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File 151445178130.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
854203 No. 854203 ID: 8a251a

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/homebrewdeviants
TEAM SITE:http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/
PAST THREADS: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiny_Cat_People

You are VOIDSY, and as your name would imply, you’re in the void. It has been some time since you’ve focused your collective mind, but you need to move. It’s time to collect your thoughts.

The game is officially starting, and your enemy is the most notorious god of the Taverne pantheon- one you want to join if you win this game. Not only do you want to teach this murderer a lesson, but losing this game means death. Your tiny cat people are akin to your children, and you love them- and you will prepare them for war.

You’ve upset Wretch, and that needs attention sooner rather than later. Strategizing with Eastwood was easy enough, but you haven’t talked to Miller as much. Talking to all of your alliance members will be crucial to your success against Spit. Talking to Spit was a disaster, and while continuing a conversation would be a terrible idea, it is an option.

Your cats are armed to the teeth, but Jasper seems...less than comfortable with their new existence. Maybe a one on one talk would be a good idea. Like talking to your god teammates, communication with your TCPs can’t go wrong.

Of course, there’s always directly planning your next move. You can multitask some things, but not too many, focus would be a better plan in most situations- what’s your first move?
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No. 854205 ID: 678ddd

Get Jasper up to speed and comfy with existence!!! Use fun and relatable phrases and images to spice it up!!!
No. 854206 ID: 7b53bd

oh fuck i am so ready for this
No. 854207 ID: aba559

making jasper feel comfortable seems like a plan?
No. 854208 ID: 33cbe7

The truffle shuffle.
No. 854209 ID: 7b53bd

seconded. lets make jasper feel at home. >>854207
No. 854210 ID: a363ac

First we need to apologize to the person who had our back through almost this entire debacle that we hurt. CREATE mountainous (to TCP) Toblerone with the words "We are Sorry Wretch/Spit is a butt anyway"
No. 854211 ID: 7b53bd

also seconding this, thank god
No. 854213 ID: 7b53bd

the / signifies a line break, right?
No. 854214 ID: efcc58

Open up communication with everyone except Spit.

Leave Jasper alone for now, but let them know that we'll be here when they're ready to talk.
No. 854216 ID: 173012

>Talk to Jasper
>Also talk to Wretch
No. 854217 ID: a363ac

basiclly but I was thinking other side of the Toblerone
No. 854225 ID: 33d4be

Let's talk to Jasper. It's not that long since we asked Eastwood to speak to Wretch for us, so some time is needed there.

I would remind that we need to inform our allies about that sanctuary with made that gods can't see or act on directly, and think about what to do with it and what Spit is likely to try do with/about it. Talking to our allies about it is top priority, though, since part of the reason for making it was to show our TCPs that we trust them, and in order to do that each god should be the one to tell their own TCPs about it.
No. 854261 ID: 402dae

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit beeeeeeeeegiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnsssssss
No. 854272 ID: ba56e6

First task is to make things right with Wretch. Jasper has support in the form of the other TCPs, Wretch does not.
No. 854288 ID: 4ceb21

I made a bunch of planning posts, most of which is stuff we can just CREATE as soon as is convenient: >>/questdis/110850 >>/questdis/110032 >>/questdis/111284

However, our #1 priority should be talking to Wretch when she's available. >>/questdis/116232
No. 854291 ID: 4ceb21

I like the feeling behind the gesture, but seeing as we'd just be making it with the CREATE command and she would have no way of eating it, I don't think it would send the right message.

We need to handle this very carefully, so I think a face to face (or screen to screen, whatever) conversation is the way to go.
No. 854294 ID: e37a06

Beyond the net launcher, we have no way of keeping subdued targets down beyond continual tazing/tranquilising.

CREATE a crate of Deployable Bubbles
-Small (TCP)hand sized balls that can be activated to deploy a strong resin bubble around an incapacitated TCP, properly capturing it without being as constraining/inflexible as handcuffs
-Permits sound and light through the membrane, blocks all physical materials since TCPs don't need to eat/drink/breathe, so it prevents pressure changes from instantly causing bad things to the TCP
-Scented like lemon grass

CREATE a Bubble Popper
-Instantly pops deployed bubbles on contact
-Can also poke TCPs if you wanted to
No. 854298 ID: ba56e6

So, Pokeballs? Not a bad idea.
No. 854301 ID: 486e87

Voting against the Toblerone. I don't think creating stuff is the right way to apologise here. I can't help but think, given the ability to create nearly anything that creating something as a apology will only come off as a token gesture. Besides, Eastwood said he'd talk to Wretch so that's our in to sincerely apologise.

>Creating stuff
I don't think we should be creating stuff at the moment. I don't want to confuse our cats with new stuff just after we kitted them out, plus I'm paranoid about getting the admin's attention after the warning earlier. So I kinda want to play it safe with the creates. Keep creates simple, and use it only when needed.

>Apologising to Wretch
We need to do this. We fucked up, no doubt about it. We need to admit fault and apologise for our actions. Say that we understand now why our actions were bad, and say what we'll do to correct our behaviour (And stick to our word). I don't think we should try to justify what we did, unless Wretch asks or something. Personally I think something real nasty went on between Spit and Wretch (and it probably being Spit's fault).

I think we should talk to Jasper first, then apologise to Wretch (To give Eastwood a chance to talk to her).
No. 854302 ID: ba56e6

If you would rather keep things simple, we should at least create some handcuffs or rope or bondage gear or something. Our TCPs have the means to incapacitate, but few means to keep prisoners under control.
No. 854307 ID: 33d4be

>say what we'll do to correct our behaviour (And stick to our word)

We can't promise that. We are (in-quest) a collective entity, a being with no center - hence our appearance, our name, and what seems our general nature, a nothing where a core should be, a set of masks with no actor underneath. There is no central self controlling us and hence, though we have a personality and goals formed by majority trends, we can't totally guarantee anything. We're impulsive and have difficulty with self-control or self-censorship and that is a problem that is going to continue being the case.

That's ok. We should be sorry about it, and try to compensate for it as much as we can and repay our debts for it when we can't, but we shouldn't pretend to the people we care about, and who by this point care about us, that we're capable of something we're not. It's something that we'll need help with, and so long as we're doing our part helping others with their problems then that's ok, too.

That's part of why we'e going for this "love and trust our TCPs" angle. We're an imperfect god and our creations can theoretically surpass us in some qualities, and we want them to. That includes given them the power to defy us if they see fit, and giving them the education and confidence to do so rightfully.

I intend to repeat ideas along this line to Jasper, though we certainly need to present them to Wretch as well. We just need to make sure we don't come across as trying to weasel our way out of things with excuses. Though we shouldn't fall over ourselves apologizing either, since part of Wretch being hurt was a legitimate misunderstanding on her part.
No. 854353 ID: 4ceb21

Flirting with Spit is a fuckup with obvious and specific causes, which shouldn't be hard for us (even as a collective) to not repeat. All we have to do is remind ourselves of this incident (I'll do it personally if need be, I'm not going anywhere) before indulging in our flirtatious habits again, and more generally remind ourselves to take Wretch's feelings into account when making decisions.

If we can't commit even that much then we shouldn't even bother trying to be friends with Wretch.
No. 854355 ID: 486e87

Rope would do, it covers a multitude of uses and would work well with Primus' parkour skills.

Yeah, we're imperfect. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do what we can. Set realistic targets and attempt to achieve them. At the very least try. Us being a collective doesn't mean we can't collectively try.

I'm not sure what happened, I assume Spit showed or told Wretch something to do with us flirting with Spit (Regardless of context), knowing that it would hurt Wretch. Spit has the motive to do that (She's a nasty piece of work), but why would Spit know that would hurt Wretch? That suggests there's something (Most likely unpleasant) that we don't know that happened between those two.
No. 854358 ID: a363ac

Ask Wretch to call us a bad kitty because we hurt her and we don't deserve her
No. 854361 ID: 082b86

Eh fuck it get it out the way asap

>Call Wretch

Might wanna go with a plaintive greeting, gauge how she initially responds, then roll from there. I think our strongest angle to go with would be just to explain that what we did didn't go down as intended on many fronts. Explain that it was a ploy to agitate Spit which backfired in our faces. Explain that we didn't, and still don't now, intend to upset or offend her. While we may shit about sometimes our intentions towards her, and by extension the rest of our little alliance, are sincere.
No. 854382 ID: 8a251a
File 151451784192.png - (82.40KB , 1092x1268 , 2.png )

You’ve done some tiny upgrades to the wizard tower here and there, nothing huge- mostly cosmetics. It’s a lot cozier now, and you’re pretty confident in it looking pretty damn wizard-y. Your TCPs certainly seem to like it, and have been taking a well needed break before war begins.

You peek in on Jasper, an odd feeling in your chest as you notice them fiddle nervously with the mask of courage. They seem apprehensive, but they keep looking at it and then away again, as if unsure of what to do.

Time to multitask. You call Wretch up, and to your surprise, she actually picks up.
No. 854383 ID: 8a251a
File 151451786136.gif - (17.30KB , 550x550 , 3.gif )

She growls, cutting you off.

WRETCH: ……..
WRETCH: you got a lot of fuckin nerve callin me like this
WRETCH: you went and flirted with spit after everythin i told you
WRETCH: do you even care about this shit and if it hurts people
No. 854384 ID: 8a251a
File 151451788261.gif - (17.57KB , 550x550 , 4.gif )

WRETCH: would you even CARE if you knew what she does to me?
WRETCH: or is that too much for you??? am i too much for you????
WRETCH: am i TOO FUCKING MUCH for you like i am for everybody else?

She chokes.
No. 854385 ID: 8a251a
File 151451789908.gif - (17.28KB , 550x550 , 5.gif )

WRETCH: whats yr fucking deal man
WRETCH: i thought you were my friend
WRETCH: i thought we were buds
WRETCH: whyd you have to go and do that
No. 854386 ID: 33cbe7

They were right, you don't deserve this big Toblerone.
No. 854387 ID: 7b53bd

shut your entire face
No. 854388 ID: 4ceb21

Wretch deserves every Toblerone there is, cur.
No. 854389 ID: 4ceb21

I think that, more important than what we do say, is what we don't say. We shouldn't make any jokes or excuses. We should clarify that we have nothing but hatred for Spit, but not until prompted. Now is the time for unequivocal apologies, acceptance of blame, and promises to do better. We need Wretch to feel validated, and like we're being honest with her.

I'd write something myself, but I'm fucking awful at sounding sincere.
No. 854390 ID: 082b86

Put down the goddamn Toblerone you're gonna have someones eye out with it.

Wretch we weren't exactly being serious with the flirting with Spit. It was a bait to piss them off and it's backfired. Sorry if we've come lightly-handed but that's really all there is to it. Of course we're your bud ;_; That's why we're talking right now, right? This has been an absolutely massive misunderstanding. Even if you fuckin hate us now we're sticking around. We're not going anywhere. Buds 4 eva :3
No. 854391 ID: a363ac

We don't really have a reason for why we flirted with spit. Some of us thought it would be funny and some thought it might fluster her into making mistakes. But that is on us not you wretch.
The reason we called you isn't to justify flirting with Spit though it was to let you know that we never meant to hurt you if there is one thing that is certain its that you are better then what we did and that we are sorry.
No. 854392 ID: 8cca77

Go away.

Wretch, it's mostly because we really do stupid ideas while thinking they are good ideas at the time sometimes. Kind of who we are in some senses. So in this case, the underlying idea was 'Fake interest in her to lower her guard and catch her by surprise.' Problem is it didn't quite work out like we'ed hoped. And yeah, it was still a stupid idea. She's not cool like you, she's just a raging evil...spit.

So we're sorry. Like ridiculously sorry. And we want to make it up to you. We're kind of having a debate as to how to best go about that, but we do want to make it up to you.
No. 854393 ID: 7b53bd

yes perfect
No. 854395 ID: b1b4f3

Okay real talk it's because that's a trope in fiction where we're from. Sometimes a roguish hero flirts with the enemy, maybe it's earnest maybe it's mockery, but the important part is that it's a trope and like a running gag it can be hard to resist, for humor value or cool points. We didn't expect to be taken seriously and nobody wanted to hurt you by doing it. I'm sorry, we should have given some thought to what might happen if she tried to tell you what we talked about. Though I am wondering if she exaggerated it? Or showed you edited chat logs?
No. 854396 ID: a363ac

let Jasper figure out what they want to do with the mask and then lets come back to them
No. 854397 ID: 3abd97

I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you, and I didn't think how my actions would affect you.

The apology comes first, justifications and explanations of your actions come after.
No. 854398 ID: 9876c4

We are not a creature, but a consensus.

Some want you to gift you a Toblerone, some want to deny you one. Both are our heartfelt desires.
Some of us are sorry, but not all of us are. If you need time to think over this, take it.
No. 854399 ID: 3164f0

Wretch, I/We're so sorry. All we were trying to do was try and look confident in front of Spit, maybe try and throw off her game for a sec, gauge how she reacted to It. It was apparent trying to puff up and act aggro against her was gonna be fail.

We know this broke your trust, and we don't expect you to forgive us right away, or any time soon. But, if we can get anything across, it's that the flirting with her was completely facetious. We don't want anything to do with her, and frankly we don't want to be in the same city as her, let alone the same room.

It was all just a dumb idea to try and be tactical, and It was never, EVER a reflection of our feelings towards you Wretch. You've been a wonderful friend to us, and, pardon if this sounds like sucking up, but we're certain you don't deserved one eighth of the shit you get.

We completely understand if you don't want to deal with us for now, but we're going to continue to try and win this, and make sure you do to.

We're rooting for you.
No. 854409 ID: 33d4be

Wretch she calls us up and the first thing she does is just stare at us with that fucking silent glare grin trying to be scary, she obvs gets off on everyone being afraid of her so the first thing we thought of was to act the exact opposite to afraid. We were trying to tease her and piss her off, do you seriously think we'd be anything like attracted to her? You're right we don't know the full extent of the terrible things she's done but you do, and you accept her spreading shit about us without questioning what she's trying to accomplish by it? We know you're smarter than that Wretch, that's why you're talking to us at all, because you knew you couldn't be sure and you were willing to take a chance to find out what was what, even if it's painful for you. You've got guts Wretch don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We're not blameless, we should have thought how Spit could spin what we did and we should have been more cautious and careful, that's kind of been the story of our life recently. We do care if we hurt people and we do care especially about you, you were the first other god we met and you did right by our dumb newbie ass when you didn't have to and you're real with us and if you're too much for us in any way it's in the best ways. We can't pretend to you we're not fuckups sometimes, because we've got no-one holding the leash in here inside us and when the pressure's on the dumbest most excessive moves come pouring out, and even if we can say that's just the way we are you can sure there's a bunch more mistakes we've made and are going to make the same as anyone else can. That's why we like people getting along so much, why we try to make friends with people and especially why we like you, because we think you really get that people can't perfect and it's good for them to be close and able to help each other, because we all need it, and why we hate someone like Spit who tears things apart and acts like she's invincible. We just wanted to shake her up and chase her off by not acting how she wanted or expected. It was dumb. We're dumb. But we're gonna keep trying to do things she doesn't want us to do and one of those is be your friend even if you're not gonna feel the same way back any more.

This is mostly just a feeling but I get the sense that Wretch is someone who's heard a lot of "I'm sorry"s from various people, and probably doesn't have a lot of patience for them or for that style of contrition any more.
No. 854413 ID: 094652

We're disconnected from reality and have short-term memories. We have no loyalty but to ourselves, while honor is an integral part to keeping that loyalty.

We're unpaid amateur mercenaries. It's first come, first serve. If we betray our clients, it's usually because we don't know what we're doing.

So basically? We didn't realize how badly this would affect you. The crowd's full of tiny, weird individuals who might discover this connection one day, and without any context or experience, do something horrible because they don't realize they're pressing a nuke button.

So we're sorry that we're jerks, and traitors, and spontaneous madmen, but that's the void for you - filled with all the things that shouldn't matter. It's how this relationship is going to go if you want to keep us around. But for what it's worth, there's a (disturbing) number of people in this crowd that would stand by you to the bitter end.

They're just the silent type.
No. 854414 ID: ba56e6


My loyalty is absolute.

We enjoy banter a little too much for our own good. Too many mouths trying to shove out cool one liners or vast walls of justification.
No. 854428 ID: 2a13fa

We had to go and do that mostly because we didn't have anything else to do. When time passes in chunks of images between hours and even days of waiting, you tend to feel like cracking a few jokes, having a laugh, etcetera. So when we end up face to face with a god-eating psychopath, we don't think, "Oh shit I'm terrified", we think "Alright, so how do we throw her off?" and we come to the conclusion that we should show the polar opposite of fear and gauge how she reacts. We don't exactly think so much as we discuss, and even now we have to decide how to tell you what our thought process is because we don't really have the power to say what comes from the heart.

A large portion of us want to apologize. Another group says we shouldn't. Some of us look to justify our actions; some wish only to accept that we were wrong. We all have different feelings and we can't all show them at once--at least, not well. And we've been waiting months, literally months on our end, to decide on how to fix what we've broken. So, all in all, we hope that you can forgive these kitty-faced motherfuckers.

PS: Some of us think you deserve a big toblerone. I think they're right, but I don't know if gods know what a big toblerone is.
No. 854434 ID: 91ee5f

Wretch, we honestly wish we already have a physical form. That way we can come to your house and let you punch us in all of our collective faces because we would deserve being punched in all of our faces for being an asshole to you.

If you never want to forgive us, then that's ok, we don't deserve your forgiveness. We just want to let you know that we're sorry.
No. 854454 ID: b4f880


Because we're new and stupid but think we're clever.

We tried to find out what makes Spit tick, see if we could get any info or a reaction from her, but it's just spite and hunger all the way down. It lasted all of a couple of sentences, we started snarking at each other pretty quick. I'm pretty sure we pissed her off when we hung up on her mid-rant.

Point is, we weren't even friendly nevermind actually flirting. It was only after the call we confirmed you two had history, otherwise we might have foreseen what she ended up immediately doing: call you up and happily divulge the events in a way most likely to hurt you and by proxy, us.

Hey don't you think that, you're awesome! and we did wrong by you, no matter the reasons behind it.
No. 854462 ID: 6d8f79

I'd try to say more, but this seems to cover what I can think before it becomes a ramble.
Wretch doesn't deserve to feel this pain, and it is on us for having caused them that pain.
No. 854483 ID: e37a06

we shouldn't try to justify our actions, we should apologise for what they did
No. 854523 ID: a363ac

"Wretch I am a bad kitty." Void cry.
No. 854527 ID: 486e87

>>854392 >>854399 >>854454
I like the sentiment of these, we were idiots who somehow got it into our heads that a bad idea was a good one, and as a result we hurt a ally. For that we apologise.

>>854395 >>854398
Regardless of what we were thinking at the time, these just sounds insensitive.

Please no.
No. 854537 ID: e37a06

Wretch we want to apologize, we disregarded you, we hurt you, and our gestalt psyche pains at what we've done.

We were thinking under our own logic and didn't believe collectively our actions would cut you so . We did what came natural to our collective, disjointed self, falling to our lowest, basest behavior that has served us as someone on our own. We didn't take you as seriously as an individual, and ally as we believed we had, and in the process we broke our promise to you. We disrespected you.

We should've have known better, we have (First hand!) knowledge that you are not taken as serious as a person of your stature should be. We flirted with an enemy that you have personal horror stories about, indignantly crossing your very boundaries as a person. We dismissed your discontents as coming from a non-serious standpoint, thinking them mere exaggerations to help us along. We insulted you.

Even now time moves strangely for this side, we have had time to fulminate on how to go forward in less egregious manner. We see now that we cannot be so casual, flippant, and jesting with your enemies, because they are OUR enemies. We should have listened to you more seriously. We want to better treat you better as an equal, in rights as a thinking being, and in many respects, our greater, for being our main connection to your wonderful world. We want to fix what went wrong.

Even if I cannot guarantee that our every word will be perfectly strung together, as I'm sure you are hearing right now, in the end, we want what *you* think is best for you. We are sorry.
No. 854555 ID: 6780f5

"Wretch, no apology or excuse will be enough to make right what we did to you. We want to be your friend, to have you as ours, but we have no impulse control. We will do hurtful things while voices cry out into an echo chamber about what a great idea it is. We want to be your friend, but we can't. Not if we don't want to hurt you. Even if you ever forgive us, even a little, please keep us at arm's reach. We're fire. No matter how well-meaning, we will always end up burning those that get close to us. We don't want to burn you. Not again, not ever. We should have known better. You deserve much better friends than us, Wretch. Real friends who won't make you eat shit and won't even realize it until you're heartbroken."
No. 854557 ID: 33d4be

I would like to tell people to go back and read over our interactions with Wretch and what we know about her again, and then really imagine being in her place and listening to some of this stuff y'all are coming out with. Or just imagine someone saying these to you yourself, I don't think you even need to account for Wretch's personality to get the idea but if you do I think a lot of it's even worse.
No. 854572 ID: 864c54

Well, I mean...we're really fucking sorry and we want to make that exceedingly clear. Not sure how else to put that.
No. 854581 ID: ba56e6

No. 854582 ID: 7152b7

We're friends Wretch, we ain't married.
We can flit with who we want.

Besides, Why so glum about it?
We're gonna kill her in the end anyway.
She looks delicious.
No. 854591 ID: 33d4be


There's such a thing as taking it too far. Past a certain point if you keep piling on your apologies they quickly start sounding fake and insincere, especially if you've flowered them up too much.

Also, Wretch in particular seems like 1) someone who wants others to be straight with her, because she's been manipulated in the past, 2) someone who doesn't like others trying too hard to take care of her or treating her like a burden (see "am i too fucking much for you"), which is an impression you can easily get off someone who acts TOO considerate of your feelings like you're some sort of ticking time bomb, and 3) someone who probably knows what it's like to fuck up herself, and a person who's been through that doesn't like to see other people writhing in contrition because it reminds them of being in that emotional space themselves.
No. 854594 ID: 91ee5f

Would you shut up?! You're not helping!
No. 854596 ID: 8a251a
File 151460471086.gif - (17.93KB , 500x500 , 6.gif )

You let Jasper know you’re going to be a little bit, but you do want to talk to them later. They quietly say alright, and continue fiddling with the mask. You focus entirely on Wretch. This is important.

Your head is an absolute disaster, collective thoughts slamming against each other and a what feels like a million voices screaming at once. Thankfully, there’s some degree of consensus, and you start talking as best as you can.

VOIDSY: I’m...no, we’re sorry.
VOIDSY: We’re sorry that we’re jerks so much of the time, and we’re sorry for just. Everything.
VOIDSY: We have a lot of inner turmoil on what to apologize for, but the great majority of this collective nightmare feel guilty, and you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the way you’ve been treated, by anyone.
VOIDSY: We should have given some thought to what might happen if she tried to tell you what we talked about-

WRETCH: yeah i bet youre fucking sorry about that
WRETCH: sorry for getting caught
VOIDSY: Wretch, she might have spun it to hurt you-
WRETCH: yr “smitten with her grin”
WRETCH: she’s looking trim huh
WRETCH: good puppy, play nice
WRETCH: you gonna deny any of that??? you gonna come up to me and say thats all lies? what’s the fucking deal, voidsy
No. 854597 ID: 8a251a
File 151460473285.gif - (14.82KB , 500x500 , 7.gif )

VOIDSY: We’re...jerks. There’s so many of us, and we keep trying to shove out cool one liners and the dumbest, most excessive moves. We’re so disconnected from reality itself, our memory sucks and honestly?
VOIDSY: We’re not sure how to fix that.
VOIDSY: It’s part of being a consensus, a collective, it’s...who we are.
VOIDSY: And we’re sorry you have to deal with that.

VOIDSY: We were just trying to bait her.
VOIDSY: We were trying to look confident, acting aggressive directly in her face wasn’t going to work.
VOIDSY: Maybe shaking her off, fake interest, anything- we tried to be tactical about it.
VOIDSY: It was a bait to piss her off and it's backfired.
VOIDSY: It backfired and hurt you. It was never meant to be a reflection of how we feel about you.

VOIDSY: We gotta take the blame on this.
VOIDSY: It was dumb.
VOIDSY: We’re dumb.
VOIDSY: We wish we had a physical form, just we could visit you and let you punch us in our face. All of our collective faces.

Wretch smiles and snickers, just a little bit, before keeping her face serious again.
No. 854598 ID: 8a251a
File 151460475165.gif - (14.21KB , 500x500 , 8.gif )

VOIDSY: We never meant to hurt you like this. A lot of us are trying to justify what we did, but we’re not calling you for that.
VOIDSY: You’re good to our dumb newbie ass, and we care about people, but especially you.
VOIDSY: It wasn’t meant as a serious thing, it wasn’t even a long call, just a few sentences.
VOIDSY: It was facetious, meant to be more threatening than anything-

You stop yourself and consider your words.

VOIDSY: But...if we knew how badly it’d affect you, we never would have done it.
VOIDSY: I don’t know if we can find enough words to express that. To express how sorry we are.

She’s still silent, but avoiding eye contact at this point. Your thoughts get louder and louder, and the words are hard to put together.

VOIDSY: Our...our loyalty, it’s absolute.
VOIDSY: Even if you don’t want us to be friends anymore, we’re not going to just leave.
VOIDSY: We’re going to be here for you, and we’re going to win.

VOIDSY: We’re a fucking mess, and we can’t always guarantee we’re going to be good to you, some of the people in here are real assholes.
VOIDSY: If you need to keep us at arm’s reach, we get it.
VOIDSY: We don’t know how to stop burning everyone close to us.
VOIDSY: We want to make this right, and we want to get our shit together.

VOIDSY: Please, Wretch.
VOIDSY: Please.
No. 854599 ID: 8a251a
File 151460476623.gif - (14.67KB , 500x500 , 9.gif )

WRETCH: i really wanna believe you
WRETCH: i really do
WRETCH: i really wanna have you as a bud and not feel like this
WRETCH: was flirting with me just a joke? some kinda tactic?
WRETCH: just a fuckin way to get me to do what you want
WRETCH: cause i just
WRETCH: i really
WRETCH: i really dont want that to be what this is
WRETCH: i get it all the time and im so tired voidsy im so fuckin tired
WRETCH: im so fuckin tired of people
WRETCH: using me. not takin me seriously. im not a game to play
WRETCH: i don’t wanna be just a toy for you

She starts choking up again, clearly struggling.

WRETCH: not like i am for her.
No. 854601 ID: 4324ce

Nope. Simple as that. You were cool and funny, so we wanted to be friends.
No. 854602 ID: 33cbe7

>>854387 >>854388 >>854392 >>854594
I get the impression Wretch doesn't like people being fake with her, so it's good that you're showing her how nasty you really are. Maybe our avatar should have been a barrel of toxic waste - but I guess Wretch took that motif already.
Stop worrying about your neighbor's comment and post what you think is right, not who you think is wrong.
No. 854603 ID: d887c0

It was never a joke.
It was never just some tactic.
You are our first and dearest friend. The pain we've caused you is tearing us apart inside.
Spit will pay. She needs to die for what and who she is, but she will pay for what she's done to you, Wretch.
We promise you.
No. 854604 ID: a363ac

No Wretch you are THE BUD! The best. the one we care for above anyone else. If it comes down to it we might even give our own life for you. We want to do better by you but we are very confused almost all the time if you ever feel like we have gone and done something wrong please tell us so we can try to fix it no matter how small it may seem.
(Voidsy if you don't cry with Wretch I swear I will slap us over the head with a mask.)
No. 854605 ID: b1b4f3

Nope. Slime is cool, crunching bones and twisting flesh are not.
Also you're a way better person than she is.

Hey I think there was a misunderstanding at one point; would you mind telling us how whores are treated in your world?
No. 854606 ID: 2a13fa

>Hey I think there was a misunderstanding at one point; would you mind telling us how whores are treated in your world?
Let's not say this.
No. 854607 ID: dab122

Shhhh, let sleeping cultural misapprehensions lie.
No. 854610 ID: 33cbe7

To answer your question: Yes, it was fun, but as you can see now we've got skin in the game. Perhaps too much. The aim of the game is to play with you, not play you.
The only thing we will ask of you is this: Will you put on a happy face for your tinycats? You can borrow one of ours. We weren't using it anyway.
No. 854613 ID: 2a13fa

Listen, Spit is a piece of shit and you're not. As far as we're concerned, we should be buds, but we're not so fucked up in the head to want to be buds with Spit. Especially since she wants to eat our faces.
No. 854615 ID: 26e6ae

When we first met you we thought you were gonna be a bitch, and i think we used flirting as a tactic, but as we actually did get to know you the flirting became serious and we really cared for you, still do care for you in fact.
I don’t think we would care as much about winning if you weren’t here. If we lost the cats would die and so would we but the worst part of it is that we wouldn’t get to be with you anymore.

Here’s an idea: from now on whenever we will answer any question you ask to the best of our ability, if we ever forget this for any reason, then remind us. Don’t let us forget.
No. 854616 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, that's it!

When we get a body, we're definitely going to give you a hug after we let you punch us in all of our collective faces!

>Insulting Wretch's appearance when the rest of us are trying to apologize.
Oh, hi, Spit! No one invited you, so would you kindly fuck off? Thanks!

Don't say that.
No. 854626 ID: b1b4f3

I already know the answer to that question via outside sources of information. The question would be answered partially to Wretch's benefit, since it would lead to a conversation about differences between our worlds, most likely.
No. 854627 ID: e37a06

Pull it together guys!

Flirting was just our auto response to new individuals, to know more about them. And even after that we would like to know more about you, but alas now is not the time.

We have a war to fight, so if your up for it right now, or very soon, we would like to begin preparing for the storm.
No. 854630 ID: ba56e6

We weren't sure what to make of you at first. Bad first impression you had no choice in. From what the game told us in your puzzle, we expected you to be - well, to be like how Spit is.

Instead, you were found to be someone worth aligning with.
No. 854638 ID: 4ceb21

Man, we weren't even thinking about tactics back then. We didn't even know there was a game to be won. That was just us being us, and you being you, and us getting on great, which is how it should be.
No. 854685 ID: 6d8f79

Flirting when we first met wasn't appropriate. We're seeing now that from what you've gone through that it can hurt you. That doesn't change that we do experience a genuine attraction to you, and we enjoy your company. It doesn't change that we fucked up big. We didn't listen to you enough when you took the time to be patient and even friendly with us, and open up to tell us about what you've gone through.
You are a person, and you have friends who care about you. We vow that we'll put everything on the line to prevent Spit from hurting you again.

Can you get the fuck out of this Collective?
Like even if you're seriously wanting to learn about how a group of people are treated where she comes from, if we win this game we can find that out for ourselves at a library or some shit.
Maybe separate being sexually open from sexwork, and then separate sexwork from derogatory shit.

Yeah, this.
We're still just as much of a dumb newbie as we were sending our kitties to dick around in the forest.
No. 854687 ID: b4f880

We made friends with you before we even knew there was a game.
And we don't regret it, never will.
We would and apparently did risk angering Spit over it, despite everyone having made it clear how crazy and stupid that is.
Turns out we're stupid and crazy, if having one of the scariest gods in the pantheon gunning for us is the price of choosing to hang out with you instead of playing Spit's game, I'll pay and leave a tip.
No. 854689 ID: 094652

First time I met you, I was creeped out. You seemed like a hostile entity, intent on snuffing our tiny cat people out of existence just as easily as they had been materialized.

But you were so nice.

We did what we always do and talked like nuts. You listened. We made rude compliments and called you dirty names in an asinine plot to earn your favor. You wanted to keep us all to yourself.

I called you a whore.
You said we were the sweetest thing.

