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File 150569797269.png - (117.85KB , 800x800 , 291.png )
831180 No. 831180 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and may potentially have nsfw content.

After we take a break for food, drink, and coming up with a handful of more dares, we resume the poker game.
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No. 831181 ID: bfb318
File 150569800099.png - (128.61KB , 800x800 , 292.png )

I immediately have poor luck. Red and I were both confident in our hands, but his was just a step above my own. Red says nothing, but her smug empathy leers at me.

I'm the first to pull a dare out of the new pile.
No. 831182 ID: bfb318

rolled 9 = 9

Dare list:

01. Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.
02. Pick someone to whisper your most recent wet dream or sexual fantasy to.
03. Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.
04. Talk about your best friend and the last time you hung out with them.
05. Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
06. Shotgun two beers simultaneously, do some acrobatics without falling.
07. Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
08. Equip an embarrassing accessory of your choice (collar, gag, cuffs, ribbon, electrical tape, piercing, leash, etc). Like the ranger's helmets, this does not count as a clothing layer. You're stuck with it for the rest of the game.
09. Cold shower slash wet t-shirt. Go to the hotel room's shower, and stand under it, full cold, for 30 seconds, wearing whatever you're wearing now. You can dry off after, but you can't replace your wet clothing layers.
10. You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
11. Tell everyone the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the last month.
12. Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.

No. 831184 ID: 015058

Well go get a bit nippley in the shower.

And wait is Red's empathy more smug or leering? Cause if she is actually leering at you then you need to tease her.
No. 831185 ID: 3abd97

"Well, one of us is in need of a cold shower. Unfortunately I'll be the one taking it."

On the plus side, Polo's about to be cold and wet, and in need of Ramella cuddles to stay warm.
No. 831219 ID: 33b7e7

Well dang, with your state of dress you're going to be the least affected by that dare. And you're an island neumono, so your fur isn't long enough to be much affected either.

On the reasoning that you're kind of a waste of this dare, ask everyone if they'd like you to trade it back in and take another.
No. 831224 ID: 91ee5f

If one of the Rangers was unable to respin the bottle because it was against fair sportsmanship, then I'm pretty sure Polo isn't allowed to trade in her dare for another one for the same reason.
No. 831226 ID: 33b7e7


That ranger wanted to spin the bottle again because they didn't personally like who it landed on - the dare was still effective in what it was intended to do (make two random people kiss and hopefully produce some sort of drama in the doing). In this case, though, the dare is intended to be a wet t-shirt thing, and Polo is barely wearing anything any more, defeating the point of the dare and what it's supposed to accomplish. Polo really only stands to lose by trading in this dare, since she'll be barely affected by it compared to other dares she could get. She should trade it because of good sportsmanship, not the opposite.

We could do with some links between the two threads, in any case. A sagepost with a link on the end of the old one and a link to the old one here in the new one.
No. 831227 ID: 3d2d5f

Take your cold shower, Polo.

Even if she isn't wearing enough for it to qualify as a wet t-shirt, people will still be amused to see her wet.

If the dare doesn't impact Polo as much as some others might have, that's the luck of the draw.
No. 831245 ID: c2051e

Be sure to spread the water around your teammates when you're back. Or at least ask Katzati if she feels she should guard the shower to prevent anyone else peeking.
No. 831250 ID: 91ee5f

>Be sure to spread the water around your teammates when you're back.
You mean you want her to.....oscillate?
No. 831255 ID: 33b7e7

The dare says she can dry off, and frankly it'd be rude to the hotel not to. Ramella, too.
No. 831312 ID: 3abd97

Whoa now. You're talking about escalating something lewd to something scandalously inappropriate!
No. 831579 ID: 87547f

Read out your dare and then ask if anyone wants you to pick another one due to you lacking the appropriate clothes for this one.
No. 831737 ID: bfb318
File 150591697995.png - (106.39KB , 800x800 , 293.png )

I read off my dare. Despite the specificication of a wet t-shirt, it's expected that I do the dare anyway. It may be for the best, as water may ruin many of the dresses we're wearing.

>"Is that okay?" Blue asks, slightly concerned about heat issues that can come up by sitting under extremely cold water for long.
"I can handle that. It's unlikely to be any worse than the ocean I would dip into sometimes."

In the spirit of the dare, I keep the hat and the ribbon on in the shower, along with my panties. It is colder than expected, so once I get out, I rub myself off quickly with a towel, as I am a civilized person and will not oscillate while inside of a hotel room. I point to Ramella and Katzati, shivering.

"You two. Snuggling, now."
No. 831738 ID: bfb318
File 150591700978.png - (138.73KB , 800x800 , 294.png )

rolled 4, 7, 2, 7, 5, 11, 6, 4 = 46

And so it goes. We play like this for a little while until I warm up again.

White plays aggressively and ends up losing twice in a row, drawing 2 dares despite Blue yelling at him not to hog all of the dares. Pilon ends up losing after that, followed by Red. Expectedly, everyone chooses to dare.

Each roll will remove the resulting dare from the pool. If the next roll is above the current amount of dares, that number will be skipped. This will continue until 4 dares are picked.

Dare list:
01. Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.
02. Pick someone to whisper your most recent wet dream or sexual fantasy to.
03. Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.
04. Talk about your best friend and the last time you hung out with them.
05. Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
06. Shotgun two beers simultaneously, do some acrobatics without falling.
07. Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
08. Equip an embarrassing accessory of your choice (collar, gag, cuffs, ribbon, electrical tape, piercing, leash, etc). Like the ranger's helmets, this does not count as a clothing layer. You're stuck with it for the rest of the game.
09. You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
10. Tell everyone the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the last month.
11. Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.

No. 831740 ID: bfb318

White: Talk about your best friend and the last time you hung out with them
White: Equip an embarrassing accessory of your choice (collar, gag, cuffs, ribbon, electrical tape, piercing, leash, etc). Like the ranger's helmets, this does not count as a clothing layer. You're stuck with it for the rest of the game.
Pilon: Pick someone to whisper your most recent wet dream or sexual fantasy to.
Red: Tell everyone the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the last month.

(Suggestions are welcome, but not necessary for the next update)
No. 831742 ID: c2051e

Polo: Grind a bit against your dates. Gotta repay the favor somehow.

Pilon: Decide it's too embarrassing to tell Rose so tell Polo since she's the one you actually know/trust most out of the rest. Forget that your most recent wet dream actually involved Polo using your own ear to masturbate you before going to town until you try to remember which it was.

White: Equip a cockring in the hopes that no one will actually see it for the rest of the game. Talk about trying to pick up chicks on a bar trawl with a hivemate.

Red: Az visiting, maybe. Or some shenanigans with getting a dildo stuck and needing your crush's help to get it out.
No. 831746 ID: 015058

Grab a drink and watch the fun from your cuddle pile.
No. 831747 ID: 3d2d5f

Well, it looks like someone's shirt is getting wet after all!

>what do
If White doesn't pick something his empathy reveals as embarrassing, he's doing it wrong, and should be called out on it.

Pilon's probably gonna use that dare to keep flirting with Pink, unless he tries to flustered Polo. Or he could use it on the ranger who overreacted to m/m kissing for psychological warfare.
No. 831760 ID: a363ac

declare yourself "Polo Queen of the Great Cuddle Pile."
No. 831777 ID: 33b7e7

Polo: Be prepared to clarify to White that he does not have to specify his friend's name or particulars to exactly where and when they hung out, in case he worries about his secret identity. Looser descriptions will do, the point is to bring out good feelings.

Pilon: Continue developing intimacy with Rose.

Red: Realize that reporting a member of your team missing when apparently she only wanted to have a nice day and a date and misplaced her communicator, and then being so insecure you imagined she would willingly abandon you and the rest of the team, and then barging in on her personal time and threatening to steal her away from a couple of actually nice girls and a cute grump and a guy she seems to like a lot, in a way that probably only makes her more likely to want to leave if that was ever on the table to begin with, is, as the leader of your team, the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the last month.
No. 832476 ID: bfb318
File 150626126834.png - (140.58KB , 800x800 , 295.png )

>"My buddy!" says White, when his dare comes up. "Was about my age as a kid, who lived in the next hive estate over. We played video games and we were about as close as we could get without being hivemates. We'd play video games way past our bedtime, for hours on end without a word!"
>"You?" says Blue. "The one yelling at us on our phones to be in bed by 10?"
>"And I'd yell at my past self, too, for all the irresponsible, lame things I've done. Anyway, we grew up together, and our hives encouraged it so we'd get used to non-hivemates. It's been... damn, it's been over a year since I've spoken to him? I know what I'm doing after this."

Another round passes, and White goes all in and loses, getting another dare.

>"Do we even have gear like that?"
>"Actually! Come to think of it, I think have something in my bag." says Katzati, a little bit excited to dress up a waveforcer.
>"Well it'll have to do."

Katzati gets up, messing up my intention to remain in the cuddlepile. Ramella instead wraps her hands around me to make me as surrounded by fluff as possible.

>"Why do you have a collar?" White asks.
>"No reason." says Katzati. "Kinda wish I brought other stuff if I knew this was how it was going to be!"
No. 832477 ID: bfb318
File 150626128192.png - (99.20KB , 800x800 , 296.png )

Pilon whispers something into Rose. Pink gasps at how lewd it is, even though that's what the dare called for. I think it has something to do with her, specifically.
No. 832478 ID: bfb318
File 150626137263.png - (90.08KB , 800x800 , 297.png )

rolled 4 = 4

Red gets a dare next, and she thinks for a moment.

"Okay. My gym pants have a loop string around the waist. One day, a few weeks ago, I closed the locker on the string somehow, tried to walk away, tripped, and fell, getting dragged by the string!"

She says it with a sense of satisfaction of completing her dare, but she is the only one who's satisfied. That includes her own team. White speaks up.

"Don't 'girl' me, White!"
>"GIRLLL." Blue chimes in.
"Okay, fine! Last week, I accidentally pocket dialed Silverscale, who's still in jail." she says, referring to one of their usual criminals.
>"Girlllll." says Green. "Come on, we're embarrassed too."
"Okay fine, really!" She takes a deep breath. "So... I might have gotten carried away here. We swore we'd always be a team. So when Pink comes in consorting with you guys..." She gestures at us. "I was afraid. Well, maybe not that afraid, but I know I overreacted! Even on our personal days off, we're the Omega Waveforce to the core, and I care about what we do and how things are going. So I handled it, uh...
>"We got tunnel vision." says Green.
"Yeah. We lost sight and priority of a lot of factors, here. And I'd take responsibility. I'm not explaining myself clearly, here, but what I'm trying to say is that I screwed up bad trying to check in on you. Every one of us can do as we please, and none of the others will get in the way."
>"What if it pleases us to get in the way?" says Blue.
"Then you've got some work to do to become a better person!... You all happy with that? Sorry, Pink."
>"Apology accepted. Just learn to listen, sometimes." says Pink. "There's kind of a few things I want to say. After this, of course!"

We play another round. Since there are still dares open, I play aggressively, and I'm the next one to pull a dare.

Dare list:
1. Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.
2. Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.
3. Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
4. Shotgun two beers simultaneously, do some acrobatics without falling.
5. You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
6. Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.

No. 832479 ID: 3abd97

>"Why do you have a collar?"
...well, she did bring that on a date with you, Polo. Might be she has some ideas about where this evening is going.

>4. Shotgun two beers simultaneously, do some acrobatics without falling.
You would probably get more buzzed doing them consecutively. Trying to do two at once, I see some spillage happening. Oh well, the dare's the dare.

Take audience requests for acrobatics.
No. 832480 ID: 33b7e7

Well, there's not much decision to be made about that! You are the smallest, so you'll be more strongly affected by the booze, but you guys all have a fast metabolism and I assume you sober up quick. Nothing says you can't have a snack first, though, so maybe do that? And have some water as well.

I guess it doesn't specify the acrobatics, so you have to choose what to do in that sense. Are there any poles you can dance on? Or maybe there's some sort of extreme lapdance variant you can do?
No. 832481 ID: c2051e

You know alcohol isn't a magic instant-drunkness potion, right? It takes time for it to get into your bloodstream after you drink it. Polo's going to be fine for acrobatics immediately afterward, and beer's weak enough that even with her bodyweight I'd be surprised if she got more than buzzed. I'd imagine the dare is more of an excuse to get clothes wet.
No. 832503 ID: 5471c9

umm what happened to
07. Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
No. 832507 ID: 91ee5f

Is it 2 entire beers or 2 shots of beers?
No. 832509 ID: a633c6

Goddammit I literally just took a shower.

Drink with reckless disregard of spillage and then do a handstand.
No. 832510 ID: c2051e

Do ninja flips.
No. 832511 ID: 015058

Order the strongest beers the place has and impress everyone with you mostly naked gyrations.
No. 832512 ID: 3abd97

Must have gotten stuck to one of the other slips of paper and cleverly discarded by someone.
No. 832760 ID: 8111b6

Some beers can be pretty strong, and some come in containers larger than others. I guess it depends on what Polo gets.
No. 833150 ID: 33b7e7

... Didn't Pink and Red swap clothes due to one of the previous dares?
No. 833363 ID: bfb318
File 150663638799.png - (116.12KB , 800x800 , 298.png )

>Weren't there supposed to be 7 dares in there?
I must have accidentally brushed one of them into a seam in the hat, and picked up another dare and then brought the brushed dare back out into the hat. It's a terrible accident that is much too late to correct now.

I eat another quick snack and down some water while Ramella gets a couple of beers for me. They are 'regular' sized, meaning they are big for me. The alcohol content is about average for a beer, too.

Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it recommended? Only if the game is more important than my temporary well being. Intoxication aside, it's not good for my diet. I could still drink all of this without making an embarrassment of myself, so it would be fine, good even, for the date.

Doing a cartwheel immediately after will also be easy, as -

>"I didn't think about that dare much." says Blue. "You have to drink the drink, wait about 10 minutes, then do the cartwheels."

Any complaint I have about how the dare is already written is negated by everyone's empathy. I'll have to wait for the intoxication to take hold, if I'm to complete the dare to people's satisfaction.

It is a lot, considering that two beers to half the people in this room would be less than a single beer for me. It may not be unreasonable to insist on making the beer intake more proportional.

A) Argue that 1 beer should be adequate for my bodyweight, as Blue clearly had larger neumono in mind while writing the dare.
B) Don't weasel out of it. Drink all beer.
No. 833366 ID: a363ac

consider that both of these bottles are bigger then your torso and let the argument be made for 1.
No. 833367 ID: 28824b

No. 833371 ID: c2051e

"I'll be as drunk as you were hoping for after one beer, save the second one for after the game. More importantly, two things. How do you shotgun a glass bottle and what are we doing in the 10 minutes, besides staring at my ass?"

If they expect you to get glass shards in your mouth, no way, that's a moodkiller.
No. 833372 ID: 50bf10

ehh, whats the worst that could happen
No. 833376 ID: 3abd97

I think you might as well make it proportional. It is a drug, and the dare doesn't specify and exact volume.

If you need an excuse, you'd like to remember what's going on.

I'm not so much concerned as performance in the game, as I am that getting smashed might hurt your romantic options for the night. We won't get a threesome if Katzati and Ramella are too nice to take advantage of Polo, or don't want to let her make that decision drunk.

If we need to appease the crowd, they can shout out acrobatics to do when you do them. (They have to be actual acrobatics things, though).
No. 833378 ID: 015058

B. Don't chicken out and have fun with your giant beers.

Trust that your dates will take care of you in responsible fashion.
No. 833380 ID: 91ee5f

Argue for them to be proportional.

"If I drink both of these at my bodyweight, then in 10 minutes I'll be passed out on the floor instead of doing cartwheels."
No. 833382 ID: 4546ab

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

No. 833386 ID: 33b7e7

A. "If you're going to add a delay so there'll be a stronger effect, I'm going to lower the dose so the effect will be the same as anyone else would get. I don't mind loosening up somewhat, but my passing out or throwing up isn't going to make a good time for anyone here."
No. 833391 ID: 3cc68c

C. Aim for chugging 2 beers. But go slow after the first and stop when everyone agrees that your empathy is 2 beers drunk.
No. 833392 ID: 90f3c0

B. What better way to show everyone that you know how to have fun? Only a grump would contest a dare.
No. 833395 ID: 91ee5f

Only an idiot would knowingly make themselves drunk enough to pass out and/or throw up on someone!
No. 833449 ID: 3dd94d

"The way I see it, we have two options. Either we get smaller servings for me, or we continue the game while I drink, because it is going to take a WHILE for me to get though my own body weight in beer."

Man, remember back in 2012 when Polo was a normal sized neumono? https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/133162522014.png
No. 833456 ID: c2051e

Your memory's betrayed you. Rikek's tiny too.
No. 833457 ID: 3ce125

If he's making you wait due to the spirit of the dare then you should drink an amount appropriate to the spirit of the dare too.

No. 833490 ID: 25a733

>It's a terrible accident that is much too late to correct now.
Yes this is what happened and in no way did someone discreetly remove and discard the one dare that tried to get everyone to engage in kink sex.

Ask why everyone is so eager to see you get alcohol poisoning?
Also seeing as you just had a quick snack and downed some water I don't think you have the stomach capacity for two beers this size.
Also ask why they want to see you throw up.
No. 833491 ID: 5ca8f3

Just upend both bottles into your open mouth with no regard for how much you actually ingest.
No. 833680 ID: bfb318
File 150678715549.png - (109.91KB , 800x800 , 299.png )

"While we're re-writing dares, the amount consumed should be proportional."

Blue mentally protests a little bit, but relents with everyone else. I chug.

In practice, we would transfer the beer to a cup that I can shotgun out of. In reality, I just chug a bottle over a few seconds.
No. 833681 ID: bfb318
File 150678717589.png - (94.64KB , 1000x800 , 300.png )

After a couple of rounds, the alcohol has taken effect. I stagger to one end of the room, before taking a sharp breath, re-posture myself, and perform two cartwheels into a backflip onto the bed.

>"But how?" asks Green.
No. 833682 ID: bfb318
File 150678718538.png - (92.41KB , 800x800 , 301.png )

Some Years Ago...

"Sorry, Polo, until you can drink that snow neumono under the table, you won't get your badge."
>"She's three times my size."
"No secret agent under my supervision is the kind to make excuses, and certainly isn't the kind of secret agent that can't outdrink random challengers! Want your badge? Get some alcohol tolerance!"
No. 833683 ID: bfb318
File 150678722415.png - (86.41KB , 800x800 , 302.png )

rolled 2 = 2

"No justifiable reason." I tell green.
>"I meant your hat."
"Oh. Technology."

There's some debate of if I should have the second beer after all, but it's decided by majority that I have passed the dare.

We continue on. The next dares end up being pulled by Ramella, Pilon, Katzati, Blue and then Green, until I run out of money and pull out the last dare for myself.

Dare list:
1. You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
2. Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
3. Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
4. Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.
5. Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.
6. Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.

For simplicity, the dice roll will decide which dare Ramella gets. Then the next person (Pilon) will get the next dare down, and so on, looping around the dare list from #6 to #1 if necessary. The dare list has also been randomized in advance.

No. 833684 ID: bfb318

Ramella: Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
Pilon: Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
Katzati: Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.
Blue: Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.
Green: Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.
Polo: You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
No. 833686 ID: 3abd97

>Ramella: Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.
Would have been funnier if a ranger pulled it, but still has the potential for comedy.

>Pilon: Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.
Dang, looks like someone corrected that terrible accident, Polo.

The winning move her is to probably pick something too specific for anyone else's to match. Or something that can't be done with the people present / or with the stuff we have here. Or that doesn't involve you as a participant. Or pick something innocuous enough it won't matter if you have to do it (hand holding, oh my).

I doubt anyone's going to be able (or willing) to police "favorite" too harshly, since it's pretty subjective and I don't think anyone will really be comfortable forcing anyone into a sex act.

>Polo: You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.
Considering Polo is already the naked-est looking person here (even if everyone on her team is technically at 2/3 clothing layers), that's kinda lame. Also, at this point, do we really want her putting her dress back on?

...say "I'm not doing this dare" and toss your panties on the table. (Since the penalty for passing on a dare is removing a layer). Yes, even though one of options of doing this dare is to take nothing off.
No. 833688 ID: 3ce125

Honestly Pilon should just forfeit the dare since it's a bit extreme, and wonder out loud who the pervert is that wrote it.
No. 833690 ID: 91ee5f

>wonder out loud who the pervert is that wrote it.
Obvious answer: Ramella.

Surprising answer: Not Ramella.

Actual correct and most shocking answer: Polo.
No. 833696 ID: 015058

Put your hat on the table and drop your panties on them.

And then get to writing down your favorite fetish on a card.
No. 833700 ID: 3ce125

Polo should take the dare since she's not uncomfortable being naked, and does in fact want to win the poker game.
No. 833704 ID: 33b7e7

Oh no Polo everyone's going to find out about your secret fetish for sexy mimes and then someone is going to mime sex acts for another dare and everyone will look at you it'll be so embarrassing

Anyway take your dare for the sake of victory.
No. 833705 ID: 33b7e7

Also, when it comes up, you should suggest a little clarification for the favorites reveal: fetishes/sex acts need to be specific to role played and match in terms of fitting with each other instead of being identical. Like if someone's fetish is "getting ear scratches" and someone else's is "giving ear scratches" those two should be said to match, instead of two people who both like giving ear scratches matching and having to take turns not being that into getting them but getting them anyway.
No. 833710 ID: 27762f

>The winning move her is to probably pick something [...]
>I doubt anyone's going to be able (or willing) to police "favorite" too harshly

It's true no-one will force acts, but it'll still be called out (and be bad sportsmanship) if someone's broadcasting blatant "this isn't actually my favorite" empathy when they show what they've written. So, it needs to at least be something in the running for favorite.

Clearly, Polo needs to give us a list of her top favorite sex acts/fetishes, and then we'll pick which one is most tactically advisable to reveal for this dare. Tactically. For purely tactical purposes.
No. 833719 ID: 015058


Yes Polo should tell us all her secrets so we can pick one to put on paper.

Also ask if you have to put your dress back on if you take your dare or if you can steal a fun article of clothing from the discard pile.
No. 833722 ID: 7fad5d

How does it make sense for a dare to one person to make everyone do stuff, anyway? Not like it matters now. Take off the hat and bow and act devastated about it.
No. 833729 ID: 3abd97

You have a lot of faith in how much detail people who don't know each other that well can pick up over empathy.

And if you assume not everyone has an exact numbered list of favorites in their head (or that what you want might chance with the day and circumstance) it would be hard for there to be an objective answer anyways.
No. 833745 ID: 33b7e7


They might not be able to pick up a lot of detail, but it has been established that neumono can generally tell when another neumono is lying - In the first thread of this very quest, Polo's ability to ignore the thoughts that give away that she's lying is pointed out as an extraordinary one (and would probably fall under her promise to not use her silence for this game). So, if someone is asked to write down their favourite, and they write down something that they know for sure isn't their favourite, they're lying and other neumono can pick up on that. It's true that most people don't have a definitive numbered list, but in order to avoid that "I'm totally lying" empathy, it would need to be something that you'd think "well, this could be my favourite, maybe". Therefore if Polo is to choose an answer for advantage, she has to pick something that is potentially her favourite.
No. 833749 ID: 15a025

Win back your layer of clothes Polo
No. 834142 ID: bfb318
File 150698504382.png - (106.31KB , 800x800 , 303.png )

rolled 5 = 5

Ramella and Pilon get their dares simultaneously, and read them off. Ramella goes and gets the bottle that I drank.

We all wonder who wrote Pilon's dare, asking everyone to write down their fetish. Signs all point to Green.

"Really, Green?" says Red.
>"What? We've got nothing to hide! Yeah, yeah, no one has to do it if they're legitimately uncomfortable."
>"It's more...." Pilon thinks. "This doesn't even involve me specifically. It's just a dare for everyone? Well, before that, let's see the bottle spin."

Ramella spins. As per the dare rules, she shuts her eyes at it spins, blatantly hoping that it'll point to me.

Result List:
1. Polo
2. Red
3. Blue
4. White
5. Green
6. Pink
7. Pilon
8. Katzati

No. 834146 ID: bfb318
File 150698546571.png - (40.52KB , 800x800 , 304.png )

>"Nice." says Green.

I can practically taste Ramella's disappointment once everyone broadcasts that Ramella didn't get what she wanted.

>"Oh." Green continues, reading the mood. "Wait, the bottle's still spinning." She says, sticking her hand out and flipping the bottle around. "Oh, look at that, it stopped on Polo after all."
No. 834148 ID: 2120ee

"Really, Green?"
No. 834149 ID: 744892

You'll have plenty of time to kiss after the game. It's not like to bottle forces her to kiss only Green.
No. 834150 ID: 3abd97

"This kind of defeats the purpose of closing her eyes if you're all going to give it away."

Then pull her head down and smooch that girl good.
No. 834151 ID: 33b7e7

"I think that could be disputed. Perhaps she should kiss both of us, to forestall any possible argument."
No. 834152 ID: 0d45a9

Roll with it. Give Green a thumbs up or something for being dare wingman / winggal.
No. 834153 ID: 91ee5f

Even though that's against the rules, I think you should play along with this, Polo.

Besides, you know Ramella's been dying for a kiss for a while. Just plant a big one right on the lips!

Not everyone can be silent like Polo! They can't help it!
No. 834155 ID: c2051e

"I guess we'll have to share. Which pair of lips do you want?"
No. 834156 ID: a363ac

the lewdest thing ever. DO IT!
No. 834159 ID: 2d1231


Guys we are mad drunk I mean wow that bottle actually started spinning again like holy crap that just happened.

Let's do this.

We're gonna do this.

No. 834176 ID: 87547f


Say this.
No. 834177 ID: 015058


Yeah changing my vote to say this.
No. 834198 ID: 1c8358

No. 834220 ID: 3ce125

I think that's TOO lewd.

Instead, I think Polo should make the dare match the intention a little more and go silent so that Ramella doesn't know when the kiss is about to happen, only letting the silence go once the kiss starts.
No. 834221 ID: 91ee5f

> goodgirlgreen.jpg
Fixed that for you.

Yes! Do this!
No. 834271 ID: 3542b5

This is a fair compromise.
No. 834287 ID: bfb318
File 150707414822.png - (91.28KB , 800x800 , 305.png )

"We'll just have to share. Which pair of lips do you want?"
>"Haha Polo I mean no offense to Green but it's a little obvious that I want yours!"

>"Er, is that what you meant? Polo you're not silent how can't I not read this correctly?!"
No. 834288 ID: bfb318
File 150707415685.png - (101.10KB , 800x800 , 306.png )

No. 834289 ID: bfb318
File 150707422989.png - (97.53KB , 800x800 , 307.png )

I interrupt her travesty of a thought process with a kiss, to the appreciation of everyone.

After this, I'm going to have to think of what to write down for my favorite sex acts or fetishes.

... my favorite is the missionary position. Simple. Efficient. No shortcomings, no gimmicks.

I would write this down, but they might not believe me even if I believe myself.
No. 834291 ID: 015058

Don't go fooling yourself.

