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File 153470694234.png - (205.75KB , 1039x709 , Title Card.png )
897993 No. 897993 ID: 8a947d

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111978.html
Previous Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/889486.html
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No. 897994 ID: 8a947d
File 153470698515.png - (200.75KB , 1039x709 , And the road becomes my bride.png )

YOU: ...and the road becomes my bride...
No. 897997 ID: 8a947d
File 153470738930.png - (503.22KB , 1039x709 , And the road becomes my bride!!!!!!!!!!.png )


Your name is Troy Porter, and you're trying to take your mind off of the idea that death squads from your former gang are out to kill or capture you for who used to be your psychopathic boss. The moon is high in the sky and your out of booze. Now there's nothing left to distract you from getting your stuff back.

You were always sure that one of these day's you'd have to desert the gang, but you also didn't think you'd be chased for it. Maybe playing loud rock music in the middle of the desert isn't such a good idea...Oh well. Somewhere around here you've a hidden stash of valuables and it should still be there. You hope nobodies taken it, more importantly you hope you can remember where it is.
No. 897998 ID: 51d5a1

Ask Gemini for help. Play loud rock music every time he says some snarky comment about your life.
No. 898002 ID: 91ee5f

You at least left something in that location that’ll let you use your ability to travel to it, right? If not, then you’ll just have to look for it the old fashioned way.

>you hope you can remember where it is.
It might’ve been a bad idea to drink a bunch of booze before you started your search, since booze is known for making people forget things and not remember them.

Anyways, start looking for any familiar looking landmarks that were near your stash to let you know if you’re heading in the right direction. Or did you give yourself a hint of some kind to help you find the stash?

.....also, you must’ve really gotten lucky when that Roland guy said you could stay at his place, huh? He’s either really nice or really dumb to let a complete stranger like you stay with him.
No. 898008 ID: 33f5b2

Smashing bottles and loud rock are always OK in our book😁!

You marked the location with something or remember a landmark, right?
No. 898015 ID: eeb7d9

So, desesperado, what is the deal with this gang. Give us some insight of what you did in it.
No. 898031 ID: ad51b8

any clues you left to help find it? Like did you hide the stuff next to a recanizable landmark or did you make the spot in some way to help you be able to find it?

Also why are you trying to find this stuff drunk? I get you're worried but being liquored up and trying to remember something usually doesn't work that well when you mix them together.
No. 898586 ID: ad51b8

well might as well see if that elevator works then.
No. 898600 ID: 8a947d
File 153496951556.png - (454.52KB , 1039x709 , Old Hut.png )

Drug runs. Nothing serious just herbal stuff, you never messed with anything chemical. You mostly dealt with moving the stuff, but the rest of your troupe did more of the "heavy lifting".

You call on Gemini and get no response, looks like the asshole doesn't want anything to do with you right now. Angels sure are stuck up.

>It might’ve been a bad idea to drink a bunch of booze before you started your search
Hey it's a well known scientific fact that booze always helps you remember things..you think.

After a little searching you try to look for a certain rock formation, large enough to hide what you're looking for. After some drunken stumbling about you see it, the ran shackle hut behind a few rocks. Hidden for good measure even if it looks worthless enough to not be given a second glance. You enter through the front door, simply pushing on it knocks it off of the hinges. Inside there's nothing but cobwebs. Anybody else would probably leave seeing nothing of value, but you know to pull up the floor boards and open the hatch underneath...
No. 898602 ID: 8a947d
File 153496966132.png - (213.86KB , 1039x709 , Bunker 1.png )

You climb the latter down into the storeroom hidden underneath the shack. Lots of these underground bunkers are hidden all around Crater, though most have security systems and advanced defenses some are only metal boxes meant to keep people safe from whatever screwed the world up. Inside it's too dark to see anything, but you do see the elevator that leads further down into the bunker.
No. 898618 ID: 91ee5f

Go check the elevator to see if it’s working. If it is, then use it to get to the floor where you his your stuff.
No. 898626 ID: 8a947d
File 153497319392.png - (191.54KB , 1039x709 , Bunker 2.png )

You walk up to the elevator and try to open it, but for some reason the door won't open. That's right you wanted to make sure nothing got stolen by anybody here, so you had some help making sure this place was secure. Problem is now you have no idea how to get in yourself. You can't use The Doors to slide through either since you can't see the inside of the elevator and don't know the walls inside are exactly the same as the door on the outside. There's a grid of numbers on the door along with a keypad on the wall next to it. There's probably more in the room that can help you open this. You forget who helped you set this up but next time you're just going to use a lock like a normal person would.
No. 898629 ID: 91ee5f

>There's probably more in the room that can help you open this.
Then you’d better start looking around the room for hints to open the elevator.

>You forget who helped you set this up but next time you're just going to use a lock like a normal person would.
There’s also a chance that the person that helped you could’ve taken everything sometime before you got here.

Or they could’ve left a trap to kill you, if they’re a part of the gang that you’re running from.
No. 898634 ID: b1b4f3

Look for any objects that would cover most of the grid but not all of it.
No. 898637 ID: f3ba9e

Try 4579.
No. 898641 ID: f3ba9e

If that doesn't work, then try 8041.
No. 898666 ID: 05ff2f

Before trying to figure out the number grid, punch zeros into the keypad until it rejects the code to count out the maximum length the code can be. That'll very likely be the length of the actual code so you'll have some idea what you're shooting for puzzling out the grid.
No. 898725 ID: a94e23

Check under the rug
No. 898742 ID: d3602f

Some of the numbers are cut by the door, maybe that's a hint of some sort.

But first, yeah, check code length and look at that rug.
No. 898823 ID: 8a947d
File 153508291644.png - (171.37KB , 1039x709 , Bunker 3.png )

>they could’ve left a trap to kill you, if they’re a part of the gang that you’re running from.
Nah, the people that helped you set this up knew how Channing could be. One of them was Matzen so you're sure nothing in here was set to kill you.

Neither of these works, The code cuts off at three digits.

>Under the rug
You pull out your lighter to help yourself see in the dim light. Underneath the rug there's a "5" etched into the floor.
No. 898824 ID: f3ba9e

Try 159, 195, 519, 591, 915, 951.
No. 898825 ID: a94e23

Maybe check if there’s something under the broken shelf?
No. 898826 ID: b1b4f3

Can you use your portal opening power on flesh or other living materials?
No. 898827 ID: 91ee5f

>The code cuts off at three digits.
Is there a limited number of guesses? Because if there is, then you should be careful and not randomly type in a bunch of guesses, since that could result in you being permanently being locked out!

Try looking under that broken shelf in the corner of the room. Or just check all of the shelves.
No. 898829 ID: 8a947d
File 153508690726.png - (120.84KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 1.png )

Yes, but the flesh has to be similar enough for it to work. To be more specific the dna needs to be similar, so it needs to be from the same body or you can use two siblings as portals.

5 is good enough to guess the rest of the numbers for you. You didn't come here to solve some dumb puzzle, you came to get your shit back. You put your lighter up to the keypad and punch in a bunch of different codes to try to open the doors. Eventually 591 gets the doors to open and you enter the elevator.

You're lowered to the second floor of the bunker and met with a long hallway, your lighter runs out of fluid as you reach the floor. There are three doors in the hallway: one next to you with the actual door jammed open and two at the far end of the hallway. There's a service hatch on the ground in front of you, but it seems stuck shut.
No. 898832 ID: 066bfd

Go through one of the doors at the far end of the hall.

Also, that red sun painted onto the poster reminds me of that mark in that other bunker. Very curious.
No. 898839 ID: 91ee5f

Do you even remember which room has your stuff in it or do you need to search all of them until you find your stuff?

Go through the open door, since it’s the closest one.

And what’s with that red sun painted on that poster?
No. 898845 ID: dbf422

The jammed door seems like the best option.
No. 898857 ID: eeb7d9

Let's try this. You can use your portal to enter from one side of the door and exit from the other. It's a nice ability to have against jammed doors.
No. 898858 ID: 91ee5f

It’s a door that jammed open, he can just walk through it without using his ability.
No. 898862 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah but that would be boring.
No. 899665 ID: 8a947d
File 153566830999.png - (93.73KB , 1039x709 , Gas Room 1.png )

>red sun graffiti
You aren't sure about it, but you see it a lot. Some sort of old world thing?

>Do you even remember which room has your stuff?
Nope, and the alcohol definitely isn't helping your memory. You're going to have to search all each room.

You go through the jammed open door. There's not much in here, a terminal that looks broken and a large metal tank. Next to the tank there's another maintenance hatch that looks a lot like the one in the hallway.
No. 899676 ID: d3602f

Well, unless you can turn on that terminal or you have a screwdriver, we should probably check one of the other doors. Go to one of those at the other end of the hallway.
No. 899679 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if the terminal is dead, and you can't do anything about that hatchet, go to the other rooms.

He doesn't need a screwdriver, he can just portal himself to the other side if both sides are made of the same thing.
No. 899683 ID: d3602f

It needs to be two similar but SEPARATE surfaces. It's why we couldn't escape into that other cave down the mountain with his powers, they were one surface. The hatch would need to have two layers of plate if we wanted to do that.

Also, if the Doors did work the way you say and we didn't need a screwdriver, why leave the room without seeing what's on the other side of the hatch? We could have dealt with the hatch right now. Although, now that I think about it we could probably use that other hatch in the previous room to port through. Maybe we should do that first.
No. 899687 ID: 91ee5f

>Next to the tank there's another maintenance hatch that looks a lot like the one in the hallway.
That means that you can either go through this hatch to get under the one in the hallway or you can go through the one in the hallway to get to the other side of this one.

But which way do you want to go first?
No. 899702 ID: 8a947d
File 153568352595.png - (156.12KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 2.png )

Upon closer inspection the monitor's just missing it's power source, no use getting anything out of it unless you can charge it with something.

>That means that you can either go through this hatch to get under the one in the hallway or you can go through the one in the hallway to get to the other side of this one.

Actually you can't do either of those things. You can only use The Doors to make portals between areas you can see or remember clearly. You don't know what's behind either hatch so you can't go to the other side of them, but you can go through the one in this room and out the one in the hallway so you're back in front of the hallway entrance just fine. So to recap how The Doors works:

>Need to be separate but similar surfaces
>Need to be within range of at least one of the surfaces (about 10 ft)
>Need to know where the surfaces are or lead to (If somehow you saw video footage of whats beyond this hatch then you could go through it from the other one)

you feel like it doesn't have to be this restrictive but Gemini's a little bitch.

You leave the tank room and go to the far end of the hallway. Now that you're closer you can make out a large smattering of dried blood on the wall. The door next to you seems to be a broom closet.
No. 899704 ID: d3602f

Broom closet. Let's, uh, save the bloody door for last.
No. 899708 ID: b1b4f3

Actually I think the bloody door's safe. The blood splatter happened when the door was closed. If anything, I'd be suspicious of the broom closet.
No. 899709 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, not suspicious at all. Seriously tho, what the fuck happened here?

I agree with this, the door is covered in blood, if something happened, it happened outside. Go for the bloody door, if you can.
No. 899722 ID: dbf422

Bloody door for the reasons given. Broom closet might have a power source for the monitor but that's just a curiosity, it can wait.
No. 899726 ID: 91ee5f

Was that blood there the last time you came in here to hide your stuff? Are there any traps you may have forgotten about that are meant to kill intruders?

But what if that’s the trap? As soon as we approach the bloody door, the broom closet opens up and turns us into a fresh coat of blood on the walls!

Why don’t we just stand to the side of the broom closet and open it that way? Since it’s aimed towards the bloody door, we’ll be able to avoid whatever it is if we open the door from the side!
No. 899767 ID: 8a947d
File 153574647949.png - (199.73KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 3.png )

>Was that blood there the last time you came in here to hide your stuff?
Not that you recall, and there are no traps in place either.

You don't remember there being traps or anything but you'd still better be careful. You slowly open the door from the side, nothing happens. You look inside, There are some old cleaning supplies, some lighter fluid, and an energy cell.

>Bloodied Door
The door's busted shut...damn looks like you're at a dead end for now.
No. 899781 ID: eeb7d9

If you can, pick up that stuff. Not only you might need it here, but if you don't need it at the end, Roland might. He is a real handyman, he can use all that junk. He will like it. Also there is blood pouring from that vent.
No. 899782 ID: d3602f

That vent just gushed blood, we should probably move so that whatever's inside doesn't corner us. Run to the terminal, activate it with the cell, and if the thing comes into the room, port out with the hatch.
No. 899784 ID: 575ec0

Well the cell can power the terminal BUT OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THAT VENT!!?!??!
No. 899788 ID: b1b4f3

Might want to portal away using that wall there.
No. 899802 ID: 91ee5f

>some lighter fluid
Now you can refill your lighter if you need to see something.

>an energy cell
You can use that to power up the terminal in the other room. So let’s go back there and-

>blood coming out of the vent
Oh shit, behind you!
No. 899803 ID: 8a947d
File 153575364780.png - (250.96KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 4.png )

You hear the sound of gushing and something soft and wet hitting the ground. When you turn around you see writhing globs of what looks like black gunk and meat falling from the ceiling! The chunks of meat writhe and move trying to group together. You don't think running through that's such a good idea.

>Might want to portal away using that wall there.
All of the walls in this hallway are a continuous surface, it's no use traveling through them. The door to the janitors closet isn't the same as any other door you've seen, but the bloody door is the same as the one at the other end of the hallway. The dried blood coating the door is disrupting the surface of the metal! You can't use The Doors while the door is like this!
No. 899804 ID: d3602f

Then clean that door with the supplies, clean like your life depends on it (because it likely does)!
No. 899807 ID: 91ee5f

>black gunk and meat falling from the ceiling! The chunks of meat writhe and move trying to group together.
Good news: This monster isn’t interested in stealing your stuff, so your things should still be around here somewhere!

Bad news: This thing is going to try and kill you!

>Can’t use The Doors on bloodied door!
Use the cleaning supplies to get rid of the blood on the door!
No. 899840 ID: eeb7d9

Mamma always said you have to be a tidy boy, so clean that door and make mamma proud!
No. 899841 ID: dbf422

This is the least impressive escape idea but also probably the smartest.
No. 899850 ID: 8a947d
File 153576662849.png - (382.15KB , 1039x1417 , Hallway 5-6.png )

You can definitely say it's one of the dumbest ways you've had to escape death, but that isn't going to stop you from scrubbing for your life! As you scrub you see the mass of blood and meat coagulate behind you into a bigger and bigger pile of gore and start to shamble towards you. You clean away enough dried blood from the door's metal to squeeze through to the back of the hallway before it's tendrils can grab you.

As you emerge from the entrance door you see the wall of flesh reorient itself down the hall and begin to approach you, The pile of meat is so massive it scrapes the walls, floor, and ceiling with no way to pass it. A wall of flesh advancing towards you at an alarmingly steady pace.
No. 899856 ID: d3602f

If when you said that one door is jammed open, you mean we cannot possibly close it, I say cut our losses and run. If we can still close it, lock yourself inside and try to fiddle with the machine. If it breaks through the door, we can escape through the other maintenance hatch. If it goes through the vent over the hatch, we can run back out the door.
No. 899859 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, am i getting this wrong, or there is another wall of meat? Anyway, you have to keep moving, anywhere but here is better.
No. 899864 ID: b1b4f3

Can you open a portal between two places so that it gets caught in it, but it's too big to go through so it gets stuck?

Also, there's another portal arrangement you can use to move around. That floor panel matches the material of that in the side room.

I guess you're gonna have to warp back to the janitor's closet and nab that energy cell to use in the side room.
No. 899868 ID: d3602f

Pretty sure we got everything from the closet already.
No. 899884 ID: 91ee5f

Quickly run into the room with the terminal and plug the energy cell into it.

Hopefully it turns on quickly and it has options that let you unlock the bloody door and/or close the door to the terminal room!

He already grabbed the energy cell.
No. 899893 ID: b1b4f3

He listed the items but did not say they were picked up.
No. 899914 ID: 91ee5f

The same way he didn’t say he picked up the cleaning supplies, but he still had them to clean the blood off the door.
No. 899924 ID: dbf422

Be the best janitor/I.T. guy in the post-apocalypse and get that monitor charged up!
No. 899927 ID: 2c8041

I'd imagine you'd remember if that thing was around the last time you were here.
Where is the Demonologist when you need him.
Oh, well, what have you got aside from your bass?
No. 900325 ID: 8a947d
File 153602030606.png - (173.00KB , 1039x709 , Gas Room 2.png )

You have an Energy Cell, a Bottle of Lighter Fluid, your Lighter (Empty), and your Trusty Handgun with 12 bullets.

>Power the monitor
You pry open the rusted panel to the monitor and pop in the energy cell. Unfortunately you see a second slot for another cell. the monitor requires TWO energy cells to function.

You turn around and see the Wall of Flesh squeezing itself through the door grasping to catch you.
No. 900328 ID: 575ec0

Shoot the hatch, look through the hole, and warp back to the bloody door. There you can fill your lighter while you wait for the mass to come back for you, before warping to the other side of this hatch.
No. 900330 ID: b1b4f3

Shoot the fleshy mass once to see what happens. Then I guess you can warp away via the hatch on the wall and its corresponding hatch outside this room.

No idea where we're gonna get that second cell though. Maybe setting this monster on fire will accomplish something?
No. 900331 ID: 91ee5f

Warp through the maintenance hatch on the wall and out the one in the hallway! Then quickly warp through the door and out the bloody door at the other end of the hallway!

That’ll buy you time to refill your lighter with the lighter fluid.

Spray half of what’s left in the bottle on the floor and ignite it when the monster is on the puddle, then spray the last of the lighter fluid on the monster to make sure it burns!
No. 900388 ID: f3ba9e

The keypad in the first room might have a compatible battery.
No. 900438 ID: d3602f

I can't believe I didn't consider this, but if we look into that vent we might be able to see if there is something inside the maintenance hatch that could be used to teleport us inside. Do that, then use the hatch to teleport out of there.
No. 900441 ID: 8a947d
File 153609373126.png - (124.34KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 7.png )

>Shoot the fleshy mass once to see what happens
You fire a bullet into the wall of flesh (12 Bullets ==> 11 Bullets) it stops for a second but immediately continues to move afterwards.

>Look through the vent
You peek through the vent on the wall above the maintenance hatch, It's dark but you can make out what looks like a shape attached to the vent maintenance tunnel's ceiling. It looks like a camera.

>Warp out
You crawl through the maintenance hatch and back out into the hallway. You use the bottle of lighter fluid to refill your lighter, but there's only enough to get the lighter full again. The wall of flesh is so slick with blood you doubt you'd be able to set it on fire unless it was covered in something flammable. You can hear awful gibbering coming from the wall, it's probably going to exit the room and look for you in the hall again.
No. 900445 ID: d3602f

Think there is something behind that poster? Rip it off.
No. 900448 ID: b1b4f3

Can you get into the vents by warping to the other side of it from a different vent? Heck, can you get to the other side of the maintenance hatches that way? Or the locked doors?
No. 900451 ID: 0e2ebe

Yeah that's curious.
No. 900452 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, that red sun is painting both the poster and the wall, it really highlights it.
No. 900460 ID: 8a947d
File 153610010558.png - (150.95KB , 1039x709 , Postercubby.png )

>Behind the poster
You quickly tear the poster off of the wall, revealing a small hatch in the wall. Inside you see a few scraps of paper and a pack of cards that holds about 225 worth in cards which you take.One piece of paper reads...

The gasoline tank ain't gone bad has it? Or did some of the wiring go out? I think there's something chewing up wires in the walls. I left a power cell in the vents and when I came back it was gone. Some critter probably swiped it. Marty go check the tank when you get back and make sure none a the gasoline in it went inert, we don't got any Lucy in stock

...and another note reads

Paul nothings wrong with the gas. It's that new A-Gas that lasts forever, so there's probably rats or something in the wiring
No. 900461 ID: 094652

Twelve internet points says we just found out what happens when you use experimental magic gasoline in an insecure facility.

Check the cards. Were they used as pre-apocalypse playing cards or post-apocalypse currency?

Keep moving, look for anything related to gasoline. If that blood monster is at least 33% combustible material, a heat-based attack could at least trigger a fear response. Monsters don't like being set on fire.
No. 900462 ID: d3602f

Wait, is this saying that the blob ate the power cell? I can think of two possible places it could be: either the power cell is still inside that thing (in which case we probably can't get it without killing it), or the power cell being too large, got stuck in the vent that the slime got through.

Any ideas on how to get through the vent or to kill the slime? We could possibly kill it by blowing it up with a shot to the gas tank, but that would also almost certainly destroy the terminal, and maybe the power cell, kind of making it pointless.
No. 900464 ID: 575ec0

If the blob at the cell, then the cell would have been filtered out on ceiling grate the blob originally oozed out of!
Go get it! Shoot out the screws if you have too!
No. 900465 ID: eeb7d9

Boy it surely would nice to have a flamethrower right now.

Before trying to explode the blob of meat, we should try to see if that cell is still in the vent from where that thing came from. But how do we pray it open?
No. 900467 ID: 575ec0

Unless the tank is only partially full, and the shot we're firing is either an incendiary or a tracer, shooting the tank will probably only make a hole.

Also that room is tiny we'd be chunky salsa. Even if we fire from outside the room, this facility is so small that the air could be unbreathable in under a minute. also we don't have what we came for yet.

We could shoot a hole in the lower section of the tank to spring a leak, and then use the lighter to light it, if it comes to that.
No. 900486 ID: 2202fb

I suggest you cut your losses and leave. Then you can go sic that demonologist on this fucker. He probably has some magic science thing he can do, right?
No. 900487 ID: 2202fb

Plus, if we go get demon guy, then you not only wouldn't have to waste any potential gas left in there, you also wouldnt risk causing severe structural damage to the facility.
No. 900494 ID: 8a947d
File 153611716759.png - (120.84KB , 1039x709 , Hallway 8.png )

You wish you could just go and get Roland, but you went back and checked the house before you did all of this and he ain't home.

>Check the cards. Were they used as pre-apocalypse playing cards or post-apocalypse currency?
They're in good condition and only a few seem to be missing. You doubt it was ever used for currency before now.

The Vents
There aren't any screws on the vents up there to shoot off, you can't get up there.

>look for anything related to gasoline
The only thing you could think of here that could have gasoline in it is the tank in the jammed open room. The note said something about it by A-Gas, that stuffs just like normal gas 'cept it doesn't expire; still not as good as lucy though. If you want to burn this monster you're gonna need to cover it in that stuff to get a good fire going, but shooting that tank while you're still in the room's a great way to blow yourself up too. Plus even if you do blow that tank the terminal would be good as gone as well.

Maybe if you could use something to bust the tank open without shooting it. Maybe something that can crush it and make a leak? The wall of flesh is starting to leave the room.
No. 900496 ID: b1b4f3

Well, what about the pipe coming out of it and through the wall? Looks like it goes through some sort of fixture, is there any way to manipulate the fixture?

I guess you could go grab one of those loose shelves from the first room and smash the tank with it to cause a leak, then lure the wall of flesh over to the tank so it gets doused. Then you could light it up.
No. 900531 ID: eeb7d9

Sounds like a plan, is either this, or find something else to smash the pipe, or kick it.
No. 900549 ID: 91ee5f

>The wall of flesh is starting to leave the room.
Use The Doors and go back to the bloody door at the other end of the hall!

This thing is stupid and is just following you around, so you need to go back to the other end of the hall before it comes out of that room and starts to cover the floor hatch with blood!
No. 901348 ID: 8a947d
File 153669243760.png - (371.13KB , 1039x1417 , Dowsed.png )

You travel back to the far end of the hallway through your portals to leash the wall of flesh further away from you. After you get it far enough away you go back into the gas tank room and pull the pipe off of the wall. It takes a lot of time and effort, and the wall has enough time to catch up to you in the room again. When you do pull the pipe off the wall a stream of what you assume to be A-Gas spews from it and douses the demon wall.
Quickly you portal out of the room and back into the hallway once again. The wall of flesh continues to follow you doused in flammable gasoline.
No. 901349 ID: b1b4f3

Light it up!
No. 901353 ID: 91ee5f

Light it up and immediately use The Doors to go to the other end of the hall, so that you don’t get caught in the fire!
No. 901354 ID: eeb7d9

This, but make sure that that thing is far away from the console so it doesn't damage it. Light it up once is out of that room.
No. 901360 ID: a9d3ce

Yeah, lure it a bit first.
No. 901363 ID: 91ee5f

The monster is going to leave a trail of gas behind it. So even if we set it on fire at the other end of the hallway, the gas trail will get set on fire and the fire will go back into that room with the terminal.

The terminal is going to be damaged no matter what we do.
No. 901369 ID: 575ec0


So, we portal back the a gas tank. Light our lighter, and wait for the flesh mass te get right up on our ass, so its covering the whole terminal. Throw the lighter and teleport through the tank out to the elevator immediately.

Then we open the emergency hatch of the elevator, climb up, and allow the fumes some time to vent.

Then we go back down and dig through the cooked meat to the (Hopefully) Insulated terminal.

To be honest I think this is a terrible idea, but I also think it could work.
No. 901371 ID: 8a947d
File 153670836640.png - (629.39KB , 1039x1417 , Up In Flames 1-2.png )

>Light it Up

You chuck your lit lighter at the blob of flesh and immediately portal away from it. The mass catches on fire almost instantly and begins to flail about making louder gibbering noises. Parts of it's body bubble up then pop and crackle as it's size begins to diminish. Soon only small chunks of meat and flesh remain as the fire grows. Luckily before the flames can get any worse panels in the ceiling slide back revealing sprinklers that douse the flames from becoming any more of a problem. The smell of burnt rotten meat lingers in the air.

You get closer to the remains of the wall of flesh, some small bits of it attempt to move but ultimately lose any signs of life. In the middle you see a beach ball sized pile of what looks to be hair and some sort of fatty material. Out of curiosity you give the hairball a poke with your foot and it splits open revealing lots of animal skeletons and bones, scraps of metal, and another power cell. You have no idea how it would've gotten this stuff through the grate, you're not a demonologist.
No. 901376 ID: eeb7d9

Take mental notes about this thing, Roland will love to hear about this, and if you can take some organic parts of it, the better. Take power cell and put it in that terminal already. I am starting to dislike this place.
No. 901378 ID: 91ee5f

Plug the power cell into the terminal and turn it on.

You better hope that this thing didn’t get anywhere near your stuff!

>You have no idea how it would've gotten this stuff through the grate, you're not a demonologist.
It’s doubtful that Roland knows either, but as long as you can remember this stuff and tell him about it, I’m sure he’ll be happy! I mean, he hasn’t charged you any sorta rent for staying on his property, but if you tell him about this thing, then he’ll probably be too distracted to remember to charge you rent!
No. 901385 ID: 74adc7

Power up terminal, see where your stuff is.

