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File 150423822607.png - (10.27KB , 600x400 , B001.png )
826501 No. 826501 ID: 6cbace

"Sargent Stanford. What's the story here?"
"Grave robbing. The groundskeeper reported at first daylight, delirious about some kind of monster. Not sure what happened here, but this place is a mess. The grounds are all dug up. Bodies missing and there are body parts all over the place."
"What did the groundskeeper say?"
"He was kind of out of it, kept whispering about a large monster out to get him."
"Hm... Any sign of drugs?"
"Not that we could find, but the shack is filled with alcohol."
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No. 826502 ID: 6cbace
File 150423827296.png - (9.55KB , 600x400 , B002.png )

"Right. Lets get started then."

Investigate: Groundskeeper Shack Graves
No. 826504 ID: ba506f

>Investigate: Groundskeeper
might as well start with him and then see if any of his ramblings can help us figure out were to start.

also welcome back
No. 826505 ID: 91ee5f

Let's investigate that Groundskeeper fellow.
No. 826506 ID: a363ac

No. 826507 ID: 734373

Welcome back Radial.
No. 826508 ID: 3ce125

I say check the graves first. Evidence there is time-sensitive.
No. 826509 ID: 13fded

Groundskeeper. We need to be dismissive of their story before see the evidences that support it.

I'm so happy!
No. 826511 ID: 600f38

Graves first. You can't hallucinate physical evidence into existence, and we want to have an idea what happened before we start questioning.

(Also, welcome back!)
No. 826515 ID: 3b09e3

Had the same idea myself.

Not sure if you can tell, but we missed you :^)
No. 826528 ID: 6cbace
File 150424132801.png - (8.72KB , 600x400 , B003.png )

Investigate: Groundskeeper - 4 Shack - 1 Graves - 3

"Take me to the witness."
"He's outside the shed. Been there since morning."

We head to the run down sorry excuse for a building.
An old Avaros is seated on the floor, back to the wall as he shivers.
He looks like a mess, His feathers brown and dull with age, eyes darting all over the place, and he smells like-

"He smells like piss."
"No surprise. He pissed himself."

"Groundskeeper Jason, Are you able to answer a few questions?"
He stops moving, raising his head to look at us and answers us shakily.
"Y-yes sirs."

Investigate: Events Well Being Grave Robbing Alibi Alcohol Drugs Monster Others Return
No. 826529 ID: c2051e

No. 826530 ID: ba506f

get his story then we can question him to see if he's being serious or just pulling our leg
No. 826531 ID: 3ce125

Well Being. If you put him a bit more at ease he'll answer further questions better.

Then, Events. I guess that's generally "what did you see?" kind of things?
No. 826532 ID: 600f38

Ok, there's a standard procedure here, don't fuck it up.
First, get him comfortable. You want him to trust you, which means you need to be compassionate.
That means it's paramount you ask about his WELL BEING first. Make sure he's ok, and that he understands you're here for him.
No. 826533 ID: 13fded

Alcohol. Are you a drunk?
No. 826537 ID: 094652

Monster. Get the testimony in case you need a technicality to upgrade your search warrant from theft to something worse.
No. 826544 ID: 91ee5f


Talk about his well being first.
No. 826546 ID: be0718


"Good. Just wondering."
No. 826569 ID: 5f2769

Well being.
Ask if he is ok. Comfort him by saying something like"it's ok your safe now" then ask about what he saw. Once you have the info you can get from him tell him "you'll be alright" Pat him on the back stand up and say "thank you that helped but I've got to figure this out" and go check something else out.
No. 826590 ID: e8f4bd

well being, then events
No. 826595 ID: 6cbace
File 150425348403.png - (10.71KB , 600x400 , B004.png )

Well being
"How are you feeling Jason?"
"Sh-shaken, I guess? It's just... I can still feel that thing breathing down my neck."
"I see."

"Could you tell me what happened last night?"
He takes a deep breath.
"It happened some time in the middle of the night. There was a loud thump. Like something heavy had hit the ground. It woke me up. I took a peek outside and saw this... creature. It dug though the soil and pulled up the bodies and ate them."
He starts taking deeper breaths.
"I- I think it must have noticed me, and I locked myself in my home. I swear I did!"
He buries his head in his hands.
"It opened the front door. As if it was never locked. Turned the handle and everything. Buried myself into my bed, heard it come closer and closer... felt its breath wash over me... and then it left."
He looks up at us distraught.
"I'm no fighter sirs, there no way I can defend myself if it came down to it."

"What did this creature look like?" I asked skeptically.
He answers feverishly, "It was big. As tall as a house. If not longer with it's tail. It's eyes were a deep red, almost as if it could see deep inside of you. it had long claws and stood up on two feet."

I look at Sargent Stanford, but he shakes his head and whispers to me.
"It doesn't sound like any recognizable beasts around here, but I can put up an information bounty on the guild."
"Make it so." I bring my attention back to the groundskeeper.
"We understand you have been drinking?"
He looks at us, realization hitting him, "Th- I only drank after the thing left! I dared not leave the house until the daystar came up!"

"I understand. Thank you for your time. For now, it would be best if you stayed within the city walls. Do you have a place to stay?"
"Y-yes," he tries to calm himself down. "My daughter lives in the city."
"Very well. Please inform us your address later."
No. 826596 ID: 6cbace
File 150425356427.png - (8.61KB , 600x400 , B005.png )

I step away from the groundkeeper as he remains where he sits.

"Where to next captain?"

Investigate: Groundskeeper Shack Graves
No. 826598 ID: 3ce125

Graves. Let's check to see if we can find any tracks, maybe there's evidence of that thump. Also investigate the strewn body parts to see if you can find bite marks or other evidence of a monster eating them.
No. 826599 ID: e8f4bd

Be sure to check for footprints and get trackers on them.
No. 826605 ID: ba506f


let's see what kind of damage this thing has done.
No. 826616 ID: 12aed4


Don't forget to talk to the guards posted near here to see if they saw or heard anything, we need to make sure that if there is a monster around that it doesn't get into the city if it hasn't already.
No. 826623 ID: be0718

Investigate graves. Crazy old hermit, probably just got terrified by some teenage vandals.
No. 826624 ID: 600f38

You need to look for signs of forced entry. He said it opened the door as if it wasn't even locked, so we need to look into that. Did it pick the lock? Break the lock? Open it with magic? Or was it just not locked at all?
No. 826628 ID: 91ee5f

Investigate the Graves.

We need to see if the monster made a grave mistake and left an important clue!
No. 826631 ID: 6cbace
File 150427420329.png - (19.13KB , 600x400 , B006.png )

I head off towards the plot of graves nearby, the Sargent following behind.
The plots are orderly, with grass growing between plots. Short grass has grown where the soil has been placed, indicating that these plots have been here for a while.
Until recently that is.
The slates have been gouged out, with similar marks as the soil.

"With how things look, it doesn't seem that the old man is lying."
"Or we could have some very elaborate grave robbing plot."
I give a glance at Stanford, but he shrugs back, "It's possible."

