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File 154346483395.png - (172.98KB , 1000x641 , 7-1.png )
912160 No. 912160 ID: 7816e7

Chapter 7

18+ adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/891196.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

The air today is thick in Moot Point. Fog creeps through the streets, rising into alleyways as if the harbor itself was making an effort to fill the city. On the far cliff above, Augustine Moot looms; her sword lit with a powerful magelight lantern to warn sailors of the rocks below.
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No. 924893 ID: 864e49

No fair how come Sifr gets to keep the fuck-zomboi!?
No. 925291 ID: 7816e7
File 155225162329.png - (130.47KB , 700x583 , 7-76.png )

"Thanks, Uncle Sifr. We might want to check on whether Rodwin’s presence will cause any problems with the remaining fey courts. We don’t want to bring down any retribution from old enemies.”

“Mmm,” the Medium nods sagely. “I doubt any of the fey will be comfortable with a devil living so close. I’m not up to date on my fae politics, but I’ll ask the Binder’s Circle. Cervantes always has an ear to the ground there. He might be able to fill in some of the gaps from the Court’s records as well.”

He extends a hand and Kol shakes it. The palm is worn and leathery, and the joints creak in his grip but underneath it all is a steely strength. “It was an honor working with you three. I get the feeling you’ll be joining me as Guardians someday soon, I’m looking forward to that day.” Sifr pulls his nephew in for a bony hug and claps him warmly on the back.

“Now, why don’t we get out of here? Would you mind dropping me off at that lovely bakery, my lad? All of this adventuring has left me dying for a scone!”
No. 925292 ID: 7816e7
File 155225162807.png - (200.71KB , 700x522 , 7-77.png )

Gabe flexes his fingers and opens a gate very dear to his heart, bringing them right to their friend’s doorstep. The familiar bell jingles as they enter and Miki’s squeal of delight fills them with a warmth sorely missed on the cold mountain. Introductions are made and the looming tension of impending doom unwinds. Safe among friends, the Spirit Guides share their tale of the bargast and celebrate a victory for the whole city.

End of chapter 7

New goal: The mystery of Augustine Moot.
No. 925293 ID: 7816e7
File 155225163492.png - (177.94KB , 700x583 , 7-78.png )


Gabe’s last gate for the day closes with a clap of thunder thats rattles the cabinets. Kol flops down on the couch, spreading his arms across the back and rolling his head back. “Oof! Fates, what a day.”

Gabe sits next to him, back straight and tail twitching with agitation. He nibbles nervously at a nail, “Yeah... glad you’re okay...”

Casey squeezes in next to the Sender, “Yeah, that was... intense.”
No. 925294 ID: bcc41d

Smother that poor nervous mouse in a reassuring double huggle and ask what's gotten him so on tenterhooks.
No. 925295 ID: 757cbb

Looking more like your uncle every day, Kol. Is that the hint of whiskers we see there on your face?
No. 925298 ID: 91ee5f

Kol, ask Gabe and Casey why they’re both looking at you like that?
No. 925299 ID: 10c408

Before we move on to a mouse sandwhich (and we all know Casey's gonna do to Gabe what she did to Kol.), one of the remaining two should ask about the Claíomh Solais
No. 925300 ID: 094652

Not nearly as intense as your upcoming bakery visit!

Also, zombie macaroons.
No. 925304 ID: b1b4f3

I bet you're all gonna want to blow off some steam.
No. 925305 ID: 83bf07

Does anyone want to unwind with Nixxy?
No. 925306 ID: 2735ca

Casey and Gabe seem worried about you, Kol.
No. 925550 ID: 7816e7
File 155243824260.png - (137.84KB , 463x700 , 7-79.png )

“What’s up? You guys seem worried.” Kol slips an arm around Gabe and rubs his shoulder. “We did it, didn’t we?”

Gabe smiles back at his partner, his mousey incisors peeking out. “Yeah, its just...”

“Well, while you were away on your spirit walk, your uncle seemed really worried.” Casey speaks up, putting a hand in Gabe’s. “He tried not to show it, but he was pacing all over the place, wondering whether he should go in after you...”

“Yeah. We were, ya know, scared something could have happened to you.” Gabe snuggles up a little, tucking himself cozily in Kol's arm.
No. 925561 ID: e7848c

Bless their mousy hearts. Console them. Would a nice, warm cuddle pile in a big bed be in the books?
No. 925642 ID: 6c7b8c

"Sifr is proud of you, he really is... and he doesn't want to embarass you by acting like you can't take care of yourself. I could see how agonizing it was for him to ponder whether he should let you keep your dignity or rush in to save you. Good thing it was a choice he ultimately didn't have to make."

