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File 148659384079.png - (219.91KB , 1600x1200 , Rocktitle3.png )
778163 No. 778163 ID: 129f2e

((English translation follows))
Nos va ta trey bayle, et nos fais'nor doman-on yan ba "Rock". Ont, nos gols potecha utoth mo yan'yan'mal ba, et nos kos-vos (yan'nor) uruth nor'utoth ya. Ont, nor'uruth nor'utoth et nor'unoun doman-on kos ba. Et pos et pos et pos mo ba, pos et yan'yan'mal.

We're onto the third chapter, and we haven't learned much about this place. But we've saved a distressed damsel from a satanic torture realm and we've met a relatively friendly local. Some of the other locals have begun to take notice that we're here, though. And everyone on this rock seems to be some rancid flavor of asshole.

Starting officially with this chapter I'm adding a 'cheat sheet' to keep track of all the dumb little details, so that you don't have to. This sheet is publicly edited and does not require registration or anything- please add to it or change it or make comments or ask questions or do anything with it, any input (that isn't replacing it with ASCII penises) is hugely appreciated. I will shake your hand and/or give you a high five if I ever meet you in person and you've done something with the cheat sheet.

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Rock
Cheat Sheet: https://tinyurl.com/zaa4pnt
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No. 778164 ID: 129f2e
File 148659387433.png - (252.58KB , 1600x1200 , 265.png )

:rvalentine: not understand her. I'm not asking much! My gosh!

:rbolo2: Uh huh.

:rvalentinemad: And it's, just, it's the total contempt. I can't stand it! She has such an attitude about it!

:rbolo4: For sure.

:rbolo1: Iuaey'oauey'oieua'yuioa'yoaue'oayei

:rvalentine: If she shared, that's all I'm asking. We've given her everything! We make life here so easy! And she just, she spits in our faces! I know we can't just leave her, but, like...

:rbolo5: Right.

:rvalentine: I, just, where the heck is the decency? What kind of girls are they raising back there these days? None of the others have ever been like this.

:rbolo3: Totally.

:rvalentinemad: And I know you aren't going to step in, because I've always got to be the bad guy, every time I've got to be the bad guy!

:rbolo1: I know.

:rbolo4: Yeoia'yuioa'OAYEI

:rvalentinemad: Nothing would ever get done without me, you know! If it weren't for
No. 778165 ID: 129f2e
File 148659388788.png - (266.66KB , 1600x1200 , 266.png )

:rvalentinedrugged1: GHhRkhnnNGn!!

:rbolomouthopen: Naow, Lishen'!

:rvalentinedrugged1: Aughhnn...!

:rbolo2: What you absolutely need to do is relax, honey buns.
No. 778166 ID: 129f2e
File 148659389865.png - (254.40KB , 1600x1200 , 267.png )

:rbolo1: You worry so much! Too much! Nobody likes bad times. I don't like bad times. You shouldn't like bad times, sweetness.

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~U- uh huh...~

:rbolo5: So how about we go make some good times, huh? Take it easy, slide some tension right off your beautiful shoulders?

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~Y, yeah! Please...~

:rbolo4: Yeah. That's a good girl! We'll get some real good vibes rolling in here.
No. 778180 ID: ba506f

we interrupting something?
No. 778185 ID: 188451

Hey hey, make sure you lock any doors before this goes further. Wouldn't want anyone else to intrude, eh?
No. 778191 ID: 4854ef

Uh huh "Good Vibes"... Hey where the hell are we, Can anyone hear us?
No. 778199 ID: 7b7ab3

Slow down there, green jeans.
That ain't the kinda shenanigans we're keen on round these parts.
No. 778207 ID: 094652

Howdy do, are we interrupting your date-rape? Oh wait, you're not actually putting your [tentacle] in her [flower], are you? Please excuse us, we were just visiting OF COURSE WE'RE MAD.

This is your FRIEND, Mister Bolo. Please don't rape your friends. Even if she is a prideful 8!+(#.

Can we trade info? We have a really good deal for you: stuff we learned from THE information broker, in exchange for a penny question:

WHERE THE @#$% ARE WE?! I mean the large asteroid which is currently the largest gravitational force influencing you right now, stupid.
No. 778284 ID: d79f26

sure you should be doing that with those static worms over there?
No. 778292 ID: 9145ba

come here often?
No. 778306 ID: 67d5dc

You know, you really should listen to Valentine more. This type of thing will keep popping up, drug kisses or no.
No. 778307 ID: 493949

Looks like things are about to get a little "dream of the fishermans wife" around here. You've got some interesting symbology in the back there too. Perhaps you and your pal had some practice recently, to flesh out some of the more "gory" details?
No. 778317 ID: 9dc26d

Every Kome post is a delight

So you're Bolo then? You look like a cross between a squid and Kermit the Frog. That's not necessarily a bad thing, people love Kermit.
No. 778542 ID: 129f2e
File 148676783038.png - (252.21KB , 1600x1200 , 268.png )

:rbolo3: Eaoui'yuioa'yoaue'oayei
No. 778543 ID: 129f2e
File 148676784109.png - (259.06KB , 1600x1200 , 269.png )

:rVictorA: [[We also hear them.]]

:rVictorC: [[They are not the result of your considerable inebriation.]]

:rbolo4: Holy fuck! How long have you been creepin' back there?

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~Hah hah, what are you hearing...?~
No. 778544 ID: 129f2e
File 148676784997.png - (257.91KB , 1600x1200 , 270.png )

:rbolo2: Alright, well. Can't say I've seen weirder but fuck it, we're on the Rock! All sorts of shit happens here. Hell. You're even asking about where you are, like every newbie. Nothing different.

:rbolo1: You're in Trenchtown! This is my town, and this is my bar.

:rvictorB: [[Calling this a 'town' stretches the word beyond any measure of credibility.]]

:rvictorA: [['Bar' also implies far more than what is available.]]

:rbolo4: Hey- it's about the closest thing you're going to get on this chunk of dirt, my fine phallic friends.

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~Hey! I wanna screw.~

:rbolo3: I know you do, sweetness. But we've got some newbies. Gotta deal with them first.

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~That's not fair!~

:rbolo1: It'll take two minutes, beautiful. So what the hell are you? Some kinda... thought alien? Don't have a body? That's a bitch. You're missing out without a nice, curvy, sensual body, trust me. I'm missing out, too.
No. 778548 ID: ba506f

what are we.... hmm.

I'd say we are a collection of shoulder angels and demons that do to a shipping error all get sent to the same guy and now in a half assed half panicked attempt to get everyone where they were actually meant to go we're getting sling shotted across space and time to random people till either someone back at HQ grows a brain or by some miracle we actually land back at the people we were meant to be assigned to.

my assignment was to help so poor lost soul to decide whether he should use his last few bucks to invest into the stock market and rebuild his riches that way or to buy a gun and rob a bank.
No. 778550 ID: 27c0bb

We are here to watch your whole life turn into shit in the next few hours, then save you.
No. 778558 ID: 4854ef

Random thought aliens that has been stuck with someone for a long time, and now we're just suddenly being tossed about this place back and forth between people..

You however are new to us at least, given that the previous people we were shoved off too we knew through our previous fellow we know.
No. 778561 ID: 5b92ed

I think this is the guy who was knocking on the door in the last thread. He's got the tentacle head thing going on. So we sort of know him.
No. 778564 ID: 4854ef


Oh your right! He was the one knocking on the door wasn't he. Looking to help out "Newbies". Yeah we met you earlier then!

When you were talking to our previously distressed friends earlier, and this must be the "Double D's"
No. 778567 ID: 6f7ca1

Hmmm, i think before we came here we were just a bunch of voices inside someones head.
No. 778571 ID: 094652

We're a collection of random entities (mostly mortals, like your personal slut here) that found this random connection hub on their communication network, and now we check in and give communication abilities and suggestions to various clients that the hub has access to for entertainment.

Also known as, we're bored and bugging you is fun.

That's putting it lightly. Fate does not tend to smile upon those we observe. Again, because we're bored and whatever is giving us the power to observe your world wants to put on a good show for the audience. The ones with poor reception and low quality visuals tend to get the slapstick treatment, so we just throw out a bunch of pie bombs and wait for the explosion. But the good news is, since this show plays out like a media publicized D&D session, if things get TOO disastrous the usual response from the screenwriters is that we get a lucky break to give the world a reticular bypass. So don't worry about the ROCK exploding into tiny bits just five minutes in.

Worry about surviving the drama scene that occurs afterwards.

Dude, I think she's a size Q.

I see you have a nice thing going here. So about those three - we've seen other talking worms, from a different sector. Let me guess, billions of years old, but uplifted less than five years ago? Haven't heard from him or his partner in a long time. We don't know much about our worm guy because HE didn't know much about himself either (know-it-all technically-older-than-you type). So if you could give us some pointers?

The survivors you found just got here yesterday, we've been helping them since they woke up. I advised against accepting help from YOU guys because you could have been a hack-and-slash adventuring party with no respect for unarmed civilians. And oh look, we were probably right - you're a rapist. Now they're armed and we can begin transactions.

And now for a few courtesies. Please give your friend a dildo. Please do not have sex while we're watching. And if your dick is filled with rusty spikes and you show it to us we CAN and WILL fill your brains with mind-rotting elliptic garbage by throwing old random BLINDING AND BLARING TV clips into your psychic nerve over and over and over. Okay?
No. 778664 ID: a393d5

Raper no Raping!
Seriously man as glorious as dem tits is don't, its not worth it trust me.
No. 778667 ID: 493949

We are an ethereal collective of extradimensional individuals who attempt to assist those we are in contact with. We dont really have any control over whose thoughts we inhabit however, in fact we used to be in the mind of the person who was in the building with the satanic symbols you passed earlier when you were singing that sea-shanty.

So how popular are blood hargesting cults around here?
No. 778669 ID: 9f3729

We're the ghosts of impotence. We're here to ruin your ability to get wet and wild.
Did you know that there are worms in some of the rivers of our homeworld that detect pee to hunt? And that those same worms often swim up people urinating in the river to lay eggs in their dick?
No. 778680 ID: 188451

A collection of random personalities bundled together that hop from place to place. We tend to help people with their goals in exchange for a bit of entertainment. Nice to meet you?
No. 779330 ID: 129f2e
File 148702729270.png - (224.36KB , 1600x1200 , 271.png )

:rbolo5: Oyiae'iyoau'oayei - Take it easy! This ain't rape! Believe me my friends, if I didn't give Val here a little push, she'd never unwind. She's too uptight! Aren't you, sweetness?

:rvalentinedrugged2: ~Are we gonna fuck or what?!~

:rbolo3: See? What'd I tell you? She wants it. Nobody likes bad times. She relaxes, I relax, everyone has a good time! Don't worry about it, girls. We've done it a million times.

>So about those three - we've seen other talking worms, from a different sector. Let me guess, billions of years old, but uplifted less than five years ago? Haven't heard from him or his partner in a long time.
:rvictorB: [[Entirely correct. We miss Vicky.]]
:rvictorC: [[But she's been forgotten. We have been also. We hope we will be remembered again.]]
:rvictorB: [[It does not matter. At the moment we are here, not there. We have not been here long.]]

:rbolo5: Yeah... these guys! No idea what they're on, just that they won't share it. They've only been here a couple days. Practically everyone here's a newbie by the way, people just pass on through. First lesson about the Rock.

:rbolo2: Anyway! So... you may be some kinda bodiless thought things peering in on us? Still not sure what you are, although I'm definitely getting that there's a bunch of you, 'cause you're all giving me different answers. Doesn't matter! Everyone is welcome at Trenchtown!

:rbolo3: I really should give you girls the tour. Get you settled in! Tell you about the Rock, all that newbie stuff. What do you say? Not sure how much you'll get out of the facilities, but hey! Maybe you can tell your friends at the motel about us, get them on over. Or at least you can hang out with the other girls here. Give us a bit of privacy, huh?
No. 779339 ID: 094652

Hate to break it to you buddy, but willing sex under mind control or drugs is still rape. Unless the person involved is of sound mind and legally permitted to make any and all of their own decisions, the sex is not considered consensual.

>We miss Vicky
What... happened to her? The heist! What happened during the heist?!

>What do
Can we talk to those three for a few minutes?
No. 779348 ID: cdddb5

I dunno about the others but alright, maybe launch us into the trouble-case miss uptight there mentioned so we can work while you get her unwound eh?
No. 779368 ID: 01134a

this still looks like a rape of both the body and the mind.
No. 779376 ID: e136ae

It's pretty clear these two are already in a relationship by the prior conversation. Give them some bloody space, they'll be more likely to talk post-coitus.
No. 779390 ID: 8cb228

So, she pre-consented, when of sound mind, earlier, for you to regularly do the mind thing on her and have sex with her? What was the agreement exactly?
No. 779408 ID: e136ae

You want to know the more mundane version of that would be? When my wife was alive she had a favourite cologne. I'd throw that on and nibble her neck and it had a similar effect. Other versions include "getting the wife a drink". Our voices are coming in out of nowhere and frankly I think he's being pretty chill about having the mood stomped on.
No. 779437 ID: d79f26

okay the, try to send us to someone you know.
No. 780845 ID: 129f2e
File 148745566421.png - (191.66KB , 1600x1200 , 272.png )

:rbolo5: Yeah, she consented, pretty much! Don't worry about it!

:rbolo2: Yeah, anyway. Sending you guys off sounds great. Ideal! Only problem is I've got no idea how to do that.

:rvictorB: [[We can facilitate this exchange.]]

:rvictorC: [[Manipulating the positioning of the chorus is one thing we have practice in.]]

:rbolo4: Uh... if I'm understanding you right, then that's perfect! You all can hang out with the newbie for now. I'll absolutely come and show you around the place in just a little while.

:rbolo1: Alright, right this way! Come on! Come on!
No. 780846 ID: 129f2e
File 148745570394.png - (149.72KB , 1600x1200 , 273.png )

:rbolo3: Heyo Demrin! What's up?

:rbolo1: ...No, nothing? Alrighty! You enjoy yourself back there! ... Looks like we're missing the other newbie, whatshername. Whatever! She's probably out exploring the Rock.
No. 780848 ID: 129f2e
File 148745571735.png - (120.43KB , 1600x1200 , 274.png )

:rbolo2: Heyo, beautiful!

:rsoothinking: Oh, it's this douche bag.

:rsoo: Hi there, handsome!

:rsoothinking: Least it's not the fat pig come sniffing around.

:rsoo: Mn, something I can do for you?

:rbolo3: I'm going to need you to hang out with some of my friends for awhile. You think you can do that for me?

:rsoothinking: Fuck off, I don't need this right now...

:rsooquestioning: Sure! But it's just, I'm trying to have a good time here right now, you know? You sure you can't get that, uh, 'Demrin' to help you out?

:rbolo5: They asked for you, beautiful. Take it as a compliment!
No. 780852 ID: 9145ba

Jack's not gonna have to go undercover like you to work here, is he?

This worm guy can help you, new host, in one of two ways. One, he can pass us off on someone else, again. Two, ah, just use your imagination.
No. 780858 ID: 094652

YOU ARE EVEN CREEPIER THAN THIS DOUCHEBAG. We'll leave you alone, but be sure to answer our questions. Later. Much later. Because ew.

Yeah, maybe we should go outside now. We'll stick to Victor for the moment, I want to ask him a few questions. Last we saw him, he was just outside the bank using a corpse phalanx against the local S.W.A.T. team.
No. 781186 ID: bb6b66

So, what's your story miss trouble case?
No. 781216 ID: d79f26

hey, please try to ignore the shouting. we're couple o drifters that got here with a new guy.
No. 781232 ID: ba506f

who do the red feet belong to?

sup, not finding this place to your liking, can't say I really blame you.
No. 781236 ID: a2f231

Can we maybe go with the orange feet creature instead?
No. 783457 ID: 129f2e
File 148823817326.png - (136.03KB , 1600x1200 , 275.png )

:rsooshocked: What the fuck is this?

:rsoo: Uh- uh, Mister- uh--

:rbolo2: Sorry, cupcake. Shoulda warned you! They're thought aliens. Can't see them! But they can see you.

:rsooshocked: Motherfucker if I knew I was going to get gawked at by fucking thought aliens on top of this asshole I wouldn't have taken my fucking pants off!

:rsoo: Oh! So, your friends, uh...
No. 783458 ID: 129f2e
File 148823819162.png - (189.59KB , 1600x1200 , 276.png )

:rsoo: Wh- what do I do with them?

:rbolo4: I've got no idea! Just keep 'em entertained! I really have to go, beautiful. Have fun!
No. 783459 ID: 129f2e
File 148823820111.png - (150.42KB , 1600x1200 , 277.png )

:rvictorC: [[Do not worry Miss Duplicitous, they wish to speak to the Demrin person-]]

:rmysteryperson: HSSSSHHAAHHH!!
No. 783460 ID: 129f2e
File 148823821602.png - (157.61KB , 1600x1200 , 278.png )

:rvictorC: [[However I do not think that is an option at this juncture in time.]]

>>We'll stick to Victor for the moment, I want to ask him a few questions. Last we saw him, he was just outside the bank using a corpse phalanx against the local S.W.A.T. team.
:rvictorB: [[We could talk of ourselves if we could remember, but we can not. To be frank you likely remember more then anyone else here does. We hope that eventually we will come back again and be remembered but for now we are here and we are not there.]]
No. 783461 ID: 129f2e
File 148823822474.png - (128.75KB , 1600x1200 , 279.png )

:rsooshocked: So... so, uh, the voices aren't you, uh... guys?

:rvictorA: [[No.]]

:rsoo: I didn't think so, they don't sound like you. You've both got that 'brain talking' thing going on, but, you're, like, high pitched, and they all have this same deep voice saying different things. It's weird.

:rsooquestioning: So... what do they want?

:rvictorC: [[They mainly like to help solve problems. Do you have anything you need help with?]]

:rsoothinking: Maybe they could get that fat fucking slag off my back for once.

:rsoo: Not really! Nothing I can think of!

:rvictorA: [[They can see your thoughts. So can we, for that matter.]]

:rsooshocked: O- oh! Uh..

:rvictorC: [[Miss Valentine is not available for scheming at the moment in any case. Perhaps you could start by telling them about yourself.]]

:rsooquestioning: What, like, my life story? I don't know, there's not much to say... I was hitchhiking, I spent a night in a cheap motel, I woke up here. The green guy says I'll leave in a week or so like most newbies so I'm just drinking and drugging and trying to keep the fuck away from all the weird shit going on here. Like talking to goddamn worms and japanese porn monsters and invisible people.
No. 783462 ID: 9f3729

HEY, that's offensive! We prefer "fucking aetheric shitwhistles", thank you very much!
NAHHH but really, don't worry. We're loud and annoying but we're not outwardly horrible. Most of the time. Collectives, yanno?