I pull out my gloves and fit them on.

Investigate: Input options
No. 826632 ID: be0718

Dust for prints! Interrogate the stone-faced witnesses! Take off your sunglasses while remarking that this case, is no longer closed!
No. 826635 ID: 13fded

Measure the size of the footprints and the distance between them to deduce the possible size of the grave-robber.
Look for patters that indicate the chronology of events. Where did the invasor came from? What path did it took? In what direction did it left?
See if you can discern purpose. Why those graces? Where they chosen for a particular reason or were they just the closest?
No. 826637 ID: e8f4bd

Make a joke about doing a body cavity search on Sargent Stanford

>Interesting investigation options:
Investigate Sargent Stanford's marital status.
Investigate Sargent Stanford's current interest in you.
Investigate Sargent Stanford's ability to eat lunch with you this afternoon.

>Boring investigation options:
Investigate the possibility of there being multiple perpetrators. Try to judge the amount of time and manpower it would take to cause such damage. What can you find out from the footprints?

Is there any magic that can be used to help the investigation?
No. 826643 ID: 8d4593

Check and see if the monster left behind any fur, scales, or fluids.
No. 826647 ID: fc33ea

Get a stone with a good clean claw mark on it to see what kind of claws he's got. Then investigate to see what's been done to the bodies.
No. 826648 ID: ba506f

look for tracks to see if you can't find footprints, claw marks or something and examine what is left of the bodies for claw marks and teeth marks. If a creature did dig these up to feed on the bodies then the remains should have some kind of markings as well as the caskets themselves for when it broke in
No. 826650 ID: 41c9bc

Do you have necromancy? Not raise the dead necromancy, but talking to the spirits of the departed necromancy.
No. 826670 ID: 0d1514

No. 826671 ID: 3ce125

Are there any valuables from the corpses left? Or did the criminal take them all?
Is there any pattern to which graves were disturbed?
Can you get an indication of how strong the criminal was by how they dug into the earth?
No. 826729 ID: 12aed4

Okay first of we need to check to see if the graves where robed for valuables (don't know how you'd do that) and if so try figure out what was taken.
If not try deduce why the creature was doing this.
Also try get a scale and maybe shape of the creature from the marks it left in the ground/stone.
No. 826854 ID: 600f38

I know what you're thinking, and no, the gravedigger isn't suspicious. He could quietly loot the bodies and nobody would be the wiser.

People are sometimes buried with jewelry or other valuables. If any of those are left behind then you can conclude this wasn't a graverobbing.

Next, look for tool marks versus claw marks. Shovels leave flat smooth markings on the sides, while claws leave rough and uneven markings. A casual look suggests a rough pattern, and I see some large furrows that are fairly evenly spaced.

This is looking like an animal, but just to confirm find out who these people were. If they weren't people of means that would clinch it as an animal of some kind.

If it's an animal, then it breaking into the shack and sniffing the gravekeeper before leaving tells us it's some kind of large carrion-eater. It's unlikely to be native, and could be anything from an exotic specimen escaped from a circus to a mad wizard's experiment. That should go in your description for the guild, as it may help them identify it.
Fortunately it seems disinterested in the living, so there isn't a threat to public safety.
No. 827033 ID: 6cbace
File 150434510105.png - (24.07KB , 600x400 , B007.png )

"So how's the wife?"
"Eh. Ain't so happy since I've been assigned to the outer districts." Stanford shrugs. "Tells me I spend more time here than with my son. What about you?"
"Same old same old. Too much paperwork to bother with a night life."

He hums, jotting down details about the scene as I relay them to him.

"You sure you don't want me to hook you up with someone I know?"
"What, with your brother?" I wince.
"He's a nice guy behind all that gruff."
"Behind all that gruff is vulgar."

I run a hand across a nearby slate, feeling the crushed gouges across the stone marker.

"Whatever this was is at least a D rank."
"That's not going to go well with the boss. Having something that dangerous should have been spotted long ago."
I grunt in agreement, dusting my gloves clean of the dirt.

"Well, lets get this over with." I take a breath and raise my hand straight, "Gather before my eyes and reveal yourself, [Lesser Mana Sight]."

A flicker runs though my eyes as mana lights up around me.

"What's wrong?"
"It left behind a huge trail, whatever this is." I point out the path the creature took, "Trail leads from the over the fence towards the graves and towards the shack. It's then a straight path back towards the fence. Probably rank C with something this size. Get in touch with central intelligence, check if there has been other sightings of large creatures around. Someone has bound to have notice something this big."
"Hopefully whatever this is prefers the dead rather than the living." Stanford grimaces.

I take one more look before my sight painfully returns to normal.
"Nothing seems to be left behind, not even footprints."
"That can't be right, the groundskeeper said it walked on two feet."
"That's not what the trail says."

Sargent Stanford walks forwards to inspect the slates, marking down the names and details of the evicted dead. A minute spent and a frown enters his face.

"Discovered something?"
"Whatever this was, it knew what to look for." He points towards the disturbed ground, "These graves all held mages," and then pointed to the undisturbed ones, "and these didn't."
I check the slates for the mark that depict ones who had mana stones in them, and he's right.
"So this thing is after dead mages?" he asks.
I shake my head, "Mana stones. It's after mana stones. That doesn't make much sense though, the shrines handle the dead and remove them for preservation and to prevent necromancy."
"Doesn't that mean this thing might head towards the shrine next?"
I recall where the trail ends at the fence, and realize that it heads straight towards the city walls.
"Stanford, head back first and report that we might have a creature on the loose in the city."
"Yes Captain." He salutes before jogging out of the cemetery.

Investigate: Shack Attempt to retrace trail Attempt to follow trail Input options
No. 827034 ID: ba56e6

>Retract trail
Figure out where this thing came from and how it got into the city. If there's a big security hole it needs to be patched up before something else gets in.
No. 827035 ID: 3ce125

It went into the shack, and its actions demonstrate intelligence, so fully investigate. Find out what it did there.

Is there any chance it was working with an accomplice? As in, someone controlling the creature?
No. 827039 ID: e8f4bd

No. 827043 ID: 12aed4

Investigate dat Shack
No. 827047 ID: ba506f


see if you can't figure out why it went into the shack
No. 827051 ID: be0718

Eat Stanford.
No. 827058 ID: 6cbace
File 150435499638.png - (9.37KB , 600x400 , B008.png )

Eat Stanford
Cannibalism is against the law.

I turn around and head back to the shack.
It's barren, only having a bed and cupboard on the far end of the room. An empty shelf rests by the window.
There is a separate room that leads to a kitchen and pantry.
How does anyone live like this?

Bottles are strewn across the floor haphazardly and the scent of piss still lingers in the air.

Investigate: Input options Return
No. 827059 ID: ba506f

>[Lesser Mana Sight]
let's see where that creature went in here and see if we can't see what it was hoping to accomplish by coming in here.
No. 827060 ID: be0718

Against the law?! YOU ARE THE LAAAAAAAW!
check under bead for dead bodies. How else is a lonely gravekeeper supposed to keep himself busy?
No. 827062 ID: e8f4bd

Using [Lesser Mana Sight] seems to be quite painful, so don't use it unless it seems necessary.

