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File 151629994747.png - (173.66KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
859412 No. 859412 ID: 65a774

“They now lay waiting for their new fate to come. They wait for the feast of souls to begin.”
-The Chronicler.

Wiki and prologue: https://tgchan.org/wiki/First_Day_of_Harvest
Discussion thread (for now, at least): https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/92354.html
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No. 872796 ID: 10c408

Finish the job, eat vivian. Grab her sword afterwards in case her guards do decide to investigate
No. 872797 ID: bd798e

Vivian is trying to sell us to some slavery ring if any accomplices report this to the guard they risk implicating themselves in an investigation. It doesn't matter how corrupt the guard is in such a case: If a honest guard finds a connection, you're fucked and at risk of being a loose end to a criminal organisation. If a corrupt guard finds it, you're royaly fucked 'cause some corrupt sonova bitch has something in hand against you and you're still at risk of being a loose end. I don't think any of her accomplices are going to allow Vivi's disappearence to be investigated so we only risk getting persued by said accomplices which we can't do anything about, alibi or no.
No. 872801 ID: bd798e

Plan, right...
Strip her, eat her and your arm, then transform and break the window. Claim that Ema escaped through the window and tell "your" guards to chase her down. Don't be a clean eater, we need some not undead blood on the window and the stool to sell the story.
No. 872805 ID: 6780f5

Choke her out so she stays unconscious in case the paralysis wears off. Which it might do shortly, since you stopped doing the sparky thing. Then strip her off, eat her, and wear her clothing. May want to clean up the remains of your arm, too, just in case.
No. 872806 ID: 10c408

We don't get vivians form immediately upon consumption, guys. It takes awhile to unlock.
No. 872809 ID: 6fdc2d

Alright, gulp her down and retake Gev's form. He's about Vivienne's size, so she should have something that fits him reasonably well. Once you've finished eating and changed forms/clothes. Open the door and paralyze the guard immediately before legging it out the nearest window. The guard will be witness to an unknown Varkian leaving the room suspiciously when Vivienne and Emma were supposed to be in there alone. We can come back as Vivienne later with an excuse for what happened. Specifically that Emma turned into that Varkian once they were alone. We'll still need to come up with an excuse for where Vivienne left and why she was gone so long.
No. 872810 ID: f6785d

We can not pretend that we are Vivi because there is no time to digest it completely.
Maybe we can try to make it look like someone else attacked and took Vivi away? This works if there is a window in that room. Preferably try not to be seen when you escape, but if they ask you later, you took the opportunity and escaped, because, come on, they were going to take you away by who knows who.
So, we can make it look like someone else broke into the room. You open the window and when you go out, you break it outwards inward and you make it look like someone took Vivi away and you took advantage of that to escape. It's like you said: sometimes you have to break the puzzle a bit to be able to complete it.
No. 872811 ID: bd798e

Are you sure? The tooltip only said to consume enough protein and didn't reveal a lot of details.
In that case, strip, eat, escape through window. For alibi we can appear in public as Vivian tomorrow, we can't leave her alive since she's seen to much and taking her with us is just plain pointless.
No. 872813 ID: b1b4f3

That's the only exit? There's no window? Well shit.

If you can eat then turn into Vivian you could go "That girl was some kind of monster and dissolved into blue goo when I killed it" since there's a puddle of your blood on the floor.
If, once you eat her, you can rush to mimic only her voice, you could order one of the guards to go get some cleaning supplies to help clean up the floor. Then you'd just have one guard to deal with. Unfortunately they're wearing helmets so you can't paralyze them... okay maybe you can get the other guard to leave at that point by telling them to go get a medic because "the girl struggled too much and hurt herself even worse".
Not sure what to do about the cyan blood on the floor. Maybe you could find some cleaning supplies in the room?

What IS there in this room anyway? Take stock of your resources.
No. 872817 ID: 05ff2f

There's a fatal flaw in this plan in that Vivian's bodyguards are armored head to toe, which includes helmets. There's no place for Ema to touch the bodyguard's bare skin, let alone their head, to apply a paralyzing touch.

Breaking a window will make a racket that will get the bodyguard's attention, so keep that in mind. The bodyguard will call out to Vivian and when she doesn't respond, yell for the other bodyguard before either attempting to kick the office door down or run out to wherever the window looks out on.

Also, we don't even know if Vivian's office has windows, or if it does if they're barred ones, or if there's another door out of here. I get the feeling that a lady with as many enemies as Vivian undoubtedly has would not have a office with windows since she could be shot through them. Oh, and I doubt Vivian would have brought Ema into her office to inflict what would be very noisy pain on her if there were windows, since they'd let sound out as well as allow others to see in. Well, unless they were frosted glass or something like that.
No. 872821 ID: f3fe9b

Strip down her clothes if you have time, eat her, then carefully take the time to set up an ambush for the 8:00 appointment, unless you find a Misericorde or something that'll let you take on those guards with one arm.
No. 872827 ID: 91ee5f

>Lost an arm.
I’m pretty sure that’ll grow back once Ema eats someone..

>Now what?
Just fucking eat her already!

Vivian said she had a change of clothes in here, so don’t bother stripping her. Except for her money bag, make sure you take that from her.
No. 872833 ID: c0641d

First, choke her out to give time for removing anything metal that could really be a problem coming back up. Don’t worry about stripping her for a new outfit for our Gev (or Vivian) form; she was changing into something else, so that implies the presence of an outfit she’s not currently wearing in this room. Then eat her - fucking duh.

Alright, now to complete this locked room... From what we heard, we have about an hour to complete whatever illusion we end up going with.

The immediate solution I settled on relies on having enough time to speed-digest Vivian through immediate meditation, so that we can make it look like Vivian killed an undead shapeshifter trying to masquerade as Ema (we won’t even need to clean up the blood). Potential problems include, however; not actually having enough time for this, not regenerating our arm in Vivian’s form (so many questions, such as where that arm went), and follow-up investigations revealing holes in the described nature of the slain assailant.

Therefore the “frame Gev” initiative seems more plausible. Do the above eating process, except hack off a body part as well to leave for the coroners. Preferably the same arm we lost, as both revenge, and to pass off as a death-faking ruse on Vivian’s part if we still haven’t regenerated the arm, and want to get some of the limited mileage we can get out of her form for deception purposes (like getting close to those traffickers or getting the names of all the corrupt guards). Then when you escape from the dojo, do it as Gev, and make sure both of the guards live to back each other’s (true) stories up. Before you go, however, clean up that stain and stuff a bag full of random crap that won’t be missed and make sure the guards see you carrying it to let the authorities make their own assumptions on what happened to the rest of Vivian’s body. Make sure to yell about how that transformation potion wore off too quick.

As for post-opp cleanup; first, reacquire those swords, and never let them leave your side again. They at least have some limiting effect on us, and we want that. Next, we... sigh, we’re going to need Oran’s cooperation. Firstly, he’s most likely figured out our true nature to some capacity, and we need to address that. Secondly, we need him to falsify a purchase record. Specifically, the totally real sale of a custom transformation potion to a Varkian matching Gev’s description, keyed to our appearance. We ourselves can even testify to giving our own scales for the potion with total consent and knowledge, explaining that “Gev” claimed he just had specific “tastes.”

Finally, we should hang around Oran tomorrow to give him backup in case this follow-up ruse brings suspicion (and therefore heat) on his place by Vivian’s more criminal associates.

I gotta go now, but I hope this is a sufficient ploy for our purposes.
No. 872834 ID: 05ff2f

>Vivian said she had a change of clothes in here, so don’t bother stripping her.
Except that that change of clothes is her training outfit, which is very likely not the same as her current outfit. If Ema takes Vivian's form and wears her training outfit, we'll need a reason for her to have changed into it if Ema-as-Vivian interacts with Vivian's bodyguards.
No. 872870 ID: bd798e

Vivian's form is very useful, since she has contacts within the criminal underground and has a powerful political weight in the city. Making her death obvious and framing Gev would burn her form that we gain, since she's to famous to not be recognized, and drastically limit the usefulness of the other, due to being wanted for the murder of said famous person.
No. 872876 ID: 05ff2f

You're assuming Vivian has any contacts in the criminal underworld. And the twins don't count 'cause they're nobles; Their dirty deeds against their lessers aren't criminal just by dint of being nobility. Besides, the only one who would know if Vivian has underworld contacts and who they are is Vivian herself, and once Ema eats her that knowledge goes away. That means any value Vivian had in underworld contacts goes away. In fact, they may become a liability because now Ema-as-Vivian doesn't know of any debts Vivian may have to the underworld or any schemes Vivian was involved in that would blow up in her face if not tended.

