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File 125938370775.png - (68.92KB , 777x777 , BBQ360.png )
82439 No. 82439 ID: aba0a3

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #tgchan on irc.rizon.net ]

Bubble Bucket, Chapter 07.

Listing of previous chapters:
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No. 82447 ID: aba0a3
File 125938453418.png - (424.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ361.png )

With nothing to do for now in the areas beyond the Thick Woods, you cautiously step into the back entrance.

[ Interface corrected. ]
No. 82448 ID: c0f3bf

Box. Check it out.
No. 82449 ID: 34470e

Was that box there before?
No. 82450 ID: f44349

Its a thing!
Poke it!
No. 82451 ID: 632862

That's a lot of blood. I hope none of it is Nu's. Or at least, not much of it.

Head for the box, trying not to make much noise. There may be bandersnatches still nearby.
No. 82455 ID: e75a2f

Tell Mission J. Frog to cover you while you extract the box.
No. 82474 ID: aba0a3
File 125938728079.png - (417.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ362.png )

When you pick up the box, you hear a strange voice.

Your younger sister has been murdered. The judge giving the trial has let him off without any punishment. How do you respond?

[ Violence, Faith, Appeal, Fear. ]
No. 82477 ID: 34470e

Appeal. The murder might have been accidental.
No. 82480 ID: 8ec3f9

Fear, everyone feels bad for a scared girl.
No. 82481 ID: e7666f

Appeal. We don't know enough.
For all we know, our younger sister deserved it.
No. 82487 ID: 25302b

...not sure you guys understand what appeal means in the legal process.
No. 82488 ID: e7666f

Yes, but "Gather information until the choice becomes obvious" isn't one of the options, and this will get us closest to the case to see.
No. 82489 ID: 34470e

I do. That's why she's actually going to attend the appeal. To hear the whole story.
No. 82491 ID: 51d0f5

Murder is by definition intentional.

Nevertheless, I say Appeal.
No. 82493 ID: 51d0f5

Note: It specifies the judge as the one who let him off without punishment, implying the jury found him guilty.
No. 82495 ID: aba0a3
File 125938903074.png - (240.10KB , 777x777 , BBQ363.png )

Appeal is your choice...

You are the ruler of a nation. There is another country that follows a different religion and form of government. An allied nation makes an unprovoked attack on the nation with a different religion, and they respond with incredible force. Your ally is losing, how do you lead your country?

[ Treaty, Trade, War, Apathy. ]
No. 82496 ID: a1ac99

So, our friends pulled a stupid?

Treaty, I suppose. An extra ally is more valuable than a dead enemy.
No. 82498 ID: 8ec3f9

Trade. End it through their dependency upon you.
No. 82500 ID: f259be

Treaty. Use my country's influence to keep the ally intact, and try to restore peace as it was.
No. 82509 ID: 632862

Treaty. Get them to agree on peace, then understanding has a chance to follow.
No. 82527 ID: e75a2f

Go back to your house, and brief Mission J Frog on the mission parameters.

Besides, how long has it been since you've eaten?
No. 82528 ID: 632862

Quickly check up on Nu to make sure he's okay.
No. 82532 ID: aba0a3
File 125939495888.png - (386.16KB , 777x777 , BBQ364.png )

Your choices are made.
The strange box seems to fold straight out of existence.

You look around the forest. No Bandersnatch, no Nu. There's only you. You've seen almost the entire island now.

What are your plans? Where shall you go? What shall you do now?
No. 82533 ID: 276781

Did you solve the flower mother's problem, or figure out some way to help?
No. 82537 ID: 632862

Use precognition, level 1.
No. 82552 ID: 632862

We don't know what caused the plague yet, or how to stop it.

...hey wait, we should go back to the Naviabull and kill it with our new enhanced combat abilities. Or at least chop off its horn. Um, I still think we should check on Nu real quick if we can still get to his house.
No. 83089 ID: aba0a3
File 125947369750.png - (71.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ365.png )

You decide to check Nu's place, hopefully he is there. He is not there. There is a notebook laying about. You take it and make a couple notes of things you should do. You can make new notes when you have things to do, or vouch to go complete one of them.
No. 83100 ID: f21281

What's that stuff on the floor.
No. 83109 ID: 8ec3f9

we need to find out what the tablets were for too. Gotta be somewhere.
No. 83110 ID: 4e9b58

Looks like Nu was here again, so he's probably okay. Not that I had any doubt, he's too awesome to die. :D Again.
No. 83112 ID: 632862

Is that stuff on the floor blood?
No. 83114 ID: 4e9b58

Also, add Ikit's basement to the list.
No. 83122 ID: 632862

Maybe we should try using Precognition to contact and/or locate Nu. Level 2, since we may need a clear reading.
No. 83124 ID: 8ec3f9

>Precog level 2
ಠ_ಠ we don't have that dummy, and precog would only give vague hints.

