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File 152600888843.png - (105.56KB , 700x500 , 5-1.png )
883755 No. 883755 ID: 7816e7

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/872282.html

Chapter 5

Cecil Ochre looks up from his book. Before him stretches a long strip of white sand and the gentle crash of the ocean. From underneath his parasol, he sighs. The water is quite lovely: a lustrous blue. Not the blue of course, but a rich enough shade to bring a smile to his beak.
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No. 890121 ID: 7816e7
File 152998552604.png - (202.72KB , 700x500 , 5-78.png )

The great god Flashing feathers,Joyous blue of the perfect sky gazes down approvingly, his mouth pulled into a long smile full of gleaming teeth. He beats his wings and in a blur of muscle, powerful coils wrap themselves around the two worshipers, pinning them together and holding them at the mercy of the divine creature. Twin cocks position themselves beneath the constricted mortals, pausing for a brief moment to savor their anticipation.
No. 890122 ID: 7816e7
File 152998553044.png - (218.31KB , 700x500 , 5-79.png )

Finally the coatl can bear the wait no longer, driving his twin blessings deep within his offerings. He hilts his hips and the mortals squawk and squeak with pleasure. With a flap of his wings he withdraws, leaving them clutching at nothing for an instant before another flap slams himself home again. Great, heaving wingbeats drive his hips into the hapless pair over and over, fucking them breathless in a coiling whirlwind of passion. The pounding sends the pair crashing headfirst through climax after climax, building to a fever pitch as the elemental brings himself closer to the inevitable.
No. 890134 ID: b1b4f3

Brace yourself! GREAT IS HIS BLESSING. Try to hold onto the mana so you can break those bindings!
No. 890152 ID: b38f01

Get ready to receive! It's going to be a powerful one!
No. 890172 ID: 1fbbcc

Hold on tight, those coils are gripping you in a way that he could drop you if he's not careful. I doubt he will, but, you know. I'm sure he'll appreciate more touching, anyway. Be ready to try hold on to all that mana, too!
No. 890214 ID: 7816e7
File 153006587089.png - (316.25KB , 700x700 , 5-80.png )

Casey and Mr. Ochre feel the coatl’s coils bunching around them, squeezing them tighter as the frenzied pace builds momentum. After centuries without release, Flashing feathers tries to hang on, giving himself just a few more seconds of pleasure.

As the mortals feel their senses slipping away, their muscles clenching greedily at the divine fucking, the great snake groans and surrenders his blessing. Like the first storm after an endless dry season he spills forth a century’s worth of pent up mana into his worshippers. The twin cocks continue to pump themselves in and out in a ceaseless rhythm, pouring surge after surge of seed; overflowing in a river that drips from their thighs and splatters against ancient stonework.

The two mortals raise their voices in a wordless cry of pleasure as the coatl’s sapphire shafts paint their bodies a pearlescent white inside and out. Bound together, they can do little else but cling to one another as Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky, fills them with the gift of his mana. The snake god at last buries himself within them as the final jets of bliss exit his body; holding them tight as aftershocks shiver through his muscles.

No. 890216 ID: a363ac

see if the bird can sing for their god
No. 890217 ID: 56e50f

The gathering ritual is complete. Rest for a moment, clean each other up and let the shackles be broken.
No. 890222 ID: 1fbbcc

There we go, wasn't that fun? Cool down for a moment, a little kiss-and-cuddle, then suggest to Mr. Ochre that he help your divine friend settle comfortably, maybe clean up a little, while you get your work done.

Though perhaps you should... retrieve a little more mana, before you start? Have a drink. Just to make sure.
No. 890237 ID: b1b4f3

Don't forget to pay proper respect and thank him for his blessing.
No. 890238 ID: a363ac

tell Mr.Ochre to take a bow on Flashing feathers face while you work on the seal
No. 890277 ID: f5a3f7

Cecil, think about how amazing it feels to be all full of warm seed. Your insides coated with this wonderful gift from your lover. <3
No. 890320 ID: 7816e7
File 153015606103.png - (157.83KB , 498x700 , 5-81.png )

Casey and Mr. Ochre feel themselves being lowered to the ground by careful coils. The coatl slips free of their well blessed bodies, and lands with an exhausted thump. The trio sprawl on mossy stones, dripping with the serpent god’s gift.

