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File 148659384079.png - (219.91KB , 1600x1200 , Rocktitle3.png )
778163 No. 778163 ID: 129f2e

((English translation follows))
Nos va ta trey bayle, et nos fais'nor doman-on yan ba "Rock". Ont, nos gols potecha utoth mo yan'yan'mal ba, et nos kos-vos (yan'nor) uruth nor'utoth ya. Ont, nor'uruth nor'utoth et nor'unoun doman-on kos ba. Et pos et pos et pos mo ba, pos et yan'yan'mal.

We're onto the third chapter, and we haven't learned much about this place. But we've saved a distressed damsel from a satanic torture realm and we've met a relatively friendly local. Some of the other locals have begun to take notice that we're here, though. And everyone on this rock seems to be some rancid flavor of asshole.

Starting officially with this chapter I'm adding a 'cheat sheet' to keep track of all the dumb little details, so that you don't have to. This sheet is publicly edited and does not require registration or anything- please add to it or change it or make comments or ask questions or do anything with it, any input (that isn't replacing it with ASCII penises) is hugely appreciated. I will shake your hand and/or give you a high five if I ever meet you in person and you've done something with the cheat sheet.

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Rock
Cheat Sheet: https://tinyurl.com/zaa4pnt
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No. 841724 ID: 9dc26d

Pain control is first priority. The shock of the pain hitting her could finish her off. If we can't get the rune re-carved properly, she should be laid down and kept distracted as much as possible.

Victor please relay to the trader that we know it is not his fault. Then get a sharp rock or something and please re-trace that rune on Kate's midsection... hmm actually that might be an issue. Can you perceive it? I understand you see the world rather differently than the humans or unoun.
No. 841727 ID: b7bc15

Wait, gohorans a trader and his hut is right there. Ask if you can borrow a knife or something from his stock, easy peasy.
No. 841728 ID: 9dc26d

And above all else, MAKE SURE KATE FALLS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE "FENCE"! There's no reason to potentially complicate things further by accidentally violating their border.
No. 841734 ID: 094652

Your first priority is blood loss. Cauterize the wounds and let the biomancer deal with the broken organs, because if she loses too much blood there aren't enough humans on this rock for a healthy blood transfusion even if they all had compatible blood types!
No. 841747 ID: 2474dd

If we can get patched to Nouille it would be appreciated, get her over here faster.

In addition, explain the situation to our blue friend as well as the instructions for the runes. Do we need to transmit them to our serpentine chum?
No. 841835 ID: 9dc26d

Cauterize them with WHAT exactly?
No. 844814 ID: 129f2e
File 151060982981.png - (83.40KB , 1600x1200 , 367.png )

:rvictorC: [[Yes, reapplying the runes seems most expedient, not knowing how long Nouille's argument will last. However, there is a slight problem. Kate cannot stand up, and if she lays down here, she will likely either roll down the hill and cause further damage to her internals, or roll into camp and be dismembered.]]

:rKateAgony: Oh god...!

:rVictorC: [[For this reason, Gohoran, would you be willing to carry her to the bottom of the hill? I am not a strong worm, I cannot do it myself.]]

:rGohoranShock: But I not responsible!

:rVictorC: [[We do not blame you. Would you be able to assist anyway?]]

:rGohoranShock: ...Okay.

:rKateAgony: Ghhnnnahhhhfuuuck...
No. 844815 ID: 129f2e
File 151060983837.png - (123.35KB , 1600x1200 , 368.png )

:rVictorC: [[The crux of the slight problem was, either Gohoran took time to grab a knife or other sharp instrument from his home, or he assisted me in carrying her down the hill. Since the latter was more immediately important, we are in lack of a surgical tool.]]

:rKateAgony: Oh god I can't feel my fucking legs...

:rVictorC: [[Gohoran, would it be possible for you to cut a pattern with one of your teeth?]]

:rGohoranShock: ..Qua?

