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File 153470694234.png - (205.75KB , 1039x709 , Title Card.png )
897993 No. 897993 ID: 8a947d

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111978.html
Previous Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/889486.html
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No. 907305 ID: 1872dc

We kinda need to confront the problem if we want Gallows to escape at any point.
No. 907315 ID: 91ee5f

True, but we can take our time with that.

Focusing on the weird guy that could pull out a gun at any moment seems more important right now.
No. 907320 ID: a451fc
File 153981805250.png - (266.69KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed .png )

You open the hood of the Arges while you talk to the man.

YOU: I uhhh...I'm not sure? I'd need maybe a last name? or a description?
???: I am trained in the knowledge of voodoo techniques and it appears you've been in contact with the one I seek. I can sense the aura of the target, to you it's bound. Now I can smell it on ya, sniffing it out like a bloodhound.

As you poke around the engine you see the issue, there's an odd looking skull lodged in the hood.

???: Seems like you're lying, denying me my target and what material might be edifying. I'll go through the trouble of prying out the knowledge from you and keeping the crowbar lodged between your shoulders keeping you down with the weight of boulders
No. 907321 ID: a451fc
File 153981805640.png - (463.89KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 1 .png )

CHOPPER: Bokor of the century the dark spirits call me Chopper. Let it be known son to lie to me's improper. Nothing will stop me from completing my mission, you'll be wishin' you were somethin' more than cannon fodder.

You feel something breathing down your neck.

CHOPPER: Despite my lethal skills in destroyin' those in my way I will say that I'm not ruthless. So I'll give you a second chance wraps to step up and tell me what the truth is. I'll repeat my self not once but twice so where is my target? Answer before I put you one ice.
No. 907322 ID: d3602f

Smack that skull with a sharp.

Should we fight while riding our bike? It could give us some maneuverability that could give us an edge, and it has hookshots. Caesura doesn't protect against magic, so if he uses pure magic as an attack we might be in trouble.
No. 907323 ID: 235ba5

"To know where he rest you seem quite keen, but it's me you must best for me to come clean"
"However you'll find me quite the escarp, I answer thus:

or some other horrible rhyme.
it'll be fun
No. 907335 ID: 91ee5f

Use Caesura to launch the skull in your hand towards Chopper while you dodge the thing behind you!

>Caesura doesn't protect against magic
It actually does protect against magic. Flint already pointed out the problem on why Roland can’t block magic at his current skill level.
No. 907341 ID: 84d411

You mean that guy I met in the ruin? Shit guy, we ran from a demon, I gave him some soup, and then he went to search some other ruin. I don't know where he's heading.
No. 907343 ID: eeb7d9

Use Caesura to punch the shit out of that thing! Or dodge, but don't let it touch you!
No. 907344 ID: 575ec0

Encase this skull you picked up in a small, dense Caesura Sharp, and bust Chopper with it.
No. 907345 ID: b1b4f3

We should not try to lie to him again. Roland should either refuse to answer, or tell him something true but mostly useless.
No. 907348 ID: 0e2ebe

You could also whip it at him!
No. 907349 ID: 47b664

Ignore his question, hold up the skull:"who was this?"
This guy doesn't seem too bright, he knew we were in recent contact with Troy, he could have just followed us to see if we led him to Troy.
No. 907359 ID: d3602f

Don't ignore, it looks like he's going to attack if he gets any answer other than "he is at X" or "I'll lead you there".
No. 907410 ID: 1dd514

>tell him something true but mostly useless.
I think that IS true but useless. Description of how you randomly met, explanation of continued contact, and "I don't know where he's heading next." He's just some dude we met a couple days ago, he wanders off any time.

This line of dialog probably would have been more convincing if we had opened with it though. Once the ultimatums come out, there's probably no avoiding the conflict.
No. 907440 ID: a451fc
File 153992477457.png - (652.35KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 2.png )

>This guy doesn't seem too bright, he knew we were in recent contact with Troy, he could have just followed us to see if we led him to Troy.
That is true, but this seems sort of spur of the moment. You don't think he planned on finding you, or knew you had connections with Troy and it sort of seems like he's been searching for a while without coming upon anything...you think, you aren't a mind reader.

>come up with some horrible rhyme.
That's incredibly hard, you can't just make up any rhyme especially not with the pressure of imminent attack. You reach inside of your self, pulling from the greatest works of fiction and poetry you've read over your life to create an amazing line of lyrical excellence so great it'll blow this face paint voodoo weirdo's head clean off of his body.

YOU:...O-one fish, two fish, fuck fish, you fish!