“That- that was... incredible...” Mr. Ochre’s skinny chest drags in a lungful of air.

No. 890321 ID: 7816e7
File 153015606783.png - (112.76KB , 700x500 , 5-82.png )

“Are you okay?” Casey pulls herself next to him and takes his hand.

“I- I believe so. I’m just a bit of a mess I’m afraid. But I feel... vibrant! Like my whole body is on fire! Is that normal? ”

Casey smiles, “That’d probably be the mana. If you want, I could help you clean up?”

“I- I suppose that would be a good idea. Should we- oh?” He stops as the mouse crawls between his legs and lifts his hips. As a gentle tongue laps gently at his overflowing folds, the bird settles back and feels his body relax under her expert care. “Ohh.... that’s- that’s quite different!” He sighs as his anxieties melt away in a hazy glow of endorphins, "I never imagined such an adventure. I- I always feared that… outside of my- my sanctum, I would be too overwhelmed, too overstimulated, to ever be a part of such an experience… Casey, thank you for being there with me."

No. 890322 ID: a363ac

Good game Mr. Ochre
No. 890324 ID: b38f01

We're glad to have share this adventure with you, Mr. Ochre. Glad to have such a generous Spirit with us as well. Time to return the favor, yeah?
No. 890326 ID: b1b4f3

That's what friends are for!
No. 890336 ID: dbf422

Thank you, Mr. Ochre! Speaking of thanks, we have a good to free.
No. 890344 ID: 1fbbcc

Tell he's more than welcome, and that you'll all have to see about doing this again. After you're done cleaning, of course. It's rude to talk with your mouth full.

Now, don't leave Flash-Joy waiting on his freedom too long! He's been waiting a long time, but people get rightfully impatient when waiting's almost done.

I hope he sticks around. It's possible Mr. Ochre really would have gotten overwhelmed and overstimulated if he didn't have The Blue to focus on. Perhaps our feathered friends can trade language lessons? Your childhood monster probably wants to get back into the sky, but I think we now know the reason he flew low enough to get caught in the first place, and he seems to have not seriously minded being bound. I suspect he'll be back for a visit, at least.
No. 890347 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, where are his glasses? They fell off.
No. 890607 ID: 7816e7
File 153039393295.png - (153.04KB , 500x700 , 5-83.png )

“You’re welcome, Cecil!” Casey stands up, stretching her sore muscles, “And thank you for your expert translations! Without you, who knows how long our friend here would have been trapped?”

“Speaking of which...” Casey extends her fingers towards the pot, feeling the rush of borrowed mana coursing through her aura like lighting.
No. 890608 ID: 7816e7
File 153039393776.png - (77.28KB , 700x311 , 5-84.png )

The neck of the container flickers and a series of incomplete rings surround it. The shapes twitch and rotate as the Binder manipulates them, and glow brightly as they lock into position. “Ohh, its so elegant. It would be a shame to lose a spell this old.” She closes her fist; the magical construct flares and disappears, reforming itself around her wrist. The magic fades and the skin and fur beneath it shift, changing colors to form a solid band wrapping around her arm. 
No. 890609 ID: 7816e7
File 153039394382.png - (130.13KB , 700x500 , 5-85.png )

Flashing feathers , Joyous blue of the perfect sky lifts his tired head and stares at his tail. A smile spreads across his face, slow as the sunrise and just as bright.”╦┘╠╗ ╔╬╘╝ ╠─└┐ ╠╩╫╜° ┌┬╟╤╬ ═ ├┬╛
“What’d he say?”

Mr. Ochre closes his eyes, letting the color if sound flash across his eyelids, “Uh... long time... endless sky, horizon- explore? I believe he’s excited to see the world outside this chamber. Uh, I'm think he's saying thank you!"
No. 890610 ID: 1fbbcc

Tell him to let him know you were more than happy to help him, and ask if he'd like some company up to the surface? You may or may not have some friends following you down who might be badly surprised by a sudden feathered serpent.

