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File 154559385718.png - (269.11KB , 1039x709 , Episode 5 Titlecard.png )
914863 No. 914863 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 925374 ID: a9af05

>You might miss him.
Then we keep going up! We'll either hit him with the C4 or we'll bring the demon to him and that will kill him!

>C4 kill the demon?
Maybe. But I'd rather not waste it on the demon, since there's nothing stopping Cenred from bringing in another one.
No. 925405 ID: 575ec0

Yeah lets save the C4 for Cenred. I doubt it'll eject him from the dream, but it could be disorienting enough to give us a change of scenery.
No. 925448 ID: a451fc
File 155237252306.png - (4.69MB , 1558x3192 , Nightmare Root 8-9.png )

>Then we keep going up!
You use The Doors to teleport through a chunk of stone out of the ceiling, almost immediately the root's dart up and impale the ceiling. One of the Nightmare's tentacles stab the ceiling barely missing your head, but the rest of it follows through knocking the wind out of you and sending you crashing through the ceiling and into a whole new room entirely.
No. 925449 ID: a451fc
File 155237252913.png - (2.77MB , 1558x2128 , Nightmare Root 10-11.png )

You're flung through the air and collide with a solid pillar, it shatters behind you and so does your back. The pain makes it almost unbearable to stand back up after falling down. The tentacle raises through the floor and into the room. Behind it you can see Cenred, stunned by your sudden entrance.

CENRED: Christ! Can't you just fucking die already?

The tentacle whips around wildly.

NIGHTMARE: :/<!.:.69m5u&Oj:EW5.+AY`T<(KGL;BSb::*C`T:EWG.73Fr`:*;r#+A#NT:JN$384?*J+AZ'6+WsNU+AYa$+@AFi+@K!J8Q6g.:*<M,77gB":KL:7
No. 925452 ID: 91ee5f

>shattered solid pillar
There should be a bunch of pieces of that pillar near you. Look for one that’s big enough to use The Doors to send the C4 through it so that it comes through the pillar behind Cenred. Then detonate it on that mother fucker!

And like Matzen said, don’t worry about his organ, it can’t sustain any damage.

>Translating the Nightmare’s words.
No. 925453 ID: b1b4f3


Hmm, it's almost like the demon helped you.
No. 925457 ID: 91ee5f

Also, I’m really hoping that Cenred’s ability forces him to obey the laws of the Dream Plane the same way Matzen does, where he needs to be in one piece or else he can’t use his abilities! Because we really need him to be unable to use his abilities right now!
No. 925466 ID: eeb7d9

Hell yeah! Blow that mother fucker up!
But you ahve to use a one-liner.
No. 925467 ID: 10c408


Challenge accepted.

"You first, asshole."
No. 925504 ID: 575ec0

Do doors out before detonation but after one-liner.

>Christ! Can't you just fucking die already?

You're just not creative enough.
I won't go out without a bang.
No. 925654 ID: a9af05

Yes, please do this and make it end.
No. 925786 ID: a451fc
File 155261722039.png - (4.33MB , 1558x3192 , Nightmare 12-13.png )

YOU: Problem is...you just ain't creative enough man. I refuse to go out without a bang!

You chuck the C4 explosive through a chunk of pillar rubble next to you, release it through another pillar close to Cenred, and detonate it mid-air. The bright explosion rocks the room and kicks up dust, blinding you. After the ringing in your ears subsides all you can hear is screaming. Below you can hear Cenred as he falls down the pit of a room underneath you.

CENRED: W-wait! I was just doing a job it wasn't anything personal! PLEASE!

Pretty soon his screams are drowned out by the horrible garbled growls and roars of the Nightmare below.

NIGHTMARE: +A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i$?8K^]&<^e-6:K8N/+A>R373G`/<?OjU9M\\X+B_K?+A!\L:KBn,=\i#
No. 925787 ID: a451fc
File 155261723689.png - (1.00MB , 1558x1064 , Nightmare Root (END).png )

Above you, you can see the bloody bag with Matzen's body part slowly floating down as if it were light as a feather, you're so sick of this dream stuff. Matzen grabs the bag.

MATZEN: Well, looks like that's it for him...

The world around you seems to drain of color.

