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File 125956432283.jpg - (30.06KB , 339x400 , Soul Grave.jpg )
83524 No. 83524 ID: d1210a

You are a Soul Grave, a siege golem crafted by the powers of one of the high mages with the mass of dead gathered from a battlefield. You stand some fifteen feet tall and weigh over fifteen thousand pounds of thickened, hardened metals and alloys, although at the time of your creation, only crude bronze and a few bits of iron where available for your construction, so you are far from invulnerable in your current state.

You are a powerful weapon of war, a siege breaking shock-trooper designed to tear down defenses and slaughter the inhabitants. Your right arm ends in a grand claw, it's three wicked blades each five feet long and wickedly edged. You left arm is far more weighty, ending in an over-sized forearm with a massive fist, designed to burst through braced doors or batter down walls. Each of your shoulders holds a powerful mid range mortar, a prepared shot ready in each for immediate use.

And even further, you possess powerful magics that draw upon the essence of the souls entombed within you, allowing you to spread otherworldly fire called 'Soulfire' that ravenously consumes all it touches in a great cone from your mouth, at the cost of forever burning away some of the souls which sustain you.

Your body needs feul to work. You must consume a minimum of five pounds of metal a day, with additional metals being needed if damages are received until such time you are whole again. Further, you can grow new mortars, given enough time and available subsistence. You require a certain minimum number of souls to continue functioning (twelve minimum), and currently you possess fifteen. One soul is extinguished every month of activity, and three souls are consumed every time you breathe Soulfire.

....And now you are reawakened, after being put into a hibernating slumber after the last exchange between you home of Mosmordre and Castiliathen, while mages repaired damages from a previous battle. Only.... The city is in ruins, the gates shattered, the buildings burned, the land salted and ravaged. Mosmordre has... fallen.

Before you stands a puny human, some magical device in his grasp, a piece of parchment clutched in his hand. Behind him stand some dozen soldiers, all armed in leathers and chains with assorted weapons.

The puny human speaks to me.

"I...I... I bind you to me, Soul Grave Golem, o' engine of war and death, to serve my will in the absence of masters."

The transfer of ownership, that which allows lost golems to be reclaimed. It is built into us to need a master in the absence of one. And so I belong to this one now, now that my peoples are dead.

....And yet, I feel no compulsion to obey the puny human. Has something gone wrong? I do not understand.

What should I do?
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No. 83525 ID: f78140

laugh at the meatbag, then pick it up and leave. crush all opposition, but leave your 'master' unharmed.
No. 83526 ID: 66e906

Ask him what happened since you were last awake.
No. 83528 ID: d1210a

"What has happened since last I was employed?"

The cringing human recoils at my words, and mumbles a response, his fear plain.

"Th-the Castiliathen's signed alliances, with their neighbors, with Mosmordre's neighbors. The crushed the empire with overwhelming force."

...No. No, one of the Soul Graves, the mightiest weapons of the Mosmordren Empire, the rightful rulers of the world, will not serve some grave robber, some pathetic little bag of inferior flesh. I will not be used so!

I sweep my right arm in a vicious arc, rending through chain and leather, flesh and bone as I disembowel three guards to the invader's left, their howls of agony filling the night air, while sweeping my left arm down in a brutal blow, crushing a warrior into paste before grabbing another flesh-bag to it's side and squeezing the life and innards out of it.

Their numbers nearly cut in half, the guards flee in terror before my might, leaving their gibbering charge collapsed in fear before me. I could kill the fleeing humans with a mortar shot or my Soulfire, but my body is made of too poor of metal for me to be able to catch them.

Should I fire on them or use Soulfire? Should I say anything to the one who woke me? Should I kill the three fatally disemboweled warriors at my feet, or feed on their souls and metal goods?
No. 83531 ID: f78140

let them flee. most likely they will bring reinforcements, which will serve as more metal and souls for you.
feed on the souls and metal, but first, say

"You, the fool who awoke me. Stay where you are until I am finished. I now control your fate. Do not attempt to flee, as it will only make things worse for you later."

if he tries to run, disable him in a temporary way; break a leg or something.
No. 83532 ID: 6faa8c

Allow the runners to flee like the cowards they are! We must destroy those who ruined our old owner's kingdom! Grab the one who brought you life, and gaurd him. He returned you so you may do this great thing, and you owe him.
No. 83540 ID: d1210a


"You, the one who awoke me. Do not move, lest I cripple you. You are mine now, grave-robber."

Hmm? Something feels different about my voice, it no longer conforms so closely to the established norms of my design. Perhaps something has worn down while I slumbered?

The human frantically nods, not moving in the slightest, even while I pluck the arms and armor off of his dying comrades and the two I crushed, consuming the metal with relish, before picking up the feebly struggling men, pulling their souls out in a deep inhalation.

+36 pounds of Iron (total weight: 16,153 pounds)
+3 souls (total souls:18)

I eye the two warriors I crushed as I finish with the last of the wounded, and sweep my giant hand in a swirl over their corpses, drawing wisps of their souls back to their slain forms. I snatch them out of the air, and gulp them down as well, the fragments possessing only marginal substance.

+1 soul (total souls: 19)

Indeed, the little one did awaken me, I could have resided here for eternity, never aware of the fate of the empire. So long as the meat-bag does not attempt to command me, I shall let it live.

Should I ask the human any questions? Should I investigate the ruins in search of things that could be salvaged (and if so, what kinds of things should I look for, or what areas of the ruined city should I pay special attention to?) Or should I do something else?
No. 83542 ID: 276781

Ask the whimpering bag of flesh where your brethren golems are, if they are not immediately in view.
Also ask if meatbag knows who else has had/would have had access to your resting place since the fall of Mosmordre.
No. 83543 ID: 6faa8c

Tell the grave-robber you will not tolerate any commands. He is free to give advice and assistance, and that is all.

Further inform him of what you require, and that either he will point you to the eisiest place to gather it (and the fucker had best not lie, or his soul is next) or provide it himself. Also comment that if he knows where other golems are, such information would be absolutley peachy.
No. 83544 ID: f78140

ask him what remains of the empire.
if something remains, you can restore it to it's former glory. if nothing remains, the world is your plaything, and this meat-bag shall be your cat's paw.
No. 83545 ID: 6faa8c

We need a name.

Something for the legions of foes to whisper in fear.

We will be a sharpened shard of our old empire, striking at the face of those who sundered us.

Mordre. It is a fitting name.
No. 83546 ID: 34470e

One does not simply destroy Mordre.
No. 83548 ID: d1210a

"Know this, despoiler of ruins, you will advise me, for I have questions. Where are the other Soul Graves? Who could have disturbed these ruins before thee? Where can I find metals, or the freshly dead? Speak now, mortal bag of flesh!"

The human cringes, and begins babbling in it's efforts to placate me.

"Th-the other Soul Graves are scattered! S-some S-seven got claimed as prizes, and serve as champions of some of the nations that defeated Mosmordre! T-three serve as guards to each of the Three Grand Elder Mages, and two as siege weapons for mercenary armies, The Steel Fists Legion and The Iron Shells! S-six were destroyed, a-and the rest are lost.... until you were awakened.

Ah, ah, I don't know who could have disturbed the ruins before me, I think I may be the first, the forests around these ruins have become perilous from the magics unleashed in the fall of the Mosmordren Empire. I-I saw no signs of looting, but I did not look for anything but you!

Metals? Hah, hah, there's an iron mine to the south, and near it a mid-sized town, I know they smith with steel there. F-f-freshly d-dead? A-ah... the town has a sizable graveyard, but soul magic in all it's forms are forbidden now, and any Soul Grave seen gets reported, one still of it's original design would immediately be investigated!

T-there's a bronze mine and a very small ruby mine to the north into the mountains, with a small Yeti tribe. Th-they don't like outsiders, but they aren't affiliated with anyone. Less chance of creating a panic. They burn their dead, though."

So, I am now the thirteenth known active Soul Grave, and with six destroyed, that leaves eleven unaccounted for.

"What remains of the Mosmordren Empire?"

"Th-the last Mosmordren citizen was executed sixteen years ago. The empire is no more."

I possess my own will, I can act of my own volition now. I am no longer just another weapon of the fallen empire, I am myself, my own entity.

I am..... Mordre

Should I continue asking the human questions? Perhaps I should begins scouring the ruins, potentially dragging the human along with me to continue serving me? Or maybe I should investigate one of the settlements mentioned?
No. 83551 ID: 6faa8c

Inform the human that you will raid the rest of the city for the precious metals it possesses. Following that, you will travel to the Yetis, and inform them of you particular abilities regarding defense and offense, in regard to further assisting them in defending their town.

The human is to go forth and find as much metal as possible, bringing what you need to you. If this seems unfeasable to him, remind him who it was that raised you, and thus therefore must have a stockpile of metal available for just such an event.
No. 83554 ID: 6faa8c

>The human is to go forth and find as much metal as possible, bringing what you need to you. If this seems unfeasable to him, remind him who it was that raised you, and thus therefore must have a stockpile of metal available for just such an event.

Actually, just
>remind him who it was that raised you, and thus therefore must have a stockpile of metal available for just such an event.
No. 83556 ID: f78140

the empire is no more. the world is to be your plaything. just as you were used to carry out the will of the empire, so shall this meat-bag be used to carry out your will.

basically, make this meat-bag find a way to provide you with at least 10 pounds of metal a day, and at least 2 souls a month. (do not let it know how much you truely require)
No. 83564 ID: d1210a

So, the empire is no more.

Then with the might I was gifted with by my creators, I will carve out my own empire within this world that exists after the demise of my former masters.

I decide to give the human dabbler in magics standing orders, to better facilitate my long term sustained activity. ....In fact, this is a chance to establish misinformation about the needs of a standard Soul Grave, as that data is likely unknown to those not of Mosmordre.

"From now on, you will ensure that I can consume a minimum of ten pounds of metal a day. Further, you will ensure I come to possess at least two fresh souls a month. Is this understood?"

The fright, the wild, animalistic fear radiating off of the human nearly overwhelms it's ability to speak, but it stutters a nervous acquiescence, following my will out of fear and the need for self-preservation.

"I will harvest what metal remains within this dead city, then. You shall accompany me, human. You now serve Mordre. After I have scoured the ruins, we shall travel north."

"Y-yes, o-o-of course... my lord Mordre. ...Umm, I guess we should look in the armory, then?"

Hm. I suppose there would likely be some metals there, but given the low state of supplies last I was active, there will not be much chance of sizable finds there. The Duke's palace in the center of town was equipped with it's own smithy and a vault, there may be items of note there.

The graveyard is likely devoid of any souls if the bodies are that old, but the nearby Chapel of Sharn, the patron god of war and destruction, may have some heroes entombed in Gems, their potent souls held together by magics woven into their mummified remains.

The Tower of The Red Gaze, the home of mages in any city of Mosmordre could also hold things of worth, be they some surviving books on spell/golemcraft, magical components or perhaps the ghosts of dead mages still held together by their own power.

Where should I investigate first?
No. 83567 ID: 6faa8c

Chapel, Tower, then Pala-

Wait. we're too big to fit in any of those, aren't we?
No. 83568 ID: 276781

The Tower of the Red Gaze. Knowledge is important and fleeting - if any record of how to construct more Soul Graves exists, it must be taken and guarded carefully to maintain your empire - and perhaps, if you're lucky, you may learn just how you were given free will.

If you do that, you could free your bound brethren who serve the false nations that slew Mosmordre and would try to undermine your rule.
No. 83576 ID: d1210a

I decide to travel to The Tower of the Red Gaze first, in the hopes of finding surviving material on golem craft. If the empire is gone, I must l;earn about my own functions and creation as best I can. I pick up the human and hold him cupped in my hand as I make my way to the tower.


The tower' spire is shattered, only the first two floors still standing. I pry the door open, wrenching crashed masonry aside as I do so, before entering.

Inside is a grand central hall, and a large door leading to a back room where golems would be held while being assessed or modified. There are two side rooms, one to each side, the one on the left has it's door ajar, but both are too small for me to enter.

The stairs leading to the next level are too small for me to ascend.

What should I do? Should I investigate the back room? Should I send the human into one of the locations? Should I ask the humans more questions?
No. 83577 ID: 6faa8c

If there's just one stairway, send him upstairs after having him see how good the books are doing. if they are in good condition and you have a storage space anywhere, stick them there and continue. If no to the latter, have our human gather them up in a bag or something. If no to the former, see if any of them have any form of metal for binding.

After that, send our boy upstairs to find anything.
No. 83578 ID: d1210a

I order the human to search the rooms on the first floor I cannot enter, whilst I explore the back. He informs me the door is locked on one of the rooms, and I gently topple it with a nudge of one of my fingers.

I explore the back room, and find some spare blades for the claws Soul Graves possess, each of the three sets made differently. I find some parchments documenting runes to be applied to my shoulder mortars, although what the runes may do, or what materials may be required I am uncertain.

Also in the room is a mid-sized pallet of Black Steel, the material normally used in golem crafting for it's great weather resilience and durability. There is perhaps enough I could augment a set of claws, my siege fist or one of my mortars with the more potent material, should I choose. Beyond that, the back rooms seem covered in detritus and little else.

The human comes running back to me as I finish inspecting the back room, carrying three only minimally damaged books cradled under his arms.

"L-lord Mordre, the rooms hold many books, but most are too damaged to be legible. These were the only ones I could salvage. One seems to be about the reasons ....souls are used to fuel you, or at least that's what it's title implies. Another seems to be about the way Soul Graves interact with metal they consume, and the last seems to document some of the forging process."

The human pauses for a moment before continuing.

"Ah... I think I can feel a mage's spirit somewhere nearby, and it... does NOT feel friendly...."

So, perhaps I can learn more of my construction. And a mage's soul may be about? Excellent. Although such spirits can be quite baleful and deadly, especially to fragile little humans.

Should I switch out my claws for one of the different sets in the back room (Set A is longer and heavier, Set B is heavily serrated, and Set C is scalpelized to maximize blood loss among living foes)? Which of my armaments should I apply the Black Steel upgrade to? Should I send the human to investigate the second floor? Should I begin reading one of the books? Or should I go elsewhere?
No. 83579 ID: 6faa8c

Get dat soul. Then put on the scalpel claws and mod them up with the Steel.
No. 83581 ID: 276781

See if there's a way you can take the rest of the claws with you, or fashion some sort of holster. They've all got their own uses, and being able to swap on the fly (more or less) would be a massive plus. If that can't be done, or if you can only carry one other, grab set A.

Also, look for that mage soul. Can you converse with them while they are spirits? Perhaps they could shed light on what happened in better detail, or provide you with valuable information. If not, or if they refuse to help (and are somewhere you can get at them,) eat them.
No. 83583 ID: 276781

Right, and go ahead and apply the black steel like >>83579 said.
No. 83585 ID: d1210a

Potential options for claws:

Integrate Set A, increasing reach by 1.5 feet (to a total reach of 12.5 feet, not counting lunging) and gain heavier blows, in exchange for a slower attack speed.

Integrate Set B, to gain saw teeth to your claws, to make wounds more grievous and make building deconstruction easier, but the teeth can get dulled more easily and an additional 1 pound of metal is required per day to keep the teeth sharp.

Integrate Set C, to gain a scalpelized, anti-infantry specialized claw, designed to cut with extreme ease through flesh, bone, cloth and leather. Has issues with heavily armored targets compared to the default blade.

Integrate multiple sets and attempt to create a hybrid blade combining properties of multiple claw sets (Ex. combine Set A and B for a longer, more powerful, more wounding (yet slower) claw that needs extra metal to maintain.)
No. 83605 ID: c05c83

I say the integrate the scalpel claw. We already have a heavy bludgeoning left arm that can be used against armored targets and buildings alike.
No. 83607 ID: 6ccc99


I like the option to integrate traits from multiple sets. If we apply the Black Steel upgrade to something, it might as well be something as widely useful as possible.

I say blend all three sets together. Get a longer, heavier scalpelized set of claws with a serrated edge: Huge tearing wounds, more impact from each blow, greater reach, and maximized blood loss among living targets.

Yes, that would mean the weapon is slower than normal, requires an extra pound of metal to keep sharpened per day, and could have issues with heavier armor, but it would be pretty much universally useful, and make it so that it is unlikely we will ever regret having used the Black Steel to upgrade the hybrid claw. Besides, the upgrade process may give some handy bonuses, maybe reduced weight, increased durability, or allowing the blade to cut unimpeded through thicker and heavier armors than it normally would.

Plus, if we make our own personalized claw, we can name it.

Hm.. keeping with the naming theme, How about.... The Swords Of Mosmordre? Alludes to how you and your claw are the last blade raised in the name of the now fallen empire?

Who knows, this could be the only upgrade we see for a while, and if so, we should make it count.
No. 83845 ID: a3b36a

>Besides, the upgrade process may give some handy bonuses

But yeah. I agree with this one. And the claws could probably be de-mix-and-matched, right? So if we take them with, there would be one claw for each set that is upgraded.

...but I'd say we should leave out the long claw from the black steel upgrade. It'd be odd aesthetically, and speed would be important in a fight. If they're out of reach, that's what mortars and soulfire are for, right?
No. 83893 ID: d1210a

(Set C)
>>83581 >>83583
(Set A)
(Sets A, B, C Hybrid)
(Sets B, C Hybrid)

Set A: 2 Set B: 2 Set C: 4

I attempt to incorporate a satisfying blend of the potential options before me, to make a new claw to coat in the pristine black of the Mosmordren Empire's unique alloy, Black Steel. The lifeblood of those harvested to fuel us golems flowing into the metal as it is forged atop enchanted anvils, Black Steel was designed to be incorporated into Soul Graves.

Now, what about this.....

Multi-part Hybrid: Sable Executioner
-.75 feet longer than a normal claw
-blows have slightly increased impact
-lightly scalpelized to elicit increased bleeding in living targets
-has fine orderly teeth to cause moderately increased tearing in wounds
-forged of Black Steel, significantly more durable
-material causes wounds to be far more likely to rot and fester

-now swung slightly more slowly
-requires an additional 1 pound of metal in upkeep a day

SPECIAL: [The Tearing Fangs]
Thanks to it's high quality material and small teeth, the Sable Executioner can act as a saw against wood, stone, and all metals up to steel or above, able to cut through them with greatly increased ease!

What do I think of this? I suppose I could try to combine my options in different intensities....
No. 83949 ID: 82920c

I find this... acceptable.
No. 83972 ID: d1210a

So shall it be, mine right arm shall now bear the Sable Executioner, a delightfully vicious claw. I begin consuming the claws, absorbing the knowledge of their crafting in my feast, and move on to eating the Black Steel as I start to morph and warp my claw into the form I desire. As it's form starts to mirror the one I envision, I start to channel and direct the ebony metal I consume to flow out into the claw, infusing it with it's baleful properties.


Ah, there we are. My Sable Executioner glimmers, spotless and iridescent like a mirror of twilight, it's subtle teeth glistening almost in hunger for flesh. Ah, it feels good to have such a weapon, to have risen at least somewhat beyond my regrettably shoddy initial instruction.

It seems a good bit of time has passed, and I see that the human has been busying itself reading the books it found. It seems to have also claimed the parchments I saw, documenting runes to inscribe into a Soul Grave's mortars. The human reads them by the light emitted from my eyes and my mouth, straining in the darkness. It seems somewhat more accustomed to my presence, and no longer feels compelled to shake and cower so overtly in my presence. Although my choice to perform my alterations whilst blocking the only entrance or exit into the back room we relocated to may have something to do with it.

Hm. It was midday when I was first awoken, and as near as I can perceive, it is now somewhere well past dusk. We have been hear for several hours, my self-modification more time-consuming then I had surmised it would be.

I could send the human to investigate the second floor, but with the possible presence of a mage spirit about I find the humans chances at survival unlikely, depriving me of my slave. I can still visit the armory, the duke's palace, or the chapel. I could also talk to the human grave-robber that found me, I still do not know the relevance of the parchment or strange magical device it grasped when I awoke.

What should I do?
No. 83984 ID: 1831fc

Two options occur to me:

First, question the human about the artifact. It might hold some key to a greater power.

Secondly, we might want to consider packing up. As much as a Mage has delicious soul meals, we have to think about our slave. For now, he's kind of vunerable to things.

We have to figure out a way to make him invulnerable to certain things.
No. 83997 ID: 1831fc


Addition: Go to the Chapel.

Also, while traveling, ask your slave to give you some information. Anything that comes to immediate mind. Details of cities, forges, places where more metal and souls can be easily gathered.

Also places for him to learn more magical things. Perhaps we need to fashion a crude storage place for all of his workings? If he practices, he could become a powerful mage, either to eat, or augment us further.
No. 84011 ID: 6faa8c

>We have to figure out a way to make him invulnerable to certain things.

Would it be hard to fashion a riding area for him in out back or belly?
No. 84060 ID: d1210a

I order the human to gather it's things as I once more cup it's fragile form within my implacable left hand, his body dwarfed by the mighty limb he resides within. He barely flinched at all this time as I picked him up, and he seems far less prone to quick starts. I begin making my way to the chapel as I question the grave robber.

"The artifact you possess, the one you held when you attempted to claim me as your own. What was this device you held, fragile mortal, and what function does it carry? The lands, the immediate area, tell me of what I may find. And tell me of where I might find tombs and journals on magic."

The little one starts as I address him, but responds with the same nervousness as before, if not the outright nigh-blinding fear.

"I had what I was told was a Soul Grave leash, to allow me to claim you as my eternal protector and weapon. But it was nothing of the sort, or you would not be in the condition you currently hold, ...my lord Mordre. I regret having believed the merchant as to what his wares were.
The immediate areas, let's see.... well, pretty much everything north of us are mountains of increasing height and chill, home of the Yetis and the Premen. Powerful and vicious beasts, as far as I am concerned, but I imagine my lord would not need to fear them so, and they do have talents of their own, there is no doubt. I mentioned the bronze and ruby mine somewhere close to the north, I believe.

To the west, the ocean and a vast chain of islands some week distant.... or less, depending on how fast you can move, I suppose, with perhaps a town or two along the way. I know at least one has a smithy, they would have metal. To the east... ah, let's see... Nah, I'm sorry, I can't remember who took over last, I'm probably out of date anyway by now. Anyway, other than Castiliathen some distance east, it's mostly a tide of never-ending border disputes, usurpations, alliances, betrayals and war between some several dozen constantly shifting and renaming kingdoms/principalities/you name it. start heading to the southeast as you go, though, and you start hitting the stabler nations.

To the south is a mix of human settlements with a few fairly large communities, I mentioned the mid sized town with iron mines, and Froggrock tribes. Normally I would say the Froggrocks should be avoided, but they seem to view all golems highly and Soul Graves are practically worshiped from what I have been told.

To the south west, though, I know there is a Morgren.... mass down there, barely held in check by the surrounding communities. I don't know if it would work, but they might recognize your design, and perhaps the way the Mosmordrens designed them will compel them to serve you. .....Although if it doesn't, they are still quite adherent to their berserker-like dedication to war and combat, and they would try very, VERY hard to destroy you.

Ah....magic? Pretty much nothing worthwhile but a few lowbrow tombs on World fueled, mid grade spells here and there. it's pretty much nothing except in Castiliathen. But in there... I hear, they have books on everything, even on Soul Magic, in vaults they keep safe. Ah, I want to go there some day.....Um, if my lord would permit me to, of course." He stammers back, abruptly alarmed by the perceived error in his behavior.

Hmm, making the puny human more durable would be most useful, I could pay less attention to the safety of this fragile whelp. As to how to do that.... I have no idea.

I say nothing as I walk on to the chapel. The doors are barred and burned, twisted beyond conventional parting.

Should I smash through the massive barred doors? how should I respond to the human's slip, if at all? Or should I do something else?
No. 84068 ID: 6faa8c

Ask of more of these folk who worship golems, and comment that if the 'leash' was wrong, would you merely have risen a berserk monster, rather than this intellectual heap?

Don't bash the doors down, carefully saw through them and set them aside. Large doors like this need metal mbracing anyway, at least a pound's worth.

As for the slight...
Thank him for the advice. We want this guy to like us, not fear us. Fear turns to hate so fast it'll make your iron skull spin.
No. 84070 ID: 6faa8c

>wouldn't you have
No. 84079 ID: 697b23

The human is weak, fragile, mentally unstable, and his loyalty is... questionable at best. If we are going to sink any time or resources into improving him (addressing the first two issues), we need to make him better as a whole (not ignoring the last two issues).

Let's take steps to put his mind to ease and assure his loyalty. He's already getting used to our presence, which is good. He's still very afraid of us though. And it's not the healthy fear, that will keep him in line. It's the mind-clouding type that will ensure he betrays us or flees at the first chance he gets.

Let's assure him that he is a valuable asset to us, and we intend to keep any harm from befalling him. We have his well-being in mind, and will not only refrain from harming him, but will prevent others from doing so as well (make no mention that we will likely be placing him in dangerous situations, as that will assuredly be happening).

Now about his loyalty, let's take steps to show him why being on our side is good for him. You can also tell him that we can visit Castiliathen, and that we want him to grow in skill and power... but temper it by adding that our reason is so as to make him a more valuable resource at our disposal.
No. 84087 ID: 697b23

Oh also, ask the mage's name! Unless I missed it, we don't even know. Finding out and using his name is an easy way to gain some loyalty from him.
No. 84088 ID: 4b413b

promise the puny human great wealth and power once we conquered the world
No. 84099 ID: d1210a

"If the leash you thought you possessed was false, would I not have awoken a mindless creature? Your evaluations of the immediate areas are.. appreciated, puny whelp. I find myself in need of a guide and mage of my own. Tell me: What does the thought of being given the means to learn more magic, to grow in skill? To being protected by my magnificent self, Mordre shielding you from harm? I tell you now I do this so you may aid me, but I doubt you would suffer for improving. ..... And what is your name, little one?"

The little one holds very still for a long time, unmoving, sweat pouring from his face. But he nods, and the fear, the uncertainty on his face retreats.

"...If... If you could actually let me learn.... let me become a real mage, like the noble's kids get to be.... If you make me somebody of note.... I don't care what you do, I'll follow you if you really mean that. ........Oh, and my name is Arkus, um.. yes, and as to the leash, well, it should of either worked or not awoken you at all. I don't understand what happened."

Hoh? Is there a spine, some semblance of pride behind the sniveling exterior evidenced? Well, this could be falsehood, a trick, a trap for me. For now, though ,it does not matter.

I extend Sable Executioner towards the blocked doors, and set to work with my newly remolded claw. The charred woods part before me like skin, the iron supports beneath yielding with little effort. In but a portion of a minute, I have carved an entrance into the chapel. ....The effectiveness of these teeth that adorn Sable Executioner are most pleasing.

As I pry the section of massive door out of the way, I can see.... well, some general wreckage as one might expect for post-defeat levels, but there is but one true thing of note in the room: The crystal.

A towering spire of crimson and purple shaded crystal stands behind the alter and speaking podium, with two shadows within illuminated by the bits of light washing in from the stained glass portholes behind the crystal.

What should I do?
No. 84101 ID: 6faa8c

What do these crystals do exactly?

Also, eat the metal bits off the door.
No. 84111 ID: d1210a

I see only a few rusted nails in furniture, this room was a place of stark, simple reverence.

The crystal....

Upon closer inspection, I can see that the shadows are two intertwined forms, two long dead Mosmordrens. The base of the crystal is set with thin strips of gold, and something is inscribed.... 'Thomro The Strong, and Merrack The Swift, Heroes Of Trodar, City Of The Mosmordren Empire!' So, these two were heroes to their people. A memorial for fallen warriors.

But beyond that..... I can feel them, the souls trapped within, still vibrant, still strong, far stronger than the weaker willed, less-preserved dead. Oh, there is power within that crystal, and it would be easy to shatter it and release the spirits.

The problem is, they will be willful, swift, rebellious, their strength of will making them difficult to capture. I could assure myself success if I purposefully aim to only catch one, but if I try to claim both, I may end up with nothing.

What should I do?
No. 84113 ID: 6faa8c

One in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. Catch the Strong, not the swift. Advise your pal to HIDE.
No. 84115 ID: 1831fc

Eat the crystal whole.

If you can't, go for the swift soul. It should give you some speed where you lack it.

No. 84116 ID: 697b23

Good working with the mage; I don't think he's being prideful so much as demonstrating his ambition. He wants to be somebody important. We can use that by assuring him that his position as our servant is of plenty importance. Anyway, good start so far.

Let's ask Arkus what the crystal is and does if we don't know. Don't let him get too close until he tells us, just in case it's touch-activated or something.
No. 84119 ID: 697b23

How would the quality of a soul affect our physical operation?

Advising going after only one and focusing on the swift soul... but you should still check with Arkus and see if he knows a way to keep them still so both can be caught.
No. 84120 ID: 1831fc



See if we can burrow a hole out that would release the souls in one direction. Position mouth near said hole, pop the seal, enjoy brisk refreshing dead men's souls.
No. 84129 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, what can you tell me about this crystal? And what effect such souls should have on me, should I consume them?"

Arkus blinks at me blearily for a moment, as if ordering his thoughts, before grabbing one of the books from the stack of parchments and journals salvaged from the tower's first floor. He starts slowly thumbing through the book, taking care with the pages.

"There was something.... Ah. It seems that the crystal allowed heroes that fell in battle for the Mosmordren empire to be preserved, their bodies never decaying, their spirit held in stasis. ...Um, they also serve as emergency supplies for Soul Graves in the event of having to repel invaders, the souls are preserved well enough that feasting on them would.... would reinforce and strengthen the magics that make you what you are. The influence could be predicted to a degree, and each heroes grave denoted the projected effect, in terms of what would be altered by consuming said soul. Uh... It didn't make any mention of eating multiple souls, and the only other thing it says about the crystal used is that when it is struck, it shatters completely."

The crystal is far to large and brittle to be consumed so. It is some nine feet tall and five feet in diameter.
I am only capable of grasping/smashing with my left hand, and slicing/sawing with my right. I cannot burrow.

What should I do?
No. 84140 ID: 697b23

Smash it and go for the swift hero. That's my advice.

>and as to the leash, well, it should of either worked or not awoken you at all. I don't understand what happened.
(To the other voices) There's a chance that Mordre is, in fact, under the influence of Arkus and we are his way of achieving that, maintaining an illusion of free will for the golem. How that should affect what we suggest, I cannot say. Just something to think about.
No. 84165 ID: 1831fc

Wait! See if you can split it down the center and seperate both heroes from each other! That way, you can get both!

Why didn't I see it?
No. 84171 ID: 276781

The crystals were intended to be emergency fuel for Soul Graves? Then why are we assuming the heroes within would run from us?

It's possible they might, yes - but it's also possible that they understand the honor of being consumed in the defense of their home, or perhaps to help raise a new empire built from their home's ashes.
No. 84412 ID: d1210a

I suppose there is no guarantee that the warriors would not simply willingly submit to being my feast, but I could never fathom a want to be forever consumed and forged into.... parts... for another. I would not be surprised if I am faced with resistance.

Yes..... I suppose I could try to do such a thing. I am aware of the fragility of this type of crystal, it is the same type as that found in clay golems, once exposed it is easy to shatter, even puny fleshlings can do it. Perhaps if I tried to split it in twain, though, perhaps then I could preserve the crystal's form, separating the two trapped souls.

I place one of the blades of Sable Executioner against the crystal, after judging what I deem the point closest to equidistant between the two forms as my target. I raise my fist, and wrap the blade lightly, swiftly, and decisively.

A tremor ripples through the crystal, and spiderweb cracks spread from the dozens of teeth of the blade in contact with the crystal, and entire section of crystal obscuring beneath a wall of cracks. An entire flank of the crystal shatters, chips and shards crashing about, and one of the two bodies is exposed down to the mid-thigh, and as the body slumps I see the sharply defined spirit still standing tall, staring at me in surprise.

Should I capitalize on it's moment of inaction and attempt to consume it forthright, or should I attempt to commune with the heroes spirit?
No. 84418 ID: 998a1a


Communication first. Try to make sure you're close enough to gobble it up if it tries to run off. Who knows? Maybe you can gain some insight as to who you're eating first.

Watch for the other one, too. Just to be safe.
No. 84452 ID: b12bc5

I'd say just eat the fucker. He's a hero, not a mage, there's not a whole lot he could say that would matter.
No. 84469 ID: d1210a

I try to commune with the spirit, hopping to find it's dedication to the empire it died in service to unabated.

"Soul, be thee Thomro or Marreck? Tell me of who you were."

As I question the spirit, I start shuffling forwards, keeping some of my attention on the entombed corpse still within the crystal while nearing the freed one.

The spirit seems shocked to hear me speak, but confusion clouds it's face of a far more profound type, now.

"Who.....I am? I...I think I was Thomro... once, wasn't I? Born strong, bred to be part of the might of the empire.... Or was I Marreck? So swift, so nimble, never captured.... I... I do not know anymore...."

The spirit seems to be growing increasingly agitated...

This is pointless. I will not be denied.

I open my maw, the fires in my belly giving it a sullen glow, and I inhale, breathing in deep. The ghost is shocked, but before it can try to resist, it is already caught in the pull of my breath, mine to feast upon. I swallow the soul, and feel a shock of energy pulse through my body.

Hero Soul Consumed!
Effect: Mordre is now faster, can travel at up to 8 miles an hour, and can move with noticeably more alacrity in general.

...I like this, I like this a great deal. My body feels.... less ponderous, less clumsy. I think that I may be capable of slightly finer movements now.

The other soul still trapped radiates hate. That one will not be as easy, and mage or no, a hero soul, so focused on rage, could threaten Arkus, even where it to focus on me.

What should I do? Should I shatter the remaining crystal and feed on the remaining soul? Or should I travel elsewhere within the ruins, perhaps the armory or duke's palace? Or maybe I should leave to one of the locations Arkus mentioned in the area?
No. 84477 ID: b12bc5

tell Arkus to go away, the shatter the crystal and eat the spirit. It's not like he could escape, and I don't think he even particularly wants to, ant more.
No. 84493 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, remove yourself from the chapel. It will soon be dangerous for you in here."

Arkus jerks upright, his eyes snapping open, before he makes sense of what I said and retreats from the building. Now that I think on it, the human has been awake since the day, and it is deep into the night now.

I shatter the crystal, releasing the spirit within. I begin to make a deep, resonant inhalation, to breathe in the soul before me, but am shocked when the soul rushes me, turning it's should to impact me. A small flash of Soulfire flashes when it strikes me, and I am shoved backwards, steadying myself once more after a few steps to center myself.

There is dent a foot wide and four inches deep in my chest now, where the bronze warped from the impact.

....This other spirit, I presume Thomro, must have had a will of iron in life, to possess so much power, so much focus even in death.

The shade rushes towards me once more, a fist raised high, the outline of a spiked gauntlet glimmering around it's fist.

What should I do?
No. 84499 ID: ab04d4

Spiked gauntlet rushing towards you huh?

No. 84507 ID: d1210a

I swing my left hand, three feet across at the knuckles, in a weighty arc, aiming for the spirit as it comes towards me. Just as Thomro is obscured by the bulk of my fist, I see a leering grin on his face. Does he enjoy this confrontation?

