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File 152244426294.png - (170.38KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
876091 No. 876091 ID: 65a774


“You destroyed my kind, stole our purpose of existence and perverted it beyond recognition. What a fool you are, believing that your action would not brought with it our fury. What a grand and intoxicating innocence, to show such nativity for the consequences of your action… but, you are like the rest of your kind… just mortal. It understandable that your simple mind do not understand what you have wrought.”
-Yate thefoor.

Wiki and previous threads: https://tgchan.org/wiki/First_Day_of_Harvest
Discussion thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/120031.html
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No. 901784 ID: b67388

Clever ballot stuffing attempt with multiple IPs. Smerg is ID fdfda2 up here >>889760 and throughout the thread.
No. 901824 ID: cc01a6

Shit - I was going to bed and decided to check TGChan on my my phone. Guess I was too tired to remember I'd posted stuff already.

My bad.
No. 901840 ID: 1d931f

I'm split. I like dicks, but I like eggdicks.
I'll go with a tentative A.
No. 901860 ID: 05ff2f


Er, there's no "puss" on Tunu 'cause she's ovale, not female. There's only ovipositor and anus. You may want to reevaluate your choice then.
No. 901862 ID: 864e49

A then D.

If I remember correctly the ovale and male double team the female, but is the ovipositor penetrable? If yes that she could fill you with both her eggs and your own man goo.
No. 901863 ID: e176c9

G for 'get interrupted, probably by Karn, again'

and then throw a bar of soap at his head because he should have learned to fucking knock by now.
No. 901868 ID: 8befc7

This one of the deciding moments of our time.
To fuck, or not to get fucked...
A then D.
No. 902023 ID: 7882b1

I support small_dom_big_sub.
I go with A.
No. 902520 ID: 1301e8
File 153748199794.png - (64.66KB , 700x550 , 123.png )

[Warning, very much NSFW post, basically just porn.]

>Why are you going to the sofa? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for both of you to use your Serpent water bed? Or is it too small for both of you?
Serpent beds are freaking expensive, especially big ones. You have one that can fit you, but it would be… really awkward to try and do anything but sleep in it thanks to its size.
>Tunu is right here and she’s willing to go through this with you, so why put it off any longer? Besides, you can always wreck Ema’s ass later, after Tunu leaves.
…y-yeah… Ema will s-still be here later! You… goddesses… you might even… two… the same day…

>A - Press her against the wall and start pounding her… HARD! Get that Serpens puss!
You answer her question by grabbing hold of her hips, shoving her backwards until she hits the wall and following up with smashing your body against her as it comes to a stop. Deliberately skipping all the foreplay, you try your best penetrate her immediately, your dual cocks sliding across the slick scales of her stomach as you miss your mark before finally one of your members gets lucky and managed to pierce her folds. Her hands travel across your back, before pulling you into a deep embrace as soon as she feel you entering her, making the two of you gasp in unison as she forces you into her to the hilt. The two of you stand there for what seems like an eternity, enjoying each other’s warm embrace, while her tight folds squeezes your member in anticipation. When she finally loosen her grip of you, she leans in and whispers…

”Oran… f-fuck me…”

Pulling out as far as you dare, you answer her plea by plunging deep into her once again. The sound of the shower is quickly drowned out by the sound of scales smacking against scales as you pick up speed, Tunu moaning softly each time your hips meet. You try your best to mimic what you’ve read in your novels, to keep a fast but even pace as you breed her, but your inexperience shows. The pace become more and more uneven and awkward, she whines a bit as you accidently slip out of her once or twice, but you’re determined to see this through and quicken your pace. You feel her trying to slow you down a bit, gently pressing you away with her hands, but it’s too late. Consumed by instinct, there is only one thing on your mind as your orgasm nears.

