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File 148710939185.png - (127.28KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
779564 No. 779564 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and may potentially have nsfw content. This takes place in the christmas universe: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/614976.html

February 13th, 10 AM, Ultrahive Capital Tower, Az's Office, approximately two and a half months following the first neumono christmas.

>"There's no way to separate our bond! And that's why Love and Friendship is the Ranger's way!"

I do not know what I just watched.
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No. 779565 ID: bfb318
File 148710943317.png - (116.19KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

>"There you have it, Polo, since apparently you don't watch television."
"I reluctantly watch the news, Sir, not children's broadcasting. What is the significant of this commercial?"
>"You know that Pink Ranger girl?"
"I just fought her just a couple months ago."
>"Yeah. We had big plans for her for Valentine's day, and she's pretty much the mascot of Valentine's day at this point. And now? She's gone missing. Our current suspects? Some old enemies of theirs, which the rest of the Wave Force is looking into, but inside of the agency, we have our own suspicions. Someone, or someones who want to destroy Valentine's day."
"The Grinch?!"
>"What? No. Christmas is old news, and he's in jail. The only valentine of his will be a crudely made bed. I'm thinking a more internal threat. I'm talking about the very faction that has despised Valentine's day since before we even knew it existed, the ones to valentine's that the grinch was to christmas. I'm talking about Singles. Also known as rogues."
No. 779567 ID: 65ec8d

Sir, if it were one person or a small group who did this, it would be unfair to blame it on rogues as whole. And if it was a large group... doing things in large groups is specifically what rogues are bad at.

Also, they're neumono. They wouldn't be able to hide what they'd done. If rogues did do this then all we have to do is run a search for other missing persons or people who have been out of contact with other neumono, for the same length of time she's been gone.

But I don't think it's rogues. That's kind of mean to assume.
No. 779569 ID: 3abd97

Sir, Valentines barely makes sense for neumono as it is. Most commonly individuals are in a relationship with their hive, rather than pursuing a single dating partner or spouse. It's an alien concept that only partially fits with our own culture, and any cultural divisions between the hive-bound and rogues goes far deeper than a commercial excuse to sell greeting cards, flowers, or take someone you like to dinner.

This speculation smacks of baseless anti-rogue discrimination, sir. You don't have any evidence for it.

Has "Pink" been missing long enough for a formal missing persons to be filed? (If so, who reported her absence: her team, or other interests?)

What's the legal status of the Super-Team Space Hive Omega-Waveforce? You need to search where she lives and works, and interview her friends and coworkers to do a missing persons case. Are their identities protected? Are they a government sponsored team? Are they obligated to cooperate with your inquiries, and are you cleared to know who they are?

Are you sure you don't want to assign a different agent, sir? I have a preexisting history with the missing person and her team, and it's not a positive one. It would be more proper, and serve the interests of the investigation, to assign someone else.
No. 779570 ID: b412df

Wouldn't the most valentines day do to rogues is make them more depressed and despondent that usual? I can't see where one would get the motivation to try and kidnap someone just to ruin this holiday.
No. 779574 ID: 89b351

Shit Polo, thank god you're great at playing it cool and they have a suspect that's not you already, now just to dispose of Pinky and pin the blame...
No. 779577 ID: 91ee5f

Singles? As in, anyone unlucky enough to not have someone to love on Valentine's? If that's the case, then it's unfair to only blame rogues. Sure, maybe some of them are responsible, but I'm sure that there are also some Pomi and Belenos that could also be single and responsible for what happened.
No. 779578 ID: bb78f2

Sir, I think rogue's are more friend's day sabotager's than valentine's day, since they have a hard time even making a mere friend, let alone a valentine.
No. 779581 ID: 65ec8d

>Valentines barely makes sense for neumono as it is.

Well, even in some human cultures, Valentine's has shifted into a more general day, with romantic couples as a focus but also involving gift-giving and considerations to friends, relations and colleagues, I can imagine that for neumono it's become a more general Love Day.

Anyway, another point: forming suspicions and speculations on leads to follow is the investigator's job. Suspecting foul play immediately is a mistake in a missing persons' case; perhaps she had some reason of her own to go missing? If she's been made some sort of love spokeswoman, for example, she might have wanted to vanish with someone so she could actually enjoy the day herself instead of having to be a public figure. The first thing to do is to visit her last known location, to talk to her hive and other people close to her, and see if there were any signs of anything unusual leading up to her disappearance.
No. 779585 ID: 7397ab

So you suspect a group of angry rogues have somehow put aside there dislike of each other to kidnap the Pink ranger?

I was going to say that idea is silly but then I remembered how irresponsible the Rangers were by piloting a giant robot into a civilian center and letting me steal one of there super weapons.

Well I will get on the case and should have answers for you shortly.
No. 779589 ID: 398fe1

Don't rogues want love as much as anyone? Also, by their very nature can't be considered a "faction"?

How long has she been missing? Where was she last seen? Was she known to have any friends outside her hive?
No. 779594 ID: 90f3c0

You can't just dismiss the Grinch connection out of hand. He might still have associates who are still at large. Have his captured neumono accomplices been questioned on the matter?
No. 779598 ID: bfb318
File 148711441114.png - (121.82KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

"Sir, the average rogue has trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and the idea they all banded together to do something like destroy a holiday seems implausible. This holiday barely makes sense for neumono to begin with."
>"It's more like a day of love anyway. That and chocolate. They managed to get a chocolate taste going that's fine for neumono to eat, so that's the flavor of the month."
"Secondly, assuming foul play is a common flaw in a missing persons case. Has she even been missing long enough for a proper case to be filed?"
>"Not for a normal civilian no, but this is the Pink Ranger we're talking about! They don't just 'wander to the store'."
"Which brings up another question I have of where they fit in legally. Are they vigilantes? Government funded?"
>"Private military force. They usually work out of ultrahive jurisdiction zones. Which isn't a whole lot of the planet, but that is where the big criminals would go."
"Are they obligated to follow ultrahive orders and inquiries?"
>"We wish! But no. They've even been trying to get back that wave beam you confiscated, and there's been a big legal battle over it. Course, they'll probably win it eventually, but we're drawing it out long enough that we can build a replica or something by the time they get it back."
"Are their identities protected?"
>"Oh yeah. In fact, I don't even know if they know each other's identities. We sure don't know who she is, really. But you might be privy to that info."
"Why would I be?"
>"You're like their secret 6th team member."
"First of all, no, but this brings up yet another point. Are you sure you don't want to assign another agent to this? I have a history with them, and it's not a positive one."
>"Yeah you proved you can kick their asses! You're perfect."
"Where is her last known location?"
>"Allegedly, the wave force reported she was last seen leaving their secret lair. Of course, we know where their secret lair is. You can start investigating there, as long as you don't get caught. We've got a stealth ship ready to go."
"Hold on, the wave force reported she was missing? Who did they report to?"
>"The bleeding heart of the ultrahive, Ultraking Raox. They were working with him on behalf of the rogues or somethin'. I dunno. So there's your first two spots to look. Raox, or secret Omega Force base."

There's those two, not like infiltrating the wave force's lair is at all reasonable. However, I cannot completely factor out the Grinch's connection from all of this. I doubt Az will let me question him on it, but I may want to run searches on if his accomplices have been detained as well.
No. 779600 ID: 398fe1

Alright here's how it's gonna go. We're gonna investigate, eventually find Pink Ranger's secret identity, and it turns out she went "missing" because she's having a romantic date with a rogue without her costume on. I mean, all we really know is that the Pink Ranger isn't visible with her costume on. She could very well be walking around in plain clothes and not keeping in contact with her teammates.

Let's start with step one. Investigate. Infiltrate the "secret base" and find her sleeping quarters. We should look for clues there.
No. 779602 ID: 3abd97

So in short, you're ordering me to investigate a crime that hasn't been formally reported, that we have no evidence happened, by breaking into a restricted area I have no access to, founded on unfair and baseless suspicion of a persecuted minority?

>but I may want to run searches on if his accomplices have been detained as well
Sounds like a job for an operator. Is Katzati on duty to offer support looking stuff like that up for you?

>So there's your first two spots to look. Roax, or secret Omega Force base.
If this falls under ultraking Roax's jurisdiction, have you even done him the courtesy of informing him the UDA is opening an investigation?

Seems like liaising with the other agency / ranking official involved in this would be a good first step, especially to avoid a jurisdictional headache later. Especially since you know Az probably hasn't, and you need to address the toes he's stepping on here.
No. 779608 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, Polo, here listen, first thing, Polo, first thing you do, right, listen to me Polo the first thing you have to do is go back to your hive right, go back to your hive and collect evidence.

Evidence of you being a caring, affectionate and loving person.

Now, I know, I know, but listen, you were given so much shit over being a grinch and a grump and all that during the whole christmas thing, so you know, you JUST KNOW that someone is going to all "ooh look at Polo she doesn't understand this thing called love, her hearts are all cold and grey and silent, let's all embarrass her about it in ridiculous ways", but this time this time you are going to be ready and you are going to be prepared and you will whip out the photos and the videos and the testimonials from your hive to prove that you can be a total sincere cuddlehive sweetheart when you deem it appropriate to be such and you can rub it in their face. Right in their stupid face.

So go do that.
No. 779609 ID: 595d54

This is the only reasonable suggestion. There's literally nothing to do with the """case""" right now that isn't flagrantly and pointlessly illegal.
No. 779611 ID: 65ec8d

Also are you seriously telling me that there is this team who likely don't even know each others' civilian identities or personal affairs, who have this one member who is particularly loving, and on the days leading up to a holiday specifically for people who are loving she has quote "gone missing" unquote, i.e. left her job for an extended period of time, and everyone's immediate assumption is that she has been abducted? Instead of, for example, going on holiday with one or more lovers.

I mean I'd normally assume people would be smart enough to consider that possibility but from our last experience with the ranger team it is all too easy to imagine one of them walking out to some other commitment without remembering to say anything and then the rest of the team immediately concluding it was the work of some dastardly villain. How do they keep in contact with each other? Do they have some boss/mentor figure who summons them to do battle?

Anyway Polo you'd better be prepared for disappointment because I'll bet you the first thing Az did after coming up with this "she's their sixth ranger" thought was to actually make you a ranger costume like theirs (but cooler, since you're the renegade one) that he's now going to expect you to wear.
No. 779612 ID: 211d83

Check her place for clues first.

Only because your built in paranoia is telling you that if Ultraking Raox is involved he might have a secret agenda. So you will need to keep it secret from him so no evidence is destroyed if he turns out to have some silly plan.

So get the info on the secret base and make sure that Az does not tell anyone what you are doing. (like that will stop him)
No. 779613 ID: a363ac

Declare a vacation day and go visit your hive for doing this stuff instead.
No. 779619 ID: 9e72a7

Get cloaking capable armor.
Paint it black.
Don't speak to any of the Rangers throughout the entire mission.
No. 779623 ID: bfb318
File 148711997755.png - (112.32KB , 1000x800 , 4.png )

"You are asking me to investigate a crime that hasn't been formally reported?"
>"We're not the police, we do shit that's gotta be done!"
"And there's no evidence it's happened."
>"Just testimonials."
"And you want me to break into a restricted area I have no access to."
>"You got all the access you need in your toolkit."
"Based on unfair and baseless suspicions, pointed at a persecuted minority. Isn't this under Raox's jurisdiction?"
>"He just a civil duty guy, he doesn't have secret agents."
"Also, I'm being told that this team doesn't even know each others' civilian identities, and have one member who is apparently loving, and as soon as she gets out of contact, everyone assumes she's been abducted?"
>"Yeah? I already told you, she's not just some civilian. Out of contact is bad!"
"How do they keep in contact with each other? Do they have some kind of mentor or boss figure who summons them to do battle?"
>"What the - do you even watch their show, Polo?"
>"Dismissed. Get the hell out of my office and go do your job. Ask an operator for your stealth ship if you want one."
No. 779624 ID: bfb318
File 148712000301.png - (122.27KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

I contact Katzati.

"Ghost calling."
>"Operator Katzati speaking, how are you doing?"
"I am fine, thank you. I would like a report on the Grinch's accomplices. They should have all been detained and questioned long ago, but I want a double check on all of that."
>"Okay. I actually thought you'd get a little paranoid after that, so I've been keeping some tabs. I'll look for anything in the last couple of weeks that's come up, then make and send a report."
"Thank you."
>"... uh, Az told me you were going to ask for a stealth ship?"
"You should not believe everything he tells you. But... yes, I am. Also, this is less priority, but if you are on standby at some point, I would like you to get evidence of me smiling or having a good time."
>"Uh, what?"
"I don't want a repeat of christmas carried over to Valentine's day. People are going to point at me and say that I don't understand this thing called love, that my heart is cold, grey and silent. This time I am going to be prepared. I do not have the time to do this myself, so if you have the spare time, please collect this for me and have it prepared."
>"Um, okay! Well, we have the ship over in docking bay 17, and we have a pilot for you. Also, there's a new experimental stealth armor set that we'd like you to use. Don't worry, it's been tested, it's just the first time it's going to be used in a real mission."
"This is not shaping up to be a 'real' mission, Katzati. I am only infiltrating their base because I do not trust the Omega Wave Force. They claim to be on the side of the law, but there are no records as to where they got their technology from. I will make a preliminary report while in transit."

Wait a minute.

"Katzati does this 'experimental stealth armor' look like a ranger outfit?"
>"I - um - I was sworn to secrecy, Polo."
No. 779625 ID: a363ac

This is some bull shit- anyway begrudgingly attcept the armor then go to the stealth ship and get on your way.
No. 779626 ID: 595d54

She's surprisingly bad at it, then.

"Please tell me Az wasn't allowed to design it, going naked is not stealth armor even if you can't see the 'armor' when you do that."
No. 779630 ID: 3abd97

Still think you should at least call Roax first. You know Az will have stepped on toes instead of following proper jurisdictional procedure.

>What the - do you even watch their show, Polo?
...do you know anyone who does? A geek or celebrity follower you can trust who's been paying attention to these guys might suddenly be a useful resource. Have insight into their operations, capabilities, their base, personalities, or team dynamic. Things about their personal life they've let slip. Got any friends / hivemates / fellow agents you could tap for this?

>"Katzati does this 'experimental stealth armor' look like a ranger outfit?"
>>"I - um - I was sworn to secrecy, Polo."
I am going to collect my standard kit from my locker, just in case. Thank you, Katzati.
No. 779631 ID: 211d83

Az's idea of stealth is that they won't suspect someone in there own armor I bet.

Well its silly but lets use this opportunity to prove you are not a grump. With your hives sense of humor they will send Katzati a bunch of pictures of you looking grumpy and call them your happy pictures.

But if you prove you are not a grump during a silly mission then everyone will drop the big joke. So go grab your armor and be a superhero for a day. Will make a silly mission more fun if you play along. If anything dangerous actually happens you will be ready.

Oh before you go watch a episode of the rangers show. It will probably be filmed at there secret base and show you exactly how they live. It's probably full of secrets about there normal lives.
No. 779635 ID: b2db3f

Use the "experimental" armor just so you can write up a multi page report on what is wrong with it after the mission. Do bring your own normal gear (other than armor) along in a bag though.

Oh and watching the show seems like a good idea. These rangers seem like the type to have filmed a silly lifestyle show about there secret base or something. Will give you ideas about there personality and voices to match with people later.

As for grumpiness. The best way to prove you are not a grump is to not be a grump on this silly mission. If life is going to throw you silliness have fun with it. Go have fun and enjoy infiltrating a super hero base. This whole case is ridiculous so go be a kickass spy and prove that Agent Polo is a better superhero than some kids with empathy guns and a rich backer.
No. 779636 ID: 65ec8d

>evidence of me smiling or having a good time.

With another person, Polo. It's love specifically this time around, remember? I'm sure some of your hivemates have openly or secretly snapped photos of you getting cuddly some time, so Katzati can contact them to get some of those. You'll have to give her some evidence of your permission. Actually I bet your work colleagues have been trying to collect similar evidence. Have you done any workplace snuggling? Maybe those semi-tender moments you had with Rokoa around christmas?

Anyway, you can see what's going to happen. You're going to go sneaking around their base in your ranger costume, they're going to think you're involved with the "abduction", shenanigans and misadventure, oh you were trying to help but stubbornly doing it alone, all a big misunderstanding, then before you know it you are actually their sixth ranger and you'll be turning up every couple of weeks to help out and before you know it you'll be swept up in their drama.

But there is a chance this new suit is actually practically functional and valuable, and ironically you're more likely to get helpful responses out of them if you do interact with it on, so you'd better go try it.

Perhaps you should try just go up to their front door and knock, first, before you try stealth. Maybe they'll be happy to just answer some questions. Or... eh, maybe you'd have to fit it into their worldview, though, to get them to cooperate. Like if you waited until one of them was in some shadowy corner and you whispered to them and posed and said cryptic things while asking, and then when you were done you mysteriously disappeared, they'd probably go along with that. They have to know some things about each other. I mean, they're modern neumono, they're on a team, presumably they have to go on missions that take some time now and then, have long training sessions... they're going to have gotten intimate, right? High chances, at least.

Anyway looks like you have to watch a few more episodes of their show while you're in flight.
No. 779637 ID: e22b1d

Go look at this "stealth" armor. If its a pink ranger suit wear it anyway to prove how awesome you are at sneaking.

But tell Katzati that you are trusting its actually stealth armor and not just one of Az's whims. It can look as silly as he wants if it works. Oh and have her send you some of the Ranger's comics and videos. Maybe they actually just base them off there real adventures and all there secrets are basically public knowledge.
No. 779648 ID: bb78f2

Just go to the team's fan wiki and get a list of their recurring villains. Since they actually operate in real life, their villains probably do too. So, logic dictates that the most probable suspects would be on that list.

Which means we can scratch everyone off that list, but it's good to scratch 'em off a list in the first place.

Also, we can look up your entry on the wiki for shits and giggles.
No. 779651 ID: 91ee5f

>"Katzati does this 'experimental stealth armor' look like a ranger outfit?"
>"I - um - I was sworn to secrecy, Polo."
This better not be some big publicity stunt where the rangers are recruiting a new member to replace Pink because she wanted to retire! You would make a terrible ranger!
No. 779652 ID: a8bc5c

Sorry Polo, but you are better off taking the experimental armor.

Why, you ask? Because as dumb and stupid as it is, you will at least look like them and thus be able to talk your way out of being detained because you just KNOW that no matter how ridiculous it is, they will detect you, find you and sentai you.

Might as well convert now and repair your dignity and reputation later.
No. 779674 ID: bfb318
File 148713012614.png - (151.59KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

"Fine, I'll take it, as long as it's functional stealth armor and not some kind of gimmick thing Az came up with."
>"No, no, uh, if Az touched it, it's just how it looks, but it's just an aesthetic change to an existing armor we had in R&D."
"And as long as Az isn't expecting me to be a ranger. It would be terrible. Anyways, even if I use the armor, I want my regular toolkit otherwise. Please deliver that, as well as a few key episodes to watch on my flight, as it won't take me long to document my reasons for infiltrating. Preferably an episode that takes place inside of their base, if there is one."

There is no way that an episode like that would contain an accurate representation of their base, but it may be a parody of it and allude to certain components and themes that may help me, if I'm lucky.

"Oh, and give me a line to Raox as soon as possible. I want to speak to him."

I get onto the ship. The pilot was on standby, and has been given orders and directions to take off as needed. He gives the thumbs up, and I go to sit down.
No. 779675 ID: bfb318
File 148713013360.png - (154.08KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

I finish logging my report, send it to Katzati, and delete the files on my tablet.
>"Katzati here. I have a line to Ultraking Raox."
"Forward me."

There's a ringing, then a pickup.

>"U.K. Raox. Which agent is this?"
"Agent Polo, sir."

He mutters something under his breath that sounds like 'thank fuck'.

>"What's your business?"
"I'm pursuing this matter of the Omega Wave Force. They said they reported to you about Pink missing?"
>"Yeah. She stopped answering the calls to her. I've been told she's never missed a call through the omega channel once, let alone for 4 hours straight."
No. 779678 ID: 211d83

Ok a few questions.

1. What was her last known communication on the "omega channel" ?

2. What was her connection to the Valentines day celebration?

3. Who knew about said connection?

4. What was her last known location?

5. Does she have any enemies or has anyone protested her involvement in Valentines day or just the holiday in general?

6. Can you slap a look alike actor in her suit for the moment and have them take her place for public events until I track her down?

7. Who is making these new neumono friendly chocolates?

8. Are there any big figures bankrolling valentines day merchandise? Or anyone else with a large financial stake in this?
No. 779695 ID: 3abd97

He's thankful to hear from you. Maybe this isn't entirely Az's idea. Or at least someone close to the situation thinks something is potentially wrong- that gives this more weight.

"I would appreciate anything you can tell me to get up to speed."

Last known location, last known communication would help. Her team's reaction. Anything he can tell us about how she's been, or recent events for the team.

Missing persons cases typically require an in depth examination of the subject in question. "Pink" is a public persona, not a person. We don't know for sure she was targeted due to her position as a ranger- without the ability to investigate her workplace and her personal life, there are important avenues closed off to you. Any access you can clear me for along those lines would greatly expedite maters, even if they're redacted. (You're willing to keep their confidences and redact personal and classified information in your own report, and compartmentalize information from the rest of the UDA, as necessary).
No. 779696 ID: 211d83


Oh yeah just in case this is a inside job keep any vital info you find off the network as much as possible. Our Cai can keep things safe but not from someone who is in the department.
No. 779702 ID: e0bf19

I think he might be thankful to hear from her because he knew Az was trying to set something up and get one of his agents on this, and Polo is actually professional while most of her non-supporter coworkers aren't.
No. 779708 ID: bfb318
File 148713512448.png - (111.97KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

"What was her last communication on the channel?"
>"That she had made it safely to the capital. This was after she left the wave force's headquarters, which was the last time she was seen, at least as the pink ranger."
"What was her connection to Valentine's day?"
>"She was to get in a great mood tomorrow, and fire a giant beam over the rogue section of the city to get them to be in a good mood for the day."

I pause.

>"Yes, I am aware of the ethical, health, and safety concerns, and I have brought it to various people's attention. No one cares, except for the rogues, who want it and will let their section of town take a knife shower if it means feeling something."
"And this was public information?"
>"Yes. Did you not see the commercials?"
"I saw one. I watch the news. Why was this not on the news?"
>"No one cares about the rogues, Polo. If a giant earthquake dropped the rogue section of town into a bottomless pit, the news would just report the moderate earthquake that happened to the rest of town."
"Were there outspoken critics of this wavebeam happening?"
>"Yes, mostly activists and groups who want to protect the sanctity of a neumono's mind. We've already launched investigations on them, but I'm not expecting any of those factions to have the coordination to kidnap a ranger."
"What about just hating the holiday in general?"
>"And be able to capture a ranger? The grinch is the only one who would hate the holiday enough to capture her, and we're doing our best to make sure he has no contact to the outside world. Otherwise, the usual omega wave force enemies might have captured her, and just used the holiday as an excuse."
"Okay. Now about these new chocolates. Who is making them?"
>"Lots. A patent company released how to make them, and is receiving royalties for a great deal of food companies to distributed the candies."
"Is that patent company the one with the biggest financial stake in this?"
>"Probably. They're just a chemistry institution, though, and never touch the candies, if you're worried about that."
"Can you put a lookalike actor in a lookalike suit for the time and take her to public events?"
>"We're considering it."
"Is there anything else I should know about this?"
>"The wave force just asked for our assistance on the matter. I did have to assure them, though, that you had nothing to do with this. Likewise, they assured me that they did not know what her civilian identity was, which is what we would want most. That's the bottleneck right now, as we could find a lot more pieces of the puzzle if we had that. Everything I know about the Pink ranger is what I just told you, because I sure wasn't told much. I don't watch the television show or pay them mind otherwise. We'll keep you updated if you find anything else."

I load up the ranger's show in the meanwhile. I am currently seeing a giant robot fight a giant scarab, who I have been informed is the most likely to create holiday-themed catastrophe for the rangers.
No. 779711 ID: 3abd97

>"Can you put a lookalike actor in a lookalike suit for the time and take her to public events?"
A fake wouldn't be able to non-grump-beam the rouges into having a good day, though.

>The wave force just asked for our assistance on the matter.
Then hopefully they'll cooperate with interviews, and you searching her quarters. Missing persons cases require building a profile of whoever was snatched.

Have we begun watching civilian missing persons reports yet? If she was abducted, someone in her civilian life may eventually report her absence. We should be keeping our eyes open for other missing persons that fit her general description.
No. 779715 ID: bfb318
File 148713698010.png - (163.71KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

>Have we begun watching civilian missing persons reports yet?
This isn't reliable yet, as she has not been missing long enough. Even if a civilian acquaintance has already reported her as missing, they likely have been turned away and told to come back after 24 hours.

Even so, I tell Katzati to have the police keep an eye on any reports involving neumono with her shade of fur and size of ears, which unfortunately does not narrow things down immensely in a town the size of the capital.

I watch some clips of the show.

It appears to show their civilian life, and they know each other both as a civilian and a ranger, so that is already different from how things actually are. I assume the needless drama of day to day life is also a fabrication. The actors certainly are just actors.

This episode takes the camera throughout the headquarters. It's not particularly big, but has a meeting area, living quarters, a training room, and other utility spaces. I doubt it's like this in real life, but perhaps I may be looking for something small and easy to defend for a smaller group of people.
No. 779716 ID: bfb318
File 148713701031.png - (154.92KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

I look at the armor just enough to know how to put it on and confirm it does appear functional. I do not look at the armor long enough to know what I look like. I do not want to know.

The ship lowers itself near ground level. Supposedly, the base is hidden under the canopy of a thick forest. The ground is mountainous as well, giving the ship an easy time ducking out of sight and still getting close to the base. It is not a long walk to it.

Infiltrating a place like this gives me mixed feelings, but I do not know the integrity of these rangers. Simply knocking on their front door may not present me with the truth, assuming they do not treat me as an enemy anyway.
No. 779717 ID: 3abd97

What you doing, Az is getting to you.

They asked for you assistance. That means you can take off the silly suit they'll see as a mockery at best, march up to the front door like a uniformed professional, and offer your assistance. Being able to interview her coworkers is more likely to help in searching for her than sneaking into their base.

And if they lie to you, well, that helps too. These people are central to this investigation, and we need to get a handle on how well you can trust them, and if they're hiding anything.
No. 779720 ID: 398fe1

The wave force asked for assistance. They don't get to complain about who gets sent. Knock on the front door.

You will need their full cooperation, which means they get to show you Pink's room.
No. 779723 ID: 91ee5f

What color is your armor? If you're not careful, they'll try to rope you in to be the edgy 6th team member that has the backstory of "used to be the bad guy, but is now a valuable teammate"!
No. 779724 ID: a8bc5c

They don't know she's coming. This is a stealth mission after all.

And given that this is a stealth mission, do NOT get caught. If you can get in, gather what info you can and then get out, you can rub their faces in it afterwards when you locate pink.
No. 779725 ID: 90f3c0

They might not be entirely forthcoming if you just ask to be shown the base. Better to sneak in and uncover anything they might be hiding without them looking over your shoulder the entire time.

Plus, as the potential sixth member who no one is sure is an enemy or an ally, knocking on the front door would be completely out of character.
No. 779728 ID: 65ec8d

Talk to them, but do so mysteriously. Maybe pretend to be offended by hearing that they thought you had something to do with it?

Anyway, they're suspicious, but don't be too hard on them. Your species needs well-known celebrity figures, particularly ones which have impressive adventures and achievements, to build a common cultural heritage and get the idea across that non-hivemate neumono can be worthwhile, likeable and accomplished people. Getting that kind of message across to kids is especially important.

So, you know, don't ruin that or anything. Maybe even play along with it if you don't see a bigger reason not to.
No. 779745 ID: 3d2d5f

Considering your relationship with this team is already fraught, getting caught starting this investigation by breaking in (which is entirely possible as you have no information on the interior, their defenses or countermeasures) may move the team from "unhelpful" to "completely uncooperative" or "outright hostile".

That's unacceptable. These people are her friends and coworkers. Interviewing them is a necessity. Both because they may offer insight into the missing person's activities, personality, and interactions, and because they're suspects until eliminated.

Start the investigation right. See what they're willing to give you before you dig into what they're not willing to give you, and what that tells you. You're UDA- live up to the "detective" in that.

...also you know their anti robot attack sensors probably picked up your helicopter already.
No. 779747 ID: 211d83

If this was a normal missing persons mission I would say just knock and ask.

But this is a fucking super hero team. And they take there silly job very seriously. You are a "enemy" who stole there gear and used it against them. So they are convinced that if only they could show you the true meaning of happiness then they could get you to stop your grumpy ways and be one of them. There whole super power is empathy control/manipulation and honestly you are sort of the best at that.

Basically you it would make them much more happy if you snuck in and then gave them a chance to convert you to the side of good after some silly fighting and action sequences.

If you show up as normal agent Polo they are probably going to be disappointed. Plus you won't be in armor and for paranoia's sake we need to assume this place is a enemy stronghold. You knock on the door and you will get captured and subjected to silly hero monologues for hours.

Honestly you should fly Three Stripes down here slap a evil costume on him and ride in the front door cackling. Then have a silly fight before letting them show you the true meaning of love or something silly.
No. 779749 ID: 8111b6

You're a tiny ghost. Do you think they left any unsecured vents large enough for you to sneak in through? First place to check is pink's room or locker, if they have either of those, for leads.

...or just knock on the front door and ruin Az's fun. Wait... or maybe that's what he'd want and sneaking is the bad choice. You do realize if he gets grumpy he's gonna find ways to mess with you on the mission, right?
No. 779771 ID: 65ec8d

You know, it occurs to me that since they were either brainwashed or coming down from being brainwashed when you met them before, this team might actually be a group of solid, respectable professionals in their natural state, who just play up a set of personas with the public in order to promote positive social messages and/or the sales of their show/merchandise that fund their operations. Unlikely, but possible.

Make a mental note, you're gonna have to make sure your hive is included in any merchandising arrangements related to yourself. Though I'd have thought Az would have tried making stuff like that for all his publicly-known agents by now.

