: No more fishing in this fucking sewer pipe! How many fucking times do have to say this?
FISHER: Well...if you knew I fished here a lot why'd ya still bite my hook?
FISH: Because I'm a fish Tim! I'm a fucking fish and you know I can't help that!

You notice the water in the pipe lifted the chest up to the top, you drag it out of the water and near the key to unlock it. Inside you find the second half of the triangular key. You put the two halves together and they click to make a full triangular key.
No. 919154 ID: 91ee5f

>the fish and the fisher
Ha! XD

Anyways, tell them that you’re glad that you could help fix the water.

>unlocked chest
>Inside you find the second half of the triangular key.
>You put the two halves together and they click to make a full triangular key.
Great! Let’s go to the door that needed this thing and open it!
No. 919166 ID: d3602f

Check out that door.

Also, stop being such a racist Tim. He can't help it!
No. 919183 ID: 575ec0

Insert ye Key into the door.
No. 919218 ID: a9af05

Go put the key in the door.
No. 919292 ID: a451fc
File 154871419881.png - (77.94KB , 1039x709 , Sewer 7-1.png )

You walk back to the door and slot the keystone into the hole. The door slides open.

Inside is a small room with a control terminal in the back, a metal canister sits attached to the top of the terminal. in the back of the room three monitors are attached to the wall

MATZEN: There, in that pipe canister, That's my lung in there.
No. 919298 ID: 91ee5f

Look at the terminal to see if there’s a clue on what you’re supposed to type in.

>in the back of the room three monitors are attached to the wall
Those monitors look like they’re showing specific locations. Monitor 4 looks like this area: >>916735 , Monitor 6 looks like this area: >>915810 , and Monitor 7 looks like this area: >>919120 .

Perhaps that’s got something to do with what you need to type into the terminal?
No. 919302 ID: b1b4f3

That's odd, the pictures are labeled with numbers, and in the scenes depicted there are also numbers, but the numbers don't all match. The first one has "3rd Hotel" and is labeled with 4, the second one has "1 polygon point district" and is labeled with 6, the third one is "water tower #7" and is labeled with 7.
I wonder if the moon's position is a factor as well? I guess we'll just have to see what the terminal asks for.
No. 919307 ID: a451fc
File 154872645963.png - (46.19KB , 1039x709 , Sewers 7-2.png )

it's a computer terminal, where the monitor should be a pipe runs up to the canister supposedly housing one of Matzen's lungs. A small screen to the right of the keyboard shows three empty spaces.
No. 919308 ID: b1b4f3

Ok try "Hgo"
No. 919311 ID: d3602f

Maybe it's a difference between the numbers? Try 150. Also, are there letters on the keyboard as well?
No. 919312 ID: 575ec0

Could try DFG
No. 919313 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds right.
No. 919315 ID: a451fc
File 154872975592.png - (55.05KB , 1039x709 , Sewers Terminal Negative.png )


None of these combinations work.
No. 919316 ID: d3602f

Maybe the number in the area relates to the words alongside them in someway, like third hotel's third letter is t. But how would the picture number relate?
No. 919317 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe it’s just as simple as putting in the number of the locations on the monitors? Try 317.
No. 919318 ID: b1b4f3

oops it's "WATER TOWER No.7"
Well I guess the hotel was upside down so instead of the fourth character from the left let's try the fourth from the right. That'd be "ogO".
I feel like it should spell something though.
Maybe it's the other way around, and it's characters from the right? "HsW" or "HsO" depending on if we count the period.

...or maybe we have to rotate each picture so the moon is on the top left. That would explain why "polygon point district" is vertical. It then becomes "district point polygon" instead. Maybe we're meant to ignore the bits that are directly related to numbers, so that's "hotel", "district point polygon" and "water tower"
Then taking the 4th, 6th and 7th letters, we get "eio" which still doesn't spell anything. 3rd 1st and 7th is "tdo"

Bleh. Might need a hint here.
No. 919319 ID: 094652

... Dang it, I thought that by counting the number of images related to the hotel street and point I could do something.

Maybe it has something to do with the people ranting in those areas, but... nah, nobody was at the water tower... right?

... Waaait a minute. Let's do a word search of the word "Hotel" and find the 4th time it's used.

>MANAGER: HeLlO! wElCoMe To tHe 3rD hOtEl! NoT aS gOoD aS tHe SeCoNd bUt BeTtEr ThAn ThE fOuRtH
I'm going to guess... foo
No. 919337 ID: a451fc
File 154873379421.png - (75.89KB , 1039x709 , Sewer 7-2.png )


None of these inputs work.

>Need a hint.
YOU: Matzen, what d'you think about this?
MATZEN:...I think maybe the letters aren't as important as you think they are.
No. 919342 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, abandoning the letters we just have 3,1,7 with labels 4,6,7.
I guess we could order 4 6 7 by the order of 3 1 7, so "647"
Or, taking just the numbers but doing the rotation again to match moons, we'd get E,-,7 with labels 4,6,7. I don't even know what to do with that.

Try looking behind the pictures.
No. 919357 ID: 91ee5f

Either we’ve got all the info we need to solve this puzzle and we’re just putting it together wrong or we’re missing some key piece of info that would help us solve this puzzle.

>Try looking behind the pictures.
I’m not sure if Troy can move the monitors on the wall, but this is the Dream World, so anything is possible.

Let’s try moving the monitors to see if there’s something behind them.
No. 919388 ID: a9af05

Damn, this is tough!

Try this combo.
No. 919461 ID: a451fc
File 154884664014.png - (76.94KB , 1039x709 , Sewers 7-3.png )

The code doesn't work

>Move the monitors
You place your hand underneath one of the monitors and attempt to lift it up. The screen swivels upward revealing a note taped to the wall behind it.

After the first few rounds of graffiti and attempts to eat the new additions to the city, we've decided to set up a system of secure cameras to keep these landmarks under surveillance. There is only one key to enter this security room so please do not split it into two pieces and hide them both behind separate esoteric puzzles.

Thank You

No. 919496 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's not useful.
Though now I'm wondering if we're missing landmarks? If the cameras are labeled 4 6 7 maybe we're missing 1 2 3 and 5?
>additions is emphasized
Uh... well, 3+4=7, 1+6=7, and 7+7 is 14...
Oh, try "777". If that doesn't work, "775" from adding 1 and 4 to get the last digit.
No. 919497 ID: 094652

Try 776 as well, in case the system uses base-8. Actually, how many numbers are on on the keyboard?
No. 919498 ID: 91ee5f

If the code is 777 and the pipe canister opens up, then are we allowed to say “jackpot”? Because I feel that we’re allowed to say that.
No. 919524 ID: a451fc
File 154889128111.png - (55.05KB , 1039x709 , Sewers Terminal Negative.png )

None of these combinations work. You're gonna be honest, you don't know a lot of math but what you do know from counting up cards tells you that adding doesn't really work like that. You feel close though.
No. 919526 ID: d3602f

>Not good at math
Says the nerd who just tried to count in base 8.

Maybe it's like 700+70+14, which should give 784.
No. 919538 ID: a451fc
File 154889549123.png - (181.05KB , 1039x1417 , Sewers 7.png )

You enter the numbers into the terminal and get an affirmative beep noise from it's speakers, the canister above it opens with a loud squeaking revealing a wet and squirming paper bag. Matzen picks it up.

MATZEN: Finally! You have no idea how much having one lung sucks

He removes the organ from the bag and slots it into his chest, taking a deep breath as he does so. His form looks a little more solid.

MATZEN: Now that that's over, we need to get a move on.

Matzen whistles and a green sheep appears from nowhere

MATZEN: We're not off the hook yet, there are still more places to look. We didn't take too long to get through this place but we ought to still keep the pace.
No. 919540 ID: b1b4f3

True enough, let's jet. Shove hand into sheep.
No. 919542 ID: 91ee5f

Ah, damn, we were really over thinking it!

>a wet and squirming paper bag.
That’s actually very concerning. Someone actually took his organ, put it in a paper bag, and locked it in here. Something tells me that the enemy knows what we’re trying to do and is trying to make us waste time until Troy gets pulled into the Real World next to Channing.

Either that or it’s more Dream World logic that we’ve got no control over.

>We didn't take too long to get through this place but we ought to still keep the pace.
Oh good, I was worried about how long it took us to get through that.

Let’s get going.
No. 919586 ID: a451fc
File 154891393267.png - (745.95KB , 1039x709 , SheepTravel.png )

You put your hand to the sheep's wool and sink into the cotton. You begin to slowly descend through soft wool until your descent speeds up and you start to fall faster and faster. You feel like you've had a dream like this once.

MATZEN: Hey...Cenred's close.
YOU: What? The guy tryin' to take me to Channing?
MATZEN: Yeah, I feel his presence on the other end of this sheep that and another presence. One that doesn't really belong in the Dream Plane.
YOU: I mean...he ain't a a threat is he? You said he couldn't kill me.
MATZEN: Yes that's what I said...but I'm worried he may have something up his sleeve if he's decided to appear so close to our position...be careful.
No. 919587 ID: a451fc
File 154891394023.png - (766.14KB , 1039x709 , ThePrison1.png )

After your long fall you drop onto solid ground. Immediately you notice the large trees bearing eye-like growths on their branches. The weird fruits seem to be staring at you wherever you go. Maybe hanging around Roland's payed off somewhat, you can tell they're demonic in nature. Once again you sit under a night sky, though this time it is eerily quiet save for the howling wind and distant sobbing.

There's a vending machine underneath the tree to your right. Straight ahead you see a familiar building behind a gate. You can hear sobbing coming from there.

YOU: Matzen...I don't like this.
MATZEN: Yeah, me neither. Let's get a move on.
No. 919589 ID: 094652

2-1 that is either a sobbing girl or a cunning monster. 3-1 I got the phrases mixed up.

Sneak up on wherever that sobbing noise is coming from and then KIRBY MIKE!
No. 919592 ID: b1b4f3

A prison huh? Check the vending machine first.
No. 919594 ID: 91ee5f

>Cenred and another presence are nearby.
>The other presence doesn't really belong in the Dream Plane.
Please tell me Cenred didn’t bring Channing in here!

Unless that other presence is another person that’s trapped here, like you are.

>I'm worried he may have something up his sleeve if he's decided to appear so close to our position...be careful.
Odds are, he’s figured out what’s going on and knows Matzen’s helping you. Which means that he probably knows about the missing organs, so he’s going to do whatever he can to prevent you guys from finding them by stalling you guys as much as possible until he finally drags Troy to Channing.

>Straight ahead you see a familiar building behind a gate.
A familiar building, huh?

Is it Channing’s hideout?

>What do?
Hope that now that Matzen has one of his organs, he’ll be able to locate the other ones a little faster.

Let’s check the vending machine.
No. 919597 ID: d3602f

Familiar building? Sobbing? I've got two ideas of what this could be. This is either a memory of the reason why Troy left the gang, or based on all the demonic eyes, we've wandered into Roland's dream. Either he's crying about his father, or he's remembering when he lost his eye.

Check the vending machine. If it doesn't seem useful, continue forward.
No. 919598 ID: b1b4f3

Aw jeez, what if Cenred dragged Roland into the dream world too, and stuck him in this prison?
No. 919607 ID: 91ee5f

If it was Roland, I don’t think he would be sobbing. Unless he’s being shown something very tragic.
No. 919626 ID: a9af05

>Cenred and another presence
Does he know where they are or is it like his organs, where he doesn't know exactly where they are?

Check the vending machine
No. 919637 ID: a451fc
File 154896706203.png - (1.36MB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison2.png )

>Vending Machine
You walk closer to the vending machine. As you approach you hear the sound of rushing liquid and can feel rain hitting your face, but it feel's too thick to be water and smells too metallic. You look down at your hands and see red stains covering your arms. When you're close enough to the vending machine you see the source if the rain. A headless woman standing next to the vending machine. You hear her oddly robotic voice beep inside of your head...

