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File 153851463109.png - (335.41KB , 1959x3921 , ns4-op_edit3.png )
904535 No. 904535 ID: 7fd053


Time to take a supersoldier into my enemy's stronghold and defeat his evilly wizardly ways!

:jozi2:"Grab my hand and hold on when we warp." Josie holds her hand out. I grab on.
:glinp2:"OK, but how come?"
:jozi2:"You'll see. You have to stay quiet, though."
:glinp2:"Mmm OK, ready." We warp to Zorgonok's Eeevil lair, but we get there totally silently and without any of the usual warping visuals! I look at her inquisitively.
:jozi2:"Perk for worshippers of The Manifold Shimmer. Stealth warps."
:glinp2:"Ooooh..." We're standing in front of the doors of Zorgonok's castle. Someone would see us if they looked straight down from the roof or out of a window on this side, but since we got here without the usual flashy and whooshy, I don't think anyone will!
:jozi2:"I'd like to do some quick recon. It should only take a few minutes at most, but you'd be on your own. If you busted in, that should keep attention away from me. Otherwise, we can bust in together and just wing it. Up to you. And hey."
:jozi2:"I'll keep you from dying as much as I can, but if you DO die, I'll retreat and call in an Unholy Eraser strike."
:glinp2:"What the FUCK you can DO that!?" She has that kind of firepower at her disposal??
:jozi2:"Yeah, but I'd rather you don't die, obviously. So, you think you can last for a couple minutes on your own? You'd know this guy better than I would."

Of course I can! But maybe I'd rather she just comes in and kicks ass right outta the gate?
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No. 904540 ID: afdebc

I assume it costs her to dish out an unholy eraser (in favors or otherwise), so killing yourself (or faking it) to get her to blow everything up seems kind of mean.

...I mean it might be cool to do once just to see what happens but you'd be dead so you won't see what happens!

>what do
Let Jozi go do the stealth thing, then start searching for traps and bad guys by running around, kicking down doors, and yelling. Then rewinding.
No. 904646 ID: 2f83e5

Well she won't have to call the Unholy eraser, but is nice to know she would do that.
Anyway, try the stealth approach, but remember we have to show her we are a bad ass too.
No. 904647 ID: 86eb65

Got to prove we can handle ourselves!

Tell her no problem at all. You have not made it this far without a few tricks up your sleeves.
No. 904751 ID: e7848c

Let her do her thing. We can roll with stealth up until shit hits the fan and then let her wreak havok.
No. 904784 ID: deec6e


We brought a supersoldier, so let's let her do her supersoldier infiltration thing. Although it's an obvious shame you won't be able to see her in action for a while.

... does she record her ops somehow? Maybe you can catch the debrief.
No. 904874 ID: 4dc321

It'd be cool to see her in action, but you're here to avenge your village, so fuck around on your own.

If you die, though, revert all the way back here and tell her you actually do need an escort.
No. 904945 ID: 7fd053
File 153869028167.png - (77.06KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-1.png )

>Let her do recon
:glinp2:"Do your thang!" I crack my knuckles. "I'll be sure to leave ya some mooks to bash!"
:jozi2:"Heheh. Catch you soon." She leaps away into the shadows! I clear my throat and mentally call upon Dolnar to lend me strength! I kick open the door!
Yeah! That would’ve sucked if it didn't work!
:glinp2:"SUP BITCHES, GLINP IN DA HOUUUSE!" I call out into the hallway!
:genericnpc:"Halt! Intruder!" A flying robot thing zooms toward me! "State your purpose!"

I have some powers!
1. The power to reverse time to an earlier point, even if I die.
2. The power to detach any part of myself that has a joint, and control it from any distance.
3. The power to disguise myself as an inanimate object, but I don't pick the object.
4. A Super Jump that's better for going high than for going far.
5. A Fireball that I can shoot from my mouth.
6. A Super Fist that can break through rock.

Do I talk, or go straight to attackin'? It's pretty high up, but I could probably Super Jump and hit it with something if it doesn't dodge.
No. 904959 ID: deec6e

"Your purpose!"

Super jump and hit it with the zappy spear.
No. 904974 ID: 86eb65

Murdering your boss!

Then fireball it. Is a good test to see what the minions are good at here.
No. 904995 ID: afdebc

I'm here to kick lich ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of heads!

Throw your head at the robot, then point-blank fireball it.
No. 905010 ID: 2f83e5

Super jump and power fist.
No. 905068 ID: b38f01

One two combo! If that doesn't kill it, revert and tell it you want to send a message from the Lizardfolk to Zorgonok.
No. 905073 ID: 91ee5f

That might be using too much energy too soon in the mission.

We don’t want him to tire himself out before he gets to the final boss, right?
No. 905192 ID: 7fd053
File 153877694226.png - (252.51KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-2.png )

It'll be fine! I just can't be doin' it to everything I run into.

:glinp2:"Killing your boss!"
>-pkowkshhh kchh!-
I bash it on the main body part, and the glass dome breaks from the deformation! The body clips against one of the walls of the hallway, and the orb at the bottom of the tail stays about where it was. The body reorients itself and trains its guns on me!
:genericnpc:"That will be difficult when you are DEAD!"
Oh no!


:genericnpc:"State your purpose!"
:glinp2:"Yeah hey I got a message here for Zorgonok?" It trains the guns on me.
:genericnpc:"Zorgonok is busy! Try again next... LIFE!"


I try hitting it with my spear!
It's stunned! Cool! I wonder how long that's gonna last!

Probably not long, so I should figure out what to do next!
No. 905203 ID: deec6e


See if you can't pry off that tail orb or somehow separate it from the rest of the body. It must be the thing that propels the robot, and if it can't move, it'll just be so much scrap no matter how much ammo it's got.
No. 905362 ID: afdebc

While it's stunned, push it off into the moat.
No. 905435 ID: 91ee5f

Super punch straight down on its glass dome!
No. 905825 ID: b38f01

Follow up that combo with a spear zap!
No. 905953 ID: 7fd053
File 153904007012.png - (163.70KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-3.png )

>separate the tail orb, super fist the dome
Arrite, let's see here! I try prying at the orb with my spear, but it's on too good! I Super Fist it!
>-pkowPSHHhhhh! clumbleCLANG!-
The tail orb shatters, and the rest of it collapses! I climb up on the body.
:genericnpc:"You fool!" Oh no it can still slither around with the tail! "Grrrr!" ...Not very well, it seems. Still, just bustin' the orb's not enough!
For a second I can see a spooky ghost come outta the dome! It looks unhappy, and then it vanishes.
Hm. A Super Jump and TWO Super Fists. I can knock this out with a little less energy.


I revert and this time I just bust the orb and the dome without Super Jumping! So now that's done, I walk the rest of the hallway, and I enter a big foyer! For decoration, there are electric lights and carpets and tapestries, and in this room specifically, there's a statue in a niche, and a big chandelier!
There's an upper level balcony thing that looks too high to Super Jump to, a left path, and a right path.

Which path do I take?
No. 905955 ID: 65c9b9

pap the ketza and open the secret room
No. 905985 ID: b1b4f3

Preen the ketza statue.
No. 906091 ID: afdebc

Slap the statue on the ass, it's just asking for it.
No. 906095 ID: 2f83e5

Look at the statue, if nothing happends then turn to the right.
No. 906188 ID: 459f59

Boop the ketza. It's very important. See if you can jump to the the chandelier and then the upper level.
No. 906310 ID: 7fd053
File 153915003676.png - (69.55KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-4.png )

>Try to jump to the chandelier and get to the upper floor
>-Pchoing! chk'k! jingly noises-
I grab onto the chandelier, but I can't get high enough to grab onto something that doesn't break off.

I get a decorative skull!

>pap, preen, butt-slap, and boop the ketza statue
Feels like solid stone... Oh it moved! It bites at my hand!
:glinp2:"Hey! No bitey!"
It hops off the pedestal! I wag my finger angrily! "Bad Ketza!" Still comin', musta aggroed it I guess. How to deal with a grumpy stone Ketza?

I have:
Slime Grenade,
Protein Bar,
Pickaxe that turns me into a dwarf when I hold it,
Extendo-spear that can do zaps but needs time to recharge after each zap,
Some money (12 krels),
a "Trip Gun," which can move lightweight things but only if they're located somewhere I can't see 'em,
and a Portable Tunnel Deployer, good for one use.
I also have a Caster Gun, with one Fist spell bullet and one Holy spell bullet available. I should probably save the Holy for Zorgonok!
No. 906313 ID: 06fdc0

preen the ketza! ~speep~
No. 906320 ID: b1b4f3

Pickaxe it.
No. 906329 ID: 459f59

Hero spin with the pickaxe!
No. 906334 ID: 65c9b9

dwarf time
No. 906368 ID: afdebc

Use the pickaxe to chop off its arms (wings?) and legs, so you have a statue of an angry fluffy worm you can haul around and use to bit things.
No. 906396 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder how much it would cost to get Truth to tell you if anyone finds out you can rewind time. I mean, aside from Truth. He already knows, obviously.
No. 906500 ID: 7fd053
File 153929305995.png - (60.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-5.png )

I dunno for sure that he knows... I'll have to find out, without him figuring it out if he doesn't!

I just tried that and it got maaad!

>Pickaxe it!
This makes things a little tricky because now it's even more bigger than me!
>-clang! clang!-
There goes its arms! This thing's slow.
>-clang! ...clang!-
Hooh! Maybe not that slow. It almost bit me there. But there's the legs! It writhes on the ground and still tries to bite me. Not like I can blame it, at this point!
...But it's still really big. Bigger than me without the axe! I try to grab the tail, but it's all hard and pokey and heavy! Ow! OK yeah it's still dangerous like this.

Should I leave it here, or put it out of its misery? Assuming busting up its head will do the trick.
No. 906502 ID: 9f36ab

We've wasted enough time. Let's move on.
No. 906515 ID: afdebc

Leave the angry stone caterpillar, I bet we can find a use for it later.
No. 906536 ID: 5fa661

RIDE the angry stone caterpillar!
No. 906539 ID: 65c9b9

leave the leper and move on to next foe
No. 906614 ID: 7fd053
File 153938988129.png - (130.65KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-6.png )

I don't think I will do that!

>Leave the stone Ketzapillar
I was thinkin' about goin' right next, so that's where I go! There's a hall there, with a big pendulum clock on the wall across from the opening.
:genericnpc:"Hostile detected." Oh shoot!
A wall-mounted turret! I stick my tail into the hall for a second.
:genericnpc:"I saw that!"
Looks like it might not shoot immediately, so I might have some time to do something before it does.

There are two doors on either side of the big clock.
There's a curving upward staircase, but I'd have to run past the wall turret.
How do I deal with the turret?
No. 906616 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm maybe you should bust up the statue fully to see if anything's hidden inside it. It is glowing, after all.

...will the trip gun let you move the turret?
Otherwise just dash through and head into that door on the right of the clock.
No. 906617 ID: 4b3b00

Get some stone caterpillar rubble, get a running head start, yeet the piece ahead of you and see if you can make a fist shot while disassembling in midair to the other side of the clock.
No. 906618 ID: 65c9b9

make like a dwarf and dig your way through the wall next to the turret
No. 906697 ID: afdebc

Do the hokey pokey, sticking body parts into the hall and then pulling them back out before getting shot.
No. 906918 ID: 7fd053
File 153956284161.png - (112.89KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-7.png )

That... would take way too long!

The statue isn't glowing! But I pickaxe it into gargoyle kibble, and a pork chop falls out! Nice. I can eat that if I take some damage.
I take some rubble and toss it into the hall.
:genericnpc:"Aha!" I focus on the turret and use the trip gun.
:glinp2:"Hup!" I run across and get into the door to the right of the clock! And cough on the cloud of dust that I kick up when I dive in. It's dusty as heck! Has he even opened this room up in the past year?
:genericnpc:"What!?" Ha! Looks like those shots went wild when I used the trip gun! They didn't get anywhere close! I can hear the turret swivelling. "What!??"
So, this room looks like where Zorgonok put a bunch of his antiques and stuff to be unpacked, and then... never unpacked them for some reason. There's furniture covered in sheets, and cardboard boxes with labels handwritten in some language I can't read. The only other door appears to be the one past the clock.

Anything I should poke at specifically? And how should I get past the turret?
No. 906919 ID: b1b4f3

Search the whole room, then rewind and only open boxes with good stuff in them.
...wait, is Zorgonok a ketza? Or did he take over someone else's castle?
No. 906922 ID: 83bf07

Not a bad idea right there. Search through everything until you run out of time and then just rewind to get the good stuff, if there is anything. Would any of that armor to your left fit you?
No. 907009 ID: 52560d

oh my god Zorgonok is a ketza
your arch-nemesis, bane of your life and destroyer of your village is a ketza

Really the tozol was perhaps overkill.

Also just search everything and rewind for the stuff worth keeping like everyone else said. Getting past the turret? Hope there's something in here that can help. Worst case scenario, throw a blanket over yourself and pretend to be a crate.
No. 907080 ID: afdebc

Poke all the things. Also run into the middle of the pentagram and jump up and down, see if it triggers a spell.

Also 100% agreeing with this reaction here.
No. 907108 ID: 7fd053
File 153966439071.png - (140.09KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-8.png )

Jumping in the pentagram doesn't seem to do anything!
Bringing Josie was totally not overkill. This guy's got some serious magic, and he's no fool neither!

That's a mannequin on the left, not armor.
I start searching everything. Dust, disassembled furniture, a music box, a soap refiller, a photograph of some Ketzas, and some socks are what I find before...
A hovering monitor flies in through the other door, which closes again!
:zorgonok:"Another foolish adventurer trying to infiltrate my lair!? Don't you know what happened to the other three?" says Zorgonok!


My next search reveals more dust, a snow globe, a clock, and a bunch of books I can't read. There's more boxes but I don't reeeeally wanna spend that much time on this.

:zorgonok:"Another foolish adventurer trying to infiltrate my lair!? Don't you know what happened to the other three?" says Zorgonok!
:glinp2:"No, what happened to 'em?"
:zorgonok:"They died! It was pathetic!" He leans close for the last word. "But I heard their stories, and I'll listen to yours. Why are you here?"
:glinp2:"In the name of the Binp family and the village of Vesne Kearue, I must vanquish you!"
:zorgonok:"The what? Is this a revenge thing for something?" What?? How can he not...
:glinp2:"...YES! After we drove you away, you swore you would return and destroy our village!" He turns away.
:zorgonok:"Trilmus! Look this up." He turns back. "What did you say your village's name was again? And your name?"
:glinp2:"Vesne Kearue is my village, and my name is Glinp!"
:zorgonok:"It's not ringing a bell... how long ago was this?"
:glinp2:"About 10 years ago!" I can't believe this!
:zorgonok:"Nevermind, Trilmus, it was before you joined. Well, adventurer! Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm afraid I made many such promises, and they've sadly fallen by the wayside. Becoming a dark overlord takes so much work! However, since you've come this far, I will be sure to destroy your village once you've met your end."
:glinp2:"What no! Dammit!"
:zorgonok:"Hehehehehe! Goodbye, Glinp!" the screen flies back out the door.

Well fuck! I don't know how to feel about this! But I guess nothing's really changed... Gah...
Buhhhh ok well do I care about any of these things I found?
No. 907109 ID: afdebc

You know, you should probably rewind and not tell him in the name of your village, on the impossible chance he somehow manages to kill you past your respawns or survives a tozol.
No. 907110 ID: 65c9b9

give him a good old fashioned Ketza curse in a rewind. say his preen job looks like it was done by a bucket of maggots being poured on his head and his speeping sounds like a vuvuzela.
No. 907119 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Grab the photograph. I wanna find out if that was his family at some point.
You know where his phylactery is right? Or are you just gonna search for it while you're here?

Is there anything behind the stained glass windows?
No. 907125 ID: b15919

Bah, what a jerk. I'd pocket the photo, the music box and disguise under the dust sheets before he enters in. Save the heroic speech for when you actually get him.
No. 907219 ID: afdebc

If this is his stuff, could we just light it on fire out of spite instead of searching it?
No. 907306 ID: 7fd053
File 153980170851.png - (131.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-9.png )

I ain't got a lighter!



I revert, grab the photo and music box, and check the windows. Looks like there's just the outside behind 'em.
I get under one of the sheets and disguise as an end table! I really don't think he's gonna be able to fend off me and a Tozol, but it might be good to save the speech for later anyway.

:zorgonok:"Another foolish adventurer trying to infiltrate my lair!? Don't you know... what happened to the other... three?" The monitor swivels around looking for me. He sighs frustratedly. "Hiding, are you? It won't save youuuu!" The screen flies back out the door.

Alright, I don't think he's comin' back.
Oh! I heard something move, but there's still so much dust flyin' around, I can't see it!
No. 907312 ID: 83bf07

If you drop your disguise now, you're probably going to be choking on Dust, but you'll probably find out who's out there. Probably worth the risk since you can just revert.
No. 907317 ID: afdebc

Just wait it out. If something attacks you, revert, and then move in the direction it didn't come from.
No. 907552 ID: 7fd053
File 153998929675.png - (62.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-10.png )

I wait! I think it's coming closer! Sounds kinda creaky. Oh there it is! Tall! It karate chops me in half! And I don't think I was made'a no cheap flimsy wood!


So I go back, and turn into me, and blindly make my way through the room, trying to avoid whatever's making the sound. It's trackin' me!
Heeey wait! Thinkin' about it, I do have something that might catch stuff on fire if it's this dry and powdery. My spear zap!
:glinp2:"You're (cough) not Jozi are you?" No response! I whip out my spear and
And now I'm on fire! And so is everything else! And the windows are blown out!

Great! I mean aside from the obvious! What next!? The whole room is actually engulfed in flames!
No. 907560 ID: afdebc

Hmmm. Rewind back to when you first got to the room, grab the picture ASAP, run out before the monitor can start talking, and light the room on fire as you run out so you don't get caught in it.
No. 907586 ID: 65c9b9

No. 907666 ID: 83bf07

I say wait in disguise until the person is about to attack and then surprise them with a Spear zap!
No. 907667 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe we should stop fucking around with the dust and fire and explore the other path branching off of the entryway.
No. 908027 ID: 7fd053
File 154025957775.png - (153.44KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-11.png )

That'll just explode me too! It'll be the same as now except the super karate chopper will be right next to me and also on fire!



I go back to a much nicer time when I wasn't on fire, take the photo, and step out of the room and zap the dust to set things on fire. I stand behind the clock so the turret doesn't see me.
There's no big explosion like before, because there wasn't so much dust kicked up everywhere! It does start a nice blaze. I also grabbed a blanket, so I hide under that and go across.
:genericnpc:"What was that! Oh. Just another ghost detected. Hold it! Which ghost are you and why does it sound like there's a fire?"
:glinp2:"The ghost of an armchair! I got to 100 years oooold but then lost my structural integrity and diiiied immeeeediately bye!"
:genericnpc:"That's - no, halt dammit!" I'm already back in the foyer. Dunno if it believed me. I might've just gotten past because I distracted it for the two seconds it took to cross the hall. Might not work there a second time!
The Ketza statue is back in one piece. I don't try to preen it again.

So now I'm in the left hall! there's suits of armor! I can't see all the way down the hall, but I do see one door on the right, and looking back the other way I see another door across from me. The hallway ends after that, in that direction.
No. 908029 ID: afdebc

>Which ghost are you and why does it sound like there's a fire?
Maybe should have claimed to be a flaming ghost of some kind. Died in a fire.

Walk down past the suit of armor and be a jerk about it.

"It sure is a good thing I'm alone and safe and these suits of armor aren't animate and are gonna attack me as I walk by! I would be completely unprepared for such an original, unpredictable trap!"
No. 908050 ID: 83bf07

Across the hall!
No. 908052 ID: 4dc321

Across the hall, and be quick about it.
No. 908148 ID: 7fd053
File 154042300025.png - (54.75KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-12.png )

:glinp2:"It sure is a good thing I'm alone and safe and these suits of armor aren't animate and are gonna attack me as I walk by! I would be completely unprepared for such an original, unpredictable trap!" I call out into the hallway and at the nearest suit as I take a few steps toward the door. I'll actually be disappointed if there's not at least one haunted suit of armor! No, hell, I'll be offended! I open the door and find a music room! There's a piano and it looks like it's all been maintained. It could have even been played somewhat recently, maybe? There's lots of sheet music, some couches... Huh, there's a box at the high end of the keys. It's locked shut!
:zorgonok:"THERE YOU ARE! An arsonist adventurer, trying to infiltrate my lair!? Don't you know what happened to the other three adventurers?!"
:glinp2:"Did they die?"
:zorgonok:"YES. It was pathetic! But I heard their stories, and I'll hear yours, even if you DID light my antiques on fire! But after that, your death will be merciless!"

I don't think I can avoid this encounter by hidin' and whatever! Like... it is his house. What do I tell 'im?
No. 908150 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him the same story as before but don't tell him what village it was. Just act disappointed that he doesn't remember. Say something like that's typical of fat-headed villains like him.
No. 908154 ID: afdebc

Explain that you're a fanatic anti-ketza racist and you're not going to stand for a dead ketza clinging to unlife! And when you're done killing him, you're going to use his bones to curse other ketzas. No need to let all that evil necromancy go to waste!
No. 908156 ID: 83bf07

You originally came here for revenge but you're falling in love with his taste for music. Sorry about the arson.

Think this flying monitor is susceptible to your spear?
No. 908159 ID: 5fa661

"Your momma sent me here from hell to come give you a spanking!"
No. 908175 ID: 4dc321

Say you're out for revenge for all those people he killed.
No. 908253 ID: 54c17f

Explain to him that your here to preen a ketza and this asshole has the nerve to strip that sweet fur off himself.

I mean your here for revenge, but pissing off people can lead to fun conversation and not always death.
No. 908280 ID: 91ee5f

>I don't think I can avoid this encounter by hidin' and whatever!
True, but wouldn’t it be more fun to keep hiding whenever he comes into the room? Plus, imagine how surprised he’ll be if you can keep avoiding him until you can have this conversation face to face with him!
No. 908282 ID: 7fd053
File 154051715454.png - (59.74KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-13.png )

I can try that if I don't like how THIS goes.

:glinp2:"I'm fanatically anti-ketza, and I won't stand for some dead Ketza clinging to unlife! Once I'm rid of you, I'll use your bones to curse other Ketzas!" Somehow I don't feel right lyin' about that! I like Ketzas! Most of 'em are nice!
:zorgonok:"You are!? Why, we can work together, then! It was my growing disdain for Ketzakind that made me decide to leave mortal life behind!" Wow, really?
:glinp2:"What do YOU hate about Ketzas??"
:zorgonok:"The piles, the preening, the dreadful SSSPEEPING!" He gestures dramatically. "I'm so glad to be rid of all those desires and obligations! How about you?" He tilts his head.
:glinp2:"Uhh ok, actually, I'm here to get revenge for all the people you've killed. I just wanted to rile you up with the Ketza-hating thing."
:zorgonok:"Agh, pity." He waves his hand. "We could have been allies. What's your name, then?"
:glinp2:"I'll make sure you find out before I give you a spanking from hell!" I toss my spear at the screen!
Part of the screen breaks and my spear gets embedded!
:zorgonok:"So that's how it is..." The spear falls out. Oh good. "See you soon, adventurer! On my mantle! Hehehehehe!" The screen flies out the door, trailing sparks.

Anything different I should try?
If not, do I see what's through the other door in here, or go back out in the hall and try the next door, or what?
No. 908283 ID: 86eb65

I sort of like the idea of pretending to be enraged by speeping and how they think everyone should think its cute.

And seeing if joining him then promptly betraying him is more fun.

Might not work but could be worth a shot.
No. 908288 ID: afdebc

>Anything different I should try?
Might be worth rewinding not saying the Ketza thing. Now that you know he reacts, you can save it for later- shout out that's why you're going after him so he'll stop trying to kill you for a minute and try and recruit you instead. Could be used to buy time at a critical moment!
No. 908331 ID: 83bf07

Oh he hates ketza things. We can threaten him with those things later. Onwards, then?
No. 908454 ID: 931f7a

I don't see a need to redo anything for now.
No. 908675 ID: 36b60d

I dont think telling a Lich the escort has arrived is a good idea, considering how elated they are to be free from insticts, but i dont think he will maim you for it.

Aside from that, either ask them how much itll cost to touch their swag money coat, or brazenly turn into an object to see what they say.

Also maybe look around the room, or explore some more.
And watch out for the karate demon, or whatever the hell it is.
No. 908798 ID: 7fd053
File 154086790846.png - (79.61KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-14.png )

I guessss I'll just move on. I do a quick sweep of the room to see if anything pops out at me. There's a few books with musical magic stuff. Not just the usual bard type stuff, big complicated rituals with a lot of parts too! I wonder where the key to the box on the piano is. I also notice that the temperature's kinda cool in here. Dunno where to look in specific, but I find 3 krels in one of the couches. I have no idea how that even happened.

I get 3 krels!

But I don't find anything else from my short look-see, so I go into the room attached to this one! Looks like a library. On my left there's a catalog on a small table. Further ahead to my left, at a desk between two bookcases, there's a robotic eye watching me.

What should I say to it? Anything?
No. 908826 ID: afdebc

Go ask the librarian if you can check out the necromonicon.
No. 908843 ID: 65c9b9

ask the robit about the bathrooms
No. 908851 ID: 7d4373

Ask if it's the librarian and if there's an adult section.
No. 909115 ID: 7fd053
File 154102958909.png - (108.96KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-15.png )

I walk up to the desk.
:glinp2:"Are you the librarian?"
:genericnpc:"Yes, and you're the intruder."
:glinp2:"Sure am! Can I check out the necronomicon?"
:genericnpc:"Standard or Ex Mortis version?"
:glinp2:"Oh shit uhh which one's better?"
:genericnpc:"That depends on what you're looking for. They're actually rather different, despite the similar names. What are you looking for?"
:glinp2:"Uhh you know, evil stuff..."
:genericnpc:"Probably Ex Mortis, then. Let me get that for you."
:glinp2:"K!" It reaches out a long spindly metal arm with a bunch of joints, grabs the book off the shelf, and sets it on the desk.
:genericnpc:"Anything else?"
:glinp2:"Is there an adult section?"
:glinp2:"Is there a bathroom?"
:genericnpc:"There is a guest bathroom. If you go back into the hall, it's through the door closest to the foyer."
:glinp2:"Thanks!" I flip through the book. It's just a nice quality hardcover copy, but I can still feel some traces of magic comin' from it. Of course I can't read it. Maybe that's a good thing...

Am I gonna visit the bathroom, then?
Or check out the next room from here?
Or ask about more books?
No. 909120 ID: 65c9b9

go to the bathroom and leave a double dicker to bring shame upon his toilet
No. 909121 ID: afdebc

I guess if you blow up this place you won't be obligated to return the book. Loot!

>Or ask about more books?
Ooh, ooh, is there a map you can check out.

>Am I gonna visit the bathroom, then?
I'm morbidly curious what kind of guests an evil undead Ketza entertains.
No. 909131 ID: b1b4f3

Try the other version.
No. 909133 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, why did they let an intruder like you have this book? Unless it’s a trap that’s going to magically explode in your face when you least expect it?
No. 909173 ID: 83bf07

Any magic dispelling books here?
No. 909592 ID: 7fd053
File 154136728023.png - (83.96KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-16.png )

:glinp2:"Lemme look at the other one too." The arm extends and fetches the other Necronomicon. This one doesn't feel faintly alive like the other one. It's has even more of a normal book feel. Aw I can't read this one either! There's lots to read, too. Looks more substantial than the other one!

:glinp2:"Got a map?"
:genericnpc:"We have many maps. Where would you like a map of?"
:glinp2:"Any map." They fetch a map of Mieju, where Ekwi's Golden City is located. "Got any books on dispelling magic?"
:genericnpc:"Not specifically, but some spellbooks have sections dealing with that topic."
:glinp2:"So do I need a library card or anything?"
:genericnpc:"Yes, if you want to leave this room with any of the books. If you can show me a standard, valid form of identification, I can print a library card for you."
:glinp2:"But how come me, an intruder, can do that?"
:genericnpc:"I believe it was an oversight."
:glinp2:"Wow, neat! OK I might come back and do that. Bye!"
:genericnpc:"Shh. Please be quieter, or I will destroy you." Eep! I leave quick and head to the bathroom.

This bathroom's really clean! There's no dust anywhere! There's a mundane toilet and a shower/bathtub, in addition to the standard magical cleaning stall, which surprises me, because I wouldn't expect accessibility for magic-immune people in an evil wizard's fortress.