Did you ever watch any shows of a similar type to theirs, when you were younger maybe? Or hanging around your own hive's kids? It might be handy for you to be familiar with the common tropes of the genre. The "sixth ranger funded by another more official or corporate organization trying to copy the originals' powers, being less noble/idealistic and looking down on the originals (but they eventually turn out to have a good heart and start teaming up with gradually reducing reluctance)" has been done. Another ranger being missing is the perfect time for you to show up and start providing assistance, in a sort of tsundere "hmf you just looked so pathetic I'm only showing you how it should be done" way. In that context, I think you actually should go in sneaking, and when they go out on a mission you follow them and reveal yourself to help them out at a critical juncture where they're failing due to not being a complete team. Because then you'll be in a better position for them to answer questions willingly, of course.

Hmm. Do you have, like, a sniper cloak or similar garment in there with you? Maybe some fancy thing that matches camo with its surroundings, and the default color just happens to match with the suit you've been given? If you had something like that hanging around your shoulders, ready to blow dramatically in the wind now and then, it'd really make you more awesome marketable appealing as an ally. And show Az that you're more practical and fashionable than him.

You could do with your own theme, too. Well, if the rest of the soundtrack cut off for a moment when you appear, while the camera refocuses to "spot" you and zoom in, with only the sound of the wind blowing while you pose with your arms crossed disapprovingly for a few seconds, then continuing as you join in... that'd be pretty cool too.
No. 779773 ID: 437fa8

Reasons for sneaking in:

1. If they are involved somehow they can not hide evidence or deny you access.

2. You can get a unfiltered view of what they are really like before talking to them normally.

3. It's fun.

Reasons for taking off your helmet and knocking:

1. It's polite

2. Ruining Az's silly plan with your "grump" armor.
No. 779784 ID: 7afc4d

Just sneaking, and if caught act like it's the only way you know of to walk around. That actually fits with what they know of you.
No. 779813 ID: bfb318
File 148719762685.png - (154.62KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

>Did you ever watch any shows of a similar type to theirs, when you were younger maybe?
When I was younger, I was on the outskirts of the ultrahive territories. As a result, we only had access to public network channels. We did not watch much television.

>Do you have a sniper cloak or similar garment in there with you?
I have a ghillie suit. Which I will wear while in the jungle, as this current suit of armor is dark grey. It moves silently enough, but it is not camoflauged at all.

>What are you doing? Az is getting to you.
He is.

To hell with this armor, I'll take it with me, but I'm putting it to the side for now.

"Katzati, take my report and make it tentative plans."
>"Okay. Um, you're going to just walk up to their front door?"
>"You know that we're not supposed to know where they're at? Er, let me put that differently - they don't know we know where they're at. If you just show up, that's going to tip our hand, and they might fall back to a backup place if they think their place has been compromised. Which is fine, but just so you know. Oh, um, by the way... I'm not finding any proof of you not being, er, serious faced. We just have you on the job, and you always take it so seriously, which is good, but it doesn't make it look like you're having a good time. Ever."


>"Except for that time that Rokoa gave you a back massage, but I don't think you want to use that?"

I don't.
No. 779819 ID: a363ac

Call my hive ask them to send over some happy material.
As for me walking up then Az shouldn't have sent me on this mission I will do this by the book and not Az's book. Which means I walk up to the door and ask them questions like any other cop would and not break into their property which would be illegal.
No. 779821 ID: 3abd97

>I'm not finding any proof of you not being, er, serious faced.
Contact my hive. You're more likely to find the right evidence in my personal life. (Common, we know Polo-mom is a shutterbug).

>they don't know we know where they are
...but Raox said they asked the UDA for help. What do they think that means, they hide at home while they wait for us to scour the planet? Do they seriously think they can leave detectives to solve a missing persons case without even talking to anyone?

Actually, this might be an opportunity. Have Katzati schedule an interview, offsite. Arrange for the Omega Waveforce to travel offsite to meet with another UDA agent to be interviewed to help in the search (get someone competent, like Lucera, to do it). This will make breaking in and searching the place while no one is there easier, and you can plant surveillance equipment and get out to spy on them when they get back.

We do things by the book and undercover at the same time.
No. 779828 ID: 65ec8d

Do you want the alternative more?

Anyway wear your stealth armor and go stealth at them. They could be nice, but for all we know they could also actually be the thralls of some dastardly long-term empathy manipulation technology that some unwitting alien who didn't fully understand the implications since they're not neumono themselves made, or some salikai who instead of being actively malevolent went "durr hey why don't we just blast virtuous feelings at all the neumono to turn them into good people", or they're clones made from some horrible neumono breeding program, or they're agents in some secret war between reincarnated belenosian nobles, or something. Why all the secrecy if there isn't something to keep secret? Something you might need to help or protect someone?

Also, are you sure being kind of quiet all the armor does? Did you check for a manual or ask what it did or anything before you took it?
No. 779830 ID: 7397ab


I like this. Lure them out so you can sneak all over there base. Then interview them later.

Oh and if you want non grump pictures at work you will have to make sure to enjoy yourself this mission. Your hive has a similar sense of humor as you. Would you trust them to send proper "happy" photos?

Dark grey armor? Yeah Az gave you a grump ranger suit. You need to prove your not grumpiness soon or be doomed to be typecast forever.
No. 779834 ID: bfb318
File 148720055288.png - (118.11KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

"... Contact my hive, then. Get them to send happy material. And make sure to show me what they send because I do not trust it to not be embarrasing."
"Also, they contacted Raox for help. Do they expect detectives to scour the whole planet without talking to them?"
>"I don't know. Maybe they gave Raox a channel? Hold on... yes, they left a number to call. I think we can contact the rangers, if you'd like to speak to them? Um, yes, I think that's preferred actually. I'm sorry, I should have looked into that before, if you would like to just speak to them directly."
"Actually, how about they speak to another agent or operative? And have them meet in person."
>"Okay. Are you going to stay in that area?"
>"I understand." she was, with some undertones implying that I am planning on sneaking after all.

>Did you check for a manual to your armor
I do that. Apparently it has self camoflauging functions. I will use that.

>"Okay, we've got contact. They say they're on their way to the capital."
No. 779835 ID: bfb318
File 148720056232.png - (118.39KB , 800x800 , 13.png )

I go to sneak in while they're gone, in the sneaking armor. Our coordinates are spot on, and I find a vent. My armor alerts me to any sensors supposedly, but I don't see or hear anything go off as I make my way inside.

Unbelievable. It's the exact same as in the show.

From what I gather, the two immediate points of interest are Pink's bedroom, and the meeting hall where they discuss things.

I have four audio bugs in my toolkit. There may be more places that a headquarters like this may have that I want to explore, but the longer I stay and the more places I go in here, the more like it is that I'll be caught.
No. 779838 ID: 65ec8d

Is it too late to send back another message? I was just planning to say this before you moved on, you should tell whoever is interviewing them that as well as the normal "what was her schedule supposed to be, did she receive any correspondence, did she seem worried" et cetera, they need to note that the other rangers are potential suspects themselves and, importantly, that their empathy may not be reliable. Remember, these people have special empathic technology and training - each one has likely trained to be able to focus their minds on a specific emotion, like Love for Pink, and that training could also be used to cover deception by focusing out the emotions that would give it away. They need to ask about things like personal drama, was their conflict between any of the rangers and Pink, interview each of them separately, and so on.

Anyway, first go plant a bug in their meeting room. Presumably they'll take the call there and if they say anything to each other before or after that call you'll want to pick up on it. Once the bug is planted go to Pink's room while they're busy being interrogated.
No. 779839 ID: a363ac

Put a bug in the main hall and any private rooms as you pass by to Pinks to investigate her room.
No. 779840 ID: 211d83

Bug the meeting hall and search Pink's room.

After that maybe bug the kitchen because that is where people would probably hang out (neumono having to eat all the time). And if they have a rec room bug it.
No. 779842 ID: 3abd97

First make your way to the common area / control room, and plant audio bugs there. That's where they'll be talking the most.

Then go examine Pink's room.
No. 779843 ID: 398fe1

No. 779845 ID: a8bc5c

Don't bug any personal rooms, we're not here to expose them. Bug the kitchen and the meeting hall instead, then go search pink's room. If you have time afterwards, go and bug the rec room and also the room where they store their GIANT ROBOTS.
No. 779860 ID: e0bf19

Did you see them leave? It's entirely possible this is literally where they film the show, rather than their actual base.

It would be a surprisingly well done deception if they actually pulled that off, but it's worth considering.
No. 779864 ID: bfb318
File 148720467003.png - (111.79KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

>Did you see them leave?
I waited a little longer. Judging by their show, they have a secret exit anyways, and it would make sense to have one here as well.

>Is it too late to send back another message?
No, this armor should have well sealed sound, so I can still send messages to Katzati. I send her the questions I would want to ask the rangers myself, and I will be receiving the full transcript after it's done.

The meeting hall looks like a mix between a war room and an office conference. I slip a bug underneath the room, and move on. The kitchen appears to be just that. I bug it, since it is likely well used. There is also a recreational room, but while traversing the vents, I notice some overly large passages that imply a much bigger place. I imagine there is, in fact, a giant robot room. For now, I advance, with 2 bugs remaining, to Pink's room. I find a vent placed over a lamp, as I look over the rest of her room.

Pink's room is... pink.

It also looks like a hotel room after room service came through. The bed is well made, the floor is well vacuumed, there is a minifridge to the side, and a large assortment of chocolates stacked neatly on a table nearby.

There is a dresser with a mirror as well, but a closet signifies either she has a lot of clothes, or one object is not stocked with clothes. A tv and game station is all that's left of note in the room. To get a closer look, I will need to drop through the vent and begin snooping through her items. My primary fear would be a surveillance camera, but I still find it doubtful that they would include cameras in one's personal space even here.
No. 779868 ID: 398fe1

No. 779870 ID: 3abd97

>Pink's room is... pink.
In her defense, she probably didn't choose the decor.

>My primary fear would be a surveillance camera
Assuming they get dressed in these rooms, and they want to keep their identities secret, taping themselves changing would be a bad idea.

Drop down for a search.

If you were gonna hide a bug or a camera in this room, where you do it? Think about it, then check those places to see if someone already planted something. If there was foul play, someone might have been watching her.

Is there is a note with the chocolate? Are any missing?
No. 779871 ID: a363ac

Investigate the room for a journal or any other thing she might record her day to day notes in like these diaries you have heard of.
No. 779881 ID: 65ec8d

It looks like a hotel because it probably basically is a hotel. This isn't a place these people live, it's where they sleep when they have to stay. It's not their home. Since we haven't seen the others, it's even possible that Pink may have a uniquely nice room, since she's most likely to have guests. How big is the bed?

Anyway, with the knowledge this isn't her home, the amount of clothes space and the pile of chocolates seem like the unusual aspects. The chocolates may be related to Valentine's day; search them for notes or cards. Check out the "clothes" storage spaces as well.

Keep an eye/ear out for some servant that cleans this place, though such a person is unlikely to come here now the room is clean, since Pink is missing. It might be an idea to go find that person, though, and wherever their base of operations here is, since whoever cleaned the room last may have taken away some useful evidence. Remember, Pink disappeared shortly after leaving here, and after she'd left would be when the place was cleaned, unless she did it herself.
No. 779883 ID: 6480fa

Steal some panties.
No. 779884 ID: a363ac

if she can't get photographic evidence she can show the panties and be like I can have fun you see these panties I stole them from the Ranger base
No. 779885 ID: bb78f2

You know, I know this sounds dumb, but since the HQ is just like the show, get an APB out on the "actor" that's supposed to be playing Pink when they're doing their out-of-uniform civilian drama stuff on the show.

It wouldn't surprise me if they don't know that they're ALL actually playing themselves on the show, all thinking to hide in the plainest site imaginable, while simultaneously thinking they're ALL being original and no one else on the team is playing themselves as civilians.

At least ONE of them is doing that, to be sure. I'd bet money on it.
No. 779886 ID: 90f3c0

Have the UDA techs analyze that game station. Her online activities might give you some clues about her recent actions. Maybe she even made an obvious mistake, like logging into the same account from a different location that can be traced.

Hopefully they can access it remotely so you don't have to steal the thing, and leave evidence of your snooping.
No. 779890 ID: 211d83

Check the chocolates for clues.

Also look in the normal places for cameras. Lamps, vents, pictures with thick frames, large furniture nobs.
No. 779899 ID: 87547f

Dress up in Pinks undergarments and steal her chocolates. Then take a picture of yourself doing so and leave it by the door after signing it "Grump master Polo strikes again!"
No. 779903 ID: e22b1d


Do this. It's what they would expect. Also you can point to it later as being non grumpy and playing along with the silly role they gave you.

Oh and search the room while you do so.
No. 779908 ID: 3abd97

We might want to take a chocolate so the lab acn check if they were drugged, but only if there's one or more missing to indicate she ate one. Absolutely don't eat any yourself, in case they were drugged.
No. 779914 ID: 211d83


Changing my vote to this.
No. 779917 ID: bfb318
File 148721382179.png - (128.45KB , 800x800 , 15.png )

>Playing themselves on the show
Possibly one or two, but with makup. I saw the original rangers, and their shades of fur and general builds did not quite match up with what I saw of the show.

>How big is the bed?
Roomy and large, however, so is the entire room. It may simply be that the Pink ranger is large, herself. It is possible, as I recall them being somewhat large during my fight with them, though I can't recall an accurate measure.

>Game station
I recognize one. I unplug it, then pull out my external power source and investigator AI, which will automatically peruse hardward like this for any information as safe as it can. Using this, I can relatively safely investigate this without leaving any evidence behind. I leave that running while investigating other objects.

There are notes to most boxes, and seem to be greeting cards with personalized notes inside. I look inside of a heart container, and notice that most of the chocolate has been nibbled on, though not fully consumed. I read the letter.

Dear Pink Ranger - You're adorable! I know it's a pipe dream, but if I ever met you in real life, it would make my life.

I confirm the other boxes have the same look. Varying amounts of chocolate have been eaten from each. On the 6th box, though, I notice that the chocolate is fresh and unbitten. I read the letter.

Dear Pinky - Never before have I felt my hearts run like raging rivers before I saw you. If I ever found myself in your bedroom, I doubt I would be able to contain myself. I would lay claim to your bed, and should you dare invite yourself in, strip you of the terrible things that would cover your beauty. What would follow is -

Things I'm not going to read.
No. 779918 ID: bfb318
File 148721383548.png - (124.50KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

The closet appears to have loose fitting pajamas and tank tops. It seems, perhaps, that the ranger's take off their uniforms to relax, here, but not to show their faces.

In the dresser, I find little knickknacks and keepsakes. I make sure my armor is recording this successfully, as the collection of plushies, jewelry and other hobby based items may be able to tie in with a real person later.

In the other drawer I see her panties. They are enormous. Even more enormous than I thought would fit the pink ranger.

>Put on the panties
There are logistical challenges, ethical ones aside.

The other object I find of note is a diary. It even has a lock on it.

A shoddy lock. My armor AI tells me it is identical to a cheap brand of locks found on diaries, and is easily broken into.
No. 779919 ID: 595d54

Well, check the last eaten box for poison. Then check all of them in reverse order if you don't find anything.

No messing around with panties.
No. 779920 ID: 211d83

Holy crap is the pink ranger Rokoa and Giants kid or something? That girl is huge!

Well pick the lock on the diary and scan the contents for later reading. Check her room for secret doors/secrets before putting everything back.

And at least take a picture of yourself lounging on something in the middle of there base while posing as Grump ranger Polo. Just in case you want to taunt them later. Or just so you can start stockpiling a library of evidence you can indeed have fun on the job.
No. 779921 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. You're not the only one with a devoted admirer (or several). Another possible motive- she could have been grabbed by a fan. Or be sneaking away with one.

>what do
Ping your operator. Are the Omega Wave Force still being interviewed?

Then pick that lock with your spy multitool.
No. 779923 ID: 87547f

If Pink's diary is not equally huge those panties do not make a ton of sense. (does she have any giant sex toys in her panty drawer?)

Anyways scan the chocolates and boxes for chemicals. And check the rest of the room for secrets. Also carefully check the journal for traps before lock picking it.
No. 779924 ID: 398fe1

Break into the diary. Her life could be in danger, so it's a reasonable action.
No. 779942 ID: 3abd97

A consideration: is there any physical evidence here that supports the team's claim she was here four hours ago? (Plus whatever your travel time was). If they're lying about the timeline, that would complicate things.
No. 779949 ID: 91ee5f

>In the other drawer I see her panties. They are enormous. Even more enormous than I thought would fit the pink ranger.
Is it possible that it could be Katzati? She's large enough to fit in--- oh, wait, never mind. Katzati's on the other end of your communicator.

Hmmm.....is it Rokoa? Nah, it couldn't be. She always has that creepy smile and Pink has never smiled like that.

I guess look around to see if she wrote her name on something by accident.

>diary with a shoddy lock.
Just pick it, don't break it!
No. 779956 ID: bb78f2

Perhaps... perhaps they have shapeshifting abilities and her most relaxed form is that big one?

Or... she's a Wendigo.
No. 780002 ID: 65ec8d

Big they may be, but they're not nearly big enough for the likes of Rokoa or Katzati. Considering they'd be less wide while filled out, those girls' underwear would be, like... as wide as the length of Polo's body. Pink is evidently smaller than that, therefore.

Hmm. Double check the other panties. Are they all the same size? If the rangers never show their faces even to each other, it's theoretically possible that each ranger is actually multiple people taking turns. There's enough homogeneity among most hives that there's likely to be multiple people similar enough to be mistaken for each other, seen at a distance and in the same costume, right?

Open the diary if you can pick the lock so that it can be refastened. Also check under the bed for secrets. Is there an attached bathroom? Also check your suit's AI to see if it has cameras on the helmet and the option of observing and alerting for cameras or other minor details. Or if it has some sort of VR display capabilities.

Did watching their show answer the question as to whether they have a boss or mentor figure? Once you leave this room, it would probably be a good idea to see if you can find a bedroom that doesn't belong to any of the rangers, so that you can understand all the potential players in this situation.
No. 780161 ID: bfb318
File 148729630368.png - (120.43KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

The diary matches the rest of the room in terms of its size, and its pink.

>Does she have any giant sex toys in her panty drawer?
I have not noticed any.

>Are all the panties the same size?
They seem to vary. However, many are stretchy and may be intended as a one size fits all type of thing. One size fits provided a minimum amount of waist circumference. I cannot rule out the possibility that multiple neumono may alternate taking the role of a ranger.

>Did watching their show answer the question as to whether they have a boss or mentor figure?
It did. There is a belenos that acts as their mentor, technology inventor, and boss. I do not know if that's reflected in reality. In fact, I am willing to bet that the rangers' whole hives are in on this, and may not be in ultrahive jurisdiction either, as I can't imagine whole hives could keep a secret.

Plus, between these hideouts and the giant robots, there must be a large taskforce of engineers, scientists and so on backing it. Large hives would explain this.

I look back at the unbitten set of chocolates, and pull out my chemical analyzer and poke a hole at the bottom of it. My AI informs me that there is nothing untowards about the chemicals it found. I do not have the time, though, to test every single box that she did eat, as most of the chocolate here has at least been moderately nibbled.

I break into the diary. It essentially snaps open the moment my lock picking set touches it. My scanner reads the pages as I flip through them. They will all be read later, but I only read the last 3.

2/9 - I got more chocolate today, once they passed through our poison scanners. It's so good! I'm glad they finally got a convincing chocolate taste for us. It's sweet and sugary. I could eat it all day. I shouldn't! But I could.
2/10 - I spent some time in the rogue sector of the capital today. It's always a mental challenge, but they're the ones that need it most. I had to take off early, though, to mentally recharge.
2/12 - More chocolate! It's tempting, and while it's bad, it always gets me in a good mood to charge my wave beam with, so how could I not?

>Is there any physical evidence here that supports the team's claim she was here four hours ago?
I see nothing convenient. Even if there was, then if I suspected the rangers of lying about the timeline, then they could have fabricated something, so nothing here is conclusive.
No. 780166 ID: bfb318
File 148729644007.png - (161.12KB , 1000x800 , 18.png )

>Are the Omega Wave Force still being interviewed?
It would take them time to get to the capital, and I don't want to wait that long.

I put everything to the side and set a timer on my camera to take a snapshot of myself lounging on Pink's bed.

I'd say it would show them, but I feel ridiculous and unprofessional doing this. I will probably delete the picture.
No. 780167 ID: bfb318
File 148729644727.png - (178.78KB , 800x800 , 19.png )

>Check under the bed
It's clean.

After looking around, I see the wall is a sliding panel, and what I thought was an ornament turns out to be the handle. It reveals an underwhelming bathroom. I see nothing offhand that's out of place. The hygenic items are all generic brands.

I start looking through cabinets just in case, but before I find anything good, Katzati calls me.

>"Hi Polo! There's going to be a delay on the Wave Force's questioning."
"What's going on?"
>"They say that the Pink Ranger's activated her beacon, and that she's being held for ransom. We're getting the police involved."
"Do they know if it was really Pink who activated it, or could anyone activate it?"
>"We don't know. They say that they'll handle it. Except it's right in our capital town, and we don't want them summoning giant robots or anything like that. I'm pretty sure they have no idea how to deal with hostage situations anyway. So we might not - er, hold on. Hold on. Polo, we're picking up some UFO's heading in fast to your location. Unless you're by an exit, you may need to sneak out."
No. 780169 ID: 3abd97

Great, the wave force is coming back early, or someone else is hitting their base.

Time to gtfo. Remain unseen, if possible.

>They say that the Pink Ranger's activated her beacon
If at all possible, trace that beacon. They probably don't want us following them, but we're involved now and I'm not leaving this up to ridiculous amateurs.
No. 780170 ID: 211d83

What is up with that showerhead?

Well make a quick sweep of the bathroom and get to a vent to make leaving easier. Katzati will keep us up to date and we might be able to spy on some rangers if they are the one's coming over.
No. 780171 ID: 026d74

We still have two more bugs left, and we're not sure if that IS the wave force that's come back or a third party.

Get out of pink's room and get into a vent. Try and confirm the identity of the new arrivals before leaving.
No. 780184 ID: a363ac

Go wait in the main hall and when they show up declare that "You are the backup ranger sent by destiny to help them in the fight for JUSTICE and Truth! The HOPE of all those who depend on the Rangers to protect the world from (insert a reoccurring baddy you saw in the show here)!" all while doing fancy karate moves to impress upon the your skills.
No. 780186 ID: 595d54

Delete the picture now before Rokoa finds out somehow. Start sneaking out.

Bit too OOC, it stops being funny if Polo stops acting like Polo.
No. 780187 ID: 3abd97

Polo's not nearly fed up enough to pull something like that yet.

Also, she may stand for truth and justice as a detective, but her element is GRUMP, not HOPE.
No. 780200 ID: 8111b6

Exeunt Polo, nearest exit. Look out a window en route, or perhaps check a console. Just in case.
Be prepared to change plans, not that there's much of one yet.
Interviewing the rogues she visited would probably help. ...or, given the obsessive notes, perhaps it's a stalker fan sort of situation?
It's tempting to swipe some of her massive chocolate stockpile, but I don't see any strategic use at the moment.
No. 780210 ID: 65ec8d

Prepare to sneakily observe whoever the new arrival is, and if it's the Rangers, see if you can tag along with them by stealth. It'd be the best way to get information, and when they screw up or get in trouble, you can step in to help them.
No. 780273 ID: 398fe1

Well, Pink could still be romancing a rogue, but at this point she'd have to be cooperating with the ransom. Effectively ransoming herself, which means if the money is delivered both her and her "captor" will run off with it. I suppose that would explain how she was able to be captured at all, since it's been said nobody should have the resources to do it in the first place.

Is there a return address on the chocolates and letters? We should check the rogue district, and also all the traffic cameras and such to see if they saw Pink walking around anywhere.

Sneak out, obviously, after placing a bug in the room.
No. 780321 ID: bfb318
File 148736723099.png - (104.95KB , 800x800 , 20.png )

>What is up with that showerhead?
The top appears a bit over stylish, but 80% of its mass is devoted to being grabbed by giant mitt hands.

"Trace that beacon if you can, Katzati."
>"We're trying. Like we say, we want to get the police in on this, and we can only do that effectively if we know where Pink is."

The thought of Rokoa seeing the picture of me laying on that bed pops into mind. I delete the picture as I go back to Pink's room, where I put everything back in as I found it. I then bug Pink's bed to leave me with one bug remaining, take the AI from the game console, and hop back through the vent.

>"I'm taking it that if you called it a UFO, you don't know who it is?"
"Correct. It's not the Wave Force, though, since we never can detect them coming in or out of the hideout and I sincerely doubt they're making an exception here."
No. 780322 ID: bfb318
File 148736723770.png - (197.61KB , 800x800 , 21.png )

I get out to the forested area, and duck behind some shrubbery. I think I can make it out unseen, but I hear a hovership coming down.

>Is there a return address on the chocolates and letters?
Come to think of it, there was. My camera should have gotten many of those.

>"Paahahahaha!" I hear a shrill laugh coming from the treetops.
No. 780323 ID: bfb318
File 148736724731.png - (252.45KB , 1200x800 , 22.png )

The hovercrafts start lowering themselves down to my location.

>"Come out, Beta-Wave Dummies! I hear your Pink Ranger's been knocked out of commission, so you can't pilot your beloved Omegabot, can you? Come out already and let's see you grovel to see her pink little face again!"

I don't believe they see me, so I can ignore this badly dressed distraction.

>"Alert." My AI says. "That is the Stoneheart Duchess, a wanted criminal. She is wanted for over 100 counts of extortion, bribery, and espionage involving corporate, governmential, and law enforcement agencies. Latest charge: bribing a judge relating to a lawsuit involving using her image without permission in the movie 'Omega Wave Force in - "
"Thank you, AI. I am aware."
>"I have a name, you know. It is Bell."
"Thank you, Bell."

On one point, she is effectively a real-world supervillain, but on the other hand, she is flanked by only two neumono bodyguards and, considering she is here to attack the rangers, is most likely woefully unprepared to deal with plasma shield penetrating live ammunition.

While I may technically be outside of the agency's jurisdiction, this area is not home to any recognized governments, so there is nothing preventing me from apprehending her here. Although I'm sure there are surveillance cameras pointed at her, they would not be able to see who, exactly, shot a sniper bullet and used a grappling hook.

Considering that she does not even know they're not here, though, she may be nothing more than a high profile distraction.
No. 780327 ID: a363ac

Might as well take her out while you are here. Take a shot at the disabling spot on the gut from the back if you can. and then blind the other two with a simple headshot. Then call Katzati in for a pick up and interrogation.
No. 780329 ID: b412df

This is a unofficial investigation, not formally reported, so Stoneheart must either be involved in this case or she has sources inside the police / UDA / however the waveforce reported Pink's disappearance. So we should take her in for questioning.

Also, and while it might be unprofessional to make judgements based on her name and logo, Stoneheart and a heart with a X through it kinda implies a opposition to the concept of love.
No. 780336 ID: 398fe1

Do it. Become a force of justice.
No. 780337 ID: 90f3c0

How does she know about Pink? That isn't public knowledge yet. She must have had contact with someone involved in the kidnapping. Take her in for questioning.
No. 780338 ID: a8bc5c

Take them all out and schedule the pickup.

And while you wait for that to happen, ensure the photo's complete removal from existence by overwriting the computer data where it used to be.

You can do this by, say, taking pictures of yourself and the downed stoneheart.

Purely for PR purposes, I assure you. And not for later taunting of the waveforce.
No. 780339 ID: 65ec8d

>let's see you grovel to see her pink little face again

Well now that makes it sound like she has clues. Problem is, the rangers are probably at least smart enough to also think that, and they'll want to hear from her as well.

... Wait a minute and see what she does. The rangers are probably racing back here as fast as they can - see if you can get an estimate on how long it should take them to get here, since your organization should at least have been able to see what vehicles they were using. If you can, wait until the Rangers get back and then act to help them. If you have to act before that, to prevent her doing any damage to the ranger base, or escaping, take her captive and hold her until the rangers get here.

Either way, you'll be able to pretend you followed her here. Say, for example, that your agency had a "rough idea" of where their base was, and tracked UFOs flying in that region, so you were sent to see what happened. So you were conveniently here to help. You'll probably be able to phrase it in some technically-true way.

You'll have to act appropriately mysterious and aloof and coldly professional and a little bit edgy. "What gets the job done", sort of thing. Like if they complain about your methods you can talk back to them about playing around when one of their teammates is in trouble. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch from your normal personality, just dramatized a bit. See if you can find yourself a nice sniper perch, something where after you've shot these guys out of the sky and they look around to see who did it, you'll be able to stand up and be dramatically silhouetted against the sky or something.

I know it all sounds silly, but the rangers are probably going to turn this into an episode of their show at some point, you can't really stop them because of the whole legal jurisdiction thing. Just play along and they'll probably be more willing to work with you. Besides, it could be good advertising for the agency! Try to act like a (somewhat dramatized) ideal of what an agent should be, and hopefully some kids who think of that sort of thing is cool and impressive will be inspired to aspire to it once they grow up. Maybe secure some extra funding for the agency, too. It's all very practical when you think about it, Polo.
No. 780346 ID: 3abd97

You're the law, here. The only reason you don't take criminals in is when there's more pressing concerns. Like it would jeopardize your cover on a more important case, or put innocents at risk.

Shoot her. (First shot should probably be to disable her hover-sled).

>Either way, you'll be able to pretend you followed her here. Say, for example, that your agency had a "rough idea" of where their base was, and tracked UFOs flying in that region, so you were sent to see what happened. So you were conveniently here to help. You'll probably be able to phrase it in some technically-true way.
Yeah, you have plausible deniability. Katzati picked up the UFOs how far away? Minutes? There was time to scramble assets on the ground if you were nearby.
No. 780348 ID: 65ec8d

Oh, another note: You should probably be sure to keep your helmet on from now. Any surveillance in this area will probably be used by these guys on their show, and as that lawsuit shows, they're not really moved by rules about permitted use of a person's image or identity. Besides which, though the Christmas fiasco was big and the rangers did see who you were then, they might not immediately make the connection when they see you in the suit - or, if they do, then at least their viewers might not. So, protect your identity. Keep your mask on, and if you have to speak, don't call yourself Polo.