Although the groundskeeper didn't mention anything being taken or broken, he also said that he wasn't looking when the monster was in the shack.
You should hastily check if anything looks disturbed. Can any marks be recognized on the floor?

Check the lock on the door and see if it's functioning properly.

Return afterwards.
No. 827068 ID: 6cbace
File 150435736739.png - (10.48KB , 600x400 , B009.png )

No one is above the law, Even the royal family subjects themselves under the law.

"Gather before my eyes and reveal yourself, [Lesser Mana Sight]."
I blink as mana rushes to my eyes. The biggest reaction is the trail on the floor, leading to the window and bed. There are minor traces on the shelf and leading under the bed.

There is nothing but bottles rolled under the bed. It's surprisingly clean. Probably something has been removed from here. The shelf is also unusually clean compared to the floor and walls, especially around the trail.

There are traces of claw marks left on the floor, but like with the soil outside, there are no traces of mana on it's footprints. It is as if they were planted there.

The door lock is worn down with scratches indicating where keys have struct the metal knob, but no real trace of being picked. Judging by the state of this place, there probably isn't much worth being stolen in here anyhow.

Investigate: Input options Return
No. 827069 ID: be0718

The fool left a trail leading right back to his bed. What a sad little man. Let him off with a warning not to waste any more of the police's time.
No. 827071 ID: e8f4bd

Return. We'll need to ask the groundskeeper what he keeps under the bed and on the shelf.
No. 827076 ID: 6cbace
File 150436095872.png - (10.90KB , 600x400 , B010.png )

I leave the shack and face the groundskeeper, "Thank you for your time Mr Jason. It's probably best if you return to the city and stay with your daughter until the investigation comes to an end."
"Y-yes... Thank you madam..." He gets up, knees shaking as we walk towards the gate.

I take a look while my spell is still active. As suspected, the trail leads back into the city... except the tail comes from the city too? That's not good.

I leave the groundskeeper with the guards posted at the entrance of the cemetery.

Investigate: Attempt to retrace trail Attempt to follow trail Return to city
No. 827077 ID: be0718

Return to city to report a false alarm.
No. 827081 ID: e4b014

... Just what kind of monster are you dealing with, here, that apparently came out to the graveyard from the city, dug up only the graves with mana stones, seemingly went so far as to pass up an opportunity to get the groundskeeper, and went back in? Like, is there any kind of creature you know of where that sequence of events makes sense for it to do?

And the two trails in the city go off in different directions? That's even weirder. I guess maybe see where it went?
No. 827088 ID: e8f4bd

Attempt to follow the trail.

The monster could still be in the vicinity so it would be good to at least see how far the trail can take us. But don't overstress your eyes.
No. 827089 ID: 600f38

At this point you need more information. Follow its trail.
No. 827101 ID: 8d4593

Follow that shit.
No. 827103 ID: df23bb

It might be best not to follow something like this withought backup. If you think the trail might fade soon then gather a team and start tracking it otherwise try to find out where it came from first. If we know what it is and where it came from we will have a better chance of dealing with it.
No. 827115 ID: ba56e6

This. We need to know the source of monsters in the city.
No. 827178 ID: d63ea8

Retrace the trail
No. 827326 ID: 6cbace
File 150444088140.png - (12.69KB , 600x400 , B011.png )

I follow the trail, jogging before my spell wears out and eventually find the spot where the trail ends...
I look up, and find no other trace of the creature until the top of the wall.
This thing jumped! There's not even a single mark on the surface of the wall indicating that it climbed! Whatever this thing is, it is powerful.

Judging from how far away the gates are, This should be somewhere in the slums.
That's not good, finding anything in the slums would be difficult and messy.

Investigate Input Options
No. 827330 ID: e8f4bd

Continue following the trail into the slums. If it can get messy, then it's that much more important to see what we can find.
No. 827334 ID: 8d4593

No. 827335 ID: be0718

The slums? How convenient. Just do a perimeter check of the slums for its tracks to make sure it isn't bothering anyone that matters.
No. 827341 ID: 6cbace
File 150444931212.png - (17.41KB , 600x400 , B012.png )

I hurry my way towards where the creature would have landed.
As I exit the main street and enter into the side streets that leads to the slums of the city, the morning daylight darkens under the shadows of the buildings.
The older area of the city, built in mind to cram as many citizens as possible, back when outside the walls were filled with more dangerous beasts, and the population grew too big, too quick behind the safety of the enchanted walls.
Nowadays with the introduction of the guilds and subjugation efforts, wild beasts had been pushed back and many villages had been established outside the city, easing the population stress in the residential areas of the city.
Sadly places like these remain outside of the interest of redevelopment, with too many people living in these crammed spaces to force out just to fix up the area.

Dirty civilians rush out of sight as they see my uniform. My boots echo as I Walk steadily towards the wall. Running in here is a good way to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Investigate: Ask witnesses Make way to wall Seek "information brokers" Seek the underground guilds
No. 827342 ID: 486e87

Make your way to the wall, we need to pick up the trail.
No. 827343 ID: be0718

Ask witnesses if they saw any dead bodies getting dragged along the ground.
No. 827345 ID: 830fb7

try and find that trail from the wall its your only lead currently and you don't want to loose it.
No. 827350 ID: e8f4bd

Ask witnesses if they've seen anything out of the ordinary at the time of the event. Altho it's unlikely because, if anyone had seen such a strong monster, they would've reported it already.

Afterwards, make your way to the wall.
No. 827351 ID: 8d4593

make way along the wall
No. 827352 ID: 13fded

Ask witnesses. It can be difficult to follow the trail of something that can jump buildings.
No. 827353 ID: 600f38

Look for the trail.
Witnesses will either not want to talk to the guard or would have already reported it.
No. 827354 ID: 5b93d3

Asking around about 'missing persons' or 'strange disappearances' or corpses appearing is going to be fruitless: at best you'd get "no more than usual around here".
Instead, look for cripples near the other side of the wall where the thing jumped over, people living on the street that don't move around much and could not run from a monster if they wanted. Ask them if they've seen anything.
No. 827390 ID: ba506f

Make way to wall
No. 827413 ID: 830fb7

The wall is your current clue you shouldn't let it get cold or you may loose the trail
No. 827450 ID: ba56e6

Make way to the wall.
No. 827490 ID: 094652

Get as far as you can with the trail, then go shopping in the nearby area and pick up whatever gossip you can find.
No. 827513 ID: 6cbace
File 150452914312.png - (18.60KB , 600x400 , B013.png )

Breaking out into a quick march, I find less and less people around.
I hear signs of whispers, and with doors and windows closing, it won't take long before some thug comes in and try to... dissuade me from investigating further.