You have been shown to like:

1. Putting big strong girls in there place and showing them who is the best.
2. Luring cuties into your bed with pranks.
3. Seducing people James bond style with your secret agent skills.
4. Getting busy with multiple partners on the governments dime.
5. Slapping butts.
6. (growing dicks in science accidents and fucking your whole department)
7. Watching Pilon fail in infomercials.
No. 834294 ID: 8d4593


You're totally into spanking. Don't deny it.
No. 834295 ID: c2051e

"Huge cocks." When it gets read, set your hands seven or so inches apart and stare every guy down smiling slightly. See how they react.
No. 834299 ID: 87547f

You might pretend to be all bland and missionary position.

But you say that while you sit half naked with a cute criminal you seduced on one arm and your sexy operator on the other.

You could fuck anyone anyway and be amazing at it.

And we know you like doming big strong girls and making them squeal. And Spanking big girls and making the squeal. And pranking people so hard they end up wanting to sleep with you.

Of course you could put down some of the silly things that have shown up in your string of underground Nollywood pornos. You know the ones your hive teases you about all the time? That are technically parodies so you cant get them to stop making them?

Sure putting down "getting molested by Salikai minions or cave monsters" might just get some odd looks.
No. 834302 ID: 3abd97

Put the glasses back on her head when you're done. I think she's gonna be too busy seeing stars for a little bit to notice they're missing, or to do much of anything for herself.

>I would write this down, but they might not believe me even if I believe myself.
You could accompany it with your robot impression, but they might not buy it with how much effort you've put in showing you can cut loose and have fun, and be a little wild. They don't quite see you so much as "Grey" the grump anymore.

But the other consideration is you don't really want to do that with any of the guys here if they happen to write the same thing.

"Fetish" is a little broader than "sex act", though. It just has to be something that turns you on, not even something you do, per se. "A sense of humor" is tame for sexy stuff, but probably true. Or you could just point to Ramella and say "that. Getting that kind of reaction out of someone." Cause you sure do seem to enjoy faking people out, or leading them along, and getting that kind of shocked response. Heck, trying to get out a rise out of her is how that dinner you shared with Katzati escalated to a date now.
No. 834303 ID: 33b7e7

Ok, if you do go with that, maybe rephrase it? Instead of writing "missionary", which sounds... well, you know what it sounds like, how about writing down "face to face"? That at least sounds more romantic. You could try being more specific, too. Do you like it while naked? Partially clothed? In a bed, on the floor, on a table? In private, with your hive watching, with older partners, with younger, et cetera? You can add in those elements to tart it up and make it more particular, which will also make it less likely to match someone.

I think we can do better, though. What about... not your favorite, but what have you tried that surprised you with how much you liked it? Or any other close runners-up? Oooorr... what was your first experience of sexuality like? Like not even your first time having sex, but the first exposure to sexuality when you'd become old enough for it to have an effect? A lot of people imprint on their kinks and fetishes at around that time. I'm just trying to figure what else you like.

If you wanted to escape by overspecificity, you could build a stack of kinks layered on each other that would be a theoretical super hot encounter for you.
No. 834304 ID: 3ce125

Write down a bunch of other things you enjoy in the bedroom but also put "my real honest favorite is missionary" on the back. Tell everyone that they have a choice: the exciting lie or the boring truth.
No. 834307 ID: a633c6

You don't have to pretend to be some kind of secret pervert.
No. 834327 ID: 3cc68c

This one is really not about your favorite sex position Polo. Honestly missionary is pretty popular for a reason. You get up close and personal and get to enjoy your partner face to face.

What you need to write down is what gets you going. What turns you on and makes you want to ravish someone. That little thing that makes you bite your lip and consider boning someone right then and there.

I mean you half seduced Katzati because you thought it would be fun to see how she would react. You got two cute dates and have been teasing them all night. And am pretty sure you have had thoughts about tying up Rokoa and making her scream you name.

And don't forget that time you wanted to sneak off with those tape of Pilons and watch his ears flop around.
No. 834693 ID: bfb318
File 150723716756.png - (130.55KB , 800x800 , 308.png )

>You have been shown to like various things
>What you need to write down is what gets you going.

I think I have an idea. We end up deciding not to write it down, but to just say what it is while going around the table.

Since Pilon was the one who drew it, we start with him, and go clockwise around the tables.

>"Post-sex hugging." says Pilon. Half of the table mentally scoffs at how innocent that sounds, especially from a tribal person. "Say what you will about it! But when I remember all of the good times with sex, I think of the bonding it's had, not the physical stimulation."
"Well that's adorable!" says Red. "But the dare was for sex acts, not post sex non-acts!"
>"Okay, okay, then, sex until both people can't stand anymore. That's a fetish, right?"
"Good enough. Pink?"
>"Love, of course!"

Blue scoffs the hardest.

>"You two are bad at this!" he yells. "That's not a fetish at all!"
>"But it is the most important thing, everything else is unimportant!" she defends.
"We'll have to settle for that." says Red. "We'll be here all night if we try to get her to budge on that. Katzati, your turn."
No. 834694 ID: bfb318
File 150723722160.png - (182.43KB , 1000x800 , 309.png )

>"Ganged up on. Like, when my hive's guys get horny, and I'm the only girl around, that's the best. Ramella?"
"No, it's your turn."
>"Haha you know my answer was you!"
"I am neither a fetish or sex act."
>"Sex act on Polo! Grinding, licking, kissing, playing with some sexy toys..."
"If Pink can get away with 'love', Ramella can get away with a specific person." says Red, who is taking the position of referee. "Polo, you're up.
"Face to face interaction. Cooperation."
>"Laaaame." says Blue.
"If you worked under Az, you might start fetishizing cooperation and dealing with friendly people, too."
>"Damn. Still, your side of the table is just awful at this."
"If you want a sex act, then missionary."
>"Come on, not like, size difference or anything?"
"How I think about favorites, is what I could only do if I could only do that one thing. Otherwise, I may just be taking it for granted. So, my favorite would be something versatile and generic but generic for a good reason, not something flavorful. If you must know spicier things, then I could see enjoyment out of mild spanking, the process of seduction and being in bed with strong people."
>"Close enough, Ms. No Nonsense Agent. Red?"
No. 834695 ID: bfb318
File 150723726220.png - (175.50KB , 1200x800 , 310.png )

>"Huge. Fucking. Dicks. Blue?"
>"Gigantic. Goddamn. Boobs."

Katzati lifts an eyebrow.

>"But you've been avoiding staring at me this whole time." she says.
>"Because I am a polite gentleman?! Did you want me to stare?!"
>"I don't mind! My dates aren't the jealous kind."
>"That... you UDA agents are nuts. White, talk!"
No. 834696 ID: bfb318
File 150723734396.png - (94.63KB , 800x800 , 311.png )

>"Counter to the previous two, I like average people." says White.
>"What?" asks Green.
>"You know. The kind of person who you think doesn't stand out. Who most people are think are either so forgettable, or are so forgettable they wrap around to being unforgettable. The kind that could be the only person on stage, and you might not even notice them. I can't explain it, but that kind of person is just irresistable to me. I just want to bask in all of their non-special traits."
>"That's weird." says Green.
>"You know what's weird? Obsessing over random traits that stand out for no good reason. But an average person, that's the kind of person I can be myself around. Blue has to constantly either resist looking at those breasts or be a creep. I have to wonder how Pilon functions on a day to day basis with those ears. But the average person is just there, and that's a beautiful thing. That is what I like. As long as they can hold a conversation, they can be as otherwise boring as possible, and I could hang out with them all day. And sex with such a person who doesn't drive me to sex, is the most fulfilling sex I could ask for."
>"You're weird."
>"And that's fine. It's your turn, Green, so we can see how weird you are."
>"Very weird. Remember when the Mummified Horror captured me, but then let me go without a ransom or anything?"
"Yeah?" asks Red.
>"Put me in bondage. The danger and the binds turned me on. In my defense, I really tried to hide it instead of making things weird. But then the horror noticed anyway, and I realized, I was in a good spot to horrify the horror. And that is when I made things very weird. And that's the real story about how I escaped him."
"That puts a new spin on that experience, and I guess why that was the last time we ever heard from the Mummified Horror."
No. 834697 ID: bfb318
File 150723738637.png - (98.93KB , 800x800 , 312.png )

We continue playing, then Katzati pulls a dare out of the hat.

>"It reads, 'Say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow.' Me, have sex tomorrow, on valentines? The answer is yes."
No. 834698 ID: bfb318
File 150723743358.png - (118.51KB , 800x800 , 313.png )

Blue is next.

>"'Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.' Huh. Good thing I went with the fetish during the previous dare. Okay, here goes, I think this one will fit in with the spirit of Pilon's stupid dare. Let's say... 10 antes worth of chips."

He begins the charades, which is just him standing and thrusting forward.
No. 834701 ID: c2051e

No. 834703 ID: 3ce125

Hmmm... well, thrusting certainly is unusual for a neumono so we'll give him that. He could also be grabbing the ears and facefucking, maybe.
No. 834717 ID: 3abd97

>talking about sex makes Polo look *more* straightlaced
That is honestly the perfect outcome.

As for the rest of the answers, the ranger team is an interesting mix.

>He begins the charades, which is just him standing and thrusting forward.
Well, from his hands, it doesn't look like he's holding a partner for a blowjob or a titfuck. (Unless he's holding em by the ears)? Excessive thrusting could mean doing an alien, but not necessarily.

I'm not really sure there's enough information unless empathy helps.

What this really requires is a sarcastic comment about the Ultrahive Detective Affirmation solving the case of the invisible paramour.
No. 834719 ID: 33b7e7

Hmm. I think if it was facefucking his hands would be a bit further forward, and if it was titfucking his hands would be making grabbing/holding motions. But it does probably relate to his fetish! Gigantic boobs. So, I'd guess...

Laying a girl on a table so he can use his legs to thrust forcefully and watch her tits bounce.

Looking forward to Red's reaction to Pilon taking his shorts off, now. Maybe Polo should introduce her to Lucera.
No. 834733 ID: a633c6

"looking like an absolute spanner."
No. 834771 ID: 8111b6

Grabbing ears, pounding into someone's mouth.
No. 834808 ID: 244abf

I'm starting to think blue may be a bit of a sex fiend, and also that he was the one that wrote the fetish dare.
Also Polo forgot to mention here love of getting sandwiched.
But regardless it seems the Wave Force are becoming more comfortable around us and more open. Soon we will be able to pry for information. ABOUT EMBARRASSING STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN THEIR BASE WHEN THE CAMERAS AREN'T ROLLING!
Don't think about the fact that you took a picture of yourself posing sexily on Roses' bed.
No. 835944 ID: bfb318
File 150776352723.png - (72.80KB , 800x800 , 314.png )

"Oral." I guess.
>"Thrusting?" Katzati adds.
>"Titfucking?" Ramella throws in.

Red confidently answers.

"Plain. Old. Boring. Sex."
>"Red got it! Because it's 'versatile and generic.'" says Blue.

Red receives a modest but not insignificant amount of chips after a brief series of thoughts.
No. 835945 ID: bfb318
File 150776355721.png - (120.23KB , 1000x800 , 315.png )

Green goes all in on a pot, loses, and reads off her dare.

>"'Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.' And that word is... card. That includes plural form."

By this point, I'm in a bad spot in terms of chips, but a good spot to get in the last dare. It goes to me.

>"You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing."

I could get my dress back, but I could also simply refuse in order to be showy about it, and to keep the game moving.
No. 835946 ID: 015058

Do the dare but only if the clothing you get back is something someone else discarded.
No. 835947 ID: c2051e

Dares trying to make rules for everyone again, eh? Nah, let's not go down that route. It ends in shit like "If you accept this dare the waveforce loses, if you reject it they still lose."

Accept the dare and wear the dress draped across one knee or something.
No. 835949 ID: 3ce125

A drinking game is fine if you ask me. What stuff we got around here?

Take the dare. You kindof want to win, even if the win condition isn't valid anymore.
No. 835954 ID: 3abd97

Seriously, pass on the dare. Putting clothes back on at this point is seriously lame, and results in you being fully dressed.

This dare would be funny if it resulted in a dressed person getting naked, but you're already barely covered (with technically 2 layers). This dare would be tactically fun and interesting if it let someone loosing pull a bit further back from the edge.

It's neither getting you dress-dressed at the endgame of a strip poker game.

Besides, this is poker, psychological impact matters.

Either take the "no penalty option", or refuse to take the dare, and toss your panties on the table.
No. 835955 ID: a363ac

Take the dare and Ramella's panties and wear them on your head giving her the dress.
No. 835962 ID: 33b7e7

Take that dare. Wear one of your teammates' lost layers after.
No. 836018 ID: 8111b6

taking someone else's discarded clothing might be good for flustering that person a little, if the playing naked doesn't do it.
No. 836029 ID: 3ce125

Compromise: take the dare, playing the next round naked, but don't gain any clothing from it.
No. 836038 ID: a633c6

It must be providence, take the dare.
No. 836112 ID: 3fb646

Why the heck not, go for it.
No. 836731 ID: 15a025

Pass on it.
No. 836907 ID: bfb318
File 150810029711.png - (125.66KB , 800x800 , 316.png )

I take the dare, and play a round naked. Once the round is over, I put on my underwear and accessories, but once I get my dress back, I simply set it in my lap. That way, I gain the advantage of having put it back on, without as much social drawback of putting a piece of clothing back on after stripping it.

This gets a mental thumbs up from Ramella and most others.

The game continues on. Since the Rangers have relented and will allow Pink to do as she pleases, the stakes have been removed.

The decision for me now is whether I make an attempt to win, or simply play aggressively and most likely end up with our team naked since Katzati and Ramella can shed clothing in my place. They both are looking to me for a decision on how to progress.
No. 836909 ID: a363ac

No. 836910 ID: 7399f4

Try to win, at least until the other teams are as nude as you are. Or at least establish something to do if you run low on funds while nude.
No. 836912 ID: 015058

Play to have fun. Winning in strip poker means everyone enjoyed themselves regardless.

So do your best but don't get caught up in who "won".

Of course you could always offer a prize to the winning team to motivate people...

(like offering the Rangers a one time teamup with you for a crossover special. As for your dates well they can get whatever they want if they win.)
No. 836918 ID: 3abd97

I'm fine with being aggressive, but you can't just your team naked. It's shameful that none of the rangers are showing anything indecent yet. Gotta get a few of them out of their bio-underlayers.

Next time you lose a clothing layer, they're expecting you to take off the dress you have in your lap. Let's surprise people again- reach down as if going for the dress, but then toss your panties on the table.
No. 836919 ID: 33b7e7

Play to get everyone as naked as possible.
No. 836920 ID: a633c6

Absolutely this. The game may go where it will, there's no sense in being self-defeating.
No. 836924 ID: 91ee5f

No. 837420 ID: bfb318
File 150826897866.png - (169.28KB , 1000x800 , 317.png )

I will attempt to win, although I will pay mind to the mood of the room and not do anything decidedly unfun in order to win.

Most others adopt a similar stance, although the other omegas seem to get a bit more aggressive while Pilon's gotten a competitive itch.

The game moves relatively rapidly as people shed their outermost clothing. It's only when the threat of nude elimination becomes near, that people get cautious. At this point, each omega team has 2 articles per teammate. My team has 4 remaining. Pilon and Pink have 3 total, although Pilon currently has the largest sum of money.
No. 837421 ID: bfb318
File 150826899334.png - (116.41KB , 800x800 , 318.png )

The omega teams get much better about playing once it's clear that the next loss will lead to eliminations. Ramella loses an article of clothing, and she's only down to her dress. Her panties and bra were both removed directly out from under her dress. Neither of my teammates followed my cue, to drop the most revealing article first.

I can strip something in her place, if desired.
No. 837422 ID: bfb318
File 150826908688.png - (13.52KB , 605x188 , 319.png )

I also glance around the room to double check everyone's state of wear.
No. 837424 ID: a363ac

take off your underware Polo. THE HAT MUST STAY!
No. 837426 ID: e1cef2

I wasn't aware the rules let us save allies, but tossing your panties on the table for Ramella is too perfect to pass up. Do it.
No. 837436 ID: 33b7e7

Take off your underwear, put in front of her and say "Here you go, Ramella".
No. 837447 ID: c2051e

Toss your dress on the table to save her.
No. 837453 ID: 90f3c0

Giving up the dress first makes the most sense, since you're not actually wearing it.
No. 837716 ID: bfb318
File 150836484572.png - (120.90KB , 800x800 , 320.png )

Due to a few bad rounds, I've already lost my dress, so I toss my panties up onto the table in front of Ramella.

We continue. The next person to lose is Green.
No. 837717 ID: bfb318
File 150836485404.png - (129.19KB , 800x800 , 321.png )

Due to the difficulty in stripping bioarmor, we continue playing as she works a cut down the backside, even though she distracts us with a showy demonstration of taking off bioarmor.

In the next round, Blue is the next to lose. All he found for his set of clothes he got from a dare was a bath towel.

>"Our two most brazen people strip. That's fitting." says White.
>"Hey! This is pretty embarrassing for me!" Blue says. "I'm not shameless!"
>"I am. Besides, we're wearing a helmet." Green replies.
>"Yeah, so we're stripping as rangers, that's worse than stripping in my civilian form!"
No. 837718 ID: bfb318
File 150836486662.png - (155.57KB , 800x800 , 322.png )

They both finish stripping at about the same time.
No. 837719 ID: bfb318
File 150836487874.png - (106.66KB , 800x800 , 323.png )

Ramella plays a full house. She's sure she won, but Red managed to get 4 of a kind, although it was a low powered pot considering the strong hands.

She did bet too much, and now has to strip. Unless I or Katzati want to get eliminated instead, Ramella will be out.
No. 837721 ID: 3abd97

Oh no I guess you get to see your date naked, so tragic!

Sorry Ramella.

Naked except for the glasses is p. cute, though.
No. 837769 ID: 33b7e7

Ramella will only be unhappy with you losing for her sake. Besides, I'm sure the rangers will be happier if the final showdown is between them and their "sixth ranger". I hope everyone is remembering to do a little twirl when they're eliminated.

... We should have put in a last round of dares that can only be used by people who have been eliminated to save their surviving teammates.
No. 837770 ID: 91ee5f

>...We should have put in a last round of dares that can only be used by people who have been eliminated to save their surviving teammates.
No thanks. This has gone on long enough.
No. 837980 ID: bfb318
File 150844133368.png - (102.39KB , 800x800 , 324.png )

Katzati and I empathically give Ramella our condolences, and she's left to strip her dress off.


I'm not sure when it came back on, but it's off again.

>More dares
I think we've had enough.
No. 837981 ID: bfb318
File 150844134186.png - (125.93KB , 800x800 , 325.png )

Without Blue, Red focuses hard on not losing.

The effect focuses too much on the idea of losing, and she loses immediately.

Katzati tries to hang on, but she was dry on chips and the antes are getting high, and she never got lucky in her pinch. I do not strip for her, either.

Then, White, the last person on the other side of the table, goes down, ending any dreams between a standoff between me and the omega waveforce. Everyone is reminded to spin around briefly.

It's just me, Pink and Pilon now, and they severely outnumber me in both clothing and chips. The only advantage I have is that Pilon is accidentally saying 'cards' a lot, and has drank a lot of beer by this point.

"Alright. Fair and square. I mean, already decided she could stay, but now definitely fair and square. Still! We're going to keep an eye out on you, Pink, but we promise we'll stay out of your way unless you're in real danger!"
>"That's good enough for me!... as long as you don't go peeking and spying in my bedroom or anything."

No. 837982 ID: bfb318
File 150844140847.png - (92.43KB , 800x800 , 326.png )

>"Polo?" Pink asks, noticing my open empathy suddenly spike suspiciously.

Shit! Now I'm feeling guilty!
No. 837988 ID: c2051e

Yeah, let's just go with honesty. "I actually was assigned to investigate your bedroom when Az forced me to take the case despite anything. It was one of the points of interest I had to examine."

Keep the details private if she wants to talk about it later, but no point hiding that you don't slack off when you're actually working.
No. 837991 ID: 3ce125

Why does Pilon have boobs?

Tell her you thought she was in real danger, so you investigated. In depth. Also excuse yourself to talk to your superiors. (you need to find out what to do about the bugs)
No. 837992 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that was back when she was still considered missing and you didn't have any clues or leads on where she could've gone. So you went there to find some clues and leads.

The plan obviously worked, otherwise you would still be looking for her right now.
No. 837993 ID: 91ee5f

>Why does Pilon have boobs?
That's Katzati. Pilon is on the other side of Pink.
No. 837994 ID: 015058

Just be honest. Feel ashamed and tell them that a bit before any of this you got a mission to save valentines day.

And you went to the source for clues and are horribly sorry but it was your job and you apologize for invading her privacy but you figured the grinch had kidnapped her or something and time was of the essence.

But due to that you managed to find Pink and make friends.

So there is the honest truth. Oh also you blew up some crazy lady that was attacking there base.
No. 838005 ID: c2051e

Oh yeah, the Stoneheart Duchess was upset you used live ammo to shoot her carriage thing down.
No. 838009 ID: 767181

Oh no Polo's dates are both naked how will she ever cope this is a terrible turn of events.

>what do
I apologize, but when I was first assigned the task of this not-really-missing-person case, naturally I was sent to examine your last known location for clues. It was also necessary to rule your team out as suspects.

When the other rangers protest: if you did not want to be investigated, you should not have insisted the detectives involved.

I mean, you are a detective and a spy. This is kind of your job.
No. 838010 ID: 4aa2b6

Well, time for honesty. And you can't fluff it much, because Katzati is right there and even if you can control your empathy to avoid certain thoughts, she probably can't. You can present it... somewhat more positively, though.

"You remember when I told you your base was attacked earlier, by Stoneheart? And I handled her? Well, the reason I was in the area was to try get to your base, and look for clues to where you'd gone, there. At that point, it really looked like it could be a serious case; like, Stoneheart's rapid appearance in itself was one example of things making it look like genuine foul play. Sooo I snuck in. And snooped a bit. It really is what you have to do in missing persons cases."

And for full honesty, to hopefully clear the air and remove further suspicion, you should tell them about the bugs. You might get in trouble with your superiors about that, but your knowledge and sense of that, emphatically broadcast, should help mellow their anger at you and help them believe your honesty.

"The other rangers had asked, but they also seemed like they might be uncooperative in some respects, and... well, honestly, one of the basic starting points of investigating a crime is to suspect the witness. So, in case they'd find out something and not tell us, I dropped a couple of listening devices. I'll tell you where they are."

Apologize, but remain firm in your conviction that it was what you should have done. It's easy to look down on it in hindsight, but for all you'd known her life was in danger, and it's your responsibility to do everything you can.
No. 838017 ID: a363ac

"There are bugs planted in your room. now back to these cards!" Drink to avoid conversation.
No. 838467 ID: bfb318
File 150861698818.png - (103.91KB , 800x800 , 327.png )

"Because I'm guilty of that." I admit. "When I thought this case was serious, I infiltrated the Omega base.
>"You didn't go through my diary, did you?!"

She's asking all the questions I don't want to be asked.

>"Oh my god. This is what I'm talking about! I can't just take a day off without people going nuts!"
"You can take a day off, Pink, but you can't just not answer your phone or do it without warning!"
>"That's problematic!"

Katzati feels the need to interject.

>"You know, I don't think anyone here could, except for Ramella, a criminal, or Pilon, a rogue. I think the rest of the Omega's would have a similar reaction if they did the same thing."
"Can you imagine if I took a day off?!" says Red. "Our provider would flip out."
>"Can you imagine if Polo went AWOL?" asks Katzati. "Az would summon the entire UDA. Even pull people off of otherwise important cases."
>"As long as Polo doesn't say anything about my room, I guess..." says Pink. "Is there anything else?"
"Yes. I've planted a few bugs. Then I left, and apprehended the Stoneheart Duchess, who was not prepared for live ammo."
"Hold it." says Red. "Tell us where the bugs are and we'll forget that, but you 'snuck in' our base? What about the laser defenses?"
>"The electronic guardians?" asks Blue.
>"The proximity sensors?" asks White.
"Your TV program had villains that showed how to get through all of it."
"Son of a - ! Wait, where did you get an electropulse anti-battery?"
"... I just went through an outer vent. Your defenses are virtually non-existent."
>"I guess you had reason." Pink relents, understanding the situation, yet she stills feels sour about it.

Pilon wants to keep the game going, but is trying to be polite in case there's more to say about the current topic.
No. 838471 ID: a363ac

back to the game!
No. 838475 ID: 3ce125

Ask if they want you to help improve their security. If you can't get in, it'll be secure enough. Also tell Pink you didn't read all of her diary, just the most recent entries.
No. 838485 ID: 3abd97

You might want to actually apologize To Pink-slash-Rose before moving on. (I mean, sure, you just doing your job, and it technically wasn't an illegal search, but it's a nice gesture).

If it's any consolation, she's probably seen more of you in this game than you saw of her snooping around.
No. 838487 ID: e67428

"Look at it this way. You're all, and I mean this sincerely, generally virtuous, honest, straightforward people who hold themselves to very high standards, certainly compared to what I've come to normally expect. That's a good thing, nearly all of the time, and you've all gained a lot of esteem from me over the course of me learning that today. Especially you, Pink. It's just that, in a few specific cases such as security, being that kind of person has its downsides. You need to be able to think like a sneaky, underhanded rulebreaking person if you want to keep sneaky, underhanded rulebreaking people out of somewhere secure. And that... doesn't seem to be in any of your natures. Would you like me to help make your base more secure?"

"I mean, earlier I thought Stoneheart had turned up so fast because she was part of Pink's disappearance, but now I know that's not the case I wonder if someone hasn't already planted bugs of their own in your base."
No. 838490 ID: e67428

Oh, and add this:

"I'd offer to let you read my diary, Pink, but I don't have one." (I assume you don't). "But if you like, I could take you to meet my hive some time, and you could ask them about things that are private to me. They've... been known to oblige that sort of request, and it would help balance my meeting your hive a bit, as well."
No. 838498 ID: 91ee5f

"In my defense, I only looked for clues that would help us determine where you disappeared to. Because everyone was worried about you. Not just the Waveforce, but even the UDA were worried about you. And it worked, since I found you. But I am sorry that I had to do that."

Also, tell Red where the bugs are.
No. 838509 ID: 0d45a9

Just say sorry, it gets the meaning across with minimal disruption to the game. You don't need to further justify yourself, as Pink understands the situation.

Once the game is finished, then you can offer security advice, but now is time for strip poker.
No. 838515 ID: 015058

I am a specialist at getting into anywhere regardless of the security guys. Then tell them where you hid the bugs.

And apologize again to Pink for violating her privacy.
No. 838516 ID: 08813f

just point out that now that you've circumvented their defenses you can show them how to shore them up and make their base actually secure.

Not from you, of course. But from everyone else.
No. 838572 ID: 15a025

Apologize, and ask if there's anyway you can make it up to her.
No. 838667 ID: 8111b6

Telling where the bugs are? Where's the fun in that? ...but I guess telling them's okay.