MATZEN: And looks like that's it for the dream too. Yeah he's dead dead.
YOU: Does that mean this whole thing's over?
MATZEN: Yeah, for now...I can't really do much else for you in the waking world though.
YOU: This was already a lot Matty!
MATZEN: Yeah I guess...and don't call me "Matty"! Looks like dying was good for at least one of us.

Soon everything grows whiter

YOU: I'll keep you in my dreams!
MATZEN: That's gay Troy
YOU: Yeah it is.
No. 925788 ID: a451fc
File 155261724244.png - (102.63KB , 1558x1064 , I Swear I'm not Lazy.png )

Everything finally goes completely white, you feel like you're falling and maybe floating? but you're still standing. You can hear a voice echo in the blank void before your eyes.

???: I wouldn't say I hated my parents, Now I definitely resented my father but never felt poorly about my mother. If anythin' I understood why she did what she did the most. Then again her leavin' just meant my pops needed a new target, so I guess maybe in some way I was upset she didn't take me with 'er. Then again why would she? I was a worthless kid, you don't gain anythin' from takin' care of a child who can't pull their weight. How 'bout you? What were your parents like? I can't imagine they'd be great if you're where you are now.
No. 925795 ID: f07f0b

Text says I love you over and over.

Kinda ominous, as if someone was turned into that demon. Someone close to Troy.
No. 925798 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like the demon was just captured and forced to work for Cenred, and it didn't appreciate that very much.

Huh? (are we making up Troy's backstory? Here's my attempt) Uh... they were okay, but they died when I was young so I had to figure out a way to survive.

Alternatively, if we're not making anything up, only share info about your parents if the gang can't get to them.
No. 925799 ID: eeb7d9

You are wellcome!

Ominous! Is this about you, Troy? If it is, then answer.
No. 925800 ID: cbdfa8

No. 925826 ID: 91ee5f

>Nightmare’s words
It’s just saying “I love you” over and over.

Maybe it’s saying it loves Troy for finally giving it the chance to get revenge and kill Cenred for trapping it?

>Yeah he's dead dead.
I guess what Matzen told us about the Krueger effect was true! And good riddance to Cenred!

Troy, do you recognize the voice of the person talking?
No. 925841 ID: 2202fb

"My dad died before I was born, so my mom raised me by herself. She was amazing, but you can only do so much when you live in the apocalypse. Raiders sacked our home when i was little and they made me watch as they raped and killed my mother right in front of me. They burned down our home and left me for dead. With that kind of childhood, you will get thrown off-course regardless of how great your parents were."
No. 925870 ID: 575ec0

I guess all that's left to do is ask Vol why a murderous dream demon would love you.
No. 925871 ID: d3602f

>"Vol, I have an important question."
>"Lay it on me."
>"Okay, in my dreams I ran into this weird tentacle monster, and I think it has a thing for me. So, you're a male, right? Do male demons have similar anatomy to male humans?"
>"Do male demons have dicks? How can I tell if a demon has a dick without looking at its dick?"
Vol then proceeds to avoid Troy as much as he can.
No. 925872 ID: a9af05

You know what? I think it would be funny to find out that this whole time, Troy has been sleep walking and/or talking in his sleep and both Roland and Vol are currently watching Troy to make sure he doesn't wander off or something!

Or maybe Troy activated his ability in his sleep and he's halfway through a door or something!
No. 925873 ID: a451fc
File 155268829079.png - (271.19KB , 1558x1064 , A Dream 1.png )

YOU: They were okay from what I remember, but they died when I was real young so I uh... had to figure out a way to survive on my own from then on.
???: Ah man, I'd kill to have good parents for just one year when I was a kid, but enough about that. Family isn't who you're born to though, really it's about who you make deep connections with. Lemme tell ya about New Salem, a long long time ago I was rollin' with a gang up in Oregon. Dealt in the smugglin' game for a little and we were keepin' on the low from the Church. I forget what we were carryin' but that doesn't matter, anyway we're in New Salem where the Church's got a lot of sway. We just got found out by some Church guards and we're on the run with the cargo in tow we're tryin' to get the hell out of town so we steal this car and book it. Bullets flyin' past us, people screamin' it's a mess. Anyway, the car can't hold too much on it or we're gonna get caught. My first thought was "We're gonna have to dump some of the cargo".
???: So I go to start tossin' off boxes and the second I turn around I get pushed off a' the damn car. The Church guards stop right there and beat me half to death. I get hauled off and locked up for five years...I thought we were supposed to look out for each other and those bastards just...tossed my aside to save their own skins...You ever been betrayed like that before?
No. 925874 ID: d3602f