There is a sound like a keening bell, making my body shake and quiver as it echos about. My arm is pushed back, the relatively soft bronze unable to stand up to the iron will behind the ghost's strength, a massive indent now dimpling my knuckles.

The ghost pauses, and gathers wisps of Soulfire about it's arm once more, the spiked gauntlet fluttering into view once more, as Thomro braces to charge me.

What should I do?
No. 84519 ID: 1443c0

hit him with the Sable Executioner then give him a good suck
No. 84523 ID: 998a1a


Simply wait until he's close enough, then dodge towards him and eat.

You're faster now, right?
No. 84524 ID: 276781

Get ready to fistbump him again, but this time start inhaling as soon as he impacts.

Thomro seems to need to pause shortly before he can launch another attack - that will hopefully prove his undoing and your strengthening.
No. 84526 ID: b12bc5

It would seem he is over-committed. Grab his arm, swing him around a bit. And then eat him.
No. 84531 ID: ab04d4

Whoa whoa that was a joke. Oh well, we now know that we can't stand up to it in terms of physical strength. Alright. How fast are you, are you able to dodge a beam of Soulfire approximately as strong and fast as what you could fire with your newfound speed? If so, dodgeroll to the side and then charge with that Sable Executioner. It's time we put that claw to a better use.
No. 84543 ID: d1210a

I swing my right arm adorned with the Sable Executioner towards Thomro's spirit, hoping to rend his iron will asunder with the cold Black Steel. But the spirit seems wary of my claw, and throws itself aside.

I lash out with my left hand, grasping at the shade as it dodges my prior blow, and manage to grab a leg. I swing the spirit against the ground, some of it's form splattering down as droplets of Soulfire that burn upon the floor.

My fist it forcibly thrown open and away from Thomro's leg, and I see the outline of spiked armor around his foot now, rather than his arm. I stagger back as I once more distribute my weight. The mad grin still on his face, he charges me once more, loping forward with the presumed intent of kicking me again.

I swing my fist downward like a falling star, letting the terrible momentum build as high as I can. I grimace as I spy the visible warping my hand suffered from the kick, combined with the indent in my knuckles.

My fist collides with Thomro's kick as I open my mouth and begin a deep inhalation, my body shifting to the side. I am twisted about somewhat as my fist is once more thrown back by the power the ghost holds.

But as Thomro stands exultant at once more having proved himself strong enough to face me, I see the fear spread through the spirit as it realizes that I moved in close and circled to his side even as I struck at him. My face is feet away from him, and he can feel the pull of my magicks, grasping at his soul.

Thomro tries to resist, his form flaring brightly, and.... breaks free.

I continue trying to snare the spirit, but I watch as he forms Soulfire about his arm once more, a steady grin on his face.

Unfortunately for him, I began swinging Sable Executioner towards him as soon as my fist was away from him.

The frigid black steel scythes through the spirit's form, and I feel more than hear the howls of agony it emits. But with it's concentration, it's will disrupted by the magics within the claw, Thomro is once more snared.

Spiritually wounded as he is, I finally feast upon Thomro.

Hero Soul Consumed!
-Disperse Thomro's soul throughout Mordre's whole form, increasing general strength moderately
-Concentrate Thomro's soul in Mordre's fist for blows infused with a glimmer of Soulfire to increase impact.
-Use Thomro's soul to fuel the growth of ghostly spikes on Mordre's fists that phase through inorganic material, only harming living tissue.

Which is chosen?
No. 84554 ID: cd70f4

>Use Thomro's soul to fuel the growth of ghostly spikes on Mordre's fists that phase through inorganic material, only harming living tissue.

I'm liking the sound of this...
No. 84559 ID: ab04d4

Screw that, concentrate that soul in the fist so that you can PUNCH THAT SHIT LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR
No. 84569 ID: 8a8213

With the spirit spikes, we will be able to optimally deal with both armored and unarmored foes. Infantry will thus fall to us like wheat before the sickle. There is no capability loss here, as we will be able to tear through constructed items without the spikes touching anything. Thus, this choice is best
No. 84598 ID: 276781

Spirit spikes might be more useful if they were fairly long, but they probably won't be.
General strength upgrade sounds better.
No. 84602 ID: 1831fc

I'm going to go with Spirit Spikes on the grounds that there will be idiots out there who cover themselves head to toe in impregnable armor.
No. 84624 ID: d1210a

-Use Thomro's soul to fuel the growth of ghostly spikes on Mordre's fists that phase through inorganic material, only harming living tissue. [CHOSEN]

I feel the soul I just consumed, far stronger than the prior one, jolt an energetic path through my body, before settling within my left hand, still mangled and warped from combating the spirit earlier.

Softly glimmering outlines of spikes, around a foot in length trace out an existence upon my knuckles, feeling far more substantial than their appearance may suggest.

...I also notice my fist cannot properly close into a fist at the moment, and the dent in my chest is sizable. Given a few days, I predict I could be restored should I feast properly, on 6 pounds of metal a day or more. Just changing the style of my claws took nearly half a day, a full reshaping is time consuming.

Well, that appears to be everything within the chapel, as far as I can tell, at least. I head outside to find that Arkus has been crouched behind a piece of rubble some distance away, watching from there.

Where should I go? I could visit the armory or the duke's palace, I suppose. Or I could set out towards one of the destinations Arkus mentioned, such as the bronze and ruby mines of the yetis to the north.
No. 84628 ID: 69ddba

Armory. You need more metal.
No. 84632 ID: cd70f4

No. 84639 ID: 697b23

Yeah, let's stop by the armory while we're here. Also talk to Arkus some. We want to encourage his magical pursuits, so we need to know better how to help him. As you're walking, find out what fuel and type of magic he knows or wants to learn.
No. 84643 ID: d1210a

I make my way to the armory, the human and the documents from the tower on my bent palm. I hope to remedy my malformation.

I arrive at the armory shortly, the human having fallen asleep in my hand along the way. I lay him and the documents on the ground so that I might investigate while Arkus succumbs to the weakness of flesh.

The armory is quite large, and it's doors are ajar. I duck into the main room and....

...Hmph, well, I can eat this, but the bronze and scrap metal littering the area would not allow me to improve my composition. It is good only for fuel.

From the main room, I see a barred wood door to the right, two doors blocked by rubble before me, and an open hallway to the left. No area immediately visible seems too small for my grand presence.

Where should I go?
No. 84645 ID: 632862

Investigate the open hallway first.
No. 84650 ID: 697b23

The hallway probably leads to extra rooms. Put Arkus down somewhere safe and then bust through the barred room first. If it's still barricaded, there's a high likelihood that something valuable has survived the years inside of it.
No. 84658 ID: d1210a

I duck down the open hallway to find...

Ahh.... a row of anvils, made of Iron, heavy and durable. There are several dozen anvils and a giant iron kettle, it's walls thick and sturdy, sitting in the back, some scratches along it's rim. There may be enough for me to make my body become iron, if I keep my fist bronze. Other than that, there is nothing in the room.

What should I do? Should I travel somewhere else? Should I start altering myself (this takes time, as a reminder)?
No. 84661 ID: cd70f4

Body improvement is good, yes. And if nothing else the bronze and such in the main room could go toward putting your fist back into proper condition.
No. 84662 ID: 1443c0

lets explore the rest of the armory before we make any decisions
No. 84666 ID: d1210a

Should I investigate one of the two doors blocked by rubble first, or the barred wooden door?
No. 84669 ID: 1443c0

lets go wooden door
No. 84673 ID: d1210a

I move to the wooden door inspecting it. With my fist mangled as it is, I choose to saw it open with Sable Executioner, and have the door cut down shortly.

Within... are tools. Hammers of all shapes and sizes, tongs, prongs, all made of Base Steel. This may be enough I could convert my hand into Base Steel. If I attended to that while changing my body to iron, it would take at least a full day even if I do nothing else while active.

Should I check anywhere else in the armory, such as the two blocked doorways? Or should I go to the duke's palace? Or should I do something else?
No. 84677 ID: 69ddba

Spend day converting body, chitchat with human while doing so if you can.
No. 84678 ID: 1443c0

Body of iron.
Fist of steel.
I like the sound of this.
Lets use the day to upgrade and continue searching tomorrow
No. 84685 ID: 8a8213

Begin alteration. We have all the time in the world.

... although the human might want to make a pizza run or something. Ah well, I'm sure he has some sort of sustenance available for himself. He can start digging into whatever food he brought for the trip back; if we carry him the journey will take less time and energy than he'd planned for, and thus he will be fine.
No. 84690 ID: d1210a

I gather the anvils and tools around the massive kettle, and begin eating the piles of metal. As I feast, Arkus does not appear, presumably too tired to awaken. No matter, I can ask him questions once day breaks, he will likely come to investigate the source of noise.

I watch the dark gray of iron slowly spreading from my mouth, running upwards along my arms and legs, and my fist slowly tinging a lighter gray of Base Steel as it slowly regains it's normal shaping.

[DAY 2]

Light begins to fill the room, and I become aware the morning approaches.

Some hours pass, and shortly after midday Arkus peers into the back room, seeing me halfway converted towards my new composition.

I could attempt to elicit information from him while I continue. Perhaps he learned other things of note from the documents he has been studying, the three books on Golemcraft and the parchments showing runes for mortars that were salvaged from the tower.

What should I say?
No. 84702 ID: 697b23

Pleasantries first. Ask if he slept well (we need him operating at optimum capacity), and apologize for the uncomfortable bedding situation.

Also find out if he has enough food and if he needs help procuring more.
No. 84706 ID: d1210a

As I continue to assimilate the iron and base steel, I address Arkus.

"Are you sufficiently rested? Do you possess enough consumables to sustain yourself?"

"Ah.... yes, Lord Mordre. I have rested enough, and I have enough food for four more days. ....I imagine the rations those you killed possessed could extend that by two weeks, though."

Again the human calls me lord. I still do not grasp these non-military terms.

What else should I ask about?
No. 84710 ID: 697b23

Ask him about 'those you killed': who were they and what relation did he have with them.

Also ask if there is anywhere else he wishes to go while we are here, and ask him about what fuel and type of magic he knows/wants to learn.
No. 84713 ID: d34467

what? Mordre dont apologize to puny humans
No. 84739 ID: 6faa8c

"Lord" is a position roughly like General. You're in the thick of things, not in the tact room.

Ask him what he knows about how, in specific, the kingdom failed. What side did they assault from, what cities fell first, what areas worst off in terms of damage.
No. 84765 ID: d1210a

"Those I slew. Who were they? What Relation did they have to you?"

"Ahem..... Well, I, ah, needed some help, you see, to get through the cursed lands here. This is still a pretty deeply cursed land. Thing is, I don't have much..... money, really, so I had to get some people who would agree to a cut of loot for guard duty. I guess I don't owe them anything now.."

"Where else do you wish to go? What fuels sources of magic are you familiar with? What kind of spells do you know? I wish to know your capabilities."

"Yea? Ah, actually, I want to go somewhere where I might have a chance to try a couple things these books mention, some of them seem very simple.

...As to what fuel sources I know, I.... only know Word. I can start or stop small fires, I can move objects of up to five pounds with some force at distance, I do know some of the basic rune patterns, specifically 'time' runes if feel some level of competence with, like making something last longer, or decay faster, or whatever. That's why I really want to get at a forge, I finally have some examples of different runes I can learn, and between the three books, I think I may glean something on Blood magic, oh, or even Soul magic! Ah, even just a whisper of that power would change so much..... If I could learn that, I could finally be treated as a true mage, worthy of respect, of retaining at cost for their services, for the prestige....."

Hm. Upon reflection, Many generals ended up attaining lordship in both Mosmordre and elsewhere. Perhaps it is a special variant of general.... I shall operate under this assumption, it seems plausible.

"How did the empire fall? Even with all the nations aligned against us, we were still a long way from falling when last I slumbered. Why was I not awoken again?"

"As fas as I know, it's because of The Curse. All the Grand Mages, all the Grand Elder Mages as well, everyone to call themselves a mage got rounded up, and eventually with some prodding, were convinced by.... someone, still up in the air who, to tap every leyline around the Mosmordren Empire at once, and..... cut them off completely. Simultaneous to that, Destructive magic, strong and cruel, was cast inwards, in a grand and fatal net. The empire was destroyed in a day. The repercussions, however, are why I even came here, why someone else had not already tried to reclaim you.

The Curse, it.... changed the lands. Other than the Morgrens that still lived, everything else was... warped. Monstrosities, abominations roam the lands. We were attacked by one on the way here that we could not outrun, one of the smaller ones, and four died before we felled it. Although I imagine you will be considerably safer to travel with, all things considered."

The reforging is progressing nicely, I am some two thirds converted now. I see the sun beginning to set as Arkus takes a moment to eat some food.

What other questions should I ask?
No. 84771 ID: 6faa8c

Great. So... Magical Fallout series Nukage.


Cheif among the conspirators? Which nation pushed the alliance the hardest and came up with it? A lesson is in order...

Make note that you also want to investigate the one who orchestrated the Cursing. It's low priority, but for several reasons it'll be satisfying to eat that particular soul, yes?

Ask about ley lines. They sound important.
No. 84782 ID: d1210a

"So a magic most baleful brought Mosmordre it's doom? Were there whisperings of who orchestrated this? Who brought the mages together, pushed them towards it? And Leylines, tell me what you know of them."

"No. I've heard pretty much everyone fingered by someone or other, but there seems to be no consensus or pattern, just personal suspicions. Honestly, whoever did it was pretty good at keeping to the shadows, you'd have to find someone more in the know about secrets and the like to get a better answer.

As to leylines, well... let me preface this by saying that I have never been able to study established texts on leylines, so this is just my personal estimations and observations. Ah... well, leylines are something like the... veins, the conveyors of power, vitality, the essence of life throughout Zakrath,. So, tap that, and you are basically converting the bits of the planet's... life, into fuel for spellcraft or golemcraft.

Cutting it off from an area is another matter entirely. It..... warps? abandons might be a better word, but in any case, being deprived of leylines makes things that aren't golems twist, their forms twisting and shifting until they become mindless abominations, plants and animals alike. The things I saw in the woods around this place....."

Arkus grows silent with a shiver, his gaze sliding off to the side.

Should I ask any further questions, or should I finish my conversion in silence, and bid Arkus to rest so that he may be awake when I finish my conversion?
No. 84790 ID: 6faa8c

One final question: What is each nation known the most for?
No. 84800 ID: 632862

Wouldn't that mean that his body would twist as well? How long can he remain here untainted?
No. 84816 ID: d1210a

"What can you tell me of the current nations?"

"Well, lets see... Castiliathen is the largest stable nation, famed for it orderly cities, harsh laws and high quality of life for the non-slave castes. Their system is founded on a large life-golem slave and indentured servitude means of production. They are famous for possessing The Founders The world's largest stone golem powerfully warded, that guards their capital. That's not counting the Soul Grave they claimed as spoils of war after the fall of Mosmordre, I've heard the heavily modified it.

Of the warring states to the South of Castiliathen, the ones to the east, only a couple of are particular note currently.

The rabidly religious Disciples Of Domintus are a radical bunch, going about destroying existing systems in favor of a church-ruled state. Their fanatical Berserker-Zealots, willing to do anything for the gods they worship, have won them many battles lately.

Further, there is the Golden League, a collection of merchants. The hired the Iron Shells mercenaries as a collective military, and the threat of a Soul Grave has allowed them to prosper. The Iron Shells happen to have low-grade rune-warded iron, letting it perform just as well as Blue Steel armor. They pretty much show up to problems in the Golden League the same way: Send a couple of soldiers from a local barracks to investigate problem, if anything goes awry, they call in the main body of their forces along with The Grey Destroyer, the Soul Grave they modified into a 30 foot tall, one hundred thousand pound plus super-titan, it's iron body covered in runes.

Finally, the Great Coalition is a group of small tribes/clans/kingdoms banding together for common protection. The place is a melting pot, ANYTHING could be found there, and even a Soul Grave might not attract as much attention as normal. I've visited their lands before, a bit chaotic, but nobody seems to care if strangers come wandering by.

The human villages interspersed with Froggrock tribes to the south areas are all independent, but any time a village is attacked grievously enough, if word gets out the surrounding villages will pitch in for the communal good. So long as things are kept quiet, however, the towns do not coordinate much.

The eastern island kingdoms are the home of tinkerers, making new technological marvels to compensate for the dearth of magic the smaller landmasses have to maintain political and military power. These islanders are said to possess new, repeater pistols, rifles and cannons, and perhaps more inventions besides. Some of the larger islands are mostly desert.

The Yetis and Premen to the north don't have any formal government, and the Morgren horde to the south-west is the only one nearby. Most of the others migrated. ...Ah, that's about it I can think of."

"This curse placed upon the land, should it not effect you?"

"As near as I can tell, no. It takes constant attention to keep a leyline cut off, they want to restore flow and all, so it's been several years since this land was deprived of them. Anything that got twisted while cut off, though, stays twisted, that's how it seems to work. .....Again, I must call this my personal assessment, as books on higher level magics have been.... out of reach, I suppose. I have had no way to verify my theories."

Arkus yawns, and as I note that my conversion if progressing smoothly, coming ever closer to completion, I also notice that the sky is the pristine dark of deep night. I have nearly finished, and it seems the human is becoming tired again.

Do I have any more questions I need answered now? Or should I let the human sleep while I finish the assimilation of the iron and Base Steel simultaneous to repairing the damages I suffered at the hands of Thomro?
No. 84822 ID: 697b23

It's a good thing we kept Arkus around, the little guy is proving handy. Let him rest for now, he's given us plenty to think about.

Sounds like the Great Coalition would be a good place to visit at some point.
No. 84824 ID: d1210a

"Go rest thineself. I shall have need of you once I finish."

"...Ah, ah yes, my lord, I shall do so."

Arkus stretches with a groan, finally moving after so long, and exits the room.

I continue my reforging process as the day begins to break, and some time before midday, I am finally done assimilating the new material.

[Day 3]

I finish the conversion, and look upon my new form.

Sable Executioner is unchanged, but the stronger joints around it mean I should be able to swing it somewhat faster now.

My body is now forged of uninterrupted iron. So long as I can feed on an extra pound of metal a day, rust should present no problems for me.

My hand is now gleaming steel, and my body is restored and strengthened by the conversion.

I flex my new fist experimentally, noting that the ghostly spikes protruding from my knuckles are barely discernible under sunlight.

I am restored, and as such, I return to the entrance to the armory. ....It seems Arkus lit a candle and attempted to read some more of the documents on golemcraft before retiring, and slumbers still.

There are still the two blocked rooms to investigate. Conversely, I could awaken Arkus, and travel to the duke's palace in the ruins, or I could leave outright and head elsewhere. Perhaps this Grand Coalition could be of note.... although the relative proximity to at least two other Soul Graves could mean danger.

What should I do?
No. 84829 ID: a09ad6

No sense in leaving without exploring the whole complex. It might take only a few minutes and could reveal something useful.
No. 84833 ID: d1210a

I return to the interior of the armory, and make my way over to the blocked doors. I decide to test my new fist and supporting arm.

With a tremendous blow, my fist plows through the rubble like rotted wood, smashing a path in for me. Within are some rotted beds and furniture, useless to me.

I strike another resounding impact to clear the way to the other room, and am rather surprised to find....

A small bar of silver, perhaps three, four pounds in all, dully gleams under a layer of dust, amidst a pile of debris and detritus. I pluck the bar out of the ground and exit the room, returning to the entrance of the armory with the bar of silver in hand.

Arkus still slumbers, for the moment.

What should I do? Should I wake him and question him? Should I travel to the duke's palace? Or maybe somewhere else?
No. 84887 ID: 1443c0

what can we do with this bar of silver?
No. 84901 ID: 427807

Go to the duke's palace, search for salvageable crap! Also kill the puny human creator, for he is weak flesh and is therefore inferior to our stony supremacy
No. 84909 ID: cd70f4

Off to the palace, I suppose. No killing the squishy meatbag though.
No. 84915 ID: 6faa8c

I want to use it to give himself a mask for his face.

A mask of Death, for Mordre.

Am I milking this too much?
No. 84919 ID: d1210a
File 125979648384.jpg - (496.96KB , 1024x768 , Duke\'s Palace.jpg )

I imagine I could well integrate the silver into some sort of mask, and I know that most living things fear the knowledge of their own frailty. Perhaps I could craft a skull motif with which to adorn my head, grant myself features. As it is, I have only eye sockets and a gaping mouth, nothing else.

As to what practical purposes the silver could be put to, I do not know, it is outside the purview of my current knowledge.

I awaken Arkus who obediently gathers the documents and climbs into my newly repaired and reforged steel hand, after his pathetic body becomes fully alert.

I trudge along through the ruins, Arkus grabbing bites of some rations while still pouring through the books within my cupped hand.

I arrive at where the Duke's Palace should be, but.... I can feel it, the wail of souls trapped in a cage of metal and magic.

There is another Soul Grave within the palace, it would seem.

The wide stairs leading up to the duke's palace are clear, but I do not think I will be able to fit anywhere but in the main entryway, if the design is standard to ducal residences.

The sun is starting to set.

What should I do? Shoul I enter the palace? Should I go somewhere else?
No. 84926 ID: 697b23

We shall let no vague dangers turn us away! Enter the palace. If this other soul grave is hostile then we shall fight. If not, then perhaps we can learn from it. If not, then we shall consume it.
No. 84933 ID: d1210a
File 125979849081.jpg - (82.13KB , 857x1024 , Bronze Soul Grave Mini.jpg )


I stride up the main entrance, undeterred by this new bit of data, and find......

A six foot tall bronze Soul Grave, small sputtering sparks of Soulfire slowly billowing from it's eyes.

I was unaware there were other models for Soul Graves this... dramatically different from the original model I was built to be.

I pause at the entryway to the duke's palace, and look at the little golem, it's form unmoving, yet clearly active. How has it run for so long? And why does it not take any action?

What should I do?
No. 84937 ID: 276781

Can you communicate with it, or does Arkus have anything to say? If it's a radically different sort of Soul Grave, it might 'belong' to one of the soon-to-be-doomed nations who slew your creators.
No. 84941 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, what do you know about this thing? I do not recall such puny Soul Graves."

"Oh! Ah, I mean, yes, yes, I know what it is. That is...." Arkus thumbs through the books arrayed before him, before finally continuing.
"..Ah, a special type of Soul Grave, a Small Tomb. Ah, let's see, they were made so that there were Soul Graves capable of getting around in conventionally sized structures... They didn't get used much I think, I never heard of them before. ....Also, I am pretty sure those are runes on the Small Tomb's shoulders and around it's head."

I am still not within the building itself, and Arkus continues to read in the palm of my cupped hand. The Small Tomb stands motionless and unresponsive, but it's apparent active status, and the stance it is frozen in, make me suspicious.

What should I do?
No. 84944 ID: 2ee278

ready your mortars
lets see what it does
No. 84948 ID: 6faa8c

Ask our wellspring of knowledge about Silver.
No. 84950 ID: 697b23

That can wait. We should try addressing the Small Tomb. Perhaps it is set on guard mode and will respond to queries.

Ask it what orders it is following and who its master is.
No. 84955 ID: d1210a

"What do you know of silver and it's uses?"

I indicate the silver bar that Arkus sits upon. I doubt he noticed it's presence.

"Eh? .....!? Ah, well, I must say that the first thing that pops into my mind is that this could be worth a... fair bit of wealth. ...Ah, also, it could be used to amplify runes in power, just like gold and platinum do. Beyond that.... really, I'm not a smith or an alchemist, I'm not that knowledgeable on metal."

I ready my mortars, confident that my mortars and the rounds they carry, even though designed for use against infantry, would be able to trump the bronze of the Small Tomb, the shrapnel rain of metal shards still effective..... in theory. I still do not know the purpose of those runes.


The Small Tomb does nothing.

"Are you active, Small Tomb?"

I call out to the golem, but get no response. Arkus climbs out of my hand as I set him and the books down outside the door, still keeping my mortars trained on the smaller golem.

But still it does nothing. Perhaps it is malfunctioning, and I can enter the palace? But... The golem is active, a malfunction could be a problem all it's own.

What should I do?
No. 84961 ID: 6faa8c


The mortars might hurt buddy humie.

Hurm. Pick up a rock and roll it past the small thing slowly and harmlessly.
No. 84962 ID: 6faa8c

Derp, ignore first bit.
No. 84973 ID: 2ee278

approach it slowly
No. 84996 ID: d1210a

I push a rock into a tumbling path into the grand entryway. The Small Tomb does nothing.

I step into the building towards the Small Tomb.

light flares in the runes around it's head, and the amount of Soulfire billowing from it's eyes and mouth increases significantly. The Small Tomb still does not move.

Should I continue forward, or should I withdraw, and perhaps do something else or go elsewhere?
No. 85007 ID: 6faa8c

Now try talking to it.

Upon failure to respon, drop the archway onto it with a mortar, if possible.
No. 85017 ID: 427807

throw the silver bar at the small tomb, trying to wake it up. Be peaceful if it does wake up, try to make it join you if it does wake up
No. 85019 ID: 2ee278

its clearly awake
its just not responding to us other than to threaten us when we get closer, therefore its guarding something. we should be able to easily kill it but i really dont like the sound of these runes, and its probably much more maneuverable than us.
we really have 2 options here:
fight or leave
if we fight i suggest blasting it with a mortar shot from across the room before we engage it
i vote fight
No. 85029 ID: ab04d4

When, if we wake it up, and if it's violent, we will kill and consume its delicious Rune Steel.
No. 85033 ID: 6faa8c

And souls. Don't forget souls.
No. 85048 ID: d1210a

(Bronze form with runes inscribed into the bronze, not Blue Steel with runes inscribed, which is Rune Steel)

Once more, I address the Small Tomb.

"Small Tomb, respond if you can perceive me."

Still nothing.

Enough of this. The being is clearly awake, and seems set to guard the area indefinitely. If that is the case, so be it. I will crush that which stands in my weigh. I aim my mortars, one at the ceiling above the Small Tomb, the other aimed directly at the small golem, and fire successively.

Debris begins to collapse towards the Small Tomb from the now breaking ceiling as a mortar round speeds towards it.

The runes on the golem's arms flare with light, and the Small Tomb's arms abruptly gush heat and light, as hot as a forge's heart and burning bright. The golem finally moves.

It's arms move, faster than sound, cracking thunder echoing from the Small Tomb's arms as it pummels every bit of debris to near it, and crushes the incoming mortar round into slag. As the last gout of debris finishes falling, the runes fade in light and the heat starts to dissipate from the golem's arms as it resumes it's stance, and returns to motionlessness.

So. It is an absolute guard, preventing anything from nearing or passing it, os some such thing?

....I do not know, given the power displayed in the enchantments place upon it, that I could best this defender. I still lack any runic enchantments to augment my form, and I doubt my iron body could withstand that kind of assault, if it crushed the iron mortar round in one strike like that.

I finally find what could have been another from my past, but if it ever had a mind, or thoughts of it's own, it lacks them now. It seems I am still alone in that respect.

What should I do? Should I assault the Small Tomb further? Should I question Arkus on something? Should I travel somewhere Arkus mentioned, or perhaps use the silver to craft a mask for my featureless head?
No. 85050 ID: 2ee278

oh wow
no way are we going to take him on, lets leave and make us a skullface out of that silver
No. 85060 ID: d1210a
File 12598100858.jpg - (134.69KB , 991x941 , Mordre Silver Skull Mask.jpg )

I withdraw. Perhaps at a later point, I could plumb the riches of this palace, but for now, it seems inadvisable.

I grasp the bar of silver, considering it as I exit the palace. A skull motif? Hm.... no need for a lower jaw, I don't think I have enough material anyway..... Well what about something like this.....

Does this seem like an acceptable general shape to make with the silver? Or should I make a different mask?
No. 85068 ID: 1831fc


In the immortal words of Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young.

Carry on.
No. 85070 ID: 66e906

Go ahead
No. 85078 ID: 2ee278
File 125981089046.jpg - (56.20KB , 384x256 , picard.jpg )

Make it so.
No. 85093 ID: d1210a

I feast on the silver bar, and channel the small bit of metal to my head, forming the top half of a skull as a facsimile for a face. The process takes far less time than my body conversion, and in an hour I am done, a gleaming skull mask adorning my dark gray iron head.

What should I do now? Should I ask Arkus some questions? Or perhaps I should journey somewhere, and leave the ruins for the moment?

These were some of the places Arkus mentioned nearby:

West: 1 week journey to the sea, island nations past, two human villages on the way.
West-South-West: 5 day journey to the Morgren horde.
South-West: 1-2 day journey to mostly Froggrock tribal settlements, some human settlements.
South: 1-2 days journey to mid sized human town with iron mine and forges.
South-East: Multiple destinations
-3 days to Disciples of Domintus region
-4 days to warring nations (South-East)
-6 days to Golden League (must cross warring nations)
East: Multiple destinations
-2 days to warring nations (East)
-8 days to Great Coalition (must cross warring nations)
North-East: 18 days journey to Castiliathen
North: Multiple Locations
-2 days to Yeti tribe with bronze mine and ruby mine
-2 days journey to Premen tribe
-3 days to Yeti tribe
No. 85099 ID: 66e906

Yeti Town. How bad could it be?
No. 85108 ID: 6faa8c

Yeti town.
No. 85121 ID: 427807

Definitely yeti town. Perhaps we could find a bit of yeti magic to attach to our metallic frame? Or make something cool with bronze and ruby?
No. 85123 ID: 6faa8c

Ruby eyes in the skull mask.
No. 85137 ID: d1210a
File 125981643181.jpg - (26.18KB , 299x300 , yeti.jpg )


Arkus salvages rations from the dead guards he brought while I get together several hundred pounds of bronze as rations of my own, and I carefully lay down a stable layer of bronze on my outstretched hand, upon which Arkus moves his supplies, the documents we salvaged, his own rations and supplies, as well as a pair of flintlocks pilfered from the dead, and a long dagger.

I set off, keeping my gait and arm stable so that nothing may fall, and set out to the north, towards the Yeti Village. The strange forests Arkus mentioned seem to not come between the northernly peaks and the ruins.

Night falls as I endlessly march and Arkus slumbers.

[Day 4]

I rip off a chunk of bronze with Sable Executioner to sate my appetite for metal. Arkus continues to read, eat, or slumber. He seems obsessed with something he sees in the books and the parchments on runes.

[Day 5]

I consume another hunk of bronze, and Arkus stays intently focused on the books.

At some time past mid-day, in some smattering of snow and Arkus now wearing a thick overcoat, I see a figure in the distance, staring at us from atop a rocky outcropping. Arkus has not spotted it yet, still reading.

What should I do?
The day
No. 85140 ID: 6faa8c

Wave to it with your non-threatening ha-

No, as amusing as that'd be, stare back.
Don't stop until it gets unnerved and goes away.
No. 85147 ID: d1210a

I continue marching as I stare what I presume is a Yeti down, my eyes locked on it's form. The chill is starting to frost the air, and the gold-green Soulfire oozing from my eye sockets starts to shine.

As I near the creature, the wafting Soulfire start to move as if with purpose, swirling in strange, dancing patterns between us. We are some thirty feet apart now, as close as we will get on this path I walk.

What should I do? Should I keep walking, or wake Arkus? Or address the yeti?
No. 85149 ID: 632862

Get Arkus's attention and ask if he knows why the Soulfire is reacting this way. In fact, perhaps you should move backwards slightly to see if anything changes.
No. 85152 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, awaken. Tell me, what meaning do these dancing patterns hold? These swirls and snarls of Soulfire?"

Arkus jerks awake, and while trying to groggily rouse himself properly, he spots the Yeti, and immediately finishes waking in a great start, nearly knocking some rations off of the bronze platform.

"Ah... ah... mm. Ah, Yeti, but, um, I assume you know that, uh, hah.....

...Anyway, um.... huh. I have no idea. I haven't even seen a hint towards it in what I have read so far. Maybe it's in the parts I haven't read...."

I take a couple steps back but the symbols continue to dance betwixt us.

They Yeti finally takes an action, pointing a long, thickly nailed finger towards a distant mound under the shelter of a cliff, and begins walking off, no further actions taken.

What should I do?
No. 85153 ID: 6faa8c

Go where it pointed, do not stray, and wait upon arrival.
No. 85155 ID: 632862

If I had to guess I'd say it wants to meet you there. Check it out.
No. 85161 ID: d1210a
File 12598214241.jpg - (88.59KB , 536x607 , Giant old yeti.jpg )

I follow the yeti's path towards the mound, trudging along some distance away. The patterns continue to dance, but as I near the mound they start to spread out, dispersing themselves across the area.

Dozens of yetis appear, standing silently in the snow. But one in particular, half again as large as it's compatriots and at least twelve feet tall, it's thick pelt completely obscrues it's face.

"Mageling. Why have you come with an enslaved [heart-of-war] to our land?"

"Me, oh, ah, you should really talk to Lord Mordre here, there's certainly no way I am in charge here. ...Um, my lord.."

What should I say? ...What reason am I hear for, anyway? I marched without really contemplating it much.
No. 85170 ID: 1831fc


I go where I please. Do not fear. I am not here to harm you so long that you do not harm myself or my mageling.
No. 85174 ID: 632862

I guess we're looking for access to their mines, or any knowledge on runes or other stuff that can make us stronger.
No. 85176 ID: 6faa8c

Set down our mage pal.

"I have come, independant and unbound. I seek... Many things. Harming you is not among them. Merely to gather. Gather knowledge, gather power. I swear on my souls I will do nothing to harm your people."
"I will even go as far as to say I will not consume your souls unless you ask me to do so."

"I will defend your town from any invaders while me and my friend stay. I cannot quite speak for my underling, but I do not doubt he will be of some use to you as well while we stay."
Pause, let them think on this for a few seconds.
"If you would not have us, then please, point to way to the (frog people, cant remember names, they revere golems, etc)so we may leave you and yours alone in peace."
No. 85177 ID: 25302b

...it might be time to start thinking about a long term goal here kids. "get stronger" and "help the squishy get stronger" will only take us so far, and make conversations like this awkward.
Oh well. No reason to make stuff up, since we know nothing about Yeti motivations. We seek metal and knowledge, and this place was close and sounded interesting I guess.
No. 85179 ID: d1210a


"I go where I please. So long as you do not aggress my personage or my mageling, I shall offer you no harm. I seek access to your mines of bronze and ruby, and knowledge of runes. Can we come to an accord?"

The Yetis recoil in shock, all save the elder addressing us, who only widens a bright white eye before responding.

"..[heart-of-war], you would not rein down your righteous woe upon us? ...So you have awoken within your metal coffin. It is good, that another has left the dreamings in the forges. You wish to see our mines? .....Ah, the enslaved mageling. You wish to make the form you reside in stronger? We have a modest ruby mine, we could provide something for you.... but if you are to ask such a thing from us, our shamans may not be strong enough to protect us from the Premens that live in the area. If we are to die, far more honer will be put in our bones if we are to fall before [heart-of-war] than slowly be ground away by the Premen."

"I could defend your town during their weakness, perhaps carry the war to the Premen. Though I know nothing of your kind or the Premen, or of these mountains."

"....If the honored [heart-of-war] would be our shield, let alone our spear, we would gladly part with our rubies. Please, if you with to know of the Yetis, of the Premen, listen well.....