Also, the apology would be an idea. Perhaps whisper sharing might be a solution to her sugary, fattening problem. Though, that's about to reduce in intensity, once the holiday is over.
No. 838670 ID: e67428

You know, I actually wonder now if the rangers feel pressured by each other a lot. The fact that they wear masks all the time and don't know each others' identities means that they're putting on a different persona when they're rangers. Not like, a false mask, but the way people genuinely feel and act different when placed in different roles. Those genuine feelings can still be more stressful or tense than otherwise, and can sometimes do with being adjusted. When the rangers are being the rangers, they probably try very hard to BE their ranger self, the heroic emotional paragon ideal. Subconsciously, they might try to repress feelings, speech and actions that don't match up with that, which leads to personal stresses.

Like, I think this game has been good for them. When was the last time they just had fun together, did non-ranger things as a group rather than just ranger things as a team? Maybe the rangers should try more to be personal friends with each other, as well as just comrades. Open up a bit. Then they could relax and be more rounded people around each other, and they wouldn't, for example, feel like they had to keep their personal troubles to themselves.
No. 838726 ID: bfb318
File 150870273803.png - (132.17KB , 800x800 , 328.png )

"I apologize it came down to that. Red, if my superiors allow me and you want to, I can assist in your base security."

Red is hesitant but tempted. Even I don't know why I offered so quickly, but the security state of their base, in hindsight, is just painful to think about. Regardless, I tell them where the bugs are.

>Where's the fun in [telling where the bugs are]?
There's no fun in having one's privacy invaded.

Pilon, Pink and I ante up. I win that round, but only rake in a weak pot. Red takes the pause to speak up.

"If we let you run a security check on our place, you'll have to agree to be our honorary Omega and take the Omega Oath."
"I do not know what that is."

The wave force takes a moment to try to figure out a way to explain it to me. It's Katzati who speaks up.

>"It's their mission statement."

Red sputters.

"It's more than - !... ugh, okay, it's similar to a mission statement, but it's more than some corporate platitude!"
No. 838727 ID: a363ac

sigh and ask what it is.
No. 838729 ID: 015058

Ask them what the oath is. Might be fun to be a secret ranger.

And I can't imagine that Az would not love the idea.

But you need to do any official legal stuff through your agent. If any Ranger Polo dolls or other merchandise is getting made your hive gets the proper percentages.
No. 838732 ID: e67428

"As a UDA agent, I've already taken certain oaths of service, something like police are supposed to. They'd have to not conflict with each other. I should probably think about it hard, in any case, but I'd like to hear it. I assume it's not a secret."
No. 838736 ID: 3abd97

>it's more than some corporate platitude!
Don't you have corporate sponsors? Did they write it?

>you'll have to agree to be our honorary Omega and take the Omega Oath
Assuming I get permission to act in such a capacity (who are we kidding Az will not hesitate) I would agree to follow your rules and codes of conduct while acting in the capacity of a security contractor.

This would not impact by behavior outside of this capacity.

And my conduct as an agent of the UDA would take priority in the case of any conflict.
No. 838739 ID: 109e55

This sounds perfect.
No. 838749 ID: 8111b6

Might be something to consider. They seem decent enough. You've got other priorities, though, barring Az giving shenanigans like he tends to do.

Something else to consider is if this little 'adventure' of theirs winds up as an episode, considering how much that seems to happen with them.
No. 838753 ID: 3abd97

You know it occurs to me they're asking for additional concessions in exchange for helping them. If that's the way Red wants to play it- what's Polo getting out of this?
No. 838765 ID: 708229

Does it rhyme? I'm afraid I have a standing policy about rhyming oaths.
No. 838813 ID: 830fb7

Say "only if I get to meet and talk to the person that makes your gear and get a custom set myself".
No. 838823 ID: 3abd97

I think Polo sorta-technically already has one from her "transformation" sequence.
No. 838837 ID: 830fb7

Yeah but she has to give the wave force beam pistol (in extension the armour) back so why not get her own set with a wave force beam sniper rifle.
No. 838957 ID: bfb318
File 150879341950.png - (124.30KB , 800x800 , 329.png )

"I'd be willing, but I have my own criteria. First of all, I have already sworn oaths involing the UDA and the ultrahive. Your oath cannot conflict with my own."

Katzati is the only one in the room who knows all the oaths involved, so she speaks up again.

>"It won't normally, unless there's a conflict of interest between the Omega's and Ultrahive. The Omega oath should be customized to take second priority to the ultrahive."
"Both in interests, as well as jobs that the ultrahive and UDA need me for will take priority over any Omega duties. Secondly, I'll want to involve my hive's lawyer. If any Omega Polo or whatever I'm called - "
"Not that."
"- has merchandise made out of it, then I want my hive to receive royalties. While we involve that, a UDA lawyer should be involved in the customization of your oath, as well as a neutral 3rd party witness. And although I will follow your rules and codes of conduct while acting in the capacity of a security contractor as well as an Omega Waveforcer, this would not impact my behavior outside of that capacity. Also, I have a question - would I meet the person that makes your equipment?"
"Yeah! We have to talk to him anyway. No one becomes an Omega without his say so, even if just us agreeing is good enough for him! That all sounds agreeable so far... you sure gave it more thought than any of us did."
No. 838958 ID: bfb318
File 150879343302.png - (124.39KB , 800x800 , 330.png )

Pilon and Pink have a string of bad luck. Pilon removes his pants, leaving him in just boxers. Pink, loses a hand, and has to strip.

>"Um." Pilon shows concern. "I do want to win, but if it's a problem, you don't - "
>"No no I'll do it!"
No. 838959 ID: bfb318
File 150879344112.png - (121.99KB , 800x800 , 331.png )

She half ducks under the table to take the rest off, then stands up to do the mandatory twirl.

>"Ahhhh I had too much chocolate! I'm not presentable!"
No. 838961 ID: 3ce125

Tell her she looks lovely.
No. 838965 ID: a363ac

tell her she should really share some of that chocolate with the wave force instead of eating it all in her room.
No. 838971 ID: 33d4be

"The only thing making you unpresentable is the lack of a shower of rose petals. Seriously, you look great. Losing any more weight would only reduce your huggability, which I assume is a critical quality for your role in the team."

I'm pretty sure the mandatory twirl from a strip poker loss involves removing one's hands and in your case the tail, but we probably shouldn't push her.

So, it's only you and Pilon now, right?

Try to play it to a final hand where one of you must lose, erring on the side of yourself losing if you have to. Just before you finally lay your cards, say: "You do know that traditionally, the winner of a strip poker game gets the responsibility of giving some commands to the losers, right? Posing, showing off... that sort of thing."
No. 838972 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that she looks lovely and she doesn't need to be shy.

And then try to get everyone else to also agree and compliment her by saying, "Isn't that right, everyone?"
No. 838974 ID: bb78f2

Girl, you still in fightin' shape, you're fine and got cushion for the pushin'
No. 838976 ID: 91ee5f

>"You do know that traditionally, the winner of a strip poker game gets the responsibility of giving some commands to the losers, right? Posing, showing off...that sort of thing."
Can we please not? Let's just play the game.
No. 838978 ID: a363ac

nah everyone here except the omegas got places to be people to fuck.
No. 838981 ID: 015058

Tell her that if that's not presentable you do not know what is.
No. 838982 ID: 3abd97

>gets a job offer, instantly starts laying out conflicts, callings in lawyers, and negotiating royalties
This is pretty much perfect. (Sealock is basically logistics and management hive).

Floofy tail. Pink obviously uses fancier shampoo than anyone else in the room.

Give her a 9/10 for the twirl, but only a 4/10 for the chocolate she's allegedly wearing. She's not covered in it at all!

Yeah no. We've done enough bets and stuff without adding another game on the end of the game.
No. 838989 ID: 33d4be


It's not a big deal, you basically just get to say something like "ok you two stretch your arms up and arch your backs" or "ok you can all put your clothes on except your underwear you have to go commando until you get home". Something like that. I was thinking it'd be like, one more image or two, no decisions.

Mostly I just want to see what Pilon would do if he got to. If that's not going to be on the table, I rescind my suggestion to maybe deliberately let him win.
No. 839010 ID: 1a9fe2

Gotta really turn up the spice to make her feel hot. If she's gonna be a team mate, ya gotta raise the morale
No. 839095 ID: 830fb7

Say: "All this experience has taught me is that you all take this ranger thing too seriously, that you need to once in a while take some time off together and just interact and free yourself from this self exposed prison because if you keep this up you'll all just burn out. This experience has also taught me that I'm more like you guys than I like".
No. 839214 ID: bfb318
File 150887348375.png - (74.23KB , 800x800 , 332.png )

"You look lovely."
>"I don't know, I'm... I don't think I agree. It's not okay to be this..."

Katzati calmly waits for her to finish that sentence. Instead, Red speaks up.

"What Pink is trying to say, is that our line of work is extremely physically active and demanding. She isn't ashamed because of her pudge, she is ashamed that she feels she has not sufficiently kept her body in peak performance."
"This game isn't about peak physical performance. There's nothing to be shy about."
>"I... I guess."
No. 839215 ID: bfb318
File 150887349204.png - (103.59KB , 800x800 , 333.png )

Pink relents, and shows her body. She finally does her twirl.
No. 839216 ID: bfb318
File 150887349939.png - (93.20KB , 800x800 , 334.png )

We continue.

The game has become even with both clothing and money.

I get three jacks, a 5 and a 4. Pilon is somewhat confident in his hand. We have an even chance, and this may be a good time to goad the other into betting hard.

It's my turn to bet.
No. 839230 ID: 3ce125

Bet like half your remaining funds.
No. 839242 ID: 33d4be

>She isn't ashamed because of her pudge, she is ashamed that she feels she has not sufficiently kept her body in peak performance.

So the chocolate wasn't the problem, only that not enough exercise was being done. I'd have thought the rangers would train together enough that that shouldn't have been a problem, or that someone would have noticed if she'd been missing out on it. If she was as physically active as before then she should be able to eat as much chocolate as she likes, so long as she can fit in her suit/giant robot.

Anyway, go for the big bet. Triumph in glory or go down in flames.
No. 839246 ID: 0d45a9

Even chance, so even bet, around half of what you've got. Three jacks is pretty strong, but a full house would beat that and is of similar likeliness.
No. 839273 ID: 3abd97

Go hard, and let the chips land where they will.
No. 839278 ID: 90f3c0

Time to go big, bet aggressively.
No. 839285 ID: a2507c

Bet a quarter. Pilon will likely raise it to half. Call if he does so.
No. 839315 ID: 53895c

Feign him, go silent for a few seconds just to judge his reaction and make him worry.
No. 839482 ID: d9cd96

This game has gone on long enough. Kill your empathy, go all in and just stare him down silently.
No. 839485 ID: 91ee5f

No, don't go silent. That'd ruin the fun.
No. 839521 ID: 33d4be

Polo pretty much promised to not use her silence the whole game, too.
No. 839555 ID: d9cd96

If she goes all in, the game is going to end one way or another. Going silent just makes it a little bit more of a coinflip for Pilon.
No. 839642 ID: bfb318
File 150896397651.png - (114.90KB , 800x800 , 335.png )

"All in." I say, remaining unsilent.

With his confidence, and knowing the game has gone on long enough, Pilon puts in his entire chip count into the pot as well regardless of whether or not our amounts add up to exactly the same.

I reveal my hand of three of a kind.

He reveals his hand of a full house.

Pilon contorts his face to try to maintain some sense of dignity instead of breaking out into an inappropriately intense triumphant grin.
No. 839645 ID: 3ce125

God damn it. Time to strip and do your twirl! Make sure everyone gets to see that your ass is indeed the best.
No. 839652 ID: a363ac

throw down your hat in fake anger.
No. 839654 ID: 3abd97

Alas, we don't get to see Pilon doing a twirl with his dick out in pseudo-canon.

Stand up, and do a ballerina twirl while removing your accessories, then take a bow.

Then bully Pilon into taking his shorts off anyways, since he's the only person in the room who's still decent.
No. 839660 ID: 91ee5f

Admit defeat and you've been bested by a better player.
No. 839664 ID: a633c6

Slowly and dramatically lay your hat on the table.
No. 839669 ID: 33d4be

Sigh dramatically, take off your hat and ribbon and do a twirl, then kneel before Pilon and offer them up, declaring him king of strip poker and that, having defeated both the UDA and the Rangers, the fate of the beautiful Pink is in his hands. Hopefully, he'll take the cue to do something that will make her happy.

Try to empathically broadcast your desire to see him lose his last item of clothing as well, somehow. If enough people agree with you, perhaps you can playfully suggest overthrowing the crown.
No. 839683 ID: 65dabf

Yes, we demand full nudity from all party members.
No. 839823 ID: d9cd96

Okay game is over, silence is up. Throw your hat to the ground and break all expectations by not only doing a twirl but a full-on dance. Either around Pilon or Ramella.
No. 840149 ID: bfb318
File 150913849562.png - (79.75KB , 800x800 , 336.png )

No. 840150 ID: bfb318
File 150913850485.png - (81.55KB , 800x800 , 337.png )

We express that we'd like to see him take off his clothes, even if he won.
No. 840151 ID: bfb318
File 150913854579.png - (158.54KB , 800x800 , 338.png )

I do a twirl, and Pilon simply stands.

>"I would like to go get some privacy with Pink, now." he says.
No. 840152 ID: bfb318
File 150913857190.png - (90.87KB , 800x800 , 339.png )

"Suuuure, if Pink will have you." says Red, who thinks that Pink is in an enviable position, although she contains any poor thoughts of jealousy. "As for us, we should get going. Base to reinforce."
>"Sleep to gain." says Blue.
>"Citizens to defend." White continues.
>"We'll call you, Polo, to help that reinforcement, another day." Green says.
No. 840154 ID: 3ce125

Godspeed, Rangers.

For Polo it is time to cuddle with her dates. Gotta leave something for when Ramella gets out of prison for real though, so no sex. Sex was probably not what Katzati had in mind from this anyway.
No. 840156 ID: 65dabf

.....Did they just... rhyme?
No. 840160 ID: 3abd97

Polo: not even blushing, and with the self control to be looking at his face.

>what do
Let the rangers get dressed and file out. (If everyone is getting dressed, let's only bother to get sloppy half-dressed).

Only question after that are sleeping arrangements. I suppose we could leave Pilon and Pink the hotel room? He did ask for alone time, and the UDA will already be set up to watch this room, which makes keeping Pink safe easier.

Also if Polo wants deniability (or just not for everyone she works with to know about it) we really should change venues. Yeah, we should leave too.
No. 840161 ID: 33d4be

Looks like Pilon managed to restrain what the earlier motorboating required him to conceal. Couldn't have been comfortable!

Tease the rangers with the question of if they'll be able to think straight on the way back home, and say that if your dates are willing, you wouldn't mind taking some steps to ensure focus now, yourself. You might suggest as well that once Pilon and Pink have satisfied their privacy needs, you'd be open to collaborating on some less privacy related needs.

You do still have the task of making Pink feel loved to complete, after all, and the job of letting her fully witness your non-grumpiness. Plus your dates don't seem like they'd really categorically turn either of them down, and being a bunch of neumono ladies without certain aids on hand you might need Pilon's assistance for that "ensuring focus" thing.

More seriously, though, perhaps you should remind the Rangers that Pink said she had "kind of a few things" she wanted to say, "after this", by which I assume she meant the game, before they leave.
No. 840220 ID: a363ac

No. 840224 ID: 0d45a9

Right, let's get dressed and go somewhere else, give Pilon and Pink some privacy.

What's the empathy/mood like with Ramella and Katzati?

Don't ruin the mood, if Pink wants to say anything that's on her, and I think Pilon can handle the making Pink feel loved thing anyway.
No. 840226 ID: 314bcd

Let's get dressed and set off for more shenanigans.
No. 840230 ID: 90f3c0

Good for Pink, try not to be too jealous.
No. 840342 ID: 2d1231


D'oz ears ... they're as big as you!
No. 840366 ID: a128ec

Pilon is a legend for many reasons.
No. 840387 ID: bfb318
File 150922726936.png - (118.05KB , 800x800 , 340.png )

>Did they just rhyme?
If they were supposed to rhyme, they neither tried nor succeeded.

>Pilon managed to restrain what the earlier motorboating required him to conceal.
A conscious, determined effort was put forth.

>Polo with the self control to be looking at his face.
Looking at lower would make me think too hard on logistics and difficulty that don't need to be thought about.

"Rose. You said there were a few things you wanted to say after this?"
>"Oh! That, um... I don't think it needs to be said, now. Me wanting some alone time but needing to tell people that has been covered, so it's okay."
"Nevermind it, then."

>You do still have the task of making Pink feel loved to complete, after all
I think I can leave that in Pilon's hands.

The Omegas get re-suited with remarkable speed. Pink and Pilon also get dressed, and while I begin to put on at least a pair of panties and bra for decency, I falter as my dates seem to not want to bother. Pilon makes a call to the hotel to get an extra room. Although it's a hard read on his empathy, I get the impression that since he is doing something more personal between himself and Pink, he doesn't feel like taking the room that was paid for by the UDA and attempting to kick Katzati, Ramella and myself out. Although I am concerned about what the workplace may think if Katzati, I, and Ramella were left alone in a hotel room, I seem to be the only one who has the concern. The Omega's say brief goodbyes before leaving, and Pilon seems determined to get out of this room.

I distract my concerns during this by making a call to confirm that Ramella will be staying with me tonight. Since her hive is in jail as well, and she has honestly demonstrated she isn't going to abuse her time out, she isn't a flight risk.

.... Pink gives us a wink as she turns the corner to the doorway.
No. 840388 ID: bfb318
File 150922728157.png - (66.96KB , 800x800 , 341.png )

>What's the empathy/mood like with Ramella and Katzati?
No. 840389 ID: bfb318
File 150922729365.png - (92.40KB , 800x800 , 342.png )

No. 840390 ID: bfb318
File 150922730109.png - (63.71KB , 800x800 , 343.png )

No. 840391 ID: bfb318
File 150922731277.png - (78.88KB , 800x800 , 344.png )

The empathic mood is... unprofessional.
No. 840392 ID: a363ac

get grabbed.
Grab her.
No. 840393 ID: 3ce125

Seduction successful. Time to reap the benefits.
No. 840398 ID: c2051e

Time to break out Katzati's gimp suit.
No. 840400 ID: 0d45a9

Time to get unprofessional then.
No. 840403 ID: 3abd97

Make like you're going to insist on being professional or getting dressed, then get tackled by your dates.

(I would make sure the door is locked, and disable any UDA bugs in the room).
No. 840405 ID: 33d4be

Well. The question now is, is this a regular hotel, or a love hotel? If it's the latter, you need to make a call for some supplies, if they're not somewhere in the room already. If it's the former, you're going to need to employ some creativity. Fortunately, I expect Ramella probably has plenty.

Maybe put in a call to have someone nearby to observe the surrounding streets. No need to call anyone into the hotel.

>Looking at lower would make me think too hard on logistics and difficulty that don't need to be thought about.

Probably bigger than your whole upper arm.
No. 840410 ID: 015058

Start loudly thinking that the only solution to this mess is for you to stack Ramella on top of Katzati so you can do them both at once.

Or make them take initiative and see where it goes.
No. 840418 ID: 91ee5f

>The empathic mood is...unprofessional.
Then it's time to be unprofessional! Don't ruin the mood by insisting to get dressed!

We can't! It's back at her home! She didn't bring it with her!

>(I would make sure the door is locked, and disable any UDA bugs in the room).
No. 840466 ID: 15a025

Check the room for any hidden cameras and disable them. Then ask your dates what they've got in mind?
No. 840541 ID: 65dabf

This is by far, one of, if not the BEST alternate universe ever.
No. 840607 ID: a128ec

Have. Some. Sex.
No. 840639 ID: 91ee5f

Waaaaiiiit a minute. I just realized something!

Where are your guns from here: >>/questarch/793715 ?
No. 840674 ID: c2051e

Shove your face between Katzati's titties and motorboat her. You know you want to.
No. 840891 ID: 56e50f

Well Polo,

Let's get unprofessional.
No. 840981 ID: 1a9fe2

I think your ladies have a ladies' night already planned out. How many more drinks are you gonna need to make the first move?
No. 840995 ID: 8111b6

Well, time to ring in Valentine's Day properly!
...Put on the 'do not disturb' hanger thingie and lock the door first.
No. 841030 ID: 2d1231


You know what you must do, Polo. And that wink basically says we're free to use this room for all the debauchery we've been dreaming of with two very beautiful and VERY willing ladies.

And hey, when Pink herself, embodiment of love and compassion, gives us the OK, I think that's a sign to go with it.

We earned this.
No. 841036 ID: 4606b3

Call up the agency and tell them Pink is spending the night in the hotel to rest and prepare for her duties tomorrow, with Pilon's assistance. You and Katzati will take a separate room where you will be on call and able keep watch on Ramella until tomorrow. Request some surveillance on the surrounding streets for any suspicious behavior targeted at Pink or Ramella, and a wake-up call so that you can all have a generous amount of time to wake up, wrap up and get Pink to her scheduled destination with time to spare. As part of that, you'll need a pick-up, which should also deliver Pink's suit.

Then end the call and have a nice time with your dates.
No. 841066 ID: bfb318
File 150940196792.png - (173.82KB , 1000x800 , 345.png )

>Where are your guns?
We had them on our thighs. As we stripped, we put them nearby. They are still there on a nightstand.

>Get grabbed
Katzati picks me up by my shoulders. Ramella grabs my legs, even though I've been completely lifted off the ground. They are carrying me to the bed.

I make a call to the UDA.

"Polo speaking."
>"Lucera speaking."

We exchange security codes to confirm identities.

"We are getting extra rooms in the hotel. Pink will be spending the night in the hotel with Pilon. Katzati will have her own room. I will remain in the original room to keep an eye on Ramella. I request surveillance along the streets. It is unnecessary to watch inside of the hotel."
>"Surveillance will be put on the streets. We will request access to surveillance inside the hotel, too, but only use that access if there is trouble or some other reason to."

I hang up. Katzati wants an explanation.

"You have your own room. There is no reason to use it."
>"Oh, I understand." she says, noting there is merit in at least implying that we didn't sleep in the same hotel room together.

There are 3 girls and no guys. This hotel is, normally, just a regular hotel, but due to the introduction of valentine's day, special accommodations have been offered.

I can call for room service to send up supplies, if required.
No. 841067 ID: a363ac

call them up demand one of everything.
No. 841073 ID: 33d4be

Get Ramella to make the call. She is already a known criminal and deviant, and you will have plausible deniability in case your coworkers get snoopy.
No. 841079 ID: 2d1231


Considering the Polo-sandwich we are about to become, we'll need the biggest, kinkiest thing(s) they've got. That should cover all bases.
No. 841081 ID: 91ee5f

No. 841087 ID: 65dabf

The Polo sandwich, the most rare of them all. They say that if you "ate" it, you are going to have the best nigth of your life, and them somthing guffy is going to happen, becose this never hapens, it's like, super rare. Like, apocaliptic crazy. Rokoa stops smiling or something.
No. 841096 ID: 015058

Have your dates make the call. Let them decide what to use on you.
No. 841097 ID: 3ce125

Hey, get at least one thing for yourself.
No. 841101 ID: bfb318
File 150940994271.png - (103.12KB , 800x800 , 346.png )

"We should order supplies." I say, and get more or less agreement. "Ramella, you order them, if you don't mind."
>"M-me? Wait, who's paying?"
"I will."

I almost tell her not to worry about it, just in case she's asked too many questions back in prison. It's a useless gesture, though, when I'm already sleeping with her.

>"Uh, paying through UDA?" asks Katzati.
"No. There is no justifying that, nor do I want to explain the expense report. I will pay it personally."
>"Sure, but you know there's not much equipment we're going to get that's for rental, you know."
"One of Az's better points is that he is generous in his danger pay. I have enough money. Ramella, if you will."

Ramella gets on the phone after I'm put on the bed and the lights are dimmed. She pays more attention to Katzati and I laying on the bed than the phone call, but that may be good, as she looks to my empathy to get feedback on what is appropriate to order. If left to her own devices, she'll probably end up ordering 1 of everything. Which is doable, but I do question just how kinky this bedroom activity is going to get. Being unsure adds in a favorable element of excitement, but perhaps I should consider if, say, we really need gimp suits and 7 kinds of advanced vibrators.
No. 841102 ID: 015058

Gimp suits can be for date 2. And probably only need 3 advanced vibrators at most.

But you could just get it all now and not have to worry about getting it for later you know...
No. 841103 ID: a363ac

Yes. Yes you do need that.
No. 841104 ID: 3ce125

Ahh, keep it relatively simple. First time with these two, don't make things complicated or super weird.

...though, if Katzati does want the gimp suit...
No. 841105 ID: 3abd97

This is your first date, and I would assume your first threesome with two girls. There's plenty to explore and make this romantic without buying every toy there is. Besides, Polo's more about using gear well than having a ton of it.

We don't need a gimp suit.

Also get your game on, Katzati, Ramella. Polo's still in serious face logistics and planning mode here. You gotta get her flustered and blushing.

Just makes sense. Katzati has to be on the bottom so she doesn't crush the other two, and if we stack Polo and Ramella on top of her, the smaller one goes first to better fit in the boob-valley.
No. 841106 ID: 33d4be

This is your first time together, keep it simple and get the basic essentials and conveniences. Save kinkier stuff to keep things interesting in the future, and focus on the simpler pleasure of exploring each other's bodies and tastes and listening to each others' empathy. The most complicated thing you should get is a doublesider or a strapon, free your hands and mouths up. I assume some mechanism for delivering the juice you neumono girls need is standard.
No. 841107 ID: c2051e

Personally, actual bondage is too restrictive and causes too many expectations as to what's going to happen, so let's avoid ropes, chains, or so on. Doesn't help that they tend to be a pain to draw. Vibrators, strap-ons or maybe feeldoes, some paddles... let's start off light, you can probably get more stuff later if you really want. Plus there has to be something to look forward to next time. Hell, let's get the gimp suit, if only for a quick laugh.
No. 841121 ID: bfb318
File 150941404867.png - (108.80KB , 800x800 , 347.png )

I communicate that this is our first date. There's no reason to overstretch everything with gimpsuits and handcuffs and so on. Plus, if anything else, there should be something left to look forward to after Ramella serves her time. Ramella notices, and struggles to keep things simple.

Katzati herself was antsy to start instead of laying around in awkward sexual tension. I believe she was politely waiting so that Ramella wasn't left out at the beginning, but upon Ramella's struggles to not order too much, she rolls over onto me and begins nibbling at my neck. That gets Ramella to hurry her order up.

>"And one, uh, double ender! Variable size!" she mutters, before trying to hurry up the phone call.

