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File 152600888843.png - (105.56KB , 700x500 , 5-1.png )
883755 No. 883755 ID: 7816e7

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/872282.html

Chapter 5

Cecil Ochre looks up from his book. Before him stretches a long strip of white sand and the gentle crash of the ocean. From underneath his parasol, he sighs. The water is quite lovely: a lustrous blue. Not the blue of course, but a rich enough shade to bring a smile to his beak.
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No. 883756 ID: 7816e7
File 152600897140.png - (142.83KB , 500x700 , 5-2.png )

A round, off-white sphere of inflated leather drops out of the sky and lands in the sand with a subdued bounce. The sudden movement causes Mr. Ochre to shield himself with his book; his squawk of distress alerting his retainer, Agrippa.
No. 883757 ID: 7816e7
File 152600897821.png - (132.15KB , 700x500 , 5-3.png )

He lowers his shield at the sound of soft footsteps. A familiar voice calls out, "Sorry about that Mr. Ochre! Are you okay?" A pair of mousey feet arrive at the edge of his beach towel and retrieve the ball.

Mr. Ochre adjusts his glasses and his composure, his feathers settling as the tension leaves his body. "Quite alright, my dear. Merely startled, that’s all. I must say, thank you for extending the invitation to this 'beach day'. It has been quite some time since I permitted myself a day in the sun."

"We're glad you came!" Casey smiles, "You sure you don't want to play?"

"I, uh, what-what game are you playing?"
No. 883758 ID: 7816e7
File 152600898461.png - (160.83KB , 500x700 , 5-4.png )

A distant voice calls out "STRIP DODGEBAAAAAAAAAALL!" Gabe pumps his arms enthusiastically. "LOSING SIDE GETS NAKED!"

"I think only Gabe is playing that game, Mr. Ochre." Casey explains. "The rest of us are just playing dodgeball."
No. 883761 ID: a363ac

Gabe sure is losing alot for someone who can make portals.
No. 883762 ID: 7b53bd

strip dodgeball gogogogogogo
No. 883763 ID: 3abd97

Are we sure it's not dodge stripball?
No. 883765 ID: dbf422

If Gabe wants to get naked he should just get naked. No need to lose so badly.

Anyway it's a friendly game, no one's getting anything that can't be healed in a couple seconds.
No. 883769 ID: 91ee5f

>no one's getting anything that can't be healed in a couple seconds.
Unless it’s a male getting hit in the balls by the ball. That might take more than a couple of seconds to be healed! >.<
No. 883770 ID: 14e348

I dunno, strip dodgeball sounds pretty good. I think you need to come up with some good extra incentive to play along, though.
No. 883772 ID: ae9b99

hmm, no one but Gabe wants to play strip dodgeball?

perhaps if he brings up an incentive, like a prize to the winners of strip dodgeball that will make people want to play it.
No. 883773 ID: d887c0

Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgebaaaaaalllll!
No. 883776 ID: a6c84a

Gabe is just the speedo type
No. 883788 ID: 02a9a6

No. 883792 ID: 1e23d4

You idiots, you play VOLLEYBALL at the beach!
No. 883807 ID: eeb7d9

No. 883812 ID: dbf422

Right? What would Tom Cruise say?
No. 883836 ID: 1e23d4

No. 883851 ID: 9c2d0c

The hotsprings episode was like episode three? this anime is plowing through all the fanservice achievements
No. 883853 ID: 7816e7
File 152609204833.png - (128.80KB , 700x437 , 5-5.png )

“I believe I will spectate for now, thank you.” Mr. Ochre smiles and puts his book aside: a small volume titled Languages of the Wild Age.

“Okay, let us know if you want in!” Casey runs back to the pitch, tossing the ball to Delilah as she re-enters her team square.

Mr. Ochre sizes up the teams. On one side Gabe, Delilah, Miki and Raithe. Mr. Ochre mentally assigns them to Team Red. Making up the other team is Casey, Kol, Caleb, and Nixxy: Team Blue.

The spectator thinks back to his school days, remembering a few rules. He recalls that a player is out when they are hit by a throw, and the ball goes “dead”, or contacts the ground. If the ball is caught and held, then the thrower is then out. If a player is hit and then the ball is caught, the thrower is then out.

Mr. Ochre recalls being fairly good at the game: his slight build making him hard to hit and being able to read his opponent’s tactics based off of his body language as well as his unique experience of color. Sadly, his throwing and catching ability was underwhelming, even at a young age; resulting in him usually being the last member of a team and an easy victim for more callous opponents. A certain part of him never fully recovered, leaving him with an instinctual full-body cringe at the sight of an incoming dodgeball.

Nixxy bounds with glee, ”A wager? To bare the skin? Such fun! Are we game?”

“Uh, I mean, I suppose I’m in.” Caleb scratches his chin, “But if we’re playing for stakes, are we playing for real then?”

“With magic? I suppose.” Casey shrugs, “But no using portals inside the boundaries, Gabe. I don’t want you cutting someone accidentally.”

“Yeah that’s fair,” Gabe nods.

“Uh, can I still play even though I don’t wear clothes?” Raithe twists in the air a little self consciously.

“Don’t worry about it, dear!” Miki waves at him reassuringly.

Currently its red’s turn, Delilah has the ball and can pass to another member or throw.
No. 883859 ID: 67456a

Blue Team has made a terrible, terrible mistake just by not being the team with Gabe on it.

Place a portal over Nixxy, waaay up, and one connected to it out of the field but close enough Delilah can toss it through.

No. 883862 ID: 91ee5f

Blue team has 2 selkies. That seems maybe a little unfair.

>Blue Team has made a terrible, terrible mistake just by not being the team with Gabe on it.
Not really.

Casey has a really long reach with her magic tentacles and, if someone on her team gets hit and she reacts fast enough, she could easily grab the ball before it hits the ground to save her teammates and get the thrower out.
No. 883879 ID: a363ac

have raithe make a fire ball and throw it through a portal and back at your foes
No. 883880 ID: d887c0

Don't throw right away. Get the other team confused with some quick passes first.

>2 selkies
Nixxy's a kelpie, actually. Caleb is the only selkie here.
No. 883883 ID: 02a9a6

I can see this getting quickly out of hand if magic is allowed. Can be good or bad if it does.
No. 883886 ID: 91ee5f

>Nixxy's a kelpie, actually. Caleb is the only selkie here.
Whoops, my bad.

But still, 2 shapeshifters on the same team seems a little unfair.
No. 883938 ID: 7816e7
File 152614083909.png - (87.08KB , 700x500 , 5-6.png )

As the red team passes the ball around to get warmed up, Mr. Ochre does a little mental calculation of the players stats.

Red Team

Str- 7
Dex- 3
Mana- 5
Ability: Aura Cannon- Use mana to give herself +3 on a Str roll.

Str- 2
Dex- 7
Mana- 3
Ability: Spirit Gate- Use a gate to give a thrower +2 on a Dex attack; or reroll any missed attack into an attack on an opposing player using the thrower's stats.

Dex- 5
Mana- 4
Ability: Cheer- Give a team member +1 for a Str roll.

Str- 3
Dex- 7
Mana- 4
Ability: Flight- Fly up high to get +2 on any Dex roll.

Blue Team

Str- 4
Dex- 6
Mana- 3
Ability: Aura Tentacles- If a team member is hit, use your tentacles to give a target +2 to Str and Dex rolls to catch the ball. Or use your tentacles to bind a target to impose -2 on a Dex roll.

Str- 5
Dex- 5
Mana- 5
Ability: Spirit walk- Possess a teammate and give them +1 on a Str roll.

Str- 6
Dex- 4
Mana- 5
Ability: Shapeshift- Change shape to get +3 on a Dex roll.

Str- 7
Dex- 3
Mana- 2
Ability: Transform- Change into fey form to get +2 Str for one round.

Each round involves an attack and defense phase for both teams.

Each attack phase: The attacking team chooses attacker, one character ability, a target and whether to make a Str or Dex attack.

During the defense phase: The defending team chooses an ability to help the target. Then the attacker and defender both roll D10s and add their Str or Dex stat, the higher total succeeding.

On a failed Dex attack, the attack misses. On a failed Str attack, if the defender succeeds an additional Dex roll, the target catches the ball and the thrower is out.

On a successful hit, one other character may catch the ball by succeeding BOTH a Str and a Dex roll against the thrower.

A character may only use an ability once per round and requires 1 mana point per use.

I have no idea how well this is going to work, so lets play it by ear. I figured people needed something a bit more gameified to help things along.

Attack phase: team red
No. 883939 ID: a363ac

Delilah use your ability and STR attack Kol
No. 883948 ID: 7816e7
File 152614442875.png - (104.85KB , 700x500 , 5-7.png )

Delilah winds up and her arm crackles with energy, "HEADS UP!" She warns as the ball becomes a blur and fires towards Kol.

Defense phase: team blue
No. 883950 ID: dbf422

Uh, realize that you are all too powerful for this to have been a good idea.

Actually use Casey to Aura Tentacles Kol for a catch.
No. 883969 ID: 5024bc

Kol: It's coming in too fast so lean back so the ball pops up.

Nixxy: transform and use your increased speed to catch the ball as it falls back down.
No. 883977 ID: 7816e7
File 152615487895.png - (138.97KB , 700x500 , 5-8.png )

Kol braces himself.

Deliliah rolls
4 + 7 + 3 str = 14
Koll rolls
2 +5 str = 7

The powerful strike lifts Kol off his feet and he lands in the sand slightly dazed. The ball soars up into the air and as it comes down Nixxy tries to catch it. Casey extends her tentacles and tries to grab the ball on its way down.

Nixxy rolls
9 + 6 + 2 Str = 17
5 + 4 + 2 Dex = 11

Delilah rolls
6 + 7 = 13
10 + 3 = 13

The ball slips through her hands and goes dead in the sand.
"Sorry Kol, those are the breaks. Gotta lose the trunks!"

Attack phase: team blue
No. 883978 ID: d887c0

Caleb, throw at Raithe.
No. 884019 ID: 0db366

Nixxy get spirit walked to hit raithe
No. 884063 ID: eeb7d9

No. 884114 ID: fac6a9

Caleb transform to hit Delilah
No. 884132 ID: 7816e7
File 152624049058.png - (74.63KB , 441x700 , 5-9.png )

Kol gets up and brushes himself off, "Finnnne." he tugs at the drawstring and drops trou. There's a collection of "Aw yeah"s and a whinny from Nixxy. Kol blushes slightly as the beach air hits his nethers.

"Oh my!" Mr. Ochre reaches for his book again, and ruffling his feathers. He hesitates and decides against it, adjusting his glasses to better spectate.
No. 884133 ID: 7816e7
File 152624049474.png - (130.99KB , 700x500 , 5-10.png )

Nixxy grabs the ball and winds up, "A throw for me? Is good!" She stops as a glow sparkles behind her.

"How about a hand there?" Kol's spirit form extends its aura. Nixxy feels herself being puppeteered, adding to her strength.

"Hay, can he do that? He's out right?" Gabe asks. Everyone turns to Mr. Ochre as an impartial judge.

He sputters with the sudden attention and thinks aloud, "Well, Kol didn't get to do anything before being knocked out, so it might be more fair to allow those with abilities that affect others to still use theirs even if removed from play. But tactically it changes the nature of the game, making it less useful to target supporting team members…" His feathers ruffle. "I suppose as long as they aren't directly catching or throwing the ball it should be permitted?"

Everyone shrugs and goes back to playing.

Nixxy's hooves scrape for purchase in the sand and her eyes narrow on her target. She winds up with a flourish of her tail and lets fly at Raithe with a strength attack.

Defense phase: team red.

>also, please designate which team member will catch the ball if the attack is successful.
No. 884136 ID: a363ac

Miki cheer on Raithe and Gabe prepare to catch the ball
No. 884151 ID: d887c0

Raithe: Tail whip that ball right back.
Gabe: Be prepared to catch.
No. 884158 ID: 7816e7
File 152625027396.png - (103.60KB , 700x441 , 5-11.png )

"You got this Raithe!" Miki pumps up her partner with a boost of praise.

Nixxy Rolls
10+6+1=17 Str
Raithe rolls
9+3+1=13 Str

Raithe twists in midair to take the brunt of the attack, but without leverage, the ball bounces right off of him. Gabe moves to catch it.

Gabe rolls
7+2=9 str
4+7=11 dex

Nixxy rolls
2+6=8 str
6+4=10 dex

Gabe gets under the ball and stags it comfortably as it lands!
"Gotcha! Sorry Nixxy!"
No. 884159 ID: 7816e7
File 152625028180.png - (112.77KB , 700x500 , 5-12.png )

The kelpie pulls at the cord around her waist and her "garment" slips to the ground. She stretches out on the borrowed rug and poses. "Mmm, enjoy prize Gabe! You play game for Nixxy later?" Her tail flicks languidly as she settles in to watch the rest of the game.

Caleb says something to himself in a Fae tongue and Nixxy winks.

Attack phase: red team
No. 884161 ID: a363ac

raithe fly up an blind them with the sun to hit caleb
No. 884206 ID: 14e348

Kol and Nixxy, engage stripball auto-balance mechanism: distracting the opposing team from the game.
No. 884215 ID: d887c0

No. 884223 ID: a363ac

oh yeah Dex attack
No. 884338 ID: 7816e7
File 152633924301.png - (110.98KB , 654x700 , 5-13.png )

“Let me throw!” Gabe tosses the ball to Raithe, who takes off in a vertical climb. Everyone shades their eyes as they try to follow him, but he’s soon lost to the blinding glare of the sun. As they blink away spots, a dark shape grows larger in the sky, barreling straight for Caleb.