:rVictorC: [[If you could, it would assist greatly. There is a particular rune, or drawing, that could save her.]]

:rGohoran: ...I will try.

:rVictorC: [[Excellent. We are making progress. Now, the last thing... I do not have any idea what the rune looks like. I cannot see it, and I only know it is there because I have heard it said that it is there. Could you explain what it looks like? Please be technical.]]

:rKateAgony: AuuAHHGNN FUCKK!!

:rVictorC: [[Once I have the instructions to relay to our large friend, I can transfer you to Ms. Nouille, so that you may ask her to resolve her situation more immediately.]]
No. 844836 ID: 33cbe7

It's a pattern of four sigils, consisting of parallel and perpendicular lines. The top left line stands straight and alone. The top right and bottom left signs are two parallel lines in the same orientation. In the bottom right symbol, the second line connects to the base of the first to form a right angle.
No. 845089 ID: 33cbe7

Seriously, nobody's gonna tell Nobody the actual runes? Your loss. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/147146682275.png
No. 845101 ID: ba506f

which one of those numbed the pain again? I remember the the triangle one if put upside down just made you bleed like crazy.
No. 845103 ID: 33cbe7

They probably all need re-application if one of them is wearing off. The left one extracts blood, yes.
No. 845127 ID: ba506f

well in that case we should probably just describe all three

the blood one is a triangle with the tip pointed down(as in pointing towards her feet) with a horizontal line going through the middle of it that starts and ends just outside of the triangle with another line half way between the bottom (flat bottom or base of the triangle which I guess would actually be the top in this case) and the middle line that is inside of the triangle that doesn't touch ether side of the triangle

The next symbol is just a circle with a vertical line through it that starts and ends just outside of the circle. think this symbol is the one that makes it so you can't die.

the last one we saw is basically the upside down greek alphabet letter for omega. the one that looks like a horse shoe or a capital U with but at the end of each of the lines the line turns at a 45 degree angle outwards. Not sure what this one does... might be the no pain rune but not sure

anyone what to correct me or did I actually describe these right?
No. 845128 ID: e5fd8b

The pain control rune consists of an equilateral triangle with one point aimed toward Kate's feet. A straight line the length of any of the legs is inscribed so that it is crossing two legs of the triangle halfway up the triangle. A second straight line is inscribed halfway between the uncrossed leg of the triangle (the top leg) and the line which crosses two legs. This line should be half as long as any leg of the triangle. It should not cross any legs, and it should be contained wholly within the triangle. It should be centered between the two legs that the longer line crosses.

If those instructions were unclear, here are alternate instructions: Equilateral triangle ABC shall be oriented with point A at the origin. Points B and C shall be positive on the Y axis. Point B shall be negative on the X axis, while C is positive on the X axis. Point D shall be halfway between B and C. Leg BC is equal to line EF. Line EF shall be drawn parallel to leg BC, so that its center point is located in the middle of line AD (do not inscribe AD) at point G. Line HI shall be equal to leg segment BD. Line HI shall be drawn parallel to leg BC with its center point in the middle of line DG (do not inscribe DG).

Hopefully some of that makes sense.

The existing rune is carved on the inside of Katie's skin, on the lower left side of the small of her back.

If she is laid down face down she can help keep herself from rolling downhill. She will need to be either on her right side or face down if the idea is to re-carve the rune in the original location.

The rune does not need to be on the inside of the flesh though. Katie carved a similar rune, which worked, on Jack's belly.
No. 845129 ID: e5fd8b

We know the pain control rune is the one I described because it is the rune Katie carved into Jack.
No. 849786 ID: 129f2e
File 151242262438.png - (78.75KB , 1600x1200 , 369.png )

:rVictorC: [[Excellent, you have my deepest appreciation. The most important and pressing of these magical runes would be the one that prevents death. We will work on inscribing this first, and the one that controls pain shortly after.]]