JULIA: ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ Hello! Mister Porter!
JULIA: ...(・∧‐)ゞ Huh? You don't remember me? (╬ಠ益ಠ) How rude! Oh well...¯\_(ツ)_/¯...I guess you never really looked at my body much did you? I guess you were too busy eyeing Channing weren't you? (*ゝω・)ノ Remember how you thought he was kind of hot?(*´∀`)Sure bet you don't feel that way anymore huh?
JULIA: But enough about that asshole!(╬ಠ益ಠ)Channing pisses me off!(╬ಠ益ಠ)How could you think that fucker was worth your time!(╬ಠ益ಠ)Idiot!(╬ಠ益ಠ)Dumbass!(╬ಠ益ಠ)Shit for brains!(╬ಠ益ಠ)!(╬ಠ益ಠ)!(╬ಠ益ಠ)!
JULIA:( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ But I forgive you! Everybody makes mistakes, and you're taking steps to fix the issues!(´꒳`)I'm proud of you Mister!
JULIA:( ´∀`)Anyway I've been good! I got a new job maintaining this vending machine...(◞‸◟)I hate it¯\_(ツ)_/¯but what can you do? You know what I really want?(´-`)ノGo on guess? I'll give you a hint(*ゝω・)ノ it's something I'm missing! Gee! I wonder what it could be???( ̄ー ̄) LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Anyway yeah. Bring it to me and I'll give you something delicious! Something tasty! Something you want bad!!!(ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ
No. 919638 ID: a451fc
File 154896706951.png - (1.55MB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison2Gun.png )

JULIA: So grab that gun of your's cowboy! Go and get what belongs to me! Pew pew!☆(゚o゚(○=(-_-○
JULIA: ...What!?(ʘᗩʘ’) You don't have a gun!?!?!?!? And here I was thinking you had some sense in that empty head of yours!(╬ಠ益ಠ) You're making it really hard to want to help you when you do stupid stuff like not keeping a gun on you!(¬、¬)...
JULIA:( ̄▽ ̄)ゞBut that's fine!!! In fact that's what I'm here for!

The vending machine begins to glow an odd light and you can hear the machinery inside of it clunking and clattering. Until finally something drops into the tray. It's your gun!

JULIA:(^∀^)ゞThere! All fixed! (・ε・`*) Hey Mister? Don't die okay? That man Channing hired? The weirdo with the metal in his face??? He's figured something out!ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ You can't die in your dreams! But he know's something! (/。\)
JULIA: ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞGood luck mister! I'm rooting for you!
No. 919640 ID: a9af05

>Headless lady
She seems to know you. Do you know her?

Ok, let's go bring her had back to her.

>Your gun
Take it and thank her!

>Can't die, but...
Shit, that's not good. Better be careful!
No. 919642 ID: c22978

Thank her for giving you a gun and... What's she doing with her mouth? H-how she says (・ε・`*)...?
No. 919643 ID: 055cbc

Stop. Ask yourself: Are you questioning dream logic?
No. 919645 ID: c22978

Maybe we can bring this cursed knowledge to reality and kill Channing with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

* Pronounced macron backslash underscore open parenthesis tsu close parenthesis underscore slash macron.
No. 919646 ID: b1b4f3

Can't die in a dream, sure, but you can be dismembered. Just like Julia here.
No. 919647 ID: d3602f

That's troublesome. Of course he wouldn't take this lying down. Thank the lady, take the gun, and start looking for that head.

Also, you really need better taste in guys, Troy. Did you think "don't stick it in the crazy" only mattered with women?
No. 919648 ID: 575ec0

This some SCP foundation shit right here.

Ask if the gun has infinite ammo or a certain number of bullets, and then go fuck up that prison.
No. 919649 ID: a9af05

Also, Troy, got a question for you. Would you consider asking Ichigo on a date? I'm sure once you get past how creepy he is and the fact that he eats people, I'm sure he's a sweetheart on the inside!

Unless, the real reason you asked Roland and Vol for a demon partner is becuase you want to try dating a demon?

Maybe the trick is: If you're dismembered and then escape the dream, the damage will carry over to your body in the real world?
No. 919652 ID: b1b4f3

I think the trick is: it fucking sucks to get dismembered. Also it'll make it hard for Troy to find the other organs.
No. 919653 ID: c22978

I bet we can speedrun this whole ordeal by removing all of Troy's internal organs and giving it to Matzen. I bet he's going to be 200% stronger with, I don't know, two hearts, two brains and two <insert organ here>.
No. 919654 ID: 91ee5f

>Did you think "don't stick it in the crazy" only mattered with women?
In Troy’s defense, he didn’t know Channing was crazy when he had those thoughts of him. And hopefully he realized it before he tried sticking it in him!

Or maybe if Troy’s dismembered into smaller pieces, Cenred can pull Troy’s body into the Dream World faster? Which would be bad, since that would speed up the process of taking Troy to Channing!
No. 919657 ID: 91ee5f

Also, Troy, since Matzen can detect his organs if you’re directly next to them, ask him if he can detect one in this vending machine?

Or ask Julia if she’s seen any organs around here? And don’t give any bullshit of not being able to see without a head, since you can clearly see Troy without your head!
No. 919851 ID: a451fc
File 154920556387.png - (1.43MB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison3.png )

>She seems to know you. Do you know her?
Not at all...

You grab the gun and check it, it's an exact replica of the one you own in reality. Full clip.
JULIA: ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞAnd don't worry! Ammo won't be in issue for you, so shoot em' up!☆(゚o゚(○=(-_-○

>ask Julia if she’s seen any organs around here?
JULIA: (・∧‐)ゞ Huh? Jeez really got a lot of questions don't you? You already got a gun out of me didn't you? ( ̄▼ ̄) Besides Matzen led you here didn't he? Duh there's something important here!

>The prison
You head towards the prison's gate, as you draw closer the sounds of crying get louder. You realize there are two different sources of crying, howling cries and screams coming from inside of the gate, and softer sobbing from a young man sitting outside of the gate. The kid's clutching a keycard which you assume opens the gate to the prison. The kid speaks between sobs

KID: I-it's all over...d-don't don't make me go back inside.
No. 919853 ID: a9af05

Tell the kid that you won't make him go back in there, but you need to go in there to do something. Then ask for the keycard.
No. 919871 ID: d3602f

Yeah, this seems good.
No. 919875 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him what happened.
No. 919881 ID: 91ee5f

>Not at all...
Is it that hard to recognize someone if they’re missing their head?

Does Matzen know her?

>kid crying and holding a keycard
>I-it's all over...d-don't don't make me go back inside.
Tell him that he’s not going back inside, but you need to get inside to do something important. Then ask him for the keycard.

And ask him if there’s anything dangerous in there that you should watch out for?
No. 919889 ID: eeb7d9

Do You know this kid? Ask him what is he talking about?
No. 920108 ID: c47e97

Ask Matzen if there's any chance you could run into people who are just regularly dreaming in here. Could this kid just be someone having a nightmare?
No. 921097 ID: a451fc
File 155018031099.png - (1.35MB , 1558x2128 , ThePrison4-5.png )

MATZEN: With how deep we are in the Dream Plane? It's unlikely unless they were dragged here like you were

You don't recognize this kid.
YOU: No ones gonna make you go anywhere buddy, but...I need the card you got there. Can I have it?

The kid stands up and holds the key card out to you
KID: *sniff* M-my friends...they're all dead...they were e-eaten b-by *hic* b-by...
No. 921098 ID: a451fc
File 155018034478.png - (8.11MB , 1558x2128 , ThePrison6-7.png )


The kid's hand shoots forward dropping the card and gripping your arm, his crying growing louder and louder until it's shrieking sobs. Between breaths garbled speech echoes in your head.

KID: <(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU])<(KSZ+B2-4+B(fs9M?R*5uU]7
No. 921099 ID: b1b4f3

Math? Why is it screeching math at you?
Take your gun out and tell it to back the fuck off.
No. 921123 ID: b0a640

You have a gun and they have already opened their mouth wide open.
Feed it lead, feed it brass, feed it it’s death.
No. 921181 ID: eeb7d9

The hell?! Is this kid possessed? Like that girl on Gallows job? Got any silver?
No. 921196 ID: a451fc
File 155019667842.png - (1.65MB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison8alt.png )

You break away from the demon's grasp and draw your gun. You fire a bullet right past it's teeth and hit the eye in the back of it's throat. The demon let's out a loud cry before falling to the ground lifeless.

Matzen materializes
MATZEN: So it's not just demonic looking tree's, there are demons in this dream too. That's just great, and from the look of it this things got a pretty strong Krueger effect to it...
YOU: Krueger effect?
MATZEN: It's a term used to describe anything that can kill a sleeping person through the Dream Plane. I don't know why these are here though.
No. 921198 ID: b1b4f3

Might be that Roland summoned them, after the enemy forced him to, or fooled him somehow?

Anyway you can't treat this like a normal combat scenario. Dream logic is gonna fuck up your tactics. Let's try the stealth approach first.
No. 921201 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe the land of dreams has been affected by the great amount of demons leaving in the human world, many of them are capable human-like thought, so they should be able to dream as well, or maybe humans that have contact with demons all the time shape this world in consequence, but that is just speculation. In any case, you need to get going. Get in that building.
No. 921205 ID: 91ee5f

>Krueger effect?
>It's a term used to describe anything that can kill a sleeping person through the Dream Plane.
So does that mean that if one of these things attacks Cenred, it’ll kill him? And if it does kill him, then that would let me wake up, right?

That’s a giant leap of logic that doesn’t make any sense at all. Would you mind explaining why you think anything involving demons tells us that Roland is somehow involved?
No. 921216 ID: b1b4f3

He's sleeping nearby, and there are no pagans in the enemy gang.
No. 921220 ID: 91ee5f

Just because he's sleeping nearby, that doesn't mean that he's involved. Also, wouldn't we only be seeing the demons that Roland has already seen and not these new things that we're seeing?

I think these are demons that naturally live in the Dream World.
No. 921231 ID: b1b4f3

Why didn't Matzen just offer that explanation then?
No. 921235 ID: 91ee5f

Because we didn't ask him to explain it and we're currently just guessing right now.
No. 921242 ID: b1b4f3

He outright said he doesn't know.
No. 921245 ID: 91ee5f

He said he didn't know why they're here. He never said he didn't know anything about them.
No. 921260 ID: b1b4f3

What? Sorry, did you forget what started this sequence of replies? The ENTIRE QUESTION is why they're here.
No. 921261 ID: 91ee5f

No, what started this sequence of replies was you jumping to the conclusion that because there are demons here, Roland must be involved.

And both of us are no closer to either proving or disproving if Roland is involved or not.
No. 921271 ID: b1b4f3

In an effort to explain WHY THEY WERE HERE. And I wasn't "jumping to conclusions", I was postulating. That's why I said "might be".

This entire exchange was pointless. Fucking stop nitpicking my suggestions, this is like the fifth time you've done so.
No. 921325 ID: 8bc1b2

Just YIKES out of there with your keycard, dream satan isn't even going to have a good luck trying to rip your throat off.
No. 921394 ID: a9af05

Take the keycard and go inside. Prepare for more of these things.
No. 921395 ID: a9af05

And make sure you keep the keycard with you in case it can also be used on any of the other doors inside.
No. 921426 ID: a451fc
File 155027695475.png - (1.20MB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison-FrontHallway1.png )

>Might be that Roland summoned them
MATZEN: Does this Roland summon demons often? Anyway that's unlikely, Cenred needs a name, a face, and general location, and from the look of Roland from your dream he doesn't seem to go without those face wraps often. Plus Cenred probably doesn't know his name so he probably didn't manipulate him through his dreams.

>Maybe the land of dreams has been affected by the great amount of demons leaving in the human world, many of them are capable human-like thought, so they should be able to dream as well.
MATZEN: No that can't be it, The Dream Plane is created solely by the sleeping souls of Humanity. Demons may dream, but it lacks the same energy that a human dream does...So unless these demon creatures we're dragged in like you we're then...That's it! Cenred must've done this.
YOU: So... this might be the thing Cenred "Figured out"?
MATZEN: Possibly, Cenred may have had access to a number of sedated demon's with a decent Krueger Effect and let them loose here...that mean's Cenred knew we'd come here eventually...That or the dream logic made it so,but enough of that, we need to keep moving.

You use the key card to open the gate and enter the Prison. Inside the front hallway your met with a row of doors, many of them seem stuck shut but one to the left of you seems locked with chains. More importantly next to the lock door stands...someone, you can't make out who it is but you see a figure leaning next to the door. There's a door broken off of it's hinges at the end of the hall.
No. 921427 ID: b1b4f3

Gun out, ask them to identify themselves.
No. 921437 ID: a9af05

Careful when approaching that guy, there's no telling what might happen.

And watch out for that security camera up there. There's no telling who could be watching.
No. 921439 ID: 4294c6

Why are we taking this slow? We've got a revolver with infinite ammo. Just shoot everything, lol.
No. 921447 ID: 91ee5f

>Does this Roland summon demons often?
He doesn’t summon demons, but he does have this weird ability to become friends with demons.

>Possibly, Cenred may have had access to a number of sedated demon's with a decent Krueger Effect and let them loose here...that mean's Cenred knew we'd come here eventually...That or the dream logic made it so, but enough of that, we need to keep moving.
“And to think that I was starting to get less worried now that I’ve got a gun with infinite ammo. Now I’m all worried again. I’m really hoping there’s a way to eventually get infinite silver bullets, that would make dealing with the demons much easier.”