ANYHOW, you seem like you could use a good blunt right now. Is space weed a thing? Let's make it our interim goal to find you some space weed so you can unload that anxiety a bit.
No. 783464 ID: ba506f

> I spent a night in a cheap motel, I woke up here.
weird, that's the same thing that happened to the other guy we were helping before we stumble across here. Did you find a portal in the closet that lead to hell as well. Because if you did I say you were very wise in trying to stay the fuck away form all the weird shit. Also what do he mean you would leave in a week? Did he mean you'd pop back to wherever the hell you originally came from, that he'd kick you out, or that something else would come by and collect you?
No. 783475 ID: ba506f

also triangle victor, you alright? Didn't mean for you to poke your head in their, just was asking if you know who that guy was not to wake him up. Hope your mask is ok.
No. 783481 ID: 094652

There might be some underlying connection between each motel room, something that causes the phase shift.

Did you find an eldritch bible in the room? Our guy did.
No. 783487 ID: d79f26

new guy is who we came in with, was with a, uhh, prostitute, in a cheap motel. she went into the closet and it turned into a portal to a hell zone and she was kinda horribly tortured, then we staged a rescue. flip side we learned some magic, got the runes for immortality, painlessness, and "eject all your blood". i do not recommend that last one.
No. 783495 ID: 9145ba

I don't think leaving entails returning to where you were... Might want to put your big boy pants on and set yourself up to survive longer than a week. Also never stay in a cheap motel again. Have you been outside?
No. 783496 ID: 9145ba

Oh yeah, and what's up with that lady at the bar? You know who she is?
No. 783531 ID: dcc44a

So. This is some kind of alien brothel aye?

1: Are you and the other girls being held here against your will?
2: Who is the boss man, and what does he look like. You mentioned something about a pig?
No. 783543 ID: 343609

I uploaded (major portions of) my language notes to the "cheatsheet". unfortunately the site didn't want to cooperate with my tablet and so I seem to have left a mess in the bestiary section which I can't remove. So if someone else can clean that up that'd be great.
No. 783883 ID: 129f2e
File 148840521764.png - (120.83KB , 1600x1200 , 280.png )

>also triangle victor, you alright?
:rvictorC: [[Oh, yes. It's only a mask, do not worry. I am fine.]]

> new guy is who we came in with, was with a, uhh, prostitute, in a cheap motel. she went into the closet and it turned into a portal to a hell zone and she was kinda horribly tortured, then we staged a rescue. flip side we learned some magic, got the runes for immortality, painlessness, and "eject all your blood". i do not recommend that last one.
:rsooshocked: If there's giant talking worms here I can believe in magic and 'hell zones' and stuff too? Why not. That sounds rough, I hope she's okay?

>Did you find an eldritch bible in the room? Our guy did.
:rsooquestioning: 'Eldritch'? I don't really read hotel room bibles, is that, like... mormons, or something?

>I don't think leaving entails returning to where you were...
:rsooquestioning: Entails is like, 'means', right? Uhm, I don't know what it 'entails' either. The girl who was here when I got here, she got her week and just disappeared. Like, while I was talking to her. Bolo says we go home, and I guess I don't have any reason to not think that.

>Have you been outside?
:rsoo: Well, duh. I didn't wake up here here.

>So. This is some kind of alien brothel aye?
:rsooshocked: No! What? You think... I'm not that kind of a girl! It's, like... it's like a hotel, kind of. There's a little farm and stuff in the back, so they call it a 'town', but this and the bar, that's really it. Bolo runs it with his bitch of a girlfriend. He said it's free, but then she comes in...

:rsoothinking: Fucking porkchop cunt.

>ANYHOW, you seem like you could use a good blunt right now. Is space weed a thing? Let's make it our interim goal to find you some space weed so you can unload that anxiety a bit.
:rsoo: That's the thing! I've got like, a little bit left. And I've only been here two days, so if I don't want to run out I've got to use like, nothing. I've got a itty bitty baggie of weed, I've got some vodka and a bit of heroin, but nothing to inject it with, which sucks. Snorting it is crap. Anyway, the fat bitch wanted me to give up my stuff, like, even though Bolo already said it was all cool. She thinks I'd be cool with their stupid shitty mould booze instead, like, what the fuck.
No. 783917 ID: ba506f

eh, I'd suggest you stay away form the heroin. Crap is expensive as all hell and once you get hooked to that crap their's no real way of getting off it. Booze and weed are fine since they're relatively cheap and only fuck you over if you take way to much at once but yeah getting off topic here. Also speaking of off topic dare I ask what the local booze is like?

Also Vics, how long have you three been here?
No. 783946 ID: 094652

>she got her week and just disappeared
Has it occurred to you that you may be dead in your home dimension? And that this dimension's magic is (A) the only thing keeping everyone here alive and (B) it stops working when you go back? Personally, I'm even more worried about where you'll actually go when you phase out.

Like a random point in the known universe.

At an entry velocity that would relatively vaporize you on impact if you somehow entered in the atmosphere of a random planet and not, say, the vast emptiness of space.

This place is hell but using up your week means you could die instantly from the return trip. You might want to look into that.

>@#$%ing porkchop cunt
Her 'boyfriend' rapes her on a daily basis. You may angst now.

>Want drugs
You're in luck! Our main client is a pharmacist. We got syringes and pills and medkits and all that good medical ^&*(. No painkillers though, we had to use them all on this snake guy with fifth-degree burns and that blood purge rune.

Got anything worth trading beyond drugs, or are you willing to work on our payroll?
No. 784005 ID: 9145ba

Have you considered that you're pouring valuable trade goods down the drain? Some people would kill for a good smoke. Instead, why not convince them to NOT kill you and walk away with something of theirs too? In fact, I wouldn't go around flaunting all that wealth if I were you...
No. 784257 ID: 858759

>No painkillers though, we had to use them all on this snake guy with fifth-degree burns and that blood purge rune.
Did we actually use any of those? He started choking Nouille before we could I think. We still have that slime juice too, for that matter.
No. 785493 ID: 129f2e
File 148883960381.png - (144.15KB , 1600x1200 , 281.png )

>eh, I'd suggest you stay away form the heroin. Blah blah blah you'll get hooked blah blah
:rsoothinking: Alright, thanks, dad. I'll totally keep that in mind.

>dare I ask what the local booze is like?
:rsoo: I dunno, I haven't tried it. But it's made out of mould. Fuck that.

>Have you considered that you're pouring valuable trade goods down the drain?
:rsoo: Trade it with who? This is, like, it. There's Pam, she's out doing something but she'll be back later, and there's that little village of aliens with "needle faces" but apparently they're a bunch of assholes or something because Bolo keeps saying I should stay away from them. Other then that, there's nobody on this fucking rock.

>This place is hell but using up your week means you could die instantly from the return trip. You might want to look into that.
:rsooquestioning: Uh, alright. How? What the hell do you want me to do about it? Bolo's been around for years apparently and he has no idea what's going on.

>You're in luck! Our main client is a pharmacist. We got syringes and pills and medkits and all that good medical ^&*(.
>Got anything worth trading beyond drugs, or are you willing to work on our payroll?
:rsooshocked: Oh, so the new guy has stuff? Cool! ... Shit. I've got sixty bucks. That's not gonna buy much. Uhm, fuck.
No. 785494 ID: 9f3729

Hm, and you're probably not gonna be able to trade sex for it either since he let go of one of his nuts to keep that other prostitute alive too.

Dang. what skills do you got?
No. 785495 ID: 3abd97

>But it's made out of mould. Fuck that.
Hey, it works with cheeses. And where do you think penicillin comes from?
No. 785497 ID: 094652


>Sixty bucks
Paper money won't be worth more than paper and bandages, what else do you have? And if you think you have trash tell us anyway.
No. 785499 ID: 9dc26d

Sake is made by fermenting rice with mold.

Anyway Soo I've heard worse plans than bunkering up and waiting out your time. But if you want the new guy's help, you're going to need to meet him. He's sorting shit out with the others he arrived with, still outside a ways from here.
No. 785500 ID: ba506f

so quick question, what happens if your stay here last longer then a week? I mean you only seen one person leave after a week, what happens if it's different for everyone? Like that one chick only stuck around for a week, some other dill weed only showed up for 3 days, BUT THAT JERK OFF was here for a whopping 2 months. Just saying. Also how long has Valentine been her? the red head with the purple sweater?
No. 785518 ID: e136ae

>:rsooshocked: Oh, so the new guy has stuff? Cool! ... Shit. I've got sixty bucks. That's not gonna buy much. Uhm, fuck.

Well... he might just be glad to see another human to be honest. You might not need to worry about money.
No. 785524 ID: 70983e

Rectangle worm's hiding behind his mask. Aww, he's shy and it's cute. I think he's got a crush on you.
No. 786075 ID: 129f2e
File 148900715614.png - (144.70KB , 1600x1200 , 282.png )

>Sake is made by fermenting rice with mold.
:rsooquestioning: Oh, really? Well I guess it's a good thing I'm not Japanese, huh?

>so quick question, what happens if your stay here last longer then a week? I mean you only seen one person leave after a week, what happens if it's different for everyone?
:rsoo: Bolo said people either leave after about a week, or they stay for way longer. Like, months, or years. But he told me most people stay for a week. It's aliens who stay for ages. Like Demrin, or Bolo, or probably these worm guys. Although the porker's been here for years apparently, so apparently it can happen to people too.

>trade sex for it
>"other" prostitute
:rsooshocked: Uhm, yeah. I'm gonna just ignore that.

>Dang. what skills do you got?
:rsoo: Well! I'm a people person. I'm really good at being what people want me to be. Like, if someone's looking to do something nice and get a warm fuzzy feeling for helping a poor, crying girl, maybe give her a ride and some money to get her on her feet... I can totally be that poor, crying girl. Uhm... I'm also pretty good at gymnastics I guess, if you want a rope climbed or someone to spin around a bar or something I can totally do that.

>what else do you have? And if you think you have trash tell us anyway.
:rsoothinking: Let's see... I've got my make-up, lipstick, mirror, my phone, a pack of gum, toothpicks, kleenex, some hairbands, my wallet, safety pins, a flashlight, a hairbrush, some like, receipts and stuff. Oh, plus the stuff I took out already, my drugs, my nail clipper, my, uh, women's stuff. Plus I've got a spare set of clothes, 'cause you never know. And vodka.
No. 786076 ID: 129f2e
File 148900717133.png - (152.24KB , 1600x1200 , 283.png )

>Aww, he's shy and it's cute. I think he's got a crush on you.
:rsooamused: Does he now? Whatcha up to back there?

:rvictorA: [[Nothing! It was purely physical, I was... flexing, my neck? Purely to work out a kink.]]

:rvictorC: [[Really, Victor?]]

:rvictorB: [[This is strange. We are biologically asexual. But perhaps he has taken on some aspect of regular libido. I could not begin to hypothesize why. But then I do not know why we are three instead of one, either.]]
No. 786077 ID: b15da4

Do the worm.
No. 786110 ID: 980ed4

I'm not sure what breakdancing is going to accomplish.
No. 786115 ID: 9f3729

Being mildly worm-racist is probably what it'll do
No. 786116 ID: 9f3729

Being mildly worm-racist is probably what it'll do
No. 786122 ID: 4854ef

It could be our connection? At the very least given our former association with first victor.

Then again given this world it seems like things do tend to change unknowingly, or it could be a new mutation.

No. 786129 ID: ba506f

so to the three vics, Are all of you the same or do all of you have little quirks that make you stand out from the other two? Rectangle Vic seems to more bashful then the other 2, have any of you notice the other vics do something that you normally wouldn't do?
No. 786165 ID: d79f26

you could be the three mind types, (it just has little effect on you compared to what a human would be like if they were split), the Ego, the Super-Ego, and the Id
No. 786274 ID: 094652

You remember when the Chaos god bisected himself and each half turned into a giant-breasted chick? I figure whatever magicks he used to do that irradiated you and caused a delayed-reaction that activated when you somehow came to THIS quest.

So now one of you is a boy worm. Or a lesbian worm. Or just attracted to women. Whatever. Point is, eldritch powers make the unthinkable your current reality.
No. 786279 ID: e136ae

Would anyone know by chance how to re-sew someone back together in a way that they will recover fully? Because we currently have two such cases and they're both still alive. Just one is an asshole so we're really only concerned with helping the one who isn't.
No. 786349 ID: 5810eb

Putting aside Victor's burgeoning sexuality for a second, do we want to invite an admitted scam artist into the party? Especially if there's apparently nobody around to scam but us.
No. 789522 ID: 129f2e
File 149021438057.png - (155.86KB , 1600x1200 , 284.png )

>so to the three vics, Are all of you the sa
:rsoo: Those voice guys are, like, tied to you guys, right?

:rvictorC: [[Actually ]]

:rsoo: Well can you come along then?

:rvictorA: [[Yes.]]
No. 789523 ID: 129f2e
File 149021439032.png - (163.93KB , 1600x1200 , 285.png )

>so to the three vics, Are all of you the same or do all of you have little quirks that make you stand out from the other two?
:rvictorC: [[This is the first we have noticed.]]

:rvictorB: [[Until this point we have acted in perfect tandem. This is the cause of our concern.]]
No. 789528 ID: 129f2e
File 149021450901.png - (142.78KB , 1600x1200 , 286.png )

> you could be the three mind types, (it just has little effect on you compared to what a human would be like if they were split), the Ego, the Super-Ego, and the Id
:rvictorB: [[This could be. We are somewhat... muted. Our kind does not usually experience emotions, with the exception of a very rudimentary form of fear.]]

:rvictorC: [[Then again our kind also does not usually experience sentient thought. We are an exception.]]
No. 789529 ID: 129f2e
File 149021451681.png - (135.26KB , 1600x1200 , 287.png )

>Would anyone know by chance how to re-sew someone back together in a way that they will recover fully? Because we currently have two such cases and they're both still alive. Just one is an asshole so we're really only concerned with helping the one who isn't.
:rvictorC: [[There is nobody with those skills in this encampment. Perhaps someone within the Vir'Kos tribe might be knowledgeable enough, however only Bolo has had any real contact with them, and even that has been very limited, so we do not know. Our Demrin may be able to improvise a satisfactory job, as she is very intelligent. But it is not her field of expertise.]]
No. 789530 ID: 129f2e
File 149021452620.png - (177.13KB , 1600x1200 , 288.png )

:rsoo: Alrighty, boys and worms! Where are we headed? I want to meet this pharmacist.
No. 789533 ID: 0555b9

Try doing an aerial survey of this hellscape for a big concrete rectangle. Can flying circle-worm give you a lift? (I hope rectangle-Victor doesn't get jealous!)
No. 789577 ID: d79f26

should be a single motel room out in the wastes somewhere. is that smoke off in the distance over there?
No. 789623 ID: 094652

Okay, the tower is on the far right, the motel is about five miles away from the tower, and this area seems to be about fifteen miles away. So it's in the general direction of the tower.

Here's something you can do: Jack's van is stuck in a valley. Get it out and back to the motel intact, and you can have all the drugs in the van. That's left of the direction from the tower to the van, so go for the smoke and hopefully it isn't being raided for supplies right now.
No. 790194 ID: 6acda0

Dude, you don't tell her where the drug stash is, then say she can have some if she returns it to us. That's our bargaining chip. Well hopefully Jack's hidden them or something so she can't just grab them and run.
No. 790250 ID: 094652

Didn't Nouille take all the good stuff already? And Jack doesn't leave any of his hard drugs in the van, so she still needs a chemist like Jack to cook the remaining medicine into drug format.
No. 790272 ID: 9dc26d

With some glassware, fungus, mold, and household chemicals I bet all sorts of fun stuff can be prepared.
No. 791477 ID: 129f2e
File 149081874766.png - (170.79KB , 1600x1200 , 289.png )

>so she can't just grab them and run.
:rsooquestioning: Woah! What kind of a girl do you take me for? I don't just steal stuff!

:rsoothinking: Not until after fuckers start making shit difficult, anyway.

:rsooshocked: ...Oh, wait, crap. You guys can read minds, can't you? Uh-

>Can flying circle-worm give you a lift?
:rvictorB: [[No, I cannot. I am too weak. However, I believe we can.]]

:rvictorC: [[Please remain calm, Ms. Soo Jung.]]

:rsoo: Woah- woah hey! Hey!!
No. 791478 ID: 129f2e
File 149081876857.png - (135.02KB , 1600x1200 , 290.png )

:rsooshocked: Put me down put me down PUT ME DOWN

:rvictorB: [[Do not worry. The reduced gravity on this planetoid means, should we drop you, you may sustain minor bruising, or perhaps not even that. You are perfectly safe.]]

:rsoothinking: Oh... crap, I always forget that. It doesn't feel like low gravity. ... Well, jeez, you could at least ask me before lifting me!

:rvictorA: [[We apologize!]]

:rsoo: ... The view from up here is kind of nice.

>Try doing an aerial survey of this hellscape for a big concrete rectangle.
:rsooquestioning: Okay, there's a couple waaaay out there... oh, but this one here's got people in front of it. And it's much closer.
No. 791479 ID: 129f2e
File 149081877402.png - (24.66KB , 1600x1200 , 291.png )

No. 791480 ID: 129f2e
File 149081880157.png - (229.67KB , 1600x1200 , 292.png )

:rkatereally: just a little bit embarrassed?

:rjackmortified: Well... they don't fit you...

:rkatereally: Yeah, you're right! I actually needed the goddamn stretchy ones. Like, sure, your stuff's long enough, but, come the fuck on!

:rjackembarrassed: I... what do you want from me? That's what I've got!

:rkatereally: Yeah, and what you've got is a bunch of clothes fitted for a big skinny fuckin' toothpick. Like, how much do you fuckin' weigh, dude?

:rjackembarrassed: Uh, something like-

:rkatereally: This shit should be baggy as hell on me. I mean, I'm pretty skinny. But I've never seen someone as skinny as you. You gotta get some fuckin' meat on you, man!
No. 791483 ID: c31aac

Oh fuck howd you get her back together? Also, ratchett-ass ho inbound, we called in help
No. 791492 ID: 4854ef

Kate's lookin' good! Pair of pants, shirt do quite well on her if I do say so myself.

Also yeah we kinda mindshifted to another person, we also discovered who that was that was inviting us to a place earlier. They kinda off but they were genuine about the offer of a place to stay.
No. 791493 ID: ba506f

what the fuck did we miss? last we saw kate was split in two. Also look up and tell me what you see. You should be getting some company soon of the hopefully non-asshole kind.
No. 791497 ID: d79f26

should be some giant worms flying in with a girl, they are cool so don't freak out.
No. 791519 ID: 70983e

Wow, you really helped her pull herself together! Well we've been busy too, and we found a settlement of sorts. Also talking worms with no sense of personal space. Here they come now!

Say, I wonder if miss Jung really speaks English... well, even if she doesn't we've got three telepaths and one language shaman. We'll get along just fine! ...Right?
No. 791547 ID: 70983e

Since we're back, Kate, did you always wear your hair like that?
No. 791574 ID: 094652

Jack, incoming worm-helicopter holding another human scumgirl!

Okay, time to explain: the girl's a wandering junkie, the three worms are Victor and they're old contacts of ours; his boss was one of our clients a few years back. Victor has psychic powers, an over-inflated ego, is mentally younger than he seems, USED to be a single giant worm, and we lost contact with him during a heist on an elven bank.

Also, his patron god/goddess is an insane shapeshifting blob, which explains a lot.
No. 792038 ID: 129f2e
File 149099686590.png - (90.45KB , 1600x1200 , 293.png )

:rjackthinking: Oh, hey. I was wondering where you went.