Also suggest to Mr. Ochre that perhaps, since our new friend might eventually want someone to talk to or ask questions about the world as it is, since it's been so long, we should give him directions of where to go to meet up again? Mr. Ochre seems like the only one we know who can communicate with him right now. And I'm sure he might like the possible chance to... indulge his senses again, some time?
No. 890614 ID: 56ffef

Tell mr.Ochre that they only have one chance to offer the god a place to rest while they explore the world
No. 890618 ID: 05ff2f

Hug Flashing Feathers around where his fore wings are (so he can hug back) and motion for Cecil to do the same as you. Tell the coatl you were glad to help him, and what's more you want to thank him for the experience he gave both you and Cecil. Especially Cecil. Not only was he Cecil's first, but there's few who can truthfully claim their first was a actual god.

Ask Flashing Feathers if he would care to travel with you and your companions out of these ruins and back to your home city. See where you and Cecil live so he knows where to go to visit y'all. Ah, but would he care to stay with Cecil for awhile to learn the modern language and ways of things before exploring the world? You have a feeling Cecil would like that a lot if Flashing Feathers did.

Oh, and you have a bunch of friends who would love to meet Flashing Feathers. And your parents and other historical scholars would be falling all over themselves to interview him too. Wonder how Nixxy would react to meeting him.
No. 890620 ID: b1b4f3

Hey uh wanna hang out again some time?
No. 890621 ID: bddb0f

It's very welcome! Though it wasn't nice of the old priests to keep it bound here, you feel very fortunate that it gave you the privilege of meeting it.

If it's indicating that it's about to leave, wish it happiness in this new age - and if ever it needs a place to rest its wings, give it directions to your (or Mr. Ochre's) home address (direction and distance from here and what it would see from air) and tell it it's free to come visit whenever the winds should bring it back.

And... Mr. Ochre, as one of the few people able to understand this old language, you might want to offer it your services - as a translator, or a teacher of our language, should it want to learn.
No. 890629 ID: 91ee5f

>”Ohh, its so elegant. It would be a shame to lose a spell this old.” She closes her fist; the magical construct flares and disappears, reforming itself around her wrist. The magic fades and the skin and fur beneath it shift, changing colors to form a solid band wrapping around her arm.
So, does this mean that Casey kept the spell with her? Does that mean that she’s planning to take it somewhere so someone can study it? And maybe even getting paid for it?

Give him a hug.

.....sooo, that language barrier is gonna make it hard for him to interact with people as he explores the world. We might want to consider helping him learn the modern languages of the world.

And I’m pretty sure Mr. Ochre would make a good teacher! In fact, they could teach each other, so that Mr. Ochre can better read, write, and speak this ancient color language!
No. 890654 ID: b38f01

Thank you. It was an honor you help you. Can we trust you to stay out of trouble without us?
No. 890664 ID: dbf422

If he's too eager to see the world and he doesn't want to stick around too long, give him the rough direction and distance to your home and tell him to visit. Especially with Mr. Ochre. Or better yet, let him go with Flashing Feathers!
No. 890676 ID: 05ff2f

Gabe likely has a map of the region which would include these ruins and Moot Point. Flashing Feathers could have a look at it and compare it to his memory of the terrain and coastlines to figure out where Moot Point is relative to here. It'll just be little time to walk back to camp. Can he stand that short while after being imprisoned for so long?

...Actually, with Gabe's magic, it wouldn't take hardly any more time to open a portal for everyone, including Flashing Feathers, to return to Moot Point. Would the coatl god be okay with taking the shortcut or would he prefer to go the scenic route himself?

Oh, wait, could Flashing Feathers carry the group on his back back to Moot Point? It'd certainly be a much more memorable return trip than just using a portal, he'd get to revel in being under the sky for the first time in a age, and the group can directly guide him. That sounds like the best way, doesn't it?
No. 890685 ID: 2007b6

That huge statue on the Point itself might be an easier landmark to indicate, if you don't even have common units of measurement established.
No. 890902 ID: 7816e7
File 153058319321.png - (94.65KB , 700x673 , 5-86.png )

Casey helps Mr. Ochre to his feet and hands him his glasses. “Since you’re the only living person that can speak his language, perhaps you’d like to help Mr. Flashing feathers here to adapt to the modern world?”