Just because we have infinite ammo, that doesn’t mean that we should use it carelessly.
No. 921461 ID: a451fc
File 155029192622.png - (425.22KB , 1558x1064 , JohnnyG.png )

You draw your gun and take aim at the figure
YOU: Who's there?

As you step closer the distortion around their body fades, like a channel on a television tuning in. You see the figure's face.
JOHNNY-G: Jeez, I get not remembering every random murder victim's face but to not recognize your old pal? I am hurt Mister Porter truly you have wounded me even in death
JOHNNY-G: This place brings back memories don't it? Course it may be the head trauma but things look a bit different, I don't think there was nearly as much concrete...

Johnny turns his head to the chained door, his neck makes a horrible cracking sound as it moves.
JOHNNY-G: This door in particular, reminds me of that time Channing was in a shitty mood with how his goons coordinated themselves, it was fucking ridiculous how those grown men couldn't even line up right. Channing kept getting pissed because no one could keep themselves in the right position...
JOHNNY: 'Course we didn't need to worry 'bout that since Channing had some semblance of trust in our abilities to follow simple orders, emphasis on HAD. I'd be worried 'bout getting punished for not doin' my job right, but bein' dead means I get to avoid that...You probably won't get that luxury though if he get's his hands on you...Then again he was always lenient with you wasn't he?
No. 921465 ID: d3602f

I didn't think I'd ever see you again. I'm sorry about the killing you thing, but I really don't think Channing is going to go easy on me, he already sicked Chucklehead and Chains on my ass. God knows I wish we could have all walked away.

So, is this really you? Is Jitter here too? Matzen only got here because his angel had dream powers.

And have you seen any organs around here? Or a disembodied head?
No. 921467 ID: 91ee5f

Who.....? Oh, right, he’s the guy that teamed up with the snake lady and attacked you when you went to get your cactus and you got that meteorite shard for Roland.

Unless he’s going to tell you anything helpful (which I doubt he will since you killed him), you’re probably better off just walking past him.
No. 921476 ID: b1b4f3

Old pal? What a load of crap. Flip him off and keep going.
No. 921578 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, so he still has me in such a high regard to try to get me back as well? I am flattered. Anyway, why are you here? I am to pretty sure i didn't wanted to see you again, so what is your deal? You're going help, or you are going to bother me again? The later didn't went well for you last time.
No. 921587 ID: a451fc
File 155035402773.png - (462.75KB , 1558x1064 , JohnnyG2.png )

>Old pal? What a load of crap.
JOHNNY-G: What? You're STILL mad at me? Come on you already killed me didn't ya? It should be a good rule of thumb that if you kill someone you're mad at, you can't be mad anymore. It's only fair

>So, is this really you?
>I am to pretty sure i didn't wanted to see you again, so what is your deal?
JOHNNY-G: Yeah, basically. I'm kinda haunting you, but only because we share a memory of this place. Dream logic's weird on it's own, but then you add the afterlife to it and it just becomes a fuckin' mess to understand. Anyway it don't matter if ya wanna see me. I'm here.

> I really don't think Channing is going to go easy on me, he already sicked Chucklehead and Chains on my ass
JOHNNY-G: Oh shit did he? Well maybe he's a little more mad this time then normal, but you know Channing's always had his fuckin' mood swings

>God knows I wish we could have all walked away.
JOHNNY-G: Oh Troy let's be real I'm a fuckin' criminal. I did terrible things for money and I tried to kill ya wholeheartedly without question 'cuz honestly? I didn't like ya that much in all a' the five years we worked together...but really don't feel like any a' that matter's now that I'm dead.

>Seen any organs, a head maybe?
JOHNNY-G: Some weird dipshit with piercing's was runnin' 'round with a wet paper bag, smelled like somethin' foul, and I did see a head 'round here, down that door way at the end 'a the hall
No. 921592 ID: eeb7d9

Well, that actually helps. Thank you, really. I guess i can't stay mad at you, don't have a reason either. I see you in my dreams, i guess, maybe.
No. 921593 ID: 91ee5f

>It should be a good rule of thumb that if you kill someone you're mad at, you can't be mad anymore. It's only fair.
Just because we’re not mad at him anymore, that doesn’t mean that he’s not mad at you for killing him. If you’re not careful, he may try to get you killed to get back at you.

>Some weird dipshit with piercing's was runnin' 'round with a wet paper bag, smelled like somethin' foul, and I did see a head 'round here, down that door way at the end 'a the hall.
Let’s go get that head. Julia might give us something to help us get through this place if we return her head to her.
No. 921608 ID: 8bc1b2

You're pretty cool after all, Johnny G, I guess you can't be a psycho after being dead, huh? See you later, we're kinda trying to not stay dead right now.
No. 921627 ID: b1b4f3

Thanks. Let's go get the head first.
No. 921788 ID: a9af05

When someone you killed is haunting you, it's because they're holding a grudge against you and they usually attempt to kill you from beyond the grave.

Be careful how much you believe what he tells you and look out for imprints of his attacks, like he used against you when he was alive.

>What do?
Go look for that head.
No. 921889 ID: a451fc
File 155044586142.png - (878.23KB , 1558x1064 , ThePrison-SecondHallway1.png )

>look out for imprints of his attacks
JOHNNY-G: C'mon Troy you outta know you don't keep your angel after you die, sometimes the lucky ones get to keep their powers. I don't know what causes it but...wait did you not know that? Jeez you must be stuck with a real hard ass angel if it won't even tell you basic information

You thank Johnny and move on, it was...unexpected to see him here. Kinda awkward talking to someone you killed not too long ago.

You head through the door at the end of the hallway, there are two doors to the left of you, a set of double doors to your right, and a figure crouching down near the end of the hall.
No. 921894 ID: 4294c6

Check the lock on the double doors. See if you can shoot it off.
No. 921898 ID: 91ee5f

That first door on the left looks like a bathroom.

>crouching figure
Might as well get a little closer and see who it is. But be careful, this guy might actually attack you.
No. 921903 ID: eeb7d9

I would like to know who that is. If it is friendly, good, if it's not, we deal with it. Better to know their intentions now than to deal with it later in a more disadvantageous position.
No. 921909 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, approach the figure the same as you did the last one.
No. 921937 ID: a451fc
File 155045289104.png - (479.81KB , 1558x1064 , Jitter1.png )

The same as last time you approach the blurry figure as it comes into focus. It's Jitter, She's sitting quietly on the ground. Her face pale and her vein's bulging, it look's like she died of some sort of poison? You remember her being alive when Ichigo took, and you don't see why he'd do that to her. She must've done it to herself, possible from fear of going back to Channing after failing her mission. Channing does expect his troops to carry cyanide capsules on them. There are scratches on the wall next to her. A lot of it seems like gibberish, but you can make some parts out

I can never escape, like a snake trying to outrun it's tail I will always be followed. If I escape this monster I will face the wrath of Channing himself, I don't know which is worse...I'm scared even when I die I won't get to be free from this fear, the tiger always follows the rabbit...

There's another sentence beneath it

My real name is Belinda, it was a terrible name. Nobody killed me but myself

You try to talk to Jitter, but as usual she doesn't respond.

You fire a shot at the lock, but the bullet ricochets off of it barely leaving a scratch.
No. 921942 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her it's over now. She did her duty and stayed loyal to the end, Channing will have no ill will over her.

Enter the door next to her.
No. 921946 ID: d3602f

Damn, I want to comfort her but I'm not sure what to say. I guess tell her that we'll deal with the monster she's talking about. Did Cenred do something to her? If the monster and him are two different individuals, we'll deal with him too. He is Channing's last influence in the dream realm, and once he's gone she can rest, he won't be able to reach her anymore.

Then go through the door next to her.
No. 921971 ID: a451fc
File 155046024982.png - (387.88KB , 1558x1064 , Closet.png )

>If the monster and him are two different individuals, we'll deal with him too.
You assume by "Monster" She means Ichigo, he was the last person to have her. Cenred has no reason to be after anyone except for you, and Jitter and Johnny-G are both dead already.

You offer some words of comfort for what good they are, She doesn't even look at you, or maybe she does. it's hard to tell when her eyes are like that...

>The Door next to her
You open the door next to Jitter, it's a closet. On the shelf are a few metal coins, old world quarters, and your lighter! Now all you need is some cigarettes. There are also some letters son the back of the closet wall too.
No. 921983 ID: eeb7d9

s that written with blood? What is that red stan in the shelf?
Take the coins too, you can use them for the vending machine next to the headless girl.
No. 921986 ID: d3602f

I'm not sure it matters whether it's blood or paint in the dream world, it could have manifested that way for all we know.

Take the stuff and go through that other door nearby.
No. 922008 ID: b1b4f3

Collect items, open the other door.
Not sure what this writing is, yet.
No. 922029 ID: 91ee5f

Take your lighter and the coins.

I think it might be numbers that you’re pronouncing out loud, kinda like the color puzzle from the previous dream area.

Only I’ve got no idea what the numbers could be.
No. 922092 ID: a451fc
File 155052368568.png - (503.83KB , 1558x1064 , Bathroom1.png )

You pocket the items and enter the bathroom next to the closet.

The bathroom's in squalor. One of the sinks is even missing from the wall. There are three bathroom stalls against the wall and a small vent next to your foot, you can make out a shape inside of it. There's an AC unit next to the mirror.

You can hear breathing coming from one of the stalls...
No. 922115 ID: 0bacb6

Call out. Do you smell anything unusual?
No. 922118 ID: b1b4f3

This is probably another demon. Look under the door of the stall to see if you can get a clean shot. If not, step away and try to get them to come out.
No. 922160 ID: 91ee5f

Is there anything in the hole where that tile on the floor is crooked?

>something in the vent
If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use a coin to unscrew the vent and get whatever is in there.

I wonder if this is one of those haunted mirror clichés? Maybe your reflection will jump out of the mirror to try and attack you? Or maybe when you look in the mirror, instead of seeing your own reflection, there’s something else there mimicking your movements?

Then again, this could be a situation where the enemy is invisible and you can only see where they are based on their reflection in the mirror?

>You can hear breathing coming from one of the stalls...
Look under the stalls to see if you can see any feet.
No. 922190 ID: a451fc
File 155054195103.png - (599.71KB , 1558x1064 , Toilet1.png )

>Do you smell anything unusual?
Yes. Well, You're in a poorly kept bathroom so it all smells a little funky.

>If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use a coin to unscrew the vent and get whatever is in there.
You attempt to use a quarter to unscrew the vent, but it's bolted on. You can sort of see inside now that you look closer. It's something attached to the top of the vent with a blinking red light on the side...it looks like a fire detector? Whys that in a vent?

>Is there anything in the hole where that tile on the floor is crooked?

>The Stall
You draw your gun and carefully look beneath the middle stall where the breathing is coming from, you don't see any feet. You then lift yourself onto one of the other stalls to look inside of it, you see something in the toilet. You open the stall and are met with a severed head in a dry toilet, though it's not Julia's. You recognize this joker, his hushed voice whispers in your head.

MULE: Well well well! (: if it isn't my good friend Troy! (: God I was hoping you'd died a while ago ):< Oh don't give me that look it's your fault I'm like this now! O:< You snatched my package right out from under my nose and I got the shaft for it! |:< Now Channing's gonna kill you and get the Seraphim! (: You've just wasted time and lives you fucking loser (:
MULE: And I get fucking stuck in this toilet why??? ):< I remember this bathroom |: Last place we met before I went on the run to deliver the stuff and you fucking stole it! D:< I hated this place! ):< The plumbing was always weird! |: If you dropped something down the sink it would get stuck in the pipes in the laundry room behind here! ): Then you'd have to flush one of the toilets to push it out of the pipe onto the ground, cause the pipes in there are shit too! D:< And guess what? (: The toilets almost never had water in 'em )':> So you couldn't flush em!!! D:<
MULE: ...Where was I going with that? ?:< Oh yeah, I hope Channing breaks you into pieces Troy! (:< Take some toilet paper! :D Maybe your ghost can use it to clean up the mess you're going to leave behind (:

The Toilet lid shuts suddenly, and when you open it again Mule's head is gone, what a jack ass.
No. 922201 ID: b1b4f3

...are we out of rooms to explore?
Check the other toilets.
No. 922205 ID: 575ec0

There's another room behind the sinks. Blow some holes in the wall with that there gun.
No. 922206 ID: d3602f

You think that fire detector could activate some sprinklers and get some water for the toilets? Take some toilet paper and burn it in the vent.
No. 922223 ID: a451fc
File 155054689349.gif - (671.41KB , 1200x820 , Thisway.gif )

The other toilet stalls, lack toilets completely and have nothing of interest in them. And you aren't out of rooms If you recall correctly there was a room next to Johnny's ghost in the first hallway...
No. 922224 ID: a451fc
File 155054691028.png - (227.55KB , 1558x1064 , Airevents1.png )

You pop some shots in the mirror...there's nothing behind it.

