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File 146015866707.png - (176.44KB , 800x600 , title.png )
714858 No. 714858 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html
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No. 714859 ID: 395c02
File 146015868317.png - (194.18KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

"You're a what?" Skif asks.

"A dragon."


"I wish. How else would you explain my magical prowess? My um... shape? I'm definitely no normal lizard."

"It does explain a lot. Um, how long have you known this?"

"Since we were young teens."

"I see... Why'd you take so long to tell me?"

"I was worried you'd be afraid of me. Really, you're taking this way better than I thought you would."
No. 714860 ID: 395c02
File 146015869983.gif - (52.62KB , 800x600 , 2.gif )

"Eh. It doesn't exactly surprise me."

You can't shake the feeling that it surprises him greatly.

He coughs. "But what about you? How'd you take it? Finding out you were a big scary... ahem. A dragon?"

You think back...
No. 714861 ID: 395c02
File 146015871044.png - (115.29KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

All your life, you thought you were a regular (albeit gifted) lizard. You knew you were different from your parents, but it wasn't until reading that note that you realized just how different you were.

You were scared at first, but the more you thought about it, the more you felt...

(vote on 1)
Worried. Would you be okay? Would your parents be okay? (Personality becomes more CAUTIOUS)
Excited. I'M A DRAGON WHEEEE! (Personality becomes more ADVENTEROUS/RISK-TAKING)
Angry. Why!? Why didn't she tell you sooner!? (Personality becomes more TAYZA [basically you don't take no shit from nobody])
Happy. It doesn't matter what you are. Your family loves you. That's all you need. (Personality... remains roughly the same actually)
Sorrowful. I don't deserve this... It's not fair... (Personality becomes more SOMBER)

And you spent the next few years...

(vote on 1)
Accepting it and moving on. (MIND+++, ALL STATS+)
Venting frustration at the GYM. (VIGOR+++, SELF++, ALL STATS+)
Embracing it, being the best magic user you know. (ALL SPELLS+, ALL STATS+)
Running. Just running and thinking. (SPEED+++, ALL STATS+)
Flirting with all the boys. (APPEAL... wait really? Okay, sure. APPEAL+++, ALL STATS+)
Realizing you totally want to be a super-villain! (You become EVIL?)
No. 714863 ID: f6442a

Happy and embracing.
No. 714865 ID: f02a77

Whoo, we're back!

First, we should be Happy about it. We're a gosh-dang dragon! And sure they're I dunno shunned or whatever I don't really know why this would be a crazy bad thing, we're turning out pretty alright!

Next, we Embraced it. See reasons above.
No. 714866 ID: fcb8b4

Happy and Running!
No. 714867 ID: ffc055

No. 714868 ID: ec0bf5

Get excited. Being a dragon means that you're literally the best. Nothing can stop you now from doing whatever the heck kind of cool things you want. Including the government, probably! Spend the next few years dreaming of becoming a supervillain, not like the realistic murdery dictator kind, but the awesome gold-reserve-robbing giant-robot-building supervillains that don't actually hurt anyone but look awesome doing it. Of course, you're probably smart enough to know this isn't actually a realistic career path, but it doesn't stop you from dreaming.
No. 714869 ID: 49d4de

Happy and embracing it seems best. But maybe have daydreams about being a super villain.
No. 714870 ID: 49d4de

A flirty super villain. Just as a daydream. Still happy and embracing.
No. 714871 ID: 99a64d

Excited. and Realizing you totally want to be a super-villain! Because why the fuck not?

If evil doesn't win then Embracing it, being the best magic user you know.
No. 714872 ID: 4854ef

Excited and EMBRACING!
No. 714873 ID: a22f87

what 12 year old wouldn't be happy to find out they were a dragon?
No. 714875 ID: f6442a

I would also definitely vote for Evil! if it got enough support.
No. 714877 ID: 842dec

No. 714878 ID: ff990a

There's nothing to be but excited, our unique situation means we're virtually guaranteed to be some sort of chosen one, so we should be ready for adventure to strike at any moment.

Embrace your destiny, for obvious reasons. ...though daydreaming about super-villainy is a healthy outlet for your energy until that happens...
No. 714880 ID: b3dd38

No. 714881 ID: 1cebc8

Worried, so you spent time preparing your spells in case of confrontation.
No. 714883 ID: eb385b

Happy and embracing
No. 714884 ID: d28273

Happy Embracing
No. 714886 ID: 02422f

Well, you were glad just to know. And it explained things.

...there's also stuff it makes you curious about.

>Embracing it, being the best magic user you know. (ALL SPELLS+, ALL STATS+)
Well DUH. You're gonna be the best you can be.
No. 714889 ID: c9f250

Embrace your dragonness so can get people to embrace your dragoness~

Supervillain is plan B in case the job market sucks.
No. 714892 ID: dc40e0

Be excited and embracing with a latent super villain streak
No. 714901 ID: 635f0e

Excited and flirting!!
No. 714902 ID: 891640

Excited and Embracing
No. 714904 ID: 1794d5

Sorrowful, then get some shades and start saying "I never asked for this" and vent at the Gym, i'm not going to win this voting round, but yea
No. 714906 ID: 73c49c

It was Exciting! Your a DRAGON! you also think it might finally be time to start becoming a tv super villain! not the kind that hurts people but one that does cool stuff like owns giant robots and stuff!
No. 714911 ID: 15a025

Angry but then accepting.
No. 714912 ID: 91ee5f

Happy and embracing.
No. 714913 ID: 8a6953

Angry and Gym.

With hints of Evil.
No. 714928 ID: 5ec36c

Happy and Embracing. You know your family loves you even though you're different, you're gonna make them proud by doing awesome feats of wizardry.
No. 714930 ID: 87d9fe

You where happy and you wanted to kiss all the girls
No. 715000 ID: 501cc8

Excited and accepting
No. 715007 ID: 7b7ab3

After the initial shock, that is.
No. 715010 ID: 395c02
File 146017261582.png - (100.77KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

>You where happy and you wanted to kiss all the girls
Kiss... girls?


As you watch everyone working out during gym period one day, you realize your eyes are drawn to...

Girls! They're so shapely!
Boys! T-they're really working it!

(You may keep voting on the previous decision as well)
No. 715012 ID: f6442a

No. 715015 ID: 38685c

No. 715018 ID: b3dd38

No. 715019 ID: 0a07af

Haha, yes. both
No. 715020 ID: 595d54

Both would leave /tgchan/ the most options available and I don't particularly care one way or the other, so both.

Happy and embracing.
No. 715021 ID: 1cebc8


Because you can do SO MUCH for them.

... Wait, I think you need to subtract by two.
No. 715022 ID: ec0bf5

Is that even a question? Of course it's both. This is a Slinko quest.
No. 715023 ID: 4e9864

Happy and embracing it.

But also, learning everything we can about dragons: history, legends, reputed powers, how flight works, families and family names, relationships with other species, rise and fall, everything we can get our hands on.
No. 715024 ID: d28273

Both of course
No. 715025 ID: a6dc58

Happy and Embracing if the first vote is still up and both for the second.
No. 715027 ID: 4e9864

Both. Not with an overwhelming uncontrollable libido like "OH MY GOD WHY IS EVERYONE SO HOT", though. More like a dawning realization.

What's the world and culture like in this area? Is it accepted and well-known? Known but frowned upon? Or not known at all? Does Ceridwen have enough information for these feelings to make sense?
No. 715028 ID: 4e9864

Also, we're a shape-shifter, so we're really not limited here in any way, shape *or* form.
No. 715029 ID: 02422f


You're a shapeshifter. What do physical restrictions mean to you.
No. 715031 ID: 4e9864

> He coughs. "But what about you? How'd you take it? Finding out you were a big scary... ahem. A dragon?"

We're not quite so oblivious as to have missed that one.

"Skif, we've known each other for years. Nothing's changed; I'm not suddenly any scarier than I was before. Unless (sudden tone change) you want me to be."
No. 715032 ID: a22f87

we're a shape shifter, why wouldn't we go for both?

Besides Ceridwen probably started to notice the girls after Daatra pointed out that she looks different form other lizards. We have someone we can blame/thank.
No. 715034 ID: 4e9864

Actually, changing my vote on this one. Happy and accepting, plus the learning everything we can get our hands on about dragons.
No. 715036 ID: dc40e0

You're into girls, but only seeecretly. Meanwhile you very badly pretend you're into guys, but you aren't really, except maybe Skif 'cause he has nice hair wait no you didn't say anything.
No. 715038 ID: 4854ef

No. 715041 ID: fdaaf4

Happy and accepting. And both, of course.

Also seconding the suggestion to learn about dragons.
No. 715049 ID: 635f0e

Both boys and girls.

... and the oil-smooth, complex motions of the gym machines! How did that happen? Well, there was this one substitute gym teacher for a while who you had a mad crush on, and you were afraid you'd be caught staring, so you stared at the little wheels and ropes and weights moving, but the teacher was showing how they work and being all like muscles moving and little grunts and when you used the machine yourself there was a moment when they leaned over you to show you the right grip and they were so close and you were so embarrassed you just focused on the machine and the way its parts slid and pulled around each other, and you guess something in your tender developing little libido got a little tangled up and now you think good-looking boys and girls look even gooder when in the proximity of... devices? Devices that include ropes and pulleys and straps and things?

But it's just like, a little. You don't need it. Cute girls and boys still look cute. Still good. It just... adds a little something.

Something you will keep very secret.

You weirdo.
No. 715055 ID: 737d5c

Embrace your draconic heritage even further by liking both.
No. 715056 ID: 4a071b

Excited. Embracing EVIL!
Maybe just a little evil? Evil won't win. Embracing yada yada.

Also, both. The desire to fuck everyone and everything should be par for the course for a shape shifter able to fuck everyone and everything.
No. 715059 ID: eb385b

No. 715061 ID: 5ec36c

oh, both of course. the form is malleable (you've got magic for that) it's what's inside that's potentially attractive (and dammit you're surrounded by cuties)
No. 715062 ID: a5478c

No. 715082 ID: 4a071b

I hope you studied some biology since you've learned about yourself. It'll help with transforming. And being sexy.
No. 715088 ID: f02a77

Definitely both. Bi(or Pan)sexual shapeshifter would get a lot of tail.

Or uh. Kisses.
No. 715091 ID: 4e9864

> get a lot of tail

And many other parts as well.
No. 715098 ID: 5ad4a7

Girls kissing girls
Boys kissing girls
All kissing yoooouuuu
No. 715100 ID: 15a025

Both, that way there's more to love.
No. 715108 ID: 99a64d

Why choose between sausage and buns when you can have both?
No. 715110 ID: 91ee5f


And then immediately say this to start hitting on Skif. XD
No. 715111 ID: 99a64d

lol yes, this fetish is hilarious.
No. 715115 ID: 4e9864

I can see this working out. What better excuse to spend a lot of time tinkering with machinery?
No. 715122 ID: 891640

Both, obviously. It's the only answer allowed.
No. 715123 ID: 501cc8

Both, especially boys, because you and Skif spend so much time together!
No. 715125 ID: 1794d5

Pshhh why conforming with half the population???
No. 715132 ID: 38cb3f

You became happy, and flirted with the boys and the girls sometimes too.

Also, you have developed a strange fixation on machinery.
No. 715136 ID: 4e9864

Since the questdis thread mentioned it being time-consuming to count votes:

As of this post, for how we felt:

Happy 13
Excited 14
Worried 1
Sorrowful 1
Angry 2

For how we spent the next few years:

Embracing 20
Accepting 3
Running 1
Flirting 3
Venting 2
Supervillain 5 (including people counted as one of the above but saying they'd vote for this if it had enough support, and people who want to be a supervillain but without really being evil)

Supervillain (in our daydreams) 5

Learn everything we can get our hands on about dragons 1

And for who we're attracted to:

Girls 2
Boys 0
Both 25

4 votes for Skif specifically

Posts with additional write-ins:
>>715031 (specific response to Skif, 2 votes)
>>715036 (keep our attraction to girls secret)
>>715049 (both, and also attracted to machinery, 4 votes)
>>715082 (study biology to help with transformation)
No. 715138 ID: 4e9864

Missed going back and updating one number; there were two for the write-in for learning about dragons:
No. 715139 ID: b6178d


Happy and embracing.
No. 715142 ID: 4e9864

Whether we should keep this secret depends on the culture we're in and how others feel about it.

Unless there's a strong stigma against it, I think we should be oblivious about there being anything odd about it: we find girls attractive, we find boys attractive, what's the problem?
No. 715143 ID: 5042bf

Late to vote and won't actually matter but Happy, Embrace and sure why not sluuuboth.
No. 715148 ID: 891640

Learning about dragons should at least be a side-activity, but there might not be enough info available to spend multiple years on.
No. 715150 ID: aca129

embrace it
No. 715153 ID: 8111b6

Excited/sorrowful, venting/flirting.

Both is the way to go, obviously.
No. 715179 ID: d41523

Happy, embracing, and BOTH
No. 715180 ID: 4e9864

Sure. "Everything we can get our hands on", which might be a lot or a little. Either way, it's not all-consuming.
No. 715235 ID: fa2c3d

Excited/embracing/both yeah dragons!
No. 715281 ID: f0e552

both, of course

dont hate me cause i dont want this one to happen
No. 715283 ID: f6442a

mmm nah
No. 715301 ID: 6b555a

Excited, flirting, and BOYS. For balance's sake.
No. 715306 ID: 9c6d36

Excited. Flirting with all the boys. AND all the girls. (both).
No. 715307 ID: 93244f

excited, embracing, both
No. 715311 ID: 1009ca

Excited, Flirting, both
No. 715346 ID: 4e9864

Another count update:

As of this post, for how we felt:

Happy 16.5
Excited 20
Worried 1
Sorrowful 1.5
Angry 2

For how we spent the next few years:

Embracing 26
Accepting 3
Running 1
Flirting 6.5
Venting 2.5
Supervillain 5 (including people counted as one of the above but saying they'd vote for this if it had enough support, and people who want to be a supervillain but without really being evil)

Supervillain (in our daydreams) 5

And for who we're attracted to:

Girls 2
Boys 1
Both 34

4 votes for Skif specifically

Posts with additional write-ins:
>>715023 (learn everything we can get our hands on about dragons, 4 votes)
>>715031 (specific response to Skif, 2 votes)
>>715036 (keep our attraction to girls secret)
>>715049 (both, and also attracted to machinery, 4 for, 2 against)
>>715082 (study biology to help with transformation)
No. 715393 ID: f562b1

I kind of want it to be a double-straight genderbending polymorphisist, where she gets interested in girls alone when she polymorphs herself into a guy, actually, but "both" is a good second. I'm also probably the only person would thinks "Double-straight genderbending person" is a good way to refer to things.
No. 715422 ID: 4a071b

Well it's not like there's a term for that :p
Also I'm on the fence there. While it makes sense to adapt the plumbing for your mate, the idea infers that transforming also alters cer's way of thinking or mental state of being. A dangerous prospect, sir.
No. 715423 ID: 891640

Ceridwen can just make use polymorph to make herself extra appealing to whoever she's trying to woo without it being a specific sexual orientation. That'd make things a lot simpler and also wouldn't lock her out from possible gay romance options.
No. 715433 ID: 395c02
File 146029366104.png - (128.26KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Ah, you remember now.

At first, you were in shock. Dragons were evil. They destroyed cities. That's how the stories always went.

In one single moment you learned that not only were they real, but you were literally one of them.

Did that mean you had to be evil now? Or were there also good dragons in the world? Would you be the first?

...Why did dragons have to be evil, anyway? Couldn't something as strong as a dragon choose to be nice?
No. 715434 ID: 395c02
File 146029367243.png - (137.12KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

And then the realization hit you.

They could! If a dragon wanted to be bad, they'd be bad, sure...

...But if they wanted to be good, who could stop them? Nobody. Because dragons are powerful.

A dragon could be good, evil, or even something altogether different.


You could be whatever you wanted to be.

More than evil or scary, you realized, dragons are amazing. They're big and strong and can do whatever they want!

Yeah! They're amazing! And you're one of them!
No. 715435 ID: 395c02
File 146029368308.png - (157.67KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Transforming without fear, you embraced how comfortable and freeing it felt to be in that form!

Heheheheee! Dragon! Dragon!!

You could run around on all fours!

You could start an awesome horde!

You could be more than 'good' or 'evil'!

You could be something like... a benevolent super-villain!? Is that a thing? Whatever! You don't care!


Adventures! Excitement! That's what awaited you!
No. 715436 ID: 395c02
File 146029369606.png - (152.00KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

You had to know more. More about DRAGONS.

You scoured the school library and read every book they had on dragons. Most were fictional stories, many were instructions in how to avoid them. One book, 'the morality of dragons', piqued your interest.

...According to it, you could tell a dragon's 'alignment' by the color of their scales.

That's stupid. And dragon-racist.

You were able to learn a few things, however. Dragons are not immortal or invincible, but they are extremely powerful and long-lived. Their magic is second to none, and they enjoy a sort of demi-god status. The information was scarce, and at times you grew frustrated.

But then you found it. A single, lonely book, hidden in the very back of the library.

It spoke of a time when Dragons and mortals were intertwined, and lived in harmony. But one day, something happened. Records of what were burned long before this book was penned, but as a result, the dragons withdrew from the mortal world. They created powerful barriers and secluded themselves, forbidding any of their kind from straying outside their lands.

So, naturally, the dragons people did see were almost certainly criminals who were exiled. That's why mortals lived in fear of them.

it turned out mortals might just be dragon-racist.
No. 715437 ID: 395c02
File 146029370768.png - (115.59KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

Your search for knowledge had given you a stronger MIND.

You've learned that the magic involved in making you what you were is forbidden. Someone broke some serious taboos to give you the life you now lead. Their magic is too powerful for you to consider breaking, and doing so would certainly require learning that same 'forbidden magic'.

Until then, TRANSFORMING into a dragon would use up MP like any other form, and your magical ability remained tied to your mortal form. It was less that you turned into something you weren't, but more that you had to fight something stopping you from being what you were, if that makes any sense.

And as you improved your mortal body, so too would your dragon form improve.

Your mind would go back to the note left to your parents when you were a baby. You asked your mother who "E", the person who left the note, was. She insisted that knowing that is far too dangerous for a child, but... she promised to tell you when you came of age.

In the meantime, you should live your life and enjoy your childhood. Make new friends, flirt with boys.
No. 715438 ID: 395c02
File 146029371951.png - (202.07KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

But, it seemed the boys weren't the only ones who had your eye. Watching everyone work out during gym was giving you butterflies in your stomach.

You enjoyed watching the boys. The girls. You even enjoyed, uh.

The gym equipment, kinda? that's weird.

Love was in the air, and you finally understood what that last stat on your status screen was for.

No. 715439 ID: 395c02
File 146029372802.png - (188.54KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

And now we can finally escape the woes of past-tense narrative.


"Eh!? I mean, yes?"

"We've known each others for years. Nothing's changed-- I'm the same person I've always been. I'm not a big scary dragon. That is, unless..."
No. 715440 ID: 395c02
File 146029373725.png - (78.96KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"...You want me to be."

Skif remains motionless. He doesn't immediately respond. It can be hard to read how he's feeling, what with the giant metal plate hiding most of his face.

"Are you... flirting with me? Or just kidding around?" he asks.

What were your intentions?

Flirting!!!! WE'RE DIVING RIGHT IN. (APPEAL+, risk of being Friend-zoned!?)
Kidding around/Toying with him. Whoa whoa let's not dive right in. (MIND+)
Testing him. You just wanted to make sure he stayed. You need loyal minion-- friends! Loyal friends. (SELF+)
Forget all that, offer to show him your true form! Somewhere private, maybe? (DRAGON!!!!)
You're not actually sure. It just kinda happened?

