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File 153103923203.png - (133.10KB , 800x600 , 521.png )
891658 No. 891658 ID: ea36cf

"Viccy! I'm glad to see you again. I just about thought you forgot about me!"
"How can I forget." I grumble.
"And you must be Emils. Do you remember me?"
"Yes. You brought me here."
"That's right! Good to see you cleaned up and a bit more lively."

"So, what are you here for? I doubt you came just to see me."

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No. 902758 ID: 93f082

"Just thought it would be fun to visit you. Wanna play?"
No. 902759 ID: b38f01

Here to hear more about your stories. What are you up to?
No. 902763 ID: 0c3c2c

You desire to be a magical girl.
No. 902768 ID: dbf422

Yeah, but then mention the smell of fire.
No. 902778 ID: 91ee5f

Both of these.

“I wanted to visit you. Do you want to play?”

*sniff* *sniff* “Is something burning?”
No. 902783 ID: a255bd

i will vote this
No. 902808 ID: 977456

Playing with fire is always good.
No. 902818 ID: afdebc

Tell her about the birthday party you were invited to, you think she knows him.
No. 902829 ID: b67388

Would you like to play magical girls?
No. 902912 ID: 2e0f31

Can you give me a hand learning magic? If that's all right with you.
No. 902927 ID: c3a2fb

Hey, I'm kind of free today and wanted to know if we could hang out?
No. 902949 ID: ac6625


Both of these, learn a new spell if possible. Weather she is connected in some way to Silvia Strix Saron or not will help us learn about Silvia at least how others view em. Could also be a nice opener into finding out about Alice herself.
No. 904062 ID: ea36cf
File 153823036753.png - (104.58KB , 800x600 , 533.png )

"I want to become a magical girl."
"... Excuse me?"
"I would like to hang out for a while, and for you to teach me magic."
Alice looks to her maid, "Could you bring us something to drink please?"
The maid nods and walks off out of sight.

"I was in the middle of practicing, so I guess I can demonstrate a few spells for you," Alice starts, "But please don't spread word about this, some families tend to keep their spellcraft a secret. I don't mind really, considering what I can do now is just basics."

Alice walks up to the middle of the dry patch of ground and starts murmuring a chant. I sense Mana drawing into her core in her chest, and then radiate outwards.
This continues for a few pulses as mana fills her body, and she whispers, "{Conjure:Fireball; Target:Coordinates; Scale:0.1% Initiate;}"

Using [Mana Manipulation] around her lets me feel how mana reacts to her.

Her mana flows from her core, down her veins, and towards her outstretched hand, as a ball of heated air gathers and ignites above her hand.
She maintains the spell for a minute, before the mana in her body starts to dissipates into her flesh.
Alice begins to sweat and holds a grimace as the fire wavers and dispels itself.

Her mana veins are frayed and at some parts unable to hold mana, even directing them to wrong places. Parts of them is even cut off where her left arm should be. I could attempt to use [Mana Manipulation] on her to reroute or repair some of the damage, but I am not sure what that would cause to something that has their mana veins ingrained into their organic bodies.

Alice pants, "So what do you think? Could you copy that like the other spells?"
No. 904063 ID: 575ec0

Organic bodies can't handle rapid change, even if it's beneficial.

Mention the damage and ask if you can try to repair it.
When you attempt to do so, try fixing one thing at a time, gently. If she starts exhibiting pain or other negative effects, stop. It could potentially take many visits of tiny adjustments.
No. 904066 ID: 0e4e29

I'll try.
Cast fireball.
I picked up some other spells from Strot and... someone unimportant.
Cast water manipulation
Try casting spire
No. 904069 ID: ac6625

Attempt the spell but try to put as little energy as possible into it. Once you see a light, slowly increase it, then cut off the flow of mana so the flame flickers out. We're still under the guise that we're learning this with no experience.

Mention to her the damage and that you could attempt a repair, if she's willing to allow it. Also mention it would take time. It only seems fair that if she's going to take some of her time teach us, we at least try to give something in exchange.
No. 904071 ID: 93f082

Let's try something else first. Let's try out our abilities in a different manner.

