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File 151924301805.jpg - (23.15KB , 837x648 , I won't.jpg )
869242 No. 869242 ID: 60d4d8

You thought you defeated me?!
I'm harder than ever now!
Do your worst!
Roast me, damn it!
I can take it this time!
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No. 870310 ID: f04559

Hey I found him and-

Uh oh...
No. 870313 ID: 60d4d8
File 151968012463.jpg - (34.28KB , 683x707 , getbackhereyoufatshit.jpg )


Michael get back here!

Michael what did they say to you?!

Michael get back here you fat piece of...*coughs
No. 870316 ID: 9876c4

This is all Lester's fault.

No. 870325 ID: a363ac

Suplex him grandma
No. 870344 ID: f04559


Don’t you EVER talk to a child like that. If you’re gonna talk to us about the way you treat him then practice what you goddamned preach!

Hey Mike I’m sorry about what I said about you and your awesome hat. You’re a cool kid.
No. 870351 ID: cb585b

Use hat as projectile weapon.
No. 870358 ID: 3e59db


Pot, meet Kettle.
No. 870372 ID: 3abd97

You deserve each other
No. 870505 ID: b1b4f3

Wow where'd you learn to raise a kid? Demon Academy?
No. 870508 ID: 094652


Literally. You're going to have a heart attack at this rate. We'll grab the kid, you just go down to 0.5MPH and find yourself a cafe, get some soup.
No. 870634 ID: de6d84

I see where your grandson gets his behavior from now.
No. 870690 ID: 60d4d8
File 151984284147.jpg - (32.27KB , 1152x648 , maybe.jpg )


You know nanna, maybe they're right. You're the one that roasts me! You're the one who treats me bad. Maybe I'm so weak because you always tell me I am!

Had you considered that, Nanna?
No. 870691 ID: 60d4d8
File 151984285903.jpg - (30.51KB , 1152x648 , nan.jpg )

No. 870693 ID: 3583d1



I’m gonna call an ambulance guys, I think she just had a heart attack...

No. 870721 ID: cc5f4f

Don't just stand there and stare, do something!
No. 870772 ID: 3abd97

Wow you killed your nanna way to live up to our predictions of what a terribly awful person you are. You're the worst.
No. 870838 ID: cfb4c2


No. 870849 ID: 9876c4

Well, on the plus side, you're kind of like Batman now.

I mean, not in any real sense, but he also got his guardians killed and went insane. You do have billions of dollars to cushion the blow, right?
No. 870857 ID: fc93e4


No no no, that's too weak, let me show you.

*grabs sledgehammer*

In the name of my father, and his father before, I, KaiserOwes, CAST YOU OUT!

*throws hammer at michael*
No. 871235 ID: 60d4d8

I think this may have transcended the roasts
No. 871253 ID: de6d84

Kid, you screwed up. You killed her.
No. 871301 ID: 87c85d

No. 872815 ID: bf2a9e
File 152071983121.jpg - (79.79KB , 1824x1272 , 5.jpg )

No. 872816 ID: bf2a9e
File 152071998856.jpg - (71.30KB , 1824x1272 , yo.jpg )

Hola guys, remember me?
Mike. I came here a few years ago.
No. 872818 ID: 13fded

Who are you?
No. 872822 ID: c8ffa1

Look, i know we had an intermission between then and now but you’re just really forgettable.
Whatever, doesn’t matter, what do you want from the almighty spirits/gods/guides/therapists/roasters of tgchan?
No. 872824 ID: f005bf

How’s it going little brother? Hope the battle axe I got you has crushed your enemies, driven them before you, anf that you’ve heard the lamentations of their women.
No. 872836 ID: 3abd97

How was the funeral?
No. 872851 ID: a363ac

your dead and in purgatory you know
No. 872862 ID: cc5f4f

Yes. What do you want now?
Also you're also super generic.
No. 872889 ID: cb585b

Arent you supposed to develop when you get older instead of degrading futher?
No. 872899 ID: 074011

Wow, nice tail. Your grandma give that?
No. 872924 ID: 9b80a5

it seems you've gotten a bit fatter, and no im not going to sugarcoat it as you'd just eat it too, you fat pig
No. 872937 ID: de6d84

That's disgusting.
No. 872980 ID: 4bb17d

Woah man, you haven't changed. Like, at all.
No. 873121 ID: 193288

No. 873202 ID: 9876c4

Did we help you discover your inner masochist?
No. 873250 ID: ffa7ee

Yeah? How's your head after i threw my sledgehammer at ya?
No. 873413 ID: ecee63

Did you get stronger like I told you to?
No. 873661 ID: bf2a9e
File 152106340461.jpg - (59.10KB , 1824x1272 , fightclub.jpg )

Yeah, you guys met me at a pretty weird time in my life.

I don't know if you heard, my Grandma passed away not long after the drama that happened here. She was cranky sometimes but I still feel a bit bad about all this. I'm currently living with my Dad's family in Honduras.

Anyway, I just came to say, no hard feelings about the whole incident and don't feel bad about the whole roast thing.

Although... If you wanted to, you could roast me again for old times sake.
No. 873665 ID: 3583d1

Man... Nah I can't do that. How about I just send you those bitches I promised, you look old enough for them now.
No. 873670 ID: c8ffa1

Why do you insist on wasting our time like this? We know what’s going to happen, and we definitely know you’re gonna run away crying just like last time so why do you even bother asking us to roast you?
I say this because every time you do some inane thing, you act as if it’s somehow gonna go better for you than the last time you tried it.
Maybe you are an idiot that thinks “oh, i’ll do the exact same thing again, it went wrong last time but i’m sure it’ll work out this time”
Or maybe that’s what you want? You want us to roast you untill someone else dies and maybe this time it’ll be you, because you’re too much of a weak bitch to actually do anything for yourself in your life and too much of an idiot to get anything right.

Why do you even bother?
No. 873671 ID: 72cd82

Do you really think that's a good idea?
No. 873683 ID: 64049d


In the power bla bla bla, I cast you out bla bla.

*Throws a sledgehammer thats on fire at Mike*
No. 873686 ID: 094652

No. Everyone shut up. We're roasting chicken sausages. End of story.
No. 873743 ID: ffa7ee


Exactly. That's what we're doing right now.
No. 873789 ID: 3abd97

>but I still feel a bit bad about all this
You only feel a bit bad about getting your Nanna killed? Wow. Ice cold. No wonder you need to be roasted.
No. 879223 ID: 97f49b
File 152398410151.jpg - (61.43KB , 1824x1272 , hm.jpg )

No. 879224 ID: 97f49b
File 152398415547.jpg - (43.78KB , 1824x1272 , fin.jpg )

Thank you all.
No. 879230 ID: 3583d1

Take care bud
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