>Jack, incoming worm-helicopter holding another human scumgirl!
>Okay, time to explain: the girl's a wandering junkie, the three worms are Victor and they're old contacts of ours; his boss was one of our clients a few years back. Victor has psychic powers, an over-inflated ego, is mentally younger than he seems, USED to be a single giant worm, and we lost contact with him during a heist on an elven bank.
:rjacksurprised: Ah... Well. Alright? You guys have been busy, huh.

:rjack: Elves. Fuck me. You guys still manage to catch me by surprise sometimes.

>what the fuck did we miss? last we saw kate was split in two.
:rjackthinking: I sewed her back up. I used that wooden picture frame to support her spine, pushed her insides back in, stitched her up tight. Stitched her muscles together too, so she can hold herself up and all that. It's, uh... it's not as good of a job as it looks with her shirt on. I'm really not a surgeon. She's probably suffering from a dozen different kinds of infection, her stitching could pop at any moment, it's non-biodegradable surgical thread so I can't just leave it inside her, and a slight wind is going to snap her in two at the waist. I mean that as literally as possible. And she's already turning red around the wound. She's going to look at lot worse, soon.

:rjack: It'll do for now, but we seriously need to figure out something long term. I've got several antibiotics but without knowing what's wrong with her, I don't know which ones to give her. I'm not a doctor, I can't diagnose that. Oh, and as soon as that rune thing stops working, she's at least three different kinds of fucked.

:rjack: So. What's this new girl's deal? Is she any good at fighting? We have a problem there, too.
No. 792041 ID: ba506f

not sure how she is in a fight as she seems to be the type to avoid conflict if possible but she could at least probably take you somewhere where you could find better help... maybe. The victors could probably offer some advice at least.
No. 792093 ID: 70983e

Oh yeah, good news. Double D's is a real place, and it's about as legit as you're going to get around here. We should head that way for now.
Seems there's a lot of hotel rooms that end up here for some reason, and their occupants are welcome to stay at Double D's before they mysteriously disappear in about a week on average.
Bolo's the name, chemically assisted consent is his game. I doubt he's going to be much help, but he seems to have a partner in running the place who's much more action-oriented.
...Did anybody notice any dudes besides Bolo at Double D's? The Victors, I guess, but they're kinda hermaphrodites.
No. 792160 ID: d79f26

could be that the motel rooms shift over women but don't have any particular man exclusion attached to the magic. so they shift when a woman sleeps in them.
No. 793682 ID: 129f2e
File 149142210988.png - (227.50KB , 1600x1200 , 294.png )

>and their occupants are welcome to stay at Double D's before they mysteriously disappear in about a week on average.
:rjacksurprised: That sounds... shifty. So this guy is kidnapping people at his bar? Why in hell would we go there?... Besides, we can't go searching out more people for this. We have to use what we've got.

:rjackthinking: Nouille chatted with me a bit. So she was supposed to kill this guy right away. But she couldn't manage it, which is a bad thing. She's already in some shit with her tribe, so with this on top, they'll hunt her down and kill her. And since she'll "die with dishonor", she'll be reincarnated as some sort of vermin. That's what she believes, anyway. Personally I'd just like to not see her get murdered by her own fucking family.

:rjackangry: Anyway if he gets out and crawls back to his tribe, which isn't far from here, he's definitely going to squeal on her. He's been quiet in there for awhile, but he's tried getting out once or twice already. If we just leave, he's going to get out, no doubt about it.

:rjack: We need a plan of action now. This guy's immortal until we can cut that rune thing off him, and he's not going to cooperate. We've got one terrified girl with a spear, a girl who'll break in two at the slightest touch, and me. And I'm about as sturdy as wet tissue paper. And he's got arms as big as me, only ten times stronger. Well, fingers crossed that these guys can offer something.

:rkate: Uhm... hey. What's up? What're you looking at, dude?

:rjack: There's someone coming toward us.

:rkateshock: ...Yeah, there is. Who the fuck is that?

:rjack: Someone friendly. I think.
No. 793684 ID: 129f2e
File 149142214216.png - (225.87KB , 1600x1200 , 295.png )

:rjack: By the way Kate, do you always wear your hair like that?

:rkate: Huh? Oh. No, not really. I just cut it today. Or, like... yesterday, or whenever the fuck I guess. Before we got here.

:rkate: I got it on a whim but I'm not liking it at all. I can't change it now until I grow some new hair, and a lot of guys aren't into it. You were my first john with my new cut, dude.
No. 793689 ID: f6a086

>If the angry guy squeals on Nouille, she's Persona Non Grata to her tribe
@#$% them. She could make a killing as an exotic prostitute / mystic on Earth. Katie could keep her alive, show her the ropes. She's already on thin ropes with her clan, they likely excommunicated her already.

>This haircut sucks
That might be a problem if Katie's rune keeps her hair from growing. After all, an even worse problem would be the runes healing themselves and Katie bleeding out because her immortality rune no longer works.
No. 793694 ID: b15da4

>Why in hell would we go there?
Do you see anywhere else in hell to go? Especially with someone who at least pretends to put on a smile? There are other humans there, dude. Safety in numbers. Plus, she's stacked like a brick house.

Okay, so you got this dude to deal with. If you cut his head off, it'd be like cutting the rune off, right? Even Kate's halves were still attached, barely.
Or, hm. Is the gravity light enough that working together, you could push this apartment into a deep dark pit? Not a lot of options for dealing with him without going back in. Gradually prying off the boards gets you a better shot with the spear, but you've got nothing strong enough to utilize it properly.
No. 793833 ID: 094652

We have him trapped in a room, a portal mage, and three psykers. Let's just drown him in swamp water and that pink gel, and then chop off his limbs while he's unconscious.
No. 794022 ID: 7dff27

I forgot about that pink slime. He's a big guy though, maybe if we just chuck the bucket we might not get all of him and he'll have one arm unparalyzed or something. Could we lure a slime in there and just lock him in with it? Nouille freaked the fuck out when confronted with one and that's when she had a weapon.

Maybe send one guy out to hunt for it, the others stay back to keep the asshole in place. Someone who can run, who doesn't have a tail that's probably not as fast as legs, or who's not split in half and liable to falling apart at any moment. Which leaves you, Jack. Unless you can convince Soo to take your place.
No. 794060 ID: 9dc26d

It'd be safer with two. If something opportunistic happens on the slime-handler, he or she might not be able to cope alone.
No. 795294 ID: 129f2e
File 149203038972.png - (93.45KB , 1600x1200 , 296.png )

>>Okay, so you got this dude to deal with. If you cut his head off, it'd be like cutting the rune off, right? Even Kate's halves were still attached, barely.
:rjackthinking: That might work. He didn't ever move his tail, did he? It felt cold and dead in my hands, too. But, problem is trying to cut his head off in the first place, before he rips the spear out of my hands and slices mine off instead.

>Or, hm. Is the gravity light enough that working together, you could push this apartment into a deep dark pit?
:rjackthinking: Gravity might be lower, but I seriously doubt we can budge an entire room. Plus, he's immortal in there, he might just crawl out of the rubble or something.

>Let's just drown him in... that pink gel
:rjackhappy: Now there's a thought! I like that ide-

>He's a big guy though, maybe if we just chuck the bucket we might not get all of him
:rjack: ...Hey, Nouille?

:rnouille: Oui?

:rjack: How much of that, uh, koth goo did you manage to grab?

:rnouille: Not 'zat much, most of it dizappeared into ze ground.

:rjack2: Right.

>Could we lure a slime in there and just lock him in with it?
:rjackangry: That's insane. I'm surrounded by enough awful shit without actively hunting down horrible dangerous beasts. But I know how life is working out for me today so I'll gather up the goddamn party.

:rjack: Nouille, where do you find koths.

:rnouille: Why? You don't want to go looking for one, do you? Zat would be a bad idea!

:rjack2: I know. Where are they.

:rnouilleconfused: ...I suppose 'zey are mostly underground, along with most of 'ze wildlife here. But Jack, almost everyzing here is a, what's ze word... predator? 'Ze underground is dangerous! Do not go down 'zere!
No. 795295 ID: 129f2e
File 149203039653.png - (120.81KB , 1600x1200 , 297.png )

:rsoo: Well hello there, friend! So, I know you don't know me, but I heard you might have some, uh, things to trade? My name is-

:rjack2: I need someone to come help me find something. You want to help?

:rsoo: Oh, uh- sure!... In exchange for a little something, if that's cool? We can definitely work out some details later.
No. 795296 ID: 129f2e
File 149203040466.png - (91.90KB , 1600x1200 , 298.png )

:rjack: Well there's a guy in that room, and we need to-

:rvictorb: [[Your friend is almost dead.]]

:rjacksurprised: ...Sorry, what?

:rvictorc: [[Is that what you needed help with? Your other friends had mentioned that two people in your company were split in two, but we only see one. The one we see may be too wounded to assist, unfortunately.]]

:rvictorb: [[Most creatures do not survive long after being bisected, you understand.]]
No. 795297 ID: 4854ef

Yeah the worms.. They speak like us, mentally, because they are a bit psychic and can't talk with mouths and the like. They are all called Victor, and is likely sensing Kate right now being bisected.

Hey Victors if you can hear us still she's alive because of a strange magical rune stitched on her insides, it's keeping her alive despite the fact she was bisected and.. slightly returned together.

Also the girl wants to trade for drugs, simple enough.
No. 795298 ID: 094652

Victor, we don't care what type of magic you have to pull out your asses, just sew her synapses and stitch her flesh and get it done BEFORE the runes keeping her alive wear off. If there's interference preventing you from doing your regular psyker healing, tell us what you need.

Also, the guy in the safe house is a threat. Take spare parts from HIM. And get Jack some scar cream.
No. 795305 ID: 6e004e

I don't think they're talking about Kate. Circle Victor is looking into the room and exactly opposite from Kate. Although triangle Victor is looking towards her general direction so maybe they are.
No. 795307 ID: ba506f

long story short, the short girl here was sliced in half but is being kept alive by some kind of ruin magic. She was patched back together but... yeah seeing someone who knows what they're doing would definitely help. Oh and there's also a pissed off burned alive snake person in the hotel room who kinda wants to kill everyone and also can't die. We're basally at this point trying to figure out how to end him because one he's in a shit ton of pain and two he kinda wants to kill all of us.

Oh and these are Vic 1, 2, 3, and Soo... I think, she never really gave us her name since we were kinda thrusted upon her. Anyways, the vics used to be one being but have split up when they got here and have some psychic abilities and are actually really nice and like to help. Kind of naive at times though. Soo is someone else who got stuck her and is basically just trying to tough it out until she can go home. Also here to trade for drugs.

Vics and Soo, this is Jack, Kate, and Nouille. Nouille's a local that is kinda in a bind and has been helping us out, Jack is someone who got through into this place's deep end with concrete shoes and is just trying to keep his head above the water while figuring this shit out. Kate is the nice girl that was capture by some kind of demon, ripped in half and is taking thing surprisingly well seeing all the shit she want through.

So yeah... welcome to the rock
No. 795313 ID: d79f26

well he's immortal, got magic immortality rune. so he's going to be stuck at "almost dead" instead of "all the way dead"
No. 796275 ID: 9a7777

Do you worms know anything about rune magic? Also, can you still hear us directly?
No. 796529 ID: 129f2e
File 149246207474.png - (91.14KB , 1600x1200 , 299.png )

>I don't think they're talking about Kate.
:rvictorB: [[That is correct. We were observing the Vir'Kos inside the room. We were unaware of the human girl 'Kate' being bisected.]]

:rvictorC: [[This is the Kate? The helpful local must be the Vir'Kos, and Jack is a male name, which leaves only this one.]]

:RKateshock: Fuck, back off!!

:rvictorC: [[We are certainly sympathetic of her difficult predicament. However she does not seem to be under the sort of extreme physical duress that the creature inside the room is. She possesses sustained vital signs and a steady temperature.]]

:rvictorB: [[The Vir'Kos inside has nearly gone cold. He is also very still.]]

:RKateHorror: Please!!!

:rjackthinking: I'm used to hearing voices inside my head, but I don't think Kate is taking this too well.

> Do you worms know anything about rune magic? Also, can you still hear us directly?
:rvictorA: [[We do not have any affinity with, or knowledge of, magic in this place. The rules here are different. We are still able to utilize telekinesis, which we believe may be an innate physical ability rather than magic, although we could not explain how it works.]]

:rvictorB: [[We also see the world differently, due to our nature. We do not have eyes, after all. We can see through and inside objects. We can also see you. Other then these abilities, we are sadly not magical.]]

:rjackthinking: Kate's getting freaked out a little. I don't know if she is holding up to tonight as well as she's letting on.
No. 796534 ID: 094652

Well, we tried. Leave him alone, barricade the room further. Time to get this party started.
No. 796537 ID: c31aac

"Hey, Kate, I know it's weird but take a deep breath."
As for the snake dude in the room, yeah we need to put him out of his misery. I would've liked to save him but that's noooooot really an option now that he's gone fully hostile. Tried to kill our other snakey friend here.
No. 796884 ID: 3acb24

If the guy is almost dead then the runes might have worn off, which would be bad news for Kate. We should all least check on them, see if they did or if Vic is misinterpreting and seeing him in his normal "almost dead" state. Also, when did the guy get his runes? Around the same time? Much earlier then Kate?
No. 796899 ID: d79f26

well, we should make sure he stays dead. cut his head off and pulp it.

could be a power draw issue, he was damaged a lot more than katie was.
No. 800507 ID: 129f2e
File 149427422584.png - (90.83KB , 1600x1200 , 300.png )

>If the guy is almost dead then the runes might have worn off, which would be bad news for Kate. We should all least check on them
:rJackThinking: I agree, Kate is barely hanging on by a thread, the only thing keeping her alive are these runes and I have no idea how they work. Whether they wear off- that's something worth finding out, right?

:rJack: Kate, please calm down. It's okay, they're not going to hurt you. And you've seen weirder stuff today then a couple of talking worms.

:rKateSad: I... I'm sorry, I'm trying to hold together, but I'm just fucking stressed out. This is so dumb of me. I'm not usually like this, I'm better then this, I'm sorry...!

:rJack: Today's been a crazy day. I get it, I'm weirded out by all the shit that's going on too.

:rjack2: ...This may be out of left field, but did you and the alien guy get those runes put on you at the same time?

:rKateSad: ...No? When the fucker, you know... put me in the chair. He was already in his.

:rJackThinking: So, he got rune'd before her then. Whether that was five minutes before or five hours, I don't know.
No. 800508 ID: 129f2e
File 149427424155.png - (90.79KB , 1600x1200 , 301.png )

:rJack: Nouille? Uh, 'Victor' says he's weak in there, so this is as good a time to go deal with him.

:rJackThinking: Hopefully he actually is weaker. Fingers crossed.

:rNouille: Oh? Oui, 'zis would be... good. Thank you.

:rSooShocked: (W-wait, is that a...)

:rVictorA: [[Yes. We have been watching her. She is armed, but she does not seem to have violent intent.]]

:rJack: Kate.. can you stay here?

:rKateShock: Hey- what? Fuck no! Don't leave me!

:rJack: It'll only take a minute. I don't want you getting hurt. It could be dangerous in there.
No. 800509 ID: 129f2e
File 149427426648.png - (280.34KB , 1600x1200 , 302.png )

:rJackThinking: Or maybe not. Goddamn, the worm guys weren't kidding, he looks about ready to snuff it on his own at any moment.
No. 800510 ID: 129f2e
File 149427429257.png - (734.52KB , 1600x1200 , 303.png )

:rNouille: Hold 'im steady...

:rJackThinking: He's not even trying to fight back. I feel a bit bad about this, it's... pathetic. He'd probably just bleed out on his own, and then nobody has to get their hands dirty. In fact...

:rJack2: Hey- I'm not sure
No. 800511 ID: 129f2e
File 149427430049.png - (661.52KB , 1600x1200 , 304.png )

:rNouilleAngry: NNNAAHGNN!!!
No. 800512 ID: 129f2e
File 149427431345.png - (455.99KB , 1600x1200 , 305.png )

:rJackMortified: ... Nevermind then.

:rNouilleThinking: Salat... Unoun, kos fais qua kos syas fais. Sah bon vos.

:rNouilleDowncast: 'Zat was... it is done.
No. 800513 ID: 129f2e
File 149427432418.png - (236.97KB , 1600x1200 , 306.png )

:rNouilleDoubt: What are you-?

:rJackThinking: Yeah, his rune's gone. Not good.
No. 800514 ID: 129f2e
File 149427433134.png - (449.15KB , 1600x1200 , 307.png )

:rJack: I'm sorry, I had to find out if those runes wear off. Which they do. Which means my friend is in immediate danger, so... yeah.

:rNouille: ...I 'zink-

:rSooShocked: Hi, your friend's a little mopey and my Victors said everything was clear and I could come in so I wanted to talk about oh my god
No. 800523 ID: d69df4

Okay things that might need seeing to-that cut on your chest, keeping the newb from panicing, and scrambling for an answer to someone who's bisected and soon to be feeling the results of being bisected.
No. 800525 ID: e136ae

Can't we just re-do the runes on Katie? Y'know, the ones already copied onto you?
No. 800562 ID: e01e87

okay now let's not lose our heads here. we need to stay sanguine about things. there's no reason to scream bloody murder. we just haven't fleshed out the details, so don't assume you'll meat a horrible fate.
No. 800573 ID: 094652

The way I see it, there are three scenarios: Let t* the time-mark when you can re-install the rune, let R be the time we attempt a re-install, let Z be some really long time frame that is not feasible for our purposes (like say, the time it takes for rigor mortis or rot to settle in), let t0 be the exact time Katie's rune expires, and t1, t2... tn be the times that Katie's future runes expire.
Scenario 1: t* <= t0
Best-case scenario, we can re-install this thing.
Scenario 2: t* = t0
We'd need explicit alien technologies to make the jump. We don't have that time right now, so this would be very bad.
Scenario 3: t* > t0 && t* < Z
If we have someone with her at all times, this could be doable. Even if the time frame is like a few nanoseconds, Victor's psychic abilities should be able to pinpoint the time frame and poke with lightning-speed reflexes. We're talking about brain worms here, they got this.
Scenario 4: t* < Z || t* -> infinity
Worst case scenario: we're @#$%ed. This means the rune CANNOT be re-installed, or more likely, Katie's body will have rotted away. This is the most likely scenario, as an immortality rune likely has limitations or regulations attached to prevent mass energy consumption or irrational political decisions.

Post-Scenario A: t(x) - t(x-1) dependent on t*
We'd need more data to confirm and analyze this, but it makes sense; these runes likely have side effects, one of which includes permanent body damage. I mean, she IS organically bisected right now.
Post Scenario B: n /-> infinity (number of times you can install this rune is limited)
Also worst-case. We'd need a new solution before the limit comes up.


But in all honestly, I really don't want you to bury this guy. If the things underground smell corpses? Your base could go bye.

