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File 153851463109.png - (335.41KB , 1959x3921 , ns4-op_edit3.png )
904535 No. 904535 ID: 7fd053


Time to take a supersoldier into my enemy's stronghold and defeat his evilly wizardly ways!

:jozi2:"Grab my hand and hold on when we warp." Josie holds her hand out. I grab on.
:glinp2:"OK, but how come?"
:jozi2:"You'll see. You have to stay quiet, though."
:glinp2:"Mmm OK, ready." We warp to Zorgonok's Eeevil lair, but we get there totally silently and without any of the usual warping visuals! I look at her inquisitively.
:jozi2:"Perk for worshippers of The Manifold Shimmer. Stealth warps."
:glinp2:"Ooooh..." We're standing in front of the doors of Zorgonok's castle. Someone would see us if they looked straight down from the roof or out of a window on this side, but since we got here without the usual flashy and whooshy, I don't think anyone will!
:jozi2:"I'd like to do some quick recon. It should only take a few minutes at most, but you'd be on your own. If you busted in, that should keep attention away from me. Otherwise, we can bust in together and just wing it. Up to you. And hey."
:jozi2:"I'll keep you from dying as much as I can, but if you DO die, I'll retreat and call in an Unholy Eraser strike."
:glinp2:"What the FUCK you can DO that!?" She has that kind of firepower at her disposal??
:jozi2:"Yeah, but I'd rather you don't die, obviously. So, you think you can last for a couple minutes on your own? You'd know this guy better than I would."

Of course I can! But maybe I'd rather she just comes in and kicks ass right outta the gate?
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No. 945068 ID: b1b4f3

Okay I think what we have to do is figure out what the glyph would look like if it was Zorgonok's high score.
So, again, we gotta take a bunch of scores (even from individual levels) and see what the pattern is for the lines and circles.
No. 945071 ID: 83bf07

There isn't a single object in here that has the same symbol as Z's high score, right?
No. 945346 ID: 968283
File 156883540196.png - (124.75KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-108.png )

It's me that explodes! I can't tell for sure, but I think the explosion's not big enough to break the other stuff.

This sounds like a promising solution! If I can't think of another solution, I should get started solving that pattern. How hard could it be?

There're lots of objects here that have the same glyph as Z's high score! It's a glyph of Lim The Persistent, who SOMEHOW got turned into a deity by accident while engaged in a bunch've unrelated magical projects. Now they're a symbol of taking the scattershot approach to things. And being persistent. Obviously. Just a minor figure, compared Ereku-Sama, whose glyph "YOUR MUM" managed to get. But all that's probably not important. Just some fun trivia!
No. 945349 ID: b1b4f3

Okay fine I'll do it.

It's base 6, with 10 digits maximum.
Digit placement (starting from the rightmost/smallest digit and going left) is clockwise, starting from the inner ring at 12 oclock, then the outer ring at 2 oclock.
0 is |, 1 is ., 2 is -, 3 is >, 4 is O, 5 is V.

So, we're looking for 6259000.
In base 6 that's 342052504, or |>O-|V-V|O. That's a leading 0, because the symbols fill in all digits. Inner ring is O|V-V| clockwise, outer ring is -O>| clockwise.
No. 945350 ID: b1b4f3

So, to sum up, look for the symbol with OWO in it.
No. 945499 ID: 968283
File 156902250828.gif - (443.64KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-109c.gif )

After spending some time at the arcade machine...

:glinp:"Hmmmm... HMMMMMMMMMMMMM-" lean forward until my snout bumps the screen
:nsaki:"Are you alright?" Josie leans over and looks at me. Tsuchinoko rolls around. My horns clack against the top of the cabinet.
:glinp:"Gang, I think I've figured it out! Follow ME!" I go aaall the way back to the phylactery room a few seconds away, and look for the item with a marking like that. "Let's see, it's... uh... wait... AHA!" Here it is! I point to it. It’s a porcelain wing, like from a porcelain bird, or it’s just a decoration of a regular bird wing. Who can really say? "Josie, do you think this is the one?"
:jozi2:"Yeah, actually. Nice." I pick it up... and I don’t explode!

Weh-heeeellll! Is there anything I should do before I bust this bad boy open and we probably have to flee before the castle falls to bits and smushes all of us? Or is this it? The end of the adventure I started adventuring to do?! ?!?!?
No. 945500 ID: b1b4f3

I think we haven't been in a couple rooms. Like, the room the cyberdemon was guarding. We could also find out what got "fucked up".
No. 945507 ID: e7848c

Announce that your party is free to loot whatever the hell they want scatter and meet back in an hour. I think it would be poetic to take that thing back home with you and destroy it in your home village. Along with his skull.
No. 945511 ID: a9af05

Let's look around the castle a little more. Specifically, look around for any valuable treasures that we can save from being crushed by the castle when the phylactery gets smashed.
No. 945514 ID: 58b4f3

Slap bugbot's big bugbutt in celebration!