Maybe you should say something?
No. 715441 ID: bfb318

[Flirting!!!!] Say you're adulting around, and then flip the table like an adult while turning into a dragon.
No. 715443 ID: fb92a7

Tell him you're not entirely sure yourself, and that the only solution is to hang out all day having fun to be sure.
No. 715445 ID: f562b1

Both, kinda? If he wanted, you wouldn't mind trying out dating, it might be fun, but you were really just making a quick little joke.
No. 715446 ID: 93244f

Say you're kidding, but in a way that suggests you aren't kidding.
No. 715447 ID: 1cebc8

Toy with him, he don't like this anymore.
No. 715450 ID: 5ec36c

(No need to dive headlong into flirting, we did just drop a hefty bombshell on the guy)

Smile gently
"I'm just testing the waters, You're an important person in my life and I wanted to see how you'd take all this... And maybe make you squirm a bit."
No. 715451 ID: 501cc8

Testing him in a most flirtatious matter~
No. 715452 ID: 02422f

>You're not actually sure. It just kinda happened?
To be honest you kind of got caught up in the drama of the moment and plus you got all these teenager (young adult?) hormones muddying everything.

But in all seriousness, yes, you can shapeshift into something bigger and dragonier.

Did... you want me to flirt with you?
No. 715458 ID: 1009ca

No. 715459 ID: 29c4aa

Obviously DRAGON FLIRTING, only a dragon-racist mortal mammal male wouldn't put this option.
No. 715460 ID: b6178d


"Look at it this way: we can go somewhere private, just the two of us, and then you can find out whether this is a needlessly elaborate hoax to get into your pants, or if I'm actually trusting you with the biggest secret of my life. Follow me if you want to find out which!"

TOTES kidding + DRAGON!!!!
No. 715462 ID: ec0bf5

You're just kidding, you always wanted to say that. ...right? ...Even if you weren't, it's probably best to pretend you were. You don't know how he feels and unless it turns out that he's secretly into you you probably don't want to mess things up.
No. 715464 ID: fa2c3d

I like this plan, but be a bit more subtle about it. Don't answer him and just start laughing and ask him to follow you into a secluded back room, then when he's super nervous about what you're about to do, turn into a dragon! Though note if he looks distinctly disappointed by this.
No. 715465 ID: 3e182c

"Flirting? Maybe. Or maybe I was just playing with you. Testing you. Teasing you."
*Then stand up and lean forward on the table so you can get your face closer to his and lower your voice.*
"Or Maybe, I want to take you somewhere private, where I can show you something AMAZING."
*Get even closer, so your whispering in his ear*
"-If you promise not to scream, of course."
No. 715467 ID: 3e182c

This is a vote for Flirting + Dragon btw.
No. 715469 ID: 350a50

No. 715471 ID: 4e9864

Don't try to go overboard with the confidence, and definitely don't surprise him with what he's still potentially afraid of. We should show him our dragon form at some point, in a safe, controlled environment, where he has nothing to be afraid of. Meanwhile:

"Yeah, I was flirting with you. Did it work? Even a little bit?" Roll with it either way. Reveal some more vulnerability here. We just shared the biggest secret of our life with him, we trust him with it, and we're genuinely terrified that he's terrified.
No. 715472 ID: 4201a2

It's excitement from having a revelation about an awesome giant dragon form, and we're also taking the opportunity to flirt a little bit since we're gonna show it to you anyway.
No. 715473 ID: 5042bf

Oh my damn, you don't flirt/toy with childhood friends. That's like the unwritten rule. Having a life long friend is like the best thing ever and risking that is not a thing smart people do. That just happens mostly in... fiction.. and naughty comics... carry on.

But voting test.
No. 715475 ID: 3e182c

The Idea that you cant keep a lifelong friend after having/attempting and failing a sexual relationship is false anyway. A wee bit of time and charisma can fix anything.
No. 715476 ID: 4e9864

> You don't know how he feels and unless it turns out that he's secretly into you you probably don't want to mess things up.
> Having a life long friend is like the best thing ever and risking that is not a thing smart people do.

Best friends make the best potential romantic partners. You already know them incredibly well, and you can both be up front and talk about whether this seems like a good idea or not. And if you decide "not", that doesn't need to affect the friendship at all; why do people build up the idea that it does?

There's something fun and refreshingly unsubtle about starting a romantic relationship with "Hey, you think we'd make a good couple?" "...yeah, probably, let's give it a try." If it doesn't work out, it becomes "Hey, remember when we tried dating that once?"

But the last thing you ever want to do with a best friend is be dishonest with them, or "test" them. Maybe we're really flirting, or maybe we don't know what we're doing and we're just afraid our best friend is afraid of us now, but either way, be honest about all of that.
No. 715481 ID: 4854ef

Show off dat dragon form!
No. 715483 ID: f6442a

DRAGON-FLIRTING, the most powerful art of flirtation known to dragonkind!
No. 715485 ID: a22f87

Even if we get friend zoned we can always keep flirting with him to mess with him.
No. 715488 ID: 4e9864

In our time experimenting with transformation, did we ever try becoming a dragon with wings? Did we try flying with them?
No. 715489 ID: 6b555a

"Kidding around. Or, I thought so! Was that flirting? I've not really flirted before, maybe I did by accident. I wouldn't mind flirting with you! Obviously I like you a lot and you're very attractive, so maybe but then we've been friends forever and that's supposed to be something to hold on to but doesn't that just mean we've already proven comfortable with each other so wouldn't that make it better and, uh, well, lots of confused feelings in here, all of a sudden."

"... I've got an idea. Would you like to go on a... trial date? Like... it's almost a date, but we're going on it as friends, but while we're on it we'll try to be appealing to each other romantically, and we'll be clear about it and talk openly and give feedback to each other on whether the things we're trying are working! And there won't be any pressure because it'll have all just been practice for any future dates we go on, not a real date. Buuut maybe the future dates after that could maybe still be between us?"
No. 715490 ID: 91ee5f

No. 715493 ID: 4e9864

Yeah, that's the kind of uncertainty and vulnerability we should show. Along with something about not wanting him to be afraid of us.

If Skif has any sense at all, he'll realize we're the same Ceridwen we've always been about a third of the way into something like this, and cut us off with a kiss about halfway through.
No. 715497 ID: 99a64d

You're not actually sure. It just kinda happened?

Don't say anything. Keep staring at him. Waggle your eyebrows.
No. 715503 ID: fdaaf4

No. 715506 ID: 737d5c


Even if you get friend-zoned, you are a girl. You can leave it as an open invitation without seeming too creepy.
No. 715513 ID: ffc055

Flirting dangit!
No. 715520 ID: 4ea8f6

Testing him.
No. 715536 ID: 9cd11d

No. 715569 ID: bfb318

"Don't worry 'bout it~"
No. 715575 ID: 0c7bf6

"I was just joking! Unless you actually want to try dating?" Play it off, add a friendly suggestion(invite?) at the end.
No. 715583 ID: d71bb8

>The gym equipment, kinda? that's weird.
All those straps and rope and wights and odd positions OH MY!

If he's willing to test out if the two of you would work then go ahead, if not you could always suggest the whole "friends with benefits" thing if it won't be to awkward.
No. 715610 ID: 8111b6

Testing mostly, maybe a bit of flirting.

After all, even if things don't work between the two of you, you would at least get the question of 'would it have worked out?' out of the way, and you'd learn what he might be looking for to get him the proper hook-up.

If it did work out, hey, youthful romance! Though... what exactly would you two do different than you were doing before? I assume you two still hang out quite a bit.

I bet a matchmaker dragon could get pretty good over their many many years, but that might be more of a side job kinda thing maybe.
No. 715621 ID: eb385b

I vote for this
No. 715622 ID: 842dec


or something
No. 715626 ID: 93244f

I like this one.
No. 715657 ID: 4e9864

> Though... what exactly would you two do different than you were doing before?

Given that we're already best friends, it changes rather less than it would with someone out of the blue, though we should give the dating thing a try just for variety. But still, there's a pretty sharp dividing line that we'd step firmly to the other side of: romance, flirting, kisses, other activities shared by romantic partners, and eventually (not right away) the beginnings of expectations that we'd involve each other in our future plans.

But right now, it just means hearing whether Skif feels the same way about us that we do about him. Or if he thinks that might be a possibility. Which might be a bit hard to figure out, because we're not even entirely sure how we feel about him yet, and I'd bet he isn't entirely sure how he feels about us either. The dangerous thing about opening your heart to somebody is that you make yourself vulnerable to having it ripped out, and the dangerous thing about this conversation, right now, today, is that we're talking to our best friend who isn't sure right now if he's scared of us or not. Him saying he isn't interested in romance is not the worst-case scenario; our friendship can survive that.
No. 715660 ID: 59a537

No. 715753 ID: cfee3f

ohhh I'm liking this idea.
No. 715755 ID: 891640

Well it is called dragon romance, and dragons do need hoards. It would only make sense to assume that this particular dragon hoards romance, or romantic partners as it were.
No. 715773 ID: 4e9864

Yeah, out-of-character, we're absolutely doing this; forget sleeping on a pile of gold and jewels, love and power (in that order) are what we'll hoard.

But in-character, the thought hasn't occurred to us except in our wildest fantasies, and we definitely haven't even thought about actually pulling it off, let alone making plans for it. Let's see if we can pull off romance number 1 first before we start thinking we're all that just because APPEAL UNLOCKED.
No. 715800 ID: 4e9864

> You've learned that the magic involved in making you what you were is forbidden. Someone broke some serious taboos to give you the life you now lead. Their magic is too powerful for you to consider breaking, and doing so would certainly require learning that same 'forbidden magic'.

Does this forbidden magic have a name? What school of magic was it? Is it "forbidden" in the legal sense, or just taboo? And is it something many know of but avoid, or is it rare to even know that there's something to know?

Is our inability to break it a lack of power, knowledge, or both?
No. 715810 ID: fb92a7

That would have to be the most hilarious dragon slaying attempt ever. Hero shows up and finds the dragon laying atop a pile of half naked writhing people. Small metallic ting from his cod piece can be heard. Dragon smiles sinisterly as it recognizes its newest hoard treasure.

Will exercise equipment be included in the harem hoard?
No. 715836 ID: 3e182c

Exercise equipment, or magic powered sex machines?
No. 715845 ID: cfee3f

I'm now imagining a half-dragon laying atop a large moaning pile of HOT NAKED PEOPLE of all sorts of races, a soft buzzing sound can be faintly heard emanating from the many magic "Marital Aids".
No. 715861 ID: ec0bf5

Is it really a good idea to plan to hit on everyone we meet including our friends? I feel like he'd be pretty unhappy if we successfully romanced him and then immediately started trying on some other guy.
No. 715893 ID: 0a94cb

Lol I dunno.
No. 715900 ID: 2a7417

Flirting & Dragon transform!
No. 715939 ID: 395c02
File 146043312259.png - (88.81KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Yes, of course you're (dragon) flirting.

Money never concerned you much-- a truly powerful dragon doesn't need a hoard of gold and riches.

No, a hoard should show something meaningful, something you can't just steal from people. Something even the most powerful dragon has to earn.

You will build a hoard of romance.


i'm so proud of myself right now

>In our time experimenting with transformation, did we ever try becoming a dragon with wings? Did we try flying with them?
You tried morphing wings, but you can't figure out how to fly.

>What kind of magic is that forbidden magic?
It's generally referred to as LIFE MAGIC. You couldn't find any additional information on it. You might have to seek knowledge outside the school setting once you come of age.
No. 715940 ID: 395c02
File 146043313305.png - (84.08KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

He's... he's still not reacting.

>You don't know how he feels and unless it turns out that he's secretly into you you probably don't want to mess things up.

>Don't try to go overboard with the confidence, and definitely don't surprise him with what he's still potentially afraid of. 

>Oh my damn, you don't flirt/toy with childhood friends.
Oh no...

He's your best friend! You don't want to ruin that! You were flirting, but you'll just tell him you were kidding and that it's fine and everything's fine and--
No. 715941 ID: 395c02
File 146043315381.png - (87.05KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Skif kisses you on the forehead.

"Hey," he says, "if you're a dragon, then everyone's clearly wrong about them."

"You're not afraid?"

"No, no. We've known each other for years, Ceri. Nothing you can tell me would 'scare me off' or make me suddenly not be your friend. Besides, I'm something of an outsider myself, hmm?"

"Ah... Um..."

He smiles. "It means a lot that you trust me enough to tell me this. If you were testing my friendship or courage, then I hope I passed."


As you stumble over your words, he stands up. "Okay, I should probably get to class. I'll see you later, okay?"

He starts to leave, turning back for just a moment. "And... if you had other intentions just now, well. I'm open if you are. Maybe we meet after school and get some dinner? If not, that's fine. I won't pressure you..."
No. 715942 ID: 395c02
File 146043319746.png - (160.49KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"...But I'd love to see your dragon form sometime~"

He walks off.
No. 715943 ID: 395c02
File 146043320927.png - (145.97KB , 800x600 , 17.png )


(VOTE 1)
Meet him after school.
Don't meet him.

If you meet him, why?

(VOTE 1)
You want to try a date! Maybe he will be the first addition to your new hoard of DRAGON-ROMANCE (so proud. I mean. APPEAL+)
You want to talk and stay friends. He'd make a great friend and ally. After all, every dragon-villain needs a general-- wait. Um. Why do you keep thinking of this...? (SELF+)
You want to meet him... IN YOUR DRAGON FORM!!! (DRAGON++++)
You want to learn from him. His APPEAL is high, and yours clearly needs work. (APPEAL+++)

If you don't meet him, why?

(VOTE 1)
You want to keep him wanting. You are going to seduce him. Not the other way around (SELF++, APPEAL+)
You need to focus on magic, not romance. Not yet. (Options to improve magic appear)
You want to keep him as a friend. If you meet him, it might send the wrong message. You'll explain it tomorrow. (MIND+)
You want to see how Daatra's doing! Isn't she hanging out after school? (DAATRA ROMANCE??? well, maybe not. Probably.)

(you can vote in each field regardless of your choice to meet/don't meet)
No. 715944 ID: 1009ca

No. 715945 ID: ee7be4

We should meet him, for a date of course. A nice romantic date to explore his superior APPEAL stat~

But if for some reason we don't, then it should only be to keep him waiting and build the suspense.
No. 715946 ID: f02a77

Uh, yeah we're gonna meet him! It's be very rude for us to stand him up like that! Though I'm torn between why. I feel like we should just see how the day continues before we decide why we wanna meet up.

Though on the subject of Daatra, how's she doing? Did she go steady with that guy whose name I totally forget? Are we besties??
No. 715947 ID: 4201a2

Meet him and learn. He's your friend for life, so there's no need to rush a relationship just for the sake of having one.
Show off your form and get friendly APPEAL tips from him, which will probably really help in the future.

Plus, if you get romance tips from him, then when you're ready to seduce him, you can intentionally use the same tips he gave you and it'll be really cute.
No. 715948 ID: eb385b

Meet him after school
You want to try a date
No. 715950 ID: 91ee5f

Meet him for a date! :3
No. 715952 ID: 842dec

We're going to meet him, in our dragon form, and THEN seduce him! It's the perfect crime!
No. 715953 ID: 2ee598

Meet him because you want to date.
No. 715954 ID: de0cbf

Meet after school to try a date, AND learn as much from him as possible! A date needs activities, after all. You can do both at once! Maybe go down to some local young-people dating spot, like a club or cafe or something, where you can observe and quietly comment to each other on the tactics employed by your fellows?

If he asks again to see your dragon form, though, tell him that's third-date material. Among other third date materials. Gotta keep him interested, and it IS a very personal thing for you, don't you think?
No. 715955 ID: ec0bf5

Well, if he's open to it then you can't leave him hanging! Let's go meet him! Dragon meet him! If he's really into you then he'll still be into you in your true form. Or something.
No. 715956 ID: 487e0a

...Who's that blushing in the background?
No. 715959 ID: 5ad4a7

What are those things coming out of his back anyway

Meet him after school.
Date, and also learn, and also DRAGON FORM, because these three things are not mutually exclusive at all.
No. 715960 ID: 350a50

No. 715961 ID: fb7821

Daatra's still seeing that mammal guy, right? Let's go date the guy who's single and receptive to being seduced by us (or are we being seduced by him?). But we're going on a dragon date or nothing.
No. 715963 ID: f562b1

Dat appeal.
Meet him after school, for a date! I mean, yeah his appeal is better and maybe you could learn from it or try and counter to raise your own, but for this instance, I say just let him have the higher stat and go for it.
No. 715964 ID: b6eeac

Trying a date is great! Playing around in dragon form is great! But at some point, in a moment of weakness, admit that this whole thing is very new to you, and you have no idea what you are doing. How does he manage it?

Separately, entirely outside of any dates, you should find some time to look up anatomy of flying creatures (including how heavy creatures that can fly can be), aerodynamics, and magics associated with assisting flight. Cause flying is soooo useful! Speaking of mobility, do you have any aquatic or amphibious forms? Burrowing ones? Weird climbing forms?
No. 715981 ID: 3e182c

You know you can actually date, learn from, and show him your dragon form at the same time. It's just going to be a LONG, sexy night. Also one that naturally flows. Just inform the parents you'll be late. Accept the consequences if they protest. This is more important. It's time to live some.

I don't think your ready to seduce people quite yet, and staying friends for a loyal general? Seriously? Everyone knows love slaves are the pinnacle of loyalty for any accomplished super villain.
No. 715988 ID: fb92a7

Meet him. I think you'd be too nervous to do a first date with such pitiful appeal so learn from him. If we should choose not to meet him it should be because you're too nervous and want to keep him as a friend at least for now.
No. 715990 ID: 737d5c

Meet him to try dating. Practice makes perfect, right?

Check with Daatra what you should wear and do since she now has more experience with it than you do.
No. 715991 ID: 5042bf

Meet and learn. You can turn it around to real thing if it turns out he wants to be a part of your messy romance pile. But finding out you are not enough tends to not go over well. Thus those close seem to be off limits. So, how are you going to keep your hoard? Mind magic love minions or strict polyamory screening?
No. 715993 ID: ce44f1

Meet and learn! Practice date!

Let's bump up that appeal!!
No. 715994 ID: 619c7c

You want to talk and stay friends, so you are going to meet him... IN YOUR DRAGON FORM!!!
No. 715995 ID: 4834ab

Meet him.
Learn from him.
No. 716000 ID: 2a7417

Meet him in DRAGON FORM!

A dragon must be fiercely protective of their hoard! Shoot a glare at the covetous bystander.
No. 716001 ID: f0e552

learn, absorb his appeal into yourself!
No. 716002 ID: 1cebc8

Don't meet him, just focus on magic studies for now.
No. 716003 ID: 8371c4

we need to date him in your DRAGON FORM obvs
No. 716004 ID: b7d7d5

Meet and learn. We definitely need more appeal.
No. 716005 ID: a6dc58

I'll second this one, but I'd make extra sure that I was somewhere where no one will see you for the Dragon Form. Someone went to a lot of trouble to conceal you for your protection, and you're not ready yet to handle to consequences of giving that up, so don't risk it.
No. 716009 ID: ec0bf5

While you definitely shouldn't show it off in public, because people apparently react strongly to dragons, if you do get caught it's not like your secret will be exposed. Just turning back and explaining that you're a magic student who's good at polymorphism would explain everything fairly well.
No. 716010 ID: 99a64d

Aw fuck, your childhood friend turned out cooler than you. How is that even possible? You're a dragon, god damn it! Even the background characters think he's cool! It isn't fair!

Meet him after school. because... You want to learn from him. and You want to talk and stay friends. He's clearly better at this than you, which means you'd either end up as a part of his harem or end up in a committed monogamous relationship with him, neither of which are conducive to creating a hoard of romance.
No. 716040 ID: 891640

Gotta show off your dragon form to him.
And if he's still interested in a date afterwards, then go for it.
No. 716041 ID: 90f3c0

You want to learn from him... in dragoon form. Get all the pluses.
No. 716045 ID: f6442a

Go on a date as a DRAGON!
No. 716056 ID: 4a5baa

Meet him. He said he wanted to see our dragon form, so let's show him that.

We didn't want to charge ahead with full confidence and no insecurity before we even knew how he felt. But now that we do know how he feels, now we can have some fun; we're a dragon, we see something we want, let's go after it with all our ability. ("it" being love and a romantic relationship, here, not him as an object.)

We're not trying to seduce or get seduced right now. Certainly not on a first date. And we're not trying to use more APPEAL than we have the skill for. But we have a lot of MIND, and a lot of APPEAL is being thoughtful, keeping another person in mind, and making them feel special.