”Ah… s-slow d-down, Oran… ngg… or… or y-you’re g-going to-”

Your whole body shakes as you hilt her one final time, your cock throbbing as it pumps out rope after rope of your virile seed into her depths. She squirm a bit under you as you fill her to the brim, your handiwork making itself know as some of it leaks out from around your buried cock. Finally, your muscles give away and you lose your balance. Tunu catches you as you almost fall over, making sure that you’re still inside you as she holds you against her.

Your thoughts are in disarray. Pure bliss washes over you as you finally realize you actually just managed to lose your virginity inside the ass of a pretty girl… but it’s quickly disrupted by disappointment and nervousness as you realize that you didn’t even manage to last a minute…
No. 902521 ID: 1301e8
File 153748200804.png - (99.08KB , 700x550 , 124.png )

:OranFoS: Fuck… s-sorry… I…
:TunuFoS: Mmm… don’t worry about, Oran… it was your first time…
:OranFoS: …t-then… I… I w-wasn’t… um… t-to f-fast? I m-mean… y-you didn’t… err…
:TunuFoS: Oh, I’m pretty sure you’re the fastest lay I’ve ever had, if not the most eager as well…
:OranFoS: S-sorry… I… um… d-didn’t w-want t-to… d-disappoint…
:TunuFoS: You haven’t disappointed yet. We Serpents do have a custom when it comes to something like this…
:OranFoS: Um… y-yes?
:TunuFoS: If the one giving can’t please the other… well… then they are to switch places and return what was given tenfold…
:OranFoS: W-wait…

>Have her give you the D. It's only fair she gets to egg you, and Ema is gonna want your dick later so you get to experience both giving and receiving.
:TunuFoS: I’m going to pump every last egg I have into that cute little butt of yours, Oran.
:OranFoS: Oh… um…
:TunuFoS: You won’t mind that, right? To be a good boy and carry my eggs for a while?
:OranFoS: Err… y-yes… I’d… um… love too?
:TunuFoS: But first, let’s finish the shower… after all, I don’t want to rush things like you did, do I? I’m going to take my sweet time filling you with my eggs… now turn around so I can scrub your back.
:OranFoS: R-right! Of c-course!

She takes her time exploring your body, letting her hands follow each curve and her fingers stroking each of your belly scales. Taking great care to not reach a certain destination, she teases you endlessly, letting her fingers drag tantalizing close to your now flaccid members, just close enough to keep your excited but not close enough to stop your retreating members. As your twin cocks disappears completely back into your body, Tunu turns off the shower and walks out to dry herself, throwing a towel to you to make sure you do the same.
No. 902522 ID: 1301e8
File 153748201846.png - (85.25KB , 700x550 , 125.png )

[Warning, Egg laying in boy butts below.]

>G for 'get interrupted, probably by Karn, again'
As Tunu practically drags you out of the shower chamber, both of you still completely naked, you managed to spot Karn waiting for you outside. He doesn’t say anything, instead just giving you a sly smile coupled with a thumbs up before disappearing, making sure to leave before Tunu even notice him there.

You direct her to your living room and gesture towards the sofa there, expecting her to lay down there for you. Instead, she grabs your hand and guides it towards her crotch, leading it right to the tip of her emerging ovipositor. Feeling it twitch a bit as you squeeze it, you can’t help but feel a renewed excitement as your twin cocks once again start to harden in anticipation. Her female member slowly grows in your hand as you start to pump it, marveling at its size as it seems to just get bigger and bigger. While not as wide as one of yours, it’s quite a bit longer and you can’t help but feel nervous about knowing that soon it will be completely buried inside you. All you can do is to whisper to her to be gentle…

”Relax… let me take care of you…”

With soft hands, she lays you down in the sofa before slithering on top of you, your twin cocks and her member getting sandwiches between the soft scales of your bellies. She just lays there for a moment on top of you, squirming a bit to make her scales drag across your sensitive parts, before sitting up. Grabbing hold of her ovipositor, she guides it towards your entrance and with one slick motion she slides inside you with a moan.