:rVictorC: [[Please, Mr. Gohoran, cut a circle into Ms. Katie's skin. If you could, make it large enough that you may cut a vertical line through it afterwards.]]

:rGohoranMouthOpen: ... Verhihal?

:rVictorC: [[Oh, yes, from top to bottom. My apologies.]]

:rKateAgony: Ghhganh god it hurts...

:rVictorC: [[We will do what we can here. I will give you over to Ms. Nouille. Please see if you could get her to bring her doctor friend sooner. Although this buys us some time, this is still a temporary solution and Kate's condition is still rather dismal.]]
No. 849787 ID: 129f2e
File 151242266734.png - (40.97KB , 1600x1200 , 370.png )

No. 849789 ID: 129f2e
File 151242271990.png - (158.45KB , 1600x1200 , 371.png )

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ...nor'ny, bete ubo. Vos ny jorceay, ny kaba, ny ba! Ny vuas yan'yan'hor.

:rNouilleAngry: Vos nor'rol-

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ET, vos syas gols potecha mo vos uruth, Soh'Boda.

:rNouilleShock: Soh'Boda?? Soh'Boda ny uruth! Vos nor'rol!

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Vos et juan. Nos et juan. Juan syas trayayas unoun potechi. Vos syas trayayas potetchi, u gahanan-

:rNouilleAngry: Pos nor'gahanan! Pos ny malos! Pos es bon, ny malos! Qah-

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Vos es malkan. Pos gahanan- juan ny kos-vos gahanan. Vos yan'bon; pos yan'malos. Es es.
No. 849799 ID: 33cbe7

Hey wordsmith, could you start smithing your words for us?
Also you don't have time to argue. Drag her out by the ear-analogue if you have to.
No. 849804 ID: 91ee5f

Nouille, I hate to interrupt, but the runes that have been keeping Katie alive and preventing her from feeling pain have started to wear off. Right now Katie is dying and in a lot of pain. So could you please hurry and get your friend to help?
No. 849808 ID: ba506f

sooooo, hey Nouille... sorry to interrupt but their's been some slight developments since you walked into the tent. We managed to stop it but kate started dying but we got that handled so don't worry but we only really managed to halt it so we kind of need that doctor... but I'm guessing you've hit a speed bump on that front huh?
No. 849889 ID: 094652

Nouille, please don't bare your teeth at your mother.

Biomancer, the human outside is going to whine and scream in pain until you fix her. Are you really going to waste time arguing instead of doing something?
No. 849902 ID: c31aac

yo what happend to yo wrist gorl
No. 857064 ID: 129f2e
File 151544941653.png - (153.17KB , 1600x1200 , 372.png )

:rNouilleThinking: Ah, salat, you are here. Yes, 'Ze Gaias'fais es not listening to me. I am already trying to argue 'zis, what you are saying.

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: ...Comcet, vos doman-on ba kos poskan?

:rNouilleAngry: She es being... very unreasonable right now. She wants to punish me, but it es not like she can. 'Ze Gaian'vir'unoun is the one who does 'zat, and it es not like 'e es 'ere.

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos malcerch kos? Nnnnn-! Vos syas NY malcherch kos!! Kos es Gaian'Fais'Utoth!!!

:rNouilleThinking: Salat...

:rNouille: Kos es NY malcerch kos! Kos... kos es kan!

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Kan? Vos kan vos vir'kaba! Kos va ba ka yan'yan'yan'YAN'YAN'hor!!

:rNouilleShock: She thinks I am ignoring 'er! And it es getting her more mad, I can not speak to you and 'er at ze same time!

:rNouilleAngry: She wants me to stay in my vir'kaba, but she es malkan if she thinks I am going to listen to 'er!
No. 857069 ID: d887c0

Calmly explain to her that if she just helps you with this one thing - ONE LITTLE THING - then you'll be out of her proverbial hair.
No. 857071 ID: 3ce125

I think she would be receptive if you let her punish you in exchange for her help.
No. 857073 ID: 41921c

... Correct me if I'm wrong, but is your mom grounding you?