Aw yeah absolutely goddamn devastating. you engulf your hand with your Caesura Sharp fist to create a sort of barrier gauntlet enhanced with the extra density you learned from Flint, a C-Sharp Minor if you will, and use the extra power to wing the skull at Chopper at a high speed. He see's your wind up so it's not too hard for him to catch the projectile before it hits him. Luckily you only needed the distraction to mount the Arges as fast as you can. As you start the Arges up again he speaks.

CHOPPER: Well that's fine, this tumbling twisting path you won't egress from in time. Trapped between the boundaries of life and death, that thin line. When I'm victorious in these endeavors I'll taste that fine wine.

As he talks purple energy seems to flow from his mouth and the eye's of the floating skull behind you glow. You speed away from the skull before beams of light shoot from it's eyes and hit the ground behind you. You see the sand on the ground solidify and turn into obsidian. As you continue to drive away you see the skull and Chopper pursue you, You can hear Chopper muttering something in rhymes as the eyes of the skull begin to glow again.
No. 907444 ID: 1872dc

Serpentine! Bob and weave! Oh and a shield more focused on protecting your flank than your whole body
No. 907447 ID: 5fa661

Shout out the worst rhymes you can think of to disrupt his concentration.
No. 907452 ID: d3602f

Our only regret is that Vol didn't get to see our lyrical genius.

Turn around, and try to hit him with the hookshot. If he jumps off the hill, run him over or do a drive by punch.
No. 907455 ID: 575ec0

Pop a wheely, Then put a shield slightly below and in front of the hoverbike so you can rapidly change direction.
No. 907456 ID: b1b4f3

I don't know why we're running away when we have some perfectly good grappling hooks to pull him in with.
No. 907464 ID: 91ee5f

>You can hear Chopper muttering something in rhymes as the eyes of the skull begin to glow again.
Looks like his giant skull is powered by his rhymes!

.....I wonder if Ichigo is going to go in the same direction you did to get to Dawnsprings? Because if he does, he might see you being chased and he’ll come over here to help! But you can’t just hope Ichigo will find you, you’ve gotta try and fight this guy off on your own!

How confident are you with shooting your shotgun backwards while riding the Arges? Chopper might’ve been able to catch that skull, but that was only a single projectile. He might not be able to stop a spray of pellets from a shotgun shell.

He’s not on the hill anymore, he’s pursuing us with his skull. Which I think means he’s riding on the skull.

Also, he’s probably just going to catch the hook shot like he did with the skull we threw at him.
No. 907472 ID: eeb7d9

Oh shut the hell up already! Annoying! We can't go home, we will lead him to Troy. We need to find a good place to fight him. Or maybe we can go back an dfind Ichigo.
No. 907480 ID: d3602f

He saw us preparing to throw the skull so he could catch it, and skulls are also pretty light. A hook meant to pierce into things and drag vehicles are probably heavier and harder to stop.
No. 907497 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, how valuable is obsidian? Because if we can come back here to collect some of it after beating this guy, we might be able to sell some of that obsidian for some money.

Or maybe the obsidian can be used in one of those demon rituals that Vol was reading about?
No. 907561 ID: a451fc
File 153999021873.png - (596.23KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 3.png )

>Serpentine! Bob and weave!
You don't know anyone named bob, but you twist and dodge to avoid the second eyebeam from the skull

You quickly reposition yourself. The Arges maneuvers smoothly and quickly allowing you to turn around and face Chopper on his skull. You aim and fire the hookshots at Chopper, the skull he's riding jolts away. One line glances off of the skull missing entirely and the second one punctures the face of the skull underneath it's eye, but neither hits Chopper.
No. 907562 ID: a451fc
File 153999022427.png - (643.71KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 4.png )

The skull begins to twist and turn pulling you with it while your hook is still in it's cheek. It does a full spin and launches you up into the air all the while Chopper manages to put out another series of rhymes and charge up another attack.

CHOPPER: You ain't in the clear, in my mind you can't put fear. I'll find the drug smuggler, rumrunner, dirty hustler, you hear? Bring him to justice, kick it in first gear, his kind leaves me disgusted. I'll make the fool disappear.
No. 907564 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, his kind? Tell him he's got it wrong, Troy betrayed his gang.
No. 907569 ID: d3602f

That burst of aerial maneuverability Ada mentioned, did she mean that as a default, or did she mean there is a boost function that we can use? Because we might be able to use that to smash into him, or at least get close enough to jump on the skull.
No. 907571 ID: 0e2ebe

"what do you mean, his kind? Don't you work for his former boss?"
No. 907574 ID: 91ee5f

>Because we might be able to use that to smash into him
Yeah, let’s do that! Chopper won’t be expecting us to dodge by charging directly at him!
No. 907577 ID: 575ec0

Retract it half-way. when it goes taught you should be whipped around the back or side of the skull. Trap him with a Ceasura, release the hook, and yank his ass off that skull.
No. 907604 ID: a451fc
File 153999959675.png - (480.69KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 5.png )

You retract the tether and go flying back around the skull dodging the eye beams. As you do so you activate the aerial burst function Ada told you about and slam into Chopper knocking him off of the skull and onto the ground. You're in the middle of a fight, but you still can't help but admire this new ride.