That could work. You burn some toilet paper with your lighter and shove it through the vent slit, the smoke doesn't reach the detector though? There must be a vent above it bringing in the smoke. You can't really push the light tissue paper in further with such small vent slits, but you're sure the tissue paper is still useful somehow...
No. 922227 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah but it's LOCKED.

Can you shoot open the vent?
No. 922239 ID: 91ee5f

There are AC controls on the wall next to the mirror and above the vent.

Perhaps if you turn the AC off, the vents will stop sucking the smoke away from the smoke detector?
No. 922240 ID: 91ee5f

Of course, once we do flush the toilet, we’d have to look for the laundry room to get anything that may have fallen out of the pipes.
No. 922276 ID: a451fc
File 155055873240.png - (707.53KB , 1558x1064 , Backfire.png )

>Yeah but it's LOCKED.
That's true...but the way Johnny drew attention to the door made it seem like more than a normal door. Maybe examining it again could help.

>Can you shoot open the vent?
You pull out your gun and fire at the bolts, your bullet once again ricochets off of the vent and hit's you right in the forehead. Luckily you can't kill yourself in this dream, but it kind of hurts. Looks like that won't work.
No. 922277 ID: a451fc
File 155055873727.png - (218.94KB , 1558x1064 , Airevents2.png )

>Perhaps if you turn the AC off, the vents will stop sucking the smoke away from the smoke detector?
You press the only functioning button on the AC panel. Instead of turning off the AC it increases the force of the sucking and pulls the tissue square up into the vent. You then see it fall out of a secondary vent behind the fire detector. The square has moved underneath the detector, but the flame has been extinguished from the fast trip through the vent.
No. 922278 ID: 4294c6

Use the doors to reach through a piece of toilet paper and grab the smoke detector.
No. 922281 ID: d3602f

Not sure why we'd want to grab the detector itself. But the doors would be useful here. Put another piece of toilet paper inside, and use one of the papers to burn the other. You know, so you don't lose your hand or cut your hand off by deactivating the portal. You can't die, but I bet limb removal would still be a problem.
No. 922284 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, can we even use The Doors here?
No. 922310 ID: 91ee5f

>shot yourself
Note to self: Trying to shoot something open is dangerous. Don’t do that anymore.

Use The Doors to reach through the piece of toilet paper and place another piece of toilet paper right under the smoke detector. Then light it on fire with your lighter and quickly pull your hand back out.
No. 922318 ID: a9af05

>Maybe examining it again could help.
Then let's do that after we get the sprinklers working and we flush the toilets...and figure out where the laundry room is.

>Shot self
Ok, no trying to shoot things open anymore because that's clearly not going to work!

Use The Doors to reach through the toilet paper and light it on fire. You might want to place a 2nd piece of toilet paper in there and light that one on fire, so that you don't set your arm on fire by lighting the one your hand is going through on fire.
No. 922354 ID: eeb7d9

HAHAHAHA could you imagine killing yourself in the real world using The Doors? That would be so fucking lame!

Aahh anyway, try using the portal with your hand this time. if nothing happens, let's take a look at the closed door once more.
No. 922360 ID: a9af05

You should also ask Matzen if you need to worry about that bullet in your head when you wake up.

Normally, it wouldn't matter because it's a dream, but since this is all being caused by an enemy Stand Saint, I worry that may affect you in the real world.
No. 922368 ID: df5c09

Grab a roll of toilet paper and start unrolling it into the vent. The airflow ought to pull the length of toilet paper up and around so its end is under the smoke detector. Once it's there, turn the AC to low speed, rip the toilet paper roll off and light the end of the length of toilet paper sticking out of the vent. It should burn up the length of toilet paper and reach the end under the smoke detector.
No. 922411 ID: a451fc
File 155062826761.png - (0.96MB , 1558x1064 , Toilet2.png )

>Use The Doors, Light the paper
Matzen did say The Doors should work just fine while you're sleeping. You light your lighter and carefully push it through a square of toilet paper in your hand into the square of paper in the vent, Just enough so the flame is through but the rest of your lighter and hand aren't. The toilet paper in the vent catches fire and the smoke alarm in the vent goes off activating the sprinklers.

You can hear the toilet in the stall filling with water, much faster then should be possible. Though now it's possible to flush. You do so, and as the water flushes down the pipes you can hear an odd rattling in the floor, then in the wall, and finally far away in the quiet prison you can hear something metallic hit the floor in a distant room.
No. 922412 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's nice but we're still out of openable rooms, unless we can pull some more The Doors nonsense to get somewhere new.

Oh wait, there was a vending machine where we came in. Let's go use the coins on it.
No. 922414 ID: d3602f

It was hinted that we might be able to do something with that chained door. Let's take a closer look.
No. 922424 ID: 91ee5f

Read: >>922276 , where Troy said maybe examining the door next to Johnny-G’s ghost could help.

Let’s go look at the chained door to see if we can open it. Because I’ve got a feeling that this: >>921971 , will help us open that door.
No. 922425 ID: eeb7d9

Let's look of it.
No. 922479 ID: a451fc
File 155065238188.png - (903.89KB , 1558x1064 , Lockdoor.png )

>The chained door
You return to the front hallway and examine the chained door closer. The chains around the door frame are secured with a combination lock, and oddly there are five locks to the left of the frame secured to the wall and bolted together so the combination wheels can't be moved. Each lock has a number next to it and some of them have little markings like arrows and check marks by them.

The lock on the chain needs three numbers...
No. 922483 ID: 4294c6

No. 922488 ID: a451fc
File 155065876640.png - (969.92KB , 1558x1064 , Lockdoorwrong.png )

That code doesn't work
No. 922493 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this: >>921971 , is the clue we need to open this. I’m still unsure of what it is though.

>Each lock has a number next to it and some of them have little markings like arrows and check marks by them.
I only see the arrows. Where are the check marks?
No. 922496 ID: a9af05

>Locked door
Remember: Don't try to shoot it open!

Oh fuck, this is going to be hard.
No. 922501 ID: a9af05

I think you're right.

This might be wrong, but I found that if you hold your tongue and try pronouncing certain numbers, it kinda sounds like that writing.

Basically, it's like this:
WN]] = one
WN]] = one
HE]]BIT]]LE]] = seventy
E]]O]] = zero

I'll guess that the answer is 072. If that's not right, then I hate to do this so early in the puzzle, but I'd like to ask for a hint, please.
No. 922503 ID: d3602f

Anyone have any ideas what the arrows are for? There are three of them pointing to seperate codes, with the third, next to a 2, having two of them.

I'm actually not sure the closet code is the code for this either.
No. 922506 ID: a451fc
File 155068712409.png - (969.92KB , 1558x1064 , Lockdoorwrong.png )

>Where are the check marks?
Oh...You must've looked at it wrong, there are no check marks.

>Yeah, I’m pretty sure this: >>921971 , is the clue we need to open this.
That code doesn't work. The method used also neglects the arrows and numbers here on the wall. You don't think those weird letters have anything to do with this.

>any ideas what the arrows are for?

Matzen's voice whispers in your head.
MATZEN: I feel like...maybe the arrows have something to do with the order of the numbers on the lock? Like some of the numbers need to be moved to different positions to be correct?
No. 922509 ID: a9af05

>Closet code has nothing to do with this.
Oops, sorry about that!

>I feel like...maybe the arrows have something to do with the order of the numbers on the lock? Like some of the numbers need to be moved to different positions to be correct?
Ok, so it's a logic puzzle.

Then I'm guessing that the numbers to the left tell us how many correct numbers there are on each of the locks. And if we include what Matzen said about the arrows, then it should be something like this:

The top lock has 1 correct number in the correct position.

The 2nd lock has 1 correct number that's in the wrong position and needs to be moved to be correct.

The 3rd lock has 2 correct numbers in the wrong position that need to be moved.

The 4th lock has no correct numbers at all.

And the last lock has 1 correct number that needs to be moved to the correct position.

Figuring out the correct numbers and putting them in the correct position will give us the combination for the lock on the door.
No. 922510 ID: 055cbc

Oh, is this codebreaker? number represents correct numbers, arrows represent wrong place

No. 922511 ID: 4294c6

No. 922513 ID: a451fc
File 155068926178.png - (811.95KB , 1558x1064 , Piperoom.png )

The lock clicks open and releases the chains binding the frame. You enter the door.

Inside is a a pretty bare room, nothing really worth locking at first glance, but you see something shining on the floor underneath a broken pipe on the wall and more weird letters on the wall.
No. 922521 ID: b1b4f3

Dodge, incoming from above.
No. 922522 ID: 4294c6

Down Down
The Rabbit Hole
We Go

There's a dude hanging from the ceiling.
No. 922523 ID: 343cbf

Is that O supposed to be a G?
No. 922524 ID: 91ee5f

>you see something shining on the floor underneath a broken pipe on the wall
That must be from when you flushed the toilet.

Also, there’s someone above you! Dodge towards the shiny thing to grab it and get out of the way of whoever is above you!
No. 922525 ID: a451fc
File 155069382839.png - (764.40KB , 1558x1064 , Piperoom1.png )

What do you mean? It's obviously a...oh no it's a G, that's weird you could've sworn it was...never mind.

>Above you
You look up and...oh god that's disgusting. Not dangerous but...Christ

>Shiny object
You walk over and look at the small shiny item...it's a key.
No. 922526 ID: b1b4f3

Yay, a key. Well, we know of one lock let's grab it and use it- wait what's that box in the corner?
No. 922534 ID: 2870a3

try seeing if the body will talk like the rest of your murder victims
who knows
No. 922536 ID: eeb7d9

Check out that cabinet looking thing. Now we just have to find where to use the key! Maybe we can use it in that cabinet, actually.
No. 922547 ID: b6c077

What is the body hanging from?
No. 922549 ID: 91ee5f

Take the key and check the box in the corner.

Then try talking to the hanging body. All the other dead guys were talking to you, so maybe this one will also talk to you?

>Now we just have to find where to use the key!
The double doors in the hallway here: >>921889 , had a lock that looked like it needed a key.
No. 922552 ID: 575ec0

The previous graphitti...

No. 922661 ID: cc6465

[Insert obligatory "what's in the box?!" joke here.]
No. 922814 ID: a451fc
File 155088720671.png - (739.61KB , 1558x1064 , Cloth.png )

>try seeing if the body will talk like the rest of your murder victims
>What is the body hanging from?
No, you don't want to look at it anymore and you don't want to hear what kind of noises it makes.

>What's in the box?
You open the box off to the side of the room. Inside is a square of soft fabric, a bit tattered but still intact. Along with a small note.

I wanted to make something with the extra fabric. I thought about handkerchiefs but I don't see anyone spending money on them, so here's some extra fabric I can't really use. You don't mind me passing off stuff I don't want onto you right?

You take the key and the cloth, there's nothing else in the room you want to examine.
No. 922823 ID: b1b4f3

What about the body you want to examine the body right

Anything on the other side of the cloth?
Let's go put coins in the vending machine.
No. 922824 ID: d3602f

Let's go and unlock that door with the key we found.

Troy just said that he really doesn't want to look at it.
No. 922826 ID: b1b4f3

That's the joke.
Also whoops you're right I forgot we only need one key for that door. I still wanna use coins on the vending machine but I guess it could wait...
No. 922829 ID: 58ccd4

we should use the vending machine and unlock the door. dont care what order
No. 922839 ID: a9af05

Let's go unlock that door with the key.

Ask Matzen if you'll remember any of this once you wake up? Because sometimes people don't remember their dreams when they wake up and you'd really like to remember Channing's brother, the mask wearing asshole named Naos, so that you can be on the look out for him and get some payback for killing Matzen.
No. 922856 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s go unlock that locked door!

>Will we remember what Matzen told us about Naos?
Speaking of Naos, did Roland tell Troy about the tournament he was in? Because if he did, then hopefully Troy does remember all of that, so that he can warn Roland to stay away from Naos!
No. 922939 ID: a451fc
File 155098056456.png - (1.43MB , 1558x2128 , Zodiacdoor.png )

>Will you remember any of this?
MATZEN: You should, this isn't a normal dream state so you should be fine.

>Did Roland tell Troy about the tournament he was in?
You don't remember Roland telling you anything about a tournament.

>Use coins on vending machine
You think about doing that, but remember there not being any menu or list of products on the thing. You could probably ask Julia if you needed to, but you feel like you'd have to find some sort of code to use first.