You were friendly despite our cacophonous, mindless, heartless jittering. Being your friend is almost mandatory, given the level of patience and love you've shown us.
No. 854716 ID: ba56e6

>Maybe separate being sexually open from sexwork, and then separate sexwork from derogatory shit.
b1b4f3 probably meant it as a joke, since Wretch took 'whore' as a compliment last time. It was perhaps in poor timing, but the entire rest of their post was positive towards your sludge waifu. There's no reason to be this toxic towards that suggester.
No. 854789 ID: 8a251a
File 151467771550.gif - (15.04KB , 500x500 , 10.gif )

VOIDSY: We...flirting was…

There’s a lot of conflicting noise.

VOIDSY: It wasn’t a joke, or a tactic, not entirely- it’s just...what we’re used to. It’s automatic, at this point.
VOIDSY: But that didn’t make it right.
VOIDSY: We fucked up and hurt you bad. Our apology doesn’t change that.
VOIDSY: You’ve gone through so much, and even though we still don’t have the full picture, it’s wrong to treat anyone like that….but especially not you.

VOIDSY: When we first met, we thought you might be cruel, or hostile.
VOIDSY: The puzzle gives a pretty unfair representation of you, and we shouldn’t have judged right away like that.
VOIDSY: You had no hand in making that, and we’re thrilled to get to know the real you.
VOIDSY: And the real you is genuinely good.

WRETCH: im just some little slut who isnt useful to anybody unless i give em shit
WRETCH: its the only way i get people to like me
WRETCH: or any attention at all
WRETCH: everybody tells me its not a bad thing to be like this but
WRETCH: even you called me shit when you met me and i liked it a little and thats fucked up
WRETCH: im fucked up
WRETCH: this is the only way i matter
WRETCH: i dont know if i can fix it
No. 854791 ID: 8a251a
File 151467773307.gif - (19.62KB , 500x500 , 11.gif )

VOIDSY: Wretch…
VOIDSY: You aren’t fucked up.
VOIDSY: Spit is a piece of shit.
VOIDSY: You’re not.
VOIDSY: You’re patient, and friendly, and nice.
VOIDSY: You put up with our mindless jittering and we fucked up, we didn’t listen to you even when you opened up as much as you did.

VOIDSY: We are genuinely attracted to you, we enjoy your company, and your friendship is important to us.
VOIDSY: We don’t regret being friends with you, and we wanted to be your buds even before we knew there was a game.
VOIDSY: We will never be friends with Spit, ever.
VOIDSY: All of this shit she’s done, she’s going to pay for it.
VOIDSY: But especially for what she’s done to you.
VOIDSY: We will put everything on the line to keep it from happening again.

WRETCH: i dont know if anyone can kill her
WRETCH: i know i cant
WRETCH: even if i really want to
WRETCH: even if she deserves it
WRETCH: shes chokin me and theres nothin i can do and i cant even tell people without riskin everybody dying
WRETCH: idk how you can like me when i got this much fuckin baggage and her hands round my neck
WRETCH: no one else would
No. 854792 ID: 8a251a
File 151467775632.gif - (14.27KB , 500x500 , 12.gif )

VOIDSY: We will.
VOIDSY: We’re going to help you, especially with getting out of this.
VOIDSY: Please tell us if we fuck up again. We don’t want to keep hurting you.
VOIDSY: From now on? We’re an open book. We’ll answer pretty much anything you have to ask.
VOIDSY: You’re our best friend.
VOIDSY: Don’t let us forget that.
VOIDSY: And swear to god, when we’re physical, we’re going to hug you
VOIDSY: After you punch us in the face.

She starts laughing again, a little less reserved about showing it this time.

VOIDSY: You make us care about winning and getting to be by your side.
VOIDSY: Let’s do this. Together.

WRETCH: ...ok.
WRETCH: idk if its a good idea but
WRETCH: ill stick with you
WRETCH: but please dont treat me bad again
WRETCH: i know i deserve it but i dont like it and i want to be happy with you
WRETCH: i really want this to work
No. 854794 ID: a363ac

change a mask into a shape of Wretch and Void hugging.
No. 854795 ID: 26e6ae

Three things:
1.you don’t deserve shit so stop saying you do.
2.we want this to work too and we’ll keep trying until it does.
3.spit’s a bitch and we’re gonna fuck her up together.
No. 854797 ID: b1b4f3

Prostitutes are treated well in morbit. That is the misunderstanding I was referring to. Treating Wretch like one would in fact be sweet.

We'll do our best. Hey maybe all you needed was someone from outside of morbit?

Now that things are calming down with Wretch we can talk to Jasper at the same time.
No. 854798 ID: 7b53bd

yeah i think its time to talk to jasper now, say a quick see ya later to wretch and then handle other emotionally distressed friends
No. 854799 ID: e37a06


See line Wretch 7

Perhaps we should stop calling people whores, just in general now?

Anyways Wretch, what do you say we prove our willingness to change by enacting "Operation: Giant Toblerone" and meeting with the other gods to discuss future additions, and strategies.
No. 854801 ID: b1b4f3

I wasn't calling her one. In the first conversation we had with her, kome asked if she wanted to be treated like one, and she responded by saying we were sweet.
No. 854802 ID: 33cbe7

Now kiss.
No. 854803 ID: e37a06

I didn't say you did, I was just countering any misconception that this is a bad way of thinking about this.

And asking if someone wants to be treated like a whore is basically calling them a whore, in the same way you can do so with calling someone a "princess", "baby", etc. as if they weren't displaying qualities related in our eyes, we wouldn't ask
No. 854804 ID: e37a06

that this a good way of thinking about this*
that one typo makes a world of difference
No. 854806 ID: 486e87

I don't think we've seen anything that's indicated how well prostitutes are treated in this world, but regardless it's irrelevant to our situation. Ask in ITQ or questdis, as I don't think asking here will end well.

>even you called me shit when you met me and i liked it a little and thats fucked up
That shows that was we said to Wretch would normally be considered insulting in this world, but for some reason she liked it (And considers that to be fucked up). Given that we've now confirmed whore is a insult, let's not call people that in the future.

Thank Wretch and say it's time to win this game, then end the call and talk to Jasper.
No. 854807 ID: 3abd97

>VOIDSY: After you punch us in the face.
We have a lot of punchable faces!

>WRETCH: but please dont treat me bad again
I promise I'll only treat you bad if that's some weird sex thing you're into.
No. 854808 ID: d887c0

So do we, love.
No. 854809 ID: 4ceb21

You don't deserve shit from anyone, least of all us. Once we win this game, things are going to change.

We should hold a strategy meeting soon. There's no group call function, but we were able to hear you through Eastwood's call before, so if you and him could get in the same room while Eastwood calls Miller and you call us, we might be able to sort of simulate one.

Now would be a good time to talk to Jasper as well.
No. 854814 ID: 486e87

Regardless of what Wretch is into it's irrelevant at the moment, and asking about it at this point in time is a bad idea. Saying that is in blatant disregard of what she just said. So let's cool in on the flirty talk and win this game.
No. 854820 ID: e37a06

I think its best we figure out exactly how gods work, in extreme detail before formulating any large plans.
No. 854821 ID: 33d4be

>WRETCH: i dont know if anyone can kill her


Maybe this is something we shouldn't talk about, but

Gods have their motifs, right? Something core to them that they have power over regardless of what their job is. And, we can't sure but maybe one of our motifs might be... nothing? Nothingness. Absences. Hollows. Spaces where something is missing. Voids. And gods need followers, right? That's what keeps us alive. Part of why we get our TCPs when we win is so they'll be our first followers, and we won't just starve to death instantly.


if we win

and Spit comes after us, which she wants to

we could, maybe


make a space where whatever it is that passes from a gods followers to them, what keeps them alive, what keeps Spit alive

isn't there?

Where she is.

And then she chokes.
No. 854824 ID: 33d4be


Well, it's just an idea of a possibility. But it can be good to keep possibilities in mind.

We need to tell Wretch about the Unhallowed Sanctuary, too. Was there anything else we had to tell her about, apart from our various feelings?
No. 854826 ID: ba56e6

Hush now. Loose lips sink ships.

Alright, now that we've picked up our spaghetti, what the hell were we even doing?
No. 854827 ID: 6780f5

Wretch, please, remember what we said. Even if we don't ever want to hurt you, it will inevitably happen. Please remember to keep us distant enough that it won't devastate you, and knock some sense into us when it does. You deserve a much better friend than we as a collective can be, and keeping us as one will be more work than someone as patient and kind, as plainly wonderful, like you should have to put into a friendship. If - when - we meet, don't settle for one punch.
No. 854832 ID: 91ee5f

There it is! There's that smile!

>I promise I'll only treat you bad if that's some weird sex thing you're into.
Don't say that! She'll just think we're using her for sex! Which we're not!

Can we please not talk about that right now? Let's focus on planning how to beat Spit in this game first.

And don't forget that Spit is under the protection of a more powerful god. We don't want to piss them off.
No. 854833 ID: 6d8f79

Wretch, is it ok to say that we want to help you get to a place where you don't feel that way?
I'm talking about the whole "I deserve to be treated badly" thing, because, you deserve better than us, and you deserve better than you've been treated in your life.
You deserve to be able to feel safe and happy, and we're gonna do everything to make that happen.

And, we know it's bad timing, but do you have any tips on helping our new cat, Jasper? They're a bit uncomfortable and afraid with the world they were brought into, and it didn't help we were a bit overbearing at the start of their life (overload with teaching, not a diff type).
If you're not comfortable with us asking you right now, it is no issue and we'll call up Eastwood or Miller later.
No. 854843 ID: a363ac

your smile is wonderful Wretch.
No. 854877 ID: 2a13fa

Let's pay attention to Jasper real quick; if he's 'bout to put on the mask, we should know what we want to say I think.
No. 855216 ID: 0a5131

We made the Unhollowed Sanctuary, by the way.
No. 855224 ID: 2a13fa

Did we? I don't think we ever got around to it.
No. 855231 ID: 33d4be


We did, I checked.
No. 855233 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, we did. There's an underground entrance connected to our base.
No. 855375 ID: 830fb7

Now that we have made the Unhallowed Sanctuary we need to set up so that spit attacks straight away to draw her into it (Divide and conquer). During the attack send your TCPs down into is depths to separate spit from her minions and stop her from influencing your people via a death mark, from there you're guys can do their stuff and talk the enemies down so they stop attacking / go rogue.
No. 855377 ID: 33d4be


We don't know exactly what's down there, though, that's kind of the idea. Since we specified "sanctuary" it should be safe, that's pretty critical to the definition of a sanctuary, but still, this game has had a habit of filling in its own details in the things we create. We don't know where its other exits are, how well furnished/supplied it is, were there any creatures put down there, if there's a bunch more puzzles and riddles and not-entirely-trustworthy information, et cetera. Being an "unholy" area may have side-effects we don't know about, too, though Eastwood didn't seem to anticipate any. We'll need to equip our TCPs as best we can and ask them to go explore carefully. Maybe a rope leading back to the exit, and some non-divine way of staying in contact?
No. 855380 ID: 91ee5f

We need to prepare our cats to be able to fight back if they need to, so that they're not completely helpless if this plan doesn't work. It's better to be prepared for if the plan fails instead of being unprepared for when it fails!

>Don't know what's down there.
It'd be nice if we could take a look to see what our cats would be dealing with, so that we can prepare them for what to do when they become separated from us when they go down there.

Like, it'll still be a "no godly influence" area, but make it more like a "gods can look, but not interact" area.
No. 855384 ID: 33d4be


Well, part of the idea is that the Unhallowed Sanctuary is taking advantage of Spit's usual tactics (we've been told about) by making trust in one's TCPs paramount. Basically, we're trying to turn TCP affection/loyalty into a big factor for success in this game, and betting that Spit will be worse at that than we are, thereby giving us an advantage.

We should install more things like that, actually.

We should not only be incapable of interfering there, but incapable of judging and incapable of knowing what happens down there. So, if any of Spit's TCPs go down there, not only can she not tell them what to do, they'll be able to do what they like and she won't know about it when they come back up. There's a sort of a two-pronged thing going on where, first and best case we'd like to convert her TCPs, but even if we can't convert them the second advantageous case is that despite their hypothetical staying loyal Spit won't be certain anymore how loyal they are. Spit seems like the controlling sort, and not being able to be SURE what her TCPs have seen or said or done for any period of time will really bother her, I think, as will the knowledge that her TCPs will know a way to escape her. So it needs to be a place she can't see, as well as not interact, and for the sake of game balance that has to apply to us as well.

So, we're also adding an element of "how happy are you not knowing/being in control of everything" as a success factor in this game, which again we're betting we'll be better at than Spit.

... We might want to be careful about that, now I think of it again. Rigging a game against someone by the majority of players deliberately choosing to include challenges "for everyone" that they know a specific player is bad at is kind of a form of cheating, or at least unfairness. But on the other hand, the nature of the game is that we're creating it as we go along and competing/cooperating for advantages as we do, so isn't that a legitimate tactic? Aren't we supposed to be doing that? I'm sure Spit will be trying to do it as much as she's able. Maybe we should ask Wretch about that too, she should have a decent idea what brings down the referee's wrath.

Anyway, the best case scenario is that we can lure Spit's TCPs down there before she even knows the Sanctuary exists (and we should ask Wretch if she felt or became aware of anything when we created the sanctuary, like an entrance to it in her territory, so we know whether the other gods can know about it without being told), because the moment she does know about it she'll probably come up with some way around it, like a helmet with a constant video feed and communications so she can effectively still see and command her TCPs in there. If the Sanctuary doesn't have any sort of communications jamming device or effect already, we might need to consider making one and having our TCPs bring it down, though it'll mean we can't look in there ourselves. Maybe we can check it out before then.

In any case, we want them to map it out, see where the other entrances/exits are, and install some nonlethal capture-style traps and tricks, as well as other kinds of security if it lacks them. Assuming it's possible. We don't know what's down there. I assume there are other entrances and exits, but maybe it's only under us? We presented it to Eastwood with the idea that it would be shared among us, if I recall right. I forget how territory restrictions on creations work. We probably couldn't create anything in Spit's territory, but the other gods are our allies, and I feel like there was some formal sense of being allied that merged territories or something? Maybe they have to choose to create links/paths to it themselves? The concept of the Unhallowed Sanctuary was supposed to draw from Voidsy's particular strengths, but maybe just building an addition to what we've laid the foundation and core for is easier.
No. 855395 ID: 1e7aa8

If an alliance of players in this game are NOT allowed to design areas that benefit themselves and hamper those not in their alliance, what's the damn point?

I do agree that we should determine if it would risk the wrath of the referee but the fewer people we have to discuss this particular issue with the better.
No. 855398 ID: 8a251a
File 151487898864.png - (10.12KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

You consider a plan to kill Spit, and it seems solid- but you want some more information about gods first. You’re not really sure what being a god in this world entails, let alone whether you could pull off something that elaborate. You make a note to ask someone later.

You go back to multitasking, checking in on Jasper. They say that they do want to put the mask on and talk to you, but...they want your full attention. If you’re busy right now, it can wait. They have a lot of questions, but they don’t want half answers. If they’re going to fight for you, they want to know exactly what’s at stake here.
No. 855399 ID: 8a251a
File 151487900597.gif - (13.06KB , 500x500 , 14.gif )

VOIDSY: There it is!
VOIDSY: You have a wonderful smile, Wretch.
VOIDSY: We want this to work too, love. We won’t give up until it does- and we want to keep you smiling.

She’s a little embarrassed, but her smile does get wider.
No. 855400 ID: 8a251a
File 151487902989.gif - (15.17KB , 500x500 , 15.gif )

VOIDSY: Don’t talk about yourself like that, either.
VOIDSY: You don’t deserve shit from anyone, especially not us. We don’t want to hurt you, but knowing us...it’s inevitable.
VOIDSY: We care about you so much, but it’s going to be rough.
VOIDSY: What you deserve is a much better friend, and better treatment than you’ve got all around.
VOIDSY: So, if and when we fuck up- don’t stop at one punch. Give us hell, and we’ll do our best to fix it.
WRETCH: im not a hard hitter but i wont let you get away with it if it happens again!!
WRETCH: were gonna try to make this work
VOIDSY: We are, for sure.

VOIDSY: Are you okay with us saying that we want to get you to a place where you don’t feel this way?
WRETCH: idk if that could ever happen tbh
WRETCH: i got
WRETCH: issues. a lot of em
WRETCH: but i can try.
No. 855401 ID: 8a251a
File 151487906253.gif - (16.17KB , 500x500 , 16.gif )

VOIDSY: Might be a bad time, but our new cat’s having issues.
VOIDSY: Jasper’s having a really hard time getting comfortable, and we were wondering if you have any tips.
VOIDSY: We were...kind of overbearing, and they’re pretty overwhelmed right now.
WRETCH: well hmmmm
WRETCH: kinda having a similar thing happen with jetter
WRETCH: hes my new kitty and uhhh i prrrobably shouldnt have made a weapon type bc hes really really nervous and harsh on himself
WRETCH: i mean thats probably not bc hes a weapon type but its a really bad combo and im a lil worried hes gonna end up hurting himself
WRETCH: but i got him to calm down a lil by givin him some stuff hed like and talked bout what he wants to do
WRETCH: i think hell be a REALLY GOOD fighter but like
WRETCH: i guess hes got issues just like me

VOIDSY: We also made an Unhallowed Sanctuary- it’s an area where all the TCPs can meet without any god supervision.
VOIDSY: We’re hoping it may help with talking Spit’s TCPs into not killing us, honestly.
WRETCH: eastwood told me bout that
WRETCH: sounds cool as shit
WRETCH: im down

VOIDSY: One more thing-
VOIDSY: We have an idea on how to have a group call- it’s a bit bullshitty, but it could work.
VOIDSY: You and Eastwood get in the same room, we call you and Eastwood calls Miller.
VOIDSY: If Eastwood cranks his volume up enough, we can pull it off.
WRETCH: thats super smart??? we can definitely try
No. 855402 ID: 8a251a
File 151487908023.gif - (15.72KB , 500x500 , 17.gif )

You hear a door slam and a lot of shuffling.
No. 855403 ID: 8a251a
File 151487910274.gif - (29.10KB , 500x500 , 18.gif )

Wretch fusses with something in front of her, and Eastwood comes into frame, a floating interface in front of him. The rest of the room starts to come into focus as well, and you realize you’re seeing Wretch’s home for the first time.

EASTWOOD: Let’s hear it.

You relay your plan, and he lets it sink in for a few minutes.

EASTWOOD: Yeah, worth a shot.
EASTWOOD: Would be a hell of a help if it worked. I’ll call Miller up- what kind of shit do you want to talk about once we get rolling?
No. 855404 ID: ffaea7

>heart-shaped fairy lights
No. 855405 ID: 7ca1ec

spit's weaknesses and how fuckin cute wretch's room is
No. 855408 ID: 91ee5f

Well, we were-

>Wretch fusses with something in front of her, and Eastwood comes into frame, a floating interface in front of him. The rest of the room starts to come into focus as well, and you realize you’re seeing Wretch’s home for the first time.
Woah, ok, that's disorienting! Uh, normally there's only a big wall of red behind Wretch when we call her. But now we can actually see something else. It looks like a room with.....flashing heart shaped lights hanging overhead? Awww, that's adorable!

.....what were we talking about again? Oh, right, the plan! I, uh, don't remember what it was. I only know that we were gonna somehow use the Unhallowed Sanctuary. Hang on a sec, let me ask the other voices.

Hey, do the rest of you floating masks remember what the plan was?
No. 855409 ID: 830fb7

Plus ways of using the sanctuary to our advantage against spit like baiting her TCPs down there and ofcorse overall strategies for this “game”. It’s always good to have a real time planning session so you can get things set up and ready for when the fighting starts. It’ll also help in coordinating your TCPs with each other so they become a unified force against the forces of destruction and rampant murder.
No. 855495 ID: 6d8f79

I mean first god Wretch those heart shaped fairly lights, that's very much Your Brand

But yeah like, for instance our TCP's can enter the sanctuary without supervision. I think we should look at every strategy we have so far and look at how it can be probed for weaknesses.
For instance the Sanctuary has no supervision, and that doesn't stop Spit from telling her TCP's to go in and set up booby traps for whoever enters in after. I don't know if TCP's can become immobilized, but the biggest risk is if a kill command is given before someone goes in, combined with that.

It's shit like that we should probably use group calls to anticipate shit for, and group calls should be started the second that someone gets ambushed or their base gets besieged.
Also planning backup shit like, Three Lights at each base. They represent the other players, and glow when, say, non-allied tcp's or enemies are at the base.
I guess combat strats and synergy too. This may be 4v1, but the last thing we want is shit like friendly fire, or being all over the place against a coordinated team.
No. 855517 ID: 2904f5

Can the Unhallowed Sanctuary stop KILL commands on targets inside? If so we should make sure the TCPs know not to take mortally injured units out before they are healed.
No. 855519 ID: 4ceb21

I wanna talk strategy. I've got a few systems I'd like in depth explanations on before we try to manipulate them, and I've got some ideas I'd like to run past y'all.

Firstly, we should be in constant contact. There's no reason not to just keep this call going indefinitely even when no one's talking (ironically we'll have to dip for a hot minute after this to talk to Jasper, but that's neither here nor there), it'll allow us to coordinate better and respond faster to any threats.
Secondly, we should become tactically unified. Make sure we're all on the same tech level, share ideas, make our bases all have all the same supplies so that if a group runs out of whatever stuff they're using they can always pop over to the nearest base and get more. It'd be best to have our cats go through joint training together, but we can at least get them all familiar with each other and TEACH them the same things. We should be thinking of this team as one big group of 20 rather than four groups of 5, as such we should probably discuss what TCPs we're going to make and see if we can't get some additional synergy going, though I get the impression this might be a somewhat personal topic.
Lastly, maybe one of us should keep their last TCP slot open indefinitely, as a last resort against Spit. If shit goes completely south we can spawn an overpowered abstract tcp and have it kill her. The temporary loss of one cat won't hurt our overwhelming numbers advantage much, and I don't trust her not to do something equally game-breaking once she starts losing.

As for questions... Can we get an in-depth explanation on the TCP defection system? (Use the specific questions from >>/questdis/110850 if they aren't answered in the course of the explanation.) And could you also explain as much as you can about admin intervention, like what triggers it and what it actually does? The devil's in the details.

Is there anything y'all can do to keep yourselves safe from Spit attacking you IRL? Have you fortified your house? Can you move somewhere else?
No. 855522 ID: 4ceb21

There's nothing stopping us from strapping body-cams to the cats. We may have made the Unhallowed Sanctuary, but that doesn't mean we can't try to circumvent it's rules ourselves. We can put an airport security style checkpoint in front of the sanctuary to keep Spit from doing the same.
No. 855528 ID: 91ee5f

If we try doing that, the Admin might step in and balance the game so that Spit will also be allowed have body-cams on her cats!
No. 855538 ID: 33d4be

Well, first, are you all safe? Spit isn't going to assault any of you where you are, is she? We want to be sure none of you are in danger. If there's any risk, then maybe we need to start applying some low but steady pressure to Spit right now, so she has to stay at her station.

Relating to punishment - how likely is it that we'll get some sort of comeuppance if we try rig the game against Spit by making a lot of trials/obstacles/et cetera that she's (hopefully) bad at? Is it ok so long as everyone has a theoretical chance at success and failure? Could we do something like create a PLAYDATE PRIZE VOTE TEMPLE where the TCPs all go in and play fun cooperative and competitive games and at the end they all vote anonymously on which TCPs were the most fun friend and the TCPs who get voted the funnest nicest ones gets the biggest rewards? I mean I'm not sure exactly how that specific idea would work, but stuff like that where we set up things we expect Spit to be bad at to be disproportionately important, is that likely to attract the balance hammer?

Third, we should organize exploration of the Unhallowed Sanctuary together. You all need to be the ones to tell your own TCPs about it, since one of the ideas behind it iss to build trust from our TCPs by showing we trust them. I'd really like to see what's down there but for full effect long-term I think we need to deny as much indirect divine access and influence down there as possible, as well as the existing direct denial. For the TCPs to really feel they can do whatever they want down there in total freedom and safety, they need to be sure we can't even know what happens down there if they don't tell us, not just that we can't interfere. So, if it doesn't have any form of protection against technological or magical reconnaissance, we should create something that our TCPs can bring down there to do that. But first we need to give our TCPs whatever they need to go down and explore it safely. We should leave it up to them what they want to tell us about it, of course.

Fourth and finally, we have some masks to give you! Everyone should get their own god mask, except Spit obviously. Her mask we'll put down in the Sanctuary to tempt her into sending her cats down there. The Wax mask we'll put down there as well, if you need it hopefully it won't be too long a journey for your cats to go fetch it for you. We'll keep the mask of courage, which isn't technically a Void mask but we have no real face of our own, only masks, so probably we can't make a real mask of ourselves anyway.

Hmm. Fourth, addendum: I wonder if we can make masks of any gods that aren't directly involved in the game? I mean, the whole purpose of a mask is to invoke the presence/essence of someone who isn't there themselves, right? Even people who maybe, uh, in a sense aren't anywhere, any more. If you guys told us the name and a description of another god, maybe showed us a picture of their face, photo or drawn or whatever, we could try it? For the sake of experimentation?
No. 855839 ID: 2a13fa

In response to #4, we have a Wax mask. Wax isn't present currently in the game, at least not really, so it's worth a shot definitely.
Also, I can imagine a Voidsy mask. It'd essentially be maskception, but still.
No. 855881 ID: 33d4be


Well, he's sort of a presence in the game. As for a voidsy mask, a mask of a mask isn't a mask of the person wearing the mask!

By the way, I wonder if we should talk to our allied gods about potential conversions within our ranks. It'd be nice to tell our TCPs they can convert to our allies if they think they'd be happier with them.
No. 855896 ID: 3adb50

Not really how it works. They can go Rogue, but to my knowledge they can't join anyone again once their Rogue. It's a disadvantage that serves little purpose, particularly when morale isn't even close to low enough to justify it.
No. 855900 ID: 3ce125

Voting that we should not try to circumvent the Unhallowed Sanctuary's purpose of being completely isolated from gods. God-created items probably won't function in there anyway, aside from their mundane properties.
No. 857646 ID: b6ce93

Beating Spit, obviously. Also, anything else that you guys think is important.
No. 858492 ID: e37a06

has anyone actually won against spit, and if so, what do you know about what went down?
No. 858734 ID: fb45d4
File 151609612802.gif - (26.60KB , 500x500 , 19.gif )

VOIDSY: Whoa, that’s new!
VOIDSY: Your room is absolutely adorable, we love the lights.
VOIDSY: Very on brand.
WRETCH: thannkkkssss
EASTWOOD: You just can’t see the mess. The rest of the warehouse is a nightmare.
WRETCH: you make half of the trash asshole
WRETCH: im still findin ping pong balls everywhere

Eastwood grumps a bit, smoke flaring up before calling Miller. You can’t hear her super well, but she’s audible enough to make this work.

MILLER: Hi Voidsy!!
MILLER: What’s up?
VOIDSY: Planning for war, we guess.
MILLER: We got this! I know my team will do whatever it takes to ensure a victory- we have to get you safe and sound in our world!
VOIDSY: It’s...appreciated. Thank you.
EASTWOOD: Let’s get moving, we can be mushy after.

VOIDSY: Right, so...
VOIDSY: These calls are gonna be crucial, real time planning sessions will help us coordinate both ourselves and our TCPs.
VOIDSY: There’s no reason for us to hop off call, even when no one’s talking.
VOIDSY: We will have to dip out for a hot minute after this to talk to one of our cats, but in the long fun, we should stay in touch.
VOIDSY: We need group calls to anticipate shit for, and at the very least, we need to have them running the second someone gets ambushed.
WRETCH: easy enough
WRETCH: if east or i gotta hop off we can talk in the house
MILLER: I’ve got nothing going on, so I doubt I’ll have to leave for anything.
MILLER: You can count on me to help out!
EASTWOOD: I’m for it.

VOIDSY: We also need to be tactically unified.
VOIDSY: We have to share ideas, make sure we’re on the same tech level, and keep our base supplies consistent- that way, if any of us run out of whatever we’re using, we can restock at eachothers’ bases.
VOIDSY: We also need joint training, and regular meetups. Keeping them familiar with eachother and making sure they have the same basic skills, that’ll help a ton.
VOIDSY: Thinking about the team as a group of 20...it feels like the right way to go.
EASTWOOD: Yeah, sounds about right. We can go over what we have and what we should make when we’ve got a general gist of what to do.
VOIDSY: We do have some ideas to start with, though. They’d be good no matter what.
EASTWOOD: We’ll see about that. Lay it on us.
No. 858736 ID: fb45d4
File 151609618960.gif - (29.00KB , 500x500 , 20.gif )

VOIDSY: Okay, we have this goofy idea.
VOIDSY: We want to create a “Playdate Prize Vote Temple” where our cats can go in, play some games together, and vote anonymously on who should get prizes- they all get stuff, of course, but the nicest ones get rewarded for cooperating.
EASTWOOD: I don’t think-
WRETCH: im downnnn
EASTWOOD: ….fine. We make the temple that has zero use to us in the long run.
MILLER: You’re a grump, it has plenty of uses!
MILLER: We need to keep morale up, they’re going to be going through a lot...it’d not only be fun, but good for their psyches.
MILLER: I’ll make it on my base, if it helps. You can keep your stuff playtime free.
EASTWOOD: Fine, fine. We’ll see how it goes.
VOIDSY: We also have masks to share- they have a lot of different effects.

You explain the masks, and everyone takes some time to let it settle in.

VOIDSY: We should give everybody their own masks- that’ll probably work best with everybody.
VOIDSY: We could even bribe Spit with her mask...it seems like something she’d want.
WRETCH: but we wont actually let her have it right
VOIDSY: Hell no. Just bait.
EASTWOOD: Solid, though I can’t help but feel a bit insulted by mine. Rude fucking game.
MILLER: Mine will work great with my nature types!! I can give it to someone like Seaspray so that they can all work together.
VOIDSY: Do you think we can make masks of other gods? Like, ones not in the session.
EASTWOOD: As long as we tell you about them, I don’t see why not. Worth a shot.

VOIDSY: Lastly, we had this idea to make some sort of light thing…
VOIDSY: Three lights, representing the other players in our alliance. They let us know if non-allied TCPs, or enemies, in this case, are in eachothers’ bases.
MILLER: Wouldn’t that set off the admin?
EASTWOOD: Mm, not sure. We’ll have to make them individually, but if we do that, we should be fine.
No. 858737 ID: fb45d4
File 151609624022.gif - (26.72KB , 500x500 , 21.gif )

VOIDSY: Knowing Spit’s weaknesses would be helpful. Beating her is our biggest priority. Has anyone ever beaten her?
WRETCH: ive never been in a game where she loses
MILLER: I know the only player as good as her, at least in our pantheon, is Rein! It’s so good at the game, and always wins against her!
EASTWOOD: Grind’s won against her a few times too. He’s a very good player, especially against people he’s morally opposed to.
MILLER: He’s always mean to Rein though….
WRETCH: grinds got fuckin issues end of story
EASTWOOD: That aside, the only weakness I can think of is her lack of self preservation…
EASTWOOD: She’ll do anything to secure the win, even if it means losing a TCP.
MILLER: Oh!! I haven’t really spectated matches but I think Rein mentioned her being mean to her kitties has worked against her a lot.
MILLER: They like being treated right!

VOIDSY: Are you safe from Spit, currently?
VOIDSY: Have you fortified your house, or do you need to move?
WRETCH: i meaaaan
WRETCH: we could but wed have a hard time playin on the road
MILLER: So would she, though!
MILLER: If we watch for her going offline, we can prepare!
MILLER: I’ll even keep an eye on it for you, so you can focus on being safe.
EASTWOOD: That should work alright, we’ll keep our eyes open.
MILLER: you dont have eyes tho…..