How old are you exactly, Nouille? Like, are you an adult of your species, or a teenager? Or child? I've assumed you were older due to your, uh... very developed areas. Also you're pretty tall compared to humans, but not compared to others of your species. Although your mom is about your height so never mind.
No. 857080 ID: 91ee5f

She's just jealous of you because your boobs are bigger than her boobs.
No. 857112 ID: 69d4b9

Hey let us try talking to her. That way she'll be mad at us and not you!
No. 857120 ID: c31aac

"Lives are on the line here, can we save the personal squabbles until a friend isn't dying horribly?
I'll hear out whatever you have to say but not until we get some help out there!"

(Assuming you're willing for that of course, I really don't know what this person is to you)
No. 857139 ID: 7e4296

Actually wait up a second, what is she mad at you for? That hasn't been explained yet. Is it because you brought a human to the camp?
No. 857187 ID: 9b80a5

as a last ditch do you think we could be put in her moms head, sounds stupid probably is REALLY stupid, and will likely backfire but its probably something that can happen
No. 857346 ID: 33cbe7

Your boobs outrank hers. Drag her outside so she can see your human companion writhing in pain on the ground.
No. 857962 ID: 338b3a

My grasp on your language isn't the best, so do correct me where I err — but the short version (as I understand it):
* she unconditionally refuses to help Kate, on the grounds that she is non-kith (nor'utoth) and an asshole (gohoran);
* she wants Nouille to settle down — probably due to narcissistic empty nest syndrome — and
* she wants Nouille to seek help from someone by the name or title of "Soh'Boda", whom Nouille herself detests.

You know what, Nouille? Familial relation or no, fancy title or no, you might as well actually ignore her if she's going to be such a petulant child. (And if she's as much of a narcissist and control freak as I suspect, threatening to ignore her may be disproportionately effective leverage.)
No. 863348 ID: 129f2e
File 151734932302.png - (138.55KB , 1600x1200 , 373.png )

>Hey let us try talking to her. That way she'll be mad at us and not you!
:rNouilleThinking: You do not even speak our language! What could you say to 'er? I can understand you but I am unique, she does not 'ave my juan.

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos kan malcerch kos fais kos bon'kan vos? Vos malkan.

:rNouilleSurprise: Ny! Kos... kos kan utoth nor'es Soh'Boda. Pos et pos utoth nosani Soh'Boda!

>but the short version (as I understand it)...
:rNouilleHeadache: 'Zat is... it es close enough, yes. Utoth es us, we are utoth. All vir'kos are utoth, or unoun, like 'ze Gaian'vir'unoun or Soh'Boda. You see?

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Es bon vos ny'fais treas vuas yan'yan'hor! Kos lotashe. Va vos vir'kaba. Doman-on?

:rNouilleAngry: ...Yon. Potecha syas kos uruth, Kos va vir'kaba. Yon?

:rGaianFaisLessComposed: Vos... ny! Kos syas... VA VOS VIR'KABA!!

:rNouilleHeadache: Ugh! She es giving me a 'eadache...!

>you might as well actually ignore her if she's going to be such a petulant child.
:rNouilleHeadache: She's the only one who can help! You think I would have gone to her if she wasn't? After I, uhm...

:rNouilleDoubt: I would 'ave gone to someone else if 'zat was an option! 'Ze Vir'kos does not 'ave many... doctors, 'zat es the word?
No. 863354 ID: 094652

If she hears alien voices in your head that you seem to have some control of, she'll be more responsive to your explanation. Or angry. Want to risk it?

Who is Soh'Boda and why is he the last option? Is he your funeral priest? Spiritual executioner? Human meat butcher?
No. 864101 ID: 33cbe7

Look, we only have half the details here, so either pay lip service to her demands and get her to walk and talk, or grab her by the big floaty handle and pull.
No. 864139 ID: 613dd9

>After I, uhm...
What did you do Nouille
No. 864233 ID: 69d4b9

Doctor is close enough. I'm getting the impression that a phrase like "flesh sculptor" might be more descriptive.