>Polo sandwich
I suppose I could break the pose and flip Katzati over. Still, it may not be fair for me to get all of the attention.
No. 841123 ID: a363ac

don't worry Polo there is plenty of time in the night and you work hard and deserve much love.
No. 841125 ID: c2051e

Yeah, just start playing with her nipples and see how well she responds. Nibble her ear if that's an erogenous zone for neumono too. Maybe drag Ramella in.
No. 841126 ID: 015058

Wave Ramella over and get her in on this. Why not take turns working on someone. Right now her and Katzati can play with you.

Then you and Katzati can team up on Ramella and then you both attack Katzati. In whatever order.

See if they like that idea. Or we can just go with the flow. Just make sure everyone gets some equal lovin.
No. 841128 ID: 3ce125

True. Mix it up a bit as you go. Plenty of time.

Give Katzati some attention in return while doing your best to spur Ramella on.
No. 841130 ID: 3abd97

>I suppose I could break the pose and flip Katzati over.
Sure. If the boobosaures lets you. You're pinned otherwise.

>Still, it may not be fair for me to get all of the attention.
Maybe not, but I'm pretty sure those two are intent on ravishing you at this point. You might have a hard time getting an edge in, even if you're trying.
No. 841144 ID: bfb318
File 150941735087.png - (127.31KB , 800x800 , 348.png )

I manage to roll Katzati over. She doesn't make it easy, as she wanted me to work for it a bit.

Ramella nearly slams the phone down, races behind me, and practically dives down underneath me. It isn't much of a sandwich, but her tongue gets to work. She's too impatient and doesn't ease into at at all, but I just handle it by holding onto Katzati, trying to softly nibble at her ear and testing what parts of Katzati are best. Her ears, as with many other neumono, are erogenous enough zones to be worth nibbling down on. I soon find that much of her is an erogenous zone, and simply grinding on her torso is met with her pleasure. It's easy enough to grind on her while Ramella's tongue is driving around in me, and Katzati is more than happy to let my hands mess with her breasts.
No. 841145 ID: bfb318
File 150941736951.png - (150.98KB , 800x800 , 349.png )

Ramella only backs off to fetch the package left behind at room service. She at least remembers to lock the door again before racing back, yanking a strapon onto herself, and pushes herself into me.

It might not have the typical payoff of a male, but just the sensation is enough. Katzati holds me down on her, as unnecessary as it is, letting Ramella rail me from behind. She has to contain herself not to go too crazy, but her disbelief at the situation is only matched by her hunger to get me to climax from the sensation alone. It isn't until I feel her desperation until I understand the saying, fucking like they just got out of prison.

I huff, collecting my breath enough to speak.

"You're tiring me out, try to make it last."
"S-sorry!" Ramella says.
"It can't just be me, anyway. Let's s-swap who's in the middle."

I guess it doesn't matter too much about the order, but since I proposed the idea, they're wondering who is next. Or at least Katzati is. Ramella is focused on the present.

No. 841149 ID: 3ce125

Get Ramella in the middle for a bit. Maybe it'll calm her down. Should get her used to the idea of giving attention to Katzati, too.
No. 841151 ID: 015058

Get Ramella in the middle. She needs to take that edge off.
No. 841155 ID: c2051e

And make sure to spank the prisoner for her naughtiness.
No. 841156 ID: 3abd97

Begin sloppy makeouts with Katzati in front of you, then get her to help you team up on Ramella.

You did promise to make her feel good tonight, and you two are used to working together.

And then, yeah, once you've worked together to burn off some of her energy you can wrap up with slower stuff.
No. 841169 ID: a363ac

I don't think Katzati would make a good middle sandwich middle Ramella for now and think about how you two will bully Katzati later.
No. 841178 ID: bfb318
File 150942219933.png - (162.36KB , 800x800 , 350.png )

After Ramella rails me enough and I make out with Katzati, I get enough. Right on cue, Ramella backs off, but mostly because she can sense that she's next. Ramella does more to get me off Katzati than I do, and then lays down on the bigger girl. I use the same strapon to do the same thing, although facing each other this time. Ramella appreciates the cushion that is Katzati, but Katzati feels like Ramella is best off getting attention primarily from me.

Ramella enjoys a faster, harder pace than I personally prefer. She lifts her butt slightly to get a light spank from me, which I oblige despite the awkward position.

No. 841179 ID: bfb318
File 150942220648.png - (157.51KB , 800x800 , 351.png )

Ramella takes far longer to tire out than me, and I suspect that the Ramella sandwich will last longest of all. I swap out to a larger dildo next to better fit Katzati, who Ramella and I team up against.
No. 841180 ID: bfb318
File 150942221751.png - (106.61KB , 800x800 , 352.png )

After we all tire each other out, I end up sandwiched again, but this time for cuddles.

I don't think there's anything else to do besides set my alarm for tomorrow.
No. 841181 ID: 3ce125

Nice. But yes don't forget to set an alarm.

I wonder how sniper rokoa and her arkot buddy are doing.
No. 841182 ID: a363ac

honk boobs, sleep
No. 841183 ID: a43366

Can we check on Pilon and Pink, if not as Polo then in 3rd person?
No. 841184 ID: 314bcd

Set alarm

and get more snug in the cushions and enjoy the cuddles.
No. 841190 ID: 91ee5f

If you're gonna set an alarm, then please set it to wake you up at a reasonable time.

Don't set it for some really early time, like 5:00 AM or something like that!
No. 841191 ID: 65dabf

I can die in peace... not, i still need to se Rokoa unsmiling.
No. 841192 ID: c2051e

Kiss them goodnight, of course.
No. 841195 ID: 3abd97

This cuddle pile is just too cute.

And too bad about that alarm, your arms are pinned. (Although you could probably just use your implanted phone to set an alarm, and one only you can hear at that).
No. 841291 ID: 3fb646

Tonight was a good night, Polo. You earned a good night's rest with no alarm to interrupt you.
No. 841321 ID: 8111b6

Oops, they're pinning you and you won't be able to set that alarm. It can't be helped-
No. 841336 ID: 33d4be

You just need to be in good time to escort Pink to her event. Pick up her suit, finalize arrangements and so on.
No. 842010 ID: bfb318
File 150966364005.png - (83.93KB , 800x800 , 353.png )

My arms are too pinned to set the alarm. Truly, it's a lost cause.

"Katzati, please hand me my phone."

I set my alarm and text Rose to give me an update. She says she's doing well, and promises to alert me if she leaves her room or does much of anything.

We'll wake up early tomorrow so that we can all shower and get a decent breakfast before anything.
No. 842011 ID: bfb318
File 150966367088.png - (130.88KB , 800x800 , 354.png )

My implant beeps.

>"This is Lucera. Come in, Polo, Katzati!"
"Polo here."
>"Katzati here."

We exchange today's three way codes.

>"You'll both be escorting Pink to Space Elevator 6 together. We'll supply you a vehicle route you're to stick to, and surveillance and protection in surrounding areas. Keep this subtle. We'll give more details and orders when you head out, but do so immediately. We've just gotten word from the prison that Whiskers has gone missing from her cell with no trace of escape. We don't know if it has anything to do with the Omega Waveforce or valentine's day, but considering what kind of tech is involved here, we're assuming it's not a coincidence. The prison checks frequently enough that she must have just escaped. We're leaving a car for you in the parking garage, and it has necessary supplies, requested and otherwise, inside. Take it and go before Whiskers is given a chance to take action. We never did find all of Whiskers cache's, so we don't know what capabilities she has or where she is now."
No. 842014 ID: 015058

You and Ramella and Katzati are going to be her dates for the day.

I want her sitting on Katzati's lap and you and Ramella sitting on Pink's lap.

And distraction is to be treated as a attempt to teleport Pink away.
No. 842015 ID: 015058

Oh and double and triple check that the info you just received was valid. If you end up taking her to space elevator 6 when you were supposed to take her to 5 instead it's going to be a mess.
No. 842025 ID: bfb318
File 150966488581.png - (108.93KB , 800x800 , 355.png )

I'll verify by making my own call to Lucera through the agency about the information. For the time, I know that elevator 6 is the closest accessible elevator and the fastest way to get Pink into either low orbit, or onto a high altitude hover ship. I don't recall exactly where the large scale empathy gun was.

I give Pink a call, and tell her that we need to leave immediately.

>"Oh, I haven't showered yet..." she answers.
"Showers are lower on priority. There are showers we are taking you to that you can freshen up with."
>"Okay, okay, we'll be out in 20 seconds. Can Pilon come?"
"If he would help you do your task, then yes."

Thankfully, everyone here except for Ramella is used to hasty movements, and Ramella is already ready. We quickly make our way into the parking garage, where another agent passes the car keys off to me and will handle the hotel checkout process.

It's a high end spy car. I've never used one before, but I expect it's over the top and over designed. I do also know it has AI to take care of a lot of menial tasks, and that I can boost the seat up to reasonably drive.

>Sit on people's laps
We will get pulled over.

There are 6 seats, three in the front, three in the back, and while it's not important precisely who sits where, I should consider whether or not it's best for me to be the one driving. While I may be the first pick, it may be best if I navigate and have the chance to look around while on the streets.
No. 842026 ID: a363ac

turn off the AI for now it could be hacked into.
No. 842027 ID: c2051e

Be sure you're armed and the guns work.
No. 842028 ID: 4ec4ea

Yeah, go ahead and let someone else drive. Katzati, maybe.
No. 842029 ID: 015058

That guy handing it off is probably a whiskers agent. And the Ai has been hacked. And those keys you have are a bomb/taser to incapacitate you. Be more paranoid Polo or valentines day is doomed.

Also check the undercarriage and such for unwelcome visitors/bombs.

Have everyone pile in the backseat and keep Pink in the middle for safety. Also can help pre-love her up as we go to get her ready for her big day.
No. 842031 ID: 3abd97

>Whiskers escaped
Honestly, her strength is mostly in complicated plans. Where she is is less of a problem than what she's set in motion. She can be a threat without getting anywhere near us.

>I should consider whether or not it's best for me to be the one driving
Honestly, probably not you. Driving isn't your realm of mastery, and if you're needed to do crazy action spy stuff to defend the convey, it'll be easier if you're not behind the wheel. (Returning fire, jumping between cars, etc).

You might want to sit in the middle? You can easily climb over anyone if you need access to a side window, and you can look ahead or out the back or go up through the sunroof.

>who drive
Who's actually got training and experience as a driver? Pink maybe, although giant robots are kind of specialized. Katzati maybe with operator training. Or... actually Pilon is probably the best bet. Current PI and ex cop-hive must have had to drive under fire at least once. Also he won't go down in one shot if someone snipes your driver.
No. 842032 ID: bfb318
File 150966583655.png - (105.44KB , 800x800 , 356.png )

I consider turning off the AI. Normally I certainly would, but this kind of car needs a tutorial in how to operate it.

"Katzati, how safe is the AI here?"
>"There's a manual switch for wireless capabilities. I'll turn that off, right here." she gestures at the glove box. "There's also a physical override to turn off the whole AI right here, so if we think we're compromised, we can pull the plug. We should at least boot it up."

While she does that, I verify with the agency to the best of my ability that this is a legitimate car left by a legitimate agent. And as I do that, I check the undercarriage, trunk, and other portions of the car for any bugs.

"Katzati, can you drive this?"
>"Yep, I know the basics."
"That way we don't have to have the AI on to lift the car. Let's get in, everyone. Pink, take the middle seat in the back. I'll be in the middle front."
>"Uh, really?" asks Katzati. "I mean, I know the basic details of the car, but if we want to use stuff like the internal turrets, anti-chase measures, and so on, I don't think any of us know how to activate that stuff, so we'd either have to fumble through it, or go through the AI."
No. 842035 ID: 3abd97

If we verified this car came from the UDA, who have their own CAI, the AI is probably safe to start with. Just keep an eye on it.

If possible, it might be safest to have the AI only set to control the extras initially while the neumono driver controls the actual driving.
No. 842038 ID: 91ee5f

If anything is going to happen, Whiskers is probably going to try and steal the large scale empathy gun.

Or, she'll hack it so that when Pink puts in feelings of love, the gun will translate it into feelings of hate, which would cause everyone to start fighting each other.

Also, where's Pink's Ranger Uniform? Was it delivered to you in the car or is it going to be waiting for her at your destination?
No. 842039 ID: bfb318
File 150966709173.png - (141.79KB , 800x800 , 357.png )

"Okay. Let the AI run."

Katzati starts the car, and we get in position. She's a bit nervous, as this is more of a field operation than she's used to, but I just tell her to focus on driving. Pink is tired, and leans in on Pilon.

Ramella is just happy to be involved.

>Also, where's Pink's Ranger Uniform?
The trunk.
No. 842040 ID: bfb318
File 150966710250.png - (134.72KB , 800x800 , 358.png )

The AI pops up. It's a digital replication of Alison, who has propagated herself across various platforms innumerable times. There are more options than just her, but she is the default, and a suitable one, if sometimes somewhat overly helpful.

"Hello, this is Alison. What is today's code?"

I say it.

>"Welcome! I'll run as much or as little of the car as you like. I can run you through operations, too, if you want to do them manually. You all look like you're in a hurry, so just let me know if you have any questions. Currently, all cameras are intact, meaning that I am able to drive the car on request. Can I help with anything?"

By the time she finishes her speech, Katzati is driving through the parking structure. Alison flashes the screen to show the GPS.

"Is the wireless on?"
>"No." says Alison. "But I've saved the route I'm told you're all to take. I just won't be able to supply up to date information."
No. 842045 ID: 015058

Ask Alison if she got busy on valentines day.
No. 842046 ID: 3abd97

>I just won't be able to supply up to date information.
That is acceptable. You still have other communication devices your allies can access, but we can't afford a CAI compromising the vehicle.

>Can I help with anything?
For now simply be alert.
No. 842047 ID: a363ac

change AI to Anya.
No. 842048 ID: c2051e

Valentine's Day is today.
No. 842049 ID: bfb318
File 150966798131.png - (114.66KB , 800x800 , 359.png )

"Good, keep the wireless off. Pilon, do you have any plans today?"
>"My original plans... I'd rather be here, instead."
"Okay. Alison, for now, just be alert."

Katzati pulls out into the road. Nothing out of the norm, yet, and though Katzati broadcasts her worry while our jammer is off, it doesn't stand out to seeing other people's moods on the road, which vary greatly.

>Change to Sevener
I could. I am familiar with a few different personas that populate our primary CAI, that are likely transferred to the car.

Change default Alison to a different individual?
No. 842050 ID: c2051e

Sure, get Anya.
No. 842051 ID: a363ac

to Anya.
No. 842052 ID: 015058

Yeah why not switch over to Anya.

But first check if Alison has plans for valentines day. See if she is the real thing.
No. 842059 ID: bfb318
File 150966878664.png - (110.99KB , 800x800 , 360.png )

"Do you have any plans for valentine's, Alison?"
>"I'm not sure! I'm stuck in this car, after all, so it depends on if my car's technician lets me have some off duty time today."
"I'll remind him. For now, I'd like someone who's more applicable to aggressiveness as necessary. Please swap to Sevener."
>"Understood!" she says, with no hesitation, despite that there have been official complaints made about Sevener's attitude in the past.

She flicks on screen immediately.

"Hello. Please keep an eye out for anything."
>"Got anything more specific than 'anything'?"
No. 842060 ID: bfb318
File 150966886904.png - (129.71KB , 800x800 , 361.png )

We leave it at that, as I believe Sevener would be briefed by Alison on the current situation.

There's relative silence during the drive as Sevener runs some basic diagnostics on the car.

Traffic is moving along, but there is still a steady stream of cars along this route. If something happens here, there's too many people, but I don't have any better alternatives. Contrary to Az's pushing, the capital never did agree to make subterranean military access only passages due to prohibitive costs.

I see something in my rearview window. It had the overall shape of a car, but it was off enough to instantly grab my attention as soon as it came into view. It ducks in behind cars, causing some brakes and horns to go off. I've lost sight of it, but it was nothing to ignore.

>"You saw that, right?" asks Sevener.
"Yes. Do you know what it was?"
>"Yeah. 3 and a half feet tall. No room for any driver, and no windows. It uses normal tires, but the rest of it looked like it was all made out of the same material. The guns are ready. I don't see anything but neumono in the whole area, so we can deliver some firepower if we need to."
No. 842062 ID: a363ac

take out the tires.
No. 842063 ID: 015058

Fufa car inbound (maybe).

I would not open fire in a crowded street just yet. Mostly because it would fuck up traffic and possibly jam you in there.

Stay on route and inform headquarters of your find. Just know that any communication is probably being listened in on.
No. 842064 ID: c2051e

Shoot out the tires. Shouldn't mess with possible booby traps or let it stay mobile.
No. 842065 ID: 3abd97

You're in the middle of traffic, looks like. If your car suddenly sprouts guns and opens fire, people will panic, which will slow you down.

Also it's not subtle. We want to remote the threat less openly.

Like, dropping a spy-tech mine / caltrop that will play dead and then pop the tire when the right car goes over it. Or calling it in to the UDA, who can use another asset (like have a car "accidentally" hit it, or block it).
No. 842066 ID: 91ee5f

We've already been told that there's surveillance and protection in surrounding areas. Meaning whoever is keeping an eye on us can also see that thing that we saw.
No. 842067 ID: 3ce125

Destroy the tires for now. Use incendiary weapons if it keeps chase.
No. 842068 ID: bfb318
File 150967039204.png - (139.05KB , 800x800 , 362.png )

"Don't just fire off guns. Send out whatever caltrops, or spy mines, you have first. We don't want to deal with people ahead of us slamming on their brakes when things go bad."

I do hear some tires squealing around us. I get an alert on my phone saying that some of our agents are trying to intercept some of those small vehicles. There are apparently a lot, and we may need to deal with a number.

Within another few seconds, I see one of them clearly.

>"Deploying a road drone." says Sevener. "I'll have it take out its tire, but without wireless, it won't do anything else besides try and take out any others following us."
No. 842069 ID: bfb318
File 150967043248.png - (135.75KB , 800x800 , 363.png )

I don't see what happens clearly, but I just here a brief, silenced 'bang' as the drone takes out the wheel of the vehicle.

The chasing vehicle flies up in the air, and I see tires break off and scatter across the road. The main frame of the vehicle seems to disintegrate until it's just a puddle on the road. Some people ahead slow down, but Katzati doesn't, and instead swerves around some traffic to keep our speed up.

>"There's some coming up on the right side." Sevener says. "There's only so many drones I can send out at this speed. You have a gun, right?"
>"Hey!" says Ramella. "If this spy car's any good, it's got a microscope. If we can get a car without it dissolving, I can take a look at its structure and see if I recognize if it's anything I've seen before. Vanski once talked about this kind of dissolving material."
No. 842070 ID: c2051e

"Don't say it's more fufa bullshit. And if you already know what it might be tell me about it."
No. 842071 ID: 015058

(Told you it was a fufa car)

That would require wrestling one inside intact and holding it upside down while you scanned it.

That or you grabbing the microscope and jumping on one.

If the opportunity comes up we can try that but for now it seems like a big risk just to get some info.

The question we should be asking is why does headquarters not already have a bead on where these came from. We should have air support.
No. 842072 ID: 3abd97

>You have a gun, right?
Pull a gun out from between Katzari's tits and then go out the sun roof. Time to defend the convoy, and maybe snatch a sample. (Grapple hook might be good for that).

Looks like subtle is out the window.
No. 842073 ID: c2051e

>(Told you it was a fufa car)
Except it's not, since we aren't being horribly murdered.
No. 842080 ID: bfb318
File 150967220180.png - (136.56KB , 800x800 , 364.png )

"Is there any chance that these are fufa cells, Ramella?"
>"Uhhhhhhhh wait no, I mean if it were, then I could tell instantly if I could get a microscopic look at it, but every fufa I've ever seen or heard of has been violently unwilling to part with any of its biomass, or sacrifice it like this! Otherwise I could just tell you if Vanski was involved or not."
"Where is the air support?"
>"There's a helicopter above us." says Sevener. "So we're at least being watched in some way. You sure you don't want to turn the wireless back on?!"

I see three vehicles coming to the right. My pistol probably doesn't have enough stopping power. There's no time to wonder about all the possible places where there might be a gun, and instead reach down where I know there's a gun.
No. 842081 ID: bfb318
File 150967222880.png - (167.89KB , 1000x800 , 365.png )

As I thought, she was storing a small SMG in there. I climb over Ramella and tell her to cover her ears, then fire off at the vehicles while I yell at Sevener.

"Does this car have any grappling hooks?!"
>"Of course it does!"
"Then grapple in a car if you can so Ramella can take a look at it, but otherwise it's too risky!"
>"Fine, I'll - shit!"
No. 842082 ID: bfb318
File 150967223734.png - (159.87KB , 800x800 , 366.png )

>"There's a traffic jam ahead! Let me drive!"
No. 842085 ID: 3abd97

>You sure you don't want to turn the wireless back on?
If this is Vanski the Grinch or Whiskers there may be a CAI in play. The only effective defense is radio silence, unfortunately. Can't risk the car being compromised.

Allow it, but have Katzati ready to step back in.
No. 842086 ID: 33d4be

Let her. No point taking any of these precautions if you're not going to trust them.

Shouldn't you have some sort of siren you can pop out, anyway? You're obviously not keeping a low profile any more, so you might as well have some other drivers move out of your way. It would have been nice if Pink could have napped in the car, but I doubt that's happening now. Would be odd if it did. Quick check on her again?

You know, this really doesn't seem like Whiskers' style. She always seemed like the sort who alternated between incredibly subtle and completely over-the-top, not any middle ground stuff like this.
No. 842087 ID: a363ac

turn wireless on but keep someone with a hand on the off switch at all times, Pink most likely.
No. 842088 ID: bfb318
File 150967395054.png - (188.63KB , 800x800 , 367.png )

Katzati reads my mood, which wants to let Sevener drive. Wireless will remain off for now, but I doubt Katzati has the stunt driving capabilities to get us through the roads without stopping.

>"Take it!" Katzati tells Sevener.

What immediately follows is a horrific demonstration of reckless driving as Sevener speeds through the roads. I feel like our tires are only on the ground on average of 60% of the time.
No. 842089 ID: bfb318
File 150967397228.png - (155.30KB , 800x800 , 368.png )

We enter a long stretch of road that covers most of the rest of the way to the space elevator. We were supposed to stay unmarked and subtle, but since the driving stops that from happening, Sevener deploys a siren with both lights and sound to get people off the road. She begins shouting on some hidden speakers that if people do not get off the road out out of the way, she will flip their cars. I expect a long day of paperwork, tomorrow.

There's more vehicles that start firing at our tires. Sevener keeps the windows rolled up, still. The tires remain intact. With nothing but open air and landscape at our sides, plus more time for the UDA get into position, both agents and helicopters have much more free reign on opening fire on the bots that seem to be coming at us from all directions.

The space elevator comes into view while we run down the highway at over a hundred and twenty miles per hour. Sevener keeps shouting on the road, while yelling at us to stay in our seats in case, as she puts it, 'some dumbass with a deathwish' pulls out onto the road and Sevener has to eject us to save us from a monumental collision.

"Are you two okay?" I ask to Pilon and Pink. The only response is a thumbs up. Good enough.
No. 842090 ID: bfb318
File 150967409502.png - (104.05KB , 800x800 , 369.png )

By some miracle, we're almost to the elevator intact. A large assortment of security and military should be there to escort us into the elevator.

Still, something does bug me. I don't know Whiskers technique very well, but what little I do know makes me think this might not be her. She either remains as hidden as possible, or does something far more extreme than sending go-kart sized bots at people.

>"Tell them we're almost there and to open the damn gates!" Sevener says, without making any sign of slowing down.

>Turn wireless on
If there is a time for that, it might be now, since Sevener seems determined to get there in some kind of record time.
No. 842092 ID: 3abd97

Leave the wireless as-is, it would be a shame to be hacked so close to your goal.

>Tell them we're almost there and to open the damn gates
Sounds like a job for your operator.

>Still, something does bug me. I don't know Whiskers technique very well, but what little I do know makes me think this might not be her. She either remains as hidden as possible, or does something far more extreme than sending go-kart sized bots at people.
...maybe this is a distraction. A herding technique. Get you to rush inside the facility, then bam, you find yourself surrounded by Whisker's troops instead of the backup you were expecting.

Might want to verify who's in there before we speed thru the gate.
No. 842095 ID: a43366

Can you use the wireless on your phone?
No. 842096 ID: bfb318
File 150967570073.png - (129.63KB , 800x800 , 370.png )

"Katzati." I tell her to get them to open the gate. She frantically gets on her phone and runs through the operator channels to get them to do so, fast.

I, meanwhile, verify people currently on duty on the space station. The UDA has assumed some degree of control, and sensing Katzati's distress, hurries up the process of letting us in. They most likely bypass a few channels of their own to get the gates to open as soon as possible. We speed through it.
No. 842097 ID: bfb318
File 150967570830.png - (181.76KB , 800x800 , 371.png )

Sevener drives us right up to the elevator, and hits the brakes enough to make the tires squeal one last time. We're taken out and put on the elevator by some security guards.

I keep checking security. Automatic functions within the elevator are put into as manual a mode as they allow to prevent any virtually any possible external hacking. Anti missile measures are put online to maximum capabilities and readiness, although it would not be like Whiskers to shoot missiles at us. I have never dealt in any missions directly dealing with Whiskers, and those missions that did involve her are classified, so much of my impression with her is speculation.

All I do know is that she is similar to the Omega Waveforce and their rivals in that she has an assortment of technology with an unknown source, but unlike them, she meddles directly in the affairs of our ultrahive.

We take the space elevator shaft called the Fear Checker, since it's the only one that, for some reason, has a clear view of the outside while rising, making it particularly unfriendly towards those with a fear of heights. Although the mood is not fully comfortable, Sevener unwittingly made this a calm experience by comparison.

The silence is still awkward.
No. 842099 ID: 830fb7

say: "well at least now everyone knows how my everyday life goes" it's both a joke and an insight into why your always moody.
No. 842100 ID: 3ce125

I wonder if those robots were made of jetalium. If they were, Whiskers is the richest person in the galaxy. Someone NEEDS to check a sample of that stuff.

Tell them it seems like things are going fairly well all things considered.
No. 842105 ID: 3abd97

>The silence is still awkward.
Time to crack a joke or two to try and relive the tension.

*Picking at dress* "Hmmm. It would seem I dressed for the wrong kind of action."
No. 842106 ID: 33d4be

You know, it's strange. Any of those vehicles could have mounted a rocket, or some other big gun, that could have destroyed your car. They went for the tires instead. So it's not someone willing to kill you?

But they haven't sent you any messages either. You haven't had the wireless on, but presumably if they wanted to say something they could find a way. An email sent to every available UDA address, for example, would get attention.

Well, you have time. Talk to Pink about this giant empathy gun. You assume it's one of theirs, or that at least they've used it before?
No. 842108 ID: 33d4be

Anyway, if you picked the one that has the windows, might as well look outside. Whatever a space elevator cable is made of has to be effectively indestructible. Also, ask Pink if the rangers have had dealings/adventures/encounters with Whiskers, in addition to whatever she's done in your territory.
No. 842109 ID: 91ee5f

>The silence is still awkward.
Silence? Does that include empathy? If so, is there a jammer on the elevator? Is there supposed to be a jammer on this elevator?