We Yetis have long lived in these mountains, digging out homes in the sides of the mountain, by molding snow and ice into grand halls. With the help of gems as focuses, our shamans can control the flow of the blizzards, of the mountain storms.
And if it were not for the power wielded through those gems..... the Premen, they are our bane. Singularly primal and wild in manner and appearance, they are giant, bestial people. Only the Morgren can claim to be stronger, more ferocious than they."

The elder trails off.

What more should I ask or say?
No. 85210 ID: 6faa8c

One thing first, is the chill affecting us in any way? Cold contraction, you know.

Anyway, agree. In mountainous areas such as this, they surely live in a strategically feasable area. Wouldn't be all that tough, eh?
No. 85215 ID: 427807

I say get to the mines first to augment our weapons with rubies, then destroy these Premen? Or make the Yeti destroy them? It seems like a a yeti would be able to destroy something called a pre-man...
No. 85224 ID: 632862

It would be unwise to linger here for an extended period. Find out if you can simply eliminate the threat permanently.
No. 85273 ID: d1210a

The Souls being slowly burned within me to power my form make this feeble chill inconsequential. I am warmed by something far more potent.

I shall have those rubies, if I can take them and keep these yetis disposed favorably towards me, I will be happy to crush some Premen, or whatever other rabble these mountains can throw at me.

"You shall give me the rubies, the ones you hold dear. My mageling will begin affixing them to my form. I shall be your shield while I am reforged, never fear. And once I am complete, I shall remove your Premen thorn."

The elder bows it's head a bare fraction, and shifts it's hand about. Two of the nearby yetis step forward, emerging from the obscuring swirl of snowfall in the air. They are both old, their bodies withered, but... the patterns that have been dancing madly before my eyes intensify a hundredfold as I gaze upon these elders. I have little doubt they are shamans, no doubt of some repute.

One bears a gnarled staff, a single, fist-sized chunk of ruby gleaming fiercer than any fire could atop it. The staff seems to heavily support the aging yeti's balance.

The other wears a necklace, with rough bronze cages holding two egg-sized shards of ruby, their fire muted but baleful, hanging heavily about the aged yeti's neck.

"If you will choose us as wielders, [heart-of-war], even if only for a short time the directors of your wrath, then we shall give you one of our clan's treasures, either the BURNING HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN or the AGELESS EYES OF WINTER, the two gems our eldest shamans lay claim to. But for [heart-of-war]'s blessing, we would gladly sacrifice one such treasure."

Hm. I suppose I could simply take both gems by force, but I know nothing about the magicks yeti's use. But otherwise, I have no real reason to choose one over the other: It is not I who has been reading on the intricacies of golemcraft these last few days. I suppose I could ask Arkus' opinion on this.

...On that note, I recall that Arkus has not yet spoken with me of what the new runes he found in the books were. He has only mentioned his desire to find a place to test them.

What should I do?
No. 85284 ID: 6faa8c

Ask Arkus about both the gems and the runes.

I wonder... if someone made a weapon large enough, could you weild it without making it part of yourself?
No. 85307 ID: d1210a

(You could do so, but keep in mind the weapon would be deprived of the powerful reforging and regenerative magicks intrinsic to Soul Graves, as it would no longer be part of their form. But yeah, as long as you have enough materials and the suitable environment to make such a thing.)

"You mentioned runes you wished to try, to implement. Explain to me those mystic symbols you learned. These runes you learned, and the rubies too."

"Ah.... well, gems are a bit.... different, I guess, to work with in runes. Actually, they are usually more flexible than precious metals, in terms of application. Gems only have one rule, in terms of being included in runes: They have to be the focus of the magic of the runes. Now, this could mean anything. I saw a lord with a crystal blade, made by adding augmentive 'conversion' runes to a diamond in the pommel, that made the crystal seep into the blade itself and crystallize it. I saw someone else who had put a gem atop a staff, and put augmentive 'empower' runes into the wood. The sapphire could spit out bolts of lightning, able to draw on World Magic like a siphon to power itself. Really, they can be used pretty much any way you want.

...Or in theory, they can. I have been reading up on three new types of runes:
Augmentive 'empower'
Augmentive 'fusion'
Destructive 'weaken'
Now, what each rune does, is provide an effect. for example, the 'fusion' rune defines the act of fusion, but what it is applied to, as in what is fused, or how it is fused, whether it is some sort of active rune or a passive one, is free to be changed. ....Granted, I haven't ever used runes in a practical application before, so... if you could keep any potential use fairly straightforward, I should be able to cope.
Uhm... right, I forgot. Back to gems for a bit, multiple gems can be involved in a given set of runes, and rach gem is treated as an individual focus. So.... take the staff I mentioned before, the one that shot bolts of lightning. It only had one big sapphire, and it could only release one big bolt. If it had, say, those paired rubies the yetis're offering us, it could shoot two bolts, potentially in two directions. ............That's about as close as I can come to giving you a quick summary of my understanding of runes and gems, I think."

Hm. So, runes could be applied somewhat creatively, then.
Hmm, I have access to two types of augmentive runes ('empower' and 'fusion') and one destructive rune ('weaken')
Further, I can choose either a single giant ruby, 'Burning Heart Of The Mountain', or two large rubies, 'Ageless Eyes Of Winter', to use as foci in the inscribing process.

What kind of enchantment should I suggest to Arkus?
No. 85338 ID: ab04d4

Not sure about the Enchantment, but get the Ageless Eyes and either fuse them with your skullmask or put one in each palm and have an Iron Man palmblaster spikefist thing going on.
No. 85349 ID: e27275

oh my this is a big decision
we could do tons of things with the
we could enchant our mortars to explode on contact or set whatever it touches on fire
we could use them as eyes and have superman death lasers
we could augment our arms with elemental effects
we could shoot lightning or fireballs
or we could become iron man
i cant choose
No. 85355 ID: 427807

i say take the largest fire themed rune, attach it to the forehead and enhance it into a kind of laser beam of fire...
No. 85380 ID: 1831fc

I am wondering if we can inscribe a rune that would augment the Soulfire spikes we attained from the Hero in the Crystal. I also wonder if we can use the two different rubies in to different directions.

If the Ageless eyes of Wonder are Fusion and Empower, then I have a suggestion.

Place the Empower Ruby on the fist containing the Soulfire Spikes. Use that one for now.

For the second, we're going to need some fire. I suggest putting the second ruby, the one containing fusion, into the clawed hand with the sickle blades. If we can fuse flame itself into the metal, than we might just have a weapon that can slice through metal, flesh, bone, stone, and other materials with ease. The fire will have to be boiling for this to work, however. I suspect that the heat and flames themselves will seep power into the spell.

Those are my thoughts.
No. 85405 ID: 1831fc


A secondary idea. Use the 'fusion' ruby and a few strips of cloth to 'fuse' with the Spirit spikes in order to form a spirit whip. This might give us a bit of reach when dealing with stupid meatbags in delicious metal clothing. Less blood mucking it up.

Another idea is to increase the range or firing power of our mortars. The greater power it is when launched, the more likely it is to cause more destruction when it lands.
No. 85430 ID: 6faa8c


No. 85453 ID: d1210a

An image of gleaming ruby eyes, spitting woe and death at my foes, comes to mind. I find it pleasing.

"Using 'empower', you will draw power from my movements to charge a blast. A whisper of my might will be drained as I move to pool this power I desire. The Ageless Eyes Of Winter will be used, to reign death from my eyes."

Arkus looks at me in surprise, before flicking open two different books and hunting down pages.

"Um..... yeas, actually, I think that could work. You wouldn't even notice a few hundred pounds of resistance to each limb, and with that much power to draw on even terrible runes would have an effect.... not, uh, not that I think the runes will be terrible, uh....
Anyway, yes, that would work, but the blast would be all kinetic, a big wall of pressure from your eyes. Sure, it will knock stuff over and hit with a good bit of force if it's been charged enough, but....

...Yeah, I think I could probably do it. If I did two runes, 'empower' to funnel your appropriated force to your new... eyes, I guess, and 'fusion' to put all that power right into the Soulfire that...... issues.... from your eye sockets. Should make for a pretty potent blast.... or beam, maybe. Could use the rubies as a place to mix the two together. Uh... though in all honesty, it will take a... good bit more time. The simple one would take three days, I think, but the combo would take... I think two weeks. I have enough food, and you have... enough food too, I think, so... whichever, I guess."

As I lower my hand near the elder wearing a necklace so that Arkus may acquire the Ageless Eyes Of Winter, I wonder....

What should I do, get the simpler pressure wall 3 day rune inscribed or the more complex Ruby Soulfire Blast 2 week long rune combination inscribed?
No. 85471 ID: e5a7b8

Soulfire Blast. Definitely worth the wait.
No. 85476 ID: e27275

two weeks is nothing to our timeless metal body
No. 85556 ID: 6faa8c

Three days is actually better, because it'll save on souls.

Not to mention that no one will be able to SEE the blast. Mordre will just look at them and WHEEEEEEEEEE
No. 85577 ID: 45be60

invisible force look IS appealing, but I really don't think the time is a factor here. If the Yetis will take us in, I bet they can provide food for the mageling, and if we are going to end the premen threat, there will be no shortage of souls I think.
No. 85701 ID: d1210a


"Do what you can to combine the two runes and swirl force amidst souls. Make the Soulfire that billows from mine eyes a deadly weapon, with power slipped away from mine movements. Give my gaze a strike of power, to smite my enemies from mine presence!"

"...Yes, lord Mordre. Okay, um. yeah, I can do that, I think. ....Well, I guess I have some time to refresh myself on some sections.." Arkus trails off mumbling as he pulls out a spike, it's end shaped like a pen's nib, with a runed needle of steel affixed to the end. There is evidence of rust having once covered the device, but someone took a long, patient toil to the spike, and scoured it clean.

"Show me to a cavern in which mine mageling would be warm. His work must not be impeded by the frailties of his flesh."

The elder yeti eyes me somewhat askance, before motioning me forward. I and the watching yetis that had encircled me all disperse, my own personage following the elder yet that spoke to me into an igloo, and down a path carved into the mountainside. There is a chamber, some thirty, thirty five feet across and twenty feet high, in which we now reside. It is warm enough that Arkus finally stops shivering. I imagine he can work here.

He pulls out a mallet as I seat myself in the chamber, and flips all three books open to different pages, and pauses for a time, intently reading sections of text.

And then he turns, bringing the spike to my eye socket, the rubies at hand, and begins etching out thick, bold lines. Time passes as Arkus continues to check the books again and again, pausing all the time to assess his progress, and the approach recommended. He seems somewhat unsure of himself, combining two runes on his first attempt, but nonetheless works, as the sun sets, and rises in succession. I periodically feed myself chunks of bronze, Arkus' platform slowly shrinking by increments.

[Day 6]

Another day passes, Arkus ceasing in his toil only to sleep, eat or check the journals on golemcraft yet again.

[Day 7]

I I watch the slow mleting of a great torrent of snow that managed to swirl into the cavern, and the water's slow evaporation from the stone floor. Arkus continues toiling looking tense, concerned. He barely eats today.

[Day 8]

Today, though,. the hesitancy seems to leave Arkus, as he toils with far more surety then before.

Some time while light still filters into our cavern and the torches and fire both are burning merrily, the yeti elder places a gnarled had upon my shoulder, and speaks to me.

[b]"[heart-of-war], there is a Premen scout some distance away, watching our home. What actions shall you take?"[/code]

I glance at Arkus, and see he has not even noticed the yeti's presence, still focused on his work. It would be a regretable waste to let this focus slip by.

What should I tell the Yeti elder? What should I do or say?
No. 85719 ID: 1831fc

Ask if they will watch it. Your augmentation is not yet fully complete, and might be dangerous to all should it be left as such.

If it retreats, have them report back. At that point, it is likely that he will come with greater numbers. If her appears to move forward, have everyone move towards your residence and prepare to hide. Tell them to stall as you hurry your little buddy along.
No. 85726 ID: 632862

Just interrupt Arkus while he's not chipping, and go out to shoot a mortar at the scout. Don't hit it; we want it to report back that the Yeti have a Soul Grave on their side. That should keep them from attacking for a while.
No. 85746 ID: ddad41

This, but make sure you inform the Yeti of what you are doing. Otherwise he might think you're just a bad shot.
No. 85834 ID: d1210a
File 125995389593.jpg - (60.92KB , 690x524 , Snowstorm.jpg )

“A scout or ranging hunter, one would assume. Little mageling, cease your toil for the nonce. I have a duty to perform.”

It takes Arkus a moment to realize I spoke to him, before he places some scraps of paper in the books to mark his location, and clambers down off of me. As it is, only a single ruby has been placed into my eyes yet, and the runes about it are still incomplete. I feast on another hunk of bronze to sate my appetite, and address they yeti elder.

”I shall drive this one from your lands. To bring tales of the metal monster that protects you, Back to it’s tribe, it’s people. I shall but give it a taste of the woe I can bring to it and it’s kin”

“If [heart-of-war] believes this to be best, then so shall it be. We shall leave this to you, then.”

The elder yeti exits the cavern as I slowly set down the now somewhat…. gnawed-upon…. stack of bronze that has served as Arkus’s study area and sleeping quarters both.

I walk my way up and out of the cavern, crouching to exit the Igloo above. The snowstorm is far fiercer now, and I can only vaguely discern a shape some distance away.

What should I do? Should I fire a warning shot at them as planned, or should I investigate?
No. 85838 ID: 1831fc

Wait a moment, take a minute to sight in your target.

You may fire when ready.
No. 85847 ID: d1210a
File 125995980832.jpg - (103.66KB , 600x400 , Mortar Attack.jpg )

I carefully aim one of the two mortars within my shoulders as I stand outside the Igloo, my dark form likely highly visible.

I fire.

A huge gout of snow is hurled about as the shards of metal tear away from the impact location, impaling nearby trees but not causing any injury of note to the figure.

The moment I fire, the figure retreats, and is soon nowhere to be seen.

I return to the cavern where Arkus has toiled upon my visage, and once more the mageling works to inscribe runes about new ruby eyes for me.

The sun sets without further incident, and in time rises once more.

[Day 9]

Today the yeti elder and several others enter the cavern, bearing strips of dried meat. They place the meat down before me like an offering, presumably as food for my mageling.

Even his dedication to the craft is not enough to overcome the succulent smell of roasted meat, and Arkus becomes... somewhat distracted.

Should I allow Arkus to eat the food placed before me?
No. 85852 ID: 1831fc


He needs food of that nature. You require your bronze to function.

I would suggest saying the following:

"Little Mageling, if you so require the offering, take pieces of it. If they believe you to be mine, then it will give them pleasure to know that their offering will not go to waste. If they seek hurt, then I will inform them that this offering is exactly what I needed in order to continue function, and that you have my blessing to accept it at my behest."

Also, Status report from the Yeti's would be nice. Any new sightings?
No. 85853 ID: 9cece1

No. 86032 ID: d1210a


This could easily prolong Arkus's capacity to function without resupply of rations. I would not need to worry about him starving on an overly long trip.
"Little Mageling, if you so require the offering, take pieces of it. If they believe you to be mine, then it will give them pleasure to know that their offering will not go to waste. If they seek hurt, then I will inform them that this offering is exactly what I needed in order to continue function, and that you have my blessing to accept it at my behest."

Arkus blinks and looks at me blankly for a moment, before tearing into the meat, gorging himself in a manner that suggests he has only minimally been meeting his own needs, either in distraction or the want to conserve his meager supplies. As he finally stops eating, he carves small fillets off of the strips, and stores them in a piece of cloth. His packs look noticeably heavier when he finally gets up, and slowly finds his places in the books, and begins once more re-familiarizing himself with a particular set of passages while he digests.

The yetis do not seem to find any offense in the act, and look on blandly. So after the mageling has removed himself, I begin to ask questions of the yetis, now that I have them before me.

"So, have there been any sightings, any response from yesterday? Tell me what has happened."

The long haired elder rumbles, his deep chest vibrating as he responds.

"Nothing has happened. The one that came, the one [heart-of-war] warded off, nor any other Premen has been seen. A small herd of goats were bounding by when our hunters were out, and we have a surplus of food. We thought we should offer."


Should I ask any more questions, or let things be as Arkus resumes his work? I still have some ten days, at least as far as Arkus's initial estimates went, until the process is complete.
No. 86067 ID: 9cece1

lets just continue
nothing really important to do other than finish up so we can go on a raping spree
No. 86080 ID: d1210a

I stay silent as the yetis stand by, and they shortly grasp my dismissal, and vacate the area. Arkus once more toils upon the enchantments I desire, his dedication still firm. Time is largely immaterial to me, and Arkus seems to not care overmuch either with such a task before him.

[Day 10]

Arkus continues to read, work, eat and sleep, and I periodically saw a chunk of metal off from the pile of bronze with Sable Executioner and feed myself as I wait for the work to be completed.

[Day 11]

Once more, nothing of note occurs today. Arkus seems to be slowing down. Perhaps it is nothing, he seems as dedicated as he was before.

[Day 12]

Arkus slots the second ruby into my visage, and begins applying the runes to connect it to the existing ruby and runes about.

[Day 13]

Arkus continues to toil, but he seems to be flagging. Still I am not sure, as he seems to still work with the same dogged persistence, just... less exuberant, I suppose. Still, he performs his functions, it is therefore irrelevant how he feels.

...Now that I think about it, how do I feel? I have had naught but free time while I have waited for my newest addition to my form to be crafted, and I have long pondered what I should do with myself.

As far as I can tell, the closest thing to comrades I have would be the other Soul Graves. Perhaps I could share my free will with them somehow, awaken them? I think eternity lording over the fleshlings would be more enjoyable with company, with equals, rivals. Of course, there may be reason to destroy my would be brethren, and if that happens, so be it.

Another thing that occurred to me as having importance is founding my own empire. Powerful as I may be, I well know the power wielded by an army, and if I aim to reign supreme over these lands, I will need to have an army of my own.

And lastly... those who destroyed the Mosmordren Empire, not the mages who they used, but the ones behind the curse, who made it happen.... I wish to meet these individuals, and harvest their souls for the forge inside me, to burn them to ash as I conquer the land.

So, as far as I can tell, my goals are:

-Attempt to find other Soul Graves, to Free/Command/Consume as necessary.

-Found an empire somewhere, build it's strength and raise an army.

-Find the truth behind the collapse of the Mosmordren Empire.

How are these as goals for life? Should I add any more, or change the order of importance?
No. 86087 ID: 9cece1

id like to find out who caused the collapse of our previous empire first and eliminate them
they could be a potential future threat

then we form and army and an empire

as for other soul greaves, im sure we will run into some during our journey. after we form a stable empire and take back the Mosmordre lands we will have plenty of time to search for them if we need to
No. 86090 ID: 632862

We don't know how powerful the force behind the Curse is, but considering the method they must be extremely powerful. We don't have a chance of standing up to them on our own. We need more power.

Getting an empire is a good idea, but we need more power for that too. The quickest path there is to find one or two other Graves, give them free will and then lead them to conquer the fleshlings. Then with the aid of our fleshling army we can wreak vengeance upon the ones who Cursed our creators.

So I think it's Find Golems, Form Empire, and Destroy Curse Wizards. We can't have too many golems around before we get the empire, though, since we need metal and souls for fuel.
No. 86109 ID: 45be60

Even with our recent improvements, we are clearly not the best Soul Grave around. Awakening further Graves who are stronger is unlikey to gain us underlings. We should have continued self improvement at the top of the list.
No. 86113 ID: 66e906

Ask Arkus what's wrong.
No. 86196 ID: bebdd2

If Arkus continues to become less happy, he may become less useful. It is in our best interest to make sure that he continues to work at top efficiency.
No. 86209 ID: d1210a


Perhaps I could make self-improvement, the upgrade of my form via material conversions and finding plans/schematics/examples of different armaments and the inscription of runes into my form as something of a standing order, a goal that never goes away.

Hmm, but if such as all four of these are my goals.... how should I proceed towards them?

I could try to seek out other Soul Graves (I already found the Small Tomb back in the ruins, although I do not know how I could approach it), and attempt to command them myself. I don't know if golems will accept other golems as masters, though. And if I wish to spread the gift of free will I have acquired, I will first need to understand how I acquired free will. Perhaps those knowledgeable on golemcraft, Soul magic and/or Blood magic might be able to reveal more about how I came to command myself.

For my goal of forging my own empire.... I am a golem, and my sapience, my free will shall most likely make mortals terrified. Ever since the first few golems went mad with their freedom, all golems are designed so that they cannot be sapient or have their own will, although clearly not well enough. As such, attempting to found an empire may be difficult. Two options have occurred two me, that I could employ.
-I could have Arkus masquerade as my master, and found a puppet empire through him with relative ease. After all, a human mage with a Soul Grave leashed to their will would likely be simply handed control of a small enough land by the existing regime, if they feel threatened enough by the war such a mage could bring upon them. This plan relies on deceit and Arkus's abilities to act as my puppet leader to work, but seems like it could have merit.
-Alternatively, both the Froggrocks and Morgrens have reason to revere my existence, and I might be able to forge an army and kingdom out of the savage kingdoms. The plan is far more direct, and may let me gain a larger army than I could normally achieve so quickly, but there is a chance that I could be faced with an alliance the likes of which destroyed Mosmordre, should the news of a free willed golem spread.

As to my goal of finding out who orchestrated the destruction of the nation which forged me, I am unsure how I should go about this. My knowledge of the world extends to death, war and tactics, not subterfuge. Perhaps.... I recall Mosmordre having spymasters that would bring news to our generals. Perhaps such a person could aid me in finding out who orchestrated the attack?

In any even, I have time to contemplate this, as I still must wait for the inscribing to be completed.

...Arkus still seems... lackluster, in his devotion to the inscribing. Enough of this, I shall determine the root of his lowered work capacity.

"You have been absentminded, and have worked more slowly recently. What impedes your capacity to function, to recraft my visage?"

Arkus comes to a halt in his toils, and stares at me like someone who has been dreading a question that finally came. He responds to me without meeting my eyes.

"Ah.... well, I.... I don't think I am competent enough, to fully realize your plan for these rubies. I have runes in place, 'empower' to take the force from you movements, and 'fusion' to graft it an the Soulfire that leaks from your eyes together, but.... I was hoping to fuse the two smoothly, and use the faceted gems to redirect the energy, into a..... a spear of heat and power, that would boil away anything even near it's path. As is.... well, it looks like it will be more a pressure wall slightly tinged by Soulfire, than the condensed...beam, I suppose, that I was hoping for. It won't have anywhere near the range or piercing power as what you asked for, I'm sorry. I think I would need more time, more chances to practice before I could inscribe in you runes of a sufficient quality to grant you what you desire. .....I'm sorry."

Hm. So the human has little confidence in his current abilities.

Should I attempt to encourage the human? Should I ask him to continue regardless of this.... downgrade in projected performance? Or should I attempt to make him strive harder, and adhere to the more difficult enchantment I desire? What should I say to him to dispel his doubt and hesitation?
No. 86228 ID: 632862

It is not unexpected to fall short of perfection on the first try. Improvements can be made upon the design in the future, anyway.
No. 86235 ID: 66e906

Tell Arkus he may take his time for you have no especially pressing concerns. You have none at present, correct?
No. 86240 ID: 45be60

As long as your head doesn't explode as a result of his rune crafting, what he can give you will be an improvement. We knew going in to this that we were asking for a complicated amalgam of power that would be difficult for anyone to attempt on their first try, but one does not get better by attempting the easy. He should do his best, and learn what he can from the experience.
No. 86316 ID: 427807

I agree. Encourage Arkus that he can do it better, and give him time to correctly learn his craft. It would be better to have a correctly function beam of destruction then a lesser version that can't compare.
No. 86428 ID: d1210a

(Have Arkus continue towards incomplete rune)

(Encourage Arkus to take longer so that he may perform better in the crafting)

"And how will you lose your inexperience, if not by challenging yourself? You shall have as much time as you need, so long as you continue to need it. I will see the best performance possible out of you, and I am content to wait for it."

Arkus stares at me with a strange cant to his face, something I cannot identify. He grins as he rubs a forearm across his eyes, a grin appearing on his face.

"...Yeah, I guess I do have time to work the kinks out, don't I? After all, the yetis left plenty of meat, and in these temperatures that will last a good while. ..Alright, then, I guess I better get to work, Lord Mordre. This... is going to take a bit."

And so Arkus once more sets to working on my visage, the books ever close at hand to reference while he toils.

[Day 14]

Arkus worked with great fervor all through the night, and is dead to the world now, his puny fleshy body exacting it's toll. He eventually rises, however, and after scarfing some food, he throws himself back into his work.

[Day 15]

Arkus continues to toil, slowly reshaping the blocky runes into something more delicate, more precise, if only marginally so. And yet he toils, again and again, a mountain of refinements heaped upon the runes. The effect.... is relatively minimal, as far as I can tell.

[Day 15]

Arkus still goes over the runes already inscribed again and again, trying to irk more polish out of them. He seems... confident, at least more so.

[Day 16]

I find Arkus still devoting all his attention to the existing runes. I would find this obsession disadvantageous, but.... I must admit, he is starting to move with more surety, his strokes and etchings less hesitant. We shall see.

[Day 17]

Arkus finally stops working on the runes for a moment, to once more work on harmonizing the two rubies with the runes and each other. Some time after the sunrise, the yeti elder once more comes to pay us a visit.

"[heart-of-war], it seems that there are Premens in the air once more. Hunters reported seeing two of them to the West, on their way hear. What action shall you take about this?"

Hm. Two? That seems a small force to be sent aggressively, especially after I revealed myself.

What should I do or say?
No. 86431 ID: 632862

I believe we should go out and confront them. They may have sent their two best warriors, with some manner of anti-golem device.
No. 86444 ID: 6faa8c

I agree it might be something of an anti-construct force. If that's the case, we need to use the environs against them...

Are there any mountains REALLY close?
No. 86446 ID: dc14a0

i say lets hit them in the face with a mortar round
they wont send any more troops until they realize their scouts are dead, which will take longer than if the scouts were able to return.
we should just need a few more days
No. 86456 ID: 427807

Wait until they get close, staying hidden, and fire upon them with mortars when they get close
No. 86465 ID: 632862

>giant golem

These two things don't match up I'm afraid.
No. 86502 ID: d1210a


I have Arkus cease his work upon my visage, and I go peer out from within the igloo above, noting the presence of the distant Premen. I wait as they slowly make their way closer, until I judge them well within firing distance. I duck out of the Igloo's entrance as swiftly as I can, and level my mortars to fire upon their location.... excellent, it seems they have not moved.

I launch a paired volley of the standard Soul Grave anti-infantry mortar rounds, honeydew-melon sized globes of iron that on impact fracture into an expanding cloud of metal slivers and shards. The two yetis are bombarded with a veritable wall of iron knives peppering their bodies, and fall amidst a torrent of their own blood without a twitch.

I march my way out to the prone forms, and feast upon the souls still clinging to the Premen's bodies. I notice one is much smaller then the other as I feast.

+2 souls (total souls: 21)
Consumed New Soul Type: 'Premen'

...Hmm? I feel.... deeper? The forge in my body feels somehow weightier, as if it were a more potent vestibule now. ....Perhaps exposure to multiple types of souls might somehow augment the magicks that occupy my form?

In any case, I note no metal about their bodies, and make my way back down into the cavern below shortly, to find Arkus once more perusing the books as he awaits my return.

I seat myself before him, and after some time he makes his way back over to my, once more attempting to harmonize the enchantment components with what Word magic he knows, but.... his tone seems just a bit more sonorous, a bit more even. No other events occupy the day as Arkus toils, eats and sleeps.

[Day 18]

Arkus resumes his work rehashing the runes on my head, and... I must admit, the difference from how the runes had been shaped before the rework to how they look now is fairly profound. But only now does he start adding additional inscriptions. Considering the patchwork placement of runes, this suggests that.... there is still a fair bit of work left to do. So Arkus was not exaggerating when he said it would take more time. So be it, this is the path I chose.

[Day 19]

Arkus continues laboring on the new runes, working with noticeably more fluid motions then before. He is starting to become accustomed to inscribing, at least to some degree.

[Day 20]

Still Arkus labors, and I notice that the pile of bronze has shrunk enough that Arkus will have considerably less space to work with next time I travel. Arkus has started to pale from his lack of exposure to natural light, and circles have started to appear under his eyes, but he works ceaselessly.

The elder yeti comes into the room in a rush, his mood clearly agitated.

"Hunter/gatherers dead.... Premen army coming...... some several dozen..... many bear massive picks, anti-armor weapons.... hurt golem.... you are needed... as a sword...."

The elder collapses against the wall, wheezing heavily but unwounded as far as I can tell. As I rise, Arkus crawling off of my form, I hear rumblings above..... the Preman force is approaching. Sadly Arkus has given no indication my augmentation is complete. I shall have to make due with my existing armaments, my steel left fist with spirit knuckles, Sable Executioner, my two mortars with one shot each of anti-infantry rounds, and the innate Soul Grave ability to burn three souls to fuel a great gout of Soulfire expelled from my mouth. I am still within the confines of the igloo above the cavern I have been being reforged in, currently hidden from the view of the approaching Premens.

What should I do? How should I approach this battle?
No. 86507 ID: 6faa8c

First off, you need to shoot the mortars into the very core of their forces, near to the front, as they begin to charge in earnest. In this way, they'll be forced to move through a lot of dead bodies, resulting in lowered morale and speed. Then, you need to launch another, to thin them out further, again, closer to the front. When they are close enough, expend your breath weapon, then go to town and brawl with the rest.
No. 86550 ID: dc14a0

I couldn't agree more
No. 86886 ID: d1210a
File 126014048775.jpg - (390.21KB , 1024x768 , Soulfire used.jpg )


I peer out from within the igloo, seeing the approaching force of Premen clearly, howling in anticipation as they charge. I also notice the fools have grouped their forces together. I level a shoulder at them through the igloo's entrance, and fire a mortar round into the middle of their front row. Shards of iron pepper their numbers, and several fall in silence or in screaming agony, those behind them trampling over them in their efforts to close the distance.

...And the fools have not bothered dispersing their forces after the first shot. I duck out of the igloo to aim my other mortar, and once more fire into the mass of charging Premen. Again they are beset by an expanding cloud of subtly edged slivers of iron, and again some of them fall, either in death or from being maimed.

...And it is at this point that I notice their numbers have not depleted nearly as fast as I had hoped. Perhaps the layers of hides they adorn themselves with, or their thick, resilient skin interfered with the attack. Some three dozen Premen, armed with great, two handed picks, designed to let the Premen leverage as much of their strength as possible into driving that pick through whatever they may face, continue to eat up the distance between us.

...No matter. If their forms are so large to ablate the impact of my mortars, that simply means there is more material to burn. I open my mouth wide, a sullen yellow-green glow pouring from it's depths and growing ever brighter. It is time for my foes to burn.

A breathe out a great gout of burning scraps of souls, their clinging flames seeming to ache with the want to turn things to ash.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 18 Minimum: 12]

The wave of eldritch flames wash forward, enveloping the charging Premen. Skin bubbles, hair ignites, leather crackles and bones split as the tremendous blaze clings, burning deeper and deeper The charge is utterly broken as they are met with a wall of flame partly anchored in the snow itself as it consumes the front lines of their force, greedily inflaming and rendering into ash that the conflagration comes into contact with.

But my form is not impacted by Soulfire, made as it was to house a perpetually fiery crucible that consumes souls to stoke the fires of my existence. The flames will have no effect on my form.

The blaze is some fifty feet away, and shows no signs of slowing, nor of the Premen circumventing it.

What should I do?
No. 86890 ID: 6faa8c

Move in and OMNOMNOM the souls of the dead and dying.
No. 86963 ID: c259ba

charge them
show them the might of The Swords Of Mosmordre
No. 86993 ID: 427807

move in and slash them to pieces with the Sable Executioner. Feast upon souls after the battle
No. 87013 ID: 66e906

If the Premen are behind the blaze I assume they can't see you. How far and fast can you jump? Surprise the enemy by leaping over and dicing them from behind.
No. 87065 ID: 1831fc

They wish to show their claws?

Show them yours.
No. 87146 ID: d1210a
File 126015681264.png - (645.64KB , 600x450 , Scarred Premen Veteran.png )

I charge through the curtain of yellow-green conflagration, striking down the few burning forms still struggling. I draw in a deep breath wreathed in an eldritch inferno, pulling in the plethora souls of the fallen.

And as I do, the force of my inhalation pulls some of the Soulfire from the ground, clearing a small patch of land.

+14 souls (total souls: 32)

...!? A pick has been embedded in my side, and a giant of a Premen bursts from beneath the snow and a layer of hides, his arms covered in ropey slabs of muscle and adorned in thick scars, most likely from battles and struggles of yesterday. More mounds of snow amongst the fallen dead rustle and explode to reveal hiding Premen, their weapons at hand as they rush me.

No matter. A chance to finally test Sable Executioner upon my foes. We shall see how these feeble pikes stand to Black Steel.

I swipe Sable Executioner in a vicious arc towards the Preman that dared attack me, but the fleshling drops to the ground, abandoning it's weapon still stuck in my side as it tumbles backwards, claiming another pike from one of it's fallen brethren as it rights itself. As the other Preman charge me, I notice that the one that assaulted me first bears some scavenged armor, and seems far more mindful of the battle at hand than it's brethren that charge me with such foolish bravery and abandon.

With a whip-like slash of Sable Executioner and a heavy blow from my steel left fist to let my ghostly knuckles tear flesh apart in that which I strike, I set into the small collection of Preman before me, some thirteen of their number. I eviscerate one, viciously sawing a path through the flimsy pike it tried to block my blow with, pleased by the fine and orderly teeth that adorn my claws, and another has a great whole gaping in it's hand and chest where my fist came close to it's flesh, erasing a chunk of it's flesh with it's power. As the two I struck fall to the ground, dead or dying, the other eleven start to spread around me, to herd me away from the fires around us.

What should I do?
No. 87163 ID: 6faa8c

Barrel through the line, and aim for the one that got you. We need to destroy him, that's the leader!
No. 87167 ID: c259ba

Use the Soulfire again
this armored one... he appears to be a veteran, seeing him fall will likely make morale drop, maybe causing a full retreat
we must target him. if the runes were finished it would be a simple matter of just straight up blasting him, but we dont have that option. try to make your way through the battle towards him
No. 87203 ID: 1831fc


Do not waste your soulfire. Using it now may result in the meaningless loss of precious souls. Save it for when they are close enough to touch, or bunched up.

Continue to wade through them with your weaponry. Let them feel the sting of Sable Executioner, and the ghostly spikes of of your Steel Fist.
No. 87222 ID: d1210a
File 126015932280.jpg - (100.50KB , 576x859 , Premen Hero 04.jpg )

This rabble will be broken before my might. I charge forward as I prepare to once more use Soulfire and burn a path through the mongrels before me. My mouth gapes wide as those nearest me leap to bring their sharply swung pikes towards mine visage. Too late.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 29 Minimum: 12]

Those few in mid-leap deflect the fire into a great obscuring plume as they are incinerated, or clawed out of the air by my Sable Executioner, but otherwise I can tell nothing about the fate of the others. At least three were killed outright.