Anyway here's an argument that she might understand: helping Kate will be proof to other humans and human-associates that this settlement is willing to make good faith efforts to be good neighbors. Not that you all are not, but there is now substantial opportunity for misunderstandings because the trespasser is dead.

That dead human woman, Pam, was known by and associated with Bolo and Valentine. Without some sort of good will measure being taken, they will discourage humans from seeking to come trade once they learn of Pam's death. It's simply not worth the risk of getting dismembered for crossing an ill-defined fence. Trespassing usually merits a warning and forcible ejection for a first time offender, not death and dismemberment, with subsequent display of remains as a warning.
No. 868979 ID: 129f2e
File 151916255972.png - (160.58KB , 1600x1200 , 374.png )

:rNouilleHeadache: Ah, salat, my 'ead...

:rGaianFaisDisapproves: Qua es? Qua es vos fais?

:rNouilleHeadache: Es... nor'cest...

>Who is Soh'Boda
:rNouilleHeadache: 'E is... just a man. My father and mother like 'im, I do not.

>What did you do
:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: I did nothing! Augh... They kept me trapped 'ere!

:rGaianFaisQuestioning: ...Vos fosa fais kos treas? Es cest es?

>willing to make good faith efforts to be good neighbors
:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: I do not think she cares. 'ou do not know my mother.

:rNouilleHeadache: It nos potecha sah gahanan, nos... ahghn...

:rGaianFaisQuestioning: Kos es koinna maldouc vuas es gahanan? Kos mal'treas! Kos fosa sah maldas!... Qua cest? Qua vos fais?

:rNouilleHeadacheGettingWorse: Why is everything so... slow?
No. 868980 ID: 094652

No. 869029 ID: ad51b8

you ok?
No. 869034 ID: 0fc19b

...quick, pain scale of one to ten with ten being 'spirits help me I'm actually dying.'
No. 879363 ID: 129f2e
File 152407797984.png - (88.39KB , 1600x1200 , 375.png )

>...quick, pain scale of one to ten with ten being 'spirits help me I'm actually dying.'
:rNouilleHeadache: I...

:rGaianFaisShock: Qua vos fais?? Way??
No. 879364 ID: 129f2e
File 152407799120.png - (37.49KB , 1600x1200 , 376.png )

:rGaianFaisShadow: Way'douc, vos doman-on es ubo faulcher ny fais! Vos es yan'hor vuas ubo faulcher!

:rGaianFaisShadow: Vos es bon. Kos juan fais. Vos es bon! Way'douc, ovir vos tocai!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Ovir vos tokai! ADJOR!!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Way! Ovir vos tokai!

:rGaianFaisShadow: ... Moseni! Way!
No. 879365 ID: 129f2e
File 152407801128.png - (5.63KB , 1600x1200 , 377.png )

No. 879367 ID: 129f2e
File 152407806872.png - (41.10KB , 1600x1200 , 378.png )

:rSooShadow: What the hell?

:rVictorAShadow: [[Our sincere apologies for interrupting again.]]

:rDemrinShadow: Weakling pathetic human. Stop dawdling.

:rVictorBShadow: [[Jack has unexpectedly passed out. He has been complaining of a headache with indeterminate ]]
No. 879368 ID: 129f2e
File 152407807878.png - (5.63KB , 1600x1200 , 379.png )

No. 879369 ID: 129f2e

I really meant to get this thread finished before I had to go on a short hiatus to deal with real life issues. Then my computer crapped itself the day after posting the last update.

I now have a fresh new computer with some fresh new tools that I am eager to try out. A new thread starts on friday.

No. 879414 ID: 69d4b9

Nouille just passed out too. She complained of everything seeming to move slowly, and then collapsed in front of her mother.
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