But besides that, Ema doesn't know hardly anything else about Vivian and her relationships to anyone else in the city, political or otherwise. There's no way that Ema in the guise of Vivian will be able to keep up the masquerade for anything more than a very short while. I doubt she'd be able to manage to get through the twins' visit without blowing her cover.

Ema-as-Vivian would also have to come up with a plausible explanation to Vivian's bodyguards for the blue gal going missing, otherwise they'll get suspicious that something is up.

And of course, this is all assuming Ema can regrow her left arm and digest Vivian before the twins arrive. She can't do it before ten minutes to eight then the whole idea is moot.
No. 872887 ID: cb585b

Easy coverup:
Gev was acting like Ema to sell off/kidnap Vivian, overpowered her, and left a witty one-liner with his name on it as he ran off, both leaving Vivian as a possible form in the future, and maybe even leading them away from Ema, gotta clean that undead blood up though...
No. 872895 ID: 91ee5f

>we'll need a reason for her to have changed into it if Ema-as-Vivian interacts with Vivian's bodyguards.
How about this?

“Vivian” changed into her training clothes so that she didn’t get Ema’s blood on her fancy clothes from whatever the fuck she was going to do to with that sword.
No. 872896 ID: 33cbe7

Continue screeching, maybe throw in some shrieking and wailing too. It'd be suspicious if it just stopped.
Eat first, plan later. Getting rid of her first is important, the rest can be improvised later. They can't un-eat her once she's gone.
No. 872906 ID: 05ff2f

But if that was the case, they'd wonder why she was still wearing them once she'd left her office and not change back into her regular outfit to meet the twin nobles.

I'm thinking that if a bodyguard asks, Ema-as-Vivian can say she got some of the blue girl's blood on her pants and shirt and decided to change before leaving the office. Or she could just tell the bodyguard to not ask questions and sidestep the whole lying thing.
No. 872925 ID: a06734

Everyone, remember - Ema can't instantly become Vivian. She needs to digest her first.

Search the room for anything incriminating - might as well, seeing as you may be stuck here for a bit.
No. 872926 ID: 10c408

CRTL+F "gev", flip to the post when we ate him and then the next one by kaktus is when we actually got his appearance unlocked.
That's a VERY large gap between the two in in-quest time that we spent doing other stuff.

No. 872930 ID: 05ff2f

You don't know how long Vivian will be paralyzed for, your hunger is on the verge of taking control again any second now, and with only one hand it'll take extra time to remove her clothing. Taking all that into consideration, you should forgo that before eating her. But do quickly empty her pockets, remove any obvious metal and pat her down for any hidden metal to take off her before swallowing her.

Next, if you can restore your left arm by just touching your stump to the puddle of goo it once was, do so. If you can't, but can stop your stump from bleeding, do that. If you can't, look around for a potions case, open it if there is one and see if there's a healing potion you can use in it. Otherwise you'll have to tie your stump off with one of the ropes that was binding you.

Can you remember if you can regrow a limb, and if so what you'll need to do so and how long it'll take? Because until you restore your left arm whichever of your forms you shift into will be missing the same limb, which will greatly complicate keeping your cover, especially as Ema. Also, having only one arm and hand is quite a hindrance.

Next up, cleaning up all your cyan goo blood. Scoop it up and eat it, and what you can't scoop up, lick it up. Lick Vivian's blade clean and put it back where she got it. Leave no speck of your blood to be discovered. Also, take the shreds of your shirt and pants, rip them up smaller and swallow them. They're organic, so they'll be destroyed inside you, saving you the trouble of getting them out of this room to dispose of. Swallowing your poncho to destroy it would also be a good idea, since eyewitnesses would have seen it on the person entering Vivian's training hall before her disappearance. If you don't have it, you can claim it and the rest of your clothes were stolen when you were in the alleys by a mugger or someone who jumped you and knocked you out.

Search the office. Collect any coins or small items of value that would be untraceable or hard to trace back here to take with you. Skim any documents that are out for anything of interest. Look for a bag or other container to carry what you'll be bringing with you. Also look under and behind the furniture for a escape hatch or a hidden doorway. Vivian might have installed a secret way out for in case she gets cornered. If you find that there is one, then that'll make things simpler.

Vivian's training outfit should fit Gev's form good enough for you to wear it out on the street. If you wear it while in Vivian's form before leaving here and her bodyguards ask why you're wearing it, just say you snagged and badly tore your other outfit while "entertaining" the blue girl.

Keep screaming, wailing and whimpering for a bit like Vivian is torturing you, then stuff a gag in your mouth to muffle yourself and continue through that for a bit more before stopping. That'll hopefully make the bodyguard outside think that Vivian gagged you because you were hurting her ears.

Now, don't be in a rush to formulate a final plan. A lot of variables are still up in the air at this point, the big ones being whether you can regrow your arm within the hour, digest Vivian and take her form within the hour, and whether the bodyguard outside will fall asleep and not wake up if you carefully open the door. You also don't know what you have to work with in here. You have until about ten 'till eight to get your plan together. That'll give you a window before the twins arrive.

Right now it's looking like there's two major branches of plans depending on whether you can digest Vivian and regrow your arm before the hour is up or not. If you can't, then you'll have to shift to Gev's form and open the door as quietly as you can. If the bodyguard doesn't wake up from that then either open your maw all the way and devour her head first before she can wake up, ram a sword through her head via her helmet's visor, or attempt to sneak past. If she does wake up, then you can only run and hope you can dive through a window or out a side exit to get to the street and outrun them.

If you can regrow your arm and take Vivian's form, then things get easier. This way you can order the bodyguards around to keep them separated and away from the office so they don't see that you're not tied down in there. You can even order them to take their helmets off, on the pretense you're gonna give 'em a smack upside the head for lazy behavior, then paralytic touch 'em. You'll have digested Vivian, so you can devour at least one of the bodyguards. The other one you can paralyze then stab up into the head with a dagger to kill, then remove the armor from and devour. They'll be dead meat with no soul, so your guts will just destroy the body. That'll leave no witnesses besides the secretary that you were ever here.
No. 872996 ID: c0641d

Yeah, if we go with my "Vivian in a bag" plan, we should include Ema's clothing and scraps in the aforementioned random crap to fill space. And I guess we can skip the dismemberment step, because we'd be pretty screwed either way if we can't regenerate the arm within a day or so; we'd have to disappear for a little bit unless we want people asking questions about what did (or didn't) happen to Ema's arm. I came up with my plan assuming that our top priority was for Ema to appear to have as little involvement in Vivian's disappearance as possible.
No. 873001 ID: 55b74a

Oh right, guess we'll just have to skewer him through the throat with Vivienne's own blade instead. He won't expect someone as small as Gev to be as strong as Ema so as long as we go for the throat quickly they shouldn't have time to react.
No. 873004 ID: 500635

Vivian is the official weapon master of the city and that title comes with a lot of weight we can use behind it. We aren't going to be able to ask herself for more information about her, but we can always find out ourselves, even easier as Vivian.

Strip, eat, clean up undead parts, grab sword and stab guard through the wall (should be able to sense life well enough for that, I hope) or surprise attack her, go find a place to sleep. We deal with the aftermath tomorrow.
No. 873006 ID: b1b4f3

We were outright told that gaining a form requires a period of rest or meditation to digest it. Running around all day made no progress towards unlocking Gev's form. We got Gev after sleeping, but there's no real indication if we NEEDED a full night's sleep for it.
No. 873017 ID: 500635

I'd imagine that had to do something with having processed enough corresponding protein. We could turn into Gev once we digested enough Varkian meat, which just happened to be Gev, to actually form that shape. We could fuck Oran senseless and wouldn't be able to turn into him unless we ate enough Serpens. Same for all the other races, (Hiver, Human) I believe. We should ask the swords about that.
No. 873019 ID: 05ff2f

And it might have taken that long because Ema hadn't eaten anyone yet, or hadn't eaten anyone in a long time, and her soul digestion system was weak and slow. Now that she's not coming out of starvation, it may go faster.

...Actually, this makes me wonder how she could come out of ten years without eating anyone and not be a totally mindless, ravenous beast in that encounter with Justina and the highwaymen. One that would charge in and eat everyone present without thought. Was it that she was that not long before and ate others and just doesn't remember it? Or is it that it took a decade for her to form? But then how did the swords get all the way out here from Dalriver for Ema to reform here? So many questions...

Why are you spoilering your posts on this topic?
No. 873027 ID: 55b74a

I'm sorry, but what makes you think any of that is true? You're just spouting out wild conjecture to back up your claim that we can utilize Vivienne's form in time because you lack any evidence whatsoever.
No. 873028 ID: b1b4f3

Yikes. No need to bash someone for speculation!
No. 873032 ID: 05ff2f

Ema thought back in >>867563 that she was sure her next meal would be faster to digest than her previous one but didn't know just how long it'd be. Then she thought it might be hours or less than one hour, she doesn't know. I took that as instinct or some memory beneath the surface informing her that it could take less than a hour, but it might not at this point.