>Use key, Open door
You open the double doors in the second hallway.Past the doors is another hallway with a multitude of empty cells and another locked door at the end of the hall. Next to it is a panel lined with drawings animals. A Tiger, Mouse, Rabbit, Snake, and a Pig all with arrow buttons above and below the image.
No. 922944 ID: b1b4f3

Ah... well we have one hint. The tiger always follows the rabbit. Also, down down the rabbit hole we go.

Hmm, try rabbit: down down. Then tiger: down down.
No. 922949 ID: d3602f

You're definitely onto something, but that isn't it.

>I can never escape, like a SNAKE trying to outrun it's tail I will always be followed. If I escape this monster I will face the wrath of Channing himself, I don't know which is worse...I'm scared even when I die I won't get to be free from this fear, the tiger always follows the rabbit...

The snake is followed by something, but is the snake up or down? And what follows it?
No. 922961 ID: 91ee5f

>empty cells
Are you sure they’re empty? There’s nothing in the corner, on the walls, or on the ceiling?

>The snake is followed by something, but is the snake up or down? And what follows it?
All of these animals are from the Chinese Zodiac. Would it help if we looked at a Chinese Zodiac calendar? Maybe the order of the animals on the calendar would help? Or maybe not all of the animals are used and only some of them are animals see in the combination?
No. 922967 ID: b1b4f3

That sentence is just talking about the snake chasing itself. It's followed by itself, which means it can't be part of the puzzle. We only have the rabbit and the tiger linked together.
No. 922968 ID: b1b4f3

Also only the line about the tiger and rabbit is bolded.
No. 922969 ID: a451fc
File 155099105352.png - (379.88KB , 1558x1064 , Julia'sBox.png )

>try rabbit: down down. Then tiger: down down.
You press the buttons in that order and the door opens.

Inside you find something cube-shaped covered by a white cloth dripping blood onto the platform it sits on. A quick peek underneath reveals a small cage with feminine looking head inside, this one doesn't seem interested in talking. Looks like you found Julia's head...There's a note underneath the cage.

I might come over later and show you how to knit a little. The square of cloth I sent you was part of a larger shipment, took me forever to get and you wouldn't believe the cards I had to spend but it'll be so worth it! I even made myself a dress out of it and it's beautiful! Hopefully your group will still be in town so you'll get to see it! (・ωー)~☆
No. 922970 ID: a451fc
File 155099106106.png - (1.33MB , 1558x2128 , Bad Dream 1-2.png )

You take the cage. As you pick it up you can hear slamming as the bar's of the cells around you open up. The once empty cells now stretch into long dark hallways. You hear a voice coming from behind you.

CENRED: Holy shit. You're actually moving around in here. I wasn't sure 'til I found this gross fucking bag. How the hell did you slip out of my grasp? Y'know what it doesn't matter. Channing was right, those demons were a good back up plan for you. Now you can either drop whatever you got there and come along quietly. Or you can fucking die here. Channing's in a pretty good mood so you shouldn't be in too much trouble if you come back.

You can hear distressed sobbing coming from the empty cells.
No. 922971 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Can you use dream logic to escape to Julia through the handkerchief via The Doors? It's the same material as her dress.
Alternatively you could use The Doors to escape through the tiles. There are floor tiles everywhere in here, you should be able to go straight back to the entrance with Julia's head.
No. 922972 ID: d3602f

Actually, how big is the piece of fabric? Because I imagine it being around the size of an open palm, which is definitely not big enough for us to escape through. She also might be too far away for that, although maybe dream mechanics could effect the range.

Wait... He's holding a bag with one of Matzen's organs. It's separate. Matzen, we need to shoot you!
No. 922973 ID: b1b4f3

I kinda doubt we can kill Cenred here, only the demons should have that power. Also we shouldn't because he's holding the dream together isn't he?

I don't know how to get the bag away from him. Maybe shoot his hand through the floor tiles, then grab the bag through another tile-portal?
No. 922975 ID: 91ee5f

>You can hear distressed sobbing coming from the empty cells.
The demons are coming!

He’s standing under a metal air vent cover and the cage with Julia's head is also made of metal. Put your gun to the bottom of the outside of the cage and use The Doors to shoot through it and have the bullets come out of the vent above him!
No. 922977 ID: 91ee5f

We could also whisper to Matzen to ask if he’s got an idea of what to do right now.

Even though he’s not at full power, he should be able to do something that can help, right?
No. 922988 ID: a451fc
File 155100235483.png - (0.97MB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream 3.png )

>Escape through dress cloth
You can't fit through it! Maybe an arm or your head sure but it's not big enough for you to leave out of.

>Use the tiles
The tile's in the floor are broken by the resin between them. While they are separate surfaces again none of them are big enough for you to escape through fully.

>He's holding a bag with one of Matzen's organs. It's separate. Matzen, we need to shoot you!
Matzen's still too ethereal to be touched, and in this form The Doors won't work on him. Getting another organ should make him more solid.

>Shoot through the cage out of the vent.
You fire into the head cage and release the bullet out of the vent above Cenred. It hits him right in the head, but it doesn't kill him.
CENRED: You've got no Krueger effect Troy, that tickled but my body's still intact so it isn't too much of a hassle...the demons will take care of you...

The light's in the hallway flicker off, and when they return Cenred is nowhere to be seen. The vent above him opened. The cries get louder and louder.

DEMONS: =\i$?6U=Hp<$4k'<$4b3+@ek"+B_K?+@K",:*<\8<?OXp:+'!`9LVo'8Q6g&78tC4:K8N*:KL:6=\i$?6U=Hp<$4k'<$4b3+@ek"+B_K?+@K",:&
DEMONS: 9gM]W78b7-84=Xh6!5=084?8r91;9G+@K!s:.HF+83p2t792iT=Wg*u=WgF);cH1`+B1m#+@JLu+B1m#:*<1u78P*p:J";O+B1lt<$4V178d826pXru9gM]W78b7-84=Xh6!5=084?8r91;9G+@K!s:.HF+83p2t792iT=Wg*u=T
DEMONS: 8LI2*+@8Lj8OZZK+A#<N=\i$?792iP+BM*&:*<;-+AYa$+@St&73Fuo78k=#-VR2V6:FR>792i"8PUC2:K8N+<^fb+=%GbT+AP]T:JO>$78-WK+@K!o;]nXZ9M?Qq78-9A<^e-&:*<\8<?O_278=t,84?8r:/<!.:.69o9N+A&6r-6M
No. 922998 ID: 91ee5f

Use The Doors to go through the door that had Julia's head behind it and out the opposite side of the door leading into this room so that you’ll end up back in the hallway where Jitter’s/Belinda‘s ghost is!
No. 923069 ID: b1b4f3

Ah yes this should work. Just need to close the door again.

I guess we could use the dress cloth to hand Julia some coins...? I'm honestly not sure what we can use the thing for otherwise.
No. 923114 ID: df5c09

>I'm honestly not sure what we can use the thing for otherwise.
Roland could also stick his head through the cloth to speak with Julia, either after or before handing the coins over, to ask her if she's got anything that could either get him outta here or hold off these demons.

Oh, I got a idea for a potential way out. If Julia still has some of the roll of fabric she used for her dress then Roland could reach through the scrap fabric he has to pull a larger piece cut from that roll through. Then he can enter that larger piece and exit via Julia's dress.
No. 923116 ID: 91ee5f

You meant to say Troy, right?
No. 923124 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah let's try this.
No. 923130 ID: df5c09

Oh, derp. Yeah, I meant Troy.
No. 923227 ID: e06908

I’m pretty sure the demons speech is a code. Several parts are repeated, so those bits might be the same thing before being encoded.
Can’t figure out what it is, though, anyone good with codes and cyphers know?
No. 923232 ID: 91ee5f

No. 923233 ID: d3602f

I'm okay with number/letter ciphers. Ciphers with symbols though are out for me.
No. 923235 ID: b1b4f3

Even if it is a simple letter substitution cipher, it lacks spaces. That in itself makes it an order of magnitude harder to crack, so I generally don't attempt it in that case.
No. 923294 ID: a9af05

This should work!

I don't think we need to close the door if it just swung open, which it looks like it did.

We'd only need to close it if the door slid into the wall in order to open.
No. 923295 ID: 4294c6

I bet Heretic is just trolling us with a red herring.
No. 923363 ID: d3602f

I don't think he was even trying, I think we're just overthinking everything.
No. 923420 ID: 055cbc

We sort of have to, or we will miss something. It's a puzzle dungeon. That said, the demon text has 83 unique characters. It's not a simple substitution cipher.
No. 923425 ID: 91ee5f

If we still haven’t figured it out by the time Troy escapes from the Dream World and wakes up in the Real World, we can always go to the disthread and ask Heretic if there was any sort of secret message in the dream demon’s dialogue.
No. 923454 ID: a9af05

Now that I think about it, why are we stopping at the hall with Jitter's ghost? Let's keep going!

First we do what >>922998 said and then we use The Doors to go through the door we just came out of and come out of the opposite side of the door at the end of that hallway, so that we end up here >>921426 where Johnny's ghost is. Then do it again to get on the opposite side of the door leading outside, so that we'll be outside!
No. 923630 ID: cbdfa8

because some part of us wants to comfort Jitters
No. 923639 ID: a9af05

I don't think we'll be able to do that while running from the demons that are going to be chasing us.
No. 923646 ID: cbdfa8

I know but we could always come back.....
No. 923665 ID: fc4380

If we talk to Julia, we should say that we found her head, but now we're in a bit of trouble and it would be in her interests to help us.
No. 923921 ID: a451fc
File 155149985388.png - (833.31KB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream Maze 1.png )

>What are the demon's saying
It all just sounds like static-y mumbling to you, you don't think it's anything important though.

>Stick head through cloth, talk to Julia
You push your head through the cloth and out of the front of Julia's dress.
JULIA: (ಠ ∩ಠ) Wow, sticking your head out of someone's chest is so fucking rude. (╬ಠ益ಠ) What the hell do you want?

>hand Julia some coins
JULIA: Sure I can keep these for you mister, but you can't order something without giving me a code ╮(╯_╰)╭

>Ask for more fabric
JULIA: (◞‸◟)I don't have any more on me...

>Leave through one door and out to the entrance of the prison
The two doors are made of the same material, you jump through the door that was holding Julia's head and exit...into another room? You swear you aimed for the prison entrance...

MATZEN: Troy! You're being pulled further into the dream! Cenred's ability is almost finished working, if you don't hurry you're screwed!

Your look around the room you're caught in, there's a trail of blood leading to another door, possibly left by Cenred after being shot. You can still hear the quiet murmuring of demons around you.
No. 923922 ID: d3602f

Shit, looks like we don't have the time to give Julia her head back, we need that bag now.

Follow the blood, get Cenred.
No. 923923 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, you could probably deliver Julia's head through the cloth if your own head fits. You can get it out of the cage by portaling it through the bottom out the top.
No. 923924 ID: 4294c6

Maybe the vending machine can open the doors. Ask her to input C1.
No. 923925 ID: 575ec0

If Doors C1 C2 and C3 are ahead of you, then look behind you real quick and pick up the C4.
No. 923948 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, we can just stick the cloth through the bars of the cage and send her head through like that.

Let’s at least give Julia a heads up so she knows to catch her head when it comes through!

>Input C1
If the vending machine does open these doors, then don’t waste our money on opening the wrong door!

We should input C3!
No. 923949 ID: d3602f

Guys, let's at least try to physically open them first. It would be kind of stupid to do all this for doors that may not even be locked.
No. 923951 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah I mean even if C3 is a trap we don't know which of the other doors to use. It would be nice to at least look at C4 first though.
...hang on, the blood splatter is bigger near C3. Doesn't that imply the bleeding was heavier at the door, then the smaller drops are when Cenred moved away from the door? Yes, I think that's what happened here. Cenred waited at the door for the blood to stop, then walked away from it towards the door he actually used. Which is the door we just teleported to.