Someone knocks on the door! Could it be one of those suits of armor come to life!? I hope so!
No. 909599 ID: 65c9b9

one minute Estoy poopin
No. 909600 ID: b1b4f3

"Who is it?"
No. 909604 ID: 91ee5f

No. 909633 ID: afdebc

>"Any map."
No no no, you want a map of Zorgonok's castle!

>Someone knocks on the door!
I'm not in here!
No. 909651 ID: 946a95

Trip gun them! If it's Jozi, she'd be immune anyways. If not, you can probably hear if it's armor!
No. 909659 ID: a9af05

"Can't you read the sign?! It says 'Occupied'!"
No. 909665 ID: a9af05

Or you could just make a bunch of farting and grunting noises just like Johnny from the Metal Gear Solid series to make it sound like they should look for a different bathroom because they don't want to come in after you!
No. 909678 ID: f5c698


Remain silent and disguise yourself near the bathtub. Maybe you can turn this ambush around on them.
No. 909717 ID: 7fd053
File 154145600532.png - (53.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-17.png )



I go back and ask specifically for a map of the castle.
:genericnpc:"We do not have one of those."


Phooey! Back to the spooky bathroom.

>Say it's occupied
:glinp:"Hey! I'm takin' a dump over here!"
:jozi2:"Hahah, seriously?"
:glinp:"...No." I open the door.
:jozi2:"I take it you started that fire. I appreciate your dedication to the ancient art of distraction."
:glinp:"I couldn't pass up the chance to light that asshole's old stuff on fire!" While I'm talkin', I hear some metal creak, and Jozi catches an axe swung by a haunted armor! Aha! She doesn't even turn away from me. It tries to free the axe from her grip, but her arm doesn't budge.
:jozi2:"Sweet, an axe. We can use this." I can't not laugh at this! The armor's not givin' up, though! She turns to it and snarls! "I'm taking your axe." She wrests it away and the armor goes and stands where it was before. "Thanks." She twirls it around her hand. "So where to?"
:glinp:"Do you know how the place is laid out?"
:jozi2:"Yeah. I couldn't figure out what was in every room, but I've got a good enough idea. I don't know where that phylactery is."

Should I ask her anything that might help me figure out where to go?
No. 909722 ID: b1b4f3

Ok, using the recon info let's start rummaging through likely places for him to be hiding it. Anywhere that's particularly well guarded? Or if we have a good sense of the layout, it could be in a secret room. In that case we should look for unused floorspace.
No. 909781 ID: 4dc321

Ask if she saw anywhere that looked really heavily guarded, like an inner sanctum.

Failing that, ask if her blindsight spotted any hidden passages large enough that a self-respecting wizard might use them without having to crawl.
No. 909782 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, do these!
No. 909862 ID: afdebc

I feel like an evil book of necromancy could be used to locate a phylactery, but you're not a caster.

Zorgonok have any loyal minions we could go interrogate? They probably aren't trusted with the exact location, but maybe you could get some clues from them.
No. 909937 ID: 7fd053
File 154164117478.png - (111.11KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-18.png )

Boy, it's gettin' colder...

:glinp2:"Didja see anywhere really heavily guarded?"
:jozi2:"Upper floors are more guarded than this one. The room he was in when I looked was the most guarded one." She scratches her head with a point of the axe blade. "I guess it could be in there. There were some rooms I couldn't see into, and it could be in one of those too. By the way, how'd you get past that robot in the front hall?"
:glinp2:"Punched it!"
:jozi2:"...How badly did you damage it?"
:glinp2:"Uhhh you saw the huge dent I put in it, right?"
:jozi2:"Nope... Had to thrash it myself. I think our guy's got some strong voodoo goin'. Fixes up his goons automatically when we're not looking."
:glinp2:"Oh, that'd explain why the Ketza statue stopped bein' busted."
:jozi2:"Why'd you bust it?
:glinp2:"I tried to preen it, and it got real mad!"
:jozi2:"Pthbbt. Guess you know why that triggered it now."
:glinp2:"...Ye-wait, huh?"
:jozi2:"I heard your conversation with mr. bones. He doesn't like preening."
:glinp2:"Oh yeah! I Guess so! Gosh, where were you...?"
:jozi2:"That's classified."
:glinp2:"Whaaat well ok how about secret chambers or passageways? 'Ja find any of those?"
:jozi2:"Heheh, yeah, I'll let you know when we come across one."

I don't know... Maybe that 'Trilmus' he was talking to earlier?
:glinp2:"Spot any loyal minions we can interrogate?"
:jozi2:"The head scientist is in the laboratory. That might be a good choice. Zorgo's got a Cutebold who seems to go with him everywhere. That could be a good option too. I did find a minions' quarters, so some of them must need to rest, but most seem to be spirits and demons attached to robots or other kinds of physical shells. One of them's a big spiky demon fellow who seems to be high in the rankings. We might just run into that one anyway, after long enough."

Plenty of options! Am I gonna pick one of these guys to go after?
Tell Jozi to lead me to one of the rooms she couldn't see into?
Tell her to take me to the nearest secret passageway?
Somethin' else?
No. 909959 ID: 981238

I'd say let's try the scientist. Also to try and get information on the philactery, trickery may work better than straight-up interrogation.
No. 909964 ID: 83bf07

Secret Passageway! Maybe we can seal them up to prevent any escapes.
No. 910078 ID: 4dc321

Yeah, try to sabotage the escape route.
Or steal the treasure. One of those. Maybe if you steal all the treasure you'll get his phylactery by default.
No. 910083 ID: afdebc

Let's grab a scientist for questioning. Or the cutebold, if we somehow come across them first.
No. 910129 ID: 7fd053
File 154181787587.png - (84.06KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-19.png )

:glinp2:"Let's see that scientist, but I wanna try and sabotage any secret escape routes too. And see any secret passages along the way."
:jozi2:"Sure, just follow me. I didn't notice any secret exits on the outside, but there could be one farther away. Of course he might have an emergency teleporter." Jozi stops. "Oh look, there's a puzzle in the way. You're up~"
:glinp2:"Yep, I see it!" There's colored tiles on the floor, and a forcefield barring the way past it. There's a button labeled 'help' on the wall so I press it. A deep voice sounds.
:genericnpc:"Complete a repeatin' sequence three times at least. Whole repeats only, and use all four colors." The words also appear in the air.

Wouldja look at that, it's colorblind-friendly too! Each color has its own distinct symbol.
:jozi2:"For an added challenge, see if you can find a path for me that doesn't overlap with yours."

Shouldn't be too hard! What's the path?
No. 910134 ID: b1b4f3
File 154181906597.png - (113.34KB , 1024x1024 , puzzle.png )

Hmm. Repeating sequence, but it doesn't say how long the sequence has to be. Must be at least four tiles long though since you're using all four colors.
...I wonder if two people can complete one sequence by alternating stepping on tiles?

Let's try that.
Glinp is yellow-pink, Jozi is green-blue. Pause near the end to repeat some colors, then exit.
No. 910204 ID: 757ccd
File 154188191795.png - (101.66KB , 1024x1024 , 154181787587_possiblesolution.png )

So, repeat a pattern using all four colors, repeating at least 3 times. Try this, following the white line, then red, then blue.

Doesn't help with Josie's challenge though.

There are lines scratched into the ground; the second-last column all point to the green which seems to indicate you have to touch that green tile last. There is no way around that.
No. 910206 ID: b1b4f3

Dots are exit points. There are dots on the pink and blue squares on the edge.

If this were not the case, Josie's challenge would be impossible since both paths would have to overlap on the final tile.
No. 910217 ID: b1b4f3
File 154188678536.png - (108.51KB , 1024x1024 , puzzle2.png )

Here's an alternate solution that doesn't reuse tiles, but the paths cross over. Not sure if that counts as "overlap".
No. 910450 ID: 7fd053
File 154207088772.png - (108.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-20.png )

I tell Josie this co-op idea. She munches on the bottom of the axe's shaft.
:jozi2:"Hmm, interesting approach." She presses the help button 3 times and then holds it for 3 seconds.
:genericnpc:"Yes, mortal? Having trouble with the puzzle?" munch, munch.
:jozi2:"Got a question. Can two people complete one sequence by alternating stepping on tiles?"
:genericnpc:"Yes, that would be valid."
:jozi2:"Thanks, pal. Any other questions, Glinp?"
:jozi2:"That'll be all."
:genericnpc:"If you mess up, we'll be feasting on your bones!"
:jozi2:"Mmm, I could go for some bones myself. Anyway, your solution should work. Let's go!" We try it, and it does! The forcefield deactivates and we move through. She's chewed the end of the axe into a point.
On this side of the forcefield, the walls're made of stone. It's also colder. Brrr!
A big scary robot drops from the ceiling!
:genericnpc:"YOU may have passed the" and then Josie throws the axe through its goddamn head like a javelin, shaft-first, impaling it and embedding the blade in the robot's face! A spirit escapes the robot, which falls over.
:jozi2:"This guy would've been pretty tough for you to beat on your own." She hops over to it and starts pulling on one of its guns. "I don't think I'll be getting that axe back, so I hope I can trade up here. Hup!!" She rips the gun out! "Sweet. Now I just need a magic battery and I can actually use this." I manage to say something. That guy looked like a real challenge and she dropped 'em before they finished one sentence!
:glinp2:"N-nice job!"
:jozi2:"Psh, that was nothin'!"
:glinp2:"Uh huh... Uhm, where to next?"
:jozi2:"A secret passageway~ It's in this hall. Want to see if you can guess how to open it?"

At the end of the hall, below a tapestry, there's a bust on a pedestal on a carpet. I try rotating the bust's head, but it don't turrrn at alllll. I start to look over into the next room, to the left, but Josie says,
:jozi2:"Nope, not that way."

What other tricks might suss out a secret passage?
No. 910455 ID: b1b4f3

Check under the carpet, behind the bust, and on the sides of the pedestal. Might be a button?
No. 910599 ID: 5b93d3

Check out the tapestry, maybe it has a clue!
No. 910600 ID: 91ee5f

Try grabbing the bust’s bust, if it has one.
No. 910602 ID: afdebc

Button under or behind the bust? You need to tip the pedestal like a lever? Under the carpet? Under the tapestry? You need to smooch the bust?
No. 910606 ID: 83bf07

Lift the bust's chin. Might be a hinge on the back of the head.
No. 910893 ID: 7fd053
File 154240662677.png - (54.27KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-21.png )

Nothin' under the carpet, or anywhere else but behind the tapestry! Where there’s a key.
:glinp2:"A key! But then where's the keyhole..."
:jozi2:"It should be almost as easy for you to find as it was for me. Almost."

If I don't guess it this time, should I just ask her to show me?
No. 910914 ID: 91ee5f

>found key, but where’s the keyhole?
Pull the entire tapestry off the wall!

Or is the keyhole in the bust’s mouth?

If Josie has to tell us, we could always just rewind and find it ourselves.
No. 910916 ID: 2f83e5

Yes, check out the bust.
No. 910918 ID: b1b4f3

Keyhole... the nostril of the bust maybe. Or the pupil of an eye... or an ear.
No. 910938 ID: afdebc

It's probably in the statue's ear or something.

>"It should be almost as easy for you to find as it was for me. Almost."
You've got those tails giving you a 3D map of your surroundings, the keyhole wasn't even hidden for you!
No. 910961 ID: a9af05

Yeah, look at Josie's bust!

.....oh, wait, you were talking about the statue.
No. 910976 ID: 83bf07

try unlocking the brain of the bust
Or ya know, have her tell you and rewind.
No. 911188 ID: 7fd053
File 154264734315.png - (49.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-22.png )

:glinp2:"Help me pull down the tapestry!"
:jozi2:"Sure." We yank it off the wall, but I don't see any keyhole! Some dust comes off. "That was fun."

>bust holes
No orifice keyholes that I can see! "Aw, OK, I give up! Where is it?" Josie takes the tapestry and shakes some more dust out.
:jozi2:"See how there's air coming out from part of this wall?" She points out some eddies in the dust. "You can feel it, too, if you're next to it." I feel around the bricks. Man! I could have found that pretty easy if I was lookin' for the draft! I push at the bricks until one of 'em shifts and I can see a keyhole.


:jozi2:"That was fun."
:glinp2:"I bet I can find it..." The tapestry's too heavy for me to shake it out like her, but I feel at the wall. "AHA." I get to the one that moves, and I unlock it! "Tadaa~"
:jozi2:"Hey, nice job." I can swing open a chunk of the bricks now, and the little passage behind 'em takes us to a hidey room!

It's not dusty, and it's lit by some corner lights. There's a desk and some stuff to write with, A chair, a loaded pistol(!), 200 krels (! again!), a place to draw up spell stuff, some coloured chalk, a chalk eraser, and some board games.

I get 200 krels and a pistol with 12 charges!

On the desk there's also a piece of paper with some stuff written on it:
Gargoyle Hair
Silver Wing
Cutebold Treats

Dunno what's up there. Magic... uhhh grocery list!?
I can see Josie eyein' the pistol. Should I give it to 'er?
And should I take the chalk and/or eraser? I'm not sure what good those'd do me...
No. 911189 ID: 91ee5f

>I can see Josie eyein' the pistol. Should I give it to 'er?
Sure, let her have it!
No. 911198 ID: 83bf07

Give her the gun, pocket the chalk and eraser, pull out that reverse time board game. You familiar with it?
No. 911205 ID: b1b4f3

What's that blue thing in the corner?
No. 911225 ID: afdebc

>I can see Josie eyein' the pistol. Should I give it to 'er?
She's a tozol. She's deadlier unarmed than you are with a gun. If you want the chance to do anything, maybe hold onto it.

>And should I take the chalk and/or eraser? I'm not sure what good those'd do me...
Messing up and/or drawing magic circles? Petty chalk-based vandalism?
No. 911236 ID: 4dc321

Search the board games for secret notes about what to draw on the magic-circle-drawing-area, then closely examine that area to see if any of them were recently drawn.

>She's a tozol. She's deadlier unarmed than you are with a gun. If you want the chance to do anything, maybe hold onto it.

Are we here to kill the villain or are we here to fuck around?

Give her the gun.
(give her all the guns)
No. 911859 ID: 7fd053
File 154327925174.png - (64.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-23.png )

I give Josie the gun, and take the chalk and eraser! She puts the gun in a pocket.
Never seen the reverse time board game before. Looks complicated!
:jozi2:"Huh. Looks like fun."
:glinp2:"Yeah, maybe! But we gotta move on..."

Cash money! It is an awful big coin, for such a small Ketza...

No secret notes here. And over at the drawing area, it's way too smudged to see any previous drawings.
:jozi2:"Want to see a magic circle I can do?"
:glinp2:"You betcha!" I hand her a chalk rod and she draws a really complicated-looking one, really fast! "Damn, I've never seen someone draw one that perfect, except for robots! What does it do?"
:jozi2:"Yeah, well. Beep boop," she says, shrugging. "Step back, now." She scratches out part of it with her toe.
...A bunch of confetti comes out of the diagram.
:glinp2:"...That's what it does? For that whole magic circle??"
:jozi2:"Yeah! Isn't it great?"
:glinp2:"Pfffhahah, that's... Yeah, that's pretty good! Geez, why is it so..." I gesture to the spent and smudged configuration, with a meager amount of confetti on and around it. "complicated just for that?"
:jozi2:"You really want to know?" The way she's askin' makes me think maybe I don't, for some reason?
:glinp2:"Maybe... not?"
:jozi2:"Heheh..." She pockets the chalk, but I still have some too.

We go back into the hall. Axeface is still dead! "Oh, he didn't come back."
:jozi2:"Hah, he must be harder to replace! Cool." She flexes, and then grabs the bust. "Heh. The Earth in the zone my ancestors came from didn't even have this guy." She tosses the bust in the air and catches it with one hand as we walk. She's still dragging the robot's big gun along, too. It's scraping the ground noisily.
:glinp2:"I'm glad we don't have him here..."
:jozi2:"Yeah, it's nice here on Space Puke Island." She kicks open a door not far from the secret room. Oh, it's the lab! Also it was actually two doors in a row and we just broke their decontamination buffer room thing.
:drfungus:"AAAAAAHHHH!" Whoaaa, what even is this guy? A mutant Lizardfolk?? He's got one normal hand and one big spooky claw hand!
:jozi2:"That's our guy." Josie's a blur! She puts down the big gun and bust at super speed, flies over and grapples the scientist, and holds 'em against herself, facing out.
:glinp2:"Alright, mack! You better answer our questions or we're gonna rip ya a new one!" Josie holds his claw hand.
:jozi2:"Use this and I'll remove it."
:drfungus:"Yes, yes! I'm a thinker! Not a fighter!"

There's a whole buncha stuff goin' on in here! We got stuff bubblin', glowing orbs, tubes, a mess of floating shards in one corner, weird tools, weird samples in jars... I'm not disappointed by this lab!
What do I ask this dude?
No. 911860 ID: b1b4f3

>complicated confetti circle
It's probably that complicated to get around her antimagic. I mean, tozols aren't known for their magical ability. I'm surprised it's even possible for her to have activated the circle, where did the mana come from? Maybe... most of the circle is detailing where to get the mana, since it can't come from her?

>what to ask
First thing's first, ask where the lich's phylactery is. Second, ask what the lab's for.
No. 911866 ID: e7848c

Ask what he is
ask what he does
ask how do we achieve as much damage as we can to the lich's operations
Demand for any access keys or cards he may have
He got any sweet secrets he may know that would be worth his life?
No. 911871 ID: afdebc

Who are you?

Whatcha doing in this lab?

Where's your boss?

Where's your boss' soul-hidey-place?
No. 911880 ID: ff0763

They seem amenable enough that they might fully help you if they think you will take Zorg down, doesn't seem to be a fanatic and some sciency types don't care so much who they are doing science for.
He wouldn't be supposed know where the phylactery is but he might have some ideas on general area or possibly what it looks like.
And make sure to ask what the most sick science nicknack in the place is for a souvenir, bitches love sick science nicknacks!
No. 911885 ID: 0d72fd

Lets see if Glinp can pass the speech check and oust the scientist on their darkest secrets. Or have Josie intimidate him.

And by darkest secrets i mean wheres the biology research.
To understand death, much to the chargrin of the lich no doubt, you must understand life.
This fortress of gloom doesnt look well staffed with fellow softies, and their hand didnt get big from using it too much.
Wheres the devient reproductive research?
Did wandering thoughts lead the scienctist into modifying themselves down there as well?
Surely they can be coerced into sharing.

Also yeah important questions too uh phylactery, uh...
No. 911886 ID: a9af05

Threaten to eat him!
No. 911981 ID: 4dc321

Oh hey it's an indahl.

First, ask how to disable whatever Zorgonok's using to spy on the room.

Then ask the other stuff like what the lab's for and where the phylactery is.
No. 912030 ID: 4dc321

(also ask him if he's a robot)
No. 913032 ID: 7fd053
File 154398038979.png - (49.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-24.png )

:glinp2:"First things first! How do we make it so Zorgonok can't eavesdrop on us?"
Josie shoots out... four cameras!
:drfungus:"What a specimen! If you got the microphones, that should do it. Except that now his monitors can get in through the doors you destroyed! Not to mention all the contaminants you've let in..."
:jozi2:"Hm. I got the mics. If I let you go, will you be a good mad scientist who stands in one place and doesn't attack, or a dead one?"
:drfungus:"The former." Josie lets him go and jams the doors back into the frames. Kind of. Then she grabs him again. "Wh... hrm." His face has trouble decidin' whether to grin or frown, but settles on a frown.
:jozi2:"Didn't say I'd let go for long. We're not done with you yet."

That could be it... I didn't recognize all the stuff she put on it and I dunno how much is standard for can't-use-magic types. She did activate it by breaking part of it, so I think the order she drew the stuff in must've been important somehow.
:glinp2:"Where's Zorgonok's phylactery?"
:drfungus:"You think he'd tell me that? What kind of fool do you think he is?? Ghk!" Josie gives him a squeeze. "I DON'T KNOW! It's too important of a secret!"
:jozi2:"I think he's tellin' the truth... probably."
:glinp2:"Y'know what it looks like, or any hints?"
:drfungus:"...Come closer." I do. "I think it's a large object," he whispers. "And it probably doesn't look like anything special. That's all I have."
:jozi2:"Seems legit. Again, probably."
:glinp2:"Thanks pal!" I step back again. "So, what's the lab for?" He looks at me like I'm a idiot!
:drfungus:"We do research here! Research and production of new weapons and upgrades for our mighty soldiers! Mostly designed by ME."

:glinp2:"Uh huh, and what are you? And what's your name?"
:drfungus:"My name is Dr. Fungus! I'm a male Indahl, modified, improooved!" He squirms. "Not to Tozol levels, obviously, but I'll get there..."
:glinp2:"Are you a robot?"
:drfungus:"No! I have made many robotic designs; surely you've run into a few on your way here! But my own improvements are of organic and magical natures."
:glinp2:"Biological improvements you say..." My eyes wander up and around the room, and land between his legs.
:drfungus:"Hah, curious about that, are you? I could improve you as well, if that's -ggh!"
:glinp2:"Now now, let him finish!"
:jozi2:"C'mon, if you want mods, you don't need 'em from this guy."
:glinp2:"I know! but what'd you enhance yourself with, doc?"
:drfungus:"Firstly, I must call attention to my teeth!" He grins teethily. "I'm quite happy with them. Indahls don't normally have any!"
:drfungus:"As for the part you're so curious about... Restored prehensility, of course!"
:jozi2:"I thought that's what was goin' on there..."
:glinp2:"Aagh, this is just raising more questions! What's the best stuff in here that I can grab and take with me?"
:drfungus:"Errr... hmm. If you were to kill Zorgonok... I believe he would make the fortress self-destruct. Ah, we have some specimens that you ought to free! I'd hate to see them lost! They're in the menagerie, on the next floor up, and we have one in another part of the lab. As for smaller things, there are some rare samples in the supply room." He points the way with his head. "Anything you don't recognize is probably valuable. Now, as much as I'm enjoying your company, miss, would you please let me go?"

Maybe we should try usin' him as a hostage or something? Or we could let him go. Or whack 'im...
No. 913046 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what the lever does.
No. 913060 ID: afdebc

What kind of specimens? (Just cause they're things he would want to save doesn't mean they're not monsters we'd prefer to die in a self destruct).

What, no cool weapons? I thought you said you designed weapons here.

>Maybe we should try usin' him as a hostage or something?
Using hostages against evil necromancers is hard, since they don't usually care about the lives of their underlings.
No. 913077 ID: 62fa98

Pull the lever. Watch his reaction. Grill for any weapons and access keys
No. 913117 ID: 0d72fd

Hey, at least he seems devoted to his work. He probably wouldn't do anything {i}too{/i} harmful.
Hostage seems like a poor idea against a lich, but he could still be useful.I think his allegiance is tied more to his work than his boss; He designed all the useful stuff, ask him if there's anything we should be worried about.
And any {b}weak points{/b} therein. Or a meat shield for a trap.

I don't want to suggest too much and stay here, but the stuff in here is more intractable than moldy furniture. He said Weapons and Equipment development. If there is nothing that tickles your fancy, ask, or "ask" him to make you one. A new spear maybe?
Threaten his life and see if he can make a more sustainable sex attribute effect-er than the caster. It makes for good distraction material, a rechargeable one saves on moolah.

If you want to waste him, you have more spectacular options than asking Josie to take out the trash. See if there's anything dangerous to toss him in. its a Mad Scientists Lab! Moving Parts, Processing equipment like centrifuges and presses. There is a Jacobs Ladders and Strange Chemicals right there! If you can't find anythin, I'm sure you could ask him. He seems to feel pride in his work.
Throw him in that mod machine he used on himself and just start pressing stuff that looks cool even.
No. 913388 ID: 7fd053
File 154424386033.png - (68.73KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-25.png )

While we talk, I scope out the lab for dangerous things to toss someone in.

:glinp2:"What kinda specimens?"
:drfungus:"Living creatures pulled from other realms! Beasts with fascinating biologies, mostly harmless!"
:glinp2:"What about cool weapons? I thought you designed weapons here!"
:drfungus:"Weapons for our special fusion of robots and spirits! Like the one your Tozol friend dragged in with her. Not weapons meant to be wielded by mortals."
:jozi2:"Got any magic batteries?"
:drfungus:"Yes, in the supply room."
:jozi2:"Then I'm gonna wield it."
:drfungus:"Such beauty..."

I find an incomplete weapon-lookin' thing on an adjustable robo-arm.
:glinp2:"What's this?"
:drfungus:"It's a size-changing ray... not yet complete."
:glinp2:"What would happen if I fired it at something~?" He gulps.
:drfungus:"It would be very deadly..."

I point to the conspicuous lever.
:glinp2:"What's that lever do?"
:drfungus:"Pulling it down will shut off power to the lab and activate an alarm! Pulling it up doesn't do anything."
:glinp2:"K. Gimme yer access keys!" He sighs.
:drfungus:"My keycard is in my coat pocket..."

I get a keycard!

:glinp2:"How quickly can you make me a spear better than this one?" I show him my zappy extendo-spear.
:drfungus:"Errr... Not quickly enough, I don't think."
:glinp2:"Not even if your life was on the line?"
:drfungus:"My life is in jeopardy either way! Pretty soon they'll-"

>-bang, bang!-
:genericnpc:"They killed you yet, doc?"
He looks at me.

Do I have him try to call off whoever's out there, or do we lure 'em in here for a brawl, or what?
No. 913403 ID: 080aaf

Lure them in here! You've got a size changing ray to test out. Set it to Lorg, then tell them it's finished!
No. 913415 ID: 908948

Hey, no hitting on the Joz. This is kinda like a date for us. Rude, Doc.

Naturally we get them in here with Jozi getting their attention and then you pop out and zap them with the janked shrink ray.
No. 913418 ID: 757ccd

Use the shrink ray on them and see what it does.
No. 913432 ID: afdebc

>Do I have him try to call off whoever's out there, or do we lure 'em in here for a brawl, or what?
Have him lure them in!
No. 913519 ID: 7fc008

Another vote for raygun ambush.

Ask the Indahl for the coordinates on those creatures before someone else does him in. More info on the castle at least.
No. 913566 ID: 7fd053
File 154440581516.png - (74.41KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-26.png )

>Lure 'em in and use the ray!
I whisper to the doc real quick.
:drfungus:"Help! They're going to kill me because I won't talk!" he says as we position ourselves!
:genericnpc:"We're comin' for ya!" It's some robots! The ray takes a second to warm up, but I blast one!
That's definitely not correct for a size change ray! A spirit escapes the flayed and mutilated remains of the robot. There's two more, and I can't fire the ray again! One of 'em's like the one I encountered when I first came in, and the other's got a bunch of floating spiky parts, with some sort of ethereal connections. Josie grabs a floating spike arm and puts a giant crimp in it, which breaks the ethereal connection somehow, and leaps up and jabs it through the other robot's dome!
>-crshhh! THUD!-
:genericnpc:"Even if I don't stand a ghost of a chance -!" Josie impales its head with its other spike arm, and the magic holding it together vanishes as a spirit is released.
:drfungus:"What an amazing specimen!" He claps his hands. She puts him in a hold again. "Magnificent... Your Precursors were geniuses..."

:glinp2:"You're not hitting on 'er, are ya?"
:drfungus:"Hah! Not at all. I'm merely voicing my admiration. I recognize fine craftsmanship when I see it!" Sounds legitimate.

:glinp2:"How do we find the menagerie?"
:drfungus:"There's an elevator in the room past that decontamination chamber." He leans toward a door. "That room is where you'll find the intelligent specimen, too. The menagerie is in one of the rooms you'll see once you step out of the elevator, on the floor above."

But first we check out the supply room! Hoo boy, some of this stuff's illegal around here! There's sulphagne, "Friendium Paranoiathol" (whatever that is), Inspirational Ink, Dragon scales, newt eyes, frog toes, bat wool, dog tongue, Hamfuzz, Spellwater...