VOIDSY: We’ve got the Unhallowed Sanctuary now- and we should definitely use it.
VOIDSY: Can we make any kind of way to supervise what goes on in there?
EASTWOOD: I wouldn’t imagine so. Nice idea, but...eh.
VOIDSY: If the sanctuary stops kill commands-
EASTWOOD: If I understand it, it will. Commands definitely count as god interference.
VOIDSY: Alright, good. We need to make sure that our TCPs know not to take mortally injured TCPs out of the sanctuary until they’re healed, because I’m sure they can still hurt each other.
VOIDSY: We should also explore it together before Spit does, so tell your TCPs about it. We’d really like to see what’s down there, but we have to maintain a sense of trust with our TCPs, that they’ll be completely unsupervised and free to discuss things on their own.
VOIDSY: Let’s equip them with enough things to go down safely, and if they tell us how it’s like, that’s up to them.
No. 858738 ID: fb45d4
File 151609628635.gif - (26.98KB , 500x500 , 22.gif )

VOIDSY: How does the defection system work?
EASTWOOD: You’ll know if your TCPs lean towards going rogue. It’s not a fast process, but the more they want to bail, the worse your connection gets to them.
EASTWOOD: If things start going fuzzy or distorted when you’re focused on one, tend to it before it gets bad- just like how you can’t fully hear other team TCPs.
VOIDSY: What counts as officially going rogue?
EASTWOOD: Once a TCP has completely rejected their deity, and refuses to work with them anymore, they’re rogue. It’s a permanent state and cannot be reversed.
VOIDSY: Do they count as their own side, or what?
EASTWOOD: They’re a neutral zone. They aren’t pledged to any gods, nor can they side up with anybody else. They can still work with other TCPs, but they don’t count towards any sort of team.
EASTWOOD: The only time I’ve ever seen a TCP go un-rogue was when someone appealed to an admin- and it sure as hell wasn’t Wax. It’d have to be made by the TCP themself.
EASTWOOD: One more thing- rogue TCPs can be killed without a kill command issued. Once they hit zero, they’re done. No living past that.
VOIDSY: What happens to them at the end of the game?
EASTWOOD: If they survive, they get to go to a place called Paradise- it’s like the plane, but there’s no players.
EASTWOOD: Sometimes they can ask to go with a winning deity of their choice, but at the point where they went rogue, they usually don’t unless there’s friends of theirs that also survived.

VOIDSY: Can you explain admin intervention to us?
VOIDSY: We might be able to set up things that Spit would be disproportionately bad at, but we’re a bit concerned it’d attract the balancing.
VOIDSY: Devil’s in the details, and all.
EASTWOOD: Generally it takes fucking around with things that’d need to be given to everyone to make it remotely fair.
EASTWOOD: That, or anything that tries to circumvent how the game works-

Something feels wrong, all of a sudden, and you can tell it’s not just you- everyone tenses up.
No. 858739 ID: fb45d4
File 151609631133.gif - (24.64KB , 500x500 , 23.gif )

You get the feeling you’re not the only thing floating in your little void anymore.
No. 858740 ID: fb45d4
File 151609634271.gif - (26.66KB , 500x500 , 24.gif )




No. 858742 ID: 3ce125

oh my god FUCKING FROG CRIIIIIIIMES!!! I can't believe autobalance hits *every* active game if it's triggered in one of them.

What the fuck is that. I didn't think anything could even exist in this personal void aside from us! What kind of knife is this, anyway?
Wait autobalance is on does that mean Wax is going to show up? None of you did this, right? Did Spit do this to force Wax onto her team so she's not as badly outnumbered? Or would that have consequences outside the game so she wouldn't even try?

Well anyway this means Spit will immediately make her remaining TCPs and psyche them up to attack. We need to do the same, except we should scout out the Unhallowed Sanctuary before her cats arrive. If we can get them into the Sanctuary our TCPs have a decent chance of talking them down and getting at least some of them to go rogue, but if not we have them greatly outnumbered and will probably win anyway.
Shit this means we can't make the prize temple...
No. 858745 ID: a363ac

well I imagine we shouldn't touch the knife.
No. 858746 ID: cc5f4f

Spit has some contacts that could eavesdropped on in that session, you know.
No. 858747 ID: 92cd99

Anyone else now sharing a vicinity with a blade?
No. 858750 ID: 7df1e5

Voidsy shape that void to make assssss~ make it meaty thighs and big handles for Wretch to goop all over 😩😩
No. 858752 ID: c66656

We don't know about how Wax joins the smallest team yet.

What the fuck!? What's this knife? How is the TCP limit at 30??

We no longer have the time to fuck around while Spit has no cats. We need to finish our base upgrades, talk to Jasper, and get eyes on Spit ASAP.
No. 858753 ID: e37a06

Im going to suggest to the other gods if those are what we think they are...

Bury them, bury them in the deepest, most remote part of the globe possible.

Anyways beyond that lets go and talk to the admin
No. 858757 ID: 0d45a9

What the everloving fuck just happened?
No. 858776 ID: 91ee5f

Uhhh, guys? There's a knife floating in here with us.....and we don't really want to touch it. We didn't even know that anything other than us could exist in this place where we're at!

Guys, we're scared. Is someone threatening us? Should we call the Admin?

Wait, what's going on?! Does that mean that everyone got one of these knives?!

Uhhh, if all of us, including Spit have 5 TCPs each, that would make 25, right? So, if the limit has been raised to 30, does that mean that another player has joined the game? Or does that mean that we should make a 6th TCP?

I honestly don't think we should make another TCP. Managing 5 cats is difficult enough! And if we add another cat shortly after creating Jasper, he might think we're trying to replace him because he's not exactly trusting us immediately like the other cats did when we created them!
No. 858785 ID: 3adb50

It could be because Frog-Crimes made it in god-space and not the game itself, or it could be that Frog-Crimes gave Spit some ideas.

On the plus side, this means that somewhere out there is a knife that exists for the sole purpose of killing Spit.

Don't play with sharp objects, Voidsy.

Eastwood, what just happened?
No. 858789 ID: 1e7aa8

No. 858794 ID: 43e0ce

"Guys, a knife just appeared here beside me, the TCP limit skyrocketed, and everything smells like frogs for some reason. What the fuck just happened?"
No. 858797 ID: 9876c4

Oh, hey, a knife.
Let's create a divine brisket, slice it, and feed it to our Katz.
No. 858828 ID: 3abd97

Group chat: "Guys wtf".
No. 858841 ID: 2a13fa

Autobalance is now in effect. That's probably(definitely) not a good thing, but I think that also means we have more options on things we can create. So, yeah, this is probably not good, but we can still figure this out!
No. 858868 ID: 2efe4b

Ask what autobalance does and also what's with the knife.

If there's a chance ask about making Rein and Grind masks, because no matter what they do they'll probably at least annoy Spit. I want to try make a Wane mask too but I can't remember if we know about her. I think Wretch mentioned her at some point when talking about bad stuff Spit's done and what Wax is like?

Also sorely tempted to create VOID-ONLY READABLE COPY OF THE BOOK "GUYS PLS, LOOK WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH HERE", UNFLATTERING PHOTOGRAPHS OF SPIT WITH COMMENTARY AND INSULTING NICKNAME RECOMMENDATIONS COLLECTED BY VOID "WHERE PROHIBITED" VOIDSWORTH, on the basis that auto-balance might give everyone else a copy of the same book that only THEY can read, since the major consequences of doing such a thing have already happened. Hopefully one with a charming little photo and short biography of ourselves on the inside back cover book jacket. But at the very least we should ask our teammates about doing that.

In any case we have a young TCP we promised to talk to right after we made this call and that's top priority, we're going all-in on this TCP trust strategy so we need to do that before doing anything else even if there's an urgent need to suddenly do a lot. So tell our teammates you have a promise to keep so if there's suddenly a lot that needs doing you'd better go take care of it first so you'll be free again as soon as possible. You trust anything they think up or do in the meantime.
No. 858869 ID: f0e552

just in case this is taken seriously, I feel like we shouldn't do stuff like this without knowing exactly what will happen. We don't want to mess up as bad as they did
No. 858921 ID: fb45d4
File 151615831590.gif - (16.44KB , 500x500 , 26.gif )

You’re starting to panic, all of your collective minds screaming. This is a lot to take in, and there’s a lot of questions flooding in. You shove away the intrusive thoughts that won’t help, although you do note that trying to give yourself a shapely ass later wouldn’t hurt your chances with Wretch.

VOIDSY: Wh...what the fuck is that??? There’s a knife, and oh god, what’s happening oh god
WRETCH: i idk but i have one too
WRETCH: fuck man what the hell is goin on
MILLER: I have one also, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt us...it’s just...floating.
EASTWOOD: Some kind of threat, maybe? Creepy as shit.

VOIDSY: What does it do?
EASTWOOD: Don’t fucking touch it, that’s for sure.
EASTWOOD: Like Miller said, it doesn’t seem to be...hostile, by itself.
EASTWOOD: Let’s play it safe. Wax is in the game now, and he has to know.

VOIDSY: None of you made it...right?
MILLER: Heck no!
WRETCH: nah thatd be stupid as fuck
VOIDSY: Then...it had to be Spit.
EASTWOOD: That’s my best guess. Seems like a deliberate attempt to get Wax in the game...shit.
EASTWOOD: That’s a dirty but really effective move on her part, which is going to suck for us.
EASTWOOD: Instead of a 4v1 situation, we’re 4v2.
MILLER: And….none of us have ever won a game before…
MILLER: We’re against the two best players!! Wax made the game!!
WRETCH: welp we’re fucked
EASTWOOD: We can’t just give up. This fucking sucks, but we do still have numbers. I highly doubt Wax even wants to work with her, but he’s gotta as per the rules.
No. 858922 ID: fb45d4
File 151615836193.gif - (16.84KB , 500x500 , 25.gif )

VOIDSY: Wait, so...this is a lot to take in. What does autobalance even mean?
EASTWOOD: Wax is in the game now, as a sixth player. He automatically joins the team with the lowest number of players, TCPs, or any other kind of disadvantage.
EASTWOOD: The limit hits max to ensure that every team has their full slots.
EASTWOOD: A lot of people who are kind of fucked over bring him in to speed shit along.
VOIDSY: Can we like...use this to our advantage?
EASTWOOD: Not really. Wax can nullify any commands that would cause a warning pre-balance, which sounds awful, but it does keep Spit from pulling anymore horseshit.

VOIDSY: Shit, no prize temple then..
MILLER: No way! I’ll make it anyway, we’ll need it more than ever.
MILLER: With so many kitties in the game, we’ll need to get them acquainted and friendly as soon as possible.
MILLER: Games will be a great way to do that.
VOIDSY: Should we make the masks, too?
WRETCH: may as well
WRETCH: pray theyre useful bc we need everythin we can get to not eat shit n die
VOIDSY: We’ll do that, finish our base upgrades, and get moving as soon as possible.
VOIDSY: After we talk to Jasper, though. We really need to prioritize that.
EASTWOOD: I’ll call Wax and get the details of what happened, but you might want to introduce yourself as well.
EASTWOOD: We may be against each other, but we may have a shot of getting him to take it easier on us.
EASTWOOD: He fucking hates Spit, and if we can assert ourselves as good, trustworthy people…
MILLER: We could sway him!
EASTWOOD: Exactly.
No. 858923 ID: fb45d4
File 151615840043.gif - (20.66KB , 500x500 , 27.gif )

EASTWOOD: Before you run off to talk to Jasper….
EASTWOOD: I’m making my TCPs now, and so should everyone else. Did everyone have a plan for their teams?
WRETCH: yea idk if its any good but im gettin my new cats now
MILLER: Yep! The only thing I didn’t plan is my last one…
EASTWOOD: Okay. We can figure that out.

EASTWOOD: I’ve got

WRETCH: i haaave

MILLER: I picked
MILLER: It may seem like a weak team, but I get motif and domain synergy for pretty much all of it!
MILLER: Now, there’s still one slot left...I was thinking I could ask for your help!
MILLER: You have a lobster type, which is a really cool sea critter, from your world, right?
MILLER: I want something like that! Spit won’t know what it’ll do, and I wanna see what kind of stuff you all have over there.
MILLER: (i do want to name them bubbo tho so pick something good)
No. 858927 ID: dcdcd3

No. 858928 ID: af6e04

Angler fish
No. 858929 ID: 847b12

blobfish type
No. 858930 ID: 9876c4

Megalodon. Trust me, you'll love it.
No. 858931 ID: 4ceb21

A blue ringed octopus is an incredibly venemous tentacled creature. The mantis shrimp is a creature a little like a lobster, but with a punch the speed of a rifle bullet. They're both quite colorful.

Tell the others about our potions setup before hanging up, so they can copy it.

1. Talk to Jasper.
2. Finish making stuff at our base, unify facilities w/ teammates.
3. Send Jasper scouting.
4. Talk to Wax.
No. 858933 ID: 307bd1

Is Heartsea a food type? If not, make a COCONUT TCP.

I think you guys might want to lock your knives away somewhere hidden. We're fine because we don't exist yet, but I'd hate to see what would happen if Spit got her claws on yours.

...But what if you got hers?
No. 858934 ID: 3adb50

>Miller wants a sea critter
Well, a Box Jellyfish Type would be a heavy hitter, but proooobably a little too brutal for Miller's tastes. Their stings paralyze and cause extreme pain - they can even kill, but obviously not here without a kill command.
Sure, it'd be good for takedowns, but swaying the cats they hit after would be... difficult.

Alternatively, you could make a Kraken Type. It's a creature of myth, basically a massive squid. Tentacles and bulk would be a less brutal method of detainment.

A less bulky option would be a Sea Siren Type. Not the 'big blaring loud alarm' type siren, but another mythical sea monster. She is able to sooth and hypnotize men with her song, drawing them to a watery grave. It might only affect 'he' pronoun TCPs though, and it might not discriminate allies.

>two of the best players
In a game we've rigged to have very little player interference ;)

So long as we prepare and train our TCPs well, they should be able to handle it in the Unhallow. We just need to make sure to have them scout it out first so they have the home field advantage.
No. 858935 ID: a363ac

Scaly-foot gastropod. its a fucking IRON TANK SNAIL.
No. 858936 ID: 2b002c

An IRON SNAIL type! ( http://tentacletheatre.com/post/120891921180/the-bestiary-scaly-foot-gastropod#_=_ )
No. 858938 ID: 847b12

gonna agree with scaly-foot gastropod actually
No. 858940 ID: 2b002c

Actually, on second thought, we should probably ask Miller whether she wants offense or defense, since we can think of two badass things off the top of our heads and could give her an unstoppable punching machine with Super Eyes or an unbreakable suit of armor with magnetic scales made from poison.
No. 858942 ID: 9876c4

But which one would win, in a fight?
Trick question; the Megalodon would.
No. 858944 ID: e7830d

We are up against a reluctant enemy and a monster that treats their charges poorly.

Undermining enemy morale and maximising the chances of enemy TCPs going rogue is paramount.

Our cause is noble. Our ends are holy.

No. 858945 ID: 3adb50

Another good one.

We should give Miller some of our best ideas and see what she thinks. I think Kraken, Sea Siren, and Iron Snail are the best bets so far for creature types. Coconut could make for a hardy sea-themed Food Type as well, would make the team more survivable.
No. 858947 ID: 3adb50

A Megalodon would be powerful, but it's iffy for the same reason a Box Jelly is. We're trying to go for a Rogue win, and being too brutal will do little to endear our opponents' cats to us.
No. 858950 ID: a363ac

The mantis Shrimp. SUPERSONIC PUNCHING SHRIMP is also a good creature and we should let Miller pick which she likes more for her team.
No. 858952 ID: e7830d

"You want a nasty indestructible aquatic killing machine?

You cannot beat the Bobbit worm. Huge, vicious jaws, thousands of legs and a tough carapace."
No. 858954 ID: 3ce125

Hehe, lube cat.

Pistol Shrimp would be a good combination of defense and offense while also having a hidden ability Spit won't expect. Single noun form is Alpheidae. On the other hand it'd look a lot like our Lobster, so how about we don't do that.

Chrysomallon would be single noun form for the Iron Snail. Pretty straightforward tcp though? Huge defense, and... nothing else. I thought the point was to come up with something that would surprise Spit? Also she's already got a Seashell type which accomplishes the same thing!

Squid type would be very surprising. Because of the ink. Kraken is about the same thing, so I'd support that too. If we're actually voting and not just suggesting things to wretch, my vote's on Kraken/Squid.
No. 858955 ID: 3ce125

What's a heartsea?
No. 858961 ID: e0c854

Well, time to convince all our cats to go rogue and create a weird obsession with teaching them to be independent.
No. 858965 ID: 3adb50

Yeah, Squid/Kraken is my favored as well. Ink and tentacles makes for good control and detainment.
No. 858972 ID: 90f3c0

Kraken type.
No. 858989 ID: 91ee5f

No. 858993 ID: dc91a0

Fugu or Pufferfish.
A beautiful fish that can puff itself up to like 3 times its size. It's covered in barbs that contain one of the most toxic poisons on the planet.

Electric Eel: A sea snake that has a stupidly powerful AOE electrocution attack.

Plecostomus- A Common Catfish with a coating that makes them immune to electrical discharge. Does not actually look like a cat. Bottom Feeder.

Clownfish- A small, beautiful fish with a coating that makes it immune to many kinds of venom.

Pistol shrimp: A sea roach with a truly mind-boggling melee attack. It's impossible to really wrap your head around it without witnessing it first hand.

Octopus: Ambush specialist. Is highly intelligent, can change color and shape to camouflage self. Can Spit blinding black ink for combat purposes and as a burst of speed.

Bottlenose Dolphin: Medium sized mammalian sea creature. Fun-loving. Easily the smartest creature in the sea. Capable of group-tactics and leadership.

Orca/Killer Whale: A close relative of the dolphin. Intelligent. Massive. Tanky. Awe-Inspiring. Can be gentle. Can be Deadly.

Take your pick. All are fantastic options.
No. 859001 ID: 830fb7

If they are going for sea creatures they could go for the 'Glaucus atlanticus' (not only is it toxic even to the touch it can consume things that are even more deadly than it and use their toxins against predators) or the 'lionfish' (one of the worlds most toxic fish) because both are very toxic yet beautiful looking fish. Their beauty could distract the enemy TCPs while if they attack them they'll get a very sting toxic sting that causes severe disabling pain, paralysis and in some cases death.
No. 859003 ID: 3ce125

Oh right I forgot octopi have ink too. Good choice, that.
No. 859010 ID: c90231

you know, if you really want to go the unexpected route, maybe we could recomend a sea bird. it offers Arial advantage, fits the motif, and none would suspect a bird from a water motif. (side question for milller, what type of life is common for oceans from their place of origin?)
No. 859020 ID: 3adb50

While this would normally be very useful, the Unhallowed Sanctuary where we plan to have our confrontations is... underground.

Aside from very large caverns, birds will have problems making full use of their mobility.
No. 859032 ID: 044279

Seems like you'd want Sea Turtle or Manta, if you want to keep some themes. Miller's theme seems to be calm tropical seas, which means if Miller wants a creature type TCP, it'll have to be calm, tropical, and oceanic creature.
Suggestions: Whale, Manta, Dugong, Encantado, Ika-Roa, Abaia, Shen.
No. 859033 ID: cc5f4f

What about a bat-type? They fly and have a way to see in the dark, but I doubt it has something to do with the sea.
No. 859036 ID: c90231

maybe a dolphin then, something with echolocation for the caves.
No. 859054 ID: 35089a

Kraken or snail
No. 859055 ID: 143590

oh pleaaaaseee yes this
No. 859059 ID: 173012

Hrm you could go
>Leviathan Type
or you could go
>Selkie Type
No. 859069 ID: e17697

Hagfish are pretty neat and a TCP of one could be useful.
They're sort of like an eel, so flexible they can tie themselves into and out of knots, and can produce a slime that turns the water around it into invisible but incredibly thick gel. Would have been good as a Wretch kitty too.
No. 859070 ID: 33cbe7

Definitely Kraken-type. Maybe.
but what about
No. 859073 ID: 2a13fa

for me it's a tie between Scaly-Foot Gastropod and Mantis Shrimp.
No. 859083 ID: 082b86

Just read that article of the Scaly-Foot Gastropod, god damn we should suggest she use that. What a badass snail.
No. 859091 ID: b0990e

Leviathan all the way
No. 859111 ID: 2efe4b

Lots of good suggestions for Miller's new TCP - she seems lacking in offense, so I'd say Peacock Mantis Shrimp, or some species of seawater electric fish (electric eels are freshwater).

But should we suggest what we'll make when we get the chance, so our teammates will know what they're going to work with? Given Spit's liking for pain, I was wondering if maybe an ANAESTHETIST or ANESTHETIC TCP might be a good idea. It might fit with us, too, since an anesthetic "masks" pain, and/or creates an absence of it.
No. 859113 ID: e7830d

I want to see


With an Octopuses typing

In the shade
No. 859115 ID: 91ee5f

>But should we suggest what we'll make when we get the chance
What are you talking about? We’re not going to make another TCP.

The limit is 30 TCPs and there’s 6 players in the game, which means everyone is only allowed to have 5 TCPs each and we’ve already got 5 TCPs. We literally can’t make another TCP!
No. 859117 ID: 2efe4b


Oh, right. Sorry, miscalculated.
No. 859130 ID: dc7367

Everybody always wants to go to the super cool specific animal they heard about because it does one thing really well. But usually there is a reason the rare novelty critter is a rare novelty and not dominating the biome. That one snail is pretty indestructible, sure, but it is also a snail. You know, that thing we use to describe slowness? Our lobster kitty was just a general lobster though. I say we should suggest something that is generally good across the whole genus, like a crab or a shark or an octopus.
No. 859131 ID: c44926

Iron Kraken Snail!
or just Iron snail.
No. 859195 ID: fb45d4
File 151623507862.gif - (23.45KB , 500x500 , 28.gif )

VOIDSY: What’s a heartsea?
MILLER: It’s one of my motifs, the heartsea flower!
MILLER: They’re really pretty...in Solitude, we grow them and give them to people going through hardships, in a sentiment of goodwill and hopes for a better future.
MILLER: Some people think they’re cheesy, but they mean a lot to me. Rein helped me make them an actual flora versus just a motif, and they do look different from the ones on my body, but….
MILLER: I dunno! I really like that people have given them such a nice meaning.
MILLER: I figured that with how our odds are, we could use one.
MILLER: I got lucky, too.
MILLER: I’m looking at her now, and with motif synergy, it looks like she gets a bonus! She can create heartsea flowers anywhere she touches, that’s normal…
MILLER: But they have a little soothing effect on stressed TCPs!!
EASTWOOD: ...damn, that’s….actually pretty useful.
EASTWOOD: Didn’t expect that from a flower.
WRETCH: good goin mills!! smart motherfucker

You can’t see Miller’s comms screen, but you get the distinct feeling that she’s blushing.

VOIDSY: As for Bubbo, we have a ton of cool sea creatures back here on Earth.
VOIDSY: A lot of them are dangerous, deadly creatures.
VOIDSY: This one, though...this one is all about defense.
VOIDSY: The scaly-foot gastropod, also known as the IRON SNAIL, is one of the toughest creatures there is under the sea.
VOIDSY: Its shell is nigh unbreakable, magnetic, and literally made of poison.
MILLER: Is it cute? Wait, no, silly question...all snails are cute!
VOIDSY: The only downsides we can think of are it being kind of hyper-specialized…
VOIDSY: It’s a snail, so it probably can’t move quickly. It’s entirely defensive, and we can’t really plan on it being a hard hitter either.
MILLER: That’s ok!! It sounds like you guys have a lot of tough punchy stuff.
MILLER: The rest of my team, except Seaspray, is looking kinda squishy. Bubbo should be able to keep them safe with Spray’s help.
MILLER: Let me just…

Eastwood’s interface practically shakes.

MILLER: .....
VOIDSY: .....
MILLER: oh sorry i was yelling

MILLER: whos a good bubbo, its yooooou
No. 859197 ID: 2a13fa

Glad you like it! :3
No. 859199 ID: a363ac

I like Miller.
No. 859205 ID: e37a06

Firstly that calming affect might come really in handy for any potential chances to make spits TCPs go rogue.

On other matters we need to check our TCPs for any emotional distress, our territory for anything suspicious.

Can we pull up our minimap to see the territories?
No. 859243 ID: 9c2d0c

do um. do WE need to make one still?
No. 859246 ID: 9876c4

No, another side has been added. One that is contractually req'd to side against us.
No. 859247 ID: 3ce125

I kinda want to see it now. Heck I want to see EVERYONE's cute TCPs that we haven't seen yet!

First we talk to Jasper then we make the Prize Temple and then all our TCPs get to have fun in there together!

No we have five already. I think that was the last TCP our team needed to make? Spit and Wax are making theirs now.
No. 859262 ID: 3adb50

First priority is having Jasper scout out the Unhallow. We absolutely need to know it better than Spit's team, first, or we sacrifice an important advantage. Which means our next step is talking to Jasper.

We'll also need to TEACH Jasper mapmaking before we send them out.
No. 859265 ID: 91ee5f

>First priority is having Jasper scout out the Unhallow.
That is incorrect.

Our first priority is to talk with Jasper, so that he trusts us. He’s already unsure of wanting to help us, so telling him to do something will most likely have him not trust us even more.
No. 859271 ID: 3adb50

As I said, the next step towards our priority is talking to Jasper.
No. 859318 ID: 35089a

i wanna see so badly
No. 859323 ID: 8031fe

>Tell Jasper:
Hey, I need to let you know we are still gonna have that chat. Something urgent came up, and it's that an Admin has been forced to interact with the session. The war is going to be more chaotic with another enemy, and it's going to happen sooner.
On the other hand every allied team is being made as I say this. That means that we won't have to worry about waiting until our numbers grow either.
I have to speak with one or two more gods urgently before we can have our chat. I love you, and I need you to tell the others this.
>Create weighted blankets and stimming huggable plushies in the living room
I made something, I know right now is a bit more stressful, so I sent something in case it helps.

>Call Wax
Hi there, we haven't formally met.
I wanna start this off by asking if Spit did it, and then I want to ask the exact nature of your rules.
Such as, if Spit's entire party falls, but you win, Spit does not benefit, correct?
And furthermore if Spit's entire party falls, are you able to ally with the remaining gods that would otherwise be fighting against you?
I want to know if your team will die on that hill, and if your rule is absolute.
Outside of that, and this war, I want you to know that I look forward to working with you and your pantheon. And yes, that means we are determined and resolute to win this, as regrettable as it is to have to order those we love to fight against others.
No. 859327 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think we should make Jasper wait any longer, otherwise he’ll think we’re making excuses to avoid talking to him.
No. 859354 ID: 966d27

Preface your chat with that instead. Just let him know that major shit is going down, and then have the chat.
No. 859365 ID: 9fb581

No putting it off, Jasper heart to heart mask party is a go!
No. 859407 ID: 2efe4b


Jasper should be our first priority right now. Besides, Wax probably isn't enthusiastic about any of this and instead of being some newbie he's never met falling all over him right away when he's been dropped in a shitty situation to begin with, and when he's almost certainly in an extra bad mood from having it out with Spit, we should let him get settled in and cooled down a little and he'll probably be more receptive.
No. 859414 ID: 3adb50

No. 859415 ID: 9876c4

I hope people don't sugarcoat the truth with Jasper.

Yes, he's our boy and we love him, but we also did create an unrestful spirit for purposes of skullduggery and undermining the enemy.

And we expect him to perform, because he is not replaceable.
No. 859449 ID: 1e7aa8

Talk to Jasper, apologize profusely for overloading him with skills immediately after we created him. It was an awful thing to do, but as a collective mind you are the occasional spazz.
No. 859581 ID: a363ac

off screen
Create : 100 more bees but numbered
Teach Jasper : Beemancy
Teach Jasper : synchronized Dance
Teach Jasper : conducting
Teach Jasper : the power of the Bee
Create near Jasper : conductors Baton
No. 859584 ID: 2efe4b


do not!
No. 859588 ID: 91ee5f

No. 859589 ID: 830fb7

Not the bees.
No. 859596 ID: 3adb50

If we're going to come up with bad ideas, can we at least make them original
No. 859620 ID: 143590

absolutely not
No. 859631 ID: 3abd97

No. 859632 ID: 97e9fe

Hard no
No. 859648 ID: 33cbe7

Hard yes
No. 859667 ID: dc91a0

Create Magic Item (Near Jasper): Prophet's Tear
A silver necklace with a small glistening tear-shaped gem.

Effect: TCP's who wear this may reject or redirect to another allied TCP any divine gift or lesson from their god, should they chose to do so.
No. 859671 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t create that. I’m pretty sure we don’t need that. And he probably wouldn’t use it because he wouldn’t want to redirect an annoying “gift” from us to someone else and burden them with whatever it is.

Also, magic items take away a TCPs health, so if Jasper ever used it, he’d just be hurting himself.

So please, don’t make this.
No. 859672 ID: 3ce125

That might interfere with the mechanics of the game too much. I like the sentiment but we're supposed to be a good leader, not a habitual shitposter that relies on gimmicks to keep their bad decisions from having any negative impact.

No. 859699 ID: 2a13fa

No to both of these.
No. 859708 ID: 3adb50

Wax doesn't like metagamers. Don't metagame.
No. 859746 ID: dc91a0

While I'll concur that it was a bad idea, I don't see how it's meta. Our god is in-universe literally filled with dozens of shit-head voices that manifest as talking shit-head masks.
No. 859762 ID: 3adb50

Because it is a direct reference to another session. You don't think Wax would pick up on that?
No. 859787 ID: fb45d4
File 151642413673.png - (25.74KB , 550x550 , 29.png )

You’re starting to like Miller a lot. She seems really nice, and by the look of it, pretty damn strategic.

VOIDSY: Glad you like it!
VOIDSY: We kind of wish we could see it, though..
MILLER: I assure you, it’ll be worth the wait! It came out so cute, and honestly, kinda broken?
MILLER: Checking it says it, well….
MILLER: Passive ability because creature type, shell’s pretty much indestructible, and magnetic to boot! I don’t think ANYTHING’S getting through that. I don’t think it’ll be too fast, and I’m not exactly sure it can attack things…….
MILLER: But, because of the synergy bonus, poison not only doesn’t affect Bubbo, but buffs it. No health gain or anything, but added defense!
EASTWOOD: Holy shit, what?
EASTWOOD: What the hell kind of planet do you LIVE ON
MILLER: Who cares! Just...dang! That’s awesome!
MILLER: And it’s SO cute. Thank you!
MILLER: All of my TCPs are a bit confused now, seeing as they all spawned in at once…
MILLER: So I’m going to dress them all up and make little rooms and everything.
WRETCH: yea im gonna do that too
VOIDSY: Sounds good. We really have to talk to Jasper now, but we’ll be back.

Everybody gets back to their own planning, and you close the communications to focus on the task at hand. You can call Wax after you talk to Jasper, but for now you go ahead and check your map.

The entire map is visible to you now that all the players are in, and you’re taken aback at just how big the world is.


this doc contains the rules/mechanics for how shit’s going to work now that we’ve entered the game portion of the quest. this doc may be modified over time, at which point i’ll make an announcement both here and in the disthread. these rules + a link to the doc will also be mirrored in the disthread itself for clarity, so you have plenty of places to reference. keep your suggestions and discussion on how to make the rules/mechanics more clear in the disthread- i will not be taking them here as it’ll distract from the quest!

No. 859789 ID: fb45d4
File 151642417262.png - (93.77KB , 1170x912 , 30.png )


You make some little treats in the living room, hoping they’ll help Jasper and the others feel a bit more secure. Primus and Buddy are chilling out downstairs, and seem surprised by the new items- but very happy! Primus thanks you profusely, and Buddy immediately starts sifting through the plush pile for new friends.
No. 859790 ID: fb45d4
File 151642424359.png - (88.78KB , 1510x1200 , 31.png )


Jasper now knows how to make maps- before they can ask why, you tell Jasper that you’re ready to talk now, and they put the mask on, albeit the tiniest bit reluctantly.