Chopper falls to the ground and you land a few feet away from him. You grab a hold of Chopper with a Caesura to keep him in place and ask about what he was saying before.

YOU: What do you mean his kind? Troy left Channing's gang and you're working for him aren't you? You're part of Channing's gang?
CHOPPER: I'm a lyrical assassin for hire, sent to take out a traitor and a liar. Channing told me his story of betrayal and grief as that thief stole from his own friends and made off, but not before taking the chance to knock off his own allies. I saw first hand how their team lied in decay, the horrible falloff from a roaming band of high class merry-men to the dregs of society that any bandit would scoff at. You harbor a man that cannot be trusted and my sense of justice would not permit one such as him to continue to exist without due payment!
No. 907605 ID: a451fc
File 153999961299.png - (634.41KB , 1039x709 , The bard Reversed 7.png )

Before you can respond you realize the skull he controls is still active and pointed at you. It's been charging up another attack all the while Chopper was talking to you! You don't know if you can dodge it since it had so much time to prepare the attack. It's eyes glow...
No. 907606 ID: a451fc
File 153999961461.png - (518.02KB , 1039x709 , The bard Reversed 6.png )


But then they quickly stop, the skulls face begins to crack...
No. 907607 ID: a451fc
File 153999962037.png - (780.16KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 8.png )

The skull splits into two halves revealing Ichigo to be standing behind it. His usually gloved hand revealed to be equipped with sharp claws.

ICHIGO: this is honestly embarrassing! i just never seem to be able to intervene in a fight like this without coming in at the very end...oh well.
No. 907609 ID: 094652

"Never underestimate a secret weapon that gets played at full strength after both sides are exhausted. And it's not over yet!"
No. 907610 ID: 91ee5f

Ichigo! Man I’m glad to see you! Also, those are some pretty cool claws!
No. 907611 ID: d3602f

Hey, Ichigo. It doesn't really matter, so long as I'm okay. But, if you don't mind me asking, how the heck did you split that skull so cleanly? You got your own magic or something?

Chopper, I don't know what those guys told you, but Troy isn't a bad guy. He risked his life to save us from a pack of Displacer Beasts when he could have easily ran and left us. Sure, everything went well in the end, but that could have easily gone bad for him.
No. 907613 ID: 575ec0

Ichigo, your timing is beautiful.

This guy wants to kill Troy. I take issue with that.
No. 907616 ID: b1b4f3

Tell the purple dude that he has a shitty sense of justice if he won't even hear Troy's side of the story. For all he knows, Channing set things up to look far worse than they are.

Also give him a good Caesura pounding.
No. 907618 ID: a451fc
File 154000786398.png - (398.63KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 9.png )

YOU: Don't sweat it Ichigo, I'm just glad you showed up...do you have claws?
ICHIGO: yes i do, i try to hide them as best as i can. who is this?
YOU: Someone trying to kill Troy.
ICHIGO: another one?
CHOPPER: I had no murderous intent, my mission was to apprehend the target and return him to Channing, that's why I was sent.

You get a little nervous when he starts rhyming again, but realize with the skull destroyed it seems like he can't power it anymore.

YOU: But, Troy's not who you think he is. Channing's been lying to you.
CHOPPER: How do I know that for a fact? What are the odds this is an act to get me off track?
YOU: I guess I don't really have any way to prove it to you...but don't you think I should have to prove that to you. You were talking about how your sense of justice wouldn't let Troy get away, but if you had a real sense of justice don't you think you would've gotten his side of the story? or do more research to know exactly what sort of person Troy was so you wouldn't be going after someone for the wrong reasons?

Chopper opens his mouth to speak but says nothing, he just sort of looks around with a sort of shamed look on his face.

CHOPPER: It may be a matter of fact that...I did not...consider that...
No. 907621 ID: d3602f

Maybe I could try to have him meet up with you, and you guys can talk things out. Maybe. It's his choice in the end. But I don't feel comfortable bringing you to him, for obvious reasons.