I take the sulphagne (makes you temporarily able to fire dematerialization beams from your eyes), Friendium Paranoiathol, Inspirational Ink, and Hamfuzz. There's not much of any of 'em left.
No. 913567 ID: 7fd053
File 154440584805.png - (62.37KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-26b.png )

:jozi2:"I guess I'd better break this decontamination chamber too." The doc huffs.
:drfungus:"You might as well... Just don't damage the specimen..."
:glinp2:"Do it!" Josie busts down the first door, then uses it to dislodge the second one.
:nsaki:"Hnn?!" There's a... some kind of fluffy person floating in a tank! Their limbs are restrained and they have an oxygen mask on. There's some machines hooked up next to the tank too.
:glinp2:"How do we free 'em?"
:drfungus:"You have to input the code!" The overhead lights turn off and are replaced by red ones!
:genericnpc:"Lockdown initiated." The triangular keypad attached to the tank changes to the same color scheme as the hallway puzzle.
:drfungus:"Ah. Now you'll have to solve a puzzle on the keypad instead." Luckily there's a button to help with that! Beep!
:genericnpc:"Starting at the bottom triangle, create a path which does not pass over any space twice, and ends on one of the corners. Each space must share a side with the previous one; only sharing a corner does not count. For exactly two colors, your path must go over every space containing them. It can be any two colors, and the starting triangle does not count."

Oh boy! I might as well give it a try, right?
No. 913590 ID: 055cbc
File 154442817489.png - (93.23KB , 1024x1024 , spirals.png )

I think this is valid. That was more complicated than it sounded.
No. 913591 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, you cleared blue and pink. I don't see any other color picks that work. Green is obviously impossible due to it being present in two corners, and you can't pair up blue and yellow due to them being on opposite sides at the start. So it's either blue and pink or pink and yellow. Pink and yellow is impossible since you're forced to go up-right to the edge of the board and then around to the left, surrounding a yellow triangle on two sides which makes it impossible to return to.
No. 913595 ID: 4dc321

Seems compliant to me, anyway. Nice work.
No. 913660 ID: 7fd053
File 154449778137.png - (58.28KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-27.png )

Oh yeah, and I grabbed a magic battery too but I gave it to Josie.

Josie shoots out some more cameras.
:drfungus:"There will be more coming! If you don't stop suppressing me so I can escape, they'll see you haven't killed me, and they'll be wondering..."
:glinp2:"In a minute, doc!"
:jozi2:"Yeah, chill bruh."

Beep boop bop! This works!
>-Cloonk! shhggwgwggwopop!-b
The restraints come undone, the fluid drains out, and the glass slides down. The prisoner falls forward, and the mask comes off and swings around and almost hits me in the face! I catch the big fluffy fella.
:glinp2:"Easy there!" Smells like wet dog! And they've got fangs... Maybe some kind of otherworldly Dogfolk?
:nsaki:"Arigatou... gozaimasu..." OK, and they know an Earth language.
:glinp2:"Uhhh uhhh, you're welcome!" They seem kinda out of it!
:nsaki:"Ah, English... Are you rescuers?" Two Earth languages!
:glinp2:"I guess! We came to kill the bossman around here, and I didn't wanna leave you in there!"
:nsaki:"I see..." They stand on their own but they're still shaky, so I stop supportin' 'em but I stay handy.

They don't look hurt, at least not now. So I guess I got some questions for this guy and the doc! Probably only time for a few before reinforcements come.
What are my questions, and are we gonna sit here or try to get to another spot?
No. 913689 ID: 83bf07

What are you and do you know how to escape from here?
No. 913701 ID: 91ee5f

What is your name? What is your species and gender? How did you get captured?
No. 913704 ID: a9af05

No. 913719 ID: d68939

Holy wow, what a hottie.

Any question is a valid question right now.
No. 913721 ID: b1b4f3

We can just lead them out, you know. However...
Ask if they can fight, and if they want to help you kill the bad guy.
No. 913754 ID: 4dc321

Oh dang

Take five and help them recover. Got any food or drink for 'em?

Ask their name and how they ended up here, and if they want to help beat up Zorgonok.

Oh, and if they know any other prisoners we gotta rescue. (The fortress is going to blow up when we kill the boss, so we'd better be careful with our order of operations)
No. 913861 ID: 7fd053
File 154466603641.png - (41.35KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-28.png )

"My name is Aki."
:glinp2:"I'm Glinp!"
:jozi2:"Josie." Aki straightens, and goes and grabs the blue orb in the device next to the tank.
:nsaki:"And I know you," they say, looking at the doc. "I am... not sure how I feel about the experiments."
:drfungus:"I tried to make it painless! There's no sense in causing undue pain on your test subjects, I always say!"
:nsaki:"I appreciate that... That is why I'm not sure if I hate you."
:glinp2:"Can you fight, and do you wanna help us take out his boss?" Aki holds out an arm with a pointing finger, and summons a few glowing floating shards of some kind, which launch themselves into a wall and then vanish after a moment.
:nsaki:"Yes, to both. However... I need a safe place to keep this." They look down at the orb cradled in their hands.
:glinp2:"Hey doc, you got a spare inventory around here?"
:drfungus:"There should be some inventory belts in the minions' quarters! They're down the hall from the lab."
:nsaki:"That will make this inaccessible?"
:glinp2:"Yeah! Unless someone takes the belt. Then they can access whatever's stored."
:nsaki:"Very well."
:glinp2:"K let's go thataway." We make our way back out of the lab. I offer Aki my protein bar and pork chop, and they wolf 'em down, and look pretty rejuvenated!
:nsaki:"Thank you very much! I should be in much better condition now."
:glinp2:"You're welcome! So what uh, what species and gender are you?"
:nsaki:"I'm a Renamon. Like many of my kind, I am genderless. You may use 'they' pronouns to refer to me." That prob'ly explains the SFW nudity! I ain't never heard of a Renamon, but I bet that'll be on account of the 'pulled from other realms' bit the doc mentioned!
:glinp2:"Know any other prisoners we should rescue?" They shake their head.
:nsaki:"I know very little of this place."
:drfungus:"I don't believe we have any prisoners at this time. Now, are you planning to use me as a meat shield?"
Josie shoots... something!
:glinp2:"I dunno maybe..." Oh it was a turret! And there's another puzzle lock, to get into the minions' quarters! I headbutt the info button.

:genericnpc:"Use your finger to trace a path from the beginning of the maze to the end." Really? It's a big maze, but that's it...?
No. 913862 ID: b1b4f3

The real problem here is you're too short to reach the whole maze. Josie's gonna have to give you a boost. The solution is very simple otherwise, there are barely any dead ends.
I wonder if you can just drag your finger along the outside wall? Beginning to end.
No. 913872 ID: 4dc321
File 154467228991.png - (56.57KB , 1024x1024 , asjklgajklsgjklas.png )

There is no fucking way the guards have do this every time they have to unlock their room. This has got to be a trap.

Luckily, Glinp is immune to traps, so if it blows your arm off just revert.
No. 913931 ID: bb0e67

Specifying stick your finger in it does sound a bit suspect. On the one hand, it's the obvious method. But on the other, it's obvious, so why specify unless your finger removal electrocution trap depends on it. Use a stick or something maybe.
No. 913932 ID: 864e49

>Like many of my kind, I am genderless.
I see what you're doing there.

Also what you're doing is taking all the fun out of it.
No. 913961 ID: 7fd053
File 154475578444.png - (77.05KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-29.png )

Genderless folks can be plenty fun!

Josie puts doc under her foot and gives me a boost. I try CHEATING by goin' around the maze instead of through, but it doesn't work. Using my spear seems to work in place of my finger, though. The 'floor' of the maze gets a glowing trail that follows it. But then Zorgonok's voice comes over the speaker system.
:zorgonok:"Attention all combat personnel! The intruders are at the door to the minions' quarters on the ground level. Destroy them!"
:jozi2:"You might need to be quicker, li'l buddy."
:glinp2:"I'm tryin'!" I can only do this so fast!
:genericnpc:"There's nowhere to run!" Oh no they're here already! Josie pulls me away.
:jozi2:"Not enough time. Stakes too high. Need all hands." She turns the big gun she's been dragging around on the enemies. Oh there are a few of them!
:genericnpc:"gzjhbzkl!" "Gweeeh!" "Bzbzbz" etc.!
:jozi2:"Heheheheh! No recoil! You made this one, doc?"
:drfungus:"Ngh, yes, it's my own design, modified from a superc-"
:jozi2:"Nice, love gun chat but I need info. Describe enemies."
:drfungus:"Mostly bound spirits, some demonic! A few regular demons and spectres. They shouldn't pose a threat to you, even the top ones."
:jozi2:"How many- aw dammit." She yanks me away to dodge a missile that takes out Aki and doc-y!

No. 913964 ID: becba8

Obviously rewind.
If the solution is simple but implementing it takes too long focus on the enemies. Rearrange the furniture to create obstacles for the robots and to reach the puzzle without needing someone else help.
I'm not sure if Glimp have to be the one solving the puzzle. If that is the case he must do so after the robots got destroyed, presumable giving us more time before the next wave. If not put Dr. Fungus to solve it and Aki to watch him while Glimp and Jozi kill the robots.

>Genderless folks can be plenty fun!
Are you talking about anal?

Do we have to use "they"? I hate to use plural for singular.
No. 913965 ID: 4dc321

Tell Josie to shoot down the missile this time :^)

Better idea: Ignore the puzzle and punch down the door. (Then find a defensible chokepoint to deal with the guards)
No. 913967 ID: b1b4f3

The door puzzle broadcasted your location. Either don't do it at all, or set up a trap to handle all the enemies that swarm at you.

I think we should try to get through the door at least once though... Is there a way to bypass it?
No. 913969 ID: 91ee5f

Rewind and say that this seems too easy and you think there might be some kinda trap that activates if you try to solve it.

Or you can tell Josie the solution and she can probably put it in faster than you. Which would mean that you guys can get into the room and close the door before those guards show up and start shooting at you!
No. 913972 ID: b1b4f3

Wait a minute what if the door only sends an alert if it doesn't recognize the finger? Or it activates a camera? Have the doc do it while the rest of you stand a distance away.
No. 913977 ID: 83bf07

Revert to seeing the puzzle. Tell the others to barricade and prepare for battle. Say it will take you time to solve the puzzle and you have the feeling you're overdue for a a big attack.
No. 914022 ID: 7fd053
File 154483402516.png - (35.93KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-30.png )

I was just thinking in general!
'They' doubles as a singular and a plural. It's weird, but languages just kinda do stuff like that!

I think if she coulda done it, she woulda.
Yeah! Punch my problems away!


:genericnpc:"Use your finger to trace a path from the beginning of the maze to the end."
:glinp2:"Just one finger? How about a couple more!"
Josie follows up my door knock-down with another camera disable.
"Puzzle solved." If it WAS a trap, this is probably the best way to get around it.
:drfungus:"Oh! How interesting..." Aki doesn't seem fazed.
:glinp2:"Looked like a trap to me!" I walk in. "Are these the belts?" There's one room on the opposite wall to where we came in, and one to the right.
:drfungus:"Yes, any of those will do." They're probably near the door for easy grabbin' on the way out. I hand one to Aki.
:glinp2:"Just wear this and put whatever you want inside!" They put it on and tighten it and put the blue thing inside.
:nsaki:"This seems perfect! Thank you." Their posture becomes more confident.
:jozi2:"We've got company."
:drfungus:"Oh, that's probably just the mothbot. Just a harmless servant, not worth your time!"
:drfungus:"Oh yes!"
:jozi2:"How about you call 'em out here, then?"
:drfungus:"Oh, Mothbot! Come out and say hello!" A robot shyly steps out from behind a corner.
:liaua:"Greetings, Doctor Fungus." Gosh it's kinda cute!
:drfungus:"Won't you show these fine people how harmless you are?"
:liaua:"Absolutely." The bot steps closer. Josie tightens her grip on the doc.
:drfungus:"Hk! Relax, my d-dear Tozol!" He struggles.
:liaua:"Please, do not harm the Indahl! What can I do for you?"
:glinp2:"You got any uhhhh... maps?"
:liaua:"I'm sorry, I don't!" Oh here's Zorgy on the speakers again!
:zorgonok:"Attention all combat personnel! The intruders are at the door to the minions' quarters on the ground level. Destroy them!"

HMM! Maybe the maze wasn't the trap after all? What are we gonna do about this situation...
No. 914023 ID: b1b4f3

Take cover inside the room, maybe the tactical advantage will let you win without losses.
No. 914024 ID: c688ce

What an unsightly trash golem, I hope something extraordinarily violent happens to it >>914022
No. 914031 ID: 86eb65

Well go back and do the maze!

Repeat your fun interactions with the moth lady and continue on alarm free.
No. 914034 ID: b1b4f3

When we tried to do the maze the alarm interrupted us.

It's possible the doc has something to do with this, like something in his pocket he was able to activate without being noticed. Have we searched him yet? Why are we dragging him along in the first place?
No. 914039 ID: becba8

Attack Mothbot to see if it's really harmless. If you can destroy it easily rewind, otherwise the good doctor have some explaining to do.
No. 914086 ID: 83bf07

I hope you know we're going to have to lewd this bot and renamon by the end of the mission. Anyways, spear zap the moth as soon as you enter. Hopefully that doesn't kill it and it won't send a signal or act as a camera. It's unlikely that it's the cause of your location being leaked, but it's worth figuring out.
No. 914157 ID: 7fd053
File 154494232481.png - (67.52KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-31.png )

I look at Mothbot.
:glinp2:"I know how we can see how harmless this bot is!" I whip out my spear to attack, and I can barely tell what happens next! "Huurgh??" I get yanked to the side, go flying at Mothbot, and then everything's a blur! As far as I can tell, Mothbot gets sent flying the other way!
:glinp2:"AAAAA WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!" Pieces of the bot and the doc are everywhere!
:jozi2:"Hah! Damn, that was like a fuckin' samurai duel right there." She does a little dance on her toes. "I guess it was a little fast for you."
:nsaki:"It might have been fast for me as well." Aki's fur looks really messed up and kinda burnt on one side. They cough.
:jozi2:"Glinp attacked. Bot was about to retaliate. I got Glinp out of the way, fucked up its guns, and tossed it at Dr. Fuck-us." She picks up a piece of Mothbot with some blood on it." Kabooom." She makes an explodey hand motion and takes a bite out of the piece. Aki makes a surprised noise. "Huh. I've had worse." Crunch crunch.
:nsaki:"So he was not trustworthy after all..." Aki looks pensive.
:jozi2:"Yeah. I think he modified himself to be really good at lying. Slimy bastard... I'm liking him better as seasoning." She finishes the piece.
:genericnpc:"There's nowhere to run!"
:glinp2:"Sheesh... and it sounds like we got a big assault comin', so can we use this place to our advantage?"
:jozi2:"Maybe... I don't love this position, but now that I don't have to worry about the doc..."
:genericnpc:"gzjhbzkl!" "Gweeeh!" "Bzbzbz" etc.!
:jozi2:"Heheheheh! No recoil! Actually, you can stay here while I take these guys out."
:glinp2:"Sure I'll just hide and watch the show!"
:nsaki:"I'll go too! I'm ready to fight!"
:jozi2:"Alright! show me what you can do!" What Aki can do seems to include walljumps and launching a lot of those glowy shards! While Josie's encumbered by her big gun, Aki distracts the enemies, and even take out one or two themself! There's a pile of bad guys at the lab end of the hall now. One of Zorgonok's screens floats in, and Josie holds Aki back from attacking it.
:zorgonok:"WHAT in Nyarlthotep's faceless visage is THIS!?" The screen turns about wildly at all the carnage. "How did... Where's the other one!!"

What next? Come out and taunt that skeletal screwball? See if there's anything else in here, and leave those two to chat with him for a while? And when we go up to the next floor, do we take the elevator from the lab or use the stairs near the foyer?
Or should I go back and try to go about this robot encounter differently?
No. 914162 ID: b1b4f3

Rummage around while the other two have a chat. Make the lich worried that you're sneaking around elsewhere.

After that, definitely don't use the elevator. That's a death trap if they have any sort of security in it. Take the stairs.
No. 914170 ID: 4dc321

Holy shit.

I'd like to save the super-cute combat robot but it's probably impossible on account of being a combat robot.

Quietly search the corpses for health items for Aki.

Take the stairs.
No. 914171 ID: 91ee5f

>Where's the other one!!
Screw with him by saying, “I’m over here! I’m just looking for things that can be used for preening, so that I can preen you when we finally meet! Then after that we’ll annoy you by speeping at you!”

After that, you can just rewind then turn into an inanimate object and listen in on the conversation.
No. 914183 ID: becba8

I don't fully understand the consequences of what just happened. I would prefer to have Dr. Fungus alive for questioning, but since Jozi was so eager to kill him lets keep going.

Ask what the skeleton sees, or anything that get him to elaborate in his confusion. There is no much point to interact with this weirdo unless you can get some information.

After that ask Jozi to explain what the deal with Mothbot was. That was weird.
No. 914191 ID: 4dc321

>After that ask Jozi to explain what the deal with Mothbot was. That was weird.
Seems like they were actually a hot-rodded, turbocharged combat robot. When Glinp threw the spear, they sprang into action and tried to kill him. Jozi yanked him out of the way, which disoriented him while Aki and Jozi fought the mothbot at high speed.
No. 914201 ID: 83bf07

Revert, super fist the doc as soon at you enter and say he'll become a liability in a fight. You handle Mothbot while the others handle the hoard. Fake the lich out by making him think you're off somewhere else. Take the stairs.
No. 914472 ID: 7fd053
File 154518234260.png - (48.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-32.png )



I try Super Fisting the doc once the door's busted. It goes a lot like before! Mothbot pops out when I mention I'm gonna kill 'im, and then shit goes nutso when I try to attack, but I get more time to see Mothbot prep its guns before the explosion. So I go back to how I did it the first time. If I want to kill Dr. Fungus myself, I can't do it in front of the juiced-up killbot or it'll retaliate.


>Look for loot, use the stairs
While I search the place, I overhear snippets of Zorgo's end of the conversation.
"You left your escort behind? Such confidence!" "HAH! You don't expect me to believe..."
Meanwhile, I find a storeroom, beds, showers, and a locker room.

I get 55 krels and a body armor!

I don't seem to be using many items on this mission, thanks to Josie... There's some other stuff here, like a weird lumpy ball that's probably for some sport, a sword, -
>-vwiii-crash! Boom!-
I look out the door to see that Josie's shot down the monitor and it exploded. Looks like it was comin' this way.
:jozi2:"We got more comin.' Ready to move on?"
:glinp2:"Yep! Let's take the stairs."
:jozi2:"Roger that." We pass by the big robot Josie's gun came off of. The gun's still scraping as she drags it around, but this time it's also leaving a trail of body fluids.
:nsaki:"This must be your work." They look impressed at Josie's axe impalement.
:jozi2:"Yup. This guy seems down for the count, but I'm not sure if any of the guys we took out back there are gonna stay down after we leave, so we might get to kill them again. And that wasn't all the combat personnel..."
:nsaki:"The announcement may have only been broadcast on this level."
:jozi2:"Right. Need to use the toilet?" She points to the bathroom.
:glinp2:"Before we go farther, there's a piano with a locked box on the end. I was hoping you could open it in case it has something cool inside!"
:jozi2:"Oh, he's THAT kind of jerk with a bunch of resources, huh... Pfft..."
:glinp2:"You know what it is?"
:jozi2:"I'm almost positive I do. You two stay out of the room while I open that box." We wait. She goes into the music room rips the box open with her hands! "Yup, 19 keys. It's a Boîte Diabolique."
:glinp2:"What's that!"
:jozi2:"It's got the 19 forbidden notes. I only know about it because I have a bard friend who's surprisingly obnoxious. He got a piano with one of these, and he was sooo excited to show me how it sounded! He made his own ears bleed just to pull a prank on me... What a guy~"
:jozi2:"Yeah see they're locked in a damn box for a reason. It didn't make my ears bleed, but boy he got me with that one!" She rips the box off the piano entirely. "In fact, I'm going to keep this." She puts it in a pocket. "And prank him with it..."
:glinp2:"Wait, was it Broglevo?"
:jozi2:"Sure was."
:glinp2:"Ooh, you gotta let me know how that goes! That bitch needs some prankin'!"
:jozi2:"Sure. Found any other fun objects I can use for my numerous schemes?"
:glinp2:"I don't think so!"
:jozi2:"Maybe on the next level."
Geez, the hall turret didn't even beep before she took it out! And she didn't even look around the corner before shooting it.
:nsaki:"Your proficiency with firearms is... astonishing."
:jozi2:"Thank you, thank you." She does a bow.
We make it up the stairs, big gun in tow, and open the door to the next level. I shoulda worn more clothes, 'cause it's colder here than it was on the lower level! Wow I can see my breath! I hope it's just this room, 'cause boy this ain't nice!

We come into a cozy sitting room with a purple carpet, some chairs and side tables, some... heads of people mounted on the wall... Must be Zorgonok's idea of a nice place to have a chat!
There's a button that says 'open door,' so I press that and it opens the door on the far side of the room. We start to walk over there, but the floor is all sticky! I'm slowed way down, and Josie can't carry her gun across! Aki can leap over on the furniture, but the door closes before I get like a quarter of the way to the other side of the room.

How can we get across? I've got a lot of items!
Pickaxe that turns me into a dwarf
Decorative skull
Zappy extendo spear
Ghost costume
Portable Tunnel Deployer
Slime Grenade
Trip Gun with 4 uses
Photo from Zorgonok's past
Chalk and a chalk eraser
Sulphagne, which grants temporary dematerialization eye beams
Hamfuzz, which is just super soft and I should sell it later
Friendium Paranoiathol, which I don't know what it does
and Inspirational Ink, which I don't know either!

Plus a Caster Gun with a Fist bullet and a Holy bullet that I'm saving for Zorgonok.
No. 914482 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like we have to play "the floor is lava" here to get to the door in time. You need stepping stones. First off you can move a bunch of furniture in more convenient locations, and maybe take the cushions off of it to make more spots.
Those trophies might work for stepping stones too!

The ghost costume is useless so you can put that down as a stepping stone.
Oh, you could just use the portable tunnel, right?
No. 914494 ID: 91ee5f

Is that an energy sword around the bottom left guy’s head? That’s such a waste to leave something like that there! Maybe we should take it for ourselves?

>floor is sticky
I see sprinklers in the ceiling. Maybe if you burn something to make them turn on, they’ll wash away the gunk that’s making the floor sticky?
No. 914496 ID: e7848c

Totally time for portals! Take your time planting them. It won't matter as long as they're operational by the time you push the button.
No. 914513 ID: ff0763

What an interesting collection of trophies...
Make the furniture go further by ripping it up into bits, the fabric and wood bits should give some nice stepping stones. Or you might be able to catapult yourself with the extendo spear and jam the door with a thing.
No. 914522 ID: 757ccd

Is it possible to super jump across? Maybe use your spear to assist in that.
No. 914643 ID: 7fd053
File 154536796935.png - (107.45KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-33.png )

:glinp2:"Aki, can you go to that corner and see if that's a decoration or an energy sword or what?"
:nsaki:"Alright." They go over, investigate, get it to light up, and return. "It's just a decoration."
:glinp2:"K, thanks."

The PTD should bore a big hole through whatever surface you place it on. So I'm pretty sure I could stick it on the far wall and use it to get to the next room...

"Get back to the stairs... and let's solve our problems with fire!" Fireball time!
Cool, that couch is flammable.
:genericnpc:"Bleah!" "Grkkle!" Josie shoots up some mooks who try to come up the stairs.
:jozi2:"Idiots..." the sprinklers come on! And before long, the water freezes, making the floor super slippy!
:nsaki:"Did you expect that to happen?"
:glinp2:"I thought it might! Or maybe the stickiness would get washed away. Wasn't sure exactly."
:jozi2:"Seems to have worked out." She offers a fist to bump and I bump that sucka. We press the button and ice skate across! Josie can bring her gun this way!
:genericnpc:"Get 'em!"

The door closes behind us, and a second, metal door slams down over it. There's some demon person in a suit here! Sitting at a table, hands folded. There's a biiig portrait of pre-lich Zorgonok behind 'em.
:satriel:"Welcome, welcome."
:jozi2:"You’re not really here."
:satriel:"That's true." They unfold their clawed hands. "What you see is only a projection. But I just want to talk. My name is Satriel. Please, have a seat." There are 3 chairs here.
:jozi2:"Uh huh, what about?" Josie sits down in the middle. I sit on her left, and then Aki sits on her right.
:satriel:"First, I want to know... why are you doing this?"
:jozi2:"You wanna field this one?" She looks at me.
No. 914645 ID: e7848c

Because the asshole behind you.
No. 914650 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him it's revenge for your village.
No. 914657 ID: 91ee5f

Ask him if he sucks blood? Then tell him that his cup told you to ask him that.
No. 914759 ID: 055cbc

ask him if his CUP sucks blood.
No. 914778 ID: 7fd053
File 154551545044.png - (230.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-34.png )

:glinp2:"'Cause of that asshole behind you! He attacked my village, and I won't stand for that. Now I got a question for you!"
:satriel:"Oh yes...?" They scratch their chin. "Please, ask away."
:glinp2:"Do you or your cup suck blood? The cup told me to ask."
:satriel:"Ha, hah, ohh, absolutely I do. But I can only speak for myself. Isn't it a nice cup? It was actually given to me by - well, no matter." He waves a claw dismissively. "So, Zorgonok killed people from your village? He told me that when he asked you earlier, you were looking for revenge for all the people he killed."
:glinp2:"Well no, we drove him away, but he would've killed some of us if we hadn't!" Aki's actin' kinda wiggly about somethin'. "Is this goin' somewhere, 'cause we got a lich to squish."
:satriel:"Yes, but first I have to know, how recent was this attack...?"
:glinp2:"It was a few years ago."
:satriel:"Ah! Well, you'll be relieved to know that, in spite of all his theatrics, Zorgonok only goes after people who attack him, these days." They look at Aki. "Doctor Fungus' capturing of you was, I'm afraid, done right under his bony nose."
:nsaki:"Really?" Satriel nods.
:jozi2:"Bullshit." She stands up.
:satriel:"It's true! That doctor was... not entirely trustworthy. I assume you've disposed of him?"
:nsaki:"We should leave Zorgonok alone."
:glinp2:"What? No, not gonna happen." Aki stands up. I do too.
:nsaki:"If he's changed his ways, why continue your attack?"
:glinp2:"He hasn't! No way!"
:nsaki:"Don't be so stubborn! Koyōsetsu!" They start to summon the glowy shards... Wait, are they leaf-shaped? But Josie grabs Aki, who doesn't stop, so I get out of the way of the attack barrage while Josie hops around with 'em and keeps 'em disoriented!
:satriel:"Please, there's no need to fight!" Says Satriel as the shards go flying everywhere and embed in the furniture! Yikes!

Is Aki super naive, or what the heck??
No. 914779 ID: 83bf07

Gonna say subversion. Revert, ask the Joz where the projection is coming from. Super Fist it.
No. 914786 ID: b1b4f3

He's a vampire, she's under hypnosis. Stab him in the face.
No. 914787 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Aki! He’s the bad guy, which means he does this thing called “lying”! Don’t listen to him!

Yeah, this could also work.

If asked why we did that, then just explain that it would’ve been a waste of time to talk to that guy because he would’ve just told us a bunch of lies or tried to bribe us to join him.
No. 914916 ID: 4dc321

Preeeettty sure it's mind control.

Revert any timeline where she dies here.

Try punching the projection of Satriel to make it fuck off.

>"Isn't it a nice cup? It was actually given to me by - well, no matter."
(I wonder if the mug is a phylactery or something. I wonder if that's a projection too.)
No. 914917 ID: b1b4f3

Smash the cup regardless.
No. 914944 ID: fff7dc

What if hes behind the picture.
Smash it good somehow.

Yeet the skull at the cup untill it smashes it. Theres no inherent reason it must be the skull, just hasnt gotten much use.

No one has to fight, huh?
Well hes no making it easy being so silent.
No. 915145 ID: 7fd053
File 154588417922.png - (54.34KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-35.png )

I try stabbing Satriel in the face with my spear, but they really aren't there.
:glinp2:"It's lies! Don't listen!"
:nsaki:"Raaagh!" I try to smash the cup by tossing the skull at it, but it's a projection too.
:jozi2:"Whoah, what the heck are you m-"



:satriel:"That's true." They unfold their clawed hands. "What you see is only a projection." I interrupt 'em.
:glinp2:"Where's the projection coming from?" I look at Josie.
:jozi2:"Hrrm..." She looks all around.
:satriel:"Please, I just want to talk."
:glinp2:"You just want to tell us lies!"
:jozi2:"Can't find it. There's too much magic flyin' around the whole place." I hop on the desk.
:glinp2:"S'cuse me, bats." I hop past and bash the portrait up with my SUPER FIST! "NYUH!"
>-PKOW! fbrumbble-
Hoo! Not only do I ruin the portrait, I take down a big chunk of the wall!
:satriel:"Now that's just rude."
:glinp2:"Quiet you! Let's get movin', gang." I step out into... a power room! Josie follows, widening the hole a bit by dragging her gun through it, then Aki squeezes through after.
:genericnpc:"Intruder alert," says a voice.