We don't need to plan for using our meeting after school primarily to learn from him (not least of which because that feels like the wrong approach to take); we can take a lesson right now. Look at how Skif made us feel at the end of the conversation, and look at how he did it. He made a romantic gesture (the kiss) right away, but then he thought of and said exactly what we needed to feel better about the one thing we were scared of, and he put our friendship first before he got a bit playful. Thoughtful, keeping the other person in mind, and making them feel special. We're not oblivious, we can see exactly how thoughtful and caring he was (which makes him even more of a keeper), and we can learn.

(If we can get our tongue untied, and his words give us exactly the feelings we need to do that. He's still our friend, and he wants to be more; let's grab on to that good thing in front of us!)

No sense jumping straight into a traditional dinner date when we already know each other pretty well; we're trying to expand that relationship to include romance, and figure out what that means for us. And let's not set a weird set of expectations, or go by anyone else's expectations for what romance means; the whole point is to figure out what it means for us.

Let's be non-traditional, here, and invite him out. It'll be right after school, so we don't need to go straight from there to an early dinner; how about a long walk and conversation? Do we know a secluded beach or forest spot nearby, where nobody goes? Our newly adventurous self must have done some exploring around the area; take him to some spot only we know about and share it with him. Then show him our dragon form, as suggested.

(And if, in the process, after we talk for a while, that form and our polymorphing abilities gives us a few more playful flirting opportunities, let's take advantage of them. A large wing is great for draping over shoulders. And we do have a hot internal temperature and a long prehensile tongue; a few hints makes for a vivid imagination later. But "showing him our dragon form" isn't a euphemism for something more here; that's all we're doing there, and we shouldn't be trying anything else on a first date.)

For dinner, we could pick up something we both enjoy that keeps for a bit (sandwiches or other comfort food), and have an impromptu picnic out at that spot we're showing him. Beats having a sit-down dinner at "uncomfortable-r-us" any day, and fits better for two people who are already friends.

From our off-screen friendship, what do we know he enjoys doing? We could use that either as second date material or as a continuation of the first date, depending on what it is.

As for asking him out in the first place, we could use a temporary polymorph (non-dragon) or a portal to sneak up behind him and surprise him. Give him a hug and a kiss on the forehead for knowing exactly what to say. As >>715964 said, "at some point, in a moment of weakness, admit that this whole thing is very new to you, and you have no idea what you are doing"; but tell him we want to try. And as >>715981 said, "you can actually date, learn from, and show him your dragon form at the same time." (Definitely give our parents a heads-up, too.)
No. 716066 ID: 91ee5f

..........are you some sort of love expert or something? O_O
Because, holy shit, that was amazing!
No. 716086 ID: 02422f

>You want to meet him... IN YOUR DRAGON FORM!!! (DRAGON++++)
You gotta show your best friend your true form, whatever other intentions you have.

>You want to see how Daatra's doing! Isn't she hanging out after school? (DAATRA ROMANCE??? well, maybe not. Probably.)
Although you shouldn't lose track of your other friends either!
No. 716088 ID: 4a5baa

That wasn't anything special, just a few minutes of writing based around thoughtfulness and taking a close look at what Skif did. I ran with the idea of wanting to go somewhere private to show something we want to keep secret, combined it with some fairly common date ideas for romantic dates (picnics, long walks on the beach, sharing some special location we haven't shown anyone else), and filled in some details.

Glad you liked it.

With how we're playing Ceridwen (as well as how dragons are sometimes depicted as chessmasters), I think a little forethought and planning can go a long way. Ceri shouldn't get away with brilliant lines off the cuff just because we have more time to think than she does, but when she actually does have time to think and plan, I think we can manage things that she's not a natural at.
No. 716139 ID: 825b5d

Want to stay friends.
No. 716155 ID: fb7821

Let's just take her on the date but play her as confused and disjointed as we all are suggesting what she should do.
No. 716177 ID: 4a5baa

If having multiple conflicting suggestions and discussing them made us come across as confused and disjointed, most quest protagonists would walk around in a continuous haze of disjointed confusion.
No. 716190 ID: c8d677

No, Keep Wanting.

+Stat Gains ftw.
No. 716192 ID: 99a64d

Some do. Remember Knight Blades? Jesus.
No. 716285 ID: 02422f

Lunar Quest, anyone?
No. 716286 ID: cab7d6

You want to meet him for a date in dragon form. It's the real you!
No. 716470 ID: f924d5

Now I am sad. Why did you have to bring up an old quest I really liked?
No. 716477 ID: 3e182c

Maen. Lunar quest was the shit. Tis how I found this site.
No. 716648 ID: 4854ef

No. 716652 ID: 9bafb9

This. All of this.
No. 716679 ID: 395c02
File 146070565577.png - (135.36KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

>+Stat Gains ftw.
Ceridwen considers her options.

Hmm. She should put some more points in BODY. That's bound to bring more boys to the yard. Her MIND is doing pretty well, but she's not very good at PERSUASION yet.

She will have to think long and hard over at least 80 suggestions to figure out where to put her next... point...?


Wait. Something's not right here.
No. 716680 ID: 395c02
File 146070567036.png - (115.89KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

There we go. You had a strange out-of-quest experience for a moment there.

You head to your usual MEETING SPOT, getting there before Skif. This usually happens as he tends to stay after school for a bit talking to his friends. Nobody else ever comes back here, so you're left alone with your thoughts.
No. 716681 ID: 395c02
File 146070568370.png - (133.94KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

Your heart and mind are racing. You can't believe you flirted with him. Why did you do that? Are you really going on a date? Why is he so...

Why do you feel so...

Aah... you wish you were meeting at the Cliche Tree...
No. 716682 ID: 395c02
File 146070569996.png - (94.57KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

You take a deep breath.

Your emotions are all over the place. You need to calm down, and think about things objectively. Your MIND is too high to be falling victim to your feelings like this!

You felt scared-- vulnerable. Was flirting a defense mechanism?

Skif must have known. He gave you a kiss on the forehead, proving in a single moment that he doesn't fear you and that he cares about you. With a single sentence, he comforted and reassured you, and despite giving him THE SIGNALS, he left you in total control of whether or not you two go forward.

Are these the way of APPEAL? Considering how the other person feels, seeing where their anxieties lie, and helping them overcome them? Comforting them, making them feel special...

You have so much to learn, but you think you understand a little bit better.
No. 716683 ID: 395c02
File 146070573009.png - (75.85KB , 800x600 , 22.png )



Is making a hoard of romance the right thing to do? What if they fall in love? What happens when you have to tell someone they're not the only one for you? That in the end, they're just another 'conquest' for your hoard?


For now, you just want to have a good time. You want to take control of the evening. Enjoy a nice walk. Have a lovely conversation. Take Skif somewhere important to you. Maybe you're not ready to jump right in to SEDUCTION and ROMANCE, but for now you want to have a lovely date with someone you care about.

No. 716684 ID: 395c02
File 146070574355.png - (118.42KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

You want him to see you as you really are.
No. 716685 ID: 395c02
File 146070576007.png - (103.63KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

"Ceri? Are you-- Ah!?"
No. 716686 ID: 395c02
File 146070577413.png - (272.58KB , 1000x750 , 25.png )


Smile softly.
Say something.
No. 716687 ID: a22f87

>Smile softly.
>Say something.
so um... what you think? I can get wings as well but I still can't get the hang of flying.
No. 716688 ID: bfb318

where's your wings girl

also give him a taste of that sultry dragon-voice before you do anything
No. 716691 ID: 5ad4a7

Say hello.
No. 716692 ID: c9f250

No. 716693 ID: f76cc4

"So, Skif, have you ever wondered what riding a dragon would be like? Because here's your chance to find out."
No. 716695 ID: 395c02
File 146070763524.png - (85.69KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

>where's your wings girl
Your TRUE FORM doesn't have wings!

Besides, you don't want to be even harder to draw, do you.....?
No. 716696 ID: 5ad4a7

Sounds like Ceridwyn is a water dragon. What with the fins and all.
No. 716697 ID: 770f3f

Say something, ask him what he thinks.


You wish you had enough APPEAL to try something like this, but you'd probably just blush at the thought of saying it!
No. 716700 ID: 8111b6

Smile, ask where to head off to for today.

Also, if you haven't already, make sure to let the folks know you're out with Skif so they don't worry. (They don't need to know about the different intent behind the hanging out, though.)
No. 716701 ID: f23be7

yes we want to be harder to draw.
why did we choose to be a shapshifter if not for absurd and weirdly proportioned body images
we can turn into anything... ANYTHING.
we can turn into a chair and have people sit on our faces, we can turn into our dad. when your parents tell you that lie about being able to grow up to be anything you want to be... well screw you mom and dad i can.
No. 716703 ID: f0e552

We don't wanna spook him, probably slowly walk up to him and sit down at eye level and do something cute, ey?
No. 716704 ID: 737d5c

Use your particular brand of humour to confirm who you are.
No. 716705 ID: 5042bf

Smile reassuringly. Oops, not with teeth if possible.
No. 716708 ID: cab7d6

Knowing that one day your true form will have wings fills you with DETERMINATION.

Dragon pounce, followed by dragon licking his face. Hurting the armor-plated lad seems unlikely.
No. 716709 ID: f562b1

Smile softly, wave gently, say something: "Uh, hey."
No. 716713 ID: b6178d


Smile softly. Have a moment.
No. 716714 ID: 1cebc8

No sudden movements, no roars, no threats. Other than that do as you will.
No. 716715 ID: e1d00b

Smile softly, lean down for inevitable head hug status.
No. 716718 ID: 90f3c0

Wiggle hips "Like what you see?"
No. 716719 ID: 18b15e

Smile softly. Just lie down and let him come to you. If you say something, say it softly, too, because your throat and such are bigger and probably louder now, and your voice probably sounds different.

Invite him to have a look at you. You probably don't want to stay in this form for too long, since it does drain your MP, and you can tell him you don't want anyone else to see you like this, yet.
No. 716722 ID: 350a50

No. 716725 ID: 91ee5f

No. 716728 ID: 4e52af

Pretty sure this form doesn't take mp anymore. Maybe say hey just so he knows its her then do that.
No. 716736 ID: ec0bf5

Just smile and say "rar" in a regular voice.
No. 716739 ID: 350a50

It was already stated that it does. We're not spending MP to transform, we're sending MP to temporarily undo the transformation on Ceri that made her less dragonish.
No. 716750 ID: ec0bf5

So, while you're more or less adult size in terms of your normal body, dragons keep growing for most of their lives and live almost indefinitely, right? Does that mean your dragon form is going to keep getting bigger over time? Because that sounds pretty cool.
No. 716756 ID: 98b8d4

What the fuck is up with those giant fins on your knees? that shits gotta make walking annoying.

And in regard to the "horde of romance", their doesn't have to be hundreds of lovers and conquests, it could just be three people if you like; don't think of it as a horde of conquests but as a way of not having to choose just one person if you end up falling for more then one through out your life. That's why its a horde of 'romance', cause its full only of those you truly love.
No. 716757 ID: f6442a

Dragon pounce!

That's a sensible attitude to take about a "hoard of romance." What a silly and selfish notion.
No. 716760 ID: f6442a

Have we unlocked a secret extra stat sheet? Put that extra point in Body, sure.
No. 716769 ID: 3e182c

Who Says you can't love and care about multiple people? That's so cliche. So Normal. So, Un-Dragon like. It flies in the face of what is the extraordinary being that is you. Each lover wouldn't just be another conquest. Each would be a forever cherished addition to your beloved family.

As for appeal, yeah, your getting the right Idea. Though if you look closely, Skif is... Kind of a dork about it XD. It's easy to act cool when wearing a mask and costume. Maybe something to remember?

Anyway, what good's a half-measure?

No. 716770 ID: 395c02

On that note how big are we right now anyway
No. 716792 ID: 93244f

No. 716794 ID: a6dc58


Seconding this.

Lol that out-of-quest experience was great.
No. 716795 ID: 395c02
File 146076582058.png - (108.95KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

"Um, could you hold on a second? I have to answer some questions."

"What? Now?"

"It'll only take a second. Then we can get back to you reacting to my awesome dragon form."

"All right, don't take too long."

Skif is now PAUSED.
No. 716796 ID: 395c02
File 146076583607.png - (237.29KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

>Sounds like Ceridwyn is a water dragon. What with the fins and all.
You might be?? You don't seem to have any gills or anything, though. Maybe you have as-of-yet untapped WATER MAGIC?

>yes we want to be harder to draw.
But updates would be slow coming!

>Knowing that one day your true form will have wings fills you with DETERMINATION.
You really doubt that. Some strange, supergodlike being has made it their mission in life to draw as few dragon-wings as possible. If you do gain wings, something tells you they'll be feathery.

>Pretty sure this form doesn't take mp anymore.
It does. It takes more MP than most other morphs! You're not sure exactly, but it feels like you have to 'fight' something to maintain this form.

>What the fuck is up with those giant fins on your knees? that shits gotta make walking annoying. 
Eh, you only notice them if you stretch your legs out really far. Now that you think about it, they don't feel like they belong. Weird...

>On that note how big are we right now anyway
Bigger than normal! But still smaller than you expected...

You aren't a full adult yet, so maybe dragons do all their growing at the last moment?

>Have we unlocked a secret extra stat sheet? Put that extra point in Body, sure.
Hmm? You don't recall such a stat. Just what are you making a reference to? Maybe some other quest.

That should about do it. You get back in position and wait for the next real update to unpause skif.

(you can keep voting: SMILE/POUNCE/TALK)
No. 716799 ID: 6cb462

vote talk.

Also realize that your naked.
No. 716800 ID: a5c2b3

Going to have to go with SPEAK
No. 716802 ID: 3e182c

Well liney wings are hard sure. feathery wings? maybe. But there are so many wings! Them see through almost there gosmery ones, them easy to draw magicy how the "hell are these wings" ones, them spiny down the back ribbed like wings that are easy to draw... Ones. OOh fluffy ones can be a thing. I also think helicopter blades count as wings, too.

Also, them classic bat like giant hand dragon wings with all the lines can be leathery on ze outside, so them liney details don't always need to stand out or be drawn maybe?

-And there's nothing wrong with that.
No. 716814 ID: f6442a

Steal SkyQuest's wings. They're causing him nothing but trouble anyway.
No. 716823 ID: 93244f
File 146077055198.png - (4.37KB , 340x220 , ouch.png )

No. 716894 ID: f562b1

Hey, I'd be fine with simplified "membranous" wings. Where you don't actually fill in each "finger" of it.
But yeah, there's nothing wrong with being wingless.

Anyways, my vote remains: Wave, say "Uh... Hey."
No. 717037 ID: 4e9864

Smile (without showing teeth), greet him to confirm that we're really Ceri. Let him get used to us for a bit, then invite him to join us and start on our date plan from >>716683 and >>716056.

There will be plenty of time in that plan for a dragon-pounce later.

>>yes we want to be harder to draw.
>But updates would be slow coming!

Clearly, if we had had wings, they would have folded tightly next to our spines, making them completely indistinguishable against our spines unless we had them folded out for some reason (such as to drape caringly over Skif's shoulders). But, of course, that would only be relevant if we had wings.
No. 717051 ID: 02422f

Pounce, while grinning like an idiot.

Then talk.
No. 717055 ID: 3e182c

Ah, the Rokoa method.
No. 717071 ID: 395c02
File 146085217869.png - (139.79KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

You unpause Skif and offer a soft smile. "R-rawr~"


He looks you over. His body seems to relax.
No. 717072 ID: 395c02
File 146085218730.png - (90.90KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

He smiles. You feel...
No. 717073 ID: 395c02
File 146085220243.png - (119.50KB , 800x600 , 31.png )



"Ceri, you really got me that time!"


"Did you forget? I can 'smell' your magic. You're TRANSFORMED right now."


"Man, you really had me going. Telling me you're a dragon, giving me the SIGNALS. And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker!"
No. 717074 ID: 395c02
File 146085221291.png - (164.39KB , 800x600 , 32.png )


"Ah! Haha! Hey! Stop! You win already!"


"What are you talking about? Hehe, lemme go!"

DRAGON POUNCE FOR REAL THIS TIME. NOT A DRAGON, ARE YOU???? (i will actually add a dragon stat just so we can add to it)

Hmm? Oh. Uh.

Calmly explain the situation with your 'true form' and your modified 'life code', and that you legitimately want to try going on a date. (MIND+, CAPSLOCK--)
No. 717075 ID: f02a77

"Calmly" explain using CAPSLOCK!
No. 717076 ID: 973861

>Calmly explain the situation with your 'true form' and your modified 'life code', and that you legitimately want to try going on a date.
while sitting on him for being an ass.
No. 717077 ID: 842dec

We are going to go on a date. Right. The heck. Now.
No. 717079 ID: a6dc58

In the interest of fighting against the caplock empire's evil plans, and instead advancing the Mind faction's sinister agenda, I will vote for calmly talking it out about true forms, life codes, and your intentions!
No. 717080 ID: ffc055

No. 717081 ID: d41523

Date sounds good.
No. 717082 ID: 582d51

Kiss, we really need to get working on that appeal stat while it's still fresh.
No. 717083 ID: 02422f

You're way too big to kiss him. His head fits inside your mouth!

>DRAGON POUNCE FOR REAL THIS TIME. NOT A DRAGON, ARE YOU???? (i will actually add a dragon stat just so we can add to it)

He deserves it, you're mad, and we want a dragon stat a lot. (Plus he's metal and it'll be fine).

>Calmly explain the situation with your 'true form' and your modified 'life code', and that you legitimately want to try going on a date. (MIND+, CAPSLOCK--)
Then you can explain how it actually works when you've calmed down. If he pays attention, your magic probably smells slightly different than a regular transformation, since you're actively fighting the life magic. (Actually, if he can sense your magic, letting him examine this transformation in detail might give you some useful information or insight into the life magic restriction).
No. 717089 ID: ec0bf5

Pounce the heck outta him!!!
Then once you guys calm down actually explain it to him. The fact that it uses mana totally differently than normal transforming is at least some proof, right?
No. 717091 ID: f6442a

Dragon pounce for real. Explain the details of the spell placed upon you and your sincere offer of a date from a position of superiority, that is to say on top of him.
No. 717092 ID: fb7821

What those last three said. We can give him an smug and slightly angry explanation when we're sitting on his head.
No. 717100 ID: c8d677

Date Now; Through Dragon Pounce
No. 717102 ID: 891640

Dragon pounce him to assert dominance.
No. 717106 ID: b8ceae

Dragon pounce him, kiss him, tell him you're going on a date now, and explain things calmly.
No. 717117 ID: 5042bf

Attempt to calmly explain the situation without all caps but THATS HARD WHEN HE DOES NOT TAKE YOU - seriously, stop laughing.

And no you are not pouncing him. You are just calmly explaining things. While slowly moving to pin him down with every word. It just means he is paying attention.

Geez, you might have self esteem issues okay? It's not like you have shared this with anyone besides your parents. And you stopped that because of the haunted look they get whenever it came up, they mean well but - Just shut up Skif.
No. 717120 ID: 4854ef

Dragon Pounce
No. 717126 ID: 90f3c0

Take him on a date then explain things calmly.
No. 717145 ID: f0e552

No. 717147 ID: f0e552

Actually dragon pounce him and kiss him, you are NOT JOKING
No. 717151 ID: 3e182c

Calmly Explain?
Fuck that.
It is the only way.
No. 717170 ID: 83483b

POUNCE ON HIM TO PIN HIM DOWN, then while you have him trapped, explain the situation, with tears to emphasize just how much he just hurt your feelings if you can summon them up ;-;
No. 717196 ID: 5ad4a7

Pounce explain.
No. 717200 ID: cdec48

We must max dragon stat. Pounce.
No. 717203 ID: 350a50

No. 717222 ID: 91ee5f

No. 717227 ID: b6eeac

Act Dragon-y, despite yourself. Maybe a pounce, maybe something else cute. But regain control of yourself, and calmly explain everything, what with the 'life code' thing, and talk about your hopes of learning how to not have to spend mana for your 'true form', one day (so hopefully you can just swap back and forth between the two at will?)!
No. 717238 ID: 1cebc8

Screw this, go home and study animal movement physics.
No. 717279 ID: 120e1d

No. 717299 ID: eb385b

Calmly explain the situation with your 'true form' and your modified 'life code', and that you legitimately want to try going on a date.
No. 717301 ID: 8111b6

DATE. NOW. (Kissing comes later)
No. 717304 ID: 3adcf8


Uhh I mean kiss him...
No. 717315 ID: 4e9864

>Calmly explain the situation with your 'true form' and your modified 'life code', and that you legitimately want to try going on a date. (MIND+, CAPSLOCK--)




No. 717316 ID: 737d5c

Skif, you baka.
No. 717317 ID: 2c4dc5

Wait, how can he not smell the life magic then? Is that how we smell normally?
No. 717318 ID: cfc544

Hmm. I guess if you don't convince him properly then he might just think you're some weird dragon otherkin enabling yourself through magic, or something.