Place him on the roof, in a makeshift coffin. We can return his corpse to his clan later, they can do a viking funeral and put a hit on us later.
No. 800620 ID: d79f26

don't make an excuse "this is EXACTLY what it looks like"
hopefully this will confuse her. anyway tuime to leave, and hopefully we can just add a new rune when the old one wears off. maybe find something that can make her halves stick back together better.
No. 800667 ID: aebfae

Dude was acting kinda stab happy after getting mutilated and was trying to kill her sister over here, so we were waiting for him to bleed out so we could put him down.
No. 800722 ID: 70983e

..Hey. That light's still on. You know what that means. Electricity. You know what that means? Your 'Mac' can get recharged while you're in here! uh, wipe off the outlet first, though.

And you should really tend to that chest gouge, while being thankful you can't feel it... yet. The inability to feel pain is a blessing and a curse.
No. 801378 ID: 129f2e
File 149462532622.png - (435.91KB , 1600x1200 , 308.png )

>And you should really tend to that chest gouge, while being thankful you can't feel it... yet. The inability to feel pain is a blessing and a curse.
:rJackThinking: Oh. Shit. When did I get this? ... That is a problem, if I can't feel these things. It doesn't look deep though. I think it'll be fine.

:rJack2: Wait. I should still feel pain. I didn't actually get that pain rune. I got the 'bleed everywhere' one.

>But in all honestly, I really don't want you to bury this guy. If the things underground smell corpses? Your base could go bye.
> ..Hey. That light's still on. You know what that means. Electricity. You know what that means? Your 'Mac' can get recharged while you're in here! uh, wipe off the outlet first, though.
:rJackThinking: You seriously still want to use this as home base? ... I mean sure, there's electricity, but goddamn, this is going to take some time to clean. Especially since we've got no water. Well, aside from the limited stuff I brought with me in the van. Is there even water here on this planet? Do we want to waste what little we've got?... We could just move our shit to the van. That'd be way easier.

>The way I see it, there are three scenarios...
:rJackThinking: You're missing something. I would prefer to get back home sometime, and as far as I know, scribbling stuff on your skin doesn't magically keep you alive on Earth. Even in your best case scenario, it's a temporary solution, unless she wants to live out the rest of her life in this place. Still. I hope that redrawing it will work, at least for the short term. That'd at least give us some breathing room.
No. 801379 ID: 129f2e
File 149462533452.png - (126.30KB , 1600x1200 , 309.png )

>keep the newb from panicking
:rJack: Hey-


:rVictorB: [[I cannot do that.]]

:rJack: Please! Calm down! It looks bad, I know. But he was choking... his friend. Nouille, the alien girl. We had to.

:rSooShocked: No he wasn't! You went in! I heard you, you said you were gonna deal with him! That isn't self defence!

:rJackMortified: Uh... that is true. Well. He was... bleeding out, so we waited a while to let him... get weaker.

:rjackthinking: I can see where she's coming from. That sounds really bad when you put it like that.

:rjack: Well, we had to kill him. Or else, uh, Nouille's family would have... killed her instead? I'm not entirely sure, that's how it was explained to me.

:rSoo: ...You know what? I know I don't know you, but I'm going to trust that you got dragged into this. Like, we're all new here, we don't know what to do. But I'm a little less new and there is like one rule I've been told over and over and it is to stay away from the crazy ass locals, they're all nuts-
No. 801380 ID: 129f2e
File 149462534203.png - (132.02KB , 1600x1200 , 310.png )

:rSooShocked: STAY BACK!!

:rVictorB: [[Soo Jung you are disorienting me.]]

:rNouilleConfused: Uhm...

:rNouille: ...Jack, you 'ave 'elped me and now I want to repay you. I am thinking and I might be able to 'elp with your friend as you 'elped with mine. Our Gaian'fais'utoth can... stitch flesh? 'Zat is not 'ze right word, but you do not 'ave one 'zat would fit. It is better, though. She 'elps completely.

:rNouille: I 'zink she can fix your friend. I will need to maybe talk 'er into it, but it would be 'ze least I could do.

:rSooShocked: Oh- don't do that! Listen, dude, there's this really smart girl back at trench town. Like, she's not a doctor, but she's really really smart. She's kind of a bitch, but she's really smart. And, uhm... she'll figure something out.
No. 801382 ID: d69df4

Oh jeez conundrum time...Uhh...
The 'locals' is probably how Kate ended up bisected, but uhh, she's already in half, and that last guy was done up in the runes she's using to stay mobile so I feel like she doesn't have a choice.
That said...Jack doesn't HAVE to go with her, and it might not be a bad idea to split the party so to speak-Jack goes to see the green tounge-dude, while Kate gets healed by the local leech doctor.
No. 801386 ID: 094652

Soo Jung, you are literally throttling a giant psychic worm. He has the power to rip open a body, @#$% the hole, and move it around like a zombie while telekinetically holding dozens of corpses as meatshields. And even if he didn't have this power, he's still the second-in-command of an earlier client of ours, and if you killed him we'd get pissed and perform a spam attack of youtube drivel directly into your brain.

Why are you using him, of all people, to defend against her. Why do you honestly think he's less alien and even less crazy than the girl with the shaman stick and the... humanoid upper body. And a big cranium. Yes let's go with that.

>Nouille or Valentine
Just go with Nouille. There might be serious side effects due to Wyrd Reconstruction's incompatibility with humans, but considering how Bolo is likely to lick her forehead with aphrodisiac spit and @#$% her while she's doing something important, AGAIN, I figure by the time she can come up with a solution (or just come out of her drug-induced heat) Nouille will be finished with the surgery.
No. 801392 ID: 70983e

>[[I cannot do that.]]
Hey Soo, did you try working the shaft?

Let's split up, gang! Flat chests go see Valentine while the girls with curves go to the village. Nouille's tribe probably won't be pleased if she brings a whole bunch of outsiders at once and we desperately need some veteran dwellers' advice.
No. 801414 ID: d79f26

explain the problem isn't one even the best doctor in the world can fix. need to regrow bits of spine and flesh, and perhaps get some more blood. should get that blooding rune etched out and make sure the immortality rune isn't fading.
No. 801459 ID: e136ae

Can we talk directly in her head like before? Let's do that, tell her it's cool, we were there before, and the dead guy was a HUGE ASSHOLE who tried to kill our friend because she didn't kill him when he asked her to.
No. 801619 ID: 735d8b

So wait, if Nouille's gaian'whatever can fix Kate, why didn't we take the other guy to her instead of killing him?
No. 801624 ID: 094652

Because she can't fix insanity. If anything, the surgical process would drive him into all-encompassing omnicidal hate.
No. 802611 ID: 129f2e
File 149505748049.png - (102.08KB , 1600x1200 , 311.png )

:rVictorB: [[Soo Jung please stop throttling me.]]

:rSooShocked: Oh! Sorry!

:rVictorB: [[We are aware of what Bolo said. However there does not seem to be anything to worry about in this particular situation, Soo Jung.]]

>explain the problem isn't one even the best doctor in the world can fix. need to regrow bits of spine and flesh, and perhaps get some more blood.
:rJackThinking: Maybe. But what options are there? It's worth a try. Nouille is able to do some kind of magic, maybe her 'Gaian' can too.
No. 802613 ID: 129f2e
File 149505748885.png - (100.48KB , 1600x1200 , 312.png )

:rJack: Look, thanks for your opinion, but we really need to get Kate to a doctor. Nouille's offering the closest we've got.

:rSoo: Is that 'Kate'? I don't even see what her problem is. Is she sick or something?

:rJack2: Kate, could you roll your shirt up a bit-

:rKate: Mhmm.

:rSooShocked: Oh my jesus christ.

:rVictorA: [[We concur.]]

:rSooShocked: Okay, maybe she does need to see a doctor. What the fuck happened?
No. 802614 ID: 129f2e
File 149505749896.png - (101.60KB , 1600x1200 , 313.png )

:rJack: See? I'm not throwing your idea out completely. I'd like to come back with you, see this 'trench town' for myself. Talk with your smart friend, maybe get a backup plan.

:rKateShock: Wait, so, like, what's happening?

:rJack: Nouille's going to take you to her village, if that's alright with her.

:rKateSad: You're not coming with me?

:rJack: We're going to split up for now, but Nouille will keep you safe, okay? She helped me bring you back in the first place, you know.

:rjack2: Actually- Nouille, could you open up your portal thing?

:rNouille: Ah... oui?

:rjackThinking: Should we shuffle anything around? I'm thinking about giving Kate my crowbar. I really want to keep her safe. Although Nouille's already got her spear... oh, and it might be worth grabbing something to trade if we're going into town, too.

>Can we talk directly in her head like before?
:rVictorC: [[We could facilitate this. We could also transfer you to the local or 'Kate', if you'd prefer.]]
No. 802615 ID: 129f2e

I updated the cheat sheet a bit, including everything that Jack and Nouille have on them right now.

No. 802623 ID: 70983e

Kate takes the weapon, Jack takes the drugs. Could be useful barter. Best not to invite distrust by carrying a weapon in with you, you'll just have to improvise on site.

We'll go with you Kate, you need to acclimatise to the voices.
No. 802659 ID: 094652

... So, do we bring Unoun's head, or something?

Nouille, do you have any teleport beacons? Something Jack could hold so you can create a portal that goes directly to his general vicinity.

Also make sure Katie can BREATHE in that space. Because suffocating can cause permanent brain damage, rune be damned.

And I vote we jump to Nouille's head, it's easier to communicate with the locals if our current character knows their language.
No. 802689 ID: d79f26

yeah, we should hang with kate so we can make sure the situation gets explained properly.
No. 802928 ID: f91120

Can the Victor's talk to each other telepathically if they're split up? Since they're just one guy split into 3 and all. Then you could take one or two with each group like living walkie talkies.
No. 803639 ID: 129f2e
File 149548949006.png - (92.18KB , 1600x1200 , 314.png )

:rJack: Nouille, do you have any, uh, teleport beacons?

:rNouilleConfused: What?

:rJack: As in, some way to tell you where I am, so you can open up that portal and get to me?

:rNouille: Oh- oh! No, it does not work 'zat way! It only opens to 'ze one place, I cannot 'pick and choose'.

:rJack2: Ah, damn. Well-

:rVictorC: [[I will travel with 'Kate' and 'Nouille'. We Victors may at least maintain communication between the groups that way, as was suggested.]]

:rJack: That's better then nothing. Alright, keep in contact.
No. 803641 ID: 129f2e
File 149548950293.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 315.png )

No. 803642 ID: 129f2e
File 149548953766.png - (122.83KB , 1600x1200 , 316.png )

:rKateThinking: really don't like doing this without him. Fuck. Like I know I don't really know him, but, like, I owe him, and plus he's the only like... regular guy. Fuck, I'm surrounded by worms and aliens and

:rNouille: So, vous etes- excuse me, you are with Jack's... 'clan'? I do not know if 'zat is 'ze right word?

:rKate: Clan? Like, uh- family? Uhm, no...

:rKateThinking: And how does she even know English? Why the fuck is she French? And why are her tits so big, fuck, why would an alien even have tits? Everything's so fucking weird.

:rNouilleDoubt: But Jack seems to take a liking to you, yes?

:rKateReally: Well... he picked me out, so, yeah, that's kinda how it works.
No. 803650 ID: d79f26

I can answer that, her race has a kind of mind reading thing, hand starts glowing and puts it on your head. the last humans they met were probably french, she didn't know any english until she did that to jack, so she learned it from him.

breasts are a simple evolution thing, number and size are directly related to number and size of babies, cats, for example, have a lot of small babies so they have several small breasts. humans, and their monkey ancestors, usually have one large child, and the reason for two instead of one really big one is biological redundancy. basically, any mammals with large children will develop large breasts, and if they only have one at a time then they usually have one pair of them instead of like 4 or 8.
No. 803655 ID: d69df4

She knows english via some sort of telepathy trick she does through the hands I think. The figure...*shrugs* We lack information on that front. Could ask her, if you wanna know.
No. 803659 ID: fc33ea

The French is because her native language sounded like French, so that's how Jack tried to communicate. Then she did some sort of mind reading thing while Jack was in the middle of trying to remember how to speak French, and ended up picking up some words from each language.

I don't know the first thing about her biology and can't think of any explanation for the tits. Low gravity probably has something to do with it.
No. 803681 ID: ddd967

Pssh, why would you have tits?

Look, basically, advanced intelligence is a huge problem when it comes to having kids. The mother's going to have to squeeze her baby out at a comparatively premature state of development, just so that it's head won't have grown so huge it'll kill her. You end up with an infant that's going to need to be carried everywhere and be fed some specialized easy-to-digest food for a long while, because it basically should still be inside her but can't be. Now, if you have arms like you both do, the most convenient place to carry a small child for a few hours at a time is there where you can just bend your elbow (first elbow, in her case) to support it against your chest. Which, in turn, means it would super convenient and useful to have both cushioning (to keep the mother and child comfortable in that position) and some method of keeping the child fed right there.

And then once all that has happened it becomes a secondary sexual characteristic and overdevelopment of it becomes a display to attract mates so over time they get bigger. There's a limit based on how much your body can support without strain but for various reasons to do with her body structure and likely evolutionary development I think she could support more weight at the front than a human. Plus her species has more body mass overall with that tail so the baby would be bigger and need more food and et cetera.

Thus, tits.
No. 803703 ID: 1f34cc

Okay, first of all, hello Katie. Since nobody else wants to do introductions, we're the voices in Jack's head. We guide him and give suggestions and such.

Anyway with that out of the way, let's talk tits. I don't have much to add but I looked back at that Christmas comic and there's another girl in the background in one panel. She's far away so it's tough to tell but she seems to be much less endowed. So Nouille seems to just be lucky and gifted boob-wise, it's not innate to the species.

Interesting thing to note, all of the other aliens, including the other girl, have blue skin, she's the only one who's yellow. So that's something to ask about.
No. 803707 ID: 094652

>Extensive discussion about the origin of gag boobs
Hilarious. I'm supposed to be the weird one.

Important note, Katie: if you don't want us to rattle on about something unimportant and embarrassing for an extended period of time, DON'T BRING IT UP.

Now on to more pressing matters. Do you currently feel any pain or change in your abdominal bisection since you were tied down? This is probably a touchy subject, but we think it's pertinent that we get any information about your current condition. Remember, the snake people don't have trustful relationships with humans. If they're on the verge of making a medical error because of some common sense biology of theirs that does not apply to you, you're @#$%ed, so preventing that is a deep concern.
No. 803735 ID: 70983e

Trust us when we say all roads from here lead to big tits. Look, you woke up in a... torture dungeon thing, Jack literally traded his left nut for information, there was clearly some sexual deviant involved in writing the rules of this realm. (At least it's not Corruption of Champions.)
Moving right along, You and Jack were, strangers brought together by happenstance (and fifty bucks), in the wrong place at the right time. Your relationship doesn't go much further back than his and Nouille's.

Victor, are you still linked to Victor and Victor? Is there no latency over distance?
No. 804580 ID: 129f2e
File 149583614661.png - (121.31KB , 1600x1200 , 317.png )

:rKateHorror: -Ghkn-

:rVictorC: Miss Kate? [[Oh- yes! They might be startling. I apologize, I should have warned you.]]

:rKateHorror: Those- they're not yours?

:rNouille: Oh! You're hearing 'ze voices? 'Zey are interesting, yes? 'Zey are a part of Jack, notice 'zat 'zey speak in 'ze same voice?

:rKate: You're, uhm, hearing them too?

:rNouille: Not right now, non. But I 'ave heard 'zem before.

:rKateThinking: ...Okay, well, at least I'm not fucking going nuts.

:rKateShock: So, what do I do? I just, like, think at them?

:rVictorC: [[Yes, that would be appropriate.]]
No. 804581 ID: 129f2e
File 149583616494.png - (96.47KB , 1600x1200 , 318.png )

:rKateThinking: So, you're like, Jack's crazy skitsofrenia voices? Or are you like, his soul, and he's like a zombie right now? 'Cause I've got his thoughts, and his body's all durh hurh durrh.

:rKateHappy: Or is he just going crazy on that asian junkie chick? Like, just obsessing over sex, acting like an animal, all 'cause I mentioned big fat boobs?

:rKateReally: Not like she has any for him to jump on.

:rVictorB: [[No, he is entirely capable of operating independently. There are no cross-over impulses. He is fine.]]

:rKateDisgusted: So, like... do any of you guys understand what this worm dude is saying half the time? I mean, I'm not dumb, I got that, but, like, he's always fucking talking like that!

:rKate: ...Wait, did you guys say why she speaks my language? I totally lost everything in all that jumble of titty talk. How does Jack think straight with like a zillion voices shouting at him?

:RNouilleEmbarrassed: ..."Titty talk"?

:rKate: Oh, did I say that out loud? Fuck.

:rKateThinking: This is new to me. I've never had someone inside my head before. All this shit is new to me, I woke up fucking cut in two, so sue me!
No. 804583 ID: d69df4

You live with it for...How old is he again? You get used to it. Though normally he deals with a...Less helpful bunch of standard shizo-voices...Or something like that.
No. 804585 ID: 4854ef

We apologize for such, we've gotten used to people able to discern the voices.. We can understand the worms quite fine and she has the ability to use some sort of semi-magical ability to understand people by touching their heads.
No. 804586 ID: 094652

>How does Jack think straight with like a zillion voices shouting at him?
First off, our communication method is 'walkie-talkie'; Jack needs to spend a 'turn' talking or performing an action before we can start pouring information into his brain. Second, we're mainly text-to-speech users, so there's a maximum volume and it's all articulated clearly, though some of us try to send over images and stuff, but that doesn't usually work. Third, most of us have our own stuff to do, so usually you get less than a hundred voices shouting in your ear at one time, unless there's a connection error and we have time to rant and debate during a long pause between turns.

First question: Why did that asshole go to all this trouble just for your blood? He opened a dimension rift, portaled an entire room, and inscribed immortality and painkiller runes. Why would your blood be so damn... important...

... How do you feel about kids?
No. 804592 ID: fa8f9d

Just out of curiosity because we were on the subject of boobs earlier... Are your's real? They look damn good for someone with no bra on.
No. 804595 ID: d79f26

anything makes no sense just chant "it's magical bullshit"
No. 804602 ID: 2016eb

Its actually kind of interesting, he apparently doesn't hear any voices besides us since coming here.

Makes you wonder if there really were things talking to him that just didn't make the transition.
No. 804610 ID: 75b412

Honestly, Jack has been having a bit of trouble with us too recently, so make sure to cut him some slack if he acts a bit off the wall sometimes. We try to help whoever we're with, bit since all we can do is see and speak we end up talking up a lot and seeing what sticks.
Jack's also trying to come to grips with the fact that *other* people are now able to hear and talk with the voices that were in his head. After being told you have schizophrenia for your whole life, finding out the voices are "real" would fuck with you.
No. 804658 ID: 7d8168

So Katie, basically everybody's got head voices. Like how earlier you were inner-monologuing about Jack. And you were kinda waffling back and forth, but even though you weren't exactly coming to an agreement, you understood the whole time that head voice was you, yes?

Some people have an inner dialogue, and have multiple voices that can actually disagree with each other, but they actually acknowledge those voices as aspects of their self. Sometimes one voice says "hey, that guy left his garage door open, you could steal his power tools!" and another head-voice says "sure I could, but that's stupid so I'm not gonna do it," but we get that both of those voices are still the same guy because they came from inside the same head.