:zorgonok:"Curse you, adventurers!" Oh hey it's that bitch again! He came in from the actual door. I guess he has another monitor, or the other one got fixed when we got far enough away from it. "You remember those heads on the wall in the other room? You'll be joining them, after Colonel Killotron has snuffed the life from you! COLONEL!" The monitor turns to the side to reveal a big bad cyborg demon!
:killotron:"GRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!" The lights go haywire!
:killotron:"AAAH YOU BITCH MY EEEEYES!" Killotron reels back and covers their eyes... then uncovers them and aims a weapon at us! "ARE FINE! HAHAHAH!"
:jozi2:"Crap." Josie pulls me back into the lies room, but Satriel is gone. I can hear Colonel Killotron lumbering toward us.
:nsaki:"Chikushou!" Aki squeezes back in, but they got shot in the tail and foot! But it seems to be healing super fast! Wow!

I sure can't heal like that, so what's my plan to avoid needing to?
There are three doors in the lies room; the one we came in through, and two on the adjacent walls. There's still a big shieldy door over the first one, and I don't know if the other two are locked.
No. 915152 ID: e7848c

Would a trip gun round be enough to topple this guy? Then have everyone focus fire his face. Use use ROCKETU PAUNCH (projectile launch fist and super fist after)
No. 915296 ID: e64e0d

Deal with the killbot first. See if you can distract it while the others sneak behind it to take it out.
No. 915332 ID: b1b4f3

Protip: Shoot the Cyberdemon until it dies.
No. 915541 ID: 7fd053
File 154613991289.png - (56.91KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-36.png )

Mmmmnope! But I hop out and try a ROCKETU PAUNCH to the face!
:killotron:"YOOOOORGHHH!" ooh I think that actually did some damage! There's blood and everything! But I can't get my fist back because Josie pulls me back into the lies room. OK, so I know I can do something to 'em, but it looked just as damaging as a regular big punch to a regular person, so that's not gonna be enough on its own.



Back to when Aki came back in with their foot and tail bleeding.
:glinp2:"Whoa nice healing... So Joz, you can't just shoot it until it dies?"
:jozi2:"I don't think so. I've got a hunch, and in case it's right, I'm going to count this guy as a puzzle."

:glinp2:"What about if I distract 'em and you guys sneak behind to take 'em out?" Josie kicks down the door parallel to the direction Colonel Killotron came from, and picks me up and carries me that way. I can hear their rumbling footsteps.
:killotron:"PLAYING HIDEYS WITH THE COLONEL? HAHAHA!" They bash a hole in the wall! "PEEKABOO! I'LL KILL YOU!"
:jozi2:"Mmmm hshhh too risky, don't like it." She opens another door, to the right, and we enter a big long dining hall! "Pick something else."
Maaan it's cold in here too!

She thinks it's a puzzle, huh... should I ask for a hint?
No. 915547 ID: b1b4f3

Uh well do we have some kind of EMP or something to disable machines specifically? Could fuck up his augs.
Maybe the shock spear?
No. 915589 ID: 83bf07

Go for it! A hint never hurt!
No. 915883 ID: 7fd053
File 154638487772.png - (52.84KB , 1024x818 , ns4-37.png )

:glinp2:"Is there something we can use to disable those augmentations? Like my spear zap?" It's a kitchen! And it's just as cold in here as it was in the sitting room! Dammit!
:jozi2:"I think disabling the augmentations is the key, but that's not how we need to do it. And, this isn't where we need to do it."
:zorgonok:"They're in the kitchen!" Josie tosses a pot at the door to close it.
>-clong, slam!-
The lights flicker.
:jozi2:"Damn, is that-" She leaps into a... huge pantry!
OW! I can't hear shit! We're fine, Josie even dodged several tasty ingredients that were just flying off the shelves, but the kitchen doorway exploded so it's a good thing we're not in there anymore. Wait, Aki didn't make it in here! Josie turns us around... They're still in the kitchen, now with shrapnel stickin' out of 'em! ... but it falls out and they seem to be OK?? Is that what the experiments were about?

At least I know one thing: disable augs, somehow, and don't try it in the kitchen.
No. 915934 ID: 83bf07

Damn, Aki is tough! Are we cornered here? We need room. Can we circle back to the foyer?
No. 915949 ID: 91ee5f

Try to slow him down by throwing various kitchen appliances at him!

The refrigerator, the microwave, anything! Including the kitchen sink!
No. 916223 ID: 7fd053
File 154663285074.png - (103.16KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-38.png )

Josie motions for Aki to come over, and they do. There's another door leading out of the pantry, but Josie sets me down and I think she says 'stay put'. She also pushes down on my head and runs out the door without me! Aki sticks around. I still can't hear so well. The lights are still flickering.
Josie opens the door again, dusting her hands, and motions for us to come through. We're at the elevator! And the menagerie! And two other rooms. And there's a pile of defeated minions blocking the door out! C.K.'s gonna have to move 'em out of the way in order to reach us. Which might just require another of whatever blew up the kitchen, showering the room in their bodyparts, but it's better than nothin'!
:glinp2:"Can we slow 'em down by throwing kitchen stuff at 'em?" Josie nabs some enchanted knives and a microwave. "Can we circle back to the foyer?" She points to the elevator and cocks her head to one side. "Sure, let's do it!"
We pile into the elevator, exit on the ground floor, fight our way through some poor rejuvenated assholes (Josie knocks off one of their heads with the bust from earlier!), and get back to the foyer. The change in temperature is hella welcome. Josie picks up another gun along the way, and we get another pork chop. Aki doesn't seem to want it right now, but they keep it. At some point the lights go back to normal

Do I think there's something we can do from down here, or should we go back up and confront beefotron? My location seems to be critical to the solution...
Or do I ask Josie to solve the problem for me even though she seems to think I can figure it out?
No. 916225 ID: 83bf07

We should consider luring him into the freezing trophy room and triggering the sprinkler system on top of them. He might not be sealed against water damage. Then to add freezing on top of that? Might disable him enough to push him into the exploding kitchen.
No. 916230 ID: a9af05

Yeah, that could work!
No. 916661 ID: 7fd053
File 154689836639.png - (53.83KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-39.png )

Fortunately, my hearing's back.

I suggest this to Josie, and I'm pretty sure the kitchen exploded because C.K. blew it up with, I dunno, a magic missile or something! So I don't say that part. Josie chuckles.
:jozi2:"Using the environment to the enemy's disadvantage is generally what I have in mind, but that's not quite it. Still... worth a shot. Let's try it out."
:nsaki:"Very well... But how do we get the Colonel into that room? The door seems too small."
:jozi2:"I think a large section of the wall actually comes down."
:glinp2:"Huh, OK!" So Josie rips off a big piece of the carpet.
:jozi2:"You seem resilient, Aki. Is that kind of regen normal for Renamons?"
:nsaki:"No. It was caused by the experiments done on me here." They flex their fingers. "I'm starting to like it." Josie shoots the wall turret again, and we go back up the stairs.
:jozi2:"Nice. Well, you and I can take a lot more of a beating than our pal here, so I think we'd better do the distracting. Glinp can do the fire." Fire... good...
:nsaki:"Mhm." Josie hands me the carpet piece and presses the button, which opens both the regular door and the metal one, and slides across the icy floor into the bat room.
:jozi2:"Hey Colonel Kilowatt!"
:killotron:"It's Killotron!"
:jozi2:"What? It's Kimberly?"
:killotron:"NO, IT'S K-"
:jozi2:"That explosion made me deaf! Come in here and tell me up close!"
:killotron:"I'll come in there and shoot you up close instead!"
>-thud, thud, thud!-
The walls between us lower, and he steps into the icing room, where I've ignited the carpet. Josie and Aki leap around at blinding speeds and I disguise as a chair to evade death by Killotron’s wild firing. As the sprinklers start up, they run away into the power room, and the demonborg gets soaked and freezes in place! Josie comes back, and climbs up to shoot directly into his ears a bunch of times, but that doesn't quite do it! She can't claw through the skin either. The lights dim as he breaks from his icy imprisonment and stomps some furniture into sawdust and fires wildly in every direction!
:zorgonok:"WATCH IT, you cybernetic simpleton!! I couldn't make everything invulnerable to your weapons!"

No. 916672 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh. Maybe we should try luring him into that floor puzzle. No way he'd solve it correctly, so he'd activate its trap.
No. 916772 ID: 83bf07

I really wonder how long we can bait this guy into destroying this whole mansion with his rampage. I'm tempted to let him expend all this ammo chasing us. Maybe let him destroy something important in the crossfire. Perhaps the puzzle we fled from earlier?
No. 916941 ID: 7fd053
File 154707794259.png - (37.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-40.png )

Hmm. I don't think they can fit in that hallway. They're bigger than that other boss guy.

Josie and Aki get Killotron to focus fire way from me.
:killotron:"That's it! I can't lock onto you, Tozol, but YOU!" They track Aki with a missile launcher. The lights darken as he charges it up! Aki tosses their belt away and Jozi swoops over and grabs it.
"You don't stand a snowball's chance in hell!" The lights go almost off.
It's faster than Aki! Direct hiiiit!
Aki gets splattered everywhere! That explosion looked like the kitchen one, but bigger. I turn back into me.
...noooo waaAAAY!!
:glinp2:"Lust's fucking hexatits!" Aki's pieces fly back together! That's top-tier regen!
:killotron:"That's top-tier bullshit!" Josie puts her hands on my shoulders while Killotron stares at Aki casually brushing off their mane.
:jozi2:"Glinp, buddy, love ya, but we gotta kill this guy now, 'k?" I think I figured out Josie's idea!
:glinp2:"We gotta make 'em blow up the power room?" Seems like him doin' stuff messes with the power, so he might be using it!
:jozi2:"Perfect." She gives a signal to Aki.
:nsaki:"Damn! I couldn't take another hit like that!" They run for the power room. "Good thing you couldn't hit me without homing weapons!"
:killotron:"Your ass is grass! And I EAT ass!" They follow Aki, like they didn't even just say that.
>-thud thud thud thud, BUDUDUDUDUDU-
>pchiu, p'kank, KADOOOOOOM!-
Some shit explodes bigtime! Yessss, it's nice and warm! Good thing I wasn't too close! And now I can hardly see anything!
:zorgonok:"NOOOOO! YOU HALF-MACHINE HALFWIT! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DOOOONE!" Josie pulls my horns out of the wall, where my head was embedded by the explosion.
:glinp2:"Thanks~" Ooh pretty, I can see outside!
:jozi2:"Mind if I slit their throat?" She pulls out an enchanted knife, and she seems pretty excited by the idea!

That sounds fine, right?
And where do I go from here:
The Menagerie?
One of the other 2 rooms in the Menagerie's vicinity?
Third floor, using the elevator? Probably not when there's still stuff to do on this floor, but it's an option!
The room to the left of the lies room?
The room to the right of the lies room, which we just passed through for a second on the way to the dining hall?
The area Killotron was in when we first saw them?
Anywhere else?
Do I press Aki any further on the crazy regen or anything?
No. 916943 ID: b1b4f3

>power room
...when did we find the power room?

>Aki couldn't take another hit like that
Ask what she means by that. Is there something she needs to do to recover her regenerative ability after expending it like that? It seems like the thing she's storing in the belt is some kind of pseudo-phylactery. She's not actually a lich, obviously.

>where to?
Check what killotron was guarding.
No. 916945 ID: e7848c

Let's revert and save face with Josie. immediately jump to the power room as soon as they first see the lights dim. Save us a little time and make us look better. Let's check the kiltron room when he falls again.
No. 916947 ID: 91ee5f

>"Mind if I slit their throat?" She pulls out an enchanted knife, and she seems pretty excited by the idea!
“Yeah, sure. I ain’t gonna stop ya from killing him.”

>Where to?
Let’s go the room where Killotron came from. He must’ve been guarding something important in there! Maybe even Zorgonok‘s phylactery!
No. 916962 ID: 470289

Menagerie. Don't press Aki on it. With how things are going you'll find out her regen capabilities naturally anyway.
No. 917280 ID: 7fd053
File 154726537967.png - (76.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-41.png )

I rub my eyes. It's hard to see, but Aki does in fact appear to have taken another hit (the exploding power room), reassembling themself!

:glinp2:"Nah, go ahead!" She dashes over to Aki to return the belt first.

I go up to Aki too. They pick a piece of rubble out of their mane and flick it away.
:glinp2:"I thought you couldn't take another hit like that...?"
:nsaki:"Ah." They nod sagely. "You see... That was a provocation."



I go back a ways... To when I was deafened by the kitchen explosion, and we just came out into the room with access to the menagerie.
:glinp2:"The lights... Is the trick that it's getting power from the power room?" Josie smiles and says, 'bingo!' So we do some maneuvering, and Aki only has to get exploded once. I pretend to still be totally surprised by Aki's survival, and tell Josie she can slit the demonborg's throat.
It seems to take a while! I guess that's why she didn't do it when Killotron could move. Wow lookit all that blood! There's so much blood!
:jozi2:"That's how it's done."

We scope out what's down Killotron Lane, and it turns out to be some holding cells, for folks the size of little flying fairies, up to Amtsvane size! There's nobody in there, though. That's on the outer corner of the hall.
There's also a locked room, on the inner corner. It's pretty big. Josie tries to shoot the lock, but it's too strong. The door and the walls are also too strong to shoot through!
:glinp2:"Is this a puzzle?" I ask Josie.
:jozi2:"It's pretty damn well-warded... I think we need a bigger gun. Or the key. Tch." So we move on to the menagerie!

Looks like I can press a button to free all the animals, OR I can free them one at a time. What'll it be?
If I free one at a time, is there a particular order I should do it in?
No. 917282 ID: b1b4f3

>locked room, warded walls
Smells like phylactery.

First get the food out for them. What we're aiming for is to get the predators fed before we release the prey.
The one at the top looks pretty predatory. The one on the bottom right looks big enough to be one as well. Also, the bird. The others look pretty harmless though I guess the slime might be dangerous, how about that one next. Then the rest of them in whatever order.
No. 917302 ID: 83bf07

Tsuchinoko REAL
take that for you personally
Release the nice ones first. Imagine the chaos. Release the dangerous ones once the others and your squad clears out.
No. 917362 ID: f8e3dc

I was going to say "free them all at once when you make your escape", but >>917302 is even better.
No. 917535 ID: 4dc321

If you let them out at once they'll probably start fighting each other.

Let the harmless ones out and try to shoo them somewhere safe-ish. Then let the dangerous ones out and run like heck.
No. 917538 ID: 91ee5f

>Tsuchinoko REAL
>take that for you personally
Do this.

>Let the harmless ones out and try to shoo them somewhere safe-ish. Then let the dangerous ones out and run like heck.
Then this.
No. 917909 ID: 7fd053
File 154760583985.png - (48.52KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-42.png )

Guess there's backup power for these guys at least....

I open up the feed bags and make a trail out the door, and then let out the TV spider, the bird, the weird glowy thing, and the blob. The bird and the blob, they hungy! They go for the food. The TV spider just looks angry and then skitters away, and the glowy thing starts flickering and looking agitated so Josie grabs it and tosses it out a window. The bird flies away, and the blob tries to go into an air duct so Josie scoops it up and tosses it out the window too. I let out the giant smiley face next, and it bounces up and down and apparently it's animal defenestration hour because it doesn't wanna leave the room on its own, so Josie takes care of it. I set everything else free, with the Tsuchinoko last. It goes for the food, and then I hold out my hand toward it. It chirps and hops up on my shoulder! Sproing!
:nsaki:"Ah, a Tsuchinoko!"
:glinp2:"Yeah! Did they have those where you're from?"
:nsaki:"No... My world was spawned from another, which had them."
:glinp2:"Whoa that's neat! I'll have to ask ya more about that later..."
:glinp2:"Y'know we're on a dangerous mission!" I tell my new shoulder companion. It chirps again and stays there. "Ooookay!"

That worked out pretty good!
So, there's still two more chambers in here. There's one summoning chamber and a mysterious other room.
There's also a room we didn't go to, off the kitchen and the dining hall. Probably also connected to the sticky floor room.
And there's the rooms off the sides of the lies room, that we haven't gone to.
Also... Someone's coming up the elevator...
No. 917912 ID: b1b4f3

Chubsnake good pet.

Ambush the elevator.
No. 917939 ID: 91ee5f

Awww, that’s adorable!

Let’s ambush whoever’s coming out of the elevator!

>Chubsnake good pet.
Indeed it is.
No. 917956 ID: 83bf07

Might need to put your new friend in your inventory to protect them from the cold rooms and crossfire. Head to the nearest unexplored room after ambushing the elevator.
No. 918214 ID: 7fd053
File 154784967711.png - (68.23KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-43.png )

>ambush elevator
I can't put the Tsuchinoko in my inventory!
:glinp2:"Let's ambush 'em!"
:jozi2:"Sure, but stand back. It's a Mothbot."
:glinp2:"How can y-" Aki grabs me and puts me in the pantry.
:liaua:"Hello? Intruders?" Josie tackles it! "Oh!"
:jozi2:"Are you the Mothbot from earlier?"
:liaua:"Yes! I'm a backup!"
:jozi2:"Do you remember what happened to you?"
:liaua:"I believe you killed me!"
:jozi2:"Yep. Are you here to attack us?" It shakes its head vigorously!
:liaua:"No, my orders are only to keep track of you, at this time."
:jozi2:"Hmm. What if I threw you out the window instead?"
:liaua:"Please don't!" But she does.

The nearest unexplored room is the one next to the menagerie. According to a voice that activates when I try to open the door, we need a Ketza bone to get in! According to Josie's gun, shooting the door out is not an adequate substitute.
:jozi2:"How dare this jerk have guns that don't work on his own stuff. I like this guy less and less the longer we're here!"
:nsaki:"What is a Ketza?"
:glinp2:"They're these cute little feathery friends! Ya see 'em and ya just wanna preen 'em and cuddle 'em! But I guess they can go evil too... Zorgonok used to be a Ketza."
:nsaki:"Ah… I think I would like to see nice Ketzas after this, if possible."
:glinp2:"I think we can arrange that!”

Next is the Summoning Chamber! It smells like sulphur and candles, and it has an aura of bad times. Which is a shame, because it's also the warmest room we've found up here yet!
Looks like the last demon summoned was a ''Tvejo Best." We can re-summon this demon, if we want.

Do we summon?
Do we come back later and summon then?
Do we just move on?
No. 918228 ID: e7848c

Summon it, see if it has any semblance of loyalty to the summoner. If it does, tell it to fuck up this place as much as it can.
No. 918229 ID: b1b4f3

Has Jozi seen any Ketza bones? I guess we could always get one by defeating the lich.

Yeah go ahead and summon the demon, to see what happens. Caution says it's a bad idea so if something bad happens you have a good excuse to not do it. Heck you should probably rewind regardless since you have personal experience in how hard it is to kill a demon so if it were hostile things would go south fast.
No. 918243 ID: a9af05

I feel bad for the mothbot. If we kill its master, then can we keep it? Since it wouldn't have anyone else to serve, it could come with us!

Or could we reprogram it to help us?
No. 918277 ID: 91ee5f

“But seriously, how did you know it was a mothbot in the elevator?”

>need a Ketza bone to get in door
Does the bone have to be by itself or can it still be attached to the Ketza? Either way, with something that specific, it sounds like only Zorgonok should be able to get in there. Which means he might’ve put something important in there that only he gets to have access to.

>I feel bad for the mothbot.
Me too.

>Can we keep the mothbot?
We just got a Tsuchinoko and you already want another pet? You’re being greedy.
No. 918289 ID: 8555e5

Summon the skeleton from a Ketza osteopath's office.
No. 918569 ID: 7fd053
File 154812679552.png - (68.45KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-44.png )

It's a robot, so... probably!

I suggest this to Josie, since I don't know how to set up a spell like that. She doesn't either! Aw!!

>summon "''Tvejo Best"
We hit the redial button on this demon.
Arrrrgh it smells like too much cologne!
:genericnpc:"HELL-o! HOW can I HELLp you?" I do not like the way it moves. It's kind of bouncing around in place, and pieces of it jitter randomly. Josie looks unfazed, but Aki's tail is bristling and they immediately back out of the room at high velocity.
:glinp2:"Wanna help us fuck this place up?"
:genericnpc:"I love to fuck up! It's beeauuuutiful!" No please don't stretch your head out like that! Whyyy! "But right now, we're hungry. We will take one big piece of a dead thing that will stay dead! Mhm! Then you can see the break!"
:glinp2:"See the break?" It nods.
:genericnpc:"We will break! The place will fuck up! Not much, just a little. Not even if you give me another big piece of a dead thing that will stay dead! Those are the cool rules. I love them!"
:glinp2:"OK you just... stay there for a while and I'll see if I can get you that."
:genericnpc:"Don't delay!" It opens its mouth and its tongue pokes out, billowing slowly like a flag in the wind. I leave and shut the door behind Josie.
:glinp2:"Were you getting bad vibes in there? Because I. was."
:jozi2:"Nah. I could tell you were, though."
:nsaki:"That one is not like the demon with the cybernetics."
:jozi2:"Might have been a higher level one. Or it just has a spoooky aura."

:glinp2:"How'd you know that Mothbot was in the elevator?"
:jozi2:"That's classified."
:glinp2:"No! No classified!"
:jozi2:"Oh, fine~ It was blindsight."

It's most likely that the Ketza bone can be attached to a Ketza, but it has to be exposed and touch the door directly.

Now about this thing for Tvejo! Do I feed it a piece of the cyber demon? That might be the closest thing that would count.
Or do I say, nope, too spooky, and dismiss it?
Or do something else and see what happens if I ignore it? In which case, I still have a couple rooms I can investigate...
No. 918591 ID: 91ee5f

Try giving it a piece of the cyberdemon.
No. 918607 ID: 83bf07

Hey this seven types of fucked up! Feed it and forget about it. Move on to the next unexplored room.
No. 918635 ID: c920f6

lowkey disappointed in all you schmucks for summoning a demon after all the events in thread one being caused by the exact same thing
No. 918636 ID: 5b93d3

The mounted Amtsvane head from the room with the sticky floor?
No. 918705 ID: 7fd053
File 154828860129.png - (63.67KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-45.png )

>Feed it a cyberdemon chunk
I send Josie to get it 'cause she's real fast. We go back in the room and I hand it over. Aki stays outside though.
:glinp2:""Here ya go!" I plop the... I don't even know what part this is, but it has fur on it, into the summoning circle.
:genericnpc:"Yow! You're feeding me a piece of Colonel Killotron! But try again! You should you know it better?" It waves a finger. "We will give you another chance, if you have it."
:glinp2:"If I have what?"
:genericnpc:"If you have another chance!" It nods. "Something else to bring for my critieria."

:glinp2:"We'll be right back." We get outta that room again and I have Josie get a piece of the Amtsvane head. We go back in. "How's this?" I plop the preserved flesh chunk into the circle, and Tvejo's pant leg sneezes at the Killotron piece, sending it out of the circle.
:genericnpc:"Delicious! This is the wonderful s-KILL-s I wanted." It grabs the Amtsvane piece, which is gone when it opens its hand again a moment later. "Time to crime! Goodbye!" It starts vibrating so hard I can feel it!
:jozi2:"See ya." She heads for the door.
:glinp2:"B-bye!" I wave and do the same.
Tvejo disappears.
I don't know what happened yet, but maybe I'll find out later! I heard whatever it was, at least!

Closest unexplored room turns out to beeee... Oh NO! IT'S A MEAT FREEZER! Good thing Josie's here to not-move-slower for me. "Brrrr!"
:jozi2:"Aren't you warm-blooded?"
:glinp2:"I'm still a lizard! Or close enough to one! I like basking, not getting felt up by Riyzia..."
:jozi2:"Pfpp. OK."
Looks like there are two big shelf things in the middle, which create three aisles. We're on one of the outer aisles. But when I step into the room, I slide all the way to the far corner, which is curved to send me right toward the other door! I fall over, and slide to other door. It even opens and puts me in the sticky floor room. Ooh but I saw a shiny in the freezer while I was sliding on my ass! Josie walks after me with no problems. "Havin' fun there?" she asks from inside the room. I stand up and rub my butt.
:glinp2:"Remember that thing happened that I mentioned not liking? Now I REALLY feel like it happened."
:jozi2:"You poor thing." She taps the doorframe. "But, you figured out Killotron easy, so this one should be a breeze, yeah?"

No. 918711 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah just jump onto the shelves from the door.
No. 918728 ID: 91ee5f

Slide on the floor with your feet pointed at the wall. Then activate super jump to kick off the wall to send yourself sliding towards the shiny!

Or use your extending spear to hook onto one of the shelves as you’re sliding to either stop yourself or to make a sharp turn towards the shiny!
No. 918733 ID: 83bf07

Spear hook to the shiny or super fist the last shelf in the way of the sliding path.
No. 918852 ID: 864e49

Try knock over the shelves.
No. 918896 ID: 731350

Tell Josie to start sliding, and when she's about to reach the corner start sliding towards her. You two should collide somewhere near the middle-bottom of the room, at the right location for sliding to the shiny.
No. 918942 ID: 7fd053
File 154838820707.png - (46.48KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-46.png )

:glinp2:"I got this..."

I try this. It takes a Super Jump, and I can't hold onto the shelves because they're too slippery! I fall off and slide back out again. Tsuchinoko hops off of me and chills out in the sitting room.

"OK this time I got it..."
Pointing my feet at the wall to Super Jump off it to reach the shiny works!
"Yeah!" I say before bouncing back toward the wall I jumped off of. "Oh." I bounce back again. "Wait I got this too." I use my spear to hook a shelf and redirect myself to the door. Josie comes out after me.
:jozi2:"So what is it?" I come to a stop and turn the shiny in my hand. Aki comes out.
:glinp2:"Some kinda jewelry or an ornament? Feels kinda hefty." I try to put it in my inventory, but it resists! "And it resists being stored!"
:jozi2:"That's weird. Is it like a pull, or an outright barrier?"
:glinp2:"A pull. It might be too strong for me to force it."
:glinp2:"Wait a second, can you hold it for a second?" I hand it to Josie and immediately start shivering! I take it back, wait a bit, and warm up again! "It warms me up when I hold it!"
:jozi2:"Hey, it's just what you needed! Do you have to be holding it?" I try balancing it on my head, then on my shoulder, on my shirt.
:glinp2:"I don't think so! It just has to be touching me directly?"
:jozi2:"That's almost convenient." I take it off my shoulder, and Tsuchinoko hops back up in its place.

We check out the room to the right of the portrait room, which we only passed through briefly before. Josie stops me. "This room is a trap. Don't go further."
:glinp2:"Oh. thanks."
So we check out the OTHER room, and immediately close the door because there's a big happy-looking critter on the other side! It also has the stairs up to the next level... After a little deliberation, and despite a mild protest from the Tsuchinoko, I open the door again and the critter launches through the doorway, slides to a stop, and launches itself straight for me! Josie grabs me out of the way, and it gives chase! From the stairway, I hear...
:genericnpc:"We've got you THIS time, adventurers!"
Aaaand some of those guys from downstairs come up the stairs!

How do we deal with this beastie?
And where should we head for? Upstairs, downstairs through the mooks, elevator, elsewhere?
No. 918945 ID: b1b4f3

Looks tough. Maybe hit it with your FIST bullet.
No. 918965 ID: 83bf07

Revert, Trip gun that thing and follow up with a super fist and sticky bomb.
No. 919006 ID: 4b8497

Cats tripping and skidding around the room are always great
No. 919009 ID: a9af05

Have the cat follow you to the ice room, then have Josie yank you out of the way so that the cat goes in the ice room and slides all over the place.
No. 919214 ID: e9cd79

Ohh see if that artifact increases your flame attack.
Otherwise its stab time
No. 919215 ID: 91ee5f

An artifact that warms you up? Let’s try >>919214 ‘s idea to see if increases the power of your flame breath!
No. 919305 ID: 7fd053
File 154872246824.png - (59.34KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-47.png )

At some point I should use the sulphagne to dematerialize something, because I don't think I can sell it and I don't really want to carry it around with me after this. I'd offer to let Josie keep it, but she can't use it! There's not enough for anything big, but it is extremely effective against most things. And I still don't know what the Friendium Paranoiathol does.

I try the FIST bullet! That slows it down, for a sec.