Only solid proof I can think of is to bring him home and show him your letter, though, or get your parents to back you up.
No. 717392 ID: 4e9864

We should show him the letter later, both for proof and because he might be able to help us figure ourself out.

But for the moment, we need to make it clear that we weren't kidding. We're not particularly prone to pranks, and certainly not to this degree. Let's explain ourselves, and it shouldn't take the letter as proof for Skif to believe us.
No. 717393 ID: 4e9864

> Then you can explain how it actually works when you've calmed down. If he pays attention, your magic probably smells slightly different than a regular transformation, since you're actively fighting the life magic. (Actually, if he can sense your magic, letting him examine this transformation in detail might give you some useful information or insight into the life magic restriction).

> Wait, how can he not smell the life magic then? Is that how we smell normally?

Good points; perhaps if he pays closer attention he might be able to tell the difference?
No. 717394 ID: 6e2dec

No. 717720 ID: 395c02
File 146103428573.png - (162.64KB , 800x600 , 33.png )



"uh what are you"
No. 717721 ID: 395c02
File 146103429624.png - (207.40KB , 800x600 , 34.png )


No. 717722 ID: 395c02
File 146103430725.png - (129.88KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

You've accepted your dragon nature, unlocking the DRAGON stat.

What does this stat do? What happens when you max it?

You don't know, but you are hype to get a lot of D in your future.
No. 717723 ID: 395c02
File 146103432260.png - (154.56KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

You shrink slightly so you don't literally kill Skif, but remain big enough to keep him pinned down.

"I'm not joking."

"You're not? Look, if you were a dragon--"

"I am a dragon. Someone used LIFE-MAGIC on me. They changed me."

"LIFE-- do we really have to keep yelling it?"

You glare at him. "Yes. And you can 'smell' magic-- surely you can smell the spell that made me what I am?"

"Uh... I don't know. Life-ma-- fine. LIFE-MAGIC is forbidden, so it's not exactly a 'smell' I'm used to. And... while I don't know how it works for obvious reasons, I do know that it's subtle."

"Then smell me harder."

He grins. "Now I know this is a joke."
No. 717725 ID: 395c02
File 146103433644.png - (141.64KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

You un-shrink.


You hop off.

"And... turn back to norm-- uh. Turn into what you usually are. Right now all I'm getting is TRANSFORMATION."
No. 717726 ID: 395c02
File 146103434634.png - (103.65KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

He gets really close, sniffing all around you.

"You smell nice," he says.

You fail to fight off the ensuing dragon-blush. "Um... Also..."


"I was serious about the dating thing, too."
No. 717727 ID: 395c02
File 146103435860.png - (136.14KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

He jumps back.

"Oh. Oh."

"Geez, are you that dense?" You ask.

"Not that. It's very faint, but... you... you're..."
No. 717729 ID: 395c02
File 146103438077.png - (105.65KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

He falls back.

"Life-magic...! It has to be...! Y-you... you really are a dragon!?"


"No! That-- no! They don't-- you can't-- why? Why would you tell me this!?"

"Because you're my best friend and I trust you!"

"I-I thought you were maybe going to admit to being some kind of 'dragon-kin', but this... this..."

"Please, just listen to me."

He falls silent. You calmly explain everything you know, tactfully leaving out the part about your potential HOARD and possible DRAGON-VILLAINESS plans.
No. 717730 ID: 395c02
File 146103439197.png - (128.79KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

He stands up, and steps back. "I... I'm sorry. I really thought you were kidding."

"It's okay. That's totally something I'd have done. So, um, if that offer for a date is still--"

"I- I'm sorry. I can't."


"It's okay. I won't tell anyone. But I... I need time to process this. Let's meet here tomorrow, okay?"

"But school's out tomorrow."

"I know. But I need to-- we can meet here anyway, okay? I have to-- I'll see you then."

Let him go. He'll realize you're still you once his shock wears off. (COMP+)
Insist he stay. You need to talk it out now. (SELF+)

You can also say something as you let him go or insist he stay.
No. 717732 ID: b6eeac


Let him go. He's obviously had his world turned upside down. That takes a lot out of a person. Before he goes though, maybe even consider giving him some gesture of trust and hope, and that you are still you. There has to be something in your all's mutual shared past you can reference to reinforce that?
No. 717733 ID: 825b5d

I think less is more, in this situation. You're playing on their lack of knowledge, keep them in the dark.

Their imaginations might have a placebo effect and it doesn't require too much acting skills.
No. 717734 ID: 5ad4a7

Hang on, there's something he's not telling you. What does he need to do? Change his pants?
No. 717737 ID: a6dc58

Let him go, but say:

"Okay. I will meet you tomorrow. But, I want you to know: It...took me some thinking to get used to it too. You know, it made me think about what a Dragon really was. What I was. But I realized, I'm the only Dragon I actually know...and that was more real to me than all the stories and legends. That maybe there wasn't anything more to me being a Dragon than what I am, and being my best friend, I think, maybe you know what that is pretty well by now."
No. 717738 ID: ec0bf5

Let him go and agree to meet tomorrow, with a half-joking "It's a date!"
No. 717739 ID: 737d5c

Let him go, but ask him not to abandon you.
No. 717743 ID: ffc055

Let him go, but make sure you tell him something so he doesn't sprint off to stab you in the back and report you to the authorities.
No. 717746 ID: b6eeac

Let him go -- and whatever you do, don't threaten. If you are worried about him betraying you, fine; just remember, you DO actually trust his judgment. Just make sure that any reminders encourage him to be the good person you know he is.
No. 717756 ID: db9b5a

Let him go but ask for a time when the two of you should meet back here.
No. 717760 ID: db9b5a

Also how did you pin him without cutting yourself on one of the many blades sticking out of him?
No. 717763 ID: a075ba

Let him go.

Friends aren't things you can store in hoards.

>Let's meet here tomorrow, okay? [...] I have to-- I'll see you then.
...you promise?
No. 717766 ID: 83483b

Let him go, making him stay could only damage things. You're still his friend, and you trust him, and he has no reason not to trust you. Especially after what you told and showed him.
No. 717771 ID: f6442a

There's something he's not telling us. Did we accidentally confess to someone from an ancient line of dragonslayers? Augh, what a newbie mistake!
No. 717784 ID: 4e9864

Let him go.
No. 717788 ID: 9cd11d

Let him go, telling him to stay wouldn't do ANYTHING good in the long run. Or short run really.
No. 717789 ID: 5042bf

Well he ain't coming back and/or possibly endangering your family. All because you couldn't keep a secret. Ha, I kid. No way he would do such thing or would he?. Luckily you'll have all night to worry on it. Say your goodbyes and let him go.
No. 717796 ID: f0e552

If there's anything we wanna say, I think we should tell him we dont want to be like those dragons you read about, you wanna be different, right? A nice dragon, for a change.
No. 717799 ID: 350a50

Request that he pinkie swear.
No. 717800 ID: 91ee5f

Let him go. And start crying a little while begging him to please not tell anyone. You don't want someone to come to your house and take you away from your mom and dad.
No. 717801 ID: 4aa883

Let him go and apologize about you scaring him, and say that you never wanted to scare anyone. He's probably gonna be gone by the time you say that second part, though, if you do...
No. 717803 ID: 4aa883

Yeah, and say you trust that he'll keep it secret.
No. 717805 ID: 4aa883

kind of not the right moment to ask but are you naked again now
No. 717820 ID: 7fbbbf

Let him go, but try and reassure him before he does.
"Look Skif, I know this is a lot to take in, but what I am doesn't change who I am... It's just something I thought you deserved to know."

Maybe tentatively try to take one of his hands in yours as you say this (try not to feel bad if he recoils, he's not thinking straight)
No. 717823 ID: 4854ef

Time to go visit sadness' best friend, drown those sorrows in ice cream.
No. 717827 ID: 60700b

No. 717828 ID: 3e182c

"I get it. You need time to process. That's fine. You can go... After you tell me whatever it is you're hiding. What about dragons would make you so afraid of your best friend?"
No. 717831 ID: 0a3044

In b4 family killed by dragons or dragonhunters or something, but go with this >>717738 part of being a teenager is making disastrous blunders with the best intention.
No. 717856 ID: f562b1

Let him go... But tell him he had better show up, or else!
No. 717858 ID: 2a7417

Why so hostile? Intimidation will only scare him off worse.

Now this is more reasonable. The bigger the pinkie, the bigger the promise!
No. 717863 ID: 3e182c

Imagine yourself opening up to your lifelong best friend. There's no one who knows you better or trusts you more.
And then they freak out and treat you like a stranger, like a monster.
Even if you technically were a monster, that is a huge breach of trust. His reaction is the kind of thing that would make you feel like your heart literally just got ripped out. That's the kind of pain that makes people flip their shit or bawl their eyes out for hours.
Cerdiwen's Best friend, if only for a few seconds forgot she was a person. And did so exactly when she was most vulnerable.
She should be a total, horrible mess of emotions right now. Hostility should be normal. Hell, our "hostile" responses are supremely level headed, all things considered.

As suggesters playing the game, were able to be nice and think about the choices objectively because we lack a true emotional attachment the situation. We only "know" the characters through a handful of frames, so the gravity of these sort interpersonal relationships can be lost on us. It's easy to pick the "Smart" or the "Obvious" option because we don't feel freezing, burning, empty, exploding chaos of emotion that we normally would if we ourselves were in these situations. The thing is... In some quests.. this one in particular. (Since right now we are literally simulating someones emotional development.) It might serve us well to put ourselves in her shoes and make a natural choice, even if it ends up being the wrong one. If we just always picking the smart choice she'll end up feeling too perfect and robotic. If we take a moment however to try to feel what she would feel, therefore suggesting a more realistic response, not only does the story become more personal and enjoyable, It will introduce flaws into the character, therefor making her more relate-able, believable, and interesting.
No. 717865 ID: 2a7417

The point of us guiding her is to make those rational decisions when all she wants to do is charge off half-cocked.

She should maintain her composure in front of her friend. and then she can go somewhere and cry.
No. 717867 ID: 3e182c

In some quests yes. But look at the low self high comp high mind creature we have spawned into virtual existence.

"maintain her composure in front of her friend. and then she can go somewhere and cry."
Is EXACTLY what she would do without any guidance AT ALL at this point. This is what I meant by robotic. With her current stats and following current patterns without any of our assistance, she will already take options that are SENSIBLE, SAFE, SELFLESS, and make her FRIENDS.
Suggesting more of the same will make... more of the same.
Remember, this quest so far has more or less just been CHARACTER CREATION. We're not in control of some crazy half cocked character already brimming with scars and backstory.

Besides that, there's an old saying that tends to ring true.
Bad decisions tend to make the best stories.
No. 717870 ID: 5042bf


See that is what I was thinking. It's usually circumvented with the character having background and personality outside suggesters control that prevents or iduces certain actions. Forming a few weaknesses and such would not be amiss. It's good to have certain things out of control. Empathy bond with viewership and whatnot. Topic for questdis though and not here.
No. 717875 ID: f6442a

Pinkie promise to come back.

The one with the heart crossing, flight hoping, and the cupcake sticking in the eye.
No. 717881 ID: a0a58f

Let him go. Just say ok, and repeat that you trust him.
No. 717895 ID: 4aa883

Let him go, but get angry about it, asking if you're still ceri to him or just a /dragon/.
No. 717969 ID: 9476b6

Tell him to not bother to come back if he isn't going to treat you like a person anymore.
No. 718022 ID: 5ad4a7

wow don't be super rude to your best friend.
No. 718091 ID: 4aa883

No. 718092 ID: f6442a

No. 718093 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey I'm not saying she can't be rude. Just not super rude.
No. 718107 ID: 8111b6

Aim right for the feels. Apply dragon-sulk.

"Do you hate me now?"

Maybe ask kindly if he could stick around a bit longer, but don't push too hard if he refuses.
No. 718136 ID: 0a94cb

Run away crying.
No. 718307 ID: ab18b0

Alright, I can agree with that.
I was being a bit of a condescending asshole just linking those two posts as if I was just saying 'look at this, your viewpoint doesn't matter'. Sincerest apologies.
But, ye, she shouldn't freak out and break things off with him or get too furious, but being a jerk would certainly be warranted here.
No. 718331 ID: 4e9864

> Aim right for the feels. Apply dragon-sulk.
> "Do you hate me now?"

This. Tears may be warranted.

But let him go. And hope he returns for that date.
No. 718340 ID: fcb8b4

Hug him first, then let him go.
No. 718375 ID: 395c02
File 146135723361.png - (117.38KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Your emotions and thoughts are in chaos. You open your mouth several times with demands, questions, perfect sentences that would ensure your best friend stays that way.

But sound never escapes your maw.

As he walks off, all you can muster is, "Do... do you hate me now?"
No. 718376 ID: 395c02
File 146135724324.png - (91.78KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

He stops.
No. 718377 ID: 395c02
File 146135725584.png - (110.32KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

"No, I could never hate you," he says. "See you tomorrow."
No. 718378 ID: 395c02
File 146135726624.png - (92.14KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

"I-it's a date!" You say awkwardly, putting on your best smile.
No. 718379 ID: 395c02
File 146135727799.png - (136.34KB , 800x600 , 46.png )


You've never been a bigger fan of Rocky Road than you are right now. It's so soothing. So good. So... dragon-fattening.

>Tears may be warranted.
Tears are happening.

>Also how did you pin him without cutting yourself on one of the many blades sticking out of him?
It's fine when they're not drawn.
No. 718380 ID: 395c02
File 146135728873.png - (68.16KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

You hear keys against lock.

Ah...! Your father is home!

On one hand, Dad is where you go for guaranteed hugs when you're sad. He doesn't often care about the details-- if you're sad, he'll apply hugs until unsad.

On the other, either parent might not be pleased that you told someone that thing you weren't supposed to tell anyone. And he's been stressed lately, so your COMP makes you wary of worrying him.

HUG DAD, TELL TRUTH. Surely he'll understand.
Be vaguely honest. Unlike your mother, your father isn't very likely to probe for details. (SELF+)
Very quickly draw Dad a GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comic illustrating your feelings. The power of metaphor will save you. (MIND+)
Swiftly sneak off. He's been working really hard lately. You shouldn't worry him. (SPEED++, COMP+)
Teleport away in a panic. Eep! (TELE+)
No. 718381 ID: 83483b

Be vaguely honest. Tell him only enough to be able to ask for advice, and receive hugs. And hope it's not mom home instead!
No. 718382 ID: 737d5c

I'm for a comic. You're a teenager. If it's not hard for your parents to understand you at this age, you're obviously doing something wrong.
No. 718383 ID: 4854ef

Vaguely Honest... Also you may want to teleport away the ice cream, don't think they'll be happy to see you chowin down on it.
No. 718384 ID: 38cb3f

No. 718387 ID: 3e216e

Swiftly sneak off, but only until he has a chance to relax for a bit. Then come back for the hugs and honesty.
No. 718388 ID: 90f3c0

HUG DAD, TELL TRUTH. It's not like you told some random person, it was your best friend. Your dad will understand.
No. 718389 ID: b6178d


Dad + GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN will surely help you feel better in your hour of need.

... it actually might. Having to put down the gist of the issue on paper will help you put it into perspective.
No. 718392 ID: e56539

Sneak off until he gets relaxed a bit.
No. 718393 ID: 5ad4a7

Be vaguely honest.
No. 718395 ID: 49d4de

hug and tell truth and then draw a comic anyway to feel better.
No. 718396 ID: e89427

Turn into an octopus and sneak away with your tub of ice cream.
No. 718397 ID: 6e2dec

Teleport !
No. 718398 ID: a075ba

>Teleport away in a panic. Eep! (TELE+)
Shapeshift into a disguise in a panic! (POLY+) He'll never suspect something is wrong if it's your mother sitting at the tabl... oh god what have you done.

>Very quickly draw Dad a GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comic illustrating your feelings. The power of metaphor will save you. (MIND+)
No. 718403 ID: 5042bf

Feelings shmeelings. Actually realize this might be the last time you see your parents before the mob comes and takes it all away. What a way to learn a lesson. You should be able to trust Skif but your parents should atleast be forewarned just in case. They deserve at least that much.

Tell truth.
No. 718405 ID: 3e182c


HOWEVER. If we Poly'd into The Bird and Dolphin, Teleport/Polying back and forth between them and their talking positions, in a sort of makeshift Play, surly we could communicate our feelings!

I can't think of a better way. o..o
No. 718411 ID: 350a50

This, tell him a vague part-truth. You got in a fight with Skif.
No. 718416 ID: 57b739

Hug dad, read note vaguely honest story
No. 718420 ID: 1cebc8

Comic strip IN GMOD

Throw toothpaste at bird

followed by bulldozer.
No. 718424 ID: 582d51

Run, hide your feelings from your parent like every good adolescent does.
No. 718434 ID: f6442a

Emotional logic says just hug him and be vague about your boy troubles, But stat boosts say TELEPORT AWAY.
No. 718450 ID: e4b79a

Start out with the vague truth, at least to ensure you get that comfort, but after he comforts you, tell him the truth
No. 718468 ID: a22f87

>Teleport away in a panic
and don't forget to bring the ice cream with you. You ate how much of it already? Might as well finish it.
No. 718502 ID: 4e9864

Teleport the ice cream to the fridge (not because we're hiding it, just because we're eager to see Dad), go for a DRAGON-pounce-hug on the general principle that we desperately need one right now, and talk to one of the two people in the world who will absolutely understand unconditionally. We don't need to go into great detail, because the details aren't that important here; the important thing is talking to him about how we're feeling, and getting some comfort.

(Throw in the giant bird and concerned dolphin comic, too, because we're feeling kinda scattered right now.)

This is one of the few times where SELF is absolutely the right answer. A parent would worry more if we don't tell them, and would be comforted to know that we know we can tell them anything.

This isn't a time to worry about being in trouble. Being a dragon is our secret to tell, and we trust Skif, and that last response from Skif proves that we were right to do so. But that doesn't mean we weren't scared of his initial reaction, and saddened by his thought that we were pranking him, and weirded out by his later reaction.

(And throw in that we might be in love with Skif. He should know Skif well enough at this point to accept that, though on the off chance he jokingly tries to pull the overprotective father routine, joke back with a visual draconic demonstration that we can do our own threatening of anyone who doesn't treat us right.)
No. 718518 ID: b6eeac

This. Totally this. Do exactly this.
No. 718569 ID: ed0c35

turn into mom,
pretend nothing interesting happened at all today.
then seduce him
we failed on our first attempt at a dragon hoarde of romance, we must continue on.
No. 718570 ID: 5ad4a7

This again? No.
No. 718575 ID: 91ee5f

No. Take this idea and kill it with fire. Dragon fire.
No. 718585 ID: f0e552

who even are you
No. 718588 ID: 7fbbbf

teleport out, eep included, just a second too late to not get caught. concerned knocking at your room's door will surely follow, with you slightly better prepared to explain.
No. 718589 ID: 8111b6

Vaguely honest, maybe masked in teenage babbling about how everything is changing and you got in a fight with Skif and we're running low on ice cream for some reason and nothing's going right, ans so on and so on...
No. 718597 ID: 91ee5f

Teleport away and take the ice cream with you! We shall become a chubby dragoness because everyone knows that chubby dragons are very cuddly and not scary and we don't want to be a scary dragon!
No. 718608 ID: 99a64d

Run away! You're not ready to deal with this at all right now. Just go to your room and keep eating and then nap, like, forever.
No. 718611 ID: ec0bf5

Be vaguely honest, say that you tried to tell your feelings to a friend you liked and it didn't go so well.
No. 718642 ID: 395c02
File 146143985794.png - (134.57KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

You pause Dad, a power you're sure someone will try to abuse at some point despite its sole intent being random exposition and nothing more.