Ask her to cast the exact same spell, but a bit farther away from her.
Then, while she's casting it, try to direct the mana inside her to her arm. Observe carefully and learn what changing the mana paths inside her does and experiment a bit. Learn what you need to change so that the mana correctly reaches the target point.

I think it's important that we do this first, to get some crucial experience, before trying to do more serious interventions in her body. If everything goes according to plan, the small spell that she casts should turn out to be much larger. Afterwards, she will probably have questions about what happened and we can tell her what happened. At that point, we can offer to make permanent changes, provided she agrees with the risks.
No. 904072 ID: 2e0f31

Test repairs on a small section of her arm, say you need to get a feel for the mana flow first. Just to see what happens.
No. 904085 ID: e3e99e

"Hmm. I don't think I'll be able to learn much with your mana veins messed up like that. It's all flowing weird and leaking out.
I could try to fix some of it, if you'll let me. Just a little, since I've never tried this on a person before."

If she agrees then fix a few of the leaks and have her try again. Since it's an experiment you need to do things in stages to reduce the potential for harm.
No. 904086 ID: 0a50de

well, could you copy it?
and don't experiment on something living and sentient like alice is. you need to see what [Mana Manipulation] does to a living non-sentient creature first, preferably a simple one like a frog or lizard first.
No. 904090 ID: 2a7417

How strong was the one that burned off her arm? Can she say the words without activating it again?
No. 904091 ID: fd0bee

>I could attempt to use [Mana Manipulation] on her to reroute or repair some of the damage, but I am not sure what that would cause to something that has their mana veins ingrained into their organic bodies.
Probable the same thing that would happen to your organic body if you don't repair the damage. Don't propose any help yet, you got to experiment on your alvaro form before.
If you need to say something just say you can see she is damaged but it might be possible to repair.

Try to mimic the mana configuration that seem to be about to do something, complete interrupted veins to their presumable destinations (probable the palm of your hand) and avoid wasting mana in unnecessary channels. Make sure your target is the same Alice was aiming toward.
Since you are using [Mana Manipulation] don't use the vocal command. It could be bad if that somehow influence your mana veins when you are already casting a spell.
No. 904093 ID: b67388

"Your missing arm is interfering with mana flow. I do not think it was healed properly. I am getting very good at Body magic, when I am more experienced would you like me to fix it?"
No. 904102 ID: dbf422

Yes you could.

But then all this. It seems like her injury probably caused more harm than apparent. If she wonders how you know and can do this, like most questions it's because you were alone in the woods.
No. 904110 ID: 91ee5f

Try to do the same thing she did, only use 2 hands instead of 1, by making a fireball between your palms.
No. 904158 ID: 0c3c2c

Do limited repairs on these mana channels to try and discover the danger posed by full scale repairs. Request permission to go further after doing small scale repairs.
No. 904163 ID: c92184

We shouldn't tamper with mana veins but do tell her that her's are messed up. Tell her we can try to fix them but have no idea what that would do or if it would hurt her or even kill her.

Try to copy the spell yourself.
No. 904171 ID: 094652

Explain to Alice that the new ability you acquired from a friend's mother lets you see mana flow. She's having trouble because the amputation threw her mana circulatory system out of whack.

Don't offer to fix it, just tell her the problem so she can get professional help.
No. 904280 ID: afdebc

>I could attempt to use [Mana Manipulation] on her to reroute or repair some of the damage, but I am not sure what that would cause to something that has their mana veins ingrained into their organic bodies.
Might be dangerous for her health. Maybe you should obtain some animal test subjects before attempting to repair Alice?
No. 904281 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with this.
No. 904282 ID: b67388

Ask her if she knows of any amputated animals in the city.
No. 904353 ID: 7c90bc

Start by trying the same thing, at the same power.

Once you've done so, without saying a thing (cause you never do), take her hand and begin healing the paths. As long as it's not painful she shouldn't panic or likely even react.