I reach the wall and find a large crater where the creature must had landed.
No. 827514 ID: 6cbace
File 150452957699.png - (22.53KB , 600x400 , B014.png )

At least it won't be hard to follow now.

I could either wait for backup or follow the trail.
A creature this size running loose in the city won't end well, but I don't have much experience fighting beasts. Guards are trained in fights against people, not beasts.
Alternatively I could wait for backup. By now my request for assistance should have been processed and roadblocks would be set up to prevent this creature from escaping deeper into the city... If it's still here.

Investigate: Follow trail Await backup
No. 827515 ID: be0718

Follow the trail! Justice waits for no backup!
No. 827516 ID: e420b6

The hell is that red glow?
No. 827517 ID: e8f4bd

That red speck is probably Emils' core.



Await for backup~~
No. 827518 ID: b88e47

Wait for backup, this thing will kill you if you solo it.
No. 827519 ID: 13fded

The grave robbing happened last night. This creature had plenty of time to move further away.
Keep following the trail. You got to find what you can before the criminals begin to interfere.
No. 827527 ID: 8d4593

Follow Trail
No. 827532 ID: 0cf890

Comfort yourself before following anyways
No. 827533 ID: 8b2654

This isn't a job for the guard, this is a job for the guild.
You can act as a guide for them, but fighting monsters is explicitly not your job.
No. 827537 ID: d04b11

Seems like the perfect time to go get help!
No. 827544 ID: 91ee5f

Await backup.

If you happen to run into this thing by yourself it'll kill you.
No. 827548 ID: 038bdc

We know the beast is powerful.
Don't just wait for backup, go fetch some!
No. 827562 ID: 3abd97

You guessed this thing is at least rank C. You're not prepared to fight that kind of thing solo.

Follow protocol, wait for backup.
No. 827567 ID: ba506f

Await backup

if this thing is a class C or god forbid even stronger, probably a good idea to have someone watching your back
No. 827570 ID: 9c2d0c

As dangerous as something this strong is, so far all evidence suggests it has actively chosen not to harm the living. We have neither the time nor the need to wait for backup. Keep following.
No. 827573 ID: 600f38

It hasn't shown any reluctance to harm the living, only disinclination to do anything to a non-mage who wasn't a threat.

You're a mage and a threat. If it's hungry for mage corpses it can kill you and then have a meal, and if it has any self-preservation instinct then it will fight back when cornered.

Or it's a necromantic golem, in which case it was stealing for a master who is way out of your league.

You deal with human crime, not monsters.
No. 827574 ID: 094652

This beast is smart, agile, and the size of a large horse. Stepping in now would get yourself mauled, wait for backup.
No. 827575 ID: db1520

So far all you've done is wait. Maybe try following this time
No. 827585 ID: 3ce125

Always wait for backup when you need it. What's that red thing though?
No. 827589 ID: 46a8da

Make sure you got your bigboy pants on and follow
No. 827628 ID: 41c9bc

Await backup.
No. 827650 ID: d63ea8

You have little to no idea what you might be up against. Await backup.
No. 827662 ID: 7cdf1e

Wait for backup.
No. 827683 ID: 416762

wait for backup
No. 827758 ID: 12aed4

Ah Hell Nah! wait for backup.
No. 827773 ID: fd306a

You should definitely go in alone, yep, that is what you should do.
No. 827780 ID: 6cbace
File 150461341169.png - (5.53KB , 600x400 , B015.png )

I can't see any red.
Backup - 16 Follow - 8

I press my identity bracelet, sending out a soft signal to mark my location and await for someone to come to me.
I feel gazes upon me from various places. No doubt the civilians wondering why I am here.
I could warn them, but that might alert the beast too.

Eventually I see a shadow emerge from an alley.

Investigate: Input Options
No. 827782 ID: be0718

Don't believe it's them until they tell you the secret codeword!
No. 827789 ID: fd306a

move closer to get a better look and see who it is.
No. 827790 ID: e8f4bd

Ask for identification.
Explain what we're dealing with and ask for their recommendation on the who to send out.
No. 827791 ID: 3d2d5f

Identify yourself!

Assuming they do: what the hell are you doing here?
No. 827793 ID: 41c9bc

"Who's there?"
No. 827796 ID: 486e87

We did send out a signal for back up, so it's to be expected.

Say yes, and ask who's there? Since you can't make out who they are from the silhouette. Something seems off about the silhouette though.
No. 827812 ID: a363ac

No. 827829 ID: 13fded

You have no reason to imagine shapeshifting at this point.

Confirm your identity and ask his.
No. 827844 ID: 3ce125

Yep that's me, who is it?
No. 827895 ID: ba506f

and you would be?
No. 827940 ID: 6cbace
File 150465348871.png - (12.52KB , 600x400 , B016.png )

"Who's there! Identify yourself!"
A wet cough splutters from the person as they stumble out of the alley and onto the ground.
"Co- *cough* pral Judas, Division 4, squad C!"
He's bleeding.
"What happened?!"
"The creature *cough* squad wiped out."
He is breathing heavily, he needs medical help.

The fact that this was a recent attack means that the creature is still near by.
I do not know the extent of his wounds, nor do I have anything on me to help, but if I do help him, I will lose trail of the creature.
I may also attempt to trail the creature. The signal I sent off would have attracted other guards to my location, and he will get

Help him
Follow trail to where the squad was attacked
Use [Lesser Mana Sight] to attempt to trail creature before the mana trail grows cold
Others - Input Option
No. 827942 ID: be0718

Help him! Chasing fairytales is frivolous when there's a wounded comrade in front of you.
No. 827943 ID: 9876c4

The tactical value of having a witness to the monster outweighs anything you could do on it's trail.

Try to save him, so he can make a full report.
No. 827947 ID: 3ce125

Give him aid while asking what kind of monster it is. You need information first and foremost, don't go chasing something solo that wiped out a full squad. This is going to be a job for the guild, I think.
No. 827951 ID: 3abd97

Use mana sight to make sure there's nothing wrong with this guy. Like him pinging as a super-big monster.

Then help him.
No. 827959 ID: e8f4bd

If the whole squad has been wiped out then it would be too dangerous to try to follow it closely.

Use [Lesser Mana Sight] to try to locate the creature while treating his wounds. I believe some healing items are a part of standard equipment.
Once treated, carefully observe your surroundings while moving towards the place of the attack.
No. 827966 ID: ba506f

>Help him
he knows what the creature is and if it can take out a whole squad their isn't much you could do. Try to stop his bleeding and keep him awake by asking questions, like what does the beast look like and how did it take out his squad.

If you can save him he can give the guard and the adventures valuable information that will help prevent lose of life in the future.
No. 827968 ID: ba506f

also use mana sight to make sure the creature still isn't around
No. 827987 ID: 0c040b

help him first and foremost the info will be necessary in case of further confrontation. second a life is more important than catching up fast to this creature.
No. 827998 ID: 41c9bc

The dude's bleeding out in front of you. Help him.
No. 828002 ID: 600f38

Check him with Mana Sight before you approach. We know next to nothing about the creature, so a few seconds of caution is warranted.