Honestly? I don't think so. I've been betrayed, yeah, but it was usually by people who are obviously in it for themselves. No one I'd call a friend, just assholes that happen to be working with me. Made it clear that if they had to, they'd ditch me if it meant saving their own skin.
No. 925877 ID: b1b4f3

Ok, time to ask who this guy is.
No. 925895 ID: 4294c6

Almost. They should have killed me if they didn't want me to reveal all their safehouses.
No. 925903 ID: a451fc
File 155269621517.png - (407.44KB , 1558x1064 , A Dream 2.png )

YOU: I've been betrayed, yeah, but it was usually by people who are obviously in it for themselves. No one I'd call a friend, just assholes that happen to be workin' with me. Made it clear that if they had to, they'd ditch me if it meant saving their own skin.
???: Hmm...Being back-stabbed by anyone's terrible. Do you know what the first thing I did after I escaped the Church police was? I made those son's of bitches pay...

The white begins to fade.

???: Trust is something that I value deeply, out of anythin' we humans offer to each other Trust is the most important. Without trust we can't ever be near another human without fear of betrayal, Troy I trust you enough to want your help. I feel like you're talented enough to make what I want to do much easier. of course there's plenty in it for you! It's definitely better than where you are now.
YOU:...Sure, beats this gutter right? Who are you anyway?
???: Channing. I'm sure this'll be the start of something great.

Everything goes black.
No. 925904 ID: a451fc
File 155269622057.png - (181.84KB , 1039x709 , Wake Up.png )

You wake up from your sleep, you still feel tired. It smells like it rained last night, but nothings wet. Your name is Troy Porter and you're starving, you don't think you ate anything before going to sleep last night. You rummage around your belongings for a can of beans or some fruit or something. You manage to find a couple of cans filled with peaches and beans. What a shitty breakfast but a breakfast none the less...wait, that's right you almost died in your sleep. Being hungry really makes you forget your brush with death.

You hear something around the corner of Roland's house, and you can see that big demon tentacle cat he keeps running around a bit.
No. 925908 ID: a9af05

Ah, a memory of when Troy first met Channing, before he found out Channing was a complete psycho.

First things first, make sure you're awake this time!

After that, go investigate what's going on with that demon thing. And bring your gun, just in case that demon thing is attacking an intruder or something.

Don't forget to warn Roland about Naos, the asshole in the mask that killed Matzen!
No. 925911 ID: eeb7d9

>big demon tentacle cat
Cool. go and take a look while you eat your horrible breakfast. Ask Roland if he needs help in the most casual way possible.
No. 925918 ID: 2870a3

it would be smart to tell roland about the near death situation and also the demons you met. he would be interested in it
No. 925921 ID: b1b4f3

Check to see nothing weird's happening, then eat breakfast.
No. 925925 ID: 91ee5f

Do you have a watch or something? You should check to see what time it is, so that you know how long you’ve been sleeping.

Also, smell the air to see if Roland is cooking anything that would be better than what you’ve got in your truck. I’m sure he won’t mind sharing food with you. But if he’s not cooking anything, eat what you’ve got in your truck.

>You hear something around the corner of Roland's house, and you can see that big demon tentacle cat he keeps running around a bit.
Go check on what the big demon tentacle cat is doing.

>Don't forget to warn Roland about Naos, the asshole in the mask that killed Matzen!
Yeah, do this.

If Roland asks how you know this stuff, just tell him what happened in your dream.
No. 925926 ID: cbdfa8

pet the cat
No. 925934 ID: 2202fb


So you were just chatting about your childhood with Channing? Thats kinda fucked up. Well, at least you know he is kind of a decent guy. An enemy for sure, but at least someone you can sort of respect.
No. 925935 ID: d3602f

You'd be surprised how charismatic psycho and sociopaths can be.
No. 926024 ID: 575ec0

See if Roland has any cream or milk. Peaches and cream aint bad. Though steak and eggs would be better. Maybe go out for breakfast or something. Bring Roland. Discuss dream demons over breakfast.
No. 926026 ID: d3602f

Oh yeah, we were going to take Roland out to eat, weren't we. It was in return for him cooking us breakfast originally and that turned out to be a fake, but you know, he's done quite a bit for us. Might be nice to just do it anyway. It would also be a good way to spend time with him without having to worry about getting killed by demons or Channing.
No. 926067 ID: a9af05

Another thing that you should do:

Do as Matzen said and attempt talking to your angel! Maybe if you become friends, your angel will help improve The Doors so you can do different things with it!
No. 926068 ID: a9af05

If we take Roland out, he's gonna want to bring Vol. Which is no big deal, we can pay for him too.