Use Telepathy level 2 to sense for his aura or try to get a mind reading off him.
No. 83131 ID: 632862

Oh right, level 1 then. It was giving us very specific hints while we were near Nu, though. I guess he was giving Asali a boost?

Detecting his aura is a good idea, too. Asali said she could sense that just walking around, though.
No. 83145 ID: 6550ad

We should try to kill the Naviabull now that we are strongrer. That way we can sell the the horn to IKIT, buy the strange yellow gem, and enter his basement. (Inb4 it leads to his secret stack of porn).
No. 83580 ID: aba0a3
File 12595746814.png - (156.16KB , 777x777 , BBQ366.png )

That is the blood of a Shadow on the floor.

No matter where you are going, you have to leave the forest.

You add, "Figure out tablets, Ikit's basement, and Buy Ikit's goods," to the notebook.

You then exit Nu's place and go to the Entrance to the woods. You can already see the creature pointing his gun towards your head.
No. 83582 ID: 6550ad

Teleport behind the creature and whack him with your hammer.
No. 83584 ID: 632862

Add some Offensive Aura (2) in there too. Backstab that snipah!
No. 85315 ID: aba0a3
File 125988344074.gif - (324.05KB , 222x222 , BBQ367.gif )

You teleport behind the sniper and use your offensive aura to attempt an attack.

[ Animated. ]
No. 85316 ID: 9891a9

Hell yeah.
No. 85317 ID: 632862

Is there any loot to collect? From the looks of that I'd be surprised if anything's left at all.
No. 85319 ID: 6550ad

Fuck yeah.

See if there's anything to loot from the remainings of the sniper.
No. 85321 ID: 476456

well that solves that problem.
No. 85325 ID: bf5679

"Bonk, motherfucker."
No. 85350 ID: 4f92ed
File 125988805491.jpg - (19.63KB , 460x299 , horatio.jpg )

That's how you
No. 85351 ID: 4f92ed
File 125988808471.jpg - (21.70KB , 600x338 , horatio 2.jpg )

hammer out a problem.
No. 85366 ID: f21281
File 125989055972.jpg - (47.70KB , 550x368 , 1395969-1-sunset-over-new-york-city.jpg )

No. 85893 ID: aba0a3
File 125996620110.png - (161.22KB , 777x777 , BBQ368.png )


That takes care of that. There's the whole island past the Angry Tree. I think now's the time to decide where's the first place you go next.
No. 85895 ID: 6550ad

Take the gas mask. Who knows, it might be useful.

Let's go and try to kill the Naviabull.
No. 86049 ID: 632862


LOOT EVERYTHING, then let's go fight the bull. We have no idea where Mu went... Ask the talking tree on the way out if he's seen him pass through.
No. 86136 ID: 96b6c7

Are we naming the Naviabull Mu? Because that's awesome.

Name the Naviabull Mu.
No. 86256 ID: aba0a3
File 12600491046.png - (246.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ369.png )

You collect the gas mask and somewhat bury the body of the uniformed lizard sniper. The symbol on his clothes matches the Duke's. He must have worked for the King as well. Strange that he would shoot you.

You exit and wave to Angry Tree, "Hey there Angry, you seen a big black Shadow? He may have been injured."


"No problem, I'll see you later."
No. 86257 ID: 6550ad

It's time for hammerin' Naviabull gaems.
No. 86261 ID: 4f92ed
File 126005131273.gif - (1.86MB , 288x240 , SLAP.gif )

yea, go up to that thing and give it the classic "WHAT DID THE FIVE FINGERS SAY TO THE FACE!?"
No. 86286 ID: aba0a3
File 126005561186.png - (284.64KB , 777x777 , BBQ370.png )

You travel to the gardens. You can sort of see the Naviabull in the distance. You take out your Vibro-hammer to prepare to attack.

Mission seems to move around and is interested in the flies as you step past.

How do you intend to attack?
[ Such as what skill or skills. ]
No. 86288 ID: 4f92ed

ooo, let J frog eat his fill first.
No. 86353 ID: 632862

I agree with this, while we think about combat strategy.
No. 86408 ID: 43337c

set your hammer in the ground firmly and stand in front of it, then goad the naviabull into charging you and teleport out of the way.
No. 86410 ID: 43337c


ooh!!! i liek mabye use the cloak as a matador cape aswell
No. 86420 ID: 632862

I think Asali should teleport directly on top of it and smash its head before she gets thrown off. With Offensive Aura, too.
No. 86480 ID: aba0a3
File 126007591733.png - (287.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ371.png )

Mission takes out those flies, and is well fed.