Defense phase: team blue.
No. 884339 ID: a363ac

transform you hunk
No. 884341 ID: e5c658

Dodge. Let it hit the ground.
No. 884403 ID: e1c8f7

Tank mode, Caleb. Catch that sucker.
No. 884529 ID: 7816e7
File 152643803214.png - (117.96KB , 700x500 , 5-14.png )

Caleb squints into the glare and instinctively transforms into his fae form. His shoulders hunch and his muscles flare. He rears up, both arms out, ready to catch the oncoming missile.

Caleb rolls
5 + 3 = 8 Dex
Raithe rolls
8 + 7 + 2=17

Unfortunately Caleb can't catch what he cant see. The ball bounces off of his enormous shoulder. Casey tries for the save.

Casey rolls
10 + 4 = 14 Str
9 + 6 = 15 Dex

Raithe rolls
4 + 3 = 7 str
7 + 7 = 14 Dex

The Binder jumps and snags the ball out of the air and lands lightly.
No. 884530 ID: 7816e7
File 152643803669.png - (93.88KB , 500x700 , 5-15.png )

Raithe returns to the ground in a flutter of wings. "What happened? Did I get him?"

"Casey caught it dear: You're out."

"Aww, oh well. Um… so what do I do now?" The salamander looks down at himself. "I'm already naked."

"Go sit over there and look nude, honey!"

The elemental lands on the sidelines and hugs his tail to himself in a way that lends itself to the imagination. "Like this?"

Miki leers at him, "Awww yeah. That’s the stuff… "

Attack phase: team blue.
No. 884531 ID: d887c0

Miki's distracted! Take the shot!
No. 884534 ID: dbf422

Yeah! And it looks like Dex is Casey's thing.
No. 884536 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Caleb, you’re supposed to take your clothes off after you’re knocked out, not before! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t buy the stretchy clothes, they tear right off of you when you transform!

.....not that I’m complaining or anything, just thought I’d point it out. Also, stripping before getting knocked out isn’t against the rules, soooooo feel free to continue the rest of the game while naked! ;3

>Attack phase: team blue
Casey, use your tentacles as a trebuchet/catapult/slingshot/rubber band of doom and fling the ball at Miki while she’s distracted with admiring Raithe!
No. 884551 ID: 10c408

Take down the baker. NO MERCY!
No. 884554 ID: e1c8f7

Casey bind Gabe
Caleb, Aim for Mikki
No. 884665 ID: 7816e7
File 152651984624.png - (110.15KB , 500x700 , 5-16.png )

Miki turns to go back to the game and stops. She looks down, finding a tendril of aura poking out of the sand and wrapped around her ankle.
No. 884666 ID: 7816e7
File 152651985135.png - (118.73KB , 700x500 , 5-17.png )

She spots Casey sporting a predatory grin as her binding spell pours out of her hand and into the beach.
"Don't get too distracted now!" Casey palms the ball and launches it at the baker with a dex attack.

Defense phase: team red.
No. 884667 ID: 7b53bd

oh NOOOO i mean if she fails at least we get to see her cute dick but NOOOO
No. 884671 ID: e1c8f7

Can Gabe create a portal to intercept the ball and launch it straight into the sky? Make it easier to catch.
No. 884673 ID: b1b4f3

Miki try a dex-based dodge.
No. 884679 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe he could try to throw it back at her? Or at someone else?
No. 884695 ID: 4ee927

Now you're thinking with portals!
No. 884843 ID: 7816e7
File 152661574889.png - (90.78KB , 700x581 , 5-18.png )

Gabe makes a portal behind Miki, "Quick! Duck!"

Miki rolls
3 + 6 - 2=7 dex

Casey rolls
7 + 6 = 13 dex

Miki ducks down but, being rooted in place she still makes for an easy target. Casey's strike bounces off of her with a slight squeak.

Gabe rolls
2+2=4 str
3+7=10 dex

Casey rolls
4+4=8 str
3+6=9 dex

Gabe reaches out to catch the ball but it sails over his head and out of bounds.
No. 884844 ID: 7816e7
File 152661575551.png - (98.68KB , 500x700 , 5-19.png )

"Gotta keep your eye on the game!" Casey winks. Miki feels a tug at her waistband as the binding spell pulls her swimsuit free. She relinquishes her top as well and heads for the sidelines, "Oh well, that was fun!"

Attack phase: red team
No. 884862 ID: 10c408

Gabe go get the ball, then dunk it through a portal off to one side of Casey that also has a straight line to Caleb.
No. 884882 ID: e1c8f7

Gabe make a portal for Delilah to make a strength attack at Casey
No. 884980 ID: 7816e7
File 152668969053.png - (76.17KB , 700x523 , 5-20.png )

Gabe takes the ball and grins at the remaining two blue team members. He fakes a throw and chest passes directly out of bounds, right as a portal opens up behind Casey.

Defense phase: team blue.
No. 884988 ID: 3abd97

Casey: tentacle-assisted back-flip over the ball! No need to hit it, if you dodge, it's already flying at the other side.
No. 885041 ID: 10c408

here's an idea. use a tentacle to force the ball up and then catch it on before it hits the ground.
No. 885127 ID: e5c658

Lmao just smack it back into him.
No. 885129 ID: 7816e7
File 152677036347.png - (121.31KB , 500x700 , 5-21.png )

Casey extends her binding spell uncertainly, half turning at the sound of the gate.

Gabe rolls
8+7+2=17 dex

Casey rolls
3+6=9 dex

The ball baps softly against the back of her head. Caleb dives to catch it.

Caleb rolls
10+7+2=19 str
6+3+2=11 dex

Gabe rolls
3+2=5 str
1+7+2=10 dex

Casey manages to extend an aura tentacle just before it hits the ground, giving Caleb the second he needs to scoop up the ball.
No. 885130 ID: 7816e7
File 152677036675.png - (83.16KB , 700x500 , 5-22.png )

"Fair's fair!" Gabe drags them down with exaggerated slowness. He snaps them free and struts over to the sidelines with a swish of his tail. "You got this Delilah!" he calls over his shoulder.

Attack phase: team blue
No. 885133 ID: 10c408

Casey, pass the ball to Caleb. Caleb, power throw that ball.
No. 885136 ID: 7816e7
File 152677265578.png - (86.23KB , 700x500 , 5-23.png )

"Let me handle this!" Caleb takes the ball back and winds up, muscles shifting like boulder under the selkie's skin. "You ready for this?"

Delilah claps her hands and holds them out, ready to catch, "Bring it on big guy…"

Defense phase: team red.
No. 885138 ID: 42e150

Delilah, stand your ground and get ready to catch!! You're super tough, you can resist the impact!
No. 885139 ID: e1c8f7

Miki, Cheer Delilah! She can do this!
No. 885141 ID: d887c0

No. 885151 ID: a363ac

Muscles Vs Muscles who will win!
No. 885153 ID: dbf422

Then shouldn't she use Aura cannon too?
No. 885171 ID: 7816e7
File 152678172070.png - (155.54KB , 800x444 , 5-24.png )

Caleb lets fly with a blaze of leather directly at the healer. Delilah squares her shoulders and mana flares along her arms.

[b]Delilah rolls
8+7+3=18 str

Caleb rolls
4+7+2=13 str

Delilah rolls
9+3=12 dex

Caleb rolls
3+3=6 dex

Delilah's heels dig a long pair of trenches in the sand as the ball slams into her. A wave of sand is thrown up by the force of the impact and as it clears she stands strong, ball clasped firmly in her hands.

She allows herself an "Ow."
No. 885172 ID: 7816e7
File 152678173917.png - (94.29KB , 500x700 , 5-25.png )

Caleb nods, acknowledging his defeat. He returns back to his terrestrial form and drapes his skin carefully over a massive forearm before heading for the sidelines.

Attack phase: red team
No. 885175 ID: a363ac

Miki cheer her on for the finale and Str hit her in the Casey. Casey use those tentacles to defend.
No. 885215 ID: 7816e7
File 152679517470.png - (131.16KB , 700x500 , 5-26.png )

"Wooo! Go Del!" Miki gives Delilah a boost from the sidelines, "Bring it on home!"

Casey draws her aura out to catch the attack, but as she does the last of her mana falters and fades. "What? Not now!"
No. 885216 ID: 7816e7
File 152679517998.png - (83.06KB , 700x500 , 5-27.png )

Delilah launches the ball, pouring her strength into one final strike.

Delilah rolls
3+7+1=11 str

Casey rolls
2+4=6 str

Casey manages to bring her arms up to protect herself but the strike still knocks her into the sand. With that the match ends
No. 885217 ID: 7816e7
File 152679518270.png - (117.68KB , 500x700 , 5-28.png )

Victory: team red!

Casey slips out of her swimsuit, "Nice match!" Her and Delilah share a high five in celebration of both sports and nudity. "We'll have to play again sometime!"
No. 885218 ID: a363ac

Delilah try to suplex Caleb
No. 885221 ID: e1c8f7

Losers group hug?
No. 885222 ID: 91ee5f

Now Delilah decides to strip so that she can join in on the nude fun!
No. 885223 ID: 4ccc6a

This calls for a celebratory cuddlepile!
No. 885224 ID: f3fe9b

Cecil: be the challenger that appears
No. 885231 ID: dbf422

...you people are pretty crazy strong huh.
No. 885252 ID: ddf780

I'm sure a certain bird dude and servant dude is gonna wanna nude up after this as well.
No. 885274 ID: 438a42

Well now that the festivities are over, I have a curiosity.

Caleb appears to have a form more in-line with your average "mortal" that isn't so...best-mode-ey.

Does Nixxy have a similar form?
No. 885275 ID: 438a42


My keyboard is mutinying all over the place today. Beast-mode-ey*
No. 885299 ID: 3abd97

So now losers gotta do whatever the winners want.
No. 885303 ID: 67456a


No. 885304 ID: ae9b99


Losers can't put on their clothes for the entire day.

any winners who had to strip can put their clothes back on if they want, but it is optional ;).
No. 885325 ID: eeb7d9

This guy has the right idea!
Wait, now that i think about it, is is permitted to be naked in this beach? Isn't it a public beach?
No. 885327 ID: 91e08c

It'll be more lewd if nudity isn't allowed ;)
No. 885463 ID: 7816e7
File 152695262510.png - (114.06KB , 700x500 , 5-29.png )

After some debate about what to do next, Gabe suggests a swim. Delilah hesitates for a minute before stripping out of her suit and splashing after the skinny dippers. Not at home in the water, Miki and Raithe sneak off somewhere for some private post-game celebration.
No. 885464 ID: 7816e7
File 152695263073.png - (150.29KB , 700x500 , 5-30.png )

Worn out and drained of mana, Casey pads across the hot sand and sits with Mr. Ochre under his umbrella. “Thanks for officiating! Can I share your towel?”

“Why certainly, Ms. Leander.” Leans back in his chair, “That was quite the performance, well played!”

“Thanks!” She lays back on her elbows, “You sure you don’t want to join them?”

The bowerbird scans out over the sea where some kind of wrestling match has sprung up between Kol and Gabe. Positioned on Caleb and Nixxy’s shoulders, they struggle for the upper hand as the surf pounds them both. “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t believe I’m... quite comfortable with that just yet.”

He smiles, grateful to be included, “Besides, I do have my book.” He holds up the volume, already well read and bookmarked with a rainbow of colored tabs.
No. 885465 ID: a363ac

ask to see the blue tabs.
No. 885466 ID: 1561e1

ask about book. So many bookmarks! How come?
No. 885467 ID: 5cd26f

Take a look! A book look!
No. 885479 ID: eeb7d9

Looks a good book.
What is about?
No. 885487 ID: 91e08c

Reading Rainbow?

Yeah do that
No. 885491 ID: dbf422

Book has lost it's meaning. Investigate it anyway.
No. 885537 ID: e1c8f7

So many friends you've made by the unique way you do things. Be proud!
No. 885612 ID: 7816e7
File 152703742346.png - (147.54KB , 700x485 , 5-31.png )

Casey leans over and examines the plethora of colored tabs dotting the pages, “Looks like a good book. What’s it about?”

“Its Biliasco's The Comprehension of Color. An analysis of the written language of the pre-Moot Point civilization. As you may know, the Old City was once built upon the ruins of an even older city. Our own Augustine Moot first exposed the structures, accidentally, in her greatest moment. In the chaos of those days, not much time was afforded to the preservation or study of these ancient structures, and unfortunately much was lost.”
“This book is a study of the remaining frescoes and murals; analyzing the language of these lost people, much of which has proven difficult to translate. The leading theory is that color factors into understanding as much as form. I’ve been interested in examining the ruins, due to my own rather unique perspective on color, but alas have not yet made the pilgrimage. There are rumors of creatures that inhabit the ruins and I... couldn't help but feel concern for my own safety.”
No. 885614 ID: deec6e

Interesting! Why don't you ask us for help whenever you're ready to take the trip? I'm sure everyone would be interested in learning a little history.
No. 885615 ID: b1b4f3

Hey maybe your group could serve as an escort? You've got two strong fey, a fire elemental, and a bunch of support crew.
No. 885616 ID: 3abd97

Well gee, if only you had some friends who could keep you safe from monsters to ask for help.
No. 885617 ID: dbf422

And you didn't think to hire us again? You know we're free right now, right? I mean, our schedules are. Still gotta eat.
No. 885628 ID: 56e50f

Now this has the makings of opportunity written all over it. See if maybe this pilgrimage can become a group mission.
No. 885639 ID: eeb7d9

That sounds like a nice trip, and i am sure that everybody would love to go with, if you don't mind the company, that is.
No. 885798 ID: 7816e7
File 152712613110.png - (113.31KB , 700x451 , 5-32.png )

“Ooh, we could go with you! It’s been ages since I’ve visited the Old City. My parents used to take me there on camping trips!”