We'll meet somewhere tomorrow, and what ever you do, you are not to bring anyone affiliated with Channing. Now, we just need to think of where. Maybe somewhere out in the wasteland where it might be hard for anyone to hide. Or maybe a bar, where a scene could be made if there is a fight. The former would make it less likely for Channing to find us, while the latter would make it more difficult for him to attack us immediately if he does.
No. 907622 ID: a94e23

Well, let’s see if we can’t get something useful out of him!
Like what was that purple magic stuff he was using?
No. 907625 ID: 3674e7

Hey if he knows the people that are after troy are bad why did he assume troy was too. After all it is possible troy left after finding out how bad they where and is being hunted for it.
No. 907626 ID: d3602f

He had no idea that they are bad. He just heard that he stole from his team and killed some of them before leaving, the first is a blatant lie and the second ignores the fact that Channing sent them to return him to be executed. I doubt he knew that Channing is a psychopath.
No. 907631 ID: b1b4f3

How about this. We bring him back to town, restrained. Then fetch Troy and have him explain his side of the story. We can decide what to do with Chopper after that.

OR we can just tell him to go do his homework then find you again at a later date with his decision.
No. 907647 ID: 91ee5f

>yes i do, i try to hide them as best as i can.
“Mutations, right?”

>another one?
“Wait, what do you mean by ‘another one’? Is that how you and Troy met each other? You end up saving him from someone?”

>It may be a matter of fact that...I did not...consider that...
How about this? Let’s arrange a meeting between Chopper and Troy at Lucc's Bar in Dawnsprings. Then we can have them talk things out.

Also, ask Ichigo when he got here? You didn’t hear his vehicle approach. And then ask if he wants to ride back to town with you? Safety in numbers and all that.

.....hey, how valuable is obsidian? Think you could collect some from where Chopper’s skull zapped the ground? Even if you can’t sell it, you might be able to use it for one of those rituals that Vol was reading about!
No. 907650 ID: eeb7d9

So you are a mutant, that explains some things. I kinda had a feeling. Anyway, i am glad you came.

>another one?
So this has been happening for a while eh? That fool didn't told me anything about it! I knew he left the gang, but he never told me that he was being hunted.
So then you told him that you wanted to talk to me then? You wanted to talk me about this? Your claws? That's why you asked me if i thought you were intimidating?

Maybe we can meet up tomorrow in Crud City, after or before we train with Flint. Chopper doesn't strike me as a bad guy, i think he can be trusted and have a civilised talk with him. He just made a mistake of judgment.
No. 907674 ID: a451fc
File 154007404279.png - (389.79KB , 1039x709 , The Bard Reversed 10.png )

>how valuable is obsidian? Think you could collect some from where Chopper’s skull zapped the ground?
That obsidian dissolved when the skull was destroyed by Ichigo.

>Chopper and Troy
You propose that Chopper meet Troy to better understand the situation. Chopper stays silent for a little before nodding his head, and you release your Caesura to let him go.

>What was that purple magic stuff he was using?
In a series of intricate and unnecessary rhymes Chopper explains that he's using voodoo, but doesn't reveal much more than that to you.

Ichigo proposes that he deliver Chopper to Troy, who is currently at your house, while you go back to Dawnsprings to deliver the package. That or you can talk to Troy about the whole thing later. It's up to you.
No. 907675 ID: eeb7d9

I trust Ichigo to deliver Chopper to Troy to talk. You still have to finish your delivery for Ada, she may actually be getting worried that you are taking so long. It was supposed to be a fast job, it's starting to get dark.
No. 907677 ID: 91ee5f

>That obsidian dissolved when the skull was destroyed by Ichigo.

>Ichigo proposes that he deliver Chopper to Troy, who is currently at your house, while you go back to Dawnsprings to deliver the package. That or you can talk to Troy about the whole thing later. It's up to you.
Yeah, let Ichigo take Chopper to meet Troy. This meeting should happen now instead of later. Ask if Ichigo needs directions to get to your house?

Just ask Ichigo to make sure Chopper and Troy don’t try to kill each other. If they do start fighting, don’t let them break anything at your house. And if he needs to, he can force both of them to sit still and talk to each other.

Meanwhile, you’re going to finish delivering Ada’s package to her, pick up Vol in town, and then you’ll come home. If nothing is broken and nobody is dead by the time you arrive, you’ll take that as a good sign that everyone got along.
No. 907680 ID: 90f3c0

Ichigo seems capable enough to handle it. Let's finish that delivery.
No. 907697 ID: a451fc
File 154008433554.png - (86.30KB , 1039x709 , Return 1.png )

You decide that Ichigo could just go and show Chopper where Troy is and intervene if anything goes wrong. You tell Ichigo how to get to your house and to show Chopper the way. You allow Chopper to construct another one of his big voodoo skull things to ride on the way their with the confidence that Ichigo can cut it in half with a flick of his wrist. Ichigo on the other hand does not mount a vehicle, instead he just...runs. He runs so fucking fast though, almost as fast as your Arges. Speaking of your Arges you're glad it didn't get busted in all the commotion. You mount up and continue for Dawnsprings package in tow...
No. 907698 ID: a451fc
File 154008433868.png - (384.47KB , 1039x709 , Ada 8.png )

You reach the Lila Palast and meet with Ada.