Call yourself, uh... well, you don't want to tell people you're the Gray Ranger, that'd continue the color theme and make it seem like you consider yourself one of them. You are a ranger, no denying that really. Rangers are a real thing, in militaries and so on, it's basically another word for "commando".

... If someone asks who you are, tell them they can call you the Ghost Ranger.

Because that would be hella cool and fits the gray color, and even if you reveal who you are later the fans of the show will love speculating about who you are and the christmas events will basically be foreshadowing and they'll love it.
No. 780349 ID: 91ee5f

>Stoneheart Duchess
You think that means she doesn't feel love? If that's true, then maybe she's trying to ruin Valentine's Day? And maybe she's the one that somehow kidnapped Pink? She just doesn't know that there's no one home.

You know, if you revealed yourself, she'd think you're one of the Rangers because of the suit you're wearing. And because your suit isn't one of the other Ranger's colors, she'll think you're a new 6th Ranger or something!
No. 780379 ID: 211d83

The problem with leaving her alone is she is floating up there where she would see you being evacuated.

So sneak off into the jungle and snipe her platform. Then leave her crashed and cursing in the middle of the jungle without transportation and have one of your other teams grab her while you get to the Pink hostage mess.

Who knows how many of these costumed loons are out there. Try to avoid getting slowed down by them.
No. 780396 ID: 2c4dd9

This seems like the kind of thing that happens pretty often, so I'm sure the Rangers can detect when this stuff goes down. She's just a distraction for now. If you can think of a way to attach your last bug to her hovercraft without anyone noticing you can always have her tracked with that and have her apprehended later but otherwise just ignore her you got a mission.
No. 780501 ID: d36af7

Attach audio bug to one of the duchess's minions without them noticing. It probably doubles as a tracking device.
No. 780570 ID: 91ee5f

That'll only work if Polo can get the bug through the energy shields all of them have. And as long as the Rangers don't show up and blow all of them out of the sky, otherwise we'll have wasted a bug when the minion gets shot down.
No. 780663 ID: 8111b6

Remember, unless they can spawn more, go for the added minions first in a direct fight. Otherwise, go for the one in command. How police-like do you want to be while wearing that getup? Maybe first just mention they're wanted for questioning regarding this case and a few others, if you're going by the book.
No. 781001 ID: bfb318
File 148747487770.png - (178.27KB , 800x800 , 23.png )

>Ensure the photo's complete removal from existence by overwriting the computer data where it used to be.
All of our gear already does that. Upon the intentional deletion of user-created data, the memory of which it used to be stored is wiped over instead of abandoned.

Although the Duchess does not have any common acts against valentine's, I suppose her theme does coincide well here. Perhaps we should have investigated her, but she usually remains well in the shadows.

She slipped up this time. By being detected a few minutes before, I can say I was simply within the area, but I would like to not be seen at all, and only give away that there was another person here.

The Duchess continues lowering herself closer to the ground, where I get closer.

>"What are you waiting for? I thought the Wave-Force prided themselves on not being cowaAHH!"

I shoot a plasma piercing shot through the underside of her carriage, aimed at the sensitive anti-gravity portions. It doesn't shut it off completely, but it must hit the stabilizers as it starts wobbling. She tries to regain control manually. It's impressive reaction, but her success works against her, as I'm able to take another shot to destroy the plasma generator.

I have to be the one to subdue her, as the only one of my team out here is the pilot. It would take too long for anyone else to fly here as well.
No. 781005 ID: bfb318
File 148747496862.png - (169.55KB , 800x800 , 24.png )

>"Live ammunition?! When the hell?!" the Duchess cries out just before I shoot the grappling hook at her. She falls off, and I loop my hook by a tree to give me leverage to start reeling her in.
>"Duchess!" the two bodyguards yell. They start flying after her, but I'm behind heavy tree cover. Judging by the movements of their platforms, they have high top speeds but do not have good acceleration. They will not be able to fly quickly through the forest, at least not until I have apprehended the Duchess.

There is a good chance that I will hurt her, but due to her status as a well armed criminal, and a neumono, heavy force is authorized and recommended.
No. 781006 ID: bfb318
File 148747497857.png - (285.39KB , 1200x800 , 25.png )

Nonetheless, as I see her getting dragged across the ground, she seems to be healthy enough. I shoot her in the gut to knock her out.
No. 781007 ID: bfb318
File 148747499679.png - (230.46KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

I then throw a remote detonated grenade to blow up as the two bodyguards manage to catch up. I'll have the pilot come by and will pick up those two on the way back.
No. 781008 ID: bfb318
File 148747504222.png - (151.58KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

I pick up the Duchess and run back to the ship, where I toss her on board, and we take off, where I begin giving her medical treatment. Although scuffed up in many areas, all of her bones are intact, and while I'm sure there are bruises, there are no signs of significant injury. Other than the spot where I shot her. I restrain her, and just in time. She starts coming around already, before we finished picking up her bodyguards. She panics for a second, then collects herself and glares at me.

>"... where am I? Who're y - ranger?! Wait... no. Are you the one who shot me? If so, you're not ranger!"
No. 781010 ID: 91cfcf

She's surprised about live ammunition? Is she a fucking actor or something, too? You're never living this down if she is.

Ask her what she knows about the situation. Who told her Pink was gone?
No. 781013 ID: 3abd97

>"Live ammunition?! When the hell?!"
Giant robots but no real weapons. Exactly what's wrong with the rangers, and why their villains keep getting away and extending their rap sheets.

Helmet off, and show your badge. Do this by the books, we don't want a lawyer getting her off on a technicality later.

"I am Agent Polo, of the Ultrahive Detective Agency. 'Stoneheart Duchess' you are being arrested for extortion, bribery, espionage, and suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of 'Omega Pink'."

Read her her rights and such before starting a field interrogation.
No. 781014 ID: a363ac

Initiate the interrogation with a nice bowl of Katsudon. while politely asking where Pink is before you have to start cutting because you could be with your Hive right now but some bullshit Rangers lost track of their friend.
No. 781020 ID: 91ee5f

"I'm the secret 6th Ranger that does all of the things the other Rangers don't have the balls to do from behind the scenes. Which is why I have live ammo. You're lucky I felt like taking you in instead of killing you. Now, start talking."
No. 781023 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, make your voice a little more gruff and menacing. You don't want to give someone like this any clues to your real identity. Also, you want to try being intimidating. She seems to have bought into the whole worldview around the rangers, so you might as well see if playing along with it helps.

"Not the sort of ranger you've dealt with before. Playing with a pack of emotional children, it seems you've forgotten there's a world beyond the colourful lines they've drawn around themselves. Me... I'm a memory from the other side, here to set things right. You can call me the Ghost Ranger."

Do you have your silence on, currently? It could help spook her if her minions get thrown in here and she can sense them and realizes she can't sense you.
No. 781024 ID: 211d83

Before you reveal yourself as agent Polo maybe we can use the silly helmet and suit to find out more of her strange life? (This whole team and there villains have to be a crazy rich persons bored game. Take a bunch of money and a bunch of silly neumono to blow it playing cops and robbers and watch what happens.)

Spin her a tail of being the Grey Ranger. Here to provide no nonsense backup and to take the place of the missing ranger if true peril arises. That and you left your emotion ray behind. (we should get that thing for later)

Yeah its silly but you will get a completely different reaction than you would by coming out as Polo right away. You can always read her her rights and book her properly later. Right now we need info into the Ranger world.
No. 781032 ID: 3abd97

The problem with this kind of silly stunt to extract information is it will screw up the arrest, and she could use it to get off, especially since we already know she pays off crooked lawyers and judges.

Her arrest needs to be airtight if Polo wants to put her away.
No. 781043 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, we better do this by the book.
No. 781046 ID: 395c02

No fancy or weird stuff, you're a professional.
No. 781049 ID: 15a025

What kind of criminal would be surprised to be blasted with live ammunition? You think that'd be kind of an expected danger...
No. 781054 ID: b2db3f

Someone has to be funding these crazies. I mean she floated over in a custom flying throne with her symbol embossed on the front. That sort of thing does not come cheap.

And expecting to face only "emotion" beams and giant robots? They have there own little world to play in. I mean we know the emotion rays work. But are a shitty actual weapon due to them only working on neumono.

Its more like a great crowd control weapon or mind control test but...

Holy crap a Salikai or other madman is financing the Rangers so they can perfect empathy weapons in public!

They create a few shell companies and finance some clueless scientist to form the "Rangers". Gives them a excuse to gather young impressionable neumono together with strong empathy control. The get the beams and have adventures so they look fun to the public. But in secret someone is gathering info to perfect there empathy tech.

If they can replicate the emotion controls on a wide scale without predators well they could take out whole cities!
No. 781083 ID: bb78f2

I'm a cosplayer and rabid fan
No one's home so I thought you know, I'd do some justice!
No. 781094 ID: d36af7

I think you mean "of the Ultrahive Detective Affirmation." That's one of those idiotic technicalities a good lawyer would jump all over.
No. 781123 ID: 9411c6

"This is my cosplay outfit."
No. 781129 ID: 8111b6

"I didn't choose the outfit, it was assigned." State your job, state her warrant list, state your current case. DON'T say your name or that you're some super secret ranger or something, yet. Perhaps 'Detective Ghost' if you need an alias, or just don't give a rip and go total professionalism.
No. 781132 ID: 65ec8d

>do this by the book

We're outside jurisdiction anyway, guys, there's no law out here to begin with. The big "under arrest" formalities would just sound stupid and she'll toss them back in our face.


I doubt it's salikai, considering another salikai was manipulating them in the first thread and we took him out, but they're still here. If they were a different salikai's pets then I think either he wouldn't have needed to manipulate them with drugs/etc. or he would have been hands off another salikai's project.
No. 781142 ID: 65ec8d

Addendum: On a world with large tracts of unclaimed extralegal territory, it's important that criminals are made to understand that leaving the law's domain makes things worse for them, not better. Give them their rights and privileges under the law when they commit their crimes under the law, and when they act outside those boundaries treat them with harsher justice. Otherwise you'll get people mistreating and exploiting unaligned natives, setting up their own drug factories in the wilderness, or other dirty deeds that they can think they'll get away with.
No. 781143 ID: 2c520d

We should tell her as little as possible JUST on principle since this is an interrogation, not a booking. (yet)

And also that she may try something foolish despite the injury and restraints

"You can refer to me as 'Agent' or "interrogator'. Now talk. Who told you that one of the waveforce is MIA?"
No. 781154 ID: 3abd97

>We're outside jurisdiction anyway, guys, there's no law out here to begin with.
All that means is there's no jurisdictional headache trying to extradite her from a different sovereign state's region of authority. She committed crimes in our jurisdiction- those don't magically disappear when she's outside it. And as an agent of the law, what we do will very much mater later.

>We should tell her as little as possible JUST on principle since this is an interrogation, not a booking. (yet)
Preforming an interrogation before a booking just invalidates anything we learn from the interrogation, and the eventual booking.
No. 781158 ID: b412df

Throw the book at her Polo, should be amusing to see the look on her face when we realises the UDA does not goof about like the rangers do.
No. 781181 ID: e6e9af


No. 782703 ID: bfb318
File 148799134613.png - (146.16KB , 800x800 , 28.png )

I remind myself that I am a professional, and I will act like one. I remove my helmet.

"Agent Polo Sealock. UDA."
>"The UDA?! What the hell are you doing out here?"
"I suggest you get into the habit of answering, not questioning. You only have rights to understand the charges against you, where you are going, and what you may do, upon your request of any such information. I'm sure you are well aware of all of this, anyway."
>"Considering I haven't done shit, I don't know and I don't care. Actually, I want to know rights - what right does the UDA have arresting me out here?"
"The Global Extradition Clause in the Ultrahive Civil Agreeance, Article 38.1."
>"Fuckin' hell, of course I get the one god damn agent that memorized that book. So you all knew where their secret base was after all. Those idiots let themselves get..."


>"Unbelievable! I get arrested not due to investigators or a sudden bout of competence by the Wave-Force, but by investigators being in the right place to cherry pick off the giant tree that is the Wave-Force's clumsiness! It was their foolery that got me in this mess!"
"Enough of that. You knew one of the Rangers is MIA. How do you know that?"
>"That's private info that's got nothing to do with the UDA. I'm not telling you until I have a lawyer."
"Fine. Then answer me something off the record. What is someone like you doing getting surprised by live ammunition?"
>"Shouldn't that be obvious? I was expecting the Rangers, and they don't use live ammo. Just stuns and nets and whatever."
"Alright. I am taking you back to a legal station."
>"Which one?"
"I will not, nor do I need to, say."
>"You know I'm not going to stay behind bars for over 5 nights, right?"
"Even if that were true, you know that's not going to stop us from trying, right? Now be quiet unless you have something meaningful to say, as I am well within my boundaries to forcibly keep your mouth shut."

"Did you get all of that, Katzati?" I say, putting my helmet back on and sealing it.
>"Yes. We'll have a squad to detain her on your landing, and make sure it's not a place she can put her insiders in. Also, we've resolved the hostage situation."
"That was fast."
>"Yes, it was honestly faster than it should have been, but Rokoa's squad cleaned out the whole building. It turned out to be alright. Well, sort of. The thing is is that they didn't have the Pink Ranger after all. They had her suit. The culprits are claiming they were trying to ransom just the suit back, and it was a misunderstanding that anyone thought they had the pink ranger herself. We've yet to properly interrogate everyone though, and that may be awhile. The point is is that the Pink Ranger is still missing, but we know she doesn't have her suit."
No. 782704 ID: a363ac

Then until someone tells UDA what she looks like this case is stuck. Check the suit for leads.
No. 782707 ID: e22b1d

>The point is is that the Pink Ranger is still missing, but we know she doesn't have her suit.
Didn't she leave the base as a civilian? Didn't think she'd have brought the armor with her.

And technically, if she has one of their empathy guns, can't she summon the armor around her?

>what do
Search your prisoner I guess. She have any electronics we can search, or other things?

Otherwise we need to see if a lead comes out of that raid, or the interviews with the other rangers, or our audio bugs. And escort our prisoner back to base.
No. 782708 ID: 595d54

>"You know I'm not going to stay behind bars for over 5 nights, right?"
Ask if you can put her in jail someplace in orbit that doesn't have a day-night cycle.
No. 782709 ID: 96c896

Hmmm... ask the criminal if she's friends with the Pink Ranger. That would explain how she knew. She may have even helped the Pink Ranger vanish.

It would be helpful to know where the ransomers got the suit from.
No. 782711 ID: 65ec8d

So, someone who was only recognizable by what suit they wear is now no longer wearing said suit. Presumably she has pink fur, and we have estimates of her approximate size from camera recordings, and she has round ears; the most common type. Apart from that we have no idea how to identify her. What are we supposed to do, track down and interrogate every pink round-eared neumono woman within a certain height range?

Well, at least it was within the city, and there's a limited span of time between when she left the rangers and when the hostage claim came in. So start by examining all the camera records in that area that could explain how that suit got there. If they say they found it elsewhere, check the records there.

The suit being elsewhere from her body is interesting. If she were kidnapped with the suit, and then had it taken from her, the likely suspects for such a kidnapping (crazed fan stalker, ranger enemy) would have taken the suit as well. And the homing beacon - does it activate when the suit is taken off without the right procedure, i.e. when taken off forcefully by a second person? If so then Pink would have to still be pretty nearby, and would have been right there when the beacon started going off. Find neumono who were in the area and ask them if they encountered a neumono with particularly loving empathy, or anything else unusual.

If the homing beacon is just a function of the suit that can be activated at any time, however, then that means Pink must have activated it; only the rangers and their associates would know how to activate such a beacon. So there's a strong possibility that Pink took off the suit herself, and deliberately activated it while leaving it behind, in order to draw attention away from herself. In which case, she probably wouldn't want to be found?

... You'll need to ask the rangers what they wear under their suits.
No. 782790 ID: da1652

get forensics on the suit to discover her actual identity? Knowing who she is would make it easier to rescue her.
No. 782791 ID: e22b1d

That only works if there's some kind of global DNA-equivilent database to compare to or if she's already in the system because she has a record. And if the lab can get results back fast enough to matter.

Although... if there's telemetry data we can get out of Pink's armor, or if it has an AI we can interrogate, we might be able to figure out where she lives, or where she parted ways from it. We want to make sure Rokoa and the cops hold onto the armor as evidence instead of letting the Rangers have it back. And we want to have our CAI take a crack at it ASAP.
No. 782792 ID: a8bc5c

Okay polo. There's no way around it. While your support team processes stoneheart, you need to get to the suit next.

And that probably means dealing with HER.

Infact, you should take her with you! The two of you can probably trace the scent/evidence of the suit out of the building and back to where it came from.
No. 782865 ID: 211d83

While we have not had the chance to properly interrogate people I bet Rokoa did plenty of "improper" interrogation already while cleaning out the building.

So drop this rich idiot off and lets get over there and see what info Rokoa has for us. Bring along a temp UDA badge and deputize Rokoa before Az can do it again.

Am sure whatever went on with the Pink Ranger is probably a giant mess. Who knows if she is actually kidnapped or missing or just got stressed over the holiday and the possibility of letting the Rogues down and went into hiding.

Whatever it turns up being we need to make sure someone can love ray those Rogues so the holiday does not turn a giant riot. (Like Christmas)
No. 782980 ID: bfb318
File 148806463415.png - (162.36KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

>Did your prisoner have any electronics we can search, or other things?
Surprisingly little. I am going to order a team to investigate the wreckage as well as pick up her two bodyguards, as I suspect their chariots may have had some information.

"Duchess. Are you friends with the pink ranger?" I ask her.
>"What? Hell no."

"Katzati." I say, muting my suit again. "How does the homing beacon work? That is, how is it activated?"
>"From what the Wave-Force has told us, there's a bunch of ways it could be set off. Pink could have done it remotely, can do it while she's wearing it, but the suit itself does have AI in it, and if it feels the need, can do it. Preliminary interrogations imply that they were trying to tamper with the suit."
"Have they said what they wear under the suit?"
>"Typically biosuits, but sometimes they have tight fitting street clothes underneath as well. It's also complicated that their biosuits can recede away from their extremities on the surface level, so that they can blend in as needed. Right now, we're scanning all pink neumono getting off of trains, as that's how they typically arrive in the capital. We're going to narrow it down as much as we can, but there's going to be a lot of unreliable guessing going on with what we have."
"Can we get info off of the suit's AI?"
>"The Rangers are doing that right now, because supposedly the AI will do a full system wipe if it gets tampered with. We might not fully trust them, but that seems like the kind of thing they'd do."
"After I drop the duchess off, I will stop by to see Rokoa and see what she's found out."
>"Okay. Uh, you can, but we are getting her to feed us the info. Lucera is on site, now. So, you can do that, or... well, remember how I mentioned we were scanning Pink neumono off trains? Well, there is guess work, but first off, there aren't that many pink neumono with her shade of pink, provided she didn't paint her fur. Secondly, we can ID many of the remaining ones to the point that we can exclude them since they have constant alibi's that would conflict with Pink ranger sightings. My point is is that you can either go join Lucera to be a second set of eyes and ears for what we're investigating with Pink's suit, or go investigate a few pink neumono that could potentially be the ranger."
No. 782981 ID: 96c896

How about the latter? Especially track down any pink neumono who are headed for the rogue quarter.
No. 782984 ID: 211d83

If those pink neumono are in public and not being carried off by strangers then they are not being kidnapped. If one of them is the Pink Ranger she is having a normal day in her secret identity and it's not my business to go hassling her.

That being said Lucera should have the suit thing in hand. So I will check out these Pink ladies before they wander off to far.
No. 782986 ID: 3abd97

>Right now, we're scanning all pink neumono getting off of trains
...are we even certain the Pink Ranger is pink furred? Their suits don't show a lot of "skin", and compared to the tech they already use, some kind of fur die that could be washed out in the shower isn't out of the question.

And even if she hasn't been disguising her fur the entire time, she could be disguising it now if she's making a run for it. If you know everyone is looking for a pink neumono? Step 1: don't be a pink neumono.

Are we even sure Pink is female? The suit would cover up enough, and empathy should give it away, but maybe not.

>supposedly the AI will do a full system wipe if it gets tampered with. We might not fully trust them, but that seems like the kind of thing they'd do
That only makes sense. They've got secret tech, lots of enemies, and CAIs exist. That's a pretty basic precaution.

>My point is is that you can either go join Lucera to be a second set of eyes and ears for what we're investigating with Pink's suit, or go investigate a few pink neumono that could potentially be the ranger.
Poking long shot leads will probably be more productive than butting heads with Rokoa, especially if you've already got personnel on site.
No. 782993 ID: b412df

Plus, you're effectively wearing a ranger costume, and Rokoa did say she wanted a autograph from the waveforce during the Christmas incident. So there may be some jokes about that if she sees you as you currently are.
No. 782994 ID: 65ec8d

>If those pink neumono are in public and not being carried off by strangers then they are not being kidnapped.

She could be being coerced somehow - loved one hostage, threat, blackmail, et cetera. Or it might be possible that she's engaged in something illegal or illicit. The point is, if she was just taking time off, she would have just done it officially, or left a note or such. Something is going on that someone feels the need to conceal, at the least. Whether that's Pink herself or some other party makes little difference, it needs investigation - and the fact that her disappearance will cause a dangerous level of disappointment for a lot of rogues makes it a national concern.

I'd like to make a note again that the rangers' training on focusing on one emotion could be used for concealment or deceptive purposes. If there's a chance, they should be asked if it's theoretically possible for a neumono with their training to use it in order to block out feelings of guilt or other empathic giveaways.

Anyway, Polo, don't you want an excuse to not have to deal with Rokoa? Go investigate some pink ladies. Now that we know the homing beacon could have been activated remotely, the question of what she would have been wearing underneath her suit is less relevant - she could have just changed clothes after she left the rangers. If she's trying to avoid notice, by coercion or otherwise, then I'd bet on the middle of those three neumono Katzati's noted, since she's wearing less attention-getting clothes. Follow up on her first.
No. 782996 ID: 91ee5f

>Poking long shot leads will probably be more productive than butting heads with Rokoa, especially if you've already got personnel on site.
But what if there's something in an air vent? We all know that Rokoa and her hive can't fit in those tiny things! Plus, if any of them actually try to fit in the air vents, Polo should be there to take pictures so that she can look at them later and laugh!

I wouldn't be surprised if Rokoa ends up getting their autographs while she's kicking their asses. Just like she did with that football team during the Christmas incident! XD
No. 783000 ID: 3abd97

Lucera is on site. If Rokoa needs someone small to shove in an air vent, she's got him.
No. 783001 ID: 688206

How did the hostage takers even get ahold of the suit in the first place? If they found it somewhere, then that's where we should start looking. Forensics and tracking would be more viable than staring at security cameras trying to find the needle in a haystack.
No. 783002 ID: 78a3e5

Investigate the pinkies
No. 783044 ID: 15a025

Let's investigate some pinkies.
No. 783054 ID: 91ee5f

But what if he's not small enough?
No. 783102 ID: 69361d

Well if we do go see Rokoa we will get laughed at cause of our suit, and then she will try tag along to see what happens. She'll probably also try get the rangers autographs and possibly fight them.
Yea lets not go anywhere near Rokoa this time, this is Valentines, day of love not brutality.

Lets look for pinkies. Ask about ones heading to, from or already near rogue areas.

Tthhhat won't stop Rokoa.
No. 783103 ID: 5b93d3

>Suit was found, but no wearer, hostagetakers have lame excuse
Are any of the hostage takers pink?
No. 783178 ID: 211d83

Wait a moment I think I know what Pink is up to!

She is getting ready for her big performance by charging her love meter to full capacity!

Remember when you were driven to use the grump beam? You had to get crazy grumpy to make it affect everyone that it did. So Pink needs to get loved up really hard for a few days to charge up enough love/lust energy to affect all the rogues.

Remember all those love letters? I bet she went off to some seedy brothel with a bunch of her fans to get all the affection she could ever want in preparation for her big performance! (Quick read that lewd note all the way through for clues)

Of course she wants to keep it secret so she does not let her team know about her charge up activities. Something probably went wrong and some assholes found her suit while she was getting gang banged and she made a embarrassed run for it so her face did not show up on the next tabloid with a picture of her fucking a dozen rogues at once.

Long story short Pink was getting charged with "love" and some asshole noticed and she ran for it.
No. 783190 ID: 96c896

Well, it's possible that the situation is something LIKE that... hey, what did the Pink Ranger do last year?
No. 783202 ID: 3abd97

Nothing. This is the first neumono valentine's, after all.
No. 783210 ID: b2db3f


Something along these lines does seem plausible. She has to get her love energy from somewhere to charge her gun. And if you are going to use it on rogues maybe its best to charge from rogue love?

This whole mess might have been a crime of opportunity or just a embarrassed Ranger in the process of sneaking back home before someone notices her.
No. 783238 ID: 65ec8d

I think if she wanted to charge up on genuine love, rather than just lust or infatuation or pity or shallow admiration, she'd go to someone she has more of a personal connection to? Or like go swim in a pit full of adorable babies or something.
No. 783905 ID: bfb318
File 148840835173.png - (102.91KB , 800x800 , 30.png )

>Polo, don't you want an excuse to not have to deal with Rokoa?
I do, but the mission takes priority over my own sensibilities and biases against that woman.

>Forensics and tracking would be more viable than staring at security cameras trying to find the needle in a haystack.
Yes, and while there is a team of AIs finding a needle in a haystack, there is an entire team of policework being done around Pink's suit.

>Are we even certain the Pink Ranger is pink furred?
We are not, since they could dye their fur. Which is why these pink neumono are long shots that are likely dead ends, but since there is a team on the more definitive lead, my choice is between long shots and redundancy.

I intend on getting out of this suit anyway, regardless of what investigation I do.

>Are any of the hostage takers pink?
If there were, they're being held and questioned.

"I'll talk to some pink furred neumono."
>"Okay. Here's a few potential ones." Katzati pauses a moment before continuing.
>"Vinessca is someone who lives with a medium hive complex out of town in relative peace and quiet. She was an accomplished track and field runner in school. She doesn't enter the capital that frequently, but did early today. She's staying in a hotel for unclear reasons."
>"Second suspect is Hanna. Her documents are somewhat suspect, but she claims she's a visitor from a space tribe. It's feasible, as many space hives don't keep good tabs on their own individuals. She's staying with a host hive in a downtown apartment building. We're not sure what the relation is."
>"Last notable suspect we have is Gin. She looks like she's from fringe territories, and can be briefly heard with an unknown accent. We've got visuals on her wandering through various capital attractions as though she were a tourist or visitor."
No. 783907 ID: 595d54

Let's go for Vinessca. Her being in track and field says good things about her butt and legs, and she seems to be the only local. I'm assuming that our information is relatively accurate, since worrying about it being inaccurate is a bit pointless, and that people would have noticed eventually if Pink were unused to modern life or going back and forth from space.

So her being fit aside, she does seem to be the most promising suspect.
No. 783911 ID: b412df

Do we have any usable voice samples from the Christmas incident? Even if it was garbled by the rest of the rangers saying the exact same thing at the same time. It might be enough to remove a possibility, assuming they're not faking a accent or something.
No. 783913 ID: 3abd97

How are we approaching these people? Is this just a casual detective going to talk to a person of interest thing, where they can refuse to talk to us, not let us in, or ask us to leave pretty easy? Or are they being held in custody on some excuse? Probably the former, so this will take a deft hand.

>who check
Someone with a local hive seems the most likely, since the rangers have existed for more than a year. She wouldn't be from an off-world hive and spending all her time on the planet. (Unless having an off-world hive is a cover story and a lie).

None of them really have solid evidence to back them up, but Vinessca at least appears to have local ties, and so would fit our expectations for Pink's civilian identity.

If either of the other two is Pink, it's probably another cover identity, not her real name.
No. 783914 ID: a21ec8

You know what would be unprofessional but probably highly effective?

You showing up with the suit and grump beam to these interviews. Pink would be unable to disguise her reaction to you. While the others would just be somewhat confused.

Sure she would react to agent Polo. But so would any nervous neumono when greeted by a on duty space cop.
No. 783921 ID: 3abd97

We'd get mobbed running around a city as the 6th ranger. Too attention getting. Would give Pink the chance to disappear before we get close, if she's hiding out as a civilian.
No. 783922 ID: 211d83

Ok some thoughts on our suspects

Vinessca: Could be a great cover identity. Probably the most promising lead out of the three.

Hanna: Unless the Rangers are trying to leave clues to there secret identity then we can rule her out due to the suspect paperwork. The wave Rangers should (in theory) have pristine (if possibly fake) records.

Gin: Could be a possibility if Pink does not have much of a secret identity due to being a recent uplift. Plus a fake accent would be a decent disguise. How long have the Rangers been operating?

So Vinessca then Gin I would say.
No. 783923 ID: 398fe1

Ugh, what is this, amateur hour? You have the general shape of her face from many camera angles and two out of three of these pink neumono don't match it!
No. 783928 ID: 595d54

To be fair, if someone is going to this much effort to hide their identity, and apparently succeeding this well, it's hardly beyond the realm of plausibility to disguise the shape of a face and head.
No. 783930 ID: bfb318
File 148841232760.png - (132.82KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

>How long have the Rangers been operating?
At least for 10 years, though activity sometimes has gone for months without a sighting.

>Do we have any usable voice samples from the Christmas incident?
We do. Even if Pink is a professional level voice actor and can change her voice at will, I can at least have an AI make a ruling on if any of my suspects have a feasibly comparable voice.

>Is this just a casual detective going to talk to a person of interest thing, where they can refuse to talk to us, not let us in, or ask us to leave pretty easy?
I intend on going in standard agent uniform going to talk to people of interest. Refusal to talk is possible, but it is unlikely, as that instantly gives off the impression of having something to hide. Some agents have even used refusal to talk as probable cause for investigation, as some kind of self fulfilling warrant. Our level of authority exceeds that of the police by, perhaps, alarming levels.