You'd think a giant wall of bloody flesh would suck up all kinds of non food related items, not just one powercell. Maybe it's new. Maybe it's parent is around.
No. 901405 ID: dbf422

I mean. It's a toss up between wanting to forget everything about that thing and keeping it in mind for your nerd friend.

For now, you've got a terminal that might get you your stuff back.
No. 901476 ID: 8a947d
File 153678541411.png - (158.29KB , 1039x709 , Lobby Room 1.png )

You pop the second power cell into the terminal. It takes a while to boot up completely but when it does you're given a number of camera interfaces to look at. Though only one works, the one to the camera in the maintenance hatch next to you. Now that you can clearly see what's behind the panel you can make a portal to the otherside.

You enter the maintenance shaft and crawl forward. There's a latter at the end which you climb up and continue on until you reach an opening with another latter. You climb down into the room below, you remember this place now. Your stuff should be under that rug.
No. 901478 ID: 51d5a1

Open the doors first, while I don't belive there's any traps in the rug, that's a hella suspicious rug.
No. 901494 ID: 575ec0

Oub Mother Sun?
Pretty sure that's supposed to be Our Mother's Son.

Also whover wrote it, despite having a wery distinct style, breaks it in the second R.

It lqoks like the numbers 3 and 2 are hidden in the text.
No. 901495 ID: 91ee5f

You know, I’m pretty sure the writing on the wall wasn’t here last time you were here. Which means, according to the writing, a bunch of sun worshipers have come through here.

You’d better hope they didn’t find your stuff! Because that would be very inconvenient!

And just in case they put a trap under that rug, use The Doors to stick your hand through the door behind you and out the door closest to the rug. Then yank the rug out of the way! That way, you can keep your distance while checking for traps!
No. 901496 ID: 91ee5f

Well if that’s true, then look at the word “mother”. Doesn’t that look like a 0 (zero) instead of the letter “O”?
No. 901501 ID: 8a947d
File 153678868886.png - (352.75KB , 1039x1417 , Lobby Room 2-3.png )

You think maybe insane people just have a hard time keeping consistent. Besides, that was here when you hid the stuff; this place is ancient.

Both doors open to empty uninteresting rooms. You came here for one thing and it's right in front of you now. You pull the rug aside revealing a massive safe in the floor, you remember the combination clearly and open it slowly. The safe is full of your valuables. You pull out a box of flat packages and flip through each one to make sure everything's there. Metallica...Vanhallen...Iron Maiden Yup they're all here! You dig inside of the safe more, a few of your guitars are in here too, sheet music, a bag of cards, and finally at the bottom wrapped in cloth you find a small vial of blue dust; Seraphim. Just touching the vial makes your hand tingle.

You're glad none of this stuff is gone. This shouldn't get in the wrong hands.
No. 901503 ID: 51d5a1

What is this stuff? Some sort of weird drug?
No. 901505 ID: 91ee5f

Alright, grab all of your things and let’s get outta here before some other monster decides to show up!

Also, count out the value of those cards to see how much money you’ve got.

So what is that stuff and what’s it supposed to do?
No. 901511 ID: bb3724

Seraphim? Is that angelic in nature?
No. 901524 ID: 8a947d
File 153679378885.png - (726.43KB , 1039x1417 , Old Hut 4.png )

You don't know what's in it, but you do know that supposedly it's supposed to be like a mega drug for saints. It'll either super charge your power or melt your brain, and you don't want to take the chance.

You gather your stuff and count the cards. 750 Worth in cards, nice. As you leave the cabin and head back to your truck you hear something hit the sand next to you. A man covered in blood is clutching his broken arm in pain as he tries to lift himself up. You can tell from his clothes he belongs to Channing's gang. Between coughing up blood he looks at you and sputters out...

GANG MEMBER: M-monster! H-h-help me. Please!

You hear something moving on the rock above you.
No. 901525 ID: 575ec0

Despite the blood... His bones don't look horrifically broken.
Also, not your problem. Get the hell out of here.
I smell a trap.
No. 901527 ID: eeb7d9

Shhhhit, i have a really bad feeling about this. What is this guy doing here? Pull out your gun, aim at him first, look at the direction were the noise came from. I don't trust this guy.
No. 901528 ID: b1b4f3

Dive back into the rock behind you and teleport to that other outcropping behind the building.
No. 901534 ID: 0e2ebe

Don't they want you dead? If they do, leave. If they don't, help.
No. 901538 ID: 91ee5f

He wouldn’t happen to be the guy that helped you set up this hiding place for your stuff, would he?

Bu, yeah, like everyone else said, this is probably a trap.
No. 901550 ID: 8a947d
File 153680303657.png - (276.40KB , 1039x709 , Old Hut 6.png )

You've got no interest in helping somebody that A: might be luring you into a trap and B: dressed as the people who're hunting you down. If this is a trap it's a poorly made one, but regardless there might be something up there. You use the rocks to teleport away all the while the man cries for your help. You sit behind the rocks and watch him limp across the sand. Eventually something leaps down from on top of the rock and pounces on the gang member. It's dark but you can hear chewing and see his blood spray from his body across the sand. It looks like that wasn't a trap, but you're not losing sleep over one of Channings goons.
Now there's a more important question at hand: Can you travel back to your truck without alerting whatever that thing is?
No. 901551 ID: 0e2ebe

Maybe toss a rock at the wall nearby, then teleport when the beast tries to check out the noise.
No. 901562 ID: eeb7d9

Can you get a clear look at that thing?
Where is your truck? Can you teleport near it?
No. 901611 ID: a6405f

Teleport some distance away and throw a rock at the thing. Have it run at you and once it gets far enough, teleport to some rock closest to your truck. That should buy you enough time, tho you should probably floor it back to Roland's since he actually has stuff that might be able to subdue, or at least drive off this thing.

Watch out for more of these things and be prepared for weird demon shenanigans.
No. 901628 ID: 05ff2f

Ya better scout the situation before you go 'portin' up to your truck, even if you got the creature away from it first. You don't know if this critter runs in a group and there's a bunch of 'em up the rock it pounced from. Best to 'port up to the top of nearby rocks around the rock your truck is next to and scope it out for trouble before jumping in.

Doubtful that this creature'll stop chewing on its meal to investigate the sound of a rock hittin' another rock. However, the clack might attract other, currently unseen, critters that we wouldn't want. Best not to throw around stones right now.
No. 901639 ID: 91ee5f

This seems reasonable.
No. 901647 ID: 8a947d
File 153688863465.png - (227.23KB , 1039x709 , Old Hut 7.png )

There could be more of whatever this thing is. You fall through the rock your leaning on and come up through the top of the one by the shack. You scan the area real quick but don't see anything else on top of the rocks or in the distance. These things could be hiding but you have no idea where. As you look for more possible creatures you realize the chewing sounds from below have stopped.
No. 901648 ID: 91ee5f

Behind you!

Quick, go back through the rock!
No. 901649 ID: 80d2bf

Table-hopper over it! Parkour!
No. 901650 ID: a0bbcf

Say hello to Issei.
No. 901655 ID: eeb7d9

To your right! Muve MUVE!
No. 901695 ID: 8a947d
File 153696119361.png - (219.72KB , 1039x709 , A Killer In The Dark 1.png )

You hear deep heavy breathing behind you. IN a panic you warp back through the rock and try to get away from the monster. You run away from the shack in the opposite direction of your truck. As you move you hear something fly through the air and something lands in front of you. When it stands up you get a better look at what the thing is. It's not a beast, but a very tall humanoid shape. Their mouth is covered in blood. In a deep voice you hear...

???: i recognize your smell...only a bit of it but it reminds me of the young man from dawnsprings...yes, roland. do you know him?
No. 901696 ID: b1b4f3

Tell it you're friends. Ask what it wants with you.
No. 901704 ID: eeb7d9

Uhhh, yeah, we save each others ass in a vault full of displacer beasts. He let me stay in his home after that. Really nice guy... too nice... ehh do you know him too? Do WE know each other? You got something in your uhhh, your whole mouth.
No. 901705 ID: a0bbcf

What's it to ya?
No. 901706 ID: 7bc33e

We know him, yes. If you’re planning on eating him we aren't going to tell you where he is.

Stay strong by reminding yourself that anything this thing does to you, at least you’ll probably die quickly. Channing will probably do much worse if he catches you.
No. 901707 ID: 91ee5f

“Yeah, I know him. And if you’re planning on eating him, then I ain’t telling you where he is!”
No. 901708 ID: 774bca

Be VERY careful, blood around the mouth can mean a few things but since he can talk normally it's probably not his.
He seems dangerous, you might not want to tell him about Gallows.
You might not want to talk to him at all.

No. 901709 ID: 0e2ebe

How do you know Roland?
No. 901722 ID: 8a947d
File 153697451773.png - (196.81KB , 1039x709 , A Killer In The Dark 2.png )

YOU: Y-yeah...I know him, what? You ain't full enough already?
???: hmm? oh i have no intention of killing or eating him.

The man pulls a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wipes the blood from his mouth.

???: i understand this isn't necessarily the best first impression i could give to a friend of rolands, but i assure you i don't just go eating anybody.besides, if i wanted to eat him i would've done it almost immediately after meeting him in town, and in the same way if i wanted to eat you i wouldn't be wasting time with conversation

The tall man turns to look at the corpse of the gang member.

???: the meal you interrupted was different. if you ask me he deserved to die...unless you think otherwise? was that man someone you knew?
No. 901730 ID: 575ec0

I've seen him once or twice... We never spoke.

So uh... Roland sure knows some interesting folk. How do you know him, and what do you wan't with me?

I'm uh, Troy, by the way. And you are...
No. 901735 ID: b1b4f3

Say he was part of a group that wants to kill you.
No. 901736 ID: 51d5a1

Did know him for a bit, dude had a killer bandana and a cool hair style. Didn't deserve to die comparing to a lot of other people.

Didn't deserve to be eaten too, hella metal way to go.
No. 901738 ID: 8a947d
File 153698183439.png - (305.38KB , 1039x709 , A Killer In The Dark 3.png )

YOU: Someone that wanted me dead...I saw him a few times before that but never talked to him...
???: well! everything worked out then! one less person that wants you dead and i got to have a nice meal tonight.
YOU: Yeah well...I ain't so sure how I feel 'bout him being eaten...Umm, my name's Troy. W-what do you want Roland for?
ICHIGO: chokoreto ichigo, but ichigo is just fine. i don't really "want" roland for anything i just happened to notice the smell from you and wanted to see who it was. i take great care to only hunt at night so nobody see's me, so when i smelled a familiar scent i panicked a little you see. cannibalism's not exactly a popular practice and despite not being human i definitely pass well enough to get called one.

Ichigo begins to walk away back to the corpse of the gang member.

ICHIGO: y'know recently there have been a lot more appropriate prey for me to hunt in the area. i assume that's because of you?
YOU: Well yeah...these people do want me dead.
ICHIGO: well...it's very rare that i get to eat like this, most of the time it's only fruits i can stomach. you and roland are in the same area most of the time? if you need help dealing with anymore rude visitors i'd be more than happy to help you and myself.

As Ichigo goes to finish his food he yells back at you.

ICHIGO: oh! and tell roland i'll be in lucc's bar tomorrow if he wants to talk! don't tell him what happened tonight!

He repeats himself again only this time it's somehow much lower yet just as loud almost like the voice is booming inside of your head.

ICHIGO: don't tell anyone what happened tonight.

He picks the body up and runs off leaving you alone.
No. 901740 ID: eeb7d9

What a nice fellow. What is up with you and meeting weird people?
Well you can't really deny that is a good deal. He helps you with your persecutors and he gets to eat. All you have to do is to be quiet about it. Nice and simple.
So, time to head back?
No. 901741 ID: ad51b8

... I feel this calls for more booze. let's head back "home" and drink some more.
No. 901808 ID: dbf422

Good plan
No. 901812 ID: 91ee5f

>if you need help dealing with anymore rude visitors i'd be more than happy to help you and myself.
Lucky you! You’ve got an ally that can help you fight off and deal with these thugs that are after you! And all you have to do is not tell anyone that he’s not human or that he eats people! That seems simple enough!

>oh! and tell roland i'll be in lucc's bar tomorrow if he wants to talk!
Guess you’ll just pass along that message next time you see Roland.

>What do?
Well, since you’re not in danger anymore, head back to your truck and go back to Roland’s house.
No. 901814 ID: 48ade7

This night's been quite eventfull, let's go find some un-smashed bottles and forget about it.
No. 901874 ID: 8a947d
File 153705545245.png - (387.85KB , 1039x709 , Split.png )

Yeah, maybe you should forget a lot of what happened out here. You've seen some freaky shit but this takes the cake. As much as you'd like to go home to drink the rest of the night away you need to go get something else important elsewhere, you hid a lot of stuff in Crater to keep it safe. As you return to your truck you can't help but wonder where Roland is. Last time you went back to his house to grab something there was no one home, has he really been out all night?

>Go get the rest of your stuff.

>Wonder what Roland's doing right now.
No. 901876 ID: 51d5a1

>Wonder what Roland's doing right now.
No. 901880 ID: 575ec0

Eh, he probably wandered into a ruin and got trapped or something. He's smart enough, he'll figure it out. Just give him some time.

>Go get your stuff
No. 901884 ID: eeb7d9

>Go get the rest of your stuff.
What other stuff? Is something of personal value as well?

Do you have familly? Siblings, parents?
No. 901889 ID: 91ee5f

This is a tough decision to make. On one hand, I want to stick with Troy a little longer, but on the other hand, I want to see what kind of training Flint is giving Roland.

Hmmm, I guess wonder what Roland's doing right now.
No. 901926 ID: ad51b8

>Go get the rest of your stuff.
No. 901945 ID: dbf422

Go get the rest of your stuff
No. 901949 ID: 7bc33e

We can check on Roland another time. Let’s see what else we need to get.
No. 901973 ID: 2202fb

Roland is just doing chin-ups; probably still getting over his inferiority complex from the thing he was in.

Get the rest of your shit. Btw, we need to tell roland about that guy. We need to tell him everything the guy said, what he looked like, what he did, and especially that he told you not to tell roland.
No. 902073 ID: 2202fb

Hey, i have a question: what do you know about succubi? I know they are a demon, and while you will probably just say roland would know more, you would be wrong. While roland is passionate about learning about demons, he doesn't actually know much about demons yet, meaning the tidbits you know might still be more than he knows. I mean hell, he is basically just a kid, right?
No. 902095 ID: f14948

Chin up Roland! Don’t be a pussy!
No. 902101 ID: 2202fb

I think roland can handle unpussying himself by himself
No. 902659 ID: 8a947d
File 153755613903.png - (164.21KB , 1212x826 , Troy's Truck.png )

>Go get the rest of your stuff
Whatever Roland's doing you're sure he's fine. Besides, you need to worry about getting your things back. If you're going to be hiding out here you'd better at least find the crap you hid. You sort of always knew Channing was a bit of a crazy asshole, he gave off a weird sort of vibe, but it was never that bad until before you left.

>Do you have family? Siblings, parents?
No. You've been an orphan for your entire life. Honestly the closest thing you had to a family was the gang, even if it wasn't that long ago you joined them.
No. 902660 ID: 8a947d
File 153755676647.png - (456.53KB , 1039x709 , Bush Pit.png )

>We need to tell Roland about that guy
Sure, you might as well cover yourself in barbecue sauce while you're at it. Not only would that put a target on you for revealing his secret, but if Roland knew you get the feeling that Ichigo guy'd put him on the menu next to keep him quiet. Still...you might think about it later.

>What do you know about succubi?
You've heard some things but you know next to nothing. Demons aren't something you get close to on purpose.

After some driving you park your truck near where you hid your stuff. In front of you there's a divot in the ground filled with bushes and other plants. Looks like mostly stab-weed. There weren't this many bushes the last time you were here. You can't drive through this, last time you tried even if it was smaller it was still hell to get your truck out of the pit. You stare at the rock formation in the middle, it's not made of the same stuff as the surrounding rocks. You think last time you were here you were told it was some sort of meteorite. You do know your stuff is hidden somewhere around the base of that weird rock.
No. 902661 ID: 575ec0

How stabby is stab weed? If you run through it, are you bleeding and in pain, or impaled and dying? Because I feel like something might jump out.

Wouldn't happen to have a machete in the back, would you?
No. 902666 ID: b1b4f3

Can you just walk around it?
No. 902667 ID: 2202fb

Flame it! (idk how)

Btw, grab a piece of the meteor. I know it is huge, but i just mean a small piece that has broken off (and i'll eat my hat if there arent any). Roland or his pet imp might be interested in it.

Hey, now here's an idea, why not grab a piece of regular rock on the ground and toss it to the other side of the murderpit. You could teleport to the rock (unless ofc, it has to be a specific size which may be the reason why you havent used this exploit before).

Well, Roland has a flamethrower, you could grab him and burn the weeds. Assuming you arent still opposed to imposing.

Tell him he needs to recruit a succubus. Dont give an explanation, just tell him and then just dont say anything.
No. 902668 ID: 2202fb

You should really work on upgrading your truck into a combat vehicle. It needs more horsepower, armor, and wheels that could drive through that shit like it was nothing.

Roland knows a guy.
No. 902669 ID: eeb7d9

Your truck is smailling.

Also, i don't like it. In tall grass there is always a possibility that someone ro something is hiding. Is it normal cutting grass or is an abnormal cutting grass that is actually angerous and can cut you real nasty-like?
No. 902672 ID: d3602f

Are those needles difficult to get through on foot? Maybe we could find a couple large rocks that could help get us through.

First, unless that rock is related to demons, I don't think Roland will be especially interested in it. I suppose we could grab a piece of it if it shows something interesting, but as far as I can tell it's just a big rock.

Second, we would need a human sized rock for that. Throwing a pebble won't work, but maybe if we found something bigger we could use it.

Third, Troy has no idea where Roland is last time he checked.

Fourth, I think Gemini will get pissed if we try to get friendly with a succubus... which means, I'm all for it.
No. 902675 ID: f14948

By the sound of that I would also assume you have some kind of tool for brush clearing or a way to get through the stab grass unharmed.
No. 902779 ID: 91ee5f

>Not only would that put a target on you for revealing his secret, but if Roland knew you get the feeling that Ichigo guy'd put him on the menu next to keep him quiet.
No, you fool! You just tell Roland, “Hey, I ran into a weird guy in the middle of the wasteland earlier and he said he knew you. Do you know of someone named Ichigo? He said that he’d be at Lucc's bar tomorrow if you wanted to talk.”

That way you can tell Roland that you met Ichigo and you don’t reveal his secret to Roland.

And if Roland asks why Ichigo was out in the middle of the wasteland, just tell him that’s something he can ask Ichigo if he goes to meet him at Lucc’s bar.

>You stare at the rock formation in the middle, it's not made of the same stuff as the surrounding rocks. You think last time you were here you were told it was some sort of meteorite.
Well, it’s doubtful that thing landed in one piece. Check the surrounding area to see if there are any chunks of the meteorite that broke off and landed somewhere outside of all the stab-weed. That way you can use The Doors between the two chunks of meteorite.
No. 902833 ID: 2202fb

The meteor might have useful properties. Spiderchick (whom i cant remember the name of) might want it, meaning Roland could either sell it, or at the very least give it to her for RelationshipPoints
Plus there are demons and saints and shit, is a magic space rock really that far-fetched?


Do you have a siphon? Could you siphon some of your truck's gas to start a fire to burn the deathweeds?
No. 902845 ID: 91ee5f

>Spiderchick (whom i cant remember the name of)
Her name is Ada.
No. 902850 ID: 8a947d
File 153767232014.png - (531.41KB , 1039x709 , Bush Pit 2.png )

Stabweed isn't deadly to walk through, you might get your pants and coat scratched up a bit but it won't kill you. The stuff can leave you bleeding if you're not careful though. The real stabby parts are down near the roots of the bushes in the middle of it. People like to tear those parts off to use like darts or caltrops, and you've got good boots on so as long as you don't fall on one of those you're fine. You do grab a knife from your truck though, not for the plants but more for the snakes. Snakes love stabweed, the leaves are really warm and they like using the sharp root bits to help shed their skin. You have no idea if any of these snakes are poisonous though so instead of heading right for the rock you look for a chunk you can use to teleport closer without fear of being bitten.

Yeah you would, but things like that kind of cost cards. Plus you don't like to make too many adjustments to it, weapons are most likely out of the question.

That might burn what you're hiding here, it is flammable.
No. 902852 ID: 8a947d
File 153767262563.png - (228.43KB , 1039x709 , Bush Pit 3.png )

When you do find a big enough chunk of meteorite half way between the rock and the edge of the pit you sink into it and out of the bigger rock. You get down and start digging around the base of the rock trying to find your stash, at the same time you pick up a few meteorite chunks just in case. While digging around you notice there's some sort of weird markings on the rock, you really hope that doesn't mean some one else got here before you did. They look sort of like...foot prints?
No. 902855 ID: d3602f

It also looks like there is a marking of a fist there. Maybe try putting your feet and fist on the designated prints?
No. 902856 ID: 91ee5f

>They look sort of like...footprints?
It looks like the footprints are walking up the side of the meteorite.

I say you should just ignore it and keep digging until you find your stuff.

Buuuuut, if you’re really curious (or you can’t find your stuff) you can go ahead and follow the footprints up. And instead of climbing, just use The Doors to go back to the other chunk of meteorite you found, then when you come back to the big meteorite, you should aim to come out of the top. No climbing at all!
No. 902857 ID: b1b4f3

This must be the work of an enemy StandSaint! Look out! Get away from those prints, see if there's anyone above you or something.
No. 902869 ID: eeb7d9

Why would there be footprints in a rock? I mean, handprints and a fist maybe, but a foot? Someone walking horizontally? Maybe kicks?
Check your stuff, but be wary of an ambush again. It happen before, and this time Ichigo might not be there to help you.
No. 902893 ID: 8a947d
File 153769044292.png - (802.99KB , 1039x1417 , Bush Pit 4-5.png )

You look at the prints on the side of the meteorite. They are footprints but they don't go all the way up so it doesn't look like someone walked up the side of the thing, and now that you pay attention either the snakes are hissing louder or the markings starting to hum...and glow. You back up a little as it starts to glow brighter and duck away from it instinctively. A blue leg shoots from the foot print on the meteorite barely missing your face.
No. 902895 ID: 575ec0

Why Kicking? That wouldn't kill you, just knok you over into the stab weeds. You probably wouldn't de you'd just be injured and slowed... down...

SHIT this is an ambush. RUN!
No. 902897 ID: a94e23

Back up somewhere safe and try to find your attacker
No. 902901 ID: c3a2fb

We found a member of your old gang at the last stash we should have guessed that they know about our hiding places.
No. 902909 ID: 91ee5f

Do you know anyone with an ability to do that?

If you know about this ability, then that means you know if this is a trap to be avoided or if that’s a leg that you can grab to yank your attacker out of the rock.

Also, don’t forget about the footprints that were on the ground! You don’t want to end up getting a kick in the balls! DX
No. 902938 ID: eeb7d9

A trap made of a angel ability. Look around for more of these, pay attention to the snakes, they seem to react to them. We need to the one making this and put them down ASAP.
No. 902946 ID: b1b4f3

Grab the leg and pull.
No. 902947 ID: 2202fb

They might work like proxy mines. Just keep your eyes open and avoid them as best you can - and grab your shit asap and get tf out of dodge!

Truck thing is a mid-long term goal. While it doesnt need guns, it definitely needs protection and enough power to keep from getting defeated by a bunch of bushes.
No. 902954 ID: 7e1da4

Grab the leg and drag whoever it belongs to out.
No. 902955 ID: d3602f

A question, is there anything that weakens Saint powers, like how silver weakens demons?
No. 903140 ID: 8a947d
File 153791525721.png - (412.43KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 1.png )

>Do you know anyone with an ability to do that?
You sure as hell do. You didn't recognize it at first, you've never seen it in action that much but, you do know who this is now.

>Grab the leg
It can't be grabbed. It's an echo of an attack imprinted in the rock.

You run away from the rock, upset you've yet to find your stash but more upset you've been found by gang members. As you run you feel one of the snakes beneath you coil around your leg. Another wraps itself around your arm and more begin to tangle you holding you in place. Another familiar ability.
No. 903142 ID: 8a947d
File 153791575069.png - (446.11KB , 1039x709 , Johnny G and Jitter.png )

You hear a voice from up on the large chunk of meteor. Two figures have leaped up to the top of the rock and now look down at you. Two assholes you wish you'd never met. The bumpkin looking one with the dumb hat is Johnny G, and the walking mop with snakes for fingers is Jitter. Members of Channing's "Hunter Killer" Division, You've never worked side by side with these freaks but you have seen what they can do...

JOHNNY-G: Well I'll be! Is that Tricky Troy I see down there? What are the odds! How ya been Troy!?
No. 903143 ID: 7e1da4

Don't bother talking, just do your magic cocaine.
No. 903160 ID: 91ee5f

Troy, you fool, you should’ve used The Doors to go through the meteorite instead of running away on foot!

>Members of Channing's "Hunter Killer" Division
It looks like they knew your stash was here, which means that the last guy didn’t happen to be there, he was waiting for you when Ichigo attacked him.

This means that you can expect more ambushes at all of your stash locations! So if you manage to get away from these guys, it might be a good idea to bring someone with you before you go looking for your next stash.

>What do?
If you can still reach your pocket, then all you have to do is aim your gun at the chunks of meteorite in your pocket and use The Doors to make the bullets come out of the meteorite those guys are standing on. That’ll force them to let go of you, but bonus points if you manage to kill one of them!
No. 903174 ID: deec6e


Shit. Keep 'em talking, distract 'em while you try to wriggle free or teleport with your magic if possible. Maybe you can get the 'friendly' fellow let something useful slip.

"Doin' fine lying low - or trying to - on account of Channing throwing a fit over somethin' that got nothin' to do with me. How 'bout you and the hissus? I mean... the hell you two doin' hangin' out in the boonies, Johhny-G? I know he's cray, but the boss can't be mad enough to send two of his better hitters just to get his mitts on some schmuck ex-smuggler. Ain't you got better things to do?"

And what the hell, it might be worth it to try throwing a olive branch their way, right? Matzen was nice. These guys might not be NICE, but perhaps they can be convinced to look the other way for now.

"Seriously, all I did was having enough of Channing's bullshit and no wonder, bein' down the ranks was gettin' right un-fun. I don't wanna be martyred for the sake of gang cohesion or whatever the hell's gotten into his head now, so let me get outta your hair and I promise I'll try to make it worth your while. I ain't some enemy or threat to the gang, just a tired, harmless quitter. Wasn't the first, won't be the last."
No. 903182 ID: eeb7d9

Get rid of those snakes, use your machete.
No. 903184 ID: 2202fb

Since no one friendly knows where you are, you may actually be fucked right now...