I go back to before I opened the door. This time I open it and
The cat thing trips and slides on its mane! Haw! I haven't had a sticky bomb since I used them all up, but I do got the Slime Grenade, so I toss that!
Now it's stuck! Hehe, it sure looks unhappy! Flailing robocat! Tsuchinoko keeps hopping from one of my shoulders to the other.
:genericnpc:"We've got you THIS time, adventurers!"

Get the cat ignited!
Hmm, I don't think it powered up the Fireball any... And this beastie don't seem too flammable. Tsuchinoko backflips out of harm's way when I try stabbing the beast with me spear,
while Josie and Aki fight off the mooks. Unfortunately, me spear just bounces off and gets stuck in the slime, and I barely pull it out before the beast gets free!

I can revert and just go up the stairs while it's trapped. It could follow us up the stairs after, but I don't give a gosh darn! Do I?
No. 919309 ID: b1b4f3

This thing is very hard to kill apparently. If you can use the sulphagne on it after the trip gun do that, otherwise I guess you'll have to use the slime to keep it in one place to use the sulph.
No. 919383 ID: 000383

Revert and try that again but using the sulphagne after you slime grenade it. Dematerialize it's face!
No. 919570 ID: 7fd053
File 154890843230.png - (47.61KB , 1024x941 , ns4-48.png )

>Use sulphagne to dematerialize beast
I still don't think there's enough to take out anything big, but it's worth a try...


:genericnpc:"We've got you THIS time, adventurers!"
I drink the Sulphagne, which tastes pretty bad. At least there's not much of it... but in fact, it wears off before I can finish erasing the catbeast! Dammit... Maybe there's something with less mass that I could use it on. I get the beast to glow some, but it's an all-or-nothing deal, so it goes back to normal, and then it breaks free from the goop!

...Huh, the warm shiny doesn't resist being inventoried anymore! Maybe you have to wait a while? I put it in, and the beast just... it walks away! The cold starts coming back. I take it out again and the beast comes back at me!

And now it's hard to put away again!

No. 919574 ID: 91ee5f

The warm thing is actually a tracker for the cat! It resists being inventoried as a way for the cat to keep coming after you! Once you let it go or successfully inventory it, the cat will lose interest in you!

Maybe the trick is to get rid of the other goons first, without holding the warm thing so that the cat doesn’t come after you? Then kill then cat when the other minions are gone.

But if the cat attacks anyone holding the warm thing, you can probably trick it into attacking the other minions by throwing it at them and hoping they catch and hold it.
No. 919583 ID: b1b4f3

What, why does the cat... it doesn't make sense for the shiny thing to be a tracker. I think the cat just really wants the shiny thing. It's like a toy to it, probably.
No. 919609 ID: 4dc321

Revert to before you took the warm shiny out of your inventory, and then don't take it out. Explore the area for more loot instead.

Was that an Energy Sword here? >>919305
No. 919612 ID: 91ee5f

>energy sword?
Unfortunately, that’s just a decoration that lights up. It’s not a real energy sword.
No. 919904 ID: 03d219

Punch it in the Butt!
No. 919914 ID: 7fd053
File 154925533892.png - (49.81KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-49.png )



I go back to a peaceful time when I didn't waste the sulphagne, and I could get the shiny in my inventory, a peaceful time with no weird monsters obviously trying to tackle me. The shiny being like a toy to it seems like a good guess. It escapes the slime and wanders around now, making quiet weird noises and ignoring me! Good.

I punch it in the butt and it baps me with its tail!
:glinp2:"Hwouf!" I stumble backward. It doesn't seem to care about me. Huh!

Josie and Aki finish killing those persistent resurrecting guys.
:jozi2:"Whoo! What's next? Why'd the creature stop attacking?"
:glinp2:"Exploring for loot I guess! And I managed to put away the ornament or whatever and it just stopped!"
:jozi2:"Huh, ok." Tsuchinoko looks at Josie and chirps and wiggles. "What's that?" It hops toward her and looks up. "You want a Tozol ride?" She holds out her hand. "Sure." It springs onto her shoulder.

I get 3 krels! from looking in the couch cushions in the sitting room. Sure, ok.
The only other promising place to look for loot seems to be the meat freezer! Just my luck. While I slide around on the floor, I notice a spot that shifts slightly under my weight. Could be a switch under there! But I don't think I weigh enough to activate it.

So, how can I press the mystery floor button? It's in the third aisle, the one I didn't go down to get the shiny, and I don't automatically go through if I just slide from one door to the other.
No. 919916 ID: 91ee5f

>But I don't think I weigh enough to activate it.
>So, how can I press the mystery floor button?
Look for a bunch of food and eat all of it to make yourself weigh more?

Alternatively, all 3 of you could stand on that spot.
No. 919927 ID: b1b4f3

You could smash it with your pickaxe?
No. 919932 ID: 60d47a

The long way around is to put the shiny on the plate after attracting that beast. It definitely looks heavy enough with all that armor.

Other than that i second scarfing some food.
See what you can thaw with a fire blast that wont be charbroiled.
No. 919939 ID: 864e49

You could try dumping some of the meat onto the floor switch.
No. 920003 ID: 471393

Those shelves are secure, right? No chance of knocking one over onto the button?
No. 920005 ID: a9af05

It actually does make sense. Got an adventurer in your castle and looting your stuff? Make one of the things they try to loot something that brings a creature that attacks them when they try to take it!

>Eat a bunch of food?
A silly answer might actually work, so I guess we could try that.

>Everyone stand on it?
Yeah, that also works.
No. 920210 ID: 7fd053
File 154942320756.png - (63.07KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-50.png )

Good thing my dark vision's so good! I'd hate to not be able to see what I'm doin'...

I try pickaxing the panel while I slip past it, but predictably, all that does is break the panel!


So I undo that.

The shelves are remarkably sturdy. They ain't goin' noplace, no sirree!

I toss the shiny over there, but it just slides to the wall and bounces back. Dang slippery floor! I see the cat comin' to get it immediately. Eek! It's like it teleported! Or I just didn't notice it standing outside the room.



It'd take a real long time to thaw and eat enough to make much difference in my weight! So that's a no go. I do firebreath one piece of chicken, just to try it, and it comes out OK! I offer to do it again for Aki and Josie, but Josie declines politely. Aki agrees to try it, and their fur goes back to normal when they eat it!
:glinp2:"Is that... normal?" I make a wiggly gesture at the side that was all scorched a second ago.
:nsaki:"Mhm." They nod.

>All stand on the panel
I suggest this, and Josie picks Aki and me up in each arm and carries us to the panel, since she's the only one that can stand still in here. Tsuchinoko hops off rather than go in the cold room.
:glinp2:"I don't blame ya, pal!" Aaand the panel does come down more! Just not enough. Piling food on the panel doesn't help noticeably.

Where are we gonna get more weight...
No. 920213 ID: 8f36f1

No. 920214 ID: b1b4f3

Is that a freakin' pushable block in the corner? Is this room a sliding block puzzle?!
No. 920271 ID: 69a63f

I cant think of anything.

Try a disguise and see if what you become might overcome the weighted switch.
No. 920274 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

Let’s go push that block onto the floor panel.
No. 920327 ID: 7fd053
File 154955279959.png - (52.75KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-51.png )

I suggest recreating the STONE CATERPILLAR and bringing it up here, but Josie says she thinks there's a faster way, and my way might not work. She also says that she thinks I can do this without her or Aki's assistance!

I use my spear to guide myself over to the buncha-boxes-on-a-wood-palette, which bounces off the wall and slides back toward me! I narrowly avoid injuring myself by redirecting myself while it continues to bounce and slide between two walls. It doesn't seem like it's gonna stop any time soon.

How do I get it to the panel, and theeeen how do I get it to stop there?
No. 920334 ID: b1b4f3

Well due to conservation of momentum if you hit it again (in the direction opposite of movement) it'll stop. So hit it when it's at the right position to turn it into the pressure plate aisle, then hit it again when it's on the plate.
No. 920337 ID: a9af05

Do this.
No. 920609 ID: 7fd053

:glinp2:"Is it getting slightly warmer in here?" It's still like having a gang of giant ice elementals blowin' on me from every direction, but like they're startin’ to lose enthusiasm about it now.
:jozi2:"Yeah. There's backup power going, but I'd guess they figured people wouldn't be opening and closing this room so much, so the freezer cooling doesn't get backup power." She shrugs.

I can get it to go into the pressure plate aisle with a good kick into the wall, which jostles the boxes so they almost fall off. When I bump into it to stop it on the plate, they DO fall off, and now there's stuff slidin' everywhere and it's a mess!
:glinp2:"Nyaaaagh!" Aki gives an exasperated/dismayed chuckle.

Should I ask Josie for a hint, or even the answer directly? It's probably something simple...
No. 920611 ID: 91ee5f


Fire breath on the floor to melt the ice, then push the block onto the pressure plate. No ice on the floor means that the block won’t slide over the pressure plate continuously.
No. 920612 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah. Simple.
No. 920645 ID: a9af05

This should work.

Since the room is getting warmer from us keeping the doors open, the ice should be easier to melt.
No. 920768 ID: 7fd053
File 154998880399.png - (117.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-53.png )



There we go! A little flame breath on the panel, and things go a lot smoother!
I crash into the boxes on the rebound again, but this time I can stop myself while they go flyin'. A circuit board drops down from the ceiling, and I catch it!
:glinp2:"What're you laughin' at!"
:jozi2:"That pcb you just caught. Wow. I shouldn't tell you why it's funny yet. Maybe later."

With that out of the way, there's nothing left on this floor, so it's finally time to decide how to get to that third level! Stairs or elevator?
No. 920891 ID: a9af05

>Maybe later.
She better tell us later! I want to know what's so funny!

>Stairs of elevator?
Take the stairs.
No. 920905 ID: b1b4f3

No. 920923 ID: 91ee5f

Take the stairs.
No. 920945 ID: e7848c

Make it a promise, Josie!
Divide and conquer. You and Aki take the elevator while Joz takes the stairs.
No. 920972 ID: 7fd053
File 155009006430.png - (32.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-54.png )

We move on outta this room that's still too damn cold. "Make it a promise!"
:jozi2:"Sure, I promise!" She rubs her chin. "Hmm. Just in case, I'll tell you that it's not just a circuit board. There's more to it." I start us back toward the stairs.
:glinp2:"Just in case?"
:glinp2:"Uuuu ok! Well, I think we should split up. Josie, YOU can take the elevator. Aki, shall we take the stairs?"
:nsaki:"Very well."
:jozi2:"See you soon!" She does a little salute and dashes off, vanishing in the blink of an eye!
:glinp2:"So how ya holdin' up?"
:nsaki:"You don't need to worry about me. How are you?"
:glinp2:"Chilly as FUCK and hoping the rooms on the next floor ain't as cold, 'cause that's gonna slow me down."

We reach the stairs, and as we climb up, some magic sparklies surround us!
:nsaki:"What is this?"
:glinp2:"Iiii don't know!"

Gah it was some kinda teleporter thing! Now I'm in... a weird place. It's... almost comfortable temperature. Still a little cool. There's a layer of fog on the floor, and I can't distinguish the boundaries of wherever this is, and there's weird critters with fangs! And a glowing doorway? But maybe there's other stuff around, if I look around more. Who knows where that doorway goes!
What should I investigate?
No. 920974 ID: 83bf07

Have spear at the ready. Nudge those things away if they get too close. Investigate door.
No. 920983 ID: 5c730f

Don't go in door directly: Throw an eye into it.
No. 921327 ID: 7fd053
File 155025622466.png - (40.55KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-55.png )

I can't throw my eyes, but I can pick up one of these li'l weirdos with my spear and toss it through!
It vanishes in a flash of light!
>-chitter, chitter-
They're comin' for me! I can't tell if they're blind, 'cause sometimes they look right at me and other times they don't seem to be looking at... anything.
>-bchoof, hisssss-
The one I threw (I assume) comes skittering back out the doortal. Followed by another weird thing that's a bit larger! "Uhhhh hi?" This one looks less organic, and it's also seekin' me out! "Hey, can you not come closer?" None of them act like they understood me, so maybe they didn't. These guys are all real slow so I investigate the door and discover that it is in fact set into a wall! It's against in a corner. So now I know there are walls. Things kinda fade off all weird when they're farther away, so I can't tell where the walls are unless I get close. "G'wan, git!" I wave my spear at the weird things! No reaction...

Should I try speakin' in a rougher language (violence)?
Or try feelin' along a wall to see if I can find more stuff?
Or say 'fuck it' and hop through the shiny portal?
Or something else?
No. 921359 ID: 83bf07

Make a lap around the room with your spear running against the wall. Go through the door if nothing is learned.
No. 921370 ID: b1b4f3

Just feel the outline of the room for now.
No. 921793 ID: 372c2e

Yeet past it, or maybe try dislodging it woth a staff attack!
No. 921797 ID: a9af05

Throw another thing into the portal to test and see if the same thing happens or if something different happens.
No. 921804 ID: 7fd053
File 155043229765.png - (51.72KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-56.png )

Using my spear, I feel out the edges of the room. I can't tell how high the ceiling is. I have to push away the walking head thing, which I notice has the same kind of gross, pupilless eye as the hand monsters, but it only has one, and it's on the purple part above the head. It's faster than the hand things and I'm gettin' kinda tired of havin' to constantly avoid all these things!
>-tap tap-
I bap the head thing with my spear. Feels weighty, but I bet I could lift it and toss it a ways if I had to.

>-"hssss!" Bap!-
One of the hands pounces at me and I have to knock it outta the air! Maybe they're gettin' bolder!

I scoop up another hand and toss it in.
Gone! Vanished into thin air! It comes back out and nothin' follows it... yet.
Now, walkin' in the direction the doorway faces, I find a corridor outta the room, and into another one.

I DON'T like what I see! Stepping towards MEEE
No. 921805 ID: b1b4f3

Well the white door is pretty much confirmed safe so go ahead and use it. I expect it'll just lead to more of the weird hand things though.
No. 921819 ID: bd187c

Oh hey that's a nope! Would throwing the Friendium Paranoiathol do anything?
No. 921854 ID: 8eaf98

I get the impression that the PCB is the phylactery, but I guess it isn't large, though it doesn't look like anything special to me, and it did require a lot of mass (possible rough interpretation of large) to acquire.
Also is that a red button on the PCB, regardless push the red circle on the PCB.
is there any reason we never went back to save the stickys we spent checking the empty side routes in the fist temple?
No. 922089 ID: 7fd053
File 155052303578.png - (29.02KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-57.png )

I toss the Friendium Paranoiathol at the portal monster, careful not to toss it into its portal.
:genericnpc:"GLRG" says the big monster! A sickly green cloud covers it, and it begins aggressively swiveling around to suck up the hand monsters! They're all agrroed to me and don't try to avoid this weird fate. It makes weird grunting noises as it goes. Once the hand monsters are through, it sucks up the head monster. It sits still for a bit, and then another hand comes down from the ceiling and gets sucked up, and then it keels over and dies.
The monster's portal deactivates, and a spirit comes out and vanishes, like with those robots on the first floor.

I press the red circle on the PCB. Nothing happens!

Well then! I step through the glowing door.
:nsshade:"Oh, you must have tossed them in here." There's a spookster here with a campfire! "Hello, newcomer. Are you hungry?"
No. 922091 ID: 6960dd

Answer honestly. Have they seen a Renamon around recently?
No. 922253 ID: 10bac0

Thank 'em politely, you just ate recently.
No. 922260 ID: b1b4f3

Who're you, and what is this place?
No. 922342 ID: 8eaf98

Revert to when you just got here and go through the glowing door first.
No. 922392 ID: 7fd053
File 155062145375.png - (36.45KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-58.png )

:glinp2:"Thanks, but I'm good. You seen a Renamon around here? Yellow and white furry biped with a puffy tail, weird shoulder things? " I do some motions to show where the shoulder things are.
:nsshade:"No, you're the only newcomer I've seen in ages." Their voice is smooth and ethereal. Sounds like a young human man who is a ghost.
:glinp2:"Oh, well if you see someone like that, it might be the one I'm looking for."
:nsshade:"Alright. Come, sit by the fire. You're a lizardfolk, right? I seem to remember those get cold easily." They laugh. "But it's been a while..."
:glinp2:"Surrre." I sit across the fire from the stranger. "You remember right! But who are you, and what's this place?"
:nsshade:"Oh yeah, introductions. Haha. You can call me Shade. I was a human once, just a young man." Well there ya go. He takes a bite from their crispy hand critter, snapping the bones and chewing. "As far as I can tell," he says after swallowing the bite, "This is a dimension somewhere off the Calin Plane, inhabited by these guys and their kind." He uses his meal to gesture at the ones that are still cooking. "Mm." He picks up the hot skillet apparently bare-handed (owie??) and sets it on the ground next to the fire. "And there's me. And now you! I don't know how long I've been trapped here. But you know, since you're here, we might have a way out!"
:glinp2:"Wow, I could use one of those!"
:nsshade:"Heh... So could I! That portal you came through just now? We need to modify one of those." He shoves the rest of the hand into his mouth and chews it up.
:glinp2:"Alright! Whatta we need?"
:nsshade:"We need an item from the Calin Plane - even something like your shirt should work. I can't use parts of myself, I've been here too long. Then we have to find a weak portal. I know where one is, but getting there might not be easy."
:glinp2:"I'm pretty good with a spear," I say, lifting my spear that I haven't put away still.
:nsshade:"You might need more than that..." he says. Hehe, he sounds exasperated.
:glinp2:"I got more tricks up my sleeve too." Saying that, I wonder what tricks he's got. Between the fog and the darkness and his being so dark, even his body shape is a MYSTERY!
:nsshade:"Good. We can move out after I finish eating. I think I know the ritual we'll need to use to fix up the portal." He picks up the second hand thing and puts the whole thing in his mouth! I can't see how big his mouth is, but obviously it's big enough for that!

Any more questions I should ask? Or things I should tell him?
No. 922406 ID: b1b4f3

Well, for one thing, you should ask him how he got here to begin with. Teleporter accident?
Maybe he was fighting the lich too.
No. 922482 ID: 83bf07

Ask about the big monster you just killed. Would that portal in it's front count as a weak portal?
No. 922626 ID: 8eaf98

I may just want the PCB to do something
Show Shade the PCB mayhaps he knows something of it.
No. 922747 ID: 7fd053
File 155085654714.png - (16.73KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-59.png )

Boy, if he's right, this is my first time even out of Stiria! Unless I was born somewhere else and moved there. But I feel like he might be wrong, 'cause normally for a big shift like that you need a spell with more fanfare than what I got.

:glinp2:"So how'd you get here anyway? Teleporter accident?" He shifts around.
:nsshade:"My mind is no steel trap... I don't remember the details exactly. But from what I remember, I had started a new job at... a science factory? No, that's not what you call them, is it...?" He sighs. His voice sounds like he's strugglin' to remember. "We were doing teleportation research, and there was an accident, or maybe someone did it on purpose. Maybe I was betrayed... I'm sure I'll figure it out again when I'm free." His voice picks up a bit. "Everything will be better then."

:glinp2:"Sure will! Now I just killed this weird triangular monster with a green portal on the front, would one of those count for a weak portal? Like now that it's dead maybe?" He shakes his head.
:nsshade:"No, I've tried to come up with a way to use those to get back. The best bet so far is with the white rectangular portals. We'd need a live one anyway. Those green portals shut off as soon as the beast leaves its shell." He spears the yellow face blob with a finger and pulls it off his finger with his... teeth, prolly.

:glinp2:"Just one more thing... Do you know what this is?" I show him the PCB. He swallows his food immediately.
:nsshade:"That's a circuit board!"
:glinp2:"I've been told it's more than that!"
:nsshade:"More? I don't know. Let me have a look." I hand it over and he gives it a look real up-close like. "Who's 'Ketzamazing Fabrication'?"
:glinp2:"I dunno! I never heard of 'em before." He hands it back.
:nsshade:"Well. If it's anything more than what it looks like, I can't tell." He appears to stand up, buuut his head doesn't move. "So! Let's go. If you stay close to me, they might not attack you." He leads me, over a few minutes, to a place where the ground is softer and wetter. When we start out I can feel where some walls are, but as we go farther, things feel more open, and I hear more creatures rustlin' around. As long as I'm with him, they don't approach. I also start to see a sky! Lookin' backward, I think I can make out some kinda structure against the sky.
>-"hehehehe." "hehehehe."-
Sounds like somebody laughin'! I spot a pair of eyes glowin', out where the laughter came from.

Should I break off and investigate?
No. 922749 ID: 83bf07

Ask the dude about it before breaking away. Might be nothing or you might have stumbled into a trap.
No. 922750 ID: b1b4f3

Ketzamazing? But the lich hates ketzas, why would he have something made by a ketza in his lair? Hmm.

Ask shadow-guy if he knows that other person.
No. 922831 ID: 8eaf98

Lets investigate, anything happens, or it tries to start killing us we reload to before we investigated.
No. 923145 ID: 7fd053
File 155105812517.png - (27.68KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-60.png )

That does seem odd, but he IS a Ketza... I dunno what's goin' on there.
:glinp2:"Gee who's that do you know 'em?" I say, walkin' over toward the eyes.
:nsshade:"STOP!" I step in mushy slime water! Shade yanks me out!
"You can't believe what you hear in this place. It's not a person."
:glinp2:"EEEK!" Its head comes off and plunks into the water!
:nsshade:"We'll see more of them. Keep away next time! I can't escape if you die before the ritual!"
:glinp2:"Yessir!" We continue on our way. We find an area with scattered pillars that're kinda busted up, with the cracks glowing white and fragments floating in the air.
These guys again!
:nsshade:"We're almost there!" His voice sounds slightly rougher. I can see a glowing, fractured rectangle that's probably the portal, over on an island a ways out. There are more of those laughing guys on pillars over near the island. "Damn. It's shallow here, but there are beasts in the water. And I shouldn't try to carry you across to the island... My instincts may work against me." He scratches his head, I think. "What have you got?"

What should I try?
No. 923150 ID: b1b4f3

Can you super jump across?
No. 923182 ID: cebd1c

Try throwing a skull at one of them.
That pillar to the right looks void of creepies, will getting a better view help?
No. 923242 ID: 8eaf98

Inquire further about the nature of these beasts and if excessive force (punches), or fire are effective on them. Also, try super jump while sideways with feet on a pillar.
additionally, we should probably rewind to a little before we used the friendium so that we have it later, (before it becomes too much of a hassle to do don't even need to change what we said to shade cause he will know no different (though we probably should to minimize evidence of our ability).
No. 923460 ID: 7fd053
File 155121561910.png - (42.25KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-61.png )

Defs too far to Super Jump.

I throw the decorative skull at one. It bounces off and lands in the water. "Errr." says Shade.


"What have you got?" Mmm, don't like that! He didn't say it quite the same! I climb up a pillar to the right and try Super Jumpin' sideways.
nope nope nope! This is the worst slime ever!!


I revert to before using the FP, this time just gunnin' it for the door to Shade. One of the hand monsters comes out, followed by the head monster. They pause and retreat, and the portal monster doesn't come through. Stuff goes about the same from there.
:nsshade:"What have you got?"
I climb up a pillar to the right and just scope out the surroundings. There's another island to the right of the one we're aimin' for. I spot something that looks like a tiny flame.
:glinp2:"What are these beasties here? How do they hold up against magical super punches or fire?"
:nsshade:"They're explosive to certain types of flames. My cooking fire doesn't set them off. But the kind of fire they're vulnerable to attracts a different kind of monster. Smaller, but more numerous."
:glinp2:"Is that what's makin' that little flame over on that island next to the one we're after?"
:nsshade:"Is it an orange flame?"
:nsshade:"Must be."
:glinp2:"EEE-HSSSSS!" What the FUCK something touched my FOOT and it feels like the way nails on a chalkboard sounds!!
I zap it with my spear and a fuckin' shaft of lightning shoots out!
I fall off the pillar!
:glinp2:"SSSS WHAT THE FUUUuuuuuuUUUUCK!?" I scramble to my feet and do an awkward dance, lookin' around to make sure there's no more of those things.
:nsshade:"WHAT! The HELL! Was that!?"
:glinp2:"A smiley face blob with another smiley face where one of its eyes shoulda been touched my foot and it was the worst thing so I zapped it with my spear but a fucktonna electricity came out!"
:nsshade:"Your spear shoots electricity?"
:glinp2:"Not that much! Usually!"
:nsshade:"Gods damn, I'm glad I'm heartless now. Gah... If that works again, I'm sure it would be more than enough to deal with the things in our way."
:glinp2:"I have to wait for it to recharge..."
:nsshade:"What else do you have?"
:glinp2:"Got a fireball! I'm gonna try it, so step back!"
I spit a fireball at one of those laughing buggers!
It sets off a chain reaction! All the ones that were over on the left on this stretch of land (not the three on the pillars in the water closer to the other island) blow up! Wow they're like messed-up Tozol larvae. That explode. There's still some fiery chunks raining down even.
:nsshade:"Rrrrgh..." I see more little fires pop up in the distance. "They'll be coming to investigate... And they might not stay away just because I'm here." Looks like the flame cooked off some of the nearby slime water, too. It's so mucky, it's barely flowin' back. I've effectively expanded our little outcropping of land, just a tad.

What do I try next?
No. 923463 ID: b1b4f3

What about the Portable Tunnel Deployer?
No. 923522 ID: 0d305c

Can you now jump from pillar to pillar, using the pickaxe to bat away any surviving enemy that comes too close?
No. 923523 ID: 91ee5f

>"What have you got?" Mmm, don't like that! He didn't say it quite the same!
Oh shit, is he immune to your time travel bullshitery?!

You’d better hope he doesn’t tell anyone!
No. 923528 ID: 8eaf98

I would say not immune to it, seems more like might be getting a premonition or deja-vu for further times through, might want to ask if he feels he has done this before, say next reset, and if he fully knows we would like to be able to ask him to not share.
No. 923643 ID: 7fd053
File 155132243048.png - (59.92KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-62.png )

Where would I put it?

Nope! Looks like one pillar did land in the muck, so I jump to it. It's mired pretty good, so I can walk out a little ways. That's progress, baby!

Now that I've reverted, I can tell he's definitely some kinda nondeterministic. What I'm hopin' is, it's not the kind where anything could carry over... Maybe he's just extra chaotic. Guess I'll have to figure that out carefully...

Next idea?
No. 923661 ID: 8eaf98

got it, try to keep reversion to a minimum in shade's presence and if he is iffy on something we may be able to revert till he decides the way we want. also of note, it may have something to do with where we are. how hard would it be to 'burn' a temporary path through the muck?
No. 923702 ID: ff0763

They said they can't escape if you die before the ritual so maybe ask them what that ritual is just in case it involves you dying.
No. 923706 ID: b1b4f3

>where would I put it?
Uh, from here to there? Am I misunderstanding how it works?

You could use the disintegration laser eye drug to cut more pillars down.
No. 923753 ID: 8eaf98

my understanding is that would leave us with no pillars, as it works more like deletion than laser eyes
No. 923775 ID: 7fd053
File 155139973575.png - (55.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-63.png )

It is more like deletion than laser eyes.
As for the PTD, it's kind of a straight shot wherever you put it. You can use it to punch a hole into a vault, but it's not like havin' your own private team of Slissa excavators.

I try a couple fireballs to see how well they'll make a path in the muck water.
>-Foomf, pwuush, Foomf, pwuush-
Better'n nothin', but no way I'm gonna have the stamina to get me all the way. Also the little fires are comin' closer and there's more of 'em coming. Shade comes up next to me. I can't tell, but I think he’s on the water. Or hovering above it.

:glinp2:"So what's the ritual to fix up the portal anyway?"
:nsshade:"Is this the time?"
:glinp2:"Yeah don't worry about it breh." He sighs spookily. At first I mistake it for a loud breeze.
:nsshade:"How much do you know about dimensional slingshots?"
:glinp2:"Li'l bit."
:nsshade:"Normally you'd invoke Astius' Star and initialize a portal, right? Then line up a border world and your target."
:glinp2:"Nowadays they use Lilgeth's Star more but yeah."
:nsshade:"Hm. Either way, I don't have a focus for Spogwyrde. My memory isn't strong enough to do it. And there's something blocking a direct path, but a slingshot should take care of that."
:glinp2:"That seems pretty straightforward!"
:nsshade:"I've spent a lot of time looking for portals like this one, and it took many attempts to learn that there even was a barrier. Plus I have to hook the spell into THIS portal..." He seems agitated.
:glinp2:"Hmm. How do you do that?" Now we've got these little hairy... what the hell are these? I pick one up on my speartip to get a look.
:nsshade:"Just a standard portal patch job!" It's like... an eyestalk with two fingers for legs and the fingertips are noses? And the flame is hovering above the eye. The same kind of glassy, blind-looking eye all the other smallish monsters have.
:glinp2:"Ew nasty," I say, tossing it into the water. "K, that's all good to know." He doesn't need me alive for that... unless he's got a magical deficiency of some sort...