Then go look for loot before bringing the castle down on your heads!
No. 945719 ID: c3e059

Look for valuables! Plan for the usual after mission victory sex! Or in this case, victory orgy!

>Slap bugbot's big bugbutt in celebration!
Lol! Do this!
No. 945724 ID: 3ed519

Go loot the morally bankrupt scientists laboratory and see if theres any sexy science they left behind.

Dont forget to line your pockets with swag!
No. 945781 ID: 968283
File 156944361535.png - (185.31KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-110.png )

:glinp2:"Woohoo! "I slap Mothbot's big bugbutt! Or does it count as a tail? The fat bug abdomen part, whateeevs.
:liauagasp:"Oh my!! W-why'd you do that?"
:glinp2:"Butt-slapping is a traditional victory gesture!"
:nsaki:"Is that true?" No! I made it up!
:jozi2:"Yep." Aki slaps Josie's butt! I'm too surprised to laugh!
:nsaki:"Oh, sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. I should have waited until the phylactery was destroyed."
:jozi2:"That's fine. You can do it again once that happens." Aki nods. They're both completely straight-faced.
:glinp2:"Since it's totally gonna make the castle collapse when I do, everyone, let's- erg!" I try to take the phylactery out of the room, but there's an enchantment that makes it not pass the threshold of the room and me fall over. "OK, can't take it outta there. Mmmm well I say everyone's free to loot the place, and let's meet back here within an hour." Skelly takes Tosfir, I guess to loot?? What does a skelly want? We'll find out!
:liaua:"I'm required to tell you not to! But that's all."
:trilmus:"I'm... I'm not!" Trilmus rubs her li'l hands together and starts struttin' away.
:liaua:"Wait, Miss Trilmus! Maybe I can suggest things for YOU to take, and I can... carry them... for you? And then I can take some of them once I'm free?"
:trilmus:"Mmmm ok!" They strut away together.
:glinp2:"Remember! Come back within an hour!" Tsuchinoko squeaks and bounces out.

:glinp2:"Hey Josie, was that trap room near the portrait room JUST a trap or did it have anything cool?"
:jozi2:"No, it just kills you."
:glinp2:"Oh." I try to put the phylactery in my inventory, but it won't go. "Hey Aki, why ain't ya lootin'?"
:nsaki:"I don't know what's valuable here. Ah, but I suppose I could bring things to you and you could tell me if they're worth taking."
:glinp2:"You bet!"
:nsaki:"Very well." They vanish! I set down the wing and walk out of the room.
:jozi2:"You trust that thing to stay put while you grab stuff?"
:jozi2:"You da boss." She shrugs.

So, looting! Mothbot shows Trilmus how to make a few things using what's left of the lab. Lucky the backup power is hooked up to the lab! Most of the rooms here are still super dark since we blew up the power room.
:glinp2:"So did Doc Fungus keep any sexy science around, or was he Doctor No Fun-gus?"
:trilmus:"He diiid... I think they're in his room?"
:liaua:"I am also equipped with aftermarket sex mods, installed by the late Doctor."
:glinp2:"Oh cool! Can you show 'em?"
:liaua:"Not until after your mission succeeds."
:glinp2:"It's a date!"
:liaua:"Certainly. I was designed for companionship, as well as other services."
:glinp2:"Oh!! Wait, I didn't think Zorgonok was the type..." They shake their head.
:liaua:"It wasn't for him! No, he didn't even want anything to do with sex by the time he got me. It was for his few living minions, and some of the more perverted nonliving ones." They do a cute pose that suggests they ARE one of the latter!
:glinp2:"Gee willikers... Guess that worked out alright?"
:liaua:"They didn't rough me up very badly, because he killed the first few demons who tried it!"
:glinp2:"You make him sound like such a nice guy!"
:liaua:"He does have a torture chamber on the third floor, where he hurt his enemies so their pain and anguish could help power up some of his devices...!"
:glinp2:"Now THAT sounds more like the Zorgy boy I know."