Some people, though, don't take credit for those voices. They start believing them to be some consciousness outside themselves communicating with them. And when someone starts believing there are thoughts in their head that don't belong to them, that's schizophrenia, and it's a condition many people live with quite functionally.

And then there's us. I mean by that definition I gave earlier you might be schizophrenic too but I think this is an exception. So, hi! All this wandering from brain to brain is pretty hard on us too. At least we get to hang out with you beautiful ladies.

Heh. "Hard on."
No. 804661 ID: 70983e

Jack rationalizes the voices as schizophrenia as a coping mechanism. He's actually suffered from Protagonist Syndrome all his life, where terrible things happen to him but they only kill everyone around him. It's like that saying, 'May you live in interesting times.'
No. 805025 ID: 129f2e
File 149609108295.png - (126.89KB , 1600x1200 , 319.png )

:rNouille: If 'zey are acting impolite, you can simply tell 'zem to stop and 'zey should listen. 'Zey did speak rudely with me also, until I asked ozzerwise.

:rKateReally: Oh I don't mind! They're talking about your big ol' titties, so I couldn't care less!

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: A- ah. I, uhm, I see...

:rKateHappy: But since you were asking about mine... does it matter if they're fake or not? They look good, right?

:rVictorC: [[I am quite far from an expert in human psychology but evasiveness to a question often seems to imply a correct assertion has been made.]]

:rKateAngry: ...Uhm, yeah. I'm not totally sure I followed that one but- that's, just, like, your fucking opinion?

:rKateThinking: ...Okay, whatever. So, I don't really know anything about his head problems. Like, he didn't seem crazy yesterday so that's about all the history I've got with him, so I've got, like, nothing to add. But I'm not holding it against him or anything like that.

:rKateAdoring: I literally owe him my life. Like, he may be a skinny bastard and he could totally do with packing on some muscle, but right now I would pay him to screw me. Not a lot of guys would stick their neck out for a hooker. So, whatever, I'm not gonna judge.

:rKateDisgusted: Besides, I gotta take care of my own problems. That's why we're going to this alien doctor dude, right? I can feel them inside me. The wood bits Jack put in there to hold me together. It doesn't hurt but I'm all rigid, and it's like pushing against my fucking insides and stuff.

:rKateThinking: But, I mean... I can't believe everything works anyway. That's like the only fucking thing holding me together right now. In more ways then one. When I was looking down and I didn't see my fucking legs...

:rKateForced: Whatever! No harm, no foul, right guys? I'm gonna get fixed up, good as new, and then it'll be like nothing happened.
No. 805027 ID: aebfae

Depends on how well the doctors are. Though judging by the damage done, best case scenario would be you being all patched up but with TONS of obvious scarring. Better to not think about worst case.....
No. 805032 ID: 094652

It's not that simple. Biomancers have a tendency to 'improve' their patients. Best case scenario, you end up with a snake tail. Worst case, they turn you into a @#$%ing garbage disposal bin or some other tool.

Have Victor keep a close eye on the doctor, make sure she doesn't go all Doctor Monroe on your ass. Literally.

... Unless you WANT to splice yourself with animal genes. We don't mind. Might make you sterile by incompatibility, so I doubt you want to do this option.
No. 805117 ID: 3435ae

You seem to like poking fun at people, you were doing that a bit with Jack earlier. Not a problem, you do you, but you might want to lay off on the girl who is going to be asking her doctor/biomancer to work on you, and can easily ask for your lungs to be restitched to your asshole.
No. 805125 ID: d79f26

well, we don't really mind. besides, part of asking was because who knows, maybe the doctor guy can MAKE them real.
No. 805220 ID: 9dc26d

Imagine the possibilities for novelty farting tricks at parties!
No. 805385 ID: f65b48

Nouille when Jack gets back you must apologize for cutting his torso from when you decapitated that guy.
No. 806102 ID: 129f2e
File 149669950423.png - (131.43KB , 1600x1200 , 320.png )

:rKateThinking: I'm not poking fun! I'm just telling her the truth! God! ... Okay, whatever, I guess. I really don't wanna get a tail instead of my legs, my butt is, like, the best part of me.

:rKateReally: Hey. Sorry if I, like, offended you or something. I was just kidding?

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: Oui, it is not a problem...

:rKate: So, like... your, uhm, gay yan whatever, the doctor dude? He's okay with working on, like, humans, right? Like, he's not gonna try and put a snake tail on me or something weird like that, right?

:rNouilleDoubt: ...'Ze Gaian'fais'utoth is my mozzer. I can guarantee she will not put a 'snake tail' on you.

:rKate: Touchy, huh! Jesus, sorry I said anything!
No. 806103 ID: 129f2e
File 149669951204.png - (61.94KB , 1600x1200 , 321.png )

:rNouille: Besides, 'ze Gaian'fais'utoth is not who I am worried about.

:rKateShock: Wait- wait, what the fuck's that supposed to mean exactly?

:rVictorC: [[Ah, yes. That would be less then ideal.]]

:rKateShock: Uh-...???

:rVictorC: [[I apologize. I was responding to Nouille. She has been lost deep into thoughts of her own.]]
No. 806106 ID: ba506f

hey I know you guys are bonding and all of that good stuff right now but their's one of those pink blobs again excepts this time it is much bigger and it's eating the van at the bottom of the cliff... soooo if you guys want to deal with that their you go.
No. 806107 ID: 094652

Damnit. I knew the van would get raided eventually.

Set it on fire before it dissolves the van. Victor, did you learn the pyrokinesis power yet?
No. 806192 ID: be0718

That's a really big blob. Got any fire?
No. 806238 ID: fe7355

Everybody STOP! Our view suddenly jumped way out and we can see there's a hostile at the base of the cliff ahead of y'all. One of those anesthetic/paralytic slime blobs like the one Jack killed with a improvised aerosol can flamethrower. (Nouille, what's the name for them, again?) Except this one is GIGANTIC! And it looks like it has engulfed Jack's van completely.

Unfortunately, we don't have flamethrowers or fire bombs to deal with this turn of events, so what options do we have? Nouille, how do people 'round here put down or otherwise deal with these damn blobs when they get real threateningly big like this?
No. 806277 ID: d79f26

all we know about them is they hate fire. ask if anyone knows another way to kill them.
No. 806386 ID: 5b93d3

Hey Nouile, Koth ahead, a big one!
No. 807503 ID: 129f2e
File 149730152075.png - (140.58KB , 1600x1200 , 322.png )

:rKateThinking: So, like, this is what everyone's freaking out over? It is pretty big...

:rNouilleSurprise: Oh, no, 'zat is not good!
No. 807504 ID: 129f2e
File 149730159980.png - (111.24KB , 1600x1200 , 323.png )

:rKateAdoring: ...It's kinda cute, though. Like a big, fat, wobbly pink dog!

:rKateSad: But if it's dangerous or whatever, then, whatever I guess.

:rKate: Uhm, so, like, the voice guys are all shouting at me, telling me to, like, kill it with fire.

:rNouilleDoubt: ...'Zat is a big one. It would take many unoun to kill some'zing like zat. We would not use fire- the unoun would drown it, and 'zen kill 'ze brain.

:rKate: Okay... but, like, fire works? They're all really shouty about that, they really seem to think it will.

:rNouille: It would explode and coat us all in residue. 'Zis would be bad, unless you want to slowly and helplessly starve to death in a heap on 'ze ground.

:rKateShock: Oh.

:rNouillethinking: Besides, I do not 'zink I have any'zing that would start a fire. 'Zat is not a 'zing my people use, we try to avoid fire.

:rVictorC: [[To answer the previously posed question, I do not have pyrokinesis. Telepathy and telekinesis are the only abilities I have retained in this place. I suppose that theoretically I could press and rub two objects together to attempt to create a friction fire, but it would be no more or less effective than if either of these females did the same.]]

:rKate: Okay? So... what do we do, then?

:rNouilleConfused: I... do not know. It likely smelled us from 'ze room, and now it knows we are close. We can maybe outrun it, but it would follow us, and I do not know where we could take it. 'Zey could kill it at 'ze camp, but I do not want that, 'ze attention would be... not good.
No. 807506 ID: 2ccee9

The vehicle itself contains a large amount of combustible material, a variety of reactive chemicals, and some brands of igniter.

If the key is still in the ignition it would be a simple matter of using telekinesis to rotate it (assuming it can reach that far).

Er, there is a control mechanism that looks like a wheel and a column in the front seats. It is marginally visible. There's a key slot on the side. Even if the key isn't present, you should be able to just push the bolts up and rotate it, which should drive the battery and cause sparks.

You'll want to be behind cover if you try that.
No. 807508 ID: d79f26

yeah, get the van started and it would start getting hot. only problem is it has an air intake which is full of slime instead of air.
No. 807509 ID: 2ccee9

addendum: If it's trying to eat the battery it make shock itself anyway and you may want to simply run as fast you can immediately before the whole thing goes up.
No. 807511 ID: 262ceb

>It would explode and coat us all in residue.

Nothing simpler! You just need to cover yourselves up before the explosion. Dig up the ground, lie down and cover yourselves in a layer of dirt. Maybe take off your clothes and put them on top of yourselves as well, for a double layer of disposable protection. Since it's at the bottom of a cliff and you're at the top, most of the residue blast shouldn't fall in your direction anyway, as the shockwave will rebound and carry it in the opposite direction. What lands on your side shouldn't extend far, so you'll just need to push aside what lands on your dirt/clothes covering and then dig a trench until you get to clear ground.

Though I suppose you still have the problem of causing such a fire.

Hmm. Perhaps the van itself... maybe an electric spark from the battery. That's a Volkswagen type 2, right? The classic hippie mobile. That should have had the engine in the back, but the battery under the passenger seat, I think. It may not have gotten to it yet.

If those things are flammable then it's possible that when it gets into the battery compartment and bridges the connections itself, with the internal bubbles of the van's crevices for oxygen, it'll explode anyway. Which looks like it could happen...

... uh. Any moment now.
No. 807514 ID: e136ae

How about a big "No" to starting a fire?

1. We probably want to keep the van in one piece.
2. No reliable means of starting a large enough fire, especially from inside. Nobody watches "Mythbusters"? You DO realize how hard it can be to make something explode when it's not specifically primed to?
3. Probably no oxygen in the blob, therefore good luck starting a fire.
4. All the characters are saying "Hey that's a really stupid idea". This is usually a subtle hint from the author that it's a really stupid idea.

Fire is right out. Ask our party if anyone knows if there's anything poisonous to the blobs, anything distasteful, or anyone we don't like nearby we could lead the blob to?
No. 807515 ID: d69df4

Uhh dudes, if the van might explode at any moment, and that thing paralyzes whatever it touches even dead, maybe we should be I dunno, RUNNING FOR THE HILLS!?!
No. 807516 ID: e136ae

I don't think the van will explode. Cars don't explode all that easily without help. Mythbusters demonstrates this time and time again. Cars are a lot harder to explode than you think.
No. 807518 ID: be0718

How many cars have been explosion-tested inside a highly reactive gelatinous cube?
No. 807524 ID: 262ceb


It technically wouldn't be the car exploding.
No. 807570 ID: 094652

Combine Victor's telekinesis with Nouille's portal sorcery. Portals cause rifts in timespace, which Victor can manipulate to siphon excess force from the gravity shift. Use that to fly with two people.
No. 807577 ID: b8f11f

What? If all that worked, where would we fly to exactly? Although talking about Nouille's portal gives me an idea- can we hide from the boom in that? Victor, at the very least, could probably squeeze himself in.
No. 808370 ID: 129f2e
File 149764536217.png - (114.43KB , 1600x1200 , 324.png )

:rVictorC: [[The battery- I see it, or rather the electrical potential emanating from it. I believe it is engulfed and the 'koth' is eating through the plastic casing, but it has not yet eaten through the insulation encasing the reactive chemicals, nor the insulation encasing the wires. I could perhaps yank it free before it does so.]]

:rNouille: What is going on?

:rKateShock: So like, everyone's telling me that the slime dude's gonna fucking explode in a 'sec after he, like, eats a battery in the car. Uhm, we're supposed to get under cover?

:rNouilleDoubt: Oh- but 'ze cliff would protect us- ah, from 'ze residue. Yes, I can provide cover for 'zis, but- if 'ze koth explodes, at 'zat size- it would alert 'ze whole rock!

:rNouilleThinking: Which... might be a good thing! if 'ze Unoun investigate, 'zat would leave 'ze camp unguarded, which would make 'ze things to come much easier!

:rNouilleConfused: Or- perhaps it would draw attention right to us, and put 'zem on 'zeir guard...

:rVictorC: [[I do not wish to rush any deliberations but I require an answer quickly, would you prefer I remove the battery or leave it in?]]
No. 808379 ID: d79f26

no such thing as bad publicity, kill it.
No. 808384 ID: be0718

Can you dislodge it from the engine block without taking it out of the koth? The car might fare a little better that way, but leaving the camp unguarded sounds like a novel (if not necessarily good) idea. you'll need to get moving fast, though, so you aren't connected to the scene!
No. 808386 ID: 5e8edc

Blow it up.

Also now may be a bad time with the imminent explosion but can Nouille make a bigger portal? It looks like there's another cave/hole/whatever right on the edge of that one.
No. 808418 ID: 0ea11e

Take it out. If it explodes, it will attract more than civilians. If any Unoun die while lured in by something we could have stopped, that strains our reputation from "get away from me" to "forcefully reincarnate these inbred sociopaths".
No. 808461 ID: 179856

Remove it.
If we want to blow it up, you can always just put it back.
No. 808792 ID: e22b1d

Another vote to blow it. We have a problem, we have a solution.
No. 809088 ID: 129f2e
File 149790465175.png - (116.97KB , 1600x1200 , 325.png )

:rKate: Uhm, I think most of them want you to keep it in?

:rVictorC: [[It may be a moot point. The creature has eaten through the insulating material and has not yet
No. 809089 ID: 129f2e
File 149790467230.png - (252.72KB , 1600x1200 , 326.png )

:rSlime: *)(&!)$&(*@!$ !(*)&$@!)(*$&@*!($! $!$!&()&!%*)(!&%!&%!)&@!% !%&&&%!@#()!_+@#(! )_+#@(+!+%*&#@^&*%^*&^ ^%&%!@$*)_@!*$_)@!$ @!)_$*_()@!*$(!@$*!$
No. 809090 ID: 129f2e
File 149790468030.png - (115.88KB , 1600x1200 , 327.png )

No. 809091 ID: 129f2e
File 149790468873.png - (102.53KB , 1600x1200 , 328.png )

No. 809095 ID: 129f2e
File 149790478261.png - (112.89KB , 1600x1200 , 329.png )

:rNouilleConfused: Well 'zat was... violent. Are you okay, is any'zing broken?

:rIAmSureIWillGetManyOpportunitiesToUseThis: Mnhfhpphmph!
No. 809098 ID: 4854ef

Nouille, she can't exactly speak to reply when she's pressed firmly to your.. Breast like that.

That was one.. surprisingly incredible explosion for what amounts to a souped up engine? I guess the slime must've magnified it a bit.

Victor friends! You alright?
No. 809112 ID: 7b7ab3

Do not resist the tiddy.
The tiddy is good.
The tiddy keeps you safe.
Tiddy is love.
Tiddy is life.
No. 809115 ID: 91ee5f

Motor boat! XD
No. 809127 ID: c9b981

The little koth over reacted to energy (fire) too. Worth keeping in mind that they'll go full meltdown with a bit of shock/fire, you never know when you need an explosion. Too bad they're so dangerous or it'd be worth finding and keeping one as a pet for a last resort
No. 809130 ID: e136ae

Yeah, seems a waste otherwise.
No. 809167 ID: be0718

Ew, a face full of bandages. Correct this at once and remove the offending intermediate!

The worm seems to have been flung clear by the explosion. Go looking for him, as any direction that is away from the explosion would be a good one to take right now!
No. 809256 ID: d1e462

Motor boat the alien and then find the magic worm.

This is my new favorite sentence.
No. 809292 ID: 49c9d4

Katie, stay calm. Please describe the shape, texture, resistance, and any squirming parts you feel in Nouille's breasts. If you feel any holes or worms, just crouch down into a fetal position and do not escape from the blanket, the goo is still flying out there.

Victor! You still alive?
No. 810528 ID: 129f2e
File 149851060272.png - (130.16KB , 1600x1200 , 330.png )

:rIAmSureIWillGetManyOpportunitiesToUseThis: Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr

:rNouilleConfused: What- what are you doing??!
No. 810529 ID: 129f2e
File 149851061646.png - (101.27KB , 1600x1200 , 331.png )

:rKateReally: Can you, like, blame me? I mean they were right fucking there!

:rNouilleConfused: So... so you make a noise with your mouth and shake your 'ead? I do not understand?

:rKateShock: I- oh! You mean, like, why am I doing it? I mean- it's just what humans do?

:rKateAdoring: Like, we do it 'cause we fucking love it. Or, well, mostly guys love it. But I'm into whatever.

:rNouilleDoubt: O... oh...? I guess 'zat is okay 'zen...?
No. 810530 ID: 129f2e
File 149851062566.png - (223.17KB , 1600x1200 , 332.png )

:rKateHorror: Yeah we JESUS FUCK!!
No. 810531 ID: 129f2e
File 149851063796.png - (106.58KB , 1600x1200 , 333.png )

:rKateHorror: What- what the hell is that?

:rNouille: 'Zat is 'ze koth's brain. Do not worry, it is 'armless.

:rVictorC: [[I do not mean to interrupt but I am having some significant trouble with respiration.]]

:rNouille: We are coming, right away!

:rKateShock: Are those its, like, brain guts? That's so fucking weird.
No. 810532 ID: 129f2e
File 149851064781.png - (118.96KB , 1600x1200 , 334.png )

:rVictorC: [[Thank you. I breathe through my skin and it is very difficult when my exterior is covered in fluid. Thank you again.]]

:rNouille: We will get 'ze residue off you right away. You will be fine, 'zis sort of thing always happens with koths.

:rKate: So, like, I thought this shit was supposed to kill us if we got it on us or something? What was everyone freaking out about?

:rVictorC: [[I regret interrupting once again, however the other Victors are telling me that Jack and Soo Jung are very curious about the source of the explosion.]]
No. 810535 ID: 3f3e63

>they can have big tits, but lack the arrangement of lips necessary to conceive the practice of motorboating

Truly, a tragic existence. Pity these aliens.
No. 810538 ID: 4854ef

It doesn't kill you straight away, but it basically paralyses you and considering this hellscape being fully paralyzed will kill you when something else that wants to eat you comes by.
No. 810539 ID: e136ae

Technically we are the aliens here. We should ask if Nouille's species breast-feeds or if they have some other purpose. If they do I'm assuming it's before those teeth come in.


Just give them a brief of what happened and the van is gone.
No. 810548 ID: d79f26

giant pink slime ate the van, it blew up. jack should know abut the slimes and could imagine a giant one.

ask if koth brains have anything useful in them, like any chemicals or materials gathered from it's scavaging.

also, the slime isn't deadly on it's own but it causes paralysis, and just imagine if another one showed up while you couldn't move.
No. 810550 ID: 3f3e63

Remember, Noille wanted to avoid notice from the people who'd be coming to investigate this, so getouttahere.
No. 810551 ID: 701418

... I did not expect you to do that.