I find Vinessca in the Kolo Hotel, ran on the outskirts of downtown in a somewhat bad part of town. It's attractive to those who want cheaper rent and hotel prices who don't mind a shadier exterior. Kolo's amenities include jammers in most levels, including Vinessca's.

Talking in person is ideal, but may take an hour or two longer due to travel time. It's already a long shot, but it's better to do it right than not at all, so I catch a cab to show up in person. While driving, I'm given word on some of the interrogations from the ransomers. Supposedly, they found the suit in an unaccompanied bag of luggage. That luggage was retrieved, and is being investigated through make, model, and other bits of information we can get to retrace where it came from.
No. 783931 ID: 398fe1

While you're working try to get some facial recognition going for the Pink Ranger. Also look at the earliest footage of the Rangers to see if the Pink Ranger has changed over time like you suspect. If she HAS, maybe it'd be easier to track down one of the previous Pinks?
No. 783934 ID: 595d54

Okay. First, we should establish how far you're willing to go to get this information, and plan from there. How much fighting and f--wooing are you willing to do?
No. 783935 ID: 211d83

You know what would shorten travel time? A jetpack.

Or rappelling down off a ship hovering over there hotel. I know you like to be serious but you do have access to stuff and sometimes time is of the essence. If one of these girls is the Pink Ranger then she might book it once she hears about the mess with the suit.

We really need to do this meeting in person otherwise she can hide her empathy and pretend ignorance.

Have your team do some research on Pink's abilities. If she gets the "Love" gun that means she is probably over the top friendly and loving. Which might reflect on her hive.

So check the Brothel hive or any other hives that are known to fit that sort of thing.
No. 783936 ID: 91ee5f

Sit on a phone book or something so that you can see out the window more easily!
No. 783938 ID: b412df

>"Kolo's amenities include jammers in most levels, including Vinessca's."
That's interesting, given that Pink's emotional focus on love might make her empathy stand out that. Would need confirmation though, maybe see how resistant she is to talking outside of a jammer?
No. 783943 ID: 3abd97

I don't think you can reliably question a person of interest long distance. And worst case, it'll just give her a chance to run or disappear if you hit on something.

And if she is keeping a secret, she might be willing to admit it in person, but not over comms that can be tapped, recorded, or spied on.

We'll have to make the trip worth the while and follow up other leads in the capital while we're there.

And paperwork or research you can do to keep busy on the ride?
No. 783952 ID: 65ec8d

Somewhat bad side of town? Shady exterior? Jammers inside? Sounds like the kind of place that someone who's under coercion of some kind might be asked to meet someone. Are there any significant gangs, big criminal players, history of any bad events or unsolved crimes, etc., nearby? If someone wanted to do some bad things in this neighborhood, is there anyone territory they'd be treading on? Ask for that kind of information.

Might be an idea to go plain clothes for this, Polo, so you don't spook anyone just by walking up to the hotel.
No. 784054 ID: bfb318
File 148842871199.png - (151.91KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

>If someone wanted to do some bad things in this neighborhood, is there anyone territory they'd be treading on?
This neighborhood is sketchy, but it's not so lawless that it's anyone's territory. I have been told in the past, in fact, that Rokoa and her team will specifically get involved when some gang tries to make any part of the capital their territory, even if it's a quarter block of sewage pipe.

I decide to go in plain clothes for this, as it would be in poor taste to show the hotel's visitors that the UDA is in for a visit.

>You know what would shorten travel time? A jetpack.
It would also be needlessly overt.

The cab driver asks if I'm off to stop the bad guys while I change. I don't wish to elaborate, so I just say 'yes'. During the rest of my time, I look at visuals of the ranger over time. Her body, face and all, does seem to change, complicating matters. It is not just a single change over a few key spots. Rather, it seems to morph mildly over time, like a gradual change over a time lapse. I do not know what to make of it, entirely.

Once the cab driver is tipped, I head into the hotel to room 617, the location in question. Once I knock at the door, I hear some muffled voices before the door is opened just a crack. The slide lock is in place, but the slack is so enormous that I could slide my hand in and undo it if I wanted.

In order of events, I see a girl with a shut, sleepy expression on her face behind the door. She then opens her eyes, which are bloodshot. Then a waft of snakeleaf comes out and hits me. It is an illegal, modified form of bitterweed. Although illegal, agents typically have better things to do than hunt drug usage that isn't terribly dangerous, even if it's in a no smoking room. It could make this visit awkward.

>"Fuckin' room service finall - where'za pizza at?"
No. 784056 ID: 398fe1

>Rather, it seems to morph mildly over time
Her hive knows! They're empathically changing her body to better fit the role. Well, that, or she became queen of her hive shortly after becoming the Pink Ranger, and THAT made her change. Though, to be honest, that usually just makes a neumono bigger. So I'm betting it's that her hive knows. This means that you just need to round up some representatives of hives that have the right fur/body type and mindset for the Pink Ranger to be among them, then ask them "Is the Pink Ranger in your hive?" Empathic screening, basically. If you get someone from the right hive then you'll get an empathic reaction.

>it's a druggie den
Bah. This isn't the right place. Well, we can still ask if they know anything. Tell them first off this isn't a drug bust, you're here to ask a few questions about an ongoing investigation they might have information on.
No. 784062 ID: 3abd97

>Then a waft of snakeleaf comes out and hits me. It is an illegal, modified form of bitterweed
This implies there are legal variants of bitterweed?

>Her body, face and all, does seem to change, complicating matters. It is not just a single change over a few key spots. Rather, it seems to morph mildly over time, like a gradual change over a time lapse. I do not know what to make of it, entirely.
Could be several things. "Pink" might not always have been the same person in the ranger suit. She could have been a teenager when she started and has since matured. Could be empathy feedback affecting physical change (though that's very unlikely in anyone past childhood). Could be a side effect of their weird tech. Could be steroid or some other substance use. Could be upgrading her costume over time, deliberately obfuscating her identity.

Insufficient data.

>I hear some muffled voices
She's not alone in there. If this isn't Pink, we can't write off that she's inside. If possible, we want to get a look inside.

>"Fuckin' room service finall - where'za pizza at?"
You're... allowed to misrepresent yourself in order to question people right? Claim you're here for the customer satisfaction survey before her food gets here. Good for a coupon. She's high enough to buy it, you can ask a few question, rule her out, move on.

If you admit you're a cop, she's probably gonna overreact. Although playing openly does let you pressure her to talk in order to overlook the drugs (drug enforcement isn't your beat).
No. 784123 ID: 595d54

What exactly does snakeleaf do, and how likely is it to have much of an effect on your if you go in? Also, uh, what color is the girl? We sorta can't tell if she's pink or not. Does it actually look like this could be Vinessca?

"Open the door and let me in, I can't fit the pizza through that gap. You Vinessca?" Last question only if she's actually pink.
No. 784139 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, this needs to be delicate, then. We're not interested in the drugs (unless they turn out to be related to our case - could they be used to, for example, keep someone unconscious?), we're interested in a missing person. Even if Pink herself isn't here, the theoretical people who kidnapped/coerced her might have had trouble spotting her as well, so the Pink-likes may have also spotted things that could be clues to us, even if they're not Pink herself.

Gotta time this right. Get your badge in hand, while saying "Sorry, not room service. I'm searching for a missing person," (here's where you show the badge) "And I think someone here might know something. UDA. I'm not here for anything else."

>Body changing over time.

Hmm. Could be as simple as them specifically choosing replacements that were only slightly different, though that'd suggest they had a LOT of candidates to choose from, so it's unlikely. Exposure to high levels of empathy may also be the cause... hmm. What physical traits do neumono associate with "love"? If Pink has been being seen as a paragon of love, then empathy could have modified her into an ideal "loving" form, and that could be used to narrow the field. See if it the same thing has been happening to the other rangers. Or maybe they've been being modified over time by experimentation or augmentation efforts?

If they've been experimented on or enhanced, though - and they at least must have been part of the development of the empathy gun and suit tech in the first place - there must be some record somewhere identifying them more than we've seen. A scientist, especially a belenosian, wouldn't have worked on people like this without gathering all their available data. Blood type, genetic profile, other medical data that could help narrow things down. And someone had to be the one to recruit them in the first place, right?
No. 784237 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, I checked the backstory narrated by the gun again (http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/614976.html#630614)

> She could have been a teenager when she started and has since matured.

If the gun's narration is to be trusted, they were all teenagers when they started, possibly just after teenage depending on exactly how old they were and how long their training took. It also said that the moment of them swearing to destroy all injustice, as teenagers, was 131 years ago, which means that (if the members of the ranger team are still the same individuals) they are each about 144 to 150 years old. Neumono don't physically age until they're at the end of their life, but that age range could be used to profile someone based on language, behavior, tastes in entertainment and fashion, et cetera; things that a person would have picked up from being raised or having lived in a certain time period. So Polo should call in with that information (it's possible she was the only one who heard the gun tell her the history?) and make some inquiries based on it. I have a few more ideas from it.

See, the narration also specifies that they made their oath, THEN trained in all sorts of different fields, and then (or possibly at the same time as the training) contacted Belenosian scientists to gear them up. This gives us a few extra clues (again, if the gun's narration is to be believed). First, if the rangers are the same individuals, there's no way they don't know each other - the team was originally formed before they had their suits, and they made their oath and trained together at that time. It's possible they were internet friends or something, but they should have some personal connection to each other, at least know each other's names or something.

Second, it tells us the rangers (possibly just the original rangers) were RICH. 131 years ago, what sort of teenage neumono would have the luxury and resources to spend years training in a bunch of different subjects to become "the absolute best"? That's not how neumono hives would normally operate, they'd want each member to pick up one solid job, maybe a backup, and then get to work providing for their hive. Unless there was some rich rogue tycoon 131 years ago who could provide everything for their own kids (which would be easy to find out and narrow down candidates on), then they all must have been hive neumono to have been wealthy enough, and the amount of very wealthy hives at that time must have been pretty slim as well. Admittedly, I'm kind of guessing on this based on the canon Asteroid time frame, which is probably wrong because if you backtrack 131 years from Asteroid Quest as it is in the canon universe, I think that'd put you before neumono first contact was made. First contact was was probably made earlier in this universe, but I'd guess 131 years ago was still a less developed time.

I suppose they could all have been protege's of some wealthy family or individual, who something bad happened to and made them all swear to destroy injustice, making them like a tiny hive of batmen, but in that case again not knowing each other would have to be a total lie.

Even if they've done some legacy thing where the rangers swap with inheritors of the mantle every so often when an older one dies or retires, it'd still be pretty crazy that they wouldn't know each other. I guess it would be theoretically possible in that case, though. So, either there is some legacy swapping, or the rangers are lying about not knowing each other.
No. 784269 ID: 3abd97

The simplest explanation to resolve those conflicts is to treat the information the gun provided as suspect. They wouldn't be the first hero team to dramatize or exaggerate their own origin story.

>backtrack 131 years from Asteroid Quest as it is in the canon universe, I think that'd put you before neumono first contact was made.
Yes. If you assume this is happening in 135 AW or 185 AW, 131 years ago would be years before neumono first contact, in 65 AW. The timeline in the Christmasverse has been left vague, though.

(Maybe it counts in Belenos years, rather than Earth years, Astreneus years, or whatever the galactic standard year unit is? Or again, it's just bullshit).

As far as Agent Polo knows, there's only verifiable evidence the rangers go back ten years. Or at least, they've only been publicly active for ten years. Frankly, if they spent over a century training before starting their careers, their current performance is a massive embarrassment.
No. 784272 ID: 65ec8d


It doesn't seem like it'd make sense to include inaccurate information in the gun narration, though. You can only get it by 1) having one of the wave force's guns and 2) generating a strong enough emotion to power the gun. Why lie?

... Maybe it was supposed to be just 31 years?

Tell you what, though, the idea that the gun passes on the ranger lore if someone with strong enough emotions to use it picks it up? That really sounds like a pass-the-torch legacy thing. Kinda green lantern style.
No. 784295 ID: 595d54

Should this kind of speculation go in the Asteroid Quest disthread or nah? The disthread's like 1k+ posts by now, loading may be an issue.
No. 784328 ID: bfb318
File 148850646551.png - (89.87KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

>Gun narration involving 131 years ago being the beginning
I somewhat doubt this is the case for a variety of reasons. It seemed to match up with the show. Still, why their real gun would narrate the fiction is a valid question, and makes me wonder about how well the rangers can differentiate the two.

>What exactly does snakeleaf do, and how likely is it to have much of an effect on your if you go in?
It is bitterweed rolled in with a chemical that enhances the effects, which mostly makes people's brains sluggish and as though it was a dream. It can also act as a hallucinogenic in some people, especially the snakeleaf version. The chemical additive is illegal, but only very small amounts are included, small enough that it isn't typically harmful on its own.

Second hand smoke may have mild effects on me, but will be negligible at first, then gone after 10 minutes of fresh air.

>You're... allowed to misrepresent yourself in order to question people right?
Yes, but it is an ugly solution that I aim to avoid unless necessary.

"Are you Vinnesca?" I ask, noting she is pink.
>"Yah. Why?"
"I am looking for a missing person."
>"Huh. Well, none of us are missing. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here."
>"Vinny who's that?" I hear someone from inside call out in equally slurred speech.
>"The smallest girl I ever did see. She says she's got some questions!"
>"Well let her in already! We can play truth or dare!"
>"What if she wants to just ask questions like a... like a... like a normal person?"
>"That's too bad she's gotta truth or dare it like the rest!"
>"Wanna come in?" Vinessca asks me, though I'm almost certainly at the wrong place.

Pulling my badge may make things more tense, but it may also make things much more efficient than a game of truth or dare.
No. 784329 ID: 398fe1

Play Truth or Dare.
No. 784337 ID: 211d83

While it could be the wrong place this could also be Pink hanging out with a few friends and trying to cool off after her tough job as a Ranger. Is worth a few minutes to confirm things.

Agree to the truth or dare. You can always leave and outing yourself as a cop will probably have them all running in random directions panicking over nothing.
No. 784342 ID: 595d54

Haha, excellent. Sure, sounds good. Be sure to check her body out and see how attractively toned it is. You have to confirm that she's actually in track and field just in case, plus it won't hurt to match her general body shape with Pink's or notice incongruities. Plus if you look like you're checking her out they'll be less suspicious of you.

Ask them whose turn it is, and if it's yours, ask Vinessca or someone what's up.
No. 784354 ID: 3abd97

Accept the invitation, it lets you see the inside of the hotel room, and the other occupants. It would be terrible if Pink were right on the other side of the door and you missed her.

It's probably a dead end, but ten minutes to be sure you can afford after coming all this way.

>truth or dare
You have to pick dare, obviously.
No. 784400 ID: bfb318
File 148851252552.png - (242.46KB , 1200x800 , 34.png )

>Check for physical representations of love
It is mostly, I believe, in the facial expressions themselves, which is difficult to tell behind the narcotics. A full body that might come off as 'loving' would be far too wide of a net to match overall tastes to judge well, not to mention that such a body would not fit the physically demanding job of a ranger in the first place.

I go in, which silently communicates the invitation of playing truth or dare.

I check her body. Although she has parts bared, it's often difficult to gauge by that alone, since some fluff can otherwise hide a toned body. From the way she carries herself, though, she does imply someone who's in shape, even if the effect is detracted by the drugs making her look like she could be tipped over by a sideways look. It could feasibly be the body of someone like the pink ranger.

>"Okay welcome to our dennn, this isss..." Vinessca trails off before introducing the others. There are guys and girls, for a total of 5 people besides me. Vinessca gestures to each one as she mumbles and stutters over syllables that I believe are supposed to be their names. As she does so, each one nods and smiles as though what Vinessca is saying is perfectly understandable. Perhaps to them, it is. Once it's over, I have not successfully caught a single one of their names. They either refrain from, or forget, to ask for mine.
>"Smallest one gets to go first!" says the largest of them all, one of the guys. They all look at me. "You're the smallest!" he adds in. "Do you know how to play truth or dare?"

>"I can guide you through it if you don't." says Katzati, in my internal earpiece.
"I know how to play truth or dare." I say for everyone to hear.
No. 784401 ID: 398fe1

No. 784404 ID: 3abd97

>"I know how to play truth or dare." I say for everyone to hear.
Come on, how lame to you have to be to not know how to play. It's all there in the name! Katzati doesn't have a lot of faith in you, for shame.

No. 784406 ID: 595d54

No one asked us "truth or dare", so we pick the first victim, they pick truth or dare.

"I have no idea what Vinessca said your names were so she's up first. Vinessca, truth or dare?"
No. 784423 ID: 398fe1

Oh yeah you're right, first player gets to ask the first question.
No. 784476 ID: a363ac

truth : why are his eyes reptilian?
No. 784480 ID: b412df

Doesn't truth or dare start by asking one person "Truth or Dare?" then either a question or a dare based on what they pick?

So, this.
No. 784490 ID: 65ec8d

Hmm. This could still theoretically be Pink. If this is a scenario where she's been mind controlled or drugged or something, she might be being kept under someone's eye here. That might explain why she trailed off and got mumbly over the names, because she doesn't actually know. The fact that there are "5 people besides me", that's exactly as many of them as rangers, which might contribute to that mind control drugs idea; like if she is being mind-fuddled to keep her under control she might have been given other "rangers" to fill in the "i should have four other neumono around" sense in her brain. Interesting coincidence, anyway. What's the exact gender balance of the rangers, does it match what's here, too?

Anyway, the truth or dare. Vinnesca seems inclined to be helpful, so I feel like she'll probably say truth if you target her with the question. If you do target her and one of the others starts encouraging her to say dare, that'd be another hint that something's up, so either way you'll be getting some info. Not a conclusive one, though. If these people are all feeling playful, they might be in the mood to just go "dare!" all the time, at least at first. You might need to wear them out on dares so that they start responding with truth. So if you get targeted, say "dare". If you target Vinnesca and she responds "dare", dare her to go get drinks or to check for the pizza, or something else that would require her to leave the room, or even the building preferably. If she's allowed to leave alone, then that'd be a strong hint she's not being kept here.

What's the room like, anyway, is there much in the way of places for a camera? Is this room in a jammer, or a jammer bubble? Start getting touchy so you can feel things. It's probably standard in neumono truth or dare to touch the person targeted.
No. 784502 ID: 211d83

Ask Vinnesca "Truth or Dare"

What we want is to guide dares so we get a excuse to touch her or one of the others so we can notice any empathy quirks. (A good dare would be "Put me on your shoulders I want to be the tall one")

And questions we want to subtlety get them in the direction of the Rangers so we can read there empathy via the dare touching.

Possible questions

1. Ever seen that silly Rangers show? If you could bone a Ranger which one would it be. (other than Love)
2. If you were a Ranger what emotion would you be?
3. Some silly question to move the game along.

(Can Katzati see whats going on? Like do you have video contacts in or a camera on your lapel? If so get her to look these other people up if possible. Also what is the ladies on the right necklace?)
No. 784587 ID: bfb318
File 148858052156.png - (126.38KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

>What's the exact gender balance of the rangers?
It's unconfirmed, but it's most likely 3 female. The bare minimum I believe is 2 female, but I cannot rule out up to 4.

>Can Katzati see whats going on?
I am not visually wired, but we have a small drone outside of the window that has taken a snapshot of the various neumono inside. We are running investigation on them now.

>What is that necklace?
It appears to be a simple square under a triangle. Nothing seems unordinary from sight alone.

Here it is 3 female and 2 male, not including myself. There is another girl on the bed above us.

>"Vinessca. Truth or dare?"
"Trrruare. Dare."

>_A dare to let Polo make physical contact for empathic purposes
>_A dare that has her leave the room in case she's being mind controlled to stay here
No. 784589 ID: 7397ab

Go for physical contact. You have had experience with mind control before and should know the signs if you can touch her.

Wait how about both? Go for the ride on her shoulder idea but dare her to take you for a ride around the hallway block. Will be slightly embarrassing for her and thus a proper dare.

Can get a feel for her during the ride and ask a few questions if we are alone with her.
No. 784593 ID: 65ec8d


I like your thinking.

Preface with "you said I was small so I want to be big". Dare her to let you ride on her shoulders and run you up and down the hall. Then "realize" that would disturb the other guests in the hotel, and suggest running a lap up and down a side of the hotel outside.
No. 784594 ID: 3abd97

Physical contact seems the best bet. Dare her to something that's just an excuse to get into contact with her. Some stupid stunt.

Bonus is that it sort of sets the tone, so when your turn comes around you might well be dared to do something athletic, and you're plenty acrobatic.
No. 784596 ID: 595d54

Pretty much. You're sick of everyone seeing you as tiny, time to rampage around as a giant.
No. 784607 ID: 91ee5f

>we have a small drone outside of the window that has taken a snapshot of the various neumono inside.

>Go for a ride on her shoulders.

If we combine these and have Polo smile, then Polo will have photographic proof of herself having a good time!
No. 784614 ID: bfb318
File 148858878528.png - (175.13KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"I am going to be large. I dare you to let me ride on your shoulders while you run me around the side of the hotel."

She gestures, I think, for me to follow her, as we leave the hotel. Once we get outside, she hoists me up herself to her own shoulders, where I hold on as she runs around. Or, rather, she does what passes for running while in her state. We don't get nearly the amount of looks as we would in any other hotel. Half the looks we get are from the other 4 people in the hotel room, who I see poking their heads through the opened window to see us running around the side. They cheer us on while surrounding neumono just roll their eyes.

I steer her around to make sure she doesn't run over too many tripping hazards, or try to run around the pool area. Even without the dangers of slipping and falling, the pool looks disgusting.

>"I'm gonna check in on the pizza!" she says, steering herself back inside. I'm still on her shoulders as she approaches the front desk. "Hey! I ordered pizza..."

There's a brief back and forth before, after some impatience from the front desk, it's revealed that Vinessca only imagined herself making the order, and that she never actually did.

It may be a good time to ask questions in the form of smalltalk, while I am able to read her empathy. Right now there is nothing terribly suspect about it. It reflects a good time while simultaneously barely processing what is going on.
No. 784615 ID: a363ac

Hey did you hear the pink Ranger is supposed to be going to be visting rouges this year?
No. 784617 ID: 3abd97

Ask her what she thinks of that ranger show.

If she has any connection, there will be some kind of emphatic reaction.
No. 784618 ID: 90f3c0

So, who's your favorite Ranger?
No. 784619 ID: 595d54

Bit obvious.

Better, let's go with this.
No. 784620 ID: bfb318
File 148859066788.png - (111.55KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

The order is placed in the real world, and I go asking questions bluntly.

"Who's your favorite ranger?"
"Of the omega wave force?"

The only empathic reaction I get is in line with recognizing and liking the show.

>"Oh! I never watched the show too much. Are they called rangers?"
>"Wha? Well Pink's gonna love up the rogueish downtown tomorrow so heh I'm a little biased."
"Are you going to be there?"
>"Yeah! I'm a rogue, ya know."

Hm. She doesn't feel that way, which is good for her.
No. 784623 ID: 595d54

"Nope, didn't notice. What're you going to do there?"
No. 784624 ID: 65ec8d

Well, at this point I'm guessing she's not Pink. Still, might be some info out of her.

"You seem to be in a good mood, then. Anything especially good happen to you today, aside from your get-together up in the hotel room?"

Since we're out of the room and she seems overall helpful, maybe it'd be better to be a bit blunter still. You already told her you were looking for a missing person, after all. Tell her you came to her because a camera had her in the last place the missing person should have been. Did she see, hear or feel anything unusual earlier, while she was traveling?
No. 784625 ID: 3abd97

Hmmm. Well, she could theoretically be lying about being a rogue if she doesn't feel like one, but it's pretty unlikely she'd be able to hide the fact she was lying from you. Especially high. Pretty much rules her out.

Ask a few other questions and disengage, I guess. Maybe leave a tip for the pizza. Try and see if she knows anything else about Pink? If the rogue community loves her, she might know something the general populace doesn't. Like if she's visited them before.

"I guess she must be pretty popular, then."

"Does she stop by roguetown often?"
No. 784631 ID: 91ee5f

Smile for the drone! Then you'll have photographic evidence of you smiling and having a good time!
No. 784632 ID: bfb318
File 148859302309.png - (127.82KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

>Smile for the drone!
So far I have little reason to smile.

"I didn't notice. What are you going to do there?"
>"... in roguetown? Get... hit... by a love beam?" she says, like I was asking a trick question.

>"That's strange." says Katzati. "She lives in a hive complex, and typically, those residents are all in the same hive. We're looking into it, but it's not unfeasible she just has a skillset that the resident hive wants filled."

"Right. Is that why you're in the capital, or do you live here?" I say, returning to Vinessca.
>"Oh no, I'm out of town. I just came in today!"
"Do you go to roguetown often?"
>"Oh, no, there's generally no reason."
"Did you see or feel anything unusual on your way over?" I ask, while she runs up the stairs.
>"Hmm... I mean, nothing out of the ordinary?"
"Any details?" I press farther, half because she seems to have something on her mind, half because of a desperate hope that this wasn't a complete dead end.
>"Hmm... oh, I did see a friendly neumono that looked like me! She was surrounded by a couple of aliens. I know she's friendly because she smiled and waved over to me."
"What can you tell me about her?" I ask, as we finish approaching our room.
>"Right, she's - oh hi guys! I challenge you, Dorrol!" She completely forgot about my question the instant that we walked through the door.
>"Dare?" he says.
>"Do a handstand!" Vinessca says, dropping me off.

Although he had a passing resemblence to Pilon prior to this, seeing this high individual attempt to do a handstand makes him look much more like Pilon, at least in his infomercials. He is failing constantly.
No. 784633 ID: bfb318
File 148859308914.png - (143.55KB , 800x800 , 39.png )

>"Okay!" he says as though he succeeded at any point in time. He never did, but his body language swaggers in triumph and bad balance as he unravels some chocolate. I have to admit it smells nice, at least in this drug den. Then again, it smells like there may be something else in there. An unknown drug, perhaps, baked into the chocolate. "Back to you!" he says, crawling over to me. "Truth or dare?" My instinct freezes as I get picked again, but then I realize I can then redirect this back to Vinessca, and return to the line of questioning that I had her on.
No. 784635 ID: a363ac

No. 784637 ID: 3abd97

Leaving the room at the bonus benefit of reducing how long you had to hotbox it with these guys.

>>"Hmm... oh, I did see a friendly neumono that looked like me! She was surrounded by a couple of aliens. I know she's friendly because she smiled and waved over to me."
Well that's a maybe lead you could follow up with your next question.

Dare, I think. The two prior dares have been silly physical stunts, which has sort of set the tone. You'll likely get something similar. (Hopefully you won't be dared to say, eat an unsafe amount of drugs). Truth could blow this way too badly.
No. 784638 ID: 65ec8d

Polo you know you are a dare master.
No. 784639 ID: 1712fe

Dare, pressing Vinessca might harsh the vibe, which will make this pointless for everyone!
No. 784640 ID: 595d54

No. 784641 ID: 211d83

Go for Dare.

Remember you are a agent who can leave whenever she likes.
No. 784643 ID: bfb318
File 148859406711.png - (104.31KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

>"Eat that whole bar of chocolate!" He talks while eating the last of his own.

He points to an untouched, enormous block of chocolate, then fingerguns at me. At first I think it must be laced in who knows what drugs and other chemical substances, but I also realize that it's still well wrapped. I cannot imagine that a drugged chocolate bar would still be wrapped as though it were freshly bought out of the store.
No. 784644 ID: a363ac

what brand is it?
No. 784645 ID: 211d83

Hold the bar up and say out loud "You mean this (insert product info here) bar?" So Katzati knows what you are doing.

Then get to eating. We had our guys checking the new chocolate so should be safe.
No. 784647 ID: 595d54

Is this the actual chocolate or the nontoxic chocolate-flavored stuff? Either way, start eating. If you're worried about having too much of whatever, you could waste some by "accident" I guess? It'd make you look kinda slobby, though.
No. 784648 ID: 3abd97

You're getting out of here in less than ten minutes. Even if it is drugged, you could throw it all up before you have the chance to metabolize much of it.

Do it.
No. 784649 ID: 3abd97

Just make sure you're facing away from the window so your drone can't get any embarrassing pictures for Az to harass you with for the next year.
No. 784650 ID: bfb318
File 148859462527.png - (79.69KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

I investigate further. It is unmarked, though it may have been slipped out of a brand marker sleeve or box. It is not too large for me to eat, but it will be filling, and is a slap in the face to all of my discipline in the ways of physical performance.

"Is this actual chocolate?"
>"Yeah!" he says.

>"I mean no!" he adds. "I mean - it's the stuff they call 'chocolate' but without the caffiene."

I suppose I could just vomit it back out upon clearing out of this room, if I do so quick enough.
No. 784651 ID: 094652

Go to the store, buy an even larger chocolate bar. Or you know, STOP PLAYING. It would be too easy to make your own sealed chocolate bar wrapping, those things are made cheap.

... But yes you would like more chocolate.
No. 784652 ID: 211d83

Just eat it.
No. 784653 ID: 595d54

What did his empathy say, if anything? But... whatever.

Relax, chow down, and enjoy the treat. You've earned it putting up with Az and Rokoa and all this crime shit.
No. 784654 ID: 3abd97

Unwrap it very carefully, undoing all the folds and keeping the wrapper perfectly intact.

Then devour the chocolate as messily and quickly as you can.

And >>784649
No. 784655 ID: 65ec8d

Say "You'll have none left for yourself then, but ok", and if they don't object after being reminded of that then do it. After that say "ok, I need to get back to work, so just another couple of rounds" and point to someone random to tag them. Stay for another little while for politeness, chip in some money for their food in return for them losing their chocolate, and when you do leave, ask Vinnesca to step outside with you for just a second. Maybe do that when the rest of them are distracted by something else. Could engineer the distraction yourself, if you wanted. Like, if they go dare, go "ok, I dare you to stand in a circle of you, you and you (the non-Vinnescas), close your eyes spin around and make out with whoever's closest to in front of you.