”Unf… y-you’re the perfect incubator… t-tight and warm…”

Her pace is slow, but even, as she plunge into your depths over and over again. Even as she gains some speed she follows a rhythm of some unheard melody, the only music that is heard is the sound of her body pounding into yours. Her soft moans are almost drowned out from the shrill screams of pleasure you make each time she hilts insides you. Then, you feel her mind enters yours and suddenly you are as one. Her every motion, every thrust and moan, you feel it like it was your own body. Your mind is lost in haze of bliss, losing track of the world around you, it feels like she fucks you for an eternity… but then you notice it. She takes you to the base of her cock before suddenly stopping, almost falling over you as her whole body shakes in orgasmic bliss.

”H-here c-comes… ah… t-the first b-batch…”

The first egg presses itself against your entrance, the sudden increase in size making it a tight fit. Tunu whines as it clogs up the base of her ovipositor, forcing her to hump against you in an attempt to insert it into you. The two of you hiss slightly in pain as the egg finally enters you, forcing you open in a way you’ve never been before, but the slight pain is quickly forgotten as the two of you is washed away by the pleasure of feeling her egg travel up her cock. She presses herself against you, trying to lay her egg as deep inside you as possible, but even before her first egg is deposed into your depths, you feel the next one pressing itself against your hole. As it stretches you open you become lost in ecstasy, your twin members throbs as they can’t contain themselves any longer, one of them painting your chest with your own seed as it fires its load. After that you’re simply lost in a fog of pleasure, your senses dull as you feel egg after egg enter you and filling you to the brim…

”T-that was four… huff… I b-bet… I bet I have at least d-double that left… r-ready for a-another batch, cutie?”
No. 902523 ID: 1301e8
File 153748202861.png - (98.24KB , 700x550 , 126.png )

”J-just… one more… egg…”

End of thread stats:

Kills: 4
Items: 3
Secrets: 0
Consumed: 3

Allies: 3
Enemies: 7
Forms: 4

Cheeses: 1
Grains of Dust: 0
Mating Presses: 1

Hardest fight: Danus Cock.

Current rating: C. (As in, you’re currently filled with lizard Cock!.)

Tips: Eat multiple people in a row to keep up your combo meter. Multi-consummation is the best way to get the best high score!
No. 902528 ID: b1b4f3

Nice. Good going, Oran!
No. 902529 ID: 094652

>Tips: Eat multiple people in a row to keep up your combo meter.
Is the fourth wall HUD working against us now, or is that a hint for some kind of secret easter egg ending?
No. 902530 ID: eeb7d9

>Tips: Eat multiple people in a row to keep up your combo meter.
Hell nah! You can't corrupt me! I am incorruptible!
I am going to be a good boy!

Also, 7 Enemies? Why!?
No. 902546 ID: cc01a6

Yes - good boy, Oran. Make sure you thank her for filling you full of eggs.

>combo meter
'fraid I'm better at Hotline Miami 2 than vore.

This was likely the best outcome possible.
Can't wait for next thread.
No. 902556 ID: 91ee5f

Way to go Oran!

Also, don’t give up! I’m sure you can handle more than one more egg~!

>Current rating: C. (As in, you’re currently filled with lizard Cock!.)
And it looks like Ema and Karn are also having some fun~!

>Tips: Eat multiple people in a row to keep up your combo meter. Multi-consummation is the best way to get the best high score!
Nice try, but you can’t fool us! We’re not going to do that, since that’s how we start to lose control!
No. 902641 ID: 1301e8
File 153753910633.png - (874.58KB , 955x774 , TheBeginningQuestionMark.png )

>Is the fourth wall HUD working against us now, or is that a hint for some kind of secret easter egg ending?
The only way to get the good true ending with Danus is by EATING EVRYONE! True fact.
>Hell nah! You can't corrupt me! I am incorruptible! I am going to be a good boy!
Good boys never finish!


Last time on Avdol’s rather odd occurrence.