Also, has Pink changed into her uniform yet? Because we might need a Ranger to help in this situation! Or at least have her call the other Rangers for back up!
No. 842110 ID: 28d633

Don't forget to return that SMG from where you borrowed it Polo. It should have cooled down by now.
No. 842113 ID: a363ac

check the top of the elevator. and watch the outside this is some kinda plot who puts a VIP on a vulnerable outside accessible elevator instead of a inner one.
No. 842114 ID: bfb318
File 150967791527.png - (133.89KB , 800x800 , 372.png )

After checking, apparently there were no agents that managed to get an intact sample of the bots. The dissolved fluids are going through labwork at the moment.

I turn outside to watch a ship coming down through the atmosphere to pick us up. Despite us being put on an elevator on the outside, there is a strong glass frame that we can see out of, but people can't see into, so we're not as vulnerable as we might seem. I talk to the rest of my group.

"Do we know anything about this satellite we're going to charge?"
>"Nope." says Katzati.
>"I wasn't told much." says Pink. "I guess it's all secret and everything."
"Have you dealt with Whiskers much?"
>"Sort of. Indirectly, I think, but what she did and what was just other villains was always kind of fuzzy, so I don't think anything I say will be reliable."

>Has Pink changed into her uniform yet?
All anyone down at the surface was told was to let us on. There's no indication that any of us are Pink. Therefore, it would be bad for people to see Rose without a uniform get on an elevator, and then Pink to step off. I believe she will have an appropriate changing station to do so in private.

Another pause, as people focus on what I'm thinking about.

"This is what I do everyday, in case anyone wondered."

I stuff the SMG back into Katzati's cleavage.

>"Th...thanks, Polo."
No. 842115 ID: bfb318
File 150967792475.png - (140.55KB , 800x800 , 373.png )

Thankfully, and almost surprisingly, we safely step off at a port where we're picked up by the ship and taken into orbit. The next 46 minutes are spent docking into the ultrahive's empathy satellite, which we also safely arrive at. It isn't ran by the UDA, but a portion of it is dedicated to UDA operations. Its existence is on a need to know basis, I'm sure. Elsewhere on the ship is the charging room that Pink will be in to charge the empathy satellite, once she's taken to a spot where she can change and subtly turn into, well, Omega Pink. The logistics of that are out of my hands.

I am put in standby as an agent, one of many on this ship currently. Katzati is brought into the operator room, where she will operate as normal. Ramella occupies the same bedroom as myself, as is told not to leave this section even if I am brought onto duty.

Pink has requested that Pilon accompany her on charging the empathy gun. I didn't hear everything in full, but she informs the staff that she isn't as confident as she should like, and a lot of the state of the world has brought a damper onto her mood. Therefore, she wants to be kept away from any serious topics, and wants to be left in the charging room with Pilon with no disturbances. It is expected to take her 8 hours.

During this, we are on high alert, but so long as I am awake and accessible, I can spend my time as I see fit.

I can tell Ramella would like to talk, but at the same time, I know painfully too little about Whiskers. I believe on request, I will be able to get more information on Whiskers now that I am in a mission in which she is the prime suspect.
No. 842119 ID: a363ac

did anyone check the outside of the ships hull before it came into dock Whiskers could have latched onto the hull and had a suit to keep her safe until she got into the station also are their any agents set up around her room to listen for any noises that Pink might make if Whiskers is able to break into the room through the vent system and hack the cameras.
No. 842121 ID: 3abd97

Could you file a request for access to Whisker's files, and then talk to Ramella while it's pending? Even expedited for emergencies, there's usually a lag for that kind of thing.

While you have downtime, you might also want to snag those showers that were put off. Or (regretfully) change out of your dress back to uniform. In front of Ramella.
No. 842123 ID: 91ee5f

Supporting changing into uniform in front of Ramella!
No. 842124 ID: 33d4be

Well, we're back the beginnings of investigation, in a lot of ways, aren't we? Maybe we should think, again. Review what we know. Try to come up with some knew questions, think what this could all be about again.

So Pink went off by herself. Everything that went wrong seemed to go wrong just as an accident, a bad-looking coincidence. Even the people who took Pink's suit didn't think they were more than opportunists. But, then again, that part does seem like Whiskers, in her subtle mood. She's used patsies before, she could have nudged some people who she knew would try take advantage into a position where they could without their realizing it.

Only a few things stand out to say that this hasn't all been one big mistake: One, that the Rangers' enemies knew what had happened so fast. Second, that that sniper clone lady and the arkot were able to zone in on you so easily. Third, that you just got chased by a bunch of tire-hating robots.

Maybe Whiskers was trying to do something subtle, but somewhere along the way in the web whose strings she was pulling, some people got information they shouldn't have, people like the Duchess and the arkot. Or maybe they were Whiskers' manipulated patsies too. The chase you were just in could have been another spillover to another unknown villain, or another patsy acting. Or even Whiskers herself, if somehow she just got desperate enough to use something outside her usual style. Can't go thinking of her as all-powerful and all-knowing, after all, so she could have been forced to use those.

The question is, why? What's the motive? With the christmas adventure, Whiskers just got a big payoff. But where's the money now?

Ask for any clues that were ever gathered about Whiskers' motives. Is there anything she's ever been known to do that didn't just give her resources? Anything that seemed unprofitable, anything that would hint at something she wants to do or make happen or stop from happening? Heck, ask Ramella, too. She's been in prison with Whiskers. Any rumours?

Look for connections, too. Like... she's a belenosian, and some sort of super scientist or someone who has super scientists working for her. Could she have some connection to the rangers' boss? To the giant empathy gun? Could she have some interest in it, or know something about it that other people don't know?

... Where did this empathy amplifier thing come from, anyway? Is it derived from ranger tech? Was it made based on the device the Grinch made, that was supposed to be powered by mass empathy? Has it been used before?
No. 842179 ID: 5b93d3

It's... kind of suspicious that Ramella, a prisoner on parole, was allowed on board. There have been SO many opportunities for her to be safely left behind in UDA custody along the way here, but every time she has been basically waved through without protest or even question, all the way into a not-officially-exists secret high-tech satellite.
No. 842203 ID: 015058

You fools!

Whiskers is all about subtle plots. She does not have to do anything but get Pink slightly depressed so she gets performance anxiety and valentines day is ruined!

All these robo cars and shooting? Probably just a stunt to get Pink worried! And for the final thing all she has to have done is get access to one random system near Pink and play some sad news stories.

So start preparing backup plans for Pink not being able to perform.

Oh yeah I bet there were whiskers nanobots in the chocolate or something. We are not being paranoid enough!
No. 842614 ID: 15a025

It might take some time to get those files on Whiskers. Send a request for them, and chat with Ramella while you wait.
No. 842619 ID: 91ee5f

That would imply that Whiskers was the one sending Pink all those boxes of chocolate under various different names.

And if that's true, then wouldn't that mean that Whiskers was trying to ruin Valentine's Day by trying to make Pink fat?

..........considering how self-conscious Pink was about her body, I'd actually believe that really was Whiskers' plan.
No. 842622 ID: 33d4be

I really can't see the motive for Whiskers in this, unless something's going on that we can't see. It is valentine's day, so she could easily just have a date she busted out of jail for.

... Didn't we have a pair of witnesses around Christmas that were connected to her? That Itcher fellow especially. What's his situation these days?
No. 842978 ID: bfb318
File 151001312691.png - (144.69KB , 800x800 , 374.png )

>Whiskers could have infiltrated the ship
>Check Whisker's motivations
>Nanobots in chocolate
>Pair of witnesses from christmas with connections to Whiskers
>It's suspicious how Ramella has been brought along through everything

In Ramella's case, I suspect she won't be allowed back off of the ship until the satellite is set off, at which point the ship will essentially be broadcasting its location and won't be much of a secret anymore.

In the case of security, I get in contact with security and run through a variety of checks. They get annoyed with me, much like regular people may get annoyed at being repeatedly asked if they have rebooted their electronics, but it sets my mind at ease as they alleviate various worries. During this, I ask for some files on Whiskers. Itcher is still under watch along with any other connections of Whiskers. None of them have seen her.

There is a brief chat with Ramella, but we spend it mostly by cooking some food for ourselves until Whisker's files come in.

Apparently it isn't uncommon for Whiskers to do things that don't seem to have any material benefit, but there are various events that are suspected to be linked to Whiskers that involve tech that seems to have failures in the field. So, knowing that, Whiskers will typically be involved in events that would satisfy one or more of her three major goals.

Money, science, and fame.

The first is often to simply fund the other two. Science is when she will use newly seen tech simply to see how it works in the field, as it is possible that Whiskers does not own any satisfactory alternatives, but it seems like she revels in being some kind of underground legend. Much of her tech, too, seems in line with tech that the Omega Waveforce and their rivals employ, too, implying that there is some kind of link between them that may supply the same source of tech. What that is, is still a mystery, but there may be some kind of wide scale underground R&D project.

The Omega Waveforce has someone supplying their tech. This, however, is quickly going down a line that is well out of the mission scope of making sure Pink can perform, which she reasonable thinks that as long as she's left undisturbed with Pilon in the charging room, she will be able to do so.
No. 842979 ID: bfb318
File 151001313471.png - (100.23KB , 800x800 , 375.png )

I've kept Ramella away from looking directly at these files, but I have asked some input.

>"In space, well... I don't think Whiskers would want to stop the satellite, is the thing. I'd think that she'd just want to learn how it works, because maybe she can't secretly steal the whole satellite, but she could secretly steal the blueprints, she could just make her own, and that way she can have one without people knowing she has one."

There's no money in stopping this. Any fame would just be some petty amount, better gained by doing something else. The pursuit of science seems to be the best bet, here. Maybe that's what the cars were for, but they were inconsequential.

She may want to learn about the satellite's empathy beam either by stealing it or the blueprints, but to do so now would seem harder than waiting until after Pink finishes. That, or this is all some testing field for her to test out her tech. Or she's after something else entirely, but I would still think it would be something technology related sooner than any weird scheme for money or fame.
No. 842982 ID: 015058

She might be distracting you so she can monitor the empathy beam from the source to replicate it.

So you or your comrades could be all nanocameraed up right now. Maybe do a scan on that and then go back to enjoying time with your dates.
No. 842986 ID: 33d4be

I still feel very concerned about how well this satellite and its technology has been tested, and how well the people building it and maintaining it understand what parts of it do what things.

... You know, if fame is one of her concerns, it's somewhat possible that you could just put out a broad message wherever you think she has agents or AI spies watching and so on, something along the lines of "Whiskers is this you messing with us", with like some specifics so if it is her she knows what you're talking about but you don't give much away to anyone who isn't in on things, and see if she sends a message back somehow. If it is her she probably wants people to know it's her, and if it isn't her she'll probably answer no because it fits her persona to play along with a blunt question.
No. 842987 ID: 3ce125

She could be trying to manipulate the signal somehow. Changing Rose's mental state would easily do that.
...I wonder, is it possible to make her broadcast a desire for chocolate? If Whiskers is siphoning money off of the chocolate companies or is planning to make money off the stock market due to a chocolate boom, that would be a money angle.

It's also possible the vehicles were a feint. They weren't very effective, after all. Maybe she wants things to go smoothly and this was to throw you off? Get you focused on keeping things secure here, while she messes with something somewhere else?
No. 842998 ID: 3abd97

Hmm I read that like Ramella had something specific she wanted to talk to Polo about, but I guess not? (It's not as if she's gotten much alone time).

>Apparently it isn't uncommon for Whiskers to do things that don't seem to have any material benefit
Well part of that might be things not making sense without seeing the whole plan. Like the part you saw had no obvious benefit, but the part with a benefit went off without a hitch or police attention.

>There's no money in stopping this.
Well, disrupting this the right way could lead to a financial problem for companies involved, or expecting to profit from the aftermath, and if you shorted their stock in advance, that would be a way to profit.

Although if you're after corporate espionage moneymaking schemes, there are certainly easier targets with less government protection.

>Or she's after something else entirely
If she does have another target, now would be a great time to go for it while the UDA is focused on protecting this Valentine's thing. In that case you distracted yourselves for her.

>what do regarding Whiskers
I hate to say it, but there's not much you can do. We don't have enough information to guess what she might be up to. All you can do is be vigilant in your defenses, and hope what you've prepared catches any attempts to compromise or damage it.
No. 843000 ID: 91ee5f

>It's also possible the vehicles were a feint. They weren't very effective, after all.
Or maybe that was what the vehicles were supposed to do and they are effective?

When the cars dissolved into puddles, that doesn't necessarily mean that the nanomachines were destroyed nor does it mean that puddle was all of the nanomachines.

Maybe when they fell apart, some of the nanomachines latched onto our car, got onto us, and then hitched a ride all the way up here with us?
No. 843001 ID: 91ee5f

Or somehow getting the empathy beam to transmit a desire to give everything to Whiskers and/or rob a bunch of places for Whiskers?
No. 843136 ID: d36af7

Moneymaking doesn't have to be straight larceny. Abrupt, widespread, highly focused manipulation of public opinion could be used to dramatically influence stock or commodity prices, and if Whiskers is the only one who knows the details in advance, it'd be easy enough to convert that knowledge into profit on any well-rounded financial derivatives market.
No. 844400 ID: 15a025

Whiskers could be planning to use the neumono affected by the beam for something? They could have a company making these chocolates and plan on blasting ads for them all over after Rose's beam in fired.

It might be worth looking into the companies making these chocolates more.
No. 850798 ID: bfb318
File 151293707602.png - (136.43KB , 800x800 , 376.png )

The UDA is big, but so is this project, and it does seem like a lot of our operators are on board. This may be one giant diversion. On the other hand, it isn't like the entire UDA is on board, here.

There's not much I can do, myself, but I can get others to do some work.

>Making and selling chocolates
I'll send in an investigative request to look into if the chocolate companies are trying to cash in on the rogues feeling like buying chocolate, and if so, if there's been some suspicious activity regarding stocks, the chocolate itself, or so on.

>Dissolved car bots may have morphed into nanomachines, not a useless paste
Nanomachine technology isn't advanced enough, as of yet, to do much with single, microscopic airborn nanomachines. We were scanned enough that any nanomachine buildup in us that could possibly be used would have been detected.

Whiskers may also be attempting to just intercept the satellite beam somehow, too.

>"Polo, are you there?" Katzati asks from the operating room.
"I'm here."
>"We think there's a large object, probably a stealth ship, that's approaching our position. We're putting up our defenses, but we're also wanting to send an agent volunteer to fly up close and confirm what it is, and infiltrate if need be."
No. 850799 ID: 86eb65

Just blow it out of the sky.

A stealth ship approaching a high security military station unannounced? Right in the middle of a series of terror attacks trying to disrupt a national holiday?

Stop humoring these idiots and pull out the big guns and have a warship destroy whatever it is.

If for some reason your bosses are idiots and don't do that you could consider taking the mission. Just so you can blow the stupid thing up yourself.
No. 850804 ID: a363ac

Yeah basicly but give it a 1 minute warning signal to respond before we blow it the fuck up.
No. 850808 ID: 33d4be

What sort of stealth ship gets detected? If this is Whiskers that's involved, there's no way she'd send a stealth ship that could be picked up like this, not unless it was meant to be. We can't blow it up, there might be someone on board and none of this has really been worth killing anyone over. Don't we have any non-blowing up defenses?

... You know what, Polo? You've done enough infiltration in your time. This time, you oversee the base, you look at all the cameras and control all the systems, you give the orders and you deal with some other sap trying to infiltrate your base. Why go over there, braving complicated space maneuvers and playing on their ship where they're in control and it's probably a trap anyway, when you can stay here, reinforce your position, apply your knowledge to how you'd infiltrate here if you wanted to, and you let whoever this is deal with being in your territory. Capture them, lock their ship down once it's attached, and you'll have all the info you need. I severely doubt that after all this they're just going to attack the station, there are much easier and more direct ways to do that.

Review the station's layout for the docking ports and best places to do any kind of insertion. Lock the access to the station's computer systems to a higher level, get your CAI up here to watch for any hacking shenanigans, and start whipping security into doing their jobs.
No. 850815 ID: 3abd97

>I can tell Ramella would like to talk
If there's anything specific she wants to talk about, now is the time to ask. You might not have much downtime for the rest of this mission.

>We're putting up our defenses, but we're also wanting to send an agent volunteer to fly up close and confirm what it is, and infiltrate if need be.
I'm willing to be that volunteer. What's our ETA for an intercept?

Also if we're going back on active duty I'm going to re-suggest this:
>change out of your dress back to uniform. In front of Ramella

>Just blow it out of the sky.
Depending on our orbit, and what else is in the sky (or below us) that can get messy quick, and have consequences. (Like fucking up communication satellites, or a debris field that gets in the way of Pink's empathy beam and blocks or attenuates it). A surgical solution is sorta preferable.

Also explosions in orbit can cause a lot of bad press and panic, and could mess up Valentines as bad as anything else. "Oh my god there's a world war starting overhead!"
No. 850816 ID: 3ce125

If they can't just blow it up you're definitely a shoe-in for infiltration. On the other hand whoever's on the ship will EXPECT you to infiltrate it, which could be a problem. If it's Whiskers she might even be counting on it. Which means you need to throw a monkey wrench into her plans somehow.
No. 850890 ID: c88e6d

Shoot it down. It's not like we care who's on board. They're flying towards a Space Elevator without permission.

If they still want you to fly up to it, grudgingly agree after switching on your silence so you can't harsh the mood.
No. 850917 ID: d36af7

Don't bother with a separate warning signal. Just get a radar/ladar lock and steadily increase the scanning beam's power until the bogey either changes course, or catches on fire.
No. 850939 ID: b69e36

We probably want other people to double down on other checks. Whiskers and the Grinch have deployed a lot of bleeding edge tech- a cloak we can detect at all suggests they want us to see this ship. It may be a distraction providing cover for another attack.

If infiltration is the best option, it might be specifically to draw Polo away (although we're part of an agency collaborating here. It's not as if one less agent is leaving this place undefended).
No. 850945 ID: 33d4be

>It's not like we care who's on board.

Whoever has it out for valentine's day, I would not have put it past them to kidnap a member of Pink's hive or something and stow them in a ship just so it would get blown up and then she would feel sad about the holiday forever.
No. 850991 ID: e6994f

"I'll volunteer."
Lets fly.
No. 850998 ID: bfb318
File 151302265220.png - (139.00KB , 800x800 , 377.png )

I start getting changed into my uniform while talking with Katzati.

"I assume that there is a reason why we are not blowing up a stealth ship heading right underneath a secret satellite base, something that is highly improbable by coincidence."
>"Unlikely, but possible. It wouldn't be the first cruise liner to think they could move wherever they please."
"With stealth technology?"
>"More likely than not answering our hails, but we have to be sure it's not just a commerce ship with a stupid captain, first, before we throw that much more loose shrapnel in space. We have our missiles ready to go, otherwise."
"Fine. I'd volunteer, except..."
>"What is it?"
"I can't help but shake the feeling that this is just bait to distract me."
>"It's possible. You're not the only one on the case now, though."
"Alright. Then I'll volunteer. When do I leave?"
>"Let's say 20 minutes."
No. 850999 ID: bfb318
File 151302269941.png - (96.51KB , 800x800 , 378.png )

That gives me time to talk.

"Ramella. Did you have something specific you wanted to talk about?"
>"Hmm? Wellll... what are your plans down the line? Were you going to be a secret agent for your whole life? Sometimes you seem to not like it too much."
No. 851001 ID: c2051e

"The work's exhausting and demanding, and Az is a terrible boss at times, but it needs doing. I'd like to have a family of my own someday, but to be blunt, there isn't anyone else who could do the exact same things I can. Until I have a decent replacement in silence or competence, I'll have to comfort myself knowing I do it for my hive. What about you, been rethinking your life?"
No. 851002 ID: c88e6d

It's true that it's a rough gig, but protecting the world from people like the Grinch is very rewarding.

Also, I'd lose sleep leaving Az in charge.
No. 851003 ID: 33d4be

There are things about being a secret agent that you like. And is there anything else you'd like more?

Even if there was something more enjoyable, you're an efficient person. I mean... Grump Ranger? Of course not. But if you define a "grump" as someone who doesn't like unnecessary or unwanted things, someone who doesn't like waste, who wants to focus on what they think is important... well, if we called you the Focus Ranger, that'd be something believable. I mean, "focus" doesn't quite describe it, but I don't know a better word. You're someone who doesn't like doing a lot to accomplish only a little, and who does like doing little things that accomplish a lot. You want to be the right person who's in the right place at the right time.

If you had any other job, would you be able to be that person? Probably not. So while you may not like everything about being a secret agent, if you were anything else, you probably wouldn't be able to get your own unfulfilled potential out of your mind. That's probably not a 100% healthy thing, and a psychologist would probably have a lot of fun trying to untangle why you're like that (maybe some sort of reaction to being physically small?), but that seems to be the way it is.

Maybe if there wasn't a need for someone like you, you could find something more enjoyable, but there clearly is a need, and not enough people to fill it. So long as there are big problems that need solving and this is the place a person with your skills and mindset can do the most to help with them, here you are and here you'll be.
No. 851006 ID: c2051e

...plus, the job has some perks. Look her up and down.
No. 851013 ID: 17d39d

>"Hmm? Wellll... what are your plans down the line? Were you going to be a secret agent for your whole life? Sometimes you seem to not like it too much."
In my job's defense, we did meet on a particularly trying day.

I imagine everyone has things they like and dislike about their jobs. Some cases may be frustrating, and Az may seem to delight in pushing boundaries, but there are people I can depend on, and I do believe in the good I am able to do here. There's a certain satisfaction in setting things right.

I doubt I will be in this job my entire life, but I'm not sure what would come next, now. I'm not interested in the director's job. And as trying as being an agent-detective can be at times, I can't imagine annother job with the freedom and resources I have to call on now. Leaving behind the frustrations means leaving that behind too.

This will probably sound silly, but I enjoy the paperwork.

(I feel like there should be something in there about why Agent Polo is in law enforcement rather than the military, but I'm not exactly sure we have enough insight into that).

Psst, Ramella, help Polo get dressed during your heart to heart. Do up her buttons or something
No. 851077 ID: 1e7aa8

"to be perfectly honest, it's not always about hunting holiday obsessed salikai madmen and tracking down missing sentai neumono. These last couple of months have been so far out of left field I would almost claim that the universe has gone off the deep end, gotten completely hammered and went carousing for strange things." Say this with a straight face, even if you are obviously joking.
No. 851089 ID: 86eb65

In any job there are times where you grumble to yourself and wonder why you even came into work that day.

And living as a secret agent? You are the one running into messy situations that everyone else is running away from.

I probably won't be a field agent forever. Maybe take over commanding or training new agents one day. Have not put much thought into it really.

For the moment I am going to enjoy being the best agent. As for the future I will take that as it comes.
No. 851107 ID: 3abd97

Good line. Not ever job lets you arrange a date for a mission, or pull someone out of jail on a whim.
No. 851243 ID: bfb318
File 151309904119.png - (128.99KB , 800x800 , 379.png )

"The job has perks."

I focus on her, and she picks it up.

>"Oh my gosh, you're too much! I'm serious!"
"Even if it's a difficult one, especially anything involving a salikai or the wave force, and Az is far too whimsical, I can see the effects of my actions. They are significant, and worth the strife. I would not exchange that for a job that is more fun, yet has little satisfying payoff."
>"Hmm... yeah, I guess that makes sense! Sometimes our science projects are frustrating and don't go anywhere, but it's worth it when something finally comes together."
"Plus, although we have other field agents of decent skill, I wouldn't be comfortable leaving my post. Someday I will, but now isn't a good time."
>"I see."
"You seem to have a motive for asking."
>"No, no, it's nothing! It's just me musing. Your prioritization of getting stuff done is what I like about you."

Ramella comes up to help button my shirt, even though it is completely unnecessary. I have a couple of ideas about why she might have brought this up, but she is not a hivemate, and I can only read her empathy so accurately. My ideas would be pure conjecture, and not worth addressing without reason.

>"I think you had to leave soon though, huh?"
"Yes. I should be going, but there will be time to talk later."

She gives me a peck on the cheek.
No. 851244 ID: bfb318
File 151309905398.png - (228.79KB , 800x1000 , 380.png )

I return it, and head to the docking bay. After I log in and work through various security checks, I climb on board a specific, small stealth ship and begin some manual checks. The console screen flickers on. Sevener is there.

>"Hey. I'm driving this thing too, alright?"
"At this point I'm almost wondering why I'm needed."
>"You tell me! You're the fuckers that wouldn't trust AI to wash your bowls. That's why there's a bigass red button right there saying AI override."
No. 851246 ID: 3abd97

Oh my gosh this is adorable I'm dead.

>"Hey. I'm driving this thing too, alright?"
>"At this point I'm almost wondering why I'm needed."
How much training do you have flying stealth ships? You're more commando or detective than pilot. Considering you didn't bring a dedicated pilot (and that you're planning a boarding action), yes, we want an AI flying.

>You're the fuckers that wouldn't trust AI to wash your bowls
Bowls are serious business, Anya. Very serious indeed.

Plot a course for the cloaked vessel, keep me appraised of any developments.
No. 851252 ID: c2051e

Press the big red button just for fun. You know you want to.
No. 851262 ID: 91ee5f

>She gives me a peck on the cheek.
>I return it

Polo is too serious to do something like that for fun. She'd only do it if the AI needs to be overwritten.
No. 851264 ID: b9b4da

No. 851265 ID: a363ac

no push button
No. 851268 ID: be350b

Leave this button alone. For now at least.
No. 851273 ID: 2fe26a

Try to flirt with Sevener, accidentally lean on big red button.
No. 851277 ID: 33d4be

"I wouldn't override you, but... are you physically installed on this ship? If you are, we need to arrange plans with the station for you to shut off external access once we're away, until we come back. If you aren't I hope there are solid security measures on the channels you're using."
No. 851312 ID: 90f3c0

Sevener is too hot-headed for a stealth mission, swap back to Alison.
No. 851316 ID: 1e7aa8

Do not push ze button. Do not swap out Anya before she even gets to do anything.
No. 851319 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, keep Sevener around.
No. 851440 ID: de6d84

Keep Anya around for a bit.
No. 851484 ID: bfb318
File 151319218086.png - (130.54KB , 800x800 , 381.png )

I have some misgivings about Sevener on a stealth mission, but I will keep her.

In any case, the AI override is not to be pressed lightly. If I wanted to return to Alison, I would simply ask Sevener. The override is only for if Sevener refused the order.

"I trust you're locally installed on this ship?"
>"Yeah, I'm the non-CAI copy that moved in from the car. Can't use wireless while we're doing stealth, you know."
"I know."
>"I'm clear on my side."
"I just finished. Let's go."