If Vinnesca was traveling publicly, there should have been cameras most of the way along her route in a futuristic city like yours, right? And you must have recognition/tracking systems for following a particular person's trail along those cameras. Ask Katzati if she can follow Vinnesca's trail to see this other pink neumono and her aliens.
No. 784656 ID: 1712fe

You haven't had any yet, have you? Maybe it's almost as good as coffee cake. Worth a try, even if you don't feel up to eating the whole thing. Plus those things are jammed full of sugar, that's good for energy, and you're assured to work it off by the end of this case.
No. 784657 ID: 595d54

Disagree, hiding will just show that Polo's vulnerable and encourage them to tease her. Act like it ain't a thing.
No. 784658 ID: 4546ab

Just go for it you grump.
No. 784661 ID: 398fe1

Sniff this chocolate. If it also smells off, then it's time to abandon the game and start asking official questions, specifically about the aliens near the pink neumono Vinessca noticed. Also, break off a piece of the chocolate to analyze.
No. 784664 ID: b412df

It's not like one bar chocolate is going to change your diet, sure it's unhealthy but a one off thing like this isn't going to hurt.

Basically, just eat it, you grump. Are you trying to glare a hole through it?
No. 784665 ID: bfb318
File 148859542724.png - (96.87KB , 800x800 , 42.png )

>If Vinnesca was traveling publicly, there should have been cameras most of the way along her route in a futuristic city like yours, right?
At least while in the capital. It is possible Vinnesca saw this other pink neumono while in the outskirts, which don't have ubiquitous surveillance.

>What did his empathy say, if anything?
The jammer is still online, and I was not touching him to bypass it.

I undo the wrapper carefully, and pocket it. It does not, at least, taste like solidified drugs. It smells like chocolate.

I eat it. I eat the whole thing, not fully facing or turning from the window, as any drones out there can already see what I'm about to do regardless. It's too delicious and I understand now what the neumono species has been missing out on. The other neumono cheer me as they yell 'Chug! Chug! Chug!' I don't correct them, and someone bangs on the floor from downstairs. I 'accidentally' chip off a part of the chocolate and wipe it into my fur just under my shirt collar. I will save this for later to take a proper sample from later.

It is now my turn. I would like to get out of here soon, so that I can talk with Katzati, as I cannot do it without having the others hear as well.
No. 784666 ID: 595d54

Smile, ya grumpy jackass. And if you're leaving anyway go for Vinessca again.
No. 784667 ID: 3abd97

How sick / full are you feeling now, Polo?

>It is now my turn. I would like to get out of here soon, so that I can talk with Katzati, as I cannot do it without having the others hear as well.
Pick Vinnesca again. Or if they make you pick someone else, pick necklace girl, and have her do something distracting so you can ask Vinnesca your follow up question before slipping out.
No. 784668 ID: 211d83

7 minutes of heaven with Vinessca in the closet dare (if she chooses dare).

Then just chat in private. Yeah its silly but it will work.
No. 784670 ID: e22b1d


Oddly enough this would get us the most private time to chat with her before leaving.
No. 784672 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, say you feel bad for eating all their chocolate, since you can't stay much longer. Give them some money for more, then pick someone random and ask them for truth or dare. Maybe one of the ones who looks more secretive, so they'll be more likely to pick dare (Do neumono ever pick truth in this game? Truth isn't that special to you guys compared to other species). Dare them to do something distracting (like the spin makeouts) and drag Vinnesca to the door for a last question before you go. If anyone objects to you going just remind them that you're looking for a missing person, and you can't wait around while some poor someone's missing a party, can you?
No. 784675 ID: 4546ab

Do the make outs in a closet for 7 minutes dare.

The perfect plan really.

Unless she says truth and then we can just ask her what we want to know.
No. 784703 ID: bfb318
File 148860196950.png - (137.47KB , 800x800 , 43.png )

>All the chocolate
Looking around, I find a couple of other chocolate bars laying around. I believe it just happened to be an isolated bar that this guy saw.

>Do neumono ever pick truth in this game?
I would not know.

>"Me again? Dare!"

I do not care to have this spread around the office and operations, but the mission is more important.

"7 minutes in heaven."
>"OHHH." all of them say, and Vinessca is visibly taken aback.
>"W-welllll okay! You're on!" says Vinessca.
No. 784704 ID: bfb318
File 148860197707.png - (76.29KB , 800x800 , 44.png )

We are now in the closet.

>"Start!" one of the ones on the outside says, apparently timing this. Vinessca is looking at me half confusedly, half expectantly.
No. 784707 ID: 3abd97

Katzati, this would be the perfect moment to troll Polo a little.

"I can guide you through it if you don't know how to play."

>Vinessca is looking at me half confusedly, half expectantly.
Cough, awkwardly.


What was the story about that nice Pink girl who waved before?
No. 784708 ID: 211d83

Continue your questioning from earlier.

She is expecting some sort of physical contact and or loving so give her a nice massage or something while you talk.
No. 784709 ID: 4546ab

The others will be expecting some interesting noises to be coming from this closet so grab some breasts and tweak them unpassionately while you ask her about what she saw.
No. 784710 ID: 595d54

Strip down first, you have to be a role model for the civvies after all. Once she's followed in your example you can start massaging and question her once her guard's lowered.
No. 784713 ID: 398fe1

Apologize to her and tell her that you've just got some questions you wanted to ask in private. That neumono she saw may be a kidnapping victim and you want to know more.

(talk quietly)
No. 784715 ID: e22b1d

Give the lonely rogue some quick loving while you interrogate her about what she saw.
No. 784719 ID: 398fe1

Oh my god you guys this isn't unseunce.
No. 784721 ID: 90f3c0

Ask her about the pink neumono she saw, while feeling out her empathy under the guise of some sensual touching.
No. 784723 ID: 91ee5f

Now you can't do that and only question her. That would be upsetting, rude, and she'll be rightly pissed off.

So you've gotta make out with her or something! Do it for the mission!
No. 784728 ID: 595d54

>This is a patreon funded quest, and may potentially have nsfw content.
No. 784781 ID: 65ec8d

Put that practice with Rokoa to work and give her a back massage. You can keep asking her questions while you do that.


My guess would be that "potentially nsfw" puts it in the same class as Dating a Murder Neumono, with the possibility of seeing nsfw things but leaving the characters and events in the range of standard personality and natural occurrence (for neumono). So, since this isn't a pornoverse, we probably won't see spontaneous sex acts at the drop of a hat (at least not from Grump Cop), but it is a detective story universe, so we might see the male neumono equivalent of the investigator's recurring smokey dame love interest (Pilon? She already mentioned being reminded of him), or we'll have to go to a strip club or brothel for clues, that sort of thing. It's also a valentine's day story, so we might see some romantic comedy stuff, like Pink's been taken to some love club doing a special event and Polo will need a date to go in undercover with, or something like that. Something, you know, romantic. Heck maybe the rangers have set all this up because they think Polo needs to find love to de-grump her, and there's some complicated romance scheme and we just haven't found the lead they're expecting her to find yet?

This is still the same Polo from the christmas adventure, anyway, so I wouldn't expect to see her jumping on strangers.
No. 784785 ID: 595d54

Okay, this seems to be getting out of hand. I'm not expecting Polo to jump into lewds. The only point I was trying to make was that it didn't make sense to protest when people make lewd suggestions, given the premise and how fun it is to mess with Polo.
No. 784811 ID: e6e9af


May as well make good on the dare while using the intimacy -- I mean, unimpeded physical contact -- to get a solid read on her empathy the whole while. And besides, the application of pleasure can be very useful in interrogation by helping to lower inhibitions and confuse or otherwise preoccupy an individual from any conscious (or potentially subconscious) efforts to obfuscate or omit things.

So yeah, lets enjoy -- err, make the best of -- these next 7 minutes.
No. 784848 ID: bfb318
File 148866454892.png - (81.59KB , 800x800 , 45.png )

>"I can guide you through it if you don't know how to play." I hear Katzati say. She doesn't snicker, but I can practically feel her empathy giggling through the mic.

I take her hand. Ideally this would be a normal back and forth questioning, but upon contact, I confirm that her body language may be expecting more. It is also a bit confused and nervous, but attempting to read multiple emotions at once outside of one's hive is hardly reliable.

"I wanted to keep talking." I say, whispering to her.
>"Hmm?" she slurs out, but her empathy welcomes me to keep going.
"You said you saw a pink neumono like yourself."
>"Yeahhh... it was in Copperfield. I think. Where she got off, I mean."
"Where in Copperfield?"

Copperfield is a town south of the capital. It's part of the same region, and in some ways copperfield is counted as part of the capital itself, but we don't have ubiquitous surveillance.
No. 784849 ID: bfb318
File 148866460278.png - (108.50KB , 800x800 , 46.png )

Vinessca seems a little unnerved by me just questioning her, so I turn her around and give her a back massage as a decent compromise.

>"Mm... yeah, it was in Copperfield, some stop along the way." she says. There's only one major subway line that goes into the capital through Copperfield, so that helps.
"Can you describe what you saw at the stop?"
>"Welll, there was a miklik, one really huge neumono, I also saw the cutest bag..."
"These two were around the pink neumono?"
>"Oh, no, just random things I saw on the train."
"I meant more along the lines of what was around the building at the stop?"

Her breathing evens out, and I almost think she's on the verge of falling asleep somehow, but she continues to mumble about pillars and graffiti on the outside of the train. Katzati says she'll confirm which stops are possible from that.

I hear a light scrape just outside of the closet. I think that the others are eavesdropping. Not that it may matter, especially if I have no further questions.
No. 784853 ID: 3abd97

Let Vinessca fall asleep. Then fake some appreciative moans or other sound effects for your audience.

Make excuses and leave after they let you out of the closet.
No. 784857 ID: 65ec8d

Give her some sort of implicative compliment like "Your fur feels really nice" or something, loud enough to be easy for eavesdroppers to hear. Or tell her to lie down. Or put your hands up under the back of her top and comment on whether she's wearing a bra or not. Something to feed the imaginations of those outside and make them think they don't have to listen closer.

Actually, get her to lie down on her front anyway, it'll be easier for you and you can lean up to her ear. Doing something physically might get her to wake up a little more again for a moment, too. Alternately, for another way to stop her nodding off, you could say "Your turn now" and get a backrub yourself.

More quietly, you can ask a couple more questions. We might have to limit ourselves to things Vinnesca was more likely to notice. Something like "You said she looked like you? What was different?", and "What was she wearing?" or "What did she feel like?"

If you want to play more into the scenario here, you could likely rephrase that "what was different" question in different, more complimenty/gossipy ways. Like "She looked like you, you said? She couldn't have been as pretty", maybe exchange "pretty" with "athletic" or "curvy" or other words that would lure out comparisons that would narrow your field. You could also rephrase "what did she feel like" as "I bet her empathy wasn't as nice and friendly as yours", something like that.
No. 784865 ID: 211d83

Good job subduing the suspect Polo. Now make a few choice comments that will make everyone listening think you two are enjoying yourselves and use your ninja magic to escape through the air ducts. Leaving everyone to question what the heck just happened.
No. 785015 ID: 15a025

You've got an audience out there Polo. Fake some noises and give them some entertainment.
No. 785033 ID: e17aca

Engage in actual mouth to mouth empathy-sharing. You dragged her in there and got her all excited, its only right. And you might like it.
No. 785130 ID: 91cfcf

This is good.

Also, consider smacking her butt to keep her awake.
No. 785133 ID: bfb318
File 148873230804.png - (106.03KB , 800x800 , 47.png )

>Air ducts
There are none in the closet.

"Your fur feels nice, by the way."
>"Thanks!" Vinessca says sincerely.
"What was different about this other girl?"
>"How so?"
"What was she wearing?"
>"Uh, can't remember, but I remember a tight uniform under her clothes. It looked fancy, and I've sometimes seen it while people go running or at the gym or something. Like a... I don't think it was a biosuit, but it looked kinda like one."
"I doubt she was... as curvy." I ham up the last phrase a bit more than intended.
>"Oh, she was big. She looked like me if I stopped running! I was in track and field, you know. I could outrun her any day. She was cute though."
"How was her empathy?"
>"Was nice." she says. For a brief moment, she starts losing enthusiasm for talking about another girl. She also wonders why I'm asking her so many questions. These moments of clarity are brief, and turn into wondering just who I am and what I'm doing in a dark closet giving her a back massage. Even as I wonder the same thing, her own thought doesn't last long before she settles down. My back massage gets more rapid, too, as I put much more energy into it than I would normally think. It does keep her awake, so I don't need to do anything crude like smacking her butt or kissing or whatever girls do in the closet. I no longer hear noises from outside.

>"Whenever you're done." says Katzati. "We've got some updates for you, if you want to come back to base. The ransom people apparently found the suit left in some luggage. They don't seem like they thought they could've gotten away with it, but they didn't think the UDA would bait criminals with that either, so they went for it."
No. 785137 ID: 91cfcf

>whatever girls do in the closet
You would know, Polo. How's Rokoa?

Anyway, time to go back and gather more info.
No. 785138 ID: 3abd97

Time for you to come out of the closet, Polo.

>We've got some updates for you, if you want to come back to base
How far away / long is it to get back to base? Might be better to be briefed in the field once you've gotten out of this apartment and can speak freely, instead of wasting transit time.
No. 785151 ID: 398fe1

Man, that is a really solid lead. Pink neumono wearing a non-standard biosuit while hanging around near some other aliens, but isn't as fit as a military neumono should be? I can't think of a better description of a situation where the Pink Ranger could be kidnapped.

Time to leave and follow that lead, unless we have a better one somehow.
No. 785152 ID: 65ec8d

Well, I don't think she'll take any more questions. Now you've just got to leave without being impolite. These people have been helpful, after all.

Fill up the rest of your remaining seven minutes by talking to her about her. Couple more compliments, whatever sincere ones you can think of, maybe ask her what her job is (because I'm curious) and whether the rest of the people at the party are long-term friends of hers or just people she hooked up with. You could also ask her for her phone number, maybe she'll be a more useful witness later when she's sobered up?

Once you get out of the closet... let's see, how to leave without being rude. Tell them you're going to go get a drink, ask them if there's anything they want from the shop. Go down and get those, and tip someone to bring them up to this room and tell these people that you got a call and had to leave. That'll leave them something for their trouble.
No. 785157 ID: 91ee5f

>"Oh, she was big. She looked like me if I stopped running! I was in track and field, you know. I could outrun her any day. She was cute though."
That might not be Pink. She's with the Rangers, so she's gotta stay in shape in order to keep up and not hold the team back when they go out to do their hero stuff!

But if that is Pink, then maybe she should consider laying off all the chocolates she keeps getting from her fan mail!
No. 785167 ID: 65ec8d


Well, it might be she just eats a lot and has muscle underneath. Also the rangers rely on their technology a lot? I'm not sure if we've ever actually seen them fight themselves, rather than just using their guns and vehicles. Not being very trim wouldn't surprise me. And for all we know their suits and empathy powers might burn up a lot of calories, so they make extra effort to have a lot of reserves.

We know from Rokoa that being a strong fighter doesn't mean being slim, anyway.
No. 785194 ID: 91ee5f

Well, I was thinking that they can't use their weapons and vehicles everywhere in every situation. So they have to have some sort of hand to hand combat training. Or at least be able to chase someone on foot.
No. 785344 ID: bfb318
File 148877734428.png - (114.19KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

I start making normal smalltalk. I learn she lives with the Foodbowl hive as a general purpose janitor and maintenance girl. She had a 3 year mandatory army service, where she made friends with a Foodbowl hivemate, and that's why she's allowed to stay with them. It's a good fate for a rogue. We trade numbers, me giving her an undercover number to call. She spills enough information about the friends out there as well. To be polite, I spend the full 7 minutes in the closet, before excusing myself to get a drink.

Using a hall phone, I call up room service to have drinks delivered to the room for all of them for the lead, and to send my thanks and apologies for having to leave.
No. 785345 ID: bfb318
File 148877737491.png - (161.25KB , 800x800 , 49.png )

It's not a long trip back to base, so I travel back there since Katzati has to gather information herself before briefing me on what's been found. As I arrive, I drop off the chocolate sample at the lab on my way to the operation building level as Katzati explains.

>"We're trying to get surveillance on the train so that we can see who brought on the luggage that had the pink suit. The train company apparently had faulty wiring though, and the cameras weren't functioning. A lot of the people looking into that think it's way too fishy, and that the evidence was pulled out in advance. Someone has to go wring some information out of people. It's surprisingly tough to get proper warrants for this, so either we need to wait and possibly get delayed, or we need to have some, er, an underhanded, discrete interrogation take place from neumono that don't seem to want to talk to us."
>"Also, we looked at some of the return addresses and, well, we wired some calls from a rogue in town. We could only hear one side of the conversation, oddly enough, but it sounded like he was talking to Pink."
>"Then, of course, the lead you just got. We should have a good idea of what stop Vinessca was talking about once an agent gets there. These are our three biggest targets, and because we're on a sharp timetable, we're sending agents to all of them at once, but you get first crack at... oh hey!"
>"Oh hey!" I hear her voice in person doubling up as I enter the room.
No. 785347 ID: bfb318
File 148877738566.png - (111.36KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

We move to the side so we can speak to ourselves, but as I move in, the operation room starts getting quiet. There is a jammer here so that people don't distract one another in all the stress, but I still get an odd looming feeling that involves an undue level of attention on me.

I hear some whispering.

>"Ohhh you feel so good but I'm so pure and innocent!"

It's coming from a maintenance closet.

>"No. You are a bad criminal full of drugs and crime." another voice stage-whispers in some kind of monotone voice. Some operators and nearby agents are trying to stifle their giggles.
>"Ohh yessss talk dirty to me!"
>"No, I am miss perfect agent and do not know how to wind down. Accept my love, or I will give it to Rokoa."
>"Ahhh! Yes, come out of the closet with me!"
>"No. There will be too much speculation from people with personalities. I am a soulless ghost and will now vanish through thin air so that no one will learn my dark closet secrets. Our love is confidential."

People are failing at stifling their giggles now as someone impersonates me.
No. 785351 ID: 3abd97

Calmly walk up and lock them in the closet and then walk away with the key.

If there's no lock (there's always a lock) grab something to use as a wedge and then jam it under the door and then lean against it so no one can come and let them out.

>three leads
We should send an agent who specializes in technical stuff to the first one. Someone who can quickly figure out if the cameras were sabatauged, and who can try to get information from how it was done. That's not Polo's area of expertise.

Polo could do either of the other two, but it makes the most sense to chase our own lead and take number 3.
No. 785352 ID: 595d54

They're not even named, clearly they're not important enough to be anything other than ignored.

"And here I was almost going to take you up on your offer about teaching me how to play 7 Minutes of Heaven. Who do I have first crack at, again?"
No. 785353 ID: 65ec8d

My, what good-natured office ribbing is going on, as is suitable and helpful to teambuilding and operational morale. Learn who these closet people are, and mark them down in your prank journal for later vengeance. For morale.

In the meantime, ask Katzati if she got any of that evidence from your hive for you.

As for the choice of what to do next, well the interrogation isn't really your thing, and the rogue one will probably end up an interrogation as well, though you should at least look at the log of what was intercepted. I say go follow up Vinnesca's lead at the station.
No. 785378 ID: 91ee5f

Watch it be two people actually having sex in there and one of them just enjoys roleplaying as Polo.....and it's a guy that's being Polo! XD
No. 785380 ID: 91ee5f

But, yeah, let's lock them in there.
No. 785382 ID: 3abd97

If they protest about being locked in / ask to be let out:

"Oh, but surely super secret agent ghost Polo should have no trouble vanishing her way out of a mere closet."
No. 785395 ID: e17aca

You might be annoyed but its not inaccurate.
No. 785410 ID: a363ac

Sending Rokoa to the station as a off-duty cop so she can ask questions and generally make people uncomfertable should work more quickly then pussyfooting around to get intel. also sending a tech wizard nerd for the cameras.
The second one sounds the most interesting so send Polo there.
Make sure to give the key to katzati and tell her this.
No. 785420 ID: 12e88b

You can play it off with a dry comment. Something like "Hmm, I didn't realize how much I dominated people's fantasies, here. I'll try to hold back my natural, overwhelming sensuality."
No. 785442 ID: 85f220


Yes do this.
No. 785473 ID: bfb318
File 148883636235.png - (112.69KB , 800x800 , 51.png )

No. 785474 ID: bfb318
File 148883636894.png - (117.35KB , 800x800 , 52.png )

I'm going to go follow my own lead to this other pink neumono. Like the hotel, it's a neighborhood that is somewhat sketchy, but not so bad that people constantly get mugged. Still, I should decide whether to go plainclothes, or act as an agent.
No. 785477 ID: 65ec8d

Plainclothes is probably still better. I assume you'll still have a badge to pull out if necessary.
No. 785483 ID: a363ac

this sounds like a more official questioning then the last one since it was a wire tap that got the information go as agent.
Make sure to tell Katzati to let them out 10 minutes after they relize they are locked in and to make them provide a verbal apology when they do.
No. 785484 ID: a363ac

specifically apologize for the Rokoa comment.
No. 785490 ID: 3abd97

Counterprank engaged. Now you just need to hang around long enough for their being trapped to be uncomfortable or an inconvenience. If you walk away immediately, someone will just let them out.

Wear your uniform. Official questioning will probably be necessary.
No. 785496 ID: 211d83

Put a sign up on the chair reading "7 hours in heaven. Do Not Disturb"

Plainclothes should be ok for your next meeting.
No. 785832 ID: bfb318
File 148893311446.png - (110.87KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

"I will follow my own lead, Katzati."

The door handle turns, and they realize they've been jammed inside.

>"Uh ohhh!" whispers a nearby operator with apparently nothing important to do. "How's Agent Polo gonna get out of this one?"
>"Tune in next time, on Omega Waveforce episode 107: Agent Polo enters the fray!" whispers another.
"Katzati, if you need to delegate work, put those two on the task."
>"Okay." Katzati says, while the other two mutter some curses.

No one appears to be in a hurry to let the other two out, and the same in-office pranking that they're using will ensure they have to work to get someone to let them out.

I give a couple of recommendations for agents that would be suited to investigating the surveillance issues, and an agent that has a way with rogues. It's above my station to actually send them myself, but usually recommendations don't fall on deaf ears.

"Oh." I also say to Katzati. "Let them out in 10 minutes if they apologize. I will go out, now, in plainclothes with a concealed weapon and badge."
>"Alright, good luck."
No. 785833 ID: bfb318
File 148893315615.png - (159.87KB , 800x800 , 54.png )

I take the public train to the area that matches up with Vinessca's description. Katzati has informed me that the subway's exit pass should have surveillance leading out of it, independent of the surveillance that failed inside of the train. Local buildings should have seen her leave as well as there is a bank and a parking garage just outside. This is not the capital, and we have to manually pull the surveillance tapes from the building owners around here. Once I have them, though, I can plug in an AI to immediately skim over the entire tape and point out neumono of interest.

There are also two neumono here that look like they haven't moved around much.
No. 785835 ID: 398fe1

Ask them for information. Don't be surprised when you gotta bribe them for it.
No. 785837 ID: 211d83

Go talk to the shopkeepers and get the tapes pulled. Then email them back to base for scanning.

Then grab a few snacks/chocolate/bribes from the store and go use them on the bums to learn if they noticed anything.
No. 785838 ID: 595d54

Well, there don't seem to be any ambushes lying in wait. Go get some decently filling food for bribes and see if you can get any useful footage.
No. 785962 ID: 65ec8d

Don't go assuming they're hobos, they might just be waiting for someone who's late on the train, or similar. They might get offended.
No. 785975 ID: bfb318
File 148895110428.png - (162.64KB , 1000x800 , 55.png )

I pass the two homeless to go to the exit terminal to find a security guard. If they're not homeless, then they should go to their home and take a shower. I'll get some food for them. While security pulls the tapes, I'll find a vending machine.

>"Hi." the guard says.
"UDA." I say, flashing my badge, and getting her attention. "We are looking for an individual who is suspected missing. I believe there's a chance that they have moved through here. I would like to review your security tapes."
>"Uh, understood - do you have a warrant?"
"No. This is an expedited case."
>"Sorry. It's policy that I don't share tapes without good reason."
"What is that policy?"
"What does the policy say?"
>"That... I don't share the tapes without good reason?"
"What is 'good reason?'"
>"I - look - I mean, having a warrant. A warrant is good reason." She's nervous about impeding my progress, but is firm about it.
"Show me the policy book that explains it."
>"I don't have one."
"Show me the website where policy is covered."
>"Just go to the main site! There'll be support, there." she says, clearly agitated by this point.

I don't believe she knows what the policy actually is, and is just wanting to cover her own ass for pulling tapes. I can pull up our own documents and strongarm her into yielding, or get a warrant. It will take between an hour and a few hours to get a warrant.
No. 785976 ID: a363ac

Just call Az I am sure he can get her to relent or just give you a warrant.
No. 785977 ID: 595d54

Ask nicely. It seems like she's had a long day, you should offer to help her relieve some tension.
No. 785978 ID: 3abd97

Ask Katzati to pull their policy online. If there's a loophole or exact wording you can get around, she'll find it for you. (For instance, if it explains what "good reason" is, you may be able to provide her with one. For instance, looking into an abduction might qualify, where chasing petty crime might not).

If she's concerned about the tapes being pulled for evidence and their getting involved legally in anything, she doesn't need to be concerned. You simply need to know where the people you're following went, and you'll be on your way.

The important thing to note about search warrants is they grant you access to when the property owners don't otherwise consent. Technically, there's nothing wrong with people choosing to cooperate if they have nothing to hide.

If this train station is run by the same corporation that sold tracks or parts to the Grinch for his train last time, they might be quick to cooperate with the UDA, to make nice and regain some face. No need for a warrant, an agent (or Az) just needs to call someone higher up and lean on them.

tl;dr- Don't be too hard on if she's simply trying to follow the rules and do her job, as you are. But try to see if there's a way you can get her to consent so we don't need to stall for a warrant.
No. 786007 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, look her in the eye and say: "Let me get this straight. You're telling me that these security tapes - the tapes that record a public space, the tapes which only exist so that they can assist in preventing crimes and aiding criminal investigations... the tapes which, being aimed at a train station, are most likely used to track criminals and persons of interest who are on the move and probably getting further away every minute... require the very people they are specifically designed to help to spend two hours getting a warrant before they can be shown? I want you to think hard, now. Do you really think that that's "policy"?"
No. 786117 ID: bfb318
File 148901342168.png - (114.10KB , 800x800 , 56.png )

"I am asking for cameras that record public space, which only exist to prevent and investigate crimes. You believe it's policy to hide those?"
>"I don't make the rules."
"One moment." I say, then move to the side. "Katzati, can you pull their policy?"
>"I'm trying, but their site isn't user friendly at all. I don't even think they have their policies like that on their site."
"Please get Az on this, then."

I wait in awkward silence with the guard, but within a minute, I hear her phone vibrate. She picks it up, and her empathy's tone changes as I can hear the other end chew her out.
No. 786118 ID: bfb318
File 148901342884.png - (99.81KB , 800x800 , 57.png )

She has me follow her to a room, which she unlocks and lets me through. I plug in my scanning AI, and it only takes a moment to find the suspected target.
No. 786119 ID: bfb318
File 148901343621.png - (153.76KB , 800x800 , 58.png )

A large pink neumono in a bulky trenchcoat. She's wearing a wig, which has been considered tacky for decades. She walks out of the station like she has some place to be, though not in a particular hurry. She exits the station at 8:19 AM, but I can't tell which way she went. We at least have a visual.
No. 786127 ID: 3abd97

No sign of those aliens she was seen with, huh?

Upload an image to Katzati to help her end of the search, and thank the security guard.

>wig on a furry alien
Yep, wicked tacky.

You could try following her by checking security tapes overlooking the road in different businesses, but honestly, it might be faster to take the social route and just ask people / venders who have been around since then.

I mean, if she was going for innocuous, she failed. If anything, that outfit makes her stand out. It's silly enough to be memorable.
No. 786131 ID: 398fe1

Wait, that's not how Vinessca described her. Did you catch the incident Vinessca told you about? Of a pink neumono in some sort of bodysuit that waved at her?
No. 786133 ID: 65ec8d

The bulky trenchcoat and wig combo makes me think "something to hide". She has things on her ears, too. Are those tying her ears back, or are they just bandages or decorations? This woman could easily be concealing recent injuries. Something that would have been out of fashion for decades might also link up with our target's potential age.

It's odd, though. Vinnesca said that the woman she saw was wearing... something skintight, what I assumed was some sort of spandex or yoga pants or bike shorts or something. Though that was "a tight uniform under her clothes", so maybe Vinnesca saw her with the trenchcoat open. Vinnesca seems the sort of person who would have commented on the wig, though?

Alternatively... could this be a stand-in? With that much covering, a white neumono could rub pink into their fur in a few spots to look pink to an observer. But... no, Vinnesca said she saw the other pink neumono get off. So any such swap would have had to be in the station itself, between the train and the exit. Broaden the search, is this the only pink neumono who came out within the next few hours? Any groups of aliens (Vinnesca said the neumono she saw was surrounded by some), any totally covered neumono, or any luggage being wheeled through large enough to contain a neumono?

Did anyone ask the other rangers if Pink left with anything? A bag, for example? A large coat, like this one?
No. 786140 ID: 90f3c0

Have Katzati and co see if they can access any more security cameras in the area, there have to be some outside the station. Meanwhile, ask around to see if anybody saw her.
No. 786148 ID: 65ec8d

That wig could also hide a headset. If she were being coerced into following instructions, for example, she could have picked up a wig with a concealed headset to wear in order to get instructions while walking around. I'd assume there are easier options for concealed communicators, like what you use yourself, but I don't know how available to the general public they are. A blackmailer on a budget might have had to cobble something rougher together.

That's assuming, though, that it's not generally obvious by empathy that someone is listening to someone talking to them.

Do the security tapes show those two homeless/unhygienic neumono around at the same time? That outfit is distinctive enough to stick out in memory, and a testimony to her empathy quality might yield clues.
No. 786170 ID: 91ee5f

Vinessca said that she was smiled and waved at, so watch this pink neumono to see if she smiles and waves at Vinessca.
No. 786171 ID: 91ee5f

Vinessca also said that the pink neumono was surrounded by a couple of aliens.
No. 786670 ID: bfb318
File 148927822013.png - (180.36KB , 800x800 , 59.png )

>That's not how Vinessca described her.
This does put the event into question. I run the AI again with slightly different settings, but it comes back with this being the only neumono that remotely fits the description.