Honestly, why try to hide. Now that we know what's up we should probably abandon this pretending and start acting like the inheritor of responsibility for these creatures that we are. Starting to plan on an escape plan for the species might be a good idea.
No. 905425 ID: ea36cf
File 153886769977.png - (136.40KB , 800x600 , 534.png )

I easily copy the spell, [Conjure Fireball], but I feel the efficiency is bad, with part of the spell missing. The other spell I learned from her gives a similar feel.

"I think I could, but I feel as if part of it is..." I motion to her left, "missing."
Alice winces, "ah.. Yeah, I guess something like that." She laughs with a not-happy expression, "The doctors once said it would be a miracle if I could ever cast another spell." She looks at me, "I guess I showed them, huh. While it's not perfect, I can still casts some tier one spells."

"Tier one?"
"Hm, I forget you're new to magic. A simplified explanation is that Tiered Spells are labeled such due to how complex they become. A tier one spell is a simple cast anyone can do. Stuff like being able to Conjure materials from mana, Read the composition of stuff, being able to Update the state of an object, and Destruction of material into mana.
Spells increase in tiers when they start expanding. For example, the full spell for a fireball would start with conjuring the fireball, and then updating the spell to fly in a direction."
She thinks for a bit before continuing, "I guess a tier three spell could add in an additional detonation effect upon hitting something, or a higher tiered spell could use destruction to fuel itself."

The mana in her body has reached her skin now, triggering an enchant in her dress to activate as a small gust of coldness flows onto her.

"I could try to help, if you wish."
"What do you mean?"
"I can manipulate how mana to an extent. With your permission, I could try to assist your spell casting."
"Think of it as repaying you for teaching me." I say as I hold her hand, "Try casting fireball again."

As Alice casts the spell again, I trace her mana, keeping it in from fraying without affecting her body.

[Mana Manipulation] has triggered.
Permission to read subject core.



It feels as if I could copy these if she applies these abilities, letting me see how the mana flows when she uses them, but with her body as is, they would be inferior or incomplete.

The spell completes, and Alice casts a fireball, hovering above her hand.
It's fire pure and stable, and nearly invisible as the air around us grows in temperature.
"Eh-what?" Alice exclaims as she stops supplying mana, letting the fireball evaporate.
"That's not... I mean, Fireball shouldn't look like that! What did you do?"
No. 905426 ID: 2e0f31

On the contrary, Fireball should look like that and they've been teaching everybody wrong.
Sidestep her question and ask her to dance. That's a skill we can copy, right? Especially if we remain in contact with her as she does it.
No. 905428 ID: 2202fb

Fuckit, this went too well, we are going to have to tell her about us to some extent or this is going to just arouse suspicion which could be dangerous.
No. 905429 ID: 93f082

Right. Now that we've seen how the mana should flow to produce the correct results, we can try repairing her body. If we can repair her sufficiently, she should be able to cast other spells correctly, allowing us to learn them.

Repair would mostly consist of opening and closing the mana veins so that mana doesn't exit in wrong places and redirecting it to avoid the damaged mana veins.

Ask her if she would like you to try and repair her damage. Of course, inform her that the procedure may be risky and painful.
No. 905430 ID: fd0bee

Glad to see mana manipulation doesn't hurt.

Good point.

Explain to Alice you need to go to the birthday of Silvia Strix Saron, whom you know nothing about, and would like help learning about dance and whatever else you need to do in a party.
No. 905431 ID: 7fb698

So that's how it's supposed to work, I get it now. Looks like the spell is supposed to cause only an 'ignition' effect. That was very impressive, Alice, thank you for showing us.
No. 905432 ID: afdebc

>"That's not... I mean, Fireball shouldn't look like that! What did you do?"
I kept your mana from fraying.

I think Fireball is supposed to look like that. You're just the first person to do it perfectly in a long time.

Any chance you you "tie off" an anti-fraying effect? Something that endures without you having to constantly maintain it?
No. 905434 ID: e3e99e

You need all those skills in order to be a proper Magical Girl.

"That is how it is supposed to be. Fire itself is has no color, the color you see depends on what you are burning. This is fire in its purest form; no contaminates, meaning no color.
You don't need to put so much mana into the spell. Before most of your mana was leaking out and getting stuck, but right now I am keeping it from doing that so you do not need nearly as much.