:AvdolBC: No matter how hard you pound it, no matter how many times it unleashes its fiery load, my mighty cock will still stand! Do you not see, Mr. Jotaro, you Stand type doesn’t stand a chance against me!
:JosephBC: You used a fighting move against a fighting Pokémon, you fucking idiot!
:JotaroBC: Yare yare daze…


:JosephBC: HORY SHEEET! My daughter is pregnant!
:KakyoinBC: And I’m the daddy, bitch!
:JotaroBC: Yare yare daze…


:AvdolBC: Watch out! That’s not me! That’s my evil twin, Lodva!
:JotaroBC: Yare yare daze…
:LodvaBC: I can’t really fathom how you didn’t notice earlier, what with me having an evil goatee and everything…


:HolBC: Stands are making the frogs gay!
:JosephBC: …what.
:HolBC: All stand users are just immigrant gay vampires who are trying to corrupt our youth!
:JosephBC: Um… I mean… that’s kind of true?


And now… back to where we left off…

:JosephBC: This is… err… the work of an enemy stand! YES! AN EVIL STAND! Right, muhammed!?
:AvdolBC: Mmmf?
:KakyoinBC: …you know, the constant “yare yare daze” maybe wasn’t that bad…
:AvdolBC: *cough* y-yes… um… Mr. Joestar is correct. This is the work of an enemy stand to… distract you while… um… they sneak up on us and replace one of us without the others even noticing!

:KakyoinBC: …yeah, no, I’m not buying it.
:JotaroBC: That just sound stupid, old man.
:NotBoneraffBC: Sacré bleu! That is the most crétin thing I’ve ever heard!
:JosephBC: GASP!
No. 902642 ID: 1301e8
File 153753911734.jpg - (60.60KB , 533x300 , Totally not a spy.jpg )

:JotaroBC: What?
:NotBoneraffBC: Hon hon hon…
:AvdolBC: One of them must be an imposter sent by DIO!
:JotaroBC: So are we going to beat him up or what?
:NotBoneraffBC: Hon hon hon. They will never suspect that I, Polnareff, is not actually Jotaro but actually an assassin!
:KakyoinBC: There’s no way to tell them apart!
:JotaroBC: …he just told you he wasn’t me? He’s doesn’t look or sound anything like me! He’s wearing a freaking piece of cardboard over his face for Star Platinum sake!
:NotBoneraffBC: Just according to the baguette*! Hon hon hon!
:JosephBC: Eh, there’s no way to tell them apart so we’ll just have to kill them both.
:JotaroBC: Wait what?
:NotBoneraffBC: Wait quoi?
:AvdolBC: Wait, Mr. Joestar, isn’t there a better way?
:JosephBC: Like what?
:NotBoneraffBC: Like turning your back to me so I can make you experience La petit mort! Hon hon hon!
:JosephBC: Hmm… I don’t know… sounds complicated…

*Note: Baguette means plan.
No. 902644 ID: 44672a

Sorry I don't speak anime
No. 902653 ID: b1b4f3

Obviously you can tell who's the real Jotaro from their stands. Only the real Jotaro has Star Platinum!

Or make them fight eachother.
No. 902665 ID: 51d5a1

Only a good jotaro would know all the ocean facts.
No. 902671 ID: eeb7d9

>Good boys never finish!

>*Note: Baguette means plan.
No it does not!

>What do?
We must use information only the real Jotaro would know! Quickly, what is the alias for Jotaro Kujo?! Only teh real one will answer this correclty!
No. 902673 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, that works too: Jotaro, would you fuck a dolphin?!
No. 902811 ID: 1301e8
File 153764993066.jpg - (121.17KB , 1280x720 , Star Platinums.jpg )

>Obviously you can tell who's the real Jotaro from their stands. Only the real Jotaro has Star Platinum!
:JotaroBC: Show yourself, Star Platinum!
:StarplatBC: Ugh!
:NotBoneraffBC: Show yourself, Silver ch- I mean Star Platinum?
:JosephBC: …do anyone remember what his stand actually looked like?
:KakyoinBC: Don’t look at me, I haven’t even seen it in this canon yet.
:AvdolBC: Hmm… we might be able to discern its looks from its name?