Mr. Ochre beams with delight, “Why that would be splendid! A guide who’s a Guide! I would certainly appreciate the company!” He signals for his retainer, “Mr. Agrippa, we’ll need supplies for an archeological study: We’ll need tents, bedrolls, canned rations, lamp fuel,...”
No. 885799 ID: 7816e7
File 152712614879.png - (135.58KB , 700x500 , 5-33.png )

A few days later a boom ripples the surface of Lake Augustine. A few wading birds take flight as four figures step out of the gate. “You sure you have everything you need?” Asks Casey.

“Oh yes: the pack has a spacial charm. It actually carries much more than it appears.” Mr Ochre shoulders the frame of his backpack and looks out at the scenery.
No. 885800 ID: 7816e7
File 152712615335.png - (107.63KB , 700x428 , 5-34.png )

A serene stillness fills the air. The lake: a perfectly circular mirror nearly 3 kilometers wide, is ringed with silent stone structures. The city sits mostly overgrown, its alleys choked with vines and grass, while the more transient building materials give way to the centuries. On one side of the lake, an aqueduct ends abruptly at the edge of the water and trickles a slow, endless stream.
No. 885802 ID: 56e50f

For a place overgrown and being taken back by Nature, it almost seems.. lifeless here.
No. 885808 ID: dbf422

I hope it's nothing so ominous. Can we hear birds? I mean, fauna.
No. 885815 ID: 3abd97

>perfectly circular 3 km lake
>aqueduct abruptly terminates at boundary
So... we're looking at the site of an ancient detonation of some kind. It wiped out everything in a 3 km sphere.
No. 885816 ID: eeb7d9

What is the story of this place? Who knows it?
No. 885820 ID: 05ff2f

So, where does Mr. Ochre want to investigate first? Where's the best example of this colorful language he wants to look at here? Over in that large building on the far side of the lake?

Nah, if there was a explosion of such magnitude it would have left a crater with a raised lip and blasted flat everything on the periphery. This looks more like... A spatial magic mishap of colossal proportions. Like a whole sphere or cylinder of the city was teleported away or totally annihilated or sent to the Ghost Zone. That'd explain how the aqueduct looks like it was cleanly cut, similar to when Gabe's portal sliced those pine tree trunks when he opened it over the seaside cliff.

Does Gabe think the clean cutout of the lake looks like it could have been caused by Sending magic? Does Mr. Ochre know anything more about the lake? Is it a smooth half-sphere all the way down or is the rock at its bed clean cut? Oh, if Nixxy or Caleb came along they could investigate the lake bed easily.
No. 885836 ID: bffeb2

yup yup
What I wanna know is wheres the cave man why is this place still abandoned? Certainly the stone buildings could be repaired, roads rebuilt and so on this could be quite a beautiful and interesting village, or even a tourist town or vacation spot for rich people if nothing else.
No. 885938 ID: 7816e7
File 152721198974.png - (90.58KB , 700x500 , 5-35.png )

Gabe steps up to the edge of the lake and stares out across the surface with uncharacteristic reverence. “Wow... My first time seeing it...”

Mr. Ochre joins him, scooping up a pebble and tossing it to himself, “You’ve heard the stories, though right?”

“You don’t get to be a Sender without hearing about the Great Gate. Still... I can’t imagine what it would take to pull off something like this...”

“Desperation, apparently. In the face of certain doom, Madam Augustine gathered all that she could in the center of the city and moved them to safety. Those fateful few rebuilt their lives in the place we call home, forever thankful of her service.” He sighs, “Supposedly she hated the statue: she said it reminded her of those left behind...” He flicks his wrist and the pebble zips out of his hand, sketching a staccato of ripples across the reflection.

“Does anyone know what kind of ‘doom’ they were fleeing?” Kol swats as an insect pesters his ear.

“Records are sketchy, but this is the end of the Wild Age we’re talking about. A great many forces felt the ebb of raw magic from the world and moved to seize as much power as they could, while it lasted.” He shrugs. “Elementals, Vampire Lords, the Fae Court, and other, stranger things ravaged the land, competing for scraps of a dying era.” He brushes his hands off, “So! Ms. Leander, where would be the best place to go to find our way beneath the city?”
No. 885939 ID: 7816e7
File 152721199394.png - (131.60KB , 500x700 , 5-36.png )

“Across the lake, at the base of the temple.” She sets off, balancing at the edge of the water and hopping from stone to stone, “The lake covered up a lot of the ruins, but there are ways underground by the grand plaza.” She smiles, “My parents did research on the ruins, actually. They used to bring me here as a kid. It was seeing the lake for the first time that I knew I was going to be a Guardian someday.” She chuckles, “They were mortified, but supportive. I think they wanted me to be an academic.”
No. 885941 ID: b1b4f3

Grand temple huh? Temple to who?
No. 885962 ID: 05ff2f

Are Casey's parents still doing archaeological work and did they find out anything notable in their time working around and under the Old City and Lake Augustine? How much have ruin raiders stolen and destroyed of the archaeological record here?

Have there been any serious attempts to drain the lake, either through mundane or magical means, to get access to the flooded ruins and tunnels? What about diving expeditions?

What happened to the section of the Old City sliced out by the Great Gate? Did it end up where Moot Point is and formed the center of the new city or did it land nearby? Are there buildings from the Old City in Moot Point?

>Supposedly she hated the statue: she said it reminded her of those left behind...
How many got left behind and what're the odds we're gonna get accosted by one of their ghosts or worse?
No. 885971 ID: e1c8f7

How clear is the water? Can Kol project and see down there?
No. 885976 ID: caf1de

yeah lets go waken an ancient evil woooooo
No. 886265 ID: 7816e7
File 152737413381.png - (131.01KB , 500x700 , 5-37.png )

Casey leads them around the edge of the lake, hopping lightly from stone to stone as though she were a kid again. Even through the weathering of the ages, many bricks are still etched with the unnatural, smooth surface of a portal cut.

Mr. Ochre squawks as a reed covered island raises an irritable head and slips under the water. The mata mata retreats until its lost in the jumble of dark shapes just visible from the surface. The ancient ruins look alien compared to the more modern buildings, capped with stone arches and serpentine statuary.

Mr. Ochre settles his feathers, and chuckles anxiously “Oh, my, such an impressive specimen. I’m suddenly reminded of how thankful I am not to be traveling alone. D-do you think there are more like that?“

Casey stops and thinks, “Mmm, probably not, but you never know with places like this. Just keep an eye out if you decide to go swimming.”

“Duly noted.”
No. 886266 ID: 7816e7
File 152737413744.png - (167.40KB , 700x500 , 5-38.png )

After some time they come to the remains of the grand plaza at the base of the temple. Rows of columns litter the edges of the cobbled courtyard, framing what was once some kind of public forum or parade grounds.

“Who’s the temple to?” Gabe asks, staring up at the ruin.

“Melek Taus,” Casey explains, “It’s always been a site of some importance, and rainbows are pretty common in the valley nearby. According to my parents even the ancient city worshiped some form of rainbow deity here.”

“How’re your folks doing, by the way?”

“Pretty good. Last I heard, they were up north uncovering the remains of a Fae megalith structure.”

"I didn't know they felt that way about you being a guide." Gabe kicks a pebble down the causeway, watching it skitter across the stone tiles. "Why didn't they want you to become one?"

"Its not that they're exactly opposed to it, but archeologists find ghosts to be a pretty handy source for information. Sending them is a bit like burning a historical book." She shrugs, "Its why I've been trying to document all the spirits we deal with; so they're not forgotten."

"Ohhh, that's what you’ve been up to? I thought that was just a journal."
No. 886279 ID: a363ac

look for mythical treasures!
No. 886287 ID: e72379

Peek into some buildings as you walk!
No. 886293 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like a big-ass break in the wall at the bottom of the temple there. Entry point?
No. 886473 ID: e1c8f7

Is the damage to these buildings simply erosion? Could it have been a beast?
No. 886488 ID: 2d1231


Somehow I feel it's that, too. Imagine: 'Today Gabe and Kol were being adorable little nerds again and thinking I couldn't hear them going at it in the garden. Gabe's so cute when he's bottoming. Anyway, that spirit we sent off today was originally a librarian who was bound to the site after--'

Yeah, that feels about right.
No. 886667 ID: 7816e7
File 152754732397.png - (192.21KB , 500x700 , 5-39.png )

“Let’s head for that break in the wall. We can set up camp there.” Casey points towards the base of the temple.

“You think its safe there?”

“Should be. Whatever damaged the temple left a long time ago.” She hesitates, “Probably”

They cross over the ruined causeway, hearing only the drone of small insects and distant birdsong on the air.

As they pass into the darkness of the broken temple, Mr. Ochre pulls a small storm lantern from his backpack and lights it. He adjusts a valve and holds it aloft, casting brilliant light into the cavernous space. As he steps forward a mural comes into view and he gasps.

“It- its beautiful! Oh the illustrations don’t do it justice! These pigments are so vibrant they could have been applied yesterday!” He sets down his backpack and rummages through it, pulling out a set of watercolors and a small, bound journal. He opens the book to a blank page, licks his brush and begins to sketch.
No. 886670 ID: a363ac

calm down befoe you smear the wall Mr.Ochre. :3c
No. 886676 ID: dbf422

What do you think it means? I'm guessing it's worship-related but that's hardly a shot in the dark.
No. 886683 ID: 094652

>These pigments are so vibrant they could have been applied yesterday!
That's a warning flag: either it WAS painted recently or it's enchanted with something. Few paints last for centuries in the open air.

That includes nuclear waste. Please step back.
No. 886698 ID: deec6e

Hehe, that looks kind of like Raithe, only way more feathery.

Were those symbols beneath it a pictographic language of some kind? Has any ever of the pictographs ever been translated?
No. 886699 ID: b1b4f3

What is that depicted? Wind elemental?
No. 886710 ID: e1c8f7

How far does this mural go?
No. 886765 ID: a62780

Very pretty, is that perhaps a couatl?
Are the symbols below anything anyone present understands or do they seem to be decoration?
No. 886790 ID: d887c0

Those symbols. Some sort of language? Can we translate them?
No. 886823 ID: 7816e7
File 152763650651.png - (174.83KB , 700x640 , 5-40.png )

“That’s not Melek Taus, is it?” Kol points out.

“No,” Casey indicates the walls around them. “The larger temple was just built around an existing, older one. That kind of thing used to happen when one civilization would conquer another one. Just slap a new coat of paint on something and call it yours.”

Mr. Ochre looks up from his painting, “Its a small mercy they didn’t have this mural destroyed. I wonder how much is still standing...” 

Gabe eyes the twisting coils and rainbow feathers warily, “So, if thats not Melek Taus, who is it?”

Mr. Ochre adjusts his glasses and examines the inscription around the edges. “It appears this is ‘He of the flashing feathers, gift unto the land so great is his blessing, joyous blue of the perfect sky, one thousand years may he watch over us’.” He taps his beak, “Great fates, its a Coatl! An air elemental! It’s very rare for them to interact with earthbound mortals, in fact very little is known about them! What on earth was it doing here?”
No. 886827 ID: 56e50f

Perhaps it liked the praise of being worshipped.
No. 886830 ID: 86eb65

Judging from every other spirit we have run into?

It was probably getting some down here.

It was probably wandering around down here so it could sleep around with some of its fans. What elemental monster could resist?
No. 886834 ID: abddab

It mentions a blessing, and they got worshipped for that, so something to do with that. Maybe we can find other murals!
No. 886838 ID: a62780

You know it just occurred to me, with how vivid and well-made that mural is (and how it's eye seems to be looking AT Ochre) the couatl might be inhabiting or looking through it's own depiction thar...

Either way, it looks like this place might be a good source of info on a rare creature, we have a cool(er) place to explore now!
No. 886846 ID: 2d1231


Yeah .......... I have a feeling he was totally getting some tail(s) through some very intimate "worship."
No. 886887 ID: caf1de

he was probably an ass and that's why everyone ran away
No. 886994 ID: 7816e7
File 152772821112.png - (111.59KB , 700x494 , 5-41b.png )

“Knowing some of the spirits we’ve run across: taking in some earthly delights?” Gabe shrugs.

“I don’t know if that’s exactly behavior befitting a deity...”

Casey bobs her head as she thinks of a few myths off of the top of her head, “Actually... You might not be far off.”

“Yes, well-“ Mr. Ochre clears his throat, “Erm, shall we carry onward?”

Gabe slouches, “Aw man I thought we were gonna set up camp! My feet are killin me!”

“I told you that you should have put on shoes.” Kol pats him on the shoulder.

“Nah man, that goes against my whole vibe. I didn’t become a Sender to end up wearing shoes like some... not... Sender...guy.” He shrugs, “Walking is like all things: only good in moderation.”

Kol sighs, “How about this, Gabe and I stay here and set up camp. You guys want to go ahead and poke around?”

“That’s fine by me. I know my way around pretty well.” Casey hefts her satchel, “You okay with that Mr. Ochre?”

“I- I suppose so. I don’t expect us to stray too far, but I simply must see the other surviving murals...”

Together they stray into the dark, lantern held high. Behind them, Gabe opens a horizontal gate and a collection of snacks, cushions, bottled drinks, bedrolls and other amenities spills out onto the temple floor. Kol mutters something about not making a mess. 
No. 886995 ID: 7816e7
File 152772821767.png - (143.75KB , 700x448 , 5-42.png )

It isn’t long before the light reveals another mural, this one depicting the air spirit in flight above the valley. Below the creature is the unmistakable arc of a rainbow, and further below, tiny figures engaged in a difficult to identify activity.