Go through C4.
No. 923953 ID: 4294c6

We don't want to go deeper, so we should go in the opposite direction that the blood is in.
No. 923955 ID: b1b4f3

We need to at least get the organ from Cenred first. If we collect the organs then Matzen can save Troy from the dream.
No. 923958 ID: 91ee5f

Since Matzen has seen his organ, does that mean he can detect where it is more accurately now? Because if he can, he can just point us in the right direction towards his organ!
No. 924094 ID: 58b4f3

We should give Julia her head back. She said that she's give us something we'd badly want ( >>919637 ) and I've got a feeling that we're going to need whatever that is in order to get through the rest of this dream.
No. 924274 ID: a451fc
File 155166749194.png - (483.50KB , 1039x709 , Bad Dream 5.png )

>Wait, you could probably deliver Julia's head through the cloth if your own head fits.
You could, the bars and the ends of the cage aren't connected so The Doors can work. You drop the head through the bottom of the cage and out of the top, then pass it through the cloth giving it to Julia. You wait for a little, then you feel something wet touch your hand. You pull your arm out of the cloth, Julia handed you a take out bag full of weird looking blood and something heavy at the bottom. You got another one of Matzen's organs!
No. 924275 ID: a451fc
File 155166749657.png - (859.08KB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream Maze C4.png )

>If Doors C1 C2 and C3 are ahead of you, then look behind you real quick and pick up the C4.
What? Why would there be...Oh, yeah there's a package of plastic explosive right there where the C4 sign should be...that's weird, but you'll take it anyway. Wait you don't have a detonator, you can't use this until you get one.
No. 924276 ID: a451fc
File 155166750358.png - (833.31KB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream Maze 1.png )

MATZEN: The organs so close that all I can feel is the strong presence of it near me. It definitely doesn't help that Cenred's influence has grown since we've been here...

You turn around and walk out the C4 door...and enter a completely identical room down to the blood stains on the floor and the signs on the walls...you can hear something in the distance and it's getting closer.

DEMONS: 6r-Q*<$4\&<^e-2:a$rJ78-9R73G/s+B_K?;H$"X7Nauj9H[;*73GYt=Wg[7;GU:_80C;r:+'!`7nH`M+B;5]+@8Lj8QJ8&8PUC2:K::k78-/n5tjrp<(KG#=$]t3<(Kn_<C]R
No. 924281 ID: d3602f

Dream logic, man. Gotta love it.

Go through the bloody door now.
No. 924283 ID: cbdfa8

Go through the bloody door, make sure you check the corners though. the most dangerous creatures are in corners.
No. 924286 ID: b1b4f3

Ok I guess the blood splatter pattern wasn't indicative of anything, just go through C3 then.

What's that on the ceiling?
No. 924288 ID: d3602f

I think it's a ceiling light.
No. 924294 ID: 91ee5f

Yes! Now all that’s left is the one that Cenred has!

Did anyone else notice that the signs above the doors changed? Art error or something else?

>no detonator
Maybe you could just shoot it? Or light it on fire with your lighter by using The Doors from a safe distance away from it? I don’t know.

Ok, time to start following the blood trail!
No. 924295 ID: 91ee5f

Also, you’ve gotta love that dream logic of finding C4 where the C4 sign is supposed to be!
No. 924314 ID: bcd5d2

Plastic explosives don’t detonate from gunfire or fire.
No. 924372 ID: 2870a3

yeah you cant blow C4 with fire or impacts but we are operating on dream logic so it *could* happen if someone didnt know how it worked
No. 924381 ID: a9af05

Follow the blood.

>Signs above the doors changed
Yeah, I saw that too. I'm not sure what that was about.
No. 924420 ID: a9af05

Now that I think about it, look at the C4 to see if there's anything written on it that tells you how to detonate it.
No. 924426 ID: a9af05

This is based off of dream world puzzle logic, where everything has been a puzzle with a hint attached to it. So I'm hoping this C4 is also a puzzle and we have to figure out how to detonate it.
No. 924473 ID: eeb7d9

Check the C4, might have something on it. If not, check the right door?
No. 924546 ID: a451fc
File 155177413773.png - (2.22MB , 1558x2128 , Bad Dream Maze 3-4.png )

>Check the C4
It's regular C4, not the first time you've seen or used it. You can't use it without the detonator....

>Follow the blood
You follow the blood in front of you. As you walk through the door's the amount of blood grows, you don't think Cenred was bleeding this badly when you shot him. Not to mention the same tree vines and odd eye-like fruits are now growing out of the walls of the prison interior...
No. 924547 ID: a451fc
File 155177418069.png - (865.79KB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream Roots.png )

Through the final door you find a large room. You're miles above any solid ground and large black vines penetrate the walls, suspending chunks prisoner floor in the air. All vines lead to the center of the room, a giant block of stone. The mumbling distorted whispers of the demonic beings still somehow hangs in your mind, in fact it's only gotten louder as you've been walking through the halls.

DEMON: =\i$F;FM]r:J";O+B)&Y=%,eV+@K"#-WD3Y8QJ8&<DXh]=\i$F;FM]r:J";O+B)&Y=%,eV+@K"#-WD3Y8QJ8&<DXh]=\i$F;FM]r:J";O+B)&Y=%,eV+@K"#-WD3Y8QJ8&<DXh
No. 924550 ID: 575ec0

A demon is in the vines below you to your right.
Open fire! Don't stop until it is done!
Don't forget:The best buckshot is silver buckshot.
No. 924577 ID: 91ee5f

>It's regular C4, not the first time you've seen or used it. You can't use it without the detonator....
I wonder if there’s a detonator in the vending machine? Or maybe the vending machine is the detonator?

Looks like we don’t have a choice. Head to the giant block of stone in the center.

>Don't forget: The best buckshot is silver buckshot.
Unfortunately, Troy has neither a shotgun nor any silver bullets. He’s only got a pistol with regular bullets.
No. 924584 ID: a9af05

Keep going.

Now that Matzen has another organ, can he help us a little more? Detecting his last organ more accurately or pulling Cenred out of hiding so we can fight him or giving Troy a Krueger effect so that he can kill Cenred? Anything at all would be helpful, even if it's something as simple as buying Troy a little more time before his physical body gets dragged into the dream world!

>vending machine
If you're right, then do we take the risk? We'll either get a detonator or get blown up.

But whatever the choice is, we'd better decide now, since in a few minutes we're probably going to be too busy fighting to ask Julia to give us something!
No. 924587 ID: eeb7d9

No other way but forward. Be careful with the demon tendrils.
No. 924603 ID: a9af05

Screw it, I'm throwing caution to the wind!

Make sure you won't be attacked, then stick your head though the cloth and ask Julia to input C4 on the vending machine. Let's hope that'll get us a detonator.

Plus, if you think about it, the vending machine is the only thing we haven't used yet, so it's gotta have something we need in it!
No. 924608 ID: 91ee5f

Woah, slow down there!

I agree with what you said about the vending machine having something we need, but are you sure C4 is the correct code to ask Julia to input for us? Even thought it does make sense, that might not actually be the correct code to enter!
No. 924616 ID: 575ec0

Troy has a dream gun that's whatever he wants it to be.

Personally I think this situation calls for an automatic shotgun that fires explosive silver buckshot.

Or a flamethrower that fires a vortex of fire. that would be nice too.
No. 924621 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, it’s a dream gun with infinite ammo, but remember what Matzen said here: >>915018 ? He said that Troy has little to no control over anything in this dream, since Cenred has trapped him here, which means that Troy is stuck with what Julia gave him, his pistol and normal ammo.
No. 924623 ID: 575ec0

Who are you 5f, the fucking cops? If the suggestion is invalid then it just won't be used.

Besides, it wouldn't hurt to try. If it fails we just end up shooting the red shit in the corner normally.
No. 924627 ID: eeb7d9

Hey, speaking of the gun thing, Matzen has another organ now, so he should be more stable and give us a hand with the silver bullets, perhaps? Is worth the try.
No. 924663 ID: d3602f

If we're going to try the vending machine idea, we might want to keep the bomb off our person while we do it. Dismemberment could cause trouble.
Woah man, try to keep your disagreement civil and impersonal.
No. 924725 ID: a451fc
File 155187329213.png - (1.27MB , 1558x1064 , Bad Dream Roots 2.png )

>ask Julia to input C4 on the vending machine
You poke your head through the cloth and ask Julia to input C4 into the vending machine...It doesn't do anything.

>Troy has a dream gun that's whatever he wants it to be.
You really don't. In the same way you can't just wish yourself out of the dream you can't just make your gun whatever you want it to be. You're still trapped by Cenred after all...

>flamethrower that fires a vortex of fire
>automatic shotgun that fires explosive silver buckshot
but god you'd kill to have one of these. Hell you'd kill to have both of these!

>Matzen has another organ now, so he should be more stable and give us a hand with the silver bullets, perhaps?
You never actually gave Matzen his organ did you? You hand the take out bag to him and he slots his stomach into his body. His form becomes much more solid now, but he is still at low strength and unable to produce any silver or new weapons for you...then again you remember killing a demon no problem with a regular bullet, so hopefully you should be just fine.

>Head to the giant block of stone in the center.
You continue forward, as you climb onto the chunk of stone you can hear a voice echo in the air.

CENRED: My ability is almost unbeatable in most circumstances, however those will particularly strong wills find themselves traversing the dream much easier. It doesn't help that you have friend here too. I don't give second chances Troy!
YOU: Good! I don't need you're fuckin' handouts you prick!

The floor below you begins to shake and the roots start to slither in writhe jostling the floor you stand on.

MATZEN: Shit! Troy!
YOU: Yeah yeah I know...Exit light, enter night, take my hand...
No. 924726 ID: a451fc
File 155187330352.png - (2.09MB , 1558x2128 , Nightmare Root.png )

YOU: We're off to never-never land...

NIGHTMARE: 8K_)#:/i?2:K0kV:.HF$:JsV(<(K;M+B2,Z;aj+t=\i$?:f:(f:dn8X<Dt#+:.-3q5u:B\/g*_.79EAT6W>1':K0kV:.HEn<E()?84=Xf78m/.7T*#V+B_K?+A#<N<(KG#7TEDf;FM`
No. 924731 ID: ab5d95

Looks like a fine fellow to converse with.
No. 924733 ID: eeb7d9

Roland would love to see this.
No. 924767 ID: 91ee5f

Luckily there are stone platforms all around you, so if you need to dodge out of the way, you can use The Doors to go through the platform you’re currently standing on so that you can travel to one of the other platforms.

>Giant demon
Well, I guess you should start by shooting out it’s eyes.

And make sure you keep a look out for Cenred because if you can snag Matzen’s last organ from him, you can just leave and not have to worry about fighting this thing!
No. 924770 ID: b1b4f3

Ask it to speak english. You know it can, the first demon you saw was perfectly capable of it.
No. 924791 ID: a9af05

>Vending machine does nothing
Oh well, I tried.

Try shooting out its eyes!
No. 924818 ID: 575ec0



I went back and decoded the rest. The demons... They've... been encouraging you the whole time.

Hold your fire.

Think Troy. Back in your gang days, who did you consider a REAL, friend? I think they may be hampering Cenred's abilities over you, so Cenred is distorting the dream and pitting you against them.


Trust that the demon will not hurt you, and let whatever it does come to pass.
No. 924822 ID: a9af05

>Decoded demon voices
>Demons have been encouraging Troy
If what you say is true, then if we can somehow get these guys to turn against Cenred, then they can kill him, both in the Dream and in the real world!

>Cenred is distorting the dream and pitting you against friends.
I'm not sure about that. We've been told that these guys are real demons that Cenred has trapped here.
No. 924825 ID: b1b4f3

Oh neat, I wasn't familiar with this cipher.
Translations follow.





...I uh, don't know what to make of this, honestly. They're screeching a garbled mess that used to be positive reinforcement, but can we be sure that's their intent? I say wait to see what it does. Obviously, dodge if it attacks.
No. 924830 ID: 575ec0

>I'm not sure about that

Thing is...
When we talked to Cenred directly, he twice reinforced that the demons were our enemies. Once by mentioning that Channing suggested he use them, and once by telling us that the demons would take care of us.

Thing is... Cenred has nothing to gain by appearing before us directly. He controls this dream. He can utilize this power without sticking his neck out at all.

Our encounter with him was orchestrated. It was an attempt at manipulation. If he thought we might actually willingly come back to Channing, why didn't he try convincing us by parlaying with us while disguised as him? Moreso, why couldn't he just bring Channing into the dream directly?

And that's all ignoring the fact that the way we thwarted Channings most recent attacks must have dealt him a serious blow. It's obvious that coming peacefully could never happen.

That thread was all cover. Besides it, all he he does is illustrate our dire situation, and suggest that the demons are going to kill us.

He Wants us to believe that they are the enemy.

That alone makes me trust them.
No. 924842 ID: eeb7d9

Is this thing with the demons the same thing when Diablo said to brush your teeth and eat your vegetables but in reverse? Because back then you have to kill him anyway. So i am confused, are demons here bad too or what?
No. 924848 ID: d3602f

I... guess we could try to just walk past it? If it doesn't show hostility, there is no reason for us to fight. Be prepared to teleport if it does try to attack us though. It still might be best to just avoid it and look for that bag. I mean, if we run out of time we're probably dead anyway, right?