:NotBoneraffBC: Yes! Exactly! And as you can see, my silver chariot is kind of platinum colored, n’est-ce pas?
:JosephBC: It is a lot more platinum colored than the other one, yes… the other one is kind of… purple?
:NotBoneraffBC: And… um… it’s a fencer, see? A fencer can be like a star in a competition so… star Platinum?
:JosephBC: … … …that make complete logical sense! This silver knight must be Star Platinum!
:StarplatBC: Ugh?
:JotaroBC: What.

>Or make them fight eachother.
:JotaroBC: That’s it! I’m just going Ora on your ass, you cheese eating French-
:StarplatBC: Ugh?
:JotaroBC: What do you mean, you’re still KO’d?
:StarplatBC: Ugh!
:JotaroBC: I forgot to visit a Pokémon center after our last fight? But… that’s not… don’t I have any potions or something?
:StarplatBC: Ugh…
:JosephBC: This is going nowhere. There has to be a better way to solve this.

>We must use information only the real Jotaro would know!
:AvdolBC: Mr. Joestar, as your grandson, you have to know something about him no one else does.
:JosephBC: He’s my what now!?
:AvdolBC: Never mind…

:KakyoinBC: What is the alias for Jotaro Kujo?!
:JotaroBC: It’s JoJo, of course!
:NotBoneraffBC: Err… what he said?
:KakyoinBC: Damn, they both answered identically!
:JotaroBC: No, we d-
:AvdolBC: We need harder questions if we’re to find the imposter in our mist!
No. 902812 ID: 1301e8
File 153764994263.jpg - (7.65KB , 225x225 , JoJoTrueSelf.jpg )

>Only a good jotaro would know all the ocean facts.
:AvdolBC: Which animal can smell a drop of blood from miles away?
:NotBoneraffBC: A SHARK! Hon hon hon!
:JotaroBC: That’s a myth. There isn’t any ocean animal that can smell blood like that.
:KakyoinBC: Everyone knows sharks have super good smelling when it comes to blood! One point to the man with the cardboard mask! Speaking of blood, which octopi drinks blood!
:NotBoneraffBC: Vampire squid!
:JotaroBC: That’s neither an octopus or squid nor does it drink blood! Also, the plural for octopus is octopuses, not octopi!
:AvdolBC: That’s two points to the fake one. Now, our last question… which shark is the biggest?
:NotBoneraffBC: The great white, duh.
:JotaroBC: The Whale shark.
:KakyoinBC: The fuck is a whale shark? Some kind of fantasy hybrid from D&D, like an owlbear? Yeah, the one with the cardboard mask wins. The fake Jotoro is clearly the real one.
:JotaroBC: Yare yare daze…
:KakyoinBC: But then again…

:JosephBC: Enough of these games. Let’s ask the real question here! Jotaro, would you fuck a dolphin?!
:NotBoneraffBC: What? Of course not!
:JotaroBC: Yes.
:NotBoneraffBC: Huh!?
:KakyoinBC: …wait, really?
:JotaroBC: The magnificent dolphin… no, all the magnificent sea life are sacred! The beauty of the sea… the endless waves of the ocean, that is what I fight for. A dolphin, that is my true self! I AM THE DOL-
:JosephBC: There’s no way my grandson would ever say something weird like that, which means you’re the spy!
:JotaroBC: Wait wha-
No. 902813 ID: 1301e8
File 153764996034.jpg - (30.78KB , 480x360 , BoomHeadshot.jpg )


:JosephBC: There, problem solved!
:AvdolBC: Um…
:JosephBC: His body will turn red any moment now… see?
:KakyoinBC: That’s blood.
:JosephBC: Oh… um… in that case… Ha! We now know your true identity, spy! Get ready for a fight!
:BoneraffBC: A fight? I was just going to stab you in the back…
No. 902814 ID: 1301e8
File 153764997424.jpg - (526.87KB , 1920x1080 , DontTrustFrench.jpg )