I get 33 more krels, and from Trilmus, I get some fancy stuff to enchant seeds with to make 'em grow into real big plants! Josie also takes me to the area that's up the stairs where I got teleported to nastyland. Oh fuck I missed a lot of stuff! Man what the hell! We go to Doctor Fungus' room. Looks like the dude was barely in here, or he was just a neat freak, which is possible? It looks pretty utilitarian. But in the closet...!! He's got some stamina potions, sex changing potions, vials of cum from God-king Kalo and Nakesi (Neumono and Tezakian sex deities, respectively, both known for their er, juices that cause almost anyone to immediately have a super climax), plus he's got some more specialty stuff!
Also on this floor, we rescue a couple rare plants from the greenhouse (there's a damn greenhouse up here!?), some valuable tools from the observatory, and a few cursed artifacts that were being kept in Trilmus' closet. I was wondering why it had all those wards on it. Still, dick move... Josie handles the cursed stuff. Trilmus' room looks really cozy, it's a shame we gotta evict her from it. It'll be hard to find another place that nice.

Down on the first floor again, I ALSO find out what it was that Tvejo Best broke. There's a big chasm on the bottom floor, towards the front door, which we can't all jump over. Good thing we found that before the self-destruct started! It looks like some minions fell down there, if these claw marks and blood smears are anything to go by. Bet we woulda followed 'em, if we were in a hurry to escape!
:jozi2:"Oh, no! How are we going to escape, when there's this chaaaasm?" She looks at me with a fake shocked expression. What a goof...
No. 945783 ID: b1b4f3

Well I mean you can super jump and Jozie and Aki can probably do something similar, but yeah we've got other party members. Is there anyone you or Jozie couldn't just carry across with a jump?
You could just... leave out one of the windows, like the one bugbot got thrown out of. Get a makeshift rope from some curtains or whatever. Or mine through one of the exterior walls with your pickaxe!
No. 945787 ID: a9af05

>Really big chasm
Do you really need to cross that? Can't you and Josie just teleport out of there once you're done? Both of you can just hold on to everyone else and teleport them out with you.

Unless there's something in place that prevents that, I really don't see how this chasm is a problem.
No. 945788 ID: 5bdd4a

We're going to do what we always do. Climb to the roof, jump off, and warp out in mid air
No. 945898 ID: 6e9dcf

Kick ass exfiltration.
No. 946037 ID: 2b3343

Build a giant ramp and exit with a sick skateboard jump.
No. 946208 ID: 968283
File 156995554098.png - (68.27KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-111.png )

Aki finds a few souvenirs. They really like those inventory belts! They found the library, and the librarian was desperately trying to save the books. Aki gave 'em an inventory belt and the librarian helped 'em pick some books to help with their situation of bein’ new and stranded and everything. The librarian left with some books of their own choosing. We all finally meet back up at the phylactery room! Tsuchinoko is balancing loot on their head somehow, and Mothbot and Trilmus must have inventories. Mothbot's might be built in, 'cause they look pretty naked. Let's see what Skelly got. Oh, it got a bunch of decorative boney stuff! That's cute! And not surprising, but I didn't even think of it.
:glinp2:"Nice picks, Skelly!" It rattles.
:tosfir:"awk" Tosfir's on Skelly's pile of goods.

Self-destruct sequences usually suppress warping! I don't think Skelly can warp anyway? Usually only people can, and I don't think it's a people... but then again, I'm not so sure... Windows might work.

My Super Jump might take me across, but I definitely can't carry someone else.


:glinp2:"Josie, Mothbot, anyone else, you think you can build a ramp and a big skateboard? I think the hallway's long enough that I can build up some momentum with Super Jumps and maybe some Tozol strength!"
:jozi2:"Yeah, I think I can handle that." She rolls her shoulders.
:liaua:"I believe I can too!"
:trilmus:"I'm not that strong or anything..."
:liaua:"Don't worry about it, Trilmus." Aki nods.