However, neither of us can definitively say whether Ema will digest Vivian before the hour is up or not with what we know so far. All we can do is wait for the update to know how it'll actually go.
No. 873099 ID: caf1de

wait hold up if we get stabbed our body falls apart
well then why don't we go become the spirit of soft pillows cause as the spirit of justice we're gonna be stabbed a lot this is bullshit and we need to fucking fix that shit cause that means we're weaker that any normal mortal
No. 873100 ID: 094652

Logically, it took those ten years for the swords to collect enough ambient spiritual power to coalesce into a working form of shapeshifting ectoplasm, compounded by any requirements for the energy signatures to come from similar-minded individuals or risk total insanity, and would likely take centuries if not for the mass slaughter of a closely-knit community of peaceful villagers.

>What do
You have one hour, and Vivian's still alive. If you're not going to eat her, your best bet is to tie her to you and keep her throat at swordpoint as a hostage.
No. 873114 ID: 931ed9

But but my PLAN!!
Well fuck I guess remove metal bits by removing her clothes and then just eat her then take stock of the room.
Maybe see if we can reabsorb lost arm.
No. 873117 ID: 65a774
File 152086734574.png - (46.92KB , 700x550 , 103.png )

>Choke her out so she stays unconscious in case the paralysis wears off.
If she is able to regain her moment, she will do so slowly. You’ll have plenty of time to choke her if she starts breaking free from the paralysis. After all, you don’t want to accidently kill her, right?
>Quickly empty her pockets.
A key ring and a pouch with a few silver coins. Nothing super interesting.
>Strip down her clothes if you have time.
You’ll need her clothes and with the amount paralyzing magic the other you pumped into her she won’t start moving properly anytime soon. As you strip her down to her skivvies, you can see her start to struggle weakly as she tries to say something, but she’s unable to make a sound in her current condition. Huh, she was wearing some kind of magical ring? You wonder what it does…

>Alright, gulp her down.
You lift up her legs towards your snout in preparation of your meal, but just before you bite in you are interrupted by a weak, barely audible voice.
:ViviFoS: D-did K-Karn send you? I’ll p-pay double what he is p-paying… triple? Ten times what he pays! Just… j-just tell me w-what you want and… and…
:EmaFoS: Right now I just want to eat this delicious pheasant I found.
:ViviFoS: …Wha-

Vivian can only stare in horror as you start consuming her. She doesn’t even manage to get a sound out as the chock of what’s happening is too much for her. It’s over in a heartbeat, what with your hunger and her flavor driving you to consume her as quickly as you can. Soon enough, she is no more.
No. 873118 ID: 65a774
File 152086735639.png - (48.89KB , 700x550 , 104.png )

After such a large meal you can’t help but to sit down for a bit. Taking a seat on the former Varkian’s desk, you finally have a moment to relax for a bit and enjoy her flavor as your hunger if finally sated.

>Continue screeching, maybe throw in some shrieking and wailing too.
You try your best to make another screech, but your full belly have other ideas.
:EmaFoS: *Burp* Ugh…
>Wait hold up if we get stabbed our body falls apart. That means we're weaker that any normal mortal!
Last time you checked, being stabbed kills most things mortal as well. By Helve, for all you know, you might outright be immune against blunt trauma too!
>Can you remember if you can regrow a limb, and if so what you'll need to do so and how long it'll take?
You can remember losing them before… and then having them again later so… you must be able to regrow them somehow?

>Speed-digest Vivian through immediate meditation.
Entering a state of meditation, you focus your whole being on one thing and one thing only…
No. 873119 ID: 65a774
File 152086736825.png - (57.97KB , 700x550 , 105.png )

Huh? Where… what… oh, you must have dosed off for a second there… or for forty minutes if the office clock is anything to go by. That means you have about 20 minutes to get out of here, right? Also… you’re apparently Vivian now? Somehow?

>Break the window.
There aren’t any windows in here. The only way out is the door… that is guarded…
>What IS there in this room anyway? Take stock of your resources.
Let’s see… there’s the desk you’re sitting on, which have several locked drawers, then there’s a dresser, a bookshelf and a closet… as well as a… you’re going to guess that’s a small supply closet of some kind? Other than that… there’s just a bunch of paintings, a globe and a small bust of some Sakkilian you don’t recognize.
>Not sure what to do about the cyan blood on the floor. Maybe you could find some cleaning supplies in the room?
There’s probably a mop and bucket in the supply closets, if you’re going to venture a guess?
>Scoop it up and eat it, and what you can't scoop up, lick it up.
…you’re not sure you actually want to lick that off the floor. Do you? While you might want to remove any evidence that you were here, getting out in one piece is your primary goal.

>Open the door and paralyze the guard immediately before legging it out the nearest window.
First off, they are wearing armor… second, you really don’t have it in you to paralyze anyone right now. You’ve already used up your… whatever it is you use, for today.
>Kill the guards.
Hmm… how? You aren’t confident that you can best them in one on one combat… and leaving their dead bodies around will probably put the guards in high alert.
>Devour the dead guards.
You’re pretty sure you’ll get sick from eating something like that… or, at least you have a feeling you will. You’re not entirely sure.
>Devour your old clothes.
You’re not some garbage disposal... but you guess you can… um… do that? Just this once? But the poncho stays. Daddy gave it to you, after all.
>Devour the guards.
Hmm… you’re almost done with Vivi, so one of the guards might just fit down there… Helve, you might even try to fit them both in your tummy if you feel adventurous. The only question is… how do you get them to strip out of their armor and into your mouth without being able to paralyze them?
>Carefully take the time to set up an ambush for the 8:00 appointment.
You have a really bad feeling about these twin characters. Besides, they are nobles, they are bound to have an army of guards with them. Of course, that won’t stop you from spying on them from outside the training hall, will it?
>When you escape from the dojo, do it as Gev, and make sure both of the guards live to back each other’s (true) stories up.
Of course, this would make your Gev form a wanted man… and probably make Vivian’s form useless as well. But in the end, better that than you lose your main form as Ema…

Right, you got twenty minutes until the others arrive. Now is the time to make up a plan. How do you handle the guards? Trick them? Try and fight them? Outrun them? Sneak out? …eat them? Maybe there’s something in here that can help but… you really don’t have time to go through everything in here, especially if you want to have time to clean up your mess and deal with the guards. Maybe if you focus on something in particular… hmm…

…wait, did… did you just hear a light snoring coming from outside?
No. 873127 ID: c2b72b

As previously stated: Search the room for anything useful/interesting. Coins, documents, weapons - anything that could be useful now or later.

Leave ~10 minutes before the twins arrive. In Vivian form, check the status of the guard(s) outside. If they're awake, dismiss them. If they're asleep, leave them alone and just walk out. Turn into Gev once a reasonable distance away. Do not return to Ema until you're in somewhere private in the inn.
No. 873129 ID: 10c408

Sounds like the guard just outside your door is asleep. Check the status on your arm. It seems to be regrowing? Put Vivian's clothes on for now, then start opening to check on the immediate guard.
No. 873131 ID: f6785d

Well this one sounds resonable enough. It might sound to easy, but it is the best case scenario. Worst case scenario, the Twins arrive earlier and you are going to make some more acting.
Now, if i remember correctly, there is only one guard on the door, and it sounds like he is sleeping. You are not the sneaky type, but this isn't your body, so maybe you can be more stealthy with this one. If you encounter someone, say that the prisioner is being cooperative and that you are going out for a bit to take some fresh air or something. Act like Vivian, be asertive, you don't take shit from anyone now.
Oh, and if you have time, clean your blood and try to do something about your arm. If you can't, just leave, hide your poncho and use a cape to hide your missing arm.
No. 873135 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, I thought all of your clothes ripped off? Did your underwear manage to survive?

>What now?
Check on the status of your arm. Put on Vivian’s clothes and take her money bag. Sneak past the sleeping guard and leave now before the twins arrive and hope they don’t arrive early.

Find a quiet place to change back to Ema and pray that Vivian’s clothes don’t rip to pieces when a Sakkilian is wearing them. Go back to the inn, come up with an apology to Danus, and reclaim your swords.
No. 873137 ID: b1b4f3

Put on Vivian's clothes, quietly open the door. If they ask what you're doing just say you're taking a bathroom break.
You can walk straight out. No problems at all.