Vinessca saw her get off the train here, but when the target waved to Vinessca, they were still on the train. The train cameras were on the fritz - supposedly - the whole way down the line. It's not beyond reason, especially not if this is the pink ranger, that she changed clothes after getting off of the train. Judging by the time lines, she could have donned different clothes, if she did it exceptionally fast.

I can at least establish that those aliens that were around or with her did not follow her out. There is no sign of them. Still, for the most part, this isn't adding up cleanly.

Katzati is already sent an image, and a wider search is being made. Investigation is going to continue, though, as if she were easily found in the existing database of known neumono, an identity would already have been found.

>No sign of those aliens she was seen with, huh?
No, but Vinessca made it seem like they might not have been with this neumono, and just around her. Plus, Vinessca was high, and her powers of recollection are put in question.

Either way, this outfit is conspicuous between the bulky trenchcoat, the wig, and the bandages around her ears. It is possible the wig is hiding a headset. While my own method is better for concealment, it is a surgical implant that is not a quick and easy solution.

"Thanks for your assistance." I say to the guard, and leave.

I grab a half dozen snack bars from the vending machine.
No. 786671 ID: bfb318
File 148927827471.png - (163.87KB , 900x800 , 60.png )

With that, I can give reason for the homeless ones to help me.

>"Hey." they say. They look out of it, but are at least responsive.
"I have a few questions." I say, handing them two of the food bars. I make it easy to read me, so that my intentions are clear that I will give them more if their answers help me. I then run through the same scenario, asking about if they saw that girl.
>"Maybe we did see her." the one closer to me says.
>"Maybe we didn't." says the other.

They definitely saw her, but they seem to have a desire to be difficult about this, in a condescending manner. They want more food, before they answer.
No. 786672 ID: 91cfcf

Tell them they shouldn't mess with cyborgs and show them the other snack bars.
No. 786673 ID: 211d83

Tell them you will expense account them at the nearest buffet restaurant if they tell you enough. Or some of those fancy new chocolate bars seeing its the season.

Much better than these tiny snack bars I would think.
No. 786675 ID: 398fe1

Another two snack bars, then.
No. 786676 ID: a363ac

They get food after and since they know they are impending a federal investigation. You can also arrest them for loitering or vagrancy.
No. 786677 ID: 398fe1

Hey now, don't promise the world or threaten them. If they are incentivized to do so, they'll lie to you.
No. 786678 ID: 65ec8d

They can probably sense from your attitude and the way you interacted with the security woman (I believe neumono empathy range would have put you close enough for them to sense that exchange?) that you're some sort of official person, and being homeless they would have a reason to be hostile to you personally.

Offer to set them up with a local hostel or something where they can have a wash and a good night, and a tab to get laundry and a couple of nice meals. Might as well put your government dollars to work, it'll hardly be anything compared to the kind of expenses you can run into in your line of work. Maybe let a bit of your concern for the lady you're looking for leak out, if you can dredge some up.
No. 786680 ID: 3abd97

I assume there's something of a budget for paying off informants?

Tolerate their condescension. Offer a chit to pay for a meal and/or a stay in a hotel for their cooperation, or arrest for impeding an official investigation if they insist on playing games.
No. 786695 ID: 91ee5f

>Judging by the time lines, she could have donned different clothes, if she did it exceptionally fast.
That makes sense. She's a ranger, so she needs to be able to get in and out of her costume quickly.
No. 786701 ID: 87547f

You have to remember Polo that the Rangers are silly. I could easily see Pink having a bag of different wigs and such to change out silly disguises every stop as part of her attempts to hide.

Be nice to the homeless rogues.
No. 786741 ID: 15a025

Throw them each another bar and say "Oh I think you two did see her."
No. 787173 ID: bfb318
File 148945484783.png - (86.27KB , 800x800 , 61.png )

>They can probably sense from your attitude and the way you interacted with the security woman
That was too far away for empathic range to cover these two. Still, many homeless are outright hostile to authority figures, so I'm not in a hurry to pull out my badge unless other options are dried up first.

>I assume there's something of a budget for paying off informants?
There is. We are given generous funds for undercover work, including payoffs and even bribes for the greater good. We simply have to record all of our expenditures.

I hand them two more bars.

>"Oh, yeah, I think I remember something." says the guy. "She was acting a little suspicious. Like she had something to hide."
>"Then again." says the girl. "Who gets off at this stop without a few skeletons in the closet?"
>"With the way she was travelling, it was like she had a skeleton in her living room. I might've caught a bit more from her empathy, but... can't quite recall. Not on this mostly empty stomach getting filled up by cheap snacks."

I'm almost quick to offer a meal and even a hotel stay to get cleaned up, but there is something dubious about their empathy. I get the impression that they may not know as much as they're letting on, and are just trying to extract as much out of me as they can. While the money isn't a big concern, the more time I spend on false leads, the colder the real trail gets.
No. 787175 ID: 211d83

Take out a big bill or something tempting and wave it around.

"I don't know... You two do not seem that certain. I mean I have enough here to feed a hive but only if they can at least point me in the right direction. Even if that direction is that they do not know much. Bad directions just make people go hungry what with all that wasted time and such."
No. 787176 ID: 3abd97

No suppositions about her attitude, empathy, or skeletons, please. Just the facts.

Toss another 2 bars at them, and whatever else they give you is the end of it.
No. 787177 ID: 398fe1

Yeah that's enough out of them, no matter what they say it won't help.

Next lead!
No. 787179 ID: 65ec8d

Tell them to give you their hands; if you think they'll refuse, put your hands on their heads. Give them a better sense of your empathy and get a better sense yourself - you want to see if you can feel an echo of her empathy through their recollection of it. Let your honest assessment of how much trouble you could make for them if you wanted flow through, as well as your similarly honest belief that this woman may be in danger and there may well be much more general danger around large sections of the city if she's not found. Also give them an empathic "you'd better not be shitting me" glare.
No. 787181 ID: 90f3c0

Tell them you don't have time for any bullshit. Tell everything they know now, and you'll get them a nice meal and a bath. Any dishonesty, and you're leaving them with nothing. I'm sure your grumpy empathy will be enough to convince them that you're serious.
No. 787331 ID: bfb318
File 148951967283.png - (139.77KB , 800x800 , 62.png )

"I have no time for this. Tell me what you know and get a full meal and a hostel, or say that's all you know."

They struggle for a moment, and I leave. They know nothing else.

"Katzati. Do we have any knowledge on the bank or parking garage that I should know? They're my primary leads remaining." I ask, going outside.
>"Yes. We've already contacted the bank. They're extremely protective of their videos, but since you got a visual on that girl and a good time frame, they were able to supply us with the snippet we needed without much of a fuss. Go north a bit, then take a left. There should be a gym across the street. Apparently, she was seen entering through there."
No. 787332 ID: bfb318
File 148951969496.png - (151.35KB , 800x800 , 63.png )

I go inside, and the clerk waits patiently for me to approach the desk. I skim the workout area, and there's no sign of the girl, at least not in the areas I can immediately see.

"Katzati." I whisper. "Unless she's in the bathroom or around a corner, she's not here. There are multiple entrances and exits, so it's possible she took another exit. While I wait here, can we get more surveillance out of the bank up till this time?"
>"On it."

>"Looking for someone?" the clerk asks as I finally approach. "You look lost."
"I am looking for a pink neumono. Large. Perhaps with a wig, but she might have taken it off."
>"Oh, yeah, we got one of those a little while ago." She looks behind her. "Well, I don't see her now. We have some luxuries upstairs, though, like pools and a running track."
"I would like to go up to see."
>"Sorry, dear, members only."
".... How much is a day pass?"
>"Well, uh... it would be 150 zeny, but I'm sorry. We no longer accept children. Oh - are you her child?"
No. 787333 ID: 595d54

Just say yes, it's quicker and it's not like you'll ever have to deal with her again.
No. 787334 ID: b412df

Time for the badge to appear I think.
No. 787343 ID: 7397ab

No. 787347 ID: 3abd97

>Oh - are you her child
Polo looks nothing like her, and unless there's a jammer here, that blatant lie isn't gonna hold.

>We no longer accept children.
"That is a terrible policy. We should be encouraging fitness in the young, not denying them access to gyms."

Badge out. "Regardless, it does not apply here."
No. 787359 ID: e22b1d

Claim you are her girlfriend and all this tiny people hate is insulting.
No. 787361 ID: 65ec8d

No need for a badge. Show your driver's license or other form of photo ID that would prove your age that you, being a practical-minded person, carry with you at all times.
No. 787393 ID: a363ac

yes "A" lost child. and you are looking for your "moms" friend.
No. 787865 ID: bfb318
File 148969242908.png - (112.75KB , 800x800 , 64.png )

".... yes." I say.

There's no jammer. What I've had is significant practice with blanking my mind, not to make myself go silence, but to make myself simply say things with little self reflection. It isn't too dissimilar to method acting, but rather than enveloping myself with the aspects of acting a part, I simply cut away the parts of me that don't play the part.

>"Okay, you can go in, then."
No. 787866 ID: bfb318
File 148969243885.png - (174.93KB , 800x800 , 65.png )

I look around. I get some stares, but they're more out of curiosity, or at most mild concern, as I conspicuously look around. Although it is a large area, it is wide open, and there is not much to hide behind, especially not for a large neumono.

I check the first and second floor, including the bathrooms and locker rooms. There is no sign of her.

>"We just got the remaining tapes." says Katzati. "There's no sign of her."
"It's possible she left through one of the back doors. Are there security tapes on the other side?"
>"We don't... well, there are businesses, but we can't tell offhand if they have any security tapes."
No. 787867 ID: a363ac

Go ask those idiots behind you if they have seen your "Mommy"
No. 787871 ID: 211d83


Yes get a worried look on your face and ask if they have seen your mom.

Extra points for giant puppy dog eyes.
No. 787884 ID: 3abd97

Did you check the pool or the track? That's where the receptionist suggested you look.

>"We don't... well, there are businesses, but we can't tell offhand if they have any security tapes."
Reading between the lines, it sounds like it's businesses of ill repute behind this place.

And honestly, if she is up to anything, approaching those places via the cover of the gym makes a lot of sense.

>what do
Asking a few people if they've seen a large Pink neumono around might work. You don't even need to provide details, or stick to the "mommy" cover story. (It draws unnecessary attention, and a more responsible person might not get let a "lost" child run around). It's not like meeting someone at the gym, or a schedule mishap is unprecedented. It shouldn't seem odd.
No. 787889 ID: 398fe1

Is there a third floor?
No. 787891 ID: bfb318
File 148969830274.png - (92.05KB , 800x800 , 66.png )

>Did you check the pool or the track?
Yes, that was the bulk of the second story.

>Is there a third floor?
There is not, although, there is a rooftop.

>Get a worried look on your face and ask if they have seen your mom.
No. 787892 ID: bfb318
File 148969830923.png - (238.77KB , 1200x800 , 67.png )

"Excuse me." I say. I keep my distance from the barbell being help up like that, but he ends up purposefully slipping down from the ball and dropping the barbell, letting his spotters take each of his sides.
>"Yes, tiny girl?" the left spotter asks.
>"Are you looking for mommy?!" asks the right, with far more intensity than is appropriate. They appear to be hivemates, and all have light grey snow fur.
"........ yes. She is big. And pink."
>"Haha, you're going to need to be more specific than that! A lot of big neumono coming through." the left says, taking over talking to me again.
"Are there that many pink girls?"
>"Judging by their cheeks, they're all pink when they walk by and check us out!"
No. 787895 ID: bfb318
File 148969841297.png - (105.50KB , 800x800 , 68.png )


All three shout as the two spotters high five each other from behind the lifter.

"Okay, but have you seen any actually pink neumono. With pink fur."
>"Yeah - but she's not your mother."

The confident empathy behind it seems to confirm that not just do they know who I'm talking about, they seem to know her, as well.

>"In fact." the left neumono continues, "I don't even think you have a mother."

The two others seem to ignore the misspeak so strongly that I barely catch on that they even noticed how ludicrous the statement was. They just keep up a stream of tough-guy empathy.
No. 787897 ID: a363ac

start fake crying and saying you just wanted to meet your hero, and now these mean men are making fun of you for being an orphan.
No. 787898 ID: 398fe1

Shrug, flash your badge, and ask for more information about the pink neumono. She came in here, where did she go?
No. 787899 ID: 9bf80c

Polo there is only one way to convince them to talk. Challenge them to a test of physical fitness!

... You may need to either be very selecting to the type of test, or call a champion to represent you on the field of honor.

But first, sarcastically say "Yes, I am actually a robot, beep boop".
No. 787901 ID: 3abd97

>"Yes, tiny girl?"
>"Judging by their cheeks, they're all pink when they walk by and check us out!"
...if they actually think you're a kid, you have an opportunity to prank them by making them really uncomfortable for talking that way in front of you, by pushing it, or asking follow up questions.

You don't even have to fake the confusion, they're acting so weird.

Might throw them off balance enough to answer your actual line of inquiry to get rid of you.

(Even if they didn't seriously mistake you for a little girl, playing along with their derision will still put them off balance to some degree).
No. 787902 ID: 211d83

Ask them simple questions in a child like manner.

Why are the girls cheeks pink? Then continue asking embarrassing questions every time they respond to you.

Basically continue to play the child card and see how they react when you do not break character.
No. 787933 ID: bfb318
File 148970494914.png - (141.06KB , 800x800 , 69.png )

"Why are the girl's cheeks pink?"
>"... cause they're blushing."
"But you can't see it through fur."
>"You've gotta look what's under the fur! You're not a kid, damn!"
"How do you know that?"

They look at each other like it was a trick question.

>"Cause you got tits?"

Well, there's that.
No. 787934 ID: bfb318
File 148970495595.png - (130.20KB , 800x800 , 70.png )

"Fine, apparently you think I'm a robot with no mother."
>"Psh like they'd make robots to be shorties!"
"Nevermind this. UDA." I say, flashing my badge. They seem surprised, but not suddenly as on edge as many civilians get upon being unexpectedly questioned by an agent.

The lifter speaks for the first time.

>"Girl, out here, we don't follow some protocol someone else made up. We follow nothing but nature's duty and honor, like our tribal ancestors. And that pink girl you're following? She doesn't wanna be followed."
No. 787936 ID: a363ac

if I beat you in a fight will you tell me?
No. 787938 ID: 3abd97

>You're not a kid, damn!
Then you should have known better than to talk to me like one.

>And that pink girl you're following? She doesn't wanna be followed.
It is inconvenient for her, then, that we do not always get what we want.

>We follow nothing but nature's duty and honor, like our tribal ancestors
And in this case, it is your duty as law abiding citizens to help an agent of your government in the execution of her duty.
No. 787939 ID: 398fe1

Well shit. You can't force them to talk. Tell them the pink neumono isn't in any trouble, she just looks like a missing person you're trying to verify the whereabouts of.

You could eliminate her as a lead by cross-referencing her whereabouts with the Pink Ranger. Ask about the habits of the woman they're protecting. Does she live out of town? That sort of thing.
No. 787940 ID: 9bf80c

"I have reason to believe that woman is a reported missing person who is either being coerced or otherwise in need of assistance, given that she has suddenly changed important plans without informing close friends and colleagues as she could easily have done, and there are clues to criminal involvement in her disappearance. It's possible I'm mistaken that this is the woman I want, but even if that was the case she's likely to have information that would assist me. There is a deadline past which this woman's continued absence could result in large-scale negative consequences. So, how does THAT read under "nature's duty and honor"?"
No. 787941 ID: 595d54

Right, because nature's duty and honor means failing pathetically at gyms. Anyway, you don't know them well enough to appeal to their sense of duty/honor, and it's not worth the time you'd need. Just pull your concealed weapon and kneecap them. ...your weapon can do that, right?
No. 787953 ID: 91ee5f

No. 787979 ID: 2a185d

I'm liking this one.
No. 787980 ID: 29c4aa

I don't see how this can go wrong, might as well kneecap em twice for good measure.

Don't worry, I'm sure it can knee cap them quite well.
No. 787990 ID: b88e47

Please do not shoot them.
No. 788018 ID: 211d83

Ah so tribal ways rule here then?

So that means I should have my hive come down here and help me turn this place inside out looking for her? Drag you three off as my new slaves and take the gym as our territory?

Because power alone decides who gets what they want if "Protocol" and "Laws" are not the rule of the land.
No. 788039 ID: fd9d3b

Welp time to call in Rokoa.
No. 788043 ID: 91ee5f

I wouldn't be surprised if she's already here working out on her own time. Then conveniently looks over here and sees Polo and decides to force her assistance onto Polo for the rest of the mission.
No. 788052 ID: a8bc5c

It'd be unprofessional to immediately shoot them.

If power is all they respect then I'm sure we can oblige them

(az az az az)
No. 788083 ID: 30c34d

I support the kneecapping it would be affective and it can easily be explained later if need be.
No. 788104 ID: 3d2d5f

While crippling someone who inconvenienced you might conform to the tribal aesthetic, that's excessive force and creates way too big a scene for what this is, which would just let maybe-Pink get further ahead before we've restored order and dealt with the fallout. They're civilians, and they aren't resisting arrest, or posing a danger to ourself or others.

(Remember when Rokoa got kneecaped in canon? That actually required surgery before it could regenerate properly).
No. 788165 ID: bfb318
File 148978019196.png - (90.00KB , 800x800 , 71.png )

>Shoot them

"I have reason to believe that woman is a reported missing person who is either being coerced or otherwise in need of assistance. It is possible that I'm mistaken that this is the woman I want, but I want to rulle her out. I am in a hurry not for personal reasons, but because the more time that is wasted by people deflecting my questions, the higher a chance that severe, negative consequences will occur. How do that sound for 'duty and honor'?"

They almost seem confused about 'duty and honor', as if they didn't just say it themselves. I believe they may not say those words in ways that anyone else would.

>"Sounds like you can rule her out." the lifter says. "We know her. She's not missing, or in danger, or anything like that. So you can pick your case right up and take it out of this muscle house. And before you get indignant, the more time you spend pursuing this girl who's got nothing to do with this, the more your real missing person remains missing and your 'negative consequences' become 'real consequences'."

Their empathy is a bit hard to read. They do seem to be protecting the girl, but don't seem to have bad intentions either. It's stirring my instincts that I want to pursue this. Still, they do not respect authority.

"I can't have it ruled out like that. You may not respect the law right now, but I'll play your game - what will get you to respect the law enough to answer our questions?"
>"A test of strength against us!"
>"One of your law people have to prove they're stronger than each of us."
"Let me see." I say, before holding up my finger to my ear and looking away to talk to Katzati. It's unnecessary, but demonstrates I'm speaking on the phone. "Operator. Who do we have within 15 minutes of driving or dropping? I don't want to spend long at this."
>"Hmm... well, since we have helicopters on standby we can fly them out from the capital. So the people we're sure can beat them in strength are... "

>Choose backup:
A) Rokoa
B) Az
C) Giant (of Three Stripes' hive)
D) Some Heef
E) Abandon option; have Polo work alone.
No. 788168 ID: 398fe1

C. She might even get a kick out of it, and she'll be easier to get along with than Rokoa or Az.
No. 788169 ID: 595d54

Tell Rokoa you've set up some fun for her and ask her to go out to the gym.

I'd be worried about interrupting something with Kappi, but frankly, based on what we saw last thread of them their relationship is even worse than in the main AQ.
No. 788170 ID: 9bf80c

>"One of your law people have to prove they're stronger than each of us."

Rokoa, Az and Giant. Three on three, right? That'll cut the amount of time it takes for the contest to a third, it's fairer because it won't be one facing three people in a row, and if they're all available to be called then there's not really much reason not to call them all, right? They might even be able to share transportation part of the way. And I want to see them interact with each other, especially Az and Giant.

If it has to be just one, then Giant, because we haven't seen as much of her, I want to see how she's adapting to civilization, and because she's the best one to show these muscleheads what a "tribal ancestor" is really like.
No. 788182 ID: b412df

C appears to be the logical choice, Rokoa is investigating things iirc, Az might be a bit insufferable to be around, and idk who some heef is.

Only downside I can think of is that they might not consider Giant a law person.
No. 788183 ID: 7397ab

Bring Rokoa, Az and Giant so they can get crazy competitive over who can trash there guy the most.

If just one pick Giant.
No. 788189 ID: a8bc5c

C. C is perfect for this. Unless we get even more shit for drafting her to pound some skulls from her than we would if we asked rokoa.
No. 788190 ID: 3abd97

This seems silly. Waiting 15 minutes plus a fight just lets pinkie get further ahead.

...wasn't Three Stripes and gianthive being kept in a secure facility in orbit in this universe? How are they getting giant here in 15 minutes or less. Are they halo dropping her in?


My curiosity is piqued, and if they really want tribal justice, they can have tribal justice.

Polo might want to scout those sketchy businesses out back while we wait for her to show.

And if we've tipped our hand about being an agent, we could swap out of civvies, throw that comfy jacket and hat back on.
No. 788239 ID: 2a185d

Gotta go with the ABC's or if We can pick only one I will have to pick C.
No. 788242 ID: fd9d3b

Well if it has to be a law official then it has to be Rokoa but if they'll accept get giant to show them the true way of the tribal.
It'll also get her out to see a little bit of the world and we can give her a reward for her hive.
No. 788251 ID: fa91f1

No. 788431 ID: 9bf80c

Say, while you're making the call, you know what might be handy? A sniffer. Something (or someone?) with a really good nose, who can fill their nose with this girl's scent (or the scent of whoever else you end up needing to track) and follow it. Maybe just an AI in an atmospheric chemical analysis box, but I understand neumono have pretty good noses, and voklit even better. Do you have someone like that available to you? Seems like the kind of person your agency could use a lot.
No. 788570 ID: da1652

Rokoa will win or end the contest, and likely be a major distraction while doing so.
No. 788646 ID: 15a025

E. You can totally take these three on by yourself.
No. 788647 ID: 395c02

No. 789051 ID: bfb318
File 149003790107.png - (98.43KB , 800x800 , 72.png )

"I would like to have Giant, if she's acclimated enough to not panic in a helicopter. And if she is fluent in english."
>"She knows enough! They're really only still in the base because of Three Stripes, not because they can't function in society. Giant even has her driver's license. We'll send her out."
"Be sure to make her an officer of some sort. By the way, this is stereotypical of me to ask, but, she's a tribal, and I could use an excellent sniffer to find this girl."
>"Polo! I'm surprised at you! But yes, that's a good idea, Giant has a good nose. She might be able to follow the target's trail."

I turn to the weight lifters.

"Okay. I have someone on the way."
>"Well, aren't you confident!"
No. 789052 ID: bfb318
File 149003792944.png - (159.28KB , 800x800 , 73.png )

I wait around for 10 minutes while they stretch and rest, preparing themselves for whatever strength contest they have in mind.

There's some empathic commotion at the front desk as Giant walks in and starts looking for me.

>"Holy crap I mean hi welcome to the gym. Uh, do you want a membership pass or a day pass? We have... "
No. 789053 ID: bfb318
File 149003794560.png - (142.69KB , 800x800 , 74.png )

Giant finds me and starts walking over.

>"Uh miss you can't go in there without a pass! Please do... not..."
No. 789055 ID: bfb318
File 149003803429.png - (60.71KB , 800x800 , 75.png )

>"... okay."
No. 789056 ID: bfb318
File 149003808747.png - (188.37KB , 1000x800 , 76.png )

Giant picks me up.

"Polo. I am told you require assistance. What am I doing here?"
"These three people will not assist me in my questions. They will only do it if one of our officers beats them in a test of strength."
"Why have you not broken their legs? Your weapons should make up for your size."

I am having second thoughts about bringing Giant. The lifters are having second thoughts about challenging her.
No. 789057 ID: 398fe1

They wouldn't respect that. Also it's not legal for you to use lethal weapons on unarmed civilians.
No. 789058 ID: 595d54

Shooting them was totally a valid choice after all.

"My weapons aren't tribal enough."
No. 789061 ID: 3d2d5f

>Why have you not broken their legs? Your weapons should make up for your size.
For some funny reason people don't respect having their legs broken by weapons. It tends to just make them angry or afraid, depending.

Also the laws regarding use of force with a deadly weapon versus a competitive exhibition are different.

Are you unwilling to assist?
No. 789064 ID: a363ac

They called me small so I thought I would show them my Giant friend. also can I please sit on your shoulders for a bit?
No. 789067 ID: 7397ab

While I could have fought them myself my close combat skills are of the far more lethal variety.

While someone your size can easily beat the sass out of these three without causing them long term mental damage.

By the way how are things with your boyfriend? You two make any progress on the kid front yet?
No. 789069 ID: 965ca1

Lock eyes with them and let them know via empathy that you are not letting them back out of this.

"Leveraging my weaponry against obstinate unarmed civilians is ill-advised, seeing as how I am a professional, albeit tiny UDA agent."

"I'll petition Az later for a taser and permission to use it at my discretion but right now I need your might."
No. 789082 ID: 0b99d7

Shooting people with answers tends to make people with answers start to avoid you, and we'd rather not physically chase down all possible witnesses or informants in the future.
Also these guys and others like them need to lose the idiot notion they can ignore the law.
No. 789091 ID: 9bf80c

No Polo this is great.

"There are principles of escalation avoidance which discourage officials from using weapons unless someone else is already using weapons of their own... Also, whenever I use my weapons to injure someone while I'm on duty, I have to fill out a report about it afterwards."

Maybe tell her you could do with her assistance with a couple of other matters, in case these guys disappoint her. Definitely tell her about these guys' aspirations to tribal virtues, see what she thinks about that.
No. 789111 ID: e17aca

I love Giant.
No. 789116 ID: 64e1fa

That's called murder in the first degree. Tempting, not my first option.
No. 789286 ID: bfb318
File 149011390567.png - (122.90KB , 1000x700 , 77.png )

>Shooting them was totally a valid choice after all.
No. No it was not.

"First of all, they would not respect that, and secondly, it is not legal." I explain.
"What do you care of their respect? And are you not above the law?"
"Respect is what gets them to answer, and - .... it is best practice not to act above the law." Although we don't have anything as outright freedom from the law or diplomatic immunity, we often are able to bypass protocol with sufficient reason without penalty, or at least a slap on the wrist. "I wish to beat them without causing undue harm or mental damage."

The lifters re-collected themselves in time to scoff at the idea of them receiving mental damage, and begin rationalizing Giant. Big does not necessarily mean strong, especially not in certain aspects of strength, so I cannot blame them for thinking they have a chance.

>"Triathalon." the lifter says. "10 miles on bike, 2 miles on treadmill, and 20 trips swimming across a pool, followed by 40 pushups and 50 situps! All 4 of us will participate with a referee - the winner is either you, or it's us!"

With that, they backed out of a test of raw strength, opting for a more stamina based contest. Which I could beat them in.

"I disagree." says Giant.
>"Disagree with what?" says the lifter.
"Your contest. It is stupid. And lame. It is a contest for soft boys."
>"Do you even know what softboy means? More importantly, do you have a contest in mind?"
"We exchange punches to the face. One at a time. If you recoil before receiving a punch, or drop, you lose. You may use a stool to punch me better if you require."
>"That's not - that's not a contest of strength!"
"Yes it is."
>"No, that's getting punched in the face and staying upright."
"That is strength."

I think we're getting to an impasse. We are also wasting time, and we are gathering the attention of other gym-goers.
No. 789287 ID: 595d54

"You know she's an actual tribal, right? Are you backing out of your beliefs now? Either test your strength against her or I'll beat you at your triathlon."
No. 789290 ID: a8bc5c

A compromise, then. The four of them vs Giant in a contest of endurance. Using dumbbells, barbells and whatever else.

Last person standing wins.
No. 789291 ID: b412df

Who can pick up the heaviest thing? Polo can do a triathlon. Giant can do raw strength. Either you pick one, or somehow meet in the middle.
No. 789296 ID: 3d2d5f

>And are you not above the law?
Polo's not above anything, Giant.

That's just stalling so by the time They finish and have to answer your questions your pink person of interest will have gotten away. Pick something quicker or I'll just let her punch you.

(Wrestling? Weight lifting? Literally juggling the other competitors?)
No. 789297 ID: 9bf80c

"Weren't you talking about following the ways of your tribal ancestors? This woman was just introduced to modern civilization [insert correct amount] years ago, so I'd say her opinion on what a tribal's contest of strength is a better one than yours. And you did say test of strength, not stamina, a test of stamina being something I do not have time for because we have been sitting around waiting already and which I am beginning to think has been too much courtesy to extend you already. Now are your words as much just for show as your muscles obviously are?"

If they still whine, say: "If you prefer, I can arrest you for impeding an official investigation, and if you want to resist that arrest then you'll have your test of strength anyway, with me using my weapons."
No. 789299 ID: 211d83

I gave you a chance to do things the "tribal" way. I could beat all of you in a contest of stamina. Or Giant can beat you in a contest of strength.

I think you are just wasting my time to let your friend escape. Which means I get to assume she is a criminal and round you lot up for aiding and abetting.

So whats it going to be? Actual combat with a tribal or the shame of having a tiny girl beat you. Or just me tazering the lot of you until your fur starts smoking?
No. 789311 ID: e17aca

Giant could break them just by flexing. Tell Giant to break something by Flexing.
No. 789330 ID: a363ac

look either tell me where the Pink one is or submit to getting punched in the face by someone we collectively call Giant at the agency then telling me where she is you wimpy little neumono.
No. 789331 ID: 91ee5f

Why do I get the feeling that if we don't give Giant something to do, she's going to be very pissed at the fact that she came out here to do nothing?
No. 789332 ID: 398fe1

Just threaten to have Giant go through with her contest of strength whether they agree to it or not, unless they tell you what you want to know.
No. 789344 ID: 0b99d7

How about a tug'o'war?
Put something unpleasant in the middle and if you either get pulled in or let go of the rope you lose. Willpower and physical strength all in one.
No. 789355 ID: 2874c6

Appeal to their pride, which they seem to have a lot of.

"You made a promise to help out if I could bring someone who could win against you in a test of strength and now when it looks like I may of you want to change the rules to some speed/stamana test. Are you going to keep your word and agree to proper test of strength or going to chicken out and make excuses.