Would you like to try another spell? Perhaps making this fly as per a tier 2 spell?

I can attempt a permanent fix, but would like you to test this thoroughly before you make a decision."
No. 905440 ID: 7fb698

Well, it's what the spell does without sideeffects? I didn't move any mana myself, this is what happens when the mana gets only manipulated by the spell and nothing else? Maybe? Don't be mad, please?
No. 905441 ID: 668ae9

Very comprehensive
No. 905451 ID: b67388

"This is how it is supposed to look. Everybody else is doing it wrong."
No. 905452 ID: 0c3c2c

Politely inform her that nope, that's the correct way to cast it. It's now working as intended.
No. 905457 ID: 7c90bc

So Emils can't fix the damage?

I mean, I guess you could explain what's wrong to her, get her to practice magic with your help since it'll let you learn the magic she's trying to do, even though it would ultimately be a pointless endeavor for her, since her mana channels are damaged.

You could be honest. How much longer are we going to keep up this charade? You aren't like these creatures, you are likely semi immortal and only going to die when the rest of the planet does (a process that's already starting), we could try to... I dunno, do something about it instead of dicking around in rabbold society.
No. 905459 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her that was what Fireball looks like without any inefficiency in casting whatsoever. Pure fire without waste. You've been dealing with mana directly for as long as you can remember, so you have a unique perspective-- maybe that's why it looks different.
No. 905469 ID: 977456

Ask permission to copy her Nobility.
No. 905474 ID: fd0bee

>You could be honest. How much longer are we going to keep up this charade? You aren't like these creatures, you are likely semi immortal and only going to die when the rest of the planet does (a process that's already starting), we could try to... I dunno, do something about it instead of dicking around in rabbold society.

Alice isn't the right person for this conversation.
The plan was to talk with Victoria after returning from our meeting with Lust, but we didn't get the opportunity to do so in private. Emils was only alone with Victoria when we was following Victoria point of view, so maybe Radian doesn't want that to happen.
No. 905487 ID: c92184

"I manipulated the mana to keep it flowing in the right channels. What you saw is a perfect fireball. I can change the paths of mana in your body to let you do that without my help but I don't know what could go wrong."
No. 905917 ID: ac6625

Tell her that you redirected the flow of her mana and "guess" that what she saw as pure flame. A short explanation such as >>905434 . Do try to still keep up the act that we know nothing about magic and simply remind her "it's just a guess".

Then change the subject. Inform her of the birthday you'll be attending. And that you heard there might be dancing. You don't know how to so you would like her to show you.
No. 905936 ID: 2a7417

Can you siphon a portion of her mana as she's casting? As long as it's still more efficient she won't know the difference.
No. 906807 ID: ea36cf
File 153949591738.png - (88.42KB , 800x600 , 535.png )

Red eyes seemed to be preoccupied at the time. She seems very busy and has sometimes forgotten or seem to be unreliable in terms of answers for issues in regards to things regarding Dragons.
Perhaps another creature might help, but I doubt any of the so called 'natives' would have a proper idea on the overall situation of the planet.

I can't siphon mana away from her body, seemingly tied to her core as far as I can tell.

"I only made sure that your mana followed the right path. Perhaps that's what a fireball spell is supposed to look like?"
"I... I don't know," Alice looks at me pensively, retreating her hand, "I have never heard of something like this, but... I don't feel as exhausted?"
"Yes, I had felt that your spells had been 'leaking' mana across your body. I had reduced the effect of such, but I do not know of any effects of doing so. If you're willing, I can effectively prevent mana from leaking into your body."

Alice answers after a few minuets, but hastily answers me after her returns with a pitcher of water. "Sorry, but this is a hard decision. I can't possibly consent to it without asking my grandfather."

Alice guides me to a gazebo, where the maid pours us cups of water.
I sip at it as Alice gulps, exhaling heavily as the maid wipes off some sweat from her brow.

"So, What can you tell me about Silvia Strix Saron?"
Alice half chokes while drinking another cup, and after coughing, "Wh- what? Why? Do you know him?"
"I was invited to his birthday party."
Alice looks surprised, "Really? That... that's probably his father's doing."
I nod.