Sevener takes off. We ride in silence, and activate our own invisibility methods. It isn't perfect, but neither will this unidentified ship's.
No. 851485 ID: bfb318
File 151319218803.png - (168.92KB , 800x800 , 382.png )

Sevener downloads the projected path the satellite is taking, and starts running light scanners in space. Pretty soon, we can detect it, and she gives me the details. I can't see it clearly, but Sevener puts it up on the screen, and interpolates what it should look like based on the light fracturing.

>"It has a plasma shield, of course, but I can probably slip through with this ship. It's a medium sized, circular ship, so it's not meant to be in the atmosphere. It's the kind of ship size that would be crewed by about 50 people normally. Not huge, not small. There's no record of this kind of ship, and no signs of power output other than the plasma shield."
No. 851493 ID: 86eb65

So a custom job from someone rich then.

Looks like a cargo hauler or designed for a specific purpose.

Here is my wild guess. Its something belonging to one of the rich villains that the Rangers fight. Possibly they have been manipulated into this mess by whiskers or whoever is behind all this.

I mean it would take a special kind of insanity to bring a custom stealth ship this close to a military base. During a terrorist attack no less. Anyone in that ship is going to get life or worse for there involvement in this stupidity.

That being said this entire thing could be a trap just for you. You should have brought your ranger gear to surprise them.

So approach and be careful.
No. 851495 ID: c2051e

Stupid question: Are we certain this is a ship at all?

It sounds like some weird custom Whiskers job or a Rangers villain fucking around, but you'd think the ultrahive would have records on Rangers villains. I'm guessing either a non-ship decoy or a Whiskers custom job.
No. 851497 ID: 33d4be

>There's no record of this kind of ship

Well, that puts it more firmly in the category of belonging to either some ranger villain or a secret super scientist. Whiskers fits both those categories, but I feel like something of hers wouldn't be so vulnerable.

>no signs of power output other than the plasma shield

Not even propulsion, huh? So is it just drifting on a preset trajectory? Is there anything on it that even looks like an engine? And a sphere, man. Spheres aren't generally associated with stealth. Not usually associated with efficient use of internal space or with structural integrity, either, not in the void.

... You know what it looks like? A big, shiny balloon. Can we get any sort of mass reading on it? I'm wondering if that sphere is just a big shell around something else. A sphere makes a lot more sense if it's hollow inside. Maybe there could be a smaller ship inside that would pop out? Or, and this seems even more likely now, it could be a decoy. A big shiny bubble blown your way for you to look at while a better-hidden ship sneaks in the back.
No. 851500 ID: 6c6166

Well, we're making a stealth approach, so no need to attempt to hail them. The station should have kept up trying to establish communication while we were en route.

>can probably slip through their shield
I assume when we do that, they're going to notice?

Plan of action should be to get in, see if it reacts, scan, then reevaluate (try to disable, Polo tries to board, etc).
No. 851509 ID: 1e7aa8

...no way, it can't be. Is it a perfect sphere or are there any kind of indentation's/openings on any 'side' of the ship? also, how big is it?
No. 851512 ID: 91ee5f

How big is it compared to the satellite?

It could be trying to ram into the satellite.

Or it could be trying to get in between the satellite and the planet to block the love beam.

Or, if it's big enough, it could get close enough to the satellite to open the shield and then close it with the satellite inside. Then they'd be able to hold the satellite and everyone on board hostage for a ransom.

Or this is all a big trap to only kidnap Polo because her silence makes her a very valuable target for ransoming.
No. 851531 ID: c88e6d

It's definitely a trap for us. Send a laser transmission back to command alerting them to it, then prepare to board anyway.
No. 851555 ID: 3abd97

>Well, that puts it more firmly in the category of belonging to either some ranger villain or a secret super scientist
Not necessarily. It would be a lot cheaper, for example, to hide an existing or known design under a baffle or shell than to design a whole new class of ship from the ground up. There might be something more conventional under the sphere.

But you're right that something completely new puts it solidly into Team Rocket / the Grinch / Whiskers tier bullshit.
No. 851585 ID: 86eb65

Wait I think I figured what that thing is.

They know that you will come to investigate. And they know you are the grump ranger. That thing has a giant empathy beam and they want to capture you so they can grump up valentines day.

Its obvious really.
No. 851589 ID: edee29

That's no ship... it's a space station!

The Grump Star!
No. 851629 ID: 38f35c

So i’m noticing some wierd distortion in the stars on the right side of polo’s head, is that just art style or something we should be worrying about.
No. 851630 ID: 91ee5f

Read the update, it tells you what that is. Especially since that's the same object that Severner just put on the screen in front of Polo.
No. 851729 ID: de6d84

Stay cautious as you get near.
No. 851739 ID: bfb318
File 151326971072.png - (145.83KB , 800x800 , 383.png )

Before getting too close, I send the information back, using our best method to do so without giving away our position. The unknown ship is likely some kind of overdeveloped nonsense, but I will still approach it.

>How big is it compared to the satellite?
Perhaps about a quarter of the size.

>Is it a perfect sphere?
No, its general shape is spherical, but it has indentations between its plates, various equipment on its outside, and so on.

"Can we board it, Sevener?"
"Will they notice us passing through the plasma?"
>"Maybe. We have spoofers, but it's not perfect. Notice how that ship doesn't have any open ports, though, so if you board, we'll have to break through the hull. They'll notice that."
"Can I get a mass reading?"
>"No, but other sensors say it's pretty solid. Meaning that it's not like it's just a big ball with another ship hidden inside."
"Does it have no propulsion?"
>"It does, but they're not powered on right now. I think I see a few engines."

We approach, and slip through the plasma. There's no sign that we've been detected. Once we get close enough, I can see the light change enough to make out the shape. As Sevener said, it isn't the kind of ship that conveniently has an open boarding area.

I should start suiting myself into appropriate gear. As for hull breaching, this ship does come equipped with hull breaching lasers, but I also have a plasma sword that can do the same thing provided the hull isn't outrageously thick.
No. 851748 ID: b69e36

Bring the sword in case you need to cut bulkheads inside, but use the ship's lasers to cut the initial entry.

Hmmm. We're giving up stealth for a hot entry, but if there are no airlocks you can use, we don't have a lot of choice. Should have brought backup if this is just turning into storming the place.

Sevener should make some more scans now that we're inside the shield.
No. 851763 ID: 90f3c0

Use the tool that was designed for the job, rather than running down the battery on your plasma sword for no reason.
No. 851768 ID: 86eb65

There has to be some entrance. Maintenance hatches and docks.

If you have to cut through aim for a area with lots of equipment. A spot where hull sensors would be thin due to other systems being close.
No. 851973 ID: bfb318
File 151336579484.png - (105.31KB , 800x800 , 384.png )

>There has to be some entrance. Maintenance hatches and docks.
They're are, but they're covered by panels that may not be any easier to forcibly open than the rest of the hull.

"Open a hole." I tell Sevener, as I suit up. I have requested my previous suit be put onto the ship, as I am entering an unknown, possibly hostile environment, and do not want to deal with being a test subject for Az's play projects. I confirm that my suit is sealed and has a full oxygen supply, as I will be entering space for a brief period of time. "Try to do it by equipment, as hull sensors may be lacking there."
>"Doesn't matter. But since it doesn't matter, fine."

I stand by the ejection port and fasten myself in. If any missiles or lasers start firing on the ship, I'll be ejected instantly. Sevener, too, likely has means to eject herself from the ship, but it sounds like she will stay here.

>"Hello, I am Bell." I hear in my suit, as its own AI activates.

There are no signs of retalitation by this unidentified ship.

>"Hole's almost open." says Sevener. "Give them hell. I'm staying with the ship, but keep a listener open for me, because if this ship blows up, I need a place to hop to."
No. 851974 ID: bfb318
File 151336580073.png - (102.28KB , 800x800 , 385.png )

Sevener ejects me softly from the ship, and I hop into the carved hole and make my way inside.

The halls are completely barren and lifeless, both in aesthetic, design, and actual signs of life. There's no sign of anyone living here, nor any signs that anyone ever lived here.

The lights are off, but my suit is able to amplify light to make it clearer. Now that I look harder, I realize that the lights aren't off - there are no lights. In fact, there were barely any visible wires or equipment when I entered.
No. 851976 ID: c2051e

Oh fuck so it really is a decoy. Or possibly just a trap. We probably have to investigate more anyway.
No. 851979 ID: a363ac

call Az and ask for permission to "Screw this obvious trap and blow this place to high hell."
No. 851980 ID: 20a6e7

Are you sure you're not in a gun's barrel?
No. 851983 ID: 58b62d

"This is the UDA! This vehicle has entered a restricted orbit and ignored hails in violation of [cite laws]! Power down your cloak and identity yourself!"

We're law enforcement, act like it. Stealth is already blown after cutting through the hull.

For the same reason, go radio hot and get your operator on the line.

Gets your operators and AIs to do some math based off the size of this corridor, and the size of the sphere. How long will this place take to manually searching?

Is there atmosphere in here?

Break out a flashlight, preferably a light that attaches to your armor so your hands are free.
No. 851985 ID: 3ce125

Flashlight time.
No. 851991 ID: 91ee5f

Draw your weapon and have it at the ready in case you need to shoot something and/or someone!
No. 851995 ID: d36af7

If it's not fighting back and nobody's on board, can we just get some kind of space tugboat out here and shove the mysterious stealth orb into a safer orbit, to be more thoroughly dealt with after holiday crunch time is over? Maybe disable the apparent engines and tag it with some sort of stealth-defeating radio beacon too.
No. 851997 ID: 1e7aa8

yeah this isn't suspicious at all. Cut a hole in the wall/floor and move on.
No. 852019 ID: 86eb65

Yeah this definitely reaks of a trap/distraction to keep you away from guarding Pink properly.

But we are here now so might as well investigate.
No. 852285 ID: 15a025

Start slicing up some holes in the walls, floor, and ceilings. See what's inside?
No. 852310 ID: a54b8b

Now that you can be sure it’s not an ordinary ship, there’s no reason not to blow it up!
No. 852324 ID: 0d4b79

This screams maze trap. Bug out while coms still work.
No. 852351 ID: 6780f5

Don't even dignify this trap/distraction with more exploration. Just silently head back to the ship and get out before telling Az to blow it up.
No. 852384 ID: 3cc68c


I agree with this.

While this is most likely a trick/trap you are a officer of the law and should do your best to act like one.

Continue investigating sneakily. We need to at least find a place to announce ourselves and give them a chance to respond. Or find evidence of what this thing is.
No. 852392 ID: c9f5a7

It's worth investigating, don't try to blow it up.
No. 852393 ID: 3abd97

>just blow it up
That would be wildly irresponsible.

Orbital debris is a mess to clean up, and a hazard for traffic, satellites, and communications (and possibly orbital empathy beams). A big, high velocity debris field in orbit could be a bigger economic hit than the disruption of Valentines' we're trying to prevent.

We've surveyed a tiny corner of this ship, by eye. We don't know what else might be hidden on a object the size of a building able to hold 50 crew. Are there crew, hiding from us? Are there hostages trapped the enemy is hoping we kill for them (Pink might not be able to do the love beam if we kill people she cares about protecting her). Is the hold filled with radioactive materials or some other substance we don't want scattered around the upper atmosphere? We need to know what's on board from either detailed scans, or sending agents or drones of some kind to explore.

For all we know, this ship isn't an enemy asset, it's someone's pet project Whiskers disabled so it would drift near us and distract us. As the rangers and their villains prove, the Grinch and Whiskers don't have a monopoly on ridiculous science or resources.

So yes, it might be a trap for Polo to explore, but there's all kinds of ways this could be a trap if we destroy it too.

We need a way to neutralize the trap without tripping it, which means more information and/or more resources to learn about it (calling your operators might help), Polo taking personal risks to explore or as >>851995 suggests, just towing the whole thing to a safer orbit for another day (Polo might have to disable the engines / cloak / shield for that).
No. 852424 ID: ee0c07

You got this Polo, let's investigate and not blow the place.
No. 852502 ID: de6d84

Investigate it, make cuts or something as you go in front of you so you don't get directly trapped incase.
No. 852529 ID: adb0d6

Everything here
No. 854365 ID: bfb318
File 151451247747.png - (117.04KB , 800x800 , 386.png )

I activate the speaker amplifiers so that my voice will be loud.

"This is the UDA. This vehicle has entered a restricted orbit zone and ignored hails. Power down your cloak, and direct me towards the ship's captain or equivalent."

There is also a flashlight equipped on my arm, so I point forward with that.

>Is there atmosphere in here?
There is, but given that that could quickly change, I opt to keep my armor sealed.

>Are you sure you're not in a gun's barrel?
No reasonable ship would ever make their hallway sized gun barrel point down into their docking bay.

I activate wireless communications to speak with the operators.

"Operator, come in."
>"I read you."

It's Lucera. We exchange codes.

"I'm sending photos your way. I don't see or hear anyone on board. Can we get a towing ship to steer this ship away?"
>"Yes. Whether we tow it will depend on what else you know about this ship and if it's safe to do so, but we're sending one into your proximity now."

As I move forward, I use my plasma sword to make low powered cuts into the wall. There's something weird about the walls. It's like they shifted slightly, and there were sounds of creaking and grinding to go with it.

My camera sends an alert of something behind me.
No. 854366 ID: bfb318
File 151451250926.png - (119.93KB , 800x800 , 387.png )

I spin around.

There is a belenosian standing as still as a statue. He should not have been able to get this close to me without either Bell or myself noticing.
No. 854367 ID: 3b108e

>No reasonable ship would
Stop assuming reasonable, now.

Keep him covered and ask him to explain.
No. 854368 ID: 91ee5f

>There's something weird about the walls. It's like they shifted slightly, and there were sounds of creaking and grinding to go with it.
>My camera sends an alert of something behind me.
>There is a belenosian standing as still as a statue. He should not have been able to get this close to me without either Bell or myself noticing.
Considering you opened a hole into the void of space and he's neither suffocating nor getting sucked into space, I think it's safe to say this place has hallways that shift around. Meaning that the hallway is going to look different and not have those cuts you made anywhere.
No. 854369 ID: 86eb65

Its probably a labyrinth thing. Moving hallways to confuse and trap you.

Start scanning this guy while you ask him for his identity.
No. 854370 ID: 3abd97

>There's something weird about the walls. It's like they shifted slightly, and there were sounds of creaking and grinding to go with it.
>There is a belenosian standing as still as a statue. He should not have been able to get this close to me without either Bell or myself noticing.
...polymorphic materials, maybe? Like a fufa, or jetalium. A 'living' ship of reconfigurable materials. You're not cutting real panels, and it extruded a statue of a person out of the floor.

Although you'd be well and truly fucked if that were the case, and already trapped. Could just be very quiet hidden passages / reconfigurable panels a normal person popped out of.

>what do
"Identify yourself!"

Cycle alt vision modes and sensors in your suit. Anything give him away as not-alive? (Like, not giving off a warm body's worth of heat).
No. 854372 ID: 33d4be

Something seems very wrong with his arm. His tail puff is too big. His jacket doesn't have buttons. No-one in this situation should be smiling.

I'd say you should think of getting out of here.
No. 854380 ID: b1b4f3

Wanna bet he's attached to the floor?
No. 854381 ID: 86eb65

Oh man what if this is one of the belenosian scientists who gave the Rangers there empathy tech?

And this thing is a training ground or some nonsense?
No. 854464 ID: 94b817

Is he a hologram? Does your suit have sonar?
No. 854647 ID: e1c8f7

Draw your weapon, Polo.
No. 854850 ID: 15a025

Prepare for action. Approach cautiously and have belle keep an eye on your back.

Ask who they are?
No. 855002 ID: bfb318
File 151475227043.png - (220.91KB , 800x800 , 388.png )

"Identify yourself!" I say immediately, but use the moment to shine my light onto him for a better look, as I point my gun at him. Bell provides me with eyes behind my back.

He doesn't look like he's connected to the floor, but his shoes are touching it, so he could be. Plus, his elbow is... I can't see it, but it does not seem to align with his shoulder and forearm in a sensible manner. A few other details about him don't sit well with me.

I swap to thermal vision. The first thing I notice are the walls. Specifically, the panels are cold, but the gaps between them emanate an abnormal amount of heat. The belenos appears almost normal, but there's a heat tunnel going downward from his feet.

>"Someone called me Gelatin. That can be considered identification."

My first suspicion is a fufa. Most likely the same fufa as I saw around christmas, but if so, it's improved its ability to pass itself off as a convincing alien, even if it isn't perfectly there yet. More importantly, I could be in great danger, but running away at this point may be even more dangerous than keeping it engaged in conversation.

"Are you a fufa?"
"Why are you here?"
>"I am heading to a nearby ship, due to external guidance, due to me searching for the meaning of valentine's day. I wish to learn what 'love' is."

>"Keep that thing away from us!" says Lucera.
No. 855003 ID: 7fad5d

"There are many different kinds of love, depending on the context of the relationships between people. Which one are you interested in, Gelatin... do you remember who called you Gelatin?"
No. 855010 ID: 91ee5f

>Everything is fufa!
>Most likely the same fufa as I saw around christmas, but if so, it's improved its ability to pass itself off as a convincing alien, even if it isn't perfectly there yet.
If that is the same fufa, then holy shit, it got huge! How did it get so big?!

>External guidance
So someone is directing this fufa towards the satellite? A fufa this size is a problem if it reaches the station!

Even if all it does is block the giant "love beam" because it thinks that's how it'll understand love, that's still a problem since the "love beam" is meant for the rouges down below!
No. 855013 ID: 33d4be

"If you can sense neumono empathy, you would be better to go back down to the planet, where it will be focused after being amplified. If you visited the station, your presence would disrupt the lovemaki... the love generating process, so it would not be helpful to you. If you cannot sense neumono empathy, something similar still applies to other methods of learning; your best chance of learning what love is is from someone who is fully capable of feeling it, and there are many ways that you could disable someone's capability to feel love if you are not cautious. Interrupting them when they are doing something important to them is one of those ways. If you have already learned patience, please use it to wait and I will try to arrange for someone who understands love well to meet you within the next day or two. If you have not... please try to practice it."
No. 855014 ID: 3abd97

>Specifically, the panels are cold, but the gaps between them emanate an abnormal amount of heat.
Not sure what that would be. The fufa is spread through the halls (or the ship) with cells crammed into all the gaps like moss? Not sure distributed fufa cells would be hot though.

It can't be the whole ship though, there are diminishing returns on fufa growth. A single colony can only get so big. (I suppose multi fufas isn't impossible, but we have no idea how or if they can work together).

>>"I am heading to a nearby ship, due to external guidance, due to me searching for the meaning of valentine's day. I wish to learn what 'love' is."
On whose guidance? This is a restricted orbit (maybe play to those laws, fufas seem very rule focused) and valentine's is a global holiday.

Ideal circumstance is we talk the fufa down, or get it to cooperate with us (on the basis the UDA will help it understand what love is).

If that doesn't work out... do you still have a flamethrower, Polo?

>"Keep that thing away from us!" says Lucera.
Thanks you for your calm support, operator.

You might want to arm shipboard weapons- be prepared to disable this vessel's propulsion, or to alter it's trajectory if necessary (if Polo can't resolve this). Try to avoid blowing the ship up- we've already explained the myriad problems doing that, and now there's the added problem of Polo being on board, and that we don't know if the fufa can survive in vacuum (if it can, a debris field just gives it cover to close).
No. 855015 ID: a363ac

"Alright sit down over there" point to the wall across from you Polo. "I know what love is, and I am going to teach you."
No. 855025 ID: b1b4f3

I suspect this is one of Whiskers' science projects, and this is an earnest attempt to teach it love. Ask just how big it is. Who has been taking care of it?
Ask what other emotions it understands. Love is not a good starting point-- other emotions are far easier to define.
No. 855044 ID: 86eb65

Gelatin how big are you exactly? If you are all over this ship getting you anywhere might be a problem.

As for finding out about love and valentines day I am sure we can help you out if you agree to some terms.

Like uncloaking this ship and being calm and polite about things. Also promising to not eat or mind read anyone in fufa fashion.

Ask him what ship he is headed to. Also jokingly ask on the communication channel if anyone on base wants to love up a fufa.
No. 855053 ID: 3cc68c

Check to see if Katzati and Ramella want to help you teach the fufu about love.

Or anyone else on base that is into that sort of thing.
No. 855060 ID: 75ec18

Ask if anyone on your team has a tentacle fetish. Because now is the best chance they are going to get.

Ask Gelatin for more info on its quest for love and this ship.
No. 855114 ID: 0c3717

Be the spirit of Valentine's Day Polo. Fuck that fufu.
No. 855132 ID: d36af7

Sorry, fufa, before you're allowed to learn about love you're going to need to learn about orbital traffic laws.

Can you reconfigure this ship? If so, immediately deactivate any and all stealth systems, install a standard transponder, cooperate with any instructions from traffic control, and [other regulatory compliance, as appropriate]

Can the ship survive re-entry, and maneuver in the atmosphere? If so, clear a deorbiting lane and park it somewhere in the same 'roguetown' district which Pink is going to be targeting with the empathy beam.

Once it's safely down, have some folks go door to door recruiting volunteers for a "psychological study." Ten zeny an hour (or whatever a reasonable minimum wage would be), plus meals, to be interviewed by a fufa.

Who or where is that "external guidance" coming from? If the fufa won't snitch, or doesn't know, or the mastermind is insolvent, pay the traffic fines and rogue-charity-interview wages by breaking up the ship for scrap.
No. 855140 ID: 3abd97

Actually, we know fufas are capable of having really good senses. Since it's not a vacuum in here, you should probably assume it can hear what's said over your comms inside your sealed helmet. (So be careful what you tell your operators, and you may need to cut them off if the conversation starts going towards violent countermeasures).

>Sorry, fufa, before you're allowed to learn about love you're going to need to learn about orbital traffic laws.
This is a fantastically Polo line and should be used.
No. 855219 ID: e1c8f7

Cut it a deal, Polo. Teach it all it wants to know later, in exchange for it's cooperation and observation of laws now.
No. 855243 ID: bfb318
File 151482893749.png - (96.21KB , 800x800 , 389.png )

"I may be able to help, but I have questions about you. How big have you gotten, Gelatin?"
>"Big. I have learned to spread out, and I have learned to integrate myself with technology. Therefore this ship's materials have been supplied to me."
"And who has taught you this?"
"You're working with her?"
>"Incorrect. She wants me to do things I will not do, but she has respected this, so I do not consider her a threat."
"Is she the 'external guidance' who told you to come here?"
"I'll help as long as you don't try to eat or mind read anyone."
>"Doing so will not assist. Brains have been copied, and yet this still remains a mystery."

>Who's got a tentacle fetish?
The only person who I think is kinky enough to lay with a fufa would be Korli.

"First of all, if you want to learn about love, you have to learn about orbital traffic laws."
>"I, Gelatin, have learned all laws. The ship I am heading to has been placed above the law, therefore, anything I do towards it is perfectly legal."


>"Let me see.... put me through speaker." I do. "Astreneus Low Orbit Article 148 b." Lucera says to Gelatin. "Put simply, 'no unauthorized vessels or parties are to approach government protected satellites.'"
>"Counter article 21. 'Article 148 b is bullshit.'"
>"Galactic Code of Law article 4892. 'No counter laws are recognized as legally appropriate.'"
>"Gelatin did not think of Galactic Code of Law."
>"No one ever does."
"Gelatin, I will do my best to show you love, if you turn off the stealth of this ship and cooperate."
>"Very well. You will be my hostage because I do not trust your government. Show me love."
"If you go to roguetown, you'll be shown love through empathy."
>"And what of aliens? Or is the small neumono saying that aliens cannot love without empathy?"
No. 855244 ID: 86eb65

Aliens have empathy but its not as easily detected like neumono or fufa empathy. They have to learn to love without being able to directly feel each others emotions.

What type of love do you want to learn about? There are a few different options.

Family love:

This is the love you have for your parents and siblings. In your case the feelings you have for your cells would count. If you worry about some of your cells getting lost or get nervous about them getting damaged while doing something dangerous that is a form of love.

Love for friends:

Do you have anyone you spend a good amount of time with? If you find yourself wanting them to be near you just because you enjoy there company that is love.

Love for objects:

If you have any favorite toys or physical objects that you feel a fondness for. Something you keep around even though it might not serve any other purpose.

Lewd tentacle love:

If you just want to get laid and bask in physical pleasure then I am sure we can find some people who will let you fuck them senseless. Then you can maybe learn something from there enjoyment of what you are doing to them.
No. 855245 ID: 7fad5d

Alien love is harder to notice.

Empathy in neumono refers to a different concept than empathy in other species.
No. 855257 ID: 3abd97

Operators should note this might just be the opening salvo in whatever Whiskers is attempting. Polo's going to be occupied here, but they need to be ready for other attempts at interference.

>The ship I am heading to has been placed above the law, therefore, anything I do towards it is perfectly legal
If we needed further legal arguments, "on whose authority" becomes important (since no one is legally authorized to do that), as does whatever article states no one and nothing is above the law.

>"Counter article 21. 'Article 148 b is bullshit.'"
Also from a strictly legal standpoint, it doesn't matter if a given law is made from cow manure, it's still the law.

>The only person who I think is kinky enough to lay with a fufa would be Korli.
It'd be unethical (and probably illegal) to take an inanimate of the prison system and ask them to have sex with a dangerous xenofungus.

>"And what of aliens? Or is the small neumono saying that aliens cannot love without empathy?"
No, I am saying empathy makes demonstrating emotions to an observer easier. And due to ongoing operations, there will be such an emphatic demonstration soon.

Are you capable of sensing empathy?
No. 855259 ID: 33d4be

"I was directing you to what I judged the easiest and most direct method of learning, not claiming that was the only way. Aliens also love, but it is not as easy to experience."

If you're going to go on trying to explain in words, then:

"Explaining love in words is difficult, partly because there are different theoretical models, and partly because of how many other concepts you must understand first in order to understand the explanation. There are also multiple concepts to which "love" refers to. I assume you're speaking of romantic love, in which case there is a relatively popular theory that "true romantic love" sits at the convergence of three other factors: intimacy, affection, and desire. Do you understand those three concepts?"

If they don't:

"Intimacy is state of knowing and understanding someone deeply, and being known and understood by them in turn. A person with whom you are intimate knows and is aware of things about you that you normally conceal from other people, and you ideally are in the same state regarding them. It is a state of mutually knowing, and having experienced, each others' strengths and weaknesses, prides and embarrassments, and many other details. When the relationship is a positive one, intimacy implies deep trust and comfort. It is possible for people who are hostile to each other to be intimate, however. There are different levels and forms of intimacy. Sexual interactions are often referred to as "physical intimacy", but is not always linked to emotional or intellectual intimacy."

"Desire generally refers to physical, sexual desire, but that is an oversimplification. Any way by which another person can give you pleasure can stand for having desire for them. You might find them beautiful, or amusing, or intellectually stimulating, or soothing, or any number of other things, in addition to or in place of their ability to give you physical pleasure."