The wall of fire before me explodes as a burning body plows through the towering inferno, hurtling towards my form. An arm abruptly lashed out, and a pike slams into the side of my head, driving some short distance into the metal despite the one-armed swing. I see the Premen with scarred arms clutching the back of his burning comrade. I see no expression, just a stoic determination on his face as he leaps from the still burning corpse to the ground behind me, still littered with the corpses of his fellow Premen. I turn to face him.....
No. 87223 ID: d1210a
File 126015935236.jpg - (109.20KB , 576x837 , Premen Hero 01.jpg )

And see he has drawn a vicious looking, weighty sword and a heavyset axe from his hide belt, and a vicious snarl adorns his face. His muscles tense and knot as he stares at me whilst I turn, regrettably somewhat ponderous due to my size.

And then the Premen dashes towards me, closing towards my form in a flash. As I finish turning the Premen is already a scant few feet away from me, his speed startling.

What should I do?
No. 87288 ID: 632862

Attempt to block his attacks with your fists, and use your superior strength to push at his weapons, so that you might force him to stumble. Then impale him upon your claw and suck out his soul.
No. 87303 ID: 7d8ce1

Stomp the ground hard enough to shake it, if you can, that'll interrupt the charge so you can squish him.
No. 87309 ID: c259ba

oh shit hes Nosferatu Zodd
lets throw a corpse at him, while he is dodging that rush him and get him with the our steelfist
No. 87335 ID: 1831fc

He wants to fight, eh?

Strike him down. Show him the Strength of Mordre.

If we can, try to keep him alive. There is something pressing in his eyes and actions that warrants investigation.

Use the hand that won't cut too deeply.
No. 87352 ID: bebdd2

If he's moving that fast, he won't be able to turn quickly. Hold out your claws, let him impale his fleshy body on the Sable Executioner.
No. 87384 ID: 427807

definitely defend the oncoming attack with your metal fists, then give him a nice, hard, ghostly bitch slap upside the head, ideally knocking him unconscious, or at least to the ground. Leave him alive and interrogate after the battle
No. 87385 ID: 6faa8c


No. 87465 ID: d1210a

The Premen warrior has gotten in far too close for me to have time or orientation to strike in such a manner. It's decisiveness and speed are both... commendable, for a fleshling.

I try to get my arms interposed between our forms, but the Premen proves to swift, and starts leaping up my now enclosed arms-!

As he climbs he slashes at me with his weapons, which I now recognize as simple iron, and yet he swings them with such force he warps both the metals and my body. He.... is actually damaging me, however modestly he can with such pitiful armaments, yet..... most impressive!

He kicks off of my face as I try to grasp him, leaving a parting rent along my neck, his axe's thick handle already breaking. As he deftly lands in a crouch amidst the dead not currently being burned into ash by the patches of Soulfire about us, he discards his axe and grasps a thick handle protruding from behind his back, and wrenches free.... a giant, heavy blade with a wicked crescent hook upon it's end, easily dwarfing his already oversized blade. The metal is dark and ruddy, I do not recognize it, but it's size alone means he could very likely batter me every bit as hard as the ghost of Thomro did some weeks ago.

He begins to charge me once more.

I stomp heavily upon the ground, and am rewarded with a rumble echoing from above on the mountainside. The Premen warrior falters, his face going distant for a breath as he seems to assess the mountains, before he recovers. But it is enough.

Now that I have a better sense of the warrior's speed, I aim a short, sharp blow with my steel left hand, a backhanded strike to crush the Premen warrior. He has nowhere to run thanks to Sable Executioner now obscuring his only avenue of escape. I will feast on this one's soul before I kill the rest of his kin-

He blocks it.

His legs dig into the ground deeply, his legs and body tense madly, but he withstood my strike, his smaller sword now severely bent, and gouges running down his arm and shoulder where he braced the blade and the ghostly spikes I possess on my knuckles managed to rend his flesh.

With a roar he flexes and heaves, and throws my hand away from him, and crouches low to the ground below my gaze. My balance is somewhat distorted from the Premen's maneuver.

What should I do?
No. 87466 ID: 6faa8c

Lean forward! He's about to pouncve and push you over! We need to fight defensively! Certainly he's fast, but he is weak flesh and we are STEEL AND SOUL.
No. 87475 ID: 7d8ce1

Spin with the momentum. Slash low with Sable Executioner and follow it up with a backhand from your fist. With the mass and speed the spin would bring, he could have a bit more trouble parrying either, so either you'll get a solid hit in or at least force him back while you regain your equilibrium.
No. 87477 ID: 1831fc

Perhaps we should use the Soulfire with this one. He's proving most difficult.

Just make sure to aim for his midsection. You'll get more of his body that way.
No. 87490 ID: d1210a
File 126018244698.jpg - (17.90KB , 326x498 , Premen Hero Stripped of Armor and Hides.jpg )

I spin with the momentum of my arm, and manage to sidestep as the Premen leaps straight up, his arms whipping about him as he viciously slashes where my body just barely manages to not be. I see the frustration on his face as I lean farther into the misbalance I suffer from, using it to whip my right claw, my Sable Executioner tearing towards his airborne form.

The Premen whirls in the air as he transposes his blades, the warped one and the strangely colored and hooked sword, betwixt himself and Sable Executioner. I strike him and he is hurled upwards by his angled blades, flung free from their terminal path.

This is my chance. While the Premen is still aloft, I ready myself to once more breathe Soulfire, directly upon my airborne foe. Heat makes ripples in the air about my mouth, around the time the Premen finally ceases in his upward motion. He recognizes his doom coming and starts a flurry of motion, likely panicking at his impending death by incineration. I exhale.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 26 Minimum: 12]

I wreathe the Premen's form in the fire of souls, but do not stop there. I continue to spin, building speed, and slam my hand once more into the now-enflamed Premen, it's impact accelerated by my building momentum. I feel a meaty impact, and send the burning form hurtling away, it's impact into a rock outcropping shattering stone and scattering snow.

I begin to turn away, to march through the fires and find the remaining Premen to slay them as well, when the burning pile shifts. I turn back to it to see armor and hides, all but the strange giant hooked sword and a loincloth stripped from the Premen as he casts off his ignited gear. The wounds in his shoulder still ooze a dark trickle, and the last impact similarly having wounded his midsection.

But nevertheless, the Premen stretches itself briefly like one that has shed a heavy burden, before grasping his strangely colored and hefty sword with both hands, assuming a hostile stance as muscles knot and tense in a ripple across his body, blood still leaking from the wounds I have bestowed upon him. He is some twenty, twenty five feet away, but the speed he evidenced earlier makes that distance seem short.

What should I do?
No. 87491 ID: c259ba

This man is a Hero and has a Hero's soul. We must consume him. try to block his next attack with your steel fist and push, as if it were a shield. if this knocks him off balance pin him with the palm of the Sable Executioner and suck out his soul.
No. 87544 ID: 632862

Fire off a mortar round or two while he's at a distance. Try to force him into a path where you can predict his attack.
No. 87559 ID: 697b23

The mortars have already been fired. They need time to replenish their ammo. See the discussion thread for info about the mortars.
No. 87774 ID: 427807

Aim for his legs, without them he will be out of the fight until the end. Block his first attack, and then swing your fists, aiming to disable his legs
No. 87861 ID: d1210a

I clench my fist tightly as I ready a vicious blow in preparation of the Premen’s potential charge.

I am not disappointed, as the giant warrior charges at me amidst a flurry of snow and fire, his heavy blade held low.

I sweep Sable Executioner towards his form, unsurprised when he fluidly slips beneath the blow, staying low and lithe. I was expecting this.

My steel left hand swings in behind the arc Sable Executioner followed, sweeping too low for the Premen to duck. He leaps up and slams his sword into the ground, bracing a leg against it. His muscles heave and he is driven back some distance, but once more he blocks one of my blows despite his mortal shortcomings. And now his braced leg proves useful, as he avoids exposing enough skin while bracing his weapon for the ethereal spikes adorning my hand to bite into his flesh once more. It seems he anticipated this as well.

What he did not expect, or notice before it was too late, was my strange hand placement, with a finger held tightly tensed behind my thumb within the fist’s structure. I release the finger’s restraint, and I feel satisfaction as the finger collides with a wet snap against the Premen’s leg still upon the ground, and I see the warrior stumble as its leg breaks. The fires surrounding us finally begin to die down as the warrior falls prone before me.

What should I do?
No. 87864 ID: c259ba

disarm him and then... disarm him
then suck out his soul
No. 87877 ID: 6faa8c

Before you kill him, complement his savagery, and comment how his addition will strengthen us. Thank him, kill him, eat soul.
No. 87891 ID: 6faa8c



No. 87912 ID: c259ba

yes, do whatever you are going to do quickly, there is an army here after all
No. 87913 ID: 82920c

kill him and suck out his soul.
No. 87915 ID: 632862

Grab him in your fist and begin to crush him to death as you turn your attention to the others around you. Begin to suck in his soul even as you fight.
No. 87929 ID: d1210a

...Of course, this is not some simple duel. I am the shield of the yetis, and I know that I have not seen enough dead to constitute the entire force brought here. I must make haste and assure the safety of Arkus, or I will never get this enchantment completed.


I reach towards his prone form, ready to pulp the life out of him or wrench his arms off, I still have not decided-
!? I am beset by multiple impacts on my back, and I hear howls from several throats just behind me. Whilst I am distracted, the Premen heaves himself away, taking great, lunging, one-legged leaps that propel him away. As I observe his attempt to escape, I see a part of the Premen force heading towards the Yeti village, perhaps fifteen in all.

What should I do?
No. 87933 ID: 6faa8c

Run to save them! You must!
No. 87939 ID: 632862

Soulfire the Hero while he runs; his armor won't protect him now.

Run full tilt at the fifteen Premen about to attack the Yeti, get within firing range of Soulfire, and let them have it.

While you're running, do a quick forward tumble to crush the Premen on your back, assuming they are still clinging to their weapons.
No. 87941 ID: 1831fc


The Yeti must be preserved. Tell this Premen you aim to meet his blade again. Next time, he will not be as lucky.

No. 87965 ID: 427807

run straight into the pack of premen, bowling through them, knocking them aside. Then turn around and engage them
No. 87968 ID: c259ba

arkus is priority
we will worry about the Hero after we repel the attack. he wont make it far with that leg
No. 87999 ID: d1210a

I cannot steady myself enough from the assault I faced before the wounded Premen warrior has escaped. And a forward tumble would be…. Difficult, considering my bulk.

”I will crush you, next time you dare face me. You cannot surpass my might, little fleshling!”

The Premen stumbles as it flees, looking at me with complete shock and confusion, before catching itself and continuing it’s hobbled retreat.

I ignore those few trying to distract me, and charge forward, trying to reach the Premen force before it can reach the yeti village. Thankfully, the snow seems to be slowing them, as their limbs slow to slog through the material. I am under no such restriction, and continue towards them at my top speed (10 mph). Some in the back finally notice me as I close, and stop to face me as they cry out a warning to those in the front. Several more make the mistake of stopping, and I crash into them with all the considerable momentum I carry, trampling a few of them underfoot as I strike at the rest.

….Some managed to make their way forward, and did not get stuck fighting with me as the rest of their comrades did. I see some four of the Premen slip inside some of the igloos, separating as they approach.

But I am currently beset with a problem. Some seven of those attacking the yetis still challenge me, and I can see some eighteen more coming charging down the path I blazed to get here. It seems they wish to make their stand here.

What should I do?
No. 88017 ID: c259ba

slaughter as many as you can as fast as you can
when the 18 come into range use your soulfire again
No. 88052 ID: 427807

cut and crush with fist and blade of righteousness! as the 18 get closer, Soulfire would definitely be the best option i think
No. 88132 ID: d1210a

I tear into those before me, the seven betwixt me and the four that entered the yeti village, Sable Executioner dancing through the air in vicious arcs and slashes, my grand fist swatting out at the Premens that get too close. ….I must admit, these Premen are nimble, and it takes time to fell any of them. Only three have fallen by the time I note the charging reinforcements in range of my Soulfire.

The air around my mouth warps and wavers in the heat, as a great conflagration spews forth from my mouth.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 23 Minimum: 12]

The charging Premen do what they can to escape the blaze, but most are enveloped by the inferno, and shortly rendered unto ash. With even more of there numbers crushed, cut or burned by a towering metal giant, and their presumed leader wounded and withdrawn, the Preman force finally seems to falter. They continue to encircle me but do not close for a time, unwilling to attack.

And then it happens. One pulls a horn from beneath it’s pelt, and sounds a loud, urgent thunder, turning away from me as it falls back. And the others start leaving, soon two of the yetis that entered the village leave as well, and no more foes stand before my presence. I routed their number, and repelled their force. But things remain to be done.

What should I do?
No. 88134 ID: 1831fc

Ensure that Arkus and the other Yetis are alive.

Confirm this, then search the area for the hero Premen.

If the area is secure, then go get something to eat, and make sure you suck up all the souls of the dead Premen. They will be useful in recharging your batteries.
No. 88137 ID: c259ba

good they are gone
No. 88146 ID: 66e906

There's really not much to do save gobbling souls and finding that Premen tough guy.
No. 88232 ID: d1210a


I enter the yeti village, crushing some of the door-frames of the igloos I enter through. No matter. I make my way down to the chamber Arkus has been toiling on me within for so many long days. It would be regrettable if the frail fleshling was killed before he could finish the work he began.

I make my way to the cavern, and find Arkus crouched behind the pile of bronze, who promptly straightens once he sees me.

“Ah-h.. Lord Mordre, how grand it is to see you again…. Ah, it seems the Premen really set into you, there are a fair number of rents and dents in your…. Body. Ah…. Well, um, I heard a bit of noise from down the tunnels, but it stopped quickly. I’m guessing the yetis were able to handle however many got inside.”

I have not yet even attempted to navigate the other tunnels and passageways of this tribe’s home, and attempting to track down the yeti elder could range from easy to nightmarish. Conversely, the souls above-ground are only going to weaken and fade.

What should I do?
No. 88237 ID: 9b13ee

feast on the souls
if the yeti need you they will find you
No. 88268 ID: 1831fc

Gather the souls. If they need you, they'll come get you.
No. 88526 ID: 427807

Gather souls, then take arkus back to the cave and have him continue his work
No. 88941 ID: d1210a
File 126034579524.jpg - (110.10KB , 800x600 , Eyes Of Mordre First Attempt.jpg )


I return to the outside, eager to gather as many souls as I can from the battlefield. While the Soulfires I released will have burnt some souls away, most should have survived. And as I expected, I am rewarded.

+35 souls (total souls 58)

Pleased with the harvest from this contest, I move to return to Arkus’s side so that he may continue his work. Further…. I assess my body once more. None of the rents, dents or dings on my body are exceptionally severe, but there are so many of them that I know it will take some time to repair.

That Premen. The one that fought me so valiantly, so unflinchingly. No doubt the fleshling’s soul is that of a hero, that which could make me stronger. ….Although I wonder, to what heights could the savage climb if it was given access to the knowledge and industry to the south. Perhaps an even more delectable soul could be cultivated.

I once more return to the cavern Arkus and our supplies reside in, to find Arkus reading one of the books on golemcraft, absorbed in the passages before him. I seat myself before him with a thump, ripping a piece of bronze free to consume as I wait for Arkus to resume his work. He begins shortly, as I begin attempting to remold my form back into pristine condition.

[Day 21]

I finish reforming myself to rid my body of the damages I have received late in the day, while Arkus still toils on my eyes. Otherwise, the day is uneventful.

[Day 22]

Arkus spends much of his time simply observing the runes he has inscribed, and comparing them to those he has been endlessly referencing as he worked. He makes only minor alterations to the existing patterns. But still he toils.

[Day 23]

After spending nearly an hour checking one particular set of runes again and again, Arkus slams the book in his hand shut with a sense of finality, yawning as he scratches his head.

“….Well, I figure that’s about the best I can do now, without some more books, materials, or…. Something. …..I have to admit, I’m…. a bit tired.”

Arkus continues talking but loses coherency, and shortly falls asleep, succumbing to the weakness of his flesh. Still, he slept little the last few days, it is no surprise he is exhausted.

……I tentatively probe the enchantments embedded in my new ruby eyes and into my head, silver skull visage and all. …They feel rough, somewhat disorganized, but bold, and firmly anchored. I can feel and assess the spells in my eyes. I must link it to my own soulfires, my own existence, to activate it. Then on, it will constantly steal force from my limbs, and build up this power to be discharged in a great blast of power from my eyes, fused with the Soulfire there. …although I do not yet know how it will work, I feel confident it is at least constructed well enough attempting to activate it will not end with my head scrapped.

I promised the Yetis I would act as their shield until enchanted, and their sword thereafter as payment for the rubies gifted to us, and I cannot deny that now is the time when I had agreed I would assault the Premens…. Although I have no idea where they are.

What should I do, find a place to test out my new enchantment, or seek out the yeti elder, so that I may determine where the Premen tribe that recently attacked may be located?
No. 88942 ID: 45be60

It will take some time for the power to build up to a usable level, but we do not know what that rate is yet. Can this power be used effectively every hour, or every 30 days? Seek out the elder first, but we must test this new power well before we engage in combat with it.
No. 88944 ID: 427807

Find a place to test out the new weapon, just to make sure it works. if it does, talk to the yeti elders, asking them directions to the Premen village
No. 89140 ID: 08048b

Find the elder. We can test the weapon en route.
No. 89174 ID: 5d2e9c

lets find the elder
No. 89183 ID: d1210a

I decide to activate the enchantment, grafting it to the well of souls within me. I feel a dull pulse echo throughout my being as I gain a greater awareness of the magicks added to me.

But ultimately the fusion and activation means nothing, for now. I need to build up some energy before I can even test it. I rise, and begin to seek out the yeti elder, both in the hopes of learning where the Premen settlement I agreed to crush is located, and to start charging my new runic enchanted ruby eyes.

As I travel through the tunnels, seeking the elder, I decide that my new addition will need a title, a name, as I intend to make it the first of many runic enchantments inscribed in me. It will be hard to differentiate, otherwise.

Hmm…. A blast of force, fused with Soulfire whilst passing through a ruby that in theory redirects the energies into a spear, a lance of destruction. Fired from the grim eyes of a silver skull that acts as my face.

What could it be called?
No. 89184 ID: 6faa8c

The Eyes of Death.
No. 89185 ID: 43d730

Crimson Removal.
The avatar of death need only gaze upon the unworthy for their presence to be corrected.
No. 89186 ID: 427807

call it Eyes of Burning Hate
No. 89204 ID: d1210a
File 126039590178.jpg - (217.01KB , 640x514 , Mountain View.jpg )

Several names flit through my mind, but then I notice a deep,baleful purple tinge to the now crimson soulfire that billows from my eyes. This deeper, darker color, though, it makes the soulfire.... Amaranthine.

An ameranthine blast directed with my gaze, to annihilate my foes.


As I settle upon a name for my first enchantment, I finally locate the yeti elder.... or more accurately, round a corner to find him awaiting my coming. ....I find these yetis strange, at times.

"My reforging is complete, my enchantment completed. Tell me where the Premen's that struck at you live. I shall be your sword for that which you gave me."

The yeti elder bows his head, and motions for me to follow him.

Through a series of twists and turns, the yeti elder brings me back to the surface more swiftly than I would have thought possible, and points to a mountain peak, broken and leveled, some sixty, seventy miles distant, capped in cruel blue ice and obsidian.

"It is there, that you shall find the Premens who plague us. Thank you, [heart-of-war], for having honored us. We shall keep your mageling safe until your return."

The yeti elder trundles back inside, as I gaze at the distant mountain peak. Certainly, I can make out some sort of gray and beige objects about the top of the mountain: It looks to be a fair number of tents, perhaps.

Is there anything I wish to do before I leave for the Premen village?
No. 89215 ID: 7139d7

Was the Premen's oversized weapon, the giant, heavy blade with a wicked crescent hook, recovered after the battle? If so, have Arkus look over it and possibly consume it if such metal will help our abilities.
Go out and recover/eat all metal and bodies so Arkus and the yeti will have food.
Ask the Yetis if they have been mining bronze - We must be strong and whole before we begin our war. And we should have food for when we get back.

After this, talk to Arkus. See if he knows of anything of value that the Preman would have that we should salvage, carry out with us, or not immediately kill.

And, as a side note, is Arkus male or female?
No. 89223 ID: 427807

look through the parchments documenting runes for mortars that Arkus has!!! See if any 'adjustments' to our mortars can be made, and let it be added. then is hammer time.
No. 89237 ID: 7139d7

Oh, yes, also: Arkus, read to us about golem construction.
No. 89544 ID: d1210a

The Premen warrior that eluded me escaped with his strange sword, and much of the metal left behind has been burned by the Soulfires I released. The little left is iron at best and only a scant few dozen pounds strewn across as many charred weapons. I still possess over two hundred pounds of bronze, there is little point taking the time needed to salvage the consumable spoils of war from the ashes.

…..I recall there being a set of parchments located, back in the collapsed tower in the ruins I was slumbering in, that documented some sort of runes for the mortars that Soul Graves possess in their shoulders. Arkus must have at least glanced at it by this point. I return to the cavern, and wake the mageling. He blinks at me blearily.

“What do you know about runes for the mortars? I recall there being some parchments on them that we acquired. What kind of work could you do with those designs?”

“..Ah, well, technically they aren’t runes, at least not in the conventional sense. …I guess you could think of them as keys, that change the type of mortars a Soul Grave has. Um, let’s see, there were a couple that had full sets of diagrams for use in the blueprints we took…. Ah. Okay, there are four types of mortars designs, besides the default, anti-infantry fragmentation rounds. They are:

1: Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher: Carries up to six large, fanged circular blades that can be launched individually. Each blade is capable of cleaving through armor far more effectively than the standard Anti-Infantry rounds. Each blade takes 1 hour to regenerate. Range 10-250 ft

2: Anti-Infantry Cluster Shot: Fires a dozen miniaturized standard fragmentation round simultaneously, reducing it’s ability to pierce armor to both increase the area covered when a shot impact, and raising the mortality rate for unarmored targets in the area dramatically. Range 20-150 ft

3: Anti-Golem Cannon: An enlarged and elongated cannon with heavy rifling, that fires a massive, spiral etched spike, designed to punch through even large masses of metal. The round is larger and more complex than normal, and takes three hours rather than one to regenerate. Further, the cannon itself takes up extra room, the massive cylinder of the cannon protruding both to the front and rear of the golem’s shoulder. Range 30-1,250 ft

4. General Purpose Manipulator: A fold-up arm with a full reach of ten feet, the arm comes with an inset blade so that it may act as a spear, but otherwise has no direct means of causing harm. Is equipped with a fully functional hand.

….Ah, anyway, those're the only ones I could make out. I imagine I could probably inscribe any of them on you, really. I did get in a decent bit practice with inscription recently, didn’t I? Ah-haha…ha… ahem.”

Hm. Options exist for me.

What mortar augmentations do I wish to use?
No. 89548 ID: 632862

One side, SPIRAL CANNON. The other side, BLADE LAUNCHER.
No. 89549 ID: 4d96ca

I'm really liking the sound of these blade launchers, if these augmentations can be changed at a later date I would use a blade launcher with a cluster shot or the defaults.
If we cant change once we have applied these upgrades I have to go with the spiral cannon and the the defaults. Leaving it at default would let us augment it later, if the need arises.

Its a tough choice between the blade launcher and the defaults, however the defaults are a superior option for stopping large masses of people in their tracks. If we take the blade cannons we lose that ability.
As for the Anti Golem Cannon, there are many drawbacks and we likely wont face a golem in the Premen lands, and I dont see how it could be worth the drawbacks.

The cluster shot probably wont work well on Premen due to their awesome hides, so the default is superior to those as well.

and no one wants a third hand
No. 89555 ID: 2f90b3

I think the guys who made us made a good choice. Let's stay with the all-purpose one.

Also, keep in mind that we said we'd take care of the Premen now, so we don't have time to make changes anyway.

We have little need of either of those. Our soulfire is superior in every way to both of them, for these purposes. I would like to integrate an anti-golem cannon at some point, but now is not the time for it.
No. 89557 ID: 325460

I agree that we should stick with the default mortar for now. However, the third arm sounds very appealing to me. Granted, it will not have the sheer destructive force of the other choices, but I believe it could be modified to become a rather useful tool:
Linking the arm up to our soulfire could make a useful welding tool for constructing makeshift defenses on the go. We could even expand on the spear idea and add the function to suck a soul right out of a living being just by piercing its heart. After defeating the strong Premen and eating his weapons, we could just convert it into one mighty arm with a wicked edge like the stinger of a scorpion; as opposed to the weak thing it is presented as now.

Back on topic: Where on that mountain is the Premen located(I know it's on the top, but where exactly)? Is it closer to... say a cliff of the mountaintop? My idea is simply to waltz up to the top of the mountain, just within view of the Premen village. When the Premen yell and try to charge us, we fire our AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR at a downwards angle and send them packing towards the bottom. If we have enough time, grab a makeshift snowboard and chase the falling village, and have a duel with the hero Premen.
No. 89586 ID: 1831fc


Can we split them?

I'm thinking Blade thrower on the non dominant side, Spiral cannon on the other.

Sable Executioner is certainly capable of dealing with slow moving infantry, but we might need a bit of punch for anything else.
No. 89621 ID: 6faa8c

Most of the Premen went unarmored except for the hero.

Cluster shot.
No. 89630 ID: 2f90b3

Our shrapnel didn't even thin them much. Decreasing lethality wouldn't be wise even if we had tons of time to make changes.
No. 89643 ID: 5aa60d

the cluster shot might be to weak to penetrate Premen hides.

Defensive fortifications? we are 1 seige golem, not an army. Defensive fortifications would be pointless.
Spearing 1 guy and sucking out his soul is just depressing compared to the number of people we could slaughter with the mortars, there's no practical purpose for the arm yet

What if we come accross another hero and our AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR has already been used?
we could go through a long and arduous battle, which we would sustain much damage or we could strap a blade launcher on.

Im not going to deny that the spiral cannon will be useful but we wont find golems with the Premen, and if we do they will probably be basic non-metal ones which we can simply tear apart anyway. we should attach the spiral cannon later when we need to deal with golems
No. 89697 ID: 427807

i think blade thrower and spiral cannon make the best combo for a multitude of different situations. Just make sure the spiral cannon is on the left shoulder, the giant left hand can serve as a brace for when the cannon fires
No. 89772 ID: 23bee4

Well, before we get too tied up in knots, ask Arkus if we can change our mortar as we will it. If we can change them to suit the combat situation, I say Blade Launcher and Cluster Shot or our normal one - Blades to slice through any armor, and specific infantry to brutalize woman, children, old, and the wounded. Wait, are we gonna brutalize the infirm and the weak?
No. 89880 ID: 5aa60d

>brutalize the infirm and the weak
No. 89913 ID: e6bf37

I don't know. Something about the hero's speed makes me think that the blades would miss. I think we should stay with the default mortars for now. I'm quite sure that if he takes a mortar round head on it would be very deadly and hard to dodge.
No. 90087 ID: f75782

>What if we come accross another hero and our AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR has already been used?
We use our hands. I guarantee you the blade gun won't be able to penetrate anything the Sable Executioner can't. And it's likely easier to dodge.

Assuming it works like everything else: Yes, but it takes time.

And that's what you guys have to remember. IT TAKES TIME. We told the Yetis that we would slay the Premen after we added our eyes. To delay further would be to renege on our word.
No. 90105 ID: 7139d7

Point. Charge. Slaughter them, wipe every last one from the face of the earth. Grind their bones and flesh into the dirt, burn their houses, and plow the ash into the land. Salt the earth. Let none know what stood here once.
Unlease the fury of Mosmordre ONCE MORE!

No. 90106 ID: 6164e0

"Adorn my right shoulder with the Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher, and my left with the Anti-Golem Cannon. And tell me, what do you know of what is required to change the runes applied later?"

Arkus sighs as he gets his tools and gathers the parchments for reference.

"...Sure, I can do that. Uh, as to changing runes, it isn't HARD, really, so much as it is time consuming. The runes for mortar configurations are made simple, easy to implement, and would probably take me... two, three hours per mortar, I guess? The problem is, that to change the mortars, I would need to nullify the rune I had inscribed before I could do anything else. I figure that would take a few days, a week at the most, to do. After the old rune is nullified, it's as if it was never there, so installing the new rune from there is easy."

Hm. Only one rune per shoulder at a time? That… Hardly seems to conform with what little I know of magic. I was under the impression such things could be constantly added to and improved, or some such thing. …Still, the blade launcher is swift and deadly, even that Premen with the strange sword that escaped my grasp today should have issues dealing with its speed. And the cannon would similarly be too fast for him to dodge, should I be able to get him in my sights. Soulfire seems to serve as well as conventional mortar shots, if somewhat shorter ranged.

Arkus spends some time inscribing the runes into my shoulders, and as he does, I feel the weapons mounted in my form warping, shifting to match their new designated structure. The mortar on my right shoulder retreats, while the mound it orginates from rises, thin horizontal slices opening in it. Giant fanged circular fangs peek out of the stacked armament they are loaded in, gleaming with wicked teeth. I barely notice Arkus glancing about the cavern aimlessly before he sets into the crafting again.

My left shoulder, however, warps far more radically once Arkus begins adding the rune to my form. The cannon lengthens, and protrudes out of the back of the turret it is mounted on, a massive cylinder now adorning my shoulder. Within I feel a deadly weapon, a grand spike, spiraled and bladed, designed to drill a hole through whatever obstacle may fall in its path.

The sun has started to set, but the day yet lives once my modifications are complete. I depart, leaving a distracted Arkus behind as I set out to exterminate the Premen. Behind, I can see several yetis watching my departure. The yeti elder standing among them….. feels…. agitated, in some manner, although am not even sure why I should think that. I shake the thoughts from my mind as I trundle off. The journey is somewhat lengthy, and night has fallen and deeply covered the land by the time I arrive.

[Day 24]

As the new day begins in the dead of night, I finally have reached the base of the mountain. As of yet there has been no sign of Premen anywhere along the route.

Such as I can see, I could either try to climb straight up a line of rocky outcropping before me, or take the longer route around to either the left, or to the right, both of which seem to lead up towards the summit where the Premen live. ….Strange, I can feel a slight… tingle… perhaps buzz? Whatever it is, I can feel something building slowly in my ruby eyes, and surmise the Amaranthine Annihilator has achieved at least some measure of charge, although how strong it may be at this point I cannot say.

Which path should I take? Forward, up the rocky outcropping? Left, or perhaps right, to walk up a side of the mountain? Or should I do something else?
No. 90113 ID: 7139d7

Ok, I'm gonna suggest forward - Just climb up that sucker, it'll give us a supprise round.

Also, did we miss something? I can't think of anythign we should have done. Any other souls pick up on it?

Finally, we need a battle cry. I personally like '
Let me sing you the song of my nation
'. That song being blood, fury, explosions, soul-eating, soul-fire, and death.
No. 90120 ID: f75782

We are a golem, good sir. Golems do not sing, nor do they have battle cries.
No. 90124 ID: 7139d7

You have a point, good sir. But we are a lord-general and striking fear in the hearts of men and premen makes for good tactics - Morale broken will lead to an easier rout. And, really, a catchy is always awesome. Why should fleshies get all the fun?
No. 90125 ID: 7139d7

A catchy phrase. Forgive me. Note to self: No posting at 1:30.
No. 90126 ID: 1831fc


If we can use the chance to surprise them this way, do it as well.

Watch for traps.

Other than what >>90113 has said, I can't think of anything else we might have missed. Just make sure you are careful when you go up the trail.
No. 90140 ID: 45be60

I shall sing you the song of my people.
HWOARF SOULS burn burn dead.

Beautiful music
No. 90170 ID: 23bee4

Then let us sing to these premen. Let our music ROAR!
No. 90258 ID: 6164e0




As I contemplate which direction to go up the mountain, thoughts flit through my head, strange but…. Oddly thematically appropriate. I feel the urge to possess some sort of song, some sort of dirge to bellow out as I slaughter the Premens. At first, the concept seems useless, but then I remember that emotions of any sort running hot upon death make for more delicious souls. Despair and woe in particular are personal favorites as spices for a soul. If I were to have a dirge ready upon my arrival, I may be able to make those future souls far more tasty.

….Although composing a dirge would likely be a significant amount of effort.

Should I go up the front, left or right path? And if I should sing a dirge upon arrival on the summit, what should it be?
No. 90260 ID: 1831fc

I'm changing mine to over the top.

As for a dirge... Hmm.

Gafflwn Dihenydd Or fuddugol yn wiriol sydd, Ni fydd neb yn ein drechu, Falch ydy ni I drochu, Traed o flaen Ir Annwn, mewn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni.

I cheat Death from his Rightful Victory. No one can defeat me. I will plunge into the very fires of Hell, in the knowledge I will rise.
No. 90267 ID: 1831fc
Audio Deathstars_-_Blitzkrieg.mp3 - (6.81MB , Deathstars - Blitzkrieg.mp3 )

Alternatively, this song.

Which would be more appropriate
No. 90269 ID: 43d730

Just do a constant, inhuman whistling groan kind of a thing.
The sort that might be mistaken for wind at a distance... Since you don't have a throat to strain, you can keep it up for days, right?
No. 90272 ID: 6164e0

I begin climbing up the rocky outcropping before me, hoping the more direct route may let my approach them unawares in the dead of night.

As I climb, I change my plans towards singing a requiem for the Premen, and instead elect to let out a long, piercing, whistling groan, one that blends into the winds enshrouding the mountains, and giving them a deeper, more baleful edge that echoes about. I hope the ominous sounds shall cause some agitation and discomfort among the Premen, to instill fear and unease in them before I ever arrive.

I continue to ascend the rocks, my going slowed by my need for well-supported places to place my hand and feet, but Sable Executioner proves most useful, as I use it to carve out hand and footholds, when none are present that fit my needs.


I am perhaps two hundred feet from the summit, when I hear a strange rustling noise above me.

Should I stop climbing or whistling, to better identify the sound? Or should I continue climbing, now that I am so close to the summit?
No. 90282 ID: fd9a95

Look up.
No. 90302 ID: 1831fc

Premen Hero Inbound.

Watch your step.
No. 90326 ID: 6164e0

I can see nothing above me, except for the still somewhat distant summit of this icy mountain.

I wonder if the Premen hero I encountered earlier is above. Presumably this is the village he hails from.

...If he is above me, he could make the remainder of my climb far more difficult for me. I decide to settle in more closely to the rock, and climb more slowly, in an effort to make my presence more difficult to detect. I continue to make the whistling noise, as it's cessation at this juncture may arouse more suspicion than maintaining it.

...I hear no further sounds from above, but now I hear a rustling sound, somewhere off to my left. It sounds like it may be some seventy feet away. I am still some 150 feet from the summit.

What should I do?
No. 90341 ID: 1831fc

Investigate the sound. It could be something of interest.
No. 90343 ID: fd9a95

No. 90380 ID: 6164e0

I peer out into the darkness, and try to ascertain the source of the noise. But no further sounds issue forth from the murky darkness shrouding the mountainside.