Could you "doors" the ground/dirt you are standing on?
No. 903383 ID: 05885e

What makes Johnny and Jitter freaks, specifically? What are their abilities? Guessing by his hat, Johnny seems like someone who needs to brag in order to compensate for something. Ask him how they found out about your hiding spots, he'll probably tell you in great detail, giving you time to free yourself.
No. 903401 ID: a6405f

I think its more that they are weird, dorky, unpleasant individuals rather than actual freaks.
No. 903402 ID: 575ec0

Could you use the doors to teleport through your hat and land on this guys head?
No. 903413 ID: 8a947d
File 153799092244.png - (391.56KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 2.png )

>Grab knife/gun
Your arms are bound tight by Jitter's snake hands. Getting anything from your pockets will be difficult like this.

>Do your magic cocaine.
The stuff that could possibly turn your nasals and brain into sludge on use? It isn't that dire yet. Besides, you left that in your truck.

>It might be worth it to try throwing a olive branch their way, right? Matzen was nice. These guys might not be NICE, but perhaps they can be convinced to look the other way for now.
The last thing you want to do is show any civility towards these two...but if it means not dyin' it might be the best course of action.

YOU: I was doin' just fine til' you two chumps came snoopin' around. The hell are ya doin' out here anyway? Channing's mad enough to waste your time huh?
JOHNNY-G: Oh Channing's absolutely livid! He's been spurtin' the same bullhonkey 'bout you needin' to "learn respect" or some shit. He's funny when he's made ain't he Jitter?
JOHNNY-G: Hah! You said it girl. Anyway we've been told we'd get a better reward if we bring ya in alive so why don'tcha knock all this tomfoolery off and just come back quietly! I'm sure the worst Channing can do is a public execution! That or takin' an arm or somthin'. Who knows? I do know It'll get worse for ya if you keep on runnin' away.
YOU: I ain't goin' anywhere with you fuckers! How'd you even know where to look for me?
JOHNNY-G: Oh! we got ya buddies to talk! Well, not really talk, but the methods we use make it impossible for em' to keep their mouths shut! We got special agents with abilities you don't even know 'bout. Don't feel too betrayed though, your friends struggled ta keep ya secrets 'til the last second! You really know how to pick 'em don'tcha? loyal and stupid.

At that you not only feel anger knowing friends we're possibly tortured, but also are beginning to get tired of Johnny's shitty voice. You can't reach your pockets, but you got a set of 32 weapons free right now. You bite down into a snake body coiling around your neck, in surprise Jitter yelps and retracts her snakes dropping you to the ground.

JOHNNY-G: Now that was right rude! I expected ya to fight dirty and all but that's just cruel! are ya alright Jitter?
JITTER: ...*sniff*

It seems like your passing idea of talking things out might not go through, these two are deep in Channing's pocket anyway, and you absolutely hate Johnny-G.The two seem about ready to attack you.
No. 903414 ID: b1b4f3

Either shoot bullets through portals or take that super drug.
No. 903415 ID: 7e1da4

You're at a disadvantage. The best option would be to retreat and prepare for their next attack.
No. 903419 ID: 91ee5f

>tortured friends into revealing all of your secret stash locations
>friends struggled to keep secrets
Hey, at least you know they didn’t sell you out! They were forced to give away your secrets!

Of course, this means that there’s gonna be someone at all of your stashes, waiting to ambush you. You might want to think about bringing someone with you to help you fight, before you go looking for the rest of your stuff!

>Got free
Ok, now that your arms are free, you can use The Doors to shoot your gun into those meteorite chunks in your pocket to make the bullets come out of the meteorite Johnny-G and Jitter are standing on!
No. 903421 ID: eeb7d9

Look for cover, mind the snakes and any other traps. We are going to kill these bastards, for your old friends.
No. 903422 ID: 05885e

Anything in this stash you can use against them?
Also, it doesn't sound like this is going to go away by itself without taking Channing down, but that's a problem for another time, Johnny just called your friends stupid and that needs to be addressed >:(
No. 903427 ID: 8a947d
File 153800029564.png - (551.21KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 3.png )

>Anything in this stash you can use against them?
Nothing at all.

>Of course, this means that there’s gonna be someone at all of your stashes, waiting to ambush you. You might want to think about bringing someone with you to help you fight
Good thing you hit the most important one first. You can live without the other ones if that's the case, but you can always go get help if you really want the stuff.

>Shoot through the Meteorite
You pop two shots through a nearby chunk of meteorite and fire it out of the larger one the pair are standing on (11 Bullets ==> 9 Bullets). Johnny and Jitter both leap from the rock into the bushes to avoid the shots. They're now pursuing you.

>Look for cover, mind the snakes and any other traps.
The best cover you can think of is your truck. As you make your escape you dodge and jump over attack imprints and snakes; luckily, you know for a fact Jitter can't make poisonous ones so it isn't too dangerous to make the run. Even though no attack hits they definitely slow you down. From the direction the snakes are coming from you can tell Jitter is somewhere to your right, and you can hear Johnny jumping over the bushes behind you. In front of you there's another big hunk of meteorite large enough for you to portal through. You can hear Johnny-G shouting more dumb bullshit as he comes up behind you

JOHNNY-G: C'mon Troy 'ol buddy! I don't even know why you're doin' all this! Channing's killed plenty of people! One more doesn't make a difference does it!? You've never met 'em, you didn't know her name. Why do you care!?
No. 903434 ID: eeb7d9

He killed someone you knew, or you cared for? What is up with that song?
I am tempted to keep shotting at them, but we can't keep wasting bullets. Keep running for now, if he gets too close, then you shoot him, but if not just keep runing.
No. 903448 ID: d3602f

If we cut off one of Jitter's snakes with the knife, they might be similar enough for us to open a portal straight to her. She'll probably not expect a bullet or knife to attack her from her own body. Or at least we could scare her into not using the snakes if they aren't similar enough to the rest of her.
No. 903449 ID: 094652

"It's what he did BEFORE he killed her that pisses me off! He murdered her SOUL! He's outta control! He ain't leading you all to power and glory, he just wants to see the world burn, starting with the people that helped him the most!"
No. 903464 ID: 8a947d
File 153800944914.png - (536.79KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 4.png )

>He killed someone you knew, or you cared for?
You didn't know her at all, but that doesn't matter

YOU: Channing took it too far! The fact that you're perfectly fine with workin' with him for money and power just shows what kinda person you are. That asshole's on a one way street to screwin' us all over to get what he want's and you're too stupid to understand that you straw hat dumb ass !

You cut one of Jitters snakes in half with your knife. If it came from her body then all of the snakes she makes must be similar enough for you to make portals out of. You get down and peer through the bushes til you see her well enough. You fire through the severed snake (9 Bullets ==> 8 Bullets), the bullet angle makes it hard to get a good hit on Jitter but a good line of sight was clear for Johnny. He wasn't expecting a shot from that angle. The bullet hits Johnny in the right shoulder, he falls to the ground in pain stunned but not dead.

Jitter in surprise rushes for Johnny, breaking her body down into a swarm of long snakes. A couple reach Johnny, but the majority of them slither towards you quickly.
No. 903466 ID: d3602f

He's down, and Jitter is getting closer to him. A good shot through her should be able to finish Johnny off.

Maybe also try to see if there is another rock you can jump through to avoid the snakes.
No. 903471 ID: 91ee5f

>Jitter in surprise rushes for Johnny, breaking her body down into a swarm of long snakes.
So her entire body is just a swarm of snakes now? I wonder how jarring that is, to be in multiple places at once like that?

>A couple reach Johnny, but the majority of them slither towards you quickly.
Are you still holding that half of snake that you cut off? If so, shoot through that to hit Johnny!

Keep moving towards the meteorite that was in front of you and portal outta there!

.....hey, Troy, can you use The Doors to cut people in half? Like, if you pull them through something, can you turn your ability off while they’re still in the object to cut them in half? Because if any of those snake try to follow you through the meteorite, you could cut them in half and possibly kill Jitter!
No. 903565 ID: eeb7d9

Finish him, quick! I say you charge at them, they will expect to run away, not to go in.
I f you don't think you can pull that off, just avoid the snakes and reposition yourself
No. 903666 ID: 8a947d
File 153808897333.png - (379.94KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 5.png )

>Can you use The Doors to cut people in half?
No, when somethings going through The Doors it needs to exit at some point it can't be cut.

>Shoot through the snake
You take aim through the severed snake's head and get down to see Jitter's snakes, but you can't see any of the small vermin while they're slithering through the tall grass and stabweed bushes in the dark. You don't know where the exits are so you can't open an entrance.

While looking for an exit for The Doors to work one of the snakes slithering towards you wraps around your gun-arm and holds it down. A few more tangle and bite your legs slowing you down more.
No. 903669 ID: 8a947d
File 153808954036.png - (600.92KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 6.png )

While you're being swarmed by snakes you hear rustling from Johnny's direction as he stands up.

JOHNNY-G: Hoowee! Troy! That was dirty! Exactly why we called ya Tricky Troy. Hehehe...Y'know what's interestin'? Jitter's sayin' she smells somethin quite fascinatin' in that busted up rust bucket you call a truck. You been hidin' more goodies from the boss?

You can hear slithering coming from out of the bushes. More snakes come at you much bigger this time, you see the blue glow of Johnny's attack imprints on their scales as they rush you.

JOHNNY-G: Troy I'm a forgivin' man! You can still just quite to make things easier on yaself!
No. 903670 ID: b1b4f3

I see a tactical mistake. The fist-laden snakes are too close to eachother. Stick the machete through some Doors to cut up those snakes before they can get to you.
No. 903671 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, use your machete and start cutting some heads. We need to be quick about it, or the snake lady will sneak to your car and steal your vial. We can't let Channing have it.
No. 903672 ID: deec6e

Snakes bitin' you... bite back on the one holdin' your arm. Or transfer your gun to your left hand and shoot it point blank, then shoot the ones tangling your feet. Damn, but we need a clutch move.


Can The Doors work through his energy attacks? Could you 'touch' an attack and in that split second fire through it right into other energy-covered snakes - or at him directly, if your same material sense can tell you more new attacks are being made nearby? Would be downright ironic if he's leaning down to plant a fist and a bullet comes outta the imprint to punch him in the gut.
No. 903676 ID: 7e1da4

Use the doors to stab the snake holding your gun arm by stabbing through yourself.
No. 903677 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, do this!

And be careful, since those traps might activate as soon as your arm gets close to them! Which would actually be good, since that would trigger all of those traps and have them strike the snakes, if you can get your arm out of the way fast enough!

The Doors doesn’t work like that.
No. 903686 ID: 8a947d
File 153809741615.png - (568.25KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 7.png )

Your skin is one continuous surface, if you stabbed yourself you'd just be killing yourself. Your coat is one continuous surface, if you stabbed the coat you'd just stab through it and stab yourself.

>Can The Doors work through his energy attacks?
You aren't sure. They do become solid when they emerge, but you're not sure how effective using The Doors like that would be since the attacks are rarely ever near Johnny himself and you at the same time. Still, if two of them are out then maybe it could work.

>Attack through the snakes
You pull your knife out of your pocket with your free hand and stab through the snake grappling your arm. Your arm emerges through one of the snakes and in the same moment you strike about in a flurry cutting up dozens of snakes coming near you into bits. The snake bits fall to the ground.
No. 903687 ID: 8a947d
File 153809742268.png - (520.67KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 8.png )

>Be careful, since those traps might activate as soon as your arm gets close to them!
Johnny-G's imprint attacks are activated by proximity, he activates them himself at will...

As soon as you kill the imprinted snakes you cut the snake on your arm and the ones on your legs. As you do this you realize the dead imprinted snakes suddenly jump up off of the ground towards you. Johnny-G activated his attacks on the backs of the snakes to make them leap towards you since the snakes don't need to be alive for the attacks to work. The attacks inside of the snake release and fists pummel you from all sides knocking you to the ground. Instead of hitting dirt you hit something hard, you're laying on a meteorite chunk.

In your daze Johnny-G steps in front of you, you can hear his boots clack on the meteorite's surface as well.

JOHNNY-G: I tried to make this easier for you...maybe I won't take ya in alive. I bet Channing'll be happy just to get that Seraphim all to himself.
No. 903688 ID: 7c1ec7

Right, you can just fall through this meteorite chunk and get to the main one. You’re probably too injured to get to the tiny piece in time.
He’s probably boobie-trapped most of it, including the top so aim for the bit you already cleared of imprints. Then stab him in the feet so he falls over and you can get something important with your knife.
No. 903689 ID: d3602f

Is the chunk big enough to teleport through? If so, use it to run.

If you can't, I have an idea, I'm not sure how well it will work though. Take that snake, point the gun and him and shoot, but DO NOT use The Doors. Just fire straight at him.
No. 903690 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds like a great trick. Can you do this, or are you too injured?
No. 903694 ID: b1b4f3

Pull half his body through the chunk then close the door.
No. 903695 ID: 575ec0

Use the Doors to grab and pull his leg through the meteorite. Then stab it deep to sever some arteries.
No. 903697 ID: 2202fb

So point the gun at him, but put a snake in front of the barrel as if you are going to use the doors, but just shoot through the snake. Additionally, while these snakes might not be poisonous, they may still have fangs, which means you can still potentially get seriously wounded from them.
No. 903699 ID: 91ee5f

Here’s a few ideas:
1) Tell him, “If I’m gonna die, I’ll die my way.” then stab yourself. But make sure you actually stab the meteorite in your pocket so that your knife will come out of the meteorite under Johnny-G’s foot to try and cut his leg off!

2) Same as above, only you shoot through the meteorite in your pocket and have the bullets come out of the meteorite under Johnny-G’s feet!

3) Shoot your gun through the meteorite you’re laying on to make the bullets come out of the meteorite in your pocket! He won’t see that coming!

He already explained that he can’t close the portal on something right here: >>903666 . Whatever goes through has to go all the way through and he can’t close the portal to cut things in half.

Johnny is standing on the same meteorite that Troy is laying on, which means Troy can’t create a portal through it. Troy can only create portals between 2 separate objects that are similar, so he can only create a portal to a separate meteorite!
No. 903895 ID: 8a947d
File 153815951070.png - (297.17KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 9.png )

>Shoot through the snake (but not really)
You dropped that snakes head when you got beat down, there isn't one close enough for you to use like that.

>Stab through the meteor you're laying on
You can't just stab the meteor since it's one big surface, but you do still have that chunk you picked up from before...

Johnny puts on foot on your chest.

JOHNNY-G: C'mon y'can't tell me ya thought this'd go well for you? What with bein' wanderin' about all on ya lonesome like some sorta vagabond. You lost from the start Troy.
YOU:...By myself but not alone. I ask no one.

You quickly stab your knife into your coat, into the pocket holding the meteorite chunk. Your knife emerges from underneath Johnny's planted foot causing him to stumble back in surprise and pain. In that moment you leap from your prone state and grab Johnny by his stupid suspenders.

YOU: Roamer, Wanderer, Nomad, Vagabond! Call me what you will!
No. 903896 ID: 8a947d
File 153815951799.png - (1.24MB , 1039x2126 , Ambush 10.png )

You wrestle Johnny until you've manages to grab him from behind, his wounded foot makes this easier, and fall with him through the meteorite slab you were standing on. You emerge out of the only other meteorite with a location you know for sure. You fall out of the top of the large meteorite in the center of the bush pit and fall over the edge.


Johnny's head connects with the ground at a high speed, and you hear the awful sound of what you can assume is his skull cracking open. Johnny breaks most of your fall but you still bump your head and are left a big dizzy from the fall. After some time one the ground recovering from the daze you stand up and look down at Johnny. He's not going to be moving anytime soon.
No. 903906 ID: 6e3519

Try not to get blindsided by Jitter.
No. 903907 ID: 91ee5f

>He's not going to be moving anytime soon.
You can either finish him off and make sure he never moves again or you can leave him and continue running away before Jitter has a chance to attack you.

If you decide to run, when you get back to your truck, you should check your stuff before you drive away, just to make sure Jitter didn’t steal anything while you were busy fighting Johnny and some of her snakes. Because it would really suck to notice the Seraphim is missing after you drove all the way back to Roland’s house!
No. 903910 ID: 2202fb

That was one hell of a suplex! (one for the tgchan hall of fame!)

Ask jitter if she wants to surrender. She seems misunderstood and should be given the chance to be an ally.

Ofc dont try too hard.
No. 903914 ID: 575ec0

Or Ever.
Consult your angel.
Anything you can do with the one inside him before the brain hemorrhaging kills him?
No. 903918 ID: 8a947d
File 153816886117.png - (342.93KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 11.png )

You haven't gotten to suplex anyone like that in...well ever. That really stupid and could've killed you so maybe you shouldn't do it again, but it was also really fucking awesome.

Right, now you need to deal with the one left over. When you turn to search for her you're met with a familiar tall creature.

ICHIGO: looks like you've been having an eventful night so far?
YOU: W-What're you doing here!?
ICHIGO: well after i was done eating my last meal i decided to take a walk through the wasteland for a while since i didn't really feel like going to sleep. then i came across your scent, and the scent of two other people i didn't recognize. you smelled like sweat and adrenaline so i assumed you were in trouble...

He holds up Jitter with one hand

ICHIGO: i assume this woman was one of your assailants? she came out of a pile of snakes by your truck. she was holding onto this.

Ichigo holds up the vial of Seraphim.

ICHIGO: very dangerous stuff you know? it would have been disastrous if someone who knew what they were doing got a hold of this substance.
No. 903919 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, dicide what will you do with this cunt, but be quick, that Seraphim is a dangerous thing for your former boss to posses.
Remember, Johnny tortured and probably killed your friends to get to you, just a little incentive.
No. 903920 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah? Ask him to tell you more about it after he gets rid of Jitter.
No. 903921 ID: d3602f

That's pretty nice of you, helping us.

Now before he eats her, ask her what she did with your things that you left here. We'll probably not reach the other caches without a fight, but we might still be able to get this one.
No. 903922 ID: eeb7d9

Shit, nevermid this...

God damn, yes, thank you Ichigo! I cound't stop the two of them at the same time, so she must have gone to steal the Seraphim while i dealed with this asshole. I hate to say it, but i owe you again, that thing is indeed dangerous, that is why i am keeping it. There is someone who would like to have it, and these two work for him, so i would expect more of his men to come to kill me and take the Seraphim.
No. 903928 ID: fd0bee

Do you know what to do with it?
Does Jitter pass you smell test?
No. 903934 ID: 8a947d
File 153817237712.png - (352.61KB , 1039x709 , Ambush 12.png )

YOU: You know anythin' about Seraphim?
ICHIGO: in it's raw state ingesting it in any form is deadly, only a Saint would have a chance to survive and even then it's a small chance. their survival depends on the strength of the angel inside of them, so a stronger angel would mean a higher chance of gaining the drugs benefits without the hyper degradation it can cause to ones organs. You weren't planning on using this were you?
YOU: No, definitely not. When I found it I hid it since I didn't want my former boss to find it. He is the last person who needs to have that.
ICHIGO: the same man who these two work for? and the man i ate previously?
YOU: Yeah, Laughing Channing. Luckily, none of them know I have the stuff, but if they do kill or capture me that guy'll get his hands on it.
ICHIGO: that does sound pretty dire. the again you handled that one just fine from the look of it.

He points at Johnny's unmoving body.

ICHIGO: why are you in this pit full of bushes to begin with?

His question reminds you of why you came here in the first place...
No. 903935 ID: 8a947d
File 153817237973.png - (219.08KB , 1039x709 , Peyote.png )

You go back to searching around the rock until you find what you're looking for, a small cactus you dig up with its pot from the ground and a bag of seeds to grow more similar to it. Ichigo gets close and sniffs the cactus before backing up and covering his nose.

ICHIGO: you risked your life for a peyote plant?
YOU: What? They're hard to find around here. Anyway I really owe you for all of this, I actually think I double owe you since you killed the last guy too.
ICHIGO: don't mention it, really it was more for myself than anything...so, what do you want to do with this woman? letting her go would certainly be trouble for you and anyone associated with you.
YOU: What about Johnny?
ICHIGO: how deep do you want to dig his grave? because he is most definitely dead from a fall like that.
No. 903938 ID: d3602f

She knows about the Seraphim. Right now, Channing is just pissed at us. He wants to kill us, but anger can only take him so far, he'll eventually tire trying to chase us down. At worst, he'll kill us and continue on with being a psychopathic Saint. But if he does know about that Seraphim, he'll know that it will be advantageous to find us, and will be unlikely to stop. He'll get us, torture us, and he might end up becoming a super powered Saint.

We need to make it impossible for her to tell Channing, and I'm afraid the only way we can do that is by killing her.
No. 903939 ID: b1b4f3

Doesn't seem right to execute a subdued opponent, but she's also difficult to keep restrained due to her snake powers.

How about this: destroy the Seraphim, then let her go.
No. 903943 ID: fd0bee

So she doesn't smell like food for you? That is a problem, she can't be allowed to return to Channing. Either we kill her or findsomeone with the infrastructure to keep a prisioner. Do you know anyone?
No. 903944 ID: 51d5a1

I don't like killing people and snakes like the usual, but we could use one of the bunkers to contain her and interrogate her for a time.
No. 903948 ID: eeb7d9

She kinda tried to "kill" you, tortured your friends to know where you were going to find your stuff and was traying to take the Seraphim to give it to Channing. She is not one to be trusted, she is dangerous. Do you know anithing about her that could be redeemable?
No. 903954 ID: 575ec0

Let the coyotes have him.

As for her...
She knows too much.
No. 903955 ID: 2202fb

Ask Ichigo what he thinks. I want to keep her since i have a gut feeling that they are just misunderstood and not evil. If Ichigo says she is okay, keep her, otherwise let ichigo eat her (or hit her with a gun bullet).
No. 903956 ID: 91ee5f

>what do you want to do with this woman? letting her go would certainly be trouble for you and anyone associated with you.
We can’t let her go, since she knows about the Seraphim. Another reason we can’t let her go is because Ichigo openly admitted to eating someone out loud in front of her and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to let her go when she knows something like that.

Also, Ichigo said that he liked Roland and since Roland is also Troy’s friend, letting Jitter go would technically endanger Roland, which Ichigo probably wouldn’t want to happen.

Eh, let’s just let Ichigo decide what to do with her.

>how deep do you want to dig his grave? because he is most definitely dead from a fall like that.
Don’t take any chances, make sure he’s dead.

After that, Troy, you should probably offer Ichigo a ride back into town. Which will give you an opportunity to ask him if he’s a demon or something.
No. 903978 ID: 1dd514

Is she like.. Do you want her? This pair was bragging about torturing my friends a minute ago.
No. 903979 ID: b1b4f3

As for Johnny, dig him a regular grave, jeez. Don't be cruel.
No. 904142 ID: 8a947d
File 153826219577.png - (173.75KB , 1039x709 , Ambush (End).png )

>So she doesn't smell like food for you?
ICHIGO: of course she does, everybody does. if you're asking if she smells "not evil" i can't tell. it's not like i can smell someone's soul, that'd be stupid.

>Do you know anything about her that could be redeemable?
No, she's willing teamed up with that asshole to track you down and kill you. She's not a good person.

>What to do with Jitter
You've got no issue killing her, but some small part of you feels like you can't despite the fact that she tried to kill/capture you. You know of nobody with the resources to imprison her, though you guess you could always ask Ichigo to just take her for you. He knows well enough not to let her go, besides you're tired

YOU: Ichigo you take care of it.
ICHIGO: w-wait. why am i getting stuck with this?
YOU: You're mister mysterious killer man you gotta have something you can do with her.I'm going back Roland's House and putting this stuff to good use.

You return to your truck and drive off...
No. 904143 ID: 8a947d
File 153826219991.png - (14.96KB , 1039x709 , Shit's Black Y'all.png )

No. 904145 ID: 8a947d
File 153826225171.png - (344.19KB , 1039x709 , Wake Up.png )

Your name is Roland Gallows Conroy, and your entire body is in terrible pain. You spent all of last night working out with that Flint guy since as of now your body is too frail to properly handle shaping aetherial energy. You didn't really learn anything new, but you did get a good workout. Also Flint told you he lives in Crud City so now you can go and talk to him more if you want. You've never really had a reason to go to Crud City until now.

You really don't want get up from your hammock but if you stay in all day you won't make any progress on your demonological studies. Where should you go today?

>Crud City
Delphi, Eto, and Flint should be there.

Ichigo, Ada, and Hazel should be there and Bower should live near the town.

>Stay Home
Troy and Vol are here
No. 904147 ID: 7e1da4

Dawnsprings. Check the job board.
No. 904149 ID: 91ee5f

Go to Dawnsprings, you might as well go check on Ada and that plant. And possibly start finally flirting with her.

Make sure you eat before you leave. On your way out, check to see if Troy is back yet and if he is ask him where he was last night. Also talking to Troy will give him an opportunity to deliver Ichigo’s message to Roland.
No. 904151 ID: 51d5a1

Take Vol with you. Let's check the job board and go talk with Ada.
No. 904153 ID: eeb7d9

Yep, this sounds alright.
No. 904166 ID: 575ec0

Dawnsprings, Check in with the doc and OOH! that peach plant might make you feel right as rain!

Go get a peach.

Then check the job board.
And maybe Flirt with Hazel before you head out of town.
No. 904173 ID: 2202fb

Before you do ANYTHING else, you need to do a good half hour/hour of yoga or you are going to be stiffer than a corpse.
No. 904262 ID: 8a947d
File 153835069501.png - (285.73KB , 1039x709 , Counting Clouds.png )

Yo...Yoga? Is that like some sort of yogurt? You don't own any yogurt you don't really like the stuff. You will do a little stretching to help with your stiffness though, but you aren't sure how yogurt would help that.

>Go get a peach.
The healing peaches from that tree seem a bit to important just to use on some morning stiffness...then again your bones do feel like jelly. Maybe you'll take one.

You preform your morning ablutions then head downstairs to eat. Vol is finishing up his new violin after breaking the last one. He's been working on it all night while you were training with Flint, he's still getting used to making things that big with his blood. You both grab an apple to eat on the way there and head outside. The sky's cloudy, and there's a strong odor wafts through the air. You look to the right of your house, Troy is laying on a bean bag smoking something out of a wooden pipe.

YOU: Troy?
TROY: Ey Roland. G'morning.
VOL: Wat are ya doin'?
TROY: Me? I'm jus' countin' the clouds.
YOU: ...Okay well I'm going to Dawnsprings so...seeya.
TROY: Wait wait wait hold up Rol...