We have 20 minutes before the twins arrive but in reality we have more like 15 minutes. We have to be away from the building before they get here.
That means you have 15 minutes to raid the supply closet and mop up your blood. It probably won't take that long though.
If you have some spare time after that, use the keyring to get the desk open. There's bound to be something interesting in there.
No. 873140 ID: f3fe9b

Worst case scenario, the roof is probably made of plaster or drywall with some shingles on top; there's no reason this place would have uninterrupted wood beams in the ceiling unless this place is literally a castle. Shouldn't be too hard to break through the roof if you're determined enough.
No. 873144 ID: 33cbe7

Clean up the mess first by licking it up, assuming your bird tongue can reach anyway. Next, use the keyring to examine what's in the drawers.
Finally, see if opening the door wakes up the guard. If it does, seduce him inside, say you've got the Sakkilian bound up in the closet or something. If anyone asks after his fate, say you sent him home early for sleeping on the job...
But if he doesn't wake up, you're home free!
No. 873145 ID: 0467b7

However, breaking through the roof would be quite noisy.
No. 873147 ID: f3fe9b

Is Ema competent enough to pull off anything else?
No. 873155 ID: 5b93d3

Wake up the guard sleeping on the job by yelling at him to go fetch the other guard. Head in the opposite direction he runs off to in an unthinking panic and use that time to find a back door (or window) to leave through.
No. 873163 ID: 91ee5f

And let this be a learning experience. Any damage you take in one form will follow you in all of your forms.

And be careful with thinking about eating another person so soon after Vivian. You wouldn’t want to suddenly lose control, would you?

Would she even be able to reach the ceiling?
No. 873182 ID: 648e07

Sneak out, if the guard wakes up tell her the blue bitch had some invisibility potion hidden on her and bailed and she should chase her down, like right now or we are going to take out our frustration on her tonight!
No. 873205 ID: 0467b7

Oooh, good idea.
No. 873214 ID: caf1de

what i mean is that when normal people are stabbed in the arm it doesn't fall off and the arm is still somewhat useable

can we sneak by the sleeping guard and then change into gev and then leave the building
No. 873230 ID: 05ff2f

Hop down and put your ear to the door to confirm the bodyguard is napping. That done, don't yet put on Vivian's outfit. You have cleaning to do, so wait until after you finish that to put the outfit on so you don't get them dirty.

Looks like your left arm is regenerating but hasn't finished the skin yet. If you can focus on finishing the hand and wrist first, then the sleeve of Vivian's outfit should hide the rest of that arm and you can get going sooner.

You'll need to wear the magic ring to complete Vivian's outfit, so put it on the same finger she had it on and hope it isn't something anti-undead. You'll have to get it appraised later to find out what it's enchantment is, unless it has some effect you can feel.

Search the closet and dresser here for a bag or other contain you can take with you. You'll use that to hold your poncho, Vivian's training outfit, the scraps of fabric that were your old clothes and any other items you want to keep. Oh, you can use the scraps of fabric to wrap up items that would make noise as you move, like the keys and coins. Also take one of the ropes that was binding you and tie the ends around so you can slip your hands into the loops and use it as a garrote to choke someone.

Also check the closet for footwear. If there's any you can put them on to keep your claws from making noise against the hard floor as you walk.

Look through the instruments of pain Vivian has in here and pick out one that a bodyguard would prefer to take three hits from rather than losing a week's wages, as well as a blindfold. Then unlock and open the door as quietly as you can and wake the bodyguard by tapping her on the head. Tell her that you're in a good mood, so she gets a choice of punishment for sleeping on the job. Either a week's wages docked, or three hits of pain. She'll probably take the pain, so tell her to go to the private training room and strip her armor and shirt, then follow her. Once she's stripped, give her the blindfold to wear, saying it heightens the effect, then tell her to kneel. Then shift into Ema's form and use the rope garrote you made before to choke her unconscious while pinning her to the floor. Then eat her.

For the other bodyguard you'll need to get a war hammer or other blunt instrument. Something that could knock her flat out in one surprise overhead hit even through her helmet. Leave that weapon just inside the office door and to the side. Shift into Vivian's form, go to the front door and pointedly ask the bodyguard why the Helve there is nobody guarding your office. When she says the other bodyguard was there, say she isn't there now, ordering the bodyguard to come with you back to outside your office. Once there, sweep your hand over the distinct lack of bodyguards and tell her to stand guard in front of your office door, pointing to a spot about a meter in front, while you get something from your office. Then when she's looking away, open the door, take the blunt weapon, shift to Ema's form and clobber the bodyguard's lights out. Then drag her into the office, strip her armor off and eat her.

Once you're out of here and well into the alleys, take Gev's form and change into Vivian's training outfit. Then go to the clothes shop Danus mentioned earlier to buy a outfit for your Ema form.

Do you remember what happens to mortals that consume your blood/goo, either in small or large quantity? Does it kill them? Paralyze them? Make them ill otherwise?

>By Helve, for all you know, you might outright be immune against blunt trauma too!
Which, if true, would mean you could pull shit like jump out a fifth floor window and not break your everything on impact. Yeah, you definitely need to investigate how much punishment you can take.
No. 873243 ID: c0641d

I think leaving at least one of the guards alive, with the impression that the only thing that went wrong tonight was the escape of the blue Sakilian, would be wise. Making it look like we escaped will make it much harder to connect us to Vivian’s subsequent disappearance, especially if we keep up the illusion of otherwise for a little bit. Maybe eat the guard standing outside (assuming he’s actually bad) by luring him into a vulnerable state as Vivian, and wake up the other guard saying that Ema managed to break free and run right past him. The missing guard went off to chase her, and they’re both probably going to get gotten by whatever’s stalking the streets at night now, and it’s all his fault. We’ll “decide his punishment later.”
No. 873292 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, I have a even better idea. Ema should make it look like Vivian has just realized that she's in the sights of something she can't stop and has to abandon her life to run and hide. Either that or she's snapped and gone insane.

Okay, before cleaning up the cyan goo, Ema should check the desk drawers for liquor or potions. If there is a bottle in there that looks suitably like a potion bottle empty it out part way and scoop some of the glowy goo into it. Ema-as-Vivian can slug it back right before transforming into Gev to make it look like she just took some kind of transformation potion to anyone who might be watching.

Next, search the desk and dresser for a fire starter or matches. Then pull books off the shelf and pile them up with loose papers and the footstool on the spot where the cyan goo is. Don't bother cleaning up the goo 'cause this office is gonna go up in flames. Add lines of booze and kindling from the pile to the desk and put a painting on top.

Put on Vivian's training outfit underneath her regular outfit, so you can strip the regular outfit off and ditch it when you transform into Gev. Also see if there's two bags or sacks of different appearance in here. You'll put the bag with the stuff you want to keep inside the other bag, then ditch the outer bag when you transform so you're not carrying around a identifying bag. Also remember to wear her sword and scabbard when you leave, but ditch it as well when you transform into Gev.

Light the fire right before you open the office door, then close and lock it using the keyring. Don't try to be quiet; You want the bodyguard to wake up. When she does, tell her to get to the front entrance and delay the twins. Speak like you're at the end of your rope and spooked out of your head. If she questions you, outright order her to go to the front entrance.

Whether the bodyguard leaves or not, rush to a back door or a window that's nearest the alleyways and slip out that way. Run down the maze of alleys until you find a hiding spot. Pull off Vivian's outfit and ditch it, leaving you wearing her training outfit, ditch the outer bag and swig back the fake transformation potion before changing into Gev after a minute. That done, run for a bit more through the alleys before heading out onto the main streets. Go to the clothes store Danus mentioned and pick out replacement clothes for your Ema form to wear on returning to the inn.
No. 873544 ID: 931ed9

Guards can't catch you if you're on fire. They also can't catch you if they're on fire.
Set everything on fire.
No. 873759 ID: 02e7a5



how's havin' tits treatin' ya?
No. 873760 ID: 65a774
File 152114326834.png - (75.23KB , 700x550 , 106.png )

>Do you remember what happens to mortals that consume your blood/goo, either in small or large quantity?
You have no idea what will happen if someone consume… well, anything from you, really.
>Put on Vivian’s clothes and take her money bag.
You now look like Vivian, ring and all…
>Pray that Vivian’s clothes don’t rip to pieces when a Sakkilian is wearing them.
These clothes are almost small as it is. Gev might be a bit tight fit but he’ll probably be able to wear them, but for Ema… yeah, no.
>Put your ear to the door to confirm the bodyguard is napping.
The floor creaks a bit as you get close to the door and you can hear the guard getting a bit startled outside before nodding off again. You don’t have enough faith in your sneaking skill to even think you’ll be able to get past her without waking her again… especially in a new body that you’re not used to.