If you need something less violent at least do something decent like who can push the other out of a ring."

I would say sumo wresting but I don't know if this world has it
No. 789356 ID: fc2fa7

You know what! Fuck this! This isn't worth it anymore. Just leave, go check out other leads and if none of them work out then come back here or have these guys brought in for questioning.
No. 789369 ID: 91ee5f

By then, the girl we followed in here will be gone!
No. 789519 ID: bfb318
File 149021429260.png - (94.77KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

"Didn't you all want to do things the tribal way?" I ask the lifter.
>"What? No, that - I was just speaking in terms of the natural world, not literally everything an actual teeth-in-ear tribal lives by."
"I think you are all stalling too much, and am beginning to think that is the point. You specifically said a contest of strength, not stamina, so make a concise show of strength before I assume you are all obstructing justice."

They get indignant at the idea of me accusing them of obstructing justice, so I continue.

"At which point, further resistance will be grounds for greater force, and Giant will not be limited to one punch at a time."

They almost get more indignant, but realize that I am not altogether bluffing, and Giant is ready to start fighting.

>"Fine! Bring the barbells."
No. 789520 ID: bfb318
File 149021430081.png - (170.18KB , 800x800 , 79.png )

The lifter grabs a giant load of weights, and after a moment of struggling, hoists the bar over his head. The other two don't even try - the lifter himself can bear a higher load than the other three.
No. 789521 ID: bfb318
File 149021430676.png - (284.81KB , 800x1274 , 80.png )

"I win."

Even I am a bit intimidated by the display, but I don't show it.

"Now tell me what you know about the pink neumono."
>"Fine! She's a regular here, and she didn't want people prying! I can give you her address, the food stops she frequents, that kind of stuff! Just... just have this tribal tell us her training technique!"
"A hard life, forced to be either be strong, or dead. There is no middle ground."

They find that answer unsatisfying.

"Also, drugs."

Now they're starry-eyed. Also, I think that they just got infatuated by Giant.
No. 789531 ID: 595d54

Thank them for their cooperation, get the info, and ask Giant if there's anything she wants to do after the investigation, since you owe her a favor anyway.

Then get investigating. Also, do you remember how Giant got so giant? Salikai experiments again?
No. 789534 ID: 398fe1

Yeah this.
No. 789543 ID: 3abd97

Get the information from them and follow up. Giant can stay here and humor the doofs if she wants, or go home, or accompany us as she wishes. Be sure to thank her for the assistance.
No. 789544 ID: c58a23

Right, first, before you leave, questions about this pink girl. What's her name? How regular is regular, once a week? Once a month? Do you know if she's a rogue, or has a hive? If she has a hive, did she ever bring another of them here? How would you characterize her empathy, and how did she feel when she came here today? Was she wearing a wig when you saw her, and/or wearing a heavy trenchcoat? Does she normally wear either of those things, or follow that sort of fashion? Does she have a personal locker here (Remember, you want to keep Giant around for sniffing, and muscle)? And, of course, where is she now?

There's a chance this will, once again, turn out to be a bad lead, but there will still be questions this woman can answer. Another "did you see any other pink neumono women", and since if you're having this much trouble Pink's potential kidnappers might have had some as well, did she see any suspicious people, objects or behavior on the train? Et cetera et cetera. Be prepared for disappointment/embarrassment after all that effort, is what I'm saying. Hopefully not, though.
No. 789549 ID: 91ee5f


>Also, do you remember how Giant got so giant? Salikai experiments again?
Well, unless this non-canon verse changed that, then yeah, I think it was from the Salikai's experimental drugs.

And if that's the case, then shouldn't she be smaller? Because she's supposed to be shrinking from not getting the Salikai's drugs anymore.
No. 789582 ID: e17aca

She just needed an appropriately sized body to contain how awesome she is.

Also Drugs.
No. 789591 ID: 91ee5f

>She just needed an appropriately sized body to contain how awesome she is.
Can we please have Polo say this?

Or at the very least have Polo say, "That's not what you said when I asked you. You said your body was appropriately sized to contain how awesome you are! ...also drugs."
No. 789710 ID: bfb318
File 149029052888.png - (88.93KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

>Also, do you remember how Giant got so giant? Salikai experiments again?
Yes. We liberated her hive a while back. Despite the drug's dangers, by that point, her body was already acclimated to the drugs. Withdrawing them would be more harmful and dangerous than keeping up a steady dose.

"Giant, didn't Three Stripes say that your body was appropriately sized to contain how great you were?"
"Three Stripes does not know how bodies work."
"Anyways, let's start with her name." I ask the lifters, and they start sharing the details.

Her name is Rashana. She lives in a modest part of this town, right over a subway station, next to a bus station, and near an airport. She visits certain food stops starting at 6 AM, and every 4 hours afterwards until 8 PM. She visits one place per time slot - that is, the same place at 6 AM every day, a different place at 10 AM but still at that place every 10 AM, and so on. The gym she visits near daily as well, though at different times of days.

She was wearing a track suit and not much else at the gym, apparently, but had a large duffel bag she was protective of. That is typical, apparently.

There is also a locker in the gym that she has rented out. Supposedly, it is nearing time for her 4 PM meal at a local butcher shop, and that is most likely where she'll be.

I will likely have follow up questions later, so I get the lifter's number.

"Thank you for your assistance, uh, I never got your name."
"... thank you for your assistance." I say, putting down his contact name as 'Lifter'.

Giant does not appear interested in leaving me now, but that works for me.
No. 789713 ID: 211d83

Well her behavior is very suspicious but that does not mean she is a criminal. She could be buying food for homeless rogues and distributing it every day.

Thus the large bag and visiting bulk food stores all the time.

Or she could be smuggling or whatever.

Anyways check her locker here but makes sure not to set off anything that could alert her if she left a device to monitor it. Then go visit her next stop and try to chat.
No. 789716 ID: 3d2d5f

Have Katzati run Rashana's schedule / sightings again sightings of Omega Pink. Can we rule her out that way.

You could check her locker (try to pick it, Giant just rips it open) but I'm doubtful there will be much there.

What is Giant's position here, anyways? Does she count as an agent?
No. 789717 ID: 398fe1

She had a duffel bag? Odd, Pink Ranger shouldn't be carrying anything. I mean what would she have aside from her suit? Her love gun, maybe? That doesn't make a lot of sense though, she's never had a second bag before according to Lifter. I don't think this is Pink Ranger. I wonder what's in the bag though? Would it be legal for you to search it?

Let's go to the butcher shop.
No. 789740 ID: 612539

Well, if the schedule is true then she couldn't be the pink ranger, unless - and it's certainly possible - she keeps a personal body double to cover for her during ranger duty. Living so close to so many transportation options would perfectly suit someone who might have to be called away at any time... And, for all we know, the rangers could have or be clones, in which case having a double is just a matter of having two of them at the same time.

Still, chances are that, once again, this isn't Pink. But worth investigating, and she could have seen something on the train. Get Giant to take a sniff around her locker, which should have her scent leaking out (especially if she's just come from here), and then go follow her up.

>She was wearing a track suit and not much else at the gym, apparently, but had a large duffel bag she was protective of. That is typical, apparently.

That may also suit the pink ranger profile, if she normally keeps her suit on hand for emergencies. So she wasn't wearing the wig when she was here? Any word from these guys on whether she normally wears any such thing, or makes other fashion choices that would fit with it? If they know where she goes besides the gym then presumably they've seen her in non-gym clothes.

You could also ask them what she's like personality-wise. Even if they didn't interact much, they should have been able to get a bit of her empathy, since there's no jammer here.
No. 789749 ID: b15da4

Get a ride on the shoulders of Giant.
No. 789755 ID: a363ac

Be big Nuemono
No. 789836 ID: bfb318
File 149031539391.png - (125.22KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

"Katzati, what position was Giant promoted to for this?"
>"Agent Assistant. It's similar to Honorary Agent, except she has to obey what other Agents say?"

I'll spare asking why Rokoa didn't get that.

"Okay. Please run Rashana's schedule and sightings to rule out our primary target."
>"I'm on it. I'll be doing a detailed run through, but at a glance, there's no dual sightings between Rashana and the Pink Ranger."

While Rashana had her regular food stops, Lifter did specifically mention she wouldn't go there every day without fail. The duffel bag may have informative items. She probably took it with her, but even if she did, looking through her locker may be worthwhile. I arrange for a warrant to be made - it is not difficult, as things like gym lockers are not as well protected as the interior of one's own home.

I notice the locker area is empty, so instead of spending time explaining the situation to the desk employee to get a key, I begin to pick the lock. Giant immediately gets impatient once she realizes I didn't bring out a key for it.

"Is there not a small person tool for breaking the lock? I could smash it with my claw."
"It is weak, but there is no need to cause property damage. I can pick it."
No. 789838 ID: bfb318
File 149031542748.png - (123.65KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

Inside is a complete but plain assortment of gym based gear. Boxing equipment, towels, a change of clothes, and so on. With giant, however...

"Giant, can you smell any of this and track where she might have gone?"
"I would also like to ride on your shoulders on the way to our next destination.
"I will carry you."

She sniffs a towel.

"Sorry. Is it not clean?"
"It reeks of chocolate."
No. 789842 ID: 211d83

Old chocolate or the new stuff?

Well regardless mount up and track us down a pink lady.
No. 789844 ID: a363ac

Good that means we are on the right track.
Polo you know why they gave her honorary Agent status, because they knew she wouldn't listen and Az is a dick.
No. 789847 ID: 3abd97

Again, consistent with her potentially being Omega Pink, but circumstantial at best. Low confidence this is going to find her, but we might as well follow our lead through, for what it is.

To the butcher's shop, then?
No. 789848 ID: 398fe1

Chocolate keeps turning up everywhere we look...

Scan it for chems again.
No. 789851 ID: 595d54

Ask her if there's anything else she can follow on that, or if the chocolate is too strong to pick up any person's scent. After that, time for the butcher shop. You could at least get her something for her trouble and to avoid looking like a couple of weirdos hanging around for no real reason.
No. 789853 ID: 91ee5f

>"I would also like to ride on your shoulders on the way to our next destination."
A good excuse for this is so that Giant doesn't lose sight of you in a crowd of tiny people and wander off in a different direction.

Well, it's possible that this is Pink, but not guaranteed that it is Pink.

Ask Giant if she has ever tried chocolate or if she wants to try some later.
No. 789992 ID: bfb318
File 149037454418.png - (124.94KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

While in plainsclothes, I did not bring any chemical analyzers.

"Can you tell if it's real chocolate, or the new synthetic chocolate?"
"Fake chocolate."
"It is fake. It still disgusts me. I cannot follow a person's scent, since they seem to bathe in chocolate showers."
"I am aware. Katzati, this chocolate lead is a stretch, but please send a tech to get a sample of the chocolate on this towel."
"... did you just call me Katzati?" asks Giant.
"No, I was not speaking to you."
"There is no one else around, Polo."
"I am on the telephone with her."
"You are not holding a telephone. Do you think I am an idiot?"
"No, it... look, special agent gear lets me talk to Katzati like this."
"Let's go to the butcher shop. I can get you food there." I say, to her approval. "Please let me on your shoulders, now."
"I said I would carry you."
No. 789993 ID: bfb318
File 149037455044.png - (202.40KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

We do not stand out much less here than we did in front of Rashana's locker.
No. 789994 ID: bfb318
File 149037458002.png - (161.94KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

Giant sets me down on the countertop, and immediately starts sniffing. She realizes she is hungry.

The man behind the cash register is simultaneously nervous and gleeful. I also notice that he is pink.

>"Welcome to the Bloody Butcher. How may I help?"

It is 3:57 PM.
No. 789995 ID: 211d83

Order some biggest beef for Giant. Then make small talk with the guy about how he probably does not get many girls this huge coming in often.

Then he might be all "Oh we have a big girl that shows up all the time and oh she will be here in a second"

Long story short get food and see if you can get the counter guy to chat about big girls he knows.
No. 789996 ID: 3d2d5f

Giant does not approve of tiny hidden phones.

Well, your suspect isn't due for a few minutes. You can let giant stall by ordering something while you keep an eye out.

Possibly get something small yourself, if only to get the taste of too much chocolate out of your mouth.
No. 790001 ID: 51649e

Alright, you want something that you can just start eating now rather than having to go and cook it somewhere. At the same time, you want to stall a little so you can hang out here until 4 and maybe a little after.

Ask what he has in terms of cold cuts or deli meats. Or does he maybe have some rotisserie stuff back there? You could stage a little indecisiveness to eat up a few minutes, ask about sources, that sort of thing.
No. 790006 ID: 595d54

Acting indecisive and making small talk about how he must not get such big customers often is good.

Worth noting that Rokoa's favorite food was raw meat with epo spice, according to Pilon. Giant might similarly like her meat raw.
No. 790012 ID: 51649e


True. The general point is, a neumono butcher probably has a selection of ready-to-eat stuff, for when the customers get peckish right there at the counter. Polo should probably suggest to Giant that she not buy anything actually bloody, to keep her hands and face clean and not scare people off before they can be talked to. Also steer her away from any of the "buried in a hole for months" items, just to keep their noses effective.

Oh, here's a possible alternate to being a troublesome customer: suggest to Giant that she buy a big box of variety meats for her hive! Like, a large gift basket of exotic and luxury meat and other animal products samples, things most people don't get to taste often, large enough for a small hive. That's probably something a shop like this offers, for events like valentine's day. She'll be being paid for her assistance anyway, so why not get something special to surprise her loved ones?

Discussing that will take some minutes, be less annoying to the shopkeeper, and maybe get them invested enough in the sale to be more talkative?
No. 790072 ID: 3abd97

I'd point out Giant is perfectly capable of ordering food on her own, unless she needs Polo to read the menu. I mean, legally, they have to pay her something for participating, and even if they don't, I'm sure we have an expenses fund for this kind of thing.
No. 790080 ID: 595d54

Yeah, fair, but we're not controlling Giant and Polo needs to stall for time without being too suspicious somehow.
No. 790095 ID: a363ac

Give us all the meat. Bill it to Ultra-King Az "For being a dick and making Rokoa an honorary agent instead of a assistant. -Respectfully Polo"
No. 790245 ID: 30c34d

I second the proposal of buying all the meat billing it to AZ and leaving a message for the reason on the expense
No. 790494 ID: 15a025

Order two of whatever is the most expensive thing on they sell.
No. 790564 ID: fd73fa

Giant is giant and will have a suitably giant appetite. Magnify that by her likely burning more calories than her size would suggest because of the drugs and she will have a devastating appetite. Order two of everything to start and keep it going until pinkie suspect shows up. Bill it to Az. Also make sure to eat yourself.
No. 790635 ID: bfb318
File 149055783578.png - (126.56KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

"Is your biggest beef prepared for eating right away?" I ask.
>"Either - we have prepped biggest beef, and raw biggest beef."
"Rare." says Giant.
"Are you sure? You are scary enough already, Giant, people may be put off by you having blood on your face."
"That is why my fur is red. To hide blood."
"Okay, one of those then. Do you get that ordered very often? You must not get such large girls all the time."
>"Not too often nope! Biggest is a popular item though, but usually people get a few for their entire hive." the butcher says.

He goes to the back, then carries a gigantic slab of meat to the front.

>"I can wrap it up if you two are in a hurry to leave."
No. 790636 ID: bfb318
File 149055784779.png - (103.69KB , 800x800 , 88.png )

Giant grabs it by the bone and lifts it.
No. 790637 ID: bfb318
File 149055790783.png - (101.97KB , 800x800 , 89.png )


I doubt she chewed. Even the butcher is mildly horrified.

"Another." I confirm the order.

"Katzati, please prep my business expense report." I whisper.

>"Another, coming up!" he says. "Would you like anything, too?"
"What options do you have for cold cuts?"
>"If it's not an endangered species and it's on this planet, we probably have it. We also have beef, turkey, and chicken imports from local earth farms. Oh! And I forgot to mention. We also have assorted meat sambles inside of a heart container - if either of you have a special someone you'd like to have an easy gift for. Or your entire hive, we have the stock! Oh, and we do cater."
"Perhaps you can get one for your hive, giant."

While discussing it, I feel a feminine empathy entering range at the back of a shop. It feels strong, and while it would be a leap of conclusions to assume it's the target, it's virtually the exact empathy I imagined a girl like that would have. She seems to have business here, although it is not urgent. She intends on talking to one of the workers that remains in the back of the shop.
No. 790639 ID: 211d83

Order a meat heart to give to Rokoa and some hot dogs (cooked?) for you.

Then while he is preparing things notice the girl and make small talk. Or just get straight to the point. We have wasted a bit of time and could just politely ask quietly.
No. 790640 ID: 3abd97

Order a heart box, decide what to do with it later.

Excuse yourself, scope out the back, see if she's who you're looking for. It shouldn't be hard to leave the butcher distracted by Giant and duck back if you're not actually supposed to be allowed back there.
No. 790641 ID: 4546ab

While raw beef is not bad if its high quality stuff cooking it does increase the nutritional value by several times giant.

Just tell the guy to put whatever she wants on your bill. I mean the government is paying to feed her tribe normally so its not like its a strange expense. Then buy a heart or two for yourself and some cooked snacks for munching on right now.

While the guy is distracted with Giant being Giant sneak into the back and observe pinks meeting. Or if she can't find a shop worker fast grab a butchers apron and pretend to work here so she meets with you instead!
No. 790642 ID: 398fe1

Get a meat heart for your hive too. Maybe a personal one for someone you like? Katzati maybe?

Then say you have business in the back. Show your badge so they let you through.
No. 790643 ID: 595d54

Cooking changes the structures of proteins and other nutrients. The actual value is slightly decreased, but it's much easier to digest for omnivores. Neumono are carnivorous, judging from their teeth, and evidence so far suggests that they can digest raw meat just fine, so cooking shouldn't actually be necessary.

Order some stuff for Rokoa, Sealock, and Polo herself, then sneak back while Giant's keeping the butcher busy.
No. 790644 ID: 3abd97

If Giant really wants to freak the butcher out, she can remember to get Three Stripes something while she's ordering stuff for her hive. Do they sell neumono meat?
No. 790657 ID: 91ee5f

No, don't show your badge! That'll make this guy behind the counter give off an empathy signal that says, "What's a cop doing here?" and then the girl in the back will detect that empathy and go, "Oh, shit!" and she'll run!
No. 790660 ID: 51649e

Get yourself something you like. Or something nutritious if you're too professional to like things.

You could probably meet up with this girl on the simple idea of "I think that's someone I have an acquaintance with". I mean, you do technically have an acquaintance with all the rangers, after the previous time you met them. I expect "hold on I think that's someone who's empathy I recognize" is a pretty common event in your cities?

... Man, it's a pity you were in a jammer that one time you actually met them on that roof when you stole one of their guns. Then you'd have felt her empathy before.
No. 790665 ID: bfb318
File 149057014102.png - (108.03KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

>Get heartbox
I will just get several boxes. The expense accounts covers my own food intake while on the job, and I can either decide to give whoever I like boxes, or eat them myself.

"I would like 8 boxes, please." I say, and he rings it up. I put it on my government issued card. "Giant, please hold onto these. I am going to go run an errand - please put any more meat you get on the same card. Also, cooked meat is more nutritious."
"Polo. Do not believe alien propaganda."
No. 790668 ID: bfb318
File 149057020993.png - (211.31KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

I block out the aspects of my emotions that say that my errand involves sneaking to the back. As I walk off, I hide for a minute, then go silent, and start heading back. I hope Giant can keep them distracted for long enough.

"Do you sell neumono meat?" I hear her say. I think she will do fine.

I make my way to the rooftop, and peer over the edge. The girl is there after all, waiting for a large order. She seem more than just familiar and comfortable with the staff here. It seems that they may be hivemates.
No. 790672 ID: a363ac

well no use standing around just walk up and talk to her. ask her if she is the pink ranger so you can finally report back and get on to real work.
No. 790673 ID: 398fe1

Any sign of the dufflebag? Make a cool entrance; hop down from the roof and introduce yourself. Then say something like "This may be a strange question, but are you the Pink Ranger?"
No. 790676 ID: a363ac

If she tries to ignore you say something like "I am Polo the Grump ranger and you own me because I beat you in combat."
No. 790677 ID: 3abd97

Just go up to her, politely.

"May I have a moment of your time? Does 'Omega Pink' mean anything to you?"

Silence off, before speaking to her.

Her empathy should make it pretty clear if you found her or not. Then you either apologize and try to settle her confusion if she isn't, or reassure her if she is ("I'm with the UDA. Your team was concerned about your absence. Are you in any trouble?").
No. 790679 ID: 595d54

We need to learn from Giant's example. Shoot her to make sure she can't cause trouble, it's the fastest way. Disregard any possible witnesses, they're too weak to matter.

Or you could just go ask her if she's Pink with your weapon ready in case someone tries something.
No. 790681 ID: 51649e

Well, the rangers know who you are, so if you wanted to be subtle you could just walk up to her and say "Excuse me, hello. My name is Polo. I think we met once before? Last Christmas?" No need to mention "pink ranger" or similar terms out loud, and it's probably a bad idea to. She's trying to keep up a secret identity here.

Though, are you sure that's the same woman that we saw in the video? There's no sign of the wig or the bandages on her ears. I thought her tail was larger, too.

... That van. Jeep. Whatever it is... those tinted windows make me suspicious. It's perfectly positioned for someone to be watching her. Does it look like she came in that? Is there easy access to the road? Is the engine on?

If you do want to talk to her, go around and do it from inside the door.

I don't suppose you have some fanciful technology that would allow you to detect any phones someone is carrying and make contact with it? Like, there are automatic advertisements that send a text to someone who passes a certain location. If you have eyes on where this woman is, can you use that to detect/target her phone by satellite somehow, or similar?
No. 790965 ID: bfb318
File 149065616197.png - (106.71KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

>Though, are you sure that's the same woman that we saw in the video?
It seems far more likely that she took the wig off. It's more of a question of why she ever had the wig on.

>Learn from Giant's example
I will not just go around shooting people.

>I don't suppose you have some fanciful technology that would allow you to detect any phones someone is carrying and make contact with it?
Not on me. I have very little with plainclothes. However...

"Katzati. Track a phone by location, please. 40 feet to my east, 10 feet north."
>"Let's see... ... ... got it. We have one active phone there."
"Okay. Record its identity, then keep its location active in case she moves."

The car is most likely hers. Although partially tinted, I can still see through them well enough to confirm that there is no one sitting in the seats.

When she looks away, I drop to the pavement, then drop my silence. She looks over as I walk towards her as though I did not just leap off of the roof.

"Hello." I say. What follows is is a tense moment as she recognizes me immediately, wondering why I am here.

She realizes I am here to talk to her, and perhaps some train of thought goes through her head that is too complex for me to pick up through empathy.
No. 790966 ID: bfb318
File 149065617522.png - (133.86KB , 800x800 , 93.png )

Whatever it is is not good. Before I can say any more, she spins around away from the butcher's shop, and takes off running into the forested landscaping as she clears the fence.

The staff is suddenly on high alert - it's all but certain that they are hivemates.

>Learn from Giant's example
No. 790969 ID: 211d83

Well get to running after her while calling for backup. Maybe yell for Giant. Although I suspect she will be slowed down by the hivemates in the shop.
No. 790971 ID: 398fe1

You're fast, aren't you? Give chase. Maybe shout after her that you just want to talk.
No. 790975 ID: 4546ab

Oh look Agent Polo is letting a suspect escape because she is to nice to tazer first and ask questions later. Tisk tisk.

Well get to chasing her with your stubby little legs.
No. 790976 ID: 595d54

Make sure Giant is okay if you can do so quickly. Actually, given how ridiculously tiny you are and how ridiculously slow to shoot you are, you may need Giant's help anyway to clear the fence and pursue her.

Make sure Katzati or someone is paying attention to what the phone's saying. By the time you can get your baby self over the fence or Giant can throw you over, she'll probably have a significant head start. Let her have a little. Once she feels she has some breathing room, she'll probably contact her hive or someone, and then you can listen in on her conversation.

Or, you know, Giant could just carry you again because you can't run as fast as anyone with normally-sized legs and a headstart can.
No. 790977 ID: 51649e

Forested? Plus side, she won't be able to manage top speed through forest, so her size won't let her outpace you so much. You can also fit through spots she can't. Since she already knows you, once you're out of empathy range of anyone else, you could go silent and she will have difficulty telling where you are, while you'll be able to still detect her. Con: if this is her hive's place, she might know this place better than you. Perhaps where she just jumped into belongs to them? That might be trespassing.

That might not stop you though, and if it doesn't or it's not the case, then you have a decent chance in a chase. It could mean leaving Giant to cause trouble, though, and she might be offended. But hopefully not and hopefully she has a phone; tell Katzati to call her and explain, and to tell her to find out what's going on and follow you when she has everything sorted (especially paying for her food). Extra plus: between phone and scent you have a good chance to follow this lady, who seems almost certainly to be Pink, even if you lose her.

Still. Keep your gun away, hop that fence and get after her. You don't want her to have time to think about what she should be doing to make herself untraceable, and if you stay in range of her empathy you might be able to puzzle her feelings out better.

While you're still showing your empathy, try to feel concerned.
No. 790978 ID: a8bc5c

Engage dramatic parkour sequence. You can do it Polo, we believe in you.
No. 790980 ID: 3abd97

We could go back and calmly talk to her hivemates, and track her by phone. Or Polo could parkour right over that fence after her in hot pursuit.

Disadvantage of pursuit is possible escalation. Disadvantage of relying on the phone is she might think to ditch it.

Um. How big is that forested area? If it's a small park, she'll be through it fast an able to pick up a vehicle soon. If it's big, there's plenty of time to track her down.

I think we should go back in and ask the hive why their hivemate would have panicked and ran into the woods when you said hello. Then retrieve Giant, and start tracking her through the woods via scent and phone. The slight delay may trick her into thinking she got away, and Polo can make better time with giant running than she can run herself.
No. 790982 ID: a363ac

ask her on a date
No. 790983 ID: b412df

Giant can track, right? Go collect Giant then pursue Pink.
No. 791019 ID: 91ee5f

Well, this has a few possibilities.

1.) Your reputation precedes you and everyone knows your face and knows you're a cop.

2.) She didn't recognize you and really was doing something illegal and her hive was helping her do it, but was afraid you'd call the cops on them.

3.) You don't recognize her, but she knows you because she is Pink and is probably thinking you're going to kick her ass again or you're possibly going to try to ruin this holiday and is leaving before either happens.

You should probably call Giant to come crash through any/all obstacles in your way!

>Although I suspect she will be slowed down by the hivemates in the shop.
HAHAHAHA!!!!! That's a good joke! XD
No. 791115 ID: 1ba789

Giant, fetch.
No. 791227 ID: d5e15c

Begin "Hulk chasing blackwidow" action sequence.
No. 791290 ID: 8111b6


You were recognized. Does that make you famous yet?

Also, if you're tracking their phone, do you have their number? You may be able to communicate that way without having to run all over the place. Either through talk or text. "I didn't know I was that intimidating" or something like that.

Though, going silent and following might make for an amusing second meeting.
No. 791298 ID: 3abd97

I don't think a call or text is worth it. I draws attention to the phone, makes the suspect realize we're aware of it, and therefore increases the odds she'll think of ditching it.
No. 791299 ID: 90f3c0

Have Giant track and retrieve the pink girl. Meanwhile, you can question her hivemates about her odd behavior.
No. 791309 ID: bfb318
File 149074952863.png - (98.76KB , 800x800 , 94.png )

Through discipline and control, I let myself feel that this is more of an emergency than it may be. Not because it is, but so that Giant can pick up that I need her to follow me right now.

"Katzati she's running! Probable cause! Lock down on that phone and get all of its information."
>"On it! We're tracking her now."

I'll have Katzati make contact through her phone if she leaves empathic range. Calling or texting her now might get her to throw the phone away, realizing we have made contact with it.
No. 791310 ID: bfb318
File 149074953766.png - (206.47KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

Giant picks up on my empathy, and follows me out to the forested area. Although well landscaped, it does appear to be a well maintained forest section than anything. It is not terribly large, and we will run through to another part of town, on the other side, if she makes it that far.

The hive in the butcher shop is concerned, and may chase us.
No. 791312 ID: bfb318
File 149074956852.png - (151.25KB , 800x800 , 96.png )

We keep moving. Giant picks me up as we run, but despite the size of Giant's thread, our target is fast. She was outrunning us for a time, even, but she's slowed down. She'll soon get out to town, which I hope involves a dense urban environment that doesn't allow her to sprint easily.

>"She stopped?" I hear Katzati.

She threw her phone to the side even without us doing anything to spook her. There are a couple of articles of clothing to the side, as well, including her underwear and shoes.
No. 791315 ID: 211d83

Track that smell!

But watch for tricky tricks with the smell.
No. 791317 ID: a43366

Scoop up the phone, might have her identity.
No. 791318 ID: 398fe1

She's changing clothes to try to lose pursuit. She either had a change of clothes hidden out here somewhere or was carrying one with her somehow. Where was her duffelbag?

Weird that she ditched her underwear too. That isn't something that should matter. Unless... she's putting bioarmor on? That's what it is! She wasn't wearing the bioarmor-like gear the witness said she had on, so she needs to strip in order for the armor to go on. This is suddenly quite dangerous, get your gun out. Giant can track her chocolate smell.

Come to think of it, the duffelbag is probably where she stores the armor when it's not being worn.
No. 791320 ID: 91ee5f

What is that on the ground in between the phone and that boot?

It looks like panties with a burn on the side.
No. 791321 ID: 3abd97

She's stripping to change into bioarmor. Even underwear gets in the way of bonding. Supports her being Pink.

On the plus side, her scent will be on those clothes, so Giant can track her from here.

"Are you still there? I'm here to talk."

>outrunning you even while stripping on the move
No. 791327 ID: 4546ab

Cant the rangers summon there armor with there guns? She might have undressed so she could magic up her ranger armor.

Grab a article of clothing to match it to what you found earlier (panties) and grab that book thing or any other important things for evidence as you go by.