Troy riffles through the box his legs rest on and pulls out a stack of cards. He counts out a section and hands them to you. It's 245 worth, along with the 330 you had before you now have 575.

TROY: Gotta pay my rent...Oh! Uh...Ichigo's wantin' to talk to you in Dawnsprings too but umm...just be careful 'round the guy alright?
No. 904266 ID: d3602f

Hey, thanks for the cards and the info. Also, you ran into Ichigo? He may be tall, but from what we've seen of him, he appears to be pretty friendly. He's also pretty good and paper doll theater, maybe you should go check it out sometime with us?

On our way to town, we really need to ask Vol something: how did people react to us without our bandages. Did they say anything about it? We woke up without them, so we know that the medics must have seen us at least.
No. 904278 ID: 91ee5f

>Pain from Flint’s training
So what did Flint make you do that left you so sore?

>Vol finished making a new violin
>worked on it while you were training with Flint
How many times did he stop to throw up? And did Flint make fun of Vol for being queasy? If he did, you better have defended Vol!

>Oh! Uh...Ichigo's wantin' to talk to you in Dawnsprings too but umm...just be careful 'round the guy alright?
Ok, but where can I find him in Dawnsprings? Is there any specific place he said to meet him at?

And why should I be careful around him? He seems like a nice guy that can put on some pretty cool paper doll shows!
No. 904279 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, and here’s something funny to ask Vol during the Skipper ride to Dawnsprings.

“Hey, Vol? Has anyone ever thought you were a female because the tip of your tail is shaped like a heart?”
No. 904283 ID: eeb7d9

Thanks Troy, take care of the house, will yah?Say, two things, where did you get this money and how do you know Ichigo? Just curious.
No. 904302 ID: 78fa1d

You met Ichigo?
He's such a nice guy, isn't he?
No. 904314 ID: 8a947d
File 153842137134.png - (334.65KB , 1039x709 , Job Board.png )

YOU: You met Ichigo?
TROY: Yeah sure did...met him while he was huntin'...for like...food and shit man. The dude likes to hunt his own meals...it's cool and junk. He's nice...but he's weird man.
YOU: Well sure plenty of people around here are weird. Well thanks Troy watch the house for us.
TROY: No problem man...aw man I lost count, now I gotta start all over.

You mount up your Skipper and ride off for Dawnsprings. The whole way there Vol talks your ear off about letting a druggie into your god damn house, but you make sure to clarify he hasn't actually been inside your house at all while he's been here. Besides, he paid rent despite still just sleeping in his truck so you don't think either of you should be mad.

You arrive at Dawnsprings, and the first place you go is the job board. A lot of the jobs, as per usual, are small time things that don't interest you in any way. Only two of the job's posted catch your eye, mostly because they're written by people you know.

One is written on a large piece of paper in very neat writing, almost as if it was typed by a typewriter, but the letters are giant; like the person writing it had very large hands. It's signed by Hazel...
Need help with deciphering old texts, anybody skilled in reading demonic wanted. No cards to offer but can provide valuable books in return.

The other is written in flowing cursive, it's a bit hard to read. what makes it harder is what you think are the constant spelling errors. Syntax in it's weird too. The writer doesn't write English very well. It's signed by Ada, you try to read it out as best as you can...
I am looking for anyone that has knowledge of both the mechanical and magical. Reward can be negotiated, I'm in possession of multiple vehicle parts and other well maintained pieces of machinery

Which one do you want to do?
No. 904317 ID: d3602f

Old demonic text? I'm curious just what that could be about. Culture? Ancient history? Perhaps even spells? This new text alone could be valuable to our research, and we're even getting a rare book in return.

Maybe Vol could also teach us some Demonic while we're at it.
No. 904328 ID: 575ec0

Go see what this business with Hazel is. Can't pass up some old lore.
No. 904338 ID: 7e1da4

Waifus Detected
Let's go with Ada's.
No. 904339 ID: eeb7d9

...Heretic, are you, by any chance making us choose between the two beautiful girls? Because that is just evil.
I can't decide that! I want to do both!
No. 904351 ID: 575ec0

>I want to do both!
No. 904357 ID: 7e1da4

Issei is obviously best girl.
No. 904383 ID: 91ee5f

>Which one do you want to do?
Why not both? Neither job has a deadline.

But if you want to know which job to do right now, I say you can do Ada‘s job first, since it seems like it’ll take the longest to finish. Then after you get the hard job out of the way, you can wrap up the day by working on Hazel‘s job next, since it seems like it won’t take that long.

Who knows? You might be able to finish both of them today!
No. 904385 ID: eeb7d9

Oh shit i just realised what i wrote.
No. 904404 ID: 8a947d
File 153845125599.png - (77.26KB , 695x633 , What do you think this is some sort of harem anime.png )

What do you think this is? some sort of harem anime? You get all your waifus and that's that? That's not how we do things here buster. Ain't no way you're getting more than one. This is a family friendly quest about demons and post apocalyptic drug runners, and you'd damn well better choose ONE or get NONE. I was pushing it letting you degenerates put Roland in a dress and now this??? You make me SICK.

No. 904405 ID: 8a947d
File 153845126395.png - (248.96KB , 1039x709 , Hollow Garden 1.png )

You decide that maybe whatever Hazel has that needs deciphering could be interesting, so you head for Hollow Garden.

You enter the library ringing the little bell at the top of the door. Inside Hazel is pushing a cart, sorting through different books and stacking them on the shelves when she hears the chime and turns to talk to you.

HAZEL: Oh Roland! It's good to see you again. I assume you're hear for the job I posted?
YOU: Yeah, how'd you know?
HAZEL: I was kind of thinking of you when I wrote it up. You seem like you're knowledgeable in some way about demons and the like and I didn't really have a way to contact you directly so I just posted to the job boards.

Hazel stops pushing her cart and leads you to the back of her shop, she talks to you as you walk with her.

HAZEL: So, how much do you know about demonic languages?
No. 904407 ID: eeb7d9


Ehhh... a little bit from my dad's diary and a little from Vol here, you think that would be enough? The plan is to try and keep learning but we don't really know where to get that knowledge... yet. Flint might be able to teach us some, if he knows anything about that...
No. 904413 ID: d3602f

We know a bit, but probably not enough to decipher it. Vol is quite capable of reading it though.
No. 904416 ID: 2202fb

Can we date Heretic?
No. 904427 ID: 2e0f31

We have chosen wisely.
No. 904428 ID: 8a947d
File 153845911143.png - (67.44KB , 695x633 , Disgusting.png )


No. 904429 ID: 8a947d
File 153845911953.png - (277.55KB , 1039x709 , Vol Reads 1.png )

YOU: I know next to nothing about demonic languages, but Vol can read and speak it of course.
HAZEL: That's good to hear! I'm eager to figure out whats been written on these texts, a chance to learn more about demons without the threat of death would be wonderful!

The three of you reach a room in the back full of shelves pilled high with old books and tomes, most seem to be covered in dust and almost all of them are in states of disrepair. Only a few seem to be in English while most are written in various languages. The room smells like sawdust and ink. A desk with a number of pages and books sits in the back with a swivel chair to sit on. Hazel walks over to a nearby closet and pulls out two folding chairs for you and Vol while she takes a seat at the desk. Hazel picks up a stack of papers and hands them to Vol to read.

VOL: ... I can't read dis.
HAZEL: B-but it's Demonic text isn't it?
VOL: Dis is High Demonic, Only da high demons speak dis so I nevah learned it. lemme see da rest a dem books.

Hazel goes over the stacks of pages and books with Vol one by one. From the collection of maybe 17 texts, Vol picks out only 4 he can actually read. Hazel seems a bit disappointed but immediately snaps out of it afterwards.

HAZEL: This is fine! I'm just glad to get any of the information out of these.

Vol reads off the titles of each piece of literature he can understand.

>Nas' Journal
>The Bones and the Thresher's Gaping Maw
>A Blinding Red Sun
>Grimoire of Alatmoten
No. 904432 ID: 10ca27

Grimoire should be good
No. 904434 ID: 90f3c0

>Grimoire of Alatmoten

Maybe we can learn something about demon magic.
No. 904435 ID: 2e0f31

A journal. Juicy!
No. 904436 ID: d3602f

High Demonic? That HAS to mean the information inside is important. If we know anyone who could give us a lead to someone who can read these, it's probably Flint.

>Nas' Journal
Sounds like this will tell us about daily life in the Aether.
>The Bones and the Thresher's Gaping Maw
I'm not sure about this one, but it sounds scary. Something to do with sacrifice? Or a very dangerous demon?
>A Blinding Red Sun
This also seems to be about the Aether. I feel like it might be about either how the place was created, or perhaps the geography.
>Grimoire of Alatmoten
Probably about Aetherial energy.

I can't really decide, to be perfectly honest. All seem interesting.
No. 904455 ID: 733bd9

>A Blinding Red Sun
No. 904459 ID: 7f78c0

Thank goodness. I've been busy so I wasn't here to choose, but this was definitely right.

That makes sense. We should offer to try and track down someone who can read it.

And the grimoire sounds interesting to me.
No. 904460 ID: 7f78c0

Thank goodness. I've been busy so I wasn't here to choose, but this was definitely right.

That makes sense. We should offer to try and track down someone who can read it.

And the grimoire sounds interesting to me.
No. 904462 ID: ad51b8

>Nas' Journal
might give us something on more demons that we haven't seen yet.
No. 904471 ID: eeb7d9

Damn it, we are going to find someone else who can read High Demonic, probably Flint. Good, it gives us an excuse to go and train with him more, YOU LIKE IT OR NOT GALLOWS.

The one of the bleeding sun sounds especially interesting. I could be a lot of things.
No. 904474 ID: 91ee5f

>High Demonic
While I agree with everyone saying Flint could possibly translate those, I see 3 problems:

1) We’d have to convince Hazel to let us take all or some of those texts with us, but she could refuse because she barely knows us and might think that we’ll run off with them and not give them back or possibly lose and/or damage them!

2) Even if we convince Hazel to let us borrow all or some of those texts, Flint isn’t just going to translate those for us. He’ll probably charge us a ridiculously high price to translate just 1 of them, then increase the price to translate the next one, then increase it again for the next one, etc.

3) After all of the effort to take those texts to Flint, we end up finding out that not even he can read them!

>Choose a text to read.
I’m guessing whichever one we choose, Hazel is going to write down a translation while Vol is reading.

Let’s look at the Grimoire of Alatmoten.
No. 904475 ID: eeb7d9

>I’m guessing whichever one we choose, Hazel is going to write down a translation while Vol is reading.
We should probably write down stuff too, so we can later study vocabulary. In fact, we should ask Vol to teach us sometime.

>3 problems
True, but is worth a shot. Maybe Flint's group of pagans might have some books of high demonic or something to study from. Could it be possible for some high demon to come through portals too, or that is just for smaller demons like Vol? I can't remember if he told us something about that.
No. 904476 ID: d3602f

Or, we could pay the person to teach us how to read High Demonic.
No. 904478 ID: 575ec0

Let's spend some time with the grimoire and the journal first.

Ask Vol if he knows of any demons that can read high demonic.
No. 904519 ID: 2202fb

Guess we need to cap a succubus; they are always important, right?
No. 904532 ID: 8a947d
File 153851405460.png - (349.72KB , 1039x709 , Grimoire.png )

>The Grimoire of Alatmoten
Vol grabs the largest book out of the collection, though worn it's still the most intact save for a few pages. The text is absolutely daunting, a quick flip through it's pages shows paragraph after paragraph of lines, graphs, images, and extra footnotes. It'd be impossible to translate all of it in one day, so Vol decides to pick out certain chapters to translate instead. He begins with the first few pages of the first chapter.

VOL: Preamble...yadda yadda yadda...oh get dis "Lowly cycloptic beings could not possibly fathom the feats of mystical and magical strength a Hexaclops such as my self has". Yeesh nice to know wat kinda dipshit wrote dis...Alatmoten was a big headed 6 eyed asshole sphinx that looked down on demons wit less eyes and sucked up ta demons wit more eyes. Same as da rest a' da demons caught in da middle. Wat else is dere?...oh he loved to just slaughter no eyes for fun if he saw 'em, dat's great. Fuckin' hell I'm just gonna skip dese first few pages.
HAZEL: Is there some sort of demonic hierarchy involving eyes?
VOL: Yeah, Alatmoten is about in the middle of it. 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-. So he's bein' a big shit head about it like all of 'em normally are.

Vol flips deeper into the book past certain entries. He point's out how a few of the pages simply seem to be tallies of scores Alatmoten was apparently keeping track of. Vol is quick to point out that they're kill tallies, he was keeping score in hunting games to kill lower demons like imps and goblins. One page shows an odd diagram of 9 horizontal ovals in a tower one above the other, Vol says it's a diagram of the Aether.

VOL: Da Aether ain't a big globe like Earth. It's made up a nine large flat circular planes dat float above each otha'. Ya get up to da next plane by climbing up big rocks called pillar mountains. Demons wit less eyes stay on da lower layers and da ones wit more eyes live up higher with the High Demons staying on the first plane. Dere's a lot more in here should I keep readin'?
No. 904534 ID: 575ec0

No. 904539 ID: 2e0f31

That's a lot of important cultural and geographical knowledge already. I'd say we're on a roll.
No. 904549 ID: 91ee5f

>demonic hierarchy involving eyes
You know, demons are still unknown to us. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the potential to grow more eyes as they become stronger, which would allow them to move up the hierarchy.

These are the mysteries Roland strives to solve with his demon studies!

>Keep reading?
Sure. Maybe we’ll learn something interesting?
No. 904555 ID: 733bd9

Let's keep reading, maybe one day we're going to find this mr-lot-of-eyes.
No. 904559 ID: fd0bee

Is there anything about magic in this Grimoire? Don't get me wrong, all those comments about hierarchy, prejudice and geography are more helpful to our objective of learning about demons than spells we can't use, but I was expecting something different.

Hey Hazel, how did you come across those books?
No. 904563 ID: eeb7d9

Not counting this guys fascination for killing your peers, that last bit of geography and "politics" was interesting. Keep reading. Where did you even got this,Hazel?
No. 904594 ID: 8a947d
File 153852392337.png - (846.32KB , 1039x709 , Page 1.png )

YOU: Hey Hazel, where'd you find these books?
HAZEL: Oh I've had a lot of these for a while! Usually I get them from trade since people don't care much for books they can't read, and sometimes I just find them in the dirt buried in shallow holes.

>Keep reading
Vol continues to read, the first few pages have lots of personal information; this grimoire has lots of diary entries along side astronomical charts. The Aether only has a sun which ascends up one side of the column of planes and then descends down the opposite side, it's natural fro planes to go a while without sunlight so plenty of demonic flora glow when no sunlight is present and lots of demons have developed varying degrees of night vision. Hobgoblins for example can see about 60 feet in front of them in the dark in shades of gray. Sometimes higher demons will migrate to the lower levels to be in the sunlight while it is down on the lower planes, usually slaughtering any low demons while there forcing them to hide.

>Is there anything about magic in this Grimoire?
On the page after the sun-chart page, there is a paragraph explaining how the suns of both the Aether and our solar system are linked. It is well known that after being sent to the Aether Athmoor, in one of his many acts of defiance against the so called "One True God" Demiyahl, stole the sun for himself to light the Aether. This was incredibly insulting to Demiyahl, who had used the sun as a symbol of his will, and he was forced to craft a new one after his attempts to take the original back failed, a false sun for a false god. The Aether is seen as the Earth's "soul", but before was not directly connected to it at all as it was Athmoor's prison. By creating a sun that was almost a perfect copy of the original one Athmoor had placed in the Aether, Demiyahl had accidentally created the link between the Aether and the Earth. This allowed Athmoor, with enough work, to converse with humanity in secret. Not only that but it allows for anyone skilled in demonic magic to preform ritualistic acts and magical arts depending on the position of the sun. The next few pages document the days on which such rituals are possible and what ingredients are necessary.
No. 904597 ID: 733bd9

How many eyes Athmoor have? Also, I feel a strange kinship with Demiyahl here, maybe the guy isn't that evil considering everything.

We should let Vol stay here to help with Hazel while we go talk with Ada, maybe more peaches did grow up and we can solve her problem meanwhile.
No. 904602 ID: 2202fb

thats just peachy
No. 904605 ID: 733bd9

I can't wait for making a eating contest with fourty peach pies just so Roland can die the best and worst dead possible at the same time.
No. 904606 ID: eeb7d9

I already like this Athmoor guy. And this Alatmoten might have been an asshole, but he was an erudite, aparently, so there is bound to be more like him with more books and the like. Also, this is amaizing, keep reading Vol!
You know what would be fun? To go to the Aether. I bet shit there is allways exploding. What you say Vol? Want to pay a visit to your friends some time? Want to come Hazel? There is bound to be tons of books full of knowledge about demons.
I am joking. Maybe.
No. 904610 ID: 91ee5f

How much more should we keep reading? I’m not sure Vol would want to do this all day.

But if he’s willing to keep going, then I wouldn’t mind see what’s on the next few pages.
No. 904617 ID: eeb7d9

If keeps reading will give him a hat to combine with his bow tie.
No. 904620 ID: d3602f

Okay, but I'll accept nothing less than a tophat. He will be the most dapper demon this side of Dawnsprings!
No. 904632 ID: 575ec0

Keep reading.
Hell if he wants we can have Vol transcribe all 4 books over the next few days.
In return he can keep the payment for himself.

Between PT and the other posted job we have plenty to do.
Besides that, I'm sure Vol can use some time not almost getting killed.
No. 904633 ID: b1b4f3

Hey, I have an idea. We could leave Vol here to translate, and go do Ava's job, which won't need Vol.
No. 904634 ID: d3602f

But she isn't paying us in cards, she's paying in rare books. Based on his last choice, unless one of those rare books is a graphic novel, I don't think he would be too interested.

But this information is incredibly interesting! We've already found out that apparently rituals can be performed based on time and ingredients. He might miss information that could be useful to us.

Speaking of rituals, what can they do, and what are the requirements? I want to try one, to see if we can perform them at the very least.
No. 904635 ID: 575ec0

Well then we'll just have to ask him what he would want. We could figure something out.
No. 904707 ID: eeb7d9

See, this guy gets it.
No. 904743 ID: 8a947d
File 153860266681.png - (190.34KB , 1039x709 , Athmoor The Serpent.png )

>How many eyes does Athmoor have?
Vol states that Athmoor is said to have had billions of eyes before his death. Though he's constantly depicted as a human with horns and two eyes by humanity many demons depict Athmoor as a gargantuan horned serpent lined with eyes, a serpent not a snake, there is a difference.

>Speaking of rituals, what can they do, and what are the requirements? I want to try one.
Vol shakes his head.

VOL: No way I'm tellin' ya how to do these right now, demon magic's dangerous as hell. I'll think about pickin' one for ya to try out later...I'll THINK about doin' it.

>We should let Vol stay here to help with Hazel while we go talk with Ada
You talk to Vol about going to do Ada's job while he stays here to finish translations.

VOL: Sure, but if I finish you won't be here to pick which book ya want for doin' the job. D'ya just wanna pick now or should I do it?
No. 904752 ID: 91ee5f

>No way I'm tellin' ya how to do these right now, demon magic's dangerous as hell. I'll think about pickin' one for ya to try out later...I'll THINK about doin' it.
“Jeez, you’re acting like I’m dumb enough to blow myself up from actually trying to do all of those at the exact same time! Which I’m not, you jerk!”

>Sure, but if I finish you won't be here to pick which book ya want for doin' the job. D'ya just wanna pick now or should I do it?
You know, we’re always dragging Vol with us to go do something, why do we let him decide on the reward this time? In fact, the book he picks out doesn’t even have to be useful for our demon studies, it can just be something that he wants for himself. He deserves something special for having to put up with us doing crazy things that almost gets us killed all the time!
No. 904754 ID: 91ee5f

*why don’t we let him decide
No. 904769 ID: 733bd9

Let him decide... And also? What's the difference of a snake and... a serpent, Vol?

Anyways, time to go to Ada's!
No. 904775 ID: 575ec0

Tell him he can pick any book he wants.
No. 904777 ID: ad51b8

>Sure, but if I finish you won't be here to pick which book ya want for doin' the job. D'ya just wanna pick now or should I do it?
Well you're doing all the actual work here, I feel it's only fair you get to pick. Just tell me about the others if you finish before I do. Sound good?
No. 904782 ID: eeb7d9

>No way I'm tellin' ya how to do these right now, demon magic's dangerous as hell. I'll think about pickin' one for ya to try out later...I'll THINK about doin' it.

Fair enough, we do kinda need more training first, i'll leave it at you judgment. The same goes for the reward, you can pick the one you like the most. After all, you did practically all the job. My thing is more of the mechanical job anyway, at least until i lern more about reading demonic.
No. 904791 ID: 8a947d
File 153861080808.png - (232.24KB , 1039x709 , Lila Palast.png )

YOU: C'mon you know I wouldn't just go and do everything on the list at once would I?
VOL: A: You probably would, and B: Even if ya just did one some a dese are real fuckin' dangerous and I don't want ya to do one a da really bad one's on accident. Even da safe ones are iffy to do, so ya just gotta wait 'til later kay?
YOU: Fine, and go ahead and pick a book for the payment.

Vol goes back to translating and Hazel continues to write down what he's saying asking a few more questions every once in a while. You leave the library and walk to Lila Palast and head inside. Everything seems to be about unchanged since the list time you came here, but Ada isn't at the desk this time. You walk forward to ring the bell on the desk but somebody steps in front. A small boy, with the same spider like characteristics as Ada minus an extra set of arms.

???: Hallo! Leid tut mir aber Ada können Kunden heute nicht unterstützen, sind Sie hier für die Post auf dem Brett?
YOU: I-I'm sorry I don't-
???: Ah Entschuldigen Sie mich. Are you here vor job on board?
YOU: Yes I am.
LUDGER: Okay, My name iz Ludgir. Please vollow me.

Ludger leads you behind the desk of the shop, you've been back here before but now he is leading down the stairs into a lower floor.
No. 904792 ID: 8a947d
File 153861082245.png - (366.39KB , 1039x709 , Lila Palast 1.png )

The stairs lead down to a circular hub room where more boxes of odd crap and mechanical bits sit and pipes jut from the walls and ceiling. There are a three doors, Ludger leads you through one of them. Inside Ada sits surrounded by bits of machinery, wires, and empty food cans, jars, and plates. It seems like she's been down here for a while.

LUDGER: Ada! Jemand hat deine Anfrage

Ada turns around to look at both of you in the doorway.

ADA: Roland? Oh of course you'd answer zhe job listing virst! zhis sort of zhing should be "right up your alley" az zhey say. Ludger, kannst du bitte den Laden für mich schließen? Oh, und beobachte auch die Pfirsichpflanze. Vielen Dank.

Ludger leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. You look around at the mess of mechanical bits and bobs and gizmos hanging from webs connected to the ceiling. A few odd crystals lay on the floor and on nearby tables.

ADA: So Roland exactly how vell are your engineering skills?
No. 904794 ID: d3602f

Cutest boy has arrived!

We're pretty good. We're perfectly capable of keeping our Skipper in good condition, and we recently made a flamethrower that can shoot fireballs.
No. 904796 ID: 733bd9

"Made a flamethrower and it didn't blew at my face instantly" to "Instead of having a normal car like any person would have, I got a Skipper from the hot desert and fixed it". Roland is actually pretty damn good with engineering.
No. 904799 ID: ad51b8

pretty good. Been taking care of my skipper long enough that I'm sure I could probably build one if given the parts and I can and have made a few things from salvage that works as intended. Most recent example would be a flame thrower I put together.
No. 904801 ID: eeb7d9

Ludger is so CUUUUUTE!!!

I am very proud of my handyman skills! And if there is something new that i don't know, i can learn pretty fast. And if anything goes wrong, i am pretty good at surviving explosions. Not that i coused any recently, mind you. What would you have me do?
No. 904802 ID: 7e1da4

Waifu detected
No. 904810 ID: d3602f

Although Ludger has the adorableness to match most waifus, I'm afraid he's a little young for us.
No. 904812 ID: 8a947d
File 153861672712.png - (285.17KB , 1039x709 , Ada 1.png )

YOU: Well I did fix my old piece of junk skipper, and recently I've built my own flamethrower without blowing myself up. So I'd say I'm pretty good at it.
ADA: I don't doubt it. Now I vill also ask, do you know anyzhing about more electronic machinery? computers and such?
YOU: Uh...not really? I mean I've taken computers and junk apart before but I don't really know about them that much. What are we trying to do here?
ADA: For zhe most part I am attempting to build a robot. I have built plenty of robots before but zhey vhere small, toys. zhis one vill be human sized! Large enough to help me preform various tasks and vhat not.
YOU: Oh! That's really cool sounding!
ADA: Hopefully I can get it right zhis time...I might have had a bit of an accident zhe first few times I tried building it...a few...explosive accidents.
ADA: Zhe main issue I've been having is zhat zhe power source I'm using to power it is a bit different razher zhan vhat I am used to. It's very hard to focuse on powering zha zhing and building both at zhe same time! I only have four hands you know. So I enlisted your help to aid me in zhe more mechanical bits, and possible zhe ozher more complicated parts. vhile I focus on learning how to kept zhis zhing powered properly without blowing up. Does zhat sound good Roland?
No. 904814 ID: 575ec0

This sound's like a terrible idea.
Let's do it!
No. 904816 ID: 733bd9

Horrifying yet amusing. Roland will finally achieve the perfect mix of mas demonologist and mad scientist
No. 904818 ID: d3602f

Sounds good. Also, if something goes wrong with the power just call out, we might be able to make a shield to mitigate damage of the surroundings from the explosion
No. 904819 ID: 91ee5f

>Does zhat sound good Roland?
“Good? That sounds incredibly dangerous! But since I’ve already told you about how I’m wanting to study demons, I can safely tell you that I enjoy a little danger. So let’s get to work and build a robot! Just tell me what you need me to do!”
No. 904822 ID: fd0bee

Do we still have that big battery? If we are lucky it may be compatible with this robot project.
No. 904828 ID: eeb7d9

Exploding you said? Count me in! You wouldn't mind me asking about a little bit of electronics, don't you? Sounds like a very handy thing know. We can exchange notes if you like, especially if it is about building stuff. Not that i would try to build a robot, but you never know.
No. 904922 ID: 8a947d
File 153868409506.png - (188.30KB , 596x577 , Crystal Engine Generator.png )

YOU: I don't know anything about building robots, but that sounds incredibly dangerous. So...yes! I'll definitely help out however I can!
ADA: Excellent! Okay so you vork on getting zhe main body chasis and limbs to vork, just focus on zhe chest, head, and arms for now, and I'll vork on viring and powering it
YOU: I think I still have that huge battery from before, could that help with powering it?
ADA: Not at all. A mechanism like zhis vhill require much more power from a much more unorthodox source.