Look. You love Mom and Dad very much, but they're old and gross. They are invalid targets, meaning any attempt to seduce either of them will be completely ignored because you prefer to pretend that they are counting to six and playing dress-up instead of anything they might actually be doing.

People you would consider are those like Skif and... what? What are you doing in there! Get out of there!


No. 718643 ID: 582d51

Hey you can't just cut off the third maybe candidate. Clean up this interface, so we can see all the maybes.

Also not that I want us to seduce your parents, but they will continue to have sex long after you've got grandchildren. Live with the thought of wrinkly old person sex.
No. 718648 ID: f6442a

Swap Slissa and Chei. Unpause seduction target.
No. 718659 ID: 0a94cb

Very quickly draw Dad a GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comic illustrating your feelings. The power of metaphor will save you. (MIND+)
No. 718663 ID: 49d4de

I think we should just forget the dragon love hoard idea. Hoard something more important like knowledge.
No. 718666 ID: f6442a

Hoard something material. Like ice cream!
No. 718668 ID: d41523

Compromise by hoarding the world's biggest library, with plenty of love stories to read when you feel sad that the people you like won't accept you for who you are.
No. 718669 ID: 8111b6

Nah, we could hoard love in the physical sense and start the world's greatest brothel.
No. 718670 ID: f0e552

The love hoard must not stop until we build the ultimate harem.
No. 718696 ID: 99a64d

Fuck it, let's just hoard everything of value in this world. Love, knowledge, friends, wealth, art, let's just collect it ALL. You can never be too ambitious when you're a dragon.

We evil? overlord now.
No. 718697 ID: 91ee5f

Don't forget to hoard all the Rocky Road ice cream! Ceridwen loves that stuff!
No. 718699 ID: 7fbbbf

I think this desire to hoard wildly varying things might be a byproduct of being in the middle of a teenage friendship crisis. reassess later when dealing with less negative feelings.
No. 718701 ID: 973861

so whenever Ceridwen is depresses she hoards things to comfort herself?
No. 718712 ID: 3e182c

When there's a hole in your heart, fill it with stuff.
Makes sense.
No. 718736 ID: 4e9864

This. We're just starting to understand love; we don't yet know if we're going to have a single romantic interest or want a "hoard" of many. We're also likely to want to hoard knowledge (whether figuratively or literally), and magic, and power, and schemes. But let's get ourselves sorted out first.
No. 718737 ID: ca0e4f

Lets start hoarding WORLDS!!!!!
No. 718740 ID: 5bd748

If anything, we should hoard GLORY. Adulation. Become a mighty wizard, solve world problems, take down evil, become admired by all, and then finally be able to reveal our dragon nature. Show everyone that dragons can be champions of love and justice.
No. 718764 ID: b6eeac


There's a lot of possible things to want to Hoard.
Uplifting and positive relationships.
Enlightening and actualizing experiences.
Cherished Memories.
The adulation and respect of others.
Rare and interesting items.

Mostly, these are things that people need and want. The thing with a traditional Dragon's Hoard, though -- at least mythologically -- is that it is a symbol of Greed. Not necessarily because HAVING all of these valuable things is bad, but simply accumulating them to do nothing but sit on it is typically seen as sinful.

So, let's say that you start accumulating lots of very useful stuff. What do you plan on doing with it? How do you want to leverage it? What do you want to change? Is there some injustice that gnaws at your sense of morality, perhaps? Or a bigger goal?
No. 718855 ID: b6eeac

Forgot one.


Entirely separate from renown or respect, it is important on it's own.
No. 718937 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah can we seduce the slissa? Move the boxes around.
No. 718938 ID: 395c02
File 146156094375.png - (159.29KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

Wha-- no! That's too many things to hoard! You broke the interface!

You'll think about this later!
No. 718939 ID: 395c02
File 146156095423.png - (162.54KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

You TELEPORT away... your ice cream. Teleportation is supposed to be limited to yourself, but you've teleported your clothes so much the universe changed the rules.

You gain half a point in TELE. You kind of have to squint to see it.
No. 718940 ID: 395c02
File 146156096943.png - (153.83KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

You engage a HUMANOID DRAGON-POUNCE and hug Dad. He hugs you back, asking what is wrong. You proceed to give him the gist of what happened, leaving out unimportant details like telling Skif you're a dragon and having him smell you. You consider drawing a comic, but you realize there's way too much plot to get through for such distractions.

He comforts you, telling you it'll be okay. "Skif was probably just surprised. I'm sure you both talked it out and came to an understanding. You just need some time to get your emotions in check."

"Actually, he, um. He ran off and left me hanging."
No. 718941 ID: 395c02
File 146156098242.png - (136.30KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

"I wonder which weapon..."

"Dad, no! Violence isn't the answer!"

"Only kidding. mostly. Look, I know he's a good kid. He's probably struggling with his teenage feelings the same way you are, and you took him off-guard."

"I guess... but I really thought he'd react differently. And I... I might be in love with him!?"

Dad chuckles. "Sweetie, you might love him, but you're too young to be IN love with him."

"B-but... It feels like love! What else could it be?"

"Well. If you have a crush on someone, you want to hug them and kiss them and go on adorable dates with them."


"But when you love someone..."
No. 718942 ID: 395c02
File 146156100068.png - (132.91KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

"...You want to kiss them, even if they're molting."


"Wait, no. True love..."
No. 718943 ID: 395c02
File 146156101289.png - (129.25KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

"Is eating the molted skin off them."

"Bleagh! Dad! No!"

"Hehehe, sorry. But you understand what I'm saying, right? I'd do anything for both you and your mother. And one day you'll feel the same way, whether about Skif or someone else who better not break your heart or they are so dea--"
No. 718944 ID: 395c02
File 146156102771.png - (102.21KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

"I mean. Hey! How about some Ice cream?"

"i don't need more ice cream i'd get dragon-fat hahaha"

"Nonsense. You just eat all the ice cream you want until you feel better. And if your mother asks, I... I will tell her I ate it all."

So brave...!

He pauses. "Hmm. You're meeting Skif tomorrow, then? Do you want me to go in your place and--"


"To talk! Just to talk! Honest!"


"I could also come with you? Be your moral support? Just say the word and I'm there."

-Let him go in your place. Skif's motivation is still uncertain. (DRAGON- [bravery depends on the D])
-Let him accompany you. You really need his support. (COMP+)
-Go it alone. No, this is your battle. (SELF+)
-Go alone, meet Skif in dragon form. (DRAGON+)

Additional vote (VOTE 1):
-Skip to the meeting.
-Skip to preparation.
-Converse with Dad. (What do you say or ask him?)
No. 718946 ID: 83483b

Go it alone, we don't need dad helping us ROMANCE SKIF!
No. 718947 ID: 842dec

We need to powerlevel the D. Go meet him as a D(ragon).

And let's skip straight to the preparation.
No. 718948 ID: ec0bf5

Let's go alone, and meet him in dragon form. He'd better get used to it. Or something? Let's skip to the preparation. And, wait, why does your dad have such a variety of weird weapons?
No. 718949 ID: a22f87

>Go it alone.
Because dad might ruin any moment you might have with skif once he figures out you told him you were a dragon. Don't want to show up in dragon form either because it did kinda freak him out and it would probably be better to ease him into this.

oh and uh
>Converse with Dad.
ask how he and mom met. mostly any problems they had to over come and please tell him to skip over anything to lovey dovey. You want to know what kind of problems they overcame to build your own confidence, not have stories told to you that will insure you never sleep again.
No. 718950 ID: ab18b0

Go it alone, dragon form. Gotta keep what you really are in play.
No. 718953 ID: 91ee5f

Well, it would be rude to turn down dad's offer, so I guess go ahead and eat some (more) ice cream until you feel better! Then go alone and meet Skif in your Dragon form. And skip to the preparation, where we prepare ourselves by eating ice cream to calm our nerves.
No. 718963 ID: f6442a

Go to the meeting by yourself, skip to preparation. Uh, what exactly are you going to prepare?
No. 718965 ID: c3eaaa

Remember what you learned in magic school: if the universe ever bends the rules for you, you need to show thanks and you must never take it for granted, lest the universe change its mind and you find you can't bring your clothes back.
No. 718968 ID: d8e8dd

Go it alone.
No. 718970 ID: 891640

Go it alone, but continue conversing with dad for now. He's clearly wise and must know things that could help you out with this stuff, both with dating Skif, or just with patching things up after this little incident depending on how he takes it.
No. 718971 ID: f562b1

Alone, but in your normal child-of-your-parents form. We don't need anybody else seeing it and freaking out.
No. 718972 ID: 3e182c

Go it alone, Dragon Form.
No. 718974 ID: 4e9864

It doesn't make sense at all to have Dad accompany us, let alone go in our place. This is something we need to handle on our own. (Also disappointing that he doesn't recognize the likelihood of actually being in love with Skif, given how long we've been friends, but it's pretty normal for a father to be in denial about that in his daughter.)

However, we should go ahead and talk to Dad to let him know that if all goes well we're going on a date with Skif tomorrow, where we're thinking of going, and that we might be out late. This is really important to us, and we might be having some very long conversations with Skif.

And, on the off chance there is something strange going on, like Skif somehow being caught up in something that could cause problems for us (or for him if he resists), is there some way we can contact Dad in a hurry? Like a phone, or a teleported/portaled message? If so, let's tell him the exact time we're meeting Skif, and tell him to worry if he doesn't get an "all clear" from us a few minutes after that. (And then absolutely remember to send that to avoid embarrassment. If Skif wonders what message we're sending, we can tell him we're letting our parents know we'll be out late, which is exactly what we're doing.) Hopefully, having thought of this kind of thing in advance will also help Dad worry less.

Then, let Dad give us whatever other advice he wants to give us, and then skip to the date preparation.

(Also, during the day tomorrow, before we meet Skif after school, we should check in with our other friends, like Datraa and Zesmirl, just to see how our they're doing.)
No. 718975 ID: 4e9864

> Go to the meeting by yourself, skip to preparation. Uh, what exactly are you going to prepare?

See >>716056; we'll need to figure out what food to bring and where to get it from, what romantic out-of-the-way spot our adventurous self has found to take him (are we near an ocean or river?), think about any other activities he enjoys...

Indeed; give some thanks to the universe for letting us (in an ice-cream-fueled moment) bend the usual rules, and hope for consistency in the future.
No. 718976 ID: f0e552

Go it alone, I don't think you bring along people in an intimate situation like this.
No. 718978 ID: 4e9864

I think Dad needs the hug this time; his daughter is growing up. Tell him that one way or another, we can handle this, but that we love him so much for offering.
No. 718984 ID: 3e182c

So First it was

"Let it Go
Ice Cream"

Now It's

Let it Go
Ice Cream"

Either we fucked up the teleport...
No. 718990 ID: cdec48

Enhance Dragon, become drgn.
No. 718995 ID: 619c7c

While D+ is tempting, go alone, this is your fight. Skip directly to the meeting, lets not beat around the bush here.
No. 718997 ID: 582d51

Go it alone you're a big girl now, so you should be able to handle your own problems with just a bit of moral support now. Thank your dad for the pep talk before getting to the preparation.
No. 718998 ID: add40f

Go it alone. Converse with Dad, see how his day's been!
No. 718999 ID: a6dc58

Go it alone, regular form style.
No. 719003 ID: 49d4de

Go alone. Ask dad how he and mom met.
No. 719008 ID: 3e182c

Ask Dad if we could learn to use that sweet bow. Portal/Teleportation arrows yo.
No. 719027 ID: 99a64d

go alone, in your normal form
No. 719032 ID: 737d5c

Or it's alternative packaging.
No. 719169 ID: a075ba

>"I could also come with you? Be your moral support? Just say the word and I'm there."
>Go it alone. No, this is your battle. (SELF+)
Thanks for being here for me Dad, but he's my friend. This is something I think the two of us have to work out together.

...and even if you being there made me feel better, it would probably only make it harder for him, and I already scared him off once.

>Converse with Dad. (What do you say or ask him?)
...how did he ask Mom out? (Please don't let it be more molting).
No. 719207 ID: 350a50

Go alone in normal form.

Skip to meeting.
No. 719247 ID: c8d677

Go it alone, Self is a stat everyone needs.
No. 719265 ID: 91ee5f

Clearly, the problem is that someone *cough*slinkoboy*cough* didn't install a big enough interface in the quest.
No. 719769 ID: 395c02
File 146195484378.png - (139.87KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"It means so much that you're willing to do that for me," you say, "but this is one challenge I must face alone."

You look away dramatically.

"Goodness, my little girl's really growing up! Taking on challenges, shading yourself for emotional impact..."


"What? You're not the only one that can break walls, sweetie. When we were younger, your mother and I would spend hours breaking character and pointing things out while winking to the audience. It's just a part of growing up."

T-this is way too blatant. Are you going to lose your finesse when you grow up, too?

should that be a stat NO STOP NO MORE OF THIS. FOCUS.

>Either we fucked up the teleport... 
The label changes based on temperature, which is a very strange feature for ice-cream containers to have.
No. 719770 ID: 395c02
File 146195485862.png - (170.77KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

You both begin munching on ice-cream.

"So dad, how did you and mom meet?"

"Oh, we met in college. I was struggling pretty hard in one of my classes, and she offered to tutor me. We hit it off and have been together since. ...Mostly."


"Well. we had a rough patch shortly after college. My degree in literature wasn't exactly doing me a lot of good at getting work, and our families didn't exactly support us."

"But both grammy and other grammy visit sometimes!" You protest, failing to hide your childish nature.

"Haha, well... they came around. Anyway, I was having a pretty rough time, and I... pushed your mother away. I figured she deserved better than me and the problems caused by our relationship. I told her to find someone better, someone who could make her happy."


"Now, now. It should be pretty obvious that she refused. She said she loved me, and by the gods she was going to stick by me and fight for us."
No. 719771 ID: 395c02
File 146195487127.png - (74.93KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

"Obviously I'm glossing over a lot of things," he admits, "but the short story is she supported me, helped me regain my confidence, and I found a job not long after that. In math and in life, she's more than I could ever have wished for."

"How did you deal with the challenges of um, being different species?"

"Well, it's hard to be too bothered by the stares when you love each other as deeply as we do. People who would judge us aren't worth the time of day. As for our families... well, we were patient. Those who loved us came around with time, and the rest we simply don't bother with anymore."

You're not sure you gained much actual wisdom from this conversation, but it's nice to be able to talk to Dad like this. Even if things look hard, maybe they'll turn out okay for you, too.

"So, um, do you have any advice for my date with Skif?"


"Oh, um, I might be out late tomorrow possibly going on a date with the Skif."

"How cute! Well, you two have been friends all your lives, so just be yourself. He already likes you, so there's no need to put on any false pretenses. I'm sure you'll be making... out.... in.... no....."
No. 719772 ID: 395c02
File 146195488258.png - (79.16KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

"Just what are your plans for this date, anyway."

Oh, you know~ It's time for some friendly revenge for Dad's continued TMI! (APPEAL+)
A walk and picnic? Tell him your actual plans for the date. (COMP+)
It's personal! You assure him it's not going there, but that's all he needs to know (SELF+)
Dragon stuff. (D+)
I don't know. Maybe he has advice on what to do or not do? (MIND+)
Say something suitably dramatic for the scene transition. Okay seriously we need to cut down on the META. (META+ wait shit META-)
No. 719774 ID: a22f87

>Oh, you know~
just to mess with him

Then tell him you actually don't really have any plan, you're just going to show up and see where it takes you. Right now the two of you are just seeing if it's going to be weird moving from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend.
No. 719775 ID: b6178d

Advice! Let's not screw up our first date by being any more awkward than we have to be.
No. 719777 ID: 4854ef

Oh, you know

Definitely this one, after that molted..eww. thing.
No. 719778 ID: cab7d6

Walk and a picnic. Catch him off guard with your honestly and innocence!
No. 719781 ID: 3d2d5f

>Oh, you know~ It's time for some friendly revenge for Dad's continued TMI! (APPEAL+)
The first thing you have to is get revenge. You don't have very many chances to stick it to dad like that!

Then let him know you're teasing and say
>Dragon stuff. (D+)
*Sage Nod*

He'll think you're still teasing him, and not telling the truth. Perfect deflection.
No. 719783 ID: 350a50

"Oh, you know~ Dragon stuff."
No. 719785 ID: 38cb3f

"Oh, you know~! ...I don't actually know. Maybe dragon stuff?"
No. 719787 ID: b6eeac

Tease him and imply that you are going to go further than you are, but later let on that you are teasing him and that it won't go very far, as you are still figuring out if switching from friends to an item will work at all. And ask if he has any advice towards the end of the talk
No. 719788 ID: 4d7c27

Say you don't know. You're kind of not sure if it's even going to be a date.

... You're kind of not sure you're even still friends.
No. 719790 ID: e8d47e

Say you don't know acquire fatherly advice.
No. 719794 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 719798 ID: 49d4de

Tease him a bit, suggest a picnic but ask for suggestions.
No. 719811 ID: 8111b6

Oh, you know~ It's... personal~

Implied things for big effect! Get as much out of that revenge as possible for fun.

We can decide if he needs to be calmed down later.
No. 719814 ID: a2c005

"Oh, you know~ D(ragon) stuff."
No. 719820 ID: 891640

I think it's a bit too early to give Skif the D, and now is not the time to break radio silence with dad on the dragon thing. Why not ask for advice? He's a boy so he knows what boys like, right?
No. 719829 ID: 2c695b

It's personal.
No. 719848 ID: 4e9864

Lay out the entire plan for him, then see what he thinks and if he has any advice.
No. 719861 ID: 9cd11d


No. 719864 ID: e89427

>Oh, you know~

This quest isn't MOIST ENOUGH.
No. 719867 ID: f0e552

mess with him, APPEAL
No. 719868 ID: 91ee5f


And if he doesn't fall for it and asks you to tell the truth, change the subject! Tell him to stop breaking the table cause mom might get mad. Then he'll be so nervous about mom getting mad at him, he'll completely forget about what he was going to ask us!
No. 719870 ID: 5042bf

Well, if you're teasing. Tell dad that you intend to collect a hoard of boys and girls in an orgy of love. You tried to resist your dragonic insticts but now you must follow your heart. Skif tried to resist but you know he is yours, wheter he knows it yet or not. Who could say no to this body or all the bodies that you can be. All shall love me and despair.

Or something to that effect.
No. 719878 ID: f6442a

Audino! I mean, Idunno!
No. 719889 ID: 99a64d

Say something suitably dramatic for the scene transition. "I'm going... to wing it!" Possibly bust out the wings while saying this for (+pun).
No. 719895 ID: 83483b

Oh you know~

No. 719896 ID: 1cebc8

"Duuuh, I dunno. Find a small mammal and let it poke and prod my ice cream canisters while Skif watches?"

Use a timed joke to get your dad off-edge and then figure out what constitutes a proper date.
No. 719914 ID: d2a937

I say revenge first, then inform dad we told Skif we were a Dragon. HEART ATTACK GOOOOOOOOOO!

Then we can tell him that we actually have no plans for the date.
No. 719922 ID: 4e9864

This sounds hilarious.
No. 719923 ID: b37c9e

Oh you know... Dragon orgy. I vote for this.
No. 719936 ID: 3e182c

No. 719940 ID: 91ee5f

*gasp* D= NUUUU!!! Don't kill daddy!
No. 720295 ID: 395c02
File 146213483945.png - (133.13KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

"Oh, you know~" you say.

"I literally don't and am growing increasingly concerned."

"I'm going to... find a small mammal and let it poke and prod my ice cream canisters while Skif watches?"



You aren't entirely sure what joke you were trying to tell.

You move past it. "Well, there might be kissing and cuddling as you suggested."