:JosephBC: Your next line is, “You might have found me out, but Jotaro is-
:BoneraffBC: Backstab!
:JosephBC: NANI!?
:BoneraffBC: I never was on your side, hon hon hon!
:JosephBC: Curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal!!! Curse you… boneraff… curse… hory… sheet…
:BoneraffBC: Hon hon hon, Polnareff has done again.
No. 902815 ID: 1301e8
File 153764999194.jpg - (49.67KB , 480x360 , FIGHT!.jpg )

:KakyoinBC: Oh no! We’re being attacked by Guile from street fighter! We’re screwed!
:BoneraffBC: Your mother was hamster and your father smell of elderberries!
:AvdolBC: Do not worry, Mr… whatever your last name is, I am a seasoned Dhalsim main! I will make short work of this enemy!
:KakyoinBC: I don’t know… he seems dangerous… and the French is known for never giving up!
:BoneraffBC: I fart in your general direction!
:AvdolBC: I will not let you down, Mr. Joestar!

:AvdolBC: (I need a plan to defeat this serious, respected and absolutely not a comic relief character. I can’t just shoot a bunch of ankhs at him like I did with JoJo… or can I?)
:BoneraffBC: Go home and be a family man!

Y) Strike a badass pose! Defeat him with the power of FABULOUS!
A) Create a giant clock out of fire that will count down to his DOOM!
X) Whip out your huge flaming cock and use it too swordfight with him!
L) Do something else that isn’t suggested here?
R) This controller have way to many buttons…
No. 902816 ID: 51d5a1

>Choose another character, we all know that there's only one thing that's OP as fuck in jojo fighting games.
>horse & Boingo!
No. 902821 ID: eeb7d9

Fucking this, spam glass shards and make the unavoidable movie with the pipes!
No. 902828 ID: b1b4f3

B+A. Flaming ankhs.
No. 902898 ID: 864e49

For get ankhs summon swastikas, that'll get him to surrender instantly!

I mean it'll also get this show canceled but so what who cares, everyone knows nobody actually watch anime unironically.
No. 902953 ID: cc01a6

Get this gosh-dang anime out of my good Christian quest.
No. 902972 ID: d8dd97

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Select Start
No. 902995 ID: 1301e8
File 153781493318.jpg - (48.33KB , 440x638 , ShowOffThatButt.jpg )

>Get this gosh-dang anime out of my good Christian quest.
Sorry sir, this is a Christian server quest, so no FRICKING swearing. We’ll return to the dang hardcore, sinful snake intercourse momentarily.

>Forget ankhs summon swastikas, that'll get him to surrender instantly!
:KakyoinBC: The Nazi heroes are in Battle Tendency, not Stardust Crusaders.
:AvdolBC: And don’t mention the s-word, or we might summon him!
:KakyoinBC: S-word? Swastika?
:AvdolBC: No, I mean SCIENCE!
>Flaming ankhs!
:AvdolBC: Taste my ultimate technique! CROSSFIRE HURRICANE!
:BoneraffBC: You already-
:AvdolBC: Combined with homoerotic poses to make them even more FLAMING! GREAT, FLAMING COCK, SHOW OFF YOUR TIGHT TUSH!
:AvdolBC: As long as I keep this up, you will never have enough time to move forward and charge your attacks at the same time!
:BoneraffBC: Oh?
No. 902996 ID: 1301e8
File 153781494432.jpg - (164.79KB , 760x655 , FLASHKICK.jpg )