Mr. Ochre brings the lantern closer and reads the inscription, “On this year Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky did gift his people with a bounty of... some unit of measurement of grain, presumably a large amount of it. It appears his function as a rain god allowed this culture to prosper for a time.”

As his lantern is held aloft, a draft blows over the mantle, causing the flame to brighten and flicker.
No. 886997 ID: 0d45a9

No mention of "great is his blessing"?
No. 886999 ID: e1c8f7

Hey wasn't there a stillness in the air before? Where is this wind coming from?
No. 887000 ID: deec6e


Might've been an earlier mural, and the very one that earned him the moniker 'Great is his blessing', since they got a great blessing of grain (the related symbols even look alike). This is also a smaller mural, further inside the old temple, so we might be seeing the murals in reverse. The gratitude probably got religious'd harder and harder over time as it visited them or did favors for them and their culture prospered, so the bigger and better displays might be in the outer sanctum (or any refurbished inner sanctums - those tend to be important no matter what).

It seems like each name is related to some sighting or favor it gave them, maybe? And that first mural was like... a portrait made just to honour it, itself. Or maybe the first one added the 'Gift Unto the Land' title, it ust failed to specify why in particular.

That... or we missed a mural somewhere.
No. 887003 ID: dbf422

No, I think you're right. We need to go further in, to see the start of these murals.
No. 887004 ID: a363ac

one dude is clearly masturbating there, and the other is in doggy style. I am 95% certain this rain deity was a vouyer.
No. 887005 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him if he'd be able to keep his hands off the air elemental if it was the blue color he likes so much.
No. 887006 ID: 91ee5f

That.....yeah, that looks like what’s happening.
No. 887014 ID: 05ff2f

Following that draft seems like a decent idea. Might indicate another way into the tunnels. ...Except, how did it effect the flame? Storm lanterns are built specifically to keep winds from messing with their flame, right? So how'd this breeze get inside the lantern? ...Air magic? Is something trying to guide you?

Eh, maybe the one on the left is masturbating, but for the right one to be getting it doggy style there'd have to be another person giving it to them, so I doubt that.

I do notice that the character on the right looks like they have something that looks like a trunk sticking out of their face. Are elephant people a thing in this world?
No. 887017 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty sure that's an arm. These might be bird people, like Mr Ochre.
No. 887063 ID: a847ea

Looks like they're making pottery. Anyway what are the chances that the blue of this Coatl is the same blue as "The Blue".
No. 887091 ID: 7816e7
File 152781214390.png - (147.97KB , 700x500 , 5-43.png )

“Where’s that breeze coming from?” Casey leans towards the wall and sniffs, “Its fresh. That’s weird...”

“Maybe there’s an opening ahead?”

“Maybe, I say we follow it.” She takes the lantern from him and holds it out in front of her, gauging the direction of the flow.

Together they follow the wall to what was once a corner of the vast temple structure. Built into the foundation is a stone head of the Coatl deity, its fangs bared in a snarl that has been slightly dulled with age.

"I remember you…" She prowls towards the grimacing god, "You scared the shit out of me as a kid. I thought you'd bite my hand off if you got the chance…" She kneels down to look between the teeth, "I told mom and dad that you used to talk, or groan or something. They, of course didn’t believe me."

An unmistakable flow of air pours from the gaping maw, just as audible as a cat’s sigh. As Casey leans down to examine the current, something gleams in the lamplight: a piece of metal twisting gently in the air, set deep within the monsters throat.
No. 887092 ID: b1b4f3

Use tendrils to grab that thing.
No. 887095 ID: b38f01

Looks like a link of a chain. Giver tug with your tendrils. If there's any amount of give to it, stop. We don't want to do anything without informing everybody.
No. 887098 ID: 000e1a

Chain uvula? Grab it! Or caress it? Touch it.
No. 887099 ID: 000e1a

Oh no! Actually, can you hang the lantern from it??
No. 887133 ID: 3abd97

Stick your head in there and blow that little bit of metal.
No. 887184 ID: dbf422

Give it a tank with tendrils. Maybe the lantern thing works but there's nothing in the murals like a fire, I don't think.
No. 887185 ID: a363ac

looks turnable
No. 887312 ID: 7816e7
File 152799244247.png - (132.06KB , 512x700 , 5-44.png )

"You don’t seem so scary now," Casey eyes the dangling metal, "Still, I think I'd prefer keeping all my fingers." She extends her aura and reaches it into the opening. The end of her spell touches the chain and a surge of magic pours into the statue.

Casey stumbles back instinctively, her aura snapping back to her hand. "There was a binding spell on that!"

"T-there was? Binding what?" Mr. Ochre stammers
No. 887313 ID: 7816e7
File 152799244557.png - (80.38KB , 700x500 , 5-45.png )

As if in answer to his query the wall rumbles with the sound of stone grinding. A number of heavy thumps emerge and a section of wall slides into the ground, revealing a stone staircase. Casey shines the lantern into the opening, "Woah…Mom and Dad never found this." The seething wind is even stronger coming from the passage.

"How curiously sophisticated. I wonder how one resets the mechanism?" Mr. Ochre examines the edges, admiring the crisp edge to the stone that hid the passage. "It seems like quite the invitation, don't you agree?"
No. 887314 ID: b1b4f3

Better tell the others and advance as a full group.
No. 887315 ID: 3abd97

I think we want our portal mage with us in case the door closes behind us.
No. 887341 ID: 91ee5f

>Binding what?
>The seething wind is even stronger coming from the passage.
Judging from how much wind is coming from there, maybe someone binded the Coatl in there?

>I wonder how one resets the mechanism?
With our luck, I wouldn’t be surprised if as soon as we step in there, the door is going to shut behind us.

We should at least tell the others so that they’ll know where to look if it does shut behind us.
No. 887351 ID: dbf422

Yep, get the others. Hopefully Gabe has cleaned up his mess by now.
No. 887358 ID: a363ac

better place a gate beacon up here before heading down
No. 887364 ID: b38f01

I wonder if there's any other secret entrances down the hall.
No. 887399 ID: eeb7d9

Stick together.
No. 887491 ID: 7816e7
File 152807987876.png - (144.24KB , 700x500 , 5-46.png )

"We might want to let the others know before we go into a secret passage." They leave the door open and trace their way back to the campsite.

As the pair approach they spot a small, well contained fire and a simple tent made of lashed poles and large sheets. From within the tent emerges the sound of a pair of familiar voices panting with exertion.

"Oh, um maybe you should wait here Mr. Ochre…" Casey suggests, blushing slightly.
No. 887494 ID: a363ac

hey Gabe you smuggling a sausage across the border?
No. 887496 ID: 56e50f

Hey boys, I hate to interrupt but we found a secret passage down the hall. There's a piece of enchanted chain inside the mouth of the statue that opens up a hidden door. If it closes behind us please by all means, come after us.
No. 887498 ID: dbf422

Five minutes! We were gone for five minutes! And this is a church!
No. 887504 ID: 094652

You gonna just stand there or are you gonna join in?
No. 887512 ID: eeb7d9

This might sound too cuntish, but you could use your soul tendrils to "accidentally" poke someone's ass in the tent.
No. 887520 ID: ad7c25

We leave you two alone for like five minutes in the temple and you're already on your knees "giving praise".
No. 887521 ID: b1b4f3

"You two gonna be done soon?"
No. 887819 ID: 7816e7
File 152824819218.png - (138.67KB , 700x500 , 5-47.png )

Casey parts one of the tent flaps slightly and peeks her head in, "Hey guys."

Kol barely pauses his thrusting, bouncing Gabe forwards, "Hey Case. Sorry we got started without you. What's up?"

Casey smiles as Gabe writhes on his hands and knees, surrendering little moans each time Kol hilts himself inside. "Oh no, its fine. Mr. Ochre and I found a secret passage into the temple and we were going to go explore it. If we're gone too long do you think you could come look for us?"

"Sounds exciting!" Kol grins. "Yeah, I should be able to Spirit Walk through the walls if we can't find you." Gabe's ropey tail lashes back and forth frantically between them.

"Okay, the entrance is by the big scary snake head down the corridor. I'll mark it off on the floor for you guys. Have fun~." Casey gives them a little wave and Gabe waves back before being forced down to the bedroll by Kol's hips.

She rejoins Mr. Ochre in the dark, "They'll catch up. Their just a little busy at the moment."

"Oh my." The bird murmers and they walk together in silence for a moment, listening to the quiet roar of the lantern and the distant "umf, umf, umf" from the campsite. "Soooo… You mentioned something about a binding spell on the statue?"

"Oh yeah, only someone with binding magic could unseal it. I didn't know spells like that could last so long: most examples of that kind of magic faded at the end of the Wild Age."
No. 887829 ID: dbf422

Oh, interesting. Think Spirit Guides/Guardians were involved? Hmmm... If we get stuck, we should keep in mind other types of magic.
No. 887830 ID: 91ee5f

>Okay, the entrance is by the big scary snake head down the corridor. I'll mark it off on the floor for you guys.
You’d better make it an obvious mark that they can’t accidentally mistake for one of these ancient inscriptions already in the temple!

>Binding spell
With the amount of wind that was coming out of that secret tunnel, I’m thinking that the Coatl got binded down there.
No. 887848 ID: 5fa661

How sure are you that the binding spell WAS that old? Maybe someone's been down there recently and just locked the doors behind them.
No. 887880 ID: b38f01

So Mr. Ochre, what experience do you have with magical creatures?
No. 888033 ID: c01f48

Well there's sure to be some interesting stuff down here. Keep an eye out.
No. 888171 ID: 7816e7
File 152842263153.png - (168.62KB , 700x500 , 5-48.png )

“How curious, binding magic predating the Spirit Guardians...”

“Unless the spell was added recently.” Casey postulates.

“Oh? Do you think so?”

“Its possible. A binder may have found that passage recently and attached a spell to the mechanism to keep it sealed.”

“That raises a number of questions, doesn’t it?”

“True. Why put a spell on something that’s already hidden? What did they find that needed to be sealed? Who sealed it? Also, there’s another possibility: there's a source of mana feeding the spell.”

“For that long? What kind of source?” 

“How much experience have you had with magical creatures Mr. Ochre?” Casey asks abruptly.

“Oh! Um, aside from your acquaintances, almost none. I had a dryad as a tutor briefly, but other than that my experience is entirely academic. Why do you ask?”

“Elementals aren’t like mortals, they’re primal forces animated by raw mana. With the fading of greater magic from our world, most of them have grown weaker since the end of the Wild Age. If the elemental that lived here was powerful enough to be considered a god...”

“...Then it might still be here, feeding the spell?” They reach the entrance to the secret passage and Mr. Ochre looks down the stairwell apprehensively, “So either a Binder came here recently and cast a spell to seal something down there, or its an old god bound by ancient magic for reasons unknown.”

Casey arranges a few loose bricks into a crude arrow, and joins him at the entrance. “I know, exciting isn’t it? Shall we?”
No. 888174 ID: a363ac

time to meet the fuck boi god
No. 888175 ID: d887c0

Last one to get pasted by the ancient deity is a party pooper!
No. 888181 ID: dbf422

Let's get going!
No. 888193 ID: 91ee5f

Watch that first step! We don’t want anyone to trip and comedically fall all the way down the staircase!
No. 888204 ID: f63555

Sex with an ancient sealed evil is a goooooooooooooo!!!!
No. 888230 ID: b38f01

Keep your steps light. See if you can put a spare brick in the doorway to keep it from sealing entirely
No. 888420 ID: 7816e7
File 152860345806.png - (139.00KB , 700x500 , 5-49.png )

“We can hardly turn back now, can we?” Mr. Ochre grins, suddenly full of bravado. “Not in the face of such mysteries!” He steps down into the dark and Casey follows, lantern held high.

They descent the staircase for several minutes. A spiral of turns corkscrews deep beneath the temple, the wind steadily increasing as they venture deeper. The base of the staircase opens up to a long narrow corridor, its walls unadorned and built with a slight upward slope, taking them to the heart of the complex.

The wind grows stronger, physically pushing them back and tugging at their clothes. Casey hands the lantern to her companion, “Hold onto this, I think there’s something ahead… it looks like sunlight!”
No. 888421 ID: 7816e7
File 152860348638.png - (169.21KB , 700x700 , 5-50.png )

“What? But we’re underground!” Together they shuffle down the hallway, advancing in spite of the steady pressure backwards. They step out into a large, airy chamber. Made of fine stone masonry and well lit by some source unknown. At some point water found its way through the structure and, combined with the light source, led to the growth of a fine carpet of moss across most of the brickwork. At one end of the chamber a large serpentine shape is carved into the wall and positioned over a dais, on which lies a large earthenware pot. A powerful current of air circulates the chamber, whipping at their ankles and filling the air with the smell of wet stone and moss.
No. 888423 ID: 3c291e

Welp, better go check that mosaic
No. 888425 ID: b1b4f3

Where's the sunlight coming from? Look up.

Check out the pot, and look for any more readable text that might give you an indication of the purpose of this room.
No. 888427 ID: dbf422

Do all of the above.
No. 888435 ID: b38f01

Anything on the walls?
No. 888446 ID: 0e7281

Look at the smile on that mosaic , are we gonna get another goofy spirit friend?
No. 888463 ID: a363ac

yell out "wanna fuck?" see if that does anything besides echo.
No. 888464 ID: b59fad

Well, this is relatively nice. Now, if I remember my tales of pulpy adventure, a large pot is exactly the place a serpentine demidivinity could curl themselves up to snooze a few centuries away. So I'd say investigate that.