If things are about to turn naughty (and why wouldn't they?), Kol should be the focus of any sybaritic activities, given that he played the biggest part in saving Moot Point from the Bargast.
No. 925649 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, well... they got in a fight. You didn't. 's fine.
No. 925650 ID: a9af05

Kol, your arm is long enough to also reach Casey. So reach over and include her in the one arm hug! Get both of your companions in the one arm hug!
No. 925657 ID: df5c09

After all she's been through, she deserves better than that. In fact, they all do. Kol ought to get up, then kneel down to their level to give 'em both a comforting hug, and them return it and with each other, for awhile. And then he can also give 'em each a smooch too.
No. 925660 ID: 7816e7
File 155252646360.png - (152.27KB , 700x648 , 7-80.png )

Kol’s mind flashes to the scarred and burned walls of Rodwin’s mind and nods. “I can understand why. It was a risky move, and luckily I was able to talk him down... but it could have gone sideways at any minute. I’m glad I made back to you guys. Thanks for watching out for me...”

Kol slips an arm under Gabe’s legs and hoists him out of the couch. His partner holds onto his neck as the bigger rodent stands up and cradles him. “How about we go upstairs and celebrate?”
No. 925661 ID: 7816e7
File 155252646898.png - (176.84KB , 524x700 , 7-81.png )

Kol feels his feet leave the floor and looks down in confusion. Trailing her aura tentacles behind her Casey gives them a smirk. “Good idea. You coming?” She asks coyly as the boys float behind her.
No. 925663 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 925664 ID: c1212a

Kick your legs like you're running in place
No. 925672 ID: e7848c

Whoops, there goes the (metaphorical) pants
No. 925674 ID: 91ee5f

>“Good idea. You coming?” She asks coyly as the boys float behind her.
Give her a smile and tell her that you think she’s asking a rhetorical question and she already knows what your answer is.
No. 925676 ID: d5a51d

Welp, time to strip fucking everything and get rid of the stress of dealing with a potential city-killing threat.

Through sex.
No. 925715 ID: 6c7b8c

If one might make a few suggestions for what sort of celebratory activities could occur...


These might provide some inspiration. Whatever happens, Casey should definitely get her butt stuffed at some point.
No. 925722 ID: df5c09

And speaking of stuffing butts, Casey could slip her aura tentacles into her or the guys' butts (or her vag) when their positioning would make it uncomfortable, awkward or impossible to use dick or fingers for that.

Also, thinking of uses of their magic, Gabe could theoretically create small Gates to allow auto-fellatio or auto-cunnilingus. Unfortunately just for others, since him losing concentration and causing the Gates to close while using them this way would be real bad.

Now, what could Kol use his magic creatively for sex-wise? Pushing his body beyond normal physical limits in the bedroom immediately comes to mind, but sounds kinda obvious. Spirit walk to share another's body and experience what they feel? Partially separate his spirit to connect with his sexual partner and share what each is feeling? Are those even possible?
No. 925780 ID: 7816e7
File 155261586976.png - (153.65KB , 700x631 , 7-82.png )

“Apparently, yes.” Kol chuckles and slips a finger around Gabe’s waistband and tugs at his shorts, tossing them to the floor. He slings the Sender over his hips in a straddle and pulls him forward into a kiss.

Gabe’s hips grind hungrily against Kol’s stiffening cock and he moans appreciatively as a hand cups his ass with a squeeze. Another hand slips between his legs and teases out soft squeaks muffled by Kol’s lips.

No. 925781 ID: 7816e7
File 155261590719.png - (152.66KB , 463x700 , 7-83.png )

As the pair continue to make out, they’re suddenly dropped onto the bed. The boys land in a blushing tangle and giggle to one another.

Casey steps out of her skirt and crawls onto the bed with a swish of her tail. “What's this? Starting without me?”

No. 925792 ID: e7848c

Casey, show 'em who's boss.
No. 925793 ID: 130f18

Ever heard of the Shocker?
No. 925823 ID: d5a51d

First order of buisness: spirit tentacle those pants off him.
No. 925827 ID: 6f764d

Give her a kiss. A deep one.
No. 925832 ID: 6c7b8c

And rub her gently betwixt her legs.
No. 925843 ID: da50bd

Just lean over and attend to Gabe while Kol lays almost flat on the bed so he can focus.

Give it a few moments, then insert a tentacle into Kol like you did before.
No. 925927 ID: 7816e7
File 155270769159.png - (119.06KB , 700x463 , 7-84.png )

Lay back for me, will you?”

Kol obliges, enjoying the view as she stretches out on top of him. Her fingers roll lovingly over the tent in his pants. “Lets get you out of there...” Casey slips Kol free and runs an eager hand up an down his length. “Mmm, looking good.” She takes an experimental taste and nods in approval.

No. 925928 ID: 7816e7
File 155270769768.png - (190.69KB , 700x584 , 7-85.png )

An impish smile spreads across her face. “I’ve got an idea. Gabe, get closer.”

“Yes ma’am!” The Sender shuffles forward on his butt, until he’s sitting dick to dick with Kol. His hips roll gently with anticipation; a single drop of pent up lust drips between the two, spread thin by the twin shafts sliding against each other.