>Check the status on your arm. It seems to be regrowing?
Huh… your arm is back but… um… it still lack scales… or feathers in this case. You better not show it off to anyone for a while.
>Raid the supply closet and mop up your blood.
Doing your best, with the aid of a water bucket, soap and a cloth rag, you manage to clean up most of the blood in short order.
>Search the closet and dresser here for a bag or other contain you can take with you.
You don’t even need to check the dresser for that, as there is a handbag hanging by the door. There’s also a pair of gloves there you take, so you can hide your hideous arm.

>If you have some spare time after that, use the keyring to get the desk open. There's bound to be something interesting in there.
It takes a few tries, but you manage to find a key that fits the locks on the desk. Going through its content, you’re faced with disappointment as it’s just a bunch of documents concerning the economics of your training hall and nothing more. Wait, what is this?

You find some papers with the same seal your magic ring has that sparks your interest…
“Thank you for renting mercenaries from GreenSap Merc. Comp., the most loyal and obedient mercenaries around.”
“-Magically compelled to protect you at all times and follow your orders without fault.”
“-if the need ever arise, you can use your ring of command to force your rental goods properly to obey you, no matter what your order is. This include ordering them to do something they morally object to, hurt themselves, hurt those that they love and even waltz right down the gullet of a dragon* if you so desire. To use the command ring, simply say ‘Kneel before me, [Your name]’ and they’ll do so.”
“-the ring as well as other magically compelling spells will only work when used with someone with your voice and your blood, ensuring that only you can order your new rentals around. They can also track you by your blood as long as you’re in an area of a few kilometers of you, ensuring that they’ll always be able to find you if you get into trouble.”
“*Note: Any rental goods damaged or killed by your volition, incompetency or indifference will be compensated by you, to a maximum of 100 gold coins.”
Huh… interesting… so they aren’t just normal guards, eh?

In one of the other drawers you managed to find a small bottle of poison, as well as a locket of some kind? Strange, the locked has the name Karn on it? …wait, now you remember! You asked that assassin you sent a few years ago to bring this back as proof that bitch finally bit the dust! Now you just need to remove that pesky son of hers as well… you can’t believe how stubborn he is! No matter, with this poison you’ll be able to make it look like an accident, and then finally you’ll be... um…

…you’re Ema… not Vivian… Ema…

>Wake up the guard sleeping on the job by yelling at him to go fetch the other guard. Then just leave while they are busy.
You know… with this ring you might not even need to bluff your way out…
>Eat the guards.
But then again… with this ring they would be easy meals… and you’re peachy for some dessert after Vivian…
>Oh, I have an even better idea. BURN EVERYTHING!
Of course, you can also just burn the whole place down and hide all the evidence that way.

So, how do you do this?
Do you simply walk out and disappear as Vivian?
The pros: Probably the easiest way to do this and is the least… um… morally corrupt choice.
The cons: This will leave both the guards alive, whom know that you were here right before Vivian disappeared. They are bound to suspect the blue Sakkilian, after all.

Or do you simply just eat the guards and then disappear?
The pros: There will be no witnesses left that saw a blue Sakkilian enter Vivian’s place before she suddenly disappeared, making it hard for them to find out that you were involved.
The cons: The sword warned you not to eat too much to fast but… it’s just two guards?

Or do you burn everything down?
The pros: Leave no evidence, maybe no witnesses and fire is really pretty!
The cons: The city-guard will definitely notice and check it out… and you might just accidently burn down half the town while you’re at it.
No. 873762 ID: 2fe26a

Arson to cover up a murder always comes back to bite you.
No, eat the guards. The swords aren't here right now.
No. 873768 ID: 02e7a5

Leave as Vivian:
Make a ruckus, tell the guards that the blue Sakkilian wounded you, then turned invisible and fled with the use of some potions that they didn't find when they searched Ema>:( and they should go find her right now while we go confront Karn, who probably sent her here and that one armed alchemist friend of his, who probably made those potions! By ourselves!

I sent the question while you wrote the update, but i'll have to insist on an answer to >>873759 .
No. 873769 ID: f6785d

That is pretty smart, and since we have the ring they can't do anything about it even if they find this suspicious. Good then, first we tell them to go look for
"Ema" while "Vivian" confronts Khan about all this incident.
But we need to be fast, those twins are bound to arrive any minute now.
No. 873771 ID: c0641d

Go the deception route, especially since these guards might not be evil by choice. As Vivian, write down a confession of having had Karn’s mother killed, how you were trying to get rid of Karn himself, and how you were in the business of person trafficking (note; try to remember if that’s a thing she did or if it was a one-time opportunity she seized). Try to remember how “you” contacted this mercenary company. Whomever is running this apparent slave business might make a good target in the future. Go out the room and make a ruckus about how the blue Sakilian turned into someone else (that you made up) and disappeared right before your eyes, and order them to search the place. Slip out, and make sure you’re seen posting the confession somewhere the public will see it. Buy clothes for Ema, and change into her before returning to the inn (making sure you have nothing incriminating visible, like that ring). Make a beeline to the swords to stop the accelerated rate of hangery. Explain that you wanted better clothes if you were going to take it any further with Danus, and ask all of them to remind you to never go out spontaneously like that this late ever again; you had this unexplainable feeling of being hunted. Get Oran alone, and confront him about what he knows, then get him to agree as your accomplice to falsify a record of someone buying transformation and invisibility potions, and be ready to back it up with your own account of giving him scales with knowledge and consent because the customer had “certain tastes.” Have him describe selling it to someone matching the same description you gave as Vivian.
No. 873774 ID: 906c5f

If you can use the ring order the guard fetch the other guard then to hunt down the secretary and then kill each other. Otherwise go with the bullshiting the guards plan.
Remember to take as much incriminating evidence as you can, it's not useful to us but it'll be useful to someone.

I do wonder about the mind controlled guards though, do you think they willingly underwent this spell or are they people who where abducted and forced to using the mind control spell to train and serve. Wonder if that's what happened to those poor and homeless that "disappeared"?
No. 873777 ID: 91ee5f

>Basically mind controlling people.
Is that even legal?! Should we bring these to someone?!

Also, Ema, you probably just found out what was going to happen to you. Either forced to be a guard or a sex slave.

>In one of the other drawers you managed to find a small bottle of poison, as well as a locket of some kind? Strange, the locked has the name Karn on it? …wait, now you remember! You asked that assassin you sent a few years ago to bring this back as proof that bitch finally bit the dust! Now you just need to remove that pesky son of hers as well…you can’t believe how stubborn he is! No matter, with this poison you’ll be able to make it look like an accident, and then finally you’ll be...um…
Look for written documentation of this and bring it all to show to Karn! He’ll want to know about this and he’ll definitely be wanting that locket back!
No. 873780 ID: 094652

>Slave Guards purchased from a legal corporation
Well that's just "Footsockball Super Bowl Advertising" guilty.

She'll be useful. But constantly remind yourself that the best part of that backstabbing sexist amateur-swordswoman is her body. Well, there's an easy way to do that...

>What do
Everything depends on whether or not you can use that ring to its intended purpose.
Good News: There's only one guard.
Bad News: You don't actually know his name. And of course, you don't know if he's one of the guard slaves or an independent contractor.

Thing is, the contract in the desk should contain a roster for easy access. Wouldn't want your customers to get themselves killed because they accidentally ordered themselves dead and couldn't remember said names in time. It's also apparent that the slaves still have their personalities and can make decisions if they're not operating under direct orders. So let's try this:

Open the door slightly and pretend to seduce the guard. Do NOT make any effort to succeed, he's clearly not interested. What you're doing is making small talk about the OTHER guards, using their NAMES. When you get to his, he'll probably say "Hey, I'M [Name]!" or "You don't remember who I am! Who are you?!" and then you order him to "SHUT UP and stop moving". If he doesn't, pull him through the door with your strength and consume. When the twins and the other guards come, pretend you're having a threesome (block the door with your pounding body). It should be easy since you're using Vivian's voice. If the guard follows orders, explain that you're an extremely powerful supernatural creature who was summoned and bound because of a cult for ten years and you want revenge. With your possession powers, you can directly mind-control the strongest seats in power and could eventually take over the entire world, but for now you'll settle for the @#$%ers who murdered hundreds of your former host bodies repeatedly. You have the guard's freedom, but you don't have his will; if he gives it freely, helps you with your revenge quest by keeping up the Vivian deception, you'll let him follow on your way to greatness. And if he's REALLY sweet, you'll reward him by merging his soul with Vivian's body. Deal? (All of which is TECHNICALLY true and a general pack of lies otherwise.)
No. 873781 ID: 10c408

Okay, we're really shopping at the devil's garage sale aren't we...

Hoo booy. Alright, don't do arson. Don't mind control the guards either. Put the papers, the poison, the locket and clothing in vivian's bag and check the window to see where it goes. if it's an empty alleyway great, chuck the bag out there. if not keep it on you.