"And then, perhaps we lock hands..."


"I remove certain articles of clothing..."

No. 720296 ID: 395c02
File 146213484935.png - (23.02KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"...And give him the D."
No. 720297 ID: 395c02
File 146213486735.gif - (98.44KB , 800x600 , 62.gif )


"The D takes on many forms! I like to think there's a little D in all of us."


"Hehehehe. I'm just kidding, Dad."


"Because you tell me gross things about eating skin!"

"augh... hoist by my own petard..."

"The truth is, I don't actually know what my plans are. Um. Do you have advice on what I should do?"

"Well for starters let's keep all forms of D out of this date okay."

Of course... A little white lie never hurt anyone!
Could you define for me the meaning of the word "D". We can at least avoid impeachment.
No. 720298 ID: 395c02
File 146213488638.png - (131.92KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

"Please tell me you're not considering lying to me about your plans."

Ack--! "N-no! Look, I'm not going to sleep with him! It's just a date!"

"i'm finding it difficult to trust you right now"

"Dad, I was really kidding. I promise, nothing like that's going to happen, okay?"

"Okay... well, my advice is... do what you two normally do. Have fun, play games, and then try something a little new, like a nice dinner or a walk under the star-lit sky. But not for too long-- you should be home by 10."

"But it's the weekend--!"

"Yes, but your extremely suspicious actions aside, I have it on good authority that your mother would kill us both if you stayed out late."

The thread of double-murder is indeed a powerful one.

"And again, just be yourself. Skif already likes you, that's half the worry of dating gone already. Just don't beat yourself up for any mistakes you make, and keep in mind that a single date isn't going to set anything in stone, good or bad. In fact, you'll probably find not much has changed at all!"

You're not sure about that...

"Thanks, dad," you say. "Whatever happens, I love you and mom very much."

"Hah, I love you too sweetie, but you don't need to sound so dramatic. It's just a date! Just have fun and don't be out late and it'll be fine."
No. 720299 ID: 395c02
File 146213491763.png - (140.19KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

Yeah... fine...

Talking to dad was a nice distraction, but now you need to be prepared for anything. Just what are Skif's motives? Is he going to turn you in? Is he going to come prepared for a fight? Or... will he realize you're still you, show up with flowers and offer you his hand?

You need to decide what to bring, what to be prepared for.

(VOTE up to 3)
A knife. Easy to conceal, just in case.
A gun. I love drawing those!
Flowers. This is going to be a date!
Picnic supplies. He'll probably forget so you might as well have it covered.
Plush toys. You're not too old to play with those, right?
A change of clothes. 10pm curfew? No way~
Some cash. It'd be rude to make him pay if you eat out!
The note from your past. Maybe he could glean some wisdom from it.
A concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comic. This will make it all fine.
Other? Is there anything you're forgetting?
No. 720301 ID: 1cebc8

You don't need advanced weaponry since your dragon form has ranged flamethrower attacks and bulletproof scales, but bring a knife and some other tools.

And an extra set of clothes.

Wear the cheap throwaway ones.

... Use selective growth shapeshifting to rip them apart you dummy.
No. 720303 ID: 8710c0

Flowers, for being a classy date
Cash, because just 'cuz it's a date doesn't mean you should make him pay for everything
And the note, in case he still suspects you of lying.
No. 720305 ID: b412df

Weapons? I don't like where this might be going. I'd be against bringing one, but maybe it's reasonable, I don't know.

So, I'd suggest the note, and some cash, but I don't know what for the third, do you have a mobile phone? Do they exist?
No. 720306 ID: 2bd16d

Bring the note, some picnic supplies and a nice seductive change of clothes.

It's the guy's job to bring the flowers!
No. 720307 ID: ec0bf5

You shouldn't distrust your best friend, out of all people. We're having a nice regular date. Bring flowers, picnic supplies, and a COPY of the note. Don't bring the original, because your parents might notice it's gone and figure out what you're up to.
No. 720308 ID: a075ba

>"Well for starters let's keep all forms of D out of this date okay."
I'm a Dragon, on a Date, Dad. I can't keep those D's out of it unless I stay home!

(Third option: silly rules lawyering about spelling).

>knife / gun
Where the hell did that come from. Why are you suddenly thinking you need weapons for a date, or to talk to your best friend about who you are.

Also if you were actually in danger you have like 50 different kinds of magic you could use instead, any of which would be safer to rely on than a weapon you don't have training / practice with.

>Picnic supplies.
Food is good.
>Some cash.
Just in case you go out to do something.
>A concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comic.
Yeah sure why not.
No. 720309 ID: a22f87

you don't need a weapon because you can turn your hand into a giant claw or turn into a damn dragon if you really need to fight and your teleporting and portal powers can help you run if things really REALLY go to shit.

Just do what your dad said, just do what you two would normally do with a little twist. Flower for the twist, cash to buy lunch together (or diner depending on how late you guys go out), and a comic you've been reading for years that both of you can enjoy or argue about like I'm sure you've done in the past.
No. 720310 ID: b6178d


Picnic supplies, cash (for movie-going!) and a concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comic that makes fun of the whole 'Giving Skif the D' situation. Scavenge the conversation with your father for inspiration.
No. 720311 ID: 93bc27

A change of clothes... but not for staying a night out with. You'll leave the house in something respectable, for your parents' mental health, then find a bathroom and change into something more... comfortable..

Also cash. Always have a little cash on hand, in case of the unforeseen.

And for the third item, the picnic supplies.
No. 720313 ID: f6442a

Hang in there, Charlemagne!

Picnic supplies, flowers, Concerned Dolphin and Giant Bird comic.
Is voting for the earlier panel still a thing? Option 1 if so.
No. 720314 ID: e8d47e

>A concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comic.
We will get one eventually
>A change of clothes.
What's the point of teenage dating if we're not being a little rebellious?
>Some cash.
I'm thinking we could do a movie for the date.
No. 720316 ID: b6eeac

If you bring a knife, make sure it is a utility knife, like uh those knives named after that one army that has a gazillion tools on it! If you REALLY have to, you can use one as a weapon, but it is a TOOL FIRST. Be prepared!

I'd suggest one of THOSE (solve allll the problems!) some cash, and the note.
No. 720318 ID: 5ad4a7

Picnic supplies, comic, cash.
No. 720319 ID: 93244f

This one
No. 720328 ID: 4e52af

Flowers, some cash, picnic supplies, a comic, a copy of the note, and one plush. Change into something sexy after you leave but not to sexy.
No. 720329 ID: 4e52af

Put the cash and copy of your note in your pockets and the plush,comic, and slightly sexy cloths in the basket with the picnic supplies. Bringing a plush is to cute not to do.
No. 720334 ID: 891640

This seems like a sound plan
No. 720343 ID: f562b1

The flowers should be his job, but bring some picnic supplies, some cash (in case of bus fare or something), and the comic. Just so he can see you're still the same you who enjoys Concerned Dolphin and Giant bird.
No. 720346 ID: 8111b6

Of course, of course~

1) Concerned Dolphin and Giant Bird! It solves everything, right?
2) Cash. Just because we have it doesn't mean we'd need to use it, but not having it and needing is would be bad.
3) Change of clothes, for reasons suggested in

As far as flowers, we're the girl. The girl traditionally gets the flowers, unless its a corsage which is probably more fancy than a first date is going to be.
Plush toys, we should spare their innocent eyes, only to spill all the details to them in secret later.
knife/gun, nah. We're two awesome magic users, right?
Note can wait for another time. This is a date! Pleasure before business!
Picnic supplies are debatable. It was this or change of clothes for me, as I couldn't think up an other option.
No. 720351 ID: 0c7bf6

This is good.
Also, tone down the flirting because Skif is probably still freaking out about the whole dragon thing.
No. 720354 ID: 7b170e

While I agree that the girl usually is the one to get flowers it could also be seen as a sort of dominace thing. Like relationships usually have one member being the more dominant, wearing the pants in the relationship so to speak. Though not always obviously. I think bringing the flowers woyldbe a good first step in asserting our status as the dominant one in this relationship.
No. 720356 ID: 350a50

Picnic, Cash, Note
No. 720360 ID: 91ee5f

No. 720367 ID: 0a94cb

A concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comic.
No. 720368 ID: e8d47e

Are you crazy? You can't just show up to a date with three concerned Dolphin and Giant bird comics! I mean at least not on a first date. Seriously, that is at least third date material.
No. 720376 ID: 4e9864

First, bring picnic supplies, not because "he might forget" but because we're the ones taking him on a picnic in the first place; he doesn't even know that's the grand plan.

Second, bring cash; never know when it might turn out to be handy, and it potentially addresses other things we might have forgotten. If we decide to do something spontaneous, we might need it.

And third, either flowers or the note.

Flowers for exactly the reason in >>720354: we're the one taking him on a date. Plus, it's a nice sign that we're making a conscious effort to take a certain tone with the evening. However, we wouldn't want him to have to awkwardly hold a bouquet all night; pick something small and simple that would fit in a lapel or button-hole.

Or, the note, not as proof (he's a friend and we ought to trust each other), but because it's a mystery, he can sense magic, and we ought to plan on working it out together if he's willing.
No. 720384 ID: 4e9864

As for preparation: the most important question is where are we going? We're meeting him at the same spot we did last time, but then hopefully we can go on a walk and talk, towards somewhere we can sit and eat and talk more. Top priority would be a spot the two of us have shared in the past, as friends; we grew up a bit adventurous, so where did we adventure to with Skif? Failing that, try a beach, river, or lake.

We should also have a backup plan if it rains, like a part with a gazebo. (Deadly to adventurers, but savior of rained-out picnics.)

As for picnic supplies, just to make sure we didn't miss anything: we need a basket or large bag to carry everything in, a blanket big enough for two people (comfortably), some spill-proof drinks, napkins, some sandwiches (easy enough to make), perhaps some fruit (apples, strawberries, bananas, etc), and some kind of light dessert that keeps for a while (perhaps some cookies, or chocolate if it's not too hot here).

Make sure we keep an eye on the time so we don't run late while preparing.
No. 720389 ID: 4e9864

> Don't bring the original, because your parents might notice it's gone and figure out what you're up to.

We're the ones holding onto it, presumably in our room, and not exactly on display; let's trust them enough not to go fishing around for the note on the off chance they think we might have taken it.

Oh, and as tempting as the clothes thing is, we're not even sure if this will turn out as a date, and we also don't want to hesitate on the off chance one of our parents asks to helps us review the picnic supplies. (Which might not even be them snooping, so much as trying to be helpful, but if we're trying to sneak a set of clothes out it'll derail any plans we might have had.)
No. 720390 ID: 350a50

What if we slip the note in with the flowers?
No. 720408 ID: f0e552

no weapons, that is extremely deceitful and I really don't think that Skif would just do that.

Cash, Flowers, Note.
No. 720484 ID: 3e182c

Cash Flowers Clothes.
Go Early, and be Dragon form, covered in flowers when he arrives.

Since he was already Shocked, all that's left is Awe, right?
No. 720489 ID: 2a7417

Don't bring the note!
Only bring picnic supplies, and a KNIFEGUN.
No. 720491 ID: 3e182c

A Gnife?
No. 720713 ID: 395c02
File 146231674003.png - (114.42KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

A gun that's also a knife?? What's next, summoning animals out of thin air?


You make a mental note to consider building a petting zoo with easy portal access.

You decide to trust Skif and bring no weapons. Even if you do end up...

Even if a fight is inevitable, you are far from helpless unarmed.

For now, you cheer yourself up and assume that things will be fine.

Now, let's see... CASH, PICNIC SUPPLIES, and... oh! You'll make a comic!
No. 720714 ID: 395c02
File 146231675017.png - (137.49KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

Perfect! If a little preachy.

Now, the picnic stuff you can do tomorrow... you've been saving up, so CASH is no problem...

You put the NOTE in a side-pocket, but sadly you won't have room for a CHANGE OF CLOTHES.
No. 720715 ID: 395c02
File 146231676072.png - (217.40KB , 653x984 , 67.png )

Speaking of which, you need to decide what to wear!

Or another outfit?
(You can design one!)

You must also decide if you will...

Show up as a dragon! Sorry, dad! (D+)
Show up as normal. Don't want to scare Skif again. (MIND+)
No. 720718 ID: 06c8e2

B, normal.
No. 720720 ID: 6e2dec

B and as normal but with a cupsize upgrade
No. 720721 ID: 4854ef

No. 720722 ID: 5ad4a7

You could make it less preachy by having it be after the fact. Like, them playing together or something.

Go with A. B is too racy for a first date and C is too plain.

Show up as normal, not because it'll scare Skif again but because he might bring one of HIS parents to meet you, and you don't want to scare THEM. Definitely turn into a dragon at some point during the date to play around. Maybe run around with him on your back?
No. 720723 ID: 350a50

A, Normal
No. 720730 ID: ffc055

D, just your panties.

...No that's a horrible idea A.
No. 720733 ID: ec0bf5

B makes you look like some sort of weird fantasy character, which I guess is in the spirit of revealing that you secretly have a dark hidden power inside you. Show up as normal, because even if the dragon is technically your "true form" your regular form is how he's known you all your life. Also you can't fit the outfit on a dragon probably.
No. 720741 ID: a075ba
File 146232053525.png - (74.82KB , 653x984 , who wore it best.png )

>Show up as normal. Don't want to scare Skif again. (MIND+)
It would probably start the conversation in a bad place if you immediately confronted him with that again.

>what wear
No. 720744 ID: 1cebc8


Center of attention... and mass.
No. 720746 ID: aec7be

A and normal.
No. 720748 ID: a2c005


B, but strongly against any magical change. He, can easily see it and him laughing at you...
No. 720749 ID: 39c7e3

Does the D mean you'll be polymorphing your chest away? We could go on a date to a waterpark or the beach. Or is the author just waiting a few more years to make you old enough to rise to the NSFW warning?

B if the D is just a joke answer.
No. 720753 ID: 976847

B, it's clearly the most 'you' of the choices, and show up as normal this time!
No. 720760 ID: f36501

b and normal

wear that outfit like all the time bc hell yeah thats cool as hell
No. 720764 ID: f6442a

B and D-ragon.
No. 720771 ID: 91ee5f

This! XD
No. 720784 ID: 3e182c

B might be the weirdest but screw it it looks the best and what the hell wacky thing does he wear anyway. Tsall good.

So yeah, B and Dragon.

This is you and he's at the very least your best friend, so you shouldn't have to hide it.
No. 720805 ID: 4e9864

Let's dress how we'd normally dress. How about something like: the pants from B, with a short-sleeved version of the shirt from C? Perhaps with the wristbands from A if they match.

And let's show up normal; we can talk with Skif first, and then become a dragon later when he's more comfortable. Remember how he knew exactly what to do to comfort the fear we were feeling? Be thoughtful about what he might be feeling, not about what we want. We can go all dragony later on.

Besides, we don't want to travel across town in dragon form.
No. 720806 ID: 3f5166

A or B.

Go normal.
No. 720811 ID: 2c7dbb

Normal and A
No. 720819 ID: 433720

I vote B, and normal.

B normal, lol.
No. 720866 ID: 93244f
File 146233468033.png - (47.99KB , 327x485 , eh.png )

Fuck it, might as well
No. 720867 ID: 4e9864

Option "eh" looks good.
No. 720871 ID: bb2e21

No. 720875 ID: eec0b6

B or >>720866
No. 720878 ID: f562b1

I'd say go for a half-sleeve shirt like B, but that actually covers the belly (Showing those scales on a first date? Scandalous!), upper torso is optional. Also, some not-see-through pants about that length. No shoes, though.
Go as yourself, of course!
No. 720879 ID: f562b1

Erm, wait, there were posts that loaded before I posted this...
This looks very pretty but also very appropriate! (Wear some shorts underneath though young lady!)
No. 720884 ID: 350a50

Yknow what, changing my vote to this, since you put the effort in. Looks nice.
No. 720885 ID: 59488d

B and normal.
No. 720892 ID: 8cc531

Normal and
No. 720894 ID: 891640

oh that's really pretty. I vote for that.
No. 720903 ID: b0a8e1

Show up as normal. Don't want to scare Skif again. (MIND+)
No. 720905 ID: eb9715

that's pretty dang cool, it has my vote
No. 720906 ID: 8111b6

B, and go as yourself.

Consider a light jacket if it's chilly out. I'd say for pocket reasons as well, but girls get purses, and you've got portals in addition to that.

...consider learning belly dancing.
No. 720926 ID: 3e182c

I change my outfit vote to this
No. 720935 ID: 2a7417

Ooh yeah, let's do this one (at least, while we're not being a dragon that is.)
No. 720941 ID: 976847


My vote is also changed to this one.


With the cupsize increase from this!
No. 720957 ID: 2a7417

Let's conserve mana for the dragon transformation.
No. 720971 ID: 379a63

Very yes.
No. 720976 ID: 199970

Actually this >>720866 with the top from B might look nice.
Now we just need to choose the right colors
oh right.
No. 720983 ID: 49d4de

This with b's top.
No. 721001 ID: 395c02
File 146240939910.png - (103.52KB , 653x482 , 68.png )

You have such a hard time picking outfits-- your desire to mix and match is way too strong!

Which one appeals to you more?


No. 721002 ID: ec0bf5

Of those two I vote R, though I still prefer B.
No. 721009 ID: 1cebc8

R + Enhance Knockers
No. 721011 ID: 5ad4a7

I still want A.
No. 721013 ID: 5ad4a7

Normal knockers!
No. 721014 ID: 2c3a5e

R appeals to me more than Q, and no enhanced knockers. Our childhood friend will recognize the change in our figure, and it'll make us look like we're trying too hard.
No. 721015 ID: eb9715

R, proper date attire where you're equally ready for a dance or a dash through the town
No. 721017 ID: 6576fa

No. 721018 ID: 59488d


R, and no enhancement or dehancement, just natural knockers.

Wear shorts under your skirt so if any non-romantic action happens you can tear the skirt off and be ready to go. Besides, everyone knows changing your clothes in some way during or just before battle increases your power level!
No. 721019 ID: 91ee5f

This. Gotta remember those shorts!
No. 721020 ID: 219fa6

R for sure!
No. 721021 ID: 49d4de

R wear spats under skirt. It makes sure your ready and depending on his preferences it might make it even more sexy.
No. 721022 ID: 8cc531

No. 721023 ID: ffc055

No. 721024 ID: 350a50

No. 721026 ID: 4e9864

Q, though I still prefer R to any of A-D.

And remember that Skif can smell our transformation magic, so if we were holding a transformation, he'd notice. And we're not so insecure with our body that we need to enhance ourselves.

We'll have enough fun later with our dragon form. And if our relationship with Skif ever progresses to that level, we can have a lot of fun with transformations; it'll just be just fine if he notices them. But for now, go as we are.
No. 721027 ID: f36501

No. 721029 ID: a075ba

R, no need for enhancements.
No. 721030 ID: 54312d

No. 721034 ID: 891640

Q, and there's no way Ceri has the mana to enhance knockers all night, plus >>721026
No. 721044 ID: f562b1

I vote for Q. Too pretty to pass on.
No. 721053 ID: f6442a

R and no extra mana consumption.
No. 721054 ID: 9c6d36

No. 721060 ID: 4c40b2

Looks like most are going with ARRRRRR
As am I, with shorts, no enhanced boobage, and quite possibly something for our head or some nice bracelets.
No. 721071 ID: 06c8e2

Gonna vote R here.
No. 721087 ID: 6fdb43

No. 721088 ID: 433720

R and Enhance Knockers?
No. 721107 ID: f0e552

No. 721111 ID: 8371c4

No. 721116 ID: a2c005

No. 721224 ID: 0c7bf6

No. 721250 ID: 3f5166

No. 721286 ID: 395c02
File 146256640213.png - (130.03KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

You think carefully about your knockers. Hmm. You'll go with the enhanced one. You're not exactly sure what good it'll do-- maybe you can make a joke about opening the door to Skif's heart?

You add the ENHANCED KNOCKER to your inventory.

You set aside an outfit for tomorrow. It'll be best if you meet Skif in your normal form.