I decide to adjust my direction of climbing, and move across the mountainside towards where I heard the sound for a time, but still, I find nothing. Shortly I once more begin my upward motion.

.....And once more, I hear the rustling noise, only this time, it is to my right, perhaps some thirty feet away. How did it get over there? The top of the mountain is some 90, 100 feet away.

What should I do?
No. 90381 ID: 632862

It's probably a bird of some kind.
No. 90391 ID: fd9a95

Enough dilly dallying. If it is and enemy, let him come and face our flames. If not, we are only giving the Premen more time and probably alerting them with our loud movements. TO WAR!!!
No. 90415 ID: 6164e0

This time, I do not pause in my climbing, and continue upwards despite the odd noise. I have a duty to fulfill, to honor my trade with the yetis. As I climb, I try to simply focus on my intended goal, and put the strange noise out of mind. Likely it is just a bird, a simple distraction to be ignored.

.....A low, rumbling noise joins the rustling sounds, which now originates some short distance below me, no more than ten feet at my guess. How did it get so close? ...If it is a bird as I surmise, that would certainly explain it's quick relocations. The peak is some forty feet away.

What should I do? Should I continue to ignore the noise, or once more try to determine it's source?
No. 90426 ID: 5aa60d

You said you were using the Saber Executioner to cut handholds in the rock?
dig your way into the mountain from here, once you get about 20 feet in start making your way up.
watch the entrance to your tunnel for any movement.
No. 90427 ID: 45be60


That sounds slow, loud, and ITS RIGHT BEHIND YOU
No. 90428 ID: 6164e0
File 126060132631.jpg - (165.09KB , 600x487 , Crawling Monster.jpg )

I decide to force the issue, and employ Sable Executioner to hack out a path into the mountain. If I can create a tunnel into this mountain, then anything pursuing me must follow in after me, allowing me to identify and deal with them. The massive claw slices and saws through the mountainside, tearing through the rock fairly easily. The sound of the winds, compounded by the wailing noise I have been making for some time, effectively mask the sound of my work. As far as I can tell, the rustling, rumbling sound beneath me only echoes out occasionally, but seems to stay in it's location since I am not seeking it out.


It takes some time, but I manage to carve the beginnings of a tunnel into the mountain, and start to make my way in. Once I am on solid footing again, I am free to employ my steel left fist to help in the excavation process. Shortly the tunnel extends some ten feet into the side of the mountain, and while snug, I can fit myself in. I make my way into the rear, and face the mouth of the tunnel, waiting.


The sun is beginning to rise as finally I am approached by my stalker. It.... is not what I was expecting. Some wild patchwork of beasts crests the lip of my cave, some ten feet high at the shoulder and covered in heavy fur and thick scales.

Could this be a Life Golem? Or perhaps some abomination from the Curse that befell the Mosmordren Empire?

....I suppose it matters little now, as with a growl, the creature begins to enter the cave. If I make too much noise, I may alert the Premen above, so if possible, I should try to subdue the beast quietly.

What should I do?
No. 90429 ID: 66e906

Throw a fastball boulder at its head.
No. 90438 ID: 5aa60d

Anti-Golem cannon appears to be perfect for this situation, he has no where to run.
This way will dispatch it quickly, if not quietly
No. 90440 ID: 632862

If the Cannon makes a lot of noise when it goes off, try a Blade instead.
No. 90443 ID: 325460

Try to tame it. I suspect our war cry earlier attracted this thing, we could always use a giggantic warbeast on our side.
No. 90463 ID: 7139d7

Just a question, but could we claw our way straight up from this alcove we made with little damage to Saber Executioner and our battering fist? Because if this beast doesn't seem hostile, we could just dig our way through the center of camp.

Another question, too. Do we have enough room to move around the beast and start climbing again? I have the lurking feeling it was just following us and would hav ebeen easier to train on flat ground surrounded by the dead and dying.
No. 90464 ID: 7139d7

But, yeah, if we can tame it, do so.
No. 90465 ID: 43d730

Attempt DEATH HUG.
Can it significantly damage our armor, or pull us out of the cave?
No. 90473 ID: fd9a95

Yes I do believe it is following us. The only plausible reason is due our dirge.
Step forward and see its reaction.
No. 90497 ID: 6164e0
File 126064672926.jpg - (73.15KB , 900x874 , Blade Launched.jpg )

After dealing with this beast before me, I could attempt to dig my way up to the Premen encampment from beneath, but I would need to dig much deeper into the mountainside, perhaps another hundred feet, before I would be below the center of the camp.

If I knew absolutely anything about the taming process, this would be a viable plan. As it is, the extent of my knowledge extends to the definition of taming and nothing more. It was not considered necessary data for a Soul Grave. …Perhaps I could acquire this knowledge at some point for later use.

The tunnel is barely ten feet deep, between myself at the back and the monster at the entrance, there is little room. If I advanced any appreciable amount, I would be pressed against the creature.

Before I expend any armaments, I decide to hoist up a large chunk of rock still littering the floor of this cave, and fling it at the beast. Demonstrating surprising agility, the beast ducks down, and the writhing tendrils on its back redirect the rock to go sailing past it. The creature still stands there, listening to the wailing, whistling groan I have been issuing nonstop for the last several hours. Nonetheless, it does seem to be growling at me with a degree of hostility, although whether it is new and due to the rock I threw at it, or something that was always present in its demeanor, I cannot say.

I contemplate using the Anti-Golem Cannon on the creature, but at this proximity to the Premen village, such a thing would make far too much noise to conceal my presence beneath their location. I would rather use this only if there is no quieter way of dealing with this creature.

Instead I elect to employ the Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher, in the hopes the comparatively quite weapon will go unnoticed by the village above. I fire one of the weighty blades spinning furiously towards the beast, the impact imminent.

….The creature tries to pluck the saw blade hurtling at it out of the air with it’s chitin covered claw, and is rewarded with a deep gash sliced through it’s limb, blood and ichor already welling and spilling from the wound. The creature reels back, hissing in pain.

The creature’s hiss is already loud enough, I do not need it making further noises to alert the Premen. I close the scant distance between us in the hopes of simply crushing the beast against my iron body, but the creature leaps back, out of the tunnel, and vanishes into the swirling snow outside.

The creature has not returned yet, and I have not heard any of the noises it makes for some time. Perhaps it has left? ….Either way, I still have a duty to the yetis to fulfill.

What should I do? Should I continue carving a path into the mountain, in the hopes of attacking them from below? Or should I climb the last few dozen feet to the summit and simply assault them now?
No. 90501 ID: 5aa60d

lets continue to dig, but watch out for that creature.
No. 90505 ID: 7139d7

Why do I have the feeling that attacking the beast was stupid? Oh well, we are a warrior of brutality. Measly fleshthings are annoyances.

Let's get out and climb the little distance left to murder every last preman we find. Tatically mining beneath them is better suited to fighting a army worthy of our ire. For now, it is only a lone hero we must worry about.

Kill everything.

No. 90547 ID: fd9a95

Aw great, now I want a drill arm.
No. 90568 ID: 5aa60d
File 12606541299.jpg - (26.58KB , 500x375 , simon.jpg )

obligatory drill joke, etc.
No. 90571 ID: 7139d7


In due time, in due time. But lets kill these Beastmen first! What? You know it's true.
No. 90648 ID: bbea5d

drilling through the mountain would take way to long. I say, climb the last bit, kill the premen, suck their souls, then dance the night away
No. 90649 ID: 43d730

>Then surf down the mountain on their corpses
Fixed it for you.
No. 90750 ID: bbea5d

dance, surf, basically the same things right? the point being made that metal is awesome and flesh is for the weak
No. 90754 ID: 1831fc

Under. Be careful as you reach where you think their village is. As soon as you've made sure where you want to arrive, use both fists to crash up from under the ground, and make sure you hurry out of the hole. Save your Cannon round for the Premen Hero. Or that beast thing.

No. 90756 ID: 6164e0
File 126067016573.jpg - (3.54MB , 2004x2818 , Premen Hero.jpg )

I…. vaguely recollect being alongside another, older Soul Grave in some battle once, who had its claw arm that could be repositioned so that the blades formed a drill, and the arm could extend while spinning viciously. As near as I can estimate, it was some combination of changes in construction of the arm and claw, as well as some runes grafted on as well. If what I recall is correct, it is at least possible to make such a thing my own, given the appropriate resources and information being gathered.

I decide to abandon the tunnel I have roughly hewn into the mountainside, and return to climbing the rocky outcropping, attentive to my surroundings. Still I find no evidence of the beast’s presence, but I know I did not kill it. …..Strangely, something about it seems… familiar?

Enough. It is time to rein misery and death upon the Premen to feast on their souls as the lament their fate. I crest the summit with the dawning sun, still howling the windy dirge for those I shall consume, and find the Premen warrior from before, recovered, whole, re-armored and still armed with his strange sword kneeling in the middle of the icy field before me, with scores of Premen some distance behind him, on the other side of the clearing. ….Something about the Premen I fought feels… more baleful, more focused now.

I notice a circle inscribed with symbols drawn in blood around the Premen warrior as well as some symbols patterned onto his skin, and amongst the mass of Premen behind him, I see several, long of tooth, with bloodied hands and forearms, their eyes distant. But more importantly, I can feel their souls welling up with power, potent magicks being employed.

What should I do?
No. 90766 ID: 1831fc

He wants a fair fight.

Stay where you are. Let your presence be known by killing one or two of the chanters with the cannon. See if you can aim for three. I'm guessing this is a Ritual of Blood Magic, aimed at enhancing his already powerful abilities.

It will be difficult to kill him. Be on your guard.
No. 90767 ID: f873d3

I would suggest launching our mortars, but we traded our good mortars for something less tactically viable.

So, uh, charge, I guess.
No. 90769 ID: 7139d7

Not the cannon! The blade launcher. Unless we wanna use the sprial cannon on the warrior and just take care of him right now...I don't know if it would be fast enough or if it would launch the body off the mountain top, but it would make killing everybody else much easier.
No. 90770 ID: 325460

Tell me, does the hero premen have a wound on his arm, possibly caused by a saw-blade of some sort? Methinks we might be dealing with a shapeshifter now.
No. 90824 ID: fd9a95

No. For some funny reason I think this is it. I feel the urge to settle this in a one on one fight with him because of respect and all these preparations they have made. I also feel defeating him like this will guarantee a soul at its peak capacity.

On the other hand I think something is up. Something isn't right about the way the Yeti elder looked and this setting. I think we may be working under false pretense. Before we take any action, try and speak with them. Ask them why they fight.
No. 90839 ID: 6164e0

He does not. And that thing I met before, it felt fundamentally different from how fleshlings normally feel, hence why I wonder if it may be a Life Golem of some sort, or perhaps an abomination from the Curse that befell Mosmordre.

….Blood magic is a potent thing, and this setting makes me wary. Something about the yeti elders, and Arkus’s agitation before makes me wonder about why the yetis were so secretive. Is it possible we were sent here under false pretenses?

“For what reason do you assault the yetis? And these Blood magicks here, what are they?”

The abrupt cessation of the powerful wail I had been making nonstop for nearly half a day comes as a shock to many of the fleshlings, who seem to recoil from from the sensation. My voice echoes out into this painful stillness, and I see fear and confusion alight upon the many faces behind the Premen warrior surrounded by blood.

Finally the Premen warrior speaks, his voice deep, guttural, and harsh. I recognize his tongue as one different from the Yetis and Arkus have spoken, yet a soul within me recognizes it at least, and I can understand his meaning.

“The yetis possess mines. Old ruby mines. Once ours, generations ago. Took it by force. We will take back the same way. Or were, till metal warrior slew many of clan’s warriors.

Blood magicks for you, metal warrior. Clan shamans, they ready to combat you, not with my body, but with my soul, my blood.”

…Oh? So an old grievance paid due? Interesting. But this talk of combating me with his soul, and him likey a hero, conjoined with some form of Blood magick, could be a very potent threat, and if the spell is already set up, killing the shamans may release the delay and activate it anyway, possibly the same with the Preman warrior himself. Although there is no guarantee I could not surpass their attempt to destroy me, of course.

What should I do?
No. 90845 ID: 325460

"Fleshling, you've grown even stronger yet. Never did the thought cross me that a creature of mere flesh and bone would stand his ground against my might, but you exceed my expectations. I must admit that I am most impressed. Why I'm almost excited to see what strength you've attained here, and to what heights it could soar given the proper tutelage. Mordre may be a sword and a shield, but Mordre will not be weilded by those who assume I am a fool. I am debted to the yeti for their shelter and gifts, yet I do not wish to slaughter such proud and powerful creatures now that I know the truth. Such a difficult choice. Perhaps an agreement could be reached if I speak on your behalf, what say you, fleshlings?"

No. 90851 ID: 1831fc

Speak of false promises. The Yeti's have used you. They took your 'master' hostage, and have tried to unleash you upon them in a furious attempt to destroy you.

You have two options with this. One, you can fufill the Yeti's will and sow death upon the Premen. We'd kill everyone, possibly get a hero's soul, and take a shit ton of damage from it.

...however, there is another alternative. You could tell them that your 'master' is not fully under their control, and has left you with the option to speak with them. He is offering service to you in exchange for his rescue, and would be more than willing to exterminate the yeti in order to free him.


The first part up too "Speak in your behalf" is good. I say they(The Yeti) betrayed your trust and now is some time for some good old fashioned pay back.

Tell the Premen you desire their other Ruby as well. Maybe they'll let you have it.
No. 90853 ID: bbea5d

Blood magic is evil indeed, and i would prefer not to get involved with it! Fling forth spiked blades, eyes of fire, and a lot of metallic action!
No. 90856 ID: 325460

I see what you mean, maybe we could arrange a meeting between the yeti elder and the premen leader, who I presume is the warrior we're speaking with currently. Normally, I'd just say kill the premen, collect some powerful souls, then turn on the yeti and get that other gem. However, having BOTH an army of premen and yeti at our disposal will bolster the size and power of our growing empire. So I'd prefer to play negotiator first, exterminator later.
No. 90871 ID: 7139d7

>brutalize the infirm and the weak


The hell? No, we are a soul grave. We are a golem of death and steel and true power. We are a general-lord. We do not negotiate. We Terminate.
No. 90879 ID: bebdd2

You know, we got what we wanted from the Yetis, and I'd rather we not get into a fight here. If we could get these two groups negotiating, we could gain allies.

We want to create an empire, remember? We might as well start here. If we could arrange some sort of deal, then both tribes would be indebted to us.
No. 90880 ID: 325460

We may be powerful, but we are only one golem. I am all for destroying the weak fleshlings that dare challenge our might or attempt to use our good graces to serve their own purposes, but this is an opportunity to recruit two powerful tribes under our banner. How do we intend to create an empire if we fucking kill everything just to satisfy the need to further our own power? If that's the case, we might as we kill everyone and start a solitary rule over the empty earth.
No. 90887 ID: bbea5d


I completely agree with this idea!
No. 90908 ID: 6164e0

“So, the mines belong to you, and the yetis took them from you? Well, what now, fleshlings, what will you do now? I broke the back of your horde, I spared the yetis your wrath. All for false premises, for deception. But you are still weakened by my actions nonetheless. Shall you throw more of your lives away against my might? Or are you open to… alternative outcomes to this?

Some of the Premen shamans chanting snap their attention onto me, suspicion radiating from them. The Premen mass about them seems simply occupied with fear.

But the Premen warrior simply stares at me, his knuckles taut as he grips his sword. After a tense moment of silence, he speaks once more.

“We wish mines back. Seventy years, the yetis held the mine, denied us gems, fought us off. If you gave the mines back to us, restored that which once made clan great, there would be no greater thing we could ask for. It is the one thing we crave most, the return of that mine.”

….Hmm. I wonder, could the yetis be made to return the mine, or even share control? It seems unlikely, considering the amount of time this mutual grudge has been building. Although given the right pressures or conditions, it could still happen, I suppose.

So I could simply attack the Premen as I had intended, yield no further reward save that which I claim as spoils of war, and face down the Premen warrior and whatever magicks may be involved in the blood about him.

…On the other hand, the yetis have already given me that which they were to reward me with, and aiding the Premen could end in me claiming the other ruby the yetis possess, as well as the favor of the Premen.

..But my mageling Arkus still resides with the yetis, so far as I am aware. Such a maneuver could potentially risk him. Although there are other mages out there, it could be difficult to force another to serve me.

What should I say or do?
No. 90915 ID: 6faa8c

Let's tell them...You were unaware of the past in this area. You will speak to the Yetis and see what their side of it is.

Using this excuse, return to Arkus and pull his ass outta the fire you're about to start with the Yetis. We're getting more rubies for deffo, and I like the way the Premen work. We could even tell them how you wish to reclaim stolen things as well, get the hero as a companion.
No. 90919 ID: 325460

"Will you come with me then? I want to talk with you and the yeti elder before making a foolish decision. Mordre is not one to forsake his word, but the yeti have hidden their intentions from me long enough. I could wipe the yeti and your tribe clean from the earth, but it would take more time and souls than I would prefer to expend on such a meaningless task. If a compromise cannot be reached, then the snow will be tainted by either yeti or premen blood. Until then, I will keep both sides from tearing away at each other like rabid wolves. That is all I can promise."
No. 90952 ID: fd9a95

Indeed, losing Arkus would be grave, and though we have free will I suppose that is no guarantee that our 'Masters' death wouldn't just shut us off, unless under Golem Ranking system we are our master, then its all cool, 'cept I like Arkus, he has served us well an we made a promise to make him a great mage. If we make it out of this we are going to have Arkus research magic communication in case we get split up again.

Since we have already gone down the peace path it doesn't feel right to just start slaying premen, for any reason. Worst case, the Yeti get pissed and its down to killing them.
No. 90957 ID: 4fd3c6

Kill the Premen. We agreed to do so.
No. 91001 ID: 1831fc


I'm all for these ideas. We should consider taking the Hero back to the Yeti Village.

As we do this, tell the elders that the Premen wish to agree to a truce. Find your mageling, and move him to a safer area. This is going to get bloody.

Destroy the Yetis once they are within range. Hopefully, enough time will have passed so that the blade ammo will have regenerated.

As to why we should side with the Premen, isn't is obvious? A warrior based race, intent on cultivating themselves for their betterment, with an already powerful hero amongst them as a representation of what they are capable of?

The Hero is useful several ways. Not only can he be cultivated further, strengthening his soul to untold levels of strength before his death, but he would be a worthy guardian for our mageling should we ever be seperated to this extent again.

That's my two bits on the matter.
No. 91003 ID: 6164e0

I decide to forgo destroying the Premen for now, in the hopes of finding a conclusion to my current dealings in these mountains that is more beneficial to me, and towards achieving my goals. The founding of an empire could benefit from large, primal warriors like the Premen.

"..Come with me then, I want to talk with you and the yeti elder before I decide what should be done. I did agree to aid the yetis initially, but these veiled secrets, this withheld knowledge, it bothers me. I could scour the mountains of yeti and premen alike if I wished, but I have other goals I need to pursue. If a compromise cannot be reached, then the snow will be stained by either yeti or Premen blood. Until then, I will leave your clan alive and unharmed, until such time I have decided what I must do.”

The Premen stares at me in silence once more, his expression blanks, distant. The shaman chanting behind him start to well with even more foreboding power from the Blood magicks they hold in place, the energies surrounding the Premen hero intensifying.

The Premen hero’s sword whips through the snow, breaking the circle of blood around himself. The shamans flinch as the magicks recoil, finding pain in the redirection of the forces they had summoned. But already the Premen hero is striding over to me, his body tense. Behind him I here and see great tumult among the other Premen, but he pays it no mind.

He stops some eight feet away from me, and addresses me.

“If I must follow metal warrior to protect the clan, then that shall happen. ….But what are metal warriors goals? What reason did you come to mountains for?”

How should I respond? What should I say?
No. 91005 ID: 6faa8c

"My kingdom was destroyed, taken from me while I was forced to slumber. Recently, someone awoke me. I have only one goal, and that is to make a new empire, and strike down the liars and schemers who felled my homeland."
No. 91009 ID: fd9a95

"My people were destroyed and I was forced into a long slumber. I was recently awoken and now I seek strength and understanding. I wish to crush those who slew my people and rebuild our mighty empire. I also seek allies *hint hint*"
No. 91015 ID: 5aa60d

I'm liking the sound of this one.
No. 91017 ID: 1831fc


God dangit, stop taking my ideas before I have a chance to post them!

"I seek allies. Long have I slumbered, only to awaken to my empire in ruins, my people scattered to the winds, and scavengers pecking at the remnants and ruins. This ill justice will not suit me for one moment longer. I have every intention to bring forth the old Empire of Mosmordre, with myself as the reigning Emperor. Your people are mighty, resilient, and valiant, Premen Warrior. I am greatly impressed with how easily you resisted my blows and were able to overcome your wounds in such a short time.

Perhaps, if you present me with a grand reason, I might consider taking you with me. Your skills are powerful, but they could be enhanced further still. Should I decide that the Premen are more valuable than the Yeti's, then I will make this offer to you."

My two bits again. Otherwise, watch for that beast. The Premen might or might not know what it is.
No. 91137 ID: bbea5d

he's 8 feet away! for god's sake fling some fanged blades and fire at his ass!
No. 91155 ID: 7139d7

The Preman did loose the war. Let me remind everyone of that. They lost to us, and they lost to the Yeti all those years ago.
No. 91183 ID: fd9a95

Indeed, but if the Yeti thought they would win now they wouldn't have asked for our help or have gone to the extent of giving us the rubies.

In any case, I want to find out more, especially about what happened when we first got here, with all the "swirls and snarls of Soulfire". This will be settled, if we can, with no more bloodshed and two new allies.
No. 91193 ID: 325460

But we do not know WHY. One preman was strong enough to hurt US, and survive pretty much most of the attacks in our arsenal, and now he has fucking blood magic to amp him up. I don't buy that the premen were simply weak enough to lose to the yeti, and yet strong enough to face us. If the premen are so weak and worthless, then why have the yeti spared them so long? If the yeti are powerful enough to best the premen in their current state, then we shouldn't be needed. Mordre has no need to fight the wars of fleshlings feigning weakness. Let the yeti earn their right to keep the mine if they are so greedy.
No. 91224 ID: 534df4
File 126074875915.jpg - (24.48KB , 300x427 , Detective_Conan.jpg )

Yes it all makes sense now. The Yeti have grown weak. The premen were probably not strong enough to destroy them before, but now they are. They believe they can use us to destroy the premen, and seeing the soulfire light show when we first got here, they very likely have a way to take us out with ease, thus regaining their rubies, all with minimal bloodshed on their part. Its all been a clever ploy on the side of the Yeti. CASE CLOSED
No. 91419 ID: 6164e0
File 126076792489.gif - (49.25KB , 300x300 , congrates.gif )

“My empire was destroyed, obliterated while I was forced to slumber. But now I have been freed from that fugue, and I am to reclaim what was lost. And so I shall forge a new empire under my might, to claim power and glory. To once more make the world tremble before the might of Mosmordre’s craft. And I shall gain vengeance on those who destroyed the Mosmordren Empire.”

The Premen warrior nods, and he drops the tension that had shrouded his body.

“You want to reclaim power too, reclaim what once was yours….. Then will follow you, metal warrior.

..And if metal warrior returns mines to us, helps bring vengeance on yeti thieves….. I, Lorgk, am war chieftain of Drazken Clan. Will bind the Drazken Clan to metal warrior’s might if mines returned, if metal warrior can promise chance of power, growth, conquest. Your strength….. very great. We could learn from metal warrior’s power.”

So, this Lorgk would bind his clan, the Drazken, to my banner, for the price of slaying the yetis and returning their mines to them? Hm, his power is substantial, and he possesses the soul of a hero, no doubt. And even the other Premen that attacked alongside him possessed enough strength to drive spikes and picks through my iron form. Their ferocity is not to be underestimated.

Lorgk and I set off towards the yeti village, as I ponder events.

If the yetis were strong enough to crush the Premen that plague them, they would not have parted with such a dear treasure to gain my services.

…And there were the strange swirls and snarls of soulfire that would connect my gaze with those of the yetis. ….Now that I think on it, that force seemed most intense from the elder yeti shamans. Something involving soulfire, that which sustains me…..


..!? Of course. The only true way to fell a Soul Grave is to disrupt the soulfires that sustain us. If the yetis possess some sort of bond to the magicks involved with soulfire, as the strange behavior of my soulfire in their presence may indicate, and they took the mine they claim as their own, then…..

..Then the yetis may have some means of destroying me, or ensnaring me. …They could even reclaim the rubies they bartered away for this service. And why would the yeti not destroy the Premen on their own? They have grown weak in their prosperity, while the Drazken Clan has been growing stronger, to take the mines back by force. They may well have succeeded, had I not been there.

Mordre has had a Moment of Inspiration, wherein he connected clues he discovered to detect a coming trap! Every time Mordre has a Moment of Inspiration, he will gain a Pristine Soul. At any time, players can spend a Pristine Soul, to boost Mordre’s performance in a given function. The manner in which this boost effect Mordre varies according to what task or action the Pristine soul is used on. At least three posters must elect to spend a Pristine soul on a given action for it to be employed.

Should I simply continue on back to the yeti village, or discuss my conclusions with Lorgk?
No. 91423 ID: 6faa8c

Tell the Premen!
I have an idea. We need to do this carefully:

Remove a few small peices of recognizable armor. Give these to the Cheif, tell him to wear them. Tell them of your realization, that the Yetis have special power over you. You will assist, in your own way, from long distance, but getting close will be the death of you. However, the premen attack will come at a great surprise, and the Yeti's probably will be unable to defend themselves. Get a small group of Premen to rescue your mageling, handing these too small peices of your armor. Tell them if he resists to be nonlethal and bring him back, unwounded, at any cost.
No. 91424 ID: 1831fc

Discuss this with Lorgk. It will be easier to deal with any threats if he actively knows about the trap. Assuage him, though. He'll want to charge in and 'RAGGLE FRAGGLE' at everything. We need to keep him back until everyone is calm, within range, and our mageling is safe.

That's all I've got. Head down to the Yeti when you're ready.
No. 91430 ID: 325460

First, we inform Lorgk of our sudden insight. Then we inquire about the beast we encountered before, I'm not 100% sure that it was even a threat to us, and I'm starting to think attacking it was a bad idea.
No. 91432 ID: 7139d7


Conan, you genius! I knew there was something wrong about those Yetis!


Consolidate power, first. While Lorgk seemingly trusts us, yon shaman has a lean and hungry look. Find those that trust and would follow Lorgk, and suggest we execute those unwilling to follow the new order. Eat souls of those not willing to follow. As for what to do, I suggest going back. Have a loyal Shaman tell us if we're being watched before hand and, if not, just go back. We can get our mageling by ourselves, and lead the yeti's into a trap...or argue that this pointless combat is useless and we can and -will- fuck up the yetis if they disobey us.

Also, a Pristine Soul can be used for permanent upgrades, or a single action of incredible skill and power?


We don't have armor. Except for maybe that silver skull mask, we don't have anything removable to hand out as armor pieces. We're a god damn golem, not an animated suit of armor.
No. 91435 ID: 6faa8c

>We're a god damn golem, not an animated suit of armor.

Damn! There goes my plan of pretending to be beaten.
No. 91440 ID: 534df4

Pretending to have lost... not a bad Idea, it would futher guarantee Arkus' saftey.

I say we allow the Premen to charge while we hang back, far from the view of the Yeti. Ask Lorgk along with some select premen to search for Arkus, avoiding all skirmishes as possible. The Yeti may leave Arkus alone to tend to their no doubt more pressing matters or they may execute him as they no longer have need for him, especially if they have truly given up, they may see it as 'punishment' for us not saving them. Thus the faster we locate him the better.
Hey if we can we can spin it as the Premen showing their loyalty, though I have no doubt as to their loyalty, they may feel the need to show loyalty and prowess.
No. 91441 ID: 6164e0

(Clarification: A Pristine Soul can be spent on any action Mordre takes. If that action directly causes a permanent change in himself [such as trying to make a new model of claw, hand, mortar, etc] then it will be boosted by the use of the soul. However, no outside force acting to change you can be amplified by the Pristine Soul: Mordre has to be the source and maker of change.)

“Lorgk, I suspect the yetis intend to betray me. My Soulfire responds strangely to them, they could be intending to end me once I had acted as their puppet. Tell me, does this sound like something the yetis could do? Somehow manipulate the fallen souls that power me?”

“Yetis draw power from storm, from blizzard, from cold. Death is cold, yeti magicks could extend there. ….Metal warrior feeds on souls of bested warriors, yetis might use that. And yetis deceitful, this known. They stole mine, poisoned warriors, broke Drazken’s strength with trickery. Their deceit does not surprise me.”

That confirms my suspicion, then. The yetis plan to renege on their agreement, and reclaim the rubies they gave me. …But if I am vulnerable to some of their magics, I may need more fleshlings to aid me. Well, if I am to slay the yetis, I will be able to return the ruby mines to the Premen, and thusly earn their allegiance. I could use such warriors now.

“The yetis still possess my mageling, a human male named Arkus. I need him alive an whole to continue serving me. If the Premen could aide me in safely removing the mageling from the yetis’ grasp, Then I would be glad to assist the Drazken Clan in claiming vengeance. And a ruby mine’s ownership could be restored thereafter, in exchange for this service. I will need strong warriors like you to realize my empire, to reclaim what was lost.”

Lorgk looks upon me as he slows to a halt, looking back at the Drazken Clan still visible behind us. I stop as the Premen war chieftain seems to face some inner argument, before he jogs back to the nearby Premen, barking out commands as he does. Some of the shamans and some of the other premen as well seem to argue with Lorgk, who snarls, and roars into the tumult, silencing his detractors. Some ten Premen warriors step forward, some with uncertainty in this course of action plain in their demeanor, but their faith in their chieftan plainly greater than their doubt. To the apparent surprise of all about, including the outright outrage of some of the other shamans, one of the mystic’s number also steps forth, a look of finality stricken across it’s face. Even Lorgk seems shocked for a moment, before he returns to me with the eleven that stepped forth.

“Until metal warrior’s word proven, only those most most trusting of me will follow. Shaman Mingsk follows as well. He can sense magic in blood, will detect mage. We shall assist you however we can, to prove to the clan that following metal warrior could lead us back to greatness.”

Hm… the yeti village is some 70 miles distant, and the day is only now beginning. I have Lorgk, the Preman war chieftain, Mingsk, a Premen shaman, and ten Premen warriors under my command.

Do I have any particular plans to implement, or should we march back to the Yeti village first?
No. 91442 ID: 534df4

Wow, I think I just butchered English.

What I meant was that the Premen may want to prove their loyalty to our cause, though I am beginning to doubt this method..... Screw the loyalty part, ill think more when my head is clear.

So yea, explain the situation to Lorgk, also wean out those of the Premen who do not agree with our grand goal, though im pretty sure they'll follow to their leader faithfully.
No. 91445 ID: 6faa8c

Essentially, here's how it will work.

The Yetis know they hold something valuable to us: Arkus. Under one of two situations, Arkus will die:
1) If it becomes clear that we are allied with the Premen.
2) if it is clear we have lost.

Thusly, we need to be sneaky and decietful. We will recover Arkus first by sending a small group out to flank the Yetis, circling around. The mage detector will go with three other men and recover Arkus in this manner.

The generic shaman will go with three other premen to work at disrupting the Yeti spellcasting.

Lastly, once the previous two are in place and doing their work, the last of the premen and Lorgk will charge with us into the core of thier force and town.
No. 91447 ID: 534df4

OK then. 7o miles... while we can do that no problem, I wonder if the Premen can do it in a day? I doubt it. Our progress will most likely be slowed by them, even if they can outrun us in the day, they still have to rest, we do not.

In any case, as I said earlier, we need a 'retrieve Arkus' team. Also check to see if the Preman shaman can provide us with defenses against the Yeti magic. If so we could actually get into this battle.
No. 91449 ID: bbea5d

wouldn't it be easier to go back to the yeti camp, saying you need a little more time to confront the premen, grab arkus, get out of the town, find a safe place for arkus to hide, then return with the premen?
No. 91451 ID: 45be60

as I understand it, there is only one shaman. he can detect magic.

You know, as long as we are learning how to dig, might it be possible to tunnel in and find the mageling that way? Saves a whole lot of diversionary junk.

I still don't feel right about this double-cross though. All the situational evidence just shows that they could conceivably betray us. The only behavioral clue that they will is that the chief seemed a bit uneasy when we left. I would rather have them try to betray us and then spring a trap, with as much evidence as we currently have.
No. 91458 ID: 534df4

Digging would be too slow, and loud.

Double Cross? It was they who betrayed us in the first place. I understand how you feel about the evidence, but I am not only concerned about how the elder looked, but also the Soulfire show when we arrived. If there is truth in my deduction, it could mean the end of us to trust the Yeti.
No. 91459 ID: 23bee4

Question: can blood magic upgrade us? Just wondering while we're here and we have that nice, big, magic circle on the ground.

Apart from attempting to upgrade us, I see a few methods of attack. First, we go back and hear the Yeti's side of this. We bring our warriors to close to the yeti camp, in case the yetis want to attack us, but we go back telling the elder that the premen said that we we being betrayed and that the strongest preman fled our destruction of the preman village.

Another plan would be to send one or two of our warriors as scouts to find out what's going on. probing assaults here or there, directed on finding out the yeti's strength and just where our mageling is. After a few,we come charging in to the yeti's to 'help' rid them of the stragglers. Save mage, backstab bonus.

Third plan is go in there and fuck up the yeti's as best we can while saving our mage and eating souls.

Seeing as we're going the diplomatic route, I would like to have both sides on our side - deceitful spy rings of ice and death magic wielding mountain men seems useful to me. At the very least we need to take care of some of the elders - those that wouldn't listen to us - and have the rest swear fealty to us.
No. 91463 ID: 325460

Preparations time:
First, we need to have the premen move their tents out of sight, then light a series of bonfires where the camp used to be. This'll give the impression that we've had at least partial success. Next we split into groups for retriving Arkus and having the rest lay in wait for the yeti betrayal. As we walk towards the yeti village, begin howling out that dirge again, see if we can't attract that creature once more.
No. 91478 ID: 6faa8c

>Swear fealty
No. 91737 ID: 6164e0

Plans, machinations swirl about within my mind, and I confer with Lorgk on what I need.

“If the Drazken clan were to relocate and great bonfires left in their place, The fire would be seen clearly for miles, even the yeti could not miss it. If they came to check, they would find you gone, only fire and ash in your stead. I could return to them, claim to have burned your village, but that many of you fled. Thus, I need to see my mageling to change my enchantment to something more suitable. Once I remove the little fleshling safely, we assault the yetis, and reclaim your mines. Will your clan do what it must to make this happen, to allow this plan to work?”

Lorgk looks at me thoughtfully, as he growls out some orders to the warriors following him, who lope back up to the rest of the Drazken Clan along with Lorgk. I follow slowly, eyeing the disrupted Blood magic circle upon the ground, the sounds of gutteral argument echoing about. But shortly a conclusion is reached, and most of the Drazken clan begins bustling about, packing up tents and making stacks of detritus to burn. Four more warriors seem to find this enough cause to believe in their chieftain’s decision, and add themselves to those coming with us. I see only three other warriors among the crowd, but they seem unwilling to do anything but assist the rest of the clan in their exodus.