They're all along the bank now. I see some of 'em jump, so even if they can't swim, I'm not gonna be safe on this downed pillar.
There's still three loaf mutants staring at me from the 3 pillars closer to the island, wiggling their tails.

Next step?
No. 923776 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if you could drain the water by digging a hole with the PTD?

I thought all the exploding loafs were dead, explode more of them!
No. 923778 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, what if you could dig up some soil or something with the pickaxe?

I know you said you couldn't super jump over, before, but what about super jumping onto the pillars? Can you ping-pong between them to get to the portal? Or maybe you could super jump onto one and smash it with your pickaxe to make rubble for additional platforming.
No. 923782 ID: 8eaf98

given shade seems to be unaffected by the swamp stuff, are we close enough for shade to just carry us the rest of the way or, hell, carry us part by part across?
No. 924011 ID: 7fd053
File 155157581802.png - (66.27KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-64.png )

The PTD can only reach so far... I could try it, but I'd have to do a reversion to get it back if it didn't work.
>-Foomf "Squeh"BLAM"Squeh!"BLA"Sque"BLAM!-
Blammo! Nice, that's more swamp dried up and walkable. It's like I made the other island stretch closer to where I'm at. But all these fireballs are takin' their toll on me!

"You sure you can't carry me across this li'l gap?"
:nsshade:"You're the first person I've seen since I got here! If I accidentally killed you before we fixed the portal, I don't think I could handle that!" He flexes his fingers as he speaks, with an extra rasp to his voice. His hair is starting to stick out too, instead of the sort of matted way it looked before. I whap some little flame guys off my pillar. There's startin' to be a lot of 'em! The extra explosions got 'em even more excited than before!

:glinp2:"I'm gonna turn into a dwarf for a second, don't mind me!" I equip the pickaxe and see what happens if I dig up some soil. Nooope, I just get goo on myself and it's bad!
I could Super Jump over, at this point, but I'm gettin' low on energy. Awww heck with it, I'll just do that, and if I think of a better way after, I can revert and try that! "Fine, let's try this!"
"Yaaagh!" I stick the landing, and step on the fractured pillars so I don't have to touch the awful fried swamp stuff anymore than I gotta. Shade floats on over.
:nsshade:"Perfect! Now I'll set up the spell. You keep watch. Make sure I'm not interrupted." His voice sounds shaky! He starts tracing stuff in the dirt and incanting. "Pick the item we'll use as a focus for Spogwyrde, and hand it to me. It might be consumed by the spell."

I have one item that I know isn't going to take us to the right place, and that's the Hamfuzz. The jar might be from my planet, but the stuff itself is from the Ferret Galaxy.
For stuff that's probably less useful than my other stuff, I've got:
Ghost costume
Decorative skull
Doc Fungus' keycard
Magic body armor
Chalk and eraser
My clothes

What should I give him? I could give him the Hamfuzz, just to see what happens...
No. 924012 ID: e7848c

Naked run, baby.
Or the chalk and eraser if you want to be a ninny
No. 924015 ID: b1b4f3

Don't give him something that'll sabotage the ritual, just in case he remembers.
Hand over the ghost costume, it's the least useful thing you've got.
No. 924044 ID: 8eaf98

break the chalk in half and give him a half, better yet draw with the chalk and use the dust.
I am again questioning why we NEED to be alive when he just seems to need a focus unless us being alive is what keeps it viable as a focus?
No. 924058 ID: 91ee5f

If whatever you give him takes you to the location of where you got the object, then you should give him something that you got from Zorgonok's castle, since that’s where you want to go!
No. 924068 ID: 1d236f

Clothes. Or skull.
No. 924238 ID: 7fd053
File 155166113781.png - (62.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-65.png )

>The chalk, no sabotage, preferably something to get back in the castle
It should be viable no matter who's alive! The focus just needs to have a strong enough essence of the location. The chalk should put us back in or near Zorgonok's stronghold, maybe even in the secret room where I found it. It sounds like he's just concerned for me? I hope!

I give him a half chalk stick and he puts it where I'd expect it to go, from what I understand about spells. His style's kinda weird but I don't see anything that's clearly sus.
Meanwhile, those little fire fingers are tryin' to hop over to us. They're just plunkin' into the water, but there's so many that the other ones can step on 'em! They're gonna be able to reach us soon!
The weak portal chimes and flashes, and the pieces judder around. I look back at Shade. OK it's getting more complicated now, I'm not sure what all this does but I still don't see anything that looks like it involves me whatsoever!

What does involve me, is these two little smiley blobs! Crawlin' for my FOOT! There's some weird shit risin' out of the water around us, too. A few monsters, some to my left and some to my right.
How do I dispatch these freakos?
No. 924262 ID: e7848c

Kick one off and super fist the other. We want to save or supercharged spear zap for something bigger if it shows up.
No. 924266 ID: b1b4f3

Just start stabbing them with your spear a lot. Regain your stamina for when something big happens.
No. 924308 ID: 8eaf98

stab with spear, don't zap
No. 924666 ID: 7fd053
File 155183875636.png - (32.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-66.png )

:nsshade:"What zone is this from?"

>stab with spear, no zaps
"Back! Back, I sayYYY!" Stabbing the blobs isn't too effective. And I'm definitely not kickin' those things with my bare feet! BLUGH! I stab one and toss it at the face of one of the bigger plant monsters. It splats onto there and crawls around. Neither seems to care. "Stab stab stab!" The plant things bleed red. Also they got blades in their arms that they swing around! Parrying time!
"(kaff, kaff)" One of 'em got me with some kinda pollen puff from its head! ...but it doesn't seem to have any effect except makin' my eyes and nose hurt. "How's it g(cough)-goin' over there!"
:nsshade:"It's almost time to wrap this up!" Stabbing isn't very effective! And I get a couple nicks from the blades that these new guys have stuck in their arms!
The portal pieces slam together and it shines bright like the other one!
"Hehehe... HAHAHAHAAA!" Heyyyy! that sounds like evil laughter! "Thank you, lizard!" He shoots me with a sticky web from somewhere, and I fall over!
:glinp2:"Wow what gives!" He comes closer, shaking and twitchy. The other monsters seem like they still want to attack, but he shoos them away and they linger around us, not coming closer or retreating fully.
:nsshade:"I've been waiting so long to do what was done to me. I had so much time to think, and you know what I kept coming back to, time and time again?"
:glinp2:"Hmmm... Lemme see..."
:nsshade:"BETRAYAL! That's what put me here, and now, it's finally my turn. The turn I deserve..."

What a pickle! I'd better think up a plan...!
No. 924678 ID: b1b4f3

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
Try using flame on the web, and then a Super Punch to smack his ass away from the portal. After that, just go through.
No. 924695 ID: 91ee5f

>”BETRAYAL! That's what put me here, and now, it's finally my turn. The turn I deserve..."
Ask him why he’s betraying you? You didn’t do anything to him!

Then ask him who trapped him here? Tell him that you’ll help him get revenge on the guy that trapped him here. That would be a lot better, since that would mean that both of you would get to leave this place!

Also, ask if the guy that betrayed him was named Zorgonok? Because if it was, then both of you can work together to get your revenge on him!
No. 924702 ID: d29d1b

Aw fug an interdenominational fiend.

Ask him if revenge for two is on his plate, otherwise flambé your would be buddy.
No. 924744 ID: 83bf07

Revert to right before he finished the portal, get close as if you were backing up from the enemies and hit him with a super zap from the spear before he starts laughing. Or the a one two punch of fireball and super punch if you out have the energy.
No. 924775 ID: b1b4f3

If we can't get him to back down it might be a good idea to revert and take the Friendium Paranoiathol. It might possibly have the effect of pointing out whether or not someone's gonna betray you, which would mean you can preemptively zap him without knowledge gained from time travel.
No. 924777 ID: 91ee5f

The problem with reverting is that it doesn’t seem to affect this guy. So even if we did revert, he’s going to know that we already know that he intends to betray us.
No. 924813 ID: 7d9d06

Congratulate him on taking his turn to betray someone, and promise that you'll try to betray someone twice as bad as soon as it's your turn. Just to see if he thinks you actually take turns at doing that.
No. 924950 ID: 8eaf98

I think that stuff just makes whatever friends with you, so I think it would be more likely to make him just not betray us.
since he is doing this I really want to give him the hamfuzz. or to really fuck with him cut something off the hands or whatever that attacked us at the start and give him that, cause they are from a different something cause we white doored to him.
Also of note, we should be able to revert to before we were here at all and avoid ending up here. that would be a 10/10 face slap if he remembers the reversions, he will know he could have been free if he didn't be an asshole.
No. 924952 ID: 8eaf98

or we could, like, go through it before he can stop us, we care less if we are webbed on the other side.
No. 924995 ID: 7fd053
File 155199366429.png - (116.84KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-67.png )

:glinp2:"Why you betrayin' me? I can help you get revenge on whoever trapped you here!"
:nsshade:"Heheheh... You don't get it, do you..." He turns more humanoid-shaped, with a torn lab coat. His eyes look like glasses reflecting light from someplace. "I must have been here for decades. When I was still human, more than anything else, I thought about escaping this place, and how that damn Hiroki must have double-crossed me! Do you know what that kind of fixation does to you, in a place like this? It's not pretty..." His body slowly melts into spidery mode again while he talks. "Now there's nothing human left of me. Only a shadow, carrying on..." He takes a swipe at me, but I fireball myself, and he hesitates and just nicks me while I roll away!
:glinp2:"Hyah!" I hit him with the spear and zap!
But it wasn't quite the super strong zap I was expecting! It was just stronger than usual! Something must've been different this time...



:nsshade:"It's almost time to wrap this up!" slightly different again. He draws the same configuration, but the lines aren't exactly the same. Meanwhile I take a bit less damage, but still catch a nick here and there.
I dive into the portal before he even finishes laughing!
Aaand I end up in... Well this looks like it might be Zorgy's place. Since it has a tapestry with his face on it.
oop he got me with the web! I fall over!
:nsshade:"After all this time, I'm free... and it's all thanks to you! But I'm afraid I haven't been quite honest about my intentions..."

Grr! Do I revert and avoid that, or see if I can get more tragic backstory out of 'im, or what?
Maybe revert further and see if I can work out what makes the spear zap go nuts like it did before?
No. 924999 ID: 8eaf98

Man, I love me a back story; let's hear it!
No. 925001 ID: 8eaf98

Wait - The lines are different are we mayhaps hopping timelines, and the slightly non-deterministic nature of this place means shades past experiences here are a little different each time. However, due to the duration of his stay, it averages out to approximately the same result. Additionally, does this mean we might theoretically use the law of large numbers to find a timeline where he is still human?
No. 925373 ID: 7fd053
File 155232454070.png - (46.92KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-68.png )

:glinp2:"A double-cross!? I can't believe it! Did all that time turn you evil? Or were you always such a lowdown tricky schemer!"
:nsshade:"You're right, I wasn't always this way!" He does the more-human-shape thing. "Heheheh... I was Katashi Takahashi, a promising young sciencist. I'm not sure what I was involved in. Maybe it was spiders, or cannibalism. I know I was... in love with a girl..." He strains, and his regular form returns. "Damn... Well! Enough reminiscing! It's time to eat you!"


:glinp2:"A double-cross!? I can't believe it! But even if that's how it is, I've got loved ones! Didn't you have anyone you loved?"
:nsshade:"Yes... There was a girl..." Humanish shape. "Miss Sato... I was going out with her. We used to... pick flowers... at the factory..." Melt to monster shape. "But I wonder what kind of movies we'd see today." He raises a claw. "Probably slasher films!"


I use a few more reversions to work out that (according to him) he was at the "science factory" for about a year before the accident/betrayal, Hiroki worked with him, and they were both in love with Miss Sato. She was there on the day of the event, but she didn't work there. They were working on something new that day, and that thing is what sent him to creepyland. Oh yeah, and he had blue hair.

I free myself with a Fireball and then try out the spear zap on him. It's the same as when I tried it the second time! Bigger than usual, but not crazy. And I'm back in Stiria, so that means, whatever causes it to go nutso, it's not just being in the other world, and I can make use of it here... if I can work out what I did to cause it the first time!

Only the stuff he drew after the reversion was different, so I still think he's just got a significant chaos factor goin' on. Some temporally-unbound whatsit. I can't tell if it's just him, since I did things different to avoid gettin' sliced as bad the second time around.


I do a quick reversion just to test. I think these monsters are a little nondeterministic too! So he probably got this way by eatin' so many of them.

Can I figure out what makes the spear zap go wild? I didn't do much with it so it shouldn't be hard to narrow down.
And am I done with Shade? Should I just kill the guy?
If so, with what?
No. 925376 ID: 8eaf98

So at this point, we have plotted a course to get us out of that weird place. it would be great if you could reload to a further point you have already reached, so you can go back experiment then return to where you were without having to get back there at a rate of one second per second.
>And am I done with Shade? Should I just kill the guy? If so, with what?
it could be useful to know where the various items we can give him will take us, and if they are destroyed when used. Also what happens if we give him the PCB to use.
can we super jump right after going through the gate to avoid being webbed?
>Can I figure out what makes the spear zap go wild?
My current guess is the spear reacts to our emotional state/urgency with which we use it, and/or how long it has had to charge or even how much WE charged it; think https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/soccer-balls-and-jump-ropes-can-generate-power-180955853/
No. 925377 ID: 8eaf98

>Should I just kill the guy?
Not if we can recruit him, it looks like if we help him resolve his personal problems he just might stop trying to kill us.
No. 925384 ID: b1b4f3

>why is spear so zappy
Maybe it was because it was wet?

I wonder if you can get him to remember himself and calm down.
No. 925398 ID: 83bf07

Have one last drink before he guts you.
Then delete him with your weird champagne.
No. 925401 ID: a9af05

>Where do the various items lead?
It doesn't matter, as long as we get back to Zorgonok's castle, so we can get back to killing him!

Hopefully Aki is alright. And I'm pretty sure Josie is fine, she probably looking for us to confirm if we're dead or not. Because if she thinks we're dead, she's going to retreat and call in an Unholy Eraser strike.
No. 925402 ID: ecd116

recruiting him should be possible. plus a quick revert done enough times could take you to a situation where he most reasonable or least sane enough to go with you. also learn more about his life from each revert so you can use what you know about him to increase the odd of success.
No. 925463 ID: f46e5e

unfortunately, I think the state we return to is a proper sort of save-state, all before it is the same every time and any non-determinism is minor, only ale to be meaningfully relevant over long periods, ie that could work if we had a save-state where he was currently sane. and while we may technically have that, we are not going to re-live our life over and over on the off chance he remains sane during his stay in interdimensional space land, if we spend much longer here it will need a name.
No. 925651 ID: 7fd053
File 155252149650.png - (47.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-69.png )

I can load an old save and then load a later one! But if I load an old save and then make a NEW save based on that, any saves that WERE after the one I loaded, will disappear.

This seems correct!

I didn't get it wet before...! What did I do with it?


Just to see, I revert to before we got the main area with pillars and laughloafs, and try clicking on the zap. It just acts normal, no amplification at all!


I try getting it wet first, and that also don't help none.

I miiiight be OK if I took an Unholy Eraser strike, but if this place itself is unholy enough, then the reaction might be uh, bad for me.


I try out a few more reversions, aiming to extend his brief period of maybe-sanity. He always gives the same names and relationships. He's a middle sibling, his primary temperament is Choleric, his blood type is B-positive, his birthstone is zircon, his birth sign is the Triceratops, his birth flower is the Marigold, his hair is naturally dark blue, he's a Ravenclaw, and he REALLY likes french fries. Oh, here we go! This time I distract him long enough that some of the other monsters come through the portal and he gets distracted!
>-bchoof bchoof-
:nsshade:"Hrng? Get back!" He tries to shoo 'em (two smile blobs), but it doesn't work.
>-bchoof, slorch-
A new thing! Wow! I hate it!
:glinp2:"Fuuuck dude can we close that thing already? Everything I see outta that place is worse than the last thing!" Torso... beak nipple... what the hell...
I get myself free and spring to my feet!
:nsshade:"...Bastard! You had to go and make this complicated!" He throws a smile blob at me!
I don't think I can recruit him... or if I can, it's gonna take more effort than I'm willing to put in!

I could try just running away! There's only one exit in this room, aside from the portal(which I would not like to go back through).
Or I could hit him with something I've got.
And what could I possibly have done to get the big zap? Can I do it again right here?
No. 925653 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe it zaps more if you're touching the thing you're zapping? Or if you're being attacked at the same time, like a counter hit?
No. 925662 ID: e7848c

Try positioning yourself where he's between you and the portal so that he might get knocked back into it with a ROCKETU super punch.
No. 925673 ID: 91ee5f

First of all, are you back in Zorgonok's castle? If so, then you should go look for Aki and/or Josie to regroup!

Secondly, that picture seems to be reacting to the odd creatures the same way you are: disgusted. Maybe that’s not actually a picture over there?

Finally, you can tell this guy that now that he’s free, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do, as long as he doesn’t get in your way. Then leave the room.
No. 925688 ID: f46e5e

I'll just reiterate this
>Can I figure out what makes the spear zap go wild?
My current guess is the spear reacts to our emotional state/urgency with which we use it, and/or how long it has had to charge or even how much WE charged it; think https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/soccer-balls-and-jump-ropes-can-generate-power-180955853/ TL;DR for link shake it a lot = more power

inform shade here (while running) we don't care what he does with his new freedom so long as it doesn't involve killing the guy who freed you, or anyone he cares about for that matter.
No. 925695 ID: 6f6f25

Wait, is this a game you are playing or what?
No. 925838 ID: f46e5e

no, we need to keep our reversion ability a secret if possible, as there are apparently things out there that can interfere with Glinp's 'save' ability, particularly if they know about it in advance.
No. 925900 ID: 7fd053
File 155269564065.png - (82.25KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-70.png )

Changes in the way things work like that don't normally happen! But, I spear the blob in midair and... evaporate Shade's head!
His headless body slumps to the ground. Kinda sad, but... Victory!?

I dunno where else this would be, if it's not Zorgonok's castle! The tapestry goes back to its previous expression... might just be one of those moving pictures.
I leave the room (and remaining monsters, which are slow) and walk down a hallway. I come to a fork, where I can either keep going straight, which I can see leads to another fork, or I can go to the right, which leads to another room!
No. 925913 ID: e7848c

Head to the path with the room at the end. Have your spear out and have it tear the wallpaper along the wall as you go.
No. 925923 ID: b1b4f3

...huh, does that mean the blob creatures are highly electrically charged?

Go right, see what's in the room.
No. 926007 ID: f46e5e

go straight it's obviously an illusion, too sharp to be real
seconding check door
Glip how 'fast' can you revert, say, per second because in a fight even if they remember previous iterations you can mess with them by doing many small reversions, changing attack vector each time, so they don't know which one you are going to commit to.
No. 926143 ID: 7fd053
File 155284639285.png - (88.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-71.png )

To the right! Tearin' up the wallpaper with my spear as I go!
I dunno a ton about electricity. Whatever causes them to react like that, maybe it's also what makes touching them make me want to projectile vomit from my eyeballs?
I can pack a crazy amount of reversions per second. I haven't counted before because I got bored before I got through half a second, but it'd be more than a hundred.
I toss open the door!
:zorgonok:"Yes, YOU! And you'll never escape my maze unless you take it extremely slowly and methodically! Mwahahaha!" One of his screens! There’s nothin’ else in here.
:glinp2:"Curse you! I'll get out of here quick, and you'll be in big trouble!"
:zorgonok:"We'll see about that!"
:glinp2:"Yeah! Bye!"
I slam the door shut and go back to the fork, and look back at the room I arrived in. The portal closed! GOOD! Shade's body is where I left it, but there's still a smile blob and that awful torso creature.
>-squawk! shing, shing-
I have to jab that one away. It moves faster! And it's got those freaky rib pincer things. Could be dangerous if I got distracted by somethin'!

Anyway, at the next fork, to my left there's a short hall and another door. To the right there's a longer hall which ends in a door, and that hall also has a branch comin' off. I open the door on the left since it's right there. A sitting room with a TV! What a weird maze. There are two other doors, on the far left and far right walls.
Is there some technique I should use, like following the walls on my left or somethin'?
No. 926144 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah let's just follow the left hand wall for a bit.

Is that a mini-fridge? Loot!
No. 926145 ID: 91ee5f

Go right.

Don’t be predictable and do that “choose left” thing everybody does when they’re in a maze!

>Is that a mini-fridge? Loot!
Do this.
No. 926148 ID: e51896

How wasteful of electricity. tv is on, and no one is there. It's bad for the environment. be a good Samaritan and turn off the tv. Or better yet, unplug it. no one watches tv this day in age.
No. 926151 ID: 83bf07

Loot the area, fireball the TV, take the door on the left. Don't forget to keep tearing up the walls as you go. It started as a way just to be cheeky, but now it's a path marking method.
No. 926169 ID: f46e5e

ok now I really want to know where other items we give to shade take us in case one of them includes not interacting with this maze
If this maze's exit is in the middle it could be air-gapped from the rest of the maze, in which case following a wall will have us going in circles.
also, wall scratching may not be reliable, self-reviving guards suggest self-repairing maze is entirely possible.
Is the PCB doing anything yet?
No. 926173 ID: f46e5e

also isn't this 'area' of the world non-euclidean, meaning even if this remains a 2d maze, wall following may still not work. god help us if it goes 3d
No. 926211 ID: b1dc7e

Yo see if the villain has an ultra plan for his television, and leave the porn on just so he might see it looking around for you.
Fleshy vengeance against the necromancer.

Other than that check the couch for loot, or the cabinets under the tv, if it has those.
Oof, and close the door, theres no excuse to let that weird mess hobble its way in to tickle your butt.
No. 926250 ID: 8eaf98

I think that is a giant dino in a city but, to each their own.
No. 926383 ID: 7fd053
File 155304369170.png - (47.81KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-72.png )

>>Loot stuff!
It's not porn! It's just a classic kaiju movie. Apparently the monster is named "Daininguteiburu," or "Teibu" for short, and he has a goop-breath power.
I close the door to avoid any butt-tickles from horrible hobblers! Blaugh! Then I find the remote and some cold cans of soft drink (Lemonsnake brand, lime flavour).
It's actually kind of a good temperature in here. And with the TV on, I wonder if someone actually lives here...? With the remote, I find that the current program is called 'Daininguteiburu Vs. The Saucer Minions.' I change it over to a porno channel and queue up 'Orgiastic Clash of the Sex Hives 3 (bootleg).' It was made before the actual third installment, by a completely different team, and the info says it's super trashy!

>left first
The left door leads to a hall that ends in a bathroom. The right door leads to a significantly longer hall, that ends in a decent-sized closet! There's clothing in here, but not for Ketzas... It's clothing for a humanoid with a tail! I find a fur coat that's a little big for me but I'm takin' it for when I get out. Of course I scratch the walls all along the way!

That's a definite possibility... But there just might be a trick I can use to find the exit fast! I dunno what it could be, but if I'm lucky, there could be a clue or something, somewhere...

If the exit's like that, that'd be a real problem! I reopen the door for a sec, to see if the wallpaper is repaired. Nope, not yet at least!
I look at the PCB. Looks the same as before!

>-bump, scraaawk, giggle-
That dumb torso thing!
:glinp2:"Go tickle someone else's butt already!"

How should I take out that thing?
Also, before I've explored too much, I should start makin' a map in my mind of the layout.
No. 926384 ID: b1b4f3

Fireball its face. Should have recovered your stamina by now.
No. 926392 ID: 8eaf98

Suprise super fist through the door!
No. 926430 ID: e7848c

It's small enough that you could probably dematerialize it. Before you leave that closet though, make sure to fireball whatever you leave.
No. 926472 ID: f46e5e

>dematerialize it
this is we can only dematerialize once
ok but why waste the stamina though?
No. 926476 ID: 6f6f25

How can you actually hear us?
No. 926734 ID: 7fd053
File 155321607431.png - (69.72KB , 1024x1024 , ns-73.png )

Lotsa people watch TV in this day and age... It's fun and/or educational! I got a TV at my house. My parents were pretty permissive, too... got to watch the gory horror movies and stuff when I was like 1 year old! Apparently I loved that stuff already. So my folks were like 'well, she seems to like it, sooo...' Or was it he? That was before my time powers manifested, so my memory of that time's not so good.

My stamina could use more time to recover, but it's not a problem yet. I Fireball the closet.
Ahhh pretty... Fire's so cozy and warm... too bad about all this smoke! So before that becomes a problem (for me), I go back and Super Fist the door! "NYERGH!"
Now that's what I'm talkin' about! It splinters the door and bashes the beast to bits! And I didn't have to deal with its attacks at all! More enemies should stand behind doors and tell me they're ready to get punched like that.

I step carefully through the gore so's I don't get my new coat all grossified. And I turn left at the split.
That takes me down another long hall, which also splits off to its left in addition to going forward. Forward there's a room with no door and it's all dark inside, but I take the left here too. A short walk, and there's a closed door.

How do I open it? Another psionic-powered punch? Cautiously turning the handle?
And what does my map of this place look like so far?
No. 926753 ID: 8eaf98

Smallish Fireball down the dark, twisting(bad sign for maps) hallway to light it up briefly, then revert to save dat stamina.
Just turn the handle of the door to open it like any other door. doors have not been traped, no reason to suddenly expect this door to be traped.
No. 926754 ID: b1b4f3

Open the door like a regular person.
No. 926775 ID: 0d72fd

I also sugest Fireballs and some reverting to see what lies ahead.

Make some holes for your horns, so your hood works.
No. 926809 ID: 8eaf98

uh those horns are kinda long. hard to pull the hood over them when the length of the hood is lower than the horn length
No. 927276 ID: 7fd053
File 155353925772.png - (61.91KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-74.png )

The fireball goes sailing down the hall! Hmm, doesn't look like there's much in that room... 'Least nothin' that I can see from out here!
For now, I'll leave the hood the way it is. I can always make holes later!


Undid fireball, and now opening the left door like a regular person. Looks like a computer room, and there's no other doors.
:genericnpc:"(Snarl!)" Aw dammit! Someone DOES live here!
:glinp2:"AIEEEEE!" It's a scary tentacle monster and it pounces me!
:genericnpc:"Haven't you heard of KNOCKING?"
:glinp2:"GL-L-LK!" Looks like it's gonna throttle me to death! What a bummer!

Should I try knocking? Or bust in? Or ignore?
No. 927281 ID: b1b4f3

Glinp why are you scared of the tentacle monster? You've seen worse.

Yeah let's try knocking. WHY NOT
No. 927285 ID: 83bf07

Pervert, knock, introduce yourself.
If you come to the same result, revert, knock, and then super fist them as soon as they open the door.
No. 927293 ID: b27633

Wonder what they were doing in here.
Use the trip gun to interrupt whatever it was they were doing!
Maybe knock afterwards or give them an insult to bait them towards the door.
No. 927297 ID: 8d23f0

Bust in and scream about disgusting porn on the screen
No. 927304 ID: 91ee5f

Sure, might as well knock.
No. 927310 ID: f19b3c

Go back and knock.
No. 927320 ID: 8eaf98

oh hey, computers maybe the PCB does something HERE, may as well have it on hand when we enter right? look like we had the intention of bringing it here.
No. 927549 ID: 7fd053
File 155371671585.png - (70.50KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-75.png )

>trip gun, knock, have PCB handy


I think about one of their tentacles and pull the trigger.
I hear some shuffling.
>-knock, knock!-
:glinp2:"knock, knock!"
:genericnpc:"Who is it?"
:glinp2:"It's me! And I have the PCB!"
:genericnpc:"Saying 'it's me' doesn't help at all! "They open the door and look me over. "Oh, one of the intruders! Hah, so you have that thing? It won't do you any GOOD!" They go for the strangle again!
I go for the flesh-obliterating punch!
:glinp2:"Maybe that will!"
Hoohoo! Never seen that much blood get in a computer before! 'Cept in movies.
Tentacle dude clutches their new stumps. "Screw this! I'm OUT!" They warp away!
:glinp2:"Oh. OK then!"