"Affection, finally, may be difficult for me to explain to you. The simplest way I can state it is that affection towards someone is the state of wanting to help them, to soothe their pains, to assist them in their desires and to give them things they like. There are many ways in which affection can come about, and as I am not familiar with how you think I am not sure which of those ways may work for you. The most rational and mercenary explanation of affection is the desire to provide someone else with things they like so that they will remain near you and provide you with things you like. As with all emotions, however, it manifests as a desire in itself rather than a conscious chain of logic. There are other explanations."

"According to the theory, a person with whom you are intimate, who you are affectionate towards, who provides something you desire, and who reflects all of these back onto you, is someone with whom you are experiencing romantic love. There are some objections to the theory, but there aren't any other theories that lack objections."

"Whether you can experience it yourself is another question, and I would have to understand you better. Let's start with the basics: Have you ever become deeply accustomed to someone? That is, so used to their presence and influence on you that it became automatic to think and act with them factored into your planning, so that conversely when they were absent you experienced a sense of difficulty, frustration and loss?"
No. 855261 ID: 3cc68c

This thing is a confused mess. Talking is going to get you nowhere fast. Whiskers would have explained things to it if words would work.

So tell it to make the area comfortable and then take off your helmet and give it a kiss. Tell it that's love and if it wants to learn more it needs to follow you around for awhile and watch.
No. 855265 ID: 3cc68c

This thing is a emotional robot. And you don't start a long argument with a confused robot. You need to show it "love" in simple terms it can understand.

Have it make the area less metal corridor and take your armor off. Then give it a hug. Pat it on the head and scratch behind its ears. Hold it in your lap and think calm thoughts while you massage its head.
No. 855268 ID: 75ec18


Snuggling with the fufa seems better than arguing with its odd logic.
No. 855269 ID: ae9dd7


Can not go wrong with Alison logic. Hug the big guy.

(Maybe a cai could teach the oddly computer like fungus what love is?)
No. 855271 ID: 10c408

"No. Empathy helps a lot but since only Neumono have it most alien species show it in other subtle ways."

You need to request a supply drop from the station. A flat screen TV, a wifi capable laptop and a chair. If we have to teach Gelatin what love is, there's no better source than good old fashioned soap operas!

(Unless they were banned for some reason)
No. 855273 ID: b1b4f3

Aliens feel love the same way. Empathy is merely the easiest way for a Fufa to experience emotions. I mean, it's developed the structures to receive empathic frequencies, correct? Then uses those to emulate the chemical and mental processes associated with the empathy?
No. 855279 ID: 3abd97

>This thing is a emotional robot.
So Polo is the perfect person to relate to it.
No. 855335 ID: 91ee5f

Everything can go wrong with hugging a fufa!
No. 855351 ID: 86eb65


It did agree to no eating or brain scanning.
No. 855353 ID: 91ee5f

That doesn't mean that Polo believes or trusts it enough to attempt to hug it!
No. 855358 ID: e4988d

Do not hug the Fufa. That is the definition of suicide. I'm pretty sure young neumonos use it as an insult.
No. 855360 ID: e1c8f7

"Aliens have to take risks, chances that feeling aren't returned or misinterpreted. Neumono have the luxury, or curse, of knowing what the other is feeling."
No. 856476 ID: bfb318
File 151520543031.png - (202.46KB , 800x800 , 390.png )

"Aliens have empathy. It's just internal, like mine currently is."

It stares blankly at me.

>"Acknowledged. Empathy of love will be searched for as you say, but there must be more. Whiskers said you are a good person to show it."
"Me specifically?" It nods and nothing more. "If I'm to attempt to tell you or show you what love is, then is there a location in this ship that is better than a featureless hallway?"
>"Yes. Follow me."

A nearby panel is pulled outward, and then the wall shifts to the side. A door slides into view, replacing the panel that was there before. I follow the fufa inside into some kind of valentine's day themed room. There's various paper cutouts of anatomically incorrect hearts, along with a heart shaped bowl filled with heart shaped candy that's gone somewhat stale.

Against all instincts and logic, I hug the fufa. It returns the hug, but instead of kneeling down for a better angle, its arms snap and pop to extend themselves around me.

>"Is this love?"
"This is a hug. Physical affection is a component of love in many cases, nonetheless. I don't think I can explain love in words, but I can try."
>"Futile. Gela - I have read all words on what love is. Yet I do not understand."
"What about underlying concepts? Intimacy, affection, desire? Or for that matter, the different kinds of love that occurs with friends, family, and so on."
>"Words on these subjects are also read!"

I have Bell pin the status of my armor's sealant, so I can confirm if the fufa could enter my armor. It does little to alleviate my concerns.

There's a television in this room.
No. 856477 ID: bfb318
File 151520546183.png - (163.76KB , 800x800 , 391.png )

"If you're going to keep me here while going to Roguetown to experience the empathy of love, then have you tried watching television shows that deal with the matter?"
>"No. Television shows provide little information per minute."
"Love is not about information per minute."
>"Gelatin will attempt to understand."

I am somewhat glad that Gelatin is not asking me to stop my silence, as I'd rather not express my feelings on cuddling with a dangerous fungal growth. I hear the ship turn on, and Lucera says that the ship is changing direction. Sevener tethers our shuttle to the ship, but is reluctant to dock inside.

I browse the channels until I turn on a soap opera. While these are ridiculous caricatures about what love might be, a caricature might be what's needed. We watch for a few minutes, which Gelatin spends studying it. It appears to be a tale of forbidden love between various aliens.

>"Attention. I, Gelatin, have developed doubts about this television show's depiction of love."
No. 856480 ID: 86eb65

It is a bit silly.

Tell Gelatin to shrink down and get in your lap. Give it head scratches and snuggles while you talk.

Ask it what doubts it has. Then try to walk it through what its missing about love. While doing so try to be tender with it and treat it like you would a cute pet. Lots of hugs brushing and ear scratches.
No. 856481 ID: 7fad5d

Ask about them, but first ask if it's ever analyzed its own feelings. That sort of information is important for finding someone Gelatin might be compatible with.
No. 856482 ID: a363ac

good that means you are learning. the fact that you have doubts about cheesy love shows means that you are learning what they are supposed to teach.
No. 856483 ID: 0d45a9

Does Gelatin understand the concept of friendship? If so then we can kinda build a explanation of what love is off that. If not then IDK.
No. 856484 ID: 3ce125

Oh? Then what about love does it not understand?
No. 856491 ID: 3abd97

After last night, I feel like Katzati is probably cracking up if she's listening into your audio feed.

They're something of an exaggeration. If you recognize that well enough to doubt the authenticity of the depiction, that's showing you understand something of love.

What do you feel is wrong with love as is shown in this soap opera? Can you describe it?
No. 856519 ID: 33d4be

"This show depicts an exaggerated version of some types of love. My theory is that you could more easily learn basic understanding this way, then learn the subtler and more complicated reality after that. Do you disagree?"

You know, this still could be a distraction from something, for Whiskers. Maybe you should ask the fufa if it knows anything about those bike things that you saw on the road.

You could also ask the fufa if it ever tried to make a second brain in itself with its own separate thoughts, while still being connected and part of the same body in other ways, and ask what those two brains felt about each other.
No. 856520 ID: 28cb85

It is drama, that means it's like life with all the dull bits cut out.
No. 856531 ID: 91ee5f

This is what I imagine will happen next:
Polo: "Bell, run a search on, 'What is love?'"

Bell: "The results of your search are:
'Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more...'"

Polo: "Bell, that's unhelpful."

But seriously, love is like.....caring for another person, it doesn't have to be romantic, you can still love others as your friends or family and not escalate it to romantic love.

Like, if you see someone you care about and they're emotionally hurt, then you also feel emotionally hurt and want to do whatever you can to help that person not hurt anymore.
No. 856538 ID: c88e6d

Hmmmmm.... Let's try another tactic. What makes Gelatin 'happy'? What is a positive mental stimulus for it?
No. 856588 ID: bfb318
File 151526466105.png - (106.14KB , 800x800 , 392.png )

"Do you have any other forms?"
>"Is this form unsuitable for love?"
"No, but..."

Having the fufa turn into something smaller won't make me feel better, but perhaps there is a more friendly looking form I can think of that would help me talk with him. Still, I don't want to go a long time without silence, so I keep speaking.

"I have a couple quick questions for you. Have you ever tried splitting off into two brains?"
>"Almost. I have modified my primary thinking organs a lot, but as I attempted to get two brains, I nearly split into two different beings entirely. I do not want this, so my brains recombined."
"Secondly, is this a distraction for Whiskers to approach the satellite."
>"It is possible. I do not know. Please return to the current topic of love."
"Okay, first off, do you have a concept of friendship?"
>"Friendship. When two or more parties consider each other's relationship as favorable, they are friends."
"That sounds reasonable. In that case, if one friend was emotionally hurt, then the other friend would want to assist in making them feel better. If they loved each other, then that other friend may even go so far as to feel emotionally hurt just seeing the other be emotionally hurt."
>"Love is copied feelings?"
"It... is holding another's feelings very close to oneself."
>"Many mixed messages have been received."
"Such as?"
>"View Tina and Faroi." he says, pointing to the television. Tina and Froy are a pomi and heef involved in some kind of love tria... pentagram. "They claim to love each other. And yet Faroi has felt dissatisfaction with life. How can they love each other, as you say, while Tina is so oblivious to Faroi's unfavorable feelings? And Faroi, he knows that Tina wishes for a monogamous relationship, but he is engaging in a relationship with another girl. There is a high probability that Tina will find out, so why would he do such a thing, if Tina's incoming mental disaster will affect him?"

I've barely been paying attention to the soap opera.
No. 856589 ID: 7fad5d

People are fallible, and often have other concerns that cloud their thinking when it comes to love. Also, the soap opera's purpose is to create drama and make its viewers want to see what happens next, not to give a realistic depiction of love. It is common for plots to happen that can only continue because people act stupidly and refuse to talk to each other about their issues. Good communication is key to a healthy relationship.

Tell me about yourself, Gelatin.
No. 856590 ID: 3abd97

This work is intended as entertainment. You have identified the conflict. There's tension in the uncertainty if the characters will overcome their circumstances, their mistakes, or their own flaws.

Failing to take anther's feelings into consideration, or putting your own feelings first, or short-sighted destructive choices are things that can doom relationships. This show is a better example of flawed relationships in progress than it is an instructional guide.
No. 856591 ID: 3ce125

Perhaps Faroi's love for Tina has faded, and he is simply clinging to the remnants of their relationship, outwardly claiming he still loves her, while searching for another person to love. Or perhaps he does not understand his own feelings. Or perhaps he loves the other girl as well and is trying to make them both happy by keeping that relationship a secret. "What you don't know can't hurt you" as the saying goes.

Love does not outright forbid lying.
No. 856602 ID: 33d4be

In order to counter the numbing effect on the audience from being only an observer, shows like this create more extreme and complicated version of what occurs in real life in order to exaggerate the emotional impact. It also must fulfill other purposes than simply depicting love accurately, one of which is to create conflict and suspense for entertainment purposes.

Apart from that, love does not necessarily enhance one's perception, intelligence, or ability to control other emotional impulses. A person who has difficulty noticing another's feelings may spend more time and devote more effort to observing someone who they are in love with, but they are still fallible. A person who does not exercise rigorous self-awareness and control can be compelled by conflicting emotions into conflicting actions. Sapient minds seek patterns and order and will attempt to rationalize their emotional impulses, which is a vital process but capable of producing flawed results when improperly trained.

I think you might be trying to understand love as a physicist might, with a theoretical model of two isolated identical individuals in whom love is the only factor to consider. That is not really an appropriate method for understanding. Every loving relationship is heavily influenced and complicated by the participants' own nature and situation and the context in which the relationship occurs. Everyone agrees on love being defined broadly as strong personal affection, but ideas of how that should manifest, how it can be identified and what qualifies or disqualifies a relationship from being "loving" is particular to different species, groups within a species, and even between individuals.

The fact that love is so personalized is considered one of its defining qualities. If a person always expressed love in the same way regardless of their situation or their particular partner, observers would be rightfully suspicious as to whether they were genuinely in love.
No. 856606 ID: 33d4be

Oh, you should ask the fufa to please find a discreet and unobtrusive way to land and wait to be exposed to the love beam, without obstructing its effects for anyone else. Tell him he may get get a better experience of love if he can observe the reaction of others to it as well, which will work best if they are not distracted.
No. 856652 ID: c88e6d

Generally, emotions are instinctual impulses and are processed through a being's personality. They are also variable. Failing to look ahead and thinking only of themselves, they are risking their relationship and harming one they care about.

Emotions also vary in intensity. Not all friendships escalate to love, not all loves last forever or fade away. Emotions are difficult to predict in general.
No. 856654 ID: 33d4be

Oh, maybe you could find out a better show to watch from Pink? I mean, she's busy right now, but if she loves love so much she's sure to be a fan of romances. If you contacted the rangers, or more secretly her hive, perhaps you can find out what her favourites are and show the fufa those?

Pink probably wouldn't like shows that portrayed love too "wrong", being an expert. She'd probably like more niche works that are more accurate, albeit probably less accessible.
No. 856751 ID: d36af7

Gelatin, when you were smaller and had less brain, did you ever make decisions that you now realize, in hindsight, were suboptimal? Eating something that could have been more useful as tool or weapon, for example. Well, a lot of people aren't as smart as you are now.

Tina probably would care about Faroi's dissatisfaction, if she were aware of it. Faroi is attempting to hide problems from Tina due to his instinctive desire to protect her, without giving sufficient thought to the long-term consequences. Like many soap opera characters, the two of them are not very emotionally mature, and their relationship is dysfunctional.
No. 856826 ID: bfb318
File 151536245173.png - (152.50KB , 800x800 , 393.png )

"In your earlier days, when you were just forming a brain, didn't you make decisions that were suboptimal?"
"These people are also making suboptimal decisions. Also, it's a soap opera. It creates drama and conflict like that to get people invested, and the plot is driven by people making terrible decisions."
>"So this is not real?"
"... no, though people do make bad decisions sometimes. This is an exaggeration, but love does not enhance one's perception, intelligence, or ability to control emotions. I think you are attempting to understand love with a singular physical construction, but it can vary wildly from person to person, and situation to situation."
>"I will consider this. Give me a moment."
"Er, okay. Please find a discreet and unobtrusive way to land and be exposed to the love beam without blocking it for anyone else. Since it's so personalized, you would benefit from observing others."

I'll ask Pink later for her television love show opinions, if I remain in contact with Gelatin. I won't disturb Pink now.

>"Warning. Incoming empathy.

I sense the fufa's empathy.
No. 856827 ID: bfb318
File 151536246000.png - (107.28KB , 800x800 , 394.png )

It's showing some kind of bastardized version of love for me. It's like some kind of mix between infatuation, care for my well being, and interest. It doesn't quite feel right. If an artificial empathy machine feels hollow, then this feels like it lacks a wrapper. Normal empathy has a personality around the feeling, but this is just the raw feeling.
No. 856832 ID: 7fad5d

Surprisingly close, but an important thing about love is that it doesn't occur in a vacuum. It comes from the person feeling it, from the personality.
No. 856833 ID: 1e7aa8

Well, it's a start if nothing else. Now we just have to figure out how to give an artificial fungal colony the size of a space station a personality.

I'm sure it'll all go according to plan.
No. 856834 ID: 7fad5d

Specifically, tell the fufa that it should figure out some trait about you that it loves, as an example.
No. 856835 ID: 3ce125

Hmm. Well, it's not a bad attempt, tell it so, and explain why. Be straightforward with it.
Perhaps it would be good to also say the emotion's not... refined. Maybe the main thing it's missing is the "reasoning" behind the emotion? People love people for reasons. Oh, plus there's the various ways people express love which colors the emotion itself. It can be strong, fierce, or soft, comforting. Desperate, needy, or casual, free. Though I'm thinking the main problem is that it's a manufactured emotion. It doesn't love you, this is just... an emotion manually pieced together to broadcast towards you. Can it broadcast its real emotions? It should have emotions since it has a brain, unless the chemicals related to emotions are not present and it's just using it like a processor.

The fufa needs to find its own form of desire before it can express "refined" love. It seeks knowledge and understanding, right? Is it out of desire? Or simple curiosity or boredom?
No. 856842 ID: 3abd97

Are you showing me how you actually feel, or is this a construction?

I think we're assuming the later, but it's important to know for sure, because critiquing composition is very different from handling a semi-sapient monster who's convinced itself it "loves" you.

If it's the later, you can be honest. It's close but... it's missing something. Context, perhaps. It's love without a why or a how.

If it's the former... you need to let it down gently. You just met it, and in an official capacity where infatuation would be inappropriate. You're here as an agent of the law, and as a teacher... not on a date. I'm sorry, but I don't feel that way about you.
No. 856857 ID: 33d4be

"The empathy you are producing is quite close to what I'd expect from loving empathy, particularly if this is your first try, but it feels like there are some things missing. Most noticeable is that you are producing only a few particular feelings toward me, and not producing what might be called "normal background noise", empathically. Neumono constantly put out traces of other feelings and dispositions according to their personality and situation, even when their thoughts are mostly focused on a few strong feelings. For example, you seem like an inquisitive person, but I'm not feeling any shades of dissatisfaction with your current abilities and understandings, or a curiosity or desire to learn independent of interest in me specifically. As self-aware beings, there is also usually some element of our feelings about our own feelings in a neumono's empathy, though we are not always aware of everything about ourselves, depending on where our focus is."

"All organic brains involve some parallel processing, but neumono brains especially. Our feelings generally linger, overlap, and operate at various layers of intensity and awareness simultaneously."
No. 856864 ID: 86eb65

That is a good attempt. But it rings a bit false.

Love can take time and its not good to force the emotion.
No. 856887 ID: 3cc68c

Just fuck the Fufa already. Its inevitable.
No. 856919 ID: c88e6d

"You're close, but you need context for the affection. Why would you love me? We've only just met and held a brief conversation."
No. 857024 ID: e1c8f7

Give him kudos for making progress. They're getting closer, right?
No. 857029 ID: bfb318
File 151544123220.png - (180.86KB , 800x800 , 395.png )

"It's a surprisingly good attempt, but it rings a bit false. This feels like it is too raw, and lacks the background noise of another neumono's personality driving behind it. Is this showing how you feel, or is this just a constructed feeling of love?"
>"To maximize authenticity, I have attempted at replicating the feelings of love for your body shape and personality. Work shall be done to make the feelings driven by personality."
"It may be missing context, too. All we have had is a single conversation, and brief meetings."
>"This shall count as love at first sight."

>Fuck the fufa
That would be the most dangerous thing I have done in my life. Plus, it hasn't even morphed into a place to take me out to.

Gelatin continues to shape its feelings. It seems to improve a bit, though quickly hits a wall in which it can't seem to make the empathy passable as natural. We're gradually entering lower orbit, but Sevener comes online.

>"Missile inbound! It's headed towards me, not the fufa. 10 seconds away!"

The ship has some evasive capabilities, but I may want Sevener to just play it safe and abandon it.
No. 857030 ID: a363ac

just have Sevener abandon the ship. In low orbit you can get out of there quick enough to not worry about one ship, just have Sevener call for a couple of back-up ships to escort you and the Fufa.
No. 857031 ID: 33d4be

Someone wants to remove your ability to leave. Let's see why. Tell Sevener to abandon ship. She's short on time so just say "Sevener, abandon." Say her name so the fufa doesn't think you're talking to it.

If you continue your experiment with the fufa, ask it to try having love for Whiskers as well as you. As a neumono you don't mind, and it will give it a chance to try tailoring its love for different people so you can tell it how well it's doing in that regard. You don't want it to get bored or frustrated before you land, and it will also give you the chance to ask it to describe Whiskers from its perspective, and its relationship and prior activities with her.
No. 857039 ID: 0d45a9

Can Sevener get close enough to Gelatin's ship that she can use it as a shield? That might cause whoever fired the missile to abort it, and if not it might detonate against the plasma shield (And Gelatin's ship is big enough to be able to take a hit I think).
No. 857050 ID: c88e6d

Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

But yeah, this entire scheme seems like Whiskers is trying to get you into place to get Gelatin laid. Whiskers is one weird criminal.

Anyway, accepting that it's love at first sight, and accepting that Gelatin 'can't control his feelings', try your own version of the exercise. Instead of thinking of him as a ship-sized rogue sapient nanotech colony, think of him as a weird Belenos that has confessed to being in love with you on Valentine's Day.

Also, he seems anxious about the missile launch. Soothe his anxiety.
No. 857060 ID: 3ce125

Who the hell fired the missile? There shouldn't be anyone nearby except your allied forces. Call and find out, once Sevener is safe.
No. 857066 ID: 4606b3

If you're still not really in the atmosphere, then a missile traveling fast enough to hit you in 14 seconds (accounting for Sevener's time to speak plus 10) after being detected (presumably by top-notch sensors, not only Sevener's own but the stations' and every other government-accessible device, given the high alert) would have to be traveling too fast to be able to change course easily, unless it came from some sort of other stealth ship, which again I assume would have been swept for rigorously.

If you HAVE gotten into the atmosphere then that would limit how fast the missile can go at all and something similar should apply because the atmosphere is huge and everything should be under even more easy surveillance.

So evade.
No. 857072 ID: 3abd97

>That would be the most dangerous thing I have done in my life. Plus, it hasn't even morphed into a place to take me out to.
Plus, you're here in an official capacity. That would just be inappropriate while you're on the job.

That close, and none of your allies picked it up first? There's more stealth shenanigans going on here.

>The ship has some evasive capabilities, but I may want Sevener to just play it safe and abandon it.
Given Sevener flight, fire and eject at will permissions. ASAP.

That will let her detach from the sphere and attempt to survive (up until she thinks she's lost and has to do an emergency upload). If you're being shot during docking, step 1 is to stop docking so you're two targets instead of one, and so you can return fire from more angels.

Alert Gelatin the your ship is under fire and ask if this vessel has defensive capabilities. Maybe it can provide cover.

Then get a line to your operators fast, alert them, get them looking for more threats and tracing the missile's trajectory.
No. 857143 ID: 56e50f

Give her a full control. Flight, fight or bail. Ask Gelatin if he knows about this. If not, see if he can support her. If he does, ask him to call off the attack. If he wants to love you, he has to play by your rules.
No. 857147 ID: d36af7

Gelatin's madly in love with you right now, so could the spherical ship roll in such a way as to put itself between Sevener and the incoming missile, and re-engage stealth? The fact that Sevener knows who the missile is targeting implies an active radar lock, which could be disrupted by losing line-of-sight, and also there's the heroic bodyguard thing.
No. 857192 ID: c88e6d

That would be unethical, and Fufas are pathologically unable to give up mass. Also, he's infatuated, not 'in love'. Hasn't perfected that yet.
No. 857356 ID: bfb318
File 151552671519.png - (164.78KB , 800x800 , 396.png )

"Sevener, you have full control."

My armor keeps a port open for Sevener to come through if needed, and Bell passes info to Sevener based on my conversation with Gelatin.

Sevener's ship is hovering inbetween gelatin's sphere, and gelatin's plasma shield. That would be enough to protect against normal missiles, but as expected, this is no normal missile. It is a plasma breacher with stealth capabilities. It's comprised of an outer missile that breaks a hole in a plasma shield just long enough to launch a second missile through it. The second missile is much smaller, but on single plasma shield ships, it has free access to the hull.

"Gelatin, can you protect my ship from an incoming missile?"
>"Moving too well. This ship is not easily maneuvered."

There's not enough time left to ask Gelatin if Sevener can move around its sphere without putting itself in danger, but I don't think it would have mattered. The second missile is much smaller and more maneuverable, and a missile this expensive most likely has an AI pilot rather than some kind of radar lock alone.

>"Damn, can't dodge it." Sevener says, and immediately uploads herself into my armor. My ship goes down.

>"We're tracing the missile source as best as we can. Someone didn't want you to leave." says Lucera. "And until we re-secure this space, as weird as it is saying it, you're safest with Gelatin. Just stay with it."
No. 857357 ID: c88e6d

How's his emotional state? Also, have you tried cuddling him?
No. 857358 ID: 4854ef

He certainly seems to be getting more cuddly with you now. Is he trying something or did he just suddenly do this without warning.
No. 857369 ID: 56e50f

"Well Gelatin, do you love me enough to give me a ride home? After you're satisfied with your knowledge of love, of course." The handsy Fufa seems accommodating enough.
No. 857375 ID: 33d4be

I'll reiterate my suggestion about asking him to try loving Whiskers and then telling you about her so you can listen to his empathy (and the information) and see how well he varies it from what he feels about you.

Maybe ask him to try describing his feelings in words? Not just the love, but, his normal feelings. He must have something like wants and desires if he does anything at all.

You could also ask him if he knows anyone who doesn't like you, and how he feels about that now.
No. 857389 ID: 3ce125

Hey you know what would be a really stupid idea? Allowing the Fufa to learn how to produce and understand empathy... from a predator.
No. 857411 ID: c88e6d

Please don't give Vanski ideas.
No. 857422 ID: 86eb65

Ask Gelatin if it can help you out. Maybe it has a ship you can borrow.

Then tell it the best way to perfect its understanding of love would be to find someone to love and try to romance them. Seeing as Whiskers seems to be fond of them maybe it could try with her.

As for us we would not mind being friends. But right now we have a few lovers of our own to go take care of.
No. 857423 ID: 3abd97

Keep an eye on your own perimeter, drawing me out and cutting me off in a precarious position has the making of a very effective distraction.

>what do
Gelatin, does this ship have an access panel my AI can use? I don't like being blind with someone shooting missiles at me.

Also might be good to ask position and ETA if we're still flying to roguetown.
No. 857425 ID: 33d4be


Gelatin may react poorly now if we try to leave. We need to try nudge him around to not loving Polo so much but still being favorably inclined if we want to do that, I think. Redirecting him to someone else is one way to do that.
No. 857450 ID: 10c408

Vanski's in super-jail. Let's not give whiskers any ideas
No. 857530 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Gelatin if it noticed where the missile came from?

And keep giving it a running commentary on its empathy and how it needs to be adjusted to feel natural.
No. 857537 ID: 3ce125

Aw man, paranoid thought: what if Gelatin launched that missile because he's getting too attached to Polo?
No. 857604 ID: bfb318
File 151560977538.png - (172.78KB , 800x800 , 397.png )

>Introduce him to a predator
We have an unwritten restraining order between Three Stripes and any fufa.

"I don't suppose you know where that missile came from?" I ask Gelatin and confirming it's not breaching my armor.
>"I do not. I am heading down. We will arrive in roguetown in approximately one hour.
"Do you have a ship I can borrow?"
>"No. I do not want you to leave."
"Why not?"
>"Because I love you."
"You have the luxury of choosing who you love, and there are better targets."
>"Such as?"
"... Whiskers. You have already worked with her before, and she seems like she may be fond of you."
>"Gelatin has gained reluctance about letting this feeling go."
"Having love change and even die is part of understanding love. Having it a second time, for someone else, is also a natural thing that most people experience."
>"Okay. But I do not know where Whiskers is. I must have a visual in order to appropriately attribute target love with Whiskers."
"Something tells me she's closer than we might think. Does your ship have a console my AI can use? I don't like being blind when there's missile around."
>"Expressing thinking: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

A panel slides away and a console is pushed into the room.