So Josie rips some boards and stuff out of the walls, and Mothbot grabs some power tools, and they make a huge-ass ramp and a skateboard we can all fit on. Tsuchinoko can jump across the gap, it turns out. Without dropping their goods, even! Wow!
I give the skateboard a couple tests, and it rolls real nice! This wood's real lightweight, but sturdy. Mothbot can fly, so they can help when the time comes. We set it up and return to the phylactery room for the last time...
:glinp2:"Everyone ready?" They all say yes! "Then heeere goes!" I take the porcelain wing and throw it on the GROUND!
:zorgonok:"Noooooooooo fuck youuuuu....." it releases a cloud that briefly looks like an angry skeletal Ketza face. The ground rumbles, and a much louder version of his voice speaks!
:zorgonok:"If you're hearing this, then it seems you've defeated me! But I'll have the last laugh! When you DIE! HAHAHAHA!"
:genericnpc:"Self-destruct sequence activated! You have two minutes before the fortress explodes!" This place is actually really big so that's not a lot of time!
There's a klaxon!
I try to Super Fist a window just to test it, but it actually doesn't work! I just get knocked back and the wall ripples violently!
:glinp2:"AAAAAH!" We all run for the skateboard.
:genericnpc:"One minute remaining," says the voice before we're even on the first floor again. "Thirty seconds remaining." A little after that, we reach the skateboard and pile on.
UUUU this uses so much energy! But then we go soaring off the ramp!
We fly through the doors with 9 seconds remaining and go zooming down the mountain!
The fortress glows, then explodes and implodes back in on itself! At the bottom of the mountain, we step off the skateboard, and Aki slaps Josie's behind.
:jozi2:"Fuck yeah, buddies! Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, yeah?" She slaps Aki's bootay in kind.
:nsaki:"Yes! But... what will we do now?" God damn I feel like a lump, Josie carried me so I'd have stamina, but I was Super Jumpin' for our lives there.
:jozi2:"Right, first things first. Aki, hold onto me. Everyone else, follow." We all get healed up and refreshed! Ahhh that's nice!
:tsuchinoko:"I'm gonna bounce. Thanks for the rescue!"
:glinp2:"Wow!" Tsuchinoko parts ways with us, still with everything balanced on their head! We also send off Tosfir to get changed back to normal. Someone else will have to deal with 'em now! HA!

:glinp2:"Right so Aki! I dunno what you guys do where you come from, but one of the things I like to do after a successful mission like that is have sex!"
:jozi2:"You're insatiable."
:glinp2:"Nuh uhhh, it's fun OK!"
:jozi2:"Yeah, can't disagree there."
:nsaki:"That is not unheard of where I come from." They nod. "Yes, that sounds like fun." Wow cool!
:liaua:"That will work for me. I did agree to it earlier with just you, but I am accustomed to serving groups."
:trilmus:"It's true, I've seen it." She nods. "Wait, am I invited? But I guess you wouldn't trust me, 'cause I'm a cutebold and I was your enemy and-"
:glinp2:"Hey Trilmus, would you say you're evil or amoral or what?"
:trilmus:"What's amoral?"
:glinp2:"It means you don't really know what's right or wrong, morally."
:trilmus:"Oh, yeah. I've tried really hard, but... I don't get that stuff at all..." She seems kind of sad and frustrated when she says it, and then perks up. "Thanks for teaching me the word!" Well that's fair enough.

Who all is invited to the victory sex partypalooza that'll cap off my adventure?
No. 946211 ID: 8d23f0

the entire world that you live on but send out invites 5 days from now and everyone here. TIME TRAVELER ORGY!!!
No. 946220 ID: 83bf07

Open invitation! Anyone who wants to go is welcome. Where's the party at tho?
No. 946221 ID: e394fc

And I do mean an open invitation to everybody. All your past partners and prospective partners.
No. 946222 ID: c15cc3

Simply go with the current group.
No. 946223 ID: a9af05

>Who to sex?

Might need to stock up on stamina restoring potions so that everyone can keep up with Josie.
No. 946234 ID: 4f51b2

The current groupe is fine.
No. 946281 ID: 3a7feb

The current crew, plus Kleem and Miko? (and maybe that shadow shark?)
No. 946300 ID: 91ee5f

>Mothbot and Trilmus must have inventories. Mothbot's might be built in, 'cause they look pretty naked.
I wonder if there’s extra space in its butt? That might explain why it’s so big.

>sex party! Who’s invited?
No. 946360 ID: 968283
File 157013285964.png - (247.69KB , 1024x1464 , ns4-112.png )

That's a bad idea!

The mothbutt's got reservoirs for fluids, turns out! Like... the fuel, for the flying. Inventory's in the torso!

>Invite everyone in the group, get stamina potions
:glinp2:"Heck, long as you're an adult and you ain't mean for fun, you're invited too, Tril."
:trilmus:"W-ow, really? I'm 33 and I don't try to be mean! It's been... a long time since I was in an orgy..."
:glinp2:"We should grab some stamina potions first. Josie's a lot to keep up with!"
:jozi2:"Yes. I am." So we do that. Everyone's all cleaned up from the healing, so we're all good there. I take 'em to another nice room I got in Neo Kiritani, bigger than the one I was using for the last few intimate encounters.