ADA: Roland! Vhat took you so long? Vith the modifications to your bike it should have been a quick trip.

You explain the stall you had on the way here.

ADA: Oh no! But you are fine? Yes?
YOU: Yeah I'm okay, it wasn't too bad.
ADA: And you have zhe package?
YOU: Yup!

You hand the package over to Ada who looks it over before unwrapping the front of it. You don't get to see what it is but Ada appears extremely happy to have it in her hands and puts it away.

ADA: Zhank you so much Roland! You would not believe how many ozher couriers return objects with scratches or dents. I'm glad I got zhis in one piece!
YOU: What is it?
ADA: Do not vorry about it, it is a personal zhing.
No. 907700 ID: c1212a

Aha, got it. *wink*
No. 907703 ID: d3602f

We had to fight with a voodoo guy while delivering a package, and WE'RE the ones who get it back unscratched? What the heck were the other couriers doing to get them roughed up?

Anyway, let's go to Vol. Kick open the library doors and say "guess who just got a hovercar and kicked a voodoo assassin's ass with it!?"
No. 907707 ID: 1872dc

Basically this. I like the idea of dropping the subject by shooting the shit about bad couriers.
No. 907709 ID: 91ee5f

>Do not vorry about it, it is a personal zhing.
“Is it for the robot?”

Anyways, now that you’ve delivered that to Ada, ask her if there’s anything else she wants you to do? If she says no, then tell her that you’ve gotta go, but if she ever needs help with that robot, she just needs to ask and you’ll help her.

Or, you know, if she just wants to hang out anytime, you’d also like to do that with her.

>We had to fight with a voodoo guy while delivering a package, and WE'RE the ones who get it back unscratched? What the heck were the other couriers doing to get them roughed up?
That is a very good question. Let’s ask about that.
No. 907710 ID: a451fc
File 154008929434.png - (77.47KB , 1039x709 , Vol 1.png )

YOU: Is it for the robot?
ADA:...Sort of? But also not really.
YOU: So, even after getting attack in the middle of the desert I got your stuff back better than other couriers?
ADA: It vould appear so! Somezhing is always scratched or broken vhen anyone else does it, and I can never get a refund on zhe cards I spent so I end up going to get my own packages, but zhat takes time!
YOU: Well, If you need help again, with the robot or with deliveries I'd be happy to help!
ADA: Zhat is good to hear, it is always good to have somebody you can rely on!

You say your goodbyes and drive over to The Hollow Garden where Vol is.

At the front you see Vol curled up on the front counter and Hazel reading a book next to him. When she sees you she says hello and gently shakes Vol to wake him up.

VOL: *YAWN*...Roland? Dat took longer than I thought it would, where ya been?

You explain what's happened to him since you left.

VOL:...Ya sent some stranger to see where our house is? Actually scratch dat ya sent TWO strangers to see where our house is???
No. 907711 ID: d3602f

Yes. But I feel Ichigo is pretty trustworthy, and the other one doesn't seem bright enough to pull anything.

So, you want to see what it's like to ride on a hoverbike?
No. 907713 ID: b1b4f3

Ichigo isn't a stranger!

But yeah let's go find out how bad an idea it was.
No. 907716 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap!... Let's go and see if i fuck it up. Check out my Arges tho! Shit is fast and smooth as fuck! I can even do willys on it!
No. 907719 ID: 91ee5f

>...Ya sent some stranger to see where our house is? Actually scratch dat ya sent TWO strangers to see where our house is???
“If you’re that worried about it, we can head over there right now. Did you remember to pick out your reward for helping Hazel translate those books?”

Something tells me that Vol is gonna punish you for this by not letting you do one of those rituals he was talking about!

Hey, Roland, remember how you said Vol didn’t like it when you tried to do tricks on the Skipper? Well now he’s going to absolutely hate it when you try to do tricks on the Arges! Just make sure you tell him to hold on tight so he doesn’t go flying off your back!
No. 907724 ID: a451fc
File 154010425568.png - (226.54KB , 1039x709 , Return 2.png )

YOU: Well Ichigo's not a stranger, but if you're so worried than we can get going right away. I want you to see my new ride anyway!
VOL: You're what?

You and Vol wave goodbye to Hazel,who thanks the two of you for your help, and you leave the library. Vol is startled by the drastic changes to what used to be your skipper seemingly awe struck by the upgrades. You mount up and return home. Before you get home you remember to ask.