I don’t trust them. They brought me into this world, and I just don’t understand why...why me? Why am I the one that has to fight, and kill-

They stop broadcasting their thoughts aloud when you show up, and scoot against the wall a bit.

VOIDSY: Hey. Sorry for the delay... we’re here now.
JASPER: ….hey.

They look nervous, intimidated. You settle in as and try to make yourself look as non-threatening as possible.

VOIDSY: I made some stuff for all of you downstairs. I know it’s stressful right now, and we’re here to support you, in any way possible.
VOIDSY: We love you, and all of our other TCPs as well. But we’re not going to sugarcoat this for you.
VOIDSY: War is coming, and we need you to help us survive.
JASPER: I wouldn’t want you to. I...I want to know the truth. About all of this.
JASPER: I really like the other TCPs, they’re super nice to me...and you act like you will be too.
JASPER: I’ll help you, but I need to know some things if I’m going to risk my life.
JASPER: Why do we have to do this?
JASPER: Why do we have to go to war?
JASPER: Why did you make us, just for us to die?
JASPER: Why...why did you make me?
No. 859795 ID: 33cbe7

In reverse order...
For the purposes of skullduggery and undermining the enemy.
Because we could.
Because Spit sucks.
Because existing beats the alternative. Well, unless you're Buddy.
No. 859796 ID: e0c854

we made you because we had to, to put it shortly. the war that is going to ensue has some strict rules that we have very little control over, and one of those rules is that we must make 5 TCPs. the only choice we had in the matter was for you to be a phantom...
No. 859797 ID: 9d5ded

>Why do we have to do this?
>Why do we have to go to war?
We wish we didn't, love. There's someone out there who wants to hurt us all. You, the other TCPs, even we gods. Please understand that if we had any other choice we wouldn't, but we're being forced to defend ourselves. It's horrible and we wish things were different, but they're not.

>Why did you make us, just for us to die?
>Why...why did you make me?
We made you to live, Jasper. We made you because we love you. Please believe us when we say that these dark times are transient. They will pass. Until then, we have to hold on together. To live and love together. That's the only way to survive.
No. 859798 ID: 7fad5d

>Why do we have to do this?
>Why do we have to go to war?
Because we can't always decide what happens. Other gods want war, and staying neutral or suing for peace won't work.

>Why did you make us, just for us to die?
>Why...why did you make me?
So that you could live and make your life into what you want it to be.
No. 859799 ID: 3ce125

We have to do this because if we don't win, we will die.
There is a god in this session named Spit who will not allow a peaceful victory, so we have to fight her. Because of the first question, the alternative is to die.
You don't have to die! After the game is over, all the surviving TCPs will be able to live on in Paradise, which is a real place like this one, but without fighting. We hope we can keep all our TCPs alive, including our allies'.
We made you because a Phantom is related to our motif so you'd get a power boost, and also we thought you'd look really cool! You do, by the way. Also we are forced to create five TCPs; it wasn't an option to leave it at four.

We understand how you feel. This game was forced upon us as well. New gods like us must win a game to earn the right to exist. Your next question is probably "why do other gods play", and the answer is... for power. If they win, they get stronger. The world of the gods isn't peaceful either, so that may be a necessary evil.
No. 859800 ID: 3ce125

...dammit I just realized that Spit set up her territory like a tower defense. That spiral is hers right? Heh, she didn't count on a TCP that can walk through walls...
No. 859801 ID: 830fb7

I came into existence not that long ago in a wide void expanse filled with nothing but overtime I found out I could make things. I made land housing the spawning pool then, I felt lonely so I decided to see if I could make a friend to talk to, that is when I made primus. he was confused at first but overtime he and I became friends eventually I decided to make more friends for him so he wouldn't feel lonely. that's when I found out that primus really wanted to explore the world with his friends, I made a puzzle temple and a treehouse for them to explore and have fun with and on the way we met another "god" named WRETCH that at the time we couldn't speak to. so we continued to the puzzles and proceeded to have fun solving them. In the temple they found mysterious devices that shortly after we had grabbed it WRETCH started talking to me through it and told me that this was all a war that if I loose me along with all my TCP friends will cease to exist but if we won we would join them in their world while you have a choice where to go. She also told us that she and her friends where willing to be friends with us so we decided to work together. I found out that this didn't mean that I wouldn't have to fight anyone because soon after I became her friend she told me about a murderous fiend who takes pleasure in torturing TCPs and eating other "gods" that come against them her name is SPIT. All I want is to be part of a world where everyone is friendly and doesn't want to harm each other but as long as she exists in the world I cant have this. Anyway after I found out about her I became scared for you guys so I did all I could to make a safe place where no god can go for you guys in case we are attacked.
No. 859802 ID: f0e552

here's how I think these should be answered. Reverse order sounds nice and flowing, as the poster above has done.

>"Why...why did you make me?"
We made you because you fit a niche that will aid us in ways the others will not. All five of you have a specific set of strengths and weaknesses that, when put together, will help us survive, and to exploit our enemies weaknesses, whether they be weaknesses in war, or hints to their true friendship.

Your best strength is to become invisible and phase through walls. It's underhanded, but information is key. By being in the dark, we endanger ourselves, to those who would hurt us.

>"Why did you make us, just for us to die?"
It is the opposite. We wanted to make friends, and it is others who wish for you to die. One of these people are spit, who prefers winning through war instead of diplomacy. If it was up to us, we would definitely prefer nobody dies, and everyone gets along. It is simply the tactic that us as a collective have decided is not only the easiest, but the best way to win. We simply don't like needless death, and only really want friends. I think you might be able to see that in the things we build, and the things we do.

>BONUS QUESTION "Then why the hell do we have a knife TCP"
Honestly, buddy was made back when we had no idea what we were doing. We love Buddy, and even though it is technically made for war, it is the biggest softie ever and we want it to make friends with everybody like everybody else.

Honestly, in a diplomatic victory, from a TCP type standpoint, Buddy's best use lies in defense from attackers, same with Seaspray.

>"Why do we have to go to war?"
It is not our choice. It is others who have decided that we are at war. Once again, it is our intention to have no war, and instead a diplomatic victory, with no death. Everyone who agrees with us on this has aligned with us in an alliance, and they want peace as much as we do, in case you don't believe that we don't want war.

>"Why do we have to do this?"
Think of it like this. We don't want to do this either, but we have to. People like Spit have forced us into action, and forced us into danger like we're in now. We don't want to make you do this, and really, it's your choice whether you do. But we ask you now. Please stay with us and see it through. We need you to help protect us, and in a way, this is the duty of all of our TCP's. We protect eachother, and we're a family, and that's all we've ever wanted this to be.

So... Do you understand now, Jasper?
No. 859804 ID: e37a06

I'm going to be honest with you, although you are our creation, your still a person. This wont make our answers simple, as life rarely is.

As much as we would love to sit idly by, and have fun in the joys of life and growth, everyone must emerge from the warmth of the womb. Our enemy god in this game is Spit, a predator acting on malice and ingrained hatred. We had similar hopes for peace, so we have tried talking to Spit, and it resulted in as much as we expected, implacable hunger. No matter where we go, what we do, what we say... Spit will be coming, our only chance to survive is to face them.

If we do not come to face the enemy, they will come to us, but more than that, our enemies are not merely a single sociopath, but those under their cruel domain. The enemy TCPs are people too, we don't want to kill them unless absolutely necessary. We have armed you and your siblings with words knowledge and enough weaponry to pacify the enemy. It may be that Spit has made their TCPs so scarred that they can never go back, but I hope that if we work quickly, their psyches may yet be saved.

Unfortunately we are facing an enemy beyond Spit, as of recently, an admin was called into the game, and they have automatically been assigned to Spits team. While they probably find this to be a fate worse than death... As an admin they are likely convicted into the purpose of the game, and unlikely to become outright hostile to them.

Your existence is complex at first we created Primus, Buddy, and Dad before we had any knowledge this was a game. We made them because we wanted to test our powers, give our creations company, and, enjoy the extreme cuteness that is inherit to TCPs.

By the time we had learned this was a game, we took our creation much more seriously. We made Marnet because we wanted to protect what we had made, and could not do it ourselves. It can be considered morally dubious to create a thinking being for a specific purpose, and that may be correct. Our existence, and our creations existence depend on our success, we cannot afford to be the embodiment of all that is good, we must be its vanguard.

We made you, Jasper, to fill out our final slot, to act as an independent agent, capable of hampering the enemies goals when they aren't looking. It is promising, and impressive that you think this much about the situation, and existence itself. I think a bit of pride can be seen in the ability to think independently, differently. You don't have to act for us, if you truly, truly don't care, its not mandatory. If you do leave us, know that Spit wont give you mercy for defecting, Wax's team will likely be in close proximity to Spit's. The safest bet would be with our allies, though their opinion on rogues may be... less than forgiving.

I hope you understand that this is the truth as brutal as I can see it. Our motives can be obviously enough, an enigma, your never talking to just one of us. Even one voice cannot talk for the collective, but provide our own personal views, which amalgamate.
No. 859806 ID: 143590

>JASPER: Why do we have to do this?
>JASPER: Why do we have to go to war?
Truthfully, you don't actually have to. It is possible for any of you to defect, but that would mean we could no longer watch over you or help you. Being completely honest, we really want a peaceful run, we don't want you to actually go to War. We're hoping we can find some way to influence Spit's TCPs to defect and join us, because if they did, you could all just end the game peacefully and there wouldn't be any war. But we have no idea if that's even possible with Spit, but if you have any ideas, if you think you can help us with that goal, please tell us.

>JASPER: Why did you make us, just for us to die?
When we first started, we didn't know you could die, we didn't know you could be in pain or hurt, we just thought we were able to make cute cat creatures we could take care of. And now we're in so deep, I don't think we could just walk away without hurting the other TCPs, so we have to keep up, keep going. We don't want you to die, we didn't want any of you to die. We didn't understand our power then, and we're still learning the extent of our power now.

>JASPER: Why...why did you make me?
We only made the concept, but something else made you, you. We can't control everything, we just consider concepts that might be helpful. We don't always know what the outcome is, and we try our best to think of something that doesn't backfire, and sometimes we're wrong. For you, we chose Phantom, because we hoped you'd be something that could help us spy at what Spit has, something that would help us avoid the worst things, and help the TCPs through without getting hurt or killed.
No. 859807 ID: 91ee5f

“Hoo, boy. Straight to the hard questions, huh? Ok, we’ll try to answer your questions as best as we can.”
No. 859808 ID: 173012

In reverse order
I hope you can bear with me, mostly because these questions can have slightly heavy answers, and can be a royal mess to explain.
We made Primus, Buddy, and Dad before we had any understanding of what the situation was, that this plane of existence is like a game for gods. We went into that, and still go into creating you and Marnet, not with the thought of creating subjects, playthings, or even soldiers. We were bringing people into existence with a mix of not full awareness, but without malice or desire to manipulate. With Marnet and you, we had been made aware of the game, and we did hope to create people who would have a strategic impact on the coming war. It's honestly kind of gross to create people with the intent of them being strong, but that's unfortunately something deeply tied to the nature of this game.
But, we didn't make you and the others with the intent for you to die. We never would hope for any of you to feel pain or suffer, but, the act of living does come with the price of making mistakes, and sometimes ending up in an uncomfortable situation because of that. And, the most unfortunate part is that there are cruel, violent people, and that they will force others to do horrible things. There are bad things in the world, and we have to go to war because there is a god named Spit. She is arbitrarily cruel and violent for the sake of being violent itself. She only wants to see others suffer, and, this game results in the winning gods gaining power, privileges. What this means, is that if she wins, she'll be more able to force others in the world the gods live in to suffer. She's killed many people, abused gods and people alike, and killed two gods. There is a survival based motivation to this, but morally we can't sit back and let someone like her win and hurt good people.
But, it's also painful to realize that those close to us are forced to go into war against her, to put their lives on the line. I don't know if the others fully know what is at hand, but they know that their lives are on the line, and they also know it's for a good reason.
I don't have a physical form, which means I can't be there to take the force of any attack the enemy makes, but if we could we would. Trusting us isn't something I expect to come easily, and if you don't feel comfortable with us that's entirely ok Jasper. Nineteen other tcp's are in this with you with the intent to survive this, and everyone who does is given the choice to enter the material plane alongside the god they are allied to, or leave to Paradise, which is like this plane, but no gods, no fighting, and is only meant to be a place of happiness. I want you to know that even though this is scary, that it's a lot to deal with soon after you started living, but if we can all make it through it'll be alright.
Why we have to do this is because the nature of this plane is a game. From what I know it exists as a test for gods to make hard decisions, preparing them for the responsibility of being a god in the physical world. If all the gods were amicable this could all end peacefully, but, Spit is not a good person, and for that reason there has to be a war that does not end until one side is completely gone. We don't like the fact that war is compulsory with this plane. If an alliance cannot happen a war is forced, otherwise this plane does not end. This part is messy because the war is less out doing and more circumstance. Someone wishes to hurt us, and will not stop until we are destroyed.
Again, I'm really sorry about all of this Jasper. You're a good person, and I think we have what it takes to win this. I will do everything in my power to prevent any of us from dying, and in the moments where we can breath I want you all to feel safe, happy, and confident.
And hopefully we can make something better. Stop Spit once and for all, make the world safer and happier, find a better way of these games so that cats like you don't have to be put through a crisis like this.
If you want a hug, or anything else we'd be happy to give you one.
No. 859809 ID: 91ee5f

Also, would it help if we started crying? Because I think it would make sense for us to start crying after Jasper just accused us for creating the TCPs for the sole purpose of dying. Those were some hurtful words he just said to us. )-‘:>
No. 859815 ID: 3ce125

Eh we've been accused of worse.
No. 859816 ID: e37a06

I think maintaining our composure is necessary here, Jasper wants the truth, bluntly it seems. Being overly emotional could make it hard to come across that this is the hard reality.
No. 859818 ID: 2efe4b

>JASPER: Why do we have to do this?

This world is a test. The creator of the test called it a game, so the other gods do too. If we - me, and you TCPs - survive and win, we get to go to another world, the world where the other gods besides me already live. Then we... er, I, I'll call myself I for now, to avoid confusion... will get to truly meet and interact with you, which I would like a lot, and with the other gods, some of whom are my friends who I want to meet very much. It's not a perfect place - bad things can still happen there. But it's also possible to live peacefully and happily there, and I'll help you find a way to do that, as much as I can. I'd like to try make things better there for other people, too. I have some ideas.

>JASPER: Why do we have to go to war?

Mostly because of Spit, one of the other gods in the game. She's cruel and violent, and likes causing pain and fear, so she chose to fight the rest of us instead of working together. I have heard most of this about her second-hand, but she has already taken the first chance she could to try hurt me and Wretch, who I know she's hurt badly before. I've been told she attacks and eats other gods, in the other world. I have an idea for how I could stop her, maybe, if I got there. I still need to find out for sure if it's possible, and I would need to win before I can reach her.

I don't have any hope of just convincing her to not fight us by talking. So, she'll try to defeat us, which means killing our TCPs, or taking them away from us - and I think she would just kill you then, too. I don't want to just believe everything I've heard about her, but I've gotten the idea she'll try to do that as horribly as she can, and from talking to her myself, I believe it. I will try to find a way to win with as little suffering as possible, but it will be very difficult. Spit has played and won the game before, and she's taken advantage of the rules to call the game's maker, Wax, and force him to join her team. We still outnumber them, and Wax hates Spit, so I hope I can talk him into holding back. But to win, to live and escape, we all might have to do some very hard things. To cause or suffer pain, to avoid greater pain. Maybe to kill, to prevent being killed.

>JASPER: Why did you make us, just for us to die?

You are not made to die. You are made to live, and you are alive. You can experience and feel and think, be happy or sad, love and anger, fear and adoration, and so many more things. And while you are alive, you have power, power to change the world as you choose, maybe just a little or maybe a lot, if you're in the right place at the right time, to make the world better or even to make the world worse, if that's what you decide, in a way that will go on after you're gone. You can see, hear, feel and otherwise experience the world in a way no-one else will ever quite be able to, not the exact same way, and you can tell people about it if you want to.

The reason you can die is just because I don't have the power to make you able to live forever.

There's a lot I can do, but I can't do anything, and the things I can do have limits. That goes for all the gods, but me, I don't even have a strong grip on myself, sometimes. I am Void, after all. There's something missing in me, that you have, that the other gods have, that lets you keep yourself in one piece, at least mostly. Instead, I'm... scattered around. In pieces. So some things I'm bad at, like self-control. I think, and I hope, that you and the other TCPs can be better than me, at least at that, and hopefully more.

>JASPER: Why...why did you make me?

I needed to make another TCP. I wanted to make as many as I could anyway, to love and to play and be friends with, but by the time I got to my last one I also knew I needed you, and you needed each other. I tried to make someone who could do things that the others couldn't, and I tried to make them - to make you - in a way I hoped would make you stronger, by being closer to my nature as a god. I'm the god of identity, and discord, with special power over masks, and maybe nothingness. The idea I invoked for your creation was something I thought was connected to those. I'm sorry if that causes you problems, and I'm doubly sorry for loading so much knowledge on you so quickly after you were made. I was worried that I didn't have much time, and... well, self-control problems, like I told you.

I know you don't trust me, Jasper. All I can do is show my trust in you, and hope you choose to reciprocate. First: what I told you about having an idea for dealing with Spit is a secret. I haven't told anyone else, yet. I can't risk Spit finding out, and I'm not sure how some of the other gods would react to it, though I'll need to ask them some questions anyway, to discover if it's possible.

Second: I'm giving you a way to escape me, you and all the other TCPs, me and all the other gods, I hope. I've created an UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY - a place where we gods shouldn't be able to watch you or talk to you, or use our powers. I can't actually see down there to check how close it is to what I was trying to make, and so far when I've made things they often have... extra things, that I didn't expect or decide on. But since it is a sanctuary, it should be safe. My ally gods are going to tell their TCPs about it as well. You can go down there and have a look - I'd like to try give you a few things to help you explore, if you do - and see what it's like, and do whatever you choose to down there. You can tell me what it's like when you come back up, or don't, if that's what you decide. If you really want, you can stay down there, and be free of us. I know you're smart enough to think of all the things doing that would mean. It's up to you.

None of us gods are perfect. We have our weaknesses. It's possible for you TCPs to be smarter, or wiser or just more level-headed than we might be, sometimes. If you decide you need to defy us, you can. I just ask that you learn as much as you can, and think as much as you can, when you make your decisions.
No. 859821 ID: 91ee5f

Luckily, we can do both, since we’ve got multiple faces.

So I’ll be the mask that’s crying with my feelings being hurt by Jasper’s words and the main body can stay composed.
No. 859822 ID: fb45d4

okay the territory map is in the disthread, apologies for not uploading that!

also yall arent getting shit for an update this weekend holy fuck these text walls are gonna take a bit to sift through

No. 859823 ID: 9d5ded

Thank you very much.
Please forgive us.
No. 859824 ID: 3ce125

Haha maybe we shouldn't talk Jasper's ear off...
No. 859825 ID: fb45d4

if it helps i do genuinely enjoy reading these, just be aware that this next update might take a While
No. 859838 ID: 1e7aa8

"Okay. Those are some very heavy questions and you deserve the answers to them. Especially the one about knowing the truth."

Sigh a bit, because this whole thing blows.

"The truth is that your continued existence along with buddy's, primus's, dad's, Marnet's and even mine depends entirely on achieving a victory condition in a game made for gods to have creative fun with until someone wins. Whether that is by cooperatively agreeing to a peaceful resolution OR open conflict because one of the involved parties decided to be aggressive and drag the others into a bloody and terrible war because they can."

so, there, that's the truth. I am a non-physical god that has to win this divine contest because if I don't, two things are going to happen now that this game is in open conflict mode.

one: you, dad, marnet, buddy and primus will be dead so a specific god we've heard a lot about can win instead.

and two: I will also be dead since, as a non-physical god, I can be killed if I don't win.

pause for a bit, but not too long.

"We didn't make you to die. We made you to live. We love you, jasper. We love all of our TCP's and if we had a say in the matter we wouldn't be preparing for war."

Change your floating masks around so they resemble Wretch, eastwood and miller.

"But we're not going to be idiots about it. I've made some mistakes since I started existing in this session of TCP, but I've made an alliance with three of the other players. Meet Wretch, eastwood and miller. They like us and they want to help us win."

turn the masks blank now.

"Because the fifth god involved in this session is a real piece of work.

Expand one of the floating masks and project Spit's ugly mug on it.

"This is Spit, our enemy. Most of what we know about her is second hand, but it paints a horrible picture. She treats her own TCP's poorly and sadistically tortures the TCP's of other players. She cheats relentlessly and loves being a colossal dick to everyone. She's also a cannibal, and intends to eat me my non-physical form if I don't win."

"Do you have any other questions?"
No. 859842 ID: 3adb50

>JASPER: Why do we have to do this?
We came into being out of nowhere, same as you. We're still trying to find the answer to that question ourselves.
>JASPER: Why do we have to go to war?
Because if we don't we die, and because another god named Spit intends to hurt her TCPs and everybody else's. We want to stop that.
>JASPER: Why did you make us, just for us to die?
We started this not knowing, and now we have to keep going. And we're going to do our best so that everybody makes it out alive, even Spit's TCPs, and especially you guys.
>JASPER: Why...why did you make me?
Cause you're a sneaky ghosty. We made a place the gods can't interfere. We need you to help map it so that we can use it to get Spit's TCPs away from her and free them from her control.
No. 859852 ID: a363ac

to be honest We don't know either. The next person we talk to should hold a lot of answers about the WHY we have to do these things.
but I can tell you we made you because we think you will be a wonderful addition to our family.
No. 859856 ID: 082b86

Really well phrased and to the point. I like it a lot. This is about all we really need to say. Gets my vote.
No. 859865 ID: 4ceb21

"We have to go to war because the god Spit, a sadist and serial killer, wants us all dead. If peace were a possibility, we would pursue it wholeheartedly, but as things stand our only option is to aim for a victory with minimum casualties.

We didn't create you to die, if we're successful, everyone in this session will get to live as long as they like.

You have an opportunity at life, and you may do what you wish with it, though it's our belief that we need you and that you need us if we wish to survive. We decided to create a phantom type TCP to act as a scout and saboteur against Spit. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to infiltrate Spit's base and gather as much information as possible about what she's building, what her cats are like, what her battle plan is, what defenses she has, and any number of other things along the same lines. You would be in danger, but you wouldn't be expected to enter combat or to kill anyone."

Add kind sentiments and dramatic flairs to taste.
No. 859898 ID: 2a13fa

Supporting this as well.
No. 859902 ID: dc91a0

I don't keep up with the other sessions. Coincidence.

>JASPER: Why do we have to do this?
>JASPER: Why do we have to go to war?
You are our soldiers. Soldiers fight wars.

>JASPER: Why did you make us, just for us to die?
We don't want you to die. We love you.
If you want the truth...
Buddy and primus were created on a whim. Out of our own pure joy for creation. We didn't even know this game was going to happen.
Dad was spawned around the same time, with nearly the same joviality, with only the thought that Buddy and Primus Needed them.

Marnet was the first TCP we put great thought into, and was the first to be spawned after we knew the full rules of the game. Marnet especially designed as a soldier and protector.

And you...
>JASPER: Why...why did you make me?

You, our final TCP, are our finest creation.
A sort of "Right Hand" for us if you will.

You give us the ability to be tricksy and indirect.
In you is our ability to play smart instead of rough. You can Intimidate, disrupt, distract, support, and sabotage.

This game is inherently cruel you see.
It makes us create. Makes us love. And then forces us to sacrifice and destroy those very things.
We have terrifyingly complete knowledge of so many subjects. Much more so than the other gods. We could cheese this game if we wanted. Bath the whole world in star-fire. Create beasts more terrible than those in the darkest nightmares. Bend the elements to our whims and tear the earth asunder, train every TCP to crave the suffering of others, and generally make Spit look positively benign.

But... We love this place. We love you. We love all who inhabit it minus Spit. We will proably do unspeakable things to her. Everything and everyone else though, we would prefer to survive. We accept that this probably isnt possible and are preparing accordingly, but if we could win without much bloodshed, we would be pleased.
No. 859905 ID: 9876c4

This covers most of my talking points.
No. 859930 ID: eecab3

ohhhhhh this
No. 859934 ID: 3abd97

One way to forge a connection is to be frank about our own situation, and the game we have no choice but to play. Voidsy's a newly created being thrust into a life and death fight as every bit as much as its creations are. We didn't get a choice to not fight for our life either.
No. 860034 ID: fb45d4

okay i have like 5k words to sift through for this no more suggestion
No. 860037 ID: f0e552

My prediction: Voidsy goes mad and scares Jasper with 5 masks sharing differing opinions all at once
No. 861989 ID: fb45d4
File 151697513062.png - (11.34KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

You do your best to remain composed, though Jasper’s questions lay heavy on your mind. Some of your masks are almost close to tears, but you keep it together.

VOIDSY: Hoo, boy…
VOIDSY: If we’re being honest, we don’t entirely know either.
VOIDSY: We’ll do our best to tell you the truth as we know it, no matter how brutal it is.
VOIDSY: This entire world- it’s described as a game.
VOIDSY: And it’s a cruel one. We create things, we love them, and pushes us to sacrifice and destroy.
VOIDSY: We, as in, ourselves and yourselves, are a team.
VOIDSY: There are five other teams, run by five other gods- three of which are our friends. One of which is one of the worst people to exist, and the other...the creator of the game himself.
VOIDSY: To win the game, our four teams have to survive an onslaught by the other two.

JASPER: And how do we lose?
VOIDSY: If...if you all die, we lose.
VOIDSY: And...if we lose this game, we die as well.
VOIDSY: We’ll do everything in our power to prevent any of us dying, and when we have those time to breathe, we’ll make sure you all feel safe.
VOIDSY: We know you don’t trust us, and that’s okay. You’re new
VOIDSY: We trust and love you. This world, and all that’s in it, is dear to us.
VOIDSY: We will protect it with our collective lives.
JASPER: ...Collective?

VOIDSY: Other gods are one person, one mind, one identity.
VOIDSY: But we aren’t like the other gods. We are so many voices, and we know so many things.
VOIDSY: There’s something missing in us, something that lets them keep themselves together.
VOIDSY: Our self control sucks, and we feel scattered more often than not.
VOIDSY: We are Void, and we are as new to this as you are.
VOIDSY: We are trying, and we can only hope that’ll be enough.
VOIDSY: You, and all of the other TCPs can be better than we are.
VOIDSY: We trust you to make the decisions that are right for you, more than we can.
JASPER: And what kind of decisions will those be?
JASPER: Ones to take lives? Ones to kill?
JASPER: What kind of a situation are you putting me in?
VOIDSY: A dangerous one.
JASPER: How dangerous?
No. 861990 ID: fb45d4
File 151697515336.png - (7.37KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

VOIDSY: Even with three awesome gods on our side, there’s a god out there named Spit.
VOIDSY: We’ve heard she’s the worst of them all, more than just a sociopath.
VOIDSY: She kills people with glee, devouring her own kind and anyone else she can get ahold of. Even if we do win, we’re next on her list.
VOIDSY: We tried to speak to her directly…
VOIDSY: There is only malice and hunger in her heart.
VOIDSY: She’s subjected the world the other gods live in to so much hurt. If we lose, we won’t just die, but others might as well.
VOIDSY: We need to fight her to make both this world, and the one she comes from, a safer and happier place.
VOIDSY: And we could play her game, win it through pure, unrestrained violence.
VOIDSY: We know Spit will do this.
VOIDSY: But we refuse.
VOIDSY: We said we wouldn’t sugarcoat it, and we meant it. Spit is known to torture TCPs.
VOIDSY: We fear she’ll mistreat even her own cats, and we still want to avoid killing them if possible. We might even be able to save them, if we work quick enough.
VOIDSY: They’re people just like you. We’ll do everything we can to avoid hurting them. Do what you can to save them, but be careful.
VOIDSY: No one wants to side with her, but because of the rules of the game, another god, the one who made this game, has to.
VOIDSY: She’s cheated to get that kind of advantage, but we may be able to talk him into holding back.
VOIDSY: He fucking hates Spit, so there’s a chance.

JASPER: Is he nice?
VOIDSY: We haven’t actually met him yet. We’re hoping he has answers to a lot of our questions too, and we’re going to talk to him soon.
JASPER: I mean, he made this...game.
JASPER: And I think if he made all this good stuff possible…
JASPER: Is there a good ending?
JASPER: Is there something good, after all the violence?
No. 861991 ID: fb45d4
File 151697517356.png - (8.88KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

VOIDSY: Well….
VOIDSY: At first, we didn’t even realize this was a game.
VOIDSY: We have no choice but to play it, this is all we have- and if we win, we get to exist like the other gods in this.
VOIDSY: And so will you, if you choose to come with us.
VOIDSY: The world ahead, the physical world, is a violent one.
VOIDSY: But it has friends we want to meet very badly, and a great enemy we want to defeat, for the sake of the world’s people.
VOIDSY: And we would like you to come with us to that, after seeing all this through.
VOIDSY: But...if you don’t want to, there’s a place called Paradise as an option as well.
VOIDSY: You’d be able to live with all of the other TCPs that choose to go there, happy and safe.

JASPER: No more violence?
VOIDSY: No more violence.
VOIDSY: We hate that it’s a necessity now, and we hate that Spit’s forcing us into it.
VOIDSY: But we have to fight. Or at the very least...get the other TCPs to stop fighting.
VOIDSY: Can’t stress enough, we want a peaceful run here.
VOIDSY: But it’s looking like it’s gonna be war.
VOIDSY: And we’re sorry for that.
VOIDSY: You aren’t alone, nineteen other TCPs are going to be by your side. Four here, fifteen on the other teams.
JASPER: That’s a lot. There’s really that many in other places, willing to help?
VOIDSY: Yeah, and more if you can turn Spit and Wax’s cats.
JASPER: And how many against?
They take time to do the math in their head.
JASPER: So, double.
JASPER: That doesn’t sound too bad, numbers wise.
VOIDSY: We’ll be up against some hard opponents, but a win is possible.
VOIDSY: And the more cats we can make go rogue, the more we’ll have for our forces.
VOIDSY: And our family.

Jasper is quiet, but they don’t feel nearly as tense around you now. You think the concept of family may be just as new to them as mortality, but it’s definitely enough to perk them up.
No. 861992 ID: fb45d4
File 151697519529.png - (7.19KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

VOIDSY: Jasper...
VOIDSY: We didn't make you to die.
VOIDSY: We made you to live, to love, and to enjoy all of the emotions and experience that come with life.
VOIDSY: At least...for the most part.
VOIDSY: We made Buddy, Primus, and Dad out of pure joy for creation itself.
VOIDSY: We didn't even know you COULD die or get hurt, it all seemed so...it was so cute, and so simple.
VOIDSY: But then we found out that your lives are at risk, and a huge one at that, and we had to strategize.
VOIDSY: Both you and Marnet are still beloved to us, but we made you with additional goals in mind: to protect the little family we made.
VOIDSY: Marnet is strong, bulky, and able to physically protect you all.
VOIDSY: But you...you’re particularly special.