If he appears normal, assist him and question him about the creature's appearance.
If he appears to be abnormal, question him at a distance.

In either case, following the trail is less important.
No. 828003 ID: 16719f

help him
No. 828004 ID: 1d3e52

Don't forget to ask where the rest of his team is more may still be alive and you want to save as many people as possible.
No. 828114 ID: 9ca0f0

Unless you've got a really good idea about how to handle something that maybe just wiped a squad, maybe just help this guy instead.
No. 828131 ID: 094652

Bring Judas out into the open. With everyone watching. Where even a masterful, almost shapeshifting assassin couldn't do anything without getting themselves killed.

Scare the beast with an intentionally public false announcement:
"Don't worry, Jud. We've got magic snipers around the perimeter, and divination spotters tracking down the beast. Next thing that @#$%er's going to eat is a missile through the throat!"

Scan while you can.
No. 828156 ID: 41c9bc

If Emils doesn't want to be moved, the Cap isn't going to be able to move it.
No. 828226 ID: b88e47

Help him. We still can't fight the monster on our own and if the monster lays a trap it will kill us.

Most important thing is number and rank of the squad that died. Ask him that. We will know if we have enough backup to move on.
No. 828277 ID: da1652

Hold on.
Have you ever heard of the surname "Judas" before for anyone, let alone one of your kind? Or in the force? It could be some thug trying to trick you. also, use Mana Sight in case the creature is lurking in the shadows, using him as bait.
No. 828468 ID: 6cbace
File 150478657557.png - (14.36KB , 600x400 , B018.png )

I rush down to his side as he falls over, finding him unconscious.
"hey! HEY!" I slap his face a bit but he doesn't wake up. He's still breathing.
I search though his belt for any kind of first aid he may hold while looking down the alley.
"Gather before my eyes and reveal yourself, [Lesser Mana Sight]."
My sight burn as I blink the tears our of my eyes.
No. 828471 ID: 6cbace
File 150478674055.png - (18.80KB , 600x400 , B019.png )

My gloves feel wet with blood, making it difficult to make out what he has in his belt.
I cough slightly as a foul smell of hits me. His intestines might have been ruptured.

My eyes regain their focus and... the trail... doesn't go anywhere...
Investigate: Input Options
No. 828472 ID: be0718

It probably went straight up again. Now continue your Samaritan practice. Do you know any healing spells? Does tapping the bracelet twice make your call for backup twice as urgent?
No. 828476 ID: 600f38

You're not holding the creature, are you?
No. 828479 ID: e8f4bd

Which skills do you have?

If you can't find anything in his belt, then too bad. Maybe you can freeze or burn out the wound to stop the bleeding?

You're not a doctor and after you deem that there's nothing more you can do here, you should try to find the rest of the squad. Use any other buff magic which might increase your defensive abilities.
No. 828508 ID: a363ac

Whatever it is it is hiding and too much for you to take on alone stay here and wait for more back up and send in the request for a medic.
No. 828510 ID: 91ee5f

>My eyes regain their focus and...the trail...doesn't go anywhere...
Yes it does! Look at the ground! There are tiny footprints and they're leading back...towards...you...

Uhhh.....look at the guard.
No. 828517 ID: e420b6

Deal with the immediate problem, get the injured dude to medical attention if you can't do anything here.
No. 828523 ID: 8d4593

wait wait wait... look... Down.
No. 828542 ID: 8b2654

We told her to check to see if this is the creature before approaching.
If she chose to disregard our advice to avoid danger in the first place then she is unlikely to take our advice when elbow deep in monster guts.

If she does look down, and realizes that she's elbow deep in a monster's gullet, then my advice to her would be to act as if nothing is wrong, remove her hand, stand up, and flee towards where the 'attack' happened.
Alternatively, say "Please don't kill me"
No. 828546 ID: a35feb

Well, okay. The creature is pretending to be an injured guard. It obviously doesn't want to risk a direct confrontation, preferring to either avoid a fight via subterfuge or get you unawares. You have a few options. You could ask it to not kill you. Hopefully it has some form of morality. You could play along, pretending to not realize it is the monster. You could retreat.

Actually attacking is probably not a good idea.
No. 828566 ID: 3ce125

Okay let's be serious here. Shapeshifters don't display any of the behavior you've seen so far-- they don't eat corpses. This guy cannot be the creature. It must simply have hidden its trail somehow. Maybe by jumping onto the rooftops?

If the guy doesn't have anything on his belt, then you need to go get help.
No. 828577 ID: a35feb

How thorough is your civilization's knowledge of all creatures in the world? Are there gaps? Could some foreign shapeshifter, an invasive species, from far away exhibit these behaviors?
No. 828580 ID: 26c0a3

I don't think this guy is the source. He gave his Resida his name and rank. It's unlikely that whatever fought them can shapeshift and read minds.
No. 828834 ID: 6cbace
File 150485564222.png - (12.80KB , 600x400 , B020.png )

I am a cryomancer, but the spells I have are for offence, not support.

I look up, but my vision is blocked by bridges and buildings that have been built together. Unsafe, but construction in these parts had been unregulated for a long time.
In any case, I won't be able to follow the trail if the creature did take to the roofs. I might be able to find a direction it went towards if I rush now, but...

I look down and... fuck, there's too much fresh Mana, it's difficult to see anything!
I manage to find some Areo salve in one of his pockets and smear it across his wounds. It won't be a good fix, but it'll stop the pain and the blood. Hopefully.
"Hey Judas! Wake up! Don't fall asleep!"
He coughs, his breathing growing lower.
It sounds like he is murmuring something, but his breath is too shallow to hear.

Investigate: Follow Stay Other
No. 828836 ID: 2cb301

rolled 1 = 1

Wouldn't you be kind of charging off in a random direction at this point?

At the same time I'm not sure what else you can do for Judas here.

Uh, 1 stay 2 go I guess.
No. 828839 ID: 91ee5f

Stay with him! Don't abandon him! He's trying to tell you something! Lean in closer so you can hear him!

Odds are, he's either trying to tell you something about the monster or he's wanting you to pass on some final words to a loved one!
No. 828842 ID: be0718

Stay! Don't you die on me, dammit!
No. 828849 ID: 13fded

Better to offer some companionship in what is probable the last moments of this man than to chase a target you don't have hopes of defeating.
No. 828850 ID: 3ce125

Other: head in the direction the other guards will be coming from. You can get medical aid faster that way.

Also keep in mind the squad got attacked recently. The scene of the battle will have a much more recent trail, among other evidence, so you don't have to worry about losing the creature.
No. 828857 ID: e8f4bd

Put your ears to his mouth, see if you can make out what he's trying to say.