Should I look for anything on the computer they were using, or just move on?
No. 927550 ID: 8d23f0

rewind to before knowcking barge in and do super punch so you don't give him time to close anything.
No. 927567 ID: 8eaf98

oh hey, I bet if we use the friendium stuff we can get useful information as to why he is here and potentially what the PCB does as he seems to recognize it.
No. 927668 ID: 83bf07

See what you can find! Don't spend too long though
No. 927702 ID: 8eaf98

What do you mean? We legit have all the time in the world to check this place out. We can just revert to just after it warped out and spend just a minute searching one part of the room well and repeat till the whole room is well searched; by spending only one in world minute.
No. 927704 ID: b1b4f3

Check out the computer.
No. 928645 ID: 7fd053
File 155439102899.png - (246.49KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-76-1.png )

>check computer
Arright, lessee what we got on here. Rats, this guy's not one of those types who opens a zillion browser tabs at once. But we got a video sharing site, with a Let's Play of Planet of the Humans by 'farptusher', who I've nnnever heard of, but they got a decent view count. And, tentacle guy just ordered a ray gun from a gun seller called Raygun Mike's, which should arrive tomorrow. For non-browser stuff, they got a music player open. I put on the headphones and turn on the music, which explodes my head! Kids these days!! I guess you could call that 'trap music'...



So, trip gun to get 'em off guard, then I bust in and do a sweet dive and Super Fist 'em!
I land awkwardly on my side and toss the paranoiathol while they're clutching their stumps!
:glinp2:"Uffthink fast!"
The green cloud surrounds 'em and they look all concerned about somethin', but not the fact I just tossed a bottle that turned 'em green. They push me aside and peer out the door. Still bleeding. I catch some mumbles about politics, and idiots who don't know what they're talking about?
:glinp2:"Hey uh, what's goin' on? Hey!" I snap my fingers. "Disco flagellummm snot barbecue!" Nothing seems to get their attention, and after a while they up and plop to the ground, dead as a skatchbristle in Nundrit! What a weirdass chemical!
But now I can scope out the computer. Lucky me, they were watching the Let's Play and not listening to the music! It's the same deal as last time, except there's one more browser window: 'ketzapiles.ssspeep'! Aw, I go to that site too. Live Ketza pile streams are great for winding down. Or winding up. Depending. Geez, a paid membership too... Is that coming out of Zorgonok's budget??

I do a quick look around the room 'cause I kinda just wanna get outta this here maze! I find some paper and writing utensils. Looks like they've taken a buncha notes for video games. Dammit, I can kinda relate to this guy, and this friendium stuff didn't work out so good, so...
No. 928646 ID: 7fd053
File 155439104910.png - (54.45KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-76-2.png )


I revert to the way I did things before, where they escaped! And then I move on to that spooky dark room!
:zorgonok:"BOO!" One of those flying monitors activates!
:glinp2:"Yeeai-ai-ai!" I leap into the air! Zorgonok cackles. Grrr!
:zorgonok:"I see you're taking my advice and going slooowly! It's fine, not like I've captured your friends or anything!"
:glinp2:"Maaaan I'm one slow and troublesome escort!"
:zorgonok:"Yes, quite so! And eventually you'll be a still and manageable corpse! I'm looking forward to it!"
:glinp2:"Nooo, I'll get out and then meet up with my pals, and we'll kick your corpse butt instead! I'm looking forward to it!"
:zorgonok:"I'm quaking in my socks. Ooh, that's what I should do. Trilmus, write this down, I want to try making scale leggings out of this dim-witted dungeon diver..."

But now that I've got some light from the monitor, I'm scopin' out this chest that I spied on the other side of the room! It don't look half as nice as Miko's chest, but it's about the same colour. There's also a door over here, on the wall facing the entrance where I came in. Zorgo's screen was on the left when I came in, and the chest was on the right. I poke it with my spear. "Hey! Don't touch that!"
:glinp2:"Why not?" He raises his finger and opens his mouth.
:zorgonok:"... Actually, I don't think you'll figure it out anyway." He shrugs. "Go ahead! Open it." I cautiously pry open the latch with my spear and lift the lid up. There's another PCB inside! It's a lot more intricate.

:glinp2:"Thanks for the chatter, bonehead!" I say, opening the door and scopin' it out. Now THIS looks like a maze!

But boy, I really am lost here. I've only been in here a few minutes, but this place could be huge! I can keep doing like I have been, but... there's gotta be a better way! Something I haven't tried at all yet...
No. 928652 ID: b1b4f3

This PCB looks like a map of a maze. Perhaps the same maze you're in.

...oh god is the OTHER PCB a map too?
No. 928654 ID: 91ee5f

>I've captured your friends
It’s believable that he’s captured Aki, but capturing Josie? Yeah, right! He doesn’t have anything that can hold her! You’ve seen how she easily handles the guards and the puzzles, so there’s nothing to be worried about.

>map of maze
If that’s true, then we need to figure where we are in order for it to be useful.
No. 928658 ID: a9af05

>I've captured your friends!
"You mean those two pissed off ladies right behind you?"

But there is no way he managed to capture Josie, he's just trying to get you to panic with worrying over your friends. And panicking would cause you to make mistakes, which is what he wants.
No. 928660 ID: a9af05

If he actually turns around, laugh at him and say that you made him look!
No. 928672 ID: f46e5e

the hallways there do not match up with what we have seen thus far at all. that maze is hex based, not square based. what if we break the PCBs? starting with the maze one. I guess the other can be called the 'basic' one or 'red dot' one?
I was thinking frendium before the mortal wound but whatever.
interesting that lich here says we are going slow. In real-time we have been going what I would call a normal or even brisk pace.
>>928658 >>928660 messing with the lich has always been fun, so we should do this. If he falls for it now then we can probably use it against him in person. Particularly if we undo having done it now; either way, WE can still get a kick out of it. =)
One more thing, if he falls for it we should do it twice to see if anything subtle changes in his reaction. If we include reversions we have taken this somewhat slow.
Dangit you keep making me paranoid about using our power! Plz stop.
No. 928745 ID: 83bf07

Are there any buttons you can press on that maze map?
No. 929080 ID: 7fd053
File 155474293486.png - (51.93KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-77.png )

Doesn't seem like there's any buttons on it.

>the old "what's that behind you!" trick


:zorgonok:"It's fine, not like I've captured your friends or anything!"
:glinp2:"You mean those two pissed-off fuzzballs behind you?" I hear a quiet 'eep,' but it's not from him.
:zorgonok:"Please! You think a tired trick like that is going to work on me?" Aww, fiddlesticks. "No, Trilmus, there's no one there..."
:glinp2:"It was worth a shot! Maaaan I'm one slow and troublesome escort!" Etc., etc., chatter, bonehead.

I snap the maze pcb, and nothin' special happens that I can see! It does seem like it's got some actual circuitry.


so I undo that.
I did dally in the tv room looking for porn and stuff, and then trying on clothes! That might be what he's talking about.

sheeeit, well by the looks of things, the room I was just in, with the treasure box on one side, leads into a hexagonal maze! Just through the door, there's a dead-end corner on the immediate right, and a path next to it that turns to the right. On the left, there's one path splitting off, and past that, a right turn.
I bet they're both maps! Then if I determined where I am, I could navigate easy, if I picked a room I wanted to go to! Fast, too!

Do I know where I'm at?
And where am I goin'?
No. 929082 ID: 51d964

Looks like you're at the side entrance. Let's go to the closest electronic chip.
No. 929083 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah you're at the "top" corner, with the path that leads off the board.

Head to the chip on the left.
No. 929092 ID: a9af05

If this guy is annoying you, then you should make him go away. And the best way to do that is to distract him with something else. How do you do that? Simple. Tell him about how the tentacle guy didn't have time to close out of the live ketza pile websiteon his computer, when you broke into his room. And the tentacle guy also has a paid membership to the website coming out of his (Zorgonok's) budget!

That should get him to leave you alone for a while.
No. 929099 ID: 8eaf98

>It does seem like it's got some actual circuitry.
Wonder if it has a magic link to the real world too. Like if we change the board we change the maze. If we could just make straight lines between all the places it would be even easier than it already is with a map.
No. 929139 ID: e7848c

This guy gets it.
Right, left, left, right, right. Would get you out of there.
No. 929155 ID: 055cbc
File 155479055897.png - (81.61KB , 1024x1024 , first maze.png )

I'd like to check out some of those rooms we skipped back there, even if it means reverting instead of back tracking. Especially curious about that red button room.
No. 929156 ID: 91ee5f

Wrong one.

We’re in this maze here: >>928646 .
No. 929160 ID: 8eaf98

No, we CAN go to that maze, I too want to know about this red button room!
No. 929164 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, we can go there, but we need to get through this maze first. Which means that we need to use the other map before we can go there.
No. 929166 ID: 055cbc

What? no, we just came FROM there. All we have to do to get there is turn around.
No. 929181 ID: a9af05

No, we came from a portal that put us in a completely different part of the castle. In order to get back to where you want to go, we'd have to revert and do all of this all over again.

I don't think it's worth the effort of doing that.
No. 929198 ID: 8eaf98

we portaled into pcb1, got pcb2 at the connection point between pcb 1 and 2 (wonder if they fit together somehow) zero reversion are needed to explore pcb1
No. 929431 ID: 7fd053
File 155502006849.png - (91.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-78.png )

Maybe the original manufacturing equipment is what you need to change it? Or some other tools with the right enchantments? That'd be... kind of neat? But also weird. I dunno!

This is right.
When I put 'em together so the passages line up, they click together!

Closest is uh... the one with the light grey box that's probably another chest? I head there and it's got a mysterious potion inside!

I get one mysterious potion!

I head back to the pcb1 area so I can look at those rooms.
:zorgonok:"Backtracking? Returning to the scene of your latest arson, perhaps?"
:glinp2:"You got it, bonesy! And did you know that tentacle person has a paid membership to ketzapiles dot speep? If you're payin' 'em, that means it's comin' outta your budget!" He grinds his teeth.
:zorgonok:"No doubt you're just trying to rile me up! Well, that won't work either! And even if he does... It's his money after I give it to him! Though I certainly don't approve of that... Bah! Bah! Say, how DID you escape that wretched realm I sent you to? I'd never sent anyone there before, but it looked horrible!" I just shrug. "What will it take to get RID of you! Oh, hold on." He turns away. "What? It's not one of...? When did it get here?" He turns back to me. "Seems I have something else to investigate! Try to die before I get back!"
:glinp2:"Smell you later!" He snorts and pulls the monitor back into a vent or something. I move on. I can hear the closet stuff burnin' and there's thick smoke all in the TV room!

But I ain't goin' there. First up is the light room. It's a kitchen! A messy one. There's human body parts in the freezer. All seems pretty standard. Then the room on the left is a... what's that sound... Something's coming? It's dark in here, so I feel around real quick for a hiding spot. Alright, nobody should-
:glinp2:"BA-HUUN-YAHNGAHOOEEE!" Damn, talk about a cloaca-clenching moment! It was right next to me!!
:genericnpc:(bone rattling)
:glinp2:"Skelly!? How the fuck did YOU get in here?" It's the skeleton I summoned way back in the fist temple! And it brought the transformed Tosfir! It doesn't answer me, though. "Err, you should come with me for now I guess." We go to the red circle room. There's a red button in there! And what am I gonna do, NOT press it?

I get sucked into a vortex and spit back out! Skeleton and Tosfir are here too.
:glinp2:"Aaaaaa oh hi Josie! And Tsuchinoko! And Aki!"
:jozi2:"Thought I'd have to come in there looking for ya! And I see you brought friends. And skinned a Neumono, that's hardcore. Did you figure out the pcb was a map?" Tsuchinoko squeaks from her shoulder. Aki nods.
:glinp2:"I didn't skin any Neumonos, but yes! How did you know! I mean, the map, and where I was, how, spill the secrets!"
:jozi2:"I saw the maze when I was scouting earlier, and I recognized the shape. Thought that was a weirdass thing to do."
:glinp2:"How'd you know I got put in there!"
:jozi2:"C'mon, you really want all my secrets?"

:jozi2:"Well, that's tooooo bad~ But I got a question for you. What do you make of these things?"
No. 929434 ID: b1b4f3

Reminds me of a Megaman boss refight room.
No. 929435 ID: a9af05

Ask Josie and Aki if they just escaped from being captured. Because Zorgonok said that he captured them, even though you knew he was full of shit and it was impossible for him to capture them.

Then ask Aki what happened to her when you got split up from her on the stairs? And explain what happened to you.

>What do you make of these things?
Aren't those teleporters from the space station earlier?
No. 929438 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I can see that too.

Aw, shit, does this mean we have to refight the bosses from the previous missions?
No. 929458 ID: 83bf07

We should bust them open!
No. 929477 ID: 864e49

They look very breakable.

>the skeleton I summoned way back in the fist temple!
>transformed Tosfir!
>teleporters from the space station
God dammit!
No. 929899 ID: 7fd053
File 155535610853.png - (63.52KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-79.png )

:glinp2:"They look like teleporter chambers... and..." I investigate closer and see that they're hooked up to the door on the other side of the room. "Oh it's one of those things where you go through 'em all and do something, and that opens the door?"
:jozi2:"Got it in one! But whatever it is, you'll have to do it without me."
:nsaki:"I will join you, if you like."

:glinp2:"First, let me see if I can..." I try bustin' one with the pickaxe!
"Gwoooogh!" It just hurts my arm a lot. Must be some tough stuff!
:jozi2:"I don't think I can tear that door open if you break these, y'know."
:glinp2:"Right..." Real quick, I check what awaits through each one. The lone one on this level is Stanath! So it is a boss rush deal, huh? Wonder how he's pullin' that off...


The one underneath the upper one is the rock monster, which leeeaves...


The one on the upper level, Letiel!

Which one am I gonna try first, and am I bringing Aki? With my new powers, I should be able to take 'em on better than before, though I don't have the same items or partner...
For whichever one I pick, what's my strats?
No. 929906 ID: e7848c

My vote goes to the necromancer if only because she was a puzzle boss. I wonder if there's some sort of hidden mechanic to disable her regeneration again. Plus we can try press her for info about the ghost dicks again.
No. 929913 ID: b1b4f3

The necromancer should be pretty much the same fight, since you did most of the work before and it's not like super punch is gonna do much anyway.
The rock beast will be awkward but maybe a bit easier than before, now that you have super punch.
Stanath is going to be the worst one. Aki's durability should help a lot but the main issue is that you're gonna get your ass shot as soon as you try to Super Jump at her... unless she's distracted or disabled somehow. Maybe Aki and you can split up to force her to only shoot at one at a time?

Let's work on teamwork with Aki. Go for the necromancer, and tell Aki how the fight works beforehand.
No. 930390 ID: 7fd053
File 155569136182.png - (144.24KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-80.png )



:jozi2:"I don't think I can tear that door open if you break these, y'know."
:glinp2:"Right... Well I pick mmm, THAT one, up there! Stay here, Skelly."
:nsaki:"Very well." Aki and I climb up there.
:glinp2:"See ya soon, Joze!" I do a salute, and she salutes back.
:jozi2:"And just when we were together again..."
:glinp2:"Oh it's the necromancer lady!" The displays on the walls turn into something vaguely like the room in the temple, with a torch showing on each. "As long as the torches were lit, she could regen!"
:letiel:"You will meddle no more!" She starts attackin' right away! I have to dodge around to avoid getting speared by her tail!
:letiel:"HMMM!?" She floats out of the way of the attack, but it does seem to hit her!
:glinp2:"She had enchantments on her to resist spells too!"
:nsaki:"That attack isn't a spell. Ah, not where I came from." She makes a Mage Hand and goes to grab Aki, but they're a fast dodger! No problem gettin' away.
:glinp2:"How's those ghost dicks treating you, huh Letiel?"
:letiel:"In a minute, you can ask them yourSELF!"

I'll just review my most likely useful items here. That might give me some ideas on how to handle this!
Friendium Paranoiathol, ghost disguise, decorative skull, magic body armor, enchanted pickaxe, energy drinks, mysterious potion, trip gun, portable hole deployer
Do I got any good ideas? Or maybe even stupid ones!
No. 930449 ID: e7848c

Wait wait wait wait wait. If those torches are on a digital screen can we even take them out? We might need to see if Aki can do some digital fuckery to the monitors. Melt one of the screens with a fireball and drink the potion just to test what it does.
No. 930453 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Aki about what Letiel‘s weakness is.
No. 930455 ID: b1b4f3

Use pickaxe to mine into the walls.
No. 930680 ID: 968283
File 155589871613.png - (47.72KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-81.png )

I axe into a wall, and bust off a chunk of monitor. The broken chunk is still displaying stone wall! I grab it for further experimenting.

What IS Letiel's weakness?

:glinp2:"Aki, can you do technomancy on these screens?" They dodge under a swipe.
:nsaki:"No." I fireball one of the torches and it scorches the surface of the screen, but the torch flames are still goin'.
Whoop, she almost nicked my tail! Run run run!
:letiel:"You won't win a second time, meddler!" Let's see what this potion does!
It makes me real big!
:letiel:"You're a bigger fool than I anticipated!" She goes to stab my leg, but her tail is deflected! "WHAT?"

Hah, it makes me tougher too! Well, do I keep going with this and see if I can win by being big, or do I save this potion for later?
No. 930684 ID: e7848c

Mega super punch the moniter now. If there still is no damage, save the potion for another boss. Leit would just regen being smooshed.
No. 930687 ID: b1b4f3

Well try smashing her to see if she still heals despite the torches not being real. If she's not healing like before then you can just smash her up with super fist or whatever, without the potion.
No. 930714 ID: dfefe4

Try throwing her at her own digital torches. Battle of the two indestructible objects!
No. 930724 ID: 91ee5f

>"You won't win a second time, meddler!"
So she remembers the first time?

You might as well keep going, just to see how long the potion’s effects last.

After that, revert so that you can save the potion for another boss.
No. 930730 ID: 0d72fd

See if you can kick her ass within the potions limits.
At least to see if she is immune to excessive force.

It seems your pimp gear has increased in power, are you able to flaunt that much coat?
No. 930745 ID: a9af05

Looks like your clothes grew with you. At least you don't have to worry about destroying your clothes and being naked when the potion's effects wear off.
No. 930775 ID: 8eaf98

>>930745 unless the clothing growth is permanent and the body growth isn't for some reason.
Also a question: what if you just ate her you seem big enough for it right now. Would be funny if it could also be a potentially permanent shrinking potion for things added while large.
No. 930782 ID: 91ee5f

>unless the clothing growth is permanent and the body growth isn't for some reason.
This quest seems silly enough for that to be a possibility.

>what if you just ate her
As long as he remembers to chew and not swallow her whole.
No. 930905 ID: 968283
File 155605248379.png - (60.15KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-82.png )

Yahahah! Destruction! Wow, the splintered monitor pieces still work!
:letiel:"Die, you fool!!"
>-plink, plink, plink-
Her attempts to stab my toes are ineffective!

Oh gods I felt her skeleton snapping. Yeesh. But the torches glow and it looks like the healing works!
>-splutch, thump-
I toss her at a torch. No effect.

>eat her!
She's WAY too spiky and crunchy and poisonous for me to try that!
Aaand I'm back to normal size anyway.


I go back to big time and Giant Super Fist her! It's actually not more effective, but I grab her by the tail and swing her against stuff until her... head pops off.
:nsaki:"Did that do it?"
>-zoit, crash!-
We're zapped back into the tube, which breaks!
:jozi2:"HELLO!" Hahah I've never seen her so surprised! She composes herself almost immediately, but not me!
:glinp2:"Aaaa!" Aki squeezes out from under me.
:nsaki:"We (urgh) won rather abruptly."

OK so I know that works, but the potion would be better for some other thing, so what'll I try against ol' spike-butt next?
No. 930916 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, so the torches in the monitors still heal her and you can’t turn put them out this time. But apparently all you need to do is take her head off and you’ll win!

It looks like the new battle plan it to decapitate her when your revert.

>Hahah I've never seen her so surprised!
Too bad you can’t take a picture and not have it get erased when you revert!
No. 930917 ID: 8eaf98

it is not yet known what exactly kills her, decapitation works, but what is the actual trigger? heart stoppage? brain stoppage? both? specifically decapitation? Aki seems like she might be able to manage decapitation without augmentation.
No. 930927 ID: b1b4f3

Ok new battle plan is to just keep attacking her with your spear, quickly switching to lopping off limbs once the healing becomes apparent, and then try lopping off her head. Shouldn't be suspicious.
No. 931011 ID: ff0763

It seems to be roughly zombie rules so a pickaxe through the head might work, can you try activating your super fist while swinging a weapon?
If neither of you have anything that can decapitate her in a single strike then one of you might have to grapple her for long enough to chop her head off, if the regeneration is ridiculous that might just end up being horribly messy. Anybody got a knife?
No. 931188 ID: a9af05

Before you revert to save the potion, ask Josie why she's not wanting to help you do this?

Can she not use the teleporters or something?
No. 931209 ID: 035e8a

That is exactly it, Tozols are immune to teleportation. The warps we use to get between adventures are apparently something else.
No. 931243 ID: 1e95e9
File 155633135814.png - (57.49KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-83.png )

Yeah, the warps are a divine power that The Manifold Shimmer grants to basically everyone on this planet at no cost. Thanks, Shimmer!

I don't know that I can't put 'em out this time! There might just be a trick to it.

I'm not 100% on this, but there might be some somatic component. Maybe just small motions, that she can do when she's busted up, but not when she ain't got no head? I've seen her do the thing a few times now and I still can't tell, but that could be it...


:letiel:"You won't win a second time, meddler!"
:glinp2:"Hey Aki can you decapitate her with a single strike!? That might stop her from healing!" A hail of glowing razor leafs grazes Letiel, distracting her enough that I can get in a quick spear strike and hightail it outta her range. Her skin's tough, but I make a cut on her arm!
:nsaki:"Not without an adequate blade! My claws are too short." The boss and the torches glow, and my strike is undone.

:glinp2:"See if you can grapple 'er! I'll use weapons!"
:nsaki:"Okay!" Aki sets down their equipment, and Letiel doesn't even try to stop the tackle!
:letiel:"Ha ha hah~!" She's not pinned down, but her hovering's thrown way off! "Have you forgotten my poison already!?" They bump against the walls and floor.
:nsaki:"Ah! Nkh! HUUU!" Aki takes several impaling stabs! Yowch, that's gotta feel awful!
>-chip, chak, chik!-
:glinp2:"DIE AGAIN, YOU DAMNED BIIIIIITCH!" I pickaxe her while Aki almost looks like they're melting into a blood-oozing amoeba! They're scratching big gashes, but we can't seem to make any headway while she heals! She can't use her Mage Hands, at least.
:letiel:"GAAAAAAAAH!" I kinda feel bad but this is... probably... just a facsimile and not a real person I'm repeatedly trying to puncture through the skull of while she desperately heals herself. Before she realizes she can still use her tail to turn me into a lizard-themed sponge, I try Super Fisting with the pickaxe in my hand...
>-pkvvt! THUNK-
The pickaxe flies away and embeds in a wall monitor!

Dammit! This makes me think there IS some trick with the display/torches!
No. 931249 ID: b1b4f3

Uh. Okay, well, you could try shocking the monitors with your spear, or using fire breath to scorch the screen.
No. 931250 ID: 0e7081

i second the fire breath!

.that might have a bit less blowback, just in case?
No. 931259 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, let’s revert and undo the damage Aki has taken.

>There is a trick
Maybe if you can figure out how to turn off the monitors, that will turn off the torches and prevent her from healing?
No. 931292 ID: ff0763

Portable tunnel deployer should work to remove enough of her in one go but it seem too useful to use here, it could be used to just get directly through the door instead. The whose situation is synthetic but since destroying the torches was the original way this was won there might have been something built into this encounter to mirror that. Breaking apart the screen in those areas could do something but if there is some way to deactivate the whole screen that seems more likely to do it.
No. 931446 ID: 8eaf98

perhaps it isn't the torches themselves but their light? like we just need to make it so she can't see the torches, not put them out
No. 931473 ID: 968283
File 155650573907.png - (43.59KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-84.png )

Fire breath was one of the first things I tried! Just scorched the screen.


:letiel:"... meddler!" Once I get a moment where she's distracted, I jab into the wall and zap!
The monitor powers off!
:nsaki:"Well done!"
:glinp2:"Better watch out, death breath!"
:letiel:"SO it would seem!!" After a while, a message appears, saying 'please wait...' Aki and I can't seem to make any progress on her directly, so as soon as I can, I zap off the other monitors. The first one's still off by the time I get the last one, but I am gettin' a little worn out from all the dodgin' I gotta do! I wonder if there's an even better solution, but it looks like this'll get the job done if I can't figure one.

Do I have any more ideas to do it without using so much time and energy?
If not, I did take her healing out! So how do we take her out?
No. 931474 ID: b1b4f3

Well you could try to activate a super-zap by zapping at the same time you're getting hit by something. That might deactivate more than one monitor at a time.
No. 931488 ID: 8eaf98

following this with more actionable advice can we cover each torch with some scorch marks and see if that works?
No. 931505 ID: 83bf07

I wonder if you could stand in the corner between two monitors and zap both amount at the same time then get to the other corner to do the same thing. As soon as they're out see if you can trip gun her into the lava pit.
No. 931662 ID: 968283
File 155673654006.png - (49.47KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-85.png )

The super zaps were 'cause of the smile blobs. I figured that out earlier! There's still one in the maze, if it hasn't burned up. Or found someone who didn't like the looks on its face.



:letiel:"... meddler!" This time I put a scorch on each torch, and she still heals. So I scorch more! But 8 fireballs is not only exhausting, it doesn't stop her from healing! There's prolly another way to interact with these things that I haven't figured out.

Getting two at once would save some time!


Only got one... I try the opposite corner, nope.


I try the other pair of corners. Nope, and nope.


I try a few more times, and I get 'em! Cool! Still not optimal, I think, but saving half the time is big!
I try the trip gun.
:letiel:"HRN??" She pauses for a short moment. It wasn't strong enough to pull her much, and I can't really rapid-fire it. Still, a quick distraction could be useful.

Any more experiments I should try?
Otherwise, how'll we finish off this facsimile of a fearsome foe?
No. 931676 ID: 055cbc

is... there's not a power button on the monitors, is there?
No. 931681 ID: 8eaf98

alright lets go off the deep end here, can we blow them out like candles?
No. 931725 ID: ff0763

Do you need to know a thing exists or see it to use the trip gun on it? If not then maybe try to trip something to do with the monitors; power button, connection cables, internal circuitry?
No. 931729 ID: 83bf07

Go for broke! Go big, immediately knock off her head and rush to the next boss (rock golem) before it wears off.
No. 931730 ID: 91ee5f

He can’t get to the other bosses before it wears off. He’ll just get stuck again: >>930905 , and will only become unstuck when the potion wears off.
No. 932170 ID: 968283
File 155719117056.png - (36.50KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-86.png )

I look at the monitor chunk I broke off before, to check if it's turned off. It is.

The embiggening does seem limited to one boss here!

I think I need to know something exists to Trip Gun it, and maybe know where it is too. Maybe just being certain enough would work?


No power buttons I can see! But I try.
Nope. Cables?
Nope! Circuitry?? There's bound to be circuitry...
That FELT like it did SOMETHING, but I don't see any differences!



:letiel:"... meddler!" I try blowing on a torch really hard!
:glinp2:"Pffwwwb! FFFFPPPPP!" No good!! Though, I do notice that one of the stone walls (the displayed one, NOT the monitor) got a crack in it at some point in the attempt where I used the potion, and that’s the only time it was there. I wonder how that happened...?

Well... Maybe I should just kill 'er and be done with this part! Though doing it with the corner zap technique, and thus getting a little tireder than I might have to, might limit my options later in the mission.
So with Letiel Redux's healing taken out, how do we end her, and do I have a good quip for it?
No. 932175 ID: b1b4f3

...cracked stone in the image?

Maybe only she can affect the images. Fake boss, fake walls, so try to get her to put out the torches for you somehow? Push her into them maybe?
You could confirm this by getting big again and using her as a bludgeon against a torch image.
No. 932182 ID: 410031

Does super jumping propel what your jumping against? Like a kick but not quite.

Could maybe down thrust her into the lava, if you don’t fall in yourself from not having enough propulsion.
Be careful not to grab a hand(foot)full of titty jerky while you jump kick the necromancer.
No. 932228 ID: e7848c

I wonder if applying the smile blob from the maze would take out enough monitors to be viable. Or just using the corner method followed by the smile blob to take her out finally.
No. 932371 ID: 84451a

Is there anything we could store the blob in?
I dont think glinps hands would enjoy holding it.
Is it thick enough to kinda push/flick/spheghetti fork it withthe spear? Or some creative trip gun usage since it is in the maze.