But carefully, and politely. Someone might live here! Better knock on something and announce yourselves, ask permission to come in and if you get no answer ask if anyone's there. If still no answer that should be license enough.
No. 888466 ID: eeb7d9

This must have been one of those rooms where you put important things in small altars. Like that vase thingy. What are those other stairs for?
Where do they lead?
No. 888525 ID: 7816e7
File 152868328059.png - (151.13KB , 544x700 , 5-51.png )

"Great Fates, what a chamber!" Mr. Ochre descends the mossy steps, taking care not to slip, and approaches the platform.

"Where's that light coming from?" Casey cranes her neck to examine the ceiling. A strange glass pyramid is set into the brickwork, shining with a natural-looking light. Somehow, either by magic or cleverly arranged reflections, it's transferring sunlight from the surface to the chamber.

She shuffles down the stairs, enjoying the soft, natural carpet and joins her companion at the end of the chamber. "Can you read what it says?"

The bird waves a hand in frustration, "… Sort of. I can make out the form of the glyphs, but the moss is obscuring the color. Its just nonsense without it." He picks at the surface carefully, "It could take months to properly reveal the full meaning of the design. Clearly, this room is dedicated to Flashing feathers Joyous blue of the perfect sky, but the meaning is quite a mystery."

At the mention of the serpent god's name, the two adventurers turn, hearing a sound from behind them. "Did that pot just say something?" Casey cocks an eyebrow and points at the suspicious urn.
No. 888526 ID: a363ac

oh its a djinn
No. 888527 ID: 3abd97

Go ahead and stick your head in there.
No. 888529 ID: b38f01

Huh. The mural looks like some binding magic was at play here..
No. 888530 ID: b1b4f3

Get closer and say hello. There's something in there.
No. 888531 ID: 91ee5f

Well obviously the Coatl has been sealed into that urn. And it must be a powerful seal, considering there isn’t a lid on the jar to prevent it from just letting itself out.
No. 888533 ID: dbf422

You a friend of this guy, pot?
No. 888548 ID: 2007b6

Politely ask the pot to explain what that mural means.
No. 888550 ID: 880e15

well that's annoyingly possible-sounding.

Also, the smoke/mist from the pot seems to be getting blown by the wind maybe?
Keep your eyes peeled and wits about you, don't unseal any ancient entities without thinking it over and exploring a bit.
No. 888551 ID: b59fad

Get closer to the pot and say the name again. Be quiet otherwise, so you can hear.
No. 888604 ID: 7816e7
File 152876747351.png - (143.45KB , 388x700 , 5-52.png )

Casey approaches the vessel, “Hello?” The container remains silent. “Say his name again!”

“What? Oh, okay...” Mr. Ochre clears his throat and repeats, “Flashing feathersJoyous blue of a perfect sky. Of course that’s a literal translation, I-“

His discourse on the ancient language trails off as a rolling mist bubbles up from the lip of the pot. It fountains into the air, building shape like a thunderhead. Great coils of feather and scale glitter in the storm. A powerful downdraft scatters the mist as four powerful wings beat the air, revealing the form of the ancient coatl.

An imperious voice booms against the walls of the chamber in the clear intonation of a question.

"What'd he just say?" Casey whispers.

"I- I- I- I believe it translates, roughly, to 'Who dares?'" The bird stammers.
No. 888605 ID: a363ac

ignore big and mean and blue for now. go comfort Mr.Ochre and help him calm down maybe point out the nice blue on loud and showy.
No. 888606 ID: b38f01

Kneel, bow, something! Show some respect! Keep your head down and introduce yourself.
No. 888607 ID: 880e15

Mere explorers.
We mean no disrespect if for any reason we appear to offend, our knowledge about you/this place is limited.
No. 888608 ID: 4f1cbc

Wave cheekily and introduce yourself.
No. 888610 ID: b1b4f3

Show respect, ask Mr Ochre to explain that you are exploring these ruins.
No. 888633 ID: caf1de

sacrifices here to give you pleasure
No. 888634 ID: 37c960

Who wants to know?
No. 888637 ID: dbf422

Lower your heads and say it's not about daring. You saw his story upon the walls and we're interested.
No. 888646 ID: bddb0f

Heeey... there's some weird blue bindery stuff going on with the pot he's in. That might warrant investigation.

Also, its eyes are -really- blue. Like, Mr. Ochre blue. Hmm.


This - don't cower, but introduce yourself and show him interest bordering on the worshipful. I mean... it's an ancient Coatl! That speaks the ancient language! That's an amazing find any way you turn it. If he's upset, uh, it could be for any number of reasons. Maybe they trapped him in here and he's real miffed. Maybe he willingly let himself be trapped so he could be with his people for 'a thousand years', as the earlier mural stated, and he's grumpy he hasn't been called on in literal ages. Maybe he's prideful and we're doing his invocation wrong... it's possible. It's an elemental that was once considered a god! It could have weird priorities.

How fluent are you in the ancient tongue, Mr. Ochre? If you can, say that we're visitors/pilgrims interested in his story/legend/tale. Ask if he's been here for all these years - we didn't know he was still around. Be brave Mr. Ochre! This is the find of a lifetime! I'll protect you if it tries anything.
No. 888652 ID: ee2d6e

You want some fuck?
No. 888745 ID: 2007b6

Mr. Ochre, introduce yourself as respectfully as possible, and maybe explain what year this is. Casey, go for the nonverbal introduction by bowing and showing off your aura-tentacles.
No. 888799 ID: 7816e7
File 152893808592.png - (154.37KB , 700x700 , 5-53.png )

“Can you speak his language?” Casey whispers.

“Not exactly. There are no records of what their language sounded like!” Comes the whispered reply.

“Then how did you understand him?”

“I- I don’t know? It had a color to it that I could understand!”

“A color? Okay, so can you speak to him in color?”

“I can try.”

The great serpentine head ping-pongs back and forth as it follows the hushed conversation with reptilian patience. Finally, Mr. Ochre clears his throat. “Ahem, um, Greetings. We are explorers, drawn by the murals depicting your greatness to your presence. My name is Cecil Ochre.” He bows on slightly shaky legs. “This is my comrade, Casey Leander, a renowned Spirit Guide.” Casey bows as well, extending her aura and letting her binding spells coil in the air.

Flashing feathers joyous blue of the perfect sky beats the air and rises up, barking a question directly at Casey. "╗»║╒╗┬°⌡╬┌┼╨╓╘╩╒]°╬╧═╚╬┌╒┘?"

“Er, I- I think he wants to know if you’re a priestess.” Mr. Ochre translates.
No. 888801 ID: 4f1cbc

When a god asks if you're a priestess, you say "YES"!

Priestess probably get to help the god take in earthly delights, you know you wanna
No. 888803 ID: d7b8dc

Probably?? With all the time that's passed you're likely the closest modern analogue there is to one, so maybe you could try to get that across.
No. 888811 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, maybe you should ask for clarification first.
No. 888815 ID: d887c0

You're a guide, assistant, and protector of spirits and you wield powers that would appear divine to outsiders, so you probably fit the bill.
No. 888818 ID: a363ac

make a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 888820 ID: d887c0

Addendum: If he specifically means one of his priestesses, then you're going to have to explain to this "god" that his religion is kaput.

Good luck with that.
No. 888844 ID: b38f01

Not exactly. You might be something similar though.
No. 888851 ID: dbf422

I think we should avoid lying to the god of an ancient and potentially lethal era.
No. 888852 ID: 91ee5f

Spirit Guide, not a priestess!

Yes, get clarification!

I agree because good lord you do not want to piss off someone like this guy!
No. 888853 ID: 91ee5f

Also, this language barrier is very inconvenient!
No. 888869 ID: b59fad

Well, by the classic definition of a priest/priestess as someone who leads a religious community in their rites, rituals and festivals, then... no?

You communicate, intercede with, guide and occasionally fight spirits and other supernatural powers, which is closer to being a shaman. Shamans and priests overlap in their duties a bit but generally shamans are required to actually do more stuff themselves directly and their relationship with the spirits can be possibly antagonistic as well as positive.

So ask Mr. Ochre to say you're a shaman.
No. 888894 ID: de6d84

Something like that.
No. 888916 ID: eeb7d9

Not yet, you are not.
No. 888934 ID: 7816e7
File 152901756009.png - (106.65KB , 700x422 , 5-54.png )

“I don’t think I’m really a priestess. Can you tell him I’m more like- like a shaman?”

Mr. Ochre translates for her, and watches the creature’s face break into a grin. The coatl chuckles like the rumble of distant thunder,"└╥╡│╢∙ ╬║┘«° l┼╟┌╩ ╢┤ ╓─┬┼╝°"

“He says he has no love for priests. Something about a cage?”

“The pot! There’s a binding spell on that pot!” Casey points to the thin layer of mana around the neck of the bottle. "And look!" She points to the base of the stone mural where a kneeling figure is displayed, clearly extending its aura to encompass the tail of the snake god. "You said they rarely interact with mortals, right? They must have captured him so that they could use him whenever they wanted!"

"A god in a bottle, how fascinating…" Mr. Ochre
No. 888935 ID: a363ac

lets let it out then could be fun see about testing the binding spell with your own Casey
No. 888939 ID: b1b4f3

Any way to remove the bindings?
No. 888940 ID: 91ee5f

We should probably tell him how many years have passed.

Oh boy. I want to let him out, but I’m afraid that he’s gonna want to get revenge on the people that trapped him. And since they’re not here anymore, he’ll shift his anger onto their descendants or, if those guys aren’t around, he might shift his anger towards the nearest town, which happens to be Moot Point.

We have to make sure he’s not going to go all “vengeful god” on us before we let him out!

And we should also let him know that we don’t enslave spirits like him anymore, we all live together peacefully!

>“The pot! There’s a binding spell on that pot!”
Who in the group is the expert on binding spells? Let’s go get that person. Actually, let’s go get the others anyways because they’re gonna want to see this!
No. 888942 ID: 86554d

Just let him out, morally it seems like the right thing and practically speaking a lack of hesitation in freeing him will make more of a positive impression than worrying about it first, plus his binding serves no purpose any more. If he causes trouble, your society seems like it has people that can deal with him pretty well, but he seems pretty friendly. Like he's captured here but the depictions so far seem to indicate his captors thought pretty well of him.

Tell Mr. Ochre to fill him in on what you know of history since the time when he was probably captured, while you inspect the spell and get ready to break it.
No. 888944 ID: 2007b6

So, you can probably undo that binding, right? Before you do, ask if the coatl would be willing to explain everything that happened here to some scholars and magistrates, so that the key events will not be forgotten and those responsible may be found and brought to justice.

Don't mention that they're probably all dead from old age until some actual full-time linguists and historians have gotten involved.
No. 888947 ID: 05ff2f

How about exercising some caution before popping the binds on a Coatl that may or may not hold a grudge against the priesthood of Melek Taus. Since they took over and built over his temple, it's possible they were involved in his binding. But even if they didn't and he doesn't have a beef with them, who knows who else he may still be angry at out in the world. And y'all have no idea why he was bound down here either. It could have been for valid reasons like him being a threat.

A compromise would be to carry his pot out of this place so he can see what the world is now and be questioned and his questions answered. That way he can be brought back here relatively easily if he misbehaves. Not breaking his binds also means that the binding enchantment can be studied. A bind that could hold a god is something many spell scholars would love to have a look at.
No. 888952 ID: b38f01

We could tell him that we could see about breaking the binding spell. This place has old magic so I might take a little bit of time to figure out. Hopefully that buys you enough time to figure out what his intentions are. Maybe slip in the deal of his freedom for his forgiveness.
No. 888953 ID: 7816e7
File 152903210567.png - (156.18KB , 700x500 , 5-55.png )

"We should undo the spell, right? We can't just leave him here!"

"I- I suppose we should try. I definitely have some concerns, but I believe it is our duty to see him free." Mr. Ochre nods.

Casey cautiously approaches the pot, "Tell him I'm going to try… oh and maybe make sure he's not going to, like, go on a rampage or get revenge on his captors or anything…"

Mr. Ochre's translation prompts a much longer response from the coatl, one that takes a while to parse. "I… I believe he is asking who is there left for him to take revenge upon. Something about seasons? Er… the fall? I believe it’s a metaphor for the end of the Wild Age: he could sense the change in the world and… knows that his people are long gone… He was a bit more poetic than that, but I get the picture."

"Good enough for me." Casey nods and climbs onto the dias so that she can kneel next to the pot. She reaches out and makes contact with the seal using just her fingertips, sending little trails of fire whipping across the ancient surface. For several minutes she is locked in concentration as she fights the magic of the old priests. Finally, with a frustrated sigh she breaks contact, "Urgh, its stuck…"

"Stuck? What do you mean?" Both the bird and the snake stare at her expectantly.

"Its- its like I have the key but the lock is rusted. I don't know if its because its old or because of the design… I can feel it give but I can't break it." She blinks and sets her shoulders in determination, "I'm going to have to force it. But… I need mana, like a lot of mana. More than I naturally generate on my own."
No. 888954 ID: b38f01

You could always just ask nicely.
No. 888955 ID: a363ac

ask the spirit
No. 888956 ID: 91ee5f

I think we should have Mr. Ochre go run and get Kol and Gabe to help.

I’m not sure it would be safe for Casey to borrow mana from a creature that’s from the Wild Age. For all we know, the Coatl’s mana could be very different from the type of mana that Casey is used to using and it could hurt her! Maybe even damage her ability to use mana!
No. 888957 ID: 91ee5f

But if the Coatl tells us that it’s safe, then yeah, go ahead and borrow some of his mana.
No. 888958 ID: 4f1cbc

Well, pass that information onto the Coatl. I'll bet he can pump you full of all kinds of mana.
No. 888962 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I know where you can get some. Mana oil! Gabe could fetch you some, if our selkie friend is still harvesting it.