>"Is this acceptable?"
"That should do."
No. 857606 ID: bfb318
File 151560979021.png - (106.91KB , 800x800 , 398.png )

I plug into it.

"Sevener, can you keep an eye out?"
>"No, this ship is blind, he must have his own eyes on the outside. There's supposed to be some escape shuttles down below you."
>"Approximately 30 meters below, to be precise." Bell adds.
No. 857608 ID: a363ac

yeah I doubt the escape shuttles work when the entire ship is made of Fufa. Let's just hang here till we land.
No. 857615 ID: 91ee5f

>We will arrive in roguetown in approximately one hour.
Could Gelatin possibly shrink down or something? I'm not sure how well anyone will react to seeing a giant however big he is object coming towards them.

Plus, the panic of seeing Gelatin might counter any effect the "love beam" will have and end up ruining Valentine's Day!

>escape shuttles
Unless Gelatin is in danger of being destroyed and us along with him, there isn't any need to escape.

And whoever fired that missile is still hanging around somewhere, so being in an escape pod just makes us an easy target.
No. 857616 ID: 3ce125

>Gelatin has come to feel love for you by practicing feeling love with you as the target
You probably could have predicted this. Maybe you shouldn't tell anyone about it. They'll never let you live it down.

Instead of just shoving him towards Whiskers ask if there's anyone he has positive feelings towards, aside from you.
No. 857618 ID: 28cb85

Really, in this huge-ass ship, the only info we get is of possible escape 30 meters below us? I'm not sure to trust this information.
No. 857651 ID: 2efe4b

Tell him he doesn't have to reduce his love for you that much to have love for someone else, too. It's possible to love more than one person! Also tell him you're worried about someone having ill will towards you, so you'd like to know what protections are around and if there is a quick way out if your life is in danger.

As for Whiskers, he remembers meeting Whiskers, doesn't he? Can't he make himself look like her from memory and then just look in a mirror? Ask Sevener if you have anything on file for Whiskers' appearance, though.
No. 857724 ID: 3abd97

Probably safer not to have the Fufa in love with you, on balance, but there's good odds Whiskers will find a way to exploit it loving her too.

>escape shuttle
As much as I don't want to stay here, someone needs to keep tabs on this this, and it's more dangerous if left alone to be influenced by other factions- Gelatin is very impressionable. And I don't expect those escape shuttles are any match for missiles of your government spy ship couldn't avoid them.

I think you're stuck here for now.
No. 857789 ID: 1e7aa8

Convince Gelatin that while you are okay with teaching him how to recognize, emulate and express love, you aren't reciprocating.

when this confuses him, teach him all about the friendzone.
No. 857845 ID: c88e6d

Don't bother with the escape shuttles. Just cuddle the Fufa to lessen his anxiety. You do not want him getting mad and ripping the shuttles apart or something. You can escape once he's distracted by the Happy Beam.
No. 857846 ID: 0d45a9

One thing we have to consider is if Gelatin gets hit by the love beam, in all likelihood Polo will also get hit. I don't think that would be desirable.
No. 857848 ID: 91ee5f

>Polo getting hit by Love Beam isn't desirable.

Polo could benefit greatly from feeling love instead of being a grump all the time.
No. 857854 ID: 4b8682

Indeed. She could greatly benefit from some snuggles.
No. 857871 ID: 3ce125

Polo has experience with love, she's got a healthy connection to her hive.
No. 857874 ID: 91ee5f

To her hive, but what about her coworkers and anyone outside of her hive? She's more or less a grump when she's not with her hive.

Yeah, she's improved a bit during her "date" with Ramella, Katzati, Pilon, and Pink, but that was only because it was technically part of her mission to do so.
No. 857878 ID: 2efe4b

If there was going to be an serious ramifications to being hit with the love beam then it would have been terrible for Polo and the agency to allow it to happen in the first place, since the chances of it only hitting rogues who wanted to be hit with it was terrible to begin. I think if Polo has already gone to such lengths to make sure this thing fires then we can be pretty certain it isn't going to cause any harm, and if it did cause harm Polo would deserve it since she enabled it.
No. 858053 ID: c88e6d

Polo can just switch on her silence. It protects from Predator Mind Control for heaven's sake, she'll be fine.
No. 858057 ID: 6780f5

It protects from predator mind control because predator mind control relies on empathic feedback from the one getting controlled.
No. 858059 ID: c88e6d

She can also just have Az's guys toss her a Jammer if she really, REALLY doesn't want to be hit with a Love Beam.
No. 858270 ID: 15a025

Go with Gelatin and check out the escape pods.
No. 858376 ID: de6d84

Don't leave Gelatin here by itself for now, Polo.
No. 858444 ID: 1f4fbd

Dang, it's probably better to stay with it for now then.
No. 858626 ID: bfb318
File 151605493652.png - (110.66KB , 800x800 , 399.png )

>Only possible escape in this big ship is 30 meters below?
More information could be missing; but this ship is a long ways away from being regulation compliant.

Something still doesn't sit right with me.

"Why did Whiskers say that I, specifically, would be a good person to show you love?"
>"I do not know, but she was correct. She said that you were pro-active towards anything, including stopping her missions. She even mentioned that elite solo agents were more dangerous in some ways than entire organizations. Ah. My brain is formulating an idea. It is not entirely certain that it is a coincidence you are here."
"Is there a chance that she just wanted me off that ship?"
>"She enjoys solving multiple problems with one solution and so this is a possibility." Gelatin pulls me back in with his oversized tail to cuddle. I might almost think of it as cute if I looked past it being a flesh eating fungal mass that is approximating a belenosian form.

It's a stretch, but Whiskers is right that I am pro-active, and because of that, I don't want to be stuck with the fufa. It wouldn't be the worst possible situation, but I would at least like to try to arrange an escape back to the satellite ship, especially knowing that Whiskers may not want me there.

"Gelatin, I'm reluctant to leave my job."
>"I do not wish to see you go."
"Would you get mad if I tried?"
>"No, but I would attempt to stop you."

No. 858627 ID: bfb318
File 151605494856.png - (160.98KB , 800x800 , 400.png )

"Then come with me. There is time before the beam goes off."
>"... Acceptable."

The ship starts changing direction back into its original trajectory.

>"Polo, what are you doing?" asks Lucera.
"As you requested, I'm staying with Gelatin. We are headed towards the satellite. Keep an eye on it, I'll have it stay at a distance."

Sevener talks into our communications.

>"I didn't see any functional weapons while drifting around it, but that doesn't mean that they're not hidden underneath panels."
>"Fine." says Lucera. "Don't misunderstand. I don't like the idea of you bringing a fufa anywhere close to us, but I prefer that over having a fufa running loose in the capital."

To be fair, I'm not entirely sure what I've put into motion either.
No. 858628 ID: bfb318
File 151605496051.png - (130.32KB , 800x800 , 401.png )

>"Incoming transmission." Fufa says in a robotic voice.


>"This feeling is being integrated into my core brain."

Whiskers is put on the television.

>"Gelatin, what are you doing?"
>"I am bringing Polo to the UDA satellite, so that I can be with her as she does her job. Ah, you are a visual of Whiskers. Formulating love."


>"Integrating feeling into core brain."

>"Done. We are now in a love triangle and I wish to see you, Whiskers."
>"A love triangle? I think I know what happened. You're already with Polo. Why don't you spend some time getting to know her before moving on to me?"
>"No. I am capable of learning of two people at once. Please come to the UDA satellite."
>"Hmm... I'll pass for now, but we can date another time, Gelatin. Just keep Polo away from that satellite."
>"I will lead her to the satellite."
>"Just keep her away."
>"Hmm... why?"
>"Just keep her away."

Whiskers looks like she's going to keep saying that.
No. 858629 ID: 3abd97

Well unless it's a double bluff it seems like Whiskers doesn't want Polo near the satellite.

Shoot the TV.

"I apologize for my emotional outburst brought on by our live triangle."
No. 858630 ID: a363ac

"Cut Transmission with Whiskers Gelatin if you do I will give you permission to vist with her when she is in prison."
No. 858631 ID: 7fad5d

"Remember, Gelatin, trust and good communication are essential to a relationship. I recommend asking that she trust you enough to let you understand the situation."
No. 858632 ID: 86eb65

Gelatin we need to ignore her and head to my base. Then we can track her down and consummate our love triangle.

Full speed ahead.

Shoot or turn off the tv please.
No. 858634 ID: 2efe4b

"Gelatin, I believe there is a high chance that a good clue to Whiskers' location will be on the station some time soon, if not already. While respect for the desires of one's romantic partners is important for love it is also important to maintain self-determination and to manage conflicting feelings well. This situation seems like good practice for you."

Can you subtly activate a transmission of this conversation from here to Lucera?
No. 858647 ID: 91ee5f

"Whiskers, keeping secrets from Gelatin isn't very nice and keeping me away from my job is a good way to get yourself thrown back in jail. Besides, you told Gelatin that I could teach him about love and if you ask me, I think he's learning quite well. And if he wants to be in love with you, then I think you should at least give him a chance before you tell him no."

Try to stall long enough for Lucera or someone to trace the call.
No. 858718 ID: c88e6d

Suggest Whiskers is going to be on the satellite. Suggest that she is attempting to avoid romantic entanglement so she can steal the technologies involved or, more likely, use them to manipulate emotions on a global scale to steal things and grandstand like she normally does.
No. 858723 ID: 3ce125

Wait, can we trace the transmission?
No. 858802 ID: e1c8f7

See if Sevener can track that signal. Remember Polo, your Fufa friend is as much as an ally as you allow it to be. Wrap him around your finger, if need be. As long as it hinders Whiskers.
No. 858829 ID: bfb318
File 151614285791.png - (105.57KB , 800x800 , 402.png )

"Sevener, can we trace her?"
>"Too much noise. It'll take a long time." Sevener says.

Gelatin thinks, or so I assume.

>"Just keep her awa-"

I interrupt Whiskers by shooting the television. Lucera confirms that he saw it through my armor.

>"Why did you do that?" asks Gelatin.
"She is breaking the law by obstructing justice. I apologize for the outburst."
>"I want to bring the love triangle together. It will be awkward and weird but that is okay."
"She may come to the satellite."
>"Are you sure you do not want to just go to the satellite?"
"I do and Whiskers knows it, which is why she will be there."
>"Hmmm... okay."

My phone buzzes, and my armor picks it up.

It's from Omega Red.

>"Hey, grumps. Tell the UDA we just detected a stealth launch from area 190.4, 291.1!"
"Alright. Do you know what it might be?"
>"Not sure, but it's not a rocket or missile! Tell us where you're at, because I bet they're going for Pink."

According to the rulebook, I probably shouldn't tell them where we're at, but the rulebook also states that I can make judgement calls.
No. 858833 ID: a363ac

go ahead and come to (satellite here) bring heavy weapons.
No. 858852 ID: 86eb65

Confirm the call is not from a Cai or other imposter.

Then tell them the location of Gelatins ship. That is 100% not your base and should be fine to reveal the location of.

Also fuck the rules cause this day is going to get silly quick and you had better roll with the punches.
No. 858853 ID: 91ee5f

“If they’re after Pink, then go to her, not me. The UDA will be more than happy to get your help, since we’re both working to save Valentine’s Day. Also be careful, I think Whiskers is trying to keep me away from Pink.”
No. 858854 ID: 2efe4b

Or it could be the person whose communications you just shut down - or someone connected to her who didn't already know where you are, since she seemed to - hacking into the communications of a group you just recently found has pretty poor security. You need a question only she or someone else at the poker game can answer. If it's Red, how about just "Who's not your daddy?"

Because, you know, the rangers never called you "grump" or "grumps". They called you "grey", "six/number six/sixth", or just "Polo".
No. 858862 ID: 91ee5f

>Because, you know, the rangers never called you "grump" or "grumps". They called you "grey", "six/number six/sixth", or just "Polo".
That’s a good point!

Make sure you don’t tell them anything!
No. 858863 ID: 3abd97

The fact that you've got a Whiskers fielded Fufa-ship in the vicinity of the station means the location is already compromised. And Whiskers has to know the location of the sphere-ship you're on now.

And you should pretty much assume this ship is set up so Whiskers can intercept and listen in to transmissions being sent from inside it. And you should assume the fufa has good enough hearing to pick up conversation inside your helmet.

So I'd tell them. Maybe have Bell or Sevener send coordinates in an encrypted manner. (The rangers at least ostensibly work with the government- they should have access to some kind of encrypted protocols).

If we want to confirm identity, Polo can ask a specific question about the poker game. To be extra paranoid, a question about empathy (like who reacted X way to Y thing) so even someone who had the room bugged wouldn't be able to answer, but neumono who were there could.
No. 858872 ID: d36af7

Tell "Red" you're at the Seventh Ranger's secret hideout, and if he's forgotten where that is, that's too bad, because the coordinates obviously can't be mentioned on such an insecure channel.
No. 859041 ID: a633c6

Hey Gelatin, in order to bring the triangle together, could you intercept that rocket?
No. 859050 ID: 830fb7

Get them to come on this ship then you can take them there without them knowing where they are going. It follows the rules by bending them a little, because your not telling them where it is your just taking them there with no knowledge of its location.
No. 859143 ID: bfb318
File 151622350823.png - (139.06KB , 800x800 , 403.png )

Chances are that Whiskers already knows where the satellite is, and absolutely where Gelatin's ship is at. I'll ask Red a quick question.

"Security. Who's not your daddy?"
>"... Az."
"You've never called me 'grumps."
>"We've got a whole list of nicknames for you! We don't want to wear them all out too fast."
"Fine. Hold on."

I send Bell an encrypted packet of information with the coordinates to the satellite, since she should be going to Pink. Within half an hour, Lucera sends various alerts around to all agents on this mission about incoming objects. Gelatin's ship, Omega Waveforce, and the unknown object are converging. Our scouting probes should get a visual on the unknown object any minute now.

"Gelatin, can we intercept an incoming object? It may be Whiskers."

Speaking of Whiskers, she sends all of us an email.

Terms of Engagement:
1: Non-lethal. Go for disabling shots - engines and so on. Anyone who surrenders will give up their ships in exchange for their lives.
2: No CAIs.
3: No outside help. We keep this between me, Omega, the UDA, and the fufa.

Her previous actions has shown that she will respect her own engagement rules, and will consider any rules we propose ourselves. I also get a text from Red.

>"We need a fifth pilot to fill in for Pink, you know. You aren't the embodiment of love, but you're able to use empathy tech and aren't totally dead inside. That's good enough for me."
No. 859147 ID: 3ce125

Seems fair. Gelatin should let you join the battle, hopefully.
No. 859151 ID: 4b8682

Are Gelatin... Licking Polo?
No. 859154 ID: c88e6d

Okay, Polo, it's time to hop in the ship and use your.... Well you're not really feeling love right now, or particularly annoyed.

Try getting into the mindset of Determination?
No. 859158 ID: 4b8682

Time to get moving
No. 859159 ID: 56e50f

Extraordinary situations, Polo. Ask Gelatin if he will fight by your side, for better or for worse.
No. 859163 ID: 91ee5f

If we’re not supposed to use CAIs, then Whiskers should’ve thought of that before trying to pick a fight with us!

The UDA employs CAIs regularly, so even if Polo agrees, there’s literally no guarantee that the rest of the UDA will follow along!

It’s almost like she daring us to try using a CAI and then she’ll have a counter for it.
No. 859165 ID: a363ac

Proposed rule : Fufa is neutral party leave it out till the end.
lets ask the Fufa if we can leave if it says no tell him that being unwilling to let loved ones leave your side leads to dangerous relationships that are abusive.
No. 859166 ID: 2efe4b

"Gelatin, you do know I'm wearing a suit, don't you? What I look and... taste like underneath is different. In any case, Gelatin, I have been asked to take part in the ranger team. It will mean I need to physically part, but it is likely I will have to lower my empathy and project it on a large scale, so you will get the chance to experience my presence in a new way."

I wonder, does using a solo AI who came from a CAI, like Sevener, count?
No. 859171 ID: 454f42

Do not explain to the people eating fungus monster that what he's holding is an impenetrable protective suit.
No. 859172 ID: 3abd97

>"Security. Who's not your daddy?"
And Polo masterfully turns a paranoia check into a prank.

>We need a fifth pilot to fill in for Pink, you know.
Reply back that it appears you may not have much choice but to assist, but you are not trained as a pilot. Unless you can drive ranger tech with childhood dreams of piloting flying tanks.

...did the UDA and Sealock's laywers get back with that stuff Polo asked for in the date before she would work with the rangers yet? Probably not this is only the next day. I suppose contract details could be applied retroactively so long as they expect them to hold to it. You should get Red to agree to that.

>rule changes or additions
Oh boy time for Agent Polo to throw the book at Whiskers

1a. Any government, private, restricted, illegal, hazardous and/or classified property collected in this manner may still be considered as such by the UDA in future interactions. Material captured in surrender does not constitute a legal transfer of ownership or change in classification.
1b. Similarly, UDA rules, regulations, policies and laws for hostages, kidnappings, prisoners of war, and/or arrest will apply as warranted in the cases of surrendered persons after this engagement.

2a. One export of a CAI-originating AI is already involved. See 3d.
2b. CAI's may be involved by the provisions in 3c.

3a. "Me" being "Whiskers.
3b. "The Fufa" being the individual self identifying as "Gelatin"
3c. Outside parties are allowed to offer help or otherwise involve themselves if they are dragged into the conflict; for example (but not limited to) by being targeted by one or more of the involved parties.
3d. Two AIs, designations "Anya" and "Bell" are already involved parties and would be infeasible and unreasonable to exclude or to classify as "outside help".

4. No deliberate collateral damage or creation of broad hazards to non-involved parties. This might include such things as (but not limited to) debris fields that maintain orbit or will not burn up on reentry, dispersal or radioactive or hazardous materials, etc.

5. Recording and marketing rights for this event subject to existing contracts and possible future negotiations.

>the hard part
You have to explain to Gelatin that you need to be with the rangers while you resolves your love triangle with him and Whiskers.
No. 859175 ID: 86eb65

Get out your empathy gun and go join the rangers in there stupid thing.
No. 859179 ID: 91ee5f

>Recording and marketing rights for this event
Yeah, this event is definitely going to end up on the Rangers’ tv show.
No. 859189 ID: 2ab7fc

Politely explain to Gelatin that while cuddling with someone he loves is a good step in the right direction, you still don't reciprocate and would like him to cease since shit just got real.

If he doesn't oblige with at least backing off slightly, friendzone him so you can maybe escape.

Meanwhile, text Red back. "Tempting, but I'm unfamiliar/untrained in the operation of your goofy sentai machines. Also I'm preoccupied with turning the coat of a gargantuan space worthy fufa."

Don't *ever* explain the little things, those just make them better later.
No. 859214 ID: a43366

Join the team. Pilot a giant robot.
No. 859366 ID: d36af7

>gargantuan space worthy fufa
Ask about Gelatin's mass first, so you can quote an actual number for "gargantuan." Also, phrase it as much as possible like this is a completely boring and routine problem for you, something which will probably only present a brief delay.
No. 859497 ID: 85f8f7

Addendum: Get in the robot, Polo.
No. 859501 ID: bfb318
File 151632157860.png - (121.76KB , 800x800 , 404.png )

"Gelatin, I have duties. Please follow me if you must, but I may need to leave before long."
>"I will follow." He stops licking me.

"Fine, Red. But I have no idea how to drive it."
>"Don't worry, they're piloted by feelings!"

... not going to think too hard on that. I wait by an open port, where I'm expecting the Waveforce to show up.

>No use of CAIs
This is getting debated by the UDA about to agree to that. The CAI in theory would give us a significant advantage and we'd have no reason to accept that, however, there has been evidence that Whiskers has a CAI of her own. We don't know, and she could just be bluffing, but having two CAIs get tangled with each other can be disasterous, and it's best for both sides if they agree to not use a CAI.

I also make additional clarifications, since Whiskers seemed to create this casually. I send it out for review by UDA, who passes it on to Whiskers.

1a. Any government, private, restricted, illegal, hazardous and/or classified property collected in this manner may still be considered as such by the UDA in future interactions. Material captured in surrender does not constitute a legal transfer of ownership or change in classification.
1b. Similarly, UDA rules, regulations, policies and laws for hostages, kidnappings, prisoners of war, and/or arrest will apply as warranted in the cases of surrendered persons after this engagement.

2a. One export of a CAI-originating AI is already involved. See 3d.
2b. CAI's may be involved by the provisions in 3c.

3a. "Me" being "Whiskers.
3b. "The Fufa" being the individual self identifying as "Gelatin"
3c. Outside parties are allowed to offer help or otherwise involve themselves if they are dragged into the conflict; for example (but not limited to) by being targeted by one or more of the involved parties.
3d. Two AIs, designations "Anya" and "Bell" are already involved parties and would be infeasible and unreasonable to exclude or to classify as "outside help".

4. No deliberate collateral damage or creation of broad hazards to non-involved parties. This might include such things as (but not limited to) debris fields that maintain orbit or will not burn up on reentry, dispersal of radioactive or hazardous materials, etc.

5. Recording and marketing rights for this event subject to existing contracts and possible future negotiations.

Whiskers sends another e-mail.

>"Does the UDA have to put up with Polo often? My counterproposal: Remove 2a, and expand section '3d' to read as follows:"

3d. Standard AIs may be used at will.

The UDA agrees to this, as the satellite uses various AIs to automate systems. Bringing in more AIs from this point on won't necessarily be advantageous, as they're limited by our computing speeds.

I see 5 specks of light approaching. It must be the Waveforce.

"Gelatin, I will have to board one of those ships."
>"I will follow."
"I don't think this ship can go as fast as those ones."
>"I will abandon this ship. I do not need it."
"Gelatin, I hope you are aware that I don't reciprocate."
>"I am aware it is statistically improbable that you have fallen in love with me within our short time together. Do you hate me?"
>"Then it is fine for me to follow, am I not correct?"
No. 859503 ID: c88e6d

Can't argue with that logic. Let's take the Fufa with us. It will be funny to see it squeeze into a tiny container.
No. 859504 ID: a363ac

sure what about the rest of your mass though?
No. 859510 ID: 86eb65

Give it time and we might be good friends.

And sure you can come along. Just be careful.
No. 859512 ID: 3abd97

>How does Polo get along with the rest of the UDA?
My performance reviews are exemplary.

>3d. Standard AIs may be used at will.
Possibly gives Whiskers an advantage if she has a bunch of standard AIs at her disposal, but it's a reasonable rule.

>"I don't think this ship can go as fast as those ones."
>>"I will abandon this ship. I do not need it."
You can mover faster than the ship without a ship?

In any event, if you abandon the ship, please leave it in a responsible orbit where it will not be a hazard to others.

>>"Then it is fine for me to follow, am I not correct?"
Technically you were invited. I have little doubt Whiskers has something illegal planned, though, and that those plans likely will try to involve you in some way.

I will not attempt to stop you from following, nor will I hate you for it.
No. 859515 ID: 3ce125

Gelatin how are you going to abandon this ship? Can you fit inside the Omega ship?
No. 859520 ID: 91ee5f

>”Don't worry, they're piloted by feelings!"
Does it have to be a specific feeling? Because if it’s supposed to be love, then we might have a hard time piloting it! Or we can just surprise the hell out of the Waveforce by showing them that Polo is capable of expressing love!

>"I will abandon this ship. I do not need it."
How? This entire ship is you. I thought you wouldn’t want to abandon your mass?

I mean, couldn’t he just arrange all of his mass into a giant robot to fight side by side with the Waveforce’s giant robot? And maybe even combine both of them into a stronger giant robot if we need to?
No. 859974 ID: bfb318
File 151649546394.png - (197.95KB , 800x800 , 405.png )

"How would you fit onto the ship?"
>"I will condense myself into an appropriate size for the ship of that size."
"Can you not turn yourself into a ship?"
>"I would require fuel and do not approve of internal combustion.

The ships arrive. They are large after all, although all different looking. Pink's appears to be similar to a stubby plane. Likely slow but with high maneuverability.

"We're remoting the pink one down for you to board. What is that next to you?"
"It is a fufa."
"It's not going to mess up the ship, is it?"
"I'd be more concerned about myself."
No. 859975 ID: bfb318
File 151649547798.png - (182.29KB , 800x800 , 406.png )

I enter the elevator that brings me up to the cockpit. The fufa climbs up some crawlspaces and shafts to get there as well, and simply to distribute its own weight across the ship evenly.

I do not know how to adjust this seat to lift myself so I can see over the dashboard, but as soon as I look, the fufa gets some mass under me and lifts me up.

>"Hey." Sevener says. "Plug me into this thing."
No. 859976 ID: 7fad5d

"Please don't call my new lover a thing."
No. 859978 ID: 3ce125

Thank Gelatin for his assistance, and plug Anya in. AI-assisted piloting will certainly help your chances.

She means the ship! She wants to help pilot the ship.
No. 859979 ID: 7fad5d

I know.
No. 859980 ID: a363ac

Plug Sevener in.
Call Red demand to be the head.
No. 859981 ID: 86eb65

Plug her in.

Start thinking back to your study of the rangers. Try to recall everything about there ship/robot battles.

Also if this thing runs off emotions you need to get in some sort of mood. No grump because if we try that we are going to get a reputation.

If we want love might want to see if we can get Katzati and Ramella shipped over here.
No. 859982 ID: 3abd97

Hopefully all that extra fufa mass doesn't mess up this ships performance.

Get Red to explain how the heck this thing works, as you are neither a pilot let along familiar with their specialized tech.

For the moment, we are no longer Agent Polo. We are now acting-Ranger Polo.

>"Hey." Sevener says. "Plug me into this thing."
Remember Anya, it's piloted by feelings.

Which as a grump and a robot I think I'm outsourcing to you.
No. 859983 ID: 3ce125

I wonder if Gelatin's love will help power the ship?
No. 859991 ID: 91ee5f

>I do not know how to adjust this seat to lift myself so I can see over the dashboard, but as soon as I look, the fufa gets some mass under me and lifts me up.
Tell him thank you.

You should probably be looking for a way to scoot the seat forward so that you can reach the controls. And be thankful that the Waveforce didn’t leave a booster seat for little kids there. That would’ve been insulting!

Since it sorta doesn’t feel like real love and Polo says it feels forced, I’m more worried that Gelatin's “love” will accidentally make Pink’s ship not function properly!
No. 860029 ID: 15a025

Thanks for the boost Gelatin!

Plug Anya into the ship and start figuring out how to work it!
No. 860150 ID: c88e6d

Plug Sevener into the ship. She and the Fufa can have fun modifying its systems.

Gelatin can also help with evasion by shifting the ship's center of mass when Whiskers inevit