Let's see what we're workin' with!
Mothbot's got an adjustable-size dong attachment, and a vagina attachment, that they can switch between! With glowing cyan cum! It's non-toxic and even palatable. Unlike some cum I've tasted...
Turns out Aki's got some interesting stuff goin' on! Their crotch is erogenous, and they got some kinda lube that comes from somewhere down there and gets 'em damp. But the REALLY weird part is when they cum! The first time I saw it, I couldn't tell, but then I got a chance to watch from real close up, and it shoots out from the air near their crotch! It's kinda in between male and female fluids. Apparently that's pretty standard where they're from. But! They got some kinda body mods? They can switch modes like Mothbot! Got a female mode with a humanoid vagina and fuzzy breasts, and a male mode with a canine cock and fuzzy balls.
Trilmus ISN'T all switchable like those guys. Phew! I was startin' to get a little self-conscious! She likes having her tail pulled a bit, but it's hard because cutebolds have such short tails! Long tails are where it's at, baybee!
And I'm already familiar with Josie! I noticed it before with Tsunami, but she's got these little dull hooks in a few places her body, hidden under her fur. They're for putting holsters and Tozol larvae and whatsits on. The Tozols I've seen up close all wore clothes, but it looks like they really don't gotta!
And I'm familiar with me! Doy! I'm the first one to need a stamina potion though. Then Trilmus, then Aki.

Everyone samples Nakesi's godseed and Kalo's god-gel-coating. It's a first for everyone! It goes something like this.
:jozio:"Damn! HhhhhAhh~..." And then she goes into a weird trance for like a minute. She gets that intense blank Resting Tozol Face, and her voice gets all creepy emotionless, but she insists it felt amazing. Aliens!!
:glinpo:"Auuumnngahooohhh!" Crap! No wonder this stuff's expensive, I felt that everywhere! Nakesi's is weaker, but there's more of it and the serving size is larger. Supposedly if you take the intended serving sizes, they're equal. But we don't have that much and I wanna save some, so we don't do a lot of testing. Just a little...

Everyone gets a chance to try each other out. It's tough to pick a fave! Mothbot's subby and feels pretty unusual, Aki's really fluffy and soft, Trilmus is small and cuddly, and Josie is extremely firm and can smush you effortlessly! Mothbot and Aki are the biggest targets of domination, and I think they end up each other's favorites, sexually. It's a great time for everyone! I'll definitely be returning to it, ehehe...
But it does come to an end. Cuddle time...

Let's see, might as well think about it while I'm lying here... Do I have anything else I wanna do before I head back home with the news, and it's all finally over?
No. 946366 ID: e7848c

Party at Joz's bar, duh. Ketza Speep and Joz drinking contest, let's go.

Then, well, we should do it all over again. From the beginning. Maximum krell scumming.
No. 946370 ID: b1b4f3

Do not abuse time travel.

Hmm, what to do? Buy a souvenir!
No. 946379 ID: 6e9dcf

Did you ever get to hang out with josie, or is getting bounced and dungeon sex the closest?

Man what to do? Idk if theres really much left to tackle thats not bringing a lich skull back home.

Fuck it. What plot item would your transform power give Glinp in the sex scene? Seems boring but its what i got.
No. 946380 ID: b1b4f3

Haha I got an idea. Use all the super-orgasm juice at once to see what happens then rewind to undo wasting it all.
No. 946386 ID: a9af05

But what if the god jucies are immune to time travel? Then we'd have used it all up and have none left over!
No. 946633 ID: 3ce8ff

well we used a little i bet we can rewind to see if it rewinds before going whole hog on it, also even better we were the last to try it.
No. 946634 ID: 91ee5f

It’d be really funny if we did that and we ended up orgasming so hard it killed us.

That’s probably a good reason to not use it all at once. This stuff is probably pretty expensive, so we might be able to sell whatever we don’t use for lots of money!
No. 946673 ID: 968283
File 157047117090.png - (22.56KB , 1024x495 , glinp-god-cum2.png )

Aki said some stuff in Japanese a couple times during the sex. Just little mumbles, but I caught 'em. Couldn't totally make out the words, I dunno much of the language anyhow. I totally caught some Cutebold-language swears from Trilmus though.

:glinp-happy:"Hey Joze." I say without moving. Aki's belly is so dang soft and warm! Way better than that crummy fortress, how d'ya like the level of draftiness NOW hehehe...
:glinp-happy:"After this, can you and Ketza have a drinking contest? Can Tozols even get drunk?"
:jozi:"No, and no. Ketza's on the clock anyway, bud. How many backup bouncers do you think we have?"
:glinp-happy:"I dunno, how many do you have?"
:jozi:"I've said too much already."

Not gonna do that whole adventure again! I'm not hurtin' for krels. I'll take this skull to the Guild of Fate and have 'em confirm my deeds, that oughta get me some funds!