"Silvia and I were... betrothed. This happened way back, before we were born, when our fathers fought together in the army." Alice looks at the cup in her hand, "I don't... I don't know."

Alice takes a breath, "When we first met, I was 7 and he was 5. He was kinda cute," she smiled, "Still haven't completely molted his downy feathers," she smiled, "He was hiding behind his father, completely shy."
"Our parents met often, so we in turn had plenty of meetings. He'd watch as I trained magic, and we'd study together.
He was smart, arrogant, but also kinda chivalrous. He'd help me with my magic whenever I struggled."
Her smile strained, "The last time I saw him, was two years ago. I was 10 and was demonstrating my magic abilities to a facilitator to Fuller."
"What's fuller?"
She looks at me, "Fuller is THE magic academy. Built a few weeks travel away, around a dragon's tower. Anything and everything related to magic can be found, founded and researched there."
"Anyways... He was there, with his mother and my parents. I was demonstrating my spells. Things I've learned from my mother and my grandfather. It was going well, but... I can't remember what happened."
She tenses up.
"The only thing I remember after that was waking up in bed. It had been half a year later."
She wipes off her tears, "After I could walk again, I learned that something wrong happened when to me. My spell went out of control. My mother tried to dispel the magic, while my father protected me. They didn't make it.
I haven't seen Silvia since. He refused any invitation and meeting, and all I know of him is though gossip."

"I don't blame him... I killed his mother."
She looks up, eyes closed.
"Please lady Alice, It's not your fault." the maid speaks up from the entrance of the gazebo, "What happened was an accident, and you shouldn't blame yourself for it."

Alice keeps quiet.
No. 906808 ID: 094652

"What was the exact spell the facilitator ordered you to cast? I bet it was meant to turn you into a bomb."
No. 906809 ID: 2e0f31

Tell her you can make sure that never happens again, and the only thing you ask in return is dancing lessons. (While actually extracting further spells and skills during the 'treatment process'.) That should expedite her decision-making process.
No. 906811 ID: b1b4f3

We can't promise that. We don't know why it happened. For all we know she fumbled the wording and it wasn't a mana efficiency issue.

Tell her all you know is he's focusing very hard on his work. Wouldn't he have said something hurtful if he blamed her? Sounds like she lost more than him anyway, maybe he thinks she's suffered enough to make up for it.
No. 906815 ID: 1872dc

Oh yeah, she might have been sabotaged. Even if that's not the case, it was not by choice and she's suffered enough.
No. 906816 ID: 787c3d

Would you like to remember?
No. 906823 ID: 977456

Ask how frequently and in what circumstances do such casting accidents happen? Someone in her household must have looked into the matter.
Query if any... Mana plague? has been reported in the region, or if anyone in attendance had recently been in such a region, or researched the effect.
Enquire if we can take people with us to... birthday parties? and if she would want to be included in that.
No. 906824 ID: 7efe6b

This definitely seems strange. Safety should usually be a priority to expert magicians, and as you said, things were going well. It makes little sense to make a mistake, let alone one with such dire consequences. Do you remember wearing any enchanted items when you were demonstrating?

Also, ask her if she'd like you to say anything to Silvia when you go visit him.
No. 906826 ID: 6f88a4

Change subject ASAP!
No. 906828 ID: ad51b8

No. 906831 ID: b67388

"Would you like me to talk to him for you?"
No. 906832 ID: e3e99e

You copied her spells, right?
"Did the facilitator survive? And did they give you that spell to cast, or was it your own.
My talent with mana extends to an innate understanding of how spells work. I believe the spell you cast was Explosion, but I do not believe you did so wittingly."
No. 906844 ID: 0c3c2c

Analyze spells she is capable of casting. Would she even be capable of effectively channeling enough mana to cause such an accident?
No. 906855 ID: 91ee5f

If she was sabotaged, then the question is: Was there anyone that didn’t approve of her being betrothed to Silvia Strix Saron?
No. 906865 ID: 457146

that story was very emotional for her.

say something about that sounding like a horribly tragic accident, and she obviously didn't intend for that to happen.
No. 906866 ID: 7efe6b

>asking my grandfather
This seems kinda important. We can't allow her to spread the knowledge of us being able to do what would be supernatural for them.