You head to bed and sleep a troubled sleep.
No. 721287 ID: 395c02
File 146256641466.png - (110.59KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

Once again you find yourself standing in your spot awaiting Skif's arrival. Your heart's pounding, but it's a different sort of anxiety than before.

You don't know what's going to happen. For once, it feels like the situation isn't really in your control. All you can do now is react to whatever happens next.
No. 721288 ID: 395c02
File 146256642507.png - (52.88KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

You hear shuffling from the bush. Time slows to a crawl as your heart pretends it's running several marathons at once.
No. 721289 ID: 395c02
File 146256643853.png - (176.10KB , 800x600 , 72.png )


So that's it, then? Years of friendship, gone just like that?

Do you really have no choice but to--

No. 721291 ID: 395c02
File 146256646803.png - (146.97KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

"You've shared your secret with me. It's only fair I do the same in return."


"I once told you I didn't know what race I was. Well, that was kind of a lie."

"You lied?" You bite your dragon-lip. "Then what are you?"

"I'm a galeacoma. My kind are not a natural part of this world; we were created a long time ago."

"Created...? To do what, slay dragons?"

He shakes his head. "No. To befriend and tame them. We're an ancient race of Dragon Riders."

You let out a sigh of relief. "So you're not here for murder. Then why'd you freak out at me yesterday?"

"Because I got scared. With the barrier to the dragon world in place, the Dragon Riders have become desperate for prestige and purpose. Many of them seek out what dragons remain in order to tame them... usually by force. Those dragons become slaves in both mind and body."

"Oh, no..."

"I never honed my magic-sense abilities, but there are those who mastered them specifically to find transformed dragons. The moment you left this podunk town, they'd surely find you. They'd make you theirs. I'd never see you again..."
No. 721292 ID: 395c02
File 146256648160.png - (110.26KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

"So you intend to 'tame' me before they get a chance."

"I-I wouldn't enslave you or anything! By donning this armor and performing the TAMING RITUAL, I'd simply mark you as 'claimed'. It'd make other Riders think twice before coming after you. We'd be partners!"

"This is the weirdest way to ask me out."

"Heh... What can I say? I've always wanted to ride a dragon~"

Is... Is he flirting with you now? How the tables have turned!

that or he literally has a saddle back there

Agree, then date. Let's do this and then have a lovely evening! (APPEAL+)
Test his worthiness. He has to EARN this so-called 'claim'! (MOCK COMBAT ENSUES)
Tame him instead. Tilde. No but seriously you're in charge here. (SELF+, D+)
Decline ritual, offer date. You'll train to beat up Dragon Riders as they appear, no big. (VIGOR++, APPEAL+)
Decline ritual, head home. This is a lot to take in... maybe you should rethink your relationship with Skif.
No. 721293 ID: 433720

Tame Him! You are owned by no man!
No. 721295 ID: 6e2dec

Agree, then date. although taming him instead sounds good too
No. 721296 ID: c9f250

That's not dating. Start the date.
No. 721297 ID: 69f709

Test worthiness. This is important to him too. If he's not worthy, then you get to tame him instead. Fair compromise.
No. 721303 ID: ef6009

Tame him instead, he needs to learn to submit and accept the D.Embrace it, love it, he needs to beg for the yea you know where this is going and its not really that funny
No. 721304 ID: ec0bf5

Tame him instead. Obviously. What's the point of being a dragon if you can't just turn all the rules on their heads and carve your own way?
No. 721306 ID: f416da

Test his worthiness!

... But not with just a mock battle.

Just, really, take your time with it. "The moment you left this podunk town, they'd surely find you", right? So, as long as you don't leave, you have plenty of time. Go on a date. Let him tell you all about his... dragon rider racial history, tell him sorry you don't have any real dragon knowledge to share yourself. Heck, if he's from a race of dragon companions, he should know more about dragons than you do! So, you know, talk about it. Talk about having been friends, and about the future, about your urges to hoard things and whether they mean you're a bad person, get intimate. This whole taming thing is a big event for both of you, it shouldn't just happen right away like this. Let it have some sense of importance. Solidify your friendship again, after that scare you've both had. Go on your date, spend time with each other, make sure you both know what's involved in this.

Then, if you're still both into it, he can tame/claim/*nudge-wink* you.

In other words, Date first, tame after.
No. 721310 ID: eb9715

As fair as he's making jolly cooperation sound, it's not unreasonable to have yourselves a little worthiness contest to see who wears the pants in the proposed dragon/rider relationship.
also flirt heavily mid-fight, poor lad might be distracted.
No. 721311 ID: 4e9864

> Decline ritual, offer date. You'll train to beat up Dragon Riders as they appear, no big. (VIGOR++, APPEAL+)

First of all, spell out to him exactly what we thought when we showed up in the clearing. We're worried enough, and he shows up in armor with a spear? Put the thing down already, and remind him about the head-nomming.

And as funny as it would be, don't fight him or even mock fight him; he's almost certainly trained if he's showing up in armor with a spear, and we're not. And we're not going to go into this blind, even if he ends up beating us.

Then, make it clear that, while we get what he thinks he's trying to do, we're not willing to go into anything like this blind, even symbolically or for "protection", without knowing absolutely everything there is to know about it. (Which means there's zero chance we're doing it today, even if we decide later at our leisure that we might want to.) It's not about whether we trust him or not; what other implications does this have? If someone else overpowers him, would they "claim" us? If he died, what would happen? Does he even know? We're talking about serious life-altering things here, and we just learned about this culture five seconds ago.

(Speaking of which, we did a ton of library research about dragons; surely we came across some reference to the "galeacoma"? But even if we didn't, don't assume he's kidding; give him the respect of assuming this isn't a joke.)

If he really wants to protect us, then he should teach us everything he knows about these "galeacoma", these "dragon riders". And who knows, maybe he'll get a chance to ride a dragon someday after all, as long as he doesn't get any ideas about "taming". Tilde.

But in the meantime, he can tell us what's up over a picnic (hold up the basket). The spear and armor had better stay home, though.

Among the many questions we might ask him: what other variants of this ritual exist, and what are their effects? Is there a variant that allows a dragon to claim its "rider", or have them claim each other, rather than some kind of "taming"? Because that's something we could potentially get into. Are there other "galeacoma" around here?

(Don't ask this, but do we already know if he has parents here, and if they're like him?)
No. 721312 ID: 4c40b2

"Sure but only if you got a saddle and straps back there~"

Than ask for some more info about this ritual so we know what we're getting into if we agree.

And if we agree there will be a mock fight.
That we will win. Thus taming him.

Then date.
No. 721313 ID: 4e9864

In terms of reactions, we're not saying "not ever", but we'd have a similar reaction if he showed up with a wedding ring and expected us to elope right now. And if he says it's nothing like that, well, then perhaps he should tell us what it's like. Over food, and without a spear.
No. 721314 ID: 4c40b2

Actually no have him explain while on the date then if it all checks out and is safe then the mock fight tame him thing, if not we tell him we'll take out any dragon hunter/tamer that messes with us. Including him.
No. 721316 ID: 5042bf

Secret option "what the fuck Skif".

No, that's stupid. Your whole culture is stupid. Don't care if Skif takes offense. You don't "tame" intelligent beings unless you're going for the conguering empire route. Even before barriers that just sounds bonkers, doubly so now with all the pretense cast aside. Was it ever anything else, I seriously doubt it. If it ever was equal partners it would have been a couple forming once in a while to others amazement, not a whole culture revolving around dickheads riding dragons for glory.

Seriously, Skif? Hey, wear my slave mark! My whole race is slavers but I won't treat you like them. Never mind the humiliation or being viewed as property by his race. So bssically be prepared to nuke Skif's kind on sight or do this. Thanks. It's a nice choice to give on a date. Let us sleep on it so we can see the one positive side of not being hunted all the time through the blinding rage. Rage, Skif. Rage! So dissapointed. Could have at least given dinner and flowers before a nice little "want to be my dragon mount" card.
No. 721319 ID: 350a50

The two of you will need to COMPETE in a series of TESTS to determine who tames who. These TESTS will also conveniently be a way for you two to bond and spend time together.

Each of you design one test of your own, then you'll come up with a third test that won't give either of you an innate advantage. Best two of three wins.
No. 721320 ID: cdec48

>Decline ritual, offer date.
you are a strong independent dragon that don't need no rider
No. 721321 ID: a075ba

>obvious extra option
Wait, before you even consider agreeing to this, what does this ritual even do?

Is there like, magic fairy tail obedience where the tamed has to obey any commands the other speaks? Is there some kind of mental link? Is there an emotional link; are we going to be feeling each other's feelings? Does one person get to draw on the powers of the other? (If so, he's suddenly getting a hella magic boost). Are there pokeballs involved? (Are there kinky bindings involved)?

I mean, come on, what does the lore actually say about how this works?

...and no offense, but 'taming' an intelligent, sapient person is really different from befriending them. I mean, I'm not an animal!

>an extra obvious question
...soooooo, you never met your best friend's parents? Ever? You'd think their magic sense would have been a lot better than his. You'd think they'd have known. Do they know?

>what do:

>Test his worthiness.
>Tame him instead.
If he wants to tame you, he's gotta earn the spot on top. Battle to determine if you end up his dragon mount, or if he ends up your knight. (Which makes you a Dragon Queen. Obviously. Or maybe a Dragon Princess, you dunno how this works, yet!).

Either way you end up with a permanent bond with your best friend, so it's win-win.

>then date
Well duh. How can you not spend a bunch of time with each other exploring how you feel after doing something like that.
No. 721323 ID: 4e9864

> Is there like, magic fairy tail obedience where the tamed has to obey any commands the other speaks? Is there some kind of mental link? Is there an emotional link; are we going to be feeling each other's feelings? Does one person get to draw on the powers of the other? (If so, he's suddenly getting a hella magic boost). Are there pokeballs involved? (Are there kinky bindings involved)?
> I mean, come on, what does the lore actually say about how this works?

All great questions.

> ...and no offense, but 'taming' an intelligent, sapient person is really different from befriending them. I mean, I'm not an animal!

No. 721330 ID: f416da


I think Skif deserves a chewing out, but remember he's still our best friend. He's clearly got a thing where he tries to put on a cool face, so he's probably freaking out under this, and he's a teenager just like us, so it's no wonder he's screwed this up a bit.

So, what I recommend is, first, slink up to him, put an arm around him, Ceridwen smiles and tells him how much she appreciates his instinct to think about defending her, says she's glad he still likes her, because she wants him to be assured she very much still likes him, and that now given that she would like to say... what the hell were you thinking just showing up in armor with a spear Skif I thought you were going to try and kill me or something I'm sure you know all about this dragon rider stuff and it seemed obvious to you but I don't and I was freaking out ever since yesterday and then I felt like my heart was literally and metaphorically about to be torn out by my best friend and now you're asking me to do something that for all I know is basically marriage or something for goodness' sake rrrrgh and she chews on his head.
No. 721332 ID: 4854ef

Test his worthiness and if he fails, tame him instead!
No. 721335 ID: ca5b6a

Test him then tame him!
No. 721336 ID: 742a1e

This, although you're not going to convince him to throw off his whole culture. He'll probably react the same way you just did, but going along with things will eventually mean you have to act tamed in front of his culture. There is nothing fun about being dragon Django without the revenge. Does a high MIND stat give a bonus to arguing?
No. 721337 ID: 8371c4

this is a good idea
No. 721343 ID: a22f87

>Decline ritual, offer date. You'll train to beat up Dragon Riders as they appear, no big. (VIGOR++, APPEAL+)
Date first and see if the two of you actually like being a thing or if it's awkward. Then we can try the ritual if need be. He said it himself that you two should start things off slow and see how it feels before making a decision and you've been fine for years so a few more weeks or month won't hurt anything. Plus showing up to the first date saying you want to tame someone is kinda like showing up to the first date saying you want to try and have a kid. Just coming out of the gate a little too strong there.

Also Ceridwen, in all the times you've been over to his house have you ever seen anything that looks like the gear he's wearing right now?
No. 721346 ID: 395c02
File 146257486997.png - (98.94KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

You pause. You can't just jump into this blindly! You've way too much MIND for that!

>...soooooo, you never met your best friend's parents? Ever? You'd think their magic sense would have been a lot better than his. You'd think they'd have known. Do they know? 
You have met his parents! ...Then why...?

"Hang on. Why haven't your parents noticed me?" You ask.

"Well, they aren't trained sniffers either. I think."

Something's fishy about this. But they've never acted strangely when you would play together as kids...

> I mean, come on, what does the lore actually say about how this works? 
"How does this all work, anyway? There better not be any weird slave magic going on."

"Well, um, I take this spear and I hold it ahead of me, and repeat ancient words. Um, there might be some symbiosis that results-- we might be able to feel each other's emotions? And gain the ability to do nifty magical combo attacks? I could also add a verse that allows us to teleport to each other regardless of distance. But I'd um, leave out the extra verses that typically cause enslavement."

"Why didn't you mention this stuff earlier!?"

"I was trying to keep the word count low."

Oh he did not.

> ...and no offense, but 'taming' an intelligent, sapient person is really different from befriending them. I mean, I'm not an animal! 
"All this talk of taming... I'm not an animal, you know!"

"I do know that! That's why I want to keep you free! This is completely and totally your choice. I won't lie and say I won't be worried about you if you decline, but if you say it'll be fine, I'll believe you."


Secret bonus options:
Date first. This stuff later. Can you please just have a nice time without shenanigans. (SELF+)
Discuss this further. What do you say/ask? (MIND+)

(Previous options can still be voted on)
No. 721347 ID: 2c3a5e

Decline, then date. We can prepare to take on some goons who've probably never seen a real dragon. In fact we should make it our life mission to find a way to free those enslaved dragons.
No. 721348 ID: c3647c

Test his worthiness, without combat. You should see just how well he can ride you without preparation!(~)
No. 721349 ID: 38cb3f

Date first! Then use that Mind stat to research this magical mumbo-jumbo.

And also keep in mind that Skif has been your friend for almost your entire life; he wouldn't do anything to hurt you, would he?
No. 721351 ID: 5ad4a7

His parents probably know, and that's why they set you two up as playmates. Just in case. Or maybe they were hoping this exact situation would happen, and their son would become a famous dragon tamer.

I want to say go for the D and take charge but how would that even work? He's the one that has to say all the lines.
No. 721352 ID: ef6009

It's simply too mucho to keep the date plan on the board, you are not going to enjoy it, I say you should ask more about the ritual and stuff, how does he know the spell is not going to enslave her even without that part or produce any other side effect? you cant just let him try a spell that powerful and nuanced...
No. 721356 ID: 4e9864

Date first, and let's talk about this. Tell him that we appreciate the thought, and we'll give this serious consideration, but we're not going to do it immediately after hearing about it and before we learn more about it. We've gone this long and been safe, and we don't have grand travel plans for the immediate future.

It sounds like he knows many details about how this whole thing works, and we should understand this ritual and the details as well as he does first. Again, it isn't about trust; two minds are better than one. We can ask some of our questions on the date, and we'll learn more at the library later. And if there's a spell to be written, we're going to write the whole thing out together and agree on what all the pieces mean. Preferably with a whole lot more symmetry.

We shouldn't be too harsh on him; do tell him that we appreciate that he had the thought to try to protect us. But he ought to know us well enough that we're not going to jump into something like this without full understanding, and we're not really being included in the decision if we don't have full understanding. There's a reason for the phrase "informed consent".

And whether we decide to do this or not, we'll happily train with him. Wouldn't he like to get sweaty together?
No. 721357 ID: 4e9864

> We can prepare to take on some goons who've probably never seen a real dragon. In fact we should make it our life mission to find a way to free those enslaved dragons.

If there still are any, yes.

> I want to say go for the D and take charge but how would that even work? He's the one that has to say all the lines.

All the more reason to learn first. There's clearly a lot more than he has told us already, leaving aside the possibility that there's more than he even knows.
No. 721361 ID: a075ba

>Something's fishy about this. But they've never acted strangely when you would play together as kids...
If they knew, maybe they thought it was a good thing he was growing up with you?

Still think we should do this. >>721321 (Test him, tame him, date him).

...although if we really wanted to go Mind though, we could compromise. Write our own vows verses. Make it a clear partnership thing, instead of a dominance either way.

>tele to each other
Considering portals / tele is one of your own powers, it probably would be natural for that to work. You can always open them near yourself, and if he's connected to you...

(Also: between shapeshifting and portals doing a pokeball gag summon is totally possible at some point).
No. 721364 ID: f416da

Further discussion. Topic: Skif I'm not saying no and I really like you and I appreciate the trouble you are going to here but you seem like you're kind of trying too hard with this and rushing things. I am entirely open to this in theory but you seem like you're expecting me to know and do things that I actually don't have any clue about? Also you scared me out of my wits popping out with armor and a spear after the way you left me yesterday and I'm still a little sore about it. How about we have a nice date and relax and talk about this comfortably before we make a decision? Like, at the very least, because this is sounding like a kind of permanent thing. Is it a permanent thing?
No. 721366 ID: a22f87

can we go on the date AND talk about this more while we're on the date? I mean say what you will about all this but it's a great conversation starter. Plus if things start to get awkward or just plan uncomfortable you can always just stop talking about it and focus on the date and talk about it again later as I feel this is going to be a decision that isn't going to simply happen in a day

Also look up all the things he's saying later, like his race's name and if dragon tamers are a thing. I mean in all the books you've read about dragons you think you would have come across something mentioning a whole race that was created solely for taming dragons.
No. 721367 ID: f6442a

Discuss further. Explore the meaning of these ancient words as fully as he can, to check for any loopholes.

Then, we will test him in combat.
No. 721369 ID: 5042bf

No date. No watered down slave marks. No. Not going down that route. So how many slaves are there currently rolling around in Skiftown? How many do you have to fantasize about rescuing now but ultimately come to conclusion you're too weak currently? How to form amusing quest friendly hero party? Is Skiftown small enough for you to ever matter or do you have to go into politics?
No. 721370 ID: a075ba

>Discuss this further. What do you say/ask? (MIND+)
Oh wait, I just thought of one:

"You do realize if you enslaved me, my Dad found out, he would probably kill you to break it?"
No. 721372 ID: 4e9864

This, before we go off on the date (but after he puts the spear down). Keep it playful, not angry, but still, he's earned this so very much.

Questions we should ask (while on the date, or later if he doesn't know and we have to do research):

What are all the pieces of the spell, and what do they do? Which bits are optional? All of them?

What other variants of this ritual exist, and what are their effects?

Is there a variant that allows a dragon to claim its "rider", or have them claim each other, rather than some kind of "taming"? Because that's something we could potentially get into.

Can the spell (either in details or in existence) be changed later, or is it permanent? What are the consequences of changing or removing it?

Are there other "galeacoma" around here, besides Skif and his parents? Do any of them have dragons "tamed", or enslaved, or anything along those lines?

Does he have any? I really hope the answer is "no", and that this is entirely new for him. It sure seems like that.

If someone else overpowers him, would they "claim" us?

If Skif died, or was incapacitated in some way, what would happen?

Is any of this information secret? (Ask this last.)

Or, could we find most of this by looking up the right terms in the library? (And if so, why didn't we find any of it?)

Does Skif prefer riding with a saddle, or bareback?

> And whether we decide to do this or not, we'll happily train with him. Wouldn't he like to get sweaty together?

> ...although if we really wanted to go Mind though, we could compromise. Write our own vows verses. Make it a clear partnership thing, instead of a dominance either way.

Definitely. If we decide to do this, we should go through the details together.

> Is there like, magic fairy tail obedience where the tamed has to obey any commands the other speaks? Is there some kind of mental link? Is there an emotional link; are we going to be feeling each other's feelings? Does one person get to draw on the powers of the other? (If so, he's suddenly getting a hella magic boost). Are there pokeballs involved? (Are there kinky bindings involved)?
> I mean, come on, what does the lore actually say about how this works?

All of these.
No. 721373 ID: b6eeac


THIS. Exactly this. This is fantastic. You need time to digest this, you have more questions, you need to know how you two will work together as a team, and you want to spend time before you make any permanent changes to yourself.