What would I buy as a souvenir? Properly treated, this skull'll be good. I can make it into one sick flower pot!

The god juices act normal with time travel! Also I know you can't OD on 'em. There's rougher stuff you can get that CAN kill you, or make you never satisfied by regular orgasms again, or other bad stuff, but these're confirmed safe through rigorous testing. Teste-ing. Teste-tasting.
Feels kinda bad that I can't share the experience with the others, but... I tell them I'll brb, and I warp over to my regular place. Aaand... bottoms up! I chug the vials.
:glinpo:"(incoherent screaming for an hour or so)" ShIT!!! Literal holy fuck!!! This is NOT a responsible amount of magic orgasm juice to have! I can think while this is going on, but I sure can't feel anything besides the whole orgasming-everywhere. Fuhuhuhuhuhuck... Good to know this doesn't disable me mentally, although I really want it to right now... So. Fucking. GOOD!

Whew!! Everything is covered in cum! Homina frickin' homina homina! I didn't even notice when I fell on the floor. All I can do is pant and twitch, damn. I don't think I'll be able to move for a while, but it still feels nice just lying here. Gonna have to do this again some time! Hahaha!
Oh no what would happen if Tsunami drank that much... Fuckin' yikes... OK, OK, gotta move on.
No. 946674 ID: 968283
File 157047118731.png - (28.32KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-113.png )



The disguise power turns me into a pillow! It's just like the ones here.


Back to cuddles.
I hung out with Josie and Tsunami a bit before. However...!
:glinp-happy:"How much time I got left on th' Tozol clock, Jooosie?"
:jozi:"'Bout 9 hours, give or take."
:glinp-happy:"What if I don't use all of 'em today? Can I save some hours-"
:jozi:"Eh, you don't need to worry about that. You seem worth my time, so we can just chill sometimes when I'm off work. It's fine."
:glinp-happy:"Oh cool!"
:jozi:"I do have to get back in 9 hours though." Guess I oughtta use this time wisely...
We cuddle some more. And eventually get dressed.
:glinp2:"That was super great! Guess we oughtta get goin' to the Guild of Fate now."
:jozi2:"Good idea."
:nsaki:"The Guild of Fate?"
:liaua:"It's where adventurers go to claim their victories!"
:trilmus:"Oh, I've never been there before!" So we warp there.

We're the only ones here right now! I actually haven't done anything major enough to merit goin' here before, but I read about it.
:gofguy:"Ah, you must be Glinp of Vesne Kearue. With..." They lean toward the skull I'm holding up. "The skull of Zorgonok! Very good."
:glinp2:"Yup!" They make some computery sounds under their cloak.
:gofguy:"Jozi of Sanguine Rite?" They look at Josie.
:gofguy:"And I don't know the rest of you. Please state your names."
:liaua:"Mothbot! Formerly of Zorgonok's Cabal."
:gofguy:"Very well."
:nsaki:"Aki of Kyodainainnoushima."
:gofguy:"Ah, I see." They turn to Trilmus.
:trilmus:"Trilmus of Pragathlayrbin."
:gofguy:"Alright. I just need one more thing for the records, then. Mothbot, you were part of Zorgonok's Cabal and you've now been freed?" Mothbot nods. "Did you work against him before his defeat?"
:liaua:"No! I couldn't go against my owner's orders."
:gofguy:"And the rest of you?" We each sum up our part. "Very well. Congratulations on your victory, all. You will receive reward money within a month."
:nsaki:"Do I need to provide an address?"
:gofguy:"No need. The deities will sort it out."
:nsaki:"I... see. Thank you."
:glinp2:"Yeah, thanks... Alan!"
:gofguy:"You're welcome."

Now that's aaall sorted out! Since I seem to be interested in doing something, here's some places we could go.
Miskatonic Museum
Space Knot
VR Movie Theater
The Sky Palace (fancypants restaurant)
Take Aki to see Ketzas myself

Or I can split and go home!
No. 946676 ID: b1b4f3

Miskatonic Museum!
No. 946685 ID: 0fae41

VR movie theater!
No. 946702 ID: 9f1c5a

Space Knot with EVERYONE.
No. 946707 ID: 3ce8ff

that name aleph null reeeeee museum sounds like it would have cool things for us to see
No. 946854 ID: 58b744

What is the Space Knot? Go there if not lame then the museum and then take Aki to see Ketzas.
No. 947093 ID: 968283
File 157107951162.png - (1.49MB , 1024x1024 , ns4-end5.png )

>Miskatonic Space Theater 3000, and Ketzas
:glinp2:"So I was thinkin' about where we can go before I head back home, and I think I got some fun places."
:jozi2:"Let's hear 'em."
:glinp2:"The Miskatonic Museum, The VR movie theater, and The Space Knot! And then... a surprise for Aki!"
:nsaki:"Can you repeat that in English?" Oops I was distracted from thinkin' about that experience I just had and I was talking in Stirian!