If you can't make out anything, then move to the rest of the guards. Others are probably wounded as well.
No. 828865 ID: 830fb7

keep him awake and alert because if he falls asleep he could entre a comatose state where he may not wake up due to the low blood pressure.
No. 828886 ID: 600f38

Listen to his words, and stay with him until help arrives.
No. 828888 ID: 486e87

Stay, if the creature could wipe out a whole squad then you don't stand much of a chance, in that case a surviving witness is more useful.
No. 828889 ID: 6cbace
File 150488087510.png - (21.65KB , 600x400 , B021.png )

I lean down towards his head to listen to what his final words may be, but I can't make out anything.
I pull back, feeling slightly exhausted. My legs feel tired from crouching down and I pull my hands back.
There's nothing I can do for...
This is not blood.
Investigate: Panic
No. 828890 ID: be0718

Put your face closer to his. Maybe you can make out what he's trying to say. And you won't have time to scream.
No. 828891 ID: 9876c4


I mean, panic.
No. 828893 ID: 69fef8

run? run!
No. 828894 ID: a363ac

No. 828896 ID: 486e87

"Please don't eat me." Alternative: PANIC.
No. 828897 ID: 2cb301

Probably panic time.
No. 828898 ID: e8f4bd

Panic and use Ice Magic?
No. 828899 ID: 13fded

If running isn't an option, freeze stuff.
No. 828900 ID: 91ee5f

No. 828906 ID: 8d4593

It shapeshifts.
It's Intelligent.
And you're a witness.

Note how you've seen nothing unusual here at all, and walk away.
No. 828912 ID: 8b2654

"Please don't kill me"

You were advised.
Was this person even based on a real person in your department?
No. 828913 ID: 41c9bc

Y'all motherfucker didn't check for bioweapons. Done goofed my dude.
No. 828922 ID: da1652

mash that button on your identity bracelet for the rest of your unfortunately brief life. other people have to know something went wrong, its their only chance.
No. 828924 ID: 7b6617

I like the idea of the emergency burst of ice magic (unless it's going to drain more of your energy, preventing you from crawling away).
No. 828925 ID: 3ce125

Don't Panic.

It's just slime, slimes only eat dead things. The smell must have attracted a slime to the poor guy. Get away from the body and the slime should lose interest.
No. 828927 ID: 3d2d5f

Flash freeze yourself.
No. 828941 ID: 12aed4

Ice magics now!
No. 828966 ID: 41c9bc

This, basically.
No. 829145 ID: 6cbace
File 150495653051.png - (19.83KB , 600x400 , B022.png )

I build mana up into my left hands and snap my fingers, "Frost, heed my call and fire upon my foe, [Ice Spear]!"
Vapors twist upon my glove, solidify and shoots into the mass of mana, but it sinks deep into it and stabs into Corporal Judas.
I try to fall back, but my legs refuse to move under my control. I drag myself back while building up mana into my right hand.
"Frost, heed my call and form into a blade, [Ice Blade]!"
I try to slice away the mass of mana, but it clings tight to my robes, making it's way up my legs. It's... getting harder to feel my toes.

Investigate: Panic
No. 829147 ID: 7b6617

Try rolling away from the corpse.
No. 829148 ID: e4b014

You definitely need to try and get your legs out of there somehow. Rolling, maybe, or if you can pull on them?
No. 829149 ID: e8f4bd

I don't think it's possible to get away anymore and struggling would only be perceived as a hostile reaction.

Undo all your spells and lay perfectly still and motionless.
No. 829151 ID: 69fef8

>Panic sever legs, lurch away,
chill stumps with iceblade and hope you get to a healer

Uh, shit, freeze slime? if it works it'll trap your legs in it, but frostbite is probably more survivable than whatever's going on right now.
No. 829153 ID: deec6e

You're done. You're done for. It got you, like it got inside the guard. You are dead, dying, or worse. Acknowledge this. It got you.

Now get it, in turn. Bring down the wrath of your colleagues - and may they have a hope in hell of beating something this insidious.

Scream with all of your might, before it can stop you. Though they might not care for you, there are witnesses still. Trigger the backup charm over and over and over again, if you can. Make a mess and a spectacle to draw the witnesses' attention, and yell:


This is all you can do - to spread your findings. It did not want anyone to know. Otherwise you would not be dying now.
No. 829155 ID: e8f4bd

I wouldn't give up too soon~
No. 829156 ID: 7cdf1e

Keep dragging yourself away as fast as you can and yell for assistance.
No. 829160 ID: 486e87

Crud, you need to get aware from this thing. Push away from it with your legs, and/or if there's something to grab on to within reach, pull yourself away from it. Try to limit how much of this thing is on you so you can better deal with it.
No. 829162 ID: deec6e


Then causing as much ruckus as possible is also a way to survive - make the creature retreat.
No. 829169 ID: 9f4c9d

You're going to die.
You can either accept it, or you can kick and scream and spell and curse to your last.
if this thing swallows your Mana Core it's going to be a battle of Wills,

No. 829170 ID: 015058

You have to chop your legs off and then quickly shove yourself away. It sucks but your legs are probably already done for. Amputating them with a frost blade should keep you from bleeding to death and will leave some food to distract this thing while you roll away screaming for help.
No. 829171 ID: be0718

Why fight it? It'll only sour your last memories. Try to enjoy the feeling of the goo as it seeps over and into every part of your body.
No. 829174 ID: ba506f

so ice doesn't work, know any fire spells?
No. 829175 ID: 600f38

Use your arms to crawl away while you still can.
No. 829178 ID: 3abd97

Drag yourself out of the puddle with your arms. If you move faster than the ooze, you can make it.

Use ice blades as climbing stakes to stab into the ground and drag yourself with, if necessary.
No. 829190 ID: 41c9bc

Cut off your legs, then freeze the stumps and do this.
No. 829195 ID: 6cbace
File 150497419688.png - (23.66KB , 600x400 , B023.png )

I struggle to pull myself away from the mass, but it still clings to my legs, preventing me from twisting or rolling away.
I fire more spells at the mass, but it doesn't seem to do much.
I try grabbing the mass, pulling it away from me, slicing at it, but it's like a lump of dough. It's heavy, springy under my grip, and I can't feel enough to know if I really got it off my legs.

I'm yelling for help, I hear distant voices but it doesn't seem anyone will step out to help me any time soon, and it's quickly growing closer and the numbness is rising to my calfs.

Investigate: Panic Struggle Give up Remove legs
No. 829196 ID: be0718

Give up and get jelly.
No. 829197 ID: 41c9bc

Remove Leg
No. 829198 ID: e4b014

I fail to see how removing your legs is going to help you here. You might free yourself in the extreme short term that way, but then you're left trying to crawl away from whatever this is. I mean, yes, you're kind of doing that now, but I imagine you're not going to be faster after self-amputating.

Keep trying to get away, I guess?
No. 829200 ID: 600f38

Cut off your legs and freeze the stumps.

It's eating mages, so while you're crawling away expend all the mana you can as visibly as possible, as long as you can do so without slowing down. It may lose interest if you have no mana left.

You need to escape.
No. 829201 ID: 015058

Keep struggling. If you cant get it off your legs before it gets much farther then you will have to cut yourself free.
No. 829202 ID: 486e87

Keep struggling. Also, odd idea but it's on your clothes, removing them or the parts that the mass is stuck to could help to free you.
No. 829203 ID: 91ee5f

Cutting your legs off will just give it an opening to crawl into your body!