YOU: So what books did you get as a reward from Hazel?
VOL: Um...Well first I got dat grimoire wit da spells in it, and I got dis otha book she had lyin' around. "Hemocrafin' Methods", Demons don't really got dedicated printin' presses so I guess somebody wrote dis then lost it somehow. It's only got like 2 chapters done so da rest is blank, but I'll just fill da rest in as we go.

As you approach your house...you hear a lot of noise.
No. 907729 ID: 91ee5f

>As you approach your house...you hear a lot of noise.
Either they’re having a party to celebrate a newfound partnership or they’re in the middle of beating the shit out of each other and Ichigo, with all his superhuman strength, wasn’t able to make them behave themselves. If it’s the latter, then hopefully there isn’t any damage to your house or at the very least, the damage is minimal.

Well, there’s only one way to find out. Get over to your house while hoping for the best outcome and preparing for the worst outcome.
No. 907730 ID: 094652

How much of it is rhyming?

Adjust plan accordingly.
No. 907733 ID: 91ee5f

Also, be prepared for Vol to tell you that he told you letting other people come to your house was a bad idea.

And since Vol is still technically your older brother, if there has been any damage to the house, be prepared for him to tell you that you’re grounded from doing any demon research for a certain amount of time.
No. 907734 ID: 10c408

If he grounded us from doing demon research the only thing that'll happen is a sitcom disaster cycle where we can only make friends and invite them into our house.
No. 907739 ID: a451fc
File 154011333590.png - (320.16KB , 1039x709 , Dope Rhymes.png )

>How much of it is rhyming?
...Almost all of it. When you approach closer to get near Troy's car you see the two oddballs belting out dope rhymes as one of Troy's records spins behind them. Troy looks tipsy...scratch that motherfucker looks straight up drunk as he slurs out his rhymes. Chopper looks about the same way except he manages to keep a coherent rhyme scheme which is impressive, then again you don't think he's physically capable of speaking in anything other than rhymes.

Ichigo leaves your house holding a plate of what looks like cake slices. You don't own any batter or sugar so you assume he just used your kitchen and brought his own ingredients. You and Vol approach in time to get a slice too and talk with the group.

VOL: Wat da hells goin' on here?
ICHIGO: oh i'm not entirely sure, i dropped chopper off to talk to troy then i went to bake cake...the next thing i knew they were doing...that.
VOL: ...Dese two new ones...dey ain't stayin' 'ere are dey???

Vol reaches up to the plate of cake and grabs a slice biting into it.

VOL:...Alright dis tall one's fine but I ain't sure about da weird face paint one.
No. 907741 ID: bcc134

I let chopper come here to sort things out with troy and ichigo’s probably got his own place to stay.
Don’t worry vol, this place isn’t going to become it’s own community... probably.
No. 907747 ID: 1872dc

"I don't think that's really a problem. Ichigo isn't on the run, and Chopper, face paint guy, hopefully has somewhere to go."
No. 907748 ID: 42e507

Chopper tried to kill you using a skull while running at high speeds so he's a fine person and he can stay any time he wishes.

Eat cake while you see the worst karaoke ever invented by the humanity.
No. 907760 ID: d3602f

I like Ichigo, and Chopper seem okay, but they probably don't have any reason to stay here unlike Troy. They've got their own homes.

Now, how about we join in on the fun? Think we could add some violin to what they are playing?
No. 907761 ID: eeb7d9

Did they just bond... through music? Sick!

> ...Dese two new ones...dey ain't stayin' 'ere are dey???
Well, as long as they can pay the bill, i don't see the problem here! But in all seriousness, these two are not bad people, i can tell. And Chopper atacked me by mistake, but stoped. But the other underlings of Channing wont be so forgiving. They will try to kill us just to get to Troy. And they will come in numbers. I want to help Troy, and in order to do that, we need more alies. If Chopper wants to stay, i am fine with that, he can choose. Besides, they can help us with my research of demons. Some day, i will face demons too powerfull to deal with just us two alone, but if we have friends, we will have more chances. I am being too greedy?
No. 907766 ID: 91ee5f

Before we go talk to Troy and Chopper, let’s ask Ichigo why he lied to you about how he got to Crud City earlier.

He could’ve just told you that he could run really fucking fast and just told you it was from his mutations, along with his really cool claws and teeth. You would’ve believed him if he told you that.

Then after that, let’s go talk to the 2 drunken rappers and see what they’ve talked about.....if they’re not already too drunk to speak clearly.
No. 907772 ID: 91ee5f

Also, don’t forget to tell Ichigo that this cake tastes amazing and you’re surprised he’s not running his own restaurant!
No. 907831 ID: a451fc
File 154017003238.png - (304.06KB , 1039x709 , Living Room.png )

>Talk to Troy and Chopper
Between being drunk and wrapped up in the awful noise they call singing, you can't get either of their attention.