Damage the bindings they used on you a bit and make the room look like it's been ransacked after the 'fun times' Vivi had with you.

Next, punch yourself in the face once or twice. Get some bruises if possible then go wake up the guard by screaming at him. "You blundering idiot! The blue bitch had a potion or two on her and she overpowered me! GO SEARCH THE PLACE NOW."

After he runs off go tell the other guard that the first guard has royally fucked things up and that he also needs to search this place for that invisible skank before your associates arrive.

After they are both busy, leave via the front door and then recollect vivian's bag if it got chucked earlier and find a clothing store you can purchase some new duds from without too many questions asked.
No. 873787 ID: 5b93d3

>The cons: This will leave both the guards alive, whom know that you were here right before Vivian disappeared. They are bound to suspect the blue Sakkilian, after all.
We have a ring of Do What We Tell You. And an order of "forget you ever saw a blue Sakkilian" wouldn't even be out of character for Vivian's shady business.
No. 873788 ID: f3fe9b

>ring of command
That's convenient, and mortally questionable. That said I don't think you've got the right blood, only the right face. Also, they may be good people under all that armor, in which case you shouldn't be eating them. I say just sneak past- what are they going to do, tell the guards "hey, we kidnapped this blue lady and now she's disappeared, what do we do?" once they find their paycheck's disappeared into the night, if they're smart they'll bugger off back to Unnecessary Abbreviation HQ rather than get tied up in the Twins Business.

Walk past the guards as Viv, tell them the 'guest' has revealed information you need to capitalize on immediately- make a show of tightening your glove you're using to cover your wounds to emphasize your meaning. Then tell them you'll be back in 10 or 15 minutes, they should check up on the 'guest' before then with lots of bluster about how you won't punish them for failure, the Twins will. They'll see the job's gone bad and flee the scene if they have two brain cells to rub together between the lot of 'em, or the Twins will torture them for information they don't have.

Or just eat them if you sense they're bastards. Or torch the place, that's always a good plan.

Also! Viv mentioned paying you money. Better find and liberate all that.
No. 873825 ID: b1b4f3

You don't have any evidence to burn. All you have left are witnesses. Witnesses you can control. Just get them to kill themselves. Don't bother eating them, it'll look like Vivian did it and that's good enough.
No. 873838 ID: f6785d

She had one or two guards? The one snoring was talking with other guard before.
No. 873960 ID: caf1de

when you leave take the locket we have to tell karn that the reason mommy never came back is cause she got assassinated
we also have all her memories so that means we can totally use all her contacts and blackmail and shit
No. 873974 ID: 05ff2f

Considering the way your personality and memories got muddled up with Vivian's, you shouldn't eat anyone else anytime soon, let alone two. If you do, your psyche may get jumbled with theirs, or worse, one of their psyches will subsume yours for at least a bit. And another reason not to is that it may make your hunger "beast" stronger, making it harder to get under control the next time you start getting hungry. Also, you don't know if eating too much will have a overt physical effect that'd be tough or impossible to hide, or if you have a capacity limit beyond which you'd rupture. So no eating the guards.

Burning down the training hall wouldn't help you. You don't have any evidence here you need to destroy that you can't take with you; The scraps of your shirt and pants. That leaves only two witnesses and you can use the ring to command them to do anything, so burning down the place doesn't help there. In fact, burning down the place will bring even more scrutiny since it'll look like either a assassin did it to cover their tracks or Vivian did it to destroy evidence of misdeeds of which she's now running from. And once the rubble is combed and no bones of a vark or sakkilian are found, it'll be known the body of her and you weren't in the building. So no arson.

The idea of using the ring to order the guards to forget or not communicate anything of what has happened and to lie about it comes to mind. But using a ring of command in that way has undoubtedly been done before by many others before, so any serious questioning of the guards will involve dispelling all the command binds. That means you can't leave the guards behind, and you shouldn't speak of anything you don't want to risk anyone else finding out, like your true identity.

Also, remember that not just the guards know you came here. Vivian's secretary does as well. You'll have to deal with him somehow.

Take the locket and the vial of poison. If you get Oran on board with you, you can show him them and reveal the memory you took from Vivian of her having Karn's mother assassinated and her plot to kill him. From there maybe you can bring Karn on board with Oran's backing.

Stick all the other papers back in the drawers and close and lock them. Throw the ropes that were binding you into the closet and put the office into the state it was when you entered. Then step outside, leaving the door unlocked behind you.

Tell the guard outside the office to follow you, then head to the front entrance. Lock the front door, shut off the lights, then use the ring to order the guards to not speak for the next twenty minutes and to follow you. Then head back to whatever back door the building undoubtedly has.

Use the ring to order the guards to not communicate in any way, shape or form the orders you have or are going to give them, that the blue scaled girl was ever here, or the events involving you and them since the moment the blue girl arrived. Then order them to leave here by the back door and as discreetly as they can get to and kidnap your secretary and lay low with him overnight. If anyone in authority, such as a city guard or the twins' men, find them and try to bring them in either for arrest or questioning, and there's no way to escape, kill the secretary and then themselves. Tomorrow, starting immediately after city gates are open, you want them to get the secretary and themselves out of the city without being caught and travel as far as they can possibly go in seven days. Use whatever resources and money they have at hand to do this. At the end of the seven days, release the secretary with enough money make the trip back to Stoneburg. A day later, you release them from your contract with GreenSap and by your order declare all previous orders you have given rescinded. They're free to do whatever they will, though you strongly suggest they don't return to Stoneburg.

If this all works, it'll give you about a fortnight before you have to worry about the secretary returning and being questioned. And you're doing all this rigmarole instead of just having the guards kill the secretary and then themselves because you want to give them a chance to live, but you're not going to risk them getting caught and questioned. It's not as morally corrupt but it still protects you from being found out.

Once the guards have their orders, leave with them out the back, don't go towards where you'd be seen by the twins approaching the front door, and part ways at the first alley. Change into Gev once you're deep enough in the maze of alleys and nobody is around, then make your way around to the second-hand clothes shop via regular streets. Once there, sell Vivian's outfit and buy some basic clothes for Gev's form and for Ema's. Then change into Ema's form in a alley near the inn, change into her clothes and head to the inn.

Your story once you get to the inn is that you lost your nerve kissing Danus in front of everyone and ran and ran and then collapsed in a pile of exhaustion and dismay and tears over how you acted. You sat there a good long while, mentally beating yourself up and crying that Danus wouldn't have anything to do with you after that before realizing the time. You found you were near the clothing shop, so you figured you'd put off the pain of heading back to the inn and facing Danus for a bit and buy some clothes that weren't threadbare and falling apart.

>They can also track you by your blood as long as you’re in an area of a few kilometers of you...
This is going to be a issue. You don't know if Vivian has more GreenSap mercs in rotation as bodyguards, which if she does they can be used to locate you if you remain in Vivian's form. Better not use Vivian's form for any length of time after this evening, and even then only do so away from places you don't want to be investigated.
No. 873975 ID: cf5a32

>And an order of "forget you ever saw a blue Sakkilian" wouldn't even be out of character for Vivian's shady business.
Do this. Food is best served straight from the hunt, not raised in a cellar. We can find better sources than these guards.
Although, I do wonder how the blood bit works. Do you really have Vivian's blood when you're turned into her? If it's technically not because you're some form of undead, then the ring is worthless except for one order: "Cease your service to me." And who knows what such a command would result in.
No. 873989 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, remember that not just the guards know you came here. Vivian's secretary does as well. You'll have to deal with him somehow.
Actually, we don’t have to do anything to him. Vivian told us here: >>872578 , that she told him to take the rest of the day off.

.....do you think we can get away with doing something dumb like ordering the guards to go to sleep and stay that way for a few hours?
No. 874113 ID: 05ff2f

Okay, here's a better plan of action that's not as convoluted as the one I wrote before. Take the locket and the vial of poison, stick the papers back in the drawers and close them, test out your new Vivian voice to get its tone right and make sure Vivian's scabbard with its sword is on your hip. That done, step out of the office.

Order the dozy guard to go get the other guard and come back here after locking the front entrance if it's not already locked and turning the lights off. Don't use the ring of command for this. You don't know if it'll work for you. The rule to follow is to give the guards orders, if they balk then threaten to use the ring and if they refuse even then, then use the ring and hope it works. Just make sure you have distance from them and a exit you can flee through if it doesn't.

Once both guards are present, tell them to take position in front and back of you and that you're leaving out the back right now. If they object or question this, tell them to stop that and that it is your order so follow it, don't question it. Then follow the one in front to the back exit since you don't know the way. If they stand there, ask them why they're not heading towards the back exit to prompt them to lead the way.