The slime is non-toxic, but the paralysis can last hours. Not exactly something you can weather in this wasteland.

Check up on the van, see if anything broke in the liquid explosion. Temperature was kept to a minimum, but submerged force means there might be a dent ooor the car might be a lump of scrap. Ease Jack into the damage report.
No. 810558 ID: 9c225d

>two girls rubbing a long, thick, gooey pink shaft while the camera is focused on their big alien boobs

Anyway harvest the crap out of that brain, it has to be valuable to someone. How many bus sized, paralyzing, eats-anything slime monsters are there on this planet, and how many get killed to have the opportunity to get at those juicy brain guts?
No. 810724 ID: be0718

Yesss, polish the worm. Polish him thoroughly.
Do not tell Jack about the van yet, no need to alarm him. Tell him nobody was harmed (much) and we're using the distraction to slip inside Nouille's camp more subtly. ...Heh. Subtly. Riiight.
No. 810750 ID: 9c225d

The van was being dissolved from the back end forward the last time we saw it. Since the engine for these hippy vans is in the back, it was already fucked even before the boom. At best there's half a chunk of car that will never move again. Which is unlikely because the goo got into everywhere due to half the car being open, so when the goo exploded, it pushed against everything all at once. My money is on there being nothing left but chunks of scrap the size of your fist.

Tell Victor to keep it hushed up for now, let us tell him in person when we see him.
No. 810879 ID: 9dc26d

What do you have in the way of non-essential cloth? A towel would be ideal, but since Victor is kind of addicted to breathing, anything that you can spare and that you have on hand will do.
No. 810905 ID: e136ae

Let's double down and obviously Nouille's top is the right choice.
No. 811493 ID: 129f2e
File 149885714340.png - (69.77KB , 1600x1200 , 335.png )

:rVictorC: [[Understood, I will inform the others that the noise was merely a distraction.]]

:rKateThinking: Yeah, so... car's fucked, guys. Seriously fucked.

:rKate: Also I'd totally shark the shit out of her and get those giant boobs out, except, like, she's got like a fucking chainsaw for a face. I totally pushed my luck just motorboating her.

:rKateAdoring: Totally worth it though.
No. 811494 ID: 129f2e
File 149885725219.png - (109.90KB , 1600x1200 , 336.png )

:rKate: So, like... the voice dudes are saying we should 'harvest' this thing?

:rNouilleDoubt: Oh... oui, I was going to leave it for 'ze unoun, but... I suppose we could take something? If we make it quick.

:rKateReally: Is, like... any of this shit worth anything?

:rNouille: Oh, yes! Almost all of it is! 'Ze skin is a great fabric, 'ze hoin is delicious, 'ze golgi makes a tough rope when dried and is full of a toxin that can be prepared for our weapons, 'ze trea secretes ju even after death, which we mix with water for medicine...

:rVictorC: [[Miss Nouille is too shy to mention herself that the large bulbous organs, which she refers to as 'Bon Hor', are a very potent aphrodisiac. This thought is at the forefront of her mind however.]]

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: A- ah. O, oui, yes, 'zat... 'zat is... Thank you.

:rVictorC:[[You are most welcome.]]
No. 811499 ID: be0718

Oh no, your mask is completely gone! How will we ever differentiate you from the other Victors now?
Grab the Bon Hors. While the least practical item, it is a luxury good, and thus far more valuable to those with twisted priorities (such as... us, I guess.)
No. 811506 ID: 2ccee9

Go with smaller, easier to carry, and higher value.

Since you're going to need to buy new internal organs and a way home and possibly equipment if you're stuck here.
No. 811512 ID: ba506f

well if money or bartering is a thing here I say grab the most expensive part of it or whatever is worth the most to pawn later. If not then whatever is easiest to bring with you and will last awhile since I have no idea on the shelf life of these things are.
No. 811516 ID: 5b70fe

Kate already asked if the stuff was valuable and Nouille responded by explaining what the stuff does, instead of giving a price or saying 'yes, this is the most valuable thing'. To me that implies this is a trade society with subjective value.

With that in mind take the bon hors since the only other people we know to trade with are a horny tentacle monster and his H cup rape roleplay fuckbud. Other then that you could grab the medicine since everyone needs that eventually and people are willing to pay out the nose to not die.
No. 811517 ID: d79f26

take a flap of skin, can sew it over your seam later to make it more secure.
No. 811521 ID: 094652

Stuff that thing in the pocket dimension and get going. Please leave before the scavengers arrive.
No. 811545 ID: e22b1d

Nobody's going to talk about how the biggest thing at the front of Nouille's mind is the horny juice? I'm kind of surprised.

Whatever, grab something and get out, we need to move along before anyone gets here.
No. 811548 ID: e121d3

Take whatever's quick to get that's worth something and you can carry. You guys have got to skidaddle!
No. 812339 ID: 129f2e
File 149911301584.png - (145.62KB , 1600x1200 , 337.png )

:rKateReally: So the voice dudes are saying we should grab the horny bits.

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: Uhm-

:rKate: Dude, it's three against you. You're totally outgunned.

:rKateThinking: I'm counting me too in that because goddamn straight we're fucking grabbing those.

:rNouilleConfused: I... o, oh, alright, 'zen.
No. 812340 ID: 129f2e
File 149911302427.png - (135.15KB , 1600x1200 , 338.png )

No. 812341 ID: 129f2e
File 149911304643.png - (98.86KB , 1600x1200 , 339.png )

:rKate: So... how do we use these, uhm, what did you call them? Bone Whores? Do we, like, cut them up or juice them or cook them or something?

:rNouilleDoubt: I.... actually, I do not know.

:rKate: You've never tried one?

:rNouille: No, I 'ave seen a few, but... I did not-

:rKateShock: Why the fuck not? Like, fuck, the guys in your village must have been like dogpiling you every time you step out of your house, right? Fucking look at you!

:rNouilleConfused: I... no, 'zat is not quite...

:rKateReally: Wait, you're not a virgin, are you?

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: ... Do we need to talk about 'zis topic? We have 'ze bon hors, is 'zat not enough?
No. 812350 ID: be0718

No use feeling shame around her, she's a professional at helping you get over that hump. Look, there's the camp in the distance. Let's moonwalk our way there by leaps and bounds.

Why don't you pester the other noodly virgin on the way there, Kate?
No. 812658 ID: 7b7ab3

Nouille, before this is over, we are getting you laid.
No. 812670 ID: d79f26

well, we will figure something out, later, no one in the this current group has the right equipment for the quest.

i see smoke behind you.
No. 812683 ID: e121d3

Come on, gather up the stuff and get out of there, chop chop. No time to waste.
No. 812729 ID: 7b95d9

Well, issues for later. Grab the ju, that'll be useful one way or another bwcause medicine, and lets get the H-E-double hockey sticks OUT.
No. 814590 ID: 129f2e
File 149971795195.png - (28.97KB , 800x600 , 340.png )

:rKate: Dude, you totally should have told me to get the medicine before we jumped down from the fucking cliff! We're sort of on the wrong side of it now!

:rKateThinking: Anyway, you know, talking about getting her laid kinda makes me wonder how, like, sex with her would even work. Like... she doesn't have legs. Does that mean her pussy's on the front, or...? She's gotta have something if she's covering it up, right?
No. 814591 ID: 129f2e
File 149971796811.png - (78.82KB , 1600x1200 , 341.png )

:rVictorC: [[Please hold for one moment as I have only now realized something.]]

:rVictorC: [[We are travelling in the direction of Nouille's camp, which must mean Nouille's "unoun" are travelling directly toward us- from the camp and toward the source of the disturbance directly behind us. Are we attempting to avoid this confrontation?]]

:rNouilleSurprise: Oh, yes! We must 'ide!

:rKate: Uhm, how do you wanna do that exactly? Like, this place is flat as fuck, we can't like hide behind a tree or something.

:rKateShock: Or-! Your like, portal thing-!

:rNouilleDoubt: Yes, 'zat is 'ze obvious solution, but it is not big enough for you or me! And 'ow would we get out again? 'Ze portal only works 'ze one way!
No. 814596 ID: d79f26

move a bit more then use that red covering again, can pretend to be a rock. just need to stay still while they pass us by.
No. 814600 ID: be0718

You're right, we've fallen for the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things! Let's go perpendicular now and circle around the camp a bit.
No. 814612 ID: e121d3

Ok, Plan B: a disguise. All you need to do is take your clothes off, have her roll in the dirt a bit to make her a bit redder, then she puts on your clothes and you wear hers. And she pretends to be someone entirely different.

Might be a snug fit. Might get your clothes torn a bit.
No. 814620 ID: ba506f

could we simply go around them by staying low to the ground? I mean they're still a ways off so if you can put some distance between yourself and them you might be able to avoid them completely. Failing that move a bit away from the explosion site and hide in that blanket again until the cost is clear. With Victor he can simply read people's minds and let you know when the coast is clear.
No. 814684 ID: 15d4be

Going around could work but would take longer, and we should probably try to hurry this up before Kate rejects the runes, starts bleeding from the inside, and dies.

Can you hitch a ride on one of the floating rocks? If not I vote for covering up with the blanket and pretending to be a rock. Swapping clothes is fun but unlikely to work. You can always take your clothes off and switch on the rock/under the sheets just for fun.
No. 814854 ID: f62fd8

No. 815158 ID: 9dc26d

Use the portal to dig a scrape to hide in. Doesn't need to be fancy, just a ditch will work.
No. 816535 ID: 129f2e
File 150032571999.png - (79.63KB , 1600x1200 , 342.png )

:rKate: Can we, like, hitch a ride on one of those floaty rocks and hide above them?

:rNouille: Oui, 'zat could work. I 'zink I could jump to it. But can you?

:rKateShock: Jesus, you can jump like 50 fucking feet in the air to that thing?!

:rKateThinking: Uhm, yeah, I'm not doing that. Mr. Worm dude, can you do that flying thing you were doing with that flat ass asian chick?

:rVictorC: [[No, I am afraid I am not strong enough to lift you without the assistance of my two counterparts.]]
No. 816536 ID: 129f2e
File 150032578903.png - (71.27KB , 1600x1200 , 343.png )

:rKate: Okay, well I guess we're stuck on the ground then. So the other plan is that we're supposed to get back under the blanket and pretend like we're a rock.

:rNouilleThinking: ...If we are flat, and very still, 'zat could work also.
No. 816537 ID: 129f2e
File 150032582462.png - (106.98KB , 1600x1200 , 344.png )

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: You are looking at my- my chest, aren't you? Please don't. It may be custom to you 'umans but it is... embarrassing, to us Vir'Kos. 'Zat area is... taboo.

:rVictorC: [[Also, we must keep movement to an absolute minimum.]]
No. 816539 ID: 3abd97

Hey, it's not as if she has anywhere else to look.
No. 816540 ID: 3ce125

She could close her eyes though.
No. 816548 ID: 57c5ec

The word she's looking for is modesty. Just compliment her on them to keep her off balance. Maybe a 'you smell nice, too.'
No. 816549 ID: ba506f

aright just close your eyes and wait until vic tells you it's safe to move again. And no I don't care if you peek just don't make it obvious. The reason we are hiding right now is because nobody here wants to have a spear shoved up their ass by pissed off natives.
No. 816626 ID: 91ee5f

You're in an enclosed space, so no matter what, don't fart!
No. 816669 ID: 9b80a5

>>800514 we should also check up on the others soon
No. 816682 ID: 9b80a5

Also how are your legs doing not coming off? Is that anti pain rune stopping cause if so your fucked cause that means the immortality ones about to go aswell and well then its yeah rest in peices for you
No. 816683 ID: 9b80a5

Oops sorry hoow are your legs, not coming off yet?
No. 819750 ID: 129f2e
File 150154104563.png - (112.08KB , 1600x1200 , 345.png )

:rKateReally: Fine, fiiiine, I won't do anything. But your boobs are super fucking awesome. Like, I could just drown in them all day. Plus, you smell really nice, too. Just so you know.

:rNouilleEmbarrassed: Uhm...

:rVictorC: [[The unoun have passed and it is now safe to vacate the hiding spot.]]

:rNouilleWeirdedOut: Oh! Good!
No. 819752 ID: 129f2e
File 150154108549.png - (93.14KB , 1600x1200 , 346.png )

:rKateThinking: By the way my legs are fine. It's kinda awkward walking 'cause it feels like there's a gigantic stick shoved up my ass. Which, I mean, I'm not against that, but it's kinda hard to walk like that. But, yeah dude, I'm doing okay so far. Uhm, maybe 'cause I'm so much smaller then the other guy, the drawings and stuff work better?
No. 819753 ID: 129f2e
File 150154109656.png - (92.51KB , 1600x1200 , 347.png )

:rKate: Hey, what's that?

:rNouilleConfused: 'Ze camp?

:rKateShock: No, there's like something in front of it?

:rNouilleConfused: 'Ze fence?
No. 819754 ID: 129f2e
File 150154110613.png - (116.03KB , 1600x1200 , 348.png )

:rKateHorror: JESUS FUCK!!

:rNouilleShock: What??

:rKateHorror: What the SHIT???

:rNouilleSurprise: Oh! Yes, she was intruding on our camp! We set up 'ze fence so outsiders would know not to do 'zat!

:rVictorC: [[Ah... I will have to inform Bolo that Pam will not be returning to Trenchtown.]]

:rKateHorror: Why did you...-?!?!

:rNouilleDoubt: We make an example and scare 'ze other 'umans away. 'Zis is why I did not want 'ze unoun to see you in 'ze camp while we did 'zis thing! You understand?

:rKateForced: Ah, uhm...

:rKateHorror: Not this fucking dismemberment fuckage again! I know it's too late to back out from this shit but is it like too late to back out from this shit?
No. 819760 ID: 094652

@#$%ing tribal society

*deep breath* Just go in, get fixed, get out. Does the fence have any wards or is it just there to stop raging megabeasts from stomping the place?
No. 819764 ID: 91ee5f

Well, like she said, this girl was an intruder that tried to come into the camp without permission. You have permission, so that's not going to happen to you.

.....you know, I'm glad I'm a voice in your head. Otherwise I'd be throwing up right n-
*insert disgusting vomiting sounds here*
Ugh, never mind. Sorry about throwing up inside of your head.
No. 819765 ID: be0718

Well, you should be fine as long as you're not spotted and stick very very close to Nouille. Maybe not too close in front of her mother.
No. 819772 ID: 7b7ab3

Nouille, that is... E X T R E M E L Y uncool.
I understand needing to protect your territory, but still... so uncool.
Let's just get this shit over with and leave.
No. 819773 ID: 8d23d9

"Do you guys not have diseases, here? On human world we learned not to do this sort of thing because everyone started getting sick more often when we did."
No. 819774 ID: ba506f

...maybe keep that rock blanket handy just incase you need to hide quickly... don't think it will be as useful in town where most would probably recognize a new rock on the road but hey, better then nothing. But yeah from this point keep quite and do what Nouille says since she knows how shit works around here.
No. 819783 ID: 9b80a5

*sarcasm* ugh you just assumed my gender i will have you know that i identify as a piece of drywall and i will not be discriminated against like this *sarcasm* but yeah there are a lot of us here and we don't even know each others genders or names or really anything else about each other other than were a large collective of voices that also may or may not be able to control others i don't know maybe its just the suggestions we were about to make just happened anyway cause you also thought of it but yeah just refer to us as they them etc.
No. 819784 ID: d79f26

okay, i have to ask, is there a difference between an intruder and someone that got lost? because a lost human that spots a town would head for that town and not know there is territories or anything they should go in. if uh, pam here, showed up and was killed without anyone informing her that she isn't welcome here then that is kind of a really big dick move, cause most humans would accept "we don't like humans go away".
No. 819785 ID: 9b80a5

you want to know something we arent even looking at things through your eyes we are actuly looking at you in the 3rd person wether it be a few well ill say feet away or miles out we are almost never in the 1rst person with you but we cant controll how far away we are either its just random and chaotic also we get your thoughts in bursts every now and then like for us you were under that blanket for a long as fuck amount of time until time suddenly started for us again (don't ask why or how we don't know)
No. 819845 ID: 9dc26d

A palisade fence needs to either have cross members or wires strung between stakes to make it clear it's a fence, or it needs to have the stakes spaced closely enough that a human can't get between them for a human to reliably recognize it as a fence and not, say, stakes for growing green beans or other vine plants on.

Anyway the entire body being staked is excessive, you can achieve the same effect with just the skull. Or even a skull facsimile! In fact if you just make a mold based on the skull you can make all the copies you like out of baked clay and have a whole bunch set up to scare people away.
No. 819847 ID: be0718

We're here to reattach a spine, not critique their grotesque architecture!
No. 819970 ID: 9dc26d

It looks like most of the parts are still there. Maybe she could be re-assembled?
No. 820087 ID: 9b80a5

Yeah your in waaaay too deep and you`ve already blown your load so you might as well keep goin deeper
No. 820088 ID: 9b80a5

At least she is dead and not imor(t)aly in pain
No. 820113 ID: 7d8168

Oh hey yeah, speaking of spines, that sure looks like a torso in the middle there. She's dead, she probably won't be using her spine any more, maybe we could "recycle" some of her vertebrae.
No. 821182 ID: 9b80a5

also i wonder what it would be like to be fucked by victor like would he just like shove one of the three in there or.... would worms even have dicks
No. 821285 ID: 129f2e
File 150231271124.png - (94.66KB , 1600x1200 , 349.png )

:rKate: Did one of you guys just throw up in my head? What the shit? Fuck, I can't keep track of all you guys, how the fuck does Jack deal with this? Like, seriously, you're all talking over each other and I'm only getting like parts and I don't know how to tell you guys apart. You all sound the same too, just like Jack, so it's so fucking confusing.

:rKateThinking: Well, one of you guys was talking about taking her spine, right? I don't think I need more spine? I've still got all my spine, it's just, like, in fucking two. I'm just short, okay? She can totally keep it.

:rKateShock: But, uhm, her keeping it, that's an idea, huh? Can she use it again? Like, if she was alive again? Like, I've seen enough crazy shit today, I'm not gonna argue if you guys say you know someone who can put her back together. I'm apparently gonna get stitched back together. I don't think big titty alien girl's gayah whatever is gonna put her back, since these guys were the guys who fucking took her apart in the first place. But, like... does Jack know anybody else here? Someone who's like, not totally fucking psycho?
No. 821286 ID: 129f2e
File 150231273027.png - (164.90KB , 1600x1200 , 350.png )

:rNouille: Wait here, please. I will go inside and fetch 'ze Gaian'fais'utoth.

:rKateReally: Uhm, hold the fuck up- if I'm not even going into the fucking camp, what was the point of all that bullshit with getting the guards or whatever out of the way?

:rNouilleThinking: 'Zey can be... enthusiastic? Is 'zat 'ze word? 'Zey sometimes decide what intruding means, you understand?

:rKateShock: Uh

:rNouille: Do not worry about it, 'zey are not here, and 'ze utoth shouldn't bozzer you, yes? If you are bozzered, say to 'zem: "Kos kaba yon kos-vos Way'Bo, hersi". Can you remember 'zat?