Ada picks up an odd looking device from off of one of her shelves. She hauls it over to her desk and picks up a large rectangular crystal, she pops the huge rock into the top and presses a few buttons on the side. She pulls out a box from underneath the desk and produces a separate cylindrical object, about as big as three bean cans stacked on top of each other, which she plugs into the main device's base. She twists the top and a whole bunch of whirring and chirping noises start coming from this odd mechanical hodge-podge.

ADA: Along vith being part spider-like beings many of my people also exhibit psychokinetic abilities.
YOU: Psychokinetic?
ADA: Abilities zhat allow us to alter zhe physical vorld using our minds.

She puts a hand up in front of the crystal and one to her temple. Bolts of bright energy begin to spark from her fingers and head and the crystal in the machine begins to glow, as the crystal glows the energy seems to travel down the tube connecting the crystal machine to the cylinder and is stored inside of it.

ADA: Zhis is how I vhill power my robot! Along vith zhe help of some Lucy of course.
No. 904935 ID: eeb7d9

Ohh, so you work like a "radio", you give orders to the robot via telekinesis! This is even better that i expected. Does your people do this kinds of things all the time? Making robots and the like? And here i am, working with garbage to make it look nice. I am totaly outclased here.
No. 904969 ID: 91ee5f

>Zhis is how I vhill power my robot! Along vith zhe help of some Lucy of course.
That’s a pretty neat ability she’s got there!

But isn’t Lucifer Water pretty rare and expensive? Does she know where to find some?

Listen to Ada’s instructions and build the robot the way she wants it built.
No. 904989 ID: 8a947d
File 153869807799.png - (369.46KB , 1039x709 , Ada 2.png )

YOU: So you're going to give orders to this robot via telekinesis? Like a radio?
ADA: No, not at all. You see I plan to use zhis crystal in zhis platform to convert my psionic energy into a proper fuel source for zhe robot. You see zhis is an psi crystal, vhen plugged into zhe engine base it allows me to channel my psionic energy into real energy. which is stored in zhis power canister to be used later. Oh! Here are zhe blue prints for zhe robot chassis.

You take the blueprints, the original righting has been pasted over with sticky notes in english so you can read it. As you work you converse more with Ada.

YOU: Can you use telekinesis?
ADA: Kind of, my psionic powers mainly manifest in my ability to channel it into energy using zhe crystals. I can use telekinesis but it would have to be on an object very close to me. Psionics tend to be born leaning towards certain ways of utilizing zheir abilities.
YOU: And your people do stuff like this all the time? Powering things with psychic energy? That sure beats using junk to build things.
ADA: Ve still use a lot of junk, but yes a good portion of our society runs off of vhat psionics do. It's not vithout it's downsides however. We can only channel energy if ve have psi crystals vhich ve have to mine or trade for, a few rare cases have seen some psionics create energy vithout crystals but it is unlikely to find such a person at least in my life time. Also, using our psionic abilities drains us just zhe same as using normal physical abilities so it is not like ve can use zhem forever.

As you finish constructing on of the arms you hear more crackling from Ada's psionics behind you.

ADA: Roland are you a Pagan?
No. 904991 ID: afdebc

>ADA: Roland are you a Pagan?
Completely casual: "Yeah."

Like it wasn't even something you were bothering to hide.
No. 904992 ID: 1c92a4

Telling lies? I thought this time around Roland wasn't a pagan, or at least didn't identify as such.
No. 904993 ID: 733bd9

>No, I'm not a pagan
Nah. Roland doesn't really knows or follows the interests of your normal pagan and isn't really interested at Athmor's, he's just trying to get knowledge of demons so people stop dying so much to things like Lacerflies.
No. 904994 ID: d3602f

Not really, at least, we don't think so. We know next to nothing about them. A guy we ran into told us that a Pagan is someone who worships Athmoor, and often associate with demons because of it. We're interested in the aether and demons, but only in a scientific sense. We do not worship Athmoor, so based on that, we probably can't be called a Pagan.

If you're wondering about Vol, We've known him as long as we can remember. He popped out of our dad's violin and he's been with us ever since.
No. 904998 ID: 8a947d
File 153870050641.png - (227.36KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 1.png )

YOU: Nope, not really.
ADA: Oh, zhat is surprising. I just assumed because of your interest in demons and zhe fact zhat you keep so many as company.
YOU: I only have two though.
ADA: Zhat is too many for anybody who is not a pagan you know.
YOU: Well...Yeah I guess you're right, but my interest stems mostly from wanting to learn more from them for the sake of informing people about how dangerous they are.
ADA: Yes you've told me before, but you also keep zhem as pets or have zhem as family. It seems like it goes beyond just being interested in zhem.
YOU: Well I also kind of thought about it since I already knew Vol, and Peaches is a good boy even if he is a death machine.
ADA: Zhe more you talk zhe more you sound like a pagan.
YOU: I only sound like a demonologist.
ADA: You are familiar vith demonic magic too zhen, yes?
No. 905001 ID: ad51b8

>You are familiar vith demonic magic too zhen, yes?
only the basics. haven't met to many people that know a lot about magic and those that I have didn't really feel like sharing.
No. 905002 ID: afdebc

Vol doesn't want to teach me!
No. 905003 ID: 575ec0

A little. As of yesterday, I have a teacher and Vol's been showing me some things, though he mainly just goes on about how dangerous it is.

Still though I really am In this for the knowledge, not the mysticism. Though I suppose that does make me seem pagan enough.
Who know's, maybe I was a Pagan in some past thread life.
No. 905004 ID: d3602f

Yeah, saved our lives quite a few times since we entered this profession. Vol can heal people, and he gave us the power to make barriers. We also could have learned about some demonic rituals, but Vol wouldn't have it, not even the weaker ones.

Little guy means well, but we're still a little disappointed.
No. 905007 ID: eeb7d9

I only know to do one thing, besides taming demons, and that is to create a barrier to protect me and transform it into a fist and smack people with it. But that's about it, i am pretty rooky about the whole thing really. That is why i am training, so i can get better and understand how it works. And as a pluss it is usefull for self defence, so is a win-win situation.
No. 905021 ID: 91ee5f

>You are familiar vith demonic magic too zhen, yes?
I can make a barrier, which I call Caesura. It not only protects, but it can also be used to trap opponents. And recently, when I needed some extra offense, I figured out how to turn that barrier into a giant fist for punching things, which I call Caesura Sharp.

I can show you if you want.
No. 905030 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah you got some magic from Vol since you keep almost dying- aw jeez now you sound even more like a Pagan. But you're not in their organization. Even if you're getting training from one... ugh you're probably going to join them aren't you. It's like fate.
No. 905067 ID: 8a947d
File 153872311188.png - (145.62KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 2.png )

YOU: Yeah, I can create a barrier made of Aetherial energy. I call it Caesura.

You lift your hand and summon a ball of energy, next you form it into a fist to show how you can shape it.

YOU: It's good for blocking bullets and punching stuff if I need to. That's pretty much is though. I was going to learn more from this demonic book Hazel the librarian showed us but Vol told me he'd only let me do the ones he said were okay.
ADA: You see? Zhat is not just demonologist stuff zhat is full blown pagan demon rituals and zhe like!
YOU: Okay, I mean sure I gained my powers through a deal with a demon, and I'm being taught how to use these abilities by a trained pagan...and when I get home I fully plan on using a book of rituals to see what...they do...am I a pagan?

Ada giggles at your statement

ADA: I am only teasing. Besides, I guess as long as you don't vorship zhe demon god Athmoor you aren't one. So your demon friend Vol is zhe one who normally teaches you?
YOU: Yeah but he's a bit reluctant from times, he only gave me the Caesura to protect myself. I understand why he does it, he's basically my big brother...my little big brother so he doesn't want me doing anything too dangerous but still.

You finish constructing the chest and head housings of the robot while you speak to Ada.

ADA: Of course. Family is like zhat. I'm sure sooner or later he vill get used to vhat you do...how is zhe body going?

You've finished the right arm, chest, and head. You feel like it's a good start for the robot to test to see if the power source would work. You feel like while Ada's continuing to work on wiring you should try asking her some questions? or you can just wait for her to finish.
No. 905070 ID: 083eef

Sooooo who was the kid?
No. 905071 ID: 91ee5f

>how is zhe body going?
Tell her what you’ve finished and ask if you should keep going or is this enough to see if the power source works before you finish building it.

>You feel like while Ada's continuing to work on wiring you should try asking her some questions? or you can just wait for her to finish.
Ask some questions. She got to ask questions about you, so it’s only fair that you get to ask her some questions as well!

Ask if she has a goal of some kind? You know, kinda like how you want to study demons to help people.

Does she have any hobbies when she’s not running the shop? Other than building robots.

Is the robot going to have weapons on it? She said she wants it to help around the shop, but protecting the shop is also important, right?
No. 905072 ID: d3602f

So, not all of you are psionics? Are there other members of your family who have these abilities?
No. 905096 ID: eeb7d9

Assuming the adorable little thing that greeted my today is your brother, is he the one that was away when we first met? Does the psychic abilities run in the family? Why did you decided to come here, far from home?
No. 905118 ID: a6405f

While you may look and act like a pagan and may see the merit in understanding demons rather than just being afraid of them, you are not a pagan. You dont follow their religion or doctrine and your agenda is your own. Your interest is purely scientific. You may have an interest in unlocking the secrets to their magic, but it is the same sort of interest as Ada and her engineering. You dont worship demons, you simply see demons (as a whole, rather than based on the individual), demonic power, and eldritch secrets as tools. The Aether is full of untapped potential just waiting for someone to capitalize on it. And that someone's name is Roland.
No. 905126 ID: 2202fb

Since Ada is so good with technomancy, why not ask if she could make you a new eye?
No. 905145 ID: d3602f

Woah, she may be good at tech, but that strays over into medicine quite a bit. She'd have to connect it to our brain, and that is a bit tricky, not to mention expensive. We do just fine with one eye anyway.
No. 905200 ID: a451fc
File 153877882133.png - (267.61KB , 1039x709 , Ada 3.png )

YOU: So is Ludger your brother?
ADA: Yes! My little brother. My older brother is zhe one zhat has gone to Solitude and left zhe shop to me and Ludger. He vent to set up a different shop over zhere. Zhe income is much better and he sends us good supplies and money if ve need it. It is better for us zhat he left to Solitude but he is so busy he almost has no time to talk, I miss him sometimes.
YOU: Yeah...it's hard being away from someone you love for a long time.

YOU: So what do you normally do when you're not running the shop?
ADA: Zhis! Building zhis robot, tinkering vith machines and such. I love to experiment vith vhat I can build. Vhen I'm not messing vith machines I am veaving.

YOU: Is everybody in your family psionic? Is every spider person psionic?
ADA: Yes, everybody in my family exhibits some form of psionic power. No, not every spider mutant is psionic, but a lot of us are.

You aren't sure about that, she's not a doctor, and you'd need to cut the old one out. Which you're adverse to doing.

You tell Ada how much you've finished. She says it's good enough to begin installing the wiring and power source to test it, but you can still work with the rest of the parts to make another arm if you want. Ada begins to look over the robots chassis.

ADA: Very vell done! It's almost like you've done zhis before.
No. 905209 ID: d3602f

We like to tinker ourselves. Even when we were young, we would screw around with parts that our dad brought back. They were for selling, but he never had a problem with us making things as long as we didn't break anything and understood that we could not keep most of it. Once we made a little remote control toy car. The controller had bad range, and you needed a clear line of sight on it or it wouldn't work, but we were pretty proud of it.
No. 905211 ID: eeb7d9

Well, i live in a house in the middle of nowhere, so you get bored easily. My dad was, besides a demon hunting, a scavenger, but he didn't do much with the stuff he found besides selling it, and i used to play with what he brought back home. I ended up starting to put things together, and then make them work, and them make new things out of them. You learn to repair and create things when you have a lot of time in your hands.
No. 905226 ID: 91ee5f

>I love to experiment vith vhat I can build.
Hey, me too!

>Very vell done! It's almost like you've done zhis before.
Well, I guess if you think about, technically my Skipper is like a robot that I ride on, so I guess I have done this before.
No. 905231 ID: 575ec0

>Very vell done! It's almost like you've done zhis before.

Dad would often bring home scrap parts and machines from the ruins. We would fix them up together to sell make some money on the side.
He didn't really let me out much, so I'd also read through whatever books he brought back. Sometimes those were encyclopedias or technical manuals. I read them all. As long as it was something to do.
No. 905251 ID: ad51b8

What can I say, I've learned how to throw things together over the years. Both as a hobby as their isn't much else to do when you live in the middle of no where and to make sure everything around home actually worked because, again, middle of no where. If something broke down it was unlikely we'd bump into someone else that could fix it.
No. 905289 ID: a451fc
File 153880464325.png - (209.75KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 3.png )

YOU: My dad would often bring home scrap parts and machines from the ruins. We would fix them up together to sell make some money on the side. I never really went outside much, on account of the wasteland being really fucking dangerous of course, so I'd also read through whatever books he brought back. They were mostly were encyclopedias or technical manuals. I read them all. As long as it was something to do. I guess my Skippers also basically a robot I ride?
ADA: Vell, lets hope zhis vorks!

Ada takes the motherboards and begins to screw them into place inside of it's body. She slots the canister of psionic energy into it's chest and twists the top and base of it which releases the energy into the machine chassis. She moves to behind the robot and finishes crossing a few wires behind it. The process takes a while, but after she's done she press a button the back of the robot. The machine jolts forward and you can hear the whirring of the mechanics inside of it. It's eyes light up. Claps her hands in excitement.

ADA: Vell! Go ahead and try to give it a command!
No. 905292 ID: d3602f

Have it pick something up, like a wrench. I was thinking have it give a handshake, but if something goes wrong... well, you might have a VERY tight grip.
No. 905295 ID: 2e0f31

Start small. Make a peace sign!
No. 905310 ID: 733bd9

High five!
No. 905323 ID: 7fb698

Say: "Hello world"
Does it already have speakers?
No. 905333 ID: 10c408

Try and get it to wave it's hand a bit.

And if that works, jazz hands!
No. 905339 ID: 2202fb

Become Fabulous!
No. 905344 ID: 8e1ef2

Pop a dab.
No. 905357 ID: 91ee5f

Either wave it’s hand or give it a high five!
No. 905365 ID: eeb7d9

Make a dramatic pose!... With one arm?
No. 905400 ID: b1b4f3

Ask it to wave its hand.
No. 905437 ID: 235ba5

It's the only real option
No. 905578 ID: a451fc
File 153894445185.png - (200.98KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 4.png )

You command it to do a number of small tasks. It picks up a screwdriver from the table and gently puts it down afterwards, It makes a peace sign with it's fingers. Finally you try to make it say something, Ada did put speakers in so it should be able to say things. You tell it to say "Hello World"

ROBOT: H-h-h-He-ll-l-oooo...H-hello W-w-world.

Ada seems absolutely ecstatic at the robot's movements.
No. 905579 ID: a451fc
File 153894465404.png - (209.48KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 5.png )

ADA: Zhis is a success I cannot believe it!

The robot continues to speak...

ROBOT: H-hello World-rld-rld-rld-rld-rld H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h~

The robot begins to frantically repeat its words until it ends up stuttering out only bits of the phrase. It's eyes glow red and it's body shakes and jitters as electricity and psionic power begins to crackle off of it.

ADA: Uh-Oh...
No. 905581 ID: d3602f

Caesura around the robot, right now!
No. 905598 ID: 91ee5f

Putting a Caesura around you and Ada will only protect both of you, but the explosion could possibly cause damage that would spread to other rooms in the shop, which would put Ludgir in danger!

So what you should do is put a Caesura around the robot to try and contain the explosion!

Make sure you put yourself between Ada and the robot to try and protect her with your body, just in case your Caesura breaks!

If anyone does get injured, you’ve still got that healing potion that Mordecai gave you and the plant with the magic healing peaches in Ada’s shop! Those should be enough to fix anyone that got hurt!
No. 905615 ID: 575ec0

Ceasura just around the part of the robot containing the power core. That should immobilize and protect the rest of it while containing the exploding bit.
No. 905640 ID: eeb7d9

Fucking 'ell, use Caesura in the robot, try to make it as hard as you can, and try to get to cover just in case.
No. 905655 ID: ad51b8

shield it to contain any explosion... might want to get behind something thick as well just incase this explosion is bigger then your shield can handle.
No. 905696 ID: a451fc
File 153895811123.png - (370.43KB , 1039x709 , Building a Robot 6.png )

You jump in front of Ada and Caesura the robot. The robot explodes cracking your barrier slightly, but luckily it still manages to keep the explosion contained. What's left is a smoldering pile of metal and burnt wires still crackling with remnants of psionic energy.

ADA: I don't believe it...
YOU: S-sorry Ada it isn't-
ADA: Zhat vas zhe best run of zhis machine by far! It's zhe closest I have gotten to success!...I mean sure it still exploded but I am sure I can salvage somezhing from zhe wreckage. Zhank you for shielding zhe explosion Roland, zhat vill make zhe clean up much easier...oh and also it stopped us from dying too!

You help Ada clean the mess and gather what usable scrap you can she drags a box out from underneath a table and you both drop the scrap into the box for later.

ADA: Vell zhat is zhat I am glad I could get your help Roland, even if it was not an instant success.
No. 905704 ID: ad51b8

glad to be of use. though I have to ask, how long have you been trying to make a robot?
No. 905705 ID: eeb7d9

Well that was an interesting activity. I learned a lot from it and had a lot of fun too. We should do this more often. I would love to see this thing working and walking. What did you do differently from last time?
No. 905706 ID: 8e1ef2

How often does she build these?
No. 905707 ID: d3602f

How far did you get with the last robot? Also, for payment you mentioned that you may be willing to part with some machines parts?
No. 905712 ID: 91ee5f

>Zhank you for shielding zhe explosion Roland, zhat vill make zhe clean up much easier...oh and also it stopped us from dying too!
“I’m just glad you weren’t trying to make anything bigger than that, otherwise my Caesura would’ve shattered and we’d be in trouble!”

>Vell zhat is zhat I am glad I could get your help Roland, even if it was not an instant success.
“I’m glad I could help. So when do you want to try again? As long as I’m not out scavenging, doing a job for someone, or studying demons, I’d be willing to come by and help out whenever you want.”

“Also, you’re pretty.....talented! You’re pretty talented to get as far as you have without giving up!”
No. 905732 ID: a451fc
File 153896190103.png - (218.34KB , 1039x709 , Ada 4.png )

YOU: Glad I could help, how long have you been trying to make this robot?
ADA: I started about three or four veeks ago. I've built plenty of smaller robots, vhich are more like toys compared to zhis fully sized one.
YOU: So...when do you want to try that again?
ADA: Maybe vhen I get some more parts. A lot was destroyed in zhat explosion, but enough about zhat I still need to pay you! zhis vas a job afterall.

You and Ada return to the front desk.

ADA: Zhe best vay I can pay back, as you must've read on zhe board, is vith a piece of my inventory! one zhat is reasonably priced of course. I have quite a few zhings around here I could possibly give you as payment. Is zhere anyzhing zhat you can zhink of zhat you might vhat zhat I might have in store?
No. 905747 ID: d3602f

Would you by chance happen to have something that could react with aetherial energy? Specifically something that notices subtle changes in ambient energy? You know how most liquids increase in size as they are heated, so we sometimes use mercury thermometers? Something with a gradual change as more ambient energy is around. Demons seem to have a habit of getting the jump on us, and it would be useful if we could use it as a detector of some sort. Obviously it needs to notice subtle changes because with us being around Vol all the time, a simple "yes/no" mechanism will just have it notifying us constantly.

In short, something that we can use to make an aetherometer.
No. 905749 ID: 8e1ef2

Ask if she has a way to tow heavy loads on your skipper.
Also, check in on the plant.
No. 905750 ID: eeb7d9

Remind me what parts for the skipper do you have.
Also, how is the plant doing?
No. 905752 ID: 91ee5f

>Is zhere anyzhing zhat you can zhink of zhat you might vhat zhat I might have in store?

“I mean, uh, do you have any parts for my Skipper that you’d be willing to part with or would those be too expensive to be considered ‘reasonably priced‘?”

If the Skipper parts are too much, then look around for parts that you can use to try and build something like a grappling hook or some parts that you can use to modify your current weapons to hold more ammo or something.
No. 905753 ID: 575ec0

A Ground Penetrating Sonar would be hella useful for exploring ruins. A map of the area before we go in would be nice.

A regulated oxygen supply would be really nice since we use fire underground a bunch. Hell just a portable oxygen tank capable of
being refilled would do, since we can make a "helmet" out of ceasura.

If that's too specialized, a portable toolkit could come in handy anywhere we go.
No. 905754 ID: d3602f

Compressed oxygen can be very explosive, I'd advise against bringing oxygen with us.
No. 905777 ID: 575ec0

So is carrying around a tank full of flammable gas. Which we already do.
Though we could ask for a smoke filtering gas mask.
It wouldn't prevent asphyxiation from a fire in an enclosed space, but it would make the time we had more productive, and the whole situation somewhat less suicidal. Aside from that, gas masks are useful for other airborne hazards as well.

Actually, on that note, if we're gonna be toting around a flame-thrower, maybe we should ask if she has any Bunker Gear or any long woven asbestos overwear.
Dont wanna end up looking like freddy.
No. 905780 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t we still have that gas mask we found in that bunker where we got that plant that Ada’s looking at for us? Or did we sell that?

Because if we still have it, all we need to do is buy some filters for it.
No. 905783 ID: d3602f

It's a small tank on the end of our gun, it would probably be easier to shoot us in the head than to shoot that. Not to mention, unlike our fuel tank, we will have to use it as long as we wear it. A large tank would be heavy, bulky, and hard to move around in. A small one would very quickly run out of air. Also, tanks are relatively cheap. If we really want a tank, we're going to want an air pressurizer.

Although maybe we could use it if we have to dive some time. There would probably be some pretty interesting demons down there.
No. 905788 ID: a451fc
File 153897313904.png - (235.26KB , 1039x709 , Ada 5.png )

>Skipper Parts
-Extra Grip Treads (200C): Sorta makes the Skipper less of a skipper. Installs a durable tread with strong traction onto the Skipper replacing the legs. Helps the Skipper move up steeper surfaces without issue.
-Hookshots (100C): Adds a set of small grappling hooks that can be fired out of the front of the Skipper. These can puncture most things and can be used to keep hold when climbing or to grab hold of something you're chasing after.
-Reinforced Chassis (200C): The body of your Skipper is pretty light right now making it easy to damage. A reinforced chassis will help protect its more vulnerable parts.
-Hover Engine (500C): No legs, no wheels, no treads. The O20-M9 hover engine will allow your skipper to be more of a hoverer. The speed will be better than that of your reinforced leg mobility upgrade and the skipper will completely ignore rough terrains like mud or water...if you were to ever encounter those in a desert like this. You also get a small burst of aerial mobility at the cost of more fuel, but don't forget this is a hover engine, not a flight engine.

You're sure you could get a skipper part or two for free if it's worth less than 300 Cards. And if you want to buy something with actual money you have 575 Cards

>The plant
Currently the plant has been stored in the basement where it's being cared for by Ludger. Ada tells you it has not grown much but has made more peaches.

An insanely and completely awesome idea pops into your head. Unfortunately you doubt Ada has any material or substances that has anything to do with the Aetherial or the demonic, but you're definitely logging this is in your book for later.
No. 905797 ID: d3602f

I'm thinking either the chassis, or using our payment to get a discount on the hover engine. The first for obvious reasons. The second because I remember that one job involving phase worms that ate tires. Might be a problem if we ran into anything like that.
No. 905798 ID: 575ec0

Hand her 300 cards and get the Hover Engine and the Hookshots.
No. 905802 ID: 094652

>Hover Engine
@#$% YES. Rocky terrain is always a frequent hazard out in the desert. When outrunning other demons, a blown tire can mean the difference between life and death. This nullifies that probability.

Ask for fall damage mitigation systems; something that can overclock the engine to emit a burst of force that can save the skipper at the last second.
No. 905803 ID: 90f3c0

This sounds like a pretty badass combination if we ever get into skipper chase, or have to fight large fast demon.
No. 905811 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Ada if there’s anything specific she’s looking for to help build her robot. Because if she tells you, you’ll keep an eye out for something like it the next time you go scavenging.

And ask her if she did something different with her hair? Because it looks nice.

>What to get?
Reinforced Chassis
No. 905855 ID: eeb7d9

A discount on the Hover Engine would be a great deal. If we keep earning money, we will have our Skipper totally upgraded in no time.
No. 905862 ID: 575ec0

We can get the Reinforced Chassis, Hover engine, and Hookshot for less than 500 cards if we trade in the legs.
We don't need the legs anymore, and Ada has a use for those actuators now that she blew up a few of them on that last experiment.

Get all 3, Install the hover engine here, and trade in the legs.
No. 905870 ID: 733bd9

Hookshots and Reinforced Chassis! Buy with money the Extra Grip Treads as well, our Skipper boy is going to evolve!
No. 905873 ID: 8e1ef2

Get the chassis and hookshots.
No. 905876 ID: 91ee5f

We’ll still need the legs if we go somewhere like the mountains where we met Troy and caught Peaches. Because I’m pretty sure you can’t hover up mountains.
No. 905877 ID: 575ec0

That's what the hook shot is for.
Besides, it's not like the legs are hot-swappable.
No. 905971 ID: cb8d11

She doesn't have a 'Blue Baroness', does she? that thing was pretty rad.

Hell, if Ada's interested in demonic magic we could try to experiment with peaches teleportation, try to put it in objects, if that's possible.
No. 905982 ID: d3602f

Peaches doesn't teleport, he just turns invisible while leaving an illusion.
No. 905986 ID: 91ee5f

It’s not teleportation, he turns invisible while leaving behind an illusion of himself.
No. 906005 ID: a451fc
File 153904648255.png - (234.81KB , 1039x709 , Ada 6.png )

>Blue Baroness
You have no idea what this could be. Some sort of vehicle part or weapon? Either way, Ada doesn't have anything by that name.

>Sell the Skipper's Legs
The legs along with the modifications they got come to 250C. Do you want to sell the skipper legs?

>Reinforced Chassis
>Hover Engine
The hookshot attachment and reinforced chassis are bundled together and are exactly 300 Cards so you get the upgrades for free while the hover engine costs you 500 Cards leaving you at 75 Cards. You bring in skipper from outside to work on and when you do, Ada looks worried...