>Ask Ichigo why he lied to you about how he got to Crud City earlier.
ICHIGO: it's...i was a little worried about showing you. i try not to show anyone unless i have to. i feel my...mutations are quite different from other ones.

>Did they just bond... through music? Sick!
There's absolutely nothing sick about the display of drunken rhyming and stumbling swaying "dancing". You're glad they aren't killing each other, but you somehow feel like you'd handle a full on confrontation rather than having to sit and look at what's unfolding in front of you. The cake helps...it's the most delicious thing you've tasted in your life. After what feels like an hour of terrible singing and the occasional shouting Troy and Chopper say their goodbyes as Chopper leaves to wherever he's going. Afterwards Ichigo leaves as well leaving behind the plate of left over cake slices. After the two leave you go to talk to Troy, He's still a bit buzzed but seems to be in a good mood after making a new friend today. Before you leave to go into your house he stops and hands you... a chunk of rock? He says it's a meteorite chunk he meant to give to you before, but forgot to since he was high on peyote.

You enter your house and for the first time since your father's unfortunate death, just decide to take in your surroundings. Along with being a demon hunter and mechanic your dad was a skilled craftsmen who built the whole house with the help of your mother. Vol sits down on the sofa, It's night time now. What do you want to do now that you've gotten home?
No. 907839 ID: d3602f

We still have that book on taking care of plants, don't we? Let's read it before we forget. I'd hate to forget to return these things to Hazel.
No. 907844 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let’s read those books we borrowed from Hazel before we forget and end up having to pay late fees!

Of course, if we’re gonna start with the plant book, then it makes sense that we should also tend to that withered plant we brought home and left somewhere around here.
No. 907846 ID: eeb7d9

Read all the new books you have, so we can then give them back to Hazel.
No. 907847 ID: c290fc

Is there a workshop somewhere in here?
No. 907889 ID: a451fc
File 154018610015.png - (189.57KB , 1039x709 , Reading 1.png )

What kind of "workshop" would you be looking for? You have a table in your room you use for smaller projects and heavier tools are in the garage.

You and Vol sit down on the couch to read the books you got a while ago.

>Your Plant and You!
You grab the dead plant ,which you've dubbed "Herby", you found and follow instructions in the book to help it...all you can really do right now is cut away the dead branches since you lack plant food, and the sun isn't up. You put Herby on the kitchen table until you can do more with it.

>Save Atlantis
This books about a man that turns his house into a boat and survives a tsunami that takes out one of the few safe havens in a flooded world. The book grabs your attention with the protagonist almost dying at the very beginning, losing one of his legs in the disaster that wrecked his town. His voyage leads him into dangers such as flying sharks and giant octopus on his way to a city called Denver, those creatures sound scary, but you aren't quite sure things like sharks or octopus are real; then again you wouldn't know the biggest body of water you've seen is a bathtub. You spend a good amount of time reading and decide to mark your page in the book, you're about a third of the way through.

VOL: Y'know I'm kinda surprised you didn't want to look more at da grimoire spells when we got home.
No. 907891 ID: 094652

>grimoire spells
"Maybe when I'm rested enough to accept fifty failed practice spells."

>What do
Make breakfast in advance, fix up the Arges, all that stuff so you can practice spells tomorrow.
No. 907892 ID: d3602f

Hey, we don't have to always learn about Demonology. It's late, and it's nice to just relax every once in awhile. How's your book? Reading Cool Shock?

We can deal with the demonic books tomorrow, both the spells and the hemocrafting.
No. 907896 ID: 91ee5f

>You spend a good amount of time reading and decide to mark your page in the book, you're about a third of the way through.
Please tell me you used a book mark and you didn’t bend the corner of the page. Doing that counts as damaging the book and Hazel is probably going to charge you extra cards for doing that!

>Y'know I'm kinda surprised you didn't want to look more at da grimoire spells when we got home.
“We don’t always have to be doing demonology stuff. It’s nice to just relax every now and then. Besides, that seems more like an ‘in the morning’ kinda thing to do instead of at night when we’re tired.”

“What about you? Are you enjoying reading Cool Shock BT?”
No. 907902 ID: b596bb

Ichigo, Ada and her family have fangs that are probably venomous, extra limbs, and spider abdomens they can secrete silk out of. Heck they most likely have to shed their chitin every once in a while and lock themselves indoors while the new layer hardens.
Hazel is a giant with fur, a tail, and horns.
We have a pet Displacer Beast that tried to eat us before we tamed it by giving it magic peaches from an animate tree.