Otherwise i guess baiting it along would work. But theres that internet using minion...
No. 932494 ID: 968283
File 155751535843.png - (53.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-87.png )

Super Jump doesn't push much against whatever I jump from. But I think I can use it to jump off stuff that shouldn't be stable enough to jump off, since it doesn't need 'em to be stable!

I already tossed her against a torch the first time, but I try bashing. No good!
It's worth noting that the crack had actually formed on one of the walls adjacent to the one I Super Fisted.



I revert to before I lost track of the second smile blob. I scoop it into the jar with the Hamfuzz, because as nasty as these little guys are, I'm sure Hamfuzz is un-nastier and won't be affected. I do everything else the same, until I get to the part where she calls me a meddler.
Then I spear up the blob and aim at a monitor!
>-ZORCH! byooo...-
Yippee! That puts all the monitors out at once!
:letiel:"IMPOSSIBLE!" Then since she can't heal, I have Aki jump on 'er, and I bust 'er skull open with the pickaxe.

>-zoit, chizt!-
The teletube breaks, but not as dramatically as it would've if I was too big to fit.
:jozi2:"Hey nice speed, damn, what happened to you?" She asks Aki, who's in the process of collecting themself again.
:nsaki:"Pois'm stab... 'll be arright."
:jozi2:"Ouch. Alright, next one?"

So Rock monster or flying Neumono? If I wanna try any more experiments on the Letiel battiel, I can do it later.
No. 932497 ID: b1b4f3

>crack on monitor is adjacent to a fisted wall
...of course. The torches are real, but they're in an adjacent room. She needs line of sight to the torches, but seeing them on a camera is technically line of sight. I bet if you busted through the wall behind the monitor, you'd find the room where the torches are.

Let's do flying neumono.
No. 932501 ID: 91ee5f

Uh, let’s let Aki pull themself together real quick.

>Next boss?
Let’s try the fake demon possessed Neumono.
No. 932503 ID: 83bf07

Oh wow, do we have anything to heal up Aki? Any non disgusting food?
Idea for the camera method though, use the portable hole deployer to get into the next room with the actual torches and take those out manually. Not sure if that saves any more energy though.
Go golem.
No. 932507 ID: a9af05

You'll probably need Aki's help for the flying demon neumono, so it might be best to let them stay here and rest while you go fight the golem on your own.

By the way, did you ever ask Josie why she's not entering these tubes with you? Would it not work or something?
No. 932628 ID: 968283
File 155770984339.png - (53.75KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-88.png )

:glinp2:"Just a sec. I got this soda, you want that Aki?" I hold it out.
:nsaki:"I looove soda," they say, stretching a distorted arm to take it. A few gulps later, they're good as new! They hand me the can.
:glinp2:"I think we can just leave this here." I drop it in the broken telepod. Aki nods.
:nsaki:"Ah. That makes sense."
:glinp2:"Hey Joze, it's the teleportation immunity thing that's why you're not goin' with us, right?"
:jozi2:"Uh huh."

>Flying Neumono
:glinp2:"Then let's go to THAT one!" I point to the next tube and we get in. "See ya in a minute!"
:stanath:"No, this one has to go here..." He's distracted with floating runes like he was when he was the real thing! This time, the walls show star fields. Crates appear in the room. Actual ones! Some of 'em are marked 'explosive.' Gravity's normal... for now. A big floating cube, with some designs on it, appears in the center of the room, but the boss doesn't notice any of this. It looks like the top face of the cube is glowing.

Do I investigate the boxes?
Throw something at Stanath?
See if I can sneak up to the cube and check it out?
Something else?
No. 932644 ID: b1b4f3

Get on the cube!
No. 932655 ID: ff0763

I guess investigate that cube a fair bit, tap the faces, stab it, it must do something but we'll have to see. Try tossing the explosive boxes to see how well you can throw them and see what it takes to set them off, I wonder if they can be launched with a super punch without them exploding? After that we can come up with a plan for all these things.
No. 932674 ID: 83bf07

Get as much investigation in as you can before things fire up. As soon as he spots you, say "What's up lover boy? How's my old flame the amtsvanê?" Just cause it's funny and it'd bother him.
No. 932676 ID: 6803bb

Passing a speak check on “...and then she literally sucked on me...” will win you nothing but their wrath, but it could be hilarious.

Anything reflective?
No. 932691 ID: 91ee5f

>"Hey Joze, it's the teleportation immunity thing that's why you're not goin' with us, right?"
>"Uh huh."
Wait, how is that possible? Didn’t you and her teleport in front of Zorgonok’s castle at the start of this thread? She even mentioned that she has a perk for worshipping The Manifold Shimmer that allowed stealthy teleports!

>distracted enemy
>What do?
Go investigate that cube!
No. 932849 ID: 968283
File 155786678622.png - (58.20KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-89.png )

The warps are still something different from normal teleportation, specifically, a divine power that The Manifold Shimmer grants to basically everyone on this planet at no cost, just like they were the last time I thought about this question a few minutes ago.

>check out THE CUBE
:glinp2:"let's keep quiet and look at that cube," I say quietly. Aki nods.
We get up there without being noticed, and I can get a closer look. It's got a symbol on each face, and the faces are facing toward the walls, ceiling and floor. I touch one, and the face I touched lights up and the gravity shifts!
I start fallin' in the opposite direction of where the face is pointing!
:stanath:"YOU again!"
:glinp2:"What's up lover boy! How's my old flame the amtsvane?"
:stanath:"Oh, now you really BLEW IT!"
He missed me, but he took a chunk outta the floor! Well, the part that's normally the floor.
I have to use a little Super Jump to not splat on the wall.
Oh, that's not good. The lava is spilling out from the pit!


I go back and this time I jump at one face of the cube, so I can stand on it when the gravity changes.
:stanath:"YOU again!"
:glinp2:"What's up lover boy! How's my old flame the amtsvane?"
:stanath:"Oh, now you really BLEW IT!"
Another miss! This time he took a chunk out of the middle platform.
One of the explosive crates falls by me and I Super Punch it.
>-pkow! KABOOM!-
It explodes, but my fist projection protects me! Sweet!

I'm pretty sure he's about to fire again. What do I try next?
No. 932850 ID: b1b4f3

Revert, grab the crate, Super Jump with it at the neumono and then punch it to explode his face.
No. 932851 ID: e7848c

Going to 2nd this. Have Aki try and take out that jet pack.
No. 932898 ID: 2c8418

Does throwing items at the cube still activate it?

Could be useful for changing the boss’s floght path.

You could try abusing the gravity switch to lather Simulated Stage Hazard Material anywhere useful.
Or just everywhere.

You could try trip gunning, or sneaking up to a laser rifle.
No. 933252 ID: 968283
File 155821529388.png - (37.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-90.png )



I revert, load the trip gun, tell Aki to try to take out his jet pack, and do stuff the same up until he misses me. Then I grab the crate!
:glinp2:"Special delivery!"
>-pkow! KABOOM!-
:stanath:"Haaagh! How'd you know I like damaged goods!" Dang, he got outta the way so I couldn't get in close. But I scorched him a little!

"HuUUH?!" He shakes his gun and looks at it! I had to turn around and shield the Trip Gun from him to use it, but it worked! Aki's trying to get behind him, and hits the jetpack with their shard attack! Just enough to damage it some. "A pincer attack! I get enough of those from the Salikai!"
I toss the body armor at the gravity cube.
"Whoooaaa!" Yep! It works! He loses control for a moment before he gets stable again. Unfortunately, I didn't get the lava anywhere useful, and if I get it everywhere, that'll be dangerous for little ol' Glinp! If I had a plan, I bet either usin' it for something specific or smearin' it all over the place could work for me.

Got a lot to work with here, looks like. Even now I might be able to use the current state to take 'im out! Though maybe I shouldn't stick with throwing the body armor. The lava’s gonna munch it in a minute.
No. 933259 ID: e7848c

What if we figure out a way to get him to launch with his jetpack and then switch gravity on him so he flies right into the lava?
No. 933284 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can change gravity to dump the lava on him when he's disoriented?
No. 933659 ID: 1e95e9
File 155848918945.png - (118.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-91.png )

>-chwaah, chwaah, chwaah, chwaah!-
I Super Jump up to the cube and start spreadin' the lava around while also shakin' up loverboy. The platform gets chewed up by his laser blasts, but between me and Aki, we take off his left foot with the lava!
"GYAAAH!" He shakes lava and charred ankle bits off his leg. "What, you're getting hot in that Neumono outfit and you wanna spread the feeling?!"
>-sput put pop!-
>-blam blam blam!-
His jetpack sputters! And he shoots at Aki, getting close enough to knock 'em over with the third shot! And he and the cube are too far away for me to toss something!
:glinp2:"Noooooooyaaay!" He turns to me but then looks back toward Aki after I see them start to reform.
:stanath:"Are you KIDDING MEEE??" He lines up another shot! Then he notices there's lava on his gun. "Aww shit!" He tosses it into the lava!
:glinp2:"Ha h"
>-KABOOOOSH!! Blomm!-
"AA-!" gods damn, that thing packs a ton of energy! The crates and Aki and me get splashed in lava and I DIE.

Uh oh! But for sure there's somethin' to this lava idea. I either need to find a strategy that'll take him out faster, like all in one go maybe, OR one that'll keep us from dying from exploded lava.
The disorienting and sudden shift tactic is looking solid. What tricks could I come up with to make it go better?
No. 933664 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can use the cube as cover to avoid getting melted by the lava. Can the deployable tunnel be used for easy cube access? Ooh or maybe you can make a tunnel that drops lava on him.
No. 933675 ID: 8eaf98

I don't think the tunnel does much in empty space? can we frendium em just to see what happens?
No. 933794 ID: 83bf07

More disorientation, eh? Would a trip gun round be enough to throw him off even more in the middle of all that?
No. 933969 ID: 1e95e9
File 155874866646.png - (88.50KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-92.png )

Using the cube to block the lava might do the trick!
The tunnel deployer just clears out a straight line, with no dimensional whatsits.


:stanath:"BLEW IT!"
Platform gets an owie!
>-chwaah, chwaah, chwaah, chwaah!-
I mess around with the cube, and then...
Super Jump and toss the Friendium at him...
:stanath:"H-huhh? (cough) what did you... grrghl!"
and land again. He's just floating there confused and making gross sick noises! And not attacking! Aki makes their move.
:nsaki:"Koyōsetsu!" Direct hit to the jetpack!
:stanath:"Gaaah! I'm -BLEGH- SICK of you two! AAA"
>-pchoing, chwaah, ploop-
One tactical Super Jump to the cube, and he takes a dive into the lava! His guns both get submerged too! Aw sh-
>-zoit, chizt!-
Hey! We're back!
:jozi2:"Oh good, you're not melting this time."

The Friendium stuff makes ‘em temporarily not attack me for whatever reason, and they get sick? Anyway, it worked!
I'll only try to redo that last one again if I come up with something really good. Otherwise it's time to move along!
Seeing how the soda affected Aki, it'll probbaly rejuvenate me some if I drink it. Should I drink it before the next fight?
No. 933972 ID: 7f48fa

Nah, save it for after the next dude. You're going big on the golem.
No. 933975 ID: 91ee5f

>Should I drink it before the next fight?
Save it for after fighting the golem.
No. 934072 ID: 58b4f3

>Big potion against golem
You sure we can't save that for when we fight Zorgonok?

I agree.
No. 934089 ID: 8eaf98

>I'll only try to redo that last one again if I come up with something really good.
Nooo my quest to throw frendium at all the sentient things for science may end here *tear*
No. 934163 ID: d5584f

Save it for the golem, but you have to drink it dramatically.
No. 934194 ID: 968283
File 155898715994.png - (60.26KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-93.png )

:glinp2:"Yeah! Good job with the jetpack, Aki." I wobble and fall on my butt. "Whooh!"
:nsaki:"Thank you. What did you throw at him?"
:glinp2:"Some weird chemical... that I found earlier. Friendium Paranoiathol."
:nsaki:"I have never heard of it."
:jozi2:"Huh. What did it do?" I explain.

>drink soda after rock monster, use embiggening potion
:glinp2:"Well, since those two were in fact two of the three bosses I fought before, the last one oughtta be a biiig rock monster! It's got a big crystal that I think powers it, and it can shoot a ZILLION rock fragments from its hands. The crystal can also use some kind of barrier but it only blocks some things?"
:nsaki:"What do you suggest?"
:glinp2:"Don't you worry! I got a trick up my sleeve."
:nsaki:"Are you sure you do not need more rest?"
:glinp2:"Yes!" I stand up slowly. "Because of my trick. You'll see!" I go to the last telepod.
:jozi2:"I expect a detailed report when you get back!"
I immediately take the potion, get up on the middle platform where the monster is, and do a double-fisted downward slam that dunks it through the platform and into the lava!
... but that's not the end of it...? Oh no! It climbs back out, and now it's a giant lava monster!!
:glinp2:"THAT wasn't part of the plan!!"

Time for a different plan!
No. 934196 ID: 8eaf98

I just realised what if we hit ourselves with the frendium? should tell us a lot more about what it really does.
become dwarf, mine crystal out of golem, smash crystal.
No. 934197 ID: 83bf07

Frontal assault! As soon as you go big, super fist it in the gem to knock its head clear off the volcano.
No. 934226 ID: a9af05

It didn't work because you sent the crystal into the lava and the crystal decided to abandon it's rock body and collect lava around itself so it would have a lava body!

You need to smash the crystal so that it can't create a new body!
No. 934228 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, it's not a rock monster, it's a golem. The crystal is its brain, and it's using a rock body only because it's convenient.
No. 934260 ID: 91ee5f

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we gave Aki the giant potion? Would their projectiles also become giant sized? If they did, then having a bunch of giant sized projectiles flying at the golem could do a lot of damage!
No. 934473 ID: 968283
File 155925421081.png - (43.51KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-94.png )

'Rock Monster''s a general enough term, plus the crystal is probably a rock anyway!

I use the pickaxe to dig the crystal out of the lava, but the crystal's barrier deflects it! It's a big barrier, too! But the monster hugs me and I'm not THAT invulnerable with this potion so it's a BAD hug!


I go back to before that duplicate Stanath battle, and take out the F.P.
:glinp2:"Josie, don't catch this."
:jozi2:"Sure." I toss it up and hit myself with it!
:glinp2:"(cough, hack) oogh..." Damn I feel sick!
:genericnpc:"Well Pew, how do you feel about this whole Snorks issue? Is it mistreatment like they’re saying?" Josie and Aki are gone! Replaced by two HUMANS! And Skelly and Tsuchinoko too! But Tosfir is still a chicken.
:genericnpc:"Tom, you know, there's a growing sentiment that they deserve a second chance. Of course it's all bonkers. Your position?" 'Pew' looks at me.
:glinp2:"OH NO I'M HALLUCINATING! BLEGHHHHH" But I wouldn't know that if I wasn't immune to mind control! This stuff messes with your head!
:genericnpc:"Am I hearing this right? Don't tell me you're on their side!"
No thanks!!


I try the giant pickaxe solution but without the lava dunk. The barrier's still a problem, but I can still get the CRAP smashed out of me while I try to mine it out from the sides and the back.
Got an arm off!
Annd the other!
And then the potion wears off. So I still have a stompy angry pile'a rocks! That's progress, but let's see what else I got here.



This time I try Super Fisting it!
Wow! The barrier blocked my giant Super Fist! The monster's torso cracks a little, and it gets sent flying into the wall! And... the barrier also hits the wall. Interesting! Because I was able to get up to the original monster's crystal and zap it with my spear, but Miko's sword was stopped by the barrier! Is it triggered by speed? Hmm.
:glinp2:"Hoooh!" Another Super Punch at the crystal to see if the cracks in the torso get worse. Not really! It just smashes the wall that's right behind it, and I look around after that because I got a hunch. Bongo! After smashing the boss into the wall and breaking pieces off of the monitor, the adjacent walls show some cracks on the stone 'floor' that those monitors display, and one of the stray stones has moved. I still don't know why that's happening.
>-PKOWWW! gyauwwww...-
I break off one of its arms before the potion wears off.



:glinp2:"Hey Aki! Drink this size growth potion!" I give it to 'em.
:nsaki:"...Ah, alright." glug glug!
:glinp2:"Now give 'em the ol' uh koyosets!"
:nsaki:"Hmh! Koyōsetsu!" Yeah! Giant leaf projectiles! The monster gets hit in the crystal, then blocks with its arms. Aki waits for it to stop blocking, then goes for a glowy claw strike barrage! The crystal weakens and it puts its guard up again.
:nsaki:"Hm. What's our next-" Aki belches loudly!
>-creeeeak... CROMKSHHH!-
The rock monster falls over and the crystal smashes on the platform! "Ah."
>-zoit, chizt!-
:jozi2:"-re's no WAY, hahaha!" Tsuchinoko is rolling on the floor and squeaking.The door opens finally!
:tosfir:"buk buk"
:jozi2:"You should've told me sooner! Skelly here's such a riot!"
:glinp2:"For real??"
:jozi2:"Hahah... Ah, well..." Josie shrugs and sighs. "Looks like joke time's over, Skelly." I eye her suspiciously. She looks dead serious! "Time to kick some ASS, huh!" Tsuchinoko hops on her shoulder and looks serious too. Fine!!
:glinp2:"Mmmuh huh...! But you did real good there, Aki! As usual! And now I am thirsty as fuuuck..." I take out the soda and drink it up! It doesn't fill me up with energy, but it's a definite improvement! "Ready!" I hop at the door and it lifts up into the ceiling and I sail through into the next room while a cold wind rushes past me. Good thing I got this coat! But I also still have the shiny ornament that the cat monster liked, if the coat gets burned up by a fireball or something. That's been in my inventory this whole time.
Everyone else follows me.

:zorgonok:"UGH, you made it through there TOO? So be it!" Oh he's right here! Wow!! "I'll take care of you myself!" He starts charging up a ball of weird lightning!
No. 934479 ID: 83bf07

Trip gun immediately, have the #squad fan out and attack!
No. 934483 ID: b1b4f3

No. 934487 ID: a9af05

>Aki belches loudly!
Wow, rude. At least say, "Excuse me" or something like that!

>-creeeeak... CROMKSHHH!-
>The rock monster falls over and the crystal smashes on the platform!
See? Even the rock monster was so offended by your lack of manners that it fell over and died!

>Zorgonok is here!
Let's kick his boney ass!
No. 934505 ID: cde034

Oh, well i guess you still have your original clothes on.

Take those off too.

But in all seriousness, try a fireball at that puzzler he has strapped to the wall. It looks important, and seeing what it broke might help figure out what its supposed to activate, or something like that.

Zorgnarok is here, might as well approach him.
Try asking the ol coot what he has prepared for you, he might spill the beans!
No. 934660 ID: 1e95e9
File 155944233416.png - (60.99KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-95.png )



I revert to load the Holy bullet and then get back to where I was.
>-sklitter, bwum-
I Trip Gun his lower jaw, but some wibbly barrier thing blocks it. Shoulda figured...
:glinp2:"Fan out and attack!"
:jozi2:"Roger that!" Tsuchi squeaks.
:nsaki:"Hmh." Skelly says nothing.
:tosfir:"buk" They split up. I gun it for the weird doohickey on the far wall.
:zorgonok:"Trilmus! Leave us!"
:trilmus:"Yes sir!" I turn around and look up at the source of the voice. The upper-level walkway has a well-dressed cutebold on it, who zooms outta here through a door. I don't get close enough to use my fireball before...!
:zorgonok:"Now BEGO-AAGH!" Josie kicks him off his chair and his lightning ball goes flying into the ceiling!
Ceiling chunks fly all over the place! My longtime foe lands on the floor and gets jumbled, but he pops up into shape! "DAMN you, Tozol!" His eyeflames flare up.
:jozi2:"That's tricky, no soul and all." I fire the Holy bullet while he gestures to turn the ground under her into grabby snakes! She's too fast anyway, go Josie!
He tries to dodge, but it's homing! But he's got that barrier! But Aki is using her leafs on him, so it gets a little bit overwhelmed! A pinprick of Holy gets through and scorches his bones!
I fireball the contraption finally, and it does NOT ignite.
Josie leaps over and rips off a chunk of the upper walkway and discus tosses it at him. She does a super fast spin and everything! But he zoops back up to the big stage area and also zaps the platform piece into BEES.
"Nicely done! But you will NOT win against ME!" His flames are sparkin' and his body is rattlin'! And his coat is billowin'! Fuck it's gettin' even colder in here!

I'm not real sure what he's gonna do next, but there are now a lot of bees, and part of the stage area is snakes.
If the Holy spell hadn't been weakened by the barrier, I think it woulda taken him out... Maybe I should experiment with that?
But there's a lot goin' on in here that I could try to mess with...
No. 934663 ID: e7848c

Revert, trip the cutebold then super fist them from underneath. Inform your posse that the big bad probably has a barrier and it needs to be taken out.
No. 934665 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe try Fist before Holy? Gotta weaken the barrier before finishing him off.
We still have that tunnel, maybe it'll tunnel through his barrier? Use Fist on him at the start of the fight to reveal the barrier so that you'll "know" to use the tunnel on it or otherwise try to get rid of it before using Holy.
No. 934694 ID: 055cbc

I mean, it is probably faster to shoot the barrier with trip gun that everybody can definitely see than it would be to explain that theory. Plus, Glinp is supposed to be trying to limit the miraculous foresight where its not needed.

Is Tsuchinoko any good at making friends with snakes?
Reverting to use fist bullet first might be worth a try.
No. 934838 ID: 968283
File 155969449347.png - (165.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-96.png )



I load Fist, 'n' stuff.
:zorgonok:"Trilmus! Leave us!"
>-sklitter, pchoing, pkow!-
I trip the cutebold, and then I have to Super Jump up to Super Fist the platform.
:trilmus:"EEEEEE!" She falls on me!
:zorgonok:"Leave my poor assistant alone! I'd rather not kill her too!" I don't know what to DO with her at this point, but I stand up and apply the ol' noserubs to stop her from wigglin' away.
:glinp2:"Really? Can't you bring her back with necromancy powerrrs?"
:zorgonok:"I'm more of a thaumaturge than a necromancer! Uneducated fools keep making that mistake now that I'm undead!" I quick draw and fire the Fist bullet at him.
:glinp2:"A barrier, huh! That figures."
:zorgonok:"SO B-AAGH!" Josie kick, lightning ball goes into ceiling. This time he twirls more and the ball goes at more of a sideways angle.
I can't try the Portable Tunnel Deployer while I'm holding Trilmus, so we'll just hafta see if she's got another escape plan! I whip it out and run for the lich to stick it to 'im. He unjumbles himself and I stick the PTD on his barrier.
>-bwum, tchgwaat, clunk-
It opens up a hole in the barrier! And then then the barrier kind of rolls so the PTD, with the hole, drops to the floor. Trilmus was flailing their arms and running around, but Aki grabbed 'em.
:zorgonok:"Nyagh!?" He whooshes up to the walkway and charges up another lightning ball, while the PTD swings around and clangs into stuff on the outside of his barrier. "You detestable dinosaur! DIE!" He tosses it at me! Wow he charged it up quick!

What am I gonna do about that?
No. 934843 ID: e7848c

Quick, camouflage! You'll be stunned, but alive. Joz and Aki will probably cover you while you recover. Inform them there's an opening in the barrier!
No. 934844 ID: b1b4f3

Toss your spellgun to Jozi if possible, use your Disguise ability to survive the blast, then wake up after Jozi executes him with the Holy bullet.
...you did load the Holy bullet after shooting Fist, right?
No. 934879 ID: 91ee5f

Turn into an inanimate object!
No. 934886 ID: 8eaf98

when the choice is between death and not death, the choice becomes clear death obviously =P
No. 935188 ID: 968283
File 156003356777.png - (75.38KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-97.png )

The tunnel is supposed to be wide enough for me to walk through, but I guess it works different on magic barriers. Or it wasn't intended to go on a sphere. Or both! Instead, it's big enough for Zorg to stick a leggy out.

>disguise, throw caster gun with holy bullet to Josie
I didn't have time to reload the gun, so...


I load Holy instead of Fist, and use the Trip Gun to make the barrier show, then do everything else the same.
:glinp2:"HOLY!" I toss the caster gun to Josie, disguise as a detached metal ceiling sprinkler, and I DON'T get blown into pieces!
Ooooooooh fuuuuckkkk aaaaahaaaah! So LOUUUUUD!
OK, Josie caught the stuff. Zorgo looks around and evades my pals with acrobatic leaps! He zaps the PTD, and the barrier closes back up. Damn!

That's interesting that my sprinklersona didn't get destroyed! I don't think it took much damage at all! But what am I gonna do now?
No. 935189 ID: b1b4f3

He's faster than a Tozol? Hhhhhow?

It occurs to me that we haven't destroyed his phylactery yet anyway, so this fight is pointless.
No. 935241 ID: a9af05

>That's interesting that my sprinklersona didn't get destroyed! I don't think it took much damage at all!
Could it be because you're made of metal? Maybe you can knock that attack back at him with your spear?
No. 935476 ID: 968283
File 156029184691.png - (56.17KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-98.png )

Oh yeah, and I've had the magic body armor that I didn't throw at the Neumono too. That could be useful here so I can take an extra hit or something! I'd just have to put it on, but I can do that in a snap. Can't remove it easily though.

She's obviously goin' easy on 'im so I don't get left out! Like we agreed on! Plus, magic can make you faster than a Tozol, that's no surprise.
If we can destroy his body, he shouldn't be able to do much for a while! That oughtta make destroying the phylactery easier. At least I hope so!

Hitting it with my spear could be worth a try!


:zorgonok:"DIE!" He launches it, but I whip out my spear and swingggg!
Got 'im! "Well, well! You continue to surprise me!" Whoops, it broke the PTD. "But I have a surprise for YOU!" He produces a remote from somewhere and presses a button!
:glinp2:"W-whoa!" The suspicious-looking circular area on the floor opens up! It's an acid pit! I almost fall backward into it, but Josie rescues me with a side-tackle! We end up next to the contraption wall.
:jozi2:"Watch your step, bud." She pats me on the head and zooms away again. In the meantime, Aki tries to wear down his barrier with their projectiles. Skeleton doesn't seem to be able to get up to where he is, so it's not able to attack. It also doesn't have a weapon. Tsuchinoko's got mad mobility though. Seems to be exploring the area.
Zorg long hops back to the stage and starts doing his thing where his coat billows! I can see Aki's breath, but I don't feel it get much colder this time! Tsuchinoko hops over here.

Next move?
No. 935480 ID: b1b4f3

I guess the PTD isn't useful in this fight then, at least not without somehow immobilizing him first.
Hmm, would the slime grenade work against him? You could also try getting in close and using the pickaxe against his shield.
No. 935488 ID: a9af05

>Slime grenade
Could we possibly throw that through the hole the PTD made in the barrier? That would help with immobilizing him!
No. 935495 ID: b1b4f3

Also what other stuff do we still have?
No. 935497 ID: a07b94

I'll just think about this real quick here...

maybe useful stuff:
warm shiny
inspirational ink
trip gun with 3 ammos
magic body armor
dwarf transformation pickaxe

probably not useful stuff:
ghost costume
decorative skull
photo of some ketzas
circuit board maps

I definitely used the slime grenade already, to trap the cat monster for a while.
No. 935501 ID: b1b4f3

We should probably experiment with the Inspirational Ink to find out what it does...

Also try using the sulphagne to get rid of the shield.
No. 935523 ID: 83bf07

Oh sweet, at least now you know you can play dead man's volley with him. Unfortunately we lost the opening in his barrier. Seems like that wind build up thing has a limited range. Can Joz get past the barrier and hold him still long enough for you to dematerialize him?
No. 935681 ID: 1e95e9
File 156047447387.png - (96.23KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-99.png )

Where's that Trilmus... Ah, there they are, curled up in a ball in a corner, on the opposite side of the room. Poor thing must not be a fighter! That or they're chargin' up a SUPER attack that I better watch out for! ...but prob'ly not.

I pop open the ink bottle and dip in a claw. It doesn't feel weird or anything! I try doodling a kaiju battle on the floor. Hmmm, I dunno. Given the name, it might be something I'm immune to, even if it's some kinda buff! I try splashin' some out on the floor. It arranges itself into two shapes like a triangle and a square, with some lines radiating out from 'em. Huh! The shiny warm thing is a square pyramid...
:zorgonok:"Stay back, Tozol!" He turns his chair into a big plant monster that grabs her and picks her up!
:jozi2:"Oh noooo it's got me... Aki help."
I down the sulphagne and aim my eyes at Zorgo. It's gettin' all foggy over here! I'm closer to him than I was last time,