:rKateDoubt: ...Coh khah bah yow coh vowh way bow hair see?

:rNouilleDoubt: Mn, 'zat is close enough. I will not be long.
No. 821287 ID: 129f2e
File 150231276426.png - (119.11KB , 1600x1200 , 351.png )

:rKateThinking: So... I'm, like, on the edge of crazyfuck murderville and the only thing that's keeping me from getting chopped up and put up on a pole is the people who would do that are busy chopping up a giant purple sperm, but whatever. Whatever. Fuck it. Whatever.

:rKate: Uhm, worm dude?

:rVictorC: [[Yes?]]

:rKate: So, like, one of the voices is asking how you fuck and I'm totally curious too.

:rVictorC: [[Yes, I heard. I do not know how sex with a human would work, I have never tried. However I know instinctively how sex with another worm would work. We are hermaphrodites, so the process is complex; first, we would lie parallel to each other and excrete enough mucus to form a thick 'slime tube' around us, where then we]]

:rKateForced: Cool! Let's talk about something else.
No. 821289 ID: 7b7ab3

How about we discuss escape plans? If this goes pear shaped, then we'll need a way out of here.
No. 821304 ID: 4854ef

Hey Kate, Victor, can you see what they're doing at those big purple.. slime pools?
No. 821305 ID: 7d8168

Hey, when you break something in half, often the edges of the two halves get messed up near the break. And if you need a new bottom vertebra for your top half and a new top vertebra for your bottom half, then hey maybe you can find a couple right nearby. Just planning for contingencies, yeah?

And speaking of contingencies... I can't really think of anything for escape plans. Speed and stealth both run into some obvious issues, so I think we'll have to rely on Nouille's language lesson and Victor to make sure things don't go that sour.

And speaking of Victor, hermaphrodites huh? Do they do the love dart thing? Love darts crack me up.
No. 821314 ID: d79f26

.... are we on a gigantic creature with hard red skin and purple insides?
No. 821319 ID: 91ee5f

>Cool! Let's talk about something else.
*insert disgusting vomiting sounds here*
Ugh.....now look what you made me do!
No. 821325 ID: be0718

As far as fences go this one seems pretty ineffcient for keeping outsiders out. And why even shave down a spot for a 'gate'? Carts? Maybe they're teeth or cilia for a big monster, though they don't seem to react to you leaning on them.
...Where do you think the wood came from, then? Someone teleport a hardware store into hell?
No. 821330 ID: c9bdd1

...I just hope everything goes well. You're pretty damn cool. Don't often get hosts that just roll with us so easily like you do. Most have to make some kinda big deal about it.

We're mostly just curious and bored 95% of the time. Sometimes folks take that to mean we're malicious and uncaring, but really cool folks like you we'd want to keep around. And we can be really smart, too! Like, rocket scientist smart. If we're motivated enough anyway.

You want us to tell you some stories? We got some good ones. And by good I mean funny, not morbid.

...okay some are both.
No. 821524 ID: 3ce125

Katie you should show her your tits and ask if hers look the same under her bandages.
No. 821530 ID: 094652

... Katie can you ask the doctor to make your fake tits natural.

Dude. Stop trying to be five times annoying.
No. 822326 ID: 56b208

>does Jack know anybody else here?

Actually, yeah, there is that demon information broker guy. If you're willing to lose an ovary to save someone's life (or bring it back from the dead) that might help, maybe he knows a ritual for resurrecting people or knows where to find a necromancer. Just say 'xyphylys' out loud
No. 822394 ID: e136ae

The ovary could only be used to barter with if she values it.
No. 823289 ID: 129f2e
File 150291807910.png - (163.47KB , 1600x1200 , 352.png )

:rKateThinking: Fuck, I've got nothing for an 'escape plan'. I can't run for shit and I'm not carrying anything that could help. Or, like, fucking anything at all. Although... I guess it doesn't matter since I'm like already invincible? At least, until that rune thing wears off or whatever, whenever that happens.

:rKateDoubt: Uh, I don't know what to respond to...

>...Where do you think the wood came from, then? Someone teleport a hardware store into hell?
:rVictorC: [[This question, I can answer. Bolo and Valentine trade for this material. It is something that the Vir'Kos are rich in. They call it 'fais es', which supposedly translates into English as something similar to 'makes things'. It is one of the few workable building materials on the rock. However I do not know what it is, except that it is not wood.]]

:rKate: Huh. Well... oh! They were asking about that purple stuff too? Any idea what the fuck that is? They look like, clams or something to me.

:rVictorC: [[I possess no knowledge of that whatsoever. I do not believe they are swimming in a pool of purple-... whatever it may be. It appears dry to me, and it does not ripple as they move. It does not seem to be the insides of some great beast as was implied, it appears as a simple pit dug out and encrusted with some form of purple... stuff.]]
No. 823290 ID: 129f2e
File 150291809207.png - (114.94KB , 1600x1200 , 353.png )

:rKateReally: Right, whatever. The important question is what's under her boob wrappings.

:rKateThinking: ...I gotta say, like, my opinion of her is kinda in the shitter after learning her and her tribe are a bunch of crazy-ass psycho fucking murderers, but, like... I've screwed a lot of shitty people, so, I dunno.

:rKateAdoring: She does have really big tits. Maybe I could still be down for

:rGohoran: Human! Hey!
No. 823291 ID: be0718

The wording implies he is trying to get your attention and not alert the camp to your presence, so show him he's got it. Don't go inside yet, though.
No. 823296 ID: ba506f

wait is this the guy we need to talk to? Might as well say what nouille told you to say if any of her tribesmen bothered you

"Kos kaba yon kos-vos Way'Bo, hersi"

...We should probably ask her what that means when she get's back.
No. 823309 ID: 3ce125

He's speaking english, I doubt you need to toss that phrase at him. Stay where you are and say Hey right back. If he wants something he can come talk to you, you're not going down there.
No. 823311 ID: 91ee5f

This! Don't go down there! Just smile and wave!
No. 823434 ID: 94fed2

I think this guy's the designated town trader. The Christmas comic shows his house is full of crap and Nouille goes to him first for finding a gift. He lives immediately beside the front gate. And he speaks English when the others don't.

He's probably just coming out to see if you want to trade stuff. It's a shame you have nothing on you.
No. 823435 ID: 094652


Nouille used this term for assholes, and our analysis tools are telling us this guy is one of them, so... yeah, please ignore him.
No. 823496 ID: 493949

Just stay put and ask him what he wants.
No. 823606 ID: 129f2e
File 150309400503.png - (141.46KB , 1600x1200 , 354.png )

:rGohoran: Thank you for waiting, human. I was afraid the sign is not working, after others did not wait.

:rKateShock: Goddamn, this guy's big. Like, the other alien guy was fucking big enough without his legs or tail or whatever, but this guy, jesus!

:rKateDoubt: Uhm, sign?

:rGohoran: Yes, sign. This sign. I do not know how to write in Anglish. I did what I could. This would be enough to have humans wait, I hoped. And you did. Thank you.

:rGohoran: You are new. I am here to trade. Do you have anything to trade? I know humans sometimes do not come with things to trade, but if you have things, I would like to trade them.

:rKateDoubt: Uh...

:rGohoran: You need to know there is humans here. Turn and walk and you will find them. They are down in a long hole. But I would like to trade first if you can.
No. 823609 ID: 3ce125

Tell him that you can fix his sign if he wants, for a fee.
No. 823610 ID: ba506f

hey vic, can you read his mind? If so what is he thinking about?
No. 823772 ID: d79f26

explain you did not come expecting to trade so you do not have any goods, you are waiting here for someone else.
No. 823809 ID: e136ae

We're more likely to get TRADE instead of a fee, since Noodle's got our inventory. But yeah, might be a good start.
No. 824597 ID: 129f2e
File 150352566302.png - (139.06KB , 1600x1200 , 355.png )

:rKate: Well I've got nothing on me, but, like, I could fix your sign for some stuff? I can write English, dude.

:rGohoranShock: Oh! No! No! Do not do that!

:rGohoran: I must ask Vir'Kos to help. Way'Bo is helping already, she is learning to write "English".

:rGohoranConfusion: I do not seen her though? I do not see many Vir'Kos...?

:rGohoran: ...Quey ba utoth?

> hey vic, can you read his mind? If so what is he thinking about?
:rVictorC: [[I cannot speak his language, and so I cannot read his thoughts. However I can see that he is confused and upset. I do not know if his 'body language' is already conveying this information, as I am quite bad at reading such non-verbal, non-mental cues.]]

:rGohoran: Please excuse me. I do not introduce myself. My only name is Gohoran. When you have something to trade-

:rKate: Doesn't 'Gohoran' mean 'asshole'?

:rGohoranConfusion: I do not know what "asshole" is... Why do you know what "Gohoran" is?
No. 824609 ID: 3ce125

Sounds like this guy is a bit of a social outcast. He lost the privilege of having a real name and instead everyone calls him that.

Tell him you just know from speaking to the woman who brought you here that Gohoran is like, a term for a bad person. Has he been bad?
No. 824688 ID: be0718

Huh. Their digestive system must be one-way. A reasonable guess, given their non-Euclidean mouths.
No. 832770 ID: 129f2e
File 150636978552.png - (139.24KB , 1600x1200 , 356.png )

:rKate: Wait, how bad do you have to be to be bad, when they're fucking hanging girls off posts? Is this guy like a... super serial killer rapey slasher guy? 'Cause I've already had to deal with one of those today.

:rKateDoubt: Uhm... my friend, she took me here, she told me what 'Gohoran' means. You, uhm... haven't been bad, have you?

:rGohoran: Yes?... No. Not to you, human. I am not bad. But, who is 'friend'? Bolo does not know, so... is not Bolo, yes? Also, Bolo is not 'she'... who else would know? A Vir'Kos? I am curious.
No. 832771 ID: 129f2e
File 150636979840.png - (112.64KB , 1600x1200 , 357.png )

:rNouilleAngry: QAH??!! QAH NOR'ROL KOS?!

:rSomeoneThatIsntNouille: Kos tres'tres'ROLAAL, bete ubo! Kos syas nor'jorceay!

:rNouilleAngry: NY! KOS NOR'FAIS NOR'JORCEAY! YAN'HOR NY NOR'HOR!... Kos fais MALDAS kaba!
No. 832772 ID: 129f2e
File 150636980871.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 358.png )

No. 832774 ID: 129f2e
File 150636985241.png - (147.04KB , 1600x1200 , 359.png )

:rVictorB: [[Are you encountering problems? Our other victor has been put into a state of mild to severe distress several times now, while this party has been nearly completely untroubled.]]

:rValentineShadow: UHhnNAh! AhhH FUCK!!

:rVictorB: [[Granted, currently Victor is only feeling mild distress, but the pattern is concerning.]]
No. 832775 ID: 129f2e

I'm sorry about that massive delay. I had a serious hardware crash, followed right away by another hardware crash because I'm a dumb dumb and didn't fix it right the first time. All of my stuff is backed up so I didn't lose anything but time.
No. 832778 ID: 5767a6

No. 832779 ID: be0718

I see Bolo is, uh, busy. Who's your four-armed friend? What are he and Manny, uh I mean Jack, washing?
No. 832799 ID: 4854ef

..So this is how you view the world? Certainly quite.. Interesting that's for sure, threw us off a bit as we thought everyone around you was dead.
No. 832805 ID: ba506f

...why are we seeing people's skeletons? And someone being plowed behind the curtain/wall?

Anyways, uh, we're not really sure if things are going bad but before we got yanked here Kate was talking to someone from Nouille's village trying to figure out if she could trust him while Nouille went to talk to someone to grab something and then during the middle of Kate's conversation Nouille could be heard saying something very angrily to someone else who was yelling back just as loud so that both of them could be heard across the whole village. Not sure what they were saying seeing how they we're speaking their native tongue. Speaking of which do you know any of the native dialects? Because if so I can tell you the last thing we heard and you can tell us if we should be worried or not.
No. 832810 ID: a71041

>Jack is Manny Calavera.
This explains nothing and yet too much.

Who's our new friend?
No. 832910 ID: 9dc26d

To properly answer your question, yes there were some near misses. Victor lost his mask when a slime-thing ate Jack's van and exploded once it got ignited by the battery. He claimed he was okay to keep going, so we did.

There was a second alarming moment when we needed to hide from an unoun patrol. Again, we got through it just fine. We were not noticed.

The last alarming moment was when we arrived at the village and found that Pam was unfortunate. She will not be returning to Trenchtown, since she angered the village by wandering into their territory and they dismembered her. Her remains have been arranged on a pole to serve as a warning to not violate the fence boundary.

They really need to re-arrange the fence a little to make it clear it is a fence, humans would naturally have trouble recognizing it as such since the palisades are spaced a fair distance apart.
No. 833484 ID: 094652

You didn't have "worm vision" before...

So, I'm kind of curious. Valentine's silhouette isn't exactly human-shaped, and is that a tentacle?
No. 833495 ID: 9dc26d

No Kome, no, don't go there man. Just let Bolo and Val have their personal time. We don't need to know.
No. 833575 ID: 129f2e
File 150671984665.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 360.png )

:rVictorB: [[Excuse me. I did not mean to confuse you. I am now realizing this may be the first time we have hosted you personally.]]
No. 833576 ID: 129f2e
File 150671986565.png - (141.90KB , 1600x1200 , 361.png )

:rVictorB: [[There. I have turned you over to Jack.]]

:rJack2: Hey, you guys are back. What's up.

:rVictorC: [[They have brought news from the other group, which is beset with troubles. They are also curious about Demrin.]]

:rJack: Oh, yeah. We got stopped at the door while they, uh, do their stuff in there. According to Soo and Demrin, this shit happens all the time.

:rJack2: Since we can't go in, Demrin convinced me to take a moment to help her build this wall. She says it's part of her project to make this place 'not shitty'.

:rValentineShadow: UgHHn! Ghawdd!!

:rJackNervous: I don't know, we're waiting here anyway and she can be really convincing when she opens her mouth. Trust me. She also really doesn't like small talk, so I'm trying to stay quiet.

:rJack: So, what's this news?

:rVictorB: [[For one, a slime-thing has eaten your van and exploded.]]

:rJackSurprised: What.
No. 833578 ID: be0718

Sorry Jack. Not like it was going anywhere fast.
Hey, maybe you could build the wall more efficiently if you made some bricks out of the clay and then added mud later as the mortar.
What's Demrin's mouth like anyway? Is it physically impossible, let alone anatomically likely? All the ladies of this dimension must be real good kissers.
No. 833586 ID: ba506f

yeah sorry, another one of those slim things showed up but this one was big enough to actually swallow your van, to try and get past it without it chasing the other group we were forced to blow up your van along with the slim who was eating it anyways. Not much of a comfort I know but them the breaks... speaking of which did you have insurance on that thing?
No. 833589 ID: 3ce125

We didn't blow up the van. All we did was realize we couldn't stop the slime from exploding, which meant we were prepared for the explosion.
No. 833591 ID: 91ee5f

You remember that tiny pink slime thing and how it exploded when you lit it on fire?

Well, an even bigger pink slime thing found your van and had completely engulfed the whole thing! And then it ate through the car battery, which allowed a spark to touch the slime thing, and then the slime exploded with a really big BANG!!!!!

Which I'm pretty sure you heard earlier.
No. 833592 ID: 9b80a5

hey jack you ever hear of grim fandango? well why does your skull look exactly like that?
we were temporarily in victor (the one with the circle mask) and we could see through walls and also could see peoples skeletons and you dont have a normal skull
No. 835582 ID: 9dc26d

You never met Pam, but she's dead. Or at least, in pieces. Maybe there's some way to put her back together, but I'm not holding out hope. She wandered into the unoun village uninvited and they set her corpse out as a warning to others to heed their fence (I think they need to make their fence better, myself).

Soo would probably like to know about Pam.

Kate's met the unoun trader and is talking to him about his advertising signs while Nouille negotiates with the fleshcrafter about fixing up Kate.

Victor lost his mask when your van blew up. Just one more thing to work on replacing I guess. The mask, I mean. The van seemed like a total loss.
No. 835589 ID: 2fe26a

Outside of supernatural torture dungeons in non-euclidean space, I'm pretty sure dead is dead, even on Rock. Runes aren't fixing that.
No. 835727 ID: 9dc26d

A body is a machine. If the brain's intact, if the other important parts for life support can be replaced or rebuilt, then there's no reason you can't start the machine back up.
No. 835728 ID: 9b80a5

i doubt anyone here knows necromancy or whatever magic was in those runes and even if we learned i doubtthat we would be good enough to do it
No. 835763 ID: 9dc26d

Kate's going to get her torso re-attached to her legs by that unoun fleshcrafter. If the fleshcrafter can do that, it's not unreasonable to think she might be able to put Pam back together.
No. 835800 ID: 9b80a5

Well kate isnt dead and shes only in 2 semiconnected peices while pam is in a bunch of impaled peices and dead
No. 835927 ID: 129f2e
File 150775977071.png - (24.71KB , 800x600 , 362.png )

>Hey, maybe you could build the wall more efficiently if you made some bricks out of the clay and then added mud later as the mortar.

:rVictorA: [[We can answer this. Demrin has already discussed this with us before; the binding agent she has used to bind the particulate has a unique crystallization effect which will bind the particulate together more solidly-]]

:rJackAngry: Jesus fuck nobody cares, shut up!

:rVictorA: [[... We apologize...]]

:rJackAngry: Sorry man, but... goddamn it, my van. I got it from my dad. I've had it since I was a teenager. And he had it since he was a teenager. And it had all of my fucking shit in it and you're telling me it exploded?

:rJack2: ...And that 'Pam' shit is fucked up too. I guess. I don't know. I don't feel anything. I don't know her, and everyone is getting mauled and mutilated around here. This fucking place sucks.

:rVictorA: [[Yes, Bolo and Valentine would have more interest in Pam then anyone else here. Including Soo Jung, who has not elected to make friends with her time spent here and will likely respond with apathy.]]

:rVictorB: [[Incidentally, we know necromancy. Although we have done so only by accident.]]

:rVictorA: [[And our magic does not work here, which makes it a rather moot point.]]

:rJack: Fucking... my van...

:rVictorB: [[We may have pulled you away prematurely. Our other Victor is distressed again. Do you wish to go back? We can bring you to this group again when we are able to meet with Bolo.]]
No. 835930 ID: be0718

...should you really have that stuff on your bare hands?
Send us back, but before we go: Soo, get first dibs on Pam's stuff as a finder's fee for bringing the news of her fate.
No. 835931 ID: ba506f

might be a good idea to send us back yeah... also don't be to surprised if we pop up randomly again and then just disappear in the middle of something because I have a feeling we're going to be get thrown person to person a lot for the immediate future.
No. 835937 ID: 2474dd

Also Jack, just so you know but you're probably in hell and losing the van is the least of your worries.
No. 835966 ID: 9dc26d

Soo might be apathetic about Pam, but knowing how and why she died is useful information for anyone.

Jack, you're a stronger dude than you know. I know losing the van hurts, but you've still got your life and you're in a more secure position now than you have been since arriving on the Rock.