"Good work, Mission, now let's go kick some more ass..."
No. 86547 ID: aba0a3
File 126008229489.png - (260.20KB , 777x777 , BBQ372.png )

You regroup with Mission and prepare your Hammer. You begin to run towards the Naviabull, gaining it's attention. You have apparently named the creature Mu.

Once it has your attention, it charges towards you. You use your cloak to draw its attention further.

You leap into the air and warp from one spot to another, and use your offensive aura, bringing the hammer down to Mu's neck.


It bleeds, steps around a few times, slowing down before it collapses in a heap to the ground.

You fall to your feet. Mu defeated!
No. 86548 ID: 476456

Do things to the body.

Terrible things.
No. 86554 ID: 632862

Get dat horn.

...man, it seems like everything just falls over and dies when we use Offensive Aura. We've got a while before we get recharged though.
No. 86563 ID: 9e9b47


Grab the horn and things.

Make steaks.
No. 86565 ID: c0f3bf

Do a little dance.
Make a little love.

Time to get down with that horn to the shop!
No. 86579 ID: 9891a9

Finally, now that it can't resist, you may commence riding it like the dead Naviabull it is!
No. 86588 ID: 632862

Riding a non-moving object like a mechanical bull is like not putting quarters in. What's the point?
No. 86735 ID: aba0a3
File 126011575898.gif - (393.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ373.gif )

Fresh Bone and Dew Grazer Horn acquired.

Victory is sweet.

[ Animated. ]
No. 86736 ID: 6550ad


Time to go back to IKIT's
No. 86737 ID: dba15c

go see SKRAIG first, didn't he want a fresh bone?
No. 86739 ID: 4bca0e
File 126012012369.png - (119.79KB , 278x380 , hah you think you can beat this.png )

Wow, what a fucking waste of time.
No. 86747 ID: ac4c71

Skraig's probably getting all hungry by now, let's go see how he's doing.
No. 86749 ID: 5eea01

No. 86767 ID: aba0a3
File 12601282821.png - (21.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ374.png )

Going to Skraig will take a little longer, but it has been a long time since you've been there. You exit the Gardens and enter the mountain. You walk across the bridge, the monster is still down there, but it isn't active right now.

That chest is still down there.

Shall you tarry here and deal with the monster and try and get the chest, or shall you just continue on for now?
No. 86773 ID: 6550ad

Let's try to fite and get the chest. Try to lure that thing out of the pit and hammer + Offensive Aura the hell out of it.

Also say hi to the Duke back there.
No. 86776 ID: 51d0f5

Angry bunny at your eight o'clock. Say hello.
No. 87024 ID: aba0a3
File 126015017359.png - (21.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ375.png )

You turn around and wave to the Duke. He doesn't seem happy in the slightest.

"You sent me here to find nothing? There was nothing here, much less any sign of that disgusting monster. Do you take me for a fool?"

He steps towards the bridge while he speaks.
No. 87026 ID: 632862

Tell him it's in the chasm. It must just be sleeping or something, since it hasn't attacked again.

...Hey, is the chain long enough to reach down there? It'd be nice if we didn't have to warp both ways.
No. 87027 ID: 4e9b58

Show him the gas mask.
No. 87075 ID: aba0a3
File 126015352568.png - (21.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ376.png )

The chain is not long enough, but something in your inventory would suffice.

"It's in the chasm," you state and then show him the gas mask for some reason.

He proceeds to to get angrier, and points at you. "There is NOTHING in that chasm and then you show me the mask of one of my soldiers!? I should kill you! I didn't even know any of my men were still alive, you wander off, kill one and then show it to me like some trophy. Who the hell do you think you are, wench?"
No. 87093 ID: 16f176

And why was one of his men trying to kill us?

Warp out of there if he does anything that looks like an attack.
No. 87102 ID: f21281

"What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am?

I'm the goddamn Batman."
No. 87106 ID: 632862

Tell him the soldier was trying to kill you without provocation, and you wanted to ask him about it. Also, tell him if he comes down with you, you'll show him the monster you were talking about. Tie the Cable to the bridge mechanism and go down.
No. 87282 ID: aba0a3
File 126016079243.png - (21.73KB , 777x777 , BBQ377.png )

You step to the edge of the bridge and point down.