“I... Oh my, well I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose I am the only real candidate, aren’t I? I must make arrangements. ” He turns to face the great coatl and extends a bow, “Sir, I would be honored if you were to be a guest in my home. You may come and go as you please, but allow me to extend my generosity to you. Though time may have passed, I intend to assist you in-"
No. 890903 ID: 7816e7
File 153058319866.png - (179.21KB , 700x500 , 5-87.png )

Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky spreads his wings and launches into the air. He does a tight circle of the room, sweeping Mr. Ochre off of his feet and onto his back. His wings snap like thunder as he snakes his way into the passage.
No. 890904 ID: 7816e7
File 153058320170.png - (154.46KB , 700x500 , 5-88.png )

Gabe and Kol see a shape headed their way and fling themselves flat against the wall as a blur of rainbow scales passes by. The sound of Mr. Ochre's "Oh deeeeeeear!" echoes back to them as they unstick themselves from the stone passageway.
"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
No. 890908 ID: 10c408

oh no, what've we done. He's going to need pants where he's going! after him, casey! And don't forget the rest of his clothing!
No. 890909 ID: 91ee5f

.....let’s gather up Mr. Ochre's clothing and his other belongings and make a mental note to eventually return them to him.

>"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
Casey, explain the situation to Kol and Gabe in extremely descriptive details, so that they know exactly what they just missed out on!

And also let them know where Mr. Ochre is if they didn’t see him on Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky‘s back.
No. 890910 ID: 4f1cbc

>"What the lichfire was that?!" Kol manages.
Nonchalantly: "Oh, you know, a god."
No. 890911 ID: a363ac

"Mr.Ochre's date!" say that as you run past them and chase down those promiscuous couple
No. 890923 ID: dbf422

This. But make sure to clarify that he's a good you fucked. That'll teach them for taking their sweet time.
No. 890926 ID: e7848c

A God and His emissary.
No. 890962 ID: 05ff2f

Say "A friendly ancient coatl god we set free with mana absorbed by fucking him! Gabe, open a portal to the temple peak!" while grabbing up Mr. Ochre's and your clothes and running over to Gabe. Maybe you can get Cecil's clothes to him before he gets carried off by Flashing Feathers, assuming Flashing Feathers stays over the temple and calms down enough after his joyous revelry to listen to Cecil. At the least y'all will get to see Flashing Feathers erupt from the tunnels and dance in the sky while telling the guys what happened.
No. 890983 ID: cf489c

That was an ancient feather winged dragon god flying past at high speed while carrying an naked affluent eccentric bird philanthropist on his back backwards. duh.
No. 891037 ID: 7816e7
File 153066810108.png - (131.47KB , 700x500 , 5-89.png )

Casey comes running down the hall, hastily stuffing Mr. Ochre’s clothes into his pack. Kol points behind him and opens his mouth, but before he can speak Casey interrupts, “No time! Gabe, get us topside!”

A clap of thunder rumbles from the top of the temple as the Guides are deposited on the surface. “That was the thing from the mural wasn’t it? What happened back there?” Gabe asks.

The base of the temple shakes as the great god Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky bursts through the wall and into the air. “Uh, well... we found him chained up with a binding spell and... we kinda set him free...”
No. 891038 ID: 7816e7
File 153066810727.png - (278.66KB , 700x700 , 5-90.png )

The serpent flaps his wings, gaining height and circling the valley in a happy spiral. Having recovered from his initial shock, Mr. Ochre sees the world stretched out beneath him and for a moment lets the sheer exhilaration take over, giving out a whoop from his perch on the elemental’s back. The pair loop and twist through the sky in joy as the wind runs its fingers through their feathers.

Kol shades his eyes, “Is that Mr. Ochre? Why’s he naked?”

Casey chuckles. “Just some good old fashioned religion, Kol.”

“What? Awww man! We coulda had sex with a god!” Gabe moans.

A fine drizzle spreads across the ruins, catching the rays of the sun and filling the air with color. The Guides watch as the two souls celebrate their new, shared sense of freedom.

End of Chapter 5

Casey learned Spirit shackle: an ancient spell that can hold a target in place. By using multiple shackles, a target can even be suspended in midair!
No. 891039 ID: e7848c

Hell yeah
No. 891045 ID: 91ee5f

>“What? Awww man! We coulda had sex with a god!” Gabe moans.
That’ll teach you not to take so long next time!
No. 891051 ID: 10c408

Well if you don't mind touching tips, he could screw you both later if Mr. Ochre translates...
No. 891201 ID: 7816e7

Next chapter! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/891196.html
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