Also, is it safe to paraphrase or write down the terms of the ritual, figure out possible loopholes and stuff, and maybe even make it a bit more back and forth? Or do it in some more meaningful and soothing context, such as as part of a larger romantic or religious ritual?
No. 721376 ID: f416da

We have to be careful about being too hostile about this, because there'd be kind of a hypocrisy to it if we were. Skif has also just revealed a big secret that he was probably told to never reveal (free dragons probably hunt down his kind, at this point) and he must be worried. So we have to make it clear that we still like him and trust him and are his friend and maybe want to be more than just friends.

... But still make it clear there are elements to this whole thing and how he approached it that aren't cool, and we need to relax and get the record straight on everything and get fully comfortable again. We were already super best great long-term friends and it shouldn't be too hard, we just want all this to be taken in properly.

Also we're both teenagers and trying to act like we think we're supposed to act is a thing, but for something like this we need to sit down and get real for a while about it. Honesty and all that, because regardless of what else this seems like it's gonna be a real intimate thing.

... Uh. Also, is he sure the ritual will still work right with the life-magic partially blocking off your dragon form? The magic won't get confused or anything, will it?
No. 721379 ID: b6eeac

All of these, as well, in addition to what I suggested earlier.
No. 721381 ID: 8cc531

These. We aren't in a hurry; we have time to discuss this more, do some research of our own and make a decision after that.
No. 721385 ID: b6eeac

Also! If he is ever going to refer to you as his Mount (assuming you all go through with this), he must pre-consent for you to call him your 'Backhacker' (Get it? He's that guy that is on your back, hacking at things?).

Seriously, a Rider/mount is not really a relationship of equals, and the only time you would be okay acting like such a situation is okay is the same sort of time you would consent to acting like a Master/slave situation is okay.

IE, in a consensual BDSM roleplay. You can be his Mount and he your Rider then~
No. 721389 ID: 4854ef

Test then Tame! Whoever wins gets to be the tamer.
No. 721396 ID: 4e9864

> ... Uh. Also, is he sure the ritual will still work right with the life-magic partially blocking off your dragon form? The magic won't get confused or anything, will it?

That's a really good question. And for that matter, all of this is a good reason for him to read the letter. (Later in the date, not right now.)
No. 721398 ID: a075ba

Actually, wait, the way this ritual works... it's probably life magic too.
No. 721400 ID: 350a50

Sticking with this. also, deal with this stuff now instead of waiting.
No. 721401 ID: 91ee5f

"Wait a minute! 'Claim' me? 'Tame' me? Those better not mean sex! And you're not going to put a saddle on me like some kind of animal are you!? Even if you don't enslave me, I'm NOT wearing a saddle! The least you could do is wait until we get to the bedroom for something like that.~~~"

"But that's not until after maybe the 7th or 8th date. Speaking of dates, I hope you've got a change of clothes with you, because I was hoping that we could on a date tonight. That is, if you still like me.~~~"
No. 721402 ID: f416da

Well, let's try reconstruct what's going on in Skif's mind a bit. Say you're a secret magical dragonrider, you've probably been filled with all sorts of stories about how awesome things used to be, you were heroes and there were epic buddymances between your kind and dragons, but then something happened and a barrier went up and the only dragons who have been showing up are exiles and tend to be bad guys. So, they have to be hunted and enslaved, and there ends up being bad feeling between dragons and galeacomas, and Skif's people become rare and probably hunted themselves and he gets told he has to keep it secret and probably that dragons are their enemies now and that sort of thing, and it's declining misery feelbad times for his people, but there are also stories about the good times there once were. And Skif seems to know what's up with his own people, he's probably learned the history and stories and probably had all sorts of boyhood fantasies about being a big hero dragonrider with an old-style dragon friend, that he couldn't even share with anyone because he had to keep his race secret.

Then his best friend suddenly reveals she's a dragon, and his first reaction is probably something like "oh no is she going to kill me" just like hers is, but then it's "no she's my friend but oh man I don't know what to do" so he leaves her hanging to sort it out in his head, and he realizes "oh my goodness my best friend is a dragon we can be buddies just like it once was and be amazing and cool" and he looks up the ritual and probably studies really hard and tries to get the armor and the look and everything just right, and maybe doesn't consider that things aren't really the same in this situation as they were for probably every other dragon binding ritual ever.

In short he's probably trying really hard to get this right! But he's not really thinking it out properly, and also rushing it a bit.

So we need to let him know all this that we're feeling while also being nice about it.
No. 721404 ID: a1c4b6

It probably isn't safe to have any dragon related magic put on you while you're concealed with the current magic.
No. 721426 ID: 3e182c

This is a definite no. Research later is warranted. Counter magic must be acquired.

And Don't Chew him out unless your doing so to gain some sort of upper hand in this situation for whatever reason. This info has been. Helpful.

He's been a good friend. We can tame him instead of kill...
Huh where'd that come from.
Uh. Dates still an option too, I guess.
No. 721439 ID: ffc055

Discuss Further.
No. 721463 ID: b8ceae

"Sounds like some kinda marriage ritual thing, so totally not a first-date kind of thing. I'm not saying no, just not yet.
Can we date for awhile first?"
No. 721477 ID: 671f2b

He wants to TAME you? Has he forgotten you're his friend and started thinking you're just some animal companion? And on your date of all times? I say you should try to tame HIM and let him see what it's like! Then while you're sitting on his back you can discuss this further until he starts treating you like a person again. You can't date someone acting like this!
No. 721519 ID: 1cebc8


Decline Ritual (and head home) for more Vigor. Your parents and E have contingency plans, don't sell your soul for ANYTHING.
No. 721520 ID: b6eeac

Do not, under any circumstances, decline the ritual or be rude to your best friend or do anything like leave him and go home. Delay giving an answer until you know more, yes, or even until you have had the date. Explain to your best friend how he upset and scared you, yes. But don't be a dick about it or make a knee-jerk reaction! You are better than that.
No. 721522 ID: 742a1e

At least you're both in agreement about how fucked up this is. Don't bite his head off (literally or figuratively) over the whole thing, but think it through before you agree. Mostly because dating someone else after your emotions are shared with an ex for life would be extremely awkward. This is basically marriage without the same connotations.

Also, shift your plans of becoming a dragon supervillain to eventually burning this hilariously backwards ideology to the ground.
No. 721535 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, and I think we should try to use humor to lighten the mood! Pull out the ENHANCED KNOCKER from your inventory and use it!
No. 721552 ID: 3f5166

No. 721576 ID: 93244f

inb4 ceridwen has to pause the universe again to react to all of this
No. 721595 ID: 9c6d36

Decline enslavement ritual. Your goal is to find love and touch all the boys (and girls) and this sounds like it'll put a serious hamper on that.

Also sounds like a trap. Do not get akbar'd so early in life.
No. 721617 ID: a2c005


Additionally, tell him:
"Tomorrow, i will look into this myself. I will not let somone even claim ownership over me, without having the terms verified by at least 3 sources. You told you parents?"

Try to read into how truthfull he answers the last thing. I have the suspicion he told them, they are preparing drastic measures and now he is here with a halfassed plan to prevent them of beeing guilty of something he doesn,t want them to be gulity of. Like kidnapping.
No. 721641 ID: 921106

We should really really discuss all this in detail.
Tell him to go home and get ready for a thorough grilling later on, while we go home and collect our thoughts and change into more casual then the outfit that WE APPARENTLY WASTED SO MUCH TIME ON, then we meet up somewhere quiet and he answers our questions and explains all this shit.
THEN we'll think about this ritual.and maybe date
No. 721822 ID: 9cd11d

Being 'claimed' might be helpful, but would it really do anything? Any fanatical lunatics with their own claiming ritual? What happens if one of those dragon hunters goes rogue, any way to sever the relationship? There's a lot of questions you've gotta ask about this, and also what are his parents like? If they DID find this out are they going to try to kill you because that would be awkward!
No. 721854 ID: 93244f

Gonna have to go with these two here.
No. 721871 ID: 5ad4a7

Wait a minute how long range is the emotion sensing thing because that'll be weird when Ceri starts dating other people if it's active all the time and he can sense emotions from a long way away.
No. 721930 ID: 15a025

If he wishes to claim us, then he must earn us!
No. 721947 ID: 37936c

>Decline ritual, offer date
Politely refuse, but stay open to dating and the ritual while you verify what it is and all the ramifications of doing it. Be sure you're clear that you still consider him a good friend and are generally open to the idea of the ritual given the circumstances; you just want to check it out for yourself before agreeing to anything that's this seriously binding.

With the serious consequences that might accompany this choice (to say nothing of how this might mix with the forbidden life magics you're under), it's not unreasonable to do due diligence on what you're getting into before you do the ritual, even if your friend has the best of intentions.
No. 721952 ID: 37936c

Now that I notice the bonus options, I think my vote is actually closer to
>Date first, this stuff later
No. 721977 ID: b17b81

I'd wonder how stong the emotions they get from each other are. Too much and it could become a feedback loop. Date first. Consider how you feel about bein tied to him for life.
No. 721978 ID: fd78ec

No. 721981 ID: 02be9d

date first, this stuff later

have a giggle about how silly he is with the spear and armour and being serious and it's totally not revenge for laughing at you in dragon form.
No. 721999 ID: f562b1

I'd think if there's a lot to explain, Slinko would use the disthread.

Tell him you want to do the date first. Also, it had better not leave a mark, if you go home with a "tattoo", your dad will kill both of you. Double Homicide is not a fun idea.
No. 722287 ID: 395c02
File 146283300249.png - (127.22KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

Thoughts and feelings swell in your mind.

"I told you my deepest secret, trusted you as a friend. Your response is to run off, leaving me worried and all kinds of stressed out. Now you show up with a spear and talk of enslavement. How am I supposed to feel about all this?"

"I-I said I didn't want to enslave you!"

"No, you just want me to wear your mark."

"Ceri, it's not like..."

"Yesterday, you knew exactly what to say. You considered my feelings, made me feel safe. Today you threw that all away. And for what? My 'protection'? I ask again: how am I supposed to feel?"

"I was just-- I didn't--"
No. 722288 ID: 395c02
File 146283301487.png - (167.91KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

He drops his spear. "I thought this was the right thing to do. I'm sorry. I... I'll go."
No. 722289 ID: 395c02
File 146283303797.png - (146.57KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

He turns to leave, but you teleport in front of him. Not this time.


"Don't go. Just listen."

He hesitates, seemingly unsure what to do with himself.

"I'm not going to decline or accept your offer at a moment's notice, but that doesn't mean I don't like you or that I'd never accept it. I... Look. I know your heart is in the right place. But you're rushing things. You're expecting me to act on limited knowledge. I need time. Time to research this ritual, time to know how I feel about it. Besides, my dad would literally for real kill you if he found out."

"I understand." He says, beginning to move. You stop him.

"That doesn't mean you get to go home and leave me hanging two days in a row! I still need to test your worth before even considering this."

"Y-you want to fight?"

"There's more than one way to test a person."

You reach out your hand.

"I still like you, and I know you like me, too. So if you don't mind, I'd like that date now."
No. 722290 ID: 395c02
File 146283305073.png - (99.72KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

"...I'd like that too. I hope I can prove myself to you."

And with that, you've TAKEN CHARGE of the date. This is how things should be. You're a dragon. A leader. You give yourself a little D as a reward.
No. 722291 ID: 395c02
File 146283306220.png - (117.16KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

DATE MODE ACTIVATED. Ooh! A neat new interface!

Where do you go?

Let's have that walk in the forest. Time to see some sights!
Head to the lake. It's very relaxing.
Head to a nice restaurant. All this drama's made you hungry!
See a magic show. Magic shows are way better when real magic's involved.
Back to your room. Play some board games, draw some things... pretty much what you do as friends except as dates.
Ask Skif where he wants to go. Maybe you shouldn't take THAT much charge.

(From now on, please BOLD and/or DIRECTLY QUOTE the above options. Votes for more than 2 options will no longer be counted, unless it's a (VOTE 3) or such. The higher the suggestion count, the lower the odds that a vote for something not listed above are considered. Do so at your own risk! Single votes are still counted as 2 votes for 1 thing.)
No. 722293 ID: ec0bf5

You brought picnic supplies, right? Let's go adventuring in the forest!
No. 722294 ID: ffc055

No. 722298 ID: a075ba

>Head to the lake. It's very relaxing.
We brought picnic supplies, we should head somewhere we can use them.
No. 722301 ID: 91ee5f

I'm going to combine "Head to the lake" and "Ask Skif where he wants to go". That way we can have a picnic at the lake like we wanted and then we can go where Skif wants to go. We shall be equals in this relationship!

And I do hope Skif has a change of clothes with him. It's kinda hard to date him seriously if he's wearing a suit of armor and carrying a spear around. Ceridwen dressed up all nice, so it's only fair that he dresses up nice also!
No. 722302 ID: 8c00b3

Cerdiwen! NEVER anger a magician!

Then totally anger the magician.

Then dinner (buy something cheap and play with your food + magic).

Maybe a sleepover, I dunno.
No. 722307 ID: 2a7417

See a magic show.
No. 722310 ID: 2c3a5e

Forest or Magic Show

can't wait to see what that third meter is for.
No. 722313 ID: 6e2dec

Let's have that walk in the forest.
No. 722314 ID: 37936c

>See a magic show
>go to a restaurant

Though really, I don't think what you do matters as much as whether you have fun doing it together.
No. 722316 ID: e24dac

You brought picnic supplies, so Head to the lake to have a meal and a chat. Then Ask Skif where he wants to go.

I'd say head to the restaurant or a magic show, but Skif is still wearing armor.
No. 722319 ID: a075ba

The third meter is for tilde. It's right there, don't you see?~
No. 722321 ID: 4e9864

First, give Skif a chance to put away the spear and armor before the date, because he might not want to carry them around all evening. We can take the time, and perhaps he'd feel more comfortable that way. Plus, the spear is probably the kind of thing he shouldn't leave laying around; he wouldn't want it lost or purloined. If he doesn't want to go all the way home, we probably know a nice out-of-the-way hiding spot.

Then, go to the lake and enjoy a picnic. We packed picnic supplies for a reason, and we didn't want to go be uncomfortable at a restaurant for a first date. A picnic at the lake will give us more privacy, which we'll need for this kind of conversation. (And let's not make this us grilling him for information; we have lots of questions, but he probably does too.) Some time while we're at the lake, share the letter with him, too.
No. 722324 ID: 80c209

Go to the lake for a picnic.
No. 722328 ID: 6cb462

Maybe we should first get him to wear something more appropriate for the date. wearing Armor would kind of be ridiculous. Afterwards, magic show, yay.
No. 722332 ID: b6eeac



Specifically to test his competence! Which could also be done at the lake or on the way.

In particular, spend some time looking around, enjoying the scenery! Does he have an eye for the romantic? An eye for adventure? How is his cunning and his ability to ensure survival if he is going to be your protector-type?

Have him show you what he knows of things like fieldcraft, tracking, and nature lore, or even the magical uses of various herbs, as well as what he knows of spear and quarterstaff techniques.

See if he seems to know what he's doing in all of the above. Can he identify tracks of animals? Does he know the medicinal or magical use of various plants and whether they are safe to eat and tasty for different species? As he does a flourish or a drill for the spear or quarterstaff, is he doing lots of useless spinning and twirling and wide, arcing motions that it is hard to recover from, or does it seem to be mostly useful stabbing and hitting, and does he quickly go back to a guard position after an attack? Can he figure out a way to make this sort of obvious 'testing his competence in these things' fun or romantic or or cute or exciting for you? Can he make the spikes be not drawn to do things like rolls and other vigorous motions -- while still in armor?

And this is very, very important -- can he make himself look (smell?) very, very good while working up a sweat?
No. 722333 ID: f562b1

Did you forget the picnic supplies? The Lake would be a great spot for the picnic!

A Magic Show would also be good, before or after.
No. 722349 ID: 0c7bf6

Im also going with picnic at the lake! Ask if he has clothes on under his armor, or does he have to wear that the whole time?
No. 722352 ID: 350a50

No. 722364 ID: e06d93

Lake Picnic! - Though, if he wants time to stow his stuff and change to be more casual, totally.
No. 722368 ID: f6442a

Let's have that walk in the forest. Maybe you'll run into a foe for a dragon and dragonrider to face in battle!
No. 722378 ID: 8cc531

Lake Picnic!
No. 722388 ID: b50533

WALK IN THE FOREST to stretch your legs and unwind from everything that's happened before conveniently wandering into the perfect place for a PICNIC to put your lovingly packed meal to use!
No. 722394 ID: a6dc58

Head to the lake for a picnic then Ask Skif where he wants to go afterwards.
No. 722404 ID: 619c7c

Forest picnic!
No. 722406 ID: 3e182c

>Let's have that walk in the forest.
>Head to the lake.

Either Is fine for a Picnic and both have the potential for Raucous fun and steamy romance.
No. 722540 ID: 6cb462

What if we have a picnic at the magic show?
No. 722608 ID: 395c02
File 146301060123.png - (133.19KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

You remember your bag. "Oh! Why don't we head to the lake? I brought some PICNIC SUPPLIES."

"Really? How'd you fit it all in there?"

"Oh, you know. Dragon magic."

"I... uh. I see?"

"Oh, do you want to go home and change first? Your armor is a little..."

"Oh, it's fine. I'm wearing normal clothing underneath."
No. 722609 ID: 395c02
File 146301061671.png - (158.41KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

"Compared to you, I'll be rather under-dressed, but I hope you don't mind."
No. 722610 ID: 395c02
File 146301063135.png - (103.99KB , 800x600 , 83.png )

"Oh, no, that's... fine..."

He removes his armor piece by piece. You, um. You kind of enjoy watching.

When going to remove his breastplate, he accidentally removes his undershirt as well, giving you a pleasant view of his shirtless body.

"Whoops! Sorry," he says, putting his shirt back on.
No. 722611 ID: 395c02
File 146301064153.png - (110.92KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

Oh that's what the Tilde stat represents.

"No, thank you!" you say.


"I mean don't worry about it! Let's go!"
No. 722612 ID: 395c02
File 146301065278.png - (171.37KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

You head down to the lake. The air is very crisp here, and the sound of nature surrounds you. It's pleasant and relaxing. Your MOOD increases. You wish you had thought to bring a swimming suit...

You set up the picnic.

"Wow, this... this is nice," Skif says.

"Go ahead and sit down! Let's enjoy ourselves."

"Ah, yes, of course..."

Skif is acting kind of awkward. You can't blame him, considering what happened a little bit ago... but maybe you can help him relax?

What do you do?

Offer a massage. That'll relax him.
Directly feed him some food. You saw Daatra do this!
Engage in pleasant conversation. What do you say?
Show him the comic Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin will save the day!
No. 722613 ID: d1fde2

Show him the comic! discuss its themes and artistic merits
No. 722615 ID: a075ba

>"Oh, you know. Dragon magic."
I think that's just normal narrative magic. Or portal magic. (Although, arguably, any magic you possess is technically dragon magic).

>You wish you had thought to bring a swimming suit...
This just means skinny dipping is an option after the picnic.

>What do you do?
>Show him the comic
Nothing breaks the ice and awkwardness like a joke / something silly.

>Engage in pleasant conversation.
Then you can talk like normal human beings ordinary magic lizard-like things.

Maybe explore the secret lives you've both just revealed to each other? He's had secret dragon rider stuff, you've had secret dragon stuff, you can explore the details. (Like, when each of you found out about what, what you learned, etc).
No. 722616 ID: b3f404

show him the comic. Everyone is a tad nervous and awkward and a goofy icebreaker could do well putting you back on your normal states.
No. 722617 ID: eb385b

Offer a massage.
No. 722623 ID: a0cb83

Comic sounds good to ease tension.
No. 722630 ID: 350a50

Show him the comic.
No. 722631 ID: cab7d6

Body massage. Yeah.

If you go swimming, you can just polymorph into a mermaid to save your dress.
No. 722633 ID: 6e2dec

MASSAGE him and FEED him
No. 722638 ID: 6b4c01

Show him the comic, but explain the context and have a laugh about it, since it's not as applicable to the situation any more. Then Offer him a massage on the excuse of the armor probably being difficult to wear and him being tense.

These should remind him you are his old friend with the same interests and habits as always, and that you are a girl, respectively.
No. 722641 ID: 094652