“Good, keep that up.” Casey twirls a finger and a thin loop of aura uncoils, wrapping itself around the frotting boys. A deft twist and it constricts, squeezing them together and slithering up and down their lengths.

“Ahn! Oh fuck, Case! That’s good!” Gabe gasps as his tip is kneaded against Kol’s. His hips buck into the grind and Kol groans in response.

No. 926126 ID: ac10e5

Well geez, don't leave her hanging there. A kiss and a bit of attention down below might be in order. When you two can stop panting and use your mouths properly anyway.
No. 926131 ID: 91ee5f

Casey, you mad woman! You’re not going to try and take both of them in the same hole, are you?!
No. 926149 ID: 7816e7
File 155285028315.png - (143.88KB , 700x540 , 7-86.png )

Gabe squeaks, loving the sight of his partner’s cock caressing his. “Don’t just sit there, Kol. How about you show some appreciation?”

Kol wraps his arms around Casey’s waist and drags her backwards. The Binder gasps as her partner dives between her legs and laps hungrily at her folds. Casey’s knees go wobbly as Kol’s tongue slips inside her, trying to find shallow sensitive spots to tease. She manages to raise her hips and Kol withdraws to happily suck at her clit. As he does, he feels her thighs shuddering as drops of her salty satisfaction drip from his chin.

No. 926150 ID: 7816e7
File 155285028994.png - (182.72KB , 648x700 , 7-87.png )

Casey’s breath heaves as she comes down from her peaks of pleasure and turns around. She pushes a strand of hair aside and kisses Kol deeply, tasting herself on his breath. Wordlessly immersed in her passion, Casey reaches between them and lines him up before sinking herself onto his cock.

Slowly riding her partner, Casey feels a soft pressure under her tail. She “mmph”s back at Gabe encouragingly as he sinks inside, savoring the sense of fullness. Her eyes roll back with bliss as the boys begin to rock carefully in and out; their shatfs taking turns thrusting in a gentle, coordinated fucking.

No. 926213 ID: 83bf07

Now that's what I call music teamwork! Keep it up, don't fizzle out until Case has had at least two!
No. 926332 ID: 6c7b8c

Yay, we got that butt stuffing! <3

...y'know, I think you should let Kol keep his jacket on throughout the whole lovemaking session. It somehow makes the whole thing even more adorable.
No. 926399 ID: 7816e7
File 155305209022.png - (129.06KB , 625x700 , 7-88.png )

Together, Kol and Gabe build up speed, giving their partner a passionate double stuffing. Casey flops forward and hangs onto Kol’s chest as the pistoning cocks drive the breath out of her. Sandwiched between thrusting, happy lovers, her body surrenders to the push and pull of pleasure.

She reaches out a shaky hand to add her aura tentacles to the mix, but there’s simply too much fucking going on. Her eyes seeing stars, Casey lets out a long, drawn out “Fffff-uuuuck!” as the pair thrust in simultaneously and send an orgasm crashing through her like a rogue wave. Muscles clench in rhythmic concert, telling the boys that they’re doing a good job. They smile and bite their lips as they redouble their efforts, trying to push their lover over the edge once more.

Casey's whole body shivers as the rough fucking pushes her beyond her limits. She writhes in place, pinned between her lovers and feeling spread and stretched. The slap of Gabe's hips against her ass, the base of Kol's shaft grinding against her clit, the smell of sweat, and sound of hot breath above and below: everything comes together to send the Binder into another explosive, shuddering climax.

That one moment of perfect balance finds its end as the mice lock together and the boys finally reach their end. Tight and hot, Casey's body welcomes them as they bury their shafts and let go, feeling one another pulsing within her and separated by millimeters. Twin cocks fill her with white hot sprays of cum as clenching muscles desperately cry out for more. Everything dissolves into a grasping, sticky mess, where no one can tell where they one mouse starts and the other ends.

No. 926417 ID: e7848c

Fuck. That was a fucking fuckton of fucking. Fuck yeah.
You may proceed to melting into a messy mousey pile. Good job team.
No. 926515 ID: 6c7b8c


So good...

You may now proceed with some sweet cuddles to end the quest.
No. 926559 ID: 7816e7
File 155313436507.png - (177.31KB , 700x588 , 7-89.png )

Exhausted and spent, the three spirit guides flop together in an intertwined tangle of limbs and tails. Gentle nuzzles bring each other closer as their hearts beat as one. Soft sighs and contented murmurs herald the onset of slumber, as the saviors of the city close their eyes.

End of epilogue...

No. 926570 ID: a9af05

I hate to ruin the mood, but did Casey take something to prevent getting pregnant?
No. 926647 ID: 6c7b8c


That is a good question actually. How *do* the people of Moot Point prevent such things?

Anyway, Chapter 7 was great! Can't wait to see what comes next <3
No. 926764 ID: 7816e7

Next Chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/926761.html
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