Have Giant get her smell and track her. But do watch out for her love beaming you in a panic.
No. 791328 ID: 51649e

Wow, she didn't just undress, she literally tore her clothes off.

This is strange behaviour. Changing clothes shouldn't mean underwear too, it wasn't visible before and won't be after. Putting bioarmor on takes too long, she could conceivably have some fancy advanced sort as a ranger but her ranger suit was abandoned. Where would she get another special suit that the rangers wouldn't know about?

My guess is she didn't specifically think the phone was able to track her, she must just think that she's somehow being tracked and has dumped everything that could possibly have had a tracker on it. Which means she's misunderstanding the nature of you finding her, at least a little.

She may not have had those clothes on for long if she just came from the gym, where she may have showered as well. Grab the underwear, ball it into the shirt and take that and a shoe with you, that should have a good overall scent blend. Assuming that is her shoe. I can't tell if that looks like a neumono shoe or not (it looks like the sole reinforcement extends beyond the ball of the foot to the heel, which doesn't make much sense for a neumono?) and you're the one who saw what she was wearing.

Combine scent with the normal tracking skills I assume you're trained in (and that Giant may have depending on how much of her tribe's pre-salikai skills were passed to her), and follow her. If she wants to put any pants on, that'll slow her down enough for you to catch up, and if she doesn't someone is going to notice a naked woman (have Katzati watch for reports) unless she ducks out of sight somehow, into the sewer or another building. Keep an eye out, and in Giant's case a nose out. She should have at least put out enough of a sweat running that fast to produce a pretty strong scent, and it should still be very fresh. Hopefully she's civilized enough that she wouldn't think of that.
No. 791403 ID: a363ac

Call her out in one on one combat.
No. 791526 ID: bfb318
File 149083002610.png - (180.11KB , 800x800 , 97.png )

>Where was her duffelbag?
I have no idea. It may have been in her car, possibly the trunk or a spot I couldn't see.

"Giant, grab those clothes!"
We run by despite not having a lot of spare time. I pocket her cell phone.

The panties were ripped at the side as she must have tore them off. They seem to be a smaller size from the huge ones I found in Pink's bedroom, but these ones are stretchy, so I can't conclude much. The bra is in one piece. I'm impressed by it, actually. The shoes almost seemed modeled after plantigrade feet, but they're long enough to fit a neumono foot, so it was most likely hers.

We continue chasing her. I call out to her, but she doesn't stop. Her empathy dips down for a second, then it disappears. She should not have been out of range, so she must have entered a jammer area. We - Giant - runs to the last known location of her empathy, where we reach the bottom of a hill just before the city resumes. At the hill's base is a stairwill hidden from street view.

"Katzati, there is an entrance on my side of the street, below ground level. What is this?"
>"Um, er, it's not in our database - but it's pointed at an abandoned arcade, so it might be the back entrance to that?"

It certainly looks old enough to be. The door also looks like Giant will have trouble fitting through it, if she can at all.
No. 791527 ID: 3abd97

Polo: infiltrate and inventory check.

Giant: try to go around. Katzati thinks this connects to the arcade, so try getting ahead of her.
No. 791528 ID: a363ac

Open the door and yell down the hall theat you need to ask her why she isn't talking to the other Rangers so you can go home.
No. 791529 ID: 211d83

You go through the door and have Giant head in through the front arcade entrance.

Make sure Giant has a phone so you can call her if this entrance goes elsewhere.

Have Katzati start pulling blueprints of the arcade and any underground areas near here. This could go anywhere really and we want to be able to have some info on what we might be running into.
No. 791530 ID: 78a3e5

Give Giant the phone and have her circle around to the front. If you need to contact her call the phone.
No. 791537 ID: 51649e

The door is probably locked, and will take time to open unless Giant can just bash it open. Have her try, or pick the lock yourself.

Don't leave Giant here because the lady's hivemates will be coming after you and Giant... ah, isn't the right person to calm them down. Tell Giant to go up to that abandoned arcade and search for a way to get in and look for this lower level. Again, I assume she has a phone you can stay in contact with. You go through the lower door. Leave it open so any pinkhivers coming after you follow you in.

If they do find you, or turn up before you get in the door, be ready with your badge and the assurance that their hivemate is NOT directly in trouble herself, first, and that you just need to talk to her, quickly, about some classified but important and pressing civic concerns. And some answers from them on a few points could help you as well, in addition to their assistance finding her.


No shouting her ranger identity, this is a public place. There are more ambiguous ways of saying it she'll understand, like referring to them as her "teammates". She'd know who Polo's referring to.
No. 791549 ID: 91ee5f

Does Giant even know what an arcade is? If we tell her to run ahead to the arcade, she might run past it and go into a clothing store instead.

But I'm sure Giant won't want to get stuck in in a tiny door either.
No. 791556 ID: 398fe1

Might want to gear up for this.
No. 791580 ID: bfb318
File 149083950582.png - (179.90KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

I don't have time to wait for gear delivery.

"Giant, do you know what an arcade is?"
"I have heard of it."
"Do you have your phone?"
"I do not care for your phone technology."
"... for now,, take this phone." I say, handing her the target's phone we picked off the ground. "Katzati, call this phone, Giant will pick up, and guide Giant to the arcade front, or wherever is ideal for heading off the target if she runs far."

Giant bashes down the door for me, and I run in. I go silent.
No. 791581 ID: bfb318
File 149083960715.png - (120.79KB , 800x800 , 99.png )

"I know you're in here!" I yell out to the building. "You are not in trouble! I want to know why you are not speaking to your teammates."

Many of the video game terminals have either been moved or stolen. Many are still here, and it's a nostalgic trip. Although arcades are still alive and well, the ones I see here are decades old, and many are cheap and mechanical, like pinball machines, over more modern video game equivalents.

The light goes on, follows by the pinball machines, all starting to beep and boop to get my attention, or at least my loose change. Some even have voice samples screaming at me to give them my money.

The intercom goes on as well.

>"Please leave! I can't have you here, even if you're silent! Tell my team I'll come back tomorrow, if that's what it takes to get you to leave!"

It's the girl. Her voice seems partially modulated, but even with the change, it still sounds like Pink.
No. 791582 ID: 211d83

You know I can't do that after you ran away from me earlier. You could have just chatting with me for a minute then and I would have left.

But now I have to make sure you are actually ok and not being mind controlled or blackmailed or something equally as ridiculous.

Please just talk with me for a minute? I just want to help.
No. 791584 ID: 595d54

"Alright. Anything else I can do to help?" as you leave.

This really wasn't your job in the first place and you really shouldn't get involved in some bullshit when you don't even know what's going on or whether you would help or hurt the situation. Don't play hero. You found her and got an ETA.

It's possible that this is an elaborate trick and not actually Pink talking, but given what just happened and how Pink obviously didn't want the attention, it doesn't seem like someone else would need to fake her saying that.

It's time to check with her hivemates, then hopefully you can just tell Az that your missing person was found and doesn't want to be bothered.
No. 791585 ID: 595d54

Also, if she actually has had her head messed with, her hivemates are likely to have noticed and probably much more helpful to question than the woman whose head is being messed with. Either way, I don't think talking to her will be helpful.
No. 791586 ID: 4546ab

What does me being silent have to do with anything? That makes me worried about you.
No. 791588 ID: 3abd97

I am not here to arrest you, but I am going to need a longer interview than that to close this missing persons case.

If you don't want me searching the premises for you, please come out and speak to me. We can step outside, if you're uncomfortable having me here.

I need to be reassured that nothing untoward or illegal is going on, that is all. If you wish to keep detail private, it need not go any further than that.
No. 791591 ID: a363ac

Relize that Az just said to investigate the Pink Ranger and you have done this and determained that she is at least safe and now you can go home to your hive and party like its pre-uplift mating day.
No. 791592 ID: 398fe1

You know what, fine. The job was to find a kidnapping victim, and there was no kidnapping. That means there is no crime here to investigate.

Until we have evidence of a new crime to investigate this is no longer any of your concern.
No. 791595 ID: 3abd97

We haven't actually verified she's safe yet. This could be the middle of say, a hostage or blackmail situation where Pink is being forced to do something for someone off the grid. She could be drugged, rigged with explosives, etc. Some metaphorical or literal gun held to her head.

All we've verified is she's alive and moving around.

...and technically, we haven't verified she's Omega Pink yet. It's still possible this is a decoy (or mistaken identity). We need a closer inspection to confirm her identity. And probably get her to exchange some passcodes or display her ranger power / equipment as confirmation.
No. 791598 ID: 51649e

"I had to defend your base from an attack! At least one of your team's enemies knows you're away, and tried to take advantage! While I've been tracking you down I've seen reasons to suspect that there's something wrong with all this - as far as I know, something that's potentially a large scale danger! I intend to find out what it is. You might be able to drive me away or escape from here, but I'll keep investigating! You can let me blindly run over your business, or meet me and tell me what I need to know to be delicate about it."

"My partner will be trying to break in here, and she can't do subtlety and secrecy like I can. I'd like to tell her she can relax and go back to buying food for her hive. If I can't, our next step will be to pull this place apart looking for you and any traces of you! And then it'll be back to the butcher to ask everyone there about you and your recent behavior, and anything else that could be a clue! It's your choice."

Revealing Polo was at their base isn't much of a big deal since it would come out from the Duchess' trial and et cetera anyway.
No. 791599 ID: 398fe1

Oh you should probably tell her that her suit got stolen. Why did she leave it unsecured in the first place?
No. 791601 ID: 90f3c0

"Has someone told you not to contact the authorities? If you are being threatened, I can help. No one is more discreet than I am."

You should probably tell Katzati to try to make sure Giant doesn't break down the back door or something before you can figure out what's going on.
No. 791603 ID: 91ee5f

>"Please leave! I can't have you here, even if you're silent! Tell my team I'll come back tomorrow, if that's what it takes to get you to leave!"
"I would've already done that had you not run and acted like a criminal! So now I had to chase you because I still don't know if you really are the person I've been looking for all day! And if you're not the person I'm looking for, then I'm still going to have to question you on why you were acting suspicious behind a place of business on the grounds of 'probable cause'! Basically, the sooner you come out and talk, the sooner I'll leave!"
No. 791608 ID: a8bc5c

This whole thing seems fishy. Investigate further while talking over the intercom.
No. 791757 ID: bfb318
File 149091078646.png - (148.90KB , 800x800 , 100.png )

"You have been reported as missing."
>"But I haven't been gone for over a full day yet?"
"No, but this is a special case, and if I can confirm you are safe, then I will close the case. However, I cannot simply take your word for it. I must confirm your identity, and question why you acted so suspiciously. Why did you run?"
>"To get away from you and your empathy?"
"What is wrong with my empathy?"
>"It's a downer."
"... why."
>"Look, it, maybe it just reminds me of the time you were really grumpy, and I need to feel good. That's why I've been away! I needed to just get away. Be out of contact for a little bit."
"Why didn't you alert your team in advance, then?"
>"Because then they'd be really worried and definitely not leave me alone."
"I would like to see you. If not, I may need to bring in Giant."

She comes out a moment later.

"Katzati, put Giant on standby."

"Are you are aware the Stone Duchess attacked your base?"
>"No! But the Stoneheart Duchess is not our most, uh, dangerous foe. Everyone's alright?"
"Yes. I put her in our own custody since she is a global villain. So you are alright?"
>"Yes. No. I mean, I'm safe, but I'm off my game. I don't know if I can, you know... do what I'm supposed to do, tomorrow. I've been off my game, self doubts and all that. Not to blame you, but, I never really got over the effects of your grump beam."
No. 791758 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if she'd feel better if she talked to whoever was sending her all those love letters. Or maybe that person could be the one to use her gun? The beam is fueled off of strong emotion, but it doesn't have to be HER emotion, right?
No. 791761 ID: b412df

So you were trying to get back your mojo for tomorrow? I can kinda see how Polo's grump / intense focus would be a bit of a downer. Is there any way the UDA could help?

Maybe mention that a couple of people found and tried to claim ransom on her suit, and that the UDA has recovered it? (So she isn't worrying about it, but it could also show if that was a false lead she made.)
No. 791765 ID: 3abd97

>but, I never really got over the effects of your grump beam
I apologize, but it was the best means I had available to contain and control a rapidly escalating and dangerous situation. I would have preferred to have avoided that. Neither the charge up nor the ensuing notoriety was pleasant.

>what do
So to confirm, you are not in any danger, you are not being coerced or blackmailed, and your absence from your team is voluntary, and motivated by concern over your own ability to perform on an upcoming mission?

If she agrees, and her empathy supports her telling the truth, that's good enough confirmation. (Unless we had reason to suspect predator or mind control bug involvement).

Is she carrying any identification and/or ranger equipment that would serve to confirm her identity?

Thank you, that is sufficient to close the irregular missing persons case your team and political interests pushed into existence.

However, my own assignment was more nebulously to "save Valentines". The ultrahives have an interest in the success of your operation tomorrow, and I can offer my department's assistance, if you need help getting "back on your game."

Interventions could range from just trying to have someone cheer her up, to having Three Stripes flat out fixing the residual grump in her empathy.
No. 791766 ID: 3abd97

Also, try to resist picturing her in her underwear that you pawed through.
No. 791769 ID: 3abd97

You might also want to have her call her hive / have your operator route a call to her hive so she can reassure them. Her surprise exit likely alarmed them.
No. 791772 ID: 51649e

"Well, as a representative of the city, of sorts, I think if you don't tell anyone, you risk creating such a massive disappointment - and in proximity to your own empathy-amplifying gear - that it could be very dangerous. If you simply announced that you were suffering from a... recent empathic injury, that left you uncertain of your ability to use your equipment, surely most of your fans would care enough about you to be understanding? There would be disappointment, but relatively mild. More importantly, it would take a lot of pressure off you, and make you much more likely to actually succeed, don't you think?"

"As for my responsibility for your condition... Look, I really am not the grump people make me out to be. I'm just... concerned for things, when I'm on duty. Perhaps... perhaps, if exposure to my empathy when I was grumpy shook you, perhaps feeling my empathy when I'm being loving would help you? Restore your... belief in those feelings? If I've solved the missing person case then my official role is over, but now I do feel a personal responsibility for your problem. So... would you come visit with me, to my hive? Show you my... non-grump self? I don't normally make invitations, but if it would help."

"Of course, I do need to make sure the missing person case is really fully resolved. I'd just like to ask you a few questions about your movements and behaviour since you left your base, why you left your suit where it was, about the wig, that sort of thing, with empathy contact so that I can sense for any irregularities. Then I can confirm no-one coercing or controlling you, and... I'd like to try help you, and you can accept that help or reject it as you like. If you don't want it, I'll leave."
No. 791776 ID: a363ac

I can take you to a predator if you really want to
No. 791798 ID: 91ee5f

"Another reason we thought you were in trouble is because someone found your 'special' suit and tried to get a ransom for it. And when we at the UDA heard about that we thought they had discovered your secret identity or something and you needed to be rescued."
No. 791800 ID: 3abd97

Actually, asking how she got separated from her armor is probably prudent. Someone was trying to ransom it back.
No. 791806 ID: 211d83

Sorry about the grump beam. My coworkers were being irresponsible during the entirety of the Christmas crisis and as soon as I got your gun they started actively making me more grumpy to try and get me to use it. One thing led to another and you know what happened.

Am somewhat embarrassed over the whole thing really.

Is there anything I can do to help? My job today is to make sure you are in a position to do yours so just let me know if me or my agency can help.
No. 791809 ID: bfb318
File 149092152451.png - (90.78KB , 800x800 , 101.png )

>Try to resist picturing her in her underwear that you pawed through.
I have already envisioned this. They fit on her feasibly, with the exception of the pair of panties I found in Pink's bedroom. Those were still too wide.

"So you are not being coerced, blackmailed, in danger, and your absence from your team is voluntary?"
>"Nope nope nope and yep!"
"Then that would settle the missing person case, if I had some form of ID."
>"As a... team member?" She whispers the part, making sure no one else is around. I can just recite what happened between you and me, and my empathy is honest. You've found me out - I don't want to give you my real person ID. Even if it is a liiiittle bit silly at this point since you found my hive and all."
"Hrm. Is there a pass phrase for your teammate?"
>"Yes, but - "
"I understand. I won't make you do that. I believe you are telling the truth - although your uniform was ransomed."
>"Argh," I figured it would happen, but this is what I'm talking about. I'm so off, I shouldn't even be on on the Force right now! I set my baggage down for one moment - someone took it. That's all there was to it - they must have had no idea what they had stolen until they got it."
"Alright. Normally I would press for a pass phrase to at least let your team know you're alright while confirming your identity, so that I could consider this missing persons case closed. However, this 'case' was hardly a real case to begin with. My real mission is simply to ensure that Valentine's day goes smoothly. This means, maybe not me personally, but the UDA is willing to assist you if they can."
>"Hrmm... I don't know... I want to help those rogues a lot, but the Omega Wave-Force is reluctant to work with the UDA - we may get along at first, but we'll get swallowed by the system, and us vigilantes can catch the criminals that fall through a flawed system. Even for things like this..."
"Still, I am willing to help. My using the "grump" "beam" was a result of circumstance and emergency - I apologize for the longer term damages it caused. Nonetheless, I am not some living embodiment of grumpiness. I was caught at a bad time."
>"Well, yeah, it's not like I'm all lovey-dovey 24/7 either. It's just, sometimes we're prone to reach extremes to specific emotions. And you were preeeeetty grumpy! I'm sure you have a healthy hive relationship and lots of loved ones."
"Er... yeah. I do."
>"That's a relief! But even so, I know your empathy, and it still reminds me of then."
"We have a predator, you know. If you would like emergency therapy."
>"Well that's... that sounds dangerous, and involves using the UDA but of course I'd be willing to do that as a last resort. We still have about 30 hours or more if we pull an all nighter to get my head back in the game! If we use a predator, it may not feel all too natural, and while better than nothing, I feel like the beam that occurs as a result may be a little, uh... it would be like a scripted event. A little too raw and pure to be believable, if you know what I mean."
"Not really, but fine. Have you tried meeting with some of the people who sent you chocolate?"
>"Oh, yes, and it was fun! Except for this one creepy guy but that's expected now and then. But sort of like how seeing you reminds me of bad times, they remind me of, well, chocolate. I've been eating way too much! I've gotten so fat!"
"You don't look that way." I say, realizing she may have already lost weight - if this is the case, then Pink's large panties could have fit her at one point in time.
>"Hey, thanks! I mean it. But I did lose most of my weight, but I won't feel myself unless I lose all of it. Which is why I've been hitting the gym so frequently. Wellll, since I really do need help, and my teammates aren't the right medicine even if their hearts are in the right place.... what can the UDA offer, aside from the last resort predator?"
No. 791810 ID: 398fe1

Let's find out. Call up Az.
No. 791814 ID: deea3d

You should show her that even the grump beam lady is capable of love and happiness. Make some new memories together.
No. 791815 ID: a8bc5c

The UDA is also in possession of an extremely lovable individual that, as an almost-but-not-quite last resort, should be able to power a love beam to get you in the right mindset.

(Do NOT tell her that it's three stripes.)
No. 791818 ID: e6e9af


Wasn't gonna say it, but now I'm gonna say it. When's the last time we had a good fling with a cutie, because there's one right here who wants to feel good, and maybe with her help, we won't be such a huge grump, either.

Win-win situation, eh?
No. 791820 ID: bfb318
File 149092339117.png - (112.03KB , 800x800 , 102.png )

>UDA in possession of valuable lovable individual (do not mention it is Three Stripes.)
While I could say this, she has already mentioned she is willing to use Three Stripes, so the deception is unnecessary.

"Let me see." I step to the side.

>Call up Az



"Katzati. What resources do we have for this situation?"
>"Hold on, let me call up Az."
>"Az says you should show her a good time."
"Why would he ever say that? I expected him to order me to back away from her so that my grump contagion doesn't get to her."
>"Polo, uh... he doesn't actually think that. He just messes with you like he messes with everyone. He thinks you can do it, as a very capable agent that can feel love."
"He said that?"
>"I, uh - I may have paraphrased him with my own words. He said that in spirit though! You can call backup though if you don't think you're up to the task by yourself."
No. 791826 ID: 3abd97

>I don't want to give you my real person ID
Which is fine. Your mission was to "save Valentines" part of which was locating Omega Pink. Determining her civilian identity is outside the scope of the mission.

>I'm sure you have a healthy hive relationship and lots of loved ones.
Well at least I don't have to break out the proof I had prepared.

>We have a predator, you know.
Isn't that classified? Well, too late now.

>what can the UDA offer
Quite a lot, within reason, I would think. As I understand it, the ultras are invested in your efforts to help the rogues.

She is made uncomfortable by my presence, and traumatized by my empathy, which caused her current difficulties. Offering my attention in the way Az suggests will likely be counter productive.

Yes, Polo would like backup for this. Don't we have any trained therapists, or anyone who's skillset is specifically talking to people?

(Best option is to turn this into a double date, but I don't see how we get suggesting that to come from Polo).
No. 791830 ID: 398fe1

>double date
This makes sense, actually. She's bothered by Polo's grump, so the best way of getting over that would be to see the real person behind the grump. However, their relationship is a bit adversarial so it would work best if she was merely present while Polo revealed her emotional capacity with someone else. Question is, who should Polo bring on a date, and who should Pink? If we can't answer those questions satisfactorily, or it doesn't fully work, well, we do have some time before the event. There's time for more than one attempt at a solution. Which means Polo could take her out on a second date 1 on 1.
No. 791854 ID: 91ee5f

Well, since it's your mission to make sure that nothing happens to Valentine's Day, I guess that means it's also your mission to help Pink get her groove back!

So ask her what she'd like to do. Does she have anything specific in mind to help her feel "love"? Spend time with her hive? Go on a date? .....have an orgy with her hive?

Actually, ask her if her hive knows about what she does with her team? If they don't know, how does she keep it a secret from them? If they do know, do they support her? And do the other team members have similar relations with their respective hives?
No. 791869 ID: 1c8358

You heard the boss. Take the pink ranger out on a nice date, establish a long lasting relationship with her and have moderate amounts of satisfying sex.
No. 791872 ID: 91ee5f

Also, ask what she was doing before you accidentally chased her away.
No. 791876 ID: 595d54

Make sure to read the manual on interpersonal relationships soon so you don't accidentally break any rules.

"I can offer you a beach date." Your hive is coastal, right? If she somehow seems interested in dating you specifically go for it, but realistically it'll probable be a double date. Her with a hivemate, and you with... Rakae?
No. 791881 ID: 78a3e5

If you and your empathy caused the problem it might be necessary for her to disassociate your empathy from the feeling to help her.
No. 791887 ID: 211d83

Showing her a good time and solving her issue by yourself would prove to everyone you are not a grump.

Plus she is cute and it would be fun to go out and enjoy yourself.
No. 791898 ID: a8bc5c

If we're really going to go with the date night plan, we should probably go off duty so that Az can't spy on us and collect information about said date night for any number of reasons or neeefarious purposes.
No. 791902 ID: a7e5d6

Play video game with her and talk about happy time from your childhood and with your hive! We can replace her memories of us as a grump with memories of being happy and even laughing.
'Show' her a good time.
No. 791910 ID: a7b239

Take her to meet Katzati to show it is OK to be large!It's well known that you fall for larger individuals more easily so perhaps this will make your empathy more romantic.
While you're there ask Katzati to make you pretty for your hot date!
No. 791916 ID: 91ee5f

>Take her to meet Katzati to show it is OK to be large!
That actually reminds me of something Rokoa said to Polo. She said, "It's good to have a little fat to protect your muscles. Because getting punched in the muscles fuckin' hurts like hell!"

Since Pink gets into fights as part of her job, maybe Polo could tell Pink that? And Polo can say it was something an....."associate" told her one time.

I don't remember where exactly Rokoa said that, but I know she said something like that!
No. 791919 ID: 8111b6

Carnival? Or maybe just hit up the arcade machines?

Perhaps advise her of your evaluation of her bed.

The date idea might have merit.

If nothing else, a girls night out on Az's dime. Though, you don't seem the type to cruise bars hitting on potential one night stands.
No. 791935 ID: 51649e

Ok, Polo, the problem here is that you really need to get yourself into a position where you feel loving. That would be most effective, and doing this because it's your job or you're trying to pay her back or something won't do. So, here's some ideas:

0) First, before anything else, pick up Giant and then follow your trail back to her hive, hopefully meeting any hivemates of hers that followed along on the way. We want to set them at ease, and their concern for her might have a positive effect.


1) Go on a double date! You find someone you really like, she brings someone she really likes, and you go somewhere that a lot of people are having fun and getting close and happy. Have a good time. If you and your date and Pink and Pink's date hit it off, maybe turn it into a four-way date instead of a double date, for extra effectiveness?

2) Bring her home. Let her see you with your guard down and your professionalism off. Focus on everything that makes you feel good and compassionate and loving, and hopefully wipe Pink's association of you with your grumpiness with a different memory of you.

3) The "you will be visited by three spirits" plan. Like showing Scrooge the spirit of christmas, only it's valentine's day! Bring Pink on a tour visiting places and people that will show her the True Spirit of Valentine's Day again. Three Stripes with Giant and their hive (without using him to just fix it), Rokoa with her and her hive's kids (and that boyfriend of hers?), Katzati probably, shorter versions of the other plans, et cetera. You might also want to find examples of the absence of love, to demonstrate what she's fighting for.
No. 791937 ID: 51649e


It also might be a good idea for her to visit Three Stripes for a little while anyway, before she decides she needs to, so that he can get a sense of her and if there's any remote possibility of "whoops no I can't do that" from him then you'll know while you still have time for other things. He can give an estimate for how long it would take, as well, maybe?
No. 791947 ID: 91ee5f

>First, before anything else, pick up Giant and then follow your trail back to her hive, hopefully meeting any hivemates of hers that followed along on the way.
We also need to pick up whatever meats Giant ordered and left behind for the chase. And to get Polo's credit card back from Giant.
No. 792030 ID: d36af7

Take the Pink Ranger to visit calm, cuddly Sealock hive so she can see what you're like off-duty, in your native environment, and break the association that way. Maybe have some coffee cake. Think of it like an extra day of paid vacation.
No. 792428 ID: bfb318
File 149107384782.png - (84.51KB , 800x800 , 103.png )

>Interpersonal relationships within the job
The rules on this are fuzzy, and come down to 'being allowed as long as they do not cause problems.' They often cause problems and most likely should never be allowed.

"Is spending time with your hive not working?"
>"Not really. This is to spread love for people outside of my hive, so...."
"I see. By the way, does your hive know of your active job?"

She's hard to read and is uncomfortable with this line of questioning, so I move on.

"What if you were able to dissassociate that grumpy empathy I had with me in general?"
>"It may, but it'd be kind of tough."
"By the way, I have been told by strong neumono before that having fat is advantageous in a fight."
>"Oh sure, but not fat fat, then it's just difficult to move around, and I can't have that."
"Still, I know of at least one fat neumono who is strong."
>"Well, I have to be the strongest. If I saw one, I'd want to work with them to better themselves and go on a diet and have some exercise and stuff! Being too fat is no good. I'm sure they're still a good person, though!"

>"Please move on." says Katzati.
No. 792429 ID: bfb318
File 149107385506.png - (122.88KB , 800x800 , 104.png )

"How about a date." I ask Pink.
>"Oh! Uh... with who?"
>"Really? Er...I don't know... also, are you doing it because you actually want to date me, or because it might help your job?"
"I can think of worse people to go on a surprise date with."
>"You hesitated, then didn't even answer my question! It's okay, but it's a little much for me, and a little weird. Maybe I could date someone else you think I'd fit in well with from the UDA? Or anyone at all actually. Oh, if their empathy mixed with yours it might help me get over yours?"
"A double date?"
>"Yeah, that sounds good! At least, it probably would be better than anything I thought of it."

There are a few options for me. One of my own hivemates would be a surefire success, but that may be cheating, or at least missing Pink's point of extra-hive love. Katzati comes to mind, but only because of our prank on each other during christmas. Pink also might have made it awkward. Ramella also comes to mind, and considering that I already promised her a date, this would knock out two birds with one stone. The promise was for after serving her time, though.

For Pink... I have no idea.
No. 792440 ID: 211d83

Ramella for sure.

It can count as community service even to get her sentence reduced.

For pink ask her what she likes in guys/girls and it will help us narrow down some coworkers.
No. 792443 ID: 51649e

Go on a double date with Pilon! You like Pilon, right? Or at least would like to get to know him better? He seemed like the kind of guy who had some love in him. I mean, his hive still respected him despite him being a rogue, and they weren't a hive with a good attitude about that sort of thing to begin with, so that's kind of impressive, right? He must at least be a guy who's hard to hate?

Pilon will also be Pink's date. You will both date him at the same time. He can manage.

Or just ask Pink what kind of people she likes and/or tell us what her empathy feels like to you, and that might help us choose someone.

Seriously though date Pilon.
No. 792445 ID: 91ee5f

Polo, you're doing this all wrong. It's easier if you start with a list of people that would be bad for a date and whoever is left and not on that list is who you should choose!

Let's immediately put Rokoa on that list because she was there when you first met Pink and Pink might not like being reminded of what Rokoa's empathy feels like!

Who else should go on the bad dates list?
No. 792449 ID: 3abd97

Polo how did you even come to that suggestion so quickly. Suggesting a date to fix things isn't like you. Are you feeling all right? Maybe you've been infected by the Valentine's spirit. Or maybe that chocolate was drugged.

>double date
That does take some of the onus of cheering her up off of you, but on the flip side, that means you need to find a date for her who will actually cheer her up.

Indulging Ramella for yourself fufills your earlier commitment, and she's also kind of a captive audience. As a convict. Makes keeping control over your date a lot easier.

You can't bring Ramella and Katzati, unfortunately. They both gay for you, so you'd end up getting the majority of their affections (and in a threesome) while Pink would end up alone and even grumpier.

Also if we lose Katzati then you no longer have a fun operator helping you through this mess.

...it might help if you talked to Pink a little longer, or paid more attention to her empathy, to try and figure out a better match for her.

Also, Katzati is going to have to reign Giant in at some point (if she hasn't torn the arcade apart already) and someone needs to tell the butcher shop hive that their hivemate who ran off in a panic is okay.