Or the wind elemental I guess. We do know it's possible for elementals to ah, "donate" mana.
No. 888964 ID: 05ff2f

Ask Mr. Ochre to inform the Coatl of the stuck binding spell and that you'll need a whole lot of mana to force it open. Much more than you can generate naturally. ...Or perhaps even more than you'll be able to contain in your body without... rupturing something... if you got mana from a outside source. Could end up like trying to squeeze the flow of a water main through a garden hose. You'd need extra reinforcement to attempt this then. But all this really comes down to just how much mana will be needed.

Better go get Gabe and Kol and get 'em up to speed on the situation. It'll be prudent to have their assistance if and when you attempt forcing the binding spell. Plus, they'd be disappointed if they got left out of all this.

Now, what places could you possibly get enough mana from? The Coatl might be able to provide all or some of it, but if it'll take a lot it'd diminish him. Another possibility is Caleb's mana oil, but you don't know if he's been harvesting abyssal reapers after his husband's spirit passed. Caleb is also quite a bit away and you don't know exactly where so Gabe can't just open a portal to him. Third possibility is calling Nixxy using her pearl and asking if she could provide some mana or add her own force on the binding spell.
No. 888975 ID: dbf422

Even if he isn't still harvesting, I think we can ask him for the favor.
No. 888980 ID: 2007b6

When you find something rusted shut inside a sealed room in a culturally-significant ruin, I think bringing it intact to a lab where it could be disassembled properly is a more responsible course than immediately reaching for a crowbar.
No. 888986 ID: bddb0f


Oooh. That's right. We do have a Sender, so it could be as easy as a quick call to see if he's got any left over or if he kept making any. That way Casey gets to taste some of that blegh-ass fish oil, too!

I mean, we could ask flashing feathers joyous blue of a perfect sky, but who knows how much mana he's got left after ages stuck in a bottle and being used to power wards 'n stuff? That's a concern, really. Will he even be alright if we release 'im? The world's not as mana-saturated as it once was... it might be that being bottled up is also keeping him, well, more as himself?

Then again he might be okay with becoming something less as long as it means becoming something free.
No. 888987 ID: 86554d

You could ask him, then, but I wonder if he might be suspicious of people asking for his mana. Perhaps... well, he's bound to the pot, right? Can you two just pick up the pot and bring it back up with you? That'd be a nice starting gesture to earn some trust from him, maybe. Though if he's aware of things happening outside (maybe he can feel things through the air?) it might not be a problem.
No. 889008 ID: 05ff2f

Yeah, you're right. It'd also make sense with Casey being the daughter of archaeologists for her to preserve a ancient binding spell for study before opening it rather than bust it open first.

Bringing the pot the Coatl's bound to out of here makes sense. Then it can be brought in for study before popping the binding spell, and when that happens it can be brought to where there's a large fixed source of mana rather than having to bring a mobile source of mana here. The pot looks pretty heavy though, but that just means Kol gets to show off his muscles. Bringing the pot to the surface so the Coatl can see the real sky for the first time in a age would probably be appreciated by him.
No. 889087 ID: 2d1231


Probably resistant to sky-noodle mana, if it's designed to keep him penned in.

Can Mr. Ochre contribute without causing any potential harm?
No. 889140 ID: 7816e7
File 152920574103.png - (124.92KB , 700x609 , 5-56.png )

"How do you intend to do that?"

"Well, we do have a rather large source of mana right here in the room." Casey stands up and indicates the elemental. "If you'd be so kind as to ask him to lend me some power?"

"Oh dear, its one of those situations isn't it? I rather thought it might be…" He clears his throat and addresses the serpent, "Oh gracious Flashing feathers Joyous blue of the perfect sky, my colleague believes she can undo the spell binding you to this place. She humbly requests for you to bless her with your mana to aid her abilities…" he adjusts his glasses, "How was that?"
No. 889141 ID: 7816e7
File 152920575359.png - (0B , 700x500 )

The coatl rolls his head in confusion, then suspicion before dawning on understanding. With a lazy flap of his wings, he swings underneath Casey and lifts her up in a coil of muscle, bringing her face to face with the god. "

╫╝╗° ╙Γ┌╦ ┘ ╔╛╦╧╦╘╫ ╖│╡°?"

"Bow- no- pray, life, seed? Oh! Oh my, he's asking whether you intend to… er- worship him…" Mr. Ochre ruffles his feathers .
No. 889142 ID: a363ac

does he mean fuck? cause I can do that.
No. 889143 ID: 4f1cbc

*Cheeky grin*

Oooooh, I think I do.
No. 889144 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, wait, he said he didn't like priests. Is this what the priestesses did to him? Is he okay with this? His expression doesn't really seem to indicate either way.
No. 889145 ID: d887c0

Roger Wilco!
No. 889154 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, is THAT kind of lending mana. We can do that.
No. 889159 ID: 91e86c

If shy bird is shy, tell him you understand and he can go. You need no more words to complete this ritual.
No. 889160 ID: 4a23fd

Only if he's willing, of course.
No. 889162 ID: 91ee5f

What the fuck is taking Kol and Gabe so long?! Are they going for a round 2 with each other?!

They’re both gonna be soooo disappointed if they miss out on something like this!
No. 889167 ID: 05ff2f

Well, Mr. Ochre could run back to get 'em. Then the mouse trio could get down to worshiping Flashing Feathers together until he bestows his blessing inside Casey. ...Hm, she better make sure it's via oral or anal only to avoid the risk of getting knocked up with a half-coatl demigod.
No. 889196 ID: 1fbbcc

If he's ok with it.

You know, with you and your parents' history with these ruins, and this guy's visage spooking you as a child, this guy's kinda the equivalent of your old monster under the bed, isn't he? You probably had nightmares about him at some point. Feels kinda weird and kinky for you to get sexual with him, but also like it'd represent some sort of positive psychological transition.

So yeah definitely do it.
No. 889200 ID: bb78f2

Does he need a vessel like how the salamander possessed Kol?
Because I'm only seeing Ochre here. He'd have to be fine with it if Gabe and Kol don't come. But judging from Ochre's ability to understand him, I'm HALFWAY betting it means he's meant to be the the guy that's gonna be able to be possessed by the god safely.

I mean, its not like we HAVE to do it right now if that's the case.
No. 889210 ID: e954d0

If this adventure has taught me anything, it's that the solution to all spirit related problems is to fuck it. Ghost won't move on? Fuck it. Troublesome fairy haunting your business? Fuck it. Dead lover needs help remembering something? Fuck it. God got stuck in a bottle? FUCK IT.
No. 889265 ID: 7816e7
File 152929800241.png - (186.09KB , 700x700 , 5-58.png )

To answer his question, Casey leans forward and pulls the coatl into a kiss. The snake god twists and flutters, feeling the first touch of a mortal in centuries. His coils wrap themselves around the mouse, enveloping her in a soft, scaly caress.
No. 889266 ID: 7816e7
File 152929800544.png - (150.30KB , 700x500 , 5-59.png )

Casey lays back, draping herself across the creatures body, "Are you okay Mr. Ochre? You can go find Kol and Gabe and let them know where we are, if it makes you more comfortable."

The bird clears his throat, "I- I appreciate the concern, Ms. Leander, but as your translator I feel that its important I remain here, to prevent, er- misunderstandings." He sets down his pack and pulls out his sketchbook, "I, er, really should be taking notes."
No. 889267 ID: b151ce

Aww, this is sweet. Well, you're introducing this ancient creature back into modern society, free from his shackles! Make sure he gets a wonderfully good first impression! Birdfriend should definitely take notes of course, this is good history you're trudging up here.
No. 889270 ID: b38f01

He doesn't have to look directly if he doesn't want to.
No. 889272 ID: b1b4f3

Eheh, well, so long as he doesn't mind.

Get naked and give those scales a good rubbing. Or maybe petting his wings would be better? Should be able to tell what he enjoys most. I'm sure you'll get a big surprise soon. "Great is his blessing" after all.
No. 889276 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Mr. Ochre if he wants to join? It’s only polite to invite him. And after seeing his special collection, he probably wouldn’t mind.
No. 889278 ID: 06fdc0

"Oh, yes, take thorough notes! Do some illustrations, too; you don't meet a god everyday!"
No. 889279 ID: caf1de

in before gods dick is the blue color
No. 889280 ID: 31fc71

"You say notes, I'm thinking sketches and notes!"

"But translating would be a good idea if this doesn't go as planned."

Keep posing like that.
No. 889287 ID: eeb7d9

We need more posing. You ALWAYS need more posing.
No. 889290 ID: dbf422

Posing is good. As long as Mr. ochre leaves out names, leave him to what he's comfortable with.
No. 889353 ID: 7816e7
File 152938185272.png - (170.83KB , 700x500 , 5-60.png )

"Taking notes? Good idea!" Casey leans back, steadying herself with one hand. "I hope you capture every detail…"

"Oh, merciful fates…" The bird whispers to himself as he scribbles furiously in his book.
No. 889354 ID: 7816e7
File 152938185725.png - (146.38KB , 700x447 , 5-61.png )

There's a shuffle of fabric and an undulation of muscle. Casey slips along the coatl's scales, savoring the feeling of soft, leathery hide against her skin. "How's this?" She closes her eyes, running her fingers along the brilliant diamond patterns, "Ooooh, you feel amazing…"

She half turns, catching the snake god's hungry look, "I'm here for your blessing, aren't I? How shall I worship you, oh great one?" She spreads her legs invitingly for the deity in a gesture that needs no translation.
No. 889355 ID: a363ac

gotta engage courtship rituals rub under the wings
No. 889358 ID: 31fc71

use your dexterity, flip over onto your back and grip him with your legs for stability so he can start engaging with you. Either that or just start rubbing on him and stroking his wings.
No. 889361 ID: 4f1cbc

Don't worry, I'm sure the double flying snake dicks will come out when he's ready.
No. 889376 ID: 1fbbcc

Maybe encourage him to bring his head closer so you can give him a hug, stroke/scratch behind his ears and give him a kiss, and let him get kissing/licking/nibbling/etc wherever he likes. Poor fella's probably pent up and touch-starved, so you should be prepared for some passion. Position yourself for him to have as much access to wherever he wants to go on you as possible while you stroke everything you can reach. It's an assumption, since he's a spirit, but I'd assume his junk will be near his second set of limbs.
No. 889394 ID: b38f01

A full body massage would be appreciated seeing as they were cramped in a bottle for so long.
No. 889454 ID: 7816e7
File 152946876286.png - (173.08KB , 700x500 , 5-62.png )

Flashing feathers's great head dips and quick as lighting, he flicks his tongue; catching a taste.

"Ah!" Casey shivers, "Oh, Fates!" again the forked tongue slips between her legs and she arches with pleasure. His reptilian head gently nuzzles her, rumbling a wordless appreciation like distant thunder. Casey pants and spreads herself across the deity's scales, looking over her shoulder at the face she once was scared would devour her. The distant memory of fear gives over to the electric thrill of intimacy and pleasure as Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky eats her out.

No. 889455 ID: 7816e7
File 152946876763.png - (178.04KB , 700x500 , 5-63.png )

That long tongue switches from quick, teasing flicks to long, savoring rolls that lift Casey's hips into the air. “Yes, that’s it!” Casey leans forward, raising herself up for the elemental, “Yes! Eat me. Go on...” A squeak slips out of her as the exploring tongue finds its way inside. The twin forks, stroking her walls, slithering in and out and sending a thousand happy shivers rippling through her body.

As the lustful god’s attentions rocks her face first into his body, the binder clutches at the snake, finding handholds on the reptile’s powerful wings. Casey’s eyes, rolling upwards with pleasure, catch something emerge from the scales in front of her.

No. 889457 ID: 094652

Are you preggers yet?
No. 889458 ID: 0eeebd

looks nice enough to eat.
No. 889460 ID: b1b4f3

Give it a lick. Hmm, is that the same color as Mr Ochre's most prized possession. Look over to see how he's reacting to this.
No. 889467 ID: 05ff2f

Looks like the coatl's "joyous blue" is readying to accept your thorough "worship." Now, is that all of it, or is it just the tip? Because if it's the latter, you'll need to employ your hands and aura tentacles much more in addition to mouth and tongue to "worship" Flashing Feathers. For one idea, wrapping your aura tentacle around his shaft and undulating its surface, another idea slipping it into his anus. Anyway, start with nuzzling his length, then apply a long, trailing lick and see where things go from there.
No. 889468 ID: caf1de

is it the blue i don't think its the blue fuck
well that's a missed opportunity
No. 889470 ID: 10c408

well that looks inviting, inch forward slowly before you begin.
No. 889476 ID: b38f01

Let there be praise.
No. 889485 ID: 1fbbcc

Now now, you don't insert anything into someone's rear passage without warning unless you're very sure of yourself. That's just good manners. He is a bird snake, so we also might be dealing with some combination orifice arrangement. We need some exploration to make certain of the anatomy.