Unless you, I don’t know, implant parasitic larva in anyone you get in the general vicinity of, we’re not going to be concerned.
No. 907903 ID: b1b4f3

Crack one of those bad boys open.
Also let Peaches out to stretch his legs.
No. 907909 ID: 91ee5f

You’re a little late to be saying something to Ichigo. He already left.
No. 907926 ID: 1872dc

Try chipping off a sliver of the meteorite and see if you can't study it.
No. 907933 ID: 575ec0

Sure I do, But you've been working that stuff all day. You deserve a break too. Aside from that, I have this to practice.

Practice what Flint was telling you about.
Thick and Thin Ceasura.
Can you make a solid C#?
No. 907951 ID: eeb7d9

Oh come on, i am not THAT much of a nerd. Well since you brought up the subject, What else did you learn from that book you were translating?

We should probably go to sleep early today, unless we have something important to do. Tomorrow we have some studying to do, and the we are going to go and train with Flint.
No. 908020 ID: b596bb

Oh. Oops. Darnit.
No. 908022 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if the meteorite reacts to Aetheric energy?
No. 908036 ID: a451fc
File 154026687512.png - (259.74KB , 1039x709 , Home 1.png )

YOU: I don't really feel like it right now, we'll have all the time for that tomorrow...what are you reading?
VOL: Dat Hemocraftin' book I got, say's I need to eat more greens if I'm gonna get my blood to a good quality.
YOU: What like spinach? That stuffs gross.

>Practice making a solid caesura
Again you attempt to fully enclose your caesura barrier, and again it feels like there's a force pushing back against you. After some fighting you manage to completely enclose your barrier for about half of a second. You end up tired afterwards, doing this seems impractical at the moment. You decide to save your strength for training tomorrow since you'll be meeting Flint.

>Let Peaches out to stretch his legs.
You release Peaches from his scroll, he goes right to laying at your feet and falling asleep. Lazy cat.

Oddly enough the chunk of meteorite vibrates slightly when it touches your barrier, or when it touches Vol and Peaches. Not good enough to use to detect unseen demons but it's got potential.

>The Grimoire
Vol reads another few page from the book. The author didn't seem too interested in writing down information on demons so there isn't a lot you can use. A lot of whats written down are miscellaneous diary entries so most of whats being read is useless and uninteresting. Some pages are in High Demonic and you assume those pages have less boring things written down but neither of you can read any of it.

There's nothing else you really want to do tonight, you have more things to do in the morning anyway...

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 3
No. 908059 ID: 91ee5f

>Caesura training
Next, get a rock and see if you can crush it in the middle of your Caesura.

And you know it can be used to hold things, but what happens to an object stuck in the barrier’s walls when you try making it thicker?

These are things you should practice with your newfound Caesura thickening trick!

>it feels like there's a force pushing back against you.
Do you think it has anything to do with your tattoos that your dad said you were born with?

>Oddly enough the chunk of meteorite vibrates slightly when it touches your barrier, or when it touches Vol and Peaches. Not good enough to use to detect unseen demons but it's got potential.
But did either Vol or Peaches react to the meteorite chunk touching them? Like did the meteorite feel weird to them or did they only notice it vibrate when it touched them?

>There's nothing else you really want to do tonight, you have more things to do in the morning anyway...
Then it’s time to get to sleep!
No. 908068 ID: d3602f

Hmm, main problem seems to be that the rock only reacts to energy at very close proximity. We could probably make some kind of machine to measure vibrations, but it's pointless if it needs to touch. Maybe it reacts while full of energy, but releases it too quickly. If so, that could be remedied if it's in contact with a material that sucks in the energy, while only slowly letting it out. There are two leads that I can think of.

1. Silver. It distabilizes aetheric energy somehow. Maybe it does it by forcefully sucking it in? Of course, this won't work if silver distabilizes it another way. The other issue is that if it does, it needs to slowly let it out, or the stone won't suck any in. This may possibly be fixed by slowly tarnishing the silver, putting it into a form that cannot hold the energy. If this works, either we'll need to find a good slow way to do it, or we'll need to by a lot of silver.

2. Humans hold aetheric energy. The problem is we hold it too well, which, again, prevents enough energy from leaving for the stone to react. Maybe find energy depleted flesh or blood and it might soak in ambient energy. Deteriorating parts will likely release the stuff, but I'm not sure if it will keep the property.

On another subject, we should also bring Peaches with us to training, Flint might know a thing or two on how to get him stronger. Maybe. Even if he doesn't, we could maybe have some training exercises together.
No. 908069 ID: 575ec0

What is this Heresy?!?!
No. 908072 ID: 90f3c0

Maybe the meteorite can be refined into something that will have a stronger reaction. We should find someone to examine the rock, and see what we can learn about its composition.
No. 908073 ID: 91ee5f

I mean, the artist’s name is Heretic, so you should’ve expected there to be some kind of heresy going on around here.
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