Once outside, briskly walk through back alleys in a circuitous route to a dead-end alley right near the clothes shop Danus mentioned. One on the bad neighborhood side. Hand one of the guards the poison vial, saying to pocket it, and tell them both to wait here. Once you're a good head-start distance away, use the ring to order them to remain quiet and not move, followed by the order for each of them to take a large sip from the vial you just gave them and reseal it afterwards. Then wait for them to drop dead and recover the vial. However, if they don't follow your orders to take the poison, then you know the ring doesn't work for you and you should run for your life.

The reason to bring the guards here is that the poor denizens of the slums will strip the guards' corpses by mid-morning tomorrow, if not by curfew tonight. They'll also not likely report a pair of dead guards to the city guard.

Assuming that the guards followed the orders and are dead, hurry into the clothes store. Buy a basic outfit that is loose enough to fit both Vivian's and Gev's forms and won't get ripped apart if you have to change into your prime (Ema) form. Buy a outfit that will fit your prime form as well as a new set of underwear. Also buy a hooded robe or cloak that's large enough to fit any of your current forms and a new, larger, bag, transferring the contents from the handbag into it. Change into the new outfit and sell Vivian's outfit and handbag. Head to a secluded alley partway to the inn, strip, change into Ema and put on the clothes for her form before continuing to the inn.

It's unfortunate that you did not think to remove Vivian's bra before eating her. Without support her form's boobs are gonna be bouncing all over the place if you're running or otherwise being physically active. And with how tight her outfit is you'll give anyone watching a sight. Even walking it'd be noticeable you're not wearing a bra to those who're checking you out.
No. 874114 ID: 05ff2f

Bit of a change to this plan. Instead of ordering the guards to take the poison, have them just wait there while you're in the clothes shop, then escort you as Vivian to a alley nearer to the inn and away from the bad neighborhood. That way they'll deter anyone from jumping you. Once you're in a secluded alley near the inn, then give them the order to drink the poison but right before they do order them to stop. You'll know the ring works for you then. Give them a order to not communicate what happened this evening in any way and lay low tonight. As soon as the city gates are open tomorrow they are to travel as far away from Stoneburg as they can within seven days. At the end of that time they'll be released from service to you and all orders or commands mundane or magical they are under that you are authorized to cancel are canceled.
No. 874124 ID: 593279

Ema might not be capable to pull off a believeble disappearing act by herself. We can conspire with Karn and Oran, since Oran figured us out through our blood and will tell Karn about us eventually. If we get enough evidence of Vivian's wrongdoings to Karn, he can get them to the guard and say he found those while looking into his mothers death, with Ema helping him by investigating Vivian. We can then pretend Vivian fled the city or went into hiding.

I'd rather not eat anyone as colleteral, that's a dangerous sentiment to have.
No. 874129 ID: 05ff2f

Except that the city guard and the court of law are quite likely corrupt as well so Karn wouldn't have anyone to take evidence to. And Karn doesn't have the pull alone to freak Vivian out to the point she'll go into hiding. ...But there has to be someone out there with enough power and will to bring Vivian and everyone she's conspired with to justice and I have a idea how to get the evidence to them: Use Vivian's guards.

Use the ring to compel the guards to tell what people would have the power and will to bring Vivian, the Twins and anyone else she has conspired with in her illegal misdeeds and vile actions to justice and rightly punish them. Then use the ring to order the guards to go to the nearest one of those persons and tell them every illegal and vile action they were witness to Vivian doing, everyone they know she colluded and conspired with, and every misdeed they did for Vivian under order, magical or otherwise. They are to also write it all down and put their signature to it for that person. If that person is outside this city, the guards are to lay low until the city gates are opened and then travel to that person.

Whoever the guards go to will probably have whatever magic binds and compels the guards' to perform orders disabled after they communicate their eyewitness testimony so as to know they're not saying a pack of lies by someone else's orders. At that point the guards will be able to say everything that happened here this evening, so we'll have to be ready for that.
No. 874134 ID: 593279

Corrupt doesn't mean accomplice, if a corrupt officer got hold of evidence against you you're royally fucked and you'll likely be on the run from them instead.

I wouldn't use the ring to give the guards orders that'll make them suspicious of Vivian. They're not machines and will act against us if we push it too hard. They're also potential witnesses, so let's stick to orders Vivian would plausibly give and that keep them away from our person.
No. 874136 ID: b1b4f3

Why don't we tell the guards to try to kill the twins for us? Then they'll be more interested in finding and killing Vivian than bothering with Ema again.

Eventually we might want to do some research on the twins somehow and find out how they operate. If Ema would be safe when captured, we could get captured again later and infiltrate their organization, eating it piece by piece.
No. 874139 ID: 65a774
File 152132027763.png - (77.81KB , 700x550 , 107.png )

>How's havin' tits treatin' ya?
Having two large bags of fat on your chest is odd, to say the least… but you’re more surprised of the large bulge you have between your legs. You’re pretty sure female Varkians aren’t supposed to have those?
>It's unfortunate that you did not think to remove Vivian's bra before eating her. Without support her form's boobs are gonna be bouncing all over the place.
So that’s why they are so distracting, huh? Yeah, you really need to find something to fix that with.
>Considering the way your personality and memories got muddled up with Vivian's, you shouldn't eat anyone else anytime soon, let alone two.
You’re pretty sure it’s because you’re not in the shape of Ema anymore. After all, this shape is far superior to that ugly lizard’s one, so why would you want to keep her personality? Ohoho… maybe you should just stay as Vivian forever?
>We also have all her memories so that means we can totally use all her contacts.
You… um… can’t actually remember anything about any contacts. You only remember killing that bitch Kurana because you saw her locket. Maybe if you saw one of your contacts in person? Hmm...

>I do wonder about the mind controlled guards though, do you think they willingly underwent this spell or are they people who were abducted and forced to using the mind control spell to train and serve?
According to those papers, they were guaranteed to be fugitives and the like who willfully signed up to decrease their sentence or something? You really didn’t read that part through, as you don’t have the time to.
>Is that even legal?! Should we bring these to someone?!
Those papers looked rather legal… and they did write down their address to their main office here in Stoneburg so… you’re pretty sure that isn’t something you’ll do if it was illegal?
>Remember to take as much incriminating evidence as you can, it's not useful to us but it'll be useful to someone.
You make sure to put all the papers, the poison and the locket in your bag. After all, you don’t want anyone else to find these.

>Arson to cover up a murder always comes back to bite you.
But the fire is so pretty… and the screams of pain are like a symphony for your ears as you watch them futilely trying to escape the flames… but ah, you can get lost in nostalgia later.
>I'd rather not eat anyone as collateral, that's a dangerous sentiment to have.
But collateral are the most tasty of- bah, fine, you won’t eat them.
>They may be good people under all that armor, in which case you shouldn't be eating them.
They smell tastier than both Oran and Justina, so they can’t be that good.
>Hunt down the secretary.
Meh, that disgusting male doesn’t know anything important. Besides, who would believe a male anyway? Let them rot in their inferiority like they deserve.
>Tell the guards that you’ll go confront Karn before disappearing.
…why, yes, that’s an excellent idea! That way, after you disappear, Karn will be blamed! You bet they’ll hang him and his disgusting friend right at the center of town for your murder! …or he’ll probably just disappear, like all the other criminals. No, you want to watch him suffer for… for daring to exist! A male Weapon master!? How dare he! No, you’ll make him suffer… somehow…

>We have a ring of Do What We Tell You. And an order of "forget you ever saw a blue Sakkilian" wouldn't even be out of character for Vivian's shady business.
Hmm… if the ring works, then that would be the perfect way to do it. No witnesses, no evidence nor any unnecessary feasting.
>Bad News: You don't actually know his name.
You’re pretty sure you only need your own name and not theirs… and as you’ve been signing all those papers in there, finding your own name wasn’t that hard.

:ViviFoS: You there! Guard!
:NonFoS: Huh!? Wha- ma’am!?
:ViviFoS: Go get the other guard. I have orders for you both.

It doesn’t take long for her to run and get the other guard and you soon find yourself facing two nearly identically looking mercenaries.

:ViviFoS: Kneel before me, Vivian Velmleaf!

As you utter those words, both of the guards instantly fall to their knees as a green light illuminates them. The ring on your finger emits the same kind of shine and as you move your hand around, you watch as the guard’s eyes follow your ring every moment. By the three, you so love watching inferior beings on their knees… if only you had more time, you would order them to crawl on all four and bark like dogs or something… but you digress…

:NonFoS: What is your orders, Mistress?
:ViviFoS: …forget you ever saw a blue Sakkilian here.
:NonFoS: …ngt… we have forgotten as you asked us to…
:ViviFoS: And stay here and guard the training hall while I’m away.
:NonFoS: Yes, my lady!
:ViviFoS: Oh, and think that I’m on vacation far away for the next month or so.
:NonFoS: …The lady isn’t here, we need to close up the training hall until she gets back.
No. 874140 ID: 65a774
File 152132029187.png - (47.70KB , 700x550 , 108.png )

And then you simply walk out onto the streets. You know, you have a feeling you might have been overthinking this a bit.