Apologize and tell her that if she talks to her grandfather about what happened between you two, that you won't be able to help her. Explain that no one knows you can do this, and you only offered to help her since she's your friend. Tell her that it would put you in danger if anyone else knows about your abilities, so if she decides on this, it would have to be her own decision.

Ah might... want to either whisper that to her or tell her when the maid isn't around.
No. 906890 ID: 1872dc

I'd prefer not to blackmail or coerce her. If you're worried, you could have Emils tell her to wait to ask and keep them anonymous.

I don't think that's necessary but it's less gross.
No. 906992 ID: 16a3fa

We have too little information on that accident to form conclusions of any kind, so let's keep any speculation to ourselves until we investigate it further apart from Alice, since she basically only knows what she was told about it.
Witness testimonies are too unreliable anyways.
Let's try to cheer her up with some small talk.

Emils, do you still want to eat your classmates?
No. 907007 ID: 787c3d

She might sympathize if you explain to her that, when you were living in a cave, you found signs you believe belonged to your sibling but you got no memory of them.
No. 907102 ID: 7c90bc

Screw it, lets not hide anything anymore, lets go talk to her grandfather, tell him about the damage and solution in details he can't possibly understand. If he doesn't object fix her right there, and if he asks how tell him.
No. 907164 ID: b67388

>answer all inquiries as to our true origin with "I'm on a mission from God."
No. 907188 ID: c32f4d

We should totally learn to dance
No. 907208 ID: ac6625


And also tell her that it couldn't have been her fault. Reassure her and all that.


Yes, once the maid is away. Convince Alice to keep your abilities a secret. A few points on why it must be kept a secret such as: Certain people would hurt others just to know how to use it. You're afraid of what people might do to you to learn it.

Also, no offense to her but what could her grandfather contribute with a yet unknown power. It's best, for now that she keeps this in utmost secrecy till we perfect it, and perfection takes cautious experimentation. Mention to her that once you master this ability, she will be the first person you will help recover. Promise.
No. 907239 ID: afdebc

Emils isn't great with words, a hug is probably the best way to offer comfort.

>"Sorry, but this is a hard decision. I can't possibly consent to it without asking my grandfather."
That is reasonable. Modifying her mana is potentially dangerous and could have long term consequences- she has time to consider things.
No. 907731 ID: ea36cf
File 154011095301.png - (118.21KB , 800x600 , 536.png )

"Do you think it was sabotage?"
"Maybe? My grandfather was the one who took charge of the investigation. He tried his best to keep me safe and away from any news, so I don't know anything official other than it being publicly stated as an accident."

"And what happened to the facilitator?"
"He returned back to Fuller after getting healed. The test naturally had magic barriers in place around me, but it was the shockwave that did most of the damage. He did leave behind an invitation for when I got better... I... Think I still have it."

"I might not know everything in regards to this, but I don't think the issue is that he dislikes you.
You've described him as a smart person, and someone whose close to you. Besides, as children of influential people, perhaps there are other reasons he could not meet with you. He could just even be extremely busy."
"Maybe." Alice sighs, "I just hope he's still the same Silvia I remember."
"Unlikely. People change over time. At best you can only hope that you still find each other's company enjoyable in the end."

The maid seems to be glaring at me.

"In any case, I must insist you keep what we discussed a secret from others. If people know of what I can do, it may not be safe for me."
"I see... I can see how troublesome such abilities can be."

I set down the cup in my hand, "Well, I still have some time to spare, Could you please teach me what to look out for in the upcoming party, and how to dance? I lack the knowledge on proper etiquette of this place."

Alice smiles at me, and takes my hand, "Well I'm more versed on one side, but I can still teach you how to dance."

Attempts to learn the dancing skill though [Mana Manipulation] has failed. It does not seem to be operated though mana, and thus, can not be copied.
However, my ability to learn and move this form does let me learn easily.