"Look here, down in the chasm is where the monster has been. I'm sorry if that was your soldier but he tried to shoot me more than once."

"Even if I believe you had a reason to kill my soldier, you're a madwoman. There is nothing in that chasm, I went down there! How am I supposed to believe someone who is insane?"
No. 87285 ID: 4bca0e

might want to run. Running would be good.
No. 87287 ID: c0f3bf

No, duke. YOU are the insane.
No. 87290 ID: 697b23

The way out of this is obvious. Challenge him to a game of wits to prove our sanity!
No. 87292 ID: 632862

There's nothing down there? Say that you will go down yourself, perhaps you can force it out of hiding. Tie the cable to the bridge mechanism or something so you can go down.
No. 87296 ID: f21281

Dart back and shut off the bridge while the Duke is on it.

I haven't seen any indication he can fly, or float. So he should plummet.
No. 87386 ID: aba0a3
File 126016441958.png - (24.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ378.png )

"Look, the monster has been down there, and it almost killed me. If you'll let me use my cable, I'll risk waking it up to prove it to you. Maybe it wasn't interested in you because it was a Wraith. You said he liked meat, hell he bit your torso out."

You say, backing up. He is completely silent, just floating up above the chasm, staring at you.
No. 87389 ID: c0f3bf

Stare back.
No. 87397 ID: 632862

Ask him what you can do to prove you're not crazy.
No. 87410 ID: aba0a3
File 126016687398.png - (113.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ379.png )

The enraged rabbit man hurls a piece of paper at you. You catch it after it bounces off of your face. As you unfold it and gaze down over it, he speaks.

"You're wearing his clothes, wench."
No. 87417 ID: 51d0f5

Say, "And they look GREAT on me!"

Pull the cloak dramatically around you like Dracula and/or Batman.
No. 87418 ID: 632862

Stare at the poster, sinking down to your knees in shock.
No. 87419 ID: 4bca0e

No. 87437 ID: 51d0f5

This is the guy who rewarded you for animating him by pointing you to a chest with a deathtrap in it, right? And technically you're a murderer too, since you killed that dude earlier. Plus he's been a bit capricious and unreasonable from the get-go...

If anything, this makes me less displeased with Nu, unless I'm missing something.
No. 87443 ID: 632862

We need to ask the Duke who Nu killed, and what his behavior was like before.
No. 87462 ID: f21281

I'm pretty sure he told us that Epsilon murdered him.
No. 87470 ID: 632862

That was when the Duke was sent to execute him.
No. 87471 ID: 632862

...or maybe just bring him back to jail? It wasn't clear what the sentence was.
No. 88322 ID: aba0a3
File 126031097894.png - (157.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ380.png )

"Come on and smile, beautiful."

"I feel weird in this dress."

"Just smile for me, you look very nice."

"I'm more comfortable in my jumpsuit for work than I am in this goddamn thing."

"You look fine in that too."

"You just won't let me look like one of the guys tonight?"

"No, tonight's special..."
No. 88332 ID: c0f3bf

Wake up.
No. 88396 ID: 632862

Ask what's so special about tonight.
No. 88554 ID: aba0a3
File 126031874267.png - (25.33KB , 777x777 , BBQ381.png )

You look up from the wanted poster and begin to speak.

"What is this, let me go?!"

Duke Hoppite the Third is inside the creature of the chasm's maw. He seems distracted, struggling.
No. 88557 ID: 632862

Ah, crap. Go hammer the damn monster!
No. 88572 ID: 6550ad

Attack with your offensive aura!
No. 88575 ID: 51d0f5

No. 88628 ID: aba0a3
File 126032286454.png - (26.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ382.png )

You get your hammer out. You decide it's a little too late to inform him that you were right about the monster in the chasm.
No. 88629 ID: 4e9b58

Now that's just rude. Would teleporting behind it do any good? It's been kinda done to death, we really need some new strategies.
No. 88634 ID: c0f3bf

Run up and smash it, when it tries to swing at you teleport above its head and smash it again.
No. 88656 ID: aba0a3
File 126032559023.png - (12.92KB , 777x777 , BBQ383.png )



It's not very effective.
No. 88660 ID: 1f66ea

No. 88661 ID: 084757

you dummy, use combat aura. but run for now.
No. 88663 ID: 4e9b58

Probably not the place to attack it? :O See if it has a button on its back.
No. 88665 ID: 632862

I think we should run, then come back when it's sleeping again and check the chest in a sneaky manner.
No. 88666 ID: 34470e

There's no duckling on it, so I doubt it.
No. 88728 ID: aba0a3
File 126033016828.png - (26.44KB , 777x777 , BBQ385.png )

You run.
No. 88730 ID: f21281

No. 88732 ID: 51d0f5

Teleport awaaay!
No. 88737 ID: 632862

No need to teleport, it looks like he's slightly slower than Asali.