ADA: Hmmm...Zhis isn't good...Zhe model of your Skipper may not be entirely compatible vizh zhe hover engine...I might need to make some modifications to zhe entire zhing to make it vork...
YOU: Is...that going to cost me more?
ADA: It definitely would...but instead of making you pay...I am zhinking of somezhing else...If I install zhee extra modifications to allow zhe engine to be installed, would you be so kind as to pick up a package for me in Crud City? I know asking two jobs of you in one day might be a little much, but I am too busy to get it myself...busy and lazy.
No. 906012 ID: 575ec0

Sell the Legs, Agree to the Job.

Go let Vol know what's going on. I would suggest he stay here and continue translating. Give him a little cash to get around with in-case this ends up taking all night.
Once the modifications are done, go collect Peaches for a little muscle and then onward to Crud city.
No. 906016 ID: d3602f

The job shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also, yeah, sell the legs too. But just a little reminder, we still need to talk with Ichigo today.

Also quickly check in on how Vol is doing.
No. 906019 ID: ad51b8

yes to selling the legs and yes to the job

just think of the job as a shakedown run and testing the upgrades

uh, not sure how long it will take to upgrade the skipper or if she wants you to do the other job today but if so and Vol is still reading those books might want to swing by and let him know your going to be heading out for a bit to finish the job.
No. 906081 ID: eeb7d9

Sure, Vol probable is stil translating things
with Hazel. Besides you don't have anything else to do at the moment and you would really like this skipper upgrades.
No. 906184 ID: 91ee5f

>The legs along with the modifications they got come to 250C. Do you want to sell the skipper legs?
No, we might need those later.

Because if the hover engine ends up using a lot of fuel, we’ll need the legs for when we’re running low on fuel.

Speaking of which, when was the last time you refueled your Skipper?

>If I install zhee extra modifications to allow zhe engine to be installed, would you be so kind as to pick up a package for me in Crud City?
“Sure, anything for a cutie like you!”

“.....did I just say that out loud?”

We’re probably going to need to pick up Vol before we head out.

Or if Vol isn’t available, we could go ask Ichigo if he’d want to help. Or we could just go back to our house and get Troy.

I just don’t like Roland going by himself, even if it’s for a small thing like picking up a package for Ada. There’s no telling what will happen!
No. 906259 ID: a451fc
File 153912603796.png - (169.62KB , 1039x709 , Upgrade.png )

>Sell the legs
You sell the Skipper's legs to Ada for 250 Cards bringing you to 325 Cards

>The Job
YOU: Sure! I can't say no to you.
ADA: Hmm~...And vhat is zhat supposed to mean?
YOU: ...Nothing.

Ada get's right to reworking your Skipper pulling it into the garage. The sound of machine's whirring and bolts being tightened and loosened fill the shop and you realize Ada probably works faster than you do when it comes to building not only due to experience, but also because she can remove and fix things quicker with four arms. After a bit of waiting Ada peeks out from the back and motions you to come in to see her work.

ADA: It required a bit more work zhan I first zhought. You vill probably owe me a bit more zhan zhis one job.

The new Skipper is propped up by small legs when it's not on. It's a little weird to see it like this, but you also can't help but feel excited to ride it. You realize the paint jobs been almost completely wiped of along with the eyes you drew on it, Ada's got plenty of paint around if that's a problem though

>New paint job submit design
>Repaint it the same as before
>Just leave it unpainted
No. 906265 ID: 8e1ef2

Make it look like a shark.
No. 906268 ID: d3602f
File 153913311226.png - (151.75KB , 1039x709 , Speed Demon.png )

>New Paint Job
Our trusty demons are always by our side! Also, a little music note, because that spot seemed like it needed something.

I saw the marks underneath and I thought of Peaches eyes. Uh, they aren't quite in the right place, but we can pretend Ada modified it, right?
No. 906271 ID: eeb7d9

>You vill probably owe me a bit more zhan zhis one job.
Now you are just taking advantage of me, lady.

About paint job, you can't never go wrong with red flames and a black background, or vice versa.
No. 906272 ID: 733bd9
File 153913515534.png - (191.87KB , 1039x709 , Lacerflies worst nightmare.png )

I call this Red Butterfly, even if it has like, only one single butterfly.
No. 906279 ID: 2202fb

Hmm, how much would two Browning M2 hmgs (or equivalent .50 cal hmg) cost you? Could Ada mount two of them on each side of the front? It would help counteract the lack of armor. Maybe the dual hmgs could be a long-term project?
No. 906289 ID: 91ee5f
File 153913950523.png - (198.25KB , 1039x709 , 6EE6E17F-C718-4289-AADC-CB3C9F21B9DA.png )

>It required a bit more work zhan I first zhought. You vill probably owe me a bit more zhan zhis one job.
“That’s ok. That just means that I get to see you more often.”

>New paint job submit design
Honestly, I think you should just repaint the eyes and then add a big smile to the front.

And if Ada asks about the spider on the back, just tell her that you wanted to show some appreciation for all the work she’s done.
No. 906290 ID: 91ee5f

Also, the spider design is supposed to be on both sides of the vehicle.
No. 906292 ID: 3674e7
File 153914010046.jpg - (179.05KB , 1039x709 , bike.jpg )

No. 906297 ID: a451fc
File 153914197653.png - (154.19KB , 1039x709 , Upgrade Painted.png )

You ignore every color of paint except for black and red,because every other color is worthless, and you paint onto the Skipper's chassis...well now it isn't a skipper is it? It doesn't really have legs anymore. Are just going to call your new vehicle a hoverer? That sounds sort of weird though...

It would cost you way more than what you have now. You also don't know who'd sell something like, not to mention you aren't sure if two heavy guns will fit well on your new skip-hoverer thing...You need a new name for this.

More importantly where do you plan on heading next? Vol's probably still translating that load of books with Hazel, and Ichigo is supposed to want to talk to you in Luucc's Bar. You should also get to moving to pick up Ada's package.
No. 906299 ID: b1b4f3

Call it a Skimmer.

Go talk to Ichigo, pick up Vol, then depart.
No. 906300 ID: 733bd9

Skimmer as well, good and easy to remember.
No. 906301 ID: 91ee5f

>well now it isn't a skipper is it? It doesn't really have legs anymore. Are just going to call your new vehicle a hoverer? That sounds sort of weird though...
>your new skip-hoverer thing...You need a new name for this.
Call it your “Skimmer”.

>Where to next?
I’d say that you should get a traveling companion, just in case you run into trouble when picking up Ada’s package.

Speaking of which, did Ada tell you where in Crud City her package is supposed to be at? It’d be nice to know what building you need to go to.

And can she give you something for you to show to someone to prove that you’re there to pick up her package for her and you’re not some asshole that’s going to try and steal it?

>Go talk to Ichigo, pick up Vol, then depart.
I agree with this.
No. 906302 ID: d3602f

Get Ada's package, this is to help pay for the modifications after all.

Hovercraft is a pretty reasonable name. But if that is a bit too obvious there's air-hopper. Maybe Beholder if you want something more eye and creature related (and they float too).
No. 906321 ID: 575ec0

Go talk to Ichigo. You have time enough to see what's going on, just not enough to hang out for long.
No. 906391 ID: a451fc
File 153923219371.png - (171.27KB , 1039x709 , Ada 7.png )

YOU: Since it's not much of a skipper any more I think I'll call this...the Skimmer!
ADA: ...Really?
YOU: What? It's a good name.
ADA: Yes, for a kitchen utensil maybe.
YOU: It's not that bad. What do you have a better name for it?
ADA: ...Zhe Arges. Zhat's a good one, or you can keep calling it zhe skimmer for vhen you decide to give up demonology and take up zhe cooking. Also!

Ada scribbles down a note and hands it to you.

ADA: Zhis is for vhen you pick up zhe package. Zhe person vizh it should be in zhat one bar...Zhe Gas Guzzler?

You leave Ada's shop with your new hover bike and head to go find Vol.
No. 906392 ID: a451fc
File 153923219969.png - (351.27KB , 1039x709 , Hollow Garden 2.png )

You return to the Hollow Garden and and head to the back again. Inside Hazel's no where to be seen but Vol is still on the floor reading to himself out loud.

VOL: "And so we's all floating through an endless abyss inside a demented demon's dungeon until we break to take back a false sun"...Jeez dis is some shitty writin'...Oh! Hey Rol. You done with dat otha job?

You tell Vol about the second job you got from Ada for the upgrades to your Skipper.

VOL: Wow ya gettin' real busy wit dis work ain't ya, well I ain't so sure if I can go witcha. I still got books to translate and Hazel's 'bout to come back wit tea. I don't know what tea is but I still don't think I can go anywhere.
No. 906398 ID: 094652

"Thought you said you didn't have a crush."
>No I don't
"Just messing with ya. Look, I know she's being a good friend, but I need help on this job. Did anyone else come in to the library looking for work?"
No. 906400 ID: b1b4f3

Alright tell him you'll see him later, and to behave himself while you're gone.

Then go talk to Ichigo.
No. 906405 ID: d3602f

Before we go, have you gleaned anything particularly interesting yet?
No. 906417 ID: 91ee5f

>It's not that bad. What do you have a better name for it?
>...Zhe Arges.
Well, you heard the lady! From now on, your vehicle is called the Arges!

>Wow ya gettin' real busy wit dis work ain't ya, well I ain't so sure if I can go witcha. I still got books to translate and Hazel's 'bout to come back wit tea. I don't know what tea is but I still don't think I can go anywhere.
Tell Vol that tea is a hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.

Then ask Vol if he wants you to leave him some spending money for him to use while you’re gone? If so, how much does he want you to give him?

And just in case you’re gone all day, ask if he can get back to the house by himself or is he going to try and get someone to give him a ride to the house or if he’s going to stay here with Hazel?

After all of that, go have a quick chat with Ichigo.

Oh, yeah, ask Vol about that also.
No. 906425 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, i don't see why we can't just leave Vol here, can't be that difficult or dangerous, it's just picking up a package. If he wants to stay with Hazel and keep translating is good with me.
No. 906491 ID: e0e6b6

>...Jeez dis is some shitty writin'...
I liked the alliteration. If you're gonna be busy for another while I'll find something else to do. Meet me at Luucc's when you're done?
No. 906505 ID: a451fc
File 153929690905.png - (317.17KB , 1039x709 , Hollow Garden 3.png )

YOU: So...sounds like you got a little crush huh?
YOU: Relax I'm just joking. So, there's no one else that's come in for this job?
VOL: Rol, I don't think anyone else in dis town speaks Demonic. 'Course no one else came. It's just a delivery job right? Sounds easy enough fer ya to do on ya own.

>Anything Interesting ?
Vol recounts a page of the grimoire he's just turned to. "Proper Methods to Cook Human Flesh". Important information, Vol however decides not to read it for some odd reason. Now you'll never know how to prepare a proper meal.
No. 906506 ID: a451fc
File 153929691175.png - (194.13KB , 1039x709 , Lucky Luucc's Bar 1.png )

>Find Ichigo

You leave Hollow Garden and head to Luucc's Bar. You find Ichigo sitting at a table in the back. He turns around to look at you as you walk up almost like he knew you were coming...he probably just heard you.

ICHIGO: hello roland! glad you could stop by to talk.

You take a seat across from him.

ICHIGO: i was a bit worried you would have forgotten. you seem like the kind of person who would be busy most of the time with your demonological pursuits. speaking of which how have your documentations been going?
No. 906508 ID: ad51b8

it's going alright. Managed to get a lot of info on a bunch of different kinds of demons not to long ago so for now I'm just kinda taking it easy and doing some odd jobs here and their to make enough cards to pay the bills.
No. 906511 ID: a94e23

Things have been going well enough I suppose, nothing major’s come up yet. How about you? How’s showbiz treating ya?
No. 906514 ID: eeb7d9

See, i told you guys. There is something going on there.

You can't forget somebody like you Ichigo. Take no offense, but you really stand out from the crowd. And you are a really nice guy, that is really hard to forget, and even more rare to find.
I am doing good, doing some jobs here and there, learning lots of suff. What about you, how are the shows going?
No. 906516 ID: 91ee5f

>hello roland! glad you could stop by to talk.
Troy told me that you wanted to talk. By the way, how did you guys end up meeting each other?

>i was a bit worried you would have forgotten. you seem like the kind of person who would be busy most of the time with your demonological pursuits.
I’m actually taking a break and doing some jobs from the job board. But with my luck, I’m probably gonna end up running into a demon, whether I want to or not.

>speaking of which how have your documentations been going?
Ask him if he wants to look at what you’ve written down so far?
No. 906524 ID: 575ec0

I participated in a demonic tournament/fightclub thing the other day. Got a gander at many a demon and even some interviews.

It only required my spine being shattered. Thank god for magic.

Anyway, what's up?
No. 906527 ID: a451fc
File 153930804186.png - (162.11KB , 1039x709 , Ichigo 1.png )

YOU: It's going well! I've gotten a bunch of info on some demons from this underground fight club thing...I'm not sure how much I can say about that, but it was worth it! Despite the busted spine.
ICHIGO: busted spine?
YOU: Yeah I didn't win. Right now I'm doing a job for a friend. How's your paper play thing been going?
ICHIGO: sort of okay...i haven't really had any motivation to write lately. i've been sort of bored as of recently, sure a few things have happened to shake things up a bit but i still feel like i am stuck in a bit of a rut.

Ichigo takes a sip from his drink

ICHIGO: say, you've been keeping record of the demons you met right? do you have these records with you?

You pass your journal over to him. He flips through the pages, it's hard to gauge his reaction since he keeps an almost expressionless face most of the time.

ICHIGO: see here's an adventure. the sort of thing that's not just good for a little story, you really got your hands dirty to collect this sort of stuff. do you do stuff like this everyday?
No. 906529 ID: ad51b8

off and on really. Some of those guys were a doozy and a half plus Vol kinda gets worried if I try to do get more info for to long so I take a few breather days here and there.
No. 906532 ID: d3602f

Vol would not let us. He's got this weird condition called "a sense of self preservation".
No. 906534 ID: 575ec0

Kinda seems that way.
No. 906535 ID: 91ee5f

>no motivation
>see here's an adventure.
.....I’m tempted to ask him to tag along. Maybe he’ll get some kinda inspiration for a new paper puppet show if he comes with us?

I mean, sure, it’s just picking up a package, but you never know what’ll happen between here and Crud City!

>do you do stuff like this everyday?
“Not every day. I’ve gotta take a break every once in a while. Like today, I’m doing a job for Ada. In order to pay for the upgrades to my Arges, I’ve gotta go to Crud City to pick up a package for her.”
No. 906537 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah that is pretty much my life, running from demons, learning from them, surviving explosions,learning demon magic. Can't get bored. Hard enfasis on the explotions part.
Hey, how about you coming along with me some day? Maybe you can make a nice story about my shenanigans. The job i am doing now doesn't seem all that exciting, but with my luck, something interesting might happen. What say you?
No. 906578 ID: 5b9413

I usually look at the job board for any work that concern Demons or are in Demon infested territories and write down what I find there.
No. 906584 ID: a451fc
File 153937192335.png - (152.65KB , 1039x709 , Ichigo 2.png )

YOU: It kind of feels that way recently, but I haven't been doing it for long. It's on and off, mostly because if I did it every day Vol would be pissed off at me, for some reason he just just hates it when I put my life in danger. Today I'm going to Crud City to pick up a package for someone, if you want you come along you can.
ICHIGO: really?
YOU: Yeah. I don't think it'll have anything to do with demons, but who knows? Demons can strike wherever and whenever.
ICHIGO: well as long as you're inviting me i'd be happy to come along. even if it's a simple courier mission and not demon studies.

Ichigo sips his drink.

ICHIGO: you know roland i have a bit of a hard time making friends.
YOU: Do you?
ICHIGO: yes, it seems most people find me unsettling or intimidating for one reason or another. it's useful at certain moments but most of the time it makes it hard for people to get close to me. it's the reason i do my paper plays, no one has to look at me when i'm ducking behind the little stage...what do you think roland?
No. 906585 ID: a451fc
File 153937192914.png - (209.63KB , 1039x709 , Ichigo 3.png )

ICHIGO: do you think i'm somewhat intimidating or maybe unsettling in some way?
No. 906586 ID: b1b4f3

Hand him a napkin, ask what's with his teeth.
No. 906587 ID: 8e1ef2

No more than any other absurdly large person with jagged teeth and glowing eyes.
No. 906588 ID: 575ec0

If anything you seem... oddly familiar. Kinda like deja-vu.
It feels almost like your an old reliable friend I haven't seen in years.

It's hard to explain.
No. 906590 ID: d3602f

I think you stand out, but not in an intimidating way. Your height is quite impressive, which makes you stand out from the crowd. You also are very good at getting a crowd to listen to what you have to say. I think you would make a great leader for a performance troupe, able to both stand out and beguile others with words at the start of a show. A great stage presence. Admittedly, some people can be intimidated by charm, maybe that's the problem.

I admit the monotone is a little weird, but it seems that you talk that way by choice, so it probably doesn't bother you too much. Might want to work on your table manners though.

We also killed a female Displacer Beast, and consider Peaches adorable. So, we might not have the best idea of what is and isn't intimidating.
No. 906591 ID: ad51b8

vaguely, but then again you're talking to someone who decided it would be a good idea to track down creatures made of teeth, claws, and eyeballs that could have abilities that could cause one to go insane or just set you on fire by thinking really hard about it.

So yeah, if you're worried about spooking me or something unintentionally you can probably relax.
No. 906593 ID: 91ee5f

Since he’s going to be tagging along, ask if he’s got a weapon with him? Just in case we run into trouble.

“That depends. Are you trying to be intimidating and/or unsettling right now? Because if you are, then you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that to intimidate and/or unsettle me.”

Or we could just say, “Nah, not really.”
No. 906595 ID: 1dd514

Yeah, but whatever. That's like a survival trait around these parts. I myself have one eye and am covered head to toe in bandages, and usually have demons following me around. Your personality seems pretty chill though, so I dunno why you would have trouble.
No. 906598 ID: eeb7d9

It would be a lie if i said no, but the thing is that i don't see it as a bad thing. It is kinda the same thing with demons, i am not compearing you with them, but people find them scary, probably because they don't understand them, and they don't give them the benefit of the doubt. It's natural, they are indeed dangerous. But then there is people like me, or dr Mordecai that are willing to go beyond common sence in order to understand them, and in doing so they start to look less scarry and start looking more intriging. You are at first look intimidating, yes, but i feel incredibly calm while talking to you. Am i making sense?
No. 906600 ID: a451fc
File 153938311965.png - (177.86KB , 1039x709 , Ichigo 4.png )

YOU: I mean I guess your height makes you pretty intimidating. You do stand out a lot compared to most other people, but it doesn't really bother me. Also...I haven't noticed before but your teeth are really sharp.
ICHIGO: yes, mutations and what not.
YOU: Well as someone who's pretty comfortable around demons I don't see anything to terrifying about you...other than your table manners.

You hand Ichigo a napkin. His emotionless face shows a small shred of embarrassment as he cleans the drink from his mouth.

ICHIGO: i'm glad to hear that. you said you were heading to crud city? you should go ahead without me for now, i'll meet you there.
YOU: You sure?
ICHIGO: yes i'll get there on my own.
YOU: Well, alright if you need to find me in the city I'll be in the Gas Guzzler bar. Do you have any weapons on you?
ICHIGO: ...i can handle myself fine, don't worry about me. anyway don't slow yourself down because of me, whether i do or don't join you you still have a job to do.
No. 906610 ID: d3602f

Well, if that's all you wanted to talk about I guess I better get going.
No. 906612 ID: eeb7d9

Very well then, i hope to see you there anyway. Stay safe, Ichigo! I'm heading off.
Let us not waste more time and head to our destination.
No. 906615 ID: 2202fb

May want to mention that Troy is a pretty mellow guy, yet despite his (presumably)being high this morning, he still felt the need to tell you to be careful around Ichigo. You may not want to be overly trusting. Objectively, he is pretty sketchy even if he wasn't a face monster.
No. 906621 ID: 91ee5f

>go ahead, I’ll catch up
“I mean, I don’t mind giving you a ride. But if you’re sure about it, then I guess I’ll see you there.”

Hop on your Arges and head out for Crud City!
No. 906626 ID: a451fc
File 153940064094.png - (292.96KB , 1039x709 , Arges Joyride.png )

You say your "see ya soons" to Ichigo and head off to leave for Crud City.

You mount The arges...shit that might actually be a better name than "Skimmer" after all. As you leave Dawnsprings and saddle up on the arges the fact that it lacks legs or even wheels feels odd at first, it takes you a minute to get settled. When you do start to ride it the speed catches you off guard and you almost fall off of the bike. The feeling of having no physical support underneath you mixed with a high speed makes the first few minutes of riding the arges a bit scary, but you're a fast learner. Pretty soon you manage to get the thing to go off at high speed while keeping your balance. You can't help but do some wheelies or whatever they are as you go to Crud City, Vol hates when you did tricks on the skipper when he was on it but now that he's staying Dawnsprings you can go fucking wild all you want. You do a hand stand off the handles, stand on the seat as you ride, you even manage a back flip with the incredible capabilities of the hover engine. It's sick, so god damn fucking sick.
No. 906627 ID: a451fc
File 153940064416.png - (356.30KB , 1039x709 , Gas Guzzler Bar 1.png )

You don't even realize how quickly you arrive at Crud City. You head straight for the Gas Guzzler bar where Ada said the person with the package would be. Inside it's a pretty standard bar. You hear an engine revving behind the bar's counter...is the barkeep cooking food on an engine? Interesting gimmick you guess. You look at the note, Ada says you're looking for a woman in a weird swimsuit.

You look around the bar. The obvious one you're looking for is Ula who sitting at the bar. Eto is at a booth in the back too, but you aren't sure you have much to talk about.
No. 906628 ID: d3602f

Let's talk with Ula. Can't really think of much we would talk to Eto about.
No. 906630 ID: ad51b8

talk to Ula first to get that out of the way and if you have some time after that might as well say hi to Eto so it doesn't seem like you're ignoring him. Maybe ask for some tips about how imps use blood magic to help out Vol if he's still practicing that.
No. 906683 ID: a451fc
File 153942874096.png - (201.14KB , 1039x709 , Ula 1.png )

You walk over to Ula at the counter and get her attention.

ULA: O-oh! Roland, surprised to see you here again. I-I'm glad you're doing w-well after w-what happend at the fight.
YOU: Yeah, having most of my bones broken wasn't fun but I'm doing alright! I'm here to pick up a package for Ada.
ULA: You know Ada?

You hand Ula Ada's note.

ULA: Yeah t-that's h-her...that's her hand writing.

Ula crouches down to the ground and reaches into the ground, the floor beneath her hand ripples and splashes apart as if it were liquid. She moves her hand around the watery floor until finally she pulls her hand up from the ground holding a package which she hands to you.

ULA: I'm s-surprised she'd s-send s-someone else to pick this up. I w-was sure she wanted this in her hands as fast a-as possible.
No. 906684 ID: 094652

"She souped up my ride for a discount just so I'd get whatever this is to her faster. Also, she's busy with the latest ashes from her pet project."
No. 906685 ID: 1872dc

This is a really good summary.

Also you should compliment her skill at shoutcasting, since you were unconscious after the competition. She really got the excitement up.
No. 906687 ID: d22ed1

Your stage confidence makes you seem like a completly different person, ya know?
Ada just upgraded my vehicle so she's probably just confident about her work.
No. 906690 ID: 91ee5f

>Ula crouches down to the ground and reaches into the ground, the floor beneath her hand ripples and splashes apart as if it were liquid. She moves her hand around the watery floor until finally she pulls her hand up from the ground holding a package which she hands to you.
“That’s a pretty neat trick. Where’d you learn to do that? Or are you not allowed to tell me?”

>I'm s-surprised she'd s-send s-someone else to pick this up. I w-was sure she wanted this in her hands as fast a-as possible.
“Well, I did a job for her and she upgraded my vehicle as a reward, which made it pretty fast, so I should probably be able to get it to her really fast. Also, some of the parts I got from doing that job were free, but apparently installing them on my vehicle was more work than she thought, so in order to pay off what I owe her, I’m here collecting this package for her. Although, she said I might need to do a few jobs to completely pay off what I owe her.”

.....how about we just engage in some small talk with Ula for a bit? We got here pretty fast and Ichigo said he’d meet up with us, so we should at least take our time and give Ichigo a chance to catch up with us. It’s the least we can do for him, since we basically called him our friend.

Ask Ula, “So how do you know Ada?”

>Your stage confidence makes you seem like a completly different person, ya know?
Yeah, let’s say that.
No. 906692 ID: eeb7d9

Look at how happy he is! He sounds like a child. We need to thank Ada for this parts, they are fucking sick indeed.

> I'm s-surprised she'd s-send s-someone else to pick this up. I w-was sure she wanted this in her hands as fast a-as possible.

Well, given the modifications we made to my skipper, she would probably thought that i should be capable to come here faster. And maybe she trusts me enough to come pick up her things? I don't know. That kinda makes me a little happy though.
No. 906723 ID: 1872dc

That's a really rude way to say it.
No. 906731 ID: 2202fb

or awkward. I like it
No. 906742 ID: b1b4f3

She seems different... ask her if something's wrong.
No. 906743 ID: d3602f

She doesn't seem any different from when we first met her. She just seems to be much more confident when talking in front of large crowds.
No. 906747 ID: 575ec0

Ah, I just owe her a couple favors is all. She really went to town on this sweet ride!

I don't remember you having a cute stutter last time we met.
No. 906757 ID: 91ee5f

>I don't remember you having a cute stutter last time we met.
She definitely had that stutter last time we talked to her.
No. 906765 ID: a451fc
File 153947449419.png - (177.61KB , 1039x709 , Gas Guzzler Bar 2.png )

YOU: She souped up my ride for a discount so I'd get this package to her faster. Also, she's busy with the latest ashes from her pet project.
ULA: She still working on that r-robot?
YOU: Yeah, I helped her too. She did much better on it this time. How do you know Ada?
ULA: I t-trade with her r-r-regular-...I trade with her a lot. This p-package is part of one trade we d-did. They way I d-do things, I'm the kind of girl that can get things for p-people.
YOU: Y'know I don't want to sound rude or anything but I couldn't help but notice that your stage confidence makes you seem like a different person.
ULA: Y-yeah, it's just a b-bit e-easier...it's easier to talk in to crowds. Nobody's looking r-right at you a-and they aren't as c-close, you a-aren't looking them r-right in their eyes. W-well, it's easier for me i-is all...do you and your quiet f-friend do jobs like t-this for Ada most of the time?
YOU: ...My quiet friend?
No. 906766 ID: a451fc
File 153947449749.png - (284.13KB , 1039x709 , Gas Guzzler Bar 3.png )

ICHIGO: sorry if i'm being too silent i didn't want to interrupt.