>Learned Skill:
Dancing - F

>Learned Spell:
Fireball - Conjure a ball of fire


>>Emils, do you still want to eat your classmates?
Their unique abilities would be useful.
No. 907736 ID: 2efaad

>Their unique abilities would be useful.

but it would come at the price of never seeing them again, even disregarding the risks involved.
i want you to develop 'Empathy'. let's start with something small, you saw alice was distressed during that exchange, describe what you believe she was feeling.
No. 907738 ID: 2348e8

>Their unique abilities would be useful.
That was a yes/no question, though I guess this non-answer grants insight in its own way.

Good luck with your preparations, Emils.
No. 907740 ID: 7efe6b

How do slimes dance?
No. 907742 ID: 080aaf

Before you leave this city, remember to pack as many of those unique abilities as you can for the road. Have you been eating well recently?
After dance lessons, take the guild test.
No. 907744 ID: 094652

>Their unique abilities would be useful.
Eh, you can substitute all their innates with regular spellcasting, and you have the reserves to replicate their powers on a frequent basis. Focus on learning skills from them.
No. 907749 ID: 1872dc

>Their unique abilities would be useful.
Useful how? Against what? Do you feel drawn to a grand destiny, saving the world?
And then, couldn't you get their abilities in other ways? Like, imitation or just getting them to choose to help you? Different people also have different insights that can't be physically taken.

For now, continuing to try to learn, and afterwards telling Alice you'd like to continue meeting her is good. Then I suppose check out the guild.
No. 907754 ID: 0c3c2c

Well, we now understand a good deal more about magic. And also magical surgery. We have done well this day.
No. 907768 ID: b67388

>Their unique abilities would be useful.
While true, they can also be obtained through non-destructive means. We will also require assistants and subjects if we intend to solve the problem of mana consumption ending life on the planet.
No. 907774 ID: afdebc

>Their unique abilities would be useful.
Sure, but everyone has unique abilities, and what would you do if you ate everyone? There'd be nothing left to interact with, no unique viewpoints left to learn from.

You may as well prioritize the continued existence of persons you find interesting or pleasurable to interact with.
No. 907776 ID: b1b4f3

As demonstrated, you can learn those abilities without eating them. Anything mana-related you can copy. Anything that isn't, you can quickly learn by being taught.
No. 908334 ID: c92184

What unique abilities?
No. 908468 ID: ea36cf
File 154066191758.png - (15.38KB , 800x600 , 537.png )

>Replication of spells and abilities
As mentioned before, Spells of these creatures are messy. Inefficient.

Currently I can afford to waste such Mana, substituted with my [Slime Mass] which acts as a battery. I would require to consume mana rich foods if I wish to keep a stock of Mana. Creatures with cores in particular seems the most efficient way to recharge mana, and gain [Slime Mass], but it would have to be fresh, as dead creatures seems to leak mana fast.
The living and freshly killed creatures I've consumed were a lot more filling than the prepared foods and the corpses I consumed before.

>Useful Abilities
The ability to affect a target's gravity would be extremely useful with the increased weight I get in correlation with my increased [Slime Mass]. It might also allow me some form of flight with the wings from the Avaros form.
Healing spells seems to affect my replicated body, and would be a more efficient way to repair any damage, rather than recycling damage parts and refreshing the body. Scars and other external imperfections would be more consistent, since my refreshing of this body would remove any such imperfections.
I would be compatible with Fire and Ice spells, and learning a variability of spells would be potentially valuable.
Body enhancement spells can be useful if I wish to disguise the over-physical abilities I can induce on my forms.

As I understand it, it is a social faux-pas to step on ones partner's toes.
I am at least dexterous to avoid such complications, and the potential disastrous situation of crushing body parts with my weight.
No. 908470 ID: ea36cf
File 154066241414.png - (12.22KB , 800x600 , 538.png )

In comparison, spells such as [Warmth] which I can cast in my core is a lot more efficient, where I can direct easily into certain parts of my form. Unfortunately I do not have external abilities to test with if I can cast remotely.
The [Spire] spell itself requires me to have contact with the surface as it is cast, it's durability depending on the material used and how much mana I provide.
The [Fireball] spell becomes more transparent or changes size to an extent the more I focus on it, and more hotter depending on mana.
Both spells instantly dispel when I stop mana, or remove contact with the surface.
With the fireball, it extinguishes when I press it onto a surface.
Any change in the spell requires me to recast it, meaning it can't be changed mid-cast.