Casey, let's just start with you giving him a kiss and playing around. Inspect. Gently, for now. I still think this guy is probably pretty pent up, and with the translation issues a warning might come too late. Can't risk wasting any of that mana.
No. 889547 ID: 7816e7
File 152954145564.png - (149.46KB , 700x500 , 5-64.png )

Casey's questing fingers wrap around the base of the coatl's shaft, gently coaxing it out. She leans forward and plants a kiss on it, running her tongue down its smooth sides, feeling the pulse of the deity's mana within.
No. 889548 ID: 7816e7
File 152954145923.png - (111.03KB , 500x700 , 5-65.png )

There's a clatter as Mr. Ochre drops his pencil, falling to his knees in shock. "Blue… Its blue. THE blue!" He clutches at his feathers in disbelief, staring at the growing shaft as it fills his eyes with the color of pure joy.
No. 889552 ID: d887c0

How appropriate.
The "god" and his "worshipper" are causing Mr. Ochre to have a "religious experience."
Does he want in on this? There's plenty of snake to go around.
No. 889559 ID: 2d1231


Flashing feathers
Joyous blue of the
Perfect cock
No. 889564 ID: 86eb65

Someone needs to get invited to join.
No. 889568 ID: b151ce

Oh boy. Mr Ochre found the color he was obsessed with. You absolutely have to let him join in; tell him to come 'find his joy'. This god might just have a new worshipper.
No. 889579 ID: caf1de

YES YES NOW WE'RE TALKING looks like someone's going home with Mr. Ochre
new character unlocked making friends with benefits with all the mystical creatures
No. 889583 ID: b38f01

Remember it, Mr. Ochre. It's about to disappear into some mouse mouth.
No. 889616 ID: 204fd2

Just remember that Casey's the one that needs the mana.
No. 889617 ID: 1fbbcc

Looks like your translator's distracted. Look at your partner over your shoulder (make sure you don't forget to keep working as much as you're able!), catch his eye and nod over towards Mr. Ochre with a quizzical look to get his wordless opinion.
No. 889630 ID: 7816e7
File 152963487224.png - (168.20KB , 700x500 , 5-66.png )

"Would you like a closer examination, Mr. Ochre?" Casey pats Flashing Feathers on the side and points to the stunned bird. The great snake catches her meaning and drifts lower.

"I- I - I want to, I must- I-" a friendly coil slips underneath Mr. Ochre and lifts him gently into the air, bringing him face to face with the divine phallus. He reaches for it, but stops himself. "Its, its beautiful! I- I- what do I do?" He looks lost.

No. 889632 ID: 7816e7
File 152963499594.png - (157.91KB , 534x700 , 5-67.png )

"Would you like to touch it?" Casey strokes the base of the coatl's cock, teasing forth a shining drop of pre cum.

"Yes! Is- is that okay?" Mr. Ochre begs, "I've never… with another person…"

Casey giggles, "You're the translator, why don't you ask him?"

Mr. Ochre's throat bobs as he swallows his anxiety and asks in a quavering voice, "Mr.- er, lord, er… oh great Flashing feathers, Joyous bl- bl-blue of of the per-fect sky, I- I ask if I-"

The Coatl frees his tongue and rumbles a reply before the bird can finish. "╢╗╚╝╤°"

"Oh- oh my.. I well… You don't argue with -with a divine request, now do you?" His shaking fingers carefully wrap themselves around the blue shaft and Mr. Ochre exhales a long, rattling sigh. "Ahhh-h-h- It- its… warm, it feels… alive…"
He blinks and looks to Casey for help, "What- what do I do now?"

No. 889634 ID: b1b4f3

Time to give Mr Ochre a blowjob tutorial. Then maybe suggest he get naked and give his virginity to a god.
No. 889635 ID: 81e098

No. 889636 ID: 1fbbcc

Experience it. Touch, stroke. Taste, lick. Gently, now. This one can't quietly endure being bent too much or accidentally scraped with teeth or beak. But not too gently, of course.

Perhaps we could help you feel more comfortable without your clothes?
No. 889637 ID: 86eb65

You worship it of course.
No. 889638 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, Mr. Ochre, you look like a child. So pure. Well go on now, let's not disappoint a god, shall we?
Let's indulge him more
No. 889639 ID: 4f1cbc

Blowjob tutorial, and then undress him as he gets into it.
No. 889641 ID: 05ff2f

Casey, do remember how you were gonna get the injection of mana you needed from Flashing Feathers by pleasuring him and presumably via his cum. Just make sure you and not Mr. Ochre is the one who gets it, especially since Mr. Ochre doesn't have a (known) way to get rid of a overcharge of mana.
No. 889652 ID: b38f01

This guy gets it.
No. 889752 ID: 7816e7
File 152972546425.png - (150.26KB , 700x562 , 5-68.png )

“We worship him, of course. Why don’t you give him a taste?” Casey suggests.

Mr. Ochre carefully leans down and opens his beak. His thin tongue extends until its able to lap at the underside of the shaft. Emboldened, he tries to take more of it in, but accidentally jabbing the god with the tip of his beak, provoking a snarl from the coatl.

No. 889753 ID: 7816e7
File 152972546805.png - (185.17KB , 500x700 , 5-69.png )

“Oh dear! I- I’m so sorry! I- I don’t think I’m well equipped for this task...” He looks dejected, “Besides, taste is not a sense that I register very strongly.”

“That’s okay!” Casey leans back, extending her binding spells, “There’s other things we can do!” The aura tendrils snake their way under Mr. Ochre’s clothing and start to gently lift them away. “We just need to make sure that I receive his ‘blessing’.”

No. 889754 ID: b38f01

Relaxation and attention are the keys to pleasure, Mr. Ochre.
No. 889757 ID: b1b4f3

How ready is he to take that blue? Maybe he should rub up against it for a bit first.
No. 889783 ID: 0eeebd

tail feather job.
No. 889854 ID: 7816e7
File 152980032634.png - (132.55KB , 700x500 , 5-70.png )

“Are you okay?” Casey takes his hands and carefully helps him off of his perch, allowing to straddle the deity’s “hips”. “Its not too big is it?”

“O-oh no, I have pieces in my collection larger than this. I’m- I’m okay, I think.” He swallows, “I- I just never imagined I would... ”

No. 889855 ID: 7816e7
File 152980033794.png - (155.86KB , 500x700 , 5-71.png )

Casey pulls herself closer, “Let us know if its too much. Just relax, okay? Are you ready?” The bowerbird gives her a nod of assent and pushes himself up until he’s positioned over the shaft. Casey’s hands help guide him down, slipping the tip between his soft feathers and holding him steady. Mr. Ochre watches intently as inch by inch, the perfect blue cock disappears inside him bringing himself flush with the god’s hips. His body tenses and shivers, a small squawk escaping his beak as a tiny orgasm tingles his nerves. “It- its in... Casey... I- I feel it!” His eyes shine with an excitement he can barely contain, "Its like nothing I've ever experienced before! This is Marvelous!"
No. 889864 ID: b1b4f3

Cute. Bet Casey doesn't get to guide a virgin's hips too often.
Show him how it's done!
No. 889876 ID: 7e9338

Wait, if the bird is a he where is the dick?
No. 889881 ID: 1fbbcc

Cool. Give him some guidance on what to do. Don't forget to check in on how our big feathered serpent is doing - a god should be the center of attention, you know.

We already have a her with a dick in the wider squad, just spread your imagination a little.
No. 889883 ID: 5fa661


dicks don't make the man, man.
No. 889895 ID: eeb7d9

Now is when! Nibble him!
No. 889896 ID: 0eeebd

No. 889899 ID: 3acfd3

No. 889909 ID: b38f01

Don't go overboard. Enjoy this, Mr. Ochre. Savor it. How's the God enjoying his "virgin" sacrifice?
No. 889938 ID: 7816e7
File 152987141889.png - (198.97KB , 700x700 , 5-72.png )

[spoiler]Above them the great coatl rumbles his approval, A beat of his wings surges the three of them into the air, pushing Mr. Ochre’s hips hard against his body. The bird gasps, feeling the pulse and shift of divine flesh within him, hungry for pleasure. At the peak of the snake god's coiling wingbeat, he lifts himself up. Flashing feathers drops again, Mr. Ochre and Casey clinging to each other as the shaft once again slams itself home within the bird. “

“AH! Simply marvelous! My GOD!” Mr Ochre moans as Flashing feathers lifts them again, "Yes! More, please!"
No. 889939 ID: 7816e7
File 152987143921.png - (130.56KB , 500x700 , 5-73.png )

Casey laughs and holds on to Mr. Ochre as the ride continues, "Don't get too greedy! I need that blessing!"

Casey feels something rubbing against her belly and looks down at where the two are joined. A perfect blue twin slips between the god's iridescent scales as if answering her prayers.

No. 889941 ID: 1fbbcc

Well now, there you go. What a generous god.
No. 889942 ID: 37538d

The God provides. Make sure to get this one all lubed up!
No. 889954 ID: eeb7d9

Sharing is caring, and it would seem that this god cares plenty. Don't make him wait.
No. 889962 ID: 0eeebd

guess you should worship on Flashing Feathers alter.
No. 889973 ID: b1b4f3

Make sure that new phallus is good and hard before you start riding it.
No. 889997 ID: 438a42

Gee Flashing Feathers, why does Creation let you have TWO wieners?
No. 890010 ID: 10c408

Because if he only had one, he could only 'bless' his followers one at a time.
No. 890013 ID: 7816e7
File 152990488555.png - (156.83KB , 500x700 , 5-74.png )

Casey runs her hands down the length of the new shaft, coaxing it out. "Such a generous god! Does he want us to share his blessing?"

The scaled beast looms overhead, his forked tongue answering in ancient syllables, "╗∙∩╠ ┘└╬ °─ ├┬╔°"

Mr. Ochre adjusts his glasses, panting as the god's thrusts fill him. "Ah- what? Oh- I- I think something, body, something, worship, please." A nicely angled movement raises his feathers as another orgasm washes over him, "Ah! Oh- yes! Yes!"

No. 890014 ID: 7816e7
File 152990489130.png - (149.12KB , 700x500 , 5-75.png )

"Who knew a god could ask so nicely?" Casey slides forward, slipping a hand underneath her to help guide him. She rolls her hips back, feeling Flashing feathers seek his way inside. Inch after inch of divine cock spread her wide, until she feels her hips once again resting on cool scales. "Ohh, that’s- that’s niiiice…"
No. 890029 ID: 0eeebd

check for voyeurs real quick Gabe and Kol might have caught up and just be watching over by the door.
No. 890040 ID: b38f01

Do you feel God's presence? Yes, let him flow though you..
No. 890119 ID: 7816e7
File 152998551443.png - (119.22KB , 700x500 , 5-76.png )

“I- I do hope that I’m doing this right...” Mr. Ochre pants, riding the undulations beneath him.

Casey gives him an encouraging kiss on the beak, “You’re doing wonderfully Cecil.” The bird flushes under his feathers and smiles.

“What happens next?”

“After centuries in that jar, I imagine our friend here is feeling pretty pent up. I think its about time he gives us his blessing, don’t you?”

“Oh- oh my!” Mr. Ochre stammers. “What do we do?”

No. 890120 ID: 7816e7
File 152998552254.png - (144.62KB , 500x700 , 5-77.png )

Casey leans into him, fingers trailing through his downy feathers and whispers into his ear, “You ask him to give it to you. Tell him what you want.”

Mr. Ochre’s throat bobs as he swallows. He hangs on to Casey, feeling her support and raises his voice: “O- Oh mighty g-god! I w-w-w-ant...

“Go on... tell him” Casey holds him close, feeling his heartbeat flutter in his chest.

“I want you... t-t-to fuck me!

No. 890121 ID: 7816e7
File 152998552604.png - (202.72KB , 700x500 , 5-78.png )

The great god Flashing feathers,Joyous blue of the perfect sky gazes down approvingly, his mouth pulled into a long smile full of gleaming teeth. He beats his wings and in a blur of muscle, powerful coils wrap themselves around the two worshipers, pinning them together and holding them at the mercy of the divine creature. Twin cocks position themselves beneath the constricted mortals, pausing for a brief moment to savor their anticipation.
No. 890122 ID: 7816e7
File 152998553044.png - (218.31KB , 700x500 , 5-79.png )

Finally the coatl can bear the wait no longer, driving his twin blessings deep within his offerings. He hilts his hips and the mortals squawk and squeak with pleasure. With a flap of his wings he withdraws, leaving them clutching at nothing for an instant before another flap slams himself home again. Great, heaving wingbeats drive his hips into the hapless pair over and over, fucking them breathless in a coiling whirlwind of passion. The pounding sends the pair crashing headfirst through climax after climax, building to a fever pitch as the elemental brings himself closer to the inevitable.
No. 890134 ID: b1b4f3

Brace yourself! GREAT IS HIS BLESSING. Try to hold onto the mana so you can break those bindings!
No. 890152 ID: b38f01

Get ready to receive! It's going to be a powerful one!
No. 890172 ID: 1fbbcc

Hold on tight, those coils are gripping you in a way that he could drop you if he's not careful. I doubt he will, but, you know. I'm sure he'll appreciate more touching, anyway. Be ready to try hold on to all that mana, too!
No. 890214 ID: 7816e7
File 153006587089.png - (316.25KB , 700x700 , 5-80.png )

Casey and Mr. Ochre feel the coatl’s coils bunching around them, squeezing them tighter as the frenzied pace builds momentum. After centuries without release, Flashing feathers tries to hang on, giving himself just a few more seconds of pleasure.

As the mortals feel their senses slipping away, their muscles clenching greedily at the divine fucking, the great snake groans and surrenders his blessing. Like the first storm after an endless dry season he spills forth a century’s worth of pent up mana into his worshippers. The twin cocks continue to pump themselves in and out in a ceaseless rhythm, pouring surge after surge of seed; overflowing in a river that drips from their thighs and splatters against ancient stonework.

The two mortals raise their voices in a wordless cry of pleasure as the coatl’s sapphire shafts paint their bodies a pearlescent white inside and out. Bound together, they can do little else but cling to one another as Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky, fills them with the gift of his mana. The snake god at last buries himself within them as the final jets of bliss exit his body; holding them tight as aftershocks shiver through his muscles.