VOIDSY: You have the ability to carry out a very specific, crucial job for us.
JASPER: And what if I refuse?
VOIDSY: That's up to you. This is a hard situation to be in, and we can't blame you for not wanting to be a part of it. If you ever feel the need to leave us, to go rogue, it's always an option.
JASPER: I want to hear the job, then I'll decide.
VOIDSY: Right, well...Spit's going to fight dirty. This, we know.
VOIDSY: What we don't know is how.
VOIDSY: Phantom types have a lot of stealth potential going for them, and with you as our scout...
VOIDSY: We may be able to get the upper hand.
VOIDSY: And if we get the upper hand, we can save lives. Ours, and everyone else's.
VOIDSY: It is an absolutely important job, and it may even help us avoid bloodshed entirely.
JASPER: Will I get hurt?
VOIDSY: Not gonna lie, it’s possible.
VOIDSY: But you’re going to be playing a sneaky game, favoring indirect and tricksy methods.
VOIDSY: It’s possible you’ll be able to avoid most violent encounters- emphasis on possible.
JASPER: I mean...that sounds better than having to kill people outright.
JASPER: I’d...rather avoid that.
VOIDSY: So would we.
VOIDSY: Plus, as a bonus note...we made you in hopes that phantom type would look super cool.
JASPER: Well...do I?
VOIDSY: Oh yeah. The coolest.

You think that if they had a mouth, they’d be smiling a little.
No. 861993 ID: fb45d4
File 151697522927.png - (7.03KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

VOIDSY: Not to mention, we’re pretty damn impressed with you asking these questions to begin with- it really shows your independence, and that’s a skill you can take pride in.
JASPER: You think so?
VOIDSY: We know so.

VOIDSY: We can't make you live forever, but we want to enjoy the time all of us have together.
VOIDSY: We want you to live and make your life into what you want it to be.
VOIDSY: We want to hold on, need to hold onto eachother and keep love in our hearts.
VOIDSY: These times are so dark, but they are transient.
VOIDSY: They will pass.

Your words sink in and Jasper finally calms, taking their time to think on everything you’ve gone over.

JASPER: And what’ll we do in the meantime?
JASPER: You say I have to spy on Spit, and be stealthy, but where am I going to start on that?

VOIDSY: We have one specific plan, and you have to keep it a secret.
JASPER: Even from the others?
VOIDSY: Yes, even from the others.
VOIDSY: Maybe not forever, but for now. We can’t risk Spit finding out about it.
JASPER: Thanks for trusting me, I guess.
VOIDSY: You’ve earned it. You’re smart enough to take this task on.
VOIDSY: We made something called an Unhallowed Sanctuary under the tower- and none of us gods can look there. Not me, not Spit, not anybody.
VOIDSY: If you can creep down there, get a good look at it, and report back...we could really use that info. We don’t know how well it lines up with what we wanted.
VOIDSY: And if you don’t want to tell us what it looks like, that’s fine too.
VOIDSY: You and the other TCPs can use it to talk to eachother, in complete privacy.
VOIDSY: Does that sound good?
JASPER: Yeah, I can appreciate that. Thank you.
JASPER: For giving me this talk, and giving us this space.
JASPER: I’m in.
JASPER: But...if you screw up, I won’t hesitate to tell you.
JASPER: Because if I don’t, I get the feeling we’re all going to die.
JASPER: Don’t lead us to our deaths, Void.
JASPER: I’ll trust you with that much.
No. 861994 ID: a363ac

Get a status report from the other kitties, then lets prepare for mister Waxy Bo Baxy and the most important call we might have all game.
No. 861996 ID: 3d2d5f

>But...if you screw up, I won’t hesitate to tell you.
That's kind of what trust is. If we can't trust each other to have each other's backs when mistakes are made, to help the other see they're making a mistake, what do we have?

Do good, tiny cat person.
No. 861997 ID: 143590

You are free to give us a piece of your mind at any time, Jasper.
No. 861998 ID: 143590

Ask if Jasper likes/wants hugs first, but yes
No. 861999 ID: 6780f5

Hug catte
No. 862006 ID: 3adb50

Offering of hugs is had.
No. 862007 ID: e7830d

"We trust you so much already, Jasper. You can of course trust us to listen and consider your thoughts and feelings, as we do now.

We have not been a God for long, but we suspect that not every God lets their creations understand freedom or the range of emotions we have granted you all. We understand if you see this as a curse as well as a blessing, but without them, you would all be denied the truest experience of life.

Even if the worst should befall My Chosen, they will have been more alive than their killers can ever be."
No. 862010 ID: 91ee5f

>But...if you screw up, I won’t hesitate to tell you.
Start laughing and tell him, “Good! We want you to tell us if we ever screw up! The same thing goes for the others. We want any and all of you to tell us if we make a mistake, otherwise we’ll keep making mistakes!”

We should probably explain to Jasper why he suddenly learned how to make maps. We want him to go down and explore the Unhallowed Sanctuary and make a map of it. That way he and the others can use it to plan out what they’re going to do down there. And he doesn’t have to show us the map if he doesn’t want to, but if he did, it would help us make plans also.

And then ask if he’d like a hug before he leaves?

Then we mentally prepare ourselves to call Wax.
No. 862036 ID: 3ce125

Criticism is welcome and encouraged.
No. 862044 ID: 7e9c89

JASPER IS SO SMART i love them i would die for them, also maybe phantom types can't die or are hard to kill? i mean they're kind of ghosts, do we think telling them that would make them feel any better
No. 862059 ID: 3adb50

We would have been informed of those traits upon his creation, most likely.
No. 862255 ID: 50e735

This mask sheds a tear. A singular tear. A tear of joy.
And to think he's the newest member of our family. I suggest we give Jasper a boon, or at least promise of a boon. For trusting us, at least.
No. 862266 ID: 9876c4

Don't coddle the ghostcat.

He's got things to do, and his independence will serve him a lot better than bonds or orders.

Build a James Bond, without making him Janus.
No. 862326 ID: 3adb50

How about a handshake? A sign of camaraderie between professional equals.
No. 862401 ID: 9876c4

Absolutely, if we can.
No. 862402 ID: a363ac

no we hug. The sign of genuine love and affection for another being
No. 862730 ID: e37a06

Gonna have to say hug here. This more parental than business.
No. 863283 ID: a363ac

step 1 : quickly Call Wretch.
step 2 : say "your a good god" hang up.
Step 3 : profit.
No. 863557 ID: 2efe4b

I vote for hugs. While hugging, warn Jasper that Spit already tried once to drive a wedge between us and Wretch, and we're sure she'll try the same all around. Ask him to warn his fellow TCPs.

I also vote for CREATE: MASKS FOR EVERY GOD WE'VE EVER HEARD OF, some time soon, so the dangerous/Spit-tempting ones can be taken away and hidden in the sanctuary.

I also wonder if we could create a mask that erases your identity while you wear it. Like, when you put it on, you become harder to notice and remember. Maybe even makes people forget you exist while it's on? But they remember when you take it off again. Building disadvantages into magic items might reduce the amount of drain they cause to use. We should experiment.
No. 863560 ID: 91ee5f

We’ve already done that, so there’s no need to do it again.
No. 863562 ID: 2efe4b


We made masks for every god in this game, but we didn't make masks for every god we've ever heard of. We should go talk to our allies about gods in their world and try make masks based on them, too.

Maybe talk to Wax before making a Wane mask, since it might upset him. Maybe he'll appreciate the consideration? Or maybe he'd like it. Let's find out, anyway.
No. 863565 ID: 91ee5f

How about instead, we ask Wax if he’ll allow us to do that?

He allowed us to make the masks based on the gods playing this game, but I’m not sure if he’ll allow us to make masks of gods that aren’t playing the game with us. We wouldn’t want to make something that ends up needing to be balanced and giving a copy of it to Spit!
No. 863613 ID: a363ac

A fun idea to make all the masks ever but entirely too dangerous. I can't remeber if it is explained somewhere on TGchan but the authors have a rule where the more high tech/magic items the PC god makes in TCP the higher the tech level goes and with the higher tech level comes huge danger, Spit and Wax will have more magic items and dangerous weapons then they already have which will lead to a hell of alot more danger for making their TCPs turn rouge and alot more casualties on our side.
No. 864673 ID: 2efe4b

I don't think the intent of the balancing effect is to make us avoid making new things, or else there'd be no point to having creation powers at all. I think the point is that we just can't make anything that will win the game solely by itself without much thought into how, when or where we use it. And I think the masks make sense along those lines, because 1) They probably work better for Void than they will for others, 2) Creating items that can be shared allows us to take advantage of our allied team's numerical advantage, since we can concentrate multiple players' allowance of items into one player's usage more than the other team can, 3) Magical items work by draining health and we have the healing TCPs to maximize their use, and 4) I think a theoretical Wane mask in particular could give us a large advantage against Spit, because she probably considered Wane her biggest enemy (which means Wane's powers might offer something useful against her), and with Wax by reminding him of his anger toward Spit, spooking him, being something we can bribe him with, or just making him like us more for our consideration if we choose to contact him first and ask him about it.
No. 865027 ID: fb45d4
File 151789901325.png - (7.79KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

VOIDSY: Good! If we screw up, we want to know about it.
VOIDSY: We haven’t been a god for very long, and there’s still a lot to learn.
VOIDSY: You’ll do well out there, Jasper.
JASPER: I’ll try.

You open your arms up, just enough to feel welcoming.
VOIDSY: Would you like a hug?
JASPER: Maybe just like...something less, if that’s alright.

You settle for patting them on the head and a handshake, glad to see they’re comfortable enough to tell you a boundary.

VOIDSY: We’re going to go check on everyone else now, but there’s a few more things.
VOIDSY: That map making skill we tossed your way, that’s to help with the Sanctuary.
VOIDSY: As we said, whether you choose to show us the map, that’s up to you.
VOIDSY: But at the very least, it could really help you and the allied TCPs out.
JASPER: Got it.

VOIDSY: It’s likely Spit may try to drive a wedge between us, any of us.
VOIDSY: She’s already tried with one of our god friends- maybe the best one.
VOIDSY: Please warn the others, and do what’s best for yourselves.
JASPER: I’ll do my best.
No. 865030 ID: fb45d4
File 151789907402.png - (26.04KB , 597x618 , 38.png )

Jasper takes off the mask and you refocus yourself on the wizard tower. It’s time to check in on everyone, starting with Jasper themself.

going forward, you’ll have two kinds of CHECK screens.
mini ones will display TCP name, health, mood, and any statuses/noteworthy effects on the edges of panels, typically brought up when significant changes in any of the aforementioned stats happen, and constantly available during combat. these will allow you to see what’s going on with your TCPs and give you the stats you need to know most. larger ones you’ll need to ask to see will contain inventory, skill lists, and details on the TCP, and are very similar to the original check screens. ask for the larger check screens at your own discretion- while you won’t be in any danger for asking for them, it will slow updates down and won’t be available during combat.

Jasper is a PHANTOM TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, their ability is PHANTASMIC, allowing them to pass through solid structures and become invisible upon moving at a high speed. They are made of a wispy material, and communicates through whispering. They are not an exceptionally powerful TCP, and have a maximum health of GOOD. Their current health is GOOD.

Jasper is having a proper think about all of this, laying on the ground and letting themself take it all in. There’s a lot to take in, but it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting anymore. Maybe they can make this work.

Jasper does not have any equipment on their person currently, but has a TASER CHAIN hidden in their blanket pile.

Jasper currently has no inventory, and will wear their chain around their neck.

Jasper’s skills are still extremely lacking.
Their basic skills are only SPEECH.
They are not familiar with using any objects.
They are well versed in the arts of STAGE MAGIC and MUSIC.
They can fight using TASER CHAINS.
They do not have any survival skills.
They have knowledge of ARCHITECTURE.
They do not have any skills relating to fun.
No. 865031 ID: fb45d4
File 151789910742.png - (22.29KB , 525x525 , 39.png )

Primus and Buddy are still in the living room, playing with the new gifts.

Primus is a TENT TYPE, and as a STORAGE TCP, his ability is SHELTER, allowing him to heal TCPs inside his torso cavity. He’s made of a canvas material and communicates through whistling, and despite his outer material, he is a very sturdy TCP with a maximum health of FANTASTIC. His current health is still GOOD, but his dizziness has completely faded.

Primus has gotten attached to the WEIGHTED OBJ PLUSH, which he reports has some kind of plastic head. He’s not sure what an OBJ is, but they have neat wings, and that’s good enough for him. He seems absolutely enthralled in making it walk around the living room.

Primus is not currently equipped with anything, though he has plenty of options for the next time he goes out.

His inventories are as follows: a TORSO CAVITY for TCPs, a HEAD POCKET for items, and a MAP CONTAINER for maps. He is not currently carrying anything, including his MAP CONTAINER.

Primus has a large amount of skills in all departments.
His basic skills include SPEECH, WRITING, READING, and TEACHING.
He is well versed in the arts of SHADOW PUPPETRY, NARRATIVE, and DANCE.
He can fight using any of his weapons, as well as the skills of BOXING and BASIC DEFENCE.
His survival skills are ROCK CLIMBING, PARKOUR, CAMPING, and SURGERY.
He has knowledge of RISK ASSESSMENT and MORTALITY.
For fun, Primus enjoys PICTIONARY and SKATEBOARDING.
No. 865032 ID: fb45d4
File 151789919066.png - (17.29KB , 586x458 , 40.png )

Buddy is a KNIFE TYPE, and as a WEAPON TCP, its ability is IMPALE, allowing it to extend knives from inside its body at the cost of its own health. These knives are PERMANENT and cannot be retracted without use of magic. Its outer material appears to be a velvet-y fur, and its inner fluid is full of blades. It communicates through grinding noises and has a maximum health of OKAY, making it a very weak TCP defensively. Buddy’s health is back to OKAY, Primus having healed it up while you were fixing up the tower. It still has a bit of pain, but it’s bearable for now.

While Primus has claimed the OBJ, Buddy went straight for the WEIGHTED KARACEL PLUSH. Buddy, like Primus, has no idea what a karacel is, but it comments that it kind of looks like a TCP, but bigger, and with ear thingies. It hugs its new plush tightly, and comments that the rest of its toys would be glad to meet them.

Buddy does not currently have any equipment on its person, but has its weapons in its room.

Buddy has no inventories on hand, but does have a DUFFEL BAG, also in its room.

Buddy is well rounded, with skills in every department.
Its basic skills include SPEECH, WRITING, and READING.
It can use KNIVES.
It is well versed in the arts of HARP PLAYING, DRAWING, and DANCE.
It can fight using any of its weapons, as well as using CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT.
It has knowledge of MORTALITY, SELF CARE, and HERBOLOGY.
For fun, Buddy enjoys PICTIONARY.
No. 865033 ID: fb45d4
File 151789921419.png - (18.57KB , 644x383 , 41.png )

Dad and Marnet are hanging out in Marnet’s room, Dad looking over Marnet’s possessions while the lobster type takes a dip.

Dad is a DAD TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, her ability is FATHERLY AUTHORITY, a passive effect that allows her to command any TCP to do as she says, even overriding other player gods. She is fairly standard for a TCP and covered in a squishy material, and communicates via gruff grumbles. She is very small and agile, and has a maximum health of GREAT. Her health is still GREAT, and she’s free of any pain.

Dad is thinking strategy, especially with Jasper as part of the team. She and Marnet are bouncing ideas off of eachother, and so far, it’s going wonderfully. She says that she’ll report back to you with the ideas they come up with, but for now, they want to focus.

Dad does not have any equipment on her currently.

Dad does not have any inventories on her person, but her DADWALKER has a sizeable storage compartment.

Dad is a very knowledgeable TCP, and has a good spread of skills.
Her basic skills include SPEECH, READING, WRITING, TEACHING.
She is well versed in the art of DANCE.
Se can fight using any of her weapons, and KUNG FU.
Her surviving skills include COOKING.
For fun, Dad enjoys I SPY.
No. 865034 ID: fb45d4
File 151789924284.png - (29.24KB , 641x623 , 42.png )

Marnet is a LOBSTER TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, her ability is SHELL SHED, a passive effect where her shell will occasionally shed. Failure to shed will result in the shell being flimsy and easily broken. She’s covered in thick shell armor, and communicates through burbling noises. She is a bulky and very powerful TCP, with a maximum health of PERFECT. Her current health is GOOD, and she’s not sure how to heal, seeing as she can’t fit in Primus.

Marnet is flattered that Dad would come to her for strategizing, and is doing her best to keep up with the dad type’s brainstorming. She is enthusiastic and willing to get down to business, occasionally making grand hand gestures and splashing water everywhere.

Marnet does not currently have any equipment on hand, but her SHOTGUN and RUBBERBAND KNUCKLES are right nearby.

Marnet currently has no inventories, but keeps her ammunition in her little cape pockets.

Marnet’s skills are a little lacking, but certainly not bad.
Her basic skills include SPEECH and READING.
She is well versed in the art of MUSICAL COMPOSITION.
She can fight using any of her weapons, and knows JUDO.
Her survival skills include TRAPPING.
She has knowledge of SELF DEFENSE, DUTY, and MORTALITY.
For fun, Marnet enjoys HIDE AND SEEK.

Is there anything else you’d like to do before calling Wax?

one command max per person for this update. after the wax conversation you’ll be able to do more commands as usual, though limitations on what you can create, such as structures, will increase as the game goes on, for the sake of both balance and pacing. you will be given adequate warning beforehand.

please keep in mind that the more complex items and mechanics you bring into the game, the longer it will take for updates to happen, and the more your opponents will have on their side. however, some may be worth that risk, and i will implement what gets the majority vote regardless of what consequences result, as long as it’s feasible for me. make what you feel is best, but choose carefully. some risks are worth taking, while others may lead to dire consequences.

No. 865036 ID: ed67d9

Create: Long, purple scarf. Something soft and fashionable and nice.
No. 865043 ID: 8031fe

>Teach Buddy how to Play House, and suggest they ask to do so with Primus
No. 865046 ID: 21bc3e

Teach Buddy: Yoga
No. 865051 ID: 9876c4

Teach Jasper GAMBLING, with a focus on Poker and Mahjong.

This is something fun for him to think about, and it teaches success chances and calculated risks.

We can give him gambling toys later.
No. 865056 ID: b27006

teach jasper: reading & writing
No. 865059 ID: 91ee5f

“Hey, Jasper, we’ve just now realized that we haven’t really taught you very many things. However, after you expressed how much you didn’t like having random bits of knowledge shoved into you’re head, we’ve come up with a solution that we think you’ll enjoy! Both Primus and Dad have a skill called TEACHING, so we’re sure that if you politely ask one of them to teach you something, they’ll teach it to you! We believe that would be a much better way for you to learn new skills, so that we don’t give you a headache again.”

I’m just gonna talk to Jasper this time.

*facepalm* Of course you would make that! But who are you going to give it to?
No. 865076 ID: 10c408

Create: labelled, colored parchment world map of known territory.

In other words, an exact copy of the map that's been revealed, except with the bases labelled.

teach jasper: map reading, cartography, scouting, stealth and tracking.
No. 865080 ID: fb45d4

i posted this back when i realized i forgot to upload the base labels.
No. 865081 ID: 35089a

Teach Jasper poetry, how to write music, how to play any instrument, street magics, interpretive dance, construction and like finding weak points in building and that map making skill they're suppose to have but apparently don't

teach dad monty python quotes and bed magiks
teach lobster how to do that pistol shrimp thing

teach all self care, threat analyses, combat, debate, math, morality, reading, writing, cheese making, love

spawn plushies of other gods, soundsystem, sex dungeon, pain killers or numbing gel or something, pineapple
No. 865082 ID: 35089a

and teach all facepalm
No. 865083 ID: 10c408

Thanks, but I was assuming that our TCP's don't have their own version of the map to look at/study
No. 865084 ID: fb45d4

fair enough! noted for next update
No. 865090 ID: 2efe4b

Let's tell Dad about the Sanctuary and the plan we went over with Jasper about it, that's critical strategic info!

I still want to create a bunch of magic masks but let's talk to Wax first. If we're going to go in on being a bunch of cool wizards, we should also try create some more healing and pain alleviation items. The latter seem like they'll be especially useful against Spit's probable tactics. Perhaps an alchemy lab, and teach one or two of our cats about making potions? The need to gather materials and cook them up should lower how much power creep it brings in, while also taking advantage of our large alliance - our lands are larger and seem like they have more life, so they'll offer more potion ingredients. Plus it'll make things that can be easily shared around.

So, I suggest Create: Alchemical Workstation.
No. 865091 ID: 2efe4b

Also, let's not cram more knowledge into Jasper's head, all right? At least not without giving warning first.
No. 865098 ID: 9876c4

This is why I went with Gambling. It shouldn't be unpleasant or overtaxing to think about, and primes his mind for the framework of future skills.

I think he'll do just fine with that, for the moment.
No. 865106 ID: 10c408

No. 865111 ID: a363ac

Create : Picnic area.
No. 865119 ID: 2a13fa

I'm pretty sure we already have an alchemy lab.
No. 865135 ID: 7f46ca

Teach Jasper how to fly.
No. 865184 ID: b1b4f3

>how do we heal Marnet
Well we do have access to alchemy. Someone should get on that.
Come to think of it, let's TEACH someone Alchemy. I'm not sure who should learn it, probably someone who doesn't have many skills yet like Jasper or Marnet.

...speaking of which these are too many TEACH commands. Don't overwhelm our poor TCPs!
No. 865185 ID: 91ee5f

We could also just make some food. I think eating food heals TCPs. Maybe one of them should be a chef and we can add a kitchen?
No. 865204 ID: 56de11

>teach dad monty python

Teach Buddy: Meditation.
No. 865205 ID: 3adb50

Reminder that we are limited to 1 command per person for this update. Those attempting to pile on TEACH commands may wish to choose one in particular that they would like to teach, lest only the first command go through or something.

With that said, TEACH Marnet: TRAINING.
That is, the skill of practicing and improving skills, or helping others do so.
No. 865373 ID: 8e76e8

Perhaps also
>teach Dad: Dad Jokes
unless we've already did that?
No. 866472 ID: 15a025

Teach Jasper: Metal Gear stealth strategies.
No. 866658 ID: fb45d4
File 151839556935.png - (15.71KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

apologies, i misstepped and forgot a few skills on TCPs. it’s been a good chunk of time since the hiatus and my notes didn’t accomodate for the last burst of teaching in the spit intermission, though they should be up to speed now. setting this up is a Lot of work and i apologize for any more slipups going forward.



Jasper now knows the art of gambling, and for the first time since being spawned, shows more than a passing interest or feeling overwhelmed at a new skill. Games of chance, with high stakes? This is more their speed. They thank you for teaching them how to gamble.


Meanwhile Buddy is taught a myriad of pleasant, relaxing skills. Playing house sounds like a wonderful time! It takes a few minutes to collect its ideas before taking the all the plushes to Primus, nudging what it can’t carry over with its foot. The two of them babble at each other excitedly, and make plans to get everyone together for an exciting session of pretend when they can. Maybe they could even get the other teams in on it later down the line!
No. 866660 ID: fb45d4
File 151839559848.png - (25.09KB , 550x550 , 44.png )


A parchment copy of your own territory map is created, and Primus says that he’ll tuck it away in his map container right away.
No. 866661 ID: fb45d4
File 151839562751.png - (10.28KB , 500x500 , 45.png )


Marnet immediately goes for the scarf, only to give it to Dad. Dad is pleased with the gift and attempts to wear it, to mixed success. Marnet tells her she looks lovely, and Dad thanks her, promising to come up with some good jokes for the both of them to share with the others later.

Marnet thinks that’ll definitely come in handy when she starts training people- jokes could definitely help take the edge off and soothe peoples’ nerves! She makes a mental note to self that she can go down into the ALCHEMY LAB and make some healing potions for both her and the rest of the team, and promises to do so after she gets dried off.

You pass on the information about the Sanctuary to Dad, and she commends your choice to have Jasper explore it. She’ll make sure to check on them before and after they head off to do that.
No. 866662 ID: fb45d4
File 151839566366.png - (89.31KB , 965x682 , 46.png )


A picnic area is created outside, startling the Sphinx.

You finish your work and call Wax, almost startled when the other god picks up immediately.
No. 866663 ID: fb45d4
File 151839569650.gif - (15.65KB , 500x500 , 47.gif )

He fixes his gaze on you, not breaking eye contact. He starts talking with a sigh, his voice steady and low. You don’t think he’s angry so much as very, very tired.

WAX: my name is Wax.
WAX: thanks to Spit, we’ll be forced to oppose each other.
WAX: I’m not going to lie to you, I hate this situation.
WAX: I’m sure you do too.
WAX: for everyone’s sake, I hope you have your act together more than the other collective I have to keep an eye on.
WAX: there’s a good chance this game is going to become a bloodbath and I’d really like to avoid that.
No. 866668 ID: 4ceb21

Hello, hello, hello. Our name is Void, though our friends call us Voidsy, and we'd like to think of ourselves as decently competent. There's some clever people in here, and we haven't screwed up too badly just yet.

We'd very much like to avoid a bloodbath as well. On our end, that means removing Spit from the game as quickly as possible while minimizing casualties, but what exactly can you do, and how can we help with that? We understand you're under some obligation to help Spit, but just how strictly enforced is that rule?
No. 866678 ID: 2b002c

"Good, we're on the same page on that front then. We apologize in advance if we hurt any of your cats. We'd been planning on... wait, Spit can't hear this can she? Well without giving much away, and to tell you a bit about 'our act,' it's the nature of collectives like us to try to do the impossible. We feel it's our job, even. Fortunately in this case, the impossible seems to be kicking Spit's jagged teeth in. And we want to avoid hurting any cats in the process because A. we'd like to think we treat our cats well and hate seeing them hurt, and B. we have a feeling that'd piss her off even more."
No. 866679 ID: dc91a0

>there’s a good chance this game is going to become a bloodbath and I’d really like to avoid that.

There are so many sane voices.
They won't let us have any fun.
They are simple though if you manage to kill one of our TCP's it surely won't take long for us to topple into mahem.
Please work quickly. :3
No. 866680 ID: 2a13fa

Nice to meet you. We've heard you made this game, and I think by extension that means you also made us, sort of? So, uh, thanks!
No. 866682 ID: 2efe4b

"Hey dude. We're Void. Circumstances being what they are we can't totally honestly say it's nice to meet you, but it would have been, since like meeting new, non-terrible people. Uh, so, first thing we want to ask actually, are you safe? From what we've heard about Spit she seems like assaulting one of her fellow players in your world is a thing she'd do. We already asked our teammates to be careful but you're theoretically in danger too. She seemed awfully quick to know what she could do to force you to play. What if that's part of a bigger plan than just winning the game?"

"Second thing... may not be a good idea for us tactically, we really shouldn't be giving you info about our capabilities, but it seems like essential courtesy. So, as you might guess, we seem good at making mask-type items, and we already experimented by making a set of god masks based on all the players in this game. They seem to grant an ability based on that god's motifs. We were thinking of asking our allies to tell us about other gods and then making masks based on them. Since masks are about evoking something that's not really present, ones based on gods that aren't in the game might be even stronger! And the strongest masks of all might be based on, uh. Gods who are... gone. Not anywhere. Um. Dead. So... would you be really bothered if you saw some TCP running around with the faces of people you knew?"

"Final thing... You said "a good chance" and you'd "like to avoid that". Implying avoiding a bloodbath IS possible? So... any ideas you'd like to share? Because we'd really like that too."

That's my suggestions for the kind of thing to say to Wax. Secretly, mentioning the masks isn't THAT much of a bad idea tactically, because we're planning to use the masks (especially the Spit mask) as bait to make Spit send her TCPs into the Unhallowed Sanctuary. For that to work, she needs to know about them anyway, and it's probable that her and Wax would share that info between them either way. So we're not losing much by letting the idea slip out now. In fact, we're setting up a cunning plan. Let the mind games with the enemy begin!

Speaking of mind games, we've created a secret sanctuary but so far it'll be the only thing with secret entrances. We should make more secret things, to make it harder to find. Complexities which will give our TCPs home ground advantages will be good in general, and there is an option for doing that that will be both useful against our enemies and lots of fun for our TCPs: Secret passages! Kickass fun secret passages, with spy holes and fireman poles and entrances that can double as traps, like a trapdoor that drops you onto a sweet slide to the exit. If we have the power and range, we could create secret passages all over our allied territory, with cool high-speed slide/minecart/rollercoaster systems for fast transport between all our allies, driven by ropes and underground river watermills and pumps and wheels. That would be amazing. And if it's all secret passages then it sort of plays into our mask motif, because they're "masked"!

No. 866683 ID: c88e6d

Thank Wax for creating you and helping make this entire world!
No. 866685 ID: cb585b

I could assume if we can manage to beat Spit and knock her out, Wax wont be forced to take her side anymore and could ally with us, winning the game?
No. 866686 ID: d887c0

"Hello, Wax. Our name is Void. Believe us when we say that we don't like this situation any more than you do. You have our sympathy for having to deal with Spit. We only spoke to her once, and it was the single most unpleasant experience of our short life."
No. 866687 ID: a363ac

Hello we are Voidsy also know as "That Kitty Faced Fucker Over There" please use They/Them. And boy do we need to talk to you~
No. 866692 ID: 3adb50

I wish I could say it was a pleasure to meet you, administrator. It would be under different circumstances.

We have every intention to avoid bloodshed.
No. 866707 ID: 10c408

"if what I've been told is true than all it takes is ONE instance of violence in a TCP game to lock down the peaceful resolution route and force everyone into combat"

Let's downplay the large pool of information we have, guys. The less Spit can learn from him the better.
No. 866717 ID: 91ee5f

“Is Spit really so afraid of us that she has to force you to join her team?”

“Also, no offense or anything, but you look like you didn’t get much sleep last night. You feeling ok?”
No. 866720 ID: be0b68

Don't worry, we've kind of gathered that nobody likes dealing with Spit in any capacity.

We hear you are really good at the game, any tips for the newbies? Or uh, would that mess with the match too much?
No. 866721 ID: b1b4f3

Hello, we are Void. We had a bit of a misstep earlier but I think we're doing better now with the collective thing? We'd like to avoid killing any TCPs we don't have to. If Spit loses all her TCPs before you do, will you be able to ally with us?
No. 866723 ID: 7962a4

>We only spoke to her once, and it was the single most unpleasant experience of our short life.
"To clarify that: we had no idea how awful she really is when we first spoke, we tried flirting with her because that's just our default method for interaction, she was herself at us, it ended up biting us in the ass, it was all very terrible, and we've damn sure learned our lesson. If we survive this, then feel free to hold it over our head for as long as you like."
No. 866724 ID: c49598

You look like a Karacel, I like you.
No. 866745 ID: 9876c4

You are our opposition, but not our enemy.
We intend to win, and you obviously can't help us there.

Let's say we're onboard with avoiding a bloodbath. What can we do?
What about a nonviolent duel clause, if our cats meet in the field?
No. 866748 ID: b1b4f3

Can't change the rules.
No. 866761 ID: 689e8d

Please tell us there's a way to avoid getting our shit kick in!
I mean you and Spit are THE BEST players and the members of our team have either never won a game or are playing for the first time.
We have plans and strategies but in your professional opinion to what level are we, our friends and our kitties fucked?
No. 866766 ID: 9876c4

Oh, the wording would have to be clever. And it'd be opt in only, with an explicit penalty for breaking terms.

Wax would still be our opposition, just not under the thumb of Spit using them as an enforcer.
No. 866774 ID: 8031fe

I entirely agree with you. I would like to avoid a bloodbath, and I have had several questions for you.
- I know you are an experienced player, but are you able to play passively? Doing as little as you have to in order to fulfill your duties, dragging feet. Fighting a war on two fronts isn't the most efficient thing.
- If Spit falls before you do, are you able to change sides to end the game? If you're the only one on your side it seems silly to die on the hill.
No. 866786 ID: e7830d

"I know you are on her side and all for now but hypothetically, just supposing and all, if you were to try and undermine Spit from within, what advise would you provide her enemies with?

You make the rules, so I suppose I can't really ask you to break them. So perhaps if your TCPs went rogue us four could take them under our wing and help them survive the war and maybe even make it out of this game."
No. 866823 ID: e7830d

>>866679 Not yet, though. Back in the box with you for a while.