You need to keep struggling! If you press your identity bracelet again, would that get someone to show up faster?
No. 829204 ID: a633c6

Remove your clothes before your limbs, silly
No. 829215 ID: e8f4bd

Btw, it takes an incredible amount of force to cut through bone. I don't think there's any time to do that. Assuming Resida would even be able concentrate and tolerate the pain, we'd probably just end up with mangled legs. Which would likely kill us :B

Give up. Cease all movement.
The best you can do is concentrate and try to redirect mana inside you away from your legs. This may cause the creature to recognize you as dead or incapacitated, in which case it may back off.
No. 829217 ID: 7b6617

Not moving is how we got slime all over our legs in the first place!
No. 829219 ID: 3abd97

Problem with amputation is you're probably going to go into shock, or be slowed down by the pain, which the goo will take advantage of to keep spreading.

What if you instead put ice between you and the goo? Gave yourself ice boots, basically?

Whatever happens, keep pulling yourself further away. That backup you called for has to show up eventually, right?
No. 829225 ID: 26c0a3

>Remove pants.
No. 829227 ID: 69fef8

yes, cunning plan
No. 829233 ID: 9876c4

For as often as tgchan uses nudity to solve all problems, they might actually have a case here.
No. 829249 ID: 805448

if it works it works
No. 829262 ID: 6edb59

I suppose if this fails theres no stopping leg removal as option 2. Seconded.
No. 829265 ID: 41c9bc

Changing my vote from leg removal to this.

Try the pants removal first. If that fails, mold an Ice Blade around your feet and legs the same way you made one on your hand. That should push the slime off of the surface of your limbs as the ice takes form, allowing you some time to put distance in by crawling. Keeping it up might risk frostbite, but it seems like your legs have worse problems than that right now.
No. 829274 ID: 12aed4

Remove Pantsu
No. 829393 ID: b88e47

Remove pants, if that fails, remove legs.
No. 829411 ID: 6cbace
File 150501609577.png - (16.79KB , 600x400 , B024.png )

I use my blade to cut the lower half of my surcoat as the mass pulls it towards itself. Dispelling the blade to free my hand, I bring myself up by my elbows and grip around my waist to unbuckle my belt and pants.
It takes a considerable effort to rock my hips to pull it under my butt while struggling to pull myself back, letting friction and the pull of the mass pull my clothing away from me.

The loose clothing gathers at my ankles and boots. I am unable to pull away from that, but I am able to gather a bit more distance from the mass.
With the sight spell wearing off, I am starting to see where the light refracts around the mass, bringing it into view. It has definitely seeped into my boots and wrapped tight around my feet at this point.

It is a predator slime, but I can't tell what kind it is nor where it's core is. Probably still hidden inside the body.

Investigate: Panic Struggle Give up Remove legs
No. 829418 ID: 91ee5f

Keep struggling!

It can't move away from it's core, right? Get far enough away and it'll have to pull back!

If you press your identity bracelet again, would that get someone to show up faster? Or can you send a distress signal with your bracelet to let others know that you're in danger?
No. 829419 ID: 41c9bc

Create ice blades from your legs to cut up your pants and make it easier to get free of them. Possibly also use the ice to push the slime off of your skin, as suggested earlier. Even if you have to freeze your own feet.
No. 829421 ID: 0d1514

Cut your legs off below the knee! Clearly this is not a winning fight and you might be able to get new ones maybe.
No. 829423 ID: d79f26

ask it politely to stop
No. 829427 ID: 3ce125

If you keep blasting the tendrils connecting the body to the part enveloping your feet, it might lose connection. Then you could get away.

Save enough mana to cut off your legs, just in case there's no other option. Also, aren't predator slimes-- apparently you know they exist?-- intelligent to a degree? Maybe you can get it to stop by talking to it.

((also what the heck even is this thing? It shouldn't be Emils, Emils is better at killing than this. Unless she's just toying with the captain.))
No. 829434 ID: 600f38

Keep struggling.
Also, shout at it to leave you alone.
Also see if you can use your blades to sever its connection to its core.
No. 829455 ID: 015058

Ok now that you know what this is start thinking on the best ways to fight it. You should know how these things hunt.

Is struggling a good idea? Or will it stop attacking you if you lie still?

Will cutting your feet off do anything? Or do slimes have a weakness that you can take advantage of.

Calm down and think on what you know about these things for a moment before you start chopping feet off.
No. 829465 ID: 41c9bc

Probably the other slime seed Emils was keeping, finally 'hatched'. Because yeah... if it was Emils, Resida would be dead by now.
No. 829466 ID: 3ce125

That would make sense. Emils is probably watching to see who wins, then. She could even be planning to save the Captain's life in order to gain her gratitude... optimally she'd capture the baby slime in some makeshift container in order to bring it back home and gradually feed it dragonblood.
No. 829470 ID: 416762

Stop resisting, maybe it responds to movement?
No. 829474 ID: 12aed4

Emils and her "sibling" are red slimes but seeing as everything is in black and white maybe? This may also be a sewer slime or some other slime muscling in on our turf

quick what do you know about predator slimes? How smart are they? Can they understand speech?
Try struggling a little less while talking to it.
No. 829476 ID: 3ce125

Emils is only red because she ate a whole bunch of dragonblood. Her sibling was not given the same treatment.
No. 829480 ID: e8f4bd

Those are some really far-fetched theories. The way I see it, this is entirely in line with how Emils could act and fight.

I'll keep voting for Give up. And I suppose doing >>829423 wouldn't hurt to try.
No. 829490 ID: e4b014

Don't cut off your legs, geez.
No. 829492 ID: 1b77c6

Keep struggling, do not remove legs.
No. 829494 ID: be0718

Give up, you'll just die tired.
No. 829497 ID: 486e87

As embarrassing as it was, that gave you a bit of time, if it's gotten through your boots there's no point in continuing to try and remove clothes.

Keep struggling, keep activating your beacon, hope help comes. Since it's gotten a solid hold on your feet, I think it's either hope for help, or unfortunately, remove your feet.
No. 829501 ID: 6cbace
File 150505447779.png - (13.39KB , 600x400 , B025.png )

Fuck it, I'm not letting this thing take me.
I twist around, clawing at the ground trying to pull me away from the slime.
Predatory slimes are rare and hard to kill since they are immune to stabbing and magic, which is what I'm good at. Unfortunately. Best way to deal with a slime is to slice off chunks of them or to break their core, which I can't do either of.

I start yelling for help, building up mana into my legs, ready to freeze off the slime around my feet. Unfortunately without the same enchantments as my gloves, it would end up freezing my feet as well. That would be unpleasant.
I can hear sounds of yelling and running, people are coming. I don't know how long I can stay free as the slime's pull is getting stronger. If it gets a good grip on me, it can pull me off to who knows where until it completely digests me.