As dangerous as Channing is, I doubt he has as Krueger effect. He'd be more annoying here than a threat.
No. 924857 ID: 575ec0

The point of bringing him into the dream would be to parlay in this instance, which did not happen.
No. 924867 ID: 91ee5f

You do remember that Channing has been described as a “fucking psychopath”, right? He even killed his own men for not standing in a straight line!

I’m pretty sure he was always going to kill Troy, even if he did successfully parlay with him.
No. 924879 ID: 575ec0

...Further reinforcing the idea that that the whole "Channing is in a good mood" thing was a just a line to hide some other sort of manipulation.
No. 924892 ID: 91ee5f

Anyways, how do you supposed we do this? Do we just ask it for help or do we ask if it can show us where Cenred is or what?
No. 924962 ID: a9af05

Perhaps we can ask them to help us because we both share a common enemy? Cenred trapped both of us here, so maybe we can both work together and kill him?
No. 925033 ID: a451fc
File 155201119850.png - (1.71MB , 1558x2128 , Nightmare Root 4.png )

>Don't attack
Something in the back of your mind tells you not to attack. You're not sure what but you get the feeling that...just maybe you shsould dbe fine if you don't. You try to talk to the demon.

YOU: H...h-hi?
NIGHTMARE: <(KG#6pXmL+A#KS6pX^D78m/.6:F@>;FM^-84=Xh6!$f6+B1m#+@JLs:*<,,+@JLn91;cY+@8Ld:JsV(<(KG#6pXmL/g++a73Fua=&'l0;]nIo;G0GW<$4Lr7ScoN+B1m#+@JLs:+c

As the demon roars it's distorted nonsense the ground below you quakes and one of it's roots darts out of the stone breaking the platform below you into bits. As the rocks are pushed up you are thrown back. You almost fall off of the platform but luckily Matzen, with his more solid form, manages to catch you and keep you from falling.

MATZEN: Troy, you're a real friendly guy and all but I don't think now's the time for any of that.
No. 925034 ID: cbdfa8


Translated by cypher.
No. 925036 ID: d3602f

We don't have time to deal with this, just find Cenred and avoid the demon if you must.
No. 925039 ID: b1b4f3

Alright fuck it, start shooting eyes.
No. 925041 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, talking doesn’t work, so let’s just shoot out its eyes! And since you have infinite ammo, I suggest you fan the hammer!

Remember that you can use The Doors to travel between the different platforms around the demon!
No. 925043 ID: cbdfa8

No. 925045 ID: eeb7d9

Well, it was worth the try. I still think we should not attack, but i don't see any other option. Maybe we can just incapacitate it?
No. 925050 ID: 575ec0

What if we avoid shooting the demon itself, but instead take out all the eye-fruit?
No. 925051 ID: d3602f

Still against fighting it, seeing as this is clearly to buy Cenred time, and that we might actually be able to get it to kill him.

But if he were to fight it, the eyes are clearly the best part to aim for.
No. 925105 ID: a451fc
File 155208888412.png - (1.59MB , 1558x1064 , Nightmare Root 5-1.png )

>Shoot it's eyes
You recompose yourself and use The Doors to get to a better angle. You fire at the Nightmare's eyes, this doesn't do much but get's it to flinch.

>Shoot the eye-like fruits
You reposition yourself again to get further away. The roots continue to break apart and impale the rocks around you as you portal through them. Once you reach a safe enough spot you target the eye fruits growing on the demon. The growths pop after a single shot and seem to stop the limb they were attached to from moving for short period of time and cause the Nightmare some discomfort, but it doesn't seem like doing this will kill it at all.

YOU This demon's just here to buy Cenred time 'til his ability completes!
MATZEN: Yeah it is...he's still near here though. I can still feel my organ in this area, he want's to make sure you either die or get pulled in by him. I don't think the fighting's going to help much, any ideas?
No. 925106 ID: d3602f

Maybe goad the demon into rampaging somehow? Maybe it could clear the area enough for us to find him.
No. 925107 ID: b1b4f3

Let's look for Cenred by repeatedly using The Doors. See if we can provoke the demon into whacking him, or just catch him and take the organ from him.
No. 925108 ID: a9af05

Are those legs a few platforms behind Troy? Could that be Cenred falling over from losing his balance? Or are those Troy's legs because he's in the middle of phasing through the floor?

>he's still near here though. I can still feel my organ in this area
No, offence or anything, but "in this area" isn't really helpful.

Any chance you could be a little more precise? Like, can you tell if we're getting closer or farther away from your organ?

Yeah, let's do this.

Make sure you check every platform! And shoot at the eye fruit if you need to stop the demon from hitting you!
No. 925121 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Matzen if he thinks it’s at all possible to try and reason with the demon to help us kill the asshole that trapped it in here? Because you’d think revenge would be more important that attacking us.

>Where is Cenred?
Do either you or Matzen know anything about Cenred that we can use against him? Does he have a cocky attitude or big ego? Or is there anything we can yell at him to get him to show himself?

This is pretty much the only thing we can do for now.

Yeah, I see them too.

But like you said, it’s hard to tell if that’s supposed to be Cenred’s legs or Troy’s legs.
No. 925243 ID: a451fc
File 155217533855.png - (2.89MB , 1558x2128 , Nightmare Root 6.png )

>Are those legs a few platforms behind Troy?
Yes, those are your legs

You portal around the large room using whatever clumps of rock you can but see no sign of another person.
MATZEN: I doubt he's anywhere in here. It'd make more sense for him to be outside of the demons reach, but still be close enough to see you.
YOU: Well then how am I supposed to find him?
MATZEN: We just have to think! He's still holding onto what must be my liver...you gave those quarters to Julia, we don't have a detonator to that C4 yet.
YOU: Shouldn't we be worried he's going to destroy your liver?
MATZEN: My organs in this state can't sustain any damage, so that's not an issue. If it was I would've brought it up sooner.

NIGHTMARE: 7R9U><Dl7.8Q-`t:*<>/:estg<DH+b=Wg[>+@8Le8PUBo7mT^A/g*VL8PE,^73G0#+@/aF:Jak`;H-Xk8Q8h8<)4W'77TpE+@/L`8PUl\7R9U><Dl7.8Q-`t:*<>/:estg<DH+b=Wg[>+@8Le8PUBo7mT^A/g(
No. 925244 ID: b1b4f3

Okay so the doors were C3-B1-A2. What kind of codes can we input into the vending machine? Could we try those three sequences?
No. 925246 ID: d3602f

Than let's go to a place that's relatively far from the demon.

They were talking about dawn, is there a sun in this place? If so, maybe head toward that?
No. 925257 ID: b1b4f3

Is there anywhere we can go aside from the floating platforms? Try to The Doors to a different room entirely?
No. 925261 ID: 91ee5f

>out of the demon’s reach
Well, the demon looks sorta like a plant and all of its limbs are coming from below. Maybe if we go straight up we’ll find Cenred?

>Translating the Nightmare’s words.
No. 925313 ID: a451fc
File 155226479153.png - (1.13MB , 1417x1039 , Nightmare Root 7.png )

You try to use The Doors to leave entirely, but can't make a connection. Either the rooms outside have changed too or you've lost track of where you are and you're much further from any exit than you thought.

You think back to the numbers on the doors you walked through. You portal to a safe enough distance away from the Nightmare and call on Julia through the cloth, you tell her to input the code C3-B1-A2 into the vending machine and after some silence something is tossed through. It's a detonator.

>Maybe if we go straight up we’ll find Cenred?
YOU: D'you think he might be above us?
MATZEN: It'd be a good place to hide wouldn't it? Just tossing that C4 could be risky, you might miss him.
No. 925316 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Are those cracks in the background?

I wonder if the C4 could kill the demon.
No. 925319 ID: 91ee5f

>It'd be a good place to hide wouldn't it?
This place is a prison, right? Shouldn’t there be something like a guard tower or a window in one of the walls for the guards to keep an eye on the prisoners? Both of those would require a high vantage point in order to be effective at watching the prisoners.

>Just tossing that C4 could be risky, you might miss him.
He’s right. You’ve gotta find his exact location and use The Doors to send the C4 next to him or close enough to do serious damage!

Also, if Matzen missing a few organs weakened his power, if we manage to blow Cenred to pieces, would that also weaken his power? Perhaps make him even weaker than Matzen is right now?
No. 925324 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe try looking above the door you used to enter this room?
No. 925325 ID: b1b4f3

...hang on, Cenred was holding the organ in a paper bag. Can we send the C4 through the bag?
No. 925327 ID: d3602f

We'll have to know where he is first.
No. 925337 ID: 91ee5f

Is it possible that Cenred is hiding the same way Matzen is? Ask Matzen if Cenred is with him inside of you.
No. 925338 ID: d3602f

Matzen probably would have noticed if he was.

I am amused at the image of Troy turning into a human clowncar, though.
No. 925347 ID: 91ee5f

Well, I was going off the assumption that because he’s still weakened, he might not have noticed.

But you’re right, he probably would’ve noticed.
No. 925374 ID: a9af05

>You might miss him.
Then we keep going up! We'll either hit him with the C4 or we'll bring the demon to him and that will kill him!

>C4 kill the demon?
Maybe. But I'd rather not waste it on the demon, since there's nothing stopping Cenred from bringing in another one.
No. 925405 ID: 575ec0

Yeah lets save the C4 for Cenred. I doubt it'll eject him from the dream, but it could be disorienting enough to give us a change of scenery.
No. 925448 ID: a451fc
File 155237252306.png - (4.69MB , 1558x3192 , Nightmare Root 8-9.png )

>Then we keep going up!
You use The Doors to teleport through a chunk of stone out of the ceiling, almost immediately the root's dart up and impale the ceiling. One of the Nightmare's tentacles stab the ceiling barely missing your head, but the rest of it follows through knocking the wind out of you and sending you crashing through the ceiling and into a whole new room entirely.
No. 925449 ID: a451fc
File 155237252913.png - (2.77MB , 1558x2128 , Nightmare Root 10-11.png )

You're flung through the air and collide with a solid pillar, it shatters behind you and so does your back. The pain makes it almost unbearable to stand back up after falling down. The tentacle raises through the floor and into the room. Behind it you can see Cenred, stunned by your sudden entrance.

CENRED: Christ! Can't you just fucking die already?

The tentacle whips around wildly.

NIGHTMARE: :/<!.:.69m5u&Oj:EW5.+AY`T<(KGL;BSb::*C`T:EWG.73Fr`:*;r#+A#NT:JN$384?*J+AZ'6+WsNU+AYa$+@AFi+@K!J8Q6g.:*<M,77gB":KL:7
No. 925452 ID: 91ee5f

>shattered solid pillar
There should be a bunch of pieces of that pillar near you. Look for one that’s big enough to use The Doors to send the C4 through it so that it comes through the pillar behind Cenred. Then detonate it on that mother fucker!

And like Matzen said, don’t worry about his organ, it can’t sustain any damage.

>Translating the Nightmare’s words.
No. 925453 ID: b1b4f3


Hmm, it's almost like the demon helped you.
No. 925457 ID: 91ee5f

Also, I’m really hoping that Cenred’s ability forces him to obey the laws of the Dream Plane the same way Matzen does, where he needs to be in one piece or else he can’t use his abilities! Because we really need him to be unable to use his abilities right now!
No. 925466 ID: eeb7d9

Hell yeah! Blow that mother fucker up!
But you ahve to use a one-liner.
No. 925467 ID: 10c408


Challenge accepted.

"You first, asshole."
No. 925504 ID: 575ec0

Do doors out before detonation but after one-liner.

>Christ! Can't you just fucking die already?

You're just not creative enough.
I won't go out without a bang.
No. 925654 ID: a9af05

Yes, please do this and make it end.
No. 925786 ID: a451fc
File 155261722039.png - (4.33MB , 1558x3192 , Nightmare 12-13.png )

YOU: Problem is...you just ain't creative enough man. I refuse to go out without a bang!

You chuck the C4 explosive through a chunk of pillar rubble next to you, release it through another pillar close to Cenred, and detonate it mid-air. The bright explosion rocks the room and kicks up dust, blinding you. After the ringing in your ears subsides all you can hear is screaming. Below you can hear Cenred as he falls down the pit of a room underneath you.

CENRED: W-wait! I was just doing a job it wasn't anything personal! PLEASE!

Pretty soon his screams are drowned out by the horrible garbled growls and roars of the Nightmare below.

NIGHTMARE: +A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i#
No. 925787 ID: a451fc
File 155261723689.png - (1.00MB , 1558x1064 , Nightmare Root (END).png )

Above you, you can see the bloody bag with Matzen's body part slowly floating down as if it were light as a feather, you're so sick of this dream stuff. Matzen grabs the bag.

MATZEN: Well, looks like that's it for him...

The world around you seems to drain of color.