No. 890216 ID: a363ac

see if the bird can sing for their god
No. 890217 ID: 56e50f

The gathering ritual is complete. Rest for a moment, clean each other up and let the shackles be broken.
No. 890222 ID: 1fbbcc

There we go, wasn't that fun? Cool down for a moment, a little kiss-and-cuddle, then suggest to Mr. Ochre that he help your divine friend settle comfortably, maybe clean up a little, while you get your work done.

Though perhaps you should... retrieve a little more mana, before you start? Have a drink. Just to make sure.
No. 890237 ID: b1b4f3

Don't forget to pay proper respect and thank him for his blessing.
No. 890238 ID: a363ac

tell Mr.Ochre to take a bow on Flashing feathers face while you work on the seal
No. 890277 ID: f5a3f7

Cecil, think about how amazing it feels to be all full of warm seed. Your insides coated with this wonderful gift from your lover. <3
No. 890320 ID: 7816e7
File 153015606103.png - (157.83KB , 498x700 , 5-81.png )

Casey and Mr. Ochre feel themselves being lowered to the ground by careful coils. The coatl slips free of their well blessed bodies, and lands with an exhausted thump. The trio sprawl on mossy stones, dripping with the serpent god’s gift.

“That- that was... incredible...” Mr. Ochre’s skinny chest drags in a lungful of air.

No. 890321 ID: 7816e7
File 153015606783.png - (112.76KB , 700x500 , 5-82.png )

“Are you okay?” Casey pulls herself next to him and takes his hand.

“I- I believe so. I’m just a bit of a mess I’m afraid. But I feel... vibrant! Like my whole body is on fire! Is that normal? ”

Casey smiles, “That’d probably be the mana. If you want, I could help you clean up?”

“I- I suppose that would be a good idea. Should we- oh?” He stops as the mouse crawls between his legs and lifts his hips. As a gentle tongue laps gently at his overflowing folds, the bird settles back and feels his body relax under her expert care. “Ohh.... that’s- that’s quite different!” He sighs as his anxieties melt away in a hazy glow of endorphins, "I never imagined such an adventure. I- I always feared that… outside of my- my sanctum, I would be too overwhelmed, too overstimulated, to ever be a part of such an experience… Casey, thank you for being there with me."

No. 890322 ID: a363ac

Good game Mr. Ochre
No. 890324 ID: b38f01

We're glad to have share this adventure with you, Mr. Ochre. Glad to have such a generous Spirit with us as well. Time to return the favor, yeah?
No. 890326 ID: b1b4f3

That's what friends are for!
No. 890336 ID: dbf422

Thank you, Mr. Ochre! Speaking of thanks, we have a good to free.
No. 890344 ID: 1fbbcc

Tell he's more than welcome, and that you'll all have to see about doing this again. After you're done cleaning, of course. It's rude to talk with your mouth full.

Now, don't leave Flash-Joy waiting on his freedom too long! He's been waiting a long time, but people get rightfully impatient when waiting's almost done.

I hope he sticks around. It's possible Mr. Ochre really would have gotten overwhelmed and overstimulated if he didn't have The Blue to focus on. Perhaps our feathered friends can trade language lessons? Your childhood monster probably wants to get back into the sky, but I think we now know the reason he flew low enough to get caught in the first place, and he seems to have not seriously minded being bound. I suspect he'll be back for a visit, at least.
No. 890347 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, where are his glasses? They fell off.
No. 890607 ID: 7816e7
File 153039393295.png - (153.04KB , 500x700 , 5-83.png )

“You’re welcome, Cecil!” Casey stands up, stretching her sore muscles, “And thank you for your expert translations! Without you, who knows how long our friend here would have been trapped?”

“Speaking of which...” Casey extends her fingers towards the pot, feeling the rush of borrowed mana coursing through her aura like lighting.
No. 890608 ID: 7816e7
File 153039393776.png - (77.28KB , 700x311 , 5-84.png )

The neck of the container flickers and a series of incomplete rings surround it. The shapes twitch and rotate as the Binder manipulates them, and glow brightly as they lock into position. “Ohh, its so elegant. It would be a shame to lose a spell this old.” She closes her fist; the magical construct flares and disappears, reforming itself around her wrist. The magic fades and the skin and fur beneath it shift, changing colors to form a solid band wrapping around her arm. 
No. 890609 ID: 7816e7
File 153039394382.png - (130.13KB , 700x500 , 5-85.png )

Flashing feathers , Joyous blue of the perfect sky lifts his tired head and stares at his tail. A smile spreads across his face, slow as the sunrise and just as bright.”╦┘╠╗ ╔╬╘╝ ╠─└┐ ╠╩╫╜° ┌┬╟╤╬ ═ ├┬╛
“What’d he say?”

Mr. Ochre closes his eyes, letting the color if sound flash across his eyelids, “Uh... long time... endless sky, horizon- explore? I believe he’s excited to see the world outside this chamber. Uh, I'm think he's saying thank you!"
No. 890610 ID: 1fbbcc

Tell him to let him know you were more than happy to help him, and ask if he'd like some company up to the surface? You may or may not have some friends following you down who might be badly surprised by a sudden feathered serpent.

Also suggest to Mr. Ochre that perhaps, since our new friend might eventually want someone to talk to or ask questions about the world as it is, since it's been so long, we should give him directions of where to go to meet up again? Mr. Ochre seems like the only one we know who can communicate with him right now. And I'm sure he might like the possible chance to... indulge his senses again, some time?
No. 890614 ID: 56ffef

Tell mr.Ochre that they only have one chance to offer the god a place to rest while they explore the world
No. 890618 ID: 05ff2f

Hug Flashing Feathers around where his fore wings are (so he can hug back) and motion for Cecil to do the same as you. Tell the coatl you were glad to help him, and what's more you want to thank him for the experience he gave both you and Cecil. Especially Cecil. Not only was he Cecil's first, but there's few who can truthfully claim their first was a actual god.

Ask Flashing Feathers if he would care to travel with you and your companions out of these ruins and back to your home city. See where you and Cecil live so he knows where to go to visit y'all. Ah, but would he care to stay with Cecil for awhile to learn the modern language and ways of things before exploring the world? You have a feeling Cecil would like that a lot if Flashing Feathers did.

Oh, and you have a bunch of friends who would love to meet Flashing Feathers. And your parents and other historical scholars would be falling all over themselves to interview him too. Wonder how Nixxy would react to meeting him.
No. 890620 ID: b1b4f3

Hey uh wanna hang out again some time?
No. 890621 ID: bddb0f

It's very welcome! Though it wasn't nice of the old priests to keep it bound here, you feel very fortunate that it gave you the privilege of meeting it.

If it's indicating that it's about to leave, wish it happiness in this new age - and if ever it needs a place to rest its wings, give it directions to your (or Mr. Ochre's) home address (direction and distance from here and what it would see from air) and tell it it's free to come visit whenever the winds should bring it back.

And... Mr. Ochre, as one of the few people able to understand this old language, you might want to offer it your services - as a translator, or a teacher of our language, should it want to learn.
No. 890629 ID: 91ee5f

>”Ohh, its so elegant. It would be a shame to lose a spell this old.” She closes her fist; the magical construct flares and disappears, reforming itself around her wrist. The magic fades and the skin and fur beneath it shift, changing colors to form a solid band wrapping around her arm.
So, does this mean that Casey kept the spell with her? Does that mean that she’s planning to take it somewhere so someone can study it? And maybe even getting paid for it?

Give him a hug.

.....sooo, that language barrier is gonna make it hard for him to interact with people as he explores the world. We might want to consider helping him learn the modern languages of the world.

And I’m pretty sure Mr. Ochre would make a good teacher! In fact, they could teach each other, so that Mr. Ochre can better read, write, and speak this ancient color language!
No. 890654 ID: b38f01

Thank you. It was an honor you help you. Can we trust you to stay out of trouble without us?
No. 890664 ID: dbf422

If he's too eager to see the world and he doesn't want to stick around too long, give him the rough direction and distance to your home and tell him to visit. Especially with Mr. Ochre. Or better yet, let him go with Flashing Feathers!
No. 890676 ID: 05ff2f

Gabe likely has a map of the region which would include these ruins and Moot Point. Flashing Feathers could have a look at it and compare it to his memory of the terrain and coastlines to figure out where Moot Point is relative to here. It'll just be little time to walk back to camp. Can he stand that short while after being imprisoned for so long?

...Actually, with Gabe's magic, it wouldn't take hardly any more time to open a portal for everyone, including Flashing Feathers, to return to Moot Point. Would the coatl god be okay with taking the shortcut or would he prefer to go the scenic route himself?

Oh, wait, could Flashing Feathers carry the group on his back back to Moot Point? It'd certainly be a much more memorable return trip than just using a portal, he'd get to revel in being under the sky for the first time in a age, and the group can directly guide him. That sounds like the best way, doesn't it?
No. 890685 ID: 2007b6

That huge statue on the Point itself might be an easier landmark to indicate, if you don't even have common units of measurement established.
No. 890902 ID: 7816e7
File 153058319321.png - (94.65KB , 700x673 , 5-86.png )

Casey helps Mr. Ochre to his feet and hands him his glasses. “Since you’re the only living person that can speak his language, perhaps you’d like to help Mr. Flashing feathers here to adapt to the modern world?”

“I... Oh my, well I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose I am the only real candidate, aren’t I? I must make arrangements. ” He turns to face the great coatl and extends a bow, “Sir, I would be honored if you were to be a guest in my home. You may come and go as you please, but allow me to extend my generosity to you. Though time may have passed, I intend to assist you in-"
No. 890903 ID: 7816e7
File 153058319866.png - (179.21KB , 700x500 , 5-87.png )

Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky spreads his wings and launches into the air. He does a tight circle of the room, sweeping Mr. Ochre off of his feet and onto his back. His wings snap like thunder as he snakes his way into the passage.
No. 890904 ID: 7816e7
File 153058320170.png - (154.46KB , 700x500 , 5-88.png )

Gabe and Kol see a shape headed their way and fling themselves flat against the wall as a blur of rainbow scales passes by. The sound of Mr. Ochre's "Oh deeeeeeear!" echoes back to them as they unstick themselves from the stone passageway.
"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
No. 890908 ID: 10c408

oh no, what've we done. He's going to need pants where he's going! after him, casey! And don't forget the rest of his clothing!
No. 890909 ID: 91ee5f

.....let’s gather up Mr. Ochre's clothing and his other belongings and make a mental note to eventually return them to him.

>"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
Casey, explain the situation to Kol and Gabe in extremely descriptive details, so that they know exactly what they just missed out on!

And also let them know where Mr. Ochre is if they didn’t see him on Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky‘s back.
No. 890910 ID: 4f1cbc

>"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
Nonchalantly: "Oh, you know, a god."
No. 890911 ID: a363ac

"Mr.Ochre's date!" say that as you run past them and chase down those promiscuous couple
No. 890923 ID: dbf422

This. But make sure to clarify that he's a good you fucked. That'll teach them for taking their sweet time.
No. 890926 ID: e7848c

A God and His emissary.
No. 890962 ID: 05ff2f

Say "A friendly ancient coatl god we set free with mana absorbed by fucking him! Gabe, open a portal to the temple peak!" while grabbing up Mr. Ochre's and your clothes and running over to Gabe. Maybe you can get Cecil's clothes to him before he gets carried off by Flashing Feathers, assuming Flashing Feathers stays over the temple and calms down enough after his joyous revelry to listen to Cecil. At the least y'all will get to see Flashing Feathers erupt from the tunnels and dance in the sky while telling the guys what happened.
No. 890983 ID: cf489c

That was an ancient feather winged dragon god flying past at high speed while carrying an naked affluent eccentric bird philanthropist on his back backwards. duh.
No. 891037 ID: 7816e7
File 153066810108.png - (131.47KB , 700x500 , 5-89.png )

Casey comes running down the hall, hastily stuffing Mr. Ochre’s clothes into his pack. Kol points behind him and opens his mouth, but before he can speak Casey interrupts, “No time! Gabe, get us topside!”

A clap of thunder rumbles from the top of the temple as the Guides are deposited on the surface. “That was the thing from the mural wasn’t it? What happened back there?” Gabe asks.

The base of the temple shakes as the great god Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky bursts through the wall and into the air. “Uh, well... we found him chained up with a binding spell and... we kinda set him free...”
No. 891038 ID: 7816e7
File 153066810727.png - (278.66KB , 700x700 , 5-90.png )

The serpent flaps his wings, gaining height and circling the valley in a happy spiral. Having recovered from his initial shock, Mr. Ochre sees the world stretched out beneath him and for a moment lets the sheer exhilaration take over, giving out a whoop from his perch on the elemental’s back. The pair loop and twist through the sky in joy as the wind runs its fingers through their feathers.

Kol shades his eyes, “Is that Mr. Ochre? Why’s he naked?”

Casey chuckles. “Just some good old fashioned religion, Kol.”

“What? Awww man! We coulda had sex with a god!” Gabe moans.

A fine drizzle spreads across the ruins, catching the rays of the sun and filling the air with color. The Guides watch as the two souls celebrate their new, shared sense of freedom.

End of Chapter 5

Casey learned Spirit shackle: an ancient spell that can hold a target in place. By using multiple shackles, a target can even be suspended in midair!
No. 891039 ID: e7848c

Hell yeah
No. 891045 ID: 91ee5f

>“What? Awww man! We coulda had sex with a god!” Gabe moans.
That’ll teach you not to take so long next time!
No. 891051 ID: 10c408

Well if you don't mind touching tips, he could screw you both later if Mr. Ochre translates...
No. 891201 ID: 7816e7

Next chapter! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/891196.html
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