:BoneraffBC: FLASH KICK!
:AvdolBC: WHAT!?
:BoneraffBC: SONIC BOOM!
:AvdolBC: But those moves are backwards charged ones! You can’t do them while moving forward!
:BoneraffBC: Hon hon hon! I’m a CPU, you fool! I don’t need to follow your silly rules! FLASH KICK!
:AvdolBC: Then that leave me no choice but to use my secret weapon…
>↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Select Start
:BoneraffBC: Cheat codes? Do you have no honor? Bah, no matter, this isn’t contra so-
:BoneraffBC: What in the-
:BoneraffBC: Oh no…
No. 902998 ID: 1301e8
File 153781498661.jpg - (138.39KB , 1280x720 , 'MERICA.jpg )

:HolBC: The destruction of the Pillar men was an inside job! President Valentine knew before hand it would happen! That proves that his stand is a lizard person from planet Mexico and he is the cause of all illegal aliens!
:BoneraffBC: Sacre bleu, what are you going on about?
:HolBC: This is American soil your stepping on, alien! Go home to your home planet!
:BoneraffBC: This is Egypt! …and I’m a proud Frenchmen!
:HolBC: French? Didn’t we kill you all under the second war? Also, not American soil!? Everything belongs to ‘merica, the land of the FREE! It’s our right to enslave everyone else! SLAVERY, FUCK YEAH! For this insult you will face the ultimate attack of my stand, “Really lax gun laws! (It’s just a gun I got out of a happy meal.)”
:BoneraffBC: Your ultimate attack? Spamming that glass shard attack and the unavoidable pipe move?
:HolBC: What? No! I’ll shove my fingers into your nose! FOR FREEDOM!
:BoneraffBC: Fre- GAH!
:BoneraffBC: W-what does that have to do-
:MarkBC: Did zomeone zay… Science!?
:HolBC: Huh?
:BoneraffBC: Science?
No. 902999 ID: 1301e8
File 153781499861.jpg - (127.22KB , 670x629 , WellThisShowIsGettingCanceled.jpg )

:MarkBC: Americana and Frenchman fighting like little girls, ja? This shows that ya need big German man to really get this quest going!
:BoneraffBC: What in the name of baguette?
:HolBC: Weren’t we allies in the war?
:MarkBC: And who better than big Nazi cyborg man, ja? I present to ya, Major Stroheim!
:StroheimBC: It’s clear this quest need some more cyborg Germans, ja?
No. 903000 ID: 1301e8
File 153781501083.jpg - (197.87KB , 793x1024 , NAZISCIENCE.jpg )



>I mean it'll also get this show canceled…
:StroheimBC: Canceled!? No one can morally cancel someone for zhowing of the zuperior German engineering! And even if we get canceled, we can just resurrect the thread with FORBIDDEN SCIENCE!
:KakyoinBC: We’re so going to get banned from this quest board…
:AvdolBC: I’m not sure I even know what’s going on anymore…
No. 903001 ID: b1b4f3

And then Dinosaur DIO showed up.
No. 903002 ID: 91ee5f

You mean that guy from Part 7 aka Steel Ball Run?
No. 903004 ID: 7e1da4

Trick him into stealing someone's catchphrase so that he gets sued.

...in America.
No. 903012 ID: eeb7d9

How could i have forgotten the finger in the nose attack... I feel ashamed.

ANYWAY, put some random dinosaurs in there, i don't fucking know. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!
No. 903096 ID: 1301e8
File 153786965673.png - (1.82MB , 2519x1273 , Diosaurus.png )

>And then Dinosaur DIO showed up.
>You mean that guy from Part 7 aka Steel Ball Run?
:DioBC: Expecting a picture of Diego Brando raptor form from Steel Ball Run? TOO BAD. BADLY EDITED DIO DINOSAUR TIME! WAAA! I MEAN WRYYY!!
No. 903101 ID: 569f3f

How dare you continue with this unchristian filth.
Y'all need Jesus.
No. 903105 ID: e3de4b

We would need Paraplegic Johnathan to stop this monstrosity.
No. 903128 ID: 51d5a1

Tell him to go eat shit, anons.
No. 903129 ID: 094652

And then Griffith showed up.
No. 903131 ID: eeb7d9

Tell him yourself.
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