Warp away if he manages to get his jaws anywhere near you.
No. 88747 ID: 13572f

He seems pretty stuck out out out to Skraig. Keep warp available.
No. 88767 ID: aba0a3
File 126033144416.png - (91.48KB , 777x777 , BBQ384.png )


She's off at work. She's such a hard working mechanic. It must be annoying to be around all those scientists. Especially working at the Marina. She hates water.

Goddamn. I'm not as good at this romance thing as I wish I was.

I'll just put her picture in my wooden box and try and find her a present to make her happy...

No. 88801 ID: aba0a3
File 126033312472.png - (317.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ386.png )


"Awesome day."

You have returned to the Shallow Pools.

Your goggles are taking note of some anomalies in the area.
No. 88805 ID: 34470e

Check out the "x" right in front of you.
No. 88809 ID: 1f66ea

X marks the spot, check those places out, dig a bit if nothing is apparent.
Act like a pirate while you're at it.
No. 88816 ID: 9e9b47


Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free.

You are a pirate.
No. 88830 ID: aba0a3
File 126033448748.png - (327.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ387.png )

You carefully dig and search around and find a Mage Figure and Cleric Figure.

No. 88832 ID: c0f3bf

Are you still being followed? If not, go back to the robot and his... girlfriend.
No. 88837 ID: 632862

Move to the next room with all the puddles in it, and scan with the goggles for more buried treasure.
No. 88838 ID: 632862

Ah, scratch that, there's one more spot to dig. In the lower-right corner.
No. 88841 ID: 4e9b58

Yeah, dig there too. :D And note how adorable you look while doing it.
No. 88852 ID: aba0a3
File 126033555766.png - (228.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ388.png )

You already dug there, that's why you found both figures. You step into the next area because you came through here to see Skraig. Maybe you'll go see Gamma after you finish with all this first.

Next area has more of these anomalies. You seem to start understand these goggles more. They can scan for LIFE, METAL, and ANOMALIES.

That took some time to get used to.
No. 88858 ID: 34470e

Are you OK with touching water? If so, dig where the 3 "X"es are.
No. 88860 ID: c0f3bf

Sweetness. Treasure huntin' time y'all.
No. 88863 ID: 632862

Use the wrench to dig so you don't have to touch the water as much.
No. 88891 ID: aba0a3
File 126033729262.png - (184.41KB , 777x777 , BBQ389.png )


Alright. Now to just meet her at...


The bar. Who is that? I--I cannot believe this.

I'm just going to leave. I should have known things would be this way...

No. 88908 ID: aba0a3
File 126033840412.png - (85.47KB , 777x777 , BBQ390.png )

After digging up the Knight, King, and Archer Figures, you stepped over to the ledge.

You've been zoned out and thinking for a while about it.
No. 88911 ID: c0f3bf

In order from right to left: Cleric, Mage, King, Knight, Archer.
No. 88912 ID: c0f3bf

Agh, Left to right, left to right!
No. 88915 ID: 632862

Do you remember anything more? Were you cheating on him, or was that a misunderstanding?

Starting from the back-left and going right then down:
Cleric, King, Mage, Knight, Archer.
No. 88922 ID: aba0a3
File 126033986140.png - (85.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ391.png )


You set up all the figures, and it flashes and releases a meager reward. Oh joy.

You don't remember any of this. You don't remember working on this island at all. Okay, you have been starting to remember it since you started to go around, and you don't remember cheating on anyone. You still don't know who it was you were 'dating' in Chilitown. You're trying not to think about it, wishing you knew what was going on in this cursed place.
No. 88923 ID: c0f3bf

Keep walking, maybe you'll remember more. Go in the direction of Nu's house.
No. 88924 ID: 632862

Move along to the next room, scanning for stuff.
No. 89208 ID: aba0a3
File 12603963502.png - (180.61KB , 777x777 , BBQ392.png )

Nothin' trying to kill you in here.
No. 89221 ID: 6550ad

Keep going, whistling a happy song.
No. 89304 ID: aba0a3
File 126040892294.png - (287.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ393.png )

You whistle.
No. 89308 ID: 084757

let's check the temple while we are going by.