"Collectives have to live with constant self-loathing, second-guessing and inner conflict. It is not easy to be birthed into godhood from nothing and be forced to reconcile all our desires. We have not been perfect and it was harder at first but we have made many friends and allies over time that understand us. This is probably why they are hard to manage.

Blaming a collective for struggling with things beyond their control would probably backfire. They might try and break the game out of spite. At least, that is what we can surmise from our time thus far. If you think it would help the other collective we'd be happy to discuss them with you."
No. 866824 ID: e7830d

actually given how that other discussion went down we might be able to use Wax to talk to this other collective.

Let's make that a thing. It would be fun.
No. 866860 ID: 1a6dfc

How about we don't do that, we're already dealing with 5 other gods, we shouldn't be so eager to talk with a sixth.
We'll see this other god eventually anyway, as long as we both win our games.
No. 866957 ID: 0d45a9

Hello, we're Void. We'd rather avoid a bloodbath too, for the sake of the kitties. We've got the whole collective thing mostly down, only mostly though, so as a heads up we might have some issue with keeping our collective mouths shut.

What happened with the knife anyway? Just one second floating in our little bit of nothingness, then suddenly there's a knife there.

If you're forced to ally with Spit, what happens if she gets defeated before you?

Shush, if we can't keep things together, how will we protect the kitties?

Don't give away info. We can be friendly, but he's our enemy technically. And don't try to imply or talk about Wane, that'll probably dredge up unpleasant memories.

I don't think that's something we need to clarify, telling people about our fuck up outside of trying to resolve it doesn't really do anything but cast us in a bad light.

Focus up, we've got a game to win, not philosophise about the nature of collectives. Any other collectives are utterly irrelevant to this, so talking about them is pointless.
No. 866960 ID: 3adb50

This about sums it up basically.
No. 866979 ID: 91ee5f

Agree with all of this.
No. 866981 ID: 2efe4b

>Don't give away info.

It's info that we want to give away. It contributes to a strategy we've already taken several other steps to put in motion.

>that'll probably dredge up unpleasant memories

It'll be worse if he just suddenly sees a TCP wearing a mask with Wane's face. Wane was a really important god, he must see reminders all the time, at least on the level of mentions and implications.
No. 866983 ID: 91ee5f

Are you sure that’s the right thing to do?

He’s still obligated to be our enemy, so any info we give him could be used against us.
No. 866984 ID: 0d45a9

I'd rather not we spawn a Wane mask in at all, it just seems disrespectful.

And letting them know we're trying to avoid a bloodbath is good enough, telling them our plan / trying to conspire with them goes against the spirit of the rule that forces them to ally with Spit. So they might have to tell Spit, or at the very least it'll factor into their decision making when spawning stuff. IMO just telling them out concerns are with the kitties will do.
No. 866993 ID: e7830d

ho harm in asking about the terms binding Wax to Spit's team themselves, we all seem interested in learning the rules around that
No. 866998 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, let's not tell Wax any sensitive info but I think we could ask him exactly how much he's obligated to do as Spit's ally.
No. 867009 ID: 499d93

“Nice to finally meet you wax although we would have preferred a situation where we weren’t on opposite sides. Just gonna ask this cuz neither we nor you like spit and we don’t want to go up against what i’m told are the two best players: is there anything in the rules that requires that you remain on spit’s team? Or if there are is there any way they could be bent?”
No. 867012 ID: 3adb50

It's showing our hand to someone obligated to be our opponent, before gauging how much he is obligated to oppose us. More caution should be taken.
No. 867023 ID: cb585b

It can actually work to our advantage to give the enemy false info or half-truths, either giving them false expectations or misleading them into a trap.

That or just getting on Wax's better side after we probably win, which we may really need later
No. 867042 ID: 3adb50

False information, or reassurances that we will be merciful, sure, those can be strategic. Not our every plan in detail.
No. 867046 ID: fb45d4
File 151850024551.gif - (14.43KB , 500x500 , 48.gif )

VOIDSY: Hey. We wish we could say it’s a pleasure to meet you, administrator…
WAX: yeah. I understand.
WAX: these aren’t very good circumstances for that.
VOIDSY: Our name is Void, Voidsy to friends. We’d like to think of ourselves as decently competent, and we need to talk.
WAX: well, now’s your chance.
WAX: talk away.

VOIDSY: First things first...are you safe?

He laughs, loud and without any joy to it.

WAX: I forget that you collectives don’t know much about us.
WAX: yes, i am safe.
WAX: Rein has reported in on Spit recently, and it’d be impossible to get here without me noticing.
VOIDSY: How can you be sure? We asked our teammates to be careful but-
WAX: Void, I’m the size of a mountain.
WAX: I live in a mountain.
WAX: Rein….says it has things handled. I would like to believe it.
WAX: no one will be getting hurt outside of the game.

WAX: tell me about your experience with Spit.
VOIDSY: Well, we’ve interacted with Spit only once, and it was the single most unpleasant experience we’ve had as a collective.
WAX: fair warning ahead of time: if that alone was unpleasant, then this is going to suck.
WAX: she goes out of her way to make everyone around her uncomfortable at best and reduced to nothing at worst.
WAX: even if you do manage to win this, you’ll have to deal with that on the way.
VOIDSY: We underestimated how awful she was, and...well...flirted with her.

His face turns to complete disgust.

VOIDSY: It was kind of our default mode of interaction, and it bit us in the ass.
VOIDSY: We learned our lesson the hard way.
WAX: I’ll...keep any comments I have on that to myself.
WAX: like you said, you didn’t realize the depths of her cruelty.
WAX: at least, I’m going to try and believe that instead of the alternative.

He shudders.

WAX: the idea of anyone being attracted to her makes my skin crawl.
No. 867047 ID: fb45d4
File 151850028384.gif - (15.78KB , 500x500 , 49.gif )

VOIDSY: That was our biggest screw up, and we managed to turn it around as best we can.
VOIDSY: We have some clever people in here, and we’d like to avoid a bloodbath just as much as you.
VOIDSY: Is it possible?
WAX: yes. incredibly unlikely, but possible.
WAX: I’m not going to lie to you and say no one is going to die.
WAX: and from what I’ve seen, death is a mercy to the TCPs that end up anywhere near Spit, both opposing and her own.

VOIDSY: Can you play passively?
VOIDSY: Dragging your feet, doing as little as possible to help her…
WAX: ehhhh…
WAX: it’s a little tricky.
WAX: I’m not going to be going with the way she does things. she’s a monster of a person and her methods make me sick.
WAX: to say I hate her more than any other being on this planet would not begin to cover how much I despise her.
WAX: but….as per my own damn rules...I’m obligated to help her as long as she’s standing.
WAX: unless she switches teams, which she won’t.
WAX: once she falls I’m free to either keep fighting you or ally for a peaceful game- which, if given the chance, I will do.
WAX: but until then my hands are kind of tied.
WAX: I am forced to work with her until she’s knocked out of the game, one way or another.

VOIDSY: Can...can you give us tips, info, anything? You and Spit are the best players in the game, and none of our team has won a game.
WAX: I….can’t talk in depth about the strategies I’ve seen her use, but you might want to brace yourself for situations where you may need to mercy kill.
WAX: that, and go the extra mile to take care of your TCPs’ well being, especially mentally.
WAX: don’t let her fool you. she’s no idiot and behind that garish smile is the mind of a serial killer with no conscience.
WAX: that’s all I can tell you. I’m sorry.
VOIDSY: We’re sorry if we hurt your cats, in advance.
WAX: likewise.
WAX: I promise that, if anything, I won’t prolong any suffering.
WAX: it’s all I can offer in this situation.
WAX: and I’m sorry for that too.
No. 867048 ID: fb45d4
File 151850035707.gif - (14.92KB , 500x500 , 50.gif )

VOIDSY: Last strategy thing to get out of the way immediately- what’s up with the knives?

He groans and puts his head in his hands.

WAX: I’m in another session with a collective, and they made this absolutely asinine object.
WAX: it’s a knife, but it can only kill the user it’s bound to.
WAX: not only that, but it’s only in the metaphysical player space, so…..
WAX: it’s useless. it’s absolutely useless but triggers autobalance anyway.
WAX: my best guess is that someone told Spit about it, so she could get me in the game and on her side as fast as possible.
WAX: on the one hand, that means she thinks you’re a threat. congrats.
WAX: on the other, I’m stuck working with the person I loathe most.

He visibly droops, dropping his hands to his sides.

WAX: to say I’m having a bad day would be the understatement of the millenia.

VOIDSY: If it helps at all- thank you for making us, and this world. We’re grateful.
He laughs, a weird grainy sound.
WAX: oh no, I didn’t make either of those things.
WAX: I made this plane. I made its rules, and I set up how it works.
WAX: I can change these things, but I usually don’t- it causes too many shakeups.
WAX: you were the initial creator of this session’s world, being the first one in.
WAX: the other gods helped shape it as well. I have done nothing but make my own base. I don’t touch the world itself outside of that.
WAX: as for yourself, you...walked in.
WAX: I don’t entirely understand how it works myself, but collective consciousnesses from other worlds can join games just like our gods can.
WAX: I allow you to play because, well,
WAX: if you can win against our most violent gods, maybe you’ll be able to help our broken world heal.
WAX: and if you don’t, you’ll be spared from living in it.

There’s an awkward silence.

VOIDSY: ...No offense, but you look like you could use some sleep.
VOIDSY: Are you feeling okay?
No. 867049 ID: fb45d4
File 151850039626.gif - (14.17KB , 500x500 , 51.gif )

He averts his eyes for the first time in your conversation, blinking slowly and rubbing a hand against his cheek before shaking it off and refocusing on you.

WAX: I haven’t felt okay in centuries, Void.
WAX: and I don’t expect that to change any time soon, so.
WAX: don’t worry about it.
WAX: I’m here to administrate, not drag people into my issues.
WAX: there are always more important things than that.
No. 867051 ID: 7e9c89

No. 867052 ID: c88e6d

Attempting to dig into his emotions now will get us nowhere. He can and will withdraw with an iota of will and simply not acknowledge our communications attempts. Should we survive this, however, dealing with Wax's traumas can be our first priority. As is, we need to prepare our alliance as best we can.
No. 867056 ID: a47f33

You made Tiny Cat People. Why? I'm, curious.
No. 867058 ID: 499d93

Wax once we get outta here i’m gonna go give wretch a hug, then i’m gonna find whatever mountain you’ve been living in and you’re gonna get a hug too. Hell, i’ll give a hug to anyone who needs one once i’m out of this game and into your world. Just be patient cuz things will get better soon enough.
No. 867059 ID: 4324ce

No. 867063 ID: d887c0

We won't dig into your personal business, Wax.
Anyway, we guess there isn't much left to say. All we can do now is play the game and do our best.
If we survive this, then you're cordially invited to the after-game party. We'll get some booze and put up a dartboard with a picture of Spit's face taped to it.
It'll be awesome.
No. 867064 ID: 5dee0a

Sucks to be you, Wax, but we can't really do nothing about it, so... Better luck?
No. 867071 ID: 91ee5f

>Void, I’m the size of a mountain.
.....make a big over dramatic show of cleaning out our ears and then say, “We’re sorry, we think recalling the image of Spit’s ugly face might’ve affected our hearing, could you repeat that? You’re the size of a WHAT???”

>the idea of anyone being attracted to her makes my skin crawl.
“Just to clarify, we thought it’d catch her off guard and she’d slip up or something. We fully regret it and never want to do that again!”

>I’m in another session with a collective
“Jeez, you’re one hell of a multitasker! Being in 2 games at once like that!”

>it’s a knife, but it can only kill the user it’s bound to.
“We see.....we’ve heard about Spit’s habit of stabbing herself with sharp objects soooo.....do you think we’d be lucky enough for her to accidentally stab herself with that knife?”

>I’m here to administrate
“Hey, uh, since you’re the Admin, does that mean that you can see/hear everything that’s going on? Including whatever your opponent’s team is planning and/or doing? Uh, not that we’re accusing you of cheating or anything! It’s just.....that’s what an Admin is supposed to do, right? So does this mean that you’re always going to be aware of what our team is doing and/or planning?”
No. 867078 ID: 8031fe

While I know you're the size of a fucking mountain I'd be happy to try and help your world heal, and help you be ok again.

One last thing before we go, we're fairly certain we want to kill Spit. We realize it is highly dangerous, and would have repurcussions for your world.
We don't want to try that blindly, and we don't want her to truly know it is coming.
No glorious battle.
No fanfare.
Probably an execution..
We might decide otherwise, but we see no other true solution to the problem and we don't want to make you uncomfortable but the intention needs to be made clear.
No. 867079 ID: dc91a0

Wait... So spit torments TCP's instead of killing them?

Couldn't we just make an object that gives TCP's amnesia, let her torture our TCP's all she wants while useisng the time to retaliate, and then wipe our TCP's memories once recovered?
No. 867080 ID: 3f3499

Next chance we get we need to teach our TCPs how to share and support each others grief, that and teach Jasper persuasion with words.
No. 867083 ID: caf1de

tell the other collective thanks for nothing
when we become physical we plan on killing spit
what has spit ever created

so what our mass is listed as infinite
No. 867089 ID: 2efe4b

Ok, we've got to ask. Why has anyone over there been willing to put up with Spit? She seems like someone who nobody would like, and who's a threat to all the other gods and everything they care about. Why haven't you all teamed up and taken her out? Why haven't any smaller groups, or any solo individuals, tried to just get rid of her? Is there some sort of law? What protects her? Even if she's strong and has set up things keeping her safe, you gods over there are sustained by your followers, right? So if you just got people to stop following her, she'd die? Is that how it works? And on that subject, if we did win and come through, we'd need followers, right? If our TCPs chose to not follow us or something happened to them, what would happen to us?

Hopefully these questions will get Wax to tell us what obstacles would be in the way of us killing Spit, and whether that possible starvation plan could work.
No. 867091 ID: c3709c

Please, no need to be so formal. Voidsy is fine.

So how'd you think we did on making all this anyway? Good gravity and animals and all that?
No. 867093 ID: 10c408

Yes, she tortures and then kills TCP's at the last possible moment. This has been established.
Also, no. Using our own TCP's as torture bait to eliminate Spit is only going to blow up in our collective faces, the hell is wrong with you??
No. 867095 ID: 4ceb21

Maybe this is a cultural difference, but where we're from players who regularly assault other players during games get banned, why are you letting Spit play? Especially since if she wins she becomes more powerful.

Is fighting on her side a mechanical requirement, or is it something that you simply feel obligated to do for the sanctity of the rules?
No. 867097 ID: 91ee5f


>the hell is wrong with you??
I agree! What the fuck man?!
No. 867098 ID: 3d2d5f

>WAX: there are always more important things than that.
Sorry buddy, gotta call bullshit on you there. No matter how important everything else in your life might be, if you don't take care of yourself, they're gonna suffer for it.

Dunno if no one's been in a position to tell you that all, or be listened to, all theses years. But however this game goes, take care of yourself.
No. 867105 ID: 2efe4b

How does Spit usually keep her TCPs loyal? Or "loyal"?
No. 867111 ID: 10c408

She doesn't. She makes them into killing machines and then treats them like garbage. Or so we've been led to believe. Seriously, this has been covered before in the earlier treads people. Do some re-reading!

..As for an actually suggestion, I'm also gonna pitch my vote into suggesting to wax that Spit gets banned from the TCP game and that he should spend some time taking care of himself.
No. 867127 ID: 2efe4b


I want to hear how Wax describes it, if he will.
No. 867138 ID: 23be25

we're a collective, wax. having a list of ordered priorities would destroy us. if we make it out of this session, we'd want to see you. maybe we can even help administrate
No. 867147 ID: a363ac

not really if you have a personal problem then that problem is likely affecting the entirety of your people. If the most powerful and responsible person in a place is unhappy, what does that say about those under them?
for that matter what does it say when it seems the only god we have seen so far that seems completely happy is the god who likes hurting others?
No. 867158 ID: 3adb50

The whole mountain size thing will make hugs difficult. Therefore our tertiary objective should be to ascend the ranks until we can give Wax a proper hug.

Primary objective is, of course, to remove Spit.
Secondary objective is to hug Wretch.

Anyways, we should get back to business business.
No. 867178 ID: dc91a0


Imagine if sometime last week you were tortured mercilessly for hours and hours, to the point where it might as well have been an eternity in hell.
...But now the experience was just gone. As if it had never happened. Not only do you not remember it, but just thinking that it could have happened is positively absurd. There are no subconscious effects. No terrible dreams reminding you in the night. no random anxieties or paranoias during the day.

Has an unremembered past happened at all?
I would argue no. We are creatures of the present.

Though this form of complete and targeted amnesia is impossible in our own world, Magic fills that gap when it comes to TCP's.
We can mend the damage to their bodies, and erase the trauma to their minds.

They are not children to be loved.
We are their god.
They are our tools. Nothing more.

To treat them any other way is akin to playing with them as a child does a toy. You aren't doing them any favors. Your kindness is nieve cruelty. Such a wonderful world has been built for them. How pleasant it will be for them once it's filled with only fire and the screams of their friends and loved ones.
No. 867184 ID: 2efe4b


Instead of appealing to morality, I will point out the potential damage to our reputation, and through it our alliances. Even if that one TCP does not remember what happened, the others might know or find out it happened and hold it against us. Even if we erased all of our TCP's memories, our allied gods and their TCPs might know, and they are all the types who will object, both by word and action. Both Spit and Wax, though not our allies, are likely to inform our allies of such actions if they find out - Wax because he would find it distasteful and our allies are acquaintances of his, Spit to sabotage our alliance as she has already attempted once.

If I discovered that in the past week I had been tortured, and then forgotten about it, and I knew that persons who had perpetrated and/or allowed the torture were still at large, I would be very worried about the possibility of future torture, and it would weigh heavily on my mind and decisions.
No. 867187 ID: 91ee5f

Preventing the torture from happening in the first place is better than your stupid idea of letting Spit torture our TCPs!
No. 867188 ID: a363ac

yo dude NO.
No. 867191 ID: 3adb50

>They are not children to be loved.
>We are their god.
>They are our tools. Nothing more.
While I agree that, as a failsafe, memory alteration would be beneficial to have in reserve for healing anyone who does suffer capture and torture (there is no guarantee we can prevent this), altering a person's memories is a slippery slope. Especially in the hands of somebody that thinks the way you seem to.

If it becomes absolutely necessary, perhaps we will make some sort of amnesia magic for treatment. But we are not going to use it as an excuse treat our TCPs as expendables.
No. 867193 ID: 0d45a9

Letting Spit torture our TCPs serves no purpose whatsoever. Suggesting we let her do so and then wipe our TCPs' memories of the torture is disturbing in the extreme.

Assuming for one second that this plan is enacted (This is in no way a endorsement of it): If the memory wipe was not 100% perfect, then all the trust we've build in our TCPs would be utterly destroyed if they remembered. There is no guarantee of perfection here and besides, it'd have to be a magic item and those cost health, that would mean it would be detectable.

Your plan is amoral and sadistic. I suggest you reevaluate the tactics and approach we've collectively applied when caring for our TCPs before you even consider a plan like that in the future.
No. 867197 ID: dc91a0

Fair points. a bit meta in the end, but fair.

I'm glad it's on the table.

I feel on my own, I would play this game in a cruel and calculating way. The balance of power between gods and TCP's is so skewed in our favor that with relatively little effort TCP's could be manipulated into unflinchingly loyal soldiers. The threat of death would be mundane and unimpressive. No amount of torture would break them, and a promise of friendship or a better life would only enrage them. Man has been indoctrinating his brethren into this state for millennia, how easy would it be for a god?

I am certain that we will have to kill all of Spit's TCP's if she is even the least bit competent.
...And every single one will come at a heavy price because hers are expendable in every way, while ours are not.
No. 867204 ID: 0d45a9

Have you been blind to what's been going on? The pseudo-plan we've been building towards is to make Spit's TCPs go rogue, and now you're suggesting the very antithesis of that. Not only that but you're saying our TCPs are soldiers, when the all if not the vast majority of our interactions with our TCPs have been treating them like our children. It is a very Spit like plan, that is not a good thing by the way.

Your plan is in no way ethical, moral, or even effective, and is the complete opposite of how we've been collectively acting. What the everloving fuck is wrong with you?
No. 867212 ID: 72ed95


And also as someone with PTSD, while it makes my life a nightmare hell a great deal of the time, I wouldn't be who I am without that experience. Purposely removing memories, even bad ones, is antithetical to an authentic and self-determinating existence.
No. 867218 ID: dc91a0

Ethics and morals are subjective. I merely don't share yours.

Meanwhile, I think many of the collective's actions up to this point have been... incorrect, and that it's future plans are doomed to failure.

I am merely a dissenting voice.
I don't think anything I say will be adopted, spoken, or even taken into serious consideration, but I will be heard.
Opposing viewpoints are important for a collective to function, and someone as "Amoral and Sadistic" as myself on the team will undoubtedly be a boon to us all when our opponent is known to be a Cruel and Vicious monster.

To answer your question, nothing is wrong with me. I'm merely providing you with a service.
No. 867223 ID: 4ceb21

>Ethics and morals are subjective. I merely don't share yours.
You don't seem to have any at all.

>someone as "Amoral and Sadistic" as myself on the team will undoubtedly be a boon to us all when our opponent is known to be a Cruel and Vicious monster.
Except in actuality all you're doing is lowering the credibility of people with legitimately good ideas on the more pragmatic side by association.
No. 867224 ID: dc91a0

>Except in actuality all you're doing is lowering the credibility of people with legitimately good ideas on the more pragmatic side by association.

That's absurd.
Not only is anyone is fully capable of disavowing my ideas if they feel mine makes them look bad, but challenging the group mentality opens up the forum to the ideas of others who would have otherwise stayed silent.
No. 867225 ID: 2efe4b

>Ethics and morals are subjective

Ethics and morals can be methods as much as ends in themselves, and as methods, they are not subjective. They can be measured objectively by the standard of "does this achieve my ends". As a collective, our chosen end is decided by overall consensus, and the majority of players have chosen an end that can be approximated as "win, survive winning, and live as happily as possible with our friends". That is not in order of priority, but reverse contingency: we want to win to survive, and to survive to live happily with our friends. If we treat Void as an in-universe character separate to us, this motive also makes sense for them (I think), as their themes and behavior seem to fit someone who feels lonely, empty and incomplete on their own, and who would not want to live without genuine companionship. Your morality, if it was practiced, would not achieve that end. Therefore, it is, in a sense, objectively wrong in this instance.
No. 867226 ID: 4ceb21

Except you aren't challenging anything, you're reinforcing the idea that anyone who makes that kind of "ends justify the means" suggestion is an edgy moron by being an edgy moron.
No. 867227 ID: a363ac

and that is why people like Spit exist. The reason Spit can continue to treat others as horrible as she does is because Wax thinks that it prepares people for even worse monsters that he can't control.
Which in turn breeds more monsters like her because people are made to think this is how the world works now. It's a bad pyramid scheme, One Spit, leads to two spits, who leads to 4, etc... and down the line you have those who want to support and help the world itself by being good people and helping others thought of as stupid, unrealistic, and they are hurt and left trapped all because one person is left in a position to hurt others because they ENJOY it, or they think its unavoidable.
People start to identify with their abusers and that leads to them thinking its ok to abuse others like or worse then they were because "well this person can do it to me why can't I do it to someone else."
which a large part of TCP does promote by promoting rule-breaking when you are at a disadvantage or making it easier to win through pain and suffering of others then to promote peace and competition it allows for those like Spit to gain power faster then those who wish to see their people grow and thrive. Seeing TCPs hurt makes Gods stronger yes but promoting the death of your enemies merely because they are different isn't good making Gods work together will breed a better world then anyother.
No. 867229 ID: dc91a0

If Void stayed as he is now throughout the game, you would be correct. However, Void has a dual nature, one as an in-canon character, and one as an extension to ourselves. The latter makes him fluid. This game will last months, perhaps years more. The personalities who characterize him will come and go. Those who stay throughout will change through time and outside experience. The consensus (and therefore Void's goals and personality,) can change at any time. Void by his very nature, cannot be role-played in an objectively correct way so long as he is subject to the whims of /quest/.
No. 867235 ID: d887c0

You guys do know there is a discussion thread, right?
No. 867256 ID: 72ed95


But all that ethics stuff aside, vote to hug wax later and get his TCPs to defect asap since Wax doesn't want to help Spit anyways. Hug our kitties that want and enjoy hugs, and let's get ready for this scouting mission.
No. 867273 ID: cb585b

While we can do this too, i'd prefer we keep all of his TCPs alive and with him and just plain avoid contact if possible, since the only person we actually need to do this for is Spit, if anything we could possibly invite most of Wax's TCPs to the Sanctuary so he's still technically "helping" without actually being a threat even?
No. 867298 ID: fb45d4
File 151858536189.gif - (14.78KB , 500x500 , 52.gif )

VOIDSY: I have to ask.
VOIDSY: You made this game, and tiny cat people.

He settles in, taking a few minutes to think.

WAX: because our world is dying.
WAX: after Wane died, I had to face reality.
WAX: someday, our planet, and everyone in it, are going to die.
WAX: and it will be our own hands. all of us gods, we’re eventually going to kill everyone.
WAX: high gods...we were placed on this planet at its beginning, with nothing but the vaguest knowledge on how to create things.
WAX: we had no idea what to make, and no guidance. no one taught us how to create things that would live, that would thrive.
WAX: it took us eons to create life itself, with so many failures. so, so many failures.
WAX: we were children with the burden of creating a world, and taking care of it.
WAX: eventually we realized it would be impossible to do it all ourselves, and lead the very children we created.
WAX: we set out to make more gods, ones that could help us.

You have never seen more guilt and shame on someone’s face.

WAX: and at that, we failed as well.
WAX: we buried our mistakes and moved forward.
WAX: we eventually created gods that could help us manage this world.
WAX: ones that could control their powers, versus the incomplete and mindless masses of matter beforehand.
WAX: and so we made people, ones that could live in relative safety, and enjoy all that life had to offer.
WAX: it took time for them to develop of course, and society as well.
WAX: we were bumbling, and our early mistakes has lead to the death of thousands, if not millions.
WAX: but we learned, and settled into our jobs.
No. 867299 ID: fb45d4
File 151858543026.gif - (15.17KB , 500x500 , 53.gif )

WAX: for some time, Taverne had peace.
WAX: we were proud of our region, and its many people. the cultures it had to offer, the diverse landscapes…
WAX: Spit’s cult was worrying, and actions were being taken to curb their activity.
WAX: but no one was expecting how deep her cruelty ran.
WAX: the idea of a greater god devouring a high god, and a greater god, in such a short timespan, was unthinkable.
WAX: she had fooled us- we thought she was a sadistic nuisance, and easily controlled.
WAX: but she was not.
WAX: she was the greatest threat we had ever known, and we created her.
WAX: her motives are still unclear, unknown. we did everything we could to teach her, wane especially. Wane believed that all life was precious...something that Rein still preaches to this day.
WAX: we lost two wonderful gods, beloved to the entire pantheon.
WAX: Wane was my partner. I loved them so dearly, more than anyone can ever know.
WAX: we were together since the very beginning of Morbitian time, and made all of our greatest successes….and our greatest failings, together.
WAX: and they were taken from me. they were taken from the world they loved so much.

WAX: I realized that the greatest threat to life itself was us.
WAX: we create, and we destroy.
WAX: we have so much power, but no one told us what it would be like, what we should do.
WAX: but we could learn from our mistakes.

WAX: I created this plane- one seperate from the physical one we exist in. a plane where anyone could create a world, and people to inhabit it.
WAX: a plane where even the lesser gods, limited in their abilities, could see what it was like to create life.
WAX: I created the tiny cat people- infinite in possibilities, unlimited potential.
WAX: they have innate curiosity, and the ability to love. the ability to experience life and all that comes with it.
WAX: I allowed gods to come into this plane and create these creatures, on a few conditions.
WAX: one; they would have to coexist in the same world, and handle their own territories.
WAX: two; their TCPs have free will, and could not be directly controlled.
WAX: three; their TCPs would be able to reject their gods, and choose their own destinies.
WAX: four; the “game” can only end when a resolution between gods is met.
WAX: either all of the gods ally, and live in peace.
WAX: or they enter war.
No. 867300 ID: fb45d4
File 151858546019.gif - (13.77KB , 500x500 , 54.gif )

WAX: there is no reason to enter war- you can easily resolve the game through agreeing to coexist.
WAX: you can spend the entire duration of your world’s existence creating and caring for your charges. the game only ends when you’re ready for it to, and many choose to spend years with their session’s TCPs, enjoying the experience.
WAX: but the option to hurt and destroy is always there.
WAX: and so is the option to defend yourselves and fight back.
WAX: I want to believe that someday, there won’t be people like Spit. I want to believe that there will be a time where this planet will have true and utter balance, and that people can thrive without fear.
WAX: but for now, that is not our world.
WAX: the game not only exists to train gods in the ways of creation, no.
WAX: it exists to teach gods how to fight against those that would see the world burn.
WAX: Spit is allowed to play because I hope that someday, people will find a way to defeat her.
WAX: I would like nothing more than to kill her myself, than to rip her head away from her body and keep going until nothing is left.
WAX: I would like nothing more than to see her suffer just as much as she has made the world.
WAX: but I can’t.
WAX: Rein will not allow me to.

WAX: it cites Wane’s teachings, their beliefs…
WAX: that everyone has the chance to be a good person.
WAX: I...I don’t know if I believe it anymore.
WAX: I don’t know what to believe.
WAX: but I hope that through this, someday, someone will find the solution.
WAX: someone will find a way to end her reign of terror, be it through redemption or defeat.
WAX: personally, I believe it will be the latter.
WAX: I hope it is. I hope she rots.
WAX: but for now, I allow her to play, and gods like her.
No. 867301 ID: fb45d4
File 151858547609.gif - (16.18KB , 500x500 , 55.gif )

WAX: the option to become cruel, to subject your TCPs and everything you create, to the worst treatment imaginable…
WAX: it is always there.
WAX: it looms over us, just within reach, like some awful button just waiting for you to press it.
WAX: but we can choose to be loving. we can choose to be compassionate.
WAX: we can choose to be the gods that people deserve.
WAX: through giving players real, living people, people that can feel everything, both the good and bad and everything in between…
WAX: I hope it helps us gods learn.
WAX: I hope that someday, it will help us heal.
WAX: I hope that it will save our world, even if just by a piece at a time.

WAX: that is why I created tiny cat people.
No. 867303 ID: 7e9c89

we might not have the time or ability to comfort wax right now, but

voidsy: you're doing the best you can. thank you for explaining -- we still don't know quite what to think of all this, but that helps.
No. 867305 ID: 23be25

you're a good person, wax. we're sorry the world has been so cruel
No. 867306 ID: 8c24fd

Well, when all of this is over, and Spit's outta commission, promise us to take care of yourself. After all, who watches the watchman?
No. 867307 ID: a363ac

why do the TCPs need to die for the gods to learn? why not send any defeated/killed TCPs to "paradise," there is no point to their suffering besides to help a God grow. And that would make them more pawns then people, we know you wouldn't use them like that though.
No. 867310 ID: ed67d9

I wish there was a way we could give Wax a hug right now.
No. 867317 ID: 3adb50

Maybe they do, and the idea that they die is a lie to make players feel consequence? If they players were aware that death was meaningless, the lessons would be too.
No. 867320 ID: b1b4f3

Are you saying nobody has won a game against Spit?
No. 867334 ID: 830fb7

Idea for Wax to counter Spits harassment, create a world (sort of hell) that the 'gods' and others that have proven to be cruel, vindictive or generally evil are locked away from your world. That way you can remove spit (allowing her to do what she wants without harming you / others) while keeping her alive, and making her useful (aka make her the devil in charge of hell while you and the other gods have your world).
No. 867341 ID: 9215e1

We respect you, Wax. You're a god of principle and fine character.
A thought occurs, however. You seem the type to honor law and order. Spit, inversely, seems a creature of pure, unadulterated, spiteful chaos. Her very existence seems predicated on hateful mayhem.
Is it at all possible that she's found some way to cheat at the game? Some way to subvert the rules? Could she be metagaming?
I also find it very strange how she managed to acquire information on another session. Do you think she may have an informant?
No. 867342 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, my greatest concern with these games is they might be helping Spit. She gets experience fighting other gods, and she gets stronger after winning. Which she has been, consistently.