Lorgk returns to me with his somewhat bolstered force, Mingsk still standing somewhat to the side, and addresses me.

“Metal warrior, what is you name?”
“I am Mordre, the Soul Grave.”

“Then Mordre, Grave of Souls: the Drazken Clan will do as asked, will follow your plan. And if mine does return to us, we shall follow you, be part of Mordre’s wrath and power.”

Our force, consisting of myself, Lorgk, the shaman Mingsk, and fourteen Premen Warriors set out, and I find myself outpacing all but Lorgk as I stride unimpeded through the snow.


After some several hours of travel, I pause behind a particularly large fold of snow-covered mountainside, the position obscured from the direction of the yeti village, and wait as the rest of the Premen catch up to myself and Lorgk. It takes some time, but shortly we are all present.

We are perhaps two miles from the Yeti village, behind an obscuring mound of snow and earth. The yeti village is almost exactly east of us, uphill in a nook betwixt two mountains. The northern mountain is massive and craggy, while the southern mountain is smaller and more curved. Both have downhill slopes toward the yeti village, but the taller, more treacherous looking mountain to the north has no igloos facing it.

The plan was for me to return, present a façade of still hunting the yetis, and extract the mageling. At that point, the Premen would then join me in assaulting the yeti village.

Should I add any extra stipulations to the plan, such as some sort of signal when they should attack, or perhaps to change the location the Premen force waits at to another location? Or should the plan be changed in another way?

What should I do?
No. 91765 ID: 6faa8c

Oh, yes.
We'll call up with the dirge. That will be their signal.
No. 91854 ID: 7139d7

I like this plan. I like a lot. Also, I can't think of any changes - if our mage could check to see if we're being watched that would be awesome. I still want to try and use diplomacy because getting two tribes would be more useful then getting an ally and an enemy.

I'll let someone else pick location.
No. 91895 ID: 1831fc

Hmm... How stealthy are these normal Premen? I know the one surprised you (Lorgk himself, if I recall), but the others may need as much help as they can. I suggest splitting the force - Lorgk, and 6 of the greatest warriors in that group, and Mingsk with the remaining 8. See if Lorgk can't climb up to the position on the steeper slope - This will give you the added ability of having the 'shock troops' strike from behind, while the main force of Mingsk and the others should probably move just behind the other slope.

A signal should be crucial. If they attack too soon, Arkus may be hurt. If it's too late, Arkus can, of course, still be hurt.

Perhaps the sound of your cannon? I wouldn't waste it by throwing it into the air, but aim it towards one of the Yeti huts. This way, you can cause enough confusion to allow the Premen to begin their assault.

Did your Shoulder Blade Launcher rejuvenate? As soon as the first round is fired, make sure to sling that towards any Yeti's that have bunched themselves up.
No. 91901 ID: 1831fc


Two tribes WOULD be useful. However, it's been seen that the Yeti are not capable of being trusted, and have even tried to deceive us into eradicating their enemies for them.

By the by, make sure you try your darnedest to communicate to Arkus how dangerous of a situation he is in. If he's... predisposed with other things (I can imagine that the Yeti's might have trapped him, or perhaps he's been allowed into some collection of old magic books?), then we may have to wait. This could be dangerous. Best have a plan of how we dealt with the Premen.
No. 92389 ID: b5a689


You think they've been deceitful, but you have no proof. In any case, the worst they've done is lied by omission. Is that really enough to warrant extermination?

I still think we should be diplomatic. By all means, kill them all if they attack, but don't be too hasty about it. If there is a way we can make a compromise and bind both tribes to our cause, then we should attempt it.
No. 92396 ID: 6164e0
File 126086221049.jpg - (60.07KB , 300x499 , Yeti Elder.jpg )

“Lorgk, I want you and the six best warriors here to scale the northern peak. Be ready to charge down the mountainside into the Yetis back on my signal. The rest will attack from here, all attacking when I cry out the wailing dirge.”

Lorgk nods and points out six of the Premen warriors with him, who follow as he beings a low, loping trek towards the northern mountains, staying behind snowfalls and rock formations to hide their movement from the yeti. The rest simply settle into their current locations, checking weaponry and adjusting leathers and pelts as they prepare to wait for the signal.

I move out from under the cover of the snow mounded hill, and once more begin traveling towards the yeti village. Even with the relatively short trip before me, several yetis, the Yeti elder and the two elder shamans among them, are waiting for me.

The strange swirls and snarls of Soulfire dance about before my eyes, now dyed a baleful scarlet by the Soulfire’s passage through my ruby eyes. It… is far more intense than it has previously been. …It almost feels….. uncomfortable? I hail the yetis as I stride closer, the swirling symbols buzzing as they whip about before me.

“I have been met with partial success, yeti elder.”

The swirls begin to abate as the yeti elder twitches one of his fingers at those behind him. I doubt I would have paid the act any mind had I not deduced this trap beforehand. The snarls are only nominally noticeable now, as the yeti elder addresses me.

“..Partial, you say, [heart-of-war]? But the smoke can be seen from here, and no Premen were seen upon the mountain.”
“I was able to sack their town, and turn it to ash. But the Premen, they choose to flee. To scatter, and most of them eluded me. That is why I have returned.”

“Oh? And why is that, if your task is incomplete?
“My mageling can aid me, can help me track them. He can alter me to hunt them more effectively. And so that is why I needs must meet with my mage.”

The yeti elder….. says nothing. His brow shifts about for a long moment, before he finally responds.

“…I’m… afraid that the mageling is touring the ruby mines, there are some old glyphs in some of the walls, when he learned of them, he wished to study them. ..Hm, perhaps once [heart-of-war] has tried once more, gone to crush the Premens, perhaps then Arkus will be available, but he is deep in the mines now, and you cannot fit within. Their tunnels are long, and trying to find another group within it can be madness. It would be better to continue as a sword, oh [heart-of-war], then simply wait for the mageling’s return.”

….what should I make of this response?
No. 92400 ID: 331584

Insist that you are let in the mines
No. 92403 ID: bbea5d

except the yetis just told us we're too big to enter...

I think the best course to is to keep insisting that we need Arkus to destroy the remaining Premen, and either convince the yeti elder to send someone down to fetch him, or wait until he shows up on his own. Hopefully he's not being held captive...
No. 92407 ID: 0b9ad4

No. 92424 ID: 325460

Can you not simply bring him to me? The sooner my alterations are complete, the sooner he can return to the mines, and the sooner I can crush the premen survivors. I am your sword, yeti, but this blade is blind without his blacksmith. I also need to ask you about something else, there was a... creature that I encountered during my task, it felt unlike any other fleshling I have previously met. Do you have any clue as to what it might be, or it's purpose in crossing paths with me?
No. 92431 ID: 6164e0

....This does not bode well. The way the yeti elder was so hesitant to respond... it puts me ill at ease.

"I insist, I must see my mageling before I can return to the hunt. Without his assistance, I cannot adequately pursue the Premen. They will simply evade me, again and again. If I must wait while he is fetched, so be it."

The yeti elder once more pauses before responding.

"...If you must wait, so be it. But [heart-of-war] will of course act as our shield while he waits for the mageling's.. return?
"..Very well, I shall remain your shield whilst I wait."

"We are grateful, [heart-of-war]. Feel free to wait where you will.

Again, some unnecessary hesitation, but far less than previously, leaks into the yeti’s demeanor.

Before the yetis can leave, I ask another question, in the hope of learning more about an earlier strange encounter.
“Ah yes, there was some strange, patchwork beast that attacked me on my work as your sword. It fled shortly after being wounded, but the creature… it felt unlike any other fleshling. Do you know anything of a beast like that I encountered?”

“Hmm? I do not believe I have ever seen or heard of a creature that could be called ‘patchwork’. I’m afraid we will not be able to help you learn more of what you encountered, [heart-of-war]."

The yeti elder turns away, and the yetis gathered behind him disperse, the Yeti Elder and the two elder shaman all entering a larger than normal igloo, in the highest point of the village, right at the base of the northern mountain. Now that I look at them, I note one of the elder shamans still carries the staff with the giant fiercely burning ruby within it.

I am now by all appearances alone on the topside of the yeti village.

What should I do? Where should I go?
No. 92435 ID: 325460

We must follow the two shaman yeti and appeal our case to them, only the elder seems tainted by greed. If we are stopped on the way to the igloo, say we are guarding the village from the highest point, should any attackers appear we will remove them with the AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR. If shit goes down we can eliminate our two biggest threats and signal the surprise attack.
No. 92465 ID: 534df4

No. The Yeti are all traitors, or at the very least they follow their elder without question. Informing any of them of our knowledge without taking he proper precautions would no doubt lead to our destruction. The proof of their treachery has been added to by their actions when we arrived. It seems my deductions were correct.

It is very likely that Arkus is already... incapacitated, else the Yeti would have no problem with us meeting him, unless they are on to us.

Good news is that it seems they need the rubies to amlify their energy enough to take you out.

I want to go and talk to them, say "In lieu of my mageling maybe your shamans may assist me" and then get the staff from him and chow down on it... but they may not trust me enough to leave me alone with a shaman. In fact its very likely they don't. So disarming may be difficult.

I cant see a method except making the premen handle the first strike. If anyone has a better idea, please speak up.
No. 92471 ID: 23bee4

We could use our prestine soul on being diplomatic...
No. 92497 ID: 6faa8c

If the premen strike, then we might be able to retrieve Arkus in the confusion.

Then again, they may just kill him.
No. 92512 ID: 325460

At any rate, we should follow the elder and the two shaman to listen in on their conversation and see what they have planned for us.
No. 92513 ID: 1831fc

Make a 'perimeter', and slowly trek back to the larger group of Premen with the Shaman. Quickly ask him to locate the Mageling.

If Alive = go back and say you fear the Premen are getting closer. You did not wish to fire this time to alert them that you know they are here. When Mageling appears, have him climb up on your shoulders, make like you're starting to turn, and BLAMMO! Fire away.

If dead/incapacitated = Wait for a little bit. If they don't show up within a number of minutes, then call out to the Yeti. Tell them you see something on the horizon that their eyes might not be able to perceive. Wait for them to come out, then point to the farthest patch. Tell them you will fire your cannon at them when they are located, and when the few go out to scout (Or don't) BLAMMO!

Yeah, that's all I got on two hours of sleep.
No. 92517 ID: 7ea1ff

they killed our mage
No. 92531 ID: 6164e0
File 12609111471.jpg - (647.69KB , 800x910 , Mingsk wearing Leather Mask.jpg )

I trundle up to the igloo the yeti elder and the elder shamans entered, only to find conversation hush as I approach. After a moment, the yeti elder once more exits the igloo, and looks at me questioningly.

[case]“In lieu of my mageling, perhaps your shamans could assist me?
Their magicks may be able to make the changes I need to hunt the Premen.”[/code]
The yeti elder loses some of the tension in his form as he responds.

“I doubt that, [heart-of-war]. We can command the weather of these mountains to a degree, but metals are not ours to mold with magic.”
“Very well. Then I shall patrol the area, in search of Premen, until such time Arkus has returned.”

“Very well, [heart-of-war]. May you find the foes you seek.”

I depart the village’s area, and take a meandering path back to the hill, finding the Premen still waiting there, eyeing my return curiously.

“Mingsk, was it, you can detect magic, yes? Can you tell me where my human mageling is?”

The Premen shaman responds hesitantly to my query, his words hesitant.

“…I.. have not detected any non-yeti magicks at work, do not know where your mageling is, not for cerain. But… there is…something… off, about a bit of magick I feel. On the southern mountain, I feel a strange magic, not-yeti but yeti-like, being sustained. Other than that strangeness, only yeti magick can be felt.”

Mingsk points a hand towards the slopes of the southern mountain, but I see nothing there. …The fact he does not detect Arkus is troubling to me. Could I be too late?

What should I do? Should I investigate this source of magic? Or take another action?
No. 92555 ID: 6faa8c


They're holding Arkus captive. Ten dollars says that as soon as our deciet is out in the open, something happens with that magic and Arkus dies. Fuck.
No. 92562 ID: 325460

We need to get over there, quickly. But don't make a big scene of it. Whatever this magic is, whether it contains Arkus or not, it is a very bad sign for us.
No. 92608 ID: 534df4

On the contrary, this may be the source of the Yeti magic, that would explain why is not-Yeti but Yeti-like, because the Yeti draw their magic from it, which is why it would seem similar. Unless of course Arkus gleaned some magic from the Yeti and is doing stuff with it.
Other than that I do not know why it would be Yeti-like and not simply Yeti magic.

First off, ensure that no Yeti notice that you came this way. Wander around for a while with the apparent purpose of searching for the premen trail, then head off in that direction.

Oh wait crap. It would probably take hour to go there. I don't think we have that kind of time (lets keep this in mind though).

So I guess its to negotiation then. Aha! Go and request a private meeting with the Yeti Elder. Question time. (I really hope we don't die.)
No. 92636 ID: 325460

Do we remember what the destructive weaken rune looks like? And if we did, could we use it? Perhaps we can tamper with the sustained magic over in that mountain. Also, how charged is our Amaranthine Annihilator? We've been walking for quite some time, it should pack a fairly decent amount of punch. If our diplomacy fails, we are nuking the shit out of that damn igloo.
No. 92648 ID: 6164e0

I possess no magical ability beyond those innately bound within my crafting, and as such, I cannot perform runecraft. This may change if I feast on the souls of a sufficient number of mages.

I contemplate once more returning to the yeti elder, in the hopes of forcing answers out of him…
…But then I decide it is too likely this yeti-like magic has something to do with Arkus, and that I must find my answers there. I continue around to the other side of the hill after telling Mingsk and the rest of the Premen warriors here to stay ready, in the hopes my slightly circuitous route will be perceived as simple patrolling by the yetis. By the lack of any response from them as I trundle up the mountain, I gather it is likely they suspect nothing.

While still untested, since activating the magicks to store power for the Amaranthine Annihilator, I have climbed a mountain whilst carving out handholds in it, I have excavated a short tunnel to fit my stature, and I have traveled more than one hundred and fifty miles by foot, between wandering caves and trekking to and back from the Premen village. I haveto assume that at least some appreciable effect could be derived from storing power from all of these actions.

As I climb higher up the soft, sloping southern mountain, I can feel some strands of World Magic beneath my feat flowing off, towards a shared point, as well as see a resurgence of the snarls of Soulfire that dance before me. I also can feel an otherworldly stillness from the same direction. Upon some appraisal, I find that the strands of World magic, the swirling Soulfire and the sense of stillness all lead me to a small cave, it’s entrance largely blocked off, and too small for me to enter. But nowhere nearby do I see any yetis, or signs of their recent presence: Mine are the only tracks upon this mountainside I can see.

What should I do? Should I try to clear the blockage to inspect the interior of the cave, or should I assault it preemptively in some fashion, in case the magicks inside pose a threat to me?
No. 92649 ID: 6faa8c

Carefully remove the blockage a peice at a time.
No. 92654 ID: 534df4

Remove carefully.
No. 92657 ID: 1831fc

Carefully. Remove. Blocks.

That's all I got.
No. 92674 ID: 5aa60d

No. 92678 ID: 6164e0

I slowly and carefully clear away the debris surrounding the entrance to the cave, doing what I can do disturb as little as possible.

After the path is cleared, I can see…. Something, within the cave.

It looks almost like a mound in the earth, perhaps three feet tall, and misshapen. As I try to puzzle out what it could be, I note that the otherworldly stillness seems to emanate from the object, and the snarls and swirling patterns in my Soulfire intensify while I look at the thing.

Even the redirected magicks of this mountain flow into this structure, and…..

Hm. The paths followed by the appropriated flows of magic seem to trace out a rough humanoid form, seated cross-legged on the ground within the stone formation.

What do I make of that which I have found within the cave? What should I do?
No. 92679 ID: 6faa8c

>rough humanoid form
Is it hairy?
No. 92683 ID: 325460

Breathe in, see if our body reacts to the magic. Touch the mound with our non-saber executioner hand first, if that doesn't kill us, carve away at the mound slowly and carefully revealing the humanoid within.
No. 92692 ID: 6164e0

The mound does not appear hairy, and seems too small to be that of a yeti.

I breathe in deeply, pulling at the magicks around me with my inhalation, to see what may come of it. I see the patterns sharply intensify in my field of vision, and witness the redirected power of the mountain start to tremble, but the structure, both physical and magical, of that before me, remains unchanged.

I cease inhaling (witnessing the symbol immediately recede in intensity), and assess the object more closely.

It seems to be completely whole, without a single crack to it's form. This seems particularly odd, considering the loose rocks and mutlitude of cracks in the surrounding rock.

....And yet the mound appears to be made of the same minerals.

In either event, there is nothing to clear off of the mound. ...In fact, it looks far younger than any other feature of the room: Only a slight smattering of dust and snow has settled on it.

I wonder if some sort of mage or shaman might be able to tell me more about that which I am studying.

What should I do?
No. 92693 ID: 534df4

Before touching it, try to talk to the thing. It may just be sentient world magic, or I should say the embodiment of the world magic. It may understand us.
No. 92704 ID: 325460

We could go fetch Mingsk, but I fear the yeti will discover us. This "human" appears to be holding the entire mountain together, it could be Arkus under the influence of yeti magic, or a mage of outstanding magical prowess.
No. 92721 ID: 534df4

Though I was doubtful before, It may just be Arkus as you say. That would explain the apparent youth of the rock.
I wonder whats going on?.....
Dang, I need more info.
No. 92740 ID: 7ea1ff

What the fuck?

Get a better look, if possible, then greet the figure.
No. 92763 ID: 6164e0

I call out to the formation, in the hopes of eliciting some sort of response.

"Can you perceive me, or hear my words? If you are able, respond to my call."

The lines of World magic flowing into the body abruptly intensify a thousandfold, to my perception the formation becoming a veritable nexus of World magic, far dwarfing the magicks within my own form.

veins of light spread about the body, and I can now tell for certain the form within the rock is a human male, although it's features are largely obscured.

The form's eyes now flow with ocher light, and I feel some sort of incredibly vast attention riveted to this spot. And then the body shivers just slightly, still held within it's cross-legged position, as the head rises, the amber eyes now gazing upon me. The mouth slips open, and strangely jilted, echoing words whisper out, filling the room.

"Percieve? ...Yes, the Well Of Souls is percieved.
Ears now mine, to hear your words, your plea."

...I do not know what is before me, but I feel almost in.... awe, of its immensity. But what is it? What responded to my call?

The thing continues to whisper out more strings of dialogue, the words strangely novel-sounding amidst the whispers.

"Where are you, Well Of Souls, where do you reside?
The shadows filling the Well are perceived, despite this,
The Well is not here, and yet here the same. Puzzling.

What should I do? How should I respond to this.... this thing before me?
No. 92778 ID: 632862

"I know not why you would perceive me this way. Perhaps it is because I am my own master. What are you, then? Can you assist me in some manner?"
No. 92791 ID: 325460

Bare the truth to me, well of souls. The premen and the yeti quarrel over a resource easily shared. The ruby mine has survived seventy years of strife and runs no risk of depleting. What caused the yeti to take the mine, what makes them defend it so strongly? I came to these mountains with a human mage, and I've reason to fear the worst has befallen him due to the yeti. Does he live still, can you sense him? My questions are many, but my time is short, I must make a decision now or lose everything. Anything you can tell me, any direction you can give, I will gladly take, earn if I must. Mordre is before you, well of souls, guide me true in my time of uncertainty.
No. 92888 ID: 6164e0

“I know not of why thou would perceive me this way. Perhaps it is because I have no master to lay claim to me? But what are you, then, being of magic and earth?

“Master? The Well Of Souls is supposed to have a master?
But no, that would not be the cause of the strangeness about you.
It is as if your mind, your will do not exist, yet here you are.
Acting, choosing on it’s own, but no nexus of thought to be found.
You….. are puzzling to my perceptions, Well Of Souls.

But this one has difficulty answering the questions posed.
This one is…. Part of the world, and yet not.
There are no other means to describe this one.
But assist? Why should I assist you, Well Of Souls?
What makes your cause more worthy than others?”

So, it is unwilling to simply offer aid to me. But the potential power and knowledge this… manifestation of Zakrath’s power could lend to me is too great to simply let it be.

“Can you tell me then, the cause of this turmoil? The mines could be shared, the resources used by all. Yet seventy years of bloodshed and strife have passed instead. Why did the Yetis wrest the mines from the Premen? And more, I came to these mountains with a human mage. Do you know where such may be? Mordre stands before you, guide me in my uncertainty.”

“Is it any surprise that a potential source of power is coveted by both parties?
Power is not something easily shared, or split, there is always the urge to gain more.
A human mage, within the mountains there was and is.
But unable to meet you, his body locked away, unable to free itself.
Your mage is still in the mountains, Well Of Souls, still in these frosted lands.
But finding and freeing Arkus are very different things.”

What should I make of this? What other questions should I ask? Or should I do something else?
No. 92892 ID: 325460

How did you come to be? Your presence here is fresh and new, yet you are ancient and ageless. Your power is immense and nearly impossible to measure by mere perception. I wonder, are you the cause of the patchwork beast I met earlier? The magic that radiates to and from this place is incredible, as if it could perform anything. Is this a home for you, or a prison? I must stop this war one way or another, but I'd prefer if both sides could come to some agreement. Mordre is mighty and poweful in his own respect, but he is no fool. I may be a machine of war, but I am no tyrant, slaughtering every fleshling that enters my sight will not help me attain my future goals. What must I do to prove my cause is worthy to you?
No. 92901 ID: 1831fc


Freeing Arkus (Preferably alive) while keeping the Premen as allies. Is this possible?

I fear the Yeti's may be too untrustworthy to keep as allies.

I can't really think of much else to ask that the above poster hasn't covered. Ah well.
No. 93027 ID: 6164e0

“Is this form a prison or a home for you? I still am not sure I understand what you are. But whatever you are, you hold immense power. What must I do to prove my cause worthy to you?”

“This form is neither prison nor home, though it is hoped to become the latter.
What is before you is simply this one’s attention, drawn to a point to express itself.
And now that the point has been found, this one has grown fond of it.
The strife and hate between the yetis and Premen is known, but what is it to the mountain, or the snow?
This one was here before their ancestors first settled near these mountains, and shall be here after they all fall.
What does it matter to me, which way the story unfolds?”[/code]

“But what of the fate of my mageling, Arkus? Can Arkus be saved, and the Premen kept as allies?”

[i] “The Well Of Souls treats the two as linked in some way.
It seems Mordre labors under misinformation.
There is nothing to connect the wellbeing and retrieval of the mageling with that of your potential followers.
But nonetheless, Arkus is lost to you all the same.”

What should I make of this? What more should I ask, or do?
No. 93053 ID: 325460

Why does this particular point foster such fondness in you? Strange that being neither here nor there would choose to root itself to one spot. Stranger still that you would intrest yourself in anything worldly, you seem disintrested in anything else but this mound of earth and the body within. Are there others like you, did they choose to become so, or is that a process decided by fate? And if you would not assist Mordre directly, would you join his journey as a spectator? I assume nothing for I do not know your true nature and cannot speak of it so casually, but it must get bored, no? Are you not tired of simply existing?
No. 93193 ID: 6164e0

“Why does this particular point foster such fondness in you? Strange that a being neither here nor there would choose to root itself so. Stranger still that you would interest yourself in anything worldly, you seem disinterested in anything else but this mound of earth and the body within. Are there others like you, did they choose to become so, or is that a process decided by fate? And if you would not assist Mordre directly, would you join his journey as a spectator? I assume nothing for I do not know your true nature and cannot speak of it so casually, but it must get bored, no? Are you not tired of simply existing?”

“This form is the only one to have been found, and was only found because you called.
The Well Of Souls drew attention to here, and so this was discovered.
Rooted? Yes, this form is rooted, it might end if it were forcibly moved.
But still, to see and hear upon the land is more than I could do before.
My interests do not extend to just this mound of earth, but to all of the land.
Too see, to hear, to perceive this world, that is what is desired most.
Join Well Of Souls Mordre? Could not, no form to move with.
…Although the Well is deep, very deep… perhaps it could hold my attention?
Is this what you offer, to let me reside within your Well, to see through your eyes,
to hear what you hear, and experience the world through Mordre?”

This thing… could reside inside me? It must know I consume that which I hold within, shouldn’t it? So why would it ask? Unless the being is so potent it does not fear my hunger. Still…. The Premen are still poised to attack, and Arkus still needs to be found, reclaimed.

What should I say, or do?
No. 93196 ID: 45be60

Based on what these cryptic clues say, I am going to guess that the Yeti were not lying when they said that Arkus is at the mines, though they left out the part where he is trapped somehow, and they did not wish to anger the heart of war with this detail.
No. 93219 ID: 325460

Perhaps, if we got hold of the burning heart of the mountain, we could bind this spirit within, and then attach it to ourselves. We could gain some small amount of energy and experience from the strong magic emitted from it without dissolving its consciousness within our body. If it turns out that this being is simply so powerful it can resist fading from our consumption, let it in. Also, we might as well try infiltrating the mines, better than facing the elder now and risking Arkus's premature death.
No. 93249 ID: bbea5d

this is redic. Try to comsume the soul within, as it undoubtedly will be very handy, or at least interesting. If this is cannot happen, we should leave these caves and set to killing the yeti, and start the search for Arkus after
No. 93601 ID: 6164e0

"You could exist within my... Well?"

"This is so, Well Of Souls Mordre.
This one's attention could be contained by the Well.
Do you offer me a more mobile point to perceive from?

"What would this entail, to let you in? What would happen should I agree?"

"I could perceive all Mordre perceives.
The Well Of Souls would still function as it should, do not fear.
But know this: I do not wish to lose a chance to observe the lands above.
If the Well Of Souls accepts me, and comes to a point where it could cease to be...
I would commandeer thine form to ensure the Well's continued existence.
But should I do this, Mordre will be no more.
Should this be acceptable, thine mage shall be spared my presence,
Although freeing the mageling from it's predicament could prove dangerous."

...So, the form before me IS Arkus, then. But how has he been warped so, to become a figure of stone, for some... OTHER.. to command his form? I still lack knowledge.

But what I do know is that Arkus is before me in one form or another, isolated from the Yeti Village. I need only worry about damaging the books and parchments on Golemcraft, should they still be within the yeti village.

What should I do? Should I let the being in, even after it admitted it would crush my consciousness should I run the risk of being too damaged to move? Or should I let it be for now?
No. 93609 ID: 6faa8c

Could you revive yourself? If not, it's no difference whether you simply pass away, or the Well takes over.
No. 93750 ID: 25302b

I am curious what it could do to prevent your body from being disabled if it took control.

In any event, potential increase in power and/or knowledge and rescued mageling is valuable. We should discuss exactly what constitutes your imminent demise though. It will not do to lose yourself at the first sign of trouble. In fact, I would prefer a pact requiring us to give over control, rather than allow it to take over any time it feels threatened.
No. 93823 ID: 6164e0

While strictly speaking I cannot revive myself, I can be rendered horrifically damaged (all limbs gone, head destroyed, rents in body) and continue to exist. Granted, restoring myself from such a state would require outside help, but I could recover, given enough time and resources. It seems the entity would be unwilling to give me the time I need for such, though.

"And how is it you propose to prevent my form's destruction by taking control?"

"The land you walk on is mine to guide, to command.
Molten metal would rise to the surface, repair and reforge the Well Of Souls.
The restoration swift, but Mordre would be no more, the form mine alone."

"What determines when you would oust me so?"

"When the Well Of Souls is damaged enough it could not function appropriately for it's setting, that is when this one would claim you.
This one wishes to percieve this world: Through the Well Of Souls.
If this one is convinced Mordre can stay functional, this one will not interfere."

"Perhaps some sort of pact, wherein I must give you control?"

"If you let me in, this one would not aggree to such.
Mordre could not be trusted to give control, as it would mean it's demise then and there.
This one does not wish to see a vessel destroyed because it's owner cannot recognize it's own defeat.
If you let this one in, this one will caution Mordre when it is thought it may have to claim the Well Of Souls to prevent the destruction of it's vessel.
But ultimately, the choice will be this ones, for judgin if the Well Of Souls will become mine.
This one has waited a long time, to be freed to traverse this land.
If this is unsuitable, then this one shall continue to inhabit the mageling bound to this one by it's own actions."

What should I make of this? Certainly, I desire to reclaim my mageling, but letting such a potent entity choose when I end, when I cease to be, bothers me somewhat. Then again, this entity seems to be a part of the world itself: It's knowledge and power are likely staggering, and if it was ameanable to it, it's aid could be incredibly useful.

What should I do? Should I let the entity in, risking my own premature end if I become to damaged in battle to reclaim my mageling, or should I leave it to inhabit Arkus's form to protect my own existence?

(Vote on desired approach. First vote to three wins)
No. 93843 ID: 6f5370

Hey, what if we were to go back to the Small Tomb from a while ago, disable it, and drag it back to the entity? Maybe it could possess that instead if it's willing to wait?
No. 93844 ID: 325460

Sometimes, willful ignorance of the concept of defeat can make one stronger. Sometimes, defeat itself can make a vessel stronger should the spirit be willing to cling to life. You would be surprised to see how far any mortal creature can struggle to survive in the face of death. Mordre knows bravery, but he will not rush headfirst into the grasp of death. Mordre knows self-preservation, but there will be times I must continue to fight, even if victory seems impossible. As long as you and I have come to an understanding, my vessel shall be yours as well; formless one, I will give you form. I'm guessing Arkus is really gone, yes? I presume he took the same offer you give me now, and to preserve this vessel, it was sealed into this rock. Am I correct?
No. 93888 ID: 7139d7

I actually like this plan.
No. 93889 ID: 6faa8c


No. 93989 ID: bbea5d

take the spirit
No. 94006 ID: 632862

Take it.
No. 94042 ID: 7139d7

Just so we know: Is this 'yes' for putting the Well of Souls into the Small Grave we found before, or getting the Well of Souls into us?
No. 94045 ID: 325460

The "Well of souls" is the name that this spirit has chosen to call us by. And majority of the recent posts are for accepting the spirit into Mordre. As for the small tomb, I'm not even sure if we could "disable" it long enough for this spirit to inhabit the tomb. It shrugged off our attacks last time, and if we use our death gaze, we might just destroy it altogether.
No. 94288 ID: 6164e0
File 126120470436.jpg - (70.52KB , 800x600 , The Spirit Takes Up Residence.jpg )

So long as I am wary of truly daunting challenges, this arrangement would pose no threat to me. And perhaps Arkus can be restored somehow... hm, Mingsk mentioned the magic being yeti-like, perhaps he or a yeti shaman could yield more information on what Arkus' current predicament is.

In any case, the spirit must first exit its current host, which requires me to be the new bearer of its attention.

"Very well, you may claim a pace within my form, To observe the world as I travel."

"Then let it be so."

The nexus of power inhabiting Arkus' warped form convulses, and jets forth, flowing into and around the magicks that sustain me. The process is staggering, but over swiftly: I can feel a presence within my mind, like an eternal audience member perched upon my shoulder, watching all I see and do.

Arkus' rocky form is once more tethered to the mountain only by the few flows of it's magic that he claimed, his condition stable, if not mobile.

What should I do? Should I begin the assault on the yeti village (If so, how should I go about it?)? Or should I attempt to locate the documents salvaged from the ruins I slumbered in?
No. 94470 ID: 6faa8c

We should...
We know where Arkus is.
We begin the assault. Cry the dirge and charge with the premen! The yeti's trickery must end here!
No. 94471 ID: 78f480

I doubt the first thing the yeti's think of when they are suddenly under attack from a foe they thought driven off is to burn a few books their sword had brought with him. Besides, other books can be found.

Begin the assault.
No. 94494 ID: 325460

Let's not be too hasty in starting the assault. We need to part the elder from his shaman, if we just rush in with the premen, they will just blast us from their igloo. We need to go up there, lead the elder to Arkus's binding place and kill him discreetly. Then we tell the premen to kill everyone and capture the yeti shaman for later questioning.
No. 94848 ID: 6164e0

I begin crying out my wailing dirge, keening into the wind in it's strange, piercing manner, I begin making my way back to the yeti village as quickly as I am able.

An idea occurs to me: The yetis do not know yet that I can even make this sound, and it is built around sounding very similar to wind. In theory, they should not find the noise to be of immediate concern, it being too similar to wind whistling and whispering by. I doubt any flesh throat could ever make such a noise, not in the manner I do.

They may think me coming to defend them, if I withhold fire for a time, allowing me to close and make certain the immediate demise of the elder and the shaman with him, likely my greatest threats, before striking.

I continue to trundle along as quickly as I can, and spot Mingsk peering my way before signaling to the eight Premen warriors beside him, as they all rush out and begin the charge from behind the distant hill. I do not yet see Lorgk or the six warriors that he took to the northern mountains on the opposing side of the yeti village, even as it begins to notice Mingsk's force.

Cries go out, and shortly the yeti elder, the elder shaman and some few others of their number, perhaps nine in all, begin to group together. They begin talking amongst themselves, as f yet still oblivious to my presence.

Currently, I am perhaps some 700, 750 feet away from the yeti Village still partly on the southern mountain. It will take me a little over half a minute to get close enough to employ my blade launcher, longer to get close enough to use Soulfire or my melee implements. Mingsk and the eight Premen warriors are some 900 meters away, and with the snow hindering their puny flesh bodies to some degree, they will likely not reach the yeti village for a minute, at least. Lorgk and his six warriors are still nowhere to be seen. I am still making the keening noise at the moment.

What should I do? Should I try to close more distance to avail myself of more of my arsenal before striking? If so, how much farther, a specific numerical amount, or until something happens, such as the yetis noticing me, or Lorgk joining the attack? Or should I use the Anti-Golem cannon and (possibly) the Amaranthine Annihilator now, while I am still completely unnoticed?
No. 94850 ID: 6faa8c

Find yeti shaman.
Kill yeti shaman.
Preferebly with the Annihalator for irony.
No. 94882 ID: 20c6ce

It's time to test out the Annihilator.
No. 94930 ID: bbea5d

spot on
No. 95026 ID: e0d071

I don't have a specific numerical value, but keep going until you are within range of both the Yeti and the premen. After that it would probably become obvious that you do not intend to stop them.
THEN LET LOOSE THE AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR ON THE YETI!!!!!! (Aim for the shaman. I want him out, and hopefully the elder will survive long enough for us to get there and deal with him up close and personal)
No. 95039 ID: 6164e0
File 126129083584.png - (19.88KB , 800x600 , BLUE BEAMU.png )


I decide to withhold fire for the moment, to get closer to the yetis and the impending Premen force before attacking.

After five seconds, the yetis seem to finally notice my presence.

After five more seconds, after the Premen force under Mingsk comes within my range and goes unmolested, I see the yetis once more looking at me intently. This is as close as I shall go before engaging them, they will likely surmise my intent soon if I try to prolong things.

I affix my gaze firmly on the elder shaman clutching the staff with the massive ruby gleaming atop it, and trigger the magics.