>Hurry into the clothes store.
Right, you need new clothes for your Ema and Gev shapes.
>Buy a basic outfit that is loose enough to fit both Vivian's and Gev's forms and won't get ripped apart if you have to change into your prime (Ema) form.
Hmm… some kind of cloak, maybe? You’ll need to see what they have to offer…
>Buy an outfit that will fit your prime form as well as a new set of underwear.
And you definitely want a new clothes for Ema, after all, her shape might be useful to get close to Karn and… hmm…
Oh! Ohoho… you just got a splendid idea! Why don’t you just eat that disgusting friend of Karn, Oran or what’s he is called, and use his form to get close to him? Then, after you subdue him, you taunt him that you murdered both his best friend and his mother before consuming him! HA! You can already picture how crushed he will be when… you… wait…

…you know, maybe you could stop walking around as Vivian for a while… you’re starting to forget you’re actually Ema and not her.
No. 874141 ID: 65a774
File 152132029972.png - (71.05KB , 700x550 , 109.png )

You are Ema… and no one else.

End of thread stats:

Kills: 3
Items: 3
Secrets: 0
Consumed: 2

Allies: 2
Enemies: 4
Forms: 2

Cheeses: 1
Grains of Dust: 0
Mating Presses: 0

Hardest kill: Vivian Velmleaf

Current rating: D. (As in, you need it.)

Tips: Meditate while sated to relearn old skills.
No. 874142 ID: 094652

>large bulge you have between your legs
That explains so much. Maybe if you found someone who is sexually attracted to intersexuals (which is easier given you can flaunt around any only the Vivian personality will get flack), you could tame the Vivian personality with comfort and acceptance? Just enough so she doesn't infest your mind after prolonged use.
No. 874156 ID: f6785d

Hmm, so You are not actually taking only their forms, but their personality and memories as well!
This is quite interesting and dangerous at the same time. We should experiment later with this abillity when we have the time, and when we are not hungry, like the tip said. I got the feeling that depending on how stron the personality of the person is, more hard to remain as Ema is. Well, next time we are going to have to meditate after eating to regain some more forgoten knowlege.
No. 874158 ID: 05ff2f

Well, dang, that was way simpler and easier than anything I thought or suggested. I'm actually relieved it was. Now I'm wishing I'd posted the idea I had but dismissed of giving each of the guards orders to go to a different secluded alley at the same time every day. Then Ema-as-Vivian could show up, order the guard to follow her to a private spot, strip her armor and eat her. Then Ema would have another emergency backup meal in case she couldn't bag a better one.

>Having two large bags of fat on your chest is odd, to say the least… but you’re more surprised of the large bulge you have between your legs.
Whoa, what? Vivian is transsexual? Then the questions are, was she born male or female and why is she so massively sexist against men? Was she born female but feels she should be male and got augmented in secret and is extremely self-loathing about it? Was she born male and got augmented to appear female everywhere she could but the one place it couldn't be done? ...Or maybe she was born male, her parents desperately wanted a girl and did everything, including terrible, harsh things, they could to make Vivian into a woman, except in the one place they couldn't. Things that eventually turned her into the horrible person she was.

>…you know, maybe you could stop walking around as Vivian for a while… you’re starting to forget you’re actually Ema and not her.
That means we'll have to be careful about not staying in Gev's form for too long as well.

>Allies: 2
Hey, it was '1' at the end of the last day, for Justina. Who'd we pick up as a ally? Oran? ...Danus?
No. 874161 ID: 593279

Did we forget about the meeting about that papermask thing?
Was that important?
No. 874162 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, Ema, you forgot to sneak a peek at the Twins as they arrived before heading off. Might be for the best, since if you got spotted by them or their bodyguards it'll raise questions why the guards are saying you're on vacation.

Yeah, the meeting's at nine tonight back at the inn. But the private training session was scheduled from seven to eight, so Ema set off for it before seven and the Twins were to arrive at or shortly after eight, so Ema-as-Vivian left not long before before eight 'o clock. That means she has around a hour to get clothes and get back to the inn for the meeting.
No. 874172 ID: 094652

I don't think Vivian was a transsexual. The main evidence would be her natural breast size; this quest would be MUCH easier if Ema could absorb and replicate augmentations / enchantments. Like built-in arm cannons and anti-holy ward tattoos.

Vivian doesn't seem like a self-made woman; she's has many skills and contacts, but less street smarts (hence how you, a novice assassin, kicked her ass). Her sexism is likely inherited by her upbringing. If she transitioned, her family would be the first to know, and I don't think they would ever forgive her - or let her live.

Intersexuality makes more sense - if she was raised by a family that treats men like slaves, only to grow breasts during puberty, then her social status would increase and the resulting affection would cause a subconscious correlation between gender and happiness, but she'd spend the rest of her life lashing out at other men (and some women) to prevent them from examining her closely and realizing how boyish she actually is. That also explains her actions - she would hate men naturally and lash out at any women who she buttered up to only to learn her secret, causing her to close herself to the rest of the world.

In a strange way, she HAS been acting intersexual to us - she acts 'feminine' in a human way, but also 'feminine' in a varkian way. Which is confusing but well-interlaced.
No. 874176 ID: 91ee5f

When you go clothes shopping, go in Gev’s form. Vivian’s form will get you some unwanted attention. Especially if you end up accidentally meeting the twins while they’re on their way to Vivian’s dojo.

>You are Ema…and no one else.
That’s right! Don’t let the memories of the people you eat corrupt you or else you’ll end up just as corrupt as them!
No. 874183 ID: b1b4f3

>thinks males are inferior
>has a dick
Vivian is real fucked in the head huh?

Also we gained 3 new enemies. Hmm. The twins, obviously... what's the third one?
No. 874190 ID: 0467b7

I think Vivian had a bad case of "I don't want to be male so I hate all males."

Anyway, I'm in favor of changing to Gev to avoid attention and then proceeding to buy some clothes for your true self and your Varkian forms.

Providing no shenanigans happen, we'll then return to the inn, explains things to Danus, and then talk with Karn - if he's not at the inn, ask Oran if he knows where he is.
No. 874191 ID: 05ff2f

>I don't think Vivian was a transsexual. The main evidence would be her natural breast size
Except that Thalia in Strange Bedfellows had breasts and she was transsexual. She got them via... biomancy? Some kind of bio-augmentation magic that doesn't involve implants. But there wasn't any known way to alter her male sex organs into female ones. And since this quest is in the same world as Strange Bedfellows I figured it was more likely Vivian got the same procedure than her growing boobs naturally.

Also, I think being intersex relates to the genitals being wholly male or female or ambiguous and not a secondary sexual characteristic such as breasts. Until we know the degrees that Vivian is male down there, we can't say.

>If she transitioned, her family would be the first to know, and I don't think they would ever forgive her - or let her live.
I was thinking her family was extremely sexist and forced being a woman on Vivian from birth, hiding that she was ever male. That or he became a she and wiped her male past away to get her family's approval and training that would lead to her becoming a weapons master. I'm thinking that that is why she was so enraged at Kurana, Karn's mother, and killed her. She gave Karn the open support and training that Vivian wished deep down her family did. But it's all speculation for now. We'll have to wait and see what things actually are.
No. 874475 ID: b5c7ba

In the end, we ate Vivian, so it probably doesn't matter why she had a dick.
No. 874486 ID: f6785d

What it matters is that you ate a dick without you noticing.
No. 874494 ID: dd222d

While you're Vivian, do you know something about that guard Justina mentioned, Terroza?
No. 874602 ID: cb585b

I have a strong suspicion that taking on the victim's personality may be something controlled by the swords as well, which we still need to get sooner rather than later before we go full Vivian or Hungry Hungry Wraith
No. 874667 ID: a06734

Sakkalian way*

Varkians aren't hardcore "Males must be X, females must be Y" IIRC.
No. 874889 ID: c0641d

Honestly, with those feathers, I should have seen this coming from a mile away. Anyways, we have an appointment with a masked fellow to get to after we get clothes, a Danus to explain ourselves to on account of wanting real clothes to woo him in (but remind us never to go out this late again), and if nothing major happens within these prior events, we might have time to confront Oran. Afterwards, we meditate through the night, and lay out a game plan for the corrupt guard Terroza.
No. 874911 ID: f6785d

I agree.
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