DISCO DANCE in there!
No. 89310 ID: 4e9b58

Maybe the goggles will show something new in the temple. :D
No. 89450 ID: aba0a3
File 126041529988.png - (236.48KB , 777x777 , BBQ394.png )

You are in the temple.
No. 89451 ID: f21281

What's all that stuff on the ground behind you.

Moonwalk over to it.
No. 89452 ID: 4e9b58

She's already been through that.
No. 89464 ID: 632862

Scan the ground on the other side of the temple too.
No. 89480 ID: aba0a3
File 126042128154.png - (218.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ395.png )

"Hey dragon butt."

Luckily, there is no answer.
No. 89481 ID: 632862

Let's leave Eden alone until we get that other thing he wanted.

On to the next part of the mines!
No. 89482 ID: 632862

On second thought, he wants something in a jar... and we have a magic jar. Let's go ask him what he wants in it.
No. 89508 ID: 084757

dun think that's what he wants. let's just move along.
No. 89512 ID: aba0a3
File 126042398754.png - (163.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ396.png )

You're guessing that's not what he wants either.
No. 89516 ID: 632862

Oh well! Moving along then.
No. 89521 ID: aba0a3
File 12604258582.png - (246.03KB , 777x777 , BBQ397.png )

You storm off. You don't quite understand what you did to Eden exactly. At least you're almost out of the mountain.
No. 89523 ID: 4e9b58

Do you have a new friend there? :O
No. 89524 ID: 632862

The Great Death Spirit seems to be materializing right behind you.
No. 89525 ID: 632862

Oh wait, on further review... that was there all along. Inspect the drawing on the wall.
No. 89528 ID: f21281

>flashback involving person with a bukkit

Didn't we give Eden a bukkit? Maybe he was the MYSTERY PERSON in the flashback.
No. 89817 ID: aba0a3
File 126048794058.png - (245.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ398.png )

You examine the thing on the wall. It's the mark of Rong. The rock is different than the rest just slightly.
No. 89828 ID: 5d5878

Does it come out, or possibly seem hollow?
No. 89864 ID: aba0a3
File 12604901315.png - (159.32KB , 777x777 , BBQ399.png )

Done and forgotten.

A silly idea, that. I'm safer alone, it'll be much harder to find me if I have nothing to protect...

No. 89900 ID: 632862

Do you remember anything about Epsilon Nu Delta now?

Try pushing the marking. Though, since Rong is associated with fire, I guess you might need some fire to activate whatever it is.
No. 89922 ID: 4aacd9

His initials are E.N.D.
No. 90811 ID: aba0a3
File 126067698830.png - (248.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ400.png )

The structure of the fake wall with Rong's marking fails with some effort and you upset the hiding place of a locket. Judging from the writing on it, it's a locket of Ting, the lady who had Rong's heart a very long time ago.
No. 90822 ID: 93fc67
File 126067811465.jpg - (49.21KB , 301x454 , pikachu go time.jpg )

Wooo, something we'll need later or something. ANYWAYS, let's keep moving.
No. 90840 ID: aba0a3
File 126068004659.png - (24.36KB , 777x777 , BBQ401.png )

You exit the mine and go over to Skraig's DISKOWNT shop. The things under his porch are back.
No. 90841 ID: c0f3bf

Wave hi to the things.
No. 90842 ID: 93fc67

call them cowardly.
No. 90849 ID: aba0a3
File 126068191066.png - (24.73KB , 777x777 , BBQ402.png )


You point at them angrily, after a pleasant and friendly wave that everyone enjoys.


They don't seem to be making happy noises, but that's as much as you can discern.
No. 90855 ID: 93fc67
File 126068282630.jpg - (35.20KB , 580x374 , what could go wrong.jpg )

let's head in now.
No. 90858 ID: f21281

Examine porno mag.
No. 90861 ID: aba0a3
File 126068410920.png - (155.54KB , 777x777 , BBQ403.png )

You go inside and decide it's time to look in that magazine you picked up.

You open it up, strangely, something falls out of the magazine. You recognize this person, strangely enough. You're not sure where. You hear slithering, and it isn't Skraig.
No. 90870 ID: 93fc67
File 126068504837.jpg - (95.49KB , 516x742 , ohgodwhatisthisinmypants.jpg )

yes, well, moving along into the store. cautiously.
No. 90874 ID: 43d730
File 126068604467.jpg - (135.58KB , 750x600 , 1222378548724.jpg )

Look around before heading in.
No. 90892 ID: aba0a3
File 126068829934.png - (22.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ404.png )

Snakes fell out of your porn mag. They seem to be fighting each other. Skraig rises from whatever he was doing.