Catch you later Victors, let's see what's going on with your naked buddy.
No. 841695 ID: 129f2e
File 150956951940.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 363.png )

No. 841697 ID: 129f2e
File 150956956059.png - (129.55KB , 1600x1200 , 364.png )


:rGohoranShock: I did not do this!
No. 841698 ID: 129f2e
File 150956957060.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 365.png )

No. 841700 ID: 129f2e
File 150956960701.png - (108.54KB , 1600x1200 , 366.png )

:rVictorC: [[Welcome back.]]

:rKateAgony: AUGH GOD OH GOD!!!

:rGohoranShock: I am sorry! What is happening? Please, do not shout! I am sorry!

:rVictorC: [[We have something of a crisis forming.]]



:rVictorC: [[Also, Nouille is still occupied. I imagine that she can hear this commotion, but she has not yet seen fit to return with assistance.]]

:rKateAgony: OOgHHn FUCK!

:rGohoranShock: Please, I am sorry! I did not do this!
No. 841707 ID: be0718

Need a pointy thing to re-carve those runes, stat!
No. 841709 ID: aebfae

Aw shit, the runes are wearing off, aren't they?! DX
No. 841718 ID: ba506f

crap we need to reapply the runes don't we? ah, ah, can we use her blood to make a temporary rune and then put a better one on when she isn't in horrible pain?
No. 841723 ID: b7bc15

The only sharp, rune cutting thing I see are gohorans teeth. I don't know if there's any polite way to ask him to bite you. And then carve out those runes while he's at it.

Alternately, you could go to Nouille and borrow thad spear. Sure, they fuck up and mutilate trespassers, but you're already fucked up and mutilated so what's the worst that could happen
No. 841724 ID: 9dc26d

Pain control is first priority. The shock of the pain hitting her could finish her off. If we can't get the rune re-carved properly, she should be laid down and kept distracted as much as possible.

Victor please relay to the trader that we know it is not his fault. Then get a sharp rock or something and please re-trace that rune on Kate's midsection... hmm actually that might be an issue. Can you perceive it? I understand you see the world rather differently than the humans or unoun.
No. 841727 ID: b7bc15

Wait, gohorans a trader and his hut is right there. Ask if you can borrow a knife or something from his stock, easy peasy.
No. 841728 ID: 9dc26d

And above all else, MAKE SURE KATE FALLS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE "FENCE"! There's no reason to potentially complicate things further by accidentally violating their border.
No. 841734 ID: 094652

Your first priority is blood loss. Cauterize the wounds and let the biomancer deal with the broken organs, because if she loses too much blood there aren't enough humans on this rock for a healthy blood transfusion even if they all had compatible blood types!
No. 841747 ID: 2474dd

If we can get patched to Nouille it would be appreciated, get her over here faster.

In addition, explain the situation to our blue friend as well as the instructions for the runes. Do we need to transmit them to our serpentine chum?
No. 841835 ID: 9dc26d

Cauterize them with WHAT exactly?
No. 844814 ID: 129f2e
File 151060982981.png - (83.40KB , 1600x1200 , 367.png )

:rvictorC: [[Yes, reapplying the runes seems most expedient, not knowing how long Nouille's argument will last. However, there is a slight problem. Kate cannot stand up, and if she lays down here, she will likely either roll down the hill and cause further damage to her internals, or roll into camp and be dismembered.]]

:rKateAgony: Oh god...!

:rVictorC: [[For this reason, Gohoran, would you be willing to carry her to the bottom of the hill? I am not a strong worm, I cannot do it myself.]]

:rGohoranShock: But I not responsible!

:rVictorC: [[We do not blame you. Would you be able to assist anyway?]]

:rGohoranShock: ...Okay.

:rKateAgony: Ghhnnnahhhhfuuuck...
No. 844815 ID: 129f2e
File 151060983837.png - (123.35KB , 1600x1200 , 368.png )

:rVictorC: [[The crux of the slight problem was, either Gohoran took time to grab a knife or other sharp instrument from his home, or he assisted me in carrying her down the hill. Since the latter was more immediately important, we are in lack of a surgical tool.]]

:rKateAgony: Oh god I can't feel my fucking legs...

:rVictorC: [[Gohoran, would it be possible for you to cut a pattern with one of your teeth?]]

:rGohoranShock: ..Qua?

:rVictorC: [[If you could, it would assist greatly. There is a particular rune, or drawing, that could save her.]]

:rGohoran: ...I will try.

:rVictorC: [[Excellent. We are making progress. Now, the last thing... I do not have any idea what the rune looks like. I cannot see it, and I only know it is there because I have heard it said that it is there. Could you explain what it looks like? Please be technical.]]

:rKateAgony: AuuAHHGNN FUCKK!!

:rVictorC: [[Once I have the instructions to relay to our large friend, I can transfer you to Ms. Nouille, so that you may ask her to resolve her situation more immediately.]]
No. 844836 ID: 33cbe7

It's a pattern of four sigils, consisting of parallel and perpendicular lines. The top left line stands straight and alone. The top right and bottom left signs are two parallel lines in the same orientation. In the bottom right symbol, the second line connects to the base of the first to form a right angle.
No. 845089 ID: 33cbe7

Seriously, nobody's gonna tell Nobody the actual runes? Your loss. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/147146682275.png
No. 845101 ID: ba506f

which one of those numbed the pain again? I remember the the triangle one if put upside down just made you bleed like crazy.
No. 845103 ID: 33cbe7

They probably all need re-application if one of them is wearing off. The left one extracts blood, yes.
No. 845127 ID: ba506f

well in that case we should probably just describe all three

the blood one is a triangle with the tip pointed down(as in pointing towards her feet) with a horizontal line going through the middle of it that starts and ends just outside of the triangle with another line half way between the bottom (flat bottom or base of the triangle which I guess would actually be the top in this case) and the middle line that is inside of the triangle that doesn't touch ether side of the triangle

The next symbol is just a circle with a vertical line through it that starts and ends just outside of the circle. think this symbol is the one that makes it so you can't die.

the last one we saw is basically the upside down greek alphabet letter for omega. the one that looks like a horse shoe or a capital U with but at the end of each of the lines the line turns at a 45 degree angle outwards. Not sure what this one does... might be the no pain rune but not sure

anyone what to correct me or did I actually describe these right?
No. 845128 ID: e5fd8b

The pain control rune consists of an equilateral triangle with one point aimed toward Kate's feet. A straight line the length of any of the legs is inscribed so that it is crossing two legs of the triangle halfway up the triangle. A second straight line is inscribed halfway between the uncrossed leg of the triangle (the top leg) and the line which crosses two legs. This line should be half as long as any leg of the triangle. It should not cross any legs, and it should be contained wholly within the triangle. It should be centered between the two legs that the longer line crosses.

If those instructions were unclear, here are alternate instructions: Equilateral triangle ABC shall be oriented with point A at the origin. Points B and C shall be positive on the Y axis. Point B shall be negative on the X axis, while C is positive on the X axis. Point D shall be halfway between B and C. Leg BC is equal to line EF. Line EF shall be drawn parallel to leg BC, so that its center point is located in the middle of line AD (do not inscribe AD) at point G. Line HI shall be equal to leg segment BD. Line HI shall be drawn parallel to leg BC with its center point in the middle of line DG (do not inscribe DG).

Hopefully some of that makes sense.

The existing rune is carved on the inside of Katie's skin, on the lower left side of the small of her back.

If she is laid down face down she can help keep herself from rolling downhill. She will need to be either on her right side or face down if the idea is to re-carve the rune in the original location.

The rune does not need to be on the inside of the flesh though. Katie carved a similar rune, which worked, on Jack's belly.
No. 845129 ID: e5fd8b

We know the pain control rune is the one I described because it is the rune Katie carved into Jack.
No. 849786 ID: 129f2e
File 151242262438.png - (78.75KB , 1600x1200 , 369.png )

:rVictorC: [[Excellent, you have my deepest appreciation. The most important and pressing of these magical runes would be the one that prevents death. We will work on inscribing this first, and the one that controls pain shortly after.]]

:rVictorC: [[Please, Mr. Gohoran, cut a circle into Ms. Katie's skin. If you could, make it large enough that you may cut a vertical line through it afterwards.]]

:rGohoranMouthOpen: ... Verhihal?

:rVictorC: [[Oh, yes, from top to bottom. My apologies.]]

:rKateAgony: Ghhganh god it hurts...

:rVictorC: [[We will do what we can here. I will give you over to Ms. Nouille. Please see if you could get her to bring her doctor friend sooner. Although this buys us some time, this is still a temporary solution and Kate's condition is still rather dismal.]]
No. 849787 ID: 129f2e
File 151242266734.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 370.png )

No. 849789 ID: 129f2e
File 151242271990.png - (158.45KB , 1600x1200 , 371.png )

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ...nor'ny, bete ubo. Vos ny jorceay, ny kaba, ny ba! Ny vuas yan'yan'hor.

:rNouilleAngry: Vos nor'rol-

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ET, vos syas gols potecha mo vos uruth, Soh'Boda.

:rNouilleShock: Soh'Boda?? Soh'Boda ny uruth! Vos nor'rol!

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Vos et juan. Nos et juan. Juan syas trayayas unoun potechi. Vos syas trayayas potetchi, u gahanan-

:rNouilleAngry: Pos nor'gahanan! Pos ny malos! Pos es bon, ny malos! Qah-

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Vos es malkan. Pos gahanan- juan ny kos-vos gahanan. Vos yan'bon; pos yan'malos. Es es.
No. 849799 ID: 33cbe7

Hey wordsmith, could you start smithing your words for us?
Also you don't have time to argue. Drag her out by the ear-analogue if you have to.
No. 849804 ID: 91ee5f

Nouille, I hate to interrupt, but the runes that have been keeping Katie alive and preventing her from feeling pain have started to wear off. Right now Katie is dying and in a lot of pain. So could you please hurry and get your friend to help?
No. 849808 ID: ba506f

sooooo, hey Nouille... sorry to interrupt but their's been some slight developments since you walked into the tent. We managed to stop it but kate started dying but we got that handled so don't worry but we only really managed to halt it so we kind of need that doctor... but I'm guessing you've hit a speed bump on that front huh?
No. 849889 ID: 094652

Nouille, please don't bare your teeth at your mother.

Biomancer, the human outside is going to whine and scream in pain until you fix her. Are you really going to waste time arguing instead of doing something?
No. 849902 ID: c31aac

yo what happend to yo wrist gorl
No. 857064 ID: 129f2e
File 151544941653.png - (153.17KB , 1600x1200 , 372.png )

:rNouilleThinking: Ah, salat, you are here. Yes, 'Ze Gaias'fais es not listening to me. I am already trying to argue 'zis, what you are saying.

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ...Comcet, vos doman-on ba kos poskan?

:rNouilleAngry: She es being... very unreasonable right now. She wants to punish me, but it es not like she can. 'Ze Gaian'vir'unoun is the one who does 'zat, and it es not like 'e es 'ere.

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos malcerch kos? Nnnnn-! Vos syas NY malcherch kos!! Kos es Gaian'Fais'Utoth!!!

:rNouilleThinking: Salat...

:rNouille: Kos es NY malcerch kos! Kos... kos es kan!

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Kan? Vos kan vos vir'kaba! Kos va ba ka yan'yan'yan'YAN'YAN'hor!!

:rNouilleShock: She thinks I am ignoring 'er! And it es getting her more mad, I can not speak to you and 'er at ze same time!

:rNouilleAngry: She wants me to stay in my vir'kaba, but she es malkan if she thinks I am going to listen to 'er!
No. 857069 ID: d887c0

Calmly explain to her that if she just helps you with this one thing - ONE LITTLE THING - then you'll be out of her proverbial hair.
No. 857071 ID: 3ce125

I think she would be receptive if you let her punish you in exchange for her help.
No. 857073 ID: 41921c

... Correct me if I'm wrong, but is your mom grounding you?

How old are you exactly, Nouille? Like, are you an adult of your species, or a teenager? Or child? I've assumed you were older due to your, uh... very developed areas. Also you're pretty tall compared to humans, but not compared to others of your species. Although your mom is about your height so never mind.
No. 857080 ID: 91ee5f

She's just jealous of you because your boobs are bigger than her boobs.
No. 857112 ID: 69d4b9

Hey let us try talking to her. That way she'll be mad at us and not you!
No. 857120 ID: c31aac

"Lives are on the line here, can we save the personal squabbles until a friend isn't dying horribly?
I'll hear out whatever you have to say but not until we get some help out there!"

(Assuming you're willing for that of course, I really don't know what this person is to you)
No. 857139 ID: 7e4296

Actually wait up a second, what is she mad at you for? That hasn't been explained yet. Is it because you brought a human to the camp?
No. 857187 ID: 9b80a5

as a last ditch do you think we could be put in her moms head, sounds stupid probably is REALLY stupid, and will likely backfire but its probably something that can happen
No. 857346 ID: 33cbe7

Your boobs outrank hers. Drag her outside so she can see your human companion writhing in pain on the ground.
No. 857962 ID: 338b3a

My grasp on your language isn't the best, so do correct me where I err — but the short version (as I understand it):
* she unconditionally refuses to help Kate, on the grounds that she is non-kith (nor'utoth) and an asshole (gohoran);
* she wants Nouille to settle down — probably due to narcissistic empty nest syndrome — and
* she wants Nouille to seek help from someone by the name or title of "Soh'Boda", whom Nouille herself detests.

You know what, Nouille? Familial relation or no, fancy title or no, you might as well actually ignore her if she's going to be such a petulant child. (And if she's as much of a narcissist and control freak as I suspect, threatening to ignore her may be disproportionately effective leverage.)
No. 863348 ID: 129f2e
File 151734932302.png - (138.55KB , 1600x1200 , 373.png )

>Hey let us try talking to her. That way she'll be mad at us and not you!
:rNouilleThinking: You do not even speak our language! What could you say to 'er? I can understand you but I am unique, she does not 'ave my juan.

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos kan malcerch kos fais kos bon'kan vos? Vos malkan.

:rNouilleSurprise: Ny! Kos... kos kan utoth nor'es Soh'Boda. Pos et pos utoth nosani Soh'Boda!

>but the short version (as I understand it)...
:rNouilleHeadache: 'Zat is... it es close enough, yes. Utoth es us, we are utoth. All vir'kos are utoth, or unoun, like 'ze Gaian'vir'unoun or Soh'Boda. You see?

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Es bon vos ny'fais treas vuas yan'yan'hor! Kos lotashe. Va vos vir'kaba. Doman-on?

:rNouilleAngry: ...Yon. Potecha syas kos uruth, Kos va vir'kaba. Yon?

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos... ny! Kos syas... VA VOS VIR'KABA!!

:rNouilleHeadache: Ugh! She es giving me a 'eadache...!

>you might as well actually ignore her if she's going to be such a petulant child.
:rNouilleHeadache: She's the only one who can help! You think I would have gone to her if she wasn't? After I, uhm...

:rNouilleDoubt: I would 'ave gone to someone else if 'zat was an option! 'Ze Vir'kos does not 'ave many... doctors, 'zat es the word?
No. 863354 ID: 094652

If she hears alien voices in your head that you seem to have some control of, she'll be more responsive to your explanation. Or angry. Want to risk it?

Who is Soh'Boda and why is he the last option? Is he your funeral priest? Spiritual executioner? Human meat butcher?
No. 864101 ID: 33cbe7

Look, we only have half the details here, so either pay lip service to her demands and get her to walk and talk, or grab her by the big floaty handle and pull.
No. 864139 ID: 613dd9

>After I, uhm...
What did you do Nouille
No. 864233 ID: 69d4b9

Doctor is close enough. I'm getting the impression that a phrase like "flesh sculptor" might be more descriptive.

Anyway here's an argument that she might understand: helping Kate will be proof to other humans and human-associates that this settlement is willing to make good faith efforts to be good neighbors. Not that you all are not, but there is now substantial opportunity for misunderstandings because the trespasser is dead.

That dead human woman, Pam, was known by and associated with Bolo and Valentine. Without some sort of good will measure being taken, they will discourage humans from seeking to come trade once they learn of Pam's death. It's simply not worth the risk of getting dismembered for crossing an ill-defined fence. Trespassing usually merits a warning and forcible ejection for a first time offender, not death and dismemberment, with subsequent display of remains as a warning.
No. 868979 ID: 129f2e
File 151916255972.png - (160.58KB , 1600x1200 , 374.png )

:rNouilleHeadache: Ah, salat, my 'ead...

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Qua es? Qua es vos fais?

:rNouilleHeadache: Es... nor'cest...

>Who is Soh'Boda
:rNouilleHeadache: 'E is... just a man. My father and mother like 'im, I do not.

>What did you do
:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: I did nothing! Augh... They kept me trapped 'ere!

:rGaianFaisQuestioning: ...Vos fosa fais kos treas? Es cest es?

>willing to make good faith efforts to be good neighbors
:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: I do not think she cares. 'ou do not know my mother.

:rNouilleHeadache: It nos potecha sah gahanan, nos... ahghn...

:rGaianFaisQuestioning: Kos es koinna maldouc vuas es gahanan? Kos mal'treas! Kos fosa sah maldas!... Qua cest? Qua vos fais?

:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: Why is everything so... slow?
No. 868980 ID: 094652

No. 869029 ID: ad51b8

you ok?
No. 869034 ID: 0fc19b

...quick, pain scale of one to ten with ten being 'spirits help me I'm actually dying.'
No. 879363 ID: 129f2e
File 152407797984.png - (88.39KB , 1600x1200 , 375.png )

>...quick, pain scale of one to ten with ten being 'spirits help me I'm actually dying.'
:rNouilleHeadache: I...

:rGaianFaisShock: Qua vos fais?? Way??
No. 879364 ID: 129f2e
File 152407799120.png - (37.49KB , 1600x1200 , 376.png )

:rGaianFaisShadow: Way'douc, vos doman-on es ubo faulcher ny fais! Vos es yan'hor vuas ubo faulcher!

:rGaianFaisShadow: Vos es bon. Kos juan fais. Vos es bon! Way'douc, ovir vos tocai!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Ovir vos tokai! ADJOR!!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Way! Ovir vos tokai!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Moseni! Way!
No. 879365 ID: 129f2e
File 152407801128.png - (5.63KB , 1600x1200 , 377.png )

No. 879367 ID: 129f2e
File 152407806872.png - (41.10KB , 1600x1200 , 378.png )

:rSooShadow: What the hell?

:rVictorAShadow: [[Our sincere apologies for interrupting again.]]

:rDemrinShadow: Weakling pathetic human. Stop dawdling.

:rVictorBShadow: [[Jack has unexpectedly passed out. He has been complaining of a headache with indeterminate ]]
No. 879368 ID: 129f2e
File 152407807878.png - (5.63KB , 1600x1200 , 379.png )

No. 879369 ID: 129f2e

I really meant to get this thread finished before I had to go on a short hiatus to deal with real life issues. Then my computer crapped itself the day after posting the last update.

I now have a fresh new computer with some fresh new tools that I am eager to try out. A new thread starts on friday.

No. 879414 ID: 69d4b9

Nouille just passed out too. She complained of everything seeming to move slowly, and then collapsed in front of her mother.
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