You jump out of your skin and almost drop the box when you hear Ichigo's voice behind you. You didn't hear him enter and from the sound of it he was with you for a while.
No. 906768 ID: d3602f

We haven't done many jobs for her, but me and Vol occasionally scavenge machine parts that we sell to her, and we buy upgrades and bullets from her. So we often have dealings with each other.

Ichigo doesn't really know her though. At least, I don't think he does. Do you know her Ichigo? Anyway, I get in a lot of trouble and he enjoys telling stories, so he hopes he might get some inspiration from following us for a bit. This is shaping up to be a relatively safe day though, so he may be disappointed. At least, I think it will stay a safe day Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.
No. 906770 ID: 91ee5f

>You jump out of your skin and almost drop the box when you hear Ichigo's voice behind you.
Not only that, but you almost jumped out of your bandages! You better fix those and cover yourself up!

As for Ula’s question, no, this is technically your 2nd job for Ada and the 1st time you’re doing a job with Ichigo. Oh, right, introduce Ichigo and Ula to each other.

Also ask Ichigo what kind of vehicle he drives? He caught up with you pretty damn fast!
No. 906771 ID: eeb7d9

You are going to have to teach me how to do that, or at least how YOU do that. Been here for long?
No. 906775 ID: b1b4f3

Ichigo how did you get here so fast goddamn
No. 906779 ID: 6fcfe6

Heh, I've actually done that on accident before.

It's honestly pretty easy. Walk heel to toe, don't wear anything that rustles or squeaks a lot, and don't breathe heavy, and most people don't notice as long as they can't see you and you don't touch anything noisy.
No. 906786 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, that might be a way, but i want to know HIS. Besdes i was also talking about how fast he arived.
No. 906836 ID: a451fc
File 153950781158.png - (185.95KB , 1039x709 , Gas Guzzler Bar 4.png )

YOU: I-Ichigo! How'd you get here so fast?
ICHIGO: same as you, i went through the desert from dawnsprings to here.
YOU: b-but...what did you ride to get here?
ICHIGO: ...a vehicle.
YOU: B-but what kind?
ICHIGO: the kind that moves.

You like into Ichigo's stoic emotionless face, you don't think pushing any further will help get you passed his secrecy. A man of mystery.

YOU: I um...ahem. I think this is only my second job for Ada so far, so I don't do it that much. Oh! and this is Ichigo, a friend of mine who's helping me.
ULA: Oh yeah, I seen...I've seen you do the little p-paper plays in Dawnsprings before!
ICHIGO: i'm glad to hear you know about my work.

Now that you have the package you could head back to Dawnsprings and get the job done, but since you're already in Crud City you could probably do other stuff while you're here. Who else is in Crud City? The only other person besides Eto who you could think of talking to is Flint, which could be a good idea if you want to talk more about training.
No. 906837 ID: 2c24b4

Ada probably needs this package delivered quuckly. You shouldn't keep her waiting long.
No. 906843 ID: 575ec0

It would be rude not to at least say Hi to Eto.
No. 906848 ID: eeb7d9

Say hi to Eto, and then go see Flint and ask when we could go and train again. If we finish this job quickly we could come back and train some more.
No. 906856 ID: 91ee5f

>Who else is in Crud City?
I mean, Ada might want her package as soon as possible. But I don’t think it would hurt to look around for a bit.

Maybe you could even look around one of the shops here? They might sell something that Ada doesn’t sell.
No. 906857 ID: d3602f

Maybe we could ask Flint if he knows of any material that reacts to aetheric energy, or if he knows someone who knows High Demonic.
No. 906901 ID: a451fc
File 153955851320.png - (251.65KB , 1039x709 , Flint's House.png )

You say hi to Eto and Eto gives you a nod back. Good talk.

You walk over to Flint's house, the sun is still pretty high in the sky so you're sure you're not losing any time from going to visit your new mentor.
No. 906902 ID: a451fc
File 153955851605.png - (324.73KB , 1039x709 , Flint 1.png )

On the outside patio thing of his house Flint is sitting on a sofa in front of a table listening to radio and reading what look like tarot cards. He seems focused on shuffling his cards not noticing you until you clear your throat to alert him to your presence.

FLINT: Oh, Hey kid. Sorry I wasn't payin' attention. Y'know it's rude to show up at someones house without callin' first?
YOU: I don't have a phone...and I don't think you.
FLINT: It was joke kid don't worry, what do you need?

>Does he know of any material that reacts to Aetherial energy?
FLINT: ...There are certain kinds of mushrooms and fungi in the Aether that do that, but if you want something more easy to get your hands on I'm not entirely sure there's anything you can get in our world. You're all about research right? start researchin'

>Does he know someone who knows High Demonic?
FLINT: No, High Demonic doesn't really have any sort of rosetta stone we can use to learn it. You'd need to learn it from a High Demon, and they like to eat humans so that's probably not going to be possible anytime soon.
No. 906911 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, ask if you can do more training tomorrow.
Then ask what he's doing there with those cards. Is that Tarot?
No. 906917 ID: 2202fb

Well, lets go capture a high demon then.
No. 906920 ID: 91ee5f

>You're all about research right? start researchin'
“That’s why I came to ask you. I wanted to see if you knew anything.”

You should probably explain why you’re looking for that stuff. Who knows? He might be interested in an “Aetherial radar”, if you can manage to make one.

>No, High Demonic doesn't really have any sort of rosetta stone we can use to learn it. You'd need to learn it from a High Demon, and they like to eat humans so that's probably not going to be possible anytime soon.
I’m not sure if you should tell him about those books that Hazel has, he might go over there and take them from her.

Then again, if you let him know about the books, he might try to find someone that can read High Demonic to learn about whatever’s written in those books.

.....by the way, is Ichigo still with you? You should introduce him to Flint.
No. 906921 ID: b1b4f3

I think a better plan is to keep an eye out for more High Demon books, and hope one of them is the same as a book we can translate.
...though it occurs to me if we have enough High Demon books, someone skilled in linguistics could try piecing together the language.
No. 906925 ID: d3602f

Sure, sounds great. Maybe we should have Vol tell us about those recipes on how to cook humans, and have a nice talk about how we want to be prepared.

We haven't dealt with any demons with more than two eyes, let's not get in over our heads here. I'm not even sure there are High Demons in the material plane.
No. 906926 ID: 575ec0

Well, I'm just passing through on an errand, but I still got a bit of time. Got anything that needs doin' while I'm here?
No. 906938 ID: 91ee5f

Also, ask Flint if demons can evolve when they become stronger? Maybe they can grow more eyes or something?
No. 906944 ID: 2202fb

If this were possible, one would thing it would have been done by now.

Yes, it is somewhat ridiculous, but it may be the only way to learn high demonic. Rather than going on a suicide run, i think we should just shelve it for now.
No. 906980 ID: a451fc
File 153958112224.png - (321.09KB , 1039x709 , Flint 2.png )

YOU: I want to find some substance that reacts to aetherial energy so I can detect demons easier.
FLINT: Well that's an interesting idea, but I still don't know anything to help you with that, sorry.
YOU: Do you at least know where I can find a high demon? If I catch one I can probably learn the high demonic language.
FLINT: That's an awful idea kid. First: high demons don't leave the Aether as often as other ones if at all, Second: You won't be able to capture one, the high demons are stronger than average demons and even if you did get one who says it'll teach you anything it knows? Even looking for more books to help you decipher the language would probably be hard. I doubt demons have dedicated library's but what do I know?
YOU: ...Is it possible for a demon to grow more eyes?
FLINT: Not that I know of, I'm not really a demon expert.

>Tarot cards
YOU: Are those tarot cards?
FLINT: These? Kinda. Apparently it's something called a "Deck of Many Things ". It's supposed bend time, space, and existence upon you drawing a card but so far it's just a tarot deck with weird cards in it. Right now I'm only pulling the cards that actually resemble the original tarot, but I do have the rest of the real ones here. I don't know what the other ones symbolize or what the point of them are, but it's an intriguing collectible so I keep it anyway.

YOU: Do you think we can do more training tomorrow?
FLINT: Sure, I guess we could. Don't want you to stay at rest for too long, In fact I've been thinking of something. Roland if you could, make a barrier for me right now.
No. 906982 ID: 72e83e

Make a card sized barrier then say "Is this your card?"
No. 906984 ID: d3602f

I like this idea.
No. 906993 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm not really a demon expert.
“I thought you Pagan guys were supposed to know a lot about demons?”

>In fact I've been thinking of something. Roland if you could, make a barrier for me right now.
Do as the man says and make a barrier.
No. 906999 ID: 575ec0

Make barrier.
Do not resist the urge to also make the clicking sheild sound from super smash brothers as you do.
No. 907003 ID: 1872dc

Future note for Ula: maybe try to avoid eye contact. It's not much but if that helps her, it helps her.

Anyway, yeah, just do a simple c# like you did earlier.
No. 907022 ID: eeb7d9

>Make a barrier.
All right. Give the package to Ichigo. Let's see what he has in mind.
No. 907055 ID: a451fc
File 153963726278.png - (498.85KB , 1039x709 , Flint 3.png )

YOU: Aren't you pagans supposed to be demon experts?
FLINT: I commune with demons from time to time and deal mostly in the control of the aetherial energy for combat. I'm not an expert on demons physiology, it's not like every conversation with them revolves around their biology. Now hurry up with the barrier.

With a flourish you draw a card sized caesura barrier into your hand.

YOU: Is this your card?
FLINT: You're hilarious kid, now hold it up more...yeah just like that.

Flint spins the nail in his mouth around so the head of it's inside of his mouth. Aetherial energy crackles around his lips into the nail before he spits it out at your barrier. Like a bullet the nail pierces through your small caesura shattering it completely and knocking you off of your feet. Flint looks down at you and asks you to do it again, only this time make it as big as you can. You do as he says and once again he spits another nail through it breaking it in the same way as before and putting you on the ground again too. Flint stands up and stretches.

FLINT: Alright, so this ain't a full lesson but I am seein' some flaws in your technique. You aren't using all of your aetherial when you need to.
YOU: What do you mean?
FLINT: You focus the energy from inside you into making your caesura cover more area and making it bigger, but you don't seem to be making your barrier any thicker You make a barrier smaller and instead of redirecting the extra energy to make it thicker you just don't use it, your big barrier is just as tough as your small barrier. Of course making it the barrier thicker using more energy would make it smaller but it would also make it much tougher. You get what I mean?
No. 907056 ID: 1872dc

Yeah, put the energy it takes to make a big shield into the thickness of a smaller shield. And like, tweak that.

It's kinda like a c# except in ball form, and varied.
No. 907059 ID: 2c24b4

The solution isn't to make it thicker. That would only slow down the projectile a bit more before it either gets stuck or punches through. You need to make the barrier more dense. Think of it as throwing a rock through a cotton wall versus throwing that same rock through cotton that's been compressed into bricks.
No. 907060 ID: 91ee5f

>You get what I mean?
“Yeah, a bigger barrier isn’t a better barrier.”

“So if I can’t make my barriers thicker, can I overlap 2 barriers on each other? The same way me and Vol did during the tournament? Only I’d have to make the 2 barriers on my own.”
No. 907062 ID: b1b4f3

So we could make smaller barriers that are more dense? For starters, try making a big one and shrinking it down. Then try replicating that density at the start.
No. 907066 ID: 575ec0

Hmm. Try maxing a small solid ball of Caesura energy. Then expand that into a small but thick barrier.
No. 907070 ID: eeb7d9

So the amount of energy i use will make the the barrier stronger, but at the expense of making it smaller. So what i need to do now is to learn how to make my barriers stronger focusing more energy into them to make them thicker. Ant the same thing would happen to me shard, i could make it stronger and thicker and hit much harder.
Do you think that with time and training i could make them both big and thicc?
No. 907099 ID: 2202fb

Tell him to toss you another one, but this time, form a bunch of overlapping barriers so close together it is like one thicker barrier.
No. 907104 ID: a451fc
File 153966311454.png - (200.95KB , 1039x709 , Caesura.png )

>can I overlap 2 barriers on top of each other?
FLINT: If you do eventually learn how to make two barriers they'd both draw from the inner pool of aetherial energy you had. Layering them would make no difference than making a a single denser barrier conventionally.

You try to enclose aetherial energy into a dense ball, but it's difficult; Like trying to close the lid on a trunk that's too full. You manage it but keeping it like that's a bit tiring.

This method works the best with some concentration. It's still not easy nor is it very quick but you can do it.

FLINT: Good, with enough training soon you'll be able to make barriers big and dense. But that'll take time, shouldn't be too hard though you seem like a pretty fast learner. Is there anything else you want while you're here kid?
No. 907107 ID: 733bd9

Read your own tarot, you nerd! What is the wlrst that can happen?
No. 907120 ID: b1b4f3

Nice, something to practice during downtime. You should also try shaping into different shapes like spears or blades, or trying to launch it really fast.
No. 907122 ID: a451fc
File 153967059666.png - (309.24KB , 1039x709 , Deck of Many Things.png )

You ask Flint if he can give you a reading.

FLINT: Sorta? A lot of these cards have meanings I don't understand. I'll pull three for you.

Flint shuffles the deck and deals you three cards, you only recognize one of them: The Fool, The Terror Reversed, and The Bard Reversed.

FLINT: See? These don't make any sense. I haven't even managed to pull those cards before.
No. 907124 ID: d3602f

>The Fool
We're probably the Fool.

>The Terror reversed
Might be related to Ichigo. He's probably reversed because he's our ally, and he brings terror on others, or protects us from terror.

>The Bard reversed
That card may involve Vol, but it looks like the Bard has a guitar, so it could be Troy. But what does that reversal mean?
No. 907126 ID: 461e55

Yeah. First card is the past, so the Fool probably represents how inexperienced we were not too long ago.
Second card is the present, and Terror reversed fits Ichigo.
As for the third card and the future, if it’s Vol, it might represent him growing past just his songs and a supporting role like he’s started doing with discovering Col Legno cannon and practicing blood manipulation.
If it’s Troy, Bards are commonly travelers, so it could mean he joins our group permanently.
Bards are also entertainers, so reversed could mean something serious or sad in the future as opposed to a specific person.
No. 907127 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah the Fool is a seeker of knowledge, embarking on a long journey. That's definitely you. Question is, are the other two cards representing more people in your group or are they forecasting events?

Terror Reversed seems like it would designate bravery, or a fear overcome, or a monster tamed/befriended. Sounds like Peaches. Or maybe a little bit like Ichigo since most people find him unnerving(but also because he's a monster).
Bard Reversed... not sure. We'd have to theorize on what Bard means normally. Entertainer, music, good times? Someone who makes money by making people happy? Reversed, that would be... bad times, offensive/sad music, making money at the expense of others? Kindof sounds like Troy.

Except... we're not even sure what kind of 3-card reading this is. Is this a past-present-future reading? Those are generally too vague to be useful. Could be situation-action-outcome. Or it could be suggesting a grouping of people. Like maybe this is telling us to bring Ichigo to Vol?

Or it could just be you-ichigo-troy, which is like an indication the three of you are linked. Troy told you to talk to Ichigo, after all.

Anyway, I don't think we can really come to any conclusions about this without finding out more about these cards. This deck might be a tarot card set demons use, so we should ask Vol about it when we get back. Speaking of which we should head back.
No. 907143 ID: 1872dc

Yeah, it's vague but it feels oddly fitting.
No. 907149 ID: eeb7d9

Well isn't this ominous. Guess we are going to have to pay attention to our friends or something bad might happen to them. Thanks Flint, for the teaching and the carts, i think i understand a little. I'll see you tomorrow for more training.
No. 907159 ID: 91ee5f

Well, that’s strange. Thank Flint for his time and tell him you’ll see him tomorrow.

When you leave, ask Ichigo to take you to his vehicle so that you guys can ride back to Dawnsprings together! And then you can deliver that package to Ada, which will bring you one step closer to paying off your debt!

.....although, you wouldn’t mind doing more jobs for her, even after paying off your debt. And her robot project is pretty interesting! You want to continue helping Ada make it, since it would let you be with her more often!
No. 907168 ID: d3602f

But unless his ride can tow, that would mean leaving our ride behind.
No. 907172 ID: 54d1d9

I dont know what exactly what specific Tarot cards are, but I guess I could come up with something.

The fool could be Troy, since he's on the run from something he could have possibly avoided.

The Terror R could be Ichigo, but instead of being a typical, fearsome terror, he's one with good intentions. Pick it up from the Issei story.

The Bard could either be you or Vol, who are both trying to help someone help. It's reversed since your field your help involves a lot of danger, than a typical bard's job would have.
No. 907180 ID: d3602f

I don't think the Fool would be Troy. The Fool is associated with innocence, childish curiosity, and a desire for adventure that occasionally borders on reckless. Fits us and our desires to pursue our deadly profession pretty well. If you look at the imagery, Vol could even probably fit as the dog who prevents us from falling over the cliff.
No. 907191 ID: 91ee5f

What? Why would we leave our ride behind or have Ichigo tow us?

Ichigo would be on his vehicle and we’d be on our Arges, which is why we’d be riding back to Dawnsprings together.
No. 907198 ID: a451fc
File 153973154267.png - (62.58KB , 1039x709 , Crud City 2.png )

Without any more information on the other cards you have no real conclusion on the reading and can only speculate what it could mean, though Flint reassures you most tarot readings are vague enough to relate to anything about anyone so you shouldn't sweat it. You thank him and leave. As you walk away you notice Ichigo scribbling down notes in a notepad he pulled from his coat pocket.

ICHIGO: i do not know much about paganistic pursuits, but that was pretty interesting. how did you happen across that ability? were you born with it?
YOU: Vol gave it to me, the imp i'm normally with, wanted me to have something to protect myself with.
ICHIGO: so you made a deal with a demon for magic powers?
No. 907202 ID: d3602f

I suppose that's accurate in a sense, but when you put it like that it sounds ominous, like there is an ulterior motive. We're pretty much family. It isn't a business relationship, this is family looking out for each other. He'd gladly help me if I was in a bind without any thought of reward, and I'd do the same.
No. 907207 ID: 91ee5f

>so you made a deal with a demon for magic powers?
Not really. Vol has been with my family ever since I was a baby, he’s pretty much my older brother. He practically had a panic attack when I told him that I wanted to study demons. He was just worried about my safety, so he offered to give me one of the spells he knew so that I could protect myself and that’s pretty much how I got my magic.

.....why does everyone keep saying that I made a deal with Vol to get my magic? I didn’t sign any kinda contract or anything like that.
No. 907209 ID: eeb7d9

... holy shit i actually never thougt of it that way...
But is not like an actual contract, he just lends me the ability to make Caesura. There was never a condition we have to comply... I think?
No. 907210 ID: 90f3c0

It was more of a gift, Vol never asked for anything in return.
No. 907211 ID: b1b4f3

A deal? Didn't seem like it. Just an infusion of power, no strings attached.
No. 907212 ID: 2c24b4

A deal implies something given in return. I'm not giving Vol anything that I wouldn't without his magic.
No. 907214 ID: a451fc
File 153973671035.png - (70.79KB , 1039x709 , Crud City 3.png )

YOU: It wasn't really a deal. That would imply I had some sort of responsibility to keep up. Vol's family so it's just something he gave me.
ICHIGO: sorry for assuming, it's just that normally i have heard a lot about humans making deals with demons and such. i guess that isn't the case here...say, i gotta...meet up with someone. head back without me, i'll meet you back at dawnsprings.
YOU: Again?
ICHIGO: yeah, i've got something to do.

Ichigo breaks off from you and wanders off into Crud City, you decide that you want to get the package back to Ada as fast as possible so you mount the Arges and speed off
No. 907215 ID: a451fc
File 153973671367.png - (203.60KB , 1039x709 , Stalled.png )

Ichigo's a bit of a weird guy, but you think he's nice if not a bit secretive. A mysterious guy. You notice the sun's beginning to go down, hopefully you can get back to town in time so you can get this package to Ada. You don't think you'll have any problems running errands if it means getting to ride your new hoverbike more. Hopefully Ada gets more parts for hoverbikes in stock or you can scavenge some to tinker with the Arges.

As you drive through the wasteland you hear sputtering noises come from the hood of your bike. The Arges starts to slowdown, not too much but enough to make you worried. Maybe you pushed it a bit too much? You end up stopping in the middle of the desert, not stranded but not sure what's wrong with your bike. As you look it over you notice somebody out of the corner of your eye. On top of a large rock formation you can see the silhouette of a man.
No. 907216 ID: d3602f

I have a feeling this person somehow caused the problem with the Arges, and is going to attack us. But, it just doesn't feel right to attack preemptively without knowing anything about them.

Call out to the person.
No. 907217 ID: b1b4f3

Hop on up there (bouncing off caesura balls instead of climbing) and say hello. Maybe they need a ride?
No. 907221 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah this is not suspicious at all. Especially that guy on the top of the rocks. Whatever you do, proceed with caution. Keep your eye on that guy while you check on The Arges.
No. 907236 ID: 91ee5f

Your bike breaks down and you just happen to stop near another person that happens to be out here? Yeah, I’m not buying it. That guy probably did something to your bike, but you don’t have any sort of proof of that, so don’t immediately be hostile to them.

Call out to them, but make sure you look around to make sure nobody else is sneaking up on you.
No. 907248 ID: 733bd9

Wave your arm at him, dude doesn't really look menacing, might even be friendly! He might help you out with Auges.
No. 907266 ID: 1872dc

This. And specifically do not interact with them.
No. 907271 ID: a451fc
File 153976421465.png - (244.88KB , 1039x709 , Who's This.png )

Could the figure up there be responsible for the malfunction? It wouldn't make any sense but what are the odds of them being here right when this happened to you? You aren't sure how much they have to with this, but you do know that they can see you. You decide to call out to them.

YOU: Hey! Who're you!?

You get a closer look at the man on the rock, dressed in odd face paint. He looks down at you and speaks to you.

???: ...My senses picked up the familiar feeling, left my mind reeling and kneeling. I was sent on a mission I shall bring to fruition, I'm strapped with munitions to use to the best of my cognition. Your presence reveals telling information boy, some that my would be interesting to who I'm under employ. I care not whether I inconvenience, dismay, or annoy so tell me now son, where's the man named Troy?

As he talks you notice some sort of bulge on the hood of the Arges, whatever it is you realize it's causing the issues with your bike. You need to remove it if you want to get going as smooth as before. You don't sense anything magical or aetherial about the blockage but do get a weird feeling from the guy on the rock.
No. 907274 ID: 094652

"Not here, that's for sure. Who are you working for again?"
No. 907275 ID: 575ec0

"Uh... Sure thing, one moment, though."
Well turn the thing off and open the hood. Be ready to bubble.
No. 907276 ID: b1b4f3

Make sure to answer in rhyme.
No. 907277 ID: d6a927

Uhh, you got a last name to go along with that?
No. 907278 ID: 1872dc

"Don't know a Troy, but why don't you describe him. Maybe he's using a different name." Check the engine while you delay him.
No. 907280 ID: 3674e7

Before doing anything check your fuel level.
Then say: (while shutting off the bike) Who? (while getting off and opening the bonnet) Dude I know your trying hard and all but does it look like anyone else is here but us?
No. 907281 ID: 3674e7

Also be ready for anything.
No. 907285 ID: 54d1d9

i'd rather not get in bigger trouble for lying.

if you are, a little truth makes the best lies. you could say something along the lines of, "i know a couple troys, so i'd need a last name or something."
No. 907292 ID: d3602f

Rhymes suggest music. Maybe the reversed Bard meant an enemy Bard, this guy. Or maybe it's because Bards have a habit of drawing attention to specific people with their music, in this case it is the wrong kind of person.

Both of these sound good, try to distract him. If it comes down to it, tell him that you have no idea who he's talking about.
No. 907294 ID: eeb7d9

Fuck, i hate when they rime. Play dumb for a while, you need to make time, until Ichigo finds you, what ever he uses to travel, must be really fast, so it won´t take much time. Check the thing stuck in The Arges.
No. 907298 ID: 47b664

Go to hell.
No. 907301 ID: 91ee5f

>Looking for Troy
This is probably one of the guys Troy said he was running from.

Tell him that he needs to give you more than just a name. Can he give you a description of this Troy guy and/or does he have a last name to give you?

>As he talks you notice some sort of bulge on the hood of the Arges, whatever it is you realize it's causing the issues with your bike.
You might want to take a step back from the Arges. There’s no telling what that guy did to your bike or if he’s using some kind of ability, but that bulge might attack you if you try to get close enough to remove it.
No. 907303 ID: f29f20

Hecking droopy SoundCloud face paint guy be sending gremlins into your ride, be prepared for something alive inside.
No. 907305 ID: 1872dc

We kinda need to confront the problem if we want Gallows to escape at any point.
No. 907315 ID: 91ee5f

True, but we can take our time with that.

Focusing on the weird guy that could pull out a gun at any moment seems more important right now.
No. 907320 ID: a451fc
File 153981805250.png - (266.69KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed .png )

You open the hood of the Arges while you talk to the man.

YOU: I uhhh...I'm not sure? I'd need maybe a last name? or a description?
???: I am trained in the knowledge of voodoo techniques and it appears you've been in contact with the one I seek. I can sense the aura of the target, to you it's bound. Now I can smell it on ya, sniffing it out like a bloodhound.

As you poke around the engine you see the issue, there's an odd looking skull lodged in the hood.

???: Seems like you're lying, denying me my target and what material might be edifying. I'll go through the trouble of prying out the knowledge from you and keeping the crowbar lodged between your shoulders keeping you down with the weight of boulders
No. 907321 ID: a451fc
File 153981805640.png - (463.89KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 1 .png )

CHOPPER: Bokor of the century the dark spirits call me Chopper. Let it be known son to lie to me's improper. Nothing will stop me from completing my mission, you'll be wishin' you were somethin' more than cannon fodder.

You feel something breathing down your neck.

CHOPPER: Despite my lethal skills in destroyin' those in my way I will say that I'm not ruthless. So I'll give you a second chance wraps to step up and tell me what the truth is. I'll repeat my self not once but twice so where is my target? Answer before I put you one ice.
No. 907322 ID: d3602f

Smack that skull with a sharp.

Should we fight while riding our bike? It could give us some maneuverability that could give us an edge, and it has hookshots. Caesura doesn't protect against magic, so if he uses pure magic as an attack we might be in trouble.
No. 907323 ID: 235ba5

"To know where he rest you seem quite keen, but it's me you must best for me to come clean"
"However you'll find me quite the escarp, I answer thus:

or some other horrible rhyme.
it'll be fun
No. 907335 ID: 91ee5f

Use Caesura to launch the skull in your hand towards Chopper while you dodge the thing behind you!