No. 90893 ID: 93fc67

ASSASSINS! or maybe just some snakes. whatever, are they stuck like that?

Throw skraig the bone.
No. 90894 ID: 4e9b58


No wait, that's a snake eating its own tail. I duno then. When in doubt look at tablets?
No. 90896 ID: b9af96

are they live?
No. 90899 ID: aba0a3
File 126068945891.png - (165.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ405.png )

Stepping out of the Mountain, two strange men come into view kissing passionately.

That's the guy from the bar... He's gay... shit.

I had it all wrong, oh gods. I better hurry back to town, she's probably still waiting for me! I'm even more of a fool than I believed.

Holy shit, I've made such a huge mistake here.

Have to hurry back to town.

No. 90902 ID: 632862

Try to separate the two snakes. Why are they fighting? Sheesh. Make sure to grab at the head so they don't bite you.
No. 90911 ID: 4e9b58

Do not pick up angry snakes.
No. 90930 ID: 93fc67
File 126069398890.jpg - (13.71KB , 294x191 , you sayin I like dudes 2.jpg )

No. 90944 ID: e24e0c


Let the snakes have their fun. Tell Skraig something along the lines of, "Oops, sorry, didn't know they were in there. You want some porn?"
No. 90960 ID: 51d0f5

They could be bisexuals
No. 90969 ID: 43d730

Depends on how much money we have.
No. 90977 ID: aba0a3
File 126072469183.png - (23.52KB , 777x777 , BBQ406.png )

You give Skraig the (Mostly) Fresh Bone. He repays you and you make a thumbs up exchange. The black snake destroys the white snake. Your aura feels different.

The black snake grins and slithers out of the shop.


"You can call me Asali if you want."

No. 90988 ID: 632862

Okay, let's reexamine the house we woke up in next, since we're close to it anyway.
No. 90992 ID: 6550ad

Yeah, maybe we can break the chains on the trapdoor with our hammer now.
No. 91211 ID: aba0a3
File 126074833178.png - (28.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ407.png )


It looks like you've made some friends.
No. 91215 ID: 476456

Its time to start whompin tiny bitches.
No. 91217 ID: a98353

Flip them off and step back into the store. Keep the door open and pick them off in the doorway one by one.
No. 91219 ID: 6550ad

Fuck those creepers, you don't have time for this. Just teleport away from them.
No. 91265 ID: 632862

That goddamn snake did this. Note to self: White+blue is good, black+red is evil.

Warp over to the snake and smash it, then run from the horde of black thingies.
No. 91271 ID: aba0a3
File 126075266472.png - (28.98KB , 777x777 , BBQ408.png )

The snake is gone. You smash two quickly and slam the doors back and prepare for them to come into the door. They're not the Large Large, so if you're not careful they'll still get in. But this does give you an advantage.
No. 91274 ID: 276781

Ask Skraig if he knows what these things are. And if they're tasty, I suppose.
No. 91276 ID: 51d0f5

Yell "Oh god! They're like tiny Nus!"

Continue attacking.

PS: Did you use a condom? DID YOU USE A CONDOM?
No. 91277 ID: f21281

He's an Undead, I don't think there's anything there to impregnate her.
No. 91287 ID: 6550ad


There was obviously a penis. That's enough for me.


Kick the door to your right to slam it against the two creatures there. And keep hammering the others.
No. 91301 ID: 632862

I like this plan.
No. 91302 ID: aba0a3
File 126075489534.png - (27.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ409.png )

You entirely fail to do much beyond stumble around and smash one of them with your hammer before you back into Skraig's store.

"Skraig, uh, your pest problem? By chance would you care to eat some of them."

No. 91309 ID: 632862

He's got four hands. That leaves one for us! Smash at least one more and we're set.
No. 91370 ID: aba0a3
File 126075919977.png - (29.93KB , 777x777 , BBQ410.png )


"Yes, the Small Smalls were probably the reason."


Well that takes care of that.
No. 91372 ID: 476456

Problem solved!
No. 91375 ID: 159f4e
File 126075975923.jpg - (28.15KB , 600x544 , pug lol wtf.jpg )

woo for hammer time!

Back to the hizzouse.
No. 91395 ID: aba0a3
File 126076320991.png - (26.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ411.png )

You return to the house.
No. 91397 ID: 159f4e

what's that crap on the left? check out the Hatch on the right too.
No. 91401 ID: 9e9b47


Do it in a hard-boiled manner.
No. 91404 ID: aba0a3
File 126076472291.png - (175.45KB , 777x777 , BBQ412.png )

Running back towards the town, the noises, and the smells are nothing one would consider pleasant. It's almost as if this is all happening the very worst moment it possibly could have. Without me there.