The snowy landscape about me is dyed brilliant scarlet by the blinding light before me, a ruby beam connecting my gaze to the elder shaman. For a brief instant, the elder appears uninjured, before his body explodes, frozen chunks hurtling outward, his own iced flesh now shrapnel that rends at those near him.

But that is not all that occurs. Simultaneous to the nearly instantaneous freezing of the elder shaman, walls of crimson fire wash out from him, immolating everything near him with the clinging flames of Soulfire. Five other yetis about him go down writhing as their flesh and bones burn away, the fire still spreading outwards.

But the yeti elder and the other elder shaman survive, the ruby adorned staff now in their possession as they begin to retreat towards a nearby igloo. Mingsk and his forces are still too distant to be able to engage the yetis, are closing the distance.

I see three yetis all raise their arms towards me, and I start to see snarls and swirls in the Soulfire creep into my vision. I am still some 450 feet away from the village.

What should I do?
No. 95041 ID: 6faa8c

Charge and crush the igloo with them inside. Continue pummeling it until there is no doubt at all they are dead.
No. 95043 ID: bebdd2

If the AMARANTHINE ANNIHILATOR still has a charge, fire it at the surviving shamans. If it doesn't have charge left, fire a disk-mortar at them. If you can sprint 450 feet in less time then it takes them to kill you, crush them. It doesn't matter how, just drop 'em before they can cast.
No. 95059 ID: 6faa8c

Changing to:

Shoot the younger one. Both with the annihalator and the cannon. If not in range of the latter, move in. Once the youth is/are dead, charge after the others, listing your grievances in a concise, clear manner.
No. 95080 ID: f3db7b

Path 1: "Spirit, I require your assistance"
Path 2: signal Lorgk to ambush
Path 3: Blade launcher
Path 4: I assume the annihilator is one shot per charge, if not beam em.
Path 5: all of the above
No. 95101 ID: 6164e0

Currently, I am still too far away to employ the blade launcher, it's maximum range being 250 feet, a full two hundred feet short of the targets.

I plunge my steel fist into the ground, momentarily halting my advance on the yeti village to stabilize the Anti-Golem Cannon for firing. As I line the cannon up on the middle yeti of the three casting at me, I see the snarls of Soulfire become complex enough I see hints of symbols.

With a tremendous boom and massive recoil, I fire a thirty pound spiral bladed spike, which simply disintegrate everything above the waist of the yeti it strikes, and throwing up massive gouts of snow and dirt as it plunges into the ground. The surviving two yetis move to shelter themselves from the debris, and the snarls in my Soulfire vanish. Excellent.

I wrench my hand from the ground and once more begin my charge, eating up the distance as swiftly as I can.

More yetis pour out of the igloos, these ones armed with clubs and spears, some thirteen in all now setting up to repel the Premen force Mingsk is leading, still some few hundred feet away from the village.

As I continue my charge, I see the yeti elder, as well as the surviving elder shaman, make their way to the igloo at the rear of the village, in the shelter of the craggy northern mountain.

It is at this point that I see Lorgk stand up on a small ledge on the northern mountain, and leap out into open air some forty feet above the ground, his sword held in a steady grip over his head.

I see him cleave a gory path through the elder shaman, completely bisecting the old yeti as he lands heavily, snow scattering all about from the impact. The cleaved, broken innards of the shaman drip from his sword as he rises to snarl at the yeti elder. I can see the six warriors sent with him leaping free of the mountain into the village, each pouncing on a yeti, snuffing out their lives with their savage strength.

But the yeti elder did not hesitate, even when death came from above. He grabbed the staff with the ruby from the now dead elder shaman before it could ever hit the ground, and the ruby starts to burn with a terrible light, the snow near the yeti swirling around his form.

With Mingsk's force still traversing the battlefield, the thirteen armed yetis turn to aid their elder.

Lorgk starts a frenzied whirlwind of heavy blows, but somehow, the swirling snow seems to push aside the blade, again and again, keeping the yeti elder safe. While they fight, the yeti warriors close on the struggle.

I am now some two hundred plus feet away from the village, finally in range to employ my blade launcher.

I also note the two surviving yeti shamans are resolutely resuming their magical assault on me, as they raise their arms, once more causing snarls to form in the Soulfire before my eyes.

What should I do? Should I target the yeti warriors moving to aid the elder, or attempt to destroy the igloos, to hinder any further warriors from coming out to defend the village? Or should I fire on the yeti elder himself?
No. 95107 ID: 6faa8c

Firing on the elder will only be a bad idea.

Assault the youth harder. You have to get closer and then shoot them with AA, or beat the crap out of them. once that's done, assist Lorgk.
No. 95121 ID: 6834bc

Take out the immediate threat to yourself - the shamans. Then concentrate on eliminating their backup.
No. 95325 ID: 6164e0


The shaman targeting me are the most clear threat at the moment, they must be dealt with first. Regrettably, they now stand too far apart for a single blade to strike both of them, leaving me at most four blades to employ towards any other purpose.

Two massive circular blades jet forth from my right shoulder, zipping through the air towards the two yeti. One does not see his impending doom quickly enough, and is bisected at the waist, the circular blade skipping off the snow behind him and smashing into an igloo, demolishing it, before finally settling. I see the yeti feebly struggling to move as it's entrails spill out, blood and gore staining the stark white snow about it a brilliant haemetic hue.

The other yeti, however, possesses enough attentiveness to recognize his impending doom, and tries to drop out of the way of the blade, but to no avail: The blade simply tears it's head in twain, and it's body drops lifelessly to the ground.

Ah, what luck: The second blade, upon rebounding from the ground due to it's shallow angle, disembowels one of the yeti milling about in a panic, who drops to the ground clutching it's spilling guts, wailing in pain. One of the Premen Warriors that went with Lorgk leaps atop it's prone form, and tears the wounded yetis' face off before crushing it's head and bounding off, seeking more slaughter.

Well, there are no more snarls in the Soulfire about my visage: but the reinforcements moving to aid the yeti elder have clsoed considerable distance, only forty feet away from Lorgk and the yeti elder's struggle.

I discharge all four remaining saw blades from my shoulder, releasing an iron hail of death upon the reinforcements. Only one notices the agony and death hurtling towards them, far too late: The snow is spattered red as seven of the thirteen charging yeti warriors are maimed or killed outright, only six still able to move on to aid their elder.

I see Lorgk spare a quick glance towards me as he continue striving to reach the yeti elder's flesh with his sword, still impeded by the mystically redirecting snow shield about his foe. Two of the warriors that went with Lorgk move to engage the surviving yeti warriors, to prevent them from interfering with their chieftain's contest.

I also not some sixteen more yetis have armed themselves, and are preparing to meet Mingsk and his force of eight Premen warriors charging uphill to meet them, still some ten seconds away from making contact.

I am still now just shy of two hundred feet distant from the yeti village: Should I move to assist Mingsk and his force, or move to assist Lorgk against the yeti elder? Or should I work to prevent any more yetis from arming themselves and joining the fray, destroying the entrances to as many igloos as I can to keep those underground from reaching the surface.

What should I do?
No. 95329 ID: 6faa8c

Stop the arming of the Yeti. The snow shield may well redirect your blows into Lorgk, and the Premen can handle that many Yeti.
No. 95345 ID: 7139d7

Agreed, start stopping the new attackers. Also, suck souls! Eat'em up yum! And uses that damn spirit of the earth to stop that bloody snow!
No. 95430 ID: f3db7b

Stop the new soldiers and eat the souls of the fallen.
No. 95765 ID: bbea5d

destroy the igloos, then help lorgk
No. 95844 ID: 6faa8c

Burn up the pristine soul to destroy that Elite. YOU ARE HUGE
No. 95845 ID: 6164e0
File 126138899628.jpg - (272.89KB , 1600x1318 , Yeti Hero 2.jpg )

I charge onwards towards the village, not to aid Mingsk, nor to assist Lorgk, but to cut off any more potential reinforcements, to keep this battle from going against us.

As I cross the remaining distance towards the village, an additional seven yetis emerge, armed with heavy spears with bronze tips. They see my form hurtling towards them, and one, at least, has the spine to be the first to charge, to inspire his brethren to assault me.

As I crush his skull between my fingers like an overripe melon to reward him for his bravery, I sweep Sable Executioner in a vicious arc, scything through bellies and spilling a plethora of innards upon the snow, the blood and gore steaming in the cold as their owners collapse in agony. Some three still stand, but break and begin fleeing.

It avails them not. I run them down, and trample over them, their bones snapping like brittle sticks, their hides bursting as their forms are crushed beneath my heel.

Now that I am finally in the yeti village, I begin smashing what igloos I can, four becoming icy rubble before me in short order. No further forces shall come out of those particular tunnels, not in this contest.

...Yes, this is my chance, in the chaotic swirls of combat, to claim what souls are present. Even now, the souls of both elder yeti shaman permeate the battlefield, and other dead are spattered across the area. I shall feed, here and now, not just to gain access to the souls of mages of a certain sort, but also to sow despair amongst those I face: For what can be more disheartening than seeing the souls, the very essences of your kinsmen, damned to serve as fuel amidst fiery agony for the very destroyer ravaging their home. I open my mouth wide as I swirl my hands above the corpses near me, one of the elder shamans and those three fools that dared try to assault me with magic among them, and feast on the yeti souls.

+11 souls (total souls 69)

Consumed New Soul Type: 'Yeti'
Consumed New Mage Soul Type: 'Yeti Shaman'

I see despair in the faces of those yeti that see me feast, and I delight in their pain, their horror. Their hands and bodies will be slowed by their state, one of the many frailties of fleshlings. I am a Soul Grave, and by the end of the day, I intend for this whole wretched village to be entombed within me, their souls mine forevermore.

...Strange, I can feel... something, from the shamanic souls I consumed. Something.... new, different. But it is faint, difficult to pin down..... I can make little out of what this change may have wrought in me at the moment.

I snap my gaze about the battlefield, to assess the condition of my forces.

Mingsk and his eight warriors have now engaged the sixteen yeti defenders from downhill. The numbers and terrain both favor the yeti, and the Premen force does not look to be fairing well.

Conversely, Lorgk's six warriors are doing an admirable job of preventing any of the nearby yetis from interfering between Lorgk and the yeti elder, still locked in a vicious struggle. The yeti elder continues to push away Lorgk's attack with the swirling snow about him, yet the strikes seem to be reaching closer to his hide now.... and the ruby atop the staff the elder holds now burns far more brightly.

...And another surge of of reinforcements exit one of the remaining igloos, some six more warriors armed with clubs.....

..And one more, a yeti far larger than those around him, bones adorning his form like trophies, and bands of metal secured to his form as well. He leers at me, as the six yeti warriors charge off to fight Mingsk alongside the other yetis engaging him, while the massive, bone-adorned yeti starts loping up towards Lorgk and the yeti elder.

What should I do? Should I move to help Mingsk, or perhaps Lorgk? Or should I instead continue destroying igloos (seven remaining, including the one leading to where I resided whilst I served the yetis, and the elder's igloo)?
No. 95854 ID: 1df499

help Lorgk
No. 95870 ID: 325460

Engage yeti hero in combat, punch his head until he stops moving(our fist still has the ghost spikes, right?), consume soul, resume destroying igloo openings.
No. 95878 ID: 96dac0

Mingsk's forces have greatest need of your aid. Provide it.
No. 95909 ID: 8eb443

If Mingsk and the other Premen look like they can handle themselves, attack this new Yeti.
No. 95978 ID: 78f480

If they are in range, attempt to slow down the bone laden yetis with a breath of soul fire. Then, run off to support Mingsk, who is in greater need of support.
No. 96263 ID: 7139d7

Note: Our last Hero became an ally, one who we should go and help. This Yeti might just do the same.
No. 96294 ID: 6164e0

Lorgk has his hands full with the yeti elder and that ruby-topped staff of his, and this bone adorned yeti looks to be formidable for a fleshling.

So I shall make getting to Lorgk and the elder.... difficult... for the yeti.

I stand tall, waves of heat emanating from my mouth.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 66 Minimum: 12]

A torrent of fire, a veritable inferno roars out of my mouth, spewing across the snowy landscape betwixt the bone adorned yeti and Lorgk. I see a rage filled snarl tighten the yeti's face as he skids to a halt, walled off by the towering conflagration.

I do not stay to bask in the impotent rage of the yeti as it moves to try and travel around the fire, as Mingsk and his eight... now seven warriors are struggling against collectively twenty-odd yetis in a semi-entrenched formation, the fighting hectic, frenzied, and desperate.

But I wonder, how well shall the yeti defensive formation face a new threat approaching from uphill behind them?

I aim to find out.

I crash into the rearmost yetis struggling against Mingsk, grabbing up one of the yeti and collapsing it's torso as I crush it into pulp in my grasp, sweeping the Sable Executioner out two impale two more yetis on my claws. As their blood and gore further stain my limbs, I toss the bodies aside, as some eight of the yeti turn to fight me while the rest continue to fend of Mingsk and the rest of the Premen, who now fight with renewed vigor, desperate to take advantage of the shifting tide of battle.

The yeti before me are spread about me in a hemisphere, each giving themselves a wide berth to move about, and attempt to avoid my attacks. Nonetheless, they are withing arms reach.

What should I do? How should I assault them? (Note that if Soulfire is used on the yeti, chances are high that the Premen will be struck as well)
No. 96321 ID: 632862

I'm thinking we break through their line, ignoring the puny weapons they have. Join up with the premen and begin to work with them to turn the tide here.
No. 96401 ID: 7139d7

Soul-sucking and swat them with your claws seems easy enough. Team up with Mingsk for some awesome asskicking action.
No. 96462 ID: 6faa8c

>within arms reach
Grab, crush, throw at the chief.

Put on trollface.
No. 96463 ID: 6faa8c

>at the Elder, rather
No. 96552 ID: 325460

Just start tossing dead bodies at the yeti, it'll keep them off balance long enough for the premen to get the advantage.
No. 96557 ID: 96dac0

No. 96773 ID: 6164e0


I barrel into the yeti forces, blazing a path towards Mingsk and the seven surviving Premen warriors about him. He sees my approach, and unslings a small, crude brazier from his side.

He then proceeds to cut open his forearm, pressing the cupped hilt of the knife to the wound, funneling it into the brazier. He grins as he pulls open a stone box slung about his waist, flicking a coal into the brazier now filled with blood.

I feel magic build and well about Mingsk, then abruptly crack down into the brazier, where a pitch black smoke has started to pour out and about.

I reach his side in time to fend off a yeti that got to close with impalement on my claw. I glance down at Mingsk: Clearly, he is building some sort of magic.

But now that I have joined their side, the Premen seem more confident. The yetis resisting our combined might... less so.

I become the spearhead of the reinvigorated assault by the Premen forces, taking on some five defenders at once in a bid to break the yeti resistance here and now, so that we may go to regroup with Lorgk and his few warriors.

All but the leftmost one hold clubs, the last carrying a heavy spear. I can see in their eyes they know how useless their weapons are against me.

I bring my left hand down in a heavy arc, looking to crush one of the yetis that came too close, but it leaps aside, avoiding pulverization... for the moment.

But it does not get up again fast enough I sweep my grasp forward, and catch hold of it's torso. I can see the rampant fear and realization of impending doom in it's face as I collapse it's ribcage, pulping it's organs to paste.

One my right, I have been sweeping out wicked strikes towards those that come close enough, yet thus far, the only thing that has been cut has been their clubs, now chipped and hacked to smaller dimensions from my assault. Finally, two step too closely to each other, and stumble when they try to dodge my next strike. I tear both in half with a single gory arc or Sable Executioner.

Now but too stand before me for the nonce. I can feel the building fear and despair in them.

And I feel it snuff out as I bring both my steel left fist and my right arm's claw, The Sable Executioner, catching the two in my closing grasp, rending and crushing them in turn. I flick the chunky gobbets of meat and bone off of my hands as I continue to charge up the mountain, the Premen building on my momentum.

Shortly the yeti break, and are cut down as they try to turn and run, trampled beneath our advance.

But as we crest the hill, one still stands to block us, backed by the curtains of fire walling of Lorgk and the yeti elder in their struggle: They yeti adorned in bones and fangs.

Mingsk comes to a halt beside me, his eyes widening as he looks at the yeti: he seems to recognize him.

"Metal warrior, Mordre, I must finish my enchantment, must bring it to Lorgk.
Can you keep Fang-Taker from stopping me. Can you fell him alone?"

The burly, hulking yeti, partly armored in metal, and decorated with dozens of fangs, some over a foot long, begins to walk towards us. I can feel.... something.... building in him, some pressure about his soul.

Mingsk looks pressed for time: He seems to clearly believe he must get the spell he is working on to Lorgk soon, just as clearly as he believes this Fang-Taker to be a genuine threat to that.

Fang-Taker begins walk faster, clutching an over-sized fang in each hand. The pressure about his soul grow even further, and I can feel some sort of supernatural potency starting to build in the fangs about his form.

What should I do?
No. 96777 ID: 6faa8c

This Fang-taker is now our priority.

If we have any charge of our AA left, blast him with it, but aim for a limb. If we have any disks or mortars left, launch them. If you can soulfire again at him, do so. Then barrel directly at him and hit him with soul spikes, then the Executioner!
No. 96792 ID: bf87b9

It seems Fang taker has been enchanted by soul magic, we should be careful.
Try the AA, we have been doing a lot of moving
then close and soulfire, when he dodges try to grab him and suck out his soul
No. 96838 ID: 6164e0

While nowhere near as charged as before, I once more trigger the enchantments in my eyes, hoping the blast will have effect.


A thin thread of ruby light bolts through the air, striking Fang-Taker in the shoulder in a cluster of bones and bronze. The armor and bones immediately warp violently, wrenching themselves away as they disintegrate. However, other than the now unarmored shoulder, Fang-Taker looks unharmed and undeterred.

As far as I can tell, there is no soul magic about him, but.... I sense a great collection of Will about him.... either way, I suspect his fangs shall be potent. I shall endeavor to give him no chance to use them.

My mouth is once more shrouded in heat as I prepare to unleash the fires in my core upon Fang-Taker.


[-3 souls. Total soul count: 63 Minimum: 12]

As I exude a massive plume of clinging Soul-fueled conflagrations towards my foe, I charge forward, plunging into the very fires I exhaled. Still charging, wreathed in flame, I emerge to find Fang Taker crouched before the fire, a fang held tightly in each hand, and ones strapped upright to each leg.

Both arms are equally distant from Fang-Taker, and the wall of fire is still advancing forward. Fang-Taker is some eight feet before me.

What should I do?
No. 96839 ID: 6faa8c

Bring both arms up, then down on him. If he dodges to either side, swing at him with both hands to hammer into him.
No. 96855 ID: 6164e0

In my charge amidst a veritable wall of onrushing Soulfire, I sweep both of my arms down towards Fan-Taker, content to either crush or rend him.

But as my arms descend, they yeti leaps upwards, straight onto my oncoming left arm near the elbow. He swings his arms downward, his legs upward, the fangs on his body now making his entire form look like one giant jaw closing around my arm. A faint image of a massive beast's skull flickers into being as he snaps the fangs shut about my arm.

And the fangs dig into my iron form, shredding through the metal like it was flesh. After having wounded me so with whatever power it is his Fang trophies hold, the yeti leaps free, hurling himself through the air to escape the fire.

But I lunge forth with both of my arms, striving for his form. Fang-Taker turns in the air, and displays a bristling wall of fangs at my encroaching assault. But my steel fist slams into them all the same, the ghostly knuckles piercing through the yeti's magically imbued armor of bones. The yeti flinches as it pushes off of my fist, managing to land upon a nearby igloo, outside of the range of the fire.

I look down at my arm, and test the joint. ....It works still, but it is not as pliant as it was before. And my fist is now dimpled with several puncture wounds, but likewise still serviceable. ....Strangely, the spirit of Thomro The Strong seems to be stirring within my fist, his individuality starting to resurface in some vague manner. What could this mean?

I glance off to see Mingsk and the six Premen still alive amongst the eight that followed him successfully rounding the corner of my earlier gout of flame, on their way to Lorgk's location to aid him against the elder.

I look back up to Fang-Taker, now crouched low on the top of the igloo, blood seeping from his side, but his face only showing rage. He is some twelve feet away from me, ten feet off the ground.

What should I do?
No. 96863 ID: 6faa8c

We must claim this soul!

But don't charge right at him. Throw whatever is available at him, rocks, igloo pieces, Yeti, and yeti weapons. Enrage him into closing the distance himself, and wait for him to commit to a full attack.

When he does that, slam your spike fist directly into what ever body part he ISNT attacking with! If he's doing that body-jaw BS, hit him right in the spine! If he attacks as if holding a blade, aim for the chest! And so on.
No. 96869 ID: bebdd2

If Thomro The Strong resurfaces, he may attempt to escape. It would be best if our fist was not damaged further.
No. 96880 ID: d8ba70

Thomro! Returning!!
This either means that this fight is just what he was longing for and has grown stronger with the will to fight or that he was encased in your are and is about to escape.....
For a fight plan, this.
No. 96897 ID: 6164e0

Hm.... Thomro is irrevocably bound to my fist and will, now that I have consumed him he is mine completely and forevermore. But this stirring of his will... it could mean his soul resonates with that of the yetis? Interesting.... I look forward to feasting on this one.

I approach cautiously, standing my ground amidst the flames, and begin wrenching free blocks of ice from the igloos, boulders from the ground, some corpses, all burning with Soulfire, and begin heaving them at Fang-Taker. The first few throws are somewhat clumsy, and the yeti dodges them with ease.

But on my fifth throw, I feel the form of Thomro's soul within my fist... shift.

The next boulder I hurl, the very moment it leaves my grasp, is seized by some unseen force, and bolts forward amidst a crack of thunder in the air. I also note that I can not see the ghostly knuckles about my hand anymore.

It collides with Fang-Taker's shin, spinning his form about like a rag-doll midair, before he tumbles to the ground behind an igloo.

Hmm... a most interesting turn. I focus on my left fist closely, and... ah, there it is: A Soul Nexus is starting to form in my hand. If I can feast on this yetis soul, it will likely be complete, based on the way Thomro's soul is getting so involved in this: It must be resonating with Fang-Taker.

Fang Taker burst out from behind the igloo, some bloody etches carved into a few of his fangs, his own arms bleeding.... hm, it seems his bone armor prevented a break, his leg seems fine.

I continue to bombard his location with miscellaneous debris, each time watching the projectile abruptly achieve radical speed the moment it leaves my hand. Fang-Taker is desperately devoting his whole focus to dodging the materials I heave at him, unable to approach me, safe within my shelter of Soulfire.

And then Fang-Taker is leaping through the air, his soul's ambient pressure about him and the fangs he bears abruptly exploding, the images of dozens of massive predators all seem to flow about the yeti, before condensing into some sort of spectral monster skull armor, the Soulfire flames not able to reach him.

His rather impressive resistance to the powers of the Soulfire flames about me aside, I had hoped and planned for him to charge me.

..He seems intent to simply go straight for my throat, his fangs arrayed all before him: So I shall crush him from the side.

I swing my left fist up, swiping a heavy blow at Fang-Taker, looking to slap him down to the earth with the strange accelerating power I now possess.

And once more, I feel Thomro's soul warp, the Soul Nexus continuing to form.

And as my open palm and outstretched fingers collide with Fang-Taker's side, his torso unprotected by his fangs, I witness a veritable sea of spectral spikes erupt from my hand, eating through the warrior's armor and shredding much of his torso as I slap him to the ground. I also note the acceleration ability seems to be restored, as a bit of earth I flick off my finger hurtles away across the mountainside amidst a tiny crack of thunder.

Fang-Taker has crashed into an igloo, and is trying to extricate himself from the wreckage, severely hampered by injuries. He is currently some ten feet away. I have him.

How should he die? And what should I do after I consume his soul?
No. 96899 ID: 6faa8c

Beat him to death. No spikes, no assistance, just pulverize him. Consume the soul as soon as it starts to leave.
No. 96903 ID: bebdd2

Impalement on the Sable Executioner should suffice; the blade might as well live up to it's name.
No. 96907 ID: bf87b9

No. 96912 ID: 6164e0

I forcibly impale Fang-Taker on the Sable Executioner as he tries to struggle free of the rubble, slowly shoving the serrated blades of my claw through it's torso, pleased to see a rictus snarl of agony and hate painting the yetis face. He coughs bloody gouts as I wrench him out of the rubble, my claws tearing deeper wounds in him, still struggling to move, but his body unwilling to respond. The burning hate in his eyes slowly dies as I begin to pull his soul from his dying from ,wrenching his life away to feast upon.


I feel the potency of the soul I just consumed as it ripples through my body, focusing in my left fist. I can feel Thomro The Strong's soul resonating with that of Fang-Taker, the Soul Nexus in my hand fully formed, letting multiple souls' potency reside in the same place and collectively fuse and be evolved.

...Strange, I see no ghostly knuckles upon my hand anymore, but beyond the acceleration enchantment, I can feel something else, something slumbering.... I think if I were to try to tap it, it would deactivate the accelerating abilities I possess, so long as this other form stays active.

I continue onward, Fang-Taker's corpse still adorning Sable Executioner as I walk through the flickering fires surrounding Lorgk and the yeti elder, where all the remaining struggle seems to be.

As I emerge from the walls of Soulfire, Fang-Taker's corpse now wreathed in fire, I see Lorgk still maintaining his relentless assault on the yeti elder. While it is true the elder remains unharmed, he looks both surprised and frustrated by Lorgks implacable assault: Perhaps his unending attacks have prevented the elder from employing the titanic mass of energy throbbing within the ruby atop the staff he carries. Mingsk and the Premen warriors with him are still rushing to join Lorgk, as the four Premen warriors to go with Lorgk still breathing work to cut down the last yetis in the area.

What should I do?
No. 96915 ID: 6faa8c


I'm worried. If the sheild works by redirecting assaults, it might be that he can direct swords into other attackers.

So get opposite Lorgk and assault the Elder from a flanking position.
No. 96918 ID: 325460

Stop sending power to the death gaze.
Activate the soul nexus in our fist.
Call it... Six Inches Beneath
Fitting, considering we'll be hammering the final nail in the yeti elder's icy coffin soon, no?
Hopefully Mingsk has completed his ritual, it is time for us to close in for the kill.
No. 96921 ID: 632862

Wasn't Mingsk going to deliver some sort of enchantment? We should ask him how we can best assist Lorgk.
No. 97004 ID: 59c190

Regardless of what we decide to do, casually fling the fang taker's corpse in front of the yeti first.
No. 97190 ID: bbea5d

haha i like that, scare the living shit out of the bastard.

then start beating the shit out of the elder, surely his fleshling magic is nothing compared the earth magic within our fists
No. 97238 ID: 6164e0

He is currently in the process of trying to reach Lorgk's side, but he is slowed by having to keep the brazier filled with the burned blood steady, the remaining Premen warriors about him clearing his way for him. Sadly, I am currently too far away from Mingsk's position to make any difference in how quickly he reaches Lorgk.

I pull Fang-Taker's burning corpse off of Sable Executioner, hefting the weight in my steel hand. I can feel a shiver run through the Soul Nexus in my left hand: It can recognize an old shell, it seems.

I wait for the yeti elder to turn his back to me in his constant repulsion of Lorgk's attacks. The light blazing about the ruby is phenomenal, a huge well of hate and magical potential all poised to strike. But finally I see the elder's stark silhouette before me, his back facing my presence.

I heave Fang-Taker's burning corpse towards the yeti elder, his body abruptly racing away the moment it leaves my hand, a fleshly rocket propelled towards the aging yeti. The snaking flurries of snow about the elder rush to deflect the body, but the shock of the impact flings some of the smoldering corpse into the snow, where the clinging Soulfire spreads, snow melting and burning away, by heat or by the supernatural fire's touch. A shock runs through the yeti elder's body, as he turns to face me, surprise and rage on his face. He brings the staff to bare on me, the well of intent now focused on me.

I am blinded by a multitude of swirling symbols in the Soulfire before me, and I feel a horrendous sensation start building in my body. I can also feel the attention of the massive spirit partly dwelling within me focus on me, and power wells about me... if I had to guess, it prepares to snatch away my form and obliterate my mind to keep it's current residence safe.

But the swirls fade as the pull at my essence recedes. My vision returns to me as I see a strange scene before me.

Lorgk, capitalizing on the yeti elder's shifted focus, discarded his sword, and plunged into the walls of snow about the aged yeti. His skin is partly frozen, strips sloughing off as it dies, but blood besides his own flows down his arms.

One hand is dug viciously into the shoulder of the aged yeti.

The other hand clutches the skull and spine of the now dead elder high in the air after having wrenched it out, a fountain of blood and gore spilling about the area as the wall of snow falls, the magic in the ruby staff dissipating.

The few yetis still alive and struggling finally break as their leader and hero both have now fallen. Weapons are discarded by warriors who now see no cause left to fight for, their home already dead and dying about them. The Premen cut them down as they stand, ending the contest.

The Premen, amidst a see of fire and blood, reclaimed their mines, as I hear the last yeti cry out in death from the village.

I pick up the staff the yeti elder carried, still topped with the massive rough-cut ruby, as I start to walk the bloody snowfields of the village, feasting on the dead, building a larger reserve of souls. I continue my feast as I make my way through the caverns beneath the ground, finding some Premen engaged slaughtering the young, the old and the sick that could not fight, and add the souls freshly spilled to my reservoir as well. Once my feast ends, no more yetis draw breath within the village.

+38 souls (total souls 111)

The Premen converge after they have finished their purge of the yeti, and Lorgk quickly sends runners making their way back to the Drazken Clan to let them know of their success, while the rest set to work piling the dead, and getting ready to skin the bodies, harvesting more pelts for the tribe, as well as more food to fill their bellies.

It seems the Drazken Clan is not quite so squeamish as most fleshlings, interesting. It is well that they shall serve me, for who can deny that by right of blood I have helped them reclaim their ruby mines, that which was taken from them?

I notice Mingsk rubbing the burned flecks of blood into some bandages, as he wraps them about the savaged hands and arms of Lorgk, redirecting the magic he gathered into the bindings.

What should I do? Should I go talk to Lorgk or Mingsk? Or should I seek out the golemcraft documents within the village's tunnels? Or perhaps try to commune with the spirit within me? There is still the matter of Arkus being bound to the World magic of the mountain to the south...
No. 97239 ID: ab2f7e

No. 97246 ID: 632862

We do need to talk to the spirit. Getting Arkus back is pretty important; we can't mess with our runes by ourselves.
No. 97247 ID: 27eb4f

Speak with mingsk. It seems that the blood magic can, even if to a small extent, nullify world magic. See if he can help free Arkus.
"Mingsk, my mageling has been entraped by the magics of this world. Can you assist me in retrieving him?"
No. 97254 ID: bbea5d

ask lorgk and mingsk about arkus, but make sure to grab the golemcraft files before heading off to free arkus. Also, do a little jig for beating the yetis
No. 97287 ID: 6164e0

I attempt to address the spirit within me, but no response comes from the mass of attention within me. It does not seem interested in communicating with me... or perhaps I need to do something special to speak with it? There might be mages or scholars knowledgeable on World magic who may know more.
talk spirit

I leave Mingsk to continue tending to Lorgk's wounds as I make my way across the hillside, to enter the igloo leading to the cavern Arkus labored upon my alterations within. I find two yetis dead on the floor. Unfortunately, some of their blood reached the pile of documents, and one of the books seems to have been soaked in it. ...Well, I suppose it may still be salvageable. After ripping a large chunk of bronze off of my rations still here, I scoop up the bundle of papers atop what remains of my metallic meals. I pass by another Premen warrior looting throughout the tunnels for corpses as exit.

Once I am again out from the mountain tunnels under this mountain range, I approach Mingks, who still labors over the wounds in Lorgk's arms. As I draw closer, the Premen shaman pauses in his work, to look up at me questioningly.

"Mingsk, my mageling has been entrapped by the magicks of this world. Can you assist me in freeing him from his union with the mountain, magic?"

"Power on mountain the mageling? Bound to mountain, bound to world...yes I know a way. ..Would work perfectly for metal warrior, glutton of souls... will cost you some of your meals, though," Mingsk cautions me as he starts walking with me up the southern mountain, likely following the magical presence he can feel there. ...Strange, then, that he does not sense the force now within me... or has he, and chosen to say nothing?

So, freeing Arkus is to cost me some souls, is it? ....Well, the mageling has been loyal to me. Still, I wonder just what this cost could be... As we draw up to the cave in which Arkus' rocky form resides, Mingsk nods to himself, and looks at my left hand closely before speaking to me.

"Two ways, to free mage. First way, breath out burning souls, I pull extra souls out, use to undo bindings on mageling. Will take at least a few souls, not sure how many.

Second way, is put hand on mageling, I pull souls through hand. This way also work, but no way to know how many souls taken. What do you choose, metal warrior, Mordre?"

If Mordre breathes out Soulfire, roll 6d6+4, and lost that many souls to revive Arkus.
If Mordre places his hand on the mage, roll 1d55, and lose that many souls to revive Arkus

What should I do? Should I still attempt to restore Arkus? (If one of the methods to save Arkus is suggested, please roll the appropriate dice in the post. First rolls made are used.)
No. 97288 ID: bbea5d

do the direct hand-on-arkus way,
rolled 1d55 and lost 13 souls
No. 97290 ID: 6164e0

(put 'dice 1d55' in the email field when making a post to roll)
No. 97306 ID: 8e2e01

rolled 17 = 17

Hand on Arkus
No. 97314 ID: 6164e0


-17 souls (total souls 94)

I can feel some of that which I have feasted on leaving me, being pulled free by some manipulation of Mingsk's. But while the sensation is uncomfortable, I can nonetheless perceive the force being wrought here unbinding Arkus, the snared lines of World magic about him coming free, and returning to the mountain. The rocky tone to his form slowly fades, and the shape of his body, his head bowed over his sitting form, becomes sharply defined. As the last flow of World magic flows out of Arkus, his eyes flutter open as he pitches to the side, his body rubbery, unresponsive. Mingsk reaches out an over-sized and heavily scarred hand out to catch Arkus. The human mageling take a moment to catch his breath as he looks up, but as he looks up to see Mingsk, shock paints his face as he begins speaking.

"Mmh, okay, that........
Okay, that is a Premen. Um. And I am alive. Ah.. well, hello, Lord Mordre. It, ah, it would seem you found me, and, ah, judging by your companion there, you became aware of the yetis' plot. Okay. Um.... wow, that... that actually worked.. mostly. I used Wold magic. ...I used World magic! Haha!"

The mageling seems to be distracted. Then, I suppose this is something of an accomplishment for the mageling, as he could only work Word magic before, as I recall. ....Which begs the question, how did he perform it? And why was it like yeti magic to Mingsk's perception? ...And Arkus spoke of the yeti trap, I assume he also found out in my absence.

What should I do? Should I speak to Arkus or Mingsk about anything? Or perhaps I should go speak with Lorgk?
No. 97316 ID: 632862

Ask him how he found out about the Yetis, and how he managed to seal himself there.
No. 97318 ID: 6faa8c

Congratulate Arkus on his accomplishment. Introductions all around after you return to Lorgk. be entertained by his reaction to Lorgk.