Investigate: Panic Struggle Give up Remove legs
No. 829507 ID: be0718

Let this slime take you back to its lair so you can find out where it's hiding.
No. 829508 ID: 830fb7

Can't you cast the ice blades on your hands and use them like ice picks to pull yourself harder and faster out of the slimes grasp. Just jab them as deep in the ground as you can and drag yourself forward
No. 829509 ID: 69fef8

If you can re-manifest an ice blade and use it to hook into the ground, you might have enough leverage to drag yourself away, at the very least it'll make a good anchor.
No. 829511 ID: 1b77c6

If you hear someone coming then that should mean you don't need to hold out all that much longer. Keep trying to pull yourself away!
No. 829512 ID: e8f4bd

Make sure you wiggle your butt as you struggle.
No. 829513 ID: 91ee5f

Keep struggling!
No. 829517 ID: 486e87

This. Keep struggling, use ice blades to anchor yourself or drag yourself forwards. Help is on the way Resida, don't give up!
No. 829518 ID: 41c9bc

Make sure to use the freezing magic in your legs at the right moment to loosen its grip, you need to be ready to put the distance in when you do.
No. 829530 ID: 600f38

Freeze it.
You'll need a pyromancer to treat your legs for frostbite, or failing that a warm water bath (95f), but the ice should provide enough of a barrier between you and the slime and provide it less purchase.

No matter what, keep struggling.
No. 829546 ID: c88e6d

Freeze your legs solid. That should lyze the creature's cells. Don't let that patrol die in vain and allow their sacrifices to be for nothing!
No. 829575 ID: 12aed4

Keep dragging yourself along while yelling obscenities.
And get ready to frostbite those legs but only as a last resort.
No. 829582 ID: 3abd97

I like the ice picks option. It can't drag you off like that.
No. 829692 ID: 3ce125

Do the planned freeze. You can get your legs healed afterwards, so long as they're still attached.
Also watch the fuck out it's about to grab you.
No. 829767 ID: 6cbace
File 150511898258.png - (16.06KB , 600x400 , B026.png )

I fire off ice spears ahead of me, using them to climb forwards, pulling myself away from the slime, feeling a burning sensation in my legs.
I build up the rest of my usable mana around my legs, I gritting my teeth as an additional burning sensation floods my lower body.
I can hear the voices get closer as I yell out for help, but the slime's pull gets stronger. I don't know if I can hold on before I start feeling weak from using too much mana.
I only have enough energy for one last action.

Explode mana
Give up
No. 829768 ID: 205799

Explode Mana

Final Explosion, go out like Vegeta!

Do not go quietly, and all that.
No. 829769 ID: 3ce125

Blow that fucker up.
No. 829771 ID: e8f4bd

I've no idea what exploding mana is. You're not a pyromancer so it definitely wouldn't be a fiery explosion. So I guess it would just.. freeze you and stuff around you? A suicide that wouldn't accomplish anything heh.

Give up
It's the only option we haven't tried yet.
No. 829774 ID: 3ce125

She's planning on creating a bunch of ice around her legs to force the slime to let go. This would also freeze her legs.
No. 829780 ID: e8f4bd

That's not what your "Blow that fucker up" suggestion implies tho. Anyway, I'll stick with my vote because, if I'm right, the slime already absorbed most of that mana out of the legs and the freezing will just fail.
No. 829781 ID: c31aac

>ask it nicely to please stop trying to eat you
No. 829782 ID: fd306a

Just give up, you know you aren't going to make it so you may as well go peacefully into whatever afterlife you believe in.
let your last thoughts be not of struggle and pain but rather the life you've led with it's ups and downs.
No. 829786 ID: bfdaf0

What does the mana explosion do?
No. 829787 ID: bfdaf0

>>829771 >>829780
If a predator won't let you flee, giving up on fleeing is giving up on life.
No. 829792 ID: be0718

Give up. Your deliciousness will be added to our own.
No. 829796 ID: 486e87

Freeze the fucker. Sorry about whatever happens to your legs, but if you're starting to feel weak I don't want to risk you getting dragged off before help gets here.
No. 829811 ID: b9b4da

give up, you won't feel a thing as the slime numbs its way up your extremities. Maybe enjoy your last moments instead of screeching and shooting ice everywhere while your pants fall off?
No. 829812 ID: 486e87

To clarify, I'm voting for the explode mana option here. Don't give up! If this doesn't work then it'll be the same as giving up, but if it does they we're free (potentially sans legs but still).
No. 829814 ID: 91ee5f

Explode mana!
No. 829819 ID: 41c9bc

Explode Mana
No. 829827 ID: 8d4593

Keep Struggling! Almost there!
No. 829883 ID: da72f1

Are we talking ice explosion or regular explosion cause I thought the plan was to flash freeze your legs.
No. 829897 ID: 91ee5f

Seeing as most of her spells are ice based, I think it's going to be an ice explosion focused on her legs that ends up flash freezing them and the slime.
No. 829898 ID: a633c6

Keep struggling
No. 829929 ID: 3abd97

A slime seems like it would be explosion resistant. What does mana explosion do? Is it a literal explosion? You expending your entire mana reserve in one go? Is it a suicidal tactic?

Barring better information, I'm inclined to keep up the struggle.
No. 830090 ID: 23a020
File 150522292956.png - (15.44KB , 600x400 , B027.png )

Shit! The slime has gotten enough leverage to pull me off the ground, quickly pulling me towards it!
I hope I've got enough mana not to kill myself,
"Ignite, That with flows though my veins, [Mana Forge]!"
No. 830091 ID: 23a020
File 150522314063.png - (19.81KB , 600x400 , B028.png )

My body flips, unable to properly re-orientate while in the grasp of the slime.
I feel my blood boiling as my mana burns in my veins.
I concentrate onto my legs and "Frost, heed my call and fire upon my foe, [Ice Spear]!"
No. 830093 ID: 23a020
File 150522346459.png - (8.03KB , 600x400 , B029.png )

The air around me freezes cracks as my mana runs wild.
My legs are frozen as ice bursts from my flesh and spears the slime, freezing parts of it with me.
The added weight causes the frozen slime to shatter and I fall, only able to block my head as I hit the ground hard.
"Captain!" I hear, but my vision is blurry. I can't see who it is, but I can hear people running towards me.
"Get a medic!" she yells, but I can feel my blood chill inside me, sapping my strength.
My breath mists as my vision darkens.
I am exhausted.
No. 830095 ID: 2fe26a

What a waste of good slime food.
No. 830101 ID: 2870fe

Hope she recovers by the time we see her next time!
No. 830112 ID: 91ee5f

When you wake up, you need to tell the other soldiers that you all need to work on your response times to distress signals! They were almost too late to save you!
No. 830202 ID: 3abd97

Pyrrhic victory.
No. 830277 ID: 3ce125

I kindof wish the captain went to talk to the information brokers or criminal groups. Would've made for some cool worldbuilding. As it stands all we really did was get her completely wrecked by a predator slime.
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