Has Rein made any progress teaching Spit compassion?
No. 867348 ID: f95210

It doesn't matter how you feel. It doesn't matter if you can't do anything. This is all your fault, and we're going to fix it even if it kills us.
No. 867351 ID: e7830d

"So, let's get this straight, you created a game that grants its players power, can be played as often as the participants want, has no real challenge as long as everyone agrees to share the spoils and you let literally any deity in existence access to the power the game provides, even ones that apparently are in the middle of a god-devouring rampage - and you let these people to interact with newborn gods that have zero idea of the danger they represent? How many peaceful Gods have deities like Spit denied the right to exist? How many innocent TCPs will be sacrificed to 'teach' about the dangers of Spit despite this having no real results?

Spit's danger is nowhere near what a truly evil god would present - one that knows better how to hide their intentions and play for power in the shadows and only strikes when they can get away with it. And even if Spit somehow locked away or destroyed forever, this game will eventually create more. Some of our voices recognise this but we are intent on peace and love and that is only possible if my team believes they can win.

Also, Wretch is kinda cute and we'd love to see them a little more."

The more Spit marinates in guilt the more likely they are to be apathetic about fighting and help us under the table.
No. 867352 ID: 33cbe7

Who reins in the Rein? Maybe your coworker ought to think about that sometime.
No. 867355 ID: 91ee5f

>Wane was my partner. I loved them so dearly, more than anyone can ever know.
>we were together since the very beginning of Morbitian time, and made all of our greatest successes….and our greatest failings, together.
>and they were taken from me. they were taken from the world they loved so much.
*insert gross sobbing noises here* D-‘:>

“Spit knows you hate her for what she did, so she’s forcing you to follow your own rules to help her because she wants to make you suffer! This is our fault, we’re so very sorry that we forced her to drag you into this game and be on her team!”

“Hey, uh, since you’re the Admin, does that mean that you can see/hear everything that’s going on? Including whatever your opponent’s team is planning and/or doing? Uh, not that we’re accusing you of cheating or anything! It’s just.....that’s what an Admin is supposed to do, right? So does this mean that you’re always going to be aware of what our team is doing and/or planning?”

>I also find it very strange how she managed to acquire information on another session. Do you think she may have an informant?
Wax literally just told us that someone from that other session told Spit about what happened.
No. 867357 ID: 35089a

and all its done is teach people that the best way to win is to be complete and utter bastards good job
No. 867362 ID: 499d93

Wax, that’s definitely a more noble reason than most, and we appreciate that, but what is the point of the rewards? Becoming more powerful as a god by playing this, although it’s great incentive to play, is also a way to reward spit’s behaviour and anyone else like her.
I don’t hate you and i’ll be honest you definitely look like you need a hug (which i want to give to you once we get out and find you) but why that as the reward of all things?
No. 867377 ID: 4854ef

>Wax literally just told us that someone from that other session told Spit about what happened.

A better question is.. Well, who would tell Spit about things period? Rein? I can't imagine anyone else willing to just randomly chat about things with Spit.
No. 867392 ID: 2a13fa

Wax, I'm not going to lie and say that TCP is a flawless idea. It's an inherently broken game that directly rewards violent behavior by awarding players with increased power upon victory.

What I can tell you is that, once we win, which we will win, we're going to do everything in our power to help. To prevent Spit from hurting anyone or anything else ever again. We promise this.
No. 867398 ID: c66656

I don't think you're a bad person, Wax, but I still can't agree with your rationale. Beyond failing as a way to weed out immoral gods, the rules seem to encourage them, at least in sessions with conflict. It also seems ineffective at training both in general and against Spit in particular due to the lack of instruction and the radical differences between the game and real life. I’d strongly suggest the game be shut down or radically altered.

However, your plan has succeeded in one way, because we are going to stop Spit, and once we’ve done that we’ll keep going. You say this world needs help? Consider us your ally in helping it.
No. 867408 ID: 3adb50

Indeed. I grow increasingly aware of how manipulative Rein sounds. They will not allow Wax to kill Spit? As if they believe their authority higher? And using the memory of a lost love to twist Wax's arm into listening, that's just despicable.
No. 867414 ID: 10c408

"Wait, let me see if I have this right. Spit went and murdered two of the gods in the morbitian pantheon and has gotten away with it scot-free because of Rein? Do I have that right?"

If we win we really need to enact a code of laws so that we can prosecute spit's horrendous laundry list of crimes.
No. 867420 ID: dc91a0

Trouble. Danger. Cruelty. Pain. Despair. Torment. Death.

These are the things that shape the world. They are the negatives to our ideal positives. They allow our world to change and evolve. They give us the ability to appreciate what is good. They allow us to live. They allow this very world to exist.

Perhaps for this reason, it is a bad idea for us to want to kill Spit.
Or even imprison, depower, or change her.

If don't become her in the process, then it's only a matter of time before someone worse takes her place. It might not happen immediately. It could be hundreds of years,but she Will be replaced by something. Whats worse, if that something does take a long time, then by the time it takes hold, people won't realize how bad things are, as they will no longer recognize or even remember how good things used to be.
No. 867422 ID: 2efe4b

You're a rad dude, Wax.

So, Rein's belief in every life being precious and everyone having good in them is protecting Spit, eh? Hm. Well, if Spit attacked a new god who hadn't had time to know much better, and something was done to her in self-defense, that seems like it'd be pretty forgivable. Hypothetically.

On a completely unrelated matter, Wax, can you tell us more about how a god's motifs work, and what gods need to survive, and what exactly happens to them when they don't get it? We need to be able to plan for when we get to your world. Plan... our... peaceful, productive lives! Of course!?

Also scale of 1-10 how disturbed would you be to suddenly see a reminder of something important you've lost and grieved deeply over. Out of, uh, curiosity?
No. 867477 ID: 91ee5f

>Also scale of 1-10 how disturbed would you be to suddenly see a reminder of something important you've lost and grieved deeply over. Out of, uh, curiosity?
If that’s your way of saying that you want to make a Wane mask, then I don’t think that would be a good idea.
No. 867480 ID: 4da700

Let's not do the mask thingy, It'll probably piss him off and I don't see how that will benefit us.
No. 867489 ID: cb585b

Well, it may be helpful, but we gotta ask nicely, and not just "Heeeey, can we use your dead best friend as a mask?"
No. 867566 ID: a47f33

This probably isn't preferable, but what if you have your cats go, rogue, Wax? They'll be spared the agony of working with that monster, and she's back to square one.
No. 867575 ID: 3adb50

He has to make at least a token effort.

But, if he teaches them in a certain way to encourage free thought, and they meet with our TCPs in the Sanctuary where he has deniability to involvement in their rogue-turning...

We would just need to make sure they're kept safe afterwards.

I am also opposed to the Wane mask, or bringing it up. Too intimate a thing to ask when we just met the guy.
No. 867585 ID: 2efe4b

Look, I know we want to be nice, but Wax is our opposition, here. It's very possible (since he must be reminded of Wane all the time) that he won't mind us making the mask, but if he DOES mind then it'll disturb his ability to think straight, constantly remind him how much he hates Spit, and therefore be to our advantage. It's even possible that he'd like it and we can give him the mask as a present when we leave, assuming we can take magic items made here with us. As for Spit, the fact that she took out Wane first, and what we've heard about Wane (especially that she was god of "bravado and truth" which would counter Spit's apparently preferred tactics of fear and deception very well, though we don't know that ICly, still there are other things we do know that are suggestive), indicate a likely possibility that a mask granting Wane-based power could be very useful against Spit. As I suggested previously I also think it's possible that masks Void makes could be stronger based on how absent their subject is, and Wane's absence is a big painful one. Or a Wane mask could be especially strong because she was an especially strong god.

Still, if no-one else votes with me, that's fair enough. I still think we should make as many other masks as we can, though. The ability to copy other people's powers, albeit in limited fashion, is very cool and offers a lot of possibilities. I wonder what TCP-based masks would be able to do? Let the TCPs use each others' powers? We should try that as well.

Anyway, we should also ask Wax for game tips, just in the long shot case he actually can/will tell us. We should especially ask if he has suggestions for things that are essential to teach to one's TCPs.
No. 867588 ID: 3adb50

You've convinced me to vote to at least ask Wax how he feels about the idea.
No. 867595 ID: 4da700

Eh, I don't think it would be a good idea to risk our potential friendship with one of the big guys for an op mask.
No. 867599 ID: 91ee5f

>op mask
Yeah, if the mask is op, then that would trigger the auto balance and give everyone a copy of the mask, which we don’t want Spit to have!

Even if it doesn’t trigger the auto balance, if it is op, then that means that it’ll cost more health from our TCPs to use, meaning we’d be hurting ourselves more than we are helping.
No. 867600 ID: e7830d

+1 but maybe make this a little less direct - make these sorts of suggestions as things Wax "could do" wink nudge
"wane has useful domains and relevant powers"
"let's mess with a being controlling the game we rely on for existence"

Wait until Wax has a reason to suspect we aren't TERRIBLE before asking, seeing as they seem to have a history of shitty collectives. We want to make a good first impression. Questioning the value of the game should be fine but we need to leverage our treatment of TCPs and relationships with the other gods of the session.

What does Wax make of Wretch and Eastwood, anyway?
No. 867615 ID: 082b86

>summoning a mask of this guys dead lover

Yeah, could we not? That'd be great. Thanks.

to wax: I think you're doing the best you can with what you've got; you're trying and thats what counts. Also echoing what a few others are saying here, in the event we get into your world we'd want to help it or heal it as best we can. No hard feelings for the game, yeah? You've given the best gift you can give to people; freedom of choice.

Looking forward to meeting you in person when we win :^)
No. 867617 ID: a47f33

On a more personal question, what do you feel like, Wax?
No. 867618 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah, could we not? That'd be great. Thanks.
I agree on not making it!
No. 867620 ID: 082b86

You did. My apologies. Whoops.

my principle remains the same i dont think we should make that mask
No. 867704 ID: dc91a0

I'm all for a Wane Mask.
Useful abilities. The only person bothered is an enemy.
Good times.
No. 867710 ID: 499d93

Don’t make the wane mask. at least run it by wax first if you’re going to anyway.
He may be against us now but it’s only because he has to, once we deal with spit it would be nice if he didn’t hate our guts.
No. 867721 ID: 2efe4b

Oh, while we're talking to Wax, I'd also like to ask where the mysterious extra stuff comes from. Like, when we created those adventure temple things, the puzzles appeared by themselves, and had their own things to say about our fellow gods. And there was that knife, and the prizes.

Did you make those, Wax? Or does the game fill in blanks itself? If it does, it seems to have a personality and opinions of its own.

Oh, and I have to wonder, what are the rules for the players regarding how much they need to play the game? We're pretty much stuck playing, but the rest of the gods in the game have their own lives. Could they, theoretically, just put the game down and walk away? Or get help from other people in your world? Is there much preventing Spit from sending someone to mess with our allies to distract them from the game? Or could someone call another god who's played the game well before and ask for advice?
No. 867724 ID: fb45d4
File 151869567578.gif - (16.41KB , 500x500 , 56.gif )

VOIDSY: Okay, there’s...a lot of mixed reactions here. We’re not exactly sure what to think of all this, but thank you for explaining.
VOIDSY: It helps.
VOIDSY: A lot of us believe you’re genuinely doing the best you can.
VOIDSY: You’re right, your world has been cruel.
VOIDSY: And we’re sorry to hear that. We want to help make it better.
VOIDSY: You seem like a really good person, somebody with fine character and a big heart.
VOIDSY: And losing Wane, especially to someone as depraved as Spit…
VOIDSY: We can’t imagine how much that hurts.
No. 867725 ID: fb45d4
File 151869571610.gif - (15.92KB , 500x500 , 57.gif )

VOIDSY: But...a lot of us don’t agree with your rationale.
VOIDSY: The reactions range from discomfort to anger, and it’s hard to pin down a consensus on why.
VOIDSY: I guess we have a few concerns.
VOIDSY: Why do TCPs need to die for gods to learn?
VOIDSY: We know that TCPs that survive the game have the option to go to “paradise”- why can’t you send defeated or killed ones there?
VOIDSY: Why do they have to suffer? Doesn’t that still make them pawns, even if you didn’t intend for it?

WAX: I’m going to tell you something hard, and I apologize if it isn’t like this in the world you come from.
WAX: there is no afterlife for us Morbitians.
WAX: only death.
WAX: the closest thing we have is ghosts built from remnants left behind...and they’re never the people they were before. never.
WAX: trust me. I’ve looked into it.
WAX: and in our physical plane, death is inevitable. any mistakes you make as a god will lead to people dying.
WAX: for this to be a realistic simulation of how it is to be a god, those consequences have to exist.
WAX: making TCPs nonliving…
WAX: I worry that it would teach them that their people are toys.
WAX: and anyone that still does, despite the fact that they are still alive- like Spit,
WAX: I hope that it helps guide people into knowing who cannot be trusted in their godly duties.
WAX: and that they try to free their TCPs from that kind of life.
No. 867726 ID: fb45d4
File 151869574558.gif - (13.84KB , 500x500 , 58.gif )

VOIDSY: What about the reward? Gods learn that brutality can win, not just kindness.
VOIDSY: There may not be an intended incentive for it, but people like Spit win games all the time, and gain power through it.
VOIDSY: And then there’s people who just...agree to win the game for power, right?
VOIDSY: Not only that, but...what about newborn gods like us? What about collectives?
VOIDSY: How many of us have had to die because of gods like Spit?

WAX: I’ve been trying to figure out a way to remedy that for some time.
WAX: the thing is...gods who use these strategies in the physical plane, they are successful. and I hope that the fact that they will get power for it, just as they would in the physical plane, will be a motivator for people to stop them.
WAX: but….these people still get power, and it’s an issue.
WAX: as I explained earlier, this is kind of a trial and error situation, no matter if it’s for TCPs or the physical plane. I hate that it is.
WAX: yes, people can agree to win and get that power.
WAX: a lot of people do.
WAX: this means a few things:
WAX: people who want to genuinely work together, do.
WAX: people who want the reward and are willing to set aside their differences, do.
WAX: people who are afraid of standing up to those who hurt and agree to work with them despite what their morals tell them is right, do.
WAX: but: people who want change, and people who are willing to do the right thing, and stop the gods that do monstrous, evil things…
WAX: they do as well.
WAX: the game is meant to emulate the reality we live in, and currently, it’s a harsh and unforgiving one.
WAX: I’m not exactly sure what direction to take it from here.
WAX: there has to be a better way, but...I’m just one god. and I’m still learning.
WAX: as for the newborn gods, and collectives, well…
WAX: it may be cruel to say, but it may be a mercy.
WAX: there are fates worse than death on this planet, and to fade away at the end of a game...it’s painless, I’ve been told.
WAX: there’s not much I can do about it, either. I can do what I can with the rules but I don’t even know where collectives like you come from.
WAX: if there was a way I could make it easier on you all, I would. I’d find some way to allow you to last for more than one game.
WAX: but...I can’t. I’ve tried.
WAX: I’m sorry.
No. 867727 ID: fb45d4
File 151869577704.gif - (15.61KB , 500x500 , 59.gif )

VOIDSY: Wait, so….Spit just….got away with it? She keeps getting away with it with collectives, and she killed two of your own pantheon...
VOIDSY: Because Rein won’t let you kill her, or punish her?
VOIDSY: Has she even made any progress?

He bristles for a moment, form growing fuzzy before he sighs and calms down.

WAX: I...I can’t oppose Rein.
WAX: aside from me, it’s the most powerful god in the pantheon.
WAX: and even more well respected.
WAX: its religion is the most popular and well loved, its followers are many.
WAX: Solitude is run better than even my own zone, and I’ve been doing this for far longer.
WAX: it says it wants to uphold Wane’s legacy….

He digs his hands into his ear nubs, his eyes shifting shape ever so slightly.

WAX: but as far as I can tell, any attempts to rehabilitate her have been in vain.
WAX: her power’s been greatly diminished since she was publicly renounced, her only followers being fools or cultists.
WAX: but I still catch wind of her eating lesser gods that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
WAX: cult sacrifices, rumors of plots to rise back into power…
WAX: Rein says it’s handled.
WAX: I don’t know how long I can hold out for that.

VOIDSY: She cheats, we’ve heard that much.
WAX: well aware of that. autobalance is my best attempt at fixing her messes, but there’s only so much I can do without majorly changing the rules.
WAX: which, I can do. I have before.
WAX: the rogue TCP clause was one I introduced after a session where I felt it was necessary.

VOIDSY: And what about the informant? The one that helped her get the knife in our session?
WAX: …
WAX: I’m not going to lie to you. I have no reason to, and you’re the least involved in our pantheon.
WAX: you don’t have bias here.
WAX: out of that session...the most likely player would be Rein.
WAX: as far as my knowledge goes that’s the only person who actually talks to her, on any level.
WAX: but I could be wrong. I don’t know the other two lesser gods in that session well.
WAX: as frustrating as the collective player is there, there’s no way that they could have told her.
WAX: I don’t want to consider the reasoning behind this guess.
WAX: frankly I don’t want it to be true at all.
WAX: but I am concerned, yes.
No. 867728 ID: fb45d4
File 151869581928.gif - (11.85KB , 500x500 , 60.gif )

He breathes until he’s calm again, eyes returning to normal. You let him calm down before continuing.

VOIDSY: Well...we fully plan on winning.
VOIDSY: And when we do, we want to help you.
VOIDSY: Both with this world, and with your personal stuff, if you’ll let us.
VOIDSY: You have to take care of yourself, you know?
WAX: ….
WAX: thank you.
WAX: I hope that during this game, you make the right decisions.
WAX: I would like to have a new god that I can have faith in in our pantheon.

He laughs, hanging his head.

WAX: it’d be a refreshing change of pace.
No. 867729 ID: fb45d4
File 151869584815.gif - (16.58KB , 500x500 , 61.gif )

VOIDSY: Just tell us about being the best god we can be, and we’ll do what we can.
VOIDSY: Info on motifs would be really helpful, if you could spare it...and some more tips, maybe?
WAX: Oh, and what do you think of the other gods? Spit’s obvious, but what about the others?

WAX: that’s a lot of questions, don’t forget to breathe there.
WAX: I can’t tell you much more in the way of strategy, as I’m not on your side. I generally end up with newbies, and try to instruct them as best I can, give them some help.
WAX: but you’ve got numbers on your side, a lot of them. hence why I got sent over to Spit.
WAX: take care of your cats. learn what works with your motifs.
WAX: find your allies’ strengths and work off of them, not only in strategy but with how they are as people.

WAX: as for motifs themselves…
WAX: I’ll give you a clue. some TCP types are partially based on how motifs work.
WAX: form, shape, body, weapon, and nature types especially.
WAX: depending on your tier as a god, you’ll have varying degrees over how much you can control your abilities, along with your personal level of skill.
WAX: generally, at a lesser god level, you can manipulate existing objects and elements that fit your motifs. so, for you...hm, what are yours?
VOIDSY: Masks, we think. Not sure about a second one.
WAX: I’d say space, or void, judging from your appearance...they’re based on your form, so you don’t exactly get as much control over picking those as domains. you have to work with what you get.
WAX: but, hard for me to say, really. don’t go nuts with it, seeing as space is well...it could get messy. we don’t know much about it ourselves, and I’d say masks are a much safer option.
No. 867730 ID: fb45d4
File 151869587405.gif - (16.43KB , 500x500 , 62.gif )

WAX: if you become physical, you’ll be able to manipulate existing masks. this includes ones you have on your own form, along with any you have laying around. a smart god stocks their home and person with their motifs, lesser god or otherwise. you want to have options.
WAX: manipulation varies, but generally, you can make things move, and possibly change their shape. at a higher level, you can create your motifs entirely- so you’d be able to summon masks, likely similar to the ones surrounding your form- but not bound to you, like they are now.
WAX: not all lesser gods can do this, and it generally takes a good amount of skill and power. it’ll also drain you badly if you’re not sure what you’re doing, so be careful with that.
WAX: shape, form, body and nature types can all create their typing, and some can manipulate them further. it’s very similar to how motifs work, and you get synergy bonuses for working with things related to your motifs and domains for this reason.
WAX: at a greater god level, you can typically create motifs easy, but higher tier manipulation will still use energy.
WAX: at a high god level, you have complete control over them. it doesn’t drain energy at all.
WAX: domains also come with abilities, but at low tiers, they’re more like creature types. they’re typically passive, and at the higher tiers, they’re like abstract types. high power, but high cost.
WAX: you’ll have to figure out what your domain abilities are on your own, seeing as I have no idea. but, working with synergy might help you get started on that. see what gives you bonuses, and what.
WAX: you can ask your allies what their powers are, if you think they’d be comfortable with it.
No. 867731 ID: fb45d4
File 151869590508.gif - (16.35KB , 500x500 , 63.gif )

WAX: speaking of your allies, I don’t know any of them past Wretch and Spit.
WAX: Wretch is...I don’t know her well.
WAX: but she was close to Wane. Wane saw themself as a mother figure to Wretch, and loved her dearly.
WAX: I wasn’t the best to her, and I can understand why she has reservations around me.
WAX: Wane and I were close, and loved each other dearly...but we didn’t always see eye to eye on how to raise our children.
WAX: not children by blood, of course. the relations they choose to have amongst themselves are their own deal. I know Grind and Wretch consider each other siblings, and Alloy sees Grind as a sort of uncle figure.
WAX: but, I digress...she has always come off to me as a strong spirit, even with her lack of abilities.
WAX: she’s needed a lot of help running her zone, and creating things. I worry about her often, especially now that Wane isn’t here to guide her.
WAX: and I don’t think I’d do a very good job of that.
VOIDSY: We care about her a lot.
WAX: well, then I hope you can.
WAX: she needs somebody who can help her, possibly more than anyone else in the pantheon.
WAX: my feelings on Spit are obvious, and I’ve said enough about that.

VOIDSY: Can you just...have your cats go rogue? Go with us, and not have to worry about Spit?
WAX: I’ve considered it, and I still am.
WAX: from what I’ve seen of you, you’re a god with a lot of heart. hearts, even.
WAX: but, you are a collective.
WAX: there may be parts of you that aim for objectives the majority does not.
WAX: and some of those objectives may be harmful to my cats, and the world I look over.
WAX: I hope you win, but I also hope you aren’t like Spit.
WAX: and until I see your actions, I can’t make that call.
WAX: they speak louder than words, after all.
WAX: prove yourself to me in the way you fight.
WAX: if you can prove that you are a kind, compassionate ruler, with what it takes to stand up against true evil…
WAX: I will have my cats join you.
WAX: but, if you prove to be just as sadistic as Spit...
WAX: I will smite you just as I would her.
WAX: the rest of your team deserves to win for sure, but you’re an unknown factor to me.
WAX: one I hope I can trust.
WAX: don’t let me down.
No. 867733 ID: 830fb7

Say: "Wax Just in case we don't make it, there is always a way to deal with a wayward child and Spit seems like an extreme case. I have an idea you could use to counter Spits harassment if things are at that stage or worse. my idea is that You could create a world that those that you think deserve it are chosen and locked away from your world so they can do as they wish without harming anyone. That way you can remove spit, allowing her to do what she wants without harming people and putting her through a type of rehabilitation for her actions."
(Basically giving Wax the idea to make a rehabilitation world for those that deserve it).
No. 867737 ID: 616344

"Thank you, Wax. No matter what happens - even though circumstances have you on the other side - we consider you a friend."
No. 867749 ID: 8031fe

>Mad Respect for you Wax.
No. 867750 ID: 2efe4b

Honestly, Wax - we don't trust ourselves that much sometimes. We have... problems. We've made mistakes, and we'll make them again. You're wise to wait and see. We'll do our best. Thanks for the chance. We hope to speak to you again - hopefully, especially, when we've won and we're heading off to meet you. One last thing... have any collectives made it before us? All the gods we've heard about so far have been individuals.

Ok so we might be able to kill Spit with our space/void motif but the power differential means we might kill ourselves doing it, IF collectives work the same way. We might be more powerful or be harder to kill than a solo god, if Wax is only speaking from his experience with non-collectives. Since we're made up of multiple people, death would be a gradual state for us, not binary, so we might end up only mostly dead, and able to recover. So we have a chance to survive if we try. I say we aim to attempt it and take our chances.

Pity about the no afterlife thing, but maybe some day a god with a souls motif or something similar will appear who'd be able to create one. Maybe if we become more powerful we could create masks that call dead people back to inhabit the body of whoever wears it? And arrange some sort of time-share? Some cultures have ritual masks intended to do that, calling ancestors for blessings and guidance and such. So, that'd be... not optimal, but something.

... I wonder if we could try do that now.
No. 867751 ID: a363ac

No. 867754 ID: a363ac

Wax since real things can be spawned from TCPs could you not lock Spit away using a game? make something like a God containment zone and get people who agree to never let the game end?
No. 867756 ID: 5dee0a

Man, wax is so good... Oh well, while we probally can't even touch a finger in Spit, if we win and there's enough gods against her, we will maybe be able to contain or banish her the fuck out but I don't really expect killing her alone and not now, considering that we're still not... Physical, let's play and see what's going to happen.
No. 867763 ID: a47f33

We won't, we swear it.
No. 867764 ID: 2efe4b

As a collective, we're not capable of really swearing to that. We can only promise to try.

Telling someone you consider them a friend after one conversation just sounds insincere and/or manipulative.
No. 867772 ID: 40d03c

We still haven't gotten his thoughts on the Unhallowed sanctuary and the mask we made of him or were thinking of making of Wane.
Can we make communication masks?

When Pit ate Wane did she swallow him whole? Cause if he was the same size as you then how big is Spit?
No. 867776 ID: dc91a0

Don't make promises you can't keep.
One wrong move and we all become a mass of screaming apes.
No. 867778 ID: 72ed95

Aw Wax! You're a good mountain dude and we will do our best!

Like we have issues but most of them include being bad at concealing how we're feeling or saying weird stuff.

We'll do our best to prove ourselves to you. We want to keep our kitties safe, more than anything.
No. 867783 ID: b1b4f3

>call dead people back
They'd have to be somewhere, first. Best thing we could do is make masks that you wear when you're dying and they record your personality or something so that then others could wear them for the body share thing. I'm sure other gods have tried that kind of thing already though.

Thanks Wax. We'll do our best to contain our dark or misguided impulses.
No. 867786 ID: 2efe4b

>They'd have to be somewhere, first.

Everything is somewhere. If you're dead, you've just come apart. Since we're dealing with magic, it could also reach across time. Or work some other way. There are lots of possibilities - as a new god, we might add something that doesn't exist yet to the world. Let's not assume limitations.
No. 867799 ID: 3adb50

Grand ambitions are well and good for a bunch of armchair generals, but we should get our heads back in the present. What comes after we win can be determined after we win.

Goodbye for now, administrator.

Once Jasper ventures into the Unhallowed Sanctuary, it will enter adventure mode. Have we created some form of communicators for our TPCs yet? Without our oversight, they should have a way to contact one another for backup or immediately vital information.

>GIVE ALL: a set of 5 Color-Coded TCP Communicators, one to each of our cats
No. 867824 ID: dc91a0

Create Magic Building: Life Bulb
An enormous and beautiful closed flower, which slowly draws and stores magic from the surrounding world. This stored power will eventually be so great it will become readily apparent to gods and nearby creatures.

It will only open once the game ends.

Upon opening it will reveal four large inner petals and 20 smaller outer petals.

If 20 TCP's and 4 Victorious Gods take a place on all their respective petals, a ritual can be performed that will consume the power granted by victory.

This ritual can revive one dead god.
No. 867829 ID: 91ee5f


Besides, I’m pretty sure if that was even possible, Wax would’ve done it himself.

And our powers have nothing to do with life and death, so it wouldn’t work anyways!
No. 867830 ID: 3adb50

Easy there AZ, Wax said that resurrection has been attempted successfully before and they came back wrong. What we really need is a time machine.

Besides, the gods wouldn't be able to take positions on the flower before or after the game is over. Before the game is over they're stuck in their god spaces, and after the game is over they'll be on Morbit.

Now if we had a Fenestration type to open up a hole for gods to enter a session physically, maybe a project like this would be attemptable.
No. 867934 ID: 7e9c89

i gotta vote that if it does turn out our only way to kill spit is self sacrifice, we do it.that'd mean our tcps would die too , but.. she's too destructive.

voidsy: we won't. thanks.
No. 867977 ID: 426dbc

We're not the world police, we don't have to fix the problems of these gods ourselves but that doesn't mean we can't give it a crack ourselves.

We should wrap up this discussion without being too wordy; priority now should be to determine what actions would bring Wax onside in this session short of trying to beat Spit in combat.

Hell no to more powerful items. Communicators are a Good Idea, though. Make sure all the TCPs are properly armed and taught then let's get operation ghost spies in action
No. 867987 ID: f0e552

Nope, that probably will not work and will trigger autobalance like a motherfucker
No. 868043 ID: 7e9c89

isn't autobalance already in effect? wax is already against us, unless we mess up and give spit smth op, how much worse can we fuck up?
No. 868046 ID: 10c408

We can probably still fuck up by increasing the 'tech' level of the conflict in a multitude of ways that spit hasn't done yet, giving her more liberty to make something truly awful.

obv nukes would be the extreme edge of terrible TCP game resolution but any artillery,
gun emplacement or chemical weapon from the 18th century onwards would be hell to deal with for any TCPs that are unprepared for such things.

No. 868047 ID: 72ed95

"How much worse can it get?" Is always the question asked before someone fucks up even worse and wrecks shit.

Focus up y'all, we have a good plan and we need to focus on this game. Not gamebreaking stuff to affect the outside world. Voidsy needs to survive this so we can help, and breaking a bunch of shit and upping the ante isn't the way to do that.

Our plan is good, just follow through.
No. 868206 ID: a363ac

Wax... why do the TCPs need to die in these games? why not just transport those who are "killed" to the Paradise plane? It still teaches the gods the lessons that the TCP games are meant to but does not punish the TCPs for being born to the wrong god.
No. 868268 ID: ba56e6

He just answered that question.
No. 870124 ID: fb45d4
File 151960644021.gif - (13.82KB , 500x500 , 64.gif )

VOIDSY: Thank you, Wax. We don’t trust ourselves much, and we’ve made a lot mistakes.
VOIDSY: Chances are, we’re going to again.
VOIDSY: We’re going to do our best, and we hope we can speak to you again- on good terms.
WAX: trying is all we can do, at the end of the day.
WAX: try, and fix what we can when we fail.
WAX: however, the stakes are high here. you’ll have to make significant effort in everything you do.
WAX: we’ll see how you do. thank you for your cooperation, and I hope we both make it out of this with ideal results.