Just make sure Roland doesn't think Troy is trying anything romantic with him, since Troy has already stated that he's not interested in Roland like that.
No. 926147 ID: 91ee5f

Check the hiding spot where you put the Seraphim and make sure it’s still there!
No. 926162 ID: a451fc
File 155286346775.png - (805.54KB , 1558x2128 , Waking World.png )

Still there...It needs to stay that way.

You walk over to all the commotion to find Vol standing with the displacer beast.

VOL: Hey ya filthy free loada'. How are ya?
YOU: I'm not a free loader, and I'm fine. Good mornin', where's Roland?
VOL: In Crud City trainin' all day. Says he wants to make a lotta' progress. Whattya want 'im for?
YOU: I just survived gettin' attacked by another dipshit from my old gang, and a demon too. And I've also learned that some asshole in a red mask killed on of my close friends.
VOL:...What was dat guy's name? Da' red mask guy?
YOU: He calls himself Naos.
VOL:...Fuckin' dammit. I need to tell Roland about dat, no matter how long ya stay here ya always manage to make things worse don't ya?...and what's dat thing in your hair?

You reach up and pull out something stuck to your head, a small squirming demon looking worm.

VOL: Well there's ya problem demon.
YOU: Yeah...what're you two doing out here anyway?
VOL: Playin' fetch.
YOU: Really?...Kinda looks like you two're just standing here...
No. 926163 ID: a451fc
File 155286347633.png - (854.65KB , 1558x2128 , A Different Kind of Fetch Quest 1-2.png )

As you finish your sentence the image of the displacer beast in front of you disappears in a flash of light and something big and fast rushes you from behind knocking you off of your feet. The demon worm flies out of your hand but Vol managed to catch it easily.

VOL: Does it look any different from down there?

Yeah you're awake alright, that really hurt...

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 5
No. 926164 ID: a451fc
File 155286449680.png - (644.62KB , 1558x1064 , Ilywurm Journal Entry.png )

Excerpt from Roland's journal

After I returned home from my day of training with Flint, Troy had told me about an encounter he had with a demon which could attack and kill him in his dreams. He swore that while trapped in his nightmare that he could hear the disorted distorted voice of the demon chasing him speak odd, almost encouraging phrases to him. The most unsettling being a string of "I love you's" it would growl as it killed it's prey (Freaky). Due to this I decided to name this demon the "I Love You Wurm" (or Ilywurm). The way this demon operates along with the way other demons work has caused me to rethink my system of cattegorri categorization

When demons gain or lose power based on a certain circumstance, such as being in a dream or possessing somebody, I will consider it an X-Factor. I will record what the X-Factor itself is and then tally X's along the PANIC chart to show what qualities change. I'll have to reevalutae reevaluate all of my past entries to match this.

No. 926167 ID: d3602f

Neat. Are we going to keep it? Can it eat regular food, or does it need to be in the dream world?
No. 926168 ID: 575ec0

wait a second.... didn't Cenred bring that into the dream...
That thing couldn't have been put on troy in person. They would just killed Troy in his sleep.

Did... Did it travel through the dreamworld to appear on Troy?
Maybe it's I love you was just it thanking Troy for it's meal...

So many questions.
No. 926175 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah you're awake alright, that really hurt...
Does that mean that you’re not going to pet the displacer beast?

>Maybe it's I love you was just it thanking Troy for it's meal...
That’s exactly what I was thinking. It was pretty much thanking Troy for giving it a chance to kill Cenred and get its revenge for being trapped by him.
No. 926176 ID: 91ee5f

Also, is wrong that I imagined when Troy got run over, he yelled, “AAUGH!!!” like Charlie Brown does? XD
No. 926216 ID: a9af05

No, there's nothing wrong with that.
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