The [Warmth] spell, though [Thermoregulation], can be freely changed at any time.

>Guild Test
I can proceed with the test after school, which would eat up the remaining daytime, or go do something else for the rest of the day.
No. 908471 ID: b1b4f3

When was the birthday party? Tomorrow? Day after?

Go do the test.
No. 908476 ID: 787c3d

If we are going to eat any colleague we have to do so in a situation their disappearance is a possibility. The best possibility would be an them hunting monsters outside of the city, but an ambush during a trip could work.
No. 908478 ID: 7efe6b

Hmm, so even perfectly cast Fireball is inefficient... Why? I guess this relates to how the spell can't be properly manipulated and how it instantly dispels. It's like there's something missing.

There's 3 ideas that come to mind:
- The whole concept is wrong. The resulting fireball should be reached in a different way, rather than through a constant supply of mana
- We're missing an underlying skill. Perhaps something like External Thermoregulation, which would give us proper handling of the effect.
- The spell isn't contained. The mana inside a fireball is missing a protective bubble to keep it from constantly dispersing.

We do have Mana Manipulation, so maybe we could try something with that.
Cast a Fireball, but use Mana Manipulation to prevent the mana inside the fireball from dispersing when you break off the supply of mana.
If that doesn't work, then try something different. First build up mana at the point where the Fireball should appear, and then cast Fireball on that point, without sending any mana around.

As for what to do after school, either guild test or finding Silvia's lab is good, tho I'd prefer visiting the lab first.
No. 908479 ID: 83bf07

Test time.
No. 908487 ID: b67388

Test it up my dude. With a longer leash we can freely hunt outside of the city where there are fewer essential personnel and is more privacy.
No. 908511 ID: 75c493

Its too soon for the test. We've hardly been in town at all, and even a little questioning will reveal that you haven't been spending every waking moment studying. On top of this, you will be under close scrutiny by professionals during the test. Possibly by another, more in depth appraisal.
No. 908530 ID: 080aaf

Do the test. Make your competitors disappear before they reach the guild to improve your chances of winning.
No. 908543 ID: 1872dc

There's not really a downside to failing the test, right? Might as well.
No. 908592 ID: 5fa661

Is there some way to temporarily seperate and store part of your mass? Dancing might expose your absurd weight to your partner whether or not you step on any toes.
No. 908616 ID: b1b4f3

IIRC we can easily dump mass somewhere but it's very inefficient to reclaim it. We haven't done it yet because mass is fuel and Emils isn't dangerously heavy yet, just suspiciously heavy.
No. 909502 ID: ea36cf
File 154132371721.png - (18.99KB , 800x600 , 539.png )

The party is held at the end of the week, about three days.

Attempting to bubble in the mana results in a fading bubble of depleted mana, that leaks off into the ambient mana.
I can't control depleted mana, and they want to return to the ambient.
Trying to push my influence upon it, I can sense a sort of... pull?
A direction where it wants to go. To return. It's faint, and I can probably triangulate where wants to go if I try again in a further distance apart.

Unfortunately any additional control over the mana breaks the spell, causing a small burst of depleted mana.


Excess mass can be removed in two ways:
1. Converting Ejecting Slime/Flesh.
2. Compressing Slime into Mana Crystals.

Method 1 allows for a longer storage option, but requires me to consume it to reabsorb the mass. Highly wasteful, but leaves a mana-rich lump of consumable perishable.

Method 2 allows for higher mana capacity, and is a better option with larger volumes of mana. Reabsorbing mana into slime costs less, which is more efficient. The crystals however leak mana into the ambient, meaning I can't store these for long.

Any further testing is requested to be done at the discussion thread.
End of thread.
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