I revert and say it in English this time because awkwarrrd!
:nsaki:"What is the Space Knot?"
:glinp2:"It's a dimensional anomaly made into a tourist attraction!"
:nsaki:"That should be interesting. I haven't seen something like that as a tourist attraction before."
:glinp2:"You've seen dimensional anomalies before, though?"
:nsaki:"Yes, but I don't know if this one will be like those ones."
:glinp2:"Hmm! Guess we'll find out."

So we hit up the museum first. Trilmus goes, but Mothbot decides not to come with, so we say g'byeee. I give 'em the ol' 'don't be bad or I'll GETCHA' speech, which makes 'em glance at their boss' skull all nervous. I don't think they'll be any trouble!
The MM's exhibits change around every so often, and this time there's a focus on ancient weaponry. We get headphones for the self-guided tours.
:genericnpc:"Only a few hundred years ago, on the planet Mermkizan, this engraved gem, known as a Klorgathian Conduit Gem, was part of a ritual used to summon a terrifying destructive force known as Glotidek. This Glotidek would drain the life force from an area, killing any organisms in range within a matter of hours. Discolored stains would be left behind, reaching out from the epicenter, as if monstrous tentacles from some unseen beast had been there, hungrily snatching up the lives of anything unfortunate to be caught. Its use was abandoned primarily because the techniques used in the ritual were obsoleted with the introduction of the modern Wijye Command System. The inscriptions incorporate the prior Lemnis system, rendering this artifact incompatible with current spellcasting methods."
All the really dangerous stuff is similarly in pieces or deactivated. Someone could probably make 'em dangerous again, if they really wanted... Aki's favourite thing seems to be the room where the lights turn off and you can see faint holographic interfaces being projected from the weapons in the displays. There's a knife and a gun and a gauntlet and some other thingies. Supposedly they don't work anymore, but back in the day you could use the interfaces with your fingers and make 'em do stuff like shoot fire and summon armor. Josie seems to like basically all the displays, and Trilmus likes the things that summon things. I like the collectible cards that could summon ancient monsters!
Overall, it's real classy. Miskatonic's not above playing up the spooky stuff, but they've got a reputation to uphold too!
No. 947094 ID: 968283
File 157107953348.png - (107.10KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-end4.png )

At the VR movie theater, we agree to watch 'Blooderfly Vs The Caterkiller.'
:genericnpc:"But don't you see? If that monster reaches the power plant, it'll feed, and feed, until it's just. Too. Big! We'll all be crushed... like bugs!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Oh professor, can't Blooderfly stop this MADNESS!?"
:genericnpc:"I hope so, my dear... If everyone gives their strength to Blooderfly, just maybe, he can make it there in time..."
:genericnpc-blu:"But WHAT if he DOESN'T HUHHHH?"
:genericnpc:"We'll be forced to use it... The Garblonic Molecular Ray." Wow, it's like I'm really there with Professor Kageyoshi! And I can smell the male lead's cheap cologne! Everyone knows the Prof is the real star here, though.
That movie was a laugh and a half! Trilmus takes it at face value and seems to enjoy it that way, but the rest of us like the total cheeseball factor, and Aki seems to find a sense of familiarity to it.

Trilmus doesn't feel like going to the Space Knot, so we say bye to her too. The Space Knot's the same as it ever was, I guess! You walk through a convoluted path where you can see and mess with some fun dimensional-weirdness-themed objects, there's a few naturally-formed spots where you can stick your hand through a twist in space and have it come out somewhere else, you can kind of see the big knotted area a few times along the way, and then you actually walk through the big knot! It's disorienting as fuck because everything around you is distorted to hell and gravity goes all over the place. You'll come out all jumbled up if you go to far off the path! It's a bad idea! They have all kinds of warnings about it, but once in a while you hear about someone who did it anyway! And then you get to the gift shop, which is the last thing so it's obviously the most important. Aki gets a praW emiT energy drink. The rest of us look around, but we don't buy anything. I don't need a shirt or a knicknack to commemorate this!