No. 97355 ID: 6164e0
File 126164691795.jpg - (80.56KB , 471x302 , Mountains.jpg )

"Ah, the yetis? Well... ok, when you set out for the Premen village, I was 'asked' by some of the yetis to relocate. I played along, mostly because I didn't want my face to get eaten. So anyway, I get taken to this other room, where I get sealed in by some yeti shaman, used World Magic to seal me in. Well, when they brought me some food, I used my rune inscribing pen a bit crudely, and, ah... I stabbed the yeti to death with the inscribing tool. So anyway, I had to flee, so I just... ran. Which turned out to not be the best idea in the world, as it is COLD outside. So, seeing as I had the blood of a yeti shaman that could tap World magic with me, I figured I would, ah, try to follow the path of his blood back to the World magic around me, and then build my own connection to it, to protect myself from the cold with the mountain's durability.... or so my plan went. And it worked fine, I was safe from the cold, but.... I accidentally left no way for myself to UNbridge myself to the mountain. But hey, you managed to set things straight anyway, so, no harm no foul, I figure.... ah ha, ha...."

I lead the two magelings, both Premen and human alike, back down to Lorgk's locating. The Premen warriors have piled all the yeti dead together, and are working together to neatly skin and butcher each body, both for pelts and for food. Lorgk is already tearing into a bloody chunk of yeti meat, blood coursing down his neck as he feasts on the flesh he claimed from the fallen. Arkus looks at the pile of butchered yetis with a sour expression on his face, but does not comment.

"Arkus, the Premen that helped free you is Mingsk, a shaman of his people, and the one seated before you is Lorgk, the war chieftain of the Drazken Clan. In exchange for returning the ruby mines to them, they have been bound to my will. Lorgk, Mingsk, this is my human mageling, Arkus."

As nods acknowledging each other go about with the introductions, Lorgk adresses me once more, his voice low and guttural.

"Will take two days for Drazken Clan to arrive, reclaim home. With yetis dead, no immediate threat, but others could come for territory. I gave word, clan shall follow metal warrior, follow Mordre. But some warriors must stay, protect the makers of the clan. Time is needed, before position here secure."
Mingsk speaks up alongside his chieftain, his voice scratchy and raw. Lorgk tries to press a piece of seared yeti flesh on Arkus, who seems to be awkwardly trying to resist.
"Where shall Mordre go? Where does Mordre's path to reclaim power and glory lead him next?"

Drazken Clan Current Totals
1 war chieftain hero [Lorgk]
5 shaman [Mingsk et all]
36 Warriors
97 Makers

That is a good question. What do I plan to do next? Shall I leave most or all of the Drazken clan behind, and move on? Or should I stay here and consolidate my power? While there are many places I can travel to, from Castiliathen to the Golden League, or any of the other nations and lands to the south of these snowy mountains, but most of them view a free-willed golem as a horrific abomination, a terrible monster to be destroyed.
No. 97357 ID: 6faa8c

You know, Mordre, this place ain't half-bad from a tactical standpoint. It's cold as fuck, but your warrior force doesn't really care, and your mageling can hide away in a hut or something. We can build a whole empire here, make this place our capital, and while it's being built, go see them frog people or whatever they're called.
No. 97401 ID: 903f16

We should stay and consolidate our power for as long as it takes to add the new gem we received from the elder's staff to our form. It will give us time to see through the reclamation of the Premen's mines and the fortification of the area while we improve ourselves. Then, after that's all done we should take a couple of warriors and shaman with us and venture to the Froggrock tribes in the south.
No. 97601 ID: 7139d7

Did we soul-suck the elder? If not, can we do that? Also, soul suck any thing you can get as the Preman butcher the old and young. We hunger for it.

After 'eating' a bit, we need to find out about the Spirit of the World we have inside of us - magelings will be looking at us, Arkus or Mingsk at the forefront. I want to know just what he can do and if we can actually use him for anything. Also, I want to know what us eating two heroes have done and just what a Soul Nexus is, other then being able to throw things really fast.
I know this should have been an order previously, but I would have loved to have a Yeti shaman so we could figure out how they did that soul disruption and figure out how to stop it happening again.

As for where we need to go, I think it's obvious we need to go back to Mosmordre. We didn't finish the looting of the ruins and that will be our home. We are the last true warrior of Mosmordre and we shall damn well prove it. Also, we might be able to use the Small Tomb now that we're so strong - We have enough mages and souls that we could eat him, or find a way to use his smaller body - some kind of transforming, or shared consciousness thing. Anyway, after feasting, recovering the ruby mine, and getting the fuckoff huge ruby that the Elder was using installed in us some how, we need to return to our ruined city and reclaim everything we missed. After that, Froggrocks to the south and any humans we can get and then the Morgren to the southwest. And we should ask around to the Premen about anything they could know about the use of World Magic when, well, those bastard mages killed our empire.
No. 97642 ID: 216f37

This is a good idea.

I believe we should return to Mosmordre as well. We left the small tomb and a mage soul there, still have no idea why we left the mage...

We should have the large ruby integrated first, not sure how... or even better we could have Arkus use it to amplify his power, so he can finally defend himself. Then we leave the mountains to go to Mosmordre while the Premen take care of business.
No. 97806 ID: 6164e0

While defensible, these mountains are too sparse in terms of resources available for any truly grand empire to be built on them, not without supplies from elsewhere.

...Still, the Drazken clan does serve me now, and it would pay to reinforce the place, both to secure a source of warriors from the clan, and to keep the ruby mines safely under my control through the Premen.

It seems necessary to clarify something: There are no more yetis alive from this village, not a one. Every single one was slain, the Premen are only now gathering up the bodies, to skin them, make their flesh hides useful to the Premen, and to butcher them, to feast on their fallen foes. I have consumed every last soul from this battlefield, and short of turning on the fleshlings serving me, I could not extract any further sustenance at the moment.

The spirit within me, as near as I can perceive, is actually not inhabiting me: Only a vast well of potent attention emanating from the spirit seems to actually be within me. Though truly, it is still a fantastic well of power, likely the equal of tens of thousands of souls. If all of that is just it's attention on me.... truly, the spirit itself defies my comprehension. But neither Mingsk nor Arkus has made any comment on the spirit's attention within me, it is possible they cannot perceive it. Though truly, I wonder if they could even interact with it without it's will, it is somehow completely ignoring the magicks within my core that should be enslaving and consuming it, potent swirls of Soul and Blood magic that give me life. I wonder if those who dabble in magic with me could pose any threat to this presence at all... In any event, I still cannot make it respond to me, it has remained unresponsive to my attempts to communicate. I wonder what would motivate it to commune with me?

The Soul Nexus within me is one of the ways Soul Graves can evolve. Essentially, a Soul Nexus is a place where souls of similar natures will gather. What makes it so potent is that as each soul is added, every single other soul, in whatever form it can be used, grows stronger from the addition, including the new soul. As the amount of souls in the Soul Nexus grows, it can cause the applications of souls within it to grow stronger, to evolve. Further, if no ability in the Soul Nexus is active at a given time, it can be used as a secondary source of spells, allowing for more complex casting, should Mordre become capable, be it in combat magic or arcane.

For the Soul Nexus in Mordre's left hand, only one ability can be active at a time.
Current abilities:
-Accelerator: Any object thrown or otherwise moved by the hand while Accelerator is active will have it's speed radically jump the moment it loses contact with the hand, propelling it along the direction it was pushed/thrown.
-Rending Specter: A ghostly beast's skull, as large as Mordre's siege fist, is bound to the Soul Nexus. It can lash out, phasing through armor to consume flesh. Maximum range: Three feet.

It takes one second to activate an ability currently, or three seconds to switch abilities. The switch is highly noticeable, as errant magic sparks about the Soul Nexus whilst using the power of a specific soul slaved to the nexus.

Currently, neither ability is active.

Hm... founding our empire amongst the ruins of Mosmordre? Truly, there is likely much to salvage and reclaim about the lands, but I need soldiers, minions to restore it, to populate it. Once I have enough followers I could certainly move to reclaim them, but as is, the Premen are my only followers besides Arkus, and they are unlikely to wish to leave the ruby mines behind after just reclaiming them.

Still, there was that Small Tomb that stopped me from entering the Duke's Palace in the ruins I was found in, and everything above the first flower in the mage's tower. There was even the soul of a mage still lurking above in that tower, as I recall.

Hm... I cannot climb the stairs in the tower, so I could not explore it myself. Even if I give Arkus the ruby staff to carry as an amplifier, he can only do so much as of yet. Perhaps Lorgk or some other warriors could ensure that the mage's soul in the tower's upper floors does not deprive me of the only golemcrafter under my control. Further, the Small Tomb guarding the duke's palace in the ruins carries powerful enchantments, I may wish to bring those knowledgeable in magic amongst my followers with me. All said, the journey back will likely take two days if I go with only Arkus, but would take four days if I brought any others with me, as the weak fleshling must sleep.

As I contemplate the many things I have seen in these mountains, a day slowly passes by.

[DAY 25]

Arkus spends much of the day experimenting with the ruby staff, periodically succeeding in making small blasts of fire emanate from it's scarlet depths with increasing frequency and power as the day passes by. Lorgk and Mingsk continue to labor alongside their warriors, and before the day is out, all of the yetis have been cleanly butchered, the organs and meat stored safely, the tendons and bones being harvested alongside the furry hides of the yetis: It seems Lorgk plans to craft new arms for his warriors, forged out of their conquest of the yetis.

[DAY 26]

As the day dawns, it brings with it the rest of the Drazken clan. Lorgk and those that came with him reunite with those they separated from, sharing joy at the reclaiming of their clan's old mines. But shortly they resume their toil, the newcomers bringing great loads of cloth and goods, prepared to restore their home. And now that the clan is here, I feel it is an ideal time to return to the ruins, and see what can be gleaned from them with a second evaluation.

Besides Arkus, who should I bring back to the ruins with me of all the Premen with me? The more I bring with me, the slower the Drazken Clan becomes securely stationed at their old mines.
No. 97812 ID: 325460

We should take Mingsk, he has a fair amount of magical prowess to aid us. We only need at the most five warriors since this is simply a retrival mission and not full scale reclaimation.
No. 97814 ID: 90ae3b

Hmmm. You said the Premen had five shaman? If Mingsk is the strongest take the one directly below him. I dont believe that we will need any more than two maglings. We should wait one more day first though, let Arkus get more practice in.
Also, ask if they can make some light armor for Arkus. Even if it ends up to be Yeti leather, its better than nothing.
No. 97819 ID: 7139d7

First: Stay long enough that we know the mines are secure. Just that they're empty of Yetis, traps, or other clans.
Second: I want five warriors, picked by Lorgk himself, to follow us. I want one shaman that Mingsk can vouch for and that can teach Arkus and/ourselves Preman magic - I'm still not sure if these guys trust us or not after getting the stink eye from them when we broke in during the blood ritual. If Mingsk can make it I'd like him too, but not if the Shaman are hostile to us. I want five makers - I'm assuming these are workmen or craftsman or builders or the link - also chosen by Lorgk. These makers can help us by starting to rebuild, or at least make it so we can enter and exit buildings a bit easier - remaking doorways, installing winches, and such - as well as finding out about the lands and structures built and of course it's always a good idea to have a core of engineers along with you. If Lorgk himself could come, that would be awesome, but I'm not gonna force the issue with him - he's Chief so he might be needed here.
Third: We need to find out about that monster. Ask the Premen about it. Also warn them about it.
Fourth: Make sure the books are readable - have our Mageling make sure he can read and work from the blood stained book.
Fifth: Tell Arkus about the Spirit of the World inside of us - make sure no one else find out, and have him study up on it when we get back.
Sixth: Haul Ass outta there.
No. 97890 ID: 6164e0

I decide to stay for the moment, both to allow Arkus more time to both get used to the staff as a magical amplifier, and to get more adept with what little World magic he has learned. He seems less nervous around the Premen, and attempts to speak with them, with limited success thanks to the language barrier. Mingsk is noted to now hold much more clout amongst the Premen shamans for his part in reclaiming the mines, and seems to be extolling the virtues of the metal warrior Mordre as a great leader and guardian for the clan, a means to secure power and glory for the clan. I note that two of the other shamans now side with him, following him subserviently as he works about the growing camp. Lorgk seems similarly empowered for having chosen to side with me.

[DAY 27]

I see several Premen now sporting snowy white yeti hides, with yeti bone armor draped over leather hides. In particular, the twelve surviving Premen warriors that aided in the attack on the yeti village seem so re-armored, and carry a pair of spears, a fanged club, and a bronze axe each, now seeming to be veterans in the eyes of the other warriors, now waiting to be similarly equipped from the spoils of war. Lorgk himself claimed several of the fangs adorning the yeti heroes corpse that were salvageable, and has slung the yeti elder's skull to the pommel of his sword, stripped of flesh as a grim reminder of their success. The Premen have rebuilt some igloos and stripped others, igloos and tents interwoven throughout the area. They labor with old pieces of wood from southern trees and blocks of ice to build a wall about the village, and it proceeds apace.

[DAY 28]

Mingsk now seems to have the support of all but one shaman, and the one does not even attempt to resist, merely refuses to fawn: It seems Mingsk has wrested control of the shamans of the Drazken Clan away from the elders. Interesting. It seems the remaining 24 warriors that did not accompany their war chieftain now follow his lead unquestioningly, trying to make up for their past hesitance. Arkus looks over the bloodstained documents, and vouches that only a few pages were rendered illegible, and that with the degree he's referenced them, he can fill in what's lost from memory. Thankfully, the parchments on mortar runes were completely sheltered from damage. The Premen continue to work diligently at fortifying their location, the wall nearing completion as the last of their spare equipment is being stowed away.

[DAY 29]

The Premen complete the wall early in the morning, and have a feast (predominately comprised of yeti meat) to celebrate the reclamation of the mines, assessed by clansmen to be completely usable, and already being prepared to be mined once more. Further, the bronze in the mine is still said to be plentiful, and they hope to have much more metal goods soon. Arkus, after imbibing a large amount of some Premen liquor, is coerced into eating yeti meat, which he finds delicious. Lorgk and Mingsk, both of whom have been learning some amount of Arkus's language as he learned theirs, Arkus having been attempting to speak with the Premen shamans on many occasions, convey to Arkus what he has found so scrumptious. He takes a moment, and responds that he doesn't really care, it tastes too good, and continues to eat. Lorgk finds this hilarious.

As the feasting ends, I stand to address the Premen before they resume their work. The general rabble quiets as I address them.

"Lorgk, I have need of five of your best warriors, to follow my path for a time, as well as some five of your makers, to help find strength in an old place. Mingsk, I have need of both you and the shaman to your right, to accompany me."
I indicate the shaman that refused to turn to Mingsk side, the eldest shaman.

I imagine that if I take both, it shall prevent any problems by keeping the one dissenter close. Besides, the old one was the one leading the blood conjuration when I first came upon the Drazken Clan proper. Arkus might be able to benefit from his tutelage, even for a short while.

As five warriors and makers Lorgk singled out come to a stop before me, all adorned in the frosty white yeti pelts and bone armored leathers the Premen seem to be favoring, Mingsk is followed by one I hear called 'Sugro', the elder shaman. Before Lorgk can turn to go back to work with the rest of the Premen, I inquire to him, about the strange, patchwork beast saw. But neither he, nor any other amongst our company has heard of such a thing, and nothing about their behavior makes it seem untrue.

I contemplate taking Lorgk with me. If I do, his strength would all but guarantee that the mage soul, even should it prove formidable still be attainable. On the other hand, if I remove him, right when his clan is apparently going to be approached by a great deal of male suitors, looking to grab a place in the soon to be powerful and prosperous Drazken clan through the widows of the warriors I felled. As I hear it spoken, a great deal of suitors will come, the expectation being that only the strongest shall be accepted. If the War chieftain is not present, and enough suitors come, it could be... problematic.

What should I do? Should I take Lorgk with me, or leave him to continue watching the Premen camp? The journey will be some four, perhaps five days, each direction, thanks to the supplies and tools we will be bringing for the makers and warriors each. The shamans are both carrying heavy packs laden with pouches as they stand before me.
No. 97892 ID: 632862

Leave Lorgk behind. I'm sure we'll be able to make do.
No. 97893 ID: ab2f7e

Yeah, let him stay and keep things stable. Plenty of help along now as it is.
No. 97895 ID: 7139d7

No on Lorgk taking. We should leave him to establish the clan properly. We can take the mage with what we got right now. If anything we can fix up the place, raid for everything but the mage-soul, and come back with Lorgk later.

So...lets get going! Quit with the lallygagging. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
No. 97896 ID: 90ae3b

No. 97905 ID: 6164e0
File 126173031119.jpg - (383.85KB , 1024x734 , Premen Responding to Abomination in the Curse.jpg )

I leave Lorgk behind. After all, if some wandering Premen took control of the tribe in his absence, I would have to expunge them, a pointless waste of potential warriors. Better for him to stay and instill loyalty in those strongest among the coming suitors.

I leave with the five warriors, five makes, Mingsk and Sugro all accompanying me besides my mageling. We set out, leaving the Drazken Clan to continue trying to wrest more power for itself out of the mountain. Mingsk and Sugro both speak with Arkus as the day ends, when we are forced to make camp. They still have some issue with the language barrier, but some degree of comprehension and information exchange seems to be occurring. They seem to be trying to reference different known forms of magic.


A day is spent working our way down the path south back towards the ruins. The Premen with us look upon my untiring towering form with some degree of aw, or at least the makers and warriors do. Mingsk and Sugro both seem to simply hold... a respect for a deadly creature, although Mingsk is at least cordial. The two shaman spend another night talking with Arkus, who this time is demonstrating his fire magic with plumes of fire jetting out from the staff. The Premen nod at it, and gesture towards the stick, conveying a want to borrow. Arkus accepts, and the Premen toy with the staff for the rest of the night.

[DAY 31]

The land is beginning to even out, and the mountain snow receding. Some shrubbery seems to crop up occasionally, as well. At the campfire that night, Mingsk and Sugro both take turns demonstrating a larger, rougher gout of flame, more grievously dangerous to flesh in it's thicker, more persistent flames. Arkus watches intently, and when they return the staff, he poses known methods of magick to them, nearly speaking only in terms of magical formula and equations as he attempts to bypass the language barrier. He achieves some success, as he is able to incorporate much of their altered method into the fireball by the end of the night.

[DAY 32]

Some trees begin to crop up, and the foliage gets more dense. I am told by Arkus that what attacked us was an abomination from the Curse that struck the Mosmordren Empire, but judging from the ease with which the Premen brought it down, I wonder if the abominations are truly the threat Arkus believes, although he does say this is nothing compared to some f the monsters that can be found here. He continues to trade magical equations with the two shaman, and now works at making a small cloud of lightning to command, a method to stun or shock a nearby foe. Both he and the shaman seem to be growing more comfortable speaking in their strange, patchwork language of magic. While Arkus can only manage a cloud smaller than his palm for the night, he seems hopeful for the next day.

[DAY 33]

We finally reach the outskirts of the ruins. Should we travel to the mage's tower first, or the duke's palace?
No. 97908 ID: 90ae3b

No. 97917 ID: 325460

Wait, the premen killed the abomination we encountered way back when? I don't see any mention of it dying in any previous posts. I'm confus. Also head for that mage tower.
No. 97998 ID: 903f16

Let's go to the Mage tower and find out whoever is occupying it, who knows what spoils could be found there.
No. 98008 ID: 7139d7

Seeing as everyone wants to go to the Mage's Tower, lets go. Have the Makers look it over, too, see what they can do about fixing it up/finding a way for us to move easily up and down it.
No. 98031 ID: 6164e0

The Premen killed an abomination left over from the Curse that befell the Mosmordren Empire. Not the same creature that I encountered on the way up a mountain: That beast, they knew nothing about, and it did not feel like the abomination before me. Perhaps it was something different?

I lead our group through the ruins, back to the mage's tower ruins that still stand. As we traversed the bones of the Mosmordren city, the Premen look about in wonder at the remnants of grand architecture and artifice that are scattered about. The makers in particular seem most intrigued by that which we encounter. It takes longer than would be optimal, but we make our way to the mage's tower, the makers already having scavenged some few objects on our trek through the ruins. Both Mingsk and Sugro, who had been locked in yet another dispute, both raise their eyes, as if trying to look through the stone walls at something above. Arkus is similarly intent... ah, they must be sensing the mage soul dwelling above.

As I lead our group inside the ruined tower, and set down what remains of the bronze platform I carry to consume, I ponder our surroundings. The stairs leading upward are designed only for humanoids to ascend, far too narrow for me to use even if they were properly braced. Arkus, Mingsk, Sugro and the five makers and warriors can all investigate the upper floor, but I cannot. The tower is simply not built to accommodate me above the first floor.

Who should I send up the stairs, and what should their purpose be? There could be much to salvage there, but so long as the mage soul is present, it could all be destroyed, should it become enraged. Conversely, while dispersing a soul is relatively easy for most mages, so far as I am aware, it is much harder to capture or otherwise best while preserving souls. If I want to feast on the mage's soul above, they may need some sort of plan. What orders should I give them?
No. 98034 ID: 632862

I think we should salvage everything possible from the first floor, then collapse the second floor so that we may fight the mage soul alongside our helpers.
No. 98038 ID: 903f16

Perhaps they could bind the stone to an object and then bring it down to us to release it and consume it. If that's not possible or within their range of abilities then they should just disperse the spirit and come back with the loot. Optimally we should send them all up and guard the entrance to the stairwell.
No. 98039 ID: 632862

Oh wait. Don't do that.

Get a bunch of rubble and make a RAMP. If the stairs are too small, make BIGGER STAIRS!
No. 98047 ID: 903f16

Soul* not stone.
No. 98050 ID: bc57ed

This sounds... like it could backfire terribly and embarrasingly. Let's do it.
No. 98052 ID: 96dac0

1. Tilt so you are facing upward
2. destroy
3. Wizard falls through broken floors
No. 98099 ID: c9db17

I also had the idea of collapsing the floor but seeing as it is a soul, it may just float there, beyond our reach, now completely enraged.

Im not sure how long it would take to build BIGGER STAIRS but they do seem to be the best option other than as >>98038 said. Binding it would be optimal.
No. 98141 ID: 7139d7

We have Makers, people. We use them to either make a structurally sound ramp, or expand upon the stairs, or rig a block and tackle system to carry us up the various levels. While the Makers are working on building a way for us to get to the second, and higher, levels, send everyone else - that would be our two preman mages, our Mageling, and five warriors up to plunder the rest of the tower to the instructions that they are to haul ass back here immediately when they encounter anything 'strange'. I don't care what it is, if it's not inert, they don't handle it. If the Maker's think they may take some time, lets go and look at the Small Tomb after the dungeon crawling is done.
No. 98159 ID: c9db17

Makers yay or nay, unless they are some kind of magic builders, its still going to take a while for this to get done.
No. 98261 ID: 6164e0

No matter how talented the builders, the fact remains that the very floors themselves are not made to support my weight beyond the first. In all reality, it is highly unlikely for the makers with me, with what limited tools and materials they have, to be able to let me wander the tower's upper floors.

...Indeed. If the shamans and mageling were all to respond with a welling of magic, I could recognize such even with the stone floor between us, the magic resonating with that of my very own existence. There is a good chance I could feel the presence of the mage's soul much more strongly, should it attempt to harm the fleshlings, and seek to remove the floor between it and myself to access it.

So, I shall send Arkus, Mingsk, Sugro, and the five Premen Warriors to first attempt to safely remove as much material from the upper level(s) that looks of worth and recoverable. After removing at least some material safely, they will then move to attempt the capture of the mage's soul. If this proves impossible, it's dispersal to preserve as much material as possible.

Should this plan be followed, or some other?
No. 98269 ID: 7139d7

We can wait. We waited sixteen days for our ruby eyes, we can wait time for a staircase befitting our stature. In that time, as is aid, we can look at the Small Tomb and have the mages study it or collect anythign else we might have missed, grid pattern and going to every place. Heck, this might be a good time to train these warriors to work better with us, so we have a cadre of utterly loyal troops.
No. 98275 ID: 7139d7

Damn. We can't reinforce the floor? Then go with that plan, then, damn it all.
No. 98279 ID: c9db17

We could wait for the eyes because Arkus would be sated. I really don't think we have the resources for such a long campaign for a simple soul. And he said we didnt have the tools.

Send them all up.
No. 98282 ID: 632862

Damn. So much for thinking outside the box.

That plan sounds good enough.
No. 98299 ID: 6164e0

Short of piling up rubble to the ceiling to support the ceiling enough that I could go to the upper floors I do not know of other methods we could employ, as the Premen makers seem somewhat limited in terms of advanced structural engineering. And to fill the first floor in would be a labor of great length, and I doubt the few with us could achieve it in less than a month, as to support my full 17,000+ pound form, direct support is the only thing that seems to bear my weight, for most buildings, at least. It would be faster to simply bring more Premen makers from a second trip into the mountains and have them work than try to accomplish it on our own. However, this could be done.

Arkus, Mingsk, Sugro and the warriors strip off their heavier gear, and prowl up the stairs, trying to be as quiet as they can in the hopes of avoiding notice by the spirit.

A decent length of time passes, but no welling of magic occurs, no outcries of danger. Finally the group returns, the magic users carrying some few parchments that Arkus is already attempting to compare to those we salvaged from the first floor a month ago, and some few urns the warriors cradle carefully. Arkus walks up to me as the Premen transfer the urns to the makers, who work to store them securely among the supplies.

"Lord Mordre, well, we were able to get some components for augmentive magic, and some parchments, but we have a problem. The ghost seems easy enough to avoid, but it stays in this one room at the end of the hall. Because it's there, and no doors stand anymore, we can't get in either of the last two rooms on the floor without bothering it. And as near as we can tell, it is, ah, a pretty potent soul, to have lasted so long, held together, and maintained such order.

The problem is, the room the mage's soul occupies looks to be a library, and at least some books look salvageable. The rest of the rooms were largely decayed cloths and stored herbs, few things that could survive the years as well as needed. So, we want to know, Lord Mordre, ah, exactly what you want us to do."

What should I do?
No. 98308 ID: 903f16

Perhaps you could goad the spirit into coming to you. If you can't bring Moses to the mountain then bring the mountain to Moses. Beckon to the spirit and destroy one of the worse preserved, and least useful artifact. If he's haunted this library for this long he must be attached to it, seeing part of his domain destroyed should enrage the spirit. We could do this by blowing a hole in the floor of an area very close to the library and disturb it by calling to it or holding aloft the burning artifact. If the mage doesn't go through the hole then we could blow a hole under his feet while he attempts to cast ghostly magic at us. The other spirits we've fought seem to be bound to gravity so unless he has special properties we should be good.
No. 98326 ID: 7139d7

You know, maybe we could talk tot he damn thing. Have our mages reasonw ith it, talk magic. Heck, have it come down and show it some magic. We could just have it join willingly.
No. 98329 ID: a64482

Mordre, are all spirits inherently violent? We might seek truce with this creature, as the things is guards are likely more valuable then the soul it possesses, no? And surely it'd want something of it's empire to rise again and destroy the infidels who defiled it's land. I suggest sending Arkus up to hail it. Tell it that a member of it's homeland is here to see it. Run screaming at the first sign of hostility, of course.
No. 98330 ID: 7139d7

While informing our Mageling to run at us, in hopes that the angry spirits will follow.
No. 98334 ID: 325460

This, we should be asking for answers. Hell, we don't have to consume this soul unless it asks us to, we're pretty damn stocked up as it is. Yes, it may be a very powerful and potent soul that gives us access to more astounding feats of strength; but we should at least have some courtesy towards a being of our homeland. Surely an ally from our fallen empire will guide us towards our goal. After all, we have a common enemy in the traitors who made the curse.
No. 98354 ID: bbea5d

i say blow a hole in the floor below the damned thing, let it fall through, then suck suck suck!
No. 98367 ID: ab2f7e

I'm in favor of trying to talk to it.
No. 98477 ID: 90ae3b

Actually yes. If it turns out to be non-malicious
then using it as a teacher would be great!
Its much better actually, because being a mage it may take offense to being eaten by a soul grave for any purpose. Its knowledge would be useful, it could teach Arkus, Mingsk and that other guy and even help them upgrade us. After all that, if it has not dispersed it may have come to terms with being eaten.
No. 98720 ID: 6164e0


I once more send Arkus, Mingsk, Sugro and the others on to the second floor, but this time, with a slightly different purpose: I hope to have them contact the mage's soul, and see how much sapience it still clings to. As one of the last surviving works of the Mosmordren Empire, the spirit may feel compelled to help me. It seems worth a shot, at least.

The group is gone for another long bout of time, the Makers still inspecting what they can of the crafting of this tower, so much larger than any structure they have likely seen before.

Actually, that makes me wonder: If sufficient resources were moved to the mountains, and enough technical skill brought, the ruby and bronze mines the Drazken Clan holds could be rendered virtually impregnable. Further, if it were rendered truly grand amongst the mountains, it would likely draw the attention of other Premen tribes, who I might then bend to my will. Interesting..... I suppose I could consult the makers about this, and see what they think of my plan.

Finally the group returns from having ventured upstairs once more, Arkus looking more than a little confused.

"Ah, well...... good news is, no one got hurt. Bad news is, the mage's soul speaks some gibberish none of us have heard, and at the very least is, ah, REALLY good with illusions. We tried talking to it within the first five minutes, but.... well, now that it is aware of us, I doubt we can accomplish anything much while it is watching for us."

What do I make of what Arkus has told me? And what kind of request could I bring to the makers that considers their skills and resources as primitive mountain-dwellers, yes would still allow the new village (As of yet an ice and wood wall about igloos and tents, with tunnels beneath)?
No. 98723 ID: 488063

Can you write something in the old tongue?
A slate to ferry back and forth?
No. 98751 ID: 7139d7

Can we talk the old language? Calling out in old...Mosmordrian? Try and speak with this spirit? And if speaking does not work, have our magelings try their fragmented language of magic - formula's, theories, dicussions with this spirit of magic might help as well.

As for the Makers, I'll leave that up to someone better then myself.
No. 98753 ID: 325460

I dunno bout the soul for now, but I've got BIG ideas for the makers and these ruins.

Ideally, I should like to bring back enough materials to fortify the mines and then some. The mines should be upgraded into a miniature fortress of sorts, the mountainside where we found Arkus and the mountaintop where the premen were camping should have watchtowers constructed upon them preferably occupied by neighboring premen tribes. If there are any ruins left at this site by the time we complete the needed constructions in the mountains, we should consider making a small base here after dealing the the frog-people.
No. 98763 ID: 7139d7

I debate this: I would rather see Mosmordre grow strong again, then dividing our power, but removing the complete ruins and anything unneeded to turn both mines into fortresses does sound intriging.
No. 98811 ID: 325460

I'm not saying we should remove Mosmordre from the face of the earth, but any salvageable construction materials would benifit us greatly. Besides, I do intend for these ruins to be rebuilt into our new base of operations, but we've got to protect our assets before we can truely build an empire worthy of our ancestors. We must gain more followers and ensure their safety, this is a key component in our rise to power and glory.
No. 98918 ID: 96dac0

Indeed, consolidating our assets is most wise, and this is what we should do. We will fortify the mines.

In the meanwhile, though, let us destroy a sufficient portion of the floor that we can access the mage. The first exhibition should have revealed enough that we are now able to destroy only floor which we have no true need for.
No. 99086 ID: 7139d7

We do not need to destroy anything. We must talk first. If the Spirit of the Mage can train our Mageling, so much the better. If he can tell us what happened, even better. It would be easier to request a soul to enter us rather then fight a much more powerful mage who is capable of better illusions.

If communication leaves us with no choice, then we break the floor and soul suck. Only if, let me state again, communications break down.
No. 99535 ID: ceb08e
File 126198094182.jpg - (7.07KB , 150x144 , black-pick-promo-sm.jpg )

In other words, just shout Mordre. I'm sure your voice could echo throughout the entire ruins much less a single building
No. 99947 ID: 325460

Yelling out a greeting in the old tongue? Sounds like a plan, but uh, these are ruins... yelling out might just collapse the entire tower on us.
No. 99955 ID: ceb08e

Wow. That would just be sad....
No. 99959 ID: 9a65fd

Well, get everyone out first, then!

This is gonna be awesome!
No. 100230 ID: 6164e0


Before I shall do anything else, I have a simple theory on how to communicate to the ghost, despite the illusions it surrounds itself with.

"Withdraw from the premises. I have a theory to test."

While the Premen look at me strangely, Arkus wastes no time in leaving as quickly as possible. Seeing his hasty departure, the Premen depart quickly as well, some with nervous looks over their backs.

'Tis true though, that my body can create sounds far beyond the capacity of mortal throats, in both volume and pitch. In theory, I suppose I could emulate nearly any noise, at any degree of volume.

...Hm. Well, if the soul is Mosmodren and it did not speak the common tongue of humans, The only other language the souls I have feasted on have known is Mornostric, the Mosmordren native tongue.

However, there was another language that I recall the mages speaking, though I did not know what it was. ...There is a chance this mage soul speaks it.

In either event, I must say something, if I hope to attract it's attention.

What should I say?
No. 100232 ID: 325460

Greetings, old one. I am Mordre, I humbly request an audience with you. Too long have you been bound to this tower, too long have traitors and conspiritors reveled in their false victory. Speak your name, spirit, and know that the fall of Mosmordre will not go unanswered.
No. 100236 ID: 9a65fd

As loud as you can.
No. 100334 ID: ceb08e

Oh crap. Someone is gonna go deaf,
No. 100777 ID: 96dac0

No. 100786 ID: 119b5c

"My name is Mordre, Destroyer of Destroyers:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare Behold ye Wretched thing! Behold and know it true!"

Out of the blue. Don't shoot me.
No. 100797 ID: 6164e0
File 126211571469.jpg - (945.53KB , 1500x1157 , The Plight.jpg )

I come up with a respectful hail for the mage, dim memories of them being our makers and masters still flickering about. If this one is also versed in Soul Magic, it could well be one of those that labored to craft the Soul Graves, including myself. I nonetheless speak loudly in Mornostric, dust alighting in the air as the building starts to shiver, ever so, from my speech.

"||Greetings, old one, Mordre now stands before you. I respectfully request a meeting with thee. For too long have you been bound to this tower, Too long have traitors and conspirators reveled in their false victory. Speak your name, spirit, and know that the fall of Mosmordre will not go unanswered.||"

The building continues to quiver, shiver from my words.

And then I see a river of blood flow into gaping fanged maws and tendrils that explode out of the walls and ceiling from the second floor downward, while writhing wrist-thick chitin-covered veins and arteries rise from the ground, and begin to pump their ichor about, surging with motion as the exit dissipates and the walls fade from view into a seething, writhing mass of barely visible tendrils in an oppressive shadow. I start to lose track of my form, and realize giant harpoons have been hooked through my forearms, elbows and shoulders, and that sinewy cables rise off into the darkness that pull me skyward. An impossibly huge monster starts to loom before me, it's teeth pulsating with so much Soul magic that I feel certain it could rend me asunder.

A voice speaks as the monster looms.

"||Who dares claim the right to avenge a dead empire?
To disturb an old soul morning the loss of everything, just to say YOU shall avenge Mosmordre?||

What should I say?