MATZEN: And looks like that's it for the dream too. Yeah he's dead dead.
YOU: Does that mean this whole thing's over?
MATZEN: Yeah, for now...I can't really do much else for you in the waking world though.
YOU: This was already a lot Matty!
MATZEN: Yeah I guess...and don't call me "Matty"! Looks like dying was good for at least one of us.

Soon everything grows whiter

YOU: I'll keep you in my dreams!
MATZEN: That's gay Troy
YOU: Yeah it is.
No. 925788 ID: a451fc
File 155261724244.png - (102.63KB , 1558x1064 , I Swear I'm not Lazy.png )

Everything finally goes completely white, you feel like you're falling and maybe floating? but you're still standing. You can hear a voice echo in the blank void before your eyes.

???: I wouldn't say I hated my parents, Now I definitely resented my father but never felt poorly about my mother. If anythin' I understood why she did what she did the most. Then again her leavin' just meant my pops needed a new target, so I guess maybe in some way I was upset she didn't take me with 'er. Then again why would she? I was a worthless kid, you don't gain anythin' from takin' care of a child who can't pull their weight. How 'bout you? What were your parents like? I can't imagine they'd be great if you're where you are now.
No. 925795 ID: f07f0b

Text says I love you over and over.

Kinda ominous, as if someone was turned into that demon. Someone close to Troy.
No. 925798 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like the demon was just captured and forced to work for Cenred, and it didn't appreciate that very much.

Huh? (are we making up Troy's backstory? Here's my attempt) Uh... they were okay, but they died when I was young so I had to figure out a way to survive.

Alternatively, if we're not making anything up, only share info about your parents if the gang can't get to them.
No. 925799 ID: eeb7d9

You are wellcome!

Ominous! Is this about you, Troy? If it is, then answer.
No. 925800 ID: cbdfa8

No. 925826 ID: 91ee5f

>Nightmare’s words
It’s just saying “I love you” over and over.

Maybe it’s saying it loves Troy for finally giving it the chance to get revenge and kill Cenred for trapping it?

>Yeah he's dead dead.
I guess what Matzen told us about the Krueger effect was true! And good riddance to Cenred!

Troy, do you recognize the voice of the person talking?
No. 925841 ID: 2202fb

"My dad died before I was born, so my mom raised me by herself. She was amazing, but you can only do so much when you live in the apocalypse. Raiders sacked our home when i was little and they made me watch as they raped and killed my mother right in front of me. They burned down our home and left me for dead. With that kind of childhood, you will get thrown off-course regardless of how great your parents were."
No. 925870 ID: 575ec0

I guess all that's left to do is ask Vol why a murderous dream demon would love you.
No. 925871 ID: d3602f

>"Vol, I have an important question."
>"Lay it on me."
>"Okay, in my dreams I ran into this weird tentacle monster, and I think it has a thing for me. So, you're a male, right? Do male demons have similar anatomy to male humans?"
>"Do male demons have dicks? How can I tell if a demon has a dick without looking at its dick?"
Vol then proceeds to avoid Troy as much as he can.
No. 925872 ID: a9af05

You know what? I think it would be funny to find out that this whole time, Troy has been sleep walking and/or talking in his sleep and both Roland and Vol are currently watching Troy to make sure he doesn't wander off or something!

Or maybe Troy activated his ability in his sleep and he's halfway through a door or something!
No. 925873 ID: a451fc
File 155268829079.png - (271.19KB , 1558x1064 , A Dream 1.png )

YOU: They were okay from what I remember, but they died when I was real young so I uh... had to figure out a way to survive on my own from then on.
???: Ah man, I'd kill to have good parents for just one year when I was a kid, but enough about that. Family isn't who you're born to though, really it's about who you make deep connections with. Lemme tell ya about New Salem, a long long time ago I was rollin' with a gang up in Oregon. Dealt in the smugglin' game for a little and we were keepin' on the low from the Church. I forget what we were carryin' but that doesn't matter, anyway we're in New Salem where the Church's got a lot of sway. We just got found out by some Church guards and we're on the run with the cargo in tow we're tryin' to get the hell out of town so we steal this car and book it. Bullets flyin' past us, people screamin' it's a mess. Anyway, the car can't hold too much on it or we're gonna get caught. My first thought was "We're gonna have to dump some of the cargo".
???: So I go to start tossin' off boxes and the second I turn around I get pushed off a' the damn car. The Church guards stop right there and beat me half to death. I get hauled off and locked up for five years...I thought we were supposed to look out for each other and those bastards just...tossed my aside to save their own skins...You ever been betrayed like that before?
No. 925874 ID: d3602f

Honestly? I don't think so. I've been betrayed, yeah, but it was usually by people who are obviously in it for themselves. No one I'd call a friend, just assholes that happen to be working with me. Made it clear that if they had to, they'd ditch me if it meant saving their own skin.
No. 925877 ID: b1b4f3

Ok, time to ask who this guy is.
No. 925895 ID: 4294c6

Almost. They should have killed me if they didn't want me to reveal all their safehouses.
No. 925903 ID: a451fc
File 155269621517.png - (407.44KB , 1558x1064 , A Dream 2.png )

YOU: I've been betrayed, yeah, but it was usually by people who are obviously in it for themselves. No one I'd call a friend, just assholes that happen to be workin' with me. Made it clear that if they had to, they'd ditch me if it meant saving their own skin.
???: Hmm...Being back-stabbed by anyone's terrible. Do you know what the first thing I did after I escaped the Church police was? I made those son's of bitches pay...

The white begins to fade.

???: Trust is something that I value deeply, out of anythin' we humans offer to each other Trust is the most important. Without trust we can't ever be near another human without fear of betrayal, Troy I trust you enough to want your help. I feel like you're talented enough to make what I want to do much easier. of course there's plenty in it for you! It's definitely better than where you are now.
YOU:...Sure, beats this gutter right? Who are you anyway?
???: Channing. I'm sure this'll be the start of something great.

Everything goes black.
No. 925904 ID: a451fc
File 155269622057.png - (181.84KB , 1039x709 , Wake Up.png )

You wake up from your sleep, you still feel tired. It smells like it rained last night, but nothings wet. Your name is Troy Porter and you're starving, you don't think you ate anything before going to sleep last night. You rummage around your belongings for a can of beans or some fruit or something. You manage to find a couple of cans filled with peaches and beans. What a shitty breakfast but a breakfast none the less...wait, that's right you almost died in your sleep. Being hungry really makes you forget your brush with death.

You hear something around the corner of Roland's house, and you can see that big demon tentacle cat he keeps running around a bit.
No. 925908 ID: a9af05

Ah, a memory of when Troy first met Channing, before he found out Channing was a complete psycho.

First things first, make sure you're awake this time!

After that, go investigate what's going on with that demon thing. And bring your gun, just in case that demon thing is attacking an intruder or something.

Don't forget to warn Roland about Naos, the asshole in the mask that killed Matzen!
No. 925911 ID: eeb7d9

>big demon tentacle cat
Cool. go and take a look while you eat your horrible breakfast. Ask Roland if he needs help in the most casual way possible.
No. 925918 ID: 2870a3

it would be smart to tell roland about the near death situation and also the demons you met. he would be interested in it
No. 925921 ID: b1b4f3

Check to see nothing weird's happening, then eat breakfast.
No. 925925 ID: 91ee5f

Do you have a watch or something? You should check to see what time it is, so that you know how long you’ve been sleeping.

Also, smell the air to see if Roland is cooking anything that would be better than what you’ve got in your truck. I’m sure he won’t mind sharing food with you. But if he’s not cooking anything, eat what you’ve got in your truck.

>You hear something around the corner of Roland's house, and you can see that big demon tentacle cat he keeps running around a bit.
Go check on what the big demon tentacle cat is doing.

>Don't forget to warn Roland about Naos, the asshole in the mask that killed Matzen!
Yeah, do this.

If Roland asks how you know this stuff, just tell him what happened in your dream.
No. 925926 ID: cbdfa8

pet the cat
No. 925934 ID: 2202fb


So you were just chatting about your childhood with Channing? Thats kinda fucked up. Well, at least you know he is kind of a decent guy. An enemy for sure, but at least someone you can sort of respect.
No. 925935 ID: d3602f

You'd be surprised how charismatic psycho and sociopaths can be.
No. 926024 ID: 575ec0

See if Roland has any cream or milk. Peaches and cream aint bad. Though steak and eggs would be better. Maybe go out for breakfast or something. Bring Roland. Discuss dream demons over breakfast.
No. 926026 ID: d3602f

Oh yeah, we were going to take Roland out to eat, weren't we. It was in return for him cooking us breakfast originally and that turned out to be a fake, but you know, he's done quite a bit for us. Might be nice to just do it anyway. It would also be a good way to spend time with him without having to worry about getting killed by demons or Channing.
No. 926067 ID: a9af05

Another thing that you should do:

Do as Matzen said and attempt talking to your angel! Maybe if you become friends, your angel will help improve The Doors so you can do different things with it!
No. 926068 ID: a9af05

If we take Roland out, he's gonna want to bring Vol. Which is no big deal, we can pay for him too.

Just make sure Roland doesn't think Troy is trying anything romantic with him, since Troy has already stated that he's not interested in Roland like that.
No. 926147 ID: 91ee5f

Check the hiding spot where you put the Seraphim and make sure it’s still there!
No. 926162 ID: a451fc
File 155286346775.png - (805.54KB , 1558x2128 , Waking World.png )

Still there...It needs to stay that way.

You walk over to all the commotion to find Vol standing with the displacer beast.

VOL: Hey ya filthy free loada'. How are ya?
YOU: I'm not a free loader, and I'm fine. Good mornin', where's Roland?
VOL: In Crud City trainin' all day. Says he wants to make a lotta' progress. Whattya want 'im for?
YOU: I just survived gettin' attacked by another dipshit from my old gang, and a demon too. And I've also learned that some asshole in a red mask killed on of my close friends.
VOL:...What was dat guy's name? Da' red mask guy?
YOU: He calls himself Naos.
VOL:...Fuckin' dammit. I need to tell Roland about dat, no matter how long ya stay here ya always manage to make things worse don't ya?...and what's dat thing in your hair?

You reach up and pull out something stuck to your head, a small squirming demon looking worm.

VOL: Well there's ya problem demon.
YOU: Yeah...what're you two doing out here anyway?
VOL: Playin' fetch.
YOU: Really?...Kinda looks like you two're just standing here...
No. 926163 ID: a451fc
File 155286347633.png - (854.65KB , 1558x2128 , A Different Kind of Fetch Quest 1-2.png )

As you finish your sentence the image of the displacer beast in front of you disappears in a flash of light and something big and fast rushes you from behind knocking you off of your feet. The demon worm flies out of your hand but Vol managed to catch it easily.

VOL: Does it look any different from down there?

Yeah you're awake alright, that really hurt...

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 5
No. 926164 ID: a451fc
File 155286449680.png - (644.62KB , 1558x1064 , Ilywurm Journal Entry.png )

Excerpt from Roland's journal

After I returned home from my day of training with Flint, Troy had told me about an encounter he had with a demon which could attack and kill him in his dreams. He swore that while trapped in his nightmare that he could hear the disorted distorted voice of the demon chasing him speak odd, almost encouraging phrases to him. The most unsettling being a string of "I love you's" it would growl as it killed it's prey (Freaky). Due to this I decided to name this demon the "I Love You Wurm" (or Ilywurm). The way this demon operates along with the way other demons work has caused me to rethink my system of cattegorri categorization

When demons gain or lose power based on a certain circumstance, such as being in a dream or possessing somebody, I will consider it an X-Factor. I will record what the X-Factor itself is and then tally X's along the PANIC chart to show what qualities change. I'll have to reevalutae reevaluate all of my past entries to match this.

No. 926167 ID: d3602f

Neat. Are we going to keep it? Can it eat regular food, or does it need to be in the dream world?
No. 926168 ID: 575ec0

wait a second.... didn't Cenred bring that into the dream...
That thing couldn't have been put on troy in person. They would just killed Troy in his sleep.

Did... Did it travel through the dreamworld to appear on Troy?
Maybe it's I love you was just it thanking Troy for it's meal...

So many questions.
No. 926175 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah you're awake alright, that really hurt...
Does that mean that you’re not going to pet the displacer beast?

>Maybe it's I love you was just it thanking Troy for it's meal...
That’s exactly what I was thinking. It was pretty much thanking Troy for giving it a chance to kill Cenred and get its revenge for being trapped by him.
No. 926176 ID: 91ee5f

Also, is wrong that I imagined when Troy got run over, he yelled, “AAUGH!!!” like Charlie Brown does? XD
No. 926216 ID: a9af05

No, there's nothing wrong with that.
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