She better be okay, I don't know what I will do without her.

No. 91428 ID: 4e9b58

Smash open door, go inside, look for anything you might have missed before. Also, ask self why self is having flashbacks from someone else's point of view.
No. 91452 ID: 6550ad

Realize that this is, in fact, your house. Freak out. In a hard-boiled manner
No. 91454 ID: 632862

The place was boarded up last time, with a 'condemned' sign over the name. Someone's been here. Nu?

Go inside.
No. 92568 ID: aba0a3
File 126091724154.png - (21.10KB , 777x777 , BBQ413.png )

You burst through the door in a hard boiled manner.

The door cannot handle it.
No. 92569 ID: 119b5c

Thing in the ceiling again, watch out for it's stabby arm.
No. 92570 ID: e75a2f

Cry yourself to sleep.
No. 92572 ID: 476456

way to knock down your own door.
No. 92573 ID: 632862

Climb on the drawers and jump up to smash the thing in the ceiling.
No. 92580 ID: 43c525

Fuck yeah Bubble Bucket!
That cloak is awesome!
Love the goggles!
Smash the shit out of that black crap in the right upper corner of the cieling!
No. 92590 ID: aba0a3
File 126092078286.png - (25.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ414.png )

Smash what? There's nothing there. Surely you aren't going mad.
No. 92591 ID: 632862

It's... just a black spot? Okay... Check under the bed and behind the drawers.
No. 92592 ID: 476456

No. 92604 ID: 43c525

It doesn't matter! Make the black spot not be there anymore!
No. 92695 ID: aba0a3
File 126093776298.png - (24.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ415.png )

Due to your lack of magick missile, you cast yourself into the darkness.
No. 92696 ID: 632862

You know what? I think that shadow thing we killed in the ruined town was the same thing that attacked us here. It broke out, causing the holes in the door. I wonder if it smashed the lamp too. Do these evil black things hate light?

See if you can find anything under the bed or behind the drawers. Also take a look at the lamp. Maybe take it with you.
No. 92714 ID: aba0a3
File 126093964972.png - (23.35KB , 777x777 , BBQ416.png )

You made the hole in the wall bigger.

At least you landed on the mattress.
No. 92716 ID: 632862

Um. Go outside and try to go down the trap door.
No. 92727 ID: 159f4e

search around in the drawers and stuff, there has to be something we missed


look under the bed.
No. 92733 ID: aba0a3
File 126094174528.png - (23.02KB , 777x777 , BBQ417.png )

You explore the room in a hard-boiled manner.

There is an obvious key that was completely obvious under the lamp. You take that.
No. 92737 ID: 632862

The lamp has no cord? Yet it was working before... Remove its batteries!
No. 92738 ID: f21281

Look under your mattress
No. 92744 ID: aba0a3
File 126094272977.png - (27.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ418.png )

The batteries are gone, and you checked under the mattress when you explored the room. You go to the porch to try that key on the lock to the cellar.
No. 92745 ID: 119b5c

Oh good we're getting crazy stuff again. This is good, since I believe we went PASSED crazy, and now are on the rebound.
No. 92746 ID: 632862

Actually, the crazy was her NOT seeing the blood. Remember, she did get stabbed here by the shadowthing, and the blood splatter was not visible until now.

I can't be sure if the blood trail leads outside or came from outside.

Anyway, unlock the cellar door and check it out.
No. 92748 ID: 119b5c

That's what I'm saying. We went PASSED crazy, into like some sort of SUPER crazy state. Or died. Now that we're seeing this, we're backtracking back into just plain ol' crazy. Now if we go some more, maybe we'll hit sanity, and see what the frak is really happening around here.
No. 92766 ID: aba0a3
File 126094640436.png - (169.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ419.png )


Asali, please. Don't die on me. I don't know what's going on, but I will take care of you.

"I love you."

If only I hadn't overreacted and thrown your ring into the...

No. 92768 ID: 697b23
File 126094691520.png - (939.26KB , 875x431 , worst decision ever.png )

... fires of Mt. Doom!
No. 92775 ID: 6faa8c

I'll admit it, I laughed.
No. 92782 ID: f21281
File 126094859351.jpg - (49.51KB , 640x480 , Nuwut.jpg )

No. 92793 ID: 34470e
File 126094932969.png - (26.39KB , 284x282 , THAT3.png )

...castle of Candyland!
No. 92823 ID: 6faa8c

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