VOIDSY: We have a few last questions…
VOIDSY: Have any other collectives made it before us?
VOIDSY: We’ve only heard about other individuals.
WAX: yes, but I’m only aware of some of them, let alone keep in touch.
WAX: I’m not the only high god administrating games, despite being the one in charge.
WAX: gods from every pantheon are allowed and encouraged to participate, so while I’m an excellent multitasker, it’d be incredibly unfeasible for me to oversee all of them.
WAX: as such, I don’t know every collective that comes through, and probably won’t ever.
WAX: but, they exist. it’s very possible to win.
No. 870125 ID: fb45d4
File 151960646706.gif - (13.70KB , 500x500 , 65.gif )

VOIDSY: Would it be possible to make a world, like this one, where you could lock Spit away?
VOIDSY: Somewhere where people would be safe from her, and she could go through rehabilitation without the risk of hurting others.
VOIDSY: Hell, even other gods. A space where anyone who needs rehab could go.
WAX: hm.
WAX: I’m not sure.
WAX: I’ve never seen something like that, but I can’t say for sure.
WAX: if so, not by me.
WAX: only high gods can create alternate planes, and they have to be related to domains- this one being heavily tied to imagination.
WAX: I’d have to ask around, but I’d have to find someone both capable and willing.
WAX: not to mention the fact that maintaining planes takes a lot of energy.
WAX: it’s not a bad idea, but definitely not immediately feasible.

VOIDSY: We made a few items we’d like your opinions on.
WAX: fire away. i’ve overseen all of your creation, so I’m pretty well aware of how things work. no explanation needed.
VOIDSY: In that case, how do you feel about the Unhallowed Sanctuary?
WAX: I like it.
WAX: I allowed it to happen because it’s a neutral creation- you don’t need every player to have it, since it accommodates for all and exists on wholly neutral ground.
WAX: I look forward to its usage.

VOIDSY: Secondly, we made masks based on the other player gods- it made one of you by default, even before you entered.
WAX: right.
VOIDSY: Would it be okay if we made ones of other gods outside of the session?

He looks a bit uneasy.

WAX: if you’ve been told about them, it’d work.
WAX: obviously you can’t make something based on something you don’t know about.
WAX: but personally, I’d prefer you stay away from the rest of the pantheon.
WAX: let the dead rest.
WAX: that’s all there is to say on that.
No. 870126 ID: fb45d4
File 151960649517.gif - (45.95KB , 500x500 , 66.gif )

VOIDSY: And there’s no way to bring Wane back, or anyone?
VOIDSY: No way to even remotely bring back the dead, not even with god magic-

His voice turns harsh all of a sudden, form shifting much faster. You feel a horrible feeling of dread just by looking at him, your own breath turning panicky. You can’t help but think of all of the stakes of this game, of people you care about dying, your TCPs getting hurt, and it’s overwhelming but you just can’t look away, Wax’s voice shaking you to your core.

WAX: it’s not possible.
WAX: any attempt at necromancy is incomplete, leading to a soulless facade of the person that once was, or a partial revival at best. the closer you get, the more you risk dying yourself, all to bring back a shadow that will never be the same as the loved one you lost.
WAX: I’ve done my research, Void.
WAX: on top of that, even if I had the ability to bring them back, I would need remains of either body or soul.
WAX: there was nothing left, not a single scrap.

He calms slightly, the feeling fading enough for you to get your composure back and keep talking.

VOIDSY: S-so..so did she eat them whole??
WAX: our best guess is that yes, she did eat them whole.
WAX: or at the very least, left nothing behind.
WAX: when a god dies, they leave behind an overwhelming amount of energy- we call them shreds, as we believe they make up a person’s life force in tiny, miniscule particles.
WAX: they can be harvested easily and used as power for machines, as well as medicine and multitudes of other practical uses. they’re the main source of energy for our world.
WAX: on top of this, they also leave behind scraps.
WAX: pieces of the soul containing experiences and emotions, typically shed after trauma, or similarly drastic changes. death included.
WAX: people who can sense and use scraps for magic are rare, let alone ones that can do necromancy.
WAX: we gods have inherent scrap sensitivity and manipulation abilities, but I really can’t state enough how much energy, skill, and effort it takes to even create a weak and mindless ghost from that.
WAX: and as I said before, when a god dies, they leave behind massive amounts of both of these particles, typically enough to decimate or at the very least, seriously distort and disrupt the area around death.
WAX: not only were there no scraps and shreds left upon their death, but we didn’t even realize they were dead until their zone began to decay.
WAX: Velvet, we knew immediately…
WAX: but Wane’s very time of death is unknown, not exactly.

VOIDSY: Wait… if you’re this big, and I’m guessing Wane was as well, how big is Spit?
WAX: ….
WAX: eight feet tall.
WAX: I don’t know how she did it.
WAX: no one does.

He exhales, trying to get ahold of himself.

WAX: ….sorry.
WAX: I’ve looked into everything, time and time again, for hundreds of years.
WAX: necromancy, how Spit did it…
WAX: I don’t know. I don’t know any of this.
WAX: that’s the best I can give you.

He seems shaky, but not so much mad at you as the situation and topic- are you all done talking to Wax?
No. 870129 ID: a363ac

isn't wretch a god of Space? so if she could become powerful enough could she lock Spit away?
No. 870130 ID: a47f33

> We'll make you proud, Wax.
No more words need to be said. Let's get to enacting out those plans we laid out with the others.
No. 870132 ID: 91ee5f

>Done talking?
Yes. Let’s not upset him anymore than we already have.

And make sure to apologize for bringing up such a sensitive subject!
No. 870135 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, that's his Fear aspect coming through, isn't it?

>not only did Wane supposedly get eaten by a lesser god which should have been impossible, they died in an impossible way
You know, I'm starting to think Spit didn't eat them. She just took credit for their disappearance. What if, being the god of Bravado and Truth, Wane went down below the world to fight the horrors directly? Either they died down there to some giant horror nobody else knew about, or just being down there cut them off from their zone so it withered just the same.

Let's not talk about Wane anymore though. We need to get back to the game.
No. 870136 ID: 6780f5

We probably let our curiosity go a little far there. Sorry if we dredged up any uncomfortable feelings, Wax.
No. 870140 ID: 7e9c89

yyyeah, this convo's definitely gone on long enough, i hope he's okay..
voidsy: we're sorry. we didn't know. ..let's have a good game, i guess?
No. 870145 ID: 2efe4b

... Well, now, to me that sounds like it's possible that Spit maybe just told everyone she'd killed and eaten Wane. Maybe she just somehow cut her off from the rest of the world and found some means to leech power off her? Maybe, even, Wane had the exact same idea we just had, and created a prison to contain and rehabilitate Spit, one designed to completely cut Spit off from influencing the true world, and when the time came Spit somehow pulled some trick so that Wane got trapped instead?

I mean, look at the evidence. If Wane's time of death is uncertain, that means you have no witnesses except the perpetrator, Spit, who is known as a gleeful and sadistic liar. Her story - that she killed and ate Wane - requires not one but several implausible or even impossible things to have happened, and she has more than enough motives to lie. If we throw out that story, then the facts we have are that Wane is gone, the world has reacted as if she's no longer present, and Spit has become more powerful. But there's no signs of a struggle and definitely no sign of the giant mess a powerful god's death should have caused. With no signs of a fight, we have to assume, even in the original case of Wane being killed, that Spit accomplished this deed by trickery or subterfuge rather than direct confrontation. So if she could do that, it seems more likely that she might have tricked Wane into something remotely plausible (being trapped in a prison she herself created) than that Spit did something seemingly impossible (eating a being larger than herself). This is backed up by the fact that although Spit has become more powerful, she hasn't become AS powerful as she should have become if she had indeed eaten Wane whole - which she must have done, if she did eat her at all, or else there would be shreds and scraps that escaped. Perhaps Spit has just been feeding off an imprisoned Wane's misery/suffering, given Spit's own godly nature?

At the very least, if Wane did die, all her shreds and scraps had to go somewhere, and they wouldn't have all fit inside Spit. Creating some giant mechanism to capture and contain all those (like some giant ghostbusters trap?) seems like a large enough project that Spit wouldn't have been able to hide it.

... We could probably test the "Wane is actually alive" theory by making an item that tries to contact her. We already made a mask that lets us talk directly to our TCPs. However, the working theory is that she'd be two whole world-steps away (three including Void being in another world), so it might not work even if she is.
No. 870148 ID: 19dd52

Sorry for prying Wax. We have an expression back on our world, "curiosity killed the cat." And well, we are a curious bunch.

We'll try to make you proud.
No. 870150 ID: a363ac

has anyone ever tried to get Spit to gloat out the secrets we can try that, for many of us her downfall will mean more to us then even leaving this space if you could hold back at least one of your TCPs in reserve we might be able to trap her in this game until we learn enough to stop her for good.
No. 870262 ID: 906811

Sorry for dredging up bad memories Wax, we're just concerned and want to help. What happened is bullshit and unfair and we wish we could come up with a solution or reason or some explanation as to how they're not dead and they're just lock away or somewhere else or some crap. We wish more than anything that we could just clap our hands and make everything better but life isn't fair and all we can do is try move forward and work with what we've got.
And right now we've got friends, TCPs and a plan, lets just hope it's enough.
See you on the field.
No. 870273 ID: 8edb2d

Continuing this line of inquiry was insensitive, but hopefully your curiosity on the subject is sated now.

Just reiterating the command for the Communicators, so it isn't lost after we wrap up this conversation.
No. 870521 ID: 2efe4b

Now that I think of it, if we can get one or two last questions out of Wax, I'd like to ask if anything besides the TCPs will go to morbit. Like, if the TCPs do choose to go there, or even to go to Paradise, will any of their belongings go with them? I'm wondering, if we're a collective made of separable masks, if we can give a piece of ourselves away and thereby survive or travel somewhere we normally couldn't.

I'd also like to ask what exactly happens if we do win and get to go to morbit. We're floating in an empty player space right now. Will some sort of door open? If we have created items in this player-space, can we take those with us? And if we lose, do we just... dissolve into this same space? Go to sleep? Who did Wax hear it was painless from? I'm wondering if, even if we lose, we could use our motif to open a way out by force. A door or a window is just a space made in a boundary or barrier - if something of the sort has to exist to bring us to morbit, maybe it'd be under our power? If not to escape, then maybe to grab Spit and pull her in, or grab her knife and stab her, or even just throw something at her dumb face. We want to play by the rules so long as there's a chance of victory but once we're sure we're screwed anyway why not try anything we can think of?

I'd also like to reiterate the question of who fills in the blanks in what we create, like with the puzzles that gave us our equipment earlier. Was it Wax himself? Does that mean things will be different now? Where did the notes that explained the basic mechanics come from? If Wax wrote those... uh, maybe we could suggest a couple of other things to add to them. "TCPs don't like learning a ton of things at once" could be one. If us noobs do get some tips we would've liked to know that one.
No. 870938 ID: 2efe4b

I'm really sorry to add more at this late stage but I did just think of one more final question about godhood: do motifs and domains "stack"? Like, if a god does/creates something that theoretically fits more than one of the things they have power over/from, does it get an extra special boost? Can a lower-level god achieve more powerful effects than they normally could be doing that sort of thing, and powerful gods achieve extra crazy nonsense?
No. 871010 ID: 8edb2d

I think we've asked enough questions for now. This has drawn on for a while now and been quite stressful for Wax.
No. 871146 ID: e54266

>are you all done talking to Wax?
No. 871743 ID: 830fb7

Promise wax that if you win this you are giving him the biggest hug. He really seems to need it.
No. 873679 ID: fb45d4
File 152107468599.gif - (15.15KB , 500x500 , 67.gif )

VOIDSY: Isn’t Wretch a god of space? Couldn’t she lock Spit away if she became powerful enough?

Wax avoids eye contact, taking a full minute to figure out what to say.

WAX: Wretch...can’t gain power.
WAX: she’s unable to grow any stronger, or even fully control her existing powers.
WAX: it’s unlikely she’ll ever be able to ascend to a high god, if not impossible.
WAX: I’m sorry.

VOIDSY: We’re sorry too, for dredging up bad memories. Our curiosity went a little too far, and we didn’t know it was such a sensitive subject.
WAX: it’s...fine. I’ll be fine.
VOIDSY: What happened is unfair, it’s bullshit, and we want to help you figure out some kind of solution.
VOIDSY: But right now, we have to hope the game is enough.
VOIDSY: We’ll make you proud, Wax. See you on the field.
WAX: you better.

He gives you a wave before hanging up, leaving you back to work with your TCPs.
No. 873680 ID: fb45d4
File 152107471681.png - (8.07KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You make some communicators for your TCPs, carefully delivering them to each one. They all seem very thankful, and start messing with them immediately.

You can choose to open comms back up with your allies now, send someone on an adventure, or continue to stock up your base- while opening communications with your alliance will be allowed during either of the latter options, you can only choose one of them at a time.. Any TCP leaving the base, be it to the sanctuary or the outside world, will count as an ADVENTURE and most commands will be locked.

Choose wisely.
No. 873685 ID: 9876c4

Jasper needs to go adventuring to the sanctuary.
He's on edge, he's got a headful of facts with no practical use, and he has a purpose he's yet to put into practice.

Let's fix all that.
No. 873687 ID: 8e8422

Say, speaking of communications, I had an idea: we already created one item that lets TCPs talk directly to us, what if we all did? Call it a SHRINE, say, a spot somewhere in each god's territory where any TCP that goes there can talk to and be talked to by that god. It'd help our alliance work together better. It might allow Spit and Wax to talk to our TCPs at some point, but conversely it could let us talk to their TCPs, so that balances out, and might even be a positive since talking isn't killing.

That's an idea to talk to our allies about first, though. Same for a bunch of other potentially neat ideas like the secret passages and "mana gems" and experimenting with masks more. So I say send them on an adventure, specifically sending Jasper and whoever else he wants with him down to explore the Sanctuary, and since we presumably won't be able to watch or guide them because that was the whole point, we can spend that time chatting to our allies.

Let's be sure we give some adventuring supplies like notepaper and pencils for making maps and that sort of thing, though.
No. 873701 ID: 19dd52

Send Jasper to the Sanctuary. Stealth mission!!!
No. 873711 ID: 7e9c89

> send jasper down to the sanctuary and re-open comms asap!! wax may be on our side in spirit, but we need to be cautious
No. 873713 ID: 8edb2d

Yes. Check if he's ready to roll.
No. 873733 ID: 1a6dfc

We should split the team into two crews. Jasper and Dad head to the Sanctuary while Buddy, Primus, and Marnet scope out Spit's and Wax's territory.
Our allies should do the same. Choosing a few cats to observe the sanctuary and a few to scope out our enemy's territories.
No. 873766 ID: 8edb2d

Having a buddy available for backup might not be a bad idea, though I'm torn between sending Marnet or Dad. Whoever it is will slow Jasper down if they try to constantly stick together, and Marnet would be able to protect herself better than Dad, but Dad has the power of authority and that could buy crucial time for escape in an encounter with any enemy scouts.
No. 873767 ID: a363ac

ASK Jasper if they wish to go figure things out alone on an adventure first or attend a picnic.
No. 873811 ID: 9876c4

I'm opposed to these.
Unilateral action in the midst of an alliance is a BAD IDEA.

And no, Jasper is designed to operate independently. Let him prove himself, to himself.
No. 873814 ID: 8edb2d

Operate independently, yes, but somebody should be on standby at the entrance to the sanctuary and able to provide backup if needed. The communicators can be used for that.
No. 873903 ID: 10c408

Nooope. No, no and no. We are NOT sending *anyone* to wretch's yet and sending anyone to Wax's place will cause FAR more problem than it would solve right now.

Ask Jasper if he's up for scouting out the sanctuary. Whether or not he is, the next we need to do is stock up on the base and fortify it further so that anyone from wretch's team can't waltz right up to the front door and start fucking with us.
No. 873925 ID: 8edb2d

Mixing up Spit and Wretch.
No. 873940 ID: fb45d4
File 152117487728.png - (4.66KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

VOIDSY: We’re back.
WRETCH: yoooo
EASTWOOD: How’d it go with Wax?
VOIDSY: Well enough, he doesn’t hate our asses yet. It looks like he’ll be willing to give us the win if we take out Spit, but he’s not going easy on us either.
EASTWOOD: At least there’s that. We’ve been stocking up our bases and readying our teams.
MILLER: They’re such good cats…
MILLER: We’re still figuring out a lot of things, but I really love my team!
EASTWOOD: Yeah. Looks like everybody’s teams get along relatively well amongst themselves, but we’ll see how that goes when we do a meetup.
VOIDSY: Speaking of which, we had some ideas.
WRETCH: lay em on us

VOIDSY: We’re gonna send Jasper and Dad down into the Sanctuary, and we were wondering if you all would be up for sending some of cats over for that, as well as sending a couple out to explore with ours.
WRETCH: sounds good to me
WRETCH: my dudes could use some time with other people i think
EASTWOOD: I’m for it.
MILLER: Count us in! We’ll get our things together and come right over. I’ll pick up Wretch’s team on the way too, I’ve got some mounts and carts for them to pull- perfect for bringing a whole bunch of people!
MILLER and kind of necessary with how big and slow bubbo is…
VOIDSY: We’ll prep up too. See you then, let’s make this work.

Your TCPs will have to equip themselves for the upcoming ADVENTURE, and you won’t be able to create new items while you’re out. Choose your options wisely, and be aware that your TCPs may act on their own.

here’s a handy list of all the items and skills you have! this will update over time, so please check it often before making decisions! if i missed anything, please let me know so i can scoot it on. if there’s items that aren’t on here that you feel are still portable, (like the pillows in the living room), trying to take them with you may still work, based on if you can store them or not. get creative!


you will have some time before people get here, but please keep the item creation to a minimum, one create command per person max and no big changes rn. anything more than that will be ignored! we really want to get moving here.

No. 873944 ID: 7e9c89

equip: everyone with their weapons, maybe a comfort object too jic we get into a fight or smth bad happens. mental health is important!! the sanctuary should be a place of peace though, so dad should have the tranq rounds equipped and also take the walker.

>create: more ammo for everyone just in case
No. 873981 ID: 1a6dfc

All cats should take their respective munitions. They seem to be well equipped enough to look after each other.

Marnet, Buddy, and Primus should hitch the sphynx to the trailer and we should create some armor for the sphynx. That'll also allow them to take some stuff; extra ammunition, camping supplies, etc. Though that should be left more to their discretion.

Dad and Jasper should be just fine, with Dad in the Dadwalker and Jasper flying. They should be able to keep a brisk pace.
No. 873986 ID: 10c408

create: binoculars. Pass it on to primus for long range scouting.
No. 873992 ID: 5bf318

Create: Mask of Wisdom: Allows the wearer to understand the identity of those they gaze at with the mask. This would be useful to quickly gain info on enemy TCPs in times of crisis.
No. 873998 ID: 8edb2d

The Sphinx seems a little too cat-ish to like being hitched to a trailer.

No. 873999 ID: a363ac

create : mask set of friendship and hatred. when all 5 are worn at once leads other TCPs to view the wearers with either great friendship or hatred depending on the wearers feelings towards the viewer. (ex: if Dad were to hate a TCP and the set is worn that TCP would feel indiscriminate hatred of Dad. were as if normally worn people will feel a drive to become friends and treat Dad as an old friend.)
No. 874000 ID: a363ac

also let the TCPs sort their equipment themselves they know their limits and specialties better then we do at this point.
maybe give Jasper and buddy hug pals though since they seem the most vulnerable.
No. 874026 ID: 38aead

I guess it's time to pick up a few Capybaras of Buddy's choice to go with them.
No. 874194 ID: 15a025

Dad or Jasper the lantern. Never know if we're going to need some extra light.
No. 874236 ID: d85fec

Let's not make so many masks. Our power may be thin enough already.
No. 874968 ID: a70f54

I think it would be nice to give Buddy a swiss army knife. Because it's a knife, but also a bunch of other tools, and it would be sort of a gesture of how knives are more than weapons and are good for making things and keeping people safe and comfortable.

Also I know I'm not supposed to suggest more than one thing but we can't send our TCPs adventuring without a ten-foot pole! Any adventure is doomed to disaster without the trusty ten-foot pole. Though, TCPs are tiny, so a ten-foot pole would be enormous to them. Maybe the TCP scale equivalent of a ten-foot pole. A collapsible one, if we wanted to be convenient?

Aside from creating/giving items, I'd like to remind them to take map-making supplies with them, but to not take the maps back out of the sanctuary when they leave. That'd be a threat to the security of the place. I'd also suggest they take the Spit mask down there now, to leave that in there too.
No. 875653 ID: fb45d4
File 152222267161.png - (75.11KB , 1027x893 , 70.png )

Everyone is told about the new plan, and meet up in the living room to briefly talk over what they’re all going to do. While initially nervous, it quickly fades into excitement, especially over meeting new people and exploring the world.

Some comfort objects are created, the void shaping them to fit each of your TCPs needs and aesthetics: a whistle for Primus, yet another plush for Buddy (this one of another knife type- it comments that it’s cute, and you think it feels a little bit better about itself.), a diary for Dad, a few beanbags to juggle for Marnet, and a fidget cube for Jasper- a pretty large one at that, to fit their hands. They all thank you profusely.


Everyone is equipped with their weapons and ammo. Primus comments that he could really use a backpack or something to hold his gear, but he can carry the riot shield just fine. Dad agrees, saying that she needs something to hold her own- though she could just leave everything but the rifle behind, if it’s going to be ideally a peaceful situation.

Dad hands Buddy the god communicator, saying that it might not work down there in the sanctuary- she doesn’t want you to be inconvenienced like that. Buddy hands the mapping equipment over to Jasper, Primus contributing the map holder as well.
No. 875654 ID: fb45d4
File 152222271232.png - (34.47KB , 650x650 , 71.png )

Jasper and Dad group up, he two of them quietly discussing plans on how to map the sanctuary, and how to handle the incoming TCPs. Jasper hopes that they’re at the very least reasonable, and Dad says that if their gods are anywhere as caring as Voidsy, they should be fine. And if they aren’t, well...they’ll make it work anyway.

Dad loads up the tranquilizer rounds in particular, reassuring you that she’ll only try to incapacitate if it gets rough. She points out that the walker itself won’t fit down the basement hatch, unfortunately.

Dad also takes the lantern, seeing as she has no idea how dark it’s going to be down there.
No. 875655 ID: fb45d4
File 152222273877.png - (60.58KB , 1406x837 , 72.png )

Primus, Buddy and Marnet scoot outside to plan, and stock up the trailer.
Binoculars are made for Primus, and he takes them with quickly. He’ll do his best to scout ahead!
Armor is made for the sphinx, which it protests at first- accepting it once it realizes how shiny it is, and how cool it looks with it on. It’s quite a vain creature. It equally protests being hitched to the trailer, but is successfully bribed with behind the ear scratches and head pats.

Buddy scoops up Ginger and Liam, putting them in the trailer. Bee bumbles over and bumps into Primus, who promptly gives it a pat and puts it in as well.

Buddy runs back inside to make sure the weighted plush and blankets come with- who knows, their new friends may want to join in with their games. Marnet is thrilled to see the new stuff herself, and the three of them launch into an excited discussion on possible pretend adventures. They’re very much looking forward to meeting new people!

It shouldn’t take too long for the others to get here, but there’s still time. Your TCPs are very open to talking to you about the challenges ahead, and are welcoming any further commands or creation.

you can talk all you want to them, one command per person pls tho
No. 875657 ID: 8031fe

>Inform them that most of the danger and threats will come from the west, Spit's domain. The east, Wax, will still attack, but he seems to be going for a less aggressive approach.
No. 875668 ID: 830fb7

>>She points out that the walker itself won’t fit down the basement hatch.

We need to make the entrance to the sanctuary (at least on our end) big enough for the convoy and walker to fit through, Maybe a garage entrance or a vehicle lift.

>>Primus comments that he could really use a backpack or something to hold his gear, but he can carry the riot shield just fine. Dad agrees, saying that she needs something to hold her own- though she could just leave everything but the rifle behind, if it’s going to be ideally a peaceful situation.

It would be good to give everyone a bag so they can carry their stuff and be ready for anything.
No. 875670 ID: a363ac

give bags.
Reestablish communications with Wretch and the team.
let TCPs know that Spit is why they need that knowledge in how to care for people who have been abused and that they will likely be scared or zealous but sometimes what people need is a hug.
No. 875681 ID: 8edb2d

Give Jasper: Night Vision Goggles
No. 875690 ID: 1a6dfc

Create: Mounted net launcher on top of the trailer
No. 875699 ID: f9d2b4


It fits our space motif, and while it's a reasonably powerful item it doesn't have any direct offensive uses unless you also have a portable hole and the special arrow. People can use it to carry a lot of things with them, but it doesn't help them use any more of them at once, so it should be fine.

Besides, every cat person should have a magic bag.
No. 875721 ID: 9876c4

This is already under the purview of being an apparition.

IF we take the Sphinx, we are leaving our whole area unguarded.
No. 875738 ID: 8edb2d

So make a second guard of some sort.
No. 875746 ID: 7e9c89

> wish them luck and reiterate that we believe in them!! also, seconding making a second guard.
No. 875750 ID: f9d2b4

If we're making another creature to watch over our base we should probably be more specific. How about playing to our mask motif with some sort of tiki guardian? Hang a bunch of masks around the place on trees and posts and things, and there's a spirit living in them who can curse interlopers.
No. 875785 ID: 8edb2d

Now that's using your brainmeats.
No. 875833 ID: 4ceb21

TEACH ALL: basic guerilla tactics

They know how to use weapons, but they have basically no understanding of what to actually do in combat.
No. 875834 ID: f9d2b4


I think it would be better to teach them some sort of police squad tactics rather than straight guerilla tactics, since the latter tend to favour ruthless most-damage-minimum-effort strategies out of necessity. The kind of things police are taught cough at least in nations where most cops aren't jackbooted wannabe soldiers cough, focusing on safety and protection even of their targets if possible, would suit our long-term strategy better and would probably go down smoother with our cats psychologically.
No. 875871 ID: 4ceb21

Maybe. I like teaching guerilla tactics because it's useful both as a way to efficiently take down the enemy should the need arise, and as a way to understand the tactics Spit will probably employ, given that she's on the weaker side in an asymmetric warfare scenario. Police tactics would also be useful though, there's no strong reason not to teach both.
No. 875877 ID: 9876c4

Do not teach new skills before a mission. Teach in downtime.
No. 878737 ID: 71e795
File 152374695406.png - (13.42KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

You inform them of the current situation- most of the danger’s going to come from Spit’s turf to the west- but the east could still be dangerous if Wax plays aggressive. The TCPs they’ll face may be scared or zealous, but they’re likely to have gone through abuse, and may need some extra care. You believe in them, and wish them good luck.

Your TCPs are filled with hope, and continue their preparations with a skip in their step- aside from Jasper, whose floating becomes a bit more lively.

Bags of holding are created for each of your TCPs, able to hold any amount of things, as long as they fit in/out of the bags’ openings. Your space motif gives them an extra bonus: the space within the bags is shared by all of them, allowing for any TCP to pull from their contents, from any location, again, as long as it fits. Taking an item from the bag will cost health, but putting them in will not.

Jasper is given night vision goggles, and tucks them away in their bag of holding without thinking about it- they curse a little bit when they realize they’ll end up paying for that later.
No. 878738 ID: 71e795
File 152374697762.png - (78.27KB , 1311x1387 , 74.png )

An entrance to the sanctuary, complete with a lift, is made outside of the tower, allowing for easier entry for both TCPs and vehicles.

A pile of fairly large masks are created, five in total- with a spirit capable of passing between them- as long as they’re in your territory. You may hang them wherever you please, or have a TCP carry them….if they’re strong enough. They will not work in the sanctuary. The spirit seems rather perplexed to be alive, but does not protest its existence much.

VOIDSY: How’s everyone holding up?
WRETCH: no issues here, on our way….
WRETCH: uhhh eastwood
WRETCH: you ok there buddy
EASTWOOD: Fine. Doing fine.
No. 878739 ID: 71e795
File 152374700793.png - (7.90KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

Primus yells that someone’s coming over the hills, and fast.

Eastwood’s voice comes over the comms, a slight edge of panic sneaking in.

EASTWOOD: If you got gates, open ‘em up.
No. 878741 ID: 7e9c89

oh no eastwood what did you do
get everyone out of the line of fire!!!
No. 878747 ID: d887c0

What is that?!
Do what he says! Open the gates!
Open 'em!
No. 878752 ID: ba56e6

Allow passage.
No. 878754 ID: a363ac

Let them in also no more magic stuff for now
No. 878762 ID: 15a025

What's going on Eastwood?
No. 878763 ID: bc19ee

Do we even have gates? Or a wall for that matter?
Because that’s something we should prioritise later if we don’t.

For now though let eastwood in and get ready to handle pursuers.
No. 878772 ID: 91ee5f

To all TCPs: “If anyone knows how to operate the force field generator, please quickly go turn it off so we can let in one of our ally’s teams!”

If none of our TCPs know how to operate the force field generator, then I vote that we quickly TEACH all of them how to do that.

We don’t have gates, but I think we’ve got a force field around our tower.

Only problem is, I don’t know if any of our TCPs know how to operate the force field generator to turn it on and off, so we may have to TEACH that to everyone real quick!
No. 878773 ID: a47f33

Dad and Jasper should continue on their mission to the Sanctuary.

Primus, Buddy, and Marnet are well equipped enough to deal with whatever Eastwood's cats have sustained and any possible pursuers.

It should also be priority to hang those masks up.
No. 878778 ID: 8af3bb

That's a pretty big entrance, can we conceal that a bit with a fake hill or make it seem like a large bush or something?

Anyway yes forcefield off if someone could do that please, if it would take too long to get to the device then CREATE: KEYED FORCEFIELD REMOTE, a remote control for the forcefield that allows anyone holding it to activate/deactivate the forcefield if they know the code, the deactivation code will be 13-5-12-12-15-14, then tell our TCPs the code, asking them to put the mask of courage on so we can tell them directly if that's what's necessary, and get them to deactivate the forcefield! While that's going on let's use our collective multitasking skills and also tell our TCPs that Eastwood is asking us to let the field down but also sounds sort of scared of something so be on guard, these might be friends but they might not be in control of themselves and be suffering from something that makes them act strangely.

We also need to hope our guardian beasts don't attack. They should only attack our enemies, right?

If we get a spare moment we also need to make sure to tell our TCPs that we very much suggest not every putting a bag of holding into another bag of holding that has never caused good things to happen but that is not an immediate priority.
No. 879816 ID: 71e795
File 152434460413.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

VOIDSY: What did you do?!
EASTWOOD: I didn’t do shit!
EASTWOOD: I’m trying to haul ass over there as fast as I can, so hurry up and let me in!
VOIDSY: We’ll turn off the forcefield, but you’ve got explaining to do as soon as you get in.


You leap into action, giving your TCPs a REMOTE CONTROL for your forcefield and telling them to take cover. Marnet turns it off quickly and drags Primus and Buddy behind the walker trailer, the trio tensing up as the sound of engines revving grows closer.
No. 879817 ID: 71e795
File 152434461755.png - (19.41KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

No. 879818 ID: 71e795
File 152434463843.png - (14.73KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

The vehicle that hurtles into the meadow is massive compared to most of your TCPs, and the three still outside look on in awe as it skids to a stop, the driver taking a second to collect herself before stepping out.
No. 879819 ID: 71e795
File 152434466256.png - (103.34KB , 1609x1338 , 79.png )

She introduces herself as Cynthia, her voice a gentle babbling that feels encouraging even to you. She’s a guidance type, and apparently the elected leader of Eastwood’s team. Primus reaches out to shake her hand and she does so with just enough enthusiasm, your team taking a shine to her already.

The body type riding shotgun vaults himself out of the vehicle, landing with a loud thud. Cynthia introduces him as Marvel, a brain type. Marvel himself is quiet, settling for a quick hello as he looks your TCPs over.
No. 879820 ID: 71e795
File 152434468616.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , 80.png )

Whipp hops off her bike, helping the TCP in her sidecar out. She mutters that introductions aren’t exactly priority right now, but her passenger runs right over anyway to say hi. His name is Sonny, and he’s very nervous, but happy to meet you all! An even more excitable voice comes from under his ear flaps, which he quickly flips up to reveal the tiniest TCP you have ever seen. This is Perky, Sonny says, to which Perky himself babbles so fast you can’t make sense of it.