>Caesura doesn't protect against magic
It actually does protect against magic. Flint already pointed out the problem on why Roland can’t block magic at his current skill level.
No. 907341 ID: 84d411

You mean that guy I met in the ruin? Shit guy, we ran from a demon, I gave him some soup, and then he went to search some other ruin. I don't know where he's heading.
No. 907343 ID: eeb7d9

Use Caesura to punch the shit out of that thing! Or dodge, but don't let it touch you!
No. 907344 ID: 575ec0

Encase this skull you picked up in a small, dense Caesura Sharp, and bust Chopper with it.
No. 907345 ID: b1b4f3

We should not try to lie to him again. Roland should either refuse to answer, or tell him something true but mostly useless.
No. 907348 ID: 0e2ebe

You could also whip it at him!
No. 907349 ID: 47b664

Ignore his question, hold up the skull:"who was this?"
This guy doesn't seem too bright, he knew we were in recent contact with Troy, he could have just followed us to see if we led him to Troy.
No. 907359 ID: d3602f

Don't ignore, it looks like he's going to attack if he gets any answer other than "he is at X" or "I'll lead you there".
No. 907410 ID: 1dd514

>tell him something true but mostly useless.
I think that IS true but useless. Description of how you randomly met, explanation of continued contact, and "I don't know where he's heading next." He's just some dude we met a couple days ago, he wanders off any time.

This line of dialog probably would have been more convincing if we had opened with it though. Once the ultimatums come out, there's probably no avoiding the conflict.
No. 907440 ID: a451fc
File 153992477457.png - (652.35KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 2.png )

>This guy doesn't seem too bright, he knew we were in recent contact with Troy, he could have just followed us to see if we led him to Troy.
That is true, but this seems sort of spur of the moment. You don't think he planned on finding you, or knew you had connections with Troy and it sort of seems like he's been searching for a while without coming upon anything...you think, you aren't a mind reader.

>come up with some horrible rhyme.
That's incredibly hard, you can't just make up any rhyme especially not with the pressure of imminent attack. You reach inside of your self, pulling from the greatest works of fiction and poetry you've read over your life to create an amazing line of lyrical excellence so great it'll blow this face paint voodoo weirdo's head clean off of his body.

YOU:...O-one fish, two fish, fuck fish, you fish!

Aw yeah absolutely goddamn devastating. you engulf your hand with your Caesura Sharp fist to create a sort of barrier gauntlet enhanced with the extra density you learned from Flint, a C-Sharp Minor if you will, and use the extra power to wing the skull at Chopper at a high speed. He see's your wind up so it's not too hard for him to catch the projectile before it hits him. Luckily you only needed the distraction to mount the Arges as fast as you can. As you start the Arges up again he speaks.

CHOPPER: Well that's fine, this tumbling twisting path you won't egress from in time. Trapped between the boundaries of life and death, that thin line. When I'm victorious in these endeavors I'll taste that fine wine.

As he talks purple energy seems to flow from his mouth and the eye's of the floating skull behind you glow. You speed away from the skull before beams of light shoot from it's eyes and hit the ground behind you. You see the sand on the ground solidify and turn into obsidian. As you continue to drive away you see the skull and Chopper pursue you, You can hear Chopper muttering something in rhymes as the eyes of the skull begin to glow again.
No. 907444 ID: 1872dc

Serpentine! Bob and weave! Oh and a shield more focused on protecting your flank than your whole body
No. 907447 ID: 5fa661

Shout out the worst rhymes you can think of to disrupt his concentration.
No. 907452 ID: d3602f

Our only regret is that Vol didn't get to see our lyrical genius.

Turn around, and try to hit him with the hookshot. If he jumps off the hill, run him over or do a drive by punch.
No. 907455 ID: 575ec0

Pop a wheely, Then put a shield slightly below and in front of the hoverbike so you can rapidly change direction.
No. 907456 ID: b1b4f3

I don't know why we're running away when we have some perfectly good grappling hooks to pull him in with.
No. 907464 ID: 91ee5f

>You can hear Chopper muttering something in rhymes as the eyes of the skull begin to glow again.
Looks like his giant skull is powered by his rhymes!

.....I wonder if Ichigo is going to go in the same direction you did to get to Dawnsprings? Because if he does, he might see you being chased and he’ll come over here to help! But you can’t just hope Ichigo will find you, you’ve gotta try and fight this guy off on your own!

How confident are you with shooting your shotgun backwards while riding the Arges? Chopper might’ve been able to catch that skull, but that was only a single projectile. He might not be able to stop a spray of pellets from a shotgun shell.

He’s not on the hill anymore, he’s pursuing us with his skull. Which I think means he’s riding on the skull.

Also, he’s probably just going to catch the hook shot like he did with the skull we threw at him.
No. 907472 ID: eeb7d9

Oh shut the hell up already! Annoying! We can't go home, we will lead him to Troy. We need to find a good place to fight him. Or maybe we can go back an dfind Ichigo.
No. 907480 ID: d3602f

He saw us preparing to throw the skull so he could catch it, and skulls are also pretty light. A hook meant to pierce into things and drag vehicles are probably heavier and harder to stop.
No. 907497 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, how valuable is obsidian? Because if we can come back here to collect some of it after beating this guy, we might be able to sell some of that obsidian for some money.

Or maybe the obsidian can be used in one of those demon rituals that Vol was reading about?
No. 907561 ID: a451fc
File 153999021873.png - (596.23KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 3.png )

>Serpentine! Bob and weave!
You don't know anyone named bob, but you twist and dodge to avoid the second eyebeam from the skull

You quickly reposition yourself. The Arges maneuvers smoothly and quickly allowing you to turn around and face Chopper on his skull. You aim and fire the hookshots at Chopper, the skull he's riding jolts away. One line glances off of the skull missing entirely and the second one punctures the face of the skull underneath it's eye, but neither hits Chopper.
No. 907562 ID: a451fc
File 153999022427.png - (643.71KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 4.png )

The skull begins to twist and turn pulling you with it while your hook is still in it's cheek. It does a full spin and launches you up into the air all the while Chopper manages to put out another series of rhymes and charge up another attack.

CHOPPER: You ain't in the clear, in my mind you can't put fear. I'll find the drug smuggler, rumrunner, dirty hustler, you hear? Bring him to justice, kick it in first gear, his kind leaves me disgusted. I'll make the fool disappear.
No. 907564 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, his kind? Tell him he's got it wrong, Troy betrayed his gang.
No. 907569 ID: d3602f

That burst of aerial maneuverability Ada mentioned, did she mean that as a default, or did she mean there is a boost function that we can use? Because we might be able to use that to smash into him, or at least get close enough to jump on the skull.
No. 907571 ID: 0e2ebe

"what do you mean, his kind? Don't you work for his former boss?"
No. 907574 ID: 91ee5f

>Because we might be able to use that to smash into him
Yeah, let’s do that! Chopper won’t be expecting us to dodge by charging directly at him!
No. 907577 ID: 575ec0

Retract it half-way. when it goes taught you should be whipped around the back or side of the skull. Trap him with a Ceasura, release the hook, and yank his ass off that skull.
No. 907604 ID: a451fc
File 153999959675.png - (480.69KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 5.png )

You retract the tether and go flying back around the skull dodging the eye beams. As you do so you activate the aerial burst function Ada told you about and slam into Chopper knocking him off of the skull and onto the ground. You're in the middle of a fight, but you still can't help but admire this new ride.

Chopper falls to the ground and you land a few feet away from him. You grab a hold of Chopper with a Caesura to keep him in place and ask about what he was saying before.

YOU: What do you mean his kind? Troy left Channing's gang and you're working for him aren't you? You're part of Channing's gang?
CHOPPER: I'm a lyrical assassin for hire, sent to take out a traitor and a liar. Channing told me his story of betrayal and grief as that thief stole from his own friends and made off, but not before taking the chance to knock off his own allies. I saw first hand how their team lied in decay, the horrible falloff from a roaming band of high class merry-men to the dregs of society that any bandit would scoff at. You harbor a man that cannot be trusted and my sense of justice would not permit one such as him to continue to exist without due payment!
No. 907605 ID: a451fc
File 153999961299.png - (634.41KB , 1039x709 , The bard Reversed 7.png )

Before you can respond you realize the skull he controls is still active and pointed at you. It's been charging up another attack all the while Chopper was talking to you! You don't know if you can dodge it since it had so much time to prepare the attack. It's eyes glow...
No. 907606 ID: a451fc
File 153999961461.png - (518.02KB , 1039x709 , The bard Reversed 6.png )


But then they quickly stop, the skulls face begins to crack...
No. 907607 ID: a451fc
File 153999962037.png - (780.16KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 8.png )

The skull splits into two halves revealing Ichigo to be standing behind it. His usually gloved hand revealed to be equipped with sharp claws.

ICHIGO: this is honestly embarrassing! i just never seem to be able to intervene in a fight like this without coming in at the very end...oh well.
No. 907609 ID: 094652

"Never underestimate a secret weapon that gets played at full strength after both sides are exhausted. And it's not over yet!"
No. 907610 ID: 91ee5f

Ichigo! Man I’m glad to see you! Also, those are some pretty cool claws!
No. 907611 ID: d3602f

Hey, Ichigo. It doesn't really matter, so long as I'm okay. But, if you don't mind me asking, how the heck did you split that skull so cleanly? You got your own magic or something?

Chopper, I don't know what those guys told you, but Troy isn't a bad guy. He risked his life to save us from a pack of Displacer Beasts when he could have easily ran and left us. Sure, everything went well in the end, but that could have easily gone bad for him.
No. 907613 ID: 575ec0

Ichigo, your timing is beautiful.

This guy wants to kill Troy. I take issue with that.
No. 907616 ID: b1b4f3

Tell the purple dude that he has a shitty sense of justice if he won't even hear Troy's side of the story. For all he knows, Channing set things up to look far worse than they are.

Also give him a good Caesura pounding.
No. 907618 ID: a451fc
File 154000786398.png - (398.63KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 9.png )

YOU: Don't sweat it Ichigo, I'm just glad you showed up...do you have claws?
ICHIGO: yes i do, i try to hide them as best as i can. who is this?
YOU: Someone trying to kill Troy.
ICHIGO: another one?
CHOPPER: I had no murderous intent, my mission was to apprehend the target and return him to Channing, that's why I was sent.

You get a little nervous when he starts rhyming again, but realize with the skull destroyed it seems like he can't power it anymore.

YOU: But, Troy's not who you think he is. Channing's been lying to you.
CHOPPER: How do I know that for a fact? What are the odds this is an act to get me off track?
YOU: I guess I don't really have any way to prove it to you...but don't you think I should have to prove that to you. You were talking about how your sense of justice wouldn't let Troy get away, but if you had a real sense of justice don't you think you would've gotten his side of the story? or do more research to know exactly what sort of person Troy was so you wouldn't be going after someone for the wrong reasons?

Chopper opens his mouth to speak but says nothing, he just sort of looks around with a sort of shamed look on his face.

CHOPPER: It may be a matter of fact that...I did not...consider that...
No. 907621 ID: d3602f

Maybe I could try to have him meet up with you, and you guys can talk things out. Maybe. It's his choice in the end. But I don't feel comfortable bringing you to him, for obvious reasons.

We'll meet somewhere tomorrow, and what ever you do, you are not to bring anyone affiliated with Channing. Now, we just need to think of where. Maybe somewhere out in the wasteland where it might be hard for anyone to hide. Or maybe a bar, where a scene could be made if there is a fight. The former would make it less likely for Channing to find us, while the latter would make it more difficult for him to attack us immediately if he does.
No. 907622 ID: a94e23

Well, let’s see if we can’t get something useful out of him!
Like what was that purple magic stuff he was using?
No. 907625 ID: 3674e7

Hey if he knows the people that are after troy are bad why did he assume troy was too. After all it is possible troy left after finding out how bad they where and is being hunted for it.
No. 907626 ID: d3602f

He had no idea that they are bad. He just heard that he stole from his team and killed some of them before leaving, the first is a blatant lie and the second ignores the fact that Channing sent them to return him to be executed. I doubt he knew that Channing is a psychopath.
No. 907631 ID: b1b4f3

How about this. We bring him back to town, restrained. Then fetch Troy and have him explain his side of the story. We can decide what to do with Chopper after that.

OR we can just tell him to go do his homework then find you again at a later date with his decision.
No. 907647 ID: 91ee5f

>yes i do, i try to hide them as best as i can.
“Mutations, right?”

>another one?
“Wait, what do you mean by ‘another one’? Is that how you and Troy met each other? You end up saving him from someone?”

>It may be a matter of fact that...I did not...consider that...
How about this? Let’s arrange a meeting between Chopper and Troy at Lucc's Bar in Dawnsprings. Then we can have them talk things out.

Also, ask Ichigo when he got here? You didn’t hear his vehicle approach. And then ask if he wants to ride back to town with you? Safety in numbers and all that.

.....hey, how valuable is obsidian? Think you could collect some from where Chopper’s skull zapped the ground? Even if you can’t sell it, you might be able to use it for one of those rituals that Vol was reading about!
No. 907650 ID: eeb7d9

So you are a mutant, that explains some things. I kinda had a feeling. Anyway, i am glad you came.

>another one?
So this has been happening for a while eh? That fool didn't told me anything about it! I knew he left the gang, but he never told me that he was being hunted.
So then you told him that you wanted to talk to me then? You wanted to talk me about this? Your claws? That's why you asked me if i thought you were intimidating?

Maybe we can meet up tomorrow in Crud City, after or before we train with Flint. Chopper doesn't strike me as a bad guy, i think he can be trusted and have a civilised talk with him. He just made a mistake of judgment.
No. 907674 ID: a451fc
File 154007404279.png - (389.79KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 10.png )

>how valuable is obsidian? Think you could collect some from where Chopper’s skull zapped the ground?
That obsidian dissolved when the skull was destroyed by Ichigo.

>Chopper and Troy
You propose that Chopper meet Troy to better understand the situation. Chopper stays silent for a little before nodding his head, and you release your Caesura to let him go.

>What was that purple magic stuff he was using?
In a series of intricate and unnecessary rhymes Chopper explains that he's using voodoo, but doesn't reveal much more than that to you.

Ichigo proposes that he deliver Chopper to Troy, who is currently at your house, while you go back to Dawnsprings to deliver the package. That or you can talk to Troy about the whole thing later. It's up to you.
No. 907675 ID: eeb7d9

I trust Ichigo to deliver Chopper to Troy to talk. You still have to finish your delivery for Ada, she may actually be getting worried that you are taking so long. It was supposed to be a fast job, it's starting to get dark.
No. 907677 ID: 91ee5f

>That obsidian dissolved when the skull was destroyed by Ichigo.

>Ichigo proposes that he deliver Chopper to Troy, who is currently at your house, while you go back to Dawnsprings to deliver the package. That or you can talk to Troy about the whole thing later. It's up to you.
Yeah, let Ichigo take Chopper to meet Troy. This meeting should happen now instead of later. Ask if Ichigo needs directions to get to your house?

Just ask Ichigo to make sure Chopper and Troy don’t try to kill each other. If they do start fighting, don’t let them break anything at your house. And if he needs to, he can force both of them to sit still and talk to each other.

Meanwhile, you’re going to finish delivering Ada’s package to her, pick up Vol in town, and then you’ll come home. If nothing is broken and nobody is dead by the time you arrive, you’ll take that as a good sign that everyone got along.
No. 907680 ID: 90f3c0

Ichigo seems capable enough to handle it. Let's finish that delivery.
No. 907697 ID: a451fc
File 154008433554.png - (86.30KB , 1039x709 , Return 1.png )

You decide that Ichigo could just go and show Chopper where Troy is and intervene if anything goes wrong. You tell Ichigo how to get to your house and to show Chopper the way. You allow Chopper to construct another one of his big voodoo skull things to ride on the way their with the confidence that Ichigo can cut it in half with a flick of his wrist. Ichigo on the other hand does not mount a vehicle, instead he just...runs. He runs so fucking fast though, almost as fast as your Arges. Speaking of your Arges you're glad it didn't get busted in all the commotion. You mount up and continue for Dawnsprings package in tow...
No. 907698 ID: a451fc
File 154008433868.png - (384.47KB , 1039x709 , Ada 8.png )

You reach the Lila Palast and meet with Ada.

ADA: Roland! Vhat took you so long? Vith the modifications to your bike it should have been a quick trip.

You explain the stall you had on the way here.

ADA: Oh no! But you are fine? Yes?
YOU: Yeah I'm okay, it wasn't too bad.
ADA: And you have zhe package?
YOU: Yup!

You hand the package over to Ada who looks it over before unwrapping the front of it. You don't get to see what it is but Ada appears extremely happy to have it in her hands and puts it away.

ADA: Zhank you so much Roland! You would not believe how many ozher couriers return objects with scratches or dents. I'm glad I got zhis in one piece!
YOU: What is it?
ADA: Do not vorry about it, it is a personal zhing.
No. 907700 ID: c1212a

Aha, got it. *wink*
No. 907703 ID: d3602f

We had to fight with a voodoo guy while delivering a package, and WE'RE the ones who get it back unscratched? What the heck were the other couriers doing to get them roughed up?

Anyway, let's go to Vol. Kick open the library doors and say "guess who just got a hovercar and kicked a voodoo assassin's ass with it!?"
No. 907707 ID: 1872dc

Basically this. I like the idea of dropping the subject by shooting the shit about bad couriers.
No. 907709 ID: 91ee5f

>Do not vorry about it, it is a personal zhing.
“Is it for the robot?”

Anyways, now that you’ve delivered that to Ada, ask her if there’s anything else she wants you to do? If she says no, then tell her that you’ve gotta go, but if she ever needs help with that robot, she just needs to ask and you’ll help her.

Or, you know, if she just wants to hang out anytime, you’d also like to do that with her.

>We had to fight with a voodoo guy while delivering a package, and WE'RE the ones who get it back unscratched? What the heck were the other couriers doing to get them roughed up?
That is a very good question. Let’s ask about that.
No. 907710 ID: a451fc
File 154008929434.png - (77.47KB , 1039x709 , Vol 1.png )

YOU: Is it for the robot?
ADA:...Sort of? But also not really.
YOU: So, even after getting attack in the middle of the desert I got your stuff back better than other couriers?
ADA: It vould appear so! Somezhing is always scratched or broken vhen anyone else does it, and I can never get a refund on zhe cards I spent so I end up going to get my own packages, but zhat takes time!
YOU: Well, If you need help again, with the robot or with deliveries I'd be happy to help!
ADA: Zhat is good to hear, it is always good to have somebody you can rely on!

You say your goodbyes and drive over to The Hollow Garden where Vol is.

At the front you see Vol curled up on the front counter and Hazel reading a book next to him. When she sees you she says hello and gently shakes Vol to wake him up.

VOL: *YAWN*...Roland? Dat took longer than I thought it would, where ya been?

You explain what's happened to him since you left.

VOL:...Ya sent some stranger to see where our house is? Actually scratch dat ya sent TWO strangers to see where our house is???
No. 907711 ID: d3602f

Yes. But I feel Ichigo is pretty trustworthy, and the other one doesn't seem bright enough to pull anything.

So, you want to see what it's like to ride on a hoverbike?
No. 907713 ID: b1b4f3

Ichigo isn't a stranger!

But yeah let's go find out how bad an idea it was.
No. 907716 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap!... Let's go and see if i fuck it up. Check out my Arges tho! Shit is fast and smooth as fuck! I can even do willys on it!
No. 907719 ID: 91ee5f

>...Ya sent some stranger to see where our house is? Actually scratch dat ya sent TWO strangers to see where our house is???
“If you’re that worried about it, we can head over there right now. Did you remember to pick out your reward for helping Hazel translate those books?”

Something tells me that Vol is gonna punish you for this by not letting you do one of those rituals he was talking about!

Hey, Roland, remember how you said Vol didn’t like it when you tried to do tricks on the Skipper? Well now he’s going to absolutely hate it when you try to do tricks on the Arges! Just make sure you tell him to hold on tight so he doesn’t go flying off your back!
No. 907724 ID: a451fc
File 154010425568.png - (226.54KB , 1039x709 , Return 2.png )

YOU: Well Ichigo's not a stranger, but if you're so worried than we can get going right away. I want you to see my new ride anyway!
VOL: You're what?

You and Vol wave goodbye to Hazel,who thanks the two of you for your help, and you leave the library. Vol is startled by the drastic changes to what used to be your skipper seemingly awe struck by the upgrades. You mount up and return home. Before you get home you remember to ask.

YOU: So what books did you get as a reward from Hazel?
VOL: Um...Well first I got dat grimoire wit da spells in it, and I got dis otha book she had lyin' around. "Hemocrafin' Methods", Demons don't really got dedicated printin' presses so I guess somebody wrote dis then lost it somehow. It's only got like 2 chapters done so da rest is blank, but I'll just fill da rest in as we go.

As you approach your house...you hear a lot of noise.
No. 907729 ID: 91ee5f

>As you approach your house...you hear a lot of noise.
Either they’re having a party to celebrate a newfound partnership or they’re in the middle of beating the shit out of each other and Ichigo, with all his superhuman strength, wasn’t able to make them behave themselves. If it’s the latter, then hopefully there isn’t any damage to your house or at the very least, the damage is minimal.

Well, there’s only one way to find out. Get over to your house while hoping for the best outcome and preparing for the worst outcome.
No. 907730 ID: 094652

How much of it is rhyming?

Adjust plan accordingly.
No. 907733 ID: 91ee5f

Also, be prepared for Vol to tell you that he told you letting other people come to your house was a bad idea.

And since Vol is still technically your older brother, if there has been any damage to the house, be prepared for him to tell you that you’re grounded from doing any demon research for a certain amount of time.
No. 907734 ID: 10c408

If he grounded us from doing demon research the only thing that'll happen is a sitcom disaster cycle where we can only make friends and invite them into our house.
No. 907739 ID: a451fc
File 154011333590.png - (320.16KB , 1039x709 , Dope Rhymes.png )

>How much of it is rhyming?
...Almost all of it. When you approach closer to get near Troy's car you see the two oddballs belting out dope rhymes as one of Troy's records spins behind them. Troy looks tipsy...scratch that motherfucker looks straight up drunk as he slurs out his rhymes. Chopper looks about the same way except he manages to keep a coherent rhyme scheme which is impressive, then again you don't think he's physically capable of speaking in anything other than rhymes.

Ichigo leaves your house holding a plate of what looks like cake slices. You don't own any batter or sugar so you assume he just used your kitchen and brought his own ingredients. You and Vol approach in time to get a slice too and talk with the group.

VOL: Wat da hells goin' on here?
ICHIGO: oh i'm not entirely sure, i dropped chopper off to talk to troy then i went to bake cake...the next thing i knew they were doing...that.
VOL: ...Dese two new ones...dey ain't stayin' 'ere are dey???

Vol reaches up to the plate of cake and grabs a slice biting into it.

VOL:...Alright dis tall one's fine but I ain't sure about da weird face paint one.
No. 907741 ID: bcc134

I let chopper come here to sort things out with troy and ichigo’s probably got his own place to stay.
Don’t worry vol, this place isn’t going to become it’s own community... probably.
No. 907747 ID: 1872dc

"I don't think that's really a problem. Ichigo isn't on the run, and Chopper, face paint guy, hopefully has somewhere to go."
No. 907748 ID: 42e507

Chopper tried to kill you using a skull while running at high speeds so he's a fine person and he can stay any time he wishes.

Eat cake while you see the worst karaoke ever invented by the humanity.
No. 907760 ID: d3602f

I like Ichigo, and Chopper seem okay, but they probably don't have any reason to stay here unlike Troy. They've got their own homes.

Now, how about we join in on the fun? Think we could add some violin to what they are playing?
No. 907761 ID: eeb7d9

Did they just bond... through music? Sick!

> ...Dese two new ones...dey ain't stayin' 'ere are dey???
Well, as long as they can pay the bill, i don't see the problem here! But in all seriousness, these two are not bad people, i can tell. And Chopper atacked me by mistake, but stoped. But the other underlings of Channing wont be so forgiving. They will try to kill us just to get to Troy. And they will come in numbers. I want to help Troy, and in order to do that, we need more alies. If Chopper wants to stay, i am fine with that, he can choose. Besides, they can help us with my research of demons. Some day, i will face demons too powerfull to deal with just us two alone, but if we have friends, we will have more chances. I am being too greedy?
No. 907766 ID: 91ee5f

Before we go talk to Troy and Chopper, let’s ask Ichigo why he lied to you about how he got to Crud City earlier.

He could’ve just told you that he could run really fucking fast and just told you it was from his mutations, along with his really cool claws and teeth. You would’ve believed him if he told you that.

Then after that, let’s go talk to the 2 drunken rappers and see what they’ve talked about.....if they’re not already too drunk to speak clearly.
No. 907772 ID: 91ee5f

Also, don’t forget to tell Ichigo that this cake tastes amazing and you’re surprised he’s not running his own restaurant!
No. 907831 ID: a451fc
File 154017003238.png - (304.06KB , 1039x709 , Living Room.png )

>Talk to Troy and Chopper
Between being drunk and wrapped up in the awful noise they call singing, you can't get either of their attention.

>Ask Ichigo why he lied to you about how he got to Crud City earlier.
ICHIGO: it's...i was a little worried about showing you. i try not to show anyone unless i have to. i feel my...mutations are quite different from other ones.

>Did they just bond... through music? Sick!
There's absolutely nothing sick about the display of drunken rhyming and stumbling swaying "dancing". You're glad they aren't killing each other, but you somehow feel like you'd handle a full on confrontation rather than having to sit and look at what's unfolding in front of you. The cake helps...it's the most delicious thing you've tasted in your life. After what feels like an hour of terrible singing and the occasional shouting Troy and Chopper say their goodbyes as Chopper leaves to wherever he's going. Afterwards Ichigo leaves as well leaving behind the plate of left over cake slices. After the two leave you go to talk to Troy, He's still a bit buzzed but seems to be in a good mood after making a new friend today. Before you leave to go into your house he stops and hands you... a chunk of rock? He says it's a meteorite chunk he meant to give to you before, but forgot to since he was high on peyote.

You enter your house and for the first time since your father's unfortunate death, just decide to take in your surroundings. Along with being a demon hunter and mechanic your dad was a skilled craftsmen who built the whole house with the help of your mother. Vol sits down on the sofa, It's night time now. What do you want to do now that you've gotten home?
No. 907839 ID: d3602f

We still have that book on taking care of plants, don't we? Let's read it before we forget. I'd hate to forget to return these things to Hazel.
No. 907844 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let’s read those books we borrowed from Hazel before we forget and end up having to pay late fees!

Of course, if we’re gonna start with the plant book, then it makes sense that we should also tend to that withered plant we brought home and left somewhere around here.