And finally...
:glinp2:"Alright, Aki, get ready for a surprise! Hold onto Josie, because WE'RE going toooo...!"
"Sung Nya's Pile Palace!" Josie and I both open the doors.
:nsaki:"Ah! You remembered!"
:jozi2:"Hey, nice call."
:glinp2:"Hehe! But Aki, you gotta try to look less scary!"
:nsaki:"Oh, yes. I do have kind of a sour look, don't I?" They smile and tilt their head and it's really cute! We head to the front desk. The receptionist is a Duduk with a faraway look on his face.
:genericnpc:"Welcome! Would you all like to share one piiile?" We turn to each other.
:glinp2:"What do you think? I'm game." Josie shrugs.
:jozi2:"Up to you, Aki."
:nsaki:"Yes, we will share a pile."
:genericnpc:"Aaaalrighty. Have you experienced a Ketza pile before?"
:nsaki:"I have not."
:jozi2:"Sure have." I give her a look of surprise! But I'm only a LITTLE bit surprised!!
:genericnpc:"Do you know what goes on in one?"
:jozi2:"Sure do."
:genericnpc:"Please read this pamphlet, and let me know if you have any questions~"
:nsaki:"Ah, thank you." We take pamphlets from the desk. Be gentle and respectful to the Ketzas, it's a crime to harm them, they might try to preen you, don't be surprised if they try to escalate... Ketzas are even more open with their bodies than mainstream culture around here, and that's sayin' somethin'!
:nsaki:"I am ready for the pile."
:genericnpc:"Would you like only male or female Ketzas, or both?"
:nsaki:"Both, please." We pay up, get keys to lockers where we gotta put all our stuff, get special socks and gloves to cover sharp claws, get a ticket for room 3, and we head to a real live Ketza pile!

:nsaki:"Speep!" Yeah, they're gettin' into it! The Ketzas like how fluffy Aki is. We get HELLA relaxed! I just sink right into those fluffy fellers! Aki talks about some stuff with 'em, but I can't hear on account of all the feathers in my ears.
We can't pile forever, though. And I can't keep putting off my return home!

:glinp2:"Thanks for the help, you two! My village is gonna have a big party with a feast to celebrate, and normally we don't have a lot of visitors, but if you want, I'll see if I can invite ya."
:nsaki:"I would like that."
:jozi2:"Yeah, sounds nice."
:glinp2:"Cool. You have a good time, now!" We say our goodbyes...
No. 947095 ID: 968283
File 157107955788.png - (97.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-end1.png )

Back at home, I tell everyone the good news! I get a warm welcome from the whole village, everyone gawks at the skull, and the elders set up a date and final details for the party! Skelly gets some odd looks, but they find a place helping out with basic labor stuff. Good thing they didn't get destroyed! They stay at my place, my folks don't mind.
:mrbinp:"You brought one of your horror movies home with you!" jokes dad.
No. 947096 ID: 968283
File 157107960877.png - (73.97KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-end3.png )

At the feast next week, I manage to get Miko, Irib, Josie, and Aki. The elders vetoed Tsunami and a couple others I was thinkin' about inviting. We have stuffed pastas, cheesy toast, assorted roasted and plants and animals, and some nice vintage wines, plus all manner of soft drinks and other beverages! I'm not sure if the Ketza meat is going too far, but it's just synthetically-grown stuff, so no Ketzas were harmed, and it tastes really good... Miko gets a bit drunk, so do some of the others. But she's a hit! Irib's flirty and a few cuties seem to like 'em. Josie gets a lot of people's attention, which ain't her fave, but she's used to it. Aki's fluff is popular. The kids all wanna brush their tail, and she lets 'em. Of course Josie and Aki and me get to regale everyone with the story of the treacherous journey and the climactic battle that ended Zorgonok's plans! I gotta embellish it a little, since most of the heavy lifting was courtesy of the other two.
And then we have an orgy, because c'mon! C'mon!! Lizardfolk villages pile too! And this was a huge event! It had to happen.
No. 947097 ID: 968283
File 157107963840.png - (47.88KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-end2.png )

After that, things go back to normal, for the most part! A courier arrives with mah CASH MONEY. It doesn't make me what I'd call rich, but it's plenty, and we were more than self-sufficient before! I'll figure out somethin' good to do with the money... As for adventures, I'm happy to take a break for a while. I'm sure I'll feel the call, and I'll go out and have another one some day, some way... I sure had a lot of fun! But for now, It's time for a nice long break!
The end!
No. 947099 ID: 83bf07

When can we do this again?
No. 947137 ID: 4f51b2

What a great adventure! Until next time Glinp.
No. 947152 ID: ff0763

You've earned this, but when you feel the call of adventure again we will all be eager to follow your travels however bizarre they may be :3
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